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lifelesstla killed01:37
!alindeman:*! Hi all! As you may know, Space Ship One is go for its flight tomorrow morning. If you're interested, #spaceshipone is gearing up to monitor and celebrate the event.01:59
mdzthat must make your work more difficult, now that tla is dead06:00
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lifelessmdz: not really, its quite phoenix like08:42
jblack_autofs is cool.08:46
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carloslifeless, jblack_: ping09:31
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=== carlos is still waiting a merge request confirmation since yesterday night
spivstub: You around?10:22
spivFor how much longer? :)10:23
stubProbably another 7 hours10:24
spivHeh, ok :)10:25
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carloselmo_: do you know if is there any problem with the chinstrap mail?10:40
dafcarlos: we had some problems with PQM yesterday10:41
carloselmo_: pqm is not processing my merge request since yesterday10:41
=== carlos needs to know if it's safe to resend the merge or should wait
dafif in doubt, wait10:41
elmo_it's not chinstrap mail10:42
elmo_it's pqm/tla10:42
carloselmo_: I don't know where is the problem and lifeless/jblack_ are not available to ask about pqm so I ask you as the mailadmin :-P10:47
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elmo_carlos: err, and I answered?10:48
limiwill be offline for a bit, changing networks10:49
carloselmo_: yes, don't worry10:49
carloselmo_: change ask by asked, sorry 10:50
SteveAcarlos: the n~ characters are just omitted by my xchat10:51
SteveAI don't know about mark's10:52
SteveAso I wonder if mark got a good translation10:52
carlosI will send it by mail then10:52
SteveAmark has it okay10:53
carlosbreakfast time, see you later10:57
stubcarlos: should Schema.name be lowercase only while I'm at it?11:03
carlosstub: sorry, I don't understand the question11:04
stubI'm putting the unique constraint on schema.name. I was wondering if I should also enforce that schema.name is also lowercase (I do this for some other .name columns where we want to use them in urls)11:05
carlosooh, hmm, It could be a problem 11:05
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carloswe have labels with names like es_ES11:06
carlosor pt_BR11:06
limihm, that didn't work all that well11:06
limiseems like I have to migrate to the office11:06
stubcarlos: No problem - I won't put any other constraints in then.11:08
carlosstub: ok, thanks11:09
dafcarlos: aren't those label names not schema namet, though?11:09
carlosdaf: no11:09
carlostoo many negations11:09
carlosthose label names are not schema names11:09
daflet me rephrase :)11:09
carlosdaf: so?11:10
dafit seems to me that stub was talking about schemas and you were talking about labels11:10
dafso, schema names can be lowercase, but label names can't?11:10
carlosstub: forget what I told you, and add the lower case constraint for Schema.name, please11:11
stubcarlos: Ok. :-)11:11
=== carlos is back
carlosafter getting some food and sugar, my brain should work better :-P11:23
carlosspiv: the commit rocketfuel just got from you, is from today?11:27
spivHmm, no, it's from yesterday.11:30
spivlimi: rocketfuel now has that patch I sent you yesterday properly merged in.11:30
carlosso I should wait11:34
carlosbefore any new commit...11:34
carlosspiv: thanks for the information11:34
spivPresumably it's working through the backlog :)11:35
carlosfinally!! my merge was done12:06
carlosspiv: so the problem was "only" an empty request?12:07
spivcarlos: Yeah, blame SteveA.12:09
carlosI did not changed some files that the commit log says I did12:11
carlos     lib/canonical/lp/images/arrowDown.gif12:11
carlos     lib/canonical/lp/images/arrowRight.gif12:11
carlos     lib/canonical/lp/images/info.gif12:11
carlos     lib/canonical/lp/images/languages.gif12:11
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spivHmm, that's a bit of a mystery.12:14
dafcarlos: looks like some changes I made12:17
spivNone of the changesets it claims to have merged touched those files.12:17
spiv(at least, not according to my browsing of archzoom)12:17
carlosdaf: but I'm talking about my merge, why it list those files in my merge request?12:18
dafcarlos: no idea12:18
dafwhich merge?12:18
spivThis sounds like a question for the arch guys.12:18
dafperhaps you changed the permissions back12:18
dafls -l lib/canonical/lp/images/arrowBottom.gif12:19
dafwell, not deliberately, obviously12:19
spivdaf: Not according to his changesets...12:19
dafthe permissions stuff in Arch does seem rather flakey12:19
carlos-rw-r--r--    1 carlos   carlos        102 2004-08-16 12:23 lib/canonical/lp/images/arrowBottom.gif12:19
dafthat's the correct permission12:20
carlosdaf: so I did not broke anything12:21
carlosok, more mistery arround arch :-P12:21
spivI'll mail the arch guys.12:22
dafcarlos: mistery -- is that like a combination of "mystery" and "misery"? :)12:22
carlosdaf: a kind of :-P12:23
