thomgood evening jeff12:02
mdzAHR is right12:02
jdubthom: interesting12:04
jdubthom: MLP!12:04
jdubthom: bet they're pleased to see cachefs ;)12:05
seb128hello jdub12:08
mdzanyone here with >1 sound card?12:08
seb128not me12:08
jdubyo seb128 12:10
MithrandirI have one at home, but I'm at my gf's, so I won't be able to test in less than ~18 hours.12:12
lamontbdale: that's what I'd use12:23
lamontthom: interesting12:25
=== lamont hates "3-month old baby choking" calls. OTOH, this one was OK.
lamontkinnison: it's not _RC8_, it's Sounder 8.. :-)12:42
=== lamont wonders what /dev/vcs(a)?1 is
Clintvirtual console capture device12:44
Clintand vcsa is attributes12:44
lamontanyone want to play with the new and improved postfix postinst before I upload?12:44
bdalelamont: thanks, I'm never sure what to do with debian-only version numbers...12:44
=== lamont hasn't found any issues, but...
lamontbdale: it's really a question of whether or not the previous version was an NMU..12:45
lamontcan't use a non-native version,because tar.gz != orig.tar.gz...12:45
lamontClint: ok.  and udev createing/removing them is probably xlock's doing?12:46
=== moquist_ [~moquist@pool-64-222-155-14.man.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== elmo_mf [~james@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
elmo_mfhey, couple of questions - aren't we meant to have some ssh-askpass-gnome love kick in automatically?12:50
mdzit's installed with Desktop, so yes12:50
jdubnot automatically at the moment, it's not in the session12:50
jdubif you put 'ssh-add' into your session programs, it will run at startup12:51
mdzjdub: he said ssh-askpass-gnome, not ssh-add12:51
jdubsame thing12:51
mdzer, no12:51
mdzssh-askpass-gnome should be used automagically whenever stdin is not a tty12:51
jdubssh-add runs ssh-askpass-gnome when run without a tty, right?12:51
jdubthat's what ssh-add does12:51
mdzssh-add, ssh, scp, ...12:51
mdzthey all do12:51
elmo_mfand, a) does 'About Ubuntu' work for anyone/is it meant to?, b) What's this 'Start here' icon all about?12:51
jdubelmo_mf: start here?!12:52
mdzI haven't seen that in weeks12:52
jdubelmo_mf: did you just do a fresh install?12:52
mdzelmo_mf: About Ubuntu opens firefox with no-name-yet in it for me (works)12:52
mdz(current daily)12:52
elmo_mfoh, and c) is anyone else seeing mozilla-firefox break hideously on initial run?  it asks for a profile, and if I just try to click past it, it says some madness like 'can not use profile 'default' as it's already in use'12:52
elmo_mfjdub: no, this is my laptop I installed a while ago, but only started really using as a desktop today.. all symptoms have been reproduced after dist-upgrade tho12:53
jdubelmo_mf: start here was once created by nautilus on first-startup12:54
elmo_mfactually, scratch (c), can't reprouce that now12:54
elmo_mfjdub: okay, so won't be a problem for new users and guess there's not much that can be done about it now12:54
elmo_mfb lah, and (a).. clearly should get some sleep12:54
elmo_mfmdz: how do you mean not a tty?  like if I used it in nautilus or something? 12:55
jdubelmo_mf: (for instance, if you run ssh-add from the 'run application' dialogue, yeah)12:55
jdubelmo_mf: (then it will use ssh-askpass-gnome to prompt you)12:56
jdubelmo_mf: but if you go into the sessions dialogue, you can set it to run ssh-add when you start gnome12:56
elmo_mfah, ok.. I thought it might do it the first time I tried to ssh somewhere which would accept the key12:56
elmo_mfthat'd be kind of nice?12:56
jdubwell, if you're doing that, you've got a tty ;)12:57
jdubor you're using ssh: or scp: in nautilus12:57
lamontelmo_mf: mf??01:01
elmo_mfmark's flat01:02
lamontyeah - took me a minute to remember the word for 'house'. :-)01:03
elmo_mfI just unpassworded the wiki and added wiki.ubuntu.com - can someone checks both the old version (pref with uname/pword)  and the new one works, pls?01:06
jdubelmo_mf: can we rename it to 'Ubuntu Wiki'?01:08
elmo_mfjdub: where?01:08
jdubthe title of the wiki01:08
jdubit's in the configuration file01:09
lamontelmo_mf: just wget'ed both http://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrontPage and http://sounder:oink@wiki.ubuntu.com/FrontPage just fine01:09
elmo_mflamont: cool, thanks01:10
elmo_mfjdub: k01:10
=== lamont runs out of excuses to not reboot, brb
elmo_mfjdub: done01:11
mdzelmo_mf: like if you use cvs-over-ssh from in emacs vc mode01:12
jdubelmo_mf: thanks01:12
sabdflthom: samba?01:15
=== lamont [~lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzelmo_mf: will you have a chance to process pending Debian syncs soon?01:16
lamont)*&(%^*(_+&(%^+&_b metacity stealing _*(%^)_^+*(%*^+)&+_)( focus.01:16
mdzso far I have only two bits of feedback about the alsa unmuting thing01:17
mdzI'd like to get that in for preview if possible, so please test it01:17
seb128The accepted messages are sent on uploader and maintainer email ? I got mails on my canonical and debian email and I've used the canonical one for these uploads (I'm the debian maintainer for these packages)01:18
lamontmdz: so what's the correct and current way to build a new kernel and have grub switch to that?01:18
=== lamont installed a new kernel, but grub didn't boot that one..
mdzlamont: ls -1vr01:19
lamontle huh?01:19
mdzthat's the sort order it uses01:19
elmo_mfmdz: err, anything other than gsfonts?01:19
elmo_mfseb128: yes, if they're both in the whitelist01:19
mdzelmo_mf: not that I see01:20
seb128I was just wondering why I got dup of the messages01:20
seb128that's it :)01:20
lamontmake-kpkg built (as kernel-image-, and is the first in your list..01:20
jdub^ *WOW*01:21
jdubthat is magnificent01:21
elmo_mfmdz: done - didn't do it at the time 'cos it hadn't hit ftp.uk01:22
mdzelmo_mf: thanks01:23
jdubSetting up samba-common (3.0.7-1ubuntu1) ...01:23
jdub/var/lib/dpkg/info/samba-common.config: line 140: syntax error near unexpected token `fi'01:23
jdub/var/lib/dpkg/info/samba-common.config: line 140: `fi'01:23
jdubdpkg: error processing samba-common (--configure):01:23
jdubmdz ^ this known?01:23
mdzjdub: not to me01:23
=== lamont [~lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzjdub: I think thom's gone to bed, in which case please just fix it01:24
sabdflyeah, it just bit me too01:24
jdubahr, cock, big package01:25
sabdfljdub: is that font tech open source?01:25
jdubsabdfl: they're considering some kind of release01:25
sabdflok, i can relate :-)01:25
sabdflbbiab, off to test mdz's sound settings01:25
mdzlamont,jdub,seb128: does the unmuting script work for you guys?01:26
jdubabout ubuntu isn't wokring 01:26
seb128jdub: gnome-open http://www.google.com works ?01:26
seb128mdz: not tested it01:27
jdub$ gnome-open http://www.google.com/01:27
jdubError showing url: There was an error launching the default action command associated with this location.01:27
jdubcould be a problem with my settings01:27
lamontmdz: subject on the mail?01:27
seb128jdub: apparently ... fresh install ?01:28
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzlamont: Subject: Initial volume settings - please test! (Re: Release801:28
lamontjdub: is there any building/etc that happens between gnome-release and ubuntu-release?01:28
lamontor is it all already in the can ?01:28
jdubseb128: fixed by unb0rking preferred applications :)01:28
seb128ok :)01:29
jdublamont: it's mostly in the can, i haven't really gone through gnome stuff yet01:29
elmo_mfGAR, I would bribe someone so much money to hax0r gtk.org and make emacs keybindings the default01:30
elmo_mfso, anyway, home.ubuntu.com exists - Mark'd like that used for the 'about ubuntu' thing - it's a low TTL CNAME to www.no-name-yet.com ATM01:31
lamontmdz: for testing, will my reboot suffice to kill things to a happy state, if I login via text console when i get to gdm???01:31
mdzelmo_mf: https://bugzilla.no-name-yet.com/show_bug.cgi?id=120501:31
jdubelmo_mf: seb can you make that change in gnome-panel?01:31
jdubseb128: i'll do firefox/ephy01:31
mdzlamont: if and only if you do not have any mixer settings saved01:31
mdzwhich is unlikely if you have shut down the machine cleanly01:32
mdzby default, alsa-base saves the mixer settings on shutdown and restores them on reboot01:32
seb128jdub: I'll do the change in panel 2.8 when it'll be out01:32
jdubseb128: ok01:32
seb128probably tomorrow01:32
mdzwhat we need is the behaviour when the module is first loaded, and no settings have been saved01:32
lamontmdz: and we're running post-restore?01:32
seb128I'm almost in sync with today releases, time to sleep soon :)01:32
mdzlamont: if you have shut down the machine cleanly, you most likely have saved settings which were restored when you rebooted01:32
=== lamont hugs ccache
lamontah, so reboot, login text mode, rmmod, modprobe, run the script?01:33
mdzlamont: I wrote instructions in the mail, yes01:34
mdzno need to reboot unless you want to01:34
mdzreloading the module is sufficient01:34
lamontmdz: rebooting for the other thing.01:34
lamontfigured I'd kill two birds with one stone, since logging out is about the same pain level as rebooting...01:35
mdzjdub: I'm especially interested in Apple systems, since they seem to have different mixer behaviour01:35
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubmdz: hrm, will upgrade willow now01:35
mdzjdub: no need to upgrade01:35
mdzI haven't uploaded anything yet, because I'm waiting for more testing01:36
=== lamont decides he really needs a test machine for hacking around on. This weekend is going to be redecorate time...
mdzI gave instructions on the sounder list01:36
mdzClint: around?01:37
elmo_mfohoh, I remembered e)01:37
sabdflmdz: great hack on the sound front, works perfectly here01:38
elmo_mfWTF does pbbutonsd think it's cool to dim my fricking screen even when I'm on AC ?01:38
mdzsabdfl: great; I'm hoping to slip it in for preview01:38
elmo_mf(and does it for anyone else?)01:38
=== lamont cycles things, _one_more_time__-... sigh.
sabdfljdub: any benefit to gnome-alsamixer?01:38
sabdflmdz: agreed, no-brainer01:38
mdzelmo_mf: hmm, you have a powerpc machine, mind testing the unmute script?01:38
mdzthe G4 is the only machine so far where it doesn't do the right thing01:39
mdzit's no worse, of course01:39
elmo_mfmdz: sure one sec01:39
jdubsabdfl: no, it's gross01:40
jdubsabdfl: 2.10 will have a shiny new mixer01:40
=== elmo_mf scares sabdfl by telling him about gnus
sabdfljdub: ok, take your word for it :-)01:40
elmo_mfmdz: hmm, I have sound compiled in :-/01:41
elmo_mfmaybe I should just dogfood our kernels01:41
mdzelmo_mf: rm /var/lib/alsa/asound.state && reboot :-)01:41
jdubelmo_mf: i disabled the dimming thing at one point01:41
mdzelmo_mf: maybe??01:41
=== mdz 's head slowly rotates 360
=== lamont [~lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu
lamontmdz: so is aplay supposed to hang?01:50
mdzlamont: well, no01:50
mdzlamont: did your sound work before you tried the experiment?01:50
lamontwell, let me rephase that... I'm still waiting for a prompt after running it...01:50
lamontmdz: yep01:50
mdzlamont: which sound driver?01:51
mdzlamont: is this a recent install, or upgraded from very old warty?01:52
lamontand totem runs fine.01:52
mdzif it's an old install, make sure you don't have /etc/rc?.d/*discover01:52
lamontsounder 3, IIRC.  upgraded this AM01:52
mdzyou probably have discover running at boot01:52
mdzwhich causes all sorts of sound driver evil01:52
lamontloaded: snd_intel8x0 snd_ac97_codec snd_pcm_oss snd_mixer_oss snd_pcm snd_timer snd_page_alloc snd_mpu401_uart snd_rawmidi snd_seq_device snd01:52
lamontsound works in totem, btw01:52
mdzrm /etc/rc?.d/*discover && reboot01:53
mdzlamont: lsmod | grep i810_audio?01:53
lamontmore /etc/rcS.d/S36discover 01:53
lamont/etc/rcS.d/S36discover: No such file or directory01:53
lamontno output from that grep01:53
mdzlamont: apt-get install sox and try play(1)01:54
lamontthat was how I got sound working before...01:54
=== debianist [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzaplay works for me01:55
mdzand happens to be in base01:55
mdzit uses the ALSA API, while play uses OSS01:55
lamontdoesn't play anything either.  nor does it exit.01:57
debianistmdz : driver install didn't work :(01:58
lamontOTOH, totem plays dvd's just fine.01:58
mdzdebianist: context?01:58
mdzlamont: perhaps you have esd running01:58
mdzwhich has the sound device open01:58
mdzcausing other processes to block01:58
jdubmdz: #1208 please01:59
mdzjdub: sprinkled01:59
lamontwell,very loud sound, but that could be totem's doing?02:01
mdzlamont: if you perform the test as specified, you will not be logged into GNOME, and so no other applications will be messing with the sound device02:01
jdub'Finally more information about Canonical/Warthogs/Ubuntu/whatever! I hope the zdnet article is correct and it is actually *released* on Wednesday and not just a slideshow. Been dying to try this out for a long time now.'02:02
lamontah, sorry.  I read 'log back in' to mean "into gnome"02:02
mdzlamont: ok, my instructions sucked then02:03
mdzanyway, if totem played sound at a reasonable volume, that tells me what I needed to know02:03
mdzjdub: if it doesn't break willow, I'm going to ship it. any luck there?02:03
jdubmdz: been fixing bugs02:04
jdubmdz: give me a minute :)02:04
mdzjdub: oh, I thought you were reading osnews.com :-)02:05
jdubgotta check old tabs during uploads ;)02:05
mdzKamion: morning02:06
jdubGAR my upstream bandwidth is shite02:06
jdubstupid samba02:06
mdzKamion: wanted to ask you...what's the status of restricted support in germinate/debian-cd/...?02:06
jdubmy entire change amounts to one '#'02:06
jduband i have to upload megs and megs of shite02:06
Kamionmdz: should all be there02:07
jdubcan we dodge that damage in future, pre-hct?02:07
Kamionmdz: you'd need to ask elmo whether he runs germinate over main+restricted+universe though02:07
=== lamont [~lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzKamion: so I can add linux-restricted-modules- to DesktopSeed and it ought to work?02:07
mdzKamion: elmo is hiding02:07
Kamionmdz: last I heard, germinate on jackass ran over main+universe, but that was before restricted was implemented02:07
Kamionmdz: yes, it definitely should, I think I've updated everything; if not, give me a shout, it'll be a five-minute job to fix02:08
mdzperhaps sabdfl can throw something at him :-)02:08
KamionI'd rather you did that tonight so tomorrow's dailies will be testable02:08
mdzKamion: would you be interested in a test build if i do it now, or wait for the next daily?02:08
=== elmo_mf [~james@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmdz: can do02:08
mdzactually, this stuff should probably be in base, should it not?02:08
elmo_mfkamion: I ignore restricted atm for germinate02:08
sabdfli threw something at him but it just bounced02:08
lamontwell, the speakers are powered... maybe that explains the loud initial volume.  But it's _definitely_ not muted...:-)02:09
mdzlamont: as long as it's somewhere >= silent and < ears bleeding, I'm happy02:09
sabdflnight all, mdz call coming up now02:09
=== lamont considers calling mdz and playing him the sound...
=== stub [~zen@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
=== mdz lifts the glass dome from the red phone
lamont< bleeding, but definitely present02:09
elmo_mfso, hmm, 3 things: a) our and/or hotplug doesn't recognise my powerbook's sound card.. self-built 2.6.9-rc1 does, but ISTR 2.6.8 did too when I self compiled.. 02:10
=== revlob_ [dave@muse.19inch.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== daf_ [daf@muse.19inch.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionelmo_mf: mdz wants to add something in restricted to the desktop seed; can we get jackass to add the Task: ubuntu-desktop field to it so that it gets installed?02:10
elmo_mfb) with 2.6.9-rc1, my "muted" alsa isn't actually, well, muted.   but mdz, your unmute script works and makes the volume louder02:11
elmo_mfc) our has broken caps lock on powerpc kernels - can I send a patch to herbert/you to see if we include it by default?02:11
elmo_mfkamion: hmm, ok02:11
elmo_mf(sorry, c) was aimed at/should be prefixed mdz:)02:12
KamionI should move the default wiki location in germinate ...02:12
Kamionfor values of "broken" meaning broken for weird people who switch caps lock and control :)02:12
Kamion(not to discourage anyone from fixing it though, it does sound like a bug)02:13
lamontmdz: no joy with the patch reverted.02:13
=== lamont updates the bug
elmo_mfkamion: dude, it doesn't work period.. even if you don't want to switch caps/control02:14
debianistmdz : actually , i just rebooted after the driver install -  no sign for the module, acceleration not working.02:14
Kamionelmo_mf: uh, really?02:14
elmo_mfkamion: yes, try it02:14
Kamionelmo_mf: obviously I haven't done enough editing in it ...02:14
debianistmdz : and i'm still on 2.6.7 , i thought it was supposed to upgrade it to 2.6.8 for the nvidia drv to work..am i wrong?02:14
Kamionbah, ok, that's a bit showstopperish02:14
elmo_mfkamion: patch is fairly hackish and needs conditionalized at the very least, but it Works For Me(tm)02:15
debianistdoko : here?02:16
debianistmdz : could you give me lamont's and doko's email addressed? i am sending my sec repot02:18
debianistmdz : *report02:19
lamontdebianist: lamont.jones@canonical.com02:20
=== lamont bets on mathias.klose@canonical.com as well.
