kikodebonzi, the potato is cooking12:12
debonzikiko, I can see it12:32
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kikothe etched database admin!02:10
stubkiko: Morning02:10
kikohow's it going?02:10
=== daf_ [daf@muse.19inch.net] has joined #launchpad
stubGood enough. Nice to be back home after that last  hectic month in England :-)02:11
kikoengland always figures as hectic in my diary02:11
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!lilo:*! Hi all. Of possible interest to VoIP users: ##fwd (unofficial channel for Free World Dialup users and users of peered services) .... #voip (community VoIP efforts) .... thanks06:06
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lifelessSteveA: around ?08:01
lifelessspiv: around ?08:36
SteveAhi lifeless09:26
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lifelessSteveA: so10:37
lifelesswhats the status of the authentication stuff?10:38
=== daf_ notices that he seems to have grown an underscore overnight
=== daf_ is now known as daf
SteveAlifeless: the server supports basic authentication11:03
lifelessok, is there  README somewhere on how I protect fields ?11:03
SteveAauthentication is by password.  the SSHA digest of the password is stored in the database11:03
lifelessoh, I forgot to add to me email about i18n there, that usernames also need to be strictly ascii11:04
SteveAthere's the standard zope3 documentation on it11:04
SteveAfor HTTP authentication?11:04
lifelessthere is no means to signal any other encoding from client to server.11:05
SteveA<pedant>protecting fields is not authentication</pedant>  is it sufficient for your current needs to have three classes of fields:11:07
SteveA1. not accessible to web requests11:07
SteveA2. accessible to all requests11:07
SteveA3. accessible only if a person is logged in11:08
lifelessSteveA: pfft, you know what I mean.11:08
lifelessyes, if a /specific person/ is logged in.11:08
SteveAno, that is not implemented yet11:08
lifelessok, do we have an eta?11:08
SteveAwhat is implemented is those three classes I described.11:08
SteveAno, it is more a matter of shuffling my todo stack11:09
lifelessso, to open the production site to the staff, we need that.11:09
SteveAcan you talk me through a specific example of what you need?11:09
SteveAso I can see exactly what parts of the entire system need to be there for you11:10
lifelessok, SourceSource.processingapproved - only I can flick that on.11:22
lifelessand no-one else can flick it on or off.11:22
SteveAdo you want to hard-code your Person.id into the code?11:23
lifelessthats the simplest example, and the more complex ones are essentially the same with a little workflow checking that shouldn't impact the requirements.11:23
lifelessSteveA: not particularly, but I could live with that for now.11:23
SteveAhow else are you linked to SourceSource.processingapproved?11:23
SteveAfor example, are you the "owner" of all SourceSources, and the owner can change processingapproved ?11:25
lifelessI'm the arch nazi.11:30
SteveAthen, unless there's a Nazi table in the database, your Person.id must be in the source code tree 11:31
SteveAcan you describe another example, maybe one that doesn't rely on a particular nazi?11:32
lifelessdo we have roles or some such ?11:32
lifelessSteveA: all the ones that I care about now are nazi ones.11:33
SteveAI think there should be some way of describing this in the database11:33
SteveAI mean, we could have nazipersons.py to describe who the nazis are...11:33
lifelessthere are things like: once approved, a sourcesource can't be modifiable.11:33
lifelessexcept by the nazi11:33
SteveAthat's fine, so long as we have the concept of "the appropriate nazis"11:34
SteveAthis is going to be an intersting canonical-traffic...11:34
lifelesswe have the idea of Teams.11:34
SteveAI'll get you an "I'm on team nazi" t-shirt...11:37
SteveAok, so I need to know what is the minimum you need to allow you to "open the production site to staff"11:38
=== lifeless points at sabdfl
SteveAI need to go off-line for a little bit, as I just updated warty11:38
SteveAProvided we can decide how to handle these "special people", I can make what you need happen pretty quickly11:40
lifelessI'd be happy with Team membership, if changing that for that team is privileged (say to the team 'sysops')11:40
SteveAok.  File a bug on me in the launchpad bugzilla.  The bug description is to "protect SourceSource.processingapproved as follows", and then you can describe in terms of Teams with the SQL you want, what the rules are.  You can protect reading differently from writing.  Also note that whether a SourceSource is modifiable by most people depends on the value of that attribute.  And, how I decide who "most people" are, and who are the exceptions.11:46
