Kamionmdz: I'm waiting for the i386 kernels to build12:04
Kamionor be NEW-processed or whatever, not sure where they are12:04
mdzKamion: I mean, does that require a 2-day cycle to get into d-i and then onto the CD?  or does it go straight to the CD?12:05
mdzon a previous occasion you said that a particular update would take 2 days to propagate12:05
Kamionhttp://people.no-name-yet.com/~lamont/buildLogs/l/linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6/0.64ubuntu4/linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6_0.64ubuntu4_20040927-2023-i386-successful says it built OK12:05
mdzthey're probably waiting in NEW, then12:05
Kamionmdz: I'm going to be doing a debian-installer upload today anyway, so it'll get into that12:05
Kamionsince it's needed for the new kernels12:06
mdzI wonder if NEW processing can be automated for warty, for new binary packages from existing source12:06
Kamionand I have a few minor boot screen changes from Mark12:06
mdzor more importantly, if elmo would explode12:06
Kamiondunno, I tend to think it's a good sanity check12:06
Kamionat the very least it would have to validate against germinate output, I think12:07
Kamionmdz: to answer your earlier question properly, the new kernel .debs go straight to the CD, but the new .udebs require a d-i build and then a CD build12:08
Kamionif you forget about the d-i build stage, then the CD is essentially unusable for a day12:08
mdzKamion: so the end result is that if they get processed in time for your d-i build, they'll be on tomorrow's CD12:08
Kamionmdz: since I'm waiting for it ... :)12:08
KamionI'll hopefully be doing a CD build tonight, maybe calling it Sounder 9 if it works12:09
mdzI tested a CD install after fixing vim, and it worked for me12:11
mdzso hopefully it should be in good shape12:11
elmo_NEW cleared12:11
elmo_anything else before I head back to the hotel?12:12
mdzelmo_: don't think so, thanks12:12
mdzelmo_: oht, wait12:13
Mithrandirelmo_: sync gftp, please?12:13
Mithrandirelmo_: you've got mail about it, and mdz approved it12:13
mdzelmo_: myspell-en-us and myspell-en-gb hadn't yet been added to desktopp when you did the resync, I think12:13
mdzI've added them now12:13
Mithrandirbut I haven't seen it, so I guess you've forgotten?12:13
Mithrandiror not done yet12:13
mdzthose should be in desktop for sounder 9 if at all possible12:13
mdzso that spell checking works12:14
elmo_Mithrandir: it wasn't on ftp.uk earlier - I'll check12:14
Mithrandirelmo_: it was in incoming when I wrote the mail. :)12:14
elmo_yeah, I don't sync from incoming, that feels like crossing a line12:14
Mithrandirmakes sense12:15
mdzlikewise for openoffice.org-hyphenation12:15
Mithrandirmdz: we've had an ooo upload since my amd64 build, right?12:15
mdzMithrandir: I think so, yes12:15
Mithrandirmdz: do you know if anybody has done the amd64 upload as well?12:15
Mithrandirif not, I should get around to it tomorrow12:16
=== Mithrandir misses something like madison
Kamionelmo_: hm, will you be able to byhand the debian-installer upload tonight?12:17
Kamionelmo_: if not, I'll defer Sounder 9 'til tomorrow12:17
mdzMithrandir: I do not think it has been done yet12:22
Mithrandirnope, doesn't look like it.12:23
Kamionelmo_: just uploaded debian-installer 20040801ubuntu16, so it should build soon12:23
=== lamont grumbles
lamontlinux-source- REJECTED12:31
tsengdid the builder pickup mono yet?12:32
lamonttseng: source package name mono?12:37
tsengall the mono stuff we talked about the other day12:38
tsengupdate from sid.12:38
lamontnot showing up as of 5 minutes ago12:40
lamontstill, taht is12:41
tsenghm, ok.12:41
lamontelmo about?12:42
lamont"sure, we can get you in and out in a just a couple of hours".. sigh.12:43
elmo_kamion: processed12:45
Kamionkewl, ta12:46
elmo_mdz: myspell done, I think ooo-hyphen stuff was done earlier12:46
elmo_Mithrandir: done12:46
Mithrandirelmo_: thanks a lot12:46
elmo_anything else?12:46
Kamionok, I think I need a drink before the parted-code-review-of-doom12:46
Kamionback in a bit12:47
lamontelmo_: hints on all the reject mail I got earlier today?12:47
elmo_lamont: the contrib shit?12:47
elmo_if so, you can ignore it12:47
lamontthat and some stale amd64 bits12:47
lamontand some apparently empty changes..12:47
=== lamont likes the ignore option
elmo_who uploaded docbook, sgml-data and gnomemeeting?  it got wrong distributioned12:50
elmo_seb128: gnomemeeting is you 12:52
elmo_(ignore the other two, they were daniels and he fixed)12:52
mdzelmo_: thanks12:53
mdzelmo_: -en-gb was seeded, but -en-us was not12:53
mdzelmo_: looks like -en-us is still in universe12:54
elmo_yeah, fixed12:55
elmo_really going now, it's 30 mins back to hotel :(12:55
mdzelmo_: good night12:55
mdzthanks for staying12:56
azeemdid you guys see the ubuntu review featured on /. already?01:29
mdzthe one which is just a link to the extremetech story?01:42
mdz(if so, yes)01:42
azeemthere's another one on osnews, though01:43
Mithrandirmdz: argh, sorry, I just uploaded ooo-amd64 to sync; I guess that's ok?01:47
Mithrandirif not, I can still pull it01:47
Mithrandirno, I can't.01:48
mdzazeem: yes, that one is already linked from http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/press/01:48
mdzMithrandir: it's ok01:48
Mithrandirmdz: sorry about not asking for confirmation.  Shouldn't upload when tired. :/01:48
=== Mithrandir goes to bed for real
mdzgood night01:48
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tsenghiya jdub 04:16
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-87-199.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== fabbione [~fabbione@port1845.ds1-khk.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsmorning fabbione05:39
fabbionehi dani05:39
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsjdub: ok if I claim 1394?05:50
fabbionedaniels: do you happen to have Rene Rebe email addredd?06:00
fabbioneaddress even06:00
danielswho's rene rebe? :)06:00
fabbioneit's someone that commits code to Xfree8606:01
fabbioneif i knew who he was i wouldn't ask :-)06:01
fabbionebut google returns only one possible match06:01
danielswhich code has he touched?06:01
fabbioneok i found him06:02
fabbionei think i even meet him at LinuxTag06:03
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=== Topic for #ubuntu-devel: Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu
=== Topic (#ubuntu-devel): set by mdz at Mon Sep 20 07:48:40 2004
(jdub/#ubuntu-devel) mdz: anyway, you pinged?08:48
mdzjdub: I think I wanted to ask you about what ended up becoming #185108:48
fabbionemdz: i need to wait to upload X08:51
fabbionemdz: Overfiend spotted a possible licence problem with one fix i imported from xfree8608:51
fabbionewe already mailed the guy asking for copyright/licence clarification08:52
