stubkiko: morning01:56
kikostub, very funny. ;)01:57
sabdflstub: night!02:00
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lifelessdebonzi: what did you want yesterday?02:37
debonziI had a little problem with my archive, but its already solved.. thanks02:37
cprovkiko: stub : here is the place :)03:34
cprovkiko: no, i think, why do you want displayname in lowercase ?03:35
kikobecause of the URL section03:37
cprovkiko: in this case it loses its functionality03:39
stubcprov: Not displayname, name03:39
kikoI said *displayname*.03:40
cprovkiko: yep, ok names are suposed to be unique on distro and distrorelease, but in Person, we don't have nothing similar to use in as traverse03:41
kikoyes, in person it's freaking me out too -- there's a bug open though <wink>03:41
stubkiko: Hey - I can add it anytime :-)03:41
kikostub, well, nobody seems to agree with need a login name, incredibly.03:42
stubI do03:43
cprovthree lost on it 03:43
kikothey seem to think that an email address will work for everything03:44
cprovkiko: stub: having you seen the auth_component for launchpad written for spiv ?03:44
stubWe can't use displayname in many places, because it is not unique. I'll have to display the integer id or something, or flag one of the email addresses as 'primary' and display that for all the spam robots :-)03:44
cprovhow does it works ?03:44
kikono, I haven't looked at it yet. does it actually work?03:44
kikostub, one sec. we've shifted to discussing Person now, right?03:45
stubkiko: Yup03:45
cprovkiko: I haven't seen too, just the large commit on arch at morning 03:46
kikostub, the issue there seems to be using the email address as a traversal string. do we want to do that, or do we want a login/nick?03:46
stubEven if auth is done using email address, I think we still need Person.name for traversal and display-name-when-we-need-it-to-be-unambiguous03:47
stubTraversal using email is evil, as email addresses fluctuate03:47
stub(well... so might login name, but that would be a conscious decision if we allow it)03:48
stubAlso we will get complaints because the email addresses will be harvested by spambots03:48
stubOr people don't actually want them public, etc.03:49
stubAnd we have multiple email addresses per person atm, and no way to flag one as primary.03:49
=== stub just realized he is running really late...
kikostub, well, we use distro release as a traversal string, and it can change too...03:49
stubemail address changes are forced on people. Changing distroname or login name is a choice, and people do it because they *want* those changes including the fallout to URL's.03:53
kikobtw, where I said "displayname should be lowercase" I mean "traversable names".03:53
kikostub, well, not all email address changes are forced on people, though they may be (unemployed, server died, etc).03:54
stubkiko: I assumed that :-)03:54
kikoluckily it appears you are on a different sort of drug than I am03:54
kikothe kind I'm on makes me make mad statements in public03:55
kikowell, if we want a unique name/nick.. if we want this to be painless we just add a field to the table and an editable field to edit personal info form and go on with life.03:55
kikoor we battle it out with steve and the gang about soyuz implying a globally unique nick/login space for OSS. :)03:56
cprovkiko: In that last way we'll experiment the live sensation to lost our canonical emails :)03:57
kikoyes, it will be thrilling to discover 03:58
stubOk - I have to fly. Feel free to email this discussion to launchpad@, or I will do something similar this arvo.03:58
stubocca speak03:59
kikothat's a valid abbreviation if you're strine?03:59
=== stub buggers off
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lifelessstub: ready?07:04
=== stub [~zen@dsl-] has joined #launchpad
stublifeless: ping07:18
lifelessso, ready ?07:18
stubSure :-)07:18
lifelessI've tagged the launchpad & pyarch branches07:18
lifelessthere is a last schema upate in your mail from me.07:18
stubHas emperor changed its domain recently?07:19
lifelessnot that I know of07:19
lifelesscan you the dbnazi thing on that schema update. (See how easily *I* let go ?)07:20
stuburgh... no... it is *not* .com.au :-P07:20
lifelessand then I can merge it into the production branch.07:20
