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=== Topic for #launchpad: <spiv> Ok, found it. <spiv> I wonder who changed that. <kiko> spiv, you merged that in?
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=== limi shakes up the room a bit
lululimi: Viking, you working on Rosetta UI today?11:36
luluexcellent :o)11:37
carlosspiv: ping11:37
carloslulu, limi: hey11:37
limicarlos :)11:37
lulucarlos: howzit!11:37
carlosfine, thanks11:38
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cprovstub: hi, have you seen my DB request on LP list ?11:51
carlosdid we have a sqlobject change that I'm not aware of?11:52
carlosTraceback (most recent call last):11:53
carlos  File "./poimport.py", line 99, in ?11:53
carlos    options.potemplate, options.language)11:53
carlos  File "./poimport.py", line 30, in imports11:53
carlos    project = DBProjects()[projectName] 11:53
carlos  File "/home/carlos/Work/dists/launchpad/lib/canonical/database/doap.py", line 60, in __getitem__11:53
carlos    return ret[0] 11:53
carlos  File "/home/carlos/Work/dists/launchpad/lib/sqlobject/main.py", line 1194, in __getitem__11:53
carlos    return list(self.clone(start=start, end=start+1))[0] 11:53
carlos  File "/home/carlos/Work/dists/launchpad/lib/sqlobject/main.py", line 1198, in __iter__11:53
spivcarlos: pong11:53
carlos    return conn.iterSelect(self)11:53
carlos  File "/home/carlos/Work/dists/launchpad/lib/sqlobject/dbconnection.py", line 507, in iterSelect11:53
carlos    select, keepConnection=True))11:53
carlosTypeError: iteration over non-sequence11:53
carlosspiv: the traceback :-)11:53
carlosthat script was working this weekend11:53
spivcarlos: Did you grab the new SQLObject that lifeless merged in?11:54
spivOh, this is a script taht lalo changed?11:54
carlosspiv: Is in a new branch?11:54
carlosdists does not reflects it11:54
spivcarlos: It's not ready yet.11:55
spivIt was a question, not a suggestion :)11:55
spivSee lalo's post to the list.11:55
spivHe fixed the transaction handling in that script, but it depends on bugfixes in SQLObject.11:55
carlosspiv: I did a normal update of the old branch11:55
=== limi does the arch patch dance
spivWe'll shortly have them merged in from upstream thanks to lifeless.11:55
carlosWhat should I do?11:55
spivOr use lalo's branch.11:56
spivSee lalo's email :)11:56
carlosmove to the other branch?11:56
carlosspiv: I saw it but I didn't know that rocketfuel was updated to do that11:56
spivI'd use lalo's sqlobject branch until lifeless announces that the SQLObject 0.6 merge is ready -- we're still finalising which fixes we need to keep :)11:56
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=== limi is still amazed at how long it takes to merge changes from arch
spivlimi: Do you have a greedy sparse revlib/12:11
limiI believe so12:11
limiit's fast at some things, and slow at others12:12
limiwas there something I had to watch out for with regards to sqlos?12:12
limior sqlobject12:12
stublimi: It is so much faster under Ubuntu - I don't think arch is at all usable except under certain Unix flavours, and OSX is unfortunately on that borderline.12:14
spivYeah, it's been painfully slow for bradb on OS X too.12:15
limiwell, installing ubuntu on this thing isn't trivial12:16
spivIt doesn't help when arch decides to some operations twice for no good reason.12:16
stubcprov: ping12:26
carloslimi: it's a 15" pb, right?, the "only" big problem should be the airport extreme12:27
limino, the big problem is that I can't wipe my current install12:28
limioh, and the airport doesn't work? that's a no-go then, as I only have wireless at home and in the office12:28
cprovstub: pong12:28
carloslimi: airport extreme is an unsupported device under Linux, Broadcom does not give us anything to implement a driver12:29
stubcprov: Your database changes are in12:29
dafarch peeve of the day: if I mistype my GPG passphrase into gnome-gpg while committing, the commit fails and I have to work out which revision it has just locked, run tla lock-revision -b and do the commit again12:31
cprovstub: thanks, But i'm doing the deb importer tool and will work with it just at evening, anyway thank you very much :)12:31
dilysBug 2035 resolved: PO parser broken (again)12:31
limi$ make launchpad_test12:49
limimake: *** No rule to make target `launchpad_test'.  Stop.12:49
limihas the command to rebuild the database changed?12:50
limidaf? :)12:51
carloslimi: you only need to execute "make"12:51