fabbionethe fix shouldn't be important for the nv driver but it's good to have08:52
=== jdub gars at ubuntu-audio bugs
jdubmost annoying widget when you have audio turned on: the option list!09:02
jdubmdz: oddly, g-s-t doesn't even grok that my device is wifi09:04
=== jdub turns off sounds
mdzpitti: did you see my report to the list with the new utopia stack crashing?09:08
mdzfabbione: ok09:08
pittimdz: not yet, I look09:08
pittimdz: I'm still at processing my inbox...09:08
mdzjdub: it seems so strange that it doesn't let you configure an encryption key, since the backend support seems to be all three09:09
jdubi can't even configure an essid atm09:09
=== fabbione has to wait all the secondary MX's to flush the queue
pittimdz: ugh, it crashes in gnome-vfs?09:10
pittimdz: I have an idea for a slightly easier method of unmounting09:11
pittimdz: I will prepare a test package and send it to you09:11
mdzpitti: great, I will be awake for a bit, but not too long09:12
mdzpitti: do you not experience the crash?09:12
pittimdz: no, it worked fine for me09:12
pittimdz: I tried burning to an unmounted and to a mounted RW+09:12
mdzthis is basically a clean warty install09:12
mdzI did a daily cd install test 2 days ago09:13
pittimdz: hmm, I apt-upgraded yesterday09:13
mdzjdub: what's the deal on wvdial?  shall we suck it up and add wvdial to desktop?09:13
pittimdz: but this stuff must work with all versions, not just with one combination09:13
jdubmdz: i think that's the only way forward at this stage09:14
pittimdz: re capability module loading: was there a hotplug update to handle this? I don't have the modules in /etc/modules09:16
jdub"The biggest flaw I see with this distro ..."09:16
jdub"Is its name. I mean, what the hell is an Ubuntu? :) I could think of a million names better than this one."09:16
jameshas opposed to a Linspire or a Suse?09:17
mdzpitti: I have no idea; I thought it was in the same situation as ppp_generic, ide-disk, etc. where there was simply no trigger to load it09:21
pittimdz: maybe it's loaded automatically as soon as hal starts09:22
pittimdz: I will try that out09:22
Mithrandirapt-get upgrade hangs, but works if I strace it.09:22
MithrandirI wonder how I am to generate an useful error report out of this..09:23
pittimdz: hmm, now n-c-b crashes at my box _with_ the fix I had in mind...09:23
pittimdz: I wanted to unmount the CD the Gnome way, to get rid of device locks and have the preumount signal09:24
pittimdz: but these APIs are not documented yet; if that fails, I can revert to just calling pumount for the device09:24
mdzjdub: you can configure the essid; it's just sneaky about it09:27
mdzjdub: essid == "network name"09:27
mdzjdub: which nobody _ever_ guesses (#1295) and I think we should fix if possible09:27
jdubmdz: no seriously -> g-s-t does not grok that eth1 is a wireless device. (so doesn't offer *any* of those options.)09:29
mdzjdub: sux0r, works for me09:30
jdubalso, where do bluetooth devices show up?09:30
mdzjdub: what do you get when a cross an elephant with a rhino?09:30
pittimdz: http://www.piware.de/nautilus-cd-burner_2.8.3-0ubuntu1_i386.deb09:30
pittimdz: works for me09:30
jdub/proc/bluetooth has stuff in it, but the device doesn't seem to be listed anywhere sane09:30
mdzpitti: I'll give it a try09:30
mdzMithrandir: when did this problem appear?09:38
Mithrandirmdz: some time ago -- a week or two, I think.09:39
jdubmdz: confirmation for gdm upload that changes conf stuff only?09:39
MithrandirI've upgraded to the latest kernel, so it's at least not that.09:39
jdubfour changes in total:09:39
Mithrandirmdz: and it's worked around easily enough with LD_ASSUME_KERNEL, but I fear some end-user will run into it.09:39
mdzjdub: yes (didn't we do that some time ago?)09:40
mdzat least GtkTheme=Human I thought we had done09:40
jdubthat was the gdm default theme09:41
jdubnot the gtk theme09:41
mdzMithrandir: I've seen no other reports :-/09:41
Mithrandirmdz: neither has I.09:57
MithrandirI'm running on a p4 with the smp kernel, though09:57
MithrandirI don't know if that's unusual09:57
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elmo_seb128: that new gnomemeeting pulled in a whole bunch of stuff to main - known?10:18
seb128which stuff ?10:18
elmo_db2, docbook-defguide, docbook-ebnf, fftw, tidy, wvdial, wvstreams10:19
seb128that's due to gnomemeeting ?10:19
seb128I've uploaded previous version with only "libpt-plugins-v4l | libpt-plugins-avc | libpt-plugins-dc" in the depends10:19
elmo_hmm, maybe not, sorry, I think it's gnome meeting plus some seed changes10:21
seb128ok, no problem10:21
seb128wvdial is required for ppp config with gnome-system-tools10:21
seb128somebody probably added it to a seed10:22
seb128dunno for the others10:22
elmo_yeah, matt did10:22
elmo_most of them seem to be pulled in as build-deps for wvdial10:22
sivangfabbione , here?10:25
mdzMithrandir: does it go away if you use the non-smp kernel?10:26
sivangor daniels?10:26
mdzelmo_: how bad is it?10:26
mdzI knew it pulled in one other package, but didn't look beyond that10:26
elmo_you're still awake10:27
elmo_mdz: b-d of wvstreams10:27
elmo_(which is b-d of wvdial)10:27
elmo_all the ones I listed above are source packages that'll be pulled in10:27
mdzwhat crap10:27
sivanganyone besides fabbione/daniels can help to work a 100hz working X config?10:27
elmo_all due to wvdial10:27
mdzI wonder if wvstreams can be pared down not to require those10:28
mdzcertainly the doc stuff10:28
sivangI've been munging it for a couple of hours, X just won't agree to use 100Hz for vrefresh. Although monitor supports it10:28
elmo_mdz: want me to add it in the meantime?10:29
mdzelmo_: that is way too much cruft for my comfort10:30
mdzI wish we didn't need wvdial itself either10:30
=== elmo_ quietly undoes the stuff he just added ;-)
fabbionesivang: yes i am around but please move the discussion to #ubuntu10:34
sivangfabbione : ofcourse10:34
fabbionecrack of day doesn't install10:40
fabbionelibdns16 is not going to be installed10:40
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mdzfabbione: uploading a new debootstrap10:54
elmo_gar, main depends on restricted now?10:58
elmo_is that valid?10:58
mdzelmo_: I emailed you and colin twice, weeks ago, asking your opinion on that, and neither of you replied11:01
mdzpitti: your new nautilus-cd-burner fixes the segfault11:02
elmo_you mentioned that, but I couldn't find any mail about it11:02
mdzpitti: but the original problem is not fixed11:02
pittimdz: okay, thanks for the report11:02
pittimdz: which original problem?11:02
mdzpitti: the device is still mounted in the middle of the write operation11:02
pittimdz: even with the new hal/gvm?11:02
mdzVersion: 0.2.98-1ubuntu111:02
mdzVersion: 1.0.2-0ubuntu111:02
