ElRatoncuz my workstation will stay half a desktop, half a server12:00
=== Kurtz [~Kurtz@athe530-j234.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
axe9You want to use Ubuntu as a server OS O_o12:01
=== keifer [~keifer@238.41.cm.sunflower.com] has joined #ubuntu
ElRatoni don't12:02
ElRatoni'll use ubuntu on my laptop, when i'll have it12:02
axe9I see 8)12:03
ElRatonbut i'm not using it cuz at this time, i only have 1 computer12:03
axe9What you gonna use for the server/12:03
ElRatonhalf a server, half a worsktation ;)12:03
ElRatoncurrently, fedora core 212:03
axe9Ah, cool12:03
ElRatononce i'll have ubuntu on my laptop...12:03
ElRatondebian :D12:03
ElRatoni think12:03
axe9Is Debian good for servers?12:03
ElRatonOF COURSE12:03
=== _Hiro_ [~harold@212-112.a2f.dsl.net4all.net] has joined #ubuntu
ElRatonno trolls, but debian is made for servers, and is the best distro to do a server12:04
ElRatonreally, debian is not made for end-users (yes it is...) but first for servers ;)12:04
_Hiro_is there a package for madwifi driver maybe? :|12:04
ElRaton_Hiro_, universe ;)12:04
axe9Soemone I know said it mightn't be good using Debian, because the distro he had was all screwy, and had stabilty troubles..12:04
axe9I think my servers run on RedHat12:05
ElRatonit's possible12:05
HrdwrBoBElRaton: which is precisely why ubuntu exists12:05
ElRatoncuz debian has flavours12:05
_Hiro_I let synaptic search but it has no such package :/12:05
ElRatonHrdwrBoB, i understood ;)12:05
ElRatonHrdwrBoB, i'm explaining him ;)12:05
HrdwrBoBaxe9: I assure you debian is a much better server OS12:05
_Hiro_apt-cache doesn't find anything either12:05
HrdwrBoBwe run redhat at work and I despise it12:05
ElRatonbut debian has 3 main flavous12:05
azeemHrdwrBoB: ubuntu is marketed as a server OS as well, though12:05
axe9Kool, well, I don't have control over what OS they use :P12:05
ElRatonthe stable one, for servers12:05
HrdwrBoB_Hiro_: have you got restricted in your sources.list12:05
ElRatonthe testing one, less stable ;)12:06
axe9As long as my 30GBs are there, I'm fine ;)12:06
ElRatonand the unstable one... hum... for me ;))12:06
_Hiro_I have uncommented universe12:06
ElRatonand debian developpers ;)12:06
Miichaelhow is video card support in ubuntu?12:06
HrdwrBoBazeem: true, but at least for now, that's unlikely to happen much12:06
ElRaton_Hiro_, apt-get update12:06
sladenaxe9: I feel your friend maybe mis-informed.  Alot of the reason people /do/ run Debian is because it has a reputation for stability that it is often believed, nothing else rivals12:06
_Hiro_I did apt-get update12:06
ElRaton_Hiro_, after uncommenting it, you need to update your dpkg cache12:06
_Hiro_I did that12:06
ElRaton_Hiro_, apt-cache search madwifi ??12:06
_Hiro_how else would I been able to get openvpn :)12:06
axe9Oh! My sound isn't working on Ubuntu eiter ..>12:07
_Hiro_I searched for wifi, nothing12:07
_Hiro_ygdrassil:/etc/openvpn# apt-cache search wifi12:07
_Hiro_atmel-firmware - Contains the firmware images for atmel wifi cards12:07
_Hiro_kwifimanager - KDE Wireless Lan Manager12:07
_Hiro_those 2 :|12:07
sladen_Hiro_: your madwifi stuff should be installed by default (and hopefully auto-detected too)12:07
_Hiro_I think this might be my wireless problem: Bit Rate=1Mb/s12:07
_Hiro_well it doesn't work12:07
_Hiro_it always gives no route to host12:08
sladen_Hiro_: That's probably not a madwifi problem12:08
_Hiro_then I don't know what is12:08
ElRatonbut a wifi configuration problem ;)12:08
_Hiro_routing tables are ok12:08
_Hiro_yet no route12:08
_Hiro_no the wifi works12:08
_Hiro_worked fine with gentoo12:08
sladen_Hiro_: is your routeing okay.  Or is there no route, why?12:09
ElRatonWEP key, channel or ESSID, ip settings (IP, netmask) ?12:09
sladen_Hiro_: is your routeing okay.  Or is there no route, which?12:09
_Hiro_yes all set12:09
ElRatonad-hoc or managed ?12:09
_Hiro_I used this before on gentoo, openvpn over 128 WEP, it worked fine12:09
sladen_Hiro_: what does  /sbin/iwconfig   or the Wireless Applet tell you12:09
ElRatoniwlist wlan0 scan12:09
ElRatonreplace wlan0 by your wireless interface12:10
ElRaton[root@nemo lerat] # iwlist wlan0 scan12:10
ElRatonwlan0     Scan completed :12:10
ElRaton          Cell 01 - Address: 00:07:CB:50:0B:B8 [...] 12:10
ElRatondoes this detect something ?12:10
_Hiro_iwconfig just tells me all the info like I had before12:10
_Hiro_just the bit rate differs :/12:10
ElRatonbut... what about iwlist?12:10
sladenElRaton: hopefully your prompt doesn't look like that if you're running Ubuntu :)12:10
ElRatonsladen, why do you say that ? :D12:11
=== ywwg [~owen@] has left #ubuntu ["brb"]
phlaegelbecause you enabled root12:12
_Hiro_ElRaton it gives me a big list12:12
sladen_Hiro_: you mentioned that you were only getting 1Mb/second.  Have you tried moving closer to the Access Point?12:12
_Hiro_Cell 01 and a lot of bit rates12:12
ElRaton_Hiro_, ok, so your antenna driver is ok ;)12:12
ElRatonsladen, ;D12:12
_Hiro_listen, yesterday I was on gentoo and it moved at 1MB/s12:12
_Hiro_neither boxes have moved since :p12:12
ElRatonsladen, [lerat@nemo lerat] $ unset PS1 \n pwd \n /home/lerat (\n is for newline)12:12
ElRaton11MB/s, you mean12:13
Mitarionite all12:13
axe9How do I log on as the root user, so I can change my menu.ls file?12:13
ElRaton_Hiro_, how many cells do you find with iwlist ?12:13
_Hiro_cell 0112:13
ElRaton_Hiro_, cuz maybe you have problems dealing...12:13
ElRatonok :D12:13
ElRatonmy neighboor also have wireless ;)12:13
_Hiro_yes but I set a fixed ap12:14
sladenElRaton: indeed.  I know people have personal tastes...   Mine is an adversion to that style of prompt12:14
_Hiro_my ap12:14
ElRaton(and until i don't have connection, he give me his WEP... i'm waiting for my modem to work !!)12:14
_Hiro_and the neighbours do have wireless here somewhere :P12:14
ElRatonsladen, default setting ;))12:14
ElRatonsladen, tell me your prompt please!12:14
_Hiro_but I don't get it :/12:14
_Hiro_can I paste my ifconfig data somewhere?12:14
ElRatonhere :D12:15
_Hiro_really? it doesn't bother you people.12:15
ninjapls can someone send me their /etc/apt/sources.list (from a standard install)?12:15
ElRaton... go ;)12:15
ElRaton_Hiro_, it would be shorter than asking and asking!12:15
_Hiro_iface ath0 inet static12:15
_Hiro_        name Wireless LAN card12:15
_Hiro_        address
_Hiro_        netmask
_Hiro_        broadcast
_Hiro_        network
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
_Hiro_        #gateway
_Hiro_this is what I have for ath012:15
_Hiro_it's what it's supposed to be?12:16
_Hiro_I don't see a fault12:16
_Hiro_I commented out the gateway because I use the ethernet right now12:16
ElRatondo you have the one of a computer who's OK with the wireless network?12:16
_Hiro_and if I don't it makes 2 default gateways12:16
_Hiro_I have 2 others that are ok12:17
=== JStrike_out is now known as JStrike
_Hiro_same cards12:17
ElRatoncan you give us their ifconfig?12:17
ElRatonone of them only ;)12:17
ElRatonas a private message to me, if you want12:17
_Hiro_I'll try :/12:17
Miichaelif no k3b. what burning software is there to use in ubuntu12:18
ElRatonMiichael, cdrecord ;))12:18
sladenElRaton: standard Debian one:  PS1='\u@\h:\w\$ '12:19
axe9How do I log on as the root T_T as soon as i find that out, my problem can be fixed T_T12:19
ElRatonsladen, ok :D12:19
seb128axe9: sudo su ? :)12:19
ElRatoni have to go to bed, a lot of work tomorrow and it's 12:20PM ;)12:19
housetiersudo vim 12:19
ElRatonsee ya'12:19
axe9Ok, but I have no clue what that is...12:20
Miichaelwill it burn image files? ie .iso .img and so forth12:20
Kamionaxe9: type 'sudo' before whichever command you want to run as root12:20
ElRatonMiichael, yes12:20
_Hiro_ElRaton I printed them :/12:20
Kamionaxe9: we disable the root account by default12:20
ElRaton_Hiro_, ok12:20
axe9All I need is a way to edit my menu.ls file12:20
_Hiro_can't reach the other computers right now since they're wireless :P12:20
ElRaton_Hiro_, what are the differences with the one you sent ?12:20
Miichaelmore i read up on this distro. more i want to try it out12:20
sladenaxe9: sudo emacs menu.lst12:20
axe9it's read-only now12:20
_Hiro_I'll check12:20
ElRatonnot the good chan12:21
linux_mafiaanyone know how to reset my mouse cursor speeds, sensitivity, etc, back to its default in gnome?12:22
axe9Ah, ok, so I was told to put title Windows12:22
axe9       rootnoverify (hd0,0)12:22
axe9       chainloader +1 on the end of the file12:22
=== tm [~tm@glaurung.arasaka.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
axe9do I just paste that in this blank doc that came up?12:23
_Hiro_no difference :/12:23
_Hiro_apart from the usual of course IPs and such ;)12:23
_Hiro_but no significant difference but the bit rate, which is why I was thinking it was the driver maybe? :|12:23
_Hiro_maybe it's something dumb I did :/12:25
_Hiro_is there a way I could reinstall the drivers just to be sure?12:26
axe9Sladen, Should I just overwrite the file?12:26
axe9Because, this is a blank document, besides for what I added12:27
_Hiro_fuck it, at least ethernet works :P anyone know how to fix the mystery of the non-appearing HD? 12:27
=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
axe9Ah, I have that probel m too...12:27
_Hiro_it does appear if I touch it's parents counterpart in /.dev/  e.g. touch /.dev/hdc12:28
_Hiro_then I wait a second and /dev/hdc and /dev/hdc1 suddenly exist12:28
_Hiro_weird he :P12:29
_Hiro_and my soundcard gets made as /dev/dsp1 instead of /dev/dsp :(12:29
_Hiro_I can symlink it but of course that gets killed every reboot12:30
_Hiro_I whine now, but I'll help later, I promise ;)12:30
=== ponds_ is now known as ponds
axe9I SO should not have installed linux on a machine I'm not theonly one using >.>12:34
eddit's the only way :)12:34
axe9I have a REALLY old machine..12:35
=== bdr [~bdr@benroe.plus.com] has joined #ubuntu
axe9it has like..12:36
=== empop [~empop@sdn-ap-005ilchicP0496.dialsprint.net] has joined #ubuntu
axe916MBs RAM,and 480MHz with a 5GB hdd12:36
axe9I'm soo lost >.>12:37
=== axe9 cries
=== vjrj [~vjrj@199.Red-213-97-99.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== froh [foobar@19.80-202-117.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
tmwhere can i find the sun-j2sdk1.5 pkg?12:43
axe9I'm gonna reboot and see if this worked...12:43
=== ubuntuwig [~edmundrhu@nat01-easton-ext.Rutgers.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
andredDoes the latest Firefox in Ubuntu have the security flaws in Firefox fixed?12:45
subterrifictm: http://serios.net/content/debian/java.php12:48
=== peteog [~pete@host81-157-11-194.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== asimon [~andreas@p5480D775.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
tmsubterrific: thx12:51
=== family_ [~family@c-24-14-105-156.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
family_not working >.>12:52
Deftthis still the dual boot thing?12:53
Deftk, what have you done so far?12:53
family_I'm stuck, and no one here has told me anything besides how to open something called emacs...12:54
family_I odn't know WHAT to do12:54
Deftjust to check, you need to be able to boot winxp as well as ubuntu?12:54
family_I was told to put12:55
family_title Windows12:55
family_       rootnoverify (hd0,0)12:55
family_       chainloader +112:55
ubuntuwigmetacity really needs a "close all windows" hotkey12:55
family_in my menu.ls file by a friend12:55
Deftok, you probably need to add "makeactive" on a line there, after root... is good12:56
family_some background12:56
family_but, how do I change the chmod so I can edit it?12:56
subterrificfamily_: use sudo12:57
=== family_ is now known as axe
subterrificsudo -s to get a root console12:57
=== aitrus [~aitrus@] has joined #ubuntu
Deftyou don't; an easy way is, assuming you're at an x terminal: "sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst"12:57
subterrificor sudo <command>12:57
=== axe is now known as axe9
Deftthen type your own password when it asks12:58
ubuntuwigi'm going to have to play the "guess which PCI slot on your motherboard is the bus mastering slot" gam12:58
ubuntuwiginput gets really jerky when i'm copying things over the network12:58
ubuntuwigdebian didn't do this, so i don't know what the deal is12:59
axe9now what do I change on12:59
axe9title Windows12:59
axe9       rootnoverify (hd0,0)12:59
axe9       chainloader +112:59
axe9to get my other hdd to come up, and be able to dual boot12:59
=== keifer [~keifer@238.41.cm.sunflower.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jsc [~jsc@h-67-101-232-206.lsanca54.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Deftis that in the section headed examples?12:59
axe9Not that I see01:00
keiferhey, do i need to delete the packages in sysatpic's "installed (obsolete)" section?01:00
Deftor, if you haven't added it at all yet, the examples section is a good place01:00
axe9yeah, it is01:00
axe9only it has01:00
=== bowes [~bowes@blk-215-69-91.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-80-70.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
Deftthat's good01:00
axe9title Windows01:00
axe9       rootnoverify (hd0,0)01:00
axe9  makeactive     chainloader +101:00
=== conekg [cone@P-5.243.EUnet.yu] has joined #ubuntu
Deftwith no #s at the start of the lines?01:01
conekghi all01:01
axe9But, what do I put as the root?01:01
axe9# titleWindows 95/98/NT/200001:01
axe9# root(hd0,0)01:01
axe9# makeactive01:01
axe9# chainloader+101:01
axe9is what it has01:01
conekgi am trying to install nvidia drivers 01:01
Deftdelete all those #s01:01
Deftand the spaces after them, so the lines start at the start01:01
conekgdoes ubunt have kernel source of its install disk?01:01
axe9NOw, save or is there something else?01:02
=== bolivar [~bolivar@host-193-246-220-24.midco.net] has joined #ubuntu
KamionDeft: # has a special meaning in menu.lst ... update-grub parses it01:02
=== Llamabutcher [~debian@CPE-24-160-241-7.wi.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
axe9Do I hjust have to add /XP to the 96/98/2000 part?01:02
andredSmall detail: "About Ubuntu" probably shouldn't have "..." after it. It doesn't bring up something that requires further user input. Other GNOME "About X" stuff don't have dots.01:02
DeftKamion, simplifying here, in examples it's not important01:03
Kamionaxe9: the title part is purely informational01:03
=== debian_ [~debian@CPE-24-160-241-7.wi.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== debian_ is now known as Llamabutcher
Deftfor mine, I have (assuming this doesn't count as flooding):01:03
Llamabutcherhey guys I have a problem: im trying to do the apt-get update, but when i do it it fails at the end and tells me i should run apt-get update to fix the problem.  I did everything in /etc/apt/sources.list that i read to do...01:03
Deft# examples01:03
Deft titleWindows 98Se01:04
Deft root(hd0,0)01:04
Deft makeactive01:04
Deft chainloader+101:04
=== _axel never needed the 'makeactive' part at all
Llamabutcherwhen you comment out a line does that mean to just take the # out from the beginning?01:04
=== jdandr2 [~jdandr2@12-203-179-57.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
axe9no, puting the # in, in most languages, forms a comment01:05
axe9except in HTML01:05
jdandr2any ideas why I don't have man pages like strlen or any c++ ...01:05
axe9whereas it's <! comment --!>01:05
Kamionjdandr2: install manpages-dev01:05
Deftdon't worry, just make sure those lines don't have them01:05
axe9ok, now save and reboot?01:06
Kamionaxe9: <!-- -->01:06
Deftsave yes01:06
=== ianw_ [~ianw@wireless-208.wireless.cse.unsw.EDU.AU] has joined #ubuntu
axe9ok, now what?01:06
jdandr2Kamion, thanks01:06
=== mation [~mation@adsl-68-74-133-105.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
Deftfirst, are you sure that's where windows is, the first partition of the first drive?01:06
axe9No, it's on the second of the slave drive01:07
axe9Linux is on the master drive01:07
Deftha, then you need (someone check me here) "(hd1,1)"01:07
_axelaxe9: then you'll need to use map 01:07
_axel'map' grub command01:08
_axelto make windows think its on the first partition when it boots01:08
axe9So, where.. er...01:08
axe9so, replace the (0.0)?01:08
_axelok, so if your windows is in second of slave drive that would be (hd1,1)01:08
_axelbut it must be (hd0,0) for xp to work01:08
_axelso you have to do map (hd1) (hd0)01:09
_axelmap (hd0) (hd1)01:09
_axelspace between parentheses is important01:09
Kamion_axel: that map bug does make sense to me, but I'll have to read up a bit to find out if there are any otherwise unexpected side-effects01:09
=== snadeaben [~hnielsen@port261.ds1-by.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
_axelKamion: sure, i'd be interested to know, but it just works for me... windows thinks it's in C:\ and everything is fine so far (have been doing this for months now)01:10
Deft_axel, where exactly do the map lines go?01:10
_axelDeft: i paste my stanza:01:10
Kamion_axel: I guess the main issue might be somebody who has a Windows install that's happy in D:\; I was under the impression that that was possible, if fiddly01:10
_axeltitle       xp01:10
_axelmap         (hd2) (hd0)01:10
_axelmap         (hd0) (hd2)01:10
_axelrootnoverify (hd2,0)01:10
_axelchainloader +101:10
Kamion_axel: that said, I haven't actually used Windows since 9501:11
_axelthat forces loading of an xp partition in partition 1 of hard disk 301:11
_axelgrub counts from 001:11
_axelconfusing at times01:11
axe9so, should I paste that where 01:11
axe9# titleWindows 95/98/NT/200001:11
axe9# root(hd0,0)01:11
axe9# makeactive01:11
axe9# chainloader+101:11
_axelKamion: i just play command&conquer ;)01:11
Llamabutchercan someone help me with the universe thing u have to do in /etc/apt/sources.list?01:11
axe9is right now?01:11
_axelaxe9: that is totally commented out -- you should remove all '#'01:12
axe9I know :P01:12
_axelaxe9: that'll only work if your windows is in first partition of first hard disk, which you just said is not true if i understood01:12
=== mation [~mation@adsl-68-74-133-105.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
conekgdoes ubuntu have kernel source on its install cd?01:13
conekgi need them to install nvidia driver01:13
Deftconekg, you can get the source using synaptic01:13
_axelKamion: the D:\ thing might be an issue, you're right, but i dunno either01:13
conekgDeft, I can't bring the X up so I thought to install the sources from a cd01:14
conekgusing dpkg01:15
conekgi just can't find them01:15
Deftwell, you don't need nvidia for X to work, but ok: are you using the default kernel?01:15
Kamionthe source code isn't on the CD01:15
Kamionconekg: the kernel *headers* will be on the CD as of tomorrow's daily build01:16
Kamionconekg: that should be enough to build any driver ...01:16
conekgi have a dial-up can i download them now?01:16
Deftyou can just get linux-restricted-modules- (?!) and nvidia-glx01:16
sladenit's on the CD01:16
conekgoh I will try that now, thanks01:17
Deft(apt-get install ...)01:17
conekgdid anyone have sucess in installing lucent winmodem?01:17
=== Lowe is now known as Lowe[Sleeping]
_axelKamion: btw, regarding the grub map thing, i found this: http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-grub/2003-04/msg00019.html -- you might want to have a look01:19
=== WW [~chatzilla@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== snadeaben [~hnielsen@port261.ds1-by.adsl.cybercity.dk] has left #ubuntu []
Kamion_axel: thanks, added that to the bug01:21
=== Cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
=== phlaegel [~phlaegel@S0106000d88033723.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Miichael [Innerpain@c-67-170-164-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jbmadsen [~jbm@x1-6-00-e0-06-f2-ca-b9.k246.webspeed.dk] has joined #ubuntu
Deftis it suddenly night time everywhere?01:32
Hrdwr_BoBon first coffee01:33
Hrdwr_BoBcan't take01:33
axe9brb again >.>01:33
Hrdwr_BoBstill sleepy01:33
Miichael4:30pm here01:33
axe9damned dishes...01:33
ubuntuwig7:30 pm here01:33
axe9why wcan't they wash themselves >:(01:33
keifer6:33 here01:33
axe96:30PM here01:33
Hrdwr_BoBaxe9, in my house they do :)01:33
Hrdwr_BoB<3 dishwasher01:33
keiferCardador: GMT?01:33
keiferah, trying to figure out what timezone 00.33 is. :P01:34
Cardadorlisbon :P01:34
ubuntuwigem portugal eu era cardiologo01:34
ubuntuwigmiguel, pasquale, since you two have worked so hard, i have a special treat for you01:35
jschey folks.... can someone tell me how to stop ubuntu from changing the time whenever i change to my local time and reboot it goes back to utc01:36
azeemjsc: ntpdate does that01:36
=== WW [~chatzilla@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
jscso disable it01:36
azeemjsc: so disable or deinstall it01:36
azeemI guess :)01:37
=== tm [~tm@glaurung.arasaka.net] has left #ubuntu []
keiferAny one have an idea when the firefox 1.0 preview will be avalable for ubuntu?01:38
WWI installed ubuntu, and installed the nvidia graphics driver.  Later I realized that I should be using the -686 kernel, so I installed linux-image-2.6-686.01:38
WWNow X won't start.01:38
ubuntuwigwhat does /var/log/XFree86.0.log say01:39
WWubuntuwig: I'll take a look.01:40
DeftWW, nvidia installer or ubuntu restricted modules package?01:41
CardadorWW i did the same thing as you. I add to install the correspondent restricted modules01:41
Cardadorcorrespondent to the kernel image you installed01:41
=== Dashiva [~m@c-67-166-152-8.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
WWCarador: Yeah, that's what I figure.  01:43
WWDeft: ubuntu packages.01:43
WWThe first error that in the log is01:43
Deftyeah, do what Cardador said then01:43
WWoops, ignore that01:43
ubuntuwigles versions sont incompatibles01:44
=== fg [~anylorak1@84.Red-80-37-189.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
WWOK, the error in the log is "Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!01:44
WWSo, does anyone happen to know the name of the  restricted modules package for -686?01:45
azeemsame as for -386, just with -68601:45
azeem(I guess)01:45
Dashivais there a 686 kernel package or something01:46
thomDashiva: linux-image-2.6-68601:46
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
thomWW: sorry, can't help. i'm on AMD6401:46
CardadorWW: yes01:47
ubuntuwigsup StoneTable01:47
=== mcroydon [~mcroydon@pcp05133460pcs.elkrdg01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
WWI think I found it. How does "linux-restricted-modules-" sound?01:47
azeemthom: what a sorry excuse01:47
Cardadorsounds good :)01:47
=== mcroydon is now known as Netminder
KamionWW: yup01:47
KamionWW: actually, not quite01:47
Kamionlinux-restricted-modules- | |         warty | i38601:47
WWSo, in theory, I should apt-get install it, reboot, and "voila!"?01:48
Kamionadd that -201:48
KamionWW: shouldn't need to reboot in principle, modprobing the relevant module should do ...01:48
bolivaranyone seen van halen on the current tour?  were they any good?01:48
KamionWW: also, that package should have been installed by default01:48
WWKamion: Thanks--that was my bad typing--I found it with apt-cache search01:48
KamionI'd pimp madison-lite except that you need a local mirror for it to be useful01:49
Dashivahmm there's even a k701:49
WWKamion: The -686 version should be installed by default?01:49
=== Dashiva is impressed
KamionWW: should be, yeah01:49
azeemquite some people quote -386 versions though it seems01:49
DeftKamion, 386 is what I got01:49
Kamionoh, -686 probably isn't on the CD01:49
Dashivait's not01:50
WWKamion: But my kernel-image-<etc> was -386, until I installed the -686, and that's what caused this problem.01:50
DeftI think the Wiki says 386 is the elected base thing01:50
Kamionthat's all we've got so far01:50
Deftand sadly apt can't know to install the restricted modules with the different kernel...01:50
Dashivanvidia modules are in restricted modules?01:51
Kamionmdz: I take it you don't feel like adding 64MB to the CD for the other kernels01:51
DeftDashiva, the kernel modules itself yes01:51
WWInstalling... 10 .. 9 ..01:51
WW5  4 ...01:51
thomazeem: *g*01:51
Dashivakk...just for reference...where is the source installed if you install the source package01:51
Cardador/usr/src i think01:52
mdzKamion: we have about 100M left, right?01:52
WWOK, now...  startx? or /etc/init.d/gdm start?01:52
mdzor a bit more?01:52
WWor just log out?01:52
Deft/etc/init.d/gdm restart should do01:52
Kamionor ~43MB on amd64, or ~48MB on powerpc01:52
mdzDashiva: you don't install source packages in Debian; you just unpack them someplace01:52
Kamionmdz: there is a linux-source-*.deb though01:52
Dashivais there a default dir that it unpacks to?01:53
Kamionthat goes in /usr/src01:53
KamionDashiva: your current directory01:53
mdzoh, that01:53
KamionDashiva: if you use apt-get source01:53
DeftDashiva, it doesn't unpack, just gives you the patch kernel ina  bz201:53
Dashivayeah there's a nvidia-glx-dev and nvidia-kernel-source package01:53
WWHmmm... /etc/init.d/gdm start didn't work.  I get the red [fail]  message.01:53
azeemwhy didn't you kill the -source binary packages, while you were at it?01:53
DeftWW, use restart01:53
Kamionazeem: they're useful for some strange build-deps01:54
Kamion(e.g. modconf)01:54
azeemtoo bad01:54
WWAhhh, a lovely shade of mustard!01:54
Kamionmdz: rough back-of-an-envelope calculations say 125MB on amd64, 140MB on i386, 72MB on powerpc01:55
WWThank you, folks, my ubuntu is back.01:55
mdzKamion: remaining?01:55
Kamionmdz: yep01:55
mdzKamion: eek01:55
mdzin that case, no, don't want to spend that much on optimised kernels :-)01:55
mdzthe only folks who really need -686 are those who need CONFIG_HIGHMEM or NPTL01:56
mdzboth of whom I expect to have plenty of bandwidth :-)01:56
azeemI am surprised you did not elevate the minimum ia32 requirements to 68601:56
LoneTechI would be quite peeved if you did.01:57
Kamionmdz: it's held very steady for the last week; about 40MB lost since Sounder 801:57
Kamionazeem: we opted to tune for P4 instead01:57
axe9Ok, so, in my menu.lst01:57
axe9What's the thing for mapping the drives?01:57
=== conekg [cone@P-5.211.EUnet.yu] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmdz: shame about not defaulting to NPTL if possible, mind01:57
LoneTechalso considering gcc's 686 code by default doesn't run on even all 686 class cpus01:57
Kamionmdz: for Hoary we should have my new base-installer, which may let us be a little more flexible (e.g. include just the -686 kernel and have higher CPUs fall back down to it)01:58
=== Deft [~phil@cpc2-hem14-6-0-cust211.lutn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Deftso ctrl-x kills xchat I see...01:58
Dashivaso there are nptl compiled packaged?01:58
conekgKamion: I couldn't get nvidia driver working altough I installed restricted modules01:58
conekgwhere can I download kernel headers package?01:59
Kamionconekg: I'm not an nvidia expert in any way, I'm afraid, just offering general package advice01:59
Deftaxe9, still there?01:59
Kamionconekg: linux-headers-
mdzKamion: would you be willing to make a quick test CD if we move pcmcia-cs out to ShipSeed?01:59
Kamionmdz: sure01:59
mdzKamion: I'd like to give it a run through01:59
Dashivaconekg, did you put them int /etc/modules01:59
=== Kamion wonders if he can fake that up without requiring an actual seed change
mdzKamion: would it be possible to it without tweaking the seeds as a trial? I seem to recall you had overrides of some sort01:59
Cardadorconekg: open /etc/modules and write "nvidia" at the bottom01:59
Deftok, the stanza you need should be:02:00
Defttitle       WinXP02:00
Deftmap         (hd1) (hd0)02:00
Deftmap         (hd0) (hd1)02:00
Deftrootnoverify (hd1,1)02:00
Kamionmdz: not really as sophisticated as overrides, but I have a script ... :)02:00
Deftchainloader +102:00
Kamionmdz: (hey, I could use germinate hints, couldn't I? that would be CLEVER.)02:00
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
LoneTechdebian unstable nvidia package comes with some stuff to test for tls, as well as a tls version, it seems02:00
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionafter all, I'm only the germinate maintainer02:00
mdzKamion: at some point we'll need to add documentation and suchlike02:01
mdzat least, that was the plan initially02:01
WWconekg: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/BinaryDriverHowto02:01
Kamionmdz: speaking of, please beat me up until I do an installation manual branding job02:01
Kamion(where branding includes adaptation to warty's installer)02:01
WW..and maybe you ubuntu gurus could take a look at that wiki page and correct my mistakes :)02:01
sabdflnight all02:03
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
Deftwhat's the problem with hotplugging graphics drivers at boot?02:03
axe9I'm gonna try this suckah out 8)02:03
Deftaxe9, no!02:04
Cardadorlol too late02:04
Deftyou need to run sudo install-grub /dev/hda before the ...02:04
Deftkids these days02:04
Kamionmdz: hm, it's not a CD matter, I need a different debootstrap script to change Base02:05
Kamionmdz: how about you install from an existing CD but edit pcmcia-cs out of /usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/warty before debootstrap starts?02:05
Kamionmdz: I'll go and try that on my desktop amd64 now02:05
_axelkids should not really mess with grub02:06
conekgWW: I can not install nvidia-glx because my modem(lucent) is not working in ubuntu yet02:08
=== Hannibal_ [~Hannibal@] has joined #ubuntu
conekgdo you know how can I get kernel headers witout using apt02:08
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Hannibal_ [~Hannibal@] has left #ubuntu []
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
Deftconekg, you could just download the package straight from the archive02:09
Deftsame with nvidia-glx for that matter02:09
conekgwhat is the url?02:09
conekgof the archive?02:09
=== thaytan [jan@] has joined #ubuntu
=== axe9 [~axe9@c-24-14-105-156.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
axe9I rebooted02:14
axe9the grub loading screen came up02:14
Deftyou said02:14
Deft<Deft> axe9, no!02:15
Deft<Cardador> lol too late02:15
Deft<Deft> you need to run sudo install-grub /dev/hda before the ...02:15
Deftanyway, do that now02:15
axe9Booting 'WinXP'Map   (hd1) (hd0)Map    (hd0) (hd1)   rootnoverify (hd1,1)  chainloaded +1  NTLDR id missing press ctrl alt del to restart02:16
Hrdwr_BoBaxe9, looks like it's broken02:17
Hrdwr_BoBneeds NTLDR in the root 02:17
reformedI've had this.02:18
Deftcrazy, someone who knows: is the root the real one, or the post-map one?02:18
reformedSeems Ubunto likes destroying the MBR regardless of what you say.02:18
Kamion"Ubuntu" :-)02:18
reformedIt's been a long day.02:18
Kamionreformed: if you have another operating system on the disk, it should ask02:18
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has left #ubuntu ["laters"]
Kamionreformed: if it doesn't or if it doesn't honour the answer, that's a bug, so please file it ...02:19
axe9I found out how to boot windows02:19
axe9It doesn't work...02:19
axe9when the grub loading screen came up, I hit esc02:19
axe9and the menu cameup02:19
axe9there was:02:19
reformedOh, it does, it just ignores the option it seems.  I'm going to file a bug for it when I get some time (work takes all my time).02:19
axe9Ubuntu Kernal02:20
Kamionmdz: seems to correctly not install pcmcia-cs on a desktop02:20
jordikernel, kernel :)02:20
jordigood night folks.02:20
tsengjdub: ping02:20
axe9Unbuntu Kernal (repair)02:20
jordiaww, so many typos02:20
axe9I tried both WinXP, and the windows one02:20
axe9both failed02:21
axe9Any insight?02:21
=== aethyr [~aethyr@dyn006612-twr2-student.cpmc.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== pills [pills@adsl-68-126-46-36.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jeedee [jeedee@Toronto-HSE-ppp3768125.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
jeedeeIf anyone experienced a grub bug (Freeze at Loading Stage ...) please let me know02:23
keiferhey, if I patch sources.list to point to the SID repository, and then update, would I have sids, or ubuntu?02:23
keifer(read as, would I screw up my system) :P02:24
Hrdwr_BoBquite likely02:24
Hrdwr_BoBit's not recommended to use debian debs in ubuntu02:24
mdzif you wait a few weeks, after the release we'll have hot fresh updates from sid02:25
Hrdwr_BoBwith jam centres02:25
jeedeeI wish I could boot into ubuntu but for some reason grub refuses to work, it just hangs at Loading stage with no apparent errors02:26
keiferto be honest, I'm in ubuntu because I couldn't get the debian installer to work. I'm tring to figure out a way to migrate back to deb.02:26
schweebjeedee: do you have an XFS /boot?02:27
Cardadoraxe9: i think it is a common bug that happens oftenly, somehow the partition table gets messed up and winxp cannot boot02:27
=== cone [cone@P-5.196.EUnet.yu] has joined #ubuntu
Miichaeldid you try the new testing deb installer?02:27
jeedeeNope, everything standard (ext3, ect.) The only thing that might cause a problem is that im installing on the same hd as windows02:28
jeedeeWhat version of grub is included in ubuntu?02:28
keiferI grabed the 1rc installer02:28
reformedaxe9:  Logging something in bugzilla for it now02:28
reformedaxe9:  can you add your grub config files as an example?02:29
Miichaelthats a nice slideshow of installing debian02:29
Kamionjeedee:       grub | 0.95+cvs20040624-3ubuntu15 |         warty | source, amd64, i38602:29
jeedeethank you02:30
Cardadoraxe9: try changing from the geometry of your hard disk on your pc bios from auto to LBA 02:30
=== parkerc_ [~parkerc@cs671066-129.houston.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jeedeewhats wrong axe9?02:30
=== Gman___ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
jeedeeI guess there would be a way to install another grub version before ubuntu then install it without bootloader02:33
jeedeeAre you having a grub-related problem axe902:35
reformedSame things happens with lilo.02:35
axe9I think...02:35
jeedeeWhat kind of problem02:35
axe9Ok, here's the story02:35
axe9I installed Ubuntu on an old harddrive02:36
axe9WinXP is on another drive, on a sepparate partition02:36
axe9And now, I can't boot XP02:37
jeedeeAny errors?02:37
axe9nope, no errors02:37
Cardadorblack screen?02:37
axe9just goes striat to Ubuntu is all02:37
axe9Also, when it says to hit escape for the menu, I can02:37
axe9I do02:37
axe9And it shows windows but doens' tlet me boot :\02:38
axe9I mean, it throws an error02:38
