seb128jdub: happy with a dbus&hal update at this point ?12:02
jdubseb128: if they go in soon, and mdz is happy with it, then it's a necessary evil :)12:03
seb128ok, I'll look on this tomorrow so12:03
Kamionwhat's a good name for the udeb spat out by shadow that asks questions about the initial user account to create?12:14
Kamionit's kind of a clone of passwd.postinst but doesn't have most of the other code in passwd12:14
thomadduser ?12:15
thomhmm, no. too confusing12:15
Kamionand deb/udeb names share a namespace anyway12:15
thominitial-user.udeb since it does more than just a username12:15
Kamionif it ever went into Debian it would in principle ask all the questions from passwd.config, which has stuff like "do you want md5 passwords?"12:16
mdzjdub: would you create ubuntu-security-announce?12:18
thomKamion: *g*12:19
Kamionhm, I think I shall delete the root password question entirely from passwd-config.udeb; even if you wanted to set a root password, storing it in the debconf database across reboot would be evil!12:22
thommdz: for tbird i'll just upload a port of new debian with our additions for amd64 tomorrow; i don't think a backport is beneficial right now. waddya think?12:24
trukulowhen ubuntu service pack 2 will be released?12:27
trukuloups, sorry, that's devel channel12:27
Kamionof course, the user password ends up in the debconf database over reboot ...12:29
Kamionmdz: you have a problem with that? it'll be deleted as soon as the user's added12:29
mdzKamion: config.dat or password.dat?12:31
Kamionmdz: there's no such distinction in cdebconf12:32
Kamionsorry, yeah, the *c*debconf database over reboot12:32
mdzKamion: :'-(    <-- baby jesus12:32
mdzKamion: is the cdebconf database world-readable?12:33
mdzif so, can we make it not so?12:33
Kamion/var/log/debian-installer/cdebconf/questions.dat is world-readable post-install12:33
Kamionit would be a pain in the arse to make it not so, since it's useful for bug reports12:33
mdzis there any reason why it needs to be?12:33
trukulocan't you save password md5'ed ?12:33
mdzthere is other stuff in /var/log/debian-installer which is not world-readable12:33
mdzlike syslog12:33
Kamionbut we could make it not world-readable if we were willing to suffer the support load12:33
mdztrukulo: not without extending adduser to support that12:34
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukulomdz: ok12:34
Kamionactually, passwd.config doesn't use adduser for that part12:34
Kamionit does adduser --disabled-password, then its own evil chpasswd hack12:34
=== ddaa points the Monty Python finger and scream "splitters!"
Kamionmdz: would you be happy for a *hash* of the password to be in a world-readable file? I'm uneasy about it myself12:35
KamionI don't think the unencrypted password should be in any file, world-readable or not12:36
mdzKamion: not really12:36
mdzbut I'd be even happier with a hash in a non-world-readable file than with a password in a non-world-readable file12:36
KamionI think the latter's right out12:36
Kamionwe might as well store /etc/shadow unencrypted at that point12:36
mdzthat's what we'd be doing with the former12:37
trukulowhat about saving password not in database, but in a different file and then remove it later?12:37
Kamionno, I mean the passwords in /etc/shadow unencrypted :)12:37
Kamiontrukulo: too much work for the time period12:37
mdzKamion: me too :-)12:37
trukuloKamion: right12:37
mdzI have no qualms about making questions.dat root-only if we're going to put authentication data in there12:38
Kamiontrukulo: the only way this is even feasible in the TWO DAYS I have to implement this is to use debconf :)12:38
mdzwe can solve the support issue if needed12:38
Kamionall right12:38
mdzI'm still a little queasy about putting the password in there12:38
Kamionthen I have to chroot to run perl12:38
=== mako [mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukuloonly two days? then non-readable, as you said before12:38
Kamionnon-readable hash is equivalent to /etc/shadow, clearly ok12:38
trukulobut if you accomplished that, then people don't need to restart after installation? going into X automatically?12:39
Kamionthey still need to reboot after the first stage12:39
KamionI don't think that's negotiable; you need to be sure that the boot loader works12:39
trukulobut no passwords at first boot after install, that's very usable12:40
trukuloKamion: i agree, i prefer forcing to reboot after configuration12:40
Kamion[personally I don't really see that it's much different from the current case, but the guy who writes the paycheque wins, as lamont sometimes says ...] 12:40
trukulolittle diferences like these, makes a good look for users12:41
KamionI don't even see the usability win myself :)12:41
trukulonor do i, but remember that most people thins graphical installers are better than ncurses12:42
=== Kamion ponders setting a 'hash' flag on passwd/user-password once the password is hashed
Kamionto distinguish12:43
KamionJoey Hess has observed in the past that I'm one of the few people who uses custom debconf flags in maintainer scripts ...12:43
Kamion(with a reaction like "wow, you actually do that?", IIRC)12:43
trukuloi'm not a programmer, i'm only sysadmin :) so i can't understand what you talking 'bout very well12:44
Kamionjust thinking out loud12:44
trukulothat's good technique12:45
trukulowhen we talk bout we thinking, we're thinking better12:45
trukulok, i'll shut up, don't want to make noise here12:45
mdzjdub: ubuntu-security-announce ready?  I'd like to follow up with a hyperlink to subscribe12:45
jdubsorry, didn't think it was immediate request12:46
=== jdub is eating breakfast;)
=== trukulo thinks bout going to bed 0:40 here
Kamion# Use perl rather than echo, to avoid the password12:47
Kamion# showing in the process table. (However, this is normally12:47
Kamion# only called when first booting the system, when root has no12:47
Kamion# password at all, so that should be an unnecessary precaution).12:47
Kamion        SETPASSWD_PW="$2"12:47
Kamion        export SETPASSWD_PW12:47
Kamionsurely environment variables show up in the process table too?12:47
Kamionhm, perhaps only for processes you own12:48
jdubmdz: explicit reply-to ubuntu-devel?12:49
mdzjdub: ubuntu-users, please12:49
mdzKamion: under Linux, yes, only for processes you own12:50
mdza poor feature to rely on for security12:50
Kamionyeah, fortunately not in fact relied on12:52
Kamionkind of hard to deal with sensitive data securely in shell12:53
azeemdoogie probably wrote some oo-code for that12:54
Kamiondoogie and secure in the same sentence? :)12:55
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Client]
Kamionhm, no registry of prebaseconfig item numbers01:05
jdubelmo: ping?01:29
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzdaniels: ping?01:37
lamontKamion: I didn't realize that had become "my" statement...01:41
jdublamont: build errors coming in :|01:43
jduboh, needs NEW flushing01:43
mdzfabbione, thom: most recent firefox and xfree86 both have no problems for me on all architectures, thanks!01:47
jdublamont: did some new stuff for universe+hoary testing late last night01:47
jdubfucked up a bit01:47
jdubi am a bad person01:48
mdzelmo: ping?01:51
lamontgah.  so when one changes Makefile.am, just need automake, or autoconf as well>>01:53
Kamionlamont: you're who made it familiar to me :)01:56
lamontKamion: ah, ok02:02
lamontalso know as the Golden Rule:  he with the gold makes the rules.02:02
KamionIs it frightening that I know the PCI vendor id for Broadcom by heart?02:09
jdubelmo: ping02:22
lamontKamion: there was a time when I could ID many networking cards from the first 3 octets...02:30
=== Kamion hands lamont pci.lst; memorize that, I'll test you tomorrow
Kamionoh, ok, you can have until Monday then02:31
Kamionwould certainly make my life easier if I knew the whole lot by heart :)02:32
lamontKamion: I've been known to really annoy people by assembling parisc instructions in my head..02:33
elmomdz/jdub: ?02:33
lamontrepeat after me: 8 7 4-1 6 5 19-9 002:33
lamontI think that's the order, anyway...02:33
elmos/annoy/freak out/02:34
=== lamont has to run the kids to town
lamontelmo: yeah02:34
elmojdub: is this NEW stuff for universe or main?02:34
lamontthe bad part is when you patch about 6 instructions in one fell swoop, in hex.02:34
lamontback in a couple of hours.02:34
jdubelmo: universe02:34
jdubelmo: can you kill polypaudio  in new?02:34
jdubelmo: i'll fix that up02:34
elmolibao-polyp too?02:35
jdubyeah, ok02:35
elmoremember, universe stuff needs to be universe/$SECTION... I can override tho, so it's not critical02:36
jdublibao-polyp (0.3-1) universe/sound; urgency=low ?02:36
jdubor in control?02:37
elmoyeah, but you should change debian/control - not the .changes02:37
jdubso Section: universe/sound -> for both binaries and source?02:37
Kamionlamont: you're insane, dude :)02:37
=== jdub chuckles at elmo's reject mail
elmojdub: yeah02:39
Kamionjdub: share02:39
jdub"Rejected at request of bong sipping maintainer02:39
jdubwe should patch our vim to understand our wacky debian/control + changelog foo02:39
Kamionoh yes02:40
elmojdub: so am I rejecting them all?02:41
jdubjust those ones02:42
jdubready to upload?02:42
jdubrocking, thanks02:42
azeemdid I ask whether you guys are keeping all your main debian/ dirs in a repository?02:44
azeemif not, do you? =)02:44
jdubwe will02:45
jdubthere's some interesting stuff on the way in that regard :)02:45
elmo(new) polypaudio_0.5-1ubuntu1.dsc optional sound02:49
elmois that intentional?02:49
jdubnot universe/sound? no, i did that one before you mentioned it02:50
elmook, no prob, I'll just override02:50
elmoI assume gamin/howl aren't going to main at this stage either?02:50
jdubi'll do that in future :)02:51
mdzelmo: upload access for herbert?02:52
mdzthom: ick, does libapache2-mod-php4 really only work with the prefork mpm?02:52
elmowell, meh, does anyone have any suggestions on an upload method that allows you to reliably tell when a file's completely uploaded?02:52
Kamionkeep rsyncing until it doesn't do anything? :)02:53
jdubelmo: run a twisted ftp server, and fire off events when the files are fully uploaded :-)02:54
Kamionsheesh, new Windows XP Home is 163?02:54
Kamionnot buying that just for testing purposes02:55
Kamionmaybe one of my friends can lend me a copy or something02:55
elmoexpense it ;-)02:57
jdub"required for the express purpose of bringing freedom to the entire world"02:57
jdub"(also, doom3 looks very interesting)"02:58
Kamionactually, very tempting; then I can continue Not Owning A Copy Of Windows02:59
Kamion('cos it won't really be mine)02:59
jdubi didn't get that badge ;)02:59
mdzare windows XP licenses transferrable?03:00
mdzif so, you can have the one that came with my laptop03:00
jdub(they're definitely not with the hardware)03:00
jdub(dunno about otherwise)03:00
elmonot legally, but they work03:01
=== jdub goes to check out ubuntu article
jdubnot front page03:01
jdub" Here is a little quiz. Which Linux distribution's mailing list recorded over 1,000 posts during the first week of its existence? Which project succeeded in attracting some of the best-known and most prominent open source developers to work on it? And why do their email addresses invariably end with @canonical.com?"03:01
Kamionso what's all that product activation about then?03:01
jdubhaw haw03:01
KamionI thought it was supposed to stop you transferring copies around?03:01
elmokamion: it definitely doesn't, there's a key that's assigned "to the NHS" that must be used on thousands of computers03:02
mdz-rw-r--r--    1 root     root      2266975 Sep 22 15:42 changelogs03:03
mdzthat's the apt-listchanges output for a woody->warty upgrade on a non-trivial server03:03
mdzthat's a hell of a lot of changelogs03:03
azeemoh, so Dave Miller really is *the* Dave Miller. Should have figured.03:04
elmono, our Dave Miller is not the kernel guy03:04
azeemthen lwn is wrong03:05
elmoI should do that subscription via debian thing sometime03:05
azeemeverbody's been named except elmo03:05
=== jdub sends correction
Kamionplenty of Debian people other than elmo not mentioned either03:06
jdubazeem: everyone? :)03:06
jdubDave Miller on our team is not Dave "dude" Miller, it is Dave "bugzilla03:06
jdubmaintainer" Miller. :-)03:06
jdub- Jeff03:06
Kamionnamechecking me as "Debian QA" is a bit out of date too, but I won't argue :)03:06
elmojdub: ITYM, "K, Thanks, Bye.  Love, Jeff"03:06
jdubthe other dave miller says dude *way* too much03:07
justdavetoo many Dave Millers out there :)03:07
justdaveas far as I know, 'davem' still works for Red Hat03:08
elmoyeah, he does03:08
mdzoh, lwn is out? I guess they go by UTC03:12
jdub(for non-gnome dudes, see goneme.org)03:21
Kamionnew d-i uploaded with slightly branded installation manual, still lots of work to do there03:36
Kamionshout if it fails to build for some reason; I don't think it will, but ...03:36
=== Kamion is off to bed
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-87-199.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzKamion: night03:50
elmomy god, the "submit a bug" page is half a mb big?04:01
justdavemost of that is probably the component list.04:07
danielsmdz: pong04:14
jdubsbuild or pbuilder04:14
mdzelmo: dude, that's a feature04:14
mdzelmo: dan jacobson can never report a bug04:14
mdzjdub: none of the above04:14
jdubmdz: what do you recommend?04:15
elmomdz: LOL04:15
mdzjdub: hypothetical UML-based tool I've only half-written04:15
elmojdub: for what?04:15
=== jdub spanks mdz
jdubelmo: for building and checking things locally04:15
mdzpbuilder is scary crack and sbuild isn't particularly well suited for non-buildd use04:15
elmosbuild is machosistic, unless the package is vastly improved04:15
elmopbuilder's always struct me as particularly bad crack, but I don't have much experience to back that up04:16
jdubi basically want something so i can build shit against buildd-cletn unstable or warty whenever04:16
azeemelmo: of course it's vastly improved, I'm co-maintainer now04:16
azeemdidn't do anything yet, though04:16
elmopersonally, I just use a chroot by hand, but I'm 0ld sk00l that way04:17
azeemhow do you uninstall the Build-Deps afterwards?04:19
elmo*cough*, I cut'n'waste the "the following packages will be installed" output from apt-get to a file, and then apt-get --purge remove $(cat to_remove) afterwards04:20
jdubthat's not old skool04:20
jdubthat's no skool04:20
elmohey, I wrote the precursor to 'sbuild' in a hideously eccentric little shell called 'es' (-> 'esbuild') - I get to be a freak about how I build packages in a chroot04:24
elmojdub: module.h:26:18: ltdl.h: No such file or directory04:30
elmomissing b-d on libltd3-dev or whatever it is, I guess04:30
jdubyeah, now they're out of new i can upload the fixed one :)04:31
mdzI just throw the chroot away afterward04:32
=== jdub feels morbid, migrates to pillowful working area
elmohmm, no hoary/supported seed yet?04:40
mdzhoary should be sharing warty's seeds for now04:41
elmoyeah, I mean for proposals04:42
elmoas I assume it's too late to propose things for warty :)04:42
elmomdz/jdub: btw, do you have a timescale when you want hoary, if it's not ASAP?04:43
mdzelmo: to be honest, I don't see the point until we have hct04:44
mdzelmo: I don't think it's too late to propose stuff for supported if it's trivial04:44
elmomm.. Mark indicated to me that hct was a way away, e.g. he said we'd be accepting community uploads before hct was ready, and I think that included hoary04:45
mdzI spoke to him about it today; there seem to be differing visions for hoary04:45
elmogiggle.. neat!04:45
mdzjdub: what's yours? (the one you've announced on ubuntu-users@ with ETAs and stuff)04:45
mdzthere are 1009 source packages in warty main04:46
mdzwe've modified 308 of them04:46
mdzclobbering those changes with packages from unstable would produce an, err, undesirable result04:47
mdzelmo: would it be possible to rig something up to let unmodified packages flow in from sid, while not clobbering modified ones?04:48
elmowell, I can easily enough not sync if there's an 'unbutu' marker in the version number in warty04:48
mdzthen we could work through those by hand04:48
elmodaniels: dude, your keyboard handling skills suck tonight04:48
mdzpitti's asleep04:48
elmoit's like 5am in Germany :)04:48
elmohmm, and 4 am here.. sleep might be a plan soon04:48
danielselmo: wow, way to make your point, dude :P04:49
=== daniels considers a base-config upload with Canonical Standard Time (UTC+10) as the default TZ.
