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dafheh :)04:19
dafdid you have an exam?04:19
carlosdaf: I had, but I was not able to do it04:20
carlosI did not finished a program I need to do the exam04:20
carlosand I went to sleep at 6:00AM04:20
carlosyes, really sad04:20
carlosI hate powerbuilder!!!04:20
carlosit's the second time I have this problem04:20
kikothere are worse things in life04:20
carloskiko: I know04:21
carlosdaf: yes, the program they request use should be developed with powerbuilder04:21
carlosgrr, I really hate xchat's autocompletation04:21
carlosor perhaps was my problem ... 04:22
carloswell, back to work, that's the important thing...04:22
kikoSteveA, debonzi is hung up with tla again04:23
kikoSteveA, any hope we can get some traction on the issue asap?04:24
dafcarlos: shall we talk about tasks for a bit?04:24
carlosdaf: yes, please. 04:24
dafkiko: I think it's dependent on ddaa04:24
kikodaf, ugh, really?04:24
dafkiko: from listening in #canonical04:24
carlosdaf: We should add all remaining ones to bugzilla so we could see what's missing easily04:24
dafcarlos: good idea04:25
carlosdaf: here or should we move to #rosetta?04:25
dafI think here is ok04:25
dafwhat are we missing from Bugzilla?04:27
SteveAkiko: I saw lifeless and ddaa discussing it on #canonical.  I saw that lifeless asked ddaa to make it a priority.04:28
kikookay, because we're blocked by tla (once again)04:29
SteveAcarlos: we're not using #rosetta any more04:29
carlosdaf: the import of all projects we have already inside arch04:29
carlosSteveA: ok04:29
SteveAkiko: you can still write code, although it will be outside the SCM system.04:30
dafcarlos: hmm, this doesn't really feel like something that belongs in bugzilla04:30
carlosit's a task04:30
kikoSteveA, writing code and not committing frequently with arch seems to be a recipe for disaster in our experience :)04:30
carlosif we are going to use it as task/bug tracking, I think it belongs to bugzilla04:30
SteveAkiko: I can't offer any help above what ddaa can do for you.04:31
dafI suppose so, but it feels like abusing bugzilla a bit :)04:31
kikosure, I'm just communicating our situation.04:31
carlosdaf: It's something that blocks the alpha release :-)04:31
SteveAthanks.  I understand that it is extremely frustrating.04:31
dafcarlos: is there anything else?04:31
carlosdaf: we also need to add "Request new project page"04:31
kikowe'll find some more offline work we can do meanwhile.04:32
SteveAok, thanks.04:32
carlosand " View recently translated projects on the translator dashboard."04:32
dafokay, can you make it a task to file bugs for these things?04:32
carlosdaf: and I think that nothing more is missing from RosettaAlpha page04:33
carlosdaf: sure.04:33
carloswell, the import projects from arch...04:33
carloshas some tasks like the scripts to do it04:33
carlosthe main one that imports .po/.pot files is done 04:34
carlosbut we need one to create projects and products04:34
dafI need to file a bug for the import code04:34
dafthe import script isn't working for me: all the sequence numbers in the template I import are 004:34
dafI think it's some sort of SQLObject problem04:35
carlosdaf: I filed some bugs about the export also04:35
carlosseems like the code is not in sync with latest interface04:35
dafI think I've fixed the export04:35
dafbut the traversal is not working04:35
carlosdid you saw bugzilla's bug #1912? is it fixed ?04:36
dafyeah, I saw it04:36
carlosdaf: I was not able to test the traversal because the export bugs04:36
dafI think it is fixed04:36
dafI will commit and merge soon04:36
carlosdaf: ok, I will review then the traversal code and finish it04:37
carlosis the #1909 also fixed?04:37
carlos(the one about the % problem)04:37
SteveAback in about an hour04:37
dafit hasn't been merged yet04:37
dafstub has a fix which we can use04:38
dafif we use his Zope branch, there's no problem04:38
carlosdaf: then I think that's the problem with the traversal to export .po files. But I will review it in case it's another problem...04:39
carlosdaf: what's lalo working on now?04:40
dafI don't know04:40
dafI haven't heard from lalo since Friday04:40
carlosCould I assume that any task that it's not assigned at bugzilla to lalo is free to implement?04:40
