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Deftjvic, what else do you have that it should show as well as your hard disk?12:01
jvicNetwolf: marillat is a Debian repository for mplayer packages12:01
WsquaredThanks folks, switching to oss in mplayer worked. Next I'll try totem-xine.12:03
jvicDeft: i've got 4 primary partitions, and 2 extended partitions... shouldn't it list them? Also, i've got a free space on my disk that i've setup for Ubuntu to use (allocate a new partition there). But it didn't list the free space too... in other words, i don't know how to install Ubuntu without having to erase my entire disk.12:03
bolivarjvic: durring the install when it searches your drive and it asks if you want to write the partitions say no....youll 'should' then have the option to see everything12:05
bolivarduring that is12:05
theantixjvic, I had the exact same problem (https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1253) -- are you sure your partitions are okay?  Can you check in parted to see if parted can see them?12:06
WsquaredFor the totem-xine fans: Synaptic wants to delete totem-gstreamer in order to install totem-xine.  What's up with that? 12:06
tsengWsquared: they block each other for obvious reasons12:06
phlaegelWsquared: you can only use one of the totem backends12:06
jvictheantix: coincidentally, before trying to install Ubuntu, i tried to use Qtparted, but i can't.. when i select my HD, it just exists.12:07
phlaegelthey do the same thing12:07
=== jmhodges [~jmh@cpe-069-133-106-188.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jmhodgesi've now tried 3 iso d/ls12:07
jmhodgesand md5 checked the last one12:07
jmhodgesit matched12:07
jmhodgesbut bsdutils is still corrupted on the iso12:07
WsquaredOK--I didn't know what totem-gstreamer was!12:08
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Deftjmhodges, if you are sure that's where the problem is, you could mount the iso and change it, but if the md5s match, that would be very wierd12:08
=== Cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
bolivarjmhodges: you could try a daily release instead12:09
jvictheantix: so, how did you discovered/solutioned the problem? Because it seems it's the same problem12:09
bolivarwhen i installed i used the daily from the 16th12:10
theantixjvic, I got my data off and started again from scratch -- ugly solution, but that's what I had to do12:10
jvictheantix: oh well... guess i won't be installing Ubuntu soon :(12:12
jvictheantix: damn it... do you have any idea what might have caused the problem?12:13
theantixif your partition table is invalid, you'll need to fix it eventually before you suffer data loss12:13
jvictheantix: how did you find out your partition table is invalid?12:14
WsquaredWhen I installed totem-xine, the install got to the text window, and printed the usual messages about setting up...12:14
theantixjvic, not entirely sure but I think it was something to do with resizing ntfs with the mandrake installer (should have used qtparted instead I know now)12:14
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jmhodgesbolivar: ok :-/12:14
bolivarsorry man, only thing that came to mind12:15
Wsquared... but after it printed "Setting up totem-xine ( ...", it printed the following message 3 times:** (process:27944): CRITICAL **: file eggdesktopentries.c: line 2226 (egg_desktop_entries_add_group): assertion `egg_desktop_entries_lookup_group (entries, group_name) == NULL' failed12:15
=== matthewjs [~matt@oh-clevelandheights-cdnt1-bg4e-122.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Deftthat's new, is that after running it you mean?12:16
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matthewjsi cant get totem to play dvds, is anyone else having problems?12:16
Deftmatthewjs, run totem from a shell12:17
matthewjsi did12:17
Deftwhat did it say?12:17
WsquaredDeft: Was that for me?  This message occurs in the "Terminal Output" window of Synaptic, after it downloads the files.12:17
matthewjsDeft: Error invoking "dvdnav_get_next_block": Error reading from DVD..12:20
phlaegelmatthewjs: did you install libdvdcss2?12:20
matthewjsphlaegel: no12:20
matthewjsphlaegel: should i?12:20
phlaegelyes, you can't decrypt dvds without it.12:20
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jvictheantix: how did you find out your partition table is invalid?12:22
matthewjsphlaegel: its not in apt-get?12:22
leonelhow can I install  mod_perl or mod_perl2  with apt-get ?12:22
phlaegelmatthewjs: it will be if you add the marillat source: deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main12:22
phlaegelfor all your not-really-legal package needs...12:23
theantixjvic, I determined that the partitions were overlapping, and thus invalid12:23
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=== elim [~elim@81-178-218-10.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
jesse_132is downloading and compiling monodevelop the best way to go or does someone know of a deb?12:24
WsquaredNow totem-xine gives me sound, but just a blank blue screen.  No video.12:24
jmhodgesi saw mention of a LiveCD but my google-fu is week12:24
elimit worked i have reinstaled ubuntu with the link in and dhcp works :D :D12:24
Cardadoranyone know what is needed to play AVI files on totem?12:25
schweebWsquared: try playing a few different types of movies in it12:25
schweebI had the same problem... it just suddenly went away12:25
schweebno, not mplayer12:25
m_tthewCardador: install totem-xine from universe12:25
jesse_132Wsquared, xine gives me video but no sound :( -- on dvd12:25
matthewjsphlaegel: you sure thats right? W: Couldn't stat source package list ftp://ftp.nerim.net unstable/main Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/ftp.nerim.net_debian-marillat_dists_unstable_main_binary-i386_Packages) - stat (2 No such file or directory)12:25
Cardadorok m_tthew, ill try it12:26
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
phlaegeldeb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main12:26
phlaegel^^ that's what I have and it works12:26
fredI'm looking for gtkpbbuttons.... Any Idea where ?12:26
matthewjsyou just add it to the source.lst and it works right?12:26
phlaegeldid you apt-get update/12:27
m_tthewafter an apt-get update12:27
m_tthewCardador: if that doesn't cut the mustard, the mplayer package out of the source phlaegel just posted should work12:27
Cardadorm_tthew: but then i wouldnt use totem?12:28
fredAny Ubuntu's user with Ibook ?12:28
m_tthewCardador: for things totem wouldn't play, yes12:28
Cardadorstrange... totem worked fine with debian sid12:29
Cardadorand i have all the win32 codecs12:29
matthewjshrmm now it reads my dvd but totem crashes neat12:29
matthewjslibdvdnav: ifoRead_TITLE_VOBU_ADMAP vtsi failed - CRASHING12:30
matthewjstotem: vm.c:219: ifoOpenNewVTSI: Assertion `0' failed.12:30
Cardadorm_tthew: totem-xine solved my problem, ty12:30
=== domhnull [~domhnull@h-67-100-126-47.sttnwaho.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Wsquareddvd playing update:  I just ran totem again, and it worked.  Go figure.  Thanks all for the help.12:31
jblackwas somebody looking for me here?12:31
m_tthewCardador: np12:32
elmayawhere do i change the runlevel to start without gdm?12:32
Kamionsubterrific: did anyone answer your powerpc question?12:32
Cardadorelmaya: /etc/inittab12:32
subterrificKamion: no, i'm diving into the kernel source to see if i can fix it myself12:33
subterrificturns out it isn't specific to ppc12:33
Kamionsubterrific: fun12:34
=== Mirno is away: plyground
subterrificyeah, i've spent the entire weekend playing in the kernel source12:34
Kamionsubterrific: if that patch fixes it I imagine Herbert'll apply it12:34
elimmy mac's screen isnt adjustable so how do i make the image shift to the left a bit?12:34
subterrificfirst i upgraded ALSA to the latest rev, and then added a driver for my sound card12:35
elimits running off the side12:35
subterrificKamion: unfortunatly it looks like that patch has already been applied12:35
elmayaok im in innitab..what should i change??12:36
Cardadorelmaya id:2:initdefault12:37
punkassanyone know what tells the screensaver to come on when the AC isnt plugged in?12:37
Cardadorchange it to 112:37
=== jdub [~jdub@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
punkasscuz it doesnt seem to be working12:37
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
elmayaCardador, ok to what .. 3?12:37
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu
Cardadorchange it to 112:37
Cardadorwhat do you want to do?12:38
Cardadorlogin in text mode?12:38
elmayastart with text login12:38
Cardadorok so change it to 112:38
jesse_132Any mono developers?12:39
leonelhow can I install  mod_perl or mod_perl2  with apt-get ?12:39
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=== Mithrandir whacks libloudmouth
theantixleonel, I think you want libapache2-mod-perl2 ?12:42
=== moyogo [~moyogo@Toronto-HSE-ppp3874280.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
leoneltheantix: would be nice 12:42
WsquaredNoob question: I'm using both ubuntu and GAIM for the first time today.  At the top of the screen, to the left of the speaker icon, are a few GAIM icons, two of which have a red circle with a white bar on them.  When I click on them, I get the GAIM login window.  How do I get rid of these?12:42
=== uovobw [~uovobw@ppp-82-84-146-251.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has left #ubuntu []
leoneltheantix: couldn't find package  libapache2-mod-perl2 12:43
Cardadorright click on them, quit12:43
theantixleonel, enable the "universe" in your sources.list and you should find it after an apt-get update12:43
WsquaredCardador: Thanks!  I figured it would be something simple like that.12:44
=== Mirno is back (gone 00:09:31)
leoneltheantix: but  it's unsupported  will there be any   security updates ?12:44
CardadorWsquared: NP12:44
Kamionleonel: not reliably12:44
Cardadorsorry caps12:44
Kamionleonel: that's part of what "unsupported" means :-)12:45
leonelKamion: I know12:45
leonelKamion: the sad thing 12:45
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WsquaredIs there an ubuntu forum anywhere? 12:46
KamionWsquared: not yet, although we are planning to set one up12:47
theantixKamion, that would be nice... I prefer that to mailing lists personally12:48
azeemyeah, mailing lists suck12:49
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Cardadoranyone know what is required to play dvds?12:49
Kamiontheantix: bah :-)12:50
=== Kamion hates fora
jdubCardador: totem-xine (universe) libdvdcss (videolan.sf.net)12:50
Cardadortotem opens the first image of the dvd, but then crashes12:50
theantixgood to have both thn12:50
Kamionwell, won't use them personally, but hey12:50
jesse_132jdub, do you code in c# ?? 12:50
Cardadorjdub: i have both :\12:50
jdubjesse_132: no12:50
jdubCardador: try running it from a terminal, see what the output is12:50
jesse_132jdub, dooh... hoping someone has monodevelop working on ubuntu12:51
jdubjesse_132: talk to tseng about it when he's around12:51
tsengfor the 50th time12:51
jesse_132tseng, hola ;)  to me?12:51
tsengi couldnt build monodevelop from the debian source pacakge12:51
jesse_132tseng, ahh me either.. crap12:51
tsengi have all the deps12:51
tsengmonodevelop itself wont build.12:52
Cardadorjdub: a bunch of errors12:52
tsengi dont use it, so im not going to waste bunch of time trying to fix12:52
tsengif someone fixes, let me know and ill package12:52
Cardadorlibdvdnav and libdvdread crashes12:52
jdubCardador: ... i need to know which ones, to help you :)12:52
jesse_132tseng, did you get gtksourceview-sharp going?  that has been my stumbling block12:52
tsengill put a package up just for you12:52
Cardadorjdub: libdvdnav: ifoOpenVTSI failed - CRASHING!!!12:53
Cardadorthe other are similar12:53
jesse_132tseng, cool ;)  your debs have been very helpful12:53
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tsengjesse_132: ok apt-get update12:54
tsengall the deps should be in12:54
=== Cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
=== utta [~brandon@h00045ae006a2.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
tsenghmm bad libxml2 dep12:55
=== Knio_ [~Knio@d199-126-218-74.abhsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu []
tsengmustve got it from sid12:55
tsengi can rebuild it12:56
jo_How does Ubuntu relate to Debian concerning packaging? Can Ubuntu users frequently do an apt-get update, to get newer versions of their packages? Or should they wait for the new release every x months?12:56
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=== mike_w [~mike_w@host217-43-171-101.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
tsengjo_: same idea, the stable release will be frozen except for fixes and security updates12:56
neighborleecan someone assit me with getting mplayer to work..gmplayer specificilly..its installed and Igot no errors during compile yet i'm having trouble gettting GUI to load  (even though I put  a skin DIR where it told me to in $HOME/.mplayer/Skin) and wondering if anyone else has had to go down this road and knows how to get this workin ;-(12:56
tsengjo_: the development tree will update12:56
zigglei could not get ubuntu to work in VirtualPC on OS X12:56
jesse_132tseng, is there a reason for -cil instead of -sharp?12:56
tsengjesse_132: yes thats what the debian packagers named them12:57
jo_so there's sort of a "stable" and "unstable" tree in Ubuntu too?12:57
tsengmore like stable testing12:57
tsengbecause testing becomes the next stable12:57
tsengunstable never freezes12:57
tsengthere is no such tree in ubuntu12:57
jesse_132tseng, should gtk-sharp-examples be gtk-cil-examples?12:57
crimsunjesse_132: -cli stands for "common language infrastructure". See http://www.go-mono.com/12:58
=== ioguix [~ioguix@m118.net81-65-110.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
tsengjesse_132: look at the repo in a browser12:58
jo_tseng: ok. Just wondering: what do you consider the advantage of switching from Debian unstable to Ubuntu (I'm using an Acer laptop)?12:58
tsengjo_: great gnome 2.8 packages12:58
tsengjo_: cool laptop stuff12:59
=== SystemX_ [~SystemX@pcp02307676pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mirno is away: play games, that's fun .. hin hin hin
tsengjo_: a friendly staff of hairy gnomes12:59
ioguixI just installed ubuntu on my ibook12:59
=== Jotun [~heretic@adsl-10-27-74.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
theantixtseng, what interesting laptop stuff is there for ubuntu?12:59
jo_tseng: lol :-) Can you give me some details on the laptop stuff?12:59
jo_theantix: oh sorry, same question :-)12:59
tsengacpi integration12:59
ioguixmmmh...is there an maintner of the ubuntu kernel ?12:59
tsengioguix: herbert xu01:00
crimsunjo_: also, stuff just works after you install it. No mucking with fonts, fontconfig, menus, packages, etc.01:00
ioguixtseng: thank01:00
crimsunjo_: after you complete the installation, you have a beautiful gnome 2.8 system without any mucking.01:00
tsengjesse_132: building libxml2 update now01:00
tsenghopefully it wont break other stuff wanting the older lib01:00
tsengits a minor version difference01:01
theantixis laptop-mode described anywhere?  I don't see a man page, and I'm running unbuntu on a laptop... just wondering if I'm missing something01:01
tsengtheantix: in the kernel docs01:01
tsengor maybe on kerneltrap01:01
tsengill look01:01
ioguixmmmh...euh...how can I talk to him ?01:01
tsengioguix: bugzilla01:01
tsengor the -users list01:01
tsengif yo uhave a question01:01
tsengaddress everyone01:01
tsengand someone will answer01:01
theantixtseng, found on google, thanks01:01
tsengtheantix: nps01:01
ioguixmaybe it could be interesting to talk about my pb here...01:02
zigglepeannut butter?01:02
=== bskahan [~bskahan@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
jo_crimsun, tseng: thanks for the info. Might consider Ubuntu, it seems pretty cool at first sight. One problem: I like quite bleeding edge packages (not experimental-like though).. Examples: latest gaim, firefox releases... How is this handled by Ubuntu?01:02
ioguixso, I have an mp3 player which has an SD card support01:03
WsquaredHey, crimsun's comment about mucking with fonts reminded me of a problem I have with mplayer.  When I run it, I get an error window that says "New_Face failed. Maybe the font path is wrong. Please supply the text font file (~/.mplayer/subfont.ttf)."01:03
ioguixso , I need the SCSI_MULTI_LUN option in the kernel...01:03
tsengjo_: ubuntu has very new stuff, but its frozen now01:03
tsengjo_: security updates only01:03
jdubjo_: gaim and firefox will actually be updated for our final release (along with gnome), everything else is frozen01:04
tsengjo_: i imagine what will happen is, you can follow the next release01:04
tsengjo_: or people like me will backport packages01:04
jdubjo_: once our development branch opens, you can track it for daily updates01:04
IkeKrulli'd like to suggest including kernel source on ubuntu CD01:04
ioguixcurrently, I compil my kernel, but I don't know why this option is not support by default...01:04
IkeKrullfor final01:04
tsengioguix: bugzilla01:04
bskahandid a fresh install of warty, to replace my really ugly warty-over-debian setup01:04
ioguixit's not really a bug, but a feature....01:04
tseng@ IkeKrull , bugzilla01:05
ioguixbugzilla :)01:05
tsengbut you too actually01:05
tsengeveryone file lots of bugs :)01:05
jdubioguix: because it can cause problems with some devices01:05
tsengfor your requests for hoary01:05
bskahaninstall went very weel everything seems to work out of the box except nvidia driver doesn't modprobe before gdm starts01:05
jo_jdub, tseng: ok, thanks. Another question: how about installing the Sun JDK? It was a real "pain in the ass" in Debian.01:06
jdubjo_: there are some packages mentioned on the wiki01:06
Cardadorbskahan: put nvidia on /etc/modules01:06
tsengjesse_132: libxml updated01:06
jo_jdub: OK, I'll have a look at them. I used Gentoo for a while, and "emerge sun-jdk" was a lot easier :-)01:06
IkeKrullyeah i have a multi-card reader that would requirre multi-LUN01:07
jdubjo_: making proprietary software work is not our immediate priority01:07
=== mike_w [~mike_w@host217-43-171-101.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
bskahanCardador: thanks, I'll do that01:08
ioguixjdub: maybe supporting it as module could be nice ?01:08
jdubioguix: i don't believe you can build it as a module01:09
ioguixIn fact, I just test the auto-mount support in gnome with my player01:10
jdubioguix: please file a bug, it'll be looked at (lots of card readers require it now)01:10
ioguixjdub: arf01:10
=== calc [~ccheney@cdm-208-180-235-136.cnro.cox-internet.com] has joined #ubuntu
ioguixI will look for send a bug in bugzila...01:10
jesse_132tseng, got it, thanks...  still cannot compile monodevelop either though :(01:10
ioguixin https://bugzilla.no-name-yet.com/ right ?01:10
tsengioguix: /topic01:11
jdubtseng: you shouldn't need the latext libxml foo for mono stuff01:11
jo_jdub: OK. I understand this completely. An easy-package would be handy though. Just wondering how Sun JDK differs from the "non-free" section really. I prefer Ubuntu to keep Debian's policy regarding free software, as most desktop-ready distro's lack this kind of policy.01:11
tsengjdub: the libgtksourceview-cil package wants it01:11
jdubtseng: you should be able to drop the depends back01:11
tsengnot sure if its a hard dep of i could back it down01:11
tsengyes ok01:11
tsengi will do that shortly :)01:12
jdubif possible, make stuff use things in warty :-)01:12
jdub(main, not universe)01:12
tsengits pretty close so far01:12
Mithrandirjdub: uploading rc bugfixes is ok now, right?01:12
theantixjo_, I had no problems installing sun java and mozilla plugins using sun's instructions01:12
ioguixtseng: oops, thanks :)01:12
jdubMithrandir: with confirmation01:13
Mithrandirjdub: from you or mdz, right?01:13
Mithrandirjdub: http://raw.no/patches/loudmouth-0.17.1-amd64.diff ; tested on AMD64 and i386.01:14
Mithrandirwithout it, gossip just sits there, since the callback is never activated.01:14
jo_theantix: I used the debian java howto, and symlinked the mozilla plugin... Which went fine, but I don't quite see my parents doing it :-)01:15
jdubMithrandir: bug#?01:15
theantixjo_, indeed01:16
=== necival [~necival@stu8f59.fiu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirjdub: 144201:16
Mithrandirjdub: the comment in it is wrong, obviously, since I haven't uploaded, but I forgot procedure, mea culpa01:16
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
tsengjdub: how could i downgrade to libxml2 in warty01:17
Mithrandirjdub: does that mean "please upload" in australian? ;)01:17
tsengi removed sid from my sources.list01:17
Mithrandirtseng: if you have an /etc/apt/preferences file which looks like:01:18
MithrandirPackage: *01:18
MithrandirPin: release a=warty01:18
MithrandirPin-Priority: 110001:18
Mithrandirand you then run apt-get dist-upgrade, it'll downgrade all packages to warty.01:18
Mithrandirif you just want libxml2, use Package: libxml201:18
tsengMithrandir: ah, cheers!01:18
=== MrPiddlz [~WareHajim@adsl-065-006-207-248.sip.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
jo_I just decided to try it out :-) I'm downloading the ISO right now. I really hope Ubuntu proves to be the solution for Debian on the desktop! Thanks in advance for all your work, jdub and the rest of the developers!01:19
=== matt2 [~matt@dh055104.res.uvic.ca] has joined #ubuntu
MrPiddlzHas anyone gotten their ATi drivers to work with direct rendering yet?01:19
matt2ola... anyone know how to tell your printer to use the gimp drivers?01:19
matt2They're installed already.. not sure where though01:19
MrPiddlzmatt2: Were you refering that to me? Because if yes it didn't have direct rendering on.01:20
matt2MrPisslz: Nope, not too sure what you're talking about. What didn't have direct rendering?01:20
matt2haha speeled your name wrong01:21
jmhodgesah, hm.. ok I don't have a burner available at the moment, but i do have a few rescue/Knoppix cds that I possibly have loopfs support.. if they do, how would i startup the ubuntu install on the looped iso?01:21
tsengMithrandir: hm that wants to rm a bunch of stuff in the process01:21
matt2Pisslz haha01:21
jmhodgess/I possibly/possibly/01:21
Mithrandirtseng: it shouldn't remove stuff not on the system, unless it gets unfulfilled dependencies.01:21
MrPiddlzWell when xserver starts I do glxinfo and I find out I have no DRI and no direct rendering.01:21
tsenggedit, gedit-commono etc etc01:22
Se7hhey there01:22
=== tvon_ [~tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
matt2anyone know where the gimp-print drivers are installed?01:23
jmhodgeshmmph.. apparently, the install process is more complicated than i originally thought eh?01:23
Adonijahjmhodges, looped iso install may not be possible, there have been reports of failures trying to do it on the mailing list01:24
Kamionjmhodges: I don't know of any way to do an install like that01:24
Kamionjmhodges: netboot might be more plausible01:24
=== tvon_ is now known as tvon
jmhodgesi see a directory with that name01:25
=== tvon|x31 [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
jmhodgessorry, im a complete debian newb :-/01:25
matt2I want to print in higher resolution than 720 =(01:25
Kamionnetboot = stick kernel+initrd on another machine, boot it over the network by PXE (if i386)01:25
jmhodgestried once a few years ago and got my ass handed to me by 10+ corrupted floppies (looong story)01:25
jmhodgesKamion: ah01:25
Kamionjmhodges: you could also sign up at shipit.ubuntulinux.org :)01:25
jmhodgesKamion: did, but im impatient :)01:26
Mithrandirjdub: prod?01:26
jmhodgessometime late oct is the first shipment iirc 01:26
jdubMithrandir: pong01:26
Mithrandirjdub: 01:17 < Mithrandir> jdub: does that mean "please upload" in australian? ;)01:26
=== jdub does not know the correct protocol for responding to a prod ;)
jdubMithrandir: yes01:26
Mithrandirok, thanks.01:26
jdubMithrandir: didn't i write 'upload approved'?01:27
jdub(it is morning, so...)01:27
Mithrandir01:17 < jdub> 'scool01:27
Mithrandirwas what I read.01:27
=== jo_ [~jo@u81-11-191-74.adsl.scarlet.be] has left #ubuntu ["Bezig]
jdubMithrandir: oh, that was, "it's cool for setting the bug status"01:27
jdubMithrandir: then i commented on the bug01:27
Mithrandirah, ok.01:27
Mithrandiruploaded now, anyhow. :)01:27
Mithrandirthanks.. now I'm off to bed.. have to play with evo tomorrow..01:28
Mithrandiror probably Tuesday01:28
jdubgute nacht01:29
bad_ronaldokay, when I log in, gnome displays an error message " "Could not look up internet address of myhost (default: "debian", I renamed it during install), it may be possible to correct problem by adding myhost to file: etc/hosts"  So, how do I do that?  01:35
bad_ronaldlocalhost (i.e. default: "ubuntu") is listed there01:36
=== justin_linuxppc [~justin@] has joined #ubuntu
Deftbad_ronald, not sure exactly what you mean, but the line in hosts should be " <hostname> localhost locahost.localdomain" or equivalent01:37
bad_ronaldyes, that line is there, but there were two instances where a hostname had to be supplied during the installation, once during the cd install, then later after the web update, the first was called "ubuntu" and the second was called "debian", "ubuntu" is there but "debian" is not.01:39
bad_ronaldit does read at the top, though01:40
Kamiondo you remember the context of the second question?01:40
Kamionthat shouldn't have been asked01:40
DeftI still don't understand what's happened, but you can add as many names as you want to refer to your computer01:40
tsengjdub: i think i inadvertantly pulled in a few things from sid, im rebuilding the pkgs w/ more of a clue this time01:40
tsengim starting to get a hang of what is going on01:41
bad_ronaldIt was identical to the first question, only it happened after the web-based package installation, the only difference was the default name given #1: ubuntu, #2 debian, I changed #1 to localhost, and #2 to myhost, I wasn't really sure whether they were different or the same01:41
pondsgnome 2.8 is in warty right?01:42
jdubtseng: 8)01:42
tsengponds: yes01:42
pondsim doing a review of ubuntu and userlinux, i have a feeling you guys are going to cream userlinux01:42
bad_ronaldI also have alot of information under the line, that reads: "01:42
bad_ronald# The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts01:43
bad_ronald::1     ip6-localhost ip6-loopback01:43
bad_ronaldfe00::0 ip6-localnet01:43
bad_ronaldff00::0 ip6-mcastprefix01:43
bad_ronaldff02::1 ip6-allnodes01:43
bad_ronaldff02::2 ip6-allrouters01:43
bad_ronaldff02::3 ip6-allhosts01:43
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Deftponds, yes01:44
pondsi was really not impressed with userlinux turning on usermin (webmin clone) by default on the desktop install01:44
bad_ronaldCan I just copy the information and write myhost wherever localhost is?01:44
Deftbad_ronald, ignore those; what does your system think it's called, either from running "hostname", or "cat /etc/hostname"?01:45
Kamionponds: ew!01:45
Kamionbad_ronald: leave localhost alone ...01:45
bad_ronaldit returns "myhost"01:45
Deftthen your /etc/hosts must have " myhost localhost locahost.localdomain" in it, there shouldn't be anything else to change01:48
bad_ronaldThis is all that is written on the first line of /etc/hosts: ""01:49
Deftchange that to what I just wrote01:49
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-151-50-196.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
bad_ronaldumm... do I need to be logged as root to modify it?01:50
Kamionbad_ronald: sudo vi /etc/hosts01:50
Kamion(pick your editor)01:50
DimSumFor some reason, my network just stopped working on Ubuntu01:51
DimSumAnyone have any idea why?01:51
bad_ronalddamn, the terminal cant recognize myhost, so it won't let me sudo01:51
=== dishkuvek [~bai@sth-dsl5010-64-83-16-188-vlan11.dsl.cavtel.net] has joined #ubuntu
hornbeckmy network stopped earlier today also01:52
hornbeckI had to reboot my router01:52
yuranbad_ronald: if the problem is the password, just type in yours...01:52
DimSumGoddamnit, it was working 5 minutes ago01:52
bad_ronaldokay that did it01:52
DimSumifconfig still shows the eth0 device, but it's gone from Network Settings01:54
bad_ronaldhow do I save changes in vi?  (sorry I'm new to this)01:54
=== thaytan [jan@] has joined #ubuntu
yuranESC :w01:54
Kamion:wq to save and exit01:55
Kamionnano is an easier editor if you aren't used to vi01:55
DimSumSee this is why I hate linux01:56
DimSumWhen something goes wrong, you're up shit creek01:57
thaytanDimSum: funny, I feel the same way about windows01:57
DimSumI'm not going to be drawn into a Windows vs Linux argument01:57
DimSumMy networking is broken on Ubuntu, and that's unacceptable01:57
DeftDimSum, just admit you're wrong then :)01:57
theantixDeft, indeed =)01:57
DimSumHow am I wrong?01:58
DimSumI'm up shit creek. This is unfixable.01:58
KamionDimSum: please calm down, it's generally impossible to help someone who's in a bad mood01:58
thaytanwhat's wrong?01:58
DimSumNetworking isn't working01:58
KamionDimSum: does 'ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0' help, or at least help show what might be wrong?01:58
DimSumAnd the eth0 device isn't showing up in Network Settings01:58
DimSum"Interface eth0 not configured"01:59
DimSumUnknown interface eth0=eth001:59
theantixlinux newbie support 101: claim something is worse than windows, 10 idle people will become alert and try to help you01:59
KamionDimSum: ok, so does eth0 appear in /etc/network/interfaces?01:59
Chrifferifconfig -a should list all the network thingers you have02:00
DimSumeth1 does02:00
DimSumChriffer: eth0 is displayed there02:00
DimSumWhich is what's confusing me02:00
Kamiontheantix: actually it would have caused me to totally ignore the whole thing on #debian02:00
Kamionanyway :)02:00
DimSumIf I try to add a new adapter using Network Settings, it adds it as eth2, then crashes completely02:00
KamionDimSum: 'ifup eth1', then?02:00
DimSumNo, I don't want to touch eth102:01
DimSumThat's the wireless; and it's busy02:01
=== bad_ronald [~nick@] has left #ubuntu []
DimSumI want the ethernet to work, which it did 5 minutes ago02:01
Kamionso how come you had a network interface that's not in /etc/network/interfaces?02:01
DimSumHell if I know?02:01
DimSumIt just broke02:01
=== fredix [~fred@case.taonix.net] has joined #ubuntu
DimSumI was surfing happily one minute, then the next it wasn't working02:01
DimSumSo I rebooted02:01
KamionI'm pretty sure the installer won't have set it up that way; maybe this network settings thingy did that, I don't work on that end of the distribution :)02:02
DimSumNo, it was working fine; hence the problem02:02
DimSumI didn't touch anything, and it just stopped working02:02
DimSumSo er, can I manually edit /interfaces to fix it?02:02
Kamionfor a static network interface, you generally want something in /etc/network/interfaces like this:02:02
Kamioniface eth0 inet static02:02
Kamion        address
Kamion        network
hornbeckDimSum: try rebooting the router02:02
Kamion        netmask
DimSumhornbeck: I'm connected fine at the moment02:03
Kamion(and 'auto eth0' on a previous line if you want it to come up automatically)02:03
DimSumFrom my Windows box02:03
DimSumSo no.02:03
DimSumKamion: How about for DHCP?02:03
Kamionfor DHCP:02:03
Kamionauto eth002:03
DimSumiface eth0 inet dhcp ?02:03
Kamioniface eth0 inet dhcp02:03
hornbeckDimSum: I had same problem this morning, windows box connected Ubuntu did not. Reboot router everything fine02:03
Kamionthen 'ifup eth0' and see what happens02:03
DimSumhornbeck: You're missing the point, the adapter has disappeared from Network Settings02:03
KamionI bet network settings reads /etc/network/interfaces; that's what it should do on a Debian-style distribution02:04
necivalStrange problem: I have "rw,user" for my /dev/sdb1 but when my user mounts it, it's read only. And for my external usb, I have the same, rw,user but when a user mounts it he can't read nor write it.02:04
Kamionwhich would explain why it's not there any more, but not why it was there in the first place02:04
DimSumKamion: Works fine02:04
Kamioneth0 working now?02:04
DimSumGot the device back in Network Settings, as well02:04
DimSumYeah; thanks02:04
DimSumSee this is what pisses me off02:05
DimSumOne minute, you can be using Linux02:05
DimSumAnd everything can be working relatively fine02:05
DimSumAnd the next, something breaks02:05
DimSumFor no apparent reason02:05
Kamionno, I've never seen this kind of thing happen before02:05
DimSumI have; with practically every distro I've ever used02:05
Kamionhowever, I'd have to be sitting in front of your computer to work out what was wrong, unfortunately02:05
Kamionfrom my perspective the problem is currently unreproducible :-/02:06
DimSumUnfortunately, like I said, it didn't appear to have an actual cause02:07
DimSumIf it was something I'd done, I could understand it02:07
DimSumBut I hadn't been messing around with settings or anything02:07
Kamionwell, the fact that it wasn't in /etc/network/interfaces is at best interesting02:07
Kamionwas this an interface you configured during the initial Ubuntu installation?02:08
KamionI'm suspecting not, since you only get to configure one at that point02:08
WsquaredI would like to try the nvidia graphics driver that is on their website.  Anything I should be aware of before trying it?02:09
DeftWsquared, nvidias website? it's probably simpler to get the driver with apt instead02:11
DimSumYes, it was the device that was configured at the start of the installation02:12
DimSumHence it being eth002:12
DimSumRather than eth1 ;P02:12
=== |Gaaruto| [~|Gaaruto|@ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-12-48.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== stub [~zen@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
theantixanyone here figure out how to use mplayer as a mozilla plugin on Ubuntu?02:17
WsquaredDeft: Aha, there are nvidia packages.  I currently have just nvidia-kernel-common installed.  Do I need to install more than nvidia-glx?02:19
WsquaredI read a bit more--I suspect I'll need nvidia-kernel-source. I guess I should RTFM a bit more...02:21
=== abstroe [~abstroe@] has joined #ubuntu
DeftWsquared, linux-restricted-modules... contrains the module itself (from memory anyway)02:22
KamionDimSum: no, that's not at all obvious from it being eth0, as it happens02:22
KamionDimSum: if you have two devices detected, eth0 is simply the one that got detected first; which one you choose to install is independent of the order of detection02:23
m_tthewDoes gnome-cups-manager require magic to configure a parallel port printer? Seems I can only select USB ports.02:25
WsquaredDeft: I have linux-restricted-modules- installed.02:28
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WsquaredIf this contains the driver, how do I use it?  And what, then, is in nvidia-glx?02:29
jdubnvidia-glx is the X driver02:30
=== Gman___ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-1.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
m_tthew"nm looks like local issue02:32
WsquaredOK, so what do I do to get my standard 3D graphics evaluation tools (glxgears and tuxracer!) working at their best?02:32
=== guest [~guest@] has joined #ubuntu
guest(newbie here) anybody out there that might be able to help me with my ubuntu networking issues (during install)02:37
Kamionguest: go ahead and ask02:37
guestdhcp works, the resolve.conf looks correct (I alt-f2) to check this out while it was trying to contact the ubuntu network for updates ... but it doesn't work, in addition my entire LAN stops resolving after I start using ubuntu (I can go on)02:38
Kamioncan you ping the gateway?02:40
necivalStrange problem: I have "rw,user" for my /dev/sdb1 but when my user mounts it, it's read only. And for my external usb, I have the same, rw,user but when a user mounts it he can't read nor write it.02:40
guestKamion: that I didn't try, it's down now, I have to get out of ubuntu, get on my gateway and release/renew my dhcp lease for the rest of my network to get back to normal (i.e. resolve)02:41
DeftWsquared, run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86, select nvidia as your driver, dselect loading dri and glx02:41
guestKamion: gateway == router in my case ...02:41
Kamionthey're pretty much synonyms nowadays02:42
WsquaredDeft: Can I do this while running X?02:42
guestKamion: I'm going to restart the install and debug it some more, my connection should be good on my laptop, it's just that any new connections (dns attempts?) don't work after getting into ubuntu ...02:43
Deftyes, but it won't affect till you've logged out02:43
guestKamion: looks like the installation is starting over with the base reconfig, I'm in and can ping and resolve right now, so I'm guessing something gets pooched during the install ... I'm chime in when it stops working and see if the gateway ping still works or not (it is now)02:45
guestKamion: hmmm, looks like it's failing to resolve to security.ubuntu.com right now, is that service alive yet in the prerelease?02:46
Wsquarednvidia is not in the list of drivers; is this the driver provided by nvidia-glx (which I currently do not have installed)?02:46
Kamionguest: the host is alive, but the ubuntu-security repository isn't there yet02:47
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-151-50-196.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
guestKamion: update; ok things just wentout to lunch ... networking is no longer working ... I was just pinging google.com, now it has stopped, right after it finished timing out connecting to security.ubuntu.com, I can ping my gateway, but no further it appears ... any thoughts?02:48
hornbeckhas anyone had gnome-terminal just stop working?02:49
hornbeckmine stopped showing the prompt02:49
Kamionguest: I'd check /var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages as a first resort02:50
WsquaredI started running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86, but since the driver that I want is not there, I want get of the program.  There is no cancel option, and hitting escape just move to the next screen.  How do I get out of this thing?02:51
Wsquared"I want get of" == "I want to get out of"02:51
KamionWsquared: just run all the way through, if you accept all the defaults it won't change#02:53
