justdavecarlos: I think that rule is stupid ("it" for persons being considered derogatory)12:56
justdaveand English is my native language :)12:56
justdaveyou know how hard it is trying to write politically correct documentation with no gender-neutral pronoun to refer to a singular person? :)12:57
carlosjustdave: well, I know the rule, and I'm not unhappy with it, the problem is that althought I know it, I never use it in my mails...12:58
carlosjustdave: :-P12:58
justdaveOne of these days the academics will decide that it's legal to use "they" as a singular. :)  Most people already do it anyway, you just get points marked off for using it on school papers.12:59
carlosnext month I will retake my english studies (about 8 years since last time), I will propose it there :-P01:01
jblackjustdave: I love those pedantics. I think that somewhere along the line they forgot that language is nothing more than an informal agreement for what things mean.01:02
carlosgood night01:06
carlossee you tomorrow01:06
carlosdaf: perhaps I will be late tomorrow morning, I have a meeting about ubuntu in my university but I will be here before the meeting01:07
carlos(before the Rosetta meeting)01:07
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luludaf:hey! did u have a good weekend?10:54
dafyeah, it was pretty good10:54
dafI managed to get some GNOME translation work done, finally10:54
dafhow about you?10:55
luluexcellent thanks! busy - bought 3 beds and a sofa for my new flat! lotsa mates,10:56
lulunow big work push this week.10:56
dafhi Steve11:39
SteveAI'm going to be doing email stuff for a while.  Ping me on jabber if you need something.11:40
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SteveAdaf: I'm having a soyuz meeting at the same time you'll be having your daily rosetta meeting.  Can you ensure that the code on rosetta.warthogs.hbd.com is up to date please?01:15
SteveAhi carlos01:16
dafSteveA: assuming the server's running and no changes have been made to the database schema or sample data, it should be within half an hour of being up-to-date01:21
dafSteveA: is that good enough?01:21
=== debonzi [~debonzi@] has joined #launchpad
SteveAdaf: the meeting it in 15 minutes01:46
SteveAdaf: oh, I see what you mean :-)01:46
SteveAfor a second, I thought you meant that the server would take up to 30 minutes' work to update01:47
SteveAgood morning debonzi01:52
dafSteveA: heh :)01:54
debonziSteveA, Goog Morning01:54
=== daf suspects he should invest in more RAM
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SteveAhi cprov02:00
spivJust waiting for kiko?02:01
cprovSteveA: morning, sorry, I'm  a bit late .02:01
SteveAdebonzi, cprov, spiv: Can we go to #launchpad-meeting?  #canonical-meeting is occupied with an arch team meeting, and #launchpad will be occupied with a rosetta team meeting 02:02
dafmeetings galore :)02:03
carlosdaf: what's galore?02:04
dafcarlos: "galore" means "in abundance"02:05
dafi.e. there are lots of them02:05
SteveAcarlos: read books by "enid blighton" to get the correct "galore" idiom :-)02:05
SteveAit is about as obselete a term as those books are02:06
dafs/blighton/blyton/, IIRC02:06
SteveAoh, like bryton 02:06
carlosSteveA: I think I should learn more current words before :-)02:06
dafgolly, do let's start the meeting02:07
carlosdaf: lalo is not here yet02:07
SteveAgosh, I do hope it will be a corker.02:07
=== carlos thinks on start talking in Spanish :-P
SteveAI think the andelusian dialect would be an appropriate complement to mid-last-century english02:08
SteveAat least, that's what antonio banderas' character spoke in in the spanish version of "shrek 2"02:09
dafheh :)02:10
carlosSteveA: It's hard for me to understand some spanish people from andalucia (and I had a girldfriend from there)02:10
dafwell, lalo is jolly late and I shall have to give him what for!02:10
=== carlos didn't saw Shrek 2
SteveAif he's any later, you should jolly well give him what five and six too!02:11
carlosdaf: ok02:11
dafFive Go Writing a Web Application02:12
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SteveAdaf: I think you should start without lalo02:18
SteveAmaybe consider phoning him02:18
dafI think we'll start without him02:20
dafcarlos: ok?02:20
carlosdaf: yes02:20
daffirst of all, how was your weekend?02:21
carlosdaf: my first relaxed weekend since Oxford 02:21
carlosso, it was fine. Thanks02:21
dafthat's good to hear :)02:21
dafplus, you managed to relax *and* close a bug02:22
