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m_tthewfabbione: ahoy06:21
fabbionehey m_tthew 06:27
fabbionemdz: for the ati/flrdkjdjds driver...07:11
fabbionethe script is very simple07:11
fabbioneis the same as the nvidia one07:11
fabbioneskip the kernel part07:11
fabbioneand change the driver names07:11
fabbionefor now let's keep them separate and "hackish"07:12
fabbionewe will work on a all-in-one integrated solution for hoary07:12
mdzI figured they could probably be merged into one script without much trouble07:12
mdzbut whatever is easiest for you07:12
fabbionei was more happy to provide a script from X directly to do so07:12
fabbionebut not for final07:12
fabbioneif you feel more happy to merge them, just go ahead07:13
fabbionei need to fix X today07:13
mdzwhat issues remain before you do your next upload?07:13
fabbionea bunches07:13
mdzyou said something about 12-16 hours on the list07:13
fabbioneall small things, but they need to be tested07:13
fabbionebecause they need to be tested07:13
mdzwe have many interested testers now :-)07:13
fabbioneI did merge already daniels work yesterday07:14
fabbioneso i have a few things for KBD from debian07:14
fabbioneand a bunch of small bug fixes07:14
fabbionebut again.., no blind uploads07:14
fabbionei want to test as much as i can before07:14
mdzof course07:15
fabbioneand X doesn't take like 5 minutes to build...07:16
mdzbut you can also upload to /~fabbione/ and ubuntu users will help to test07:16
fabbionethat's just a small detail :-)07:16
fabbionemdz the 2 major changes have been tested already07:16
fabbionenv and ati07:16
fabbionedaniels should have tested ati07:16
fabbionebut the minor bug fixes... first i need to make them :-)07:17
fabbionethan test the fixes07:17
mdzI can test ati as well if i386 binaries are available07:17
fabbionemdz: i don't have them. I can build them for you07:17
fabbionebut it will take approx 40 minutes07:17
fabbionewill you be around?07:18
mdzprobably yes07:18
mdzI am planning to stay up late tonight07:18
fabbionebuilding now :-)07:18
mdzmy fast i386 is still running unstable07:19
mdzI meant to migrate it this weekend, but there have been so many bugs and mailing list traffic07:19
fabbionethere is no need to migrate to test the driver07:20
fabbioneor yes..07:20
mdzwell, I need to migrate it07:20
fabbionethere should be no need07:21
mdzcurrently I need to use either my laptop or a chroot to do warty/i386 builds07:21
fabbionealmost built07:37
fabbioneccache is the r0ck507:37
fabbionemdz: we should probably announce this channel07:37
fabbionesince we have started using it07:38
mdzfabbione: are you sure that 1417 and 840 are the same?07:38
mdzyes, ccache is the r00lz07:38
mdzxchat won't let me type t-e-h07:38
mdzyes, we should07:38
mdzwe should also announce the ubuntu-devel mailing list07:39
mdzsince no one seems to use it07:39
mdzbut i am afraid of all this support traffic coming over to -devel07:39
mdzwe should at least get the Canonical guys into this channel, though07:39
fabbionemdz: I am pretty sure they are the same problem07:40
fabbionexchat sucks :-) get a real irc client ;)07:41
mdzfabbione: one was about acceleration, and the other about duplicate events07:41
fabbionemdz: acceleration is caused also by duplicate events07:41
fabbionedouble data = faster mouse07:41
mdzI suppose it could be07:42
fabbionemdz: people.nny.com/~fabbione/ati/i38607:42
fabbionestick them in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers07:42
fabbioneand let us know :-)07:42
fabbionetake a backup of the old drivers07:42
fabbionejust in case07:42
mdzeek, failed07:44
mdz(II) LoadModule: "ati"07:44
mdz(II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/ati_drv.o07:44
mdz(EE) LoadModule: Module ati does not have a atiModuleData data object.07:44
mdz(II) UnloadModule: "ati"07:44
mdz(II) Unloading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/ati_drv.o07:44
mdz   *** If unresolved symbols were reported above, they might not07:44
mdz   *** be the reason for the server aborting.07:44
mdzFatal server error:07:44
mdzCaught signal 11.  Server aborting07:44
fabbioneis this on the Debian machine?07:44
fabbioneok.. than wait07:44
fabbionei will pass you the entire xserver package07:45
mdzVersion: 4.3.0.dfsg.1-6ubuntu1807:45
mdzI have bandwidth07:45
fabbionethere might be more that needs to be installed07:45
fabbioneit is still building the .debs07:45
fabbionei grabbed the driver from the build dir07:45
mdzsay when07:46
fabbionein a few minutes07:46
fabbioneit's still building the debugging stuff07:46
fabbionebut if the debug package builds correctly, it means that all the symbols are there07:48
