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limiso, where are all the resources hidden at the moment? want to move the declarations out of lp/resources.zcml, where should I put them?12:43
limidaf: you aren't really idling ;)12:44
dafno, I'm not12:44
dafbut I'm not working :)12:44
limifigured it out ;)12:45
limiI'll just keep them in lp for now12:45
limiwow, it actually worked :] 12:48
=== limi upgrades his Z3 zen
laloz3 is full of fnords12:52
laloheh. that would be a nice slogan - "the OS with no fnords". Too bad the joke would be a bit obscure.12:53
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limistub: there?01:03
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stubjustdave: ping08:01
SteveAbrb -- rebooting09:59
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sabdflhey stub10:27
sabdfli have code for remote bug systems10:27
sabdflcommitting shortly10:27
stubjustdave: ping10:28
dafstub: there seems to be some agreement and no objections on the removal of schema owners -- shall we go ahead with it?10:30
sabdfldaf: please don't10:31
stubsabdfl: Can I make owner nullable then?10:32
sabdflschemas are not actually meant to be used the way rosetta is currently using them10:32
sabdflstub: not for the moment10:32
sabdflthe longer term plan for schemas is to have someone able to say "i want to create a new schema"10:33
sabdflthen they can add labels to that schema etc10:33
sabdfland they would of course own that schema10:33
stubSo does rosetta need a table(s) to replace Schema that it can use instead?10:37
dafsabdfl: ok10:38
dafsabdfl: we discussed this on the mailing list, and there were no objections, so I thought there was agreement10:38
dafso the thing to do is to create a new table for the thing we're using schemas for10:39
SteveAdaf: if the schema isn't going to be edited in the application while it is running, then we shouldn't be using a schema.10:42
SteveAlifeless: thanks for merging the zope.10:43
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cprovcarlos: morning11:17
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stubIs there an easy way to see pqm status atm?11:56
elmo_you mean "is it inf looping" oir something more useful?11:57
stubI want to see if my pqm request got to the queue before my machine locked up.11:57
stubDoh... i should check my mail log :-)11:57
elmo_the queue dir (if not the files) is world readable in /home/pqm/arch/queue/11:57
elmo_combined with 'ps auxfw' it's fairly easy to see what it's doing11:58
sabdfllifeless: ping, again12:03
sabdflstub: just sent pqm mail for merging bugsystem adding / editing12:51
sabdflstub: am trying to figure out what if anything will break if we update the production environment to current rocketfuel12:52
stubjustdave: ping12:52
sabdfli need the bugsystem add/edit stuff in place so justdave can capture his top100 bugzillas12:52
sabdflalso, need the new project/product setup in place, which is working in rocketfuel12:53
stubWhich we need lifeless for I guess, since it is his baby that is currently running live12:53
sabdflyes, need to figure out what will break if we update12:53
stubTime for a staging server?12:53
sabdflcould be :-)12:54
stubI can easily create a duplicate of the database on emperor - just need to decide on where to run a staging instance of rocketfuel for testing12:54
sabdflthe harder bit is figurering out which parts to test12:55
=== stub hopes it wasn't him
SteveAI'd really like us to have a staging server12:56
SteveAlike, soon12:56
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SteveAhi alex12:58
stubFor launchpad at least, it doesn't need a dedicated box although the box it runs on *will* need access to emperor12:58
SteveAI thought the staging server would work on a recent copy of emperor's database12:58
stubEmperors database might get rather large, so I suspect it would be impractical (in the long term - now it is fine)12:59
stubAlthough strictly speaking that is a nono, in case the staging server does nasty things to the database that cause the production systems to become unresponsive01:00
SteveAhow large is too large?01:00
stubThat question can only be answered in hindsight :-)01:01
spivstub: Let's get some hindsight then ;)01:01
SteveAin a sense, that would be nice problem to have01:01
SteveAit means we've got enough data to kick ass01:01
stubI guess we should just run with a local instance and cross the other bridge when we come to it01:01
stubI had some hindsight, but I've forgotten where I put it.01:01
limihi Steve01:02
limiand stub :)01:03
stublimi: Morning01:03
limiand spiv :)01:03
dafSteveA: ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive', u'http://namespaces.zope.org/apidoc', u'rootModule')01:03
dafSteveA: (when trying to run Launchpad with an updated Zope)01:03
