swoonLinuxJones: ok now I got: gcc-version-check failed: ./usr/src/nv/conftest.sh: line 1: cc: command not found Could not compile gcc version-check.c   and ascs to ignore the check and continue or abort...12:00
punkass_lml, i do cuz i can modprobe ndiswrapper without error12:00
LinuxJonesswoon, apt-get update && apt-get install build-essentials12:00
punkass_defendguin: do you have ndiswrapper-utils installed?12:00
defendguinsabdfl, im doing fine no problems here12:00
defendguini used ndiswrapper -m to save the config12:01
lmlpunkass_: maybe the current package is missing the module so the one you allready had installed is still there but not compiled against another version of ndis?12:01
defendguinno i think i just have the wrapper12:01
swoonLinuxJones: brb12:01
slartiLinuxJones: why does ubuntu come with a /usr/src/rpm directory by default?12:01
defendguinwhat is included in the utils?12:01
lmldefendguin: what do you mean? Do you want the file list?12:02
defendguinlml, well what binaries 12:03
LinuxJonesslarti, I have no idea :D12:03
=== swoon [~chatzilla@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
swoonLinuxJones, I get couldnt find package build-essentials could it be called something else?12:03
punkass_lml: /lib/modules/
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-112-131.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
lmldefendguin: I do not know how to get that information?12:04
slartiLinuxJones: I'm following the discussion you're having with swoon and I'm about to install a new kernel.  One simple question, though.12:04
lmlpunkass_: Such a file is not present on my system installing the current ndiswrapper-utils package. Probably why modprobe does not work ;-)12:04
defendguinlml, yeah12:05
LinuxJonesswoon, are you running amd64 ?12:05
LinuxJonesslarti, sure12:05
swoonLinuxJones: yes I am12:05
punkass_originally i didnt know there was an ndiswrapper package so installed from the source12:05
lmlpunkass_: I do not even have a misc directory.12:06
defendguini installed from source as well12:06
defendguinyou should build it for your kernel12:06
LinuxJonesswoon, argh someone had a bunch of trouble getting nvidia installed last night. I don't have a 64 so I can't help out sorry :(12:06
swoonLinuxJones: please dont give up on me yet, if I dont get this driver installed I  cannot use X at all12:06
punkass_LinuxJones: there is no 64bit nvidia-glx package...yet12:07
lmldefenguin: Ok, so the -utils extension really means everything but the acutal module then? Why then have the package in the first place?12:07
slartiLinuxJones: I just ran apt-get install linux-source and part of the output reads: Get:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/main linux-source-
LinuxJonesswoon, are you using the restricted repository ?12:07
swoonpunkass_ there is another 64 bit nvidia linux driver though...12:07
swoonLinuxJones: Im using whatever the default did for me12:07
slartiLinuxJones: what does the refer to exactly?12:07
defendguinlml, no idea i didnt package it12:08
LinuxJonespunkass_, he is trying to build from nvidia source.12:08
=== martin_ [~martin@h66-59-186-113.gtconnect.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkass_ah i see12:08
LinuxJonesslarti, that is a directory containing the kernel source12:08
swoonLinuxJones: am I using the correct repository?12:08
LinuxJonesswoon, run synaptic12:08
swoonLinuxJones: can I run synaptic from command ilne? remember I cannot use X now... command only12:09
liranhow i can install gtk2 ?12:09
slartiLinuxJones: I guess what I meant is what exactly does the '-12' refer to.  I've been told (by Kamion?) that it is not a version number, but something else.12:09
LinuxJonesswoon, argh hehe12:09
lmldefendguin: I am off to bed now, so I will have to look into this in the weekend.12:09
defendguin:) im sure you will figure it out12:09
lmldefendguin & punkass_: thanx for the help.12:10
slartiswoon: synaptic is a gui front-end for apt (and apt-get)12:10
slartiswoon: by using apt-get, you are essentially using a command line form of synaptic12:10
LinuxJonesswoon, nano /etc/apt/sources.list12:10
punkass_np....now i wish i could get my wireless working :(12:10
=== guptan [~guptan@we13148.emirates.net.ae] has joined #ubuntu
swoonLinuxJones: done12:11
defendguinpunkass_, what seems to be the problem?12:11
