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tsengjdub: daniels any of you dudes have an interest in hardening?02:52
tsengssp, pie02:53
fabbionemorning guys06:30
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fabbionemdz: ping08:34
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Mithrandirmdz: uhm, you're not supposed to say "morning" when it's morning here. :)09:18
fabbionemdz: hey09:18
mdz"morning" is the time when one appears on IRC09:18
Mithrandirwell, true09:19
mdzfabbione: so, we seem to have inherited many of these file conflict bugs :-/09:23
fabbionemdz: yes i saw them. I need to prepare X for upload with some fixes and i am on them.09:28
mdzfabbione: I think that almost all of them are NOTWARTY (universe packages)09:28
mdzthey are assigned to both packages, but generally it is the universe one which is buggy :-)09:29
fabbionemdz: ok09:29
fabbionemdz: i need a decision on 1878 now09:30
mdzfabbione: confirm a couple of things for me please09:30
mdzfabbione: 1. current via driver is buggy and hangs systems09:30
mdzfabbione: 2. new via driver from x.org is not significantly better09:31
fabbionemdz: the driver from x.org = the one we have. The driver from unichrome is not that better. It still has a lot of glitches here and there09:31
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danielsdoes it introduce new ones?09:34
fabbioneI try it seems to be impossible to make TV-out output be "nice": it has09:34
fabbione_lots_ of flicker and overscan, and everything is offset to the right09:34
fabbione(so when you're watching DVDs, you miss the right half of the movie).09:34
fabbionedaniels: yes09:34
danielsi.e. are we talking about buggy (vs non-existant) support for chipsets we don't support now?09:34
danielsor screwing up chipsets that were previously OK09:34
danielsif so, it's not worth reverting09:34
fabbionedaniels: that was ok before09:35
fabbioneTReenaks: can you confirm?09:35
fabbione+ the VT switching. i guess that was working before too09:35
danielsno, previously it just hung from Kamion09:35
danielsthat's progress ;)09:36
fabbionedaniels: well he wrote something different in the bug report09:36
mdzthere will be hardware and features that Warty does not support, this is unavoidable and not an RC issue.  However, Warty should not hang the system even if it doesn't properly support the hardware09:36
fabbioneX starts up fine with the new driver (I suspect it might have started up with09:36
fabbionethe old driver too if I'd had my font packages configured correctly);09:36
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danielsmdz: right09:40
danielsmdz: hence my suggestion of just having all of via use vesa09:40
danielsmdz: afaict that's the least-bad case09:40
danielsmay not support everything, but it doesn't hang09:41
danielsvia seems to be a total basketcase in general09:41
daniels(the via-supplied driver doesn't even work, there are two external projects -- one of which is dead -- to fix it, but neither of them have great access to hardware)09:42
mdzI've never encountered a via graphics card09:42
mdzare there some which work correctly?09:42
danielsmdz: mercifully, they seem to be rare09:42
danielsmdz: i don't know. i assume so, but I've not seen any success reports (not that we tend to, obviously; just the bug reports)09:43
danielsi have no access to via, and it's not something I'm terribly upset about09:43
fabbionei still suggest that if we enounter a via card, we ask for the driver and we don't probe09:49
fabbionei am really not happy to default to vesa09:49
pittimdz: can you please approve #2051? It's trivial (the gimp-print force-reload fix)09:51
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pittiHi carlos_!09:51
dokomdz, mithrandir: what do we want to do about the amd64 gcc-3.3 biarch?09:53
mdzdoko: well, we only use it for grub and oo.o, right?  as long as the changes are obviously correct and cannot introduce regressions, I think we can do it09:57
mdzwe should only need to verify grub and oo.o if it is simple enough09:57
mdzdoko: but when I look at the bug report, it sounds like too big a change for 9 days from release10:01
mdzit must touch 3 or 4 packages, replacing things which have been tested and work with new code...10:02
mdzjdub: do you have an opinion on #1996?10:02
dokoyes, it touches many things. however they all look straight forward. for gcc-3.3 I outlined a less invasive approach (and not touching grub). For the gcc-3.4 change, ia32-libs-ooo is affected too.10:05
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mdzelmo_: you were looking for me earlier?10:08
elmo_wondering if ndiswrapper should be going to main?10:13
elmo_(cf. jabber)10:13
dokoelmo_: do we have a ubuntu-admin@, or is this just thom@ ? ;)10:17
mdzelmo_: tricky question10:17
elmo_doko: admins@admins atm10:18
elmo_err, admins@admins.warthogs.hbd.com I mean10:18
mdzelmo_: what does Mark say?10:18
elmo_the RFC-required addresses at @ubuntu.com etc. will work, but we don't have a proper admins one setup yet10:18
elmo_mdz: dunno, he's busy deciding out fate for the day(tm) with Steve - I'll ask him afterwards10:18
mdzelmo_: I think it probably belongs in SupportedSeed, but please confirm10:19
fabbionemdz, daniels: #ubuntu-meeting please10:22
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elmo_mdz: mark confirmed main - any more detail someone else will have to ask him if needed10:27
pittiMorning seb128!10:28
seb128hello pitti 10:28
carlosseb128: hey10:28
mdzelmo_: I'll add to SupportedSeed10:28
mdzelmo_: please move pnm2ppa into main; I added it to a seed already10:36
plovsare there any ops for the #ubuntu channel? 10:36
mdzplovs: why, is there a problem?10:36
plovsmdz, some people needs some kicking :)10:38
plovsubuntu has been on slashdot you know10:38
elmo_mdz: as long as wvdial is in the seed list it's almost impossible for me to detect any other changes10:40
mdzelmo_: yes, that is overdue for fixing10:41
mdzapparently, the only other package which uses libwvstreams is "retchmail"10:41
mdzwhich doesn't sound like it uses all the crazy stuff in that library either10:42
mdzso I'm thinking we should just have a minimal build of libwvstreams10:42
mdzKamion: morning10:52
mdzKamion: the natives are anxious for the new live CD :-)10:52
Mithrandirdo we have a bug# for the "splash screen stays around after logging in"?10:54