SteveAdaf: update RF01:03
stubSteveA: Hmm... Z3 doesn't like sqlobject storing a connection cache - the test suite complains about garbage for every single test :-(01:06
SteveAcan we junk the cache?01:06
dafSteveA: ok, it starts now01:06
SteveAdoes it really gain us anything?01:06
SteveAalso, perhaps the connection cache should be registered with the placelesssetup's teardown01:09
SteveAthat way, we can trash the cache on each test01:09
stubSteveA: We already junk the cache - just at transaction start rather than end :-)01:10
carlosSteveA: I think the zope migration broke something here: http://localhost:8085/++skin++Debug/rosetta/prefs01:16
carlosit was working yesterday01:17
carlosThe problem is when it lists all languages we have in the database:01:18
carlosdef languages(self):01:18
carlos        return getUtility(ILanguages)01:18
carlos    *  Module zope.app.traversing.adapters, line 52, in traverse01:19
carlos      raise NotFoundError(subject, name)01:19
carlos      __traceback_info__: (<Language at 0x31ee88d0>, 'name', [] )01:19
carlosNotFoundError: (<Language at 0x31ee88d0>, 'name')01:19
SteveAcarlos: I'll take a look shortly'01:19
carlosok, thanks01:20
stubSteveA: placelesssetup won't help - it is all tests (not just the ones using placeless setup). Which means it isn't sqlos but sqlobject...01:24
limisabdfl: ok, changes checked in, want to update and have a look?01:26
sabdfllimi: will do01:26
dafcarlos: are there any other pages which exhibit the same problem?01:29
carlosdaf: not sure01:29
dafok, you don't know of any01:30
sabdfllimi: did you get the pqm success message?01:30
liminot yet, it seems01:30
sabdfllimi: ping me when you do, i can't fetch your patches till that's done01:31
carlosdaf: seems like the problem is only with the getUtility(Languages)01:31
sabdflstub: just updated the malone dia to include assignee on both sourcepackagebugassignment and productbugassignment01:31
limisabdfl: yup, thought it was pretty much instant these days01:31
carlosdaf: we have also a problem with the http://localhost:8085/rosetta/projects/gnome/evolution/ template, it does not lists anymore the list of resources to translate, so the navigation is broken01:32
dafcarlos: right, we know about the navigation problem01:32
sabdflstub: we need to change SourcepackageBugAssignment.binarypackage to SourcepackageBugAssignment.binarypackagename and of course point it at the correct table01:32
dafcarlos: Steve has a pending fix for that which should be merged soon01:32
stubsabdfl: Ta. Should I be keeping them up to date? (I thought we were not going to worry)01:32
dafcarlos: why do you think that getUtility(ILanguages) is involved?01:32
sabdflstub: it's nice to see the system as a whole, visually, but it's low priority, renice the task :-)01:32
carlosdaf: because it's what the template is using01:33
stubsabdfl: I don't understand why we would want to link the assignment to the binarypackagename rather than the binarypackage01:34
carloswe have:01:34
carlos<div metal:fill-slot="main"01:34
carlos     tal:define="languages view/languages">01:34
carlosand then:01:34
carlos<option tal:repeat="language languages"01:34
carlos                            tal:content="language/name"01:34
carlos                            tal:attributes="name language/code" />01:34
carlosand view/languages is a call to getUtility01:34
carlosthe other option is that tal is broken01:34
dafSteve and I are debugging it, and it seems to us that there's a problem with authentication01:35
sabdflstub: binarypackage *used to* be a virtual thing01:37
sabdflnow it's basically a single deb01:37
sabdflon a single architecture01:37
sabdflbuilt for a specific processor01:37
sabdflfor a single versioned releasre01:37
sabdflwhat you want to be saying is "this bug is in that sourcepackage, but it shows up in the binary package called foo"01:38
dafsabdfl: in that case, it's a confusing table name :)01:38
sabdflin the previous iteration of the dbschema for this stuff i had a "binarypackge" which was name/title/description, and "binarypackagebuild" which was the deb01:39
sabdfldaf: whats a better one?01:39
dafsabdfl: not sure01:39
sabdflping when you are :-)01:39
dafwhen you say "binary package", I think of it in the abstract01:39
stubsabdfl: So why do you want to link a sourcepackagebugassignment to a set of binarypackages that happen to have the same name?01:39
dafnot a specific file01:39
limisabdfl: arch is happy01:39
dafsabdfl: I think "BinaryPackageBuild" was a better name01:40
sabdfldaf: unfortunately, that is confusing too01:41
sabdflbecause we actually record builds as well01:41
limi:] 01:41
sabdflso we can tell you information about how long, when etc the package was built01:41