lamontbut I could be misspelling that02:20
debianistok, i have another address for dokok02:21
elmo_mfdoko@debian.org works02:21
elmo_mfkamion: any ideas on the sound card thing?  does sound work for you?02:22
elmo_mfhmm, looking like a hotplug bug - modprobing snd-powermac fixes it02:25
mdzKamion: will you be around for a bit? still on the phone02:32
Kamionelmo_mf: did last time I installed warty on the powerbook, running Debian at the moment though02:33
Kamionmdz: I'll be around until c. 2:15/2:3002:33
Kamionit's now 1:33, for timezone reference02:33
debianistmdz : mdz@canonical.com ?02:36
mdzdebianist: yes02:39
elmo_mfhmm, it's not a PCI device - that'd probably be why - does hotplug have support for random non-{pci,usb,isa} type things?02:39
mdzalsa-driver uploaded with unmuting magic02:39
debianistmdz : oh already sent to mdz@alcor.net02:39
debianistanyway, the wiki doesn't require user and password anymore?02:40
mdzelmo_mf: hotplug supports /etc/hotplug*.agent types of things02:40
mdzhotplug does not support the crazy apple bus yet, as far as I am aware02:40
mdzelmo_mf: please file the caps lock thing in bugzilla and assign to Herbert02:41
mdzdebianist: yes, you need to run the kernel02:41
Kamionmdz: hm, in fact I need to make germinate on little run over main+restricted ...02:42
debianistmdz : i think i've noticed dpkg doing just that, it upgraded the kernel02:42
Kamiondebianist: wiki> no02:43
mdzdebianist: thanks for the report, so there were only two which need further investigation?02:43
debianistmdz : however, i have 3 ubuntu's on this machine - and the one i wanted to have nvidia support, didn't update02:43
elmo_mfmdz: would some sort of /proc/cpuinfo based powerbook.agent hack be a reasonable stopgap ?02:43
lamontmdz: found why we die...02:44
lamontcdrom_open_write never actually tries to do the open..02:44
debianistmdz : yes. i couldn't determine about them02:44
mdzelmo_mf: probably the most reasonable fallback for Warty would be to avoid the kernel entirely and let d-i/hwdetect add it to /etc/modules02:44
debianistmdz : actually i think the glibc is fixed, however couldn't supply the proof02:44
Kamionyarr, more hw-detect hackery :)02:44
elmo_mfmdz: dude, that means it's kamion's problem.. result ;-)02:45
mdzgross hacks r us02:45
=== Kamion attaches a bicycle pump to elmo's ear and inflates his head vigorously
elmo_mfanyway, rebooting to a caps-lock-enabled kernel before I hulk smash the keyboard in frustration02:45
debianistanyways, i'm going to bed now - another day of throrough testing - tommorow! :)02:46
lamontyou mean he _WANTS_ capslock?02:46
lamonthow strange.02:46
Kamionlamont: like all right-thinking people02:46
lamontwhen would you use it?02:46
debianistmdz : please let me know of anything else regarding the report, i'd love to know and drill down more if you'd like.02:46
debianistgood night everybody02:47
Kamionlamont: any time I'd otherwise be holding down the shift key :)02:47
debianistremian on guard ;)02:47
Kamionlamont: you're a vi user aren't you?02:47
mdzKamion: do you  know what elmo's caps lock complaint is about?02:47
mdzI haven't heard that from any other powerpc types so far02:48
Kamionmdz: afraid not, will test it first thing tomorrow02:48
mdzit works for me (desktop, USB keyboard)02:48
mdzsounds like a powerbook thing02:48
KamionI'm very surprised I haven't noticed it02:49
Kamionbut I haven't tried to do a great deal of development on warty/powerpc so it's possible I missed it02:49
mdzKamion: can you point me in the right direction for getting hotplug firmware loading working in d-i?02:51
Kamionmdz: put the firmware on a partition you can mount from the installer02:53
Kamionmdz: run up to partitioning, ignoring network failures02:53
Kamionmdz: on tty2, mount the partition you put the firmware on, and copy it to /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/02:53
Kamionmdz: probably copy the relevant kernel modules to the right place as well02:53
Kamionmdz: then go back to the d-i main menu and retry the "detect network hardware" step, and see if it works at all02:54
mdzKamion: what would be the best way to convince it to let me set a console keymap?02:55
jdubmdz: back02:55
jdubmdz: now i can't get anything but static out of it... grr. rebooting.02:55
mdzah, answer: chroot into the root filesystem and use loadkeys :-)02:56
=== elmo_mf [~james@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzKamion: there is no /sbin/hotplug02:57
Kamionmdz: /bin/hotplug-pcmcia, it's set as the hotplug handler for brief periods02:57
mdzand sys.kernel.hotplug still says /sbin/hotplug02:57
Kamiononly if you have pcmcia though, which is one of the reasons I suspect my patch is broken02:57
mdzhey, the firmware loading code in there looks totally reasonable02:58
mdzI bet it works02:58
Kamionit probably will do if it's called :)02:58
elmo_mfthere's not going to be 'restricted' udebs is there?03:00
jdubmdz: okay, verified - works fine, and an appropriate volume03:01
Kamionelmo_mf: um, not yet03:02
Kamionelmo_mf: wouldn't rule it out though ...03:02
mdzKamion: yeah, so if I tweak all the right knobs, it works03:02
Kamionelmo_mf: but anna can't load udebs from multiple Packages files anyway03:02
elmo_mfmeh, well, when there is let me know, 'cos they won't work 03:02
mdzjdub: thanks, uploaded03:03
Kamionso the CDs would have to do some evil hacks and netboot almost certainly wouldn't do the right thing03:03
elmo_mfmdz/jdub: new alsa-utils pulled in dialog - ok for main?03:03
Kamionelmo_mf: yeah, my changes to cdimage don't know about the idea of restricted udebs, although it would be a one-line change to add03:03
mdzelmo_mf: for base, you mean?03:04
Kamionmdz: starting a new CD build now to see what happens03:04
elmo_mfmdz: well that too03:04
Kamionelmo_mf: isn't whiptail enough for it?03:05
mdzwait, how is it that dialog isn't in main?03:05
mdzif it depends on it?03:05
KamionDepends: [...] , dialog | whiptail # in Debian03:05
mdzalsa's deps haven't changed recently03:05
Kamion... and in warty for that matter03:06
Kamionmdz: uh, how were you planning on getting linux-restricted-modules installed as part of base?03:07
=== whiprush_ [~jorge@arslinux.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzKamion: debootstrap, presumably?03:07
Kamionmdz: debootstrap can't install it because debootstrap (rightly) doesn't install kernels03:07
Kamionit's base-installer's job to pick the right one03:07
mdzwell, there are kernels in BaseSeed03:08
Kamiondebootstrap doesn't install those either, they're explicitly excluded03:08
mdzso you're already coping with that somehow, yes?03:08
elmo_mferr, I think this is germinate going nuts again, blah03:08
elmo_mfall I did was add restricted, damn it03:08
Kamionbase-installer installs the kernel separately; it has to be this way because otherwise you get shit like power3 kernels accidentally ending up as /boot/vmlinux on powerpc, which is bad03:08
mdzso can it add the corresponding linux-restricted-modules for whichever kernel it finds?03:09
Kamionso it'll have to be taught about linux-restricted-modules; file a bug and I'll look at that tomorrow ...03:09
jdubmozilla-firefox is 41MB03:09
=== jdub will grab the orig on chinstrap instead ;)
Kamionjdub: you so need a local mirror03:09
jdubKamion: i've been getting by with an apt-proxy03:10
jdubi originally thought a full mirror would be silly03:10
Kamionif one person in Oz has one then everyone else can mirror off them :-)03:10
jdubthat might not be the case ;)03:10
jdubstfu :)03:10
Kamionadmittedly I have the luxury of being in the same country as the master site, which is a nice change03:10
jdubhow big is the main archive now?03:11
elmo_mf23Gb, 17Gb without universe03:11
jdub(and restricted)03:11
jdubgood lord03:11
Kamion$ du -s /mirror/ubuntu/pool/main03:11
Kamion5870052 /mirror/ubuntu/pool/main03:11
Kamion$ du -s /mirror/ubuntu/pool/restricted03:12
Kamion18228   /mirror/ubuntu/pool/restricted03:12
=== tvon [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
elmo_mferr, sorry 17Gb _LESS_ without universe03:12
jduboh, that sounds better03:12
Kamionelmo_mf: I was about to say :)03:12
=== jdub spanks elmo_mf
tvonYall know samba-common.config is busted?03:12
jdubtvon: fix was uploaded a few moments ago03:12
mdzKamion: which package provides hotplug-pcmcia?03:12
tvonjdub: spiffy03:12
Kamionmdz: something in the ddetect source, hw-detect I think03:12
jdubSPIFFY INDEED! :)03:12
jdubtoday is very spiffy03:13
tvonspiffy keen03:13
elmo_mfkamion: ok, so, like I add restricted but nvidia foo isn't in the desktop seed yet... according to this crackful run of germinate03:13
Kamionelmo_mf: -> mdz I guess, not sure what the Plan is there03:13
mdznvidia foo isn't supposed to be in the desktop seed yet03:13
mdzI think it'd be pretty crackful to swap out our preferred X driver 2 days before preview03:14
jdubunpacking mozilla-firefox made my lappy hang for about 15 seconds03:14
elmo_mfmdz: ok, I just got the wrong impression from earlier then, that's fine03:14
elmo_mfjdub: is DMA turned on ? :)03:14
jdub UDMA modes: udma0 udma1 udma2 udma3 udma4 *udma503:15
=== lucas_ [~lucas@cab-192023.calixo.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmdz: you have new CDs with restricted stuff on them now03:15
Kamionoh yes03:18
Kamionmdz, jdub: a friend of mine (also a sounder) wanted to interview me about Ubuntu for a LUG radio thingy, possibly on Wednesday, possibly later03:18
=== tvon looks around
Kamionmdz, jdub: is Wednesday too soon, and if not is there anything in particular you want me to say / not say? :)03:19
jdubKamion: what time? :)03:19
KamionUK daytime I suppose, dunno exactly03:19
jdublucas_: hi03:19
KamionI've been slack about getting back to him03:19
jdubKamion: post lunchtime would be ideal :)03:20
Kamionhaha, you expect me to have time to give radio interviews *before* lunchtime on release day? :)03:20
Kamionis the release time UK lunchtime then? I'd better get up super-early on Wednesday03:20
jdubit's not like you're on the release critical path or anything, mister cd man! ;)03:20
jdubKamion: approx 1400 UTC, will confirm later03:21
KamionI think I must own at least one of the Big Red Handles03:21
Kamionok, thanks03:21
Kamionanyway, K's here, night all03:22
jdubnight dude03:22
jdubsleep well :)03:23
Kamionelmo_mf: hm, p.s. any chance of a Contents file for debian-installer somewhere03:24
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-250-175.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
elmo_mfkamion: but not tonight, i'm passed the point where I wish I had an  AI to auto-lock me out of my accounts :)03:27
elmo_mfbut I don't have that, so I'll go to bed instead.. night all03:27
=== haggai_ [~halls@pD9EA59AC.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tvon [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubi changed one line in mozilla-firefox03:57
jduband the diff is 29K larger03:57
tvonwicked one liner?03:58
jdubdefault homepage ;)03:58
tvonHey, speaking of which...not that I'm not busy enough as it is, but my normal area of expertiese is web stuffs.  Is anyone thinking about a "real" homepage?03:58
jdubplus all sorts of whacky binary changes it can't diff properly -> huh?03:58
jdubtvon: yes, in the pipeline03:59
danielselmo_mf: PING04:01
tvonmeanwhile I'm sitting here breaking the UserLinux website...04:01
=== stub [~zen@c211-28-34-252.sunsh1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
lamontKamion: yes, vi not emacs04:08
mdzdaniels: he's gone to sleep04:09
lamontgpg 04:12
lamontmain(): could not install capabilities: Operation not permitted04:12
lamontsigh.  what'd I do now?04:12
mdzthere was a bug like that which was fixed months ago04:14
mdzlamont: modprobe capability, perhaps04:15
=== lamont has a patch for groisofs.
lamontbut it mandates puking04:16
danielsmdz: ahr04:17
lamont        else if (CDROM_CAN(CDC_MO_DRIVE))04:18
lamont                ret = mo_open_write(cdi);04:18
lamont+       else if (CDROM_CAN(CDC_RAM))04:18
lamont+               ret=0;04:18
lamontmind you, that's the _WRONG_ patch...04:18
mdzjustdave: ping04:19
mdzlamont: the growisofs code makes baby jesus cry04:20
mdzwho would have thought that something so simple on the outside could be so gnarly on the inside04:20
lamontmdz: this is cdrom.c04:20
lamontmdz: evolutionary growth, I expect.04:20
lamontbasically, my drive doesn't match _ANY_ of their checks...04:20
=== lamont looks around for justdave, so he can pummel bugzilla at the source.
lamont_WHY_ does it throw away all my work if I accidentaly wind up clicking on a link, or hitting return at the wrong time, or whatever...04:23
danielsmdz: how about, say, changing keyboard layouts in x? not too hard, no?04:24
mdzdaniels: X defines gnarly04:28
danielsgnarly as in a counterpart to rad, or nasty?04:29
justdavemdz: pong04:30
mdz  gnarly04:30
mdz          <jargon> /nar'lee/ Both obscure and {hairy}.  "{Yow}! - the04:30
mdz          tuned {assembler} implementation of {BitBlt} is really04:30
mdz          gnarly!"  From a similar but less specific usage in surfer04:30
mdz          slang.04:30
=== lamont updates 1066
mdzjustdave: is it possible for you to expedite my request to change my email address in bugzilla?04:30
justdaveyeah, it didn't go through or something?04:30
mdzI don't see why it should wait for days, considering I confirmed it04:30
mdzConfirmed email address:  mdz@canonical.com04:30
mdzCompletion date: 2004-09-17 03:16:0004:30
justdaveit should happen immediately when you confirm it04:31
justdaveare you logging in with the new address?04:31
justdave(and it's mailing there?)04:31
justdavewhat's it show next to the logout link in the footer?04:31
lamontjustdave: pardon my frustration, bntw.04:32
justdavemy guess is because we're on https04:33
justdaveI've been noticing that, too, bugzilla.mozilla.org doesn't do that04:33
justdaveFirefox is doing something screwy with the cache or something04:33
tvonIs 'print' working for everyone for taking screenshots?04:33
tvonnm, upstream04:34
tvonhrm....or not04:38
=== tseng [~tseng@tseng.developer.gentoo] has joined #ubuntu
justdaveare their alternatives to the terminal server client that's default in Warty?04:42
mdzjustdave: ah, it lists the new address in the footer04:43
mdzjustdave: so it's actually complete already, despite the future "completion date"?04:43
justdavemdz: you should be set then.  the "completion date" is when it becomes permanent.04:43
mdzI see, weird04:43
justdaveuntil then, you can still cancel it with the link sent to the old email address.04:43
justdaveand it will revert to the old address.04:43
jdubjustdave, mdz: possibility of doing a WartyWarthog -> Ubuntu product name migration?04:44
justdaveAre we going to make a new product for HoaryHedgehog?04:45
mdzno problem on my side; I just need to synchronize it with a change in debzilla04:45
jdubjustdave, mdz: i'd like to start putting milestone targets on bugs, which will make slightly more sense if we do that04:45
mdzjustdave: no, I don't expect so04:45
jdubjustdave: no04:45
justdavethat'd probably confuse things too much.  That's what RedHat does though.04:45
justdaveI don't know how they live with it :)04:45
mdzjustdave, jdub: so, regarding bugzilla for the preview release.  the simplest solution would seem to be to set bug-buddy aside for the moment and replace it with a menu item which points a browser at bugzilla.ubuntu.com.  does that sound doable to you guys?04:46
justdaveoh, now that makes sense. :)  Probably less confusing, too, because bug-buddy still have a heck of a lot of gnome-specific stuff in it, even when we feed it our component list04:48
justdaveonly problem is bug-buddy comes up when a gnome app crashes04:49
lamonthow much more churn will we have before release, I wonder...04:49
lamont(that is, is seb just about done?)04:49
justdaveI haven't looked at 2.8 yet, I saw it come down tonight04:49
mdzjustdave: presumably it wouldn't do that if we stopped installing it in desktop04:50
justdavethe one I'd hacked up locally was 2.72 or something I think04:50
jdubmdz: hrmphmrrmrrmph, yeah, okay. :|04:51
justdaveI am pretty close to having the HTTP-submit working though04:51
mdzjdub: do you have a better suggestion?04:51
jdubmdz: nup, that's a good way out.04:51
justdavebug-buddy thinks it's sendmail, but the script it calls posts it instead of mailing it.04:51
mdzwe have 36 hours04:51
lamontmdz: I see you revisited the buglist...04:52
justdavewhich I need to look at 2.8 now and see whether it's changed too much from 2.7.x04:53
jdubmdz: appropriate to keep it on track for final, though?04:53
mdzjdub: sure04:53
mdzjdub: what looks like the right solution for final?04:53
mdzthis sendmail-to-http gateway?04:54
mdzor the XML-RPC bit you guys were talking about?04:54
jdubxml-rpc won't be ready04:54
jdubsendmail-to-http sounds pretty good04:54
mdzbug-buddy is great for GNOME, but it doesn't allow the user to report bugs against, say, firefox presently04:55
lamontSetting up tetex-base (2.0.2b-4) ...04:55
lamont/var/lib/dpkg/info/tetex-base.postinst: line 1: kpsewhich: command not found04:55
justdaveit'd be nice to teach bug-buddy how to do http itself, but that's probably about as involved as the xmlrpc04:55
jdubmmm, it just doesn't have a lot of distro integration hooks04:55
jdubeasy enough to do04:55
jdub(you can just add/remove sources it grabs info from)04:55
justdaveteaching bug-buddy how to do direct SMTP might be nice, too04:55
justdaveto keep the offline folks happy04:56
mdzbugzilla.no-name-yet.com, or bugzilla.ubuntu.com?04:56
jdubmdz: doesn't look like any of the major severity bugs warrant raising to me - agree?04:56
mdzthe latter doesn't seem to exist yet, but presumably elmo could do that trivially04:56
justdavedoes bugzilla.ubuntu.com work?  if so, let's use it.04:57
mdzit doesn't work yet04:57
mdzbut it could be set up easily tomorrow04:57
mdzok, I noted the tasks in bugzilla05:01
jdubmdz: wrt menu item, aren't we just pushing it out into supported?05:03
jdubmdz: oh05:04
jdubyou also want a browser too05:04
jdubdoesn't make sense to do that in bug-buddy05:04
jdubmdz: perhaps we can just ensure that we have a sensibly obvious link to bugzilla from home.ubuntu.com?05:05
=== lamont tries to reproduce #792 (tetex-base), and fails. But I found a missing Depends... ;-(
mdzjdub: it'd be nice to have a menu item, and then when we switch to using bug-buddy, users already know where to go05:15
mdzjdub: is it inconvenient to do or something?  I thought it was trivial05:16
jdubmdz: well, if we don't install bug-buddy, we don't have a menu item05:17
jdubmdz: so i'd have to install a desktop file somewhere05:17
mdzjdub: bug-buddy-lite :-)05:17
jdubunless you're happy with crash reports going to gnome05:17
mdzif gnome is happy for crash reports to go to gnome...05:18
jdubwhich is okayish, but useless for upstream without debugging symbols05:18
mdzthey're often useless for us without debugging symbols, too05:18
jdubquick hack: shift bug-buddy to supported, add a .desktop file to ubuntu-artwork05:18
mdzunless they're reproducible by one of us05:18
jdubsuper -dbg availability would be k-rad05:19
jdubi have to settle down and write for a while05:19
jdubmajorplus bugs are looking okayish05:20
=== justdave [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzyeah, is debzilla broken or something?05:25
mdzI've seen hardly any RC bug reports from Debian recently05:26
mdzsounders and staff are generating more bug reports than Debian05:26
=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jdub [~jdub@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
lifelessmdz: are you interested in sleep-problems on my laptops?06:02
danielsfabbione: morning dude06:08
=== _kim [hrdwrbob@220-253-4-127.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
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fabbionemdz on which arch did the test fail?06:21
=== lamont goes to bed.
