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fabbionei can't believe that in the last 3 weeks everything, and i mean everything, couldn't go worst12:06
npmccallummdz: good, I've been working with thom on the initscript stuff today12:07
npmccallummdz: I'll have another batch in tonight12:07
npmccallummdz: with this batch it *should* be all of warty main12:07
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lamont__am I really here?12:35
lamont__159kB/s. give or take12:35
lamont__20 minutes more of sitting in the street outside someone's house.12:35
lamont__and I'm smarter now, in that I know the 70W inverter just doesn't cut it when the vaio is running flat out...12:36
lamont__but then, 3*19 should be < 70 W...12:36
lamont__well, 19.512:36
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lamont__found a part of the CD that hadn't changed...12:40
fabbionei have 2MB/s here anyway :-))12:45
lamont__fabbione: megabits, or bytes?12:46
lamont__the burst I got was bytes.. :-)12:47
fabbioneok something here is seriously fucked12:47
lamont__fabbione: you working on X again??? :-)12:48
fabbionei have been building this package all the day and it was working12:48
fabbionenow it doesn't compile anymore12:48
fabbionelamont__: hehehe no12:48
lamont__no updated depends or anything?12:48
fabbionei really don't understand wtf is wrong12:48
fabbionelamont__ it's the damn nvidia driver12:48
fabbioneit was building fine until 1 hour ago12:49
=== lamont__ expresses his simpathy
fabbionewhen the raid on my server died12:49
fabbione1) the server does not have the source12:49
fabbiones/Mithrandir/ The server/12:49
fabbione2) it doesn't build12:49
=== Mithrandir sniffs.
lamont__although when you're bored, anything you can tell me to make an ATI Radeon 7500 or ATI Rage Mobility P/M go faster than stock-warty would be cool.12:50
Mithrandirfabbione replaced me with a server12:50
fabbione3) i only logged out and logged in on my workstation12:50
=== fabbione goes and takes a smoke
fabbioneand i didn't even change the debian/rules or anything12:50
fabbionethat's the funny part12:50
lamont__so it's the environment, then?12:51
fabbioneit didn't change...12:53
fabbioneYour kernel was configured to include rivafb support!12:53
fabbioneIT DOESN12:53
fabbioneIT DOESN'T!12:53
fabbionebefore this check was passing12:54
fabbioneand it gets that info from -headers12:54
fabbioneAH AH12:57
fabbionegot it12:57
mdzfabbione: what was it?12:58
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lamont__mdz: yet another initrd-tools uploaded01:02
fabbionemdz: something that was not cleaned/reinstalled correctly01:03
fabbionemdz: i also left something for you in the source package01:06
mdzfabbione: for me? you shouldn't have01:06
fabbionemdz: README-for-security-teams_or_to-update-the-nvidia-driver01:06
mdzbut it's not my birthday yet!01:07
fabbionemdz: ehheheh01:07
fabbionemdz: just a few notes of what to check for security updates or driver update01:07
fabbionethe nvidia stuff is NOT simple and linear01:07
mdzREADME.NMU seems to be an emerging standard for documentation like that01:08
fabbionelinux-restricted-modules- -> linux-restricted-modules-
mdzthough that name is perhaps not applicable to ubuntu :-)01:08
fabbioneas source version01:08
mdzfine with me01:08
fabbioneis that ok for you?01:08
mdzor .101:08
mdzor +nvidiaX01:08
mdzor whatever01:08
mdzit probably shouldn't have in it at all; it doesn't correspond to the kernel really01:09
mdznot in the source package01:09
mdzbut is more than OK with me01:09
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seb128hey lucas_ 01:14
lamont__Kamion: you awake still?01:22
fabbionedan... dan...01:24
fabbioneit's not a new name01:24
thomfabbione: see #1148-115001:25
fabbionei want his crack!01:29
fabbionei want his crack!01:29
fabbionei want his crack!01:29
thomtoo right01:29
mdzhe just tried to bump this silly, ancient mirror bug up to severity: critical01:30
mdzthis guy did not get enough attention as a child01:30
Clintat least he's not lazarus long01:30
mdzhow do you know?01:31
Clintif he is, then I will be suitably impressed.01:31
mdzhe is at least as bad01:32
Clintless hostile01:32
mdzI remember lazarus long filing pointless bugs, but not going around and screwing up bug severities01:32
Clintthough I didn't really expect him to look like http://jidanni.org/me/images/20040321dan.jpg01:32
=== mdz runs away
Clintno, lazarus long would frequently file minor things as critical and be very adamant about the severity01:32
lucas_Computer -> System configuration -> Login screen setup -> "Failed to run gdmsetup as user root: Child terminated with 1 status". Somebody can reproduce ?01:33
mdzClint: dan jacobson repeatedly fucks with the severity after somebody fixes it, though01:33
mdzlucas_: works for me; did you enter the correct password?01:33
Clintwell, he's not wrong 100% of the time01:33
mdzhe's close enough01:34
mdzI am completely fed up with him filing bugs against apt01:34
lucas_mdz, yes, I double checked01:34
mdzlucas_: your password, and not the root password?01:34
fabbionemdz: you got an email :-)01:34
fabbioneand i am off to sleep01:34
lucas_mdz, sorry for this =)01:34
Clintheh, I've gotten private warning mails about his bugs01:34
thomlazarus is certainly more irritating01:36
mdzbut he went away, didn't he?01:36
mdzor did I just killfile him?01:36
mdzI don't seem to have, so apparently he went away01:37
thomyeah, he seems to come and go 01:37
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mdzI don't think he ever filed the quantity of bugs that dan jacobson has, either01:37
