dafcarlos: isn't that what make{MessageID,TranslationSighting} are for?12:15
carlosbut we are not using it that way (I think)12:17
=== carlos talking with lalo at jabber
carlosshould we joing the room?12:17
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debonzilifeless, hi, are you around?03:51
lifeless@ jeffs, about to leave ..03:56
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carlosddaa, lifeless: I sent only a merge request to pqm about 30 minutes ago, and I received a success mail, but now I got one with a failure :-?10:35
carlosbut I did not sent a new merge request10:35
ddaaMaybe you did... *shrugs*10:36
ddaaIs rocketfuel missing something from you?10:36
carlosddaa: it should not, if the first success was correct10:37
carloslet me check10:37
carloswith archzoom10:37
ddaaWell, if the first merge was correct _and_ complete there is no reason the second merge would fail...10:37
carlosddaa: it fails because a conflict10:38
ddaaIn a nutshell, I'd say "do not worry about the duplicate message, just make sure your stuff got merged, do the "unwedge merge gymnastic" if needed, and proceed".10:39
carlosbut I did not change anything more10:39
ddaaSounds like you got a cross-merge situation...10:39
carlosddaa: I did a commit, a merge request and nothing more10:40
ddaaTry merging from rocketfuel (in a clean tree) to be sure.10:40
ddaacarlos: mirror?10:40
carlosddaa: it's executed as a  hook with every commit10:40
ddaaMh... does not sound like something that could cause a cross-merge...10:41
carlosI know10:41
ddaaNo idea what's the problem. If it becomes painful, ring me again and I will have a look at your branch...10:42
carlosyes, my changes are at rocketfuel10:42
carlosso I suppose it should not be a problem...10:42
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stublifeless: production db upgrade still on for tomorrow?02:33
lifelessmidday I think will be best for me02:34
stubI've got an appointment - I either need morning or after  3pm02:35
stubMinimum I need 11:30 - 2pm free02:35
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lifelessstub: 3-4:30 do ?03:28
stublifeless: Sure03:28
lifelessI have to leave 4:30 sharp to go to the postgresql users group thing03:28
stublifeless: I'll make sure I'm back online before 3pm03:28
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debonzispiv, ping04:12
debonzispiv, is there a way to make a distinc select ?04:12
spivNot at the moment.04:16
spivThere's some disucssion of it on the SQLObject list.04:16
spivThere's a workaround, though....04:16
spivdistinctResults = Set(Table.select(...))04:17
debonzispiv, ok, Ill try.. thanks04:17
spiv(with a "from sets import Set" somewhere)04:17
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spivdebonzi: soyuz/distros/ubuntu/bin/warty/mozilla-firefox/0.9.0-9 seems to be broken in current rocketfuel.05:37
debonzispiv, I gonna take a look05:46
spivdebonzi: Thanks :)05:48
debonzispiv, here it works.. did you rebuild the db sampledata?05:49
spivOh, no, I didn't.05:49
spivMy bad :)05:49
spivThanks :)05:49
debonzispiv, :) no problem... try and say if you have some problem05:50
=== debonzi goes lunch
spivdebonzi: Btw, I see you fixed 2008 for me.  Thanks!06:23
debonzispiv, you are welcome06:58
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kikoyo debonzi08:26
kikostub, hola08:30
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