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-dmwaters(dmwaters@dmwaters-gentoo.staff.freenode)- (global notice) Hi all! it appears that we're having problems with one of our main rotation servers. I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.12:34
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limicarlos: I only see translated/untranslated in the graph, where is the "translated but not committed/upstream yet"?11:54
carlosin which graph?11:55
carlosbtw, I will work on it between today and tomorrow so you will be able to "touch" it on Monday11:55
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limiI thought it was done? Lu asked me to complete the changes11:56
carlosI told Lu that is not ready yet, that I will finish it this week11:57
=== limi goes back to malone
carloslimi: I have code but I need to do the Effors and Product/project modifications 11:57
carlosand then, the templates changes11:58
dafI've just merged a change which removes canonical.arch.sqlbase and makes everything use canonical.database.sqlbase01:21
lalogood call01:31
andrewvdoes anyone know if lu is about today?01:40
limishe's getting lunch right now01:45
limidaf: where are you? :)01:48
dafin hiding :)01:50
dafoo, food01:50
dafsomebody forgot to update Malone's pages.zcml when they removed a template02:32
dafwhich broke launchpad02:37
stubdaf: What file was removed?02:38
dafit was in a draft pages thing02:39
=== stub twiddles his thumbs, waiting for arch
limidaf: where are you hiding? :)03:03
carlosstub: launchpad is still broken04:10
carlosConfigurationError: ('No such file', '/home/carlos/Work/dists/launchpad/lib/canonical/malone/templates/packages-overview.pt')04:11
carlosmake: *** [run]  Error 104:11
stubYer - waiting on pqm04:11
stublimi did it ;)04:11
limiit was fixed a while back, but PQM has to merge it04:12
limiit's merged04:16
limicarlos: does launchpad work for you now?04:34
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carlosConfigurationError: ('No such file', '/home/carlos/Work/dists/launchpad/lib/canonical/malone/templates/packages-overview.pt')04:35
carlosbut I don't need it now, https://rosetta.warthogs.hbd.com is working04:36
carlosand I only need to see a running system while I'm chaning the Rosetta's URLs04:36
carlos /s/chaning/changing/04:37
limicarlos: I submitted a merge now, since stub's change didn't make it04:43
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!dmwaters:*! Hi all! One of our main rotation servers seems to be having some local routing problems. This box was taken out of rotation this morning, and we're keeping an eye on it05:14
dafstub: where did ILanguages go?06:35
=== stub shrugs
stubWhere was it?06:37
dafokay, somebody else must have changed it then06:37
stubI have  it in my checkout06:37
=== daf wonders how to find out what happened
dafmy fault07:03
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carlosstub: Could I add sampledata-rosetta.sql to the schema/Makefile?12:08
carlosstub: it's the same data we had in sampledata.sql but moved to its own file12:08
stubcarlos: Go for it12:08
carlosSteveA: I need some help with updating the  traversal code01:25
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SteveAcarlos: what do you need?02:18
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carlosSteveA: I'm adding the $Project.name/$Product.name/ URL and I get this error: NotFound: Object: <RosettaProduct at 0x31c9d430>, name: youindex.html'03:09