thomoh sure. but jacobson has never refused to help debug problems afaik01:38
mdzhe's in the top 5 of all time01:38
mdzhe certainly has01:38
mdzalmost all of the bugs I have received from him are not even bugs, so he can't exactly help debug them01:38
mdzhe will file a severity: grave bug against apt saying I THINK THIS COMMAND LINE OPTION SHOULD BE DIFFERENT01:39
Clinteither he went away or changed his name01:39
mdzhe was also the one who went around filing bugs about whitespace01:40
mdzhe said it slowed his computer down01:40
mdzor wasted space or something01:40
mdzI shit you not01:40
thomthat's awesome01:40
mdzthat was not the word I used for it at the time01:40
thomno, i imagine not01:41
thomi think lazarus long's irssi "no, i won't tell you what additonal modules i have loaded to cause irssi to crash" was the all time winner01:42
mdzif you check my recent debian bugs or usenet postings, you'll see that01:42
mdzi have caught many 'whitespace slobs' e.g. fetchmail who adds up to01:42
mdztwo for each line in syslog... also i suggested this as a lintian or01:42
mdzdeb policy reminder item. anyways, i'm pointing it out now as who01:42
mdzknows, next month i might turn my (setq-default01:42
mdzshow-trailing-whitespace t) emacs x-ray specs off and then be as blind01:42
mdzas everybody else to this minor, but still wasteful area in creating01:42
mdzthe common goal of a sleek fine tuned debian.01:42
mdzhttp://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)2585478001:43
mdzis that a telephone number?01:43
thomsome people have *far* too much time on their hands01:43
thomyeah, looks like it should be01:43
mdzI didn't notice that at the time01:43
Clintor you would have called him?01:44
thommdz: probably a good thing01:44
elmodan's never replied to any of my replies to his bugs01:44
mdzI don't know if I would have _called_ him, per se01:44
mdzhe might have started to receive more phone calls than he might have otherwise01:45
ClintI actually haven't found him to be too annoying when I haven't ignored him.01:45
Clintor maybe I've blocked that out01:46
mdzmaybe we should calling you Job rather than Clint01:46
mdzs/calling/start &/01:46
ClintI certainly don't have a knee-jerk fuming anger reaction when I get a bug from him.01:47
mdzI really tried to help him at first, I did01:47
Clintwhich I can't say about everyone01:47
mdzI pointed him to all sorts of good documentation about how to write good bug reports01:47
mdzsince he seemed to _want_ to help01:47
mdzbut he ignored everything I told him01:47
=== fabbione waves to everybody and heads to bed
mdzit seems that when he gets bored, he sits down and writes a few hundred bug reports in batch mode, and then dials up his modem and uploads them01:48
mdzhe never checks whether his bug has been filed, because he would need to dial up01:49
Clintdoesn't he work for an ISP?01:49
mdzgiven that he complains about his internet access constantly, I didn't think so01:49
mdzhe filed a bunch of bugs about packages being too big for his modem01:49
ClintI must be thinking of some other twit in .tw01:50
mdzasking that things be split up in the most useless ways so that he could avoid downloading another 10k01:50
Clinthmm, I should do something about #21370001:51
elmonah, Dan's on a modem, there's no way he works for an ISP01:53
Clintelmo: yeah, somehow I merged him with Jason Lim in my head01:54
mdzhe does occasionally stumble on a real bug from time to time, apparently through sheer luck01:54
mdzbut chances are it's already been reported anyway01:54
elmomdz: I think he once admitted to not checking the BTS before filing because it took up too much BW01:55
mdzelmo: yes, he has admitted that he never does01:55
mdzthat's also his excuse for not reading about how to use the BTS01:55
Clintwhat the hell speed modem is he on?01:55
elmosomething slow enough that each pixel of whitespace that's rendered causes him offence01:57
thomi'm surprised he's not filed a bug about bugs.d.o not doing gzip Content-Encoding02:04
Clintthom: email him immediately to suggest it02:06
elmooh, i finally just read d-d to see what you mean.. yeesh02:07
thomClint: tempting, but Colin knows where I live02:09
thomhe'll come and kill me02:09
Kamionelmo: seeds fixed02:16
Kamion(mea culpa, etc.)02:16
Kamionlamont__: ?02:16
=== Kamion puts on the RM hat and downgrades those grep bugs in Debian
Kamionif Dan argues, he goes in the control@bugs sin-bin02:17
=== Kamion channels aj
elmodude, aj would never euphemize @gFuckHeads as 'control@bugs sin-bin' :)02:18
KamionI wish he had, then people wouldn't believe it did other things ...02:21
KamionI did make a start on general debbugs access control recently, to stop people abusing sarge-ignore I think02:21
thomnight folk02:23
lamont__Kamion: question answered02:23
elmonight thom02:23
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Kamionwhat's the python idiom for "make a shallow copy of this sequence"?02:47
Kamionah yes, I knew I'd seen it before, thanks02:49
Kamionthe documentation mentions seq[:]  (the sequence in this case happens to be a list); is that considered obscure?02:50
spivWell, it's a known idiom, but I don't find it as readable.02:51
spivI mean, if you understand slicing syntax it's clear what it does (and has the potential advatage that it'll return the same type of sequence, rather than casting to a list)... but it's just looks odd to my eye.02:53
=== lamont__ is informed that he's going to the movies with his wife tonight.
