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=== Topic for #launchpad: <kiko> how's england? <daf> wet <daf> but soon, I will go back to Wales <kiko> and how will wales be? <daf> probably wet, too
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spivdoko: Sourcerer has or uses that, I believe, so I'd check there.12:02
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lalothe class diagram is outdated :-/01:51
laloI can't imagine a situation where msgset.sequence == 0 and msgidsighting.inLastRevision == True or msgset.sequence > 0 and msgidsighting.inLastRevision == False01:55
lalodaf: ayt?01:55
kikoisn't he keeping like, sane hours?01:55
laloI have no idea :-)01:56
lalolast time I asked he wasn't ;-)01:56
kikohis warthogs message seemed to indicate that at least.01:57
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daflalo: yes02:07
lalohmf. there's something amiss with my logs02:07
laloyou got my question?02:07
laloah, there is the company log :-)02:07
=== lalo tries to remember where it is
laloyay warthylog02:08
lalo'xcept technically it wasn't a question, but you get my point02:08
dafI think that's a correct assertion02:09
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!lilo:*! Okay....first step is to make a couple of changes to services....I'm going to try to arrange things so that channels that would get dropped will instead get saved under a different contact name.02:37
!lilo:*! Then we should be able to save most of the active ones.02:37
!lilo:*! It's probably worth noting that I'm going to be busy, so if possible, help requests should be directed to another staffer02:38
!lilo:*! Thanks!02:38
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ddaa<lifeless> and for the next production drop I should have the sql + code changes to remove filecontents completely.12:06
=== ddaa \o/
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cprovdaf:morning, can you please rebuild the DB on https://rosseta.wart.../ ? 02:42
dafcprov: done02:51
cprovdaf: thank you02:53
cprovdaf: did you get errors on database/schema/make ?02:56
cprovdaf: there is some missed data02:57
cprovdaf: sorry, I mean all Soyuz data is missed :) 02:58
cprovdaf: ping ?03:00
dafhmm, I didn't notice any errors03:03
dafbut it might have scrolled by too fast for me to notice03:05
cprovdaf: strange, I get (0 distributions) and (0 persons) and so on ...but I get all rosetta data.03:05
dafcprov: I just ran it again, and there were no errors03:06
cprovdaf: now it is ok :)03:06
dafoh, ok03:06
dafstrange :)03:07
=== cprov wonders what was the problems
cprovdaf: anyway tks daf03:07
dafde nada03:08
cprovaha, more one portuguese speaker :)03:09
cprovdaf: see you later 03:10
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dafcarlos: "(n==1) ? 0 : (n==2) ? 1 : (n != 8 || n != 11) ? 2 : 3" is the most complete plural form expression I know of for Welsh08:52
carlosdaf: too easy X-)09:04
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dafcarlos: :)09:12
carlosdaf: will you add it to languages.sql?09:12
dafcarlos: at least, I haven't come across anything which requires something more complicated than that09:12
dafI could do09:12
carlosor even better, to the script that wiil feed the database in the future09:12
dafhave you finished the new status pages yet?09:13
carlosI was planning to work on it tonight09:13
carlosdaf: why?09:13
dafjust asking :)09:13
dafI've finally started working on Welsh translations for GNOME 2.809:14
carlosIt's almost done, that's the worst part09:14
dafheh :)09:14
carlosis just I need to create some scritps to feed the database :-)09:14
dafgo Carlos!09:14
dafI'm sure you could finish them this weekend09:14
=== daf back later
carloshope it09:15
carlosok, later09:15
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