carlosgrrrr I hate xchat...03:09
carlosname: youindex.html'03:09
carlosok, just replace you with an u '03:10
carlosthat's when I try to visit: http://localhost:8085/++skin++Debug/rosetta/projects/gnome/evolution/03:11
carlosgnome is $Project.name and evolution is $Product.name03:12
SteveAuindex.html ?03:16
carlosnot, unicode string03:17
SteveAthat would suggest the defaultView for a product is index.html03:17
SteveAyet there is no page "index.html"03:17
SteveAto fix, look in configure.zcml03:17
SteveAlook for the defaultView directives03:18
SteveAadd one for IRosettaProduct03:18
carlosyes, seems like that was the problem I didn't touched that file03:18
carlosSteveA: should I change anything from publication.py?03:18
carlosI was playing with it but there is a comment about moving that code to the .zcml files03:19
SteveAyou shouldn't need to change anything except adding a defaultView directive03:21
carlosand update the pages.zcml file03:22
carlosIt works now03:22
carlosSteveA: what's the utility for the publication.py file?03:24
SteveAI don't understand what you're asking03:26
carlosthere is a file inside rosetta03:27
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carloscalled publication.py03:27
SteveAI know03:28
SteveAwhat about the file publication.py ?03:28
carlosI just want to know if has any utility, because when I was looking for a way to modify the traversal code I though that was the file I should update03:28
carloslalo: hi03:28
SteveAyou mean, if it is used for anything?03:28
SteveAI'm getting confused by your use of the word "utility"03:28
carlosif it's useful03:29
carlosbecause I removed it and launchpad/rosetta still works03:29
SteveAyou think it is a decoy03:29
SteveAcode that is checked in, but is unused, or obselete03:30
carlosyes, that's what I think :-)03:30
carloswell, In fact that's what I'm asking03:30
SteveAlooks to me like a decoy03:31
SteveAif so, please remove it! ;-)03:31
SteveAthanks for spotting a decoy03:31
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carlosSteveA: sorry O:-)03:46
dafSteveA: "pop stand"??03:46
SteveAit was an expression that mako and lu were using03:46
dafcarlos: it appears that none of the sample message sets has a non-NULL commenttext03:47
carlosdaf: Did you talked with Steve about the rosetta login/sessions?03:48
carlosdaf: we have non-NULL commenttext03:48
daflaunchpad_test=# SELECT * FROM POMsgSet WHERE commenttext IS NOT NULL;03:48
daf id | primemsgid | sequence | potemplate | pofile | iscomplete | obsolete | fuzzy | commenttext | filereferences | sourcecomment | flagscomment 03:48
daf(0 rows)03:48
carlossorry, I was confused with sourcecomment :-P03:49
dafI think I was too :)03:49
daflaunchpad_test=# SELECT * FROM POMsgSet WHERE commenttext IS NOT NULL;03:50
daf id | primemsgid | sequence | potemplate | pofile | iscomplete | obsolete | fuzzy | commenttext | filereferences | sourcecomment | flagscomment 03:50
daf(0 rows)03:50
carlosis it enough with one?03:51
dafshould be, yes03:51
stubSo does anyone know where the malone sample data has gone?03:52
daflimi: about?03:52
limiout and about :)03:52
=== limi didn't steal the sample data O:)
carlosstub: I think it comes from the arch problems that celso had yesterday03:53
SteveAdaf:  about: limi 03:53
dafstub: "Have you seen this sample data? Last seen in launchpad--devel--0--patch-78. Blue eyes, blond hair."03:53
=== SteveA wonders if that works in any major browsers...