pittimdz: when you start to burn, hal-device-manager should display some info.lock* properties11:03
pittimdz: it worked fine for me, so I thought that were handled...11:03
mdzpitti: I did not see any; is that the right version of hal?11:04
pittimdz: this locking stuff is not perfect anyway; it is an advisory lock for gvm, and you can still pmount the device or use a manual mount (right-clock in context menu)11:04
pittimdz: yes, right hal version11:04
elmo_mdz: I've re-searched and really can't find this mail - can you give me a subject/msg-id?11:05
mdz02:05:24.253 [I]  linux/block_class_device.c:2312: Directory /etc changed11:05
mdz02:05:24.253 [I]  linux/block_class_device.c:2226: /etc/mtab changed, processing all block devices11:05
pittimdz: I also could reproduce this once, but I tried yesterday and it did not "work" (the bug reproduction)11:05
mdzpitti: that is all I see from hal when the write starts11:05
pittimdz: I don't know whether the lockign stuff is logged; can you look into hal-device-manager?11:06
mdzelmo_: I'll look; I don't _think_ I hallucinated it11:06
mdzelmo_: but basically I think it comes down to naming.  I'd like to have a metapackage which depends on both linux-image and linux-restricted-modules, and probably another one which just depends on linux-image11:07
pittimdz: I just got another grave bug report against the new hal; it can destroy USB stick file systems11:07
mdzbut I can't think of reasonable names11:07
pittimdz: new upstream versions...11:07
mdzelmo_: Message-ID: <20040917001908.GR5721@alcor.net>11:08
mdzelmo_: Subject: Re: Metapackages for linux-restricted-modules11:08
mdzpitti: great :-/11:08
mdzpitti: anyway the burning seems to work correctly at least11:08
pittimdz: yes, great that I did not upload the stuff immediately :-/11:08
mdzit is just disconcerting to have it open and close during the process11:08
pittimdz: oh, when it happened to me, the burning failed11:09
pittimdz: maybe because my burner is very old and does not have burnproof and the like11:09
pittimdz: locking still should work, this was the primary reason for the new upstream stuff11:09
pittimdz: I take a look at this today11:09
elmo_mdz: okay, sorry I did get that but managed to completely lose it somehow11:11
elmo_mdz: anyway, I really think violating the main-is-a-self-contained-unit thing is a bad plan, but I can't really justify it beyond that11:11
fabbionemdz: 1405. i dunno. i can't really check right now since my test box can't be installed until debootstrap is built and uploaded11:13
mdzelmo_: I agree; I was looking for something more in the way of a solution11:14
mdzfabbione: it is already built and uploaded11:14
elmo_mdz: you should have learnt not to have such unreasonable expectations by now, dude11:15
mdzeek, hal just segfaulted on me11:16
mdzafter I powered off my burner11:16
mdz02:15:24.905 [I]  linux/block_class_device.c:637: Disc in /dev/sr0 has audio11:16
mdz02:15:24.905 [I]  linux/block_class_device.c:666: get_disc_type returned 0x360a11:16
mdz02:15:24.905 [I]  linux/block_class_device.c:1027: Media in no_partitions device /dev/sr011:16
mdz[1] +  Segmentation fault      sudo hald --drop-privileges --daemon=no --verbose=yes11:16
pittimdz: do you run this with --daemon=no?11:16
elmo_mdz: but seriously, there are no solutions beyond "don't do that" surely? i.e. using, like you  said, two meta packages11:16
mdzpitti: correct11:16
pittimdz: or where do you get these messages from?11:16
mdzelmo_: <mdz> elmo_: but basically I think it comes down to naming.  I'd like to have a metapackage which depends on both linux-image and linux-restricted-modules, and probably another one which just depends on linux-image11:17
elmo_I think two meta packages is more correct anyway as not all of us are going to want the restricted crap installed11:17
pittimdz: incidentially, my hal also crashed11:17
mdzI guess we could have linux-<flavour> as the image+restricted one11:17
mdzand create a linux-image-<flavour> for just the image11:17
pittimdz: but no segfault, it just hangs uninterrupibly11:17
mdzok, I need to get to bed11:17
mdzmore on all of this tomorrow11:17
pittimdz: sleep well! If you can reproduce the crash, can you please try to run it in gdb?11:18
fabbionemdz: well it's not on auckland yet :-))11:18
=== fabbione goes and cook lunch in the meanwhile
seb128I've added "libpt-plugins-v4l | libpt-plugins-avc | libpt-plugins-dc" to the gnomemeeting depends ... we need to update seed too to get these into main ??11:21
elmo_seb128: I did that already11:24
elmo_seb128: but please mail me when you do stuff that adds deps on stuff in universe - it's not automated11:25
seb128ok, thanks 11:25
seb128sorry, I'll remember next time11:25
elmo_no prob11:25
seb128I was thinking that depends for stuff in main were automatically in main ...11:26
elmo_no, because a) the wiki's wide-open and that's where the seed lists are, b) even additions by our venerable CTO (e.g. wvdial) lead to unexpected and unwanted changes11:27
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elmo_kiko would like you all to not do any work because he couldn't code his way out of a wet paper bag11:32
elmo_even pylint says so11:32
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=== sivang switching to irssi
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Mithrandirmdz: yes, non-smp kernel fixes it.12:05
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionemdz, jdub: permission to upload initscripts to fix #140512:19
=== thom has 400GB of SATA love on his desk
danielsthom: gar12:26
danielsthom: i'll let you keep the hard drives if you send me the LCD12:26
thomhar har12:26
danielsthom: sound fair?12:26
thomyou're so kind12:26
danielsi know. the Mother Teresa of the open source world.12:26
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=== daniels kicks IBM.
danielsthey called me at 11am (!) and then said they'd email me all the details I needed to actually pay them in half an hour12:27
danielsthat was a good 9 hours ago now12:27
=== daniels sharpens his conversation axe and prepares to do battle again tomorrow.
fabbionewho is going to approve uploads if both mdz and jdub are not available?12:29
danielshm, sabdfl, mdz and jdub all unavailable12:31
rossfabbione: i'm sure its fine to upload12:32
danielsi sense this is an extension of the dsl bug; more anti-canonical agents, I suspect12:32
fabbioneross: eheheh i know it's fine.. but we are deep freeze and uploads require authorization12:32
elmo_fabbione: no, not me, I'm just the archive bitch, nothing to do with RM12:40
Mithrandirfabbione: mdz should be up in five-ish hours, though.12:41
fabbioneelmo_: well you are still cool enough to do RM too :P12:41
=== Mithrandir raises thom another 400GB SATA disk.