dafok, what are you planning on working on today?02:23
carlosfinishe the preferences page02:23
carlosand work on create the import process02:24
dafwhat needs doing to it?02:24
dafis there a bug?02:24
carlosdaf: yes, let me look for it02:24
carlosand https://bugzilla.warthogs.hbd.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=193102:25
dafah, the password changing02:25
carlosdaf: I'm planning to add there for free name change02:25
dafbonus :)02:26
carlosyes :-)02:26
dafI'm going to be working on:02:26
daf#1929 (project import request)02:26
dafI think this one is nearly done -- I think the problems I'm having are related to my local mail setup rather than bugs in the code02:27
carlosdo you want some testing from me?02:27
dafno, I think I'll test that one, since the mails will go to me02:28
dafI'm also going to work on the template/PO file upload02:28
dafI can't find the bug number...02:28
dafah, #191902:28
dafthis one is not marked alpha-critical -- is that correct?02:29
carlosyes, is correct02:30
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #launchpad
carloswell, perhaps not as correct as I thought02:30
carlosthe pot import is not critical, the .po import could be02:30
dafI think it's OK02:30
dafif people upload templates and PO files, do we treat them as ones from revision control?02:31
carlosdaf: no, they should have a flag that comes from other source02:32
=== daf -> phone
carlosWe need to add a new RosettaTranslationOrigin type for "Web upload" or something like that we only have : 1.- SCM  2.- Rosetta02:34
dafthat makes sense02:34
dafthe web upload is more or less working02:36
dafthe main problem is with permissions02:36
carlosdaf: we still have some schema changes but nobody answered when I sent them about two weeks ago...02:36
carlosdaf: what kind of permissions?02:36
carlosdaf: yes, labels without unique keys and thinks like that02:37
carlosFrom: Carlos Perello Marin <carlos@interactors.coop>02:37
carlosTo: launchpad@rince.africaninspace.com02:37
carlosSubject: More comments about the DB schema & Rosetta needs02:37
carlosDate: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 19:39:28 +020002:37
dafSubject: More comments about the DB schema & Rosetta needs                                                                                                                02:37
dafoops :)02:37
carlosSome questions are post Alpha02:38
dafok, I'll reply to that today02:38
dafthanks for reminding me02:38
carlosno problem02:38
dafso, Steve and I will be working on fixing the remaining permissions problems in the upload02:38
dafit's something to do with allowing interfaces02:39
carlosabout the project/product import, I will play with http://arch.no-name-yet.com/02:39
dafI think Steve will be working on closing #1907 and #190802:39
carlosseems like there will be all our arch projects02:39
dafah, sounds good02:39
carlosbut I need to get a file that let's me get the archive + branch we are using (I will ask lifeless)02:40
carlosor import all projects/products...02:40
dafok, let me know how that goes02:41
dafis there anything else we need to discuss?02:42
carlosNothing that I could remember now02:42
carlosdaf: well, tomorrow I shoud go to "register" in my university for this new year, perhaps I will be late for the meeting02:43
dafok, shall we arrange another time for it?02:43
carlosit's one hour and a half before the meeting, so I'm not sure If will be late02:43
carlosdaf: if we could delay it one hour I think it will be enough, that way I'm sure I will be able to attend on time02:44
dafok, we'll do that02:44
carlosperfect, thanks02:44
dafde nada02:45
cprovdaf: speaking portuguese again ?02:45
dafcprov: I only know about five words :)02:45
cprovdaf: can you update the https://rosseta... just the code DB is ok02:46
cprovdaf: they are enough to live :)02:46
dafcprov: I updated it02:46
dafcprov: but it seemed to be up to date02:47
carloscprov: or Spanish, Are the same words :-P02:47
carlosok, lunch time, see you later02:48
dafcarlos: "obrigado" is Espaol also? :)02:48
carlosdaf: no02:48
cprovcarlos: don't be so proud about it :) look !02:48
carloscprov: :-P02:48
daflunchtime for me also, I think02:48
cprovsee you, guys02:49
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=== spiv is back from lunch
=== daf too
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=== carlos too
=== SteveA returns