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mdz] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu
fabbioneso it is just "something else" that is missing and the package needs to be fully upgraded07:48
fabbioneor daniels did a huge fuck up :-)))07:50
fabbionemdz: people.nny.com/~fabbione/08:01
fabbionethere are 2 .deb.08:01
fabbioneplease install both and test again08:01
fabbionei need to go out for a hour or so08:01
fabbioneps if it doesn't work lart daniels with a cluestick on the teeth08:01
fabbionei have to run off08:07
fabbioneamazing the bank payed my house twice09:13
fabbionemdz: any news?09:15
mdzfabbione: locked my machine09:16
mdzthe X cursor came up on a black screen09:17
mdzand that was it09:17
mdzsame after a reboot09:18
mdzI have a logfile if you want it09:20
mdzbut it doesn't show much09:20
fabbioneis daniel still around?09:20
fabbionehe did the backport and might know how to fix it09:20
fabbioneotherwise i will have to do a full backport09:20
fabbionei already pinged him09:20
mdzme too09:20
mdzI'm back at ubuntu18 for now09:30
Mithrandirmdz: permission to upload new lsb with AMD64 support? #1354, patch at http://raw.no/patches/lsb_1.3.amd64.diff09:33
mdzMithrandir: OK09:34
mdzMithrandir: please mention #1354 in the changelog though09:34
fabbionemdz: yes.. i will see what the status with daniel if he will show up again09:36
Mithrandirmdz: permission to upload new libmikmod with AMD64 support? (1409, 1411), patch at http://raw.no/patches/libmikmod_3.1.11-2.amd64.diff ; verified on amd6409:51
mdzMithrandir: approved09:54
Mithrandirthanks, uploaded09:54
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jdubROCK AND ROLL09:55
jdubthis permanent, or a dynamic meeting spot for something important? :)09:55
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fabbionethe former :-)09:56
Mithrandir.. and there the bug, with patch was filed with Debian.09:59
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pittimdz: I have to bother you again with #1345; I did not recognize that there was a new patch 07_init.patch which changed debian/hal.init.md5sum10:02
pittimdz: please see the changelog entry of the new diff10:02
Mithrandirmdz: blah, I suck.  1409 wasn't closed by mikmod, they looked like dupes.  Only 1411 was, the other one is against sdl.  Fixing it now.10:13
mdzpitti: it would be better to keep the init changes separated in a patch10:18
mdzMithrandir: yes, I had to look twice at it myself10:18
mdzthe reports were not exactly, er, detailed10:18
Mithrandirmdz: permission to upload sdl-mixer1.2; amd64 fix, bug #1309, patch at http://raw.no/patches/sdl-mixer1.2_1.2.5-5.amd64.diff ?10:20
mdzMithrandir: approved10:21
Mithrandirthanks, uploaded10:21
pittimdz: but then I have to change the patch anyway because hal.init.in was introduced in Ubuntu10:32
pittimdz: basically the whole hal.init.in file _is_ the patch, it replaces Debian's hal.init file10:32
pittimdz: that's why it does not make much sense to me to have a patch10:32
=== Mithrandir whacks evolution
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fabbionehey seb!11:26
seb128so many chans !11:30
jdubpitti: Subject: hal 0.2.98 released11:53
pittijdub: Hopefully it fixes many of 0.2.97's regressions :-/11:54
pittijdub: but at least it should now have my security changes adopted11:54
seb128jdub: nobody replied to my mail, but seriously, I want a NEEDINFO state :)11:55
jdubwonder if i cna do that11:56
seb128jdub: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=133812:04
seb128permission to upload ?12:04
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jdubseb128: done12:12
pittijdub: https://bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=143001:27
pittijdub: can I upload this?01:27
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danielsmdz: i386 or amd64?01:30
daniels(the amd thing)01:30
fabbioneand we cannot even jump to X.org01:30
fabbionebecause there are changes in drm/dri01:30
fabbionedaniels: oh btw.. i think i have the fix for Xv on nvidia01:32
fabbionetrying to do a full backport of ATi gave an insane idea of what the problem could be01:33
danielswhat's the problem?01:35
danielshuh, changes in drm again? i missed that01:35
danielsoh, not the api -- i get you01:35
danielsyeah, that backport was a bitch to do01:35
danielsahr, that really bites.01:35
danielsmdz: can you please install -dbg, run with -core under gdb and see if you can hit the segfault?01:36
danielsXFree86 :1 -ac -logverbose 99999999999 -verbose 999999999999999999 -core, would kick arse01:36
fabbionedaniels: just check the chan logs :-)01:37
fabbionedaniels: i think the bug in Xv is related to the changes in miRagionEqual01:37
fabbionedaniels: but i can't be sure 100%01:37