SteveAThe more specific the SQL and explanations are, the smaller the slot it will need for me to do it, and thus the quicker I can get it done.11:46
SteveAor rather, the sooner I can get it scheduled11:47
lifelessheh. uhm, you do know what I think of SQL. Can I use object interactions instead?11:48
lifeless(I'm really not trolling)11:48
SteveAin fact, that's how it would be implemented, so that would save me time11:48
lifelessgood :)11:48
SteveApseudocode even...11:48
lifelessso why did you being SQL into it ?11:49
=== lifeless is now trolling
lifelessoh yeah.11:56
lifelessI did some hacking on gnu smalltalk in my evenings/weekend for the last week and a bit.11:57
lifelesshttp://www.robertcollins.net/nb3.png <- gtk bound class browser :}11:57
lifelessWhen I asked mark for a carve-out for that, he said sure.. but he'd like me to spend some time keeping an eye on the python3 process.11:57
lifelessso I promised to ask you what lists to join to do that?11:58
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SteveAlifeless: python-dev I expect12:22
SteveAhigh traffic, lots of noise12:23
=== limi_ [~limi@sparkit.easynet.no] has joined #launchpad
=== limi_ is now known as limi
SteveAWhen I read it, I use gmane12:26
SteveAI generally read it only when someone tells me something's happening12:27
SteveAor when I get invited to post12:27
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!Md:*! sorry for the splits... we have hit again a bug in our irc daemon. please /join #newircd if you'd like to help developing a better ircd for freenode12:37
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daflimi: hi01:03
limihey daf01:06
dafhow was your holiday?01:06
limisaved my brain01:06
liminow I am sane and productive again ;)01:06
limiI got a merge failure for the language selector fix I submitted before the holiday, btw01:06
limiso if it didn't work for you, that's why01:07
dafyeah, I saw your message01:07
dafI haven't played with the language selector much, so I couldn't say if it's working like it's supposed to01:08
dafI suggest you try star-merging from RF and then submitting another merge01:09
dafI expect you'll have a conflict in rosetta-preferences.pt when you merge from RF01:10
limiI have to do that later, though - doing the Canonical/Ubuntu sites now01:10
dafdid you hear about the workaround we have for the weird merge problems we were having?01:10
lifelessSteveA: thanks. what do you think of the screen shot :}01:33
=== limi is now known as limi|busy
daflifeless: I'm having trouble accessing that screenshot01:34
dafthe domain resolves, but no connection01:35
lifelessthere are two hosts.01:35
lifelessuse the other one01:35
dafwhich one is "the other one"? :)01:35
lifelessjdub turned off his host when he reinstalled01:35
lifelessok, I've renewed the dns zone01:36
lifelessit should work now, once your dns cache refreshes01:36
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jblackMorning debonzi02:36
dafmorning jblack 02:37
jblackHiya daf02:37
debonzijblack, Morning 02:37
dafSteveA: will you have time to look at #1907 and #1908 today?02:41
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carlosdaf: ?03:03
carlosdaf: could we have the meeting?03:09
dafwe could03:10
dafokay, how are #1931 and #1951 coming along?03:10
carlosthe #1951 is almost done03:11
carlosI need to talk with steve about a bug I detected yesterday but that seems like it's not a bug03:11
carlos(from a Stuart's mail this morning)03:11
carlosthe #1931 is not finished yet03:12
carlosbut It will take no more than 30 minutes03:12
dafok, great03:12
dafI got web template upload to work this morning03:13
SteveAcarlos: about the password / ascii bug03:13
carlosSteveA: yes03:13
SteveAso, the SSHADigestEncryptor code should allow passwords that are unicode objects, but should encode them as ascii only, and should give a reasonable exception otherwise.03:14
carlosSteveA: ok03:14
SteveAWe also need to ensure that login ids are ascii only03:14
carlosSteveA: do we have such info already? (the login id)03:15
debonzilifeless, ping03:15
SteveAit's the email address03:15
carlosI thought we were talking about email address 03:15
SteveAand these are ascii anyway, aren't they?03:15
carlosSteveA: I think so03:15
=== SteveA doesn't really know
SteveAdaf: is spiv still staying with you?03:15
dafSteveA: yes03:15
lifelessdebonzi: wassaup ?03:15