elmomdz: sure, no prob.. anyway, given the differing visions, shall I mail you, jeff, mark?04:49
elmo(think jeff's crashed now)04:49
elmodaniels: ?04:49
mdzoh, I thought he was still here04:49
danielselmo: the 5am thing04:50
mdzit's like noon in jdub-land, isn't it?04:50
danielsTo: apache@packages.debian.org                                                                                          04:50
danielsSubject: Andy Rourke (Smiths Bass Player) replaces Mani (Primal Scream)                                                 04:50
danielsand, sure enough, it's about andy rourke replacing mani04:50
elmo* jdub feels morbid, migrates to pillowful working area04:51
jdubmdz: mmm, thogh feeling uwjwell04:51
danielsmdz: 125104:51
mdzjdub: ah04:51
danielsmdz: so, just to make sure I'm not entirely on crack04:51
danielsmdz: ppp_on-boot_dsl is going into pppoeconf with a different name, no?04:51
danielsppp_on_boot.dsl, even04:51
mdzdaniels: s/pppoeconf/ppp/04:51
danielsmdz: glad I asked04:51
mdzI thought I said that in the bug04:52
elmommm.. 4am.. night all04:57
danielselmo: night dude05:02
danielshmm, my flatmate has discovered the maximum possible score on tony hawk 205:02
schweebheh, not that hard to hit, iirc ;)05:03
danielswell, maximum score for a single trick05:05
danielswhich is just over the 76 million mark05:05
daniels(spiderman + perfect balance + grinding the wire above the bullring + unplugging your keyboard + leaving it all night + a note that says 'leave please! for science's sake!' == very thps2 score)05:06
danielss/very/& high/05:06
=== lamont bets Kamion went to bed, yes?
justdavemdz: want to change the debzilla address right now?  (bug 1328)05:32
mdzjustdave: yes05:32
mdzjustdave: debzilla@ubuntu.com05:32
mdzemail prefs are already turned off05:32
justdaveok, done.05:33
justdavemake sure the importer knows to log in with the new address and you're all set.05:33
mdzdone here05:33
mdzI'll do a test run05:33
mdz_seems_ to work05:34
mdzbut I'm not sure there was anything new that represented a good test case05:34
mdzlooks good though05:35
danielswho here has a shinybook?05:43
justdavedefine shiny :)05:58
danielsshinybook -> powerbooks06:09
=== lamont takes polishing compound to his vaio
=== daniels waits for his pay, so he can get an X40.
=== lamont sends of his initial writeup of 'so you want to bootstrap an architecture'
justdaveI have a Pismo here...06:12
justdaveit's not exactly shiny06:12
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-004-250.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionemorning guys06:42
=== lamont sleeps.
lamontnight fabbione06:49
fabbionenight lamont 06:51
danielsnight lamont, morning fabbione07:05
danielsfabbione: i think the ati powerpc bios thing is an upstream bug07:05
danielsthat's the reason why I wanted more testing :)07:05
fabbionewell i0t got some testing07:07
fabbioneit crashed in several machines07:07
fabbionethis is hoary stuff07:09
fabbioneX is now uber deep freeze07:09
fabbionealso.. apparently someone found a combinantion of nv + xv working07:09
fabbionebut if we go for that solution we need to roll back the nv driver to the one in -607:09
fabbionethat will not work for people that needs X.org driver07:09
fabbioneand the other way around07:09
fabbioneget the poiny07:09
fabbionepoint even07:09
danielsyeah, there's no way we can do r4xx stuff for warty now07:14
danielsbut if the bios detection is arse upstream on powerpc, i want to know that now :)07:14
danielsi think having the support xorg gives us is more importand than xv, though07:15
danielsremember, it's not terribly long until we'll have xorg07:15
danielswhich reminds me -- early or late november for the sprint?07:15
danielsi think early is good, so we can get it done as quickly as possible07:16
fabbionedaniels: fine for me07:18
fabbionedid you mail Mark?07:18
danielsnot yet, but i'll do that now07:19
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionealso because there is just a month or so left07:22
fabbioneso it's better to get organized07:22
fabbioneanyway Mark also said that we shouldn't spend too much time on X anymore since it is "stable"07:24
fabbioneand focus on all the other bugs07:24
pittiMorning guys!07:24
fabbionehey pitti07:24
danielsfabbione: yeah, I'm trying to get off X07:26
danielsfabbione: working on Gimp now, for example07:26
fabbione<- raidtools207:27
pittifabbione: BTW, X on my iBook works again. Thanks for fixing the ati driver07:34
fabbionepitti: no problem and thanks for reporting :-)07:35
pittinpmccallum: here?07:37
=== m_tthew [matt@iorek.ice-nine.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mdz [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mdz [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionejdub, mdz: ping11:08
fabbionepermission to upload raidtools2 to fix #160311:09
fabbionediff and changelog at the above url11:09
fabbionetested with all possible raids11:11
fabbionethere are no regressions here11:11
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-26-32.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHi seb128!11:18
pittiseb128: the new gnome-vfs broke hotplug device handling :-)11:18
seb128pitti: og11:18
pittiseb128: #1599, but I'm just fixing it11:18
seb128I've seen your mail to ettore, this guy works on gnome-vfs ?11:19
pittiseb128: I copied this from debian/copyright11:19
pittiseb128: I hope so :-)11:19
pittiseb128: is there a mailing list or so for stuff like this?11:19
seb128rburton: To: Ettore Perazzoli <ettore@ximian.com> 11:20
pittiseb128: no, not from copyright, from AUTHORS11:20
seb128rburton: is there several ettore ?11:20
=== seb128 not sure
seb128pitti: I'll ping alex or teuf about this11:21
rburtonthat is the late ettore11:21
seb128as said 2 lines ago, was not sure11:21
pittiseb128: ugh, does that really mean he is dead?11:21
seb128pitti: yes11:22
rburtondied 12th december 2003 :(11:22
pittiseb128: any other idea where to forward patches then?11:22
seb128rburton: I didn't remember his last name, so I was not sure it was him11:23
pittiindeed, the mail bounced11:23
seb128pitti: as said before, I'll ping teuf or alex11:24
pittiah, ok11:24
seb128but better if you can open a bug report about this against gnome-vfs11:24
pittiin their bugzilla?11:24
=== pitti looks for the gnome-vfs bugzilla
seb128do you have an account on bugzilla.gnome.org ?11:26
pittiseb128: no, but I found the bug: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14818611:26
pittiseb128: I just created one11:27
seb128pitti: I'll probably update dbus/hal to new versions today11:27
pittiseb128: UGH! hal 0.2.98?11:29
pittiseb128: 0.2.87 had _severe_ regressions11:29
pittiI hope that they are fixed in 0.2.9811:29
seb12887 ?11:29
seb128could you check ?11:29
pittino, 97 of course11:30
seb128we need 98 to get the lock device stuff working11:30
seb128nautilus-cd-burner 2.8.3 requires it11:30
pittican't we backport jsut this change to 0.2.92?11:30
seb128Lock drive while burning when using HAL11:30
pittiseb128: ah, does it finally lock the drive?11:30
pittidoes it unmount the drive before locking?11:30
pittishould pumount -l /dev/foo11:31
seb128do you have time to make the tests ?11:32
seb128I've around 90 bugs assigned in my list ...11:32
pittiseb128: if you don't mind, can I do the hal upgrade myself?11:33
seb128oh yes please11:33
pittiseb128: or do you want to change anything specific?11:33
pittiokay, then I will do that.11:33
seb128BTW sjoerd (the debian maintainer) has packages almost ready11:33
rburtonhm, no multisync in ubuntu11:33
pittiI just have two major bugs left11:33
seb128pitti: apparently we need to update dbus and g-v-m too11:34
pittihell, we are frozen...11:34
seb128I know11:35
seb128but do you have any other idea to get the device locking ?11:35
pittiyes, I have11:35
pittiI have a new pmount version ready which implements per-pid locking11:36
pittithis is even robust against crashes of nautilus-cd-burner, i. e. if a program crashes that locked a device11:36
pittiso n-c-b just had to pmount --lock the device at start, and then pmount --unlock it when it finished11:37
pittiI already proposed that in #123411:37
seb128ok, feel free to do whatever you want on this plan :)11:38
pittimdz seemed hesitant to accept a new pmount version11:38
pittithat's probably why he assigned the bug to you11:38
seb128I've a ton of bugs and no really time to work on this11:38
seb128I've just read about the lock stuff in nautilus-cd-burner yesterday but it requires the new hal11:39
pittiI tried to read the hal diff yesterday, but there are tons of new code11:40
pittican you please write a short summary of the required changes to #1234?11:40
pittithen mdz should decide whether to go with new upstream or with new pmount11:40
pittiIMHO the new pmount has less changes and is more robust11:41
pittiOTOH it changes root code11:41
pittiIn any case I can care about this, either hal/ncb/gvm or pmount11:41
pittiseb128: ^11:41
seb128ok, cool11:42
=== sjoerd [~sjoerd@fire.ipv6.luon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128hey sjoerd :)11:43
seb128pitti was saying that's a lot of new code in hal and he's not comfortable with an update11:43
pittiseb128: well, I can prepare a new hal package and test it locally11:44
pittiseb128: but I got bad results with 0.2.97, that's why I would like to test this very thoroughly11:44
sjoerdas i told seb128, you need to patch the dbus python bindings a little for 0.2.98 11:45
sjoerdpitti: bad results with respect to hotplugging stuff ?11:45
pittisjoerd: yes, some of my devices were not recognized at all any more11:45
sjoerdthat's why i did 0.2.97+cvs20040907 in debian11:45
sjoerdfixed the problems for everyone who reported them11:46
sjoerdi've got hal 0.2.98 packages for debian almost ready, but dbus needs to be fixed first 11:48
pittisjoerd,seb128: AFAIK the locking patch was pretty small; we might be better off to just backport it to 0.2.92?11:49
fabbioneMithrandir: mind to check raidtool2 changelog from sid? there is something related to amd64 that might be important11:49
seb128pitti: I've not looked on hal internals enough to have an opinion on this, sorry11:50
fabbioneMithrandir: between -12 and -1311:50
pittiseb128: np, was just meant as CC FYI11:50
seb128ok :)11:50
pittiI have to log out and back in to test fixed gnome-vfs. BRB11:51
Mithrandirfabbione: 266856?11:51
fabbioneMithrandir: yes11:51
fabbioneMithrandir: since i am keeping a lock on raidtools2 i am still in time to add it11:51
Mithrandirfabbione: I don't have my ubuntu system powered up atm, but the patch looks sane to me11:52
fabbioneMithrandir: ok11:53
fabbionei will talk with mdz or jdub when they are around11:53
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittidamn, new gvfs still not working11:54
sjoerdpitti: if you only need the locking code for hal, then backporting it is the least intrusive way ofcourse11:54
fabbioneMithrandir: it's one liner.. i will just include it11:55
Mithrandirfabbione: coolie11:55
seb128pitti: if you can backport the lock part perhaps it's the best solution ?11:55
pittiseb128: the hal part should be relatively easy; but we also need a new gvm?11:56
seb128sjoerd: ? :)11:57
sjoerdif you go to 0.2.98 you need a new g-v-m yes11:57
seb128we want to backport the lock changes to 0.2.9211:57
sjoerdhmm for the locking too i guys, if you don't want it mounting stuff11:57
sjoerdthere is support for thet in the development branch of gvm11:58
=== sjoerd adds that to debians gvm todo
fabbioneMithrandir: i placed the source on people/~fabbione11:59
fabbioneMithrandir: can you just build it?11:59
Mithrandirfabbione: my amd64 ubuntu system is at home, powered down atm.12:00
MithrandirI need to get rid of a disk so I can sleep with it powered on.12:00
thomfabbione: i can built it12:00
thombut i have no way to test it12:01
fabbionethom: the test has been done.. i only want to be sure that is not a FTBFS12:04