jeedeeWhat does your grub conf looks like02:38
axe9one sek02:39
axe9crap >.>02:39
axe9I forgot towrite down the command...02:39
jeedeeI wish I could get into either windows or ubuntu after installing grub from the installer lol02:39
Kamionmdz: latest patch to #1337 includes bootloader configuration changes02:40
mdzKamion: looks good to me02:41
axe9You want me to send itto you?02:41
axe9Pasting it here would be too much...02:41
jeedeepm it02:42
mdzKamion: if uploaded now, we could roll a test CD tomorrow with this and the pcmcia-cs changes, right?02:42
mdzor did we miss the daily d-i build already?02:42
axe9you get it?02:43
lamontmdz: daily d-i build is at 0605 BST02:43
mdzlamont: thanks, should be plenty of time then02:43
jeedeeyes hold on02:43
jeedeeif you guy update the grub version let me know :)02:43
mdzjeedee: is your problem known to be fixed in a newer grub?02:44
jeedeeIt looks like it02:44
Kamionmdz: can I also add acpi-modules to amd64 while I'm at it?02:44
KamionI was about to file a bug about that02:44
mdzjeedee: please file a bug with the details of the problem and in which version it is fixed02:44
Kamionit needs to be in the initrds02:45
mdzKamion: certainly02:45
reformedmdz: updated #153202:45
jeedeeOk :) Meanwhile I might just overwrite the install grub with a livecd one02:45
mdzreformed: thanks02:45
Kamionmdz: OK, starting uploads now02:46
mdzKamion: so does the daily CD build use the d-i build done earlier that day?  or one that you've blessed?02:47
Kamionmdz: it uses the daily build at the moment02:48
Kamionmdz: but it relies on elmo being awake to byhand it, so it's usually the previous day's build02:48
=== mlh [~mlh@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
=== |Gaaruto| [~|Gaaruto|@ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-7-116.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
tsengmdz: can you help me with a development question02:50
tsengim working through the new maint guide02:50
=== cybrjackle|lappy [~cybrjackl@CPE-65-28-47-173.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdztseng: if it's not specific to ubuntu, #debian-devel is probably a better place02:50
tsengit might be.. the bit of bash in the guide to strace the configure script and parse out depends seems to not work as expected02:51
tsengi get alot of extraneous stuff02:51
Kamiontseng: does dpkg-depcheck help?02:52
tsengKamion: will try02:52
minghuahi, I seem to have a problem with gksudo02:53
minghuaI have ubuntu powerpc on my ibook02:53
minghuaand updated to newest packages02:53
minghuanow the first time I use gnome menu for some administrative job02:54
minghuasay network-admin02:54
=== Greensky [~nin@216-161-80-213.ptld.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
tsengKamion: thats much better, thank you.02:54
minghuaa dialog pops up asking for my password, and things work fine02:54
=== Hannibal_ [~Hannibal@] has joined #ubuntu
minghuabut the second time I run something that is done by gksudo02:54
=== Hannibal_ [~Hannibal@] has left #ubuntu []
minghuait doesn't ask for password (which is good) but take a long time (~ 30 seconds) to activate02:55
minghuaactually the app launches fine (the UI appears)02:55
minghuabut the mouse is in ``busy'' status, and I can't do anything that needs root previledge02:56
=== treyh0 [~trey@tabner.com] has joined #ubuntu
minghualike activate an network device02:56
pillsjust did an apt-get upgrade and restarted, now my root password sdoesnt work...02:56
=== Greensky [~nin@216-161-80-213.ptld.qwest.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
minghuaI can reproduce this, and it doesn't seem to be related to the app you are trying to run02:57
minghuathe second (and later) time you run something with gksudo, it hangs for a while02:58
minghuabut works eventually02:58
minghuais this a known problem?02:58
minghuaI didn't find anything in bugzilla02:58
=== tory_ [~tory@HSE-Toronto-ppp312561.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== bolivar [~bolivar@host-193-246-220-24.midco.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tory_ is now known as hello
=== keifer [~keifer@238.41.cm.sunflower.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-87-199.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== ponds_ [~ponds@ws69-107.vpn.dynamic.msstate.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== axe9dotcom [~axe9@c-24-14-105-156.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== phlaegel [~phlaegel@S0106000d88033723.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
axe9dotcomOk, if I switch the relation between my hard drives, will my system boot from the maSTER03:17
Hrdwr_BoBshould do, yes03:18
=== mlh [~mlh@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
=== yojimbo-san [~jim@203-97-51-41.dsl.clear.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
yojimbo-sanhow do I change the GRUB options used to boot? I need to add 'nolapic' to them ... and I've only used lilo before03:25
chutwigedit /boot/grub/menu.lst03:26
=== wallison [~wallison@cpe-024-211-066-194.sc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
yojimbo-santhanks chutwig. Is that file consulted dynamically?03:27
pillshas or is anyone us using ndiswrapper?03:27
=== haggai_ [~halls@pD9EA7228.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Hrdwr_BoByojimbo-san, yes03:27
chutwigyojimbo-san: yeah, no need to rerun grub or anything03:27
yojimbo-santhanks :-)03:27
=== tbone [~tbone@adsl-68-95-248-96.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
schweebfucking hilarious03:36
schweebgo go RMS03:36
=== burnboy [~burnboy@wbar2.chi1-4-10-098-123.chi1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
yojimbo-sanI'd cheer RMS wholeheartedly if it wasn't for GNUFDL ... :-)03:37
schweebI'm not a fan of the forced "GNU/" prefix03:37
=== stratus [~stratus@200141100059.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
Hrdwr_BoBme either03:38
treyh0If the project followed this philosophy03:38
treyh0completely, I would say it was great.03:38
=== hello [~tory@HSE-Toronto-ppp311072.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikeMiguel didn't reply i see. He had an interesting reply at hand. He should have sent it03:39
Hrdwr_BoBit's like saying "it should be called GNU/XFree/john/bob/scott/james/ron/linux"03:39
schweebthe first thing I do on every Debian system I install is remove "GNU/" from /etc/issue03:39
schweeband rm /etc/motd03:39
schweebHrdwr_BoB: EXACTLY03:39
=== MepisBelle [~Old@adsl-68-124-78-200.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
yojimbo-sanI figlet the machinename into motd, to remind me which server I'm connected to ... :-)03:39
jameshI wouldn't object to having my name as part of the distro name03:40
Hrdwr_BoBI mean.. in terms of the desktop, Xfree is just as essential if not more so than gnu tools03:40
jameshHrdwr_BoB: well, every process on your system has some GNU code loaded in it ...03:40
yojimbo-sanAFAIK, the amount of actual GNU project software in the distribution is small - the amount of GPL software is huge, however I don't think FSF/GNU should be claiming them.03:41
stratusjamesh, maybe he's planning to remove it too.03:41
stratusjamesh, they call him bsd user. :)03:41
jameshit doesn't matter for Ubuntu though, because Ubuntu is Ubuntu03:41
Hrdwr_BoBjamesh, yeah, but you can't have your cake and eat it too03:42
schweebyojimbo-san: eh, there's the whole GNU toolchain03:42
=== pr0c [~pr0c@] has joined #ubuntu
schweebgrep, ls, gcc, g++, etc etc etc03:42
yojimbo-sanschweeb: yep, there's the build tools, but they're not usually *used* by a desktop user03:42
yojimbo-sanand I do my code work in perl/python ... :-)03:42
schweebwhen I actually code, I use perl or C#03:43
stratusperl and python? both coded in C03:43
yojimbo-sanstratus: Indeed - but as a *user* I don't have to use GNU project tools ...03:44
yojimbo-sanAnd if it was compiled on an Intel box should that be Intel/GNU/Linux?03:44
stratusyojimbo-san, right03:44
stratusare you using kde?03:45
yojimbo-sanI've just loaded Ubunto in the last 30 mins for the forst time ...03:45
yojimbo-sanOh, yep, I see what you mean ...03:45
stratusdeja vu03:45
stratusI've loaded that url on my browser and come back here and wow deja vu.03:45
=== TDT|PB [~dthole@12-217-193-96.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ionrock [~eric@pool-141-158-222-36.alt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
stratusyojimbo-san, back on the subject np but you're using GNU tools in a way or another.03:46
yojimbo-sanWell, yes I am (I also choose to use some GNU project tools)03:47
yojimbo-sanbut I also use a huge set of non-GNU stuff.03:48
burnboydoes anyone know anything about NTFS support .. and is current kernel .. i heard something about NTFS support in 2.6.9..03:48
yojimbo-sanI believe that I use more non-GNU stuff, but allow that the GNU tools are *essential*03:48
stratusyojimbo-san, i see.03:48
yojimbo-sanI still haven't figured out how to make a program "A GNU project" - it's not the name (gnuplot, anyone) or the license (there are non-GPL gnu project programs, according to their webpage). And I certainly don't know how to make RMS happy :-)03:50
linux_mafiayojimbo-san, call it GNU/linux03:51
=== hello_ [~tory@HSE-Toronto-ppp312414.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
yojimbo-san"then we'll be free, hackers, we'll be free" ...03:51
Hrdwr_BoBI am going to build a program with an IBM compiler03:51
stratusyojimbo-san, it isn't so easy but if you want you can start with a project at savannah.03:51
Hrdwr_BoBand I call it IBM/helloworld03:51
=== lamont grumbles at linux-restricted-modules, goes to see who uploaded it..
yojimbo-sanWell, I don't have any projects that are really worthwhile release :-(03:52
=== hayter [~hayter@d207-81-167-237.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiawrite the linux drivers for usb powered sex toys03:52
yojimbo-sanlinux_mafia, shouldn't your handle be GNULinux_mafia? :-)03:52
linux_mafiayojimbo-san, haha03:53
hayterCan someone tell me how to recompile the kernel? I don't it direct rendering was enabled in the stock kernel.03:53
mdzhayter: it is enabled in the stock kernel03:54
hayterWell I got fglrx installed and currently it fails to launch the direct rendering module.03:54
mdzfglrx installed from where?03:55
haytern/m I found out I have to run the ATI module generator.03:55
hayterHow do I get the kernel source?03:56
mdzyou don't need the kernel source if what you want is fglrx03:56
hayterkernel includes at /usr/src/linux/include not found or incomplete03:57
hayterfile: /usr/src/linux/include/linux/version.h03:57
mdzit'll be installed by default in about an hour :-)03:57
hayterthere is no /usr/src/linux03:57
mdzhayter: if you can wait a little while, I'd appreciate if you would test the pre-built driver03:58
=== ponds_ [~ponds@ws5-233.labs.msstate.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== aitrus [~foo@67-50-97-21.dsl1.chi.il.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jsc [~jsc@h-67-101-232-206.lsanca54.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
tbonemdz: I have an ATI remote wonder hooked up to this machine.  Randomly the machine will hang during boot when usb.rc tries to initialize the remote.  What can I send you to help debug it?04:02
=== jg_ [~jg@h005018015b26.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
mdztbone: you're using the driver from gatos.sourceforge.net?04:03
mdzor is there one in 2.6 new?04:03
tsengits in 2.604:03
tsengacts as an input device04:04
tboneya, whatever is there by default04:04
tboneit moved the mouse when it doesn't hang the boot04:04
tbonehangs maybe one out of 3 or 4 boots04:04
mdzI have a box with one of those remotes, but it's on 2.4 using ati_remote from gatos04:05
mdzit also needs lirc, which is why it isn't running 2.6 yet04:05
mdztbone: nothing on the console when it hangs?04:05
mdztbone: probably best would be to get a task dump using magic sysrq04:05
tboneI'll try that....are logs from previous boots stored anywhere?  my only option when the boot hangs is to power cycle....unless magic sysrq works, I forgot about that actually04:06
tboneand there is data on the console when it hangs....I've seen I think two versions of the hang....but it happens in approximately the same place each time04:08
tboneoh and congrats to all the devs on a nice package....best gnome distro I've seen yet04:10
mdztbone: the trouble with magic sysrq is that you'll need to write down the data by hand, unless you have a serial console setup04:11
mdztbone: if there are messages on the console when it hangs, those would help04:11
mdztbone: and thanks :-)04:11
Hrdwr_BoBmdz:or use a digicam :)04:11
=== chutwig [~edmundrhu@nat01-easton-ext.Rutgers.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
mdzgood idea, if you can read the text04:11
mdztbone: anyway, if you can get some hard data about the hang, file a bug04:12
tboneok, I'll do my best04:12
tboneI love my remote04:12
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=== utta [~brandon@h00045ae006a2.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
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tboneoh, another quick question:  I'm currently running the 386 kernel that's installed by default and I've installed the nvidia-glx package....that's running fine...04:15
tbonewill I have to reinstall nvidia-glx if I install the k7 kernel package?04:15
tboneor are there any noticeable improvements between the two kernels?04:16
MrJ412:-( just tried installing ubuntu, i now get grub Error 21 on boot ... anyone else seen this?04:16
Se7hMrJ412 what does it sais more besides that ?04:17
Se7hneed a movieplayer!!04:17
MrJ412GRUB loading stage 1.5.   then   Grub loading, please wait ... then Error 2104:17
treyh0so im basically screwed if i removed /etc/X11/XF86Config-4?04:18
treyh0dpkg-reconfigure doesnt regenerate it :(04:18
=== treyh0 reads http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingXautoconfiguration
Se7hMrJ412 is it after trying to boot the kernel ?04:18
hayterAbout grub...is there a way to make it automatically load the menu?04:18
MrJ412worked wonderfully on my test box, and just replaced a fedora install on the machine i am getting the error ... grub was there before04:18
mdzhayter: comment out hiddenmenu in /boot/grub/menu.lst04:19
MrJ412Se7h, no, before ... that's all i get04:19
Se7hso, no kernel is loaded04:19
Se7htry to edit grub.conf04:19
MrJ412Se7h, nope04:19
MrJ412Se7h, i'll get in and check it now04:20
Se7hwhen entering grub04:20
Se7hpress 'e' likle its sais04:20
jdubtseng: pong04:20
hayterDo I have to run grub after editing menu.lst?04:20
jscits not like lilo04:21
hayterkk thanks04:21
hayteryeah I'm more used to lilo :(04:21
tboneif I install the k7 kernel will an entry be created in the grub menu alongside the default 386 kernel?04:24
MrJ412Se7h, don't even get that far ... loaded a rescue disk ... the config looks fine04:24
Se7hbut what happens when booting from hdd ?04:24
Se7hgrub loading. please wait...04:25
MrJ412then next line 'Error 21'04:25
MrJ412and thats it04:25
Se7hso the error is trying to boot grub04:25
Se7hits probably a bad compiled grub04:26
hayterOwie there isn't a kernel-source-2.6.8 in the repository.04:26
tbonelinux-source-* will get you what you're looking for04:27
=== stub [~zen@c211-28-34-252.sunsh1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== gxwalk [~gxwalk@] has joined #ubuntu
=== hello_ is now known as hello
=== parkerc_ [~parkerc@cs671066-129.houston.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== matt2 [~matt@dh055055.res.uvic.ca] has joined #ubuntu
gxwalkhow do u get dvd play04:31
matt2i told u i was hardcore04:32
tsengjdub: oh hiya04:32
tsengjdub: i got a "working" package, i see there is a request in debian bugz04:32
=== ickyGoat is away: I'm making a pot of Java or working or.........
tsengjdub: its still a little goofy, ill work on it tommorow..04:32
jdubhey tseng :)04:34
hellowhat package do i need to play quicktime files in mozilla04:34
hellohej hej04:36
=== hello is now known as tory
toryo wops04:36
chutwigi wonder why totem-gstreamer is the default, it can't really play much of anything04:36
chutwigi had to replace it with totem-xime04:37
chutwigxine, too04:37
toryI replaced it with totem-xine too04:37
=== justdave_ [~justdave@] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiachutwig, because it is a preview release, and they are trying to make things work04:38
chutwigat this point i'm about ready to kick that computer out the window04:39
=== bolivar [~bolivar@host-193-246-220-24.midco.net] has joined #ubuntu
torylinux_mafia: it's pretty awesome for a preview release :)04:39
chutwigyeah, it's all in good order for me04:39
chutwigit's just on a really shitty computer04:39
linux_mafiaim on a vic 2004:40
=== bolivar still has his vic
bolivarand the com 6404:41
WWHey there, I saw a few comments in the mailing list archive about the "dead.letter" file in /.  Can I just delete this?04:42
jdubWW: yes04:43
jdubchutwig: legal issues shipping xine/mplayer/etc04:43
Se7hHrdwrBoB / Hrdwr_BoB04:44
theantixI've been running Ubuntu full time for a few days now, and it's been wonderfully stable.  Quite impressed for such an early release to be this polished.  Good work, developers!  =)04:44
=== phlaegel [~phlaegel@S0106000d88033723.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
WWjdub: thansk04:47
WW(thansk is Danish slang for thanks)04:47
treyh0where do i get the option to select LCD when configuring xserver-xfree86? :(04:48
=== tory_ [~tory@HSE-Toronto-ppp312414.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
yojimbo-sanI'm beginning to miss a load of apps from Sarge/Sid ... I see there's a warning against mixing repositories on the website, but I should be OK, shouldn't I?04:52
stratusyour mileage may vary04:52
linux_mafiayojimbo-san, like what?04:52
=== vauge [~vauge@c-24-1-58-231.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
chutwigyou should be able to get most everything out of universe04:53
yojimbo-sanOK, where do I find out about universe? apps like bzflag :-), automount, most, keychain ...04:53
=== theantix misses the straw rss aggregator
=== Slackeerb [~Slackeerb@CPE-69-76-100-96.wi.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
=== tbone [~tbone@adsl-68-95-248-96.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
chutwigyojimbo-san: uncomment the universe lines in /etc/apt/sources.list and run apt-get update04:57
tboneI just installed the k7 kernel and it boots ok, but it appears that the nvidia-glx package isn't compatible?04:57
=== utta [~brandon@h00045ae006a2.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
chutwigyeah, you need the nvidia package that matches the kernel version exactly04:57
tboneI don't see one in the warty repos04:58
yojimbo-sanchutwig, thanks. Looks like what I need is there :-)04:59
=== yojimbo-san hasn't even noticed ssh wasn't in main ...
vaugehello all, was checkin out ubuntu site. I am a little confused. Is this debian with timed releases?05:01
chutwigssh was in main for me05:01
jdubyojimbo-san: openssh-server05:01
jdubvauge: that's part of it, yes05:02
yojimbo-sanyep, sorry, got confused, all happy now :-)05:02
vaugewhat else is unique about ubuntu?05:02
sladenvauge: effectively Debian/sid (unstable) with fixed releases every six months to conincide with GNOME stable releases05:02
=== violajack [~Michelle@roc-69-201-84-72.rochester.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubvauge: different community structure, synced to gnome releases, different focus, etc.05:02
Slackeerbis Ubuntu more for gnome, and haveing the lastest gnome software? I like gnome alot. Right now im on mandrake and im useing gnome 2.6. heh05:04
vaugeahh, sounds cool. 05:04
=== tory_ is now known as tory
vaugewhat about questionable open source like mplayer and the like...05:05
jdubvauge: patent and license violation05:05
ccjdub: is macromedia stuff making it into ubuntu?05:07
cclike Flash Player 705:07
jdubcc: not at this stage, no05:08
jdubthough the latest release of firefox will download it05:08
ccjdub: ok. btw, go ahead and propose acceptance of your "aware" on linux-aus05:08
=== goatboy_ [~tim@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
jdubcc: hrm?05:08
ccyes, it will do that. just wanted to see if there'll be a package or not05:08
ccjdub: read linux-aus. you're proposed for inclusion as an important aussie hacker05:09
=== linux_mafia [~max@202-0-43-154.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
Slackeerbhow easy is it to install java on Ubuntu? *newbness*05:09
jdubSlackeerb: there's an item about this in the faq05:09
jdubcc: oh05:09
jg_hi jdub05:10
jduboh, hey jg_ 05:10
Slackeerbjdub: cool. Im downloading the warty.iso =).05:10
jdubSlackeerb: have fun :)05:10
jg_jdub: I tried to do an install this afternoon before I went home.05:11
jg_It complained trying to install vim, and stopped.05:11
jg_had to go home at that point.05:11
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-151-50-196.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubouhc, not good05:11
=== bob2 [rob@bob2.user] has joined #ubuntu
jdubwere you able to check the disk integrity?05:12
Slackeerbjdub: i'll try my best. =). The Nbuntu philosophy is great.05:12
diemanheh.  my mac friend tried to burn the cd and his cd burnng app 'horked' on the cd, dissapearing without an error05:12
hornbeckis there a reason the fglrx driver is not showing up in apt?05:12
=== lamont_r [~lamont@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
jg_jdub: I'd downloaded the iso via bittorrent; didn't verify.  I'll do that tomorrow.05:12
jdubjg_: did you burn the cd from linux or something else?05:13
jg_jdub: xcdroast on Linux.05:13
jdubok (there have been some problems with cds burned on other platforms)05:13
jg_presumably there are checksums I can check tomorrow.05:14
jdubmmm, the md5sum is on the download site, and the CD will check itself too05:15
MrJ412Se7h, yah ... just did an expert install, and used lilo ... it works fine ... weird05:15
Se7hprobably some problem compiling grub05:16
Se7hit happends05:16
Se7hit happens05:16
burnboyis there a firewall enabled automatically in ubuntu after installation?05:19
Slackeerbwell everyone goodnight. I look forward to installing ubuntu tomarrow!05:20
thaytanjdub: got around to installing the preview CD on jaime's laptop last night05:20
thaytanI've got a bunch of bugs to file, but it got too late last night05:21
jdubthaytan: how'd it go?05:21
thaytangenerally ok05:21
thaytanit didn't detect the touchscreen though05:21
thaytanalso, it didn't recognise the existing winXP partition as a bootable item when setting up grub05:21
=== tory_ [~tory@HSE-Toronto-ppp307308.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
thaytanand got the wrong screen refresh parameters, so only did 1024x76805:22
=== JStrike [~joel@cpt-dial-196-30-180-45.mweb.co.za] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
theantixis hal supposed to recognize a pcmcia-based flash card reader?  It just sits as /dev/hde1 and doesn't create any /media/ entries05:22
thaytanoh, and the 2200BG wireless doesn't work, was the other big one05:23
jdubthaytan: might be good to try a recent daily05:23
jdubtheantix: is it listed in the device manager?05:23
=== bad_ronald [~nick@] has joined #ubuntu
yojimbo-sanburnboy - no, the iptables are not configured by default.05:24
theantixI don't think so, but I'm not 100% sure (there are a lot of entries there)05:24
yojimbo-sanburnboy: but firehol is available from universe, that might help you with iptables if you need it.05:25
subterrificor firestarter05:26
thaytanjdub: url?05:26
bad_ronaldDoes anyone know where the link to the "File Type and Programs" preference tool is?... on Gnome's website is says it should be at Apps -> Desktop Preferences -> Advanced ->[] 05:26
jdubthaytan: cdimage.ubuntulinux.org/daily/ -> you can rsync too, which will be better05:27
theantixjdub, I found it in the device manager, yes05:27
bad_ronaldI want to make xmms open music files05:27
WWHey, I am filing a (trivial) bug report.  What is the meaning of the Priority selection? (P1-P5)05:27
jdubtheantix: do you have a usb drive or something else that works?05:28
subterrificbad_ronald: i think it is missing from the menu. there are a few apps that are missing in the ubuntu preview release05:28
jdubWW: it's ignored atm05:28
WWjdub: OK05:28
theantixyes, and that loads fine -- the problem is only with the pcmcia card reader05:28
jdubWW: you shouldn't change any of those when filing a new report05:28
thaytanjdub: is there a netboot image? the tablet has no CD-ROM, remember05:28
bad_ronaldah, is there any way to modify the mime type for mp3's and ogg's then?05:28
thaytana daily netboot image, I mean05:28
jdubtheantix: ok, compare the device manager entries between the two05:28
subterrificbad_ronald: right click on an mp3/ogg file05:29
jdubthaytan: um...05:29
subterrificgo to properties05:29
subterrificOpen With05:29
wm_eddieAnyone else having trouble using gnome-su?05:29
bad_ronaldI did that, but it won't let me deselect 05:29
jdubthaytan: no, but if you're using that, it shouldn't matter05:30
=== tory__ [~tory@HSE-Toronto-ppp309604.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== tory__ is now known as tory
subterrificbad_ronald: not sure, could be a bug05:31
bad_ronaldcan I sudo from the CLI to fix it?05:31
bad_ronald...maybe not, it says I have rw permissions and am the owner...05:33
theantixjdub, my kernel just shut down the IRQ needed for USB, will report the differences when I return05:33
subterrificbad_ronald: it works on my gentoo box that is running gnome 2.8, so it must be a ubuntu bug05:33
=== vauge [~vauge@c-24-1-58-231.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
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=== theantix [~ryan@80.198.novustelecom.net] has joined #ubuntu
thaytanjdub: shouldn't matter because it will fetch everything interesting anyway?05:40
diemanye old power company passed through a dip/surge today05:41
diemani think they took out my wife's computer's power supply05:41
theantixjdub, how should I report the differences between the usb and pcmcia card readers?05:42
jdubthaytan: yeah05:42
jdubtheantix: bug report?05:42
=== bad_ronald [~nick@] has left #ubuntu []
theantixright, but how do I dump the output from the device manager?05:42
=== violajack [~Michelle@roc-69-201-84-72.rochester.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
diemanhrm, and my tivo rebooted too05:45
diemanso every box in the house rebooted but my firewall (!? old compaq pentium box)05:45
diemanand i lost the newest power supply in the house05:46
diemanthats like power supply #3 or 4 for that machine.05:46
diemanits unlucky05:46
=== MrJ412 [~MrJ412@CPE-65-30-123-142.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== yojimbo-san [~jim@203-97-51-41.dsl.clear.net.nz] has left #ubuntu []
fabbionemorning guys05:57
phlaegelis there anywhere to report broken stuff in universe?06:00
theantixah, you can use lshal to report problems with hal... very nice =)06:02
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
=== bad_ronald [~nick@] has joined #ubuntu
=== coren [~coren@ip77.country-lakes.chi.ygnition.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== WX [~chris@h-68-166-219-29.snvacaid.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jmhodges [~jmh@cpe-069-133-106-188.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
WXmplayer in ubuntu? packages?06:07
aitrusmaybe there should be an mp3/dvd entry in the faq on ubuntulinux.org... =)06:07
Hrdwr_BoBWX, google for marillat06:07
theantixaitrus, there is one06:08
aitrusi suck06:08
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-043-060.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
WXstill a bunch of requirements06:15
=== brainpicnic [~steve@00095badc517.click-network.com] has joined #ubuntu
pillsanybody use ndiswrapper?06:20
=== tory_ [~tory@HSE-Toronto-ppp309604.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
theantixpills, I've used it before, though not on Ubutnu -- maybe I can help anyhow06:21
pillswell im using this Belkin wireless pcmcia card...suppose to work with orinico and atmel...it sees the accesspoint fine, but cant contact the dhcp server(it automatically gets the essid, channel, etc) ive tried dhclient and it doesnt find anything...so ndiswrapper i think is my last resort06:22
theantixpills, you sure you don't need a key?06:23
pillsi feed it the wepkey06:23
pillsthrough hex and passphrase06:23
pillsstill nothing06:23
=== tvon|x31 [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
diemanturns out the surge supressor did its thing and one of the sockets burnt out06:24
brainpicnicOkay, so the synaptic package list view is blank, but the packages are there, any ideas?06:25
theantixpills, did you use iwconfig or via /etc/network/interfaces ?06:25
diemangonna pop it open and see if its nasty inside06:25
sladenpills: I think your driver is probably working perfectly!06:25
=== theantix agrees with sladen
sladenpills: I just expect you have a configuration problem06:25
pillsi hope so sladen...i cant figur eit out tho06:25
sladenpills: you can see the access point, it's even got the essid.  Does that make it seem like it is working06:26
sladenpills: you've mentioned that you're using a WEP key06:26
pillsyeah it seems like it should be06:26
sladenpills: how did you set the key ?06:26
subterrificbrainpicnic: do you have the right view selected?06:26
pillsfirst i used06:27
subterrificbrainpicnic: it should be: Sections06:27
pillsiwconfig eth0 key s:passphrase06:27
theantixI had luck setting the wireless_essid and wireless_key in /etc/network/interfaces06:27
pillsand i tried06:27
pillsiwconfig eth0 key hex06:27
brainpicnicyeah, it list them all06:27
brainpicnicall the sections no packages06:27
brainpicnicI know they are there06:28
brainpicniccause I can update "all" and do it06:28
=== lamont [~lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu
brainpicnicthis started after I went into the preferences looking for putting S. in the tray like someone suggested06:29
brainpicnicso it could watch for updates06:29
brainpicnicdidn't find that either06:29
subterrificno idea man :(06:30
pillstheantix how did u set it in interfaces?06:30
brainpicnicNow I just crashed it by looking for a font in the prefs06:30
subterrificunless you turned off all the repositories or something weird like that06:30
=== brainpicnic [~steve@00095badc517.click-network.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tritium [~rimbert@12-222-92-80.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
brainpicnicon the status baR it shows 2222 packages, 938 intalled, 0 broken, 0 to install, 0 to whatever06:34
brainpicnicbtw, since Hal keeps putting up error messages can it be removed safely?06:35
justdaveok, trying some experiments to get this dpg4 to boot...06:35
justdaveit was requested of me to try installing the smp kernel...06:36
justdavewhich isn't on the CD06:36
=== brainpicnic [~steve@00095badc517.click-network.com] has left #ubuntu []
justdaveso I booted the installer far enough to get the drive mounted06:36
pillstheantix: in /etc/network/interfaces  for wireless_key u use plaintext key or hex ?06:36
justdavechrooted into it, added the online apt repository to sources.list, and used apt-get to grab it from the online repository06:36
justdavedownloaded ok, fails to install with "/usr/bin/mkinitrd: /dev/fd does not exist"06:37
justdaveany suggestions?06:37
subterrificjustdave: is udev running?06:38
justdavehow do I tell?06:38
subterrifici'm not sure if this would work, but maybe you need to mount -o bind /dev from the booted kernel into the chroot06:39
justdaveok, tried to do ps, and it said "error: do this:" with instructions to mount the /proc filesystem06:39
=== toyowheelin [~greg@c-67-160-51-63.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
justdaveafter doing that I tried the install again and it worked06:39
subterrificyeah, you'll need to mount -o bind /proc too06:39
=== justdave boots into the smp kernel
=== Slackeerb [~Slackeerb@CPE-69-76-100-96.wi.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
justdaveafter hitting "l" at the stage 1 yaboot prompt, I just get a gray screen, and it appears to be hung.06:42
Slackeerbwhat do i use to burn the warty.iso?06:42
justdaveSlackeerb: what OS are you on now?06:43
Slackeerbmandrake 10.106:43
ishAnyone know if 2.6.8 introduced apm issues?  Prior to installing ubuntu I was using mandrake with 2.6.3.. APM wasn't perfect but at least my machine didn't freeze.06:43
justdavecdrecord from the command line will probably work.  If you have a new enough version of nautilus, you can right-click on the iso icon and choose Burn, too.06:43
Slackeerbahh i right cliked it. kick ass. i didnt know it was that easy lol. thx06:44
=== tory_ is now known as tory
Slackeerbgood night (again) heh. Cya guys tomarrow on ubuntu ;).06:45
toyowheelinsame here06:46
toyowheelinbed time06:46
justdaveybin did complain about the kernel being too old.06:47
justdavewonder if I have to use the ybin on the cd instead of the installed one06:47
subterrificish: 2.6.8 seems to not be the most stable kernel. i'm having issues with a desktop at work that gets so slow that typing a 4 letter word takes 5 minutes06:47
subterrificwhen i came into work this morning, the machine seemed frozen, and it took about 30 seconds for top to run06:48
subterrificand top was showing negative numbers for CPU usage06:49
Netwolfdoes ubuntu plan to release optimized binaries?06:50
subterrifici've had a bunch of issues with usb devices too. hard drives failing to copy files, mice stop working. i'm sure it will all get ironed out soon though :)06:50
Netwolfwith optimized kernels (ck-patch)?06:50
ishAnyone know if issues with kernel.org kernels on ubuntu?06:50
jdubNetwolf: the binaries are built for i486, tuned for p4.06:50
jdubNetwolf: shipping unstable kernels is not really on the plan. :)06:51
NetwolfI ran ubuntu on machine where I've been running Gentoo. ubuntu's about 60% slower (read: less snappier) than the binaries for gentoo06:51
Netwolfthis is purely an observation I've found06:51
subterrificish: do the kernel.org kernel's have squashfs? you definitely need that...06:51
sladenish: hopefully, you shouldn't find yourself having to recompile kernels---if there's something you need, it would be better to make sure it can go in the stock kernel!06:51
=== jdub does not believe that. CPU optimisation alone does not account for a 40% performance difference.