=== kmaster [~kmaster@hsdbsk64-110-226-221.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #ubuntu
guptanHi Room12:11
punkass_i can set iwconfig and it shows my essid and key12:11
guptanfrom where can I get ximian-artwork for ubuntu?12:11
punkass_but when i run,   ifup wlan012:12
slartiLinuxJones: oh, that's great!  i didn't know there was a free version of pico!12:12
=== _brandx_ [~brandx_@] has joined #ubuntu
punkass_i just get a bunch of DHCPDISCOVER messages then it times out12:12
LinuxJonesswoon, my repos are >> deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty main restricted universe adjust accordingly for your amd64 tree.12:12
LoneTechpunkass: ifup is part of ifupdown, and will read /etc/network/interfaces. It'll set up anything put there, and it should be possible to put essid there too.12:12
LinuxJonesslarti, ya, btw I thought -12  was a minor release number12:13
LoneTechare your settings still the same in iwconfig after the attempted ifup?12:13
punkass_yes i know...the frusterating thing is that i updated the system over wireless...then reboot...then no more wireless12:13
defendguinpunkass i never run ifup wlan012:13
punkass_i try dhclient wlan0   and get the same thing12:13
=== Bliksem [~user@host217-43-93-30.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinonce i set the config i just run dhclient with no arguments12:13
defendguinmaybe you are setting the settings wrong12:14
LoneTechmany cards can only change the iwconfig settings while down, so you'd want to be sure nothing comes between iwconfig and ifconfig up.12:14
punkass_but like i say...it was fine right before the update12:14
=== itsugas [~itsugas@13.Red-80-39-143.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkass_all i did was update and reboot12:15
Bliksemim a linux noob... I need to be able to mount my fat32 partition as user, and access all files and folders within it12:15
slartiLinuxJones: ah, good.  that's what i thought too, but Kamion seemed to think differently.  shrug.12:15
swoonLinuxJones: it seems mine is the same other than "universe" should I add that?12:15
Bliksemive managed to mount it, mut cant open folders within the mounted drive12:15
itsugashay alguien que hable espaol?12:16
punkass_defendguin: after   ifup  wlan0     the Essid is still set but not the key12:17
swoonLinuxJones: are you sure its called build-essentials ?12:17
punkass_swoon: no s12:17
defendguini havent been using a key12:17
swoonugg no wonder then12:17
defendguinmaybe this is your problem12:17
LinuxJonesswoon, build-essentials should be in main, I don't kow what is going on.12:17
punkass_could be12:17
defendguintry with wep turned off12:18
Bliksemplease help, how can i access the folders on my mounted drive? how can users get permission?12:18
swoonLinuxJones: its build-essential :\12:18
LoneTechthat reminds me, is wpasupplicant integrated into ubuntu?12:18
=== tortoise__ [~tortoise@81-86-196-118.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesswoon, ya that's it :D OOPS12:18
tortoise__when i put in a usb memory stick it registers on the device manager and loads the vfat module but the icon doesnt appear, anyone know why??12:19
=== _EpheMeroN_ [~EpheMeroN@ca-ontario-cuda3a-g-47.anhmca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== itsugas [~itsugas@13.Red-80-39-143.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
punkass_defendguin: thats it...disabled the wep key on the router and ding..got a connection12:20
tortoise__what services are needed to hal a usb memory stick?12:20
punkass_defendguin: but i need to be able to use a wep key :)12:21
=== lhb [lhb@kapsi.fi] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinpunkass_ well at least you know where the problem is12:21
punkass_true enough12:22
cleedaniels: ping12:22
=== liran [~liran@] has joined #ubuntu
liranhow do i do print screen ?12:23
liranimport does`nt exists12:23
=== new_ubuntu_user [~Administr@] has joined #ubuntu
punkass_Computer > Take Screenshot12:24
LoneTechgimp normally has a screen capture function. import would be an imagemagick command. the ancient X method is using xwd.12:24
mjrliran, hm? Computer / Sc... right, what punk said12:24
cleeor, the print-screen key on your keyboard12:24
LoneTechand others know ubuntu much better than I (:12:24
calcclee: hi12:25