mdzelmo_: minimal wvstreams uploaded, should not require any other packages from universe10:54
mdzMithrandir: with or without causing the entire login process to fail?10:54
mdzwith = 194310:54
mdzwithout = an old bug which was closed10:55
Mithrandirmdz: on the mysterious system hangs bug -- it seems like it only happens with some packages, not all..10:55
mdzMithrandir: 172510:55
mdzseb128: ping?10:56
MithrandirI love how gnome-terminal is able to use 50% cpu on a 2.4GHz P4 when running tar cvzf10:58
mdzseb128: so about #1943...:-)10:58
seb128turn sound events off by default ? :)10:59
mdzseb128: I confirmed that disabling gnome-settings-sound.c:apply_settings works around the bug10:59
mdzso it is definitely related to the sound init10:59
mdzthough I have not been able to find the exact problem10:59
mdzseb128: I would prefer to fix the bug, to be honest :-)11:00
danielsmdz: ping?11:00
mdzseb128: is there someone who is familiar with that reaper.c code?11:00
seb128this part of code is not really maintained upstream, so dunno where to get help. I've not knowledge of this part of code either and I'm not able to reproduce it here ...11:00
seb128I would like to fix it too11:00
seb128but I've no real idea on where to start11:01
mdzit is so strange that you cannot reproduce it11:02
mdzseb128: I can give you a shell on my machine if it would help11:02
mdzseb128: it is easy to reproudce at the command line11:02
mdzby running gnome-settings-daemno11:02
seb128ok, I'll have a serious look on this now. I'll start by making some extra tests on my test box and read the code11:04
seb128and then I'll ping you back if I need a shell. But I would like to reproduce it here, more easy to debug in local11:04
mdzseb128: thanks, this is high priority because many users are encountering it, and it completely breaks their system11:05
seb128on my box, if I "lsmod | grep '^snd' | awk '{ print $1 }' | xargs -n1 sudo rmmod" and login again, I don't even have a line about /dev/dsp11:05
mdzseb128: if you cannot isolate the problem today, we will need to disable sound events11:05
mdzseb128: that's strange; you have sound server startup enabled?11:06
seb128sound events are working11:06
seb128I log out, remove the sound modules and log in again11:06
seb128no problem, no error in the log11:06
seb128I just get the volume applet to 011:07
Kamionmdz: yeah, I know, will put it up this morning11:07
Kamionmdz: I'm just going to shove it in /releases/warty/preview/ for now (the location in the full tree is orthogonal to Mark's request for a simplified tree)11:08
azeemseb128: didn't hadess blog about sound being muted on startup recently?11:08
azeemmight have been a different issue though11:08
Kamionwow, #ubuntu is a cesspit now11:11
azeemare the forums up yet?11:13
Kamionfabbione: defaulting to vesa seriously seems to be much more sane for the two via machines I have here; if you must ask, then at least please default to vesa not to via, I don't want to have to deal with the broken installations that will result otherwise11:13
seb128azeem: dunno, apparently you read a lot more blogs than me11:16
seb128azeem: any idea of the date of this blog entry ?11:16
mdzazeem: I think in this case it is set to 0 because there is no mixer device11:17
azeemseb128: heh, it might have been somewhere else again ;)11:17
seb128mdz: do you have esd running when to problem happens ?11:18
mdzseb128: no, esd cannot start because there is no /dev/dsp11:18
mdzit could be some kind of race condition, but my laptop loses 100% of the time11:18
azeem"The next piece of work for system-config-soundcard is to fix the fact that ALSA starts up muted, and that the UI is starting to suck a bit"11:19
seb128ok, on this box I've a lot of "/dev/dsp: No such file or directory" in the log11:24
seb128but no problem to login11:24
mdz#2  0x0805de6f in vte_reaper_signal_handler (signum=-512) at reaper.c:6411:25
mdzI have no idea where signum=-512 comes from11:25
seb128vte is a terminal emulator11:26
seb128what is that doing here ?11:27
mdzthat code is in reaper.c in gnome-settings-daemon11:28
mdzperhaps the code was copied from another place11:28
mdzanyway that handler is only called for SIGCHLD11:28
mdzand there is a test in the handler for that11:28
mdzso i think gdb is just lying11:28
elmo_gnome-nettool is pulling in tcptraceroute which is pulling in libnet0 and rman11:29
mdzhow about we remove the dependency on tcptraceroute?11:30
=== daniels returns from battle with pppconfig, bloodied but victorious.
danielsthat thing is bloody *obscure*.11:31
danielsmdz: permission to upload http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/pppconfig/pppconfig-2.3.2ubuntu2-to-ubuntu3.diff ?11:31
mdzdaniels: yes, thanks11:33
mdzI love it when gdb suspends itself and goes into the background11:33
mdzthat's just the best11:33
mdzDetaching after fork from child process 10714.11:34
mdz/dev/dsp: No such file or directory11:34
mdzDetaching after fork from child process 10716.11:34
mdz/dev/dsp: No such file or directory11:34
mdzzsh: suspended (tty output)  gdb .libs/gnome-settings-daemon11:34
mdzafter it does that it seems impossible to get it back; even if I continue it, it doesn't respond to any signals so i can't get back to the debugger11:34
Mithrandirrun gdb on it?11:34
seb128ok, I've tried with the esd maintainer and some other GNOME guys, no clue11:35
seb128only advice "run away of this part of code if youy can" :(11:35
Mithrandirmdz: do you have a p4 with HT around?11:38
mdzMithrandir: no, I do not11:39
mdzthere might be someone I could ask, but they are asleep11:40
MithrandirI can reproduce 1854 with debootstrap here.11:40
MithrandirI haven't tried with a full fresh install, since I forgot to bring an extra hard drive today.11:40
seb128mdz: if you try to run esd from the command line, what happens ? 11:41
seb128any output, error, log ?11:41
mdzpotpal:[...2.8.0/gnome-settings-daemon]  esd11:41
mdz/dev/dsp: No such file or directory11:41
mdzexactly what I see in xsession-errors11:41
seb128$ esd11:41
seb128no log, no error11:41
mdzpotpal:[...2.8.0/gnome-settings-daemon]  md5sum =esd11:42
mdz59ad6b41a3c86f4e2e8be91a8b10c1ba  /usr/bin/esd11:42
mdzyour esd != my esd?11:43
seb128on this box yes11:43
seb128but I've built the package, so that's not the autobuilded one11:44
Mithrandirmdz: linux-image- version; debootstrap warty /somewhere ; chroot /somewhere ; <edit sources.list>; apt-get update; aptitude install '~tdesktop'11:44
