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Kamioncan people have a quick sanity-checking glance over http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~cjwatson/openssh.diff, for #1586?12:05
Kamionthat diff is against the current version in sarge, but can be ported12:05
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minghuahi, I am wondering how to get a package in universe updated12:14
minghuaI am the Debian maintainer of scim package12:14
minghuaand a user reported it does not work in ubuntu warty12:15
minghuahe didn't reply my inquiry yet but I have an idea what can be wrong12:15
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Kamionminghua: mail ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com and say what doesn't work, please; if it's just a matter of syncing a new source package from universe, then that should be possible12:32
Kamioner, s/from universe/from unstable/12:32
Kamionminghua: in general universe is frozen at the moment12:33
yuvalCan I fix the Hebrew translation of ubuntu (debian) installer?12:41
minghuaKamion: thanks for the info.  is it possible to update universe even after warty is released?12:44
minghuasince I am busy now, and not sure if I can sort things out before release12:45
Kamionminghua: not for warty. For hoary, we'll be syncing updates automatically from sid.12:45
minghuayuval:  I believe ubuntu uses d-i translation12:45
dokolamont: around?12:46
minghuayuval:  You may want to have a look at http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/12:46
Kamionyuval: minghua is correct in general, although there are some branding changes (substituting "Ubuntu" for "Debian", mostly) where the Hebrew translation hasn't been updated. Please file a bug with your changes, and try to keep them confined to the Ubuntu-specific changes if you can so that we don't have to throw the changes away later when merging from Debian.12:46
minghuaKamion: thanks, I'll probably target this to hoary then12:47
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yuvalI'll ask the translator of debian installer. I think he fixed the d-i after ubuntu take the installer.12:51
yuvalThere is also a bug in the base-config after the installation. the base-confgi can't display Hebrew...12:52
Kamionyuval: I know about the bug (it's assigned to me); feel free to tell me how to fix it :-)12:54
Kamionah, you've already updated the bug, hmm12:55
Kamionwe're already using libfribidi is the thing12:55
KamionI don't know what else it could be, unless it's something in the languagechooser/countrychooser/termwrap maze12:55
yuvalI don't think libfribidi will help, because the hebrew is not displayed at all. And libfribidi is for reserved Hebrew.12:57
Kamionmaybe lack of a UTF-8 console?12:57
Kamiontermwrap has always been a nightmare, but I don't see anything relevant in the base-config changelog since we last synced12:58
yuvalI think that it's font problam.12:58
Kamionyuval: your screenshot looks like garbled high ISO-8859-1 to me ...12:58
Kamion... or maybe not01:00
yuvalI think that for warty it's ok that this srtings will be in english, but it'll be grea if you can fix this bug.01:02
KamionI have to admit that it's lowish on my priority list right now, but having a known fix would move it a long way up said list :-)01:03
yuvalWhere can I find the sources of the installer?01:04
Kamionthe relevant source packages ...01:05
Kamionit may be easiest to find which source packages are involved by checking out debian-installer upstream (see http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer) and looking for the corresponding Ubuntu source packages01:05
mdzlamont: ping?01:06
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mdz] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 28 RC bugs to go
=== lamont returns
lamontpostfix fix tested, time to email kamion.  Or would someone else like to review the patch to base-config?01:11
mdzKamion: I'm not convinced that #1586 is RC for Warty01:13
mdzlamont: just noticed that James filed a bug about an FTBFS; are there any other failures that may have happened while you were away which need bug reports?01:13
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lamontwill check01:14
mdzlamont: can you check for anything which is not built and file bugs as appropriate (is that quinn-diff?)01:14
lamontactually, I'll start with http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Lists/warty.all.{i386,amd64,powerpc}, and see what's marked 'Building, out-of-date', or Building from !universe01:14
lamontbut first I'm going to power down my computer long enough to replace the *(%^_^& powersupply fan.01:15
lamontafter mailing off my diff.01:15
lamontmdz: you want to see the diff?01:15
mdzlamont: sure01:15
lamontverified to close 1711 and 112301:15
Kamionmdz: I am, if we care about woody->warty upgrades at all01:16
lamontback in a few minutes01:16
lamontKamion:  sent to you as well.01:16
=== lamont reboots
Kamionmdz: it's a significant silent change to the meaning of your configuration on upgrade, which you may not notice and which affects your security policy01:16
mdzKamion: ssh in woody didn't use PAM?01:18
Kamionmdz: it did01:18
Kamionmdz: the UsePAM directive did not exist until OpenSSH 3.701:18
Kamionthat's really a red herring though; the real problem is that ChallengeResponseAuthentication suddenly started working and people who thought they'd disabled all password authentication suddenly found that password-style auth was allowed again01:19
Kamionso the fix is to spot PasswordAuthentication being turned off, warn about the inconsistency, and offer to disable ChallengeResponseAuthentication too01:20
Kamion(basically, openssh upstream suck and everyone gets to work around them)01:20
mdzKamion: so in woody, if I set PasswordAuthentication no, that implicitly disabled PAM as well?01:20
yuvalKamion, I talked with the Hebrew translator of d-i, and it may be also debian bug. I'll check it tomorrow. Good night all!01:31
Kamionmdz: no01:31
Kamionmdz: PAM keyboard-interactive was turned off in woody01:32
Kamionthat option was removed in 3.7, and challengeresponseauthentication got applied to PAM01:32
mdzI see01:33
mdzso we can't solve it transparently due to the change in semantics01:33
Kamionevery so often I go out into a field and scream "I HATE OPENSSH"01:34
Kamion[not really, but maybe I should] 01:34
mjg59I wholeheartedly recommend abitrary rage01:35
mdzKamion: lamont's base-config diff looks fine to me, but I'll be bouncing you a copy for a quick review01:36
Kamionhe mailed it to me too01:36
Kamionit looks fine01:36
mdzah, ok. he didn't send it at the same time01:36
mdzlamont's reboot is lasting awfully long :-)01:37
KamionI've replied to him01:37
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|trey|Hey... skvidel was in #ubuntu earlier asking about how we will go about "a kickstart alternative"... perhaps someone would like to talk to him about the plans atm?01:46
lamontwho the hell still _SOLDERS_ powersupply fans into the thing???01:46
lamontmdz/Kamion: thoughts on the base-config diff?01:55
Kamionlamont: you have mail01:56
Kamion|trey|: I was going to answer him, but he left01:56
|trey|Kamion: ahh, oh well, his loss  :)01:57
=== lamont does an etrn, discovers that Kamion is indeed correct. :-(
=== lamont will upload
=== lamont adds the bug numbers to changelog first.
lamontKamion: want to review a debootstrap patch for #1879?02:16
lamont(ia64 fix, trivial)02:16
Kamionlamont: sure02:17
lamontsent.  There was a little bit of cleanup in there too, to make the unsupported architectures more obvious.02:17
lamontfabbione: sounder 9 asked me for resolutions, etc.02:20
lamontati mach64, ddcprobe ends a nice list of resolutions with 'edidfail', xresprobe gets nothing02:22
lamontdaniels: thoughts?02:22
danielslamont: edidfail -> your monitor is unprobeable02:22
danielscongratulations! :)02:22
lamontwell, it's not exactly new...02:22
danielsthe resolutions given before edidfail are the ones your card is capable of doing02:23
lamontah, ok.02:23
danielsif you get edidfail, your monitor totally won't talk to us02:23
lamontso that's an expected condition, then...02:23
danielsthanks for the case-up02:23
sabdfljustdave: ping?02:23
danielschase-up, too02:23
justdavesabdfl: pong02:23
lamontmdz: epiphany-extensions is the only ftbfs still outstanding from !universe02:33
mdzlamont: ok, thanks02:37
lamontmdz: universe trivial bugs still fair game?02:38
lamonthrm.. showimg is the only one that is currently d-w libtiff3g-dev, and ISTR there were other issues there..\02:40
=== lamont accidently upgrades his desktop. sigh
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mdz] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 25 RC bugs to go
mdzlamont: yes, but RC bugs have priority02:42
lamontactually looks like showimg just needs the d-w cleared.  :(02:43
lifelesspmount is interesting...02:45
lifelessdoesn't seem to add umask=077 to the mount, which makes it useless for ssh keys :[02:46
mdzlifeless: for ssh keys on vfat filesystems?02:49
lamontlifeless: why are they not correct on the fs?02:49
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mdz] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 24 RC bugs to go
lifelessmdz: yes02:49
lifelessI've still not done a full install, so pmount doesn't actually run automatically for me, I was just reading the stated behaviour.02:50
lifelessany hints about upgrading a debian-stable system to ubuntu such that pmount does work would be great.02:50
=== lamont works on epiphany-extensions
lifelesslamont: vfat doesn't store modes.02:52
=== lamont giggles and points. :-)
lamontmdz: 2083 is just a s/int/gsize/, it would appear.02:56
=== lamont decides to try that on amd64 as well. :-)
mdzlamont: I figured it was something like that03:00
lamontif/when the amd64 build succeeds, I'll upload03:00
lamontoops.  Fire training in -2 minutes.  bbl03:02
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Kamionmdz: I only count 18 RC bugs now; what's the correct query to use?03:52
mdzKamion: needs to include NEEDINFO03:56
mdzjustdave: can we create a global, cooked query for RC bugs?03:56
mdzjustdave: like the "My Bugs" one?03:56
justdavemake the query that returns what you want, then copy the URL for it and jabber it to me03:58
Kamionmdz: aha, thanks04:00
Kamionpresumably on the Ubuntu product only04:00
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:Kamion] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 23 RC bugs to go
mdzKamion: I count 2404:10
