danielsedd: rad12:39
danielsedd: does that build and work for you? if so, could you please nmu it with a note that i asked?12:39
danielsi so don't have the bandwidth to pull mono12:39
danielsedd: oh, and if you could patch the Makefile.am as well as the Makefile.in, that'd rock. cheers.12:40
danielsedd: (and priority=high to hit sarge)12:40
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=== Topic for #ubuntu: SSDS | http://wiki.no-name-yet.com/ un: sounders, pw: oink | Sounder CD 7 released
=== Topic (#ubuntu): set by Kamion at Tue Aug 24 16:57:26 2004
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ik5pvxquick question: is it normal that recovery mode asks no password at all, or did I f**k up something ?08:18
fabbioneiirc it's correct08:46
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eddhey seb10:43
seb128hello edd10:45
=== lucas_ [~lucas@cab-192023.calixo.net] has joined #ubuntu
seb128hey lucas_ 11:20
lucas_hi seb128 :)11:20
seb128so, you've tried the distro ? :)11:21
lucas_yes, but I don't have much to say yet, since I ran into a problem with the screen going blank when gdm starts11:21
seb128which video card ?11:23
lucas_nforce 211:23
lucas_with the nv driver11:23
lucas_I used my debian's XF86Config-411:23
lucas_nothing in XFree's logs11:23
seb128the warty one was not correct ?11:24
lucas_I wasn't sure, and I wanted to make sure it wasn't a config problem11:24
lucas_I'll try again later with other drivers11:25
seb128but on the first boot with the warty config you got a blank screen ?11:25
seb128fabbione: already heard about such problem ?11:25
lucas_the screen is all black11:25
lucas_(and the monitor doesnt go into power-saving mode)11:25
lucas_I then booted in single user mode and disabled gdm11:26
fabbionelucas_: please try to start X without gdm11:27
fabbioneand check the log file11:27
lucas_tried that, same results11:27
fabbionelet's isolate one problem at a time11:27
lucas_there's nothing relevant in X's log11:27
fabbionedid X in debian work with the same config?11:27
=== fabbione scratches his head
fabbionewhich version of X are you using?11:28
lucas_in debian ?11:28
fabbionedid you upgrade from the net after cd install?11:28
lucas_in debian, the unstable one11:28
lucas_in ubuntu the latest (I upgraded)11:29
fabbionelucas_: ok that can explain.11:29
fabbioneyour config is borked11:29
fabbionethe last X in ubuntu has some issues11:29
fabbionebe sure to use a working config11:29
lucas_can you define "working config" ? :)11:30
fabbionelucas_: the one you were using before?11:30
lucas_I'm using the one I'm using with debian11:31
fabbioneare you 100% sure? again there is a problem in X upgrade process in ubuntu that was mangling config file...11:31
lucas_I just checked.11:32
fabbionethat btw i am trying to fix now..11:32
lucas_oh, btw, am I supposed to see a bootsplash ? because I don't11:33
fabbioneno you are not11:33
fabbionenot to start X atleast11:33
lucas_no I mean during boot11:33
lucas_(nothing to do with the other problem)11:33
fabbionewhich chipset you have?11:35
lucas_nvidia nforce11:35
lucas_nv driver yes11:35
lucas_(bootsplash works with vesa in my debian install)11:36
fabbione  * Grab from XFree86 CVS (2003-07-16) more updates to the nv driver.  Fixes11:37
fabbionelucas_: how would you feel to do a test for us and debian in one shot?11:37
fabbionei will help you.. but i need your help as well11:37
lucas_no problem11:37
lucas_but my X problem is ubuntu-specific11:38
lucas_it works in debian with the nv drivr11:38
lucas_and it has worked for ages11:38
fabbionelucas_: it is now.. it might be in debian too. that's why i need your help to test11:38
=== fabbione thinks the easiest way to test
fabbionedo you have debian on that machine too or only ubuntu?11:39
lucas_no, both11:39
fabbioneok perfect11:39
fabbioneswitch to debian, apt-get source xfree86 && apt-get build-dep xfree8611:39
lucas_I'm on debian already11:40
=== Md [md@md.staff.freenode] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionedown to the bottom there is a section "Building the package"11:40
fabbionei need you to do that procedure11:41
fabbioneand try the packages from svn trunk11:41
fabbionethey contain the same nv drivers we have here11:41
fabbionetest the packages with the known working config11:41
fabbioneit will take you a while...11:42
fabbioneapprox 5GB of space and probably 1 hour or so to build X11:42
fabbione(depends how fast is your machine11:42
lucas_eh, why don't I just get the .deb from ubuntu and install them on debian ?11:42
fabbionelucas_: no. don't do that11:42
fabbioneyou will just install broken packages on a known working system11:43
fabbioneand i am pretty sure the problem is related to nv driver update11:43