ishsladen: ACPI vs APM is my problem I think..06:52
ishI could only get apm to work by building my own kernel without ACPI..06:52
sladenjdub: I'm doing new images / vectors now06:52
ishI could be wrong..06:52
Netwolfjdub: sorry mate, I don't understand how a binary made for i486 is tuned for p4?06:52
Hrdwr_BoBjdub, I don't think it's a very scientific study :)06:52
ishBut anytime any power management kicks in - fan increase, close the lid, screen display blank my laptop freezes.06:52
Hrdwr_BoBNetwolf, I don't think you know much about what you're talking about :)06:52
Netwolfjdub: and top that off, I urge you to try this out yourself. You'll see what I'm talking about06:52
subterrificjdub: did you know that 73.5% of statistics are made up on the spot?06:53
ishI've run gentoo on this same machine.. I hardly notice a difference between it, mandrake, debian-unstable or ubuntu..06:53
ishAnd I did tweak all the compilation options..06:53
Hrdwr_BoBNetwolf, have you used lzip? you might be interested06:53
Hrdwr_BoByou can compress everything to 006:53
subterrificHrdwr_BoB: i use rm compression for that06:54
subterrificrm -rf file06:54
Netwolftrust me mate, when compiling stuff, I do know what I'm doing06:54
sladenHrdwr_BoB: I find the kernel's built-in /dev/null compression filter pretty good for that too06:54
Netwolfin fact the distcc does most cross compiling (sparc -> x86) for me06:54
Netwolfon this machine06:54
NetwolfSunOS hell 5.9 Generic_117171-09 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-25006:55
Netwolfand a 12-way, 8 GB E450006:55
NetwolfSunOS leviathan 5.9 Generic_117171-09 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-Enterprise06:55
Netwolfso, I think I might know  a bit more than some of the other folks06:55
jdubNetwolf: gcc allows you to build a binary using the instructions of a particular processor, tuned for another processor06:56
Netwolfnevertheless, I'm really trying to find out whether or not it's ubuntu or it's gentoo's optimized binaries06:56
jdubso Ubuntu uses i486 instructions, with the binary tuned for p406:56
justdaveok, got ybin to run correctly06:57
justdavesmp kernel boots :)06:57
Netwolfubuntu's actually really great distro, but I really can't get the snappiness to the desktop which I can with gentoo. (No, this is not a war between distros). I'm sincerely interested to know why06:57
=== pills [pills@adsl-68-126-46-36.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
jscNetwolf: i use gentoo also and it is just as fast if not faster... IMHO06:58
sladenNetwolf: I think the least of your worries is the kernel06:58
subterrificNetwolf: it must be you. i run gentoo on an Althon64 and ubuntu on a much slower P4, and ubuntu seems just as "snappy"06:58
jdubNetwolf: if you're using 'odd' kernels, that may contribute.06:58
sladenNetwolf: it's the 90%-10% situation06:59
Netwolfck-sources ( vs. ubuntu's
NetwolfI wonder if dma related06:59
subterrificif you're such a wiz at compiling, the next step is applying that knowledge to profiling. go.06:59
Netwolfdoes ubuntu tune dma on ide by default?06:59
=== theantix [~ryan@80.198.novustelecom.net] has joined #ubuntu
sladenNetwolf: kernel is running <10% of the time.  Kernel is already obtimised for your machine.  There's really not that much you can improve.... compared to say, enable DMA from userspace07:00
subterrificgprof annnnd go!07:00
Netwolfbtw, any plans on a sparc port?07:00
theantixpills, sorry about that, my ISP blipped -- did you get what I sent you?07:00
Netwolfsparc64 specifically?07:00
fabbioneNetwolf: yes...07:01
fabbionefor hoary07:01
fabbioneit's a bit too late for warty07:01
jdubNetwolf: it won't be supported, though.07:01
sladenNetwolf: you've clearly got a fast enough (12way) sparc machine there.  Why not compile Ubuntu and try it for yourself07:01
jdub(at this stage)07:01
Netwolfah..great. I'll beta test it07:02
Hrdwr_BoBNetwolf, if you are using 2.4 under gentoo07:02
Hrdwr_BoBthere is a performance hit for ide disks07:02
jdubfabbione: i have a 220R, an ultra 5 and an SS10 -> i'll help! ;)07:02
fabbioneNetwolf: you can talk with lamont, if you want to try a warty build on sparc07:02
Netwolfhrdwr_bob: sources on gentoo07:02
fabbionejdub: follow up on ubuntu-user :-)07:03
fabbionejdub: you R220 sucks compared to my U60 or my t1 ;)07:03
jdubfabbione: we'll have to sort out external buildds with lamont :)07:03
jdubfabbione: :-)07:03
jdubfabbione: but it's bigger and louder and manlier :-)07:03
Netwolfactually, I have a dual blade-1000 I'm thinking of using as a linux desktop07:03
fabbionejdub: no. Mark said that if there are enough porter for arch foo he will take care of placing buildd's at the datacenter07:03
fabbionejdub: true :-)07:04
fabbionejdub: no external buildd07:04
=== pills [pills@adsl-68-126-46-36.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubinvasion of the fabios!07:04
jdubfabbione: we'll have to at some stage07:04
fabbionejdub: i don't think so07:05
jdubi would like to build on my mipsel cluster07:05
fabbionejdub: we can buy one E10K and that's it07:05
jdubthere's no point in hosting that07:05
jduband i can do it all here07:05
fabbionejdub: eheh well you will have to convice: Mark, elmo, lamont & Co.07:05
jdubbut only if i can run a microbuildd07:05
fabbionei was the first one on the mailinglist worring about external buildd07:06
jdubi don't think they've ever really understood it ;)07:06
fabbionejdub: well that goes behiond my problem ;)07:07
fabbioneyou can try and talk to them again07:07
fabbioneas soon as i will move to my new house, i will go and get back on the m68k boxes i have in an isp07:07
fabbionesince Debian didn't want them07:07
fabbionei can start the Ubuntu/m68k port :P07:08
=== jdub fears. :-)
fabbionei really really miss writing m68k asm07:09
fabbionei never had so much fun07:09
sladengawd, a cycle-accurate emulator running on a hammer box would be faster07:09
fabbionesladen: i know.. but it's not as much fun as on the real hardware07:09
subterrificbut less than 2.6% of the fun07:10
jdubsubterrific: stop making up statistics!07:10
=== sladen chuckles
subterrificjdub: 49.8% of statistics are....nevermind07:10
sladen...are never counted in statistics07:11
subterrificsladen: exactly07:11
Hrdwr_BoBour news people like to make up statistics .. apparently 50% of accidents are caused by speed07:12
subterrificHrdwr_BoB: the other 50% are caused by slow07:12
jameshI just put an SVG version of the Ubuntu logo on the wiki if people need it.07:12
Hrdwr_BoBquite obviously07:12
fabbionestatistically talking a channel with 157 is populated with 0.75% of big fat mofo insane smoking crack people ( = one person = me ), a nice 1.5% of almost insane guys (our release managers), a good 20% of schizo people (the other official developers) and the rest are people attemping to drive more insane the other well-known-percentage07:13
subterrificthis one time i had a wreck with slow, it sucked. i was all in a hurry and it took damn near forever07:13
jameshHrdwr_BoB: the biggest lie they make in the road safety ads is where they imply that there is a linear relationship between speed and stopping distance.07:14
Hrdwr_BoBjamesh, yeah07:14
justdaveok, fabbione, what do you want from me to fix this one? :)07:14
Hrdwr_BoBwell the best bit about this is that WHILE she was saying this she's driving down the street TALKING TO THE CAMERA07:14
justdavefresh install on the DPG4 (after hacking the kernel so it would boot) and X defaults to 640x48007:14
bad_ronaldHate to interrupt your statistics discussion, but I just noticed that pretty much every single mime type (e.g. that of jpg, mp3, txt, ogg, gif, bmp, avi, mpg etc.) is permanently associated with one program; is anyone else actually running Ubuntu right now, and if so can you change the mime types for anything? ...because every alternative option that I have is grayed out in the "Open with..." dialog.07:15
fabbionejustdave: to talk with daniels 07:15
subterrificbad_ronald: same here07:15
=== steve2 [~steve@static24-72-62-185.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionejustdave: did you install from Preview? from the net? for daily crack?07:15
subterrificbad_ronald: well, 80% of the time at least. i'll get back to you once i'm done testing the other 20% of the time07:16
justdavefabbione: from the preview CD07:16
subterrificbad_ronald: seriously though, file a bug :)07:16
fabbionejustdave: known issues.. fixed in the archive07:16
justdaveDevice  "NVIDIA Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 MX 440] "07:16
justdaveok, that might explain it07:16
justdaveI've read all the horror stories about nvidia :)07:17
=== stub [~zen@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificbad_ronald: actually, before you do that, make sure you're running the most recent packages07:17
fabbionejustdave: yes07:17
bad_ronaldfabbione, so there's no need to post in on bugzilla?07:17
bad_ronaldwhat packages are needed?07:17
fabbionebad_ronald: sorry but i was not following your discussion. I was answering to justdave 07:17
fabbionebad_ronald: but please file a bug for what you think is the problem07:18
subterrificbad_ronald: use synaptic and do a refresh, then mark upgrades07:18
fabbionejustdave: you can also read my last mail to activity ;)07:18
bad_ronaldalright I'm updating now07:19
=== justdave watches synaptic replace my -smp kernel with the standard one
justdavethat's interesting07:20
subterrificwhy is gstreamer defaulted to using OSS in ubuntu?07:20
Hrdwr_BoBsubterrific, stupid ALSA problems07:20
Hrdwr_BoBwhich mysteriously go away when using OSS07:20
Hrdwr_BoBthrough alsa07:20
subterrificand the entry for gstreamer-properties is missing from the menu, took me forever to figure out how to fix it07:20
subterrificHrdwr_BoB: really?07:20
Hrdwr_BoByes, truly07:21
subterrifici've never had any problems with it, in fact i have problems using OSS07:21
subterrificHrdwr_BoB: actually, i submitted a kernel patch to update the ubuntu kernel to use ALSA 1.0.6, which might be why its working fine for me?07:22
Hrdwr_BoBI haven't experienced these problems myself07:23
Hrdwr_BoBI'm merely relaying the answer I was given :)07:23
Hrdwr_BoBI have gstreamer set to ALSA :)07:23
subterrificwell maybe get someone who has had the problems to try that patch :)07:23
subterrificcause i'm unaware of these invisible make believe people07:23
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090AC91.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Hrdwr_BoBthey exist! I keep them in my basement07:24
Hrdwr_BoBhey ich07:24
subterrificthe OSS trolls in the basement, how fitting07:24
ichhave to go now, only have to know if theres a way to get the ati drivers working?07:24
Hrdwr_BoBthere is yes07:24
Hrdwr_BoBI beleive they're in restricted07:24
ichi would like to enable opengl perfomance, so how?07:25
Hrdwr_BoBin synaptic, enable restricted modules07:25
Hrdwr_BoBthis shoudl allow you to download the ati modules and driver07:25
ichthen it works without doin anythin?07:25
Hrdwr_BoByou'll likely have to edit the config07:25
Hrdwr_BoBor do a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8607:26
Hrdwr_BoBI'm not 100% sure (I don't own an appropriate ati card)07:26
ichi have to go, but ill add you to my buddies, so we can talk later!?07:26
Hrdwr_BoBgo for it07:27
Hrdwr_BoBin here is the best place though07:27
Hrdwr_BoBif I'm offline, there will be someone (likely more qualified) else around :)07:27
subterrificich: google helps a lot for these things too07:27
subterrificand the gentoo forums07:27
ichbut i have ubuntu, debian based, not gentoo 8-)07:28
ichso, ciao07:28
matt2yeah but the gentoo forums are great07:28
subterrificich: configuring xfree is pretty universal07:28
subterrificnot distro specific07:28
matt2as are many things07:28
MrJ412how do i install a downloaded deb file?07:29
MrJ412sorry, very new to debian07:29
matt2dpkg -i filename07:29
matt2or at least, that worked for this debian n00b07:29
MrJ412thanks :-)07:29
matt2nooo worries07:30
=== bad_ronald [~nick@] has left #ubuntu []
=== MrJ412 [~MrJ412@CPE-65-30-123-142.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
WWHas anyone here resized a reiserfs partition with parted?07:37
WW...and lived to tell the tale?07:38
matt2nope, they all died miserable deaths07:41
chutwiggood evening gentlemen07:42
Hrdwr_BoBchutwig, all your base...07:42
matt2hey there chutwig..07:42
chutwighow are we all07:43
matt2I like rusty spoons?07:43
WW52 corruptions after resizing.  Probably beyond repair?07:43
matt2Well, I'm sick as a dog actually, probably heading to bed soon. 07:44
=== gabe__ [~gabe@static24-72-62-185.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== gabe__ is now known as gabriel
=== gabriel is now known as gabeb
=== cudgera [~pw@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
theantixis there anything special needed to get video4linux working with ubuntu?07:50
=== cudgera [~pw@dialup-] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
subterrificanyone here a sifl and olly fan?07:56
pillstheantix: in /etc/network/interface for the wireless_key, so i use hex or text string for key?07:57
pillssubterrific..i saw it once or twice on mtv awhile back...never thought it was that great07:57
jdubpills: s:<string> or hex07:57
subterrificpills: i think its really creative, cracks me up07:58
pillsjdub u have any ideas on the follwoing problem:  using a belkin wireless pcmcia card which is suppose to be supported and it seems to be able to communicate with my access point and i get good signal strength according to the monitor in gnome, i just cant seem to access the internet with it08:01
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
Hrdwr_BoBpills, can you ping the server08:02
jdubpills: what's in /etc/resolv.conf?08:02
pillsHrdwr_BoB: no it says connect: network is unreachable08:03
Hrdwr_BoBwhat does ip route say08:04
pillssubterrific: they still airing sifl and olly?08:04
pillsno output08:04
subterrificpills: nope, it was only on for 2 seasons08:05
subterrificyou can't find them on the internet though08:05
aitrusis hdd=ide-scsi the grub kernel line parameter for ide burners? (assuming the burner is hdd)08:07
ishDon't suppose anyone is having any luck on an Inspiron 4100 laptop?08:07
=== theantix [~ryan@80.198.novustelecom.net] has joined #ubuntu
Hrdwr_BoBaitrus, yes but you shouldn't need it08:08
Hrdwr_BoByou can write using ATAPI08:08
tvon|x31aitrus: I think thats old 2.4 setup.  for 2.6 you shouldnt need that (I dont anyways)08:08
tvon|x31oh, I was beaten to the puch08:08
aitrusalrighty.  thanks.08:08
pillsHrdwr_BoB or jdub...any other ideas?08:09
=== Tomcat_ [~Tomcat@pD95E601A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Hrdwr_BoBpills, what odes iwconfig say?08:09
Hrdwr_BoBpost in #flood08:09
=== Dr_Willis [~willis@12-222-124-154.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
tvon|x31or a paste site such as paste.plone.org08:11
pillsgonna post in #flood...be right there08:12
=== BluMax [~ickyGoat@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubpills: output of route -n ?08:18
pillslol...cardctl resume keeps freezing my laptop08:22
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Dr_Willis is now known as D_R_Willis
pittiGood morning08:26
jdubhey pills 08:28
jdubpitti :)08:28
pillsHrdwr_BoB --- jdub   posted the output of iwconfig in #flood08:29
reformedhowdy jdub08:29
pittijdub: still feeling the ill effects of yesterday's coke? :-)08:29
=== dougsk [~Doug@dslppp-166.omnicast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ickyGoat [~ickyGoat@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ubuntuwig [~edmundrhu@nat01-easton-ext.Rutgers.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
ubuntuwignothing like a sleepless night to give you lots of time to break linux08:34
bob2windows loving friend: "wow, ive been using Ubuntu for an hour and im not horribly offended yet"08:34
=== bad_ronald [~nick@] has joined #ubuntu
pillsHrdwr_BoB: my iwconfig look kosher?08:36
ubuntuwigxpdf is hot08:36
=== D_R_Willis [~willis@12-222-124-154.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== emk [~emk@] has joined #ubuntu
Hrdwr_BoBhm .. not sure, does iwconfig set IP?08:38
Hrdwr_BoBor does ifcofnig08:38
ubuntuwigset IP in what way?  DHCP?08:38
Hrdwr_BoBare you using dhcp?08:38
Hrdwr_BoBor manual setting08:38
ubuntuwigi use dhcp08:38
=== wido [~wido@matrix.heim7.tu-clausthal.de] has joined #ubuntu
ubuntuwigsetting the IP through DHCP is up to dhclient08:39
pillswhen i run dhclient with wireless card...no DHCPOFFERS08:40
ubuntuwigwhat card?08:40
pillsbelkin F5D602008:40
ubuntuwigwhat module does it load?08:41
ubuntuwigwell, when you run lspci, what does it describe the card as08:41
=== jdthood [~jdthood@aglu.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
pillsdont see anything listed with lspci08:42
pillsits pcmcia08:43
ubuntuwigmystery solved08:43
ubuntuwigexcept i know nothing about pcmcia on linux08:44
ubuntuwigbut i'd be interested to know what chipset it uses08:44
Hrdwr_BoBblind leading the blind08:44
ubuntuwigthe wireless card in my computer works, but not against encrypted WAPs08:44
ubuntuwigand it does the same thing where it fires off the requests but never gets an offer08:44
pillsmine doesnt work when it urn  WEP off either08:44
ubuntuwigguess you pissed off computer jesus08:45
pillsthat guy has same card and works fine on red aht 9 :(08:49
pillsand that has chipset info08:51
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@148.200-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== ukh [~ukh@deskpro02.id.cbs.dk] has joined #ubuntu
pillsbrb think i may have found the problem08:53
ukhFast question:  warty supposedly somewhat corresponds to sarge, but what is hoary?08:53
jdubukh: hoary is our next release08:53
jdubukh: until march, it will be the development branch08:54
ukhjdub: thanks!  Should go in a FAQ, I think...08:54
jdubwarty is a branch of sid08:54
Treenakshm, no prism54 support in warty?08:54
Treenaksluckily, my atmel-card is supported..08:55
=== pills_ [pills@adsl-68-121-150-76.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bigboy [~mycentos@] has joined #ubuntu
theantixpills, success?08:56
pills_trying to get rid of the wep key now08:56
pills_is there a way to with iwconfig or soemthing?08:56
Nafaipills_: iwconfig eth0 key off08:57
pills_yeah heh just got it08:58
pills_oh shit yeah (excuse the language)08:59
ubuntuwigfilthy language08:59
theantixexcellent pills, glad to hear it08:59
pills_guess i didnt wait long enough before when i turned wep off09:00
pills_but aprrently  WEP does not work with the Intersil Prism chipset; it only works with the reference Lucent Hermes chipset09:00
pills_thats off one of the pages i posted above09:00
ubuntuwighow disappointing09:01
ubuntuwigi can't eject disks by dumping them on the trash09:01
ubuntuwigmy world is falling apart :(09:01
Hrdwr_BoBoh noes09:01
Hrdwr_BoBhax0rs on teh yuor pc?09:01
Hrdwr_BoBperhaps you could right click and use eject :)09:02
ubuntuwignautilus doesn't eject disks that way09:02
ubuntuwigyears of conditioning from mac os has trained me that the trash is the only place for things to go09:02
=== Hrdwr_BoB is now known as GoneBoB]
=== GoneBoB] is now known as GoneBoB
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
ubuntuwigdoesn't look like there's a way for auto-arrange to put the icons on the right side either09:03
ubuntuwigwhere they should be :mad:09:03
jmhodgeshey, is the ubuntu symbol posted up anywhere other than the default desktop?09:04
=== Qo-noS [~Klinzhai@bb220-255-35-37.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
ubuntuwigposted up?09:04
jmhodgeson the web09:05
jmhodgesin various sizes, or as a .xcf or some such09:05
ubuntuwigi'm sure somebody has it somewhere09:06
jmhodgesi'd like to use it for a few things09:06
jmhodgesim sure they do, now to figure out who they are :)09:06
ubuntuwiglet the inquisition begin09:07
theantixjmhodges, it's on the wiki09:09
=== Tomcat_ [tomcat@pD95E601A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== yuran [~anon@line134-238.adsl.actcom.co.il] has joined #ubuntu
jmhodgestheantix: thanks09:09
theantixno problem09:09
=== jmhodges boggles at trying to understand how to use the color palette provided
jmhodgesoy, ill figur eit out when im really awake heh09:11
jmhodgesthanks again09:11
=== pills [pills@adsl-68-122-3-245.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksI met someone on the bus to work today who knew about Ubuntu :)09:19
plovs_how can I see what processor is in my computer (cat /proc/???)09:20
Mithrandirplovs_: /proc/cpuinfo09:21
plovs_Mithrandir, duh, thanks!09:22
=== spikeb [~spikeb@c68.117.110.47.hay.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiaMithrandir, is that your real name?09:29
=== punkass [~punkass@S01060040f47277e5.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirlinux_mafia: Tollef Fog Heen, as it says in /whois09:31
=== joh_ [~joh@timon49.uio.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== Qo-noS [~Klinzhai@bb220-255-35-37.singnet.com.sg] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
linux_mafiaMithrandir, i dont know what that means, but its my cousins name09:31
plovs_ /whois plovs09:32
Mithrandirlinux_mafia: what Tollef means?09:32
linux_mafiaMithrandir, yes09:32
plovs_sorry 09:32
Mithrandirlinux_mafia: it comes from Torleiv, which means something along the lines of "the ancestor of Thor" or "the one who comes after Thor".  (Thor being the Norse god of thunder.)09:33
jdublinux_mafia: and if you are not careful, tollef will zap you.09:34
Mithrandirjdub: he's a bit far away, I don't think norse gods has much power on that side of the earth.  It's the underside, see? ;)09:35
linux_mafiahe could send mjolnir to get me, help09:36
MithrandirI don't think Thor ever went to niflheim or Hel, but I might be wrong.  As you are clearly over the edge, I think that's where .nz has to be. :P09:37
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=== gommans [~gommans@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Zarajo [~vicente@81-202-40-130.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
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=== jsan [~font@177.Red-217-126-40.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
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Hmmmmm_anyone home?10:11
Hmmmmm_was wondering where the crowd had dissapeared10:12
Hmmmmm_no one seemed to be talking10:12
Hmmmmm_i just installed ubuntu10:12
Hmmmmm_along with my fc2 and gentoo10:12
pittiHmmmmm_: you love many OSs, don't you?10:13
Hmmmmm_cna someone help me edit my fc2 grub to be able to boot into ubuntu?10:13
Hmmmmm_pit: yup i guess i do10:13
Hmmmmm_share my /home between them all10:13
Hmmmmm_move seemlessly thru them10:13
Hmmmmm_i have 6 distro installed in 8 GB10:14
pittiHmmmmm_: so you did not allow ubuntu to setup grub for you?10:14
pittiHmmmmm_: didn't it recognize all your other OS?10:14
Tsjoklatwhy is that Hmmm?10:14
Tsjoklatyou can't decide which one you like best? :)10:14
Hmmmmm_i installed grub in ubuntu in /dev/hda910:14
pittiTsjoklat: he's still thinking deeply over it :-)10:14
Hmmmmm_ts: no i just like choice10:15
pittiHmmmmm_: ah, on the partition10:15
Tsjoklatpitti: it looks that way :)10:15
Hmmmmm_so i want to edit my grub now10:15
pittiHmmmmm_: then that's easy, you just need to chainload hda9 in your main grub10:15
Hmmmmm_title Ubuntu 4.110:15
Hmmmmm_root (hd0,9)10:15
Hmmmmm_kernel /boot/vmlinuz-
Hmmmmm_initrd /boot/initrd.img-
Hmmmmm_is this good enough?10:15
pittiHmmmmm_: nope, its (hd0,8)10:15
Hmmmmm_o thanks10:16
pittiHmmmmm_: you also need to supply kernel boot parameters10:16
Hmmmmm_forgot the BSD thingy again10:16
TsjoklatI am still d/l Ubuntu :|10:16
Hmmmmm_wat params10:16
Hmmmmm_can u help me out?10:16
Tsjoklatonly 23 more hours to go lol10:16
pittiHmmmmm_: but if you installed grub into hda9 instead of hda, then you just need to chainload10:16
Hmmmmm_im not sure what chainload is10:16
pittititle    Ubuntu 4.110:16
Tsjoklatdoes anyone have good results on dual-boot? not asking Hmmm :P10:16
pittiroot (hd0,8)10:17
pittichainloader +110:17
=== adsb-work_ is now known as adsb-work
pittiTsjoklat: works like charm, do you have problems with it?10:17
pittiHmmmmm_: you can probably even skip "makeactive", its only required for Windoze10:17
Tsjoklatno, not yet, still d/l it.. but I have had problems in the past with other distros... just wanted to be sure10:17
TsjoklatI am looking forward to this10:18
pittiTsjoklat: ubuntu installation detects all other OSses and automatically enters them into the boot menu10:18
Tsjoklatthat is fab10:18
pittiHmmmmm_: so you just need title, root and chainloader10:18
TsjoklatI really hope this is the answer to the debian nightmare10:18
pittiTsjoklat: but the current Sarge installer also detects other OSes and installs a proper grub10:18
pittiTsjoklat: unfair to compare it with the woody installer :-)10:19
Hmmmmm_is ubuntu on sarge?10:19
pittiHmmmmm_: ubuntu started as a sarge snapshot in about June, but from then on we developed it on our own10:19
=== Tsjoklate [~Tsjoklat@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
Hmmmmm_pit: u develop ubuntu?10:20
Tsjoklatewell that was fun10:20
pittiHmmmmm_: BTW, I'm pitti :-) Yes10:20
Tsjoklateas I was saying, the fact that they locked the gnome menu editor was for me the reason to leave it10:20
Hmmmmm_pitti: im sorry10:20
pittiHmmmmm_: what for?10:20
Hmmmmm_for callin u just 'pit10:21
pittiHmmmmm_: np :-)10:21
Tsjoklateif I read it right.. ubuntu doesn't have a lock on the menu do they?10:21
pittiHmmmmm_: I just don't get notified in IRC if my nick is not spelled out10:21
=== plovs_ [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
Hmmmmm_how do i direct a msg to u?10:22
Hmmmmm_im new to irc10:22
Hmmmmm_do i just type this "pitti: the message"10:22
Tsjoklatewhat client are you using Hmm?10:22
pittiHmmmmm_: as soon as 'pitti' occurs somewhere in the line, I'm notifie10:22
pittiHmmmmm_: yes :-)10:22
Hmmmmm_oh ok10:22
Hmmmmm_isnt there a more intelligent way to do this?10:22
Hmmmmm_like if i type pit and it realised im refering to u?10:22
Tsjoklateright click on the nick10:22
pittiHmmmmm_: I use to type Hm<Tab> and get autocompletion10:22
Hmmmmm_im on xchat10:22
Tsjoklatepick open dialog window10:23
pittiHmmmmm_: yes, you can also chat with anybody in private10:23
Tsjoklatebut it is common courtesy to ask the person if you may dcc them10:23
pittiHmmmmm_: either type /msg <nick> blabla10:23
Tsjoklatenot everybody likes to be pm'd10:23
TongMasterHmmmmm_, you can also use /query pitti or /msg pitti10:23
Hmmmmm_tab works for me i think10:23
pittiHmmmmm_: or right-click on nick and open dialog10:23
Hmmmmm_i dont want PM10:23
pittiWhat's PM?10:24
Hmmmmm_i wanted to know how to get the hightlighted msg thing going10:24
Hmmmmm_private msg10:24
Tsjoklateprivate message10:24
=== free [~free@host114-233.pool82190.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatethat is when you type the correct nick Hmmm10:24
Tsjoklatelike when I just typed that it won't show highlighted10:25
Tsjoklatecuz I am too lazy too count all the mmmmms you  have in your nick10:25
Hmmmmm_Tsjoklat: thanks10:25
Tsjoklateymw :)10:26
Tsjoklatedoes anyone know the answer to my question? about the menu lock?10:26
Hmmmmm_i'll reboot now10:26
Hmmmmm_and see if i got the frub thing right10:26
Hmmmmm_thanks people10:26
pittiTsjoklate: not sure what you mean10:26
Tsjoklatettyl Hmmm10:26
pittiTsjoklate: but probably jdub or seb128 know10:26
Tsjoklatewell in debian sarge they put a lock on the menu editor10:27
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-17-20.w80-13.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklateso you are stuck with a debian submenu10:27
Tsjoklatemeaning... all your entries are double up, and no way of removing it10:27
Tsjoklatewhen asked they told me they didn't want to deal with nuubs messing with the menu and file bugreports so they locked it10:28
Tsjoklateheya seb10:28
=== kalis [~johannes@] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklateand I was wondering since ubuntu is deb based, if they continue that nonsense to10:28
TongMasterTsjoklat, the debian menu is gone.10:29
Tsjoklatedo you know anything about that seb?10:29
TongMasterTsjoklate, the debian menu is gone.10:29
=== Zarajo [~vicente@81-202-40-130.user.ono.com] has left #ubuntu []
kalisWhy does many of my programs launched from the menu start as two instances of the same program?10:30
=== bad_ronald [~nick@] has left #ubuntu []
kalisFreshly installed Ubuntu10:30
Tsjoklatethank you TongMaster, that news is really good10:30
TongMasterTsjoklate, however, this mean at present that there at not menu items for some of the non-gnome applications that are installed.10:30
pittiTsjoklate: seb128 is not yet in the room10:30
TsjoklateI will happily wait for the 24 hour d/l to finish now10:30
pittiTsjoklate: isn't it faster to ask a friend to burn it for you?10:31
seb128hello pitti 10:31
Tsjoklate--> seb128 (~seb128@ANancy-111-1-17-20.w80-13.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #ubuntu10:31
Tsjoklatehe is on server pitti10:31
pittiseb128: Hi!10:31
seb128what's up ?10:31
TsjoklateI would if I had one pitti, but I don't have anyone near me with a fast connection... and too eager to wait for the cds to be send :)10:31
pittiseb128: Tsjoklate wants to know about "locked menus"10:31
=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
TsjoklateI don't mind the wait.. was a bit worried about that dratted debian submenu though10:32
pittiHi rburton10:32
pittiTsjoklate: after all, it's all open source, nothing you can't change :-)10:32
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3mb5.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatethat's what I thought pitti :) but after a week messing with sarge and no cooking I gave up10:33
Tsjoklatewhen you google it, it seems there are more like me that dislike the new 'feature'10:33
pittiTsjoklate: then, good luck with ubuntu10:33
=== jdthood is now known as jdthood_away
Tsjoklatethank you pitti, I think it is going to be good... so far nothing but good responses on everything10:34
pittiTsjoklate: well, there are still many bugs, but we are working hard to fix them :-)10:34
Tsjoklatepitti: bugs I can live with... forced items I can't10:35
rburtonhi pitti, morning all10:35
seb128hello rburton 10:35
Tsjoklategood afternoon rburton10:35
Tsjoklatehow is England treating you today? was cold this morning wasn't it10:35
seb128Tsjoklate: you had a question ?10:35
TsjoklateI was asking about the menus being locked or not seb10:36
seb128how locked ?10:37
Tsjoklatesince Ubuntu is deb based I was worried that Ubuntu continued the new style debian sarge has, with locking the menu editor and forcing their debian submenu upon users10:37
Tsjoklatein the main menu they have put a debian submenu.. and no way of removing it10:37
rburtonTsjoklate: the debian submenu only appears if you have the "menu" package installed10:37
rburton"they have put", it's part of gnome and has been since... 1.0 iirc10:38
rburtondef. in 1.410:38
Tsjoklatewhen I asked about it, they told me they have done that so people couldn't fiddle with it... and file bugreports when something goes haywire10:38
seb128Tsjoklate: that's not a debian hack, that's an upstream part of code10:38
jdubalso it's disabled in ubuntu10:38
Tsjoklatethat is awefully odd.. since I never had that before10:38
Tsjoklateis it something I should not install when I install Ubuntu? or it won't at all?10:38
=== mornfall [~mornfall@icm1-orange.orange.sk] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatewell if it is disabled in Ubuntu I am not worried, I will assume there is no submenu of any kind :)10:39
spikebyay no debian menu10:41