mdzKamion: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/buglist.cgi?query_format=advanced&short_desc_type=allwordssubstr&short_desc=&product=Ubuntu&long_desc_type=substring&long_desc=&bug_file_loc_type=allwordssubstr&bug_file_loc=&status_whiteboard_type=allwordssubstr&status_whiteboard=&bug_status=UNCONFIRMED&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=REOPENED&bug_status=NEEDINFO&bug_status=PENDINGUPLOAD&bug_severity=blocker&bug_severity=critical&bug_severity=major&emailassig04:10
mdzanyway, that's the query I'm using04:10
justdavemdz: stick this in your toolbar: javascript:void(location.href='http://tinyurl.com/create.php?url='+location.href)04:11
mdzjustdave: it would be nice if it would omit the variables that are not being used in the search04:12
mdzthe stuff which is left blank04:12
Kamionmdz: oh, you're using PENDINGUPLOAD too04:12
justdaveyeah, it would.  needs some javascript hackery on the form in the submithandler to pull that off04:13
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:Kamion] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 24 RC bugs to go
Kamionmdz: I think I'll downgrade the parted bug until/unless we get feedback that daily builds still break new machines04:14
justdaveor maybe just have buglist.cgi redirect to itself with the empty fields removed if it gets any passed in that are empty04:14
justdavemdz: http://www.squarefree.com/bookmarklets/mozilla.html#shorten_bug_query04:19
justdaveinstead of searching for all of those specific statuses, you can clear the status box and search on resolution=---04:21
justdavethat gets anything that's not resolved04:21
mdzjustdave: ah, that's handy, if obscure :-)04:21
justdaveok, I just added the query you pasted in here (with it cleaned up a little) to the footer next to My Bugs04:26
justdaveit's tied to My Bugs though, so if you turned off My Bugs, you'll lose that, too04:27
justdavemdz: should https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1379 be a higher severity?04:36
=== Kamion sends himself SIGSTOP for the night
Kamion#1379> if so, can it be reassigned to somebody else?04:39
Kamionor even possibly if not04:40
justdaveI was thinking Herbert had it, but I see it's you...04:42
justdaveis being able to install onto a firewire drive on PPC considered an RC issue?04:43
justdaveI successfully installed there this time until it got to the point of installing yaboot and it errored out saying it couldn't determine the openfirmware path for the device04:44
=== justdave thinks 1379 probably should be NEEDINFO right now pending me getting that /proc/cmdline info posted on the bug
justdaveunfortunately that's my primary workstation, and testing that means rebooting :)04:52
sabdfllifeless: erk, i think i've found the problem04:55
lifelesssabdfl: wrong channel ?04:55
sabdflwrong tz04:55
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fabbionemorning guys05:51
lamontepiphany-extensions is go on amd64.05:53
lamontmdz: OK to upload?05:53
lamontdoko/mdz around?05:58
fabbionehey lamont 06:02
fabbionelamont: i can review the patch if you want06:02
lamontfabbione: ok06:03
lamontfabbione: sent.  The debian/control diff is an artifact of dpkg-buildpackage -S06:03
fabbione-int len;06:07
fabbione+gsize len;06:07
fabbioneand that's it?06:07
fabbionehmmm i need more investigation for that06:07
fabbionego ahead06:07
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:lamont] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 22 RC bugs to go
fabbionecalc: can you open a bug in bugzilla towards xserver-xfree86: module loader broken on amd6406:15
dokolamont: around!06:24
mdzlamont: yes06:28
mdz22 bugs!06:29
mdztoday was a good day06:29
mdzfabbione: early morning?06:29
fabbionemdz: as usual06:29
=== lamont is trying to figure out which tetex-b* he is supposed to use for his regression testing, etc...
fabbionelamont: there is one on chinstrap/~doko06:31
fabbioneif that's the last one06:31
dokofabbione: it is06:32
lamontgiven how long it'll take, I'm tempted to wait until morning and sanity return06:32
lamontbut I'll fetch that.06:33
mdzlamont: CCed you on the relevant bug06:33
lamontmdz: yeah, but I didn't see any relevant info in the bug...06:33
dokolamont: do you let a buildd rebuild the packages?06:33
lamontdoko: scp ~doko/tetex,yes?06:34
mdzlamont: the title of the bug is "Non-free file license in tetex-base"06:34
dokolamont: correct06:34
lamontdoko: I actually have another chroot on the buildd that I toss them at, so that they don't automatically upload06:34
lamontmdz: re-reading 2066 provides no usable information, other than the fact that I was cc'ed for regression testing....06:35
dokodo you have a list of packages to rebuild?06:35
lamontwhatever apt-cache showpkg tetex-base ... tells me...06:38
mdzmako: is "Spell Checkking" in traffic an error or tongue-in-cheek?06:38
lamontshould be speel checkking if intentional, dammit. :-)06:41
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dokolamont: not enough, IMO a test-rebuild of packages build depending on tetex-bin|tetex-extra|tetex-base is needed06:45
fabbionemako: there is a typo in traffic #06. http://.www.ubuntulinux.org/community/teams06:47
fabbioneyou added a "." too much in the url06:47
mdzjustdave: is your Warty system in #1379 up-to-date?06:51
lamontdpkg: error processing tetex-bin (--configure):06:51
lamont subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 3006:51
lamontI thought that was fixed?06:51
lamontdoko: yeah, that was the first ... in the list :-)06:51
=== lamont decides to deal with things in the morning
lamontnight all.06:52
justdavemdz: kernel, newest one.06:52
fabbionenight lamont 06:52
justdaveI've got a 10/04 daily already burned sitting here, I'd be happy to wipe it and reinstall if you'd like06:52
fabbionemdz: we have some problems with X on amd6406:53
fabbionemdz: the solution is everything other than simple06:53
justdaveI last updated it with synaptic about 2 days ago (when it picked up the new kernel)06:55
fabbionemdz: apparently the module loader is broken in some cases and the only solution seems to be to compile a server with modules compiled in, but than users won't be able to install the nvidia drivers for example06:55
fabbionemdz: otherwise they need to run the -dbg package06:55
fabbionemdz: i am really NOT sure what to do here06:55
fabbioneand backporting the xorg server with possible fixes is not an option at 7 days from release06:56
fabbionemdz: an option could be to install both -dbg and the normal server on amd64 defaulting to the -dbg one06:56
lamontmdz: want I should build everything in universe that depends them too?06:58
lamonthrm.. build-depends, not depends...06:58
lamontmore work.06:58
mdzjustdave: can you try booting the non-smp kernel with only one parameter, root=/dev/hda11?07:00
mdzjustdave: with no 'quiet' or 'splash'?07:00
justdavemdz: did that, it didn't help.07:00
justdave(tried that first before I added the devfs thing)07:00
mdzvery weird07:01
mdzjustdave: this is a default, non-expert install with an ext3 root filesystem?07:01
mdzfabbione: in which cases is the module loader broken?07:02
justdavemdz: that is correct07:02
mdzfabbione: I have not experienced any problems with the nv driver07:02
mdzjustdave: could you try booting with rootfstype=ext3 ?07:02
mdzjustdave: and if that doesn't work, rootfstype=ext2?07:02
justdaveI asked earlier and no-one answered...  does it mean anything significant if the installer uses a red background?07:04
lamontmdz/doko: builds started.07:04
lamont25 packages (not in universe) to build07:04
lamonts/not in universe/in main/07:04
justdaveI remember always seeing it blue before, but I just realized when I boot the CD on the dual G4 it comes up red07:05
fabbionemdz: someone reported the problem with Nv, and calc yesterday with ATI07:05
fabbionemdz: the server gets a SIG1107:05
mdzlamont: don't worry about universe07:05
fabbioneand dies07:05
lamontmdz: right.07:05
mdzfabbione: repeatable?07:05
lamontthat also kinda ignores restricted... will check. :-)07:05
fabbionemdz: yes07:05
fabbionemdz: installing the -dbg works07:05
mdzfabbione: is there a bug filed?07:06
fabbionemdz: calc did a test for me creating a normal server but with modules compiled in and it worked07:06
lamontno build-deps from restricted07:06
fabbionemdz: calc was going to do so soon07:06
mdzif the module loader were broken on amd64, I would expect it to fail for me as well07:06
justdaveok, with rootfstype=ext3, it hangs.07:07
justdaverebooting now to try it with ext207:07
fabbionemdz: i am not sure exactly in which conditions it breaks07:08
lamonthrmpf.  and then there were 23. :-(  WTH?07:08
justdavelamont: I bumped up 137907:09
lamontah, ok.07:09
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:lamont] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 23 RC bugs to go
justdavewhich may get bumped down again unless we find an easy way to fix it.  there's a lot of dual ppc's out there, but it's a pretty small chunk of our overall audience.07:09
fabbionemdz: 199907:10
=== lamont fixes another trivial non-RC bug (debootstrap/ia64)
justdaverootfstype=ext2 hangs also07:10
fabbionei really have no idea wtf is wrong on that system07:10
lamontdoko/mdz: builds running on all 3 architectures.  since gcc-3.[34]  is involved, I'll check in the morning...07:13
lamontnight for real, all.07:13
lamontfwiw, I had to dpkg --purge tetex-bin in my amd64 chroot (albeit old) before I could successfully install it...  30 == debconf return, of course.07:14
lamontmust investigate that...07:14
dokolamont: you can drop gcc-3.[34] , it's not needed.07:16
lamontdoko: yeah, but I'm going to bed anyway, and it should finish by morning either way.07:19
lamontanyway, to bed.07:19
mdzfabbione: re: 1999, maybe a debconf problem?07:25
fabbionemdz: if it was a debconf problem, both debian and us will be sharing approx 20000 bugs07:28
mdzfabbione: maybe try DEBCONF_DEBUG=.*07:28
fabbionethat script didn't change for ages07:28
fabbioneeven Overfiend doesn't understand what the problem is07:29
mdzfabbione: perhaps something is messing with the debconf file descriptor?07:29
fabbionemdz: i really really doubt.. we are shipping that file since 4.3.0-1 was out07:30
fabbionejoeyh told me that debconf dies automatically once the script exit 07:33
fabbionethat is by design07:33
fabbioneif it was a debconf leak, we would be able to see it everywhere07:33
danielsjustdave: any chance there could be any way we could get slimmed-down bug pages?07:34
fabbionehey daniels 07:35
fabbionedaniels: how is going the organization for the Xsprint meeting?07:35
justdaveinformation overload?07:35
fabbionedaniels: there are only 3 weeks left07:35
fabbionedaniels: did you find a hotel room or something?07:35
mdzjustdave: can you send dmesg output from the uniprocessor kernel booted with devfs=mount?07:37