dafcarlos: yes?12:51
carlosinside database/schema12:51
carlosdaf: yes12:51
dafoh, right12:52
carlosmake base if you don't want the sample data12:52
dafor "make -C database/schema"12:52
carlosdaf: :-)12:52
daffrom the Launchpad root12:52
limi$ make12:52
limi* launchpad-2-00-0.sql is corrupt or has been modified12:52
limimake: *** [check]  Error 112:52
limibin/sh: line 1: md5sum: command not found12:53
spivlimi: Heh.12:53
carloslimi: you need to install that command from fink (I'm not 100% sure)12:53
limiwhy the paranoia?12:54
limidarwinports doesn't seem to have it12:54
limiand I don't have Fink on this box12:54
carloslimi: do you have Apple's development tools installed? I think they should have it there (or in their normal system)12:55
limiyes I do, and no they don't ;)12:55
=== limi goes for lunch and will deal with it afterwards
carloslimi: later12:56
carlosdaf: hey, the .po file import takes only 5 minutes in my computer!!12:56
dafcarlos: cool!12:58
dafcarlos: with which changes?12:58
carlosdaf: none from my part, only a star-merge12:59
carlosand the bug I found last week is fixed also12:59
spivlalo's changes probably helped... it was apparently doing a commit after every sql statement (via sqlobject's autoCommit feature)12:59
dafoh, right12:59
spivSee his email to launchpad for details.01:00
dafno wonder it was so slow01:02
=== limi is now known as limi|lunch
dafspiv: so Lalo's changes depend on SQLObject 0.6, but it looks like that's going to get synced in soonish, right?01:03
stubdaf: sqlobject has been imported, but lifeless still needs to merge back our local mods (native datetime & Unicode, and maybe another SteveA made before I started)01:05
spivdaf: Yeah, or, use lalo's branch in the meantime.01:07
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carlosshower time..01:48
=== carlos away
dilysBug 2044 resolved: Rosetta should at the LEAST know about browser languages02:21
dilysNew bug 2045 for Launchpad/Launchpad: Debug skin & authentication don't mix02:27
limiheh, the first link I click on in Rosetta gives me an error02:29
limiModule canonical.metazcml, line 148, in publishTraverse02:29
limitraversed_to = getattr(self.context, self._getter)(name)02:29
limiModule canonical.rosetta.domain, line 27, in product02:29
limifor p in self.context.rosettaProducts():02:29
limiAttributeError: 'SoyuzProject' object has no attribute 'rosettaProducts'02:29
limiand when searching:02:30
limiAttributeError: 'Projects' object has no attribute 'search02:30
limidaf: am I missing something here?02:30
dafI think somebody broke something :)02:32
spivHmm, that's probably related to stuff I've been doing.02:32
spivI'll take a look now.02:32
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stubIs the python reference guide installed with Ubuntu anywhere?02:38
=== stub can't find it
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limispiv: any progress?03:27
dafspiv: we're still scratching our heads over it03:29
daflimi: that was for you03:29
limiso it isn't working for you guys either?03:29
daflimi: ok, we've found the bug03:44
daf(and the fix :))03:45
spivlimi: I'm mirrioringlimi: I'm imirrioring etc the fix now.03:48
limiquite efficient mirroring you have there ;)03:49
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SteveAso, I submitted a merge to pqm04:45
SteveAand it looks like it is spinning in tla on chinstrap04:45
jblackhuh. interesting.04:45
SteveArun top to see04:45
jblackYeah. I see it04:45
SteveAso, we have james troup here04:46
SteveAwe have coders here who would like to keep sprinting04:46
jblackelmo: can you strace it for me please? 04:46
SteveAand I'm worried I have a broken tree04:46
SteveAor a broken whatever04:46
daflimi: PQM is broken, so perhaps you should apply the fix locally so you can get some work done :)04:47
limiwhat is the fix?04:47
jblacklimi: First, to figure out why tla's in a loop.04:47
limibecause it sucks, obviously04:48
limi:] 04:48
jblackbe nice to me. This is my day off. ;) 04:49
daflimi: delete a few lines from a ZCML file04:49
spivlimi: I can privmsg the patch to you04:49
spivIt's short :)04:49
limijblack: I'm being mean to Tom Lord, not you ;)04:49
jblackOh, in that case, cheerio.04:49
jblackelmo: Ping04:49
limispiv: please do04:49
SteveAjblack: elmo was pingged04:50
jblacksorry. I thought you said he was here04:50
SteveAhe is04:51
spivjblack: He's a popular guy04:51
SteveAhe's talking right now with someone04:51