thomthen sure12:05
fabbioneMithrandir: ehehe don't worry :-)12:05
fabbioneMithrandir: we still have THOMBOT!12:05
Mithrandirfabbione :)12:05
thombuilds for me12:06
fabbionethom: can you ping your friend for #1218 ?12:10
thomhave pinged, will ask colleagues to badger him12:12
fabbioneok patch for raidtools2 is already accepted by the DD.12:15
fabbionethat's good12:15
fabbionehe was fast and happy12:15
jdubfabbione: pong12:22
fabbionejdub: read mail about raidtools212:23
fabbionejdub: patch has been already accepted by the DD12:23
fabbionejdub: it also includes an AMD64 fix12:24
fabbionesee the changelog12:24
fabbioneit's a one line change12:24
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-233-126.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangg'afternoon people12:44
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
rburtonthom: so if i echo mem to /sys/power/state, it suspends and immediatly results on a tosh laptop. any ideas?12:45
sivanghi pitti12:46
thoms/results/restarts i assume?12:46
rburtonyes :)12:47
rburtondmesg shows e100 suspending and immediately being told to wake up again12:48
rburtonthom: are you lead man on ACPI issues?  should i get dan to file a bug re: suspend12:54
Mithrandirrburton: unload the USB modules12:54
thombut yeah, please file a bug, assign it to herbert, cc me12:59
rburtonok, removed ehci_hcd and uhci_hcd, leaving usbcore loaded, it resumed but when it resumed it had video corruption for a bit, and then shutdown12:59
rburtongracefully which was odd :)12:59
Mithrandirrburton: yes, it's the power button even which gets caught by /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh12:59
Mithrandirso it thinks you wants to turn it off12:59
MithrandirI miss a command similar to the old apm -s01:00
rburtonjustdave: ping?01:01
justdaverburton: pong01:02
rburtonjustdave: i'm so in awe of the icalendar queries on the ubuntu bugzilla that i'm upgrading our own one.  2.18rc2 appears to have broken icalendar export -- so is cvs head safe?01:02
pittisivang: Hi! Just had lunch01:03
justdaveif it works on bugzilla.ubuntu.com, it'll work on cvs head01:03
=== thom jumps up and down on bugzilla's head in a rage
thomjustdave: any joy with the "assign to me and mark assigned" button?01:04
=== Mithrandir gives thom a beer
justdaveif it's broke in rc2 I'd consider that an rc bug for 2.1801:04
rburtonjustdave: i'll check it again to make sure i'm not mad01:04
thomrock. find in firefox is actually totally hozed01:06
justdavehmm, works for me on landfill01:06
azeembbiaf? be back in a fortnight?01:06
rburtonjustdave: right, confirmed. icalendar contains just BEGIN and END01:06
rburtonfew.... months?01:07
thomhours, probably, given that i need to build a clean firefox on my crazy debian crack of doom partition01:07
rburtonjustdave: i'll be brave and go to the tip of 2.1801:07
justdaverburton: http://landfill.bugzilla.org/bugzilla-2.18-branch/01:07
justdavethat's tip of the branch, what'll be rc3 in a day or two01:08
rburtongrrr at bugzilla and permissions01:08
rburtonjustdave: what is the recommended user/group for bugzilla. atm its owned by me with group www-data but that is a pita as i have to su to run checkconfig01:09
=== vuntz [~vuntz@volin.imag.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
justdavethom: yeah, will hopefully have that in the next update (which is happening today sometime - been fighting with it for the last day and a half)01:10
thomjustdave: rock, cool01:10
justdaverburton: root:www-data :)01:10
justdaveif you're the only person on the box, you can set webservergroup to an empty string and it'll loosen up permissions a bit01:11
justdavebut that makes the data directory world-writeable, so that's not advisable if there's people besides you with access to the box01:12
rburtonyeah, everyone01:12
rburtonits the file server as well as web01:12
justdaveyou could also add yourself to the www-data group01:12
justdavewhich would let checksetup.pl do the chgrp without complaining01:12
rburtonyes, i was going to do that01:12
rburtonhm, still doesnt' work with tip01:13
rburtonhow annoying01:13
justdavewonder if there's something it doesn't like in your data...01:13
rburtonall the bugs have padlocks next to them01:14
rburtonwould the group permissions break it?01:14
justdaveare you downloading the ics file or subscribing to it?01:14
rburtonaaaha if i download in ephy it works01:14
rburtonwget doesn't01:14
rburtonsubscribing also doesn't01:15
rburtonwhich is why01:15
justdaveyeah, you need your login cookie since the bugs are secured01:15
justdave(or pass the user and pass with the url parameters)01:15
=== teuf [~teuf@cezanne-2-82-66-156-65.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
rburtonor in the url server bit?01:19
Mithrandirevo doesn't do https ical urls, though01:29
azeemyou need evolution-webcal for that, AFAIK01:30
azeemoh https01:30
Mithrandirthere's not a webcals protocol, it seems01:32
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
rburtonjustdave: rock on, thanks01:52
=== thom looks boredly at YA mozilla build
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont takes kids to school
rburtonis the daily install cd okay today?02:28
=== T-Bone [~varenet@T-Bone.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128jdub, mdz: approval needed for #128502:41
=== mako_ [mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
npmccallumseb128: I don't remember when we talked, did you say that you were going to turn on esd by default (for ubuntu-sounds)?02:48
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128we said it should be turned on yes02:49
seb128but I didn't say I was going to do it :)02:49
=== mako [mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
npmccallumShould we wait until #1481 is fix until we do that?02:51
seb128probably yes02:52
seb128ping jdub about that02:52
npmccallumI'll file a bug that depends on #148102:53
npmccallumwhat package is the esd option in? g-c-c?02:53
seb128npmccallum: which option ?03:01
=== T-Bone curses d-i for not asking for a proxy before trying to connect to the internet
pittiT-Bone: Doesn't it ask if the connection cannot be established?03:02
pittiT-Bone: Sarge's d-i asks for a proxy IIRC03:02
T-Bonepitti: it stalls eternally, so i'm not waiting. Double ctrl-C gets to the package installation directly03:03
T-Bonepitti: correct, sarge asks03:03
pittiT-Bone: can you please file a bug?03:03
pittiT-Bone: describing some details?03:03
T-Bonepitti: sure, ASA i'll familiarize with ubuntu BTS ;)03:03
npmccallumseb128: to turn on esound and play sounds at events03:04
pittiT-Bone: it's not difficult, you just have to create an account03:04
T-Bonealready reported #116003:05
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128npmccallum: esound is on by default, isn't it ?03:06
T-Bonepitti: already reported as #116003:06
T-Bonebtw, another question, probably a FAQ: what's the point of copying all packages to the local HD. Is warthy designed not to be installable under a certain amount of diskspace?03:07
pittiT-Bone: thanks03:07
seb128npmccallum: BTW the sound events option are in libgnome2-common's schema03:10
T-Bonebtw, is Mark Shuttleworth around?03:11
thomT-Bone: he's on #ubuntu, nick of sabdfl03:17
T-Bonethom: thx03:17
rburtonthom: for the last six months i've wanted your t630, but not i've got a k700i so i'm happy again :)03:20
rburtonmuch better than the t68i :)03:20
thomnow you just need a decent laptop... ;-)03:21
rburtonthen i can be MiniThom03:21
rburtonand follow you around03:21
=== thom chuckles
=== mako_ [mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== rburton hears police sirens and hides
seb128jdub: #1285 please :)03:27
seb128updating esound03:27
seb128ryan's packages are a pain03:28
=== T-Bone edits apt.conf by hand to add a proxy
seb128he has almost forked them with all the changes in the diff.gz03:29
jdubseb128: libxml is part of gnome ;)03:29
seb128and he's the only one to know what's in there03:29
azeemT-Bone: running apt-setup by hand also lets you do this, IIRC03:29
jdubmorning azeem03:29
seb128jdub: if that ok to update esound to current upstream and drop all debian changes ?03:29
azeemhey Jeff03:29
seb128hey azeem, thanks for the patch03:29
jdubseb128: hmm03:29
T-Boneazeem: oh; i'll try ;) Old debian habits are poising me ;)03:30
jdubseb128: can you check the src.rpm in fedora for any patches?03:30
jdubseb128: there might be some common ground for amd64 fixes and things like that03:30
seb128jdub: ok03:30
azeemT-Bone: it's just that I find it hard to remember the syntax needed for apt.conf03:30
jdubjust in case we miss anything ;)03:30
seb128ok :)03:30
azeemthe whole proxy thing sucks in Debian/Ubuntu currently, IMHO03:30
azeemworest of all is synaptic, which neither uses GNOME's nor APT's proxy setup but insists in having its own03:31
T-Boneazeem: lol, i'm getting used to it :)03:31
=== T-Bone gets "duplicate source entries" errors, tries to figure out what he did wronge
rburtonT-Bone: you uncommented the universe lines without commenting the lines at the top of the file03:32
rburtonthey both download main and restricted03:32
T-Bonerburton: bingo! thx03:33
seb128pitti: 09_pmount.patch + 10_fix_eject.patch break the trash with gnome-vfs 2.8.1...03:33
pittiseb128: gnome-vfs 2.8.1 breaks hotplug devices :-)03:33
pittiI found a partial fix no03:34
seb128have you opened a bug report ?03:34
pittiwhat breaks with the trash?03:34
seb128try to open the trash03:34
seb128always empty03:34
seb128always 0 items03:34
pittiseb128: #1599 for the hotplug stuff03:34
seb128it's ok if I rebuild gnome-vfs without these 2 patches03:34
pittiseb128: my trash is full03:34
seb128pitti: I was thinking to a gnome one so I can point to some upstream03:34
pittiI empty it03:34
seb128pitti: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=163603:35
pittiseb128: trash works for me???03:35
seb128I've exactly the same problem here03:35
seb128and no pb with gnome-vfs 2.8.0 or 2.8.1 without the 2 patches03:36
seb128pitti: the trashapplet works, the trash in nautilus is broken03:36
pittiseb128: works for me, too...03:37
pittithat's odd03:37
seb128perhaps your changes for the hotplug ?03:37
rburtonfabbione: does X add a synaptics driver to XF86Config if it knows one is there, or if its on a laptop?03:37
fabbionethe latter03:37
pittiseb128: now I have a slightly updated version03:37
fabbionerburton: afaik there is no way to detect that there is a synaptics whatever it is03:38
pittiseb128: now it shows me mounted USB devices on desktop (not yet in the computer place)03:38
seb128pitti: try with the current gnome-vfs package03:38
pittiseb128: as soon as I fixed this, I will downgrade to the older version and try to reproduce 03:38
seb128and killall nautilus before trying :)03:38
seb128ok thanks03:38
pittiseb128: I don't think that the eject fix is the cause03:51
seb128me neither03:51
pittiseb128: but 09_pmount does not do anything trash related neither...03:52
seb128I know ...03:52
seb128but I've build 10 version of the package 03:52
seb128removing these 2 fixes the issue03:52
pittiseb128: but this whole issue is odd anyway. Nothing in the 880 code relevant lines in the 2.8.1 patch seems to break hotplug devices03:52
pittiseb128: I had to fix that in a totally different spot03:52
seb128how ?03:53
pittiseb128: create_vol_from_mount decides whether the volume appears on desktop03:54
pittibut it sets is_user_visible to 0 for all but some special drive types03:55
pittiseb128: oddly enough this code hasn't changed from 2.8.0, but I guess it is indirectly called differently03:55
seb128what has changed in create_vol_from_mount behaviour between 2.8.0 and 2.8.1 ?03:56
pittiseb128: nothing, that's the funny part03:56
seb128same for the trash03:56
pittiseb128: as I said, I read the whole diff from 2.8.0 to 2.8.103:56
seb128that's broken but nothing changed03:56
