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Markus_Hi There.. Can somebody help my? Why isnt my serial mouse not recognized? Where can I change it?12:51
chrisaTry #ubuntu12:52
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Mithrandirmdz: any idea what to do about 1872?01:08
seb128jdub: here ?01:28
seb128these are documentation01:30
seb128and not in ubuntu (uploaded in deb after the warty freeze)01:30
seb128perhaps we want to include them somewhere ?01:31
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sivangjust removed lp and parport from system, still now sound device. this is after a fresh install on inspiron 820001:32
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seb128ok, time to sleep01:42
sivangnight seb12801:46
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mdzMithrandir: I wanted to ask you the same :-)02:40
mdzMithrandir: I think the bug is probably fixed; he needs to re-test02:41
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npmccallumanyone having problems with madwifi in the latest kernel release?04:11
mdzhaven't tried it04:18
mdzI will now04:18
npmccallummy madwifi card can't get a dhcp since I upgraded the kernel04:20
npmccallumit worked fine in previous kernels04:20
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mdzdoesn't seem to want to associate05:12
mdzI've never tested it with WEP before, though05:13
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=== daniels claims 1551.
fabbionemorning guys06:15
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danielsfabbione: could you please review the g-v-m change on http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/gnome-volume-manager ?06:26
danielsfabbione: basically, with ubuntu2, if you run /etc/init.d/dbus-1 stop, then g-v-m dies06:27
danielswith ubuntu3, it should work just fine if you restart dbus06:27
fabbionedaniels: gimme a few06:28
fabbionedaniels: i don't know much about g-v-m. did you write all that patch yourself?06:29
danielsfabbione: based on Kinnison's patch06:30
fabbionei don't know enough about g-v-m, but it seems ok06:32
fabbionedaniels: did you tested it?06:32
danielsfabbione: yeah, it works fine here06:33
danielshotplug smartcard reader, nautilus window pops up06:33
danielsrestart dbus with sudo /etc/init.d/dbus-1 restart06:33
fabbionedoes that means is going to break *? ;)06:34
danielswith ubuntu3, it should work just fine if you restart dbus06:34
danielsthen after that, hotplug smartcard reader, nautilus window pops up06:34
fabbioneit should or it does?06:34
=== fabbione bitches
danielsshould, and does :)06:36
fabbionego ahead06:36
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dokohow were all the newly imported "file conflicts" reports handled for warty?07:59
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fabbionedoko: argh08:29
fabbioneyou were slightly faster than me08:29
fabbionefor tetex-base08:29
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pittiMorning everybody!08:38
SuperLagany of you guys have Mono installed on your Ubuntu boxen?08:41
pittiSuperLag: I had it installed on Sid, for my diploma08:41
pittiSuperLag: should not make much of a difference on Ubuntu08:41
SuperLagI've added the lines to the repositories, according to the wiki page... but no workey.08:41
SuperLagSince you only requested a single operation it is extremely likely that the package is simply not installable and a bug report against that package should be filed.08:42
dokofabbione: just wanted to remove the file from the binary08:52
fabbionedoko: yes.. you need to fry it from the orig.tar.gz too afaik08:54
dokouggh, new source upload?08:54
fabbionedoko: yes08:56
fabbioneit's not in the diff.gz08:56
fabbioneif the file is not free you need to remove it from the orig.tar.gz too08:56
pittiSuperLag: sudo apt-get install -s mono works for me, all dependencies seem to be in place08:57
pittiSuperLag: I did not actually install the packages, though, but dependencies are checked in the simulation08:57
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fabbioneis 2022 really RC?09:01
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fabbionehey mdz09:55
fabbione4.13 ??09:55
fabbionewhere are you hooked up?09:55