new_ubuntu_userHi, I was wondering if anyone has gotten Suspend or Hibernation to work on a notebook using Ubuntu?12:25
cleehiya, calc12:26
calcclee: i noticed you are on the placestostay list but aren't going yourself?12:26
cleecalc: well, if somebody comes to my place, then I'll be going12:26
cleecalc: If nobody wants to, then I'm not :)12:26
mjrby the way, my print screen doesn't work, even if I reset the screenshot keybinding to it12:26
calcclee: so you want someone to come to your place to give you a reason to go? ;)12:26
mjrwonder if it's a bug that manifests on my finnish keyboard12:26
cleecalc: I didn't say that. :)12:27
cleemjr: finnish? that's vierd.12:27
punkass_defendguin: well if i hard code the wep in   interfaces   it works12:27
=== Exasparilla [~guitar@247.88.cm.sunflower.com] has joined #ubuntu
defendguingo with it12:27
LoneTechnew_ubuntu_user: yes, for my laptop, APM only, I just added a script to virtually eject/insert the PC Card on suspends.12:27
punkass_yes but i need it to be mobile12:27
punkass_and my boss doesnt want to be editing the interface file when he is sittin in an airport :)12:28
LoneTechpunkass: well, that's highly dependent on the state of your wireless driver then... something like waproamd might help12:28
new_ubuntu_userLoneTech: My PC uses ACPI not APM12:28
=== pooh_ [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu
LoneTechnew_ubuntu_user: well, good luck, I don't have much experience with that.12:29
punkass_LoneTech: well it was working12:29
defendguinpunkass_, i wish there was a gui tool to scan for interfaces and then configure the card to use that interface12:29
=== pooh_ is now known as sivang
punkass_defendguin: i made one :)12:29
new_ubuntu_userLoneTech: Thanks anyway.12:29
defendguinoh you did?12:30
defendguincan i see?12:30
Bliksemhow do i get full access to a mounted fat32 drive when logged in as a user?12:30
Bliksem<---- linux newbie12:30
defendguinmaybe a screenshot or two? or did you have a debian package?12:30
punkass_its just a small python app12:31
punkass_it even loads ndis if needed12:31
LoneTechBliksem: it'd have to be mounted for access by that user. I think ubuntu has some scripts in place for that, but I'm not in front of my ubuntu box.12:31
punkass_you will have to edit the top of the py file12:31
defendguinpunkass_ it needs to be run with root to do anything?12:31
punkass_yes sudo12:31
defendguinedit the top of it?12:32
punkass_open it and u will see a couple config lines u will need to change12:32
punkass_at the top12:32
defendguinwill do12:33
=== swoon [~chatzilla@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kmaster [~kmaster@hsdbsk64-110-226-221.sasknet.sk.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
JisaoWhere can I find the (serious) explanation of the Super Cow Powers used by aptitude?12:34
swoonuggh ok Im getting another error now after finally installing build-essential :  If you are using a linux 2.6 kernel please make sure you have  configured kernel sources matching your kernel istalled on your system.  do I not have the proper source? do I maybe not have amd 64 kernel source?12:34
LoneTechgood example of where you'd want to separate privileges.. the only reason that script runs as root is so iwconfig can do its work. would be neater to have it request it off something like sudo.12:35
LoneTechswoon: basically you want apt-get install kernel-headers-`uname -r`12:35
mdzLoneTech: s/kernel/linux/12:36
LoneTechbut then making things look for that might be another story12:36
LoneTechthanks, mdz. too used to debian.12:36
swoonLoneTech:  can I do a search for available kernel-headers?12:37
=== myk [~myk@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu
LoneTechswoon: sure, just use apt-cache search whatever12:37
defendguinpunkass_, how well does this work? and why isnt there already anything like it?12:37
punkass_there is a few12:38
punkass_wifi radar, and netapplet12:38
Bliksemok well i'll give mounting a rest, will it be a mission getting my 5.1 set up?12:38
=== plangent [~plangent@user-0ce2kdq.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinthe netapplet kinda sucked for me12:38
Bliksemive got an audgy 2 btw...12:38
punkass_i am in the process of turning mine into an applet12:38
swoonLoneTech:  how can I check what kernel-headers are now installed12:38
punkass_it think it works pretty good12:38
