subterrificsidnexs: well the sources definitely have a makefile12:00
=== seth_slackware [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
sidnexsi'll check it out12:00
sidnexsthanks a lot12:00
subterrificbut the headers are fully configured for building modules outside the tree12:00
sidnexswell its calling 'make modules' i think12:00
sidnexsbut then i get "no rule for making 'modules'" or something similar to that12:01
toryhttp://img33.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img33&image=emblem.png why do the emblems overlap stuff with industrial?12:01
torystuff = text12:01
=== OrangeSlice [~orange@elltel-dsl-p594.elltel.net] has joined #ubuntu
sidnexsbut i'll get the kernel sources and try again12:01
sidnexsthanks subterrific12:01
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=== sidnexs [~Sidney@68-174-152-195.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
seth_slackwarewhy does ubuntu disabled the root user ?12:02
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host120.200-117-166.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
=== JonM [~chatzilla@client-32-p-2-lns.glfd.dial.virgin.net] has joined #ubuntu
sidnexssubterrific, i got one more question.. i cant get online because only wireless here and so i cant use synaptic to get the sources... are they on the cd or do i need to get them from http://archive.ubuntu.com?12:04
sidnexsso im on windows right now downloading stuff12:04
eazel7I wonder if you have a release date for the next stable with gnome 2.812:04
seth_slackwarecan you enable the root acount?12:04
subterrificseth_slackware: i imagine its to protect the user and have the system be more secure12:04
sidnexsseth_slakware, sudo passwd12:04
subterrificseth_slackware: yes, but why would you want to?12:04
seth_slackwarei am just wondoring12:05
seth_slackwarei have not installed ubunto yet12:05
JonMhello - looking to jump into Linux - thought I'd start with ubuntu - have a machine running W2K - I cannot remove it (has data/programs business needs) - has a lot of space though - can anyone please point me in the direction of something that can repartition (?) the machine so that I can run the ubuntu installer without overwriting everything?12:05
subterrificsidnexs: some packages are on the cd12:05
=== psi [~psi@c-077c71d5.016-81-6c756c1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== sidnexs [~Sidney@68-174-152-195.nyc.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
sladensiretart: archive.ubuntu.com12:05
matt_jonM: Get partition magic and shorten your w2k drive.. leaving enough room for ubuntu12:06
JonMok thx - is that commercial product?12:06
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
matt_jonM: Yes.. I'm sure there are non-commercial products out there that would do the same thing though12:07
seth_slackware partition magic = commercial12:07
JonMright ok12:07
ToothpickJonM: I've used kanotix to repartition without data loss.12:07
ToothpickI believe it uses qtparted12:07
JonMthanks Toothpick12:07
schweebthere's a GPLed utility out there I think12:07
schweeblemme google real quick12:07
matt_basically though, you just need to shorten your drive and leave unused space at the end of it..12:07
subterrificparted is GNU software that does it, but i'm not sure it can deal with ntfs partitions12:08
cleesubterrific: the latest versions can12:08
cleethey can nondestructively resize it12:08
JonMyeah thanks matt_ - I figured I'd need to do something like that - now I'll see if I can find the tools to do it, and then I'm gonna start using Linux!12:08
cleethey are teh neat12:08
JonMexcellent: parted / kanotix / parti.magic12:09
=== keifer [~keifer@238.41.cm.sunflower.com] has joined #ubuntu
schweebdon't use parted from ubuntu12:09
matt_jonM: Then in the ubuntu installer you have a choice of erasing the whole drive or manually doing things. Obviously you want manual.. which really isn't manual afterall. You just select the unused space (it is very apparent) and let it partition automatically.12:09
Toothpickntfsresize 12:09
schweebit says specifically in the pkg description it can't resize ntfs12:09
matt_jonM: no problems.. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised with ubuntu, I know I was.. and this is coming from gentoo linux12:10
subterrificyeah, you'd need to find a knoppix boot cd or something that has a more recent version of parted that can deal with ntfs12:10
JonMI'm really a bit overwhelmed with all the linuxes - there are too many.  Debian keeps cropping up, so does something called knoppix and then fedora....I dunno which one to take12:10
schweebthere's something called "sysresccd" that might have a util to resize12:11
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host120.200-117-166.telecom.net.ar] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
schweebwell, ubuntu and knoppix are both based on debian12:11
subterrificJonM: stay away from fedora12:11
matt_well, ubuntu has an extremely straight-forward install12:11
matt_yes, stay away from fedora. So many problems there12:11
JonMand debian?12:11
matt_jonM: they're not different "linuxes".. just different distrobutions. Cause it's all linux..12:12
JonMyeah, and then there's this thing about latest kernel that does threads better for Java....12:12
SystemX_actually it's all GNU/Linux12:12
SystemX_linux is just the kernel :)12:12
matt_Well, ubuntu is very much like debian.. but I personally like it alot better.12:12
keiferhey SystemX_!12:13
ToothpickJonM if you are looking for a live cd...I'd recommend using Kanotix...if you want a hdinstall of a debian based distro then I'd use something like ubuntu or morphix12:13
housetier#distrowar ;)12:13
SystemX_isn't ubuntu just Debian Unstable, Sid?12:13
schweeboh no, it's a GNUbot12:13
SystemX_keifer, hey buddy12:13
bskahanSystemX_: no, check ubuntu.com12:13
ToothpickJonM if you are looking for a live cd...I'd recommend using Kanotix...if you want a hdinstall of a debian based distro then I'd use something like ubuntu or morphix12:13
bskahanor maybe org12:13
SystemX_i have12:13
JonMthanks Toothpick12:13
schweebubuntu is derived directly from sid12:14
bskahanSystemX_: http://www.netsplit.com/blog/work/canonical/ubuntu_and_debian.html12:14
=== |Gaaruto| [~|Gaaruto|@ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-10-13.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Toothpickschweeb as is kanotix12:14
schweebnever heard of kanotix12:14
sladenToothpick: out of interest, what are the best features of Kanotix that are making you recommend it?  (I've not come across it yet)12:14
SystemX_i have used other debian unstable distro's and it doesn't seem that much different to me. Except for bug fixes and patches they have inserted12:14
matt_Hey, was I the only one that actually had to add some apt-get servers into my source.list and then install gdm and gnome before I could get x going?12:15
SystemX_none the less, it's a good distro...12:15
Toothpicksladen: hdinstall is really nice as kano fixed many of the hdinstall problems of knoppix.12:15
sladenmatt_: urm?12:15
matt_Like apparently the installer is supposed to do this but.. yeah I had to figure that out myself. i mean, luckily I understood enough to figure that out12:15
sladenmatt_: which distribution is this?12:15
matt_sladen: seriously.. actually, come to think of it I just uncommented 2 of the servers12:15
schweebbasically, it's a debian sid snapshot, stabilized, rebuilt, and some updated packages (gnome 2.8)12:16
matt_weird hey? Everything is perfect now but.. I installed it twice just to make sure12:16
JonMright, so things like ntfsresize are linux programs.  So I need a different linux distro that can reboot from CD before I can even use them.  Duh :-(12:16
SystemX_keifer, have you tried Ubuntu yet?12:16
keiferThat's what I'm on know12:16
=== michel_v [~tofu@michelv-00000002.user] has joined #ubuntu
matt_like, after you first log in it's supposed to take you directly to gdm.. but mine didn't. Then I realized I didn't even have gdm OR gnome installed12:16
SystemX_what you think12:16
matt_but everything else was there..12:17
michel_vis it possible to boot ubuntu's iso from grub?12:17
keiferI like it - it's as fast as gentoo was for me. (roughly). that might just be a phsycological thing though. :)12:17
michel_vhow would I go about it? any howto somewhere? :)12:17
matt_keifer: Did you come from gentoo as well?12:17
mdzmatt_: the entire desktop set is installed by default12:17
matt_mdz: it wasn't for me.. i swear12:17
mdzmatt_: the only time you don't get that stuff is if you request a custom install12:18
schweebmichel_v: look in the grub howto... you got a sys that won't cd boot or somethin?12:18
keifermatt_: I've used gentoo, fedora-ppc, yellowdog, mandrake...12:18
=== Lowe [Lowe@ACBD396C.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdzmatt_: did you do a custom install?12:18
SystemX_keifer, yes i like it to, especially after i repleaced the kernel w/ 2.6.9rc212:18
matt_mdz: maybe it was some sort of netork problem, who knows.. but I'm not making this up.. and no, I didn't custom install12:18
JonMok,well thanks guys - I guess I'll have to try again next week - cheerio12:18
keiferI don't have sound, but that's normal for me. :P12:18
=== keifer is now known as keifer|gdm
matt_some sort of bug? I dunno..12:18
mdzmatt_: then send a copy of /var/log/base-config.log to ubuntu-users12:18
OrangeSlicezomg I can leave now.  have fun lowe.12:19
=== OrangeSlice [~orange@elltel-dsl-p594.elltel.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
matt_mdz: will the problem still be there? I've been happily running ubuntu for 2 days now.12:19
michel_vschweeb: nah, I got the iso but my flatmate with the cd burner is AWOL for the weekend :p12:19
mdzmatt_: yes12:19
=== JonM [~chatzilla@client-32-p-2-lns.glfd.dial.virgin.net] has left #ubuntu []
matt_mdz: ok thx, I'll look into it in a sec12:19
schweebmichel_v: ah... I dunno if it can boot the ISO12:19
Loweuhm i need some help, for some reason i can't connect to the internet >_>12:19
mdzmatt_: if there was any network problem, it would have shown you a dialog indicating that an error occurred, and giving you the chance to retry12:19
schweebmichel_v: it can boot CD's though12:19
matt_mdz: ok well that didn't happen. So strange cause everything else seemed to be there.. except like I said, gdm and gnome. Too weird12:20
LoweDoes ubuntu have some problem with DHCP or something12:20
schweebmichel_v: sorry, though you asked about the CD, heh12:20
SystemX_dhcp works for me12:20
schweebLowe: I had problems12:20
matt_naw, works perfectly for me too12:20
Toothpickalso sladen I edited the background for kanotix ;)12:21
schweebdoesn't get updated correctly with dhclient312:21
Loweah i see12:21
schweebtry apt-get install dhclient12:21
schweebnot 312:21
schweeb3 is the flawed one12:21
sladenmatt_: what's in the base-config.log ?12:22
LoweWhat and that will fix it schweeb?12:22
matt_sladen: looking at it right now..12:22
schweebis the real package name12:22
schweebsomething's broke in the dhclient-script for dhcp3-client or something12:22
Lowehow gay12:23
LoweI had to actually log into windows just to get help -_-12:23
schweebI don't have windows installed anymore12:23
LoweI keep it for emergencys just like this12:23
schweebI just grabbed the nameservers from my leases file, and whipped up a resolv.conf by hand12:23
seth_slackwareanyone need a gmail acount?12:24
Loweso it's really just that resolv.conf file?12:24
matt_hmmm well, what to look for? I see no errors, but then again I see no reference of gnome or gdm being installed.12:26
=== ickyGoat [~Al@] has joined #ubuntu
SurcouFWe are gmail. Resistance is futile. You'll be invited.12:26
=== Dorward [david@dorward.demon.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
ToothpickI'll use gmail when the time comes.12:27
Lowei have to many gmail accounts12:27
matt_lol what does that mean toothpick?12:27
Toothpickmatt_: when I get an account ;)12:27
matt_I can't seem to get rid of my hotmail account, sucks...12:27
Toothpickmy blog was so inactive I guess I never got invited.12:28
matt_Toothpick: Oh.. haha.. ok12:28
seth_slackwareif you need one post your e-mail12:28
matt_I got an invite right in the beginning12:28
ToothpickI have an email.com account which is now mail.com bionictoothpick@email.com12:28
SystemX_i use to use mail.com12:28
Toothpicknot very good, but I liked my nick ;)12:29
SystemX_i have a couple invites if anyone is looking for a gmail account12:29
SystemX_yea, i think the killed my account there because i haden't used it in a while12:29
SystemX_kinda like what hotmail/msn did12:29
seth_slackwaregmail is great12:30
SystemX_hotmail use to be great before ms got it...12:30
SystemX_yea, i really like gmail... not only is there tons of space, but the whole setup is really sweet12:30
=== _matt [~matt@laptop.bristol.ipv6.mattstone.net] has joined #ubuntu
sladenmatt_: can you send it to  ubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com  along with a desciption of what you had to do to get things working12:31
sladenmatt_: it == the install log12:31
_mattoi .. i'm matt12:32
=== matt_ [~matt@dh055175.res.uvic.ca] has joined #ubuntu
matt_oooh hermes8812:32
=== _matt is now known as matt_
sladenCould the real  m a t t underscore  please step forward12:33
matt_i am the real me12:34
matt_i have has this nick for ages12:34
=== matt88 [~matt@dh055175.res.uvic.ca] has joined #ubuntu
matt_that guy can use _matt if he wants12:34
matt_my other nick12:34
matt88errr hermes88: you still ehre?12:34
matt88Lol matt_ you kicked me off =D12:34
matt_er.. yea12:34
sladenmatt_/matt88: did you get the two messages above?  12:34
matt88sladen: nope12:35
matt88hermes88: figured out your mouse problem dude12:35
=== Soko [~Soko@d150-236-107.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
matt88ahh he's not here12:35
sladenmatt88: <sladen > matt_: can you send the install log to  ubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com  along with a desciption of what you had to do to get things working12:36
matt88sladen: sure. Do I just send an email to  ubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com?12:37
matt88sladen: I hope it wasn't me just being an idiot.. but I really doubt it. It's supposed to automatically take you to gdm right?12:37
=== ilja [~ilja@dslam190-221-59-62.adsl.zonnet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
matt88actually I think I'll change to matt2 haha12:39
=== matt2 [~matt@dh055175.res.uvic.ca] has joined #ubuntu
matt2That's better12:39
matt_you can change to _matt if you want12:39
Chrifferhey matt, I may have had a similar problem, I went back at the grub install step, and then went through the menu12:39
matt2it's almost like matthew12:39
sladenmatt88: yes it should automatically take you to GDM and a beautiful GNOME experience.  If that hasn't happened in your case, it would be good to track down why12:39
sladenmatt88: to see the replies, you may want to signup too:  http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-users12:40
Chrifferthen my grub and UBuntu art seemed to be not installed right12:40
=== steveb [~steveb@c-24-22-0-23.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
matt2Chriffer, alright.. well at least it wasn't just me12:40
ChrifferI wasnt sure if my problem was bad media12:40
Chrifferso I didnt repert it12:40
matt2sladen: I'm signed up.. just signed up earlier today12:40
ChrifferI just used apt-get to install ubuntu-artwork then gdm and it all was fine12:40
matt2yeah, possibly mine was bad media as well.. 12:41
ChrifferI dont think it was12:41
matt2Chriffer: I used apt-get to install gdm and gnome and all was good12:41
sladenChriffer: anything missing in the install-log;  it should have complained12:41
matt2but I had to uncomment 2 of the servers first12:41
sladenmatt2: in /etc/apt/sources.list12:41
matt2sladen: yes12:41
jdubhey gang12:42
matt2sladen: It WOULD be good to track down why..12:42
mdzChriffer, matt2: one of you please file a bug in bugzilla, and the other add yourself to the CC12:42
seb128hello jdub 12:42
matt2mdz: should I file a bug in bugzilla or send an email to the user list?12:43
seb128jdub: totem 0.99.16, rhythmbox 0.8.6 and gtk+2.4.10 out ... are we interested by one of them ?12:43
ChrifferI'm filling out the bugzilla report now12:43
matt2ahh so I should leave it then?? My problem is slight different in that I needed gdm and gnome but.. I'm sure it's the same problem12:44
jdubseb128: if you can file bugs for matt and i mentioning the bugfixes they include, that would be great12:44
seb128jdub: ok12:44
matt2ahh.. sorry guys, I've never filed a bug before.. though I really want to start helping with ubuntu eventually12:45
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== petemc [pete@] has joined #ubuntu
sladenmatt2: it'll want your install-log, can you attach it to the bug when Chriffer has created it12:46
matt2sladen: sure thing. Where do I look for bugzilla? is there a link in the wiki?12:47
sladenmatt2: along with anything "special" you might have done during installation--eg. going Back, doing a custom install etc.12:47
sladenmatt2: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/12:47
sladenmatt2: it's in the /topic12:47
matt2sladen: my bad. Thanks12:48
ToothpickThanks for the gmail account seth.12:48
ChrifferWhere would this install log be exactly?12:48
matt2sladen: ok I did nothing special.. except at the end where I uncommented the servers and apt-get installed gdm and gnome12:48
sladenChriffer: /var/log/base-config.log12:49
=== GheRivero [~ghe@cable219a135.usuarios.retecal.es] has joined #ubuntu
=== wido [~wido@matrix.heim7.tu-clausthal.de] has joined #ubuntu
sladenmatt2: so, you went through the install, did it reboot?12:49
=== ilja [~ilja@dslam190-221-59-62.adsl.zonnet.nl] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
mdzmatt2,Chriffer: it sounds like you had the same problem, or at least related ones.  unless you do something special, you should _always_ get the same set of packages installed12:51
matt2sladen: It did reboot after stage 112:51
mdzthe pre-reboot (stage 1) logs are in /var/log/debian-installer12:51
=== xTina [~xTina@pD95E7D30.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzthe post-reboot log is /var/log/base-config.log12:51
Toothpickgotta reboot and see if I can get firefox working with java so my wife can play pogo...a list of possible login names would be nice on that ubuntu startup screen as well.12:52
matt2mdz: what could I have done special? I didn't custom install.. the only thing I did was partition myself.. since I've got winxp on my first partition (just in case some noob needs to use my comp)12:52
matt2mdz: is gdm and gnome installed in stage1 or stage2?12:53
mdzmatt2: stage 212:53
ChrifferI did the grub setup by hand12:53
matt2mdz: ok, that's what I thought.12:53
ChrifferI actually entered it at the grub command line12:53
Chrifferfor the first boot atleast12:53
mdzChriffer: grub wasn't installed automatically?12:53
matt2well, I installed twice and got the exact same problem12:54
ChrifferI didnt want to lose my bootloader12:54
matt2that's when I decided to take it in my hands and the fix was simple..12:54
sladenmatt2: are you able to md5sum the CD image you used?12:54
matt2Chriffer: you filed that yet?12:54
Chriffernot yet12:54
matt2sladen: how would I do that in linux? 12:54
matt2sladen: I've got my windows partition mounted with the iso sitting there12:55
sladenmatt2: sudo md5sum /dev/hdc12:55
matt_md5sun ./file12:55
matt2alright, hold on a sec12:55
sladenmatt2: it would be better to do it on the actual CD, since although the ISO maybe correct, you want to ensure the CD has burnt correctly12:55
matt2sladen: good call, will do12:56
=== jdandr2 [~jdandr2@12-203-179-57.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
ChrifferIs there a particular way I should get these files attached to the bug report, nothing seems obvious12:59
matt2error processing /dev/hdc: failed in buffer_read(fd): mdfile: Input/output error12:59
matt2is that a failure??12:59
mdzChriffer: there is a 'create a new attachment' hyperlink01:00
mdzChriffer: after you have submitted the initial bug report01:00
=== Dorward [david@dorward.demon.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
Chrifferahh ok01:01
sladenmatt2: looks like it.  Can you try with another CD that you know is good01:02
matt2sure, cause it did take it's time before coming to that conclusion. I dunno, maybe it's because I used bit torrent to download the image?01:02
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleeis mplayer to be added soon to ubuntu ?...this whole mplayer thing is a huge pita but then so is having to deal with java/flash and mozplugger ;-)....are these things on the todo list anyone know ? ;-))))))01:03
=== jdandr2 is now known as jesse_132
mdzneighborlee: there will be more information about that soon01:05
jesse_132is x2x broken in ubuntu01:05
matt2Ooh, i've also got a question regarding packages: How soon would we see something like gaim 1.0.0 available, for example? 01:05
neighborleemdz, okie thanks01:05
=== michael315 [~michael@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
maswanLet me just state that as a mirror admin, I'm fine with redistributing mplayer. :)01:06
schweebneighborlee: do you have the marillat apt sources?01:06
schweebI just used marillat01:06
schweebhas w32codecs, mplayer, etc...01:06
matt2hmm marillat eh?01:07
neighborleeschweeb, I do01:07
matt2sladen: Other cd checked out. Arg sorry about all the confusion..01:07
neighborleeschweeb, well I tried downoading the mplayer stuff but quickly learned thats not sufficient .that adding the 'source' and doing apt-get clearly is needed LOL01:07
matt2sladen: must be the issue..01:07
neighborleeschweeb, too many depends to deal with ..ha01:07
matt2neighborlee: is there a source you can add to get mplayer?01:08
neighborleematt2: ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/01:08
jdubmatt2: so it works like this;01:08
sladenChriffer: are you able to try checking the CD you installed from?01:08
neighborleei've n ot done it yet but thats the ftp addy where they are01:08
jdubmatt2: we open a devel branch and all of sid flows into it01:08
jdubmatt2: and we work on new features and so on01:09
jdubmatt2: then we freeze, and take no new upstream versions01:09
jdubmatt2: unless they fix bugs and whatnot01:09
jdubmatt2: but we take small updates for fixes01:09
sladenmatt2: okay, so it sounds like if a package fails it is being silently skipped?01:09
=== michael315 [~michael@dsl-] has left #ubuntu []
jdubmatt2: *except* for GNOME, because we track its releases01:09
jdubmatt2: and as it happens, we consider gaim as part of our desktop goal01:09
matt2jdub: cool, thx. Are these sources in the source.list?01:09
ChrifferThe CD was fine for a previous install, but I'll check it to make sure01:10
matt2jdub: awesome, good to hear, thanks for all the information01:10
jdubmatt2: so we'll be getting gaim 1.0 before WartyWarthog final release because it contains bug fixes01:10
matt2sladen: yes, this appears to be happenening01:10
jdubmatt2: there are no devel branch sources in sources.list because we have no devel branch yet01:10
jdubmatt2: you will have to explicitly choose to upgrade to it when it opens01:10
sladenmatt2: could you check the image you downloaded whilst we're at it:   md5sum /media/.../ubuntu-warty.iso01:10
=== free|afk [~free@81-208-74-187.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
matt2jdub: is that sometime in december? or was final in october?01:10
jdubfinal release is in october01:11
maswanjdub: what? you track gnome's releases? :P01:11
matt2sladen: of course, I used bit torrent remember.. so that might have something to do with it.01:11
schweebjdub: I have a question about that... I know you are providing bugfixes for main and such after release... but is there going to be a complete freeze on versions, even on major apps? i.e. if mozilla-firefox goes 1.0, is there a possibility of its inclusion into warty?01:11
jdubmaswan: :-)01:11
matt2ahhh.. awesome01:11
jdubschweeb: mozilla-firefox will only be included in warty before Final because we'd decided to ahead of time (it's part of our desktop goal)01:12
jdubschweeb: there will not be any version upgrades after final01:12
jdubschweeb: and generally speaking, there are no version upgrades for everything !gnome after upstreamversionfreeze01:12
Mitariohmm, only thing i have to do for hal to update my fstab is to make /etc/hal/device.d/fstab-update.sh executable right?01:13
matt2I'm still a little confused over all this since I come from gentoo.. lol so things are still fairly cutting edge it sounds01:13
=== Adonijah [~adonijah@CPE-65-26-138-221.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
matt2Does HAL actually work? Like if I plug in my camera it will detect it? I thought that was a ways away.. but then i read something about it in the gnome 2.8 release notes01:14
Toothpickjdub, do you think you'll have a working java with the next release? black**** something01:14
=== bolivar [~bolivar@host-193-246-220-24.midco.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mitariomattit should, but udev detects the cam, hal makes the mountpoint01:14
Adonijahjdub, the evolution bug you had me report upstream, is there a way to doc that somewhere so other ubuntu users will know upstream is taking care of it and it's a known prob?01:15
Mitariobut since hald is called with --drop-privileges in ubuntu, it does not update my fstab :(01:15
jdubAdonijah: not yet, but there will be :)01:15
jdubToothpick: there's a FAQ entry about this :)01:15
matt2but in order for this to work I need to make /etc/hal/device.d/fstab-update.sh executable?01:15
jdubmatt2: our project utopia support is second to none01:15
jdubmatt2: no01:15
jdubmatt2: we do it differently01:15
=== lowe [~lowe@ACBD396C.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
schweebit should "just work"01:15
schweebyou guys use pmount, don't you?01:15
=== jdub did a demo during the presentation last week - flawles
bolivarbeen running the default install the last couple days...going to reinstall with mini install option and install what i want from apt...i see the x-window-system-core package is the same...but i dont find a 'gnome-base' type of package...what should i use for gnome?01:16
Toothpickok I'll start reading more ;)01:16
Adonijahjdub, fyi, contacts and evolution-alarm is broken on amd64 platform and according to upstream it's most likely a libdb threading problem01:16
jdubschweeb: yeah, pitti wrote01:16
loweHey, does ubuntu come with automake etc?01:16
Mitariojdub, hmm, what is the way that ubuntu does it then?01:16
matt2jdub: I plug in my camera.. nothing happens =( but that's to be expected with linux. Except ubuntu does have support for this, no?01:16
schweebif you install it, lowe 01:16
loweI don't see it on the disk01:16
jdubMitario: we have a special program that does policy mounting, with pmount01:16
schweebmatt2: is it a usb-storage cam?01:16
jdubmatt2: what kind of camera?01:16
Mitariodoes it detect + mount my other disks?01:16
Adonijahlowe, you can install it via apt-get01:16
matt2canon a7501:16
jdublowe: it's available in supported01:16
jdublowe: just install it :)01:17
matt2umm.. so that would be usb storage01:17
jdubmatt2: is hald running atm?01:17
loweI have never used apt-get (last distro was mandrake)01:17
schweebmatt2: are you sure it doesn't use PTP?01:17
Adonijahlowe, sudo apt-get install automake01:17
matt2jdub: no idea, is it running by default?01:17
Adonijahlowe, to find a package 'apt-cache search keyword'01:17
ChrifferMy camera didnt do anything exciing when I plugged it in, but had to run gthumb01:17
matt2schweeb: nope, I really know nothing.. just got the camera the other day lol01:17
Mitarioroot@mithrandir /etc/hal/device.d # pmount /dev/hda101:18
MitarioError: device /dev/hda1 is not removable01:18
schweebhave you ever used it in linux?01:18
matt2schweeb: no, but I know it definitely works in linux, some people on the gentoo forums got it going for sure01:18
schweebMitario: your fstab should already be updated with hard drives01:18
schweebat boot01:18
Mitarioschweeb, hmm, it isn't here01:18
Mitariowell yeah for the current / and swap partition01:18
jdubmatt2: ps aux | grep hald01:19
schweebfor everything01:19
Mitariobut i want to access my debian and windows partitions too01:19
Mitarioit isn't here01:19
Chriffermatt2, did you try to just use gthumb from the graphics menu? it has an import feature in the menu that worked for my camera01:19
matt2jdub: tis running. Maybe I just have to install gthumb and open it?01:19
jdubMitario: hrm, you don't really use pmount like that :)01:19
Mitariojdub, yeah, i figured :)01:19
jdubmatt2: gthumb is installed01:19
schweebMitario: put up your fstab somewhere?01:19
schweeber s/?//01:19
matt2Chriffer: Giving that a go now. 01:19
jdubmatt2: load up the removeable devices thingy in desktop preferences01:19
matt2jdub: woops lol didn't see it there01:19
jdubmatt2: see if it says anything for cameras01:20
matt2jdub: alright, I appreciate this help btw01:20
=== [Scizo] [~bite_me@chantry.devlix.dk] has joined #ubuntu
schweebMitario: is hda1 ntfs?01:20
loweHow come when i start root terminal it doesn't ask for a password? i thought it was supposed to.01:20
Mitariohda1 is vfat01:20
Mitarioiirc lemme check01:20
Adonijahlowe, it remembers your password for a short period01:20
loweoh i see01:20
=== lowe is now known as Lowe
andredjdub: I needed to add a .fdi thing for my IXUS 400 in /usr/share/hal/fdi/20freedesktop/ . Will that have to be done for all cameras an devices that should work with hotplugging?01:21
schweebsudo puts a file in /tmp if you've used it recently01:21
LoweMan Ubuntu sure is faster than mandrake01:21
jdubandred: no, only ones that are not already supported01:21
jdubandred: please add that as an attachment in a bug01:21
Mitarioschweeb, ah, /dev/hda1 is my debian ext3 partition01:21
AdonijahLowe, the 2.6 kernel, and 2.8 gnome are blazingly fast in comparison to anything I've used before01:21
matt2jdub: I actually don't have a removeable devices in desktop preferences.. uhh is something wrong?01:22
Mitarioand i only have my ubuntu partition in fstab atm01:22
andredjdub, Yeah, I have added it in bugzilla. But there are really few .fdi files in that directory, like 4 of them. Are others built-in in some way?01:22
jdubmatt2: how did you install?01:22
LoweOne of the main reasons i wanted to try ubuntu was becauseof gnome 2.801:22
Adonijahmy favourite thing about Ubuntu so far is how little I had to customise my system to get it to work just like I wanted, only took me about 15 minutes to get everything just as I wanted01:22
jdubandred: mmm, think so01:22
schweebMitario: actually, hal might only update for removable devs01:22
sladenLowe: you shouldn'e need to start a root terminal.   Just type   sudo apt-get ...   as you would do normally, but with sudo in front01:22
jdubAdonijah: excellent, that's the best response we get :-) thanks01:22
matt2jdub: via cd.. but I DID have a problem since I had to manually install gdm and gnome. Turns out my image was bad.. but I didn't think there were any other problems01:22
schweebMitario: cause it looks like the entries in my fstab were generated by the installer01:22
Loweyeah but for some reason i was getting password incorrect01:23
Mitarioschweeb, by the installer or at boot time?01:23
=== DaNewB [~DaNewB@modemcable075.26-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
schweebby the installer01:23
matt2jdub: turns out there are though.. hmm maybe I should re-download the image and re-install arg01:23
jdubmatt2: ahr. might be easier.01:23
Mitariohmm, i only have proc, swap, /, cdrom and floppy01:23
jdubmatt2: just rsync against a current daily image.01:23
Adonijahjdub, it took a little longer to install all the development tools I use, but it was still pretty easy once I uncommented universal and restricted in apt sources.list ;)01:23
LoweBtw in nautilus how do you make the url at the top, it's a pain in the arse browsing directorys now.01:23
subterrificAdonijah: same here, 15 minutes and i was printing excel and word docs from emails to the office printer. Windows couldn't even do that cause it took me hours to find the printer drivers online. ubuntu came with them01:23
Mitarioand i have 8 - 10 other partitions spread around my 2 harddisks01:23
sladenschweeb: sudo updates the your time stamp on  /var/run/sudo/username  each time you use it01:24
matt2Chriffer: That worked! But I had to install gthumb first, stupid corrupt cd image.. arg01:24
sladenschweeb: you can remove the timestamp with  sudo -k01:24
Adonijahi used to have several distributions, but once I started using Ubuntu, I deleted everything but RHEL 3, which I need for work and Oracle01:24
schweebsladen: I knew it was somethin like that01:24
Adonijahso now just Ubuntu and RHEL3 remain01:24
matt2jdub: how would I do that? Would that save me from downloading, reburning, and re-installing?01:24
Mitariobrb, have to reboot, i have borked some things01:24
Mitariobb soon01:24
matt2jdub: btw my camera works, that's so awesome01:25
=== SystemX [~systemx@pcp02307676pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubadwhat did you need from universe?01:25
=== SystemX is now known as SystemX_
AdonijahLowe, hit 'Control + L' i'm not aware of anyway to put URL at top01:25
AdonijahLowe, short of turning off spatial mode in gconf01:26
=== Mayonaise [~debian@CPE-24-160-241-7.wi.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mayonaise is now known as debian_
=== markhannon [~mark@c211-28-79-132.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
AdonijahLowe, err... Desktop Preferences -> File Management -> Behaviour -> 'Always open in browser windows' will turn off spatial too now apparently01:26
Adonijahjdub, what did I need from universe?01:27
sladenmatt2: rsync -CvzapP --stats     *01:27
sladen      rsync://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu01:27
debian_hey guys im trying to do apt-get install update, i edited out the lines it said, and added universe to the other lines, but when i run the update it keeps saying that some index files failed to download, they have been ignore or old ones used instead01:27
=== debian_ is now known as mayonaise
matt2sladen: the second line there?01:27
Loweawesome thanks Adon01:27
sladenmatt2: ignore it01:27
matt2ahh ok 01:28
Toothpickuniverse doesn't have crafty01:28
Adonijahmayonaise, probably just http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/main Sources failed to be fetched01:28
Toothpickjdub I just went through the faq and found nothing about java01:28
Adonijahmayonaise, at least that's the prob i've had for the last few days01:28
mayonaiseadonijah, yes thats what is happening01:28
mayonaiseso i cant get the updates01:28
mayonaiseand i cant get totem-xine01:29
sladenmatt2: rsync -CvzapP --stats rsync://archive.ubuntu.com/cdimage/daily/current/warty-i386.iso ./warty-i386.iso01:29
mayonaiseor anything else i need for that matter01:29
AdonijahToothpick, http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/helpcenterfaq.2004-09-16.346970338701:29
mayonaiseadonijah, what do you suggest?01:29
Adonijahmayonaise, it shouldn't stop you from installing things01:29
matt2sladen: Thankyou!01:29
mayonaiseyes, i cant get naything becuase it keeps saying that i should run apt-get update01:29
psiseb128: I just wanted to let you know that I've opened a bug regarding the /etc/gnome/defaults.list issue01:29
matt2sladen: I hope this adds everything I'm missing lol..01:29
seb128psi: ok, thanks01:30
=== Ygster [~Ygster@d213-103-69-154.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Loweyeah it sayed that to me aswell, so i did apt-get update lol then it worked01:30
=== Ygster [~Ygster@d213-103-69-154.cust.tele2.fr] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Adonijahjdub, i needed anjuta, allegro, and a few other things from universe/restricted01:32
=== gnu is now known as Mayonaise
Adonijahjdub, most distributions include allegro in their base already along with sdl01:32
Mayonaiseim just gonna do a new ftp install01:32
Mitarioso i'll have to put my disks in fstab manually or is there some auto-generate app?01:32
Mayonaiseand try over again01:32
matt2Mitario: my camera works now.. thanks. But um.. I'm missing a bunch of programs apparently due to a corrupt warty image.. arg01:32
Mayonaiseadonijah, are al the things that were available in debian available for ubuntu?01:32
LoweI just tried to su to root and i get authentication failed01:32
schweebsudo su01:32
toryDoes anybody else have this problem with the industrial theme? http://img33.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img33&image=emblem.png01:32
AdonijahMayonaise, i don't think everything is, but supposedly there are 12,000 packages total avail01:32
KosaiUse sudo.  'sudo passwd root'.01:33
torysee the desktop folder emblem01:33
AdonijahMayonaise, once you include universe/restricted01:33
Mayonaisebecuase there was a prog called audacity that i apt-get installed when i had debian, and doesnt work on ubuntu01:33
schweebdon't set a password01:33
schweebuse "sudo su"01:33
matt2I kindof like how sudo is set up..01:33
Mayonaisebut how do you log into root? like from the startup screen01:33
Mayonaisethe login screen rather01:33
schweebor "sudo command"01:33
AdonijahMayonaise, you don't01:33
Mitarioschweeb, ooh, i see :) https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=104001:33
AdonijahMayonaise, it's been disabled01:33
AdonijahMayonaise, if you need a root 'shell' just do 'sudo -s'01:34
schweebdidn't notice the -s option01:34
schweebI've been using sudo su for months, heh01:34
Mayonaisewhy was it disabled?01:34
AdonijahMayonaise, security, and to encourage people to not do things as root, since that's dangerous01:34
Mitariojdub, why aren't you using project utopia btw? :)01:34
AdonijahMayonaise, i would imagine anyway01:34
schweebmayonaise: you're less likely to run everything as root01:34
schweebonly the necessary commands01:35
AdonijahMayonaise, the less things that run as root, the better01:35
AdonijahMayonaise, if anything is horribly incovenient or difficult to do or use with the default setup, i would imagine the project would like your feedback about what's bad with the sudo setup01:35
AdonijahMayonaise, so far though, i've found that having sudo -s available to me makes life as easy as normal01:36
schweebMitario: yea, right after you left, I was gonna tell you that in the installer, you can add them when you're doing your partitioning01:36
Mayonaiseim not concerned w/ sudo, im concered w/ this update business01:37
AdonijahMayonaise, open a query window to me and paste the output01:37
AdonijahMayonaise, to me01:37
Mitarioschweeb, oh, so if I add a disk when you've already got ubuntu installed it won't be added automatically?01:37
AdonijahMayonaise, i imagine you're just seeing a warning about the update01:37
Mayonaiseto late - already doing a new ftp install01:37
AdonijahMayonaise, oh, well later then01:38
Mayonaisebut itll probably happen again so ill let u know =P01:38
AdonijahMayonaise, i imagine you're just seeing a warning about the update01:38
Mayonaisethx tho01:38
AdonijahMayonaise, because I get the same message, but I can still install things01:38
Mayonaisealright, well ill see how it all goes01:38
Mayonaisethx for your time01:38
=== DaNewB [~DaNewB@modemcable075.26-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
schweebMitario: doubt it01:40
Mitarioso i'll have to reinstall as soon as i put in a new harddrive..01:40
schweebthere's always adding fstab entries by hand01:41
Mitarioyeah, well, that's... hmm, i would almost call it dirty :)01:41
sladenschweeb: sudo {command you would have typed as root}01:41
Mitarioi mean, hal does this automatically, why not use hal for it?01:41
Mitarioor some other app/something01:41
[Scizo] sudo bash ? :D01:41
AdonijahMitario, I believe hal is used, although I don't know how it's setup01:42
schweebsladen: ?01:42
AdonijahMitario, for example, if I add an entry to /etc/fstab, the instant I mount it, gnome opens a window displaying it's contents01:42
MitarioAdonijah, hald is un with --drop-privileges, so the /etc/hal/device.d/fstab-update.sh won't work01:42
MitarioAdonijah, i don't want to add entries to /etc/fstab by hand :)01:43
Mitarioif it's possible in a way that is01:43
AdonijahMitario, this is for USB devices?01:43
AdonijahMitario, or hotplug stuff?01:43
MitarioAdonijah, no, also IDE01:43
AdonijahMitario, I wasn't aware IDE was hotplug ;)01:43
AdonijahMitario, at least not generally anyway01:43
punkassi am trying to follow this howto to get my laptop to power down/up when the lid is closed opened...but it says to run /sbin/chkconfig --add acpid01:43
Mitariowell, hal can update /etc/fstab and puts all ide devices in it01:43
punkassthat is a redhat thing....is there a debian version?01:44
Mitariowith appropiate mountpoint + fstype + mountoptions01:44
matthewjspunkass: i want to do something like that too, can you show me the howto?01:44
Mitariomaybe i can just edit the startup script of hal and dop the --drop-privileges argument, would that break other things in ubuntu?01:44
schweebpunkass: it's way simpler than that01:44
schweebpunkass: but are you sure you wanna do that?01:44
=== jdub_ [~jdub@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
schweebyou want a full power down?01:45
=== psi [~psi@c-077c71d5.016-81-6c756c1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
Adonijahpunkass, sudo apt-get install acconf, you can use that, chkconfig is a redhat thing I think01:45
Adonijahpunkass, err...rcconf not acconf01:45
schweebor use update-rc.d01:45
Adonijahthat too ;)01:45
sladenpunkass: ACPI should already be running01:45
matthewjshow do you make it suspend to disk?01:45
=== jdub_ gars.