fabbionedaniels: i need to upload an ubuntu17 asap06:26
fabbionedo you have any patches for me?06:26
danielsfabbione: what's in ubuntu17?06:29
danielsi have no patches for today, no06:29
fabbioneX ubuntu1706:30
fabbioneapparently the FB detection isn't working as it should06:30
danielsah yeah06:31
danielsi haven't got any framebuffer stuff, so I haven't been able to look at the problem06:31
mdzfabbione: amd6406:32
mdzlifeless: not for warty I'm not :-)06:32
mdzfabbione: let me know if you need more info or a test06:32
fabbionemdz: i think the fix is simple06:32
lifelessmdz: say when, and I'll start filing them. I've two different laptops here that don't.06:32
fabbionecase "$ARCH" in06:33
fabbione    USE_FBDEV=false06:33
fabbione    ;;06:33
fabbione  *)06:33
fabbione    USE_FBDEV=true06:33
fabbione    ;;06:33
fabbioneif [ -e /proc/fb ] ; then06:33
fabbione  FB_TYPE="$(grep '^0 ' /proc/fb | sed 's/[^[:space:] ]  //')"06:33
fabbione  # did we actually get back anything?06:33
fabbione  if [ -n "$FB_TYPE" ] ; then06:33
fabbione    if echo "$FB_TYPE" | grep -Eiq '(OFfb|VESA)'; then06:33
fabbione      USE_FBDEV=false06:33
fabbione    else06:33
fabbione      # other framebuffers do support UseFBDEV06:33
fabbione      USE_FBDEV=true06:33
fabbione    fi06:33
fabbione  fi06:33
fabbionemdz: can you tell if that one work as expected?06:34
fabbionebecause the second part of the code should not even been entered with an empty FB06:35
mdzfabbione: it would do the right thing for me06:35
fabbionemdz: that's correct06:35
mdzright, apparently it defaulted to true06:35
fabbioneamd64 has to be treated as i38606:35
mdzthat doesn't look quite right though06:35
mdzwouldn't that cause USE_FBDEV=true in some cases when /proc/fb doesn't even exist?06:35
fabbioneyou mean adding a else at the end if proc/fb doesn't exist,,06:36
fabbionehmmm sounds right06:36
fabbionegood point06:37
mdzwhy does the architecture matter?06:37
mdzshouldn't we use fb if it is there, and otherwise not?06:37
whiprushhey so with this canned invitation we can invite lots of people right?06:37
fabbionemdz: i don't remember all the reasons behind it. This is old code from Overfiend06:38
fabbionemdz: i know that for instance sparc needs FB06:38
fabbionelet me check the templates...06:38
fabbioneno it doesn't say06:39
jdubwhiprush: invite some friends along ;)06:39
whiprushokey dokey.06:39
jdubwhiprush: but probably not a LUG list or anything06:39
mdzjdub: did you forget to upload the fix for #1209?06:39
jdubmdz: hrm, i thought that was accepted06:40
m_tthewjdub: I just encountered with an update&&upgrade about 10 minutes ago06:40
fabbionemdz, jdub: can i upload X later today? i am going with this FB fix and a couple of cosmetic fixes to the FAQ from trunk06:40
m_tthew"the bug I mean06:40
mdzjdub: it's not in the pool06:40
jdubfabbione: see the process reqs06:41
mdzjdub: source is there, but no binaries06:41
fabbionejdub: ?06:41
mdzlamont has gone to sleep and elmo is not awake yet06:41
mdzjdub: you uploaded a long time ago, no?06:41
jdubfabbione: preview freeze upload requirements on sounder list06:41
lamontmdz: 1215 is warty06:41
jdubmdz: yeah06:41
=== lamont is really trying to go to sleep... :-)
mdzlamont: yay, you're awake06:42
mdzlamont: what's up with the samba build?06:42
jdublamont: are you really comfortable with the postfix changes you made?06:42
mdzfabbione: yes, the FB fix is critical for preview06:42
fabbionemdz: thanks06:43
mdzdocumentation fixes are OK as well06:43
fabbionemdz: oky06:43
lamontSep 14 01:44:55 buildd-mail: Error: Bad keyword in answer samba_3.0.7-1ubuntu206:44
=== lamont ^5's the gpg capabilities b0rkage
mdzlamont: eek, so no builds signed for a while?06:44
fabbioneah cool06:45
fabbioneso now.. i am going to upload X in like 20 minutes06:46
fabbioneand nobody will test it until a few hours that elmo show up06:46
=== fabbione hits his head on a wall
jameshanyone want to test out my battstat applet patch?  I don't have any binaries though.06:46
mdzlamont: thanks for checking it out; hope it doesn't keep you up too far past your bedtime06:47
lamontso did chinstrap throw a fit?06:47
lamontno, just sluggish.06:47
lamontdamn arch06:47
mdzlamont: capabilities b0rkage is local to you, right, not on elmo's end?06:47
mdzfabbione: what are you going to do about #929?06:48
mdzI have no problems with the nv driver06:48
lamontI fixed the other 9 while I was there...06:49
lamontwell, total of 10 $arch.changes files06:49
fabbionemdz: daniels and i are working on backporting the nv driver from x.org06:49
mdzlamont: future builds will be content?06:49
lamontjdub/mdz: samba should be there (the mirror) in about 15 minutes.06:49
jdubcool, ta06:50
lamontmdz: remember when I bitched about gpg missing capabilities?06:50
mdzlamont: yep06:50
lamonteverything in that timeframe06:50
fabbionemdz: neither do i.. check the BTS. there are at least 3 or 4 reports related to the same problem06:50
mdzlamont: #121306:50
lamontand nothing since I did the modprobe06:50
lamontadded to /etc/modules06:50
lamontmind if I upload a new gpg tomorrow, if pitti doesn't beat me to it?06:51
mdzlamont: I think he probably will, since he'll be awake soon, but sure06:52
mdzlamont: you should only need to revert the debian/rules and debian/control changes06:52
lamontcool.  and I'll close 1209 in the morning if jdub doesn't beat me to it...06:52
=== lamont is gonna wait until they're really there.. :)
lamonttripped over 1215 while I was trying to verify 792 (which I can't...)06:53
lamonthave we set a time tomorrow for the upload moritorium?06:54
=== Kamion [~cjwatson@host81-153-126-219.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
jblacklooking at www.babytux.org/articles/howto/how2livecd.php...A live cd of warty could be cool...07:24
lamontjblack: uh, we have one of those...07:26
jblackgeesh. nobody tells me anything.07:29
jblackOk. Thanks.07:30
lamonterr, http://wiki.ubuntu.com/WartyWarthog_2fLiveCD07:31
jblackGot it.07:31
lifelessjblack: its in the email that jdub sent.. and on the nonameyet wiki07:31
lamontalthough that page needs to be updated to not point at no-name-yet.com sometime (even though it works...)07:31
=== lamont makes another valiant attempt to go to bed
jdublamont: you can do it!07:32
lamontjdub: I hope so.  There is precedent...07:32
=== Mithrandir yawns
lamontactivity log sent.  Now I have to go to bed, so tomorrow can start. :-)07:34
Mithrandirlamont: are you filing bugs about the failed amd64 builds?07:35
mdzjblack: are you not subscribed to the sounder mailing list?07:38
mdzjblack: that is where these things are announced and discussed07:38
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
pittiMorning, guys!07:41
jblackmdz: I am.07:45
pittimdz: ah, great! gpg finally works without suid; this did not work with upstream
jblackonly been there for 3-4 weeks though07:46
mdzpitti: right, but Herbert integrated the patch as requested07:46
pittimdz: shall I prepare an interdiff for you and elmo to review?07:46
mdzpitti: I think it should be fine to just revert --with-capabilities (and the build-dep)07:46
mdzif you want to remove your capabilities-related patches, that is fine too07:46
pittimdz: yes, I don't want intrusive changes07:46
mdzbut since it is basically undoing work, it should be quite safe07:46
mdzif you want to revert it so that it is exactly the same as it was before you touched it, that is fine07:47
pittimdz: another thing: my jackd modifications do not really have the desired effect07:47
mdzyour other patches are still valid, but they would not be used anyway07:47
pittimdz: jackd has a weird architecture that wants to give capabilities to _client_ threads (insane, but true)07:47
pittimdz: so I would like to upload a package with --with-caopabilities disabled and without any suid at all07:48
pittimdz: possible?07:48
mdzpitti: sounds great07:48
pittimdz: it's basically the same as with gnupg: just rebuild without the configure flag07:48
mdzpitti: but jackd wants setpriority(), not mlock(), doesn't it?07:49
pittimdz: it wants both. SYS_NICE and IPC_LOCK07:49
pittimdz: it wants to lock the memory of the sound buffers, for not allowing it to swap07:50
pittimdz: but it also wants to start a new thread in the client player program with these capabilities (ugh)07:50
mdzSYS_NICE should have a much greater effect than locking the memory07:50
pittimdz: I discussed this a while with the Debian maintainer07:50
mdzfor reducing latency07:50
pittimdz: yes, I don't want to give it to _arbitrary_ user processes07:50
mdzpitti: so capabilities are not inherited by threads in Linux?07:51
pittimdz: the key is that CAP_SETPCAP is required to give these capabilities to player (client) processes, not just to new jackd instances07:51
pittimdz: within one process, all threads of course have the same caps07:52
mdzpitti: oh!07:52
mdzthat is insane07:52
pittimdz: I really mean that jackd gives CAP_* to processes like xmms, rhythmbox e.g.07:52
mdzI thought you meant the threads which serviced the client07:52
pittimdz: not just to other jackd subthreads07:52
mdzbut the client itself, that is insane07:52
pittimdz: I also thought this at first07:52
pittimdz: that's why the current solution does not work and I want to disable this completely07:53
pittimdz: most modern computers should have enough RAM to play well also without realtime caps07:53
pittimdz: and according to the debian maintainer, professional sound engineers don't care about the security stuff anyway and will happily install patched kernels :-/07:54
mdzpitti: they should just run all their applications as root :-)07:55
mdzfrom a -19 priority shell07:55
pittimdz: gnupg: I would like not to touch the code (the new capability code could stay in), just remove the configure option and the suid flag. Is that okay for you?07:55
mdzpitti: that is fine with me07:55
pittimdz: interdiff for gpg: http://www.piware.de/gpg-nosuid.diff08:00
pittimdz: it's trivial, but for the protocol...08:00
mdzpitti: looks fine08:01
mdzyou could even remove the chmod entirely08:01
mdzoh, but it doesn't use debhelper08:01
mdzso safer to leave it in08:01
pittimdz: I don't know, it does not use debhelper and dh_fixperms08:01
pittimdz: ugh, it FTBFSses08:02
pittimdz: obiously my patch did not #ifdef #endif one of the declarations08:02
pittimdz: it wasn't even my code that failed. I updated the patch in the above URL, now it builds and works correctly08:12
pittimdz: shall I upload?08:12
=== sparkes [~sparkes@host217-42-162-134.range217-42.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
mdzpitti: yes08:23
pittimdz: done. Now http://www.piware.de/jack-nosuid.diff ;-)08:28
mdzpitti: it is a bit strange for the binary to be 075408:33
mdzit should probably be 075508:33
mdzotherwise, looks good08:34
pittimdz: it was intended to restrict execution to audio members08:34
pittimdz: but of course this could now be changed08:34
mdzyes, there is no point when it is not setuid08:36
pittimdz: I changed it to root:root 75508:36
mdzsounds fine08:36
pittimdz: interdiff is updated08:37
pittimdz: just tell me when I shall upload08:37
mdzpitti: go ahead08:37
pittimdz: done08:38
pittimdz: then I will deal with the mysql security thingy now08:38
pittimdz: this might last a bit, if you went already to bed when I'm finished, can jdub approve the thing or do you want to do this this evening^w^wnext morning?08:39
mdzpitti: I do not want to be a bottleneck08:39
mdzjdub should be around08:40
mdzpitti: you intend to work on fixing security bugs today, yes?08:40
pittimdz: yes, same procedure as yesterday (and day before... :-) )08:41
pittimdz: I hope to see the results of DSA 2004 today08:41
pittimdz: lamont came pretty far, but did not finish yet08:41
pittimdz: and sivan's 2002 results still had two todo items08:41
mdzpitti: for purposes of the preview release, we will limit ourselves to urgent fixes only08:42
mdzlow-impact bugs we can fix after the preview release08:42
pittimdz: I agree; the handful of "to be examined closer" items in the wiki aren't showstoppers08:42
pittimdz: I discussed with the Debian maintainers about them, some vulnerabilities are still present08:43
mdzI am not so sure that mysql is serious enough for preview, really08:43
pittimdz: e. g. quagga has broken ACL handling, but only few of our users will probably use it :-)08:43
pittimdz: up to now its the most serious item on my list08:43
mdzit is only an insecure temporary file08:43
mdzand a few even less serious issues08:44
pittimdz: if you have more important tasks for me?08:44
mdzbut it should be easy to fix it non-intrusively08:44
mdzpitti: could you look at #1142?08:45
mdzalso #118708:45
fabbionemdz: X is up08:46
pittifabbione: good morning!08:46
mdzfabbione: thanks, i will test on my amd64 system in the morning08:47
fabbionehey pitti08:47
fabbionemdz: thanks! in any case it should work08:47
fabbionemdz: since it uses more sane defaults08:47
fabbionesimilar to r1813 on debian-x08:47
fabbioneok.. let's try to work out the nv driver problem08:48
pittimdz: with #1187, I will just take Marco's patch from sid (review it of course)08:48
pittimdz: #117808:48
pittimdz: but this bug does not even apply to us, just on 0.031-108:49
pittimdz: we have 0.02608:49
pittimdz: grr, wrong bug. sorry.08:50
danielsmdz: ping09:00
fabbionedaniels: i am working on the nv driver.09:00
danielsfabbione: is ubuntu17 up yet?09:00
danielsfabbione: um dude, we're in freeze09:00
fabbionedaniels: yes09:00
fabbionedaniels: it's critical. too many bug reports in debian too09:01
fabbionei am not sure we can make for the preview09:01
fabbionebut we need to do it for final09:01
danielsfabbione: yeah, fo'sho09:01
fabbionei am pretty sure after preview we will receive a bunch of bugs for X to fix anyway09:01
danielshm, can't see ubuntu17 up publicly09:01
fabbionedaniels: uploaded a few minutes ago09:02
fabbioneit will take at least another 30 minutes to be on auckland09:02
mdzdaniels: pong09:02
mdzfabbione, daniels: do you guys have an idea of the nature of the bug?09:04
mdzor do we just hope that updating the driver will fix it?09:05
mdzok, I need some sleep, back in the morning09:05
fabbionemdz: there are 2 known problems. one with the hardware mouse and one with the screen getting blank09:05
danielsfabbione: there are different problems09:06
danielser, mdz09:06
fabbionemdz: i can see the changes to the mouse stuff, but i am not sure what can cause the screen blanking.09:06
fabbionemdz: the latter is "hope that will fix"09:06
danielsmdz: ok. but yeah, it's largely impossible to validate nv fixes except via lots of tests, since the driver is stupid09:06
fabbionemdz: i am pretty sure i can get people to test the new driver before uploading09:06
fabbionemdz: since i can create a binary only and ask people to test it09:07
fabbionemdz: so let's see09:07
fabbione 408 -rw-r--r--    1 fabbione src        413582 Sep 14 07:04 991_ubuntu_update_nv_driver_from_xorg.diff09:07
=== fabbione sighs
danielsgood god, that's horrific -- 09:08
danielsfabbione: not surprised :\09:08
Gman_daniels, like yast is much better09:11
fabbionedaniels: what about the wacom driver?09:15
fabbionedaniels: if both in debian and here doesn't work properly...09:15
danielsfabbione: i'll throw you over a source package with ati and wacom stuff later -- i'm back at dad's place now for a bit09:15
fabbionedaniels: we should consider raising the severity09:15
danielsfabbione: could you please look at xresprobe 0.4.6 at http://fooishbar.org/daniel/xresprobe/ and if it looks good, consider sponsoring it?09:15
fabbionedaniels: just gimme the patches :-) i don't need an entire source tree :-)09:15
fabbionedaniels: ok09:16
danielsfabbione: no access to them right now, dude ... they're on my home machine, which isn't dialed in right now09:16
danielsbut i'll be back home at about 1000 UTC09:16
danielsmaybe a bit later09:16
danielsGman_: that's total cargo cult usability tho09:17
danielsGman_: 'if my control panel looks like OS X, maybe my users will know what "fstab File" means!'09:17
danielsso they just look unoriginal AND silly09:18
jameshand it uses the MacOS logo on all the disk icons09:18
jameshthat must help too09:18
danielsyeah, my bad09:18
jameshthe icon spacing looks pretty weird too09:19
Mithrandiranybody know of a trivial client-server example using SASL?09:20
lifelesstelnet ?09:23
Mithrandirhmm, possibly, yes.09:24
MithrandirI should take a look.09:24
Mithrandirsilly me. :P09:24
=== ik5pvx [~Bus_Error@paperino.noc.seabone.net] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneciao ik5pvx :-)09:43
=== pitti_ [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== debianist [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu
debianistmorning all10:09
pitti_debianist: good morning!10:09
pitti_sabdfl: good morning!10:10
fabbionehey guys10:14
debianistgood morning pitti!10:14
debianisthey fabbione, more delicious dishes today?10:14
fabbionedebianist: not yet :-)10:15
fabbionein a couple of hours or so ;)10:15
debianistpitti : ok, what's next? :-)10:16
pitti_debianist: I'm at backporting the security fixes from mysql10:16
pitti_debianist: the 2004 DSAs need to be evaluated completely10:17
pitti_debianist: lamont already started with this, but I don't know about the exact state10:17
debianistpitti : should I coordinate with him, maybe start down the list until we meet in the middle?10:19
pitti_debianist: he's currently asleep (I suppose)10:20
debianistpitti : different time zone? :)10:20
pitti_debianist: he already processed the list with the help of doko's script10:20
pitti_debianist: USA west coast10:20
pitti_debianist: I do have an outstanding task...10:22
pitti_debianist: see the two courier bugs in the wiki?10:22
pitti_debianist: can you take a look at this and try to find out the status?10:22
pitti_debianist: I think we finish the 2004 DSAs when lamont comes back10:23
debianistpiiti : ok, i will try10:33
pitti_geez, the packaging of mysql is a mess and the security patch is broken10:34
debianistpitii : mysql is warty main?10:35
pitti_debianist: yep10:35
pitti_debianist: #119810:35
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pittilulu: howdy10:36
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-16-71.w81-50.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
pittiseb128: hi!10:42
seb128hey pitti 10:42
pittiseb128: I found an easy solution for ##114210:42
pittiseb128: if you want I can take this bug10:42
seb128yes please10:42
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@extgw-uk.mips.com] has joined #ubuntu
pittiseb128: so you can continue your gnome 2.8 upload berserk mode :-)10:43
pittiKinnison: morning10:43
seb128pitti: yeah :)10:43
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
seb128pitti: gnome_cups_spawn() in libgnomecups/gnome-cups-permission.c 10:44
seb128pitti: if you need the function that runs gksudo10:44
pittiseb128: thanks10:45
pittiseb128: I actually would like it more to disable this admin button entirely since cups cannot verify the root password anyway10:45
pittiseb128: I will see how intrusive that is10:45
pittiseb128: cupsd does not run in group shadow any more, so it cannot read /etc/shadow10:46
seb128he can if the administrator decide to change the sudo settings10:46
seb128oh ok10:46
pittiseb128: of course, the admin can just put cupsd into shadow, the README.Debian explains that10:46
pittiseb128: okay, that's a point, I'll leave the button in and just fix the gksudo call10:46
seb128so perhaps letting the option in the soft is better10:46
=== thom blinks at samba. ho hum
seb128bad thom 10:54
seb128thom: always dpkg -i package before uploading at least10:55
seb128that's minimal test10:55
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=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
[Bruce] hello10:57
[Bruce] i installed ubuntu yesterday (now not running it)10:57
[Bruce] and had a few issues10:57
_kimwhat issues10:57
=== _kim is now known as HrdwrBoB
[Bruce] i really dont agree with the partitioning config section10:58