fabbioneyou can try to borrow only the driver from ubuntu11:43
lucas_ok, I'm doing that now11:44
fabbionebut i much rather prefer if you can test the whole11:44
lucas_yup I understand11:44
=== lucas_ [~lucas@cab-192023.calixo.net] has joined #ubuntu
lucas_fabbione: so, with the nv_drv.o from ubuntu, X didn't start in Debian11:57
lucas_and with the nv_drv.o from Debian, X did work in ubuntu11:57
fabbionelucas_: goody.. at least we know where the problem is11:57
fabbionelucas_: i need you to do a reportbug in debian11:57
fabbionebecause it will affect the new Xfree86 upload11:58
fabbionedo the following:11:58
lucas_ok. what must I say ? :)11:58
fabbione(just a sec.. i was elaburating on it :))11:58
fabbionereportbug xserver-xfree8611:59
fabbionesubject: nv driver from trunk doesn't work11:59
fabbionesubject: nv driver from svn trunk doesn't work properly11:59
fabbioneand then add all the information you want12:00
fabbioneand stuff like:12:00
fabbionelspci -n12:00
fabbionevideo card information12:00
fabbione(as many as you can)12:00
fabbionebut do it from debian12:00
lucas_yup ok12:00
fabbioneonce you get an answer from the BTS12:00
fabbioneplease let me know the bug number12:00
lucas_I'll do that later (in an hour or so)12:00
fabbioneso that we can track in ubuntu too12:00
lucas_hum the thing is, I didn't really tested the svn trunk version12:01
fabbionelucas_: well you tested the svn trunk version of the driver12:01
fabbionei did check12:13
fabbionethe updates only touches the nv driver and nothing more12:13
fabbioneso you can safely use newer drivers with the old packages12:13
=== lucas_ [~lucas@cab-192023.calixo.net] has joined #ubuntu
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lucas_when I rebooted on Debian, my root filesystem (which I mounted while on Ubuntu) was corrupted. Is it just bad luck, or are there been similar reports ?02:20
lucas_I'm using reiserfs02:20
Mdreally corrupted or just flagged dirty?02:20
lucas_really corrupted02:21
StoneTablecorruption while using reiserfs isn't unheard of02:21
lucas_so just bad luck ;)02:22
seb128lucas_: I don't think that's related to warty, there is no reason02:22
seb128yes, probably02:22
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lucas_I currently see no bootsplash while booting warty. Is it normal ?04:02
thomit's expected, yes04:02
Keybuklucas_: sadly it looks like that's going to be a hoary feature instead04:02
Keybuk6-monthly release process bites when things aren't ready for feature-freeze04:03
hrdwrbob_why so ?\04:03
eddstill, it's a short enough amount of time to wait for things to get better04:04
eddand there are those of us willing to switch to hoary before its release to help out :)04:04
Keybukaye, Hoary Array#1 is out only a month after Warty iirc.04:05
Keybukactually, it's a week after Warty release04:05
=== Hrdwr_BoB [hrdwrbob@220-253-14-97.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
lifelessArray #1 ?04:09
thomarray is the collective noun for hedgehogs04:13
hrdwrbob_while not *strictly* a warty problem (this is on a debian box) anyonre have any idea why gnome-panel might not display the top bar correctly on startup (but displays the bottom bar) but on killing it and having it restart, it works04:14
Keybukcould be a stuck panel applet that's not starting properly?  or something like that04:22
Keybukdon't know, not seen that myself -- seb128 is the guy to bounce that off04:22
seb128sawfish as window manager ?04:23
seb128sawfish bug04:23
hrdwrbob_Keybuk: yeah I tried bouncing the all manually04:23
hrdwrbob_oh, heh 04:23
hrdwrbob_well that's good to know *upgrades sawfish*04:23
seb128yes, should be fixed in last release04:24
hrdwrbob_thanks :)04:24
Keybuksee, he knows these things <g>04:24
seb128 sawfish (1:1.3+cvs20040617-6) unstable; urgency=high04:24
seb128 .04:24
seb128   * New patch to fix panel position. This feature has been introduced in04:24
hrdwrbob_I'm just copying the crap off this machine so I can turn it into a warty box04:25
hrdwrbob_the stupid thing is only copying at 1.6mb/s04:25
=== HcE_ is now known as HcE
thomhey matt04:37
seb128hello mdz 04:39
fabbionemorning mdz04:39
Oskurohi matt04:40
=== StoneTable [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionemdz: how urgent is #896?04:48
Keybukfabbione: well, non-PIC won't work on amd64 ...04:55
=== fabbione is kinda busy with X atm...
fabbioneif it's urgent someone can do it for me please?04:58
mdzfabbione: not particularly urgent, but a policy violation04:59
mdzif it's only a problem on amd64, then perhaps Mithrandir can inherit it05:00
=== Mithrandir grabs it
fabbionethanks guys05:02
=== Mithrandir would _really_ like ia32-libs to be promoted to main, so gcc can build.
