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jdubmdz: heh, irssi-text -> glib2.0 ;-)04:10
=== lamont wanders in, grumbles at OO.o
mdzjdub: dude, glib1.2 is gone from desktop now04:17
jdubthat is so rad04:17
jdubalso, i did not build the glib1.2 support in polypaudio04:17
jdubwe will kill it04:17
jduband esound04:17
mdzit's a long way from being kicked out of main though04:17
mdzlots of  gtk1.2 apps in supported04:17
jdubwhat about that bongy accounting package? ;)04:18
mdzthe one that you spazzed over, while all this other ancient cruft goes in supported? :-P04:18
mdzinstalled from universe and working fine, thankyouverymuch04:19
jdubthat's good04:19
mdzneeded a gal upload to get it building04:19
jdubno fixes required?04:19
jdubokay, so04:19
jdubi want to write a little script04:19
jdubthat tells me which of my packages are universey04:19
mdzit's sort of a hacky thing to want to do04:21
mdzbecause there's no record of where stuff came from04:21
mdzall you can do is compare it to where the packages are in the archive now04:22
mdzthat's basically what apt-show-versions does04:22
mdzwhich should be in universe04:22
jdub-> /var/lib/apt/lists/*universe*_Packages ;-)04:22
jdub(awk '/^Package:/ { print $2 }' /var/lib/apt/lists/*warty_universe*Packages ; dpkg --get-selections | awk '{ print $1 }') | sort | uniq -d04:24
=== mdz gags
mdzapt-cache dumpavail | grep-dctrl -nsPackage -FSection universe04:26
jdubgrep-dctrl is not installed by default ;)04:26
mdzcomm -12 <(apt-cache dumpavail | grep-dctrl -nsPackage -FSection universe/ |sort)  <(dpkg --get-selections | cut -f1 |sort)04:27
mdzgrep-dctrl is in supported, and is the right tool for the job :-P04:27
mdz28 packages here04:28
jdub47 8)04:29
mdza bunch of them from gnucash04:29
mdzand a handful from grepmail04:29
mdzdict is showing up in there for now :-)04:29
mdzthat'll go away04:29
mdzdebian-policy is in universe :-)04:29
mdzthat's almost blasphemous04:29
mdzhmm, i had some random libgnome-vfs crap installed that I didn't need, probably bbuild-deps of something04:30
mdzdown to 27 now04:30
jdubfirefox doesn't start :|04:30
jdubif i move away my .firefox, it's fine04:30
mdz2 of them are already slated to move into main04:30
lamontmdz: hadn't seen the 'will approve bind9 sync' before - thanks for requesting it04:31
mdzlamont: I went ahead and fixed vim as well, since it was breaking all sorts of things (including the base install)04:32
lamontyeah - was just reading that bug report, see the change.  thanks.04:33
lamontran out of time last night before getting exactly the plan in my head.  Bad timing that.04:34
mdzlamont: regarding oo.o, Sep 24 13:09:47 <elmo>  it's an archive problem anyway, I'll fix in a sec04:34
lamontoo dictionaries: archive.  oo/ppc: log file too big for mailer.04:35
mdzhmm, come to think of it, it's been 6 hours. I should probably mail elmo04:35
mdzoh, you just did with the bugzilla comment04:35
lamontoo.o is there for i38604:35
mdzlamont: I meant oo.o-dictionaries04:35
mdzoo.o was uploaded today, and also oo.o-dictionaries was supposed to move into main04:36
lamontoo.o/ppc binaries uploaded04:36
lamontI think I may just bump things up on the buildds to handle the larger log files, now..04:36
lamontwas already done most everywhere.  even easier. :-)04:39
lamontthe next OO.o (or other huge-logged) upload shouldn't stall for mail bouncing.04:39
lamontmdz: 1711 et al.04:46
lamontthere are a growing list of bugs that make me wonder exactly when postfix is getting configured...04:47
lamontbecause root mail goes to uid 1000 if it exists (and there isn't an alias for root yet)...  Hence 1711 is, um, worrysome...04:47
lamontbut I'm not going to think too hard about it this weekend.. :-(04:48
mdzlamont: I assume postfix is getting configured from debootstrap04:51
mdzbecause it's part of base04:51
mdzthis is why Debian runs MTA configuration from base-config04:51
mdzwe probably need to do the same, but noninteractive04:51
