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T-Bonemissed the community meeting as it seems...01:11
T-Bonemako: ping?01:11
azeemT-Bone: mako sent minutes to ubuntu-devel01:15
T-Boneazeem: i've read them and have questions01:15
azeemah :)01:15
T-Bonethe first one being "how come i missed it? Where was it advertised?"01:15
T-Bonethe other one concerns the "IA64 Port Team"01:17
=== T-Bone is currently bootstraping "stage2" on ia64
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MithrandirT-Bone: I wouldn't really worry too much about that you missed the CC meeting; there's another one in two weeks and the port teams are a bit fuzzy still. :)01:22
T-BoneMithrandir: k. Still i missed what was said there, and it's stupid since should have I been aware of such a meeting, i could easily have intended it01:22
makoT-Bone: salut01:23
T-Bonemako: Dewd!01:23
=== mako took an Official Ubuntu Nap
T-Bonemako: long time no see!01:23
makothe nap wasn't that long :)01:23
MithrandirT-Bone: mako will post the log and summary somewhere. :)01:24
makoMithrandir: *so* ahead of you :)01:24
makoMithrandir: that went out pre-nap01:24
makoT-Bone: in answer to your question: this was the first meeting and it was a bit disorganized01:25
Mithrandirmako: ok. :)01:25
makoT-Bone: it was actualy scheduled for a couple days ago and we missed it entirely01:25
T-Bonemako: disorganized, say you? How surprising! ;^)01:25
makoT-Bone: so the new time was sort of put together last minute01:26
makoT-Bone: IRT the ia64 port, follow up to the list01:26
makoT-Bone: not much was decided about the that team/port except that we confirmed that we want one :)01:27
T-Bonemako: lol, we have one! ;^)01:27
=== T-Bone ducks!
makooh, then great! :)01:27
makolife is good01:28
=== T-Bone wonders whether one guy is a team on his own ;^)
makohe might be a team leader :)01:30
makoi suppose he would have a hard time *not* being a team leader01:30
T-Bone'leading himself'. Right, sounds good to me ;)01:30
T-Bonemako: seems i missed you in europe lately, as lamont told me... Will you be around again one of these days?01:32
makoT-Bone: yep, i'll be back in december if not before01:32
T-Bonemako: cool, headed where?01:33
makoT-Bone: not sure, maybe spain01:33
makoi was in uk + germany last time01:33
T-Bonemako: ok!01:33
makoi think there's a good chance we can meet up this next time :)01:34
T-Bonemako: cool, i'll stay tuned! ;)01:34
=== T-Bone curses perl, still not building
T-Boneokay, gotcha01:46
T-Bonedebian has some patch for ia64 as it seems01:46
=== mako nods
T-Boneguess i have no choice but to use them01:47
T-Bonemaybe someone should consider pushing this patchset into ubuntu, if it actually solves my troubles01:51
=== lamont peeks his head in for about 2 seconds before really running away for the weekend
T-Bonewhich i'll be able to tell in ~5mn01:51
T-Bonelamont: got gcc-3.4 ready. Perl failed again but i think i have a fix01:51
lamontT-Bone: cool.01:52
T-Bonei'm awaiting for it to succeed, hopefully. Then i'll debootstrap a stage2 clean chroot. I hope it'll work at once, if you're already away ;)01:53
lamontsince ia64 won't be there for warty, we can diverge slightly with arch-specific fixes and the like, as long as we know what we did...01:53
T-Bonelamont: you said i can get rid of the --exclude=lsb-base, correct?01:53
lamontI hope to get online from the hotel throughout the weekend, but not sure how things'll go on that fornt.01:53
T-Bonelamont: i just fetched perl_5.8.4-2.3 from debian01:53
lamontfront, even01:53
lamontthat works01:53
lamontprobably shouldn't exclude lsb-base - it got added to the warty bootstrap list for a reason...01:54
T-Bonelamont: i'll be online throughout the whole weekend hopefully, trying to achieve a full stage2 build01:54
lamontwill poke you if I get online.01:55
lamonttonight is going to be hell, followed by some sleep in the morning, I hope.01:55
T-Boneabout to pass critical section01:56
T-Bonebuild is still running!01:56
T-BoneYEeeeheeEE ;))01:56
lamontbuild of?01:56
mdzelmo: ping?01:57
T-Bonelamont: last but not least: hppa stage1 is over!01:57
T-Bonelamont: with _much less failures_ than ia64, so bootstraping stage2 will actually be 34sY! ;)01:58
T-Bonesoooooo cool01:59
T-Bonelamont: aside from the installer, it looks like we'll have hppa as well ;)01:59
=== T-Bone bows ;)
T-Bone(and grins! ;)02:05
=== lamont grumbles at t-bone for stealing his thunder. :-)
T-BoneNiarh Niarh Niarh02:06
=== T-Bone laughs evilishly ;^)
=== lamont waits for sounder 9 to burn to CD, decides that maybe he wants a CDRW in addition to the 4x dvd drive, because 4x is_SLOW_.
T-Bonelamont: side note: i think we've also proven that hppa is stable SMP ;)02:07
makolamont: my 4x just died finally which means i get a new one02:08
makowhich mean i get a dvd :)02:08
makoi have no removeable media02:08
makoboth my cd drivers AND my usb keychain died at once02:09
T-Boneouch :P02:09
makoT-Bone: kind of.. it's not actually that big a deal :)02:09
lamontmako: why did you pour water on them, I wonder???02:09
makoremoveable media isn't really that important02:09
makoexcept when things break02:09
T-Bonelamont: lol, bad bad you ;)02:10
T-Bonelamont: http://gropaf.esiee.fr/~varenet/stage1 - gcc-3.4, alsa-lib, util-linux and openldap2 missing, build in progress02:11
lamontnice.  Gotta run, before I get killed.  Have to buy a tool or 3 at Home Depot (only place open this late), and finish plumbing at least most of the &*%)^ van.02:12
T-Bonelamont: bummer02:12
T-BoneFailed 35 test scripts out of 840, 95.83% okay.02:12
T-Bonemake[3] : *** [_test_tty]  Error 102:12
T-Bonemake[3] : Leaving directory `/build/varenet/perl-5.8.4'02:12
T-Bonelamont: i guess i shall override this?02:13
azeemT-Bone: actually, I got this result when I built -2.3/unstable today on i386 as well02:13
azeemso I'm not sure who's to blame02:13
T-Boneazeem: ah. Maybe i should try -2.2 then02:13
T-Bonebut it doesn't look like big deal to me02:13
=== lamont wonders how well warty's perl would do on current warty...