fabbioneso i need a round of test01:37
danielsah, yeah01:37
danielsall the region stuff changing is a pain in the arse01:38
danielsand it's different again in kdrive01:38
danielsguess how much fun making the xorg ddx run on kdrive's dix was, with a totally different fb layer  :P01:38
fabbionedaniels: yes. that's why Branden redefines them per driver01:38
fabbioneno i don't want to guess01:38
fabbioneto much pain01:38
danielsum, which channel logs -- #ubuntu-devel?01:38
jdubpitti: do we really want to do that at this stage?01:39
danielsfabbione: okay01:39
pittijdub: Matt says so, see the bug trail. I'm not sure, but it probably avoids much confusion for new users01:39
pittijdub: it's major :-/01:40
danielsmdz: does not have atimoduledata?!?!?!01:40
danielssweet mother of god01:40
pittijdub: this was my first piece of gnome programming, so I would appreciate a second look at the patch (for me it works well)01:40
danielsfabbione: um, where's the module now?01:41
jdubok, if matt reckons g-s-t should do it, then let's do it ;)01:41
danielsfabbione: people.nny.com/~fabbione/ati/i386 is empty01:41
jdubpitti: can you get seb128 to comment on it?01:41
danielsfabbione: i want to disect the module with nm and shit01:41
fabbionedaniels: yes.. there are the deb packages01:41
pittijdub: yep, will try01:41
danielsThe requested URL /~fabbione/ati/i386/ was not found on this server.01:41
fabbionedaniels: a couple of layers up01:41
danielsfabbione: could you please put ati_drv for i386 somewhere?01:41
pittiseb128: I prepared a patch for https://bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1430 (attached to the bug)01:42
fabbionedaniels: it's building right now....01:42
fabbionedaniels: gimme a few secs01:42
danielsfabbione: thanks mate01:42
pittiseb128: since this is my first real gnome code hacking, can you please take a look at it and inform jdub and me?01:42
danielsi just don't much fancy pulling a whole xserver-xfree86 if I can avoid it ;)01:42
seb128pitti: not right now, I'm way too much overloaded, sorry01:42
pittijdub: ^01:43
seb128pitti: in about 15min01:43
pittiseb128: okay, thanks anyway01:43
jduboh man, FUCK these dell D600 laptops!01:43
pittiseb128: ah okay, this is completely sufficient01:43
jdubpitti: perhaps grab jamesh if he's around01:43
fabbionedaniels: they are up on people01:45
fabbionedaniels: ~fabbione/01:45
danielsfabbione: thanks dude01:46
fabbionedaniels: no problem01:46
seb128jdub: http://freedesktop.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/gstreamer/gstreamer/gst/gstelement.c.diff?r1=1.300&r2=1.30101:50
seb128^^ fixes the theora streaming reading with gstreamer01:50
seb128should we consider this patch ?01:50
jdubi wouldn't put it on high priority, myself01:50
jdubwhen are they going to do a new release?01:51
seb128good question :)01:51
danielsmdz: does setting the driver to radeon instead of ati help?01:52
thomjdub: permission for #1286?01:54
jdubthom: before you upload01:55
jdubthom: bother craige about his camera01:55
jdubi think it needs some fdi loving01:55
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thomjdub: ACK01:56
fabbionedaniels: i am more and more convinced i fixed the Xv problem02:00
fabbionedaniels: on one box xvinfo was not even giving output02:00
fabbionedaniels: now it does :-)02:00
jdubthanks thom :-)02:00
fabbioneok time to test it02:02
danielsfabbione: sweet :) nice work dude02:03
daniels000003d4 g     O .data  0000000c atiModuleData02:04
danielshow the bloody hell can it be undefined?02:04
danielsit's unreproducible here02:04
danielsmdz: works just fine here with both ati_drv and radeon_drv; could you please get the ati files from people.nny.com/~fabbione and test?02:06
fabbionedaniels: ok.. Xv working on a box where it was not working before02:10
fabbionedaniels: i wonder if that fixes all the other crap02:10
danielsfabbione: sensational!02:10
danielsfabbione: what cards are the problems occurring on?02:10
thomjdub: ok, will update the patch to include craige's camera too02:10
danielsi have a gf2 here, i think02:10
thomdaniels: oi, what's happened to freedesktop.org?02:10
danielsthom: given clee just dropped off the face of the earth wrt opn (fooish), i can't talk to oftc ... i suspect pdx is having Issues02:11
danielsshould work OK now, though02:11
danielsi suspect half the world is invisible to it02:11
danielstry tunneling through amnesiac?02:11
fabbionethis is a RIVA TNT202:11
fabbionei am preparing a driver to send around for test02:11
danielsok, i can test on the gf2 later02:12
danielsi also have sis, mga, r128, and a couple of random cards02:12
pittijdub: jamesh reviewed, found some small issues (memory leak), I will prepare an updated patch02:14