spivLike yourself ;)04:51
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SteveA<jblack> elmo: there's a tla binary running on cs thats in a tight loop. can you use your super awsome powers of root to strace it for me please, and see what sort of syscalls its making? 04:51
elmo_this needs to be #lunchpad04:51
SteveA #lynchpad04:52
elmo_so, like is there likely to be anything sensitive in this trace?04:53
=== jblack tries to remember the program that shows what files a binary has open
elmo_(gpg stuff, passwords)04:53
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SteveAelmo_: we'll give you a list of passwords that you can grep out of the trace04:54
jblackOh, no.04:54
elmo_ /home/james/steves-password04:57
=== SteveA reads the trace
jblackwhat are the two involved FQVNs, btw? 05:00
carlosWhich exception should be raised when we get an error that it's because the database was not populated with the default data? (it's something that should always be there)05:01
SteveAjblack: I don't know.  I just run "submit arch merge"05:01
SteveAI can tell you my tree version, though05:01
SteveAyou can get the code from my mirror on steve.alexander@canonical.com05:02
jblackstevea: I've got yours.05:02
jblackI don't know where pqm thinks its archive is, or what revision its merging into though. .arch-params is locked down.05:02
SteveAcan you give elmo a harmless command to run to find out?05:03
jblackin one of your working copies, type a tla logs --merges, and see if you can pick out a line referring to rocketfuel@canonical.com--2004/???-???-???05:03
jblackI'd grep it if I were you. it'll probably be noisy05:04
SteveAjblack: who do you want to do that ?05:05
SteveAI don't think rf uses a --2004 on the end05:05
jblackI'll do it. I have access to your archive.05:05
SteveAjblack: any ideas so far?05:11
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jblacknot yet. I'm mirroing the archives onto my machine so that I can see if the merge breaks here.05:11
=== SteveA waits for jblack to say "merging..." and then quit unexpectedly
jblackstevea: is that systrace ok? 05:17
jblackthat would really help a lot. that'll tell me what the programs up to05:17
SteveAthe systrace is in ~james/steves-password05:18
SteveAthat was a joke from james05:18
SteveAI'll punch him for you05:18
jblackYou had done soyuz changes, correct? 05:25
spivSteve says he made changes in launchpad's lib/canonical05:27
spivBut not in lib/canonical/soyuz05:27
jblackOk. I'll look at launchpad first.05:29
jblackI saw some ENOENTS for soyuz patches.05:29
spivOh, you mean the soyuz category?05:30
spivWe haven't used that for a couple of months now.05:30
spivBut -- it got tagged into launchpad at some point in its history.05:31
spiv(I might have my terminology slightly confused)05:31
=== jblack hums a noisless tune as he gets both seves lp and rf's lp at the same time.
spivps says the offending tla process's command line was tla star-merge steve.alexander@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--005:32
spivs/was/is/  ;)05:32
jblackYeah. I got tricked because of the earlier patchlogs. 05:33
jblackI'm up to 50 and 36905:36
jblackOk. it was trying to take your 54-57. lets delta those05:43
jblackI don't see anything offhand that looks weird.05:45
jblackand whats more, I can perform the star-merge here.05:45
jblacksteve, I don't know what's wrong.05:47
jblackI can perform the star merge that pqm's trying right here, without a problem. Even using the same binary off of cs05:48
jblackso your problem is definitely (checks BOFH book) cosmic rays05:50
SteveAI'll ask mark to order more lead for the machine room05:53
SteveAin the meantime, do we keep it running to point lifeless at?05:53
SteveAor do we kill it?05:53
SteveAor what?05:53
spivI say we take a core dump of it, and email to lifeless ;)05:53
jblackI'd um...05:56
jblackYeah. do that.05:57
jblackI don't know how much good it'll do him, as the binary is stripped.05:57
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=== Keybuk prods random people
=== jblack randomly ouches
jblackYou could try hitting keybuck up. he's pretty smart.05:58
jblackkeybuk: your favorite tool is acting up on chinstrap. 05:58
KeybukI'm shocked :p05:58
jblackthe star-merge performs just fine on my machine, but on cs its gone crazy. 05:59
Keybukdoesn't chinstrap run a jurassic version of tla?05:59
jblackActually, no.05:59
Keybukah ok06:00