justdavehmm, yaboot doesn't let you pass command line params like lilo does?07:40
justdave(I'd been editing yaboot.conf and running ybin before, but since I was in the process of rebooting as you said that anyway, figured I'd try it from the boot prompt - didn't work)07:40
mdzI've never tried07:40
justdaveok, with devfs=mount, it still hangs.07:43
justdavetrying again with dall07:43
fabbionemdz: 2073.. i think that's the easiest solution in a short term.07:44
fabbionemdz: i don't believe they will ever manage to fix the licence in 7 days07:44
mdzfabbione: how did it get into main?07:45
mdzfabbione: does something build07:45
mdz-depend on it?07:45
danielsjustdave: even if it's just back to the component text box with no selector07:45
fabbioneapt-cache rdepends shows only the 3 packages i mentioned07:45
danielsfabbione: not too bad, I've been way too busy lately (moving back home today) and am organising stuff like that07:45
fabbionemdz: iirc we forced it into main07:46
danielsfabbione: is starting on the 1st or the 8th better for you?07:46
fabbionedaniels: up to you.07:46
mdzfabbione: if it is not in one of the seeds, and it is not depended upon by another package, it should not be in main07:46
fabbionedaniels: as i wrote you can come the 1st and stay until Dec Conf07:46
justdavedaniels: oh, you mean the download size on the page because of the component list?07:46
mdzelmo has a tool which shows the differences between germinate and the archive, and it should have shown up there07:46
fabbionedaniels: but you need a room somewhere07:46
mdzmaybe elmo snuck it in because he needs it to implement the easter egg07:47
fabbionemdz: i didn't check the seeds yet...07:47
fabbionecould be..07:47
mdzfabbione: it's not in supported or desktop07:47
mdzI don't have germinate stuff on my laptop07:47
fabbioneneither do I here (in general)(07:47
mdzfiglet                                | figlet                       | linda (Build-Depend)                     | Carlos Laviola <claviola@debian.org>                                      |          149092 |             83207:47
mdzfabbione: linda build-depends-indep07:48
fabbionewhy the hell linda build-dep on figlet07:48
fabbionemdz: should we kick linda?07:48
mdzfabbione: no, but we could fix it07:49
fabbioneso that figlet will be dropped to universe?07:49
fabbionemdz: kick = fix linda07:49
mdzfabbione: I thought you meant kick = kick linda out07:49
danielsfabbione: ah, right07:49
fabbionewell.. that too :-)))07:49
danielsjustdave: yeah, it really hurts my modem07:49
fabbionelinda (0.3.1) unstable; urgency=low07:50
fabbione  * Building:07:50
fabbione    - Put figlet, groff-base, file in the Build-Depends, since passing the07:50
fabbione      test suite is required for building. (Closes: #245407)07:50
fabbionemdz: i am taking the bug and see what we can do about it :-)07:51
fabbionei don't think it is too dangerous to drop that specific test suite07:51
fabbionesince it has been tested already several times07:51
makomdz: that subject was a joke.. if people dont' get it i can change it :)07:55
makofabbione: thanks, fixed in arch07:55
fabbionemdz: permission to upload linda :-))))07:55
mdzfabbione: sounds good07:56
fabbionemdz: change is trivial. 2 lines modified in the tests/run_tests.py07:57
fabbionemdz: nothing more than that07:57
fabbionepackage builds fine07:57
mdzfabbione: works for me07:57
mdzfabbione: check germinate rdepends to make sure nothing else uses it that I missed07:58
=== daniels stares at Qantas.
justdavemdz: now I can't make it boot with devfs=mount,dall either.  I think it was a fluke when it booted the first time.07:59
danielsMelbourne<->London $1845, Melbourne<->Copenhagen $9363.07:59
fabbioneit seems to be only linda07:59
fabbionedaniels: buy a Melbourne<->London with quantas and SAS from London to Copenhagen08:00
fabbioneSAS or maerskair08:00
danielsfabbione: that's what I'm going to do08:00
danielsfabbione: given I'm Melbourne->London->Copenhagen->London->Spain->London->Melbourne (no direct flights from Spain)08:01
fabbionedaniels: isn't easier: Melbourne->London->Copenhagen->Spain->London->Melbourne ?08:01
fabbioneyou can skip to fly to london again IF you want to stay around here08:02
fabbioneit's up to you08:02
fabbionealso.. we don't know if it is Spain yet08:02
mdzjustdave: I see; please update the bug if you haven't already08:31
mdzjustdave: how many times have you tried booting?  maybe it's a race condition and it works sometimes?08:31
sladendaniels: what type of dollahs are those?08:37
danielssladen: $au08:37
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pittiHi guys!09:24
=== doko_ [doko@dsl-084-057-027-189.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionemdz: can i fix 2049?09:45
fabbionepitti: peer-review for 2049: one line change: s/cupsd/cupsys/ in the init script on a var used only to print the name of the script in case of "usage"09:51
pittifabbione: #2049: it looks like you should rather s/reload/force-reload/?09:52
pittifabbione: ah , soory09:53
fabbionepitti: no no.. the reload has been removed on purpose09:53
pittifabbione: no, you are right09:53
pittifabbione: yes, that was me :-)09:53
fabbionetsk :P09:53
pittifabbione: I thought that was an error message by another program calling cupsys init script09:53
pittifabbione: looks trivial09:54
fabbionepitti: wouldn't be better to leave the reload pointing to stop/start ?09:54
fabbionepitti: yes i am asking peer review before uploading :-)09:54
pittifabbione: well, it does not really reload cupsys, but restart it09:55
pittifabbione: reload is optional anyway, force-reload is the one which must exist09:55
fabbioneok can i go for the s/ upload?09:55
pittifabbione: before my changes, there really was a reload option in cups (which restarted 90% of the system anyway, but it was the same process)09:55
pittifabbione: but that did not work as non-root, so I restarted cups completely09:56
fabbioneyesi read the changelog09:56
fabbionepitti: you still didn't answer my question ;)09:56
fabbione<fabbione> ok can i go for the s/ upload?09:57
pittifabbione: yes, I thought I said so09:57
fabbioneone orphaned bug less09:59
plovs_workwhere is the transcript of yesterdays technical board meeting?10:06
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=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittimdz: shall I care for DSA 558-1? (security bug in apache)10:15
fabbionepitti: ?10:17
fabbionefor which version of apache?10:17
pittifabbione: this DSA talks about a fixed problem in 2.0.51-110:17
pittifabbione: but we still have 2.0.50-something10:18
pittifabbione: or did you already fix it in ubuntu3?10:18
fabbionepitti: i think thom did backport the fixes already10:18
fabbioneand please.. call it apache2 :-)10:18
fabbioneapache = apache1.3 ;)10:18
pittifabbione: okay, next time :-)10:18
pittifabbione, mdz: forget about this, it's already fixed. Sorry10:20
fabbioneplovs_work: there was no meeting as far as i can tell10:21
Mithrandirdoko_: is the fritz driver in the restricted modules package now? (on i386)?10:26
plovs_workfabbione, ok, misread wiki then, sorry 10:27
doko_Mithrandir: no, the person at AVM was in vacation the last two weeks. He emailed we yesterday that he will respond soon.10:28
doko_what kind of agreement (email/fax) do we need to redistribute the drivers?10:29
Mithrandirdoko_: ok; if you could prod me once we have them, I'll be happy to test on my gateway.10:29
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pittiCan anybody please peer-review the patch in #2069? It's a bit ugly, but minimal and unintrusive11:08
elmo_pitti: looks okay to me11:12
elmo_(I assume the configuration is dealt with by pppconfig or something similar?)11:15
fabbionepitti: what about dpkg-reconfigure?11:15
fabbionewouldn't the exit 0 kill it completely?11:15
pittifabbione: yes11:16
pittifabbione: there's wvdialconf 11:16
elmo_so would the exit 0 that's already there? :)11:16
pittifabbione: and there are the gnome-system-tools11:16
fabbionepitti: ok11:16
pittielmo_, fabbione: right, if /etc/wvdial.conf exists, the old code did nothing anyway11:16
elmo_SKIP (too new)11:17
elmo_Rejected: Unknown distribution `unstable'.11:17
elmo_pitti: ----^11:17
pittielmo_: gar, sorry. I'll upload again.11:17
elmo_*blush* that's in the interdiff, I suck too11:17
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tof--hi all11:23
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:fabbione] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 20 RC bugs to go
fabbioneMithrandir: 185411:38
fabbioneMithrandir: does it happen if you run only apt-extracttemplates on a large amount of debs?11:39
Mithrandirfabbione: haven't tried yet.11:39
fabbioneMithrandir: that can be a test case...11:39
fabbioneMithrandir: in order to get the % counter i modified slightly the perl script that calls apt-extracttemplates11:40
fabbionei doubt the bug is in the modifications but it can be related to perl?11:40
MithrandirI wonder if it has to do with threading, somehow.11:41
Mithrandiror c++11:41
Mithrandirbut it's weird that gzip is the one hanging11:41
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:fabbione] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 19 RC bugs to go
fabbionetime to prepare some food12:00
amufabbione: is your GF in vacation ;)12:03
Mithrandirseb128: 2097, worksforme, ok with you?12:04
Mithrandirseb128: as in, the patch fixes it for me.12:04
seb128ok, I'll upload the fix12:05
Mithrandirit also does a ton of translation, config.{guess,sub}, some XML files updates here.12:06
thompitti: the bug in 2.0.51 only affects 2.0.5112:09
thomso, you won't see anything in the changelog12:09
pittithom: nevermind, I already saw that the security fix from 2.0.51 was already backported. Thanks anyway12:09
fabbioneamu: eheheh no.. she is at work :-))12:12
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sivanganybody messed with dpkg / apt / aptitude recently? aptitude upgrade last night, now my warty is dead...12:19
sivangkernel boots (i think) however , "cannot execute /sbin/mgetty"12:20
sivang"ld has spawned too fast"12:20
pittiHi sivang!12:24
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rburtonhm, no "ant" package in universe. i presume contrib isn't being autobuilt into universe12:29
thomrburton: nyet12:33
elmo_not yet,12:35
rburtonit seems that shutdown with nfs homes hangs12:36
rburtonwould this be a known bug?12:36
rburtonit appears that something is trying to access portmap, but that has already been shutdown12:36
pittirburton: I can't find it in bugzilla12:37
=== rburton curses https site certificates
=== elmo_ is getting openssl(1) to segfault simply by having a reference to a non-existent file. quality.