sabdfllimi: i see some patches from you, will have a look now01:42
limibtw, is Lurker running on top of Mailman, or are they independent?01:43
stubsabdfl: I thought the user would report the specific binarypackage (version, platform etc.), which we could then use to create a confirmed buginfestation (the binarypackage that was reported), and whole heap of possible bug infestations (earlier builds, later builds)01:44
sabdfllimi: mailman handles all the mailing list traffic01:44
sabdflit then passes a copy of each message to lurker01:44
limiaha, so it's independent01:45
limijust curious :)01:45
sabdflso we need skins for the mailman registration, deregistration pages01:45
sabdflfor the rest we will just use lurker i think01:45
=== limi was talking to Barry Warsaw about using ZPT for Mailman 3 earlier
sabdflstub: yes, that data goes into buginfestation01:45
sabdflnot bugassignment01:45
sabdflassignment is all about "who's going to fix it"01:46
sabdflinfestation is all about "what was affected"01:46
sabdfllimi: ok, nice work, thank you01:47
stubsabdfl: So why is the sourcepackagebugassignmented linked to a binarypackagename at all then? Are we unable to infer the binarypackage infestation stuff from the sourcepackage?01:48
sabdflit has nothing to do with infestation, and more to do with organising who fixes it01:48
sabdflfor example, the XFree86 source package produces a zillion binary packages01:48
sabdfland different people care about different parts of it more01:48
sabdflsame with gnome, etc01:48
sabdflso they have a bunch of ways to organise the bugs assigned to "xfree86-server"01:49
sabdflpriority and severity are obvious01:49
sabdflbinarypackage is also useful in the packaging context01:49
sabdflbecause maintainer teams tend to organise themselves that way01:50
stubsabdfl: Ok. That all makes sense to me now :-)01:50
sabdflwe also give them the "assignee" field so they can actually say "bob will fix this"01:50
sabdfllater on, i want to add the ability for them to create their own schema and organise that way01:50
sabdflfor example, they might have some bugs which are "doc", some "branding", some "code", some "build"01:51
sabdflthey could create that schema, and organise the bugs assigned to their product or source package accordingly01:51
sabdflspiv: i think your scrapeddata table idea might actually have been a winner01:51
spivsabdfl: Heh.  Why's that? :)01:52
sabdflbecause sf blocked this IP as soon as we started testing the script01:52
spivHow many IPs do we have? ;)01:54
elmo_128 ;-)01:54
Kinnisonmmmm loadbalanced DoS01:54
stubI assume that we can't just ask sf for a dump of the information we want?01:54
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sabdflstub: good assumption01:55
stubJust roll out the scraper with the ubuntu gold - 60,000 distributed scrapers :-)01:55
sabdflmake that 175,00001:56
limisabdfl: ok, want to go through the Malone changes quickly, or should we talk after lunch?01:58
sabdfllimi: can give some feedback right away01:59
=== limi brings out the note pad
sabdfllet's pass on nested followups till we have strong demand for it01:59
sabdflthat means we can flatten things out and just have a single follow-up section02:00
sabdfllet's order comments "newest first"02:00
sabdfland put the followup form above the comments, but default closed02:00
sabdflthe "people" portlet02:01
sabdflised to link to a page which let you edit the subscription, please restore the link02:01
sabdflused to, sorry02:01
limiI have no people data that I can see02:02
limithat's probably why it's missing ;)02:02
sabdflthe sample data does include some, are you working with that?02:02
sabdfllimi: ^?02:03
sabdflthe previous version did include the link02:03
limiyes, I believe I am02:03
limiwhat issue has people?02:03
limiI have one issue about Firefox SVG02:03
limiand one about deletion02:03
liminone of those seem to have people associated02:04
sabdflok, I will add some people, dump the db and commit it. 'sec02:04
limiI assume I can add my own too02:04
stubI was wondering it the People portlet should be renamed 'Subscribers' or 'Nosy' 02:06
stublimi: Yup02:06
limiok, anything else I should know? there are some remaining things like colorization of status etc that are not done yet, and I plan on fixing after lunch02:06
BradBstub: oh yeah, it looks like we'll need ignore for, as mark noted, cases where the sourcepackage maintainer changes02:07
sabdfllimi: yes, you can02:07
limiok, then it should be easy to fix :)02:07
sabdfllimi: external references02:07
sabdflfor CVS types we want the following:02:08
limiyes, wondered a bit about that - can I create categories?02:08
sabdflwhich is a link to the correct url (i think it's right, thanks)02:08
stubBradB: Is this so if the sourcepackage maintainer changes they don't have to go and subscribe to all the open bugs?02:08