fabbioneOrgName:    Level 3 Communications, Inc. 09:55
fabbionenot bad :-)09:55
mdzmy home away from home09:56
fabbionemdz: is 2022 really RC?09:56
mdzwhile my house is fumigated09:56
fabbioneyeah i read that ;)09:56
mdzfabbione: well, the last name implies that it is :-)09:56
fabbionemdz: well reading the bug i get a completely different idea09:57
fabbioneotherwise i wouldn't ask ;)09:57
mdzit doesn't seem RC for Warty09:57
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elmo_Mithrandir: ?10:07
Mithrandirelmo_: pong10:08
elmo_Mithrandir: do you know about epiphany-extensions on amd64?10:08
Mithrandirwhat about them?10:08
MithrandirI've never heard of them before. :)10:08
Mithrandirugh :/10:08
elmo_sgml-validator.c: In function `convert_to_utf8':10:09
elmo_sgml-validator.c:309: warning: passing arg 4 of `g_io_channel_read_chars' from incompatible pointer type10:09
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elmo_could you have a look at some stage and/or should I file a bug?10:09
MithrandirI'll look at it, but please file a bug10:09
dokomdz, Mithrandir: what is the decision on #1996?10:12
MithrandirI asked you to ask mdz10:15
Mithrandirtrivial fix, it seems10:16
sabdflanybody else having trouble with firefox stability?10:17
pittisabdfl: me10:17
pittisabdfl: It just crashes on some websites10:18
sabdflhangs and won't respond?10:18
pittisabdfl: but I could not reproduce this reliably10:18
pittisabdfl: no, no hangings so far10:18
pittisabdfl: It's a pity, mozilla has been rock solid for a long time now; sad to see such regressions10:19
azeemit's the wrath-of-epiphany10:20
sabdflperhaps they are suffering from "i want my favourite patch in 1.0" syndrome10:21
=== SuperLag is beginning to despise e-mail
hazmati can confirm having firefox stability issues, it randomly crashes for me as well10:22
sabdflor perhaps it's a packaging problem. thom?10:22
pittisabdfl, thom: https://financepilot-banking.mlp.de always crashes at my box the first or second time10:24
pittisabdfl, thom: this is the site I could reproduce it most reliably10:24
dokoand it's a memory hog, currently at 580M on my machine. you have to restart it every day (if it doesn't crash ;)10:25
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sabdflis gnome-nettool generally useful? should we be shipping it?10:34
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pittiHi seb128!10:37
seb128hello pitti 10:37
hazmatany consideration of replacing totem/gstreamer with something that works?10:45
hazmatlike xine/gxine10:45
pittihazmaz: apt-get install totem-xine (or xine-ui)10:45
pittihazmaz: we cannot do that by default because of patent restrictions10:46
pittihazmaz: BTW, personally I still prefer mplayer; this rocks10:46
hazmatic.. thanks for the clarification10:47
hazmatperhaps an item for the faq10:47
plovs_worksabdfl, as an admin, i personally don't use it, all these tools exist on cli. But for regular users who want something a little more powerfull, i think many would appreciate it. It is on the gnome-website so people miss it when it is not there.10:48
=== fabbione does some woody -> warty upgrade tests
sabdflplovs_work: i guess it is in main for those who want it. but i think it would go well in Applications->System Tools10:55
plovs_worksabdfl, it *is* part of gnome 2.8, people on irc ask why it is not in the bas-install, they have a point, i would vote for putting it in10:59
dokodo we a policy how to create a new version, when a new upload of the source is needed? tetex-base-2.0.2b -> tetex-base-2.0.2b-1 ?10:59
fabbionedoko: why not using the same approach as debian?11:00
fabbionedolo: tetex-base-2.0.2b.dfsg.111:00
fabbioneor something11:00
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dokowell, it's not permanent, the Debian maintainer and upstream agree on the removal, so it's a temporary version.11:01
fabbionedoko: a new upstream release means 2.0.2c11:02
fabbioneor similar11:02
fabbioneso a b.whatever is fine11:02
dokook, I'd like the version as short as possible.11:03
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azeemisn't glibc using 'ds'? Like 2.3.2.ds.1? How about that?11:04
azeemoh, and what does ds stand for, btw? :)11:04
azeemdevelopment snapshot?11:04
fabbionedeliberate suicide11:05