pittiseb128: voodoo03:56
seb128one of the patches is perhaps doing bad stuff03:57
pittiseb128: can we blame Bill Gates for that?03:57
=== truk-zzz blames
seb128pitti: why not :)03:57
pittiseb128: do you know a possibility to test a new gnome-vfs without logging out/in?03:58
pittiseb128: I already tried to run the daemon manually, but that does not work03:58
seb128perhaps teuf knows ?03:58
seb128teuf: here ? :)03:58
pittiseb128: I'm back in a minute03:59
teufseb128: depends on what exactly pitti is trying to achieve03:59
seb128he's working with volumes/devices04:00
seb128what's showed on the desktop with nautilus04:00
teufyeah, but I don't get why h e needs to log out/log in04:00
teufgnome-session-remove nautilus should be enough to kill the vfs-daemon I think04:00
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128probably to restart the volume-monitor ?04:00
teufpitti: why do you need to log out/log in to test vfs changes ?04:00
pittiteuf: I tried to kill the daemon and to start it with the same options, doesn't work04:01
pittiseb128: my trash works like charm here :-)04:02
teufpitti: killall gnome-vfs-daemon && killall nautilus isn't enough ?04:02
pittiseb128: I will try it now with the old version in Warty04:02
seb128ok, thanks04:02
pittiteuf: oh, will that restart everything?04:02
teufpitti: depends what you call "everything" ;)04:02
teufit's probably more than enough to test vfs changes04:02
pittiteuf: cool, thanks!04:03
pittiyou just improved my efficiency trememdously :-)04:03
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: grumpf, the volume icons only appear _either_ on the desktop _or_ in the Computer place04:14
pittiseb128: with the current gconf default, they appear only at the desktop04:14
pittiseb128: do you think they should appear in both places?04:15
sivangis it possible to make them appear on both places?04:20
seb128pitti: the icon should always been in the computer place yes04:22
pittiseb128: this must be somewhere in nautilus04:22
seb128what ?04:22
pittiseb128: I'm trying to find it04:22
seb128that's the upstream behaviour, keep it for the moment perhaps and check with jdub04:24
jdubi thought they appeared in both04:24
pittijdub: the current behaviour is quite odd04:28
pittijdub: I just fixed gnome-vfs to actually report USB sticks and the like as "user visible" to fix #159904:29
pittijdub,seb128: now if I plug in my stick, it appears at the desktop, not in the Computer place04:29
pittijdub,seb128: however, if I switch off the "icon on desktop" gconf setting, it appears only in the Computer place04:29
pittijdub,seb128: but in this case the sda1 icon appears as "not mounted" (!!!)04:30
pittijdub,seb128: I can click on sda1 and it complains that sda1 is already mounted04:30
pittijdub,seb128: if the Icon is on desktop, it behaves sanely04:30
seb128if it detects it as not mounted that's normal04:30
=== pitti cries out loudly
pittiseb128: why is that normal? a week ago I could click on sda1 in the computer window and the content opened04:31
pittiseb128: and I could unmount it there04:31
=== pitti wishes to revert to gvfs 2.8.0
seb128"if it detects it as not mounted"04:31
pittiseb128: ah, but it is mounted04:31
seb128I know04:32
seb128the detection is wrong04:32
seb128but the behaviour is right according to the detection04:32
seb128pitti: BTW 2.8.1 fixes some important issues, reverting is not good04:32
pittiI'm already working 6.5 hours on this stuff; it's just plain weird04:32
pittiseb128: BTW, I could reproduce the trash bug04:33
thomthat's three days of firefox. rapture04:33
=== mjg59 [mjg59@cavan.codon.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomhey oh fearless laptop leader04:34
pittiseb128: funnily enough it seems to work again with my updated gvfs04:34
=== jdthood [~jdthood@aglu.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128pitti: nice :)04:48
pittiseb128: however, inexplicable04:48
pittiseb128: my patches were agains gvfs, but the trash thingy should be nautilus, don't?04:49
seb128the graphical part04:49
seb128the monitor is gnomevfs stuff04:49
seb128and as said before is works fine with 2.8.0 package and not 2.8.1 without changing nautilus04:50
seb128so I really think the problem is in gnomevfs04:50
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mxpxpoddo you guys need a *mm library maintainer?04:59
seb128fabbione: here ?05:01
seb128mxpxpod: would be nice :)05:01
sladencan somebody with cpu_scaling working on their PowerBook send me the output of    grep '^model name' $CPUINFO | head -1 | sed -e 's/^.*: //;   and tell me which module(s) they had to load05:01
mxpxpodseb128: I'd be willing to learn exactly how to do it and help maintain05:02
mxpxpodseb128: just let me know what to read and if I need to register somewhere or something... but that way we can keep on top of *mm stuff05:03
seb128jdub: here ?05:03
seb128mxpxpod: what to read for what ? Doing a debian package ? 05:03
jdubseb128: mmm?05:03
seb128jdub: read 2 lines ago05:04
jdubmxpxpod: you've looked at the *mm sources in universe?05:04
jdubmxpxpod: are they not building, or...?05:04
seb128jdub: mxpxpod would like to help to maintain the *mm05:04
jdubseb128: yep, worked it out now ;)05:05
mxpxpodmxpxpod: no, not really, but I can do that05:05
mxpxpodcrap, that was to jdub05:05
mxpxpodoh, nice... gtkmm-2.4.5 hasn't been compiled for ppc... but the source is in universe05:07
jdubgrab the sources05:07
mxpxpodjdub: got em05:07
jdubsee if they build on your box05:07
jdubfixing that stuff will go straight into universe for everyone else :)05:08
mxpxpodjdub: is there a specified way that is more acceptible to build with? or is apt-get source -b libgtkmm-2.4-105:08
jdubif you want updated packages05:08
jdubmxpxpod: apt-get source <package>05:08
jdubcd <directory>05:08
jdubdpkg-buildpackage -uc -us -rfakeroot05:08
jdubprobably worth hanging out here to ask about the ins and outs of how this all works05:08
mxpxpodjdub: you don't care that it's not signed?05:09
jdubbut i strongly recommend reading the developer docs on debian.org05:09
mxpxpodjdub: ok05:09
jdubif you're building it for yourself, you don't need it signed05:09
jdubyou're testing ;)05:09
mxpxpodjdub: good point :)05:09
jdubbut, if you've fixed stuff up05:09
sivangjdub : you a know a good way to have nautilus-cd-burner not finalize a cd?05:09
jdubdo your build like this:05:09
jdubdpkg-buildpackage -S -rfakeroot -uc -us05:10
jdubthat'll do a source build only05:10
sivangjdub : this seems to be ellusive on the gui05:10
jdubwhich can be checked, signed and uploaded to universe05:10
mxpxpodjdub: ah, ok05:10
jdubsivang: i don't think it can05:10
mxpxpodjdub: oh, I know where the 2.4.5 stuff came from... it came from debian's source stuff05:10
sivangjdub : darn05:11
jdubmxpxpod: universe is debian main, frozen a few months back05:11
seb128mxpxpod: most of the packaged are from the debian archive05:11
jdubmxpxpod: if you want newer packages, we can sync things from sid05:11
mxpxpodjdub: ah, ok05:11
mxpxpodjdub: well, I have a deb-src line that grab's sid's current sources05:11
jdubmxpxpod: if they build on warty (or you have patches), that is ;)05:12
seb128I *hate* changes in the diff.gz05:12
sivangjdub : there a list of packages that needs security sync from sid, would you like me to mail you?05:12
jdubmxpxpod: hrm, unless you definitely know you want to use those, try working with the existing versions in universe as much as possible05:12
jdubsivang: no, that's mdz's gig :)05:12
sivangjdub : k ;-)05:12
mxpxpodjdub: well, universe has 2.4.2, and it would be nice to have 2.4.5 since it's got a couple of fixes in05:13
lamontmdz/jdub about?05:13
jdublamont: i am05:13
jdubmxpxpod: ok05:13
lamontI, um, have a proposed fix for #157705:13
jdubmxpxpod: for this release, we're not worrying too much about freezeness in universe :)05:13
jdubmxpxpod: in later releases, it'll freeze just like everything else05:13
mxpxpodjdub: ok, cool05:13
mxpxpodjdub: gotcha05:13
lamont(A) shipping an RC is really, really, ugly.  (B) 9.2.4 just released, (C) upstream is good about not releasing until they've fixed things. (D) it's been verified to fix #1577.05:14
lamontjdub: can we sync it from debian? please, please, please, please05:14
=== lamont grovels
mxpxpodjdub: the reason I'm worried about *mm stuff is that I think I'm going to make a release of coaster in the next few weeks, and I want people to be able to use it05:14
jdubmxpxpod: rad05:14
mxpxpodjdub: :)05:14
mxpxpodjdub: so, I'll need to hack up a gnome-vfsmm2.8 package for us too05:15
jdublamont: i'm going to defer to mdz on this one, sorry :-)05:15
jdublamont: it has my approval if he's happy with it05:15
jdubmxpxpod: there's no debian package?05:15
mxpxpodjdub: not for 2.8... just 2.605:15
mxpxpodjdub: I should email bradley05:15
lamontjdub: well, that's one down, anyway...05:15
jdubseb can teach you sexy ways of handling that :)05:15
lamonthrm... mdz is almost certainly still asleep05:16
mxpxpodjdub: teach me?05:16
jdubmxpxpod: packaging-fu05:18
sladencould people have a quick test of:  http://www.paul.sladen.org/ubuntu/cpufreq-detect.sh  if possible and tell me when it doesn't work05:18
seb128oh, just remember05:18
seb128jdub: what do you think about turning on the tab-groups extension in epiphany-extensions ?05:19
jdub$ ./cpufreq-detect.sh05:20
jdubseb128: dunno05:20
=== T-Bone wonders why firefox doesn't account his "stop button hit" (still proxy problem), and why the menus are empty
jdub$ sudo modprobe speedstep-smi05:20
jdubFATAL: Error inserting speedstep_smi (/lib/modules/ No such device05:20
jdub$ lsmod | grep cpu05:20
jdubcpufreq_userspace       5240  205:20
jdubcpufreq_powersave       1728  005:20
jdub$ lsmod | grep speed05:21
jdubspeedstep_lib           4100  005:21
jdubsladen: helpful?05:21
=== sladen ponders
sladenjdub: do you already have another module setup and working?05:22
jdubwhich appears to be speedstep_lib05:23
sladenjdub: groovy, what's  grep '^model name' /proc/cpuinfo ?05:23
jdubmodel name      : Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.40GHz05:23
sladenjdub: okay, could you confirm that  modprobe -r speedstep_lib  ; modprobe speedstep  is all that you need to do?05:25
sladener.  speedstep_lib05:25
thomum, it claims speedstep_smi for me, too. but speedstep_centrino is the one that works05:26
jdubit's working without that loaded05:26
sladenthom: what's your   grep '^model name' /proc/cpuinfo05:27
thomvirelais:~# sh cpufreq-detect.sh05:27
thomvirelais:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep "model name"05:27
thommodel name      : Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1200MHz05:27
thomvirelais:~# modprobe speedstep_smi05:27
jdubbut i still have cpufreq_ ones in there05:27
thomFATAL: Error inserting speedstep_smi (/lib/modules/ No such device05:27
mxpxpodjdub: if I compile these packages for ubuntu, do you want me to make a changelog entry?05:28
sladenthom: is that a P4-M ?05:28
jdubmxpxpod: you have to, to change the version nubmer05:29
jdubmxpxpod: basically05:29
jdubmxpxpod: run 'dch'05:29
jdub'dch -i'05:29
jdubthen change the version number like this:05:29
mxpxpodjdub: before I compile?05:29
jdub2.6.4-2 becomes 2.6.4-2ubuntu105:29
jdubmxpxpod: yes05:29
mxpxpodjdub: ok05:29
mxpxpodjdub: oh, I had a question about dch yesterday... which environment variables do I need to set in my .bashrc?05:31
jdubhrm, probably not worth doing that05:32
jdubi have ~/bin/uch05:32
jdubwhich looks like:05:32
jdubexport DEBEMAIL=jeff.waugh@canonical.com05:32
jdubexec dch -i -D warty $@05:32
mxpxpodhow does it get your name?05:32
danielsfrom the passwd file05:32
mxpxpodoh, rightg05:33
=== Sledge__ [~steve@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontexport LANG=C05:34
lamontexport DEBEMAIL="lamont@mmjgroup.com"05:34
lamontexport DEBFULLNAME="LaMont Jones"05:34
lamontif (( $# >= 1 )) && [ "$1" = "-i" ]  && [ -f debian/changelog ] ;then05:34