azeemwell, -2.3 built fine on most buildds02:13
lamontanyway, later.02:13
T-Bonelamont: see ya02:14
T-Boneazeem: what would you recommend then?02:14
azeemno idea :(02:14
azeemI mean, not much has changed between -2.2 and -2.3, AFAIK02:14
=== T-Bone looks at ia64 buildd
azeembut perhaps you could try to build that02:14
azeemT-Bone: you don't get these 'Warning: Setting locale failed' thingies by accident, do you?02:16
T-BoneAll tests successful.02:16
T-Boneazeem: kidding? Logs are flooded with those02:16
azeemlooking at my own log, it seems this is the culprit02:17
T-Bone-2.3 did build on caballero02:17
azeemsome tests include that in their check of the test output, and fail02:17
T-Boneazeem: damn! locale would harm perl?02:17
=== T-Bone wonders how to fix those
azeemT-Bone: you can build perl without running the test by exporting DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=x-perl-notest02:17
T-Boneazeem: would that work with sbuild?02:18
azeemif you export it prior to running sbuild, yes02:18
T-Bonelet's try02:18
azeemI did the same for other reasons today02:18
T-Boneit's a 15' build02:18
azeemlucky you, it was 1:50:48 here :)02:20
T-Bonei ought to confess that these sweet boxes do rock hell ;)02:21
azeemwell, it also just took 12' on my centrino notebook02:21
azeemthe other one was a mobile Celeron 400...02:21
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Mithrandirmdz: I _really_ doubt 1221 is amd64 specific; I'll have to check when I get to the university tomorrow, but here, it goes away if I tell nautilus to not look at the magic inside the file.  Or, the magic handling routine is broken02:49
=== jdub chuckles at the gentoo forum that keybuk linked to
jdubgood lord02:50
jdub"noticeably faster!"02:50
mdzjdub: building things with -pipe will make your computer run faster03:03
tseng-funroll-loops used to be in the gentoo release engineering profile03:09
tsengi kicked and screamed for a good bit.03:09
Mithrandirtseng: so we can't mock you for that any more?03:15
tsengMithrandir: nope.03:19
jdubfixed mail archives coming right up03:19
tsengwe got rid of that crap months ago03:20
jdubtseng: as soon as that terrible website went up? ;-)03:20
tsengjdub: no long before03:20
tsengthat website is so bogus.03:20
tsengi could do the same thing for ubuntu users03:21
tsengor a much better one about fedora.03:21
tsengas long as there is free support, there will be idiots crying for help or making ridiculous comments03:21
tsenghas nothing to do with gentoo03:21
jdubtseng: you have to admit, gentoo does provide all the ammunition for serious google-archived life embarrassment03:22
chrisaGentoo just needs a page on the website that says "emerge != compiling by hand. Watching text scroll != compiling by hand" in huge point03:22
jdubor perhaps, "compiling software yourself is pointless" :)03:22
tsengjdub: hah we provide a forum for the uniformed mind of the world to unite into one festering cespool of nonsense03:23
tsengive always ignored it, but im getting tired of some developers/politics as well03:23
tsengubuntu is so fresh and so clean03:23
Mithrandirhope we can keep it that way.. it will be challenging at times.03:25
tsengalready collecting a bunch of pretty low IQ's in #ubuntu03:26
tsengbut the development team is top-notch03:26
Mithrandirone will always have some users who need a lot of help and guidance and are annoying as well, especially if you aim for a low new user barrier.03:29
tsengalot of first time irc action happening as well.03:29
tsengor just folks lacking manners03:30
MithrandirI like the fact that ubuntu actually has a code of conduct and you will be told off for breaking it.03:31
Mithrandirwhich goes for users as well as developers03:31
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T-Bone4AM, high time to go offline. See ya04:07
jdubamazing how quickly people stop whining when you point out that they can write patches04:11
tsengjdub for the win04:11
jdubwho's got latest packages04:50
jduband a usb key04:50
jdubcan you stick in the key04:50
jdubcopy something to it04:50
jduband pull it out?04:50
jdubno unmounting04:50
tsenghal is seg'ing04:50
tseng--- SIGCHLD (Child exited) @ 0 (0) ---04:51
tsengdoesnt print anything just returns04:51
tsengdoesnt start.04:51
jdubnew specification04:51
jdubwho has the latest packages, a usb key, and a working hal? :)04:51
mdzjdub: I do, more or less04:52
mdznot a key, but a usb storage device04:52
jdubstick in, copy, pull out04:52
jdubthen check to see if it was written correctly04:52
mdzcopy something onto it or off of it?04:52
jdubonto it04:52
mdzgzip: mythconverg.mysql.gz: unexpected end of file05:02
mdzwell that's not very nice05:02
mdzeven though it's mounted with the sync option05:03
mdzif I write something to it, and then sync it later, there's activity05:03
mdzthat sucks05:04
jdubnot good :|05:04
mdzsync seemed so promising05:05
mdz       Some  Linux file systems dont support -o sync and -o dirsync (the ext205:06
mdz       and ext3 file systems do support synchronous updates (a  la  BSD)  when05:06
mdz       mounted with the sync option).05:06
mdzwanna bet vfat doesn't support it?05:06
mdz"You are right. The fatfs just ignore the sync flag."05:08
mdzit's so sweet for read-only though :-)05:09
=== jdub just reformatted ext2 -> fine ;)
jdubi'm sure this has worked for me before...05:11
chrisajdub: Still have the url to that thread keybuk linked?05:12
jdubno one answered this: http://seclists.org/lists/linux-kernel/2002/Oct/1496.html05:12
jdubchrisa: it's in his blog05:12
=== chrisa checks planet
jdubthere are millions of people using sync with vfat and don't know that it doesn't support it...05:15
chrisawow, someone said zsh loads faster05:15
chrisaI quit05:15
mdzjdub: bounty?05:20
jdubmdz: herbert?05:20
fabbionemorning guys05:33
bob2jdub: fyi, joshk says the gpdf uploaded to unstable recently has pdf 1.3 support06:19
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fabbionemdz: permission to upload mdadm to fix 1916.07:12
fabbionejdub: ^^07:16
mdzfabbione: wouldn't it be simpler to source the file?07:18
mdzis '=' a valid character in an email address?07:18
fabbionenot that i am aware of07:19
fabbionebut it could be07:19
fabbionei can source the file.. yes07:19
fabbionethat's a good catch07:20
mdzI found some dupes in the RC bug list07:21
mdzand also I think my highmem problem might be bad hardware07:21
mdzso a couple fewer bugs now07:22
fabbionemdz: new patch is up07:22
mdzfabbione: beautiful07:22
mdzupload when ready07:23
fabbioneroger :-)07:23
mdzthis MIB bug, I am not sure if it affects warty07:24
