danielsok, time to install ubuntu on my desktop12:22
fabbionedaniels: just don't reconfigure or upgrade X :-)12:37
fabbionepostinst is fucked12:37
fabbionetime to get some sleep12:38
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danielsfabbione: hah02:33
danielsi can't even install the fucking thing (see activity@)02:33
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lamontfabbione/daniels: so is it bad to upgrade X to 6ubuntu8?04:47
lamontthat is, should I wait for ubuntu9 to make my local mirror before I upgrade?04:47
danielslamont: i don't know, sorry04:51
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jdubRiff: regarding the artwork, it's not final (see the FAQ)04:54
Riffjdub; yeah, I remember reading that04:54
RiffI assumed all the things I ran into were bugs04:54
jdub"not final" like, "does not even remotely represent" :)04:55
Riffalthough it wasn't immediately obvious why usb mice weren't working, plus the live CD doesn't let you restart X to play with such things04:55
jdubmmm, that's odd, 'cos they seem to have worked elsewhere04:55
Riffdo you know how hard it is to navigate gnome without a pointing device?04:55
jdubunfortunately the livecd is not up to date with everything else04:55
jdubgnome's keynav is rad, dude!04:56
Riffapparently the default keystroke to open the panel menu is alt-f104:56
RiffI had to navigate to something on the desktop, open a nautilus window, press ctrl-l, go to preferences, and open the keyboard preferences to find out what it was04:56
=== lamont is pulling almost 500kbps down atm. neato.
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whiprushhmm, my ubuntu xserver has been signal 11'ing when I leave it on over night, anyone else seeing this?06:55
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fabbionelamont: you can upgrade, but if you do so, either you do echo >> /etc/X11/XF86Config09:22
fabbioneor keep a copy of your config09:22
fabbionebecause the postinst is broken and it will mangle the Monitor/resolution section09:22
fabbioneyou can go up to whatever you want until the md5sum of /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 is different from the one stored in /var/lib/xfree86/<something>.md5sum09:23
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bbadgerHi all01:23
bbadgerMr. Waugh asked if I'd have a look at the latest of no-name/Canonical01:23
bbadger... and said that the images were available via rsync01:24
bbadgerI have an image from last week, so rsync would be good01:24
bbadgerWhat username/password should I use?01:24
Mithrandirit's dokumented on the wiki, iirc01:25
bbadgerOh, OK - I'll have a look01:25
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bbadgerIt's not immediately obvious to me.01:30
bbadgerI'll mail Mr. Waugh01:30
Mithrandirhm, it was under Warty/Archive, but seems to be gone now.01:32
bbadgerI've sent Jeff an email - I'll have another look in the morning (bedtime here in Sydney, AU)01:33
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jonohi all08:10
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Keybukso gphoto/gthumb doesn't seem to work on warty :(09:11
Mithrandirthat sucks.09:11
eddsame bug i filed?09:12
Keybukedd: #?09:13
Keybukah yes09:14
eddyou found it? good.09:14
eddyour bugzilla search sucks :(09:14
eddah, i see the "advanced search" now :)09:14
Keybukbugzilla sucks in general09:15
justdaveyeah, there were lots of problems with the simple search fixed since I updated it last, I need to update it again.09:17
justdave(like it only searched the comments, not the summaries)09:17
crevettewhat is the difference between abiword and abiward-gnome int Bugzilla09:28
seb128apt-get install abiword09:31
seb128or 09:31
seb128apt-get install abiword-gnome09:31
HcE*apt-cache show*09:31
HcEwhat's wrong with openoffice?09:32
seb128that's heavy09:33
HcEmaybe I'm just spoiled with hardware?09:33
seb128maybe :)09:33
HcEwant more RAM though09:33
HcEone can never have too much RAM09:34
HcE640k ought to be enough for everybody, and so fort09:34
Oskuroabiword blows in many ways.09:35
crevetteOskuro: ye09:36
crevetteI've just open a bug against it09:36
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