stubdebonzi patch == the one you emailed to launchpad@ ?07:21
stuboh... dbnazi... not debonzi07:21
=== stub needs new glasses... or another drink
stubHopefully this will be the last time I have to watch arch crawl on this osx box - the new laptop arrived earlier :-)07:29
lifelessits the OS dude.07:29
stubOk - its with PQM07:31
lifelessok, the new production branch is launchpad--production--1.107:33
stubI guess I need a new archive for emperor (hmm... or just use scp for now...)07:34
lifelessnew archive ?07:34
lifelesswhy ?07:34
stubOh... I can just check out rocketfuel. I just can't make changes.07:34
lifelesswhich is kinda the point of production-lockdown anyway :)07:35
lifelessI'm thinking we might want one branch per machine-type07:35
lifelessproduction-buildbot 07:35
stubI suspect that might be your call - I'm still in single thread CVS land where we just tag the trunk at certain points :-)07:36
lifelessI'm still dithering07:39
lifelessanyway, pqm is chundering away07:39
stubHmm... 1.1? I thought we would be 2.0 now?07:40
lifelessI thought about going 1, 2, 3, decided that we have major and minor code drops07:40
stub(the database schema is already at path-1-11-007:40
stub(the database schema is already at patch-1-11-007:40
stubSuppose there is no real reason the numbers need to be in sync07:41
lifelesson, pqm luv done. did it work ?07:48
stubHmm... no such version07:49
stub'tla versions rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--production' only gives  me 'launchpad--production--1'07:50
lifelesstry now07:50
lifelessI think your merge failed07:50
stubgot it07:51
lifelessbah, hang  on07:51
lifelessok, production--1.1.--patch-1 is now available07:59
lifelesswhich has the patch merged down.07:59
stubNo patch-1-11-0.sql08:02
stubtla revisions just gives me 'base-0'08:04
stublifeless: If you have to go at 4:30, we are running out of time. I can copy the patches across and run them now, or we can do this later. I'm around all evening and tomorrow if we want to reschedule.08:10
lifelessstub. try now..08:15
stubok - patch-1 now08:15
stuball there08:16
stublast backup is 18 minutes old08:19
stubAny last words?08:20
stubI'm going to have to kill connections, or would you rather shutdown stuff gracefully?08:21
lifelessdoing it now08:21
stuberror on first patch - shortdesc contains nulls :-)08:27
lifelessmark is nuts thinking anyone will put sane data in two description fields08:28
stubWho bug #1 in there??? Its an issue dammit!08:29
stubok - patches all run... I'll reenable remote access now08:32
stublifeless: database all patched and live again08:34
lifelessok, trying08:34
lifelesstla delta is a wonderful tool btw 08:36
stubI plan to actually read the tla docs one day ;)08:37
lifelessPYTHONPATH=/home/launchpad/dists/launchpad/sourcecode/zope/src:/home/launchpad/dists/launchpad/lib: python2.3 \08:38
lifeless            runlaunchpad.py -C launchpad.conf08:38
lifeless/home/launchpad/dists/launchpad/lib/zope/configuration/fields.py:383: UserWarning: You did not specify an i18n translation domain for the 'title' field in /home/launchpad/dists/launchpad/lib/canonical/lp/configure.zcml08:38
lifeless  warnings.warn(08:38
lifeless(oh, it makes two-commands to pick up the latest code, moving across branches, and preserving the dbhost changes we did for the connect strings.08:39
stubThose warnings should go in bugzilla. Do we have a zope version mismatch? 08:40
stubI'll do it now08:40
lifelessno, its running the latest08:40
lifelessI've got a system error accessing the project page08:40
lifelesswhats the debugging url again ?08:42
stubdo: /++skin++Debug/whatever/the/url/was08:42
lifeless# Module zope.app.traversing.adapters, line 114, in traverse08:43
lifelesscurr = traversePathElement(curr, name, path, request=request)08:43
lifeless# Module zope.app.traversing.adapters, line 167, in traversePathElement08:43
lifelessnext_item = traversable.traverse(nm, further_path)08:43
lifeless# Module zope.app.traversing.adapters, line 52, in traverse08:43
lifelessraise NotFoundError(subject, name)08:43
lifeless__traceback_info__: (<canonical.soyuz.sql.SoyuzProduct object at 0x41a739ac>, 'name', [] )08:43
