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fabbionedaniels: you here?10:25
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fabbionewe need to find a solution for that bug.10:26
fabbionesimply because we do not agree within eachother10:26
fabbionei need to know kinda asap what to do10:26
mdzfabbione: what do you propose?10:27
fabbione1) if we hit the via driver: we prompt for a warning and ask for the driver to use. We do not probe on via (never!)10:27
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fabbionethe warning won't be translated (too bad but better than nothing)10:28
mdzif we ask, what do we present as the default?10:28
mdzbecause that is what everyone will use10:28
fabbioneall the changes are contained in xserver10:28
fabbionemdz: we can default to vesa10:28
fabbionemdz: writing a proper warning isn't a problem10:28
fabbionemdz: explaning that the via driver is known to be buggy10:29
mdzif we default to vesa, we may as well not ask the question10:29
mdzif the user truly wants via, they can reconfigure10:29
fabbionemdz: i disagree10:29
fabbionethe vesa driver fails10:29
mdzhopefully if they do so they will accept the consequences10:29
fabbioneas much as the via does10:29
fabbioneso between the 2 worst solutions i rather prefer the user to make a choise 10:30
mdzit does?10:30
fabbionemdz: yes. it is the same reason why if we cannot detect the driver we ASK for it and we don't default to vesa anymore10:30
mdzknoppix falls back to vesa if it can't detect something better10:31
mdzand that has worked very well for me in the past10:31
fabbionewell it is not good enough for everybody. there was a bug for it10:31
fabbioneotherwise i would have left vesa as default10:32
mdzif we don't have a fallback to use when we can't detect, we are in trouble, because we will never be able to detect 100%10:32
fabbionewe ask if we cannot detect10:33
mdzwhat was the bug with vesa?10:33
fabbionei need to check the bug number10:33
fabbionei can't remember it on the fly10:33
mdzdo you remember what it was about?10:33
fabbionei am searching for it.... but basically the vesa driver didn't work at all on the card that was not detected10:35
fabbionei can't find the bug.. probably it was on the sounder mailing list10:37
fabbionebut i am sure about it10:37
fabbionexfree86 (4.3.0.dfsg.1-6ubuntu5) warty; urgency=low10:38
fabbione  * Do not ask for video card driver. If we cannot autodetect, we10:38
fabbione    switch automatically to a sane default.10:38
fabbionexfree86 (4.3.0.dfsg.1-6ubuntu12) warty; urgency=low10:39
fabbione  * Turned the video driver question back on if there is no autodetection.10:39
fabbione    DEFAULT=vesa is not enough.10:39
fabbioneit was somewhere on a mailing list10:39
fabbionethere is no bug reference10:39
danielsfabbione: pong10:52
danielshi, sorry10:52
danielsso, as far as I can tell, the status is:10:52
danielsa) via driver causes lockups, doesn't work on most machines10:52
danielsb) vesa doesn't cause lockups, but flat-out doesn't work on some machines10:52
danielsmy position is that we shouldn't use the via driver at all, and should use vesa in all cases10:53
danielsbut since we not only shouldn't use it to probe, but shouldn't use it at all, the fix needs to go in xserver-xfree86, which needs to either use vesa, or ask10:53
danielsthe via driver is in the worst shape of all our drivers right now, afaict10:54
mdzif we detect that we should use via, let's treat it the same as failed detection11:01
mdzthe new user will just press enter, and hopefully that will work11:02
mdzthe advanced user might select via, but then they will know what to do if it breaks11:02
fabbionemdz: ok so i will default to vesa and ask if we detect via11:04
fabbionein case of via i will still ban the probe11:04
mdzfabbione: yes. that is basically what you suggested, right?11:04
fabbionethat means asking for resolution11:04
fabbionemdz: yes11:04
fabbionedaniels: do you agree with this solution+11:06
danielsfabbione: agreed11:06
danielsit seems like the best solution to me11:07
fabbionedaniels: how safe is to use xresprobe vesa?11:07
fabbionei need to go and pick up my mother11:10
danielsfabbione: it's perfectly safe11:12
danielscrt -> ddc probe -> ok11:12
danielslcd -> no-op -> ask for res11:12
danielspppconfig SHITS ME11:14
fabbionedaniels: ok :-)11:51
danielsfabbione: see my comment on 187811:54
fabbionedaniels: ok11:55
fabbioneit's interesting to install in pt_BR language to test one bug ;)11:59
fabbioneok back to ubuntu-devel12:00
fabbionethanks guys12:00
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danielsheh :)12:00
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