lamontthat would be fine.04:52
lamontdidn't we do that at one point, and it got ripped out?04:52
lamontor was that because it was interactive?04:52
lamontbecause configuring it from base-config (even noninteractive) is the only way I can see to solve 1711.  Well, short of having the init.d code detect first-start-with-userid-1000-present, and dtrt then.. (which would probably violate policy in 16 diff ways...)04:55
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=== tseng pokes lamont per instruction
tsengwho wants to talk mono in universe05:00
tsengjdub said you were k-rad and could help me in my mission of mono -> universe love05:02
tsenghttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/UniverseCandidates has some details.05:02
=== lamont reads
lamontare the source packages we care about in warty source already? or do they need to be sync'ed?05:04
tsengi worked off of sid because the stuff in warty (bins) were broken05:05
tsengi could check out building from warty source05:05
lamontif the sid stuff builds, and you can get mdz/jdub to approve sync'ing sid, then I can bootstrap it in the archive05:05
lamontlikewise, if warty sources build, and just need to be appropriately beaten^Wbootstrapped, then I can do that as well.05:06
jdubi approve of syncing sid05:06
jdubmuch more useful than current warty universe versions05:06
lamontworks for me... and it's easier to bootstrap from current sid, than old sid...05:07
tsengsorry i didnt make a source pkg with the monodevelop patch05:07
tsengim still figuring out debian packaging, there seem to be 10 ways to do any given task05:08
lamontbootstrapping isn't so bad.... It's more work when you don't have a pre-bootstrapped-on-the-right-arch set of debs.. :)05:08
tsengi built everything by a combination of apt-get source -b and dpkg-buildpkg05:09
tsengprobably did everything the hardway, but barring a few bumps the stuff builds against warty main universe05:09
lamontright.  Is it just a matter of building in the right order (and just source is needed), or do I need some build-dep binaries installed at the right magicpoints?05:10
tsengonly major failures i recalls are monodevelop (patch on the wiki) and muine05:10
tsengmuine wants mono-mint seemingly as a build dep05:10
tsengbut my x86 build didnt produce such a thing05:10
lamontdeclared already, or needs to?05:11
tsengits my understanding its only needed on amd6405:11
lamontbuild-deps can be arch-specific05:11
tsengit doesnt need it on x86... the dep is more accurately ( mono-mint || mono-jit _05:11
lamontbuildd only uses the first one...05:11
lamontmono-jit [!amd64] , mono-mint [amd64] , I think05:12
=== tseng looks
tsengi dont see mono-mint in the control file05:12
lamontyeah - not too bad to fix, though.05:13
lamontjdub: do you need tseng/me to propose the sync so you can approve it, or could you send the email?05:13
lamontgrumble.  www.anywho.com crashes firefox05:15
lamontSegmentation fault, it says05:16
tsengyay you fixed vim.05:18
jdubtseng: could you mail mdz/myself and lamont?05:18
tsengyes I can05:19
tsenguh oh not from gentoo.org05:19
=== tseng hits gmail :)
lamonttseng: mdz fixed vim.05:19
tsengjdub: what am I mailing you?05:20
lamontthat firefox works better.05:22
tsengoh I thought about mono.05:22
tsengsome secret proceedure about syncing sid05:23
jdubtseng: request for sync of packages (please lsit)05:24
tseng{jeff.waugh,lamont.jones,matt.zimmerman}@cannonical.com, yes?05:24
lamontshould work05:26
tsengim leaving f-spot off the list05:27
tsengit doesnt work very well for me05:27
tsengoops i used the wrong addy after all05:29
lamonttseng: given timezones and such, it'll probably be monday before I do any handholding05:38
jdubtseng: oh! you packaged tomboy05:38
tsengjdub: hmm kinda05:38
tsengi seem to remember reading that dpkg figures out the runtime deps05:39
tsengbut it doesnt seem to pull in the newer libgtkspell05:39
tsengif i install that by hand the pkg works ok05:39
