jdubholy cow12:02
=== jdub boggles at -users mail last night.
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzjdub: ping?12:29
mdzjdub: someone commented on -users that the -users mailman archive is broken, and it looks like they're right12:29
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jdubmdz: carlos mentioned it too; checking it out.01:39
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Kamionmdz: gah, we clashed on discover1-data :)01:43
KamionI'll do another upload, I had seven more PCI IDs to add for forcedeth01:44
elmo_pcmcia-cs -> ship?  like huh?01:48
Kamionelmo_: like yeah01:48
Kamionelmo_: hw-detect installs it if you actually have PCMCIA01:48
bob2I don't think it's that smart01:49
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bob2it installed it on my ibook which has no slots01:49
sivangwho is responsible to the ubuntu-sounds pkg? lamont?01:50
elmo_as opposed to what01:50
Kamionbob2: bet you have /sys/class/pcmcia_socket/ though01:50
bob2Kamion: ah, I do indeed01:51
sivangsuch cool sounds. especially the gnome bootplash sound01:51
bob2Kamion: is that a kernel bug?01:51
Kamionbob2: go have a long talk with your kernel then ;)01:51
Kamionbob2: dunno, could be01:51
Kamionbob2: maybe there really are slots internally01:51
Kamionsivang: look at the Maintainer: field ...01:52
sivangKamion : oh right..01:52
bob2heh, I could belive apple did weird shit like that01:52
sivangah! hooray for Nathanial!01:53
Kamionelmo_: anyway, yeah, mdz and I argued this out and agreed this was best, since you so aren't going to upgrade a machine to have PCMCIA when it didn't before01:53
bob2are end-users encouraged to file bugs themselves or discuss it on a list first (ie Debian vs Subversion modes)?01:53
sivangKamion : that install went more swiftly than the previous I Had. after I fixed /etc/fstab and excluded from fsck, everything runs fast and sound :-)01:54
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mdzKamion: re: discover1-data, I was going to do another upload to sync up with the kernel anyway, thanks01:57
mdzKamion: regarding ntfs resize, how much of a hack is the partman enhancement?01:59
mdzKamion: anything we should look at for Warty?01:59
Kamionmdz: hacktastic02:00
Kamionmdz: not proven to work yet AFAIK02:00
elmo_kamion: I don't understand still - where was it before?02:02
elmo_anyway, sorry doesn't matter I can stop being lazy and look myself02:02
Kamionelmo_: base02:03
Kamionelmo_: it used to be installed on every system, even desktops without PCMCIA02:03
Kamionmoving it to ship means we can apply detection to it02:03
Kamionmdz: anton's hacks often need a certain amount of polishing before they're production-ready :-)02:04
Kamionjoeyh normally does that ...02:04
npmccallumsivang: thanks :)02:04
mdzsounds like hoary material02:05
sivangnpmccallum : you put out some nifty sounds package! Did you make the sounds with a synth or are they gnome's ?02:05
Kamionmdz: my inclination at the moment is to wait even though it's a nifty feature02:05
npmccallumsivang: mixture of a synth and actual recordings02:06
Kamionpeople can always use partition magic or whatever02:06
sivangnpmccallum : hand made by you?02:06
npmccallumsivang: yes02:06
sivangnpmccallum : superb :-)02:06
npmccallumsivang: thanks, though the phone sound and the card shuffling sound are from gnome.  You can't much improve on them02:07
sivangnpmccallum : i really like to gnome bootsplash sound. so calming ;)02:08
npmccallumsivang: thanks02:08
sivangnpmccallum : are you a musician at days when you're not hacking ubuntu ? 02:08
npmccallumsivang: though I have to say, just about anything would be an improvement on most of the sounds in gnome-audio02:08
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npmccallumsivang: I'm a musician at night when I'm not hacking during the day :)02:09
sivangnpmccallum : well, I havn't heared such a nice splash theme in some time now....:)02:09
npmccallumsivang: I haven't had so much praise in some time now ;)02:10
sivangno, I really like it. as opposed to every single sound theme I checked in the past year on gnome/kde02:13
sivangeither they were too noisy,02:14
sivangor didn't make a difference.02:14
sivangKDE's default window close sound is something of a bug material I think :-)02:14
Kamionmdz: I'd be happy to deal with #1872, it's not particularly amd64-specific02:14
mdzKamion: you have more than your share of RC bugs already, I think; I'd prefer that you hand amd64 stuff off to tollef so that you can work on other things, unless it's trivial and you're touching that package anyway02:17
Kamionmdz: fair enough, discover1-data was to hand that's all :)02:17
Kamionwell, followed up to that bug asking for more info anyway02:17
sivangmdz : I'd like to take some RC bug reproduction and investigation work, if it's possible :) if you have anything you'd wanted someone to look at, please let me know.02:20
lamontKamion: aye.  pri < high.02:22
=== lamont is reminded how much he hates virtual packages in build-depends
jdubcan you exclude a file from diff.gz generation?02:26
jdubi have a file with bollocks changes that can't be easily cleaned, so i want to ignore it02:27
Kamiondpkg-buildpackage -i<regexp>02:28
Kamionlook at the top of /usr/bin/dpkg-source for the default regexp, you'll need to copy it and append to it; you can put defaults for debuild in ~/.devscripts to avoid figuring out the regexp every time02:28
lamontKamion: if debconf asked all the questions before, does it even run config on a reconfigure?02:33
Kamionlamont: config is always run02:33
=== lamont expects 'yes'
lamontmore pondering tonight.  sigh.02:33
Kamiondebconf does not even consider whether it might have asked all the questions, since in general it can't know that02:34
Kamiondue to config being programmatically arbitrarily complex02:34
=== lamont is tired. almost thinking correctly
lamont(forget I asked that...)02:34
Kamionmdz: is #1683 really RC? there are probably quite a number of these issues for various languages that need to be looked at in some detail02:34
Kamionthey've historically been a bit of a nightmare02:35
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lamontKamion: do you have a cookbook for rolling i386 install CD's?02:39
=== lamont fears he will need to do that to resolve the postfix bugs
jdubKamion: so i can't put smoething in debian/rules?02:40
lamontseb128 about?02:42
Kamionjdub: rm it in debian/rules clean?02:58
jdubi kinda thought that might affect the diff, but it seems the removal will be ignored02:59