guestKamion: lots of messages of course, weedign through them I see a few notes about IPv6, "no routers present", and that it's using IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling driver ... could this be some sort of IPv6 oddity?  In addition, I can ping google.com, but nobody else - it's like google.com is cache'd up or something ...02:54
Kamionguest: doesn't sound related02:54
=== nimeplux [~patrick@c-67-171-67-175.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
nimepluxhey, has anyone gotten gotten the IVTV driver to compile under Warty?02:55
Kamionguest: you're not behind some funky paid-for wireless thing, are you?02:55
=== Roxim [~john@dsl-017-r2.inlandnet.com] has joined #ubuntu
guestKamion: and what's totally bizarre to me is that now my laptop can no longer resolve ... it's like either A) ubuntu ticked off my router, or B) ubuntu is serving out something on my network that is ticking other clients off02:55
WsquaredWill it ask "Are you sure?" at the end?  In the very first screen, I scrolled around a bit to see what drivers were there.  I don't know where it was when I hit escape.02:55
KamionWsquared: no, but it saves a backup IIRC02:56
guestKamion: no odd wireless stuff ... normal, well working, broadband (cable modem) connection from my home ... it works (repeatablhy after I get out of unbuntu and reset my router)02:56
WsquaredCould I just kill the console?02:56
RoximHey, I am trying to install the latest nvidia drivers, but I need the kernel source.  When I try to apt-get it, it says that it can't find the package.  Any thoughts?02:57
Kamionhm, or maybe it doesn't02:57
KamionWsquared: yes02:57
Chrifferagt-got install linux-source02:57
Chriffermaybe spell it right02:57
Chrifferbut I hope you get the idea02:57
RoximChriffer: thanks, that was it.  I was trying to install kernel source. :)02:58
=== aethyr [~aethyr@dyn006612-twr2-student.cpmc.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== guest [~guest@] has joined #ubuntu
Chrifferthey renamed it for some reason, heard it mentioned earlier02:59
DeftRoxim, you don't need the kernel source if you go straight for the ubuntu packaged nvidia driver02:59
guestKamion: now my router won't even renew my lease ... does ubuntu try and run a dhcp server by default?02:59
RoximDeft:  How would I go about doing that02:59
RoximDeft: The one on the disk only gave me a screen with multicolored lines03:00
Deftyou need linux-restricted-modules-whateverkernelversion, and nvidia-glx packages03:00
Kamionguest: we don't run any servers by default ... you could check with 'ps aux | grep dh', though03:01
tsengjdub: jesse_132 all the deps should be (correctly) in now, for monodevelop03:01
Kamionwell, that's not quite true, no servers listening on open ports03:01
tsengi cant build it by hand either03:01
RoximDeft: thanks, I'll give that a shot!!!03:01
=== Roxim [~john@dsl-017-r2.inlandnet.com] has left #ubuntu []
nimepluxnm...guess I needed to unpack some of the kernel stuff and try to compile the root modules first03:03
=== aitrus [~aitrus@67-50-97-21.dsl1.chi.il.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== devoid [~neve@c-24-17-218-59.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
guestKamion: Just checked, only dhclient as you might expect.  I finally got the router to renew the lease and I can ping again, I guess what started this is I wanted to make sure I could "update" any bugfixes after I installed, is there anything to update to after the base ISO prerelease, or no?03:04
aitrusjust installed warty, and it looks great!03:06
aitrusis there a run-level/services editor?03:06
guestaitrus: there is no chkconfig that I know if, there is a debian way to manage the symlinks but the name of that script escapes me right now.03:08
tsengboys and girls, the moment youve all been waiting for03:09
tsengwe have monodevelop!03:09
guestaitrus: update-rc.d (do a man on it, I think that's what you're looking for)03:09
aitrusthanks a lot03:09
aitrusi've been a redhat user for ages, so i don't know any of the debian basics03:09
jdubtseng: have you pulled libxml? :)03:10
tsengjdub: yessir03:10
tsengmonodev going up now03:10
jdubtseng: i'd prefer not to use an alternative source that replaces stuff in main :)03:10
tsengthen you can sync and do a happy dance03:10
=== Gman___ is now known as GmanAFK
tsenglatexer gave me a patch03:11
guestIs there any easy way to make windows sticky in gnome, like KDE, so they jump/snap to the edges of other windows and the desktop borders?  I figured if I'm going to play with Ubuntu for a while I should get used to gnome for a change...03:12
WsquaredOff to see if nvidia update has worked...03:12
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
tsengok kids, update now for monodevelop..03:13
=== Afrodita [~d1n_@] has joined #ubuntu
MrPiddlzHas anyone gotten their ATi drivers to work with direct rendering yet?03:14
AfroditaPlz Help Me http://www.netwars.ru/go.php?login=patriotina03:14
hornbeckanyone know what could have caused the prompt in my terminals to go away?03:14
pondsso is it safe to add debian repositories to my sources.list in ubuntu?03:14
Deftguest, hold down shift03:14
jdubponds: no, best not to03:14
jdubponds: you should be able to get most stuff from universe03:14
pondsok, cool03:15
jdubhornbeck: some wacky pty/udev problem?03:15
hornbeckdon't know03:15
hornbeckjdub: just stopped working03:15
guestKamion: things seem to be working for now, I'm doing and apt-get update/upgrade from the restricted source to see if it's something that's been fixed, I'll reboot and cross my fingers.03:15
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
guestDeft: ? was that "hold down shift" for me? <confused>03:16
MrPiddlzNo one has gotten there ATi's with direct rendering working in ubuntu?03:16
JanneMKamion: did a bug report on the partitioning resize thing03:18
Wsquarednvidia driver doesn't seem to be working.  I installed nvidia-glx, ran dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 where I selected the nvidia driver, and deselected loading dri and glx.  But according to my careful, scientific graphics driver evaluation (run tuxracer), it didn't work.  What am I missing?03:19
WsquaredOh, and I logged out and back in again after I reconfigured the X server.03:20
Kamionguest: there have been a few updates since the preview release03:20
KamionJanneM: ta03:20
KamionJanneM: if you haven't already included /var/log/partman from the installer, I'd appreciate a copy of that03:20
=== Unfrgiven [~ankur@adsl-2-243.NSW.dft.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
MrPiddlzWsquared: Did you read your xfree86 log?03:21
guestKamion: I see that, just updated, getting ready to reboot it ...03:21
MrPiddlzAnd Why did you deslect dri and glx.03:21
MrPiddlzDon't you need that? So you can actually run the game?03:21
MrPiddlzThat's the problem I have I got not DRI suppose so no direct rendering. I have an ATi though.03:22
WsquaredI think the driver is supposed to allow these functions to be performed by the card.03:22
MrPiddlzI dunno how nvidia works but from everything I read there drivers are easy to install.03:23
WsquaredBut the real reason that I deselected them is because someone here said to!  (I already forget--was that deft?)03:23
MrPiddlzATi you gotta go through this whole mess to get them to work.03:23
goatboy_Wsquared: you'll need glx; it's GLcore and dri that you need to disable IIRC.03:23
MrPiddlzWhy don't you re do it again do glx and dri.03:24
MrPiddlzYea what goatboy said.03:24
Se7hthis chan as more users day by day03:24
=== G19 [G19@cpc1-blfs3-6-0-cust148.blfs.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
MrPiddlzHas anyone gotten ATi drivers to work? For me I can't modprobe fglrx and it won't initialize DRI03:24
JanneMKamion: will do, as soon as I figure out how to extricate it03:26
Se7htalking in drivers03:27
Se7hdoes anyone use powervr ?03:27
=== haggai_ [~halls@pD9EA647A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
guestKamion: bummer, just rebooted, it trashed my "network" again ... my laptop won't resolve, neither will my ubuntu workstation - what on earth could ubuntu be doing on boot to affect my LAN!?!?03:28
Wsquaredgoat, MrP: OK, I'll try again with dri and GLcore disabled.03:28
=== psyklops [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionguest: I'm mystified03:29
Kamionguest: is your DHCP server crashing or something?03:29
guestKamion: :) that's why I jumped on here, my DHCP server is my router box ...03:29
jdubtseng: what did you need to change for gtksourceview?03:30
tsengjdub: hm, nothing03:30
jdubtseng: 'cos you've got your own packages in the repo ;)03:30
tsengwhat version is in warty?03:30
tsengi think i was just smoking crack03:31
=== jdub put the bong down last night, you can too :)
tsengeverything else in order?03:31
jdublooks rad otherwise03:32
jdubit's ALL SASS03:32
MrPiddlzsomeone tell me really quick how to install rpms in linux?03:32
tsengrpm -ivh03:32
MrPiddlzI mean in ubuntu03:32
jdubMrPiddlz: you won't want RPMs on ubuntu03:32
MrPiddlzargh.. there's no way with these ati drivers =/03:32
tsengyes they are teh sux03:33
jdubMrPiddlz: we're getting ati drivers 03:33
=== guest [~guest@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubdon't go breaking things just yet :)03:33
MrPiddlzOh thank god!03:33
calcugh fun03:33
calcthe amd64 kernel still won't work with the keyboard on my laptop:\03:33
JanneMKamion: saw the edit on the bug - methinks perhaps that screen could be formulated slightly clearer03:33
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== calc needs to file a kernel bug
MrPiddlzjdub when are they coming out o.o03:34
aitrusare the i686 specific kernels currently missing?  when i try to install them with synaptic, it fails (404)03:34
jdubMrPiddlz: not sure, i kinda thought they should be there already03:35
Se7hcatching the wave03:36
Se7hjdub what about powervr ?03:36
MrPiddlzk then i'll just go check partition in a bit and if they are then i'll install them. 03:36
jdubSe7h: not sure03:37
jdubtseng: hey, none of your packages require those subversions, you could just remove them from your repo03:38
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
tsengjdub: yeah it seems like when i get something pulled in from sid though03:38
tsengand build against it, it gets the dep03:38
tsengso i need to rebuild03:38
tsengand i just managed to b0rk something03:38
=== jo [~jo@u81-11-191-74.adsl.scarlet.be] has joined #ubuntu
psyklopsHow do I stop nautilus from opening every directory in a new window?03:40
tsengdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libgtksourceview-common_1.0.1-2_all.deb (--unpack):03:40
Se7hjdub does those powervr.src.rpm work fine on ubuntu ?03:40
tseng trying to overwrite `/usr/share/doc-base/libgtksourceview-common', which is also in package libgtksourceview-doc03:40
johello everyone :-) Just installed ubuntu, but I'm having some problems with totem. I get no video output: "DEBUG: gstgconf: error parsing pipeline xvideosink;no element "xvideosink";GConf video sink not found, using ximagesink" 03:41
=== |Gaaruto| [~|Gaaruto|@ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-12-48.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
joany ideas?03:42
Se7hchange gsstream03:43
Se7hor install some video03:43
WsquaredMrPiddlz, goatboy_ (and anyone else):  It still doesn't work.  You were correct about GLCore and glx.  These enable software OpenGL rendering.  (It says so right in the configure program.)  So I disabled GLCore and glx, and re-enable dri, but glxgears is still running at about 380 FPS, and tuxracer is seems jumpy and coarse compared to how I've seen it before on this computer.03:43
joSe7h: I tried sdlvideosink and aasink, but those don't work either.03:43
Se7hprobably is the streamer03:44
Se7hgoogle for xine03:44
Se7hor someother player03:44
Se7hVLC is a good one03:44
Se7hvlc as almost all libs u'll need03:45
m_tthewjo: install totem-xine from universe03:45
Wsquared... The X server configuration program said that dri must be support in the kernel, the videocard, and in the installed versions of the Mesa libs.03:46
Se7hah, one thing03:47
WsquaredHow can I check if dri is supported in the installed version of the Mesa libs?03:47
goatboy_Wsquared: you have to enable glx and disable GLcore and dri.03:47
Se7hdoes anyone have unreal tournament installed?03:47
goatboy_Wsquared: nvidia's binary is special, it doesn't use dri.03:48
KamionJanneM: so if you say yes to that dialog, does it then offer you the size?03:48
psyklopsSe7h: I used to have UT200303:49
Kamioncalc: is that just a keymap thing?03:49
Se7hpsyklops what about UT03:49
JanneMKamion: yes03:49
psyklopsSe7h: if I remember right, the order of the CDs was ALL out of whack in linux03:49
JanneMKamion: it feels it really should be asking me for a size first, though03:49
psyklopsSe7h: and there was something you had to do special to stop if from trying to remount on every file03:49
Kamion_Description: Write the changes to disk and resize the partition?03:50
JanneMfirst the size, then ask to do other changes before we do the resize, then do the resize03:50
Kamion Before the resize operation takes place, the changes have to be written03:50
Kamion to disk.03:50
Kamion .03:50
Kamion You cannot undo this operation.03:50
Kamionhm, I can see your point03:50
JanneMbut since I have not specified a change yet, this sounds very strange03:50
Wsquaredgoatboy_: But the X server configuration program specifically said that GLCore and glx enable software rendering.  Isn't the point of the card to do the rendering in hardware--so these modules are not necessary?03:50
psyklopsSe7h: if you weren't referring to UT2003, I'm sorry, but I have no experience with any other UT.03:50
Se7hpsyklops i installed UT (the first one) and i got the windrv error03:50
JanneMit looks a lot like a screen was skipped03:50
KamionJanneM: I think it might be because it doesn't know how to calculate the maximum size before you've written the changes to disk03:50
JanneMand since it's about repartitioning I tend to become very paranoid about it03:51
KamionJanneM: how about if the screen were just clarified a bit?03:51
tsengjdub: youre wrong03:51
JanneMperhaps "before selecting a new size, we need to do all previously specified changes"03:51
tsengjdub: here it is:03:51
tseng Depends: ${net:Depends}, libgtksourceview-common (>= 1.0.1-3)03:51
KamionI'm a bit wary of rearranging that code03:51
JanneMKamion: yes, make it clearer at least03:51
KamionJanneM: something along those lines, yeah03:51
Kamionok, I'll look at that tomorrow then03:52
JanneMI'll post a follow up on the bug03:52
=== jo [~jo@u81-11-191-74.adsl.scarlet.be] has left #ubuntu ["Bezig]
JanneMthanks for the help!03:52
jdubtseng: what's that?03:52
tsengjdub: libgtksourceview-cil03:52
tsengfixing now03:52
goatboy_Wsquared: I'm not sure what the X configuration program says, but the nvidia-glx package provides an accelerated glx.03:53
calcKamion: no for some reason when usb is built as a module it can't see the keyboard/mouse at all03:53
Kamioncalc: ouch03:53
Kamioncalc: lucky my amd64 has a PS/2 keyboard, I guess ;)03:53
calcKamion: i managed to get all the other problems with the laptop resolved with acpi kernel maintainers help, not sure what causes this one03:53
calcKamion: it is a ps2 keyboard03:53
jdub$ apt-cache rdepends libgtksourceview-cil03:53
jdubReverse Depends:03:53
jdub  monodevelop03:53
jdub  monodevelop03:53
jdub^ tseng03:53
jdubthat explains it, i hadn't installed monodevelop :)03:53
calcfor some reason it can't see the ps2 keyboard when usb is a module03:54
=== acf [ident-user@gwyn.tux.org] has joined #ubuntu
tsengjdub: yeah03:54
jdubtseng: it ought to build against the -2 subversion03:54
tsengjdub: but the dep doesnt seem valid03:54
tsengright everything builds and runs03:54
Wsquaredgoatboy_: Yes, and I think that is why glx does not have be be done in software in X, since the card will do it.03:54
tsengits in the repo now03:54
tsengim fast like that :)03:54
=== guest [~guest@] has joined #ubuntu
tsengso.. i think we are clean03:54
calci'll have to see if the recent acpi fixes help resolve that issue in 2.6.903:54
WsquaredBut unless some combination of options can fry my video card, I guess it can't hurt to try a few more permuations...03:55
jdubtseng: rocking, yeah, all set :-)03:55
tsengthanks for all the pointers jdub 03:55
Kamioncalc: ah, usbcore isn't modular in the Ubuntu amd64 kernels03:55
calcKamion: iirc uhci has to be built non modular as well03:55
Kamionuhci's modular for us03:55
Kamionall seemed to work fine, as I say03:56
calcthere were tons of acpi issues with the laptop so i will check to see if a current bk kernel works right03:56
Se7h227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,0,3,8,245)03:57
Se7hLIST -aL03:57
Se7h553 Invalid file or directory.03:57
Se7hInvalid response '5' received from server.03:57
acfcan i boot the ubuntu cd in rescue mode or something? i've installed it twice now in vmware, and both times, grub fails with error 18, i think it was03:57
Se7hcan't see what is cause03:57
WsquaredBefore I start trying more combinations of options, is there a definite way for me to test that the graphics hardware acceleration is up and running?  Something more than running tuxracer and thinking "It seems slow"?03:58
Kamionacf: boot normally, run through the interface up to the beginning of the partitioning step, switch to tty2, mount your installed filesystem somewhere, chroot03:58
guestSo, I'm in gnome, and I fire up a xterm, and type runlevel, and it says, "N 2" ... seems like an oddly low runlevel for a GUI environment (i.e. instead of 5 or 6) ... any useful reason?03:58
goatboy_Wsquared: glxinfo | grep direct03:58
acfany idea why it happened?03:58
Kamionacf: it's a little overcomplex but it's the easiest way that exists at the moment03:58
Kamionguest: Debian has always been like that, you're just used to Red Hat-derived systems :)03:59
Kamionguest: in Debian-style distributions, runlevels 2, 3, 4, and 5 are identical by default, and it's the sysadmin's prerogative to customize them however they like03:59
Wsquaredgoatboy_: Thanks. Heres what I got:03:59
Wsquareddirect rendering: No03:59
WsquaredOpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect03:59
guestKamion: thanks, I can sleep now :)04:00
=== sanxiyn [tinuviel@] has joined #ubuntu
goatboy_Wsquared: that means it's renedering in software right now.04:00
goatboy_you want "direct rendering: Yes"04:00
=== SkeXis [~SkeXis@pcp09580229pcs.rtchrd01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Wsquaredgoatboy_: I'm still wondering about the comment in the X configuration program about the mesa libraries.  In synaptic I see a package mesag3, which I do not have installed.  04:03
Kamioncalc: has pure64 got an equivalent of the patch in #272386?04:03
calcKamion: not sure04:04
calcits unrelated to my issue, but not sure if it is applied on pure64 or not04:05
goatboy_Wsquared: you don't want mesa (software-only on nvidia cards), nvidia-glx should provide its own libGL.04:05
Wsquared... but now I see that I have xlibmesa-dri and xlibmesa-gl.04:05
Kamioncalc: yeah, I know, your issue just reminded me of it04:05
Kamionpure64 doesn't seem to have, but I only filed it today :)04:05
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-30-93.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-151-50-196.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
hornbeckI need some help trying to fix my console issue04:07
hornbeckgot any takers?04:07
guesthornbeck: I'm listening04:08
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== claviola [~claviola@claviola.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
hornbeckguest: I have no prompt on any console04:10
hornbeckit just stopped working04:11
hornbeckI have been through my logs04:11
hornbeckgnome-terminal will launch but no prompt, same with aterm04:11
guesthornbeck: so it's no longer a default install, can you execute commands? (i.e. is just the prompt text missing, or is the term not working)04:11
hornbeckvirtual consoles are fine04:11
hornbeckcannot execute command04:11
hornbeckit will let me type but it just sits there04:12
guesthornbeck: so it's hung, interesting ... any changes to you .bashrc (and related) files?04:12
=== sanxiyn [tinuviel@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
hornbecknot that I know of04:12
hornbeckit was my bashrc04:13
hornbeckman I hate stupid mistakes04:13
guesthornbeck: great ...04:13
claviolaso, what's particularly different about ubuntu other than its goals (which I've already read)?04:13
JanneMhornbeck: when you are responsible, they aren't "stupid mistakes", they are "valuable learning experiences"04:14
claviolafrom debian, I mean.04:14
hornbeckJanneM: I will have to remember that04:14
guestclaviola: I for one am enamored with the simplicity of the visual interface, and the menu layout - as well as the default packages (one, and really only one for each task)04:14
=== rexi_boy [~REXI@203-213-16-154-qld.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
rexi_boyhi there04:14
hornbeckclaviola: from what I have seen, better hardware detection and more of a updated desktop04:14
=== jesse_132 [~jdandr2@12-203-179-57.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
claviolaguest: oh, there's "a" visual interface?04:15
JanneMclaviola: frequent updates04:15
hornbeckrexi_boy: ih04:15
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
claviolaJanneM: well, that's where debian unstable kicks in, actually04:15
claviolabut it is nice to have a debian-based distro that "takes care of stuff for you"04:15
jesse_132when will ubuntu get gtkspell 2.0.6 or greater... is there a reason only to have 2.0.5 (2.0.6 is when squiggily underline for misspell became default)04:15
rexi_boytrying out ubuntu for amd64 and got some problem configuring x...04:15
JanneMah, but this is frequent _and_ fully supported04:15
claviolaProgeny tried this and failed, I sure hope the Ubuntu guys succeed.04:15
Kamionhornbeck: most of the hardware detection improvements have been in the area of X04:16
claviolaI'm waiting for the CDs from shipit to arrive, if they ever do, so I give it a good shot :-P04:16
Wsquaredgoatboy_: So far, none of the combinations worked. 04:16
Kamionoh, and some extra drivers we've added to our kernel04:16
claviolawait, wait04:16
Kamionfor most other things we're trying to stay roughly on a par with Debian04:16
guestclaviola: have you taken a look at the 80+ screenshots?04:16
Kamion(hardware detection-wise)04:16
claviolaguest: screenshots are meaningless04:16
claviolaKamion: you've left debian?04:17
Kamionclaviola: ?04:17
Kamionclaviola: hell no04:17
claviolaoh good04:17
Kamionclaviola: I'm both a Debian developer and an Ubuntu developer04:17
WsquaredHey, if I am using nvidia-glx, and I've selected the nvidia drive in the X configuration, why don't I get the NVIDIA splash screen?04:17
claviolathat means I can be part of both projects?04:17
rexi_boyany one here tried the amd64?04:17
Kamionrexi_boy: yup04:17
Kamionrexi_boy: the automatic resolution detection stuff doesn't work on amd64 yet04:17
claviolaKamion: it's just that you're not joined to any debian channels, so I had assumed you had resigned04:17
rexi_boyKamion was x setup right away?04:17
claviolanot even #debian-not-so-secret-anymore04:18
Kamionclaviola: I'm on four Debian channels at the moment04:18
claviolaall +s, I take it04:18
rexi_boyKamion what did you do to get it right?04:18
goatboy_Wsquared: you're using the nvidia driver, not nv, right?04:18
Kamionclaviola: I've avoided #debian-devel on Freenode for a long time; I'm on that channel on OFTC04:18
Kamionrexi_boy: just picked the resolutions I wanted to have, seemed to get lucky from that point on04:19
jdubclaviola: (CDs won't arrive until end of octoberish, after the final release)04:19
claviolagod, everyone is part of ubuntu04:19
claviolajeff waugh04:19
rexi_boygot an error message about module v41... and can't find screen04:19
claviolawho's behind this "canonical ltd.", by the way?04:19
jdubclaviola: www.canonical.com04:20
Wsquaredgoatboy_: Yes, each time I run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86, I select the nvidia driver.04:20
aitrusare there any common issues with graphical boot not working (not showing - not grub, but the boot process)?04:21
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
claviolajdub: okay, I see the website, but the isle of man pobox, albeit nifty, doesn't give me much info.04:21
jdubclaviola: did you see my interviews on zdnet and osnews?04:22
guestaitrus: graphical boot like bootsplash, or like the traditional grub menu?04:22
claviolaI'll check osnews, tis less annoying.04:22
rexi_boywhat's the best way to get nvidia drivers on ubuntu? 04:22
claviolajdub: do you have a link?04:23
claviolaaha, found it.04:23
guestaitrus: dunno, didn't get that far, didn't come up by default so I assume it wasn't a prepatched kernel thing ... did you try to patching the bootsplash stuff already? (has anyone?)04:23
aitruswell, i noticed that the default kernel line has "splash"04:24
Wsquaredrexi_boy: If you mean graphics card drivers, that's what I'm trying to figure out right now.04:24
aitrusso maybe i assumed too much along those lines... =)04:24
acfwhat do i need to give grub for "install DEVICE" when my device is /dev/hda1?04:24
acfi'm more familliar with lilo04:24
aitrus(hd0,0) usually04:25
rexi_boyWsquared yes, really easy with gentoo :)04:25
Wsquared... I'm not having much luck.04:25
rexi_boyacf hd0,004:25
guestaitrus: hmm never seen "splash" alone on the grub kernel line, the bootsplash ususally looks like "vga=791 splash=silent" (or similar)04:26
rexi_boyseems to me that ubuntu still got lots of issues with x, I might leave it for a while... :)04:26
Se7hYou do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "Windows Network: sinner".04:27
Se7h(trying to access local network)04:27
Se7hanyone can give an hint on this?04:27
rexi_boyliked the idea of gnome 2.8 and amd64 though04:27
acferr, it says invalid device requested... 04:27
acf(actually, i was going after /dev/sda1, i realized)04:27
acfbut like04:27
=== tvon|x31 has zero problems with Ubuntu
acfinstall sd0,0 doesn't work, either04:27
rexi_boyacf what are you trying to do?04:28
guestSe7h: do tell?04:28
Wsquaredrexi_boy: There are a lot of packages related to nvidia. In particular, I think nvidia-glx is what I want.  I installed it, and the "nvdivia" driver showed up in the list of drivers when I configure the X server, but I still don't get hardware acceleration.04:28
acfi installed ubuntu in vmware, but grub didn't install right04:28
acfso i've rebooted, and ch'rooted to the install04:28
acfam running grub now04:28
Se7hguest hum ?04:28
acfit needs to know where to install04:29
Kamionaitrus: 'splash' is a bit of a legacy which we've left there because we'll probably want it later04:29
Kamionaitrus: we do not do bootsplash currently04:29
rexi_boyWsquared did nvidia-glx also installed nvidia-kernel?04:29
aitrusahhh... thanks04:30
=== aitrus feels a bit silly now... =)
=== punkass [~punkass@S01060040f47277e5.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== stratus [~stratus@201008090033.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
rexi_boyacf what's your grub.conf showing?04:31
Wsquaredrexi_boy: nvidia-kernel-common was already installed before I installed nvidia-glx.04:31
Se7hhow do i give my user the permission to access a local network pc?04:31
Kamionrexi_boy: the v4l message is harmless, can't find screen obviously isn't04:31
acfthere isn't one on the ubuntu install04:31
acf(which worried me a little bit ;))04:31
Kamion/boot/grub/menu.lst surely?04:32
rexi_boyacf it might be menu.lst04:32
guestSe7h: more detail? how are you trying to access it? ssh? samba? other?04:32
rexi_boyKamion yeh, I disabled v41 but can't get screen to work, don't know why...04:32
acfoh, ok04:33
acfi was looking in /etc :)04:33
Kamionrexi_boy: there'll probably be warnings further up ...04:33
acfi see two kernels, regular ubuntu, and a recovery one04:33
acfboth say (hd0,0)04:33
Se7hguest by windows protocol04:33
=== acf fools around a bit
Se7hsudenly i forgot how it's called04:34
rexi_boyKamion I run XF86config and went through the setting saved it and no luck, I have setup a few x's b 4 but this one is a doozy...04:35
punkassanyone know where i set how long etc it takes for the lcd screen to go off...when the laptop is unpluged?04:37
acfi found grub-install :)04:39
acfhandy little script, that04:39
rexi_boyacf that's wht I like grub...04:40
acfit didn't seem to help, though :)04:41
acfstill getting error 18, in what is presumably stage1.504:41
WsquaredIs there a way to find out the driver currently being used by X? 04:41
rexi_boyso, anyone here had problems configuring x during install?04:41
WsquaredI mean besides looking in the configuration file.04:42
mdzrexi_boy: works for me04:42
rexi_boymdz what's ur hardware?04:42
mdzrexi_boy: amd64, nvidia geforce 550004:43
rexi_boyWsquared can't you look in the packge manager?04:43
mdzWsquared: the configuration file is the place to look04:43
=== punkass [~punkass@S01060040f47277e5.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
rexi_boymdz amd64 geforce 6800, don't think this should make a differance though...04:44
Wsquaredrexi_boy: I was just wondering if there was a to check that X is actually using the nvidia driver.  I'm not getting the nvidia splash screen that I got when I used the nvidia graphics driver under Libranet.04:45
mdzrexi_boy: I wouldn't be surprised; that card is newer I assume04:45
=== MrPiddles [~tonito@adsl-065-006-207-248.sip.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunWsquared: if X is currently running, check the log file04:45
MrPiddlesK does anyone know what "/dev/dri/card0" is ?04:45
MrPiddlesI am reading my log file to getting my ATi to work in ubuntu and the reason it can't go on it can't find a device node name "/dev/dri/card0" any ideas?04:46
=== jesse_132 [~jdandr2@12-203-179-57.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
rexi_boyWsquared try glxinfo | egrep rendering04:47
rexi_boywhat's the output?04:48
=== chutwig [~edmundrhu@nat01-easton-ext.Rutgers.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
WsquaredI don't see any times or dates in the log file. Does X create a new log file each time it runs?04:49
crimsuneverytime it's restarted, yes.04:49
guestAnybody seen this usb.rc error during boot, "drivers/usb/input/hid-core.c: usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed" - this happens whenever I have my USB hub (built in to my monitor) plugged in, if I unplug it then ubuntu boots fine (any thoughts on troubleshooting this?)04:49
chutwighello friends04:49
chutwigquick question about this ISO: is it complete, or will it still need to get a lot of stuff from repositories?04:50
Wsquaredrexi_boy: direct rendering: no04:50
mdzchutwig: it contains everything which is installed by default, and a few things which aren't04:50
chutwigmdz: good enough for me04:50
mdzwhich means it has a full-featured desktop system04:50
chutwigis it using x.org?04:50
mdzno, we're going to x.org after the release04:50
chutwigvery good04:50
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
rexi_boyWsquared pm me with your x conf04:51
chutwigi'm interested to see how much more painless this is compared to installing sarge04:52
WsquaredI reconfigured X using the command dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86.  Do I have to do anything else, or will my changes take place as soon as I log out and back in?04:52
crimsunchutwig: i found it easier to install than sarge.04:52
guestAnybody know an easy way to turn off syncing my hardware clock?  My dual boot Windows partition of course doesn't like that - suggestions?04:52
chutwigcrimsun: i didn't have any problems installing sarge, so i don't know how much easier it could get04:52
rexi_boyWsquared did you restart the x server?04:52
crimsunchutwig: did you have to apt-get install x-window-system-core msttcorefonts, then configure your fonts, perhaps install a desktop environment and/or window manager, etc.?04:53
Wsquaredrexi_boy: Does logging out and back in not restart X?  (Should I be looking for that "embarassed" smiley?)04:53
chutwigWsquared: kill the X server with ctrl-alt-backspace04:54
=== burnboy [~burnboy@wbar2.chi1-4-10-098-123.chi1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
chutwiglogging out doesn't kill the server if you're using gdm or something like that04:54
rexi_boyWsquared no.04:54
chutwigcrimsun: only the core fonts, but i last used linux around 2.3.50, so things seem way easier now even if they're harder than they really should be04:54
claviolaoh, I see now that ubuntu is quite not-like-debian.04:54
WsquaredI'm using whatever ubuntu set up.  Back in a bit...04:54
claviolathere's nothing volunteer here, which may be good, may be bad04:54
JanneMclaviola: in a good way or bad?04:55
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
chutwigif it doesn't involve 3 hours of staring at a terminal trying to figure out which module your network card works with, it seems easy to me04:55
mdzclaviola: that's not the case at all. what gave you that impression?04:55
crimsunchutwig: you don't even have to mess with fonts in ubuntu.04:55
claviolaJanneM: I thought it was just a set of developers that became frustrated with some of the shortcomings and decided to create a spinoff, which would've been cool.  It is cool, but it's not an open process, unfortunately.04:55
JanneMclaviola: you have a company as backer, just like for fedora, mandrake or suse04:55
chutwigcrimsun: well, that's good04:55
JanneMclaviola: well, I think that's exactly what happened04:55
claviolaJanneM: read that04:56
chutwigi remember the heady days of running ttfmkdir and spending hours picking out the fonts it didn't like04:56
JanneMand the spinoff is in the form of a company04:56
mdzclaviola: there is a *lot* of misinformation in that article04:56
mdzclaviola: about Canonical, Ubuntu and Mar04:56
claviolamdz: no big deal.  I'm just a bit disappointed, since I were expecting something that isn't what it is04:57
mdzclaviola: Ubuntu is absolutely a community project with an open development process that is getting started now04:57
claviolaI know.04:57
stratusbut who's behind canonical ltd? mark?04:57
JanneMand the devels04:57
claviolayeah, that's the main thing for me. everything about this "canonical" seems shady.04:58
claviolathere are no names anywhere.04:58
stratusthe same for me.04:58
acfstill error 1804:58
acfeven after --force-lba04:58
stratusthe canonical website is almost empty.04:58
claviolaJanneM: if one were curious to know who is behind their favorite new gnu/linux distribution, they wouldn't be able to do so without extensive googling.04:59
claviolaeven a whois for canonical.com is devoid of information.04:59
mdzguys, we only publicised our existence 4 days ago. :-)04:59
stratusclaviola, i didn't extensive googling to come with that url above that i paste to you. :)04:59
mdzthe websites and other resources are still getting up to speed04:59
subterrifica company with an empty website is not shady04:59
stratusmdz, np i'm just curious.04:59
crimsungoogle _never_ lies, heh04:59
guestkeep up the good work guys, night ...04:59
subterrificshady is some guy trying to sell you real estate over the phone04:59
claviolamdz: oh, 4 days?05:00
stratussubterrific, i didn't said shady, claviola did.05:00
whiprushI don't care if I know or not, I like the distro itself.05:00
claviolaI thought I were way behind things, as usual05:00
subterrificstratus: then i wasn't talking to you05:00
mdz2004-09-15 was our first public announcement to the community at large05:00
stratussubterrific, but i said 'empty website'.05:00
JanneMclaviola: you have exacly the same situation with any smaller entity05:01
claviolasubterrific: okay, okay, bad choice of words.  "awkward".  better?05:01
claviolaeveryone that I *know* now to be involved with the project is extremely trustworthy, though05:01
claviolaso I only expect good things to come out of it05:01
mdzthere are links for feedback at the bottom of both canonical.com and ubuntulinux.org, and the folks who are working hard on building the sites are interested in what information you would like to find there05:02
subterrificanyone who has started a small company knows that it takes time to create a full website05:02
claviolathe emphasis should've been on "now".05:02
JanneMclaviola: I agree that the canonical website could use a real presentation of the company05:02
stratusmdz, btw who's involved from south america?05:02
claviolasubterrific: vi employees.html05:02
mdzstratus: a handful of folks in brazil05:02
subterrifici've been with a company for over a year and our website consists of one page with our logo05:02
stratusmdz, hmm brazil? sounds interesting...05:02
subterrificpeople are busy doing more important things05:02
JanneMclaviola: except there are workplace and privcy rules regarding when and how and why to expose employees in promotional material05:02
calcok current bk kernel still doesn't like my keyboard :\05:02
stratusmdz, maybe i known them because i'm from Brazil.05:03
claviolastratus: sounds like we've been left out :-)05:03
=== calc will have to file a bug
stratusclaviola, yes.05:03
claviolaheh.  I'm not looking for a job though05:03
JanneMclaviola: the moment you are a company, things start to become a little more involved05:03
claviolaJanneM: SPI is a company.05:03
claviolain a way.05:03
mdzthere will be personal web pages and blogs and such for Canonical folks soon05:03
claviolasoftware in the public interest, debian's umbrella non-profit organization.05:03
whiprushany idea when the -devel branch will open? After the warty release?05:04
JanneMwell, they've had more time to get organized05:04
mdzwhiprush: yes, probabyl after the release, though maybe slightly before05:04
=== JanneM is now known as JanneMGone
=== wido [~wido@matrix.heim7.tu-clausthal.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkassok i want to know if the acpi scirpt is working..it seems to be sometimes but not others05:08
punkassanyone know how to check the current status of hdparm?05:08
punkassto see what the different flags are set at?05:09
punkassi know -I gives you lots of info but not what the current flags are set at05:09
chutwigjust do hdparm /dev/hdwhatever05:10
Wsquaredrexi_boy and others: Restarting X was a disaster!  OK, not really a disaster, but it didn't work.  X wouldn't restart, so I had to manually edit the X config file, then kill and restart gdm. 05:11
=== Dashiva [~matt@c-67-166-152-8.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== claviola wonders if canonical is inc.'ed on the isle of man because it is a tax heaven.