dafRFC-822 email addresses are definitely ASCII03:16
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
dafI don't think any of the later standards have changed that03:16
=== kiko [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
SteveAAny objections to changin the launchpad meeting tomorrow to 1400 UTC rather than 1200 UTC ? 03:20
spivThat's fine with me.03:20
carlosSteveA: it's ok for me03:21
limi|busyCET is UTC +1 or +2?03:22
limi|busynone of my converters have UTC, only GMT - and I think they are not equivalent?03:22
limi|busy(although maybe in practice, they are?)03:23
dafin practice, they are03:23
dafthey are within 1 second of each other03:24
limi|busythat'll do ;)03:24
dafand UTC is more fashionable ;)03:24
kikoSteveA, okay by me03:26
lifelessdaf: you been reading g-a-u ?03:27
SteveAok, meeting will be at 14:00 UTC or 14:00 GMT, whichever comes first.  I'll send a mail to the list.03:28
daflifeless: I've browsed it a couple of times03:29
carlosdaf: Could we end our meeting?03:32
dafare we finished?03:33
carlosdaf: no03:34
carloswe should talk about today work03:34
dafyou're going to finish #1931 and #1951?03:35
carlosdaf: well, in fact, for me it's clear. I will work today until we close all bugs03:35
dafI got web template upload to work this morning03:36
carlosdaf: we need to disable it or to implement a way to lock it 03:36
dafwhich is part of #191903:36
carlosso you are the only one that could use it03:36
carlosbecause you will be the owner of all projects03:37
dafwell, we have two options: either we work out some way of securing it, or I don't commit the implementation for now03:37
carlosdaf: we could disable that page for now if you don't need to use it (I suppose it's easier for you to use a script)03:38
dafI don't need to use it, no03:38
dafI think I will work on #193003:39
dafdid you see #1958?03:39
carloswe could move it then to post alpha03:39
daf#1919 is not marked as alpha-critical03:39
carlosdaf: yes, I see it03:39
carlosdaf: ok03:39
dafyour comments on #1958 would be appreciated03:40
carlosdaf: you could look at the prefered languages implementation for an example to do it03:40
dafyes, that's what I was thinking03:40
carlosit's the same idea03:41
SteveAspiv: I have mailed roche at upfront confirming that passwords will be ascii-only03:41
dafI don't really understand how Schemas and Labels work yet03:41
carlosdaf: hmm, what happens if two translators want to work in the same project?03:41
carlosdaf: do we have it blocked for only one translator?03:41
spivSteveA: Great.03:41
dafok, alpha-critical bugs we have left: #1907, #1908, #1930, #1931, #1932, #1934, #1944, #1948, #195103:42
dafcarlos: that's something we need to work out03:43
carlosdaf: what?03:43
dafSteveA: #1907 and #1908 are assigned to you -- will you be able to look at them today?03:43
dafcarlos: how to deal with concurrent translators03:43
dafI'm going to work on #1930, and carlos is goign to work on #1931 and #195103:44
carlosdaf: We could move it post Alpha03:44
dafcarlos: yes, I think so, but there should be a bug filed, I think03:44
dafcarlos: we have quite a few non-alpha bugs03:44
carlosI will file now a bug about it03:45
carloscould we create a beta metabug?03:45
dafthis leaves #1932, #1934, #1944 and #194803:45
daf(for the alpha)03:45
carlosdaf: when will be released the beta?03:45
dafyes, a beta metabug is a good idea03:45
dafcarlos: it hasn't been decided03:46
dafcarlos: for now, you can just title it "release the Rosetta beta"03:46
daflimi|busy: could you perhaps comment on https://bugzilla.warthogs.hbd.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=193403:47
limi|busydaf: send me a mail, and I'll do it tonight? Lu will kill me if I do ;)03:47
daflimi|busy: sure03:48
lulu:o) 03:48
luludaf: thanks03:48
daflulu: no problem03:48
carlosdaf: anything else?03:49
dafbugs we haven't discussed yet: #1932, #1944, #194803:50
daf#1948 won't be needed at the beginning of the alpha03:51
kikohey lulu!03:51
carlosdaf: the 1932 is easy, as long as we have the complete list of modules03:52
carlosdaf: I think lalo will fix the 1944 faster than you or I03:53
dafyes, it feels liks a lalo-bug03:53
carlosdaf: 1948 is post alpha and prebeta03:53
dafok, should it be marked as beta-critical, then?03:53
carlosdaf: yes03:53
dafrather than alpha-critical03:53
carlosI will do it 03:53
carlosthen, we have the task to fill the database the first time03:54
carlosyou said yesterday we will work with tar.gz instead of arch, right?03:54
dafwe still need the rosetta.ubuntulinux.org alias to be set up -- I'm waiting to hear back from elmo about that03:55