spikebthat thing sucked10:41
topyliyou can of course edit the debian menu if you have a day or two :)10:42
Tsjoklateit does spikeb, and I tried topyli.. but no luck, I got so hyper I dissed it lol10:42
mornfallMithrandir: ping?10:42
rburtonthe debian menu is defined by the debian menu system. if you don't like it don't install "menu". easy!10:43
rburton(of course, it pretty much sucks so ubuntu did remove it)10:43
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@extgw-uk.mips.com] has joined #ubuntu
spikebi only have i think it is one issue with ubuntu10:43
spikebsleep doesn't work properly10:43
rburtonmorning Kinnison10:43
topyliyeah, the debian menu requires a 1600x1200 resolution at least.10:43
spikebon my ibook10:43
Tsjoklatewell they could have told me that10:44
=== xxorroxx [~xxorroxx@c-24-11-225-178.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklateinstead of giving me the run around for a fortnight10:44
rburtonTsjoklate: who is "they"?10:44
TongMasterspikeb, what model?10:44
spikebTongMaster: g3 700mhz10:44
Tsjoklateppl in the debian help channel10:44
Tsjoklatevery helpfull... and such... *cough*10:44
TongMasterspikeb, is that the Tibook II?10:45
=== TongMaster has a TiBook III
spikebit's the last generation of G3 ibooks.10:45
TongMasterI had a few issues with sleeping that have "vanished" since I updated on sunday night.10:45
Tsjoklateit doesn't really matter, debian on it's self is good, it is just everything around it10:46
TsjoklateI am not trying to flame anything/anyone10:46
spikebmaybe i'll give ubuntu another spin10:46
TongMaster(updated from the released ISO to what was online)10:46
=== yojimbo-san [~jim@port-203-99-29-104.jet.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatebut I find it rather hilarious that when I was running sid I had to d/l libmagick six times a week lol10:46
subterrificonly 6?10:46
TongMasterTsjoklate, why were you updating six times a week/10:47
subterrificdude, i download libmagick 10 times a day10:47
subterrificfor fun10:47
spikebubuntu is a godsend - debian without the suckage.10:47
TsjoklateI update every day10:47
Tsjoklatefirst thing when I get up10:47
subterrificand thats just on days that end in Y10:47
yojimbo-sanJust installed Warty on my iMac, but I'm stuck in 640x480 ... where can I go to tell X that I have an nvidia g400?10:47
Tsjoklateand every day.. libmagick10:47
Tsjoklatethat's what I am hoping for spikeb10:47
Tsjoklatethere was always something broke Tongmaster... 10:48
topylilibmagick is going to be awesome! look at the speed of development! :)10:48
Tsjoklateone prog got fixed, another went bust10:48
=== _axel [~axel@92.Red-212-170-14.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatefelt like I had to update every day to keep up with it all10:49
Tsjoklatethat's why I downgraded to sarge10:49
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@] has joined #ubuntu
TongMasterTsjoklate, man that's crazy, I've been using sid for years, updating about once a month with no such problems10:49
spikebi just hated running sid10:49
spikebhated it and it hated me10:49
TongMasterMaybe the .au mirrors were better for Sid ;)10:50
spikebi still think this whole project is a brilliant idea - freeze sid every so often and fix bugs, release.10:50
Tsjoklatedangrabbit Tongmaster... you must have been pointing at better sources then I did10:50
=== rsacherer [~rsacherer@at-02-fo01-e3.ewave.at] has joined #ubuntu
spikebtell you another thing - the defaults for this distro rock.10:51
Tsjoklateit hated me too spikeb, you are not alone lol10:51
spikebdefault software and settings (aside from the no icons on the desktop thing - im not sure i like that)10:51
TongMasterthe PPC install knocked my socks off10:51
Tsjoklatebut I heard indeed that the au sources are way better then the us10:51
spikebTongMaster: aye, same here10:51
Tsjoklatenever tried it though10:51
spikebTongMaster: finally, an up to date PPC distro that isn't gentoo!10:52
yojimbo-sanTongMaster: - not me, yet, until I get a decent screen driver ...10:52
Tsjoklatewill it work with ATI?10:52
TongMasteryojimbo-san, yeah, I saw your comment. That's an odd problem. I have an older Tibook III though, no nvidia :)10:52
spikebno nvidia here either10:53
yojimbo-sanThe card is detected in System Config, so I know it's there!10:53
Tsjoklatedid you use gentoo spikeb?10:53
spikeba fully accellerated ati :)10:53
spikebTsjoklate: yes and hated every minute of it10:53
Tsjoklatewhich one do you have spikeb?10:53
TsjoklateI got the 900010:53
spikebmy ati is a radeon 7500 mobile10:53
=== Tsjoklate hides the fact that right now she is stuck on a gentoo box
TongMasterATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500] 10:54
spikebTongMaster: exact card i have10:54
Tsjoklatewhen I was on deb I had to put a nvidia card in to get it to work10:54
Tsjoklatebut I want to get this ati 9000 to work with Ubuntu10:54
TsjoklateI need the card for my dual boot10:54
spikebTsjoklate: my problem with gentoo is i dont like source based distros10:54
plovs_how to hide folders/files in nautilus? edit some file but I forgot the name10:54
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3mb5.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
Tsjoklatespikeb: I understand.. but it is the only one right now that works with my vid card10:55
Tsjoklatebesides RH910:55
TongMasterTsjoklate, I may be mistaken but i think bob2 is a 9000 user10:55
=== spikeb nods
TongMasterwait til he is online.10:55
Tsjoklatewhat continent is bob2 on?10:55
=== empop [~empop@sdn-ap-005ilchicP0062.dialsprint.net] has joined #ubuntu
TongMasterThat's a good question.10:55
Tsjoklateso he'll be on in about seven hours then huh spikeb10:56
TongMasterBut I t hink here's still physically hre - .au10:56
Tsjoklatebut since I have 23:59 to go before my d/l is done.. I think I will catch pluto time10:56
spikeblet's see what else good i can say about ubuntu...oh! firefox and not epiphany or mozilla seamonkey.10:56
spikebTsjoklate: that's quite a while10:56
spikebnope - evolution 2.010:57
=== Mafteah [~mafteah@mafteah.user] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklateyeah the joy of dialup10:57
jdubplovs_: .hidden10:57
TongMasterfirsth thing I did was install epiphany.10:57
spikebheh TongMaster 10:57
Tsjoklateyou prefer epi over galeon TM?10:57
plovs_jdub, seems not to be working if you use ~ as desktop10:57
TongMasterslightly, yes.10:57
spikebepiphany is much better than galeon if you want a gnome native browser. my opinion, of course.10:58
TongMasterTsjoklate, although tab completion for histories in epiphany is lacking and annoying.10:58
TongMaster(but hardly a show stopper)10:58
spikebyou know what bugs me? on osx tab complete for history doesnt work in safari - it moves to the googlebar field10:58
martinkplovs_: killall nautilus10:59
jdubplovs_: you really should not use ~ as desktop10:59
Tsjoklatenever used mac spikeb10:59
plovs_martink, that helped, who said vilonce is never the answer?!10:59
spikebTsjoklate: i'm a mac hardware fan :)10:59
spikebplovs_: hahahhaha10:59
martinkplovs: :)11:00
Tsjoklatewell the main reason why I switched to gnome is because none, besides k3b, of the kde progs do it for me11:00
plovs_jdub, I know but I wanted to try it out and it is not too bad, so far11:00
spikebOSX is nice, but it really isn't for me.11:00
Tsjoklateah lucky bugger spikeb :)11:00
plovs_jdub, why do you not like it?11:00
yojimbo-sanI'm looking forward to running MacOnLinux now Ubuntu is installed on my machine!11:00
spikeb~ as desktop - interesting.11:00
=== jo [~jo@u81-11-183-192.adsl.scarlet.be] has joined #ubuntu
yojimbo-sanSo I can keep iPhoto (like mutt, it sucks, but not as much as the alternatives)11:01
spikebyojimbo-san: aye.11:01
spikebMOL is good for that.11:01
Tsjoklateis 2.0 nice spikeb?11:01
spikebTsjoklate: very.11:01
TsjoklateEvo that is11:01
TsjoklateI should feed the hamsters some speed.. can't wait11:01
johello everyone. I concluded there was no Mono package in Ubuntu, but I guess I have overlooked the "universe" section. Can I install Mono/GTK#/... from universe? Are universe just the sid packages?11:02
spikebhalf hour left on my download11:02
Tsjoklatefast connection spikeb?11:02
yojimbo-sanjo: Universe is similar to Debian/sid, basically the same11:02
Tsjoklatehi jo, wouldn't know mate.. I am still d/l Ubuntu itself!11:02
TongMasterjo, universe is a snapshot of sid, taken at $TIME prior to release.11:03
Tsjoklatethere was a post about mono jo11:03
jospikeb: ok thanks.. Are there any risks to using Universe? Broken packages, conflicts with Ubuntu packages from main?11:03
jdubplovs_: it's not that i don't like it, more that i don't think it's a safe/appropriate model (although if you read back on old nautilus threads, i was one of its proponents for a long time)11:04
spikebjdub: heh11:04
Tsjoklateis it okay to paste in here?11:04
jdubjo: unsupported, pacakges might not be built, very little testing (at least in this release)11:04
TsjoklateI just read the post about mono11:04
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3mb5.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== mornfall [~mornfall@icm1-orange.orange.sk] has left #ubuntu []
jdubjo: no guarantee of security support11:04
=== Hmmmmm_ [~sukrit@] has joined #ubuntu
Hmmmmm_ubuntu is quite cool11:04
spikebi agree.11:04
Hmmmmm_need some help though11:04
Hmmmmm_i dont think i configured my root apssword during install11:05
Tsjoklatewb Hmmm11:05
yojimbo-sanhmmm, you didn't11:05
spikebim going to install skyos on my desktop while i wait for the ubuntu iso11:05
Hmmmmm_thnx Tsjoklate11:05
spikebHmmmmm_: you don't have to.11:05
TongMasterHmmmmm_, root is disabled.11:05
yojimbo-sanyou use sudo from the user defined at install time, instead11:05
Hmmmmm_how do i enable root?11:05
Tsjoklatejo: it said... sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list11:05
subterrificHmmmmm_: you don't want to11:05
Hmmmmm_i want to enable internet access11:05
yojimbo-sanDon't enable root, use sudo from your user account instead.11:05
TongMasterHmmmmm_, what yojimbo-san said :)11:05
spikebi think following the osx model of disabling root and sudoing everything is also wonderful.11:06
Tsjoklateadd: deb http://wwww.gestsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs ./11:06
subterrificComputer->System Configuration->Networking11:06
Hmmmmm_but there must be some kinda authentication for sudo11:06
Tsjoklatesudo apt-get update11:06
subterrificenable network access11:06
subterrificHmmmmm_: sudo uses your password11:06
yojimbo-sanThere is - it's called "your user password"11:06
TongMasterHmmmmm_, yes, it uses your password.11:06
subterrificsudo -s will give you a root terminal11:06
Hmmmmm_so how do i configure the network?11:06
Tsjoklatesudo apt-get install muine f-spot blam monodevelop11:06
Tsjoklatehope you got that jo11:06
spikebHmmmmm_: just do it normally via the GUI and it'll ask for your password 11:06
subterrificHmmmmm_: Computer->System Configuration->Networking11:07
joTsjoklate: ok thanks!11:07
Hmmmmm_so i just run "sudo network-admin" and it shud do the trick?11:07
subterrificwelcome to easy11:07
subterrificHmmmmm_: Computer->System Configuration->Networking11:07
Hmmmmm_i'll be back11:07
Hmmmmm_hopefully this time i'll be using ubuntu while talkin to u guys11:07
yojimbo-sanOK, I'm off now to shut down X and try again! :-)11:07
joIf it's possible to use all Debian packages, I think I'm gonna make the switch. Ubuntu is very nicely configured by default (fonts, sudo, gnome, ...)!11:08
Tsjoklatejo: ymw :)11:08
jdubjo: it's not recommended11:08
=== yojimbo-san [~jim@port-203-99-29-104.jet.net.nz] has left #ubuntu []
jdubjo: better to use universe, and fix problems in it11:08
truk_awayjdub: universe is not suppoorted by ubuntu main developers, but will volunteers maintain it?11:09
HrdwrBoBjo: universe contains 'most' debian packages11:09
jdubuniverse won't be very cool for WartyWarthog,11:09
jdubbut it should be good in HoaryHedgehog11:09
jdubbecause there'll be a lot more people looking at it11:09
jdubtruk_away: yeah11:09
truk_awayjdub: :) ok11:10
subterrificuniverse has worked out fine for me so far11:10
subterrificand i strictly use linux11:10
subterrificfor work and home11:10
jduband then if pacakges come up to standard, they might shift over to support11:10
topylijdub: i've had to get a couple of packages from unstable11:10
jojdub: thanks.. I meant using universe by the way, "all packages" was a bit overreacted. If the packages I need are supported (mostly Mono stuff), it's fine by me.11:10
=== janm [~jm@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubjo: atm, mono is not in supported. but it might be in HoaryHedgehog.11:11
jdubjo: tseng is maintaining a repository of updated mono stuff for testing before Hoary opens11:11
truk_awayjdub: what about java repositories?11:11
Tsjoklatethe open office suite is the deb version of it?11:11
subterrificmono doesn't seem to even work installing from universe either :\11:12
_axelwould be cool to get ximian ooo into ubuntu11:12
jojdub: Hoary is about to be released in October, right? Maybe I'll beter wait a month then :-)11:12
jdubjo: no, WartyWarthog Final is in october11:12
jdubjo: HoaryHedgehog is the development branch, which will run until March/April 200511:13
jdubnot just development branch11:13
jdubHoaryHedgehog is the next release11:13
jdubbut for six months it will be under development :)11:13
truk_awayso there's no fixed devel name as sid11:13
jdubsubterrific: use tseng's repo11:13
Tsjoklateyeah would like the ximian version of ooo too11:13
jdubtruk_away: nup11:13
jdubTsjoklate: the OOo in debian is part of the ooo.ximian.com group11:14
jdubit's just an older version of it atm11:14
truk_awayjdub: and how many pre-releases of warty are expected?11:14
Tsjoklateoh okay didn't know that11:14
=== Hmmm [~Hmmmm@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubtruk_away: warty or hoary? :)11:14
Hmmmguys im back11:14
Hmmmi worked!!!11:14
spikebi would assume one - unless some nasty install issues pop up11:14
truk_awayumm, actual :P11:14
Tsjoklatewb Hmmm11:14
spikebHmmm: cool11:14
truk_awayoctober release11:15
Tsjoklateare you on Ubuntu now?11:15
subterrificjdub: got a url for that? google unhelpful11:15
Hmmmnow to configure apt11:15
jdubtruk_away: see wiki.ubuntu.com/WartyWarthog/ReleaseSchedule11:15
jduband wiki.ubuntu.com/HoaryHedgehog/ReleaseSchedule11:15
jdubsubterrific: it's been mentioned on -users and -devel11:15
spikebhedgehog, warthog...now we need a meerkat and a fox11:15
truk_awayjdub: i mean, what about ubuntu20 packages? only in final? any pre-release before?11:15
subterrificyeah, i need to get in on that mailing list action11:15
TsjoklateI will do this one time painful d/l and after that just upgrade11:15
jdubspikeb: wiki.ubuntu.com/ProposedReleaseNames (i think)11:16
HmmmTsjoklate, how do I configure apt?11:16
jdubtruk_away: ubuntu20?11:16
Tsjoklatebe aware that your box will be flooded to hell and back subterrific11:16
spikebit's possible, not proposed.11:16
Tsjoklatedid you start up synaptic Hmm?11:16
jojdub: is it "doable" to run Hoary, the development release? As I understand, Ubuntu will be on a par with Debian regarding Mono etc. at the time of Hoary, so in fact it's too soon to switch when you need those packages?11:16
truk_awayjdub: you know, fixes for ati TV out and more11:16
Hmmmjus tstarted synaptic11:16
subterrifici'm always slow to join mailing lists, but i feel like ubuntu is something i want to be involved in for a while, so i'll join now11:16
Hmmmam refreshing the list11:17
jdubtruk_away: that will most likely be in before final11:17
spikebi dont like mailing lists11:17
subterrificTsjoklate: i've got this nifty procmail script that sorts mailing lists into folders :)11:17
Tsjoklateor take a look at /etc/apt11:17
truk_awayjdub: ok, that's what i wanna know11:17
jdubjo: we intend for our devel branch to be fully dogfoodable, ie. you can run it on your main desktop if you want to test and so on11:17
spikebcool subterrific 11:17
Tsjoklatesubeterrific.. what is the name of that nifty procmail script? :)11:17
jdubjo: there is no hoary to run yet :)11:18
HmmmTsjoklate any good apt repository u know of?11:18
spikebsubterrific's nifty procmail script11:18
TsjoklateI would stick what Ubuntu gives you for now Hmmm11:18
TsjoklateI haven't had a chance to look at it11:18
Tsjoklateis there something specific you need/want?11:18
subterrifichave fun11:19
=== peteog_wrk [~pete@] has joined #ubuntu
Hmmmcnat i use regular debian packages on this?11:19
jojdub: ok, thanks for the information!11:19
Tsjoklatethank you so kindly sub11:19
jdubHmmm: it's strongly discouraged11:19
jdubHmmm: see the FAQ on the website11:19
Tsjoklatewouldn't do that Hmmm11:19
TsjoklateI heard there may be issues11:19
subterrificTsjoklate: np, hope it works for you as well as it has for me11:20
TsjoklateI'll try it out and tell you how it went11:20
=== pbor [~paolo@host178-5.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== dewy [~chatzilla@49.a.001.nlt.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatespikeb, mailing lists are cool if nobody ever emails you :P11:21
spikebTongMaster: did the updates fix /dev/pmu? or is that still a by hand thing11:21
Tsjoklatehi dewy11:21
dewyis the ubuntu project sydney based?11:22
TongMasterspikeb, still by hand as far as I"m aware - Sid has the same problem.11:22
jdubdewy: no11:22
jdubdewy: though there are a number of sydney + .au developers11:22
spikebTongMaster: ok11:22
HrdwrBoBit's based in the isle of man11:22
jameshdewy: it is based in the Isle of Man11:22
dewyoh, I read somewhere it was made by the SLUG guys11:22
spikebTongMaster: what is the by hand solution anyway? i forgot11:23
TongMasterspikeb, I keep meaning to log a bug, one of us ought to ;)11:23
TongMasterspikeb, it's dodgy but I just o+rw /dev/pmu11:23
jdubdewy: there was a release party done at the SLUG Debian SIG11:23
jdubsydney LUG11:23
spikebTongMaster: yes but it needs to be fixed in the udev thing, otherwise it gets reset each reboot11:23
dewyoh cool11:23
thomit's the hadess kludge of doom solution11:23
TongMasterI don't think that's an ideal solution. I was going to figure out the ideal solution then post it to the ubunto team.11:23
TongMasterspikeb, yep - less than ideal ;)11:24
thomspikeb: nope. pmu is NOT safe for multiple concurrent access11:24
jdubTongMaster: patch to gnome-settings-daemon, basically.11:24
TongMastermorning thom.11:24
thomspikeb: the real solution is to use libpbbuttonsd11:24
thomyo yo11:24
jdubTongMaster: to use libpbbuttonsd11:24
jdubslow on the keyboard today11:24
=== mla [~mla@104.241-200-80.adsl-fix.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== chestie [~chestie@dsl-202-173-130-86.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== Lowe[Sleeping] is now known as Lowe
dewyjdub: do you know where the cds are mailed from?11:25
thomjdub: you'd be faster if you'd bought an X40 ;-)11:25
jdubthom: not funny anymore11:25
jdubdewy: there's a presentation at SLUG this month about it11:25
dewyI am just wondering when to expect my cd/cds11:25
jdubdewy: um, norway i think11:25
jdubdewy: not until end of october11:25
TongMasterdewy, if you're in sydney and can make SLUG on Friday, there should be some there.11:25
dewyI am in holmesville11:25
dewyabout 2hrs (altho we made the trip in 55mins the other day =|) away, so i can't =(11:26
=== cheitozz_ [~1034e504@17.Red-80-36-11.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
TongMasterdewy, where's holmesville near?11:26
cheitozz_alguien habla castellano?11:27
Tsjoklatewagga wagga11:27
jdubcheitozz_: estoy buscando mis pantalones :-)11:27
Tsjoklatehamana cheitozz11:27
cheitozz_jajaja, cuando los encuentres te vas de esta horgia XD11:27
TongMasterheh, is that the only .au you place you know, Tsjoklate ;)11:27
dewyTongMaster: It is where Miss Universe grew up =), It is near newcastle, you know newcastle?11:27
jameshjdub: is that the only spanish you know?11:27
Tsjoklateall I could make out of that jdub is that you havve probs with your pants11:28
jdubcheitozz_: [ i don't speak spanish ;) ] 11:28
jdubjamesh: no11:28
dewyTongMaster: other direction, I am north Wagga Wagga is south11:28
TongMasterdewy, ah north, right. you should have come to code con, I had a bag full of CD's at Caves Beach, dewy :)11:28
Tsjoklateno I know heaps more TM :) Townsville Armadale11:28
jdubjamesh: but it is the only spanish i know that approaches usefulness as a sentence11:28
dewywhere/when was that?11:28
cheitozz_nobody speak spanish?11:28
Tsjoklatenot I cheitozz sorry11:28
TongMasterTsjoklate, :) now which state is Armadale in?11:28
dewywhere = where in caves beach, a hall?11:29
dewyArmidale is in NSW11:29
Tsjoklatewell the Armadale I lived in was outside Perth11:29
TongMasterdewy, no a Marquee on the beach. Seaside hacking :)11:29
Tsjoklateare there more? lol11:29
cheitozz_sorry for my english11:29
subterrificdewy: I know newcastle brown ale very well, yes11:29
dewyTongMaster: will there be another one?11:29
TongMasterdewy, spoil sport, no armadale is in Victoria11:29
Tsjoklategreat beer sub11:29
dewyWell i went to a armidale in nsw once11:29
cheitozz_i want to learn a little about ubuntu11:29
TongMasterthe devil is in the spelling ;)11:29
subterrificTsjoklate: one of my favorites :)11:30
Tsjoklatebut I had a friend living in wagga wagga.. always thought it was such a col name11:30
jdubcheitozz_: our spanish developer isn't here at the moment11:30
spikebcheitozz_: you seem to type english just fine :)11:30
Tsjoklatecool even11:30
Tsjoklatemine too sub :)11:30
=== mwh_ [~mwh@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubcheitozz_: but we can help in english :)11:30
dewyTongMaster: I can't/arn't downloading Ubuntu because I am on 56k =(11:30
TongMasterTsjoklate, there's a lot of cool names down Wagga Wagga way, my favourite is Grong Grong Matong11:30
TsjoklateI am d/l it on 28 dewy11:30
cheitozz_jdub spanish developer exist no? thanks11:30
Tsjoklatebe brave11:30
TsjoklateGrong Grong Matong? lol where is that?11:31
TsjoklateI love the expression woop woop land11:31
jdubcheitozz_: speak to carlos when he is here11:31
cheitozz_thank you11:31
TongMasterTsjoklate, it's in the same region as Wagga Wagga.11:31
mwh_Hi, im trying to get monodoc-1.0.1 running on ubuntu, but it seems that it or gtk# needs libgtkhtml-3.0 instead of 3.1 which is on my system, can I install 3.0 along with 3.1? and how can I get the version 3.0 from a ubuntu deb package?11:31
dewyTsjoklate: 28k modem?11:31
TsjoklateI have to ask my friend about that.. Grong Grong Matong.. sounds like a place I  need to go to one day11:31
cheitozz_jdub i can understand a little of english, but not very much11:32
TongMasterTsjoklate, for the record, Grong Grong Matong is definately out at woop woop11:32
Mayday_wagga wagga is cool, but Woolloomooloo tops it.... but hmm Grong Grong Matong is even cooler11:32
Tsjoklatedewy: yes :)11:32
jdubcheitozz_: your english is better than my spanish! :)11:32
dewyI have always wanted to try debain and I thought since this has gnome on it (not a kde one (they are rare, the ones with out kde)) and it has some aussie developers I thought i might try ubuntu11:32
Tsjoklateas long as they have beer I think I'll be okay TM11:32
dewyTsjoklate: I am 13, can't drink =P my connection also has a 5 hour session limit =(11:33
TsjoklateWoolloomooloo lol11:33
=== conekg [cone@P-5.225.eunet.yu] has joined #ubuntu
cheitozz_jdub can talk to me about ubuntu?11:33
chestiemwh_, do you know about deb http://www.getsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs/ ./ ?11:33
cheitozz_i use guadalinex11:33
Tsjoklateso does mine dewy11:33
=== koke_ [~koke@196.Red-81-35-14.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklateit kicks me off every four hours11:33
Tsjoklatejust resumes.. works for me11:33
dewydamb, where are you from?11:33
dewyare you on ozemal?11:33
Tsjoklateplus I live somewhere where they think it is funny to cut the power every twelve hours or so11:34
Tsjoklate<-- might aswell live in Grong Grong Matong11:34
conekgdoes ubuntu have ppp support in it's kernel? i get error 4 ppp module can not be loaded form pppd11:34
mwh_chestie: no, what is it?11:35
subterrificoh cool, mono...11:35
subterrificnow i can learn C# and try out ironpython11:35
subterrificfun fun fun11:35
dewyTsjoklate: lol at power =P sorry to hear, so it is a non auaie place?11:35
cheitozz_ciao, i come back tomorrow, thanks for all and sorry for my english11:36
Tsjoklateyeah not in OZ atm :|11:36
TsjoklateI wish11:36
Tsjoklatettyl cheitozz11:36
chestiemwh_, mono, monodoc is there11:37
=== cheitozz_ [~1034e504@17.Red-80-36-11.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu []
mwh_chestie: ok, is it just mono stuff or is there other stuff as well11:37
Tsjoklategoing to the UK for the winter then in the spring hopefully back to Sydney11:37
=== spikeb burns his cd
mwh_chestie: okay it seems to be mono only .. nice11:38
=== Tsjoklate ignores spikeb
TongMasterMayday_, we had our Debian meetings there every month for 2+ years (Woolloomolloo11:38
=== Cardador [~jose@srt1.dq.fct.unl.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== yojimbo-san [~jim@port-203-99-29-104.jet.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
thomjdub: played with the industrial theme for firefox yet?11:39
spikebthere's an industrial theme for firefox?11:39
yojimbo-sanI got a better X resolution - 1152x768 ... but it looks like I don't have an 'nv' module at all ... ?11:39
=== steve2 looks for industrial for firefox
yojimbo-san(sry, iMac 17" flatscreen with GeForce 440 card)11:39
Mayday_TongMaster: aah cool, i just passed thrue it once while visiting Sydney :)11:39
jdubthom: yeah, been using it for the last week11:40
jdubthom: certainly nicer than the normal one ;)11:40
=== Cardador [~jose@srt1.dq.fct.unl.pt] has joined #ubuntu
spikebhey that looks nice.11:40
jdubthom: might be worth pulling in, swapping some of the icons, and putting it up post-warty11:41
thomhumanisation :-)11:41
mwh_chestie: how do I add it with the graphical synaptic manager?11:41
spikebf possible, you should really code a ?not for windows? into the theme. i tried it just for fun, and (as it was said before): a truckload of fake vomit looks better11:42
spikebgreat comment11:42
jdubthom: i like this concept ;)11:42
subterrifichave you actually seen a truck load of fake vomit?11:43
Tsjoklatenice theme11:43
subterrificcause i got one if you're curious11:43
spikebonly a boxfull11:43
Treenaksjdub: what about the checkboxes in the default Ubuntu theme? imho it's not really clear if they're selected or not11:43
jdubTreenaks: agree, but not something we can change before release :)11:43
jdubTreenaks: do you mean in menus, or everywhere?11:44
conekgdid anyone manage to connect to the ISP using the dial-up?11:45
subterrificTreenaks: for me, when i select one, it puts a check mark in the box11:45
subterrificTreenaks: or are you talking about something different?11:45
conekgi can not get pppd to work. i get error 4 can not load module11:45
chestiemwh_, uri http://www.getsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs/ distribution: ./ 11:46
spikebok be back in ubuntu11:46
spikebor a minute11:46
chestiemwh_, seems to work, is that enough info?11:46
mwh_chestie: ahh ill try that 11:47
Treenaksjdub: uh, I think it was all checkboxes.. they all were "indented" or "outdented".. not "checked" or anything11:48
Treenaksjdub: and I understand the release thing :)11:48
jdubTreenaks: hrm, that's not the case in ubuntu's default theme11:48
jdubit has proper radio blobs and check marks11:48
Treenaksoh wait.. it might have been a gtk1 app11:48
mwh_chestie: works :o)11:49
mwh_chestie: is there a place with a listing of external repositories?11:49
chestiemwh_, rock ;)11:49
chestiemwh_, don't know, I only know about the mono one, probably best not to stray too far from the norm11:50
Treenaksjdub: I'll check it when I get home tonight11:50
topyliactually, gaim doesn't seem to suck very badly in irc like i thought11:51
Tsjoklatewhat don't you like about gaim topy?11:53
topylii like it all right. i just thought it would be no good for irc. (and was wrong)11:53
Tsjoklateah you are using irc through gaim right now?11:55
topyliyes. i saw it suggested on the ubuntu web pages :)11:55
=== Loduriel [~joel@ABordeaux-103-1-26-94.w193-252.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
yojimbo-sancan someone with powerpc have a search through apt for an nvidia module? I can't find one at all ...11:56
topyligot to go to work! i'll be back when i get there :)11:56
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3mb5.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
TongMasteryojimbo-san, got some11:57
TongMasteryojimbo-san: nvidia-kernel-common - NVIDIA binary kernel module common files11:57
TreenaksTongMaster: does that work on powerpc?11:58
TongMasternvclock - Allows you to overclock your nVidia card under GNU/Linux11:58
TongMasternvclock-gtk - Allows you to overclock your nVidia card under GNU/Linux11:58
TongMasternvclock-qt - Allows you to overclock your nVidia card under GNU/Linux11:58
mjg59yojimbo-san: There is no nvidia module for PPC11:58
truk_awayTongMaster: don't repeeat11:58
TongMasterI'm a PPC user but ATI, not nvidia - so I have no idea.11:58
mjg59The kernel code supplied by nvidia contains x86 code11:58
mjg59They haven't released PPC drivers11:58
TongMastertruk_away, repeat what/11:58
yojimbo-sanmjg: any idea what I should do with my iMac then/11:59
truk_awaysorry, i read bad11:59
jdubyojimbo-san: window. unplug. whooosh!11:59
yojimbo-san(mjg - not from CLUG are you?)11:59
yojimbo-sanjdub, my iMac never had Windows on it ... :-)11:59
mjg59yojimbo-san: Nope :)11:59
=== mla [~mla@104.241-200-80.adsl-fix.skynet.be] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
TongMastertruk_away, np's, they read similar don't they :)12:00
mjg59yojimbo-san: 2D should work fine, but if it has an nvidia then I'm afraid you're out of luck for 3D12:00
Tsjoklategot no choice if you want to play games12:00
mjg59Your best bet is to request drivers from nvidia. If enough people do, they may release some.12:00
Tsjoklategot to have winhole12:00
yojimbo-sanPerhaps I should ask Apple for the nvidia drivers ... :-)12:01
Tsjoklategood luck :)12:01
mjg59But seriously, go to nvidia's site and file a request for them12:01
mjg59If enough people do, they may release some12:02
mjg59(Of course, it would be better if they released some specs, but...)12:02
yojimbo-sanI have *something* working fine-ish at the moment, 1152x768, but I could do with 1440x900 (and then perhaps dual-screen?)12:02
mjg59Dual-screen is likely to be harder, but higher resolutions ought to be possible12:02
mjg59The Free drivers are happy enough to do decent resolutions12:03
yojimbo-sandual-screen isn't supposed to work on the iMacs, but it's just an OpenFirmware cofig item ... 12:03
yojimbo-sanI guess I must be using the 'nv' driver now, even though it doesn't show up in lsmod?12:04
=== mojo [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mjg59The nv driver doesn't need any kernel support12:04
mjg59You only need kernel modules for 3D, in most cases12:05
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatedoes anyone know how to fix samba in gnome?12:05
TsjoklateI have a local network and when I click on a dir it says its a folder12:05
mojou have to install Samba from Synaptic12:05
mojothere is a fix or update on Samba12:05
mojomake sure u grab it12:05
Tsjoklatealrighty, thanks mojo12:06
yojimbo-santhanks mjg, now all I have to do is hack the xfree config to do the resolution I want, I guess. asking dpkg-reconfigure doesn't work right.12:06
=== pbor notes that on ubuntu there is no ll command... is that a general debian thing?