Kamionlamont: drop in new .deb; edit dists/warty/main/binary-i386/Packages with new Version:, Filename:, MD5sum:, Size:; gzip -c dists/warty/main/binary-i386/Packages > dists/warty/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz; edit dists/warty/Release with new md5sums and sizes for Packages and Packages.gz02:59
Kamionlamont: then "mkisofs -r -V 'Ubuntu 4.10 i386 Bin-1' -o warty-i386-hacked.iso -cache-inodes -J -l -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/boot.cat -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table new-i386", substituting wherever your CD tree is for new-i38603:00
sivangKamion : regarding #1566, i can still use my xphome, although when booting linux i get a CHS warning.03:05
sivangKamion : I used some similar tool to resize my partitions at first, but this was on my first ubuntu install03:06
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Kamionsivang: after fixing the CHS warning using the directions provided in the bug, if you could try the referenced CD image and verify that it does not make the CHS warning come back, that would be good03:18
sivangKamion : i will, however it didn't damage my fat32 installation, but it'd be better to fix that I guess.03:20
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mdzjdub: so who needs a nudge to fix the list archive?04:29
jdubnudged already04:31
jdubgetting to it04:31
tsenghah jdub = the man.04:31
mdzsivang: everything of severity >= major is considered release-critical04:34
mdzsivang: we'd appreciate any help you are willing to provide with those04:34
mdzKamion: we should include a Makefile on the CD which regenerates Packages and Release with apt-ftparchive04:35
fabbionemorning guys04:42
bob2hey fabbione 04:42
fabbionehey bob204:42
fabbione1888 <- notwarty becuase WE know how to backport patches ;) :P05:16
fabbionemdz: what do you thing about 1905?05:20
fabbioneit looks a safe patch to me05:20
mdzfabbione: yes, looks safe, feel free to upload it05:21
fabbionemdz: samba is up05:49
fabbione--- SIGFPE (Floating point exception) @ 0 (0) ---06:02
fabbionehow bad is this message?06:02
fabbioneit's the first time i see it06:02
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lamontKamion: where does boot.cat come from?06:20
mdzfabbione: could be as simple as division by zero06:25
mdzif it's randomly occurring, it could be bad06:25
fabbionemdz: hmmmm it seems to be reproducible (coming from one user of the new nv driver)06:26
fabbionebut it's only report.. 06:26
mdzbrb, reboot06:26
fabbionenobody else reported06:26
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lamontmdz bouncing?06:32
mdzrebooting to check more kernel stuff for 163206:34
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lamontso why is it that OO says that it's going to print on LETTER, yet the printer asks for A4?06:46
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamonta: because the document really wants a4. :-(06:54
=== lamont sleeps, to make things clearer.
fabbione    nvclks = 3; /* lwm -> sync. */06:58
fabbione    nvclks += 2; /* fbi bus cycles (1 req + 1 busy) */06:58
fabbionethe second line here is the one that create that segfault06:59
mdzfabbione: consistently?06:59
fabbionecompiler error?06:59
mdzis nvclks a float?06:59
mdzare those lines really adjacent, or is there other code between?07:00
fabbioneexactly as you see them07:00
mdzwhy not nvclks = 5??07:00
fabbioneno idea..07:00
mdzI guess you'll need to look at the disassembly07:00
fabbioneif it was on my machine...07:02
mdzfabbione: context?07:17
mdzis this not with an ubuntu package?07:17
fabbionemdz: 188307:19
fabbionemdz: the info are missing because the submitter did post a 1.2MB file07:19
fabbionemdz: but it's in the Debian BTS07:19
mdzfabbione: if he is using the binary from debian, and you know exactly where it is crashing, you can disassemble the debian binary07:20
fabbionemdz: it says in the gdb.txt07:21
fabbioneit crashes at line 417 of nv_hw.c07:21
fabbionethat the code i did show you before07:21
fabbionebut it doesn't happen here07:22
fabbioneand i use the same driver07:22
mdzyou're certain that his binaries correspond to your source code?07:22
mdzusers are sneaky sometimes and will run a different X server :-)07:23
fabbionemdz: pretty sure...07:23
fabbionebut i can check again07:23
fabbionehow do you suggest to debug?07:23
mdzuse gdb07:25
mdzdisassemble <function> or disassemble <line>07:25
mdzor <memory location>07:25
fabbioneah so i still need to ask him to do so07:25
mdznah, you can do it on your binary07:26
mdzit is the same code07:26
fabbionedo you know how to read i386 assembly? I know m68k upside down...07:29
mdzI can read some07:31
mdzenough to find problems usually07:31
mdzif you have the gdb output from the user, it should show the exact address of the crash07:31
mdzand so you can find the exact instruction07:31
fabbioneProgram received signal SIGFPE, Arithmetic exception.07:32
fabbione0x080e2188 in nv10CalcArbitration (fifo=0xbffffa60, arb=0xbffffa40)07:32
fabbione    at nv_hw.c:47107:32
fabbione471     nv_hw.c: Aucun fichier ou rpertoire de ce type.07:32
fabbione        in nv_hw.c07:32
fabbionewhat should be the address to look at?07:34
fabbioneok got it :-)07:36
fabbione0x080e2188 <nv10CalcArbitration+614>:   idivl  (%ecx)07:36
mdzthat is of course an integer divide instruction07:41
mdzwhich makes much more sense07:41
mdzbut would seem to indicate that it is NOT line 471 of nv_hw.c07:42
mdzbecause that is an addition expression07:42
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzfabbione: I'd disassemble nv10CalcArbitration (the whole function, hope it is small) and try to find what it corresponds to in the source07:44
mdzpitti: good morning07:44
pittimdz: I will go for some patch cherrypicking from hal CVS today; according to upstream, this "don't recognize at first plugin" bug is fixed in CVS HEAD07:45
mdzoh, nice07:45
mdzdaniels: ping?07:46
fabbionemdz: it's what i am doing now07:46
fabbionemdz: and no.. it's not line 41707:46
fabbioneand that makes me wonder how the hell gdb can believe that's line 41707:47
fabbione      us_n = nvclks*1000*1000 / nvclk_freq;/* nvclk latency in us */07:53
fabbionefound it07:53
danielsmdz: pong, just eating lunch07:57
danielsmdz: 'sup?07:57
danielsfabbione: nvclk_freq == 0?07:58
fabbionedaniels: yes. there is a bug in static void nv10UpdateArbitrationSettings (08:01
danielsfabbione: yay08:01
danielsanyoen here familiar with the hig?08:01