dafat the moment, anything is up for grabs04:41
daffeel free to assign bugs to yourself04:41
carlosdaf: who is importing code to arch?04:41
carlosbecause I suppose we need to talk with them and know how to get the source to feed our database04:41
dafnot sure: lifeless or lamont or thom?04:42
carlosdaf: I forgot another task, we need to create the webpage with the list of projects/products from Ubuntu 04:42
dafokay, it's another bug then04:43
carloswell, and of course, we need "limi's magic" to all pages before release04:43
carlosI will see if he has a bugzilla account04:44
carlosand I will add also that bug04:44
dafthe export fix looks like this: http://muse.19inch.net/~daf/misc/export-fix.patch04:45
dafdoes it look sane?04:46
dafcarlos: ?04:48
carlosdaf: looking04:48
carlosdaf: yes, I think it's valid04:49
dafin that case, I'll merge it now04:49
carlosmy question about it is, should that file use the sqlobject api or only the interfaces?04:50
dafthe exporter should not know anything about SQLObject, I think04:50
dafit shouldn't need to04:50
carlosdaf: anything else?04:51
carlosdaf: who should be the initial owner of the tasks I'm going to add?04:52
dafunless you know it's something you're going to work on yourself04:54
dafin which case it's you :)04:54
carlosdaf: we should use the QA field04:54
dafhow does that work?04:54
carlosdaf: it's someone that gets the bug reports like the owner and it's useful to track the fixes04:55
carlosand follow the status of the tasks04:55
dafit's like a CC?04:56
carlosusually,  the project owner is the one added there04:56
carlosdaf: more or less04:56
carlosdaf: but it's added by default always04:56
dafwhere do we set it?04:57
carlosI don't know if you have the rights to do it, you should edit the launchpad product04:57
carlosand select the rosetta module04:57
dafI'm not sure if I have rights to do that04:58
carlosthere you have a default assigned and the default QA04:58
carlosanother option is to use an alias for the team so we can know the status of the bugs04:58
daflet's try the QA thing for now04:59
dafjustdave: about?04:59
justdavedaf: yep04:59
dafjustdave: did you follow that about QA?05:00
justdavenot exactly...  you want someone added to the qa for rosetta, but I didn't follow who. :)05:01
justdaveconversation looks like you, but you're already the owner05:01
justdavebut that would make sense if you're trying to stay in the loop even if someone else takes the bug05:01
kikoor maybe a rosetta-bugs mailing list so everyone can stay in the loop if they want to.05:02
dafkiko: hmm, maybe05:04
=== daf has fun with Bugzilla charts
dafjustdave: is it possible to save charts?05:06
dafjustdave: it would be nice to have "open Launchpad bugs" and "open Rosetta bugs" charts05:06
justdavepeople keep asking that, and Gerv keeps telling them "just bookmark it"05:07
justdaveI had to fight him to keep saved queries :)05:07
dafsaved queries are very useful05:07
dafI think application-specific bookmarks make sense05:08
dafit's the same in Rosetta - you want to find certain things quickly05:08
justdaveEasiest thing for us to do right now is probably just collect the URLs for the ones we want, and stick up a static page with the links on it.05:08
dafthat would do the job05:09
carlosdaf: I think we have all tasks now at bugzilla05:22
=== daf looks at the flood of Bugzilla mails in his inbox
dafI hope so :)05:23
carlosdaf: :-P05:24
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jblackdebonzi: ping06:12
kiko-fudjblack, he's out of office right now, how's it going?06:15
jblackIts going well. I've got a fix ready for him.06:16
lalohey James06:16
jblacklalo! 06:16
kiko-fudjblack, cool, can you use email, perhaps to launchpad, summarizing and providing the fix?06:16
jblackUm, well, the thing about this sort of fix is that its probably not right for you guys to do it unattended.06:17
jblackthe solution involves artfully dodging race conditions.06:17
jblackFor a longterm fix, tla needs to change.06:18
kiko-fudmaybe I don't want to know after all :)06:18
spivYow :)06:18
SteveAoh.  we broke tom lord's arch...06:22
carloslalo: hi06:22
lalohey carlos06:22
lululalo: howzit06:23
jblackYou guys are just frequently bumping into a edge case in star-merge. 06:23