punkassor where i can look to set the time of the screen going off05:12
punkasschutwig: that doesnt say it either05:12
chutwigpunkass: what information are you looking for, specifically?05:12
=== coren [~coren@ip77.country-lakes.chi.ygnition.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== elmaya is now known as maya|gone
punkasswhen the scipt is run it sets -B to 1 and -S to 1205:12
WsquaredCould some lay out the steps that I should be following to get the nvidia graphics driver working?  What do I install, and what do I run?  The driver is there, so I assume it is possible.05:12
punkassi want to see if it actually doing it05:13
KamionI have posted one or two things to the Isle of Man, so it mustn't be a completely empty officeless installation there05:13
chutwigyou'll have to tell me what those options do, i'm on a mac right now05:13
punkass-B: set Advanced PowerManagement feature05:13
punkass-S: Set the standby (spindown) timout of the drive05:14
punkassWsquared: apt-get install nvidia-glx, edit /etc/modules add   nvidia , edit XF86config-4 change "nv" to "nvidia"05:15
Wsquaredpunkass: Aha! "edit /etc/modules".  That part is new to me.05:15
chutwigshould he need to reboot?05:15
chutwigi'm thinking he could modprobe it in right there05:16
Dashivathat's what i did05:16
Dashivamodprobe + ctrl alt backspace05:16
punkasswell he could just restart his X-server05:16
chutwiglucky for me i have a 7-year-old rage 12805:16
punkassbut when i tried it, it failed05:16
chutwigno worries for me, i hope05:16
punkassso i just rebooted05:16
WsquaredSo "modprobe nvidia" should work?05:16
Dashivaalso...anyone know why the mouse moves so much faster in debian X installs05:16
punkassbut u have to restart X05:16
=== cybrjackle|lappy [~cybrjackl@CPE-65-28-47-173.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
masqueradehmm, anyone know if there's a bakasub package for ubuntu?05:17
subterrificclaviola: probably05:18
WsquaredI didn't know about the kernel module.  I've been using dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 to select the nvidia drive, and to disable loading GLCore and glx.  Is that part correct?05:18
chutwigthis desk is nowhere near large enough for 2 keyboards :(05:18
punkasschutwig: so any thoughts on the -B -S thing?05:18
subterrificsame reason why 90% of US companies are delaware companies05:18
chutwigpunkass: my only thought is maybe try setting another flag like -c or -d and see if that change shows up05:18
Kamionchutwig: heh, try two monitors, two laptops, and two keyboards ...05:18
chutwigi have the two monitor thing going05:19
chutwigwell, one external monitor next to my powerbook05:19
chutwigthen the linux machine is on the floor05:19
=== sabo [~ryan@AC87867F.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
punkassone keyboard, two mice, two monitors and and one laptop05:19
chutwigtwo keyboards, two mice, a monitor, a laptop, and my collection of sand frogs05:19
chutwigand the MX900 cradle that is so inordinately fond of falling off the desk05:20
punkassok how about this, i want the lcd to go out after a certain time of inactivity...when unplugged...where would i look?05:22
chutwigxscreensaver settings, i think05:22
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
punkassyeah but those are used for when its plugged in too05:22
chutwigoh, you're talking about a laptop, my bad05:23
punkassi want the monitor to shut off quicker when its unplugged05:23
=== Oolong [~swan@63-228-161-84.cdrr.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkasslol well i got the lcd to turn off as soon as its unplugged...doesnt help much :)05:26
=== bolivar [~bolivar@host-193-246-220-24.midco.net] has joined #ubuntu
chutwignothing in life or linux comes easy05:27
punkassyeah..well on my main comp..ubuntu was a breeze05:28
punkassits these evil laptop05:28
bolivarwhat brand punk?05:28
bolivarjust wondering05:28
punkassdell d60005:29
punkassactually most stuff was pretty good.05:29
bolivarwhats not working?05:30
punkassjust trying to get acpi stuff to work right05:30
=== joker [~joker@208-59-120-208.c3-0.129-ubr3.lnh-129.md.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
chutwigi thought i remembered seeing some sort of special kernel kajiggery necessary on some dell laptops05:30
punkasswhen unplugged i want the monitor to go off after a certain about of time05:30
hornbeckI use a 600m which is pretty close to the d60005:30
=== tseng too 600m
jokerhey, can anyone help me configure a wireless card, i just installed ubuntu and when i do iwconfig it says no wirelses extensions next to all the devices it lists05:30
hornbeckwhat kind of card05:31
jokerits a pci linksys05:31
punkasswell the xscreensaver seems to be sorta on and off too...doesnt always come on05:31
mdzpunkass: dell laptop; did you run into the IRQ7 issue? (#1254)05:31
hornbeckjoker: never messed with wireless pci05:31
punkassyeah, that disabled lpt fixed my sound and wireless05:32
jokerneither have i, thats why im having some trouble05:32
punkassand when i closed the lid it would just stay black...fixed that by adding  nolapic to grub05:32
mdzpunkass: I'm trying to figure out how we can make that Just Work05:32
mdzpunkass: so basically, the Dell BIOS assigns other devices to IRQ7, it seems?05:33
mdzpunkass: does pci=noacpi help?05:33
punkassi tried apci=off that just made things worse05:33
punkasshavent tried that one tho05:33
punkasssee! bizarre...my lcd just turned off..05:34
hornbeckwhat in acpi does not work?05:34
tsengdont do acpi=off that sucks05:34
tsengpci=noacpi fixes it here05:34
punkassfixes which one?05:34
mdztseng: could you add a note to the bug to that effect?05:35
punkassah..ok well that one seems fine now...i disabled lpt in my bios05:35
hornbeckI just disabled the parellel port05:35
mdzmaybe we should default pci=noacpi on these BIOSes05:35
mdzthey really shouldn't assign things to irq705:35
punkassi am just trying to find out if there is different settings for when the laptop is plugged/unplugged for how long it takes for the screen to turn off05:36
punkasshmm but now it seems to be fine..bizarre..05:36
punkassnolapic   also fixed my  acpi_power_down called   problem05:37
mdzpunkass: yes, there are05:37
punkasswhere it wouldnt shutdown all the way05:37
mdzthe default is 2 minutes on battery, 10 minutes on AC05:37
punkassah..where is that?05:37
mdz/etc/acpi/power.sh, of all places05:37
punkasslol i was just there....how did i miss that05:38
chutwigso what's the long-term plan for ubuntu?05:38
punkassi am going to throw this aopen router out the window..05:38
punkassoh did i say that outloud..;)05:39
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== joker [~joker@208-59-120-208.c3-0.129-ubr3.lnh-129.md.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
jokerone more easier question, how and where do you set the root password?05:39
mdzchutwig: to provide a free, open, technically excellent operating system with a well-integrated and usable desktop environment05:39
mdzjoker: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/helpcenterfaq.2004-09-15.5722653677/faq_view05:40
chutwigwell, yeah05:40
hornbeckjoker: no root passwor05:40
hornbeckjust use sudo05:40
Wsquaredpunkass:  Thanks for you help with the nvidia driver.  It is now working, and Tux is smoothly sliding down the slopes in tuxracer.05:40
jokerhow do you use apt-get with sudo?05:40
punkassmdz: i dont see them in there (power.sh)05:40
chutwigi meant is ubuntu going to have anything specific that distinguishes it, like special configuration utilities or any of that jazz05:40
mdzpunkass: the 'xset dpms' commands05:40
punkassWsquared: no prob05:40
subterrificjoker: sudo su -05:40
hornbecksudo apt-get install05:40
subterrificsudo su - will give you a root term05:40
subterrificwithout enabling root05:40
subterrificits very sexy05:41
claviolasudo -s, folks.05:41
punkassah the numbers at the end are seconds?05:41
mdzchutwig: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/ attempts to explain some of that05:41
chutwigit's definitely a lot safer to disable root05:41
subterrificsudo su -05:41
subterrificis better05:41
jokerit asks for a password when i do sudo su05:41
claviola       -s  The -s (shell) option runs the shell specified by the SHELL environment variable if it is set or the shell as specified in05:41
claviola           passwd(5).05:41
claviolajoker: "sudo -s".05:41
chutwigjoker: that's your user password05:41
subterrificjoker: type in your password05:41
chutwigOS X comes with the root account disabled, so i got used to sudo'ing for everything05:41
jokeri see05:42
subterrificclaviola: sudo su - is better than sudo -s because you get the root's environment05:42
claviolasubterrific: it does the same, actually.05:42
subterrificnormal user might not have certain things in their PATH like /sbin05:42
mdzthe only bit of root's environment that I generally want is HOME05:42
mdzi.e., sudo -s -H05:42
mdzsubterrific: in Ubuntu, sbin is always in the PATH :-)05:42
chutwighow about /usr/local/bin05:42
chutwigthank god05:43
claviolaoh, nm.05:43
Kamion/usr/local/bin should be in $PATH in any sane distribution05:43
chutwigdebian laughed at my futile efforts to convince bash to add it to my path05:43
Kamionchutwig: uh, it's in the default $PATH in Debian too05:44
Kamion$ grep local /etc/profile05:44
punkasswell if these lcd shut off works then i think all is well05:44
chutwigKamion: er, i'm thinking of the sbin directories05:44
Kamionah yes05:44
punkasshad to use the radeontool for the lid operation tho..05:44
punkasswhich actually works pretty good05:44
Kamionwell, it shouldn't be necessary to have sbin in a mortal user's $PATH; we did it at least partially as a stopgap measure, I think05:45
punkassbut isnt things like   ifconfig  in /sbin05:45
KamionI don't think we should cease efforts to make /bin+/usr/bin be sensible05:45
claviolaI don't know why not have /sbin and /usr/sbin in the path.05:45
mdzwe did it because the distinction is not sanely implemented in modern unices05:45
chutwigyeah, i mostly got annoyed having to type /sbin/ifconfig over and over again05:45
mdzmaybe that will change and we won't need it anymore05:46
punkasschutwig: i hear that05:46
claviolaI remember flamewars about moving traceroute out of /usr/sbin, so it's unlikely.05:46
claviolamaybe in ubuntu, though.05:46
chutwigi'm so used to BSD device names now05:46
Kamionclaviola: that was a single maintainer ...05:46
chutwigi forgot eth0 wasn't named en005:46
Kamionthe FHS is very clear about how the world should be; it's just that the world isn't that way yet05:46
chutwigsup ponds05:46
Kamion       Deciding what things go into "sbin" directories is simple: If a normal05:46
Kamion       (not a system administrator) user will ever run it directly, then it05:46
Kamion       should be placed in one of the "bin" directories.  Ordinary users should05:46
Kamion       not have to place any of the sbin directories in their path.05:46
pondshows it going05:46
KamionI note that ip(8) is in /bin05:46
chutwigoh fine, ubuntu is slowly installing on my crapbox05:47
mdzyes, and getting into the habit of using ip(8) is a good idea anyway05:47
subterrificugh, flash is such a pos05:47
pondscool, im really enjoying ubuntu05:47
mdzKamion: are you up early or up late?05:47
chutwigi got banned from #linux, they got upset when i started defending OS X :)05:47
Kamionmdz: late; just off to bed now ...05:47
pondsnice haha05:47
Kamionmdz: you should know by now that I'm not one of these early-to-rise freaks ;)05:47
chutwigthey're a cheerful sort in there05:47
mdzKamion: true05:48
=== moquist [~moquist@pool-64-223-174-80.man.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
chutwigi wish i had a faster computer for linux than a 7-year-old pentium 205:50
chutwigoh well05:50
punkassmdz: now the laptop has been sitting unplugged for about 10mins and the screen has not shut off05:50
=== doobie [~doobie@c-67-162-98-137.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkasschutwig: thats why have a couple extra HD's05:50
punkasssame comp, diff drives05:50
chutwigpunkass: i have extra hard drives connected to here, but they're all in use for things already05:50
doobieWhats up all05:50
chutwigplus the linux machine is really just a computer to mess around with, i don't use it for anything serious, so it's not really worth investing money into05:51
chutwigand what are you going to do to a P2-266 anyway, there's not much that can be done for it now05:51
punkassyeah thats why i like switching drives..cuz then i get to use my main comp for linux too05:51
punkasslol true05:51
chutwigpersonally i prefer to keep the mac sacrosanct and away from what i mess around with05:52
chutwigjust so i can be sure that i always have a working computer05:52
punkassyeah...side of my case is open...always unplug my ide from working drive :)05:52
chutwigthat computer running linux is hardcore05:53
chutwig440LX power05:53
chutwigi had to put in a separate IDE controller for the hard drive because the onboard one had a tendency to flip out and send the hard drive into endless power-save cycles05:54
punkasslol nice05:54
chutwiggot woken up at 8 in the morning by the computer rattling and going clunk clank clunk clank clunk clank05:54
punkasschutwig: arnt most people up at 8 in the morning ;)05:55
chutwigi'm on college time05:55
punkasslol 05:55
=== psyklops [~john@] has left #ubuntu []
pondsso usplash isnt ready yet i take it?05:55
punkass10 oclock classes05:55
chutwigi have a 9:50 this semester twice a week, it's brutal05:56
=== m_tthew [matt@iorek.ice-nine.org] has left #ubuntu []
chutwigi skip it half the time anyway05:56
punkasseww i had a 8:30 last semseter...it was evil05:56
chutwigin exchange for the 9:50 i managed to get two days off each week05:56
Se7h?- class at 1pm05:57
calc9:50 early?05:57
chutwigi really need to find a job because otherwise i'm going to go insane from boredom05:57
calciirc i had 7am classes at one point05:57
punkassmdz: so the lcd shut off does not seem to be working now05:57
chutwigwhen i worked during the summer 9:50 would have been astonishingly late05:57
pondsi have 8 am classes :(05:57
chutwigit's funny, during the summer i get up early and then when i come back to school i start getting up late again05:57
calc8am classes were normal for me, was done with the day usually by 1-2pm05:57
chutwigi'm done by 6 monday and wednesday and at 7 on thursday05:58
chutwigevening classes are okay with me, the night classes i had last semester made me want to kill myself, though05:58
punkassi had an evil 5:20-9:30 class (nite)05:58
punkassby the end i was falling asleep05:58
chutwigmy longest class is the 4:30-7:10 grad class i have once a week on thursday05:58
calcnight classes are sometimes better since some instructors seem to go easier on working adults05:59
chutwigi hated the subject material as well, so that didn't help05:59
chutwigbut this grad class i have this semester is an interesting class, plus it's on the history of the german language and i'm the only linguist in there, so i have an advantage over everyone else05:59
chutwigso it's a nice way to end the week05:59
chutwigubuntu seems determined to download as much stuff as possible and put me over my transfer limits06:03
torysup chutwig :O06:04
chutwigsup who r u 8)06:05
toryubuntu is fucking awesome :-)06:05
pondshello hello.jpg06:05
torywhoa sup 06:05
chutwigi have another 388 megs of archives to download06:05
=== Zarquon [~Nyarlatho@68-190-201-37.sb-eres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
chutwigand then i have about 200 megs of transfer to survive on for the week06:06
=== radeon- [Some@pool-68-163-10-146.phil.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
radeon-o wow ubuntu let me in on this06:06
chutwigactually, no, wait, i can't read06:06
chutwigoh shit it's radeon06:06
radeon-hey chutwig06:06
radeon-long time no see06:06
pondsoh shit06:06
radeon-Not much, you06:07
chutwigthis is a total fag reunion06:07
chutwiginstalling ubuntu06:07
radeon-Why dont you come to zirc anymore?06:07
chutwigbecause it's goddamn lame06:07
pondsradeon-: how do i get into #you-know-what06:07
torychutwig: :(06:07
radeon-what you want to be let in on it?06:07
=== pills_ [~anon@adsl-68-125-78-84.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Zarquonponds: it's $5 for the first minute06:07
chutwigbunch of linux trolls06:07
Zarquonand $2 for each additional minute06:07
radeon-chutwig i still havent gotten my mac haha06:07
pondsi stayed off irc for a week and i am out of the loop06:07
radeon-but soon enough!06:07
chutwigmy girlfriend has a powerbook now and my sister has an ibook06:08
chutwigand i intend to have an imac g5 on my dad's desk by this time next year06:08
radeon-Did they come out yet?06:08
radeon-i remember seeing pics06:08
chutwigyeah, i played with one at the menlo apple store06:08
radeon-of the resembelance to a iPod06:08
chutwigit was nice06:08
radeon-if i had 1600 dollars to spend (which i dont)06:09
radeon-i'd almost consider getting one06:09
chutwigthey seem like nice little machines06:09
chutwigshould help apple break into the ipod market a lot06:09
radeon-i talked my teacher into buying an eMac over the summer06:09
radeon-for class06:09
radeon-he ordered it on august 9th06:09
radeon-he got it on friday06:09
chutwigthe old computer blew up06:10
chutwig"hde: drive not ready for command"06:10
radeon-what old computer06:10
pills_havent installed ubuntu yet, but im looking to...just one quick question does ubunto have an apt system like debian or does it use apt?06:10
chutwigthe old computer that i run linux on06:10
chutwigit uses apt with ubuntu's repositories06:10
crimsunpills_: it's based on Debian, so it does.06:10
radeon-you should unblock me from aim sometime06:10
radeon-i wont im you on the toilet again. promise!06:10
chutwigwell, okay06:10
radeon-i dont have a laptop to do such with anymore laffo06:10
chutwigbut if you start being gay i'll block you again06:11
radeon-OK :(06:11
ickyGoatsorry..........what's    apt?06:11
=== pills_ [~anon@adsl-68-125-78-84.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== george_ [~george@S01060050da7b0188.du.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunickyGoat: man apt :)06:11
=== coren looks around and yawns
ickyGoat:-)    ok   :-)06:11
chutwigthe computer exploded06:11
george_hi all, anyone know if Openoffice will have th egtk fileselector integrated?06:12
fabbionemorning guys06:12
chutwigi'm going to tell everyone that ubuntu destroyed my IDE controller :(06:12
Zarquongeorge_: you mean the gnome one?06:12
Zarquonximian OO already does06:12
crimsunmoin fabbione :)06:12
thaytanchutwig: did you forget to answer 'no' to the 'destroy my hd controller' question?06:13
chutwigthaytan: must've missed it06:13
george_Zargin-: well yes I guess, I beleive Micheal Meeks was doing the work06:13
Zarquonyou have to pay attention to these things06:13
=== MrPiddles [~tonito@adsl-065-006-207-248.sip.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
george_man I can't type:-)06:14
Zarquonchutwig: so your IDE controller is seriously screwed now?06:14
chutwigi powered off and back on and it came up again06:14
Zarquonyou can't boot from it, to another OS or anything06:14
ickyGoatmoving around on a office chair's wheels  wil really FUCK UP the parquay  FLOORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!06:14
chutwigbut i imagine that it may explode again in the near future06:14
corentake pictures if it does06:14
thaytanchutwig: what does 'explode' mean in that context?06:14
Zarquonjust wear a flak jacket when you use the computer06:14
Zarquonno big deal06:14
MrPiddlesSorry to bother again but has anyone gotten there ATi graphics card working in ubuntu?06:14
ickyGoatooopsss sorry     wrong window06:15
thaytanMrPiddles: yes, I have06:15
thaytanR200 chipset cards should work fine AFAIK06:15
chutwigthaytan: the drive or controller stopped responding06:15
MrPiddlesthaytan you got it to work with direct rendering O.o?06:15
thaytanchutwig: ouch - hardware problem, or a driver one?06:15
chutwighardware, i imagine06:15
thaytanMrPiddles: yeah, it set that all up automatically just fine06:16
pondsMrPiddles: it works by default for me06:16
chutwigdpkg is throwing a shit fit trying to recover06:16
thaytanwith a Radeon 9000M06:16
chutwigthe same driver worked fine before on debian06:16
pondsi am owning it up with crack-attack --solo on my radeon06:16
MrPiddlesArgh then I am just having bad luck with this 9600 Pro.06:16
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(calc/#ubuntu) 3d requires the binary driver from ati06:16
(thaytan/#ubuntu) MrPiddles: 9600 is an R300 card, I think06:16
(punkass/#ubuntu) whoa gaim hit 1.006:17
(MrPiddles/#ubuntu) Yea it is. 06:17
(calc/#ubuntu) 9600 is RV35006:17
(thaytan/#ubuntu) which, yeah, what calc said06:17
=== pills_ [~anon@adsl-68-125-78-84.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
MrPiddlescalc how would I go on going to install the binary's from ati in ubuntu.06:17
=== calc has a 9600 in his desktop and laptop
calcMrPiddles: no idea06:17
MrPiddlesIn Slackware it was a breeze but in here I can't get that to work.06:17
pills_net install ISO for ubuntu?06:17
thaytangeorge_: depends on the camera - usb storage cameras are a known problem with gthumb06:17
thaytanit doesn't handle them06:17
calcMrPiddles: i haven't installed ubuntu yet06:17
calcdoesn't work with my keyboard :\06:17
=== punkass sold is ati and got an nvidia so his life would be easier
crimsuntoo busy compiling kde on your amd64s, eh calc?06:18
chutwigthis thing is completely hosed06:18
chutwigthe hard drive managed to corrupt everything06:18
MrPiddlesThat's what I want to do but I just want to have something for the mean time xD.06:18
chutwigmight as well reinstall06:18
crimsunpills_: why would you need a netinstall? :)06:18
=== psyklops [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
radeon-that is :( chutwig06:18
calccrimsun: well i didn't think it would be a good idea to replace debian on my desktop system, and on my laptop the keyboard only works if uhci isn't a module06:18
george_thaytan: right it's a Canon Powershot G2, very common and gthunmb sees it just fine but hal doesn't know what device it is.06:18
chutwigradeon-: we'll see if i can recover from it06:18
=== psyklops [~john@] has left #ubuntu []
crimsuncalc: hah, true.06:18
radeon-I need to unload this PC crap i have06:18
calcbut yea 9600 works fine in 2d on both of my amd64 systems (desktop and laptop)06:18
radeon-so i can get my PVR box built06:19
pills_crimsum 3 hrs till it finishes d/l06:19
pills_faster mirror to get it installed faster :)06:19
Zarquonso hey06:19
chutwigget a mirror at rutgers so that i can get things faster plz06:19
Zarquonthis warty-i386.iso06:19
chutwigthey already mirror practically every other distribution in the universe06:19
Zarquondoes it have most of the crap I need to install, or is it just a huge netinstall CD?06:19
radeon-chutwig: wouldnt that just be like a network transfer for you laffo06:20
crimsunsend an email to the ftpmaster of that server, chutwig 06:20
thaytangeorge_: oh, ok06:20
MrPiddlesI just wanna get it to have 2d and 3d in here.06:20
thaytanperhaps a missing ID value that HAL needs added06:20
chutwigradeon-: yeah, that's why i liked debian so much, they have an internal repository here at rutgers06:20
MrPiddlesI did get 3d in slack but I don't care about slack I care about ubuntu xD.06:20
Zarquonchutwig: can't you use debian packages still?06:20
george_where do I set this in HAL?06:20
pondsit has most of the crap you need to install, it will get you the latest stuff though after install, which is like a 30 mb download as of about 2 hours ago06:20
radeon-I need to decide what i want to do about college06:20
chutwigZarquon: sure, but i'd rather pull from ubuntu's repository than some debian one06:20
Zarquonoh ok06:20
=== Roxim [~john@dsl-017-r2.inlandnet.com] has joined #ubuntu
radeon-i still have another year to decide, but nows the time to start visiting colleges06:21
chutwigcrimsun: i'll see if i can find out who to talk to about it06:21
Zarquonradeon-: oh you should totally come to UCR06:21
punkassanyone know if the nvidia-glx is available for amd64?06:21
Zarquonif you hate life06:21
Zarquonand love meth06:21
pills_uc riverside06:21
crimsunriverside? hah.06:21
chutwiggo to penn state like the rest of pennsylvania06:21
radeon-i know a guy who goes there06:21
ZarquonUniversoty of California, Riverside06:21
thaytangeorge_: I don't know :-/06:21
radeon-know bill Abney :P06:21
Zarquonradeon-: uhh06:21
pills_crimsum so there is no netinst ISO?06:21
Zarquonding ding.,06:22
crimsunpills_: no, just that one iso.06:22
chutwigi'm thinking setting my root filesystem as XFS might have been a bad idea06:22
pills_arg...i read on their site there was one06:22
radeon-uhh what zarquon06:22
Zarquonradeon-: oh wow bill abneys let me in on this06:22
radeon-what are you him?06:22
radeon-or wat06:22
chutwigldconfig seems convinced that every single library that gets installed has the wrong magic bytes at the beginning06:22
calcchutwig: fun06:22
radeon-so yes you are?06:22
Se7hhow can i had screen resolutions do my config ?06:23
crimsunpills_: where did you read there is one?06:23
pills_letme get url06:24
pills_it was on ubuntulinux.com06:24
RoximI have recently installed the Ubuntu packaged nvidia drivers, and changed my Xconfig file to use them, but when I try to change resolutions, there is only 640x480 and 800x600.  I have a GForce 4 MX 440, so it should go higher.  Anyone know how to bump up the res.?06:24
pills_oh hmmm....netboot install06:25
punkassRoxim: check your XF86config file06:25
punkassif you see "800x600" "640x480"06:26
punkassjust make it look like  "1024x768" "800....etc06:26
punkassthen restart X server  Ctrl-Alt-Backspace06:27
Roximpunkass: I have read through the file, and it lists from 1280x1024 to 640x48006:27
chutwignow i have like 40 half-installed packages and not even purging them will remove them06:29
punkasson all lines?06:30
punkassi mean mulitple lines?06:30
chutwigit is completely and totally stuck06:31
chutwigbecause they got corrupted when the hard drive wigged out06:31
chutwigso the removal scripts are corrupted06:31
punkasshmm ok06:31
chutwigand i thought i was onto the solution when dpkg said it was going to use the scripts from the packages on the CD06:31
chutwigbut obviously not because it still freaked06:31
punkassComputer > System Config > Screen Res only give you two options?06:32
chutwigoh what a ridiculous mess06:32
Roximyeah, and only one option under refresh rate06:32
punkassi take it you have loaded the nvidia module?06:32
RoximI downloaded the package, and changed my Xconfig to use nvidia as the driver06:33
punkassthe nvidia-glx package?06:33
punkassok you need to add  nvidia  to /etc/modules06:33
punkassthen try a reboot06:34
fabbioneno need to reboot06:34
fabbionejust modprobe nvidia06:34
fabbioneand restart X06:34
punkassand restart X server06:34
punkassi say reboot..cuz when i tried to restart X it didnt load the nvidia drivers properly06:34
punkasssay = said06:35
punkasstho i am not sure how u got back into gnome without haveing the module loaded06:35
fabbionepunkass: that's why i wrote "modprobe nvidia" first06:35
punkassyeah thats what i did06:36
fabbioneyou need to stop/start gdm06:36
fabbioneor whatever login manager you use06:36
fabbionea restart will not work06:36
punkassah...cuz ctl-alt-backspace wont do that06:36
punkassthat would have done it then06:36
Roximso, do I just need to execute "modprobe nvidia" then restart gdm?06:36
fabbionethat kills X server but doesn't reload the config06:36
fabbioneRoxim: yes. /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:37
fabbioneRoxim: /etc/init.d/gdm start06:37
=== Greensky [~nin@216-161-80-213.ptld.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
Roximok, thanks, i'll give that a shot06:37
Greenskyis there a faq anywhere on the dif. between debian & ubuntu?06:38
punkassfabbione: you know when the nvidia-glx for 64bit will be ready?06:38
=== Roxim [~john@dsl-017-r2.inlandnet.com] has left #ubuntu []
WsquaredHey, is there a CD burner installed with ubuntu?06:38
punkasspart of natulius06:39
WsquaredI don't see one in the Applications menu.06:39
punkassit doesnt do music..but can do isos and data06:39
fabbionepunkass: as soon as I can: a) upload X ubuntu19 to fix a bunch of bugs 2) fix the nvidia-glx-config script to config/deconfig the nvidia binary driver 3) someone will donate me an amd64 with an nvidia card to test it06:39
fabbione(kidding about point 3)06:40
punkassif you put in a blank cd i believe it will open up a window where u can drag files to06:40
punkass ok cool..just a buddy of mine wants to installed ubuntu on his amd64 and wants his nvidia card goin06:40
chutwiglooks like i'll have to reinstall tomorrow06:40
chutwigdpkg seems entirely unable to resolve this problem06:40
fabbionechutwig: which problem?06:41
fabbionedpkg is not meant to solve problems..06:41
fabbioneapt-get is06:41
punkassapt-get -f install06:41
chutwigfabbione: the one where the hard drive controller blew up halfway through the install and a lot of packages got corrupted in the middle of installing06:41
chutwigapt-get just farted around and didn't fix anything06:41
fabbionechutwig: oh.. hmmmmm06:42
chutwigso i have about 20 bum packages that are stuck and can't be purged06:42
fabbionechutwig: the easiest is to reinstall06:42
fabbionethe funny part would eb to solve the problem06:42
chutwigthat's the plan06:42
punkassfabbione: would he run into troubles if he wants to install the driver from nvidia site?06:42
chutwigyou'd think purging would overrule everything, but apparently not06:43
fabbionepunkass: no, i use the same package to build our nvidia driver, but there is no point in it...06:43
punkassjust needs kernel source/headers?06:43
fabbioneoh well yeah there might be problems06:43
fabbionepunkass: i used to build the driver myself06:43
fabbionebut than i noticed a bunch of problems related to libraries06:44
fabbionethat a normal user will never see06:44
punkassoh..so u r going to have them up pretty quick then (day or so)?06:44
fabbionelike some packages that will start to fail to build from sources06:44
fabbionepunkass: ???06:44
fabbionepretty quickly what?06:44
punkassthe glx package06:44
fabbionethere are glx packages for i38606:44
punkassfor amd6406:44
fabbioneif you are talking about amd64, no.. they won't be quick06:44
punkassthats why i was wondering about him building it himself from the nvidia site drivers06:45
fabbionethey can install from the nvidia site06:45
burnboyhrm..so is there any special way to upgrade the kernel for ubuntu?06:45
fabbioneand remove them later06:45
punkassok cool06:45
fabbionepunkass: what i don't understand is this fever about the nvidia binary drivers06:45
fabbionethey only have 3D06:45
punkassunreal etc06:46
fabbioneyeah well.. in that case most of these guys won't need to build Xfree86 or pyopengl from sources06:46
fabbioneso there is no real harm in them to install from the nvidia site and upgrade later06:46
punkassi know the nvidia installer is pretty staight forward06:47
fabbioneyeah but it messes a lot with the system if you don't know how to use it in advanced option06:47