cefheya [Bruce]  , what's the problem?10:58
[Bruce] i didnt want to change partitioning10:58
[Bruce] just use an existing partition10:58
=== Gman_ is now known as GmanAFK
cefso you selected 'edit manually' ?10:58
[Bruce] but that was hidden well under 'partitioning'10:59
thomseb128: (the sad thing is, i did. then i redid the patch and didn't bother). gar.10:59
seb128thom: ah ah :p10:59
[Bruce] and still aksed me if i want to write my changes10:59
[Bruce] i have other things, but i have told daniels, so im not sure if im wasting my time10:59
thom[Bruce] : best to send a mail to the sounder list so everyone can see and talk11:00
[Bruce] well i havent signed up11:01
=== silbs [~jane@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
[Bruce] after my experience yesterday im not motivated to do so11:01
jdub[Bruce] : the partitioner is probably the most tricky part of the install, if you have to do anything special11:05
=== [Bruce] is now known as food_Bruce
jdub[Bruce] : beyond that it's ace! :)11:05
food_Brucei wouldnt call that special11:05
ceffood_Bruce: note that the partitioner is the same in Debian Sarge, so it's not like Ubuntu is using anything just specific to it.11:07
sabdfllifeless: !!!11:08
lifelesssabdfl: ???11:09
jameshseb128: did you get my email?11:09
seb128grumpf, I've a problem with my mails11:10
seb128I never get jdub's one neither11:10
Keybukseb128: yeah, I don't think your canonical.com is working11:10
seb128Keybuk: but I get ACCEPTED mail11:11
seb128and when I mail from here I've no problem, in 5 min I get the mail back11:11
Keybuksebastien@canonical.com loops11:11
seb128oh, I've seb128@canonical.com 11:11
Keybukah, elmo hasn't updated the sheet then?11:11
seb128not sure if that replaces the sebastien@11:11
Keybukyeah it must have11:12
thomyeah, it has.11:13
pittijdub: here?11:14
Keybukpeople are probably using the canonical address book I did, which would've had the wrong address in it for you11:14
jdubpitti: yeah11:18
pittijdub: I prepared a new mysql-dfsg package (bug #1198), can you please approve it?11:18
pittijdub: I just added an interdiff and a comment11:19
thomjdub: thanks for fixing samba :(11:19
jdubthom: ;)11:20
jdubthom: stinky hash!11:20
seb12817 tarballs out now11:25
rburtongo seb128 go11:26
seb128not easy, I was keeping the control, but marmk just hurt me with a massive bunch of releases :p11:27
KeybukI want salty GNOME 2.8 goodness!11:30
=== rburton worries about Keybuk's, ahem, excitement
rburtonnew dvd recorder turned up11:38
rburtonseb128: hopefully this will fix my hal problems11:38
food_Brucecef: then my issue is with debian as well11:39
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=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
sabdfldefault homepage for our browsers will be home.ubuntu.com for warty11:56
sabdflthanks jdub for implementing that on epiphany and firefox11:56
jdubyes, alrea-- ah11:56
sabdflhow do you guys feel about having that a simple google-style page11:56
jdubsabdfl: i've reopened that bug suggesting we have the on-disk page for Final - do you want to do that?11:57
jdub(once we have the site design, it will be relatively easy)11:57
sabdflsorry, brain fart11:57
sabdflhmm... actually...11:57
rburtonwith todays ubuntu, hal/pmount did the wrong thing when i put a disk in11:57
sabdflAbout ubuntu should be on-disk html11:57
pittisabdfl: I would prefer a local page (like the Debian package of mozilla does), since it does not require net connection11:58
sabdflbut homepage for the browser makes more sense as a web page11:58
sabdflbut why would you start a browser without a net connection?11:58
pittirburton: that is the wrong thing?11:58
lifelesssabdfl: because epiphany sucks.11:58
rburtonsabdfl: i often start a web browser to read local documentation11:58
jdubsabdfl: perhaps they should be the same thing?11:58
pittisabdfl: to watch html files, read documentation, watch cups jobs, etc.11:58
rburtonon the train i read the gtk+ docs, python manual, etc etc11:58
lifelessmore usefully when you log out your session is saved... and if the browser is open it reopens.11:58
jdublifeless: that's just a bug :)11:59
sabdfli suppose we can update that local html with regular updates11:59
jdublifeless: and unrelated, silly mans ;)11:59
sabdflalong with the calendar images11:59
lifelessthe repoening, or the losing-all-your-pages ?11:59
rburtonpitti: i've /dev/hdc /media/cdrom in fstab and hal mounted /dev/hdc on /media/cdrom011:59
jdubsabdfl: i suggested to mdz that we put that content in ubuntu-artwork11:59
jdubsabdfl: for easy branding and so on11:59
sabdflalright, i'm happy with this for warty11:59
pittisabdfl: hoary could come with a fancy network detection script in the postinst and install a local/webbased homepage based on its outcome11:59
sabdflpitti: could be unpredictable12:00
thomjdub: it's one of the best features of epiphany, you fascist12:00
rburtongar, i can't burn a cd with 2.6.8-212:00
pittirburton: argh, the symlink hack12:00
thom(besides the fact it's not firefox)12:00
jdub(epiphany will probably use networkmanager to detect that in the 2.10 timeframe)12:00
pittirburton: however, does it still work that way?12:00
jdubthom: what, breaking your saved session if you don't have a network connection when you try to recover it?12:00
pittirburton: i. e. is it mounted and can you access it?12:00
jdubthom: that's a bad bug :)12:00
thomjdub: well, that's a bug in gnome12:01
thomfor not being able to tell :P12:01
jdubregardless, epiphany shouldn't dump the state when it fails12:01
jdubyou just get a bunch of blank page tabs instead of "couldn't get there" errors with the url saved12:01
pittisabdfl: maybe it fails for some people, but if these notice that firefox tries to access a network page, they could change the homepage on their own12:01
thomjdub: oh, right12:02
jdubthom: you seem to be suggesting that my awareness of bugs in epiphany is somehow related to the decision to go with firefox. ;-) i do not endorse this point of view! </quimby>12:02
jdubelmo: ping12:07
thomjdub: you're just a mozilla.org lackey12:08
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
rburtonpitti: https://bugzilla.no-name-yet.com/show_bug.cgi?id=121712:10
sabdflanybody see the kde-port-of-gecko announcement?12:11
sabdflnative gecko, for use in KDE apps12:12
sabdflwe need the same, really soon, for gnome12:12
jdubwe already have it12:12
cefyuppers.. will be good once it hits debian of course12:12
jdubthat's what gtkmozembed is12:12
sabdflit's not easily usable, is it12:12
jduband what epiphany uses12:12
jdubthere are problems with it, but it's not horrific to use12:12
mjg59The first version of galeon was entirely usable and about 2000 lines of code12:13
pittirburton: thanks12:13
mjg59(Of course, it was massively unstable, but so was Mozilla at that point...)12:13
=== thom points fabbione towards #1218
jdubsabdfl: simply embedding a browser is not very hard (yelp will use gecko soon), but trying to build a proper, full-featured browser around it is a bit hard, requires lots of integration work, etc.12:13
sabdflhow much would it cost to develop a clone of firefox in python-gtk with gtkmozembed doing the rendering?12:14
jdubhow much of a 'clone' do you want?12:14
rburtonwhat i wrong with ephy?12:14
jdubsabdfl: i think the better strategy would be to improve on what epiphany has already managed to achieve12:14
thomrburton: jdub hates12:14
mjg59thom: But we all know that jdub is Australian and therefore wrong12:15
jdubthom: no, that is wrong, please don't continue saying that12:15
rburtoni don't love but i'm growing to love it.  the one feature i miss i'm this far: |   | from implementing myself12:15
cefrburton: which feature?12:15
rburtoncef: middle click on new tab button to create a new tab and go to the url in the clipboard12:16
mjg59Mm. That'd be sort of nice.12:16
sabdflepiphany is nice but is too minimalist12:16
cefyeah I can see how that'd be useful12:16
rburtongaleon does it, and its very handy12:16
mjg59galeon is a less minimalist epiphany12:16
rburtonwith different bookmarks12:17
fabbionethom: erh... what should i do about it?12:17
mjg59But manages not to be crackful, unless they've broken it since I last used it12:17
sabdflthe firefox guys have a very nice balance of functionality in the base vs extensions12:17
sabdflbookmarks need to be WAY better12:17
sabdflgoogle-style free text search12:17
sabdfljust bookmark the page and forget about it12:17
sabdflto find it, start typing12:17
ceffirefox is just way too heavy though (footprint wise)12:17
sabdflthat's because of xul12:18
mjg59sabdfl: In the future there will be Beagle12:18
sabdflthat's why i want a native clone of firefox12:18
jdubit's not because of xul12:18
thomfabbione: is there any more info you need?12:18
jdubto run gecko, you get all of xul plus the native widget set12:18
fabbionethom: as many as possible. logs, strace, all the info about the autodetection and so on.. lspci -n12:18
sabdflyes but you aren't actually rendering xul unless you do so explicitly, like firefox12:19
fabbionethom: but it's not critical12:19
sabdflanyhow guys, that's a fantasy discussion for another time and channel :-)12:19
jdubsabdfl: every widget in the browser pane is rendered using the same system xul is12:19
pittiseb128: I lied a little while ago: gnome-cups-manager's become admin button does work12:19
Keybukmjg59: unless nat gets distracted by something shinier <g>12:19
pittiseb128: it does not send root's password to cupsd, but becomes root to be able to read the cups certificate12:19
jdubsabdfl: xul is just glorified xml+html+javascript12:20
pittiseb128: so, everything is alright :-)12:20
jdub(in terms of rendering)12:20
seb128pitti: ok, nice12:20
cefhey does ubuntu have a method to add java support to firefox? ie: a package or whatever?12:20
sabdflsystem yes, but if you don't use it it doesn't suck ram12:20
jdubsabdfl: whether you're using firefox or ephiphany, you're using xul12:20
jdubfirefox and ephiphany are very comparable in terms of resources12:20
jdubwhich points to a lot of optimisations to be made on the firefox side ;)12:21
fabbioneelmo: ping12:21
sabdfljdub: dude, xul will never be as slick for menus, dialogs etc as native12:21
mjg59Keybuk: Thankfully, it's mostly trow working on it12:22
fabbioneelmo: X ubuntu17 isn't in the archive yet.. do we know if it is a FTBFS or something else?12:23
jdubsabdfl: if you mean not having exactly the same behaviour, that's definitely true12:23
=== Oskuro is now known as jordi
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cefho hum12:30
jdubfabbione: there have been some build issues12:30
jdubfabbione: sources go in, binaries don't turn up, etc.12:30
fabbionejdub: ok.12:35
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=== fabbione grabs some food
=== edd [dancer@] has joined #ubuntu
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rburtoni get ":-( unable to PREVENT MEDIA REMOVAL: Operation not permitted" when i try and burn a dvd12:42
rburtoni take it i need to be root to burn12:42
rburtonor should this work?12:43
pittirburton: I suppose this should actually work as user12:44
pittirburton: it works for normal cd-r (at least for me)12:44
cefsame here12:44
rburtonah my cdrecord isn't suid root12:44
rburtoni guess it should be12:44
=== SteveA [~steve@adsl-213-190-44-43.takas.lt] has joined #ubuntu
pittirburton: my cdrecord isn't as well12:45
pittirburton: does it work if you execute the burning program with sudo?12:46
pittirburton: (or, just add the suid to cdrecord, for that purpose)12:46
rburtonpitti: hm, still doesn't work12:51
SteveAI just upgraded using apt, rebooted, and oddly now sound doesn't work. 12:57
SteveAa bunch of alsa modules seem to be loaded12:58
=== thaytan [jan@] has joined #ubuntu
thaytanhi guys01:05
jdubhey thaytan 01:05
thaytanI'm just trying to spot a netboot image to feed my tftp monster01:06
jdubKamion: ping?01:06
fabbionehi thaytan 01:06
pittijdub: do you think you can approve #1142 today?01:07
fabbionethaytan: i am using it with no problem.. do you need a url?01:07
jdubpitti: checking01:07
thomfabbione: i wouldn't mind one ;-)01:07
thaytanfabbione: please01:07
thaytanI can't spot it on ftp01:07
jdubpitti: heh 8)01:08
fabbionethom: they have been there for ages ;)01:08
fabbionethaytan: you will need pxeboot, vmlinux and the initrd.gz01:09
pittijdub: thanks, boss :-)01:09
fabbionethaytan: also. on the tftpd box you will need more settings.01:09
jdubpitti: mdz's the boss, i'm just the bad cop :)01:09
fabbioneif you need help let me know..01:09
fabbionei have a working setup here01:09
thaytanok, ta01:10
thaytanI can't just point memdisk at mini.iso?01:10
pittiseb128: I just uploaded a fixed gcm, works now01:10
fabbionethe mini.iso is an iso you boot but performs netinstall01:11
seb128cool, thanks !01:11
fabbionethaytan: if you want to use tftp boot you will need pxeboot and 2 files i mentioned above01:11
thomfabbione: yeah, i just couldn't find it01:11
fabbionethom: ehhehe01:12
thomhurrah for local mirros01:13
Kamionjdub: pong01:14
jdubKamion: n/m, fabbione helped thaytan 01:15
=== fabbione was the first unofficial ubuntu mirror
seb128GNOME guys should really have a test or something for html doc presence in tarballs01:15
seb128they keep forgetting it, that's a pain01:15
jdubseb128: ugh01:15
jdubseb128: you need any help hassling people?01:16
seb128I've filled 5 bugs on 2.7.92, most of them have fixed it01:16
fabbioneGO SEB! GO SEB!01:16
seb128but for exemple gconf doesn't include the doc in 2.801:16
jdubseb128: once you've done the gnome updates, are you going to have time for #1214 and #1188?01:16
seb128jdub: no, I open bug report and they fix it usually ... but the html are often forgotten01:17
thaytanfabbione: sweet, bootx0rd01:17
thaytanthank you :)01:17
fabbionethaytan: no problem..01:17
seb128jdub: I don't understand for 1214, I've had a quick look, the netstatus applet has a gksudo patch and the patch is applied01:17
seb128jdub: I'll check in details after 2.8 packaging yes01:18
fabbionedaniels: if the nv driver is not going to compile within today, we will have approx 24 hours to package X.org :P01:19
jdubseb128: man, don't worry about it01:19
jdubseb128: i'm an idiot01:19
seb128jdub: and for 1188 I didn't get the mail with the patch ...I've asked to Nathaniel to attach it to the bug report, I'll review it once it's attached01:19
jdubseb128: that was filed due to the effects of #1206 ;-)01:19
jdubseb128: ok, thanks!01:19
seb128np :)01:19
seb128jdub: I'll start evo-2.0 packaging in about 2 hours01:20
=== Riff [~davyd@cook.theducks.org] has joined #ubuntu
jdubseb128: sweeeeeeeet01:20
seb128I finish orbit/bonobo stuff, gconf & panel, then lunch and after evo01:20
seb128we want to rename it evolution2.0 or evolution ?01:20
seb128and is there some branding or menu items moves to include ?01:21
jdubseb128: oh, preferred applications refers to evolution-1.5. i can fix that though.01:21
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
seb128I'll fix it in control-center 2.8 (if they release a cc :p)01:21
jdubseb128: hrm, i'll find that evo bug and mark it critical for you01:22
jdubseb128: ah, ok01:22
seb128in fact that should be fixed upstream in 2.801:22
seb128ok, thanks01:22
jdubseb128: indeed - i'll bug them for that01:22
cefhey, do we have a minimum system requirements list? (do we need one?)01:28
fabbionecef: afaik the only requirement is disk space and iirc it has been addressed01:30
fabbionewith all the kernels that we ship, we can install basically everywhere01:30
ceffabbione: ok.. so it's listed somewhere on the wiki/webpage? thinking users will want to know01:30
Kamionoh crap, yeah, I need to update the boot screens today with disk space reqs01:31
cefKamion: oops01:31
fabbioneKamion: sorry.. i was sure you did it already :)01:32
Kamionoh well, it *is* something that's good to have updated at the end anyway01:32
cefjust thinking it should be listed somewhere on the web so that ppl won't download the iso, try and install and go "oh crap it needs xxx and I've not got that much disk!" and have wasted a ~500 meg d/load01:33
Kamionit should probably go in the installation howtos01:34
cefnoticed the wiki is now public01:35
cefshouldn't someone remove the usplash stuff from the warty page, since it's not in warty?01:35
jdubKamion: minimum 128MB RAM for the desktop, 512MB recommended01:36
jdubcef: that's task listy kind of stuff01:36
jdubcef: there'll be a proper webpage that most people will look at :)01:36
cefjdub: yup cool. thought I'd just mention that since I just noticed it01:36
jdubit should be shifted over to the hoary page though, i guess (though i kinda think we should do those task list things differently)01:37
thaytanhrmn, a little more help?01:37
thaytananyone know a way to copy stuff on this laptop off before I blow it away?01:38
thaytanit has an ntfs partition that's broken, but contains useful things01:38
thaytanand no cd-rom01:38
cefthaytan: dd ?01:38
thaytancef: I need a network util01:38
danielsfabbione: heh01:38
cefthaytan: knoppix, or perhaps ubuntu's livecd01:39
thaytancef: did I mention the no cdrom bit? 01:39
jdubthaytan: nc01:39
jdubthaytan: what have you got on there? floppy? usb?01:40
cefthaytan: ahh good point.. hrm.. doesn't sound promising01:40
thaytanjdub: nc, ta01:40
thaytanbusybox has nc01:40
jdubthaytan: boot a usb key linuxy thing, and dd over nc or something01:40
thaytanI've got the ubuntu installer booted, so I have nc01:40
thaytanI just hadn't spotted it there :)01:40
Kamionyou might be able to use openssh-client-udeb too, but you have to know the magic runes to get the installer to pull that in01:42
Kamionand I forget if our glibc is fixed to include all the necessary libraries, so that might be a hoary thing01:42
thaytantar and nc ought to do me, I hope01:44
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmdz: any particular reason that we don't have *-2.6-* metapackages for linux-restricted-modules? it would help base-installer to behave more sanely01:46
thomseb128: i don't appear to have the "write to cd" option in nautilus for .iso files atm01:49
seb128is nautilus-cd-burner installed ?01:50
seb128what's the mime type displayed in the properties of the file ?01:51
thomii  nautilus-cd-burner  2.8.0-0ubuntu101:51
seb128I've application/x-cd-image here01:52
thomi'll reinstall this machine and see if it still does it01:52
rburtonworks for me01:52
seb128what's x-arc ?01:52
rburtonarc files, compressed files01:53
seb128is that an iso ?01:53
rburtonbad sniffing i guess01:53
seb128yes ..01:53
cefyou can open .iso's with the archive manager01:53
seb128thom: file file.iso ?01:54
seb128cef: yes01:54
seb128ok, time to restart GNOME to check that all is fine with the orbit/bonobo update01:56
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-16-71.w81-50.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
thomseb128: tmp/warty-amd64.iso: ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data 'Ubuntu 4.10 amd64 Bin-1        ' (bootable)02:00
seb128gnomevfs-info file:///.... ?02:01
thomgnomevfs-info file:///home/thom/tmp/warty-amd64.iso|grep MIME02:01
thomMIME type         : application/x-cd-image02:01
seb128and in nautilus you don't get this mime type ?02:03
seb128ok, please open a but with the mime type in nautilus and the file/gnomevfs-info output02:03
seb128I'll follow upstream after the 2.8 packaging02:03
seb128thom: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14595602:05
seb128"ISO image recognised as "application/x-arc""02:05
seb128could you provide the first 500k and reopen the bug ?02:05
thomwill do02:10
seb128ok, thanks02:11
thomhrm, both the original reporter and I are on amd6402:14
seb128yes, a note about this and the 500ko should be enough info for bastien :)02:16
thomright, time for todays cd02:18
=== khalek [~khalek@220-253-36-51.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Keybuk] : SSDS | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: https://bugzilla.no-name-yet.com/ | Sneak preview invitations time - see the list :-)
