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carlosBradB: if you merge into rocketfuel what you have, I could finish fixing rosetta's tests10:02
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BradBhi, yeah, i'm merging right now. it'll take a while though.10:06
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limimorning :)10:21
carloslimi: good morning10:23
debonzilimi, morning10:24
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limiSteveA :)10:28
limisabdfl: what is the highest priority UI-wise on Malone right now?10:33
limi(or anyone from the Malone team, obviously :)10:34
=== limi updates and has a look
sabdflstu1: stub?10:34
sabdfllimi: i've just finished the first cut of a working DOAP framework10:35
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sabdflwould appreciate some love on the following templates:10:35
limiwill do10:36
carloswow, I was able to run launchpad today :-D10:40
carlossabdfl: could I fix the problems I found with rosetta or should I wait until the integration work is finished?10:42
sabdflcarlos: i'm all merged in now10:42
sabdflplese be careful with objects in dlalo and dmark that are very similar, we have to resolve that cleanly10:43
=== limi is still amazed at how long it takes to merge
stublimi: I think the portlets on the main bug view page (wherever that is now ;) ) are ready for you to play with. And if they are not, I'll need more info about what you need.10:43
limisabdfl: getting lots of good feedback on Ubuntu in the Plone community, btw - congrats to the team :)10:43
carlossabdfl: then, what should I do? work on dlalo on dmark or on both?10:43
limistub: ok, cool10:44
sabdflstevea is working on something to allow us to have a different browser:defaultview for a Project object in Rosetta and Malone10:44
limiguess I will know in a few minutes ;)10:44
stubI suspect there is too much info for one page, but I'll let that be your decision10:44
sabdflway too much10:44
limitoo much info is easily dealt with ;)10:44
limiit's the other way around that is the problem10:44
sabdflstub: i've been trying to get doap to the point where we can cut project stuff out of all the other launchpad components and just refer to doap10:44
sabdflit's finally there after a good run on the weekend10:44
sabdflproject / product create / edit is all set10:45
sabdflstub: brad b and i are going to start work on malone in a few hours, is there anything you want us to focus on?10:45
limisabdfl: and Jeff has Queen's Birthday Holiday today, right :)10:45
sabdfli'll be continuing the cleanup post-renaming10:46
sabdfllimi: if jdub wants i could go round to her house and drop off a card ;-)10:46
limior enter her bedroom, like that guy recently10:47
stublimi: Its one reason for staying a monarchy - if we lose the queen that is almost all of our public holidays gone ;)10:47
stubsabdfl: The audit trail would be good.10:48
stubsabdfl: And BradB might have some ideas on utilizing SQLObject to do the heavy lifting10:48
limi. o O ( still merging )10:49
limiis BradB still in London?10:49
sabdflstub: i think iniitally we'll refactor stuff to bring it into line with new conventions etc10:53
sabdflgive me a day to get a full handle on it10:53
stubsabdfl: Sure.10:53
sabdflstub: can you get going on the bug watch thing?10:54
stubsabdfl: Bug watch thing?10:54
sabdflwe want to be able to watch bugs in bugzilla, as that's the best way to migrate to malone from bugzilla for warty10:54
sabdfl"bug watch thing" -> adding and updating bug watches10:55
stubThat was in and working last I looked10:55
sabdflso you can say "this bug is the same as bug #1980 in bugzilla.ubuntu.com" and it will tell you the status in that remote bug system?10:55
stubAt least as far as the web code goes - it just needs Dave's daemons to drive it.10:56
stubsabdfl: You can say 'this bug is the same as bug #1980 in bugzilla.ubuntu.com' and the status will sit there as unknown10:56
cprovstub: after you finish with mark can we talk ?11:02
stubcprov: now is fine11:02
cprovstub:  so, I need to figure out how will be the best way to insert my postgres dump on soyuz11:04
debonzispiv, ping11:04
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stubcprov: You need to explain that a bit better. I'm not sure what you mean by 'insert my postgres dump on soyuz'.11:05
Kinnisoncprov: is your svn server listening?11:06
cprovstub: of course, we have maid a script to import all the packages information from a ubuntu mirror inside the current database11:06
Kinnisoncprov: my svn process is sat there doing nothing (seemingly)11:06
cprovKinnison: yes11:06
Kinnisonconnect(3, {sa_family=AF_INET, sin_port=htons(8080), sin_addr=inet_addr("")}, 1611:06
Kinnisonthat's never returning11:06
cprovKinnison: let me see11:06
limianybody know why I get this error when starting Launchpad? http://paste.plone.org/161911:07
stubcprov: Where does the data need to be? The production database, rosetta.warthogs.hbd.com, or developers' local databases?11:07
SteveAit means you have two SQLObject classes both called "Product", in different places11:08
cprovKinnison: is working11:08
spivdebonzi: pong11:08
KinnisonHow remarkably odd11:09
debonzispiv, hi.. a question for you11:09
KinnisonI managed to fail to c&p properly the first itme11:09
Kinnisons/itme/time/. Please give me the 'MUD' hat11:09
debonzispiv, supose I have a SQLObject selection of bin packages11:09
cprovstub: that is the question I don't know if we should use that Huge (25 Mb gz) data, but for sure it should be the production DB11:10
debonzispiv, I would like to get from this selection the binpackage with version 1.0.011:10
debonzispiv, do you know a nice way to do that?11:11
stubcprov: ok. So can we stick it into the production database by rerunning your script, or do we need to use your database export (eg. did you need to do any cleanups?)11:11
cprovstub: no, now you need to drop the current DB and create a new one by hand and run psql -f my_dump11:12
spivcprov: How long does the extraction script take to run?11:12
cprovstub: 4 1/2 hour11:13
spivdebonzi: Hmm...11:13