lifeless       'request': <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=https://macquarie.warthogs.hbd.com/launchpad/++skin++Debug/soyuz/projects/xfs/index.html>,08:43
lifelessI'm going to have to go.08:43
lifelessIts not likely to be a db problem AIUI, so, I'll just leave it down for now.08:43
lifelessas only mark and I have the password to macquarie, I don't have a problem doing this :).08:44
stubCool. Have fun at the postgres sig. I'll be online later if you want to do this tonight, or tomorrow.08:44
lifelessgreat, thanks08:45
lifelessI'll try and track it down on my laptop during the SIG.08:45
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carlosstub: please, could you add to rocketfuel the schema changes I sent last week?02:04
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stubcarlos: ok. I'll do that now.02:16
spivstub: I'm setting up the authserver on macquarie, what DSN do I give to connect to the DB on emperor?02:16
carlosstub: thanks02:17
spivAnd/or do you need to configure it to allow andrew@macquarie to connect? :)02:17
stubIt shouldn't be connecting as andrew...02:17
spivHmm, I don't think there's been an 'authserver' user created for it... should there be?02:18
stubdbname=launchpad_prod, user=importd02:19
stubThe users and permissions stuff needs to be audited and sorted. Connect as that user for now.02:19
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stubcarlos: its with pqm now02:38
carlosstub: thanks02:39
spivSteveA: production authserver is now running on macquarie.02:40
=== kiko [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
lifelessspiv: how do I hook into the auth stuff to protect the sourcesource pages?02:49
lifelesskiko: just so you know, the SoyuzProjects & Products are /very much/ in use.02:51
lifeless(If it wasn't you that added the 'not in use' comment... sorry)02:51
lifelessI just had to track down a bit-rott problem because something got moved :[02:52
kikolifeless, it wasn't me, but thanks for the heads up.02:53
kikolifeless, maybe you could write to LP describing what you're using Projects/Products for, because it really confuses us02:53
lifelessthey are the only bits of launchpad actually in production.02:53
lifelessthe cscvs source code imports02:53
kikoyeah, I expected something like that, because to us they make no sense and wouldn't even fit into soyuz :)02:54
lifelesswell they do fit into soyuz.02:54
lifelessand rosetta.02:54
lifelessso: soyuz source packages are in arch, in theory.02:54
kikosoyuz (the web app) doesn't know about projects/products (except via a thin line spiv pointed out to me the other day)02:54
lifelessso to add a source package you need the code imported, which means you need the project + product created and a sync created for that.02:55
kikothey are an integral part of rosetta though, which is why spiv brought it up in the first place (soyuz-rosetta integration)02:55
kikolifeless, aham. interesting.02:55
lifelessand likewise, rosetta imports from tla, so to translate a project, you have to import it.02:55
kikolifeless, so should we link from source packages to products and from there to projects?02:55
=== lifeless shrugs
kikodon't shrug02:56
lifelessif the model allows a source package to exist /without/ a product... then I wouldn't worry.02:56
kikobut if it *does* have a product?02:56
lifelessbut I was of the understanding that you could not create a source package without linking it to a product.02:56
kikothere are source package uploads that are distro/release-specific02:56
kikobut these don't exist IRL yet.02:56
lifelessI'm shrugging because I'm not the architect of the soyuz component - I can only relay what I recall from various discussions, the rdb model etc.02:58
kikoI know; still, your opinion is valid.02:59
lifelessyay, production launchpad happy again02:59
kikosorry bout that. if you could get that mail to lp i'd appreciate it03:00
lifelessI'll drop a note there..03:01
lifelessbut I've said all I know already :)03:01
kikomore than we know so far :)03:01
kikolifeless, if you can, point out where the code that uses that lives03:01
lifelesssql.py database.py configure.zcml : where all of your other code is03:02
kikoI mean *callsites* that use that code03:02
kikoyou don't use python -i, right? <wink>03:03
lifelesssorry, you've lost me.03:03