hazmathi folks, i have a long install report i wrote up with some suggestions and issues, i'm wondering which list to send it to.. any suggestions?12:49
fabbionehazmat: ubuntu-users12:51
hazmatis sounder dead then?12:52
fabbionehazmat: it was changed to chitchat something, but basically yes12:54
hazmatfabbione: ok, thanks.12:56
sivanghey pitti, whassup?01:06
pittisivang: the usual stuff, bug fixing :-)01:07
sivangpitti : ofcourse. I see 19 only now. good work:-)01:07
sivangfor everybody ofcourse ;-)01:08
fabbionei think i am into BDSM01:15
fabbionei hate X, i love X01:15
fabbionei can't sleep at night thinking how to switch to X.org01:15
fabbionebut i don't feel happy if i don't fix it01:16
=== fabbione is on the edge of a X nerves breakdown
thomaddict :-)01:25
fabbionethom: really.. it's becoming a drug01:27
fabbionesomeone needs to take X away from me01:27
=== fabbione can't wait the 1st of Nov to start the X-Men meeting :-)
sivangfabbione : X-Men?? ;)01:30
fabbionepeople that maintains X ;)01:30
fabbionebasically me and daniels 01:30
fabbionewe all have some kind of unnatural power01:30
DrXavieri can read and control people mind01:31
sivangfabbione : then I'll be Wolverine ;-)01:49
=== sivang rebooting. see ya all laterz
elmo_fabbione with mind control - women of the world RUN AWAY..01:49
elmo_ :P01:49
fabbioneelmo_: ahha01:50
fabbionetoo bad Xavier is on a wheel chair ;)01:50
azeemit's always the X maintainers who strive for that super power01:50
fabbioneazeem: WE HAVE SUPER POWERS01:50
=== azeem fears keithp :)
fabbioneok.. time to stop for today01:53
fabbionemy brain is melting down01:53
thom-rw-r--r--    1 thom     98693974 2004-10-06 12:52 ../mozilla-firefox_0.99+1.0PR.1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb01:54
pittifabbione: don't let that happen01:54
fabbionethom: HOLY S**T!01:54
fabbionewhat did you break this time?01:55
pittithom: what's with this version? I already have it installed...01:55
pittithom: ugh, it's a bit biiiiiig01:55
pittithom: is this the debugging version?01:55
fabbioneslightly :-)01:55
azeemit has the WWW pre-cached01:55
pittiALL the www?01:56
thomyes, this is the magical no-internet-required version01:56
=== fabbione apt-get updates
thomtotally unstripped, -O001:56
pittithom: unstripped? so it *is* kind of p0rn :-)01:57
rburtonpoor poor thom01:57
pittithom: are you able to get a nice backtrace for the crashing sites?01:58
fabbioneat least it is VERY sexy!01:58
pittithom: a guy on the mailing list enumerated a few other sites that crash for him01:58
thompitti: yeah01:58
thomit crashes reproducibly in gmail01:58
thomseb128: dpkg -L libatk1.0-dbg|grep atk-102:01
thomum, me thinks that ain't quite right02:01
seb128thom: should be directly in /usr/lib/debug ?02:02
thomthat's what libgtk2.0-dbg and libpango1.0-dbg have, yeah02:02
seb128$ ls /usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/02:03
seb128gtk-2.0                libcspi.so.0.10.4  libgnomeui-0             libloginhelper.so.0.0.002:03
seb128libatk-1.0.so.0.800.0  libglade           libgnomeui-2.so.0.800.0  libspi.so.0.10.402:03
thompitti: i should've let you take this on, i can't work it out at all02:10
pittithom: I can debug the crash if you want02:10
pittithom: Can I download the deb somewhere?02:10
Kamionpitti: surely unstripped is precisely the opposite of pr0n ...02:11
pittiKamion: ugh, right. 02:11
thompitti: it's a 90 meg deb, it'll take longer than a couple of hours to upload it :/02:11
pittithom: okay, then I will build it on my own02:12
thompitti: i'll send you my debian/02:12
pittithom: did you do any changes in it?02:12
pittithom: did you adopt the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS thingy?02:12
thomyeah, adopted those, and added some more to get the libraries stripped02:12
pittithom: doesn't take dh_strip care of it?02:13
elmo_thom: tube it to the DC ;-)02:13
thompitti: you need to pass --disable-strip --disable-strip-libs to configure02:13
pittithom: ah, nice02:13
pittithom: of course I already deleted the stuff yesterday, apt-get source'ing again :-)02:14
thomd'oh :/02:15
thompitti: my BT is at http://www.planetarytramp.net/firefox-bt02:18
pittithom: nice. #95, var_args looks scary, but maybe that's normal02:20
thomyeah, that one concerned me a little02:21
pittithom: did you already send me your debian/? SO far I've got no mail02:23
pittithom: source download is complete, I can start to build it02:23
thomit's cleaning, currently02:23
thomwait one02:23
pittithom: got it, thanks02:27
pittithom: is it normal that most of the dpatches aren't included in 00list?02:28
thompitti: yeah, i turned them off02:29
thomto try and work out if it was a problem with one of the patches02:29
pittithom: ah; should they be normally turned on?02:29
thomnormally they'd be turned on02:29
elmo_is it linking anything statically?02:30
elmo_if not, just blame doko and be done with it ;-)02:30
pittithom: 06_fix_freetype_compile was added by you, but it's not in the changelog nor in 00list; shall I enable it?02:30
thomno, leave that turned off02:31
thomsorry, that's stolen from redhat and looked initially like they added it in response to similar problems02:31
=== Kamion decides to make the ChallengeResponseAuthentication default be to leave it at yes even if PasswordAuthentication was no
danielsKamion: comments on #1683, #1301?02:35
Kamionsince new installs of openssh since 1:3.8p1-2 have set PasswordAuthentication no02:35
Kamiondaniels: fixing #1683 properly involves going through languagechooser, countrychooser, base-config termwrap, and possibly console-data, and making sure they all have the right answers for that locale.02:36
KamionI don't think automatic unicode_start is the right answer02:37
Kamionif you want to take care of that bug you're welcome ...02:37
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danielsKamion: ahr.  I might levae it to someone who has a slightly better idea of what they're doing, in that case ;)02:37
Kamiondaniels: for #1301, xfs_freeze is not anywhere near sufficient, I'm afraid; Daniel Silverstone and I spent most of last Friday trying all the possibilities we could think of and failed02:38
danielsKamion: er? I was always able to hack around it with xfs_freeze followed by xfs_unfreeze02:38
Kamiondaniels: if you want to learn about localization in the installer, #1683 is a good place to start :) you'll probably know more about it than me by the time you're finished ...02:38
Kamiondaniels: it's a race condition - you were lucky02:38
danielsKamion: heh02:38
danielsKamion: oh, hooray.  whacky.02:38
Kamionyou don't need xfs_freeze in a udeb anyway, because the obvious place to put it is in grub-install and that gets run inside a chroot02:39
Kamionbut we did try xfs_freeze -f /boot/grub followed by xfs_freeze -u /boot/grub, and grub still hung02:39
Kamion(in grub-install)02:39
danielsKamion: ah, in the chroot, that's OK02:40
Kamiondaniels: I'm almost tempted to say that the right answer for warty is to make the install fail hard at partitioning if you try to put /boot on XFS02:40
Kamionthere's already a warning I think, but people ignore it02:40
danielsKamion: yeah, fair enough02:41
danielsKamion: or grub-install; sleep 10; killall -9 grub-install; xfs_freeze; xfs_unfreeze; grub-install :P02:41
Kamionpossibly :)02:41
Kamionor unmount /target, which we think is the only reliable way, but is *very* hairy to do at that point ...02:42
danielsum, btw, if that gets implemented, I didn't suggest it02:42
danielsKamion: does xfs_freeze; sync; xfs_unfreeze help?02:43
Kamionnot as far as I recall02:44
Kamionwe also tried sync; xfs_freeze -f; xfs_freeze -u; sync02:45
danielsfreeze->sync->unfreeze would make the most sense to my mind, since freeze just blocks/queues all IO, and unfreeze reallows it02:46
danielsmaybe you want sync->freeze->sync->unfreeze(->sync?)02:46
