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SteveAsabdfl: ?01:27
sabdflhi! have a good dinner?01:28
sabdflwhat's the idiom Interface(arg, none) all about?01:29
sabdflstevea: ping?01:30
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sabdflhey stevea02:01
sabdflwhat's the idiom return IPerson(xxx, None) about?02:02
sabdfli think i have an authentication problem at the moment02:02
sabdflshe runs (!) but then falls over02:02
SteveAsorry -- flaky networking for a while02:03
SteveA<sabdfl> hi! have a good dinner?02:03
SteveA<sabdfl> what's the idiom Interface(arg, none) all about?02:03
SteveA<SteveA> dinner was pretty good02:03
SteveA<SteveA> japanese thai from chinatown02:03
SteveA<SteveA> one of the rosetta team screwed up the IPerson adapter02:03
SteveA<SteveA> I'm fixing it02:03
SteveA<SteveA> the idiom is IFoo(obj) or IFoo(obj, default_value)02:03
SteveA<SteveA> you get the default value if the object is not adaptable to IFoo02:03
SteveA<SteveA> kiko, celso, daniel and andrew say hi02:03
SteveA<SteveA> they're still getting the ad-hoc wireless hacking up02:03
SteveA<SteveA> yay! fuxed big!02:03
sabdflhow was yr dinner?02:03
SteveAyes, I'm checking in a fix02:03
SteveAone of the rosetta team screwed up the IPerson adapter02:03
SteveAdinner was good02:04
SteveAjapanese / thai place02:04
sabdflout of curiousity where was the fix?02:04
SteveAnot so expensive02:04
sabdflwhat needed fixing?02:05
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sabdfli've been staring at it for half an hour, but didn't know where to enable auth or what the codepath was for the IPerson(principal, None) code02:05
sabdflhey celso02:05
SteveAI had to add some imports, and change a little code in personFromPrincipal02:09
SteveAwtf is sys.path.append('../..') doing in there?02:09
SteveAthat's seriously evil02:09
dafwhere was that?02:12
sabdflSteveA: that was me, getting "import imark" or "import dmark" to work this afternoon02:13
sabdflit worked, but you can happily remove it now02:13
SteveAthe rosetta team really must get out of the habit of checking in code without testing it02:13
SteveAand I'm not just talking about unit testing -- just running the darn server and looking at a page02:13
sabdflis the auth / iperson fix checked in now?02:14
SteveAI found the bug by using the postmortem debugger02:14
sabdflwe have some overlapping work by lalo and i02:14
sabdfldlalo and dmark have a lot of common classes :-/02:14
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sabdflshould i remove the common classes from dmark and let lalo work on them in dlalo?02:17
sabdflor remove them from dlalo?02:17
sabdflhey kiko02:17
kikohey sabdfl02:18
kikoSteveA is lagged as always02:18
sabdfldo they have a decent wifi setup in the hotel?02:19
sabdflor are you guys surfing courtesy of public dns?02:19
kikonot in the fifth floor, no02:19
kikobut they have ethernet cables in the rooms02:19
kikowe're surfing ad-hoc off debonzi's laptop02:19
kikowho in turn is connected through the hotel ethernet02:19
kikoon the ground floor it's pretty good02:20
kikoI managed to land everything to get lp running02:20
sabdflstevea: if there is a trivial fix to that launchpad issue, please just jabber it to me, it's not coming through arch02:20
sabdflthanks kiko02:20
kikohowever there's an auth fix that's needed02:20
sabdfldid the breakage come after that?02:20
sabdflyes, that's what i'm staring at02:20
kikoapparently something that landed this morning in the pre-"freeze" checkins02:21
sabdflis there a fix?02:21
kikoyes, SteveA has it in-hand but the network is on crack02:21
kikolet me try something02:21
sabdflif it's quite, jabber it to me and i'll commit it02:21
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kikolet's see if he can get back on02:22
kikojesus this room is full of raving madmen02:22
sabdflwelcome to canonical :-)02:22
kikoso SteveA is removing locks02:23
SteveAmy archive mirror on chinstrap is locked02:25
=== SteveA looks for arch experts
sabdflgeez, how is that even possible, if a chinstrap archive is just a mirror?02:27
kikonow that's a good question. I think the issue is that SteveA had a failed rocketfuel submission to PQM and well, the mirror locked because it failed "mid-stream".02:28
SteveA--- orig/lib/canonical/launchpad/dmark.py02:28
sabdflblush. why did it have to be dmark?02:29
SteveA+++ mod/lib/canonical/launchpad/dmark.py02:29