fabbioneMithrandir: yeah but i won't be around in 5 hours..12:41
fabbioneMithrandir: gotta go and talk with the electrician.12:41
MithrandirI should set up 1-hour DELAYED, 2-hour DELAYED and so on for us.12:41
elmo_Mithrandir: gar no12:42
fabbionethe little punk he sent to me to make a job proposal didn't get a clue that i need a nuclear power plant in the garden12:42
Mithrandirelmo_: jk. ;)12:42
thomMithrandir: i have a pair of 200s, as it happens12:43
Mithrandirthom: smallish, then.12:43
Mithrandirthom: I have a pair of 400s.12:43
thomthat seems a little over the top12:44
Mithrandirnot for a backup box12:44
thomgiven that i have windows and two warty installs on a single 40GB drive, 200GB is gonna feel huge12:44
thomMithrandir: ah. see, this is for my desktop12:44
Mithrandirmy ~ is 20G.12:44
jdubfabbione: you need approval for 1405?12:44
thom4.9G  4.4G  506M  90% /home12:45
jdubman, hardly worth answering questions on u-u anymore, given the multiple answers all the time12:45
thomit gets very uncomfortable when building firefox ;-)12:45
fabbionejdub: yes12:46
Mithrandirthom: I can imagine.. that's the size of my mail dir12:47
jdubfabbione: ok, approved12:47
fabbionejdub: thanks12:49
=== jdub goes to sleep
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trukulojdub: good night01:03
=== elmo__ [~james@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== Kamion builds new images, given the base-system breakage
rossKamion: i take it tomorrows daily images will have the new kernel in?01:43
Kamiontoday's already do01:43
Kamionthey don't work for other reasons01:43
rossah, ok. will tomorrows work? :)01:44
Kamionhuh, wait a sec01:44
Kamionaha, today's *didn't build* :P01:44
Kamionand that would be because people *still* need to warn me when they're going to change the base system. gah.01:45
=== Kamion tries again
elmo_sorry (I didn't request it, but I could have blocked it/whined at NEW)01:50
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Kamionah well02:07
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-17-62.w80-13.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_Purging configuration files for nautilus ...02:07
elmo_rmdir: `/etc/X11/starthere': No such file or directory02:07
elmo_dpkg: error processing nautilus (--purge):02:07
elmo_seb128: getting that on one of the machines in the DC - known/fixed problem?02:07
seb128no, not known02:08
seb128I'll have a look02:08
lamontmorning world02:09
seb128hey lamont 02:09
seb128elmo_: ok, I'll fix it02:10
lamontgotta take kids to school in a few.02:10
elmo_seb128: cool, thanks02:10
elmo_seb128: want me to file a bug you can point jdub/mdz at?02:10
elmo_seb128: btw, it's all 3 directories mentioned in the postrm, but I guess you knew that02:11
seb128no, that's fine. I'm allowed to fix GNOME bugs without asking :)02:11
seb128yes, I know, but thanks :)02:11
elmo_haha, Jeff's RM-ing is just such an excuse for him to ignore the rules for "feature goals" (i.e. what he cares about :P)02:12
=== lamont debates adding logfile size to the byDate report
lamontelmo_: duh...02:12
lamontit's _ALWAYS_ that way.  When it's not, you have a boring RM. :-)02:13
elmo_Looking for keymap to install:                                                                                                  02:13
elmo_oh my god, not that stupid bug still!02:13
elmo_(the \ is a pasto, ignore that)02:13
Kamionhm? mac-usb-uk's correct here02:13
elmo_kamion: not on a HP DL380, it's not02:13
elmo_that happened as part of the upgrade02:14
Kamionconsole-data must be on good crack02:14
KamionI'm afraid I only barely understand what's going on in console-data.config, though02:14
Kamion'dpkg-reconfigure console-data' ought to at least let you clear it up ...02:15
=== lamont bbl
=== elmo_ [~james@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_GOD DAMN IT02:21
pittisjoerd: here?02:22
sjoerdpitti: yeah02:22
pittisjoerd: I looked at this mount locking stuff when a CD-RW is burned02:23
pittisjoerd: currently only the hal package supports locking; but shouldn't gvm actually check this lock before mounting a device?02:23
pittisjoerd: do you know whether this is already implemented upstream?02:23
sjoerdpitti: it's in gvm's unstable branch02:24
sjoerdpitti: i intend to patch debians gvm 1.0.2 with it before uploading02:24
pittisjoerd: I was already wondering why cd burning still sucks...02:24
sjoerdbut first hal needs to get out of new...02:24
pittisjoerd: thanks; I will grab it from there02:24
pittisjoerd: do you happen to have the CVS URL at hand?02:24
pittisjoerd: don't bother, I have it02:25
sjoerdpitti: although for debian it's still somewhat useless, because nothing uses it02:25
pittisjoerd: we urgently need that to fix cd burning02:25
pittisjoerd: the half-written cd is mounted during burning, which breaks the further burning02:26
pittisjoerd: and the user can still manually mount the cd02:26
=== sjoerd hasn't seen that behaviour
sjoerdonly that some drives abort burning when nautilus polls media status02:27
pittisjoerd: ah, I have the patch02:27
=== pitti will go to implement it
pittisjoerd: when I'm at fixing gvm, what does this 03_browse_fixup patch do?02:28
pittisjoerd: does it open a nautilus window if gthumb is not invoked?02:28
sjoerdpitti: yes02:29
pittisjoerd: nice02:29
sjoerdpitti: same for when inserting dvd's when video playing action is disabled02:29
pittisjoerd: will it go upstream?02:30
pittisjoerd: I don't want to diverge from upstream behavior too much02:30
sjoerdpitti: i've sent it but it wasn't applied 02:30
pittisjoerd: we already discussed that; this should probably be another option in the removable device configuration dialog02:30
sjoerdpitti: ?02:31
pittisjoerd: Ubuntu has a nice dialog where you can configure what happens with your removable devices02:32
pittisjoerd: This is no Ubuntu invention, it must be there in Debian, too02:32
sjoerdpitti: you mean gnome-volume-properties 02:32
pittisjoerd: probably :-)02:32
sjoerdwhat do you mean by ``this'' there. Opening nautilus when the import photo's option is disabled ?02:33
=== sjoerd needs to put all the debian patches in bugzilla rsn, so they won't be completely forgotten