lalolulu: not sure yet, I'll tell you in a few minutes after I'm done merging :-P06:23
lululalo:good to hear you're merging! :o)06:23
lalooh, found the thing I wanted in the merge. Then I can answer you, all is well :-D06:25
laloI was worried I had introduced a bug Friday that would require me a few hours of hunting down - but no, it was just a typo and is already fixed by Daf06:26
carloslalo: we are using now bugzilla to track the pending tasks/bugs06:28
carloslalo: I suppose your mailbox knows it already  :-P06:29
laloI know06:29
laloyes :-)06:29
=== lalo figuring out how to procmail it
daflalo: good to have you back :)06:32
lalodaf: thanks06:33
lalobut I wasn't gone for long, just an unexpectedly extended holiday :-P06:34
=== lalo kisses bugzilla
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lalohey Mark06:38
dafcarlos: can you check whether #1912 is fixed?06:40
carlosdaf: already done :-P06:40
dafcarlos: and is it?06:41
carlosdaf: the export still fails because the #190906:41
dafoh, right06:41
carlosdaf: yes, seems like it's working06:41
dafI'll change the server06:41
dafto use stub's branch06:41
carlosdaf: which branch is it?06:42
=== carlos wants to change it also in his computer
carloswhen will it be integrated into the default branch?06:42
lalodoes the "make testdb" target still apply all necessary scripts to have a working testing database?06:42
lalomy ftests are failing with some funny postgres errors that suggest by db is incomplete06:43
dafcarlos: when lifeless gets around to it06:43
carloslalo: make launchpad_test at launchpad/database/schema should work06:43
carlosdaf: ok06:44
lalocarlos: that's exactly what "make testdb" is a wrapper for :-/ doesn't work for me06:44
lalo    ProgrammingError: ERROR:  column translationeffortpotemplate.id does not exist06:44
lalodaf: yay, thanks!06:45
daflalo: hmm?06:45
laloyour new bug explains the old one, I think :-)06:45
dafoh, right :)06:45
laloI believe, when looking for whether to insert a new msgset or update an existing one, it must be missing the existing one due to it having sequence 006:46
carloslalo: do you have a sampledata-rosetta.sql inside the database directory and an empty sampledata.sql file ?06:46
carlosthen I don't know where is the problem, I did a rebuild of my database about 30 minutes ago...06:47
carlosit should work06:47
dafcarlos: okay, the development server is now using stub's branch -- can you try again?06:50
carlosdaf: I get the file06:51
dafI'll close the bug06:51
carlosI need to check if it's correct :-)06:51
carlosdaf: perfect06:51
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dafcarlos: can you also do some testing of submitting/updating translations through the web?06:52
lalodaf: do you have a preference on how to fix this? Should potemplate/pofile have methods that return a given msgset *even if* it has sequence 0?06:52
carloshmm seems like all works execpt for this bug:06:52
carlos#: a11y/addressbook/ea-minicard-view.c:10106:52
carlosmsgid "current addressbook folder"06:52
carlosmsgstr[0]  "carpeta de libretas de direcciones actual"06:52
lalothis bug was, I as expected, introduced by removing the allowOld semantics :-)06:52
carlosall translations are exported that way 06:52
lalocarlos: oh06:53
carlosdaf: yes, I will do it in some minutes06:53
carloslalo: https://rosetta.warthogs.hbd.com/++skin++Debug/rosetta/projects/gnome/evolution/evolution-2.0/export.po06:53
daflalo: well, since new translations from the web have sequence=0, you quite often need to deal with 0-sequenced message sets06:53
lalocarlos: I think the current way the adapters work is a bit baffling for the pofile's __unicode__ method06:53
dafcarlos: if the export is broken, can you file a bug?06:53
lalocarlos: if there isn't a bug, please submit it, I'll fix next thing06:53
carlosdaf: and the traversal algorithm I did fails O:-)06:54
carlosdaf: sure06:54
carloslalo: sure06:54
carlosdaf: are you happy with the .po/.mo URL: https://rosetta.warthogs.hbd.com/++skin++Debug/rosetta/projects/gnome/evolution/evolution-2.0/es/po06:54
lalodaf: then pofile.__getitem__ should not require that sequence > 006:54
lalowhat about potemplate? a template msgset with sequence 0 is, in theory, obsolete06:55
dafhttps://bugzilla.warthogs.hbd.com/bugzilla/showdependencygraph.cgi?id=1915 is fun06:55