dafelmo: around?03:55
dafyes, I think so03:55
dafI don't think there are enough things imported into Arch yet03:55
carlosdaf: ok, from where could we get a file to parse from a python script03:56
carlosto handle automatically the import?03:56
luludaf: elmo's at the data centre. He's working on the servers.03:57
daflulu: ah, ok03:57
SteveAspiv: just sent you an email03:59
SteveAdaf: I'll do #1907 and #1908 today04:00
=== limi [~limi@sparkit.easynet.no] has joined #launchpad
dafSteveA: thanks04:02
dafcarlos: does the alpha actually depend on #1944?04:02
carlosdaf: well, we could go to alpha without it, but we don't have a way to be sure04:03
carlosthat it's working without errors...04:03
kikospiv, the Moin changed email is unintelligible 04:03
dafcarlos: that's what the alpha is for -- testing04:05
dafcarlos: if #1944 is still open tomorrow, will we still launch the alpha?04:05
carlosI think so04:05
cprovspiv:  you reopened the bug #1952  about mark all dummy data with CSS class dummy, for add also the CSS class. then can you explain or add a comment about where is the CSS file and how to proceed ? 04:06
dafok, I will mark it as non-alpha-critical04:06
=== limi is now known as limi|busy
carlosdaf: perfect04:08
spivkiko: It sends a diff of the page source, doesn't it?04:09
kikospiv, a very broken diff if you ask me -- no linefeeds!04:09
dafI've also emailed lalo asking him to take it on04:09
spivkiko: Yow!04:10
spivThey seem to work for me.  Bizarre.04:10
kikounfortunately the D key swallowed the last one up04:11
carlosdaf: he should be online this night (from his mail)04:11
dafcprov: lib/canonical/lp/styles/launchpad.css?04:11
dafcarlos: ah, cool04:11
cprovdaf: thanks .04:12
carlosdaf: he wrote to launchpad, did you saw it?04:12
dafyeah, I saw it04:12
dafI think it was just after I woke up :)04:12
spivdaf: Ta, you beat me to it :)04:12
dafcprov, spiv: welcome :)04:13
SteveAjustdave: when I enter search terms in the box on the top-right of https://bugzilla.warthogs.hbd.com/bugzilla/, I get a big red error.  If I enter the same terms in the equivalent box on the error page, it searches.04:17
=== SteveA files bug
carlosdaf: about my previous question ...04:19
carlos<carlos> daf: ok, from where could we get a file to parse from a python script04:19
carlos<carlos> to handle automatically the import?04:19
SteveAdaf: the alpha will be blocked on the bug I just entered about breadcrumbs: https://bugzilla.warthogs.hbd.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=196404:19
dafSteveA: hmm04:20
dafSteveA: shortest path would be to get rid of the breadcrumbs04:21
SteveAmaybe do that for now04:21
SteveAand comment in the bug how you have done so04:21
dafdo you want to mark #1964 as blocking #1915?04:21
SteveAbetter to treat it as optional for the alpha04:21
SteveAwho implemented breadcrumbs?04:22
SteveAany idea?04:22
carlosdaf: #1965 is the new metapackage for the beta04:22
dafSteveA: I belive it was Andrew Veitch04:22
carloswhat's breadcrumbs?04:22
daf You are here        ++skin++Debug       rosetta       projects       gnome       gnome-terminal       gnome-terminal-2.2       translate  04:23
daf^^^: breadcrumbs04:23
SteveAit shouldn't include ++skin++Debug, or any of those kinds of things04:23
dafas in Hansel and Gretel04:23
dafSteveA: I have some ideas about improving it04:23
carlosSteveA: it only inclide that when you are debugging it04:23
carlosdaf: true :-P04:23
dafcarlos: you have that in Spain?04:24
=== carlos should read more books in english (and also in Spanish)
carlosdaf: Hansel and Gretel?, sure :-)04:24
SteveAcarlos: it still shouldn't include it04:25
carlosSteveA: ok04:25
dafcarlos: what's "breadcrumb" in Spanish?04:25
SteveAnor the virtual hosting things we can see on the rosetta server04:25
SteveAduonos gabaliukas in lithuanian (or something very similar)04:25
carlosdaf: migas de pan04:25
dafcarlos: "migas" is crumb?04:26
carlospan == bread, migas == crumb04:26
carlosdaf: yes04:26
dafI love Michael Rosen's version of the story: Handsel and Gristle04:26
carlosdaf: sorry if I ask you again...04:30
dafthe meeting?04:31
carlos<carlos> daf: ok, from where could we get a file to parse from a python script04:31
carlos<carlos> to handle automatically the import?04:31
dafoh, right04:31
dafI'm not sure I understand the question04:31
dafyou're thinking of having a script to do the alpha import?04:31
dafsounds good04:31
carloshope you are not thinking on import all modules by hand...04:31
dafno, I suppose not04:32
dafso, this script will create projects, products and templates, and import templates from .pot files04:32