pittisjoerd: by "this" I mean "fall back to browsing if no other handling was applied"02:37
pittisjoerd: IMHO it makes sense02:37
pittisjoerd: but some users might not want it02:38
sjoerdhmm.. well a mass storage camera is just removable storage, for which gvm makes an exception02:38
pittisjoerd: AFAICS this gvm patch only inhibits automatic mounts during CD Burning02:38
pittisjoerd: users can still mount it manually02:38
pittisjoerd: so maybe gnome-vfs2 shoudl respect info.locked as well?02:39
sjoerdthat would be nice02:39
pittisjoerd: this still won't help against a command line "mount", though02:40
pittisjoerd: that's the reason why I implemented this in pmount02:40
=== sjoerd was just thinking about that
azeempitti: who sould mount a CD while it is getting burned?02:41
pittisjoerd: but matt prefered the upstream solution02:41
azeemeh, s/sould/would/02:41
pittiazeem: users do stupid things.. :-)02:41
azeemyeah, but you don't patch coreutils to prevent rm -rf $HOME either, do you?02:41
sjoerdthere is a certain level where the user is just doing stupid things02:41
pittiazeem: no02:41
pittisjoerd: agreed :-)02:42
sjoerdyou can't prevent that :)..02:42
azeemI mean, if somebody uses the command-line, he should know what he does02:42
azeemor she02:42
sjoerdpreventing accidental mounts from nautilus sounds nice though02:42
pittisjoerd,azeem: Implementing it in pmount was no big deal, so it would have been nice02:42
sjoerdIs ubuntu's cdrecord patched to use O_EXCL btw ?02:42
pittisjoerd: I will implement this if the current packages are uploaded02:43
pittisjoerd: I don't know02:43
pittisjoerd: but that sounds sensible; I added it to my ~/.todo02:43
sjoerdSee http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=262678 for some more info about it02:44
sjoerdsame goes for all other burning programs ofcourse02:48
pittisjoerd: like these dvd+rw-utils?02:48
sjoerdpitti: if that's the same as dvd+rw-tools in debian02:50
sjoerdand libburn and cdrdao02:51
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittisjoerd: thanks for pointing me to that; we don't have this patch02:56
=== thom sobs at firefox some more
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsthom: what's it done now?03:32
=== T-Bone [~varenet@T-Bone.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Kamionlamont: can you remind me how the buildds manage to install linux-image-* in a chroot?03:35
Kamionelmo_: or if you know, for that matter ...03:36
T-Bonelamont: ping, btw03:40
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomi can see why mark likes mozilla so much. it's the ultimate "ooh shiny" development menthodology04:12
thommethodology, even04:12
thom"hey, corba in javascript sounds cool!"04:13
rosswith XML and RDF!04:16
rossand and and04:16
thomand C++!04:16
thomoh well, i shall hack on php for a bit to save my poor brain04:17
danielsthom: C++ is love, kiddo :)04:28
daniels(C# more so, however)04:28
rosssjoerd: thanks for the patch :)04:29
rosssjoerd: have the cd-drive patches been applied to n-c-b already?04:30
rossi can't believe i left HAL_CFLAGS out04:30
sjoerdsjoerd: no idea04:30
sjoerdross: no idea04:30
KamionSubject: Processed: only in Keny^Wwoody04:36
lamontKamion: on the buildd's, I do this:04:44
lamont    echo do_initrd = Yes > ${chroot}/etc/kernel-img.conf04:44
lamont    install -m644 /etc/fstab ${chroot}/etc/fstab04:44
lamontalthough (technically) you just need the root filesystem'sentry in /etc/fstab in the chroot.04:44
Kamionheh, ok, thanks04:44
Kamionas it turned out I got bored and nobbled the postinst :)04:44
Kamionbut I'll know for next time04:44
lamontOTOH, it would be much better if the postinst actually noticed that it was in a chroot, and just dealt with it.04:45
=== T-Bone [~varenet@T-Bone.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionlamont: aye04:48
=== lamont isn't sure if a process _can_ tell that it's in a chroot, though.
lamontT-Bone: let me guess: "So how do I make that thar archive thang?"04:50
T-Bonelamont: lol, roughly04:50
lamontman dpkg-scanpackages :-)04:51
T-Bonehmm, isn't apt-ftparchive easier to use?04:51
lamonttruthfully, put all the _ia64.deb's and _all.debs (harvested from an i386 warty box, or the mirror of your choice) into one directory, and run your archive creator of choice.04:51
lamontyeah, whatever. :-)04:52
T-Bonelamont: thx to you, i _have_ a local mirror ;)04:52
lamontthen comes the tricky part...04:52
lamontah, yes. well.04:52
lamontonce you have that repository built, then you have to:04:53
lamontA) decide if you think you can debootstrap from it or not.04:53
T-Bonelamont: bad news: perl won't build04:53
lamontassume "not"04:53
lamontthat would be a definite "not". :-)04:54
T-Bonemake[1] : *** [lib/Config.pm]  Segmentation fault04:54
=== lamont forgets what we did to fix that when it died elsewhen. burn that bridge when we drive off of it.
lamontso.  Add your freshly created ia64 (incomplete) repository to sources.list in the chroot, _BEFORE_ snapshot.d.n04:55
lamontapt-get clean04:55
lamontapt-get update04:55
lamontapt-get -udy dist-upgrade, see how ugly it looks, then probably really upgrade.04:55
lamontrepeat all those steps iteratively until such time as you have a debootstrappable repository.04:56
lamont(from apt-ftparchive through dist-upgrade/sbuild)04:56
lamontthe sbuild happens after the dist-upgrade, but before the "repeat" :-)04:56
T-Bonelooks like it's not gonna be a "one shot"04:57
Kamionfocus-follows-touchpad. boo.04:58
=== lamont hands Kamion a metacity-focus-beating stick
Kamionlamont: fluxbox, as it happens, and this is *normally* the behaviour I want ...04:58
thomdaniels: nothing about C++ is love04:59
T-Bonelamont: assuming glibc builds cleanly this time, we only have perl left, and we hope that rebuilding it from an almost ubuntu chroot will make it build, right?04:59
lamontat this point, the only things we worry about rebuilding are things we need to debootstrap04:59
Kamionlamont: the kernel clobbers /proc/$$/root when viewed from inside the chroot, so there are at least some attempts to make it hard to tell04:59
danielsthom: eh, there are a lot of things to like.  classes, inheritance, all the good stuff.04:59