lalopofile.__getitem__ is ok (not broken), so this is just about templates06:55
dafcarlos: yeah, that would be sufficient06:55
daflalo: I suspect that there are a few bogus "WHERE sequence > 0" in the SQL code06:56
dafI think I fixed a few06:56
lalobut in the case of potemplate.__getitem__ it's not bogus06:58
lalowell, before I do anything I must find why my database doesn't want to run the tests :-)07:00
=== carlos goes to get some food
daflalo: how is your laptop now?07:02
lalonon-existent :-)07:02
daflalo: how is your desktop now?07:02
dafthat's good to hear07:03
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lalonew mobo, 512 ram... there are still some some disagreements between hardware and drivers, but I'm not in a hurry to fix those07:03
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lalo(eg my video card thinks my monitor is widescreen, so I'm at 1024x512 :-P but that doesn't affect work, so it's ok)07:05
carlosdaf: I don't see a way to see the spaces when translating strings from rosetta...07:18
dafcarlos: oh, yeah, I had forgotten about that07:22
dafcarlos: I tried replacing all spaces with a space marker07:23
dafbut that causes nasty problems with wrapping07:23
dafso I decided it would probably be ok to only mark leading and trailing spaces07:23
lalowell, I think I fixed it - now I have to become able to run the tests :-)07:23
dafbut I haven't done that yet, so could you file a bug?07:23
daflalo: fixed what?07:24
carlosdaf: sure07:24
lalocarlos: can you run the ftests?maybe my db is fine but the ftests are not07:24
carloslalo: ok, just a minute I finish testing translations from rosetta07:25
carlosdaf: ok, the translation works07:26
carlosdaf: could you check it's already inside the database?07:26
dafcarlos: hmm?07:26
dafcarlos: if it's showing you the translations you put in, it works07:27
dafcarlos: you could also test it by doing an export07:27
carlosdaf: it's a way to test if it's not stored into the python objects07:28
dafcarlos: sorry?07:28
carlosdaf: I mean, I want to be sure that the information we get is stored into the database instead of being persistent data stored into python objects07:29
carlosthat will be lost when launchpad is killed07:29
dafcarlos: I think the database object are destroyed at the end of the request07:32
dafcarlos: sorry, Python objects07:32
carlosdaf: I detected some bugs, filling them now07:32
dafgreat, thanks07:32
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lalodaf: re "fixed what?" - 190507:42
daflalo: ah, great!07:43
dafwhat was the problem?07:44
lalowhat I just said07:45
lalo        try:07:45
lalo            msgset = self.potemplate[msgid] 07:45
lalo        except KeyError:07:45
lalo            msgset = self.potemplate.createMessageSetFromText(msgid)07:45
dafoh, I see07:45
lalopotemplate.__getitem__ ignores sets with sequence=0, so it will insert a duplicate07:45
laloI added a new method that doesn't :-( do minimize code duplication, I made __getitem__ a wrapper around this new method07:46
dafpotemplate.createMessageSetFromText should have probably check against duplication07:46
lalohmm yes07:47
=== daf is going out for the evening
lalothe code that did that was removed together with allowOld :-P I'll re-add it07:47
lalook, cya tomorrow07:47
dafI'll be back later07:47
lalocya later then :-)07:47
dafand I'll probably be up until some strange hour in the morning :)07:47
carlosdaf: later!!07:48
laloactually the method shouldn't *have to* check for duplicates... the db should be raising an error07:48
daflalo: hmm, if it's possible for the database to do that, it should07:49
carloslalo: there are still some unique keys missing07:49
lalodaf: that's what unique is for07:49
laloand createMessageIDSighting() should *definitely* "allowOld" by default - everything will become too hairy if it doesn't07:50
SteveAsabdf1: ping.  just tried to phone you.07:50
laloor maybe not, dunno. We'll get back to it later if it causes a problem :-P (yagni)07:51
dafI'm getting concerned about update=False and allowOld=False and things like this07:51
dafbut I'm not going to worry about it too much now07:52
lalogetting concerned? I thought these were already removed from existence07:52
dafI think there are still a few left07:52