lamont  V=$(sed -n '1,1s/^.*(\(.*\)).*$/\1/p' debian/changelog)05:34
mxpxpodjdub: do I need the -D warty?05:34
lamont  if [ "$V" = "${V%ubuntu*}" ] ; then05:34
lamont        shift05:34
lamont        VERS="--newversion ${V}ubuntu1"05:34
jdubmxpxpod: yes05:35
lamont  fi05:35
jdublamont: :-)05:35
lamontdch -D warty $VERS "$@"05:35
lamontit does require that -i be the _FIRST_ option, though...05:35
lamontthe real trick is remembering to _not_ say that for debian uploads... :-)05:36
mxpxpodlamont: why not just put -I in  your exec?05:36
lamontmxpxpod: I sometimes don't want -i05:37
mxpxpodwhoops, -i05:37
lamontthat code basically says 'if they said -i, and it's not already an ubuntu* version, then change the -i to --newversion ..ubuntu1, otherwise just pass the -i through'05:38
mxpxpodah, ok05:38
mxpxpodnow, when the editor comes up after I type ~/bin/uch -i, I just enter regular changelog entries?05:39
mxpxpodjdub: ^05:43
danielsmxpxpod: yah05:43
mxpxpoddaniels: ok, it creates a changelog.dch... it doesn't merge into the changelog05:44
T-Bonelamont: ping05:44
danielsmxpxpod: it should merge into the changelog after you write and exit05:44
mxpxpoddaniels: hrmm... doesn't seem to do it with gvim05:45
lamontT-Bone: let me guess... issues building the chroot?05:47
jdubseb128: nautilus scripts don't seem to work05:47
T-Bonelamont: bingo05:47
T-Bonelamont: don't have warty.buildd05:47
lamontgrab that from a warty box.05:47
seb128jdub: dpkg -l shared-mime-info ?05:47
lamontand then you need to edit it. :-(05:47
T-Bonelamont: rephrasing:05:47
T-Bonelamont: don't have warty.buildd on a warty box05:47
thomlamont: we could just get the ones off the buildds05:48
lamontapt-get update; apt-get install debootstrap05:48
T-Bonelamont: already did that05:48
=== lamont uploaded debootstrap ubuntu17 yesterday with the file
mxpxpodgrr... dch doesn't like gvim at all05:48
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
T-Bonelamont: don't have warty.buildd on a warty box after installing debootstrap05:48
lamontwhich version?05:48
T-Bone0.2.39ubuntu17 (freshly installed)05:49
=== lamont checks, screams
lamontjust a minute05:50
thomlamont: did that pbbuttonsd upload fix powerprefs/gtkpbbuttons?05:50
lamontthom: will check05:50
lamontt-bone: people.no-name-yet.com/~lamont/warty.buildd  ubuntu18 coming soon.  sigh.05:52
T-Bonelol thx05:52
seb128jdub: "Hardware request : eagle-usb driver" <- grrrrrrrrrrr, I've mailed the devel list about this 1 one week ago and nobody care about replying :(05:52
seb128this package is not big and damn useful for some people05:52
jdubseb128: you can upload it to universe, no problem05:53
seb128jdub: universe is not good05:53
lamontT-Bone: or you could apt-get source debootstrap, and extract it from there. GAH!05:54
seb128jdub: we want it on the CD, or people can't have a net access and download the package05:54
T-Bonelamont: to recap, i'm debootstraping on a sarge ia64 box, using warty.buildd. Are the special options you gave me still valid?05:54
jdubseb128: where is it at the moment? only in debian?05:55
seb128we have eagle-adsl in universe05:55
mxpxpoddoes anyone here use dch with gvim?05:55
seb128is has been renamed in eagle-usb in debian05:55
seb128which works better05:55
lamontT-Bone: the file I just gave you will still need --exclude=lsb-base05:55
jdubseb128: happy for you to sync the debian package to replace it05:55
seb128jdub: please read my mail on ubuntu-devel about this, I've included the details05:55
T-Bonelamont: and taht's all? or kernel-headers are needed too?05:56
jdubseb128: then shift it into supportedseed/shipseed05:56
lamontbut the --include isn't needed (nor should it be..)05:56
jdubseb128: with confirmation with matt05:56
seb128jdub: ok, thanks !05:56
seb128jdub: and about your version of shared-mime-info ? 05:56
lamontlinux-kernel-headers _is_ included, it's just that libc6-dev Depends it, and the script had ordering issues...05:56
T-Bonelamont: ok, hold on05:56
jdubseb128: my which? :)05:56
seb128<jdub> seb128: nautilus scripts don't seem to work05:57
seb128<seb128> jdub: dpkg -l shared-mime-info ?05:57
seb128don't ignore the question dude :p05:57
=== seb128 thinks you still have 0.14 :)
seb128the fix is the libxml2/s-m-i upload you've approved 2 hours ago :p05:59
lamontT-Bone: and then there's the issue that snapshot.debian.net is b0rked05:59
lamontdate specs don't completely work...05:59
jdubseb128: boh ;)06:00
lamontT-Bone: so little things like linux-kernel-headers and apt aren't in that repository...06:00
T-Bonelamont: do you have other niceties to tell me ? ;)06:01
lamontgive me a few mintuew06:01
T-Bonelamont: i shall fire some very heavy stuff at you ;^)06:02
lamontT-Bone: starting with a sarge chroot won't work (too new), and starting with woody is just plain painful.06:04
T-Bonelamont: debootstrap currently fetching files without errors for now06:04
lamontand you can't do what I did, which was start with a snapshot that we made of sid on freeze day.  (since we didn't snap ia64...)06:05
T-Bonelamont: would sbuild help me rebuilding everything, or should i do that "by hand"?06:05
lamontright.  There's some extra fun to deal with down the road...06:05
lamontsbuild is your friend.06:05
T-Bone(i'm up to libc6, currently)06:05
lamontlibc6.1, I hope...06:05
mxpxpodjdub: if I'm just compiling debian source packages for ubuntu, do I need to add a changelog entry?06:06
T-Bonelamont: correct ;)06:06
jdubmxpxpod: if you make a change, yes06:06
mxpxpodjdub: what if no change is made06:07
jdubmxpxpod: if not, lamont can sync them directly into universe06:07
mxpxpodjdub: oh, ok06:07
mxpxpodlamont: can you sync libsigc++2.0, glibmm2.4, and glibmm2.4?06:07
lamontmdpxpod: wanna send me an email with the whys and such, and I'll forward it along.06:08
mxpxpodlamont: to who?06:08
lamontit goes to jdub, mdz, and elmo06:08
mxpxpodah, ok06:08
lamontjdub/mdz approve, elmo syncs06:08
mxpxpodlamont: email addy?06:10
T-Bonelamont: up to 'tar' ;)06:10
seb128fabbione: here ?06:11
lamontT-Bone: did you happen to notice if it fetched either linux-kernel-headers or apt??? :-(06:11
=== T-Bone looks
lamontit didn't for me...06:11
T-Bonelamont: apparently not. and it fucked up on libc606:12
lamontso once the debootstrap fails, then you:06:12
seb128jdub: hum, the current package of esound uses --disable-alsa ... do you see a reason to keep that ?06:12
lamont wget http://snapshot.debian.net/archive/2004/06/03/debian/pool/main/l/linux-kernel-headers/linux-kernel-headers_2.5.999-test7-bk-16_ia64.deb 06:12
lamontstuff that in the chroot, dpkg -i it, redo debootstrap (yeah, that's bad...)06:12
lamontthen wget http://snapshot.debian.net/archive/2004/06/10/debian/pool/main/a/apt/apt_0.5.25_ia64.deb06:12
lamontand shove that in the chroot06:12
lamontand install it06:13
lamontand apt-get update06:13
lamonter, after creating a good sources.list, that is...06:13
lamontdeb http://snapshot.debian.net/archive/2004/06/28/debian unstable main06:13
lamontdeb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main restricted universe06:13
lamontand then you'll be ahead of me.06:13
lamonteta 12 minutes on the apt-get update06:14
lamontT-Bone: yes, well... snapshot.debian.net's date-specs are known to be br0ken.06:14
T-Bonelamont: rerunning debootstrap on the previously debootstrap'd chroot, right?06:14
lamontso we'll probably wind up polluting the hell out of this chroot to get main built, etc..06:15
T-Bonein progress06:15
lamontwhich is just so sick and wrong, but works.06:15
=== lamont looks to make sure Kamion isn't watching
thomi should get this going on sparc, too06:15
lamontSo really, step 1 is Debug the chroot into existance06:16
lamontthom: I was planning to wait until late october to do this.06:16
lamontt-bone is in a hurry though.06:16
thomgive me something to do between firefox builds06:16
T-Bonelamont: getting tons of unmet deps06:16
lamontthom: bounced you my email to t-bone06:16
lamontyeah - those are normal.06:17
lamontwell, less of them is more normal...06:17
T-Boneshit, libc6dev depends on linux-kernel-headers hower...06:17
T-Bonelooks like it didn't work06:18
thomlamont: grazil06:18
lamontthe next step after the apt-get update is to look at warty.buildd, and figure out what other packages are missing from 2004/06/28 on snapshot.d.n06:18
lamontT-Bone: after the first debootstrap fails with libc6.1-dev depends l-k-h, then you chroot in to the chroot, dpkg -i linux-ker....deb, drop back out and re-run debootstrap06:18
T-Bonelamont: exactly what i did06:19
T-Bonedidn't work06:19
lamonthow did it die?06:19
T-Bonepackage l-k-h not installed06:19
lamontthe lkh install, how did that die?06:19
T-Bonedidn't die06:19
lamontoh, after dpkg -i, do dpkg --configure -a06:19
lamonter, s/-a/--pending/06:20
T-Bonebummer ;)06:20
lamontthe chroot is pretty resilliant...06:20
T-Bonegandalf:/# dpkg --configure --pending06:20
T-Bonedpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of libc6.1-dev:06:20
T-Bone libc6.1-dev depends on linux-kernel-headers; however:06:20
T-Bone  Package linux-kernel-headers is not installed.06:20
lamontdpkg -l linux-kernel-headers (in the chroot)06:20
T-Boneun  linux-kernel-h <none>         (no description available)06:21
lamontcould it be that you installed it outside the chroot?06:21
T-Bonenop i didn't06:21
=== T-Bone redoes dpkg -i
mxpxpodlamont: in my email, do you want changelog entries to show what's changed?06:21
T-Boneii  linux-kernel-h 2.5.999-test7- Linux Kernel Headers for development06:21
T-Bonelamont: the hell if i understand :P06:21
=== lamont is using debootstrap 0.2.39
lamontmxpxpod: yes06:22
mxpxpodlamont: okey dokey06:22
lamontwell, at least an explanation of what's changed, and why we care enough to sync.06:22
T-Boneun  linux-kernel-h <none>         (no description available)06:23
mxpxpodlamont: I'll just put in changelogs :)06:23
T-Bonelamont: debootstrap is messing up with my l-k-h manual setup06:23
lamontwhich version debootstrap?06:23
T-Bonestill the same06:23
T-Bone 0.2.45   06:24
lamontyeah - it must have gotten smarter..06:24
T-Bonewe don't want it to be smarter, do we?06:24
lamontno.  we want it stoooopid06:24
T-Bonedamn st0000pid :)06:24
T-Boneso, what's next?06:24
lamonthit snapshot.d.n, debootstrap, and grab 0.2.3906:24
T-Bonelamont: and i install it on my sarge box, right?06:25
mxpxpodlamont: sent06:27
T-Bonelamont: still the same06:27
T-Bonedoesn't work06:27
lamontthom: I'm going to write a 'so you want to bootstrap an architecture' paper when I'm done...06:28
seb128jdub: nevermind about esound/alsa, was my error06:28
lamontt-bone: gimme a minute06:28
T-Bonelamont: do i still want the --exclude flag?06:28
T-Bonelamont: when i'm done, i'll bootstrap hppa ;)06:29
=== T-Bone ducks
lamontT-Bone: I would love for you to debootstrap hppa.06:30
=== lamont builds a tarball for t-bone
T-Bonelamont: heh, if i don't have a receipe, i won't be able to do hppa ;)06:30
lamontt-bone: (1) do what it takes to make a chroot with 06/28 bits.06:30
lamontdid 0.2.39 not install, or did it produce the same issues?06:31
T-Boneproduced the same issues06:31
T-Bonelamont: this is the kind of receipe i enjoy a lot. It leaves everything up to the cook chief ;)06:32
thommy sparc has the loudest disks in the history of the world ever :/06:32
T-Bonethom: the cool thing with ia64 or big hppa boxes, is that you _can't_ here the HDs ;)06:33
lamontpeople.no-name-yet.com/~lamont/chroot-warty_ia64.tar.bz2 will be complete in about 3 mintues06:33
thomT-Bone: heh06:33
lamontT-Bone: WHAT??? :-)06:33
T-Bonelamont: ok, ping me again when it's ready, so that I'll suck it asap06:33
T-Bonelamont: LOL ;)06:33
lamontT-Bone: so step 1 for you becomes 1a) untar the beast and then...06:34
T-Bonelamont: and then i'll need your help to setup sbuild ;)06:34
lamontwas just looking at that...06:34
elmolamont: it doesn't fix it :(06:35