SteveA@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@02:29
SteveA # Zope interfaces02:29
SteveA from zope.interface import implements02:29
SteveA+from zope.component import ComponentLookupError02:29
SteveA+from zope.app.security.interfaces import IUnauthenticatedPrincipal02:29
SteveA # SQL imports02:29
SteveA from sqlobject import DateTimeCol, ForeignKey, IntCol, StringCol, BoolCol02:29
SteveA@@ -1354,12 +1356,12 @@02:29
SteveA def personFromPrincipal(principal):02:29
SteveA     """Adapt canonical.lp.placelessauth.interfaces.ILaunchpadPrincipal 02:29
SteveA         to IPerson02:29
SteveA     """02:29
SteveA-    # Adapter shouldn't return None02:29
SteveA-    #if IUnauthenticatedPrincipal.providedBy(principal):02:29
SteveA-    #    return None02:29
SteveA+    if IUnauthenticatedPrincipal.providedBy(principal):02:29
SteveA+        # When Zope3 interfaces allow returning None for "cannot adapt"02:29
SteveA+        # we can return None here.02:30
SteveA+        ##return None02:30
SteveA+        raise ComponentLookupError02:30
SteveA     return Person.get(principal.id)02:30
SteveAmy arch mirror is fucked in a way I don't immediately know how to repair02:30
kikosabdfl, can you manage that patch?02:31
kikowe're in a precarious situation here02:31
sabdflin progress...02:31
kikoin fact02:32
sabdflok, get a whole new traceback now. progress :-)02:35
sabdflwant me to commit this, then get working on the new one?02:35
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sabdflwant me to commit that?02:38
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kikosabdfl, can you manage that commit?02:38
SteveA_yes please02:38
SteveA_I tried to jabber it to you too02:38
sabdflcoming up02:38
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sabdflit's at pqm now02:41
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kikolalo, 02:43
sabdflok, phew, looks like we have a launchpad again :-)02:45
sabdflthanks guys02:45
sabdflkiko see you for lunchpad action tomorrow02:46
sabdflsteve, celso, daniel, enjoy the weekend!02:46
kikosabdfl, will do02:46
sabdflnight guys02:51
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kikobradb wrote that one02:53
dilysBug 2068 resolved: Wishlist: view PQM's pending queue02:56
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kikoBradB|London dude?03:07
BradB|Londonjust committed the sqlobject patch03:08
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kikoyou rock man03:14
kikosabdfl managed to land some lp fixes03:14
kikoso lp is live03:14
kikobut apparently your patch aint live03:15
kikoor so it seems03:15
BradBeh, that can't be good03:16
=== BradB merges
BradBit was patch-45703:27
BradB...but I'm still waiting for the star-merge that started 10 minutes ago...03:28
BradBwow, that finished quickly; now i "just" have to do another commit03:29
cprov_found a bug there03:33
BradBi'm still in the middle of grabbing the latest changes03:34
BradB17 minutes to cvs -q up. Sweet.03:35
BradBWe need paste.canonical.com or some such.03:37
BradBAfter merging, the app doesn't start for me.03:37
BradBzope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/Users/bradb/launchpad/lp/site.zcml", line 5.2-5.3303:38
BradBConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'factory', "Couldn't import canonical.lp.tales, No module named icelso in canonical.lp.tales.RequestAPI")03:38
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cprov_fixed nicely now03:55
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kikoBradB, merging dude03:59
spivtla on chinstrap is spinning on mark's merge.04:00
spivMaybe he forgot to mirror or something.04:00
spivelmo, lifeless: please work your magic on PQM.04:00
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kikolifeless, done what?04:05
spivkiko: PQM needed a poke.04:05
lifelessspivs request04:05
spivkiko: Mark had an empty merge.04:05
SteveAlifeless: I asked tla to mirror my archive.  The process was interrupted.  Now, I get a complaint about a lock being held on the mirror.  How do I break this? 04:05
lifelesstla lock-revision -b04:06
SteveAI tried that04:06
lifelesswhats the command you used?04:06
=== SteveA tries again, now the network is working again
SteveAhmm, worked this time04:06
SteveAmust have been flaky network problems04:06
spivSteveA: crappy error messages to go with crappy connectivity? :)04:07
kikoare you on cable, or ad-hoc, SteveA?04:09
spivHe's on the KKGeorge ap I think.04:10