mdzseb128: ok, I have a workaround11:44
seb128mdz: could you try to rebuild esound ?11:44
mdzor perhaps a fix11:44
seb128oh ?11:44
mdzI disabled all of the pipe crap in the reaper11:44
KamionMithrandir: ~tubuntu-desktop11:44
mdzas far as I could tell, its only purpose was for a debug/error message11:44
mdzand it looked buggy11:44
MithrandirKamion: yes, sorry, I was reading off an xscreenlocked screen. :)11:45
seb128ok, nice11:45
mdzseb128: I attached the patch to the bug11:46
seb128mdz: dpkg -l | grep esd ?11:47
mdzseb128: I still get WAY too many error messages11:47
mdzbut at least it lets me login11:47
mdz"/dev/dsp: No such file or directory" is repeated hundreds of times11:47
mdzand it tries to fork esd hundreds of times, which is a bit slow11:47
mdzii  gstreamer0.8-esd    0.8.4-1ubuntu3      Enlightened Sound Daemon plugin for GStreamer11:47
mdzii  libesd0             0.2.35-0ubuntu1     Enlightened Sound Daemon - Shared libraries11:47
mdzii  libesd0-dev         0.2.35-0ubuntu1     Enlightened Sound Daemon - Development files11:47
seb128could you try with libesd-alsa0 ?11:47
seb128I've this one on this box in fact11:47
seb128instead of libesd011:48
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mdzlibesd-alsa0 is crashy11:48
mdztry it with libesd0 :-)11:48
seb128I'm installing it11:48
mdzperhaps then you can reproduce it11:48
mdzand then you could verify my patch11:48
seb128but on my test box which is a non-modified warty install, no problem11:48
seb128$ esd11:48
seb128/dev/dsp: No such file or directory11:48
seb128the non-alsa version sucks11:48
seb128are you sure that the alsa version is crashy ?11:49
seb1280.2.29 was crap11:49
MithrandirKamion: ~tdesktop seems to work fine as well11:49
mdzthat is why we removed it from desktop11:49
mdzeven after I fixed the bugs that I saw, it was crashy11:49
seb128but 0.2.35 should fixe most of the issues11:49
mdzit may be that 0.2.35 is better11:50
mdzbut this is not an esd bug11:50
seb128that an esd/settings-daemon interaction11:50
KamionMithrandir: strange, there's no Task: desktop any more; maybe aptitude is too clever for its own good11:50
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MithrandirKamion: it probably does substring match -- either works11:51
mdzseb128: right11:52
seb128mdz: ok, the non-alsa version flood the .xsession-errors, but doesn't hold the session here11:52
MithrandirKamion: ~tdesk seems to work as well11:52
KamionMithrandir: seems like bad behaviour, it means the result of the command can radically change if an extra task is introduced11:52
mdzseb128: I have no idea why it doesn't break for you, but the patch fixes it for me11:52
MithrandirKamion: true11:52
seb128mdz: let's upload a package with the patch and see how it goes ?11:52
mdzseb128: ok11:53
seb128mdz: could you try without the patch with the alsa version of the lib ?11:53
seb128to know if that holds the session too11:53
mdzseb128: the stuff that I disabled only existed to emit a signal "child-exited" when the child exited11:53
mdzbut there was nothing listening for it11:53
mdzI think this code was cut-and-waste from elsewhere11:53
mdzok, I will revert to unmodified g-s-d and install libesd-alsa011:54
mdzseb128: it does not seem to hang with libesd-alsa011:57
mdzswitched back to libesd0, hangs11:58
mdzkillall gnome-settings-daemon, install patched gnome-settings-daemon, works11:59
seb128let's use the patch for now, but we should consider switching to the alsa version after warty12:00
mdzafter warty hopefully we will get rid of esd :-)12:00
seb128true :)12:01
mdzyes, let's go with the patch12:01
danielsmdz: ok, so for #1897 we just clobber the file if either exists?12:02
danielsmdz: about to take care of that now12:02
carlosseb128: after warty, esound should die :-P12:03
mdzdaniels: I'm fine with something similar to the supplied patch, but using grep instead of sed :-)12:03
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ajelmo_: ?12:03
mdzI would probably have merged the stupid thing a year ago, except that I saw that sed and wanted to fix that first12:03
elmo_aj: ?12:03
ajelmo_: you "?"ed earlier?12:04
elmo_oh, one sec12:04
danielsmdz: yeah, as I said :)12:05
danielsmdz: heh, fair cop12:05
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danielsmdz: permission to upload http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/dhcp3/dhcp3-3.0+3.0.1rc14-1-to-ubuntu1.diff ?12:16
mdzdaniels: tested the hell out of it?12:16
danielsas much as I can, but I suppose more testing is always welcome12:16
mdzI don't have one of those broken dhcp servers handy which doesn't hand out nameservers12:17
danielsespecially with something like the DHCP client12:17
danielsmdz: ... me neither12:17
mdzthe code for the reasonable case is obviously well-tested and unchanged12:17
mdzdaniels: go ahead and upload12:17
danielsmdz: (I just yanked that portion out and played around with calling with different variables)12:17
danielsmdz: thanks12:17
mdzas long as there are no regressions in the non-broken-dhcp-server case12:17
danielsnot that I can see12:18
elmo_mdz: wvdial's in - I'll hold off on gnome-nettool's deps for now - lemme know if you decide to not fix the package12:32
pittimdz: do you want to have all these universe file conflicts resolved for warty? I can do some of them12:33
KamionI should look at debconf-doc/cdebconf, I guess12:37
Kamionwhy does show_bug.cgi return 403?12:40
Kamionah, fixed apparently12:40
pitti@all: http://www.piware.de/hal/ contains a new hal package which (among other things) should fix the "sometimes the first plugged in device is not recognized" bug (#1954); can somebody verify that?12:41
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pitti@all: for me it works perfectly, but since upstream did not confirm the fix yet, it should get more than one person for testing it12:42
sjoerd_pitti: could you let me know the results of people testing that :)12:42
pittisjoerd_: of course; I will send my latest three patches to David and you anyway12:43
sjoerd_pitti: nice, thanks12:43
=== sjoerd_ is now known as sjoerd
pittisjoerd_: BTW, does the patch work for you? Then I had already a second person :-)12:43
pittisjoerd: (I assume it, because you have written it) :-)12:43
sjoerdpitti: yes ofcourse it does ;)12:44
=== pitti goes to have lunch