lamontfor file in var/debbuild/avg-build-times var/debbuild/avg-build-space; do install -m0664 -o${USER} -gbuildd /dev/null ${chroot}/${file}; done06:35
lamontfix etc/apt/sources.list06:35
elmotsig.c:293: REQUIRE(targetp != ((void *)0) && *targetp == ((void *)0)) failed.06:35
elmozsh: abort      nsupdate06:35
lamont    grep -q "^${USER}:" ${chroot}/etc/passwd ||06:35
lamont        getent passwd ${USER} >> ${chroot}/etc/passwd06:35
lamont    grep -q "^buildd:" ${chroot}/etc/group ||06:35
lamont        getent group buildd >> ${chroot}/etc/group06:35
lamont    grep -q "^${USER}:" ${chroot}/etc/shadow ||06:35
lamont        echo ${USER}:\*:$(getent shadow ${USER} | cut -d: -f3-9) >> ${chroot}/etc/shadow06:35
lamont    grep -q "^proc-${USER}-$rel$flavor " /etc/fstab ||06:35
lamont        echo proc-${USER}-$rel$flavor ${UHOME}/${chroot}/proc proc rw 0 0 >> /etc/fstab06:35
lamont    mount proc-${USER}-$rel$flavor || true06:35
lamont    [ -f /etc/source-dependencies-${rel}${flavor} ]  || 06:36
lamont        :> /etc/source-dependencies-${rel}${flavor}06:36
lamontew.  sorry about the flood.06:36
T-Bonelamont: actually i think it'd be much simpler for you to mail me that ;P06:36
lamontelmo: that's not fixed?06:36
lamontT-Bone: yea06:36
T-Bonelamont: ETA?06:36
elmolamont: the first one I tried worked - the second didn't :(06:37
lamontT-Bone: scp done06:38
lamontT-Bone: script sent, extract as needed.. :-)06:38
T-Bonelamont: wget in progress06:39
lamontthom: take steps from /usr/share/buildd-config/build-chroot on any buildd06:39
lamontthom: t-bone got the sanitized script06:39
T-Bonelamont: ok, chroot extracted06:40
T-Bonelamont: anything i should change to your script?06:40
lamontelmo: would it be extremely painful to use the wayback machine to get the .debs for everything in hoglet for all architectures?06:41
lamontT-Bone: yeah - just read it and do what it says..06:41
lamontthat script starts from scratch, and builds a warty chroot, assuming that you have a warty repository to start from.06:41
lamontso find the debootstrap, and start right after that.06:41
T-Bonelamont: so it's to be run within the warty chroot?06:42
lamontthe pinning probably needs some tlc, etc.06:42
lamontthat runs outside the chroot, to _BUILD_ the chroot06:42
lamontbut we don't meet the conditions it requires (we're bootstrapping...)06:42
elmolamont: huh?  why on earth do you want hoglet?06:42
lamontelmo: what I really want is a coherent sid as of June 2806:43
lamontsnapshot.debian.net's datespec Packages files are rather, um, sparse.06:43
lamontT-Bone: in that chroot, apt-get install build-essential, btw.06:43
T-Bone for file in var/debbuild/avg-build-times var/debbuild/avg-build-space Curren06:44
T-BonetlyBuilding; do06:44
=== trukulo [~trukulo@docsis65-46.menta.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
T-Bonethis is relative to the chroot i guess?06:44
lamontyou can skip CurrentlyBuilding, btw06:45
lamontT-Bone: more to the point, it uses ${chroot}${file} :-)06:46
lamontelmo: and I don't care if it's sid or sarge.06:46
elmolamont: we just keep the files not the packages files - I don't see any sane way to get what you're asking - can't you just do the double bootstrap thing?06:48
T-Bonelamont: so i skip the for loop, but i have to edit sources.list, right?06:48
lamontelmo: OK.  was hoping for something trivial06:48
lamontthe sources.list in the tarball points to 'ia', and you want 'archive.ubuntu.com'06:49
lamontotherwise, it's right06:49
=== ore [romain@yeast.orebokech.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
oreis there someone behind mailman@lists.ubuntu.com?06:51
lamontelmo: the issue is that debootstrap wants _one_ mirror, and we ain't got one.  (Although snapshot.d.n comes close...)06:51
=== thom drums fingers
thomretreving perl06:51
T-Bonebtw: i have a funny bug: when i login to my warty box, the "X" cursor appears on the center of the screen, but it's not the actuall arrow cursor. It stays there on top of everything06:52
lamontthom: no complaining: 8% [3 binutils 1422412/2996kB 47%]                              3511B/s 1h17m42s06:52
=== lamont unthrottles
lamont6 minutes is a biit better...06:53
T-Bonelamont: you have to be kidding ;^)06:54
=== T-Bone ducks
lamontT-Bone: wierd.06:54
=== lamont has (had) about 200 MB of headroom in his bandwidth budget
T-Bonelamont: i remove all other entries in the sources.list, or i add the new ones?06:55
thomunpacking libc606:55
lamontin the tarball, there should only be 2...06:56
lamontdeb http://snapshot.debian.net/archive/2004/06/28/debian unstable main06:56
lamontdeb-src http://ia/ubuntu warty main restricted universe06:56
lamontis what I'm using,06:56
lamontthat's all you want06:56
lamontfor _this_ chroot06:56
T-Bonelet me recap06:57
T-Boneonce i have unpacked your chroot, what should I do? ;)06:57
thomwe, i have a chroot06:57
lamontT-Bone: in the chroot, apt-get install build-essential06:59
lamontany files/directories created by the script after the chroot should happen, minus sources.list06:59
lamontincluding mods to chroot's passwd,group, and shadow files06:59
lamontcreate chroot/proc, and mount it (mount happens outside the chroot)07:00
lamonttouch /etc/source-dependencies-warty07:00
lamontapt-get install sbuild07:00
T-Bonethe touch is outside the chroot?07:00
lamontyeah - sbuild fetchs things outside the chroot, using sources.list inside the chroot07:00
T-Boneah true07:00
lamontso it looks for /etc/source-dependencies-${THING}07:01
T-Boneyeah i recall07:01
T-Bonesbuild installed (outside)07:01
T-Bonechroot-warty# cp -a /etc/passwd /etc/group /etc/shadow etc/07:02
lamontT-Bone: lazy.  my hacks only add the user, and don't copy the shadow password file..07:02
lamontthis is untrusted code running in the chroot, after all.07:02
T-Bonelamont: this is a box freshly installed, i am the only user on it07:02
=== lamont points t-bone at the other window
T-Boneand it'll be fully dedicated to build everything for ubuntu07:03
T-Bonegot it07:03
lamontonce it's all built, we'll use your repository to bootstrap the buildd's repository, and then build everything from scratch there, of course.. :)07:03
lamontand then you sbuild -dwarty ed_0.2-2007:04
lamonthrm...  do you have ~/.sbuildrc?07:04
lamontand ~/logs07:04
T-Bonelemme grab it from the hppa sbuild07:04
lamont        install -d -o${USER} -m0750 logs mqueue old-logs stats stats/graphs upload07:05
lamontin your home dir07:05
T-Bonelamont: would it be easier for me to run sbuild as root?07:05
lamontmake sure that /var/debbuild exists (outside)07:05
lamontdoesn't help07:05
lamontalthough the user needs to have full sudo wide open with no password...07:06
lamont        mkdir -p /var/debbuild/srcdep-lock07:06
lamont        touch /var/debbuild/avg-build-times /var/debbuild/avg-build-space07:06
lamont        chown -R ${USER}:buildd /var/debbuild/07:06
seb128lamont: do you know why mime-shared-info is missing on i386 ?07:06
seb128the build log is ok07:07
T-Bone ${USER}:buildd ?07:07
seb128lamont: oups, shared-mime-info <- right name07:07
T-Bonelamont: any way i can avoid the damn thing to mail me everything?07:07
=== T-Bone considers mailing stuff to some gmail storage he has ;)
lamontseb.  sigh07:10
lamontT-Bone: set up mail on the local machine, or see /usr/bin/sbuild07:11
lamontsbuild --nolog07:11
T-Bonewill setup on local machine07:11
T-Bonewe might need logs no matter what07:12
lamontbut that doesn't give you log files at all, which is bad07:12
=== T-Bone ^5s lamont ;)
=== T-Bone points lamont at the other window
lamont$mailprog="/bin/true";   :)07:13
T-Boneperfect ;)07:13
T-Bonewhat's next?07:13
lamontsbuild -dwarty ed_0.2-2007:14
T-Bonevarenet@gandalf:~$ sbuild -dwarty ed_0.2-2007:15
T-BoneBad distribution07:15
jduboh man07:15
lamontis the chroot named chroot-warty?07:15
jdubdid i miss an sbuild tute?07:15
T-Bonejdub: you did ;)07:15
jduboh man07:15
lamontdamn debian sbuild07:15
lamont                #die "Bad distribution\n"07:15
lamont                #       if !isin($main::distribution, keys(%main::dist_order));07:15
lamontyou need to add the #'s to your file.. :-)07:15
T-Bonejdub: don't worry. lamont volunteered to write it down07:15
T-Bonelamont: where is it?07:16
lamontabout line 570 or so07:16
jdublamont: the sbuild package is poo, right? and real sbuild is maintained elsewhere?07:16
lamontsearch for Bad distribution :-)07:16
lamontjdub: yes07:16
T-Bone $main::distribution = "unstable" if $main::distribution eq "u";07:16
T-Bone                die "Bad distribution\n"07:16
lamontand we had to fork07:16
lamontt-bone; the die, and the line _following_07:17
jdublamont: can we have elite sbuild in ubuntu?07:17
T-Bonelamont: yeah. I trash them both?07:17
T-Bonejdub: we can have 3l33t only ;)07:17
lamontjdub: chinstrap:~lamont/archive has our sbuild et al07:17
lamontt-bone: yes.07:17
T-Bonevarenet@gandalf:~$ sbuild -dwarty ed_0.2-2007:18
T-Bonevarenet@gandalf:~$ 07:18
lamontI added this after the options parsing:07:18
T-Bonethat was quick :P07:18
lamontdie "Need distribution\n" if $main::distribution eq "bogus";07:18
lamontand set distribution=bogus above07:18
lamontit's a small package, or it died07:18
lamontls, should have ed_0.2-20_ia64.changes07:18
lamontet al07:18
T-BoneChecking available source versions...07:18
T-Bone/usr/bin/apt-cache failed07:18
lamontyou were root when you untarred, yes?07:19
lamontand ls chroot-warty/proc shows stuff, not an empty dir?07:19
azeemis proc really needed for sbuiling?07:19
T-Bone/proc on /home/varenet/chroot-warty/proc type none (rw,bind)07:19
lamontsudo chroot chroot-warty apt-get update07:19
lamontazeem: there are things that won't build without it, or (worse) build incorrectly07:20
T-Bonelamont: ah, that's it. I forgot the visudo step ;)07:20
lamontT-Bone: sbuild doesn't auto-update either.07:20
lamontthe buildd normally does that07:20
azeemlamont: ok, but not in the general case07:20
lamontazeem: right.  But t-bone is trying to build everything...07:20
azeemok, ok07:21
T-Bonelamont: i must have crap in my sources.list. Got 404s07:21
lamontT-Bone: and remember, if you don't redirect stdin away from a tty (at least), then there is at least one package whose build hangs...07:21
lamontT-Bone: ??07:21
lamontwhat do you have?07:21
T-Bonelamont: what's the full domain name for 'ia' please?07:21
lamontia is my throttled mirror - you wouldn't like it.07:22
T-Bonemuch better07:22
=== lamont _did_ say to change that... :-)
T-Boneyou _did_ confuse me ;)07:23
lamontnow parse chroot-warty/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_warty_main_source_Sources to build a list of source_version's, and feed that to sbuild07:24
seb128lamont: about shared-mime-info ?07:24
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontthat'd be step (2) from the mail..07:24
lamontseb128: fixed07:24
seb128ok thanks07:24
lamontseb128: when I kill buildd on a machine, I expect it to stay dead.07:24
T-BoneCannot opendir chroot-warty/var/debbuild/srcdep-lock: No such file or director07:25
=== T-Bone curses lamont
T-Boneyou said that was _outside_ ;P07:25
lamontT-Bone: it's both07:25
T-BoneWaiting for job(s) 1 to finish07:25
T-Boneit's stuck on that, fwiw07:25
lamontkill lots of stuff07:25
thomlamont is good at the confusion07:26
=== mdz [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontt-bone: and mkdir chroot-warty/build/varenet (and chown)07:27
lamontthom: ??07:27
lamontoh, the kill buildd comment?07:27
thomlamont: just generally07:27
T-Bonelamont: still stuck07:27
T-Bonelamont: i don't think that's normal07:27
T-Boneah that's it07:28
T-Boneok, trying again07:28
T-BoneCouldn't cd to chroot-warty/build/varenet/: No such file or directory07:28
lamont<lamont> t-bone: and mkdir chroot-warty/build/varenet (and chown)07:29
T-BoneBuilt successfully07:30
T-Boneso, now, i have to produce a list of packages to feed sbuild with07:30