fabbioneMClk can be unitializied and possibly = 008:01
fabbionedaniels: ideally static void nvGetClocks(NVPtr pNv, unsigned int *MClk, unsigned int *NVClk)08:03
fabbioneis the one to check08:03
fabbioneif somebody can understand the magic behind it :-)08:03
danielsfabbione: heh, not I, sorry08:04
fabbionei think i have a simple fix for it08:25
fabbionethat code is unreadable08:25
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danielsjdub: permission to upload http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/g-s-m/gnome-system-monitor_2.7.0-0ubuntu2-to-ubuntu3.diff ?09:02
danielsjdub: (i can't make the configure changes any smaller -- cdbs insists on re-running autoconf every time you build, even source)09:02
danielsjdub: also, right now we can't get any useful errors back from sudo (only 'child exited with error status 1'), so I just hard-coded the error to 'Error (killing process|changing process priority): incorrect password?'09:03
danielsjdub: if you have any HIGgy suggestions, please bounce them back my way and I'll fix it up.  i'm new to this whole GNOME thing ;)09:03
fabbionemdz: 1889 imho is not major09:08
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pittimdz: hmm, cherrypicking CVS patches did not help, but the CVS HEAD version works perfectly09:18
m_tthewpitti: no fear, cherry pick the whole shebang ;)09:20
pittimdz: what do you think about the following: I upload the current packages now, package the CVS head version and put that into my unofficial repository?09:20
fabbionehey m_tthew 09:20
m_tthewfabbione: I don't have full context, but nvglx does not tank X with MGA video09:20
fabbionem_tthew: did you manage to test that setup?09:20
m_tthewfabbione: I will try with the ATI card asap09:20
fabbionem_tthew: ok.. great!09:21
m_tthewfabbione: ATI is non-trivial because I have to cannabilize my desktop for the test setup09:21
m_tthewfabbione: MGA has no 3d, it is a very old card09:21
fabbionem_tthew: doesn't really matter09:21
danielsfabbione: if you want, I can test ATI tomororw09:21
danielsfabbione: I can start a dist-upgrade now, and then leave, and when I get back tomorrow, try video09:21
fabbionedaniels: whatever.. if you can good otherwise tought luck09:21
m_tthewdaniels: that would be helpful, I cannot take my desktop down until saturday.09:21
m_tthewfabbione: I will test ATI saturday if no one beats me to it.09:22
fabbionem_tthew: thanks09:22
danielsfabbione: do you have an updated ati_drv, or do we need the entire server package?09:22
fabbionedaniels: the problem is not the ati driver09:22
fabbioneit has been reported that X crashes when nvidia-glx is installed09:23
fabbioneeven without using the nvidia driver09:23
fabbioneso it's not really a question of newer ati driver09:23
danielsdoesn't it divert away libglcore/libglx?09:23
fabbionebut as a general mess09:23
pittijdub: what do you think about uploading the utopia crack now?09:23
danielsif so, that will break anything that loads them and expects normal libglcore/libglx09:23
fabbionedaniels: i think so yes09:23
fabbionedaniels: you should check the package09:24
fabbionedaniels: but the point is that i can run it ok, like many other people around09:24
danielsfabbione: how big is it?09:24
fabbionei don't believe all testers have nvidia09:24
fabbionethe nvidia?09:24
fabbioneSize: 281527209:25
fabbionethat's the -glx09:25
danielsmight download that while I'm in the shower09:25
danielsbut yeah, if it diverts libglx (which I'm pretty sure it does), we're in deep trouble09:25
danielssince it's not going to be the ABI that the other drivers were built with09:25
danielswhat we need is a wrapper around X that reads the config file and diverts on the fly to whichever one is appropriate ;)09:26
danielswell, bbiab09:26
pittiEverybody get a grip! New uptopia stack coming now! :-)09:31
m_tthewtastes like hope09:32
pittim_tthew: It's uploaded, now wait for it to build, then go ahead and beat me up :-)09:37
mdzpitti: yes, please do upload the current packages09:43
mdzah, you did09:43
=== mdz catches up
pittimdz: yes, since you already agreed to upload the current hal package :-)09:44
pittimdz: nevertheless, cvs head works even better, but the interdiff is some 8000 lines (due to some refactoring)09:44
pittimdz: I currently run the cvs version, I will put that on my unofficial archive. We can upload it in one or two days if it behaves sanely09:45
=== pitti has great fun with closing a bunch of bugs
danielsjdub: comments on g-s-m stuff?09:49
jdubhaven't installed it yet09:50
danielsjdub: rad09:50
jdubpitti: woo :)09:51
jdubhrm, not all of it yet09:51
jdubdaniels: hrm, no g-s-m yet09:51
pittijdub: what's still missing?09:52
=== trukulo [~mzarza@26.Red-81-45-239.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittijdub: these are the packages that needed upgrading09:52
danielsjdub: haven't uploaded yet09:53
danielsjdub: http://people.no-name-yet.com/~daniels/g-s-m/09:53
jdubpitti: don't think they've built yet, i saw your uploads though09:53
jdubdaniels: 09:53
danielsjdub: that contains ubuntu3, which uses gksu in a pretty HIGgy way09:53
pittijdub: ah okay, just a matter of time :-)09:53
danielsjdub: as per the comment in procdialogs.c, gksu doesn't deliver a useful error message back from sudo, so the error suggests that the password might be wrong09:54
=== T-None is now known as T-Bone
daniels                if (type == 0)09:57
daniels                        errorMessage = _("Couldn't kill process: incorrect password?");09:57
daniels                else09:57
daniels                        errorMessage = _("Couldn't change process priority: incorrect password?");09:57
danielsjdub: ok to upload?10:02
jdubhold on :)10:03
danielsjdub: rad :)10:06
danielsmdz: i have a trivial patch to xresprobe to make it respect $TMPDIR -- ok to upload?10:06
jdubchecking for libgnome-2.0 >= 2.0.0 libgnomeui-2.0 >= 2.0.0 gconf-2.0 >= 1.1.5 libgtop-2.0 >= 2.5.2 libwnck-1.0 >= 2.5.0 gtk+-2.0 >= 2.3.0 libgksuui1.0 >= 0.15.0 libgksu1.2 >= ... Comparison operator but no version after package name 'libgksu1.2' in file '(command line arguments)'10:06
jdub^ daniels 10:06
danielsjdub: ugh, bong10:07
danielshold on a sec10:07
jdubsomehow there's an extra I there10:08
danielsnew version on its way to the same place10:09
danielsmdz: http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/xresprobe/xresprobe-0.4.9-to-0.4.10.diff10:09
danielsjdub: new .diff.gz/.dsc up10:09
daniels(and changes, and interdiff, etc, etc)10:09
jdubdaniels: looks good10:15
danielsjdub: rad10:16