dokohey, glibc stole that one from gcc ;) "debian source"11:05
azeemso make it 'us' ;)11:05
fabbionei can't wait to see the first USA11:06
fabbioneUbuntu Security Announcement11:06
dokook, that would become 2.0.2bus :)11:06
fabbioneyeah and next one is 2.0.2taxi11:06
=== lypanov always thinks daniel stone :P
dokowe run out after underground11:07
azeemthe term 'ds' is probably older than daniels 11:07
lypanovdoko: shuttle?11:07
pittisabdfl: yesterday I installed Warty from scratch and now I can indeed not import mp3 files in Rhythmbox any more11:07
pittisabdfl: odd, this worked fine before11:07
pittiseb128: do you know why rhythmbox cannot import mp3 files any more? This worked fine some time ago11:09
seb128pitti: gstreamer0.8-mad is installed ?11:10
pittiseb128: no11:10
pittiseb128: I did not install this manually on my previous install, though11:10
seb128ok, that's it probably11:10
seb128 rhythmbox (0.8.5-1ubuntu2) warty; urgency=low11:10
seb128 .11:10
seb128   * debian/control.in:11:10
seb128     - Remove binary dependency on gstreamer0.8-mad.11:10
pittiseb128: we should probably install it by default11:10
seb128Jeff did that saturday11:10
pittiseb128: do you know whether germinate handles Recommends:?11:11
seb128pitti: if Jeff did that, there is probably a reason11:11
pittiseb128: okay, I will ask him. ThanksQ11:11
pittiseb128: s/Q/!/11:11
seb128pitti: no idea sorry, but -mad is probrably problematic for patents issues11:11
pittiseb128: What a pity. Playing mp3 files is not patent protected, just creating them11:12
seb128are you sure ?11:12
pittiseb128: -mad is even in universe now :-(11:12
pittiseb128: pretty sure, yes. 11:12
pittiseb128: but maybe the -mad library also includes the encoder?11:12
azeemRedHat also dropped mp3 playback some time ago11:13
seb128pitti: no11:13
azeemdunno if they put it back in11:13
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pittiseb128: I will look for the mp3 licensing issue11:14
seb128pitti: better to just ask to Jeff, he knows the details11:15
seb128pitti: http://www.mp3licensing.com/royalty/index.html11:22
pittiseb128: I'm just reading it11:22
pittiseb128: seems like my memory did not served me so well: it is free (beer) for private use only11:22
pittiseb128: that's why I did not convert my collection completely to ogg11:22
pittiseb128: but it does not meet the DFSG since you must pay for commercial applications11:23
azeemare you talking about the algorithm/spec, or about Fraunhofer's implementation?11:23
=== pitti is going to convert his mp3s to ogg now...
pittiazeem: the licensing page talks about "technology", not "software"11:23
pittiazeem: so I suppose it's the algorithm they patented (which would make sense in their POV)11:24
pittiazeem: from the website: "I have my own/third party mp3 software. Do I need a license?11:26
pittiYes. Use of our patents is not related to a specific implementation of encoders and decoders, which means that a license under our patents is needed. "11:26
azeem"How do you tell if a piece of software violates a patent? Run wc -l on11:26
azeemthe source; if the number is greater than 1000, it probably does."11:26
azeem                -- Nat Friedman11:26
fabbionewhat is the command in vim to go "vertical" visual?11:44
dokomdz, jdub: ok to upload tetex-base without the file with the non-free license? #206611:44
lypanovyou mean so you can cut a block?11:44
fabbionelypanov: yes, but a vertical block11:44
lypanovctrl-v will do that11:45
fabbionedoko: read the last mail from Matt about uploads and peer-review11:45
fabbionelypanov: thanks11:45
=== lypanov is writing a vim clone in ruby atm :P
dokofabbione: which list/date?11:48
=== sivang [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dokofabbione: ok, could you do the review?11:49
sivangmorning fabbione11:49
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fabbionedoko: sure12:00
fabbionehi sivang 12:00
sivanghey fabbione, we need to find someway to make nv/nvidia use 100Hz on the flatrons, as it _is_ supported ;)12:02
fabbionesivang: it requires a specific mode-line12:02
fabbionei saw a message floating around12:02
sivangfabbione : I have tested a bit with knoppix, and see it detects the 100Hz capability, although have been unable to make it work on knoppix ;)12:02