kikocode that uses the sql/database code?03:03
lifelesstemplates/project* product* sync*03:03
kikolifeless, and how does your code interface with that? or is it web-driven?03:04
lifelessweb driven03:04
kikousing http posting or do you actually use the web app?03:04
lifelessthe arch module - lib.canonical.arch - has the machinery to model stuff and do heavy lifting03:05
lifelessthe conversions etc all live in buildbot and cscvs which are different tla code trees.03:05
lifelessand you should be able to be completely ignorant off.03:05
lifelessBut I had to write a think web UI to let the relevant data be entered in, so that as folk start doing rosetta & soyuz & malone things, it all hangs together.03:06
lifelessi.e. bugs in malone should track back to a project.03:06
kikobut you add projects *manually* or in an automated fashion?03:06
lifelessI should be able to get a list of all the source packages that exist for 'gnome', for instance. or bugs.. or translations.03:06
lifelesskiko: manually, Mark wants them reviewed.03:06
kikoand the buildbox/cscvs bits *use* these bits of the database directly, or is it more complex?03:07
lifelesscscvs uses the arch objects... and the arch objects use the database.03:08
lifelessbuildbot is the scheduling and RPC components.03:08
lifeless+ a readonly reporting UI.03:08
kikoit would really be nice if you could be there next week because this is all really fuzzy to us.03:09
lifelessone of Mark's goals with this whole system is the pervasive annotation and linking of all these things.03:09
lifelesswere next week?03:09
kikoin london?03:11
spivlifeless: There's a Soyuz sprint in London next week :)03:12
lifelesson, hahahha no,03:17
lifelessy just spent too long there (1 month sprint)03:24
dafthat's not a sprint, it's a marathon03:30
carlosdaf: :-P03:30
SteveAspiv: thanks03:44
SteveAspiv: Can you mail roche giving the hostname and port that the plone server will use to talk to the auth server on macquarie?03:45
SteveAspiv: I just talked to roche.  They started testing using the demo auth server on rosetta.  They made one xmlrpc query to create a user, but received an error.03:50
SteveAspiv: Did you test the server yourself with python's xml-rpc library?03:50
spivSteveA: Yes.03:51
spiv(hello :)03:51
SteveAok, roche is in a meeting with a client for about 1/2 an hour or so03:52
SteveAbut he will be in touch soon to sort out why he is getting some error03:52
SteveAcan you look at the logs on rosetta?03:52
SteveAand see why he might have got that error03:52
spivexceptions.TypeError: Non-hexadecimal digit found03:53
spiv(doing sshaDigestedPassword.decode('hex'))03:53
SteveAso, he is passing you the literal string 'hex' 03:53
spivNo, that's the way I'm invoking the hex decoding, i.e.03:54
spiv>>> 'abcdef'.decode('hex')03:54
SteveAdo you know what string he passed in?03:54
SteveA(I mean, are you logging xmlrpc queries?)03:54
spivI'm not but I think I should be :)03:54
spivI'll add that feature now.03:55
SteveAMaybe ask roche to join a chat so you can debug this together03:55
spiv(But it appears he's passing something other than a string of hex characters as the password)03:55
SteveAI'm off to catch a plane.  Back tomorrow.04:01
spivlulu: Pong.04:17
luluspiv:have you got Roche's mail on the error?04:18
spivI don't have working email :(04:18
spivMy email server is down :(04:18
luluok - i'll do an IRC message to you - standby04:18
spivlulu: Got it.04:21
spivThe problem is he's sending the SSHA digest as a base64-encoded string, and I'm expecting a hexidecimal-encoded string.04:22
luluok - I'll pass that on.04:23
lulusnything more?04:23
spivNo, it looks good otherwise :)04:26
spivI'll mail him too, so that he's got an email address for me that works.04:26
kikospiv, does he get a reasonable error message back, btw? :)04:29
luludidn't realise you had alternate access - good - I'll leave you to it then.04:29
spivkiko: Fault 8002.  (i.e. no :)04:30
=== daf goes to the dentist
kikospiv, very funny. :)04:30
spivlulu: Sent.04:33
luluspiv: thanks hon - we're aiming to have this done by close of play today so let's make sure it happens.04:37
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kikostub, you've got bugmail :)05:18
stubfun, fun, fun05:20