tsengi just managed to mess it up somewhere05:39
jdubtomboy doesn't seem to use gtkspell05:41
tseng./configure disagrees05:42
jdubtseng: ahr, you need to put source up in your archive :)05:43
tsengi could do that05:44
tsengjust slap the files in the same dir?05:47
jduband run dpkg-scansources05:48
jdublike scan-packages05:49
tseng2 mins05:51
tsengthat should do it.05:56
jdubahar, rocking :)06:07
tsengjdub: sorry.. working now06:07
tsengi r dumb.06:07
jdubtseng: why is libgtkspell-dev in your archive, btw?06:13
tsengtomboy seemed pretty adament about wanting the newer lib06:13
jdubah, tomboy needs > 2.0.6, we only have 2.0.506:13
tsengconfigure checks >=2.0.606:14
jdubso it actually works with 2.0.506:15
jdubbut >= 2.0.6 does pango underlines06:15
=== jdub hmms.
jdubthat's really something that should be updated.06:16
tsengseems pretty simple06:16
tsengand/or didnt make anything explode06:16
jdubbit frivolous though06:17
jdubtseng: you need to add mono-mcs to the build depends06:17
jdubi have the sneaking suspicion...06:19
tsengadded mono-mcs06:20
tsengand broke the repo again.06:20
jdub        [DllImport ("libgtkspell.so.0")] 06:20
jdub^ dynamically loads gtkspell06:20
jdubso you should add the binary name to the Depends line06:21
=== lamont sleeps
jdubnight lamont :)06:22
tsengadd gtkspell?06:24
jdubDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, libgtkspell0 (>= 2.0.5)06:24
tsenghmm sure06:24
tsengjdub: getting late this side of the pond, ill catch you another day06:30
tsengthat package should suck less now06:31
jdubtseng: i'll send a debian dir tarball for some hints :)06:31
tsenghmm ok :)06:32
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danielsmdz, jdub: xresprobe 0.4.9 (with interdiff) on http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/xresprobe; all it does is re-add some monitor frequency detection code that was lost when we got detailed timings. ok for warty?09:59
Kamionlamont: we removed postfix from base-config for reasons that I am and was convinced are specious; if there's a good reason for me to put it back, please hand me the ammunition :)10:00
jdubyo Kamion 10:01
jdubKamion: how's the d-i wiggling going?10:01
Kamionpretty well, productive so far10:01
jdubdaniels: approvedf10:02
jdubMithrandir: someone posted about dm-crypt devices and hal on hal-list just recently10:03
danielsjdub: thanks10:07
MithrandirRoar: jdub got an URL? :)10:08
jdubnot in my mail client ;)10:13
jdubSubject: Device mapper interface and HAL10:13
jdubit's hosted on freedesktop.org10:13
mdzdaniels: approved10:38
Mithrandirjdub: yeah, looks interesting10:39
mdzKamion: that issue with stuff appearing in base was vim, I think (in which case it's fixed now)10:39
mdzI tested debootstrap anyway10:39
MithrandirKamion: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1545 -- mrvn has answered now, and I think his answer makes sense.10:43
Kamionmdz: ok10:44
Kamionmdz: yes, that would explain it10:44
KamionMithrandir: yeah, I talked to him last night and he convinced me it was OK10:44
mdzdaniels: #1153 has returned to you for more love10:45
MithrandirKamion: ok, I'll make up a new package and get it approved, then.10:46
Kamionmklibs HURTS my BRAIN10:46
danielsmdz: saw that bouncing back. was thinking of a test to see if ppp_on_boot points to ppp_on_boot.dsl; if it does, and the latter doesn't exist, force a change?10:49
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Mithrandirmdz: 1545 ; http://raw.no/patches/grub_0.95+cvs20040624-3ubuntu16_2gb_limit.diff ; permission to upload?  This is in the pure64 archive already, so it has been fairly well tested.  (Will add bug # reference)11:10
mdzMithrandir: yes11:10
Mithrandirthanks a lot11:10
mdzand now to bed11:11
Mithrandirsleep tight11:12
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Mithrandiryay, down to zaroo bugz for me.11:30
Mithrandirthat mean I can do something else for a few hours.11:30