schweebecho disk > /sys/power/state01:46
=== SystemX_ [~SystemX@pcp02307676pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
schweebno guarantees as to if it actually works though01:46
sladenecho disk | sudo tee /sys/power/state01:47
schweebsomething's b0rked for suspend to RAM for me in ubuntu, so I get to investigate that eventaully01:48
=== violajack [~michelle@roc-69-201-84-72.rochester.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
matthewjsi thought suspend to ram didnt work im most cases01:48
schweebworked for me01:48
schweebquite well01:48
schweebon sid01:48
=== jdub_ [~jdub@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
matthewjsi would like suspend to ram, but suspend to disk would be ok01:48
matthewjsschweeb: what did you use for suspend to ram?01:49
schweebecho mem > /sys/power/state01:49
schweebbut save all your important data first01:49
schweebi.e. don't have a huge office doc open and unsaved01:49
matthewjsgoing to try it now, if ill reconnect if it didnt work :)01:49
punkassyeah its running01:50
punkassbut when i close the lid i just get a blank screen01:50
punkassso i have to reboot01:50
punkassand the backlight doesnt go off01:50
LoweWhere are my other partitons mounted? or do i have to mount them myself01:51
AdonijahLowe, you'll have to mount them yourself most likely01:51
schweebpunkass: that's a known bug01:51
matthewjsschweeb: it did some stuff in console, screen flashed then came back up to X, same ting for you?01:51
schweebit's in bugzilla01:51
Adonijahmatthewjs, yea sam here01:51
schweebmatthewjs: something's blocking an IRQ01:51
schweebDell laptop? D800 or something?01:51
matthewjsschweeb: sony vaio z101:52
schweebnever used one01:52
=== psyklops [~John@] has joined #ubuntu
matthewjsso is that a ubuntu bug or does it just not work 01:52
schweebit's a kernel bug01:52
=== nicktaylor [~nick@12-216-226-172.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
matthewjsim going to try suspend to disk now01:52
schweebone of the modules doesn't want to let go of the device01:52
punkassi am on a dell D600 and had to disable lpt port cuz if irc confilts01:53
schweebremove "lp" from /etc/modules01:53
punkassyeah...i just disabled it in my bios :)01:53
nicktaylorHey everyone.  I'm trying to set up a DWL-520(revision B), which runs on the Prism2.5 chipset.  I've got that Linux-WLAN-NG drivers installed and the prism2_pci module loaded, but there is still no device.  Any ideas?01:53
schweeband you may have to blacklist lp and parport_pc in /etc/hotplug/blacklist01:53
punkassschweeb: so does the lid thing just not work?01:54
=== free|afk is now known as fre
schweebI don't really know what the problem with the lid switch is01:54
=== fre is now known as free
matthewjshrmm schweeb: that suspend to disk command did nothing for me 01:55
schweebmatthewjs: there's a bit more to it than that, you'll have to read the kernel docs for it01:55
schweebpunkass: just a sec01:55
punkassschweeb: i dont want a full power down...dont even care that much about the backlight(tho it would be nice) I just want the desktop to come back up..all i get is a blank screen with a flashing cursor01:57
schweebdid you press "enter"?01:57
punkassyup...and spacebar..and mouse buttons01:57
schweebjust a minute01:57
nicktaylorOK, here's an alternative question?  What is a wireless card I could get that would work out of the box with Ubuntu?01:58
=== violajack [~michelle@roc-69-201-84-72.rochester.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
punkassnicktaylor: here is a good list: http://pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net/ftp/SUPPORTED.CARDS01:59
schweebpunkass: okay, try this01:59
schweebbeware you may have to reboot01:59
schweebxset dpms force off02:00
schweebthen press a key02:00
punkassone moment ...just booting back up02:00
nicktaylorpunkass: Need PCI, thanks though.02:00
punkassah ok02:00
Lowehow would i mount hda1? (which is an ntfs partiton) I don't know the commands, i was so use to mandrakes mounter thing lol.02:01
=== psi__ [~psi@c-077c71d5.016-81-6c756c1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
schweebpunkass: work?02:02
punkasslike a charm02:02
markhannonLowe: create /mnt and then issue sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt 02:02
KosaiLowe: mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt02:03
punkassbacklight even went out02:03
schweebpunkass: try xscreensaver-command -throttle02:03
schweebpunkass: try xscreensaver-command -throttle && xscreensaver-command -lock02:03
punkassok screen faded to black (backlight still on) press a key..enter password, desktop is back02:04
neighborleejust installed mplayer and am getting some weird behavior here...dvd starts to play but i'm getting a error dialogue poping up and blinking on /off very fast:: alsa-control: mixer attach dev/mixer error: no such file or directory..anyone else seeing this or is it a known bug ?02:05
=== Sanne [~Sanne@p5086B65B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
schweebso it's not xscreensaver or dpms that is fucking it up02:05
punkassneighborlee: i have seen that on a plain debian install02:05
neighborleepunkass: oh hmm02:05
punkassschweeb: it appears not02:05
jesse_132I have 2 linux (ubuntu) boxes on same network..  both have X running without the -nolisten option.  both have been "xhost -a" so that they accept from all ...  on neither does x2x work to/from :(02:06
punkassneigborlee: never spend anytime trying to fix it tho :)02:06
=== matthewjs [~matt@oh-clevelandheights-cdnt1-bg4e-122.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
jesse_132I mean xhost + ...02:06
Lowealright kosai i did that, but now only root can see it and when i try to change the permissons i get an error because obiously i can't write to ntfs02:06
jdubjesse_132: never use xhost + :-)02:06
jdubjesse_132: use ssh02:06
=== Sanne [~Sanne@p5086B65B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
jdubjesse_132: however, if you really want to use raw X over the network02:07
jdubjesse_132: change the DisallowTCP setting in /etc/gdm/gdm.conf02:07
jesse_132jdub, yeah...  I just want to change it for here... and once I get it setup use ssh forwarding :)02:07
neighborleepunkass, well no matter..totem-xine is working fine now that I installed libdvdcss2 ;-)02:07
jesse_132jdub, I'll check that!02:07
=== nicktaylor [~nick@12-216-226-172.client.mchsi.com] has left #ubuntu []
punkassgood stuff02:07
neighborleeyup ;-002:07
Deftpunkass, how'd the ndiswrapper stuff go?02:08
=== psi__ is now known as psi
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
schweebpunkass: try "sudo chvt 1"02:10
schweebthen alt+f7 to get back to x02:10
schweebanyone know what the $? variable is in bash scripts?02:10
punkassDeft: well it found the hardware :002:10
markhannonschweeb: it shows the return value of the last command02:11
Deftpunkass, so it did compile?02:11
punkassyup it was an IRQ conflict with the lpt port02:11
jduboh man02:11
jdubthe worst thing about having lots of great contributors working in bugzilla.ubuntu.com02:12
jdubis that there are lots of name clashes ;)02:12
jdubso when i assign to 'colin', i have to choose which one ;)02:12
Mitariohaha :)02:12
punkassschweeb: ok it took me to prompt, the alt-f7 took me back to X02:12
schweebokay, so it's not that02:13
punkassa pile of # prompts it the X shell window tho02:13
crimsuni had a great time installing ubuntu on a machine with 32 MB RAM02:13
punkasslike i hit enter about 30 times02:13
schweebpunkass: what kind of video card in that laptop?02:14
punkassi believe its a ati02:14
punkassnot sure (its my bosses laptop)02:14
TerminXschweeb: I should get Matthias and friends in here so you can be the bitch here, too <302:14
=== free|afk [~free@81-208-74-187.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
Deftwoohoo, I think ubuntu is now ready to be my media player on my shuttle PC02:15
punkassyeah it is: Radeon R250 is what lspci tells me02:15
=== free|afk [~free@81-208-74-187.fastres.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
schweebpunkass: alright, do this: "sudo mv /etc/acpi/lid.sh /etc/acpi/lid.sh.bak"02:15
Deftjdub, one new issue, it took far too long to add a new user to all the groups needed to actually do anything...02:15
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
schweebthen close your lid02:16
jdubDeft: a secondary user? yeah, we want to make that easier02:17
punkassnothin...except it locked up the laptop :)02:17
Deftjdub, cool, something else I don't have to write a bug for02:17
matt2ok so I just did this:  rsync -CvzapP --stats rsync://archive.ubuntu.com/cdimage/daily/current/warty-i386.iso ./warty-i386.iso02:18
_Hiro_what initial group is the normal user added to?02:18
matt2umm... now is there something I should do to get all my missing apps back?02:18
Deft_Hiro_, almost none, needs cdrom, audio, video etc...02:18
_Hiro_is it <user>:<user> or more like <user>:users02:19
matt2since my original image somehow got corrupt yet I still managed to install02:19
matt2it's just missing some things02:19
matt2or.. do I burn this sucker and re-install?02:20
matt2probably eh?02:20
jesse_132jdub, thanks for the help ... :)  02:20
AdonijahLowe, use uid=1000,gid=1000 as options to mount02:20
jdubDeft: a bug would be good :-)02:21
AdonijahLowe, where 1000 is your user id / group id (you can find them out by running 'id' from a shell prompt as your user)02:21
Deftha, ok, I'll do that02:21
matt2I think I'll md5sum it this time (ARG)02:22
jdubDeft: let me know the bug number02:22
punkassschweeb: you get my last msg?02:22
schweebpunkass: okay, it's a problem with your hardware02:23
schweebsort of02:23
schweebcheck in the BIOS... try turning off the suspend/blank stuff in there02:23
punkasswould be nice if i could just hit the power button to power down the os02:24
schweebpunkass: that should work02:25
LoweIs there an easier way to install mplayer without having to download all those packages?02:25
schweebpunkass: be sure to do "mv /etc/acpi/lid.sh.bak /etc/acpi/lid.sh"02:25
punkassnope...have to hold down the button for like 5secs then it just does a hard shutdown02:25
schweebpress the button02:25
schweebshould almost certainly work02:26
schweebpress it and let it try to shut down02:27
schweebmay take a minute for you to realize it's doing anything02:27
punkassok just lookin in the bios for suspend/blank stuff02:28
toryDoes anybody know how to get windows to not display their current location in gnome? xterm says user@hostname:~/home/user but I want it to just say user@hostname:~02:28
punkasscant seem to find any02:28
toryit takes up too much space in the window list02:28
Deftjdub, 1430.  Any stupid mistakes I blame on Family Guy02:28
schweebtory: edit .bashrc, and comment out the PROMPT_COMMAND line02:29
=== jono [~jono@82-37-194-90.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
jonohi all02:29
jonoanyone know where I can get divx for ubuntu?02:29
toryschweeb: thanks02:30
jdubjono: might be easiest to install totem-xine from universe02:31
=== steve1943 [~steveb@c-24-22-0-23.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jonojdub, ahhh really, cool :)02:31
jonoyou still working jdub?02:32
jdubit's sunday :)02:32
jonoheh, its 1am here02:32
AdonijahLowe, mplayer isn't in the reposoitories due to licensing restrictions I believe02:32
jonoI am still hungover from my birthday bash last night02:32
AdonijahLowe, so, no :|02:32
Adonijahjono, hangovers are your body's punishment for drinking too much ;)02:33
jonowhat is the universe?02:33
Deftwow, apparently gaim just became perfect02:33
jonoAdonijah, yep, hehe02:33
Adonijahjono, /etc/apt/sources.list02:33
Adonijahjono, uncomment universe/restricted in there02:33
Adonijahjono, universe is 'all the unsupported packages' best I can tell02:33
punkassschweeb: whoa..the powerbutton worked that time...wierd02:34
LoweWell i suppose it's worth the effort to install02:34
jonoI suppose universe is basically debian packages02:34
punkassschweeb: tho it does stop at acpi_power_off called02:34
keifer|gdmhey, is there just a kde 3.1 meta package, and not 3.2?02:35
jdubjono: debian main, unsupported02:35
=== keifer|gdm is now known as keifer
jonojdub, cool, so normal debian packages integrate rather well then02:35
jdubnot normal packages02:35
jdubthey're built for ubuntu02:35
jonojdub, all we need now is a driver driver to allow a stable ABI in the kernel and ubuntu will rule the world :P02:36
keiferthrow in a good ppc nvida driver while your at it. :P02:36
=== Lowe is now known as Lowe-sleeping
=== steve1943 [~steveb@c-24-22-0-23.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== empop [~empop@dhcp065-024-093-199.columbus.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Lowe-sleepingWay past my bed time, good night.02:37
jdubjono: stable ABI == puke :-)02:37
jonojdub, but the driver situation is madness my man...02:38
jdubit won't be made any better by having a stable ABI and a bunch of shithouse proprietary drivers02:38
jdubwe're doing okay for hardware support at that levle02:39
jdubit's going to pick up over the next three years02:39
jonobut we need to move drivers outside the kernel source02:39
jdubwe need more drivers *in* the kernel source :)02:39
keiferwe need fluxbox. :)02:40
Deftwe need user space drivers02:40
jonosome kind of gentoo inspired automated build would be good - plug a device in, hal detects it, grabs the source and compiles02:40
jdubDeft: we do in many cases02:40
jdubjono: ugh02:40
schweebbuilding from source = tehdevil02:40
jonojdub, any manual compile of drivers is wrong02:40
matt2ok time to re-install..02:40
jdubjono: plug a device in, hal detects in, loads the module and it just works.02:40
=== ponds [~ponds@ws169-33.evans.dynamic.msstate.edu] has joined #ubuntu
cefjdub: we nee to make all the driver manufacturers walk the plank like the scurvy dogs they are!.. Aaarrrrr!02:40
matt2I was just on gentoo and I got sick and tired on compiling.. it's useless02:40
jdubjono: that's the process you want.02:40
matt2anyways re-installing with a working cd this time lol02:40
jdubcef: AHR!02:40
jonojdub, how do you do that for drivers not within the kernel?02:40
schweebjono: from a user's standpoint any compilation is wrong02:41
=== psyklops [~John@] has left #ubuntu []
jonoschweeb, yep02:41
jdubjono: you provide them in another package if they exist.02:41
matt2peace people, seeya in 30-40 minutes02:41
jonojdub, but then you need a new module for each minor point kernel release02:41
Adonijahjono, vlc is in apt, and works just as well if not better than mplayer sometimes02:41
jonoAdonijah, totem-xine fixed it - cheers :)02:42
pondsvlc cant do ascii art can it02:42
=== schweeb fixes the lid/screenblank scripts
jdubjono: not necessarily, you have source.02:42
Adonijahjdub, '****house properietary drivers' are better than none, and in some cases are the only option, you know that as well as I do if you do commercial software development02:42
schweebI got DPMS working in the screenblank scripts02:42
jonojdub, but compilation is bad for the user02:42
jdubjono: you're assuming binary module damage and lack of freedom here. :-)02:42
Deftwatching movies with caca output is fun02:42
schweebwill post bugreport soon02:42
jdubjono: nothing to do with the user.02:42
jonojdub, I dont believe all binaries are wrong - so long as the source code is available02:43
jdubAdonijah: they are, but if companies persist with binary drivers, they will lose in the market.02:43
keiferDoes anyone else not have sound? (or is it ppc specific?)02:43
punkassschweeb: you fixed them?02:43
jdubjono: if source is available, you're fine. no problems.02:43
schweebnot for your problem, punkass 02:43
Adonijahjdub, i'm not so sure, 3d graphics are an area where I doub't well ever see good 3d hardware with drivers :|02:43
Adonijahjdub, even ati went closed source :|02:43
schweebAdonijah: you're wrong on that point02:43
Deftmaybe if graphics cards companies would just reclassify their drivers as cpu level firmware, we could allow it02:44
jonoI am against closed source binaries, but the current driver situation seems quite restrictive - if your device is not supported in the kernel source and available as amodule for your distro, you are stuffed - if there is a third party driver, you need then compile it - I dont think any distro can keep on top of drivers that well02:44
=== ickyGoat [~Al@] has joined #ubuntu
=== psi__ [~psi@c-077c71d5.016-81-6c756c1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
Adonijahschweeb, prove me wrong then, 4 major graphics card companies have come and gone, and all of them have either never gone open source, or have went closed source after being open source02:45
jdubAdonijah: dude, it will happen. it is inevitable. :-)02:45
jdubjono: we're releasing every six months.02:45
Adonijahi wish I could believe that, i really do02:45
Adonijahbut as long as lawyers exist I wonder :P02:45
jonojdub, are you confident you can provide a module for every point release of the kernel inside ubuntu for every driver both in and out of the kernel?02:46
jdubAdonijah: when linux has 20% market share, do you think the dells, hps and ibms of this world are going to choose hardware/chipsets that require binary drivers? no. :-)02:46
jdubjono: every six months, there'll be a new release, with new drivers and (often) kernel.02:46
maswanjdub: this has already happened in the server space, IME02:47
schweebthere is a kernel config option where you don't have to recompile all of your modules for each and every kernel compile02:47
jdubmaswan: exactly :-)02:47
jdubmaswan: adaptec is the best example02:47
punkassif i set up a wifi connection with the gnome 'wizard' will it ask me for a WEP key if one is needed?02:47
jonojdub, but do you think you can cover all bases with the drivers - as much as I truly love ubuntu, I think its pretty impossible, even with six monthly release cycles02:47
schweebit scans the module and it disables the symbols it thinks are incompatible with it02:47
jonoand then what happens if the user wants to use a driver for a point kernel release where there is no module available in the distro02:48
punkassschweeb: so any other thoughts on what i can do?02:48
schweebpunkass: nope02:48
jdubjono: what do you define as 'all the bases'? we'll have new drivers in our kernel every six months. if a driver doesn't exist, we can't do it.02:48
punkassok thanks for your help02:48
jdubjono: they won't install point release kernels that aren't in ubuntu.02:48
jonojdub, I mean drivers outside the kernel too02:48
jdubjono: we're talking real users here, not us.02:48
jdubjono: we have a bunch of drivers from outside the kernel, that's the plan.02:49
schweebjono: that's what the kernel config option I'm talkin gabout is supposed to do02:49
schweebI dunno how well module versioning works02:49
jonoschweeb, interesting02:49
schweebmust not be very reliable, since no one uses it02:49
jdubversioning doesn't matter - we're building kernels :-)02:49
jdubthey won't be out-of-step02:49
schweebjdub: right, but I'm talking about for say, vendors who want to have a downloadable driver from their site... a premade binary (not necessarily closed source)02:50
jonomy only concern is when a user needs to support a device in which the distro has not detected and installed the driver - that is when the user gets stuck in kernel compiling land - a place where no user should be :P02:50
schweebit will solve that problem ^^^^02:50
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-151-50-196.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubschweeb: it is a hack for that problem. it shouldn't be solved that way.02:51
schweeblike I said though, I dunno about the particulars02:51
jdubjono: dude, normal users will not be "stuck in kernel compiling land", they won't even start.02:51
jonoyou might have read it, but I wrote about this on my o'reilly blog - that is what was linked at slashdot02:51
Deftjono, that could be avoided just by giving everyone every driver, like happens with all the drivers in the kernel tree02:51
=== violajack [~michelle@roc-69-201-84-72.rochester.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== laotse_ [laotse@adsl-67-123-41-249.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
jonojdub, agreed if you are 100% positive the distro will detect the hardware and asign the right driver02:52
jdubthe right solution is to have a sane release cycle, ship hardware support by default, and thumbscrew vendors in to supporting you as you pick up market share.02:52
jdubjono: if it doesn't, that's a bug.02:52
schweebjdub: well, it's a bit of a problem in the first place that modules are kernel dependent, IMO02:52
jonoI think the concern with linux is that you need to research your purchases02:52
jdubschweeb: it's not :-)02:52
jdubjono: sure, and that problem will end.02:53
jonobut this is largely the driver issue that commercially supported drivers are rare and hackers have to write them02:53
jonoanyhoo, I need to run, catch you later guys :)02:53
schweebjdub: howso?  I mean, if the driver hasn't changed, why should you have to recompile it every time you recompile the rest of the kernel?02:53
jdubschweeb: users don't. we do. :-)02:54
jonoschweeb, exactly02:54
jdubthe problem never sets foot in the users mind02:54
schweebevery distro could have a "driver-modules" package, and not have to upgrade your modules every time you download a new kernel02:54
jdubschweeb: we have that to some extent.02:54
schweebvia virtual packages02:55
jdub(at least for restricted)02:55
jdubschweeb: but dude, it's unlikely that you'd be upgrading a kernel between releases02:55
jonojdub, I know a lot of users who have a device that is supported by linux, their distro does not pick up on it and install a module and they ask a LUG or friend how to get their device working and they are told to compile a module - that is main problem - this is not a bug in a distro, its a limitation of the kernel02:55
jdubunless you're on the devel path02:55
jdubjono: it's a bug in the distro.02:55
jdubjono: we're going to fix that bug.02:55
=== Gandalfar [~gandalf@BSN-77-186-194.dsl.siol.net] has joined #ubuntu
GandalfarHey, what's the root passwd? :)02:55
jdubGandalfar: there is no root password, root is disabled.02:56
jdubGandalfar: your first user is set up with full sudo privileges.02:56
jonothhe current system works under the express condition the distro picks up *every* device and installs a module *if* it is present02:56
jdubjono: and why shouldn't they? that is the goal.02:56
jonojdub, but this level of reliability is simply not there in any distro02:57
jdubjono: i know. :-)02:57
jdubjono: and why not? WHY NOT?02:57
jonounless you guys are working on some clever way around this, its always gonna be a problem02:57
schweebjdub: why bother being modular then? do you recompile all of your libraries every time you compile a piece of software"02:57
jdubjono: no cleverness involved, just work.02:57
jdubschweeb: modular is good for other reasons (memory, reliability, cross-incompatilibty), etc.02:58
jdubschweeb: modular kernels are not there because of the need to load external modules02:58
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@] has joined #ubuntu
jonojdub, I think the problem is that the current system does not scale, it may be manageable now, but in 10 years the management of individual modules is going to be huge with the new devices02:58
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
Gandalfarthanks for the tip02:58
toryI wish the weather applet wouldn't show a sun when it's 9 PM02:58
neuro|laptopyarr, this be why i be gettin' told to bugger off in #debian when askin' about ubuntu!02:58
jdubjono: we02:58
jdubjono: we're not talking about the current system02:58
jdubtory: ;)02:59
toryjdub: what02:59
jdubjono: you need to unassume. :-)02:59
jdubtory: sun at night.02:59
toryyeah :(02:59
jonojdub, do you have something up your sleeve ;)02:59
jdubjono: dude, solving this problem does not require something up my sleeve.02:59
jonojdub, hehe03:00
jdubit simply requires work03:00
jduband not accepting the standard assumptions03:00
jonojdub, ok dude, we will agree to disagree :)03:00
jonoI wrote the original article at http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/pub/a/linux/2004/09/02/driver_ease.html - there is some interesting discussion in the comments bit03:00
jdubwhy do you think we need to disagree?03:01
toryjdub: do you know of any other decent weather applet so I can know whether or not its raining without having to take my eyes off of the screen for more than half a second?03:01
Gandalfaromg, ubuntu killed my ntfs installation03:01
AdonijahGandalfar, it did?03:01
jdubtory: if it's raining, it will show rain03:01
AdonijahGandalfar, didn't kill mine03:01
schweebjdub: okay, how about the situation where a new piece of hardware comes out, and there is a OSS driver out immediately, but the distro doesn't have it included in their list... maybe it's some inane hardware the distro would never even realize is missing... why should the user have to file a bugreport to the distro to get it added?03:01
jonojdub, well we dont agree, do we?03:01
GandalfarI probably shouldn't delete that 8Mb free partition?03:01
jdubjono: i don't think you're grokking the point, really.03:01
toryjdub: yeah, but I mean one besides the one gnome comes with03:01
jonojdub, ok03:01
Adonijahjdub, the pie in the sky idea of one day properietary drives won't be necessary because we'll own the market sounds great, but in the meantime binary 3d is the only way to get workstation class 3d so it'd be great if that were easier :)03:01
torybecause it shows the sun at night :(03:01
jdubschweeb: then it's not supported in the current release.03:01
jdubschweeb: so users request it, and it's added to the next release.03:02
jdubschweeb: the release cycle is sane, such that users can expect tested drivers in a reasonable period of time.03:02
schweebso they have to wait 6 months for their hardware to work possibly?03:02
jdubat the very max03:02
schweebI disagree with that03:02
Adonijahit'd be neat to write a program that sucked in a specially packaged driver tarball03:02
jduband even then, we can provide unsupported packages for that particular module03:03
Adonijahthat compiled and created a package for the module for the user and installed it03:03
jdubschweeb: you disagree that it's possible?03:03
=== bolivar [~bolivar@host-193-246-220-24.midco.net] has joined #ubuntu
schweebif there are oss drivers available, the user should be able to download a binary from the manufacturer if the distro doesn't include it03:03
jonoschweeb, exactly03:03
jdubschweeb: that's entirely possible.03:03
jonowhy should the user only be able to use distro supported device modules?03:03
matthewjsevery 6 months for stable drivers, and unstable for people that want to use it now at no garentees03:04
schweebthe hardware manufacturer shouldn't have to have a binary module for EACH kernel for EACH distro03:04
jdubschweeb: ok, you're living in windows-assumption-land now :)03:04
GandalfarAdonijah: grub doesn't boot winxp :/03:04
AdonijahGandalfar, sure does03:04
AdonijahGandalfar, at least here anyway03:04
AdonijahGandalfar, open a /query window to me and paste your /boot/grub/menu.lst03:05
AdonijahGandalfar, i'll help ya :)03:05
schweebI'm just saying, you should be able to reuse your binary driver no matter what the kernel03:05
Gandalfarwell it sets the chainloder correctly03:05
jdubschweeb: one, because you're assuming manufacturers should provide it; second, you're assuming it'll require a kernel module. :-)03:05
Gandalfarit just hangs there03:05
jonoschweeb, exactly03:05
=== steve2 wonders if there's any ubuntu swag yet
AdonijahGandalfar, paste me the menu.lst in a /query03:05
GandalfarAdonijah: ok03:05
maswanjdub: three, because you're assuming it's a binary03:05
jdubjono: that's a different problem, and if that's your mission, good luck to you. i don't think it's what we need to do to solve the problem.03:05
maswanjdub: (just providing additional points :) )03:06
jdubmaswan: true, but let's assume that anyway (whether it's open source or not) ;)03:06
jonoI dont think the excuse for a lack of ABI compatibility in the kernel is good enough for the fact that it may be used for closed sourced drivers03:06
Adonijahjono, unfortunately, the kernel maintainers don't feel that way03:06
schweebjdub: are you talking about user space drivers?03:06
hornbeckis there going to be gtk-sharp packages?03:06
jdubAdonijah: that's a *good* thing :-)03:06
jdubschweeb: yes03:06
jonoAdonijah, and that is a problem IMHO03:06
jdubschweeb: most drivers will move to user space03:06
Adonijahjdub, not from a programming perspective03:07
schweebthat is acceptable, yes03:07
jdubdude, you're conflating problems here03:07
schweebthey're kernel space03:07
Adonijahjdub, if the Qt or Gtk apis changed as often as the kernel driver API there would be a mutiny :)03:07
Adonijahjdub, even for open source drivers it's very difficult to keep up with kernel changes sometimes03:07
jonoAdonijah, good point03:07
jdubAdonijah: sure, that's why they should be in the kernel03:07
jdubthis will be solved03:07
Adonijahjdub, that sounds great in theory, but what about when there's 20,000 drivers to be maintained03:07
jdubi believe it will be solved differently03:07
=== ziga [~ziga@BSN-77-186-194.dsl.siol.net] has joined #ubuntu
jonohow will it be solved jdub?03:08
jduband anyone chasing up the ABI/downloadable garden path is welcome to 03:08
maswanI mean, the first thing you check when you're thinking of buying new hardware is make menuconfig for a driver (if it is kernelspace).03:08
Adonijahjdub, pretend for a moment that binary drivers couldn't exist03:08
jdubjono: go to bed. :)03:08
jonojdub, huh?03:08
Adonijahjdub, would you then suddenly want  a stable API?03:09
jdublet's drop it03:09
jdubit's a pointless argument03:09
Adonijahi wouldn't say pointless03:09
Adonijahbut i would say impossible to agree most likely ;)03:09
jonoI think its very important, but I think we simply disagree :)03:09
jdubthus pointless03:09
GandalfarAdonijah: sent03:10
Adonijahi guess, i'm a developer too, and I just don't understand it, maybe that's why I get into discussions about it03:10
AdonijahGandalfar, sent?03:10
GandalfarAdonijah: as different user03:10
AdonijahGandalfar, oh i see03:10
bolivarjdub: have time for a question please?03:10
jonook, I need to go learn about Blender - later chaps :)03:11
AdonijahGandalfar, hrm, i don't see anything wrong03:11
AdonijahGandalfar, did you use the partition to delete and move partitions around?03:11
GandalfarAdonijah: well, grub just hangs in there..03:11
AdonijahGandalfar, err..partitioner03:11
AdonijahGandalfar, you have XP SP2 or just plain ole' xp?03:12
GandalfarAdonijah: I had 8Gb unpartitioned disk space in hda2 which I used to add ext3 and install to it03:12
=== hermes88 [~hermes88@] has joined #ubuntu
GandalfarAdonijah: fresh xp installation with slipstreamed SP203:12
AdonijahGandalfar, ok, did you delete any partitions?03:12
GandalfarAdonijah: yes, the unpartitioned one03:12
bolivarbeen running the default install...want to do the mini install...will then do x-window-system-core, gdm, mozilla-firefox, xchat, evolution...but i dont see a 'gnome-base' type of package like debian...am i just overlooking it...hope that makes sence03:13
GandalfarAdonijah: because it seemed strange to me that winxp installer left 8Mb of free disk space03:13
hermes88hey, I'm getting an error message when trying to mount a windows partition...  "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hdc2, or too many mounted file systems"03:13
AdonijahGandalfar, that may have been what done it, xp is picky about it's partition table03:13
AdonijahGandalfar, and the unpartitioned space is normal03:14
subterrificjdub: what project is aiming to move drivers into user space?03:14
AdonijahGandalfar, hrm...there is a non-destructive way to fix it03:14
AdonijahGandalfar, i think you should be able to boot the XP cd, go into recovery console mode and run the fdisk program03:14
GandalfarAdonijah: if I can save winxp, I can reinstall ubuntu much quicker03:14
AdonijahGandalfar, write out the partition table, and reboot03:14
AdonijahGandalfar, lemme check03:15