danielsmdz: oh, yay! cpad is ... um ... interesting.12:53
danielsmdz: needs a separate driver, but it appears to register as a usb input device and also lcd12:54
danielsmdz: so you can draw shit on your touchpad (!)12:54
Mithrandirrun xterm on your touchpad today!12:54
danielsif you wanted to, yeah12:54
danielssomeone made an X server with a cpad output device12:54
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fabbionedaniels: i really think 1089 will be fixed with Denis and my changes12:57
fabbionedaniels: he completely forgot to install the pc/us_intl layout :P12:57
fabbioneif you want to reassing to me go ahead12:57
danielshaha yeah, I saw that :)12:57
danielsok, another bug off my hands is good12:57
fabbionei am almost done with 1964 too12:57
danielssounds cool :)12:58
danielsfabbione: http://www.dietmar-kuehl.de/Xcpad/12:59
fabbione    db_get debian-installer/keymap || true12:59
fabbione    if [ "$RET" = "br-abnt2" ] ; then12:59
fabbione      LAYOUT="br"12:59
fabbione    else12:59
fabbione      LAYOUT="us_intl"12:59
fabbione    fi12:59
fabbione    XKBOPTIONS=""01:00
fabbione    ;;01:00
fabbionethe other exception for br -> abnt2 was already there01:00
fabbioneso already defining the proper LAYOUT will do the trick01:00
fabbionebut we must have the ub3r keyboard setting tool for hoary01:01
fabbionegoing or LANG isn't enough01:01
Kamionwe'll have localization-config from Debian for hoary ...01:02
Kamion(Konstantinos' thing)01:02
fabbioneKamion: yes. the cose i am using has been stolen from it01:04
mdzpitti: don't bother with the file conflicts if the universe package is the buggy one01:04
mdzpitti: downgrade the bug if it is universe's fault01:05
fabbione2 problems: 1) he didn't coordinate with X at all. He preseeds templates that might not even be there (last time i checked at least)01:05
pittimdz: okay01:05
fabbione2) the templates needs to go in something/shared and we need to sync translations & co. that hasn't been done01:06
mdzpitti: I can't reproduce the "first plugged in" bug, at least not reliably01:06
Kamionmdz: we forgot to make lsb-release's Ubuntu version number consistent with everything else (i.e. "4.10" rather than "4-10"); OK to upload?01:06
mdzKamion: yes01:06
pittimdz: its not reliable anyway (it's a race condition)01:06
fabbionemdz: you marked 2007 as duplicate of 1964 but they aren't really the same01:07
pittimdz: I thought you were already asleep, but you can test my package before approval01:07
fabbionemdz: one option to catch all the possibility is to confirm the layout when LAYOUT=unknown or LAYOUT=us, that seems to be most common problem.01:08
pittimdz: http://www.piware.de/hal/hal_0.2.98-1ubuntu5_i386.deb01:08
mdzfabbione: I mentioned that on Saturday, but you said it was the same01:10
danielsmdz: comments on 2026 and 2057?01:10
mdzalready commented on 2026, keep up01:10
danielsyeah, just got the mail01:11
danielsit's not my fault every bug takes like 3 minutes to load01:11
=== Kamion gets slightly scared that he's now using db_register routinely
danielsKamion: how I learnt to stop worrying and love dhb_register01:14
mdzpitti: I have never seen the warning emitted by that code block01:15
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fabbionemdz: well i read it again and i noticed that it is not exactly the same01:16
danielsmdz: basically, we don't have any support for those touchpads whatsoever (for the cPads, we cannot make a working configuration out of the box; I believe we cannot get any working ALPS configuration) and doing both of 2026 and 2057 would fix this01:16
mdzfabbione: ok, feel free to fix up the bug01:16
fabbionemdz: asking the question if LAYOUT=unknown or LAYOUT=us ?01:17
mdzdaniels: ok, that's just missing hardware support, and we'll have that.  not RC, then01:17
danielsmdz: -> hoary?01:17
mdzfabbione: why LAYOUT=us?01:17
mdzdaniels: yes01:17
danielsmdzfair cop01:17
fabbionemdz: 2007 got a US layout when it should have been es01:18
fabbionemdz: probably due to a lang setting01:18
mdzfabbione: so probably he chose English install but with Swedish keymap?01:18
fabbionemdz: could be...01:20
fabbionewe don't have console -> X mappings01:20
fabbione  *"SE"* ) LAYOUT="se" XKBOPTIONS="" ;;01:20
mdzseb128: is it possible to remove the tcptraceroute dep from gnome-nettool?01:20
fabbionemdz: he must have got a strange LANG or something that we don't handle directly01:21
fabbionemdz: that would explain the "bug"01:21
fabbionebut there is no winner here until we don't have console -> X keyboard maps01:21
seb128_mdz: if we remove a part of the UI yes01:26
fabbione# Specific via workaround:01:31
fabbioneif [ "$DEFAULT_DRIVER" = "via" ]  || [ "$DEFAULT_DRIVER" = "vesa" ] ; then01:31
fabbione  PRIORITY="high"01:31
fabbionedb_subst xserver-xfree86/config/device/driver choices "$DRIVER_LIST"01:31
fabbioneauto_answer db_input "$PRIORITY" \01:31
fabbione  xserver-xfree86/config/device/driver "$DEFAULT_DRIVER"01:31
fabbionethis will ask for the driver if we detect via or the driver is vesa (that is never returned by discover1)01:31
fabbionethat means=unknown01:31
danielsthat saves me s/via/vesa/ in discover1-data01:32
danielsfabbione: fine by me01:32
danielsfabbione: you might want to mention that the via driver is buggy as shizzle in that comment01:32
fabbione# Specific via workaround:01:34
fabbione# the via driver sucks nuts and we can't rely on it. The user will01:34
fabbione# have to decide which cracks he prefers and he has 3 options:01:34
fabbione# - via01:34
fabbione# - vesa01:34
fabbione# - visa (or mastercard) to buy a serious video card01:34
pittimdz: (sorry, lunch) the new warning is only written in the case where the previous hal segfaulted (as you wrote in the bug)01:34
danielsfabbione: heh :)01:35
fabbioneok agreed :-)01:35
mdzpitti: no, I meant the other patch01:35
fabbionetime to ban the probe now01:35
mdzpitti: the one which removes the sequence number check01:35
pittimdz: ah; I have seen it several times01:35
pittimdz: the last_sequence_number (or so) had a random number and the comparison result was more or less random01:35
pittimdz: BTW, you do not follow your own advice in your energy mail...01:36
mdzpitti: today is monday :-P01:36
pittimdz: ask your body :-)01:37
danielsmdz: do I get to take Tuesday off in compensation for having worked half of Sunday? ;)01:37
mdzpitti: I needed to wake up at 0500 today anyway to take monika to the airport01:38