stubcprov: The reason I am asking is that a database dump will contain all the keys, which will conflict with the rows that already exist on the production database. 11:13
cprovstub: on zhongshan11:13
stubcprov: So ideally, if we need the database on production I'd rerun the script and let it take 4 1/2 hours.11:14
debonzispiv, actualy, I am geting the selection clause attribute, adding ' AND binarypackage.version = %s' and selection again, but Im not sure if it is a good way11:14
cprovstub: yes, I'm working with a pre-filled DB on gina (importer script)11:15
carlosspiv: ping11:15
spivcarlos: Also pong...11:15
debonzis/section again/selecting again11:15
limiSteveA: and how do I fix it? :)11:15
spivcarlos: But still thinking about debonzi's problem :)11:15
carlosI'm having some problems with sqlobject transactions 11:15
carlosspiv: :-P11:15
debonzicarlos, I came first :)11:16
carlosdebonzi: O:-)11:16
spivdebonzi: By "selection", you mean a SelectResults object?11:16
=== carlos joins the spiv's queue
SteveAlimi: remove the offending other class.  Realistically, update from rf11:16
limiI just did :] 11:16
debonzispiv, sorry for not be clear enougth11:17
spivdebonzi: So you're doing mySelectResults.clone(clause=mySelectResults.clause + ' AND binarypackage.version = %s' % version) ?11:18
cprovstub: better for now I think is share the dump as it is between the soyuz member, latter I can work with an empty (I need the warty related fields and components) DB 11:18
spivOr actually doing a new BinaryPackage.select?11:18
debonzispiv, doing a new BinaryPackage.select11:18
limiI'm at launchpad--devel--0--patch-490, and I still get the error :(11:19
cprovelmo_: btw, I need permission to run gina on zhongshan as kiko did last week11:19
debonzispiv, the clone method is the right way?11:19
spivdebonzi: The clone method is slightly nicer, I think, but it doesn't really make much difference :)11:19
stubcprov: ok. Just so long as I don't end up with a postgres dump that I'm somehow expected to migrate into the live database ;-)11:20
spivSQLObject won't actually send a query until you try to get the actual results out of the object, either way :)11:20
debonzispiv, I see.. in that case it is not realy bad right?11:20
elmo_cprov: done - there's a postgres user for you now11:20
limianybody else with a current Launchpad that are getting SQLObject errors?11:21
limior is it just my wonderful Mac? :] 11:21
stubcprov: So did you need me to help setup how to share the dump, or are you right with setting that up?11:21
carloslimi: executing launchpad?11:22
limiyes, doing make run11:22
spivdebonzi: Right.  So it doesn't really matter :)11:22
carloslast time I was told to use lalo's branch until we get new slqobject merged into rocketfuel11:22
carloslimi: did you saw lalo's mail from last week about sqlobject?11:23
debonzispiv, nice.. thanks for your help 11:23
limilalo's branch of SQLObject or Launchpad? yes, saw the mail, but assumed it had been resolved by now11:23
carlosdebonzi: so,  is spiv free? :-P11:23
carloslalo's branch of SQLObject11:23
spivcarlos: Yeah, what's up? :)11:24
cprovstub: I think I can create by myself, thanks for the hints !11:24
limiwhat's the magic incantation to switch to lalo's branch?11:24
cprovelmo_: tks11:24
carlosspiv: I have a form that updates two different objects (Person and PersonLabel) depending on the submit button you select11:24
spivlimi: lalo's branch sounds unrelated to your problem.11:25
limiis there an arch switch statement?11:25
limihttp://paste.plone.org/1619 is the traceback11:25
stubcprov: No problem. If you go with an uncompressed text-format dump in arch, please don't put it in the rocketfuel archive as some of us keep local mirrors of it ;)11:25
carlosspiv: the first one (Person) executes the END transaction, but the other does not so it's lost when launchpad is shutdown11:25
spivstub: Well, arch stores changesets as .tar.gz of patches... 11:26
carlosspiv: any idea about how to debug it?11:26
spiv(it'll sure pad out revlibs and pristine trees nicely, though ;)11:26
spivcarlos: Hmm, that's odd.  The SQLOS glue is supposed to take care of the transactions for you (by starting and ending a transaction for the star tand end of each web request).11:27
spivcarlos: Where's the code? :)11:28
carlosrosetta/browser.py #41411:29
carlos"SAVE-PERSONAL" works, but "SAVE-LANGS" does not works11:29
carlosthe template is rosetta-preferences.pt11:30
carlosbtw, I need to request a merge to fix them after all changes we have since last week (givenName -> givenname) so the template will fail if you try to visit it11:31
limispiv: do you run patch-490 at the moment?11:31
spivlimi: what happens when you do 'PYTHONPATH=lib python -c "import canonical.launchpad.database"'?11:31
spivlimi: Yep.11:32
limiwill rebuilding the DB do any difference?11:32
limithe command ran fine, no errors11:34
spivcarlos: Hmm, I think it's the relatedjoin that's breaking it.11:34
spivlimi: Nah, this error is before it tries to access the DB.11:35
carlosspiv: could be, but that means a bug in sqlObject, right?11:35
spivcarlos: SQLObject/SQLOS.11:35
spivcarlos: I sent a mail about this to the list a few weeks back, iirc.11:36
cprovstub: ok, I'll  keep it in somewhere far away from arch :), tks11:36
spiv"SQLOS vs. RelatedJoin"11:36
stubcprov: I'm not saying don't keep it in arch, just don't keep it in the rocketfuel@canonical.com archive. You can just create a new archive on chinstrap for it.11:37
cprovelmo_: can you send me the zhongshan full address ?11:38
carlosspiv: but it was working until recently11:38
carlosI mean, yes, it seems to be the same problem11:38
cprovstub: do you think we need to it on arch ?  it is a 25 Mbyte gziped file !!11:39
carlosbut I think the problem came when I move to lalo's sqlobject branch11:39
sabdfllimi: is it possible to replace the <style>...</style> declarations in the body with <link rel=...> in the head?11:39
limisabdfl: possible, but not advisable11:40
limiit will kill NS411:40
