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bollocks_jayeola: yeah, but no biggie.  At least it boots ;)12:00
|trey|jayeola: choose "no" then, and add ubuntu to your grub.config/menu.lst12:00
jayeolathanks |trey| 12:00
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Se7hwhere's grub.conf?12:01
MyKq3does it make any diffrent which apt sourses will i add ... ( can i add any debian sourses? )12:01
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|trey|Se7h: on Ubuntu, its /boot/grub/menu.lst12:01
Se7hMyKq3 yes12:01
jayeolaSe7h: have u joined and pasted the results of lsmod to #flood?12:01
Se7hfor ur platform 12:01
|trey|Se7h: Fedora for instance uses /boot/grub/grub.conf though  :/12:01
jayeolathat's what i'm using12:02
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|trey|MyKq3: I wouldn't include 'main' from regular debian (just add 'universe' to ubuntu sources) ... other then that, you are fine...12:02
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joeyhfedora uses grub.conf not menu.lst?12:03
=== jayeola nods
|trey|MyKq3: Ubuntu's packages my conflict with Debian's main12:03
|trey|joeyh: yup12:03
joeyhsame format though?12:03
MyKq3its just that i m getting lots of errors when i m aptget update my list12:03
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|trey|joeyh: I think they are linked though  :/12:03
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MyKq3|trey|: thanks12:03
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joeyhif the file's linked, NP, else d-i should know about the other name12:06
jayeolaSe7h: why do u have so many modules loaded?12:06
|trey|joeyh: I'm fairly sure they are linked... ask in #fedora though just incase  :)12:06
|trey|Haven't used Fedora for like a month, so don't quote me  :)12:06
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Se7hjayeola i dont know about that12:07
Se7hits the default ubuntu config i guess12:07
Dashivaanyone know where to get mplayer 12:07
thomjoeyh: yeah, they have a patch to change the name12:08
Dashivais it in any of the ubuntu repositories12:08
jayeolatry sourceforge for mplayer12:08
|trey|Dashiva: apt-get.org <-- look for marillat12:08
|trey|Dashiva: he is a DD, so you can trust him  :)12:08
|trey|Dashiva: still works  :)12:08
Dashivait kicks up a host of unresolved dependencies though12:08
Dashivaeven with universe enabled12:08
|trey|Dashiva: just add a line simular to: 'deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian contrib non-free'  ;)12:09
|trey|(main = universal)12:09
|trey|uhh, universe even12:09
neighborleeusr/local/games/nwn/nwmouse/libnw/libnw/mdll.c:1: multiple definition of `main' < anyone know what might cause such an error ? ;-))12:09
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bollocks_neighborlee, is it a mouse conflict with neverwinter?12:10
neighborleebollocks_, well12:10
|trey|Dashiva: just add a line simular to: 'deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian sid contrib non-free'  ;)12:10
|trey|Missed prolly the most important part  :/12:11
neighborleebollocks_, the issue is mouse yes..but 'libnw' is code that I need to compile cause it creates a binary that extracts mouse files I need to use 'nwmouse' ;-).I know...its a little complicated but thats it ;-))heh12:11
|trey|joeyh: d-i tries to seek other installs of grub and configures it?  :)12:11
|trey|joeyh: thats pretty useful  :)12:12
bollocks_neighborlee, yes, and that's an error i usually get when I have my main() incorrectly set up12:12
|trey|joeyh: tries to configure Windows dual boot too?12:12
joeyhdual boot with the hurd ...12:12
neighborleebollocks_, shrug no clue..its not my own code..but this same code compiles totally clean in fedora core212:12
|trey|joeyh: very handy  :)12:12
neighborleebollocks_, of course i'm not running FC2 I just know it does compile in it as I tried to see...so something about debian is causing this error and I have no clue what part ;(12:13
|trey|joeyh: haven't tried hurd in forever though... was too slow last I tried crosshurd ;)12:13
bollocks_neighborlee, then you might be including a header multiple times, or...12:13
|trey|That package really needs a new name I think, but yeah  :)12:13
Se7him here jayeola12:13
neighborleebollocks_ mabye the version of gcc debian uses is more strict than what fc2 is  using ?12:14
=== jayeola is having dinner
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neighborleebollocks_, ic..lemme see if I can find anything here in this guys code 12:14
|trey|neighborlee: last I checked, fedora uses 3.4 ... debian is still using 3.3.3, so yeah...12:14
neighborleeah ok thx12:14
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bollocks_neighborlee, that may be it.  I've read alot of weird conflicts with 3.312:15
|trey|Apparently gcc 4 is going to be very nice... tries to detect possible security holes etc  :)12:15
neighborleebollocks_, k12:15
bollocks_|trey|, a free \Slint built-in? sweet!12:15
|trey|bollocks_: not entirely sure... just read that someone found a possible stack overflow and fixed it thanks to gcc4  :)12:16
bollocks_ah, ok :)12:16
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=== |trey| doesn't program :(
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|trey|bollocks_: any chance you could change your username? could be professionals here, might not be too appreciated  :/12:18
=== bollocks_ used to, till the bubble burst
bollocks_sure 12:18
=== jayeola nods
bollocks_rrrggg - been a while since I've been in IRC12:18
|trey|bollocks_: /nick12:18
=== bollocks_ is now known as knarph_
|trey|Thank you  :)12:19
knarph_there we go - needed the underscore for some reason12:19
|trey|knarph_: if you have registered that username, just identify... else there is someone using it  :)12:20
=== jayeola nods again
=== knarph_ isn't that territorial
=== |trey| is 8)
knarph_a rose by any other name would type as l22t12:20
|trey|knarph_: you lost me  :(12:21
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knarph_a rose by any other name would smell as sweet - Romeo & Juliet12:21
jayeoladon't u mean l33t?12:21
=== |trey| goes to play on the intarweb for a little while :)
knarph_ok, so i'm rusty12:21
=== knarph_ is now known as rusty
|trey|knarph_: I knew that... had to read that play freshmen year  :)12:22
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|trey|rusty: just your version confused me... don't read 1337 typo's well  ;)12:23
rustyyah, need more coffee to get the fingers to remember more than UT2K412:23
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eldadoshi there12:24
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kmoffathi, new user testing ubuntu. Have one question.12:24
|trey|ugh @ sun trying to push java as a plausible desktop language  :/12:25
|trey|They should stick to internet apps  :/12:25
rustykmoffat, what is it?12:26
eldadosd/l ubuntu64 and it had problems with my video card (6800) told to d/l the daily iso which i did yesterday but it crap it self during install! the integrity check was good. what's going on? am i ever going to try ubuntu??12:26
thomkmoffat: we recommend you just ask :-)12:26
kmoffatI installed ubunto, but when I start gnome I have a cross 'X' cursor left sitting in the middle of my screen. 12:26
kmoffatthis goes away after several minutes.12:26
kmoffatAnyone have a clue?12:26
kmoffatthiss happens on 2 machines.12:27
rustyeldados, dailys will tend to crap out regardless12:27
thomkmoffat: http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2004-September/002085.html12:27
eldadosrusty, how do i get over the hurdle?12:27
rustyeldados, what exactly is the hurdle?12:28
=== splinta [~splinta@dialin-168-13.tor.primus.ca] has joined #ubuntu
eldadosit stops during base install an't install something lib 4...12:28
eldadosthe original iso does the install o.k but can get x up and going12:29
kmoffatLooks like it might relate, although I am not using a laptop, and it no other linux distros have exhibited this behavior. I'll try their answer. Thanks!12:29
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almostluckyI am trying to install cedega from cvs, and it (./configure) says I dont have the X development files. I don't see any xfree-dev packages or anything. help?12:32
eldadosand I must say that this is a very weird grub menu.lst12:32
rustyeldados, not sure about geforce drivers(I own ATI.)12:33
Se7hone question12:33
Se7hhow do i mount a iso image ?12:33
diemananyone around know why i can't seem to get nautilus to show hotplugged devices?12:33
UziMonkeySe7h: mount -o loop -t iso9660 file.iso /mnt12:34
eldadosrusty, it's not even working with dri! don't think ubuntu is quite ready for me just yet... would love to be wrong about it.12:34
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ShadowHawkMy Ubuntu really really broke when I installed the newest kernel.12:34
Scognitohi all12:34
ShadowHawkI don't think it made a proper initial ramdisk12:34
Se7hUziMonkey already did it12:35
Scognitois there a tool to configure the boot removing modules/scripts i don't need?12:35
mdzShadowHawk: can you describe the problem?12:35
ShadowHawkAnd now it can't mount the root filesystem, since it doesn't understand the fs type12:35
Se7hmount: Not a directory12:35
=== tvon [~tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
UziMonkeySe7h: does the directory exist?  or did you get the arguments mixed up?12:35
mdzShadowHawk: what is the exact error message that you see?12:35
eldadosSe7h, do you have a directory?12:35
Scognitomy boot is very slow12:36
ShadowHawkI'm on the computer that was booting wrong12:36
ShadowHawkBut it's an unable to mount rootfs error12:36
ShadowHawkI can get the exact error if you like, but it'll take me a few moments to reboot and everything12:36
mdzShadowHawk: there are a number of similar errors12:36
Se7heldados UziMonkey sure12:36
mdzShadowHawk: which kernel were you running before?12:37
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ShadowHawkUmm, whatever came on the first preview release CD I think12:37
UziMonkeySe7h: oh, heh, that'll have to be as root, so add sudo12:37
mdzShadowHawk: and what is the type of your root filesystem (it's ext3 if you didn't set it up manually)12:37
ShadowHawkIt's reiserfs12:37
mdzShadowHawk: sudo modprobe loop12:37
mdzShadowHawk: sudo mount -o loop /boot/initrd.img-`uname -r` /mnt12:37
ShadowHawkI think the problem is the resierfs module isn't being loaded in the initrd12:37
mdzShadowHawk: cat /mnt/linuxrc.conf12:37
Se7hUziMonkey i did it12:37
UziMonkeySe7h: modprobe loop? :P12:38
ShadowHawkWhat'll this do?  I can't boot into the system ubuntu is on12:38
Se7hUziMonkey lol12:38
ShadowHawkDid you still want the exact kernel panic message mdz?12:39
mdzShadowHawk: I want both the exact message, and the output from those commands12:39
mdzShadowHawk: you should be able to boot the system by pressing ESCAPE at the countdown, and selecting the old kernel12:39
=== Agrajag [~Agrajag@wg03.ucr.edu] has joined #ubuntu
ShadowHawkNo, I can't12:40
ShadowHawkI'll explain why12:40
ShadowHawkI have /dev/hda2 and /dev/hdc2 on the system.  hda2 was my old SuSE system, which I'm in now, and hdc2 was where I installed Ubuntu12:40
ShadowHawkMy computer only lets me boot off the first disk, so I added the Grub lines that Ubuntu put on to the end of the Grub script that was on hda12:41
neighborleesorry but I dont know where else to ask this so ...how might I fix this compile error >>>  checking how to run the C++ preprocessor... /lib/cpp12:41
neighborleeconfigure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check < thx anyone ;-))12:41
ShadowHawkThat way I could choose the old SuSE system as normal (using now to talk here), or I could boot into Ubuntu12:41
ShadowHawkIt worked fine until I upgraded Ubuntu kernel, which now panics with this.12:41
Agrajagneighborlee: apt-get install build-essential12:42
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neighborleeAgrajag, okay thx..what is build-essential...things that default install doesn't provide but that which compiling software needs ?12:43
ShadowHawkIf I look in the /boot section on hdc2 (by mounting it in SuSE), I see only the one original kernel there.12:43
mdzShadowHawk: ah12:43
mdzShadowHawk: if you used ubuntu's grub, it would automatically update the list with new kernels12:43
kmoffatOption "SWcursor" "on"12:43
Agrajagbuild-essential includes gcc, g++ ,and auto* tools, and some other stuff12:43
ShadowHawkI think the package failed to install if I remember right as well12:43
neighborleeoh ok12:43
kmoffatworked for the X cursor problem, thanks....12:43
ShadowHawkIt told me to reboot, and now I got no Ubuntu :(12:43
Agrajagubuntu doesn't install any dev tools by default12:43
mdzShadowHawk: if it failed to install, those are the messages that I would need12:44
mdzrebooting when the kernel failed to install is a recipe for disaster :-/12:44
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AtticusHello, can someone answer a few quick section12:44
Atticusoops questions12:44
thomask away12:45
ShadowHawkmdz: I can access the filesystem it was on, where would I find that log?12:45
mdzShadowHawk: but from what you describe, it sounds like the new kernel didn't even begin to install, since it isn't present on disk12:45
mdzShadowHawk: there is no such log12:45
thomyou may not get sensible answers, but you can only ask :-)12:45
mdzShadowHawk: can you paste ls -l of the 'boot' directory on hdc2?12:45
mdzShadowHawk: (not in the channel, but directly to me)12:45
ShadowHawkHow do I do that in bitchx?12:46
mdzthom: do you have access to rince?12:46
neighborleeAgrajag, this is turning into a pain sorry but :(..okay that got me past that error now i'm getting this one sadly::  /usr/local/games/nwn/nwmouse/libnw/libnw/mdll.c:1: multiple definition of `main'12:46
neighborlee.libs/setl.o(.text+0x0):/usr/local/games/nwn/nwmouse/libnw/libnw/setl.c:1: first defined here..no idea why but this library compiles clean in fedora however i've no intentin of using fedora so i'm hoping to get past this here ;-))12:46
eldadosso anyone had problems with yesterday's daily? I need ideas on how to fix...12:46
neighborleesorry all my bad..had no idea my post was that large12:46
AtticusOk, well i currently have 2 hard drives in my machine, i tried installing ubuntu to the slave hard drive and the first half of the installation went fine... when i was given the option to reboot i said ok, but the boot loader never started and i booted straight into windows xp.  Anyone know whats up?12:46
Scognitowhere i can get some info to remove some modules from ubuntu startup?12:46
ShadowHawkActually I know what I'll do mdz hold on12:46
Scognitoit load lots of useless modules12:47
thommdz: i don't, no. (not useful access, anyway)12:47
mdzScognito: which modules do you feel are useless?12:48
eldadosso anyone had problems with yesterday's daily? I need ideas on how to fix...12:49
=== Agrajag [~Agrajag@wg03.ucr.edu] has joined #ubuntu
AtticusNo one knows why the boot loader would not load after i rebooted after the first half of the ubuntu install?12:50
lupus_on what is universe based?12:50
=== polvi [~polvi@polvi.staff.osuosl] has left #ubuntu []
Scognitomdz, for my system they are cfb* capability  commoncap 8139cp ipv6 asus_acpi yenta_socket acpi* cpufreq_*12:50
lupus_because universe has mono 0.96 while debian unstable has 1.0.112:50
=== MoisesC [~moisesc@9.Red-213-96-165.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
eldadosAtticus, it's probably because it wasn't installed into the MBR, if it was you would not be able to boot windows12:51
eldadosunless you edit grub ofcourse :)12:51
AtticusEldados: So i need to install to the same hard drive as the Windows MBR resides?12:51
eldadosAtticus, do you have 2 hd?12:51
mdzScognito: apt-get remove pcmcia-cs will eliminate yenta_socket (assuming you don't have PCMCIA hardware, it's not needed)12:51
eldadoswhere is winslows?12:52
AtticusSATA primary main HD, and a ATA133 slave drive12:52
Atticuswindows is on the Main SATA12:52
Atticusthe Master12:52
Scognitoi don't have pcmcia12:52
mdzScognito: cfb* you want because they are used for the console, capability you want, commoncap is needed by capability, 8139cp is a driver for a detected ethernet card, ...12:52
eldadoswhat is the hd boot order in your bios?12:52
Scognitoand other modules? i tought they were in /etc/modules12:52
AtticusThe slave is not listed as bootable12:52
eldadosI bet it's set to the sata drive :)12:52
AtticusThe master SATA drive is the first boot device12:52
mdzScognito: if your system doesn't support CPU frequency scaling, you can apt-get remove powernowd12:52
Scognitomdz, for the cards i need only 8139too12:53
Scognitoi don't have a laptop12:53
AtticusEldados, so i create a new partition on the SATA drive, and install ubuntu to this?12:53
=== comfrey [~comfrey@208-151-246-153.dq1sn.easystreet.com] has joined #ubuntu
eldadosno, you don't have to, but install grub to the sata mbr12:53
ShadowHawkmdz: Gah my other method didn't work.  Contents of that folder: version of system.map, initrd.img, vmlinuz, config, as well as memtest86+.bin and the grub folder12:54
=== jasona90 [~jason@168-103-82-34.dnvr.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
AtticusEldados, i dont recall it giving me the option of where to install grub, can i do this from windows?12:54
=== LinuxJones [~LJ@blk-222-206-208.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
eldadosAtticus, not that i'm aware of... try reinstall and choose the sata mbr12:54
ShadowHawkmdz: all owned by root and with rw/r/r permission12:54
jasona90where is a good site to go for Divx codecs12:55
AtticusEldados, it did not give me the option to choose which MBR to install to12:55
ShadowHawkmdz: folding.tuzakey.com/error.txt12:55
eldadosAtticus, does it ask you where you want to install ubuntu?12:57
Scognitomdz, how can i get /dev/lirc and /dev/mga_vid to not be deleted after reboot?12:57
mdzScognito: ideally, fix the drivers to use sysfs :-)12:58
AtticusEldados, it asked me which partition id like to use, and i used free space i made on the Slave hard drive using partition magic, ubuntu then created the linux partition and swap partition within the free space, and then installed automatically to that partition12:58
Scognitomdz, ubuntu uses udev by default, isn't it?12:58
mdzScognito: correct12:59
mdzShadowHawk: ok, can you try something for me?12:59
ShadowHawkmdz: sure12:59
Scognitoso there will be a way to add something in some file... ( i never used udev)12:59
mdzShadowHawk: chroot into the ubuntu root directory (chroot /mnt/hdc2 or wherever it's mounted)12:59
mdzShadowHawk: and run "dpkg --configure -a"12:59
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu
eldadosAtticus, I always go for partition myself, don't trust any install to use free space :) that way you ow what you got and it's easier when you need to edit grub01:00
mdzShadowHawk: save the output01:00
ShadowHawkSo dpkg --configure -a > output.txt or something01:00
AtticusEldados that is what i did, i had one large partition to start on the Slave drive which i only use for backup, i took out a 15 gb chunk of unallocated space... then i went into the ubuntu install and created a new partition with that space.01:01
ShadowHawkmdz: can't chroot, permission denied on the /bin/bash01:01
rustyAtticus, do you have a boot manager installed on the MBR of the SATA?01:02
ShadowHawkmdz: (from a root login on the machine...)01:02
AtticusRusty, for some reason GRUB was not installed to the MBR, or it was installed to the MBR of the non bootable harddrive.01:02
=== jono-writing [~jono@82-37-194-90.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
eldadosAtticus, what mobo u got?01:03
rustyAtticus, right. I believe that is because the rest of the installation was on your slave.  I think all you have to do is install a boot manager on the SATA01:03
AtticusIntel 875 01:03
AtticusIntel brand and chipset01:03
=== jono-writing is now known as jono
Atticusits the highest end 875chipset mobo01:04
ShadowHawkmdz: chroot dpkg --configure is giving permission denied as well01:04
eldadosAtticus, when you go 2 ur bios under boot options, do you have disk option (or something similar)?01:04
AtticusIm not sure, should i go look?01:04
eldadosAtticus, yes plz, and if you do ( i belive  u do) change the boot from the slave first01:05
jonois it possible to get version info about a driver?01:06
rustymodprobe -v?01:07
jonomodinfo works01:07
Scognitodoes someone uses lirc?01:07
jonojees three orinoco drivers01:07
Scognitothe /dev/ is removed after each reboot01:07
ShadowHawkmdz: I'll be back in about 30 mins, you've been very on the ball on this (and you patched one of my bugs real quick :))  I hope we can talk later01:07
Scognito /dev/lirc i mean01:07
=== bob2_ [rob@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzShadowHawk: you must have mounted the partition with noexec or something01:09
=== kmoffat [~ken@drip23.drizzle.com] has joined #ubuntu
kmoffatHow to add a cups printer using http://localhost:631. It needs a root login, I think....01:12
theantixkmoffat, why not just use the gnome cups manager?  if you really want to use the web version, set the root password with "sudo passwd"01:13
mdzkmoffat: Computer->System Configuration->Printing01:13
mdzthe cups admin web interface is explicitly disabled for security reasons01:13
mdzand displays a note about that on the web page at http://localhost:63101:13
mdzkmoffat: was the notice not displayed for you?01:14
kmoffatAh, that explains it, thanks again!01:14
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-170.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
kmoffatI was asked for a login, which I assumed to be root, as on my other systems. I guess I don't understand the lack of root and the sudo thing. Anyway, thanks for the answer.01:14
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lupus_does ubuntu support ntfs?01:17
=== kmoffat [~ken@drip23.drizzle.com] has left #ubuntu []
AtticusEdlados, I was able to change the Slave to the primary boot device, and i got a screen that says loading Grub, but the system seems to just hang there01:17
AtticusGrub will not actually load01:18
mdzlupus_: yes, read-only01:19
lupus_wouldn't it be interresting to add ntfsresize to the installer so people can resize there partition01:20
=== Nomad [~Nomad@cable-68-185-232-128.sli.la.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJoneslupus_, just delete the ntfs partition, it will give more room for Linux and will be just plain fun :)01:21
lupus_lol :)01:21
lupus_I want to be able to play my games :)01:22
mdzlupus_: ntfs resize support will be added to parted01:22
NomadNew as in n00bie01:22
mdzwhich will allow ntfs resizing in the installer01:22
lupus_ic mdz 01:22
Nomadbeen using Knoppix, this is better01:22
=== nojo [~saywhat@pool-138-89-178-176.mad.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkassnot that this has to do with ubuntu, but is there a quick command to find the latest modified file in a directory?01:24
theantixmdz, good to hear about ntfs resizing01:24
lupus_mdz, http://mlf.linux.rulez.org/mlf/ezaz/ntfsresize.html#parted 01:24
mdztheantix: parted just had a new release on 18 sep01:25
mdzlupus_: ^^01:25
mdzit is actively maintained01:25
LinuxJonespunkass,  you can do that by piping ls -al into sort I can't remember the syntax for the sort command tho :( 01:26
lupus_k I just wanted to show you why I thought it wasn't :)01:26
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-046-171.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkassyeah ok thanks...thats what i figured01:27
mdzpunkass: ls -tr01:28
LinuxJonespunkass,  you could alias the command when you figure it out too :D01:28
punkassah thanks...was trying --time=atime01:28
=== phin_ [~phin@pcp01982168pcs.strl301.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmdz: also an ntfsresize hack was added to partman very recently01:32
Kamion(in Debian901:32
theantixhopefully it's the same code that qtparted uses... that works brilliantly for me whenever I try it01:33
rustywhere does grub keep it's configuration files?01:34
theantixrusty: /boot/grub/01:34
rustyhehee, me smaart!01:34
jayeolau da man!01:35
rustyno grub.conf there, but menu.lst.  that'll work01:35
=== suineg [~nickrapp@dynamic-246-025.usc.edu] has joined #ubuntu
rustyok, here's an oddity.  certain web pages give me an 'connection refused' error.  gnu.org, grubconf.sourceforge.net 01:38
jayeolaping -c 10 google.com01:38
jayeolatry that01:38
=== bob2_ [rob@bob2.user] has joined #ubuntu
rustyworked fine, 194ms/71ms01:39
rustyi can see other sites01:39
jayeolaping -c 10 bbc.co.uk01:39
=== morteoh [~morteoh@cm-] has joined #ubuntu
rustyok, ping-c 10 gnu.org worked, but my browser(firefox1.0pre) still gets refused connection01:40
=== bob2_ is now known as bob2
morteohi have just moved from a debian-sarge-install (using evolution 1.4) and i have my ~/evolution folder backed up. Should i just untar this to ~/evolution and then run the new evolution? or do i have to import it into the new evolution?01:42
seb128untar and run01:43
seb128evolution do the migration01:43
suinegis there a way to choose which filesystem to use when installing?01:46
LinuxJonessuineg, yes01:47
suinegif you wanted to use reiserfs or something01:47
bob2select the "manual partition" mode.01:47
morteohhm, is there a repository for mplayer?01:47
=== sivan [~sivan@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesmorteoh, you might find one at atp-get.org01:48
LinuxJonesmorteoh, er apt-get.org01:48
=== sivan is now known as sivang
sivangwow - the guy who put together the ubuntu-sounds ought to get some compliments.01:49
morteohsivang: agreed.01:49
sivangI just LIKE the gnome bootsplash sound01:49
rustyyeah, this whole distro is definetly appealing 01:50
=== lemonlysol [~warthurto@wbar10.chi1-4-11-141-080.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
morteohhm, i was using ftp.nerim.net before.. but since the 2.6.8-kernel, i get connection refused.. is there a fix for this? (i was told this had something to do with broken routers)01:51
rustyi've been having the same problem with certain websites01:51
jonowould the ubuntu hackers apply a patch to the kernel source to fix a bug?01:52
=== RichNRockville [~schinnell@pcp09409049pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
KosaiYeah, there are a couple, all of which involve echoing 0 to files in /proc/net.  Check linux-kernel.01:52
Kosaijono: Of course!  They employ kernel developers and have their own kernels.01:52
bob2jono: if it doesn't break anything, probably01:52
=== Jeedee [~jeedee@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2jono: file a bug on the kernel in bugzilla (or mention it on ubuntu-users)01:53
RichNRockville? is there a channel for Ubuntu Real Newbies with questions?01:53
jonoI have filed a bug - its for the orinoco driver in the kernel, and I chatted to the kismet maintainer and the driver needs to be patched to work correctly01:53
=== suineg [~nickrapp@dynamic-246-025.usc.edu] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesRichNRockville, you are here shoot.01:54
morteohKosai: do you remember which files to echo 0 to ?01:55
RichNRockvilleThis is the first time I have successfully setup a linux/unix box and am pretty excited. I have 4 p4's running server 2003 and winxp.  I have a printer on a printserver linksys which has an ip.  How do I figure out how to print to it. as ubuntu seems to want to use the lpt port.?  sorry to be so long..01:56
=== nanotech [~nanotech@kaam0.yokota.attmil.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmorteoh: /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn, perhaps01:56
jayeolaRichNRockville: show off!!01:56
LinuxJonesRichNRockville, go Computer>>System Configuration>>Printing01:57
RichNRockvilleI paid for more versions of rh than I care to say and this is the first successful install.01:57
HcERichNRockville: set up the printer in Cupsys?01:57
rustyactually, i ahve the same queston, becasue it looks like this distro can go on the GF comp01:57
morteohKosai: uhm, permission denied.. (yes, i used sudo)01:57
RichNRockvilleThe cups server could not be contacted.01:57
JeedeeAnyone has a clue why when I am rebooting from the first stage Grub or Lilo wont load (Grub hangs at loading grub... and lilo at L)01:58
=== jg__ [~jg@h005018015b26.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
jayeolaRichNRockville: perhaps u would know. how do i edit grub.conf so that i can mutli/boot?01:58
LinuxJonesRichNRockville, sudo -s (enter your user password) then type /etc/init.d/cupsys start01:59
RichNRockvilleYOur talking to a real nubie, I just got this up this afternoon. The only grubs I know are in the yard outside eating my grass's roots :001:59
jayeolai use fedora core 2. 1st stage of ubuntu went ok. when box reboots it goes straight to fedora. can't see ubuntu at all01:59
=== Azmodan [~daniel@c207.134.215-12.clta.globetrotter.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jayeola groans at a joke
jayeolaoh well g'night chaps02:01
=== ultrafunk [~pd@eth779.vic.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jayeola [~jayeola@dsl-80-42-86-128.access.uk.tiscali.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== nonroot [~nonroot@] has joined #ubuntu
=== aragirn [~aragirn@aragirn.resnet.mtu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== herzi [~herzi@c200124.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu
AzmodanNot to start flame wars or anything but I was wondering how does Ubuntu compare to Fedora.02:02
bob2try and see02:02
bob2LinuxJones: why not suggest "sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys start" instead?02:02
rustyfedora gacked on X for me02:02
bob2LinuxJones: tho cupsys will run as soon as it's installed02:03
theantixAzmodan, for one you have a lot more packages to choose from in the universe repository than you could get on Fedora02:03
phin_whats the easiest way to get synaptic to fix broken packages?02:03
AzmodanI had no problems with Fedora since FC1 (on FC2 now) but Deb have more package so I tought it might be interesting.02:03
LinuxJonesbob2, I dunno same difference I guess only your is better :D02:04
AzmodanAnd well...  Gnome 2.8 :)02:04
AzmodanIn ease of use, does it compare well ?02:04
=== cprov [~cprov@224-21-161-212.DSL.ONCOLT.COM] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmorteoh: you need to use sudo differently; sudo echo 0 > whatever does the redirection as your normal user, not as root02:05
Kamionmorteoh: try sudo sh -c 'echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn'02:05
=== phlaegel [~phlaegel@S0106000d88033723.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
morteohyes, i did that now.. but the problem is still present02:05
=== aragirn [~aragirn@aragirn.resnet.mtu.edu] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
morteohcan somebody else access ftp.nerim.net?02:05
=== nonroot [~nonroot@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
rustyno, connection refused02:06
phlaegeltseng: ping02:06
KosaiI can, with default ubuntu/warty kernel.02:06
KosaiSo, I'd suggest that it's not the kernel.02:07
JeedeeAnyone has a clue why when I am rebooting from the first stage Grub or Lilo wont load (Grub hangs at loading grub... and lilo at L)02:07
=== viapanda [~chatzilla@nord-1-81-57-49-92.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
rustyi can ping anyone, but i've noticed the refusal is sporatic02:07
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-126.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
ShadowHawkmdz: Ok, I'm back, but still having chroot problems.  Do I need to reboot in single user mode to use it?02:08
=== schweeb [~chris@schweeb.org] has joined #ubuntu
mdzShadowHawk: you need to be root to use chroot02:09
mdzand make sure that the partition isn't mounted with the 'noexec' flag or anything funky like that02:09
Kamion(note that 'user' implies 'noexec')02:10
ShadowHawkmdz: I am root.  Still getting permission denied, not sure why.02:10
ShadowHawkoh noexec... hmm...02:10
mdzKamion: good call02:10
ShadowHawkIt's mounted defaults, user 0 002:10
=== djempak [~cory@adsl-68-76-77-136.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
viapandaerr... Hello people! I'm new both to irc and linux and would like to discuss a problem I got with my ubuntu install. I don't know if this is the right place... and don't want to look intrusive02:11
=== RichNRockville [~schinnell@pcp09409049pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzShadowHawk: you'll need to get rid of the 'user' option02:12
LinuxJonesviapanda, go ahead02:13
=== xTina_ [~xTina@pD9E626AD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
viapandaok... first I got a stupid problem with my clock: it's two hours ahead of real time. My time zone is correctly set to europe/paris. Can this be a bug?02:13
bob2RichNRockville: sporadic by time or desintation?02:13
bob2er, rusty ^02:13
bob2is paris gmt+2?02:13
viapandaer... give me  seconds... I don't know for sure :-(02:14
=== steve__ is now known as steve2
maswanbob2: should be only +1 right now, I think. +2 suring daylight savings hours02:14
viapandano it's gmt+02:14
viapandaI mean, it's not annoying.... but I would like to know if this is my fault or....02:15
maswanwell, the clock might be set to local time in hardware but you told the software that it is in gmt... or something like that.02:15
maswantry running ntpdate to set the clock?02:15
viapandahu.... heu... I said I'm new :-)02:16
ShadowHawkHow do I find what process is using a mount?  I'm getting busy errors and can't figure out why02:16
dommianyone know of webcam software that would be in the ubuntu repository02:16
maswanviapanda: "apt-get install ntpdate"02:17
RichNRockvilleSorry to be a pia but I went to /etc and typed initd  cupsys start and it let me know that it could not find cupsys. any ideas on getting printers installed?  tks02:17
=== maswan assumes that should work in ubuntu
theantixdommi, try camorama02:17
RichNRockvilleI went into a root term.02:17
domminot listed in a cache search02:17
viapandaok. ntpdate in, but he says me no server can be use02:18
LinuxJonesRichNRockville, it's /etc/init.d/cupsys start02:18
maswanhmm.. jur run "ntpdate pool.ntp.org" from the command line once?02:18
=== alakdan [~alakdan@] has joined #ubuntu