dafI'm also a bit worried about having .encode('utf-8') sprinkled over the code07:53
lalowe shouldn't07:53
dafcarlos: #1938 and #1939 are interesting07:53
lalotechnically sqlo is already fixed wrt unicode07:53
dafno, we shouldn't -- that's why I'm worried :)07:53
laloyou can, if you wish, schedule a task to "remove these one by one and see which ones are still necessary"07:54
lalothen find why they are necessary and report them to spiv :-)07:54
laloI suspect we will find that they can all be gone07:54
spivHmm? :)07:55
spivWhere are these?07:55
laloplaces where we avoid passing unicodes to sqlo07:55
laloI think as of now sqlo is already smart enough to deal with unicodes all the time07:55
=== daf gone
laloyeah, well, 1905 is fixed indeed - the test still doesn't pass due to 1935 :-(07:58
lalocarlos: I need a way to test 1936 locally :-)08:24
carloslalo: change rosetta... with localhost :-P08:25
laloare the hooks in-place enough that that would work?08:25
lalotraversal hooks I mean08:26
lalowhat a silly question, seeing as rosetta.w.h.c runs from rocketfuel :-P08:26
carloslalo: the export.po is not the final traversal we will use08:27
carlosbut it works for testing the export code08:27
carlosit will be fixed always to the Spanish translation08:27
laloanyway I'll first prod the ftest till it runs08:28
lalofortunately the ftest output is smart enough to tell me whether the bug is fixed :-)08:29
carlosI'm going to test it now here (I was changing somethings from my launchpad installation)08:30
lalothe ftests are lost wrt. RosettaProject vs. xxxRosettaProject08:30
carloslalo: FAILED (failures=3, errors=2)08:31
carloslalo: I think you should use DBProject instead of xxxRosettaProject08:31
carlosthat was part of the SteveA's move to global objects across launchpad applications08:31
=== lalo shrugs
lalofor the tests, whatever works is ok08:31
SteveAdon't use the classes with xxx in the names08:33
SteveAthey will be removed soon08:33
SteveApretend they aren't there08:33
carlosSteveA: are you going to do it with the other objects or should we schedule a task to do it?08:38
SteveAI have many other classes done in the code on my machine08:38
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SteveAif it is blockingn any of your work, then file a bugzilla bug on it08:40
lalocarlos: 404?  o.O08:40
carloslalo: :-?08:41
laloah, nm08:41
laloI had an error, then inserted  the debug skin to see what the error was, and got 40408:42
lalobut it was because I typed "debug" wrong :-P08:42
laloactually... what is the incantation to get debugging, again? Wasn't it either ++skin++debug or ++skin++Debug?08:42
carlosthe later08:43
carlos /++skin++Debug/rosetta....08:44
lalo404 :-/ seems I have no skin named Debug08:48
carloslalo: you need to copy a file08:50
carloslet me check it...08:50
carlosI think it's canonical.debugskin-configure.zcml08:51
carlosbut I don't remember if it's from launchpad/package-includes to launchpad/lib/canonical/ or from the second to the first08:52
carloslalo: check where do you have it and copy/link it to the other directory :-)08:52
laloyes :-)08:52
carlosno problem 08:54
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=== lalo cries
laloI'm getting 1909 now09:05
lalowhat the heck, the ftest is proof enough that the bug is fixed for me09:06
carloslalo: it's fixed if you get zope from stuart's branch09:09
lalook, thanks09:10
laloconfirmed, 1936 fixed09:24
carloslalo: perfect!!09:26
lalo...and merged09:50
=== lalo looks at the bug list in search of inspiration wrt what to do next :-)
carloslalo: if you detect any missing task, just add it there, please09:53
carlosblocking the 1915 if it should be fixed before the alpha release09:53
lalook. But I haven't, yet.09:55
lalo(detected missing tasks, I mean)09:55
laloI think I'll try to unearth 193509:56
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=== jblack reads the star-merge -H help and puts "rewrite star merge help on his todo list.
jblackI'm not convinced that is even english.10:20
carlosjblack: X-)10:22
jblackThe first half of it is fine, but then it dives off into lawyereese.10:22
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laloone down, one last to go :-P10:40
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