GandalfarAdonijah: so, should I delete ubuntu, create a big partition, leave 8Mb free in in and run fixmbr, boot in winxp, then reinstall ubuntu?03:15
subterrificAdonijah: if Gandalfar used the ubuntu installer i'm not sure that will work because it doesn't just change the partition table, it also formats the partitions03:16
Gandalfarsubterrific: I didn't format the ntfs one03:16
Adonijahsubterrific, it doesn't automatically format all the partitions03:16
AdonijahGandalfar, you shouldn't have to delete ubuntu03:16
Gandalfarsubterrific: I installed sarge a few times before :)03:16
AdonijahGandalfar, i think just booting to the XP recovery console using the CD, then running fdisk, having it write the partitions, and rebooting should work03:17
=== xTina_ [~xTina@p50833B44.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
AdonijahGandalfar, you may end up having to run fixboot from the recovery console, and then reinstalling grub later03:17
jdubsubterrific: there are some gelato project related groups doing it atm.03:17
AdonijahGandalfar, if that fails, yes, you may have to delete the ubuntu partition using fdisk from the XP cd, using fixboot, and then reinstalling03:17
AdonijahGandalfar, but I don't think so03:17
jdubsubterrific: plus, you already have usb userspace drivers on your system now :)03:17
jdubbolivar: i wouldn't recommend that03:18
jdubbolivar: why don't you want to install the default desktop?03:18
subterrificjdub: gelato.org?03:19
jdubyeah, not sure if much of it is public yet though03:20
bolivari will be installing for my mom before I leave for africa....i just wanted to keep the number of packages small so when she updates the confusion level would be small03:20
bolivarin case some packages required yes or no etc03:21
Adonijahbolivar, the default desktop is very non-confusing03:21
Adonijahbolivar, and fairly small imo :D03:21
=== stub [~zen@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
jdubbolivar: there shouldn't be enough to cause confusion. it's designed for your mum. :-)03:22
subterrificjdub: found an article on it, thx http://lwn.net/Articles/66829/03:22
GandalfarAdonijah: hm, no fdisk in recovery console03:22
GandalfarAdonijah: fixmbr and fixboot will probably wipe-out grub?03:23
AdonijahGandalfar, yes, they will03:23
AdonijahGandalfar, but there should be an fdisk on the CD somewhere03:23
AdonijahGandalfar, i'd almost swear it03:23
AdonijahGandalfar, it may not be in the default path03:23
jdubsubterrific: there's also some stuff about it in the gelato@UNSW wiki03:23
bolivaris satellite as bad as people say for web?  ill be using that overseas...if its decent i could admin the box remotely03:24
torynew ubuntu artwork B)03:24
AdonijahGandalfar, fixboot and fixmbr are pretty innocuous though, worth a try03:24
empopi think bolivar means when his mom is apt-get upgrading.  I know I have even been annoyed when debconf asks me something when upgrading a package that it didn't ask when i origionally installed it.03:24
AdonijahGandalfar, means you'd have to use the ubuntu cd to reinstall grub, but that's pretty minor03:25
bolivarempop: yeah, to just keep the confusion down...shes not a techy, like the kernel warning for example03:25
=== jedi [~mike@ppp212-179.lns2.syd3.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
empopor pcmcia-cs03:25
GandalfarAdonijah: I just managed to press R to 'repair' windows .. I guess I just have to wish that everything will work after this finishes03:25
subterrifichas Linus expressed his opinion on the user-space driver projects? i know he likes to keep every possible in user space (ie udev, graphics drivers) but this does allow binary drivers to be legitimized...03:26
jdubsubterrific: at which point it doesn't matter to him :)03:26
jdubbolivar: it should be fine as-is03:26
subterrificbecause they aren't in kernel space?03:26
jdubbolivar: it will be harder to get a fully working system for your mum otherwise03:26
jdubsubterrific: sure03:26
jdubsubterrific: and nothing to do with him :)03:26
AdonijahGandalfar, yeah, that'll probably do it too, although you'll want to run windows update once it boots into windows again03:27
=== haggai [~halls@pD9EA5FA0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificinteresting, i really hope to see this succeed. imho, hardware support is the biggest challenge for linux on the desktop right now03:27
Gandalfarotherwise, I quite liked first experience with ubuntu, much faster than my usual three day tweaking of debian system :)03:27
Adonijahsubterrific, some things just don't work well in userspace though, like graphics drivers, and even then, userspace drivers are only good if the kernel abi for them is stable :p03:27
AdonijahGandalfar, same here, I've used gnome for a long time, and the only other distro that gets gnome right is fedora or rhel03:29
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-151-50-196.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkasswhere can i find nvidia-glx?03:30
=== unshavenyak [~eh@d150-129-34.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Gandalfarpunkass: in non-free usually03:33
Mitarioin restricted03:34
unshavenyakQuestion for anyone awake out there.  I'm trying to install the Linux version of Maple 9.5 (Calculus Software)03:34
Mitarioapt-get install nvidia-glx03:34
unshavenyakwhenever I try to do sudo ./installMapleLinuxSU I get /bin/sh: bad interpreter: permission denied03:34
punkassits not coming up03:34
unshavenyakany ideas what might be causing this?03:34
punkassi have main restricted universe03:34
Mitariounshavenyak, is the file executable?03:34
punkassbut it cant find03:35
Mitariounshavenyak, does the file call some script which isn't executable?03:35
unshavenyakhrmm one sec03:35
Mitariopunkass, did you do an apt-get update?03:35
Mitariowhat does apt-cache search nvidia find?03:36
unshavenyakchecking to see Mitario, but this is a long file 03:36
Mitariounshavenyak, it's usually at the top03:36
Mitariounshavenyak something like #!/bin/sh03:36
unshavenyaklets see..03:36
unshavenyaklooks like the only script it calls is CMD=" ./LinuxInstaller.bin"03:36
Mitariois that one executable?03:37
punkassit says it has 'no installation candidit03:37
unshavenyakit's executable03:37
Adonijahunshavenyak, you may have to do 'sudo -s'03:37
Adonijahunshavenyak, and then run it from that shell03:37
unshavenyakok thanks Adonijah, I'll give it a try03:37
=== thaytan [~jan@] has joined #ubuntu
Mitariopunkass, and if you do 'apt-cache policy nvidia-glx'?03:38
cefheya thaytan 03:38
empopim thinking of trying ubuntu on my powerbook.  does debian-installer detect and make entries in yaboot for macos and macosx by default?  or do I have to figure that out for myself?03:38
=== thaytan finds it ironic that connecting to bugzilla.ubuntu.com presented a certificate that isn't signed by a real authority
thaytandoes Mark know about this? :)03:38
unshavenyakwoo hoo03:38
thaytanyo Chriffer03:38
unshavenyakthanks Adonijah it did the trick I think03:38
thaytanyo cef,rather03:39
thaytansilly tab-complete03:39
jdubempop: it adds them if they exist, yeah :)03:39
jdubempop: it also gives you a boot from cd choice, if you don't like holding down C ;-)03:39
cefthaytan: self-signed cert?03:40
jdubthaytan: yeah, it's being sorted03:40
empopjdub: schweet..off to try it out now ;)03:40
=== toothpick [~neils@pcp08888263pcs.plsntv01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Britt [~Britt@12-203-176-186.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubBritt: that was fast03:40
thaytanjdub: did you get my new planet.py?03:40
toothpickI dragged the top bar to the left...the icons are all huge now and I can't drag them back to the top...the one for firefox...sound...evolution..03:40
=== jdub just saw Britt sub to the lists and hit irc in a matter of seconds
cefhrm, apt needs to support https03:41
jdubthaytan: yeah, will look in a while03:41
=== matt2 [~matt@dh055146.res.uvic.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Brittjdub, :) good thing i'm not a gunslinger03:41
matt2unf I'm back03:41
matt2worked flawlessly this time03:41
=== cef goes back to reading Practical Cryptography
Brittjdub, everything's looking great btw (you hooked me w/ iw2000 drivers on the notebook)03:42
toothpickany ideas how to drag that bar back to the top?03:43
=== empop [~empop@dhcp065-024-093-199.columbus.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Adonijahthaytan, yes, it's a bug in bugzilla03:43
Mitariohmm, the human icon theme is pretty cool :)03:44
jdubBritt: rocking03:44
thaytanshould I file broken dependencies in bugzilla?03:44
Mitariowhen is it going to be added to the default Human desktop theme?03:44
jdubthaytan: yes please03:44
jdubthaytan: particularly in supported03:44
jdubMitario: by Final03:44
thaytanthis is universe03:44
Mitariojdub, ah, ok03:44
thaytanjack-rack wants swh-plugins03:45
jdubthaytan: may fix, expecially with patch :)03:45
thaytanAFAICS the patch would be to include swh-plugins ;)03:45
jdubthaytan: oh, swh-plugins is not built?03:45
jdubthaytan: that's most likely the problem03:46
=== jay_ [~jay@pcp0010308604pcs.avenel01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
thaytanlet me update, it's been 12 hours03:46
jay_is warty stable03:47
toothpickHow do I create a panel in gnome...I delete the top panel that had computer and everything03:47
Defttoothpick, right click on another panel03:48
Ycrosahh, but what if you have no panels left03:48
toothpickfound it thanks Deft 03:48
Deftthat should happen unless you try really hard03:48
thaytanYcros: it won't let you delete them all03:48
Brittdidn't see anything about this in the faq: will there be an installer option for servers w/o X in the future?03:48
Ycrosyeah? mmph03:48
subterrifici think i've compiled the ubuntu kernel 8 times today, fun03:48
jdubBritt: type 'custom' at the install boot prompt now :-)03:48
jdubthaytan: unfortunately, that was changed :|03:48
=== gabe [~gabe@static24-72-125-56.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Ycrosnever tried it myself03:48
jdubthaytan: now it prompts you03:48
DeftYcros, you'd have to remove the gconf entries, and maybe the defaults too, you can't do it from the gui03:49
Brittjdub, awesome :)03:49
jdubthaytan: going to bug markmc about it03:49
jay_is warty stable03:49
jdubjay_: we think so :)03:49
jay_i still lockup on configuring wireless networking with network-admin03:49
jay_i have to do it manually if terminal03:50
jdubjay_: what kind of wifi card?03:50
jay_dlink dwl-ag65003:50
jdubdo you know which chipset that uses?03:50
jay_dlink air-xpert03:50
jay_ummm no03:50
jdubhmm :)03:51
thaytanjdub: are the build bot pages accessible to me for these situations?03:52
GandalfarAdonijah: well, xp won't boot anymore, fixmbr and/or fixboot doesn't help. I guess I'll do a full reinstall tommorow. Thanks for your time03:52
jdubthaytan: not yet, i don't think03:53
jay_welp with latest apt-get upgrade has not locked yet...which is good03:53
AdonijahGandalfar, try deleting the ubuntu partition with fdisk, and then writing out the partition table again03:53
subterrificjdub: here's another project i found http://www.circlemud.org/~jelson/software/fusd/03:53
AdonijahGandalfar, then use fixboot and fixmbr03:53
jay_just network-admin still a bit squirrly03:53
subterrificlooks pretty interesting03:53
Mitarionn all!03:53
jduboh man03:53
jdubnight Mitario 03:53
AdonijahGandalfar, you should be able to use fdisk by going into the directory it's in on your C:\03:53
jdubeveryone thank Mitario 03:53
AdonijahGandalfar, using recovery console03:53
jdubfor his excellent trashapplet :)03:53
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-206-229-231.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
AdonijahGandalfar, sorry it didn't work out easier for ya03:53
subterrificthank you Mitario 03:53
jdubyayayaay :)03:54
AdonijahGandalfar, this is a problem all 2.6 distros face (a kernel thing)03:54
subterrifici wrote an applet you might be interested in jdub (if i ever finish it)03:54
jdubso alsa has a separate headphone volume03:54
GandalfarAdonijah: what does 2.6 kernel have with xp loading?03:54
jdubas 'master' doesn't control it03:54
subterrificit adds a urlbar to the panel03:54
jdubit's not affected by the mixer applet03:54
jdubsubterrific: tried mini-commander? :)03:55
subterrificjdub: no, i think i looked at screenshots and decided it was too ugly03:56
jdubit's kinda plain, but it does the job03:56
Mitariooh uhm, lol, has anyone seen the trashapplet icon with the Human icon theme?03:56
jdubthere are a few other applets like it03:56
Mitario(in the applet chooser)03:56
jdubMitario: yeah 8)03:56
Mitarioheh :p03:56
jdubMitario: it's the most important applet! :)03:56
Mitariohaha :)03:56
=== gabe [~gabe@static24-72-125-56.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Mitariorealy, ubuntu is soooo great :)03:56
=== jdub goes to shower.
jdubMitario: sweet :)03:57
=== Mitario goes to bed
Mitariohmm, 4AM over here03:57
thaytanI think quick lounge should be in by default :)03:57
jdubthaytan: i would prefer the panel to work like that by default, to some extent ;)03:58
thaytanyeah, a mini-panel applet would be nice03:59
thaytanjust a shelf to put other applets and icons in 03:59
thaytanso you can drag them around as an entity03:59
AdonijahGandalfar, 2.6 uses a modern partition table that XP doesn't understand03:59
AdonijahGandalfar, afaik03:59
=== Mitario is now known as Mit|bed
Mit|bedanyone bothers I take this name? :)03:59
Mit|bedor should I just log out... hmm03:59
AdonijahGandalfar, http://portal.suse.com/sdb/en/2004/05/fhassel_windows_not_booting91.html04:00
AdonijahGandalfar, that might help04:00
AdonijahGandalfar, no one seems to agree on whether it's a bug or not04:01
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
=== matt2 [~matt@dh055146.res.uvic.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== brainpicnic [~steve@00095badc517.click-network.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== micolous [~michael@] has joined #ubuntu
brainpicnicwhat is a good rss newsfeed downloader for ubuntu?04:07
brainpicnicis that already installed in the release04:08
SystemX_you can get it through synaptic04:08
Adonijahbrainpicnic, don't think so04:08
brainpicnicokay, thanks04:09
Adonijahbrainpicnic, it's in the respositories tho04:09
brainpicnici'll use synaptic04:09
SystemX_i thought Gnome System Tools cam ew/ an application for turning on and off services?04:10
jdubSystemX_: it's not enabled/supported upstream or in ubuntu04:10
jomohke_Ok, as unrelated as this is I have a problem. With a budget of AU$2500-3000 should I a) Buy a powerbook G4 today b) Wait til early next year for powerbook G5 or c) Grab a pc laptop today?04:11
jdubjomohke_: go pc.04:11
jomohke_Why is that?04:11
jdubjomohke_: the current crop of apple machines don't have complete linux support (for wifi, etc).04:11
jdubpretty much everything else works though04:11
jdubbut it's not really worth the cost/hassle04:12
SystemX_what config file do I edit to adjust the services in uBuntu?04:12
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jdub had a bright green ibook, swapped to a dell X300
jdubSystemX_: you can use the update-rc.d program04:12
jdubSystemX_: what do you want to change?04:12
bur[n] eranyone know if i can download the ubuntu 2.8 debs from the iso in my current debian installation?04:12
brainpicnichi again, I couldn't find liferea in synaptic04:12
SystemX_i just wanna stop somethings from starting at boot time04:12
bur[n] eror where the repository is with gnome 2.8?04:12
jay_quick question since network-admin does not work on my system what file do i edit to make it work04:12
jdubbur[n] er: best not to use ubuntu packages with debian and vice versa04:12
jay_like ifconfig ath0 ipaddress netmask04:13
jomohke_Wifi is important for my laptop, and under an apple I would most probably use OS X for it. Under a PC I would want to use linux, how good is linux's wifi support? There is an airport extreme network setup where I live for internet access and that would be essential.04:13
jdubSystemX_: which things, out of interest?04:13
jay_route add default gw ipaddress04:13
jdubjay_: /etc/network/interfaces -> really easy :)04:13
bur[n] erin that case... any idea where the live cd is?  i heard alex of morphix was working on it04:13
jdubbur[n] er: we delayed the live cd a bit04:13
=== scrillaman [~Dolemite@fl-pbg-ubr2-c3e-217.atlsfl.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
bur[n] erjomohke_: i use wifi on my linux box every day04:14
SystemX_brainpicnic, add this to synaptic - deb http://ftp.lug.ro/debian/ sid main contrib04:14
bur[n] erjomohke_: works pretty well actually04:14
jdubbut there are earlier versions that don't have full autoconfig support here:04:14
SystemX_or to yr apt-get sources.list file04:14
bur[n] erright on... i'll play with a test release... that doesn't bother me04:14
jomohke_bur[n] er: is there much 802.11g support yet?04:14
SystemX_jdub, stuff like pcmcia support04:14
brainpicnicokay, thanks04:14
jdubit's quite old compared to current ubuntu04:14
bur[n] erjomohke_: really depends on your card04:15
jdubSystemX_: update-rc.d -f pcmcia remove04:15
SystemX_ok, thanx04:15
bur[n] erjdub: gnome 2.8?  and one last question... is centrino support built in to ubuntu?04:15
=== bur[n] er is tempted to just say screw it and install ubuntu in place of debian
=== g1powermac [~g1powerma@ky-georgetown2a-184.rhmdky.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubbur[n] er: gnome 2.7ish on the old livecds, and yeah, good centrino support04:15
scrillamansame question about centrino as burner04:15
jomohke_Most laptops I've seen come with built in wifi (centrino, I think it's called)04:15
bur[n] erjdub: thanks for the answers :)  and the link04:16
bur[n] erjomohke_: centrino works very very well now04:16
jdubbur[n] er: don't think the livecd had centrino foo04:16
jomohke_Ah, good. I may get a pc in that case.04:16
bur[n] erjdub: no worries, i just wanted to test out gnome 2.8 with the live cd... and if it's worth it, i'll go for the whole ubuntu install04:17
jomohke_Anyone recommend laptop brands for hardware compatibility and quality?04:17
scrillamanI installed ubuntu yesterday on my 8600 with the intel 2100 wireless card and it recognized my hardware but didn't come up as eth104:17
jdubjomohke_: hp or ibm04:17
=== bur[n] er is running a compaq presario x1000 perfectly... (no 3d video drivers though... i haven't taken time to look... don't game anyway)
jay_what package install java in ubuntu04:17
jdubjomohke_: though i'm very happy with my dell (but acpi is a bit wonk)04:17
jdubjay_: none04:17
jdubjay_: there are external repositories linked in the wiki04:17
jay_no limewire then04:17
bur[n] erscrillaman: eth2? ;)  that's what my intel 2100 is04:18
bur[n] erscrillaman: i lied... it's eth004:18
scrillamanlol nope04:18
g1powermacbur[n] er: please read my messages on the morphix channel. . .04:18
bur[n] er:)04:18
jomohke_Hm. Haven't seen any ibm laptops in the few stores I've been to around canberra. Most stock sony & dell it seems.04:18
bur[n] ersure g1powermac04:18
jomohke_Whoops, compaq not dell.04:18
=== robertj [~robertj@] has joined #ubuntu
Adonijahbrainpicnic, uncomment restricted/universal in your /etc/apt/sources.list as root04:19
scrillamanbur[n] er did your 2100 work right out of the box04:19
Adonijahbrainpicnic, it is in there04:19
bur[n] erscrillaman: i haven't installed ubuntu yet... but it did with my distro04:19
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
scrillamani c04:20
bur[n] erscrillaman: i have issues with the module though... i have to rmmod ipw2100... then modprobe ipw2100 after i boot up04:20
bur[n] ersomething about the module being loaded before something else and it isn't recognized till i reload it04:20
bur[n] ermay want to try that 04:20
g1powermacbur[n] er: thanks :-)04:20
bur[n] erfor copy/paste:  sudo rmmod ipw2100 && sudo modprobe ipw210004:21
=== jay [~jay@pcp0010308604pcs.avenel01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
hornbeckit was a pain to get ipw2200 to work04:21
bur[n] er2200 == 802.11g?04:21
hornbeckhad to disable my parallel port04:22
bur[n] erthat's somethign i've never heard of... (but who uses parallel anwyay) ;)04:22
hornbecknot I04:22
hornbeckworks great now though04:22
=== Adonijah groans at how ancient the version of allegro in apt is :|
jayick!! wireless transfer of large files suck04:29
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
=== brainpicnic [~steve@00095badc517.click-network.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== micolous watches ubuntu leech at 50kb/s (:
AndyFitzoh noez04:30
micolousnah, it's installing.  im glad i dont have 256kbit.04:31
micolousso far, it's detected everthing but my soundcard (which i never expected it to, everything has issues with it) and acpi04:32
micolousseeing as acpi in its infinite wisdom breaks pcmcia :\04:32
hornbeckwho uses pcmcia?04:33
micolousme, for my wired network card :P04:33
hornbeckI have never had acpi break my pcmcia(yenta)04:34
micolousyeah, mines yenta too04:34
micolousseems to make my old toshiba have irq conflicts04:34
hornbeckI must say, this is the nicest distro for my laptop so far04:35
hornbeckeverything is working without major hacking04:35
=== g1powermac [~g1powerma@ky-georgetown2a-184.rhmdky.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
=== ealden [~ealden@ipdial-182-40.tri-isys.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== amit [~dotnix@cpe-24-165-94-116.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
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=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-206-229-231.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
amitok guys need help badly....trying to decide if i should install ubuntu or suse on an i386....user has never used linux....04:50
hornbeckworks alot better right out the box04:51
hornbeckthe suse install is prettier04:51
amityeah and the kde looks a lot better in suse04:51
hornbeckthat is true04:51
amitneed to impress this dude man...gotta convert him to linux04:51
micolousthere's no kde in ubuntu, it's gnome based by default.04:52
matthewjsgnome 2.8 and the new hardware detection thingy > *04:52
amitbut applications in suse seen out of date04:52
hornbeckgnome 2.8 is worth using ubuntu over suse04:52
micolousand suse has no gnome..04:52
amitok how is apt set up in ubuntu...04:52
hornbeckthats the reason I installed it 04:52
matthewjsya same, i only installed it for gnome 2.8 now i like it so im keeping it04:52
amiti mean does it have synaptic bundled04:52
hornbeckI was installing gnome 2.8 on progeny when I found this04:53
hornbecknow I am sold on Ubuntu for life04:53
matthewjsi was going to on gentoo04:53
amithow many packages does ubuntu have04:53
hornbeckgentoo takes to long04:53
matt2Lol hornbeck, me too dude04:53
Adonijahamit, 12,000 or so04:53
Adonijahamit, at last check04:53
hornbeckand I always break gentoo04:53
micolousim installing ubuntu because i want to play with gnome 2.8, and gentoo is very slow to compile stuff on my laptop04:53
matt2gentoo pisses me off sooo bad04:54
amit12,000?! wow04:54
violajacki think it would depend on the guy's background.......the windows control center > YaST is an easier transition04:54
hornbeckI get a nice gentoo04:54
matt2used to love it.. but it's just soo.. finicky04:54
micolousgentoo is my main desktop (:04:54
hornbeckthan it stops working04:54
Adonijahamit, that's including unsupported packages ;)04:54
matthewjsi still like gentoo just didnt want to wait for 2.8 ebuilds04:54
matt2I'm tired of compiling now..04:54
amitawesome....do the packages get updated right away04:54
matthewjsmatt2 thats the whole point of gentoo, so ya dont use it if you dont want to compile04:54
matt2It was fun, but I end up configuring it to no end.. I'd rather USE my desktop04:54
ChrifferI've started trying to avoid effort04:54
hornbeckthe release cycle is almost right with gnome04:54
Adonijahamit, when necessary, dunno about right away04:55
matt2matthewjs: thanks, I knew that04:55
micolousubuntu with gnome 2.8 came out less than a week after gnome 2.8 was released04:55
Adonijahamit, 6 months is the release cycle for the distro as a whole04:55
=== jdub [~jdub@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
hornbeckit came out same day did it not?04:55
Adonijahmicolous, try same day as 2.8 was officially released :P04:55
micolousah yeah04:55
matthewjsmicolous: 2 hours after04:55
micolousand that debsig thing04:55
=== jpilot [~jirc@adsl-69-209-151-140.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== toothpick [~neils@pcp08888263pcs.plsntv01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
amitok and whats the different versions available...i mean on the web site they said there is an enterprise edition and server edition?04:56
micolousenterprise and server suse cost $$$04:56
jpilothi, is there a live cd of ubuntu 4.10 available?04:56
hornbecksuse pro is nice, but is 80 bucks04:56
micolousas with most enterprise and server versions of OSs04:56
violajackif you want suse for free, you have to mess with the ftp install04:56
matthewjssuse 9.1 is free though04:56
hornbeckthey have suse personal is free now04:56
toothpickI need gtk2 to compile something...what do I need to apt-get install?04:57
hornbecksudo apt-get install libgtk2.004:57
hornbeckthe only thing I am missing is gtk-sharp04:57
hornbeckcannot build certain things I was working on04:58
tsenghornbeck: see my repo04:58
tsengon -user list04:58
hornbeckhmm, let me check04:58
hornbeckwhats your name on there tseng?04:58
jpilotis there a livecd for ubuntu 4.10?04:58
Adonijahhornbeck, suse personal is a piece of crap04:58
tsenghornbeck: Brandon Hale04:58
Adonijahhornbeck, but the ftp install version is alright04:59
toothpickE: Couldn't find package libgtk2.004:59
hornbeckI just was not sold on suse adonijah04:59
hornbeckI think you have to have universe uncommented04:59
jaytotem cant play mpg's since when!!!04:59
Adonijahhornbeck, nor was i, the default gnome was a hacked up ugly pos04:59
jaympeg playback not working on ubuntu04:59
sladenhornbeck: you could try:  deb http://www.getsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs ./04:59
Adonijahjay, licensing04:59
hornbecktseng: I read it04:59
Adonijahjay, patent restrictions,e tc.04:59
Adonijahjay, read the faq :)04:59
jayah crap05:00
AdonijahAdonijah, you can install vlc from apt though05:00
Adonijahjay, it plays mpegs, you'll have to uncomment restricted/universe tho in /etc/apt/sources.list05:00
sladenjay: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/helpcenterfaq.2004-09-16.346970338705:00
hornbecksuper nice05:00
=== mike__ [~mike@] has joined #ubuntu
jayi did Adon:05:00
Adonijahjay, vlc plays them just fine here05:00
amitok i think im sold on ubuntu....now how do you set up internet in gnome 2.805:00
Adonijahamit, you don't do anything05:00
sladenamit: plug the cable in05:01
Adonijahamit, can you clarify what you mean by 'setup internet' ?05:01
violajackComputer > System Configuration > Networking05:01
amitsetting up cable internet05:01
Adonijahnothing special05:01
violajackcable should use dhcp and set itself up05:01
sladenamit: plug the cable in and it should DHCP05:02
amitcause im sharing it with two computers over a hub...05:02
Adonijahamit, assuming you have an ethernet based cable modem05:02
toothpickI added sid sources and now  apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev is working05:02
Adonijahamit, if it's just a hub, yeah, nothing special05:02
ChrifferIt should have been setup at the first step of the install05:02
Adonijahamit, done that for a long time under linux w/ rr05:02
toothpickhmm didn't even have gcc05:03
matthewjsamit: do you mean you need to set up a router on your computer? if you dont know then ya just plug it in it hsould work05:03
hornbeckyeah you have to build gcc and g++ yourself05:03
hornbeckall that05:03
Adonijahhornbeck, hrm?05:03
Adonijahhornbeck, oh, on suse personal?05:03
Adonijahhornbeck, yeah05:03
amitgreat man i guess im gonna go with ubuntu....im actually excited...gonna finally convert someone to linux!05:03
hornbeckadonijah: yeah05:03
Adonijahhornbeck, like i said, pos05:04
Adonijahhornbeck, :D05:04
Adonijahhornbeck, RHEL is the only other distro I really like working on for serious development05:04
Adonijahhornbeck, very polished, and very well supported, most people can't afford it though05:04
hornbeckhave not tried it05:04
amitalright thanks for all your help...i will comeback if there is anything wrong05:04
hornbeckadonijah, I used suse 9.1 pro for awhile for mono05:05
matthewjsamit: good luck :005:05
hornbeckhated it05:05
Adonijahyeah, gnome is a second class citizen in suse land for now05:05
toothpickok great I was able to make mindless automaton now ;)05:05
toothpickhave a good night all.05:05
matthewjsis ximian going to update their desktop for gnome 2.8 or wait for 2.10?05:05
=== ickyGoat [~Al@] has joined #ubuntu
Adonijahprobably be 3.0 before they update ;)05:06
tsenghahahaha is right05:06
jdubmatthewjs: sounds like their next release will be 2.605:06
tsengmatthewjs: they are part of novell now, working on suse05:06
tsengmatthewjs: they sortof mentioned somewhere that they do 2.6 now, and then move on 2.9 internally05:06
matthewjshrmmm that sucks05:07
matthewjsi liked there style05:07
matthewjseven though it was not that much diff then default gnome05:07
tsengjust use Indubstrial :)05:07
=== ickyGoat [~Al@] has joined #ubuntu
phlaegelany reason straw is nowhere to be found, even in universe?05:07
tsengbecause jdub is still the man05:07
jdubphlaegel: build issues05:07
tsengphlaegel: i have blam in my repo05:07
tsengif you would like.05:07
hornbecktseng: thanks for the mono stuff05:08
phlaegeltseng: yeah, I tried it... I have a big straw setup sitting here though. :-)05:08
tsenghornbeck: np mate05:08
phlaegeland yeah, thanks for the mono packages. I need my muine. :-)05:08
Adonijahmatthewjs, when gnome 1.4 was around, ximian gnome was much better, but every since the 2.x series, i've been very happy with RedHat's default gnome setup05:08
Adonijahmatthewjs, ubuntu is the only other distribution i've ever liked the default gnome setup on05:08
Adonijahmatthewjs, i plan to continue using RHEL for my Oracle work (since it's certified, blah, blah, etc.) and ubuntu for all other work and development and personal stuff05:09
tritiumSomething I read prior to the release mentioned ubuntu would have bootsplash kernels.  Is that planned for the future?05:09
matthewjsya im going to use this too for my laptop instead of gentoo, now if i only could get suspend to disk to work i would be all set05:10
jdubtritium: no, not bootsplash.05:10
jdubtritium: we'll have something seriously sweet for Hoary (see the wiki for details)05:10
=== ickyGoat [~Al@] has left #ubuntu []
=== elmaya2 [~elmaya2@] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumjdub: thanks, I'll check it out05:10
=== ickyGoat [~Al@] has joined #ubuntu
ickyGoatI'm about to install PowerPC version on G5 Mac.  Any Gotchas?05:13
hornbeckis there a sound recording so I can hear the correct way to say Ubuntu05:13
tritiumah, userspace splash05:13
jdubickyGoat: you should be okay - used linux before on it?05:13
jdubhornbeck: i'm actually doing one now ;)05:13
hornbeckjdub: nice05:13
micolousjdub, do it in a nice swedish/finnish accent ;)05:14
jdubbut yes, it's OOOH-BOON-TOO05:14
jdublike ooh ooh ooh :)05:14
ickyGoati have Yelow dog linux running no prob. It is a Red Hat derivative though05:14
tritium"This is Jeff Waugh, and I pronounce ubuntu as..."05:14
micolousyup (:05:14
punkassanyone used wlandetect before?05:14
jdubickyGoat: ok, so you should know about problem hardware, etc. :)05:14
danielsmy eyes05:15
ickyGoatyah, right  :->05:15
danielsickyGoat: please get rid of the blinking black-on-yellow!05:15
ickyGoatblinking?  Gosh    OK05:15
ickyGoathow's that?05:16
micolousblack on black =\05:16
daniels(having no colour altogether works just fine)05:16
sladenickyGoat: is that black on black now?05:16
ickyGoatGrrr  Howls that05:16
jdubickyGoat: turn colour off entirely :)05:16
sladenickyGoat: that's bold, please turn it off05:16
jdubeveryone else, filter colours out :)05:16
sladenjdub: that doesn't solve the root cause05:17
ickyGoatshouldn't be bold05:17
=== micolous slaps mIRC colour with a large trout.
