kikoit means "fire in the hole" more or less and it's an inside joke with the sandwich sprinters12:01
kikothough you were absent from that dinner, when we went to the indian place IIRC and had red-hot curry.12:01
kikoSteveA actually knows how to pronounce it.12:02
lifelesssabdfl: yes I branched for the production update last night.12:36
sabdfllifeless: ok, pity, quite a lot of useful stuff went in this morning.12:36
sabdfli'm going to have to check the production server to make sure justdave can get going as intended12:36
lifelessany database changes?12:37
sabdflhmm... no i don't think so12:37
lifelessif there are no database changes, I can just merge the lot across.12:37
lifeless(after breakfast :))12:37
sabdfllifeless: ok, but we'll need to run some tests again12:37
sabdflbtw, we have a shithot script we're working on which will autopopulate project / product with freshmeat / sourceforge data12:38
lifelessI thought you didn't want to do that ?12:38
lifelesssabdfl: there are database changes. I'm going to need to cherry pick the updates.12:39
lifelessor do another full update with stub.12:40
sabdfllifeless: it works quite well, and we can clean it up over time12:40
lifelessgood. I don't know if you recall, but I was pro this in Oxford.12:40
sabdflok, i've come around12:41
sabdfli'd still like a human review of it, so i think we should add a state field to the db, and at least know which ones we've looked at and which not12:42
kikothanks ddaa12:44
justdavedoes the production server have a url yet?12:47
ddaakiko: you're welcome pal12:48
sabdfltal experts?01:06
sabdflis there any way to set multiple attributes in a single element using tal:attributes?01:06
daftal:attributes="href http://foo.com; title Foo Project"01:09
kikoddaa, don't you think annotation is a valid part of an rcs frontend?02:18
lifelesskiko: thats a loaded question02:18
kikothankfully my wrists hurt02:19
ddaaIt would certainly by useful, and not complex in the multiple-commiter archive case.02:19
lifelesssabdfl: there were only 4 unmerged patches, I've cherry picked two. (yours and mine) into production02:19
lifelessI can code update whenever you like02:19
ddaait's significantly more tricky to get right in a distributed development environment.02:19
lifelesskiko: whats the use case that you want to solve - 'being able to run annotate' is not a use case.02:20
lifelessddaa: thanks for merge that in02:20
lifelesstesting it on importd-test now.02:21
ddaalifeless: I'm not kiko, but it seems that a common use case is "figuring out what the hell this stuff does here".02:21
lifelessddaa: for annotate ?02:21
ddaalifeless: great, I was expecting I'd have to do it myself tomorrow.02:21
ddaalifeless: yes, that's what I think is a common use case for annotate.02:22
lifelessddaa: your next task should you choose to accept it, is to start working through the info files and testing them, in parallel with proposing more ProjectProduct mappings from the same files.02:22
lifelessonly worry about ones with CVS or SVN repositories at this point.02:22
kikolifeless, yes.02:22
ddaalifeless: hu... so I'll need to get the test buildbot up and running anyway.02:23
lifelessddaa: yes indeedy.02:23
lifelessthe latest launchpad & the latest database work fine for me.02:23
lifelessbut keep your local hacks handy :(02:23
kikolifeless, ddaa has a very reasonable point. and to be honest, browsing an annotated version of the file is, in itself, a valid use case. just want to see how much of a file has been changed by others, for instance.02:23
ddaaSo, my task is to pick e.g. zlib and try to import it, and check the changelog to see whether they look half sane?02:23
=== kiko uses annotation *every* day on local projects
lifelessddaa: https://wiki.canonical.com/CscvsChecking02:24
ddaalifeless: define latest? what local hacks are you talking of?02:24
lifelessdidn't you tweak your install slightly for buildbot ?02:25
lifelesslatest - in rocketfuel now.02:25
ddaaI mean, latest devel or latest production?02:25
lifelesslatest devel02:25
lifelesslatest production is (of course) good too.02:25
lifelesssee the production-2 config in rocketfuel dists.02:25
lifelessddaa: yes, the order is : put zlib mapping on the wiki page for sabdfl/I to ok. test zlib in buildbot import + sync in your local repo. then we put it into production.02:27
ddaaMh... I'll look at it tomorrow.02:29
lifelesswe're aiming for 5 into production each day.02:29
ddaaExpect me to come and harass you quite a bit until I get started.02:29
lifelessdo so - this is our top priority02:30
lifelessfor what 02:30
ddaafor bulk imports02:30
lifelessthats what we are doing02:30
lifelessstarted 3 weeks back02:30
ddaawhat is the expected date of completion?02:31
lifelesstarget is 120 by the release of ubuntu.02:31
lifelessI think we are going to miss that by a mile, but the closer we come the better.02:31
lifelessso far so good02:36
lifelessmuch better than the crack you had before.02:36
lifelessthank you02:36
=== lifeless goes to do a little housework whie those 3 test runs run.