lamont<lamont> now parse chroot-warty/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_warty_main_source_Sources to build a list of source_version's, and feed that to sbuild07:31
thomi could get _really_ bored of building firefox07:31
lamontyeah: grep out Package and Version from that07:31
thomand i've just broken my sparc07:31
lamontthom: how borke?07:31
thomrefusing ssh connections07:31
T-Bonelamont: it's storing everything in my homedir. Any way i can change that?07:31
thomi'll fix it when i stop using that monitor for watching dvds07:33
lamontT-Bone: umount chroot-warty/proc; mkdir build; mv chroot-warty build; fix the mount point, remount.07:34
lamontand then run sbuild from inside build07:34
lamontthom/jdub: if you use _our_ sbuild, then you do care about ${chroot}/CurrentlyBuilding07:35
lamontwhich must be writable by the user running sbuild07:36
=== T-Bone tries to figure out how to easily merge Package and Version fields
lamontT-Bone: be lazy.07:38
lamontapt-get install quinn-diff07:38
T-Bonelamont: sure, i'd like to :P07:38
lamontfetch warty Sources07:38
T-Bonein the chroot?07:38
lamontquinn-diff -A ia64 -p /dev/null -s Sources07:38
lamontbut you do have the Sources file in the chroot already07:39
T-Bonelamont: ok, that gives me lines like "libs/libwnck_2.8.0-0ubuntu1.dsc [optional:uncompiled] "07:41
T-Bonecan i feed that to sbuild directly?07:41
lamontsed 's:^.*/\(.*\).dsc.*:\1:07:41
T-Bonejust great ;)07:42
T-Bone[quinn-diff] : warning: ubuntu-sounds has an architecture field of "all" which doesn't include ia64.07:42
lamontyeah, but that's easier...07:42
T-Boneshould i ignore these?07:42
lamontit is... :-)07:42
lamontthose are packages that have no arch-dep component07:43
lamontso they're _ALREADY_BUILT_ for your architecture!!! :-)07:43
T-Boneyeah true. I just wondered why this would make a warning07:43
T-Boneok so no big time for xargs, right?07:43
lamontquinn-diff wants to be run intelligently...07:44
T-Bonethat's a crime ;)07:44
lamontxargs not needed for main, dunno about universe...07:44
T-Boneno, i mean "cat list | xargs sbuild"07:44
=== lamont said: sbuild -dwarty $(</tmp/zz) < /dev/null >/dev/null 2>&1 &
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontthat takes about 48 hours or so on a good x86 machines, iirc07:45
lamontif I had bandwidth, we could share... :-(07:46
T-Bonedon't worry07:46
T-Bonebtw, i wonder if it'll take advantage of SMP07:46
T-Bonei guess no07:46
lamontand now you have time to kill while that runs, figuring out the CD stuff on i386.07:47
lamontonly in that gcc and as and ld will run on separate cpus...07:47
lamontthen when the build finishes and you know how to make CD's, then you can make d-i work on ia64.07:48
T-Bonewell, it should be pretty fast. Dual mckinley 900Mhz with 4GB RAM07:48
lamontwhile the total flush/rebuild happens07:48
lamontshouldn't be tooo bad07:48
T-Bonelamont: hehe, that'd be quite nice ;)07:48
T-Boneyou betcha!07:48
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
T-Bonelamont: or else, i can start an hppa bootstrap in the meantime ;)07:49
=== T-Bone ducks
=== T-Bone has a L1000 currently idling on setiathome
lamontT-Bone: go for it.07:50
=== lamont has no time, and no machine currently - busted kernel needs help
lamontand see issue #1. :(07:50
lamont_and_ it's a b180.07:50
T-Bonelamont: the problem is debootstrap actually07:50
lamont* lamont has no time,07:51
T-Boneso you'd better deal with porting d-i later, right?07:51
lamontgimme root on the box, and I'll give you a chroot07:51
T-Bonesure np07:51
T-Bonehold on07:51
lamontI figured you'd be the hppa/ia64 d-i god, dude...07:51
T-Bonei've never touched d-i yet ;)07:51
T-Bonegonna have fun ;)07:52
T-Bonelamont: send me an ssh2 pubkey please07:52
T-Bonei wonder if i shouldn't setup a local mirror of warty sources07:52
T-Boneif i'm going to run two test buildds, i'd need to spare bandwidth07:53
lamontwant my scripts?07:53
T-Bonelamont: a rough idea of the disk space needed?07:53
lamontwarty main, restricted, and a bit of universe, for i386 and source --> 3.8GB07:54
T-Bonethat's tiny!07:55
T-Bonelet's go for it07:55
T-Bonelamont: please send me your scripts along with a ssh2 key07:55
=== T-Bone notices the other window
npmccallumis there anyone here that can do debuggin on a samba/smb setup?08:05
npmccallum(ie. you have windows)08:05
npmccallum(or are using samba for printer sharing)08:05
mdzlamont: ?08:12
lamont1577.. I'd like to just sync..08:13
lamont(yeah, I know...)08:13
lamont<lamont> (A) shipping an RC is really, really, ugly.  (B) 9.2.4 just released, (C) upstream is good about not releasing until they've fixed things. (D) it's been verified to fix #1577.08:13
lamont<lamont> jdub: can we sync it from debian? please, please, please, please08:13
lamont<jdub> lamont: i'm going to defer to mdz on this one, sorry :-)08:13
lamont<jdub> lamont: it has my approval if he's happy with it08:13
mdzlamont: it's not even in unstable yet :-)08:15
lamontwell, yeah08:15
lamontbut it will be in 45 minutes...08:15
thomthunderbird 0.8 looks like it sucks as much as 0.7, can i upload?08:16
npmccallummdz: I haven't heard anything about what we are allowed to change on the openoffice splash screen.  Do you want me to simply do something like: http://www.natemccallum.com/uooo.png ?08:17
thommdz: that was to you, sorry08:18
lamontthom: you're supposed to say "0.8 looks like it sucks no more than 0.7, can I upload?" :-)08:19
thomsame odds :-)08:19
mdzthom: yes08:24
thom(i'm having to binary search through the patches and config for firefox to work out why find is broken, it's not fun)08:25
mdznpmccallum: did you ask someone about the restrictions?08:25
npmccallummdz: I asked in #openoffice.org and on the mailing list08:25
mdznpmccallum: and no one replied at all?08:25
npmccallummdz: mailing list == dev@distribution.openoffice.org08:25
npmccallummdz: no reply on the mailing list08:26
npmccallummdz: in the channel I got a "you're probably fine with whatever -- IANAL"08:26
npmccallummdz: as long as we stick close to what debian has done, there should be no problem for this release08:26
azeemwhy don't you use the vanilla splash? Do you also brand evolution and so?08:27
npmccallummdz: vanilla splash is an option too08:27
sivangT-Bone : so, a ia64 warty is expected?08:30
T-Bonesivang: i'm not to one to tell08:34
sivangT-Bone : good luck with setting up the sources and buildds !08:35
T-Bonebut that's not the most difficult part08:36
pittimdz: can you please take a look at #1599 and approve?08:41
pittimdz: this is half a step backwards, but I tried to make the new gnome-vfs2 play well with our system the whole day; I agreed with sabdfl that I should just upload a working version now and do the bonus work later, if there is more time08:42
thomfirefox is making baby jesus cry a frickin' river08:48
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-7-4.w81-250.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
schweebthom: I'm about 2 more type-ahead-finds from an install of the old version08:53
pittischweeb: already done :-) Now that the feature is not available, I just recognized how useful it is :-)08:54
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-224-137.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu-devel
schweebpitti: well it works... somewhat/barely08:54
schweeband the backspace = go back a page is frigging killing me08:55
schweebjust cause people use IE doesn't mean we can't make them fix their bad habits08:55
npmccallumis there an authoritative mime type list anywhere?09:07
npmccallumthat I can browse/search through mime types...09:09
seb128the files in /usr/share/mime/ ?09:10
teufI'd recommend looking at the corresponding .org.xml.in file from shared-mime-info source since it doesn't have all the translations09:11
pittiseb128: I'm going to upload gvfs now (see #1599); it will also close #1636 (Trash); do you have any other changes to make?09:25
seb128let me check09:26
=== lamont realizes that the reason he's hungry is that he forgot to get lunch. bbiab
seb128pitti: apparently no, just go for it09:30
pittiseb128: okay09:30
seb128mdz: here ?09:30
mdzseb128: yes09:37
mdznpmccallum: if you have any doubts, just go with vanilla splash09:37
seb128mdz: have you read my mail on -devel about eagle-usb las tweek ?09:37
mdznpmccallum: mark said he was fine with that09:37
mdzseb128: I remember seeing it09:38
seb128mdz: there is a thread about it on -user today09:38
seb128jdub said he's fine with uploading eagle-usb and to move it to supportedseed/shipseed if you're ok09:39
mdzI am not familiar with the software; does it require kernel modules?09:40
mdzhow many packages do we need? there seemed to be several with similar names09:40
npmccallummdz: I'm also waiting for approval on #163009:40
mdznpmccallum: you added a conflicts: gnome-audio ?09:40
mdzor something else?09:41
npmccallummdz: I also tweaked two of the sounds, but its not code related (just volume changes)09:41
mdznpmccallum: ok, go ahead09:41
=== T-Bone is now known as T-None
npmccallummdz: should we add a conflicts to gnome-audio as well?09:43
=== mdz [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Client]
=== mdz [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdz@#$@# xchat shortcuts09:43
seb128mdz: yes, need a kernel module. The source package build a -src package for the module that's all09:43
npmccallummdz: should we add a conflicts to gnome-audio as well?09:43
mdzseb128: can you send mail to -devel with all of the details about which packages we need?09:43
mdznpmccallum: I thought you implied that you already did that09:43
seb128mdz: ok09:43
mdznpmccallum: did you fix #1630 some other way?09:44
npmccallummdz: I added "Conflict: gnome-audio" to the ubuntu-sounds package, should "Conflicts: ubuntu-sounds" go into gnome-audio as well?09:44
npmccallum(gnome-audio is in universe)09:45
mdznpmccallum: no, conflicts: gnome-audio on ubuntu-sounds is sufficient09:45
mdzthey work both ways09:45
npmccallummdz: I thought so, just wanted to check... also, I have the change to libgnome-common done (enables sounds by default).  However, at seb128's suggestion, I have not depended on ubuntu-sounds.  He suggesting adding it to desktop seed.09:46
thommdz: does xchat not use the gtk key bindings?09:57
mdznpmccallum: why not depend on ubuntu-sounds?09:57
mdzif sounds are enabled by default, and ubuntu-sounds is not installed, won't that cause a problem?09:57
npmccallummdz: no09:57
npmccallummdz: it just acts gracefully09:57
mdzthom: the last time I looked, it had a hard-coded ^W shortcut09:58
mdzeven though I think it is a default gtk binding, which can be overridden globally otherwise09:58
mdznpmccallum: ok, fine with me09:58
mdzI'll add ubuntu-sounds to desktop09:58
npmccallumok, the new ubuntu-sounds should be in the queue09:58
mdzhowever, that means that existing users will never get it09:58
mdzwhich is a shame09:59
npmccallummdz: if we want to we can add a depend to ubuntu-artwork :)10:00
mdzwe could add an ubuntu-desktop package to desktop, which would be used to pull in new dependencies in the future10:00
sivangmaybe a package can be introduced into the installer, that will check new pkgs that we _want_ users to get, so it will install a set of new different pkgs each time a regular warty (even old snapshot) is installed.10:00
sivanghmm ;) you just said what I thought about..10:01
mdzsivang: we already do that10:01
mdzbut users who upgrade aren't helped by it10:01
sivangi see10:01
mdzanother option would be to add a script to ubuntu-base10:01
sivangthan adding a desktop package is a good thing, I guess10:02
mdzwhich would run aptitude install '~tubuntu-desktop'10:02
thommdz: yeuch10:02
mdzthom: we're going to have something like that anyway, for woody upgrades10:02
sivangsounds like reasonable enough10:02
thom(yeuch to xchat, i mean)10:02
mdzsomething which lets them say "give me the ubuntu desktop"10:02
=== sivang nods for support.
