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carlosdaf: ping11:25
carlosdaf: :-P11:26
carlosI think we are ready to launch the alpha11:26
carlosdo you want to set up it so tomorrow we could launch it?11:26
dafI'm not 100% confident in that patch11:26
carlosdaf: I tested it11:27
carlosand works11:27
carloswe could refactor the code later11:27
carlosdaf: what problem do you think it has?11:27
dafwell, refactoring is about changing the code without changing what it does11:27
dafthis is about changing what it does11:28
dafI'm worried about setting inLastRevision to True by default11:28
dafas it affects TTW translations11:28
carlosdaf: it is only changed into the msgid11:28
carlosnot the msgstr ones11:29
dafI think it would be better to add an extra parameter to the method11:29
carlosa msgid for the first string should always have it11:29
carlosdaf: a msgset with a sequence= 0 will say that the msgset is not anymore in the .po/.pot file11:30
carlosdaf: don't get confused by the "inLastRevision" vs. "inPoFile"11:31
dafremind me what the difference is11:31
=== daf is doing some Debian work right now
carlosdaf: do you want to wait until tomorrow to talk about it?11:32
dafwell, I'm happy to talk about it now11:32
dafbut I might not do any more work on it tonight11:33
dafI'm feeling quite tired11:33
dafI spent the weekend looking at castles with spiv and Mary :)11:33
carlosdaf: good job!!, we need to relax from time to time or we will get mad :-)11:34
dafyeah, it was nice to get away from Rosetta for a while11:35
carlosI was watching tv until this afternoon11:35
carlosand doing nothing related to computers :-P11:35
carlosok, about the inLastRevision vs. inPofile...11:36
carloswe know that a msgid is unique and will be never changed over time for a given msgset11:36
carlosif a msgset is removed from a po file (when I say po it's po/pot)11:37
carlosthe sequence is changed to 011:37
carlosso we know that pomsgset is not valid anymore11:37
carlosuntil we see it again11:37
carlosso the inLastRevision does not say anything about if that msgid is or not at the po file11:38
carlosbut if it was the last one seen for that msgset11:38
carlosso the case for a msgid, it will be always true because it will not be changed ever11:38
dafok, so the name is misleading?11:38
carlosno, because the msgid_plural could change11:39
carlosbut yes, perhaps the name could be improved11:39
dafhmm, ok11:41
dafthat makes me happier about the patch11:41
dafdid you merge it?11:41
carlosI don't remember it. I think so11:42
=== daf checks
carlosyes it's merged11:43
dafegads pbuilder is slow11:43
daflooks like PQM is still a little wedged11:44
carlosdaf: I found a bug because lalo's comment11:44
dafyeah, I just saw it11:45
dafif you agree with him, can you make the change and merge it?11:45
dafI'm still a bit confused11:46
carlosI'm looking at it now11:46
carlosgrr, it's not a trivial fix12:00

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