fabbionemdz: right a sec :-)07:25
mdzah, I understand07:26
mdzit's NOTWARTY07:26
mdzupstream modfied the MIB, and upstream has backed out their own patch07:26
fabbioneok mdadm is up07:27
fabbionei count 35 RC bugs07:28
mdzI think it may be time to start using critical for truly RC issues07:29
fabbionedaniels: ping07:40
fabbionemdz: 1878 again07:41
fabbioneif the driver is so crappy we should consider a backport07:43
fabbionei really really really don't want to go for vesa07:43
fabbioneotherwise we need to blacklist the module both in X and in xresprobe.07:44
fabbioneif there is a via card, prompt a warning and ask for the driver to use.07:44
fabbionethat means that at a later stage i need ban again both via and vesa from the probin07:45
fabbioneprobing even07:45
fabbionethere is only one fix between the via driver we ship and the X.org one07:50
fabbionethat is related accessing the via_bios07:50
fabbionenothing more than that07:50
fabbione+    if ((pBIOSInfo->Chipset == VIA_KM400) && !(tmp & VIA_DEVICE_LCD)) {07:51
fabbionethat's it07:53
fabbioneTreenaks: you around?08:11
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pittiMorning guys!09:09
fabbionehey pitti09:14
pittiHi fabbione! 09:15
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:fabbione] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 35 RC bugs to go
pittifabbione: hmm, on my search list are only 25?09:15
fabbionepitti: add NEEDINFO and PEND09:16
pittifabbione: all critical, blocker, and major bugs09:16
pittifabbione: ah09:16
fabbionethat are hidden from the default search09:16
pittifabbione: now I've got 37 :-(09:17
fabbione2 of them are for the websites09:19
mdzwhy are my keybindings broken now?09:34
mdzI was testing that xkb stuff earlier09:34
mdzhmm, something with the gnome keyboard preferences09:35
mdzusing setxkbmap cleared it up09:35
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fabbioneKamion: are you aware of 1711?10:00
fabbionehey seb128 10:01
seb128hello fabbione 10:01
fabbioneseb128: FYI i can't reproduce 1943 here10:02
seb128me neither10:03
fabbioneseb128: must be mdz faults ;)10:03
seb128yeah :)10:04
mdzeasily reproduced here10:04
mdzmodprobe -r snd-intel8x0m, log out, log in10:04
mdzonly tried with one system, but several people on ubuntu-users and in bugzilla have experienced it10:05
seb128I've a box without any soundcard and no such problem on it10:06
fabbionemdz: can you reproduce it if you also modprobe -r snd_pcm_oss ?10:08
pittiHi seb12810:08
fabbionebecause i always removed all modules10:08
fabbionenot a portion of them10:08
mdzI'll check10:08
fabbionei have the same chipset here10:09
mdztesting live CD right now10:09
fabbionetesting that too10:09
fabbionehere it just take a bit longer to login10:10
fabbionebut it works10:10
=== fabbione needs to go and get the keys of the house
fabbionelater guys10:12
=== justdave changes the default query
Mithrandirseb128: 1221; SLOW does make a difference -- does that help you track it down?10:15
seb128thom said it didn't10:15
seb128what's gnomevfs-info result with and without SLOW ?10:15
=== seb128 kicks thom :p
Mithrandirwith it's the correct, without it's application/x-arc10:16
seb128ok thanks10:17
thomit's been right for me all the way through10:17
thom(for gnomevfs-info)10:17
seb128Mithrandir: I'll ping gnomevfs guys with that, should help10:18
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Mithrandirthom: very weird, then.10:18
thomyeah :(10:18
Mithrandirseb128: if I patch the SLOW support of out libgnomevfs alltogether, nautilus DTRT10:18
seb128yes, gnomevfs a 2 types of detection10:19
seb128the one used by nautilus (the fast one) has a problem apparently10:19
Mithrandirno, the other way around.10:20
Mithrandirthe slow one is fucked.10:20
seb128<Mithrandir> with it's the correct, without it's application/x-arc10:20
seb128with SLOW it's correct you said10:20
MithrandirMIME type         : application/x-arc10:21
Mithrandirthat's with slow.10:21
seb128so the slow is broken :)10:21
mdzfabbione: I don't understand why #1951 is invalid10:21
MithrandirMIME type         : application/x-cd-image10:21
Mithrandirthat's without.10:21
seb128ok, thanks10:21
mdzfabbione: can't it be handled like alternatives?10:21
mdzseb128: do you know why it starts correct, and then suddenly changes?10:22
Mithrandirseb128: I think it's something in the xdg* functions, but I couldn't track it down.10:22
seb128Mithrandir: I'll ping gnomevfs guys (they should have some ideas on this) and let you know10:23
seb128mdz: you're speaking about .. ?10:23
mdzseb128: the x-arc/x-cd-image thing10:23
mdzI commented on the bug10:24
seb128oh yes10:24
Mithrandirmdz: it uses fast method first, then slow10:24
Mithrandirand the slow one is broken.10:24
seb128when you open a dir it just use the extensions10:24
seb128when you open a file it does magic mime detection10:24
seb128that's the slow/fast methods10:25
seb128apparently the slow one has a problem10:25
mdzand the command-line uses fast?10:25
mdzI see10:25
mjg59Somebody probably ought to steal http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/config-tools/redhat-config-soundcard.html10:48
bob2is that using ALSA?10:52
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thombob2: yeah10:57
bob2hm, seems the defaults work for most everyone...10:57
thomuntil you have two soundcards10:58
pittimdz: what do you think about #1956? Shall we allow to execute files on removable media?10:58
pittimdz: some people might store programs on USB drives, and we cannot prevent that they shoot themselves in the foot anyway10:59
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzwhat does a "crippled" mouse pointer look like?11:03
mdzpitti: I think that #1956 is a Hoary problem11:04
mdzpitti: we disable the autorun feature by default anyway11:04
pittimdz: so you want to leave 'noexec' for Warty now?11:04
mdzpitti: I don't think it matters very much for warty either way11:05
mdzhappy mailman day11:05
thomoctober already? damn.11:07
danielsmdz: every day is mailman day when you're the moderator for like ten fd.o lists11:07
=== elmo_ [~james@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomelmo_: marnin'11:08
danielsmdz: stupid feature request?11:11
mdzdaniels: ?11:11
fabbionemdz: no, because it's not really an alternative11:12
danielsmdz: is it worth enabling optical out per default on via cards?11:12
danielsi don't know how many people actually use it; all I know is that I haven't used the analogue output, ever11:12
mdzdaniels: via audio devices, I assume?11:12
mdzfabbione: but shouldn't it act like one?11:12