fabbionespecially the TLS library part06:47
punkasshe said he had a max res at 1024 too and a big black border around the screen..so i thought the official drivers would help06:48
diemanok, so that nvidia-glx-config script isn't in the archive yet?06:49
diemanwhat does it do?06:49
fabbionedieman: no, not yet..06:49
diemanor i guess my mirror might not have it yet06:49
diemancould you summarize what it does?06:49
fabbionedieman: it reconfigure X and load teh nvidia module properly06:49
fabbionenothing impressing really :-906:50
fabbioneok i am back to fix some stuff06:50
diemandoes it end up modifying the links for gl libs and glx modules?06:50
diemanor is that doen by the package06:50
fabbionepunkass: point him to http://people.no-name-yet.com/~fabbione/nv/amd6406:50
diemanor does it merely just change nv to nvidia in the config?06:50
fabbionepunkass: and tell him to stick these 2 files in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/06:50
fabbionedieman: they are like the nvidia packages in debian. + they have the simple config script to enable/disable the nvidia binary driver06:51
fabbioneboth for X and the kernel06:51
diemanif its just changing the debconf answers, good -- doesn't break my method of just changing the discover1-data for nvidia cards to be able to use the binary drivers.06:51
punkassok will do..hes not around right now but ill tell him when he is06:51
fabbionedieman: yes it preseed debconf and rebuild the config06:52
fabbionedieman: no s/nv/nvidia/ or strange stuff06:52
diemanstill need to worry about not installing nvidia-glx on non-nvidia boxes, but thats no huge deal06:52
diemani just handle that with cfengine at the moment.06:52
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fabbionedieman: well it's harmless06:55
punkassfabbione: what do those 2 files do?06:55
diemanwhen i had nvidia-glx installed on machines that needed to use dri they never seemed to work right.06:55
diemanbut that was with the daniels xf86 4.3 packages too (pre-xfs) so that might be borkage from that angle06:56
=== Roxim [~john@dsl-017-r2.inlandnet.com] has joined #Ubuntu
dieman(pre x strike force 4.3 packages)06:56
danielsi blame branden06:56
danielssince fabio wasn't around then06:56
diemangood deal06:56
danielsnow I can just blame Fabio06:56
fabbionei can blame upstream when it will not work with X.org06:57
diemanoh well, i'll test that sort of stuff when I get our install setup.06:57
diemanthat will be days away, as it involves d-i hackng06:57
diemanand i'll have to become more familiar with d-i06:58
danielsfabbione: heh :)06:58
diemanat one point06:58
diemanwe can all just show up in front of jim gettys and kieth packard and start complaining!06:58
dieman*but why doesn't feature XYZ work right?!*06:59
=== dieman contines to watch puppycam
diemani've got a webcam pointed at our new puppies, using helix server tho :|07:00
diemanwish the theora stuff was easy enough to use right now07:00
Roximpunkass: I ran "modprobe nvidia", rebooted for safety, and the Xserver was broken.  I switched to vesa.  the log complained about the module not being loaded when it broke.  How would I go about loading the module?07:01
punkassdid u edit /etc/modules07:03
punkassjust add   nvidia  to the bottom of /etc/modules07:03
RoximExact errors as follows...:(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!07:03
Roxim(EE) NVIDIA(0):  *** Aborting ***; (WW) Warning, couldn't open module GLcore07:03
punkassthat will make it load on bootup07:03
subterrificmodprobe nvidia will load it until reboot07:04
punkassand remember to change back to "nvidia" from vesa07:04
subterrificyou need to add it to /etc/modules if you want it loaded at boot time07:04
Roximok then07:05
=== jmhodges [~jmh@cpe-069-133-106-188.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jmhodgesok whew..07:05
jmhodgesok folks, i'm a deb newb but is there anything especially handy to install with a fresh ubuntu system?07:06
Roximok, added to /etc/modules, changed vesa back to nvidia07:06
Roximthanks again!07:06
punkassno prob07:06
=== Roxim [~john@dsl-017-r2.inlandnet.com] has left #Ubuntu []
mdzsladen: ping?07:07
=== MrJ412 [~MrJ412@CPE-65-30-123-142.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
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subterrificjmhodges: i found it useful to go into Preferences->Repositories in Synaptic and turn on the repositories that have universe in the sections.07:12
jmhodgessubterrific: ah, good idea07:12
subterrificgives you a lot more packages to choose from07:12
subterrificwhat i did was turn off the 1st and 2nd repos and turn on 3rd and 4th07:12
subterrificif that makes sense...07:12
subterrificthen do a refresh07:13
jmhodgesok cool07:13
jmhodgeswow, i had heard about synaptic and played with a synaptic wannabe on my zaurus.. but damn.. thats nice07:14
jmhodgessubterrific: hmm. ok07:14
jmhodgesdamn, even bicycle repairman is already installed.. i'm loving this distro07:16
=== Parisi [Parisi@alb-69-200-25-62.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== doko [doko@dsl-082-083-131-130.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificits amazing isn't it?07:16
jmhodgesit being centered around gnome and python just seals the deal for me07:17
jmhodgeshm.. what pkg does gvim come in? i can't seem to .. oh perhaps..07:18
mdzjmhodges: vim-gnome07:18
jmhodgesthanks mdz07:18
jmhodgesjust searching for gvim was turning up nada07:19
=== tkrag_ [~tkrag@port037.ds1-R06C9.adsl.mobilix.dk] has joined #ubuntu
jmhodgesah, theres the rub.. vim-gnome doesn't seem to be in the repositories i have. natch07:19
subterrificyeah, and gnome is really starting to show some polish07:20
jmhodgesheh, right refresh07:20
jmhodgessubterrific: very much so 07:20
jmhodgessubterrific: i've been playing with gnome 2.7  for a few months, and it just kept getting faster and more complete07:21
subterrificwhen i switched from mac os x to gentoo i went with kde, but about 6 months into using kde, i got tired of plastik and started looking for nicer themes, but everything was for gtk, so i tried gnome one day and never went back to kde07:24
subterrificoh, and i was doing some python development at the time, and i wanted to make a simple cross-platform gui and Qt/Win isn't free07:25
jmhodgeswow, i'm not used to having a system without gcc in the base install heh07:25
subterrificso i went with PyGTK for that too07:25
jmhodgessubterrific: nice07:25
subterrificactually, i used wxPython, which uses GTK07:25
subterrificjmhodges: yeah, i think its for security and because ubuntu is more of a desktop OS07:26
jmhodgesyeah, and thats what i figured07:26
jmhodgesi've been using src based distros for something like 3-4 years07:26
subterrificyeah i really like gentoo, you need a fast machine for it though07:27
subterrificor a bunch of machines running distcc07:27
jmhodgeshehe, i never did get around to playing with gentoo but the experiences i've had with src based taught me a ton..07:28
jmhodgessubterrific: definitely a lot of waiting for things to be installed07:28
calcLFS is probably better to learn from07:28
jmhodgesevolution and mozilla compiles are not things you want to see :)07:29
subterrificyeah, i run it on my athlon64, which is a beast when it comes to compiling code07:29
jmhodgescalc: well true, but i was a linux newb going into them.. there was a certain level i couldn't breach :)07:29
jmhodgessubterrific: nice07:29
calcok :)07:29
bur[n] eranyone try using ubuntu sources to apt-get from with a debian install?07:29
subterrificit does the linux kernel in about 5 minutes and xorg in about 2507:29
jmhodgesbur[n] er: its had "mixed results"07:29
bur[n] eri'm doing it myself :)07:30
jmhodgessubterrific: damn, very nice07:30
bur[n] erlots of issues and apt-get -f install and dpkg --force-overwrite being done07:30
=== jmhodges strokes his poor Athlon Tbird
jmhodgesi've nearly killed the thing a couple of times07:30
jmhodgesbur[n] er: ouch07:30
jmhodgesthat sounds like pain07:30
bur[n] erkinda07:31
bur[n] erbut i have gnome 2.8 now :)07:31
bur[n] erthat was my goal07:31
bur[n] ertesting the hal stuff now07:31
bur[n] erand it doesn't pop an icon on my desktop like i wanted07:31
jmhodgesah, gotcha07:31
subterrifichal doesn't know anything about your desktop07:32
subterrificthat is gnome-volume-manager's job i believe07:32
bur[n] erno, that's what i mean07:32
=== Tim46Moz [~pirch@220-253-5-234.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
bur[n] erthe gnome-volume-manager isn't doing it07:32
subterrificdo you have dbus running?07:32
jmhodgeshmm.. ok i know im getting into weird licensing crap.. but blackdown is not in repositories because..? licensing?07:32
calcjmhodges: java is so non-free it can't go into non-free07:32
jmhodgeshm.. i thought blackdown was.. well, alrighty then07:33
subterrificjmhodges: http://wiki.osuosl.org/display/DEV/Java+on+Debian07:33
mdzjava has an evil license which prohibits mixing it with other software which implements java07:33
jmhodgessubterrific: and i was just clicking htere when you posted it heh07:33
bur[n] eri think so07:34
bur[n] erone sec on dbus07:34
subterrifichal and gnome-volume-manager communicate through dbus i think07:34
bur[n] erdbus-daemon-1 --system is running07:34
bur[n] erand hal is running07:34
bur[n] erand i checked the dbus stuff07:34
bur[n] eri only tested with a data cd so far07:34
bur[n] erbut i was hoping it would pop an icon on the desktop for it07:35
bur[n] erkinda like a mac :)07:35
subterrificit does that for me07:35
subterrifici mean no icon on the desktop, but it opens a nautilus window07:35
jmhodgesholy hell, no waiting, and it Just Works07:35
subterrificubuntu disabled volume icons on the desktopo07:35
=== jmhodges thinks he might have found a new love
bur[n] eri saw that07:37
bur[n] er:\07:37
bur[n] eri dislike that07:37
Se7hxish 6.37am07:37
Se7hgotta get some sleep07:37
subterrificwell its a personal preference thing, but i like it07:37
=== Hmmmmm_ [~sukrit@] has joined #ubuntu
subterrifici'm not sure how good it is for new users though07:37
bur[n] ermy trash is gone07:38
Hmmmmm_hi guys07:38
jmhodgesbur[n] er: no it isnt, check out the bottom right hand corner07:38
subterrifici even disable volume icons in mac os07:38
jmhodgesthe trash can applet07:38
Hmmmmm_how simple is it for a fedora user to iunstall ubuntu?07:38
subterrificHmmmmm_: very easy07:38
Hmmmmm_is there a good partitioning util in it?07:38
subterrifici'm much happier with ubuntu than i was with fedora07:38
Hmmmmm_like in mandrake?07:38
bur[n] erjmhodges: it's not there07:39
bur[n] eroh, it's an applet?07:39
bur[n] erbleh07:39
jmhodgesbur[n] er: yep07:39
subterrificHmmmmm_: yes, the installer has a partition tool07:39
Hmmmmm_whihc tool?07:39
subterrificbur[n] er: you can turn those icons back on07:39
jmhodgesHmmmmm_: its not pretty but its easy to use07:39
=== jmhodges wonders where gnome-volume-manager is hiding
Hmmmmm_then i might use my mdk CD to partition be fore installing ubuntu07:39
Hmmmmm_is there an install manual somewhere?07:40
bur[n] erhrm... i don't have a trash applet07:40
subterrificHmmmmm_: you don't really need one, its like installing windows or macos :)07:40
bur[n] ermaybe i have to apt-get it still07:40
subterrificput the cd in, reboot07:40
Hmmmmm_iv never installed windoze07:40
bur[n] ersubterrific: where do i turn it back on?07:40
mdzUbuntu is much easier to install than Windows07:40
jmhodgesbur[n] er: no, its installed by default07:41
jmhodgesbur[n] er: ther burner i mean07:41
jmhodgesfsck, the APPLET not the burner07:41
subterrificbur[n] er: run gconf-editor and in /apps/nautilus/desktop07:41
jmhodgesits name is Trash Applet07:41
bur[n] erjmhodges: i believe you, but i am coming from debian07:41
bur[n] eri dont' have it07:41
bur[n] eri swear to you07:41
=== jmhodges shushes
Hmmmmm_is it simple to install than debian?07:41
jmhodgesbur[n] er: sorry, totally forgot07:41
jmhodgesHmmmmm_: very much so, but the last time i tried straigh debian was a year and half ago07:42
=== Tim46Moz [~pirch@220-253-5-234.VIC.netspace.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
Hmmmmm_sounds good07:42
Hmmmmm_then i'll reboot and be back post-install07:42
Hmmmmm_thanks guys07:42
bur[n] erwell.. it's actually kanotix to begin with07:42
bur[n] er;)07:42
jmhodgesahhh.. 07:42
bur[n] erdebian takes too long07:42
bur[n] eri like livecds :)07:42
jmhodgeswhats the difference between arch-buildpackage and tla-buildpackage?07:43
jmhodgesbur[n] er: hehe07:43
jmhodgesnow i heard there was a beta livecd for ubuntu, but i couldnt find it.. just went with the install disk07:44
bur[n] eri know07:45
bur[n] eri've known the creator of the ubuntu live cd for awhile ;)  that's how i found out about ubuntu in the first place07:45
bur[n] erwell... and the fact that it was slashdotted last week07:45
jmhodgesahh nice07:45
jmhodgesoy, i can save configuring postfix for tomorrow07:49
jmhodgesgnight folks07:49
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=== Loduriel [~joel@ABordeaux-103-1-22-91.w81-50.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskwill ubuntu use x.org in the future ?07:56
jmhodgesdeFrysk: yes07:56
chutwigafter release07:56
=== alextreme [~alex@am.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskhey alextreme 08:01
bur[n] erdoes ubuntu make a fancy grub menu if i install it?08:02
bur[n] erhi alextreme  :)08:02
deFryskhows morphix ?08:02
alextremegoing fine, busy :)08:02
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pittiGood morning!08:20
=== dukeku [dukeku@c-24-21-168-125.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["let]
moyogogood morning08:24
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=== acceshigh [~acces@acceshigh.irc.fedora-es] has joined #ubuntu
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P3L|C4N0Hi nitcom 08:28
nitcomhola P3L|C4N008:28
acceshighhi dude's08:28
P3L|C4N0que parecen bots?08:28
nitcompura gente financiada a la vista08:28
nitcomfranceses , italianos08:29
nitcomsi , eso te iba decir08:29
acceshighcuanto habra pagado ?08:29
nitcompuros bots08:29
nitcomse dan cuenta de algo08:29
nitcomcasi nadie tiene ip08:29
P3L|C4N0ni idea seguro compro unas cuantos shells08:29
nitcomshell hasta de gentoo08:30
nitcomno se tio08:30
nitcomviste las screet08:30
nitcomde ubuntu08:30
nitcomrecontra limitado08:30
nitcomcasi nada se puede hacer08:30
P3L|C4N0esta en sus inicios08:30
=== hans_ [~hans@d8149.upc-d.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
nitcomlo bueno gnome 2.8+evolution 2.008:30
nitcomosea nada08:30
P3L|C4N0no se a veces pienso para que tantas distros08:31
acceshigh<P3L|C4N0> no se a veces pienso para que tantas distros<-- para las guerras santas08:32
P3L|C4N0ja ja ja08:32
P3L|C4N0me alistare para la cruzada08:32
nitcompara la fanaticada y para que algunos egocentricos digan : "hey soy geek "08:32
P3L|C4N0quien sera el Papa?08:32
nitcomP3L|C4N0, acceshigh que dicen apoyamos al tio arauko con su distro08:33
nitcomtiene otra filosofia distinta de instalacion08:33
nitcomya no usa nautilius08:33
nitcomasi que facilmente puedes instalar tu 486 con el kernel 2.608:33
nitcomes del tio arauko08:33
P3L|C4N0por que no08:34
P3L|C4N0esta en algo nuevo con su distro?08:34
jmhodgeshey, im hoping to play with eclipse.. does anyone know of a repository with it up?08:34
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hans_eclipse is in Debian somewhere (unstable/testing)08:37
crimsunInstalled: 2.1.3-408:38
crimsun500 http://http.us.debian.org sid/contrib Packages08:38
moyogoeclipse 3.0 isn't yet08:38
jmhodgesah, thanks guys08:38
hans_totem-gstreamer with avi or mpeg: sound is there but no video, how to fix yhay ?08:39
moyogoinstall totem-xine08:39
hans_that means Debian08:39
=== cgdef [~cgdef@69-165-13-170.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
cgdefas far as I can tell ubuntu is supposed to have reiser4 support (mkfs.reiser4 is installed) however when I try to mount a reiser4 drive I get an error message about missing kernel support08:42
cgdefis this supposed to happen or I have messed something up?08:43
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pillsis there a site with a list of supported wireless pcmcia cards for ubuntu?09:02
maya|goneuse ndiswrapper09:03
mdzpills: not currently, but if you ask about a specific card, you might get a response from someone who has tried it09:04
jdubpills: what do you have?09:04
pillsbelkin f5d602009:04
bur[n] erso here's a questin... if there's no root user... how do i type a root password when it prompts me from a gksu?09:07
bur[n] erlike when i hit "computer" "system" "networking"09:07
=== ik5pvx [~Bus_Error@paperino.noc.seabone.net] has joined #ubuntu
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maya|goneuse your user password09:08
bur[n] eroh :)09:08
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mdzdaniels: ping09:20
bur[n] erawww... there's no beep-media-player in ubuntu?!?!?   i cant' live without it09:22
phlaegelbeep is in universe09:23
plovs_I am still playing with my usb-key. If I plug in a key, should it automount and open a window? Or must I always use pmount?09:32
=== asimon [~andreas@p5480D775.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificplovs_: i think the idea is that it automounts, but hal is still pretty new09:33
=== adsb-work [~adsb-work@avco79.avcosystems.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
mdzplovs_: yes, it should09:34
mdzplovs_: if it doesn't, file a bug or talk to pitti09:35
=== MacPlusG3 [~stewart@c211-28-166-127.eburwd2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_pitti, YO Pitti!09:36
pittiplovs_: Hi!09:36
=== jsan [~jsan@177.Red-217-126-40.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_how can I debug hal? my key does not get automounted, but works ok09:36
plovs_is there some sort of a hardware database?09:37
bur[n] erwtf is pmount?09:37
pittiplovs_: as long it's a normal USB stick with a common file system, it should work09:37
plovs_bur[n] er, pmount is like mount but you don't have to be root and is nicer to use09:37
pittiplovs_: did you install the preview from scratch or did you upgrade?09:37
bur[n] erhuh, i'm intrigued09:38
plovs_ preview from scratch, and updated 5 minutes ago09:38
subterrificbur[n] er: pmount is for mounting removable media with hal09:38
bur[n] ernext questino... why didnt ubuntu see my fat32 partition and put it in my 'computer' area?09:38
pittibur[n] er: yep, this pmount is better than letting hal run as root and have it mess up fstab09:38
pittibur[n] er: we currently don't automatically mount partitions from fixed discs09:38
pittibur[n] er: we should certainly do that at least for VFAT/NTFS partitions09:39
bur[n] erit doesnt' ven show up that i can mount it though09:39
pittibur[n] er: I already submitted a bug about this09:39
bur[n] erwell good :)09:39
pittiplovs_: are you in group plugdev?09:39
pittiplovs_: what do you mean with "works ok"? Can you pmount it?09:40
plovs_pitti, yes, plovs and hal are09:40
pittiplovs_: if you do pmount /dev/sda1 (or so), does it work?09:40
plovs_pitti, pmount /dev/sda usb-key works, yes09:40
pittiplovs_: ah, you don't have partitions on that thing?09:41
plovs_pitti, whith another key  pmount /dev/sda1 usb-key, works09:41
pittiplovs_: this is a known bug in hal, it cannot detect partitionless volumes09:41
=== victorhooi [victorhooi@CPE-138-130-175-202.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
pittiplovs_: this other key does not get mounted automatically as well?09:41
plovs_pitti, :( nope09:42
plovs_:) but for the rest they work ok09:42
pittiplovs_: bad. Can you please pull it out, open the Device Manager, plug it back in and see what happens?09:42
plovs_so it's not *really* a problem, it just would be nice, I mean if windows can do it, we should do better09:43
plovs_pitti, which one?09:43
=== Greensky [~nin@216-161-80-213.ptld.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
Greenskyis there a ubuntu forum?09:43
victorhooiSorry, just a quick question: how do I get ubuntu to boot to command line rather than x (without removing xdm, which all the posts on the net seem to say to do) - need to do this to install vmware-tools.09:43
plovs_sda or sda109:43
victorhooiThanks in advance =).09:43
pittiplovs_: just try both.09:43
pittiplovs_: with sda1, there  should appear a new "Volume" node in DevManager09:44
Greenskyvictorhooi, look in /etc/inittab09:44
Greenskyvictorhooi, (this is how you do it in most linux distros)09:44
victorhooiyeah, i know that for redhat based distros (rh, fedora, mandrake) etc.09:44
victorhooirunlevel 5 is x09:44
Greenskyvictorhooi, look for a line like:   "id:5:initdefault:"09:44
victorhooibut debian is different09:44
victorhooi(not even like Slackware, which is BSD-based)09:44
Greenskyoh... sorry09:44
fabbionevictorhooi: you can either edit /etc/init.d/xdm09:44
fabbioneand put a exit 0 at the second line09:44
plovs_pitti, pull sda out, dissapears, put back in, light blinks, appears (like magic!) in the device-manager09:44
fabbionevictorhooi: or check upgrade-rc.d man page to remove xdm from starting09:45
victorhooiyeah, I know I tried that (read it on mailing list archive =) ),09:45
Greenskyis there an ubuntu forum yet or just a wiki?09:45
pittiplovs_: the device itself should appear, but as long as it does not have a "Volume" node, gnome does not see it09:45
victorhooifabbione: unfortunately, it flashes, and starts up gdm (arrgh, refuses to die *grin*)09:45
pittiplovs_: if you plug in the other USB stick (with partition), does it have a "Volume" node?09:45
fabbionevictorhooi: disable both :-)09:45
subterrificwhat is the proper way to unmount a volume that has been mounted by hal? just umount?09:46
plovs_pitti, it does have a volume node called TS256MJF2L09:46
Greenskyvictorhooi, I'de look for whatever tells gdm to start at boot (unfortunately I use fedora/gentoo so I dono bout debian)09:46
pittiplovs_: this is the label?09:46
mdzvictorhooi: in Debian-based systems, runlevel 1 is single-user and 2-5 are multi-user.  2-5 are identical by default, and can be customised by the admin09:46
pittiplovs_: the node in the left tree should be called "Volume"09:46
victorhooifabbione: cheers, I'll try reading the upgrade-rc.d man page - just sub in gdm for gdm09:46
pillswhen i try and do a make install for ndiswrapper i get /lib/modules/ not found...do i need to have the source installed?09:46
pittiplovs_: if you click on it and select the advanced tab, can you please look for block.is_volume?09:47
victorhooimdz: thanks, good to see diff. ways of doing things (IMHO prefer Slackware's BSD style)09:47
pittiplovs_: and block.device?09:47
subterrifictoo many people with names starting with p[il] 09:47
subterrificgetting confusing09:47
mdzvictorhooi: if you like that style, look at the file-rc package in universe09:47
plovs_pitti,  block.is_volum  int 0,  block.device /dev/sda09:48
pittiplovs_: that's the problem. is_volume must be 1 to recognize it as a mountable thingy09:48
pittiplovs_: same thing for sda1?09:48
plovs_pitti, let me try09:48
plovs_pitti, IT OPENED A WINDOW! what did you do to my computer! 09:50
pittiplovs_: black magic...09:50
pittiplovs_: close it again immediately, before it gets cold :-)09:50
plovs_pitti, very weird ...09:50
pittiplovs_: so only the partitionless stick is not recognized?09:50
plovs_pitti, I unmounted it, pulled it out, put it back in and after a minute it appears, where does the time-out come from?09:51
pittiplovs_: a _minute_?09:52
plovs_pitti, the partition-less one does not work09:52
pittiplovs_: that should be some seconds09:52
pittiplovs_: partitionless is a known bug09:52
bur[n] erany plans for a fancy grub menu and a bootsplash in next release??09:52
plovs_pitti, well, It might be 10 seconds or so ... it feels like a minute though :)09:52
plovs_pitti, maybe 5 seconds09:52
pittiplovs_: 5 seconds is reasonable09:53
pittiplovs_: this USB magic cannot be made much faster09:53
plovs_pitti, so I just make a partition whith fdisk or so?09:53
pittiplovs_: if you want to have it mounted automatically, this is a good idea09:53
pittiplovs_: also, older windows version do not get along without partitions, so it is really a good idea09:54
plovs_pitti, why not on XP it is pretty fast (not that I like XP, but it shows it is technically possible) The second one is usb1, though09:54
pittiplovs_: yes, it works on XP09:54
pittiplovs_: but not on 98, don't know about 200009:54
plovs_pitti, you're the MAN (I suppose)!09:54
plovs_pitti, I'll make partitions and report back09:55
pittiplovs_: well, one partition should usually be enough :-)09:56
victorhooifabbione: errr, slight prob.09:56
victorhooifabbione: man upgrade-rc.d returns null09:56
plovs_pitti, should I make partitions with XP or linux?09:56
pittiplovs_: that really does not make any difference09:56
victorhooifabbione: locate doesn't seem to find any upgrade-rc.d script09:56
pittiplovs_: cfdisk /dev/sda is certainly fine09:57
fabbioneman update-rc.d 09:57
pittiplovs_: although all partitioning programs may get confused by the data that is already on the stick, when they try to interpret it as a partition table09:57
fabbionethe script has to be execute with sudo09:57
pittiplovs_: just tell me if it does not work09:57
fabbionesorry.. upgrade <- update09:57
subterrificmy usb mouse just stopped working10:00
subterrifici was copying files from a usb drive and it gave me an error10:00
victorhooifabbione: found the man page =). Sorry, but I'm kinda lost now...can you remeber the exact command to boot to command line rather than x?10:01
fabbionevictorhooi: as i wrote before.. you need to disable X to startup. ubuntu/debian do not have a specific runlevel to disable X10:05
pillsanybody successfully install ndiswrapper on ubuntu yet?10:08
victorhooifabbione: umm, ok, sorry to bug you, but could you assume I'm a n00b.10:08
victorhooicheers =).10:08
=== silbs [~jane@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionevictorhooi: eheh ok :-))) 10:09
fabbionevictorhooi: sudo update-rc.d -f xdm10:09
fabbionevictorhooi: sudo update-rc.d -f gdm10:09
fabbionethis will avoid X to start at boot10:09
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-16-29.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
victorhooifabbione: then to restore gdm?10:10
fabbionevictorhooi: update-rc.d gdm defaults 99 0110:11
fabbionebut that's valid only for gdm10:11
fabbionebe careful10:11
victorhooithat's very reassuring =).10:11
victorhooiis there a safer way you could recommend?10:11
fabbioneit is safe.. the "be careful" is related to the fact that the values there are ok for gdm only10:12
victorhooihow did you figure them out? (in case I need to for a different display manager in future)10:12
fabbionevictorhooi: well.. it's not always the same but i looked into /var/lib/dpkg/info/gdm.postinst and checked how it calls update-rc.d10:13
=== plovs_ [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
punkasspills: i have it installed but yet to try it on a wifi network10:14
pillspunkass: do u know why i get this message "/lib/modules/ No such file or directory"10:15
fabbionepills: apt-get install linux-kernel-headers-
victorhooifabbione: fair enough - perhaps we should put this in the wiki? (arrrgh, vmware b0rked out with sync error, I think I'll start from scratch =) )10:17
victorhooifabbione: thanks a lot for your help10:17
victorhooifabbione: now i know who to bug in future (*grin*)10:17
punkassyes...you are tring to use the deb packages?10:17
punkasspills: its actually alot simpler that it seems10:18
punkassthat = than10:18
pillsfabbione will just linux-kernel-headers work?10:21
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pillsfabbione cant find package for kernel version...is there a good apt source that would have it?10:25
=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionepills: all the kernel packages are in sync. there has been a kernel update recently, so you might want to update first10:27
pillsheheh nm..3rd time is a charm --> linux-headers10:27
fabbioneand sync everything10:27
=== plovs_ [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
rburtonfabbione: so i fixed my really-fast-mouse problem10:28
fabbionerburton: yes.. i have the fix pending10:28
pillsyeah typo10:28
pillsjust took me a sec to find10:29
rburtonfabbione: it was due to XF86Config have psmouse and /dev/input/mouse in10:29
fabbionerburton: remove the mouse section with the /dev/psaux10:29
rburtonfabbione: :)10:29
fabbionerburton: yes.. i just commited the fix to svn10:29
fabbionei will try to upload sometime during today10:29
fabbionei need to test a huge bunch of changes10:29
=== abstroe [~abstroe@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== fabbione sighs
fabbionealready 79 lines of changelog10:31
plovs_pitti, it is finally done, first I erased the partition-table by creating a file-system: mkfs.fat32 -I /dev/sda, then I created /dev/sda1, then I created a filesystem on sda1, now it works. It even automounts, in about ten seconds10:31
pittiplovs_: great10:32
pittiplovs_: ten seconds is still very long, on my box it usually lasts 510:33
pittiplovs_: btw, creating a fs on /dev/sda is not exactly necessary10:33
plovs_pitti, I used that to erase the existing table, fdisk complained about having to reboot, and then after rebooting I could not make a filesystem. Anyway, now it works.10:36
pittiplovs_: ah. I usually clean a device by dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda1 :-)10:36
pittiplovs_: but if it works, its fine10:37
=== MrPiddles [~tonito@adsl-065-006-207-248.sip.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_pitti, I have a superstitious fear of dd after I made a typo with it once ...10:37
plovs_pitti, will you put an icon on the desktop or something somewhere for automounted devices? 10:38
plovs_pitti, it kind of a pain to umount10:38
MrPiddlesWell I tried all methods of instlaling the ati drivers even in source with the kernel source or the headers or deb packages. Same result everytime. Can't load fglrx module and DRI keeps wondering off about /dev/card0/dri. Anyone has this problem?10:38
pittiplovs_: https://bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=98010:38
pittiplovs_: but just ripping the stick out usually works10:39
pittiplovs_: usually = if no application accesses it any more10:39
MrPiddlesAs of now I have no direct rendering but I do have acceleration with the ati drivers. Radeon 9600 pro. Any luck anyone to get them to direct render?10:39
plovs_pitti, oooh, that is higher voodoo! must try10:39
pittiplovs_: it is, but we added that possibility since many users will do that anyway10:40
rburtondoes ubuntu need to install dm/lvm/etc if i didn't create any lvm partitions on install?10:40
=== punkass [~punkass@S01060040f47277e5.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== rburton dislikes unused modules/services
jdubthey're part of base10:40
jdubbut they shouldn't run10:40
jdubwe need to detect whether they're required10:40
jdubthe rationale is that install consistency is pretty important10:41
jdubso you can rely on stuff being there10:41
jdubi'm still leaning towards that10:41
rburtonhm, fair enough10:41
rburtondetected and not running would be good10:42