Kamionby the way folks, I plan to do another CD build this evening just so that we have a bit more of a chance at quality control02:21
fabbioneKamion: we will have to rebuild tomorrow at release time, don't we?02:22
=== stub [~zen@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionfabbione: certainly02:23
Kamionfabbione: I was kind of hoping for the morning's automatic build to be what we release so that we have as much testing time as possible, but that may be a pipe dream02:23
Keybukhmm... Firefox 1.0PR02:24
fabbioneKamion: yes :-)02:24
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
diemanKeybuk: do it.02:31
diemanKeybuk: if it fixes half the printing crash bugs.02:31
sabdflhmm... they'll definitely be 1.0 by the time we go gold... jdub? <duck>02:31
jdubsabdfl: that was the intention, yeah02:31
sabdflreally? cool02:32
sabdflthen we should have packages asap though02:32
jdubsabdfl: makes sense to lump it in with the gnome goal, given their timeline02:32
jdubsabdfl: and choosing it as the default02:32
sabdfljdub: lulu' got steam coming out of her ears, i must apologise profusely for distracting you from the production of her content02:32
lamontmorning all02:32
sabdfllamont: mornin'!02:33
lamontpitti about?02:33
jdubsabdfl: yeah, grinding down the list :)02:34
lulujdub: thanks :o)02:35
lamontrburton: bug #106602:36
lamontrburton: cdrecord, or groisofs?02:37
lamontgrowisofs, even02:37
jordidaniels: dude?02:37
rburtonlamont: probably growisofs as i was writing to a dvd-rw02:39
lamontgrab the latest dvd+rw-tools, and sudo growisofs. :-(02:39
lamontthat's the workaround02:39
jordidaniels: I need to talk to you re: libburn. The sooner the better!02:39
rburtoni wonder why i changed the permissions on cdrecord when i was writing to a dvd02:40
=== rburton slaps self
lamontmaking it suid doesn't fix it.02:40
lamontit drops privs too soon.02:40
rburtonso n-c-b is totally broken with dvds?02:41
lamontthere's a 2 line patch to drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c which is 100% hack, but makes the issue go away.02:41
lamonthoping Herbert will give us a correct patch today.02:41
debianistok, what is the kernel package with nvidia support?02:42
lamontcdrom.c declines to open our dvd-r's for write (falls off the end of an if-then-else tree), and you need write-mode to do some of the ioctls...  root always has write access...02:43
lamontmortals don't02:43
debianisti tried installing kernel-image, but it's already installed. How do I setich to 2.6.8?02:43
lamontmaking the write open succeed fixes things.02:43
lamontdebianist: apt-get install linux-kernel-2.6-686 or whatever02:44
jdubwe are on the home straight02:44
lamonter, linux-image-2.6-68602:44
jdubplease add notes for important events in your own critical path02:44
debianistjdub : ubuntu 4.10 is the official public review?02:46
debianistjdub : i though also that gnome 2.8 is targeted at Hoary..:)02:46
lamontdebianist: preview...  and then we do this all over again in October for the final 4-1002:47
jdubdebianist: this release is versioned as '4.10', but this is the preview02:47
lamontjdub: did you and Mark finalize the '.' vs '-' debate?02:47
jdublamont: i wasn't involved in that one02:47
jdubdebianist: gnome 2.8 is in warty *now* :)02:47
jdubdebianist: it'll be gnome 2.10 in hoary02:47
debianistjdub : 2.8 is unstable yet?02:47
debianistjdbu : (at least by defenition)02:48
Kamiondebianist: jdub is the GNOME release manager, he probably knows what's going on here ... :)02:48
jdubdebianist: in the timeline on that page, it says that gnome 2.8 is due at 13:00 UTC :)02:49
debianistKamion,jdub : never meant to be disrespectful ;) just interested with the details..02:49
jdubno worries ;)02:49
rburtong2.8 rocks my world02:49
jdubrburton: sure it's not a hurricane?02:50
debianistjdub : i am upgrading now :)02:50
debianistyeppers , i see those 2.8ubuntu thingies :)02:50
thaytanalright, another q02:50
rburtondebianist: its always been gnome 2.7.x in ubuntu, which is 2.8 beta02:51
thaytananything in the installer proggies to scan for bad blocks?02:51
lamontjdub: we're not going to get in trouble with the gnome release manager for having the bits there 40 hours early??? :-)02:51
jdublamont: heh, rawhide has everything already too02:51
jdublamont: 'sall on the gnome ftp server ;)02:51
jdubthe release announcement is just a formality ;)02:52
debianistshowstoppers will be updated until cd buils?02:52
jdubif there are any02:52
rburtonjdub: i think experimental is getting 2.8 too02:52
jdubwe have room to move if there are significant problems towards the end of the release too02:52
=== jdub goes to concentrate on other windows. :-)
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=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
debianistKamion : I guess it's ok now to inform my local glu and some israeli websites?02:54
jdubdebianist: not now please02:54
jdubdebianist: you can send the invite to your friends, but not to LUGs or websites please02:55
=== pdr [~pdr@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubdebianist: they will find out tomorrow :)02:55
debianistjudb : sure! i'd just want to be the one to announce them..:)02:55
jdubhey pdr02:56
cefsame on my side (since I'm president of a LUG and all.. *grin*)02:56
debianistjdub : official website on air?02:56
jdubdebianist: same time as the release02:57
debianistwhere is it going be announced?02:57
jdubdebianist: some linux sites know about it02:57
jdubdebianist: we'll be mailing various lists02:57
jdubdebianist: if you're in the channel at release time, you'll know when it's okay to tell the world ;-)02:57
debianistjdub : whatsup.co.il is on the list ? :)02:58
pittijdub: at which exact time we will release? I. e. up to which time we can do uploads?02:59
Riffdoes the canonical packages tree have libhowl 0.9.6 ?02:59
jdubpitti: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/WartyWarthog_2fPreviewReleaseDayZero02:59
jdubRiff: no, no howl02:59
=== Riff sulks
Riffjdub: I can't compile it02:59
Riffit keeps failing02:59
pittijdub: thanks02:59
jdubpitti: unlikely that matt and i will be approving many uploads between now and then :)03:00
Keybukouch @ poor Colin's 7am start03:00
Keybukor is it 9am?  my math sucks03:01
Keybuk9am, sorry03:01
KamionI'll probably be up from 8 though03:01
pittijdub: does it make sense for me to continue to work on #1217? It's a pretty complicated gnome-vfs bug03:02
pittijdub: if such changes won't get approved, it does not make sense to waste time on it now03:02
pittijdub: I also have to continue security review03:02
rburtonjdub: let him work on #1217 :)03:02
jdubpitti: that's currently marked as severity normal03:03
jdubpitti: you should raise it if you want matt and i to consider it for upload confirmation03:03
pittijdub: I already tried for over an hour to find a solution; as long as I don't have one, I cannot request an upload confirmation03:03
jdubpitti: i would consider it critical though03:04
pittijdub: I just wanted to know if the bug is severe enough to be regarded as a blocker03:04
pittijdub: it works fine for my two CD-ROMs BTW03:04
jdubpitti: is this an upgrade issue?03:04
rburtonexisting systems will have /dev/cdrom in fstab03:04
pittijdub: as long as the installer does not write /media/cdrom into fstab (which is symlinked to /media/cdrom0) everything goes well03:04
pittijdub: I've got no idea. Maybe03:04
jdubless of a concern for us then03:05
jdubsorry rburton :)03:05
rburtonno prob. i'll remove cdrom from fstab for now03:05
rburtoni presume i can remove floppy too03:05
jdubmine has:03:05
jdub/dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   iso9660 ro,user,noauto  0       003:05
pittirburton: it should be enough to put /media/cdrom0 instead of /media/cdrom there03:05
rburtonif pmount is supposed to do the right thing then i'll remove it03:06
pittirburton: oh yes, /dev/cdrom won't work, too; it should be hda/hdb/sda/whatever03:06
rburtonpitti: i have /dev/hdc03:06
pittirburton: if you remove it, you will only lose the icons in the computer menu if the CD-ROM is not mounted03:06
pittirburton: would be great if you could verify that it works that way03:06
rburtonhm, computer still has floppy and cdrom icons. it didn't refresh after i changed fstab03:07
pittirburton: I guess you have to log out and back in to restart gnome-vfs03:09
jdubkillall nautilus!03:10
rburtonit only refreshed when i tried to mount the icon03:10
rburtoneven after a kill03:10
=== tseng [~tseng@tseng.developer.gentoo] has left #ubuntu []
pdrjdub: hey (sorry - bit slow on the trigger)03:11
Kamionargh, base-installer's kernel selection algorithm sucks03:16
Kamionit's not picking the kernel-major metapackages03:16
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
lamontjdub: are we staging uploads during the preview->release timeframe?  (warty-updates vs warty for the upload??)03:19
lamontor is that an mdz question?03:19
jdublamont: check with mdz on that one03:20
lamontyeah - but that means waiting for a decent hour of the day. :-)03:20
HrdwrBoBtimezones suck03:21
HrdwrBoBthey need to be standardized03:22
HrdwrBoBsurely we can change the rate of the earth spinning03:22
HrdwrBoBand make up our own days03:22
lamontHrdwrBoB: hrm... that could really mess up ocean currents.  And if you goof, we spiral into the sun. Maybe not a good plan... :-)03:23
lamontHrdwrBoB: blame the train operators for timezones03:23
HrdwrBoBI think that's just the start of the problems :)03:23
HrdwrBoBdamn them all, well, I'm in melbourne, au, we can blame a lot on our train operators03:24
rburtonlamont: lets blame railtrack03:24
lamontprior to timezones, local noon was always 'local noon', which had a bit of variance...  real bitch to make a train schedule that way... So they fixed it... :-)03:25
HrdwrBoB'the train comes in in the morning'03:25
=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-1.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
sabdfljdub, seb128: is the panel colour the same as the menu colour when you set background to "None (use system theme)"?03:28
=== dieman isn the bus
diemanis, rather03:29
diemanstupid lagging gprs.03:29
khalekHrdwrBoB: or would if it didn't get cancelled by connex03:29
diemanwe're trying to get commuter rail here, its been an upward battle.03:30
dieman(or uphil, etc)03:30
lamontdieman: long way from commuter rail here...03:31
diemanwe should have started 3 years ago03:31
diemanthe light rail line here is still nearly 2x of estimated rides per month.03:31
diemanafter two months03:31
diemanwill get more interesting 6-12 months out if its still happening.03:31
seb128sabdfl: yes, apparently they are the same ... why ?03:32
sabdflfor hoary, would be nice if we could polish the look of the panel up a little03:32
sabdflpanel and panel menus are currently too plain, too similar to app menus03:32
jdubsabdfl: yes, same colour03:33
pittilamont: hi! sorry to hijack you, but are the 2004 DSAs cleared now?03:33
diemanDevelopers: Solaris 10 to be Open Source03:33
sabdfllamont: good work on postfix, btw03:33
diemanyay for the mysterious future on /.03:33
sabdfldieman: great news03:33
jdubsabdfl: the whole panel/launcher/applet model needs to be overhauled. that's a large job that will require a lot of thought and prototyping.03:33
sabdflwill make for better cooperation across platforms, certainly03:33
diemanhopefully its a compatible license03:34
sabdfljdub: ok, we'll leave that to the guru's and go with the flow, i'm just thinking tweaks and polish here03:34
jdubsabdfl: not sure there's much value in going beyond upstream incremental changes unless we move on that03:34
diemanhopefully when they redo the panel it will suck less memory :)03:34
lamontpitti: so tcpdump is OK?03:34
diemani moved to fltk because of that.03:35
lamontpitti: finally writing the email now.03:35
sabdfljdub: all i'd like to get is a slightly more polished look that ties into the desktop colour system more naturally03:35
sabdflc.f. WinXP *cough*03:35
diemancan't think03:35
Keybukdieman: huh?  how much memory is your panel taking?03:35
lamontshort answer: either in the wiki, or clear.  Universe is left as an exercise03:35
diemanneed my morning tea03:35
diemanKeybuk: i think it was at least 10+mb03:35
sabdflthe panel in WinXP is closer to the active app window frame colour03:35
pittilamont: yep, I digged through the tcpdump sources and security upload interdiffs03:35
diemanKeybuk: im on a memory constrained machine03:35
Keybukdieman: now, do you want to learn about memory management and try again? :p03:35
jdubsabdfl: hrm. i think we can pull off a few tricks in that respect. :-)03:35
pittilamont: that's great. I just thought that you still had some DSAs to process03:36
lamontpitti: yeah, just saw that03:36
sabdfli've tried just setting the colour in panel->properties, but it looks shite03:36
diemanlike 256mb03:36
diemanwhen im using xfce i dont hit swap at least03:36
diemanbut im also on debian unstable...03:36
jdubsabdfl: remind me about it post-release, trying to keep my mind of this stuff. :-)03:36
sabdflthe menu stays grey03:36
diemannot tried ubuntu on here03:36
lamontpitti: 33 to process in universe, but main done.03:36
Keybukdieman: on my machine, gnome-panel is using about 110KB03:36
sabdflpost-preview or post-release?03:36
jdubsabdfl: or, file a bug on me! :)03:36
jdubsabdfl: oh, post-preview03:36
sabdflok, will do, would be lovely if this could make warty03:37
pittilamont: good to hear. I update the wiki stats.03:37
jdubsabdfl: well, i would like to *think* about it post-preview, but it's not necessarily warty material. :)03:37
diemanKeybuk: perhaps i was reading the wrong thing then03:37
Keybukyes, you were :)03:37
diemanKeybuk: in any case it was something in gnome, minus nautilus, that was doing it03:37
diemansince i had nautilus turned off03:37
=== fabbione heads to the bank
diemanand its like a good 30+ mb.03:37
KeybukI'd be quite surprised. GNOME is a little flabby in terms of memory, but greatly so03:38
Keybukthe entire footprint is about 80MB03:38
diemanwhat are you using to figure out how much memory its using?03:39
Keybukreading the map table03:39
Keybukpmap -x PID | grep "rw-.*anon"03:39
Keybukwill list the heapy stuff03:39
seb128jdub: I'm going to build panel 2.8 ... the about ubuntu should point to what ?03:40
seb128jdub: website ? local file ?03:40
jdubseb128: http://home.ubuntu.com/03:40
jdubseb128: we'll fix up local stuff before final03:40
lamontpitti: actually < 33 in universe...03:41
pittilamont: probably we should just sync universe from time to time03:42
pittilamont: thanks for your work; I'm satisfied to have main cleared, universe is bonus work03:42
pittilamont, debianist: debianist, do you want to process the 2004 universe bugs? lamont, can you send the list to him?03:43
Keybukdieman: the three biggest maps in gnome-panel are:03:44
Keybuk409de000   1212K r-x--  /libc-2.3.2.so03:44
Keybuk40d67000   1556K r----  /locale-archive03:44
Keybuk40398000   2848K r-x--  /libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0.400.403:44
Keybuk080bc000   6308K rwx--    [ anon ] 03:44
Keybukfour biggest, sorry03:44
lamontpitti: assuming he's on the cc list for the mail I just sent.03:44
Keybuklibc and the locale-archive are shared amongst every single app running03:44
Keybukand GTK+ is pretty much too -- and you wouldn't elminate that in XFCE either03:45
Keybukthe other is the stack, most of that's over-commit and it shouldn't be using much more than 32k or so03:45
diemanKeybuk: xfce uses gtk03:46
debianistpitti : yes'sir!03:46
diemanso i dont know what im endin up with different03:46
diemanenging, rather.03:46
diemanending. gah.03:46
pittilamont: "I just sent" implies its already away. I did not get it :-(03:46
pittidebianist: do you want to do the universe checking?03:47
Keybuka lot of people tend to point their finger at the high VSZ of GNOME apps and rant03:47
debianistpitti : yes, it's due with the public review?03:47
lamontSubject: Debian Security Advisory 2004 - done.03:47
Keybukwithout taking into account the reason for the high VSZ is that most of GNOME is shared library ... so most of that memory is shared between all the apps anyway03:47
diemanim just point at swap use03:47
pittidebianist: due?03:47
debianistpitti : sorry,03:47
debianistpitti : it's universe :)03:47
debianistpitti : no due03:48
pittidebianist: verifying these 33 packages in universe is bonus, so you don't need to if you don't want03:49
Keybukdieman: dunno ... had you done a massive upgrade?  That can temporarily increase your disk and memory usage03:50
debianistpitti : i'll do it.03:50
debianistpitti : what about the universe stuff from 2002 DSAs?03:50
lamontdebianist/pitti: fixed= in my mail --> from the DSA03:56
lamontsid=, warty= version currently in each03:56
thomrock, i have OpenOffice on amd6404:07
=== thom applauds Mithrandir
sabdflMithrandir: great work04:08
sabdflthom: stable? fast?04:08
lamontsabdfl: you used openoffice and fast in the same sentence??? :-)04:09
thomsabdfl: as fast as it's ever been :-)04:09
lamontthom: don'04:09
lamontt you mean 'faster than ever before'?? :-)04:10
cefso what is going to happen with oo.org anyway? 2.0 is due soon04:15
=== tsblac1 [~thomas@dumbledore.hbd.com] has joined #ubuntu
cefnite all04:22
pitticef: good night04:23
lamontcef: soon == 2005, iirc.04:24
lamontwhich puts it into hoary or grumpy, depending on timing.04:24
lamontjdub: so did we upload _everything_ in the last 2 days?? :-)04:25
Kamionmost of gnome ...04:26
lamontand X and kernel and ...04:26
jduball of gnome, 'cept a few stragglers ;)04:26
=== lamont bemoans his aching mirror
lamontOTOH, I have almost 600MB of headroom for full-throttle mirroring...04:26
jduboh man04:26
jdubyou love it04:27
jdubthe latest crack04:27
jdubit's greaaaaat04:27
=== mako [mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu
pittimako: Hi!04:28
makopitti: oi!04:28
lamontyeah - this evening I'll open the throttle and let 'er rip, just so I can have bits by morning.. :)04:28
Mithrandirlamont: on amd64, OOo is fast. ;)04:28
lamontMithrandir: wondered how long that bait would take you... :-)04:29
Mithrandirlamont: I've been off on lectures and meeting and coding up a decent terminal server solution04:29
lamontjdub: ubuntu-artwork isn't debugging anymore???  Gonna have to go grab that.04:29
=== StoneTable [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
pittilamont: I already have the latest artwork crack, still debugging04:31
pittilamont: actually I hoped to see some sexy girls before the release :-)04:31
lamontpitti: we do need a prudish-option on the artwork, for some communities...04:33
pittilamont: of course04:33
pittilamont: but I would even prefer the older artwork, with the logo04:33
pittilamont: it was better to show to friends than this debugging stuff04:33
thomseb128: ok, that iso bug is weird. when i first open the home folder, it shows me the iso artwork correctly. as soon as i double click the icon, nautilus changes the icon to a standard gnome-foot04:34
seb128thom: that's because the first view is based on extensions04:36
seb128when you click it does some magic mime04:36
seb128they stopped to analyse all the files when you open a dir, it takes ressources for nothing04:37
seb128so the view is just based on extensions04:37
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
seb128jdub: here ?04:39
seb128guys, evolution1.5 -> evolution or evolution2.0 ?04:40
seb128advices are welcome :)04:41
diemanevolution, imo04:41
diemanbut im not part of the team here :)04:41
seb128ok, I've started to package it as evolution, but better to get some advices :)04:43
seb128thanks dieman & thom 04:43
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jdub__ [~jdub@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== doko hasn't yet made up his mind what to do with lamont delaying the results of his dsa work ...