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tsengmonodevelop-0.5.1 fixed the bug03:27
tsengim build debs + src for that.03:27
=== lamont hands kamion 1711, and a couple other postfix bugs he's been coding around lately
tsengguys, is there a command that turns in patch into a dpatch? monodevelop has patches wrapped in a bit of bash03:49
tsengah there it is.03:50
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danielstseng: rad :)05:04
tsengdaniels: i lied, i just added the patch to 0.5 instead05:06
danielseither way05:07
tsengim out for the day, catch you cool cats later.05:12
danielsseeya dude05:13
=== lamont passes through briefly, pointing at linux-source- (amd64,ppc), and mozilla/ppc ftbfs'es
lamontlinux-source/i386 is still building05:23
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thomhrm, what happened about new dbus/hal?05:59
danielsthom: what about it?06:00
danielsdo we need new Ubuntu packages?06:00
thomi believe seb/pitti were looking at bringing the new ones across06:01
danielswhat for?06:01
seb128pitti has hal 0.2.98 and dbus uptodate + gvm packages ready afaik06:01
seb128daniels: devices locking06:01
danielsah ok06:02
danielsi was going to say, I'm probably decently qualified to do them if they need doing ;)06:02
seb128daniels: BTW, sjoerd is waiting for you and dbus to upload new hal/gvm in debian :)06:02
danielsseb128: yeah, I just spoke to him then and asked him to NMU06:03
danielswhat with me not having a pure Debian machine and all06:03
seb128you guys should do a packaging team for utopia stuff06:03
danielsyeah, it's been floated06:04
danielsI told Sjoerd to not hesitate to prepare NMUs and to just anity-check them past us if he felt it necessary06:05
danielssince I won't have a Debian chroot for a couple of weeks yet06:05
Kamionseb128: hypothetically, what would you think about adding the directfb patch to the Debian gtk+2.0 package?06:08
Kamionum, wrong channel I guess, I'm really thinking about it for Debian06:09
seb128I've not looked on it, but could be nice06:10
KamionI'm trying to get the d-i gtk frontend up and running here; the gtk+2.0-directfb package turns out to be a dodgy and rather broken fork of gtk+2.0 2.0.9 or so which needs to die a horrible screaming death06:11
Kamionit screws about with library paths in a way that makes it pretty much impossible to build d-i against it06:11
Kamionalthough the gtk-directfb ported to gtk 2.4 requires, er, directfb from CVS06:12
seb128have you looked on kov's thread about the d-i gtk+ frontend: http://lists.debian.org/debian-gtk-gnome/2004/06/msg00315.html ?06:13
seb128dunno how much he has played with it, apparently he didn't have a lot of free time during the last months, but could be nice to ping him. He probably has some idea on this06:14
KamionI haven't, but we appear to have got about the same distance in slightly different directions06:15
KamionI suspect I've got a lot further with cdebconf-gtk than he has, he's got further with the build06:16
Kamionhowever as far as I can tell he hasn't actually checked in any changes :(06:16
Kamionwhich makes it hard to cooperate ...06:16
seb128I think he was trying to get some results before getting further06:17
Kamionwell, certainly there's not much point trying to improve the UI before having seen it :)06:18
Kamionone of the problems that graphical d-i has is that nobody checks anything in though ... gtk.c hasn't been touched since March and spectacularly failed to pass even cdebconf's rudimentary tests06:19
seb128yes, but that's because nobody is really working on it06:20
seb128kov was the only guy interested for the moment apparently06:21
Kamionwell, true, most serious d-i people have been working on more urgent things06:21
Kamionoccasionally one person gets interested, works on it for a while, gets bored and goes off to do other things, and then never checks in what he's done so the next person starts over06:22