stubcprov: It depends if you are going to be updating it. If you are, it would become quicker to distribute changes because arch would just send the diffs. If you aren't going to be updating it there is not much point.11:40
liminot recommended, I mean11:40
sabdflit's just.... i can find the xsl that gives me the <link rel...> but have no idea how to change the xsl to do it the way you describe11:40
limiwell, make it do that for now, and we can change it later11:41
limiNS4 should be mostly extinct in geek circles now anyway11:41
limiand I assume it doesn't ship with Ubuntu ;)11:41
limisabdfl: in any case - there shouldn't be any XSLT required in that part anyway - it's just static HTML11:42
cprovstub: the second option is more atractive to me, but you from malone and rosetta should decide if is relevant for you test your apps with a real DB, I don't know.11:42
spivcarlos: Wow.  I've no idea what would've been making that work ;)11:42
limiif Lurker uses some dynamic way of getting the CSS, you can just remove that part11:42
limithe ubuntulinux.org CSS includes all the Lurker styles11:43
sabdfllimi: can i have multiple link rel= elements in the head?11:43
spivcarlos: I'll look into it deeper later today.11:43
sabdflok, i'll try that11:43
carlosspiv: I'm not 100% sure, but as soon as daf comes, I will be able to tell you if I'm wrong or if it's working, I think our rosetta alpha server has it working11:44
spivcarlos: Hmm!11:45
stubcprov: I will be wanting a copy, but aren't fussed on how I get it so just dump the dump.gz somewhere on chinstrap then.11:45
spivcarlos: If you're using lalo's sqlobject branch, I think I have a patch for you to try...11:45
carlosspiv: sure11:45
=== spiv hunts for the bug he attached it to
limisabdfl: just make it look like http://paste.plone.org/162111:49
limithe only change is removing the one <link> element and inserting the <style> elements instead11:50
spivcarlos: https://bugzilla.warthogs.hbd.com/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=1311:50
sabdfllimi: thanks, willdo11:50
=== SteveA notes that we could do with our very own canonical pastebin
spivcd to lib/sqlos and apply that.11:51
cprovstub: I will do so, today afternoon11:51
spivSteveA: +111:51
SteveAalso, when I get a webpage on launchpad, it connects to plone.org11:51
SteveAI guess it is getting a stylesheet from there11:51
=== limi has a look
limiit shouldn't :)11:52
sabdflspiv: thanks for your work here last week11:52
carlosspiv: done11:53
limiSteveA: grepped for plone.org, in the templates, couldn't find anything11:54
carlosspiv: seems like it fixed the problem11:54
carlosyes, it's fixed11:55
spivsabdfl: Oh, which reminds me... it seems I misunderstood the requirements for the sourceforge import.11:55
sabdflspiv, SteveA: where is that code from Morgan to be found?11:55
sabdflspiv: a little, was coming to that, mea culpa for being in a hurry with the explanation11:55
sabdflwe just need two fields in project: sourceforgeproject and freshmeatproject11:55
spivcarlos: Ah, interesting!11:56
sabdflwe'll just store the actual project name there11:56
carlosspiv: what does exactly that change?11:56
sabdflwe'll poll their servers for the details when we actually want them11:56
spivcarlos: I'm not 100% sure ;;)11:56
sabdflKinnison: we need to update Gina to do some freshmeat / sourceforge magic too11:56
spivcarlos: It uses a new SQLObject.Transaction for each web request, rather than a new SQLObject.Connection...11:56
spivcarlos: I think the fact it fixes RelatedJoins is an accident :)11:57
spivsabdfl: Oh, right.  That makes sense :)11:57
carloswell, it's a good accident :-P11:57
carlosspiv: do you want any other test with that patch?11:58
spivcarlos: Yeah, but it means we'll need to be wary of it breaking with upgrades to SQLObject, etc, because it's guaranteed behaviour.11:58
spivcarlos: Well, the main problem with that patch is it requires fixes taht are in SQLObject 0.6 (or lalo's branch).  So we can't merge that in until we get our SQLobject snashot updated.11:59
limisabdfl: did it work? (the XSLT)12:00
carlosspiv: do we have a planned date for that? :-D12:00
spivcarlos: last week :/12:00
spivcarlos: lifeless was doing it, but he's on a holidy today.12:00
sabdflnot sure yet limi12:01
carlosspiv: thanks 12:01
spiv(It probably should be holiday for me too, come to think of it ;)12:02
Kinnisonsabdfl: *nod* I'm currently trying to get an instance going for myself on zhongshan12:02
sabdfllimi: erk. http://lists.ubuntu.com/lurker/12:02
cprovKinnison: are you running gina ?12:02
Kinnisoncprov: not yet12:02
spivAlthough working from Malloca is quite nice :)12:02
sabdflspiv: broadband?12:02
cprovKinnison: I'm able to run, should I ?12:02
spiver, Mallorca.12:02
cprovKinnison: I mean, we just need one 12:03
Kinnisoncprov: gina appears to run for me now12:03
=== Kinnison is running loading into launchpad_dsilvers
spivsabdfl: yeah, although only 256 and shared with a couple of others.  Thankfully, the others are largely holidaying rather than reading their email ;)12:03
spivBut good enough.12:03
sabdflcould you ask around about the general state of broadband in spain?12:04
spiv(Better than the wireless on the 5th floor of the KK George).12:04
limisabdfl: no reference to the CSS in that source code12:04
SteveAit's okay in the lobby, though12:04
carlosspiv: they are upgrading our DSL lines now to 512 12:04
carlossabdfl: what do you need to know?12:04
limifailing that, the Norwegian Bandwidth Conference12:05
limi100Mbit/s dedicated connection for everyone12:05
sabdflcarlos: we need to find a venue for our december conf12:05
carloslimi: perhaps next century in Spain...12:05
=== spiv workraves for 10min
sabdflprobably ideal would be a university with (a) good bandwidth, (b) cheap accomodation so other open source guys can come along themselves cheaply12:06
carlossabdfl: will it be open like Oxford one?12:06
=== mdz underscores (a)
elmo_oxford's bandwidth kicked ass - you guys are just jealous you don't have bandwidth like that at home12:07
limiany volunteers for tracking down why my launchpad doesn't come up?12:07
=== limi has investigated the obvious possibilities