stubtla blame sampledata.sql03:53
SteveArocketfuel only dates blondes03:54
SteveAI read it in the channel topicc03:54
limibut its girlfriend is out of town03:54
daflimi: "<div class="visualClear"></div>" <-- is this still needed in the translation template?03:54
SteveAhow can you call launchpad "it" ?03:54
SteveAit is clearly phallic03:54
SteveApicture it...03:54
dafno, the launchpad itself is flat :)03:54
dafyou just have an overactive imagination03:55
limidaf: yes, that's a buggy browser workaround03:55
SteveAit is a platform whose only purpose is to support the soyuz-phallus-diety03:55
limimight be unnecessary now that there are no floats, though03:55
dafthat's what I was thinking03:55
limiremove it, and I will put it back if it creates problems ;)03:55
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dafSteveA: all hail the package-management-father-thing!03:56
daflimi: roger :)03:56
SteveApackage management and soyuz is about derivative distributions.03:56
SteveAthis is an embodiment of the earth-mother-goddess03:56
limidaf: Bob's your uncle03:56
carlosinteresting, the script that sends the arch changelogs with every commit expands the $foo variables03:56
carlos Summary:03:57
carlos      Implemented the .name/.name/ URL03:57
carlosinstead of $Project.name/$Product.name03:57
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SteveAcarlos: please file a bug in bugzilla on that03:57
carloswhich one?03:58
dafcarlos: nope03:58
dafI think it's a bash problem03:58
SteveAoh, if it is a bash problem then don't :)03:58
dafarch-submit-merge "blah blah $foo blah blah" pqm@foo03:58
SteveAcprov: hi03:58
dafexpands to:03:58
cprovSteveA: hi03:58
carlosdaf: make sense X-)03:58
dafarch-submit-merge "blah blah  blah blah" pqm@foo03:58
dafcarlos: :)03:58
dafsolution: use ''03:58
SteveAis kiko available too?  I'd like to have a brief chat about soyuz development03:59
=== cprov solving another MONSTER arch conflict
SteveAsometime over the next hour or two, perhaps?03:59
cprovSteveA: yep, just some minutes03:59
carloscprov: It's not a problem for me anymore, we moved our data to our own file03:59
SteveAcprov: ok, fine.  Can we meet on #warthogs-meeting ?04:00
carloscprov: but that's not normal04:00
cprovcarlos: again, as it was before04:00
SteveAcprov: let me know when it is convenient04:00
cprovSteveA: of course ! when?  now ?04:00
carloscprov: you can remove any rosetta data from sampledata.sql, we have it now at sampledata-rosetta.sql04:00
SteveAcprov: shall we say 15 minutes?04:01
SteveAif kiko is available then04:01
cprovcarlos: nice but it doesn't solve all the problems ..04:01
cprovSteveA: perfect :)04:01
SteveAgreat, thanks.04:01
carloscprov: did you tried to get a fresh checkout and continue your work there?04:01
carlosI mean, after solve the conflict04:01
carlosand save all your data04:01
carlosperhaps you have anything wrong with your current tree04:02
cprovcarlos: no yet, we are inspecting our archive with jblack and lifeless to figure out exactly what is happen 04:02
cprovcarlos: you are right, we just need to figure out what is wrong to avoid it in the future04:03
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dafyo kiko!04:04
kikoit's daf!04:05
kikohow's england?04:05
dafbut soon, I will go back to Wales04:06
kikoand how will wales be?04:06
dafprobably wet, too04:06
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:kiko] : <kiko> how's england? <daf> wet <daf> but soon, I will go back to Wales <kiko> and how will wales be? <daf> probably wet, too
kikoso we now have a topic04:07
kikohadn't seen stuart 04:07
kikohow's the good life04:08
kikoSteveA, are we on?04:08
SteveAkiko: I need 5 mins.  #warthogs-meeting in 5 ?04:10
=== SteveA waits for daf to finish using the smallest room...