lamontthen we (1) save this chroot, because we'll need it later, and (2) create a fresh new warty chroot, throw everything away, and let the building begin.05:00
T-Bonelamont: ok. Then afterwards we'll get into the "real" step2, where we'll debootstrap from this archive a new ubuntu ia64 chroot under which we'll rebuild main one more time, correct?05:00
lamontof course, at any point that you have enough to play with a CD set, you can start playing with that...05:00
lamontKamion: yeah05:00
lamontit's supposed to not be easy.05:00
T-Bonelamont: right, CD set is the top item on my todo list05:00
lamontThen again, if you're on ext[23]  and / isn't inode 2, you're in a chroot..:-)05:01
lamontKamion: but if it _is_ to, then you may or may not be in a chroot.05:01
T-Bonelamont: actually, i don't want to rebuild everything then in the "stage1-2" phase, i'm only trying to rebuild perl, right?05:01
lamontin our bastardized half-breed chroot, we just want to build enough to create our new chroot.05:02
lamontand additional gravy as desired.05:02
lamontthat is, we'll eventually want a fully-built warty tree, built on the bits we built in stage 105:03
lamontbut for working on the CD's, you really only care that you have bits.05:03
T-Boneok. So i can save time in sbuilding only what's needed to debootstrap, during the bastardized stage05:03
lamontshlib deps and such may be issues, hence the stage 2 build.  But I expect that you'll hit DI issues before you hit stage1 vs 2 issues05:04
lamontand then later (in full-blown stage2 timeframe), you'll discover circular build-deps that you need to bastardize back into existance because they didn't build in pure-stage 105:04
lamonthence we keep the bastard chroot05:04
lamontthe process is very much objective-focused.. :-)05:05
lamontstep i) "do whatever it takes to" ...05:05
lamontfor all values of i.05:05
T-Boneand i thought that bootstraping an arch was something "clean" ;)05:06
lamontwith a footnote to remember anytime you kludge something horribly, because it'll come back and bite you in your backside later when the buildd's start bootstrapping from your chroot...05:06
T-Bonecome to think of it, i recall some dirtyness during the fist days of palinux ;))05:06
lamontit's never pretty at the start...05:07
T-Boneeven more fun, we had to crosscompile05:07
lamontkinda like working with raw sewage, sometimes...05:07
T-Boneyeah ic ;)05:07
lamontelmo/elmo_: as a note... When we upstream-version-freeze, could we pretty please snag a consistant archive for all the architectures we _don't_ support, too? :-)05:07
lamontor maybe one of the architecture boot-strap teams could help snapshot.d.n get good archive-by-date Packages files..05:08
lamontT-Bone: I meant _upstream_ archive, not ours.05:08
elmo_lamont: sure.. just remember to remind me ;)05:09
lamont'k, even05:09
lamontt-bone: btw, my stage-1 build is up to gcc-3.3 finally05:10
lamontKamion: I got it....  Do the chroot-escape hack, and if you wind up at the same place, then you're not in a chroot.. :-)05:12
T-Bonelamont: hehe, as a matter of fact, rx2600 is much faster than i2000 ;) hppa is building #63305:13
Kamionlamont: :-)05:13
lamontT-Bone: once my wife's conference is over this weekend, then I'll worry a little bit about getting the zx2000 powered up somewhere useful.05:13
Kamionso, this hideous parted C/H/S bug is apparently fixed in parted 1.6.1205:14
T-Bonelamont: hehe ;)05:14
T-Bonelamont: i'll setup apache so that you can access my archive anyway05:14
danielsKamion: huzzah!05:14
KamionI'm contemplating just upgrading us to that directly, because I really don't trust the Debian parted maintainers to have come up with a sane parted 1.6.11+patch-based package05:14
Kamionparticularly because until I noticed it last night the relevant patch wasn't even being APPLIED, so it's clearly had no testing05:14
danielsis timshel still maintaining it?05:14
Kamionno, luther05:15
danielsoh god05:15
lamontT-Bone: I'll mail you my list of .changes: let me know if you want any .debs from the pile...05:15
Kamiondoes anyone here actually have a system which manifests the problem?05:15
T-Bonelamont: ok05:15
KamionI don't, which makes it problematic05:15
T-Bonelamont: asa i'll have setup the repo, i'll mail you the url as well05:15
T-Bonei'll send some feedback to u-devel about the progress we're making, too.05:17
lamontmdz: they closed the debian bug wrt SIGILL/powerpc (#1596 for us)... Can I close it here too?  or do we want to actually look for the bug?05:18
lamontfabbione: _ANOTHER_ xfree86?  sihg.05:21
lamontKamion: can you verify that 1711 is fixed by adding postfix reconfig back to base-config?05:22
Kamionlamont: give me a sec, I'll do a fresh install05:23
lamontKamion: anytime in the next 10 hours or so would be wonderful... :)05:23
=== lamont ducks
=== lamont grumbles at the lack of myspell-en
=== lamont kicks his local mirror
=== lamont requests a sync of oo.o-debian-files
=== T-Bone apt-get moo
lamontT-Bone: still there, yep.05:39
T-Bonehehe ;)05:40
Kamionlamont: well. newaliases gets run, but the only entry in /etc/aliases is still postmaster: root05:47
lamontKamion: any chance you could mail or /msg me the output from debconf-show postfix?05:48
=== tseng pokes buildLogs
Kamionlamont: I'll have to transcribe it, give me a second05:49
Kamionno network connectivity on that box05:49
lamontKamion: what exactly is in base-config?  dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical postfix?05:56
Kamion-       exec dpkg-reconfigure --unseen-only --default-priority postfix05:57
lamontand after the user gets added, yes?05:57
lamontis there any way for postfix to know that debootstrap is why it05:57
lamonts being configured?05:57
Kamionwell after the user gets added05:58
Kamionwhy does it need to know?05:58
KamionI don't understand why these problems exist05:58
KamionI also don't understand why you think dpkg-reconfigure might help given that everything of any interest in postfix.postinst is guarded by != "No configuration"05:58
=== lamont thinks that the question was "seen" during debootstrap - at least enough to set the default...
lamontpostfix's config/postinst is being too smart for itself, I fear.05:59
=== lamont will ponder.