sabdfland the mouseover should give you the description02:08
sabdflfor URL's:02:08
limibut it should have something like "CVE:<number>" as title?02:08
BradBstub: yeah, so that we don't have to un and resubscribe a person to bugs in this scenario02:08
sabdfllimi not title, the visible text in the portlet should just be "CVE:data" where data is from the data field02:09
sabdflthat text should be a link to the CVE page, as it is crrently02:09
sabdfland when you mouse over the link, the tooltip should be the full description02:09
BradBstub: and the point is, well, if you're a sourcepackage maintainer then tough, you're responsible for getting annoyed^Winformed about bugs reported and can't turn that off for now :)02:10
sabdflfor URL type, we want a different handling02:10
sabdflthe text in the portlet should be the URL for the moment (we will get a title to replace this with)02:10
sabdflthat url text should be a link to the... url :-)02:10
limiok, that's what confused me - because I had no proper title to show there02:11
sabdfland again the mouseover tooltip should be the description02:12
sabdflwe'll get one02:12
limias long as everything has title and description, I'm a happy UI designer :] 02:12
limimakes everything much easier to represent sanely02:13
sabdflwell, we want to change it to title and shortdesc, but i'll leave the interface in place so you don't need to change it02:13
limialso added some explanatory text to the headings of portlets, see if you like that approach02:13
limiBug Watches is an example02:14
sabdflwhere do i see the text?02:14
liminot all portlets have it yet02:14
limijust testing it on Bug Watches02:15
sabdflok, i don't see it on BugWatches02:15
sabdflcan we make the people list more compact?02:15
limiwhen hovering the header?02:15
limisabdfl: yes, as I have no people, I haven't had a chance to look at that properly yet :)02:15
sabdflok, is that enough feedback till this afternoon?02:16
limistrange, should be there - it's a normal title attribute - which browser are you on?02:16
sabdflfirefox 1.002:16
limiyes, I believe so - I have some web site stuff to fix for Lu too02:16
sabdflok, thanks02:16
limiok, Firefox 1.0 here too02:16
sabdfllu gets two hours a day from you per my deal with her :-)02:16
limiyes ;)02:16
=== limi feels like his soul is being bargained with ;)
limi"you can have two hours of limi time if I get..." ;902:17
limiok, thanks for the feedback - we still have to come up with something good for the Product/SourcePackage assignments, not entirely happy with those02:18
limisee you in a bit02:18
SteveAcarlos: I have found a bug02:22
SteveArosetta-preferences.pt:                            tal:content="language/name"02:22
carlosSteveA: where?02:22
SteveAa Language object does not have a name attribute02:22
SteveAthat is the bug02:24
carloslet me check02:24
SteveAif I change that to language/englishName, the prefs page works02:24
SteveAso, it is not a change in zope02:24
carlossorry, I did assume that the template was right02:25
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stubBradB: canonical/lp/z3batching - is that our code or Zope corps?02:28
BradBzope corp02:29
BradBwritten by stephan, i think02:30
BradBbatching.py is what I did to extend it for our uses.02:30
stubok. it should probably live in lib/z3batching rather than lib/canonical/lp/z3batching then (although not urgent). 02:32
carlosarchzoom is sloooooooe02:33
carlosarchzoom is slooooooow02:33
carlosSteveA: are you fixing the template or should I do it?02:37
SteveAplease do it02:39
dafBradB: is this something which should be pushed upstream?02:40
SteveAI don't think we want it in lib/z3batching particularly02:40
SteveAI mean, it does no harm there I suppose02:40
dafif it's Canonical-specific, shouldn't it be in lib/canonical?02:40
stubWoohoo... found the test suite litterer 02:41
carloslimi: where are now the account settings ?02:46
carlosto change name, surname and password?02:47
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dilysNew bug 2077 for Launchpad/Librarian: Librarian test suites disabled02:56
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SteveAhey kiko03:04
SteveAgood flight back?03:04
sabdflstub: ping (brad here on mark's machine)03:05
stubsabdfl: pong03:06
sabdflso, we're having a problem with vocabularies. when a vocabulary is named (i.e. specified as a string), the value gets saved to the database, however it does not get displayed in the widget properly on rerendering. i'm told you're the guy who might have the quickest answer as to why that might be.03:07
stubSo the select box has integers or something stoopid instead of nice text?03:08
stub(There were some changes recently made in Z3 making the vocabularies better, which will be the cause of this)03:09