=== sivang [~debianist@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionpossibly, but apparently sync only guarantees that the data has been written to the journal, not to the disk02:46
Kamions/disk/actual filesystem/02:46
Kamionthere was a thread about it from March on the xfs-devel list; Google finds it fairly easily02:47
danielsiirc _freeze flushes the journal, though02:47
Kamionfreeze; unfreeze worked for the Fedora guy apparently, but we duplicated what he did as closely as possible and it didn't work for us02:47
daniels       The  -f  flag  requests  the  specified  XFS  filesystem  to  be frozen from new modifications.  When this is02:47
daniels       selected, all ongoing transactions in the filesystem are allowed to complete, [...] 02:47
Kamionthe whole thing scares me too much at this stage, I'd rather forbid it and revisit it for Hoary02:48
danielsyeah, if it's looking so shakily non-trivial02:49
Kamionwe're going to get very little testing of installer changes from now on, so they do need to be safe02:49
Kamionit's basically only the sort of people who grab daily builds02:49
danielshence why you can have 168302:49
Kamiondamn, I wanted to give that to you. :)02:49
danielsdude, I'm not going to break the installer a fortnight before Warty :P02:50
danielsi mean, learning about stuff is fun and cool, but, er02:50
KamionI'm happy to review your changes, I'm confident I can tell the difference between something that will break things and something that won't02:50
danielshm, OK02:50
danielsi might snarf it, then02:50
danielsfeel free to reassign; you'll probably get to the bug in the next half an hour, before the page loads here :P02:51
Kamiondaniels: also I think there's a similar bug in Debian that's been discussed recently02:51
Kamionlook in the changelogs of the packages I mentioned02:51
Kamionpossibly solved, even02:51
danielsKamion: sure, I'll check it out when I get back from the supermarket02:51
Kamionthanks, will reassign02:51
danielscleaning products and energy drinks: two great tastes that taste great together02:51
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:Kamion] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 18 RC bugs to go
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lamontdoko/mdz: i386/amd64 built everything they tried (all build-dep-ing), ppc is still chunking away...03:07
thomanyone care to review https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/attachment.cgi?id=356 ?03:10
danielsthom: would suggest using modprobe -q instead of redirection, but it fits in nicely with the style, so meh; that aside, the only comment I have is `` -> $()03:12
danielsthom: looks otherwise correct03:12
=== rabidbt [~rabidbt@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomdaniels: 14:13 < tbm> StevenK: hey, do you know how to contact daniels?  apparently his email's not working or something03:13
danielsgah. thanks for the heads-up.03:18
sivanghas both lp and gnome-daemon-settings bug been fixed?03:20
thomdaniels: on OFTC #d-d03:20
sivangwhere have all critical bugs went? ;-))03:20
Mithrandirsivang: crushed. :)03:21
sivangMithrandir : wowo :-)) can I find them (see what's been done to fix) on the "closed" bugs?03:22
Kamionthey're all in bugzilla ...03:22
thomok, and https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/attachment.cgi?id=357 (it's unbelievably trivial)03:23
rburtonand i assumed you were loading toshiba_acpi on purpose03:24
thomi assume the eventual intent is to handle this crap with hotplug03:25
=== Kamion checks in all his openssh changes and ponders uploading
Kinnisonthom: have you uploaded the nice new acpi-support yet?03:26
thomno, i should get that reviewed too03:26
Kinnisonthom: It's getting *really* tired having to plug my laptop in to shut it down03:26
thomKinnison: i forgot, matt already said i could upload. done03:30
Kinnisonthom: rock on03:31
Kinnisonthom: I'll let you know how I get on later03:31
=== sivang [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittithom: mine is bigger than yours :-)04:01
pittithom: -rw-r--r--    1 martin   martin   10645500 2004-10-06 15:59 mozilla-firefox_0.99+1.0PR.1-0ubuntu1.1_i386.deb04:01
pittithom: no, it isn't. A digit it missing...04:01
=== rburton can't wait for thom to be assigned to oo.o bug hunting
pittithom: DAMN! After two hours of compiling this thing is still stripped04:03
pittithom: What did I do wrong? I built with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip,noopt debuild -us -uc -b04:03
pittithom: and indeed the files were compiled with -g -O004:04
thomthat's exactly what i did04:04
pittithom: $ file browser/app/firefox-bin04:04
pittibrowser/app/firefox-bin: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped04:04
=== pitti cries a little
Mithrandirpitti:  rm browser/app/firefox-bin ; make ?04:05
pittiMithrandir: and all the libraries?04:05
pittithom: your --disable-strip logic is wrong, AFAICS04:06
thomfile ~/tmp/x86-home/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/firefox-bin04:06
thom/home/thom/tmp/x86-home/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/firefox-bin: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped04:06
pittithom: ifeq (,$(findstring nostrip,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS))) will be false if you give nostrip04:06
Mithrandirpitti: find -name \*.so | xargs rm as well, then?04:06
thomi'm sure i gave you the version i was using04:07
pittiMithrandir: yes, something along that line. Thanks, will try04:07
pittithom: I think ifeq needs to be changed to ifneq04:07
pittithom: or --disable-strip and --enable-strip swapped04:07
thomifeq (,$(findstring nostrip,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))04:07
thomSTRIP=--enable-strip --enable-strip-libs04:07
thomSTRIP=--disable-strip --disable-strip-libs04:07
pittithom: right, that's how it should be04:08
thomis what my debian/rules has04:08
pittithom: my debian/rules has it exactly the other way round04:08
thomhrm. must have found an old one04:08
thomvery, very sorry about that04:08
pittithom: well, it does not matter that much, I'm busy with aptitude anyway04:08
pittithom: did you change anything else?04:09
pittithom: okay, then I will just make the swap myself. Thanks.04:10
thomit'll take about 40m for my .deb to upload04:10
thomif you want to just download that04:10
pittithom: can I download it right from your machine?04:10
pittithom: my connection is not faster (about 50 kB)04:10
thomno, i'm behind nat :/04:11
pittithom: me too :-)04:11
pittithom: nevermind, I just rebuild it04:11
pittithom: I will fix aptitude and maybe #1552 in the meantime04:11
pittithom: or have dinner :-)04:11
thompitti: heh :-) it'll be at www.planetarytramp.net/mozilla-firefox_0.99+1.0PR.1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb in about 40m, so if that's fasdter it's there04:12
pittithom: thanks04:12
danielspitti: only 10MB? that's tiny04:18
pittidaniels: see above, due to a slight error in debian/rules it got stripped04:18
danielspitti: even so :)04:18
danielsif your source tarball is less than 50MB when .bz2'd, I have no sympathy :P04:18
pittidaniels: well, 10 MB for a browser should be more than enough :-)04:18
danielspitti: you'd think that ...04:19
pittidaniels: hey, in C64 times software needed to fit into 64 KBytes! :-)04:19
danielsdo you really want to be running Moz on C64?04:20
pittidaniels: _even_ the graphical environment (GEOS), to be precise :-) (SCNR)04:20
danielshm, that reminds me, I still need to get around to seeing how long KDE takes to load on an m68k04:20
danielspitti: X is a hulking PoS, news at 11 :P04:21
pittidaniels: poor m68k04:21
pittidaniels: it already takes ages at my Duron 1.304:21
=== daniels has been advocating throwing away all existing X implementations and starting from scratch for ages now.
