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sabdfldaf: what happened to all the files in lib/canonical/rosetta?01:00
sabdflthey were all deleted and added again?01:01
lifelesssabdfl: see the threads on the list01:10
lifelessbah, thread.01:10
sabdflhey lifeless01:11
lifelesssort answer is: lalo sent in a bad merge, I've reverted it, and sent instructions on how to undo it locally, if you happened to merge in the bad merge yourself.01:11
sabdflerm... i would definitely have merged it :-(01:12
sabdflmerged, and committed, and pqm's01:12
lifelessok, chances are your pqm was bounced by me01:16
lifelessI'm flushing the pqm queue01:16
lifelessto ensure noone has surprises.01:16
lifelessbut you will want to follow my instructions.01:17
sabdfllifeless: i didn't get any instructions :-)02:12
lifelesswarthogs@ ?02:14
lifelessI mailed em out02:14
sabdflah, ok02:15
sabdfli'll check02:16
sabdflcan anybody nudge rosetta.warthogs.hbd.com?02:18
sabdflwhich we should probably rename :-)02:18
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sabdflspiv: daf: anyone here who can nudge rosetta.warthogs.hbd.com into action?02:52
dafsabdfl: yeah, I can do it03:09
sabdfldaf: why's it not up?03:10
sabdfldaf: does it get rest to sampledata when it rebuilds itself? and how often does it do that?03:10
dafit's not up because I started migrating it to the launchpad user and then ran into a few snags03:11
dafnamely, there wasn't a corresponding DB user -- I've mailed the admins about it03:12
dafI've launched it again with the old settings03:12
dafit rebuilds itself every 30 minutes03:12
dafbut doesn't reload sample data automatically03:12
sabdfl"a system error occurred"03:12
dafwhich page?03:13
sabdfldoes it get the latest code every 30 minutes? could you do a code refresh?03:13
dafyes, it updates the code03:14
dafI refreshed it before starting it, so it should be up to date03:15
dafhmm, my laptop is really struggling -- seems 256Mb of RAM just doesn't cut it03:17
dafI've seen this error before03:21
daftip: if you insert ++skin++Debug into the URL, you'll often get a traceback03:21
dafe.g. https://rosetta.warthogs.hbd.com/++skin++Debug/malone/sourcepackage03:21
dafit's something to do with the SQLObject changes spiv was making recently, I think03:22
dafspiv has left to catch his train, by the way -- he'll be with you in a few hours03:22
lifelesssabdfl: whats up ?03:29
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SteveAspiv: ?07:06
SteveAdaf: spiv turned up here07:48
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dafSteveA: ah, good08:12
=== spiv waves
dafspiv: how was the trip?08:30
sabdfldaf: reloading the sample data09:46
sabdflyes, this would lose changes made, but I think the main idea is to add sample data on your own station, and merge that in to current.sql so that everyone else gets your new samples09:47
dafok, I'll have it reset itself regularly, then09:48
dafspiv: you did leave something here11:08

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