sabdfldb upgrade all taken care of, before it's too late .au time?05:24
stubsabdfl: db upgrade went well. Launchpad code  had issues Robert was going to look at tomorrow (I think)05:26
kikostub, afaik they are solved, see comment to you in #canonical05:27
elmoI'm going to upgrade the postgres DB software now - this'll involve a restart - if this a problem for anyone shout RSN05:31
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luluspiv: ping05:45
luluspiv: still problems with same error code05:52
spivYeah, all unexpected errors get that error code at the moment.05:57
spivI'm just waiting for the PQM to accept my merge.05:57
luluspiv: ok - thanks.05:57
=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
spivlulu: I just saw a createUser call succeed on the test server, and I'm pretty sure the other calls are fine.06:17
spiv(but I'm double-checking just in case...)06:17
luluspiv: good news - well done - let me know after the double check!06:18
spivlulu: Will do :)06:18
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=== daf listens to tHHGttG
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ddaaI'm doing bits of ProjectProductSetup to help lifeless07:42
ddaaI am a bit puzzled by the whole idea of project/products...07:43
ddaaI got an interesting sample right here...07:43
kikoddaa, join the club. how can I help?07:43
ddaaYou can try to fill me in with the philosophy of projects and products.07:44
kikoddaa, are you familiar with DOAP?07:44
ddaaHu... not especially...07:44
kikocheck that out.07:44
ddaaOkay, I guess i should start by reading some dog about that.07:44
=== mdz_ is now known as mdz
ddaaWell.. not much more informative than what is already on the ProjectProductSetup page on the wiki...07:56
=== ddaa looks at freshmeat for inspiration
ddaaConsider zsh...07:58
ddaaWell, that's a product. And that's a product. And that's all as far as I can tell.07:58
ddaaDefining a zsh Project would mostly mean copy/pasting the displayname, title, shortdesc and description...07:59
kikoI think most projects have single products, but IMBW08:01
ddaaOr take zope. That's a project, and that's a product, but then I hardly see how how to come up with different descriptions for the two, I draw inspiration from the Debian package description and the plone.org website, and there does not seem to be a distinction.08:01
ddaaOr take gzip/zlib. That would make sense at two products of the same gzip project. But then there is not gzip project per se.08:02
ddaaThe web pages for both products seem to prosent them as independent software which happen to overlap in purpose and it authorship..08:03
ddaaOr is that GNU project stuff?08:03
kikothe zope project has a *lot* of products.08:03
ddaaName a few.08:03
ddaaI'm not particularly cognisant of the whereabouts of most free software projects.08:04
ddaaSo for example, zope application server, zope database.08:05
ddaaThat's the same project.08:05
ddaaBut there is no info file for zodb...08:06
ddaaonly one for zope08:06
kikono no08:07
kikoor rather, yes08:07
kikozodb and zope are zope products.08:07
kikothere are many others, just look at zope.org08:07
ddaaYeah I saw a raft of software packages "which are hosted on zope.org"08:07
kikomany of them official Zope products08:08
kiko(medusa is another, for instance)08:08
ddaaokay... It's hard to tell from where I stand, but I guess one can tell given a bit of careful browsing...08:09
ddaaBut what is the relation of all this to the info files.08:09
kikothat's beyond what I can tell you. lifeless otoh is the man with the plan :)08:09
ddaaBah...  I'll stick to what I planned initially... Do some stuff, put it on the wiki, wait feedback...08:11
ddaaSuccessive approximations technique...08:11
ddaaho, btw, how can I see the project/products which are already in the db?08:11
ddaaThat might enlighten me and that will prevent duplication of effort.08:12
kikoddaa, look at the sampledata file, for one.08:12
debonzihi all, Ive made an star-merge from rocketfuel and my launchpad is not running anymore. It starts but I have only blanck pages and a traceback. Does anybody knows about it?08:14
debonziERROR root Exception during task08:14
debonziAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'08:14
debonziany ideia?08:15