carlosI know we have the list of packages from the Wiki, or even better from apt source list04:32
carlosdaf: yes04:32
dafand the .pot files will be gotten from tarballs04:32
carlosif there is no .pot file, we forget about it, but at this moment the tar.gz should have an updated .pot file04:33
carlosthe problem will came with arch04:33
carlosbut that's post alpha04:33
daffor the alpha, I thought we were only having a dozen or so projects04:36
carlosdaf: hmm04:36
carloslulu: ?04:36
carlosI think lu talked about all ubuntu packages04:36
lulucarlos: yes?04:37
dafI thought that was for later on04:37
carloslulu: should all packages be available from Rosetta for the Alpha release?04:37
carlosall ubuntu packages04:38
luludaf: you need to import the most important packages into your db04:38
luludaf: is this done?04:38
luludaf: for Warty04:38
carlosdaf: elmo is at #canonical as elmo_dc04:39
carloslulu: for Warty is on octuber or for tomorrow04:39
carloslulu: we are talking now about what should we import for tomorrow04:39
carlos /s/we/be/04:39
luluguys - Mark is going to send you an email of the packages we need in Rosetta04:40
luluoff the Warty default desktop04:41
luludaf: please could you get those in, when you have the email04:41
luluthabkjs :o)04:41
luluoops thanks!04:41
lulucarlos: that ok?04:41
carloslulu: perfect04:41
luluno worries04:42
carlosdaf: so, could we end the meeting now?04:43
dafI think so04:48
=== daf and spiv are going out for a short while
=== carlos playing with bugzilla
carlosdaf: when you have some time, please review the dependency graph. I moved from bugs from alpha to beta and moved the other nonAlpha critical ones to the beta04:54
carlosdaf: from Mark's mail, I think we could do the Alpha import by hand04:57
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
SteveAspiv: can you send your notes on the soyuz meeting to the launchpad list soon please05:05
=== debonzi linch
=== debonzi lunch :)
=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
carlosshit. I did a star-merge with some changes in my tree06:17
carloshm seems like I didn't got any rosetta changes, perhaps I could recover the situation.... but please, don't do it at home06:20
carlosM   database/schema/launchpad-1-0-0.sql06:20
carlosare we changing that file?06:20
dafI didn't think so06:20
dafI think jblack or ddaa is more likely to be awake06:22
dafspeak of the devil...06:22
ddaaafaik, this file should not be changed, except maybe by the db nazi...06:23
carlosdaf: lifeless is the one that handles the .sql file :-)06:23
ddaaBut tla has no real way to actually lock the file.06:23
ddaaYou _can_ sets the perms to read-only06:23
ddaaBut any smart text editor will propose you to override that.06:24
dafcarlos: oh, I see06:24
dafddaa: is there an easy way to see which changeset last modified a file?06:24
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #launchpad
dafddaa: is there an easy way to see which changeset last modified a file?06:25
ddaadaf: you can look at the changelog and look for the name of the file.06:25
dafah, of course06:26
ddaatla changelog VERSION06:26
dafyou might have to do tla log-for-merge, correct?06:26
dafif you haven't committed the merge?06:26
spivdaf: https://www.warthogs.hbd.com/ArchCheatSheet#head-ba33c2ca9be0aed6db6d5f40aaab1663f003b1b9 ;)06:26
ddaaThere are various tools in fai and tla-tools for that too.06:26
=== carlos fixed his archive
ddaadaf: Well, I suppose your tree changes are a merge from rocketfuel.06:27
dafspiv: oh, right06:27
dafspiv: cool :)06:27
ddaaJust "tla changelog rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0"06:28
carlosdaf: new files:06:28
carlos     database/schema/.arch-ids/patch-1-07-0.sql.id06:28
carlos     database/schema/patch-1-07-0.sql06:28
carlos    modified files:06:28
carlos     database/schema/launchpad-1-0-0.sql06:28
carlos     lib/canonical/arch/infoImporter.py06:28
carlos     lib/canonical/soyuz/browser.py06:28
dafI guess I should have RTFW'd06:28
carlosfrom lifeless06:28
carlosdaf: it's easier, to use the arch commits mailing list with grep :-P06:29
dafheh :)06:29
ddaaWell... if it's from the db nazi, it's probably legit...06:29
spivHeh.  The same merge that put a syntax error in infoImporter... lifeless must've been having a bad day.06:29
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cprovheh, now let him sleep in peace for a better day tomorrow :)06:30
ddaaYup. He's been ill today... see his activity report.06:31
=== ddaa is out to help for dinner
=== carlos thinks about what "fuel" will buy for this long night...