cprovsabdfl: w3.sf.net has just unblocked our IP, do you have time to see some previous results of *nicole* ?03:11
elmo_cprov: sabdfl's wandered off - he's on the phone to lifeless03:11
cprovelmo_: aha :)03:11
=== daf wonders who Nicole is
=== lalo [~lalo@] has joined #launchpad
carlosdaf: something like dilys? a.k.a. a bot :-P03:14
kikohey st03:14
kikohey SteveA03:14
kikoyeah, was okay (slept all 11h of it, unsurprisingly)03:14
cprovdaf: ask elmo_, but in our context is a script to grab info about sourcepackages names on SF and FM and insert it in DOAP system03:14
sabdflstub: no, as in, it's loaded properly, but it's not selecting the correct option (i.e. the one we just chose and saved)03:15
kikofala cprov, debonzi03:17
stubOh - the default value is not correctly selected when the form is loaded? I've got a bugzilla bug open on that one. I had a quick look when I was doing that but couldn't see the problem. Don't know if it is a Z3 bug or mine.03:17
kikohey sabdfl, BradB, elmo_03:17
sabdflyo kiko03:17
kikohow's the good life03:17
dafcprov: ah03:17
elmo_sabdfl: impostor03:17
cprovkiko: !03:18
kikofala big cprov03:18
sabdflstub: not the default value; the one we just saved03:18
elmo_kiko: cprov and debonzi have like totally slacked off since you left dude.. it's terrible.. they're like out the door at 5 and stuff.. in the pub the rest of the vening03:18
cprovelmo_: lol03:18
kikoelmo_, thanks for the feedback. I'm going to turn off their oxygen allowance for wednesday03:18
debonzikiko, opa03:19
stubsabdfl: Yes - I think we are talking about the same thing. It didn't seem a show stopper so I dumped it from short term memory straight into bugzilla, and thus can't quite remember the details :-)03:19
sabdflit seems like a showstopper to me03:19
sabdflto the user, it makes it look like the value they just selected didn't get saved03:20
stubsabdfl: At the time, the users were just going to be us. Now Mark wants it more public so the priority has changed on it I guess ;)03:21
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stubdaf: is it trivial to make dilys pull the subject from an arch commit email and echo it here?03:23
dafstub: should be03:24
=== limi is still annoyed by the fact that PQM doesn't include the check-in message when you get a success notice
dafstub: spiv has been threatening to do this for a while03:24
dafstub: the code is in daf@muse.19inch.net--2004/dilys--devel--003:24
limihard to know which commit failed03:24
daflimi: file a bug :)03:24
limiis there a dedicated tracker for that?03:24
dafthere's a place for filing them03:24
carlosdaf: could you help me to understand some code you wrote?03:25
dafjudging by https://bugzilla.warthogs.hbd.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1899, it's the LP bug tracker03:25
limiin relation to canonical, or gnu arch?03:25
dafcarlos: sure03:25
carloswell, it's only to check if I'm understanding it correctly03:25
carlosbrowser.py line #880 the for sentence03:26
daflimi: PQM is lifeless' fault03:26
carloswell, the whole for block03:26
limiok ;)03:26
dafcarlos: it says "continue"03:26
carlosdo we have the same file ?03:27
dafoops, sorry03:27
dafvim was confusing me03:27
daffor index in new_translations:03:27
carlosyes, that one03:27
dafnew_translations is a dictionary03:28
dafmapping plural forms to translations03:28
stubdaf: you got a sftp: line for that archive or something?03:28
dafstub: http://muse.19inch.net/~daf/arch/03:28
carlosok, but you are not setting the old translation as noncurrent or something like that03:28
dafthat should happen in makeTranslationSighting, shouldn't it?03:29
carlosdaf: true03:30
dafif the code is not clear, perhaps it should be changed03:31
carlosdaf: no, don't worry, I think this time I'm the problem here :-P03:32
carloslunch time03:34
carlossee you later03:34
sabdflstub: i (brad) am going to write a unit test for TitledTableVocabulary to hopefully expose the problem behind this bug, and accidentally write down how to use vocabularies03:35
stubok. That code is a bit of a mess due to some column changes so feel free to refactor it :-)03:36
sabdflok :)03:36
SteveAwell -- let's get a unit test for it first03:38
sabdflstub: so first off (writing the doctest) what is a TitledTableVocabulary?03:38
SteveAbrad -- change your nick!03:39
=== sabdfl is now known as bradb_
bradb_i enjoyed being a cosmonaut for a while there03:39
SteveAthere we were thinking mark could type on irc while on an intense phone call waving his arms around03:39
elmo_I told y'all he was an impostor03:40
stubA TitledTableVocabulary is an IIterableVocabulary that pulls its items from a database table with a 'title' column.03:40
stubWhich is a stupid name now that the tables don't have title columns...03:40