lifelesssabdfl: https://www.warthogs.hbd.com/ProjectProductSetup02:37
lifelesssabdfl: still has a huge number not seconded02:37
lifelessAnd I've much much more to come that I'm waiting for the non-seconded bit to shrink first.02:37
lifelesscvs [checkout aborted] : Could not map memory to RCS archive /srv/importdtest/botslave/buildbot-jobs/coreutils-HEAD-import.job/coreutils@arch.ubuntu.com/coreutils--MAIN--0/cvs_temp_repo/coreutils/lib/offtostr.c,v: No such file or directory02:45
lifelessls /srv/importdtest/botslave/buildbot-jobs/coreutils-HEAD-import.job/coreutils\@arch.ubuntu.com/coreutils--MAIN--0/cvs_temp_repo/coreutils/lib/offtostr.c\,v 02:46
lifelesschinstrap does weird-ass shit sometimes.02:46
kikommap()ing rcs archives is failing?02:51
lifelessnot in general.02:53
lifelessthat a cvs error fwiw02:53
=== ddaa [~ddaa@nemesis.xlii.org] has left #launchpad []
=== justdave [~justdave@] has joined #launchpad
stublifeless: I don't think the database schema patches made last night are required for anything that needs rolling out now08:08
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=== BradB|Expo is now known as BradB
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=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
=== Kinnison hugs his star-merge tool
cprovKinnison: sabdfl : elmo_ : Can we make the Soyuz Pages Walk-through today, asap ?10:20
=== Kinnison nods. I guess sabdfl will have to get it another time
sabdflKinnison: i'm ready when you guys are, the production update went ahead yesterday10:24
Kinnisonokay; cool10:24
sabdflstub, lifeless: production update all squared away? things I need:10:24
=== Kinnison is without email today until his home adsl comes back alive
sabdfl - ability to create projects and products through the doap interface (works on my system)10:25
sabdfl - ability to regiser sources through the doap interface (works on my system)10:26
cprovKinnison: fine, so in 10 minutes ?10:26
sabdfl - ability to register bug trackers through doap AND malone system (both work here)10:26
sabdflplus whatever you need, of course10:26
Kinnisoncprov: fine by me. Elmo? sabdfl?10:26
elmo_yeah, 'tever10:27
Kinnisoncprov: Should we head over to you; or will you come to the table?10:36
SteveAstub: ping11:06
BradBCan we not use _columns to define properties of SQLObject classes? Pretty please? :)11:09
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
spivBradB: I don't care much either way. :)11:15
spiv(I somewhat like the segregation of SQLObject magic and normal attributes/methods, but then our use of e.g. MultipleJoin breaks that anyway...)11:16
spivIs there any reason why we don't have the =tagging-method mark .rej files as unrecognised, so that it's harder to accidentallly commit unresolved conflicts?11:17
stubSteveA: pong11:20
stubBradB: I'd already started migrating ;)11:20
stubThere is a Style in SQLBase to make it easier11:21
=== stub reboots
spivThe SQLObjectGuide on the wiki should probably be updated to reflect that..11:21
stubMy Kernel is spinning ;-/11:21
=== BradB removes the _columns' from the content classes he's in the middle of writing for infestation
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #launchpad
BradBspiv: I'll do that.11:52
=== BradB todo.append's
carloslifeless: ping?12:06
stubBradB: Do you think we want to capture when the bugassignment changed, too?12:15
SteveAstub: underscore in "name" columns?12:20
SteveAno dash?12:20
stubDash and undescore too (I thought I said that?)12:20
SteveA[a-z0-9._] ,12:20
SteveAthat's what your email says12:21
SteveAand, why at least one non a-z digit?12:21