mdzif the default X server is XFree86, and then you install -dbg, and then remove it, it seems logical for it to go back to XFree8611:13
danielsmdz: yeah, via82xx11:13
fabbionemdz: not really. you can have other Xservers running.11:13
fabbionemdz: s/running/installed11:13
mdzfabbione: /bin/true is not an X server :-)11:13
fabbionemdz: i know :-)11:14
danielsyes, but presumably if you uninstall -dbg, and the only other current owner is -xfree86, falling back to -xfree86 would be sane?11:14
fabbioneactually you are not supposed to be running -dbg at all11:15
fabbioneif not for debugging reasons11:15
fabbionei don't completely disagree but how would you define XserverS priority in a "/etc/alternatives/" implementation?11:16
fabbioneyou can't really.. either you ask (and in prerm you might not be able to do so at all)11:16
fabbioneor you guess11:17
fabbionethe latter is insane11:17
fabbioneconsidering that there might be a bunch of different Xservers11:17
fabbioneeven not registered ones11:17
mdzsave it and restore it if you want11:23
mdzbut it should not point to /bin/true when there is an X server installed11:23
fabbionemdz: that will be for hoary11:26
fabbionebut we will use a differnt approach to this stuff11:26
Mithrandirseb128: around?11:30
Mithrandirseb128: are you sure the mime entry for x-arc is correct?11:31
seb128which entry ?11:31
Mithrandirthe entry in /usr/share/mime/magic11:31
seb128but it works on i38611:32
Mithrandirit might work by accident on i38611:32
seb128do you think that the entry is wrong ?11:32
MithrandirI get the mask to be 0x80 0x80 0xff 0xff; the value is (when you swap it) 0x1a 0x08 0x00 0x0011:32
Mithrandirif you & those two, you get 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x0011:32
mdzI don't understand the format of that file11:32
Mithrandirmdz: look at /usr/share/mime/packages/freedesktop.org.xml instead?11:33
mdzah, thanks11:33
MithrandirI don't see how that can _ever_ work.11:34
mdzdo we ship software which actually reads .arc?11:34
MithrandirI doubt it.11:34
mdzpitti: did you see the bad news about vfat and sync?11:35
danielsisn't arc patent-encumbered?11:35
mdzlha is in Debian non-free11:35
pittimdz: was it on the mailing list?11:36
Mithrandirseb128: doesn't work on my debian install if I change the magic file. (i386)11:37
seb128ok, so the magic is right ?11:38
Mithrandirgive me two secs11:38
Mithrandirinteresting, the amd64 mime file is b0rken11:38
Mithrandirwhich means either mime-support or shared-mime-info is b0rken11:40
mdzpitti: no, jdub and I discussed it on IRC, and he was supposed to file a bug for you11:44
mdzpitti: the short version: the 'sync' mount option has no effect for vfat filesystems11:44
=== pitti cries out loudly
pittimdz: the funny thing is that it _seems_ to work on my USB stick?11:44
mdzpitti: I tested it, and I read the code11:45
mdzit is a noop11:45
mdzI get truncated and/or corrupted files when I yank the device after a write11:45
mdzand if I sync(1), there is cached data that is flushed11:46
pittimdz: with sync, copy operations last way longer and umount does not block; without sync, copy is fast and umount does not block; so it seems that there is at least a noticeable difference11:46
fabbionemdz: the new via developers already provides a diff to stick in debian/patches11:46
pittimdz: you read the code, do you think that it can be fixed easily?11:46
fabbionebecause they develop in debian11:46
fabbionemdz: merge = 0 time11:46
mdzpitti: it is not something I could fix; it might be a bounty project11:47
pittimdz: so that's nothing for Warty11:47
mdzfabbione: a diff which does what?11:47
fabbionemdz: update the via driver to unichrome11:47
mdzpitti: unfortunately not, it seems11:47
mdzpitti: please open a bug for horay11:47
fabbionemdz: the one daniels was talking about11:47
pittimdz: I do11:47
fabbioneApplying patch debian/patches/999_debian-xfree86-4.3.0.dfsg.1-7-unichrome_X_r26.diff ... successful.11:48
mdzfabbione: does it fix the hang?11:48
fabbionemdz: i am building a test driver right now :-)11:48
fabbionemdz: i had to read some documentation first11:48
jdubmdz: ahr, i haven't been around (re: bug)11:50
mdzjdub: feeling any better?11:50
jdubnot really, actually getting kinda ill now :|11:51
=== azeem_ [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsfabbione: oooh, nice. didn't know they had a 4.3 patch.11:52
Mithrandirseb128: I think it's an _i386_ bug. *grrrr*11:53
seb128it works on ppc too afaik11:54
seb128Mithrandir: where is the problem ?11:54
Mithrandirseb128: in update-mime-database, I think.11:55
seb128but what result is wrong ?11:55
Mithrandiron i386:11:55
Mithrandir      <match value="0x0000081a" type="little32" offset="0" mask="0x8080ffff"/>11:55
Mithrandiris mapped into:11:55
Mithrandirsome nullbytes in there11:56
Mithrandir1a 0900 0026 7fff ffff 11:57
MithrandirI _really_ don't understand why 0x8080ffff gets turned into 0x7fffff11:57
mdzseb128: do you need a login on one of my machines to debug #1943?12:00
seb128mdz: I'll try to reproduce it here first but thanks12:01
mdzseb128: I can trivially reproduce it here12:01
pittimdz: my list of major bugs is empty; shall I just go on to hunt some segfaults, or do you want me to work at sth particular?12:03
mdzpitti: please concentrate on the list of major bugs12:05
mdzpitti: especially those assigned to debzilla@ubuntu.com, but any bug where you are able to help, please do12:06
Mithrandirseb128: it's i386 that's broken; look at update-mime-database.c, line 841.12:06
pittimdz: okay12:06
mdzlamont is gone, so his bugs need attention as well12:06
Mithrandirseb128: it's never checked for overflow, and this small test program:12:07
Mithrandir#include <stdlib.h>12:07
Mithrandir#include <stdio.h>12:07
Mithrandirint main(int argc, char **argv){12:07
Mithrandir  char *a =  "0x8080ffff";12:07
Mithrandirfprintf(stderr, "%ld\n", strtol(a,NULL,0));12:07
Mithrandirreturns 2147483647 on i38612:07
Mithrandiron amd64: 215593779112:07
fabbionedaniels: we should seriosuly involve them with us12:07
Mithrandirand on i386:12:07
Mithrandir: tfheen@yiwaz ~ > printf "%ld\n" 0x8080ffff12:07
fabbioneprintf "%ld\n" 0x8080ffff12:08
Mithrandirfabbione: try the small program above.12:09
mdzstrtol returns a signed value12:09
danielsfabbione: unichrome? yeah, I've already talked to them about dragging them into X.Org and they were all for it12:09
Mithrandirmdz: so having 0x8080ffff as a mask is Just Wrong, then?12:10
mdzMithrandir: well, using strtol is probably the wrong bit12:10
danielsthey're all really nice guys; nothing against anyone, it's mainly that they just never really thought to integrate :)12:10