RichNRockvilleI don't have a dir called init.d just a pgm called initd. maybe something did not get installed..02:19
=== maswan hopes pool.ntp.org is the correct one for generic use too. :)
ShadowHawkmdz: ok I'm chrooted now I'm running dpkg02:19
LinuxJonesRichNRockville, ummm02:19
KamionRichNRockville: you can't possibly not have a directory called /etc/init.d02:19
KamionRichNRockville: not and be running Ubuntu at all. :)02:19
=== warthurton [~warthurto@wbar10.chi1-4-11-141-080.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
RichNRockvilleOK, I lied, I now am in etc/init.d and there does not seem to be a cupsys file/pgm there?02:22
=== warthurton is now known as lemonlysol
=== greebo [~greebo@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
RichNRockvilleI typed ls -al and there does not seem to be a cupsys?02:23
LinuxJonesRichNRockville, apt-get install cupsys02:23
LinuxJonesRichNRockville, although I thought it was installed by default02:23
RichNRockvilleok, can I type apt-get install cupsys from the root console in the init.d directory?02:24
LinuxJonesRichNRockville, yep02:24
=== lemonlysol [~warthurto@wbar10.chi1-4-11-141-080.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
RichNRockvilleThanks Lunuxjones, seemed to copy it and install. Really appreciate your patience..02:25
LinuxJonesRichNRockville, now back in root colsole hit the up arrow on your keyboard till you get to the /etc/init.d/ cupsys start line02:25
RichNRockvillecupsys start02:26
LinuxJonesRichNRockville, no problem everybody goes thru this when they start using Linux :D02:26
dommiso my webcam isnt being detected02:26
dommiIt is firewire, I suppose I can connect the usb cam02:27
ShadowHawkHow do I save the entire output of a console thingy?  Doing dpkg --configure -a > error2.txt only gave me the first line02:27
=== cprov [~cprov@224-21-161-212.DSL.ONCOLT.COM] has joined #ubuntu
dommithat should save the entire output02:28
ShadowHawkWell it's only giving me the first line...02:29
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ShadowHawkIs it because the program is calling another program?02:29
Kamion> error2.txt 2>&102:29
LinuxJonescmd > filename 2>&102:29
Kamionit's because some of the output is going to stderr not stdout02:29
Kamionyou can also use 'script'02:29
theantixquestion for you brilliant folks out there... can you think of a reason why someone couldn't connect in Gaim (it just sits forever trying to connect) but everything else works 100% okay (web, ssh, irc all fine)02:29
Kamiontheantix: I'd pick a firewall somewhere as suspect no. 102:30
=== viapanda [~chatzilla@nord-1-81-57-49-92.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
ShadowHawktheantix: yeah that seems likely.  Is it on university internet/02:30
theantixKamion, it works in windows but not in linux, both using gaim, and I've tried various ports 02:30
=== hk-alfa [hk@] has joined #ubuntu
maswanviapanda: did that work to set the clock for you?02:31
KamionI'd probably end up looking at it with ethereal to track it down02:31
viapandaoh yeah!02:31
viapandaI lost my connection for some reason, so I wrote a few messages you never got obviously02:31
viapandathansk ;-)02:31
theantixKamion, unfortunately this is my girlfriends computer... oh well, thanks anyways02:31
maswanviapanda: ok, good. hope it wasn't me that disconnected you. ;)02:31
viapandahow come ? ;-)02:32
maswanwell, you running random commands and then go silent..02:33
viapandaso what I wrote next was:  I'm in trouble with my modem - it's a sagem usb 800.... does any of you encountered it?02:33
phin_is a k6-2 considered a 686?02:33
viapandafor now I plugged it elsewhere on the lan (on a windows machine)02:33
ShadowHawkThen the next problem is probably a gaim bug02:34
ShadowHawkOr does windows gaim work?02:34
AzmodanThe website talks about a liveCD (http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/helpcenterfaq.2004-09-15.8537444623/faq_view) but I can't find it...02:34
ShadowHawkIt would be nice if the install CD was also a recovery CD02:34
ShadowHawkBut hopefully needing a recovery CD won't happen, heh02:34
theantixShadowHawk, you can get to a terminal at the install cd with ctrl-alt-f202:35
ShadowHawkI know that, but a recovery CD with a bootable kernel on it kinda like SuSE's.02:35
phin_is there a liter browser available then firefox?02:35
KamionShadowHawk: you can use the install CD as a recovery CD if you know how02:35
phin_this is way to slow on this k6-202:35
KamionAzmodan: wasn't suitable for release at preview time; updated version should be available soon02:36
=== kmoffat [~ken@drip23.drizzle.com] has joined #ubuntu
ShadowHawkKamion: right, I did.  But I have to manually modprobe everything - to get it done automatically requires going halfway through the install process.02:36
cliffphin_: lighter than firefox?02:36
Azmodanphin_ : Epiphany maybe ?02:36
cliffphin_: links2?02:36
KamionShadowHawk: indeed, going halfway through the install process is the standard approach at the moment02:36
cliffeither that or raw telnet to port 80 and type the GET yourself ;P02:36
KamionShadowHawk: you can run up to the start of partitioning entirely harmlessly, and that loads all the modules for you02:37
KamionShadowHawk: an automatic recovery option is one of the longer-term d-i to-do items02:37
ShadowHawkKamion: Modules, yes, mounting, no02:37
KamionShadowHawk: sure, but you can't really automate that except in a very narrow set of circumstances02:37
AzmodanKamion, before the release ?02:37
KamionAzmodan: yes02:38
ShadowHawkphin_: lynx02:38
ShadowHawkphin_: That's about as light as it gets02:38
=== RichNRockville [~schinnell@pcp09409049pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
KamionShadowHawk: I mean, you could randomly guess hda1 or something, but :)02:38
ShadowHawkmdz: Did you get my message?02:38
mdzShadowHawk: yes, busy though02:39
ShadowHawkmdz: k, thanks02:39
phin_shadow i wouldnt mind graphics :P02:40
mdzShadowHawk: mount -t proc proc /proc02:40
mdzinside the chroot02:40
mdzand try again02:40
eldadosmdz, should it be: mount -t proc none /proc?02:43
mdzeldados: the first non-option argument is ignored; 'proc' is more descriptive than 'none'02:43
eldadosk :)02:44
mdzand easier to remember :-)02:44
eldadosand sounds nicer :)02:44
ShadowHawkmdz: looks like it worked I guess, but dpkg was telling me it was reinstalling02:44
=== mherweg [~mherweg@ool-18bcfb6f.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
ShadowHawkmdz: there are no new kernels in /boot02:44
ShadowHawkmdz: so what happened here?02:44
mherweghi all02:45
mherwegi'm having this issue where I can't change my $PATH variable02:46
=== kmoffat [~ken@drip23.drizzle.com] has left #ubuntu []
mherwegany ideas?02:46
ShadowHawkYou need to restart the shell I think02:47
mherwegi've tried that, and restarting the machine02:47
jonoI just compiled a patched module, tried to insert it with insmod orinoco.o and it said insmod: error inserting './orinoco.o': -1 Invalid module format02:47
jonoany idea?02:47
mherwegi'm using bash, i would edit /etc/profile, right?02:47
=== hk-alfa [hk@] has left #ubuntu []
mdzShadowHawk: the initrd.img file should now be more than 0 bytes, while before it was 0 bytes02:49
ShadowHawkdpkg said it wasn't touching initrd02:49
eldadosjono, should it be just orinoco?02:49
ShadowHawkerr not touching initrd symlinks02:49
=== rusty is now known as knarph
ShadowHawkhold on02:49
=== knarph is now known as knarph_
ShadowHawkok it is now nonzero bytes02:50
ShadowHawkI guess I should try booting it now?02:50
jonoeldados, what do you mean?02:51
=== boada [~boada@d220-236-86-35.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
eldadosjono i don't think you need to put .o or .ko after a module's name02:52
eldadosi.e sis900 not sis900.ko02:52
jonoeldados, I want to load the module in the current directory though, and not the installed module02:52
eldadoshmmm sorry02:53
mdzShadowHawk: yes02:54
sivangboy, I am having mouse scroll problems on "selected" bugzilla pages..anyone witnessed this already?02:56
LinuxJonesnight all sleepy time02:56
sivangthe mouse scroll roller is suddenly ignored, and I must use the mouse cursor to snap out of it. then it can be used again, untill it get suck again at the end of the bugtrail02:57
=== ShadowHawk [~scott@d160-93-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has joined #ubuntu
jonoeldados, no probs, thanks for the suggestion anyway02:58
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
ShadowHawkmdz: ok, that worked.  Should I file a bug that dpkg was overwriting the initrd file before it had a working one to replace it?  IE: no backup?02:59
ShadowHawkmdz: or something else?02:59
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== cef_work [~cef@] has joined #ubuntu
ultrafunkmorning cef :)03:00
Kamionthat wouldn't be dpkg anyway, it would be the package in question03:01
=== justdave [~dave@] has left #ubuntu ["Poof"]
=== justdave [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu
=== xTina_ is now known as xTina
phin_if i install konq, do i need to install all of kde?  i hear konq is pretty snappy03:01
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-222-26-24.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
eldadosphin, i would think so...03:04
dommikonq is a part of kde.  I dont think you can just split the 2 apart03:06
eldadosphin_, try firefox, it's very snappy on mine:) (with prelinking)03:10
=== PerdiX [~perdix@] has joined #ubuntu
=== lonytynch [~Toeknee@0-1pool216-129.nas1.richmond1.va.us.da.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
phin_how do i do prelinking?03:14
lonytynchhey guys i just ordered 10 cds from the free ubuntu cd project, when do you think i'll get them?03:14
defendguini thought cedega was available over apt?03:14
lonytynchcedega costs money, IIRC03:15
lonytynchhaven't used linux in a few months and even then i used FC2 :P03:15
defendguinyeah but you cn get cvs for free and i thought they had buikds of cvs03:16
phin_just build it yourself03:16
defendguinthats no fun03:16
phin_sure it is03:16
lonytynchdid anyone order cds from the place i did?03:17
=== eldados [~REXI@203-213-16-154-qld.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
Kamionphin_: you don't have to install all of it, just whatever konqueror depends on03:19
Kamionlonytynch: we'll be shipping the CDs sometime around final release time, 20th October03:19
lonytynchthanks a lot man03:20
lonytynchi'm excited about recieving mine :)03:20
lonytynchso do you mean that the 20th of october is no longer a beta release?03:20
phin_whats the best way to set a jpg as the background on x thru the .Xsession file03:21
phin_mind you im not running gnome, just gnome-panel03:21
lonytynchhow is 56k connection support on Ubuntu?03:22
phin_just like how it is on any os, slow03:22
lonytynchthat and does it have drivers for those shitty Dell OEM Sound Blaster Live! cards right out of installation?03:22
lonytynchyeah but in fedora core 2 i always had problems with being booted and stuff and i had to find my DNS servers for msn just to use it in linux at all03:23
phin_yes the kernel supports emu10k cards03:23
Kamionlonytynch: correct03:23
lonytynchso it supports the (since last time i used it about 3 months ago) beta ALSA driver emu10k1x?03:23
knarph_ee emm you ten kay one03:25
lonytynchcontrary to popular belief, it DOES exist03:26
lonytynchsince i had to go through the hell of installing it03:26
=== stratking [~stratking@user-11fa1d9.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
lonytynchits for the Dell model of the SB Live!03:26
lonytynchits almost a "winmodem" of sound cards03:26
=== haggai_ [~halls@pD9EA5F9B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== brainchill [~daver@] has joined #ubuntu
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== lobo_nz [~lobo@b002-m003-p058.wgtn.clear.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
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=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== krischan [~krischan@p5090B0E5.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Atticus [~Anonymous@rdrt-164-107-205-168.resnet.ohio-state.edu] has joined #ubuntu
AtticusI just installed Ubuntu, i am loving it!03:37
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-82-89.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== aitrus [~foo@67-50-97-21.dsl1.chi.il.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
aitrusis there a way to pass a parameter at boot (off the cd) for install to tell ubuntu to load a specific kernel mod?03:39
aitrusit seems that the SATA driver isn't getting loaded03:40
aitrusbut if i boot into expert mode and load it by hand, it works fine03:40
=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-87-199.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionaitrus: just switch to tty2 and modprobe it by hand, no need for a boot parameter03:42
aitrusahh... before i choose my language03:42
aitrusgood call03:42
Kamionany time before hardware detection, yeah03:42
Kamionwill only work in non-expert mode for modules in the initrd, but SATA modules are among those03:43
aitrusthanks a bunch03:43
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-82-89.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== Agrajag [~Agrajag@68-190-201-37.sb-eres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hwhat's the service to read cpu temperature?03:51
=== phin [~phin@pcp01982168pcs.strl301.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
phinso how do i setup prelinking with firefox?03:52
Agrajagor if that's running and you want to know the temperature, acpi -V will tell you03:52
knarph_anyone know how I mount an NTFS partition with some form of read permissions?03:52
Agrajagor cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature03:52
Agrajag/dev/hda1               /mnt/windows    ntfs            users,ro,umask=0222,utf8=true,exec      0 003:53
Agrajagknarph_:  put that in /etc/fstab, edit it to match yours03:53
knarph_k, sec03:53
knarph_line 11 is bad03:55
Agrajagis that the line you added, and what's "bad" about it?03:57
=== hfarberg [~hfarberg@ti112110a060-0169.dialup.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-82-89.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
knarph_aside from the mount point, identical03:57
Agrajagwell what's "bad" about it?03:57
knarph_dunno, where does mount start counting the lines in fstab?03:57
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
Agrajagfrom the first one I'd imagine, but you haven't told me how it's "bad"03:58
AgrajagDo you get an error message?03:58
knarph_aha, ok. silly tabs03:59
knarph_i replaced the white space with spaces instead of tabs... sheesh03:59
=== ShadowHawk [~scott@d160-154-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== K [~K@Ottawa-HSE-ppp3653366.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== FX|Laptop [~joe@c68.113.225.199.stp.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
FX|LaptopHidy Ho04:01
FX|LaptopI have a question. I installed vncserver on my server. I logged in to there from here and I really don't have a desktop. How do I go about getting a normal desktop?04:01
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-126.bgk.bellsouth.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Se7hhow do i start acpid ?04:02
aitrusFX|Laptop: since vnc just gives you a new x session, you have to load everything by hand04:03
AgrajagSe7h: it's not running now?04:03
aitrusyou could use vino instead04:03
AgrajagIt should be by default04:03
Agrajag/etc/init.d/acpid start should do it04:03
Se7hlsmod | grep acpid04:03
FX|Laptopaitrus, I've never usded vino.04:03
Agrajaglsmod lists the kernel moduoles you have running04:03
Se7hreturns nothing04:03
AgrajagSe7h: ps aux | grep acpid04:03
FX|Laptopplus all I get on the vncserver I only get at "X" mouse thing.04:03
=== LifeTLMP [~life@82-33-51-122.cable.ubr05.stav.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
aitrusFX|Laptop: that's cause it is running xdm or something like that04:04
Se7h( Sensors ) CPU Temp: No Sensor found | Sys Temp: No Sensor found04:04
LifeTLMPHello, is there anyone from the distribution team, or related to the website I can speak to regarding providing a mirror for Ubuntu?04:04
FX|LaptopIf I was to replace xdm  with gnome in the X11/Xsessions would that work?04:05
=== comfrey [~comfrey@market.peoples.coop] has joined #ubuntu
aitrusFX|Laptop: i'm not entirely sure what you ahve to change to make vnc load a different window manager04:05
aitrusFX|Laptop: is there an /etc/default/vncserver or something like that?04:06
LifeTLMPOk, guess not, will try and contact them by email. Bye.04:06
FX|LaptopLet me go look. brb04:06
Ycrossome people have no patience04:06
aitrustook you long enough to say that!!!!04:07
=== phin [~phin@pcp01982168pcs.strl301.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mlh [~mlh@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
=== wobbler [~wobbler@] has joined #ubuntu
tardmachas anyone here upgraded from debian testing to ubuntu?04:13
ShadowHawkHow do I point Ubuntu to a different location for Grub's menu.lst than the default /boot location?04:13
defendguindoes gnome-look.org look ok to anyone ?04:13
ShadowHawkI'd like it to automagic my grub file, but the menu.lst my system uses isn't in Ubuntu's /boot folder04:14
aitrusdefendguin: i get a bunch of php warnings04:14
tardmacdefendguin: nope04:14
defendguinok whep04:14
phinso, how do i prelink firefox?  just type prelink firefox and let it go?04:14
defendguini thought my browser was acting up04:15
FX|Laptopaitrus, not sure what I did, but its working now.04:18
=== Pres-Gas [~robert@iub-vpn-76-29.noc.indiana.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== chapium [Chap@hltp-e-111.resnet.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu
FX|LaptopI read throught the ssh error file in my /home and it said something about a gnome session already running. So I shut down the vncserver and restarted and now I have a normal desktop over there.04:18
aitrusFX|Laptop: you're just that good.  =)04:18
=== FX|Laptop only wishes that was true and not just luck.
FX|Laptopthanks for the help though.04:19
=== Se7h /|\ NHEKS
=== wobbler [~wobbler@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
FX|Laptopso far I'm really enjoying Ubuntu though.04:20
FX|LaptopInstalled on all my pc's here. :D04:21
aitrusme too... and i've been a debian-hating red hat user all my time04:22
FX|LaptopI started with RH 9 then went to Fedora/Debian/Arch/Slackware/Fedora and now Ubuntu pretty much in that order.04:23
FX|LaptopI had mandrake installed a couple of times, but it only lasted about 10 mins. each time. lol04:24
subterrifichow do you actually like redhat?04:24
subterrificbesides it being pretty much the only commercially supported linux distro, what is there to like?04:25
aitrusup till RH 9 i liked them, but i can't stand Fedora04:25
phinwhats wrong with it?04:25
=== aitrus didn't mean to start a distro war....
maswansubterrific: there is suse too, if you want heavy commercial support04:25
phinsuse and redhat are great, but i just personally like the debian way better04:25
subterrificmaswan: oracle only supports rh904:26
maswansubterrific: so?04:26
subterrificaitrus: i'm not trying to start a distro war either, i'm honestly curious04:26
subterrificphin: there is no decent package management. yum is ridiculously slow.04:27
Agrajagsubterrific: you are aware you can install apt, yes?04:27
tsengphlaegel: pong04:27
subterrificAgrajag: it's a silly apt wrapper that uses the rpm database and its broken04:28
phinred-carpet is the shit04:28
Agrajagit's not a wrapper, it's apt. Apt is separate from dpkg04:28
subterrificAgrajag: my bad, it still uses rpms though. which seemed to be the problem04:30
tsengman, all the gstreamer04:31
phinare there any downsides to prelinking?04:32
=== polok [~polok@1Cust109.tnt3.wollongong.au.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
polokI have a slight question about ubuntu, why is it that everything should be integrated with python?04:33
=== polok is curious
jdubphin: it's a bad hack, particularly if you don't have a lot of memory04:33
jdubpolok: because python rocks, and is a simple scripting language that can bind everything04:34
bob2one language to bind them!04:34
polokjdub: ah ok, I like python, I was just curious04:34
polokbob2: >_<04:34
subterrificphin: i've known some people that had prelink destroy their systems. these weren't new users either, linux gurus04:35
phinhope i didnt fuck mine uo04:35
phini just ran prelink -all04:35
=== polok constantly destroys his system
subterrificnever happened to me and i've prelinked several gentoo systems04:35
phinis there a way to unprelink04:35
polokthe best way to learn is to make a mistake04:35
subterrificphin: yes04:35
phini woulda just liked to prelink firefox04:36
bob2phin: prelink has an option to undo that04:36
bob2or you can reinstall the packages04:36
=== jamesh_ [~james@203-59-87-199.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
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knarph_ok, help04:41
knarph_I can't seem to get to random web pages.  I can ping them, but i still get connection refused04:42
fabbionemorning guys04:42
knarph_and it changes from page to page, so I think it's a kernel/network setting issure04:42
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificknarph_: what browser?04:44
=== chutwig [~edmundrhu@nat01-easton-ext.Rutgers.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
knarph_I've tried firefox & mozilla.  tried to get opera, but couldn't get to the page ;')04:45
subterrificknarph_: try quiting all instances of the browser and starting over. i've noticed that sometimes firefox dns lookups get borked.04:45
knarph_starting over as in running it again, ar as in reinstalling?04:46
knarph_oh, try both04:46
subterrificknarph_: i had a router once that would cause strange things like that to happen04:48
subterrifici'd be ssh'ed into a machine and then all the sudden it would disconnect me and i'd no longer be able to send any traffic to that ip04:49
phinmy bro went out and bought a router04:49
phinms router04:49
=== chutwig [~edmundrhu@nat01-easton-ext.Rutgers.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
knarph_so it's at the lower levels, huh?04:51
=== leonel [~leonel@dsl-200-78-65-79.prod-infinitum.com.mx] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
subterrificknarph_: i have no idea. i mean you can get to some websites, just not others?04:51
aitrus*sigh* my onboard marvel network card isn't being seen by the sk98lin driver04:52
knarph_right.  the real problem is that they change.  I couldn't get to gnu.org an hour ago, but now I can04:52
subterrificknarph_: what kind of connection do you have?04:53
subterrificis it SBC by any chance?04:53
knarph_with a third party ISP04:54
subterrificcould they be having dns problems?04:54
knarph_I though that too, but the windows computer next to me sees them all04:55
=== axe9dotcom [~axe9@] has joined #ubuntu
axe9dotcomhow do I install SMb support?04:55
=== FX|Laptop [~joe@c68.113.225.199.stp.wi.charter.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
axe9dotcomFor network04:56
ioslipstreamapt-get install samba04:56
ioslipstreamor search synaptic for samba04:57
=== maxb__ [~max@202-0-43-124.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificknarph_: i dunno, sounds like a tough problem to nail down over irc04:57
subterrificaxe9dotcom: what exactly are you trying to do?04:57
ioslipstreamaxe9dotcom: you are talking about being able to access shared drives, correct?04:58
axe9dotcom  samba-doc04:58
axe9dotcomThe following NEW packages will be installed:04:58
axe9dotcom  samba04:58
axe9dotcom0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.04:58
axe9dotcomNeed to get 0B/2298kB of archives.04:58
axe9dotcomAfter unpacking 5972kB of additional disk space will be used.04:58
axe9dotcomMedia Change: Please insert the disc labeled04:58
axe9dotcom 'Ubuntu 4.10 _Warty Warthog_ - Unofficial i386 Binary-1 (20040915)'04:58
axe9dotcomin the drive '/cdrom/' and press enter04:58
axe9dotcomI need to network my dad's laptop, and the linux desktop04:58
axe9dotcomDoI use the ISO CD I used to install?04:58
ioslipstreamyeah, just do a "sudo apt-get install samba"04:58
subterrificif you're just trying to connect to smb servers, you can do that without installing samba04:58
axe9dotcomI did04:58
ioslipstreamaxe9dotcom: did you check the network shares in nautilus?04:59
subterrificaxe9dotcom: Computer->Network04:59
Agrajagyeah, but if he wants to share files from the linux machine, he's going to need samba04:59
ioslipstreamComputer Menu>network04:59
Agrajagor smb://sharename in a nautilus browser window04:59
subterrificaxe9dotcom: you can also do File->Connect to Server...05:00
axe9dotcomI went to Computer > System Config > Networking05:00
subterrificaxe9dotcom: uhh, no05:00
=== Ceejay [~craig@user-0c6s8k4.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
axe9dotcomThere's not 'Network' in the computer menu05:00
phinhmmm, i take it prelinking with only 64megs isnt a good idea05:01
ioslipstreamaxe9dotcom: uhh05:01
ioslipstreamaxe9dotcom: it's the 4th item on the menu05:02
aitrusi can't believe that in all the boxes of computer crap i have laying around my place, i don't have a network card05:02
axe9dotcomoops ^^'05:02
axe9dotcomdidn't see it...05:02
phinaitrus,  i picked up a USB to ethernet adaptor05:02
phin12 bux05:02
=== steveb [~steveb@c-24-20-189-69.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
phinisnt the best, but it'll come in handy im sure :)05:02
axe9dotcomnow what?05:02
aitrusphin: yeah, but i need something now, and there are no stores where i live  =(05:02
axe9dotcomneed to boot his laptop...05:02
subterrificaitrus: you can't manually modprobe the sk98lin driver?05:03
=== mojo [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
aitrussubterrific: it says "No such device"05:03
mojoare u talkin about hw_random error?05:04
aitrusmojo: marvel onboard nic (intel 925x mobo)05:04
phini wish these guys would send my friggin bios update already so i can get acpi working05:04
aitruswhat's the package for the kernel source?05:05
subterrificubuntu-source i think?05:05
aitrusahh... linux-source-2......05:06
aitrusokay, wth05:07
=== Skreet [~skreet@h000d613e3f60.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
aitrusit's listed in /var/lib/dpkg/available05:08
aitrusbut when i go to install, it says it isn't available05:08
aitrusi get that same thing when i try to install nvidia-glx05:08
SkreetAnyone know if Ubuntu has support for SMP?05:08
joemSkreet, yes05:09
joemall kernel images have an smp version05:09
Skreetjoem: Enabled by default?05:09
CeejayHi...is there anyone who could help me in getting ubuntu to see my Atapi Zip Drive? I did "dmesg" in terminal and see the drive listed as hdb so I made a line in fstab: /dev/hdb  /mnt/zip  auto   rw,user,noauto 0  0   similar to the floppy drive entry and the entry I made to access the Windows partition on hda1 which works fine. Clicking on the  Zip Drive Icon  returns an error message that says: "special device /dev/hdb does not exist"05:10
joemSkreet, no05:10
aitrusd'oh!  it's listed as a "source" of stuff... not as being available05:10
SkreetJoem: Where do I get the kernels?05:10
SkreetI'm running it now and I wasnt sure it was using SMP.05:10
joemthe apt repository05:10
SkreetJoem: you've lost me.05:11
aitrusCeejay: are you sure it isn't something like /dev/hda1?05:11
Ceejayhda1 is my Windows partition05:11
subterrificSkreet: computer > system config > package manager 05:11
joemSkreet, if you aren't firmiliar with apt and managing packages, eek05:11
=== jono [~jono@82-37-194-90.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
jonohi al05:11
CeejayOther Linux distros usually call it sda405:11
aitrusCeejay: i meant /dev/hdb105:12
polokjust a quick question, and I know it's the not channel for it, can there be named constants in python?05:12
Ceejayya I tried that too05:12
joemhey jono05:12
jonoI just compiled a kernel the debian way on PPC and it has not put a initrd in /boot - is that normal?05:12
subterrificSkreet: search for linux-image-686-smp05:12
jonohi joem05:12
=== ShadowHawk [~scott@d160-154-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Skreetjoem: I'm familiar with linux basics. And I'm sure I can get the hang of it quickly.05:12
aitrusCeejay: yeah, when imm or ipp is used05:12
Skreetsubterrific, Thanks.05:12
joemSkreet, there should be -smp versions for the kernel image and headers package05:12
Ceejayis there another command for finding what devices are called?05:13
joemrestricted modules as well if you use em05:13
Skreetjoem I got one result when I did that search.05:13
subterrificpolok: yes and no. you can create named variables with values, but they aren't constant. just don't write code that modifies the values :)05:14
joemsearch for smp05:14
SkreetShould I go ahead and Apply?05:14
SkreetDo I want to mark that as well?05:14
=== toyowheelin [~greg@c-67-160-51-63.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
toyowheelinhello everyone05:15
subterrificSkreet: you don't need the headers unless you're compiling kernel modules05:15
toyowheelindose anyone know what I can do for a flash player05:15
=== bad_ronald [~nick@] has joined #ubuntu
Skreetsubterrific, I'm assuming they'd be good to download just in case I deside to recompile a custom kernel in the future though right?05:16
subterrifictoyowheelin: flash.com download it05:16
subterrificSkreet: well the headers won't help you do that05:16
subterrificSkreet: you need the source for that05:16
toyowheelinsubterrific, ERROR: Your architecture, \'x86_64\', is not supported by the05:16
toyowheelin       Macromedia Flash Player installer.05:16
Skreetsubterrific, I need both really, right?05:17
subterrificSkreet: nope05:17
Skreetsubterrific, Okay so if I just want a stock smp kernel just get kernel-smp?05:17
Skreeterm, image05:17
subterrificSkreet: yeah05:17
SkreetAnd go through and Apply?05:17
subterrifictoyowheelin: not sure how ubuntu handles 64bit stuff, but on gentoo you'd need to use a 32bit browser05:17
Skreetsubterrific, This seems way too easy to be linux, am I doing everything right?05:18
subterrificSkreet: you might need to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst after installing it and move the entry's for the smp kernel to the top, but other than that....it really is that easy05:19
Skreetsubterrific, Cant complain :)05:19
=== dommi [~dommi@24-168-14-210.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Skreetsubterrific, You using Ubuntu or Gentoo?05:19
subterrificSkreet: both. my amd64 machine is gentoo and i've got ubuntu on a dell and an ibm desktop at work05:20
toyowheelinSkreet, you have an intel HT proc or something05:20
Skreettoyowheelin, Not on this system, Dual 1Ghz P3 chips.05:20
=== Ceejay [~craig@user-0c6s8k4.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu []
Skreettoyowheelin, My other is a 2.8 Prescott though.05:20
toyowheelinHT you gotta do smp too05:20
Skreettoyowheelin, Really SMP applies to logical processors?05:21
toyowheelinyeah 05:21
defendguingnome-look.org has some nice alternative ubuntu splash screens and wallpapers 05:21
toyowheelinor atleast at school it dose05:21
=== yusufg [~yusufg@210-177-227-130.outblaze.com] has joined #ubuntu
subterrificyeah, my ibm desktop at work is a P4 w/ HT and i use the smp kernel05:21
toyowheelinI loaded mandrake 10 pro at school and they have 2.6ghz HT p4s05:21
toyowheelinmandrake sees it as 2 processors05:22
Skreettoyowheelin, We had 2.0Ghz Celery at school.05:22
SkreetWell it is 2 Logical Processors.05:22
=== Ceejay [~craig@user-0c6s8k4.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== trypod [~kljnkl@] has joined #ubuntu
SkreetAll changes have been made successfully? nice..05:22
toyowheelinI have a AMD64 here and it looks like macromedia hasnt made a 64bit flash player yet05:23
=== axe9dotcom [~axe9@] has joined #ubuntu
axe9dotcomall set up05:24
=== rabidbot [~rabidbot@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
axe9dotcomnow how do I get my computer to show up on my dad's network thing, and his computer on mine05:25
Skreetsubterrific, Can I safely remove the 386 entries, the updater did put them at the bottom but I just assume get rid of them, right?05:25
joemmight want to keep them around for at least one boot incase you have a problem with the new image05:25
subterrificSkreet: it's a good idea to leave the 386 kernel around just in case :)05:26
Skreetjoem: That is a good point.05:26
SkreetAlright I'm gonna give it a boot, if I dont come back, call 9-1-1... or something.05:26
trypodUbuntu has KDE ?05:26
mojobut not in main dist05:27
mojou have to get it via Synaptic05:27
=== elcayitas [elcayitas@] has joined #ubuntu
trypodwhat has Ubuntu that other distros havent ?05:28
hazmatgnome2.8 ;-)05:28
AgrajagIs there some reason why there doesn't seem to be a package for the kernel source for
trypodgnome2.8 isnt on other distros ?05:28
AgrajagI'd like to try to get DRI working, and that won't happen without the source which this kernel was built with05:29
hazmatis synaptic keeping state somewhere, my synaptic ui seems to be borked.. in that it won't show packages any more, i see the proper number counts in the status line, but not in the ui05:29
hazmattrypod, not yet05:29
Agrajagtrypod: not stable, no05:29
Agrajagnot even gentoo05:29
Agrajagit's still hardmasked in gentoo05:29
trypodKDE kicks gnome ass05:29
axe9dotcomhi, I was here a littl while aog, asking about networking the windows laptop, and the linux PC05:29
hazmatactually fc3 might have it.05:29
Agrajagthen use KDE05:29
axe9dotcomI have the hub st up05:29
axe9dotcomand I know it works because I'm getting internet thourhg it05:29
AgrajagI happen to think KDE was builtby a 5-year old who was given a box of widgets and told to make a UI05:30
trypodim using it right now05:30
axe9dotcomHoweve,r I've got no cluie hwo to get the computers to see eachother05:30
=== merriam_ [~merriam@kbs21.informatik.uni-bremen.de] has joined #ubuntu
jdubtrypod: see the about ubuntu pages on the website for more info05:30
Agrajagaxe9dotcom: are you running file-sharing services on both computers/05:30
hazmatAgrajag, lol05:30
axe9dotcomno tsure05:31
axe9dotcomhow do I check?05:31
AgrajagDo you have file sharing enabled on the windows machine, and are you running samba on the linux one?05:31