Kamionspiv: right, thought so02:54
Kamionelmo: is the lvmcfg sync request still in your queue? sorry, I sent the request while the package was still in Debian incoming03:05
elmokamion: gar, sorry, no, it's just I've been redoing my mail filtering based on canonical.com stuff and it went to a folder I don't usually check for syncs ... done now03:08
diemanlamont__: you just need to get an ubertv and then you can avoid that03:20
lamont__dieman: Bourne Supremacy is not on TV yet...03:20
diemanthere is that03:21
diemanwe just do netflix03:21
diemanive got the same tv bdale has03:21
diemanfound his glowing comments on it from his website and was sold03:21
diemanwe were trying to figure out wich one to get, but when the first link back for the tv is a DD, how can you argue?03:21
dieman(or one of the first)03:22
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=== lamont__ heads for home. back on shortly
spivWhee... I'm seeing "Error activating XKB configuration" even with the version that bug 1089 claims fixes it.03:38
mdzlamont: gone yet?03:47
lamontmdz: just got home, will be leaving in about 20-3003:53
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lamontwho claims linux-restricted-modules-
=== lamont considers "just fixing it"
elmodude, it's already been fixed04:01
lamonteven better04:01
elmolinux-restricted-modules- | | warty/restricted | source04:01
lamontnvidia-settings is ftbfs on ppc...04:02
lamontor rather, 1.0-3 was.04:02
elmonight all04:03
lamontg'night elmo04:04
mdzlifeless: around?04:13
lamontmdz: why were you looking for me, I wonder???04:14
mdzlamont: linux-restricted-modules and friends04:14
lamontmdz: ah, ok.04:16
lamontmdz: could it be that growisofs is broken differently?04:17
lamontgrowisofs -Z /dev/hdc foo04:18
lamont:-( unable to INQUIRY: Bad file descriptor04:18
mdzlamont: it's been working perfectly for me today04:19
mdzshouldn't that be growisofs -Z /dev/hdc=foo?04:19
lamontif foo was an ISO..04:19
mdzoh, it's a directory?04:20
mdzbut I've burned 4 or 5 things today with growisofs under warty and haven't encountered that problem04:20
mdzbut all ISOs04:20
mdzlifeless: ipw2200 0.7 isn't working for me, while 0.4 did04:20
mdzlamont: the one where I fixed the open mode04:21
mdzrebooting that box right now04:21
=== lamont grumbles, runs strace
spivmdz: My gf has had lots of trouble with her ipw2200 on her new laptop.  She needs to reboot on average once an hour to get it to work.  Seems like the ipw2200 driver is still rather rough :(04:23
lamontopen("/dev/hdc", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE)  = 404:24
lamontfstat64(4, {st_mode=S_IFBLK|0660, st_rdev=makedev(22, 0), ...}) = 004:24
lamontopen("/dev/hdc", O_RDWR|O_LARGEFILE)    = -1 EROFS (Read-only file system)04:24
lamontioctl(-1, 0x2285, 0xbffff768)           = -1 EBADF (Bad file descriptor)04:24
lamontwrite(2, ":-( unable to INQUIRY: ", 23:-( unable to INQUIRY: ) = 2304:24
lamontwrite(2, "Bad file descriptor\n", 20Bad file descriptor04:24
lamontlooks like you missed one...04:24
mdzthat one's all yours04:24
lamontyeah - I'm working on it.04:24
mdzI've had enough GOTO for the week04:24
mdzthere are two definitions of that function, but the other one seems to be #ifdef'd for BSD04:25
lamontoh, gag.04:26
lamontwhat if I just make all of the opens RDWR?04:26
lamont1/4 :-)04:26
lamontoff to the movies - will deal with it when I get back.04:27
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=== Clint contemplates detaching from #1089.
daniels#(*@$IOJDF HEISENBUG05:27
mdzdaniels: have you done a fresh Warty install recently?05:31
=== Riff [~davyd@cook.theducks.org] has joined #ubuntu
danielsmdz: yes, when i got home05:39
danielsroughly a fortnight ago05:40
mdzdaniels: that's not recently :-)05:40
mdzdaniels: I think doing a fresh install would be a good step in debugging this05:40
mdzmaybe you'll run into the problem too05:40
danielsa) unless we get jigdo working for my local mirror, downloading the iso is non-trivial for me (involves being somewhere else, really)05:40
danielsb) would you like me to reinstall my development machine?05:41
danielsi've added debugging to xresprobe, and the version of X i hope to upload today will have debugging also05:41
mdza) you were supposed to have your bandwidth situation sorted out a long time ago, and yet you were still spending time on it yesterday05:41
mdzb) everyone needs to be doing installation testing05:41
danielsi can rsync and upload, that's fine05:41
danielsi have that aspect sorted out05:41
danielsbut if i suddenly need to be pulling 600MB and have it done quickly, I need to find someone who's at home and bum off their DSL05:42
danielsgiven both of my housemates are out today and I thus have no car05:42
danielsin general, it's fine, but I can't cop 650MB spikes on no notice05:42
danielsand I plan to gain another machine with my next paypacket -> installer testing05:42
mdzlook, we have a public release in 5 days05:43
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cefdaniels: I should be able to download you a copy of the iso and drop it around06:35