sivangfabbione : could you point me to the message or else?12:03
fabbionedoko: basically you purged the file from the .orig and that's it?12:03
fabbionesivang: i saw it on #ubuntu12:03
dokoyes, the .tex and the documentation file.12:03
sivangok, i'll ask see if someone knows about it12:03
fabbionedoko: ok that's the same i would have done..12:03
fabbionedoko: do we know if something actually uses that file?12:04
lypanovthat reminds me12:04
=== fabbione -> food
lypanovany chance that ubuntu will do modelines and stuff?12:05
lypanovas X -configure don't like my dell :)12:05
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dokowell, looking at the package itself, nothing. but it gets recommended in the LaTeX companion :( Then it should be added to tetex-nonfree ...12:07
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fabbionedoko: hmmmmm 12:23
fabbionetetex-extra is still in main12:27
fabbionethere is no tetex-nonfree12:27
fabbioneapt-cache search tetex-nonfree12:27
fabbionetetex-extra - Additional library files of teTeX12:27
dokohmm, what to do? if some package build depends on the removed file ...12:31
fabbionedoko: should we give a fast look to rdepends and run a check rebuild of the packages?12:32
thompitti: i hate asking, but if you move your .mozilla out the way and restart firefox, does it still crash?12:34
pittithom: lemme try12:34
pittithom: although I already tried this several times...12:34
fabbionethom: it doesn't look like you hate asking me to hug you :P12:34
pittithom: yes, it still crashes12:35
thompitti: gar. i can't reproduce this at all12:35
pittithom: does it work for you? You might have to try this two or three times12:35
pittithom: okay, I will try to get a backtrace.12:35
dokofabbione: these are 55 packages. could these be built in test-only mode? lamont?12:37
pittithom: hmm, I got a backtrace, but it does not say much. I guess I have to build a debugging version12:37
pittithom: but it's not that critical, most websites work okay12:38
fabbionedoko: we can build 55 packages by hand...12:40
fabbionedoko: it doesn't take too long12:40
pittithom: strace says "SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) @ 0 (0)" -> NULL pointer access12:40
fabbionedoko: but the problem is if we need that file12:40
fabbionedoko: that means creating or importing that tetex-nonfree thingy, move the packages to restricted and change build-dep12:40
thompitti: eh!?12:41
fabbionedoko: i don't think that's even possible at 8 days from release12:41
thompitti: hrm, i just created a totally clean user, had no problems at all12:41
pittithom: maybe it does not occurr on amd64?12:41
pittithom: I build a debug version and extract a bt again12:41
pittithom: I can do that in the background12:42
thomyeah, i'm gonna install an x86 warty on here in a sec and try that12:42
pittithom: ugh, 40 MB compressed source? This will take a while to compile on my Duron 1.3...12:46
thomyeah, it's no fun12:47
dokofabbione: we don't need to build them, grepping for the removed file would be enough.12:52
fabbionedoko: as well...12:54
fabbionedoko: but it depends how the package is done... a dbs/cdbs or similar will require unpacking first12:54
sivangany need for a fast compilatio machine?12:57
dokoohh yes, let's see how the upstream author of the file will react, if he changes the license. I'll start on the packages tomorrow.12:57
sivang(pentium IV 2.6HT )12:57
sivangsitting and wasting it's cycles..:-)12:57
thomsivang: that's considerably slower than our buildds :-)12:58
sivangthom : they are IA machines?12:59
thomsivang: dual 3.3 Xeons12:59
sivangthom : oooo. I see12:59
sivangthom : I just was pitti was referring to his "slow" 1.3 duron ;)12:59
sivangpitti : what to you need to compile?12:59
fabbionesivang: thanks but we need to test a package that is not in the archive yet.12:59
fabbionesivang: and check 55 packages depending on it01:00
pittisivang: DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip,noopt debuild -us -uc -b     for mozilla-firefox01:00
sivangfabbione :  it has a source package right?01:00
pittisivang: I'm already at it, but this will probably last over an hour01:00
fabbionedoko: ok. fine for me. let me know if you need help01:00