seb128do you think that evolution should provide evolution1.5 or not ?04:51
lamontdoko: which - the 24 hour delay on sending email?04:52
pittiseb128: sounds like provide, conflict and replace, don't?04:52
seb128conflict/replace sure04:52
pittidoko: everything's settled now04:52
seb128is provides needed for an app like that ? Provides are not versionned ... what's the interest ?04:52
pittiseb128: okay, provide might not actually be required04:52
seb128I'm not sure, that's why I ask :)04:53
pittiseb128: well, package names usually aren't either04:53
pittibut if it does not provide, upgrades will fail, won't them?04:53
pittii. e. evolution1.5 won't be upgraded to evolution automatically AFAICS04:53
dokolamont, pitti: yes, so we've checked the first 40 dsa's twice. doing something else now.04:54
pittiseb128: no, that was crap04:54
seb128pitti: and the provides help for that ? Provides are not versionned afail04:54
pittiseb128: you still have to have an evolution1.5 package which depends on evolution04:54
pittiseb128: yes, they are not versioned, but the package name becomes different04:54
Kamionthe provides will help anything else that Depends: evolution; I think it also supplies a hint to package management front-ends04:55
Kamionalthough conflicts/replaces is most of that04:55
pittiseb128: so we need a transition package evolution1.5 which depends on evolution04:55
seb128Kamion: the point is that nothing depends on evolution1.5 basically04:55
Kamionfair enough04:55
seb128just the connector/webcal that need a rebuild04:56
pittiseb128: nothing depends on it?04:56
seb128hum, should we have a dummy evolution1.5 -> evolution ?04:56
pittiseb128: then the provides should not be necessary04:56
pittiseb128: you need for upgrades04:56
seb128I'll keep a dummy04:57
debianistlamont : sorry, wasn't here, what were you saying?04:57
lamontdebianist: no clue now..04:58
pittiseb128: evolution1.5 must depend on evolution04:58
seb128yes, doing a dummy package for updates is not a problem04:58
seb128thanks :)04:58
lamontdoko: the issue was that I got yanked away from composing the email yesterday, and told pitti status in IRC.  He thought it was partial status (wasn't), and I was reminded of that in scrollback this morning... sorry about that.04:59
lamontdoko: but any work you've done on the universe packages isn't duplicate.....04:59
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
dokoahh, ok. I'll continue on the universe packages after the warty release05:01
lamontthe extent of my work on the universe DSA's was to fix the script output to be the sid version instead of the warty version in 'sid=', and cull some where the fixed version was clearly in both.05:09
=== lamont wanders for a few minutes
rburtonyou can't ship gstreamer with the ffmpeg mpeg4 plugins, right?05:17
rburtonthere needs to be an ubuntu-ilicit apt source05:22
jdubrburton: we call it 'universe' ;)05:22
rburtoni guess i could just switch to totem-xine05:23
jdubworks well here05:23
=== tsblac1 [~thomas@dumbledore.hbd.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
danielsjordi: er05:34
danielsjordi: i already /msg'ed you -- xor@fd.o05:35
danielsjordi: also derek@fd.o05:35
jordidaniels: ah, got lost in the blackout reboot then05:42
jordidaniels: thanks05:42
=== kagou [~kagou@AMontpellier-251-1-11-221.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
kagouhi guys05:43
seb128hey kagou 05:44
kagouseb128, :)05:45
danielsjordi: no worries05:46
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== windi [~windi@nat.wia.cz] has joined #ubuntu
debianistdoes anybody know if what is the "desktop" in gnome, is /home/$user ?05:59
debianistwhen i touch a new file in /home/$user , it appears on my gnome desktop06:00
windithe ~/Desktop is default for plain-vanilla GNOME only06:01
Keybukwhat's gconf:///apps/nautilus/preferences/desktop_is_home_dir set to?06:01
Keybukgconftool-2 -g /apps/nautilus/preferences/desktop_is_home_dir 06:01
Keybukwill tell you that06:01
mdzKamion: I was thinking the same thing (metapackages for l-r-m), I think we'll add them06:01
debianistKeybuk : false06:02
Keybukok, that's just strange :)06:03
KeybukDesktop is a directory in your home, not a symlink to $HOME ?06:03
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
debianistKeybuk : lemme check06:04
debianistKeybuk : drwxr-xr-x    6 pooh     pooh          336 Sep 14 19:01 Desktop06:04
Keybukis there a Desktop folder on your desktop ?06:06
=== Keybuk hands fabbione a towel
fabbionei found my car!06:06
fabbionei have my car back!06:06
fabbioneit can't rain (shit) forever!06:07
Keybukintact and undamaged?06:07
pittifabbione: good to hear06:07
fabbioneand undamaged06:07
Keybukyay, fab news then :)06:07
fabbionemy nice little cute car06:07
fabbione^^ it's her..06:07
debianistKeybuk : yes there is.06:08
fabbionecall her Christne :-)06:08
Keybukdebianist: only thing I can suggest is killing nautilus, and seeing if it comes back equally strange06:08
fabbioneand only one unresolved symbol left in the nv driver06:08
fabbionethat's all good news :-)06:08
Keybukfabbione: who found it where?06:08
thomfabbione: rock on, congratulation06:09
debianistKeybuk : executing06:09
debianistfabbione : boy, ain't she a beauty?06:09
fabbioneKeybuk: i did :-))))06:09
fabbioneKeybuk: very close to my bank06:09
fabbionethom: yeah!06:09
fabbioneshe was parked there... that's it06:09
Keybukis this a case of "fabbione forgot where he parked it" ? :p06:09
=== Keybuk thought you said it was stolen
fabbioneKeybuk: nope.. i wasn't driving when it was stolen06:10
fabbioneKeybuk: my gf was06:10
fabbioneon another part of the city06:10
pittifabbione: why it says Denmark at the plate?06:10
fabbionepitti: because i live in dk?06:10
thomthey kicked him out of italy06:10
pittifabbione: oops, I thought you were from italy?06:10
=== pitti has learned something today
fabbionepitti: yeah.. i am.. as thombot says.. they couldn't keep there anymore06:11
pittifabbione: I don't ask06:11
fabbionepitti: ahaha nothing to hide06:11
fabbioneshe was blonde ;)06:11
lamontfabbione: so you still have italian citizenship then, eh?06:12
=== lamont ducks.
fabbionelamont: ahha06:12
fabbioneitalian passport rocks to go around :-)06:12
Keybuklamont: EU citizens can live and work anywhere in the EU06:12
pittifabbione: Ah, now it's clear :-)06:12
pittifabbione: not so many blondes in Italy, no?06:12
=== Keybuk can move to Denmark too, if he likes (and finds an equally attractive blonde)
pittiKeybuk: ever seen fabbionne's to compare?06:13
debianistfabbione : you like blondes?06:13
lamontdebianist: who doesn't??? :-)06:13
fabbionei like girls.. i don't mind color of the hair06:13
lamontoh wait.  mine's a redhead. never mind.06:13
pittilamont: as long as it's long hair, I don't mind06:13
fabbionepitti: nahh here is better...06:13
fabbionebut the real origin of blondes is in sweden :-)06:14
lamontpitti: yeah - we go back and forth on that - she's grown it long again for me...06:14
mdzelmo: I don't think I have a copy of your new key06:14
debianistlamont : i don't know about you guys, i prefer the brazillian looks, dark tanned and curely hair :)06:14
lamontthen she gets annoyed one day and shaves it down with a 2" comb. :-(06:14
fabbionemdz: it was posted on d-d.06:14
pittimdz: Good morning!06:14
lamontmorning mdz06:14
debianistmorning mdz06:14
pittilamont: my condolescence06:14
mdzlamont: could you re-encrypt a copy of my message for elmo?06:14
fabbionemdz: pub  4096R/AB2A91F5 2004-08-20 James Troup <james@nocrew.org>06:14
lamontmdz: sure06:14
pittilamont: I just *love* long hair :-)06:14
mdzfabbione: thanks06:15
pittimdz: security review is finished, all urgent packages are up06:15
fabbionemdz: np :-)06:15
lamontmdz: sent06:16
mdzpitti: great, thanks06:16
lamontmdz: and now to go hack over growisofs some more... sigh.06:17
lamont * - int ioctl_fd is transformed to void *ioctl_handle to facilitate06:17
lamont *   port to FreeBSD;06:17
lamontcan we hurt FreeBSD???  huh??06:17
lamontcan we????????????????06:17
mdzheh, that code was _mangled_ to support freebsd06:18
mdzthey should have written two different modules06:18
pittimdz: any urgend tasks left?06:20
pittimdz: apart from #1217 (which I wasted 2 hours on without success) I ran out of bugs06:20
mdzpitti: have you tested today's daily?06:24
mdzI'm downloading them now06:24
pittimdz: not today's, no06:26
pittiwith so many gnome changes going in recently, we probably need another daily for today06:26
thommdz: i'm just about to do a netboot install06:26
pittimdz: if you think it's a good idea to test the historic 20040914 build, we can do that06:27
lamontmdz: wanna try a new growisofs on your dvd burner?06:27
=== Keybuk slightly amused at the Debian "we won't release" tomorrow topics
lamontanyone else got a dvd burner?06:28
pittiKamion: will there be another subdaily CD build today? With all the gnome 2.8 crack?06:28
thomjust finished 20040914 install of amd6406:28
Kamionpitti: yes06:28
mdzlamont: yes06:28
pittiKamion: great!06:29
mdzthom: any issues?06:29
Kamionpitti: but not just yet, a couple of hours from now06:29
thommdz: not with amd6406:29
lamontmdz: 69 lines of diff -u output. :-(06:30
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-082-144-030.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== lamont changed all of the opens/dups assigning to ioctl_{fd,handle} to be O_RDWR|O_NONBLOCK, per Herbert.
lamontonly 5 places in growisofs.c :-)06:31
mdzlamont: does it work?06:32
mdz(for you)06:32
thommdz: openoffice worked fantasticly, gnome looks good apart from a silly bug that looks like upstream  brokenness on amd6406:32
lamontI even ran the old version to make sure I had restored cdrom.ko06:32
pittisabdfl: will we have a slighly better ubuntu-artwork in tomorrow's release?06:33
pittisabdfl: I know, technically it's not the most important thing, but it does not look good on presentations06:33
=== lamont can't reproduce 792 - Keybuk??
jdubpitti: yes, we will06:34
mdzlamont: I'll give it a spin06:34
jdubpitti: folding back to gnome icons and no debugging backgrounds, etc.06:34
pittijdub: thanks06:34
mdzthom: what's the silly bug?06:34
Keybuk^ interesting06:34
jdubpitti: latest ubuntu-artwork redefines the icons btw06:34
pittijdub: I really liked the old brown background with the ubunto logo. Sth similar?06:34
jdubpitti: yeah, though with a solid background06:34
thommdz: #122106:35
pittiOO.o still shows a Debian logo in its splash screen. Is this intended?06:38
mdzlamont: working perfectly so far06:38
mdzpitti: #107606:39
Keybuklamont: I can't either06:41
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzlamont: finished successfully as non-root06:41
mdzlamont: I say ship it06:41
=== lamont closes #792 WORKSFORME
jdubpitti: look at the list of critical and above bugs06:47
pittijdub: will do06:47
jduball the red ones are things we're intending to fix before the preview :)06:47
pittithom: what's the status of #1203 (webdav)? shall I apply the patch?06:57
lamontmdz: in debian also fixes the issue.  But they only changed 1 of the opens....06:58
lamontmdz: want me to just take their diff?06:58
Keybukjdub: 7 bugs ... 14 hours ... ya know, that's not bad :p06:58
fabbionedaniels: wake up dude06:58
thompitti: read the bug :-)06:59
mdzlamont: the fix came from upstream or from Debian?06:59
thomhrm, X is asking me to confirm which resolutions i want to use06:59
fabbionetime to test it06:59
fabbionethom: arch?06:59
mdzthom: only on the netboot install?06:59
lamontmdz: upstream06:59
pittithom: I did. If you can change the thing tomorrow before the CD build, fine :-)06:59
thompitti: co-ordinated release07:00
mdzlamont: yes, let's take upstream's fix then07:00
thomi'm burning an x86 cd to test on my desktop now07:00
pittithom: okay. Just looking for bugs to help with :-)07:00
thompitti: :-)07:00
fabbionethom: what arch?07:00
thomfabbione: x8607:00
fabbionethom: xresprobe <driver> ?07:01
thombase-config is just finishing, then i will07:01
fabbioneif that question is asked, it means that the xresprobe didn't detect it07:01
fabbionethom: ok07:01
Kamionso, we need to reorg the cdimage layout before release07:01
fabbionewell you can do it in the other window07:01
Kamionideally into something like /experimental/, /beta/, /preview/, /release/07:02
Kamionany opinions, or should I just do it?07:02
jdubKamion: tiny suggestion -> have a look at the ftp.gnome.org layout for inspiration ;)07:02
Kamionjdub: not sure which bit you mean?07:03
=== fabbione tests
Kamionhm, I probably can't break /daily/, /sounder-test/, /morphix/ since those have already been published07:04
thomres: 1024x76807:04
lamontmdz: does our kernel allow CAP_SYS_RAWIO, or is upstream smoking something?07:04
thomwhich is correct07:04
Kamionhow about /preview/warty/ for tomorrow's release?07:04
thomfabbione: ^07:04
jdubKamion: surely warty/preview/07:05
jdubthen warty/final/07:05
Kamionthat makes it hard for people to mirror only final releases07:05
Kamionwhich is a fairly reasonable thing to want to do07:05
jdub*/final/ :-)07:05
KamionI also can't say I like warty/, hoary/, etc. ad infinitum at the top level07:06
jdubthen we can have hoary/array1/ hoary/array2/ ... hoary/preview/ hoary/final/07:06
KamionI'd rather /releases/warty/final/07:06
jdubKamion: we can archive them off every once in a while07:06
Kamionwhich leaves space for /experimental/ or whatever07:06
Kamionnot to mention /daily/07:07
seb128we can't have 2 mail alias ? Apparently people keep sending to sebastien@canonical.com, but since I've asked seb128@ the first one just fails07:07
Kamionwell, maybe daily is per-release07:07
jdubhoary/daily/20041205/ <- ?07:07
lamont+#if !defined(I_KNOW_ALL_ABOUT_SUDO)07:07
lamontthat's upstream's version07:07
jdubKamion: red hat's ftp layout might be useful to check out too07:08
Kamionjdub: the other problem with warty, hoary, etc. is that they sort abysmally badly07:08
jdubas do 4.1007:08
Kamion4.10 is ok07:08
jdubor, not so badly07:08
jdubuntil we get to 10.1007:08
Kamionsure, when we hit 2010 it sucks a little, but only once07:08
lamontdepends on whether the next one is 5.04 or 5.4...07:08
seb128jdub: I'll upload evolution 2.0 in about 20 min, be ready to update webcal and connector :)07:08
Kamionit's pretty obvious to the human eye what's going on07:08
Kamionlamont: has to be 5.04 I think07:08
jdubseb128: you can't do those? :)07:08
lamontand 10.04 bump sucks for 18 months07:09
jdubseb128: would be good if you could add them to your run07:09
seb128jdub: if you want, but I don't want to hijack your packages :p07:09
seb128ok, fine07:09
jdubseb128: dude, this is ubuntu, they're all ours :)07:09
seb128+- 2 packages07:09
Kamionok, so /cdimage/4.10/preview/ for tomorrow then?07:09
seb128that's nothing after the whole GNOME 2.8 stack :)07:09
Kamionjdub: Red Hat's has kind of the right idea but is way too deep07:10
jdubmmm, especially with the arch depth07:10
Kamionalthough I guess if you're starting at /pub/redhat/ it's ok, but the choice at that level is still a bit bewildering07:10
Kamionccm, ccvs, edk, gnupro, <yawn>07:10
Kamion/final/ does mean we absolutely cannot make point releases07:12
KamionI suppose it could be 4.10r107:12
Kamionbut it would have to be in a different top-level cdimage directory; otherwise it's final-oops-we-lied07:13
Kamionand what about Mark's "redo CD images every time we do security updates" thing?07:13
pittiseb128: if you are too loaded with work, can I help you with some easy changes?07:14
pittiseb128: #1201 maybe?07:14
jdubKamion: not sure he wants to do that now07:14
seb128no thanks, I'm building evolution 2.0 right now07:15
Kamionjdub: phew07:15
seb128and #1201 is in it07:15
jdubKamion: perhaps come up with something that sounds sensible, and hit the sounder list with it?07:15
pittiseb128: okay, great.07:15
pittiseb128: do you need German translations for #1188? (OO.o menu entries)07:16
seb128pitti: thanks, but my todo list for tomorrow is ok, I'm almost update with 2.8 packaging07:16
=== lamont uploads dvd+rw-tools_5., and realizes that he could work on other things in the next 12 hours or so...