cefdaniels: and I can give short term a celeron on an i815 m/board with a 6 gig drive06:36
danielscef: dude, that would be absolutely sensational, thanks06:36
cefmdz: which image does he need?06:36
danielscef: sounder 806:36
cefI've got sounder8 burnt, but if you need a daily, can be done06:37
danielsnah, sounder 8 is fine06:37
cefcool.. already downloaded then06:37
danielsi should be home all day, so whenever's fine for you06:38
cefcool. I've got to do some washing shortly, so I can drop past then.06:38
danielssure, that'd be great, thanks :)06:39
cefdo you need the celeron too? it's not assembled at the mo, but that's no biggie06:39
danielsthat would really help, yeah06:39
cefok.. only got 128 meg of ram in it tho.. but should be enuff for a test methinks... soon to be my router *grin*06:40
danielsheh :)06:41
ceftis 1/2 height pci06:41
cefso nice and small.. always good for a router06:41
danielsheh, nice06:42
danielsi've never really had small pcs06:42
cefbtw: if you need not-so-hot AGP video cards of weird descriptions (eg: voodoo3's and the like).. ask06:42
cefcos we have a whole heap of shit at work we're throwing shortly.. and the cards are fine, just not really used anymore06:42
cefthinking they might be useful for someone working with X.. *grin*06:44
danielscool, thanks, yeah ... if you're chucking any ont, more cards is always a good thing06:44
danielsespecially, nvidia, much as I dislike them; all I have right now is my radeon 8500, and a 9000 at home06:44
danielsboth r20006:45
cefno probs.. they're all at work, so I'll bring em home monday06:45
danielsawesome, cheers06:46
cefcool.. got a few tnt's, tnt2's, possibly a 440mx, an old pci matrox millenium, a few voodoo 3's, possibly a voodoo4, lots of S3 Trio64's, and some ATI mach64 chipset cards. and that's just off the top of my head06:46
danielscould i please grab a tnt2, a 440mx if you have it, the milennium, a voodoo3, a trio64, and a mach64?06:47
cefand of course, as we're moving, we've gotta throw all this shit out, so... *grin*06:47
cefI'll justy grab all the video cards and you can have the lot. *grin*06:47
danielsheh! awesome, cheers :)06:49
danielslemme know if there's anything you need06:49
cefno probs06:49
danielsalthough i've mostly been cleaned out ... pretty much all i have left is a usb nic, a volcano 9 ...06:49
cefcouldn't find the 6gig drive.. so you'll have to live with 1006:58
danielsheh :) wot pain!07:05
cefjust make sure the cdrom will read the bootdisk07:06
cefouch just hit a possible bug07:08
ceftwas using the ubuntu installer just going to departition the disk.. it hanging during detecting hardware.. hrm.. could be an ide cable problem.. bbk07:09
danielsanything from dmes,g or was it a solid lock?07:09
cefsolid lock.. I've had this beforfe with ide cables, and this one isn't in the best of condition07:10
cefand I've got like 4 spare *grin*07:10
danielsheh :)07:10
danielsyou should put it in bz - computers suck07:11
cefmoved my desktop to round ide cables, so all these spare flat ones are hanging about07:11
danielsah, heh07:13
danielsi got some rounded ones - rally did cut down on the clutter07:13
cefahh looks much better now07:14
cefand yeah, broken/damaged wires in the ide cable07:15
danielsheh, in the rounded cable?07:15
cefnah, a flat one that was in this machine I'm loaning you07:16
danielsah, rad07:17
danielsbroken rounded cables wouldn't be so cool -- when i got mine, they were like 15 or 20 bucks a pop for halfway decent ones07:17
cefjust having something to eat, then I'll head over07:41
lifelessmdz: yo07:45
lifelessstill here?07:45
=== Keybuk [scott@syndicate.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
danielscef: cool, ta07:46
danielslifeless: it's 020007:46
lifelessI don't know these things :}07:47
lifelessbesides hes cto of the distro: how can he have time to sleep just now07:47
cefyeah, but given the type of people we have here, you have to always check *grin*07:47
cefhrm, do we have any ppl from alsa-devel in the ubuntu team, pref within australia?07:52
=== kagou [~kagou@AMontpellier-251-1-28-247.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
danielscef: nope07:53
cefjust realised I've got a few spare sound cards as well that are looking for a good home.. *grin*07:53
danielscef: heh, yeah. given our team meeting the other day started at 0200, my bedtimes have been 0340, 0220, 0200 and 0557 the past couple of days07:53
danielscef: heh :)07:53
cefbtw: once I get this machine in place as a router, I'll have the current machine free.. Athlon 500 on an amd/via combo chipset board. if you're interested, you're welcome to it once it's decommisisoned07:57
cefgot too much hardware here.. need to get rid of some07:57
cefgot 2 machines sitting here for colin charles actually.. he needs to get off his read and come pick em up07:58
cefand we'l be chucking out some more machines at work soon07:59
lamontmdz still around?08:00
danielsdoes the via board have a via video chipset?08:04
=== lamont bangs growisofs on the wall.