mdzand finish getting ready for the fumigation01:38
fabbione      # we know the driver from config.in01:38
fabbione      db_get xserver-xfree86/config/device/driver01:38
fabbione      DEVICE_DRIVER="$RET"01:38
fabbione      case "$DEVICE_DRIVER" in01:38
fabbione        via)01:38
fabbione          PROBE_DUMP="" 01:38
fabbione        ;;01:38
fabbione        *)01:38
fabbione          set +e01:38
fabbione          PROBE_DUMP=$(xresprobe "$DEVICE_DRIVER")01:38
fabbione          set -e01:38
fabbione        ;;01:38
fabbione      esac01:38
fabbionedaniels: ^^^ banning via from probing01:38
danielsfabbione: hm01:39
pittimdz: so far the hal package works for you? Then we are already three; I will still wait a bit, maybe thom returns in the next hours01:39
mdzpitti: I have not tested it01:39
danielsfabbione: why not do if [ "$RET" = "via" ] ; DEVICE_DRIVER="vesa"; fi01:39
danielsfabbione: that still allows for DDC probes, which are harmles01:40
fabbionedaniels: hmmmmmmmmmmm01:40
fabbionedaniels: what if the card looks up the machine?01:40
danielsfabbione: on a DDC probe? then shit dude, it has bigger problems01:41
danielsfabbione: and will be unusable with the vesa driver also01:41
danielsthink of it as an early warning if a VESA VBE DDC probe kills the machine :)01:41
fabbionedaniels: didn't you say that via doesn't return DDC stuff because it doesn't store it in the NVRAM?01:41
fabbioneor BIOS or whatever01:41
danielsfabbione: only for laptop panels, and we were trying with read-edid, not ddcprobe01:41
danielsread-edid actually misses a massive chunk of the DDC data01:42
danielsif we try it with ddcprobe, the best case is we get a working resolution, the realistic worst case is that the resolution is wrong01:42
fabbionedaniels: i see your point, but i am really not too happy to force that on cards that already sucks01:42
fabbionedaniels: i much rather prefer to ask the resolution01:43
fabbionewithout hanging the machine01:43
fabbionesince we can't test it, i would much rather prefer to skip it01:43
fabbione100% to be safe01:43
danielsfabbione: um01:43
danielsseriously, as I said, if it hangs on a DDC probe, then it won't be able to use either the VESA or Via driver01:44
danielsit will also die on Windows installs01:44
fabbione      db_get xserver-xfree86/config/device/driver01:45
fabbione      DEVICE_DRIVER="$RET"01:45
fabbione      if [ "$DEVICE_DRIVER" = "via" ] ; then01:45
fabbione        DEVICE_DRIVER="vesa"01:45
fabbione      fi01:45
fabbione      set +e01:45
fabbione      PROBE_DUMP=$(xresprobe "$DEVICE_DRIVER")01:45
fabbione      set -e01:45
fabbionedaniels: 199901:47
fabbioneany idea?01:47
fabbionewe didn't touch that code at all01:47
fabbioneand he seems to be the only one with that problem01:47
fabbioneotherwise we would have received a few tons of bugs01:47
danielsthe title looks bizzare, but the body will take like a minute to come down still01:48
fabbioneno problem01:48
danielsi suggest local problem01:49
danielsprobably hanging on IO?01:49
fabbionedaniels: i have really no idea01:55
fabbionei am pretty sure it's not a problem in the script01:55
fabbionewe would have noticed in debian too01:55
danielsit's bong01:56
fabbionemind to ask or comment?01:57
danielsyou want me to?01:58
mdzseb128: there is a part of the UI which uses tcptraceroute? for what?02:00
mdzseb128: can we change it to use tracepath instead?02:00
seb128mdz: run gnome-nettool :) The UI has differents tab: traceroute, port scan, finger, whois ...02:01
seb128no idea, but I can have a look if you want02:01
mdzseb128: at first glance it seems to just provide a way to run the program and view its output02:01
mdzso I think tracepath would work fine02:01
seb128I think so02:02
mdzseb128: do you want a bug as a reminder?02:02
seb128yes please02:02
fabbionedaniels: yes please.02:04
fabbionemdz: 2054. there are several differences between the 2 logs02:05
fabbionemdz: but 2 of them are quite relevant02:05
fabbione-(++) using VT number 802:05
fabbione+(++) using VT number 702:05
fabbione-(II) PCI: stages = 0x03, oldVal1 = 0x00000000, mode1Res1 = 0x8000000002:05
fabbione+(II) PCI: stages = 0x03, oldVal1 = 0x8000003c, mode1Res1 = 0x8000000002:05
fabbione-       BytesPerScanline: 52802:05
fabbione+       BytesPerScanline: 59402:05
fabbione+ = working config02:05
fabbione- = bad config02:05
fabbionehow come it starts on vt8 in the first place...02:06
fabbionethe driver hasn't changed 02:06
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Kamionpitti: what approach are you taking to the debconf-doc/cdebconf bug? I was just about to fix that in Debian.02:23
pittiKamion: none actually02:23
pittiKamion: I just saw that cdebconf is not installable in Warty anyway02:24
Kamion(by adding a conflicts)02:24
pittiKamion: it will remove 1GB of packages02:24
pittiKamion: I can reassign it to you if you want02:24
Kamionit is perfectly installable, just not simultaneously with debconf :-)02:24
pittiKamion: but half a thousand packages depend only on debconf02:24
Kamionyes, I know02:25
Kamionit's not really a bug, cdebconf will probably eventually replace debconf02:25
KamionI'm not sure why it's in warty though02:25
pittiKamion: it is a bug in those many packages; they should depend on debconf|cdebconf, not?02:25
pittiKamion: cdebconf is not in warty02:25
Kamionpitti: oh, indeed it isn't, madison output confused me, only the source is there02:26
thompitti: hi. what's up?02:26
Kamionpitti: noooooo02:26
Kamionpitti: cdebconf is *not ready* to replace debconf yet :)02:26
Kamionpitti: just NOTWARTY it then, I'd say02:26
pittiKamion: agreed02:26
pittithom: I wanted to ask you if you could review the hal package in http://www.piware.de/hal/ to check bug #195402:27
mdzneed to move stuff out for the fumigation, back later02:27
pittiKamion: I write a bug comment and downgrade02:28
danielsfabbione: weird. i dunno about that bug.02:28
KamionRESOLVED/NOTWARTY is not so much a downgrade :)02:29
Kamionpitti: fixed upstream, anyway02:29
pittiKamion: okay.02:29
fabbionedaniels: 1989 -> LATER02:30
fabbionedaniels: 2054 looks to me a user fucks up02:30
fabbionewe didn't touch the intel driver at all02:30
fabbionewe didn't change build kernel on buildd02:30
fabbionewe didn't change anything that touches dri/drm02:30
=== fabbione has NO clue
thompitti: ok, building now02:31
pittithom: i386 packages are already available, btw02:31