azeemit was interesting to read keithp blog about twin04:22
pittidaniels: I already heard of several alternatives, one was called 'Y' and was really tiny04:22
elmo_azeem: keithp blogged about ben a. ?04:22
azeempitti: twin is supposed to be less than 50KB, from what I read04:24
pittiazeem: well, if an X replacement relies on the kernel framebuffer (or something like that), it shouldn't be that big04:24
danielspitti: y is good for a laugh04:25
pittiazeem: but something has to provide all this 3D and network stuff, so 50 KB are certainly not enough for a Desktop04:25
danielspitti: and relying on the kernel framebuffer really sucks04:25
pittidaniels: I know, I tested it and was pretty amused04:25
danielstwin is good for putting on a computer watch or something equally hypothetical04:25
pittidaniels: but what makes X actually so big? Only device drivers?04:25
pittidaniels: or layers over layers of abstraction layers which abstract other layers?04:25
danielspitti: if you know anyone who wants to fund me, keithp, jaymz, anholt, ajax, and possibly andersca full-time for a year, let me know ;)04:25
Mithrandirdoes the kernel framebuffer support any kind of 3d?04:25
danielspitti: drivers, support for everything under the sun, a whole crapload of useless libraries/fonts/docs (in FrameMaker format, no less), and some useless abstraction layers04:26
danielsdrivers are also pretty big, I suppose04:26
pittiMithrandir: none that I know of04:26
danielsMithrandir: last I looked, there wasn't any real good 2D acceleration in any of them04:26
pittiMithrandir: however, 2D support is quite good in the specialized drivers (riva, radeonfb etc.)04:27
pittidaniels: not?04:27
pittidaniels: the radeonfb driver is pretty cool04:27
danielspitti: is it still as buggy?04:27
Mithrandiryeah, it's buggy.04:27
danielspitti: last time I tried, when I got it to work, it left droppings all over my screen04:27
pittidaniels: on a 9200 it works like charm04:27
pittidaniels: no, I never encountered that04:28
pittidaniels: but maybe it blurbs on better radeons04:28
danielspitti: i saw it on a 9000 and an 850004:28
danielsanyway, I'm killing my bandwidth by rsyncing all the fd.o CVS repos back here right now so I can do some hacking04:29
danielsso, I'll talk to you later :)04:29
pittidaniels: odd. Well, if it works on one system and crashes at another, it still counts as buggy, I suppose04:29
=== lamont reboots: new kernel
lamontwell, once X and the other 100 packages install... :-(04:34
sivangfabbione : integerating X.org is going to be a pain in the arse? ;-)04:43
sivang(seen your comments about it increasing your insomnia sympthoms ;-)04:44
thompitti: 8 minutes04:55
danielssivang: it's a massive amount of work04:56
thompitti: done05:03
pittithom: thanks!05:04
thom94MB  29.8KB/s   54:0005:04
=== lamont [~lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontyea! new metacity actually remembers what workspace a window is in!05:08
Kamionplease review https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/attachment.cgi?id=36105:20
lamontKamion: nothing leaps out at me in 60 seconds or less.05:28
danielsKamion: looks OK to my tired eyes05:28
lamontKamion: would it be simpler to just sync the debian package?05:31
Kamionlamont: we've already forked it05:31
Kamionotherwise I would :)05:31
Kamionset_config_option is hairy but I think it's right05:37
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:Kamion] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 17 RC bugs to go
Kamionooh, I don't have the highest number of RC bugs any more05:45
rburtoni should find the time to put ubuntu onto my laptop05:45
rburtonthen i can get thom to fix acpi for me05:45
lamontKamion: yeah, but herbert's are all in _one_ package... :-)05:50
thom14 of the 20 bugs assigned to me are about firefox05:51
elmo_dude, I told you were the Mozilla czar05:51
=== mako [mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont solicits ideas for debian #274777 (also in warty)
Mithrandirdoes anybody care about ibcs?06:22
lamontMithrandir: was that a vote for Conflicts?06:22
Mithrandiror talk to the ibcs maintainer06:22
Mithrandirwhat does trace(8) do?06:23
lamontor both. :-)06:23
lamontI believe that's sendmail -bt support06:23
Mithrandir       bounce - Postfix message bounce or defer daemon06:23
Mithrandiris what I get from man 8 trace06:23
lamontyeah - it's the same man page for all 306:24
lamontbounce defer trace06:24
=== lamont goes digging
Mithrandirlamont: well, dpkg -S trace | grep post only returns the man page here..06:24
lamontlooks to be DSN stuff06:26
lamontibcs is universe06:26
lamontmdz: thoughts?06:27
=== lamont grumbles at people running the price up on a couple of auctions.
lamontbidwatcher should be main, dammit.06:27
lamontmdz: and a fine thought that is, too. :-)06:28
mdzlamont: both packages should be shot for naming a binary 'trace'06:30
Mithrandirmdz: postfix doesn't have any binaries named trace, it seems.06:31
lamontmdz: well, yes... I suppose I could rename it to postfix-trace06:31
Mithrandirmdz: it's just a service in master.cf06:31
mdzah, so it's a manpage conflict?06:31
Mithrandirlooks like it.06:31
Mithrandir: tfheen@yiwaz ~ > dpkg -S trace |  grep /trace$06:32
Mithrandiroftc-hybrid: /usr/share/oftc-hybrid/help/opers/trace06:32
Mithrandirirssi-text: /usr/share/irssi/help/trace06:32
lamont        echo .so man8/bounce.8 >$@06:32
Mithrandir(this box has postfix installed)06:32
mdzis ibcs even actively maintained?06:32
Kamionman section extensions are the standard way to solve conflicts06:32
mdzthat sounds reasonable06:33
lamontKamion: I like that - is it just a matter of delivering it as trace.8postfix?06:33
Kamionlamont: yes06:33
lamontand should I deliver all of them in that section, or just the conflicts?06:33
Mithrandirmdz: seen my latest comment on 1854? :/06:33
pittimdz: morning06:33
mdzMithrandir: fortunately, that bug only happens to you :-P 06:35
Kamionmdz: what do you think about this wget "security" bug? #26175506:35
Mithrandirmdz: has anybody actually tried to reproduce it using the instructions I gave?06:35
mdzMithrandir: yes06:36
mdzMithrandir: except for the bit about "buy a P4 HT and use an SMP kernel"06:36
mdzKamion: I think it's silly06:36
Mithrandirmdz: well, given that you need a P4 HT.. :)06:36
Kamionthat was my initial reaction06:37
mdzJan Minar has filed a bunch of similar bugs06:37
Kamionmdz: I'm being asked to review it for pushing into sarge06:37
mdzI'm waiting for the one against cat(1)06:37
mdzwhere it will allow arbitrary characters to be displayed on the terminal06:37
Kamioncan I quote you there, to the wget maintainer?06:37
mdz"I think it's silly" -mdz06:37
mdzlike that? :-)06:37
Kamionapproximately :)06:37
mdzit's especially discouraging that the proposed patch has bugs06:37
mdzsure, quote me if you think it'd help06:38
lamontKamion: should I deliver all of the section 8 manpages in 8postfix, or just trace?06:38
Kamionprobably best to be consistent; perhaps deliver all the ones that are just master.cf services in 8postfix06:40
mdzKamion: did you determine that unfuzzying translations with s/Debian/Ubuntu/ was relatively non-evil?06:47
mdzKamion: (#2085)06:47
=== Kinnison goes to try thom's new acpi-support package
mdzjustdave: please attach a dmesg from a successful boot to #137906:50
thomso my dad was installing ubuntu on a vaio with a usb cdrom drive last night06:53
thomhe was going to call if he had any problems06:53
thomno phone call :-)06:53
thomuh, s/usb/pcmcia06:53
pittithom: nice idea from you to disable your phone :-)06:53
thompitti: having fun with firefox?06:55
pittithom: I just tried to debug it06:55
pittithom: it's a mess06:55
pittimy current quick "fix" is to use Mozilla.06:56
pittiI will return to that tomorrow, I'm too tired today to deal with such a monster06:56
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Kinnison hands thom 2 x $BEER tokens
mdzpitti: regarding #2085, I noticed the description for 'base' and it should be changed semantically06:58
mdzpitti: section 'base' does not at really correspond to the base system at all06:58
pittimdz: okay, I can change that, too06:58
pittimdz: what would you propose?06:59
pittimdz: BTW, I hope that it was okay for me to prepare patches, although the bug was assigned to you07:00
Kinnisondaniels: Erm; gnome-volume-manager isn't responding to plugin events again :-(07:01
pittimdz: my own list got major-free this morning :-)07:01
mdzpitti: I don't know what the text should be; section 'base' is not very meaningful07:01
mdzit's not very meaningful in Debian, either, but even less so in Ubuntu :-)07:01
pittimdz: I also stumbled about this in my NM processes07:01
pittimdz: its ,well, just "base packages" - packages which we do not have a special name for...07:02
sivangaren't they providing "basic system capabilities" ?07:02
sivangthe essentials07:02
pittiall these are just synonyms07:03
mdzthe essentials are Essential: yes packages07:03
pittimdz: I know, but an user will not care for the difference07:03
pittimdz: What about "Ubuntu system packages - Packages in the "base" section provide the basic functionality of an Ubuntu installation (hardware support, package management, etc.)"07:06
fabbionedaniels: 1117, can you give the driver to Herbert please?07:06
fabbionemdz: i solved the problems with the ADSL line transfer. In the worst case I will have 2 to 5 hours of downtime07:06
fabbionemdz: 2 if the adsl line is ok, 5 if it is not (and my previous employer will host me in his offices)07:07
mdzfabbione: nice07:08
mdzpitti: the thing is, there are many packages in that category which are not in section 'base'07:09
mdzand things in section 'base' which do not fit that description07:09
pittimdz: well, the whole categoryseems to be more or less arbitrary07:09
mdzpitti: correct, which is why it is hard to describe :-)07:09
pittimdz: "Packages which we did not find a better section for "07:09
elmo_base should be what debootstrap installs or it shouldn't exist07:11
pittielmo_: certainly a nice explanation for a new user :-)07:11
Kinnisonthom: want an amusing mozilla-firefox bug? </sarky>07:13
thomoh, i'm sure amusing is just the word *sigh*07:13
pittimdz: what do you think about the patches in general? Shall we aim for new translations? Any thing I forgot about?07:14
Kinnisonthom: I can reproducably stop firefox scrolling with the scrollwheel by viewing long bugs on bugzilla.ubuntu.com07:14
thomKinnison: already filed07:14
Kinnisonthom: Boo hiss; I thought I'd found a new one07:14
Kinnisonthom: fix it07:14
thom<pre> areas and <code> areas seem to do it07:14
Kamionmdz: yes07:15
Kamionmdz: where it's obviously possible; sometimes it's hard07:15
thomKinnison: #196207:16
Kamionohbugger; archive-copier needs to copy mdetect, xresprobe, and laptop-detect07:16
Kamionforgot about those when I turned off copying of Ship07:16
mdzpitti: the patches look fine07:16
pittimdz: so we need a "base section description contest" now? :-)07:17
mdzpitti: "miscellaneous packages which provide basic functionality"07:18
Kamionmiscellaneous sounds wrong to me there07:18
mdzKamion: any idea about that kbd-chooser hang on -users?07:18
mdzSubject: Re: Install choking after country selection07:18
Kamionit has connotations of "extra"07:18
Kamionmdz: haven't had time to look at it yet, will do07:18
Kamionit's probably hardware-specific to some extent which makes it annoying07:18
Kamionand damnit, I forgot to do anything about Nathaniel's openssh init script patch07:19
fabbionemdz: i will have to upload X again. daniels wacom backport is botched07:19
mdzfabbione: is that related to the wacom driver update enhancement bug?07:20
fabbionemdz: yes07:20
fabbionemdz: the driver that is inside X now is not meat or fish07:20
thomfabbione: "fish or fowl"07:21
fabbionethom: shuuus ;)=07:22
pittiKamion: seems that all in all the Debian description is not the worst one :-)07:22
mdzpitti: let's leave it as-is for the sake of getting the other work done07:24
pittimdz: okay, I agree. We can still upload another version with more translations and some tweaks07:25
pittimdz: so any other things before approval?07:25
mdzpitti: no, looks good07:26
pittimdz: okay, then away with it07:26
elmo_python-gtk2-doc_2.4.10-2ubuntu1_source.changes 07:32
elmo_who uploaded that/07:32
fabbioneprobably seb?07:34
thomKinnison: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26319807:35
fabbionehe was the one asking for it in the first place07:35
mdzelmo_: yes07:35
Kinnisonthom: cool07:35
thomadd additional urls if you have 'em :-)07:36
elmo_seb128: sorry, due to an obscure technical problem which I won't bore you with the details of, that file was removed - could you reupload just the .changes, please?07:36
=== Kinnison smirks
seb128elmo_: ok, no problem07:36
seb128just the .changes ?07:36
Kinnisonelmo_: saved.07:36
elmo_seb128: yeah07:37
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:pitti] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 16 RC bugs to go
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:pitti] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 15 RC bugs to go
seb128elmo_: done (I've also uploaded a libgnomeprint changes by mistake, just ignore it)07:40
thoman obscure 'rm -f' by "ftpmaster" problem? :p07:41
seb128time to dinner, later07:41
=== sivang [~debianist@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kinnisonthom: ssssh. you'll give his s3kr1t away07:42
=== lamont looks around for a postfix reviewer.