=== carlos goes away for a while
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carlosSteveA: how could I execute the unittest at: launchpad/lib/canonical/lp/placelessauth/tests08:56
carlosthey don't have a main and make check at launchpad/lib/canonical does nothing08:57
dafcarlos: ../../../test.py -u canonical.lp.placelessauth08:58
daf(I think)08:58
carloslet me check...08:58
carlosRunning UNIT tests from /home/carlos/Work/dists/launchpad/lib/canonical/lp/placelessauth/tests09:00
carlosNo unit tests to be run.09:00
dafis there an __init__.py?09:00
carloscarlos@frodo ~/Work/launchpad/lib/canonical/lp/placelessauth/tests $ ../../../../../test.py -u canonical.lp.placelessauth.tests09:01
carlosthat fails and also without the .tests09:01
dafI think the the test.py script has a debugging flag09:01
carlosok, I will investigate it. Thank you09:01
spiv$ PYTHONPATH=../../.. ../../../../test.py -l .09:02
spivThat seems to wfm from the lib/canonical/lp/placelessauth dir.09:02
spivExcept I don't have the db the test needs.09:02
spivBut it actually tries to run the test :)09:02
carlosspiv: from which directory?09:03
spiv(Well, the 12 unit tests pass, it's the functional ones that don't)09:03
dafhmm, unit tests shouldn't need the database09:03
dafcarlos: the directory you're in shuold not matter09:03
dafspiv: oh, right09:03
dafspiv: thanks09:03
carlossorry  I didn't saw the dir comment :-P09:03
dafit's generally useful to export PYTHONPATH=path/to/launchpad09:03
dafthat way, you can do09:04
carlosspiv: perfect, thanks09:04
carlosdaf: I have it done09:04
daf>>> import canonical.rosetta.browser09:04
dafand things like that09:04
spivcarlos: No worries.09:04
dafjustdave: I was hoping that bugs would change colour on the pretty graph when they changed from resolved -> close :)09:30
=== carlos graphs addict
carloslimi: bugzilla needs some love from you :-)09:30
justdavehmm, they probably could.  right now it only distinguishes between open and non-open09:31
dafI love the dependency graphs09:31
justdavethat's an easy thing to fix, there's a little table mapping states to colors in the graph code09:31
justdavewhat would you like? :)09:31
dafI'll have to file a wishlist bug against malone asking for pretty graphs09:31
dafooh, I don't know09:31
dafa soothing blue, perhaps? :)09:32
=== carlos goes to get some traditional food for a long night, Burger King's fast food
carlossee you later09:32
justdavedaf: the blue is in, how's it look?09:45
justdave(too dark if you ask me ;)09:45
dafyeah, it is a bit dark09:45
carlosperhaps we could use a sky blue for the fixes and move the current grey to the closed...09:58
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dafcarlos: yeah, we could do10:00
justdaveok, back from picking up Brendan at the bus stop10:15
justdavelightblue/gray swap done, how's it look now10:15
carloslooks better now10:16
dafjustdave: looks great! :)10:19
SteveAdaf: have you spoken to elmo about proxy config on rosetta.w.h.c ?10:38
dafSteveA: I emailed him again10:39
SteveAok, so nothing actually sorted yet10:39
dafsince he's around on IRC, I'll ask him now10:39
SteveAcan you get basic auth turned off on the devel. server?10:39
SteveAwe *might* want to turn it back on later, when we have cookie-based auth10:40
dafno, I don't have the permissions to do that10:41
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carlosdaf: I did an initial commit with the login/name change form11:43
carlosdaf: I need to update sample data so we have a default password11:43
dafcarlos: cool!11:43
carlosdaf: any prefered password?11:43
dafright, I see11:43
dafyes, that will suffice11:44
carlosI will put it for you, lalo and me11:44
carlosI need to add feedback about errors when changing data from the form11:45
carlosbut if you don't make any mistake, it should work11:45
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kikodaf, have a minute?11:56

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