jdubso some of these things could (quickly!) detect whether they need to even exectue10:42
jdubsuch as mdstat10:42
plovs_pitti, unbelievable, it actually works, good that you added sync as a mount option, now how about the name sda1, how to call it MYCOOLUSBKEYTHATAUTOMOUNTSINLINUX10:42
rburtonbtw, i can't shutdown my ubuntu box -- it hangs on Deconfiguring network interfaces10:42
jdub"grep -q ^md /proc/mdstat" might even be the right answer to that10:42
pittiplovs_: this is a hoary issue10:42
jdubbut i'm not sure if you can give idiotic names to md devices yet :)10:42
pittiplovs_: pmount already supports it: pmount /dev/sda1 MYFUCKINGUSBSTICK10:43
pittiplovs_: but actually managing these labels in a database/on the device really is a hoary thing10:43
pittiplovs_: but we know about this10:43
MacPlusG3you can actually start up all your services in the background (instead of serially)10:43
MacPlusG3which can improve things10:44
plovs_pitti, I *really* enjoy ubuntu so far, thanks a million, how many hours do we still have to wait for hoary? :) thanks one again.10:45
pittiplovs_: 13 oct (Warty release) + 6 montsh10:45
pittimonths, even10:45
steve2Hoary. Nice.10:46
Maydayis it just my gnome-background-properties that takes alot of cpu?10:46
Maydayuses 30% on an 1.6GHz while idle10:46
=== pills_ [~anon@adsl-68-125-78-84.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
rburtonMayday: oooh yeah10:48
Maydaydidnt fint anything in bugzilla (might be my sucky search skills thou)10:48
rburtoni bet the thumbnailer idle callback wasn't cancelled properly when it finished10:48
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pittiseb128: Good morning!10:55
seb128hello pitti10:56
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Mithrandirseb128: any idea about 1443?11:10
rburtonjdub: any reason why inkscape isn't part of the default install if gimp is?11:11
rburtonjdub: and please consider syncing with inkscape 0.39 :)11:12
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truk_awayrburton: because inkscape is qt based11:16
truk_awayand gimp  gtk based11:17
martinkobviously inkscape is not qt based. The "k" is only the third letter11:18
jdubrburton: inkscape is much harder to use11:19
seb128Mithrandir: no idea for 1443, sorry11:19
jdubrburton: it's for a more specialised category of users11:19
togswhere does one find the torrent file?11:20
jdubseb128: openoffice + mime system -> eeek!11:22
jdubseb128: what can we do about that?11:22
jdubi can't open OOo documents from evo or the filesystem11:22
seb128jdub: why eeek ?11:23
jdubseb128: nothing works11:23
seb128it doesn't work from nautilus ?11:23
rburtontruk_away: erm, inkscape is very gtk11:24
seb128grep Mime /usr/share/applications/ooo645writer.desktop11:24
seb128jdub: ^^11:24
jdubCouldn't display "/home/jdub/Desktop/blah.pps".11:24
jdubThere was an error launching the application.11:24
rburtonjdub: oh i dunno. vicky can use inkscape but struggles more with gimp :)11:24
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seb128jdub: hum, so that should work11:28
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seb128update-desktop-database helps ?11:28
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peterrayhi to all11:29
peterraysorry 11:29
peterrayhi all11:29
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Muttleyis there a page with a list/search of ubuntu packages?11:32
pittiMuttley: what's wrong with the classical apt-cache search?11:33
Muttleywouldn't that require having ubuntu installed? :)11:33
MuttleyI'm tempted to move from debian, I wanna check out the available packages first11:34
rburtonMuttley: most of debian is available, but not supported11:34
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rburton"The site "bugzilla.ubuntu.com" returned security information for "bugzilla.no-name-yet.com"."11:35
rburtoni presume someone knows about that?11:35
=== togs is away "auto away after 15 minutes idling" Log: on Pager: off
=== lowe is now known as Lowe
Muttleyrburton: what about stuff debian doesn't have as standard? mplayer etc11:35
seb128rburton: yes, there is a bug report about it11:35
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jdubseb128: nup11:37
rburtonMuttley: atm ubuntu doesn't have any non-free stuff in it11:38
Muttleyand no list of packages?11:38
Muttleyso that's a no then11:39
rburtonthats the canonical list :)11:40
Muttleyno worries11:40
jdubrburton: haw haw ;)11:40
seb128jdub: which is the mime type of the .pps file ?11:40
seb128the file you can't open11:41
jdubboh, should've checked that 8)11:41
jdubahr :)11:41
jdubthere you go11:41
jdubseb128: that fixes it11:41
LoweStupid xchat frooze when i was sleeping -_-11:41
jdubthanks, that was silly of me :)11:42
seb128no problem :)11:42
jdubseb128: want me to file a bug?11:42
will|werkany reason why there arn't any kernel headers for in the apt-get ?11:42
=== jdub does so
seb128jdub: yes please11:42
will|werkor am i being dumb11:42
Muttleyrburton: out of interest, would non-free stuff make it's way into ubuntu in the near future or would it be in the next release?11:44
neillalso there didn't seem to be any kernel headers/images for 2.6.8 in the sources for amd64 even though they are on the install disc11:44
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jdubMuttley: potentially11:45
jono_hi all11:45
jdubMuttley: in restricted11:45
Lowewe need mplayer -_-11:45
Muttleyyeah :)11:45
jono_jdub, just the man, did you say that devices that are not detected and configured should be filed as bugs?11:45
Muttleyhow is ubuntu setup to handle 32bit schtuff on amd64?11:47
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Muttleyor would I need to setup my own chroot for 32bit?11:47
jdubjono_: pretty much11:48
deFryskquestion, is there a root passw ?11:48
deFryskI do not seem to have gotten one ?11:48
jdubMuttley: it's not, there are a few selected libraries that are built for openoffice and friends11:48
jono_jdub, ok cool11:48
jdubdeFrysk: please see the faq, one sec i'll give you the link11:48
Muttleyjdub: righty ho11:48
deFryskjdub, great, tnks11:49
jdubdeFrysk: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/helpcenterfaq.2004-09-15.572265367711:49
jono_jdub, one of the devices has the source code available outside the kernel - it would be great if that were available as a module :)11:49
jono_I will file the report now :)11:49
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deFryskgot root now :)11:51
Muttleyare nvidia packages supplied for your stock kernels?11:52
deFryskleft handed mouse does not work properly ?11:53
deFrysk<--left handed11:53
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joHello. I can't remember entering the root password during the setup. Now I can't su to root anymore. Any ideas? Does Ubuntu use a default root password?11:56
thomjo: we lock the root password. use sudo :-)11:56
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jooh, ok :-)11:56
=== rburton giggles to self
ninjarbuuuuurtooon whoo whoo11:57
rburtonhey ninja11:57
ninjahi :)11:57
thomah, it's the two rosses11:57
=== ninja *so* wants Ubuntu on is laptop
ninjai switched from deb unstable to FC2 a few weeks ago, and I'm desperate to switch back to something debian-based at least11:59
rburtonthom: the Amazing Two Ross' I think you'll find12:00
deFryskhow can I recofigure xfree86 ? can i just use nano? (or something)12:01
fabbionedpkg-reconfig xserver-xfree8612:02
thomrburton: pffft. 12:02
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deFryskfabbione, thnks :)12:02
ninjaamazing? not me12:03
deFryskfabbione, seems not to work 12:04
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mwh_When I want to install something from src in ubuntu, im not sure what the best way is to do it12:05
mwh_anyone have some suggestions?12:05
guido_deFrysk: dpkg-reconfigure12:06
mwh_I used to use instmon to keep track of the files in LFS12:06
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deFryskfound it :) google saved me hehe12:06
pborI just installed ubuntu also on the laptop... perfect!12:06
pborhowever I also have a fat partition, so I added the usual line in fstab and mounted it. When I try to access the fat partition from the shell it works fine, but when I try to open it in nautilus all the files are detected a 0 bytes... ideas?12:06
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rburtonmwh_: stow with /usr/local, or /opt/12:07
mwh_I just installed gcc with synaptic and tried to compile mono, but I get an error saying compiler cannot create executables12:07
jono_with the ubuntu bugzilla, when I fill in bits of information and leave something out, I get the error, press the back button and my info is lost - is this a bug in bugzilla or firefox?12:08
mwh_rburton: I store it in my home dir, but I was wondering if there is a tool used in ubuntu to keep track of the files installed, so I can uninstall and upgrade it12:08
petemcmwh_: you need libc6-dev for that12:08
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mwh_hmm seems like gcc is not available12:09
mwh_ahh its named gcc-3.412:09
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mwh_petemc, so libc6-dev, make gcc avaiable as gcc and gcc-3.412:09
petemcmwh_: in debian, the meta package build-essential gets you everything you need12:10
mwh_petemc, I have libc6-dev installed12:10
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mwh_petemc, maybe I need to make a symlink myself to gcc12:11
Linuxbcni have a problem with ubundu and my keyword...12:11
moyogoLinuxbcn: keyword?12:12
=== _Hiro_ [~hilde@212-112.a2f.dsl.net4all.net] has joined #ubuntu
truk_awayhe means keyboard12:12
Linuxbcnwen i press a BLOq NUM or BlokMay butons the keiboard not respond12:12
=== Linuxbcn sorry form my english
_Hiro_help, my grub fails with error 15 at stage 1.5 :(12:12
mwh_petemc, ahh I installed gcc-3.4 I guess I should install gcc instead12:12
Linuxbcnmy keiboard is an genius12:12
mwh_have fun12:12
Linuxbcnwhats up with this? is normal?12:13
Linuxbcni can't test with another keiboard now.. but is a rare bug in this linux distro, no?12:14
Lowejono > copy and paste is your friend12:14
jdthoodjordi: ping12:15
Linuxbcnand another problem have..the USBpen not is posible mount in the system12:15
_Hiro_anybody else whose ubuntu setup failed to start at boot? grub error 15 at stage 1.512:15
jono_it took me three damn times to file that bug12:15
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trey_Is it possible to see a list of the DD's working on Ubuntu?12:18
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mojohi all ppl, I have a question, how can I create a link PATH to my J2SDK1.4.2 when start up12:19
mojohi all ppl, I have a question, how can I create a link PATH to my J2SDK1.4.2 when start up?12:19
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trey_mojo: repeating just makes you annoying... annoying people don't get helped...12:19
ggimojo: put an entry in /etc/profile or your users .bash_profile.12:20
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
mojono, I forgot to put in question mark, lol12:20
mojoin profile, type in export PATH =...? rite?12:20
deFryskexept for left handed mouse , sweet setup :)12:20
ggimojo: Yep.12:21
mojothx ggi, thx thx thx12:21
rburtonmojo: install the blackdown java package and it sets the /usr/bin/java alternative for you12:21
=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-1.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
mojorbutton: I got Java version installed already, thx anyway12:22
mojorburton: Sun version12:22
LoweStupid thing says my password is wrong but it is fucking correct. -_-12:22
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rburtonmojo: if all you want is 1.4 the blackdown version will be better12:23
trey_rburton: I don't suppose there is much chance of Java and perhaps some codecs (ala Marillats packages) getting into Universe? I mean by they can't be any less free then Flash, and most users will want them for the desktop...12:23
ggiLowe: You wouldn't be trying to login as root, would you?12:23
mojoexport PATH=/opt/j2sdk1.4.2/bin:/opt/j2sdk1.4.2/jre/bin - correct command or not? Please help12:23
LoweFirestarter asks for root password12:23
trey_Lowe: actually gksu does...12:24
LoweI want mplayer ;_;12:24
trey_Lowe: sudo passwd root  ;)12:24
rburtontrey_: i'm not an ubuntu developer, but java iirc can't be redistributed12:24
LoweNo it's no ue in this ituation12:24
=== neill wonders what the intention behind using sudo was
trey_Lowe: for now... you can add marillats sources... apt-get.org search for w32codecs or mplayer-nogui etc...12:25
neilland if having a root passwd but disabling root logins might be better12:25
neillor something12:25
LoweYeah and all i get is missing dependcys12:25
LoweIm not tracking all those suckers down12:25
trey_rburton: oh, my mistake... you are noted in the wiki a few times so I just kinda figured you were involved...12:25
ggimojo: It would be a good idea to put in path as it is before you change it: export PATH="$PATH:/opt/whatever:/opt/gibbons"12:26
Loweanyway im gonna grab something to eat12:27
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mojothx ggi12:27
mojoggi: do u know any way to read NTFS without recompiling kerenl on Ubuntu?12:28
Cardadormojo: i read NTFS normally12:29
Cardadorif your NTFS partitions are not mounted, you need to edit /etc/fstab12:29
mojoCardador: I can't read my NTFS partition, dun know y12:29
truk_awaydoes usb pen devices works well in ubuntu?12:30
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truk_awaymojo: sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hd** /mnt/*****12:30
Cardadortruk_away: my usb pen works ok12:31
mojothx truk_away12:31
Cardadorjust stick it in and its folder open automatically12:31
truk_awayCardador: do you mount it yourself? or it's authomatic?12:31
truk_awayumm, where? in computer menu?12:31
ggitruk_away: I imagine the Project Utopia stuff should make Ubuntu quite spiffy as far as pen drives are concerned.12:32
truk_awayok, thx12:32
Cardadortruk_away: the usb pen folder just pops up12:32
truk_awayah, ok, ok, with hal, isn't it?12:32
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nelson_anyone willing to help me out with a small (hopefully) samba problem12:36
thomjdub: patch attached to 1249, ok to apply and upload?12:36
nelson_basically.. using the "connect to server" menu item from "network"12:37
nelson_its having issues authenticating to a windows 2003 server12:37
lifelesswhat is the compatability level in the 2003 server? (I'm guessing it might be set very strictly or something)12:38
hnsnelson: with a 2003 domain controller the user AND the machine has to be autheticated12:39
ggirburton: Ripping CDs with sound-juicer puts skips in places that cdparanoia doesn't. Is it just because of the gstreamer overhead?12:40
=== yuran [~anon@line134-238.adsl.actcom.co.il] has joined #ubuntu
=== Deft [~phil@cpc2-hem14-6-0-cust211.lutn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubthom: commented, approved12:41
=== vincent [~vincent@bonnefoy-3-82-224-105-22.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
nelson_lifeless: its a default install, so im guessing its not all *that* tight12:42
thomjdub: also, the fix suggested in 1466 is correct, ok to apply and upload?12:43
lifelessnelson_: 2003 is meant to be more secure out of the box than any previous product from M$ :). That said, hns may be on the right track: you may need to put your machine in the domain.12:43
lifeless(assu,ing you have a domain)12:43
trey_Is trashapplet part of any other distro's? 12:43
jdubtrey_: not yet12:43
jdubtrey_: it will be in gnome 2.10 though12:44
nelson_lifeless: yep, trying that now12:44
lifelessjdub: oh, reminds be, bluetooth luv ?12:44
trey_jdub: yay... I hate icons on the desktop  8-)12:44
jdublifeless: see -devel12:44
jdubthom: commented, approved12:44
lifelessdid you autoscibre folk ?12:44
jdubthom: we really need that pending status ;)12:44
jdublifeless: no12:45
jdubdeb http://people.no-name-yet.com/~jdub/warty ./12:45
jdub^ they're in there12:45
lifelessubuntu-devel-subscribe@ubuntulinux.org right? 12:45
trey_jdub: so far my only complaint about Ubuntu is all the Python packages etc that is installed... other then that, great start, thank you  :)12:45
=== trey_ doesn't really like bloat, but doesn't think 1.7 gigs is all that bad...
jdubtrey_: it's going to get very pythonny over time :-)12:45
jduband they're not so big12:45
trey_jdub: just kinda made me mad saying 'y' to them all via debfoster  :(12:46
jduboh well12:46
trey_jdub: should be some kinda meta package like python-ubuntu or something to avoid that  8-)12:46
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-045-243.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
trey_Still going through the resulting list to figure out what some of it is though  :)12:47
trey_Need to figure out what bicyclerepair, bogofilter and diveintopython are all about...12:49
jdubdiveintopython == introduction to python docs12:49
jdubbicyclerepair == refactoring tool12:49
jdubbogofilter == elite bayesian anti-spam tool12:49
trey_ahhh... so far, I'm not having much luck with Evolution and its spam filter  :(12:50
trey_Used to Thunderbird or Mutt  :/12:50
jdubevo's spam filter doesn't work in ubuntu12:51
jdubbecause we don't install spamassassin by default12:51
=== jdub considers this a bug :)
trey_That could be why its not working  8)12:51
trey_ugh, I wish I could do more to help Ubuntu... no real coding experience  :(12:52
trey_Prettified Debian = Desktop perfection  :)12:52
yamjdub: where is ubuntu needing more help?12:53
trey_yam: currently probably reporting and fixing bugs... perhaps throwing out ideas for Hoary (sp) also...12:54
LoweIt needs mplayer and it would be perfect lol12:54
jdubyam: we're currently fixing bugs for our final release in october12:55
nelson_interesting, with a computer account on the 2003 machine, it does the same thing12:55
Cardadorhave someone tried to install lyx??12:55
nelson_however using just smbclient, it authenticates and works fine12:55
trey_jdub: hard to believe this is what Fedora would call 'test 1'  :)12:56
yamI see12:56
Mithrandiryam: if you're able to track down 1443, I would be very, very happy. :)12:56
trey_Mithrandir: linky link? I'm lazy  :(12:56
=== ondrej [~ondrej@cdma48-2.eurotel.cz] has joined #ubuntu
tsengis there a package i can add to totem-xine to play wmvs?12:56
Mithrandirtrey_: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=144312:56
trey_Mithrandir: thank you  :)12:56
Mithrandirtrey_: needs an amd64 box to track down, though.12:56
trey_Mithrandir: oh... sol then  :(12:57
yamMithrandir: evolution contacts stuff?12:57
Mithrandiryam: yes.12:57
Mithrandirlooks like it blows up somewhere in evolution-data-server12:57
yambut only on AM64?12:57
lifelessthom: you have an amd64 right?12:58
Mithrandirso probably somebody assuming sizeof(int) == sizeof(void*) somewhere.12:58
thomyes, i also have 18 bugs assigned so far12:58
lifelessany chance I can get a login on that to try and fix a FTBFS for gst ?12:58
seb128thom: you're lucky dude :p12:58
lifelessjust normal user is all thats needed12:59
thomlifeless: i'll need to get ipv6 set up12:59
thomlifeless: prolly this evening if you nudge me12:59
lifelessno pressure.12:59
lifelessI won't really have time till the weekend.12:59
ondrejjust did fresh install and have few bugs and some ideas: grub-install just hangs on my hardware, I had to switch to console and kill it (this is upstream bug).  boot splash screen was not setup correctly (I thought it would be).  ideas: add resizing support (ntfs resize especially) to installer01:00
Mithrandirlifeless: you can get access on mine; drop me a signed mail with ssh key + username01:00
lifelessemail address ?01:00
lifelesshow do I make the evo attach-file dialog show the .ssh dir ?01:01
trey_ondrej: lvm2 allows for resizing partitions 'on the fly' ... I would like to see that be incorporated into the default partitioning set up... perhaps adding gpart to the mix also...01:01
Mithrandirlifeless: type it in?01:01
rburtonlifeless: control-l to popup the keyboard input01:02
trey_ondrej: can't say as though I care too much about ntfs though...01:02
lifelesstheres no type in box.. ah thanks rburton01:02
lifelessthat is so non-discoverable01:02
rburtonlifeless: its in the release notes for gtk, and control-l is used all over gnome for "goto location"01:02
trey_lifeless: one of the major nit-picky things about the new file selector  :(01:02
lifelessright-mous-click show-hidden also works.01:02
=== jdub hugs seb128
jdubeveryone hug seb128!01:03
jdubhe is elite!01:03
rburtonah, that right click menu didn't exist some time ago01:03
ondrejtrey_: but if you care for users, you should care how they could install Ubuntu on their notebook.  And many notebook came with preinstalled WXP on NTFS (f.e. mine)01:03
=== pitti also huts seb128 :-)
pittiseb128: got squeezed?01:03
=== ondrej hugs seb128
trey_jdub: what he do?  :)01:04
jdubSTACKS ON!01:04
lifelessrburton: users don't read release notes for individual projects.01:04
jdubtrey_: seb manages our gnome packaging01:04
=== tuo2 jumps on the stack
jdubtrey_: and just started uploading new stuff01:04
seb128utch, stop dudes :p01:04
jdub(fixes and so on)01:04
=== psyklops [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
trey_jdub: ohhh  :)01:04
=== trey_ hugs seb128
psyklopsI just attempted to install the NVidia drivers and it couldn't find the kernel source01:05
ondrejseb128 is also king of the hill in Gnome Debian Team :-)01:05
=== trey_ points at jordi and wonders why he's not helping?
seb128ondrej: ah ah01:05
psyklopsapt doesn't show any source for the kernel01:05
thompsyklops: linux-source-
=== trey_ thought Jordi Malloch was the head guy in charge of GNOME?
truk_awayso dual booting with ntfs it's a problem now?01:05
psyklops"linux" source...01:05
psyklopshm, I searched for "kernel-source". alright, thanks01:06
LoweHow do i add this to my repository thing http://debian.cli.unipi.it/debian/pool/ it has a package i need.01:06
ondrejjdub: any chance to have ipw2100 and ipw2200 drivers in restricted (intel wireless cards with binary firmware)01:07
trey_Lowe: 'deb http://debian.cli.unipi.it/debian (something in distrib) (channels)01:07
trey_Lowe: pool is just where the packages are... you need the 'Packages.gz' file for apt to know where to look...01:08
sabdflondrej: they should already be there on a fresh install01:08
thomLowe: which package? most of what debian ships should be available in the Universe repository01:08
LoweIt has a package i need for mplayer01:09
trey_Lowe: use Marillats mplayer packages... that URL is for woody... I don't recommend installing woody packages within basically a sarge environment...01:10
LoweNo you don't understand me.01:10
ggiLowe: The base URL has a list of lines you could be using, including one for Sid: http://debian.cli.unipi.it/01:10
lifelessjdub: do I need to restart anything after installing your bluetooth packages ?01:10
moyogoLowe: add this "deb http://debian.cli.unipi.it/debian woody sherpya" to you /etc/apt/sources.list01:10
LoweMplayer needs a package called libarts and it's not available in marillats01:10
ondrejsabdfl: ah thanks, I used apt-cache search, but they are in linux-image01:10
thomLowe: enable universe, which has libarts in01:11
trey_Lowe: ahhh... that doesn't make sense... arts = kde... shouldn't be a requirement  :(01:11
=== froh_ [foobar@19.80-202-117.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
LoweI already have thom it still asks, hold on a min.01:11
Lowe Depends: libarts but it is not installable or01:11
Lowe libarts-alsa but it is not installable01:11
Lowe Depends: libdirectfb8 but it is not installable01:11
Lowe Depends: libdvdread2 but it is not installable01:11
Lowe Depends: libvorbis0 but it is not installable01:11
rburtonthat mplayer package needs a rebuild i guess01:12
Loweso what should i do?01:12
rburtonignore mplayer, use totem-xine from universe01:13
rburtonand get w32codecs from mariallat01:13
trey_Lowe: you'd be better off adding 'deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian sarge main contrib' then using anything else...01:13
ondrejseb128: gnome needs something like gksudo (f.e. try to Adjust time and date from Time Applet)01:13
lifelessjdub: ?01:13
Lowei think i already have that one aswell01:13
seb128ondrej: yes, the applet use gksudo, why ?01:14
=== psyklops [~john@] has left #ubuntu []
ggiI've asked this already, but I've never got a response. Why are Debian's contrib packages not being included in Ubuntu? A simple "Because contrib is evil" will suffice.01:14
trey_ggi: umm, I thought thats what 'restricted' was for?01:15
trey_afaict, main = main, restricted = contrib, universe = non-free  :/01:15
Mithrandirtrey_: no01:16
Loweuniverse still doesn't have everything we need.01:16
trey_Mithrandir: kinda figured I'd get that response  :/01:16
=== scarynetworkguy [~rpercival@c-67-171-194-92.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirtrey_: main =~ main; restricted is =~ non-free; universe is debian's main sans what we have in main.01:16
froh_what NPTL version is in warthog?01:16
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@extgw-uk.mips.com] has joined #ubuntu
Lowetrey it's still asking for libarts -_-01:17
trey_Mithrandir: so Ubuntu's main = Debian's main and contrib basically?01:17
Mithrandirtrey_: no, main can't depend on stuff outside of main, like in Debian01:18
Mithrandirhi Kinnison 01:18
froh_debian unstable uses 0.60, i need 0.61 for realtime audio work with jackd and kernel 2.601:18
trey_Mithrandir: hmmm... so back to his question... where does contrib enter the picture?  :(01:18
=== maku [~maku@] has joined #ubuntu
makuhello folks01:18
makui just installd ununtu01:18
Mithrandirtrey_: we don't really have anything that is "free, but depends on non-free stuff", AFAIK.01:18
makumy mouse aint workin01:18
makui have a serial mouse01:19
makuplease help01:19
=== Treenaks [martijn@cl-539.ams-01.nl.sixxs.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdublifeless: yeah?01:19
makuubuntu rocks! but without my mouse, i'm helpless!!!01:19
jdublifeless: oh01:19
jdublifeless: no01:19
jdublifeless: look in system tools01:19
mjg59maku: Serial mice are... difficult :)01:20
froh_maku: /dev/ttys0 is com101:20
=== trey_ though serial mice were extinct :/
mjg59maku: If you do dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 you should have the option to choose the serial port01:20
makubut i changed /dev/input/mice to /dev/ttyS001:21
makustill not works :(01:21
trey_maku: did you restart X since then?01:21
makumjg59, i tried that01:21
makutrey_, i restarted :-)01:21
froh_trey_: my son is playing simple games on a old P1 133Mhz with serial mouse01:21
mjg59maku: You also need to change the protocol01:21
makumjg59, how01:22
trey_maku: maybe you don't have the modules required loaded? cat /dev/ttyS0 and move the mouse... see if it garbles junk on the screen...01:22
makui mean to what?01:22
mjg59maku: After choosing the port the mouse is plugged into, you need to choose the protocol. It'll probably be microsoft.01:22
makuok, wait01:22
trey_froh_: I'm using a ps/2 mouse... figured they were pretty outdated too...01:22
makui did cat /dev/ttyS001:23
trey_anything doing?01:23
maku& something is runing on my Xterminal, characters01:23
mjg59maku: Ok, so the mouse works01:23
trey_ok... ctrl + x01:23
trey_c even01:23
mjg59The only thing you need is to set the protocol01:23
makumjg59, but not moves :(01:23
makuok, how do i do that01:23
lifelessjdub: ah. devices works.01:24
trey_maku: thats ok... X isn't seeing it.. but other then that its working  :)01:24
=== ninja [~rossg@black.golder.org] has joined #ubuntu
makutrey_, :-)01:24
lifelessbut phone manager & multisync don't have bluetooth plugin options.01:24
makuyeah, it works in FC201:24
ggiMithrandir: So contrib will never be included then?01:24
lifeless(my old settings are greyed out, can change away from bluetooth, but not too bluetooth.)01:24
mjg59maku: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8601:24
mjg59It'll ask you for the protocol01:24
makuok, pls hold on01:24
trey_ggi: guess not...01:25
Mithrandirggi: I don't know; at the moment, we don't have anything like it.01:25
trey_maku: kudzu is available for Debian... kudzu is what redhat/fedora uses for hardware detection  :/01:26
ggiHmm, contrib includes a lot of useful stuff like emulators and stuff. Looking through some of these I can't even tell why they're in contrib.01:26
danielsfabbione: pong01:26
makutrey_, thats good01:27
Mithrandirggi: not usable without firmware or such?01:27
danielsmdz: pong01:27
ggiLike xfonts-dosemu. Fun for playing NetHack with, as it works with IBMgraphics. It depends on nothing, just installs the vga.pcf font.01:27
makuok, i'll be restarting my XServer & will be back, how i give u some good news :_)01:27
makuhow = hope*01:28
trey_I was kinda confused to see discover1 favored over discover based on the fact it says Ubuntu releases are based on SID...01:28
makubbye & thnx alot for help01:28
Mithrandirggi: file a bug?  If it goes to main, it'll at least be in universe.01:28
ggiMithrandir: I think I might. But emulators and things like exult are understandably in contrib, and I miss being able to install those easily.01:29
Kinnisonggi: is exult not in universe?01:30
froh_can anyone tell me the output from "getconf GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION" on a ubuntu system01:30
MithrandirKinnison: is contrib in universe?01:30
Loweahaha those gnome games suck so badly 01:30
KinnisonMithrandir: Not a clue01:30
Mithrandirfroh_: : tfheen@golem ~ > getconf GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION01:30
=== matlads [~matlads@] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirfroh_: (amd64)01:31
Mithrandir: tfheen@shonap ~ > getconf GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION 01:31
MithrandirNPTL 0.6001:31
Mithrandiron i38601:31
ggiKinnison: Nope.01:31
froh_Mithrandir: oh, are you running 2.401:31
Mithrandirfroh_: no, I'm not.01:31
MithrandirLinux shonap 2.6.8-1-686-smp #1 SMP Sat Aug 28 12:51:43 EDT 2004 i686 GNU/Linux01:31
MithrandirLinux golem #1 Mon Sep 6 18:35:50 UTC 2004 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:32
froh_oh, must be amd64 thing01:32
froh_i would have upgraded at once if i could get away from NPTL 0.61 in Debian Unstable01:33
moyogoLowe: have you tried "deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main" for mplayer?01:33
froh_i am forced to run 2.4 kernel because of latencyproblems with audiorecording01:33
ggiWhile I'm bitching about things, is universe not updated to include packages introduced after taking the snapshot of Debian's main? For instance, I think the freepats package is pretty useful to bundle with timidity, but it's not Ubuntu.01:35
ggi*not in, I mean01:35
=== madduck_ [~madduck@madduck.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirggi: bribe jdub. :)01:36
Lowebefore that, why does it say 2 users in top01:36
Mithrandirseb128: what is the environment var I need to set to get glib's g_log function to output stuff?01:37
=== ggi bribes jdub with the promise of some magical beans if he includes freepats.