mdzstrtoul would presumably be better12:10
Mithrandirdouble bug, it seems, both update-mime-database and the mime db.12:10
fabbionedaniels: yeps12:11
fabbioneMithrandir: will do in a sec12:11
fabbione./a.out 12:12
Mithrandirmdz: strtoul fixed it, yes.12:13
seb128so it's broken on i386 too now ? :)12:13
Mithrandirsince the mime db is wrong.12:14
seb128any idea of how many mime will be broken by fixing this ?12:15
fabbioneKamion: piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing12:15
=== fabbione shakes Kamion
=== Mithrandir summons seb again
danielsfabbione: after a Via bitch? :)12:22
Mithrandirhooray, I can't reassign bugs in bugzilla due to JS fucking up12:22
=== fabbione is always after bitches
fabbioneMithrandir: if you are trying to reassign to xfree86 that has been blocked by justdave on my request12:23
Mithrandirfabbione: I was trying to reassign to seb12812:24
fabbioneMithrandir: bugger :P12:24
Mithrandirfabbione: and doing anything like that with JS is Just Wrong.12:24
=== fabbione waits a few secs to see chan response time
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-8-253.w81-250.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
justdavewhat's it doing now?12:25
Mithrandirjustdave: it made focus never enter the "reassign to" field12:25
Mithrandirseb128: I updated the bug; 7 MIME types have masks and must be investigated.  Bug reassigned to you, since it's not an amd64 bug. :P12:26
Mithrandirwill you take it upstream as well, please?12:26
seb128I'm talking with a gnomevfs guy right now12:27
Mithrandirit's not a gnomevfs problem, it's a update-mime-database + mimedb problem. :)12:27
Mithrandirgnomevfs just exposes it.12:27
seb128yes, but gnomevfs guys work on freedesktop part too12:27
justdaveMithrandir: this is on the show_bug page?12:27
seb128ie: mime/desktop parsers12:28
seb128Mithrandir: is the contact part of evolution supposed to work on amd64 right now ? 12:29
seb128I've a friend who can't use it12:29
Mithrandirjustdave: yes.12:29
Mithrandirseb128: worksforme.12:29
justdaveMithrandir: worksforme12:29
=== azeem_ is now known as azeem
seb128Mithrandir: and "netspeed" ?12:29
Mithrandirjustdave: using Opera, type something into the component field, then into the comment field, then try to reassign.12:30
danielsmdz: mind if I steal #1897?12:30
Mithrandirseb128: what about netspeed?12:30
Mithrandirseb128: no bugs about netspeed open12:31
justdaveAh, I don't have Opera12:31
seb128Mithrandir: I'm speaking with a guy who just get an error when he try to add it to the panel12:31
Mithrandirwell, there's no bug filed12:31
seb128take this as a bug report12:31
Mithrandirand I'm horribly bad at mind-reading, so.. ;)12:31
Mithrandirseb128: please, file a bug in bugzilla12:32
seb128I just want to check if that's specific to his config before filling it12:32
Mithrandirthe network monitor seems happy here; it might have problems detecting the interfaces12:33
Mithrandirbut if you configure that manually, it's happy12:33
Mithrandiris that the error he's seeing?12:33
Mithrandir"an error" is a bit nondescriptive. :)12:34
seb128he can't add it to the panel12:34
seb128OAFIID:GNOME_NetspeedApplet error12:34
seb128looks like a bonobo problem12:34
Mithrandiris that the network monitor applet or some other applet?12:34
seb128network monitor (the one with "netspeed" in the comment of the add dialog12:35
Mithrandirseb128: you broke e-d-s when you uploaded it, as you didn't get the fixes I did for getting it to work on amd64.12:38
seb128please, put the patches in debian/patches/12:38
seb128so this kind of problem doesn't happen12:38
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== amu [amu@bofh.debian.net] has left #ubuntu-devel []
Mithrandirseb128: can you please then just run s_config in libdb/dist and upload?12:44
Mithrandirseb128: (assuming you get approval, naturally)12:44
Mithrandirjust make sure the dist/configure includes x86_64 somewhere, so you see it's successful.12:44
Mithrandirand please ask upstream to do the same -- they've added the files but forgot to update the configure script.12:45
elmo_seb128: you know about g-s-m ftbfs, I assume ?12:45
seb128elmo_: no, didn't know12:46
seb128I'll have a look12:46
seb128Mithrandir: ok12:46
danielselmo_: ... that's my bad.12:51
danielselmo_: missing b-d's, taking care of that now.12:51
elmo_guys, highly recommend you keep an eye on the britney output for a hour or two after uploads - it's a nice easy way to keep track of ftbfses, broken deps etc.12:57
elmo_(and if thom fixes mozilla-firefox-locale-THEWORLD sometime, it'll even be empty most of the time)12:57
danielselmo_: ah, cool. didn't know about that one.12:59
seb128me neither01:02
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_ok, sorry, maybe I should have shouted louder about it.  it is on wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive fwiw01:03
elmo_daniels/fabbione: xlibmesa-glu-dev b-d's on libstdc++5 ?01:08
danielselmo_: yes01:08
danielslibstdc++5-dev || libstdc++5-3.3-dev, iirc01:08
danielsor maybe the other way around01:08
danielselmo_: is that problematic?01:08
elmo_libstdc++5-dev | libstdc++-dev it seems01:09
elmo_anyway, no it's okay, it's just my germinate is broken apparently01:09
elmo_at some stage you might want to update it tho - libstdc++6-dev should be the 'real' alternative01:10
fabbioneelmo_: i remember i removed that b-d01:10
danielsthanks for the heads up01:10
=== fabbione checks again
Kamionfabbione: yes, I know about #171101:10
Kamionfabbione: what else did you want? :)01:11
fabbioneKamion: ok. can you please test the via driver asap?01:11
Kamionfabbione: what do I need to grab?01:11
fabbioneKamion: see 187801:11
fabbionethe via_drv.o from people/~fabbione/01:11
elmo_daniels: dude, you didn't actually fix sgml-data, it still b-d-i on symlinks01:11
=== Kamion uploads scary debconf change
fabbioneelmo_: libpaperg, libstdc++5-3.3-dev, tetex-bin,01:12
fabbionedo you still want me to update?01:12
elmo_fabbione: mm?  I'm talking about the Depends?01:13
Kamionw00t, joeyh said I could merge scary debconf change into debconf trunk too01:13
fabbioneelmo_: didn't you say B-d?01:13
elmo_fabbione: yes, but I'm on crack01:13
fabbioneelmo_: can you send me some please? ;)01:13
elmo_fabbione: ("don't confuse this argument with facts" etc. :)01:13
fabbioneSource: fabbione01:14
fabbioneLive-Depends: crack, pipe, smoke01:15
danielselmo_: it's lucky I didn't reassign you the bug, then01:15
=== thom beats on the php folk
=== fabbione hands the EU sodomotron remote control to thoom
sivangfabbione : Hi!01:17
fabbionehi sivang 01:17