pittijdub: in the meantime I fixed https://bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=144802:14
pittijdub: ugly, but very unintrusive; can I get permission?02:14
pittiseb128: jamesh already reviewed #1430, don't bother02:14
seb128ok, thanks02:14
thomjdub: updated patch to 128602:14
jdubthom: go for it02:15
jdubwill comment02:15
jdubstupid different urls02:15
fabbionedaniels: can i remove the drivers from ~/fabbione ?02:15
pittijdub: my net connection broke down for a few minutes. Did I miss any reply for #1448?02:15
fabbionedaniels: and btw.. they are the same i gave to Mdz02:16
danielsfabbione: yeah, I have them locally02:16
danielsfabbione: that's really weird though -- using ubuntu18, i have no problem with either ati or radeon02:16
fabbionedaniels: he first tried ubuntu18 + drivers02:16
fabbionedaniels: than ubuntu1902:16
danielsmdz: what sort of card do you have?02:16
danielsmdz: i need a log of XFree86 :1 -logverbose 99999999999999999 -verbose 9999999999999999999 -ac02:18
danielsthat should catch all the whacky output02:18
jdubpitti: that's the one i just confirmed02:18
pittijdub: thx02:18
jdubpitti: i confirm in bz comments, not on irc :)02:18
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pittiHi lamont!02:25
lamonthi pitti02:25
fabbioneguys i need someone to build X for me on ppc and amd64 02:34
Mithrandirfabbione: sure.  Source?02:35
fabbioneMithrandir: uploading them right now..02:36
Mithrandirprod me when you're done.02:37
fabbioneMithrandir: people.nny.com/~fabbione/02:40
fabbioneMithrandir: ubuntu1902:40
fabbionecan you build also ppc?02:40
Mithrandirno, sorry, I don't have any PPC set up.02:41
fabbionelamont: do you think you can build it on any of our buildd, WITHOUT getting it in the archive? ;)02:41
Mithrandirfabbione: 5.4G should be enough for the build?02:49
fabbioneMithrandir: -B -b and it will go down to 3.2Gb02:50
fabbioneI only need the xserver-xfree86_ package02:51
fabbionenothing more than that02:51
fabbionethanks :-))02:53
MithrandirI should set up my G3 at home, it's not _that_ fast, but it should be useful to debug stuff02:54
fabbioneyeah i start to feel the need of a ppc and an amd6403:03
Mithrandiramd64 systems are really nice03:04
fabbioneMithrandir: ENOMONEY for a loooong shile03:04
Mithrandiryeah, sucks03:04
pittijdub: I updated the patch for https://bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1430 according to jamesh's comments03:04
jdubcommented, etc.03:05
pittijdub: thx03:09
jdubthis is getting *very* busy03:09
jdublots of people03:09
jdublots of mail03:09
fabbionejdub: permission to upload Xfree86 for:03:13
fabbione#1390, #1492, #929, #1361, #1471, #1425, #1417, #1339, #111703:14
Mithrandirheh, xedit is scriptable in lisp03:14
fabbione+ a bunch of small bug fixes (not all reported via bugzilla)03:14
=== fabbione grins evily watching jdub's face
jdubfabbione: i'm going to be slightly loose on this one03:15
jdubfabbione: given that we have some weeks to go03:16
jdubfabbione: and i trust you've tested :)03:16
jdubfabbione: please upload03:16
fabbionejdub: excuses :-))))03:16
jdubindeed ;)03:16
fabbionei am waiting daniel/mdz to check the ati driver03:16
fabbioneotherwise i will ust drop those bits03:16
fabbionejdub: you can add 1504 and 1506 to the list ;)03:18
seb128jdub: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1397 <- NOTABUG ?03:23
jdubseb128: NOTABUG :)03:24
seb128ok :)03:24
Mithrandirfabbione: http://raw.no/tmp/xf/03:42
Mithrandirit's downloading all the amd64 .debs now03:43
Mithrandirit takes a little while.. my line sucks, it seems03:43
fabbioneMithrandir: the server was more than enough03:44
=== mdz [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirit's there now03:45
=== m_tthew [matt@iorek.ice-nine.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneMithrandir: you can wipe the .deb away03:54
fabbionethanks a lot03:54
Mithrandirand np03:55
fabbionemdz: you alive?03:56
lamontfabbione: so if it's really not supposed to go into the archive, is that because it's debugging?  in which case shouldn't it be -6unbuntu18.1?04:00
lamontso that 19 is still new when it hits the street?04:00
fabbionelamont: i only need a driver out of it.. yeah well the version concept is correct04:01
fabbionelamont: but nobody is using ubuntu1904:01
fabbionei am only extracting the nv driver04:01
fabbioneand traashing the debs04:01
fabbionethat's all i need atm04:01
fabbionelamont: do you think you can build ppc please?04:02
lamontemail me a pointer to the sources, and I'll get it built04:02
fabbionelamont: people.nny.com/~fabbione/04:02
lamontfwiw, you're less likely to get the ability to admin the chroot than you are to get a chroot...04:02