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=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielstime to head home for dinner10:21
mdzdaniels: fine by me10:28
Keybukwait!  vicky hasn't returned from lunch yet!  we can't leave the shop floor UNMANNED!10:31
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=== elmo_ [~james@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128hello thom 10:40
seb128daniels: patches in debian/patches for GNOME packages please10:40
thomseb128: got anything more you'd like me to test with nautilus? :-)10:40
seb128the changes in the diff.gz are a pain10:40
mdzfabbione: what is your opinion on #1878?10:40
seb128thom: re a bug report ? 10:40
mdzseb128: the nautilus-cd-burner thing, I assume10:41
seb128I was thinking to that too, but not sure10:41
seb128thom: gnome-vfs guy is pretty surprised that gnomevfs-info gives the same result with FAST and SLOW for mime detection10:41
seb128are you sure you patched it right ? :)10:42
seb128they are thinking to a problem with one or the 2 detections, but since the 2 versions seems to return the right information with gnomevfs-info ...10:42
fabbionemdz: we knew that via can't be probed. Either we ban probing in xresprobe or we backport the driver, but the latter won't get enough testing before release10:44
mdzfabbione: daniels suggested not only skipping the probe, but forcing vesa. does that seem correct to you?10:45
fabbionemdz: hmmmm10:49
thomseb128: i'm pretty sure, unless the build does crackful things :-)10:49
fabbionemdz: i am not happy to force vesa10:50
seb128thom: ok10:50
fabbionemdz: i much rather prefer to ask teh resolution question10:50
fabbionemdz: we did try already to force vesa if gfx card probe fails and we have seen that it is not good10:50
seb128thom: I'll talk again with gnomevfs guys and probably ping you with a small test case after that :)10:51
thomseb128: sure it's not nautilus screwing up? :-)10:52
seb128thom: the mime are handled in the gnomevfs level, there is not real reason for nautilus to act in a different way, but I'll check10:53
thomfair enough10:54
mdzfabbione: so it is only the probe which fails, and the X server running normally should not crash?11:02
fabbionemdz: there are 2 bugs in the via drive11:09
fabbione1) it does not store panel information in the bios that means that probing will never be succesful11:10
fabbione2) if probed when X is running it would crash X11:10
mdzif skipping the probe means that their X server will still crash, then we should use vesa11:10
mdzif it will not crash, we can stay with via11:10
fabbionemdz: if we do NOT probe, there is no problem11:10
fabbionethe 2 bugs above are in case of probe11:11
mdzfabbione: ok, then, let's just skip the probe but still use the driver11:11
fabbionemdz: that's what it should be already11:11
fabbionei explicitly remove the probe ban on the via chipset because daniels told me that xresprobe should take care of it11:11
fabbioneand xresprobe shouldn't be probing via afaik11:12
fabbioneso yes. we use the driver, we don't probe and we ask for resolution11:12
fabbionethat's the best path11:12
fabbioneand it is the same as like everything else (given a failed probe)11:12
mdzfabbione: xresprobe is definitely probing via, that's #187811:13
fabbionethe day that we will switch to X.org it will be enough to remove the ban11:13
fabbionedaniels: that's not what we agreed11:14
fabbionewell i will write in the bug11:14
=== Mithrandir wants a 32 bit strace.
=== fabbione wants a 64 bit CPU/RAM/MOBO.
fabbionemdz: 191111:24
fabbionemdz: afaik new subversion requires new libswig<something>11:26
fabbionemdz: should we take a look to a patch?11:26
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzfabbione: I thought in unstable libswig was gone11:27
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mdzbreaking subversion11:27
fabbionethere was joshk discussing it this morning on d-d11:27
fabbionedebian has the same version as we have basically11:29
=== azeem_ is now known as azeem
fabbioneoh well he uploaded .8 but it's not built on i386 yet11:31
mdzjdub: what's the status of the list archive inquiry?11:32
seb128somebody know why hal 0.2.98 is missing in the archive ?11:35
seb128+on i38611:35
thompython-dbus not new enough11:38
thomdunno then11:45
thomgive elmo a poke on jabber11:45
elmo_it's new11:49
seb128why ?11:49
elmo_hal-device-manager is a NEW package11:49
seb128oh ok11:49
elmo_(NEW in katie terms, I'm not shouting at you ;)11:49
seb128yes, I was thinking to this NEW :)11:50
seb128but since the amd64/ppc binaries are in the archive11:50
elmo_i386 build arch: all, and h-d-m is arch: all ...11:50
elmo_I've processed it..11:50
seb128oh ok11:50
seb128thanks elmo_11:50
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Mithrandirmdz: seems like the kernel hasn't been upgraded, or at least not upgraded to another binary-incompatible one.12:03
Mithrandirelmo_: is there any way I could acess the morgue?  I have a fun problem to track down (1854)12:03
elmo_Mithrandir: ask me/thom for what you need?  or do you need the whole thing particularly?12:06
Mithrandirelmo_: I'd like something like snapshot.d.n to see if I can track it down with a binary search..12:06
Mithrandirbut given that we don't have that in place, I can try to pull selected debs by hand.12:07
elmo_well, you can't have that :P (unless you implement it) but you can have access to the morgue I guess12:07
elmo_the rhona dir is date based, but there's no Packages/Sources files like with ssnapshot12:07
Mithrandirok, that's fine; it's a full tree or just the files removed on a certain day?12:08
elmo_the latter12:26
jdubmdz: meeting atm12:26
Mithrandirelmo_: ok, thanks a lot. :)12:27
elmo_Mithrandir: copying to rookery:/srv/archive.ubuntu.com/morgue - it'll take a while tho, the IO problems are particularly bad between rookery and jackass for reasons I've yet to track down12:32
elmo_it'll also, unhelpfully copy in the wrong order (oldest first)12:32
Mithrandirelmo_: ok, no hurry, I should write on my thesis today anyhow. :)12:32
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pittimdz: thanks for approving #1509 - nightshift today?01:01
mdzpitti: must...sleep...01:01
fabbionemdz: 1911 almost done... testing the results right now01:01
pittimdz: mdz.sleep(8*3600)01:01
mdzso many bugs remain01:02
fabbionemdz: 45 approx.01:02
mdzI just found one that lamont forgot to close; that is always nice :-)01:02
mdzI count 4201:02
Kamionlamont: boot.cat's on the CD already01:04