carlosdaf: you have your sample data in rocketfuel waiting for you :-P04:10
dafcarlos: prompt, high-quality sample data service as susual :)04:12
kikolimi's a riot :)04:13
limikiko: travelling on the mayonnaise?04:14
stubI might have to put back the sampledata from a few days ago - there is way too much missing04:14
daflimi: huh?!04:15
limidaf: Brazilian expression04:15
lalodaf: that's a Brazilian expression limi probably picked up in Oxford :-)04:15
=== limi has included it in his i18n proverb library along with "please do the needful"
daflalo: use this channel04:16
daflalo: um04:16
lalowe're killing #rosetta?04:16
dafit's not dead, it's just resting04:17
limiexcept for specific meetings04:17
dafwe'll reanimate if for meeting04:17
laloit's not resting! it's an ex-channel!04:18
stubcarlos: Have you seen the malone sample data? There are a heap of products that have disappeared and the bugassignments don't get inserted because the bugs have disappeared04:18
dafbereft of dialogue, it rests in peace04:18
laloI'm asking because if it's dead I'll kick it out of my autojoin :-)04:18
kikoor /settab it to "r"04:21
lalodaf: if you don't, I'll try to get newPOTemplate to work properly, then switch the script & ftest to use it04:23
SteveAlet's have specific meetings on #warthogs-meeting04:23
daflalo: as opposed to?04:23
SteveAif that gets too full of warthogs people, we'll have a #launchpad-meeting04:23
SteveAbut, let's retire #rosetta and #malone04:23
daflalo: I mean, what's the status quo?04:24
lalodaf: they instantiate the classes directly, which, at least for the script, is Evil.04:24
daflalo: sounds like a good plan04:24
lalo(for the ftest it's probably ok, but if we do have the method, I'd rather have it ftested)04:24
lalodaf: it does, but it's nothing of paramount priority :-) so if you have something better I'm open to possibilities04:25
dafwell, we need to concentrate on beta-critical things04:26
dafwe were talking earlier about how ready we are to import Real Live Projects <tm>04:27
carlosstub: let me a second and I will give you a link to download last revision before the break04:27
=== lalo re-reads over the list of beta-critical things we made yesterday
stubcarlos: I think I have found that - just that if I put it back in, then the new rosetta stuff breaks and I don't have time to deal with trawling through it.04:28
carlosstub: just kill all rosetta code04:29
carlosstub: our data is now at sampledata-rosetta.sql04:29
stubcarlos: I was just about to commit a change that splits the rosetta and other sample data into two seperate targets in the makefile04:29
carlosstub: that's already done, I did it this morning04:29
carlossorry, the target is not done04:30
lalohmm. gaim logs chats but doesn't give me an option in the UI to view them :-P04:30
stubcarlos: I'm doing it now04:30
carlosif you remove the old rosetta data from the sampledata.sql file is enough04:30
stubBut sampledata-rosetta.sql depends on sampledata.sql being run first, and this is what is broken (from the Malone perspective, anyway).04:31
carlosstub: no it does not depend on any sampledata.sql record04:32
carlosit just depends on default.sql04:32
daflimi: there are some changes which need to be made to the translation template04:36
daflimi: they are changes which I think need your m4d sk1llz04:36
limimonday ;)04:36
dafsure, they aren't urgent04:37
limijust send in mail04:37
dafMonday is a holiday in the UK, by the way04:37
dafcarlos: 04:39
daflalo: 04:39
carlosdaf: 04:39
dafI will probably be online on Monday, but not working04:39
dafactually, I will probably be inebriated, so I might not be much use even if you can get hold of me04:40
=== lalo finished reading the log from yesterday and still doesn't know what to do :-)
carlosdaf: X-)04:41
carlosdaf: a party?04:41
dafa birthday party04:41
dafDebian's 11th, to be precise04:41
carlosall day?, you really know how to have fun04:41
dafall weekend, in fact04:42
laloI could do what I said, or improve the import ftests - but neither of these sound like beta-priority to me04:42
dafa three-day barbecue04:42
carlosdaf: will we have the same with Rosetta? X-)04:43
dafcarlos: good idea104:43
carloslalo: well, there is the import process, a way to import easily a new project/product/template without the need of doing it by hand, if you are bored...04:44