thompitti: yup02:32
thomuname -m02:32
pittithom: I repeatedly restarted dbus, watched whether the first and second hotplug produced a Volume node in device manager, goto 102:33
pittithom: dbus restarts will kill gnome-volume-manager, but that's not the point here; device manager is good for verification02:33
danielsfabbione: bong02:33
Kamionpitti: (actually, the eventual solution will more likely be for packages to depend on a virtual package like debconf-2.0)02:34
danielsfabbione: I suspect we need XF86Config-402:34
pittiKamion: right, I actually meant that02:34
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occyWill the pcmcia issues get worked out before a final release is produced?02:35
fabbionewtf is wrong with wmdial that asks me if i want to configure the modem in text mode and at install time?02:36
Kamionoccy: which pcmcia issues?02:36
occyI tried to post a bug detailing my problems on my laptop with the Sept 28, Sept 29, and Oct 1 Nightlies...   But bugzilla ate it. :(02:36
occyKamion: I have a Dell Inspiron 7500  (quite a common older laptop)  and all distros work peachy with pcmcia on it.   Ubuntu hangs during install at loading pcmcia02:37
thompitti: yup, looks good to me02:37
pittithom: fine; plovs also tests it right now, if it works for him, I will upload the beast02:37
pittithom: thanks for testing!02:37
Kamionoccy: related to bug #581?02:38
occyKamion: let me take a look at that one.02:38
Kamionalthough I think that's a Dell desktop, hm02:38
occyby "blocking" does that mean prevent installation?02:39
Kamionoccy: I'm afraid the way to make sure somebody looks at it *is* to file a bug; if Bugzilla keeps eating it, you might want to mail justdave@canonical.com for help02:39
Kamionblock means waiting for I/O02:39
occyKamion: who is this person?   justdave@canonical.com?  Is he a developer?02:40
Kamionhe runs our Bugzilla installation02:41
danielsoccy: david miller, our bugzilla dude02:41
occydaniels: ahhh... "The Bugzilla Dude"&copy;02:41
occytx guys02:42
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
occyIs there any other information I could attach to that bug that might be helpful?02:49
Kamionoccy: there should be some relevant log messages on tty3 or tty4 (use alt-f3 and alt-f4 to get to them)02:50
occyahh ok, let me go do that so I can add it to the bug.  tx.    /me reboots to get the bug again.02:50
occytx gang02:51
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occyKamion:  Warning: **: bad d-i Packages file   grep:  /cdrom/dists/stable/Release     : Not a directory.      This repeats in a loop.03:25
occyKamion: that same CD installed on my desktop just peachy.03:26
Kamionoccy: you probably have DMA problems then, we recently disabled DMA by default for CD drives to avoid this problem03:26
occyok, I'll go grab a new nightly bud.  tx :)03:26
occysorry to bug the devel channel03:26
occyoh, one last thing.  If that fixes it, should I delete that bug?03:27
Kamioncertainly tell the bug about it03:29
fabbionedaniels: are you still around?03:42
danielsfabbione: sup?03:50
fabbionedaniels: ubuntu23 is up03:51
danielsyeah, saw it on -changes just then03:52
fabbioneok good03:52
fabbionei am off03:52
danielslooks good -- i have a few things to do around the house (moving back out on thursday) so I'll eb around for a while03:52
fabbionei start to dream about X.org at night03:52
danielsi'll keep an eye on the logs/bz/etc and fix it if anything goes badly wrong03:52
danielsdude!! stop working on x for a while.03:52
fabbioneok good03:52
danielsi had a dream about introducing a rgb vs bgr bug in the x server once and in my dream, I debugged it with a lot of ErrorF()s and gdb03:52
danielsand fixed the bug03:53
danielsthat was pretty bad03:53
fabbionedaniels: that crack for X.org is good you have no idea03:53
danielsheh heh :)03:53
fabbioneeven Branded liked that crack so much that he is all high up for it03:53
danielswell, I've gotta pop off for a few minutes, so have a good lunch or whatever, and take care :)03:53
fabbioneyeah later03:53
=== fabbione knows that he will be soon left alone as X.org maintainer for Debian and Ubuntu
danielsnah dude, I'm still here03:54
fabbionedaniels: you are supposed to be my upstream bitch :P03:55
danielsi can be both :)03:55
fabbioneahhah you love to suck, don't you ???03:55
fabbionelater bitch^Wdaniels03:56
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elmo_is it just me or is "build a kernel image with the warty source" far more complex than it ought to be?05:33
Kamionis it not just dpkg-buildpackage from the source package?05:35
elmo_err, that'll build all the madness ?05:40
elmo_I mean build a custom kernel image05:40
elmo_'export PATCH_THE_KERNEL=yes' isn't exactly intuitive, IMO05:40
Keybukmake-kpkg, especially all the patch gubbins, has always been a little Manoj for my tastes05:46
Kamioncan someone peer-review my patch in #1332 for me, please?06:45
KamionI've tested it in all three mentioned cases06:45
elmo_I guess the /tmp use is safe (?), but it's security-team bait :)06:54
Kamionthe /tmp use in question is run inside d-i, where there are no other users07:00
elmo_right.. anyway, nm07:00
elmo_it looks fine to me, FWIW, but I can't test it07:00
Kamionyeah, not really expecting anyone else to be able to yet :/07:01
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thomelmo_: can you apply the patch in #1960 to /usr/bin/mozilla-firefox and confirm it fixes the problem for you?07:27
elmo_thom: yes, works for me07:29
thommdz: can i upload php with either mine or adam's patches? I don't think going with a new upstream is a good move07:32
mdzthom, which is better, yours or his?07:33
thommine fixes a printf, other than that they're identical07:33
mdzyour call then07:34
mdzone of them is OK by me07:34
mdzbut not both :-)07:34
fabbionethom: upload adam's one.. you can have someone else to blaim ;)07:34
mdzlatest ipw2200 is working nicely07:34
thomfabbione: i'm planning to blame you either way :-)07:34
fabbionei know NOTTING about php ;)07:35
thommdz: and new firefox with the fix for #1960 also?07:35
thomfabbione: that's why you're perfect to blame ;-)07:35
mdzthom: 1960 looks good to me07:36
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mdzKamion: did I ask you already about using the linux-* metapackages in base-installer?07:42
mdzI'm a bit out of it and can't recall07:42
thomMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; rv:1.7.3) Gecko/20041004 Firefox/0.10.1 (Ubuntu)07:43
Kamionyou did, about to look at that now07:43
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Kamionjust uploading that prebaseconfig/base-config thing for UTC handling first07:44
mdzargh, silly xchat07:44
mdzKamion: I fixed them up so that they're actually installable on all architectures07:44
Kamionmdz: although it's a little awkward due to the lack of easily greppable naming pattern, hmm07:44
mdzI think we should probably clean them up so that they don't require 3 levels of metapackages, but that can come later07:44
mdzI think linux-foo should depend directly on linux-x.y.z-n-foo07:45
mdzrather than via linux-image-2.6-foo07:45
Kamionkernel_update_list () {07:45
Kamion        # Using 'uniq' to avoid listing the same kernel more then once.07:45
Kamion        (set +e;07:45
Kamion         chroot /target apt-cache search kernel-image | grep ^kernel-image;07:45
Kamion         chroot /target apt-cache search linux-image | grep ^linux-image) | \07:45
Kamion        cut -d" " -f1 | uniq > $KERNEL_LIST07:45
KamionI'm trying to figure out what to do with that bit ...07:45
mdzhmm, that's inconvenient07:45
mdzif not for amd64, linux-[^-] * would work07:46
mdzI'm a bit crippled on my laptop right now, it having recently been reinstalled and hurriedly prepped to be my primary workstation for a couple of days07:46
mdzcould someone kindly clean up my mess and squash #2063?07:46
Kamionalso linux-686-smp etc., which would work on netboot installs07:47
Kamiondoes apt-cache search look at the source package name?07:48
mdzdon't think so07:48
mdzthat command-line really should use apt-cache search -n07:48
mdzthat grep seems to be working around the lack of -n07:49
mdzmatches the package name only, not description07:49
Kamionit also works around lack of ^ in the apt-cache search07:49
Kamiondoes apt-cache search --names-only ^kernel-image work?07:49
mdzin fact what that really wants to be is "apt-cache pkgnames linux-image"07:50
mdzKamion: absolutely07:50
mdzbut apt-cache pkgnames would avoid the cut and uniq as well07:50
Kamionapt-cache pkgnames returns packages that are not actually available07:51
mdznot that we should be tweaking for elegance reasons at this point, really...:-)07:51
Kamion<cjwatson@cairhien ~>$ apt-cache search --names-only ^kernel-image | grep 2.2.20<cjwatson@cairhien ~>$ apt-cache pkgnames kernel-image | grep 2.2.20            kernel-image-2.2.20-pmac07:51
Kamionoopsie, but you get the idea07:51
mdztrue, it'll likely match anything mentioned in a dependency relationship07:52
Kamionanyway, still leaves the problem of how to find the metapackages07:52
Kamionshame I didn't think of this before, I'd have suggested linux-meta-*07:53
mdzwe only have 3 architectures; we could hardcode it07:53
Kamionwe could put grep-dctrl in base and then I could use that :)07:54
thommdz: i'll take 206307:54
mdzthom: thanks07:54
mdzapt-cache -n search '^linux-(.86|k7|power|amd64)'07:55
Kamionthere might be a better way, testing now07:55
thomoh. for powernow on amd64 it seems like the only module is powernow-k8; i could just hardcode that based on uname -m :/07:55
mdzthom: WFM07:56
Kamionhm, no, apt-cache search doesn't look at descriptions07:58
Kamionmdz: you know, "apt-cache search 'Complete Linux kernel on'" is actually slightly less gross :)07:59
mdzKamion: ewwww07:59
mdzapt-cache search -n '^linux-' | grep -v '^linux-image'08:00
Kamionreturns linux-headers08:00
=== mdz cries
mdzwow, #ubuntu really is a cesspool now08:01
mdzbut a cesspool of 220 persons(!)08:01
mdzwhen did we gain another 40?08:01
mdzdid the live cd announcement go out? :-)08:01
Kamion# apt-cache -n search ^linux- | head -n 108:02
Kamionklogd - Kernel Logging Daemon08:02
thomand 550 mails on the bugs list over the weekend *sob*08:02
Kamionso the grep really is needed08:02
Kamionmdz: apt-cache search -n ^linux- | grep ^linux- | grep -v 'linux-\(doc\|.*headers\|.*modules\|patch\|source\|tree\)'08:02
Kamionreturns the right set ...08:03
KamionI'm rather tempted to suggest renaming the packages while we still can, though08:04
mdzI am very partial to the simple linux-foo naming08:04
Kamionit really sucks for greppability, though08:05
mdzone day you will be able to "apt-get install linux" and have it DTRT :-)08:05
thomdpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -S -sa  21.50s user 52.98s system 20% cpu 5:57.91 total 08:06
thomgosh, i wonder what package that could be08:06
thommdz: oh, hey. everytime i reboot, my evms partition doesn't work till i rerun evmsn - i don't get /dev/evms entries till then08:07
thomhave i missed something obvious?08:08
mdzreally? that's odd08:08
mdzwhat if you run evms_activate?08:08
mdzoh, I know what it is08:08
mdzthom: your evms volumes are on a device that is created when hotplug runs08:08
mdzand evms runs ahead of hotplug08:08
thomah, yep.08:08
mdzit should probably re-run after hotplug08:09
thomor get kicked by udev for certain types of things getting loaded?08:09
mdzcurrently there's no way to tell it only to discover volumes on a certain device08:12
mdzbut that'd be handy08:12
thomthat seems to be the way things are heading08:13
thombut yeah, i have /dev/evms/home        143G  5.9G  137G   5% /home and it seems to be working nicely - xfs over software raid1 on serial ata08:14
mdzthom: configured from the ground up with evms?08:16
thomthe manual is pretty decent08:18
mdzso nice to be able to build a volume like that without prodding 3 or 4 different subsystems with their own config files08:18
thomespecially since evmsgui is just nicely clicky-clicky :-)08:19
mdzone of these days someone will write a decent CLI for it08:19
thom(you should include a .desktop file for it and include it in System Config)08:19
mdzwith zsh tab completion *swoon*08:19
thomheh, that'd be nice08:19
mdzthom: I *so* don't want that support headache :-)08:19
mdzthe GUI, while very nice, is not exactly desktop-user-friendly08:20
thomnot quite, no08:20
thomit'd be cool tho08:21
=== thom -> cinema, bbl
thomfirefox is crawling up my adsl08:21
mdzanyone have a 30-second tutorial to set up outbound smtp auth in postfix?08:46
tsengdoesnt look to hook into pam there08:55
mdztseng: it uses sasl for outbound?09:02
tsengoh im sorry i misunderstood09:02
tsengyou want your mta to send smtp auth to another mta?09:03