sladenickyGoat: *IT IS*05:17
micolousit's not bold here.05:17
ickyGoatGrrr hol don05:17
ickyGoatthis shud be bold05:17
sladenmicolous: Xirc on MacOS05:17
=== sladen would prefer if it weren't
punkassanyone know of a gui for starting wlan0 and entering WEP key etc05:18
ickyGoatthis should be not bolded05:18
micoloussladen, ah, a xirc code...05:18
micolousickyGoat, that's correct05:18
=== timello [~timello@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sladen hands ickyGoat a lollipop
Adonijahwhoa, that's some bright yellow text05:18
ickyGoatgeee   tnX05:19
=== Adonijah puts on his sunglasses
danielsickyGoat: thankyou05:19
micolousmy sunglasses broke :(05:19
tritiumThat's it for me.  Good night...05:19
micolousg'night tr05:19
|Q|lifeless - poke...05:19
=== tritium [~Tritium@12-222-92-80.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
ickyGoatbuy Okley Glasses.  No Break05:19
micolouscan i run over okley glasses with a road train and they'll still be in one piece? ;)  all sunglasses will break05:20
matthewjsdoes anyone know if you can compile qbasic programs in linux?05:21
ickyGoatno prob. the arms break away.  just snap them together.  Guarenteed05:21
=== sladen needs to get Ian Murdock to do a ogg of pronoucing Debian too
sladenickyGoat: you seem to have descended to black on black again05:21
=== nbcthreat [~David@] has joined #ubuntu
nbcthreatanyone up?05:22
Adonijahthere ya go05:22
sladenickyGoat: *BOLD*05:22
nbcthreatah, hello05:22
Adonijahit's not bold here05:22
=== ickyGoat [~Al@] has left #ubuntu []
micolousmatthewjs, just googling, smallbasic may work: http://smallbasic.sourceforge.net/05:22
matthewjsmicolous: tried that didnt work, i only need it for school, and right now im using a dos emulator and it kinda sucks05:23
=== ickyGoat [~Al@] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificwooo, i think i finally got the ubuntu kernel compiling with new ALSA05:24
hornbeckgoodnight all, see you tomorrow05:24
Adonijahthat's the fourth time today firefox spontaneously closed05:24
Adonijahhow annoying05:24
ickyGoatOk,  how's that now?05:24
tsengbetter, ta05:24
micolousmatthewjs, i have the same problem, we use a really old IDE, sometimes i need to run it... it doesn't work in dosemu properly, so maybe if you setup a small qemu image with msdos in it?05:24
micolous(really old IDE for school)05:25
ickyGoati took a baseball bat to Xirc.  it lik eme now!!!05:25
Adonijahmatthewjs, http://sdlbasic.sourceforge.net/05:25
micolousickyGoat, great! (:05:25
Adonijahmatthewjs, and there's a nother i'm trying to remember05:25
ickyGoatany Mac users here?05:26
=== Xyzzy_ [~mv@rdu25-12-240.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ickyGoatwhat are you guys using for irc client05:27
Adonijahmatthewjs, http://wxbasic.sourceforge.net/05:27
sladenickyGoat: I believe jdub was saying that he was doing a PPC G5 install just when you first asked05:27
micolousi use shadowirc on my mac05:27
AdonijahickyGoat, xchat ;D05:27
micolousxchat doesn't work on my mac... it's pre-OSX :(05:27
ickyGoatHmmmm Xchat....must look into that05:28
sladenickyGoat: about half the developers have phat PowerBooks (had?, three got nicked), so it should likely work05:28
AdonijahickyGoat, www.xchat.org05:28
timelloHi there! I finish to upgrade ubuntu now, but when I login into gnome, it doesnt work very well, it miss icons and show any errors, idea?05:28
Adonijahtimello, upgrade ubuntu?05:28
Adonijahtimello, are you using your old home directory?05:28
timellosorry, install I mean05:28
Adonijahtimello, or a clean new one?05:28
matt2yep xchat here too05:29
sladentimello: could you provide a screenshot ?05:29
timellojust a minute05:29
Adonijahmatthewjs, bwbasic and yabasic are in apt as well05:29
AdonijahickyGoat, http://xchataqua.sourceforge.net/05:30
ickyGoathow do you lik eXchat?05:30
Adonijahi've used it for a long time, it's a very simple graphical irc client and since it runs under windows, linux, os x, etc. it makes it convenient for me to dual-boot and be able to use the same prog05:31
=== Adonijah slaps firefox around repeatedly, stop with the spontaneous closing!
tsengcan the install cd resize ext3?05:32
tsengsorry for not looking myself05:32
jsubl2i don't know but i think you need qparted for that05:33
=== timello [~timello@] has joined #ubuntu
lifeless|Q|: poke05:34
timelloI have a screenshot with errors, maybe I make something wrong?05:35
sladentimello: how is the screenshot wrong?05:35
=== mousematt [~mousematt@CPE-144-136-231-104.wa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
micolousis linux-wlan-ng installed by default in ubuntu?05:39
=== BluMax [~BluMax@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ickyGoat [~Al@] has left #ubuntu []
=== BluMax [~BluMax@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Britt [~Britt@12-203-176-186.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ickyGoat [~ickyGoat@] has joined #ubuntu
ickyGoatok, downloaded & installed Xchat.  I'll see what it i slike.05:44
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== hermes88 [~hermes88@] has joined #ubuntu
hermes88hey, anyone have some weird mouse problems with Ubuntu?  like single-clicks being interpreted as double-clicks?05:44
Adonijahhermes88, yes, known bug05:45
Adonijahhermes88, remove "Generic Mouse" and all references to it from /etc/X11/XF86Config05:45
Adonijahhermes88, that will fix it05:45
ickyGoatmaybe change click sensitivity05:45
Adonijahhermes88, you'll have to restart X of course after changing the config file05:45
micolousah the mouse is in twice?05:45
hermes88THANKS adonijah..  i've been trying to find an answer to that question all day!05:45
Adonijahhermes88, :D05:45
Adonijahmicolous, yes, once as generic mouse, and second time as "configured mouse"05:46
timellohere it is a screenshot
Adonijahtimello, you need a faster connection ;D05:46
micolousyeah, you do :P05:46
Adonijahthere we go05:46
Adonijahtimello, what language and keyboard setup did you pick during install?05:47
micolousi had that problem on gonme 2.605:47
Adonijahtimello, are you using a home directory from another distro or another version of gnome?05:47
hermes88Adonijah, what should I replace "Generic Mouse" with?05:47
Adonijahhermes88, nothing05:47
hermes88or should I delete it altogether?05:47
Adonijahhermes88, trash it05:47
micolousi removed all the gnome and gconf .folders and restarted gnome05:47
Adonijahhermes88, "configured mouse" should be there already05:47
Adonijahhermes88, and should be the "correct" entry for it to use05:47
Adonijahhermes88, you should be able to logout of X after making the change05:47
micolousand then gnome nicely reset itself, and worked05:48
Adonijahhermes88, and then do a ctrl-backspace to kill the server and restart it05:48
hermes88I see, so I should delete the entire section of Generic Mouse?05:48
Adonijahhermes88, er...ctrl-alt-backspace05:48
Adonijahhermes88, yes, and you'll have to remove the reference to it at the bottom of the file in the serverlayout section as well05:48
hermes88adonijah, thanks a lot :-)05:48
Adonijahtimello, well?05:49
timelloyeah, but in the first time, when I log in nothing happend, gnome doens't show.05:49
micolousdoes python-newt usually take ages to install?05:50
timelloAdonijah, I'll make a test, I try to remove .gnome* and start again...05:50
=== hermes88 [~hermes88@] has joined #ubuntu
hermes88woot, mouse works normally now05:54
hermes88now I got a new problem..  does anyone elses RhythmBox lose its library every time the computer is rebooted?05:55
=== mousematt is now known as mousematt|away
Adonijahhermes88, only if the path I imported from isn't mounted when I boot already05:55
Adonijahhermes88, otherwise, no05:55
hermes88Adonijah: maybe it was a one-time glitch or something.  i'll reboot later and test it out05:56
=== Xyzzy_ [~mv@rdu25-12-240.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Adonijahg'night all05:58
=== uu [~luo@pcp09957450pcs.hyatsv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== timello [~tiago@] has joined #ubuntu
matt2hermes88: did you fix your mouse problem yet?06:06
matt2Cause I saw a fix for it06:06
matt2oh shit.. missed him again lol06:06
micolousmatt2, remove the entry for "generic mouse"06:06
micolousand it's entry in the layout06:06
matt2micolous: Nono.. I don't have a problem, he did.06:07
matt2but thanks 06:07
micolousyeah he fixed it06:07
matt2yeah, just read that. Good stuff06:07
=== mike_ [~mike@] has joined #ubuntu
micolousi wish this install would hurry up.. i have to go out and i want my laptop working with ubuntu (:06:08
=== nbcthreat [~David@] has left #ubuntu []
subterrificmdz: are you around? i think i've got a patch ready that adds the new alsa06:12
mdzI am06:13
=== xxorroxx [~xxorroxx@c-24-11-225-178.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
subterrifichey, i used the latest stable ALSA patch and then I added the driver in that i needed06:14
subterrificit compiled into a .deb06:14
subterrifichowever, it didn't boot because it said it couldn't mount my root drive :\06:15
subterrifici think i didn't compile reiserfs into the kernel06:16
subterrificactually, my current kernel has reiserfs as a module, hrm06:17
subterrifichow does that work?06:18
subterrificit didn't build the initrd...06:21
=== psyklops [~John@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzsubterrific: it builds the initrd when you install it06:26
mdzsubterrific: did you build it using the linux-source deb or the source package?06:26
mdzif you used the deb, you need to remember to use make-kpkg --initrd06:26
subterrificmdz: just noticed i forgot --initrd, rebuilding now. thx06:28
=== mousematt [~mousematt@CPE-144-136-231-104.wa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
mousemattis there anyone here who uses ubuntu ppc?06:29
jdubyo mdz06:29
mousematthave you got sleep/suspend modes to work on ur ibook/powerbook?06:29
mdzsubterrific: I used to forget that all the time; you can add it to /etc/kernel-pkg.conf to make it the default06:29
jdubi do on my bright green toilet seat ibook06:29
=== xBejf [~xBejf@] has joined #ubuntu
mousematti have a bright blue one06:29
mousemattone i close the lid it doesnt go to sleep06:30
mdzmine is a desktop; I don't know if it even tries to sleep06:30
jdubmousematt: pbbuttonsd is running?06:30
xBejfhey guys.. I don't want to be a bother.. is there any FAQ/Tutorial on how to get the NVIDIA drivers installed in Ubuntu?06:30
mousemattyes pbbuttonsd is running06:30
jdubmousematt: pmu and apm_emu are loaded?06:30
subterrificxBejf: search for nvidia in synaptic06:31
subterrificinstall the kernel module and glx06:31
mousemattpmu booted with a permission error - it said it belonged to root so i changed its permission to global06:31
subterrificedit your XF86Config to use the nvidia driver06:31
xBejfthere is nvidia-kernel-common and nvidia-kernel-source06:31
xBejfI installed them both06:31
xBejfalong with nvidia-glx06:32
subterrificand add nvidia to /etc/modules06:32
jdubmousematt: that only affects brightness setting in gnome ;)06:32
xBejfI didn't dot hat06:32
xBejfdo that06:32
mousemattthats not a problem then.... 06:32
jdubxBejf: did you install linux-restricted-modules-* for your kernel?06:32
jdubmousematt: mmm, not sure06:32
jdubmousematt: which model do you have? the one with firewire, or dvd, or neither?06:32
subterrific        Identifier      "NVIDIA Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 MX 420] "06:32
subterrific        Driver          "nvidia"06:32
subterrific        Option          "NvAGP"         "2"06:32
subterrific        Option          "RenderAccel"   "true"06:32
subterrificthat should have been in a msg06:33
subterrificmy bad06:33
mousematti have an indigo ibook (firewire)06:33
mousemattit worked fine with sarge06:33
xBejflooks like I have linux-restricted-modules- which should be the right one (it's installed)06:33
mousemattalthough i did install powerprefs06:33
mousemattanythoughts jdub?06:34
jdubhrm, no06:35
=== az[a] zel [~damien@ppp136-72.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
mousemattthanks anyway06:36
mousematti will try and remember what i needed to do to my sarge install to make this work06:36
mousemattwhat gen is ur lime toilet seat?06:36
mousematt266Mhz with DVD?06:36
mousematt466Mhz sorry06:36
=== djempak [~cory@adsl-68-255-173-249.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== xBejf-88 [xBejf@] has joined #ubuntu
mousemattsame gen as mine06:38
jomohke_In terms of linux compatibility, is it worth looking at sony laptops?06:38
=== bolivar [~bolivar@host-193-246-220-24.midco.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== swan_ [~swan@63-228-163-125.cdrr.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
djempakjomohke_, I believe there's a website that rates the compatibility of laptops06:38
djempaklet me check for the URL06:38
djempakhttp://www.linux-laptop.net/ << jomohke_, there06:39
jomohke_Hm. The particular laptop page is in french.06:41
=== WareHajime [~tonito@adsl-065-006-207-248.sip.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
djempakah, maybe altavista can translate the page06:42
WareHajimeHas anyone gotten their ATI drivers to work in ubuntu?06:42
mousemattthey worked out of the box for my G3 ibook06:44
mousemattalthough its only a rage 12806:44
WareHajimeI have some bad luck then , I have no direct rendering with it.06:45
=== deekayen [~deekayen@deekayen.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
bolivarmousematt: ive been looking at an 12" ibook g4...would be my first mac and dont know what a good amount of ram is...what are your thoughts for email\web06:47
subterrificbolivar: 512mb min06:49
subterrificmore if you can afford it06:49
subterrificOS X is a ram eating monster06:49
WareHajimeAnyone know a good/powerful yet affordable nvidia ? 06:50
subterrificti4200 is good if you can find one06:50
subterrificabout $65 for mine, 6 months ago, and it runs doom306:50
subterrificunder wine06:50
subterrificand its playable06:50
bolivarsubterrific: did you get the apple care warranty? did you ever use it overseas?06:50
WareHajimeThat's suppose to be near and better than the ATI 9600 Pro which i have =/06:50
subterrificbolivar: i did not get apple care because it was a company bought laptop and i never used it overseas, but i would definitely recommend getting apple care06:52
bolivarwarehajime: i would check the most recent tomshardware mass video card review and see what performs better and check the price06:52
JanneMthe cult of mac :)06:52
subterrificibook have a bad reputation for breaking06:53
=== mama_pitufo [~ticor@] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificeveryone i know has had to send theirs back to apple for repairs06:53
bolivaroh thats bad then06:53
jomohke_Not really.06:53
WareHajimeThank you bolivar.06:53
bolivarwarehajime: no problem.  thats what i do anyway.  i hope that helps06:53
subterrificbolivar: well they're great when you get a good one, but there seem to have been a lot of lemons06:54
subterrificbad battery problems, bad logic boards are the two major ones i remember06:54
jomohke_Apple usually fixed that though, didn't they?06:54
subterrificwell yeah, they fix it, but you have to send them your laptop06:55
=== mama_pitufo [~ticor@] has left #ubuntu []
subterrificwe went through 6 tibooks at our company too06:55
bolivarbut are they still more reliable than say dell, compaq, gateway?06:56
matt2What do you guys use for bit torrent?06:56
subterrifici've been a mac user since 87, and i finally got fed up with apple because of their laptops. it sucks too because they have probably the best laptops06:56
subterrificbolivar: IBM and Apple make the best laptops06:56
subterrifici wouldn't even consider any other company06:56
bolivari actually did laptop hardware support for ibm...i like them06:57
JanneMthe dell I have has been fairly solid so far06:57
JanneMI would brefer IBM as well, though06:57
subterrificbolivar: yeah, my next laptop is going to be an IBM06:57
subterrificthey'll fix anything too06:57
JanneMthey're expensive, though06:57
bolivaryes they are06:58
subterrificmy friend has spilled coke on his laptop 3 times, and they keep replacing it cause he bought the on-site repair06:58
JanneMof course, if you are considering a Mac, price may not matter alla that much06:58
bolivarscary thing is no one ive called but apple can give me a straight answer about overseas warranty06:58
punkassi have wireless tools installed but wilist does not show up..06:58
deekayenhas alienware outsourced support to India yet?06:59
bolivarthe apple actually comes out cheaper if one considers the level of support you get with applecare06:59
bolivarthey provide shipping from nigeria and back06:59
bolivarif needed07:00
bolivarno one else will touch that07:00
JanneMbolivar: if you don't get a clear - preferably written - answer, I would assume they won't actually cover it in a reasonable way07:00
punkasstseng: doh..thanks07:00
=== mojo [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
bolivarthe lady at apple said...if someone cant get to you we ship it in country, if they cant fix it in country we send it back to the usa, everything is paid, not matter how many times by apple07:01
bolivarthats hard to beat if true07:01
mojohello all Ubuntu users07:01
bolivarthats why ive been trying to find someone whos used that service07:01
mojoI'm just a noob in Debian world07:01
mojoI hope ppl can help me07:01
bolivarhi mojo07:02
mojoI don't know how to install Deb file07:02
bolivarwith apt?07:02
mojocan someone show me how07:02
bolivaris it a true debian package?07:02
mojonever used b4 - I just use RPM all the time07:02
mojocan u show me the syntax?07:03
bolivaris ubuntu installed?07:03
mojoapt --? filename.deb????07:03
bolivarclick computer, system configuration, synaptic07:03
bolivarshould get a box for your user password07:04
bolivarenter that07:04
bolivarclick refresh in the upper right07:04
bolivarmake sure the package isnt available here first07:05
bolivara package compiled for debian proper isnt recommended07:05
bolivaryou found it?07:05
mojou don't get me07:05
mojoI just get cedega debian package from their websitew07:06
mojonow I just want to install them07:06
tsengdpkg -i cedega.dev07:06
bolivari just thought it best that you look in the ubuntu repos first07:07
mojoI can't get to root07:07
mojoto install the thing07:07
=== cgdef [~cgdef@69-165-0-84.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
tsengbolivar: ...07:07
=== markhannon [~mark@c211-28-79-132.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
bolivaryes tseng?07:07
tsengbolivar: cedega = winex07:07
tsengyou only get the package from them07:07
punkassthey still charging for it?07:07
mojotseng: I've never used sudo b407:07
tsengmojo: its easy07:08
phlaegelsudo dpkg -i filename07:08
tsengsudo <command>07:08
mojotseng: can u show me step by step07:08
cgdefthis is kinda embaracing but I just installed ubunty and I don't remember it asking me for a root password07:08
mojothat easy07:08
cgdefis there a default one?07:08
mojolet me try07:08
tsengcgdef: no07:08
tsengthere is no root user07:08
tsenguse sudo07:08
cgdefoh man07:08
punkasseverything is sudo and your own password07:08
tsengyou should do that anyway07:08
tsengon any distro07:08
phlaegelit's good practice, but most people are too lazy to set it up. ubuntu starts you off that way, and it's a good thing.07:09
mdzthere is a root user; it simply has a disabled password by default07:09
mojotseng: fail, it said "status database area is locked by another process"07:09
cgdefok is there a way to reset the root password07:09
mdzmojo: you still have synaptic open07:09
mojotseng: Im running Synaptic rite now07:09
mdzcgdef: FAQ07:09
mojooh! thx ^o^07:09
cgdefbtw ubuntu is awsome props for whoever thought it out :)07:10
mojoI begin to love Ubuntu more than Fedora CORE 2, Ubuntu is fast and now I have chance to know how the Debian geeks like07:10
cgdefwell I was using Slackware up untill now07:11
mojotseng: are there Deb package for Flash? or I have to use tgz package07:11
cgdefthe BSD init is faster but not worth dealing with the rest of the crap :(07:11
tsengmojo: no idea07:12
cgdefmojo I believe there is binary install file for Flash07:12
cgdefworks on every distro07:12
mojou know where?07:12
mojoI know the binary tgz from official website07:12
cgdefyeah same thing07:13
mdzcgdef: thanks for the praise07:13
mojobut I'm looking for deb one, so later I can use on my sister PC, I'm going to storm on her PC, all Windows to Linux, must be fun07:13
swan_libflash0   ?07:14
subterrificmdz: ok, got my kernel built with initrd this time...rebooting07:14
mojotseng: will next version ship HelixPlayer?07:14
punkassok just having an issue with the lid of my laptop..07:14
punkasswhen i close it the backlite stays on and when i reopen it all i am left with is a blank screen07:15
punkasswith a flashing cursor07:15
tsengmojo: it will ship some movie player that doesnt suck07:15
tsengmojo: TBA07:15
mojotseng: TBA???07:15
tsengto be announced07:15
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-083-133-227.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
tsengits not decided which one sucks least.07:15
punkassi have to say the new realplayer10 is actually pretty good..tho i dont think it uses alsa07:16
cgdefok if the root acount is disabled when you first install would setting a password for it enable the account or you have to do something else?07:16
cgdefthe FAQ is not very clear about that07:16
jdubcgdef: use sudo07:16
mojotseng: is the Solitaire on GNOME 2.8 use Vector GFX yet? The card pic in my PC is blurred07:17
=== whiprush hopes to see totem as the default
tsengno most of the games arent entirely svg yet07:17
mojoi see07:17
mojotseng: I found kernel-nvidia common in Synaptic, so do I need to download pkg from nvidia.com?07:18
tsengits in an ubuntu mirror07:19
tsengi did apt-get install nvidia-glx07:19
punkassi couldnt find nvidia-glx earlier07:19
mojolet me try07:19
WareHajimeIt sucks ATi doesn't make good drivers for Linux.07:19
mojotseng: is that the lastest version? Do I need to conf Xfree86-4.conf?07:20
WareHajimeI want an nvidia now :(07:20
punkassa friend of mine was installing it and i told him to get it and it kept saying it wasnt there07:20
tsengmojo: yes07:20
punkassso i looked on the ftp site and couldnt find it either07:20
wm_eddieI was pretty impressed when I installed ati's drivers on my roommates computer today.07:20
tsengneed to change driver "nv" to driver "nvidia"07:20
matt2Lol I'm still running a gf3.. so sad, but at least the drivers WORK07:20
WareHajimeI dunno how you got it to work then wm_eddie.07:20
wm_eddie(specifically the xf86Config configuration program.07:20
WareHajimeif you can help me that be generous I can't get it to work at all in ubuntu.07:20
wm_eddieIt was really straight forward, but he wasn't using ubuntu...07:21
WareHajime=/ I got it to work in Slackware 1007:21
elmayawhere do i change the runlevel for not to start gdm at boot?07:21
punkasswhen i power down i get: acip_power_off called and it just sits there07:21
WareHajimewm_eddie: I do agree they do run smoothly though.07:22
wm_eddieI wonder why 2.4's apm works on my laptop, but not 2.6's07:22
subterrifici have sound!07:23
punkassany thoughts?*07:23
subterrificmdz: want this kernel patch for testing? its working great. it auto loaded the driver at boot and everything07:24
whiprushman I love ubuntu, everything is working so well.07:24
elmayaalmost.. everything07:24
matt2what's not?07:25
elmayai have issues with my sound card07:25
subterrificelmaya: what card?07:25
=== Dashiva [~momo@c-67-166-152-8.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
wm_eddieubuntu works awesome... except apm and sound...07:26
wm_eddieand neither are very fixable :(07:26
elmayaintel8x0 its working now after disabling partport or some module called like that07:26
Dashivawhat's wrong with sound07:26
subterrifici just patched the ubuntu kernel to use the latest ALSA, which fixes a lot of sound issues07:26
=== Parisi [Parisi@alb-69-200-25-62.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunelmaya: yep, disable lpt in bios07:26
matt2My sound worked right off the bat07:27
subterrificmy sound didn't work, but its working now with this patched kernel07:27
subterrificcat /proc/asound/version07:27
subterrificAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.6 (Sun Aug 15 07:17:53 2004 UTC).07:27
elmayabut totem keeps saying no /dev/dsp07:27
subterrificCompiled on Sep 18 2004 for kernel
=== nbcthreat [~david@] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificelmaya: that means it didn't load any modules07:28
wm_eddieelmaya: I get the same problem.07:28
elmayaxmms works07:28
elmayagnixe also07:28
wm_eddieNothing works for me...07:28
wm_eddiethey all say no /dev/dsp...07:28
Dashivayou need the snd-pcm-oss and snd-seq-oss modules07:28
subterrificwm_eddie: what sound card?07:28
elmayarhytmbox and totem say that07:28
Dashivathey weren't loaded by default07:28
Dashivaer aren't07:28
nbcthreatI'm having difficulty with the 3com "hurricane" combo ethernet card on my IBM X21. Uses the 3c59x module, same as Knoppix, which detects and uses that without any problems. Keeps giving errors on the DHPC command. Any ideas?07:29
m_tthewwm_eddie it's possible a bug report with lspci -v output would be helpful, if those modules didn't load07:29
Dashivathey don't load by default07:29
wm_eddiesubterrific: cs423207:29
crimsunelmaya: /dev/dsp is oss07:29
crimsunelmaya: "default" is alsa07:29
Dashivayou need them in /etc/modules07:29
Dashivaor else you don't have oss emulation07:29
elmayawell that kinda sucks hehe07:30
Dashivait's a 2 second fix07:30
wm_eddieI still need to get the stupid java sdk installed on this thing...07:30
jdubwm_eddie: see the wiki07:31
wm_eddieOn the official site?07:31
subterrificjdub: who do i submit kernel patches to? mdz?07:31
danielssubterrific: bugzilla07:31
jdubsubterrific: bugzilla or -devel would probably be best07:31
whiprushis there a ubuntu-specific howto for nvidia drivers?07:33
=== DimSum [7000@qdosconsultants.plus.com] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushnm found it on the list07:34
DimSumSigh, fucking Orinoco shite.07:34
wm_eddiedoes ubuntu have a kernel-source package?07:34
DimSumwm_eddie: Yeah, somewhere.07:34
DimSumAlthough even if you install it, the orinoco driver gives you a "Kernel source not configured" error07:35
DimSumHence why I'm so pissed off07:35
crimsunwm_eddie: apt-cache search kernel-source07:35
phlaegellinux-source as well07:35
DimSumAh yes, that's what it's called07:35
wm_eddieah ok07:35
matt2mmmmmm dimsum07:36
=== SystemX_ [~SystemX@pcp02307676pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
matt2the food07:36
DimSumI'm still trying to work out who I should stab; Ubuntu for not having the Orinoco patch installed by default, or Orinoco_cs for not making decent FUCKING patches or whatever07:36
wm_eddieman this gnome 2.8 is awesome07:36
matt2gnome 2.8 owns me07:37
DimSumOr, instead of those two, the goddamn Kismet and Airsnort developers for not making Win32 versions that actually work07:37
DimSumYeah, Gnome 2.8 looks okay07:37
wm_eddiewhat!?! what happened with orinoco?07:37
DimSumThat Spatial Nautilus shite still needs to fuck off though :\07:37
matt2what the hell is orinoco?07:37
wm_eddiewireless card.07:37
matt2DimSum, you can change it dude..07:37
DimSumOrinoco = Wi-fi protocols07:37
phlaegelspatial rules07:37
DimSummatt2: Yes, I know07:37
DimSumBut it shouldn't be default07:37
matt2who cares? it's not hard to change..07:37
DimSumDoesn't matter07:38
deekayeni use the old gnome 2.4 nautilus settings in new nautilus07:38
DimSumAnyway, the package manager on Unbuntu needs work07:38
wm_eddieI kind of like it.07:38
DimSumIt's ass-hard to see which packages to install for development07:38
matt2I'm starting to like it though.. When I don't want a new window I middle click, when I do I normal click. 07:38
DimSumYou do realise that in Windows 95, the default behaviour was "spatial"07:38
whiprushwindows 95 wasn't spatial.07:38
matt2Lol dude you're so lame07:38
DimSumYes it was07:38
phlaegelsingle click make spatial nicer as well07:38
DimSumAnd Microsoft ran a $250,000 usability study07:39
phlaegelwin95 was broken spatial at best07:39
tsengDimSum: that wasnt even close to spatial07:39
djempakDimSum, uh... so you're telling us that you used Windows 95 for a long time?07:39
djempakyou must've liked it07:39
DimSumWhen IE4 was released, which added single-window browsing, and it was determined that users found the single-window per session interface much more usabl07:39
tsengim not sure where youre getting your facts07:39
DimSumdjempak: Sure, I used it until 2K came out07:39
nbcthreatcan someone help me with an ethernet driver issue?07:40
tsengie4 was awful07:40
djempakDimSum, you sure it was a computer... and not you dreaming?07:40
phlaegeldouble-clicking is straight from the devil anyway :-)07:40
DimSumdjempak, have you ever even used Windows?07:40
crimsunthere's one difference: spatial for nautilus is much more intelligent07:40
DimSumNo, don't answer that07:40
DimSumcrimsun: Erm, how so? It opens new folders in new windows07:40
=== tseng doesnt feed the troll
whiprushuse what you want07:40
wm_eddieWhat nautilus needs is to be more like rox-filer07:40
djempaktseng, good thinking07:40
phlaegelwm_eddie: it's getting there all the time.07:40
crimsunDimSum: win95 didn't remember placement/position within each window07:41
DimSumcrimsun: Yes it did07:41
crimsuni don't know what version of win95 you used then.07:41
phlaegelfirst spatial, now the list of apps on the context menu of files... hello rox.07:41
wm_eddieor perhaps a way to go up (back) one level with the mouse (for when I use the middle button)07:41
DimSumcrimsun: Windows 95 C07:41
subterrificbug submitted07:41
phlaegel(rox isn't really spatial, but whatever)07:41
DimSumWell, I used B for a while, but then moved to C when it came out07:41
djempakDimSum, win95 didn't add the information of the client statistics to a database07:42
crimsuni have to agree with whiprush; this is moot.07:42
punkasswhen i select reboot machine..it reboot fine, but when i shutdown its sits at acpi_power_down called..why is that?07:42
DimSumdjempak: Your point?07:42
wm_eddierox isn't spatial at all.. I think...07:42
DimSumThe overall experience is the same as Windows 95's Explorer07:42
djempakDimSum, making sure you weren't talking nonsense ;p07:42
wm_eddiebut I like it.07:42
DimSumSomething which was god-awful, and was disabled by default as soon as IE4 with Active Desktop was released07:43
djempaknot from what I have experienced07:43
whiprushI swear, I'm pretty sure this discussion has nothing to do with ubuntu07:43
tsengactive desktop was the worst07:43
tsengpoint to select07:43
DimSumOh god.07:43
phlaegelwm_eddie: no, but it's not that far off. all it really needs is for the remember settings feature to really work, and it would be, I think.07:43
djempakwho cares if it's like the behavior in Windows 95 anyway.07:43
DimSumtseng: That's wasn't the default behaviour07:43
djempakwhiprush, exactly07:43
crimsuni like the streamlined menus07:43
tsengnautilus > win9507:43
tsengim tired07:43
crimsundebian's menu system is a bit out of place.07:43
DimSumdjempak: My point is, it's an inefficient interface method, and one which Gnome shouldn't have forced on their users by default07:44
djempaklater tseng 07:44
whiprushhey wait tseng 07:44
DimSumBut, can we drop this?07:44
whiprushyou have a chance to try ifolder yet?07:44
phlaegelpointless AND offtopic... isn't that what irc is for? ;-)07:44
tsengsup whiprush 07:44
whiprushI want you to like it so you'll package it. :D07:44
djempakDimSum, then change it. it's simple. if you don't know howto change it, don't use it, don't complain07:44
DimSumdjempak: I have changed it.07:44
tsengwhiprush: like what07:44
djempakDimSum, then don't complain.07:44
DimSumThat's not the point; the point is that it should be off by default07:44
whiprushtseng: ifolder.07:44
DimSumLook, I don't care. Stfu now.07:44
wm_eddieahh I have a problem launching synaptic from the menu...07:44
djempakDimSum, yeah, you really should07:44
DimSumMy problem with Ubuntu is that it doesn't support monitor mode on Orinoco cards07:45
DimSumAnd patching the kernel with the Orinoco 0.15RC2 driver is proving to be impossible07:45
tsengwhiprush: oh, right..07:45
tsengim not even sure what it is07:45
matt2Wait for an update or find another distro, fuck off07:45
wm_eddie"Failed to run /usr/sbin/synaptic as user root: Child terminated with 1 status"07:45
tsengnovell ldap work alike or so07:45
whiprushit's sharing folders, except over the net.07:45
whiprushI'll explain it tomorrow, go sleep. :p07:45
DimSummatt2: Was that directed at me? :\07:45
danielsum, how do you do or clauses in Make?07:46
matt2DimSum: No07:46
DimSumOh, okay, lol07:46
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
danielse.g. ifeq ($(ARCH), i386||x86_64)07:46
matt2easy fellah07:46
mdzdaniels: there's a "string in list of strings" function07:46
wm_eddiehmm is linux-sources the ubuntu kernel or debian kernel?07:46
mdzwm_eddie: ubuntu07:47
danielsmdz: any pointers? :)07:47
mdzdaniels: info make07:47
mdzdaniels: $(findstring)07:48
danielsmdz: thanks07:48
torywhat package do I install so that I can get java crap working07:48
danielsi was just in the middle of downloading make-doc, heh07:48
toryand which package has win32 codecs?07:48
wm_eddieahh where's this wiki someone told me about?07:48
elmayawiki wiki07:49
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=== TerminX [~terminx@terminx.envision7.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== [Clint] [~c123p456@user-12hdtek.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== cgdef [~cgdef@69-165-0-84.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