carlosor import real data by hand :-)04:44
carlosdaf: hmm, we should talk about the login/session part of rosetta because we need it for the betatesting process and we only have 2.5 days to implemente it04:45
dafcarlos: SteveA is working on that today04:46
carlosand you will be missing one of those days04:46
dafwhat are our requirements for login?04:46
dafdo we have a place to store preferred languages in the database?04:46
dafalso, do we have an interface for changing those?04:47
lalocarlos: there is no concrete difference between importing "by hand" or the command line script, the work involved is the same04:47
dafSteveA: does your work include a registration interface?04:47
laloso coding that would be a time sink04:47
daflalo: there is a difference, I think04:47
daflalo: it's better to have a script because then you have the information about how to do something in a shared place04:48
carloslalo: if we have a script to create projects/products it's easier than use sql sentences directly04:48
dafmore time to write it, less time to run it04:48
laloit would actually be the same time to run it04:49
lalowhat would be more useful is -04:50
lalowhere are we getting this information *from*?04:50
=== stub [~zen@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
carlosdaf: hmm If we create a team for every language, we don't need any change in the database to store the languages interest of a Person 04:51
daflalo: less time typing it :)04:51
laloif we're going to create our products from germinate, then something that interacts with that would be useful - although I have no idea how to associate those with projects :-)04:51
carlosdaf: but I'm not completely sure it's the right way to do it04:51
dafcarlos: huh? teams?04:51
lalodaf: not really04:51
SteveAdaf: my work does not include registration of people04:52
SteveAwe will deal with that "by hand" at first04:52
carlosdaf: the 'es' team, the 'cy' team, etc...04:52
daflalo: ./scripts/foo.{py,sh} vs. psql launchpad_test\nINSERT INTO Foo VALUES ...04:52
dafcarlos: where do we have teams?04:52
carlosdaf: the Person Table04:52
carlosis also for teams04:53
dafbut we don't have any code for dealing with teams04:53
carlosthen, we use the Membership table to store the relations btw teams and people04:53
dafeven if the database schema will theoretically support such code04:53
dafI don't want to get bogged down in teams04:53
daflet's focus on allowing individuals to register themselves and set language preferences04:54
carlosdaf: we could use then Labels04:54
dafcarlos: that sounds promising04:54
=== carlos is talking about a way to store that information reusing the current schema
dafcarlos: how hard would it be to set up some sample data that sets language preference labels on a person?04:55
lalodaf: I was thinking more in terms of, either a sql script file, or a python script that creates sqlo instances04:55
dafSteveA: does your work include a login interface to Launchpad?04:55
carlosdaf: I think that not more than 30 minutes04:55
lalo*that* would be less work than invoking a command line script like 300 times04:55
dafcarlos: do you think it would be useful?04:56
dafwe will also need to change sql.py to use that data04:56
carlosdaf: what?04:56
carlosdaf: the sampledata?04:56
carlossure, without sample data we cannot test our code04:56
dafthen it's a task :)04:56
daftwo tasks, in fact:04:56
daf1) add the sample language preference data04:56
daf2) make sql.py read that data04:56
carlos3) edit that data04:57
dafah, yes04:57
carlosyou need to be able to create/update it from your preferences page (if we have one)04:57
dafI'm a little fuzzy on how preference pages will work04:58
carlosdaf: As soon as Steve's work is done we will know what should we do and how (talking about 3)04:59
dafcarlos: right04:59
carlosdaf: I need to know the priority of those tasks05:00
carlosI'm starting now with a new task05:01
carlosso should I give more priority to this new tasks or follow today's planning?05:01
dafcarlos: by the way, there's a T in "effort"05:03
dafsince this is waiting on work from Steve, I think you can carry on with today's plan05:04
carlosdaf: ok I will change it :-P05:04
=== kiko [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has left #launchpad []
=== lalo chats by jabber with someone less than 1m away from him