fabbionesivang: not in the archive01:00
sivangpitti : oh, new upstream source?01:00
pittisivang: no, I just need a debugging-enabled version01:01
pittisivang: to find a segfault01:01
sivangpitti : i see.01:01
sivanginstead of blabbering, i01:01
sivang'd better ask for the bug#01:01
thompitti: ooi, does this happen for you on ppc, too?01:02
pittisivang: BTW, can you try whether https://financepilot-banking.mlp.de (and then clicking on the continuation link) crashes for you?01:02
pittithom: : I can try01:02
pittithom: booting...01:03
sivangthom : I've been to some computer junk yard, they'd sell me an AlphaAXP monster for about 500$01:03
sivangthom : :-) does this qualify as a buildd?01:03
sivangpitti : it won't even start.01:04
pittisivang: you mean firefox does not even start on your box?01:04
sivangpitti : mozilla won't start now, let's kill x and relogin01:04
fabbionesivang: 2066. the problem is a bit more complicate than it looks like01:04
pittisivang: not mozilla, firefox please01:04
fabbionesivang: removing that file is (at this point in time) the solution for the bug, but there are 55 packages depending on that package.01:04
sivangpitti : , sorry that _was_ firefix01:04
fabbionesivang: that needs to be checked if they make any use of the file that needs to be removed01:05
=== sivang reloggs
sivangfabbione : ok01:05
fabbionesivang: so it's a bit complex. On the otherside there is the option that the author of that file will relicence it and nothing needs to be done01:05
sivangI just upgraded.01:06
sivangdpkg segfaulted01:06
sivangwhen I tried to install linux-image-686-smp01:06
sivangthat didn't happen before..01:06
=== sivang trying a reboot
pittithom: firefox on ubuntu crashes as well01:08
pittithom: s/ubuntu/ppc/01:08
thomjust about to reboot and install01:08
pittithom: my locale is de_DE.UTF-8 (but firefox runs as en_EN)01:09
=== sivang [~debianist@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittisivang: dpkg segfaults? Don't you know that dpkg does not segfault 8 days before release candidate release? :-P01:11
sivangi think I have a dead warty here :(01:12
sivangI am now on sid01:12
sivangi cannot boot warty no more.01:12
sivang"ld has spawned too fast"01:12
sivangremember pitti when we thought this was because I extracted my old home dir?01:12
sivangwell, guess what? ;-)01:13
sivangI think it has something to do with dpkg01:13
sivangI will have to go out in a sec (getting a new Ultrawide SCSI Server) I will come back to investigate.01:13
sivangi will also try to fetch a log if I can from the warty01:16
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-23-208.w81-50.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittithom: argh, I just see that the firefox package does not respect DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS01:23
pittithom: any easy method to enable debugging?01:23
fabbioneguys is that true that RHAS or ES requires a yearly licence otherwise "It stops working"???01:24
fabbionesomeone is asking me via sms and i have no clue01:24
fabbionelast time i checked RH was 7.1 or lower01:24
pittithom: don't bother, I fixed debian/rules01:27
|trey|fabbione: no its not true01:31
|trey|fabbione: not even microsoft does that.01:31
|trey|fabbione: of course, updates via rhn stop01:31
|trey|Its in their best interest for you not to become interested in other products though...01:32
fabbione|trey|: ok.. i expected so01:32
tuo2like ubuntu... ;)01:33
fabbione|trey|: i still remember that night i had to install RH.. brrrr i am still shaking01:34
|trey|fabbione: enless you want a flame in a devel channel, I suggest that be the end of that discussion  ;)01:35
fabbione|trey|: eehhe01:35
thompitti: please send a patch :-)01:37
pittithom: by now I just hardcoded the change, but a patch is easy01:38
pittithom: I will send it to you 01:38
thomthanks :-)01:38
thomok, i get crashes on x8601:39
thomROCK and ROLL01:40
pittithom: maybe your 64 bit are enough to make it work :-)01:42
pittithom: as soon as the build finished, I can debug this, if you want01:42
thomwell, it's litterally the biggest bug i have left, so i might as well01:44
thomi have a faster machine too, so it's much less painful for me :-)01:44
pittithom: okay01:44