trypodgonem must be made by some 99 years old guy with alzhamer and parkinson05:31
subterrificAgrajag: i've got the linux-source- package installed :\05:31
axe9dotcomI couldn't get Samba05:31
axe9dotcomone min05:31
axe9dotcomlemme try again05:31
Agrajagsubterrific: where did you get it? It tells me the latest package for source is 2.6.7, and that can't be right05:31
Agrajagwell shit, it found it this time05:32
subterrifichazmat: you probably need to select "Sections" view05:32
trypodis unbutu aimed at the south african target audience ?05:33
hazmatsubterrific, it doesn't matter where i am in the ui05:33
hazmatsubterrific, ie sections, search, whatever.. 05:33
yusufgare there any docs which would help somebody switching from Fedora understand Ubuntu better (equivalent commands for package upgrades)05:33
maswantrypod: more like aimed from south africa05:33
AgrajagAnyone try using the DRI stuff from here? http://www.freedesktop.org/~dri/snapshots/README.Debian05:33
hazmatsubterrific, i basically need to reset synaptic, i'm just not sure where its keeping local state05:33
subterrificAgrajag: yeah i dunno, i installed kernel-source a while ago...it _was_ there05:33
AgrajagI have a rage mobility M and I want fceu to stop sucking so bad05:34
toyowheelinwonder how well KDE works on ubuntu...I heard a few weeks ago it didnt work too well05:34
hazmatits not in ~/.synaptic or /root/.synaptic... hence the question05:34
Agrajagsubterrific: well it's grabbing it now, I guess the last apt-get update fixed whatever it was05:34
axe9dotcomMedia Change: Please insert the disc labeled05:34
axe9dotcom 'Ubuntu 4.10 _Warty Warthog_ - Unofficial i386 Binary-1 (20040915)'05:34
axe9dotcomin the drive '/cdrom/' and press enter05:34
axe9dotcomI put in the only Ubuntu diskI have05:34
hazmatkde isn't going to have dbus/hal stuff till kde4 afaik05:34
Agrajagaxe9dotcom: so, do that?05:34
axe9dotcomand it doesn't take05:35
trypodis Ubuntu debian ?05:35
Agrajagtrypod: yes05:35
trypodthe guy in debian say other ways05:35
toyowheelinhazmat, what?? whats dbus/hal05:35
Agrajagtrypod: comment out the first line in /etc/apt/sources.list05:35
Agrajagtrypod: well, it is. It's based on debian sid.05:35
trypodwhy ?05:35
Agrajager wait05:36
subterrificaxe9dotcom: so use synaptic and turn off the cdrom apt source. and do an update too while you're at it...05:36
Agrajagaxe9dotcom: comment out the first line in /etc/apt/sources.list05:36
Agrajaggoddamnit I hate trying to carry on multiple conversations05:36
trypodso debian is better than gentoo ?05:37
axe9dotcomnow what05:37
Agrajagnow do apt-get update05:37
Agrajagthen install samba05:37
hazmattoyowheelin, dbus is a messaging system, hal is a hardware abstraction layer.. there both projects on freedesktop.org, underlying components to the utopia project.. about making the nix world more plug and play05:37
trypodthis distro hasnt got samba ??!05:38
chapiumtrypod: gentoo can be a slow to get things insalled and is a bit less preconfigured05:38
hazmattrypod, different... debian is better for lower powered machines imho unless you have a distcc cluster handy for your arch05:38
toyowheelinhazmat, it should still work with out it right?05:38
poloktrypod: it took me three days to install gentoo05:38
Agrajagtrypod: yes, it does.05:38
hazmattoyowheelin, sure05:38
AgrajagIt's on the CD.05:38
polokas opposed to debian, which only took about an hour05:38
axe9dotcomit's updated05:38
Agrajagaxe9dotcom just burned a bad copy05:38
Agrajagaxe9dotcom: ok, install samba now05:39
trypodbut gentoo is better isnt it ?05:39
hazmati just used ubuntu to wipe a gentoo install on my powerbook that i've had for a year.. staring at upgrade which meant 4 days of compiling straight, was an easy choice05:39
hazmattrypod, for what? for whom?05:39
axe9dotcomPackage samba is not available, but is referred to by another package.05:39
axe9dotcomThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or05:39
axe9dotcomis only available from another source05:39
axe9dotcomHowever the following packages replace it:05:39
axe9dotcom  smbclient samba-common05:39
axe9dotcomE: Package samba has no installation candidate05:39
Agrajaggentoo is fucking awful, you wait hours to install everything for what?05:39
trypodfor every thing05:39
toyowheelinhazmat, do you run KDE on ubuntu?05:40
Agrajaga 1% increase in speed, in programs that don't block on I/O?05:40
hazmattoyowheelin, no05:40
Agrajagaxe9dotcom: install samba-common05:40
Agrajagthat might be it05:40
axe9dotcomIt says it's already the newest version05:40
hazmattoyowheelin, i gave up on kde for gnome2.6... the kde ui doesn't agree with me. there are numerous mailing list postings on it  though.05:41
hazmatin terms of running it on ubuntu.. not sure what the state is05:41
Agrajagwait a minute05:41
=== skreet [~skreet@h000d613e3f60.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Agrajagsamba doesn't exist?05:41
skreetThat worked without a hitch05:41
toyowheelinoh ok...I just unstalled a bunch of KDE packages... hopefully it works05:41
Agrajagaxe9dotcom: have you enabled the universe repository?05:42
=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
axe9dotcomThe what>05:42
Agrajagedit /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment the two lines that say universe near the end05:42
=== axe9dotcom is a total baby to linux, born last week
Agrajagthen apt-get update again05:42
AgrajagTHEN install samba05:42
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
toyowheelinok I'll be back hopefully05:43
toyowheelinin KDE05:43
skreetvncviewer: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:43
trypodaxe9dotcom is an M$ bs05:43
skreetpackage manager says it's installed. Any ideas?05:44
axe9dotcomdon't tease me T_T05:44
trypodyes you are05:44
=== hazmat sighs
phinhmmm some reason openbox isnt showing its toolbar05:44
tsengit doesnt have a toolbar05:44
skreettrypod: M$ bs?05:44
trypodwhat is openbox ?05:44
phinthat explains it05:45
phinanother blackbox type 05:45
trypodi like my box closed 05:45
tsengits not blackbox at all05:45
tsengit was rewritten in C for 3.x05:45
phinyes i know05:45
skreetI should try it.05:45
phinits blackbox like05:45
skreetSame concept.05:45
axe9dotcomnow what?05:45
phini do have a few minor complaints05:45
phinbut i do like it05:45
phinits menu handles weird at times, and such05:45
phini think i may go back to flux05:46
skreetWell, I installed RealVNC and it wont start.. grm.05:46
tsengi dont use its menu, i use gnome-panel05:46
skreetI just use gnome.05:46
trypodwouldnt it be better to have just one GNU linux ?05:46
phini have gnome-panel running05:46
phinbut its pretty intensive on a k6-2 300 with 64 megs of mem05:46
skreetphin: .. wow.05:46
trypodone that would install has need ?05:47
aitrushow do i download the nvidia-glx package from ubuntu so that i can burn it and copy it to my networkless computer?05:47
Agrajagtrypod: what05:47
trypodone linux fits all05:47
skreettrypod: It's called Windows XP05:48
skreetand it's nothing like windows.05:48
skreeterm, linux05:48
=== Atticus [~anon@rdrt-164-107-205-0.resnet.ohio-state.edu] has joined #ubuntu
skreetor Red Hat.05:48
skreetThat pretty much does all (and has 3 cd's full of .. all?)05:48
trypodred hat isnt GNU05:48
Atticushi can someone help me, i have kind of a serious problem and im going to be screwed if i cant get this fixed.05:48
skreetfredora is, isnt it?05:48
axe9dotcomWhat's The Problem?05:49
=== Wop [~pow@c-24-126-110-103.we.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Agrajagone linux does not fit all05:49
trypodwhat about something like gentoo that was easy to install ?05:49
Agrajagespecially retards that want gentoo and KDE to be the one way05:49
Agrajagfuck. gentoo.05:49
phini dont like gentoo05:49
trypodive never tryed gentoo05:49
phlaegeltseng: ping05:50
axe9dotcomAgra, I got samba, and isntalled, now hwo do I get my computer set up so my dad's can access?05:50
AgrajagWhy would everyone who runs linux want to spend hours upon hours building every piece of software?05:50
AtticusOk, well i installed ubuntu and everything went fine... after messing around with it for a bit seeing what it was like, i restarted the pc to go back to windows xp (where i am now)... then once i restarted my pc again, the computer just loads into windows with no GRUB select OS screen05:50
phini like debian alot better05:50
trypodwhats bad about gentoo ?05:50
tsengwould you watch the language/bashing please05:50
tsengit degrades the community05:50
tsengphlaegel: yes?05:50
skreetGentoo is pretty nice, If you have the time to set it up from scratch05:50
axe9dotcomAre linux, and windowson the same hard drive?05:50
Agrajagtrypod: How long does it take to install... well... ANYTHING?05:50
=== toyowheelin [~greg@c-67-160-51-63.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
phlaegeltseng: any chance of packaging mono.posix? tomboy in cvs uses it...05:50
skreetagrajag: Thats the idea. :)05:50
toyowheelinKDE works fine05:50
skreetMy server was Gentoo05:50
subterrificAgrajag: gentoo on my amd64 runs fine. kernel in 5 minutes, xorg in 2005:51
phlaegelI don't really know anything about it either :-)05:51
AgrajagDon't get me wrong. I'm using gentoo right now, on my desktop.05:51
tsengphlaegel: where is the homepage?05:51
AtticusAxe9dotcom i PM'ed you05:51
AgrajagI'm starting to get sick of it, but I'll stick with it until it REALLY annoys me.05:51
trypodif gentoo is good for server it must be good for everything else05:51
toyowheelinsubterrific, yeah I tried gentoo but got confused05:51
AgrajagBut can you imagine gentoo on a 700 Mhz PIII?05:51
skreetI have XP and Ubuntu right now, but I love Gentoo.05:51
toyowheelinand went with ubuntu05:51
Agrajaga laptop?05:51
skreetAgrajag, I can imagine Gentoo on a 350Mhz P205:51
joemAgrajag et all..keep it on topic or hang out in #gentoo05:51
phini cant stand gentoo, dunno why05:51
skreetI used it for 4 months05:52
phini love fbsd thou05:52
Agrajagjoem: I am in gentoo.05:52
AgrajagAnd I didn't bring this up.05:52
toyowheelinsubterrific, it compiles the kernel really friggin quick hu05:52
joemthen talk about it there05:52
trypodcan one emerge the kernel ?05:52
phlaegeltseng: not sure... haven't been able to find a lot of info. there's this: http://www.nullenvoid.com/mono/wiki/index.php/MonoPosix05:52
Agrajagtrypod: in gentoo? yes.05:52
=== tseng sighs
trypodand it compiles right ?05:53
phlaegeltseng: it sounds like it's something I'd expect to be included with mono, but...05:53
trypodout of the net 05:53
skreetyou emerge the kernel, then set it up and compile it in the next steps05:53
skreetbut go to #gentoo if you want to discuss gentoo.05:53
Agrajagoh, right. I thought he was asking if it would compile.05:53
skreetI'm going to bed, goodnight everyone05:53
mojohi, what's diff bw X.org and Xfree86? Are commercial Unix using XFree86 or diff X?05:53
AgrajagInstall a new kernel in ubuntu is a 30-second job05:53
Agrajagyou don't wait for things to compile, you just install them. it's already built, everything is modularized as it should be.05:54
skreetnot a custom though.05:54
phinthe distro doesnt matter05:54
tuppaexcept gentoo :)05:54
subterrific /topic ubuntu05:54
phinkernel building is kernel building05:54
trypodso is unbutu sponsored by debian ?05:54
Agrajagmojo: most commercial unixes use their own X servers05:54
skreetEach distro is different, pick the one for you, but dont flame the other options :)05:54
tsengget off it.05:54
Agrajagphin: Not if you just use ubuntu's kernel package05:54
joemtseng, hmm05:54
joemshould be part of mono05:55
tsengyesh it should.05:55
phinagrajag: i used a vanilla kernel05:55
mojoAgrajag: so commercial X server will have more drivers and better than free server?05:55
phini need to redo it thou05:55
trypodtheir own X servers ? dont they use Xfree or Xorg ?05:55
Agrajaghey yeah, is there a mono package out? I couldn't find one a few days ago, and I prefer muine to rhythmbox05:55
=== tvon|x31 likes gentoo
tsengphlaegel: ^ joem is the man.05:55
Agrajagmojo: well it'll have better drivers for the hardware that the OS supports.05:55
AtticusDoes anyone know how to edit the windows Boot.ini to get my pc to load into Ubuntu, GRUB stopped working!! help me please :(05:55
joemAgrajag, check the user archives05:55
joemthere is a mono apt repo05:56
Agrajagmost commercial unixes support a more rigid set of hardware05:56
Agrajagoh cool05:56
tvon|x31deb     http://www.getsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs ./05:56
joemit is quite rocking :)05:56
Agrajagoh thanks05:56
AgrajagI'll check that out after I try to get DRI working.05:56
mojoAgrajag: y ppl change to X.org? what about Xfree86 - died?05:56
phlaegeltseng: that's what I expected... so why doesn't tomboy compile anymore? it complains about missing mono.posix.05:56
tsengyeah that guy is my freakin hero05:56
Agrajagmojo: they changed the license, it is no longer compatible witht he GPL05:56
tsengphlaegel: do you have the -dev libs?05:56
phinmojo: no, they are 2 diffrent projects05:56
AtticusDoes anyone know how to edit the windows Boot.ini to get my pc to load into Ubuntu, GRUB stopped working!! help me please :(05:56
tsengor something.05:56
phinneither is dead05:57
Agrajagx.org started as a set of patches to XFree86 pre-license change05:57
phlaegeltseng: libmono-dev?05:57
phinprelink is taking forever05:57
Agrajagand it's picked up speed and developers, and it's moving along faster than XFree ever was05:57
tsengphlaegel: make sure you have them all05:57
phini wish i coulda just prelinked one program05:57
mojoAgrajag: Ive just heard about X.org for a while, are they jut founded? what things they based on to develop new X?05:57
AgrajagCheck out freedesktop.org for info on it05:57
danielsAgrajag: ehm, actually X.Org started as a CVS tree last year05:57
danielsone which mirrored all licence-sane XFree86 code; there were no patches until later on, when we had a basic structure05:58
mojoAgrajag: so X.org now is better than Xfree86?05:58
Agrajagdaniels: right, but it started with the xfree source right?05:58
phlaegeltseng: I have everything except mono-gac, mono-jay, mono-mint05:58
danielsAgrajag: the licence-sane XFree86 code, yes05:58
daniels(approximately XFree86 4.4RC2)05:58
Agrajagmojo: 6.8.1 is pretty awesome, yes05:58
subterrificmojo: there is plenty of info on xorg availble on the internet. google is your friend05:58
danielsthis code was then refined and improved, bugs squashed, and a new X release was put out05:58
Agrajagthe COMPOSE and DAMAGE extensions make things a lot smoother05:58
tsengphlaegel: huh.05:59
Agrajagubuntu's still on xfree until xorg puts out their non-monolithis version though :/05:59
trypodwhats so great with 6.8.1 ?05:59
mojoAgrajag: now XFree86 is left untouched --> will it die soon if none Linux use it?05:59
Agrajagtrypod: as I said, COMPOSE and DAMAGE05:59
Agrajagmojo: it's not untouched.05:59
trypodwhats that ?05:59
Agrajagthey're still working on it.05:59
Agrajagtrypod: two extensions they added in05:59
trypodwhat for ?06:00
subterrificand it's COMPOSITE06:00
mojoAgrajag: OK, so for example, If I create my own Linux for commercial, so I can pay for Xfree86 to have the license rite?06:00
Agrajagoh right06:00
Agrajagtrypod: it makes it so, for one, dragging windows across each other doesn't make them smear06:00
Agrajagand you can have true alpha-blending in your WM06:01
Agrajagtranslucent windows, etc.06:01
Agrajaguseless eye-candy for the most part, but sometimes it can look cool06:01
=== yusufg [~yusufg@210-177-227-130.outblaze.com] has left #ubuntu []
Agrajagand you could do shaped windows more easily I think, check out some of the screenshots on freedesktop.org06:01
trypoddo nvidea drivers work on xorg ?06:02
Agrajagmojo: no, xfree86 doesn't cost anything06:02
phindude, i got a 2ghz machine with alot of mem and a killer vid card, GIVE ME MY FUCKING EYECANDY!!!!06:02
Agrajagtrypod: yes06:02
tsengwatch the language already06:02
Agrajagmojo: the problem with the license is that it put restrictions on the distributors beyond what the GPL does06:02
subterrificwow, this channel just went to shit.06:02
WopIs there a way to remote control my ubuntu system from windows? I noticed there was an option on it to allow remote connections. =x06:03
AgrajagWop: well, you could run an ssh server, a VNC server, or just use an X server on the windows machine and use X11 forwarding through SSH06:03
Agrajagbut the simplest is probably vnc06:03
mojoAgrajag: Xfree86 made wrong decision, it will make Xfree86 become extinct from Linux world, poor Xfree86 guys06:04
Agrajagmojo: possibly06:04
WopWould tightvnc work?06:04
trypodwhats all this hype about ubuntu ?06:04
=== liz [~liz@ADSL-063.cust203-87-27.nsw.chariot.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
trypodis it hackable ?06:05
trypodthats it isnt it ?06:05
mojoAgrajag: I read on their pages, there are a small list of Linux distro been licensed to run, but seems most of them are migrating to Xorg06:05
Agrajagmojo: yes, because of the license thing and because of the faster development06:06
Agrajagxfree86 probably won't just go away, but we'll see06:06
goatboy_Wop: on the ubuntu end, vino (gnome's vnc server) would be the easiest.06:07
goatboy_Computer -> Desktop Preferences -> Remote Desktop06:07
Wopthat would work?06:07
mojoAgrajag: It'd be crazy if...around next year, Xfree86 feels regreat and change back to GPL, it will be too late, Xorg will crush it down106:07
WopWhat would I use06:07
=== nanotech [~nanotech@kaam0.yokota.attmil.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu
Agrajagmojo: they never were GPL.06:08
Wopon my windows end06:08
WopTo connect to it.06:08
tvon|x31vino is a cool start, needs a lil hacking...really need a gnome vnc client06:08
AgrajagWop: tightVNC seems to be what most people use06:08
mojoAgrajag: lol, then all the times, all Linux distros break the law?06:08
Agrajagmojo: what, on06:08
Agrajagthere are other free licenses.06:08
mojoAgrajag: what the? I'm confused! can u explain to me pls?06:09
trypodisnt unbutu just debian ?06:09
Agrajagxfree86's license was compatible with the GPL though, and no longer is.06:09
trypodunbutu is a sarge pre release ?06:09
mojoAgrajag: what about the Xfree86 developers? Are they also Xorg developers?06:09
Agrajagother license for OSS are the BSD license, the Mozilla Public License, and the Apple Public Source License06:09
Agrajagmojo: some of them jumped ship to xorg, I think.06:09
AgrajagSome contribute patches to both.06:10
Agrajaghttp://www.xfree86.org/current/LICENSE1.html that is the license for xfree06:10
lizanyone know how to get my network working on ubuntu?..it says that i dont have smb installed, yet if i do a find on it, its there..i just dont know how to activate/run it so that it will detect my lan06:10
trypodis unbutu a sarge pre release ?06:10
mojoAgrajag: k, so at realease 4.4, Xfree86 license is not compatible with GPL06:10
Agrajag"Except as contained in this notice, the name of the XFree86 Project shall not be used in advertising or otherwise to promote the sale, use or other dealings in this Software without prior written authorization from the XFree86 Project."06:10
AgrajagThat clause is what broke GPL compatibility06:10
danielstrypod: Ubuntu is based on Debian, but with a far shorter release cycle, improved installer, many improved packages, GNOME 2.8 with Ubuntu modifications as the default desktop, et al.06:10
Agrajagbecause it places restrictions.06:10
joemguys there are thousands of posts about xfree stuff on the web06:10
mojoAgrajag: is that GPL fault? what if we change GPL license?06:10
Agrajagand that can't be done.06:11
joemyou are really flooding the chan with this stuff06:11
Agrajagmojo: It's not the fault of the GPL, and why would we want to change it06:11
lizand ive been through the support files, and theres nothing there about it06:11
Agrajagliz: client or server side?06:11
mojoAgrajag: so we can keep going on with Xfree86?06:11
Agrajagmojo: you can yuse whatever the hell you wanyt06:11
defendguinany idea on how long it takes spamassassin before it stops downloading spam emails?06:12
Agrajagjoem: I'm simple responding to questions, I'm getting a bit tired of it myself because there are thing s I want to do and can't BECAUSE I KEEP BEING PESTERED ABOUT GENTOOO AND XFREE8606:12
trypodmojo is an m$ bs06:12
lizAgrajag, either. i just want to be able to see my home network on ubuntu06:12
danielsthat's not actually the clause which causes issues, but joem is right -- this is way off-topic and flooding the channel.  if you want to discuss this, I recommend #xorg.06:12
mojoAgrajag: X11R6.6, what this means? I dont get this06:13
Agrajagliz: ok, have you tried going by IP address instead of name?06:13
Agrajagmojo: STOP JUST STOP06:13
danielsmojo: #xorg, please.06:13
danielsAgrajag: now, no need to be rude06:13
jdubliz: you should be able to see your home network without installing samba06:13
lizjdub, it doesnt ..06:13
mojoAgrajag: I just ...want to ask...sigh...okay, I'll go...06:13
jdubliz: click on Computer > Network06:13
joemAgrajag please reduce the caps as well06:13
jdubliz: what appears there?06:13
Agrajagmojo: I sugget google.com06:13
tvonsoooo, any pygtk wizards who run straw with the latest gnome-python packages from ubuntu?06:13
jdubliz: do you have a Windows Network icon?06:14
mojoAgrajag: okay, thx for ur help, I will use google.com06:14
trypodis unbutu safe ?06:14
lizjdub, under computer, system config..i have networking06:14
Agrajagsafe for what?06:14
trypodfor the internet06:15
lizin there..it shows my ethernet card..06:15
Agrajagliz: not system config, just computer > network06:15
phinanyone have a tutorial on getting one of thouse cool eterms on my desktop?06:15
lizi dont have that Agrajag06:15
Agrajagtrypod: what are you talking about, you'll have to be more clear06:15
jdubliz: no, Computer > Network06:15
Agrajagliz: weird06:15
jdubliz: in the list of icons at the top06:15
danielstrypod: Ubuntu has a no-listening policy per default, which means there's nothing opening and listening to be exploited.  That said, we keep very up-to-date on security anyway.06:15
Agrajagopen a terminal06:15
Agrajagrun nautilus --no-desktop --browser06:15
Agrajagthatll open a nautilus browser06:16
trypodit has firewalls and stuff ?06:16
Agrajagin the address, type smb://<sharename>06:16
jdubliz: if Agrajag can't help, ask me later.06:16
Agrajagtrypod: there's always iptables06:16
lizok mines under applications..not computer06:16
=== rage1 [~joe@c-24-0-85-144.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
trypodso iptables are preconfigured ?06:16
lizdont ask me why..thats the way it setup06:17
AgrajagYou haven't updated yet, that's why06:17
Agrajagthey changed it06:17
Agrajagso is there a windows network icon in your network window then?06:17
Agrajagtrypod: I have no idea, I use NAT ofr a firewall06:17
=== haldir [~haldir@] has joined #ubuntu
trypodstop talking about windows pls06:17
Agrajagtrypod: but you could always set it up yourself06:17
lizAgrajag, yes, its there..that works06:17
Agrajagtrypod: we're talking about samba06:17
liznwo..to get sound working06:17
trypodi dont know how to set that stuff up06:17
Agrajagliz: run alsamixer06:17
Agrajagis anything muted?06:18
=== tvon notes that the Plone package in ubuntu is mighty old
lizwhere is that?06:18
lizits not in multimedia06:18
Agrajagopen a terminal06:18
jdubdaniels: dpkg -L libgnomevfs2-common | grep dns06:18
lizmy musics opening in totem06:18
lizbut i cant hear anything06:18
jdubdaniels: you got a .so file there?06:18
haldirsorry for a stupid newbie question. where is the changelog kept for ubuntu. i wanted to read over the changes of all the new updates that were just released.06:18
Agrajagit's playing, but silently?06:18
jdubhaldir: the warty-changes mailing list06:19
danielsjdub: yeah, libdns-sd.so06:19
AgrajagApplications > System Tools > Teminal06:19
danielsjdub: this is with ubuntu306:19
Agrajagthen run alsamixer from there06:19
jdubdaniels: very odd06:19
trypodhow do i upgrade unbutu from an older release ?06:19
danielsjdub: you don't have one?06:19
jdubdaniels: because it doesn't depend on howl, and should build with howl06:19
danielstrypod: there's nothing actually listening to block access to06:19
jdubit probably dlopens and doesn't care... hrm.06:20
danielsyeah, I assume it's all about the dlopening06:20
jdubbut the build checks for howl ;)06:20
lizeep..is there antoehr way of doing my sound?..i have no idea how to use this06:20
danielswhich makes sense from a gnome-vfs point of view, 'cause it's dynamic06:20
danielsjdub: huh?06:20
danielsjdub: isn't howl ... not quite unrelated, but totally not below gnome-cfs?06:21
trypodif i start web browsing ther gona be something open 06:21
jdubgnome-vfs uses howl for dns-sd06:21
Agrajagliz: if anything is muted you'll only have to do it once06:21
jdubthe build checks for it06:21
danielstrypod: yes, but not listening on an external port.06:21
danielsjdub: oh, howl's the mdns stuff06:21
Agrajagliz: all you need are the arrow keys, M to mute/unmute, and Esc to exit06:21
danielsjdub: if so, then it probably just disables specific functionality, but leaves a stub libdns-sd around06:21
Agrajaganything muted will say [Off]  next to the mixer name06:21
=== oseb [~oseb@] has joined #ubuntu
Agrajager, Item name06:22
jdubdaniels: mmm, the so doesn't link with howl06:22
jdubdaniels: but i have howl installed, and it works ;)06:22
danielsjdub: maybe it tries dlopening howl :)06:22
haldirthanks jdub. pretty well hidden list. no links from the mailing list page. but i found it06:22
lizyes !...sound06:22
jdubi wonder why it even bothers checking for howl in the build06:22
lizlovely..thanks Agrajag and jdub06:22
jdubhaldir: lists.ubuntu.com will list it06:22
danielsjdub: if it wasn't 1.6MB, I'd download the source to see, heh06:22
Agrajagno problem06:23
trypodwhats howl ?06:23
danielsjdub: i think I'm almost done with making g-s-m gksudo and higgy and stuff06:23
jdubdaniels: oh, sweet06:23
jdubdaniels: you shoulda taken that bug, it was on my list ;)06:23
jdubtrypod: dns-sd library06:23
trypodso that is a server 06:24
Agrajagliz: also, if you want to update, run synaptic06:24
danielsjdub: i asked you about it, sipper :) want me to assign it to myself?06:24
toyowheelinanyone know how to specify CFLAGS CHOST and CXXFLAGS in a configure script?06:24
jdubnot *really*, although there is a server involved06:24
Agrajagcomputer > system configuration > synaptic package manager06:24
jdubdaniels: yeah :)06:24
danielsjdub: phat06:24
Treenaksis there a GUI samba configuration program?06:24
danielsjdub: btw, did I tell you my model Snoop arrived? it features the phrase 'seven dizzles a wizzle' on the box.06:24
jdub$ grep -c dlopen dns-sd-method.c06:25
danielsjdub: bong06:25
jdub#ifdef HAVE_HOWL06:25
jdub/* Need to work around howl exporting its config file... */06:25
jdub#undef PACKAGE06:25
jdub#undef VERSION06:25
jdub#include <howl.h>06:25
jdubwtf?! ;)06:25
danielshm, how does it manage Howl stuff, then?06:25
trypodso unbutu isnt very good for serving porposes ?06:25
danielsmaybe it should b-d on howl.06:25
jdubtrypod: er, where'd you get that idea?06:25
tvon|x31trypod: Ubuntu is aiming to be a Desktop distribution06:25
jdubdaniels: well, yeah06:26
jdubdaniels: but atm it doesn't06:26
jdubtvon|x31: not true :)06:26
danielsjdub: weird06:26
jdubdaniels: so it shouldn't include that so at all ;)06:26
trypodbecause theres no firewall and proxie06:26
=== tvon|x31 puts away his pamphlets of lies and untruths
jdubtrypod: the default install is a desktop install06:26
jdubtrypod: if you want a web proxy, install squid06:26
jdubtrypod: if you want a firewall, you can use iptables (included), and use one of the many firewall configuration tools in universe06:27
trypodi whant a firewall-proxie thing 06:27
jdubyou'll have to describe what you want more precisely :)06:27
Agrajagyou should use something designed to be one then06:27
=== steveod [~stephen@69-162-32-99.stcgpa.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
danielsjdub: well, if it includes it just as a stub, that's not so bad06:27
trypodi dont whant it to respond to pings 06:28
jdubtrypod: that's not a useful thing to do, but if you really want to, you can use iptables06:28
tvon|x31you can do that with iptables06:29
=== oseb [~oseb@] has joined #ubuntu
trypodive read you could do it in the kernel 06:29
phinhow do i get one of those transparent console windows on my x desktop?06:29
danielsphin: the packages for X.Org will be in Hoary06:29
jdubtrypod: that's what iptables does06:29
Agrajagphin: you won't get a real one in the current ubuntu06:30
jdubphin: edit your gnome-terminal profile (for fake transparency)06:30
trypodsomething to do with the procs stuff06:30
Treenaksbtw, is it normal for hotplug to take ages to start when I boot?06:30
phini rather use eterm,  gnome-term is to slow on this pc06:30
jdubtrypod: yeah06:30
jdubdaniels: 06:30
jdub$ grep howl /tmp/PANTS06:30
jdubchecking for howl >= 0.9.6... Package howl was not found in the pkg-config search path.06:30
jdubPerhaps you should add the directory containing `howl.pc'06:30
jdubNo package 'howl' found06:30
Treenaksit takes about one second for each line it outputs.. sometimes more if it actually loads a module06:30
jdublet's see if it makes the stub ;)06:30
phinit doesnt need to be real transparent06:30
=== Wop2 [~chris@c-24-126-110-103.we.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== knarph [~bollocks@kristif.dsl.pdx.spiretech.com] has joined #ubuntu
trypodi whant it o change my MAC adress every 30 m06:32
trypodcan i do that ?06:32
phinwhy would you want todo that??06:32
=== mdz [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
trypodfor making me intraceable 06:32
steveodanyone have any luck with nvidia drivers on a 64bit system06:33
phinmaybe you shouldnt do illegalt hings :-P06:33
trypodwhats that ?06:33
phinillegal things*06:33
aitrusnite all06:34
trypodi dont do that06:34
jdubdaniels: bizarre!06:34
trypodothers do that 06:34
jdub$ find /tmp/poo/ | grep dns06:35
=== xTina [~xTina@pD9E626AD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
trypodthe cops do illegal things all the time 06:35
trypodwho is gona arrest them ?06:36
jdubguys, off-topic discussion elsewhere please06:36
danielsjdub: i'm tipping it's just a stub that does absolutely sfa06:36
jdubdaniels: but it works! ;)06:36
Treenakswhat about my hotplug-stuff? is that normal?06:36
Treenaks(it taking ages to start)06:36
jdubTreenaks: yes06:36
danielsjdub: maybe it's a super-intelligent stub?06:36
jdubdepending on the ages06:36
jdubdaniels: there's like, gobloads of stuff ifdeffed otu06:37
Treenaksjdub: about a minute in total06:37
jdubTreenaks: that can happen, yeah06:37
Wop2Does Ubuntu come with any SSH software?06:37
trypodSSH cant be exporte out side the US06:38
Treenakstrypod: yes it can06:38
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-039-196.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
danielsjdub: that's so weird06:38
trypodwhy because its cracable ?06:39
=== Wop2 [~chris@c-24-126-110-103.we.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
danielsjdub: howl doesn't provide a libdns-sd of its own, does it?06:39
danielsWop2: yes, it comes with the OpenSSH client per default, and the server can be installed06:39
=== tonita [~tonita@d1-226.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
trypodOpenSSH is cackable 06:39
jdubdaniels: not the gnome-vfs one06:39
trypodthats why it can be exported06:39
Wop2Where would I find it?06:39
danielsjdub: bong06:39
danielsWop2: for the client, type 'ssh'. for the server, run sudo apt-get install openssh-server.06:40
trypodhow much memory this distro fills up ?06:41
Agrajagwhat, like physical ram?06:41
trypodyes and swap 06:41
deFrysktrypod, the more mem is being used the faser it runs06:41
AgrajagI'm using 107 of 304 megs ram, and 176 K of 604 megs swap06:41
deFryskin ramthat is06:41
Agrajagthat's with just gnome-terminal running with apt-get grabbing some stuff06:42
trypodi need the ram to play armyops06:42
Agrajagtrypod: anything not being used will be swapped out06:42
lamonthow does one un-pause a printer?06:43
trypodcan i start it to cli and run x-game to start armyops ?06:43
=== lamont kinda hates cupsys at this point
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-126.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
trypodzenmen ?06:44
=== aethyr [~aethyr@dyn006612-twr2-student.cpmc.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu
zenwhendo u grow corns?06:44
AgrajagI use crons06:44
zenwheni use pr0nz06:45
zenwhentrypod, plz stop hacking me06:45
trypodzenwhen: do you use your brain ?06:45
trypodfor something usefull ?06:46
zenwhenoh god i bet you are reading my files right now06:46
trypodi recon not06:46
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-126.bgk.bellsouth.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-126.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
toyowheelinyay I win06:46
toyowheelinI compiled something06:46
fabbionemorning guys06:46
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneanybody knows french?06:47
toyowheelinnot I06:47
trypodthe spamers are here !!!06:47
zenwhenwhos spamming?06:47
trypodive enjoyed this chann wile it lasted 06:47
trypodtime to leave06:47
=== trypod [~kljnkl@] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete]
zenwhenwhat happened to it?06:48
Agrajagzenwhen: wow06:48
zenwhenIm a god of some kind.06:48
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host101.200-117-164.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
=== steveb [~steveb@c-24-20-189-69.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Agrajagno gtk-sharp06:50
Agrajagguess I'll have to try it from source06:50
eazel7I am building mono 1.0.206:50
eazel7would you help me to collaborate with ubuntu in the packaging?06:51
toyowheelinyay KDE works better than gnome06:51
zenwhenhow so?06:52
eazel7toyowheelin, I can say the opposite06:52
toyowheelinwell I can tell KDE what sound I want to use06:52
eazel7toyowheelin, kde lacks of gimp, kde lacks of gnomemeeting, kde lacks of all gaim features...06:52
zenwhenOh, esound could have bene configured to your liking as well had you cared ot read the documentation.06:53
toyowheelinthats funny eazel7 cuz I have all of those06:53
jdubeazel7: talk to tseng, he has been proposed his updated packages for inclusion in universe06:53