limilalo: encrypted? ;)05:25
daflalo: more like 50cm, I think :)05:25
dafSteveA: you didn't answer my question earlier05:30
SteveAdaf: my work includes people in the database being able to log in05:33
SteveAusing basic auth at first05:34
dafSteveA: excellent05:34
dafcan create people by hand in the interim05:35
dafwe should probably have a script for that, too05:35
carlosdaf: :-)05:36
carlosbirth.py --mother-languages es,cy,pt_BR05:36
carlosdaf: to recreate the rosetta DB, you should use now make rosetta inside database/schema05:37
carloscould you tell it to lalo?05:37
dafcarlos: is it possible to have both malone and Rosetta data in the database at the same time?05:38
carlosdaf: yes, but stuart moved Rosetta data into its own rule05:38
carlosIf you need it05:39
carlosI could add the other .sql file in our rule05:39
dafon rosetta.w.h.c, we'll want to have all the sample data for Rosetta, Malone and Soyuz loaded05:41
stubIf someone wants to make everyones data play together happily again, I'd be happy :-)05:41
dafthat would be nice05:41
dafeven if we have the data in separate files, it would be nice to be able to load them all05:42
carlosstub: I already told you that Rosetta data works on its own, we don't depend/conflict with yours05:42
stubcarlos: I get mostly duplicate key violations if I try to load the rosetta sample data if I have already populated my database with the current sampledata.sql (which is what I recovered from a previous release since a load of stuff was missing)05:44
carlosstub: as I said, the sampledata.sql should not have any rosetta record05:44
carlosI moved it to its own file because I'm tired to fix it every time soyuz's people commits anything (hope they fix their arch problems soon)05:45
stubYes, but the current sampledata.sql is polluted again because I had to recover it from before you did your work. eg. sampledata.sql defines the gnome project, as does sample-rosetta.sql.05:47
carlosstub: I'm fixing it now05:48
stubIf you have a look at sampledata-stuffed.sql, it is missing stuff like the sample bug and the products it depends on.05:48
carlosso I will remove the rosetta own rule, is that ok for you?05:48
stubYes - I'd prefer that.05:49
carlosstub: I know that sampledata-stuffed.sql is fucked, I had the same problem with rosetta data05:49
stubI'd like a sampledata-malone as well, but that won't exist until I get back (I'm off for three weeks dealing with other commitments)05:50
carlosyour desires are orders for me :-P05:52
carlosstub: my commit has a sampledata-malone.sql with malone's block05:53
=== lulu [~lu@modem-3591.marahu.dialup.pol.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
=== stub enjoys his new gimp
carlosdaf: ok, forgot the new rule, we are using again the make launchpad_test06:03
carlosstub: I just asked a merge with the malone block moved into its own file06:04
dafstub: "new"? 2.0?06:04
=== stub gives carlos a big sloppy kiss
dafand everyone is happy06:05
=== spiv [~andrew@fuchsia.puzzling.org] has joined #launchpad
=== carlos hides
dafspiv: yo!06:06
dafspiv: I hear Boston is nice06:07
luluhi all :o)06:13
luludaf: please could u update the Rosetta task board. Thanks :o)06:14
cprovspiv: 06:16
spivdaf: Yeah, it's good so far :)06:17
spivdaf: I've been mainly sleeping though ;)06:17
daflulu: sure06:17
cprovspiv: now you can merge my changes in rocketfuel ... please06:17
dafspiv: heh :)06:17
spivcprov: Ok, I'll take a look.06:18
luludaf: thanks!06:18
cprovspiv: thank you06:18
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dafcarlos: do you think we want to get the translator dashboard working for the beta?08:22
carlosI don't think we will have enough time for that08:23
carloswe could do it for Phase108:23
dafI think we might be able to do "my current projects"08:23
carlosbut I doubt we will have it working for this wednesday08:23
dafit's a pain to have to use the search form all the time08:23
carlosdaf: schemas/Labels08:24
dafI don't think we need to have labels for it08:24
carlosPerhaps we could decide it after the implementation of the prefered languages 08:24
dafwe just make a list of all the translations the person has done, sort them by date, and make them unique by project08:24
dafperhaps "my current templates" would be more useful08:25
carlosthat's not the same idea behind the current page, but it's fine for me08:25