ddaakiko: bah... nevermind, I'll bug lifeless instead.08:15
kikoddaa, as I said, he *will* know (and is possible the only person alive who does)08:16
ddaamaybe should fix that :->08:16
kikopossibly. yeah, we should steveA just the other day grilled us because we didn't know anything about it.08:17
ddaaah.. I meant fixing the "alive" part08:17
ddaanot the "only person" part08:17
ddaagotto leave08:19
ddaadinnerpad here08:19
kikolater then dude08:19
kikobon apetit mon ami08:19
debonziAs far I can see, nobody knows :(08:28
kikodebonzi, it could be your database is foorked 08:28
debonziI don't know.. Ive already rebuilded my db08:29
kikoare your tree and celso's identical?08:30
debonzinop.. 08:30
debonziI started to happens since Ive made an star-merge from rocketfuel08:31
kikohave you looked through the diffs?08:31
kikoAFAIK lifeless hit the tree earlier today. could be that.08:31
kikodebonzi, something like:08:32
kiko -- ?08:32
debonziyes... the same08:33
kikothat's fucked up.08:33
debonzibut here I can see a traceback in the terminal where launchpad is running08:33
dafkiko: hi08:33
kikodaf, can you take a look at rosetta there. we're getting 100% blanks and silly tracebacks and we need help from above :)08:34
dafAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'                                                                                                                   08:34
kikodaf, it's not just in rosetta, of course, but you can probably evaluate easily from there.08:34
debonzithats it08:34
debonzithe same traceback08:34
dafkiko: I'd be glad to help, but I'm not sure what I can do08:35
dafit seems to be something to do with publishing08:35
=== spiv is seeing it locally too...
=== spiv investigates..
kiko3 cheers for the spiver08:36
spivkiko: No guarantees :)08:37
spivBut thanks for the vote of confidence :)08:37
kikospiv, you had better fix it, we are going to be 'seeing' you this sunday!08:38
=== kiko stops spamming launchpadders
kikospiv, daf: have I sent enough email and bugmail for today?08:38
spivkiko: I only just got my email back about an hour ago, so I just got it all at once :)08:39
kiko* From: kiko@async.com.br08:39
=== kiko :-/
spivSo, from reading the traceback, it appears that there's two problems...08:40
kikodaf, a procmail recipe? :)08:41
dafkiko: I know that! :)08:41
spivThere's an exception being raised in publish, and then it fails due to request.principal == None.08:41
spivThe original exception is a nameerror...08:42
spiv"global name 'transaction' is not defined"08:42
=== debonzi wonders why always first with him :)
=== kiko spams some more
spivOk, found it.08:44
spivI wonder how changed that.08:44
kikospiv, lifeless did some hackage today, what file is it?08:44
spiv--- orig/lib/canonical/publication.py08:45
spiv+++ mod/lib/canonical/publication.py08:45
spiv@@ -169,10 +169,10 @@08:45
spiv         # the transaction in which they are instantiated - this is08:45
spiv         # no longer a problem as we are nuking the connection cache,08:45
spiv         # but it is still an issue in SQLOS that needs to be fixed.08:45
spiv-        name = getUtility(IConnectionName).name08:45
spiv-        con = sqlos.connection.getConnection(None, name)08:45
spiv-        t = transaction.get_transaction()08:45
spiv-        t.join(con._dm)08:45
spiv+        #name = getUtility(IConnectionName).name08:45
spiv+        #con = sqlos.connection.getConnection(None, name)08:45
spiv+        #t = transaction.get_transaction()08:45
spiv+        #t.join(con._dm)08:45
spiv         # Try to authenticate against our registry08:46
spiv         prin_reg = getUtility(IPlacelessAuthUtility)08:46
spiv(That patch works for me ;)08:46
kikospiv, you merged that in?08:48
spivkiko: Heh, I just found that too.08:49
spivLooks like it was my fault :(08:50
spivI thought I'd done "tla undo" :/08:50
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:kiko] : <spiv> Ok, found it. <spiv> I wonder who changed that. <kiko> spiv, you merged that in?
kikopity it can't be wittier but the old topic is stale.08:51
kikospiv, broken on the rock of tla again, huh? :)08:51
spivYeah, I guess so :)08:51
spivAnyway, the merge request with the fix should be almost done by now.08:52
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