fabbionesivang: do you happen to have a via video card?01:17
elmo_elisha 12:17 ~ % mozilla-firefox Email\ Sales\ Quote.HTM01:17
elmo_/usr/bin/mozilla-firefox: line 313: [: too many arguments01:17
sivangfabbione : I wish ;-) cause I know you need some test lovin' ;-))01:17
fabbionesivang: eheh thanks :-)01:18
=== elmo_ blames thom
thomelmo_: bwahaha01:18
fabbioneelmo_: isn't that a simple wrapper script to run the correct mozilla?01:18
elmo_fabbione: simple wrapper script that can't handle spaceful-filenames apparently01:18
fabbioneelmo_: also debconf didn't until a few revisions ago :-)01:19
fabbioneas well as.. ucf?01:19
thomelmo_: file a bug, please01:20
elmo_yeah will do.. I just need to read this quote first01:20
Kamionfabbione: X seems to start up with that#01:23
sivangfabbione : that vert refresh rate drives me crazy, I disabled ddc, dde and still it's not using 100Hz.01:24
pitticarlos: here?01:24
carlospitti: yes, is it related to the iPod?01:24
danielsKamion: sensational01:24
pitticarlos: how could you know :-)01:24
=== carlos saw the problem in your activity report
pitticarlos: yes, can you reproduce #1891?01:24
carlosnot tested yet01:25
pitticarlos: I'm lost with this. It works with my USB devices, I can eject them01:25
=== pitti wants to have a nice iPod
carlospitti: I still have a problem with my iPod and HFS+01:25
carlosbut I think it's a bug in hfs+ driver01:25
pitticarlos: isn't it mounted automatically?01:25
carlosyes, it was last time I tested it (long ago...)01:26
carlosbut only accesible by root, do you remember ?01:26
pitticarlos: there were huge updates in the last two days, bother to try it again?01:26
pitticarlos: I remember01:26
pitticarlos: that's why I would like to test it again; I think it's a kernel bug, but I could work around it01:26
carlosI see the problem01:27
fabbioneKamion: cool!01:27
carlospitti: the problem is with sbp2 driver01:27
fabbionemdz, jdub: around?01:27
carlospitti: we need a way to remove the device completely01:27
pittifabbione: you have another X to upload? :-)01:27
fabbionepitti: yes :(01:27
carlosand it only works if your remove the sbp2 from the kernel (rmmod)01:27
danielsfabbione: which changes are you making?01:27
fabbionepitti: do you have a via video card somewhere?01:27
pittifabbione: not me personally01:28
carlosit's a kernel bug01:28
pittifabbione: are these built into these VIA epia boards?01:28
fabbionedaniels: for monday, not today. we might add the via driver from unichrome01:28
pittifabbione: I know a friend who has an epia01:28
fabbionepitti: no idea.. 01:28
pittifabbione: so far I've never seen a VIA graphic card...01:28
fabbionedaniels: and still ban the probe01:28
Kamionfabbione: doesn't want to shut down though, it hangs after I quit X01:28
fabbioneKamion: ah shit01:29
pitticarlos: so the sbp2 module needs to be manually rmmod'ed after unmounting the device?01:29
carlospitti: yes, but that sucks, if you have two firewire hd (Like I have)01:29
pitticarlos: that's ugly; I would not like to do that manually in pumount01:29
danielsfabbione: ok01:29
pitticarlos: did you submit a bug against the kernel about this? This should affect quite many firewire users01:30
fabbioneKamion: it hangs there or it just doesn't want to quit?01:30
carlospitti: the iPod has a "detection" process that knows if you have the device attached to the computer, and as long as it's attached to /dev/sda? it will think that it's mounted and will ask the user to not remove it01:30
fabbioneKamion: can you strace it?01:30
fabbioneKamion: i still have the -dbg package in case01:30
pitticarlos: ah, I remember; you just had to rip it off01:30
carlospitti: it's only a cosmetic problem for other devices != iPod01:30
carlosthe iPod does not knows that you don't have it mounted01:31
carlosthat's all01:31
pitticarlos: so the iPod still works when plugged in the second time? although the sbp2 module isn't unloaded?01:31
carlosnot sure01:31
carloslet me check...01:31
pittibtw, while you are at it, try 'eject /dev/whatever' :-)01:32
carloswell, here we go, the f*cked problem with USB vs. Firewire01:32
carlosI need to unload all USB so the iPod is able to be detected...01:32
pitticarlos: gar01:32
pitticarlos: but I think this cannot be adressed in userspace01:32
carlospitti: it's a kernel bug01:33
pitticarlos: let's throw out linux and put in the HURD :-)01:33
carloscould we wait to this night and I will debug it better? (I have somethings to do about Rosetta now)01:33
=== pitti ducks
carlospitti: X-)01:33
pitticarlos: sure, thanks!01:33
carlosno problem01:33
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirhm, 1874 doesn't seem to apply to us.01:37
Mithrandirthom/mdz: can either of you try to reproduce 1874 on amd64?01:37
thompost caffieneation, sure01:39
thomi need more to deal with php01:39
Mithrandirsure, python-ldap should be a nice break. ;)01:39
elmo_daniels: g-s-m ftbfs01:52
danielselmo_: U*()@#$)U*(OIJ#01:52
=== elmo_ devolves to abbreviation-speak
danielsforgot the b-d's again, didn't I?01:52
elmo_patch failure or something01:53
danielselmo_: wtf?01:53
elmo_patches: debian/patches/src_omf_make.patch debian/patches/use_gksu_not_su.patch01:54
elmo_Trying patch debian/patches/src_omf_make.patch at level 0...success.01:54
elmo_Trying patch debian/patches/use_gksu_not_su.patch at level 0...1...2...failure.01:54
elmo_make: *** [debian/stamp-patched]  Error 101:54
seb128daniels: have you restored the original files ?01:54
Kamionfabbione: no I can't strace it because I can't get to a console :P01:55
Kamionfabbione: 'sudo xresprobe via' still hangs in the same way with that I'm afraid01:56
danielsseb128: fixing it now01:58
Kamionwell, I guess I can do the strace-with-repeated-reboots tricks01:58
danielsKamion: huzzah01:58
fabbioneKamion: yes. the xresprobe is another story01:58
fabbioneKamion: do you want the -dbg package?01:58
Kamionfabbione: not 100% clear to me that it was breaking before though, sorry - turns out I had to 'dpkg --configure -a' after dropping in your driver before the font packages were set up well enough to allow the X server to start anyway01:59
fabbionebecause that one *might* work01:59
Kamionwhy would the -dbg work?01:59
fabbioneKamion: ehhhh that's another loooooong story :-)01:59
fabbioneKamion: the <whatever_crappy_x_modules_loader> sucks02:00
danielsmetrolink/xfree86 loader02:00
danielsit is COMPLETE BLOODY ARSE02:00
Kamionok, pass it to me I guess02:00
KamionI have a complete strace -f of 'sudo xresprobe via' if that would interest you02:01
Kamionit apparently exits successfully, just doesn't do the console switch properly02:01