punkass_only works with dhcp right nwo12:38
punkass_er now12:38
defendguinthats fine12:39
punkass_but its scans when it starts.. finds wireless networks...and remebers wep keys if connection is sucessfu12:39
LoneTechswoon: "dpkg -l 'linux-headers-*'" might work. you could probably do all these tasks from synaptic or aptitude too.12:39
punkass_LoneTech: swoon has no X :)12:39
LoneTechwell, aptitude is my personal favourite, and doesn't require X.12:40
=== ElRaton [~lerat@tofu.eu.org] has joined #ubuntu
swoonwow trying to get this kernel-headers gives me alsorts of unment dependencies... firs kernel-headers-2.6.7-5-amd64  is one, then kernel-headers- is another, and now kernel-kbuild-2.6-1 ! should I get all these dependencies?12:43
=== r4bb1t [~myk@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu
swooncan I tell it to automatically get dependencies?12:43
LoneTechapt should normally select dependencies automatically12:43
LoneTechdo you have half-installed packages or something? "apt-get -f install" tries to clean that up.12:44
goatboyswoon: you want linux-headers, not kernel-headers.12:44
defendguinpunkass hmm not bad12:44
defendguini like it as a matter of fact12:45
punkass_hehe thanks...12:45
=== lml [~lml@] has left #ubuntu []
punkass_my first attempt at python/pygtk12:45
defendguinpunkass when i tried netapplet i didnt see any icon for it in my notification area it was just a blank space12:46
=== swoon [~chatzilla@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mjr notes that his first attempt at python/pygtk isn't in universe; bah, that's what I get for not making it into sarge, I suppose
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== phosphorgreen thinks that ubuntu is the best distro yet
phosphorgreenlo every112:47
defendguinpunkass would you like some sort of an icon for this app?12:47
slartithe default warty kernel is  i would like to have  i've already downloaded and untarred the source.  i have gcc and kernel-package, but i don't know what kernel-package is for.  any ideas?12:47
=== evilmegaman [~evi@c-67-181-38-6.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
swoonok after installing the linux-header proper one, I still get that error:  If you are using a linux 2.6 kernel please make sure you have configured kernel sources matching your kernel l istalled on your system. do I not have the proper source? do I maybe not have amd 64 kernel source12:48
phosphorgreeni have 1 question. Running warty. My nautilus doesn't detect blank cdr's, any idea why?12:48
swoondismiss last sentence in that post12:48
Bliksem5.1 sound on audigy 2? this gonna be a mission to get right?12:48
=== fragg [~luis@] has joined #ubuntu
evilmegamanI am still having problems with (any) linux and not recognizing my cd drive even though it recognized it two days ago12:48
evilmegamanI can't install linux now12:48
phosphorgreenit recognises the drive. both drives i have are found fine12:48
slartijust go back two days any time you want to use your computer.12:49
LoneTechevilmegaman: is it properly connected then?12:49
phosphorgreeni can go to disks in nautilus, and if there is something in cdrom1 ,it'll mount it12:49
evilmegamanYes because it works in windows12:49
swoonLoneTech: after installing the proper linux-headers was there anything else I needed to do?12:49
LoneTechswoon: depends on what you're trying to do. most things don't need the kernel headers at all, and a very few want the full source.12:50
LoneTechmany of those that do need the headers also need to be told somehow where they are12:50
=== zolrath [~zolrath@24-176-234-3.ata-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
swoonLoneTech: Im compiling nvidia driver... amd 64...12:50
phosphorgreenevilmegaman: how are your drives connected?12:51
LoneTechgood luck. I must go to bed now12:51
swoonthis is nuts, I simply cannot get this thing compiled@12:51
swoonand without it I cannot use X!! its driving me nuts12:52
phosphorgreensorry swoon i didnt hear the start of your convo. what r u trying to compile?12:52
swoonphosphorgreen: the amd 64 nvidia driver12:52
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
phosphorgreenhmm i gave up on it. I installed ubuntu-i386 and i lived happily ever after12:53
evilmegamanPhosphorgreen I have no idea how the drive is connected12:53