pittiseb128: okay, did not want to disturb you. My todo list is already empty07:16
seb128pitti: you can attach them to the bug report if you want, but not sure I'll have time for translations07:16
lamontpitti: I'm there with you...  Todo list has stuff, but nothing that's 'before preview'07:16
seb128pitti: but I've > 30 bugs opened, so if you want to dig on some of them feel free :)07:16
lamonter, that is, if sabdfl and I are done rehashing postfix...07:17
seb128(but no hurry for tomorrow)07:17
lamontsabdfl: you around?07:17
pittilamont: that means I can actually go to my Tae Kwon Do training this evening? I did not attend to it for two weeks now07:17
lamontpitti: but, it's TKD... :-)07:17
=== lamont is not functional without the stress relief that comes from pitching people around...
pittiseb128: I will attach the translations. I will look into your bugs07:18
pittilamont: so what?07:18
lamontpitti: was alluding to the fact that martial arts are like religion. "Mine is most correct!", for all values of "mine".07:18
pittilamont: maybe. I don't do it because of the philosophical part :-) It's good workout, trains both muscles and brain07:19
lamontI do it for (1) the workout, and (2) self defense application.07:19
lamont(2) is where the religion comes in...07:19
jdublamont: hrm, are your uploads getting critical/blocker bugs and confirmations from matt?07:20
lamontin that not everything taught is gonna actually work...07:20
lamontjdub: umm...07:20
=== lamont looks at the schedule again
jdublamont: see sounder list07:20
lamontdvd+rw-tools had RC status, at least...07:21
jdubthis is not nam07:21
lamontjdub: any particular subject to dig for?07:21
jdubthis is bowling07:21
jdubthere are rules07:21
jdubPreviewFreeze in effect!07:22
lamontjdub: my bad.  was still operating on the '>=major' line of things.07:22
=== lamont will comply
seb128lamont: how are the GNOME builds going ? Any FTBFS ? 07:24
thomKamion: um, looks like your last change has broken base-installer07:24
lamontseb128: you mean besides pango?07:25
lamont /bin/sh: line 1: ./configure: No such file or directory07:25
seb128pango did that ?07:25
lamontwant the full log?07:25
lamontall 250 lines or so of it?07:25
seb128please ping me about build failures07:25
seb128yes please07:25
=== lamont babysits buildd/warty
seb128just mail the log07:25
lamonttossed ppc, others are same failure.07:26
thomKamion: "eval: 3: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")07:27
Kamionthom: uh, I did test that ... what architecture?07:29
Kamionthom: incidentally, how do you know? I haven't built new CDs with the new base-installer yet07:30
lamontjdub: and mdz did say "ship it" for dvd+rw-tools.... :-)07:30
jdublamont: cool07:30
thomKamion: local mirror and netboot07:30
lamontjust here, not in IRC... :-007:30
Kamionoh, netboot07:30
lamonter., email07:30
Kamionthom: can you reboot, stick 'set -x' at the top of /var/lib/dpkg/info/base-installer.postinst when it appears, and look at /var/log/syslog to see where it's failing?07:31
thomKamion: sure07:32
Kamionhm, one possible mistake is that components should be comma-separated, not space-separated07:32
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== fabbione gets some food
Kamionthom: I'm pretty sure that if you change 'COMPONENTS="main restricted"' to 'COMPONENTS="main,restricted"' in /var/lib/dpkg/info/base-installer.postinst, it'll be fine07:42
thomyeah, that's the fix07:44
Kamionit works?07:44
Kamiondid linux-restricted-modules- get installed?07:44
thomstill retreiving07:45
=== pdr [~pdr@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Md [md@md.staff.freenode] has joined #ubuntu
thomKamion: hrm, i'm getting asked what kernel to install now07:48
Kamionsuggests dropped debconf priority, were there earlier errors?07:48
thomguess the errors dropped me back, sorry07:48
thomi'll try from the top again07:49
=== sivang [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubanyone use i855crt?07:50
thomi have done, yeah07:51
Kinnisoncan anyone tell me what python's equiv of perl's pack/unpack functions are?07:52
mdzKamion: did sounder 8 have on i386?07:53
Kamionmdz: are you saying that X will already prefer the nvidia binary module if it's present?07:53
Kamionmdz: because as of today we install nvidia-kernel-common by default; it's a dependency of linux-restricted-modules07:53
mdzKamion: I am not sure, but it should be quite straightforward to implement, given that nv and nvidia cover the same cards07:53
mdzKamion: the X driver is in nvidia-glx07:54
Kamionah, ok07:54
sivangKamion : was an auto custome ubuntu build script done yet? (you rememebr we talked about)07:54
Kamionmdz: broke netboot insta. Sorry about this. The relevant part of the change was:07:55
Kamionmdz: http://archive.ubuntu.com/cdimage/sounder-test/8/warty-i386-1.list says yes07:55
Kamionsivang: I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean07:55
sivangKamion : you told me how you tear apart an iso, update it and then remake it.07:56
jdubthom: n/m, got it to work07:56
Kamionsivang: I'm afraid I'm far too busy with the warty preview at the moment07:56
Kamionso, no07:57
sivangKamion : ok, i can try have a go at this, i don't remember who suggested i'd take it as a challange :)07:57
Kamionmdz: John was talking about a DVD burner on woody, not warty ... you didn't misread did you?07:58
=== lamont [~lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzKamion: oh, apparently I did07:58
thomKamion: i still get asked whether i want to install grub on the mbr, dunno whether that needs/wants to change07:59
thombesides that, i'm just rebooting into base-config07:59
=== Kamion gets bitten by firefox/bugzilla eating his bug report on error+goback
=== kagou [~kagou@AMontpellier-251-1-39-106.w81-251.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
thomyeah, that sucks hard07:59
=== sivang was formely known as debianist
mdzyes, it does08:00
mdzsomeone file a bug about it08:00
mdzI could have sworn that older firefox didn't do that08:00
mdzseems more likely to be a browser issue than a bugzilla issue, but I dunno08:00
=== lamont will file one./
thomKamion: and what /is/ the difference between London and Belfast? :-)08:00
jdubthom: hrm, did you get an ugly X cursor up the top left when you used i855crt?08:01
thomknown bug, i believe08:01
lamontthom: there's a dfference?08:01
jduband the crt blanks out08:01
thomlamont: according to base-config08:01
jdubfor powersaving or whatever08:01
Kamionthom: I'd like to know08:03
Kamionthom: I think glibc is deluded08:03
lamontit's that whole US supporting free-Ireland thing all over again???08:03
thomyeah, i think i agree08:03
dokokamion: did you fix the installer translations (base-installer)? I cannot find any not translated strings.08:03
lamontmdz: major, or just normal?08:03
=== lamont votes major
Kamiondoko: no08:03
mdzlamont: I'd say normal, but it should be filed upstream somewhere08:03
Kamiondoko: it'll be stuff in base-installer/debootstrap/08:04
Kamiondoko: probably too late for preview though, I've already broken base-installer once today08:04
=== sivang still having trouble figuring why is gnome desktop, is actually is home dir
lamontmdz: which really wants a debian box to verify it on before tossing them the bug report....08:05
=== lamont doesn't have any more debian desktops
dokoany proposal what should be worked on now?08:05
seb128lamont: you send the build log ?08:05
sivanglamon : isn't it wise to leave one for sake of checking sid packages etc?08:05
lamontseb128: where do you want it?08:05
seb128I've a problem with my mails08:05
seb128I never received jdub mail some days ago08:06
lamontsivang: I only have the one desktop, and one laptop.  Those are warty.08:06
lamontI have a sid chroot that I can verify most bugs in...08:06
seb128lamont: could you resend on the same adress please ?08:07
lamontExtracting upstream tarball ../pango1.0_1.6.0.orig.tar.gz gunzip:08:07
lamont+/build/buildd/pango1.0-1.6.0/../pango1.0_1.6.0.orig.tar.gz: No such file or08:07
lamontI bet that's relevant...08:07
seb128I've stopped my fetchmail, I want to check if my ISP drop the mail or what08:07
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has left #ubuntu []
seb128lamont: ok, thanks08:07
=== thom cries
lamontbounced, and forwarded.  let me know which you get (or both)08:08
=== lamont hads thom baby jesus
thomYA new X08:08
lamont18? or 17?08:08
sivangdoes anybody knows the /etc/init.d/ script file for ftpd ?08:08
sivangname that is08:09
mdzseb128: do we need to update the seeds to account for the new evolution?08:09
Mithrandirsivang: it's run from inetd08:09
sivangMithrandir : oh08:09
lamontah, I still haven't finished wading through gnome 2.8 and a new kernel to get that far yet...,08:09
seb128mdz: yes, drop the 1.5 evolution1.5 -> evolution08:09
jdubseb128: in the Evolution Mail menu entry, did you make it run 'evolution-2.0 --component=mail' ?08:09
seb128jdub: hum no, it just starts evolution 08:10
sivangnautilus is crashing after multiple mounts/umoubnts of cdrom and a dvd devoce08:10
seb128jdub: ok, I'l upload a 0ubuntu2 08:10
jdubseb128: the --component=mail bit would be extra cool :)08:10
sivangmount media=knoppix08:10
seb128any other change ?08:10
jdubseb128: nup, sorry about that 8)08:10
mdzseb128: evolution-webcal and evolution-exchange stay the same?08:12
mdzok, done08:12
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
sivangi really like that "click on cd icon == close tray, mount" thing08:17
=== kagou [~kagou@AMontpellier-251-1-39-106.w81-251.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
mdzKamion: regarding the metapackages for linux-restricted-modules, I was going to ask Herbert to do that anyway, but you're OK for preview with it as-is, right?08:20
Mddoes linux-restricted-modules contain anything else other than the proprietary nvidia driver?08:21
Kamionmdz: yes; the only glitch is that (as I realized today) we're not actually installing the linux-image metapackages08:21
Kamiondue to weirdness in base-installer08:22
mdzis that easy to fix?08:22
mdzit would be nice if that worked for preview08:22
Kamionmdz: when I fix that, the linux-restricted-modules metapackages will need to be there as well otherwise it gets really hairy08:22
KamionI looked at it, but it was getting into sed nightmare land without the linux-restricted-modules metapackage08:22
Kamionit's hard to take linux-image-2.6 and work out that you need linux-restricted-modules-
mdzwhat I'm unsure of with the l-r-m metapackage is how it should sync up with linux-source08:23
Kamionthe part needs to be in sync ...08:23
mdzmaybe linux-source should build all the metpackaages08:23
Kamionhmm, I see what you mean I think08:23
KamionI have some thoughts, but I think we should leave this until after preview, it doesn't feel like a good idea to try to get this right in under 24 hours08:24
KamionMd: also ath, ath_hal, net8021108:24
sivangmdz : i have aptitude tell me that linux-image is installed 2.6.8 , but it's using 2.6.708:24
mdzKamion: agreed08:25
Kamionwe still seem to have debugging artwork in gdm08:25
mdzsivang: check /boot/grub/menu.lst perhaps?08:26
Kamionand the wallpaper08:26
mdzyes, we do. jdub?08:26
jdubyes, being worked on atm.08:27
=== hypatia [~mary@82-69-60-252.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
seb128lamont: ok, I got the mail, and I know where the problem is08:27
=== lamont notices Depends: ..., exim4 | mail-transport-agent
lamontsomething more for my hoary plate08:27
hypatiahey folks...08:27
seb128lamont: any chance to delete an orig.tar.gz broken, or I should happen a b to the version and make a new one ?08:27
hypatiaspiv tells me that if I plug in for example, a USB digital camera that "something" should just appear "somewhere" on my desktop and let me use it "somehow".08:28
MdKamion: what is net80211?08:28
lamontseb128: that's an elmo question08:28
seb128elmo: ping ?08:28
hypatiadoes anyone have any more details on where this magic should happen?08:28
jdubKamion: how big's the isolinux splash?08:29
seb128lamont: BTW my system has droped the mail from buildd@ somewhere, I've a mail problem08:29
thomhypatia: it should get mounted under /media ; 08:29
=== hypatia looks
thomand you should have gnome-volume-manager running08:30
Kamionjdub: 6K08:30
seb128(the mail was on the server but is not in my evolution boxes)08:30
Kamionjdub: oh, resolution?08:30
jdubyeah :)08:30
KamionMd: don't know the details08:30
Kamionjdub: 639x32008:30
Kamionjdub: I dropped in a new image recently which looks much better08:30
hypatiathom: nup, there's only cdroms under there08:30
hypatiathom: is that bug worthy?08:30
thomhypatia: do you have gnome-volume-manager running?08:31
jdubKamion: got one for you from the design firm to compare against08:31
hypatiathom: as user or root? root I guess08:31
Kamionjdub: throw it over08:31
hypatiathom: yep, there it is08:32
lamontseb128: could just be spam filters...08:32
jdubKamion: sent a png08:32
thomok, file a bug, including dmesg from when you insert the thing, and also /var/log/messages08:32
seb128lamont: I'm checking08:32
hypatiagrrr, copy and paste between firefox and gnome-terminal still does not love me08:34
hypatiaI can't do anything on this computer without filing a bug08:35
hypatiaSo far my attempts to file bugs have themselves resulted in two bug reports08:35
thomthe search one is a classic08:35
hypatiawhat component am I filing against (for the camera thing)?08:36
hypatiaand for that matter, which one for "can't copy and paste between Firefox and GT"?08:36
Kamionjdub: I'll have to reduce the colourmap on that08:36
thomhypatia: gnome-volume-manager08:37
hypatiathom: not in the list08:37
hypatiathom: gnome-v gives me "gnome-vfs2"08:37
thomUNKNOWN, assign it to me08:37
jdubKamion: 'scool08:37
jdubKamion: if it looks shit, let me know08:37
hypatiathom: alternatively I can file a third "cannot file against gnome-volume-manager" bug... or perhaps not08:37
jdubKamion: oh, send over the one you did for perving :)08:37
hypatiaWho should I file gnome-terminal bugs against (no it isn't in the components either)?08:41
hypatiaI guess the c+p one can be filed against firefox08:41
lamonthypatia: the issue is that components need to be added by one of the admins, and they should sync things up sometime soon...08:41
lamontmeanwhile, for everything else, there's UNKNOWN.  and then he notices that when he assigns it, and maybe fixes the component list..08:42
Kamionjdub: mine isn't nearly as nice-looking on the face of it08:42
Kamionjdub: https://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/~cjwatson/ubuntu-isolinux.ppm08:42
jdubKamion: it'd look very nice if it weren't jaggy08:44
=== tvon [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubKamion: i will do something similar on top of the zebra to see how that looks08:45
Kamionjdub: jaggies are pretty unavoidable with the damned curves08:45
Kamionand 16 colours08:46
Kamionthere'll be some jaggies on the new one, too :-/08:46
Kamionnot *too* bad, though ...08:46
dokohmm, I see that prebaseconfig and base-installer messages are not up to date for german only :-(08:47
=== tvon|X31 [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypatiathom: bug filed08:52
tvon|X31jdub: still want 2.8 screenshots?08:54
tvon|X31jdub: ala the #gnome topic08:54
Kamionjdub: that looks fairly reasonable. only minor issue is that the background ends up the dark blue of the "ubuntu" text08:56
jdubKamion: bong!08:56
Kamionit doesn't look too bad that way, though08:56
jdubKamion: need to adjust the palette then :|08:56
jdubor doesn't it have any black?08:56
Kamionpas de noir08:56
jdubtvon|X31: a screenshot of 2.8 in ubuntu would be cool ;)08:56
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
KamionI'd digicam it if I could find the digicam08:57
tvon|X31jdub: got two of em...one of em with the ubuntu theme 08:57
jdubtvon|X31: hrm08:58
jdubtvon|X31: that might not be so great (given we're turning it all off) ;-)08:59
jdubtvon|X31: send 'em anyway ;)08:59
tvon|X31jdub: ye got two08:59
makolulu: you around?09:00
=== windi [~windi@nat.wia.cz] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Kamionjdub: https://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/~cjwatson/isolinux-photo.jpg09:02
Kamionjdub: lighting's dreadful, sorry09:02
jduboh, ta09:02
Kamionit's brighter than it looks on that photo09:03
KamionI think it's probably good enough for preview at least, we can get the design company to tweak it later if we want09:03
Kamiondon't really fancy tweaking colours on antialiased pngs by hand09:04
mdzjustdave: just filed a bug for you regarding Warty bugzilla which needs attention today09:10
Kamionok, the only two reasonably-unused keys I can find for powermac mouse buttons are F11 and F1209:11
=== Kamion grabs them
mdzjdub: you seem to be collecting branding/defaults bugs; are you going to be able to get all of those done today, or do you need help?09:12
jdubmdz: i passed off the openoffice ones09:12
jdubmdz: concentrating on ubuntu-artwork and a couple of desktop changes09:12
mdzjdub: oh, the bug is still assigned to you09:13
jdubmdz: seb's already done evo, haven't seen nat for the openoffice ones (though seb was going to fix them anyway)09:13
mdzseb seems to have a lot on his plate gnome-wise09:13
jdubmdz: hrm09:14
mdznathaniel can do it09:14
jdubmdz: well if pitti/nat can do those, that'd be very helpful09:14
mdzpitti is gone for the day09:14
mdzbut it's only 3pm nathaniel time09:14
tvon|X31Should evolution-2.0 obsolete evolution1.5-2.0 ?09:14
tvon|X31or 'replace' or whatever the debian equiv is09:15
mdzjdub: does nautilus try to call growisofs?09:15
dokoKamion: which packages belong to the base installer and should be translated?09:15