toryoic, w32codecs = win32 codecs07:51
whiprushI'm using the w32codecs from nerim.net, work fine for me, ymmv though07:52
toryyeah, I saw your post in Linux Kung Fu07:53
whiprushthe flash plugin works also07:53
matt2out of the box?07:55
phlaegelfirefox 1.0PR installed flash for me... I was impressed.07:56
DimSumMakefile:35:*** The kernel source is not configured. Stop.07:56
DimSumWhy? What the hell is wrong with this thing?07:56
whiprushphlaegel: in your profile?07:56
phlaegelwhiprush: yep.07:57
toryhttp://primates.ximian.com/~glesage/stuff/firefox/ <--I found this in the Novell Linux Desktop manual. It's a really nice Industrial theme for Firefox ;)07:57
phlaegelI was as surprised as anyone.07:57
=== guestish [~AName@adsl-209-204-181-196.sonic.net] has joined #ubuntu
DimSumtory: Dead link/empty page07:57
toryworks for me07:57
=== guestish [~AName@adsl-209-204-181-196.sonic.net] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
whiprushtory: you .... RULE.07:57
torywhiprush: I don't think we're supposed to have that but whatever :P07:58
DimSumOh I see, you have to access it with FireFuck07:58
toryhttp://www.novell.com/documentation/nld/readme/nld_readme.html the manual is here07:58
jdubtory: niiiiiice07:58
toryI've been trying to get into that beta since june07:58
matt2phlaegel: how do you install firefox 1.0?07:58
whiprushtory: yeah me too, I keep calling my local novell guy07:58
whiprushthey say that there will be a public beta for sure though07:59
phlaegelmatt2: I just downloaded, extracted, and ran.07:59
DimSumCome on, someone here must know what the hell my error message means07:59
matt2phlaegel: awesome.. thanks07:59
phlaegelmatt2: same way I would have in windows, actually.07:59
torywhiprush: I was told that the public beta would be out in August. Then I read an article where Christ Stone said that the beta wouldn't come out :(07:59
DimSum"Makefile:35:*** The kernel source is not configured. Stop."07:59
DimSumI just installed the goddamn source07:59
whiprush"The final release of NLD will default to using the k3b CD and DVD burning application."07:59
phlaegelDimSum: did you configure it?07:59
DimSumSo why doesn't it work?07:59
DimSumphlaegel: Define "configure" it08:00
phlaegelmake menuconfig/xconfig/gconfig etc.08:00
toryI emailed some lady at novell and she said that I should just keep trying08:00
toryI'm really happy with ubuntu though08:00
DimSumOh, no08:00
DimSumI figured I'd have to install the driver patch first08:00
phlaegelDimSum: it needs a config file to know what to build08:00
jdubphlaegel: what do you want to build a kernel for?08:01
phlaegeljdub: I don't. DimSum seems to want to.08:01
DimSumphlaegel: Yes, but I'm not trying to build the source08:02
DimSumJust the driver08:02
phlaegelI'm just pointing at the hammer, not doing the breaking ;-)08:02
wm_eddiethat theme rules!08:02
DimSumConfigured it, still doesn't work.08:02
jdubDimSum: which driver?08:02
matt2phlaegel: when I go to install I get "couldn't load xpistub library.. any idea?08:02
DimSumOrinoco 0.15RC208:02
DimSumNeed to put the card into Monitor Mode08:03
wm_eddieman, when I boot into 2.4 my mouse no longer works.08:03
phlaegelmatt2: install what? firefox? don't run the installer... just run it.08:03
matt2phlaegel: so I have to extract it to my current firefox dir?08:03
phlaegelmatt2: no, extract it wherever you like, and run the script named firefox in that dir08:04
phlaegelI keep it in ~/local/firefox, so I run ~/local/firefox/firefox to open it08:04
matt2Hmm.. maybe I need a different file? Mine only has the installers when I extract08:05
phlaegelah. then you should download the installerless version :-)08:05
DimSumThat's it, it's time to committ suicide.08:05
matt2errr okkk if I can find it =D08:05
whiprushI keep mine in ~firefox and then put that dir in .hidden so it doesn't get in my way.08:06
=== zipper [~zipper@c-5dabe253.339-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushdude I found this extension that puts play buttons and stuff on the bottom bar in firefox08:06
whiprushcontrols rhythmbox and everything08:07
=== Ahkor [~Ahkorisha@uhartford220051.hartford.edu] has joined #ubuntu
phlaegelwoohoo... play buttons everywhere!! ;-)08:07
matt2ahah thx phlaegel.. now I'll see if this works08:08
whiprushthis industrial skin is sweet, thanks tory08:08
toryno problem08:09
torylook at the preferences08:09
toryit looks so nice08:09
whiprushyeah I noticed08:10
whiprushthe icons in the menus too, File, etc.08:10
punkassanyone know the grub syntax to stop apic from loading08:10
punkassapparently thats my powerdown problem08:11
punkasswhere tho?08:11
punkassat the end of the kernel line?08:11
toryI think so08:11
punkassok trying it now08:11
=== psyklops [~John@] has left #ubuntu []
matt2phlaegel: Success! Thanks.. I like how they got flash right too.. =D08:12
matt2now I can watch salad fingers08:12
wm_eddiestupid mouse....08:13
punkasswell that didnt work still get: acpi_power_off called08:13
toryI'm just searching google for crap08:14
toryPass acpi=off noapic nolapic options when booting. ... 08:14
punkassyeah thats what i hve be doing08:14
punkassno that...searching google :)08:14
matt2punkass: Had to re-install.. think you could send me a link to the dvd file once again, worked a charm last time08:14
punkassone sec08:15
=== Ahkor [~Ahkorisha@uhartford220051.hartford.edu] has left #ubuntu []
matt2punkass: Thanks alot bro08:15
matt2perfect, it's appreciated08:15
torydoes slashdot look screwed up in firefox for anyone else? when the big ad shows up it squishes the articles next to the sections box on the left08:15
whiprushno problems here08:16
punkasslooks fine here08:17
toryit must be because I'm using Arial08:17
matt2try refreshing a bunch of times..08:17
matt2it seems to go back and forth for me.. weird08:17
torymatt2: yeah, same for me08:17
phlaegelhappens for me sometimes08:17
torywhen the ad is gone it's fine08:17
matt2seems pretty random08:17
phlaegelchanging font size helps08:17
punkasstory: thanks man that nolapic worked like a charm08:17
torypunkass: cool B)08:17
JanneMthere's a firefox bug for t'it08:18
matt2it's not that big of a deal.08:18
punkassyes..now i just have to figure out the close/opening of the lid 08:18
punkasstory: doh..no with those commands my battery meter doesnt work 08:21
torymaybe that's because of the acpi=off thing?08:21
toryI have no idea :/08:21
punkassdidnt put that one in08:22
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-206-229-231.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
matt2hmmm and now I CAN'T get dvds to play... strange08:25
torywere they working before08:25
matt2totally. ANd then I had to re-install when I realized my original image was corrupt08:25
punkasstory: update: just used nolapic and seems to be fine now08:26
phlaegelmatt2: have you switched to totem-xine and installed libdvdcss2 since reinstalling?08:26
punkassi bet he forgot totem-xine :)08:27
matt2punkass: I installed totem-xine but how do I run it? I was using gxine before.. tried it now and nope..08:27
punkassyou just launch totem08:27
punkassit will use xine08:27
matt2god damnit.. that's kinda what I figured08:27
wm_eddieOk, if I switch ubuntu to the debian 2.4 kernel I get working apm08:27
wm_eddiebut my mouse doesn't work...08:28
wm_eddieapm is old acpi08:28
punkassah right08:28
punkasswhat problem are you haveing?08:28
wm_eddie2.6's apm doesn't work with my laptop08:29
punkasswell i was just having the same problem08:29
punkassit wouldnt power down all the way08:29
wm_eddie2.4's does, but ubuntu is made for 2.6 and I have all sorts of problems...08:29
=== goatboy_ [~tim@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
punkassall i had to do was add nolapic to the end of the kernel line in menu.lst08:29
wm_eddieI'll try that.08:30
punkasstho i am still struggling with the lid..08:30
matt2hmmmm.. so I dpkg -i the .deb file.. then installed totem-xine. I dunno, seems odd that it doesn't work now08:30
punkassit fixed the lid problem too! w00t08:30
phlaegelmatt2: which deb file?08:31
matt2maybe it has wrong permissions now? weird..08:32
torywhy not just "sudo apt-get install libdvdcss208:32
phlaegelah. I just use the marillat source.08:32
matt2I think I did that as well08:32
matt2What's marillat?08:32
phlaegela source for the packages of questionable legality, like css and mplayer.08:32
matt2ahhh.. nice08:33
matt2can't find plugin. i JUST installed it.. stupid program 08:33
wm_eddiewhat do you do when your keyboard stopped working...08:33
jdubwm_eddie: window. unplug. fling!08:34
phlaegelplug it back in? ;-)08:34
punkasswas that after the nolapic thing?08:34
wm_eddiehard to plug laptop keyboards back in.08:34
wm_eddiepunkass: no, I missed it...08:34
wm_eddieso I was pressing ctrl+alt+delete...08:34
WareHajimeHas anyone gotten ati radeaons working with ubuntu O.o?08:34
phlaegelWareHajime: mine just worked08:35
WareHajimeYou got direct rendering to work?08:35
punkasswm_eddie: can u just reboot?08:35
phlaegelWareHajime: lemme check... it's in my test box08:35
WareHajimeif you did tell me what method did you use to install.08:35
wm_eddieyeah, with the power button08:36
matt2ok so I'm going to reboot.. you never know08:36
WareHajimeI am completely stumped getting the new drivers to work with direct rendering on.08:36
neighborleeanyone know off hand where bittorrent is after apt-get'ing? ;(...its not working in mozilla i'm afraid....08:37
whiprush /usr/bin/btdownloadcurses08:37
whiprushor btdownloadgui08:37
phlaegelWareHajime: hm, guess not. I didn't think to check it before. :(08:37
whiprushdepending on what you prefer08:37
neighborleewhiprush, kewl thx!!08:37
wm_eddiestrange the alsa modules seem to be loading correctly...08:37
WareHajimedope ><08:37
WareHajimeI was starting to have hope when you told me you got it work.08:38
WareHajimeI am leaning more into buying an Nvidia.08:38
phlaegelit's ati though, so uh, good luck.08:38
phlaegelI only have that card because it's in a machine I built for windows/games.08:38
WareHajimeThat's the same reason I have it but even in windows the drivers have been ticking me off.08:38
=== joem [joem@drumnbass.bombtrack.org] has joined #ubuntu
wm_eddiewell nolapic didn't work....08:39
WareHajimeIt's a great card just the drivers defeat the purpose of the card.08:39
phlaegelof course, the only pc game I've played in the last six months is a few hours of WoW, but oh well.08:39
=== matt2 [~matt@dh055196.res.uvic.ca] has joined #ubuntu
matt2Lol so that worked08:40
=== nbcthreat [~david@] has left #ubuntu []
matt2But only in gxine.. any ideas why I can't get totem to play my dvds?08:40
wm_eddieomg 2:30?08:41
crimsunten minutes later :p08:41
WareHajimeWell while I was in slackware matt I used to get this "NAV" error at first. Found out just have to install the libdvdssc thingy I recall.08:41
WareHajimeIt made totem work dunno why your having that problem.08:41
matt2WareHajime: I've got that installed, and that's why it runs in gxine now.. but thanks08:41
matt2Lol east-coasters08:42
matt2why are you geeks inside on a saturday anyways??? I think I've got strep and I'm pissed off it ruined my weekend..08:42
matt2But i did learn about ubuntu! awesome..08:42
phlaegelyou answered your own question08:42
matt2lol yes I did.. yes I did08:43
wm_eddieyeah, ubuntu came out just in time to ruin our non-existant weekends.08:43
daniels*yours*? ;)08:43
matt2Well I live on campus at a university so it's hard NOT to have a life here08:43
wm_eddieWhen I lived on campus I had no life.08:44
matt2fucking strep though.. haha.08:44
matt2Eh, it's possible08:44
matt2I was directing all of that to umm.. DimSum anyways08:44
wm_eddiewell, I need to figure out how to get ubuntu to forget about udev08:45
matt2what's it messing up?08:45
=== DimSum back
DimSumWhat'd I miss?08:46
matt2Nothing much.. 08:46
wm_eddieit's working fine except apm, and apm is very important on a laptop.08:46
wm_eddiebut apm works fine on 2.4 but not much else.  And I think it's because it's relying on udev.08:47
wm_eddieso if I get devfs running, it should be fine.08:47
DimSumSomeone fix this shite.08:47
matt2Well I'm still a geek through the week.. lol. But right now I kindof want to spread the word of ubuntu to the gentoo forums08:47
wm_eddietime for bed08:47
phlaegelew, devfs.08:47
matt2devfs bleh08:48
wm_eddieI know... but sometimes you have to make sacrifices...08:48
phlaegelcan't you just add some udev rules to create devfs-style links?08:48
DimSumSurely I cannot be the ONLY FUCKING PERSON who wants to use Orinoco cards in Monitor Mode on Linux?08:48
whiprushphlaegel: bleh, the firefox trunk builds don't seem to have the gtk2.4 dialogs on by default anymore. :(08:48
DimSumAnd if I'm not, why the FUCK isn't the process a little bit goddamn easier08:48
wm_eddieDimSum: I'll tackly that problem when I get there.08:49
phlaegelwhiprush: :(08:49
danielsDimSum: please remain polite08:50
DimSumI am polite.08:50
DimSumI'm considering just paying someone a few hundred quid to fix this for me :\08:51
DimSumBecause I can't be dealing with this now08:51
DimSumIt's 7:50am and I still haven't slept08:51
whiprushphlaegel: ah, file open has the right dialog, download still doesn't though.08:52
matt2Lol dude, you should probably sleep08:52
diemanDimSum: the rest of us just use host_ap prism cards :P08:52
diemanDimSum: or cisco, but the prism cards are optimal08:52
DimSumI need to get this in Monitor Mode, though.08:52
DimSumAnyway, I got it to compile08:52
danielsDimSum: most people wouldn't usually consider profanities like that polite, but anyway.  when you run dmesg, what version of the orinoco driver gets reported?08:52
=== whiprush has an orinico but doesn't use it in monitor mode though
phlaegelwhiprush: too bad download is the more used one08:53
DimSumHence the problem.08:53
DimSumNeeds to be 0.15RC208:53
matt2can anyone tell me what orinico even is? Never heard of it before..08:53
DimSumAnyway, I just compiled 0.1508:53
DimSumNow I have an bunch of .o files08:53
DimSumWhere do I copy them to?08:53
=== whiprush heads off to bed
danielscan you run 'make install'? does it have a README?08:54
DimSumNope, and yes08:54
DimSumJust says to simply run make08:54
matt2or I could.. google it. haha08:54
danielsrun find  /lib/modules/$(uname 0r)/kernel -name orinoco08:54
danielsuname -r, not uname 0r08:54
danielsand '*orinoco*', not orinoco08:55
danielsand replace it there08:55
DimSum"Paths must precede expression"08:56
DimSumNope, same error08:56
danielswhen you run find /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel -name \*orinoco\* ?08:57
DimSumNo, without the slashes ;P08:57
DimSumBut you didn't say to use slashes08:57
DimSumAnyway, those files don't match the .o files that I just compiled08:57
punkasscan i tell a laucher that i want to run an application as root?08:57
DimSumOh wait, they do08:57
danielsso remove them, and copy the ones you just compiled into that path08:58
danielsDimSum: as a final step, could you please run dpkg -S orinoco_cs.o ?08:59
DimSumYeah, secx08:59
DimSum"Orinoco_cs.o* not found09:00
DimSumgimme a sec, need to fix something09:00
punkassgksudo..give a pw box...good enough for me09:01
danielsDimSum: try dpkg -S orinoco09:02
DimSumSame result as before09:03
DimSumWhen I ran the find09:03
DimSumlinux-image- /lib/modules/blahblah09:03
danielsoh, right09:03
DimSumSo what now, reboot?09:03
danielsum, do lsmod09:03
danielsand rmmod everything listed that's airo or orinoco or whatever09:04
danielsthen modprobe them09:04
danielsand you should have monitor mode09:04
DimSumNot working09:05
DimSumSays it's in use09:05
DimSumI'll just reboot; will probably be easier09:05
danielstake your wireless interfaces down with ifconfig, then09:05
daniels(bear in mind i don't own a working laptop, let alone an orinoco card)09:05
DimSumI'm using this from a desktop box ;P09:05
DimSumThat's weird...09:06
whiprushI have to wonder what you need monitor mode on a desktop for.09:06
DimSumThe wireless card isn't showing up under ifconfig09:06
DimSumeth0 is, as well as lo09:06
DimSumbut not eth109:06
DimSumWhy the hell...09:06
punkassumm.. did u add them to /etc/network/interfaces09:07
danielstry ifconfig -a09:07
danielsif they're not up, you won't see them per default09:07
DimSumWas too lazy; just added it in Networking Preferences09:07
DimSumshould show up in a sec09:07
punkassah..same difference09:08
DimSumokay, it's up09:08
DimSumHah, Network Settings just hung/crashed09:08
goatboy_am I just not seeing them, or are there no nvidia-glx/kernel module packages for amd64?09:09
DimSum<flame>The question is, why are you using AMD64 in the first place?</flame>09:10
DimSumiwpriv monitor: no private ioctls09:12
DimSumInvalid command: Monitor09:12
jdubgoatboy_: i think they're coming09:13
danielsDimSum: i suggest you send a mail to the orinoco users' list, if there is one, or google for similar problems/etc09:13
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD9E605FE.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionegoatboy_: they are on the way...09:13
goatboy_oh, ok.09:13
whiprushheyya goatboy_ 09:14
whiprushyou finally switch?09:15
DimSum:\ mailing list scare me09:15
DimSumAnd there's nothing on google, sadly09:15
DimSumGoddamnit, I tried so hard tonight :(09:16
elmayadoing what?09:19
DimSumWho, me?09:20
DimSumTrying to get Orinoco 0.15RC2 installed on Ubuntu09:20
=== bad_ronald [~nick@] has joined #ubuntu
bad_ronaldI just set up Ubuntu and I have a problem...09:22
bad_ronaldthe sound isn't working09:23
bad_ronaldIs this common, did I miss something?09:23
punkassbad_ronald: on a laptop?09:23
bad_ronaldno, desktop09:23
punkasshmm..could be oss drivers are getting loaded before the alsa ones09:23
bad_ronaldIt's a dell 1.8 GHz with 256MB ram, and a generic dell soundcard09:24
DimSumLol, I've never gotten sound to work on Linux09:24
punkassrun   lsmod  and paste the contents here: http://paste.plone.org/09:24
=== zipper [~zipper@c-5dabe253.339-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has left #ubuntu ["Lmnar"]
elmayahehe my xmms doesn't remind the las skin used :(09:26
=== bad_ronald [~nick@] has joined #ubuntu
bad_ronaldthat was retarded, sorry09:27
bad_ronaldI posted it at the url09:27
punkasshmmm..doesnt look like any oss modules are loaded09:28
punkasswhat do u get when u run alsamixer09:28
DimSumThat's weird...09:29
matt2err.. nother stupid problem. Wmv files this time..09:29
bad_ronaldthe master volume is at 100%09:29
DimSumorinoco 0.15rc2STA (david gibson blah blah blah)09:29
DimSumeth1: ready09:29
punkassis there MM  at the top?09:29
DimSumdmesg gives me that09:29
DimSumAnd yet, I still can't get monitor mode to show up in iwpriv...09:29
punkassmatt2: w32codecs09:29
bad_ronaldMM is at the top of "Master M" and "headphon"09:29
bad_ronaldand 3D Contr09:30
bad_ronaldwith PCM at 7109:30
bad_ronaldeverything else is 009:30
elmayatry xmms with alsa output09:30
punkassmove to Master and hit M09:30
matt2punkass: Already installed? Maybe only mplayer can access them?09:30
punkasshmm let me give it a shot09:30
bad_ronaldalright, now master reads mm at top with 0<>0 at the bottom09:31
matt2if not I can find them09:31
punkassbad_ronald: you want no MM at the top and full volume09:31
punkassMM just means that channel is muted09:32
punkassmake sure PCM is at full to09:32
crimsununless you have a sblive. Then you want it no higher than 66%09:33
bad_ronalddoes master m need to have no "mm" at the top too09:33
crimsuncorrect, bad_ronald 09:33
=== madscience [~madscienc@CPE000625d83192-CM000f9f58080a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
bad_ronaldIt won't let me change Master M, if I click Masterm and hit m it just switches master09:35
madsciencecan anyone help me with an nvidia driver issue?09:35
=== torb [~torb@h71n6c1o1049.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunwhat sort of issue?09:35
madscienceI switched from the i386 kernel-image to the k709:35
=== jmhodges [~jmh@cpe-069-133-106-188.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
punkassbad_ronald: when u play music with say xmms or rythmbox do u get an error or does it just play with no sound09:35
torbHello, has anyone installed the proprietary nvidia-drivers om amd64? There doesn't 09:35
bad_ronaldit just plays with no sound09:36
=== DimSum parties!
torbseem to be a nvidia-glx package09:36
madscienceever since I did that, I have to manually dpkg-reconfigure linux-restricted-modules- to get into X09:36
DimSumOmg yaaaaaaaaaaaaay09:36
DimSumThat, ladies and gentlemen, is awesome.09:36
punkassso it must be alsa volumes...u checked the gnome volume?09:36
madscienceI've tried reinstalling, and uninstalling and installing the linux-restricted-modules and all the nvidia modules.09:37
madsciencedidn't help09:37
crimsunmadscience: is "nvidia" listed in /etc/modules?09:37
jdubmadscience: did you try "dpkg-reconfigure --priority=high xserver-xfree86" once the nvidia module was loaded?09:37
bad_ronaldI was using the terminal Alsamixer app, I'm trying the gui version...09:37
punkassmatt2: well i am watching a wmv on totem09:37
DimSumWell, it only took me 9 hours to get it working this time09:38
DimSumI'm getting faster09:38
madscienceyes, without the priority09:38
crimsunmadscience: does /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.ko exist?09:38
bad_ronaldok that did it, thx09:38
madscienceit's not in /etc/modules, shall I add it?09:38
punkassDimSum, i know how you feel..i just fought with wireless, sound and acpi for a day and a half09:39
crimsunmadscience: yes. echo "nvidia" >> /etc/modules09:39
punkassbut i too have conquered.09:39
madscienceit is in :/lib/modules/
matt2punkass: cool.. umm any idea what to apt-get?09:40
madsciencek, brb if it works, a bit longer if it doesn't09:40
matt2I tried searching but couldn't see anything..09:40
punkassmatt2: umm i dont think i apt-got anything09:41
punkassjust used those w32codecs09:41
matt2did you point to them any way?09:41
=== michael315 [~michael@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
punkassnope...one sec i will try to set it up on my laptop09:41
matt2excellent, thanks09:42
=== durand [~superd@] has joined #ubuntu
matt2I think they're on my system somewhere. I would really like to have totem handle everything09:42
DimSumpunkass: Good man :)09:43
=== madscience [~madscienc@CPE000625d83192-CM000f9f58080a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
madsciencethanks crimson, it worked like a charm09:44
crimsunnp at all09:45
durandhi,  how do I install wvdial in ubuntu?09:46
madsciencestrange that it didn't add automatically?09:46
cefdaniels: you about?09:47
punkassmatt2: works on my laptop too09:48
=== cef pokes daniels with a bunch of video cards
danielscef: hey yo :)09:49
danielsmore? you're a machine!09:49
cefdaniels: just got a few things to do, then I can drop them by09:49
matt2thanks for checking.. by default eh? Wow.. that's pretty strange too. Since I really haven't done anything yet09:49
ceffound a SiS 6326 and an ATI Rage Mobility-P09:49
danielscef: nice! well, whenever is fine -- thanks again :)09:50
cefdaniels: no probs09:50
danielsx code is scary.09:50
daniels#if 109:50
daniels#define BIOS_SIZE 0x1000009:50
daniels#else /* a bug in DGUX requires this - let's try it */09:50
daniels#define BIOS_SIZE (0x10000 - 1)09:50
punkassmatt2: yeah havent done anything..except for reboots09:50
=== Guest42788 [linux@200-147-19-70.tlm.dialuol.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== durand [~superd@] has left #ubuntu []
jedidaniels: my gosh, you have my sympathies :)09:53
matt2yeah, might need to reboot for THIS as well.. thanks anyways09:55
=== Guest42788 [linux@200-147-19-70.tlm.dialuol.com.br] has left #ubuntu []
=== michael315 [~michael@dsl-] has left #ubuntu []
=== bad_ronald [~nick@] has left #ubuntu []
=== vincent [~vincent@bonnefoy-3-82-224-105-22.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
cefdaniels: all X code is scary..that's why you work with it *grin*09:59
DimSumdaniels, finally got the Orinoco crap working10:00
danielscef: something i did in a previous life?10:00
cefdaniels: possibly.. or mebbe in this one10:00
DimSumOnly weird thing going on now is that I can't run AirSnort from a shortcut.. have to run it from the console10:01
DimSumOtherwise it gives me a "cannot put the card into Monitor Mode" error10:01
=== cef remembers certain choice words on debian-devel
danielscef: heh.10:01
jduboh man10:02
jdubi love it when hardware just works10:02
jdubi just plugged in pipka's airo card10:02
jdubready to roll10:03
cefjdub: heh.. pcm-352?10:03
=== khalek [~khalek@dialup-a2-477.Melbourne.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
jdubcef: hrm?10:03
cefjdub: model number of the card10:03
jdubhrm, dunno10:03
TerminXit's pretty cool that wireless worked without you even knowing the model10:04
cefjdub: just don't expect the kernel driver to handle the card disconnecting and reconnecting10:04
=== psyklops [~John@] has joined #ubuntu
cefjdub: as in removal and reinsertion10:04
jdubTerminX: they're all handled by the one driver ;)10:04
jdubcef: oh? really?10:04
jdubcef: LET'S SEE ABOUT THAT10:05
cefjdub: depends on the card10:05
TerminXjdub: still10:05
TerminXit's pretty cool10:05
Tomcat_Will Atheros cards work out of the box?10:05
cefjdub: the card I have dies (not predictable).. just depends what the kernel is doing at the time10:05
jdubcef: no problems ;-)10:07
jdubTomcat_: we have drivers for them10:07
Tomcat_Good. ;)10:07
=== jsc [~jsc@h-67-101-232-206.lsanca54.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tomcat_I won't try as my laptop won't work well with Ubuntu, but it's good to know.10:08
cefTomcat_: why not?10:08
Tomcat_It's a K6 300 w/ 48 MB RAM... too old probably.10:09
Tomcat_I'm happy that xfce works with Firefox quite well... but that's already as much as the laptop can do.10:09
cefram is probably the biggest issue10:09
crimsunTomcat_: it'll do just fine10:09
Tomcat_Yep... but I can't make it bigger, because I can't open the part with the RAM :\10:10
crimsunTomcat_: i installed Ubuntu yesterday at the installfest on a P/233 with 32 MB RAM10:10
cefTomcat_: know that feeling.. I've got a PIII-600 with 128 meg.. can't put more in it10:10
Tomcat_crimsun: And it worked well?10:10
Tomcat_I seriously doubt it...10:11
crimsunTomcat_: i had to manually partition (cfdisk), mkswap, and swapon before the network was probed, but otherwise it worked fine.10:11
=== markhannon [~mark@c211-28-79-132.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Tomcat_I hat KDE on that laptop *once*... since KDE is so heavyweight on graphics (just like GNOME) it was very slow.10:11
crimsunonce you get it installed, it'll run - just a bit sluggishly10:11
crimsunthe issue for this particular computer was the 32 MB RAM10:12
Tomcat_I guess I'll rather stay on regular Debian and xfce then. :)10:12
crimsunthe installer really hurts on 32 MB10:12
Tomcat_Because it works... and I don't use much software except the browser and the tty, so it's okay.10:12
crimsunbut once I created 500 MB swap and mounted it, all was well.10:12
=== markhannon [~mark@c211-28-79-132.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Tomcat_I probably have to wait for an Ubuntu Live CD before trying it.10:14
Tomcat_I don't have enough harddisk on it to try it next to my regular Debian.10:15
=== leorme [~ale@ppp-101-146.24-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu
matt2That installation was SO nice10:17
matt2Why can't all installers be like that? Stupid distros..10:17
=== yawningdog [~marti@docsis164-81.menta.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== thaytan [~jan@] has joined #ubuntu
matt2Hmmm.. anybody using bit torrent?10:26
subterrificmatt2: i was going to try azureus sometime10:26
subterrifici just installed sun's java and got the mozilla java plugin working10:27
subterrifici'll do that right now actually10:27
matt2subterrific: azureus is GREAT.. I was going to ask about that cause I had it going in gentoo10:28
matt2but for not I guess I'll just use btdownloadgui10:28
matt2it needs java, just letting you know10:28
subterrificdownload it10:28
matt2That is on my to-do list for sure.. but probably tomorrow10:28
matt2java.com.. really?10:28
subterrificyeah, i installed it10:29
matt2cool.. so it works from here. excellent10:29
matt2maybe I'll try to get azureus going now too.. hehe10:30
subterrifici installed it to /opt10:30
subterrificthen did: ln -s -f /opt/j2re1.4.2_05/plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32/libjavaplugin_oji.so /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins/10:30
subterrificto get java working in firefox10:30
subterrificdownloading azureus right now10:31
subterrificbtw, when you download java, get the binary installer that IS NOT an rpm10:31
matt2perfect, thanks for the info. Umm looks like i'm installing it wherever the hell it's installing lol10:32
subterrificit installs it whereever you run it10:32
matt2oh fuck haha10:32
subterrificyou probably want to move it to /opt10:32
matt2gonna redo that then10:32
subterrificand run it there10:33
matt2no kidding. thanks10:33
matt2no sarcasm meant there btw =D10:33
subterrificunderstood :)10:33
jiveraWhat's the expected time frame on getting Ubuntu improvements pushed back into Debian?  Presumably it'll be delayed a bit since Debian's hoping to release Sarge soon, but should we be seeing any Ubuntu-goodness pushed back into Debian proper soon after?10:33
=== marquivon [~vivek@] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificanyone know off the top of their head the debian way to add things to PATH?10:35
matt2yeah, thx for the info subterrific. I knew some of that (non rpm, got the azureus already) but I had no idea about the link to firefox plugins10:36
matt2btw I'm new to debian but I ran gentoo for a couple years10:36
yawningdogsubterrific, can't you set it on your ~/.bashrc file?10:36
subterrificme too, i still run debian on my amd64, but i've got a p4 at home with ubuntu and one at work with ubuntu too10:36
subterrificerr i still run gentoo on my amd6410:37
marquivonhi everyone. i just installed ubuntu on my system and its wow. however had a few questions. how do yu get the mail notification in the panel area as in this screenshot http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/teams/marketing/en/2004/two-eight-screenshots/html/Screenshot-3.png10:37
matt2=D cool10:37
subterrificyawningdog: yes, but sometimes there is a /etc way of doing it10:37
=== conekg [cone@P-5.223.eunet.yu] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificmarquivon: right click on panel->add to panel->mail notification?10:38
subterrificinbox monitor10:38
subterrificis what its called10:38
marquivonthere's no mail notification10:38
yawningdogsubterrific, /etc/bash.bashrc ?10:38
marquivonno that's different. uhmm i thought it'll integrated with evolution?10:38
matt2subterrific: you getting that business about /usr/java as well?10:39
=== asimon [~andreas@p5480D193.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
matt2maybe install it there? Somehow I don't think so10:40
=== Lowe-sleeping is now known as Lowe
yawningdoghmm... how do I install the full SDL stack (sdl-image, sdl-ttf, etc) without compiling from source?10:40
=== eal [~eal@c-305170d5.026-290-73746f7.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
yawningdogthe ubuntu repositories only include the core, image and mixer10:41
subterrificmatt2: yeah, i know how to fix it, i'm just trying to figure out the "debian way"10:42
yawningdogwhich would be my best bet to get sdl-ttf and sdl-net properly installed?10:42
matt2subterrific: =D that's cool.. you mean changing the PATH and such yeah..10:42
yawningdogsubterrific: have you looked at /etc/bash.bashrc ?10:42
yawningdog# System-wide .bashrc file for interactive bash(1) shells.10:43
=== felixdz [~felixdz@c3eea6c02.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu
felixdzGood morning10:43
subterrificyawningdog: found it...yay grep10:45
subterrificyawningdog: /etc/profile10:45
marquivonhow do yu integrate evolution to the clock applet?10:45
marquivonso that it shows what tasks yu have when clicking on it?10:45
yawningdogthanks, I take note, may come in handy in the future :)10:46
LoweGRR it never ends > "PNG support required for GUI compilation, please install libpng and libpng-dev packages."10:46
matt2lol I THOUGHT it was /etc/profile10:46
matt2damn I know more than I give myself credit for sometimes lol10:47
yawningdogI had problems too with libpng10:47
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificgot it working10:50
felixdzI have installed ubuntu. Got my internet working with pppoe, edited the /apt/sources.list and installed tripwire and bastille. 10:51
=== GheRivero [~ghe@cable219a135.usuarios.retecal.es] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificedit /etc/profile and add /opt/j2re1.4.2_05/bin/ to your PATH10:51
subterrificthen source /etc/profile10:51
subterrificthen you can either run azuerus from the directory it was installed in10:52
matt2awesome.. ok lol I swear I was looking in /etc/profile earlier but I wasn't too sure if I could add something to the path line or not10:52
subterrificor cp /opt/azureus/azureus /usr/bin/azureus and make this change:10:52
subterrific# get the app dir10:53
subterrific#PROGRAM_DIR=`dirname "$0"`10:53
subterrific#PROGRAM_DIR=`cd "$PROGRAM_DIR"; pwd`10:53
felixdzPreviously I had knoppix installed to the harddrive which is essentially debian10:53
=== Gandalfar [~gandalf@BSN-77-186-194.dsl.siol.net] has left #ubuntu ["."]