BradBstub: Maybe, but maybe not yet.12:21
SteveAoh, one non-digit12:21
SteveAalso, they need + don't they?12:22
SteveAgtk+ ?12:22
SteveAbut no "+" at the start12:22
stubSteveA: Yer - avoid namespace conflicts12:22
SteveAthere is a package name that has all digits12:22
stubSteveA: At the moment, '+' isn't allowed. I think I need to add that12:22
stubSteveA: No numbers-only to avoid namespace conflicts between the numeric id and the name.12:23
SteveAso, realistically, we need [a-z0-9] [a-z0-9.-+] *12:23
SteveAthere is a package name that has all digits12:23
stubSteveA: So do we change the package name or risk problems down the track?12:23
SteveAI don't see a need for _.  Do you?12:24
SteveAWe can't change the package name12:24
SteveAthat would mean we can't do soyuz / malone / doap for debian12:24
SteveAwe can't go around telling debian to change on account of us12:24
stubWe can ask - it sounded like the debian folk didn't like the idea of an all-numeric package name either12:25
SteveAfor numeric ids, we can say something like "+id1234" in urls if necessary12:25
SteveAI'll ask james...12:25
elmo_I don't, but it's allowed by policy and there are existent examples12:26
elmo_so as Steve said, we can't try to enforce a policy on Debian12:26
SteveAwe really should comply with the written debian policies12:26
SteveAit is, after all, our Rock12:27
stubOk - but if some nutcase wants non-ASCII in their package name they can get stuffed.12:27
SteveAwe wave the debian package policy at them12:27
SteveAand then politely give them the finger12:28
stubMalone requires names don't conflict with id's because you can traverse on either, so the Bug.name will need a special rule.12:28
dafI can't call my package "ff"?12:28
SteveAwho sets a Bug.name ?12:29
stubThere is actually a Debian written policy on package name to wave? That allowed all numeric12:29
SteveAwhere does it come from?12:29
SteveAyes, there is12:29
SteveAit is linked to the wiki page on tis12:29
stubSteveA: Anybody who wants to give a bug a nickname12:29
SteveAok, that's fine then12:29
SteveAso, a bug's nickname can't start with a number12:29
dafthat's binary packages12:30
stubOh - it can start with a number. Just can't be all numbers ;)12:30
Kinnisondaf: For the same reason I'm not allowed to call mine 12:30
SteveAstub: see https://wiki.canonical.com/WebAppProcess12:31
dafKinnison: bah! ASCII fascists!12:31
=== Kinnison nods
elmo_daf: tree hugging hippy12:31
SteveAstub: search for "debian" in that page12:31
SteveAstub: that lists the rules for url segments / names12:31
stubdaf: Blame the twonks who forgot to specify encoding in HTTP ;)12:31
dafstub: and URLs12:32
=== stub meant that
SteveAstub: please either stick to the rules on that page, or change the rules on that page12:32
SteveAIt will follow these conventions:12:33
SteveA   1.12:33
SteveA      It will consist of only lowercase letters [a-z] , digits [0-9] , the period[.] , the minus sign [-]  and the plus sign [+] .12:33
stubYer - I can read ;)12:33
SteveA   2.12:33
SteveA      It will be at least two characters in length.12:33
SteveA   3.12:33
SteveA      It will start with either a lowercase letter [a-z]  or a digit [0-9] .12:33
SteveA   4.12:33
SteveA      It will be unique within some defined space, see the table definitions for details. For example, look for UNIQUE ( project, name ) which would tell you that the name of that item is unique for all projects.12:33
SteveA(that was for the benefit of the channel logs)12:34
=== fabbione [~fabbione@port1845.ds1-khk.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #launchpad