cefnah.. currently got a nvidia tnt in it.. no on board.. if I see anything obscure like that, I'll pass it your way08:09
lamont                if (fp->f_mode & FMODE_WRITE) {08:10
lamont                        ret = -EROFS;08:10
cefdaniels: ok, cya in 1008:13
danielscef: rad, thanks :)08:18
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fabbionemorning guys09:05
lamontnight fabbione09:07
=== lamont sleeps
fabbionenight lamont09:07
AndyFitz/me drools09:09
AndyFitznight lamont09:09
mdzlamont: here now09:28
cefdaniels: how'd it go?09:58
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jdubyo alextreme 10:03
=== jdub is going to download the livecd in off-peak hours tonight - very exciting :-)
alextremegmorning :)10:03
alextremecool, hope it works for you :)10:03
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danielscef: yeah, worked well, thanks :)10:26
danielscouldn't find any of these bugs10:27
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kagoumdz, is that you managing pppoeconf ?11:04
=== debianist [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu
debianistmorning folks11:21
kagouhello debianist11:35
debianisthi kagou11:36
kagoui'v problem with pppoeconf... do i post a bug report on "ppp" ?11:37
debianistnvidia drivers are in restricted already? can I try and install them?11:37
kagou*i don't knox11:37
kagoui don't know11:37
debianistkagou : try look for pppoeconf11:37
Kamionkagou: if the component doesn't exist, please use UNKNOWN.11:37
debianistand that's also :)11:37
kagouok Kamion11:37
debianistmorning Kamion11:38
Kamion(rather than picking a similarly-named package at random)11:38
Kamionthe nvidia drivers went into restricted last night11:38
debianistKamion : cool11:38
debianistKamion : any how on the wiki for installing? (I reckon it'd be good idead for the new users to have one there)11:38
debianistmoo Mithrandir11:39
Kamiondebianist: not on the public wiki yet; it's part of the preparation for the preview-release launch11:39
kagouati drivers are in process ?11:41
debianistKamion : kool , i'll try install them now :) 11:41
MithrandirI have a weird problem.. when I burn a cd, my USB controller freaks out:11:53
Mithrandiruhci_hcd 0000:00:10.1: host controller halted, very bad!11:53
Mithrandiruhci_hcd 0000:00:10.2: host system error, PCI problems?11:53
Mithrandiruhci_hcd 0000:00:10.2: host controller process error, something bad happened!11:53
Mithrandira reboot doesn't fix it, I have to power off11:54
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pittiHi guys!01:08
debianisthey pitti01:10
=== Keybuk [scott@syndicate.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Keybuk giggles at the local news
Keybuk"I just moved into the area and the aircraft noise is TERRIBLE!  My children can't SLEEP at night!"01:28
Keybuk... perhaps you shouldn't have moved into the village at the end of the runway then?01:28
pittidoko: there?01:45
=== ctd_ is now known as ctd
dokopitte: yes01:51
dokopitti: yes01:52
pittidoko: I just read about your DSA script01:52
pittidoes it filter out the non-relevant packages?01:52
pittior even the version number where it got fixed?01:52
dokoboth, I could sort out 70% of the DSA for 200301:53
pittidoko: debianist is processing the 2002 DSAs right now, I think he would welcome it01:53
pittidoko: if that saves to much time, *GIVE IT TO ME* :-))01:53
dokook, I send it.01:53
pittidoko: that's great! thanks01:54
pittidoko: debianist has a new mail address now01:54
pittidebianist: please give doko your new mail01:54
debianistdoko : sivang@gmail.com01:54
dokopitti, debianist: mail sent.02:03
debianistdoko : thanks02:03
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
pittidoko: thanks!02:07
pittidoko: I did not yet get it. Where did you sent it to?02:09
debianistdoko : me nither..02:11
dokook, I sent it from another address.02:12
debianistdoko : got it02:14
pittidoko: got it, thanks a lot!02:15
lifelessdaniels: around?02:17
dokolifeless: while you are around: where should libsvncpp{0,-dev} go?02:18
lifelessdoko: hell.02:18
lifelessthey are eveeeeeel02:18
lifelesswhat sort of answer were you expecting ?02:19
dokowell, you wanted them, you got them, only comment: "eve^6l"02:21
lifelessso, are you asking "which suite they should go in" 02:21
lifelessor which dir?02:21
lifelessor ... ?02:21
dokoyes, which suite ...02:26
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lifelessdoko: ok, erm. for warty it probably should be universe02:29
lifelessfor debian it should be optional02:30
dokook, fine.02:31
lifelesscool.. thank you02:33
lifelessI wasn't meaning to be unappreciative.. it was just my 'unqualified question, silly answer' reflex02:33
dokoI think I got used to it on the conference, even without questions ;)02:38
=== lifeless chortles
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danielslifeless: um, sort of03:01
danielslifeless: if you need me, call me03:01
lifelessnothing major03:06
lifelessjust get corrupt screen shots, was wondering about causes.03:06
lifelessonly menus are problematic03:07
debianisthow can I know the original package a ubuntu one is based on? how can I see which patches has been applied on the move from the sid package, to the ubuntu one?04:02
=== bdale [~bdale@216-43-77-134.dsl.mcleodusa.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamiondebianist: look at the version number and drop ubuntu*; download the two source packages, run debdiff (from the devscripts package)04:09
debianistKamion : thank you :)04:10
=== jdub [~jdub@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
danielslifeless: screen shots, or actual display? using which version of x?04:18
daniels(any more questions and I'll be helping you debug tla problems or some shit)04:18
danielsdoes your doctor's surname have a z in the third or seventh positions? ;)04:19
HrdwrBoBif so, you should seek help immeadietly04:20
Kamion... from a different doctor04:20
danielsit would also explain why your pristine inode revlib caches are corrupt04:22
=== Kamion plays with a prism2_usb wireless jobbie
Kamionhm, at least I think that's what it is ...04:33
danielsoh, duh04:44
danielsspiv: try s/hpi6/inet(hpi6)/ ?04:45
KamionI think we need a bit more support in netcfg to get prism2_usb devices going, given that they apparently don't support the standard wireless extensions interface04:46
danielsKamion: where are the base modules set? i'm trying to fix #1139, but neither d-i nore base-config have any mention of psmouse04:48
Kamioncan you detect whether psmouse is needed?04:49
Kamionif not, is it harmful to load it on systems that don't have a PS/2 mouse?04:49
Mithrandirshouldn't be04:50
danielsKamion: with mdetect, but then if you plug one in later, you don't get it loaded, and no04:51
danielsKamion: i can't see why it shouldn't be loaded unconditionally04:51
Kamionthen do that in ddetect04:51
Kamionthere are similar examples there already04:51
Kamionbasically run 'register-module psmouse' somewhere appropriate04:52
Kamionif you could avoid doing it for powermacs I'd appreciate it; there's already an if arch = powerpc there04:52
spivdaniels: Just did; see my update to the bug :)04:54
dokohow do I enter i bug report for a non fixed DSA in ubuntu, which is in universe, but not in warty? I can't enter the component ...05:02
Mithrandirdoko: UNKNOWN05:02
HrdwrBoBput UNKNOWN05:02
dokothanks, ugh, bugzilla already cleared out the form :-(((05:02
HrdwrBoBI think having gamma in gnome-display-properties would be nice05:12
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danielsspiv: cheers06:06
danielsKamion: rad, thanks06:06
danielsKamion: just to make sure i'm not totally on crack, is the i386 $SUBARCH, i386(?06:08
danielser, i386?06:08
Kamioni386/*, and you probably want amd64/* too06:08
KamionI assume you're looking in get_input_info06:09
Kamionoh, and don't echo "psmouse:whatever"; that's for when you want the module loaded in d-i too06:09
danielsKamion: cheers06:09
Kamionif you worked that out, congratulations, you're smarter than Sven Luther ... ;-)06:10
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-083-129-028.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
spivdaniels: Have you seen thedailywtf.com?06:32
Clintwow, Kamion with the sanity on -policy06:34
Kamionmy god, you and Thomas B *both* think it makes sense?06:48
Kamionthe world must be ending06:48
=== Mithrandir uploads ia32-libs-openoffice.org_1ubuntu1
ClintI didn't say it made sense; I said you brought sanity.06:54
=== Clint grins.