jblackbesides. I thought of that. I even copied over cs's binary to my machine and gave it a whirl. no problem06:00
jblackWhile I could be more help to you, Steve, but with it working just fine here... <shrug>06:01
dilysBug 1915 resolved: Release the Alpha version of Rosetta06:03
spivjblack: I was just thinking that the 500Mb of core dump would get his attention ;)06:03
jblackwell, if tla runs long enough, that will happen.06:04
jblackthere's probably a couple memleaks in there.06:04
spivjblack:  7131 pqm       18   0  670m 670m  864 R 68.1 18.6 166:03.00 tla06:04
jblackOh. Its still growing.06:04
jblackYeah. Kill it.06:04
spivIt was under 500 when I first looked :)06:04
limi"a few memory leaks"06:05
jblacklimi: they're very small ones.06:05
jblackwhen tla runs normally, it probably leaks all of 500 bytes.06:05
SteveAI want someone to attach gdb to tla on chinstrap...06:06
dafso, what's 670M / 500B?06:06
SteveAbut then again, it is stripped06:06
SteveAarse, why is it stripped?06:06
jblackbut if it gets stuck in a loop for a zillion loops, it can add up06:06
jblackstevea: you may not even get a core at all. depends on the ulimit06:06
dafSteveA: things are stripped as a rule06:06
SteveAjblack: don't want a core.  want to attach gdb to the process06:06
daflimi: how's it going?06:07
jblackyou won't ge that without symbols, I'm afraid.06:07
daflimi: did you manage to get Launchpad running again?06:07
limidaf: good, routing around arch here for the moment, doing JS work06:07
limidaf: let me quickly apply the patch spiv sent me06:07
daflimi: great!06:07
jblackSorry I couldn't be mroe help. is there something else I can do for you? 06:08
SteveAjblack: indeed.  why is experimental code stripped?  ;-)06:08
=== SteveA wonders when lifeless will wake up
jblacktla-1.2 isn't experimental.06:09
jblacklifeless went to be about....06:09
SteveAdude, tla is experimental ;-)06:09
jblack3 hours ago\06:09
dafif it got installed from a Debian package, there's your answer06:09
spivjblack: this broke about 3 hours ago ;)06:09
jblackbtw, you guys will like the new tla help06:11
SteveAis it shorter?06:12
jblackOh yeah.06:12
jblackits broken up into categories.06:12
SteveAis it an info style hypertext application written in a variant of scheme?06:12
jblacknah. scheme wasn't quite right. we went with prolog this time.06:13
elmo_we're using a tla from rob06:13
elmo_have a look in my home dir, I guess06:14
jblackelmo: Not according to the release id? 06:14
jblackOh. pqm might have a different path. I didn't think of that06:14
spivWhat's /proc/7131/exe ?06:14
elmo_lrwxrwxrwx    1 pqm      warthogs        0 Sep 28 17:15 /proc/7131/exe -> /usr/bin/tla06:15
spivjblack: Hmm, you said you copied and tried that binary?06:15
jblackYeah. thats the one I did06:15
jblackthat says its 1.2.106:16
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has left #launchpad ["Leaving"]
elmo_whatever it says, it has the same sha1sum as the binary in the .deb in my homedir06:16
jblack*the 1.2.1 that Tom released, not the one I released. 06:16
jblackok. I'm gone.06:22
jblackUnless there's something diffreent you guys need. for this one though, you'll need robert to get any further.06:22
spivWell, I can run that star-merge in my account on rocketfuel without trouble...06:23
jblackyeah. same thing for me.06:23
jblackthat was the firght thing I thought of trying.06:24
spivAh :)06:24
spivjblack: Is there anything we should preserve to help robert debug this?06:24
jblackif that had worked, then i could have built a binary with debugging symbols, and walked the code.06:24
jblackI'd keep the systrace.06:25
jblackand if it throws core, keep it for the heck of it, though i don't think it'll do any good.06:25
spivi.e. if we kill tla, maybe break a revision lock if that's needed, but otherwise get pqm going again, does that sound ok?06:25
jblackOh, and um.... maybe one more thing. lemme look06:25
jblackYeah. 06:25
jblacktla will break safely.06:25
spiv(and what do we need to do to get pqm going again? :)06:25
jblackThat, I'm not sure of. 06:26
spivI guess the pqm process will notice if tla dies...06:26
jblackthis is my third or fourth encounter with pqm.06:26
spivFair enough :)06:26
jblacktla itself will be fine, other than a revision lock that you'll have to break.06:27
jblackthe cruft that tla will leave behind should be harmless.06:27
jblackbut if pqm isn't (or in this case can't) cleaning up after itself...06:27
