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carloslimi: ping07:20
limion phone07:21
limiApple Support :P07:21
carlosDid you broke your new laptop?07:23
carlosyou are too fast07:23
limino ;)07:23
limijust seeking some answers to annoyances with the OS07:23
=== carlos hides
limiwarty isn't even remotely capable of doing what I'm trying to do right now, unfortunately ;)07:24
carloslimi: man, it's only a computer, you cannot pretend it to do all things you want :-P07:25
carloslimi: I need to go to study now. I think you have all code in place to implement the changes  to  the statistics we talked about in Oxford07:40
limiok, cool07:41
carlosfor projects and products, the effort one is not ready yet, but If you put it in the projects and products templates I could copy it tomorrow for the efforts07:41
carlosIf you miss anything just tell me it, ok?07:41
carlosand please, don't care about the colors we get now, I just added an extra color to test it, and I know it's ugly :-)07:42
liminp :)07:43
=== limi waves
=== daf is on a train
dafthe GPRS connection is really bad08:54
carlosdaf: man, that's too expensive...08:58
dafwell, my friend was paying for it :)10:09
=== daf is back in Wales
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