fabbionemdz: 41 in a few secs :PO01:04
elmo_Mithrandir: done (somehow)01:04
Keybukdid anyone notice that LWN are now carrying Ubuntu Traffic01:07
fabbioneah cool01:07
mdzI noticed it was linked from distrowatch01:07
mdzthe LWN issue with the first Ubuntu article just opened to the public today01:08
mdzI don't know what to do about #172401:11
mdz(nvidia drivers breaking everything)01:11
mdzI don't think it's something that we can fix ourselves01:12
fabbionemdz: not without sources ;)01:12
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fabbionehow long does it take to run that damn test suite01:16
elmo_mdz: btw, vanilla 2.6.8-rc2 is working just fine with >= 2GB on emperor, but not with debian style config01:17
elmo_err, s/debian/ubuntu/01:17
mdzelmo_: mind attaching a copy of the config to the bug?01:17
mdzjust for giggles01:18
mdzmaybe I'll try a build with that config and see if it makes a difference for me01:18
elmo_it's not even using initrd tho, I mean01:18
elmo_but can do, sure01:18
mdzinitrd doesn't make a difference; it breaks in the non-initrd case too01:18
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fabbionemdz: i count 39 bugs now01:27
mdzfabbione: I just had to import a new one from Debian :-/01:28
mdz(possible php4 security issue)01:28
fabbioneyeah.. that one included01:28
mdzI have downgraded a few01:28
mdzthe pcmcia-cs bug is not RC now, because we only install pcmcia-cs if the hardware is present01:28
mdzso downgraded01:28
mdzdowngraded nvidia breakage01:28
fabbionesubversion is done01:29
fabbionei am waiting katie but the bug is closed01:29
fabbionewe have approx 14 days to close the others01:30
fabbionethat's hard01:30
Kamionmdz: not getting a whole lot of feedback on this parted thing; just lots of people saying that the preview worked for them01:30
thomoh, that php4 one looks joyous01:30
mdzKamion: yeah, I think the original issue was a bit inflated01:30
Kamionwell, no, I agree it was a major issue01:30
mdzwell, it was painted as "installing alongside XP fucks the partition table"01:31
KamionI think everybody acknowledged it wasn't broken on all systems; it depends on your BIOS settings and indeed on the make of your BIOS01:31
mdzand it seems to be much more narrow than that01:31
Kamionit's a system-specific thing, but it's *very* bad on the systems where it's broken01:31
mdzmaybe the submitter will help01:31
=== fabbione goes and crashes in the bed
mdzif not, the best we can do is regression-test it01:31
fabbionelater guys01:31
mdzfabbione: good night/afternoon01:31
fabbionemdz: yeah just one hour of sleep..01:31
fabbioneotherwise i will die01:32
thommdz: i'll take the php one01:32
fabbioneand hopefully i can sleep one hour01:32
mdzthom: php security vulnerabilities are the BEST01:32
trukulofabbione, good night01:34
trukulofabbione, night?01:34
trukuloit has to be midday there01:34
trukulowell, sleep well01:34
thommdz: i think your definition of "best" is disimilar to the rest of the world's ;-)01:34
KeybukI used to get excited about PHP security vulnerabilities too01:44
Keybukbut you know how it is when the radio just plays the same great song again and again, and suddenly it's no longer great and enough to make you change station?01:44
mdzthom: does your X40 power off correctly?01:45
thomwith laptop-mode, or otherwise?01:49
thom(yes in both cases last i checked)01:49
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Kamionmdz: even if we don't take the partman ntfsresize support (which apparently works now ...), we should take the ntfstools-udeb and put it on the CD, so that we can point users at it if necessary03:00
sjoerdpitti: did you check if the patch i sent to the hal list yesterday fixes your problem03:01
pittisjoerd: not yet, by now I uploaded 0.2.98 proper03:01
pittisjoerd: but I tested today's cvs head, this seems to work; is your patch already included?03:02
pittisjoerd: I already debugged the code to the point you patched away; the last_hotplug_seqnum was nonsense03:03
sjoerdpitti: with yesterdays cvs i could still reproduce it here03:04
jdubanyone having probs with the server?03:04
sjoerdpitti: and it isn't applied yet03:04
pittijdub: sometimes I cannot connect to archive03:04
jdubhrm, working now03:05
pittisjoerd: thanks so far. I will wait until David or sb else verifies this, and then upload a new hal version03:06
sjoerdpitti: still weird that cvs head fixes it for you though :)03:07
pittisjoerd: I did not test this very extensively, it just worked at the first time after hal restart03:08
pittisjoerd: OTOH, it also seems to work some times with the current hal (0.2.98)03:08
pittisjoerd: so I guess this is sort of a race condition and it is not really fixed in CVS HEAD03:08
seb128jdub: do we want the new sound-juicer with some hal love in ?03:09
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: what does s-j with hal? (being curious :-) )03:09
sjoerdpitti: yeah.. it's only triggered if your usb device triggers the first hotplug events and those events come in out of order03:10
pittisjoerd: yesterday I thought it was just a matter of properly initializing this last_hotplug_seqnum03:10
seb128pitti: CD detection03:11
pittisjoerd: but if removing the code completely helps, so much the better :-)03:11
pittiseb128: ah, thanks03:11
sjoerdpitti: see my explaination in that mail :)03:11
sjoerdseb128: your need cvs stuff to get sj+hal to compile btw03:12
pittisjoerd: I saw, that's why I want to wait for comments :-) Thanks for your work, though!03:12
seb128sjoerd: ?03:12
seb128sjoerd: I've a package ready ...03:12
sjoerdseb128: 0.5.13 vanilla ?03:12
seb128oh no03:13
seb128with the fix post release for hal build03:13
seb128sorry :)03:13
sjoerdhehe ;)03:13
=== sjoerd wonders if ross is going to enabled it for debian
seb128since it needs hal 0.2.9803:18
seb128and debian doesn't have it03:18
seb128probably no :p03:19
sjoerdseb128: debian has it as soon as it comes out of NEW :)03:19
seb128oh, that's why03:19
seb128hal-device-manager NEW ?03:19
sjoerdit's been there since sunday03:20
thomcan people grab http://people.no-name-yet.com/~thom/popularity-contest_1.22ubuntu2_all.deb and run: "/usr/sbin/popularity-contest|/usr/sbin/popcon-upload" please03:33
=== T-Bone gets hit by apt-get upgrade failing on "Section" in dpkg-dev
=== thom pokes people
thomi'm watching the logs you slackers, get to it03:46
Kamionthom: s'pose you want this on an Ubuntu machine03:57
thomKamion: it'd be nice, please03:58