phosphorgreenevilmegaman: find out how it is connected. ensure it is set to bootable in the BIOS of your PC.12:53
defendguinpunkass_ would you like me to draw you an icon for your little app12:54
punkass_sorry defendguin was on the phone...12:54
evilmegamanit is bootable. but how do I find out how it's connected? open the computer up?12:54
phosphorgreenswoon: if you really want to install the driver I believe you need to download the kernel headers, kernel source and let the nvidia.com driver bin file compile the correct module. Is that what you have done?12:54
slartiswoon: I think LinuxJones meant build-essential, not build-essentials.12:55
punkass_you can if you like, i have one in the works....but yours could turn out better12:55
evilmegamanbtw it's a SONY DVD RW DW-U18A12:55
=== Exasparilla [~guitar@247.88.cm.sunflower.com] has left #ubuntu []
slartiswoon: sudo apt-get install build-essential12:55
Bliksemhow do you get the kernel sources? is there an apt-get ???12:55
swoonphosphorgreen: yes thats what Ive been trying to do and I get this error:  If you are using a linux 2.6 kernel please make sure you have configured kernel sources matching your kernel istalled on your system. do I not have the proper source? do I maybe not have amd 64 kernel source?12:55
phosphorgreenevilmegaman: if your using an IDE drive, then you should be able to see it listed on boot (before OS startup). Try using the pause key if it flashes by toof sat12:55
phosphorgreentoo fast12:55
swoonslarti: yes thanks Ive gotten it12:55
defendguinpunkass_ could you show me what you have so far?12:56
phosphorgreenswoon: are you entirely sure that the CD you have is bootable?12:56
punkass_cant right now..im at work12:56
defendguinoh ok12:56
phosphorgreenwell adios people, gotta go.12:57
defendguini dont see either wifi radar or netapplet on apt :(12:57
evilmegamanOk thanks12:57
swoonphosphorgreen:  um was the CD question for me?12:57
phosphorgreenyes swoon12:57
phosphorgreenno swoon12:57
jsubl2swoon, what driver you after12:57
phosphorgreenit was for evilmegama12:57
punkass_wifi radar didnt work well for me, it uses dhcpcd..12:58
swoonjsubl2: Im trying to install/compile the nvidia amd 64 driver12:58
defendguinand we use dhclient12:58
punkass_theantix: has made a dep of netapplet i believe...but i had the same 'no icon' thing when i tried it12:58
=== cog [~cog@] has joined #ubuntu
jsubl2swoon, oh.  they don't have the linux-restricted-modules package for amd6412:59
defendguinwhat kind of an icon did you have in mind?12:59
cogdid my first ubuntu install the other day.12:59
punkass_well i was just thinkin some kinda box with antenna thing or somethin01:00
swoonjsubl2: Im trying to compile not using a package01:00
cogi'm used to having to read through piles of stuff, find numbers on motherboards and read stuff off cards, this sucker was so easy as to be boring.01:00
=== Ferry [~Ferry@cust.15.118.adsl.cistron.nl] has joined #ubuntu
defendguini was envisioning some concentric circles01:00
cogall i did was watch princess mononoke and press enter a couple times.01:01
=== t35t0r [~t35t0r@cookeville-24-158-166-127.midtn.chartertn.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== rapha_alt [~rapha@dsl-213-023-045-076.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkass_well go wild...if its slick, i may just use it :)01:02
swooncan anyone tell me how to remove/uninstall the linux-source, and linux-headers ? I think I may have the wrong ones... want to start over01:02
punkass_apt-get remove linux-source01:02
defendguinsvg icon is ook?01:02
cogwhich brings me to the point at hand... this sucker needs to install tuxracer first. and then you can play that while its installing.01:03
punkass_got a lot of work first tho to send it out into the world01:03
swoonpunkass_ and to check if it was removed?01:03
defendguinpunkass_ its still nice to have something to recognize the project by01:03
punkass_er true01:03
defendguinand have somehting for a launcher instead of using something else01:04
cogare you guys making a new logo?01:04
=== sivang [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu
swoonpunkass_ ?01:04
defendguincog, for punkass's lettle wifi app01:04
punkass_/usr/src/linux should be empty01:05
=== evilmegaman [~Fio3w@c-67-181-38-6.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== cog loves the inkscape.