LoweIs libpng actually installed and it just doesn't recognize it or do i need to install that aswell -_-10:53
subterrificmatt2: that make sense to ya?10:53
matt2ummm... now that confused me. What's with the comments?10:53
felixdzThe only problem I am having with ubuntu is every time I start the computer I have to run pppoeconf...10:54
subterrificwell thats the azureus launcher script and its meant to be run from inside the azureus directory10:54
yawningdogLowe, I think it's the first case10:54
felixdzdespite the fact that I wanted it to come up at boot time.10:54
felixdzanybody know why this should be so?10:54
yawningdogat least that's what seems to be happening to me10:54
subterrificbut when you copy it to /usr/bin/ you need to edit it and tell it where the azureus directory is10:54
matt2Ahhh ok.. it's actually only one line?10:55
=== guiguilinux [~guiguilin@d80-170-214-156.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
matt2I'll check it out10:55
subterrificso i commented out the lines where they were setting PROGRAM_DIR and i set it manually10:55
matt2Yes I understand now10:55
matt2perfect, you are very kind10:55
=== joem [joem@drumnbass.bombtrack.org] has left #ubuntu []
subterrificactually leave the trailing / off the path10:56
subterrificit gives a warning about that10:56
subterrificso just /opt/azureus or where ever you put it10:56
Lowe*cries* I need my anime, and mplayer is being gay.10:56
=== guiguilinux [~guiguilin@d80-170-214-156.cust.tele2.fr] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
matt2yeah mines in /opt/azureus too10:57
matt2should be good to go now10:57
yawningdogLower, have you tried adding the marillat repository? It worked well enough for me10:58
asimonfelixdz: For me it helped to put "pppoe" into /etc/modules10:58
=== stub [~zen@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
Lowemarillat repository?10:58
felixdzThanks asimon for reply. Do you mean mv pppoe /etc/modules?10:59
yawningdogit's an apt repository for media packages10:59
yawningdogmplayer, xine, etc10:59
matt2haha that was so successful10:59
subterrificmatt2: just fyi, if you want to make a launcher for it in the gnome menu/panel the azureus icon is in /opt/azureus/azureus.png10:59
subterrificit looks nice too ;)10:59
asimonfelixdz: No, "echo pppoe >> /etc/modules"10:59
Loweuhm how do i add it? this really could help10:59
matt2=D cool.. yeah I saw it there.. thx though11:00
matt2I am making a launcher for it right now hehe11:00
yawningdoglook at the bottom of the page11:00
asimonfelixdz: It's a simple text file, all kernel modules in this file will be loaded during boot time.11:00
subterrificthe launcher won't work until you log out because of the PATH issue11:01
yawningdogLower: start synaptic and go to Preferences -> Repositories11:01
subterrificunless you edit the /usr/bin/azureus and set JAVA_PROGRAM_DIR11:01
yawningdogselect New and enter the following settings:11:01
yawningdogURL: ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/11:01
yawningdogDistribution: unstable11:02
=== mteira [~mteira@55.Red-80-39-166.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
yawningdogSections: main11:02
matt2ahh I'll just log out and log back in11:02
matt2Ooh have a question though. So I'm testing a port in the config wizzard and I keep getting NAT error11:02
yawningdogthen just hit refresh and you are set11:02
matt2Now, I'm pretty sure it works but I'm wondering what this is?11:02
felixdzasimon just to be clear (I am at the cookbook stage of linux learning) in a root shell type echo pppoe >> /etc/modules11:02
asimonfelixdz: Yes. 11:03
subterrificmatt2: it means you're behind a NAT11:03
subterrificit will still work, just not as well11:03
=== Gwaihir_ [~Gwaihir@ppp-170-106.25-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu
matt2Lol and so.. it will not work as well right.. damn that's why I get pretty crappy performance in bit torrent sometimes11:04
felixdzOK Thanks I'll give it a try. As well as noting it in my Linux in a nutshell so I don't have to ask the same question twice!11:04
subterrificmatt2: you have a dsl/cable router?11:04
matt2I'm on the universities res net so.. yeah, not much I can do about that I guess11:04
LoweI got failed to download all indexes11:04
matt2yeah, I plug into the wall lol11:04
subterrificyeah, they are definitely blocking the bittorrent port, hehe11:04
matt2those fuckers.. well, it gives me the option to change it..11:04
subterrificyou could find out if they give you any open ports and change it11:04
matt2but I'm trying other high ones and they don't seem to work.11:04
mteiraHave you tested the CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor?11:05
asimonfelixdz: You can also edit the file with any text editor.11:05
subterrificyeah, you'd need a pretty stupid sys admin for them to leave any ports open for you11:05
matt2yeah.. but I wonder what ports.. well 80 works for sure, I get killer speeds on 8011:05
mteiraThe frequency it shows for me goes from negative numbers to more than 1.000 Ghz.11:05
matt2yeah I don't think that's happening11:05
Lowehow do i get the one with the gui? i don't see it listed11:05
subterrificwell what does ifconfig say your ip is?11:05
matt2is there any way I can test for an open port?11:06
subterrifici'll port scan you and tell you if anything is open11:06
mteiraI will look for a bug report on this.11:06
matt2lol awesome11:06
yawningdogLower: it's included on the standard package11:06
matt2I guess I can't port scan myself. Yeah I used to port scan back in the day.. oh yeah11:06
yawningdoggrr... s/Lower/Lowe11:06
Lowebut the package is called mplayer no gui11:07
asimonmatt2: Search for "shields up" via Google, first hit, there's a port scanner.11:07
matt2asimon:thx, can I port scan myself?11:07
subterrificmatt2: well at least you've got a public ip, thats a plus11:07
matt2subterrific: why? 11:08
asimonmatt2: This site will scan your ports and print the results.11:08
matt2ahhh perfect, thanks11:08
yawningdogLowe: there are several packages11:09
yawningdoginstall the one tuned for your architecture11:09
yawningdogfor example, I chose mplayer-k711:09
subterrificmatt2: looks like you've got a few open ports11:09
LoweI will install k6 lol >_>11:09
matt2subterrific: Perfect! I want high speeds11:09
subterrificif this scan is right, your sysadmin is an idiot11:09
matt2subterrific: A bunch of hippies over here in victoria11:10
subterrifiche left open all the microsoft ports...yay trojans/virii11:10
Loweyawningdog i get a lot of errors now11:10
matt2subterrific: EVERYONE gets worms over here.. and I help fix their damn computers11:10
Lowesays missing dependcys11:10
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090B099.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificmatt2: try 696911:10
=== felixdz [~felixdz@c3eea6b39.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu
ichhow can iget pppoe working?11:10
matt2subterrific, will do11:11
ichwhere to get?11:11
matt2unable to test..11:11
matt2is the message. Like if I were to test 80 or something11:11
matt2so maybe he's not such an idiot lol11:11
ichpppoeconf, where can i get it?11:11
subterrificwhat does it say when you try 6969?11:12
subterrificcause i'm not showing that 80 is open11:12
felixdzpppoeconf comes free with ubuntu11:12
matt2Says unable to test11:12
yawningdogLowe, which dependencies?11:12
matt2Hmm well 80 has full bandwidth, that's for sure11:12
asimonich: It should be already installed. Just type "sudo pppoeconf" from a command line.11:12
matt2whereas kazaa is bottlenecked11:12
Lowe Depends: libarts but it is not installable or11:12
Lowe libarts-alsa but it is not installable11:12
matt2this is interesting though11:12
subterrificyeah, but that port setting in azureus is for incoming traffic11:13
subterrificyou want to pick a port other people are able to connect to you on11:13
matt2right..well the default works, it's just slow11:14
ichthx asimon, im currently talkinf to felixdz, he  tells me evrythin ;)11:14
matt2should I give 6969 a go anyways?11:15
yawningdogLowe: weird11:15
yawningdogtry mplayer-68611:15
LoweNever mind im downloading that arts thing11:16
Lowelol still getting the error11:20
marquivonif i remove the top panel, can i get "Desktop Preferences" and "System Configuration" somehow in my main menu?11:21
=== cef pokes daniels
felixdzasimon thanks the etc pppoe >> /etc/modules worked for me!11:22
yawningdogmarquivon, add a "Menu bar" to your bottom panel11:23
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090B099.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== eal [~eal@c-305170d5.026-290-73746f7.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has left #ubuntu []
asimonfelixdz: Good, because I wasn't sure, I have yet to reboot and test it ;-)11:24
=== matt2 [~matt@] has joined #ubuntu
felixdzworked for me11:25
matt2arg.. what the hell. So it DID run, once, and now it complains about PATH once again11:25
subterrifici suggest setting JAVA_PROGRAM_DIR in the script :\11:25
matt2didn't know it was in the script there11:26
Loweyawningdog i tried all the others, same error message11:26
=== conekg [cone@P-5.223.EUnet.yu] has joined #ubuntu
yawningdogLowe, it may be futile anyway11:27
yawningdogtotem goes black screen and only produces sound for me11:28
yawningdog(as well as hanging gnome-panel)11:28
yawningdogand gmplayer spawns itself over and over again, saying something about alsa-mixer11:29
Loweyou have got to be joking11:29
LoweI can't live without my anime you know11:29
marquivonyawningdog, uncomment "universe" in sources.list, run apt-get update and then install totem-xine11:29
yawningdogyou can always compile from source11:29
subterrificLowe: you try gxine from universe?11:29
Lowemeh, i need mplayer. The only media player i trust.11:30
yawningdogdidn't know about universe...11:31
yawningdognow I may even be able to install sdl-image :)11:31
matt2ok so it works when I do: source /etc/profile11:31
subterrificLowe: well gxine seems to work for me11:32
matt2but only for one go.. and then it stops working until I do that again11:32
subterrificmatt2: yeah11:32
Lowewekk what's universe? another repository11:32
subterrificit will work if you set the JAVA_PROGRAM_DIR though11:32
subterrificand it will work always after you reboot11:32
matt2I just did reboot =(11:32
subterrificor kill x11 and gdm, hehe11:32
yawningdogLowe, just sudo and edit /etc/apt/sources.list11:32
matt2maybe a typo somewhere..11:33
LoweBut i don't even know what universe is lol11:33
subterrificmatt2: or maybe something else is modiying PATH11:34
matt2hmmm possibly. Have you given it a reboot yet?11:34
matt2naw probably not..11:34
matt2hmm maybe one more reboot for me11:35
matt2I just took out a /11:35
=== andred [~andre@h98n2fls34o1115.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
marquivonLowe, ya another repository where yu find many more unsupported packages11:35
Lowewell could someone post a link or something please?11:36
marquivonopen sources.list and yu'll see for yourself11:36
yawningdogmarquivon: thanks, it worked11:36
yawningdognow I can watch dancemonkeyboy.mpg in all its glory11:37
LoweI don't see anything in there that's different11:37
=== matt2 [~matt@dh056066.res.uvic.ca] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificmatt2: i don't get it, nothing seems to be sourcing /etc/profile11:38
matt2bleh.. nope. Oh well, I'll fix this tomorrow. Tired and sick right now so I'm gonna put some music on (in rhythmbox lol.. I'm glad it doesn't crash anymore) and head to bed11:38
matt2strange eh? cause it works for once and then I have to source /etc/profile again11:38
matt2and then it works once again11:38
marquivonLowe, i've a default ubuntu install & in my sources.list i've this -> deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main restricted universe11:38
subterrificmatt2: i'll talk to one of the ubuntu devs about it when i see one active11:38
matt2sure. Thanks for all the help so far.. do you get the same problem?11:39
Lowealright i see it, now what?11:39
matt2ahh so it's NOT just me. Well, I'll have time to tinker tomorrow. Might be able to dig something up on google or something, who knows11:39
matt2anyways, thanks again. gonna idle now... night all11:39
marquivonuncomment it (remove #), then run apt-get update and then through synaptic download whatever applications yu want11:40
mojohi all ppl, I'm just a newbie here, hope some1 can help me out11:43
mojoDo I need samba package to run samba? I've already had smbclient installed11:43
mteiraIs there any video editing application for the gnome environment?11:45
mteiraOr some wip at this moment?11:45
LoweThanks marquivon11:45
marquivonLowe, pleazure11:45
subterrificwhat is more cutting edge, testing or unstable?11:45
marquivoni'm so so so happy with ubuntu. i've installed it over mandrake its just fantabulous11:46
jediunstable subterrific 11:46
jdubsubterrific: sid (unstable)11:46
marquivonrunning beep now, playing all music, & the great evolution :-) thank yu ubuntu people11:46
dokosubterrific: experimental (but don't complain if it breaks ;)11:46
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090B69B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-23-71.w81-50.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== Gwaihir [~Gwaihir@ppp-152-104.25-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu
pittiseb128: Hi!11:49
LoweShould i install all upgrades?11:49
seb128hey pitti 11:49
marquivonLowe, upto yu. i think yu should install what yu need11:49
jdubLowe: at this stage, yes, you should11:50
jdubLowe: there are lots of fixes going in before we hit our Final release in october11:51
LoweSeriously though, this distro is awesome. 11:51
LoweFast as hell. lol11:51
mteiraI agree. I'm starting to migrate from Debian all my stuff.11:51
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@190.172-201-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== [Scizo] [~bite_me@chantry.devlix.dk] has joined #ubuntu
LoweWell im quite new to linux. I have tried mandrake and suse, both which i didn't like, also i hate there stupid "you can only get this update if your a club member" crap11:53
=== StingRay [~thor@dhcp59-stud.hive.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090B69B.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu []
andredI guess it's known that the Audio/Video tab is broken?11:55
mteiraandred: I was thinking about filling a bug.11:55
mteiraandred: Some CORBA related problem?11:55
mteiraandred: Same here.11:55
mteiraandred: I'm not able to change the default program to launch MP3, either.11:56
andredGo ahead and file the bug11:56
andredBut those are two different issues.11:56
LoweWhat was that other video player someone mentioned?11:56
mteiraLowe: Perhaps totem-xine11:56
mteiraLowe: The same totem using the libxine backend.11:56
LoweNo it was something else11:56
mteiraLowe: instead of the gstreamer one.11:56
mteiraLowe: mplayer?11:56
subterrifictotem-xine is probably better11:57
=== Gwaihir_ [~Gwaihir@ppp-17-84.25-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu
mteiraHumm, my beep-media-player has frozen.11:57
LoweMplayer is better than them all, but im having problems with that.11:57
ZombLowe: they wanna be paid. Or who else should do that?11:57
Lowei couldn't get beep-media-player to install11:58
mteiraLowe: Why?11:58
Zombmplayer sucks in recent versions. Looses sync on Xvid files, window placement is awesome.11:58
LoweI got some errors when i ran ./configure11:58
mteiraLowe: You're compiling it from sources?11:58
mteiraLowe: It's packaged, perhaps in universe.11:58
marquivonLowe, yu using sources?11:58
Loweoh lol11:58
mteiraLowe: :)11:58
LoweI will have a look hehe11:58
mteiraWell, something got fixed.11:59
Loweyay it works12:00
mteiraYesterday, I wasn't able to right click a song in a directory with UTF-8 encoded name.12:00
mteiraWell, bmp wasn't able to get the name of the path correctly.12:00
Lowebtw how do you mount a partiton in UTF-812:00
mteiraLowe: What kind of partition?12:00
mteiraLowe: NTFS?12:00
mteiraLowe: -o utf812:01
mteiraLowe: I mean: mount -t ntfs /dev/yourNTFSPartition /destination -o utf812:02
Lowealright i will try it in a bit12:03
Lowebrb breakfast12:04
mteiraLowe: Breakfast? Where are you?12:05
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB2E21.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
jdubyo yo martink 12:06
=== mojo [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mojohi all ppl, where can I submit bugs??12:06
=== psyklops [~John@] has left #ubuntu []
jdubmojo: see /topic ;)12:06
mteiramojo: bugzilla.ubuntu.com12:06
subterrificyay, i found a reproducable crash in nautilus12:06
mojoI got a bug with hw_random fail to start at startup12:07
subterrificmojo: i get that too12:07
martinkyo jdub 12:07
subterrificmake sure someone else has filed that bug already12:07
mojoso it's bug rite, not my fault12:07
mojowithout hw_random started, you cant run Hal device manager or viewer12:08
mojoand has anyone got a bug VFS: cannot start ext3 if u choose Reiserfs12:09
Lowemteira uk12:10
marquivoni've installed ubuntu alongside mandrake on one of the partitions without deleting the existing data. now i want to make it my primary system, but i've already downloaded many apps. can i install those apps without downloading again as the speed is not great here12:12
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-048-220.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
mteiraLowe: Is not the same time than here in Spain, 12:12 ?12:12
jdubmarquivon: all the .deb files will be sitting in /var/cache/apt/archives12:13
mteiraLowe: Breakfast at 12:12 ? Great.12:13
mteiraLowe: ;)12:13
subterrificmojo: i get that too12:13
=== xTina [~xTina@p50833B44.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
LoweWell i was up late last night, getting used to ubuntu. :)12:13
marquivonjdub, okay great. so i just need to dpkg --install *.deb, right?12:13
=== Keybuk [scott@syndicate.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubmarquivon: pretty much12:14
jdubmarquivon: or just put them back in /var/cache/apt/archives12:14
jdubmarquivon: and install as normal12:14
jdubmarquivon: it'll grab from the cache first12:14
marquivonthanks a ton :-)12:14
jdubmorning Keybuk 12:14
marquivonexcellent work, love it :-)12:14
jdubgreat, thanks :)12:15
Keybukhey hey mr jdub12:15
danielsKeybuk: hullo12:16
danielsKeybuk: slept well? :P12:16
mteiraHumm, I would like to fill a bug about the Audio/Video tab not working. What component is that related to?12:16
mteiraPerhaps gnome-vfs2 ?12:16
jdubmteira: which one?12:17
jduboh, in nautilus?12:17
mteirajdub: Yes, in file properties?12:17
jdubwhat kind of file are you looking at?12:17
mteirajdub: Yes, in file properties.12:17
mteirajdub: A mp3.12:18
mteirajdub: It throws a CORBA error.12:18
jduboh, nice12:18
jdubhold on12:18
jdubhmm, works here12:18
jdubthat's nautilus-media12:19
=== will`` [~will@host81-152-21-79.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
jduboh, not it's not12:19
jdubthat's totem12:19
mteirajdub: OK.12:19
jdubdo you have totem-xine or totem-gstreamer?12:19
jdubi have totem-xine, because i'm being naughty12:20
jdubone sec :)12:20
=== subterrific cries for gstreamer
=== Keybuk makes faces at daniels
mteirajdub: That way, gstreamer backend will never stabilize.12:20
jdubsubterrific: it's going to get better :-)12:20
jdubmteira: i know. i'm naughty. i am a bad person.12:20
will``woah, i think someone is answering the question i was going to ask12:20
mteirajdub: I agree. :)12:20
will``about playing xvid avis in totem12:21
jdubmteira: i have the same issue12:21
mteirawill``: Be bad as jdub. Install totem-xine.12:21
jdubmteira: definitely a totem-gstreamer bug12:21
mteirajdub: OK. So, the bug is for totem-gstreamer. Thanks.12:21
subterrificjdub: i certainly hope so. i'm actually using the fact that ubuntu doesn't ship with ffmpeg as an excuse to learn the gstreamer apis and convert this app at work from ffmpeg to gstreamer12:21
subterrificit does audio decoding only, so i figure gstreamer can handle that....12:22
mteiraI think that gstreamer bugfixing is really important.12:22
jdubmteira: aha12:22
jdub(totem-properties-page:11649): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: file gtype.c: line 2254 (g_type_register_static): assertion `parent_type > 0' failed12:22
jdub(totem-properties-page:11649): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: file gtype.c: line 2254 (g_type_register_static): assertion `parent_type > 0' failed12:22
mteiraWe need it ready.12:22
jdub(totem-properties-page:11649): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: file gobject.c: line 819 (g_object_new): assertion `G_TYPE_IS_OBJECT (object_type)' failed12:22
jdubSegmentation fault12:22
jdubmteira: run /usr/lib/totem/totem-properties-page12:22
jdubmteira: then open the props > audio/video tab12:22
mteirajdub: Yes, I got that.12:23
jdublooks like an upstream bug to me, totem related12:23
mteirajdub: I didn't need to open the audio/video tab.12:23
mteirajdub: It was enough to click on properties.12:23
jdubyeah, just open the props12:23
mteiraPerhaps I should add this test to the bug?12:24
Lowehmm i can't delete something in the trash12:24
subterrifichmm, wasn't gnome 2.8 supposed to include Nettool?12:25
subterrificit seems to be missing from ubuntu12:25
jdubsubterrific: good point.12:26
jdubnot sure why it's not there12:26
jdubit is in the seed list12:26
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificits part of gnome network which includes remote shell and remote desktop also12:27
subterrificso part of gnome network made it in...12:27
LoweHow do you edit the App list?12:27
KinnisonHello all12:27
subterrificLowe: which App list?12:27
LoweThe one at the top left12:27
subterrificright click12:27
subterrificwell, left click first12:28
subterrificand then right click where you want to edit12:28
=== az[a] zel [~damien@ppp136-72.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificand if you want to add something you probably want to do Entire Menu->12:28
LoweThanks sub.12:29
subterrificjdub: should i file a bug on nettool missing?12:29
jdubsubterrific: yes please, assign to jeff12:29
=== Loduriel [~joel@ABordeaux-103-1-35-49.w81-49.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
mteiraWell, I'm going to try my first deb generation using ubuntu.12:30
subterrificwhat is jeff's email address?12:30
danielssubterrific: all canonical people are reachable at firstname.lastname@canonical.com12:31
danielssubterrific: so jeff.waugh@canonical.com will get to him12:31
vincenthello ! do you add eagle-usb in ubuntu cd ?12:31
jdubsubterrific: i just assigned12:32
jdubsubterrific: you can also just put 'jeff' in the assing to box12:32
jdubsubterrific: and choose between the jeffs if there's more than one12:32
jdub(btw, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE)12:32
mteirajdub: :)12:32
will``woo, totem-xine is working a treat12:33
mteiraHumm, too many heretics here.12:33
=== peteog [~pete@host81-157-12-165.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Varjert [~sindre@v162a.studby.ntnu.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== linuxbcn [~joan@50.Red-83-32-64.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== linuxbcn is now known as Linuxbcn
Linuxbcnhi all12:38
Linuxbcni see very people using ubuntu12:39
Linuxbcni'm ready for my first installation of this12:39
micolousi've gotta finish setting up my ubuntu install12:40
micoloustrying to remember how i tricked x into working with my laptop's videocard12:40
Linuxbcnshit!! i can't have a CD-ROM in this computer..12:41
micolouswhat, no cdrom or you just can't boot from it?12:42
=== psyklops [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
micolousthe second one can be worked around by installing grub to a floppy disk, and booting from that, then pointing grub at the cdrom (iirc)12:42
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
psyklopsAre there any helpful network configuration tools in ubuntu? More specifically, something that can configure my computer to IPMasq (what I believe is the equivalent of Internet Connection Sharing) for another computer.12:44
Mitariohey everyone12:44
=== Frozen [~Frozen@YKMMMCXLIV.dsl.saunalahti.fi] has joined #ubuntu
psyklopsHello Mitario.12:44
Varjertpsyklops, you probably want to use iptables12:45
subterrificpsyklops: firestarter is a nice gui for configuring iptables. i know the CVS version of firestarter does what i think you want, but i'm not sure about the current release version12:46
psyklopsVarjert: Correction noted. Is there a network configuration tool for ubuntu that can configure iptables for Internet Connection Sharing-like behavior?12:46
Varjertpsyklops, http://www.e3.com.au/firewall/index.php12:46
FrozenHi, could someone tell me what is good about that ubuntu is based on debian...if u compare to other distros?12:46
Varjertbecause debian rocks? :p12:46
psyklopsOne word, apt.12:46
micolousFrozen, ubuntu actually has newer packages (:12:46
=== micolous quietly mentions he uses gentoo, and ducks ;)
psyklopsGentoo would have made me give up on linux if I wasn't so persistent.12:48
felixdzI am trying to get MPlayer working. Bit lost on how to procede. I have downloaded the source12:48
psyklops(Gentoo was my first distro, never succeeded in installing it.)12:48
Linuxbcni change the HD in another machine for test it12:48
felixdzIn the README.debian it says   Recommended method is running "fakeroot debian/rules binary" in the top12:49
felixdz  directory12:49
Linuxbcnexist catalan language.. great!12:49
micolousdvorak keymap nicely hidden... bad! =\12:49
Varjertfelixdz, then run that, and it will make a .deb12:49
felixdzWhat does that mean?12:50
felixdztop directory?12:50
Varjertwell, first you install fakeroot12:51
subterrificyou could just use the .deb from here: ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/dists/testing/main/binary-i386/12:51
=== wido [~wido@matrix.heim7.tu-clausthal.de] has joined #ubuntu
FrozenIm using FC2 on my main computer. Can someone tell me why should I chance it to ubuntu? or should I?12:52
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
felixdzi think i found the problem. No fakeroot package12:52
subterrificFrozen: because fedora sucks12:52
micolousFrozen, gnome 2.8?12:52
micolousthe lack of rpm? (:12:52
subterrificits seriously the worst distro i've ever used12:52
subterrificubuntu is so much faster on the same machine12:53
micoloushow on earth do i set my console keymap?12:53
micolous(in ubuntu)12:53
felixdzFrozen: debian package management is so much easier then rpm. I also find Fedora slower to upgrade.12:53
felixdzI am running both on my machine though just so I know how to work with both.12:54
Linuxbcni don't like the partition creation sistem...12:54
Linuxbcnis poor12:54
housetierFrozen, are you unhappy with FC2?12:54
micolousi found the partitioner confusing too12:54
Frozennot really, but ubuntu sounds little bit better12:55
subterrificdo you use yum?12:55
Linuxbcnmicolous: only have a "automatic" partition sistem.. i can't find a tool for make a "personal" partition in this HD12:55
subterrificyum is trying to be like debian's package management system, but using rpms12:55
LinuxbcnMmmm no problem i'm using a old hd from my iMac ;/12:56
subterrificyum is horribly slow and doesn't work nearly as well though12:56
micolousLinuxbcn, there is a custom partitioner setup12:56
Linuxbcnyes (my english is bat, very bat) 12:56
jdubLinuxbcn: underneath 'erase entire drive' is 'manually partition'12:57
Linuxbcntoo later12:57
Frozenbtw, do u know any good sites where I can download *.deb software/games? *.rpm download sites I have founded12:57
jdubFrozen: apt-cache search games :-)12:57
glyphThis channel has got to be the fastest-growing channel on freenode.12:57
mteiraAnybody knows which package contains the makeinfo utility12:58
micolousglyph, how many people where here yesturday?12:58
Linuxbcni test this option and don't permet make a custom partitions.. another time test more.. is posible the traducction to catalan language fail12:58
glyphjdub: I have a sorta bug report, but I can't reproduce it or give you any details because the hardware that I had the problems on is no longer under my control :)12:58
KinnisonFrozen: Also; if it's a 3rd-party game which is only available in rpm form; you can *try* using 'alien' which is a tool which can convert between package formats. (although it's nowhere near perfect)12:58
glyphmicolous: I think 15012:58
glyphmicolous: but I'm not sure12:58
Kinnisonmteira: texinfo12:58
Kinnisonmteira: Or at least it is on Debian12:58
Linuxbcnglyph: i reead over 20012:58
=== Kinnison imagines it's pretty darned close on Ubuntu
mteiraKinnison: Thanks.12:59
jdubglyph: get the evil necromancer to give it back.12:59
glyphjdub: the evil necromancer would probably steal all the blankets then12:59
Linuxbcna simpel question.. what is the explication for this name.. Ubuntu.. 12:59
jdubthat's harsh12:59
=== michi [~mischi@i53874030.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu
jdubLinuxbcn: it's a Zulu word that means "humanity to others"12:59
mteiraLinuxbcn: It's explained on the ubuntulinux.org page.01:00
glyphjdub: I installed Ubuntu on Ying's machine, and it worked, but it had 2 problems that an install of Sarge using d-i did not01:00
jdubLinuxbcn: it is hard to describe all of what it means in english :)01:00
Kinnisonmteira: If you download http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/warty/Contents-<arch>.gz where <arch> is i386 amd64 or powerpc as appropriate; then you can zgrep that file and find things out :-)01:00
Linuxbcnjblack: great!! another "political" distro }:)01:00
jdubglyph: oh?01:00
glyphjdub: It decided that X was supposed to be at 640x48001:00
mteiraKinnison: Thanks for the tip01:00
glyphjdub: 60 HZ01:00
jdubglyph: was this straight off the preview cd?01:00
glyphjdub: yes01:00
michihi ! can anyone help me with my problem ? when i try to boot the iso it hangs when it says : booting /install/vmlinuz ... iso is ok, tried to download it 3 times ...01:00
Kinnisonmteira: another good tip there is to zgrep for bin/program if you want to find program01:00