Wop2What would be a good ftpd for ubuntu?06:53
Wop2Would proftpd be fine?06:53
eazel7toyowheelin, where did you get them?06:54
toyowheelinumm the default packages for ubuntu work fine06:54
eazel7I want the 1.0.206:55
toyowheelinI have the gimp 2.0.something I have gaim 1.0.006:55
toyowheelinand I think I have gnomemeeting06:55
toyowheelinI dont know though cuz I dont use it06:55
toyowheelineazel7, if you want the "bleeding edge" gaim just compile it06:56
eazel7I have the bleeding edge gaim06:56
eazel7what I am looking for is for mono06:57
toyowheelinWTF is that06:57
eazel7.net compiler?06:57
Agrajagmono is .NET06:57
jdubeazel7: use tseng's packages -> see the universe page on the wiki for the url06:57
toyowheelinumm gcc lol06:57
ioslipstreamtoyowheelin: flavour du jour06:57
eazel7jdub, ok, I'll do06:57
toyowheelinwhy you want .NET06:57
toyowheelinioslipstream, what06:57
Agrajagtoyowheelin: to compile .NET programs06:57
toyowheelinenglish dude06:58
toyowheelinnever seen any .NET proga06:58
ioslipstreammono/.net - flavor of the day06:58
Agrajagtoyowheelin: muine06:58
jdubtoyowheelin: there are a bunch of good apps that use mono. it's just a different development environment.06:58
zenwhenmono is the kissing disease06:58
eazel7I am developer of commercial applications too, linux doesn't feed me, ok? what I can do for Open Source I do06:58
Agrajaghttp://muine.gooeylinux.org/ best music player ever06:58
Agrajagand it's written in C#, with the GTK# bindings06:59
ioslipstreamAgrajag: how so?06:59
toyowheelineazel7, ok06:59
Agrajagright now I'm trying to get GTK# installed06:59
Agrajagioslipstream: it's my opinion, ok?06:59
=== fragment [~chatzilla@ip76.qdsl.openaccess.org] has joined #ubuntu
AgrajagI like the album browser06:59
Agrajagit grabs album covers from amazon.com06:59
ioslipstreamheh, i was curious as to why you thought so, i wasn't trying to be rude06:59
Agrajagwell that's my answer06:59
jdubAgrajag: use tseng's packages, which is mentioned on the wiki and mailing lists06:59
toyowheelinI just compiled kooldock yay06:59
=== suineg [~nickrapp@s77-37.resnet.ucla.edu] has joined #ubuntu
fragmentHey, downloading the latest ISO and I noticed an error in the jigdo file.07:00
Agrajagjdub: that doesn't include gtk# :(07:00
tsengtseng is my hero07:00
tsengAgrajag: uh...07:00
Agrajagunless I just can't figure out the package name07:00
Nafaitseng: Hehe.07:00
fragmentIt should read:07:00
Agrajagit's not gtk-sharp?07:00
jdubAgrajag: just install muine07:00
fragment[Servers] 07:00
fragmentUbuntu=http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ --try-last07:00
Agrajagjdub: it's in there?07:00
tsengarachne: its in there dude..07:00
jdubAgrajag: you don't need to care about the library package names07:00
=== baietas [~baietas@CPE00095b6cf17d-CM000f9f7d5d12.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Agrajagoh shit07:00
AgrajagI didn't think muine would be there07:00
Nafaitseng: I'm my own hero too.  Not for Mono packages though.07:01
baietassup guys... anyone knows if there's a package for the latest RADEON drivers for ubuntu?07:01
jdubbaietas: see BinaryDriverHowto on the wiki07:01
fragmentjdub: Is there someone else I should tell?  Email, maybe?07:01
baietasthank you jdub07:01
jdubfragment: about?07:02
fragmentThere's an error in the jigdo file(s).07:02
fragmentIt should read:07:02
fragment[Servers] 07:02
jdubmail ubuntu-devel07:02
fragmentUbuntu=http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ --try-last07:02
=== xoz [~xoz@p4253-ipad204souka.saitama.ocn.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu
fragmentWill do.  Thanks!07:02
jdubKamion: when you're up, there's a problem with the jigdo files posted to -devel07:03
jdubthat should do it :)07:03
jdubnew ubuntu article07:04
Nafaijdub: I may try out ubuntu on a coworker's laptop. :)07:04
=== cef_work [~cef@] has joined #ubuntu
=== baietas [~baietas@CPE00095b6cf17d-CM000f9f7d5d12.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Dr_Willis [~willis@12-222-124-154.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tuppa [~tuppa@christie.corvu.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
baietashow do i find out the version of a kernel module?07:14
baietassomething with lsmod  right?07:14
theantixbaietas,  uname -r07:14
theantixer sorry, kernel module... stupid me07:15
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host101.200-117-164.telecom.net.ar] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
polokhow compatible is ubuntu with debian kernel images?07:16
mdzpolok: they should work fine, but why?07:17
=== Azmodan [~daniel@c207.134.215-12.clta.globetrotter.net] has joined #ubuntu
polokmdz: just thinking about getting a kernel the Debian Way07:18
AzmodanDoes someone have an idea when Ubuntu will be out ?  More like early october or late october ?07:19
polokNot sure whether or not I'll do it the Debian Way yet, or just compile it from source.07:19
baietasthe synaptic package manager is ubuntu specific or its coming from debian?07:19
mdzpolok: Ubuntu comes with its own kernel07:19
mdzpolok: if you're familiar with debian kernel, the same tools are available for use with ubuntu kernels (make-kpkg)07:19
AzmodanI mean, Ubuntu Final Release...07:19
polokmdz: ah cool07:19
=== dasenjo [~dasenjo@] has joined #ubuntu
Agrajagdoes anyone know anything about old ati card and getting dri to work?07:20
mdzAzmodan: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/WartyWarthog/ReleaseSchedule07:21
AzmodanThanks, I didn't noticed.07:21
Agrajaghttp://www.freedesktop.org/~dri/snapshots/README.Debian and would this be reasonably safe to try?07:21
Dr_WillisAgrajag,  other then that it can be a royal pain :P07:21
Dr_WillisAgrajag,  heh heh.07:21
AgrajagI just want fceu-sdl to run reasonably fast07:22
AzmodanIs it possible to dist-upgrade from the actual version to the final release ?07:22
Agrajagwithout X eating CPU time07:22
=== yusufg [~yusufg@210-177-227-130.outblaze.com] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_WillisIn the past getting full 3d support from my ati cards has often been hampered by the motherboards chipset/X versions/Ati driver Versions all fighting.07:22
calcAgrajag: which ati model?07:22
Agrajagrage mobility... something07:23
calcAgrajag: a mach64 based card?07:23
Agrajagrage mobility P/M07:23
Agrajagno, rage07:23
calcAgrajag: iirc that is mach64, not radeon07:23
AgrajagI thought rage came between the two07:23
Agrajagthis is an HP omnibook 600007:23
calcthere is rage which was mach64, don't recall what r128's were called, and then radeon07:24
Agrajaglet me see if I can find some more info07:24
calcif its mach64 its too slow to be worth the trouble07:24
Dr_Willisa laptop? my laptop has a Radeon Mobility07:24
AgrajagI don't want 3d07:24
Agrajagjust reasonable 2d07:24
Agrajagthis is an old laptop07:24
calchmm p/m is r12807:24
Dr_Willisthen the standard X drivers should work decently well.07:24
AgrajagDr_Willis: they don't seem to07:25
Agrajagoh well07:25
Dr_Willishow are you even testing them? 07:25
Agrajagwell, I'm trying to run fce ultra07:25
=== SuperL4g [~colbyirc@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
calcsupposedly r128 is supported by dri07:25
Agrajagand it's using about half my cou time on a PIII 700, with X eating the rest07:25
Dr_Willisheck for normal desktop ussage. I cant really tell the diff from  useing the standard svga driver :O vs the ones made for my cards.07:25
Dr_Willisfce ultra - whats that?07:25
Agrajagcalc: yeah, but running glxgears tells me DRI is missing07:25
Agrajagbut the logs say it's being loaded07:26
calcAgrajag: do you have the kernel module loaded?07:26
AgrajagDr_Willis: an NES emulator07:26
Agrajagwhat module?07:26
Dr_WillisAgrajag,  ahh :P sounded familer.07:26
calcAgrajag: not sure what its called, but usually you need a kernel module as well for dri to work07:26
AgrajagI've never used ati cards in linux07:26
Dr_Willisi recall with the dri/modules in ONE case I had to manuyally load them BEFOR X started - otherwise they dident get loaded right.07:26
Agrajagoh, would it be in the standard kernel package?07:26
calcfor radeon its called radeon07:26
calcmaybe r128 or something no idea at all07:26
AgrajagI'll look into it07:26
Dr_Willisin another machine I had to be sure that X loaded them07:26
AgrajagI'll take a look07:27
Dr_Willisi never did figuyre out what was going on. Lol.07:27
SuperL4gHow can I get my wireless options passed to my card, before networking starts?07:27
SuperL4g(essid, wep key)07:27
Agrajagaha, there is an r128 module07:27
AgrajagI'll try that, thanks07:27
baietaswindows network works great!!! yey 07:29
Agrajagah, it loaded but didn;t seem to help07:30
AgrajagI'll try some more stuff07:30
calcdid you restart X?07:30
=== lemonlysol [~warthurto@wbar10.chi1-4-11-141-080.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
calcAgrajag: is the agp module loaded as well?07:30
calchmm no idea then07:30
Agrajagintel_agp and agpgart both07:30
SuperL4gUbuntu is developing one of the things I like about Gentoo so much07:30
baietaswhy is the ubuntu nautilus different? i can't find the option to show the folders07:30
Agrajagbaietas: different from what?07:31
Agrajagspatial nautilus has been default since 2.607:31
baietasfrom the standard gnome07:31
Agrajagthat is standard.07:31
AgrajagHave you been using 2.4?07:31
baietasAgrajag, hmm ok.. yeah but i know you can open the old view somehow07:31
AgrajagComputer > Desktop Preferences > file management07:31
Agrajagbehavior tab07:31
Agrajagcheck "always open in browser windows"07:32
calci like spatial well enough since it has the folder name at the bottom that can be easily changed07:32
zenwhenSpatial has been default for so long I forgot what the browser looks like.07:32
AzmodanIs it Ubuntu who bring it back into the menus or it is gnome ?  It was anoying to have to go into gconf to change it.07:32
Agrajagthat will disable spatial browsing and set it to the old behavior07:32
baietasoh there we go thank you :) i saw that bit i didnt know thats what it does07:32
AgrajagAzmodan: I don't know, gnome 2.8 isn't in gentoo stable yet07:32
SuperL4gspatial reminds me of Windows 95 days07:32
AgrajagSuperL4g: reminds me more of old MacOS07:32
calceven 95 could easily disable spatial though07:32
Agrajagyeah, you just added the folder tab thing07:33
SuperL4g<Agrajag> Azmodan: I don't know, gnome 2.8 isn't in gentoo stable yet <-- LOL07:33
AgrajagSuperL4g: it's so buggy still it's not even funny07:33
=== SuperL4g checks to see if this is still the Ubuntu channel
AgrajagI'm not going to even try to install it yet07:33
baietasanyone here using the philips webcam drivers ? pwcx?07:33
SuperL4gAgrajag, what is? Gnome 2.8?07:33
AzmodanAgrajag, but it's already into Ubuntu ?  I'm going to worship that distro. ;)  I'm a big fan of Gnome.07:33
AgrajagSuperL4g: he asked if the browser checkbox was something added by ubuntu07:33
calchmm gnome 2.10 on March 9, only ~ 5mo away :)07:34
zenwhenSuperL4g, yes.07:34
AgrajagI don't know, because the only other distro I use doesn't have 2.8 yet07:34
baietaswho has kde installed here? lol07:34
SuperL4gAgrajag: you a Gentooer too?07:34
calcbaietas: i do on regular debian :)07:34
Agrajagyes, gnome 2.8 is buggy as hell in gentoo07:34
Agrajagbut not in ubuntu of course07:34
AgrajagSuperL4g: yes07:34
Agrajagfor now07:34
baietasthe only reason i chose ubuntu is gnome 2.8 and i love ubuntu.. never tried debian distros before07:34
SuperL4gAgrajag: for now?07:34
Agrajagfor now.07:34
AgrajagUntil it manages to piss me off, which it's starting to07:34
AgrajagIn gentoo, I can't run rhythmbox anymore because it segfaults every time I try to play a song07:35
Dr_Willisbut other audio players work?07:35
AgrajagI've rebuilt that, xine-lib, gstreamer, built it against both, and no dice07:35
zenwhenAgrajag, how about you mail me ubuntu??? :(07:36
=== ndowens [~ndowens@] has joined #ubuntu
Agrajagzenwhen: I thought you already had one coming07:36
zenwhenI doubt seriously that they will send me a disk.07:36
Agrajaghave faith07:36
baietasbefore i installed ubuntu i thought i should give windows XP another chance... installed it, drivers and norton... and after i installed ad-ware it found 260 spyware... after 30 min of running07:36
Agrajagor soemthing07:36
zenwhenWith it being slashdotted and all.07:36
Agrajaglmao 56k07:36
baietasits slashdotted? lol07:36
Agrajagbaietas: it was07:36
zenwhenwhy do you hate me ;_;07:36
ndowensso is there any bugs in the preview?07:37
Agrajagbaietas: zenwhen is still on a 56k07:37
calcbaietas: not hard since it considers cookies spyware07:37
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
calcbaietas: it takes an incompetent user to get any real spyware even on a windoze box07:37
baietascalc: yeah but 20 were exe's :)07:37
=== TongMaestro [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
ndowensright now i am downloading the preview realease maybe no bugs07:37
Dr_Willismy wife manages to get all this annoying spyware.. not even sure HOW she does it.07:38
calcbaietas: stop telling gator to install then07:38
baietascalc: i had a fresh install of xp with firefox... i dont know how they got there but they did07:38
SuperL4gthey don't just get there07:38
SuperL4gbut that's for another time and place07:38
Azmodancalc: They renamed themselves "Claria"07:38
baietas30 mins. thats it07:38
calcAzmodan: shit smells the same no matter what its called :)07:38
AzmodanYes but people learned (finally!) that Gator wasn't their friends.07:39
baietasClaria/Gator should be included by default in Ubuntu07:39
baietasit's my favourite utility07:39
Agrajagapt-get install bonzi-buddy07:39
AzmodanWhy not apt-get install clippy ? :-P07:40
baietaslol i have clippy in crossover office :D07:40
calcyes linux is not ready for the desktop yet it has no spyware07:40
baietaswell i better get to work then :D07:40
ndowenscan you use sid resporitories(bad sp) in ubuntu from debian or do u have to use ubuntu's resp07:40
theantixcalc, if it makes you feel any better, just email me your credit card numbers07:41
Agrajagit's better to use ubuntu's universe07:41
SuperL4git just works07:41
SuperL4gWAAAAY too many modules loading though07:41
danielsjdub: g-s-m now uses gksu and sudo to do all its privileged crap07:42
baietasnobody here knows about PWCX? (Philips webcam driver?)07:42
SuperL4goh yeah.... 74 modules loaded07:42
yusufghi, is there any documentation for potential switchers from fedora/redhat 07:43
SuperL4gyusufg: you familiar with Nike?07:43
Azmodanyusufg, I'm a Fedora user too.  What kind of infos are you looking for ?07:43
danielsjdub: do we need to get rid of the 'always show this' checkbox for higginess?07:43
yusufgequivalent commands for (rpm/up2date/yum)07:43
=== ShadowHawk [~scott@d160-154-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has left #ubuntu []
baietassynaptic package manager.. the best thing i've seen on linux yet07:44
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
SuperL4gyusufg: Their motto is "Just Do It".07:44
=== Nafai likes dselect
zenwhenof course you can use apt-get and synaptic on Fedora as well.07:44
yusufgAzmodan: thanks, is /sbin/chkconfig also available on ubuntu ?07:45
yusufgSuperL4g: I plan to try out ubuntu, right now I am giving Solaris 10/x86 a go (dtrace/zones are very nice)07:45
AzmodanNo idea on this one.  I didn't finished to install Ubuntu on an emulated box...07:45
yusufgin fedora, I can crack open a src.rpm and find a spec file and associated patches via rpm2cpio src.rpm | cpio -it07:46
yusufghow would I do something similar on ubuntu ? does ubuntu have any policy wrt kernel updates (non security) during a release (2.6.x moves quite rapidly)07:47
=== Dr_Willis [~willis@12-222-124-154.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== eldados [~REXI@203-213-16-154-qld.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== alias[k] [~alias@c211-28-123-156.eburwd3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
eldadoshello again07:49
alias[k] hihi07:49
eldadosd/l the daily iso again and going to give it another go...07:49
eldadoslast one broke07:49
alias[k] does anyone have any idea how to get mounted fat32 drives working properly?07:50
eldadosnoticed this on the report html: Binaries from linux-meta cannot be installed: 07:50
eldadosalias[k]  you need to add it to your fstab07:50
deFrysk/dev/hda1               /mnt/hda1               vfat    user,umask=000  0 007:51
deFrysk/dev/hda5               /mnt/hda5               vfat    user,umask=000  0 007:51
deFrysklike so07:52
alias[k] I have it in there.07:52
alias[k] But I can't access folders07:52
deFryskmkdir /mnt/hdax07:52
alias[k] I'll show you my fstab07:53
deFryskmade a directory in /mnt ?07:53
eldadosis the above effects the amd64 iso?07:53
alias[k] /dev/sda5       /share          vfat    defaults        0       007:53
eldadosshould be /mnt/share07:54
alias[k] Does it matter?07:54
alias[k] Okidoke I'll give that a shot.07:54
=== polok_ [~polok@1Cust18.tnt2.wollongong.au.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
SuperL4gI figured /etc/modules would be the file that specifies what modules are to load at boot time, since that's what it says at the top of that config file, but there's only 5 or 6 lines in there, and 74 modules are loading on my system at boot.  How can I thin out the unnecessary crap?07:54
eldadosanyone had success with amd64 and nvidia 6800??? please give me hope :)07:55
alias[k] Nah, it has the same problem. I can get it to mount, I can see the files, but when i try to go into a folder I get no response.07:56
alias[k] Also - it has the little footprint (unknown file?)07:56
=== xoz_ [~xoz@p1076-ipad207souka.saitama.ocn.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskalias[k] , made a folder /mnt/share ?07:56
alias[k] Yeah.07:56
alias[k] It mounts fine, but I can only access files through console.07:57
deFryskoh ?07:57
alias[k] ($cd /mnt/share/mp3)07:57
=== punkass_ [~punkass@S01060040f47277e5.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
eldadoschmod 77707:57
dasenjoalias[k] , $ df    ??07:57
alias[k] df?07:58
deFryskchange defauls to user,umask=000 in fstab , see if that works07:58
alias[k] alrighty.07:58
=== EpheMeroN [~EpheMeroN@ca-ontario-cuda3a-g-47.anhmca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
dasenjoalias[k] , type df in a console .. please .. 07:59
deFryskalias[k] , what dasenjo said07:59
alias[k] Does this channel have flood control07:59
alias[k] Lets find out.07:59
alias[k] Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on07:59
alias[k] /dev/hda1             39028628   1556476  37472152   4% /07:59
alias[k] tmpfs                   453372         0    453372   0% /dev/shm07:59
alias[k] /dev/sdb1               125376    107792     17584  86% /media/sdb107:59
alias[k] /dev/hdc                710114    710114         0 100% /media/cdrom007:59
alias[k] /dev/sda1             43945772   7863096  36082676  18% /windows07:59
alias[k] /dev/sda5             28645920  22866032   5779888  80% /share08:00
alias[k] /dev/sda5             28645920  22866032   5779888  80% /mnt/share08:00
alias[k] Hrm, its mounted twice, would that matter?08:00
deFryskalias , you have made to directories08:00
=== axe9dotcom [~axe9@] has joined #ubuntu
dasenjomake sure the directories exist ... umount both .. remount .. and it have to work .. 08:01
axe9dotcomWhere do I download codecs for Totem?08:01
=== eazel7 [~root@host101.200-117-164.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
eazel7I need help08:02
SuperL4gjust ask already :)08:02
AzmodanDon't ask to ask, ask.08:02
Agrajagaxe9dotcom: what codecs do you need?08:03
eazel7I didn't asked08:03
bob2eazel7: just ask your question08:03
axe9dotcomand AVI08:03
eazel7something gone bad, and I don't know what08:03
dasenjoeazel7, ask.08:03
axe9dotcomany tha tI can get08:03
AzmodanClose to.08:03
Agrajagaxe9dotcom: uh, it should play pretty much anything alread08:03
eazel7gdm doesn't starts08:03
eazel7I can't do a su -c normaluser08:03
eazel7su - normaluser08:03
eazel7it says 'Unable to cd to "/home/eazel7"08:03
axe9dotcomIt's not playing AVIs -_-08:03
eazel7ubuntu boots but many scripts fails08:04
eazel7I don't know what to do08:04
AgrajagAre you using totem-gstreamer or totem-xine?08:04
SuperL4geazel7: Si prefieres hablar en espanol, hay un otro canal se llama #ubuntu-es08:04
AzmodanAny plans to have a french channel sometime ? :)08:05
SuperL4gClaro. :)08:05
AgrajagAzmodan: I thought there already was one08:05
AzmodanThe webpage only list he spanish one.08:05
eazel7SuperL4g, you're not there08:05
punkass_Nafai: you around?08:05
alias[k] I can't seem to umount /share08:05
AzmodanYou are right.  It exists.08:06
axe9dotcomIt just says Totem Movie Played08:06
Nafaipunkass_: Yeah08:06
Agrajagwhat does it say in help > about?08:06
=== dommi [~dommi@24-168-14-210.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
NafaiUnfortunatley.  I should be in bed.08:06
punkass_me too :)08:07
punkass_still havin troubles running the applet08:07
Agrajagunderneath that08:07
SuperL4geazel7: I know enough to carry on a basic conversation... but not all the technical terms yet.  I just thought that .ar was Argentina, and perhaps you spoke Spanish better than English. :)08:07
punkass_Nafai: (pycentrino.py:5293): Bonobo-Activation-CRITICAL **: file bonobo-activation-init.c: line 311 (bonobo_activation_init): assertion `is_initialized == FALSE' failed08:07
eazel7SuperL4g, ok, thanks08:07
axe9dotcomMovie Player using GStreamer version 0.8.508:07
eazel7I think my su is broken08:07
eazel7or sudo, or whatever08:07
punkass_made sure the server file was there etc08:07
Agrajagtry using totem-xine instead08:08
eazel7it all started when using gnome and the icons begun to disappear08:08
Agrajagapt-get remove totem-gstreamer && apt-get install totem-xine08:08
eazel7think about me, please08:08
dasenjoSuperL4g, I speak Spanish and English ... I think I can help you in #ubuntu-es ... 08:08
Nafaipunkass_: Can I see your .py and .server files?08:09
axe9dotcomapt-get remove totem-gstreamer && apt-get install totem-xine08:09
axe9dotcomE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)08:09
axe9dotcomE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?08:09
axe9dotcomI did sudo08:09
SuperL4gdasenjo: eazel7 is the one that needs help08:09
punkass_Nafai: i got them from here: http://www.ugr.es/~arturogf/applets/software/08:10
=== kremlyn [~kremlyn@CPE-203-45-62-128.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
punkass_version: 0.4-208:10
=== Nafai looks
Agrajagor just install xine-ui and use that instead08:10
SuperL4gMy only question now, is about wireless... I have it working, but I'd like to be able to pass my wireless info to the card with iwconfig before the networking scripts start, so I don't have to issue the commands manually... how can I do that?08:10
SuperL4gkremlyn: why are you surprised?08:11
dasenjoSuperL4g, yes .. I know .. but .. I can help you translating ... I use debian ... Im downloading ubuntu now .. :(08:11
SuperL4gdasenjo: ya se fue eazel708:11
punkass_there is a little applet called netapplet for that08:11
punkass_i just made my own little python program to do it..08:12
SuperL4gpunkass_: you talking to me?08:12
punkass_yeah sorry08:12
dasenjoSuperL4g, si .. ya lo se tambin .. 08:12
SuperL4gright on08:12
SuperL4gpunkass_: share!08:12
punkass_you can try it if you like.. one sec08:12
SuperL4gpunkass_: I'd like the source to that applet too, if it's okay, since it will give me a chance to read more Python code.08:12
Nafaipunkass_: This is coming up really slowly.08:13
=== SuperL4g isn't Diving into Python... he's already in over his head in Python! >:)
punkass_SuperL4g: well theantix has made a deb package of it i think08:13
Nafaipunkass_: Where did you put the .server file?08:13
SuperL4gpunkass_: and it's dpkg -i packagename.deb, right?08:14
Nafaipunkass_: I get a timeout connecting to that site08:14
punkass_yeah... i am just not sure where he has it...as its not in the repositories yet08:14
punkass_Nafai: one sec08:14
=== alias[k] [~alias@c211-28-123-156.eburwd3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
=== SuperL4g has been using Gentoo for long enough, he has forgotten his Debian commands. :)
=== vincent [~vincent@bonnefoy-3-82-224-105-22.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Nafaipunkass_: When do you get this error message, btw?08:15
SuperL4gpunkass_: Also though, if you're okay with it, I'd like to have the source.  I seriously am trying to learn Python and seeing someone else's code would help, I think.08:15
=== elim [~elim@81-178-216-61.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
punkass_well i didnt right the applet...but you are welcome to view mine..its my first python app so its pretty messy...but it works08:16
elimanyone compiled kde on ubuntu yet?08:16
=== root__ [~root@host101.200-117-164.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
=== root__ is now known as eazel7
eazel7hi again08:16
SuperL4geazel7: you really shouldn't IRC as root08:16
kremlynI wonder if ubuntu will ever take off..08:17
SuperL4geazel7: that's a bad idea, all the way around08:17
eazel7SuperL4g: help me then08:17
Nafaipunkass_: Did you install this with make install?08:17
eldadoskremlyn i share the same question08:17
eazel7I can't run any processes with another owner than root08:17
kremlyneldados: Do you think it will?08:17
eazel7I don't know wtf has been broke, I didn't any experiment08:17
punkass_Nafai: with and without..08:17
SuperL4geazel7: What has changed, since things last worked properly?08:17
kremlyneldados: I'm just wondering why debian doesn't fix its release cycle, we wouldn't need to split resources like this.08:17
eldadosnot sure yet, having hard time with my install and it's another debian base...08:18
eazel7SuperL4g: I was compiling mono08:18
eazel7SuperL4g: I updated some packages, like gnome-panel08:18
defendguinthere arnt any other ubuntu gdm themes? possibly with a use browser08:18
Nafaipunkass_: And when are you getting the errors?  Is the Applet showing up in the add applet menu?08:18
punkass_SuperL4g: http://punkass.bookerb.com/2stepdh/pyfi.tar.gz08:18
eldadoskremlyn, the problem with debian is the conservative nature which means slow cycle08:18
punkass_just trying to run the python file08:19
eazel7SuperL4g: and everything starded to dissapear, the first was the icons, then I couldn't run any new processes, and the next step was the crash of X08:19
eazel7now I do "su - eazel7" and it tells me "unable to cd /home/eazel7"08:19
eazel7but the directory is there, and the permissions are the same08:19
Nafaipunkass_: Is fam running?  You may have to restart Gnome for it to see the applet08:19
punkass_punkass   3352  0.0  0.2  2856 1412 ?        Ss   22:42   0:00 /usr/sbin/famd -T 008:20
eazel7I don't have no idea what happened08:20
SuperL4geazel7: did that require you to set up NPTL and get new kernel headers?08:20
eazel7SuperL4g: nptl? mmm as far as I remember, I compiled mono with nptl support08:21
punkass_Nafai...should i just logout then back in?08:21
Nafaipunkass_: I *think*08:21
punkass_ok brb08:21
SuperL4geazel7: sorry dude, but it's WAY over my head...08:21
baietasi see a bunch of plates overlapping the main immage whenever i run open gl stuff.. any ideeas 08:22
eazel7I don't know what to do, everything is f***** up...08:22
=== alias[k] [~alias@c211-28-123-156.eburwd3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
kremlyneldados: Exactly.08:22
kremlynWhat is needed is an open source, community-driven xandros.08:23
kremlynWhich ubuntu seems to be.08:23
eazel7any process can't be started without being root here08:23
eazel7I have no idea how to fix this thing08:23
eldadoskremlyn, i think Yoper is on the right track08:24
=== punkass_ [~punkass@S01060040f47277e5.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== polok_ is now known as polok
eldadosnot debian base but from scratch08:25
punkass_Nafai: no such luck08:25
eazel7wtf, I will reinstall from woody08:25
eazel7well guys, bye08:26
=== eazel7 snif snif
alias[k] Does VLC work for ubuntu?08:26
Nafaipunkass_: Hrm.  You might want to try #pygtk; I'm not an expert on applets...I've done a couple but I have no idea what all of the errors mean08:26
punkass_do they normally show up in the add to panel window?08:26
alias[k] Anyone?08:27
punkass_Nafai: ok ill give it them a shot...thanks for your help08:28
=== leonv [~leonv@ndn-78-149.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
leonvHi everyone, just installed ubuntu and really like it. Has anyone installed php5 with it?08:28
Nafaipunkass_: np.08:29
punkass_SuperLag: thats not the newest copy...the newer one is on my work comp.08:29
=== eldados [~REXI@203-213-16-154-qld.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
=== SuperL4g [~colbyirc@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
punkass_SuperL4g: thats not the newest copy...the newer one is on my work comp.08:29
=== thursday [~fab@adsl-63-202-102-20.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
thursdayhi! is it possible to customize the default foot menu? (i want to add and remove menu items, for example the Help and About Menus)08:30
SuperL4gpunkass_: I take it that requires I have Glade installed?08:30
punkass_it should just work....check the paths at the top of the py file08:31
punkass_SuperL4g and you have to run it as sudo08:32
theantixthursday, everything except the foot and about can be edited at applications:///08:32
punkass_i am going to try and convert it to an applet..one i figure them out :)08:32
=== kremlyn [~kremlyn@CPE-203-45-62-128.vic.bigpond.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
thursdaytheantix, thanks! i wish i could just type that into the run dialog :-x08:33
theantixthursday, in the run dialog do "nautilus applications:///"08:34
SuperL4gahh it's looking for ndiswrapper08:34
thursdaytheantix, woohoo! thanks!!!08:34
=== suineg [~nickrapp@dynamic-246-025.usc.edu] has joined #ubuntu
punkass_oh sorry...forgot to comment that out... thats for me :)08:34
theantixit's too bad that right-clicking on the menubar applet doesn't bring up a link to applications:/// -- would be handy08:35
punkass_yeah it would08:35
alias[k] I'm trying to install the nvidia drivers, how do you shut down the x server and leave only a console?08:36
=== eazel7 [~root@host101.200-117-164.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
SuperL4galias[k] : one way to do it is the edit /etc/inittab08:36
eazel7I'm here to cry again08:36
punkass_alias: just use the nvidia-glx package08:36
alias[k] What should I change/add08:36
alias[k] Ok, I like the sound of that package.08:36
eazel7and I think I'll reinstall from woody (and I dislike this idea)08:37
SuperL4gpunkass_: you can't have one or the other.  Both are required.08:37
SuperL4geazel7: it won't take you long.  Just be thankful it's not Gentoo. :)08:37
SuperL4g<punkass_> alias: just use the nvidia-glx package <-- that08:37
punkass_thats all you need08:38
punkass_thats ill i used and it worked fine08:38
thursdaytheantix, that let's me edit the applications folder but i'm more interested in editing the other itmes... like remove "Search for Files...", "Recent Documents", and "Take Screenshot" 08:38
SuperL4git probably has the kernel module built in then08:38
punkass_yeah i think so08:38
eazel7SuperL4g: I used gentoo one year and never happened this08:38
SuperL4geazel7: I use Gentoo as well.  It's the distro I use, mainly.  Just decided to check out Ubuntu.  I'm impressed, thus far.08:39
eazel7SuperL4g: sorry, I am thinking about reply your comment about gentoo in some not-so-nice way08:39
alias[k] How can I configure the nvidia drivers for dual monitors?08:39
eazel7I will try a nice dpkg-reconfigure -a08:39
punkass_3 steps: install nvidia-glx, add  nvidia  to /etc/modules,  edit your XF86config file from  'nv' to 'nvidia'08:39
=== joem [~joem@c-67-173-77-82.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkass_alias: goto #flood08:40
punkass_ill send you what u need08:40
leonvHas anyone used PHP5 with ubuntu?08:40
theantixthursday, that's exactly right... I think you're stuck with those those08:40
thursdayso i can't edit the other menu either?08:41
thursdaybecause there's the "Main Menu" and the "Menu Bar" on the "Add to Panel" thing08:41
thursdaywas hoping i could edit one of them08:42
theantixthursday, not as far I know, no08:42
punkass_SuperL4g: it workin for ya?08:43
thursdayquickest way to view quicktime movies from: http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/the_grudge/ 08:44
thursdayanyone know?08:44
punkass_get w32codecs i think08:44
SuperL4gpunkass_: should it keep the settings, so that I don't have to do anything on the next reboot?08:45
thursdaypunkass_, don't see it in apt08:46
punkass_thursday: its not08:46
SuperL4gpunkass_: or am I going to have to use that applet every time I boot up?08:46
punkass_those rpms that u have to convert to deb08:46
punkass_right now everytime you boot up...its like that because it was on a laptop that was always on different networks08:47
punkass_it will remeber WEP key 08:47
SuperL4gbah 08:47
punkass_and the essid08:47
SuperL4gwhere does that info get stored?08:48
SuperL4g++++  pifi Wirless Montior networks file ++++08:48
SuperL4gthat's what that file contains right now08:48
=== Dashiva [~woo@c-67-166-152-8.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
SuperL4gthere's got to be a way to do this automatically08:49
punkass_if you connected succesfully to the wifi network and hit the close button it saves it there08:49
SuperL4gI'll be back.08:49
eazel7what are the risks of ircing as root?08:49
eazel7this is the one time I did08:50
Treenakseazel7: well, if your IRC client is buggy, it might be possible to do evil things with it.. as root..08:50
Treenakseazel7: remotely..08:50
eazel7ooh, ok08:50
eazel7well, this is a real emergeny, I think I can risks me a bit08:50
Treenaksnever run stuff as root...08:52
=== ultrafunk [~pd@eth779.vic.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksonly administration tasks08:52
eazel7what is the difference betwin debootstrap and cdebootstrap?08:52
punkass_Treenaks: if i have done sudo passwd root, is there a way to turn it back off?08:53
Treenakspunkass_: make sure sudo still works, and do passwd -l root08:54
Treenaks(-l = lock account)08:54
punkass_ah perfect, thanks08:54
fabbionehey Treenaks 08:55