tsenghm its in the bok09:04
tsengsmtpd_sasl_auth_enable = yes09:09
tsenger, -d09:09
hazmatthere's some docs for it on gentoo.org09:09
tsengsmtp_sasl_password_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/sasl_password09:09
tsenghazmat: that doc is ridiculous09:09
elmo_62 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.09:09
elmo_since 6am this morning! (i.e. like, 14 hours ago).. you guys are KraZY09:10
tsengora.com        kdent:Password09:10
tsengis the example sasl_passwd file09:10
hazmattseng, why is that?09:10
tsenghazmat: um09:11
tsengfor one thing it uses pam_mysql to read mysql user info when sasl can do it directly09:11
=== carlos_ [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengalso it uses $variable to denote variables to be filled in my the user09:12
tsengand also literally a variable, like $mydomain09:13
tsengthat confused the hell out of people.09:13
hazmatits been updated in the last week09:13
tsenghm, by whom?09:14
tsengit still sucks09:15
tsengfor the same reasons09:15
tsengvirtual_minimum_uid = 100009:15
tsengvirtual_gid_maps = static:$vmail-gid09:15
tsengif you werent paying close attention, you wouldnt replace $vmail-gid with say, 100109:16
tsengbecause postfix uses $variable as well09:16
tsengoh well.09:18
hazmatdunno, but its also one of the few good howto docs on how to set it up on the net.. 09:18
hazmatmdz, http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Email_System_for_the_Home_Network09:18
tsenggood being relative09:18
tsengoh, you are talking about that ^ ?09:19
danielshazmat: cairo09:19
tsenghttp://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/virt-mail-howto.xml is how i mean09:19
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hazmattseng, i know, there were two different topics09:19
hazmatthe link above answers mdz's question though09:19
=== tseng shrugs
tsenggood deal then09:20
hazmatbut i was curious about your condemenation of the virt mail howto, as i've used it before09:20
tsengive helped a bunch of people with it09:20
tsengit was a painful experience every time09:21
tsenghm who is martin pitt on irc?09:23
=== seb128 [~seb128@AAubervilliers-105-1-2-128.w80-15.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ggitseng: pitti09:28
pittiggi: yes, what's up?09:29
ggipitti: Nothing, tseng asked who Martin Pitt was on irc.09:30
pittiggi: ah; I just rejoined (just did a Warty installation)09:30
hazmatare there seperate team mailing lists?09:30
mdzhazmat: not yet, currently everything is on ubuntu-devel09:34
pittiArgh, why does bugzilla erase any field when an input is wrong? It just ate my bug report... In addition, I _did_ specify a component (although I was told that I didn't)09:39
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mdzseb128: here?09:42
seb128and wanted to ping you about the patches for the control-center09:42
tsengpitti: im brandon on "hald segfaults"09:43
seb128what do you think about Vincent's patch ?09:43
tsengpitti: tracking it down further atm09:43
pittitseng: ah, it still does not work now?09:43
tsengbut i found the probable cause09:43
mdzseb128: I wanted to ping you about #194309:43
tsengthe last device it looks at before crashing is my ipw2200 on irq1109:44
mdzseb128: I think we should upload the quick fix that I used now, and then see about cleaning it up right09:44
tsengim using pci=noacpi because of bug 125409:44
mdzseb128: we need to do something for the users whose systems are broken right now09:44
seb128mdz: ok fine, I've the package ready and tested it the whole day09:44
tsengwhen i boot w/o noacpi, hald does not segfault09:45
seb128just wanted to check with you09:45
mdzseb128: ok, great, please go ahead and upload09:45
pittitseng: thanks for exploring this.09:45
tsengnot sure if it doesnt see the ipw2200 at all, or if it doesnt like being on the other irq09:45
seb128I've tried to ping you some hours ago, but was just after you left09:45
pittitseng: nevertheless hal should not segfault09:45
seb128mdz: ok09:45
tsengi should try verbose w/o noacpi09:45
tsengsee if it looks at the ipw09:45
tsengthis seemed to work all fine with
pittitseng: do you have the time and skills to debug hal? Or can you let me onto a noncritical machine?09:46
tsengyou can do it on here, nothing very critical09:47
tsengjust dont rm my homework09:47
tsenglemme grab that key09:47
pittitseng: actually I do not want do modify anything (not even install a new package), but I need root to debug hal09:48
tsengyes thats fine09:48
tsengim setup in the broken environment now09:48
pittitseng: broken env?09:49
tsengyes, conditions set for a segfault09:49
pittitseng: you plugin this card=09:49
pittitseng: s/=/?/09:49
tsengno, if i boot without pci=noacpi, the card does not work (irq conflict) but hald dose09:50
tsengif i boot with, the card works, hal does not09:50
tsenglet me make a port forward here right quick09:51
pittitseng: I have to reboot as well (new kernel), see you in some minutes09:51
pittitseng: brb09:52
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mdzpitti: eek, #206910:20
mdzpitti: will you take care of it?10:20
pittimdz: I can do10:20
pittimdz: BTW, I just got yet another hal segfault10:21
pittimdz: sometimes I wish hal was written in python10:21
pittitseng: can you please download http://www.piware.de/hal_0.2.98-1ubuntu6_i386.deb, install it with dpkg -i and check whether hal works now?10:27
tsengpitti: the pkg restarted dbus10:28
pittitseng: please be aware that hal upgrade will kill gnome-volume-manager (bug #1551), so you need to logout and in if you actually want your devices mounted10:28
tsengpitti: and hald is running now10:28
tsenghal       6337  4.3  0.7  5480 4096 ?        Ss   16:28   0:00 /usr/sbin/hald --drop-privileges10:28
pittitseng: thanks!10:28
tsengyou rock, etc10:28
pittitseng: thanks for letting me onto your machine. You should remove my ssh key10:29
tsengyeah im on it10:29
pittitseng: I removed my files (up to the backdoors, of course :-), so you should not need to clean up anything other10:29
mdzheh, mounting with noatime severely confuses mutt10:43
=== pitti 's head smokes. Good night everybody!
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tsengcould someone get rid of that pyramid dude?11:20
tsenghe's ridiculous.11:20
mdzno sleep last night...a nap is called for11:25
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