fabbionelamont: honestly.. i don't mind.. really.. i just don't want to spend half day going around asking people to build X04:03
fabbionelamont: if someone can take care of updating the chroot once in a while it's perfect for me04:03
lamont3.2MB of DIFF???  sheesh04:03
fabbionewhen i write "i am dealing to maintain the chroot" is only to remove extra work load from other people04:04
fabbionenot becuase i want to look cool or becuase i feel privileged ;)04:04
thomjdub: is -firefox a release goal now?04:04
lamontfabbione: just ppc, or do you need amd64 as well?04:04
jdubthom: yes04:05
fabbionelamont: only ppc04:05
fabbionelamont: Mithrandir did amd6404:05
thomjdub: so i should be ok to integrate and upload PR1?04:05
jdubyes please!04:05
fabbionelamont: and please upload only xserver-xfree86_*. I don't need anything else.04:06
fabbiones/upload/put somewhere/04:06
lamontfabbione: give me about 90 minutes or so,iirc04:12
fabbionelamont: super! it's ok for me04:13
fabbioneUHA UHA UHA the Xv extension fix seems to be working04:14
fabbione*ONLY* 4 days of debugging04:15
lamontfabbione: you're not debugging features into existance are you???? :-)04:18
thomjdub: tomboy looks pretty cool - much funkier than the gnome stickies thing04:20
jdubmight talk to tseng about packaging it04:21
seb128jdub: what do you think about droping gst0.6 ?04:21
jdubseb128: probably a good idea04:21
seb128ok, I should mail ubuntu-devel about this ?04:22
jdubis it controversial? :)04:22
jdubseems like just nuking a bunch of stuff04:22
fabbionelamont: no no.. it was broken.04:24
jdubthom: there you go ;)04:24
fabbionelamont: see: #269025, #268759, #271235, #270228, #27107104:24
fabbioneprobably one or two more...04:24
fabbionethose are the ones i have written down04:24
thomwho is tseng?04:25
fabbionelet's hope is not John ;)04:25
Mithrandirsome gentoo developer04:26
MithrandirBrandon Hale <tseng@gentoo.org>, I'd guess04:26
jdubthom: the dude who's doing the mono repo04:27
danielstseng's a really cool guy04:32
danielshe's a gentoo toolchain guy who's really hyped about ubuntu04:32
danielsand he's doing our mono stuff04:32
danielsi subverted him :)04:32
fabbionedaniels: tell me something nice :-)04:34
fabbioneabout the ati driver ;)04:34
danielsit works for me04:34
danielsthat's really nice :P04:34
fabbionei guess i will have to test it here...04:34
danielsif you could, that would be nice04:35
danielswant to know if mdz is on speed or if it's actually stuffed04:35
fabbionedaniels: can you confirm atimisc is at 6.5.5 ?04:38
danielsfabbione: i could give you the md5sum04:39
danielsbut, not having an atimisc card ...04:39
fabbionedid you dump the driver version?04:40
fabbioneyes bump sorry04:41
danielsati_drv is 6.5.504:41
danielsdidn't bump the driver version, come to think of it04:41
fabbioneit works here...04:41
danielswould make sense to do so04:41
fabbioneapparently :-)04:41
danielswe need a KEEPSIPPING resolution04:41
fabbionedaniels: would help if i give a -dbg xserver to mdz?04:44
danielsfabbione: yeah, it would probably eliminate the problem, which seems to be that the loader is COMPLETE ARSE (news at eleven)04:45
fabbionedaniels: Subject: NVideo GeForce4 440                                                                                                      04:48
fabbionei guess that's the usual xresprobe problem04:48
danielswhich list?04:48
danielsgot it04:48
danielsoh, arse :\04:49
danielsyeah, i think we can add this to the usual nv backport arse04:49
danielsif we can't get the panel res from the logs with the new driver, it's not going to display right regardless of what we do04:51
danielswhich makes me feel better :)04:51
fabbionethe new driver has a lot of new code for panel detection04:52
fabbioneeither it will work better or X will ask the question04:52
danielsyeah, I saw that04:52
danielsI was looking through the driver to check out the panel resolution crack to see if it could be trivially added04:53
danielsbut I was looking at xorg HEAD, so I realied it already was, and cheered up immensely04:53
danielsfixed + not my problem == gold ;)04:53
jdubseb128: had you planned to upgrade pygtk, or should i file a bug?05:55
seb128we are supposed to upgrade ?05:55
seb128they failed to release 2.4 at time, I thought we were going with 2.2 05:55
jdubone sec05:56
jdubseb128: one option is to talk to jamesh05:57
jdubjdahlin just suggested that05:57
seb128talk about what ?05:58
seb128yes, but you want 2.3 in warty ?05:58
jdubif jdahlin or jamesh can do it05:59
seb128hum, they have released 2.4 now ?05:59
seb128I've talked with jdahlin like 2 days ago05:59
=== seb128 hits jdahlin
seb128jdub: I'll sort that with jdahlin & jamesh and let you know06:00