spivlifeless: Thanks, btw.04:10
lifelessSteveA: whats the beef with the symlinks ?04:10
lifelessOther than many projects not punning their checkouts as packages.04:11
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=== kiko wakes up
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=== kiko_fud stumbles off for food
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kiko_fudhey brad04:11
kiko_fudwhere are you?04:11
kiko_fudoh, dumb question04:11
BradByo dude, hotel04:11
BradBwhat's everyone doing today?04:11
kiko_fuddude lets hit the road, steve's waiting for us04:11
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BradBheh, ok04:12
kiko_afkI'm downstairs in 5 mins04:12
BradBwhere are you/we going?04:12
BradBi.e. should i bring my laptop?04:13
kiko_afkwe're going downtown, and no04:13
BradBok, cool, see ya in a bit04:13
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sabdfldaf, lalo: ping?05:33
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sabdflcarlos: ping07:52
carlossabdfl: pong07:53
sabdflcan you update the languages file as follows, please?07:53
sabdflchange "English from United States" to be "English (United States)"07:53
sabdfllook ok?07:53
carlosfor all languages?07:53
sabdflyes, lang (country)07:54
sabdflhows the alpha going?07:54
carlosI'm going to the cinema now, I will change it tonight or tomorrow morning07:54
sabdflhave you seen my huge merge now?07:54
carlossabdfl: we are not getting as much feedback as I thought...07:54
sabdflhow many people are using it?07:54
carlossabdfl: no, I'm scared about it :-P07:54
carloshmm, let me check..07:55
sabdflthe merge is just starting to clear up a lot of duplication in the code07:55
carlosabout 13 alpha testers07:55
sabdfllet's keep it small like that for a few weeks while we clean up... there's lots of cleaning up to do07:56
carlossabdfl: I know, and I like it, but I have some local changes that are broken now and I need to work on them to prevent any regression, that's the problem, but It's not more than one hour or so 07:56
sabdflok, enjoy the movie, what are you going to see?07:57
carlosthat's why I'm scared about the changes :-P07:57
carlos"El bosque"07:57
sabdflhhrm.... stuff has moved ALL OVER the place07:57
sabdfland is going to move again Monday07:57
sabdfllike RosettaPOTemplate -> POTemplate07:57
carlosI know07:59
carlosbut If I catch up with the current changes07:59
carlosmy additions will be moved also on Monday, right?07:59
carlosor should I wait?07:59
carlosI found it!! (I was looking for the english name of the movie :-P)08:02
carlos"The Village"08:02
carlosSometimes they change the name completely08:02
carlostime to leave08:03
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BradBwhat time are we taking off09:24
kiko_afkdunno, 15mins?09:24
kiko_afkI wont even bother changing nicks if so09:25
kiko_afksabdfl, how's the Great Refactoring going?09:25
BradBWoohoo, glad Mark's advocating a sane way to name columns. StudlyCapsAreTooOftenMisused09:25
kiko_afkI'm against studly anything09:25
BradBeven studly methods?09:26
kiko_afkjust studly ClassNames.09:26
kiko_afkyeah, I don't know, maybe comes from a gtk+ thing09:26
kiko_afkinstance and method names are lowercase09:26
kiko_afkclass names are uppercase09:26
kiko_afkand never do unqualified imports of lowercase things.09:26
BradBYeah, in this case I meant mixedCase actually, not StudlyCaps.09:27
BradBkiko_afk: so we'll meet in the lobby at 8:45?09:27
kiko_afksounds good09:28
kiko_afkring 517 and 51909:28
kiko_afkand tell them09:28
=== kiko_afk tries calling his gf
BradBok, rang them09:31
kiko_afkgf' probably out with bf#209:32
kiko_afkor hmm do I get to be #2 now <wink>09:33
BradBserious dude?09:34
kiko_afksaid yesterday she was going to the movies to see the village09:34
kiko_afklike carlos up there09:35
BradBthe village!09:35
kiko_afkI just remembered the whole thing because the name in portuguese is different and she said the name offhandedly09:35
=== BradB smiles at stub's good intentions of writing a doctest to describe to me what his sqlobject unicode patches were intended to do, noting that sqlobject's test suite is, well, terrible, let alone actually being written as doctests. ;)
kiko_afkstub's so cool09:37
kiko_afktime to dash09:44
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sabdflstub: ping11:25

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