carlossabdfl: also, could be interesting to know more or less the number of people that will come12:09
limibtw, are we standardizing on "add" or "new" for template names? (there's project-new.pt, but product-add.pt)12:10
sabdfllimi: i think i forgot the ;12:10
limisabdfl: aha12:10
sabdfllimi: "new" is my latest choice12:10
sabdfl"add probably makes more sense"12:11
sabdflplease work on the -new templates, we can rename them later12:11
sabdflwe will delete the old / unused templates once i'm sure there is nothing in there i want to merge12:12
limican I move the CSS from lp to launchpad, since that is where the templates are now?12:19
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #launchpad
sabdfllimi: please do, and fixup12:22
KinnisonCan someone with admin privs on the launchpad list accept the mail I just sent12:22
limican't do the proper fix until my Launchpad works, but will do it once I have the chance12:22
limiI'm working with the static HTML right now12:23
limisome sort of SQLObject error12:23
=== ddaa [~david@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #launchpad
spivlimi: Ok, I'm back now... I'll take a look.12:27
limianything I can do?12:27
spivlimi: Is your mirror on chinstrap up to date?12:27
limino, let me commit it12:28
spivI might try running from a checkout from your code.12:28
limibah :] 12:28
limitoo many windows12:28
=== limi wants the ESP windows focus mode
spiv(seeing as tla actually runs quite quickly for me, unlike for our poor OS X users)12:28
limiyeah, poor us12:29
limiwe lead a hard life12:29
spivlimi: It's mindboggling how slowly it runs for BradB, and I hear it's the same for you.12:29
=== limi isn't surprised by anything regarding arch anymore :)
spivI am ;)12:31
Kinnisonlimi: You could use a real OS12:31
limior a versioning system that doesn't think the FS is a database12:32
KinnisonIt is though12:32
BradBspiv: Though I must say now that my main arch-related complaint is about how slow it is. I can live with the rest of it. :)12:33
limionly in the widest possible definition12:33
limispiv: ok, should be up to date now12:33
=== BradB installs a new workflow into the Ubuntu plone site.
limidoes Apache 2 have explicit cache invalidation, or do you have to use squid for that?12:40
spivlimi: Ok, sorry for the delay, I'm looking at your prooblem now :)12:46
sabdflspiv: please could you have a look over the latest doap code and let me have your comments?12:47
sabdfli'd like to converge on common conventions for naming, form handling etc12:48
sabdflthen get the whole codebase using those conventions12:48
sabdfli'd like to use doap as the proving ground, because it's a simple problem area (nothing difficult to model and represent)12:48
spivOk, after I see if I can figure out why launchpad is broken for limi.12:49
limiI'll do lunch in the meantime12:51
BradBspiv: Where are the users in the Ubuntu Plone site getting accessed from again? I want to make sure I understand why it's not auth'ing users on my local copy of the sitee.12:57
spivBradB: From the production launchpad database on emperor, via an XML-RPC service on macquarie.12:58
BradBwoo, ok12:59
spivlimi: Ok, I've checked out your code, and it fails to work.01:01
BradBspiv: Steve says you have a demo thing you can turn on so that I can auth into the Plone site on my machine to test my workflow changes. Can you do that?01:02
spivBradB: You mean run an authserver locally, against your launchpad_test DB?01:04
=== limi is now known as limi|llunch
spivYeah, that's easy.  Or even against a stub server, although it's not very useful... (it just refuses authentication ;)01:05
spivBradB: see the README.txt in lib/canonical/authserver01:06
=== BradB looks
spivBradB: The test.tac config file is probably the one you want01:07
spivThe default db sampledata inserts a user foo.bar@canonical.com (pw: test) that you can use.01:07
spiv(Mini-Twisted tutorial: .tac files are config files written in Python)01:08
=== BradB gives it a shot
SteveA(Which is WRONG WRONG WRONG)01:10
lifelessspiv: you know, I think you've broken buttress for importd01:10
lifelessSteveA: I haven't seen a new mail from you01:10
SteveAlifeless: I am still being shafted by my unfamiliarity with the details of diff patch and tar01:11
lifelessSteveA: oh.01:11
SteveAmy brain is not yet attuned to diff and patch01:11
spivlifeless: Hmm, I'll take a look sometime today... that isn't going to cause a major crisis in the meantime, I hope?01:11
SteveAI follow recipies or think about it a lot and make mistakes01:11
lifelessspiv: the thing is, that importd a la buildbot needs to connect to the database - it was calling connect from taxi (buildbot/importd/taxi.py)01:12
lifelessspiv: only if we do a production update before its fixed.01:12
BradBspiv: How do I point the user source at localhost?01:12
BradBWhen I click on it in the ZMI I get a timeout.01:12
spivlifeless: Given it's your day off, we should be ok ;)01:12
spivBradB: If you're asking how to configure Roche's changes to plone, I've no idea :)01:12
spivlifeless: Ok.  Having the connect method there as really the wrong way to do that, I think.  I'll take a look, thanks for letting me know :)01:14
spiv(The tests pass though, which is more than the did before ;)01:14
spivlimi|llunch: You seem to have a different lib/canonical/soyuz/sql.zcml to rocketfuel.01:24
spivlimi|llunch: If I use the one from rocketfuel, your latest revision of launchpad works for me.01:26
=== limi|llunch is now known as limi
limigreat, thanks01:56
sabdfldaf: am switching everything i find from RosettaTable to Table, as Lalo seems to have provided renamed classes already02:04
limispiv: it still gives me:02:27
limiIOError: [Errno 2]  No such file or directory: '/Users/limi/Work/Canonical/launchpad/launchpad/lib/canonical/soyuz/sql.zcml'02:27
spivlimi: That's odd... that file should exist.02:28
limiyes, double checking the update now02:29
limiarch again02:30
limi.orig and .rej files02:30
limispiv: is there any way to explicitly get the sql.zcml file? even after deleting the .orig/rej files, it won't grab the one from rocketfuel02:36