=== parkerc [~parkerc@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionedaniels: i am reverting the ATI driver for ubuntu1906:03
fabbionedaniels: it's a FTBFS on ppc06:03
jdubseb128: jdahlin is scared of you.06:05
seb128ah ah06:05
seb128jdub: /j #pygtk dude, so we can sort this out now :p06:06
jdubi'm in #twisted ;)06:06
seb128jdub: BTW, ok for an upload of trashapplet 0.3 ? Basically all the canonical patches included and some translation updates06:07
seb128hello mdz 07:09
mdzdaniels, fabbione: the card is a radeon mobility M707:10
fabbione /me kicks Xv07:10
fabbionemdz: doh! i have the same here!07:10
fabbioneand it works07:10
fabbioneanyway i reverted the ati patches for ubuntu1907:11
fabbionethey are a FTBFS on ppc07:11
fabbionemdz: http://people.no-name-yet.com/~fabbione/changelog07:12
fabbioneam I allowed to upload? ;)07:12
fabbioneanyway the Xv extensions for nv are almost working07:13
pittimdz: good morning!07:14
fabbionenot for everybody yet.. tought.. still better than now07:14
mdzpitti: morning07:14
mdzfabbione: so...many...changes :-)07:14
fabbionemdz: so many bugs to fix....07:15
jdubmorning mdz :)07:16
mdzthe Closes: # are a mixture of Debian bugs and Ubuntu bugs07:16
pittimdz: yes, I'm afraid I sent you a shipload of mails to dig through. Sorry :-/07:16
fabbionemdz: the Debian ones are a copy and paste from debian trunk07:16
jdubnow mdz's up, i think i can safely go to bed ;)07:16
fabbionemdz: the others are ubuntu specific07:16
pittijdub: sleep well!07:16
jdubpitti: some interesting things happening on hal list07:16
=== mdz tosses ubuntu-* in the "later" pile
fabbionemdz: nothing i can do about it without resync the 1000 bugs on X07:16
jdubmdz: bz has been fucking crazy07:17
pittijdub: you mean utoia?07:17
pittijdub: utopia07:17
mdzfabbione: my preference would be to upload it to /~fabbione/ and ask people to test it07:17
jdubpitti: hal07:17
mdzfabbione: especially those who encountered the bugs07:17
pittijdub: hmm, I'm not subscribed to it. I take a look into the archves07:17
pittijdub: interestingly, today a patch went in which supports device locking07:18
pittijdub: I'm currently working at a similar locking mechanism for pmount07:18
fabbionemdz: than please someone provides me access to amd64 and ppc to build the packages. I already did a request to Mark this morning07:18
fabbionemdz: i can't keep going around asking people to build X07:19
fabbioneit's not something people *like* to do07:19
danielsfabbione: argh! how?07:22
fabbionemissing simbol07:22
fabbionemdz: ok I am compiling (again) and put the stuff on people.07:23
danielsfabbione: which symbol?07:23
fabbionedaniels: check the backlog.. i can't remember.07:24
fabbionesomething like RADEONPPL*07:24
mdzfabbione: send me an ssh public key07:24
fabbionemdz: done..07:25
danielsfabbione: oh, right07:29
danielsi can get you a fix in a couple of hours07:29
fabbionedaniels: ubuntu20 stuff.07:29
fabbioneit needs to be tested07:30
danielsgood choice07:30
fabbioneanyway ubuntu19 is going on people07:30
fabbionewe have no green light07:30
fabbionetoo many changes07:30
=== mdz weeps at his inbox
jdubi'm going to sleep for like four hours07:31
jdubso it can't build up07:31
=== pitti will file a bug about mail DOS attacks against mdt
pittimdz, even07:32
fabbionei do.. on a regular base07:34
mdzpitti: upload approvals should go to both me and jdub07:54
mdzpitti: because at least one of us will be awake07:54
mdzno one should block on upload approval07:54
pittimdz: I thought you wanted to review it since you had some reservations07:55
jdubmdz: what are these -3 kernels mentioned on the wiki?07:55
mdzpitti: #1345 approved07:55
mdzjdub: (linux-restricted-modules) they're either waiting in NEW, or something happened to the upload07:55
jdubah, ok07:56
mdzI mailed  james about it last night07:56
=== jdub is writing the most excellent troll ever
mdzhe may have replied, I have more to read07:56
jdubperhaps we need an RM alias or something?07:56
mdzfabbione: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=46808:02
mdzfabbione: that finally explains the mystery!08:02
mdzfabbione: it makes a difference which VC is currently displayed08:02
fabbionethat's real crap08:03
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittimdz: that hal locking patch was proposed and put into CVS HEAD today, so our version does not yet contain it08:08
pittimdz: and it does not support locking by pid08:08
mdzpitti: does it have some other way of dealing with stale locks?08:09
pittimdz: as far as I understood the patch, no08:09
pittimdz: if a device is locked, you have to explicitly unlock it again08:09
pittihmm too08:09
mdzthis is really Hoary material :-/08:09