Hrdwr_BoBsounder CD 7 causes this box to reboot when it boots .. not sure why05:04
Hrdwr_BoBsorry, sounder 605:06
=== HcE would like instant knowledge of how to make .deb driver packages for X4.3 and the kernel :)
MithrandirHcE: talk to fabbione about X, at least.05:08
Mithrandiror daniels, but he's working more on X.org packages, iirc05:08
HcEthe lictouch driver should be ok to put into X, but I want to test it here first05:09
HcEit just takes forever to compile05:09
MithrandirHcE: get yourself a real computer. ;)05:09
HcEMithrandir: can I send you the bill? :P05:09
fabbioneHcE: use ccache :-)05:10
HcEit's mostly my error because I can't do it right the first time05:10
Mithrandirfabbione: did you see my nagging about the lvm2 segfault?05:11
fabbioneMithrandir: no. it's all day that i am working with X05:12
fabbionei barely read emails05:12
Mithrandirfabbione: on the other channel. :)05:12
fabbioneoh no..05:12
Mithrandirbasically, did you manage to track it down?05:12
fabbioneMithrandir: to a segfault in one ioctl on /dev/disc when /dev is devfs05:13
Mithrandirfabbione: yes, but it got fixed in Debian05:13
fabbionethat's all i was able to see when using lvm2 inside initrd05:13
Mithrandirok, so you didn't get any further?05:14
fabbionebut not even the submitter knows what has been fixed where and how05:15
MithrandirI'll see if I have the time to track it down, then05:15
=== Mithrandir wanders to fetch some food
fabbioneMithrandir: if you have the setup is ok05:15
Mithrandirwanders off, even05:15
fabbioneotherwise it will have to wait a couple of days05:15
fabbioneI am almost done (hopefully!) with X05:16
Mithrandirwoo, cool05:16
fabbioneat least now:05:16
fabbione1) doesn't mangle your config file05:16
fabbione2) the logic to calculate freq based on resolution is slightly better05:16
fabbione3) it supports dynamic templates ${choises} for modes05:17
fabbioneand a bunch of other fixes05:17
fabbionenow i am doing postinst more robust05:17
fabbionebefore uploading and so on...05:17
Hrdwr_BoBwhat bootloader does the warty install CD use?05:18
Hrdwr_BoBit reboots this duron machine05:19
Hrdwr_BoBbut the debian install CDI have works05:19
Hrdwr_BoBSCSI DVD shouldn't make a difference?05:20
mdzHrdwr_BoB: isolinux05:20
mdzthe same as Debian CDs use05:20
mdzare you sure it's crashing that early?05:21
Hrdwr_BoBthis deb CD is a bit old though05:21
mdzand not in the kernel?05:21
Hrdwr_BoBwell I see nothing on the screen at all05:21
Hrdwr_BoBhangon I'll try it again05:21
Hrdwr_BoByeah it doesn't appear that it's getting to the kernel at all05:22
Hrdwr_BoBthough it might be  a problem loading framebuffer05:23
Hrdwr_BoBor whatever it does05:23
Hrdwr_BoBit has a gf2mx in it05:24
HcEfinally X is being built with the lictouch driver :/05:24
Hrdwr_BoBwell I have to go to bed, 05:27
HcEah, .au :)05:27
Hrdwr_BoBI'll have warty CD 7 by tomorrow, but I'm not sure it'll help, I might try a different video card05:28
Hrdwr_BoBhah yes it's 1:30am05:28
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fabbionewhat happened to ls --color ?06:20
HcEecho $TERM?06:20
fabbioneas usual06:21
fabbionei didn't change that06:21
fabbioneit's on console06:21
fabbionethey are all too dark06:22
HcEI'm getting bad feelings about the lictouch driver to X4.3 :(06:23
HcEwhen I go up/down the pointer goes sideways :(06:24
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HcEfound the error06:37
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-7-52.w81-250.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
HcEsome usb-mouse config in my XFree conf06:37
HcEnow the monitor dosn't work at all06:38
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Mithrandirmdz: 896 seems ok, the TEXTREL segment is only present on i38609:52
Mithrandirmdz: so, technically, it's a policy violation, but we can ignore it, as it's correct on amd64.09:53
Mithrandir(and i386 doesn't care)09:53
Mithrandir: tfheen@golem(golem-i386) ~ > objdump -x /usr/lib/libmpeg2.so.0| grep TEXT09:53
Mithrandir  TEXTREL     0x009:53
Mithrandir: tfheen@golem(golem-amd64) ~ > objdump -x /usr/lib/libmpeg2.so.0| grep TEXT09:53
Mithrandir: tfheen@golem(golem-amd64) ~ > 09:53
Mithrandirjust close the bug with FIXED and a comment?09:54
mdzNOTWARTY and a comment10:19
mdzit's still a bug in Debian10:19
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=== justdave is away: school openhouse
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SleepBoBmdz more specifically11:58
SleepBoBprocessor       : 011:58
SleepBoBvendor_id       : AuthenticAMD11:58
SleepBoBcpu family      : 611:58
SleepBoBmodel           : 311:58
SleepBoBmodel name      : AMD Duron(tm)11:58
SleepBoBstepping        : 011:58
SleepBoBcpu MHz         : 700.05211:58

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