KamionI still don't understand; when I took that question out, it was partly because I looked through postfix.postinst and concluded that reconfiguring it was an absolute no-op06:00
Kamionquestions in debootstrap rarely get the seen flag set, but they may get their value set06:00
lamontit may be...  But I think it shouldn't be a no-op. :-(06:00
Kamionthe former is a bug currently assigned to me06:00
Kamionlamont: I can do another install and get you debconf-show before the reconfiguration, if you like06:01
lamontthat would be great06:02
lamontand then I shall ponder. :-(06:02
lamontbut in the meantime, I'm going to wander off to the shower for a bit06:02
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T-Bonehappy netsplit06:33
Kamiononly two of you06:35
npmccallumfabbione: ping06:39
T-Bonelamont: would it be normal that i don't get any input in glibc's build log for 25 minutes?06:42
danielsis hoary open for uploads?06:45
elmo_t-bone: in the test suite, it's possible yes06:46
elmo_daniels: no06:46
danielselmo_: 'kay06:46
T-Boneelmo_: ok, it's actually in the test suite06:46
elmo_hoary doesn't really exist in katie, if you try, you'll probably make her cry06:46
fabbionenpmccallum: pong06:46
danielselmo_: er, stress-testing crucial infrastructure?06:48
elmo_daniels: ?06:48
npmccallumfabbione: can you take a look at bug #1753?  I'm not that familiar with Xcursors06:49
danielselmo_: by uploading stuff targetted at hoary06:49
danielsnpmccallum: is it about a solid black X staying on screen?06:49
npmccallumdaniels: no06:49
elmo_daniels: no, it's just half-configured I mean06:50
danielsnpmccallum: that's just a case of bad theming, though06:50
fabbionenpmccallum: no idea what it can be, but i am sure it's not an X bug06:50
danielsnpmccallum: there's nothing actually wrong, it's just that someone needs to draw a better cursor06:51
danielsfabbione: it's the cursor being inconsistent in the actual theme, not our bug06:51
npmccallumfabbione: I'm pretty sure that that X cursor theme comes packaged with X, no?06:51
fabbionenpmccallum: no06:51
danielsnpmccallum: ehm, I think in this case, no06:51
danielsthe jimmac cursors are provided by gnome iirc06:51
npmccallumwhat format are the cursors in?06:52
danielsprobably xpm or some obscure crap06:52
danielsthey're generated from png iirc06:52
T-Boneelmo_: Is the box being idle, and ps show "ld-linux-ia64.so.2 --library" for the same amount of time to be also considered as "normal"?06:53
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T-Bonelamont: i'll need your glibc deb. My build is stuck for good07:09
npmccallumdaniels: man xcursor07:13
npmccallumdaniels: x cursors are their own format, no mention of how to convert them07:13
danielsnpmccallum: xcursorgen07:16
npmccallumdaniels: is it in the archive?07:17
danielsshould be, yah07:17
npmccallumdaniels: nevermind :)07:17
npmccallumdaniels: its installed with X I believe07:18
danielsprobably, yeah07:18
danielsjust like half of the rest of the archive07:18
danielsany linux distribution is comprised of stuff installed from x, ooo's i18n, and miscellany07:18
npmccallumdaniels: what does cursor size mean? number of pixels?07:23
daniels32x32, 64x624, et al07:24
mdzlamont: that's the powerpc-random-segfault thing?07:24
=== lamont tries to figure out how to fram Gilder
lamontmdz: yeah07:24
lamontmozilla made it through on try #3. :-(07:25
mdzlamont: that one seems like it is, er, still open07:25
mdzconsidering it makes our powerpc builds fail?07:25
lamontmdz: yeah.  it's still a bug.07:25
lamontalthough we have a workaround. :-)07:26
pittiHi mdz!07:26
mdzlamont: the work around being...you? :-)07:26
mdzpitti: morning07:26
lamontmdz: nah - the autodepwaiter just retries anything that was 'terminated by signal 4'. :-(07:27
lamontalthough that didn't seem to be working with mozilla...07:27
=== lamont has no ppc box to test/debug it on, however.
pittimdz: if you have a minute, can you please take a look at #1864?07:28
mdzlamont: I've never seen it on the G407:28
mdzlamont: maybe it's a G5 thing...I think justdave has one07:28
=== Kamion has never seen it either, but voltaire suffers from it and it isn't a G5
thommdz: can i upload firefox (#1790) ?07:31
mdzthom: isn't "move to dpatch" just a tiny bit intrusive to change the user-agent string? :-)07:31
mdzor is dpatch only used for that one patch?07:32
=== Kamion ponders releasing sounder 9 before or after parted fix, concludes after might be better ...
mdzanyone here have an i386 system with >=2GB of RAM?07:35
thommdz: no, it stops me having to juggle about 8 patches to the default firefox, plus our branding. it's a huge time saver, and much *less* intrusive than, say, moving it to DBS07:35
thom1GB is the most i have07:36
Kamionwould amd64 do? I have == 2GB there07:37
Kamionhm, no, I don't, only 1GB07:38
danielsthom: nah man, DBS is love07:38
=== azeem thought quilt was pretty nice, when I was forced to use it
danielsthom: anything you're after a co-maintainer for? :)07:38
mdzthom: if you've rediffed it and checked that no regressions were introduced by the dpatch conversion, it's ok by me07:39
thomdaniels: sure, but nothing i'm letting you choose the packaging system for07:39
thommdz: yeah, i have07:39
thomseveral times07:39
danielsthom: heh07:39
thomactually, i'll leave it till tomorrow to upload, since i'm just about to install a new mobo07:40
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
npmccallumdaniels: Is the cursor mentioned in that bug hardwired to X?  I can't seem to change it07:43
mdznpmccallum: you have an i386 box with >=2GB RAM, right?07:46
danielsnpmccallum: not at all07:48
npmccallummdz: no, >=1GB ram07:50
npmccallumdaniels: do you know which image actually changes that cursor?  I assumed "cross", but nothing happens when I add it and restart...07:50
danielsnpmccallum: ehm, not really sure off the top of my head, sorry07:51
npmccallumdaniels: none of the themes actually change that cursor07:51
danielsit looks non-core to me07:52
npmccallumit certainly does...07:52
sladennpmccallum/daniels: is the plan to replace the default X cursor with a completely transparent one?07:56
daniels... *completely*?07:56
danielsas in, invisibl07:56
npmccallumsladen: actually we are just going to remove mouse support from X :)07:59
sladendaniels: yeah, without reading the scrollback, I wondered if it might be a kludgy solution for cards where the hardware cursor isn't being used, but the default cursor is still loaded and left bang in the centre of the screen07:59
npmccallumsladen: see bug #175307:59
danielssladen: ow, dude, my head07:59
danielscore cursors don't have an alpha channel, anyway07:59
sladendaniels: presumbly their two-bit.  One black/white map;  and one transparent/opaque map ?08:01
danielsi can't remember08:01
mdzMithrandir: can you try backing out to an older/simpler kernel or anything, regarding that futex bug?08:04
mdzMithrandir: none of the userland programs involved have changed in several weeks08:04
elmo_we're still shipping wth 2.6.9 right?08:05
elmo_err 2.6.808:05
elmo_why does our apt-listchanges read changelogs if it's not going to bother displaying any of them?08:10
elmo_or does "Reading changelogs" actually mean "Reading changelogs and news" ?08:10
mdzelmo_: the latter08:11
pittimdz: re 1864: yes, this libsg is just a subdirectory of cdrecord, it's not actually a shared lib. I will upload this thing, thanks for approving it08:12
danielspitti: what are you doing to libscg?08:13
pittidaniels: #186408:13
pittidaniels: I added a patch which opens the burning devices exclusively08:13
pittidaniels: this avoids interference with hal08:13
danielsbe very, very careful wrt licence08:13
pittidaniels: oh? it should be DFSG, not?08:14
danielshalf of libscg is 'you may not breathe on this without adding "schily is god, all hail schily" prominently' all through it08:14
mdzpitti: by the way, if you want to operate on a Debian bug in bugzilla, just tell me and I can import the bug itself with all comments08:14
pittidaniels: wasn't xfree 3.5 rejected because of this particular reason?08:14
danielspitti: libscg requires you to change version on modification08:15
pittimdz: ah, I forgot that again. Next time :-)08:15
mdzdaniels: didn't you close that bug saying that our version was old enough that it didn't have the evil problems?08:15
danielspitti: xfree86 4.4 was rejected because you were required to do advertising in documentation08:15
pittidaniels: okay, then I will add an ubuntu branding. mdz, is that okay for you? (trivial patch)08:15
danielsmdz: there's a difference between utter crap and non-dfsg-free08:15
danielspitti: do you want to let me handle this in the morning?08:15
=== lamont goes off to ponder postfix, and maybe get girls from school in a couple hours and such.