carlosdaf: could we move the #1973 to post beta after lalo's changes?12:50
dafis it fixed yet?12:53
carlosdaf: with indexes and lalo changes the import speed has been improved a lot, so I think it's not a priority now12:54
carloswe still should profile the process to improve it more, but it's not as important as other bugs we have12:55
carlosof course, under my point of view12:55
daflet's leave it as it is for now12:56
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limiso, everything is OK wrt PQM and friends now?01:08
dafyeah, except for the null-merge-wedged-pqm bug01:09
daf* wedges01:09
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spivlimi: Largely; see my mail to the launchpad list.01:11
dilysNew bug 2052 for Launchpad/Launchpad: Make ShipIt use andrew's XML-RPC auth service01:22
dilysNew bug 2053 for Launchpad/Launchpad: Code security review of shipit01:24
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daflulu: isn't it lunctime yet? :)01:28
elmo_daf: -ECHAN, #launchpad01:31
elmo_blah #lunchpad01:31
luludaf: almost!01:34
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spivstub: ping?01:39
stubspiv: pong01:39
spivGet my mail?01:39
spiv(and checking you haven't gone to sleep ;)01:40
=== stub checks
stubYup - Sourceforge table01:40
spivIt's slightly misnamed, I guess, we'll put freshmeat info in there as well.01:42
stubSounds sane, and I have no problem with it. The database is there to fulfill the developers' needs ;)01:42
spivExcellent :)01:42
stubWhat tool is writing to it, and what tool will migrate the data from it to Product? (For documentation)01:44
stubspiv: And should I add it now, or wait until you have confirmed all the columns you need are actually there?01:46
spivFor the former, we have code from someone Mark contracted to do gather the data, although I'm not sure exactly where we'll take its results and put it in the table.01:46
spivFor the latter, it'll be part of the launchpad web UI.01:46
spivI think add it now.01:47
=== stub tries to think of a better name than 'Sourceforge'
stubIts already being used for more than just sourceforge data (you mentioned freshmeat) - anyone else there have any better ideas?01:48
spivProjectDetailsScrapedFromExternalSources ;)01:48
stubScrapedProject perhaps (which is the shortened version of yours...)01:49
spivThat works for me.01:49
stubCan you quickly ask there?01:50
spivMark's in a rush atm.01:50
stubhomepageurl should be unique? (I'm thinking how the scraper will work)01:51
stubOr do we need some sort of external id so the scraper knows if it already has that one?01:52
luludaf:lunch :o)01:53
stublulu: Wheres mine dammit?01:53
spivAnd about to disappear for a meeting...01:53
lulustub: come on over!01:54
carlosdaf: following your instructions, It says that my archive is missing the patch-21402:09
carlosok, forget it02:09
carlosI thought you were talking about missing patchs from rocketfuel into my archive02:10
carlosnow, that mail makes more sense :-P02:10
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limilulu: mark spoke about three deadlines, the 7th, the 13th and the 20th October (I believe) - do you know what these are? there was a lot of noise, so I couldn't make it all out.02:20
lululimi: hiya02:21
lululimi: websites - we need to have them sorted by the 7th02:21
lulu13th - gold release of Warty and Malone Alpha02:21
lulu20th - official release - after any showstopping bugs in Warty are dealt with (if any) and print of CDs02:23
limigreat, thanks02:23
lulu13th = named, the "candidate release"02:23
lululimi:no worries. 02:24
lululimi: have you worked with Luirker before?02:30
limithat's the nick of one of my employees ;)02:31
limiI've seen it, yes02:31
liminot worked extensively with it02:31
lululimi: ok - I'm about to send you an email on it ...02:32
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dilysNew bug 2054 for Launchpad/Rosetta: URL pointing to inexistent POFile objects should not fail04:14
SteveAnonexitent, not inexistent :-)04:22
SteveAin these situations, Lithuanian friends of mine say "Me fail english? unpossible!"04:40
=== limi Mozilla DOM inspector
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stubSteveA: (or anyone). How do I get the Person.id of the currently authenticated connection? I'm guessing I need to adapt request to something, but I don't know what something is.05:42
carlosstub: person = IPerson(request.principal, None)05:43
carlosif person is not None:05:43
carlosthen you have a valid person, if it's None is an anonymous request05:43
carlosstub: look at rosetta/browser.py we have code about it there05:43
carlosI'm having problems with cStringIO06:30
carlosTypeError: argument 1 must be file, not cStringIO.StringO06:30
carlosI thought a cStringIO was a kind of file object06:32
dafwhere is that exception being raised?06:35
carlosIn new code06:36
spivIs this when trying to construct a cStringIO?06:36
carlos data = bz2.decompress(r1.read())06:37
carlos    parser = apt_pkg.ParseTagFile(StringIO(data))06:37
spivAh, hmm.06:37
spivI guess you'll need to give it a real file then :/06:37