npmccallumand its entirely unambiguous :)10:03
=== npmccallum seconds
npmccallummdz: do I have approval to upload new libgnome? (just enables sounds by default)10:05
mdznpmccallum: yes, have seb review it if you are unsure10:05
=== mdz [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzthom: aha10:10
mdzthom: new xchat has an ugly workaround10:10
mdzthom: if the gtk key theme is set to emacs _when xchat starts_, it changes the keybinding10:10
elmonpmccallum: please get ubuntu-sounds added to the apporpriate seed10:12
npmccallumelmo: <mdz> I'll add ubuntu-sounds to desktop10:12
mdzseb128, npmccallum: what was the reason for not wanting it as a dependency?10:13
npmccallummdz: so people can remove it if they don't want it10:13
seb128because that's not mandatory ?10:13
mdzis it large?10:13
mdzah, it is10:13
mdzworks for me10:13
mdzso if a user upgrades, and then installs ubuntu-sounds, does that enable the sounds?10:16
mdzor are they disabled if they are missing?10:16
npmccallumif the sounds are missing, no settings change, the sounds just don't play10:16
npmccallumits basically like -- if sounds_enabled() and sounds_exist(): play_sounds()10:17
npmccallummdz: I can dither down the size on those sounds btw, I just know a lot of people like Hifi stuff.  Plus, some sound cards only play at 44.1khz, which can be a pain10:21
mdznpmccallum: I don't think it's excessive10:21
mdzbut it's large enough that people who are concerned about space, and don't want the sounds anyway, could very well want to remove it10:21
thomGRAR. make distclean doesn't10:23
thom15kl diff.gz10:29
thomof which a thousand lines are debian/10:29
thomand the rest is autogen'd crap10:29
=== lamont goes to see how much love mdz has sent his way this morning
mdzlamont: our special this evening is a delicious freshly-resurrected getty bug, braised in a light tty sauce10:31
mdzthat thing is still wreaking havoc on the console10:31
lamontmdz: yeah - I saw that one.10:31
lamontand it's top of the list10:31
lamontthen there are a few others...10:31
lamontbtw, had any thoughts on 1577, now that it's in debian?? :-)10:32
=== lamont disables gdm on his laptop
=== sivang has never felt too comfortable with gdm
lamontsivang: I just need a console login to break things with10:36
m_tthewmdz: ping10:37
mdzm_tthew: pong10:37
sivanglamont : I have one running on my gf's laptop only because she's like "please don't let me see those black screens that you like so much"10:37
m_tthewmdz: the athlon arrived, bit of a roadbump installing10:37
m_tthewmdz: am looking for a little 'here is a nice path to bug report' guidance10:38
m_tthewmdz: boot from usb works great, installer can't find the cdrom drive10:38
sivanglamont : i really feel more comfortable loggin console.10:38
mdzm_tthew: Component: cdrom-detect10:38
lamontmdz: btw, did you see my gross fix for postfix and /etc/aliases.db?10:39
schweebm_tthew: which brand of cdrom?10:39
mdzlamont: no10:39
schweebm_tthew: had problems with liteon + d-i myself10:39
m_tthewschweeb: it's LG DVDblahblah in an USB ATA enclosure10:39
lamontmdz: postalias requires myhostname to be non-null or it dies.  choices are: rewrite newalias (ugh), or notice that it's null, set it non-null, run newaliases, and then restore main.cf...10:40
mdzm_tthew: oh, the same one I have (approximately)?10:40
m_tthewworks 100% connected to my i386 ubuntu box, but I did not install from it there10:40
m_tthewmdz: yeah it is the dual layer version of yours10:40
m_tthewmdz: in that enclosure10:40
schweebm_tthew: it boots via the usbcdrom and then can't find the install media, essentially?10:41
m_tthewschweeb: exactly10:41
schweebthat's exactly the problem I've been having with regular d-i10:41
schweebI think it's a kernel issue combined with bad firmware10:41
m_tthewI am pretty USB naive so I don't know what module should load anyway10:41
mdzlamont: what was the blocker on gnucash again?10:41
schweebLG and Lite-ON are probably close to the same hardware10:41
schweebm_tthew: remember the mdk installer that would kill cdrom drives? think it's related to that... probably fixed the kernel so it would never do that10:42
schweebso, in short, look for new firmware (or a diff drive)10:42
sivangschweeb : i've had numerous bugs and problems with LG, my new liteon drive has never given me any trouble. you sure they are the same chipset / framwork based?10:43
schweebsivang: well, I have 2 liteon drives in my desk that don't work.... every single IBM NetVista that I purchase can't install via d-i unless I use a different CDROM10:44
lamontthom/sabdfl: gtkpbbuttons and powerprefs both ftbfs, missing build-deps10:44
lamontthom: but they got past pbbuttons10:44
schweebI can install via the old Blade XFS Netinstall just fine10:44
schweebLite-On Model LTN-486s and LTN-483S10:44
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thomlamont: ping me the logs?10:45
sivangschweeb : guess it's more than just the cdrom, maybe the whole system makeup - all my d-i (debian/ubuntu) installs using that drive, never had a problem. fast as a deamon10:46
lamontthom: first two on the list today: http://people.no-name-yet.com/~lamont/buildLogs/byDate/20040923.html10:47
schweebsivang: same model of liteon as me?10:47
lamontboth need gtk+2.0, and powerprefs? neesd path-config10:47
sivangschweeb : what's the model # ?10:47
schweebLite-On Model LTN-486s and LTN-483S10:47
schweebsome guy was having the same problem, and posted to LKML with no response10:49
sivangschweeb : hmm sorry, I have a cdrw = SOHR-5238S ;-)10:49
schweebIBM systems (same as me)10:49
schweebsivang: of course the firmware would be diff :p10:49
sivangschweeb : yes ofcourse. I had problems with LG hardware and d-i, (was also a cdrw) that's why i got confused.10:50
thomlamont: thanks10:50
schweebthese actually could be CDRWs, but they have no markings to indicate so10:50
schweebgotta download msttcorefonts10:50
schweebliteon's site fonts look utterly horrible10:51
sivangyes,. I heared also that a dvdrom is actually a dvdrw, with a minor fimrware patch that can even downloaded from the internet10:51
schweebLiteon is pretty famous for such things10:51
schweebmakes it cheaper for them... it's not like everyone's gonna be willing to flash their firmware to get a dvdrw... some will buy it10:52
sivangi like the drive alot. serves my ubuntu testing needs very well. I really HATED the lg, so buggy and unstable10:52
thomlamont: this is the trouble with single platform packages in debian, i guess10:54
lamontthom: certainly10:55
pittisjoerd: do you already have packaged hal 0.2.98? If so, I don't need to do that again11:03
sjoerdpitti: it's basically done, yes11:04
pittisjoerd: I would like to prepare them for Warty; many of my changes are adopted upstream now, but there are still some ubuntu-specific packages11:06
pittisjoerd: s/packages$/patches/11:06
pittisjoerd: do you still need to work on them?11:06
sjoerdpitti: one patch so it finds the usb usermap libgphoto2 now installs11:07
pittisjoerd: oh, I think I can handle that :-)11:07
pittisjoerd: thanks!11:07
sjoerdand some testing ofcourse11:07
pittisjoerd: yes, I will not upload them into Warty before about a week of testing11:08
sjoerdanyway, i need to wait for a dbus update before i can update it in debian11:08
pittisjoerd: since I also need to upgrade other packages (dbus, gnome-volume-manager)11:08
pittisjoerd: oh, 0.2.98 doesn't work with dbus 0.22?11:08
sjoerdpitti: it does, but the python bindings don't have support for 64 bit values11:09
sjoerdso hdm fails 11:09
pittisjoerd: hdm?11:09
sjoerdhal-device-manager :)11:09
pittisjoerd: ugh, if hal-device-manager fails, we cannot put it into warty11:09
sjoerdi've put a patch there too, so if you need to update dbus anyway :)11:10
pittisjoerd: I just saw the patch; doesn't look too scary11:11
sjoerdthat's from dbus cvs, so should be ok11:12
sjoerdpitti: to what version of g-v-m are you upgrading11:12
pittisjoerd: I did not yet look at that11:12
pittisjoerd: I want to prepare and test hal and dbus first11:12
sjoerdpitti: i've got a gvm 1.0.2 package mostly ready with patch to work with hal 0.2.9811:13
pittiseb128: do we need a newer g-v-m for nautilus-cd-burner locking?11:13
sjoerdpitti: you probably want the patch from the g-v-m development branch to not do stuff on locked drives11:13
pittisjoerd: definitively, that's the sole reason why we do all this upgrading hell during deep freeze :-/11:14
sjoerdpitti: http://luon.net/~sjoerd/hal/gvm-1.0.2/ 11:15
sjoerdsame as for hal, not completely finished needs some testing11:15
pittisjoerd: today it took me the whole day to (partly) overcome the implications of a bugfix release of gnome-vfs; so I'm hesitant about new upstream releases...11:15
sjoerdand doesn't contain the locking patch..11:15
lamontKamion: sleeping?11:17
pittisjoerd: oh, nice, my hal-cdspeed patch already made it into your version :-)11:17
sjoerdpitti: about 2 min. after you posted it :)11:17
pittisjoerd: what took you so long :-)11:18
sjoerdfetchmail only gets my mail every five minutes ;)11:18
pittisjoerd: ugh, my hal's diff.gz is 177 KB, your's 12 kb. Let's see...11:18
sjoerdpitti: a lot of the patches i saw in your hal, where already fixed upstream for some time11:20
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elmonpmccallum: Replaces: not Conflicts for simple file overwrites11:20
pittisjoerd: I know, 5 of the 10 are from me :-)11:21
sjoerdpitti: g-v-m contains not mount just everything on startup. If your going to use that, i don't know if it's going to make it upstream (almost zero reaction on the list)11:21
sjoerdbut it solves something a lot of people complain about11:21
npmccallumelmo: ok, I'll make another one11:22
pittisjoerd: what do you mean by "not mount just everything on startup"?11:22
npmccallumelmo: conflicts and replaces? or just replaces?11:22
pittisjoerd: I thought it should only mount hotpluggable devices?11:22
pittisjoerd: ah, you mean devices that are plugged in during boot?11:22
sjoerdpitti: gvm upstream tries to mount all volume on startup now11:23
sjoerdsince 0.9.1011:23
elmonpmccallum: just replaces for file overwrites11:24
npmccallumdid you deny the current one?11:25
elmoI only process stuff when it's NEW.. I was just catching up on bugzilla spam11:26
lamontmdz: oh man of much vim joyfulnessmaking...11:35
mdzlamont: hmm?  about to try to find something to eat11:35
lamontyes or no: gui? gnome=yes. gtk2? kde=no perl? python? ruby? tcl?11:35
lamontthat is, do you want anything more than the marriage of vim-python|vim-gnome?11:36
lamontand would you like a vim-debian package?11:37
=== lamont hopes 'no' for that last one....
thomscore. powerprefs and gtkpbbuttons both right first time11:37
elmocan we get one of those in supported if not desktop?11:38
lamontelmo: vim-debian?11:38
elmono, powerprefs/gtkpbbuttons11:38
=== lamont breathes a sigh of relief.
elmoexepcting new users to deal with pbbuttonsd.conf is a bit harsh11:40
sjoerdpitti: your doing pmount too right ?11:44
pittisjoerd: yes11:44
sjoerdpitti: are you planning to put it in debian ?11:44
pittisjoerd: probably, if I find time for it11:44
pittisjoerd: I should file an ITP for discussion first11:45
pittisjoerd: but I don't want to do this before sarge11:45
lamonthrm.. vim-python says --enable-gui=gtk2, and vim-gnome says --enable-gui=gnome211:47
sjoerdsome discussion about how to do things in debian would be nice (pmount vs. fstab-sync).. But that's indeed definately sarge+1 stuff11:47
=== lamont assumes we want gnome2..
azeemlamont: I don't think there's a big difference between gui=gtk2 and gui=gnome11:50
=== lamont hopes not. :)
azeemgvim from vim-gnome looks plain ugly and definetely not GNOMEish11:51
azeem(at least on unstable)11:51
azeemgvim from vim-python looks exactly the same11:52
azeemah no - the GNOME version has a detachable toolbar ;)11:53
thommdz: that apache2 advisory requires no action from us11:55
=== lamont wonders if he should throw in the other interps as well.

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