SteveAstub: did you see the zope3 vocab refactorings?03:40
SteveAthey aren't so severe really03:40
SteveAmainly, getQuery is gone (hurrah)03:40
stubSteveA: Haven't looked yet - doesn't seem to have affected us03:40
SteveAand the vocabulary interfaces have a better hierarchy03:41
=== SteveA tries to spell heirarchy
stubSteveA: I never bothered to wrap my brain around the query stuff03:41
dafstub: hierarchy03:42
SteveAdaf: yes, I know03:43
SteveAbut I tend to type it before I remember how to spell it03:43
bradb_stub: IOW a TTV is a listing of the values in the column "title" of a table, keyed by, well, the PK (probably called id, or some such), right?03:43
stubbradb_: Pretty much. Z3 terminology might be a bit different (tokens and whatnot)03:44
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Kinnisonspiv: ping?04:09
kikobradb_, did you check out my changes cprov landed to paging?04:11
=== carlos is back
limistub: can we fix it so that the list of comments show latest first, and so that I have a comment # to print in the header?04:38
stublimi: Sure04:38
limiI want to be able to say "This is comment #3" etc04:39
limithat way I can generate anchors too04:39
limiwhich is useful :)04:39
stubIf I could find anything... 04:43
dafstub: you too, eh?04:44
stubEverything seems scattered :-( zcml in canonical/malone which references templates somewhere else... urgh...04:45
SteveAtemplates are all in one place04:47
SteveAfor all else, use ctags :-)04:47
kikostub, I hand-hacked some ../s into your code, I apologize up-front04:47
limiyes, the moving of all templates to one dir could have been handled better ;)04:47
=== limi has added ../ too
carlosdaf: I will leave in about 15 minutes for about two hours, do you need anything from me? (I think I will be able to close #2065 before leaving)04:48
kikoI would rather templates be gradually migrated back to app-specific locations 04:48
kikoafter the mass duping is fixed04:48
dafcarlos: don't think so04:48
limistub: what is the correct expression to edit a subscription? I seem to have deleted it by accident when I did the portlet rewrite04:49
stuberm - the url to the edit page you mean?04:49
stubkiko: I don't see what the templates had to do with duping at all 04:50
limistub: yes04:50
limiit is probably a TAL expression to get the correct subscription etc04:51
limiI don't know how to retrieve an older version of the template with arch04:51
daflimi: you can do tla get launchpad--devel--0--patch-NNN if you know the NNN04:52
limiI don't ;)04:52
daflimi: of course, the problem is knowing NNN :)04:52
dafI think there's a tool which could help04:52
limiwe don't have anything like ViewCVS or svn history?04:52
daflimi: ArchZoom is a bit like ViewCVS04:53
limiURL for archzoom?04:53
dafI don't know how to use ArchZoom to view the history a file04:53
limioh, ok04:53
dafhttps://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/archzoom/alexander.limi@canonical.com--2004/launchpad--devel--0 is probably where you want to start looking04:54
stublimi: $bug.id/watches/+new04:56
kikostub, well, basically, templates that implemented the same thing were duped, but they were hardly the main issue.04:56
kikowe can move them back..04:56
stublimi: Sorry - that is for a new one. $bug.id/watches/$watch.id/+edit04:57
stublimi: ignore that. it isn't watches.04:58
stub$bug.id/people/+new and $bug.id/people/$subscriber.id/+edit04:59
limirenamed the People portlet to Subscribers, btw04:59
stubSteveA: So you would advocate just sticking *everything* in a single directory? Thats about as central as we can get! :-)05:01
stubHmm... arch handles symlinks... this might be fixable...05:02
limistub:                tal:attributes="href string:$bug.id/people/$subscriber.id/+edit" doesn't work, I assume there are some qualifiers missing?05:04
stubOh... that wasn't tal I read out...05:04
limiwell, TAL is the only thing that works here ;)05:05
daflimi: ${bug.id}/people/${subscriber.id}/+edit ?05:05
=== limi tests
stubprobably not - simplest to pull it out of arch zoom, or wait until I can find the relevant class that will tell me the answer05:06
limiarchzoom makes no sense to me05:08
elmo_ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM05:08
elmo_(mazda stole my brain)05:08
dafbradb_: can I ask you a quick question about BatchNavigator?05:09
dafI have to do this:05:09
dafBatchNavigator(Batch(foo, 0, 20), self.request)05:10
limistub: would be nice if you could find it, so I can check this in and move on to work on the website stuff - this is the last piece I'm missing :)05:10
dafit would be really nice to have a convenience method which makes the Batch for me05:10
dafsince I have to look at paramters to work out the start and end05:10