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spivHow do I find out the possible values for "Assign to" in Bugzilla?05:11
spivi.e. what email addresses people are using in bugzilla?05:11
dafgood question05:14
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dafjustdave: around?05:14
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dafSteveA: would now be a good time to work on the upload permissions problem?05:18
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SteveAdaf: I need to reply to an email about contracted work.  Shall we say 20 minutes?05:21
daflulu: did you say limi was coming back today?05:23
carlosdaf: he said that last Monday05:30
luludaf: I had thought so - this evening. Apparently he will be online tomorrow. I have not heard from him. He has much to do when he returns....05:34
daflulu: ah05:34
luludaf: please file all the bugs you need him to attend to, ok.05:35
daflulu: I have done :)05:36
luludaf: great05:37
luluhow's Rosetta looking?05:37
luludo we have real data in the db yet?05:37
carloslulu: Not yet, I will start importing data today (If all goes right)05:42
carloslulu: but I think we will depend on arch.no-name-yet.com contents, I need to talk about it with lifeless05:42
lulucarlos: that needs to be done as a matter of urgency. It's almost 2am, so when he wakes up can you get in touch with him, Carlos?05:54
carloslulu: sure05:55
lulucarlos: thanks05:55
carloslulu: but we only have three modules imported so I'm not sure if we will be able to import all ubuntu products for this Wednesday05:55
carlos(imported into arch)05:55
lulucarlos: ok - do you know what the plan is on what modules by 15th, then thereafter?05:56
carloslulu: No idea, they have a wiki page about this, let me look for it..05:57
carloslulu: https://www.warthogs.hbd.com/ArchImports05:57
carloslulu: of course we could try to do it by hand from tar.gz if we see that they will take more time than we have05:58
lulucarlos: ok - I'll have a look - thanks.05:58
dafSteveA: do you need more time?06:03
SteveAa little 06:06
SteveAdaf: do you have some time now?06:25
dafbut I'll be finishing off for today in about 45 minutes06:27
dafwell, I might do some work after I get back from the LUG meeting06:27
SteveAok, let's get going06:28
luludaf: last week when getting the most NB Warty packages into Arch was discussed.....06:29
luluthus Rosetta gets real data....06:29
luluwhat packages were discussed?06:30
luluand will Lifeless bring them in06:30
luluor will you have to do it by hand?06:30
luluDaf:please advise...06:30
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daflulu: looking at the list of what's imported, I think we'll import ourselves from tarballs06:31
luluwhen will you do this?06:31
luluand whop will be responsible?06:32
dafI'm responsible06:33
luludaf: ok - what's the plan  for this? Do you have a list of the packages and a deadline to bring them in?06:33
dafwe have a bug for it06:34
luludaf: good - does it specify packages?06:35
luludaf: do you guys need assistance in defining the package list of what should/shouldn't be in?06:37
dafno, the bug is to discuss the packages06:37
luludaf: and the tangible outcome is a list?06:37
SteveADaf and I need to do some pair programming before daf needs to leave.06:40
luludaf: methinks it would be good to schedule that discussion sooner rather than later so you have a list of packages you can hard code on the home page....when Rosetta launches in 2 days.06:40
luludaf: ok - back over to you.06:40
SteveAdaf: can you give me the IP address or domain name to use?06:41
dafSteveA: earthsea.homedns.org06:41
SteveA82.69.60.252 ?06:43
SteveA$ telnet ssh06:43
dafwell, it looks right06:43
dafif port 22 doesn't work, try 222206:44
SteveAI'm in06:45
SteveAon port 222206:45
dafok, great06:45
SteveAstevea@mabli:~$ screen -x daf/06:45
SteveAMust run suid root for multiuser support.06:45
SteveAupgraded recently?06:45
dafoh, yes06:45
dafI should probably add a permissions override for it06:45
SteveAwhat's that?06:45
dafok, try again06:45
daflater on, look up dpkg-staroverride06:46
SteveAno such package06:46
SteveAno man page06:46
SteveAno command06:46
SteveAlet's work06:46
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justdavespiv / daf: put in either their first or last name (or part of it) in the blank and submit it.  If there's more than one person with that name it'll prompt you to pick one.07:10
spivjustdave: Ah, ok.  That could be made clearer :)07:10
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carloskiko: hey07:55