=== nasdaq4088 [sdfsd@tkp-ip-nas-1-p130.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivanglamont : I would, as soon as my warty's XFS is fixed..;-)07:53
Kinnisonsivang: what's up now?07:53
Kinnisonsivang: or is it in general?07:53
thompitti: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=255372 is the upstream for the firefox bug07:54
sivangKinnison : ah, some funky output from xfs_check, and xfs_repair07:54
lamontsivang: most of the change is adding README.Debian files..07:54
Kinnisonsivang: aah yes; I had that on Friday07:54
Kinnisonsivang: been running Debian's 2.6.7 kernel since then with no problem07:54
lamontpatch is at people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/postfix.diff07:54
=== Kinnison isn't completely convinced 2.6.8* is safe with XFS
sivangKinnison : this on the bugzilla I hope?07:54
Kinnisonsivang: Not sure07:55
thomwe really need an UPSTREAM status badly07:55
sivanglamont : this a debdiff?07:55
lamontit's a diff -ur between the old tree and new one.07:55
lamontwhat's a debdiff? :-)07:55
pittithom: okay, thanks. Let's just pass the buck to upstream, then :-)07:55
lamonter, -urN actually07:56
pittithom: however, if it crashes on all pages with javascript popups, this can even be regarded as RC then...07:56
sivanglamont : sorry, misunderstanding. I think it07:57
thompitti: agreed07:57
sivanglamont : is something comparing too pkgs if I am not mistaken07:57
thommdz: 1676 as major?07:57
lamontsivang: yeah, I read the manpage.. 07:59
sivanglamont : do you happen to know it's package name on debian sid?07:59
lamontit's in devscripts08:00
lamont /etc/init.d/xfree86-common: line 11: /lib/lsb/init-functions: No such file or directory08:10
lamontfabbione: daniels: what's up with that???08:11
pittithom: what makes the warty firefox different from upstream's, if it works with upstream?08:12
pittithom: does upstream already have a newer build?08:12
lamontpitti: besides build-depends?08:12
pittilamont: you mean the firefox crash is actually a problem in a library?08:12
lamontpitti: nfc08:12
pittilamont.explain( "nfc" )08:13
lamont"No F***ing Clue"08:13
pittilamont: ah, thanks :-)08:13
lamontbut build-deps is certainly a difference between the two, I expect.08:13
thompitti: don't know, i don't understand why upstreams works08:13
thompitti: same build08:13
pittilamont: the stack trace does not suggest that it is in an external lib08:14
=== lamont shrugs
lamontwhich architecture?08:14
pittithom: different compilers?08:14
pittithom: maybe the bug is triggered only on a particular way of compilation08:14
pittilamont: ppc and i38608:14
pittilamont: the 32 bit ones, amd64 works well08:15
lamontpitti: that's just sick and wrong.08:15
pittiusually segfaults potentially occur on all architectures, but sometimes the compiler may hide it08:15
pittithe bug in gstreamer I tackled with recently was such a case08:15
pittiso I don't really believe that the bug is fixed upstream08:16
thompitti: they compile with gcc-3.2, amd64 is on 3.4 and doesn't have the bug (but x86 with 3.4 still does)08:16
pittiwell, we could try compiling with 3.2 and see if it works :-)08:17
thomwe could, indeed08:17
pitti7 days before the RC release we have to find faster methods of bug fixing08:17
=== pitti ducks
thom... go back to using epiphany by default? :-)08:18
pittithom: mozilla plain works greeeeeat!08:18
pittiepiphany is just mozilla with another UI, isn't it?08:18
thoma gnome ui, yeah08:18
pittiat least epiphany draws in all the mozilla stuff in the dependencies08:18
pittithom: would it help to revert to an earlier build?08:19
pittithom: the upstream bug said something about reintroducing it in version whatever08:19
thompitti: you'd be looking at backporting a stack of security fixes if we go back to 0.9.3 (which was the last version that didn't suck)08:19
pittihmm, as long as they are properly documented and the CVS is available...08:20
thom(but firefox 1.0 is a feature goal AIUI)08:21
thom*shrug*, i think we need to speak to mdz and jdub and find out what the goals are here, and what we can do08:21
pittithom: well, as long as the boys fix 1.0, then I'm all for it :-)08:23
pittithom: or maybe we can convince lamont to have firefox built with gcc 3.2 :-)08:23
lamontgcc-3.2 is ftbfs on ppc08:25
lamontand amd64.08:25
mdzthom: hmm?08:26
mdzthom: re: 1676, I've never seen it08:26
pittimdz: aren't you on amd64 as well?08:27
mdzpitti: not primarily, but sometimes08:28
mdzright now I'm laptop-only08:28
pittimdz: I asked because the firefox crash does not appear on amd6408:29
pittimdz: it is pretty annoying08:29
pittimdz: I cannot do online banking and some webmail stuff with firefox, have to take mozilla proper for that08:29
mdzmy online banking stuff works with firefox in ubuntu08:30
pittimdz: and according to the mailing list, many other people suffer from this as well08:30
mdzwhat's the story upstream?08:30
pittimdz: same thing. Firefox crashes on every page that opens a window with javascript08:30
thommdz: basically, anything that does window.Open() in javascript crashes firefox08:31
mdzanyway I can test it without killing my existing firefox and all its tabs?08:32
thommdz: create a test user, go to Applications/System Tools/New Login, log in as that user...08:32
mdzaha, -P08:33
mdzthom: just tried it in the javascript console, and it works perfectly, doesn't crash08:34
=== lamont logs into his bank, fails to crash firefox
mdzis there any website I can test with that doesn't require a login?08:34
pittimdz: https://financepilot-banking.mlp.de/ works nice for me08:34
pittimdz: or, rather, crashes08:34
pittimdz: this is my web banking, BTW08:35
thommdz: www.cpsact.com.au and click on CPS Web-Link08:35
mdzpitti: when I load that page, it gives me an error in German and firefox tells me that it blocked a popup08:35
pittimdz: you have to accept the popup08:35
mdzthom: no crash08:36
thommdz: did you get a popup window?08:36
mdzit does open the popup, but it works fine08:36
mdzthom: yes08:36
mdzthis is with a fresh default profile, too08:36
thomit crashes 100% with current firefox for me08:36
pittimdz: I also tried with a fresh profile08:36
thomfresh, stale, or downright smelly profiles08:36
pittimdz: well, the fact that it works on amd64 and fails on i386 shows that it is a somewhat tricky one...08:37
lamontabout: says firefox 0.10.108:37
pittimdz: sometimes it even worked for me the very first time, but it crashes the second time08:37
pittimdz: but now I cannot get it to load a single time any more08:38
lamontstill works here08:38
pittidamn, why demos always tend to fail?08:40
pittithom, this _is_ an ugly bug. It hides itself08:40
thominterestingly, i can't get cpsact to crash on my laptop, but gmail kills it every time08:41
=== albireo [~albireo@lns-vlq-6-82-65-19-138.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontpitti: just lucky, I guess08:41
thommdz: i can send you a gmail invite :-)08:41
lamontthom: if you sent me one, could I give it to someone else?08:41
thompitti: and yes, it is a nasty one for sure08:41
thomlamont: yeah, absolutely08:41
=== lamont has a use for one or two then
lamont(it'll let me boot my fire chief off the itanic in the other room..)08:42
pittithom: Will you beat me up if I tell you that the CPS thingy works for me?08:42
pittithom: can we please swap our online banks?08:42
thomlamont: just sent you two invites08:43
pittinice, now my online bank works as well08:43
pittiI KNOW: it depends on the current time, obviously08:43
lamontpitti: glad that mdz and I could help. :-(08:44
thompitti: you're cursed with heisenbugs recently :-)08:44
pittilamont: it was the aura of the people who would decide to hurt this bug08:44
lamont"there are very few things about computers that cannot be explained if you are willing to grant them fear and malice."08:44
pittithom: can we quickly rewrite firefox in python?08:45
lamontdoesn't have to be quick.. Take until Fridy08:46
=== lamont received some interesting insight into someone's mindset when their summary of bittorrent was "I looked at that a while back, but it was just a bunch of python scripts"
pittilamont: with this timeframe we can even add a doom and a tetris plugin :-)08:47
lamontthere's a tetris plugin for firefox??08:48
thompitti: as long as we can call it pyrefox08:49
=== T-Bone [~varenet@T-Bone.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== T-Bone waves
pittilamont: not yet :-)08:49
pittiHi T-Bone08:49
lamonthi T-Bone08:50
T-Bonehey dudes :)08:50
lamontT-Bone: where was your gcc-3.4 source again?08:51
mdzthom: regarding the powernowd module loading stuff, can we do anything smart about i386 systems which require a speedstep-* module?08:51
T-Bonelamont: envy.esiee.fr/~varenet/newgcc iirc08:51
thommdz: sladen, mjg59 and i were playing with a script to guess, but it's pretty fragile08:52