ggiHmm, perhaps filing a bug would be easier.01:37
Lowetop - 13:38:12 up 1 day, 13:05,  2 users,  load average: 0.24, 0.25, 0.21 < why does it say 2 users? have i been haxored01:38
=== maku [~maku@] has joined #ubuntu
makuguys, thanx alot01:38
makumy mouse is back01:38
=== madduck_ is now known as madduck
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@109.173-201-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
makureally, thnx01:39
Loweok you can stop now01:39
froh_Lowe: hehe probably not, open another terminal and watch, wow! now there are 3 haxorz01:39
LoweOMG our right lol01:40
DeftLowe, try who or w01:40
LoweLol i don'y care if someone has hacked me anyway, i don't keep any personal info on this computer.01:41
froh_Lowe: then install Win XP and upgrade to SP2 ;)01:42
=== rsacherer [~rsacherer@at-02-fo01-e3.ewave.at] has joined #ubuntu
Lowehaha your joking right?01:43
=== urix [~anon@line134-238.adsl.actcom.co.il] has joined #ubuntu
LoweSP2 is a virus lol01:43
pittijamesh: around?01:43
rsachererI am really happy with ubuntu linux! ;-) it's quite a nice distribution which cleanly builds on top of debian and i like the feeling, the installation was not that smotheless (i was left was a terminal login without x-windows - gnome installed, but hey, i could handle it) ;-)01:44
jameshpitti: yeah.01:44
=== urix is now known as yuran
pittijamesh: I just prepared a bug for https://bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=143001:44
Lowemoyogo i just tried that and still no luck01:44
=== jamesh looks
rsachereri want to contribute to some FAQ's and if it's possible to contribute to the ubuntu linux system also, is there a howto on getting a contributor? :-)01:44
pittijamesh: since this is my first real gnome hacking, jdub wants to have a second look from a gnome phreak before approval;01:44
pittijamesh: do you happen to have a minute for that?01:45
pittijamesh: of course I did not prepare a bug, but a patch :-)01:45
jameshalthough I haven't hacked on g-s-t :)01:45
pittijamesh: welcome in the club :-)01:45
rsachererAND are there any packages for x.org x-server (with the neat <real> transparence)? ;-)01:45
seb128Mithrandir: there is no variable01:45
=== Asriel [mrbob@] has joined #ubuntu
seb128Mithrandir: depending on the code, what's the output of g_log in your program ?01:46
ggirsacherer: Not yet. X.org will probably be used in the next release in April.01:46
=== Mirno [~MirSPCM@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
rsachererggi and there are also no development packages? i found a bug fixed filed against something for x.org in the buglist01:47
Mithrandirseb128: g_log (LM_LOG_DOMAIN, LM_LOG_LEVEL_NET, "\nRECV [%d] :\n", 01:48
Mithrandirhow can I make sure I see that message?01:48
seb128Mithrandir: g_log_default_handler ()01:48
seb128"The default log handler. This is used if no log handler has been set for the particular log domain and log level combination. It outputs the message to stderr or stdout and if the log level is fatal it calls abort()."01:49
seb128you probably have the default handler changed01:49
Mithrandirwell, stdout/err is fine with me01:49
seb128depending of the code01:49
Mithrandirbut I never see the log, so I need to hunt down the handler, then01:49
ggirsacherer: Well, I don't know, not being a developer. X.org isn't all cool and modular yet, so I don't think it's being packaged.01:49
Mithrandirseb128: ok, thanks. :)01:50
rsachererggi, ah, i understand ;-) ok, it's like with everything in the open-source-world ... good things need time to become better ;-)01:50
seb128Mithrandir: np01:50
jameshpitti: I'll add my comments about the patch to the bug01:51
pittijamesh: thanks!01:52
mojohas anyone tried transparent framework weimar yet?01:52
jdubpitti: hmm01:53
jdubpitti: if a device has no partitions,01:53
jdubpitti: just a formatted block device01:53
pittijdub: it is not recognized01:53
jdubpitti: have you--01:54
pittijdub: known bug :-/01:54
jdubaha :)01:54
jdubpmount /dev/sda worked fine ;)01:54
pittijdub: I know, hal is the problem01:54
jdubturns out i installed OS X on this usb drive ;)01:54
jdubok, thakns :)01:54
pittijdub: it only recognizes volumes with block.isvolume=101:54
=== thom kicks gnome-volume-manager in the head
pittijdub: I already discussed that with npmccallum, no easy solution with current hal01:54
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
pittijdub: we already considered several hacks, but none of them really solved this problem01:55
jdubit's a stupid thing to have anyway ;)01:55
pittijdub: actually not; who needs a single partition on a device?01:56
jdubyeah yeah01:56
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has left #ubuntu ["Nag,]
lifelessjdub: so di dyou rebuild phone manager + multisync too ?01:57
jdubphone manager but not multisync01:57
jdubi should do that01:57
lifelessthat would rock01:58
lifelessI've just freed up a Mb of phone memory -- thansk!01:58
lifelessphone mgr is still bust for me though :[01:58
=== clee_ [clee@fooishbar.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== bluewheel [~Blue@adsl-139-77.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
bluewheelasking a maybe silly question, can i use the apt repositories to upgrade from debian to ubuntu ? 02:03
sabdflwhat's the best svg viewer on ubuntu?02:03
sabdflbluewheel: from woody this will be supported02:04
jameshpitti: comments added.02:04
sabdflbluewheel: and our next release, hoary, will support upgrade from sarge02:04
tuo2go hoary!02:04
pittijamesh: thanks!02:04
bluewheelok, thanks guys :-) considering installing on my powerbook :-) 02:05
rburtonsabdfl: inkscape is a good svg editor, eog will show them02:05
bluewheelsabdfl, sodipidi also is nice 02:05
sabdflrburton: thanks02:06
=== rsacherer ask's itself what's to be done to become a full time Ubuntu contributor ... :-)
sabdflrsacherer: do you have experience maintaining packages in a distribution, or would you like to contribute translation / documentation / website?02:06
rsacherersabdfl, i am the debian-package manager in our company to provide debian packages for our house-build-software, i am c/perl/php/bash programmer, i developed modules for the freeradius server ... so, i think i could work on the base platform 02:08
=== leonel [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflrsacherer: ok, are there any packages you want to improve in particular? or new packages you want to add to universe?02:09
Lowemplayer for the loveof god someone add mplayer (one that works002:10
Muttleymplayer ;)02:10
rburtonwhats wrong with totem-xine + w32codecs?02:10
LoweBut we want mplayer02:10
SurcouFwhy ?02:10
sabdflLowe: it's in universe02:10
rburtonmplayer sucks donkey balls02:10
LoweYES WE ALL NO!02:10
=== Muttley watches lots of movies with external sub files
Loweno it doesn't02:10
Muttleytotem doesn't support and xine is crappy support02:10
rsacherersabdfl, nothing in special, i am just curios if it would be possible to become a full time ubuntu contributor, because i really love the idea of working for a free-minded employer ;-)02:11
LoweNothng is as good as mplayer02:11
Muttleyand mplayer is better ;)02:11
LoweAnd the one in universe doesn't work02:11
Muttleyfor the catch-all media viewing :)02:11
rsachererbut the one in the marillat archives, Muttly, Lowe, thoes this one not work like a charm?02:11
Muttleyone interesting question. does anyone know a way to get mplayer/totem/xine to work with the win32 codecs on amd64 without a 32bit chroot?02:12
SurcouFMuttley, what's the latest version of totem you tried ?02:12
Loweno it doesn't work either. But that's because of well..02:12
DeftMuttley, I finf totem-xine with 140 plugins does the catch-all thing ok02:12
MuttleySurcouF: umm, on atm02:12
Muttley(running debian amd64)02:12
rsachererI have a problem with totem ... it does not display the video (black canvas) where gxine works well :-(02:13
Lowewhen i try to install mplayer i get this02:13
rsachererbut as gxine worked, i did not take to much care of it02:13
Lowedamn it didn't copy!02:13
MuttleyDeft: I still have issues with totem, firstly the external subs and secondly every 3rd time I load it it comes up with a blue screen instead of video02:13
Deftrsacherer, is that totem-gstreamer? moving to totem-xine should fix that02:13
MuttleyDeft: I do use totem for dvds02:13
rsachererDeft, ah, i will check this!02:13
Muttleyfor that it is good02:13
Lowe Depends: libarts but it is not installable or02:13
Lowe libarts-alsa but it is not installable02:13
Lowe Depends: libdirectfb8 but it is not installable02:13
Lowe Depends: libdvdread2 but it is not installable02:13
Lowe Depends: libvorbis0 but it is not installable02:13
Muttley(except the blue screen thing)02:13
Lowe^^ and they all do that02:13
SurcouFMuttley, with sames codecs than mplayer ?02:13
DeftMuttley, odd, it's the first time I run totem it's blue... I should probably look into it, but it's so much easier to just restart it02:14
=== andred [~andre@h98n2fls34o1115.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
rsachereranother thing, i really would like to use ubuntu in my company also, but i did not found the nvidia packages, i have a nvidia FX5200 with dual head in my office and it would be nice to keep the dual-head configuration ;-)02:14
moyogoLowe: use deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main02:14
MuttleySurcouF: well mplayer doesn't do it either. do get anything to run the win32 codecs I needed to install a 32bit chroot02:14
Lowemoyogo i already have!02:14
rburtonrsacherer: apt-get install nvidia-glx02:14
MuttleySurcouF: most things are covered by native libraries, but qt and wmv don't work well without the win32 codecs02:15
moyogoLowe: and it doesn't work?02:15
LoweIt doesn't work.02:15
DeftLowe, you might need universe for the dependencies...02:15
MuttleyDeft: it's just as easy for me to just run mplayer the first time and not worry about it maybe having a blue screen :)02:15
SurcouFMuttley, so, you only need extra codecs02:15
sabdflrsacherer: the nvidia packages are coming02:16
DeftMuttley, yeah, I can accept that; out of interest, do you use the nvidia x driver?02:16
moyogoLowe: weird02:16
MuttleySurcouF: yeah, but the 64bit mplayer/totem/xine didn't want to play with the win32 codecs02:16
sabdfllamont: groeten02:16
LoweHow many times do i need to say this, i have universe.02:16
MuttleyDeft: I do, I expect it's probably not totem's fault. but it's still a pain02:16
rburtonLowe: and i've said before, that mplayer package needs updating for latest sid by the look of it02:16
moyogoLowe: what do you mean you have universe?02:16
SurcouFMuttley, tell to theses codecs editor to publish a 64 bit edition ;-)02:16
rsacherersabdfl, ah, ok, nvidia coming sounds nice to me! ;-) but what's no regarding the full-time-ubunto thing? ;-)02:16
DeftLowe, then try try apt-get install libdvdread2, it really should be either in main or universe, because I had it without trying02:17
Lowe<Deft> Lowe, you might need universe for the dependencies... << i was replying to this02:17
MuttleySurcouF: hehe, I'll just write to apple... ;)02:17
sabdflrsacherer: we have room for more people, selected based on their contribution02:17
sabdflbest way to join is to work within the constraints of your existing employment02:18
sabdfltake on bounties and bugs, contribute packages, prove your capability02:18
sabdfland you will hear from us02:18
DeftLowe, actually, I have 3... possibly that mplayer package is out of date...02:18
thomrsacherer: nvidia drivers are already in the restrcited component02:18
thomrsacherer: package is called nvidia-glx02:18
Deftrsacherer, you need nvidia-glx and linux-restricted-modules... probably02:19
rsacherersabdfl, great, seams a reasonable and fair way of doing things :-)02:19
LoweSo it's out of date? is anyone gonna do anything about it or am i stuck with xine. :(02:19
=== mwh_ [~mwh@] has joined #ubuntu
rsachererthx thom and deft!02:19
SurcouFMuttley, so, mplayer and xine uses sames codecs and ffmpeg too02:20
=== Capri [~mkolb@mnch-d9ba46f7.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu
mwh_Hello, I have just installed ubuntu, and I was looking for a way to install more languages, like I only got to choose my default locale02:20
DeftLowe, I know mplayer-nogui works, on debian at least02:20
mwh_is there an easy way to install new languages? 02:20
LoweI get the same errors with it!02:20
MuttleySurcouF: you mean the win32 codecs? yeah I think they all look in the same place for them02:20
SurcouFMuttley, yeah02:20
=== dumitru [~dumitru@] has joined #ubuntu
Lowebrb 02:21
MuttleySurcouF: on my 32bit debian system at home I just installed the win32-codec package and mplayer/totem/xine would play quicktime or wmv 02:21
SurcouFMuttley, with totem, you can install them directly02:21
SurcouFMuttley, okay02:21
Caprimwh_, do you think of more locales?02:21
mwh_Capri, yes02:21
SurcouFconclusion: mplayer isn't better than anothers players02:21
Loweyes it is02:21
LoweIt pwns the rest.02:22
LoweI have 120Gb of anime, i should know.02:22
MuttleySurcouF: it is better for subtitles02:22
=== cgdef [~cgdef@69-165-13-170.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Muttleyand I watch a lot of chinese films02:22
SurcouFLowe, do you have really use totem or xine ? 02:22
SurcouFMuttley, do you read some DVDs ?02:22
MuttleySurcouF: totem for dvds02:22
seb128SurcouF: totem supports subtitles02:22
SurcouFwhy ? ;-)02:22
moyogohow do you use subtitles files in totem anyway?02:22
LoweI don't like totem or xine02:22
mwh_Capri, do you know how to install more locales?02:22
SurcouFseb128, I know02:22
MuttleySurcouF: eye candy02:22
SurcouFMuttley, no 02:23
seb128Muttley: totem supports subtitles02:23
Caprimwh_, I think it is the debian way.02:23
SurcouFbecause totem and xine supports DVD menus02:23
Muttleyseb128: external subtitle files?02:23
mwh_Capri, please explain02:23
DeftLowe, well, marillat's mplayer says it depends on libvorbis0a, and that should be the latest version, you could try enforcing a particular distro with apt-get (-t ...)02:23
SurcouFmplayer doesn't not02:23
rburtonmwh_: dpkg-reconfigur locales02:23
Caprimwh_, one moment I have to check it myself...02:23
Maydaygthumb hangs when i try to import from my usb camera :(02:23
MuttleySurcouF: yeah, eye candy. that's all dvd menus are02:23
mwh_rburton, aha, ill look into it02:23
SurcouFMuttley, not only eye candy02:23
Muttleyseb128: since when?02:23
cgdefI can't mount reiserfs4 volumes does the kernel has support for them?02:23
pittithom: Your hal upload invalidated my pending patch :-) I have to wait for mdz to get up...02:23
seb128Muttley: long time02:24
Muttleyseb128: automatically?02:24
cgdefI ment reiser402:24
seb128Muttley:  totem file:///file.avi#subtitle:file.sub02:24
thompitti: heh, sorry. does it really conflict?02:24
SurcouFI like to watch extras from DVD02:24
moyogoseb128: yeah, but how do you do it from the gui?02:24
pittithom: no, I suppose not. No need to excuse, just funny02:24
Muttleyseb128: that's just like xine, not automatic02:24
mwh_rburton, that seems to be the way02:24
thompitti: :-)02:24
pittithom: but it takes a lot of work to tame this beast02:24
seb128moyogo: you don't, that doesn't fit with the "simple guy" 02:24
mwh_rburton: Thank you02:24
SurcouFmplayer doesn't have a pretty gui, so what ?02:24
seb128gui even02:24
=== rburton grumbes at pointless media player arguments
seb128Muttley: yeah but you can read subtitles :)02:25
=== noda [~adam@modemcable009.99-37-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
nodaWow, lots of people here :)02:25
cgdefthe thing is that the mkfs.reiser4 binary is installed so I assumed that the support to mount the file system would also be there02:25
Muttleyseb128: yeah, not the point though02:26
moyogohmmm, i find mplayer useful for a few things, sometimes xine is better02:26
moyogototem is just eye candy02:26
nodaMy laptop seems to freeze when I press the "lid" button... any ideas? I mean, even *suspend* works (and I've never had it working before)02:26
Muttleyseb128: it still works like xine. they should make it automatic and it blows most my reasons for using mplayer out the water02:26
cgdefhowever I get an error message that the file system is unsupported when I try to mount the drive02:26
SurcouFLowe, why don't you like totem or xine ?02:26
cgdefthe name of the FS in fstab is reiser4 right?02:26
LoweBecause they suck. No seriously they play my anime like shit.02:26
SurcouFmoyogo, totem can use xine or gstreamer as backend02:27
SurcouFxine can't02:27
SurcouFmplayer can't02:27
=== ldexter [~ldexter@adsl-065-006-163-043.sip.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
MuttleySurcouF: I tried the gstreamer backend for totem a few weeks back and it just didn't work very well at all02:27
rburtondaniels: isn't this pleasant?02:27
ldexterhi world02:27
moyogoi wish totem had an advanced menu02:27
SurcouFLowe, what anime ?02:27
ldexteranybody have screenshots of default ubuntu install?02:27
danielsrburton: yeah, just accidentally whacked the wrong key. how's things?02:27
moyogowith video controls (contrast, etc.) and subtitles02:28
SurcouFMuttley, gstreamer is young ;-)02:28
rburtonmoyogo: erm, contrast/colour etc is in totem02:28
rburtondaniels: not bad. finally saw Shaun Of The Dead so things are looking up. you?02:28
LoweAll my anime! look i don't have to explain to you why i think it sucks, i want to use mplayer and that's all that matters.02:28
danielsrburton: neat. not too badly myself.02:28
SurcouFLowe, so, do it yourself02:29
rburtonLowe: fine, but its not in ubuntu, its not in debian, so you have to install it yourself. live with it.02:29
nodaI can chmod -x /etc/acpi/lid.sh but it still crashes when I press the lid button02:29
steve2ldexter: linuxbeta has about 80 :P02:29
MuttleySurcouF: yes, but I'm not going to hinder my viewing pleasure in order to be on the bleeding edge :)02:29
cgdefLowe: you know installing mplayer shouldn't be that hard02:29
LoweI did compile from source, but i get even more errors. When i try to ply a file. -_-02:29
SurcouFMuttley, do you have a girlfriend ? ;-)02:30
MuttleyI'm sure gstreamer is going to whip the crap out of mplayer and xine one day02:30
nodaUse marillat's repository (I think)02:30
MuttleySurcouF: yup02:30
cgdefI've done it before but totem performs better for me so I don't use mplayer on this machine anymore02:30
MuttleySurcouF: A/S/L??!! ;)02:30
=== wobin [~wobin@cc825767733-a.hnglo1.ov.home.nl] has left #ubuntu []
SurcouFMuttley, what she want to like: totem, xine or mplayer ? ;-)02:30
MuttleySurcouF: she likes mplayer because it plays chinese movies with the sub files easily :)02:31
SurcouFmore easier than totem ? ;-)02:31
=== Stik [1000@ip68-0-43-164.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
cgdefwell if you setup totem it'll play your sub files easily02:31
MuttleySurcouF: yes02:31
MuttleySurcouF: double click easy :)02:31
Muttleycgdef: how?02:32
SurcouFMuttley, with totem too02:32
ldextersteve2: thank you :-)02:32
Muttleyhow, please tell me how. because I don't dislike totem, I just couldn't get it to do what I needed02:32
cgdeftotem should automatically play the sub file if it has the same name as your avi and is in the same folder02:33
TreenaksI think it should show the sub file in the menu, but not play it by default, unless you clicked the sub file instead of the avi02:33
Mithrandirlifeless: mail sent, sorry for the delay.02:34
cgdefalso it is possible that totem does not support the type of sub file that you are using but I hightly doubt that mplayer will if totem doesn't02:34
lifelessMithrandir: no stress.. thanks02:34
lifelessdo you have autoconf+automake+libtool+build-essential installed ?02:34
lifelessOh, and arch would be useful too.02:34
Lowemplayer supports everything i have thrown at it. the rest fail miserably.02:34
Mithrandirlifeless: what automake?02:35
Mithrandiras in, which version?02:35
SurcouFLowe, totem supports everything I have thrown at it.02:35
Muttleycgdef: really? cool. how long has that been in because I'm sure I tried it recently and still had no luck. will try that out as soon as I get home. thanks02:35
LoweAnd your point?02:36
pittijamesh: regarding the memory leak: so gtk_tree_store_set() will not take the gchar* itself, but copy it?02:36
Lowemplayer suits my needs the rest don't.02:36
SurcouFI don't look chinese animes with subtitles ;-)02:36
lifelessMithrandir: latest is fine.02:36
LoweWhat? in english please?02:36
cgdefMuttley: for a couple of sub releases I think I'll test it in a sec to make sure that it works like I remember it ;)02:36
Mithrandirlifeless: ok, done02:36
mwh_ok, the translations for all locales seems to be installed .. hmm02:37
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
LoweAnd most anime is actually japanese, not chinese.02:37
SurcouFLowe, I much like translated movies than originals02:37
cgdefcrap can't get access to my drive02:38
LoweAll my anime is subbed.02:38
pittijamesh: If the string returned by gtk_tree_model_get() must be freed again, then I (or you) discovered a host of memory leaks02:38
cgdeffor some reason ubuntu mounts all my drives that are not *linux* type as being readable only by root02:38
lifelessMithrandir: cool! thanks!02:38
Mithrandirlifeless: it's on my home DSL, so it might be a bit high-latency, but should otherwise be fine.02:39
=== robertj [~rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflcomments please: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/participate02:42
Deftubuntu team: are there any plans for a gui for selecting what services start up at boot?02:43
StikAnyone tried running this ubuntu in vmware?02:43
KinnisonStik: I had problems during debootstrap02:44
KinnisonStik: with base-passwd I think02:44
Kinnisonqemu can install and run it fine though02:44
sabdflDeft: we've discussed restructing the boot service startup scripts for hoary, but it hasn't been committed to as a feature goal yet02:44
cgdefkinda stupid question but how do you report a bug02:44
StikHmmm wanna try it out02:44
StikDon't feel like busting a perfectly good slack box to do so though lol02:45
Kamioncgdef: URL in topic, create account, hit the "New" link02:45
=== laotse [~laotse@] has joined #ubuntu
cgdefKamion: which one of the many urls in the topic02:45
LoweDon't you just hate family? there so annoying. -_-02:45
Kinnisoncgdef: the one titled 'Bugs:'02:46
Kamioncgdef: the one with "Bugs:" in front of it :-)02:46
Deftsabdfl, do you want a bug filed? What I would imagine would be a far simplified version of the gnome-system-tools service app, but without runlevels mentioned, and without basic system services (udev, hal, mount...) shown at all, so the user would just be able to select apache, nfs-kernel-server and so on, to be started at runlevel2 and, stopped on shutdown02:46
cgdeflol yeah I guess I better wake up02:46
cgdefsorry guys02:46
=== tlhIngan_jIH [~Qo-noS@bb220-255-49-231.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflDeft: please file a bug02:47
sabdflcgdef: bugzilla.ubuntu.com02:47
=== HcE_ [~hc@66.80-202-212.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Sorcy [~Ycros@c211-30-14-115.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionehey laotse02:47
laotsehey fabbione, what's up man02:48
fabbionelaotse: pretty happy.. i thing i manage to fix the Xv extensions on the nv driver02:49
fabbionei am sending out emails to get stuff tested02:49
laotsefabbione sweet :)02:49
laotsefabbione I'm just reading emails and seeing if my batch jobs finished running over the weekend. monday sucks.02:49
=== HrdwrBoB [hrdwrbob@220-253-39-131.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionelaotse: i think someone has to change the term of Maintaining Xfree86 into "I am doing a few hours of BDSM with Xfree86"02:49
fabbionelaotse: ehehe02:50
Kamion(and it's on top)02:50
laotsefabbione hahahaha02:50
laotsefabbione I get to play "rewrite someone's broken project from scatch" this week; I feel your pain02:50
Treenakslaotse: what? rewrite X from scratch?02:50
fabbioneKamion: ehehe02:50
moyogosometimes the rhythmbox tray icon doesn't work02:50
laotseTreenaks hahaha, hell no :)02:50
=== HcE_ is now known as HcE
laotsefabbione hold on, my favorite table at the coffee shop just freed up. time to grab it.02:51
laotsedamn. too slow.02:51
fabbionelaotse: still working from the coffee shop?02:51
laotsefabbione yeah. my life is hell ;)02:52
fabbionelaotse: AOhell? ;)02:52
=== _axel [~axel@92.Red-212-170-14.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
laotsefabbione shhhhhh. hehe.02:53
fabbionei need some more coffee02:53
laotsefabbione fix a dark roast w/ 3 shots of espresso in it.02:53
laotsefabbione good stuff :)02:53
_axelhi, isnt package gda2-postgres available in ubuntu? i have libgda2-1 and libgda2-dev and i seem to have /usr/lib/libgda/providers/libgda-postgres.a, but gda2-postgres is unavailable and my app says it cant find the gda postgres provider...02:54
HrdwrBoB_axel: have you got universe in your sources.list?02:54
_axelhmm no, i try to stick to the core set02:55
_axelbut i guess i'll have to pull it from universe02:55
_axeli find it weird that gda is not fully in 'main' though02:58
=== hofi [~acd123@adsl-62-167-108-114.adslplus.ch] has joined #ubuntu
=== takatumi [nach@] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBwell main is really only essential stuff (especially at the moment)03:00
HrdwrBoBif it's something that a lot of people will use you could file a bug report marked as enhancement03:01
_axelwill do03:02
=== scarynetworkguy [~rpercival@c-67-171-194-92.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
_axelhmm, how do i enable java in firefox? i really need it to sign up for my uni online and only have one hour left03:05
_axelany help would be greatly appreciated03:05
jdub_axel: there are some suggestions in the wiki03:06
fabbione_axel: deb http://jrfonseca.dyndns.org/debian ./03:06
jdubwe don't ship java03:06
fabbioneadd that like to /etc/apt/sources.list03:06
_axeli know03:06
_axeleven a dirty tarball would do for now03:06
fabbione_axel: well it works here with that debian packages03:06
=== _axel adds deb line
Se7hdoesn't ubuntu has cvs ?03:07
KamionSe7h: it's on the CD but not installed by default03:07
=== fredix [~fred@case.taonix.net] has joined #ubuntu
_axelfabbione: what package do i have to choose?03:07
fabbione_axel: hold on a sec :-)03:08
fabbioneyeah that one03:08
Se7hKamion oh ok03:08
_axelleeching now, thanks03:08
Se7hwell it should cause its useful03:08
_axeli hope that works otherwise im fscked :P03:08
fabbione_axel: no problem03:08
fabbione_axel: well it's not the most recent version of java, but it works fine here03:09
fabbione_axel: if it doesn't for firefox, fire up mozilla.03:09
_axelshould work i guess03:09
_axeli'll send hate mail to lousy uni sysadmins for forcing java on students03:09
_axelwithout previous warnings (used to work with plain javascript before)03:10
laotse_axel haha. if you ask me personally, you can do so much with a dhtml front end now, I fail to see the need to force java front ends on people03:11
KamionSe7h: deliberate decision, putting it on the CD but not installing it by default was the best compromise03:12
jdub^ might be ready for hoary :-)03:12
rburtonhm, interesting03:13
CapriDo anyone know some link to documentation about the changes between Debian to Ubuntu packaging?03:13
HrdwrBoBjdthood: nice03:13
=== Phated [~dyana@cm136.omega151.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
rburtonCapri: the changelogs will tell you everything, /usr/share/*/changelog.Debian.gz03:13
MithrandirI want EVMS support into something like that.03:13
=== crimsun [crimsun@crimsun.silver.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
jdubMithrandir: heh03:14
jdubCapri: no changes03:15
Mithrandirjdub: I don't have any boxes running without EVMS, I think.03:15
Caprirburton, I want to know what I have to do to use a Debian source package in Ubuntu? Just rebuild it?03:15
Mithrandirat least none of my personal ones.03:15
=== jsan [~font@177.Red-217-126-40.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksCapri: just dpkg -i it?03:15
=== scarynetworkguy [~rpercival@c-67-171-194-92.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
vincentjdub: and that :) ? http://tigert.gimp.org/log/files/uploads/gnome-notification-rss-distractor_v2.png03:16
plovs_jdub, very nice, especially the nfs shares!03:16
jdubvincent: maybe ;)03:16
Mithrandirvincent: scary.03:16
KamionCapri: we haven't done anything to the source package format03:17
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
CapriKamion, ok, thanks.03:18
=== Loduriel [~joel@ABordeaux-103-1-35-206.w81-49.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
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pittiDoes anybody know how to set the label of a partition?03:41
rburtone2label, etc03:41
pittirburton: for VFAT?03:42
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=== tvon|x31 [~tvon@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ygster [~Ygster@marriere-1-82-67-136-38.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
rburtonpitti: hm, dunno03:42
pittirburton: mkfs.vfat supports this, but actually I did not want to kill my usb stick content for that...03:43
jdubi think mkfs.vfat will do it non-destructively, from memroy03:43
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=== mdz [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_pitti, since I have no complaints whatsoever about my usb-keys, my digital camera does not automount :)03:45
pittiplovs_: which type?03:45
=== mojo [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_pitti, trust 350ft supported by gtkam not by gthump03:46
plovs_pitti, no filesystem or anything detected03:46
pittiplovs_: ugh. What does the Device Manager say to this?03:46
pittiplovs_: does it support usb-storage in the first place? Or gphoto only?03:46
plovs_pitti, Device Manager sees it, photo only03:47
=== Ygster [~Ygster@marriere-1-82-67-136-38.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_pitti, ugh,ugh is more like it03:47
pittiplovs_: if the camera cannot be handled like a hard disk, then you have to rely on gthumb to import the photos03:47
=== rcaskey [~rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_pitti, that works ok, but would it be possible to automagically have gtkam start when I plug it in?03:48
pittiplovs_: not for Warty any more, I'm afraid03:48
pittiplovs_: The difficult thing is that you cannot really tell from the kernel logs that this unknown USB device is a camera03:49
pittiplovs_: it causes a device to appear in /proc/bus/usb/..., but does not tell much about itself03:49
pittiplovs_: does Device Manager say anything that looks like a generic "camera"?03:49
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu
mxpxpodhey guys03:50
Cardadorpitti: i have the same problem with an hp photosmart 62003:50
plovs_pitti,  just vendor and product (it was a not so very expensive camera :) )03:50
pittiCardador: same answer, I'm afraid03:50
Cardadori can import photos with gthumb03:50
Cardadorbut it doens auto mount03:51
Cardadorlol doesnt03:51
pittiCardador, plovs_: I just got an idea how to detect these beasts automatically03:51
pittibut it involves too many changes for Warty03:51
Cardadori had it working in debian sid03:51
rburtoni thought dvm detected dcim folders and marked the device as a camera03:51
pittiso I guess we have to wait until after the Warty release for that03:52
pittirburton: yes, but only for usb-storage devices03:52
=== Ygster [~Ygster@marriere-1-82-67-136-38.fbx.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Slow]
rburtonpitti: ah ok] 03:52
pittiCardador: you mean sid automatically detected the camera and opened gthumb to import the pictures?03:52
Cardadorwith gphoto03:53
mxpxpodhas anyone figured out why evo launches it's own spamassassin daemon on ubuntu even though the system has one started?03:53
pittiCardador: gphoto/gthumb should work in Warty as well03:53
Cardadorhmm in sid i had to do some comand line hacking03:53
Cardadorto get it to work03:53
Cardadormaybe ill try the same in ubuntu03:54
pittiCardador: I suppose you wrote a hotplug script03:54
Cardadori just followed an howto :)03:54
pittiCardador: Warty also includes one, but just to allow access to the camerafor normal users03:54
housetierwhere is the "how do I help" page?03:54
Cardadorpitti: http://www.gphoto.org/doc/manual/permissions-usb.html03:55
pittiCardador: right03:55
pittiCardador: Warty does that by default03:55
=== urix [~anon@line134-238.adsl.actcom.co.il] has joined #ubuntu
Cardadorby default? so how come it does not automount?03:55
=== urix is now known as yuran
pittiCardador: in hoary, this script could send a dbus message to gnome, which then opens gthumb03:56
mxpxpodalso, why wasn't the gnome-media package built with the cdda stuff?03:56
sabdflcomments please on http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/maintainers03:56
pittiCardador, plovs_: can one of you please submit a bug report about this? (set the other as CC)03:56
Cardadordont have time now, im at work ;)03:57
plovs_pitti,  bug report for what?03:57
pittiplovs_: for automatically calling gthumb when you plug in your camera03:58
pittisabdfl: sounds good and documents existing practice :-)03:58
housetierI'd fail at " high work rate and productivity"04:00
=== laotse__ [laotse@adsl-63-205-44-72.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionsabdfl: I like it04:02
Kamionsabdfl: it might be worth coming up with some language about change review / mentoring / something like that, particularly for new maintainers04:02
sabdflthink i need to add something about full time employment?04:02
DeftHas anyone considered a simplified package manager, one that only list usable applications, rather than all packages (ie. not libraries, -devs etc), and presents them in a clear, categorised way; preferably with icons and such04:03
sabdflKamion: ok04:03
plovs_pitti, could it call something else as well? instead of gthumb (I would prefer gtkam)04:03
=== Gervystar [~gervy@peralba.sci.uniud.it] has joined #ubuntu
pittiplovs_: sure, just tell your wishes in the bug report04:04
rcaskeyA simplified package manager would be Good(TM)04:04
plovs_pitti, ok, of writing a report04:04
pittircaskey: even simpler than synaptic?04:04
jdubrcaskey: coming in Hoary :-)04:04
jdubpitti: *yes* :)04:04
rcaskeyAlthough I would prefer Synaptic be adapted04:04
rcaskeycan't you just add a tag to existing packages (enduser)?04:04
=== SystemX_ [~SystemX@pcp02307676pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflDeft: yes, we'll have this for Hoary, it will list only applications in main (supported, with security fixes)04:05
rcaskeybut a security update applet needs to get done04:05
jdubthat's also coming in hoary04:05
Deftsabdfl, great, but could third party's apps from other archives get added?04:06
rcaskeyhopefully 2.10 will get the noticiation spec banged out04:06
jdubDeft: it'll only list stuff from supported04:06
rcaskeyI guess there is really no reason for it to be an applet though04:06
sabdflDeft: hmm... so you'd like it to be possible for stuff from other archives to show up there?04:07
Kamionsabdfl: you mean something like when you'll consider employing new staff, or the relative status of core team vs. non-Canonical maintainers (hopefully as equal as possible), or ...?04:07
jdubDeft: if users know enough to want to go down the universe path, they can do so with synaptic or so on. :-)04:07
rcaskeyI've been thinking there needs to be a simple way to add sources so that security updates can be done for all apps04:07
rcaskeyand optional upgraes displayed04:07
=== fps [~fps@] has joined #ubuntu
Deftsabdfl, best would be if you could certify apps in some way, so synaptic would check for applications in all repositories loaded, to find ones that match a list set by ubuntu04:07
rcaskeya single click to add the repo, apt-get install the software, etc04:08
sabdflDeft: any reason why we would not simply move those apps to main if we were satisfied that they met the required standard?04:08
Kamionha, sabdfl beat me to it04:08
pittiplovs_: when writing the bug, can you please assign it to me? (martin.pitt@canonical.com)04:08
=== Mirno is away: je re
Deftrcaskey, that would be very useful too, would allow software on cds more easily too, if a whole apt archive could be put on a cd and installed from easily04:08
Deftsabdfl, I'm trying to think of commercial apps too04:09
rcaskeyAlso, it would help if it was possible to install a .deb with simple click click clicking04:09