Treenaksfabbione: I didn't have time to try yesterday :(08:55
fabbioneTreenaks: no problem :-)08:55
=== cray3 [fwuser@] has joined #ubuntu
=== alias[k] [~alias@c211-28-123-156.eburwd3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
theantixhey cool, my kuro5hin.org review got picked up by osnews08:58
punkass_theantix: yeah they are all over it08:59
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
theantixpitti, I've been using your new utopia packages for a few days now with no problems09:02
pittitheantix: great to hear, thanks!09:03
pittitheantix: I will probably upload them today09:04
=== Agrajag [~Agrajag@68-190-201-37.sb-eres.charterpipeline.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
=== vasi [~vasi@modemcable252.147-70-69.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
vasihey folks...ubuntu just stomped on my HFS+ partition09:05
WopI installed openssh-server09:06
WopYet when I try to login as root, it just closes =x09:07
TreenaksWop: of course it does09:07
=== leonv [~leonv@ndn-78-149.telkomadsl.co.za] has left #ubuntu []
TreenaksWop: ssh doesn't allow root logins09:07
TreenaksWop: for security reasons (log in as yourself, use sudo)09:07
deFrysktheantix, your review is also mentioned now in distrowatch09:08
punkass_Treenaks: is ssh server going to be included in next release?09:09
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
Wopsudo root?09:09
Treenakspunkass_: it is in the current release -- apt-get install ssh-server09:09
TreenaksWop: sudo <program you want to run as root>09:09
punkass_sorry i meant by default 09:09
=== alias[k] [~alias@c211-28-123-156.eburwd3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
theantixdeFrysk, cool... thanks =)09:10
WopWhat's a good ftpd?09:10
WopIs pureftpd available via apt-get?09:10
Wopor proftpd09:10
Treenakspunkass_: as "no ports open" is the Ubuntu Policy, I don't think it ever will09:10
=== bad_ronald [~nick@] has left #ubuntu []
punkass_ah right of course...thanks09:11
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theBishopi've been using Ubuntu all day, and it's my new 2nd favorite09:16
TreenakstheBishop: after what?09:16
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theBishopBut based on the Warty release, i think Ubuntu is gonna be a major player in the desktop linux battle09:17
punkass_it sure is...09:17
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theBishopi'd like to see Xorg in there though....09:18
TreenakstheBishop: that's going to be in Hoary09:18
punkass_and a little more laptop support09:18
Treenakspunkass_: same09:18
theBishopno rush, Xorg 6.8.1 is a disastor with my ATI Rage Pro09:18
punkass_just need it to get the powerdown/sleep/hibernate thing goin09:18
TreenakstheBishop: report the problems with the X.org people09:19
punkass_i must say tho the new xorg sounds pretty cool.09:19
Treenaksspeaking of xorg..09:20
Treenaksdaniels: yt?09:20
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WopWhat exactly is xorg09:20
TreenaksWop: www.x.org :)09:20
WopI've been hearing that name a lot ;P09:20
phindiffrent x branch :)09:20
TreenaksWop: it's the newer X server branch09:21
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eazel7hi again09:21
Treenakshi eazel09:21
punkass_its the fork of XFREE8609:21
phingot a transparent looking console on my desktop now :) :)09:21
punkass_phin: u got Xorg running?09:21
phinno point09:21
phinthis pc is to slow09:21
TreenaksI'm running it at work atm09:21
punkass_how is it?09:22
phinya i have it at work09:22
phinit runs like crap for me thou,  i need a better vid card09:22
plovsthe transparency stuff is not that stable yet09:22
phinso i cant use the fun stuff09:22
theBishopit's a little silly to call it a fork when it's going to become the defact-o09:22
theBishopbut oh well09:22
eazel7I'm not running as root but neither solved anything09:22
punkass_theBishop: true enough09:22
phinwell that is what it is :P09:22
Treenakseazel7: "solved" ?09:22
danielsTreenaks: hoary09:23
Treenakseazel7: what problem did you have09:23
eazel7Treenaks: it is and will ever be a mistery09:23
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eazel7suddenly I couldn't run any process as any other than root09:23
theBishophahaha, i just got my free ipod yester day!09:23
eazel7free ipod? is that a dream?09:24
eazel7how did you get it?09:24
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theBishopi don't wanna get in trouble for spamming, but it's for real09:24
eazel7theBishop: tell me by private09:25
joebeastiethe apple store here in ginza doesnt have any real security. probably could run in grab one and run out09:26
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theBishopthat's a fast way of doing it i guess :-)09:29
joebeastiegot my warp records dvd in the mail today :D has videos from 1984 to 2004.09:29
theBishopwarp records owns09:29
theBishopeven though i hate most electronic music09:30
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joebeastiefriend turned me on to the realy abstract eletronica. squarepusher, venician snares, etc09:31
theBishopi heard about Warp because Thom Yorke talks about it all the time09:31
joebeastiethey are probably best known for AphexTwin09:31
theBishopand Auceture09:32
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joebeastiethebisop: autechre09:35
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alias[k1What can I use to get XviD and the likes working?09:38
WopIs there a way I can see what packages are available via apt-get?09:38
alias[k1Who was that directed to?09:38
joebeastiesorry meant that for Wop09:39
joebeastiealias[k1: you could try using the debian mplayer repo09:39
mkyc-ubuntumplayer worked for me 09:40
mkyc-ubuntuhavent found anything it wont play yet09:40
joebeastiei added it last night and tried it out and no probs reported here09:40
Treenaksapt-cache search09:40
mkyc-ubuntualso found no issues with real player 1009:41
Wop(Treenaks): Was that for me?09:41
TreenaksWop: yes09:42
WopIt returns E: You must give exactly one pattern09:42
tvonaptitude can do it, I dont recall the options you need to pass though09:42
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TreenaksWop: apt-cache search <program you're looking for>09:43
tvonWop: run synaptic from Computer -> System Configuration09:43
tvonWop: that will show you what is available/installed09:43
Wopim trying apt-cache search pureftpd09:44
WopIs that correct?09:44
tvonits not available it seems09:45
crimsunyes it is.09:46
crimsundaniel@Strauss ~ $ apt-cache search pure-ftp|wc -l  => 409:46
crimsun1.0.17a-1 0 500 http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/universe Packages09:47
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tvonhrm, synaptic is pretty nice09:48
cubenesshi..can i install ubuntu to sata hd?09:49
cubenessany special boot options? i didnt see a hd in the partitioing part fo the installer09:49
jdubcubeness: which sata chipset do you have?09:50
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cubenessintel something or other, iirc09:53
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ProkoTafI just have a question : "does anyone ever installed ubuntu ppc on a emac G4 1GHz" ?09:55
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jdubProkoTaf: don't think so, but it should work09:56
jdubcubeness: hrm09:56
jdubcubeness: that ought to work, i think09:56
joemcubeness, works all right here09:56
jdubcubeness: perhaps switch to a console during install and see which kernel modules are loaded09:56
cubenessjdub, yeah.. i have it working in slackware 10/kernel 2.6.709:56
joemthough I have some strange ide errors, might wanna watch out for that09:57
joembut if the install has no problem mounting the cd and all that, you will be fine09:57
ProkoTafbecause with mandrake and yellowdog, I had some problems due to my graphic card (to old kernel to recognize it)09:58
ProkoTafbut no boot pb09:58
cubenesshm.. guess i'll try again.09:58
jduboh man09:58
ProkoTafand ubuntu seems to have a newer kernel than mandrake 9 or YDL 309:59
joemjdub, pretty sweet10:00
joemthough that theme hurts my eyes10:00
jdubalvaro just blogged about it10:00
jduband brought up the planner postgres backend10:00
jdubfor multi user support10:00
jduband how that would just work with the evo integration10:00
jdub*seriously sweet*10:00
joemwow, yea it is10:01
ProkoTafI'll be back10:02
joemjdub, is there any easy way for my install to mimic the way the live cd goes through hardware detection/module loading stuff10:04
jdubjoem: do they do things differently? the installer should be a bit better10:04
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joemjdub, could be a conflict with the sata drivers, but I can't use ide hardware with the install(or from the install cd)10:05
joembut can on the live cd10:05
jdubnot sure why10:05
stubWhat kernel pacage should I be using for a Pentium M - linux-386, linux-686, linux-686-smp ?10:06
jdubwhen Kamion, you might want to ask him10:06
jdubstub: not smp -> that's for multiprocessor10:06
mojothere is a spy from MS here at #Ubuntu, becareful!10:06
joemjdub, yea..have talked with most people about it, can't seem to track it down all the way10:06
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bob2hm, linux-wlan-ng doesn't like buiding against ubuntu's kernel-headers.10:07
stubSo no hyperthreading on the M? 386 or 686 then?10:07
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mkyc-ubuntuim sure there are several people who use ubunti who work for MS10:07
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eazel7I am sure that the pentium m is 68610:08
jdubstub: hyperthreading is only available on p4/xeon afaik10:09
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jdubstub: you want 68610:09
stubta. I thought it was pretty much a P4 but wanted to make sure ;)10:09
lothariois it possible to disable hotplugging and mount usb device the old way?10:10
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lotharioi've still not been able to mount usb stick ;(10:11
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ProkoTafhi MacPlusG3 10:11
ProkoTafi'm a mac user too10:11
ProkoTafand I will try to install ubuntu on my emac10:11
ProkoTaftada !10:11
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jdublothario: Computer > Desktop Preferences > Removable Storage10:13
jdublothario: turn it off there10:13
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lothariojdub: thx10:13
lothariomust I reboot for the change to take hold?10:14
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bob2lothario: no10:15
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phinhow do i search for packages?10:21
stewartphin: use synaptic package manager10:22
pupilzengHi, is there any way to update to ubuntu from sid instead of installing from scratch?10:23
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phinstewart, its to slow on this pc to load up everytime i wanna install a package10:24
stewartphin: 'apt-cache search packagename' and 'apt-get install packagename' from the console (using sudo at the start)10:25
Keybukpupilzeng: if you know a little apt wizardry, it's possible, but not entirely recommended10:25
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pupilzengKeybuk, Is there any documents for this?10:32
phinhmmm flash doesnt play sound fore10:34
phinfor me*10:34
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Keybukpupilzeng: nothing official yet10:36
baietasdo you guys know where libusb would be located?10:36
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KinnisonAnyone had problems with USB pendrives and Warty?10:37
bob2I get I/O errors from mine, but it was mounted automagically10:37
pittiKinnison: Morning! Which problems do you have in particular?10:38
Kinnisonmine fails to bind properly :-(10:38
Kinnisonpitti: the usb stack won't bring up the pendrive10:38
pittiKinnison: does it have a partition?10:38
mkyc-ubuntui have an issue with removable storage not running but i have not even looked at it as i dont use it on this notebook10:39
Kinnisonpitti: yes10:39
Kinnisonpitti: I have a laptop; it *was* running Debian/unstable until last night. I reformatted it with Sounder#9 and now I can't mount my pendrive with my SSH and GnuPG keys on10:39
pittiKinnison: About an hour ago I uploaded a new utopia stack. Can you please upgrade and try that again before we debug this?10:39
Kinnisonpitti: Won't make a jot of difference. the USB stack isn't working10:40
pittiKinnison: ah, you mean you cannot even mount it manually?10:40
pittiKinnison: that's baaaad...10:40
Keybukpupilzeng: if you feel brave ... http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/sid_to_warty.html10:42
lothariobeen having I/O errors as well with USB stick10:42
mdzKeybuk: could you make the warning on that page a bit scarier?10:43
mdzKeybuk: like DON'T REPORT BUGS IF YOU DO THIS10:43
bob2mdz: the FAQ on the website might do with that same addition re mixing debian and ubuntu10:44
mdzbob2: agreed10:44
mdzI can't edit the website currently, though10:44
Keybukmdz: like that? :p10:45
mdzKeybuk: better, thanks :-)10:45
mdzKeybuk: we really ought to have an ubuntu-base task10:46
pupilzengKeybuk: thanks, if time permits, I'll try it10:46
mdzI assume that the same magic used for ubuntu-desktop could be applied10:46
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Keybukmdz: I'd prefer ubuntu-base and ubuntu-desktop packages ... that way when people do a warty->hoary they get the new stuff, rather than having to manually do that silly command10:46
Kinnisonpitti: right; the dmesg when I plug the usb key in is:10:47
Kinnisonusb 1-1: new full speed USB device using address 210:47
Kinnisonusb-storage: probe of 1-1:1.0 failed with error -110:47
Kinnisonpitti: 2.6.7 on sid worked fine10:48
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|trey|http://lwn.net/Articles/98379/  <-- cdrecord problems answered... so I guess 'sudo -s' is sufficient?  :/10:49
KeybukKinnison: that *looks* like kernel madness ... my current 2.6.7 kernel refuses to detect USB devices properly half the time... I end up with /dev/sd[a-h]  or so10:50
KinnisonKeybuk: Well; it's the *showstopper* as far as Ubuntu on Stupor is concerned. Either it starts working; or I am stuffed and go back to Debian/unstable10:51
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KeybukKinnison: does it work if you use a Debian/unstable kernel?10:52
KinnisonKeybuk: I'll have to try that next; I only got as far as working out it didn't work at nearly midnight yesterday10:53
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grenouillehum, hello10:54
KinnisonKeybuk: My experience of the Debian 2.6.8* kernels though were that they broke stuff10:54
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KeybukKinnison: I think that was upstream ... I've not got 2.6.8+ to boot without panic on my laptop yet10:58
KinnisonKeybuk: warty's 2.6.8 seems to boot and run okay; just the issue with USB10:59
NoodlesI have a similar issue with stock 2.6.8+ btw (not on warty).11:00
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KinnisonI'm just installing debian's 2.6.7-1-686 now11:00
KeybukKinnison: the panic *is* somewhere in USB :)11:00
KinnisonKeybuk: heh11:01
=== Kinnison reboots
thomfwiw, my usb stick works fine on current warty kernel11:01
Kinnisonthom: hmm11:01
NoodlesOne of mine does, the other one doesn't.11:01
Kinnisonthom: I shall try some other usb devices first11:01
=== Kinnison goes hunting
Keybukthom: uhci, ohci or ehci?11:01
Kinnisonokay; if I plug my colleague's bluetooth thingy in; it initialises11:02
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mdzKinnison: which are you having problems with?11:03
ProkoTafwell the install an emac works pretty fine !11:03
ProkoTafbye bye11:04
mdzKinnison: which version?
lizhow do i find out what libgtk file i currently run?11:04
Kinnisonroot@stupor:~ # uname -r11:04
mdzKinnison: dpkg -l linux-image-`uname -r`11:04
mdzKinnison: by version, I mean package version11:05
Kinnisonyeah -911:05
mdzKinnison: try booting with noapic11:05
thomKeybuk: ehci11:05
mdzif not that, pci=noacpi11:05
Keybukmdz: are the kernel-image packages supposed to be still in the archive?11:05
Kinnisonmdz: okay; I'll be back after fiddling11:05
mdzKeybuk: they're in universe11:05
trukulomdz, or nolapic11:05
Keybukmdz: ah... hmm, maybe I haven't actually tried a warty kernel in a while then (I'd forgotten about that odd s/kernel/linux/ thing ... I'll have another play)11:06
mdzKeybuk: no reason not to have both a metpackage and a task11:09
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mdzshould be simple to generate a metapackage from the task11:09
mdzI've been meaning to do it, in fact11:09
Keybukmdz: indeed.  Colin will whinge that tasks were invented to avoid meta-packages though, whilst entirely missing the point that tasks don't work because they don't have status :p11:10
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Kinnisonmdz: noapic didn't help, pci=noapic gives an error that it doesn't recognise that argument11:13
mdzKinnison: <mdz> if not that, pci=noacpi11:13
mdz(noacpi, not noapic)11:13
Kinnisonmdz: Oh right11:13
Kinnisonmdz: I'll try that now11:14
mdzKinnison: as long as you're rebooting, might as well try nolapic also11:14
Kinnisonmdz: just trying that one11:14
Kinnisonmdz: Also; I've noticed that my laptop doesn't powerdown/reboot unless the ac adapter is plugged in11:14
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Kinnisonnolapic didn't work11:15
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davidchartHi folks. I have a show-stopping problem...11:16
davidchartThe warty-iso crashes Disk Utility (Mac OSX) when I try to burn it.11:16
davidchartThis makes installing a little tricky... ;-)11:16
davidchartAny ideas?11:17
Kinnisonmdz: pci=noacpi doesn't help either11:17
=== simon__ [~simon@] has joined #ubuntu
davidchart(Further info: OS X 10.3.5, all updates applied.)11:17
davidchartI can't get CD burning to work at all under Yellow Dog Linux, which is my alternative OS at the moment.11:17
=== drk [~david@port-222-152-50-213.fastadsl.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
pittidavidchart: hmm, this seems to be a bug that we cannot fix in warty :-/11:18
mdzKinnison: I suppose you'll need to file a bug, then.  include dmesg output from, and also from whichever kernel it last worked with11:18
pittidavidchart: what is wrong in YDL?11:18
pittidavidchart: can you try it directly with cdrecord?11:18
Kinnisonmdz: I'm trying to get 2.6.7 booted so I can check it with that11:18
mdzdavidchart: is this the preview CD, or sounder #9?11:18
davidchartpitti: In YDL, things aren't getting passed to cdrecord, as far as I can tell.11:18
davidchartmdz: Preview.11:18
mdzdavidchart: try sounder #911:19
mdzthe preview was known to crash disk utility11:19
pittidavidchart: I can help you to call cdrecord directly11:19
pittidavidchart: which device is your burner?11:19
davidchartmdz: OK. Let me start that going.11:19
davidchartpitti: I'm currently booted into OSX, so I can't check directly.11:19
davidchartI think it's /dev/cdrom, or at least aliased to that.11:19
=== Zindar [~bagfors@h188n1fls12o803.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
davidchartI seem to remember it was last time I tried to get this working...11:20
Kinnisonmdz: Okay; it works with 2.6.7-1-686 (2.6.7-2) from debian11:20
Kinnisonmdz: I'm rebooting into the warty kernel to record the dmesg from it11:20
Zindardo we have any ubuntu mailing list admin here?11:20
davidchartJust a moment while I start sounder #9 downloading...11:20
pittidavidchart: try 'cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom -tao -v -data /path/to/downloaded/iso-image'11:20
thursdaywhat! no taskselect in ubuntu!11:20
mdzKinnison: I encountered several bugs moving from 2.6.7 to 2.6.8, including my USB breaking horrendously, but they're almost all addressed in
thursdaywhat's the best way to install all the compiler stuff with one sweep11:21
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pittithursday: apt-get install build-essential11:21
bob2nstall build-essential11:21
davidchartmdz: Is sounder #9 the warty-iso coming from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ ?11:21
thursdaythank you11:21
mdzdavidchart: no, /sounder-test/9/11:21
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mdzdavidchart: but /daily/current/ should be fine too11:21
TongMasterbob2, apt-get install todo-list "yo momma"11:22
bob2TongMaster: --top-of11:22
thursdaywhere can i find a list of those package sets pitti or bob?11:22
bob2thursday: you mean what it Depends on? apt-cache show build-essential11:22
thursdayno like other package sets like that... like in woody you have dev-system, graphical system, scientific system ...11:23
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bob2tasksel, I guess.11:23
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bob2not sure if it works in ubuntu or no.11:23
Keybukthursday: we only have a single "ubuntu-desktop" task ... because the standard system is included in that task11:24
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mdzthursday: are you upgrading from woody, or installing fresh?11:24
thursdayi installed fresh11:24
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Vorph777hello all...11:25
lizanyone know if winex will run on ubuntu?11:26
bob2almost certainily11:26
bob2but you'll have to talk to transgaming if it breaks.11:26
Vorph777if my new install of ubuntu gets to the gnome login screen fine, but when I login it gets as far as the "ubuntu" splash screen and then gets no further...11:26
Hrdwr_BoBcan't think of a reason why it wouldn't11:26
Vorph777where should I start looking to fix it?11:26
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thursdayliz, i was thinking of getting winex(cedega) myself11:26
bob2Vorph777: read ~/.xsession-errors11:26
lizthursday, its not free11:26
davidchartmdz: OK, I'm downloading the current iso now. Thanks.11:26
thursdayliz, i know11:27
Vorph777bob: cheers11:27
Vorph777ok, I've got a ton of lines saying "/dev/dsp: no such file or directory"11:28
lizid like an alternative to cedaga11:28
Hrdwr_BoBliz:CVX winex is free11:28
bob2as in beer.11:29
Zindarso.. any mailinglist admin here?11:29
bob2Zindar: for?11:29
Zindarfor some reason.. mails I send directly to the list never shows up11:29
Zindarbut when I reply to another user they do show up11:30
Hrdwr_BoBbob2: it's somewhat free as in speech11:30
bob2Hrdwr_BoB: unless you try to, hypothetically, package it for Debian.  then you get an email saying that if you do so, the cvs will go away completely.11:30
lizHrdwr_BoB, is it easy enough to install?11:30
Kinnisonmdz: Bug 191311:31
thomZindar: if you're Eric Bagfors, all your emails are showing up fine11:31
Hrdwr_BoBliz: there is a wineXCVS.sh thing that makes it trivual 11:31
Zindarthom: really... why don't they show up on the web-archive then?11:31
thomZindar: i have two copies of the one you forwarded recently11:31
liznice...ill go look for that then11:31
Hrdwr_BoBbob2: yeah... but that's the thing.. it's kinda free but not11:31
Zindarthom: ohh.... 11:31
thomthe web archive has been unhappy11:31
lizwonder if its in universe11:32
Hrdwr_BoBliz: it's not11:32
thursdayBuffer I/O error on device hdc, logical block 1511:34
thursdayhdc: command error: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }11:34
=== drk [~david@port-222-152-50-213.fastadsl.net.nz] has left #ubuntu []
thursdaythat's my cdrom with the ubuntu cd11:34
Zindarthom: alright.. then they do show up.. but not in the web archive.. which is very annoying....11:34
Zindarthom: thanks a bunch11:34
=== wu_ming [~wuming@220-245-18-168.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
mdzdoes anyone here have an i386 system with >= 2GB of RAM?11:38
mkyc-ubuntuanyone know how to get vino or vnc server to work11:39
mdzI need to know if this bug is only affecting me11:39
mkyc-ubuntuit is installed but not sure on the way to start it11:39
Zindarmkyc-ubuntu, try Computer -> Desktop pref -> remote desktop11:40
mkyc-ubuntujust found that, cheers Zindar11:40
=== kag1 [~keving@75.0-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
mkyc-ubuntuworks like a charm, thanks for tghat11:42
thursdayhow do i create the db for rpm so i can install me some rpms?11:50
crimsunyou don't install rpms11:50
Zindarthursday, use "alien"11:50
crimsunyou use alien11:50
Zindarif you NEED to install rpms.. but .. why??11:50
thursdayahhh, once again thank you11:51
thursdayoh i found some packages for mplayer so that i could use mplayer with firefox to watch a quicktime movie11:51
Zindarthursday, there are mplayer deb's as well...11:51
Zindarcheck the mailinglist.. has been discussions about it11:51
thursdayhmmm... in universal?11:51
=== xordoquy [~xordoquy@] has joined #ubuntu
Vorph777can anyone tell me the difference between the "default system session" and a standard gnome login?11:52
xordoquydoes anyone has a recent powerbook 17" ?11:52
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-048-056.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bloggsie [chris@202-0-37-152.cable.paradise.net.nz] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== psi [~psi@c-ac7e71d5.028-127-6c756c1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
psiwhat does it mean when synaptic shows packages with the ubuntu logo next to the name?11:55
psiuhm, ok. it means it is installed.11:56
thursdayZindar, can you tell me where those debs are? :)11:57
psihm, no, it doesn't :)11:57
=== cprov [~cprov@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
xordoquymy new powerbook refuses to boot on ubuntu CDs11:59
=== kremlyn [~kremlyn@CPE-203-45-62-128.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
trukulopsi, that are Ubuntu Supported12:00
trukuloso , you can see diferences with universe12:00
trukuloor other repositories12:00
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
psiright, thanks12:02
lizHrdwr_BoB, have you installed winexcvs on your system?12:02
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== zepo [~zepo@host248-109.pool8250.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== xordoquy [~xordoquy@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== josh__ [josh@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ultrafunk [~pd@insanity.ridge.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
longsleepdoes the default ubuntu kernel support acpi suspend to disk?12:06
plovserror with rhytmbox: /dev/dsp: No such device ??? totem works ok12:07
Vorph777any ideas why "useradd" won't create homedirs for new users?12:08
stewartVorph777: use adduser if you want to do that12:09
petemcuse adduser12:09
Vorph777what's the difference? and why is useradd even there?12:09
stewartVorph777: or use mkdir and chmod.12:09
stewartVorph777: it's a UNIX thing.12:10
Vorph777according to the man page useradd should set up the home dir etc, but it doesn't...12:11
Vorph777anyways adduser works fine, cheers...:)12:11
=== davidchart_ [~davidchar@d163.HaichiFL2.vectant.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu
stewartVorph777: from reading the manpage, that's what i reckon too. hrrm.... bug, docs should be fixed12:13
=== zombics [~zo@] has joined #ubuntu
zombicsther is a way to instakk ubuntu with no burnner?12:15
thomzombics: netboot12:15
zombicsnetbbot what's that?12:15
thomif you have a network card that supports it, you can tell your computer to boot off a file on the network12:16
thomand you can use that to install12:16
thom(otherwise known as PXEboot)12:16
zombicsi can boot from an ISO? thats on my HD?12:16
=== linux_mafia [~max@202-0-43-124.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
zombicsso wher shold i tell my card to boot from?12:17
housetierit will look for a boot server itself12:18
housetierIF it supports it :)12:18
=== punkass_ [~punkass@S01060040f47277e5.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-31-140.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
thomzombics: you have to do something similar to http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/ch04s06.html it's not as easy as booting from cd12:19
Keybukthom: you about?12:22
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
thomKeybuk: quite possibly12:22
KeybukI just tried booting my laptop with a warty kernel, and none of the fans came on12:23
thomuh? does the initrd have thermal and fan in?12:23
thomand the requisite modprobe lines?12:23
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== somewhat [~fc@tdma-wlan-gw01.mark.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
=== rsilva [~rsilva@] has joined #ubuntu
Keybukwhere would I find them?12:25
somewhathi.. any vmware users here?12:25
Keybuk/mnt/loadmodules:modprobe -k  thermal 2> /dev/null12:25
Keybuk/mnt/loadmodules:modprobe -k  fan 2> /dev/null12:25
thomthat looks fine12:27
Keybukyeah, but the fans didn't come on at all12:27
thomyou should've got "thermal already loaded" and fan already loaded when acpid started12:27
thomhave they still not?12:27
Keybukit never got that far before powering off12:27
somewhatwould like to know how to not have a res of 640x480.. its like typing into a postage stamp window ;D12:27
trukulothere you have two wallpapers for ubuntu: http://mercurio.homeip.net/ficheros/ubuntu-lion.png & http://mercurio.homeip.net/ficheros/ubuntu-fondo-2.png12:28
=== jblack [~jblack@dpvc-209-158-45-74.scr.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jblack wondesr idly why updatedb doesn't look to see if there aren't any active users on the system
Vorph777hmm... can anyone tell me which config file I need to edit to change the res/colour depth for xfree86?12:33
thomVorph777: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8612:34
thomKeybuk: sounds like a kernel problem, then12:35
Keybukthom: yeah, it's annoyingly hard to debug though when you can't actually get your machine to boot with it :-(12:35
Vorph777thanks thom12:35
KeybukI've had no luck in one way or another with anything since 2.6.712:35
=== Tritoch|L [~tritoch@ka45c.hig.no] has joined #ubuntu
Keybukeither usb devices not getting detected/loaded right, panic when uhci and ehci are loaded at the same time or acpi not working right12:39
=== joh [~joh@] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflKamion: what's the difference between /lib/hotplug/firmware and /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware?12:44
Mithrandirsabdfl: /lib is on the root fs, /usr might not be12:45
=== mkyc-ubuntu [bcecau@d220-236-37-3.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
sabdfldo we need /usr/... then?12:45
=== mkyc-ubuntu [bcecau@d220-236-37-3.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== lypanov [~alex@lyp.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
lypanovanyone working on kde pkgs?12:46
lypanovRiddell: :)12:46
lypanovRiddell: using ubuntu?12:46
KeybukMithrandir: why would you ever want firmware outside of the root fs?12:46
=== lypanov is just about to install ubuntu
lypanovand wipe his windows installation12:46
thomyeah, because you should use /lib/ for stuff that you *really* need to boot because / might be small12:46
mkyc-ubuntugnome is better than kde :)12:46
lypanovafter switching from linux back to windows 6 months ago12:46
thomKeybuk: firmware for web cams?12:46
lypanovmkyc-ubuntu: as i kde devel i disagree :)12:46
thomand other trivial stuff you don't need to boot?12:46
Keybukthom: but then why don't we have a /usr/lib/modules/$(uname -r) for the same reason?12:47
mkyc-ubuntulol i guess so lypanov12:47
thomKeybuk: dunno12:47
lypanovmkyc-ubuntu: :P12:47
MithrandirKeybuk: size problems?12:47
thomKeybuk: but i think the seperation is useful12:47
mkyc-ubuntui thought you could install it already?12:47
lypanovfrom src?12:47
lypanovi guess i'd like head anyways12:47
mkyc-ubuntuim sure i read something about KDE on unbutu somewhere.. forums or something.  12:48
mkyc-ubuntucant remember where it was12:48
=== polok [~polok@1Cust182.tnt2.wollongong.au.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
Hrdwr_BoByou can install it from universe12:48
lypanovis there a generic package to allow installation of cvs repos?12:48
polokwhere is xft installed?12:48
lypanovor a generic package template even12:48
lypanovthat handles the cvs up, but still allows development in the tree?12:49
Riddellhello ly12:49
lypanovthat would rock :)12:49
Riddellhello lypanov 12:49
lypanovRiddell: :)12:49
lypanovRiddell: i'm thinking of getting back into devel12:49
Riddelllypanov: yes, I'm wanting to work on ubuntu KDE packages12:49
lypanovRiddell: awesome12:49
Riddelllypanov: fancy helping me?12:49
lypanovRiddell: devel friendly?12:49
lypanovRiddell: sure :) on one condition, must allow in place development :P12:50
Riddelllypanov: deb http://geeksoc.org/~jr/ubuntu/ unstable main   KDE 3.3 kdelibs and kdebase12:50
lypanovawesome :>12:50
Riddellwhat does in place development mean?12:50
lypanovRiddell: that it does src installs via a cvs checkout and stores the .deb's12:50
lypanovRiddell: so that i can create packages from my current src tree12:51
lypanov(multiple machines, one devel machine, want same version on all)12:51
Riddellyou mean keeping the debian/ directory up to date with CVS so you can always make packages12:53
=== yuval [~Yuval@] has joined #ubuntu
lypanovRiddell: ummm not sure what that means :P12:53
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq@] has joined #ubuntu
Riddelllypanov: not quite sure what you mean12:54
lypanovRiddell: :P12:54
=== Riddell breakfasts
lypanovRiddell: i mean. creating a set of .deb's. from a cvs checkout12:54
polokdoes anyone know where xft would be installed by apt in ubuntu?12:57
rburtonpolok: "locate Xft"12:57
rburtonthe library is in /usr/lib12:57
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kamel [debian-tor@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kamel [~kamel@207-234-129-95.ptr.primarydns.com] has joined #ubuntu
Riddelllypanov: yes, so currently the debian/ directories in KDE CVS are out of date, they should be kept up to date then we can have nightly CVS .debs aye?01:00
=== Kamel [~kamel@puma.noncombatant.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
lypanovRiddell: ah :) yup. that sounds sane01:00
=== FluFlo [~FluFlo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kamel [~kamel@bleeat.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Vorph777 tears out a chunk of hair...