pittimdz: maybe, but we have to fix this burning stuff for warty08:10
pittimdz: I hacked at pmount today, pid-locking is ready08:10
mdzpitti: maybe nautilus could tell gvm to disable all automounting temporarily08:10
pittimdz: I don't know, npmccallum should tell his opinion about this08:11
pittimdz: you mean the cd burning app tells gvm?08:11
mdzpitti: he should be in this channel anyway08:11
mdzpitti: yes, as a temporary measure08:11
pittimdz: then we only need to cross our fingers that the cd burning app is not killed/crashed08:12
fabbioneam i still alive?08:13
pittifabbione: <philosophy>What does "alive" mean?</philosophy>08:13
fabbionepitti: i lost connection.. and i tought i did a ping timeout08:14
pittimdz: I think its ugly and confusing if you cannot plug in your usb devices while burning a cd08:14
pittimdz: this lasts about 15 minutes, at least I don't want to watch this :-)08:14
fabbionemdz: ok.. i am on the ppc...08:17
fabbionemdz: is that uml or something?08:17
mdzfabbione: no, G408:25
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
npmccallumwoah, didn't know this channel existed... ;)08:25
mdzpitti: locking is notoriously complex, and adding locking to existing software _always_ introduces bugs :-/08:25
pittimdz: agreed. But I don't have any better idea08:26
pittimdz: do you?08:26
pittinpmccallum: welcome in the channel :-)08:26
pittimdz: we have three weeks for testing left08:27
mdzpitti: those are three weeks of bug fixing and stabilization, not adding new code that needs to be debugged08:28
fabbionemdz: ok...08:28
mdzfabbione: xfree86 build-deps are already on there08:28
fabbionemdz: anyway to get access to amd64 too?08:28
mdzfabbione: yes, booting it now08:28
pittimdz: I know... So do you want to leave cd burning broken?08:28
fabbionemdz: good08:28
=== truk_away [~trukulo@docsis65-46.menta.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
truk_awayhi, is this a open channel?08:29
mdzit is, but please keep the signal/noise ratio high08:29
fabbionemdz: do you have ccache installed on that ppc?08:31
fabbionemdz: it might turn to be useful08:31
truk_awaymdz: no problem08:32
mdzfabbione: installing now08:32
mdzfabbione: I reinstall that machine every few days08:32
fabbionemdz: ok08:32
fabbioneah ok08:32
fabbionemdz: do you preserve /home or do you wipe it away?08:34
sivangnpmccallum : i figured this channel would open someday or another after release :)08:34
mdzfabbione: I used to restore it08:34
mdzfabbione: but this takes a long time, since herbert often has kernels on it08:35
mdzfabbione: I prefer to wipe it08:35
npmccallumpitti: I must have just missed the memo :)08:35
mdzfabbione: amd64 is on port 20222 on the same host08:35
fabbionemdz: ok.08:35
mdzfabbione: added your keys08:35
fabbionemdz: ok.. working on it..08:35
fabbioneppc is building08:35
fabbionemdz: can you copy xfree86 source from ppc to amd64? it will save you a few MB of data08:40
mdzfabbione: they are on the same LAN; you can do it08:42
mdzfabbione: ok, I put it in /tmp08:42
mdzI already had it on the machine in my homedir08:42
fabbionemdz: ok thanks08:42
fabbionedone.. thanks08:42
fabbionemdz: eheh but i don't like to sneak around in other people machines/homedir08:46
fabbioneok.. i386 is uploading, ppc and amd64 building08:47
fabbionei am off08:47
npmccallummdz: I have the ubuntu-audio theme package ready, if you'd like to take a look at it08:52
npmccallumShould we create a LaptopInstall page on the wiki to detail how various laptop installs went?09:05
npmccallumand tricks to get stuff working09:05
mdznpmccallum: I'd like to have a basic hardware compatibility list in the wiki09:05
mdzlaptops, sound cards, video cards, etc.09:05
mdzbasically, yes, please do09:05
npmccallummdz: do you want me to create a bug for the ubuntu-sounds package?09:06
mdznpmccallum: please have someone else review it; I am swamped09:06
npmccallummdz: ok09:06
mdznpmccallum: lamont and thom should be awake09:06
mdzmaybe seb128 as well09:07
npmccallummdz: thanks09:07
npmccallumseb128, lamont, thom: ping09:07
seb128pong ?09:08
npmccallumseb128: If you have time, I need someone to review the ubuntu-sounds package09:09
seb128where is it ?09:09
npmccallumdo we have access to people.* yet?09:12
sivangnpmccallum : i can help you review it09:16
mdznpmccallum: people.no-name-yet.com still works fine09:42
npmccallummdz: where are we ssh'ing to these days? chinstrap is not responding for me09:43
mdznpmccallum: it's there, it's just loaded09:45
fabbionemdz: NOOO09:49
fabbioneare you rebooting the ppc??09:49
mdzfabbione: I copied the packages off09:49
mdzfabbione: they are uploading now09:49
fabbioneI was already uploading09:49
mdzI cannot cook my lunch with that machine on09:50