PhatedIt is possible. *click click click* dpkg -i.04:09
rcaskeyThat way every app author wouldn't need to put up a respotiroy04:09
KamionDeft: apt archives on CDs are pretty easy to do04:09
rcaskeyPhated: I know that, but the average ubuntu user doesn't04:10
jdubrcaskey: that's doable (there's a nautilus extension for dpkg information too), but ideally, users would not ever need to deal with .deb files04:10
jdubrcaskey: repositories are the way to provide packages in an easy to use fashion04:10
Phatedrcaskey: It should be basic based-on-Debian info, IMO.04:10
DeftKamion, but they are not that easy to install from, because the user has to use apt-cdrom or whatever04:10
Kamionyeah, if people have to deal with .deb files then they have to deal with dependencies04:10
fabbionemore than dpkg -i <package>, i would opt for apt-get install <package>04:10
fabbioneKamion: exactly my point :-)04:10
rcaskeyjdub: Yeah, I can kinda dig that04:10
=== az[a] zel_ubuntu [~damien@ppp130-139.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hneed some help here04:11
Se7hseth@devil /tmp/gcc-3.3.2 $ ./configure04:11
Se7hConfiguring for a i686-pc-linux-gnu host.04:11
Se7hCreated "Makefile" in /tmp/gcc-3.3.2 using "mt-frag"04:11
Se7h./configure: line 8: cc: command not found04:11
Se7h*** The command 'cc -o conftest -g   conftest.c' failed.04:11
Se7h*** You must set the environment variable CC to a working compiler.04:11
rcaskeyIf you click a deb which has external deps apt knows about that don't conflict, you should be able to click and install real easy like04:11
KamionDeft: should be possible to wire that into Synaptic -> Preferences -> Repositories -> New in a nicer way04:11
=== scarynetworkguy [~rpercival@c-67-171-194-92.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
DeftKamion, if they could just put in the cd, and tell synaptic "This cd is an apt source", they could install from it instantly; if the apps on the cd could also show up in a new application-level package manager, a user could just click on the app icon in that list, and go04:11
pittithom: didn't you upload hal 1ubuntu11 recently?04:11
pittithom: it's still not in the archive and I need to fix two bugs in hal04:12
Kamionrcaskey: you'd have to fake up a repository on the fly or something ...04:12
jdubKamion: is there some kind of downloadable metadata file that could be interpreted into a source line?04:12
Kamion(otherwise apt can't do all the actions simultaneously)04:12
Kamionjdub: not to my knowledge04:12
thom hal | 0.2.92-1ubuntu11 |         warty | source, amd64, i386, powerpc04:13
rcaskeyKamion: well you could just query the reqs on the package(s), apt-get install those, then dpkg -i the debs04:13
jdubKamion: you could just provide a ".debsrc" file or something, which would be consumed by easyinstaller/synaptic04:13
Kamionjdub: if you have the URL to the repository, you can parse it into the repository04:13
Kamionrcaskey: you really want to take the repository approach04:13
thompitti: ^04:13
rcaskeyKamion: I think both should be done04:13
Kamionrcaskey: there are too many corner cases otherwise04:13
jdubwe have to really seriously consider why we're trying to optimise for numerous repositories04:13
Kamionrcaskey: and you end up duplicating too much code04:13
Kamioner, "parse it into the sources.list line" above04:14
pittithom: I use the German mirror. Obviously it did not propagate there yet04:14
pittithom: thanks04:14
jdubsabdfl: mail for you on sounder04:14
PhatedWhy not something that told dpkg to ask apt to download needed deps when dpkgg -i was invoked and unmet dependencies were found? It must be possible -somehow-.04:14
jdubPhated: better to have apt support file installation04:14
az[a] zel_ubuntuhmmm.. 83.6MB of upgrades already04:14
jdubPhated: so it can do it, and invoke dpkg, etc.04:14
KamionPhated: layering violation; that's apt's job04:15
Phatedjdub: True.04:15
rcaskeyjdub: making an easy way to click and add subscriptions would probably make software makers rather happy04:15
DeftI reckon I'll try and write out a few scenarios for software installation, see if I can draw it together somehow (yes, I'm bored)04:15
Kamionrcaskey: there's a limit to how much we want to make proprietary software authors happy, though04:15
rcaskeyadd a handler for an xml doc to add it to the sources.list and an easy add/remove software util04:15
rcaskeyKamion: I think this benefits everyone04:15
Kamionit would be much better for the software in question to be free, and then we could have it in Ubuntu04:15
az[a] zel_ubuntuMandrake's urpmi can install from files already on your system and still resolve dependencies :)04:15
LoweYeah that was one thing i liked about mandrake04:16
Lowebut still it's too slow.04:16
=== hofi [~acd123@adsl-62-167-108-114.adslplus.ch] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
Kamionthere's no particular reason why apt couldn't look at a .deb and internally treat its control information as a Packages file, as far as I know; somebody just needs to write the code04:17
plovs_pitti, under what component should I file it, hal?04:17
scarynetworkguyWTF is wrong with just letting apt does it's job?04:17
pittiplovs_: it does not really matter, but something with gphoto04:17
rcaskeyAnd there probably is some need for various repos in sources.list that can't be easily removed04:18
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu
rcaskey(security updates, drivers that should be removed via device manager, etc)04:18
Kamionscarynetworkguy: this is a situation that apt doesn't support currently, unless you fake up a repository on the fly04:18
plovs_pitti, libgphoto2?04:18
pittiplovs_: yes04:18
plovs_pitti, my first bug-report ever: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1509 :-)04:19
pittiplovs_: looks good, thank you!04:20
pittiplovs_: using bugzilla has the advantage that information is not lost and you get notified of changes04:20
jdubtseng: around?04:21
tsengjdub: yep04:23
jdubtseng: have you seen tomboy?04:23
tsengjdub: yes04:23
jdubtseng: thinking of packaging it? :)04:23
jdubtseng: might be a simple, first one04:23
jdubrad :-)04:24
jdubping if you need a hand04:24
jdublots of help here :)04:24
tsenglater today perhaps04:24
tsengill have to rtfm on this one04:24
jdubread the new maintainer's guide?04:24
=== cgdef [~cgdef@69-165-13-170.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
cgdefhow do you change the protocol - application association in gnome 2.804:26
cgdefI am trying to associate xchat with irc links04:26
cgdefbut the tool no longer exists04:27
=== falkryn [~falkryn@cerberus.rocsoft.com] has joined #ubuntu
cgdefthe mime modification thing that used to be in 2.604:27
=== gabe [~gabe@static24-72-125-56.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
falkrynhi, i was wondering, as compared to Debian's menu system, where apt-installed apps will be autopopulated, is there any plans for something similar in Ubuntu?04:29
=== gabe [~gabe@static24-72-125-56.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
rburtoni thought that worked04:30
falkrynso for instance, in fluxbox, gnome, whatever, I install app foo, the menu will update itself to reflect that?04:30
Keybukfalkryn: gui apps in supported should contain freedesktop .desktop files that will add it to the Applications menu itself04:30
rburtonyep, works for me04:31
falkrynmaybe I'm thinking of those apps in universe04:31
=== plovs_ [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
LoweTest* did my connection die?04:34
falkrynanother quick question, how come I'm seeing a number of packages where it will list foo-data, but no foo?04:34
Lowei guess not04:34
=== gabe__ [~gabe@static24-72-125-56.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
falkrynstupid example, but like frozen-bubble for instance04:34
Cardadorhello. will it be possible to upgrade ubuntu to the next version with apt? or will i need to do a fresh install?04:35
KeybukCardador: upgrade04:35
LoweI think it would be best to fresh install though04:35
Treenakswill it be possible to upgrade sarge to ubuntu? :)04:36
Keybukyou'd just change warty in your sources.list to hoary, and apt-get dist-upgrade04:36
tsengand hope for the best04:36
KeybukLowe: there's no particular reason to do that ... we'll test upgrades *very* thoroughly04:36
TreenaksLowe: no, upgrades tend to work well with debian-based distibutions04:36
CardadorKeybuk: tyt04:36
LoweYeah but nothing beats a fresh install04:36
KeybukTreenaks: it's a bit trickier ... some ubuntu packages are older than sarge, some newer; it can be done through pinning and a bit of magic04:36
KeybukLowe: really?  shouldn't be *any* difference04:37
lamontfalkryn: thank you.04:37
LoweWell i will be doing a fresh install when final comes out.04:37
KeybukI think this box ran slink when it was first installed04:37
=== lamont kicks frozen-bubble
falkrynlamont: what did I do?04:37
lamontyou noticed04:37
falkrynoh, not supposed to be that way in the packages?04:38
lamontif you see any more where there are arch: all packages and no arch: i386 packages (from the same source package), please squawk.04:38
lamontarch: all without ppc or amd64 is more understandable.04:38
npmccallumlamont: when I get some free time, I'm going to make a package of monkey-bubble :)04:38
rcaskeywas slink 2.0?04:38
rcaskeyor 2.104:38
falkrynok, starfighter too.04:38
rcaskeywhat was 2.0?04:38
Keybukhamm was 2.0 ?04:38
Keybukbo, rex, hamm, slink, potato, woody, sarge ... I think04:38
Keybukunless my brain fails me04:39
rcaskeyI remember a guy off #QuakeEd sent me Hamm disks04:39
rcaskeyincluding contrib04:39
=== StoneTable [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
Phatedbuzz, bo, rex, hamm, slink, potato, woody, sarge, sid, ethc.04:39
TreenaksPhated: sid won't be released.. it'll be sid forever04:39
LoweI'm bored..04:39
PhatedTreenaks: Oh yeah, thought I'd throw it in anyway.04:40
rcaskeysid = S till I n D evelopment04:40
Treenaksno, sid is the evil boy nextdoor :)04:40
Kamionrcaskey: that's a retcon :)04:40
lamontPhated: s/sid,//04:40
lamontsid never releases04:40
Phatedlamont: Yes, so it's been pointed out.04:40
lamontTreenaks: s/evil/unreleaseable/04:40
Treenakslamont: uh.. watch toy story :)04:41
=== snadeaben [[U2FsdGVkX@heppc12.nbi.dk] has joined #ubuntu
tsengsome day we'll run out of obvious characters04:41
PhatedThere's always mom and dad.04:41
lamontTreenaks: yeah, exactly.  evil, unreleasable boy next door who should never be let out of the house...04:42
PhatedLGM#1, LGM#2... LGM#459...04:42
lamontfalkryn: frozen-bubble, starfighter have been given the tender loving clubbing that they needed...04:42
Keybuktseng: Pixar release new movies faster than Debian release new versions04:43
lamont(fwiw, the i386 buildd's build arch all, hence all+!i386 is a bad state, and requires TLC...)04:43
tsengKeybuk: it wouldnt be the same if one day we found Nemo04:43
Keybukthere's still Toy Story 2, A Bug's Life and  Monsters Inc before Nemo04:44
nemooh sure04:44
falkrynlamont: thanks, may be a pattern but I've particularly noticed it with the games section in universe.  (supertux is another), I didn't know if there was some license reason or something04:44
=== Stik [~Stik@ip68-0-43-164.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
=== paolo1984 [Lupettino@host118-118.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Keybukat least Ubuntu just has to worry about running out of adjectives :p04:44
lamontfalkryn: how they got that way is a long story...  fixing them is fairly trivial, but takes a firm hand...04:44
=== Tomcat_ [~tomcat@pD9E604D5.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== lamont loves opensource
lamontmdz/jdub alive yet?04:47
lamont468 - we calling that normal or crit?  some nice man took my rant and debugged it while I slept. :-)04:49
lamont(move 3 lines, change 1)04:50
lamontdebian 226443 has the patch04:50
lamontand acutally, snapping from debian may be an option, gotta look at what ubuntu[12]  have in them.04:51
=== Phated [~dyana@cm136.omega151.maxonline.com.sg] has left #ubuntu []
jdublamont: can you check those out and add comments?04:51
jdubthanks! :)04:51
lamontjdub: initscripts prettying.04:52
lamontso either -7ubuntu3, or -8ubuntu1.  damn forks04:52
=== tr4nz [tr4nce@host24.200-117-141.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionlamont: let me know when you're happy for something to be pushed into sarge04:53
Deftpackage installation: http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~psh103/temp/packages.txt (sounded so much easier at the start...)04:54
lamontKamion: it'll hit sid urg=high04:55
lamont2.12-8 has just that one change from 2.12-704:55
lamontdid you want an email to -release for sarge?04:55
Kamionlamont: yes, but util-linux is frozen04:55
Kamionlamont: so it will need to be pushed by hand04:56
lamontKamion: true... Just trying to be consistant.. :-)04:56
Kamionyeah, mail -release please04:56
Kamionok, time to get coffee and attack #1337 I think04:56
lamontjdub: less work for me if we (now, probably not later...) if I just do -7ubuntu304:57
Kamionit's actually kind of depressing to own bug #1337 :P04:57
laotseKamion :)04:57
fabbionehey guys05:00
laotsehi fabbione05:00
fabbionei am searching for some help...05:00
fabbionebasically i would like to change my mail setup and be MUA indipendent05:01
fabbionei already run imap, but what i would like to do is to be able to filter mails outside the mua05:01
=== lamont uploads 2.12-8 to debian, checks on fabbione's build
fabbionei think something like procmail would do..05:01
Kamionfabbione: procmail or similar?05:01
petemcfabbione: exim filter is quite nice05:01
Kamionthere's maildrop too05:02
fabbioneKamion: yes.. i am really searching for something simple to setup and maintain05:02
lamontfabbione: another 25-40 min or so05:02
fabbionepetemc: i use postfix05:02
petemcnot much good to you then :)05:02
Kamionprocmail takes some deep staring at the manual to work out how it works, and then suddenly it becomes totally obvious05:02
fabbionelamont: fine for me.. i dedicated 4 days on it.. hour more or hour less isn't an issue :-)05:02
lamontfabbione: procmail is your friend, see mailbox_command in /etc/postfix/main.cf05:02
thomi use Mail::Audit, but fabio doesn't talk perl :-)05:02
Kamionhard to set up, easy to maintain05:02
fabbioneso either maildrop or procmail05:03
Kamionits code is utterly vile yet somehow it's never ever gone wrong for me05:03
fabbioneany other suggestions?05:03
fabbionelamont: yeps.. i saw that already.. i have one user in my system that gets mail via procmail05:03
fabbione(sks keyserver)05:03
fabbionethom: no more perl crap thanks :-)05:04
petemcwhat about sieve?05:06
lamontKamion: mail sent05:06
=== DSOM [~DSOM@] has joined #ubuntu
=== elim [~elim@81-178-218-10.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
elimhow do i adjust the brightness? (my mac doesn't have any manual tuning buttons) 05:08
=== Mirno is back (gone 00:59:53)
elimhow do i adjust the brightness? (my mac doesn't have any manual tuning buttons) 05:08
chutwiggood morning internet compatriots05:09
fabbionepetemc: sieve?05:09
elimgood afternoon 4:09 here05:09
petemcfabbione: yeah, its what exim filter is based on, seems like fairly simple syntax05:09
petemcfabbione: http://www.cyrusoft.com/sieve/05:10
fabbionepetemc: i think i will start looking into procmail first05:10
petemcfair dos05:10
fabbioneit has been the majority of the answers here ;)05:10
fabbionelamont: is it safe to use the .forward to relay mails from postfix to procmail, without playing around with postfix config?05:12
Kamionlamont: ta05:12
fabbionei am in the situation that i really don't want to break anything05:12
fabbioneKamion: do you think you can send a .procmail example?05:12
jdubsieve is cool :)05:13
fabbioneKamion: a complex one would be fine to see different tricks05:13
=== arod [~arod@host164-120.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
lamontjdub: 468 updated05:16
=== flex [~flex@tpIIuser114.dami-rz.pl] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionfabbione: I can mail you my .procmailrc, I guess ...05:16
Kamiondunno how illuminating it'll be :)05:16
lamontfabbione: yeah.05:16
fabbioneKamion: if you can.. otherwise don't worry05:16
fabbionei am not going to steal "s3cr3t5" ;)05:16
fabbionelamont: thanks05:16
Kamionfabbione: sent05:17
fabbioneKamion: rocking!05:17
Kamionnah, nothing secret in my .procmailrc05:17
jdublamont: just gave approve comment05:17
lamontdamn.  now I have to do _that_ too... :-)05:18
=== GheRivero [~ghe@cable219a135.usuarios.retecal.es] has joined #ubuntu
Kamiondebian-installer-utils |       1.06 |      unstable | source05:18
Kamiondebian-installer-utils |       0.56 |         warty | source05:18
lamontgonna go start a warty cold-install to work on reproducing the postfix bitches05:18
Kamionthis is going to be awkward ...05:18
lamonter, bugs.05:18
=== SystemX_ [~SystemX@pcp02307676pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["skip,]
=== hans_ [~hans@d8149.upc-d.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== psi [~psi@c-077c71d5.016-81-6c756c1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
fabbione1510 is interesting05:19
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Mitariohello everyone05:20
=== clee_ is now known as clee
=== BluMax [~ickyGoat@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
seb128hey Mitario 05:20
Mitarioseb128, jdub, trashapplet is in gnome-applets :)05:20
flexcan anyone tell me how to solve "unable to mount root fs on unknown-block" problem with kernel? im googling all day and found nothing05:20
seb128Mitario: rocks05:20
seb128Mitario: I can bug report now ? :p05:21
Tomcat_Is there any way to add a new menu to GNOME easily? I want a new menu with my own apps in it...05:21
=== BluMax [~ickyGoat@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubMitario: woooo :)05:21
=== jdub dances ;)
Mitarioseb128, i don't know yet :) but Riff is going to add the bugzilla component, I don't know if it's already been added :)05:21
Mitariojdub, :)05:21
=== jdub falls over a chair.
seb128Mitario: the current standalone CVS is ok ? I'll do a package with this one for the moment05:21
=== HcE [~hc@66.80-202-212.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
yamthis warty release is damn good05:22
=== thom blinks
Mitarioseb128, jep, should be the same as the ubuntu trash applet05:22
thommoz 1.0PR is 60MB bigger than 0.9305:22
jdubthom: that so has to be a tarball inside a tarball error ;)05:22
jdubthom: they said it was smaller!05:22
=== BluMax [~ickyGoat@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mitario is thinking about implementing tigert's notification thingies
=== seth_ [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-80-70.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
thomjdub: they left the CVS directories in the 1.0PR tarball05:24
=== BluMax [~ickyGoat@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
thomit's now 4MB smaller than 0.93 ;-)05:24
=== BluMax [~ickyGoat@] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneKamion: to which email address did you send the file?05:25
=== zipper [~zipper@c-9da8e253.339-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneKamion: i didn't get anything here05:25
=== seth_ is now known as Se7h
sabdfli've made a few more tweaks to http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/maintainers please let me know directly if there's anything else i need to cover at this stage05:26
Mitariohmmm ubuntu maintainers, is that a fun job? :-)05:27
Kamionfabbione: fabbione@fabbione.net05:27
=== zipper [~zipper@c-9da8e253.339-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has left #ubuntu ["Lmnar"]
=== scarynetworkguy [~rpercival@c-67-171-194-92.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
WWI've got a few questions about kernel messages that occur while booting...05:29
fabbioneKamion: i didn't get anything here...05:29
fabbioneah ok05:29
WWWhat is "hw_random"?  Is this something to do with a hardware random number generator?05:30
fabbioneit's stocked in the spamfilter queue05:30
fabbionewith a really really weird error05:30
Kamionfabbione: 2004-09-20 16:17:22 1C9Pur-0008PV-00 => fabbione@fabbione.net R=lookuphost T=smtp H=trider-g7.fabbione.net []  C="250 Ok: queued as 593354F1B"05:30
jordiWW: give more context05:30
KamionWW: see Documentation/hw_random.txt in the kernel05:31
Kamion        Hardware driver for Intel/AMD/VIA Random Number Generators (RNG)05:31
fabbione(host[]  said: 451 4.5.0 Error in processing, id=24109-04-8, decoding2-get-file-types FAILED: 'file' utility (/usr/bin/file) failed, status=255 (65280 ) at /usr/sbin/amavisd-new line 3852. (in reply to end of DATA command))05:31
=== citral [~christoph@gtn9-d9bb90a3.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneKamion: that's the error :-)05:31
=== citral [~christoph@gtn9-d9bb90a3.pool.mediaWays.net] has left #ubuntu []
Kamionfabbione: the .procmailrc was an attachment, I guess file choked on it?05:32
tsengjdub: hm is there a printable version of the new maint guide05:32
Se7hi'll put my question here to05:32
Se7h/usr/include/asm/smp.h:73:26: mach_apicdef.h: No such file or directory05:32
Se7hhostfunc.c:37:27: linux/wrapper.h: No such file or directory05:32
Se7hhostfunc.c:103: error: parse error before "agp_memory"05:32
Se7hand it ends:05:33
Se7hhostfunc.c:2125: error: `mem' undeclared (first use in this function)05:33
Se7hmake: *** [hostfunc.o]  Error 105:33
fabbioneKamion: could be... but i need to understand why05:33
fabbioneKamion: i never had this problem before with attachments05:33
KamionSe7h: do you have linux-headers-<whatever> installed, and does the thing you're compiling use an appropriate -I flag to the compiler?05:33
WWjordi: When I boot, I can see some messages scroll by about "hw_random" that appear to be errors.05:34
WWIn /var/log/syslog, I found:05:34
Se7hKamion bout the flag...don't think so05:34
jdubtseng: hmm, i don't know05:34
WWSep 20 09:10:51 localhost kernel: hw_random: RNG not detected05:34
Kamion-I"/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build" is the usual05:34
=== arod [~arod@host164-120.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Se7hhow can i check ?05:34
KamionSe7h: COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l linux-headers-\*05:35
KamionSe7h: install whichever matches your installed kernel (COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l linux-image-\*)05:35
Se7hNo packages found matching linux-headers-*.05:35
Se7hlol :|05:35
KamionSe7h: sounds like you haven't got warty main (from the network) uncommented in /etc/apt/sources.list05:36
Se7himage ?05:36
KamionSe7h: or else, after you changed it, you didn't run apt-get update ...05:36
Se7hheaders or image ?05:36
jordiWW: maybe discover trying to load a module, you can ignore.05:37
Se7hi get one from image05:37
Se7hnone from headersd05:37
WWKamion: Sorry, but where is "Documentation/hw_random.txt"?05:37
Kamionlinux-headers is what you need to install now, linux-image is the kernel package you have installed05:37
pills_is anyone successfully running the Belkin F5D6020 wireless card with ndiswrapper?05:37
=== falkryn [~falkryn@cerberus.rocsoft.com] has joined #ubuntu
Se7habout apt-get upgrade.....i did that a hour ago05:37
Se7hor so05:37
KamionWW: I was looking in the kernel source; it's also in the linux-doc- package05:37
=== fredix [~fred@case.taonix.net] has joined #ubuntu
KamionSe7h: oh, sorry, 'dselect update' to make dpkg -l work properly05:37
Se7hbrb 05:38
Se7hInformation about 2196 package(s) was updated.05:38
Se7h'dpkg update' now ?05:39
ishAnyone having much luck with APM: eg) suspend on laptop lid close..05:40
KamionSe7h: there's no such command as 'dpkg update'05:40
Se7hmy bad05:40
KamionSe7h: 'dselect update' runs 'apt-get update' as part of its operation05:40
Se7hwhat about the kernel headers?05:42
Muttleyahh, just remembered another reason for mplayer being useful05:43
KamionSe7h: which linux-image package is listed as installed?05:43
Muttleymplayer-plugin :)05:43
WWKamion:  Thanks, I'll take look. 05:43
Se7hii  linux-image-                                              Linux kernel image for version on 386.05:43
Se7hthat one05:43
KamionSe7h: install linux-headers-, then05:43
=== yoda [~yoda@fluorine.eu.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hlets see...05:43
WWAnother error that I get when I boot concerns "yenta" and "i82365": I see [fail]  in the line involving these. 05:44
WWIs this beause I am not using a laptop?05:44
=== JulHer [~julio@244.Red-217-125-14.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
KamionWW: sounds like it, those are PCMCIA modules05:45
pills_i think i82365 is for pcmcia..im not 100% tho05:45
KamionWW: not clear why they're in /etc/modules in the first place, though05:45
WWSorry I don't have the exact error message.  Would it also be in a log file somewhere?05:45
Kamionwe aren't using bootlogd, so probably not05:46
Kamionthere might be something related in syslog05:46
KamionWW: are those modules listed in /etc/modules?05:46
Se7hSetting up linux-headers- ( ...05:46
Se7hshould work now..05:46
rburtoni noticed that pcmcia support was installed on my desktop too, assumed it was a bug05:47
Se7hhostfunc.c:2125: error: `mem' undeclared (first use in this function)05:47
Se7hmake: *** [hostfunc.o]  Error 105:47
KamionSe7h: you'll still need to make sure that whatever you're compiling uses the -I"/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build" flag to gcc05:47
rburtoni really should write my Install Notes mail05:48
KamionSe7h: there is, of course, the possibility that whatever you're compiling is just plain buggy05:48
seb128rburton: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1407 <- ok with sg loaded ... so where is the bug ? :)05:48
Se7hKamion no....i don't think so05:48
Se7hit's the powervr drivers05:48
Kamionrburton: oh, this is the "we must install exactly the same set of packages on every system!" thing05:49
=== takatumi [~nach@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionrburton: I keep meaning to jump up and down on mdz and jdub's heads until they relent in the case of pcmcia-cs :)05:49
WWKamion: No, they are not in /etc/modules.05:49
rburtonKamion: surely that can be detected at install time :)05:49
KamionSe7h: *shrug*, it's entirely possible that things haven't been updated for 2.605:49
=== rburton offers a pair of DMs for head-stamping
jdubKamion, rburton: heh05:49
Kamionrburton: yes, and debian-installer does so, but we have explicitly overridden this by policy05:49
Se7hKamion and probably is just that05:49
Kamionrburton: which I think is wrong in the PCMCIA case05:50
Se7hi have read somewhere in a forum05:50
rburtonKamion: ditto05:50
LoweI have a problem starting my firewall (firestarter) it asks for the root password and everytime i put in it always says it's wrong (when it's not)05:50
rburtonjdub: stomp stomp stomp05:50
Se7habout the drivers beeing only supported for 2.405:50
subterrificrburton: thats awesome 4 cd/dvd-rom drives and it can't find one05:50
jdubKamion: maybe the "uninstall stupid stuff" thing is an option05:50
jdubKamion: perhaps pose that to mdz05:50
WWKamion: kern.log shows this:05:50
WWSep 20 09:10:54 localhost kernel: Linux Kernel Card Services05:51
WWSep 20 09:10:54 localhost kernel:   options:  [pci]  [cardbus]  [pm] 05:51
WWSep 20 09:10:54 localhost kernel: Intel ISA PCIC probe: not found.05:51
WWSep 20 09:10:54 localhost kernel: Device 'i823650' does not have a release() function, it is broken and must be fixed.05:51
WWSep 20 09:10:54 localhost kernel: Badness in device_release at drivers/base/core.c:8505:51
WWSep 20 09:10:54 localhost kernel:  [kobject_cleanup+64/101]  kobject_cleanup+0x40/0x6505:51
WWSep 20 09:10:54 localhost kernel:  [__crc_pm_idle+4997010/5541136]  init_i82365+0x6f/0x179 [i82365] 05:51
WWSep 20 09:10:54 localhost kernel:  [sys_init_module+227/468]  sys_init_module+0xe3/0x1d405:51
WWSep 20 09:10:54 localhost kernel:  [sysenter_past_esp+82/113]  sysenter_past_esp+0x52/0x7105:51
Kamionjdub: if we move pcmcia-cs from Base to Ship, that will be totally sufficient05:51
Loweholy spam05:51
subterrificLowe: did you enable root?05:51
WW(Sorry if that was rude...)05:51
jdubKamion: oh yeah05:51
subterrificthen you have no root password05:51
LoweWW it doesn't matter lol05:51
Kamionit's not so much a matter of uninstalling as of not installing it in the first place :-)05:51
Lowehow do i make one?05:51
jdubKamion: but it will be automatically installed if the installer uses it?05:51
subterrificdon't make one, use sudo instead05:51
Kamionjdub: if [ "$have_pcmcia" -eq 1 ]  && ! grep -q pcmcia-cs /var/lib/apt-install/queue 2>/dev/null; then05:51
Kamion        log "Detected PCMCIA, installing pcmcia-cs."05:51
Kamion        apt-install pcmcia-cs || true05:51
subterrificyou can run firestarter with: gksudo firestarter05:52
jdubthree lines of shell is always sexier than "yeah" ;-) ;-)05:52
Kamionhave_pcmcia is worked out by looking in /sys/class/pcmcia_socket/05:52
LoweBut i can't because uhm it blinks up on the screen where i enter my password (i mean i don't run it in console)05:52
subterrifichow are you running it?05:52
jdubKamion: i would be tentatively comfortable quimbying that one05:53
jdubmayor quimby05:53
jdub"i fully endorse..."05:53
rburtonjdub: good man :)05:53
KamionI've asked this before, haven't I05:53
LoweWell it's in my menu05:53
jdubso that case is kinda straightforward05:53
Se7hKamion thanks alot for the help05:54
LoweFirestarter and i click it (obviously) And it asks for the root password05:54
Se7hguess i'll have to w8 for 2.6 drivers05:54
subterrificLowe: right click on the menu item and change the command to gksudo firestarter05:54
jdubthe same may apply to lvm, evms, etc.05:54
subterrificthen you enter your password05:54
jdubKamion: see what matt thinks. it sounds reasonable to me.05:54
subterrificright click->Properties05:54
Loweyay it works05:55
Lowethanks subt05:55
Kamionjdub: ok, cool05:55
Se7hposistive side - upgraded some hings05:55
Se7h*things 05:55
Lowewhat ports does irc use?05:55
subterrific6667 i think05:55
Se7his one of them05:55
Se7h6666 also05:55
=== aes [~andrew@dsl-212-23-23-154.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
WW... syslog has a copy of the lines that are in kern.log, plus:05:56
WWlocalhost kernel: Intel ISA PCIC probe: not found.05:57
WWlocalhost kernel: Device 'i823650' does not have a release() function, it is broken and must be fixed.05:57
=== falkryn [~falkryn@cerberus.rocsoft.com] has joined #ubuntu
LoweAny idea why they changed the firefox ubuntu changed the firefox icon?05:57
Lowethat came out way wrong lol05:57
KamionWW: I've seen the last one, seems fairly clearly a kernel bug05:57
=== snadeaben [[U2FsdGVkX@heppc12.nbi.dk] has left #ubuntu []
WWOops, these aren't what I meant to cut-n-paste...05:58
KamionLowe: trademark requirements, I think05:58
LoweI upgraded BMP this one can see kanji fine now w00t05:58
WWsyslog also has two messages from hal.hotplug about /devices/platform/i82365005:59
WWand after those two lines, syslog has:05:59
LoweBtw how do you add a channel to your favourites (xchat)05:59
WWlocalhost cardmgr[3995] : no sockets found!05:59
KamionWW: right, sounds like we'll probably make those go away on desktop systems05:59
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=== parkerc [~parkerc@] has joined #ubuntu
WWMore strangeness: syslog is filling up with errors related to postfix:06:03
WWThe following three lines are repeated every minute:06:04
lamontWW: what error?06:04
WW postfix/local[7295] : fatal: open database /etc/aliases.db: No such file or directory06:04
lamontgah.  as root, say 'newaliases'06:04
WWpostfix/master[4108] : warning: process /usr/lib/postfix/local pid 7295 exit status 106:04
lamontWW: did you upgrade from woody, or fresh install?06:04
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090B0C2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
WWpostfix/master[4108] : warning: /usr/lib/postfix/local: bad command startup -- throttling06:04
WWlamont: fresh install06:05
ichi do need the actual kernel-source (2.6.806:05
lamontwas the network configured when you booted?06:05
lamonter, during the install, that is.06:05
WWlamont: If you mean did it "just work", yes, it did.06:05
ichplease, need kernel-source 2.6.806:06
=== lowe [~lowe@ACBD396C.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
lamontich: apt-get install linux-source-
=== lowe is now known as Lowe
ichare that the actual ones?06:06
Kamionlamont: is newaliases not run during the installation?06:07
lamontKamion: there's one case (that requires that, for whatever reason, myhostname wind up being empty06:07
lamont#1341, iirc06:08
lamontthat's what I'm about to wander off for a while to reproduce.06:08
lamontwell, actually, I'm going to take advantage of the nice day and sunlight to do some home chores, and then work the 2-midnight shift, more likely...06:08
=== ubuntuwig [~edmundrhu@nat01-easton-ext.Rutgers.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
ubuntuwighuzzahs are in order06:10
=== Lowe [~lowe@ACBD396C.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== _Hiro_ [~harold@212-112.a2f.dsl.net4all.net] has joined #ubuntu
LoweThere finally figured out how to do it lol.06:11
_Hiro_I have a udev problem I think /dev/hdc doesn't exist06:11
_Hiro_it only exists for that session after I do touch /.dev/hdc06:11
=== hypatia [~mary@82-69-60-252.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
_Hiro_anyone know how to solve that?06:12
WWlamont: Thanks. aliases.db now exists, and the errors in syslog have stopped.  Does this fix it "forever", or until I reboot?06:13
lamontWW: fixed.06:14
lamontwhenever you modify /etc/aliases (to add new users, or whatever), you run /etc/newaliases.06:14
lamontKamion: btw, a blank hostname is fatal to newaliases, you see.... :-(06:14
_Hiro_anyone know the solution to my problem pretty please, I'd like to get this hd mounted06:14
ubuntuwigquick question, how would i get the nautilus icons back on the desktop again?06:15
LoweI asked my mum to leave me some cigs and she said ok. I went down to look for them and guess where she put them?06:16
_Hiro_in the toilet?06:16
Kamionubuntuwig: Applications -> System Tools -> Configuration Editor, find /apps/nautilus/desktop, turn on whichever _visible options you want06:16
vincentin the fridge ?06:16
LoweOn top of the fish tank lol06:16
ubuntuwigKamion: thanks06:16
LoweI was looking for them for ages aswell lol06:17
ubuntuwignow that i've reinstalled everything seems to be quite n order06:17
LoweMan BMP rocks06:17
=== alextreme [~alex@am.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
yuranbeep media player06:18
LoweLooks real nice.06:18
=== jcspray [~jcspray@82-68-105-97.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
LowePlays real nice to06:18
Lowebrb im gonna make some coffee06:18
=== Stik [~Stik@ip68-0-43-164.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
WWPoking around some more in syslog, and I see that I am getting errors when I use my cdrom (even though it appears to work fine)06:20
WWI just put a music cd in, and syslog shows errors like:06:20
WWlocalhost kernel: Buffer I/O error on device hdd, logical block 1506:21
WWlocalhost kernel: hdd: command error: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }06:21
WWlocalhost kernel: hdd: command error: error=0x5406:21
ubuntuwigsounds like it's not getting along too well with your IDE controller or the device06:21
WWlocalhost kernel: end_request: I/O error, dev hdd, sector 006:21
ubuntuwigthere's a specific kernel option that you can compile in to get around the 0x51 0x54 error06:22
ubuntuwigi had to compile it in for this computer when the hard drive was connected to the onboard controller06:22
WWubuntuwig: Is "the 0x51 0x54 error" common?  Are there are docs about it?06:24
=== mike_w [~mike_w@host81-153-146-115.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== aes [~andrew@dsl-212-23-23-154.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
ubuntuwigww: it must not be uncommon, since there's a specific kernel option to deal with it06:25
ubuntuwiglet me see if i can find out which one06:25
ubuntuwigor not, because i don't have the kernel sources06:26
ubuntuwigit's somewhere in the section with all the IDE controller drivers06:27
=== Jotun [~heretic@adsl-10-27-74.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
WWubuntuwig:  "...must not be uncommon..." I guess that makes sense :)06:27