spivlimi: Well, I do it by "tla get --link rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0 ,,upstream ; cp ,,upstream/...", but then getting a new working tree only takes about 3 seconds on my laptop :)02:44
spiv(The --link hard-links the files from the revision library, which helps the speed...)02:45
limiisn't there a way to say "get the missing files"?02:45
limilike cvs/svn does when you do an update?02:45
spivThere probably is, but I don't know it off-hand.02:46
spivYou can grab the file from here, though: https://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/archzoom/rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0--patch-494/lib/canonical/soyuz/sql.zcml?download02:47
limiSteveA, any idea?02:47
limiand then commit it?02:47
SteveAlimi: any idea about what?02:47
spivYeah.  Check tla changes --diffs before commit, of course.02:47
spiv(I find that's a really useful habit to catch stupid mistakes :)02:47
limiSteveA: how to do the equivalent of "svn up", so I get missing files02:48
SteveAmissing files from where?02:50
SteveAI think I'm missing some background02:50
limimy sql.zcml file is gone02:50
limiand I need to get the clean version from rocketfuel02:50
SteveAhow did it get gonned?02:51
=== SteveA wins the grammar award
spivSteveA: lazy SVN/CVS way to revert a file to upstream's version is to deelte your copy, and {cvs,svn} update.02:51
SteveAI see02:52
spivlimi's asking about the arch equivalent, I believe.02:52
SteveAsvn revert is good02:52
SteveAwhat I do in arch is to get the category from rocketfuel, then copy the file over02:52
spivI think I may have a solution, I'm just testing...02:52
spiv(Well, for a single file)02:52
carlostla file-diffs foo.zcml | patch -p1 -R ?02:52
cprovSteveA: something related to tla file-diffs ...02:53
spivcarlos: That'll grab limi's version.  Might as well just use tla undo ;)02:53
carlostla undo for the whole archive and "tla undo -nq" if you don't want the changes you did02:53
spivBut you can give a revision to file-diffs...02:53
spivSo possibly you can do tla file-diffs sql.zcml rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0 | patch -p1 -R02:54
spivBut I'm just checking first ;)02:54
limiwow, that's insane02:54
limithis is a *very* common operation 02:54
spivlimi: Please tell our arch guys that ;)02:54
cprovmaybe:  -N, --new-file  Treat missing file as empty (tla file-diffs --help)02:55
ddaalimi: I do not think that is a very common operation. It appear to be a common operation to former cvs users who do "rm ; cvs up" where they want a selective undo.02:58
limiwell, it should support it if you remove the wrong file or something02:58
limiin my case, there was no file there, only the .rej and .orig files, and I wanted to get whatever was in the rocketfuel repo02:59
spivlimi: There are two distinct operations here...02:59
ddaaThat's a part of "selective undo", the fact that is does not work (yet) when there are inventory changes is a limitation that needs fixing.02:59
limiit should be robust enough to handle it in any case03:00
spivFor "revert my working tree to be identical to the last revision", use tla undo (or the tla file-diffs hack for single files)03:00
ddaaBut front-ends like fai or raw tend to help a lot with that. fai has a much improved undo. I dunno about raw, yew.03:00
ddaa* yet.03:00
ddaaspiv: correct03:00
ddaathe problem with the missing file is that you do not have the id.03:01
spivFor "give me the version of this file from another arhive", arch doesn't have any automatic facilities for that (that I know of)03:01
spivArch doesn't even have a builtin notion of which version is teh "upstream" of another.03:02
ddaaSo, you have to do something like "cp $(library-find REV)/file ./file03:02
limiwell, when I tell it to get the latest version from rocketfuel, it should notice that the file is missing, and sync it03:03
spiv(I think fai or raw might, though??)03:03
=== spiv -> lunch
ddaalimi: "get the latest version from rocketfuel" is what you do with "tla undo REV"03:04
ddaaWhich is probably not what you want to do...03:04
ddaaI suspect you are applying cvs mental models to tla.03:04
ddaaWhich does cause a lot of confusion...03:05
limiall I know is that arch gets in the way every time I want to do a simple operation, hence my bitching ;)03:05
=== ddaa checks the wiki for what you want to do
limiwhen you need to look it up on a wiki page, it's not very obvious03:06
ddaaThe "do the same thing as cvs up for missing files" is a common request.03:06
limianyway, back to work03:06
ddaalimi: saying that tla is not obvious is a truism. Saying that's it's not obvious when you expect it to do the same thing as cvs is... a bit redundant...03:07
cprovdaad: not so redundant when you treat arch as another RCS, it may do the things in a different way or do more things, but anyway it should be able to easily recover a file deleted by a user mistake, don't you agree with me ?03:09
ddaaI agree. That needs to be done in tla itself. Actually, I would not be suprised if it just needs to be merged....03:10
limiI tried a merge, didn't work03:11
ddaaBut, most of the time, the rm is deliberate.03:11
limithat's tla rm, not rm03:12
ddaaI mean, maybe the feature is out there and needs to be merged in tla.03:12
limiif you want to remove it from your repo03:12
cprovddaa: it would be really nice, I'm using the tla sarge package and ask myself everyday if can I have a fresh copy of it ... 03:12
ddaacprov: in case you have not noticed, the tla release process is slightly horked atm...03:13
cprovI agree with limi, tla rm is deliberated not rm, neither sometimes rm *03:13
ddaawhat additional difference do you expect? "tla rm" is "remove the file and its explicit tag if present".03:14
ddaaarch has no concept of "remove a file from the repository" that I can tell.03:14
ddaa(well, the release process was horked one week ago, I still have to catch up)03:15
cprovddaa: keep the arch tag only inside the files has already caused some confused when you are moving or copying files inside rep03:15
=== ddaa curses himself for being so bad at communicating with users...