carlosyes, that's better08:25
carlosand it's doable for the beta phase08:25
dafI'm thinking 1 query, 1 extra method in the interface, and some quick template work08:25
dafit's more like "my recent templates"08:25
dafI think we don't have to worry about recommended projects08:26
daflater on, I think we will use labels for todo projects/templates08:26
dafi.e. person <-- todo --> template08:27
dafif that notation makes sense :)08:27
daf(person <-- prefers --> language)08:27
carlosI don't get its meaning there08:28
dafa person has marked a project/template as "todo" -- i.e. they want to translate it08:29
dafdoes it make sense?08:30
dafgood :)08:30
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dafcarlos: I've just finished reviewing poexport.txt10:05
carlosdaf: do you miss anything?10:05
dafit looks good10:06
dafI think we should add information about which interfaces we're using, though10:06
dafI've reformatted it as ReStructuredText, simplified the layout and made some other changes10:07
carlosadd Objects instead of SQL sentences?10:07
dafs/instead of/as well as/10:07
dafI think it would be useful10:09
dafbecause it's a document about the implementation rather than just a specification10:09
dafI spent quite a bit of time today working on tests for browser.py10:09
daf(I haven't merged them yet)10:10
dafwe should have good test coverage for browser.py10:10
carlosinteresting, I didn't though about unittest for it10:11
dafI didn't either :)10:11
=== carlos is really new to the unittest world
dafbut Steve asked me about it10:11
dafso we sat down together and he helped me write some tests10:11
dafI thought it would be difficult to write tests for it, but it's not so hard10:12
dafyou have to write quite a few dummy classes, though10:12
carlosgood to know it :-D10:12
dafyeah :)10:12
carlosdaf: When will you and lalo come back to your home?10:12
daflalo is going back on Sunday10:13
dafand he will be travelling for some of Monday10:13
carlosthen I will be alone on Monday?10:13
dafseems so :)10:13
dafthat is a bit weird10:14
carlosa meeting with myself10:14
dafI need to fix the code for displaying translations on the translation template10:14
dafso that selects by active rather than sequence10:15
dafdo you select the message set with the most recent active translation sighting?10:15
dafif you have a template message set10:16
dafand you want to find the corresponding translation message set for some language10:16
daf(if it exists)10:17
carlosthe msgset is alwasy the same10:17
dafas you said, it's a similar problem to exporting10:18
dafit's always the same?10:18
carlosyou get the POTranslationSighting with lasttouched=TRUE (I think I forgot to specify it in the document)10:18
dafbecause the primemsgid is unique or something?10:18
carlosdaf: you cannot have two MsgSet for the same msgid and same potemplate or pofile10:19
dafoh, that's good10:19
dafsorry, I'm tired10:19
carlosUNIQUE ( potemplate, pofile, primemsgid )10:19
dafdoes that work even if pofile IS NULL10:19
carlosit's the same like gettext10:19
carlosdaf: it should10:20
carlosNULL is a value10:20
dafokay, so finding the msgset is easy10:20
carlosyes, the problem is get the latest translation10:20
dafwell, NULL is a weird value :)10:20
carlosI think I forgot to describe it10:20
carlosdaf: but it's a value :-P10:20
dafisn't is TRUE OR NULL = TRUE but TRUE AND NULL = NULL?10:21
dafwell, I'll merge my changes and you can update the document10:21
carlosdaf: excuse me?10:21
dafboolean logic goes weird when you have NULLs involves10:21
carlosdaf: but we don't use boolean logic there :-)10:22
carlosso It's not a problem10:22
carlosI don't know the boolean logic with tristate values10:22
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dafwell, the point is that NULL is strange :)10:23
carlosdaf: sure :-)10:23
dafokay, submitting a merge10:23
carlosWhat means this:10:28
carlosM  database/sampledata-stuffed.sql10:28
carlos-- lib/canonical/rosetta/Makefile10:28
carlosthe -- ?10:29
dafpermissions change, I think10:29
dafsomebody made it 60010:29
carlosthat's good or bad?10:29
dafor maybe "ugly"10:30
dafI'll fix it10:30
carlosat least this time the sampledata was not touched :-P10:30
carlosdinner time, see you later10:30

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