=== trukulo [~trukulo@docsis65-46.menta.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamiondamnit, no working Ubuntu system at the moment; /me fires off an install04:05
Kamionwelcome to the life of an installer guy; it's just not worth getting too attached to the installs ...04:07
=== T-Bone is stuck with a broken Ubuntu, damn
=== ahy [~ahy@ti311110a080-0800.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsseb128: sorry04:35
danielsseb128: want me to re-upload?04:36
seb128no problem04:36
seb128no, that's fine04:36
elmo_what webserver log analyzing tools (analog, webalizer, etc.) have people used/do you recommend?04:36
seb128daniels:  the changes are pretty easy to get out of the diff for the next upload :) But when you have a bunch of patches mixed here that's a pain04:36
danielsfabbione: the two choices are either blanket via->vesa mapping in xserver-xfree86, or via->vesa in discover1-data04:36
danielsseb128: yeah, sorry. i thought I looked for debian/patches, but obviously I'm on crack :)04:37
thomdaniels/seb128/elmo: please test popcon :-)04:39
Keybukso, why don't we ship anacron in Ubuntu?04:40
elmo_your not watching MY computer, Big Bro^WThom04:40
azeemBig Thom?04:40
=== thom chuckles at elmo
thomjust test it and stop whining, ya bitch :-)04:42
thomseems to work, too04:44
Kamionthom: you'll get a weird broken upload from this machine, hope you don't mind, it's a via so installation breaks with the xresprobe bug04:45
Kamionthom: did that work?04:45
danielsthom: i'm not near an ubuntu machine atm04:45
danielsKamion: can you start X at all -- is it X breaking, or the extra probe breaking (a la i8550?04:46
Kamiondaniels: so just type 'X', you mean?04:46
thomKamion: yep, ta04:48
danielsKamion: startx, yah (assuming you have a halfway valid XF86Config-4 which lists the via driver)04:48
danielsarse, something tells me `signfile' won't be installed on suse04:50
Kamiondaniels: it's kind of hard to tell because it breaks while it's trying to write XF86Config-4 :P04:50
danielsKamion: heh :) you can just copy one out from OH MY GOD04:50
daniels(any working system)04:50
KamionI have working systems?04:50
thomauckland (archive|cdimage) is doing a GB/min currently. that's awesome04:50
KamionI'll just nobble the xresprobe call04:50
danielsthis is a jackie chan movie that I think I would made if I smoked a beer bong and then drank all the water.04:50
danielsit is the most incredibly bizzare thing I've ever seen in my life, and I've used yast04:50
danielsthom: !04:51
danielsthom: doesn't that mean we're maxing out our ... what the hell? ... link?04:51
Kamiondaniels: startx breaks04:52
danielsKamion: huzzah.04:52
Kamionoh, oh, no, startx comes back to a prompt04:52
danielsKamion: mind if I quote you on BTS?04:52
daniels(oh my god, Jackie Chan in a schoolgirl outfit as Chun-Li)04:52
Kamionit's really hard to tell, not sure I'm reproducing everything properly04:52
Kamion[drm]  failed to load kernel module "via"04:53
danielsif the driver's that flakey, it deserves to be locked in a room with Lazarus Long04:53
Kamionyou can have the log file if you like04:53
danielsnah, it's OK thanks04:53
Kamionbut the symptoms of 'startx' are similar until it comes back to a prompt - screen goes blacker, fan pitch rises04:54
Kamionyeah, feel free to quote me wherever04:54
danielsKamion: thanks04:54
Kamiondaniels: do you need the xresprobe debugging stuff mdz suggested?04:54
KamionI'll happily give that a go04:54
danielsKamion: not really; if the driver is total arse under X, then it needs to be blacklisted totally04:55
Kamionsuppose I should try the other Via machine here ...04:55
danielsis that laptop or desktop?04:56
danielsit's probably broken also04:57
KamionI'll chuck the CD in there anyway on the off-chance04:59
=== T-Bone wonders if that's the reason why he can't login on gnome since his last update
Kamionwill take a while, crydee's not the beefiest of boxes05:00
KamionT-Bone: if gdm comes up at all this probably isn't the same problem05:00
T-BoneKamion: on second read yah. If i try to login, it'll segault in session-manager, bringing me back to GDM, and if i try to click on "Session", whatever choice I make (including no choice, just starring at the choice panel) restarts X05:02
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pittiGosh, can anybody tell me why gstreamer crashes on reading a file, but does not do so any more if you compile it with debugging symbols? 05:04
pittiHi npmccallum05:04
danielspitti: welcome to a heisenbug :) probably gcc optimising out the file opening code or something to save space05:05
pittidaniels: so gcc optimized in a segfault? Nice.05:05
danielsKamion: it's not urgent; as I said, if the driver really is that broken, we shouldn't be using it in X at all, although more data points are always nice (if not essential) :)05:06
danielspitti: file = open("foo", rw); file->stuff();05:06
danielspitti: to file->stuff()05:06
danielspitti: you don't need to waste time on this whole opening the file thing05:06
pittidaniels: thanks. It was only meant as a rhetorical question anyway :-/05:07
T-BoneKamion: what should be my starting point in building an installer for ia64 (assuming I have an archive ready)?05:08
pittidaniels: it could be worth a try to compile with symbols, but optimize05:08
danielspitti: -g3 -O205:08
T-Bonepitti: alternatively you can try to compile with symbols, then strip them out ;)05:08
KamionT-Bone: get all the udebs built, backport linux-kernel-di-ia64-2.6 from Debian, try to build debian-installer05:08
pittiT-Bone: I don't think that the symbols spoil the show, I think it's the optimization05:09
T-Bonepitti: that way you'll be sure of it05:09
KamionT-Bone: I can probably upload a version of debian-installer with a bit of ia64 support, otherwise try to merge the general spirit of i386/amd64/powerpc in Ubuntu debian-installer with the specifics of ia64 in Debian debian-installer05:09
T-BoneKamion: ok. I have a couple of builder issues to solve in the meantime tho, but I'll follow these lines05:10
npmccallumpitti: hi :)05:11
KamionT-Bone: just mailed mdz/jdub asking for approval to upload non-risky d-i ia64 changes05:13
T-BoneKamion: thx05:14
T-BoneKamion: i'm stuck with some gcc-3.4 building troubles that i'm currently tweaking to get done, as soon as I can have a working gcc-3.4 i'll be able to bootstrap stage2, aka "warty built on warty".05:14
T-Bonethe fact is that gcc-3.4 is so damn SLOW to build05:15
Mithrandiryou can turn off the tests when debugging05:16
T-BoneMithrandir: ?05:17
=== daniels kicks SuSE in the usability bone.