danielsmdz: since 2.0, libscg has required you to change versions if you change certain parts of it08:16
mdzdaniels: what matters is whether or not it meets the Ubuntu guidelines; does it?08:16
=== lamont will also ponder breakfast
danielsmdz: very recently, it was changed to actually violate the licence quite blatant08:16
danielswe're unaffected by the latter08:16
danielsmdz: yes, but it's still obnoxiously crap08:16
pittidaniels: if you mean that you want to change the version string, for my sake yes08:16
danielsit meets the dfsg, dude08:16
danielspitti: i'd just be a little more comfortable if I handled it08:17
mdzpitti: if you need to change the version string, that's fine08:17
danielsmdz: essentially, yes08:17
pittidaniels: okay, I send you my current interdiff, you mangle the version string and upload. Okay?08:18
danielspitti: sure08:18
pittidaniels: I attach the interdiff with a comment to the bug and add you as CC08:19
danielspitti: awesome, thanks08:20
=== pitti just finished installation of today's ppc daily
pittiGuys, the current installation is AWESOME!08:25
Kamionkewl :-)08:26
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pittiKamion: the therm_adt746x module is still not loaded automatically on ppc; I have to reopen #1606 :-(08:37
Kamionpitti: which image?08:37
pittiKamion: today's daily08:38
Kamionpitti: please include a tarball of /proc/device-tree08:38
pittiKamion: anything particularly wrong with that?08:38
Kamionshouldn't be08:38
pittiKamion: I'll do08:38
Kamionso it's not in /etc/modules?08:38
pittiKamion: no, not in /etc/modules and not loaded08:38
Kamionnote that it won't be loaded in the installer environment, hope you weren't expecting that08:39
pittiKamion: no, installation is finished, gnome runs08:39
danielshooray -- we've actually been violating the cdrecord licence for a whlie08:57
mdzKamion: what's the status of sounder 9?09:01
danielspitti: ok, you've got an updated #20 dpatch back; my builds are being really weird for some reason09:04
daniels0505 is bedtime, however09:04
elmo_Setting up gnome-panel-data (2.8.0-0ubuntu5) ...09:05
elmo_We're a laptop09:05
elmo_laptop configuration09:05
elmo_is that considered a featuree?09:05
mdzapparently so09:05
mdzthere's an explicit echo in postinst; presumably for debugging09:06
T-Bonegack, perl is still failing :P09:09
Kamionmdz: if you don't want me to put the parted fix into it (I had been thinking about doing that to force wider testing), it can go out as soon as I test all three arches09:10
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mdzKamion: hmm, sounds risky for a milestone release at the last minute09:14
mdzKamion: maybe push out sounder 9, and then drop new parted onto the daily CDs?09:14
Kamionwell, I wonder how much point there is doing sounder 9 if we really want people to use the dailies09:15
KamionI've got a Windows XP CD now and am installing using it to see if I can reproduce the problem myself09:15
Kamion(current amd64 works, BTW)09:16
T-Bonelooks like there's a circular dep in gcc-3.3 ubuntu:09:18
T-Bonegcc-3.3: Depends: libgcc1 (>= 1:3.3.4-3) but 1:3.3.4-2 is to be installed09:19
mdzKamion: we need to have a "last known good" thing to point people to for the download link on the websit09:19
mdzKamion: so that they don't download a broken CD09:19
KamionT-Bone: libgcc1 comes from gcc-3.409:19
T-Boneaccording to the .dsc, the package gcc-3.3 provides libgcc109:20
Kamion$ madison -s warty -S gcc-3.409:20
Kamion   libgcc1 | 1:3.4.2-2ubuntu1 |         warty | amd64, i386, powerpc09:20
T-BoneKamion: nope, see http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/gcc-3.3/gcc-3.3_3.3.4-9ubuntu5.dsc09:20
Kamionthe .dsc is not always reliable for such things09:20
T-Boneso gcc-3.3 is borked ?09:20
Kamionnot really09:20
Kamionthe newest binary is taken09:20
Kamionbuild gcc-3.409:20
T-Bonehow am i supposed to install gcc-3.3 then?09:21
Kamionby building gcc-3.4?09:21
T-Bonebtw, i got this while trying apt-get install build-essential09:21
Kamionthis sort of thing happens during bootstrapping :)09:21
T-Bonegonna have to bastardize my chroot a bit more :P09:21
T-Boneshit i fucked up my chroot09:26
T-BoneChecking correctness of source dependencies...09:47
T-BoneAfter installing, the following source dependencies are still unsatisfied:09:47
T-Bonelibgtk2.0-dev(inst 2.4.3-1 ! >= wanted 2.4.4-2)09:47
T-BoneKamion: that's why i couldn't build it the first time alas09:48
=== T-Bone finds a workaround
pittiSince very recently ago, I repeatedly see messages like "tar: Read 2560 bytes from -"; does anybody else have this problem?09:57
T-Bonei can't build gcc-3.4. It build depends on gcc-3.3 ubuntu which i can't install for the above mentionned reason10:06
T-Bonei'm looking for some help there...10:07
pittisjoerd: I'm just uploading a new cdrecord with O_EXCL. Thanks for the hint!10:11
mdzpitti: yes; seems fairly harmless10:11
pittimdz: the tar message?10:12
mdzpitti: yes10:12
mdzI've seen them for some time, in Debian as well10:13
sjoerdpitti: nice10:13
mdzpitti: ask bdale10:13
pittisjoerd: I will send the patch to the Debian BTS10:13
mdzpitti: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=26405010:13
sjoerdpitti: :)10:13
pittimdz: thanks10:13
Kamionew! WinXP's installer has a bloody Clippy-a-like!10:19
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=== mdz comforts Kamion
KeybukMS Bob ... the software that just won't die10:31
T-Bonecan somebody please educate me about how to override builddeps with sbuild? I have tried various combinations of -f and -b and can't find the solution :P10:38
mdzKamion: do you have a sounder 9 candidate for me to download and test?10:51
mdzT-Bone: sounsd like you need lamont10:52
mdzhe should be around10:52
T-Bonemdz: yeah, unfortunately he's very busy atm10:52
T-Bonei'm stuck with that gcc-shit before being able to go over stage 2 (building warty against warty binaries)10:53
seb128jdub: just checking, but that's still ok for GNOME point releases (epi 1.4.1 and evo/eds/... 2.0.1) ?11:53

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