=== pitti [~pitti@] has joined #ubuntu
KamionClint: :-)06:58
dokothe 20040910 test build works like a net-installer CD, about 550MB size, but installs only about 400MB (unpacked) and starts downloading things after the reboot... anyone knows what is going wrong?06:59
Clintand now I get to remove 11 more operators from posh's "test"07:00
Kamiondoko: updates from ftp.no-name-yet.com? it adds that to sources.list07:00
Kamiondoko: the CD contains stuff (the Ship seed) that isn't installed by default07:00
dokook, but that's the current CD to test? no X installed/configured?07:01
Kamionuh, it should definitely install X ...07:04
dokois there a newer cd for download?07:09
Kamion20040911 will be the latest07:10
Kamionnot significantly different from 20040910 that I'm aware of, though07:11
=== Mithrandir uploads openoffice.org-amd64_1.1.2-2ubuntu4-1 as well
dokook, there is 11-Sep-2004 08:25, I'll try that one.07:12
KamionI'm just booting it now07:14
Clintdoes prism2_usb not work with hostap?07:16
KamionI can give it a try07:20
Kamionthere's no mention of USB in ieee80211.dpatch though07:20
Kamionhm, no, that's not the hostap code though07:21
Kamiondo we actually have hostap in our kernels?07:21
Kamion<cjwatson@riva ~/src/canonical/linux-source->$ find -name \*hostap\*07:22
Clintno, you don't07:22
Kamion<cjwatson@riva ~/src/canonical/linux-source->$07:22
Kamiontricky to try it in d-i then :)07:22
ClintI just thought it would integrate better than wlan-ng07:22
Kamionmight well do07:22
Kamionseems not07:23
Clintah well07:23
dokokamion: should the installer ask for a proxy before trying to start the download during the installation?07:30
Kamionyes, please file a bug on base-conifg07:35
Kamionfabbione's changes were on a different code path and so totally bypassed the proxy code07:36
dokokamion: is there a question in this path as well, which "mirror" to use for the downloads (i.e use my configured apt-proxy)?07:39
dokohmm, reinstalling now, I think I know what I did differently during the first install: I did break the download, edited my sources.list to use the aptproxy, and tried to restart. but what if the connection breaks and it's not a break of your choice?07:41
Kamionthat should drop you into aptitude, shouldn't it?07:43
Kamionif that happens, install the ubuntu-desktop task07:44
Kamionwe'll document this in the installation manual ...07:44
dokook, I did reinstall and I get to the desktop07:45
mdzmorning folks07:49
dokogood evening ;)07:50
npmccallumgood afternoon07:51
dokonpmccallum: east coast?07:51
npmccallumdoko: yeah :)07:54
dokomdz, npmccallum: concerning the ISDN support, I'll continue the work tonight and tomorrow, but I'm now uncertain that we will get something useful for warty, so I would like to concentrate to get the components into universe in such a way, that they are available and usable. however, it would be nice to prepare the init scripts (currently isdnutils-basse, isdnactivecards, maybe misdn not yet available) to follow the conventions for init script07:59
dokos. would it be possible that npmccallum cleans up these scripts?07:59
mdzdoko: there is much to do for the Wednesday preview release; I think we should revisit this issue after then08:00
mdzif we are not overwhelmed by the feedback from the preview, we can consider this08:00
mdzotherwise, we can make it a goal for Hoary08:00
dokothats ok, so the goal for warty (IMO) should be to have the packages available in universe, whithout configuration assistance.08:01
=== bdale [~bdale@216-43-77-134.dsl.mcleodusa.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzdaniels, Kamion: is 1.03ubuntu5 the right solution to the problem?08:06
Kamionmdz: works for me08:06
Kamionif it isn't autodetectable and loading it is harmless, then ...08:07
mdzbut why now?08:07
mdzit autoloads fine for me on i386, and I haven't seen any reports to the contrary08:07
mdzI guess i am asking what problem it is solving08:07
mdzSteve McIntyre reported that it was not autoloaded for him on amd6408:08
mdzthom: ping?08:10
Mithrandiris "it" psmouse?08:10
Kamionhotplug appears to know how to load psmouse under some circumstances?08:12
Kamionit's in the isapnp code08:12
KamionI can well believe that isapnp doesn't work on amd6408:12
mdzMithrandir: yes08:15
mdzpsmouse uses the serio hooks to get autoloaded08:15
mdzI really don't know how that works08:15
mdzbut presumably something on amd64 should notice there is a serial port and call that stuff08:17
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kagouhi guys08:27
debianistmdz : i have a package which according to bugtrail have been patched and there09:32
debianistmdz : 's even a web spot to download the patched one 09:32
Mithrandirmdz: ooo-amd64 is uploaded now, btw.  It probably needs a bit of NEW love, though09:32