pittithom: how do you build debugging versions, BTW? If not with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS?01:44
thomi'd not had need to before now, guess i'm just lucky :-)01:46
pittithom: odd, doesn't an -O2 built firefox work on so many arches?01:47
thompitti: apparently not, that's very much legacy but the debian maintainer has been specifically turning them off01:48
pittithom: I have a patch for debian/rules, where shall I send it? thom@canonical.com?01:49
thomyes please01:49
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thomccache should be in build-essential *g*02:14
lypanovthom: build-essential should include a virtual cluster :P02:16
thomthat'd be nice too02:16
thombut possibly a little impractical02:17
thompitti: on your ibook, can you ls /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/arch/powerpc/kernel/cpu/cpufreq ?02:23
thomor tell me what cpufreq module you need to load?02:23
pittithom: I have to boto it again02:23
pittithom: 02:23
thomnot urgent02:23
thomjust trying to get the powernowd modules loading stuff right02:24
pittithom: oh, it works well out of the box on my iBook02:24
thomreally? cool02:25
pittithom: in fact, the latest isos set up almost everything right out of the box02:25
pittithom: the only outstanding issue is the swapped Alt/Apple on the consoles02:26
pittithom: I have the following modules: cpufreq_{userspace,powersave}02:26
pittithom: they are not hw-specific, I think02:26
pittialso, apm_emu02:27
sjoerdyour kernel probably has CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_PMAC=y 02:28
thomyou should have a cpufreq-something or a powernow-something module02:28
thomah, or it gets built in. which would be odd02:28
pittithom: above two are the only ones02:29
sjoerdthom: for ppc there is just one type of cpu freq switching thingie 02:29
pittithom: I can look up specific things in the kernel config, if you want02:29
thompitti: grep for the option that sjoerd just quoted, please :-)02:30
thomsjoerd: there's only one on amd64, but that's modular. it would just seem a little inconsistent :-)02:30
pittithom: its compiled in02:30
pittithom: CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_PMAC and CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_TABLE are both 'y'02:31
thomanswers that one then02:31
thomcool, makes my life easier02:31
sjoerdthom: looks like i can't turn it into a module here02:31
pittithom: btw, any luck with firefox?02:31
thompitti: building02:38
=== lypanov [~alex@fw1.lunatech.com] has left #ubuntu-devel []
thomah, just finished02:38
thomonly a glorious 25minutes02:38
pittithom: on a powerful amd64 machine?02:39
pittithom: then I suppose it would have lasted 1.5 hours on mine :-)02:39
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomyeah, a marketed-at-3GHz amd64 with a GB of ram02:39
thom(ie, it's real clock speed is 2GHz)02:40
azeemthey still do this with amd64?02:40
azeemthought they just use some random numbers these days, or just for the Opteron servers?02:40
thommodel name      : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+02:41
thomcpu MHz         : 2003.24602:41
azeemmodel name      : AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 24002:42
azeemcpu MHz         : 1395.65602:42
azeemmore prudent02:42
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_is /topic out of date or do I need to update my search?02:47
thomazeem: nod02:47
thomthey obviously couldn't escape the marketroids for the consumer chips :/02:48
thomoh man. the backtrace for mozilla is making me tired just looking at it02:54
=== thom goes to procure strong tea
Kamionelmo_: I can see 23 here02:56
elmo_cool, thanks02:57
Kamionthom: try bug #1254 :P02:58
thomah, yes03:00
thomthe good old "dell sucks" bug03:00
tsengmmm, i have that bug03:01
tsengi can help w/ it between classes03:01
tsengbe back in 2 hours or so03:15
elmo_kamion: what the heck is cdimage/jigit and why do clients go into a tight loop trying to fetch it?03:16
thomthat segfault doesn't happen with a mozilla binary download03:21
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittithom: you mean only the warty version crashes?03:29
Keybukmdz, sabdfl: is there a tech-board meeting today?  if so, what time and what's the agenda? :p03:29