spiva cStringIO isn't a file, it's just file-like.06:38
dafsounds like stupid type checking in APT06:38
spivSounds like apt_pkg could be a bit smarter.06:38
carloswell, I will use a temporal file then...06:38
spivBut it may actually expect to pass the C layer an actual FILE * or something.06:38
dafah, hmm06:38
spivYeah, use the tempfile module I guess.06:38
dafin that case, the C library is stupid :)06:39
carlosdaf: :-P06:39
dafmdz: no offence meant06:39
dafseriously, it seems useful to be able to parse data you have in memory without having to write it to a file06:40
carloswe have now a way to get the list of packages from warty 06:43
carlosand it's only 15 lines of code06:44
dafisn't this what grep-dctrl does? :)06:46
carlosdaf: I think it's more robust if we have already a parser for the format we need :-P06:47
carlosof course, the python-apt documentation sucks06:47
carlosbecause it's null06:47
dafcarlos: hmm?06:47
dafcarlos: aren't you parsing the Packages file?06:47
carlosconn = httplib.HTTPConnection("archive.ubuntu.com")06:48
carlosconn.request("GET", "/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/source/Sources.bz2")06:48
dafcurl http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/source/Sources.bz2 | bzcat | grep-dctrl -n -s Package -e .06:50
carlosdaf: error handling?06:51
carlosdaf: and what happens if you want other fields? (like we need)06:51
dafjust pulling your leg :)06:52
carlosI need some food...06:54
daflimi: I've implemented the "logged in as" feature07:22
daflimi: now it's your job to make it pretty :)07:22
=== limi has promised to save Malone first
=== daf nods
dafwhenever you have the time...07:23
cprovdaf: do you need any source or binpackage in rosetta ?07:23
cprovdaf: cause I'll delete them and use real one instead07:24
dafno, we don't need them, I don't think07:25
cprovdaf: ok, they will be deleted then 07:31
dafdeleted from where?07:31
mdzdaf: python-apt is weird07:39
dafmdz: seems so07:40
dafmdz: it's not the C library making this requirement then?07:41
mdz   if (PyArg_ParseTuple(Args,"O!",&PyFile_Type,&File) == 0)07:42
mdzdaf: it actually needs a file descriptor07:43
mdzbecause that is what the underlying library expects07:43
dafah, right07:43
dafdoesn't the underlying library have a way of parsing an arbitrary chunk of data?07:43
mdzI want to rewrite libapt-pkg in python :-(07:43
dafwouldn't that mandate rewriting apt itself in Python? :)07:44
mdzdaf: any rfc2822 parser should do07:44
mdzdaf: yes, it would be delightful07:44
dafhmm, good point07:44
mdzno, I don't think it has an in-memory tagfile parser07:44
mdzdaf: there are a whole bunch of Debian control file parsers floating around07:45
mdzthere's one in linda07:45
dafon second thoughts, I don't think you could send a Sources file to the rfc822 module07:45
mdzthere's one in apt-listchanges07:45
mdz(python implementations)07:45
dafthat's silly07:46
dafof course, if python-apt sucks...07:46
mdzpython-apt doesn't suck; it's just not very python :-)07:46
mdzit's very apt07:46
carlosmdz: I saw it, and they also relay on python-apt, only for the version comparation algorithm 07:46
mdzcarlos: right, because that bit is difficult, and the tag file parser is easy :-)07:47
=== carlos talks about apt-listchanges
mdzthe world could use the One True Python Tag File Parser, though07:47
mdzone with a nice iterator interface07:47
stubanyone know if there is someway to get a reference to the request if it has been lost?07:50
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SteveAstub: you can get it from the interaction07:53
SteveAbut, why has it been lost?07:53
stubBecause one of Zope's classes doesn't want to pass it on :-(07:54
SteveAoh sucky07:54
SteveAwell, there's a getInteraction somewhere07:54
SteveAand the interaction knows about the request07:54
stubThe zcml addform directive creates a view on a container. This view creates subobjects. These subobjects have no access to the request as far as I can tell. The container also doesn't have access to request, so can't fix it up in its hook either :-)07:55
SteveAa container should not have access to a request07:56
SteveAas it is an app object, not a view07:56
stubYup. And I don't want to subclass the addform view if I can help it, cause then I'd have to manually assemble the view rather than use the addform zcml directive.07:57
stubSo where is this interaction? My use case for it dissappeared before it was implemented :-)07:58
stub(or the principal will do in this case...)07:59
=== stub tries zope.security.management.getInteraction()
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dilysNew bug 2055 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Should store gpg keysize in database09:06
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=== lalo returns
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dilysNew bug 2056 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Sort out component of "inherited" packages in derivatives.10:21
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