limistub, spiv: are you the ones working on Malone these days? anyone else?03:16
ddaaSorry folks, I do not mean to talk down to you, but I'm not very good at user support.03:16
cprovddaa: keep the ids inside .arch seems more explicity to me, just it 03:16
ddaacprov: that's more or less a matter of taste.03:17
stublimi: Me, sabdfl and BradB atm.03:17
=== lalo [~lalo@200-203-032-009.paemt7005.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #launchpad
cprovddaa: don't worry, I'm just asking for possible feature that could turn arch friendly for me 03:18
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
spivddaa: It's currently almost random whether a file inn rocketfuel has explicit or implicit tags :(03:20
=== spiv blinks
ddaaPeople seem to disagree...03:20
ddaaI love taglines.03:20
ddaaOther people love explicit tags.03:21
limistub: got this when trying to edit an issue: http://paste.plone.org/162203:21
limiError type: psycopg.ProgrammingError03:21
ddaaspiv: that should probably be fixed by policy. SteveA?03:21
limihm, maybe I should rebuild the DB03:22
spivddaa: Definitely.  I'm ambivalent about implicit vs. explicit, but the inconsistency is clearly bad.03:23
limihow do I rebuild the DB now? launchpad_test doesn't seem to exist anymore03:23
spivlimi: cd database/schema; make03:23
ddaaspiv: I'm not sure it's really big problem. But if it confuses people it should be addressed.03:23
spivI'm glad I was finally able to give a simple answer to a question ;)03:24
limiPostgres and Zope 3 I normally get along with ;)03:24
ddaa^ Undoing changes to a single file03:25
SteveAddaa: I think we're going to decide on no taglines for launchpad.03:25
spivThat does something slightly difffernt to limi's case, iirc.03:25
limiof course, you just touch it and do file-diffs and pipe that to patch03:25
ddaaSteveA: then all you need is a sweet spot in the development process where you can break merging.03:26
SteveAwhy would it break merging?03:26
ddaaSwitching from tagline to explicit changes the id.03:26
spivddaa: We've just done that pretty much, anyway...03:26
ddaaBeing able to switch in both directions while preserving the id is another feature which should be implemented eventually.03:27
ddaaIt has been talked to death on the mailing list a couple of times.03:27
spivddaa: limi wanted to revert a file in his tag off rocketfuel to a version in rocketfuel, which that recipe doesn't help with.03:27
spiv(if "m understanding the situation correctly)03:27
ddaaspiv: file-diffs can accept a revision name03:28
ddaaand for the last recipe, it would need to be "tla logs --full 03:28
spivddaa: Right... but that recipe doesn't use that or mention that... :)03:28
ddaa"tla logs -f VER" instead of just "tla logs -f"03:29
ddaaspiv: feel free to augment the wiki. I guess people are expected to dig the usage of commands they are not familiar with. I agree that "users are curious about tla" is a strong assumption...03:30
spivddaa: Btw, why does tla logs require you to be in a working tree, even if you passa it a fully-qualified acbv?03:30
ddaabecause this command lists the patchlogs in the tree.03:31
ddaacompare with "tla revisions" which lists revisions in the archive.03:31
spivOh, the working tree.  I see.03:31
limistub: works after I updated the DB, sorry for the noise03:31
SteveAddaa: can't you just stick the id from the arch-tag: xxxxx into the .id file?03:31
ddaaNo, explicit ids have a different namespace that tagline ids.03:32
spivAn error saying "logs: not in project tree (.).  Perhaps you meant revisions" would have helped me there ::)03:32
=== ddaa grins at spiv
ddaaspiv: same answer as usual.03:33
spivddaa: I've no idea how to drive that bizarre bug-goo thing.03:33
ddaaspiv: to perform what operation?03:33
ddaaFor a bug report, just start the mail subject with "[BUG] "03:34
ddaabut, as usual, you should start by checking it's not already in the database.03:34
carlosspiv: I'm getting this error and I don't understand why:03:38
carlosraise ValueError, "Unknown SQL builtin type: %s for %s" % \03:38
carlosValueError: Unknown SQL builtin type: <type 'member_descriptor'> for <member 'name' of 'file' objects>03:38
carlosthat comes from:03:38
carlos(sorry, some "spam")03:38
carlospoTemplate = POTemplate(product=product,03:38
carlos                            name=options.name,03:38
carlos                            title=options.title,03:38
carlos                            description=options.description,03:38
carlos                            path=file.name,03:38
carlos                            isCurrent=True,03:38
carlos                            dateCreated=datetime.utcnow(),03:38
carlos                            copyright='XXX: FIXME',03:39
carlos                            priority=2, # XXX: FIXME03:39
carlos                            branch=1, # XXX: FIXME03:39
carlos                            license=1, # XXX: FIXME03:39
carlos                            messageCount=0,03:39
carlos                            owner=person)03:39
carlosthe owner=person part03:39
carlosperson is a valid Person object03:39
spivcarlos: file is the builtin file...03:40
carlosoh, true, I did not saw it03:41
spivcarlos: You're passing the .name attribute of the file builtin as the value of path, rather than whatever it was you meant to bpass in :)03:41
carloscrapt, then it's broken in the other script from where I copied it03:43
cprovKinnison: can you tell how many gpg keys do you have in your old DB copy ?03:52