SteveAstub: on the cookies problem... any idea how much time it would take to implement decently encrypted cookies, without the need for sessions, in exUF ?12:35
stubYou can't12:35
dafstub: http://www.w3.org/International/O-URL-and-ident -- woo!12:35
stubOh... hangong12:36
stubAssuming a descent encryption library is available, an hour or two.12:38
stubYou just have to find the bit where it sets the cookie and make it set it to crypt(pw) instead, and the bit where it retrieves the cookie and make it do decrypt(pw).12:39
carlosdaf: do you know if lalo left already? should we reassign his bugs?12:39
dafcarlos: I don't know12:39
dafcarlos: I was expecting to see him around more this week12:39
SteveAstub: hmm... know of any readily available libraries where we can use a big salt?12:39
=== fabbione [~fabbione@port1845.ds1-khk.adsl.cybercity.dk] has left #launchpad []
stubSteveA: Not a one way crypt - needs to be two way like rotor. There are python crypto libraries around but I haven't looked into them,12:40
stubI think they have AES implementations which would be fine.12:41
stubHeck - XOR with the secret would probably be fine.12:41
=== carlos is going to leave for a while
dafstub: depends how secure you want it to be12:50
BradBstub: We don't need that BugInfestationType table.12:51
stubTa. Almost got that one done before I got distracted by name constraints ;)12:52
SteveAdaf: no it doesn't12:54
SteveAdaf: this is a one time pad12:54
SteveAwith a salt12:54
dafoh, I see12:55
stubBradB: Do we drop the infestation column too on ProductBugInfestation?01:02
stubBradB: oic. Just leave it as an int for dbschema.py to validate01:04
SteveAstub: jabber?01:11
SteveAsometime or other01:11
stubBrad - can you live without an official patch to create your requested tables? I've got something urgent to do for Steve.01:20
BradBI'm working with the mods made locally already. I won't commit anything, of course, until there's an official patch, but I won't be ready to commit anything for a couple of hours I think anyway.01:22
BradBSo yes, I can live without an official patch. ;)01:23
BradB(for now :)01:23
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dilysBug 2073 resolved: James Troup(elmo) as Soyuz Tester/Guide02:02
=== kiko [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
kikomorning pret people02:10
elmo_pizza people today02:18
SteveAbrad says: "What has 'bilabong' to do with australia?"02:21
SteveAI mistranscribed02:22
dilysNew bug 2090 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Add Brad's nickname.py lib and CreatePerson() method to FOAF 02:30
kikocprov, kicking bz's ass :)02:31
stubHow to I import a tarball into arch?02:37
=== stub found the answer over 4 different pages of the docs
Kinnisonyou init a tree; unpack the tarball; add the files and dirs; check tla tree-lint is happy; and then to tla import02:47
dilysNew bug 2091 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Create a Soyuz QA branch02:51
cprovkiko: yep, last day = good results :)02:54
cprovdilys: don't you like it ? btw, I'll try to create not so ugly pages :)02:56
kikodilys is one phat chick02:57
Kinnisonstub: around?03:30
KinnisonDo you want comments when I give schema changes?03:31
KinnisonI.E. SQL comments03:31
Kinnisongah; I.E. SQL 'COMMENT' commands03:32
stubYes please. Sometime after rollout I'm going to want the entire thing commented (for my benefit if not others - I still don't know what half the tables are supposed to represent :-/ )03:35
dilysNew bug 2094 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Change to queries inside Soyuz App Components to the properly SQLObject03:54