mdzand I am starving09:50
mdzfabbione: how much had you uploaded?09:50
fabbione2/3 packages..09:50
mdzI thought you were gone09:50
truk_awayif you write in wiki about laptops, write about hibernate and its actual status in ubuntu09:50
fabbionemdz: i was wathing a movie.. and it just finished09:50
mdzfabbione: I've uploaded 10 packages09:51
fabbionemdz: did you upload the others somewhere else?09:51
mdz /~mdz/xfree8609:51
fabbionewe need all of it09:51
mdzit is going09:51
mdzI only have 256k up, so it takes a long time09:52
fabbionewell ppc is still building09:52
fabbionewhen it finish can you upload the .deb to roockery too?09:52
fabbionei am off to sleep pretty soon09:52
mdzfabbione: are there even any amd64- or powerpc-specific fixes?09:52
fabbionemdz: the nv driver is arch all09:53
fabbioneso yes09:53
fabbionei need all of them09:53
mdzprobably no one will even download amd64 or powerpc, honestly09:53
mdzyou should announce the i386 packages09:53
mdzdon't wait for amd64 and powerpc09:53
mdzif it works for people on i386, I am happy for you to upload it09:54
mdzit takes hours and hours to get the others09:54
fabbionemdz: all the changes have been tested... it's 10pm and i have been working with this stuff since 6am09:55
fabbionemdz: + the 3 days before09:55
fabbionemdz: i am going to generate the Packages file09:55
fabbioneif anybody can be so kind to announce them I will be very happy09:56
fabbioneah great09:56
fabbionethere is no dpkg-scanpackages on roockery09:56
danielsfabbione: want me to do an announce?10:00
danielsfabbione: i think i'll go back and do some more ati work and announce it separatemy for testing10:00
danielsseparately, even10:00
mdzfabbione: there will be apt-ftparchive10:02
fabbionedaniels: i am creating the archive.. just a sec10:03
mdzpowerpc build is making debs10:03
fabbionedeb http://people.no-name-yet.com/~fabbione/X warty main10:03
fabbionemdz: well no problems.. we have i386 up as you said..10:04
danielsman, so much arse. i had to get up at ~7:30am, so i decided to stay up through the night.10:04
danielsand what do I get, but an email saying 'hi guys! have an urgent meeting in sydney, can't make it, hope we can catch up again soon. cheers.'10:04
mdzdaniels: yes, please make an announcement, and add comments to the bugs affected so that the submitters and CC get them10:04
danielsmdz: will do10:04
fabbionemdz: there are at least 11 bugs that will be closed10:05
danielsfabbione: could you please just drop me a changelog in /msg?10:05
fabbionesome submitters won't be able to test the fixes10:05
mdzfabbione: "change several bugs at once" makes it trivial10:05
danielsmdz: ... how do you do that?10:06
fabbionemdz: that was not the point :-)))10:06
fabbione<fabbione> some submitters won't be able to test the fixes10:06
mdzfabbione: so you don't think we should tell them??10:06
danielsoh, the link's there, only on certain pages10:06
mdzdaniels: you do a search, and then click the link, checkbox the bugs10:06
fabbionemdz: never mind.. 10:07
fabbionedaniels: http://people.no-name-yet.com/~fabbione/changelog10:07
fabbionethat's the full changelog10:07
fabbionemdz: i think we can tell them, but they won't see "anything" happening, because some of the bugs show up only at first install time10:08
fabbionedaniels: do you need anything else?10:10
danielsfabbione: that's it -- thanks dude10:12
fabbione  A 858 Sep 20 Fbio Mendes                         (4895) . x configuration                                                      10:12
fabbionedaniels: it looks like the xresprobe problem10:13
danielsyeah, I'll deal with that one10:13
fabbionedo you mind to take a look?10:13
fabbioneI am off to bed10:13
fabbionegood night10:13
danielsnight dude :) sleep well10:15
mdzfabbione: night10:17
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
azeemah, it's filling up10:26
=== daniels sleeps.
danielsmdz: do you know what the undefined symbol was on ati for powerpc?10:35
mdzdaniels: I pasted the log here10:36
mdzthat was i38610:36
mdzpowerpc, fabio said it FTBFS10:36
danielsa stupid typo10:36
mdzbut ubuntu19 builds fine on powerpc10:36
mdzhaven't tried to run it yet10:36
danielsyeah, ubuntu19 doesn't contain my ati crack10:37
danielsbut it's ok, it will build if i learn to type10:38
danielsfabbione: ok, i've started ubuntu20 locally, just with the ati changes11:01
danielsfabbione: when I wake up, I'll drop you the diff so we can work together on 2011:02
danielsfabbione: the pll thing was just a typo :\11:02
=== jdthood [~jdthood@aglu.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== stratus [~stratus@] has joined #ubuntu-devel

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