Kinnisonthe count(*) is 2603:52
cprovKinnison: tks 03:53
cprovKinnison: you can have the newest DB dump on
cprovKinnison: also get my fresh changes on rocketfuel04:17
Kinnisoncprov: I'm not currently fiddling with that stuff; but thanks04:18
carlosdaf, lalo: Sorry for the bugzilla spam :-P04:21
dafhi carlos04:22
lalocarlos: np04:22
carlosdaf: hi04:22
dafshall we have a Rosetta meeting?04:22
laloif you wish04:22
carlosdaf, lalo: feel free to change the priorities, that's my view of them04:22
carlosdaf: sure, but please, not more than 30 minutes, I should go to the university 04:22
dafok, let's keep it short04:23
cprovKinnison: ok04:23
=== daf just arrived in London
dafI'll be here for the week04:24
dafwhat are you working on?04:24
carlosI catch up with all rocketfuel changes04:24
carlosfixed the functional test and the sample data04:25
dafhow are our tests?04:25
dafdo we have them all passing?04:25
carlos(we pass now all tests, thanks BradB)04:25
dafthat's great!04:25
dafis that including functional tests?04:26
carlosyes, my fix to the functional test was the only one remaining, but it's now in rocketfuel04:26
carlosdaf: yes04:26
dafah good, I'm very happy about that04:26
daflalo: what have you been up to?04:27
carloshmm, also we have the createtemplate script that was waiting in my laptop for the "big merge"04:27
laloI've been away most of the weekend04:27
carloslalo: that's the idea behind the weekends :-P04:28
dafcarlos: quite :)04:29
laloFriday I worked in the Big Move... which later proved to be a miscommunication in the sprint, and Mark seems to have spent a good portion of *his* weekend undoing what I did04:29
lalonow I,m ready to go on working on transactions, then the script to update stats04:30
dafsounds good!04:30
lalobut as you can infer from my typing skills, I'm not yet entirely awaken. :-)04:31
dafhave we resolved most of the problems related to the rearrangement?04:31
carloslalo: :-P04:31
carlosdaf: not sure, I fixed  the preferences template04:32
carlosbut there are still somethings that will change04:32
laloI don't know, I was just merging and running tests to find out04:32
=== daf star-merges
carloswe have new things in rosetta :-P04:34
carlosRevision Control System04:35
carlos[ Add SourceSource ] 04:35
daf> tla changes | wc -l04:35
carlosbut it does not works :-P04:35
carlosfunny, we have a project editor04:36
carloswell, product04:36
carlosdaf: I was planning to work tonight or tomorrow (depending on when I'm back from the university) on the code review so we do "the right thing (c)" about the potranslationsighting (#2065)04:38
carlosbut if you want to take it, I don't have anything done yet04:39
dafcarlos: can we make the title more specific?04:40
dafit's about inlastrevision only, isn't it?04:40
carlosand active04:40
dafor is there more to it than that?04:40
dafI think most of the calls to fake_person() are in the translation effort code -- can you take responsibility for fixing them, Carlos?04:42
dafok, any other business?04:45
carlosdaf: could we arrange a date for the Beta?04:46
carlosnot now04:46
carlosbut when you could, talk about it with Mark and/or Lu04:46
carlos(now that you are in London :-P)04:46
carlosdaf: the login status message is not working correctly04:52
dafcarlos: no?04:52
carlosI'm loged into rosetta but the places where you can visit without a login account04:52
carlossays I'm not logged in04:53
carlosfor instance:04:53
carlossays:  Not logged in.04:53
dafdoes reloading the page change anything?04:53
carlosbut http://localhost:8085/rosetta/prefs says:  Logged in as Carlos Perell Marn04:53
carlosdaf: no04:53
carlossame thing04:53
carlosI will file a bug report now04:53
spivWe use HTTP (basic) auth?04:53
carloswell, I think so :-P04:54
dafI think so too04:54
spivIt might be the browser being clever, and not sending the credentials every page request unless challenged by teh server.04:54
carlosdaf: I suppose you need to get the user from "Principal" always (not sure how are you doing it)04:54
dafcarlos: look in main_template.pt04:55
carlosspiv: makes sense04:55
carlosyes, that's it04:55
carlosthe log says that Anonymous is who asked that page04:55
carlosinsted of an authenticated user04:55
spivCookie-based auth wouldn't have this problem.04:55
carlosI think the plan is  move to cookie auth in the future04:56
dafbring on cookie-based auth!04:56
carlosso perhaps we could forget about this bug until that moment..04:56
=== limi [~limi@] has joined #launchpad
spivcarlos: No, still file it.04:56
spivcarlos: And if there's a bug about cookie auth, maybe make it depend on that.04:57
spiv(else we probably should have a bug for it too :)04:57
carloswe have it04:57
carlosyes, that one04:57
carlosdaf: dude, you are too fast for me :-P04:58
carlosdaf: your "girlfriend" is not here, what happens?05:02
carlosdo you run the bot from your laptop?05:02
dafdilys is running05:04
dafI wonder what happened to her05:04
carlosshe's angry because you are in London this week :-P05:06
carlosok, see you later, time to go to the university05:06
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sabdflstub has done good work on malone05:34
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #launchpad
sabdfllimi: ping?06:00
limisabdfl: pong06:00
sabdflhow's are the malone page templates coming?06:01