dilysNew bug 2095 for Launchpad/Soyuz: Use Sourcepackage() instead of SoyuzSourcepage()04:02
cprovdilys: you "bug broadcast" :)04:04
cprovdilys: what is tcpwatch (on lp/utilities) for ?04:10
=== Kinnison wonders why cprov is talking to a bit
Kinnisonerm, a bot04:10
cprovcprov: oopps 04:11
=== cprov kicks XCHAT again
cprovdaf: what is tcpwatch (on lp/utilities) for ?04:12
Kinnisonstub: any chance we can have those lucille DBA requests done soon?04:12
stubThey are in aren't they?04:15
Kinnisonmaybe I'm missing a star-merge or two04:15
Kinnisonstub: and I've just posted another one anyway :-)04:15
kikocprov, LOL04:17
Kinnisonstub: aah yes; although that's missing an index on the id column for sourcepackagepublishing :-(04:21
Kinnisonstub: did I forget to ask for that?04:21
=== BradB remembers one of the stated goals of Z3 to not require users (i.e. developers) to know the entire framework to be able to use little bits of it. Heh heh. Heh.
kikoBradB, that assumes users inhabit Jim's mind04:22
BradBPerhaps "users" was defined as "rocket scientists on their coffee break."04:22
kikorocket scientists don't drink coffee. they drink rocketfuel.04:23
dafcprov: it's part of a fish^Wfunctional doctesting framework we're introducing04:24
cprovdaf: tks04:25
dafI'll write some documentation for it soon04:25
cprovdaf: great04:25
dilysNew bug 2096 for Launchpad/Launchpad: Schema class needed by Person class but it's not in place04:26
=== limi [~limi@sparkit.easynet.no] has joined #launchpad
limiseems I have a PQM merge failure for my last commit - is there a quick way to compare what I have in my repository with what is at rocketfuel?04:32
cprovlimi: tla star-merge will bring the conflicts to your local  tree 04:33
dafand they you have lovely .orig and .rej files to play with :)04:34
limiand is there then a command to see them, or do I have to hunt for .orig and .rej files?04:34
daftla tree-lint -b will list orig/rej files04:34
dafbut orig/rej still sucks04:34
limiaha, thanks04:34
cprovlimi: pay attention to 'C' infront of files :)04:34
limiheh, yes04:34
daflimi: do you have a merge tool?04:34
limiFileMerge from Apple should work04:35
daflimi: if you do, you can "tla get" rocketfuel, and then use a standard merge tool to fix the files that conflict04:35
dafI think the PQM error message should say which files conflict04:35
limihm, ok04:35
dafI find it easier to use vimdiff than stare at orig/rej files04:35
limianyway, will have to fix it later - on my way home04:35
limisee you later04:36
cprovdaf: it does actually says , doesn't it ?04:36
dafcprov: the PQM error message?04:36
cprovdaf: yep04:36
dafcprov: I can't remember :)04:36
cprovdaf: since last week I'm not receiving success/failure from my PQM requests, I'm doing it in a BLIND way :)04:37
dafmysterious email lossage?04:37
dafspiv: quite04:38
cprovdaf: but as far as I can remember, yes , that messages comes with the files state if failure04:38
cprovspiv: heya !04:38
spivcprov: Hello.04:38
spiv<spiv> Is there any reason why we don't have the =tagging-method mark .rej files as unrecognised, so that it's harder to accidentallly commit unresolved conflicts?04:39
cprovspiv: when will you be able to move the people branch of Soyuz to FOAF ?04:40
cprovspiv: unrecognized .rej on arch ? nice !!! how ?04:41
spivcprov: change {arch}/=tagging-method, but before I blindly do so, I'd like one of our arch gurus to tell me it's a sane thing to do :)04:42
spivjblack/ddaa/lifeless: ^04:43
=== ddaa is here
cprovspiv: ddaa : so ?!04:44
ddaaSounds useful, but you might have surprises.04:44