jdubok, we *might* have fixed that, depending on what caused it01:00
Kinnisonmteira: that way you only get programs of that name :-)01:01
glyphjdub: it also recognized the network card during the install but promptly forgot about it in the actual dist01:01
jdubmichi: there are some solutions to that on the -users mailing list01:01
jdubglyph: d'oh 8)01:01
jdubglyph: chipset?01:01
glyphjdub: it's an sk98lin card, if that helps01:01
michijdub : under what topic ? didn find them ...01:02
jdubmichi: don't quite remember 8)01:02
michijdub : i cant see any posts ... do i have to register ?01:03
jdubmichi: you don't have to join the list to see the archives01:03
glyphjdub: I may be able to dedicate a machine to testing linux installations soon, but a prerequisite of that (ironically enough) would be a legitimate copy of Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual Studio .NET01:03
glyphjdub: I will let you know as soon as I have more information.01:03
jdubglyph: ok, thanks01:04
michijdub : i cant find any thread for this problem ...01:06
mojohi all ppl. I've just got nvidia-glx installed but and change to nvidia in XFree86 config but still not work01:07
mojocan someone hlp me out?01:07
=== Alex_ [Alex@117.Red-81-33-213.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== aki_ [~aki@235-152.suscom-maine.net] has joined #ubuntu
aki_Q: what app to burn audio cds?01:08
mteiraWill we have mach64 DRI support on Ubuntu?01:08
aki_i was looking for d'and d' mp3 to wav burn app01:09
peteogmojo: did you add the nvidia module to /etc/modules?01:11
=== keiichi [~keiichi@keiichi.net1.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu
aki_Tx Lowe. Anything from the gnome side?01:12
=== keiichi is now known as [amasimak]
Lowek3b works in gnome, as far as im aware. But i dunno about one actually made for gnome..01:13
LoweMost burning programs decode the mp3's to wav anyway01:13
jdubyeah, n-c-b doesn't do the digital music to cd audio burning stuff though01:14
jdubrhythmbox (and muine) should soon01:14
LoweI dunno why you can't use k3b. Works fine for me *yawn*01:15
jdubyou can01:15
jdubit's installable01:15
jdubfrom universe01:15
LoweYeah i know you can, but he has some problem with it or something..01:16
Frozenis it hard to get ubuntu play dvds?01:16
aki_ok, will use k3b until something gnome comes along01:16
jdubFrozen: apt-get install totem-xine (from universe)01:16
Lowek3b is pretty reliable. (haven't had a failed burn yet)01:16
aki_when i deinstall stuff how do i get rid of dependent libraries etc.?01:16
jdubFrozen: then check the videolan site for libdvdcss debs01:16
jdubaki_: aptitude/synaptic help you do that01:17
Frozenwhat about getting nvidia drivers? hard? easy?01:18
aki_sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx01:19
jdubFrozen: install the linux-restricted-modules-* package appropriate for your kernel01:19
jdubFrozen: then install nvidia-glx01:19
jdubFrozen: ensure you're loading the nvidia module in /etc/modules01:19
jdubFrozen: then dpkg-reconfigure --priority=high xserver-xfree8601:19
jdubFrozen: soon, this will be automated01:19
FrozenOK, now I've desided to install ubuntu on my main computer to replace FC201:23
aki_jdub: Can't find lyx or texmacs... Need it for work.01:24
mojoFrozen: do I need config XF86cfg file?01:24
felixdzI am getting this error message when running fakeroot debian/rules binary to set up mplayer...01:24
felixdzError: X11 support required for GUI compilation01:24
Frozenmojo: for what...Im new to ubuntu btw01:25
mojoFrozen: okay...01:26
jdubaki_: you're looking in universe? if it's not there, they probably haven't built01:26
felixdzwhat have I missed??01:27
jdubfelixdz: sounds like you're missing the x dev packages01:27
aki_jdub: yeah i did. how dangerous to mix in standard debian, use sarge or sid?01:27
felixdzapt-get install ??? jdub01:28
=== conekg [cone@P-5.194.EUnet.yu] has joined #ubuntu
jdubaki_: best not to01:31
jdubfelixdz: xlibs-dev should bring in everything you need01:31
felixdzThanks jdub I'll give it a go.01:32
=== HelloWorld [~grilo@a213-22-89-2.netcabo.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
aki_jdub: texmacs is in univers today!! Was not yesterday...01:34
=== SBT [~sbt@thes730a-1203.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
=== algernon [~algernon@] has left #ubuntu []
mteiraWhat I would like to see in ubuntu is a gtk2 emacs.01:35
KinnisonThat kinda is predicated on the release of GNU Emacs 2201:35
mteiraI'm just compiling it now.01:35
HelloWorlddoes ubuntu have its own packages repository?01:36
jdubmight be ready for HoaryHedgehog 01:36
jdubHelloWorld: yes, see the faq01:36
aki_is the devel repos up yet?01:36
Keybukjdub: it's only worth the effort if they get rid of dodgy custom rendering and use pango01:36
mteiraKeybuk: Talking about emacs?01:37
mojohey dev here01:37
mojoGAIM is up to 1.001:37
mojosome1 upload new version ro reposisitory pls01:37
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Keybukjdub: gaim is probably work syncing?01:37
jdubKeybuk: seb's already on it.01:38
Keybukthought he would be :)01:38
=== mmedrano [~mmedrano@] has joined #ubuntu
mmedranoI have just installed ubuntu on a nec versa lite fx laptoop. GDM freezes when I try to log out. Anyone know what is happening?01:41
FrozenIf I dont update on the install can I do it later with apt-get01:42
mmedranoCan it be something realted to ACPI?01:42
FrozenI mean how01:43
jdubFrozen: you can to it with synaptic, a gui tool01:43
Frozenok good01:43
jdubFrozen: or sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade01:43
mmedranoFrozen: yes, just enter in synaptic, add the repositories and update.01:43
Frozenok thanks again for our help01:43
felixdzNow I need the "GUI requires GTK devel packages" Tried googling but most of the answers were in Russian and Italian! 01:44
Lowepheew just had to move a load of furniture01:45
LoweThat will be me in bed for e month now lol01:45
housetierI wonder if "apt-cache search gtk devel" would come up with package names01:45
jdubgtk dev01:46
mmedranohousetier: look the package libgtk2.0-dev01:46
jdub(devel packages are -dev in debian)01:47
=== housetier redirects the answer to felixdz
Keybukgtk devel finds it, fortunately01:48
Keybuklibgtk2.0-dev - Development files for the GTK+ library01:49
felixdzTrying all of the above.01:49
=== pbor [~paolo@host52-9.pool80180.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
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=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
HelloWorldi would like to let you know that mono is important for me and/or my projects01:53
housetieris mono usable already?01:54
HelloWorldnot in FreeBSD :|01:55
=== Sameli [~samij@dynip-C-99.vsp.fi] has joined #ubuntu
jdubhousetier: tseng has an updated repo of mono software01:56
jdubit was mentioned on the lists a few days ago01:56
housetierI see I see :)01:56
jdubhousetier: you can try blam (rss aggregator), muine (music player) and f-spot (photo manager)01:57
Samelithe Firefox UI is pretty sluggish, much more so than on Windows, any remedies?01:58
HelloWorldyes, threaten XUL developers01:59
=== Mirno [~MirSPCM@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
LoweMy firefox is faster thany anything :D02:00
=== ich [~kruemmel@p50909F33.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== ich [~kruemmel@p50909F33.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== OZ8AAZ [~kmyram@port323.ds1-brh.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
OZ8AAZanybody running Ubuntu under VMware?02:02
will``i tried, but didn't manage02:02
OZ8AAZwell, it works sorta great for me... except for the mouse!02:02
will``i didn't get that far02:03
micoloussingle clicks are registering twice?02:03
OZ8AAZstrange problem - everything I click on is clicked twise!02:03
=== trukulo [~trukulo@docsis65-46.menta.net] has joined #ubuntu
OZ8AAZoh, u know :)02:03
micolousedit /etc/X11/XF86Config-402:03
Tomcat_I have that as well!02:03
OZ8AAZroger that...02:03
Tomcat_Not on VMWare...02:03
micolousremove the entry for generic mouse02:03
micolousand remove it from the layout02:03
LoweAnyone know a free image host? my paid hosting has been down for a week now :(02:03
micolousit's because you have a ps/2 mouse02:03
OZ8AAZmico: wow, that easy?02:03
micolousLowe, imageshack.us02:04
Frozen=( my ubuntu installation seems to be jammed on "setting up vino ..." already 15 on that02:04
micolousOZ8AAZ, yup, then restart X02:04
JanneMthe installer keeps both configs by mistake02:04
Tomcat_micolous: Does that help if only sometimes the mouse double clicks?02:04
OZ8AAZembarrasing I didn't check myself then :)02:04
micolousprobably, but it only applies if you have a PS/2 mouse02:04
Tomcat_I got USB...02:04
micolous"all other mice are your own problem" ;)02:04
OZ8AAZhmm, under VMware I thinks it's registered as PS/2... but my memory could be buggy...02:05
Tomcat_I might try it.02:05
micolousOZ8AAZ, VMware probably simulates a PS/2 mouse.  i found qemu does, so does bochs, so logically vmware should too02:05
OZ8AAZmic: you wouldn't happen to know the root-password then?! :)02:06
micolousgoto a terminal and type "sudo su -" (without quotes)02:06
micolousthe user you create may sudo to anything02:07
=== Mirno is away: manjarer
=== psyklops [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
micolouswhen it asks you for a password, type your user password02:07
jdubOZ8AAZ: the root account is disabled :-)02:07
jdublike micolous says, your user has full sudo rights02:08
micolousjdub, and you want this on servers!?  i hope the next release will have better control of sudo02:08
jdubmicolous: this is great02:09
psyklops(ack, how to ask a question based on a previous question)02:09
Mitariopsyklops, just ask the question :p02:09
will``i thought ubuntu was a desktop os?02:09
jdubmicolous: if you're installing a server, you'll know how to set it up for your requirements (if they differ)02:09
psyklopsIts going to be confusing unless I restate everything, so I'm going to02:09
jdubwill``: we're doing lots of cool desktop/laptop stuff atm, but it's not intended as desktop-only02:10
will``ah right02:10
jdubwill``: if you type 'custom' at the install prompt, it will install a base system only :-)02:10
jdubwhich you can build a server from02:10
=== jdub would run ubuntu on his firewall if it wasn't a cobalt qube 8)
psyklopsI needed to do something similar to Internet Connection Sharing, so someone pointed me to the Easy Firewall Generator for IPTables. My single internal computer is now able to ping addresses through this box. I don't have any DNS though.02:11
=== Mitario is going to reinstall his server :)
housetiercould "ipmasq" be included in the next release?02:11
jdubhousetier: isn't it in supported?02:11
jdubit's not02:11
Mitariojdub, what time is it at your place now?02:11
housetierjdub, I don't know...02:11
OZ8AAZno Midnight Commander?!02:11
jdubMitario: 22:1202:12
=== Mitario needs Riff
psyklopsSo, how do I go about resolving domains for my internal computer02:12
jdubhousetier: could you lodge a bug, and cc matt and i?02:12
housetierI couldn't find it with synaptic, that's where I stoppped looking02:12
housetierjdub, surely can02:12
Mitariohmm, ipmasq, what's tat? :)02:13
=== sanxiyn [sanxiyn@] has joined #ubuntu
=== werewolf [~username@ip-169-11.sn1.eutelia.it] has joined #ubuntu
psyklopsAnyone know how I can set up a DNS server for my other computer02:14
Mitariopsyklops, you want to set up a dns server, of you just want to add the one your provider provides?02:14
housetierhmmm where is the bts site?02:14
psyklopshm, nice thought... LOL02:14
Mitarioof = or btw02:15
psyklopsjust forward her out to the DNS I use, what an idea. *head smack*02:15
Mitarioheh :)02:15
psyklopsI'll try it02:15
=== takatumi [nach@] has joined #ubuntu
psyklops(oh wait, what DNS am I using...)02:15
Mitarioyou could check /etc/resolv.conf for that02:15
psyklopsah... that was easy to find *liking ubuntu more every minute*02:16
psyklopsno, I found it in the network configuration02:16
housetierMitario, thanks :) FF complains about certificates though02:16
=== peteog [~pete@host81-157-12-165.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
sanxiynpsyklops: Cool.02:16
Mitariohousetier, yeah02:16
peteoganyone have an issue with gpdf not working? just seems to hang while trying to open pdf files02:17
jdubpeteog: try xpdf (which we're supporting instead of gpdf atm)02:18
FrozenI just finished installing ubuntu...when I go to X, it starts flickering.02:19
psyklopsokay, that didn't seem to work02:19
psyklopsIt should, since I'm able to ping the DNS02:20
MitarioFrozen, X is probably starting at a low refreshrate02:20
=== sanxiyn recognizes many thanks to jdub on GPdf homepage. :)
Lowepsyklops, you have to edit /etc/resolv.conf02:20
LoweWell i did anyway..02:20
psyklopsI did the equivalent02:20
MitarioFrozen, do you have the horizsync and vertrefresh values for your monitor at hand?02:21
psyklopsunless... comma's aren't seprators like I thought...02:21
LoweWell i tried everything, and the only way to get it to work was by editing that file. *yawn*02:21
Frozenyes...right now doing xf68config02:21
housetierhmmm what would I chose for "Component", is base-installer appropriate?02:22
trukulohousetier, yes02:23
=== sanxiyn [sanxiyn@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Mirno is back (gone 00:16:33)
housetierhere it is: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=146002:24
=== OZ8AAZ [~kmyram@port323.ds1-brh.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
will``heres a fun problem02:25
OZ8AAZthanks, Micolous! with the config-change the mouse works like a charm!02:25
Frozenaah...didn't work...the screen looks little bit the same when u run SVGA in VGA monitor02:25
OZ8AAZThis distro seems very impressive...02:25
psyklopsOkay, my first DNS had a comma after it in resolv.conf. Removing it didn't allow domain name resolution.02:25
will``how do i turn the dolby-3d for the digital optical output on my nforce sound card?02:26
will``i want just standard stero, not dolby 3d02:26
Lowemy resolv.conf looks like this > hostname xxx.xxx.xxx02:27
psyklopsI know how resolv.conf is supposed to look02:27
psyklopsI just corrected a mistake I made because I thought a list of DNSs were to be separated by commas02:28
psyklopsbut that was apparently not the only problem02:28
=== Dorward [david@dorward.demon.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
psyklopsHow would I fing out where the breakdown is02:29
psyklopsI'm able to ping by IP, but I can't resolve02:29
psyklopsI just used the IP of yahoo.com in konqueror and it loaded the page02:34
=== gabe [~gabe@static24-72-125-56.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
trukulopsyklops, cat your resolv.conf02:36
pborhow would I go about installing all the devel packages required for gnome and general developement in one go? (I suppose they're not installed by default since ubuntu is just one cd...)02:37
Kosai`apt-get install \*-dev`.  ;-)02:37
martinkapt-get install gnome-devel02:38
KosaiMore seriously, "build-essential" gives you a C compiler.02:38
pbormartink, Kosai: ta02:38
trukulotry this psyklops:02:38
psyklops*time to run back and forth a lot to copy that over*02:39
=== paolo1984 [Lupettino@host167-19.pool8249.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kosai begins an apt-get install kde. Oh, this isn't gonna be quick.
housetierpencil+paper= teh win02:39
psyklopshm, works02:40
psyklopsbut why does that work while my ISP's DNSs don't02:41
trukulobecause your isp's dns probably aren't working02:41
=== |Gaaruto| [~|Gaaruto|@ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-10-13.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
psyklopsthey work for the system I'm on now02:41
trukulor u using dnscache?02:42
psyklopsdon't know02:42
psyklopsam I?02:42
psyklopsthis is pretty much the default ubuntu install02:42
trukulopsyklops, fon't know02:43
will``why doesn't apt-get install kernel-headers- work?02:43
psyklopswell, I'm using dnscache if the default ubuntu install uses it02:43
will``looks like there are only old versions of the kernel-headers on the apt-get02:43
psyklopsbecause I have no idea what it is02:43
psyklopswhose DNS is that anyway?02:44
trukulodnscache saves dns querys on your machine02:44
trukuloso, resolves faster02:45
psyklopswell, I may be, but what would that have to do with my ISP's DNS02:45
psyklopsif that DNS wasn't working, what difference would caching make02:45
psyklopsif there was no initial data to cache02:45
trukuloyou said these dns works for you02:46
KinnisonIf you install the 'host' program and use it to try and do dns lookups what does it say?02:46
trukulo<psyklops> they work for the system I'm on now02:46
psyklopstrukulo: odd, maybe I typoed...02:46
trukulopsyklops, ah, ok, that's what i ask about dnscache02:47
psyklopsjohn@setec-astronomy ~ $ host yahoo.com02:47
psyklopsyahoo.com has address
psyklopsyahoo.com has address
trukuloso your isp's dns doesn't work02:47
Kinnisonpsyklops: that's on the ubuntu box yes?02:47
Lowewoops sorry about that, lol i was moving my keyboard.02:47
Kinnisonpsyklops: but 'ping yahoo.com' doesn't work?02:47
psyklopshere, or on the internal machine?02:48
Kinnisonon the ubuntu machine02:48
psyklopshere yes02:48
psyklopsthis is the ubuntu machine02:48
trukulopsyklops, i don't understand you :(02:48
=== Kinnison gets all confused
psyklopsack, sorry02:48
Kinnisonpsyklops: can you succinctly explain your issue?02:48
=== koke [~koke@225.Red-80-37-203.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== koke [~koke@225.Red-80-37-203.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu []
psyklopsI'm no longer having an issue02:49
=== Kinnison shuts up then :-)
psyklopssince I configured the internal machine to use a different DNS02:49
Lowewee hee i have a big chair now :D02:49
psyklopsbut... using my ISPs DNS it wouldn't resolve02:49
psyklopsmaybe using 1 DNS instead of 2 fixed it...02:50
psyklopsI dunno..02:50
Maydaysweet, just found the gnome-cpufreq-applet :)02:50
LoweWow it's nice and easy to type now.02:50
trukulopsyklops, it seems no ubuntu problem related, only problem of your ISP02:50
psyklopsactually, I wasn't linking ubuntu to the problem at all...02:51
LoweNever blame the OS. It's usually a user problem :p02:51
=== SystemX_ [~SystemX@pcp02307676pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
psyklopsit may be a knoppix problem, it seems to have alot when installed on the harddrive02:51
psyklopsalot of problems... that is02:51
=== marcp [~marcp@host81-154-250-237.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== psyklops doesn't think he is making any sense at the moment
SystemX_how can i setup Ubuntu so it stops changing my system clock (BIOS Clock)02:51
LoweI have one problem now, my mouse cord isn't long enough lol.02:52
=== Mirno is away: arts de la rue
psyklopslook in /etc/rc6.d02:53
psyklopsI think that hwclock.sh might have something to do with it02:53
SystemX_turn it on or off?02:53
psyklopswell... I don't know what it does yet...02:53
psyklopsbut turning it off should be safe02:54
SystemX_already did that02:54
KinnisonI think the trick is to tell it that the hw clock is local-time02:54
Kinnisonassuming you're having problems with dual-booting with windows02:54
SystemX_yea, i did that to02:54
SystemX_under /etc/adjtime02:54
trukulohow can you recalibrate batteries in ubuntu?02:55
=== talos [~talos@213-202-131-240.bas502.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu
SystemX_no i'm having problems w/ dualbooting w/ other distro's02:55
SystemX_normally during an install it gives you an option to adjust yr clock? i don't remember seeing one w/ Ubuntu..?02:55
SystemX_now it throws my clock all out of scew everytime i boot into it02:56
=== Lowe is now known as Lowe[away]
werewolfRemoving docbook-xml ...02:58
werewolf/var/lib/dpkg/info/docbook-xml.prerm: line 5: update-catalog: command not found02:58
werewolfin what package I find "update-catalog"?02:59
trukuloapt-cache search update-catalog03:00
trukulosgml-base - SGML infrastructure and SGML catalog file support03:00
=== Lowe[away] is now known as Lowe
werewolftrukulo: thanks03:01
LoweOk problem03:01
Lowegxine closes after about 10 seconds of playing03:01
=== SystemX_ [~SystemX@pcp02307676pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
housetierany movie or just this one?03:04
Lowelet me see brb03:04
SystemX_do you have gxine in fullscreen mode?03:04
SystemX_thats why03:04
SystemX_it crashes at that mode03:04
Lowethat sucks03:05
SystemX_and has done so for a very long time03:05
LoweThat's the only way i like it03:05
SystemX_and since the project doesn't get worked on any  more, i don't think they will be a fix for it03:05
LoweAny other players?03:05
SystemX_use totem or xine03:05
Kamionjdub: well, in theory it's possible to add others, but I'm not sure it's a very good idea03:05
Lowetotem can't even play it lol03:05
SystemX_use xine03:05
SystemX_yea, i don't like totem either03:06
SystemX_it crashes to much03:06
Kamionjdub: think of it this way: when we add progress bar support to perl debconf, each of the steps like "Registering documentation" should be accompanied by a progress bar03:06
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090BCE1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
SystemX_during just normal play03:06
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionjdub: a surfeit of progress bars gets confusing, so it's best restricted to the stuff that *really* benefits a lot03:06
LoweIf only i could get mplayer to install03:06
Kamionjdub: also, the whole thing is a workaround for the lack of dpkg hooks :-)03:06
=== jdub readjusts brain to this morning.
SystemX_why can't you?03:06
jdubKamion: aha, i see03:07
Loweask for arts or something03:07
Kamionjdub: all that said, what example was on your mind?03:07
SystemX_i know they say not to, but i have had no trouble using sid repository's03:07
mojohi ppl, sorry to interrupt the conversation, I'm just looking for the guide how to install J2SDK 1.5.0 on Ubuntu, hope some1 can help me03:08
jdubKamion: fc-cache on font installs :)03:08
ichhey, how can i acces my ntfs partition?03:08
ichi mean of course read, no write.03:08
Lowealright im off03:09
=== Lowe is now known as Lowe[Anime]
ichanyone know?03:10
Gwaihir_ich, i think u have to mount the partition first03:11
mojoexcuse me, what command to enable "hald" service?03:11
mojoexcuse me, what command to enable "hald" service?03:11
ichdoes ubuntu got ntfs support right outa box?03:11
trukulomojo, hald?03:11
Gwaihir_ich: uhm, i don't know...03:12
ichit has!03:12
ich:) yeah, lets listen to some music...03:12
psyklopshm, how do you find other drives? it only sees itself03:13
psyklopsadd to fstab?03:13
psyklopsor is there a gui way?03:13
ichno ive done "sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1/ /windows" my file type is ntfs, the partition is hda1 and it shall be mounted to /windows.03:14
ichbut i can only access as root, so ill have to add some commands to the fstab.03:14
ichi gonna have to google.......03:14
psyklopstry the man page?03:14
Frozenanyone had problem that when going to X the screen flickers and it looks like when u run SVGA in VGA monitor. need some help here03:15
Gwaihir_ich: do u have the access to /windows dir ?03:15
ichyes i have03:15
ichbut only as root03:15
ichi dont know how to set up the rights so i can acces it as normal user03:16
mojohal daemon03:16
psyklopssudo chown -R yourusername yourusername /windows03:16
psyklopsI think...03:16
mojoHardware Acceess Layor daemon03:16
trukulomojo: rcconf03:16
ichhonna try it03:16
mojolet me try03:16
SystemX_ich, example of how to set it in fstab -- /dev/hdb1 /mnt/Winxpntfs  noauto,owner,user,uid=you,gid=users  0 003:16
trukuloor, /etc/init.d/hald start03:17
mojotrukulo: no rcconf command03:17
ichoh, thx03:17
trukulomojo: sudo apt-get install rcconf03:17
ichhey, that chat here is damn nice :)03:17
mojothere is something wrong, I enable hald03:17
SystemX_ich, just change uid=$ & gid=$ to the correct info, yr ino03:17
mojobut hal-device-manager still does not work03:18
=== Dooh [~wellick@n38h25.catv.ext.ru] has joined #ubuntu
=== psi [~psi@c-077c71d5.016-81-6c756c1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
ich@systemx, ok changed uid to my username, but what about the gid03:18
Frozenanyone had problem that when going to X the screen flickers and it looks like when u run SVGA in VGA monitor. need some help here03:18
ichwhat shall i add there?03:18
SystemX_what group are you?03:18
SystemX_i just use users03:18
ichi dont know03:19
ichjust installed ubuntu :)03:19
SystemX_but i think yr username is a group as well on Ubuntu03:19
ichso ill stick it to users03:19
SystemX_thats fine03:19
SystemX_it should be fine03:19
ichganna reboot to try it out03:19
trukuloich, NO03:19
trukuloyou don't need to reboot03:19
ichwhat then?03:19
trukuloonly logout, and login03:19
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090BCE1.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu []
DoohIs KDE available for Ubuntu?03:20
marcplo all have any of you guys installed the nvidia drivers yet if so where can i find the kernel source03:20
mojothx dude trukulo, I rcconf is mad tool03:20
trukulomojo :)03:20
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090BCE1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
ichdidnt worked03:21
jdubDooh: it is not supported, but parts of it are available in universe03:21
ichi dont have the rights03:21
mojotrukulo: it'd be nice if Ubuntu have GTK service tool03:21
SystemX_do you want it to automount or something?>03:21
trukuloich, what do you wanna do?03:21
ichyes, it shall autmount at evry boot03:21
Doohjdub: parts? :) Like i can't have the whole thing?03:21
trukuloich, /etc/mtab03:22
=== werewolf [~username@ip-169-11.sn1.eutelia.it] has left #ubuntu ["part]
ichin console or what?03:22
lamontDooh: which arcitecture?03:22
lamontapt-get install kde works on i386...03:22
Doohlamont: x8603:22
ichive got it to work in fedora core 2 too in the fstab file03:22
ichi only had to search, wait...03:23
Doohis it possible to add Debian reps to ubuntu?03:23
Doohi mean use Debian packages from debian repositories03:23
lamontDooh: well, you _can_ do it, but the libraries underneath things wind up being different, and ...  Much better to either grab from universe or compile from source.03:24
Doohor is it officially discouraged? :)03:24
Doohhow large is universe?03:24
lamontDooh: that is, it is known to have significant issues, and is beyond the scope of any support we can provide...03:24
ichmount /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows -t ntfs -r -o umask=022203:24
SystemX_ich, take out the noauto taga03:24
=== Dooh is not being philosophical :)
SystemX_and replace it w/ ro, and restart03:24
lamontDooh: universe is "everything else"... atm, it's almost all of debian/main, modulo FTBFS's03:24
ichwhat??????? system x please chat03:25
SystemX_i didn't know before that you wanted it to automount03:25
SystemX_so take out the unauto tag and replace it w/ ro03:25
Doohsorry, what's FTBFS's?03:25
ichno, no automount03:25
ichive send you a message03:26
lamontDooh: we're working on making the logs available, but if you see a package that has source in universe, but doesn't have binaries, holler and I'll (a) find the reason and (b) under certain circumstances, may be able to fix it for warty.03:26
=== michi [~mischi@i5387591B.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu
lamontDooh: patches, of course, are welcome. :-)03:26
Doohlamont: great, thanx03:27
michihi ! just cant found anything for my problem in the mailing-lists. when i try to boot the installation cd, then the pc hangs when it says : booting /install/vmlinuz ... any idea here ? iso is ok ...03:27
Frozenwhat is the nvidia modules name03:27
lamontDooh: note that I didn't promise to fix anything...:-)03:28
Doohand another question: i'ts said on the website, that a new edition is released every 6 months03:28
Doohlamont: i understand :)03:28
lamontyep.  every 6 months03:28
Doohdoes it mean, that i'd have to download a new image every 6 month? Or something like apt-get dist-upgrade is available?03:29
lamontit'll be dist-upgrade able03:29
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
sivangg'afternoon everybody03:29
michihi ! just cant found anything for my problem in the mailing-lists. when i try to boot the installation cd, then the pc hangs when it says : booting /install/vmlinuz ... any idea here ? iso is ok ...03:29
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090BCE1.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu []
lamontmichi: what architecture03:29
michisame with debian sid isos ... i cant find any solution ...03:30
Doohgreat... So, basically, it's Debian Unstable with GNOME-focus and more agressive update cycle :)03:30
lamontmichi: so debian doesn't boot either??03:30
sivangDooh : not only03:30
lamontDooh: to significantly simplify things, yes.03:30
sivangDooh : wider hardware support, as well as automation for various standard hardware installs etc03:30
michilamont : no, it hangs when i press enter on boot-prompt, when i want to install it03:31
lamontit's a portion of debian/sid, productized and released every 6 months03:31
sivanglamont : heya, whassup?03:31
lamontmichi: what kind of processor/motherboard? would be my question03:31
DoohOK, thanx for the info03:31
lamontsivang: about to run off for a few hours, otherwise not much...03:31
michilamont : mainbord sv266a by sintax and cpu is duron160003:32
Doohdo you guys rebuild packages from source? Or use existing ones?03:32
=== Lowe[Anime] is now known as Lowe
lamontDooh: all the packages in our repository were built from source on our build daemons.03:32
Lowexine sucks,i need to get mplayer installed somehow.03:32
lamonthence a lot of the ftbfs blockage for universe...03:32
marcpnvidia help i need my wine x :D03:33
=== ich [~kruemmel@p50909FC1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Doohis there any chance of a i686 or i586 edition?03:33
sivanglamont : oh, well i myself havn't been feeling too well the last couple of days, so i'd come in and out ;-(03:33
=== lamont has spent much time since thur PM in bed, wanting to feel better.