limiwell, slowly - arch keeps getting in the way - are there any specific things that are a priority? there's a lot of different things to fix here, portlets are the thing I should be working on?06:02
sabdfli'd like to see some concrete changes. send me diffs if it's easier06:06
sabdfli'm working on malone full time myself right now06:06
sabdflmaybe we should have a look at the main page that needs work and discuss it together?06:07
limisounds good to me06:08
limilooking at the main page now06:08
sabdfli'd like the "follow up" fieldset to be closed initially06:09
sabdflfor the product assignments, i'd like to use colour to indicate priority and severity06:10
sabdfland the portlet to be on the site of the page, not below the comments06:10
limiobviously :)06:10
sabdflsame for source package assignments06:12
sabdfltrick with source package is going to be that we have more info to display06:12
limiok, and that info is in the system right now?06:13
sabdfltonight i'll confirm all the interfaces that you can use to get the info you need06:14
sabdflbrad points out that we *shouldn't* have more than one ProductBugAssignment06:14
sabdflalthough there might definitely be many SourcepackageBugAssignments06:15
limisounds sane06:15
sabdflso perhaps product assignments should be in the main body, not portlets?06:16
sabdfltechnically in the db there could be multiple product assignments06:16
sabdflso i'm happy to leave it as a portlet till we find a neat way to lay it out in the main body of the page06:17
limiok - I'll see what works best06:17
sabdflextrenal references... these are trickier06:17
sabdflbest make notes06:17
limiI am06:18
sabdflthere are two kinds of ext ref at this stage06:18
sabdfland CVE numbers06:18
sabdflwe probably want to present these differently06:18
sabdflboth types take a comment (description)06:18
limiCVE is that centralized security DB, right?06:18
sabdflso the portlet needs to be able to display a list of external references, along with a link to add a new one06:19
limiand the URLs are used for the same (keeping track of the bug in other systems), or just as generic references?06:19
sabdflmaybe a mouseover for the description?06:19
sabdflre your question06:19
sabdflfor "remote bug systems" we have a different approach, BugWatch'es06:19
sabdfllike Baywatches, without the breasts06:19
limiok, so red, then06:20
dafsabdfl: if we put Sabrina in Malone...06:20
limibut the URL reference is just a "related link"?06:20
liminothing magic?06:21
sabdflexternal url refs would be for example pointers to mailing list discussions06:21
sabdfland that would be a very good start06:21
limisounds doable by tonight06:22
limias long as all the API calls are in there already06:22
limi(which they seem to be)06:23
sabdflyes, i think they are06:23
sabdflbtw, are portlets in separate page templates and then referenced in the main file?06:23
limiI'll fake the missing ones, if any06:23
sabdflyes please06:23
liminot sure what Malone has done06:24
limithis is the first time I have seen any of the portlets in Malone :)06:24
sabdflis it possible to have fragments of re-usable page template and an include statement?06:24
limithat's the plan06:24
limiI'll fix that if it isn't that way already06:24
sabdflok, i won't touch those files then06:25
sabdflor will document my interface changes so it's easy for you to catch up tomorrow06:25
sabdflor will just merge it tomorrow myself :-)06:25
limifirst commit wins ;)06:25
limimy arch-fu notwithstanding06:25
sabdflok, brad and i will start working through the code now06:27
limiok - close to dinner time over here06:27
sabdfllimi: before you go, did you get the lurker xsl done?06:29
sabdfli can install it06:29
limiI don't know XSLT :(06:29
sabdflok, we have the stylesheets included already06:30
sabdfljust need the headers06:30
limiif just inserting the static HTML doesn't work (it should), then I don't know what is wrong06:30
limiand inserting them didn't work?06:30
sabdflmaybe i broke something when i added the static html06:30
sabdflbut i don't know how to test xslt06:30
limime neither06:30
sabdflstevea does know a little about that, maybe he can help, i'll ask06:30
limiI can probably figure it out, but not in 5 minutes :)06:31
sabdflok, don't worry about the xslt, i'll get steve to sort that out06:32
sabdfldid you need any changes to the div's lurker generates to make it easier to position the elements you want?06:32
limino, I left the HTML alone06:32
sabdflor is it pure css with header+footer?06:32
limipure CSS w/header/footer06:32
sabdfli know you did in that first pass, but do you need a second pass at it with additional div's?06:33
limidepends on if you want any changes06:33
limiit works pretty well the way it is now06:33
sabdflyoure the expert. we can get better images done separately06:33
limiI would try it for a while, and see if you like it06:34
sabdflok willdo06:34
limiI need to use lurker for a while before I can suggest UI changes 06:34
limihaven't really seen it before06:34
sabdflok. i'll try to get it integrated to our site nicely with some apache reverse proxy magic06:37
sabdflthanks for your work alex, chat again tomorrow06:37
limiyup, the Support tab is highlighted, so it should look pretty naative06:38
limiwe can fake the navtree if required ;)06:38
limiit will be static, though - so will need updates if you change the top level stuff06:39
limisee you tomorrow - will try to get the Malone changes in tonight06:39
sabdflok thanks06:41
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