Vorph777anyone got any clues as to why gnome would freeze on the splash screen after logging in?01:13
rburtonnormally as you have a non-session managed program starting in the session01:13
rburtonmove away .gnome2/session and session-manual01:14
=== lypanov is gonna install ubuntu and see how gnome 2.8 looks these days :)
lypanovHrdwr_BoB: kde from universe, what version is it out of interest? have you tried it? it works?01:15
Vorph777hmm... can't find .gnome2/session or session-manual01:15
=== Linux_Galore [~logan1@164.c.007.syd.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== trukulo [~mzarza@26.Red-81-45-239.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
joebeastieis archive.ubuntulinux.org down?01:22
=== xTina [~xTina@pD9E626AD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Vorph777ok, is it bad if ~/.gnome2/session and ~/.gnome2/session-manual don't exist?01:24
=== amiroff [~metin@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionsabdfl: /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware's an older name I think, but it really doesn't hurt to leave it there01:25
KamionKeybuk: tasks work precisely *because* they don't have status :-) Have you never seen the hundreds of people who come to debian-user saying "I tried to remove xterm and it wants to remove x-window-system; why is my whole X being removed?"?01:26
KamionKeybuk: by the way the default debconf priority in warty is high, not critical01:26
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
KeybukKamion: but then when things get added to a task, you don't get them01:26
rburtonVorph777: no01:28
Vorph777rburton: haven't been able to successfully login yet so I guess they haven't been created yet...01:30
KamionKeybuk: true, it's hard to get both properties01:32
rburtonVorph777: they only get created if required01:32
KamionI think we'll get pretty fed up of people saying "I tried to remove this package and it wanted to remove my whole Ubuntu desktop!" personally, but maybe that's just me01:32
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq@] has joined #ubuntu
KamionKeybuk: oh yes, if you remove a single package you lose your property anyway, it's really fragile01:32
Keybukthat's just a UI issue, stick a Task: yes or something in meta-packages and change APT to say "The following TASKS will no longer be TRACKED:" or something01:33
KeybukKamion: I think that property is more desirable than "I upgraded to hoary and didn't get $FOO"01:33
KamionKeybuk: sounds easier to have aptitude/synaptic automatically install new packages in tasks you have installed01:33
Kamionaptitude already remembers lots of stuff about your selections01:34
Kamionno reason why it can't remember the tasks you're tracking too01:34
Vorph777rburton: alas I'm stuck at the gnome splash screen after logging in, so I guess I'm not getting to the point where they're required...01:34
rburtonVorph777: the session reads them if they exist straight away. you've got another bug.01:35
Vorph777If Esound fails to start, will this halt gnome?01:36
=== dommi [~dommi@24-168-14-210.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
rburtonVorph777: shouldn't but you never know with esd01:37
rburtonVorph777: it may be trying to play the login sound and esd is blocking01:37
=== michiel__ [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== michiel__ is now known as Mitario
Mitariohi all01:38
Vorph777hmm, that could be it01:38
sabdflKamion: it might be confusing for people who stick frmware in there and then don't know why it's not loaded01:38
sabdfli'd really prefer there to be only one directory01:38
rburtonerm, synaptic can't hit archive.ubuntu.com01:39
Mitariodoes anyone here have news on stallman?01:39
Treenaksnews on stallman?01:39
Mitarioyeah, the car accident01:39
Treenakscar accident?01:39
Mitarioyes, some rumors goes he has had a car accident01:40
rburtonits not on /. so it can't be true01:40
thomhe's in hospital, but isn't dead. apparently01:40
Treenaksrburton: and even if it is, it must be an evil plot by Microsoft01:40
Mitariothom, indeed01:41
thomthere really isn't any solid information01:41
MithrandirTreenaks: it seems like he was in a car with three others en route from SANE to Paris when a traffic accident happened.  One person rumored dead, two hospitalized; stallman supposedly one of the latter.  This is all rumors so far.01:41
=== taloch [~henry@user-4523.l4.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksMithrandir: hm ok01:42
Treenakslots of traffic accidents lately :(01:42
=== leonv [~leonv@ndn-78-149.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
leonvHowdey, can one install ubuntu as a server install without the gnome gumf01:45
trukuloleonv, use debian for that01:45
=== Linux_Galore imagine Bill Gates writing XP code to make the traffic lights crash just as Stalman passes through the intersection
Linux_Galorein fact thats pretty normal for XP anyway01:45
=== schalke [~schalke@p508F1F3A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
MithrandirLinux_Galore: not funny.01:46
johI've just installed ubuntu, but I got no prompt for entering the root password!01:47
Mithrandirjoh: the root account is disabled by default, we use sudo01:47
Mithrandirso if you get prompted for a password, type your own.01:47
johMithrandir: ok01:47
Mithrandirif you, for some reason, want to enable the root account, just run passwd root01:47
johMithrandir: thanks01:47
leonvtrukulo, battling with a clients intel board with the debian installer beta 401:47
Mithrandirsorry, sudo passwd root.01:47
johMithrandir: yeah :) thank you01:48
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Linux_Galorethe guy who does Gobbo Linux did a good writeup why he doesnt use root either with his Linux distro01:48
Kamionsabdfl: it will be loaded, though, hotplug runs after /usr is mounted01:49
Kamionsabdfl: but talk to mdz, I haven't touched hotplug itself, only the d-i branch where it doesn't matter either way01:49
trukuloleonv, yes, with sarge01:49
=== manchine [~manchine@cm46024.red.mundo-r.com] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionleonv: install with 'custom'01:50
Kamionleonv: dude. with Debian, don't use d-i beta4, it's way out of date01:50
manchineis there anyway to connect from ubuntu through a winmodem? (it is a tough question, i know)01:51
leonvKamion, will download rc1 businesscard edition01:51
rburtonisn't there rc2 now?01:51
=== y0ann [~y0ann@lejay1.net1.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionrburton: not yet01:52
rburtonKamion: ok, i'm just eager :)01:52
Kamionsabdfl: hm, we should put the "use free space on disk" back as a (non-default) partitioning option, I forget why I removed it in the first place01:53
Kamionit keeps coming up in reviews01:53
amiroffGuys, is the internationalization of Ubuntu planned? I mean the strings that are not into Gnome and added by Ubuntu team?01:54
rburtonpitti: ooh new HAL, great.01:54
sabdflKamion: fine by me, go ahead if it's a trivial and well tested codepath01:54
pittirburton: does it work?01:54
rburtonpitti: i'll find out in a minute01:54
rburtonpitti: i presume the hal postinst restarted the daemon01:54
housetiermanchine, there are ways, "/join #debian-bots" and "/msg dpkg winmodem"01:54
pittirburton: but you have to relogin01:55
schalkehi! I would be pleased if someone could help me with this problem. I installed the Mozilla-Firefox-package from the Ubuntu-Server. After adding the RealPlayer10 and SunJava-plugins as recommended on the mozdev.org-plugin sites Firebird crashes everytime I join a site containing java-content and the RealPlayer-plugin. Is there anothzer way of getting this combination work together? Could this be a specific Firebird-bug or perhaps a Ubuntu-bug?01:55
schalke Thx very much in advance...01:55
thomhuh. hit the shutdown button in the computer menu, and the system reboots01:55
thomanyone else seeing that?01:55
thomlogout/shutdown, anyway01:56
rburtonpitti: shouldn't it have an init script?01:56
=== pisuke [~luis@84-120-64-108.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jono [~jono@82-37-194-90.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
jonohi all01:58
=== nonroot [~nonroot@] has joined #ubuntu
jonoanyone run ppc ubuntu here?01:58
pittirburton: it does restart hal and dbus, but that kills gnome-volume-manager01:58
housetierschalke, I got java working on debian without problems, I installed a java vm and created the symlinks as described and lo and behold it worked :)01:58
pittijono: me01:58
jonopitti, I installed a kernel and now it wont boot - is there a way to pass the root filesystem to yaboot to indicate which partition to boot from?01:59
=== Archimage [~tommy@cpe-69-135-46-151.cinci.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
pittijono: yes, you can pass kernel parameters in yaboot02:00
pittijono: so boot 'Linux root=/dev/whereever'02:00
jonopitti, how do I specify that my root partition is /dev/hda1 for example?02:00
pittirburton: bug #155102:00
pittijono: Linux root=/dev/hda1 should work02:01
jonopitti, is there a way to list partitions in yaboot?02:01
pittijono: however, this does not change the boot partition02:01
pittijono: I don't know, sorry02:01
jonopitti, it says kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)02:02
pittijono: may it be that you forgot to add the initrd?02:02
schalkehousetier: Java alone works on my system, too. My problem seems to be the RealPlayer10. It is not listed in the installed plugins. Joining a site, where RealPlayer is necessary I get a white field and together with Java the browser crashes.02:02
jonopitti, there didnt seem to be an initrd whern I compiled it02:03
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
pittijono: which file system do you use for your root partition? Did you compile it into the kernel statically? Module won't work02:04
pittijono: did you keep your old kernel? Just boot that02:04
jonopitti, my old kernel wont boot - that does complain about the initrd02:04
ggiHas anyone else noticed that the volume control in Totem defaults to a position that isn't actually within the bar? Perhaps it's just me.02:05
pittijono: sounds pretty f*cked up...02:05
pittijono: I'm back in three minutes02:05
manchinehow can i enable supermount on ubuntu?02:05
Treenaksmanchine: supermount?02:05
jonopitti, yep it is02:05
carlosmanchine: we don't have it in our kernel02:05
Treenaksit's not necessary...02:05
Treenakshal/pmount/nautilus mount everything for me..02:06
housetierschalke, its absolutely possible that the plugin is not of the best quality, the browser might have bugs too..02:07
manchinecarlos, can it be patched anyways?02:08
=== avih [~chatzilla@DSL217-132-195-195.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
pittijono: what happened to your old kernel? did you delete the initrd?02:08
carlosmanchine: I suppose, but It's not supported so perhaps it could give you some troubles02:08
Treenaksmanchine: supermount is really not needed02:08
avihhi. any liveCD for ubuntu?02:08
jonopitti, no I didnt delete it, but I think it rename a symlink to it with initrd.old02:09
jonopitti, can I pass the initrd to the kernel at boot?02:09
carlosmanchine: as Treenaks says, the ubuntu way to do it is using hal/pmount/nautilus02:09
manchinecarlos, what happens then if i eject a floppy without unmounting it? (just like a win user would do)02:11
=== djuuss [~djuuss@] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksmanchine: it works..02:11
Treenaksmanchine: I unplugged my USB memory key the other day and it worked fine.. 02:11
schalkehousetier: ok. Perhaps I`ll try the 0.93-version. This worked well. Nevertheless the rest of this preview runs perfect. Thx02:12
carlosmanchine: all removable devices are mounted in sync mode so you should not lose any data02:12
pittijono: this should be possible02:12
jonosod it, I will reinstall02:12
pittijono: wait, I power up my ppc02:12
jonopitti, ok cheers02:12
Kamionjono: yaboot doesn't support passing an initrd parameter on its command line02:13
KamionI know of no way to do this in yaboot unfortunately02:13
Kamionjono: you'll have to boot from the CD, run up to partitioning, switch to tty2, chroot, fix /etc/yaboot.conf, run ybin02:14
jonoKamion, what d you mean run up paritioning?02:14
pittijono: put a Warty installation CD in, boot from it, and do installation up to partitioning02:15
jonodo switch to tty2 by switching like normal02:16
Kamion(but only up to the start of partitioning - at that point the installer hasn't yet written anything to the disk, but it has loaded all the modules you need to mount your installed system)02:16
Kamioncommand-f2 or command-fn-f2 or similar, might be s/command/option/02:16
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@] has joined #ubuntu
pittiKamion: it isn't possible to pass initrd=... as kernel parameter?02:16
MithrandirTreenaks: http://www.wiggy.net/tmp/accident/02:16
TreenaksMithrandir: wiggy??02:18
MithrandirTreenaks: he's just collecting info about it02:18
TreenaksMithrandir: ah02:19
=== lothario [~lothario@151.pool4.dsl8mtokyo.att.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu
manchinei am switching from kde to gnome. any decent gui to burn cd/dvd (likewise k3b)?02:19
pittimanchine: right clock on an iso, or insert a blank CD02:20
Treenaksmanchine: just put an empty disc in your burner and watch the window pop up :)02:20
Kamionpitti: you can pass it if you like but it doesn't work ...02:20
pittimanchine: or select Places -> CD burner in Nautilus02:20
pittiKamion: ugly...02:20
Kamionpitti: I read the code in some detail a while back, there's simply no support for interpreting initrd= as something yaboot should load02:20
=== jono tries to find his ubuntu ppc cd
pittiKamion: I always thought that the kernel loads the initrd...02:21
=== ircrob [~rob@] has joined #ubuntu
=== pitti goes to reread the boot process docs
jonogot it :D02:21
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD951897D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
MithrandirKamion: we should talk about how to make d-i into some kind of a rescue system, I think.02:21
Kamionpitti: yaboot certainly loads it if configured to do so ... AFAIK the bootloader loads the initrd and passes a pointer to the start of it to the kernel02:22
manchineTreenaks pitti, looks promising :)02:22
KamionMithrandir: partial preseeding! :-)02:22
pittiMithrandir: I think the upcoming live CD will be a great tool for this02:22
jonowhen I compiled the kernel, there was no initrd placed in /boot - does this mean I dont need an initrd entry in yaboot.conf?02:22
MithrandirKamion: hadn't thought of that, but possibly, yes.02:22
Kamionpitti: we want to do it in d-i too02:22
Mithrandirpitti: I'm thinking for debian as well02:22
pittiMithrandir: sure; I have a 20 MB Mini-Debian rescue cd here02:23
KamionMithrandir: preseed everything up to just before partitioning, then present a select list of all your partitions saying "which one do you want to mount as root?", then mount and start chrooted shell02:23
MithrandirKamion: and pass the preseed file as a boot option on the isolinux command line?02:23
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq@] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandir(or whatever you're using as cd bootloader)02:27
jonook, I cant swith to tty02:27
jonoI tried ctrl-f2, and other combinations02:27
KamionMithrandir: I guess you'd configure the bootloader to have a special rescue option that did that for you02:27
Kamionjono: ctrl-f2 definitely won't work02:27
manchineis it true that ubuntu has its headquarters in the isle of man? :)02:27
MithrandirKamion: that's what I meant.02:27
Kamionjono: try: alt-f2, alt-fn-f2 (pressed in that order), command-f2, command-fn-f2 (pressed in that order)02:27
=== ircrob [~rob@] has left #ubuntu []
pittijono: it's not alt, it's option (apple)02:27
Kamionmanchine: Canonical is incorporated in the Isle of Man02:27
=== phill_ [phill@203-59-81-157.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmine has "alt" engraved on the key as well :)02:27
jonono luck02:27
=== free [~free@81-208-74-187.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
pittijono: Apple+Fn+F2 should really work02:27
pittijono: apple key first, then Fn+F202:27
=== Archimage [~tommy@cpe-69-135-46-151.cinci.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
pittijono,Kamion: Alt and Apple are swapped on the console (#958)02:27
jonoahhh got it02:27
jonodamn, there is not editor in this console02:27
=== nemo [~nemo@] has joined #ubuntu
MyKq3hello... how can i find out to which package belongs a model_path? in Mandrake i could do URPMF (model_path) and it would have told me the rpm package i need. do i have a semilar aptget comand for that ?02:27
pittijono: there is: cat > file :-)02:27
Kamionjono: nano02:28
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
jonoweird, it doesnt say nano in the command list02:28
jonothere is no yaboot.conf file though02:28
Kamionmount your target partition02:29
Kamionchroot to it02:29
ggiI seem to be missing the help files for Evolution. Is that normal?02:29
Kamione.g. 'mkdir /mnt; mount /dev/discs/disc0/part11 /mnt; chroot /mnt' (substitute appropriate partition02:30
=== balex [~alex@Da53c.d.pppool.de] has joined #ubuntu
pittirburton: I took a look at eject to debug your iPod hanging; does calling eject from the console work?02:32
=== FluFlo [~FluFlo@] has left #ubuntu ["Error]
=== amiroff is now known as amiroff_marlboro
martinkggi: that should be fixed in evolution >= 2.0.1-0ubuntu102:34
=== viridis` [unregister@b15.vu.lt] has joined #ubuntu
ggimartink: Which hasn't been uploaded yet?02:35
jonohow do I get back to the installer?02:35
=== rnz [~rnz@rnz.user] has joined #ubuntu
martinkggi: archive.u.c is already at -0ubuntu202:36
martinkggi: (for i386)02:36
Kamionjono: alt (or whatever)-f102:36
martinkggi: (and for the other two as well, it seems)02:37
ggimartink: While the package name ends in 2.0.1-0ubuntu2, 'apt-cache show evolution' gives me 2.0.0-0ubuntu2 as the version number.02:38
ggiAnyway, I have to be off.02:39
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has left #ubuntu ["Bloody]
jononow I need to figure out how to fix yaboot.conf02:39
pittijono: correct the initrd path 02:40
pittijono: look in /mnt/boot/initrd* for the correct path and enter it in /mnt/etc/yaboot.conf02:40
=== ph [~ph@pD958763F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionyou should be chrooted to /mnt at this point, so just /etc/yaboot.conf02:41
=== Kamel- [fuckyou@dsl027-178-156.sfo1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
jonopitti, but I dont think there was an initrd* for my kernel version02:43
=== amiroff_marlboro is now known as amiroff
pittijono: you can fix your old kernel and use that02:44
pittijono: so far I only built an initrd once, for a small rescue floppy; in this case they are not kernel dependant.02:44
Kamionyou can take out the initrd= parameter in that case02:44
pittijono: but in your case they are02:44
=== leonv [~leonv@ndn-78-149.telkomadsl.co.za] has left #ubuntu []
pittijono: so if you compiled in the file system support for your root partition, you don't need an initrd02:45
jonoKamion, I did take it out, and I thought that was why it broke02:45
jonoI compiled from the config file ubuntu placed in /boot02:45
KosaiErk.  RMS and Debian devels in a car crash.  :(  (<http://www.wiggy.net/tmp/accident/>)02:46
jonoshit hans bakker is dead02:48
pittijono: fix your old kernel then and compile the new one properly (i. e. compile in support for root fs)02:50
=== zenwhen [1001@host-66-20-101-161.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== MrNobody [wicked@gw-elc-2.etlicon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionjono: oh, if you're using that config file then you must use an initrd02:55
Kamion(why did you need to recompile, incidentally?)02:55
=== axe9dotcom [~axe9@] has joined #ubuntu
axe9dotcommy computer plays AVI files!02:56
=== linux_mafia [~max@202-0-43-124.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
jonoKamion, to patch the orinoco driver - I am testing it for bug 143802:56
axe9dotcom\o/ I can watch videos on my computer!!!02:56
Kamionjono: ah, maybe just substituting the single module would be easier02:56
jonoKamion, I tried that but it didnt work02:57
=== axe9dotcom is still trying to fix XP
Kamionaxe9dotcom: can you still reproduce the "Ubuntu install makes WinXP rebootable" thing?02:57
jonoI figured it must be becuase I did not compile the module against the running kernel02:57
pittiKamion: in this case the old initrd should still work, shouldn't it?02:57
Kamionpitti: probably, unless the module he's recompiling is in the initrd02:58
Kamionaxe9dotcom: the bug you reported where you can't boot WinXP after installing Ubuntu02:58
jonoI will try to insmod the new driver again and let you know what it says02:58
pittiKamion: even in this case, would it matter? it should be compatible and he can always unload and reload it 02:58
Kamionpitti: quite02:58
=== parax [~parax@84-122-245-181.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
paraxhi there!02:59
jonothis technique I used for recovering - does that only apply to debian based systems?02:59
Kamionjono: the details of the technique are d-i specific; the general idea is, well, general03:00
pittijono: no, as long as you have a rescue cd (or any other running linux for that matter) it applies to all linuxes which use yaboot03:00
paraxI need some packages on debian repository (universe component); is it secure to add this? I mean... Are ubuntu packages replaced by universe packages, or universe includes only the others that are not on main?03:00
pittiparax: it is secure in the way you describe it, yes03:01
pittiparax: main and universe are orthogonal03:01
axe9dotcomI DID get my hard drives working03:01
paraxgreat! thanks, pitti03:01
axe9dotcomwhen I take out the liux drive, and set the windows one as master, windows doesn't boot03:02
Kamionah, dunno about that03:02
Kamionaxe9dotcom: did you follow the directions at http://lwn.net/Articles/86835/?03:02
jonook, I moved to my modules dir in /lib/modules/ and did insmod ./airport.ko and I get insmod:error inserting './airport.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module03:02
axe9dotcomafter the company screen, it's just black with a blinking cursor03:02
Kamionjono: 'depmod -a'?03:02
rburtonpitti: it was eject from the console, but its stopped happening now...  i'll close the bug if i can't replicate today03:02
Kamionaxe9dotcom: we are looking for people to test http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~cjwatson/warty-i386-new-parted.iso to make sure it doesn't stop Windows being bootable03:03
jonoKamion, wont that overwrite my modules file with the modules in directory as opposed to my stock kernel
Kamionwell, you were one of the people who reported the problem in the first place, so it seems likely that you're in a good position to test03:04
axe9dotcomwhen I get xp working03:04
axe9dotcomI had a friend mail a disk to e03:04
axe9dotcomso it should be too long03:04
Kamionunfortunately the original bug does not happen with my test XP installation03:05
axe9dotcomYou got it on two hard drives, with the windows partition as the second drive?03:05
axe9dotcomThat's my mistake03:05
axe9dotcomI think03:05
=== Kamel- is now known as Kamel
=== thomerz [~thomerz@N560P025.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionaxe9dotcom: I don't believe that that's a necessary condition03:06
paraxpitti, and what if some packages on universe are added to main component? main will replace universe? this class of upgrading will not be done?03:07
Kamionthe bug was to do with hard disk geometry, not number of disks03:07
=== jono wonders if busybox is available in other distros behind the scenes of the installer
=== Zindar [~bagfors@h188n1fls12o803.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionparax: that will happen, but at that point the package in universe will stop being upgraded03:07
pittiparax: as soon as a package is adopted to main, it is removed from universe, so this should still be safe03:07
KamionI mean, it'll be removed from universe03:08
axe9dotcomI heeard something about windows liking to always be on the first partition of the master drive, and that it didn't work well otherwise03:08
paraxI understand03:08
Kamionjono: yes, debian-installer certainly isn't the only installer to do this03:08
Kamionaxe9dotcom: it is quite possible that you encountered two problems at once03:08
paraxok! thx again, pitti and Kamion03:08
Zindarwow.. just reinstalled my laptop with ubuntu.. first dist ever to use my synaptics touchpad correctly!!!03:08
jonoKamion, cool03:08
axe9dotcomTwo problems?03:08
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionaxe9dotcom: the parted C/H/S bug and Windows being a pain about where it's installed03:09
Kamionnever mind03:09
thomerzi have a problem, when i want to install ubuntu on my laptop, i get a error message at 80%, initrd-tools cannot be loadet and the installation aborts03:09
thomerzdoes somebody know what i can do?03:10
axe9dotcomI should have got the linux in a nutshell book...03:10
axe9dotcomor a for dummies03:10
=== axe9dotcom is now known as awayz
=== thomaes [~thomaes@dsl-75-212.utaonline.at] has joined #ubuntu
thomerzcan help somebody with the installation of ubuntu on notebooks`?03:16
__randy__thomerz, try cleaning the cd if its failing at the same spot all the time03:17
=== Ycros [~Ycros@c211-30-14-115.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
thomerzif done __randy__, i have burned the cd 4 times03:17
thomerzand same problem with every copy of it03:17
__randy__thomerz, did you burn from the same iso and check the checksum?03:18
=== womble [~mpalmer@eth1859.nsw.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
thomerzyes from the same iso03:18
thomaeshi, i have the same problem like thomerz03:18
__randy__what kind of laptop?03:18
thomaescompaq nx700003:19
thomerzfrom hp03:19
thomaeswhen the cd installs the base system, he says "can't install initrd-tools"03:19
thomerzwhen i look in the error logs, i can see that there are some dependencies missing03:20
Treenaksthomaes: maybe your CD is broken?03:20
thomaesno it isn't, i tried to burn it 5 times03:20
__randy__I'd probably file a bug with the contents of the error logs then03:20
thomaesalways the same problem03:20
thomerzfirst we thougt it is the cd, but it can't be the same problem on all cds^^03:21
plovsi have sound problems, in rhytmbox /dev/dsp: No such device, but in totem all is ok ???03:21
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Hrdwr_BoB [hrdwrbob@220-253-39-226.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW
plovspitti, hal seems to be workig ok now03:22
pittiplovs: wrt the gphoto camera?03:23
plovsboth of my cams only work with gtkam and are not identified as cams03:23
plovspitti, i was more woriedabout drives mounting as sda and sda103:24
=== ctd [~ctd@203-206-241-119.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
WWKamion: Are you here?03:24
pittiplovs: ah yes, that should be fixed, too03:25
johubuntu works pretty good :)03:25
plovspitti, it seems to be ok now, now /dev/dsp is malfunctioning03:26
pittiplovs: please don't tell me that this is hal's fault 03:27
plovspitti, :) no no , you're the man! hal is fine03:27
thomaesby the way: what does "warty" mean??03:27
pittiplovs: but what's wrong with the sound?03:27
pittithomaes: "Warty Warthogs" is the internal code name for our first release03:28
plovspitti, rhytmbox doesn't work, but totem does03:28
thomaesoh, thanks pitti03:28
pittiplovs: hmm, rhythmbox works fine for me,too. I use it every day as my main source of noise :-)03:28
pittiplovs: does it say that the device is busy? 03:29
plovspitti, and i still ahve the bonobo problem03:29
plovspitti, /dev/dsp: No such device03:29
skreetgood morning everyone.03:30
plovspitti, ls -l /dev/dsp -> crw-rw-rw-    1 root     audio     14,   3 Sep 30 12:56 /dev/dsp03:30
skreetWow device manager sucks at guessing what an Unknown Device is03:30
plovspitti, it's just weird as the sound works, i'm listening to music right now through totem03:31
pittiplovs: looks pretty normal, except for the permissoins03:31
pittiplovs: can you close totem and open rhythmbox? may be "not exists" is a wrong error for "is busy"?03:31
plovspitti, i changed it with chmod a+rw, but that didn't help03:32
pittiplovs: that's good, I already thought that udev messed up the permissions03:32
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
pittiplovs: as long as you are in group 'audio' you can access the device03:32
skreetIs there any way to get a Linux Desktop to allow you to use multiple audio devices at once, like in Windows 95+03:32
plovspitti, rhytmbox says cannot open device for writing, in the terminal it says no such device03:33
plovspitti, how can I see what audiodevice totem uses?03:33
=== Zindar also has sound problems.. sound in the desktop.. but no rythbox working
Zindarxmms works03:33
plovsZindar, run rythmbox from terminal see the output03:34
skreetplovs: You didnt compile rhythmbox for alsa and have oss, or vise-versa did you?03:34
pittiplovs: try 'lsof | grep totem'03:34
plovsskreet, i didn't compile nothing03:34
Zindarplovs:looks like gst-register-0.8 solved it03:34
skreetplovs: okay just checkin' :)03:34
Zindaryeah it did03:35
Zindarworks great now03:35
=== goatboy [~tim@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
plovspitti, /dev/dsp103:35
plovsZindar, i'll update/grade03:35
Zindarplovs: just did.. think that's why it happend03:36
pittiplovs: does that exist?03:36
Zindar0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.03:36
plovspitti, /dev/dsp1 ... yes03:36
=== haggai_ is now known as haggai
pittiseb128: plovs has a weird sound problem; is it planned to compile all sound apps to use only esd?03:37
plovspitti, i *do* have mplayer stuf installed03:37
skreetI should probably put speakers on this computer03:38
skreetWhat's a good FTP client for Gnome?03:39
skreetPreferably in the Ubuntu package list.03:39
plovspitti, is it possible /dev/dsp is my tv-card or something?03:39
Mithrandirskreet: gftp?03:39
skreetMithrandir, Thanks.03:39
Mithrandirskreet: or use nautilus03:39
pittiplovs: could very well be; I even heard reports that it was the modem03:40
skreetMithrandir, How well does it work, it's not like IE for windows and it crashes every time you ftp:// is it?03:40
seb128pitti: what weird problem ?03:40
Mithrandirskreet: I don't use ftp, so I can't really tell03:40
plovsseb128, /dev/dsp does not work /dev/dsp1 does03:40
skreetI'll try it first :)03:41
seb128plovs: do you use esd ?03:41
pittiseb128, plovs: unfortunately rhythmbox does not seem to have an option for setting the device03:41
seb128just use esdsink03:41
plovsseb128, i use whatever is there, there are no settings on rhytmbox, as far as i could find03:41
seb128and pick esdsink03:42
pittiseb128, plovs: esdsink is already the default on my system. Plovs, maybe this is still from an old installation?03:42
plovsseb128, esdsink is selected but greyed out03:43
sabdflANNOUNCE: Community Council meeting in #ubuntu-meeting at 1600 UTC03:43
plovsseb128, oss is default source03:43
seb128apt-get install gstreamer0.8-esd03:44
=== hinoiri [~hinoiri@pcp09510952pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
plovsgstreamer0.8-esd is already the newest version.03:44
=== Dr_Willis [~willis@12-222-124-154.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
pittiplovs: it's not the source that matters, you have to change the sink03:45
hinoiriI just installed and GRUB does not show up on boot? it is on hda MBR. hda is winxp/linuxswap/ubuntu in that order.03:46
plovsdefault sink: esd, esdsink under it greyed out03:46
y0annisn't gcc installed on ubuntu ?03:46
pittiy0ann: not by default03:46
pittiy0ann: apt-get install build-essential03:46
y0annpitti: ok thank u very mutch :)03:47
plovsseb128, and in the terminal it says: /dev/dsp: No such device03:47
pittiy0ann: no problem. the package 'gcc' will work, too, but build-essential brings some other good stuff03:47
Mithrandirpitti: like libc. :=03:48
=== jsan [~font@177.Red-217-126-40.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
y0annpitti: ok i'm gonna take this one03:48
seb128plovs: esd is running ?03:48
pittiMithrandir: hmm, but there are pretty good changes that he already has libc6 :-)03:48
Mithrandirpitti: not libc6-dev03:48
pittiMithrandir: right03:48
plovsseb128, ps ax | grep esd doesn't show it03:48
seb128esd &03:49
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
plovsseb128, /dev/dsp: No such device03:49
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-82-89.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
seb128plovs: ls /dev/dsp -l ?03:49
plovsseb128, and again it doesn't show in ps03:49
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-222-26-24.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
plovscrw-rw-rw-    1 root     audio     14,   3 Sep 30 12:56 /dev/dsp03:50
linux_mafiaMithrandir, i installed build-essential but it dl'ed just that, is it just a meta-package? did it not bring other stuff with it because i already had all the packages like gcc etc installed03:50
pittiseb128: /dev/dsp could be a modem or a tv card03:50
Mithrandirlinux_mafia: correct.03:50
seb128pitti: no idea03:50
goatboypitti: actually, you can change the device in gstreamer-properties03:50
defendguini dont think the battery applet works at all03:50
goatboychange the output to custom and set it to e.g. "osssink device=/dev/dsp1"03:50
linux_mafiadefendguin, wireless still working ok?03:50
defendguini have a full charge on this battery and it says 0 i find thi very disconcerting03:51
defendguinlinux_mafia, yes03:51
linux_mafiadefendguin, cool03:51
plovsgoatboy, yo're the *man* that works!03:51
skreetDoes Ubuntu use Xfree or Xorg?03:51
linux_mafiaxfree at the mo03:51
skreetNext release using Xorg?03:52
linux_mafiaxorg coming in hoary iirc03:52
sabdflskreet: xorg planned for hoary03:52
skreetI've never used Xorg.03:52
plovsseb128, off course it *does* leave something to be desired ...03:52
skreetWhen's the next release squedualed?03:52
goatboyplovs: cool, I had the same problem.03:52
skreetGod I cant spell that word.03:52
Mithrandirskreet: april, iirc03:52
goatboy /dev/dsp was my tvtuner.03:52
hinoirianyone know what causes grub to be MIA?03:52
Mithrandirskreet: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HoaryHedgehog_2fReleaseSchedule03:52
linux_mafiaskreet, ive used both, never really noticed a difference to be honest, but i dont play games, have a very stock card etc, so maybe others have seen benefits i havent03:53
=== polok_ [~polok@1Cust96.tnt2.wollongong.au.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiaapart from the license stuff that is03:53
plovspitti, rhytmbox now works ok03:53
skreetOkay here's an off the wall question: Is there any way to give a Gnome desktop a Working Cursor (Like how in windows when you double clikc something it shows you that it actually did something, lol)03:53
pittiplovs: already saw it03:53
pittiplovs: but this should work better, in any way03:54
skreetlinux_mafia, Yea, I dont game on this computer, I have a 2.8E with a 9800 Pro on the other side of this KVM switch :P lol03:54
plovspitti, well it's still beta03:54
linux_mafiaskreet, the main reason for change was licensing hoohah, ubuntu, debian, and others (dunno), use xfree from the change with patches backported03:55
linux_mafia"before the change" that should have been03:55
skreetGotcha. :003:56
plovswhat is a good app to edit mp3 tags?03:58
skreetmay have to Wine it :)03:59
Dr_Willisi use 'juk' - part of kde03:59
linux_mafiaskreet, what do you want to do?03:59
=== lemonlysol [~warthurto@wbar10.chi1-4-11-141-080.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== SuperL4g [~colbyirc@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
skreetlinux_mafia, In regards to my mouse-pointer statement? I want a busy cursor for when I use icons on the desktop, I noticed there is a busy cursor when you open a menu item but not any other time.04:00
=== polok_ is now known as polok
plovsDr_Willis, i liked juk, but now i use gnome ...04:01
=== lilricky [~lilricky@] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiaskreet, have you googled for such a thing?04:01