mojoanyone got trouble with Device Manager? I can't run it, all the times complain "hald not run" EVEN I already load that module hald12:07
Treenakspbor: ll is just an alias for ls -l12:07
yojimbo-san$ ll()12:07
yojimbo-san> {12:07
yojimbo-san> ls -l $*12:07
yojimbo-san> }12:07
=== OZ8AAZ [~kmyram@0x50a2b396.unknown.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_mojo, sudo /etc/init.d/hal restart12:07
LoweDoes anyone know a gui mounter? 12:07
yojimbo-sanpop that into .bashrc pbor12:08
mojoplovs_: thx, let me try12:08
pborTreenaks, yojimbo-san: yup. I know. No big deal... I'm just used to have it available by default12:08
yojimbo-sanOK, time for me to go. Thanks for the help. guys12:08
=== yojimbo-san [~jim@port-203-99-29-104.jet.net.nz] has left #ubuntu []
plovs_Lowe, in: add to panel, Disk Mounter12:09
mojoplovs_: I did, but still get error "Could not get device list. Make sure hald is running". I'm wondering is it a bug?12:09
=== moyogo [~moyogo@Toronto-HSE-ppp3874280.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_mojo, ps ax | grep hald ?12:10
mojonope, hald not there12:10
mojo/etc/init.d/hal start already run12:10
plovs_mojo, not good :(12:10
mojowhen start up12:10
mojoI got hw_random service fail12:10
plovs_mojo, are you up-to-date ?12:10
mojoand I get comfimation it's a bug12:10
mojoI do12:10
Loweplovs_ doesn't seem very good..12:11
mojoany got hw_random fail when start?12:11
plovs_Lowe, I agree, better use pmount from the command line12:11
Tsjoklatewhat is this hal thing I keep reading about? something new?12:11
Tsjoklatewhat does it do? same with dusb?12:11
mojohardware access layer - used to run Device Manager12:12
mojoit's a service12:12
Lowemeh but i don't know whats on what partiton so i don't know what one to mount o_012:12
Tsjoklateis it new for 2.8?12:12
Tsjoklateand do you need it?12:12
mjg59mojo: hw_random is something that Intel removed from newer hardware12:13
mjg59There's no easy way of telling whether it's there or not without trying to load it, and on newer hardware it'll fail12:13
mjg59It's harmless - there's no need to worry about it12:13
Loweanyone having problems with the package manager freezing up?12:15
=== pisuke [~luis@84-120-64-24.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-040-205.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== thaytan [~jan@] has joined #ubuntu
pittimojo: I know another guy who has the same problem12:17
=== Qo-noS [~Klinzhai@bb220-255-35-37.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
pittimojo: See mailing list, topic "Hal not running properly" from Sren Hauberg 12:18
pittimojo: the very same error, so when I debugged the problem on his machine, yours should run fine, too12:18
pittimojo, no, sorry, that was sb different: https://bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=145012:20
pittimojo: can you tell me when exactly this hw_random service fail msg appears?12:23
=== Sorcy is now known as Ycros
Cardadorcan some ubuntu developer add the missing Lyx files to the repository? i really need Lyx!12:26
Cardadorthe missing files are: lyx-qt and lyx-xforms12:26
danielsCardador: you can get those through universe, likely12:27
=== OZ8AAZ [~kmyram@0x50a2b396.unknown.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
Cardadorno, they arent available12:28
Cardadori have all the repositories ticked on synaptic12:28
danielsit's probably that they're not free12:29
Loweand someone should add the missing depencys for mplayer aswell12:32
Cardadorinclunding universe12:34
Cardadori guess all the devs are sleeping :)12:34
peteog_wrkthere was also a dependency issue with the http://z42/de/debian/ apt source for Java - prolly not an ubuntu issue really but after adding the line to source and apt-get sunj2sdk1.5 sun-j2skd1.5debian it says j2sdk1.5 is unavailable12:35
plovs_daniels, E: Package lyx-qt has no installation candidate, I have universe, and it is in Debian (http://packages.debian.org/testing/editors/lyx-qt) , so it is free, I suppose12:35
pittiCardador: can you please submit a bug about the broken lyx dependencies?12:36
plovs_are there any plans for splashboot stuff?12:37
pittiplovs_: yes, but it did not manage to go into Warty any more12:37
pittiplovs_: Hoary will have it12:37
plovs_pitti, will there be an equivalent of test or unstable for ubuntu? 12:38
pittiplovs_: yes, as soon as Warty is released, Hoary development begins12:38
pittiplovs_: you can just put hoary into your apt sources to get the latest crack12:38
pittiplovs_: we will also have sounder test CDs and daily built cds12:38
plovs_pitti, so far ubuntu is very utterly cool!12:39
pittiplovs_: thanks :-) I agree12:39
plovs_pitti, really un up-to-date debian beats any other distro hands-down (with the possible exception of gentoo, but that's a different beast)12:40
plovs_who is resposible for grub? I noticed memtest is in /boot but not in the grubmenu12:43
mojoplovs_: I have a module named toshiba_acpi start when boot, how can I remove this module from boot start?12:43
=== free is now known as freefk
plovs_mojo, is it in /etc/modules ?12:43
mojono, it's not there12:44
=== fredix [~fred@case.taonix.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== _Hiro_ [~hiro@212-112.a2f.dsl.net4all.net] has joined #ubuntu
_Hiro_why can't gnome 1) put more than 4 workspace switchers in my applet 2) change my background?  :|12:46
plovs_mojo, let me check ...12:46
mojo_Hiro_: change background, right click and Change Backgroun12:46
mojofor swticher, right click on the applet and choose Preferences12:47
mojothen change number of workspaces as u like12:47
moyogomojo: clicking ok doesn't change anything!12:47
mojoweird! it'd be a bug12:47
moyogomojo: indeed12:48
mojomy advice is12:48
mojotry to reinstall Ubuntu once again12:48
_Hiro_yes, duh ;)12:48
mojoupdate all12:48
mojoand try again12:48
_Hiro_but all of that doesn't work :P12:48
mojoif not work, must be bug, then y not submit those bugs?12:48
moyogo_Hiro_: actually, I can lower the amount of workspaces either, can you?12:48
_Hiro_I'll try12:48
moyogo_Hiro_: can / can't12:49
_Hiro_no I can't12:49
_Hiro_it stays at 4 :|12:49
_Hiro_and the desktop satys at the ubuntu one :O12:49
moyogo_Hiro_: hehe, so we just can't change the number of workspaces then12:49
mojoyes It can12:49
moyogo_Hiro_: file a bug for both12:49
mojoI just decrease to 3 workspaces just now12:49
=== marquivon [~marquivon@] has joined #ubuntu
moyogomojo: do you know what package is responsible for either workspace switcher, or background-properties?12:51
Tsjoklatefor the switcher isn't it12:51
marquivonhi. i today managed to boot the ubuntu netboot kernel from within redhat 9 and could see the installation screens too. but i wish to perform a NFS/FTP install instead of downloading from debian mirror. is it possible?12:51
Tsjoklategnome-desktop for the background?12:52
_Hiro_I see I have an upgrade available to gnome-system-tools, maybe that'll do it ?12:52
Tsjoklateworth a try Hiro12:52
moyogo_Hiro_: dunno12:52
_Hiro_trying.. :)12:52
_Hiro_doesn't hurt12:52
moyogoI, for myself can upgrade anything at the moment, it's all the latest12:52
marquivonas right now it is giving me the option to only do it via a mirror or through a CD. i have the ISO with me as well as files extracted on a network12:53
moyogowow... popping a blank cd in doesn't launch the burner anymore!12:56
mjg59moyogo: Hmm. Check the removable devices preferencs?12:57
moyogomjg59: it worked on sunday12:57
mjg59The system that monitors this sort of thing is still sometimes a little flaky.12:57
Tsjoklatebad case of the mondays?12:58
plovs_mojo, does it actually breqak anything? https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=107199 says it just shows up but doesn't really do anything bad12:58
mojotalk about ISO and CD-RW, all GTK program are shit on CD-RW, sigh..12:58
mjg59pitti is probably the guy to talk to about it12:58
mojoploves_: oh yeah12:58
pittimjg59: for hal stuff, yes, but not particularly for gnome12:58
plovs_mojo, where does the error-message show up?12:59
mojoplovs: when it startt it's said there is FATAL ERR: blah blah12:59
mojowhen boot the process12:59
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
pittiHi Keybuk12:59
plovs_mojo, but FATAL is nor really fatal-fatal more stupid-fatal? 12:59
mojowhat log file in /var contain the log of boot process , plovs?12:59
=== joebeastie [~joe@] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_mojo, just type dmesg  ( | less or | grep acp)01:00
mojoplovs_: nah it dun break anything up, it just check the existence of toshiba_acpi if not it fail and ignore01:01
mojonothing happen01:01
mojobut it's annoying01:01
mojoto fix it I do like this01:02
mojoI find a file named modules.dep or kernel.dep (sorri can't remeber the name)01:03
mojoand delete the line cotain toshiba_acpi, its bad way but it works with me, anyway I use desktop so it's uharm to remove that line01:03
joebeastieis there a public changelog for ubuntu?01:04
=== topyli [~juha@ktlpc219.edu.helsinki.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== daniels [daniel@fooishbar.org] has joined #ubuntu
jdubjoebeastie: the warty-changes list01:04
joebeastieoh. thanks jeff.01:05
plovs_mojo, it's a bug I'll file it, does anybody know who the kerenl-maintainer is?01:05
joebeastiethat is the only noob question i will ask :)01:05
marquivonif i use debian image (netinst / netboot), will i be able to install ubuntu using NFS or FTP?01:05
joebeastiedoh one more. does ubuntu use the new debian installer or their own incarnation?01:06
plovs_mojo, https://bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1451 it's already filed01:06
LoweI think it's there own01:06
jdubjoebeastie: a trimmed down d-i01:07
joebeastiewell i guess i will go try it out then.01:08
LoweI just upgraded gaim to 1.0, what exactly is new? or is it just loads of bug fixes01:08
=== sanxiyn [tinuviel@] has joined #ubuntu
joebeastienot to sure. check the changelog :)01:09
seb128mainly fixes the encoding issues01:09
LoweI see..01:10
LoweAnyone tried lamip? looks like it's going to be a good audio player.01:10
seb128the details is in /usr/share/doc/gaim/changelog.gz01:10
LoweAlright i will have a look :)01:10
joebeastiegzip -cd /usr/share/doc/gaim/changelog.gz| more01:11
sanxiynIs Ubuntu looking for Web forum/mailing list/news group gateway?01:11
Mithrandirjoebeastie: or just zless /usr/share/doc/gaim/changelog.gz01:11
joebeastieMithrandir: never used zless. thanks, i will have to remember that one01:11
LoweUbuntu forum would be great01:13
joebeastiei was actually just looking at the site to see if there was one01:13
topylii'd like less to handle gzipped files intelligently. a wrapper shouldn't be hard to do.01:14
sanxiynjoebeastie: You can also specify "input preprocessor" for less.01:14
joebeastiejdub: you post today scared me at first. regarding the gnome release naming convetion01:14
sanxiyntopyli: It can be done. "man less" and search for "input preprocessor".01:14
sanxiyntopyli: It can be customized to no end.01:14
joebeastiesanxiyn: thanks01:14
topylimust have a look01:15
LoweI really need to stop smoking..01:15
topyliquitting is easy. i've done it a dozen times already! :)01:16
sanxiynjoebeastie, topyli: You can even hook xlhtml/ppthtml + w3m to less for .ppt and .xls.01:16
maswanjoebeastie: gnome has a release naming convention?01:16
Lowetopyli i only really smoke because im bored01:16
sanxiyn(Works well for reading Powerpoints just for text.)01:16
TsjoklateI feel you Lowe01:17
topylisanxiyn: too cool almost :)01:17
topyligrr. gaim doesn't actually do logging even though i checked it on.01:18
topylii think it only logs "buddy chats" or something01:18
Lowemines wasn't doing autoreconnect, i hope it works in the new version.01:18
joebeastiemaswan: checkout planet.gnome.org and scrol down time you see jeff's post.01:19
maswanjoebeastie: oh. version numbering, not release names.01:20
=== |Gaaruto| [~|Gaaruto|@ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-7-116.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Tsjoklateon that note: going to enjoy my last fag, go to bed and consider myself a none smoker by the time I get up.... hopefully my Ubuntu d/l will be finished.. would be a good reward :) toodlepip everybody! :)01:21
maswanjdub: btw, you forgot the sunos - solaris version number interaction. :)01:21
sanxiynjdub: Is GNOME 10 real?01:21
maswansanxiyn: read the entire post?01:22
=== plovs_ [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Tsjoklate is now known as Tsjoklat_away
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
=== kalis [~johannes@] has joined #ubuntu
maswanI'd suggest naming the first release each year by the year it was released. Like "GNOME 2005", then adding "SP1" for the next release that year, and so on.01:23
sanxiynmaswan: Sounds Gentoo?01:23
KeybukI do like the Solaris patch release numbering though01:24
KeybukSolaris 9 10/01, etc.01:24
=== freefk is now known as free
KamionTsjoklat_away: re your earlier comments about people giving you the run-around, #debian is not exactly a shining example of usefulness in general01:25
KamionTsjoklat_away: most of the people with clue (apart from one or two heroes) can't deal with it since it's too busy and chattery, so they avoid it01:26
LoweIs my site down, or is it just me who can't access it? http://www.crystalysis.com/01:26
sanxiynKamion: #debian is quite useful, AFAICT.01:26
Kamionsanxiyn: not IME01:26
tsengjdub: hey, check out my tomboy package. the dep on newer gtkspell is pretty valid this time, configure script fails on older01:26
Kamionif they stopped referring people to #debian-boot (which is a development channel) for installer help, it would be nice :P01:26
Tsjoklat_awayyou caught me just on the way out... like I said, I am not flaming anything or anyone.. I must have caught them on a bad day... just too bad it was a fortnight in a row01:27
Tsjoklat_awaythat they had bad days01:27
KamionTsjoklat_away: debian-user@lists.debian.org is generally far more useful than #debian01:27
Tsjoklat_awaybe back in a few hours cheers01:27
=== SBT [~sbt@] has joined #ubuntu
sanxiynKamion: Why? Quite some bugs were discovered by redirecting newbie installing Debian to #debian-boot, I think.01:28
sanxiynKamion: Mailing lists are more useful than IRC channel in general.01:28
Lowemailing lists are annoying, i find forums more useful.01:28
sanxiynLowe: Why?01:28
jdubmaswan: that was meant to be further hoax evidence.01:29
jdubmaswan: unfortunately, it didn't stop a bunch of people emailing me.01:29
kalisBuhu! I have no sound! i ran alsaconf and it told me that i have 3 sound cards, i decided to use my SB Live card, the alsa mixer sets the volume levels, and then nothing. No /dev/dsp doesnt exist no more ;)01:29
Kamionsanxiyn: we (i.e. #debian-boot developers) would far rather they be directed to the mailing list; we need the IRC channel to be kept reasonably quiet so we can get on with development there01:29
Kamionsanxiyn: bug reports on IRC aren't such a good idea, as a general rule ... they get lost too easily01:29
LoweI dunno lol01:29
sanxiynKamion: I hate forums without proper threading.01:30
sanxiynOops wrong person.01:30
maswanjdub: I started out getting a bit worried that there could be a real naming convention putting an end to such wonderful release names as "Alla sitter vi bastun" and so on. :)01:30
=== spiv [~andrew@82-69-60-252.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
LoweHow would i change say the icons for .mp301:30
jdubmaswan: we don't do release names anymore anyway ;)01:31
maswanjdub: :~(01:31
maswansanxiyn: I hate forums that require a web browser or any other graphical interface01:31
sanxiynLowe: Right click on any .mp3 file on file browser, select "property" and then "custom icon".01:31
sanxiynmaswan: Same here.01:31
sanxiynLowe: Eh, wasn't that obvious? :-)01:32
LoweWill that change all mp3's though?01:32
housetierpeople hate too much01:32
Tsjoklat_awayKamion: Debian is good, the help channels on irc not so good... I mean I saw ppl being banned for coming back from 'away' and changing their nicks... really01:32
Tsjoklat_awayI really think they tainted the image debian has for newcomers01:32
LoweTsjoklat, that's harsh lol01:32
Tsjoklat_awaytell me about it01:33
sanxiynLowe: Oops, it seems not, here in Debian w/ GNOME 2.6.01:33
=== ukh [~ukh@deskpro02.id.cbs.dk] has left #ubuntu []
plovs_let's ban Tsjoklat_away for saying he's away while he isn't :)01:33
Tsjoklat_awayshe :P01:34
maswanjdub: the release names were the best thing about gnome :)01:34
Tsjoklat_awayTsjoklat is very much a she.. another thing they ban you for in debian help if they find out01:34
Tsjoklat_awaywhich they have01:34
Tsjoklat_awaywith me01:34
Tsjoklat_awayanyhuuu... need to crash.. really! toodles01:34
plovs_Tsjoklat_away, a she! ban! ban! :)01:35
sanxiynToday I had a very informative Internet Explorer vs. Mozilla discussion.01:35
topylijdub: i guess there never was a release name with which everybody was happy. it's difficult01:35
jdubmaswan: they were fun for a while01:37
sanxiynSomeone said Mozilla sucks in that it doesn't do DNS lookup in the background and I disagreed.01:37
=== wido [~wido@matrix.heim7.tu-clausthal.de] has joined #ubuntu
jdubmaswan: thinking about having release codenames, ie. intead of talking about 'gnome 2.9', we'd talk about <blah>01:37
maswanjdub: true01:38
jdubmaswan: just tp add some fuin back01:38
laotsesanxiyn the latest mozilla I believe tries to resolve ipv6 first01:38
sanxiynlaotse: That's one problem.01:38
laotsesanxiyn if you have ipv6 support enabled, but aren't using it, it slows things down01:38
pisukehi. is there something like planet.ubuntulinux.com?01:39
jdubpisuke: on its way this week01:39
pisukegreat. thx01:39
sanxiynlaotse: It's not that simple. Read Bugzilla #10733, #70213, #205726, #237582 for a start.01:39
sanxiynlaotse: That bug was there before IPv6 support was introduced.01:40
topylihmm. my ubuntu has kernel 2.8 but docs only for 2.701:40
laotsesanxiyn aaah ok, I'm not that up on the bugs01:40
sanxiyn(5 years old bug, possibly older.)01:40
laotsesanxiyn all I know is, I use firefox, and it works great01:40
KamionTsjoklat_away: personally, I'd much rather Debian stopped recommending #debian in any kind of public-facing place, just because it's so dreadful01:41
sanxiynlaotse: Doesn't it hang on doing unresolvable DNS lookup on some ad-heavy sites?01:41
sanxiynlaotse: Clsoing the offending tab *doesn't* work. It still slows down browsing on other tabs.01:41
Treenakssanxiyn: some DNS servers don't reply.. to AAAA queries... most notably allmusic.com (doubleclick seems fixed..)01:41
jdubKamion: heh, how about a #dhelp? ;)01:42
sanxiynTreenaks: I don't know much, but IE has no problem. :-)01:42
laotsesanxiyn I block advertisements, so not sure on that one01:42
Kamionjdub: reminds me way too much of a certain package :)01:42
sanxiyn(even with +IPv6.)01:42
=== Kamion fends off the flashbacks
laotsesanxiyn wouldn't surprise me though; everything has bugs01:42
=== ealden [~ealden@ipdial-188-111.tri-isys.com] has joined #ubuntu
Treenakssanxiyn: maybe because IE looks for IPv4 first, and falls back to ipv6, while firefox does it the other way around? or maybe it does an A and an AAAA query in parallel... someting like that01:43
joebeastiedoh. one problem encounter so far. it is a debian installer problem and not a ubuntu problem though01:43
Kamionjoebeastie: bring it on01:44
KosaiTreenaks: AAAA has precedence in most resolvers.01:44
joebeastiewell two. installer does not ask for the essid when setting up a wireless network and two the grub config tool did not automatically find my openbsd installation.01:44
joebeastiethe new grub-setup tool in slackware current does find and name my openbsd partition correctly in menu.lst01:45
Kamionjoebeastie: it tries the 'any' essid first, and if that works it just goes ahead and uses it01:45
Kamionjoebeastie: the code to detect BSD filesystems just doesn't exist right now, I'm afraid01:45
KamionAlastair McKinstry started to write it but apparently never finished01:46
joebeastieKamion: well you might be right there. my nieghbor has a wap up and is not wep and dhcp so that might conflicted with mine01:46
KamionI'll have to have a look at grub-setup then and see if we can use its code in os-prober01:46
joebeastieKamion: i am going to tell him sooner or later about fixing his netowrk01:46
Kamionis it sanely licensed?01:46
joebeastieKamion: it is in slack so no idea01:46
Kamionjoebeastie: any idea where I can find it? I don't know slackware01:47
Kamionnor BSD, for that matter ...01:47
joebeastieKamion: yea hold on a sec01:47
Keybukjdub: Garrett's Firefox Industrial theme is sweet!  Can we ship with it?  Can we?  Can we? :p01:50
jdubKeybuk: i don't really want to put it on the critical path01:53
jdubKeybuk: but we can integrate our icons into it and put it up for warty users01:53
jdubKeybuk: and then fold it into hoary01:53
joebeastieKamion: ok i found out they do not use their own tool but rather a tool from someone else. you can find that said tool here: http://www.tux.org/pub/people/kent-robotti/looplinux/index.html - grubconfig is at the bottom01:54
Kamionjoebeastie: thanks01:55
joebeastieKamion: welcome01:55
=== plovs_ [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionew, grubconfig just greps fdisk -l output basically01:57
Kamionwas hoping for something cleverer :)01:57
=== ema [~ema@adsl-95-231.38-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== aes [~andrew@dsl-212-23-23-154.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionos-prober prefers to work by looking for characteristics of the actual filesystem, which tends to be safer02:00
Loweanyone having problems changing themes?02:01
=== mojo [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mojoit works, u FIXED hald!02:04
mojoyou're great!02:04
=== cartman [foobar@cartman.developer.konversation] has joined #ubuntu
=== eaxnt [~eaxnt@c-24-11-225-178.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== SteveA [~steve@] has joined #ubuntu
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
=== nomar [~sisltr@zaphod.insrv.cf.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
nomarHi there. Does anyone know how I can install ubuntu without CD boot.02:12
=== lucas_ [~lucas@cab-192023.calixo.net] has joined #ubuntu
gginomar: Do you have a floppy drive you can boot from?02:13
Kamionunfortunately we don't currently support floppy installs02:13
Kamionnetboot is an option, if you can do that02:13
KamionI'll be trying to support installs from a USB stick by the time we release02:14
gginomar: Do you have a CD drive, just not a bootable one?02:14
Kamionfloppies are a bit more uncertain02:14
nomarI have a CD drive yes.02:14
nomarHow much work is a net boot?02:15
gginomar: Try Smart Boot Manager. I know it's on the FreeDOS install floppy image, so I guess you could grab that.02:16
=== rcaskey [~rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu
rcaskeyis  there an Ubuntu planet around anywhere02:17
nomarI'll try that ggi - cheers.02:17
housetieryeah smart boot manager has helped me too02:17
Kamionrcaskey: not yet, will be02:18
pisukeubuntu planet is becoming a faq :-)02:19
=== Lowe [~lowe@ACBD396C.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
Lowehelp me ;_;02:20
Lowe"i have detected a panel already running and will now close"02:20
LoweMy panels are gone ;_;02:20
LoweI'm going to make some coffee. leave me a message if you know how to fix it02:21
topyliLowe: just start another. if it complains you must have a panel process still running and you have to kill it.02:22
=== takatumi [nach@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mojo [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
LoweHow do i do that 02:31
topylikill: 'killall gnome-panel". start new: 'gnome-panel &'02:32
LoweHow do i open up a terminal though? since it was on the panel Im to used to the gui lol)02:33
topyliright click the desktop02:33
Lowekill command not found o_002:34
topylikillall should be there on any sane system02:34
=== Hrdwr_BoB [hrdwrbob@220-253-39-226.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Lowealright it's loaded but...02:35
LoweIt has little x icons over the place02:35
topylithe panel? you've invented the X applet ;)02:36
Lowe*wonders if it will go back to normal if i log out again*02:36
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
topyliwhat if you right click the panel, do you get a reasonable menu?02:36
=== TerminX [~terminx@terminx.envision7.com] has joined #ubuntu
Loweit's actually only two icons that do it02:37
topylii'd get rid of them and make new ones.02:37
LoweHow come when i close the terminal it closes the panels02:37
topyliyou forgot the & which puts the process in the background02:37
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
LoweBut i never02:38
Lowethen again maybe i did02:38
LoweIt works now lol. Thank you02:38
=== Tsjoklat_away is now known as Tsjoklat
nomarHello again. I noticed that when I installed epiphany it has a winge when I try and run it untill I log out and back in again. Any ideas?02:40
nomarBy the way, smart boot manager is great, worked a treat.02:41
gginomar: Grand.02:41
LoweWhy do you want epiphany anyway, firefox pwns it!02:41
nomarIt's a bit lighter and a bit more integrated. It's also a bit improved in Gnome 2.8.02:42
Loweah ok :)02:42
topyliepiphany is nice once you get used to the bookmark system :)02:42
nomarbookmark system is now much improved.02:43
Tsjoklatnever used ff but going to with that new theme02:43
Loweff is an awesome browser.02:43
topylinomar: yep. still, i couldn't reuse my 1 million galeon bookmarks02:43
Tsjoklatbetter then mozilla?02:44
peteog_wrkany plans to make a ubuntu theme for firefox? like the industrial theme garret wrote?02:44
Loweof course02:44
Lowemozilla is crap compared to ff02:44
nomarI wouldn't go that far! 8-)02:44
Tsjoklatmozilla is a drag02:44
topylimozilla is solid. it's just a bit big02:44
Tsjoklatand ugly02:44
LoweFirefox, is fast, secure and looks nice what else do you need?02:45
Tsjoklatnot much :)02:45
topyliproper gnomifications?02:45
pisukemozilla.org should be working on GRE instead of marketting ff. imho gnome needs GRE like there's not tomorrow02:45
Tsjoklatthat's what I liked the most of XD202:45
LoweTsjoklat seriously try it, you wont be dissapointed02:45
Tsjoklatthe intergration02:46
pisukegecko runtime environment02:46
TsjoklatI will Lowe, it comes standard doesn't it02:46
topyliah. yep, mozilla dependency sucks too badly.02:46
TsjoklatI do like the look of the human theme02:47
peteog_wrkyeah that theme is nice :)02:47
Tsjoklatit is hard to find a brownish theme that looks good02:48
Tsjoklatit is all either blue or macish02:48
LoweIt's the default browser in Ubuntu02:48
TsjoklatI was thinking of using Charmel for ff but I think I'll go with Garret's theme02:50
peteog_wrkGarrett really does do some good stuff02:51
TsjoklatI was blown away by the screenshots02:51
Tsjoklatdidn't think it was possible to make it look that good02:51
Tomcat_I just noticed my Ubuntu backup doesn't have any files in /dev... do you think it will work to install a new one, then copy the backup over it?02:51
topylithe ubuntu gdm theme lacks a clock.02:51
LoweWorst browser is IE (duh) but Konqueror comes a close second *awaits insults*02:51
=== michiel_ [~michiel@] has joined #ubuntu
=== thom [~thom@amnesiac.heapspace.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== michiel_ is now known as Mitario
Mitariohey everyone02:51
TsjoklatI had major issues with konqueror Lowe02:52
Tsjoklatopen more then three tabs and it craps out.. you had that problem?02:52
Tsjoklathi Mitario02:52
=== ickyGoat [~ickyGoat@] has joined #ubuntu
peteog_wrkbah - lunch time over time back to Visual Studio C#.NET coding :)02:52
=== JanneM [~JanneM@gk4.leo-net.jp] has joined #ubuntu
LoweI had a lot of problems with it02:54
LoweNot to mention the speed, dog slow.02:54
Tsjoklatthe only thing I did like about it was the good resume02:55
LoweTo be honest i don't like KDE at all either.02:55
LoweSure it looks nice, but looks aren't everything.02:55
Tsjoklatbut so far I have been unable to get any kde prog to work right :{02:55
TsjoklatI think Gnome looks ten times nicer02:57
Tsjoklatnot so glossy and over the top02:57
=== mwh_ [~mwh@] has joined #ubuntu
LoweYeah actually i think gnome looks nicer aswell02:58
LowePlus it performs great02:58
LoweI only hae 256mb ram and it's still great lol02:58
mwh_Hi, I noticed that ubuntu uses gnome-system-tools, but only some of it .. like I was looking for a way to setup services02:59
Tsjoklatso far I have gotten everything I ever wanted to work with Gnome.. that's good enough for me02:59
mwh_what is the prefered way to setup services?02:59
mwh_I have rm'd some of the links in /etc/rc*02:59
Tsjoklatthe main reason why I went for Gnome at the time was gtktalog02:59
mwh_but after an upgrade some of them came back .. thats not nice02:59
lucas_mwh_: use update-rc.d03:00
TsjoklatI could not find anything workable in kde03:00
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090A016.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
lucas_I don't think you can avoid that03:00
Tsjoklatglad I did, never looked back03:00
ichdoes someone got a actuell amule release (2 rc5 maybe) for ubuntu?03:00
mwh_btw, anyone know why gnome-system-tools for ubuntu is missing some tools?03:01
topyliich: amule 1.2.6+rc5-2.1 perhaps?03:02
mwh_lucas_: I hope that will be fixed .. when I get the time ill write a bug-report about it03:02
ichi mean the acutal one on the webpage,03:02
ichbut i loaded the one through apt-get buts its the old one 1.2.603:02
ichi would like the "new" one03:02
=== Tritoch|L [~tritoch@ka45c.hig.no] has joined #ubuntu
nomarWhere is the gnome services tool?03:03
seb128not here03:03
ichi wanted to compile it, but i get an error, if you want i can post it (the error message).03:03
topyliich: dunno. you can show the message, sure03:04
topylinever heard of amule before :)03:05
ichok, wait03:05
LoweWhere is the file types and programs prefrences tool? i can't seem to find it03:05
=== MacPlusG3 [~stewart@c211-28-166-127.eburwd2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mwh_lucas_: it seems to only be able to set if the service should start or stop in a given set of runlevels, not to remove it from runlevels03:06
ichhappens at ./configure03:06
ich" Which libraries should aMule use?03:06
ich                                       wxWidgets          Not detected03:06
ich                                       GTK                Not detected03:06
ich  NOTICE: With wxWidgets versions prior 2.5, you need wxBase library to compile:          amuleweb amulecmd and alcc03:06
lucas_install the -dev packages for those libs03:07
lucas_where what ?03:07
topyliich: just apt-get them03:07
ichapt-get cant find gtk-devel03:07
lucas_that's why I said -dev03:07
lucas_not -devel :)03:07
ichcant find dev too03:07
Tsjoklatdid an apt-get file?03:08
ichi mean gtk-dev03:08
Tsjoklator an apt-file search?03:08
lucas_apt-cache search gtk dev |grep libgtk03:08
JanneMKamion: congratulations, the resize bug is real after all03:08
lucas_-> libgtk2.0-dev03:08
Tsjoklatapt has a tool, file something, that makes you able to search for a file... so it tells you in what package it is located03:08
ichyes, found it03:08
ichoh, much packs with gtk03:09
lucas_Tsjoklat: dpkg -S, but it only works for installed packages03:09
ichganna try libgtk2.0-dev03:09
Tsjoklatif I would do a libglade.so it will tell me where it is03:09
Mitarioseb128, you here?03:09
Tsjoklatno not dpkg Lucas03:09
Mitarioseb128, trashapplet component is added to bugzilla, so if you want to report bugs, it's now possible :)03:09
lucas_Tsjoklat: I'm interested if you can tell me the command then03:09
Mitarioe.g. migrate the ubuntu bugs to upstream bugzilla03:09
LoweAnyone know where i can find the file types tool? it's supposed to be in gnome did Ubuntu take it out perhaps?03:09
Tsjoklatapt-get install apt-file03:09
ichoh, hed found it, installs it03:09
seb128Mitario: yes, I've noticed, I'm just entering the first right now :p03:09
Tsjoklatapt-file update03:10
Mitariook, great :)03:10
Tsjoklatthen you can do an apt-file search03:10
lucas_ok thanks03:10
Tsjoklatdon't forget to do apt-file update03:10
Tsjoklatotherwise you won't get the database and you still can't search03:10
ichstill cant find gtk03:11
ichcant find wxWidgets through apt-file searcg03:11
Tsjoklatand if apt-file update fails.. it will do it over again.. just letting you know03:11
Tsjoklatand it's HUGE03:11
Tsjoklatdid you do the database update ich?03:12
ichdoin it just again03:12
Tsjoklatlet me try hold03:12
mojowill yum break apt-get if installed?03:12
ichdone ,it03:13
Tsjoklatit is in kdedevelop2-data ich03:13
Tsjoklatoops 303:13
ichok, gonna install it03:13
Tsjoklatthat's what my deb box comes up with03:13