dafi.e. magicBatchNavigatorMaker(foo, self.request)05:11
stublimi: I can't do the message sorting until the codereorg is done. Put it in bugzilla if you don't want it lost. You should be able to get the message id right now though by just doing tal:content="message/id" inside the tal:repeat="message context/messages"05:15
BradBdaf: Okay...I used to have them be the same object, but I intentionally split them apart.05:17
BradBdaf: Because it doesn't make sense for a BatchNavigator to behave like a Batch.05:18
stublimi: oh - might be able to do the sort05:18
dafBradB: fair enough -- I just want the BatchNavigator stuff to do the grubbing aroudn in the parameters for me :)05:18
limistub: the watch edit link is the most important right now :)05:19
dafBradB: you wouldn't necessarily modify BatchNavigator, just add a canonical.lp.batching.convenienceFunction05:19
dafBradB: something like this:05:25
dafdef navigatorMaker(list, request):05:25
daf    if 'batch_start' in request.form:05:25
daf        start = request.form['batch_start'] 05:25
daf    else:05:25
daf        start = 005:25
daf    if 'batch_end' in request.form:05:25
daf        end = request.form['batch_end'] 05:25
daf    else:05:26
daf        end = start + 2005:26
daf    return BatchNavigator(Batch(list, start, end), request)05:26
limiso there is really no way to say "give me the previous 5 versions of this template" in arch?05:27
daflimi: shrug05:31
dafthat would be really useful05:31
limiyou think? ;)05:33
limias a feature that every other versioning system has... yes.05:33
limistub: can't get message/id to work05:34
limiModule zope.app.traversing.adapters, line 52, in traverse05:34
limiraise NotFoundError(subject, name)05:34
limi__traceback_info__: (<BugMessage at 0x387f590>, 'id\n name message', ['id'] )05:34
limiNotFoundError: (<BugMessage at 0x387f590>, 'id\n name messag05:34
stublimi: https://chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com/archzoom/rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0--patch-400/lib/canonical/malone/templates/bug-people-portlet.pt05:34
limihow did you find it?05:35
=== limi is utterly confused by the archzoom UI
stubfirst select the 'rocketfuel' archive at the top level05:35
stubThen the project (launchpad)05:36
stub(or actually the '0' under launchpad)05:36
stubFind a 'patch' that corresponds to the date you want to go back to. 05:36
stub(so no you can't see 'the previous version' as far as I know, which sucks)05:37
stubclick on, say 'patch-400'05:38
stubbrowse the tree till you find the file you want05:39
stublimi: message/id works for me - I suspect a tal error? I just replaced 'message/title' with 'message/id' in my copy and it worked.05:41
=== limi double checks
limiyup, missing semi-colon05:44
=== limi is used to python ;)
stubjustdave: ping05:47
limistub: can you enlighten me on the bug reference stuff? Mark said he wanted CVE:data in there, how do I get hold of that?05:51
spivKinnison: pong05:51
stubSo if it is a CVE reference you want to do tal:content="string:CVE:{ref/data}" ?05:54
dilysBug 2001 resolved: soyuz/distros/ubuntu has inconsistent use of +s05:54
dilysBug 1988 resolved: Personal information missing05:57
Kinnisonspiv: The librarian....06:00
Kinnisonspiv: It gives me a file id and an alias id when I upload a file06:01
Kinnisonspiv: what are they; what's the difference; do I need both to retrieve a file; what about the filename I give it; etc.06:01
spivAh, right.06:06
spivThe file id is a unique identifier for a particular blob of data.06:06
spivThe alias id is a name and mime type for a file id, because the same blob could potentially have many names.06:07
spiv(Or rather, the alias id is a unique identifier for the name & mime type...)06:09
spivBtw, have you seen bugs #1921 and #1922?06:11
Kinnisonso the fileid is the ref to the data, the aliasid is the ref to the (name,mimetype) tuple?06:11
spivAnd at the moment, we require both to access the data.06:12
=== Kinnison may come back to you about things later; but for now I'm elsewhere doing utility stuff for lucille
spivOk :)06:13
Kinnisonthanks for the explanantion though; it'd be cool if some use-cases were documented in there06:14
spivYeah, it would...06:14
spivLibrarian currently suffers from being code that isn't actually used yet ;)06:15
dilysNew bug 2078 for Launchpad/DOAP: Product doesn't match IProduct06:16
=== Kinnison imagines it'll start getting used a lot soon; what with malone and lucille surging forward
spivdaf: Ta :)06:16
dafspiv: welcome :)06:16
dafspiv: any better way of getting the total number of projects than Project.select().count()?06:17
spivdaf: Nope.06:18
spivWell... you could add a count = property(lambda self: self.select().count()) to the class definition ;)06:18