ddaatla treats .orig and .rej files a bit specially.04:45
carlosddaa: do you know why could be that I cannot use gnome-gpg when creating a new branch with tla?04:45
ddaaLike moving them to "++ignored-conflicts" or something when they get in the way.04:45
spivI figure there's probably a good reason why it's not like this by default :)04:45
carlosddaa: gnome-gpg is a gnome front end to gpg04:45
carlosand it fails to connect with X04:46
spivddaa: get in the way of what?  another conflict?04:46
ddaacarlos: I am using gnome-gpg right now in my signing rules...04:46
carlosddaa: it also works here, except with tla tag04:46
ddaaspiv: I think that's all, yes. But I cannot be positive.04:46
ddaacarlos: just to be sure, you did tell --no-tty?04:47
carlosshould I?04:47
ddaaI do, it avoids weird things that might happen when spawning gpg from tla.04:48
spivddaa: Ok, sounds like its less surprising than finding you accidentally committed without resolving a conflict.04:48
ddaaspiv: the point is that if you do multiple merges, (e.g. with replay) you might still miss conflicts.04:49
carlosddaa: gnome-gpg --default-key 60F957D7 --clearsign --no-tty?04:49
ddaaand the additional confidence might me dangerous.04:49
spivddaa: But that could happen right now anyway.04:49
spivddaa: And our typical use-cases by far are single merges.04:49
ddaacarlos: yup, that's what I do (except I do not specify the key).04:50
spivI appreciate that might not be true for all projects held in arch, but it is true of launchpad.04:50
carlosddaa: ok04:50
ddaaSo, moving the .rej pattern from backup to unrecognized sounds something reasonable to do.04:50
spivHmm, would marking ++ignored-conflicts as unrecognised work?04:50
carlosnext branch will tell me if that helps :-)04:50
carlosddaa: thanks04:50
spivOr is that too evil? :)04:50
ddaaspiv: ++* is hardwired precious, and ,,* is hardwired junk.04:51
dafddaa: is there a way to have conflicting files left intact?04:51
ddaadaf: none that I am aware of.04:51
spivOk, well I'll mark .rej/.orig as unrecognised, anyway.04:51
spivddaa: Thanks04:51
dafddaa: e.g. rather than foo{,.rej,.orig}, foo{.mine,.other}04:51
dafddaa: I tink that would make resolving conflicts much easier for me04:52
ddaadaf: I understand, that was thoroughly discussed on gau. A patch in that direction would very probably be accepted easily.04:53
ddaaThat's a hook for custom merge tools.04:54
ddaadaf: in the meantime --three-way is your friend.04:54
dafah, good04:54
ddaastar-merge -H04:54
Kinnisonsounds like good fun04:54
ddaause diff3 for merging04:54
ddaaa la CVS conflict markers04:55
ddaaIt is reputed to be broken though.04:55
dafare you sure it's my friend?04:55
ddaadaf: the reason why it is broken are quite subtle.04:55
ddaaI have found a test case where it seems to do the wrong thing, but I'm not too sure.04:56
dafok, so should I trust it or not? :)04:56
ddaaThere is also the fact that it will cause star-merge to ignore changes which seem have been already applied.04:56
ddaadaf: If you cannot use emacs diff mode, or something vim equivalent, and what something nice to fix conflicts, it's your friend.04:57
dafI can use vimdiff04:57
dafwhich I like04:57
KinnisonI want to be able to use meld to solve tla conflicts04:58
ddaaBut you have to be aware it's no magic and needs to me eyeballed.04:58
Kinnisonmeld is cool04:58
dafI have to explicitly get the tree I want to merge with in order to get pristine versions of the files I want to merge with04:58
ddaaKinnison: ++04:58
Kinnisonddaa: ??04:58
ddaaKinnison: meld is cool04:58