skreetlinux_mafia, I'm lazy.04:01
=== skreet is now known as Skreet
Skreetmuch better04:01
=== igster [~igster@] has joined #ubuntu
igsterhello all.  am wondering if anyone can recommend a good clipboard manager.04:02
=== lypanov runs
rburtonis there such a thing?04:03
lypanovcan't remember the name though04:03
igsteri've seen a few 04:03
lypanovklipper in kde04:03
lypanovthe main gnome one looked nifty04:03
rburtonlypanov: load gnumeric and press select all04:03
lypanovbut never tried it :$04:03
lypanovrburton: gnumeric?04:03
lypanovrburton: on a kde developers desktop? :P04:03
rburtonlypanov: gnome spreadsheet.  klipper has a fit as gnumeric can easily give it several hundred meg of data04:04
lypanovrburton: anyways. continue with the tale :)04:04
lypanovrburton: yer i know it :)04:04
lypanovrburton: oooh. then gnumeric fucks up the mimetype?04:04
=== trukulo [~trukulo@docsis65-46.menta.net] has joined #ubuntu
rburtonlypanov: no, it supports many different formats04:04
lypanovrburton: or it copys as text?04:04
lypanovrburton: then change the klipper mode :P04:04
rburtonxml, text, csv, ...04:05
lypanovrburton: anyways. x's fault04:05
lypanovrburton: not much that klipper can do to fix it04:05
lypanovother than not work :)04:05
lypanovwhich would make it pretty pointless :)04:05
=== rburton survives fine without one
lypanovit depends04:05
lypanovi go insane when my clipboard dissappears after i close an app04:05
lypanovthat drives me freaking insane04:05
rburtoni paste before i close :)04:06
lypanovsometimes i forget :(04:06
=== lypanov isn't clever enough :P
igsterthanks for the info.  one more question.  how often is everyone performing apt-get update/upgrade?04:07
igsterthe repository gets updated pretty regularly04:07
trukulobecause it's not stable04:07
Kamionarchive updates are every half an hour04:07
linux_mafiaigster, about every 5 minutes04:08
igsterwell for not being stable it works very well for me.  no crashes *knocks on wood*04:08
jonoKamion, when I mounted my disk behind the installer, I used /dev/disc/disc0/part6 - is that MAc specific or common with all installers at that point?04:08
igstergtg.  later.  thanks for the info.  :-)04:09
linux_mafiaigster, i'm sure i've got an obsessive compulsive disorder, i was like that when i was on debian proper too, i tried fedora for a little while, i went nuts not being able to do it04:09
Kamionjono: partition numbers obviously vary, the devfs-style naming is common to all d-i architectures currently04:09
Kamionjono: it'll probably change eventually, for obvious reasons we want to move away from devfs04:09
jonoso  /dev/disc/disc0/part is d-i specific?04:09
Kamion/dev/discs, but yes, ish04:09
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host101.200-117-164.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionthere are probably one or two other installers using devfs, haven't done a detailed survey04:10
jonoKamion, why is /dev/discs/disc0/part(n) used instead of /dev/hda(n) ?04:11
pittidoes anybody know how to make windows "snap" at other window borders and the screen border?04:11
Mithrandirjono: because the installer uses devfs04:11
thomKeybuk: i suspect #1922 is Your Bug (tm)04:11
=== jsan [~font@177.Red-217-126-40.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
jonoMithrandir, ok04:12
=== arthurgeek [~arthur@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Atticus [~anon@rdrt-164-107-205-0.resnet.ohio-state.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== Atticus [~anon@rdrt-164-107-205-0.resnet.ohio-state.edu] has left #ubuntu []
=== Atticus [~anon@rdrt-164-107-205-0.resnet.ohio-state.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Atticushello everyone04:15
Kamionjono: when d-i was originally being built there was no sensible alternative to devfs04:15
AtticusI was wondering if anyone might be able to help me with a few issues im having 04:16
AtticusWindows has seemed to "eat" my grub installation, and now when i restart my pc... i dont get a boot select screen, it just goes straight to windows04:16
Dr_Willisi dont recall if the  install cd has a rescue mode or not.04:17
AtticusIt has none that I am aware of04:17
Dr_Willismany distros do .  Or tou can boot some 'live cd' and chroot over to your existing install and reinstall grub.04:17
AtticusDr Willis: i am new to linux this is my first time with any distro04:18
Kamionit does04:18
eazel7I finished installing packages in ubuntu04:18
eazel7debootstrapped from woody04:18
Dr_Willisi use so many distros i cant keep them all straight.04:18
Kamionboot from the CD, run up to partitioning, switch to tty2, chroot, fix whatever you want04:18
Kamionsomething more automatic will happen at some point04:19
eazel7I wonder why gnome deosn't runs yet, the thing is that it delays up to ten minutes to start, and doesn't starts completly04:19
AtticusKamion: i have no idea what tty2, chroot, or really anything else means.. ive always used windows until i installed ubuntu linux04:19
Keybukthom: certainly sounds plausible04:19
=== leonv [~leonv@ndn-78-149.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
Keybukit does boot *very* slowly04:19
trukuloAtticus, why don't you wait for a *stable* release?04:19
eazel7if this is known matter in ubuntu, because I had it before04:20
trukulothat's a beta one, only for development04:20
KamionAtticus: tty2 = the console you get from alt-f204:20
leonvwhat drivers can I use to get nvidia support in X?04:20
rburtonleonv: install nvidia-glx04:20
AtticusTrukulo, i had no idea it was only a beta release i thought it was 1.0?04:20
Kamiontrukulo: if we don't get feedback now we can't fix things for the final release :)04:20
trukuloit was preview release04:21
trukuloKamion, that's right, but i only note it's not stable and problems are normal04:21
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-206-229-56.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
trukulodon't want him to think that linux is bad04:21
leonvrburton: I had a look but it is not available as an app: feta available nvidia , and it is not there (in my source.list file I have universe and restricted)04:21
Kamiontrukulo: just don't discourage bug reports please :-)04:21
AtticusWhen i first installed ubuntu, it went fine.. the computer rebooted during installation and then grub started and loaded into ubuntu to finish up the install and i made it to the desktop and was able to use everything fine, but when i switched back to windows, it seemed to override my grub installation for some reason or another?04:21
trukuloAtticus, of course please use ubuntu and report bugs :)04:21
trukuloonly try to be comprensive04:22
trukuloAtticus, have you installed windows AFTER ubuntu?04:22
AtticusTrukulo, no04:22
Dr_Willisits odd that grub 'vanished'04:22
=== toyo_school [~greg@000e8362107d.click-network.com] has joined #ubuntu
trukuloumm, it's strange04:22
trukulowhat windows? XP ?04:23
Atticusperhaps grub is there, but windows is overriding it?04:23
rburtonleonv: its in restricted for me04:23
trukuloAtticus, difficult, as grub boots before windows04:23
leonvrburton: how do you check that?04:23
rburtonleonv: apt-cache policy nvidia-glx04:23
rburtonleonv: but it was in synaptic if you want to do it the Ubuntu Way04:23
KamionAtticus: so, you booted Windows from grub, and then when you rebooted grub was gone? or something else?04:24
AtticusHere is my setup, i have 2 hard drives in my machine, primary master is a sata drive which i have 5 partitions on, 1 = windows, 2= ntfs data, 3= linux main 4= linux swap 5= windows swap04:24
rburtonsounds like XP trashing the boot record as usual04:24
leonvrburton: when I do a apt-cache policy nvidia-glx it comes back with Installed: (none), Candidate: (none), odd?04:24
Atticushard drive 2 is just used for backup, nothing to do with grub or linux is on it04:25
rburtonleonv: when you added restricted to your sources.list, did you apt-get update?04:25
AtticusKamion, yes i chose to boot windows xp from grub, then grub dissapeared04:25
leonvrburton: yepp ...04:25
KamionAtticus: listen to rburton, sounds like he knows more :)04:25
trukuloAtticus, AH ! I know the problem04:25
trukuloAtticus, try click tab key at starting04:25
rburtonXP has a habit of "fixing" broken boot loaders04:26
trukulothen you have prompt for Ubuntu and XP04:26
rburtonlike grub04:26
Atticustrukulo, will this for sure work?04:26
trukuloAtticus, very probably04:26
AtticusThank you, i will try this and be back to let you know04:26
trukuloAtticus, it's that you haven't got prompt04:27
trukuloif you click tab key, then you have04:27
=== rnz [~rnz@rnz.user] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
trukulothat's why boot on windows, because it's default behavior04:27
linux_mafiaif you dont play games or use 3d, is there any point installing the nvidia driver over using the standard nv module?04:27
trukuloit's not a bug, it's only a thing you have to know04:27
trukulopress tab04:27
Dr_Willislinux_mafia,  you may get a little better 2d performance.04:27
rburtonlinux_mafia: there is beta RENDER acceleration in the nvidia driver which i don't think is in the nv driver04:28
linux_mafiaDr_Willis, ok04:28
Dr_Willislinux_mafia,  but proberly not much thats noticable.04:28
linux_mafiafigured as much04:28
=== alias[k] [~alias@c211-28-123-156.eburwd3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
alias[k] I have a bit of a problem. I installed KDE, but it seems something went amiss.04:29
alias[k] Whenever I try to do an "apt-get install" it tells me I have unresolved dependancies04:30
arthurgeekalias[k] , try apt-get update04:30
alias[k] The following packages have unmet dependencies:04:30
alias[k]   kdeaddons: Depends: kontact-plugins (>= 4:3.2.3-2) but it is not installed04:30
=== goatboy_ [~tim@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
leonvrburton: when I check on http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/restricted/n/ only two packages nvidia-kernel-common nvidia-settings, you using another mirror?04:31
=== toyo_school [~greg@000e8362107d.click-network.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
alias[k] apt-get update didnt change the situation at all.04:32
alias[k] =(04:32
rburtonleonv: my apt line is deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty main restricted universe04:32
=== Atticus [~anon@rdrt-164-107-205-0.resnet.ohio-state.edu] has joined #ubuntu
trukulohi Atticus, r u in ubuntu?04:32
rburtonleonv: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/restricted/l/linux-restricted-modules-
AtticusTrukulo, no.. tabbing at startup did nothing :(04:32
=== Qo-noS [~Klinzhai@bb220-255-113-142.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
trukuloAtticus, you don't have any message before booting windows?04:33
trukulothat's then when you have to press tab04:33
longsleepwhat package contains the cc1plus binary?04:33
Atticusno message04:33
leonvrburton: one thing I didn't mention, I am running on an AMD64-bit, could that make a diff?04:33
AtticusTrukulo, the computer loads windows automatically without any pop up or message04:33
rburtonleonv: yes. nvidial-glx is only for i38604:33
trukuloAtticus, have you pressed tab AFTER memory checking and BEFORE windows start?04:33
AtticusTrukulo, yes, i tried twice just to make sure, i hit tab non stop from start up till windows logo appeared04:34
trukuloAtticus, i know it, it's before booting windows when you have to press tab, but AFTER initial BIOS messages04:34
=== ahy [~ahy@ti311110a080-0800.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
rburtonleonv: i presume someone is working on integrating the amd64 drivers04:34
trukuloAtticus, so, perhaps i'm wrong04:34
leonvrburton: mm, can one run the nvidia stuff from a changed root environement using something like dchroot?04:34
rburtonleonv: the main part is a kernel module04:35
alias[k] does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this issue - i can't install "kontact-plugins" which is a dependency that has been unresolved04:35
trukuloalias[k] , kde is not supported in ubuntu04:35
AtticusTrukolo, yes i think haha.. 04:35
AtticusDoes ubuntu have to be installed on a primary partition?04:35
trukuloAtticus, aniway, try again, i still think it's that04:36
trukuloAtticus, any partition you like04:36
alias[k] I know, but this problem -should- be able to be ironed out.04:36
AtticusTrukulo, i pressed tab as fast as i could from the time i pushed power until the windows logo appeared04:36
trukuloalias[k] , yes, with volunteers04:36
leonvrburton: I presume the nvidia drivers would imporve the X interface with a nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200]  card04:36
alias[k] -__-04:36
=== pisuke [~luis@84-120-64-108.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
trukuloAtticus, try push it only before windows boot04:37
Atticusmy pc boots so fast that its hard lol04:37
Atticusi push power and like 5 seconds later im loading windows04:37
trukuloalias[k] , it doesn't mean you have to be the volunteer, only they need volunteers to do it04:37
AtticusTrukulo, is there a way to view the MBR from within windows?04:38
alias[k] I don't exactly understand what you mean, but it seems that other people have to go out of their way for me so i'll just be quiet.04:38
Kamionalias[k] : seems we need a newer version of kontact-plugins, mail ubuntu-users about it04:38
trukuloAtticus, no04:38
=== StoneTable [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamion(kdeaddons, rather)04:38
alias[k] Well - I have added some other apt sources04:38
alias[k] I don't know if they have updated ones or not.04:38
trukuloalias[k] , what apt sources?04:39
alias[k] ftp://mirror.aarnet.edu.au04:39
=== elim [~elim@81-178-216-61.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
AtticusTrukulo, when GRUB did actually work, i was given a prompt that i could actually see and if i didnt press anything within 3 seconds, linux loaded automatically, but if i pressed escape, i could choose from the menu list between XP and linux... now i get nothing04:39
trukulobut what's that repos? sid? ubuntu? sarge? what?04:39
=== toyo_school [~greg@000e8362107d.click-network.com] has joined #ubuntu
trukuloAtticus, that's what i was talking about04:40
Atticusyes but now i do not get a message at all04:40
Atticusno option to press escape04:40
trukuloAtticus, so you have boot rewrited (strangely)04:40
=== jhawkinsvalrico [~jhawkins@6532198hfc06.tampabay.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
trukuloAtticus, ok, there's a solution04:40
trukuloyou can boot with ubuntu in rescue mode04:40
AtticusTrukulo, how can i do this?04:40
trukulothen write: chroot /dev/hdaX04:40
trukulowhere X is your partition of ubuntu04:40
trukuloand then write: sudo grub-install /dev/hda04:41
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-206-229-56.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
AtticusTrukulo, how do i boot to rescue mode04:41
=== wiraith [~wiraith@] has joined #ubuntu
trukuloAtticus, umm, press F1 or F2, usually options for booting CD are there04:42
=== x4m [~xam@192-87.242.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
trukulo(and forget my bad english=04:42
pisuketrukulo, there's no rescue in warthy04:42
trukulopisuke, ok04:42
y0anni installed a second ethernet card and i don't see it using lspci ....(the first one is a wifi one)04:42
trukuloAtticus, so using other Linux, as Knoppix04:42
trukuloa live CD04:42
alias[k] Could someone decypher this error message left by XMMS - alias@tmg27c30 ~ $ xmms04:42
alias[k] libmikmod.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory04:42
alias[k] Inconsistency detected by ld.so: ../sysdeps/generic/dl-tls.c: 72: _dl_next_tls_modid: Assertion `result <= _rtld_local._dl_tls_max_dtv_idx' failed!04:42
Atticustrukulo, i dont understand?04:43
trukuloalias[k] , your problems are from the incorrect repository, as i can say04:43
trukuloAtticus, you have to download a linux live CD04:43
trukuloand then make chroot and grub-install by there04:43
AtticusTrukulo where can i download this from04:44
trukuloAtticus, knoppix.net04:44
AtticusTrukulo: would it be easier to just reinstall ubuntu?04:44
trukuloAtticus, probably04:44
trukuloif you haven't any data in ubuntu, yes04:44
AtticusTrukulo: how do i prevent windows from doing this again?04:44
trukuloAtticus, don't know, first time i heard that :(04:45
=== LinuxJones [~LJ@blk-222-206-208.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
trukuloand i made a LOT of installations04:45
trukuloand have a LOT of friends with linux04:45
trukuloand never heard that04:45
__randy__Atticus, you can't when you reinstall windows it will always overwrite the bootloader04:45
=== linux_mafia [~max@202-0-43-124.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
AtticusRandy: i did not reinstall windows04:45
Atticusi chose to load windows from grub prompt and after that, grub was gone04:46
__randy__I've never heard of that04:46
pisukeAtticus, your computer is inteligent04:46
trukulo__randy__, that's the strange thing04:46
Atticuswell i am one of those people who stuff ALWAYS happens to04:46
Kamiontrukulo: I provided directions above for getting to a rescue-style prompt04:46
KamionI should probably put them on the Wiki or something04:47
Atticuslike amazing stuff happens to me, i have the worst luck ever04:47
pisukethat's what happens when you boot into windows :-)04:47
Atticusthe world hates me04:47
trukuloKamion, yes, it would be very helpful04:47
=== patw [pat@amd.co.at] has left #ubuntu []
AtticusDamn microsoft and their monopolistic software04:47
__randy__has anyone been able to get vmware running?04:47
__randy__I get an undefined symbol error when I try to run it04:48
trukulo__randy__, i use qemu instead of vmware04:48
AtticusTrukulo: i am going to try to reinstall ubuntu04:48
trukuloin wiki you have an article about installing ubuntu in qemu04:48
trukuloAtticus, ok04:48
trukuloAtticus, tell us know04:48
linux_mafiaDr_Willis, well i installed the restricted nvidia drivers, and youre right, i dont think i can see a difference :) heh04:48
plovs__randy__, same here, but qemu works ok (and is free)04:50
__randy__plovs, I've already paid for vmware04:50
__randy__and all my semi important data is in it04:51
trukulo__randy__, it's not free as in free beer, it's free as in freedom04:51
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu
plovs__randy__, I couldn't get my vmware stuff unning in qemu i'm afraid04:53
elimi'm doing an experiment, i am compiling qt, kdelibs 04:53
sladenplovs: what are you trying to run that you couldn't get to work?04:53
elim and ill see if it all works i havnt really tried out 3.304:54
=== Yone [~Yone@pcp09510952pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
sladenelim: if you read the mailing list, you'll see Jonathan Riddell has compiled up KDE 3.3 for Ubuntu04:54
plovssladen, it is possible to convert vmware stuff to qemu but i couldn't so i just reinstalled windows in qemu04:54
__randy__sladen, vmware 4.5.204:54
sladen__randy__: you're trying to run vmware inside qemu ?04:55
Riddellelim: what way are you compiling them?04:55
__randy__sladen, no I'm trying to run it under ubuntu04:55
sladenplovs: how do you mean convert?04:55
sladen__randy__: vmware is a commerical product, that whilst nice, doesn't come with source-code, or a free license04:55
sladen__randy__: did you have any success doing what you're trying to do;  but with Qemu instead?04:56
elimwith auto conf and automake how else?04:56
=== skreet [~skreet@h000d613e3f60.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Riddellelim: just wondering if you were playing with debian packages or one of the build scripts04:56
__randy__sladen, I won't have time to try it until maybe this weekend04:56
plovssladen, http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/qemu-doc.html#TOC1804:56
elimhas this guy built any debian packages?04:56
__randy__plovs, is qemu similar in terms of speed?04:57
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== arthurgeek [~arthur@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Wsquared is now known as W1
=== W1 is now known as WW_
sladen__randy__: if it's between doing  apt-get install qemu  and trying to fix vmware;  I imagine using qemu might be quicker...04:57
rburtonshame qemu and XP don't get on04:57
plovs__randy__, a bit slower, but the biggest minus is that the guest has to boot, snapshotting doesn't work (well)04:57
sladenplovs: I guess it appears that you can :)04:57
WW_Anybody here familiar with OpenOffice?  I can't seem to print from within OO.04:57
haggaiWW_: what's the problem?04:58
__randy__sladen, I'm going to give it a try but I need to be able to convert my vmware disks 04:58
plovssladen, it *appears* so but i could not unfortunetely 04:58
Riddellelim: which guy?04:58
sladen__randy__: plov helpfully found you the link:  http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/qemu-doc.html#TOC1804:58
elimthe guy from the mailing list you mentioned.04:58
yuvalHello, I want to show ubuntu and its installataion to my father. Is there any visable bug in the daily build?04:58
plovs__randy__, and if you get it to work (converting), let me know :)04:59
=== manou [~manou@AMontpellier-205-1-12-246.w80-14.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
__randy__plovs, I will and I'll look into the gdk-pixbuf problem04:59
rburtonjdub: could i ask for a qemu sync from sid? new upstream and all04:59
WW_haggai: Clicking on the print does nothing.  I tried File->Print, still nothing.04:59
plovsrburton, the one from the site installs without compiling in /usr/local05:00
WW_haggai: I don't know if the Printer Settings are correct.05:00
rburtonplovs: i can also grab the new deb from unstable, but that isn't the point :)05:00
yuvalIs it safe to install the daily build?05:00
plovsrburton, :)05:01
haggaiWW_: does adding 'export SAL_DISABLE_CUPS=1' to your /etc/openoffice/openoffice.conf allow you to print?05:01
Riddellelim: that would be me and I have 3.3 packages for kdelibs and kdebase05:01
WW_haggai: Under Printer Settings, the Paper Size is blank, and I can't change it.05:01
Kamionyuval: don't know of any problems, will give it a shot in a moment05:01
LinuxJonesWW_, can you print from a gnome app like gedit ?05:01
haggaiWW_: (you could have Debian bug #272710(05:01
Riddellelim: echo "deb http://geeksoc.org/~jr/ubuntu/ unstable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list05:02
WW_LinuxJones: Yes.05:02
Kamionyuval: Via chipsets are very broken at the moment though05:02
haggaiWW_: the Paper Size bug is already fixed in debian unstable05:02
LinuxJonesWW_, you looked at the OOO printer setup I assume as well ?05:02
WW_haggai: Would that bug prevent Print from working?05:02
plovsyuval, safe for the evironment?05:03
haggaiWW_: yes http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=27271005:03
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
sladenyuval: hopefully it's safe to install the daily build---let people know if you find anything (or pre-test it first!)05:04
elimRiddell: the server appears to be down either that or the command u told me to use didn't work. : (05:04
yuvalOk, should I chose the preview release or the daily buid?05:05
=== WW_ is reading the bug report...
haggaiWW_: it's not very helpful, I have to dig down with the sumbitter to find out what the actual problem is05:05
elim Riddell: im on a ppc that could be why05:05
Kamionyuval: either Sounder CD 9 or a daily build, probably Sounder 905:06
=== elim is now known as Elim
Riddellelim: ah, right :(05:06
yuvalOk. I'll try it later and let you know how it work (Sounder 9)05:06
Elimi changed my name maybe that will be easir for people in the future05:07
Elimexept it didnt work hang on..05:07
=== Elim is now known as Elim_
yuvalBinaries from linux-meta cannot be installed:05:08
=== Elim_ is now known as Elim_ppc
yuval    * linux-restricted-modules-2.6-386(i386) 05:08
yuvalI'll try the daily build :-)05:09
Kamionthat problem isn't important05:10
Kamionthe installer doesn't use that package at the moment anyway05:10
yuvalis it installed by default?05:12
WW_haggai, LinuxJones: I uncommented the line that says "export SAL_DISABLE_CUPS=1" in /etc/openoffice/openoffice.conf, and now I can print.  Thanks.  Has this bug already been inherited by Ubuntu (i.e. is it in bugzilla)?05:12
haggaiWW_: no idea if it's in the BZ, I'm just the debian packager05:12
=== y0ann is now known as y0ann|out
Kamionyuval: no05:13
Kamionyuval: linux-restricted-modules- is05:13
Kamionbut not the metapackage05:13
MithrandirKamion: it would be cool if one in .ssh/config could have a wrapcommand (or something like that) (like luit)05:15
=== arthurgeek [~arthur@] has joined #ubuntu
sabdfljdub: ping?05:16
=== arthurgeek [~arthur@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== jg__ [~jg@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Vermyndax [~vermyndax@pcp01540502pcs.huntsv01.al.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Vermyndaxcan someone help me figure out what's wrong with my sound in warty?05:20
=== froh_ [foobar@180.80-202-117.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
froh_wil it adding packages from debian unstable work, or do i need to backport05:21
froh_in other words, is ubuntu based on sarge or sid libs?05:21
=== dalderman [~dan@82-43-57-150.cable.ubr04.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #Ubuntu
daldermanhey guys, I got a slew of errors when I upgraded my hal package just now, would someone like to take a look?05:22
daldermanI think they're related to the hal drop_privelages() problem I had with the recompiled kernel I was using05:23
WW_haggai: The bug is now  #1925 in Ubuntu's bugzilla. :-) 05:23
=== dgm69 [~dgm69@pixpat.austin.ibm.com] has joined #ubuntu
peteogI want to copy all the png files from /usr/share/* to a folder on my desktop... Im thinking: cp -R /usr/share/* | grep png Desktop/png ?05:23
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host101.200-117-164.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
eazel7hi again 05:24
Kamionpeteog: find /usr/share -name \*.png -print0 | xargs -0 cp --target-directory ~/Desktop/05:25
WW_Kamion: You work on the installer, right?05:25
eazel7any gnome app delays up to ten minutes or does never starts05:25
rburtondarn, Kamion types faster than i do05:25
KamionWW_: right05:25
peteogKamion: thanks :)05:25
eazel7so, I cannot start the desktop05:25
rburtoneazel7: sounds like you can't ping localhost05:25
WW_Kamion: After a fresh install, will there be an evolution (or .evolution) directory in the installer's home directory?05:26
eazel7rburton, that's a good point05:26
eazel7rburton, I can't05:26
rburtoneazel7: there you go05:26
KamionWW_: I don't work on that bit of the installer :)05:26
rburtoneazel7: is the lo interface up?05:26
KamionWW_: that would depend on the evolution package05:26
=== womble [~mpalmer@eth1859.nsw.adsl.internode.on.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Kamiononce it gets to the level of desktop packages I tend to consider my job finished unless they fail to install or something05:26
eazel7how do I turn it on?05:27
rburtoneazel7: ifup lo05:27
=== Atticus [~anon@rdrt-164-107-205-166.resnet.ohio-state.edu] has joined #ubuntu
WW_Kamion: Just wondering about the cause of what I reported in bug 1907.05:27
longsleepthe ubuntu packages libpng12-dev and libpng2-dev conflict .. is there a way to resolve this conflict?05:27
rburtonlongsleep: no05:27
eazel7well, I tried that before asking05:27
longsleeprburton: thats bad :)05:27
AtticusHello again05:27
rburtoneazel7: does your /etc/network/interfaces contain "iface lo inet loopback"05:27
rburtonlongsleep: blame the libpng maintainers05:28
eazel7no, it does not05:28
daldermanrburton, hello :-)05:28
eazel7I'll at it05:28
rburtoneazel7: did the install break?05:28
rburtondalderman: hey.05:28
=== mjg59 [mjg59@cavan.codon.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu
eazel7not at all05:28
daldermanrburton, my hal got broke in the upgrade05:28
longsleeprburton: so there is basically no way to install kde and imlib together *g*05:28
eazel7I installed by bootstrap05:28
eazel7ooh, this is marvelous05:29
rburtoneazel7: [plonk]  why? huge amounts of stuff isn't configured05:29
=== rburton stops supporting
rburtonlongsleep: not the development stuff, no.05:29
longsleeprburton: damn .. so now i know the reason why digikam isnt in ubuntus universe ..05:30
=== longsleep grmbls
eazel7rburton, I installed by bootstrap because I already had the packages downloaded and I never downloaded the cd, and in some mistrious way my system broke yesterday05:30
=== yuran [~anon@line134-238.adsl.actcom.co.il] has joined #ubuntu
eazel7really misterious05:30
rburtoneazel7: you'll have to configure the networking before gnome will work05:30
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== merriam [~merriam@kbs21.informatik.uni-bremen.de] has joined #Ubuntu
=== [Bas] [~Bas@tuxmachine.xs4all.nl] has joined #Ubuntu
KamionWW_: that I have no clue about, I'm afraid05:31
eazel7rburton, the other time I installed in similar way I hadn't, perhaps I configured it 'by mistake' while installing xDDD05:31
WW_Kamion: OK05:32
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host101.200-117-164.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
eazel7rburton, thanks05:33
eazel7I closed immediatly 'cause I was as root05:33
longsleepdarn .. anyone knows another nice photo album tool like digikam?05:34
Mithrandirlongsleep: gthumb?05:35
=== dalderman [~dan@82-43-57-150.cable.ubr04.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #Ubuntu
longsleepMithrandir: thans going to try gthumb05:37
=== dgm69 [~dgm69@pixpat.austin.ibm.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
longsleepMithrandir: basically gthumb is nice .. but there is no export feature right?05:38
Mithrandirit can make galleries of some kind05:38
=== WW_ [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
longsleepMithrandir: well .. it has to do untill i get digikam running :)05:40
=== tabo [~kenobi@] has left #ubuntu []
plovslongsleep, f-spot has some export-functionality, but it is mono-based05:41
longsleepplovs: so i suppose there is no apt source for it05:42
=== superchillh20 [~Franz@drake-195-94.drake.edu] has joined #ubuntu
AtticusDoes anyone know where i can find an ATI driver for my 9800XT that will work with ubuntu05:42
AtticusOr should i keep the default driver?05:42
superchillh20does a7n8x and ati video cards work in ubuntu easily?05:43
Atticusati works fine, with the default driver05:43
plovslongsleep, deb http://www.getsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs ./05:43
longsleepplovs, thanks05:44
=== chutwig [~edmundrhu@nat01-easton-ext.Rutgers.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflANNOUNCE: 10 minutes to Community Council meeting in #ubuntu-meeting05:50
danielssabdfl: open attendance?05:50
sabdfldaniels: yes, always05:50
=== ficusplanet [~ficusplan@12-216-226-172.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
ficusplanetHey, has anyone here ever bought a laptop from PC Club?  I'm torn between getting an X40 and one of PCClub's ultraportables.05:52
sabdflx40 works joyfully well for me05:52
sabdflam trying to get an extended battery though05:52
ficusplanetOh, are you just using the 4-cell right now?05:53
longsleepplovs, f-spot looks really nice 05:53
danielssabdfl: you too, hey?05:53
Keybukdaniels: see, evil, spreading *nods*05:53
danielssabdfl: apparently they're fresh out of both the docks and extended life batteries down here, and they're about a fortnight off05:53
ficusplanetsabdfl, How long does the 4 cell battery last?05:53
danielsKeybuk: tuesday (or maybe wednesday)05:54
=== JulHer [~julio@244.Red-217-125-14.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
sabdflficsplanet 2 hours for me05:56
sabdflficusplanet: ^05:56
=== tof_ [~tof@] has joined #ubuntu
ficusplanetPhew, OK, better get the 8 cell.05:56
sabdfli though it would be longer :-(05:56
=== Zindar [~bagfors@h188n1fls12o803.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
danielssabdfl: only two hours on the standard battery?05:57
=== JohanH [~johan@as9-2-6.b.bonet.se] has joined #ubuntu
ficusplanetsabdfl, Have you liked everything else about it?  Works well with Ubuntu?05:57
KeybukI'd be shocked if there's anything on the X40 that doesn't work with Ubuntu, given half the staff seem to own them <g>05:57
danielsKeybuk: one of us ... one of us ...05:57
Kamionin particular stuff that doesn't work on sabdfl's boxen tends to get fixed ;-)05:57
ficusplanetKeybuk, ha, that's what I like to here.05:57
sabdflficusplanet: very well with ubuntu (wonder why, thom?), very light, very mobile, seems rugged too05:58
Kamionhm, should make sabdfl get a powerbook *plots*05:58
KeybukKamion: it's quite a shock that current kernels don't seem to like the nc4010, given Linus owns one05:58
thomsabdfl: *g*05:58
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu
rburtonKeybuk: he probably uses xp on it05:59
Maydayisnt there a nntp reader in main?05:59
Keybukrburton: heh, I know bdale and tbm run Debian on theirs05:59
KeybukMayday: evolution can do it, can't it?  . o O ( I saw screenshots, once )06:00
daldermanMayday, pan06:00
daldermanKeybuk, nope06:00
Maydaypan is in main?06:00
daldermanMayday, oh perhaps not, I am using universe too06:01
Maydaydalderman: evolution has nntp, but it fails atleast for me on gmane06:01
daldermanMayday, how did you add an account?06:01
daldermanMayday, ah yes, so it does06:02
daldermanMayday, my bad06:02
Maydaytools -> settings -> Mail Accounts "+ Add"06:02
=== Keybuk didn't think he was going mad
tof_anyone with a network-admin GUI crash when he start it ?06:02
Maydaydalderman: can you get it working? :)06:02
daldermanMayday, I'll give it a whirl, one sec06:02
tof_i'm trying to congire my centrino card but network-admin crash every time :/06:03
tof_i'm trying to configure my centrino card but network-admin crash every time :/06:03
daldermanMayday, added, Loading...06:04
Maydaythat is where it stops.... keeps loading forever it seems06:04
Maydayi have tried smaller archives, but still just that "loading"06:04
daldermanMayday, yep, not network activity06:04
daldermanMayday, file a bug?06:04
Maydayguess i should head over to bugzilla06:04
Telephas anyone else had trouble with Firefox crashing quite frequently?06:06
Vermyndaxany way to get WMA support into gstreamer on Ubuntu?06:06
=== punkass__ [~punkass@] has joined #ubuntu
=== lypanov is now known as lyp|train
ficusplanetHeh, OK, one more X40 question.  Does the "IBM 802.11 b/g Wireless Mini PCI Adapter" with Ubuntu or should I stick with the b-only Intel 2100?06:12
=== inklingx [~inklingx@u212-239-167-144.adsl.pi.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== vuntz [~vuntz@fennas.vuntz.net] has joined #ubuntu
tof_i'm trying to set up my intel 2100 on my T40 too06:14
=== jazzyjazz [~dna@98.200-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
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=== Vermyndax wants to get WMA support into gstreamer/rythmbox
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
jonoanyone here use a gps reciever with linux?06:23
tof_is there a way to setup up WEP key for wireless ?06:24
=== skaught_ [~skaught@S0106000f3d3c620f.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksfabbione: yt?06:24
TreenaksI should stop giving away my ubuntu CDs -- now I need one and I don't have any ;)06:26
ficusplanettof_, try out wifiradar or kwifimanager.  The next release of ubuntu will have NetworkManager, I think.06:27
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=== Zindaren [~bagfors@h188n1fls12o803.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
tof_thx ficusplanet06:30
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=== lemonlysol_ is now known as lemonlysol
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leonvmaybe a very stupid question, how does one change/add menu items to the Application bar?06:54
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Hmmmmm_when is kde 3.3 expected in ubuntu?07:07
=== Mayday [henrik@Anka.ORG] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksHmmmmm_: not in Warty07:07
jblackhas anybody tried installing ubuntu on a system with a pcmcia cdrom?07:07
Hmmmmm_and when's the next release extected?07:07