danielsKamion: could you please dump it in the bug log?02:02
Kamion583K bzipped?02:02
fabbioneKamion: 20 minutes and it will be on people02:03
fabbioneKamion: -dbg is BIG02:03
fabbioneon the otherside.. this driver compiled on ppc and amd64.. and that's good02:04
fabbioneat least it's not a FTBFS02:04
bob2someone should port X to use libltdl02:12
danielsbob2: FOAD.02:13
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsbob2: libltdl requires every symbol to be exported as _modulename_LTDL_foo02:13
danielswhich is total bong.02:13
danielsthe Metrolink loader can use libdl, but one day in the car, I got bored and threw the entire Metrolink loader away, so there's now an 800-line shim around libdl.02:13
danielsbob2: only in debrix02:13
bob2you should create a new fork02:15
bob2and call it Xizzle02:15
bob2that name deserves to live on02:15
thomin infamy02:15
bob2Xizzle - for me02:16
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_daniels: DUDE02:19
elmo_Trying patch debian/patches/src_omf_make.patch at level 0...success.02:20
elmo_Trying patch debian/patches/use_gksu_not_su.patch at level 0...1...2...failure.02:20
elmo_make: *** [debian/stamp-patched]  Error 102:20
fabbioneKamion: xserver-xfree86-dbg_4.3.0.dfsg.1-6ubuntu22_i3 100%   52MB  49.1KB/s   18:11    02:22
fabbioneKamion: it's on people/~fabbione/02:22
danielselmo_: ARGH02:30
danielselmo_: i did debuild -S, debuild, debuild -S, debuild, debuild -S, debuild02:30
Mithrandirdaniels: pdebuild -S ?02:31
danielsMithrandir: don't have pbuilder installed02:31
=== azeem_ [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirapt-get install pbuilder, then.02:32
MithrandirNot Very Hard. :P02:32
danielsoh, I know what's wrong02:33
danielsBLOODY CDBS02:33
=== azeem_ is now known as azeem
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomMithrandir: um, do you have an example script for 1874?02:46
Mithrandiris what fs used to test.02:47
thomthis implies i have an ldap server running02:47
Mithrandirapt-get install slapd and just answer the questions, should be enough02:47
thomyeah, it works fine here too02:51
MithrandirI'm going to try to reproduce in a pure64 chroot02:52
Mithrandiryeah, see it there.02:54
Mithrandirnotwarty, then02:54
=== fabbione goes to the new house
fabbionecya later guys02:55
Mithrandirhave fun02:55
=== pitti goes to buy some food. See you later
danielselmo_: tell me it didn't ftbfs again ...03:33
=== daniels crosses his fingers for ubuntu6.
bob2do we have a "3 FTBFS" and you're out policy/03:38
azeempraying sometimes helps, too03:38
danielsbob2: yeah, I feel like THom03:38
danielsalso, Thom03:38
thomdaniels: my ftbfs's aren't pure incompetence tho ;P03:39
danielsthom: i blame cdbs, seriously03:39
=== bob2 mutters something about "private keys"and mailing lists
danielsthom: regenerated configure in some apparently random order from random triggers, and there was also control.in from gnome crack03:39
danielsbob2: or like six apache2 uploads in a day03:39
azeemdaniels: then Build-Conflict against autoconf03:40
danielsazeem: yeah, because that's productive for my dev machine :P03:40
thomdaniels: yeah, but that was just stupid unused codepaths that only php users would hit03:40
danielswent the opposite way and b-d'd on autotools-dev as a temporary hack03:40
bob2we cann all unite against PHP users03:40
danielsand rasums03:40
danielsalso, Rasmus03:40
Kamionooh, I have hardware which requires firmware *and* is supported by Linux03:43
Kamiongood, now I can make ddetect work03:43
danielsKamion: yay!03:45
=== T-Bone [~varenet@T-Bone.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128daniels: there is no problem with cdbs, don't blame it if you don't know how to do a patch :p03:54
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== thom goes to lunch while the test run for #1915 builds
elmo_lude/atk-1.0 -I/usr/include/libxml2 -I/usr/include/libgtop-2.0 -I/usr/include/libwnck-1.0       -g -Wall -O2 -c util.c04:16
elmo_util.c:15:18: gksu.h: No such file or directory04:16
elmo_util.c: In function `su_run_with_password':04:16
=== elmo_ just looks at daniels
=== lifeless_ [~robertc@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionprism54 *really* doesn't like this card04:23
=== azeem_ [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== amu [amu@bofh.debian.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
T-Boneis there a known bug with gnome-session lately?04:56
T-Bonei just can't login, gnome-session crashes immediately04:57
T-Bonetrashed .gnome* .gconf* .metacity and co, doesn't work anyway. And i wonder why it keeps showing me my personnal backdrop tho i trashed the confs04:58
T-Boneit's not only gnome-session, it's gnome-*05:13
=== sivang [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
T-Boneoic, i bet it's #194305:15
T-Boneseb128: ping?05:18
T-Boneseb128: you reported #1943 (gnome-session not starting when no audio device is present05:19
T-Bonei think it's not exactly that05:19
seb128I didn't reported anything05:19
seb128this bug is assigned to me05:19
seb128but I can't reproduce it05:19
T-Bonethat's normal05:19
seb128any help is welcome :)05:19
T-Bonehmm, shit it trashed my .xsession-errors05:20
T-Boneso here's the big idea:05:20
T-Bonei started having troubles after a dist-upgrade05:20
T-Bonethen any attempt to login would fail05:20
T-Bonelooking at .xsession-errors showed "/tmp/esd/socket existing, esd already running, exiting"05:21
T-Boneor something like that05:21
T-Bonei think _this_ is the problem05:21
T-Boneafter rebooting, everything went back in order05:22
seb128another esd already running ?05:22
T-Boneand it's now working just fine05:22
T-Bonei guess so05:22
seb128there is different problems apparently05:22
seb128Matt can reproduce it with a modprobe -r snd_.... apparently05:23
T-Boneanyway, to me, esd was the culprit05:23
T-Bonewhether it was running or not, i don't know, but the fact that its socket was there screwed gnome05:24
T-Boneseb128: hope i haven't confused you even more ;^)05:26
T-Boneseb128: i'll keep you informed if i can reproduce it easily05:26
seb128no problem, that's fine :)05:26
seb128thanks for the details05:26
T-Boneyou're welcome. now i must get back to my ia64 burden ;)05:27
T-Boneseb128: side note: dunno if it has been reported already, but i have a "ghost" X cursor on the top layer of my screen, not disappearing...05:34
seb128how many mouse declared in the XF86Config-4 ?05:34
=== T-Bone grins and checks
T-Boneseb128: bingo: 205:35
T-Bone"Generic Mouse" and "Configured Mouse"05:35
T-Boneseb128: nice catch05:36
T-Boneseb128: though that'd be a configuration problem at install time, i guess then ;)05:38
