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!lilo:*! Well, it's been quite a weekend. Finally getting nearly finished with various modifications to services to allow a relatively easy cleanup of nicknames and channels.03:49
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!lilo:*! Okay, I think we're finally there. Since there are 5,500 affected channels, it looks like a bit too time-intensive to go through all of them. If your channel gets expired out, we'll be happy to restore it, though you may need to file a group contact form.11:02
!lilo:*! If you've already filed a group contact form and it's in our backlog, we'll just make a special effort to activate it quickly.11:02
!lilo:*! In just a couple of minutes, I'll shut down services and perform the cleanup. It should take 15 minutes at most. Let us know if you have any problems. Thanks!11:03
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!lilo:*! Whoops, still checking, looks as if we're not quite through.11:16
!lilo:*! Quick rerun in process.11:17
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!lilo:*! One more shot, this should do it 8)11:47
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dafcarlos: hola05:39
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carlosdaf: hey06:22
dafhow are the status pages? :)06:33
carlosdaf: yesterday I did a full update and it did not broke anything :-P06:37
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carlosall modules where downloaded, updated and imported into the database06:37
dafsounds good!06:39
dafdoes this mean it's ready?06:41
carlosno, it only means that it's more close to be ready06:42
carlosI'm working now on launchpad and tonight I will retake it06:42
dafwhat Launchpad stuff are you working on?06:43
carlosthe password bug06:45
carlosI mean, the password task06:45
carlosdaf: well, I forgot that also, yesterday I "fixed" the status pages getting 20 new strings to translate...06:54
carlosseems like old intltool didn't saw them and I installed latest release that fixes them06:58
dafoh, and now gnome-i18n is discussing whether to include them or not07:01
carlosbut I suppose they will be there, tomorrow is the final release and I don't think 20 strings will be a problem for anyone07:02
dafI thought Wednesday was the final release?07:03
carlosdaf: I think tomorrow is last day to release packages07:04
carlosand the final announcement will be on wednesday07:05
carloswhen all mirrors are updated and all things are in place07:05
carlosdaf: from: http://www.gnome.org/start/2.7/07:07
carlos24  September 13th  2.8.0 tarballs due07:07
carlosSeptember 15th September 15th: 2.8.0 release! Hard Code Freeze ends, but other freezes remain in effect for the stable branch.07:07
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carlosI cannot understand my brain. I know that in english 'it' is not for persons but I alwasy wrote it in my mails or IRC when talking about someone08:39
dafhmm, seems I've dragged Welsh back up to supported status08:51
carlosdaf: cool :-P08:51
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