WWDarn, I was hoping I wouldn't have to mess with kernel recompiles...06:27
=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== Nonphasis is having probs with NVIDIA
ubuntuwigon the other hand, the kernel does have a whole lot of esoteric little options06:28
ubuntuwigi think it's mainly a problem with older IDE controllers06:28
ubuntuwigthis one was an onboard 440LX controller06:28
ubuntuwigfossilized doesn't even begin to describe it06:28
_Hiro_my /dev/hdc isn't created a tboot, anybody know what can solve this?06:29
WWubuntuwig: Older?  I got this computer in Feb or March this year! Its a Shuttle.06:29
Nonphasiswhy do I need to run dpkg-reconfigure linux-rest..-k7 before kernel module loads proporly?06:29
Nonphasis_Hiro_, is hda created?06:29
ubuntuwigWW: i just remember it happening on this controller and also on a 440BX06:29
ubuntuwigmaybe computer jesus just hates you06:29
_Hiro_yes hda06:29
Nonphasis_Hiro_, is ide-cd loaded?06:29
_Hiro_if i do touch /.dev/hdc it creates both /dev/hdc and /dev/hdc1 and I can mount the hd for that session06:30
_Hiro_it's not a cd06:30
=== garret [~garret@slobber.ruffdogs.com] has joined #ubuntu
_Hiro_it's a hd06:30
_Hiro_ide1 master controller06:30
_Hiro_ide1 was disabled during ubuntu install, ide0 wasn't, now it never creates /dev/hdc(1)06:30
_Hiro_it does create /dev/hda06:31
WWubuntuwig: How serious is the problem?  I seem to be able to play music and rip CDs ok.06:32
LoweI might set up another machine as a server, using Ubuntu, do you think that's a bad idea?06:32
_Hiro_anyone know?06:32
ubuntuwigWW: it's not really06:32
WWJust wondering if I can put off to tomorrow what I don't have to do today.06:32
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kagouhi guys06:37
=== steve__ [~steve@static24-72-126-87.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== Qo-noS [~Klinzhai@bb220-255-49-231.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
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=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
mike_wcan anyone point me in the right direction to fix a problem with music player after a clean install [OSS device "/dev/dsp" is already in use by another program] ?06:41
=== deron [~deron@] has joined #ubuntu
chutwigdid you turn esound on or something?06:42
mike_wnow knowingly, only installed yesterday and not tweaked anything yet06:42
=== jsc [~jsc@h-67-101-232-206.lsanca54.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== marquivon [~marquivon@] has joined #ubuntu
marquivonhi. i've a redhat 9 system without a cd drive. i've saved the files from the iso on a system in a network06:44
marquivonwill it be possible to install ubuntu through the network. if yes, can someone guide me to any documentation or give any hints? thanks06:45
hypatiaThere's a netboot installer, but the documentation explicitly defines it as out of scope:06:46
Kamionmarquivon: yes, the files in /install/netboot/ can be used; you're probably best looking at the debian-installer documentation for now06:46
Kamionout of scope for the howto, yeah, that was a one-pager for the warty preview release06:46
hypatiathat's what I meant06:47
Lowemarquivon you could always order a cd06:47
Loweoh you have no drive lol06:48
marquivonthanks. actually i have the cd and have installed in 3 systems here06:48
LoweIm really slow today06:48
marquivonexactly :-) i'm looking at the documentation links06:48
Kamionmarquivon: full documentation's on my queue as soon as I dig myself out from under installation bugs :-)06:49
chutwigi need to find somebody to talk to here about setting up an ubuntu repository06:49
chutwigrutgers mirrors so many other linux things that one more wouldn't hurt06:50
marquivonKamion: :-)06:50
Kamionchutwig: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/download/mirror/document_view06:50
chutwigKamion: well, i'm just a student, so i can't really do it myself :)06:51
Kamionchutwig: oh, "here" != this IRC channel then :)06:51
=== takatumi [nach@] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunchutwig: best bet would be to talk to one of the administrators in the IT/IS dept(s)06:53
chutwigfor now, it's time for 5 hours of boring class06:54
=== gommans [~memgomman@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Lowe is now known as Lowe[Dinner]
Lowe[Dinner] I won't be long06:56
aitrusis there a way to setup automatic (nightly) updates?06:58
pittiaitrus: put apt-get update && apt-get upgrade in /etc/cron.daily/ ?06:58
=== kagou [~kagou@AMontpellier-251-1-2-42.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
pittiaitrus: in a small script wrapper, of course06:58
plovspitti, how can I limit my updates to security updates only?06:59
=== ponds [~ponds@ws169-33.evans.dynamic.msstate.edu] has joined #ubuntu
pittiplovs: just comment the main/restricted/universe deb lines in /etc/apt/sources.list and just keep the security deb line06:59
pittiplovs: but then you cannot install new software any more07:00
pondsis the ubuntu kernel a stock or is it patched with anything? if its patched, where do i get the sources?  I cant find it in apt.07:00
pittiplovs: after warty's release in October, you will only get security updates anyway07:00
marquivoni believe if i copy /install/netboot/* files in /ubuntu directory on a redhat linux 9 system, modify its grub.conf and add its entries, then it should work, right?07:00
Kamionponds: somewhat patched, get the source package and look in debian/patches/ to see07:00
pondsok, im having trouble locating the source package07:01
Kamionaitrus: completely automatic upgrades are not recommended; occasionally upgrades have to ask a question07:01
Kamionaitrus: you might like to use 'apt-get -dy dist-upgrade' to just download everything, then you can do the actual upgrade later07:01
Kamionponds: make sure the deb-src line for warty main is uncommented in /etc/apt/sources.list; 'apt-get source linux-source-'07:02
Kamion(you don't need to run that latter part as root)07:02
pondsoh oh07:02
pondsi was looking for kernel-source07:02
=== z2nOnly [zman@cable-68-112-214-178.sli.la.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
pondsnot sure why it changed07:02
Kamionponds: we took the opportunity to rename it while restructuring the package a bit07:03
=== Olivier_54 [~olivier@dyn-83-152-188-52.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmarquivon: hm, that might work, although you'd have to be careful not to nuke the RHL9 partition during the install07:03
aitrusis the "universe" archive like a contrib repository? (anyone can submit software to it)07:04
Kamionmarquivon: you'll have to copy the right boot parameters from d-i though07:04
marquivonif it boots, that's enough. then will take backup  of rh9, and then reinstall the system07:04
pondsits a snapshot of debian unstable compiled against ubuntu07:04
Kamionaitrus: no, universe is everything in Debian main that's not Warty main07:04
Kamionmarquivon: if you can boot over the network, PXE might be better07:04
marquivonKamion: can't use PXE as of now. btw what's d-i? debian installer?07:05
Kamionmarquivon: yes07:06
plovspitti, but is it possible to run updates from one repository only, without removing the other ones?07:06
pittiplovs: no easy way that I know of07:07
=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== jdandr2 [~jdandr2@ukwg1.uky.edu] has joined #ubuntu
DimSumAre you guys looking into using something like Anaconda as the installer for Ubuntu?07:07
pittiplovs: I would write a small script which changes apt sources temporarily, does the upgrade and changes back the sources07:07
DimSumBecause, although the Ubuntu installation was simple as hell, it wasn't exactly "inviting"07:07
KamionDimSum: it may be an option in the future, but debian-installer seems to be doing sufficiently well that I imagine it will remain the default07:07
plovspitti, I wrote this small script that does just that but it feels kind off funny07:07
marquivonKamion: where will i get the debian installer parameters?07:07
=== Deft [~phil@cpc2-hem14-6-0-cust211.lutn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
KamionDimSum: in the Hoary timeframe we'll be looking at adopting/writing/polishing a graphical version of debian-installer07:08
pittiplovs: there might be an easier way, though:07:08
mike_waccording to a similar problem on the user lists, my totem problem [OSS device "/dev/dsp" is already in use by another program]  is linked to esd, but I'm having problems shutting it down..07:08
Kamionmarquivon: syslinux.cfg in the CD image07:08
DimSumBut it wasn't even graphical?07:08
DimSumAhhh, right07:08
pittiplovs: you can run apt-get -c /etc/apt/update.conf upgrade07:08
Kamion"graphical" is not exactly minimum criterion for an installer :-)07:08
pittiplovs: create /etc/apt/update.conf which points to a different source list07:09
NonphasisI just enabled Universe - is it dangerous to get stuff frem there?07:09
Deftjdub, Kamion, anyone I was talking to earlier, some thoughts on packages: http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~psh103/temp/packages.txt07:09
DimSumNo, but if you want to be up there with the rest of the proper distroes07:09
Kamion"works" is about an order of magnitude more important, so we concentrated on that first07:09
DimSumThen a graphical installer is necessary07:09
pittiplovs: this is entry Dir::Etc::SourceList07:09
pittiplovs: man apt-get says it all07:09
DimSumI mean, lets face it, right now - when it's fully installed - Ubutnu is easily the nicest looking distro out there07:09
KamionI fundamentally disagree, but it's not going to be productive talking about it here especially since we're going to be doing a graphical installer anyway07:09
=== Lowe[Dinner] is now known as Lowe
plovspitti, thanks, reading now07:09
DimSumIt's like a distro which takes everything to the XD2 level07:09
LoweThat was decent07:09
DimSumBut for me, the whole experience was let down by the installer07:10
pittiplovs: option -c is the one you look for07:10
DimSumJust reminded me of the RH6.2 days, tbh07:10
jdubKamion: in fact, it's almost the other way around :)07:10
KamionDimSum: dude, EOD, please :)07:10
Nonphasisactually, the installation was a breeze. Apart from the lack of keyboard layout selection07:10
DimSumOh, k.07:10
KamionNonphasis: yeah, that's an open bug, if Mark approves it that question will return07:10
DimSumNonphasis: Yeah; I know, it WAS easy, but just not beautiful, unlike the rest of the distro :P07:10
DimSumJust out of interest, are you using XFree86, or are you using XOrg? I haven't actually bothered to look yet07:11
KamionXFree86, X.org for Hoary07:11
Kamion(it didn't quite make the cut)07:11
NonphasisKamion, well, approval would seem sensible considering the apparent focus of th distro07:11
DimSumHoary being the next major version?07:11
KamionNonphasis: the initial thought was that it could be sufficiently automated, but this appears not to be the case given user feedback07:12
KamionNonphasis: we've been trying to cut questions out as far as possible07:12
KamionDimSum: yeah, due April 200507:12
DimSumThat's quite a long way away; I assume we'll be talking version 5.0 then, rather than 4.2?07:12
DeftDimSum, April is 407:13
NonphasisKamion, Well, there could be a checxbox like "specify a special layout (advanced)07:13
DimSumIsn't Ubuntu 4.1 at the moment?07:13
Kamionoh, if you mean version of Ubuntu, 5.0407:13
Kamionthe current version is 4.10, abbreviation of 2004.1007:13
NonphasisKamion, doing qwerty on dvorak = extreme pain07:13
DimSumAhhh I see07:13
=== felixdz [~felixdz@c3eea6ac9.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu
KamionNonphasis: nah, if we do it it'll just come back in the same way it's there in the Debian installer07:13
DimSumRight; brb - dinner.07:13
NonphasisKamion, fair enough07:14
LoweI'm bored now :(07:16
pondsis the root password autoscrambled? or is there some master password?  i hope that someone doesnt figure out the password and own all our boxes07:16
Kamionponds: it's disabled07:16
Kamionthere is no root password, CERTAINLY no master password07:16
pondsok great07:16
Loweat least it's one less password to remember07:17
pondsi really like not being able to log in as root07:17
mike_wKamion: if you boot to the ubuntu recovery mode, it asks for the root password. Would the primary user pw work instead?07:18
mike_w(not that I've needed to recover anything yet(07:18
felixdzhello. Mission control I have a problem. I used to be able to burn cd's with knoppix hdinstalled and fedora...07:18
Kamionmike_w: um, really? it should never ask for the root password unless you've set it (with 'sudo passwd root')07:18
Kamionmike_w: no, the primary user password wouldn't work07:19
felixdzbut this weekend I have installed winXP, ubuntu and fedora07:19
mike_wKamion: ah - ok. I think I had done that first (old habits die hard)07:19
Kamionmike_w: if you haven't set the root password, it should just let you straight in (you have physical access to the machine anyway ...)07:19
felixdzNow I can burn only in winXP, fedora appears to have changed the dev from dev=0,1,0 to 1,1,007:20
=== jsc [~jsc@h-67-101-232-206.lsanca54.covad.net] has left #ubuntu []
mike_wKamion: having set it, can I disable it again?07:20
=== hns [~Hans@d8149.upc-d.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== laotse_ [laotse@adsl-67-123-43-28.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmike_w: sudo passwd -l root07:20
felixdzubuntu doesn't see anthing with cdrecord -scanbus even as root.07:20
felixdzHas anyone else experienced this?07:20
mike_wKamion: thnx, so that's me back to how it should be again then?!07:21
pondstry cdrecord dev=ATAPI -scanbus07:21
Kamionmike_w: you're welcome to set it up either way07:21
Kamionmike_w: that would be back to the default, though, yes07:21
mike_wKamion: as it is advantageous / recommended to leave root disabled so will prob stick with the default ;-)07:22
felixdzthanks ponds07:22
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subterrificso i just got to work and my ubuntu machine that had been sitting idle all weekend was reallllllly slloooooow07:30
neighborleehow do I report a bug when the component I need isn't listed ?07:31
subterrifici had to drop to a console and then it took about 30 seconds for top to start07:31
jdubneighborlee: UNKNOWN07:31
subterrificand top showed negative cpu loads...07:31
subterrificfirst time i've seen that07:31
sabdflmdz: ping07:32
mdzsabdfl: pong07:32
sabdflwould you be happy to convene the Technical Board every two weeks?07:32
sabdflmdz: ^07:32
subterrificdoes ubunturun something by default that does cpu freq scaling?07:32
Kamionsubterrific: yep, powernowd07:33
mdzsabdfl: I think so, yes07:33
sabdfli'll put that on the web site07:33
sabdflwe need a calendar...07:34
mdzwe might space them further apart once Ubuntu is more architecturally stable07:34
mdzbut we have a lot of decisions to make at this point07:34
sabdfli think it's good to have a regular meeting, so people can submit items for discussion. if there are few items, it's a quick meeting07:34
sabdfland yes, it might have to meet more regularly for the next little while :-)07:35
=== OZ8AAZ [~kmyram@port323.ds1-brh.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Nonphasisare we supposed to use totem for video playback?07:35
subterrificKamion: `i'm wondering if it scaled my cpu really low cause it sat idle all weekend and then couldn't scale it back up07:36
mike_ware there any linux media players that can handle .m4a's (apple itunes)?07:36
subterrifici was able to reboot the machine, but it took like 15 minutes for it to reboot07:36
pittiNonphasis: it sucks, but it is the best one can get without (too many) patent infringements07:36
subterrificits a 3ghz HT P407:36
felixdzI am just going to see if I can get cdrecord to go in fedora then I'll come back. TTFN07:36
pittiNonphasis: (of course, the first thing to do on a Desktop is to install mplayer or totem-xine)07:37
sabdflmdz: when do you want to host the next meeting?07:37
Nonphasispitti, too bad I can't view any of my media content w/o infringing a patent or two ;-)07:37
LoweSomeone should prt foobar to linux07:37
Nonphasisgotta go compile that mplayer then...07:37
Lowedamn it07:37
pittiNonphasis: I agree, but we cannot ship the good stuff, you have to download it for yourself07:37
pittiNonphasis: you can apt totem-xine, this uses the very good xine libs07:38
sabdflNonphasis: what are you compiling? everything should be in mplayer?07:38
pittiNonphasis: but I prefer mplayer myself and it's easy to compile07:38
NonphasisLowe, foobar kinda almost works with wine07:38
=== Elyran [~MirSPCM@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzsabdfl: what is the intended arrangement?  canonical ubuntu folks, and anyone else who is interested?07:38
LoweYeah, but it's not exactly convient.07:38
Nonphasissabdfl, I have bad experiences with stock debian mplayer07:38
pittiNonphasis: you don't even need to install it, just putting the mplayer binary into ~/bin/mplayer works07:38
=== Elyran is now known as Mirno
LoweAnyone used lamip? i have trouble compiling it07:38
pittiNonphasis: agreed, it was damn slow on my system. Compiling it for myself really rocked the house then07:39
Lowehttp://fondriest.frederic.free.fr/realisations/lamip/download.html < lamip07:39
sabdflNonphasis: what would you change on your own compile?07:39
=== rasher [~rasher@] has joined #ubuntu
=== beezly [~andy@monkey.beezly.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu
LoweI compiled mplayer but it didn't go to smoothly07:39
Nonphasissabdfl, I dunno. Perhaps debian mplayer doesn't support all the codecs that can be d/ld from mplayerhq07:40
=== Not_Here is now known as Qo-noS
=== Qo-noS is back. Gone for 29 min 35 sec.
pittiNonphasis: that's not true07:40
sabdflNonphasis: if you could make a list, we can make sure that it's all in universe07:40
pittiNonphasis: the codecs you can download are windows dlls, and they should work with any mplayer07:40
Nonphasissabdfl, and the stock version couldn't even scale the window properly07:40
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
Nonphasissabdfl, I mean, full screen wasn't fullscreen07:41
LoweBy the way what codecs do i need for mplayer, i only downloaded the win32 ones lol07:41
OZ8AAZwhere the kernel-headers for 2.6.8?07:41
pittiLowe: for my usage, the builtin codecs are fine, I don't use dlls07:41
sabdflmdz: yes, it's an open invite, search for consensus among board members and team members of the proposed item07:41
NonphasisI'll go try the stock mplayer now07:41
Lowepitti even when compiling from source?07:41
pittiLowe: but the Win32 DLLs are in fact the ones to use, mplayer can use them07:41
Se7hproblem with glib07:41
sabdflif the meeting gets too noisy, switch to a closed environment and publish the transcript07:41
Se7hReading Package Lists... Done07:41
Se7hBuilding Dependency Tree... Done07:41
Se7hE: Couldn't find package glib-2.3.2.ds1-13ubuntu207:41
KamionSe7h: it's glibc, not glib07:42
pittiLowe: what do you mean?07:42
Nonphasishmm? mplayer is not in universe?07:42
sabdflmdz: how about tomorrow, at around 9am your time?07:42
KamionNonphasis: it's not in Debian main, so it's not in universe ...07:42
pittiNonphasis: no, because it is not in Debian sid07:42
LoweWell i downloaded the source and compiled it. But when i go to watch a movie i get errors07:42
Nonphasisah, I remember now.. it was some seedy apt source07:42
=== Dr_Willis [~willis@12-222-124-154.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hforget it07:43
Se7hwrong lib anyway07:43
Se7hchecking for GLIB - version >= 2.0.0... no07:44
linux_mafiai couldnt get totem to play dvds, even with libdvdcss installed, xine was fine though :(07:44
LoweI'm having problems adding this to my repository thing http://rarewares.soniccompression.com/debian/packages/unstable/ anyone wanna try and add it?07:44
=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
LoweIt has some nice audio stff i would love to grab07:45
=== [Scizo] [~bite_me@chantry.devlix.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== gluon [~gluon@kosh.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== mike_w [~mike_w@host81-153-146-115.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
linux_mafiaanyone got totem to play dvds?07:46
[Scizo] guess i have another thing to thank ubuntu linux for .. i signed up for the user mailing list, and now i finally got around to installing and configuring procmail :D07:46
mdzsabdfl: eek07:46
mdzsabdfl: ok, can do07:46
sabdflmdz: your choice of time, whenever suits you07:47
martinkhey seb128, markmc found the gpdf http crasher. The bug was in gnome-vfs and gpdf didn't check return values :-/07:47
mdzsabdfl: I'll need to put together an agenda07:47
seb128martink: rock !07:47
mdzsabdfl: how about wednesday?07:47
sabdflmdz: see RecentChanges07:47
seb128martink: that's fixed in head ?07:47
Lowedid anyone get that to work?07:47
gommanslinux_mafia: did you have subtiles in xine when running dvds?07:47
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzsabdfl: aha07:48
linux_mafiagommans, no07:48
linux_mafiagommans, worked perfectly07:48
=== Carod [~Tomas@] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflmdz: i just want to get into a regular rhythm on that front07:48
=== Carod [~Tomas@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Nonphasis Is adding stuff to hotplug blaclist and hopes there was a gui-way to choose the primary audio device...
gommansbut I need subtitles (or my wife does).............07:48
=== renners [~paul@82-69-17-57.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiagommans, well i assume they work, just i havent tested07:49
=== _Hiro_ [~harold@212-112.a2f.dsl.net4all.net] has joined #ubuntu
_Hiro_man ubuntu is a hard sell here07:49
=== koke [~koke@225.Red-80-37-203.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionesabdfl: would be an option to use #ubuntu-meeting ?07:49
rennershi all07:49
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionesabdfl: since it's already logged?07:49
=== tritium [rimbert@ee213-dhcp-11.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu
martinkseb128: I just got the bugzilla mail.07:49
sabdflfabbione: good idea :-)07:50
=== OZ8AAZ could REALLY need kernel-headers (or even source) for 2.6.8!
=== egonizer [~egon@host176-112.pool80116.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
seb128martink: #nnnn ?07:50
_Hiro_tough to install, doesn't find my HD and keeps choosing my built-in audio card even when it's disabled in my BIOS :)07:50
Nonphasis_Hiro_, "here"? Isn't it pretty much sold here already?07:50
fabbionesabdfl: :-)07:50
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
_Hiro_here as in here with me ;)07:50
_Hiro_I'm coming from gentoo, hoping this would be the better distro but sadly I could setup a gentoo box in less time than it took the ubuntu to install :/07:51
egonizersomebody should make something like "Hello I'm Linus Torvalds and I pronounce Linux 'Linux'" for ubuntu07:51
KamionOZ8AAZ: linux-headers-*07:51
martinkseb128: #153159, I'll mark yours as dup of that later07:51
seb128ok, thanks07:51
Nonphasis_Hiro_, it's not just setup that matters, but everyday operation... 07:51
linux_mafiaegonizer, i used to love that07:52
_Hiro_well it's that that is borked....07:52
OZ8AAZKamion: Great! Thnax!07:52
_Hiro_I did get it to set up eventually, I'm using it right now07:52
LoweI will ask again, how would i go about adding this to my repository thing http://rarewares.soniccompression.com/debian/packages/unstable/07:52
=== kagou [~kagou@AMontpellier-251-1-27-224.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Nonphasis_Hiro_, also remember that it's still a preview release. Still much smoother than plain debian07:53
_Hiro_but udev doesn't see my 80G HD, my sound is borked and no doubt there may be other things ;)07:53
egonizerlinux_mafia, everybody does :-)07:53
_Hiro_preview or not :/07:53
_Hiro_I think it's a bit too high lvl during the install07:53
=== tvon|x31 [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiaLowe, maybe if you actually looked at the site http://rarewares.soniccompression.com/debian.html07:53
rasherhrm.. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto claims I need "linux-restricted modules >=", but all I have is .. is there an ubuntu equivalent to "unstable" that I need to switch to to get the latest and greatest?07:53
LoweIt doesn't tell me how to add those packages though07:54
_Hiro_anyway I come here to whine, so you'll pity me and will help me ;)07:54
LoweAnd i want those ;_;07:54
Nonphasis_Hiro_, I hit an IDE bug as well. Have you complained on the mailing list or filed a bug?07:54
_Hiro_not yet :/07:54
=== ntl [~nathanl@user-0vvd937.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
_Hiro_wouldn't know how to formulate it07:55
_Hiro_basically it's udev not creating the node07:55
_Hiro_it only creates it *after* I touched /.dev/hdc manually07:55
Nonphasis_Hiro_, please do. I got a solution within a day07:55
=== Carod [~Tomas@] has joined #ubuntu
_Hiro_via the mailing list?07:55
linux_mafiaLowe, what packages are "those"?07:55
_Hiro_I'll try07:55
Nonphasis_Hiro_, yes07:55
_Hiro_I'm trying to stick with ubuntu anyway07:56
=== pete_ [~pete@host81-157-11-194.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
_Hiro_anyone know how I can solve my sound issue? :|07:56
_Hiro_I got 2 cards detected07:56
phlaegelwhat component would the Computer menu be in for bug filing? main-menu? gnome-panel?07:56
linux_mafiaLowe, apt-get install lamip07:56
_Hiro_but I want my SB live to be the main one07:56
fabbionesabdfl: can you add at which time the meeting will be held and who is supposed to partecipate?07:56
Kamionphlaegel: definitely not main-menu, that's part of the installer07:56
_Hiro_since that's actually the only activated one07:56
Nonphasis_Hiro_, exactly my problem, had the same with debian07:56
Nonphasis_Hiro_, blacklist the other card07:56
_Hiro_doesn't work07:57
phlaegelKamion: I was wondering that... was why I asked :-)07:57
sabdflfabbione: will do07:57
phlaegelKamion: panel, then?07:57
_Hiro_I blacklisted snd_via82xx and the module still gets loaded07:57
Nonphasis_Hiro_, what blacklist did you use?07:57
_Hiro_/etc/hotplug/blacklist, I appended snd_via82xx to it07:57
sabdflmdz: what time can i set for the meeting?07:57
Nonphasis_Hiro_, how about discover blacklist?07:58
_Hiro_because it's what I see in /proc/asound/cards07:58
_Hiro_I only have discover.conf in etc07:58
Nonphasis_Hiro_, debian always requires lots of blacklisting ;-)07:58
linux_mafia_Hiro_, i had the same prob, not in ubuntu, but in debian, i just actually deleted the offending module, kinda barbaric, but it was effective07:58
crimsundon't do blacklist it.07:58
mdzsabdfl: any time 1600 UTC or later is good for me07:58
crimsundon't blacklist, rather.07:58
_Hiro_may I paste something here?07:58
crimsuninstead, use the index parameter07:58
_Hiro_4 lines07:58
=== renners [~paul@82-69-17-57.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionphlaegel: I don't know exactly, but gnome-panel's probably a good first guess07:58
Nonphasis_Hiro_, "snd-via82xx"07:58
Nonphasiscrimsun, please tell more :)07:59
crimsunsnd-emu10k1's options should include index=107:59
_Hiro_0 [rev20          ] : VIA686A - VIA 82C686A/B rev2007:59
_Hiro_                     VIA 82C686A/B rev20 at 0x9c00, irq 1107:59
_Hiro_1 [Live           ] : EMU10K1 - Sound Blaster Live!07:59
_Hiro_                     Sound Blaster Live! (rev.5) at 0xc000, irq 1007:59
crimsunsnd-via82xx's options should include index=207:59
_Hiro_that's what's in asound07:59
rennershi. how to shutdown xserver please? (I'm trying to install nvidia drivers!)07:59
_Hiro_and that VIA is actually DISABLED in my BIOS!07:59
Nonphasisrenners, /etc/init.d/gdm stop07:59
=== OZ8AAZ [~kmyram@port323.ds1-brh.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
_Hiro_Nonphasis, not with _ ?07:59
Nonphasis_Hiro_, I did both08:00
_Hiro_I'll try as well, doesn't hurt :/08:00
Nonphasiscrimsun, do the options go in normal places? modprobe.d?08:00
=== renners [~paul@82-69-17-57.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
crimsunNonphasis: they go on an options line.08:01
_Hiro_crimsun where would I put the index=2 ?08:01
_Hiro_in grub?08:01
Nonphasisnot grub08:01
crimsunoptions snd-emu10k1 index=108:01
crimsunoptions snd-via82xx index=208:02
_Hiro_o in /etc/modules?08:02
crimsunfor modutils, they would go in the appropriate file, and update-modules would update /etc/modules.conf accordingly08:02
Nonphasiscrimsun, isn't modutils deprpcated?08:02
crimsunfor module-init-tools, i suspect the process is similar, but i believe update-modules isn't needed08:03
=== Carod [~Tomas@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Nonphasisisn't m-i-t what ppl should use now?08:03
crimsunfor 2.6, yes08:03
rasherWhat do I need to do to get linux-restricted modules >= (as mentioned in http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto) ?08:03
Nonphasisrasher, the version in repo should work ok08:04
=== Dr_Willis [~willis@12-222-124-154.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
rasherNonphasis: come again?08:04
Nonphasiscrimsun, can I just add a file w/ the lines in modprobe.d?08:04
Nonphasisrasher, I mean if you just need nvidia driver08:05
rasherNonphasis: I need just that, yes. It did seem kind of weird, but what I'm missing is the nvidia-glx-config. Didn't really think that'd be in linux-restricted-etc anyway, but I thought I might as well try to follow the directions.08:06
_Hiro_hmm I don't get this options thing I though it was supposed to go in /etc/modules.conf :/08:06
crimsunNonphasis: yes.08:06
Nonphasisrasher, just install all the stuff suggested by nvidia-glx08:07
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
Nonphasisrasher, and remember to add "nvidia" to /etc/modules08:07
crimsun_Hiro_: just create two new files in /etc/modprobe.d/: snd-emu10k1 and snd-via82xx. In each file, place an options <module> index=<#> line08:08
=== Mayday_ [henrik@Anka.ORG] has joined #ubuntu
rasherNonphasis: I see.08:08
_Hiro_and the number needs to be lowest for emu10k1 I assume?08:08
crimsunyes. 1 for emu10k1, 2 for via82xx08:08
tsenghmm where is lame?08:09
crimsunrather 1 for snd-emu10k1, 2 for snd-via82xx08:09
tsenglisence silliness?08:09
WWrasher, Nonphasis: Is that a mistake on the web page that rasher referred to?  I have linux-restricted-modules-, version, and the nvidia driver (nvidia-glx) works.08:09
Mayday_gthumb hangs when i try to import from my nikon coolpix880 :(08:10
rasherWW: How do I get a newer linux-restricted-modules then?08:10
_Hiro_I need to run modules-update afterwards?08:10
NonphasisWW, I dunno. I just installed wehatever was immediately apt-gettable08:10
WWNonphasis: Me too (yesterday).08:11
NonphasisWW, I did it today. I had to put nvidia to /etc/modules to make it work, though08:11
rasherWW, but what of the nvidia-glx-config?08:11
WWrasher: Take a look in synaptic (Computer->System Configuration->Synaptic Package Manager08:12
rasherWW: looking for what?08:12
Nonphasisrasher, "sudo apt-cache search restricted"08:12
pittinpmccallum: ping08:13
Nonphasissudo not needed in fact08:13
WWrasher: Do you have linux-restricted-modules-<whatever> installed?08:13
WWrasher: ... and do you have nvidia-glx installed?08:13
rasherWW: I do, yes.. I also have the nvidia kernel module and I could modprobe it and it'd probably work.. I was just following the directions in the wiki, which seems to be misleading08:13
Nonphasisrasher, they are08:13
rasherremind me what to dpkg-reconfigure to get it to ask me which X driver to use08:15
WWrasher: I muddled through this yesterday.  I didn't use nvidia-glx-config, so I'm not sure what it does.  I didn't see that web page until later :)08:15
=== lamont lets out a plaintive sigh
lamontthat's at least 11 serious bugs to file against debian.08:16
lamont(there are a lot of games that don't know the difference between dpkg-buildpackage -b and -B...)08:16
lamonthrm... /me wonders08:17
WWrasher: Did you just answer your own question?  I also disabled GLCore.08:17
rasherWW: I did, yes08:17
rasherhere we go08:18
rasherall the GL acceleration I can eat08:18
rasherhere's hoping this gets slightly easier before release08:18
=== olivier_ [~olivier@dyn-83-155-224-191.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #ubuntu
npmccallumpitti: pong08:19
WWrasher: The actual steps weren't too bad, it was just knowing what steps to take!08:19
pittiin #ubuntu-devel I discussed with mdz about the cd-burning locking08:19
pittinpmccallum: ^08:19
lamontsigh.  /me discusses order-of-operation with himself08:20
pittinpmccallum: mdz seems to be hesitant to allow big pmount/hal patches for this08:20
pittinpmccallum: do you have any idea how to achieve this device locking unintrusively?08:20
=== OZ8AAZ [~kmyram@port323.ds1-brh.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
rasherWW: and this is unfortunate if you're trying to be a relatively easy-to-use desktop distro08:21
WWrasher: yup. 08:21
=== _Hiro_ [~harold@212-112.a2f.dsl.net4all.net] has joined #ubuntu
WWrasher: ... but I guess it wouldn't hurt if I added my rough notes to the wiki...08:22
_Hiro_it sort of worked, I only have my SB live left but it killed the oss emulation because have no more /dev/dsp :/08:22
pere_This distro really Rocks. I have been using Redhat and Suse for five years. Ubuntu is just unbelieveably much better!08:24
phlaegeldoes the bittornado gui work for anyone? mine says it's missing wxpython, even though the package is installed.08:24
=== stratus [~stratus@] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificphlaegel: use azureus instead :008:25
pere_How often will the packages be updated? Mening when should I expect things like Firefox 0.10?08:25
subterrificyou'll need to install java and such08:25
sabdflmdz: ok, 1600UTC it is08:25
linux_mafiasubterrific, no java in ubunutu08:25
sabdflmjg59: around?08:25
linux_mafiaubuntu even08:26
phlaegelI don't like azureus all that much... rather use something simple08:26
subterrificits easy to install08:26
linux_mafiasubterrific, how did you do it?08:26
mjg59sabdfl: Hi08:26
=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== olivier__ [~olivier@dyn-83-155-101-127.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #ubuntu
subterrifictook me about 10 minutes to install java and setup azureus08:26
subterrifici downloaded java from java.com08:26
subterrificran the installer08:26
linux_mafiasubterrific, deb package or just bin>08:27
Nonphasisdamn, now alsamixer doesn't find any devices...08:27
subterrificadded java to my path08:27
subterrificlinux_mafia: no .deb08:27
Nonphasisshould the sound card indices start from 0 or 1?08:27
subterrifichad to do it all manually08:27
linux_mafiasubterrific, oooh thats the hard way08:27
subterrificif you consider downloading a file and untaring it hard08:27
phlaegelit's more work than apt-get install foo ;-)08:28
subterrificwell you can't do that with java08:28
linux_mafiasubterrific, this is the best and easiest way i think http://serios.net/content/debian/java.php 08:28
=== evilstoy [HydraIRC@cmung4007.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiamakes a deb, sets up browser plugins, paths and all08:28
subterrifici did all that except making a .deb package08:29
Nonphasiscrimsun, FYI - sound card indexes start from 0, not 108:31
linux_mafiaapart from the flash deb from unstable, and the marillats css deb, im still all ubuntu im proud to say08:32
linux_mafiaalthough i have a hankering for xmame, heh08:32
=== Nonphasis is ubuntu apart from jed
Nonphasisand k3b soon08:32
linux_mafiak3b is in ubuntu08:33
=== elm1 [~andreas@modem-3684.gazelle.dialup.pol.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiaor you mean non universe?08:33
npmccallumpitti: the patches shouldn't be that big, should they?08:33
Nonphasislinux_mafia, yes08:33
theantixanyone here got the mplayer mozilla plugin working?08:33
=== jmi [~jmi@cpc1-ruth3-3-0-cust173.renf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
pittinpmccallum: not for the cd creator, but for pmount08:33
npmccallumpitti: if only pmount was in python ;)08:34
pittinpmccallum: I would _really_ like to write pmount in python, this would safe a lot of trouble08:34
npmccallumpitti: thats a hoary goal08:35
pittinpmccallum: but there are no suid-root python programs, are they?08:35
Nonphasiswnat does pmount do?08:35
npmccallumpitti: well, kinda08:35
pittiNonphasis: man pmount08:35