debianistmdz : however i cannot find it on p.d.o, debian havn't updated it yet?09:32
mdzdebianist: can you be more specific?09:33
mdzMithrandir: it probably needs 6 hours to build, too :-)09:33
Mithrandirmdz: nope, builds in about 30 secs.09:33
Mithrandirmdz: as you have to prepare the package on i38609:34
mdzMithrandir: hmmm?09:34
mdzMithrandir: does it use the binaries built for the i386 deb or something?09:34
Mithrandirbut it ships the sources with the .debs09:34
Mithrandirso we're ok in that regard.09:34
Mithrandirfucking ugly09:34
Mithrandir(ok, license-wise, I mesan)09:35
mdzso -m32 was not sufficient?09:35
mdzwhat do we do when we need to do a security update on oo.o, what is the procedure?09:35
debianistmdz : ofcourse. bugzilla 2.16.6-1_all.deb the patched one, available under http://www.tzi.de/~jmm/debian/ . however sid has  2.16.5-2: all09:35
debianist - warty is using that.09:35
Mithrandirdebuild on i386, put the sources in srcs/, the i386 binaries in pkgs/, build on amd64.09:36
Mithrandirthat is, debuild ooo on i38609:36
Mithrandirit's documented in debian/README.build09:36
debianistmdz : this is #26077309:38
Kamionhm, current installations are supposed to pop up a window on the desktop when I insert a USB stick, right?09:39
debianistit did for me :)09:40
Kamionshows up in /dev, is pmountable, but doesn't automount ...09:41
debianistKamion : however I had problem umounting it. couldn't find it's mount point, and nothing on the desktop to handle it :(09:41
Kamionwhoa, what happened to hald?09:42
Kamionit's segfaulting, great09:44
danielsspiv: heh, no09:47
mdzKamion: that would explain it09:54
mdzdebianist: I'll look at the bug, one moment09:54
Mithrandirmdz: you seemed unhappy about OOO, or?09:54
mdzMithrandir: it is obviously not ideal, but as long as the procedure is documented09:55
mdzMithrandir: then I can live with it for Warty09:55
debianistmdz : thanks.09:55
mdzMithrandir: so is it actually built from a different source package on amd64?09:55
Mithrandirmdz: yes09:55
Mithrandirmdz: I'm not happy with it either, but I don't think implementing multiarch $RSN is a real option.09:56
mdzMithrandir: we don't need multiarch, we just need ooo to build and work on amd64 :-)09:56
Mithrandiryeah, and we want gcc to be able to cross-compile stuff.09:56
mdzdebianist: the patch is here: http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=23526509:57
mdzdebianist: it is straightforward and we can use that patch in warty09:57
Mithrandirit's probably less work to implement multiarch than fixing OOO. :)09:57
mdzooo will get fixed on its own, maybe for hoary if we are lucky09:58
debianistmdz : ok, so tag it fixed?09:58
mdzdebianist: no?09:58
mdzwe have the bug in warty and need to fix it before we can tag it fixed :-)09:58
mdzlikewise for Debian09:58
debianistmdz : ofcourse09:58
debianistmdz : but what about the "fixed" pacakges by MOritz?09:59
mdzdebianist: file a bug in Warty bugzilla with the URL of the patch09:59
mdzdebianist: there is no reason to bring in some unofficial packages with a new upstream release to fix this simple issue; we can patch it09:59
debianistmdz : so it become standard debian?09:59
mdzdebianist: public release in _four days_ :-)09:59
debianistmdz : i know mdz, i'll open a bug and continue the overnight rush :)10:00
mdzdebianist: I don't understand your question about standard debian10:00
debianistmdz : nevermind. I just didn't understand why we cannot check the unofficial package and make it official debian10:00
debianistmdz : if the job has already been done10:01
mdzdebianist: there are two things here10:01
mdzdebianist: one is a new upstream release, with the fix _and_ other changes10:01
mdzdebianist: the other is a patch which only has the fix10:01
debianistmdz : ok10:01
=== debianist is rushing to bugzilla
mdzdebianist: hmm10:02
mdzdebianist: according to the changelog there are actually three bugs, not one10:02
mdzCAN-2004-0704, CAN-2004-0705, CAN-2004-070610:03
mdzin this case perhaps we should take the new upstream10:05
mdzjustdave: around?10:05
debianistmdz : you're looking at the CAN site?10:06
mdzdebianist: I looked at the changelog for the unofficial package10:09
mdzthere is also CAN-2004-070710:09
mdzSQL injection vulnerability in editusers.cgi in Bugzilla 2.16.x before 2.16.6, and 2.18 before 2.18rc1, allows remote attackers with privileges to grant membership to any group to execute arbitrary SQL.10:10
mdzdebianist: have you filed a bug yet?  if not, I will do it so that I can record these findings10:10
debianistmdz : doing it right now, would you like me to reference it to the other bugs?10:11
mdzdebianist: just open the bug, so that I can add comments to it10:11
debianistmdz : sure.10:11
=== debianist gets angry at the low quality cable broadband he has.