thomprobably hoary material08:52
T-Bonelamont: mind that it built fine on ia6408:53
mdzKamion: which kernel made it onto the 1006 daily CD?08:54
mdzthom: agreed08:54
seb128jdub: ping ?08:54
=== T-Bone is now known as T-Dinner
mdzKamion: never mind, .list tells me08:55
seb128mdz: gstreamer/totem release today which improve totem-gstreamer a lot ... FC3 is going to include (they are in hard freeze too). Perhaps we want to do so ?08:55
seb128since totem-gstreamer is the default player and works pretty bad, I think we should consider the update08:56
mdzseb128: yes, I think so, but let's test it a bit before uploading08:58
mdza few different people08:58
seb128ok, I'll prepare the packages and put them somewhere08:59
mdzanyone have a printer to test #2114?09:01
mdzit stinks of NOTWARTY, but I have no printer at the moment09:01
lamontmdz: been printing things for a while, not sure where gs-esp fits into the sequence, though...09:11
lamontmdz: btw, when you get bored, 2022 has an attached patch now.09:11
mdzlamont: print a postscript file (e.g., from mozilla)09:11
=== lamont will try
mdzlamont: don't you need to clean up that diversion it used to create?09:12
mdz(ewww on that, by the way)09:13
lamontmdz: well, um, probably.09:13
lamontI could just unconditionally remove it in postinst, with errors redirected... or is that uglier?09:13
lamontmdz: wrt those ppds...  which package are you thinking should change? gimp-print? or cupsys?09:16
=== nasdaq4088 [sdfsd@tkp-ip-nas-1-p130.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== __randy__ [~randy@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzlamont: foomatic-filters-ppds09:30
mdzthe one with all the ppd files in it09:30
carlosseb128: seems like latest gstreamer release improves video playback, will it enter into warty?09:30
mdzcarlos: scroll up a bit; we already discussed it :-)09:31
seb128carlos: read what I said 20 lines up09:31
seb128np :)09:31
seb128one more voluntary to test the new packages I guess ? :)09:32
carlosseb128: send me the URL of the packages and I will test them09:32
lamontmdz: updated the bug09:32
pittimdz: I will try it; i already produced some postscript printouts which look good09:32
carlosmdz, jdub: I forgot to ask about gstreamer-ffmpeg plugin inclusion into universe, is that possible?, I suppose that it cannot be in main because patent problems, right?09:32
seb128carlos: ok, they are not ready yet but I'll09:33
pittiseb128: if I ever find a video which totem-gstreamer is actually able to play, I would test this as well09:33
seb128pitti: ok :)09:33
seb128-ffmpeg would help a lot ..09:33
pittiseb128: oh, ffmpeg plugin sounds like MPEG4 and stuff?09:33
pittiseb128: so xvid, divx? 09:33
carlospitti: but it's not in warty or Debian09:35
mdzpitti: thanks, please NOTWARTY it if appropriate09:35
carlosonly external sources09:35
pittimdz: I can only try some BTS pages, the bug does not give other examples09:35
mdzpitti, thom: a friend of mine just pointed out that the firefox crash only seems to happen with multiple tabs open09:36
mdzpitti, thom: I had been testing with a single tab, but when I opened more than one, I got it to crash on the first try09:37
pittimdz: that could be it, I will try09:37
pittimdz: that would be a more sane explanation than the square root of daytime etc.09:37
thomi can get it with a single tab, tho09:37
pittithom, mdz: single tab crashes for me, too09:40
pittithom, mdz: maybe "if you ever had a second tab.." and so on?09:40
=== lamont was testing in tab #3 or 4 of one of 2 windows
pittimdz: printing BTS pages works perfectly on my Samsung ML-1410 laser09:41
pittimdz: but before closing the bug, maybe some more people should test?09:41
mdzpitti: if gs-esp works with the default setup, fonts, etc. it is at least not RC09:42
pittimdz: could be a specific driver problem then09:42
pittimdz: I downgrade, comment and leave it open for now, then (plus NEEDINFO or so)09:43
mdzpitti: I suppose it's possible09:43
lamontmdz: fwiw, gimp-print Suggests: cupsys-driver-gimpprint, which Depends: cupsys-driver-gimpprint-data, which appears to provide the driver for the S200.09:43
lamontOTOH, those last two binaries are in universe.09:44
mdzI don't know much about gimpprint09:44
mdzbut cupsys uses the ppds in foomatic-filters-ppd directly09:44
mdzif it can use the gimpprint ones, too (and they don't conflict), we could look at that09:45
lamontor rather, foomatic-filters-ppd (and cupsys, and cupsys-driver-gimpprint-data, and ...) all deliver files into /usr/share/cups/model, where cups can find them...09:45
mdzbut I think it's best to have all of the ppds in one place09:45
lamontcupsys, hp-ppd, foomatic-filters-ppds, gs-esp, cups-pdf, cupsys-driver-gimpprint-data all deliver there.09:46
lamont(== too late for that.)09:46
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:pitti] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 14 RC bugs to go
mdzhmm, I can't get firefox to crash again09:47
mdzeven with multiple tabs09:47
pittimdz: as we guessed: a heisenbug09:47
mdzpitti: the procedure my friend just posted to the bug works for me09:49
pittimdz: luckily it still crashes in a debugging version (which is a 100 MB deb :-) )09:49
pittimdz: it's annoying, but I'm not sure whether to raise it to RC09:49
mdzpitti: try the procedure in the most recent comment09:50
pittimdz: phone, will try later09:51
=== T-Dinner is now known as T-Gone
=== T-Gone bbi2h
lamontmdz: cupsys-driver-gimpprint comes from gimp-print source, which makes me believe that they added all of the support when they added the part that the submitter says is there...09:52
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-3-137.w81-250.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontmdz: and reading the internal documentation in gimp-print makes me believe that even more.09:54
mdzlamont: so you're saying that we need gimp-print in the default install just to have a complete set of drivers?09:54
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontwell, I think we need to move cupsys-driver-gimpprint to at least supported.seed09:55
lamontand if we're installing cupsys and gimp-print in desktop, then we should also install that suggested package...09:56
=== lifeless_ [~robertc@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontmoving it would just leave escputil in universe (epson stylus printer clean/alignment util)09:57
lamont2.7MB of .debs09:58
mdzwe're installing cupsys10:05
seb128_mdz: ok to sync gdk-pixbuf from debian ?10:05
mdzI don't think we're installing gimp-print10:05
mdzseb128_: I think so; double-check the changelog10:06
seb128_mdz: I've double checked, the only change between warty and debian (out of the security patch which is different) is "Link gnomecanvaspixbuf.so.1.0.0 against gdk_pixbuf.la"10:06
seb128_ok, I'm fixing gdk-pixbuf now :)10:07
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
npmccallummdz: what was the result of your testing madwifi?10:52
npmccallummdz: its still not working at all with the latest kernels for me10:53
=== yuval [~Yuval@62-90-215-229.barak.net.il] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont goes to see what his wife wanted.
npmccallumpitti: ping10:56
pittinpmccallum: pong10:56
npmccallumpitti: did you get my email?10:57
pittinpmccallum: no personal one10:58
pittinpmccallum: somewhere on the list?10:58
pittinpmccallum: anyway, I'm going to sleep now. If you sent a mail to @debian.org, please use the direct way with martin@piware.de. @debian.org email sometimes lags for as much as 4 weeks (see lengthy thread on d-devel)11:05
pittigood night everybody!11:06
nasdaq4088bye pitti11:11
=== lamont really runs off - back in a few hours.
mdznpmccallum: it works fine for me11:26
mdznpmccallum: WEP and all11:26
thommdz: so what do you think about sudo's prompts. leave till hoary?11:36
npmccallummdz: It was working perfect for me as well, however, since a recent kernel upgrade I can't get dhcp at all11:36
mdznpmccallum: works for me with what I believe is
mdzI've upgraded since the last time I rebooted, so it's using the new module at least11:37
=== sivang [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionfabbione: fontconfig's dependencies look a bit barmy11:47
KamionPackage: fontconfig11:47
KamionDepends: libc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-4), libfontconfig1 (>= 2.2.1), debconf (>= 0.5) | debconf-2.0, defoma (>= 0.7.0), ucf (>= 0.29), ttf-bitstream-vera | ttf-freefont | gsfonts-x11 | msttcorefonts | laptop-detect11:47
Kamionwhat's that | doing before laptop-detect?11:47
sivangah! at last I fixed that dpkg problems.11:56
sivanghope my system doesn't break again..11:56
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel

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