ddaayet I'm addicted to emacs diff and ediff modes.04:58
Kinnisonediff confuses me04:59
ddaaEmacs sucks, but everything else sucks more :-)04:59
ddaadaf: I understand your problem, and it is valid. There's no easy way to solve it. Look for "custom merge" "diff3" "xml diff" threads in the archive, you should be able to find the relevant data somewhere in the noise.05:01
ddaaBut if somebody implements an option, like "star-merge --external-merge" or something, it will probably be easily accepted.05:02
ddaaMhh... I guess that's also something that might be done in FAI.05:02
SteveAwhat does FAI expand to? "forget about it" ?05:03
ddaafai has already reimplemented it's merge operator. Once you have implemented the star-merge algorithm (finding the common parent) it's trivial to do what you want. Sounds like something we could put in RAW.05:03
Kinnisonstevea: fully automated installation05:03
Kinnisonerm; or not05:03
ddaaFriendly Arch Interface.05:03
=== Kinnison wishes his fingers waited for contact
=== Kinnison sighs
ddaaIt's looking for a non-conflicting name, though...05:04
Kinnisonddaa: FAI is a massively overloaded acronym05:04
ddaadaf: probably you should bring your request to lifeless/scott/bob2.05:05
BradBFAI is an MOA05:06
=== Kinnison causes bradb acronym-related pain
=== ddaa hands a penalty card to BradB
=== Kinnison subscribes BradB to the AAAAA list.
spiv"Ouch!  You hit me right in the acronym!"05:07
BradBARP is a real PITA FYI05:07
ddaaKinnison: Association des Amateur d'Andouillette Auvergnate Authentique?05:08
BradBben oui05:08
KinnisonBradB: j'ai dis non05:08
SteveAis Andouillette a kind of sausage?05:09
ddaaKinnison: that's a real non-profit in France. They deliver a label of quality for a specific kind of sausage.05:09
Kinnisonddaa: American Association Against Acronym Abusers05:09
SteveAa kind of sausage that has an anus?05:09
KinnisonTrust SteveA to come up with that05:09
ddaaSteveA: ??? well, "andouille" is soft slang for idiot, I guess that explain your dictionnary information :-)05:10
kikowho said anus?!05:19
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dilysNew bug 2097 for Launchpad/Rosetta: make a dbschema for message ID plural forms05:43
dilysNew bug 2098 for Launchpad/Launchpad: improve Launchpad debugging modes06:13
dilysBug 1907 resolved: check the implementation of request/lp:person to make sure it works right06:13
dilysBug 1908 resolved: check that the IPerson adapter code is as it should be06:16
=== BradB timestamps
cprovKinnison: how do I configure Emacs to open ZCML files in sgml-mode ?06:34
dafcprov: alias emacs="vim +ft=xml"06:35
cprovdaf: vim users are loosers :)06:37
carlosdaf: that's why I'm using gvim :-)06:37
carloscprov: that's why I'm using gvim :-)06:37
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Kinnisoncprov: (setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\\.zcml$" . sgml-mode) auto-mode-alist))06:37
Kinnisoncprov: in your .emacs06:38
Kinnisoncprov: *or* <!-- -*- sgml -*- --> at the top06:39
Kinnisoncprov: of the zcml file06:39
cprovKinnison: thank you :)06:39
Kinnisoncprov: I've got some cute functions for arch tags too if you want them06:40
cprovKinnison: please !!06:41
Kinnison;; Useful little archy bits06:42
Kinnison(defun dsilvers-insert-uuid () "" (interactive)06:42
Kinnison(insert (shell-command-to-string "uuidgen"))06:42
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Kinnison(defun dsilvers-insert-arch-tag () "" (interactive)06:42
Kinnison(insert "arch-tag: ") (dsilvers-insert-uuid)06:42
Kinnison(global-set-key [(control c) (control a) t]  'dsilvers-insert-arch-tag)06:42