debonzispiv, I've create a SQL "patch" for SectionSelection and ComponentSelection. It is in bugzilla as attachment. Should I put it in database/schema and merge in rocketfuel or should I do something else and wait a DBA do that?08:07
debonziSteveA, What do you say about it?08:11
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SteveAdebonzi: what does launchpad/database/schema/README say?08:31
debonziSteveA, ok sorry...08:38
SteveAthe current dba is rob collins, but it will be stuart bishop again soon08:38
carlosSteveA: I'm getting this error with the encryption object:08:53
carlos Module canonical.lp.placelessauth.encryption, line 30, in encrypt08:53
carlosv = binascii.b2a_base64(sha.new(plaintext + salt).digest() + salt)08:53
carlos    *  Module canonical.rosetta.browser, line 365, in submit08:53
carlos      person.password = ssha.encrypt(password1)08:53
carlos    * Module canonical.lp.placelessauth.encryption, line 30, in encrypt08:53
carlos      v = binascii.b2a_base64(sha.new(plaintext + salt).digest() + salt)08:53
carlosUnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0x8a in position 1: ordinal not in range(128)08:53
carlosIt's solved if the string is passed as password.encode('UTF-8')08:54
carlosbut that's not needed with SQLObjects, could we "fix" the SSHADigestEncryptor so it works the same way?08:54
SteveAwhat are you passing to it?08:56
SteveAI mean, how are you using it?08:56
carlospassword1 = self.request.form['newPassword1'] 08:56
carlos                    password2 = self.request.form['newPassword2'] 08:56
carlos                    if password1 and password1 == password2:08:56
carlos                        person.password = ssha.encrypt(password1)08:56
carlosto fix the problem: password1 = self.request.form['newPassword1'] .encode('UTF-8')08:57
SteveAI suppose people do use non ascii characters in passwords08:57
carlosSteveA: that's a bad supposition08:57
carlosSteveA: really08:57
SteveAplease read what I wrote again08:57
carlosI know lot of people using them08:57
SteveAso, in that case, the contract of the digest encryptor should accept unicode objects or ascii strings08:58
SteveAso, doing as you suggest is a good plan08:58
SteveAbut, we must be sure that its unit tests still pass, and also that a new unit test is written08:59
carlosshould I change it then?08:59
SteveAIn fact, to do this properly:08:59
SteveA1. file a bug that the password encryptor doesn't accept non-ascii characters09:00
carlosI suppose that I should move the .encode inside the encrypt method, right?09:00
SteveA2. add spiv and me to the cc list09:00
carlos3. Attach the proposal patch09:00
SteveA3. change the IPasswordEncryptor interface to explain about unicode09:01
SteveA4. write a unit test that uses a password that contains non-ascii characters09:01
SteveA5. write the patch so that the unit test passes09:01
=== carlos phone
SteveAIt is not sufficient just to do a patch.  The interface and tests must be kept up to date.09:02
SteveABoth encrypt and validate will need to be encoded to UTF-809:03
SteveAWe'll need to make sure that upfront systems gets the new code, too.09:03
SteveAI wonder how browsers deal with non-ascii characters in basic auth09:04
carlosSteveA: ok, I will do it now09:09
carlosSteveA: No idea about the basic auth09:09
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jblackspiov, steva: ping09:53
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kikohas anyone managed to get #canonical auto-join in x-chat?10:23
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #launchpad
carloskiko: #canonical,#launchpad talentlesstramps10:27
carloskiko: first, the list of channels, at the end, the list of passwords10:27
kikolet's try that again then.10:27
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carloskiko: if you want to change the order: #launchpad,#canonical '',talentlesstramps10:28
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #launchpad
kikoah. let's try that.10:29
=== kiko [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
cprovkiko: finally :)10:30
carloskiko: Scott told us the solution ;-)10:30
kikocarlos, I didn't know about this space-separation and ordering business, very tricky.10:31
carloskiko: I know, Scott gave me a new reason to hate much more xchat10:31
kikoit's hard to hate something I use every day more than I already do10:31
debonzispiv, ping10:58
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