seb128perhaps we should open an alioth project on alioth on something for the d-i frontend06:22
seb128and try to get some people interested06:22
seb128where is the current tree ? Who is allowed to commit changes (ie: kov can commit ?) ?06:23
Kamionyou don't need an alioth project, it's in d-i06:23
Kamionany d-i developer06:23
seb128yes, but the problem is that we probably don't want anybody able to commit in the d-i tree06:23
Kamionall the changes *really* should go in d-i06:24
Kamionlots of people already have commit access06:24
Kamiond-i is watched pretty closely too06:24
seb128kov is not here for the moment, but we should talk about this with him when he'll be here06:24
Kamionwell, I'll continue with what I'm doing for the moment; I'm on a roll :)06:25
KamionI'm sure it won't be too hard to merge06:25
seb128afaik kov has not made big changes, so it should be easy06:26
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dokodo we have somewhere a list of supported languages for warty? or better: which should be supported?08:00
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mdzlamont: flushing old mail?08:38
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mdzelmo: openoffice.org-dictionaries?09:32
dokomdz: did the spell checking mail arrive on the list?09:40
npmccallumMithrandir: did you see Matthias's post to ubuntu-devel yet?09:42
mdzdoko: yes, I am replying09:42
Mithrandirnpmccallum: no, sorry, been hacking ARM cross compilers all day, will go read.09:43
npmccallumMithrandir: its all the spell checking stuff09:43
npmccallummdz: I thought openoffice.org-dictionaries was in warty...09:44
npmccallummdz: nevermind, it was thesaurus that I was thinking of09:46
thommdz: are you still having problems with your scrollwheel in firefox?09:49
mdzthom: not today, no09:53
mdzthom: is there reason to believe it may have been fixed?09:53
thomnot that i'm aware of, but i can't duplicate it on amd64 or x8609:54
thommdz: did you keep your old profile?09:56
thomit could be related to that09:56
mdzthom: I didn't destroy my profile09:56
mdzI think it was happening to daniels09:56
mdzI think the problems preceded your "fix it harder" upload09:56
thomthey're quite possibly fixed in -0ubuntu3, but moz seems to be very sensitive about profile destruction :/09:58
sivangdo we install ppp from base-config?09:58
sivangoh it's on the installer seed. guess it's enough for users with dial in broadband10:00
thomoh. so, i'm getting a via mainboard for my amd64, and sata. just to give the installer a stretch :-)10:03
mdzsata seems to be a source of strange problems10:12
thomyeah, it should be an interesting adventure10:12
thommy main install will stay on pata for the time being tho :-)10:12
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lamontmdz: didn't think I was... am i?11:49
mdzlamont: just got mail from you dated Sep 1411:50
mdzlamont: ahh, you sent it to debian.org11:50
mdzand debian.org mail has been fucked11:50
lamontthat must be it - was getting some myself, wondered why...11:50
thommdz: doogie just fixed master, so it could be old debian mail11:50
lamontso who must I convince to get the non-interactive config run of postfix into base-config?11:51
Kamionlamont: please remind me when I'm IN THE RIGHT COUNTRY :-)11:51
Kamionlamont: I will do it, but probably not from here11:51
thomi got mail from Joey dated from the 15th about a security upload *sigh*11:51
lamontKamion: wasn't meant to pester you, was looking for more ammo to give you...11:51
Kamionlamont: ah11:51
Kamionlamont: setting up /etc/aliases properly is sufficient ammunition for me11:52
Kamionlamont: as far as I can tell it'll fix that bug ...11:52
Kamiongood-oh, will restore it then11:52
mdzKamion: what are we going to do about that debootstrapped-packages-with-debconf-questions issue?11:52
lamontdpkg-reconfigure postfix after uid1000 is added will kill that bug11:52
mdzKamion: (#1388)11:52

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