Kinnisonthat makes "C-c C-a t" insert arch-tag: <UUID>06:42
cprovKinnison: arch tags sucks a bit when copying files ... I preffer 'tla add'06:43
Kinnisoncprov: arch-tags *rock* when moving files though06:44
cprovKinnison: but as I said you get in troubles when you copy them ...06:45
Kinnisoncprov: tree-lint helps06:46
dafKinnison: ewww, no -*- emacs warts -*- please06:47
Kinnisoncprov: plus I go C-s arch-tag RET C-k C-c C-a t C-d if I copy a file anyway06:47
cprovKinnison: aha, "Simple Life"  ?06:50
=== Kinnison nods
Kinnisondaf: better than 'vim: ft=foo' warts06:53
dafKinnison: they're just as bad06:54
KinnisonAt least emacs warts can be almost read in-line06:54
KinnisonE.g. /* This file is written in -*- C++ -*- */06:55
spivKinnison: That's what the .cpp file extension is for :P06:58
Kinnisonspiv: .h06:59
spiv.hpp ;)06:59
Kinnisonspiv: and suggesting .hpp will result in pain06:59
=== Kinnison causes spiv pain
=== spiv winked for a reason.
KinnisonI've already told SteveA to stop fluttering his eyelashes at me06:59
KinnisonI don't need you winking at me too06:59
=== Kinnison never got the 'Sexual Harassment' training at MIPS so I don't know how to respond :-)
dafKinnison: they train their employees how to do sexual harrassment?07:04
BradBanyone read the activity mailing list?07:06
BradBThey're pretty, em, explicit aren't they. ;)07:06
Kinnisondaf: Dunno; I never got the training07:08
kiko-afkBradB, I would rather not know about intestinal problems, yes.07:25
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BradBkiko: You do not want to know about the mental movie I watched while reading that email.07:27
BradBIn fact, I just watched it again.07:28
spivBradB: Mention that in your activity report ;)07:28
kiko"Puked after reading lifeless' activity report. Went back to bed"? 07:29
KinnisonWhy is patch 422 missing from launchpad?07:43
spivKinnison: it was a bad commit (from lalo iirc) that was backed out by lifeless.07:47
BradBspiv: ping08:04
spivBradB: pong08:05
BradBspiv: We wanna know why pqm keeps build-config'ing and star-merging from Mark. It's on its third iteration of doing that, since I've been paying attention. Mark did his last pqm request over an hour ago and hasn't received any email.08:06
BradBnow it's just finished another one of those08:06
BradBit's started another build-config now08:06
spivI need to reboot (kacipd is eating my cpu again).08:07
spivBut I'l ltake a look after that.08:07
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:BradB] : lunchpad: home of the sandwich sprinters | fogo na bomba | "I wasn't feeling good" works just as well.
=== Kinnison waves
BradBspiv: How's it going? :)08:20
spivBradB: Not good -- gnome-terminal crashed :(08:28
spivSo I spent a few moments with bug buddy.08:28
spivI also don't have enough permissions to really see what's going on.08:28
spivThe pqm queue is in /home/pqm/arch/queue on chinstrap, I believe.08:29
spivBut I can't read all the files in there.08:29
elmo_eh, what do you need to read?08:30
spivthe patch.* files in the queue.  Well, I doubt that would help me do anything other than confirm that "yep, mark's is still there, and still being processed over and over..."08:34
spivI don't directly need to read anything, I just want to know why pqm is looping (processing the same queue item again and again, apparently), and what needs to be done to fix it :)08:35
BradBspiv: Hang on, we're doing some killing here.08:36
spivIt's great having a killer sysadmin ;)08:37
dafspiv: "killer" as in "homicidal"?08:38
spiv"no comment"08:40
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