Keybukthom: that kacpid bug does look exactly like what's affecting my laptop05:18
daniels'A new hard disk was detected\nOpen with: kfmclient openURL file:/media/storage/usb-storage-odd-0x0c76-0x0005:0:0:0p1 ?\n[Yes]  [No] '05:19
MithrandirT-Bone: it runs a huge number of compiler tests05:20
T-BoneMithrandir: right, i'm currently parsing the rules* files to find where to disable them05:20
azeemyou should be able to do so with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck, but that's not implemented yet05:21
=== azeem was going to file a bug about that
Mithrandirazeem: notest, iirc05:21
azeemMithrandir: last time I checked, gcc doesn't support it05:21
azeemmaybe I didn't look well enough05:21
T-Bone$ grep DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS *05:21
T-Bone[varenet@envy ~/build/gcc-3.4-3.4.2/debian] $ 05:21
=== T-Bone confirms
azeemMithrandir: the glibc package, cdbs, and automake upstream use 'nocheck' already, so I think that's better than 'notest'05:22
azeemeh, automake uses 'check'05:22
danielstv is weird tonight. some documentary about the falklands islands entitled 'fuckland' that featured the words to god save the queen at some point.05:22
=== T-Bone has 0 knowledge of the debian way of building GCC, which doesn't ease the process :P
Mithrandirset with_check in debian/rules.defs05:23
T-BoneMithrandir: I owe you a beer for that one! ;)05:24
azeemMithrandir: ah, thx05:24
MithrandirT-Bone: where can I collect it? ;)05:24
T-BoneMithrandir: I'll find a way ;)05:25
T-BoneMithrandir: btw, is it normal that when running dpkg-buildpackage, the package rewrites its own control file?05:25
Mithrandirnot too common, no, but glibc and gcc does it at least.05:25
Mithrandirthey're kinda special05:25
Mithrandirlook in debian/control.in/ probably05:25
Mithrandirfor fragments05:26
T-Bonethis is pissing me off, cause I have an unmet dependency i'm trying to work around05:26
azeemall those packages using type-handling also do this, AFAIK05:26
Kamionit's not unknown, linux-kernel-di-* do that too05:26
T-Bonei've changed it in the control file, but i guess that it'll be problematic if gcc erase it, when the package will actually be built?05:26
azeemI used to do that in one of my library packages to automatically write the correct library package name from the soname in configure.in05:27
T-Boneis there a way for me to "properly" change a build dependency?05:27
KeybukT-Bone: edit debian/control or debian/control.in ?05:27
T-BoneKeybuk: as i said, debian/control gets overwritten. There's a control.m4 tho.05:27
MithrandirT-Bone: debian/control.m4 for gcc05:28
=== mjg59 [mjg59@cavan.codon.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== T-Bone looks
T-BoneMithrandir: thx! ;)05:28
Mithrandirmathias  sick, it seems.05:28
Mithrandirusing m4.05:28
=== T-Bone will have to change version number too, making it look like NMU
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== T-Bone fires sbuild and makes some voodoo
Kamiondaniels: confirmed that the Via C3 laptop locks up too05:53
danielsKamion: huzzah :\05:54
danielsvesa it is!05:54
danielsmdz: looking at #1897, would this logic be sane -- write out stanza saying '## this file written by dhcp3-client'; then only molest the file if either it doesn't exist, or has that stanza in it?06:08
danielsmdz: (or the standard '## OMGDEBCONF' markers or whatever)06:09
=== vuntz [~vuntz@fennas.vuntz.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontKamion: Figured out about boot.cat after asking - took me a minute to realize we were rolling a CD from a CD, rather than virgin plastic06:25
Kamionlamont: oh right, yes06:26
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontdaniels: gnome-system-tools hates you.06:35
lamontpitti: ditto fro nautilus-cd-burner06:36
danielslamont: ?06:36
danielslamont: gnome-system-monitor? seb uploaded g-s-t06:36
lamontdaniels: path config barfage06:36
lamont1295     Sep 30 Daniel Stone    (  44) Accepted gnome-system-monitor 2.7.0-0ubun06:36
pittilamont: what's wrong with ncb? I'm just following #ubuntu-meeting, I did not listen06:36
lamontsame issue.06:37
lamontmay just be bad build-deps - I'll toss them back into the fray06:37
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontwe'll see how they don on retry06:37
danielslamont: argh! thankyou.06:38
danielslamont: g-s-m is missing b-d on libgksu1.2-dev/libgksuui1.0-dev06:38
danielsdid them in one tree, forgot to copy them over to the other06:38
danielslamont: i'll upload to fix and also move the patch to debian/patches in a bit; thanks for the heads-up06:38
lamontdaniels: np06:38
seb128what's the problem with n-c-b ?06:38
seb128I'm going to do an upload, I've a patch to fix a reported bug06:39
pittilamont: oh, it did not build?06:39
lamontpitti: no.06:39
=== mako_ [mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontseb128: checking for glib-2.0 >= 2.4.0 libgnome-2.0 >= 2.0.0 gtk+-2.0 >= 2.4.0 gnome-vfs-2.0 >= libglade-2.0 >= 2.0.0 libgnomeui-2.0 >= 2.0.0 hal >= 0.2.98... Requested 'hal >= 0.2.98' but version of hal is 0.2.9206:40
seb128will upgrade the build-dep06:40
pittilamont: I uploaded hal at the same time; a simple rebuild should work06:41
lamontpitti: yeah06:41
lamontI tossed them back in the pond, see what we catch this time.. :-)06:41
pittiseb128,lamont: seb, if you upload a new ncb anyway, the next build should just work06:41
seb128no a reason to have bad depends06:41
lamontdaniels: but yours failed. :-)06:41
lamontseb128: true06:41
danielsheh :)06:41
danielslamont: mine will always fail, unless you pre-seed it with the two libraries06:42
lamontdaniels: yeah.  But you said that _after_ I did the 6 give-backs.. :-)06:42
danielslamont: heh06:43
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== T-Bone pokes lamont
lamontenlightenment uploaded, btw07:05
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amusuccessfully upgraded a ppc from unstable to warty, gnome 2.8 looks nice 07:25
=== yuval [~Yuval@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdflmjg59: what's the status of swsuspend in k2.6 these days?08:14
Keybuksabdfl: to disk generally works, to memory works on a select few laptops, standby generally works aiui.08:22
lamontKamion: still about?08:23
Kamionlamont: sure08:24
lamontis there a way to ask debconf if it would ask a question, or just looking at the return from input?08:25
Mithrandirlook at the seen flag?08:25
lamontI'm thinking of noticing that things are bad in the first config run, and deferring questions that weren't asked until run 2 (where they still won't be asked, but the default value will then be correct...)08:26
lamontKamion: and could I get your debootstrap/whatever change (seen flag)?08:26
Kamionlamont: bug #178108:26
Kamionwhat I still want to know is *why* are things bad in the first run?08:27
lamontKamion: because the defaults are based on system state, not hard coded.08:27
Kamionmdz: mind if I upload the debootstrap half of #1781? it's harmless on its own and will make testing easier08:27
lamontand said state isn't there...08:27