seb128the issue has already been raised on the list afaik05:38
T-Bonei have edited XF86Config-4, still, the X is still there :P05:39
T-Bone(and restarted X)05:39
=== T-Bone restarts X with ctrl-alt-backspace, just in case
seb128you should ping fabbione or daniels about X05:39
T-Boneseb128: ok. There's something else. The X won't go away05:40
seb128bah, I need some fresh air, later guys05:41
T-Bonesee ya05:41
thomT-Bone: try setting Option "SWCursor" in the screen block05:42
T-Bonethom: i'll do. Amusingly, this only show in Gnome, not in GDM05:43
T-Bonethom: SWCursor fixed the problem, thx05:44
=== T-Bone really gets back to ia64 builders now
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sivangKamion : around?05:46
=== mjg59 [mjg59@cavan.codon.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Kamionsivang: yes05:56
sivangKamion : got my msg?05:57
Kamiondidn't need to be a private message, just adds to the number of windows I have here ...05:58
Kamionsivang: the bug number is #156605:59
sivangKamion : thank you05:59
sivanghas anybody witnessed a (I don't know how to define this, really strange) "bug" when browing #1566 using firefox ? using the mouse wheel to scroll, it get's stuck and won't advance. I Must use the mouse cursor to advance it.06:02
thomsivang: it won't scroll in certain types of text area06:07
thomsuch as code and possibly pre06:07
sivangthom : exactly!06:08
sivangthom : browsing it, I see that only in the middle it gets stuck - on the bottom and top of it works fine06:09
sivangthom : even if this should be reported upstream, maybe I shall open a bug? or one exists?06:09
sivangKamion : ah, seems like that bug is unrelated to my system - I have my linux partitions on a seperate HD than the fat32 one, only grub sits on the same one.06:11
thomsearch upstream06:11
sivangthom : ok06:11
sivangthom : I see many issues related to the wheel upstream, however this sepcific issue seems to went unreported.06:15
sivangKamion : why can't I find that C/H/S error message in dmesg or kern.log?06:20
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thomthings you never want to see, part 367:06:31
thom20347 thom      25   0 23288 3268  21m R 86.2  0.3  13:09.69 php06:31
thom(from top)06:33
sivangKamion : has the C/H/S patch already in  the daily?06:34
Kamionsivang: no, as the bug report states06:37
Kamiongod, this xfs/grub bug is a right headache06:38
Kamionby the time the fix for a bug is in automatic builds, the bug report will have been closed06:39
sivangok. would you think it's a good test for the image, if the 2 partitions are on seperate disks?06:39
Kamionit doesn't matter06:40
Kamionyou may not be able to reproduce it at all; it depends on your BIOS06:40
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hazmatis there a way to reset synaptic's state? synaptic seems to have gotten confused on my install, it doesn't actually see any packages in the ui, the status bar shows the correct counts when searching etc..07:10
hazmati don't see any $HOME/.synaptic directory.. just curious07:10
m_tthewhazmat: I see a /root/.synaptic on my box, with a sane date07:18
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-045-139.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
hazmatm_tthew, bingo thank you07:25
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
hazmatthat fixed it07:25
danielscdbs, why must you taunt me :\07:32
seb128there is nothing to do with cdbs07:37
seb128it just apply the patch and run ./configure && make && make install07:37
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Kamionmdz: approval to Just Fix linux-kernel-di-{amd64,i386}-2.6 build failures? just a few modules apparently need rearranging07:50
Kamionmdz: (stuff in both nic-extra-modules and irda-modules now depends on crc-ccitt.ko)07:52
Kamionapparently it's due to via-velocity growing a dependency07:56
KamionI'm going to move crc-ccitt.ko to nic-shared-modules and make irda-modules depend on it (ew, but simplest)07:59
Kamionmdz: taking your discover1-data blanket approval to apply to simple usb-discover reuploads too, BTW, hope that's OK08:06
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mdzKamion: yes and yes08:47
Kamiontoday has been a Hardware Detection Day08:53
mdzthat's good, because we have RC Hardware Detection Bugs :-)08:56
Kamionmdz: do we still? I just closed #188108:57
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ajKamion: poke?09:06
mdzKamion: so I'm looking at this scd vs. sr stuff09:06
mdzand it'd be pretty simple to change it from sr to scd with a link from sr -> scd09:07
mdzbut I think I just disagree with the doc that says to use scd in favour of sr09:07
Kamionaj: yo?09:07
ajKamion: if you've got a moment i'd like to chat briefly about debootstrap/ubuntu09:07
=== justdave [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionaj: sure, I've got a change there that I've been meaning to send back anyway09:07
Kamionaj: but yeah, what's up?09:09
mdzKamion: surely there are SCSI removable devices which are not CD-ROMs09:13
Kamionmdz: like USB storage, but that doesn't seem to show up as scd/sr ...09:25
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mdzKamion: a SCSI removable is basically a storage device with a concept of media presence and an eject function09:30
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mdzseb128: ping?10:28
=== lucas_ [~lucas@ca-grenoble-2-7.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lucas_who should I talk to about a port of ubuntu to sparc ?10:45
vuntzhi lucas_ :-)10:46
lucas_hi vuntz :)10:46
vuntzlucas_: jeff n'a pas rpondu ?10:47
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sivangdoes anybody of peopoe.ubntulinux.com supports rsync? 11:01
lucas_if ensilinx6 could stop crashing for a while, it would probably be easier to use it as a buildd :)11:02
sivangi try to download Kamion11:02
sivangKamion's (damnn that keybd) image for the fixed parted, and can't rsync it11:02
lucas_vuntz: what I have gathered is on http://ensilinx1.imag.fr/wiki/index.php/UbuntuSparc11:07
vuntzlucas_: ahah: "(Arg that's perl!)"11:08
lucas_vuntz: you ever looked at ruby ?11:09
lucas_you should11:09
lucas_perl programmers usually like it11:09
lucas_I'll do a short presentation of ruby, probably next week11:10
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mdzlucas_: regarding a sparc port, ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com11:30
mdzlucas_: there are a few other people who are interested11:30
lucas_thank you11:30
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