mdzdebianist: what's the bug number?10:23
debianistmdz : darn. bugzilla just sent me back due to "bad component name" i'll re enter10:24
debianistmdz : we don't bugzilla on the components list10:25
mdzdebianist: use UNKNOWN10:25
debianistmdz : #116110:28
mdzdebianist: thanks10:28
debianistmdz : sorry about the UNKNOWN thingy, I just went and started typing, not noticing bugzilla was not identified..10:29
debianistmdz : the patch addresses all 4 CANs?10:34
mdzdebianist: no10:34
mdzthere are three10:35
mdzand they are all addressed in 2.16.610:35
mdzand also with patches in upstream bugzilla10:35
mdzCAN-2004-0706 does not apply to 2.16.x, only 2.17.x10:35
justdavemdz: am now10:40
mdzjustdave: wanted to ask about CAN-2004-0704, CAN-2004-0705, and CAN-2004-0707 (now #1161 in warty bugzilla)10:40
mdzjustdave: is 2.16.6 a safe bet for a near-to-release update to Warty?10:40
justdaveyeah, that has all those addressed.10:41
justdaveRmi hasn't put one up yet?10:41
=== justdave hasn't looked recently
justdavehmm, nope, looks like he hasn't.10:43
justdaveunless he backported the fixes to 2.16.5 (which would be silly since that's the only change between it and 2.16.6 anyway :)10:44
mdzjustdave: remi seems to be on vacation10:45
mdzjustdave: see http://bugs.debian.org/23526510:45
justdavethat the right bug number?10:46
justdave260772, 260773, 260774 I see10:47
mdz #26077310:47
mdz235265 is the bugzilla.mozilla.org bug number for one of them10:48
mdzjustdave: I confirmed that 2.16.6 fixes the bugs, but how much of a risk are we taking with other changes?10:48
mdzsince 2.16.6 isn't in Debian yet, it has probably seen relatively little testing in Debian environments10:49
justdavenot much, that's the stable branch, it doesn't get touched except for security and low-risk stuff...10:49
justdavebut it depends on how much of the fixes hit spots near stuff he's patched10:50
justdave2.18 isn't as bad to debianize, but 2.16.x had to be hacked up pretty bad to make it fit in Debian10:50
justdavewhen I grab a deb-src, does it have the patch applied already on the directory it unpacks?10:52
justdavebah, no patches, just the big diff10:53
justdavethe debian patch applies to a 2.16.6 tarball with no conflicts10:59
=== justdave grabs the one that guy mentioned in the bug that he posted, to see what the other RC bug is he said he fixed
justdave+  * Include complete copyright statements collected from the sources11:01
justdave+    (Closes: #253841)11:01
debianistjustdave : you patched the bugzil pkg?11:09
justdaveI did locally, I haven't put it anywhere yet.  I'm comparing it to the one Moritz posted right now11:10
debianistjustdave : great. let me know when  you have it verified.11:11
justdaveok, only differences between mine and his are the addition of that copyright file and a permissions fix in the cgi-bin directory in the postinst, which isn't mentioned in his changelog11:15
=== justdave doesn't see any bug reports complaining about that one
debianistmdz : if he uploads the new package we can close #1611 and i'll remove it from the wiki11:17
justdavemdz: what's permissions policy for the cgi-bin directory?11:17
debianistjustdave : see #1611 that i filed and mdz changed.11:17
justdaveworld-executable okay or should it be group executable to www-data only?11:18
debianisti'd say group executable to www-data, but we better ask mdz about this.11:18
justdaveMoritz's added line to the postinst makes it world executable11:19
mdzjustdave: yes, it applies all the patches when it unpacks it11:19
mdzjustdave: yes, I saw that postinst change and I don't understand what it's for11:20
mdzjustdave: I don't think that system() should be there11:20
mdzthe files should be in the .deb with proper permissions11:21
justdavehmm, he has the /var/cache/bugzilla permissions fix in there twice, too.11:22
justdavethe unpacked tarball appears to have everything with owner-only execute permissions11:23
justdavebut it looks to be chowning everything to www-data:www-data anyway11:23
mdzthe CGIs should obviously not be owned by www-data11:24
mdzI hope he hasn't done that11:24
justdavefix_www_data_perm('/var/lib/bugzilla');   #this should be done by checksetup.pl11:25
justdavefix_www_data_perm('/var/cache/bugzilla'); #but I dislike the way this is done.11:25
justdavesub fix_www_data_perm {11:25
justdave        my $path = shift;11:25
justdave        system(qq{chown -R www-data.www-data $path}) == 011:25
mdzbugzilla is not in warty/main11:25
justdavethat's one ugly postinst11:25
justdavethis is actually the first time I've taken a good look at the debian directory in the bugzilla.deb11:26
mdzthe package has always been a bit of a mess, because as you say, it was difficult to map bugzilla to FHS and debian policy11:27
mdzbut you say it's easier with the new releases, so hopefully it'll clean up11:27
justdavewhat checksetup.pl does is a lot cleaner/more secure than what he's doing in the postinst (which actually runs checksetup.pl first), but he's got that entire section commented out in checksetup.pl11:29
justdaveprobably would have worked better to fix the pathnames in checksetup.pl and let it do it.11:30
justdaveit chowns the user doing the install, and chgrps to www-data (group name is configurable) with it only accessible to the group11:30
justdavehow long will Debian support woody with security fixes after sarge is released?11:39
mdzin theory, 6 months or so11:45
mdzdebianist: the changelog in the unofficial 2.16.6 package11:47
debianistmdz : k11:47
mdzdebianist: also http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?src=bugzilla11:47
debianistmdz : k,tnx again11:50
justdaveRmi has a 2.17.7 deb up on alioth11:57
justdavethat's prior to the advisory though, so some of the same bugs still11:58
justdave(not to mention, that's the development branch)11:58

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