topylimojo: why would you want yum on ubuntu?03:13
Tsjoklatwhen I do an apt-file search for wxWidgets03:13
ichcant find kdedevelop3-data03:14
ichcant find apt-file03:14
mojoyum is...somehow..I just have been using yum since..now migrate to Ubuntu, things get different03:14
Kinnisonich: apt-cache search03:14
ichoh, gonna install apt-file03:14
Tsjoklatich you have to install apt-file03:14
Tsjoklatapt-get install apt-file03:14
Tsjoklatapt-file update03:14
ichhave done that03:14
Tsjoklatapt-file search "name" without the "03:14
topylimojo: it's different. i didn't know yum does debian packages.03:15
Tsjoklatnot apt-get update03:15
TsjoklatAPT-FILE update03:15
ichdoes nothin, i gave it the command, does nothin03:15
ichfound it03:15
Tsjoklatwell then I am running dry.. any devs in  here that can shed some light on the apt-file issue?03:15
ichhe loads somethin through wget03:16
Tsjoklatyeah a database03:16
KamionJanneM: hmm?03:16
Tsjoklata huge one03:16
Tsjoklatdon't stop it! or it has to do it again03:16
Tsjoklatwe'll get there.. ich und dich lol03:16
ichoh, another one03:17
Tsjoklatyes it takes a while03:17
Tsjoklatjust let it go03:17
Tsjoklatyou only do it once in a while03:17
ichgonna come back when it complete03:18
JanneMKamion: partitioner refuses to resize03:18
ichso thx, ciao03:18
Tsjoklatlike every six months when you change the battery of your smoke detector03:18
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
mwh_I cant seem to find a rc.local file in ubuntu to run my local stuff .. is this a bug?03:19
Tsjoklatare you on speedy connection? must be03:20
topylimwh_:  you can create one i guess03:20
Tsjoklatalrighty do an apt-file search wxwidgets03:20
ichthats nice03:20
Tsjoklator whatever it was/is03:20
Tsjoklatwhat is? apt-file?03:20
ichdoes nothin03:21
mwh_topyli: I mean will it be executed if I do?03:21
ichnothing comes up03:21
Tsjoklatwhat did you type?03:21
housetiermwh_, /etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh03:21
ichapt-file search wxWidgets03:21
mwh_housetier: thanks03:21
Tsjoklattype lower cases03:21
Tsjoklatthat worked for me03:21
Tsjoklatand it came back with KDEdevelop3-data03:21
ichyes youre right03:22
ichbut its kdevelop3-data, not kde03:22
Tsjoklatah sorry tad early for an old bat such as myself03:22
ichgonna install it through apt-get03:22
ichwow, damn!03:22
Tsjoklatsorry sorry03:22
mwh_housetier: it doesnt seem to be want I want03:22
Tsjoklatapt-file is your friend ich03:22
mwh_housetier: I look for a file which would be run after all the others03:23
Tsjoklathelped me so many times03:23
ichit has to get 30mb of files, and 100mb discspace are needed03:23
Tsjoklatapt is a rock solid monster03:23
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
ichyes, gonna need this now, thx tsjoklat03:23
Tsjoklatwell must be huge lol03:23
Tsjoklatbut if that is what you need03:23
ichgonna work some while its loading, come back later, thx03:24
Tsjoklatyour most welcome :)03:24
Tsjoklattold you we would fix it, ich und dich03:24
Tsjoklatgetting old Tsjoklat... really03:24
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu
mxpxpodhello all03:25
housetiermwh_, hmmm I don't know of a script that is called after all the others. so you'd have to create one yourself and set the runlevels yourself (update-rc.d will help you [on debian at least] )03:25
=== conekg [cone@P-5.219.EUnet.yu] has joined #ubuntu
mwh_housetier: yes, its okay, I hope that ubuntu will ship with the rest of the gnome-system-tools, perticular this tool: http://www.gnome.org/projects/gst/screenshots/runlevel.jpg03:26
mwh_and this would not be bad to have either:03:27
=== dalderman [~dan@82-43-57-150.cable.ubr04.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
jdubmwh_: not in warty.03:27
jdubmwh_: unlikely we'd ship them as they are at the moment.03:27
daldermanthom, hey dude, dan from Guadec here03:27
thomhey dude03:28
thomi was aiming for howzit, but obviously not too sucessfully03:28
daldermannot too bad03:28
daldermanbones don't like this weather, but nursey will be here tomorrow to make me all better :-)03:29
=== dalderman rubs his hands
ichso, what now?03:29
ichlets configure again...03:29
daldermanthom, do you have access to ubuntu bugzilla?  I requested an account but haven't had an email with a password03:29
ichdoesnt find wxwidgets03:29
thomdalderman: what email addy?03:30
Tsjoklatperhaps you need to point it at the dir kdevelop is in03:30
Tsjoklatis one able to play mp3s in Ubuntu or not?03:31
daldermanI may have trypod, but didn't want to create duplicates so thought I'd ask03:31
ichyes, im able03:31
Tsjoklatwith xmms?03:31
topyliich: without amule, how are we going to get all our linux warez ;)03:31
=== jblack [~jblack@mercury.merconline.com] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklator what player do you use03:31
ichi sue rhytmbox, xmms and beep-media-player03:31
ichbut dont use alsa, try oss, or if possible esound03:32
ichyes topyli :)03:32
=== togs [togs@] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatyou can't use alsa on Ubuntu?03:32
thomwe recommend that you use esd03:33
ichit doesnt work very well, all system sound work over it, i use oss for music so nothin becomes blocked03:33
treyh0alsa is used already cause its part of kernel 2.603:33
ichyes i recommend esd too, shityy alsa...03:33
jdubTsjoklat: we use the alsa drivers, but set apps to use esd to talk to oss emulation (more stable than the alsa libraries)03:33
ichplease, help me with my problem :-/03:33
Tsjoklatwow never knew that, thought alsa was great03:33
ichno, it isnt03:34
Tsjoklatbut I haven't run a 2.6 kernel.. still stuck on 2.403:34
topylibut xgalaga doesn't like sound daemons :)03:34
jdubTsjoklat: it is, but the libs are not well exposed yet :-)03:34
ichbut lets use esd03:34
Tsjoklatgood to know I have to point to esd or oss03:34
TsjoklatI am not too crazy about gstreamer though03:34
Tsjoklatis that something Ubuntu uses?03:34
ichplease help me folks03:34
ichdont know @tso...03:35
ichyoure name is nice to type03:35
Tsjoklatwhat is the error you get? ich?03:35
thomich: what problem?03:35
housetierich what is your problem again?03:35
ichthe same as at the satr, it doenst find wxwidgets and gtk03:35
ichwait, ill send you the readme, cant really follow it?03:35
=== _Hiro_ [~hiro@212-112.a2f.dsl.net4all.net] has joined #ubuntu
thomtell us what you want to do03:36
Tsjoklattotem would not compile unless I uncheck gstreamer.. works great on xine03:36
ichi want to compile amule 2.rc503:36
Tsjoklatis that a sharing client thingy?03:36
_Hiro_freudian slip, I just tried to go to ubountylinux.org. I must be hungry :P03:36
Tsjoklatisn't amule based on kdelibs?03:36
ichdont know03:37
ichbut heres naother prob:03:37
aitrusi used synaptic to install XMMS, but when i try to run it, it says "libmikmod.so.2: cannot open shared obeject file..."03:37
ich"Preconfiguring packages ...03:37
ich(Lese Datenbank ... 74477 Dateien und Verzeichnisse sind derzeit installiert.)03:37
ichEntpacke wxwin2.4-headers (aus .../wxwin2.4-headers_2.4.2.4ubuntu1_i386.deb) ...dpkg: Fehler beim Bearbeiten von /var/cache/apt/archives/wxwin2.4-headers_2.4.2.4ubuntu1_i386.deb (--unpack):03:37
ich versuche /usr/include/wx/gtk/accel.h zu berschreiben, welches auch in Paket wxgtk-devel ist03:37
ichdpkg-deb: Unterprozess paste gettet mit Signal (Datenbergabe unterbrochen (broken pipe))03:37
ichFehler traten auf beim Bearbeiten von:03:37
ich /var/cache/apt/archives/wxwin2.4-headers_2.4.2.4ubuntu1_i386.deb03:37
ichE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:37
ichok, its german, excuse me03:37
housetierich, you should only need one of those packages03:37
ichhow can i remove one?03:37
housetierich, either -devel or -headers03:38
housetierapt-get remove <package> or use synaptic03:38
ichgonna remove headers how03:38
ichwhich one to remove03:38
Tsjoklatheaders look old03:38
Tsjoklatshould have atleast 2.5 right?03:38
=== stratus [~stratus@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
ichhave removed it03:39
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
ichhow to get amule working?03:40
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
housetier#amule will help03:41
=== andred [~andre@h98n2fls34o1115.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== togs [togs@] has left #ubuntu []
housetierbasically its configure, make, make install, run03:41
ichdoesnt work03:41
thomwhat is the error from configure?03:41
=== scc [~scc@dhcp246.troll.no] has joined #ubuntu
topyliich: amule isn't everything. get something that works ;)03:42
housetierich, please don't say "doesnt work" but tell us the error message03:42
ichCrypto++ library/headers style?                          mdk_suse_fc03:42
ich  Which libraries should aMule use?03:42
ich                                       wxWidgets          Not detected03:42
ich                                       GTK                Not detected03:42
ich  NOTICE: With wxWidgets versions prior 2.5, you need wxBase library to compile:          amuleweb amulecmd and alcc03:42
=== pisuke [~luis@84-120-64-24.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
housetierich, people hate it when they have to make wild guesses, so tell them al the dirty details03:42
ichso ill have to get GTK and wxWidgets03:42
thomich: you need libgtk2.0-dev03:43
housetierich, you will need the corresponding -devel packages 03:43
housetieror -dev03:43
Tsjoklatdumb question but did you read on the website what the requirments are?03:43
TsjoklatIf you dont know how to install/compile aMule, take a look at the HOWTO first!!03:43
ichill show it to you:03:43
Tsjoklaton their site03:43
ichi did, tried evrythin.03:44
ichdidnt got it03:44
ichill show you what deps it has03:44
aitrusis there an install history for synaptic?03:44
=== housetier waits and waits
topylithey say it's unstable. perhaps it won't compile at all :)03:44
=== Tsjoklat sits with housetier
TsjoklatDownload mirror for aMule releases can be found here (when the default links are down): aMule 2.0.0rc5 , aMule 1.2.8 and all other packages like wx*, gd, utils here. Have fun ;-)03:44
Tsjoklatich.. you really need to go to their site03:45
Tsjoklatit gives you links to get all the libs you need03:45
Tsjoklatunless you have it all... nothing anyone can do03:45
ichbut htats all rpm, i need debs03:45
=== parkerc_ [~parkerc@cs671066-129.houston.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Chiavix [~chiavix@host26-223.pool8248.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Tsjoklatuse alien03:45
Tsjoklatconvert 'em into debs03:45
ichgonna do it03:46
housetieroh boy03:46
andredHas anyone ran into the Trash applet crashing? It's died twice for me.03:46
TsjoklatI am closing this amule thingy ich03:47
TsjoklatI already see I will not like this one bit03:47
Tsjoklatwell follow the instructions I would say03:47
Chiavixhi there03:47
Tsjoklatget the files, RTM and that's about it03:47
TsjoklatI think there are better sharing clients then amule ich, that's what I meant03:48
ichwhich ones?03:48
ichgonna try it03:48
ichheres a new error one:03:48
ichkruemmel@ubuntu ~ $ sudo dpkg -i wxgtk_2.4.2-2_i386.deb03:48
ich(Lese Datenbank ... 74706 Dateien und Verzeichnisse sind derzeit installiert.)03:48
ichEntpacke wxgtk (aus wxgtk_2.4.2-2_i386.deb) ...03:48
ichdpkg: Fehler beim Bearbeiten von wxgtk_2.4.2-2_i386.deb (--install):03:48
ich versuche /usr/share/wx/2.4/afm/Cour.afm zu berschreiben, welches auch in Paket libwxgtk2.4 ist03:48
ichdpkg-deb: Unterprozess paste gettet mit Signal (Datenbergabe unterbrochen (broken pipe))03:48
ichFehler traten auf beim Bearbeiten von:03:48
ich wxgtk_2.4.2-2_i386.deb03:48
Tsjoklatthis amule... well the bunny is cute but that's about it03:49
mwh_jdub: anyways I look forward to have them :)03:49
TsjoklatI would try something else03:49
ichok, gonna try gnutella03:49
mojoI got some difficulty in installing Maya 603:49
Tsjoklatamule is giving me a headache and I am not even installing it03:49
mojoMaya 6 uses RPM03:49
mojohow can I install them?03:50
mwh_jdub: btw, I needed to setup my services because hwclock hangs my computer when it runs, because my batery is flat, I cannot set my hardware clock ;)03:50
ichhttp://gtk-gnutella.sourceforge.net/   ???03:50
Tsjoklatwhy do you want to do it from source?03:50
topyliich: use apt :)03:50
Tsjoklatmy sentiments topy03:50
topylii did compile gtk-gnutella though :)03:50
topylito use gtk203:50
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
ichsudo apt-get install gnutella03:50
ichPaketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig03:50
ichAbhngigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut... Fertig03:50
ichE: Konnte Paket gnutella nicht finden03:50
housetierich, its most often a good idea to use the package tool and packages for your distribution03:50
ichi sue ubuntu, gnutella isnt there03:51
ichi would like to use it, but its not there03:51
housetierich, you see you can "apt-cache search" yourself03:51
Tsjoklattry synaptic03:51
housetierich getting used to linux does take a while I know. please don't loose your patience :)03:52
topyliapt-cache search gtk-gnutella shows gtk-gnutella :)03:52
=== jdthood_away is now known as jdthood
ichjust installing it :-P03:52
jdubmwh_: mmm, but this does not always mean you need gui tools03:52
ichyeah, does work03:53
ichthx man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!03:53
housetierwoe is my eyes, woe03:53
topyliich: now just type "linux warez" into the search box :)03:53
aitrusHow do I tell Rhythmbox to use esd?03:53
ichjust use xmms or beep-media-player03:54
thomaitrus: run gstreamer-properties03:54
aitrusxmms won't run for some reason03:54
thomand select ed as the output sink03:54
ichit doesnt connect to servers :(03:54
=== jdthood is now known as jdthood_away
ich0/3 connections03:54
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
housetierich, that's highly #gnutella specific I guess03:55
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
ichthats been evrythin ciao03:55
mwh_jdub: no not at all, but I would very much like to use ubuntu as a distribution for graphical orientede users, and these tools are pretty much what I see as a showstopper for me, im using fedora core 2 for graphical users right now03:56
housetier20 bucks says it wasnt everythin at all yet03:56
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090A016.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu []
mwh_jdub: btw, if you have it on top of your mind, what is holding back these two tools?03:56
Tsjoklatis it gone?03:56
housetierit is03:56
housetier/ls help03:57
=== Tsjoklat makes mental note: kill amule
jdubmwh_: they aren't appropriate for the use cases in normal life03:57
andredUbuntu's default theme is similar to Industrial. I guess this Firefox theme/modification would be a good match: http://linuxart.com/log/archives/2004/09/20/industrial-for-firefox/03:58
topyliyeah, how many times a day do you change the grub config :)03:58
jdubandred: we're going to modify it after warty is out03:59
TsjoklatI like that theme, shouldn't be too hard to change it into the human colour03:59
topyliandred: it does look good inside my epiphany window :)03:59
mwh_jdub: oh thats it, do the gnome-system-tools developers know about this issue? I guess they do, if you know what are there position on this mater?03:59
jdubmwh_: yes, they do04:00
andredjdub, Based on that theme? I think they've done most of the job already, so it probably would be wise to use it.04:00
mwh_jdub: ok04:00
jdubandred: yes, modifying it04:00
daldermancan someone tell me why I have all these devices in my volume control please: 04:00
daldermanAnalog Devices AD1981B[OSS Mixer] 04:00
daldermanSilicon Laboratory Si3036/8 rev [OSS Mixer] 04:00
daldermanIntel 82801DB-ICH4 [Alsa Mixer] 04:00
daldermanIntel 82801DB-ICH4 Modem [Alsa Mixer] 04:00
mwh_jdub: it would be nice to have them though, like I think it would be better to have them than not having them04:00
jdubmwh_: one of the options is applying the boot stuff to the in-development disk editor04:00
jdubmwh_: not as they are04:00
mwh_jdub: clever04:01
daldermanas far as I know I only have 1 sound card in my lappy (Tosh Sat Pro A10)04:01
jdubmwh_: and certainly not in warty, too late04:01
mwh_jdub: could it be made as another package?04:01
Treenaksdalderman: a sound card and a modem, probably04:01
mwh_jdub: like not installing that package but ship with it anyways04:01
mwh_jdub: people like me ;) could then install it manually04:01
jdubmwh_: they are unsupported upstream. we're not going to support them...04:01
daldermanTreenaks, two of the panels are empty04:02
daldermanTreenaks, the second and forth04:02
mwh_jdub: does this mean only some of the package gnome-system-tools are supported? or is the whole package not supported?04:02
daldermanTreenaks, and the volume control in both seems to affect the sound, is this normal?04:02
mwh_jdub: sorry if I ask to many lame questions, im just trying to learn04:02
Treenaksdalderman: yes, that's because ALSA emulates OSS, so the OSS mixer is the same one as the ALSA mixer.. the other 2 panels are empty.. now there's a bug (it shouldn't show empty panels, probably :))04:03
daldermanTreenaks, I would file a bug but I can't get an account at the moment04:04
Treenakswhy not04:04
pisukedalderman, i had problems with hotplug and slackware because the modem was being detected as card-004:04
pisukeand soundcard as card-104:04
daldermanTreenaks, Sep 21 14:22:39 adelie postfix/smtp[24412] : 9FD4B192C00E: to=<d.alderman@180sw.com>, relay=thsmtpb1.byworkwise.com[] , delay=35, status=bounced (host thsmtpb1.byworkwise.com[]  said: 550 5.7.1 This system is configured to reject mail from (DNS reverse lookup failed) (in reply to MAIL FROM command))04:05
Treenaksdalderman: I had the same problem04:05
daldermanI have emailed  justdave@canonical.com on Thoms advice04:05
=== jg_ [~jg@] has joined #ubuntu
pisukedalderman, you can configure alsa to alter the ordering of the cards o prevent hotplug from loading the modem module04:05
daldermanpisuke, I do get hotplug errors on startup, but they go by so fast I can't see them04:06
jdubmwh_: the stuff you get when you install gnome-system-tools is supported04:06
Treenakspisuke: how?04:06
jdubmwh_: the stuff that isn't built and included in that is not supported04:06
=== Deft [~phil@cpc2-hem14-6-0-cust211.lutn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== topyli [~juha@ktlpc219.edu.helsinki.fi] has left #ubuntu []
aitrusand rhythm box crashes when i try and import my mp3 collection... *sigh*04:06
daldermanI also have issues with the cpu speed applet thingy, batstat applet and my touchpad04:06
mwh_jdub: ok04:07
pisukeTreenaks, dalderman, /etc/hotplug/blacklist04:07
Treenaksdalderman: laptops are notoriously strange devices..04:07
pisukey put snd-intel8x0m04:07
pisukein blacklist04:07
pisuketo prevent hotplug from loading it04:07
pisukeit was easy for me04:08
daldermanI recall getting an error with something like sbhpc and i810 audio04:08
pisukeand dont needed the modem anyway04:08
Treenaksdalderman: sbhpc sounds like IEEE1394/firewire04:08
pisukedalderman, lsmod04:09
daldermanI have no firewire in here04:09
thomdalderman: what's the issue with cpufreq applet?04:09
mwh_thank you for your answers everybody, ill be off now, happy hacking!04:09
pisukeand have a look at snd-* modules04:09
daldermanscutter:/etc/hotplug# lsmod04:09
daldermanModule                  Size  Used by04:09
daldermannls_cp437               6016  004:09
daldermanisofs                  33976  004:09
daldermanudf                    79876  004:09
daldermannfs                   165952  104:09
daldermanlockd                  56520  2 nfs04:09
daldermansunrpc                137060  4 nfs,lockd04:09
daldermani830                   68644  104:09
daldermanproc_intf               3968  004:09
daldermanfreq_table              4356  004:09
daldermancpufreq_userspace       5336  004:09
daldermancpufreq_powersave       2048  004:09
daldermands                     17796  204:09
daldermantoshiba_acpi            6300  004:09
daldermanbutton                  6680  004:09
daldermanbattery                 9740  004:10
daldermanac                      5132  004:10
daldermanasus_acpi              11544  004:10
daldermanipv6                  230020  1204:10
daldermanyenta_socket           19328  004:10
daldermanpcmcia_core            63156  2 ds,yenta_socket04:10
daldermanprism54                47388  004:10
daldermanfirmware_class          9728  1 prism5404:10
daldermane100                   30208  004:10
daldermaneepro100               28300  004:10
daldermanmii                     4864  2 e100,eepro10004:10
daldermansnd_intel8x0m          18632  404:10
daldermansnd_intel8x0           33068  604:10
daldermansnd_ac97_codec         59268  2 snd_intel8x0m,snd_intel8x004:10
daldermansnd_pcm_oss            48168  104:10
daldermansnd_mixer_oss          16640  6 snd_pcm_oss04:10
daldermansnd_pcm                85540  3 snd_intel8x0m,snd_intel8x0,snd_pcm_oss04:10
daldermansnd_timer              23172  1 snd_pcm04:10
daldermansnd_page_alloc         11144  3 snd_intel8x0m,snd_intel8x0,snd_pcm04:10
daldermangameport                4736  1 snd_intel8x004:10
daldermansnd_mpu401_uart         7296  1 snd_intel8x004:10
daldermansnd_rawmidi            23232  1 snd_mpu401_uart04:10
daldermansnd_seq_device          7944  1 snd_rawmidi04:10
daldermansnd                    50660  18 snd_intel8x0m,snd_intel8x0,snd_ac97_codec,snd_pcm_oss,snd_mixer_oss,snd_pcm,snd_timer,snd_mpu401_uart,snd_rawmidi,snd_seq_device04:10
daldermansoundcore               9824  7 snd04:10
Treenaksdalderman: make it stop!04:10
daldermanusbhid                 28864  004:10
daldermanpci_hotplug            30640  004:10
daldermanehci_hcd               27780  004:11
daldermanuhci_hcd               29328  004:11
daldermanusbcore               104292  5 usbhid,ehci_hcd,uhci_hcd04:11
daldermanintel_agp              20512  104:11
daldermanagpgart                31784  3 intel_agp04:11
daldermanrtc                    12216  004:11
daldermanpcspkr                  3816  004:11
daldermanmd                     44744  004:11
daldermandm_mod           04:11
daldermani810fb will be removed on next reboot04:11
daldermanas I have Intel 855 so can only use vesafb04:11
daldermanthom, it thinks my laptop is about 211232143423432423Ghz04:11
lucas_I hope nobody will ask him to check the output of "ps" next time ;)04:11
pisukeD snd-intel8x0m04:11
daldermanwill blacklisting that audio module mean I have to load my audio manually?04:11
daldermanI thought you wanted it all, sorry04:12
Treenaksdalderman: no04:12
pisukeblacklist snd-intel8x0m04:12
daldermanhave done04:12
pisukethat's the internal modem04:12
daldermanoh, ok04:12
daldermanI never use it anyway04:12
pisukereboot and snd-card-0 won't be your modem04:12
daldermank, I shall reboot and see, brb04:13
=== xTina [~xTina@laptop-dynip220.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de] has joined #ubuntu
pisukei don't know if it's alsa or hotplug, but a modem shouldn't be detected as card-004:14
jg_jdub: It appears to have been a corrupted package, from the logs.  My first use of bittorrent isn't favorable.  Sigh...04:15
jdubjg_: d'oh :|04:15
jdubjg_: at least you can rsync against it though :)04:15
jg_jdub: too late; I started a conventional download....04:16
jg_jdub: should I grab today's install image?04:17
jdubjg_: ideally, yes04:17
jg_ok, that's what I'm doing.04:17
_Hiro_can I bootsplash an ubuntu install :| ?04:17
jdubmany bugs fixed04:17
jdub_Hiro_: not in this release -> but hoary will have a cool userland splash thingy :)04:17
_Hiro_great :)04:17
_Hiro_with udev I see a lot of errors and I'd like to hide those ;)04:18
Deftbootsplash would make all the difference in making people think Linux was easy04:18
_Hiro_can I use fb-ng?04:18
_Hiro_it gave me 1600x1200@85 on my consoles04:18
TreenaksDeft: yeah, but why...04:18
=== dalderman [~dan@82-43-57-150.cable.ubr04.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Deftthinking of boot errors, is pciehp even real? I get an error about it loading each time04:18
daldermancheers guys, the mixer has 2 panels now :-)04:18
daldermanDeft, I get that too04:19
thomdalderman: that cpufreq bug sounds like 144404:19
daldermanI get errors with shpchp and pciehp04:19
thomwhich i'll be looking at soon :-)04:19
_Hiro_me too04:19
=== elim [~elim@81-178-218-10.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
Deftyeah, same04:19
nomarI just got those errors too!04:21
nomarBy the way ubuntu looks like a great and worthwile project. Good luck. I hope to make great use of ubuntu. Thank you.04:22
daldermanWe will be Ubuntuing all our workstations in the office when it goes stable :-)04:22
Deftif anyone knows the error text, that's probably worth looking up/reporting04:22
pisukeis there a but about the detection order of soundcards, when one of them is a modem?04:23
=== robtaylor [~robtaylor@] has joined #ubuntu
=== lucas_ [~lucas@cab-192023.calixo.net] has joined #ubuntu
lucas_linux-image- doesn't contain an initrd04:23
lucas_is it normal ?04:23
thomthey get built when you install the package04:23
thomso yes, entirely normal04:23
Deftlucas_, no04:23
lucas_oh ok04:24
Deftthat was a better answer, ignore mine04:24
daldermanthom, is there a bug re no way to specify wep key in the network control panel tool thingy04:24
thomnot afaik04:25
daldermanI shall add once I get an account then04:25
mojohas any1 succeeded in installing Maya 6.0 on Debian or Ubuntun?04:26
daldermanso how do I find out if my touchpad is a synaptics one, I tried to get X to use it but it says there is no synaptics touchpad present04:26
=== robtaylor [~robtaylor@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== gommans [~gommans@] has joined #ubuntu
jg_dalderman: you'd expect to see synaptics mentioned during the boot sequence04:33
=== StoneTable [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
=== toyo_school [~greg@000e8362107d.click-network.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== darut [~darut@host-ip82-199.crowley.pl] has joined #ubuntu
=== dan_alderman [~dan@82-43-57-150.cable.ubr04.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
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=== dan_alderman [~dan@82-43-57-150.cable.ubr04.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== dan_alderman is now known as dan_a
=== free [~free@81-208-74-187.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
dan_aso what's the deal with grdb type stuff now?04:42
dan_amy xemacs looks awful04:42
dan_aafaik grdb got absorbed into gnome right?04:42
thomshould be handled by gnome04:42
dan_awell, I haven't got a .grdb or anything like that anymore, but my xemacs doesn't look like it's been adjusted at all by gnome04:43
dan_ado I need to specify some defaults somewhere?04:43
Tomcat_God... what's up with the Ubuntu installer? No offense, but the partition has fucked up my partition table the second time now... :o04:43
Mithrandirsounds like a bug in parted if it fucks up your partition table04:44
_Hiro_does it take long for a subscription to ubuntu-users to be confirmed?04:45
Tomcat_It's weird because that didn't happen the last time I installed Debian....04:45
Mithrandir_Hiro_: no, it shouldn't04:45
_Hiro_then I better resubmit because I waiting an hour already04:45
Tsjoklatanyone knows how to get decent mp3 tags in nautilus?04:45
Tsjoklatsomething that will display bitrate, length and what not?04:46
DeftTsjoklat: do you have the audio tab in the properties dialog for mp3s?04:47
KamionTomcat_: do you have WinXP installed on the same box?04:47
Tsjoklatyes Deft I do04:47
Tsjoklatbut it says unknown unknown unknown04:47
Tsjoklatand all my files are correctly tagged04:47
Defthmm, the Audio/Video tab is fairly broken normally, but the Audio one should be ok...04:48
TsjoklatI can see why it would say that for vid since it is not a vid file but why doesn't it read mp3 tags04:48
Tsjoklatbut then I never got nautilus-media to work either, if I install it, it makes nautilus crash04:49
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
_Hiro_I noticed I can't play mp3s from by ata disk, checked in hdparm and dma is set to off04:50
_Hiro_could that be the reason udev doesn't create it?04:50
dan_athom, ahhhh I have to edit /etc/gnome/config/*04:50
_Hiro_the device node to it I mean04:50
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3mb5.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Mitariogoing home, cya soon!04:52
Tsjoklatthat's what I like in kde konqueror.. the meta info on mp3s is superb04:53
Tomcat_Kamion: Win2k... the disk I install Ubuntu on was: NTFS/Space/NTFS, then: NTFS/Root/Swap/NTFS, but then all partition programs say my partition table is fucked.04:54
=== M-nol [~raph@rberbain.net1.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu
KamionTomcat_: yeah, there's a parted issue there; you're saying it's definitely fixed in Debian testing now?04:54
KamionTomcat_: or are you talking about Debian stable?04:54
Tomcat_I had Debian testing (Sarge) on it before and I didn't have this issue.04:54
=== Tsjoklat is now known as Tsjoklat_afk
mojoexcuse me all developers, any1 repsonsible for "mc" program?04:55
_Hiro_why am I not permitted to activate dma? 04:57
_Hiro_ setting using_dma to 1 (on)04:57
_Hiro_ HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not permitted04:57
_Hiro_I run it as root04:57
_Hiro_it's umounted04:58
=== stub [~zen@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
mjg59_Hiro_: It means there's no kernel support for DMA at the moment04:58
thom_Hiro_: the driver doesn't support it04:58
_Hiro_I see o_O04:58
mjg59thom: Or that the driver wasn't loaded04:58
_Hiro_what module would that be?04:58
_Hiro_I always compuled it in my kernels04:59
mjg59_Hiro_: Can you do lspci | grep IDE ?04:59
_Hiro_0000:00:07.1 IDE interface: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C586A/B/VT82C686/A/B/VT823x/A/C PIPC Bus Master IDE (rev 10)04:59
_Hiro_I'm on a via board, on my own kernels I always let it auto-set DMA :)05:00
mjg59How about lsmod | grep -i via ?05:01
DeftVIA82CXXX is the module05:01
mjg59Ok, interesting05:01
LoweI willask again since more people are around. Where is the file types prefrences? did Ubuntu take them out or something05:01
LoweNo one know?05:01
LoweWhen i try to change what .mp3 file opens with it won't click. The dot thing, it just stickson totem? -_-05:01
_Hiro_is after ide_core05:01
Loweholy fuck05:01
Loweuhm did you really need to paste all that in here >_~05:02
LoweOne more try. In the gnome manual it says i can edit File types and programs in Apps > Desktop Prefrences > advanced > File types and programs. But there is no advanced tab, did Ubuntu take it out?05:02
Lowemeh i guess i will ask later, since no one knows. -_-05:02
DeftLowe: it's in the file properties box05:03
_Hiro_Lowe file types isn't that in Computer>Desktop Preferences>Prefeered Applications?05:03
_Hiro_I wonder why I can't have DMA :/05:04
_Hiro_it should be alright no?05:04
Deft_Hiro_: are you using an ubuntu kernel?05:04
[Clint] anyone know the how much disk space the standard desktop takes up?05:04
_Hiro_bah my /dev/hda is also without dma05:04
_Hiro_do I need to hdparm them in a bootup script somewhere?05:04
thom[Clint] : i think we're at about 1.4GB05:04
[Clint] thom: thanks05:05
mjg59_Hiro_: It sounds as if something is going wrong when the IDE modules are loading05:05
Deftthe issue could that the via module is loaded after the generic one... not sure what to do about that though05:05
mjg59But I'm afraid I don't actually have an Ubuntu system here to debug...05:05
_Hiro_ide_core              138896  5 ide_disk,pdc202xx_old,via82cxxx,ide_generic,ide_05:06
mjg59_Hiro_: Actually, I have the same problem on a Linux 2.4.27 machine05:06
_Hiro_does this mean the general gets preference?05:06
mjg59It looks like there's something going wrong that results in the via module being loaded after something else has grabbed the disks05:06
_Hiro_hmm maybe that's why udev can't find my hd05:06
mjg59It shouldn't affect udev, though05:07
mjg59Can you file a bug about the DMA problem in bugzilla.ubuntu.com?05:07
KamionTomcat_: did you install Debian testing from scratch, or upgrade?05:09
_Hiro_I'm not getting an e-mail from ubuntu-users either :/05:09
_Hiro_I tried 2 times already05:09
Tomcat_Kamion: From scratch05:10
KamionTomcat_: do you remember roughly when?05:11
Tomcat_February of this year.05:11
Kamionhey, that's way before we branched05:11
KamionI think the parted issue must have been introduced after then05:11
Tomcat_I got easily recoverable backups of my data now, so if you want we can fix it...05:12
Tomcat_Like... I can repartition the disk and have an installer CD of Ubuntu...05:13
Tomcat_But right now I can't say for sure that it's the problem of parted... might also be Partition Magic.05:13