Kamionlamont: system state *should* be sane at that point though08:27
lamontuid 1000 isn't created by the first run, so we decide to use 'NONE' for the default.08:28
Kamionright, that explains a lot08:28
lamontso I need to decide to do that one over.. :-)08:28
lamontand then I'll calculate a good default, and we still won't actually ask the user, and life is good.08:28
Kamionmdz: approval to restore mta configuration step to base-config based on what lamont just said?08:28
Kamion(won't introduce a new question, just a dpkg-reconfigure)08:29
lamontKamion: alternatively, the same code that adds uid 1000 to sudoers could add the root alias and run newaliases...08:31
Kamionthat's possible too, although would prefer not to duplicate code if possible08:31
lamontactually, my code is based on _not_ finding a root alias in the map, and picking a default, whereas the baseconfig code would be just 'add this user'08:32
KamionI guess it would be less complex08:32
Kamiondon't care really, recommend something and assign a bug to me :)08:33
Kamionnpmccallum: what do the diffs look like for those packages?08:33
lamontKamion: you getting close to bedtime, or want somethign soon?08:33
Kamionlamont: it's 19:30 here08:34
npmccallumKamion: same stuff as was happening with ssh, et al08:34
KamionI might be getting close to pubtime :)08:34
Kamionnpmccallum: which languages though?08:34
Kamionnever mind, I guess I can check08:34
npmccallumKamion: I'll look, I have diffs08:34
lamontKamion: I'll get you what I think should work sometime today, and try to get a patch together tomorrow morning.08:35
lamontbut I need to go help my wife with some precon crap today before we head down there tonight.08:36
npmccallumKamion: fr, he, nn, tr, id at first glance08:36
sivanglamont : any help needed with 'he' ?08:37
Mithrandirnpmccallum: I can look at nn08:38
Mithrandirit's my least-favorite kind of norwegian, but I do it ok-ish.08:38
lamontsivang: he?08:38
sivangah sorry, that was directed to someone else.08:38
sivangnpmccallum : he = hebrew? ;)08:39
=== lamont wanders off for a while. cell phone still works.
npmccallumMithrandir, sivang: the bug is here -- https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=132908:39
Kamionnpmccallum: will look, might just be package-specific08:39
=== sivang needs to resync his cable modem. the net just got stuck!
Mithrandirnpmccallum: which are the exact packages that break?08:42
npmccallumMithrandir: its all listed in the bug08:44
Kamionnpmccallum: the only reason exim4 breaks is because the last upload was an Ubuntu upload built with the old po-debconf08:45
npmccallumKamion: howto fix then?08:46
Kamionthe exim4 change restores things to the correct state of affairs08:48
Kamionlet's look at mgetty, that seems different08:49
KamionI can't reproduce any problem with mgetty ...08:49
npmccallumhrm... all I changed was the initscript and the changelog08:51
Kamioncould you attach the debdiff to the bug?08:52
npmccallumsure thing08:53
npmccallumKamion: there you go08:54
Kamionnpmccallum: those changes aren't a problem, closing, you can upload the source package like that safely08:58
Kamionit's normal for po-debconf to fiddle with .po files, sometimes when timestamps change and things; the Debian maintainer will probably pick up the same change eventually08:58
npmccallumKamion: ok, great09:00
=== Keybuk [scott@syndicate.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
npmccallumKamion: I'm not great with translation stuff, thanks for helping!09:00
Kamionnpmccallum: the thing to watch out for is when msgstrs change encoding and stuff, then it's worth paying some attention to make sure it's sane09:01
Kamionno worries, po-debconf is ... eccentric sometimes09:01
seb128lamont: any news about 1123 ? I've a friend who have the problem right now09:01
=== sjoerd_ [~sjoerd@fire.ipv6.luon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontseb128: that'll get fixed with what I'm giving kamion..09:03
lamontmeanwhile, as root: newaliases09:04
seb128any workaround for people having the problem right now ?09:04
seb128ok, thanls09:04
=== sjoerd_ is now known as sjoerd
lamontKamion: does sounder 9 have the 2nd postfix config?09:05
Kamionnpmccallum: with regard to po-debconf:09:07
Kamion<joeyh> debconf-updatepo... also known as "I'm feeling unproductive today.09:07
Kamion        Please give me a huge diff to check in"09:07
lamontmorning mdz09:12
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB362F.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128hello mdz09:13
=== lamont prepares to head off with his wife to do precon crap and then to the convention.
lamontwifely one is now ready.  I'm gone.09:25
Kamionmdz: hm, does your changing the state of #1606 to PENDINGUPLOAD mean you've uploaded it?09:41
=== chrisa [~chris@nullcode.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivanglamont : what convention?09:53
Kamionmdz: approval for last diff sent to #1781?09:53
Kamionpub time09:53
mdzKamion: yes09:53
Kamiongood, will upload later tonight09:54
thommdz: have you laughed at^W^Wapproved my python script for popcon yet? :-)10:06
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHi again!10:11
mjg59sabdfl: It's got the best chance of working of any suspend mechanism, at the moment10:11
mjg59The 2.6 implementation is pretty solid on the hardware it works on. It's fairly slow, though.10:11
sivangmjg59v : what steps are needed to enable it onto a already installed ubuntu laptop system?10:16
sivangmjg59 : just install the package?10:17
mjg59sivang: Heh. I'd have a better idea if I had an ubuntu laptop system :)10:19
mjg59In principle, echo -n 4 >/proc/acpi/sleep10:19
thomkernel patch too, no? (i've no idea what we have and don't have past standard + latest stable acpi)10:19
npmccallumthom: I don't think swsusp is in the kernel10:20
mjg59swsusp is part of the standard kernel.org kernel - I don't know if we build it, though10:21
mjg59There's probably no harm in doing so...10:21
thomgrep -r SUSP /boot/config-
thom# CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND is not set10:21
sivangmjg59 : the support is completely kernlish? no user mode utils?10:22
npmccallumthom: should we file a bug to get it turned on?10:22
thomnpmccallum: i'd prefer not for warty at this point10:23
thomwe can't support it, really10:23
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
npmccallumthom: we can file a bug now with target milestone for hoary (thats what I was referring to)10:55
thomoh, sure10:55
thomi think there is one alreayd10:55
npmccallumok, cool10:55
npmccallumthe bug could be more general too, "Suspend doesn't work" :)10:56
mdzthom: yes, I did11:13
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sladen*** the proxy in front of www.ubuntulinux.org appears to be dead ***11:33
sladenelmo: thom: mdz:11:35
Mithrandirsladen: we're aware of it and working on it.11:35
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:sladen] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu || known issue: www.ubuntulinux.org currently down

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