justdavemdz: you had something in debzilla that automatically added a component if it didn't exist when importing from debbugs, right?09:15
mdzjustdave: yes09:16
justdavemind if I borrow that?09:16
justdavethat'd be the quickest way to do it is separate that out and feed the list to it09:16
Kamiondoko: "the base installer"?09:16
mdzjustdave: sftp://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/home/warthogs/archives/matt.zimmerman@canonical.com--200409:16
dokokamion: packages that print messages during the installation process ...09:16
dokodo we want to update the message catalogs for these packages for warty (for some languages?)09:18
mdzjustdave: just instantiate a bugzilla.Database with db authentication info and use .components() and .add_component()09:18
justdavecool, thanks09:18
Kamiondoko: everything that's got a udeb09:18
Kamiondoko: translations would be good and are reasonably low risk, although we're not regarding complete translations as release-critical09:19
Kamionmdz: is that base-installer fix-to-the-fix OK with you?09:19
mdzKamion: yes, didn't I OK it in bugzilla alreday?09:20
mdzbugzilla is sitting at a login prompt09:21
mdzKamion: my comment didn't get posted because I got logged out somehow09:22
Kamionah well09:23
dokokamion: is there a quick way to determine the source packagess building udeb's?09:24
Kamiondoko: Source: lines in /dists/warty/main/debian-installer/binary-*/, plus Package: lines of stanzas there that don't have a Source: line09:25
diemanelmo: ping09:26
Kamiondoko: oh, or the second column of https://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/~cjwatson/germinate-warty-output/installer, I suppose09:26
Kamionif you have a chinstrap account ... don't remember09:26
Kamionjdub,mdz: I plan to kick off another CD build for general testing sometime between 2000 and 2100 UTC tonight. Anything I should wait for?09:32
mdzKamion: there ought to be a new openoffice today09:33
Kamionany idea of timescale?09:33
Kamiondamn, that'll take ages to build though09:34
mdzseb128: are you working on openoffice?09:34
sivangKamion : new daily will be announced on the list?09:34
mdz2000 UTC is in...25 minutes?09:34
mdzdon't wait for it09:34
Kamionsivang: maybe :-)09:34
seb128mdz: no, I was waiting to get Nathaniel's patch attached to the bug report (and I've just finished packaging GNOME 2.8 tarballs before dinner)09:35
mdzKamion: is anyone other than you currently able to build CD images?09:35
sivangKamion : you devil :-))09:35
mdzseb128: have you heard from him today?09:36
Kamionmdz: anyone in the cdimage group on little can log in and type 'DATE_SUFFIX=<whatever> cron.daily'09:36
Kamionmdz: so theoretically Alex could do it09:36
Kamionmdz: nobody else ever has, though ... I should almost certainly fix that09:36
mdzKamion: assuming you're planning to sleep tonight, we might want to get someone else (perhaps me) added to that group09:36
KamionI was sort of viewing sleep tonight as optional :)09:37
Kamionbut that might well be a good idea09:37
Kamionelmo: around?09:37
Kamionmight need to check for group-writability of everything09:37
sivangKamion : the public review iso is ready for testing?09:38
mdzelmo is bleeding at the data center, apparently09:38
thomi can check09:38
Kamionsivang: you can test whenever you like, the preview is not ready though09:38
Kamionsivang: trust me, it will not be quiet when it's released09:39
Kamionthom: can you add mdz to the set of people allowed on little as well as to the cdimage group?09:39
thomdoing so now09:40
Kamionok, everything relevant is group-writable now09:43
thommdz: you have a login on little and you're in the cdimage group09:43
Kamionmdz: all the top-level scripts are in /srv/cdimage.no-name-yet.com/bin; I just have that in $PATH09:44
Kamionmdz: normally, cron.daily is the only one you need to run (preferably with umask 002)09:44
mdzKamion: if you're going to do a build anyway, perhaps I should run it as a test09:44
Kamionsounds good09:45
Kamionyou need to set DATE_SUFFIX if you're building manually; DATE_SUFFIX=1 produces a build like 20040914.109:45
mdzKamion: so this one should be DATE_SUFFIX=1?09:47
dokokamion: you did change the messages directly in the installer packages? no central translation file as for the current debian installer packages? daf just mentioned the existance of such a central file.09:49
dafdoko: for some languages, at least09:50
Kamionon phone09:50
dafdoko: Christian has given individual teams the option of using the new system09:50
dafalthough I think by far the majority have taken it up09:51
fabbionemdz: thom is having the same problem you had with xresprobe.09:53
fabbionemdz: how did you debug it? mind to tell him?09:53
mdzfabbione: which one?09:54
fabbionemdz: the LCD detection at install time09:54
fabbionemdz: the nv driver is going good btw.. 3 tester = 3 success09:54
fabbionemdz: but yeah.. it will never make it for tomorrow09:54
mdzthom: but it works for you when you test manually after install?09:54
fabbionemdz: yes. exactly as your09:54
mdzthom: you're getting xresprobe 0.4.3 at install time?09:54
mdz(or later)09:55
mdzthom: your laptop has an i810, right?09:55
mdzthom: maybe related to the change in 0.4.6?09:55
mdzspeaking of which09:55
mdzjdub: did you approve xresprobe 0.4.6?09:55
fabbionemdz: probing on i810 when X run = BAD BAD BAD09:56
mdzfabbione: yes, I know, but if the check is broken, it could cause the probe not to run at all09:56
dokodaf: ok, but this was after the point we did fork the installer packages from unstable?09:56
fabbionemdz: if it runs once X is installed ...09:57
fabbionemdz: it smells more the problem you had09:57
fabbionemdz: than the check in xresprobe09:57
mdzKamion: cron.daily exited, no output09:57
mdzfabbione: the problem I had is fixed09:57
thommdz: yes09:57
mdzI even tested with today's daily09:57
fabbionemdz: ah09:57
thomi have xresprobe 0.4.609:57
=== fabbione scratches his had
mdzthom: does it work when you try it after the installation is complete?09:58
thommdz: it fails during base-config, but if i purge and reinstall it works09:58
dafdoko: it happened around the end of August09:59
mdzthom: any output in base-config.log?09:59
thomwait one09:59
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdznpmccallum: hey, what is the status of the openoffice.org changes?10:01
=== fabbione heads to bed
fabbionegood night guys10:01
seb128'night fabbione 10:02
fabbionecya tomorrow morning10:02
npmccallummdz: the icon names are done, but for some reason when I do debuild -S it screws up translations10:02
mdzfabbione: night10:02
seb128npmccallum: -S ?10:03
thommdz: nothing that i can see10:03
seb128it just build the source package, how do you see that ?10:03
npmccallumseb128, yes -S10:04
mdzthom: must be a different bug10:04
seb128npmccallum: where do you look to see than translation are screwed ?10:04
mdzthom: I guess you'll need to reinstall, edit /usr/sbin/xresprobe and set XRESPROBE_DEBUG=yes10:04
npmccallumseb128: doing a debdiff between the packages10:04
mdzI had to do that 3 times to track down my bug10:04
thomdoing so now10:04
npmccallumseb128: you should see it in the diff I sent you10:04
seb128npmccallum: as said yesterday I never got the mail10:05
npmccallumseb128: argh10:05
mdzthom: fortunately, there's a nice wide window between xresprobe install and xserver-xfree86 postinst10:05
seb128I've some mail issue apparently, that's why I asked to attach the changes to the bug yesterday10:05
npmccallumseb128: ok, I'll do that now10:05
thommdz: a freakin' huge one, given this is coming over the network :-)10:06
=== crevette [~baptiste@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzis someone taking care of the bug reporting menu item?10:10
mdzI think that was jdub's, as part of ubuntu-artwork10:10
=== crevette_ [~baptiste@] has joined #ubuntu
seb128which menu item ?10:10
mdzwe agreed that the best thing for preview is to have a menu item which launches the browser pointing to bugzilla10:12
mdzbecause we cannot get bug-buddy into shape in time10:12
npmccallumseb128: the attachment should be on the bug now10:15
seb128ok, thanks10:15
seb128I'll look in about half an hour10:15
seb128time to fix pango and make a change in evolution10:15
mdznpmccallum: thanks, have you looked at the splash screen?10:17
npmccallummdz: I'm doing that now10:23
=== sivang is free to do something to help the preview release
thomseb128: uh, evolution1.5 Conflicts: evolution-data-server (>= 0.0.100) but 1.0.0-0ubuntu1 is to be installed10:23
seb128thom: I've uploaded e-d-s and evolution 2.0 in the same time10:24
thomok, cool10:25
seb128the second need the first but is longer to build10:25
seb128I can't do anythin to avoid this10:25
thomok, well, i'll wait for that to come down, since it nuked base-config10:26
whiprush_favorite warty feauture = someone took the time to pick only the good screensavers.10:27
makohah, this glossary i'm editing linked to osi.org instead of opensource.org10:27
whiprush_that bouncing cow is the best ever.10:27
thombouncing cow rocks :-)10:28
makooh wow, the ottowa swine initiative has upgraded their site!10:28
makosorry.. ontario10:29
mdzseb128: evolution 2.0 will require NEW processing, no?10:32
seb128hum, probably10:32
seb128I've got an ACCEPTED mail IIRC10:33
seb128evolution_2.0.0-0ubuntu1_source.changes ACCEPTED10:33
mdzI think it would be the binary uploads which required manual processing10:34
mdzrather than the source10:34
mdzKamion: I expected cron.daily to create 20040914.1, but it didn't10:39
Kamionmdz: it fell over; I know why, still on phone though10:40
mdzKamion: ok10:40
mdzoh, I see, it writes a logfile10:40
makothom: can you install my new shipit?10:41
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
pittisivang: Hi, I'm back10:41
makothom: if elmo is unavailable10:41
sivangpitti : hi again !10:41
thomdoing bittorrent currently10:41
makothom: ok, i'd like to have daniels and whoever else test it a little bit before we throw the gates open10:43
thomi'll let you know10:43
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-16-71.w81-50.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
mdzseb128: evolution binaries are in the archive now10:54
mdzseb128: is ximian-connector still building?10:56
mdzseb128: or did it produce different binaries as well?10:56
seb128ximian-connector was dep-waiting on evo 2.010:56
seb128it should be building now10:56
mdzlamont: please confirm10:56
mdzsometimes the auto-depwaiter needs a nudge10:57
Kamionmdz: try now10:57
lamontmdz: nope.10:58
Kamionmdz: are you using umask 002?10:58
lamontgnome/ximian-connector_2.0.0-0ubuntu1: Installed [optional:out-of-date] 10:58
seb128lamont: I've just reuploaded pango, let me know if this one is fine please10:58
seb128damned, dbs is a pain10:58
mdzKamion: 02210:58
lamonteven without the bs, he's a pain. :-)10:59
mdzKamion: I didn't even have a home directory until I logged into that box10:59
mdzlamont: so it's waiting in queue/accepted?10:59
mdzoh, it's actually there10:59
seb128mdz: did we solve the ~/Documents creation issue ?10:59
mdzand yet apt wants to remove evolution-exchange when I upgrade10:59
mdzseb128: not to my knowledge11:00
lamontmdz: actually, I believe it's in the archive, just not referenced by Packages until about 3 min from now11:00
mdzlamont: ah11:00
lamontthere is no queue/accepted...11:00
lamontbut cron.daily (sic) does the rebuild of Packages.11:00
Kamionmdz: 002's be good11:01
lamontmdz: btw, fire training tonight.  I'll make a point to be home by 2200, even if I wind up leaving a little early.11:01
mdzlamont: thanks11:01
lamont(trainings are tue 1900-2200 local)11:01
mdzKamion: done11:01
lamontbut often finish early11:02
mdzlamont: sorry, I've no choice in the scheduling on this one11:02
lamontnp at all11:02
lamontit's a whopping 10 minutes away, and leaving a little early isn't really a big deal11:02
lamontwe're usually done by about 21:30 or so11:02
=== lamont will leave in about 30 minutes to go fetch a kid and help a sounder, fwiw
lamontshould be back online from said sounder's place sometime after I leave...11:03
seb128mdz: I've made dummy evolution1.5/evolution1.5-dev for transition, should we add them to the seed ? Currently they are out of warty ...11:14
mdzseb128: yes, I'll do it11:17
seb128ok, thanks11:18
mdzadded to Supoprted11:18
pittiseb128: odd, I want to dist-upgrade, and evolution1.5 and evolution-exchange are to be removed correctly, but evolution is not installed additionally11:19
seb128that's because the dummy package is not in the seed11:19
pittiseb128: ah, I see.11:19
mdzseb128: new evolution looks good11:23
=== lucas_ [~lucas@cab-192023.calixo.net] has joined #ubuntu
seb128we are uptodate with GNOME 2.8 release now11:24
seb128but no control-center/gnome-terminal 2.8 for the moment11:24
seb128hey lucas_ 11:24
=== elmo_dc [~james@] has joined #ubuntu
elmo_dcevo1.5 promoted back to warty, pushing through now11:26
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
elmo_dcbtw, if you use that dvd/cd creator program that launches when you insert a blank disk, it really will write an ISO of an ISO11:27
elmo_dcif you copy an iso into the window and choose "write this file".. which seems a bit user unfriendly to me.. (but not major of course)11:28
=== lamont leaves to do that house call that jdub was giving him grief about earlier.
lamontseb128: since you're the only one doing uploads, want me to just (today only special) forward you all the failures?11:29
lamontseb128: pango1.0....11:30
seb128hum, yes, do that11:30
seb128lamont: still ftbfsing ?11:30
seb128lamont: seb128@canonical.com11:31
lamontno, not still ftbfsing.11:31
=== lamont can't read
lamont  * ^Subject: Log for failed .*build of .*dist=warty11:32
lamont  ! seb128@canonical.com11:32
lamont"have a nice day".11:32
seb128thanks :)11:32
Kamionmdz: right, sorry about that, old university friend phoned up11:32
lamontI'll rip that out tomorrow sometime and let you know11:32
mdzKamion: I have all night :-)11:33
Kamionmdz: can you chmod -R g+w everything? there are some directories still owned by you and g-w so I probably won't be able to remove them11:33
mdzKamion: for what value of everything?11:33
lamont /?11:33
=== lamont ducks, leaves for real
mdzfind /srv/cdimage.no-name-yet.com -user mdz \! -perm +020 |wc -l11:34
mdzKamion: that stuff?11:34
Kamionmdz: /srv/cdimage.no-name-yet.com I guess11:34
KamionI'll put a umask setting in cron.daily to make sure11:34
mdzfind /srv/cdimage.no-name-yet.com -user mdz \! -perm +020 -print0 | xargs -0 chmod g+rwX11:34
Kamionoh, crap, just realized you won't be able to run sync-auckland11:36
Kamionbecause ssh is annoying and doesn't like group-readable/writable key files11:36
Kamionhm, let me install a workaround for that11:37
Kamionmdz: see /srv/cdimage.no-name-yet.com/secret/README11:41
mdzKamion: done. shall I try again?11:42
mdzand if so, should I re-use .1 or use .2?11:42
Kamionmdz: yep; reusing .1 is fine11:42
Kamion(since it hasn't been published)11:42
=== Kamion kibbitzes with tail -f
Kamionbleh, that's annoying, some stuff isn't respecting umask11:45
elmo_dcerr, is 20040914 known to be broken?11:45
Kamionlike, err, scratch/apt/11:45
Kamionelmo_dc: no, why?11:45
elmo_dckamion: I just got a "downloading bsdutils" failed.. I haven't checked the CD yet tho11:46
Kamionmdz: at this rate I'm going to have to add a kludge chmod to the end of cron.daily or something ...11:46
Kamionoh, hey, openoffice.org is built on amd64 now, isn't it?11:46
mdzelmo_dc: 20040914 worked fine for me11:47
mdzbut of course it now installs new stuff directly from the archive, so my 20040914 is not your 2004091411:47
mdzKamion: yes11:47
mdzKamion: if you had a kludge in for that, it can and should be removed11:47
Kamionyep, that just occurred to me11:47
elmo_dcmdz: blink it does?11:48
Kamionnot at the bsdutils level though11:48
Kamionthat's installed by debootstrap, isn't it?11:48
Kamionthat's only from the CD11:48
Kamionmdz: kludge gone, not in time for your current build though11:49
elmo_dcyeah my cd is fucked11:50
Kamionmdz: heh, was ssh waiting for confirmation there?11:51
elmo_dcthat sucks, nautlius just said it had completed, not that it only burnt 1/3 of the bloody disc11:52
mdzKamion: dunno, I had no output11:52
mdzKamion: if there was any, I assume it was written to the log and not to my tty11:52
mdzKamion: let's do another one, oo.o on amd64 is worth it11:53
Kamionmdz: would appreciate it if you could do that chmod again11:53
mdzwe certainly have the disk space11:53
mdzKamion: done11:53
Kamionmdz: wait just a sec11:53
mdzKamion: too late, if you meant the chmod11:53
Kamionok, rptprobs.sh was doing an explicit chmod 644, fixed11:54
mdzworkrave break11:54
Kamionfor the rest, I've kludged cron.daily11:54
jdubseb128: control-center on its way11:57
dokokamion, mdz: localization of the installer: what would be the last date for updated message catalogs for packages which are part of the installer? I did prepare tarballs for each language whith outdated message catalogs, one file for each package which belongs to the install system. I'd propose to send them ount to the sounders list and ask for translation, then merge them back into the package and make one upload with the updated catalogs.11:57
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=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
seb128jdub: ok11:57
Kamiondoko: sorry, missed your comment earlier; I've just changed the files directly in the packages, there's no central infrastructure yet.11:58
Kamiondoko: that's fine by me but dunno what the release manager has to say :-)11:58
seb128jdub: we have not fixed the ~/Documents creation issue ?11:59

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