=== ninja [~rossg@user176.busdsl.jtibs.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionfrom other discussions I believe it to be a parted problem05:13
Tomcat_Probably... people say different things, but for me Partition Magic has always worked flawlessly...05:14
Tomcat_Anyway, if you want to fix this, I'm available... but not long till I have to remove my backups.05:14
Tomcat_Like, trying another version of parted...05:15
Kamionparted (1.6.11-1) experimental; urgency=low05:15
Kamion  * New upstream release. (Closes: #254502)05:15
Kamion    - should fix 2.6 kernel BIOS CHS geometry problems. Broke binary05:15
Kamion      compatibility though, thus the soname change.05:15
Tomcat_omg... that sounds so much like my problem...05:15
Kamionit will not be easy for you to just try another version of parted, I don't think05:15
Tomcat_Because some partition programs say it's a disk geometry problem... and PMagic complains about some CHS errors...05:15
Kamionunless you already have an Ubuntu system running on that disk, but presumably the partition table will already have been trashed ...05:16
Tomcat_The table gets trashed on installation, so if we want to change something it's gotta be at the installation.05:17
Cardadori corrected my partition table with suse 9.1 cd, some time ago05:17
Cardadorthere is an howto somewhere05:17
Tomcat_Cardador: I just tried a whole bunch of programs, nothing helped. :o05:17
Tomcat_And I don't know enough about disk geometry/partition tables to edit it directly myself.05:18
Kamion  * Added backported CHS BIOS geometry fix.05:18
Kamion    - libparted/disk_dos.c (read_table, process_bad_chs): now probes05:18
Kamion      Microsoft file systems for BIOS CHS geometry. This idea was05:18
Kamion      suggested by Steffen Winterfeldt <snwint@suse.de>.05:18
Kamionno bug numbers in that changelog, though, which makes it very hard to track down05:18
CardadorTomcat_:  have you tried to change some settings in your bios?05:18
KamionCardador: this is a legitimate bug in Ubuntu which we should just fix05:18
Cardadori heard that changing the geometry from auto to LBA solved the problem for some people05:19
Tomcat_Cardador: Like?05:19
Cardadorauto to LBA05:19
Cardadoror CHS to LBA05:19
Tomcat_The "partition table trashed" error or the "parted trashed the partition table" error? :)05:19
=== Tomcat_ looks at his BIOS settings
stubTalking about partitions - is ntfsresize or some other method of shrinking my NTFS  partition available on the install CD?05:20
Kamionstub: afraid not05:20
Tomcat_Cardador: I can only enable/disable LBA... no CHS/Auto option.05:20
=== goatboy_ [~tim@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
Tomcat_Oh I'll just try :)05:21
CardadorTomcat_: i just read that, i solved my problem with suse cd05:21
=== nksen [~Dani@pD954B861.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tomcat_The question is what you did with the SuSE CD :)05:22
Cardadorwhen you boot from the cd, there is an option to solve this kind of problem05:22
Tomcat_If it was able to automatically repair it, it's not the same problem I have.05:23
Cardadornot automatically05:23
Cardadorill try to find that info 05:23
Tomcat_Would be great. :)05:24
Tomcat_Changing the LBA to off at least made PMagic want to fix the partition table again.... but in the end it was still dead.05:24
Cardadorbut it boots windows?05:24
=== Parisi [Parisi@alb-69-200-25-62.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Tomcat_Sure, Windows is on another disk. :)05:25
Cardadorso whats the problem?05:25
=== nick01 [~nick01@home-07031.b.astral.ro] has joined #ubuntu
=== Leoric [~joh@166.80-203-18.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
nick01what's ubuntu ?05:26
Tomcat_That after installing Ubuntu, all partition programs complain about a broken partition table... and I might like to resize some partitions sometime.05:26
Leorickick ass linux distro :)05:26
CardadorI used this howto: %http://portal.suse.com/sdb/en/2004/05/fhassel_windows_not_booting91.html in order to boot win again05:26
Tomcat_But I can't resize them when the partition table is broken.05:26
CardadorTomcat_: i dont know if it will help05:26
Tomcat_I'll see... thanks so far.05:27
Leoricwhat is the easy-way to get some "illegal" movie codecs into ubuntu?05:27
Cardadorjust copy the codecs to /usr/lib/win32/05:28
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
DeftLeoric: download them; there's an rpm called w32codec-something.rpm with lots in; just unzip it or whatever05:28
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
LeoricDeft: thanks!05:29
=== nksen [~Dani@pD954B861.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu ["Tooooeeeeessssss"]
=== mdz_ [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Lowehiro no05:33
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
Tomcat_Cardador: The info looks good, but I don't want to start installation SuSE now just to fix my partition error... it'll be better if this is fixed in Ubuntu...05:34
Tomcat_But I'll try another thing.05:34
Tomcat_What the HELL?!?05:35
Tomcat_Okay, for the logs, this is what I did.05:35
Tomcat_Install Ubuntu05:35
nick01where do I find an ubuntu screenshot ?05:36
Tomcat_Start Windows, Partition Magic, it complains about partition table being corrupt, fix it (Y/N?), in the program the partition table is corrupt (error 108)05:36
=== maku [~Mayank@] has joined #ubuntu
makuhello guys05:36
elmomdz: how come ksymoops got demoted?  I thought the plan was to support 2.4.x kernels if the user chose to use them?05:37
makucan i install kde3.3 in ubuntu?05:37
Tomcat_nick01: Search Slashdot for Ubuntu, the article has an article with screenshots linked...05:37
Tomcat_Oh hell, if anybody wants to know what I did (my partition table is okay again), query me.05:37
KamionTomcat_: I think I have a grip on the problem, will try to get a fix into Ubuntu05:38
KamionTomcat_: can I ping you for testing at some point? I don't actually own a copy of Windows05:38
nick01Tomcat_: u meant ubuntu ccorrunts the filesystem  ?!05:38
Tomcat_Kamion: If it's today or tomorrow then yes... I can't leave my backups on my Dad's PC for longer (80 GB)05:38
Tomcat_nick01: No, the partition table *MIGHT* get corrupted in certain cases.05:39
KamionTomcat_: won't be that soon I'm afraid05:39
makucan i install kde3.3 in ubuntu? i mean how do i find repositories for KDE3.3?05:40
CardadorTomcat_: i didnt install suse05:40
CardadorTomcat_: if you boot from suse cd, there is an option right at boot to fix the partition table05:40
Tomcat_Kamion: Can I query you? You might be interested why my ptable is okay again.05:40
nick01Tomcat_: does it have nvidia drivers ? what about ati ones ?05:40
Tomcat_nick01: Afaik it has NVidia drivers... but I use the free ones anyway.05:41
nick01Tomcat_: and ati ?05:41
KamionTomcat_: I'd prefer it if you filed a bug with all the details05:41
CardadorTomcat_: is your problem solved?05:41
KamionTomcat_: I will lose stuff pasted into IRC05:41
Tomcat_nick01: No idea, the ATI drivers for Linux suck anyway.05:41
Tomcat_Kamion: Well I doubt it'll help anyone, but I can file a bug.05:42
nick01Tomcat_: java ? flash ?05:42
KamionTomcat_: it may well help *me*05:42
=== lowe_ [~lowe@ACBDF827.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
Tomcat_Kamion: Because I don't have any details, only a description of what I did.05:42
Tomcat_Good. ;)05:42
=== rcaskey [~rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu
KamionTomcat_: that's fine, tell me everything you know, I'd rather have more details than fewer05:42
topylimaku: ubuntu's unofficial kde seems to be 3.1.205:42
lowe_How do i get rid of my ghost again?05:42
Tomcat_Kamion: The problem with testing a fix in a few weeks/months is that I have 80 Gig on this disk that I have to backup first... plus I tried to backup my Ubuntu yesterday and I filed so I have to set it up again... I wouldn't want to repeat that so often.05:43
topylimako: you may find some dangerous packages elsewhere :)05:43
Tomcat_Cardador: I played around with the LBA setting in BIOS and with Partition Magic, and now my partition table seems to be correct again.05:43
nick01Kamion: does it have java and flash installed ?05:43
=== ninja [~rossg@user176.busdsl.jtibs.net] has left #ubuntu []
nick01Tomcat_: there is no review on slahdot05:44
Tomcat_Well, I'll try something new now.05:44
Tomcat_nick01: Wait a sec, I'll get you screenshots.05:44
lowe_Am i like invisible lol05:44
CardadorTomcat_: nice :)05:45
Kamionnick01: hm?05:45
nick01Kamion: ubuntu- does it have java and flash ?05:45
=== Se7h Alguem sabe o k ponho kd dizem: "Digite o seu CEP" ?
topylinick01: no. i installed them from debian repositories.05:46
Kamionnick01: no05:46
CardadorSe7h: certificado de emprego profissional? :P05:46
nick01but u can apt-get them ?05:46
npmccallumnick01: no distribution can ever include flash, macromedia forbids it05:46
Kamionnick01: by the way you're better asking the channel than asking one individual; I'm the installer developer, my knowledge about desktop things is often limited05:46
Se7ha portuguese ;P05:46
Se7hCardador for sure?05:47
CardadorSe7h: i was joking05:47
nick01Kamion: do u know what Kamion (camion) means in romanian ? :D05:47
Se7hthough so05:47
topylinick01: you can apt-get them just as easily as in debian.05:47
Cardadornick01: maybe the same as in portuguese05:47
nick01topyli: nice05:48
mojoexcuse me ppl05:48
mojoany have exp in installing Maya 6 RPM using Aline?05:48
mojosorry Alien I mean05:48
Se7hisn't camion french ?05:48
nick01Cardador: what does it mean in portuguese ?05:48
Cardadornick01: truck05:48
Cardadornick01: romenian is also a latin language ;)05:49
topylihow disappointing. I was hoping for something uglier :)05:49
nick01I've been talking with a truck ! :P05:49
Se7hit's just because its a french word05:49
nick01I know 05:49
Se7hLOLL <nick01> I've been talking with a truck ! :P05:50
Se7hHEY Cardador, U ON PTNET?05:50
Se7hsorry for the caps05:50
Kamionnick01: yes05:52
Kamionnick01: you are about the hundredth person to point that out, with various languages :P05:52
=== madduck [~madduck@madduck.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
Tomcat_nick01: http://www.linuxbeta.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=103&slide=105:53
elimis anyone on a mac at the moment?05:53
ubuntuwigme, why05:53
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
elimis it just my comp or is firefox really slow to load pages even on a fast connection?05:54
ubuntuwigsome people have bad luck with firefox, for others it works fine05:54
ubuntuwigi personally use camino if i have to, i usually use safari05:54
Cardadorelim: i had some issues with ipv605:55
=== lowe_ is now known as Lowe
elimhow did u resolve them?05:55
Cardadorelim: dont remember :)05:55
topyliTomcat_: i wish they would have _less_ screenshots there :)05:55
Cardadortry google for it: slow connection, dns, ipv605:56
elimless and more of what the thing actually looks like when its installed me thinks05:56
Tomcat_topyli: Yeah it's really too much :)05:57
topylithey have 20 screenshots of the menu :)05:58
elim80 or somthing isnt ti05:58
Tomcat_Okay, Ubuntu is reinstalled, I have repartitioned... let's see.05:58
nick01tks Tomcat_05:58
Tomcat_Kamion: I have no idea why, but with this reinstall, my partition table survived it...05:59
Tomcat_Totally weird.05:59
elimill uninstall the debian version and compile the latest version i think that would be better really i think ill get mozilla and mplayer plug in too :S06:00
Tomcat_Anyway, I'll give you a bug report describing most details, that should help.06:00
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== ElRaton [~lerat@pasteur-6-82-229-198-144.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3mb5.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
nick01Kamion: why didn't u ake gnome look like fedora's gnome ? also, why doesn't it have those programs for weather and the network monitor ?06:04
chutwigit does have the network monitor and weather applet06:04
Cardadornick01: right click on panel, add to panel06:04
Kamionnick01: I'm not a desktop guy06:05
Kamionsorry, honestly can't help you about desktop matters06:05
nick01Cardador: tks06:06
LoweCan someone make a better mplayer package, the ones that are up require me to downgrade a lot of files. :(06:06
nick01Kamion: how fast is it ?06:06
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090A3D2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
ichnew prob06:08
ichkruemmel@ubuntu ~ $ kaffeine06:08
ichkaffeine: error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:08
ichplease help :-/06:09
Kamionich: do you not have xlibmesa-gl installed? it's in the default desktop06:11
mojohi all ppl, Rythmbox now up to 0.86, y isn't it up for download from Synaptic? ???06:11
ichyes i have06:11
=== xTina_ [~xTina@laptop-dynip181.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de] has joined #ubuntu
ichhallo xTina, informatik Uni Stuttgart?06:11
=== housetier wins 20 bucks
=== unshavenyak [~eh@d150-129-34.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tomcat_xTina? o_O06:14
ichdont need kaffeine anymore, totem works now06:14
mojoKamion, ich, Tomcat, or any1, can u guys do me a favor? (I'm testing to fix some security holes in GNOME)06:14
Tomcat_mojo: I'm installing Ubuntu right now again... so, no :)06:15
ichjust talk!06:15
LoweI finally found a repository with a mplayer that installs06:15
mojoI need u guys log in as normal user06:15
ichi have06:15
ich@lowe: where do you got it?06:15
=== jono [~jono@82-37-194-90.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
mojoand now go to Computer > System Confirugation > choose Date and Time06:15
jonohi all06:15
ichi mean @mojo, i am06:15
LoweHold on way to the install is down06:15
mojowhen the password dialog appear06:15
mojotype in wrong password for me06:16
jonojdub, ping :)06:16
Loweadd this to your sources deb http://debian.kcore.org ./06:16
mojoand run Date and Time again06:16
Chrifferfailed to run child06:16
mojoand tell me the result06:16
ChrifferFailed to run time-admin as user root:06:16
Chriffer Child terminated with 1 status06:16
ichwait..., i gave it the right one :)06:16
Tomcat_I still got "Setting up" lines running over my screen ;)06:16
LoweChriffer what are you trying to run?06:17
mojoich, log out 06:17
Chriffertime and date06:17
mojothen log in back06:17
Chriffernot date and time06:17
mojothx Chriffer06:17
mojomore info06:17
ChrifferThat's with default settings no real password setup06:17
Loweuhm what should i choose as my mplayer video output?06:17
mojocan someone do the same process? type wrong password with other system root programs?06:18
mojoand tell me the result of the next time start the programs06:18
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090A3D2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
ichstill wants no passsword06:18
mojohave u sudo passwd root?06:18
mojothen do it06:19
mojochange root password06:19
ichstill wants non06:19
ichi changed it06:19
ichstill doesnt want one06:19
mojoChriffer: can u log out, and log in again and run Users and Group, type in wrong password and start it again?06:19
mojoich: that what's i expected06:20
mojoich: there is some hole in the security06:20
ichoh, i understand, yes it is06:20
mojoich: the system sometimes ignore the password06:20
mojowhich means if ppl know ur SSH key and u run a SSH server06:20
mojothen they can have access to ur PC very easily06:21
ichyep yep06:21
mojoi'm fixing it06:21
ichmmh, what firewall should i use?06:21
mojouse selinux06:21
ichdidnt got one till now in ubuntu :-/06:21
ichhow selinux06:21
mojoit's acting like firewall06:21
mojoit's a policy engine used in Fedora06:22
Kamionmojo: if people have your SSH key and you su to root from your user account, you're also doomed06:22
nick01mojo: that's a gnome problem ?06:22
mojodeveloped by US Secret Agnent06:22
ichbut i use ubuntu, used fedora a long time06:22
ichso how to get ubuntu run with it?06:22
sivangdoko : can you send the universe only package list remaining from the 2003 DSAs review?06:22
Kamionmojo: this isn't sudo-specific by any means06:22
mojoapt-get it06:22
mojouse Synpatic06:22
mojosearch for selinux06:22
ichdo i have to config it?06:22
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d3-125.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
mojotrue Kamions06:23
mojoU have to read the doc, ich06:23
mojoits not easy06:23
mojobut when u've done it06:23
Kamionselinux is not at all trivial to set up correctly06:23
=== kagou [~kagou@AMontpellier-251-1-14-246.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
mojour system is quite secure06:23
ichcould we do this together, not now, later?06:23
ichi mean in chat06:23
Kamionor else you have a false sense of security if you didn't set it up right :)06:23
mojoup to u06:23
ichso where do you live (timezone)06:24
mojoand yes, i'm also testing another GNOME Applet bug06:24
mojoany1 here using SmoothGMOME?06:24
ichno, but got it06:24
ichthe theme?06:24
mojouse SmoothGNOME icon pls06:24
kagouhi guys06:24
neighborleeis anyone else seeing really slow brwosing in ubuntu?..in windows my browsing experience flys yet here atm its horridly doggy &/or sites just flat wont come up at all...it started yesterday with pages really slow to load now this...anyone else ? ( as I say I was just i windows and it was perfect)...06:24
ichusin them now06:25
mojoir's just server overflow nLee06:25
mojook ich06:25
mojonow tell me06:25
mojowhat u see in Trash Applet icon?06:25
unshavenyakare they in the ubuntu repository mojo?06:25
mojothey are in art.gnome.org06:25
ichits not completly on the screen06:26
mojou mean 1/2 missing06:26
ichi think yes06:26
mojothat's the bug!06:26
unshavenyakThanks mojo06:26
mojoas I expected06:26
mojothx Ich06:26
dokosivang: I don't have it. maybe just sort out the items that lamont sent.06:26
ichso when do we gonna chat?06:26
unshavenyakBy the wya..does the Evolution 2.0 spam filter work for anyone else?06:26
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleemabye this will help: would someone see if they can get to: nwn.bioware.com < in decent time ( assuming high speed access) ...inwidnows it was loading in few seconds..here it just now loaded after almost an entire minute...06:26
mojoyes ushanveyak06:27
mojoEvo 2 with me06:27
unshavenyakhrmm ok thanks mojo06:27
mojoI use spamassassin06:27
ichso mojo?06:27
ichwhat timezone?06:27
sivangdoko : doing that as we speak, i have the 2002 universe list (as I did it :)) though of reviewing 2003 also :)06:27
mojoI live in South Pacific06:27
sivangdoko : *thought06:27
mojoIm working for Antartica Research of Australia06:27
ichok :)06:28
=== nick01 [~nick01@home-07031.b.astral.ro] has joined #ubuntu
icher, at my system its 6pm and 29mins06:28
ichso ill be here at 806:28
mojoppl, I want to inform u guys that pitti has just fixed hald bug, apt-get update pls and u can run Device Manager with no haste!06:28
mojomaybe ich06:29
sivangpitti is here? :)06:29
mojohe;s off06:29
sivangmojo : please send the bug#06:29
ichsee you mojo06:30
=== benja [~benja@CM-lcon3-41-53.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
benjahi, my screen goes black when gnome runs for the first time, any advise06:30
chutwigbenja: does it get to the login prompt06:30
mojostart in init306:31
benjachutwig, no :(06:31
mojoand config the XFree86-406:31
neighborleemabye this will help: would someone see if they can get to: nwn.bioware.com < please ?..i'm having nasty slow loading times here06:31
chutwigwhat video card06:31
mojoand make it low res 06:31
mojoor lower06:31
mojoand see what happens06:31
benjachestie, i have an nvidia chipsep06:31
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3mb5.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
mojonvidia chipset huh06:32
mojoapt-get install nvidia-glx06:32
liffuh, anyone here know how to find out if a function is defined in elisp?06:32
mojothen edit /etc/modules06:32
benjamojo: A7n266 motherboard06:32
mojoand add in "nvidia"06:32
mojoliff: ask plovs_06:32
sivangneighborlee : doesn't load over here06:32
benjacan i open other TTYs ?06:33
benjamojo, how ?06:33
neighborleesivang: well i'mi having load times everywhere now.and mozillla just crashed on fresh boot into linux this AM although I had to manually do dhclient ;(..anyway...is mozilla 1.72 known to have issues any idea ?06:34
ubuntuwigor just alt-f2 if you're in text mode already06:34
mojoctrl-shift-f[1 to 12] 06:34
mojoup to u06:34
benjamojo, dosent work, im in recovery mode 06:34
ubuntuwigremount the root partition as read-write06:34
sivangneighborlee : well, is it the upgraded version on your warty? i can upgrade and try also06:34
ubuntuwigmount -o rw /dev/hdwhatever06:34
mojorecovery mode huh?, never tried it06:34
mojolet me see...06:34
ubuntuwigit's probably the same as debian's recovery mode06:35
mojoyeah remount root par06:35
ubuntuwigi don't know if it brings networking up or not06:35
ubuntuwigif not you're probably easier off just rebooting and waiting for X to error out06:35
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== peteog [~pete@host81-157-11-194.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
ubuntuwigi once knew a lad named kinnison06:37
ubuntuwigwhat what what06:38
mojou have the NVIDIA_README overthere?06:38
=== ubuntuwig is now known as chutwig
neighborleesivang, its what came with ubuntu06:38
chutwigno, sorry, i don't have an nvidia card06:38
chutwigrage 128 power here06:38
mojoneighborLee, u have NVIDIA_README overthere?06:38
sivangneighborlee : ok, let me check that06:39
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
sivangneighborlee : mine's is 0.9.4. I will try to upgrade and than let you know what happens.06:39
neighborleemojo, no idea06:39
mojoany got NVIDIA_README, pls read me the param to turn off the annyoing logo when start up06:39
Mitariolo everyone06:39
mojoNO_LOGO something...06:39
tsengmojo: tried google?06:40
neighborleemojo, I understood installing nvidia-glx etc. would do trick but I must have missed that it needs ( nvidia mod) added to /etc/module :(06:40
tsengyou dont really need to ask 3 times06:40
mojoit's on NVIDIA page06:40
mojoI'm too dumb lol06:40
tsengof course it is.06:40
=== justdave_ [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleesivang, odd..well if yours is OLD version then maybe mine was upgraded ( and Ididn't realize it obviously :( ) during apt session LOL06:41
=== Tomcat__ [~tomcat@pD95E601A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
mojogot my NVIDIA LOGO off now06:41
mojoppl, I need ppl opinion on PDF reader, the default is xpdf06:41
sivangneighborlee : probably - i am upgrading now06:41
mojowill ppl choos GPDF instead?06:41
chutwiggpdf is better for GNOME06:42
thommojo: no, since it doesn't work with all pdfs06:42
chutwigthe second thing i did was install gpdf06:42
mojobut its not mature enough06:42
thomxpdf does06:42
chutwigno?  i've never seen gpdf have a problem06:42
mxpxpodthom: usually if gpdf doesn't display the pdf, I can open it in ggv06:42
mojothat's why we won't make it default06:42
hypatiaI've rarely seen it not have a problem.06:42
thomchutwig: try anything with type 3 fonts, and lots of other things06:42
mojoit does have06:42
chutwigguess i don't use it enough06:42
mojomany probs with some weird PDF and some security issues06:43
neighborleesivang, k thx...I hope this doesn't give you instability issues too ;(...we may both need to quickly head back toa diffrent version LOL06:43
=== Jotun [~heretic@adsl-223-249-121.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
mojonext version06:43
mojomaybe Ubuntu will ship GPDF06:43
sivangneighborlee : nahh, that's ok,. worst case we'd downgrade the version.06:43
mojoand depracated xpdf to universe06:43
=== Tomcat__ [~tomcat@pD95E601A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleesivang, so odd..nwn.bioware.com was working great in windows...it might be just coincidence and bioware might well be having off and on problems LOL!!06:44
neighborleesivang, yup06:44
mojoanother poll for all users06:44
neighborleeyes bush needs to go06:44
sivangneighborlee : i guess so it's a coincidence, although I don't have a win to check..:)06:44
mojob/w eye of gnome and gThumb?06:44
neighborleemojo, oops! maybe that wasn't the poll ? <G>06:44
mojowhich one u like06:44
mojomaybe eog will be removed in next version06:45
mojobut I still work on the dep b/w Nautilus and gThumb06:45
mojothey seems not to work very well with each other06:45
chutwigthere's a lot of a-fussin' and a-feudin'06:46
tvon|x31eog removal? eh?06:46
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3mb5.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
mojoeog is not as good as gThumb06:46
chutwiggreat scallop's foreclaws!  what's with all the beer, fry06:47
=== Tomcat_ [~Tomcat@pD95E601A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
chutwighooray, time to endure 90 minutes of misery on the jersey turnpike06:51
=== chutwig is now known as turnpikewig
neighborleesivang, yes its mozilla06:53
sivangneighborlee : ok, how did you make a final conclusion?06:53
neighborleesivang, seems to be anyway...its consistenly hanging t rying to get to a download ...06:53
sivangneighborlee : well, my upgrade still didn't finish. I am waiting for it to06:53
neighborleesivang, i'm tryhing to get opera download from their site..for sid..its trying but hanging up consistenly06:53
neighborleesivang, ok06:53
neighborleesivang, yeah i'm sure now...its consisstenly barfing by my just trying to get to a certain download location..06:55
neighborleesivang, ie: it should just say 'page not found' or keep trying to load it and just give time out error but its crashing06:55
neighborleethankfully force quit works so nice heh06:56
neighborleesivang, got it that time LOL..ie: opera download..whew ;-0006:57
neighborleesivang, just in time too..firefox crashed again LOL06:57
neighborleegrr well that bites..opera needs libqt LOL06:58
=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleesivang, opera is browsing normally now  whew..yup its defintely mozillla07:03
neighborleesivang, something is borked in 1.7207:03
unshavenyakhave you tried firefox neighbor?07:04
=== Olivier_54 [~olivier@dyn-83-154-38-23.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== elim [~elim@81-178-218-10.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
ishI just converted an ext2 partition to ext3.. 'mount' shows the file system to have type 'unknown' - any ideas?07:07
ishShould I be able to see the .journal file with ls -a?07:08
=== Loppan [~user@h46n2fls35o877.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ErQ [~ErQ@PC117-9.oru.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
mojowhat link to Trash folder?07:13
mojois it :///trash???07:13
ErQAny known problems with alsa and no /dev/dsp? 07:14
=== jman [~jm@tortuga.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu] has joined #ubuntu
jmancan anyone out there help with a sound config problem on a clean install?07:15
ErQHave a Dell Latitude C640 with i810_audio...07:15
jmanthis is an inspiron 8500 with i81007:16
jmandid you have to do any config out of the box?07:16
=== ZolMed [~ZolMed@ppp148-28.lns1.mel2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tomcat_ErQ, jman: More than one audio device? (Webcam, TV card?)07:16
ErQno, but the sound dont work.... 07:16
ErQTomcat_: no07:16
Tomcat_ErQ: What /dev/dsp* files are there?07:17
jmanno, just the sound card.  when you try to raise the volume it just drops back down and the mixer will not launch with error no devices found 07:17
ErQlsmod shows loaded modules and among them also i810_audio07:17
ErQTomcat_: have no /dev/dsp at all!07:18
sivangneighborlee : send me the link again07:18
=== terrorfr [~terrorfr@ipd50a7397.speed.planet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
mojohow to create a Trash link on destkop?07:19
Tomcat_Sorry, no idea then... maybe somebody else can help.07:20
ErQTomcat_: thanks anyway! =)07:20
jmanyea, thanks07:20
ZolMedhi, in Gnome how can I stretch my panel across both monitors (Xinerama) setup?07:20
yuranmojo, in Configuration Editor, /apps/nautilus/desktop 07:20
mojookay thx07:21
=== evilstoy [HydraIRC@cmung3592.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
=== terence [~rune@] has joined #ubuntu
ishWhere are modules like reiserfs getting loaded?07:22
ishI don't have reiserfs..07:22
terencei can't get over the 640x resolution. i've edited the XF86Config-4 but it didnt help07:22
=== ErQ [~ErQ@PC117-9.oru.se] has left #ubuntu []
=== Anna [~lulu@dslam251-92-166-62.adsl.zonnet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaAh wonderful, other ubuntus07:24
mojosaynora ppl, I got to sleep, it's 3AM now07:24
Annait's 19.25 in Hilland07:25
AnnaI don't understand, there are so many people signed on, but nobody is chatting?07:26
AnnaAre you all engaged in private chats07:26
jkAnna: everyone's prutsing07:26
yuranAnna, welcome to irc07:26
Tomcat_IRC is just another form of Instant Messaging. :o07:26
jkprutsen ;)07:26
AnnaOh, I should explain, I'm in Holland but I'm not Dutch07:27
Tomcat_In ICQ there are millions of people online, but I doubt most of them are chatting all the time :>07:27
jkAnna: ah ok sorry07:27
AnnaSo while I speak Dutch, I don't understand some of the more specific words07:27
jkAnna: i meant to say 'everyone's messing around in his/her new ubuntu install'07:27
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaTomcat, I thought the people signed on here in this particular room are here because of the assigned context of Ubuntu linux07:28
yuranjk, you can say all of that with just one word in Dutch!? :)07:28
jkhrm...firefox crashes everytime i fill in the google search bar...grmbl...07:28
ZolMedI'm thinking of installing ubuntu on my PowerPC G4 PowerBook.  Anyone got any tips?07:28
neighborleesivang, nwn.bioware.com07:28
Nonphasishow can I make gnome honour my .Xmodmap?07:28
jkyuran: well...not quite, but the messing around part...yes ;)07:28
AnnaI see jk07:28
ZolMedjk: have you imported any true type fonts?07:28
Nonphasisseems like gnome keyboard layout thingie overrides it...07:29
jkZolMed: nothing besides the fonts which came with ubuntu07:29
ZolMedjk: ok, thought it mights have been a permissions problem with fonts.07:29
jkzsh: 26057 segmentation fault  firefox07:29
jknope :P07:30
AnnaAnyway, I must say the so far I'm delighted about Ubuntu, it is my first GNU/linux experience07:30
AnnaI'm a Linux moron07:30
ZolMedAnna: so am I 07:30
terencewhy isn't there any other than 850xsomething in the screen resolution program ?07:30
Nonphasisspeaking of which, is just Linux (sans GNU/) ok in Ubuntu parlance?07:30
AnnaSo I was actually in the process of installing Debian, ripping half my hair out in the process and along came Ubuntu with this really nice installer07:31
AnnaAh ZolMed, so I'm not alone.07:31
whiprushheh, you weren't doing a woody install were you?07:31
AnnaYes, actually I was07:31
whiprushheh, picking modules by hands. :(07:31
AnnaYup, what a nightmare07:31
KamionNonphasis: we prefer to say just "Ubuntu" to avoid the thorny issue entirely07:32
NonphasisKamion, great07:32
KamionAnna: FYI, the Ubuntu installer is a modified version of the new Debian installer07:32
NonphasisIt feels overly PC/pedantic when ppl say GNU/Linux07:32
AnnaIs that so?07:32
AnnaI think Richard Stallman would disagree with you person with unreadable yellow screen name font07:33
AnnaI hope this wont start a flame now;-)07:33
KamionNonphasis: I happen to prefer saying GNU/Linux myself, but that's largely a personal matter07:33
NonphasisAnna, still, if you are a linux newbie, Ubuntu is a much better bet. Debian tends to need much more hackage07:33
ZolMedtry running it without the GNU stuff :-)07:33
=== free is now known as freefk
Kamionit's emotive enough that the core team decided a while ago that we would rather just avoid the issue as much as possible07:34
Nonphasisit's amusing how ppl get so emotinal about these issues07:34
=== michel_v_ [~tofu@michelv-00000002.user] has joined #ubuntu
unshavenyakaaah anyway to get unrar or rar added to the repisitory?07:35
michel_v_what's the md5sum of warty-i386.iso?07:35
AnnaThe only "problem" I have with "GNU/Linux" is that it interrupts the flow of speech. If it was joined into something like Gnulux that would be better I suppose07:35
Kamionmichel_v_: there's an MD5SUMS file right beside it07:36
KamionAnna: don't even go there :-)07:36
AnnaAbout Debian: Well for me, Ubuntu is tons better since I haven't even managed to install Debian07:36
michel_v_Kamion: ah, I didn't see that in the Italian mirror07:36
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
=== jm_ [~jm@tortuga.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu] has joined #ubuntu
michel_v_so I assumed it was forgotten07:36