spivOk.  tla lock-revision -b rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0--patch-434 I guess?06:27
jblackthat should be right.06:28
jblackI'll make robert give me some time this week so that the next time this happens I can clean up the mess.06:28
spivelmo_: Would you mind killing that tla process, and possibly running that tla command, so that we can use pqm again?06:29
spivOr kill -STOP?06:29
jblackwell, hold on.06:29
jblackdon't break the lock if you're going to -STOP it.06:29
spivjblack: Hmm, good point...06:30
spivOk, how about we kill -STOP it until lifeless sorts it out?06:30
jblackotherwise, when Robert CONTs it... <shudder>06:31
jblackthat would be safe.06:31
limiso I shouldn't be doing any checkins right now?06:31
spivAnd otherwise leave it alone... presumably lifeless will have pqm going again by our tomorrow morning :)06:31
jblacklimi: Would that be possible without interfering with you guys' work too much? 06:32
limino problem06:32
daflimi: you can commit, but not merge06:32
limiI work locally06:32
spivlimi: Well, pqm is busily spinning on a merge request from Steve... you're welcome to send your own merges, I guess, but they're not goign to be dealt with immediately :)06:32
spivOur personal archives aren't affected.06:33
jblackI don't get it. I've barely left the house in two weeks, and I'm sick.06:33
spivjblack: Lack of exercise, then ;)06:33
dafjblack: maybe it's *because* you haven't left the house :)06:33
jblacknonsense. to catch a virus, you have to catch it from somebody.06:33
dafor some*thing* :)06:34
spivProbably nocturnal alien visitations.06:34
jblackno frigging fair. Its my day off, I get paid, and I come down with a cold.06:34
jblackI must have ripped the wings off of butterflies in my previous life. :)06:34
jblackOk. Take care guys.06:35
dafjblack: thanks06:35
spivjblack: Thanks06:35
limijblack: thanks :)06:36
SteveAjblack: thanks!06:36
limidaf: btw, the patch worked, so I have a local copy that works now06:37
daflimi: groovy06:37
daflimi: if you commit, take care not to commit that fix along with your changes06:38
limiI will let you know when the time comes ;)06:44
limidaf: is there any sort of login thing in place now? I get:06:45
limiModule zope.app.publication.browser, line 53, in getDefaultTraversal06:45
limireturn ob.browserDefault(request)06:45
limiUnauthorized: ('browserDefault', 'launchpad.AnyPerson')06:45
daflimi: in theory, you get a HTTP authentication box when you need it06:45
daflimi: there is a login link on the font page06:46
=== limi goes to the font page
limidoesn't work with debug skin?06:47
dafah, right, yeah06:48
limidaf: what is the user/password we use?06:49
limilocally, that is06:49
limiwordy :)06:50
dafall usernames are email addresses at the moment06:51
limiis there any way we can say "logged in as"?06:51
dafgood idea!06:51
limiI'm the usability guy, remember ;)06:52
dafwell, right now, you're being the "blantanly obvious and easy to implement improvement guy" :)06:52
limithey are one and the same :] 06:52
limiNotFound: Object: <canonical.rosetta.domain.RosettaProject object at 0x38f9130>, name: u'gnome-panel'06:53
limido I miss some sample data?06:53
limiI re-build the DB06:53
dafthe front page is optimised for the Alpha at the moment06:53
limiaha, so there is no such thing?06:53
dafthe sample data only has evolution, not gnome-applets or gnome-panel06:53
limiI see06:53
daffeel free to add evolution to the list06:54
limiThis template contains plural messages. However, no information on  plural forms is available for the following languages:06:55
dafI just won't merge that change into the alpha branch06:55
limihm, so I can't see the translation form anymore?06:55
dafwhat languages are in the list?06:55
carloslimi: you should select a language with plural forms06:55
carlosor send us that information06:55
limiFinnish, Danish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Dutch, German06:56
limidefault Apple Safari setup06:56
dafwe don't have information for Italian and German?06:56
carlosnot sure06:56
dafI thought we did06:56
dafwe definitely do for Japanese06:57
carlosit is there06:57
daflimi: Safari enables all these langauges by default?06:57
carlosand german06:57
carlosdaf: it's a system preference06:57
limiI get an error when clicking Prefs06:57
limidaf: apparently06:57
carloslike LANGUAGES=es:fr:it:de06:57
daflimi: hrm06:58
carlosthat's something I hope we will have with GNOME 2.10 (if I have time)06:58