thompitti: yep :/03:30
thomso now it's binary search time03:30
pittithom: bad. Can you reproduce it with the debugging version?03:30
thomthe debug version segfaults, yeah03:30
pittithom: my last gstreamer bug did not appear any more as soon as I switched off optimizations... :-)03:30
thomyeah, that's no fun03:31
pittithom: do you get a nice bt?03:31
thom109 frames of joy03:31
thomi have a hunch03:31
pittithom: good luck! I've got to go now03:33
|trey|Who is in charge of Bugzilla? something in the main channel is having probs03:43
|trey|azeem: k, thanks  :)03:43
Kamionelmo_: because we haven't got the proper snapshot archive set up? I've sent several mails to you and thom asking for this, and Steve has been nagging me too03:50
KamionMark paid Steve money to get this done03:51
elmo_yeah ok, but why are their multiple IPs hitting it repeatedly, like 5 times a minute for 5 minutes?03:51
KamionI guess jigdo is upset by it not existing03:52
elmo_   2340] 03:52
elmo_   1153] 03:52
elmo_that's an apache2 style (i.e. crap) failure mode for being upset03:52
Kamionmaybe I can change the default fallback server for now, although it won't work well03:52
KamionOK, changed, but we really need the snapshot archives soonish03:54
tuo2anyone here running the security team? If so, and you are looking for members, flick me a message. :)04:03
=== tuo2 goes back to lurking
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pII-350hi there!05:10
pII-350can somebody help me.. I got stucked with my Ubuntu installation.. all is installed and seems to work properly, but at the next restart i hangs up with some modules05:11
m_tthewpII-350 : try #ubuntu05:15
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danielsmdz: the only possible solution to the figlet bug seems to be to remove it; imho we should do so05:45
Keybukdaniels: except that the "desert island test" bits are bogus ... there's nothing in the DFSG against those, despite what slef & co. might think05:54
danielsKeybuk: yes, but in general, it's not too dfsg-free :P05:55
Keybukthis is where I think licence-lawyers go way off the deep end.  figlet has been effectively MIT for over a decade, with myriad distribution and modification under that assumption.05:59
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thomand now firefox is trashing the stack07:28
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sivangthom are eanybody else here with knowledge of SCSI devices? 07:59
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npmccallumsivang: whats up?07:59
lamontdoko: you around?08:05
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Kamioncould I have some developers looking over https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/attachment.cgi?id=229?09:06
=== fabbione checks
Kamiontesting doesn't seem to be producing particularly excellent results (it's bug #1566); on the other hand, due to the nature of the bug it's very difficult to test a fix reliably once you've encountered it on a given machine, and I haven't heard anyone saying that the patch has behaved any worse than the original09:07
fabbioneKamion: why does it patches the config.guess too?09:12
Kamionfabbione: nothing to do with me, guv09:14
Kamionfabbione: automatic update by debian/rules09:14
fabbioneKamion: the patch seems sane to me09:14
Kamionfabbione: thanks09:16
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KamionWhat do people think of this text, for an OpenSSH upgrade question?09:38
Kamion_Description: Disable challenge-response authentication?09:38
Kamion Password authentication appears to be disabled in your current OpenSSH09:38
Kamion server configuration. In order to prevent users from logging in using09:38
Kamion passwords (perhaps using only public key authentication instead) with09:38
Kamion recent versions of OpenSSH, you must disable challenge-response09:38
Kamion authentication, or else ensure that your PAM configuration does not allow09:38
Kamion Unix password file authentication.09:38
Kamion .09:39
Kamion If you disable challenge-response authentication (the default answer), then09:39
Kamion users will not be able to log in using passwords, only with their private09:39
Kamion keys. If you leave it enabled, then the 'PasswordAuthentication no' option09:39