spivI'm not sure that that would be "better", though.06:19
stublimi: What times do you need me tomorrow?06:25
=== stub just read the email sent 2.5 hours ago
dafspiv: well, in this case, it's for a __len__ definition06:32
spivdaf: I'd leave it as Project.select().count(), I think :)06:32
stubdaf: So I should create that table as specified in your last email?06:36
stubdaf: Or should I do it tomorrow morning after there has been more discussion?06:38
dilysNew bug 2079 for Launchpad/Launchpad: x[y:z]  implicitly calls __getslice__ rather than __getitem__06:42
dafstub: it can wait until tomorrow06:42
limistub: my core time is 09:00-17:00 UTC06:53
limiso anytime during that06:53
stubok. I seem to be 03:00UTC onwards at the moment06:56
=== stub goes to bed
limigood night06:58
limisee you tomorrow06:58
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dafspiv: I'm getting an error on POST to /doap/projects/+new07:08
=== spiv looks
kikospiv, how's the beach?07:09
spivkiko: very nice :)07:09
spivI suddenly realised how pale my skin had become from three weeks in the UK ;)07:10
spivI didn't realise this apartment would be so ridiculously close to the beach (about 5-10 mins walk)07:11
daf    *  Module canonical.doap.browser, line 69, in newproject07:12
daf      homepageurl = self.form['homepageurl'] 07:12
=== spiv is very happy in Mallorca atm.
dafis the beach in range of the wireless? :)07:15
dafspiv: I think Mark wants this code working ASAP so he can demo it to someone07:15
spivdaf: Found it -- the template was calling that input 'url', rather than 'homepageurl'.07:23
spivFix in the works.07:23
dafah, I've also foudn it07:23
daffound it07:24
dafI've applied a temporary fix07:26
justdavestub: pong07:27
cprov spiv: have you seen bug #2007 ? can you give me some instructions ...07:29
stubjustdave: Are you happy with the check-watches.py code? I haven't tested it myself so I am unsure if it needs loving or not. Mark is keen to get this live with everything else.07:30
justdaveI would bet it's probably broken right now, I haven't touched it in a few weeks and I think I remember seeing some of the stuff it was depending on getting moved around (where the libraries are in the archive, etc)07:31
justdaveMark mentioned it to me last night, I was going to try to make sure it works again this afternoon07:32
stubI don't think the migration stuff is comlete yet :-/07:32
stubIt would be good if you can test it. I don't think the database definitions it would be using have changed, but I suspect you are correct about the libraries.07:33
spivcprov: I'll comment in the bug.07:36
cprovspiv: tks07:36
=== stub goes to bed, for real this time
dafspiv: DatabaseException: ERROR: new row for relation "project" violates check constraint "$2"07:37
justdaveyeah, all that's in there that I'm positive was working at one point is the code to actually pull the data out of Bugzilla.  Seems like the code to loop through the watch list and actually update the bug watches was only partially complete.07:42
justdavethat should be easy enough to polish off this afternoon though07:43
spivdaf: Check constraints:07:43
spiv    "$2" CHECK (name = lower(name))07:43
dafspiv: weird07:45
dafspiv: that check should be passing07:45
spiv(use \d tablename in psql to see that)07:47
=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
dafah, cunning07:47
dafhmm, something seems to be uppercasing the name somewhere07:48
daf                <input type="text" name="name" size="30"07:49
daf                       value="" style="text-transform: lowercase" />07:49
Kinnisonthat's only render-style though yes?07:50
spivThere's no guarantee that the browser will support that style attribute -- we need to handle this case more gracefully.07:50
dafthe problem was this:07:50
dafI'd typed O07:51
dafbut it was displaying it as o07:51
dafthe code should convert it to lowercase, I think07:51
dafit was still being submitted as O07:51
spivI see.  That's almost certainly valid behaviour for a browser to have :)07:51
dafyes, I agree07:51
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spivdaf: Similarly, we don't handle duplicate names gracefully either.07:53
dafright, error reporting is a more general problem07:53
dafit would be nice if it said "This project has no products." rather than "This project has the following products:" when there are no products07:54
spivAlso yes :)07:55
dafbugs! bugs! :)07:56
BradBstub: Why is the constraint for productbugassignment.product: "$2" FOREIGN KEY (product) REFERENCES sourcepackage(id)?08:16
BradBIt should be s/sourcepackage/product/ no?08:16
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=== daf leaves
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spivkiko: :)10:53
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