daflimi: do you have the error message?06:59
limidaf: and I can't debug it, since debug skin doesn't support auth06:59
limi:] 06:59
carlossame problem here :-(06:59
dafSteveA: have you looked at #2045?06:59
carlosI suppose I should debug it manually until it's fixed06:59
=== carlos needs a logout option for launchpad
dilysNew bug 2046 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Implement paging for package pages07:13
carlosdaf: how do you get all bug reports? are you the QA of all launchpad?07:14
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carloslimi: is there an easy way to get from the submit of the preferences page a list of language codes instead of a list of language names? 07:17
limiprobably, I'll look at it07:17
limitomorrow, though07:18
carloslimi: ok, thanks07:18
carloslimi: do you want a bug report so you don't forget it?07:19
limicarlos: yes please07:19
carloslimi: done as #204707:24
dilysNew bug 2047 for Launchpad/Rosetta: Language list from preferences form should be submitted by code instead of name07:24
limicarlos: mind pasting the URL for me? ;)07:25
limi(why doesn't the bot paste the URL?)07:25
carlosyou should get an email with it07:25
limisee y'all tomorrow07:34
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dilysNew bug 2048 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Merging Person "instances" by email07:43
carlosdaf: you are too much effective :-P07:44
carlosthis command is not working correctly:07:47
carlospg_dump -d ${DBNAME} -a -D -O | grep -v "\(SET \| TOC \|INSERT INTO \"language\" \|INSERT INTO spokenin \| INSERT INTO country \)" > ../sampledata/new-sampledata.sql07:47
carlosthe country talbe is not filter out07:47
carlos /s/talbe/table/07:47
carlosany hint to fix it ? 07:47
=== carlos has only basic grep knowledge
dafyou need egrep07:48
dafI think07:49
dilysNew bug 2049 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Link from source package release to binary package release is not displaying version07:49
carlosdaf: hmm, it works with the other "filters", the only one that fails is the last one07:49
dafdoes the case match?07:49
dilysNew bug 2050 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Investigate and implement component 07:49
carlosINSERT INTO country (id, iso3166code2, iso3166code3, name, title, description)07:50
dafthe space in "\| INSERT" needs to go07:50
dafde nada07:51
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carlosanyone knows what's a "x" table stub has in sample data?08:13
carlosstub: hey, I was looking for you08:13
carlosstub: I did some changes to current.sql08:13
carlosand you have there data for a table called "x" that does not exists in launchpad database...08:13
stubits a dummy table - shouldn't be there08:14
carlosstub: so I could nucke it, right?08:14
stubHave to be careful with the new sampledata mechanism Mark setup obviously :-)08:14
carlosbtw, next time you update the current.sql file it will be added again08:15
stubyer. Need to fix that - current.sql should not be creating or altering tables at all. It should just contain data08:16
carlosso, perhaps you should add it to the grep command we have in the Makefile 08:16
carlosstub: it only contains data08:16
carlosstub: but we don't have that table08:16
carlosand the db creation shows errors 08:16
carlosbut it's not critical, It only added a conflict with my changes, that's all08:18
=== stub goes to bed
dilysBug 2029 resolved: Languages with country codes are not working08:22
carlosstub: good night08:22
dafspiv: I did inadvertently commit that file :)08:28
spivdaf: Hah :)08:29
dilysNew bug 2051 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Use apt_pkg (from python-apt) to parse dependency lists08:30
carlosjblack_: is it normal that pqm takes more than 40 minutes to process a merge request?09:03
=== carlos forgot to remove a manual breakpoint before the merge and wants to commit a fix
sabdflcarlos: could you help me translate something into spanish, please?10:11
carlossabdfl: sure10:28
sabdflcarlos: thanks!10:40
sabdflDiscussion of the use of Ubuntu in Spain, and Spanish speaking countries, as well as10:41
sabdflthe translation of Ubuntu applications into Spanish.10:42
carlosDiscusin del uso de Ubuntu en Espaa y paises de habla espaola, as como la traduccin de aplicaciones de Ubuntu al espaol.10:44
sabdflthanks carlos10:45
carlossabdfl: no problem10:45

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