Kamionmichel_v_: which mirror is that? it's not in http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive07:37
jm_so no one wants to try and get sound working for a dell laptop with an i810 chipset?07:37
whiprushI can try07:37
jkhmm no mplayer too07:37
whiprushalthough I just got rid of my dell. :(07:38
neighborleesivang, any luck ?07:38
jm_whip: its an inspiron 859907:38
whiprushare the modules loaded? the sound modules?07:38
michel_v_Kamion: http://ftp3.linux.it/pub/mirrors/warty/07:38
michel_v_the one listed on ubuntulinux.org/download07:39
whiprushI'm going to go out on a limb and guess that both the oss and alsa modules are loaded. Because that used to happen to me all the time.07:39
jm_snd_intel8x0           35468  007:39
jm_snd_ac97_codec         67844  1 snd_intel8x007:39
whiprushis i810_audio loaded?07:39
Kamionmichel_v_: oh, bah, how did those get out of sync?07:39
michel_v_hmm, could it be ubuntu released a new preview iso? O_o07:39
Kamionmichel_v_: no, we have not07:39
AnnaOne thing I was wondering is how I access the "middle" package application between the standard and the universe. (I forgot the name)07:39
michel_v_ah ok07:39
=== rune [~rune@] has joined #ubuntu
schweebjm_: what hardware are you running? Dell laptop possibly?07:40
michel_v_because on the UK mirror, files were dated 21 sept07:40
Kamionmichel_v_: I'll see if we can get the Italian mirror to fix that07:40
runei have commented out all other depths than 24 and have only one resolution on that one (1150xsomething) but ubuntu still uses some low 800 res07:40
AnnaHow do I tell the Package Manager I want to peek into the universe?07:40
Kamionmichel_v_: the UK mirror is not a mirror, it's the master sitre07:40
whiprushschweeb: it's a dell laptop yes07:40
michel_v_ah, good07:40
schweebwhiprush: it's the parport_pc problem07:40
jm_whip: i dont see i810, just intel8x007:40
Kamionmichel_v_: the links on /download/ currently point to the daily CD builds, not the preview release07:41
schweebjm_: edit /etc/modules and remove "lp"07:41
schweebjm_: then reboot, and check if lp, parport_pc, or parport are still loaded07:41
Kamionmichel_v_: just noticed that the heading on the web page is confusing, however07:41
schweebjm_: which they shouldn't be07:41
michel_v_Kamion: aaaaah, where is the preview release?07:41
AnnaAnd another thing: Oops, I forgot.07:41
schweebjm_: if they are, I'll have to tell you how to blacklist them07:41
jkAnna: Preferences -> Repositories, add 'universe' to the sections of the warty sources07:41
jm_schweeb, time to reboot. i'll be back07:42
jk(after main restricted)07:42
michel_v_Kamion: that's indeed confusing, since there doesn't seem to be a link to the actual preview release iso07:42
=== asimon [~andreas@p508AE46F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaOh thanks jk07:42
michel_v_Kamion: good thing I checked, I was about to delete the iso I got on the italian mirror (the preview release one)07:42
Kamionmichel_v_: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/warty/preview/07:43
michel_v_and I found my iso had the right md5sum. so it has to be my lone cdrw that is dead07:43
Kamionmichel_v_: yes, I just mailed one of the web site people about that07:43
michel_v_because for some reason the install always crapped out while extracting libc6 :/07:43
=== jm_ [~jm@tortuga.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu] has joined #ubuntu
jm_schweeb, no lp in /etc/modules07:45
ishwhats with laptop mode?  when I have it on 'acpi -b' fails.. with laptop mode off it works.07:45
schweebjm_: lsmod | grep parport07:45
schweeband post07:45
mxpxpodis there a way to convert my sendmail config to postfix?07:45
jm_schweb: parport_pc             34752  007:45
jm_parport                40712  1 parport_pc07:45
=== freefk is now known as free
schweebjm_: edit /etc/hotplug/blacklist07:46
schweebjm_: add lp, parport, and parport_pc to the end07:46
schweebcheck if they're loaded07:46
schweeb(it's aggravating how many different ways modules are loaded)07:46
schweebanyways, long story short, parport is blocking IRQ7 on Dell laptops for some reason... prolly cause of a shitty APIC07:47
=== minghua [~minghua@danube.mems.rice.edu] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaI have to feed my cat before he starts gnawing on my toes.07:48
tvon|x31my cat does that after I feed him07:49
tvon|x31little bastard07:49
michel_v_just in case: anybody knows how I could boot ubuntu's iso directly from grub?07:49
AnnaNot me <chuckle>07:49
michel_v_I tried with using the path to the uncompressed iso's vmlinuz and initrd.gz, but that would crap out in a kernel vfs error :)07:49
=== jm_ [~jm@tortuga.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== Jason_Perlow-Lin [~jperlow@ool-43512bbd.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
Jason_Perlow-Linhas anyone tried to install the AMD version07:52
=== Loduriel [~joel@ABordeaux-103-1-26-94.w193-252.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Loppanschweeb: thanks for the dell laptop info, suddenly /dev/dsp appeared07:52
Jason_Perlow-Linand had a problem with the kernel not fitting into memory when it boots up after initial install07:52
=== Jason_Perlow-Lin is now known as masticator
=== ulmen [~ulmen@p15091744.pureserver.info] has joined #ubuntu
hypatiahas anyone ever had firefox start up and... be totally blank?07:53
=== lamont_r [~lamont@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandiryes, by telling it to use a blank page as home page07:53
=== rune [~rune@] has joined #ubuntu
schweebLoppan: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=125407:53
schweebMithrandir: either that, or an existing ffox window is open07:53
hypatiaMithrandir: and that killed all the menus and buttons did it?07:54
Mithrandirhypatia: hmm, no, buttons and stuff was fine.07:54
hypatiaMithrandir: I mean *totally* blank, as in "not rendering"07:54
jm_schweeb: you are awesp,e07:54
Mithrandirhypatia: no, never07:54
hypatiaInterestingly, the right click menu still works07:54
schweebindeed I am :p07:54
masticatorah, its in bugzilla.07:55
masticatorI have 3GB of RAM, thats why.07:55
jm_schweeb:i caught the tail end of the explanation, what exatly are lp and parport07:55
schweebparallel port modules07:55
jm_well, i def dont need that07:56
schweebfor some reason IRQ sharing isn't working w/ it07:56
runeno one knows how i can fix the screen resolution ?07:56
Kamionmichel_v_: talked to the Italian mirror admin, the MD5SUMS file is there now07:56
=== Cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
=== zombics [~zombics@] has joined #ubuntu
schweebjm_: yea, most people don't use the legacy interfaces anymore07:57
schweebserial is useful to have on still07:57
jm_so if i had disabled the paralell port in the bios this might not have happened?07:57
schweebbut you can still get a USB dongle for it07:57
schweebdisabling it should probably work07:58
schweebbut better to fix the problem in software07:58
sivangneighborlee : apparently not :(07:58
schweebespecially if you come upon an unplanned use of the parallel port07:58
schweebyou don't have to remember "hey I disabled it in the BIOS too"07:58
zombicsi just installed the A64 vertion of ubuntu. when i tryed to install the nvidia-glx i got this error: "Package nvidia-glx is not available, but is referred to by another package. what can i do?"07:58
jm_schweeb: while i have your attention, i have another quick question.  my firewire drive wont automount from fstab07:59
=== aline [~madduck@80-219-173-32.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu
schweebyou manually added it to fstab?07:59
jm_schweeb: that happened under debian woody as well07:59
schweebremove it07:59
Cardadorzombics: do you have all the repositories active?07:59
schweebdo you know about project utopia?07:59
jm_i read about it07:59
michel_v_thanks Kamion 08:00
schweebwith udev, hal, and hotplug, devices can be automatically detected and added easily08:00
michel_v_I just burned ubuntu again, this time on a cdr, that'll show if it's the aging laptop's cd drive that's bleeped08:00
jm_schweeb: and how does one go about doing that08:00
=== aline is now known as madduck
michel_v_or ubuntu that craps out at unpackaging time when there's only about 64 megs of RAM :p08:01
schweebbasically, remove the manual fstab entry, unplug the drive, plug it in, and it should pop up a GNOME window08:01
michel_v_(I hope it was just the cdrw)08:01
=== unshavenyak [~eh@d150-129-34.home.cgocable.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
schweebubuntu uses utopia by default, jm_, should be no setup involved08:01
jm_schweeb, ok08:01
zombicsCardador, yes08:01
=== jonathanjansson [~jonathan@h00jonja.fal.dorms.du.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== jaak [~jaak@] has joined #ubuntu
Cardadorzombics: try to search for nvidia-glx in synaptic08:02
=== fungus [~fungus@firebat.aros.net] has joined #ubuntu
goatboy_zombics: there isn't an amd64 package of nvidia-glx yet.08:02
zombicsgoatboy_, so what can i do? :/08:03
zombicscant i install the the 32B package?08:03
goatboy_zombics: get the driver from nvidia.com and install manually?08:04
jm_schweeb: alright it came up, now will it come back as that same mount /media/sdb1 every time? 08:04
Tomcat_Anybody got a log of 3 hours ago? Which dev did I talk to?08:04
zombicsgoatboy_, but it akes me for the kernel-sources08:04
=== tvon [~tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving..."]
schweebI'm not 100% sure about using HAL for static mounts08:04
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090B1A0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
ichmojo: im back08:04
ichlets do it08:05
KamionTomcat_: probably me08:05
phlaegeljm_: if you want a consistent name, add a udev rule08:05
goatboy_zombics: apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`08:05
Tomcat_Oh... yeah it was you. :)08:05
Tomcat_Kamion: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=156608:05
=== aes [~andrew@dsl-212-23-23-154.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
schweebonly devices I have are a USB flash stick, and CF driver, so I don't generally mess w/ it08:05
KamionTomcat_: thanks, if it's assigned to me I'll see it :)08:05
Tomcat_Just so you don't overlook it. :P08:05
Tomcat_Oh, alright.08:05
masticatorany ubuntu staffers on the channel right now?08:05
zombicsgoatboy_, so after this just to install the nvidia drivers?08:05
KamionTomcat_: thanks, though08:05
ichanybody know a good firewall for ubuntu08:05
jm_phlaegel: what is the syntax for that/08:06
Lowefirestarter is good08:06
masticatorI was wondering if I could speak to someone from Canonical, I am a writer with Linux Magazine08:06
goatboy_zombics: yeah08:06
michel_v_ah, it didn't crap out of libc6 this time08:06
KamionTomcat_: I've talked briefly to mdz about it, I'll be reviewing the complete diff to newer parted and possibly we'll just pull it straight in08:06
phlaegeljm_: look in /etc/udev/udev.rules to get an idea08:06
Tomcat_Kamion: You can come back to me on the problem, but don't be upset if I have no way to test it.... as I said, backing up is much time, which I don't have right now.08:06
CardadorHow do I file in a bug?08:06
jm_ ok08:06
michel_v_yay \o/ at last I won't have to guess what hardware is on my old laptop :P08:06
=== rune [~rune@] has joined #ubuntu
KamionTomcat_: fair enough08:06
jm_phlaegel: i did udevruler and it has a gui08:06
ichwhat firewall do you use?08:06
Kamionmasticator: will get back to you in a moment if nobody else does, a number of us have a meeting going on at the moment08:07
phlaegeljm_: nice. I just did it manually... udev rules are pretty simple.08:07
michel_v_oh, ubuntu uses udev right away?08:08
michel_v_that's bloody nice08:08
=== ich [~kruemmel@p5090B1A0.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu []
michel_v_I just hope ubuntu doesn't use the new 'ub' driver for usb-storage by default08:08
zombicsgoatboy_, THX ! i will chek it out08:08
runehow can i change the resolution in ubuntu ?08:09
Loweuse firestarter ich it pwns 08:10
runeLowe: me ?08:10
Lowewoops he left08:10
Annarune: computer/system configuration/screen resolution08:11
Lowethat ich guy, but he left08:11
AnnaIf that's what you meant.08:11
AnnaBut I wonder myself how to change the Hz, at least I have no option in the drop down menu, it's stuck at 60Hz and it's hurting my eyes.08:12
=== guido__ [guido@c137014.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu
Anna(The 60Hz being at 1024x768)08:13
=== zombics [~zombics@] has joined #ubuntu
runeAnna: it only has a really low listed, despite that there is higher in XF86Config-408:14
zombicshmmm when i run the nvidia drivers install i get this error: could not compile gcc_version_check.c08:14
=== crud [ecstasy@warlurdz.net] has joined #ubuntu
goatboy_zombics: do you have gcc installed?08:15
ulmenis there a small netinstall iso image somewhere? i wasn't able to find one ...08:16
Qo-noSrune: man xrandr08:16
AnnaRune, I don't have enough information to connect a meaning from your sentence. Are you saying that 60Hz is the max? I'm afraid I don't know what XF86Config-4 means.08:16
runeAnna: XF86Config-4 is the config file for X08:17
=== jg_ [~jg@] has joined #ubuntu
sivangAnna : what seems to be the problem?08:18
=== zombics [~zombics@] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaOk, so you're saying that technically it's possible to go higher than 60Hz but that option is not enabled in Gnome/Ubuntu?08:18
schweebit means you need to tweak your h/v frequency settings in XF86Config-408:19
zombics:\ now when i try to install the nvidia driver i get that it cant backup libGLcore :\08:19
=== elm1 [~andreas@modem-639.gazelle.dialup.pol.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
runeschweeb: i have. hz is not the problem, resolutiob08:19
runeresolution is08:19
crudubuntu is stable ?08:19
minghuaAnna: the problem is ubuntu doesn't know exactly how your monitor can perform08:19
minghuaAnna: so it sets the frequency at a safe low value08:19
Annasivang, I'm trying to set a higher Hz in the GUI, but I'm finding out that I need to do that from the command prompt?08:20
Annascreen resolution...08:20
CardadorAnna: exact08:20
runeQo-noS:  xrandr --size 1280x102408:20
schweebdpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8608:20
runeQo-noS: doesn't do anything08:20
schweeband reset your monitor preferences08:20
runeschweeb: ok, thanks.08:20
=== zayer [~zayer@198.Red-213-98-22.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
zombics:\ now when i try to install the nvidia driver i get that it cant backup libGLcore :\ no1? :\08:21
schweebuse "medium"08:21
schweeband select whatever the max your monitor can do08:21
AnnaI see. I've never done anything on the command prompt:-(08:21
schweeb"1024x768@75Hz" or whatever08:21
minghuaAnna: try it, it's not that hard :)08:21
sivangAnna : from my experience, only from editing the XF86Config-4 , the X configuration file08:21
AnnaI'm scared;-)08:21
Qo-noSrune: xrandr -h08:22
minghuaAnna: do what schweeb said, dpkg-configure is quite easy to use08:22
schweebdpkg-reconfigure that is08:22
minghuayeah, sorry for the confusion08:22
AnnaI'm rereading the chat for things I've missed. 08:24
michel_v_just wondering, are there plans to switch to xorg 6.x for the actual release?08:25
Kamionmichel_v_: no, that will be in Hoary, not Warty08:25
sivangschweeb : I have set up the vert refrsh set using dpkg, but it won't let me choose the higher ones.08:25
runeschweeb: neither dpkg-configure or dpkg-reconfigure does anything to XF86Config-408:25
Kamionmichel_v_: we wouldn't totally switch the whole X infrastructure at this point in the release cycle08:25
_Hiro_can anyone actually subscribe to the ubuntu-users list? because I tried several times now08:25
michel_v_yeah, I guess :p08:25
schweebrune: hrm, I've run into that problem before08:25
michel_v_moreover, it seems there are no Debian packages for xorg yet, right?08:25
schweebI don't remember how to fix it08:26
runeschweeb: it seems like ubuntu uses some other file08:26
schweebdid you manually edit anything in the file?08:26
runeschweeb: yes.08:26
schweebthat's usually when it goes all wonky08:26
schweeband I could never get it to generate a new one08:26
runeschweeb: well i know what im doing08:26
Kamionmichel_v_: I think there are experimental ones floating around somewhere but they're not recommended for use. We employ one of the X.org developers, so the packaging will happen08:26
runeschweeb: hm08:26
Kamionrune: read the comments in the file08:27
michel_v_Kamion: ah, that's great to hear :D08:27
runeschweeb: well the changes i did first didn't take effect, and they *should*08:27
Kamion# If you have edited this file but would like it to be automatically updated08:27
Kamion# again, run the following commands as root:08:27
Kamion#   cp /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 /etc/X11/XF86Config-4.custom08:27
Kamion#   md5sum /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 > /var/lib/xfree86/XF86Config-4.md5sum08:27
minghuashweeb: I remember you need to overwrite the md5 sum dpkg keeps for XF86Config-408:27
Kamion#   dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8608:27
elm1i think they plane to use x.org in the next release 08:27
_Hiro_you're one of the ubuntu people Kamion?08:27
Kamion_Hiro_: yes08:27
_Hiro_thx a lot then :)08:27
schweebminghua: ahh, didn't know about that shyte08:27
elm1that is version 5.408:27
_Hiro_very nice distro08:27
schweebminghua: /var/lib/dpkg/info/xserver-xfree86.md5sum ?08:27
=== jdthood_away is now known as jdthood
minghuaschweeb: just what Kamion said08:27
Kamionschweeb: read what I just pasted above :)08:27
Lowekamion is there any plans to havesome sort of GUI mounter?08:27
schweebKamion: heh08:28
schweebyea, I know how to config the file on my own, so I wasn't really worried08:28
KamionLowe: I'm not a desktop guy, sorry, little idea about GUI plans08:28
minghuaschweeb: only necessary if you modified XF86Config-4 by hand08:28
elm1does anybody know hen the actual 4.10 release date is08:28
schweebbut it sucks when I tell my friends how to tweak one config setting on the cmdline, and then they can't use dpkg-reconfigure :-/08:28
LoweKamion: ah i see08:28
minghuaschweeb: the whole thing Kamion pasted, three commands08:29
schweebya ya08:29
Kamionelm1: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/WartyWarthog/ReleaseSchedule08:29
schweebnow that I know it's md5sum that's the problem, I can figure it out myself ;)08:29
schweebdidn't really invest the time to research the prob08:29
elm1thank !!!08:29
minghuaschweeb: and ``md5sum /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 > /var/lib/xfree86/XF86Config-4.md5sum'' is one command08:29
elm1i mean thanks !!!08:29
=== Cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
schweebalthough, an error saying "md5sums different, overwrite file?" would be nice08:30
minghuaschweeb: I agree, especially this seems to be a change from woody08:30
elm1has anybody encountered error with ReiserFS when installing ?08:31
elm1i could not install using ReiserFS08:31
elm1seems to be a Debian bug 08:31
=== carlos [~carlos@67.Red-81-32-123.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
elm1UserLInux has the same problems08:32
Cardadori have reiserfs08:32
Cardadorno problems for me08:32
elm1my installation stopped when i used reiser08:32
elm1then i switched to ext3 and it was fine08:33
elm1anybody exerience sth similar ?08:33
schweebminghua: anyone file a bug report?  cause they'll fix it08:33
Anna "but it sucks when I tell my friends how to tweak one config setting on the cmdline, and then they can't use dpkg-reconfigure"    Your friends are like me;-)08:33
=== [Scizo] [~bite_me@chantry.devlix.dk] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaSorry I suck:-) 08:34
minghuaschweeb: should be, let me check08:34
minghuaschweeb: I mean there should be a debian bug08:34
Kamionschweeb: it was a deliberate change to avoid overwriting user changes08:34
Kamionschweeb: about the best thing that could be done would be to use ucf08:34
schweebKamion: I understand... that's why I'm saying there should be a prompt08:34
=== M-nol [~raph@rberbain.net1.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionschweeb: there are about a million bugs asking about various permutations of this, though :)08:35
=== rune [~rune@] has joined #ubuntu
runei did the dpkg-reconfigure routine correctly now, it edited the file, but nothing has changed08:35
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
Cardadorrune: sudo gedit /etc/X11/XF86Config-408:36
CardadorSection "Monitor"08:37
CardadorIdentifier"Generic Monitor"08:37
elm1cardador: did you have reiserFS before you installed or did you use th edebian installer to create a reiser partition?08:37
Cardadorrune: on horiz and vert fill it up with the correct values for you monitor08:37
Cardadorthose numbers are for mine08:37
Cardadorelm1: i had reiserfs before08:38
=== adsb [~adsb@adsl.funky-badger.org] has joined #ubuntu
elm1ah - maybe it is sth with the debian installer then ...08:38
runeCardador: ok ill try08:39
minghuaschweeb: there are actually 3 debian bugs, for example http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=22909708:39
minghuaschweeb: and I know debian maintainers are working on it08:39
schweebI don't even bother searching the debian DB much anymore... it's too huge08:40
schweebI always see unresolved crap from like 2 years ago08:40
=== chutwig [~edmundrhu@pool-151-204-82-236.delv.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== elm1 [~andreas@modem-639.gazelle.dialup.pol.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
minghuaschweeb: yeah, there are just too many packages and too complicated interactions08:41
minghuaschweeb: on the other hand, severe bugs are usually solved quite soon08:41
=== schweeb has run unstable for 2 years
minghuai don't check them either unless i want to submit a new one08:42
minghuaand usually I found out it's already reported08:42
chutwighooray i love the turnpike08:45
=== free [~free@81-208-74-187.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaArgh. I've been googling on "dpkg-reconfigure", but at my stage that is not an option yet, I was using IE up to a week ago.... The whole point of me getting Ubuntu was to largely avoid these non GUI things. 08:49
chutwigproblem, what is08:49
schweebdpkg-reconfigure is menu driven08:49
minghuaAnna: dpkg-reconfigure is no different than the questions you answered when you installed ubuntu08:50
minghuaAnna: and if you are not sure, stick with the default answers08:50
minghuaAnna: just change the monitor part08:50
=== hns [~Hans@d8149.upc-d.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
KamionAnna: while we do aim to free you of this kind of question, you're still beta-testing an as yet not-fully-released new distribution :-)08:51
KamionAnna: so, for now, there are still some things you have to do by hand08:52
chutwiglinux will be linux08:52
=== Olivier_54 [~olivier@dyn-83-155-164-200.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #ubuntu
CardadorAnna: sudo gedit /etc/X11/XF86Config-408:52
Kamionhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingXautoconfiguration is the set of information we need to get to improve the autoconfiguration08:53
KamionCardador: not unless you want to go through the spiel above later08:53
chutwigthe X autoconfig worked well for me08:53
CardadorKamion: you have a point08:53
=== |Gaaruto| [~|Gaaruto|@ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-27-189.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
chutwigi had to adjust the refresh rates manually because the video card is really old and at 1280x1024 @ 75 the card's RAMDAC was obviously not up to the task08:54
=== empop [~empop@dhcp-254-48-227.rr.ohio-state.edu] has joined #ubuntu
chutwigbut putting it back to 60 Hz made everyone happy again and gave me readable text08:54
=== Leoric_ [~joh@166.80-203-18.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
_Hiro_I wish to file a bug report about udev, so as Component I put udev right?08:57
AnnaI didn't mean to imply I'm unwilling or uninterested to learn Linux, and I certainly don't want to remain a GUI slave any longer than I have to.08:57
chutwigi wouldn't call it being a GUI slave08:57
_Hiro_hmm it seems to be, it appeared in the list :)08:58
chutwigi know my way around the shell but i would still never want to have to use only a console all the time08:58
=== terence [~mmm@] has joined #ubuntu
terenceCardador, thanks for the help! :)08:58
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
Cardadorterence: did i help you? :)08:59
Cardadordont remember08:59
AnnaThe part of being newbie which is the most awful is constantly being reminded of ones limitations:-)08:59
chutwigeveryone's been there at some point08:59
terenceCardador: maybe i was using another nick, the vert and horizontal refresh settings anyway08:59
chutwigmost people still are even if they don't think it09:00
Cardadorah ok, so you were rune09:00
KamionAnna: nothing wrong with that, we're trying to produce a desktop distribution after all09:00
michel_v_I hate having to use a shell to do something09:00
michel_v_when I know I could easily do it in a GUI09:00
michel_v_(and I know my way around the shell, thank you very much)09:01
=== sheinlein [~sheinlein@pD9EBE217.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== punkass [~punkass@s142-179-103-99.bc.hsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
liffis there some magic required to get dns-sd stuff working in nautilus?09:01
chutwigi like my mac specifically because i know i have the terminal there if i ever want to use it but there's no reason why i should ever HAVE to09:01
sheinleinHi, how can I erase a rewritable CD only using nautilus-cd-burner?09:01
AnnaI wasn't aware Ubuntu is pre release. 09:01
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KamionAnna: not to be market-researchy or anything :-), but how did you find out about us?09:02
Cardadorquite polished for a pre-release, kudos for the devs09:03
AnnaKamion: In a moment of delusion of grandeur I decided to ditch Windows *and* <gasp> try Debian. I tried for a week to install Woody and gave up.09:04
liffsheinlein: i think you can only do it when you're writing a new cd09:04
AnnaI don't exactly remember how I landed on the Ubuntu website.09:04
tritiumHas anyone by chance tried installing ubuntu's evolution-exchange package on debian sid?09:05
michel_v_Anna: I feel your frustration09:05
punkassosnews..got me here..09:05
AnnaBut it was like my prayers were answered. An installable Debian09:05
_Hiro_do I have to add anything to this bugreport? it's my first bugzilla one ever :| https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=156909:05
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KamionAnna: fair enough, we (er, let me put my Debian hat on here) are really trying to put out a release with the new installer RSN, but Ubuntu will probably beat it out the door09:05
AnnaBut I have now ditched Windows actually.09:06
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liff_Hiro_: what does your /proc/cmdline say?09:07
_Hiro_root=/dev/sda3 ro quiet splash09:08
_Hiro_it's important?09:08
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_Hiro_I didn't really touch grub, all autogenerated09:08
AnnaDon't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with "rising up to the task" and I am burning to become not fluent but at least bring my computing knowledge up to the level of being able to set up a network, host a domain on a server I configure myself and perhaps even write some code.09:08
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AnnaIt's a long shot but I've set my mind to it..09:09
liff_Hiro_: no, just wondering if it was disabled there but apparently not..09:09
chutwigprepare for months of frustration09:09
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zombicswhen i tryed to install the NVIDIA driver i got this error: -> The installer has encountered the following error during installation: 'Cannot backup /usr/lib64/libGL.so.1'.  Continue anyway?09:09
tvon|x31backup smackup09:10
tvon|x31er, shmackup09:10
zombics? :/09:10
tvon|x31hrmph, anyways09:10
zombicsdid you talked 2 me?09:10
Kamionlib64? are you on amd64?09:10
tvon|x31You should be okay, I'd note the error though incase you have issues later (so you can file a bug report)09:10
KamionI didn't think we did an NVIDIA driver for amd64 yet09:10
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sheinleinliff: thanks, is it generally possible to also burn dvds? 09:11
sheinleinliff: I get the following error:09:11
zombicsKamion, i downlaoded it from the nvidia site09:11
sheinleinliff::-( write failed: Wrong medium type09:11
sheinlein:-( media is not formatted or unsupported.09:11
sheinlein:-[ WRITE@LBA=0h failed with SK=5h/ASC=30h/ACQ=05h] : Wrong medium type09:11
sheinlein/dev/hdb: "Current Write Speed" is 2.0x1385KBps.09:11
sheinlein:-[ RESERVE TRACK failed with SK=5h/ASC=24h/ACQ=00h] : Input/output error09:11
sheinlein/dev/hdb: reserving 362464 blocks, warning for short DAO recording09:11
sheinlein/dev/hdb: FEATURE 21h is not on, engaging DAO...09:11
sheinleinWARNING: /dev/hdb already carries isofs!09:11
Kamionzombics: probably better to contact them about it ...09:11
zombicsok.... thx :)09:11
sheinleinBut I know that my burner can handle DVD-RWs09:12
AnnaIs there a firewall application I can use on Ubuntu? It would ease my paranoia.09:12
zombicswhere can i find the manul for the nvidia driver?(i remember that it shold be somewhere on my pc09:12
michel_v_anna: you can try firestarter09:13
KamionAnna: there are no ports open by default :-)09:13
michel_v_it's very newbie-friendly09:13
Kamion(barring DHCP, I think there was a plan to look into that pre-final but it's not a big deal)09:13
michel_v_Ubuntu recognised I had a wifi pcmcia card, it seems09:13
michel_v_but it says no wireless peripheral09:13
Kamionmichel_v_: what says that?09:13
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michel_v_oh, the tooltip on the gnome applet09:14
liffsheinlein: i've burned one dvd and it worked fine :) did you remember to enable the "empty cd" checkbox when you tried that?09:14
michel_v_Kamion: if it helps, my wifi card uses a chipset by Ralink, the 2500 most probably (since it's a 54g card)09:14
Nonphasisany idea for getting xmodmap to work in gnome?09:14
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NonphasisI mean autoread .Xmodmap and make it stay09:15
michel_v_Kamion: maybe it's just a mistranslation and the tooltip meant to say "no available wireless network"09:15
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subterrificanyone have the link for the industrial firefox theme?09:16
AnnaKamion, when there are no open ports, how come you can read this?09:16
KamionAnna: no open listening ports09:16
sheinleinliff: which check box?09:17
_Hiro_keyboard selection during install is frustrating09:17
KamionAnna: iptables is included in the base system, but it's not exactly GUI-friendly09:17
Kamion_Hiro_: we'll be changing that soon, there's been enough feedback about it that it seems we have to bring back the keyboard configuration screen09:18
AnnaBut if someone knew my IP (like here by clicking on the screen name), couldn't they try to open ports?09:18
_Hiro_the fact that it determines locale is a bit of a killer, you get a frankenstein's son language hybrid then09:18
_Hiro_please :)09:18
=== Nonphasis just can't get around xkb
AnnaI P address I meant09:18
chutwigAnna: how would they open the ports?09:18
michel_v_anna: no, they couldn't09:18
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chutwigthere's a difference between inbound and outbound ports09:18
punkasszombics: fabbione is wokring on a nvidia-glx package for 64...09:18
_Hiro_Kamion that ash shell provided was also a bit weird, it reacts very strange to stuff like backspace09:18
_Hiro_I broke out other bootdisks to repair the install09:19
sivangis there somewhere on the wiki a how to for netboot install?09:19
Anna@chutwig: Well I assume someone technically astute can open ports. But that assumption has been rendered false already..09:19
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Kamion_Hiro_: it's busybox, not ash09:20
AnnaI mean, how do hackers (crackers) access other people's computers? Isn't it by opening their ports?09:20
_Hiro_Kamion this is a bit specific but I use openvpn to provide me internet over the wireless network, could packages like openvpn be provided on the install disk?09:20
KamionAnna: no, it's by exploiting things that are already listening09:20
chutwigthey use exploits in services that run at a root level, typically09:20
_Hiro_it said it created an ash shell on that ram disk09:21
KamionAnna: (generally; it's more complicated than that)