ZindarenHmmmmm_,  halv a year or so... ubuntu will release every 6 month is the plan... at least what I've read07:08
KeybukHmmmmm_: KDE is not currently part of the supported set of Ubuntu packages ... it's in the "universe" component07:08
KamionHmmmmm_: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/WartyWarthog/ReleaseSchedule07:08
tof_anyone using wifiradar ?07:09
Hmmmmm_i myself am a gnome 2.8 addict07:09
Hmmmmm_but my bro uses kde07:09
Kamionjblack: don't believe I've heard installation reports, but in principle it should work (i.e. PCMCIA modules are in the CD-ROM initrd)07:09
Hmmmmm_guess i'll make do with kde 3.207:09
=== gommans [~memgomman@] has joined #ubuntu
jblackI'll give it a try.07:09
jblackDebian was a *$*$*$* to install on it last year.07:09
Kamionshould be fine with reasonably current builds of debian-installer too07:11
KamionI can imagine woody's installer having trouble07:11
=== ish [jason@S010600a04b075cd8.ss.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mako_ [mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu
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jg__jblack: the current debian installer works pretty well; a great improvement.  Ubuntu's is yet again simpler.07:12
punkass__tof_: i gave up on it...cuz it used dhcpcd...and it was causin me grief07:12
=== punkass__ is now known as punkass
tof_it used .../bin/say07:13
jblackthe question is whether or not the initrd gets loaded.07:13
tof_but i cant find it on my system07:13
=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
gommansHi! I have troubles getting connected to the internet07:13
gommansI use dhcp.07:13
punkassyeah i think i just set say to False07:13
Kamionjblack: the initrd is by definition loaded07:13
=== madduck [~madduck@80-219-173-32.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu
jblackkamion: ok.07:13
Kamionjblack: d-i doesn't exist without it07:14
=== Qo-noS [~Klinzhai@bb220-255-113-142.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionit's loaded by the bootloader, before the kernel starts.07:14
punkasstof_:i ended up writing my own little app 07:14
jblackkamion: I know that. :) But sysvlinux couldn't find the kernel in woody, so I'm thinking the same thing might happen wtih the new installers, but with initrd.07:14
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionjblack: oh, I see07:14
Kamionjblack: there have been syslinux improvements since, would have to read the changelog07:15
jblackThere was a trick though. On this viao, the bios can emulate an ide bus with it, if you pass it the right incantation.07:15
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__randy__plovs_, Were your vmware disks split into seperate files?07:17
=== herzi [~herzi@c200124.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu
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Atticushello, can someone point me towards a good bit torrent client to use with ubuntu07:22
MithrandirAtticus: install the "bittorrent" or "bittornado" package?07:23
=== bdale [~bdale@rover.gag.com] has joined #ubuntu
AtticusMithrandir: hi i am very new to linux (this is my first distro), could you tell me exactly how i might install packages... do i use the synaptic browser?07:24
KamionAtticus: yep07:24
madduckdaniels: ping?07:25
AtticusKamion: where is the synaptic browser located in the desktop, i cant find it07:26
madduckdaniels: apache2-common 2.0.51-2 fails to configure on a fresh install...07:26
punkassAtticus: Azureus is a nice bit torrent client...but its not in a package...just have to download it from there site07:26
madduckdaniels: (this is plain debian unstable)07:26
AtticusScratch that last note, i found it07:26
AtticusPunkass, i am familiar with bit tornado, is azureas better?07:26
danielsmadduck: how so?07:27
madducka2enmod userdir returns 107:27
madduckno further info yet.07:27
danielsyeah, known issue07:27
madduckaha, okay.07:27
punkassnot sure...havnt used tornado before07:27
madduckdaniels: workaround?07:27
madduckdaniels: bug no.?07:27
danielsmadduck: dunno, in the bts somewhere07:27
=== bur[n] er [~burner@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkassAtticus: just out the site and some of the screenshots07:27
madduckdaniels: ok.07:27
danielsmadduck: there are about five reports, one has a workaround, which is just adding a || true to the httpd -l line, iirc07:27
punkassi use it on windows and linux07:27
Atticuspunkass: ok07:27
bur[n] erso... anyone else have issues with usb drives not auto-mounting and putting an icon on the desktop?07:28
=== Kamel [~kamel@] has joined #ubuntu
bur[n] eri didn't think it was supposed to till i read the article on osnews that states it should07:28
bur[n] erdoes it need to be in /etc/fstab?07:29
AtticusWhat is BitTornado listed under in the synaptic manager?07:29
punkassAtticus: its java based.07:29
punkassazureus that is07:29
bur[n] erazureus is smooth :)07:29
=== bur[n] er tried making a deb for it to no avail though... no idea how to do it on an app that doesn't compile
Atticuspunkass: is bittorando listed under GNOME desktop in synaptic browser?07:29
=== tindust [tindust@] has joined #ubuntu
=== JohanH [~johan@as9-2-6.b.bonet.se] has joined #ubuntu
bur[n] erAtticus, just do a search for it07:30
madduckdaniels: fixed. Joost's patch. 27301707:30
punkassyeah i just searched for tornado and it came up07:30
Atticusbur[n] er: i did but could not find it07:30
danielsmadduck: no worries07:30
bur[n] erjust search for tornado :)07:31
=== bur[n] er prefers apt-get install bittornado-gui, but to each their own ;)
punkassAtticus: if it doesnt show up, it may be in universe07:31
AtticusI searched for tornado, no result07:31
=== yuval [~Yuval@] has joined #ubuntu
bur[n] eranyone have experience with usb drives and HAL/DBUS?07:31
punkassyou have to include the universe repository07:32
punkassAtticus: in synaptic:  Settings > Repositories07:32
punkassuse the one forth from the bottom07:32
Atticuspunkass: found it07:33
punkassjust refresh your list and search again..and u should be good07:34
=== jagy [~jagy@c-baaae253.339-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== ploum [~ploum@19-94.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== Scognito [~artrg@host90-201.pool8255.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Scognitohi all07:35
Scognitohow can i get unrar ?07:35
madduckScognito: from non-free07:35
madduckoh, wait... wrong channel.07:35
Scognitoeh eh :)07:36
bur[n] ernon-free debian packages work07:36
bur[n] eryou could try universe too07:36
=== anibol [~anibol@23.Red-83-34-15.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkassdoesnt look like its in there...you may need to get it from rars site07:37
Scognitoi use universe too07:37
=== LoLoROS [~Rumasa@93.Red-217-125-132.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Dave [~blue_tech@pcp09830877pcs.santamaria.ca.santam.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jagy [~jagy@c-baaae253.339-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has left #ubuntu ["Lmnar"]
Atticuspunkass: which java client should i download to use with Azureas?07:38
Scognitook thans07:39
punkassi believe 1.4.2 would be fine07:39
=== lulu [~lu@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== taloch [~henry@user-4523.l4.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
JohanHwhere can I get glib-gettext for ubuntu?07:39
bur[n] eryep07:39
Atticuspunkass: RPM file or regular?07:39
=== BxCx [~BxCx@] has joined #ubuntu
Atticuspunkass: the java site has 2 packages one uses RPM and the other doesnt?07:39
punkassuse the Regular one07:40
bur[n] erAtticus, you could use apt-get.org to search for a java repository to apt-get from07:40
punkassits self extracting07:40
=== x4m [~xam@114-67.244.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
talochi have deleted the / partion, now that should make more room07:42
DaveCan anyone help me get X to take up the full screen on Dell 8200 laptop.  Installed ubuntu "386" last night...X is a centered 640x480 window on the screen right now.  I do not believe nvidia-glx is installed but apt-get isn't able to get proper nvidia-glx it complains that the package can't be found but is referenced elsewhere...07:42
punkassdeFrysk: good to hear :)07:42
subterrificjdub: around?07:43
Daveand directions on how install Nvidia binaries on the wiki don't seem to be working either...07:44
Atticuspunkass: do you have an ati video card?07:45
punkassnope nvidia07:45
Daveno, I have an nvidia 440 Go07:45
Atticusanyone have ati?07:45
AtticusI guess im trying to figure out if i need to install an ATI driver?07:46
punkassDave: a buddy of mine ran into that problem..but he had an Athlon 6407:46
punkassAtticus: check the wiki i think there is a howto there07:46
Atticuspunkass: ok, also.. should i update my kernel?07:46
=== ploum [~ploum@19-106.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
punkassits upto you..i am just using the one that comes wtih ubuntu...cuz i know it will work07:47
Davepunkass: did he figure it out?  I tried editing XFree86-4 file to add higher resolutions to various color depths, but Gnome resolution changer doesn't see any of the new values07:47
=== jhawkinsvalrico [~jhawkins@6532198hfc06.tampabay.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
punkassno..its because they havent packaged a 64bit nvidia driver07:48
Davepunkass: ...supported resolutions that is...07:48
punkassyet :)07:48
Davepunkass: lol07:48
Atticuspunkass: punkass: when i type su into termin, it asks for password.. but it says my password is wrong?  is there a default administrator pass that i dont know about?07:48
punkassi know they are working on it07:48
Davepunkass: any idea how to get the 'nvidia-glx' module on the system?07:48
punkassnope you just use your regular password07:48
Atticuswhy wont it work then07:49
DaveAtticus: default admin password is the regular user password07:49
Atticusdave: do i need to be logged in as admin07:49
=== longsleep is now known as longsleep|out
punkassDave: sorry..not really...i just installed them and they worked fine..07:49
Atticusdave: at setup it made me create 2 users and 1 pass?07:49
punkassAtticus: there is no admin07:49
DaveAtticus: try "sudo <app name and args>"07:49
punkassu are admin07:49
jensensdont find it in FAQ: is a network-installation possible like with the small netinstall image from debian?07:49
Atticusthis is what im trying to do: # At the terminal: Type:07:50
Atticus# Enter the root password.07:50
Atticus# Change to the directory in which you want to install. Type:07:50
Atticuscd <directory path name>07:50
AtticusFor example, to install the software in the /usr/java/ directory, Type:07:50
Atticuscd /usr/java/07:50
Atticusthe root password isnt working 07:50
punkassAtticus not su07:50
Atticuspunkass: im following the directions from the java.com site07:51
=== stratus [~stratus@] has joined #ubuntu
Atticusare they wrong?07:51
punkassyes i know...no, ubuntu has just done stuff a little different07:51
Atticusah i see07:51
punkasswhen ever you need to run something as root, just type:   sudo  yourcommand07:51
punkassit will ask for a password, and just enter your regular password07:52
Atticusso if i want to install j2re-1_4_2_05-linux-i586.bin what would i type07:52
Daveor "sudo -s" for a terminal instance in super mode07:52
Scognitois java 1.5 avaiable for ubuntu as debian package?07:52
punkasssudo ./j2re-1_4_2_05-linux-i586.bin07:52
Dave"sudo ./j2re__blah___.bin"07:53
Atticuswhere will the app install to?07:53
Daveand enter your password07:53
Davein that directory07:53
punkasswhere ever u currently are07:53
Atticusim not sure where i am07:53
Atticushow do i change directory07:53
punkasstells you07:53
Atticuscd blahbla/blahblah07:53
Atticuspunkass: where do u suggest installing java to07:54
punkass/usr/java is fine07:54
Atticusso i type cd /usr/java07:54
bowesthis is a little off-topic, but can anyone tell me where the information on the other canonical sponsored projects went?07:54
Daveafk, a sec07:54
Keybukbowes: the other projects are a little vapourware at the moment, so it was better to just announce the ones that exist :p07:55
Atticuswhy can't I create a new folder in my /usr directory?07:55
Se7his wine available for ubuntu ?07:56
punkasssudo mkdir /usr/java07:56
=== LoLoROS [~Rumasa@93.Red-217-125-132.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
Atticusyay thanks punkass u rock07:56
=== BillT [~billt@216-12-70-20.hb.mvl.intelos.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== psi [~psi@c-ac7e71d5.028-127-6c756c1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
Atticuspunkass: one last question, i think haha.. does the ./j2re-1_4_2_05-linux-i586.bin need to be in the/usr/java directory when i type sudo ./j2re-1_4_2_05-linux-i586.bin07:58
punkassyou can do it two ways07:58
punkassyou be in /usr/java/   then type:    /home/yourusername/j2re-xxxxxxx.bin07:59
punkasswith the sudo of course 07:59
=== cprov [~cprov@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
punkassor u can move the j2re to /usr/java  and type  ./j2rexxxxxxx.bin08:00
=== Yone [~Yone@pcp09510952pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Atticusso what does sudo mean exactly?08:00
Davesudo i guess "super user do"08:01
punkassit gives you root privlages for one command08:01
Daveso like "super user do emacs myfile"08:01
Atticusok cool08:01
Kamionright, it's an adverbial command08:01
Keybuk"switch user and do" I think08:01
Kamion"do the following in this way"08:01
Keybuksu = switch user08:01
Mithrandiror substitute user08:01
Atticuspunkass: the system will not let me edit /usr/java so i cant paste the .bin file into the folder...08:02
DaveI guess , by default super though...08:02
BillTI'm trying to install the Warty preview on a new mobo (AMD-64, nForce 3 250Gb chipset) and SATA drive, and I'm having some problems with things not getting autodetected08:02
punkassso do it the first way i said..then u dont have to move it08:02
KamionBillT: preview won't detect SATA NVIDIA chipsets, try Sounder 9 which should fix that08:02
KamionBillT: anything other than the disk hardware?08:02
Atticuspunkass: that didnt work either haha08:03
BillTthe gigabit ethernet didn't detect either (although the wiki says it should be)08:03
punkassor:    sudo  mv /home/yourusername/path/to/j2rexxxxx.bin  .08:03
KamionBillT: does 'modprobe forcedeth' from the alt-f2 console fix it?08:03
KamionBillT: we fixed some of the autodetection there last night, tomorrow's daily CD should help08:03
BillThrm, I'll give that a shot.  my first strategy was to drop in a spare eth card08:04
punkassKamion: are all these fixes updated when u do and update via apt-get?08:04
Atticuspunkass i get this in terminal sudo: /home/myusername/j2re-1_4_2_05-linux-i586.bin: command not found08:04
Kamionif it doesn't fix it, please send 'lspci' and 'lspci -n' output08:04
Kamionpunkass: not installer fixes, no, but if you've already installed then presumably you don't care08:04
punkassah ok08:05
punkassAtticus: you gotta do some reading08:05
Atticuspunkass: lol great08:05
punkassAtticus: i put username in there so you would put your username08:05
punkasseg.  /home/Atticus/j2rexxxxx.bin08:05
Atticuspunkass: yes i know08:05
Daveanyone know why sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx says: package nvidia-glx not avaible, but is reffered to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obseleted, or is only abiaiable from another source. E: nvidia-glx has no installation candidate08:06
Atticuspunkass: i changed it when i pasted08:06
punkassoh ok :)08:06
punkasswell where did u save the file to?08:06
Atticusthat path08:06
KamionDave: it's only available on i386 for now; are you on amd64 or powerpc?08:06
KamionAtticus: did you 'chmod +x /home/<whatever>/j2re-blah.bin08:06
punkasssudo chmod 775 08:07
punkasslol beat me to it08:07
DaveKamion: I installed Warty 386.iso last night08:07
=== elim [~elim@81-178-216-61.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
Atticuswhats that do08:07
KamionAtticus: makes the file executable08:07
punkassmakes it executable08:07
Atticus'chmod +x /home/<whatever>/j2re-blah.bin so i type that exactly08:07
Atticuschange the blah of course08:07
Kamiondrop the ' when you're typing it08:07
elimnice i have finally compiled fluxbox's most recent cvs snapshot its great have you used it yet its so quick!08:07
YoneHello, can someone help me out? I need to find a repository for apt that has wine.08:08
tof_punkass are you using wep key  with wifi radar ?08:08
=== x4m [~xam@38.160-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
punkasstof_: im not using wifiradar...couldnt get it to work right... so i made my own app08:09
tof_ah :)08:09
tof_which one ?08:09
punkassyou can try mine if u like...its nothing super, but it works fo rme08:09
Davehow do I know if I have, or need to specifiy somehow to apt-get:    linux-restricted modules >= like the WIKI says...08:10
Atticuspunkass: thanks i got it to work08:10
tof_with wep ?08:10
WopHow could I transfer files from my windows system to my ubuntu system over my network?08:10
Atticussorry for being such a linux noob haha08:10
KamionDave: probably best to look through synaptic, it's in the menus08:10
punkassAtticus: good stuff08:10
punkassno prob :)08:10
punkasstof_: yes with WEP08:10
tof_ok i'll try it if u want08:11
punkasslol well its not if i want..its if you want ;)08:11
tof_ok i want ;)08:11
=== thomerz [~thomerz@N527P024.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
KeybukWop: Computer -> Network ... your windows system should appear in there08:11
thomerzhiho, i have problems with installing ubuntu ;(/08:12
DaveKamion: it there, and I believe I installed nvidia-kernel-commons recently, but I can't lsmod nvidia, or if I change 'nv' reference in Xfree config to "nvidia"...then X won't load08:12
WopYes but what about from my windows system08:12
talochYone: http://www.apt-get.org/08:12
WopI can't seem to see my ubuntu system08:12
punkassthere just two files in it...and u need to edit a couple lines at the top of pyfi_monitor.py08:12
elimYone: dont bother just go to www.winehq.com08:12
Davepie fie, lol08:12
BillTKamion: it doesn't look like there's a forcedeth module on the warty preview.  If it's on Sounder 9, I'll give that a shot after I've downloaded the CD08:12
theantixwop, do you have samba installed?08:12
KeybukWop: install the "samba" package08:12
Atticuspunkass: should i download the GTK or Motif package of Azureus08:12
Yonewinehq has a rep for me to add to my sources?08:13
WopWould apt-get install samba work?08:13
thomerzwhen i want to install ubuntu, i geht the message: "couldn't retrieve bsdutils" -> bad cd08:13
thomerzcan anybody help me please?08:13
KeybukWop: a server that implements the Windows SMB (SaMBa, geddit) file sharing protocol (aka. NetBIOS, Lanmanager and "what's all this broadcast traffic making the network so slow?")08:13
=== Yone looks over apt-get.org & winehq
KamionBillT: hm, should be in the nic-extra-modules udeb, let me look08:14
=== gommans [~memgomman@] has joined #ubuntu
KeybukWop: yup, or aptitude install samba, or select samba in the package manager from the computer/system configuration menu08:14
Wopthank you08:14
gommansI have installed ubuntu today.08:14
KamionBillT: it's not in the initrd, but if you run past "loading installer components from CD" in the UI, it should be there08:14
elimYone: no just go to www.winehq.com and download the package then use dpkg to install it08:15
elimor better compile it from cvs08:15
thomerzi have downloadet de ubuntu .iso file twice, burned the cd 4 times with every image but none of them works ;/08:15
elimi recommend the last option08:15
gommansI have problems getting on the internet with my ethernet adsl-modem using dhcp. How do I get started?08:15
=== evilstoy [HydraIRC@cmung3747.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
KamionBillT: (the installer is basically a mini-distribution that builds itself up on the fly, so not everything is there right at the start)08:15
Wop(Keybuk): I have installed it and found it on my network. Although it won't let me login.08:15
KamionWop: (could you disable the colours, please? they look funny on some terminals)08:16
Wopah sorry08:16
WopKeybuk, I have installed it and found it on my network. Although it won't let me login.08:16
Wopthere ;P08:16
Yoneelim: i see, i need to read some more about doing cvs...08:16
BillTKamion:  cool, that makes sense.  Yep, that did the trick.  Thanks!08:16
gommansI have problems getting on the internet with my ethernet adsl-modem using dhcp. How do I get started?08:17
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d1-226.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
thomerzgommans adsl modem from austria?08:17
KamionBillT: good stuff08:17
KeybukWop: on your Ubuntu system, you'll need to run "smbpasswd" and set yourself a password for accessing via Windows08:17
gommansnope it is a copperjet modem, I use it in the netherlands and it works like a charm running mepis and suse.08:18
=== Se7h /|\ NHEKS
WopHow would I setup the username?08:18
Atticuspunkass: is there anywork around for a university resnet that has every port blocked?  bit torrent cant communicate with my ports :(08:19
KeybukWop: it'll be the username on your system08:19
Se7hi can't get wine from apt-get08:19
Wopit seems to set my username as DOMAIN/username when I attempt to login08:19
Se7hPackage wine is not available, but is referred to by another package.08:19
gommansSuggestions getting adsl running?08:19
punkassAtticus: not as far as i know...08:20
KeybukWop: that's just a windows thing08:20
Atticusyea ohio state sucks08:20
WopAny idea on how to disable that?08:20
Keybukjust stick your username in there, I don't think it matters though08:20
=== Se7h reboot
Atticusi did a port snif and they have every port 1 thru 65,xxx blocked08:20
punkassAtticus: lol well they have them covered..08:21
Atticuspunkass: yea looks like im screwed haha08:21
gommansI have problems getting on the internet with my ethernet adsl-modem using dhcp. How do I get started?08:21
punkassAtticus: i think you can still get torrents but just really slow08:21
Atticuspunkass: yea, i had the problem at home until i configured port forwarding in my router08:22
punkassAtticus: exactly08:22
tof_punkass it used ndiswrapper ?08:22
Atticus1 kb/s download 08:22
punkasstof_ oh sorry..that was for me...forgot to comment that out08:22
Atticuspunkass: is there a way that i can make a shortcut that will open azureus08:22
WopCant get it to login >.>08:22
punkassright click the desktop and 'Create Lancher'  then just point it to azureus08:23
KeybukWop: if you do "smbclient -U your-username -L your-ubuntu-machine-name" does it accept the password you just set?08:23
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@host81-7-63-75.surfport24.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Atticuspunkass: do i point to the .jar file?08:24
Wopnope =\08:24
punkasstof_: it should work with any driver..08:24
hypn0is there a ubuntu like cd yet08:24
hypn0*live cd08:24
punkassjust comment it out..or change it to the driver you use if you want it to load it 08:24
KeybukWop: try "sudo smbpasswd your-username" ... and set it that way08:25
punkassAtticus: yup i think so08:25
gommansSO NOONE CAN HELP ME?08:25
punkassgommans: do u have to register your mac addy with your provider?08:25
=== Oolong [~swan@63-228-161-84.cdrr.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
KeybukWop: did the smbclient return anything, or did it just bail out?08:25
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
gommansmy modem works as a dhcp server.08:25
WopWell it had be input a password08:25
punkassyour modem does?08:26
jblackun-frigging-believable. ubuntu is going to install on this nasty old piece of crap automatically08:26
Kamionjblack: hooray08:26
gommanspunkass: yes, I get an ip adress like
Wopthen it returned Domain=[MYDOMAIN]  OS=[WINDOWS 5..] 08:26
Davewell I can't find nvidia-glx under Synatic...and I have its dependancies listed at the Wiki binaryHOWTO page08:26
Atticuspunkass: i recieved this message Details: Failed to execute child process "/home/xxxxx/azureus/" (Permission denied)08:26
KeybukWop: ?!?!  your Ubuntu machine said it was a Windows machine ?!08:27
gommansI used the pump command using other distro's or it worked out of the box. Just not under mdk 10 and now ubuntu.08:27
punkasssudo chown Atticus:users /path/to/azureus.jar08:27
WopDomain=[MYDOMAIN]  OS=[Windows 5.1]  Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager] 08:27
gommanshow do I configure it?08:27
KeybukWop: that's not your Ubuntu machine08:27
Wopyes i know08:27
Wopthat is when i type08:28
Keybukyou said you couldn't get from your windows machine *to* your ubuntu machine08:28
=== wobbler [wobbler@] has joined #ubuntu
gommansok, no clue hey.08:28
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d1-226.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
Atticuspunkass: i got it ;)08:28
Daveanyone have an idea where to get the nvidia-glx module from? ...i am so frustrated...08:28
Keybukso do the smbclient command with the ubuntu machine as the target; it's a way of sanity checking it08:28
punkassgommans: sorry..i dont know much abou adsl08:28
punkassAtticus: good stuff08:29
WopI got it08:29
gommansNo problem. Seeya guys. I will have a try or put back my mepis-backup.08:29
neighborleehas anyone seen messages about : VFS: no ext3 partitions found < when booting  after install?..I used reiserfs so this is strange ;-)) ???08:29
WopI did the sudo passwd username08:29
Wopworked :)08:29
Daveafk sec08:29
KeybukWop: can you now get from your windows machine to it?  \\machine should ask for a username + password ... put the right things in, and you should see a share named after your user08:29
Kamionneighborlee: probably just trying to guess the partition type, doesn't seem like anything to worry about08:30
punkassthere is nothing cooler than browsing the folders via ssh in nautilus08:30
=== martin [~martin@h66-59-186-113.gtconnect.net] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleeKamion, why would it have to guess anything when its clear from the install what choice I made ;-)...okay if you say so but i'm not sure the logic is sound08:31
neighborleeKamion, should I bug this ?08:31
Kamionif you describe exactly where in the boot process it occurs (context, etc.)08:32
Kamionat that point it's possible that the system does not have access to e.g. /etc/fstab, although in theory the initrd ought to know ...08:32
neighborleeKamion, alright ill check when I get back into linux..had to do some invoicing stuff till I get this crappy .mdb converted over for mysql or something ;(08:33
neighborleeKamion,my choice of msaccess years ago is haunting me now sadly ;-)....08:33
jonoKamion, are you heading down to the Linux Expo in London?08:33
martinI am trying to ghost my machine so that i can put anotherone in my bedroom. but after i ghost it all I get is grub scrolling forever. Symantic gave me a help to fix it, but need a linux rescue disk. does anyone know where I get get one08:33
neighborleek rebooting and ill let you know in a bit....08:34
Kamionjono: when is it?08:35
martinanyone have some ideas08:35
jonooct 6th and 7th - stuart langridge and I are heading down for some beers08:35
jonoKamion, you should come down :)08:35
Kamionjono: might nip down for socializing in the evening08:36
Kamionprobably won't make it to the expo itself but beers are always welcome :)08:36
Kamionprobably the 7th, I have karate lessons on Monday08:36
jonoKamion, we have to go at about 7pm on the 7th, but we will meet up for sure08:37
jonoKamion, I do karate too - which belt and style are you?08:37
=== jono does GKR and is about to do his Green belt
Kamionwhite, I have had two lessons so far :-)08:37
Kamionnot exactly expert08:37
jonoKamion, cool, which club?08:37
KosaiKamion: You mean shotokan?  :)08:38
Kamionor that08:38
jonothe 6th is on a wednesday, is there no way you can make it for the big beers that night?08:38
jonothey will be *big* beers :)08:38
hypn0sorry, didnt read faq 1st time, but where is the live cd, not in downloads08:38
jonoI will buy you a pint for your help today :)08:38
Kamionjono: oh, I'm just incapable of driving cal, yes, I'll come down on Wednesday evening then08:38
jonoKamion, cool08:39
martinanyone be able to help me ot08:39
Mithrandirmartin: you want to make a floppy with grub-floppy, iirc08:40
Kamionhypn0: withdrawn for the moment as it wasn't ready for release at preview time, it'll be back shortly08:40
hypn0ok :-)08:41
WopI keep getting write permission errors when I try to transfer a file over my network from my windows -> ubunto samba system08:41
WopDo I have to set certain permissions to be allowed to transfer files over to my unbuntu machine?08:41
=== cybrjackle|lappy [~cybrjackl@CPE-65-28-47-173.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
inklingxmartin: or you could try http://www.google.com/search?q=linux+rescue+cd : first link ;)08:44
=== kagou [~kagou@AMontpellier-251-1-29-116.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
kagouhi guys08:45
MithrandirWop: yes, look at the /etc/samba/smb.conf file; it says read-only on the [homes]  section.08:45
=== free [~free@81-208-74-187.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
Scognitodoes someone has succesfully installed java from http://z42.de ?08:47
Scognitoj2se-package jdk-1_5_0-linux-i586.bin08:47
ScognitoCreating temporary directory: /tmp/j2se-package.XXXXfR6IUH08:47
ScognitoLoading plugins: blackdown-j2re.sh blackdown-j2sdk.sh common.sh j2re.sh j2sdk.sh j2se.sh sun-j2re.sh sun-j2sdk.sh08:47
ScognitoNo matching plugin was found.08:47
=== lyp|train is now known as lypanov
=== Dave [~blue_tech@pcp09830877pcs.santamaria.ca.santam.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
jblackHmmm. The install could use a countdown time on waiting for reboot.08:48
inklingxScognito: yes, but i tried it with j2re-1_4_2_05-linux-i586.bin08:49
Scognitowhat are the plugin he wants?08:49
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d1-226.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionjblack: not supposed to take long; which stage exactly?08:51
kagouScognito, i'v succesfully installed 1.508:52
Scognitokagou, have you used j2se-package ?08:53
jblackafter the initial packages are intalled, the cd is ejected, and it asks you to hit enter to reboot.08:53
Atticusi think the totem movie player is really bugged, it wont play wmv or mpeg or mgp08:53
jblackwhat's the point about asking me to reboot? :) 08:53
ScognitoAtticus, install mplayer08:53
Atticusscognito, where from08:54
Scognitodo you have p3 ?08:54
Scognitoi made a package of it08:54
Atticusno p4 3.2ghz08:54
kagousorry Scognito i'v installed java with http://serios.net/content/debian/java.php08:54
ScognitoAtticus, deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main08:54
=== WX [~chris@dhcp-19-157.engr.scu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Scognitoadd this to /etc/apt/sources.list08:55
punkassAtticus: install  totem-xine08:55
punkassvia apt-get08:55
Scognitokagou, going there08:55
punkassthen use the ftp apt site that Scognito said08:56
=== StoneTable [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
Atticuspunkass: i dont know how to apt-get08:57
punkassuse synaptic08:58
=== ndowens [~ndowens@] has joined #ubuntu
punkasssearch for totem-xine08:58
Atticuspunkass: should i remove the totem thats currently installed08:58
neighborleei'm getting apt-get update errors and in case its something someone should know about  here it is :::  Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/source/Sources.gz  Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1)08:58
neighborleeReading Package Lists... Done08:58
punkassi believe that synaptic will do it for you08:59
ndowenswhat's the address in /etc/apt/sources.list neighborlee 08:59
neighborleendowens, should I PM you or paste the line(s) in here09:00
=== [SemTeX] [luc@217-114-212-17.kunde.vdserver.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== Keybuk [scott@syndicate.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
[SemTeX] mmmm09:01
Atticuspunkass: sweet totem-xine works like a charm09:01
[SemTeX] something is going wrong after my last apt-get upgrade09:01
WXhow would i go about mounting an sftp or ftp connection?09:01
[SemTeX] Extracting templates from packages: 100%09:01
[SemTeX] Preconfiguring packages ...09:01
[SemTeX] and nothing happens...09:02
punkassyeah gstreamer will be good, but its a little behind right now09:02
Scognitoi prefere mplayer09:02
Atticusi dont really need a full functioned media player, just something that will get the job done09:02
=== Makeio [~makeio@77.Red-80-32-109.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Atticusand supports all formats09:03
=== _AP [alex2@alex.agnon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== chutwig [~edmundrhu@pool-151-204-82-236.delv.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Scognitoif you are a newbe totem xine is good for you09:03
Atticusyea im a major noob haha09:03
Atticusmy first day with linux09:03
Scognitocompliments :)09:04
Atticusand i must say, im impressed09:04
Scognitohope yu are enjoying09:04
=== Treenaks_ [martijn@cl-539.ams-01.nl.sixxs.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunyou picked an excellent distro to begin with09:04
Atticusi am enjoying its alot of fun09:04
punkassAtticus: these guys have done a great job with ubuntu09:04
Scognitocrimsun, slackware is easyer09:04
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@] has joined #ubuntu
Atticuscrimsun, i read a review for this distro on extremetech.com and they recommended it so i thought id give it a shot since i was looking for a good distro to try out.09:04
Scognitoahhahah i'm joking09:05
Atticuspunkass: yea this is a very slick OS 09:05
crimsungood, cos i almost hit return with a retort =P09:05
inklingxwhat's wrong with slack? ;)09:05
Atticusnow if only more games would become available on linux09:05
=== theantix [~ryan@80.198.novustelecom.net] has joined #ubuntu
Scognitoinklingx, i joked telling it is easier than ubuntu09:06
ScognitoAtticus, something is avaiable yet09:06
Scognitout2004 and others09:06
inklingxAtticus: look at applications/games: do you get thet in xp ;)09:06
Atticusi have UT2004, i might try to install it... one question though will i need to get a better ati driver to play?09:07
inklingxScognito: np -> didn't you see the ";)" :p09:07
punkassAtticus: probably09:07
Atticusdo any of you run unreal 2k4 with an ati card?09:08
Scognitoi have a p309:08
Scognitothe maximum i can play is a 640x480 quake309:08
=== fragg [~luis@121.red-212-97-188.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu
Atticusi have p4 3.2ghz 1gb ram and radeon 9800xt09:09
Atticuswould unreal run ok on this distro?09:09
Atticuswith those specs09:09
thomi would be quite depressed if it didn't09:09
=== DJCobol [~chris@c-24-11-17-142.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Atticusit runs great on my windows09:09
=== ndowens [~ndowens@] has joined #ubuntu
punkassAtticus: yeah it runs fine09:10
DJCobolis there a how-to out there on how to use apt-get? I'm used to emerge with gentoo and need some help getting going here09:11
punkassDJCobol: you can use synatpic...a nice GUI interface09:11
|trey|DJCobol: umm, man apt-get ... man apt-cache for starters09:11
=== ndowens [~ndowens@] has joined #ubuntu
thomDJCobol: man apt-get ; but basically: apt-get update updates the list of available packages, apt-get install foo installs foo, apt-get upgrade safely upgrades everything it can, apt-get dist-upgrade updates everything09:12
=== ctrlz [~ctrlz@ip24-254-113-237.pn.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
DJCobolis there a search like emerge -s in gentoo? trying to install ethereal and its says not found09:13
|trey|thom: upgrade upgrades packages that won't change package set... dist-upgrade will edit package set...09:13
|trey|DJCobol: man apt-get cache like I said09:13
inklingxDJCobol: try http://survivor.sarovar.org/ 09:13
thomapt-cache search "term"09:13
|trey|DJCobol: Don't be lazy09:13
|trey|thom: don't tell him so exact!09:13
AtticusIs there a way to add a custom launcher to the Applications menu?09:13
|trey|Atticus: yes09:14
thom|trey|: why be unable when it took me lest to type than you?09:14