cprovspiv: I have implemented nested teams12:00
cprovspiv: can you see12:00
dafcarlos: that sounds like a sensible strategy :)12:01
spivcprov: Yes, I can :)12:01
carlosdaf: :-P12:01
cprovspiv: what do you think ?12:01
carlosdaf: ok, it worked12:01
spivIt's looking good so far :)12:01
spivI got the impression from Mark that he wasn't expecting to have nested teams immediately, though.12:01
spivSo I'm not too concerned if the nesting isn't perfect yet.12:02
cprovspiv: sampledata is broken ...12:02
carlosdaf: and with my changes the CPU is not always at 100% while importing the .pot and .po :-O12:02
dafcarlos: ?!12:02
dafyou fixed the bug *and* made it faster?12:03
carlosdaf: or perhaps the bug made it slow...12:03
dafeither way, congratulations :)12:03
carlosdaf: please, wait until it ends and we are sure it's fixed :-P12:04
dafyes, you're right12:04
spivcprov: What's broken about it?12:05
carloslet me check for a plural form...12:08
carlosdaf: seems like they still work12:10
carlosdaf: I will send now a changeset to bugzilla12:10
carlosso you can review the changes before the commit, ok?12:10
dafyou could commit to a branch12:11
daflike I did for #191912:11
carlosis there an easy way to do it without creating it with tag + porting my patch ?12:11
daftla undo -o +import-fixes12:12
daftla tag -S X Y12:12
daftla get Y12:12
dafcd Y12:12
daftla redo ../+import-fixes12:12
daftla commit12:12
dafsomething like that, I think12:13
cprovspiv: the sampledata isn't consistent/coherent12:17
carlosdaf: I'm not sure it makes sense it's a two line change...12:17
dafcarlos: ok :)12:19
dafyou might as well paste the patch into bugzilla, then12:19
carlosdaf: it's in bugzilla now12:21
dafI've closed #197712:22
carlosdaf: perfect!!12:22
carlosas soon as we close the 1978, we could try to have rosetta ready so on Monday could be launched (or tomorrow)12:23
dafI think it will be Monday now12:23
dafare you going to time the import again?12:24
carlosdaf: it should take half of the previous time12:25
carloswe are importing now much less data12:25
dafoh, of course :)12:26
dafthat makes sense12:26
dafwe now have only 4 calls to fake_person12:27
carloswell done!12:29
carlosThe import process has 50% of my CPU for python and the other 50% for postmaster12:34
carlosI think last time the .pot import took 4 minutes12:34
carlosreal    2m10.782s12:35
carlosuser    1m1.301s12:35
carlossys     0m1.575s12:35
dafaha, now it's only 3 fake_person calls12:37
dafone left in ViewProject, one in ViewTranslationEffort and one in ViewTranslationEffortCategory12:38
=== daf will be back later
carlosdaf: bad news, the import is broken now12:41
carloswith plural forms12:41
carlosbut I think it's not because my change12:41
carlosbut because a previous fix 12:41
carlosdaf: later12:41
=== carlos goes to have dinner
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carlosdaf: I'm going to sleep now02:18
carlosdaf: seems like lalo knows when the importer was broken02:18
carlosdaf: and the parser seems to be also broken02:19
dafcarlos: yeah, I need to sleep also02:19
carlosI will work tomorrow some hours on this, we should release rosetta on Monday!02:19
dafyeah, I'm planning to do some work over the weekend02:20
carlosok, then see you tomorrow02:22
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