Kamion will have no useful effect unless you also adjust your PAM configuration in09:39
Kamion /etc/pam.d/ssh.09:39
Kamion[note: this will only be displayed to people who have already modified sshd_config themselves] 09:39
fabbioneKamion: perhaps you can avoid repeating twice the key atuhentication stuff09:40
fabbione(perhaps using only public key09:40
fabbioneonly with their09:40
fabbione          private09:40
fabbione<Kamion>  keys.09:40
fabbioneyou repeat it twice telling 2 different keys09:41
fabbioneit might be confusing09:41
Kamion"public key authentication" is the term used in the manual page and the correct name for the authentication mode, but you don't use your public key to log in09:41
KamionI could just take out ", only with their private keys" I guess09:42
fabbioneyes i know what you meam09:42
Kamionit did occur to me when I wrote it that it might be a little confusing; since somebody else thought so as well, I'll take it out09:42
seb128grrrr, is there anybody reading the bug reports against bugzilla in ubuntu.bugzilla.org ?09:46
Kamionyou mean bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org?09:47
seb128no, bugzilla.ubuntu.com :p09:48
seb128but yeah :)09:48
elmo_seb128: ?09:48
Kamionseb128: justdave does a pass over them every so often; he closed a bunch this morning09:48
seb128I want an UPSTREAM state09:48
seb128nobody even cares to reply in 10 days09:49
seb128and I've pinged last week09:49
elmo_ah, ok, that's a justdave thing.. sorry thought you might have meant some of the outstanding admin stuff09:49
=== seb128_ [~seb128@AAubervilliers-105-1-2-23.w80-15.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128_sorry, dsl hangup09:52
seb128_I've stopped after <Kamion> seb128: justdave does a pass over them every so often; he closed a bunch this morning09:52
seb128_was saying, that it would be really usefull to get an UPSTREAM state09:52
seb128_most of GNOME issues are upstreams bug and a big part is forwarded09:52
seb128_I would appreciate to get at least a comment/reply/something on my bug in 10 days :)09:52
seb128_mdz: ping ?09:56
seb128justdave: ping ? 09:58
thomso, is the correct response on ubuntu-devel to Orlando Fiol "exactly"?09:58
Kamionthom: :-)09:59
justdaveseb128: sorry, just replied on the bug.10:00
justdaveshould have marked it ASSIGNED when I initially grabbed it so you knew it was on my radar10:00
seb128justdave: no problem that's just that getting the feeling to be ignored is frustating :)10:00
seb128justdave: thanks10:00
justdaveyeah, I know.  I just made the same complaint on a bug I assigned to someone else a week or so ago, so I feel stupid now :)10:01
mdzseb128: pong10:01
seb128mdz: #185110:02
seb128you've tested the patch, ok to include it ?10:02
mdzseb128: I haven't tested the last part (to ifupdown), but the gst patch works fine10:05
seb128ok, I'm going to upload gst to fix an another bug, ok to include this patch too so ?10:06
mdzseb128: yes10:07
seb128mdz: #2088 too :)10:07
mdzseb128: fine with me; they don't seem to have any new dependencies10:09
mdzI'm happy for them to go in supported10:09
seb128no depends, that's only html files10:09
seb128ok, thanks10:09
seb128I'll add them to the seed and upload10:09
=== lamont grumbles as the archive copy adds several minutes to his install.,
=== lamont wanders off for a bit to fetch children and a powersupply fan
Keybukcan I mention that screem's fetish with stealing every available mime type for itself is f*cking annoying11:12
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionOK, I think I have a fix for #158611:20
Kamionalthough it will need to be ported from unstable to experimental and thence to Ubuntu11:20
bradb_seb128: why does vim show up without an icon in Applications->Accessories?11:33
seb128because there is no real point to have it here ?11:34
seb128that's not really a desktop user app11:34
mdzit should not show up in the menu at all11:36
mdzbradb_: are you saying it's there with no icon, or that it's not there?11:36
sabdflit's there with no icon11:37
sabdflboth facts surprised me11:37
sabdflclicking it runs gvim11:37
seb128oh ok11:42
seb128I'll remove the entry11:42

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