=== psyklops imagines the speed of an optimized version
lamontdamn viruses anyway03:34
michilamont : someone said, there are several postings in the mailing-lists for that problem, but i cant find any03:34
lamontDooh: all the bits are tuned for p4, built to run on 486 and later03:34
sivangyeah, i've felt dissy since preview , tried all sorts of folk medicine. nothing worked 03:34
sivangmichi : what problem?03:35
michihi ! just cant found anything for my problem in the mailing-lists. when i try to boot the installation cd, then the pc hangs when it says : booting /install/vmlinuz ... any idea here ? iso is ok ...03:35
lamontDooh: and built for p4/tuned p4 is something that we expect to actually try and see if it really makes a bit of difference sometime hoary-ish...03:35
sivanglamont : did your wife managed with evolution? or had you put here back in the known land of mozmail?03:35
lamontsivang: dunno03:36
Doohsomething like -mcpuP4 -march386?03:36
lamontshe dragged me out the door last night, didn't do much more03:36
lamontDooh: in gcc-3.3 terms, that's -march=i486 -mcpu=P4, iirc03:36
=== sivang is concerned about http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/190801_openoffice15.html
sivanglamont : haha03:37
sivanglamont : that needs to happen from time to time ;)03:37
Doohlamont: yep, that's what i meant :)03:37
psyklopsmichi: I have no idea what the answer to your problem is, and its likely that no  one else does. We are not ignoring you03:37
psyklopsmichi: do you have any more details that what you have repeated?03:38
=== lamont must wander
=== MacPlusG3 [~stewart@c211-28-166-127.eburwd2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== OZ8AAZ [~kmyram@port323.ds1-brh.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
michipsyklops : sorry, my english is not that good. it hangs when i press enter  on the boot prompt of the installation cd03:39
psyklopsmichi: maybe your system can't handle one of the commonly used default boot options03:40
psyklops michi: try looking through alternative options03:40
=== lowe_ [~lowe@ACBD396C.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
psyklopsmichi: maybe one will work around whatever causes your problem03:41
michii have passed all options from noapic, nolapic, nousb ... nothing works03:41
psyklopshm... I'm unfamiliar with the noot options myself03:41
housetiermichi, do other kernels work? other OS?03:42
lowe_why is there two of me -_-03:42
michiwhy kernel is ubuntu ? ?03:42
michiyoper works, debian sarge works, mandrake works ...03:42
trukulomichi, yes03:42
michiokay, they all work ...03:43
SystemX_just upgrade, i'm using 2.6.9rc2 in ubuntu03:43
trukuloi've write an spanish article about installing java 1.5 in ubuntu (and sarge & sid)03:43
trukuloanyone interested?03:43
housetiertrukulo, I am :)03:43
mteiratrukulo: I am.03:43
trukulohere you are03:44
mteiratrukulo: Gracias.03:44
housetierare there other kernels available to boot from?03:44
trukulocommands are the same in english, so you can translate it with altavista, there shouldn't be any problem03:44
trukulomteira, de nada03:44
housetierhmmm after wget'ting jre-1_5_0-rc-linux-i586.bin one executes j2re-1_4_2_05-linux-i586.bin ?03:46
mteiraHumm, I've compiled emacs-gtk2, but have a problem related with termcap.03:46
trukulohousetier, yes03:46
michiwhich other kernels are available 03:46
trukulodo you want me to translate the article in english? it's easy for me03:46
mteiraemacs: Cannot open termcap database file03:46
housetiertrukulo, so I have to rename it?03:46
mteiraStrange, I compiled it on Debian Unstable and worked fine.03:46
trukulohousetier, umm i don't need to rename it03:47
mteiratrukulo: It seems that you made a mistake on the instructions.03:47
trukulomteira, what mistake? tell me and i'll correct it03:47
mteiratrukulo: Downloaded the 1.5 and installed the 1.4, perhaps'03:47
trukulono, that file is 1.503:48
trukuloit's sun problem03:48
housetierthat's what I meant03:48
trukulowait a moment03:48
mteiratrukulo: wget ...jre-1_5_0-rc-linux-i586.bin03:48
mteiratrukulo: And then, sh j2re-1_4_2_05-linux-i586.bin03:48
trukuloups, sorry :)03:48
mteiratrukulo: That's the mistake. The name should be the same.03:48
mteiratrukulo: :)03:48
trukulothere's a problem, yes, i'll correct now, wait 5 minutes03:49
lowe_Has anyone actually managed to get mplayer installed?03:50
=== Mayday installed mplayer from source
lowe_hmm so did i, but i got errors.03:51
lowe_When i try to enable the gui i get a libpng error.03:52
Maydayi dont use the mplayer gui :\03:52
=== fred [~fred@national-1-82-66-183-120.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
lowe_Well when i run it from command line, i get no visual.03:53
psyklopswhen I try to mount my windows partition with "sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /windows" I get "mount: wrong fs type, bad option...". What am I doing wrong? (I know I've seen this before... just forgot what to do)03:53
lowe_I hear the music though03:53
lowe_any ideas?03:54
trukulojava article corrected and published03:54
michiis gnome 2.8 available in debian unstable now ?03:54
michihu ?03:56
psyklopsask in #debian03:57
=== lowe_ is now known as Lowe
housetierLowe, /msg nickserv help ghost :)03:57
michithanks ...03:57
marcpnvidia help help!!!  03:58
LoweAnyone know why i can't see my video when i play it through mplayer? maybea codec or something?03:58
psyklopsI just noticed the most AWESOME thing! Ubuntu is the first distro that recognized my 4h and 5th (or 6th and 7th in X's eye) mouse buttons without any config editing.03:59
Tomcat_Ubuntu is the first distro that recognized my USB mouse on installation ;)03:59
LoweThe main thing i love, is the speed.03:59
DorwardI'm in the process of downloading Ubuntu at the moment. SuSE impressed me that I plugged in a USB mouse after installation and it recognised it ... it didn't impress me that it thought it was a 7 button mouse instead of a 5 button mouse.03:59
psyklopsI'm slowly beginning to place ubuntu near Debian on the top of my list04:00
psyklopsof course, it is a modified debian04:00
=== Dr_Willis [~willis@12-222-124-154.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
psyklopsbut modified in a way that makes it better, heh04:00
housetierI think ubuntu is a Good Thing04:00
psyklopsits got the user friendliness of Mandrake without stealing control away04:01
Mitarioseb128, i'm applying your trashapplet patches upstream :)04:01
=== stubish [~zen@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
LoweAnyone know any other repositeroys (or however you spell it) that might have mplayer stuff?04:01
mteiraLowe: No luck compiling?04:01
seb128Mitario: the module is on the GNOME CVS ? or you're applying them on your CVS ?04:01
housetierLowe, if you start mplayer from the command line, it should spit out a bunch of messages04:02
LoweIt does04:02
marcpthanks for the help cya :P04:02
mteiraLowe: Have you tried with this: ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/04:02
seb128Mitario: have you taken the patches in the package, or only the ones I mailed ?04:02
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
Loweyes to many missing dependcys04:02
Mitarioseb128, only the ones you mailed, an it's in my local upstream source04:02
Mitarioi can't get a hang of Riff :(04:03
=== Gwaihir_ [~Gwaihir@ppp-17-84.25-151.libero.it] has left #ubuntu [""Courage]
seb128Mitario: ok. Do you want the other patches now ?04:03
Mitarioif you can send the remaining patches, or have a way to fetch them, that would be nice04:03
housetierLowe, didnt the output from mplayer give you any hint as to what is going wrong?04:04
Mitariobrb, relogin04:04
psyklopswhen I try to mount my windows partition with "sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /windows" I get "mount: wrong fs type, bad option...". What am I doing wrong?04:04
Lowenot really, and im having trouble copying and pasting it, hold on.04:04
=== tlhIngan_jIH [~Qo-noS@bb220-255-195-99.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
mteirapsyklops: Are you sure it's a ntfs partition and it's on hda1?04:05
trukulohttp://mercurio.homeip.net/blog/34/ <- java 1.5 in ubuntu, spanish article04:05
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=== SystemX_ [~SystemX@pcp02307676pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== cybrjackle|lappy [~cybrjackl@CPE-65-28-47-173.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
fredi 'm testing ubuntu on Ibook G304:06
psyklopsmteira: lemme think for a second (I've done a few dumb things like that lately...)04:06
fredit works :-)04:06
LoweReading config file /usr/local/etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf: No such file or directory04:07
LoweReading config file /home/lowe/.mplayer/config04:07
LoweReading /home/lowe/.mplayer/codecs.conf: Can't open '/home/lowe/.mplayer/codecs.conf': No such file or directory04:07
LoweReading /usr/local/etc/mplayer/codecs.conf: Can't open '/usr/local/etc/mplayer/codecs.conf': No such file or directory04:07
LoweUsing built-in default codecs.conf.04:07
Lowefont: can't open file: /home/lowe/.mplayer/font/font.desc04:07
Lowefont: can't open file: /usr/local/share/mplayer/font/font.desc04:07
LoweLinux RTC init error in ioctl (rtc_irqp_set 1024): Permission denied04:07
LoweTry adding "echo 1024 > /proc/sys/dev/rtc/max-user-freq" to your system startup scripts.04:07
LoweUsing usleep() timing04:07
fredanybody know about gtkpbbuttonsd package ?04:07
LoweCan't open input config file /home/lowe/.mplayer/input.conf: No such file or directory04:07
LoweCan't open input config file /usr/local/etc/mplayer/input.conf: No such file or directory04:07
LoweFalling back on default (hardcoded) input config04:07
Lowesorry for the spam :(04:07
housetierLowe, next time use #flood04:07
|Q|are you really ? :)04:07
Loweso any ideas housetier?04:08
psyklopshm... looks like I was frustrated with linux's ntfs support before my last windows reinstall04:08
psyklopssilly me04:08
housetierLowe, apart from the RTC stuff I get the same, but then my mplayer starts playing04:08
|Q|try it as root with sudo? 04:09
LoweI was as root.04:09
|Q|in ubuntu?04:09
|Q|so you reenabled the root acount?04:09
Lowewhat no04:09
psyklopsalright, new problem... I mount my windows partition (as type: vfat) and all my directories appear as files.04:10
=== mation [~mation@adsl-68-74-107-136.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
|Q|the root account is disabled in ubuntu - doesn't even have a password.04:10
Loweso i should create one?04:10
trukulo|Q|, use sudo04:10
|Q|no, just use Sudo from your user account.04:10
LoweThats what i have been doing04:10
|Q|trukulo - no shit.04:10
trukulosorry, i mean Lowe , not |Q| 04:10
LoweWell im not that stupid you know.04:11
cybrjackle|lappyor you could simply enable the root account and set passwd, but whats the diff 8)04:11
mteirapsyklops: directories as files?04:11
mteirapsyklops: directories as files?04:11
SystemX_the diff is you can log in a root the other way :)04:12
freddirectories as file = do not hame perission to read 04:12
Lowecybrjackle are you the guy from musb?04:12
cybrjackle|lappyi might be04:12
Mitarioseb128, what is actually changed in ubuntu :)04:12
cybrjackle|lappyi'm like a virus, i'm everywere04:12
seb128Mitario: what ?04:13
Mitarioseb128, about the trashapplet04:13
SystemX_i'm like a cure, veryhard to find :)04:13
seb128-> query04:13
Mitarioseb128, the click, the no-trash-crash and?04:13
cybrjackle|lappylol @ SystemX_04:13
mteirapsyklops: So, try mounting it using -o uid=(your uid)04:13
Lowebrb 04:14
=== ich [~kruemmel@p50909FC1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
ichyeah, im back04:14
ichbetter than ever :)04:14
SystemX_thought you had work to do?04:15
psyklopshow do I find out my uid?04:15
ichim ready04:15
=== masquerade [~bobby@pcp009136pcs.dover01.de.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ichevrythings done (school..................... :( )04:15
ichso i just installed lineakd through apt-get, and... it works right outta box with my MIK04:16
cybrjackle|lappypsyklops, sudo more /etc/shadow |grep justin04:16
SystemX_psyklops, what are you logged in as, thats yr uid04:16
psyklopsoh, its the same as user name04:16
ichanyother question!!!!04:16
cybrjackle|lappyI'm number "1"04:16
psyklopsI thought uid was a number04:16
cybrjackle|lappyno, udi is a number04:16
mteirapsyklops: It is04:16
SystemX_uid, doesn't have to be a number int he fstab04:17
mteirapsyklops: Just, as your user, type id04:17
mteirapsyklops: Probably you uid will be 100004:17
ichmy pppoe connection works, but i must set it up new all the time i restart (i know my english is horrible), it always tells me after reboot when i try to connect hat i maybe got a kernel 2.4, so i have to do a pppoeconf.04:18
cybrjackle|lappypsyklops, sudo more /etc/group |grep justin04:18
cybrjackle|lappyor "id"04:18
ichhow can i get the connection to be set up evrytime i boot?04:18
cybrjackle|lappyseveral ways04:18
housetierwhy not just "grep psyklops /etc/passwd"?04:18
housetierthere is this thing about people and cat... ;)04:18
housetierpeople love cats04:19
mteiraStop hacking around. So simply as using the command 'id'04:19
psyklopsI love cats...04:19
psyklopsI must be a person04:19
cybrjackle|lappyjust goes to show theres 10 ways of doing something in *nix04:19
mteiraA new way.04:19
mteiracat << EOF > getuid.c04:20
mteira#include <stdio.h>04:20
mteiraint main( int argc, char**argv ) {04:20
mteira  fprintf( stdout, "My uid is %d\n", getuid() );04:20
mteiragcc -o getuid getuid.c04:20
mteiraJust cut /& paste04:20
cybrjackle|lappynow thats the long way04:20
Tomcat_+ Take out the timestamps and nickname :)04:20
ichhey, anyone here knows about pppoe?04:21
mteiracybrjackle|lappy: Sure there's a longer way.04:21
housetierich, when you use pppoeconf to setup the connection it asks you if you want the ppp connection up at boot time04:21
mteiraPerhaps using C++, and creating a class named Person04:21
psyklopsokay, there is no man for mtab like there is for fstab, where do I get info?04:21
mteirapsyklops: What are you trying to do?04:21
cybrjackle|lappylong way = Computer/System Configuration/User and Groups04:22
psyklopsinfo didn't work either, heh04:22
housetierich, however, ppp is looking for an executable /etc/ppp/ppp_on_boot which doesn't seem to be set/created by pppoeconf04:22
psyklopsehm... I want it to be simpler to mount from now on\04:22
psyklopsa simple mount /windows04:22
mteirapsyklops: So, you need an entry in your fstab.04:22
ichhow can i do this @housetier?04:22
psyklopsI guess so04:22
mteirapsyklops: Something like:04:23
psyklopsoh... nevermind04:23
=== conekg [cone@P-5.220.EUnet.yu] has joined #ubuntu
psyklopsI just remembered, the first time I tried it, I called it ntfs04:23
psyklopsbut it was fat32 (vfat)04:23
mteira /dev/hda1     /windows    vfat     uid=1000    0  004:23
mteirapsyklops: If you want to be able to mount it as a normal user, then:04:23
mteira /dev/hda1     /windows    vfat     uid=1000,user    0  004:23
mteirapsyklops: If you don't want it to be mounted at boot time:04:24
mteira /dev/hda1     /windows    vfat     uid=1000,user,noauto    0  004:24
psyklopsdo you relaly need the uid if you have the "user" option?04:24
housetierich, you will have to accept the dcc04:24
psyklopsI don't remember ever using uid before04:24
mteirapsyklops: user is to be able to mount as an user.04:24
ichok, i have04:24
mteirapsyklops: uid=1000 is to fix the permissions.04:24
=== kdw [~liz@ip-66-80-63-142.dsl.sca.megapath.net] has joined #ubuntu
mteirapsyklops: To map the mount as owned by your user.04:25
ichwhat now?04:25
mteirapsyklops: Perhaps user is enough, I don't remember04:25
psyklopsI think it is...04:25
housetierich, now this script essentially calls "pon provider" which works in my case because I symlinke /etc/ppp/peers/provider to /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider (the latter is created by pppoeconf)04:25
ichwhat shall i try now?04:25
ichim a noob, i only used the gui network at fedora :)04:26
psyklopsyep, no need to use uid in fstab04:26
psyklopsanother one down...04:26
Kamionhmph, it would help a lot if mac-io devices were pluggable :-/04:26
housetierich, well since I talked about /etc/ppp/ppp_on_boot having to be executable I suggest to copy it to that location and chmod +x it04:26
=== Kamion adds another load of stuff to discover-mac-io.sh
ichi lokked into that directory and the file is just there!04:28
psyklops*sigh* I am so full of questions.   Is there a way to view a file without the comments?04:28
ichi didnt copyed it there!04:28
housetierich, so chmod +x it04:28
felixdzich did you try the "sudo echo pppoe >> /etc/modules ? That fixed mine.04:28
housetierspeaking of /etc/modules... any chance of including "modconf" in the future?04:29
Kamionfelixdz: sudo will not work that way; the redirection is performed by your shell, which isn't privileged04:29
Kamionfelixdz: you need sudo sh -c 'echo pppoe >> /etc/modules' to do that kind of thing04:29
ichit tells me that it cannot set the attributes cause it dindt found hte file, but i do  have her.04:29
Kamionhousetier: we'd rather make everything work out of the box without the need for configuration04:30
housetierich, tell us the exact error message please04:30
ichok ,tried kamions version, worked04:31
Loweguys did you see this http://slashdot.org/articles/04/09/19/137224.shtml?tid=15404:31
ichbut ive got antoher problem, i can setup the connection and use it, butafter a restart it tells me that it cant exec the connection cause the kernel maybe is 2.404:32
[Scizo] still need firefox 1.0 in ubuntu though :)04:32
Lowejust download it then04:34
ichwhat now?04:34
jdub[Scizo] : it'll be upgraded by final04:34
[Scizo] Lowe, naah .. waiting for the apt-get dist-upgrade magic to happen :D04:35
LoweI unbuntu only in beta just now?04:35
[Scizo] I'm very impressed by ubuntu ... never seen a distribution that 1) convinved me to switch that fast, 2) allowed me to setup the machine so fast04:35
jdubLowe: preview, final is due oct 13th04:35
[Scizo] still needs some more codecs .. or mplayer04:36
LoweI downloaded unbuntu because it looked intresting lol04:36
Loweyeah it definetly needs mplayer04:36
housetierich, it could help to give us the exact error message04:37
psiis there a chance to get mplayer included?04:37
vincentseb128 ?04:37
jdubLowe, [Scizo] : can't really do either, unfortunately.04:37
=== sanitario [~sanitario@c-e526e353.740-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
housetiermaybe it hints as to where/how/why the error occured04:37
ichok, i need to restart04:37
[Scizo] jdub, totem will do fine .. just miss some of the nice wmv etc. plugins04:38
psitotem doesn't even play mpg for me04:38
psijust a black screen04:38
Lowetotem is the suck inmy opinion04:38
psii hear the sounds, though04:38
seb128vincent: ?04:38
jdubpsi: install totem-xine from universe04:38
jdubLowe: totem is great, with the xine backend04:38
psii see04:38
[Scizo] also .. totem has this weird idea of making the movie area blue on first startup .. close totem, start it again and the movie plays correct04:38
LoweI don't really like xine :P04:38
psiis it using gstreamer now?04:38
jdubpsi: yes04:38
moyogoit seems totem-gstreamer has issues with video04:38
moyogototem-xine plays them fine04:39
will``moyogo, i found tha04:39
HelloWorld[Scizo] : do you have any idea why that happens?04:39
vincentseb128 :the inclusion of eagle usb is ok ?04:39
jdublargely because xine includes a lot of inbuilt codecs04:39
[Scizo] HelloWorld, no .. or i would have fixed it04:39
seb128jdub: what about eagle-usb ?04:39
LoweIn my opinion nothing is as good as mplayer.04:39
[Scizo] HelloWorld, for now i just close totem and restart it .. only happens the first time i start it04:39
jdubseb128: kinda waiting for matt to chime in on that04:39
seb128and matt is waiting on you ? :p04:40
seb128deadlock dude !04:40
moyogosimply add mplayer to your sources.list04:40
jdubseb128: he is?04:40
jdubseb128: bug#?04:40
seb128no idea04:40
jdubgood try ;)04:40
psiwhat's the issue with mplayer, anyway?04:40
[Scizo] moyogo, got a "link" to a repository ?04:40
seb128jdub: no bug, I mailed ubuntu-devel04:40
LoweEverytime i try to install mplayer all i get is missing dependcys04:40
seb128no reply 04:40
jdubpsi: the issue is a general problem with almost all media players04:41
moyogo[Scizo] : deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main04:41
moyogo[Scizo] : works for me04:41
jdubpsi: serious patent/license/legality concerns04:41
[Scizo] moyogo, thanks04:41
LoweI get some error about Arts or something04:41
jdubpsi: we prefer to spend money shipping CDs rather than being sued :)04:41
psijdub: it's such a shame that the situation is like that04:42
=== Lowe is now known as Lowe[Dinner]
danielsjdub: shit dude04:42
psiwhy is xine ok, though?04:42
danielsjdub: i thought you were inferring that psi the app had serious licencing problems04:42
jdubpsi: it's not, that's why it's in universe04:42
psiso.. could mplayer be included there?04:43
seb128jdub: do we have a module in bugzilla to ask for new packages inclusion ?04:43
jdubseb128: no04:43
jdubpsi: potentially, but it only entered debian after the freeze04:43
Kamionhm, another reason why the final message in the first stage of the installer is necessary ...04:43
seb128that's why I've not bug reported but mailed the list ...04:43
Kamion(Mark was asking if it could be removed)04:43
jdubKamion: which was that?04:43
jdubseb128: ok04:43
Kamionon my amd64 box, the eject succeeds, but as soon as the machine reboots the CD tray gets automatically pulled back in04:44
Kamionso I have a real use case where the reboot *must* be human-supervised and there's no way to tell in software that this is the case04:44
Kamion(that's what I thought, but I needed proof)04:44
jdubwe should do that booting-to-hdd thing by default04:45
jdubwhen isolinux starts04:45
jdubtime out and boot hdd04:45
Kamion*which* hard disk?04:45
jdubunless there's a thingy on the disk to say not to or something04:45
masqueradehmm, question for anyone, does ubuntu still have debian's apt-get or is it something similar that points to ubuntu repositories?04:46
jdubmasquerade: same software, different configuration04:46
Kamionthe problem is AI-complete, especially on say powerpc04:46
Kosaimasquerade: The latter.  It points to archive.ubuntu.com.04:46
QerubI can't install Ubuntu in QEMU without QEMU segfaulting... I saw the page in the wiki... Anyone solved something like this?04:46
masqueradejdub, so its still compatable with regular debian repositories if needed?04:46
KamionQerub: please report that to the qemu developers04:46
jdubmasquerade: no, see the faq :)04:46
jdubmasquerade: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/faqfolder_view/04:47
=== Kamion looks disapprovingly at amd64 keymap selection, or the lack thereof
QerubKamion: I know it has nothing to do with Ubuntu, just looking for someone with the same experience. And sure, I'll do that.04:47
masqueradeahh, alright, thanks :D04:47
KosaiKamion: Ooh, your AMD64 box arrived?04:47
KamionKosai: yeah, on Friday04:48
psiis anyone running ubuntu with 64MB ram?04:48
Kamionit's ueber-shiny, only wired networking as yet though04:48
KosaiKamion: Neat.  I haven't used one before, will have to drop by and worship it a little.04:49
jdubpsi: i'd hope not. wouldn't recommend it. :-)04:50
KamionKosai: feel free :)04:50
psijdub: i was going to try it :)04:50
jdubpsi: it will run like a wet, electrocuted dog.04:50
=== JanneM [~janne@gk4.leo-net.jp] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionjdub: shouldn't be too painful without the desktop04:51
Kamionyou can boot with mem=64M to try it out ...04:51
jdubif you boot the installer with 'custom', the base system shoudl be fine04:51
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090B73D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
ichnow evrything works04:52
psii was thinking of disabling gdm, and just use openbox together with gnome-panel04:52
ichinternet at boot works too04:52
=== aethyr [~aethyr@dyn006612-twr2-student.cpmc.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu
[Scizo] any package in ubuntu that gives flash support in firefox ?04:54
[Scizo] some java package would be nice as well 04:54
=== psi would like java
=== koke_ [~koke@225.Red-80-37-203.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Loduriel [~joel@ABordeaux-103-1-35-49.w81-49.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
moyogo[Scizo] : the FAQ says they are working on both java and flash04:58
[Scizo] ah04:58
moyogo[Scizo] : but any java or flash package for debian should work for ubuntu05:00
=== cgdef [~cgdef@69-165-13-170.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
felixdzThanks for your correction Kamion. I actually did it as su05:00
housetierich has yet to discover "dmesg"05:00
cgdefdoes anyone know why ubuntu is still using xfree86 instead of xorg?05:02
[Scizo] moyogo, well .. i'd rather not "pollute" it too much05:02
=== aethyr [~aethyr@dyn006612-twr2-student.cpmc.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Kosaicgdef: Again, it's a FAQ entry.  They'll switch for the next release.05:02
tsengcgdef, not enough time to work on xorg before the freeze05:02
Kamioncgdef: xorg wasn't considered quite ready by the time we needed to freeze that kind of decision05:02
cgdefi see05:03
[Scizo] hope you'll decide on x.org 6.8 05:03
cgdefI was just wondering05:03
KosaiI guess it wouldn't be too hard to get 6.8.0 running.  Mmm, compost.05:03
Kamionwe've got Daniel Stone working for Canonical; I'm sure he'll make the right decision w.r.t. xorg versions05:03
cgdefwell you might be wrong about 6.805:03
cgdefit's easy to get it running but it is kinda hard to get it running well05:04
cgdefcertain things are a real paint and apparently the xorgconfig script does not work as well as it should05:04
cgdefbut that's just my experience05:05
=== Lowe[Dinner] is now known as Lowe
psyklopsquick dinner...05:05
Loweyeah it wasn't very good05:05
felixdzI'm in dependency hell trying to install mplayer...05:05
Lowearen't we all lol05:05
psyklopsthat tends to happen, felix05:05
felixdzI usually only get this with fedora05:06
=== psi compiled his own
Kamionwhat kind of dependency hell?05:06
=== cone [cone@P-5.244.EUnet.yu] has joined #ubuntu
Lowe Depends: libarts but it is not installable or05:07
Lowe libarts-alsa but it is not installable05:07
Lowe Depends: libdirectfb8 but it is not installable05:07
Lowe Depends: libdvdread2 but it is not installable05:07
Lowe Depends: libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2 but it is not installable05:07
Lowe Depends: libvorbis0 but it is not installable05:07
jdubwelcome to universe and beyond :-)05:07
=== jmullman [~mitchell@adsl-221-226-129.ilm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
felixdzExacty what Lowe says. Me too.05:07
Kamionyup, suggests you forgot to add universe ...05:07
Loweno i added universe05:07
cgdefI don't know much about debian so this is probably a dumb question but what is the address of the apt repository05:08
Dr_Williscgdef,  thers a lot of mirrors for it05:08
felixdz deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main restricted universe05:08
Kosaicgdef: Debian's, or Ubuntu's?  Ubuntu's lives in your /etc/apt/sources.list.05:08
Dr_Williscgdef,  the config is in /etc/apt/ to show what ones are used.05:08
LoweI need mplayer so badly ;_;05:08
cgdefubuntu doesn't ahave all the software that I wanted :(05:09
Dr_Willisthers an apt program to select mirrors for you05:09
felixdzI am also using deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main05:09
KamionLowe: I'd try 'apt-get install libarts libdirectfb8 libdvdread2 libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2 libvorbis0' to see if you get a sensible error message out of that05:09
KamionDr_Willis: it hasn't been updated for Ubuntu mirrors yet05:09
jdubcgdef: universe ought to05:09
felixdzI'll try the same as Lowe05:09
jmullmanis ubuntu supposed to have modconf by default?05:10
Kamionit might just be library incompatibility of doom05:10
Kamionjmullman: nope05:10
jmullmankamion: is the package available?05:10
Dr_Willistryign to get doom working? the original doom? perhaps try the new variants like prdoom, and so forth05:10
LoweHowever the following packages replace it:05:10
Lowe  kdelibs4-dev libartsc0-dev libartsc0 libarts1-dev libarts105:10
LoweE: Package libarts has no installation candidate05:10
Kamionjmullman: apparently it didn't build in universe for some reason05:10
sivangjmullman : modconf isn't even available in debian sid anymore imho :)05:10
KamionDr_Willis: er?05:10
jmullmanahh, so what do I do to have modules load/not load05:10
sivangKamion : hi, whassup?05:11
Kamion   modconf |     0.2.47 |      unstable | source, all05:11
Kamionsivang: nope, it's still there05:11
Dr_WillisI've had huge issues with the official id doom  - the new doom variants are all more stable/better for newer disrtos from what i remeber.05:11
Kamionjmullman: send us mail with what failed to load automatically05:11
sivangKamoin : i thought there was a reolution sometime ago to remove it. 05:11
KamionDr_Willis: "<foo> of doom" => nothing to do with the game DOom05:11
Kamion*Doom. I hate this keyboard.05:11
Dr_WillisKamion,  LOL. :P05:11
Dr_WillisDUngeons of Doom :P05:12
Lowehmm no luck it just suggests other packages05:12
housetiersivang, it is available :) http://packages.debian.org/modconf05:12
Kamionjmullman: you can edit /etc/modules too05:12
Dr_WillisLibrianian of Doom. SLugs of Doom.05:12
psiare madwifi cards not supposed to found during installation?05:12
jmullmanit's mainly the fact that alsa isn't working and there are a ton of fs modules that I don't need loading05:12
Kamionpsi: don't think we've fixed that up yet05:12
sivangKamion : I had congiured succesfully my iTouch 2.2 thingy. all multimedia button working in xine :)05:12
psiKamion: ok05:12
Kamionoof, modconf build-depends on kernel-source; no wonder it failed to build05:13
jmullmanI had to grab that anyway so I could get the nvidia module to work05:13
Kamionjmullman: we don't *have* a kernel-source, we renamed it to linux-source05:14
jmullmanwhatever it's named, I got the source to the kernel and installed it for that reason05:14
Kamionjmullman: just explaining why modconf isn't available05:15
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psihm - how large is the default ubuntu install?05:16
LoweThis sucks, im never going to get mplayer installed. :(05:16
Kamionpsi: 1.8GB (reduces a few hundred MB after the apt cache is cleaned at the end of the install)05:17
Kamionpsi: it's documented in one of the CD help screens05:17
psiLowe, i installed the vorbis libs and xv libs from apt, and then built from source. worked fine for me.05:17
psiKamion, ok thanks05:17
psii think that solution lacks xvid support though05:18
psii'm not sure if xvid is in universe05:18
JanneMtried an install, but I never found out how to actually resize an existing partition to make space05:18
=== SBT [~sbt@thes730a-1203.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
LoweI hate building from source05:18
KamionJanneM: press Enter on the partition you want to resize, press Enter on the size row, enter new size05:19
KamionJanneM: if that doesn't work, it's a bug (and there are a few known bugs here)05:19
=== Tomcat_ [~tomcat@pD9E605FE.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
JanneMenter on the size, and it asks me if I wnt to do the changes and continue05:20
JanneMI never get to actually edit the size05:20
KamionI thought I fixed that about a week ago05:21
JanneMprevious to that, it failed to bring up the netwok, though I can't really see hw that could affect it05:21
KamionJanneM: this is with the warty preview release CD, right?05:22
KamionJanneM: which filesystem are you trying to resize?05:23
sivangKamion : this is the partitoner bug?05:23
=== schvenk [~daf@h00045ad81007.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionsivang: you know as much as I do from reading the above :P05:23
KamionJanneM: OK, I'll have another look05:23
=== jmullman [~mitchell@adsl-221-226-129.ilm.bellsouth.net] has left #ubuntu []
JanneMthe disk has three partitions: a 100Mb boot partition, the main partition (about 58Gb) and 1Gb swap05:24
JanneMtrying to resize the main partition, obviously05:24
jdubnight all05:24
sivangKamion : I checked it several times using both the preview and a daily, seemed to worked fine :-005:24
seb128'night jdub 05:24
[Scizo] night05:24
=== pr0c [~pr0c@] has joined #ubuntu
schvenkanyone know how to enable sleep/standby on a powerbook g4 in ubuntu?05:25
JanneMsivang: Kamion: don't know how it is built in the background, but could it affect it that I got to the partitioner via the menu, not just as the next step in the install?05:26
KamionJanneM: no, if anything that should make bugs like that less likely to occur05:27
KamionJanneM: it works for me just now, too05:27
KamionJanneM: just triple-checking, from what URL did you download the image?05:28
=== mojo [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mojohi all ppl05:28
mojocan someone show me what I have to do after install nvidia-glx???05:28
=== Deft [~phil@cpc2-hem14-6-0-cust211.lutn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
psihave you changed driver in XF86COnfig?05:29
mojoto nvidia?05:29
mojoyes, I did and fail to load X05:29
mojothen I have to revert to nv05:29
psiyou need to load the nvidia module also05:29
mojoat startup?05:29
mojoyes, I did load the nvidia-glx by using rcconf05:30
JanneMKamion: from the Ubuntu site05:30
psibefore you start X. you can add it to /etc/modules if you want it to start at boot05:30
mojocan u show me?05:30
JanneMKamion: I was skipping around in the partitioning menus quite a bit05:30
psimojo: just enter nvidia on a single line in /etc/modules05:31
mojoadd nvidia-glx in/etc/modules05:31
psithen when you reboot the kernel module will be loaded05:31
JanneMJanneM: doing the install in Swedish if that helps05:31
psino, not -glx, just nvidia05:31
mojonvidia only05:31
psiyou can try "modprobe nvidia" to load it without rebooting05:31
KamionJanneM: I'm trying to make sure that you didn't download from /cdimage/sounder-test/current/, which is where the installation howtos mistakenly pointed at one point05:31