swoonpunkass_ ok then that didnt work, can I remove it manually somehow?01:05
evilmegamanit seems like my bios is perfect..01:05
punkass_well i just use a launcher using gksudo so i get a root password box01:05
swoonpunkass_ can I just rm name all the stuff in /usr/src ?01:06
=== myk [~myk@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinpunkass thats what i did but i gave the launcher an icon of some app i dont use01:07
punkass_/usr/src/linux-source- should not be there01:07
punkass_yeah that should work01:07
=== jl [~jl@rrcs-24-92-135-244.central.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Cope [~sanelson@wibbleworld1.demon.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
swoonpunkass_ yeah rm the files should work?01:09
=== Cope [~sanelson@wibbleworld1.demon.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
mykdoes anyone have ACPI suspend working at all?01:09
punkass_swoon: yes or to be safe you could do     cp /usr/src/linux-xxxx    /usr/src/linux-xxxxOLD01:11
=== fragg| [~luis@148.red-212-97-190.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== liran_ [~liran@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Phr0stByte [~phr0stbyt@ip24-250-124-175.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
liran_I got free space that isn`t work as  partition ,how can i add it to my partition that is working ?01:13
liran_any one?01:15
swoonpunkass_  I just did a: apt-cache search linux-source and only returned linux-patch-debian- and linux-source- linux kernel source for version with debian patches,  uname -r though gives me
swoon? what do I need to get for my kernel?01:16
=== Phr0stByte stops coding 'cause his brain is hurting...
=== mg [~matt@spc1-leed3-6-0-cust144.seac.broadband.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
punkass_swoon: you have a non ubuntu kernel?01:17
swoonpunkass_ not that I know of? I mean I installed from ubuntu cd, and updated of the net...01:17
=== fragg| [~luis@148.red-212-97-190.user.auna.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== fragg [~luis@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
punkass_hmmm i just did an update an i still have the kernel01:18
Phr0stByteswoon: you updated with Debian sources in your /etc/apt/sources.list01:18
punkass_Phr0stByte: what do u code in?01:19
swoonoh I think I apt-update or whatever with Debian sources, but that doesnt actually update everything does it?01:19
=== mlh [~mlh@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
punkass_ah k..just had a python question :)01:19
Phr0stByteI'm doing a game with the SDL libraries01:20
swoonplease help me, Im dying here...01:20
Phr0stBytepunkass_: http://www.scapegoatsoftware.com/img/gostop-menu-1.jpg01:21
swoondo I need to reinstall ubuntu or something insane like that?01:21
mgjust tried to install ubuntu on an lvm partition (so i can combine disks later) but the installer complains about using lvm for root and boot ...01:22
swoonwell brb, 01:22
mgif i can't put root on lvm does that mean i need partitions for everything else, i.e. /usr, /var, /home, /tmp etc?01:23
=== swoon [~chatzilla@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
evilmegamanCan anyone help with the cd rom drive not being recognized?01:24
swoonhrmm Phr0stByte  do I need to reinstall ubuntu? Im trying to get the proper source, headers whatever to compile amd 64 nvidia with the amd64 nvidia installer...01:25
jsubl2swoon  apt-cache search linux-headers01:26
=== mg wonders if the installer *really* means it about the root partition ;-)
defendguinpunkass i think this little icon looks pretty slick 01:26
defendguinone or two more adjustments01:27
swoonjsubl2: uname -r returns:, and I have linux-headers- in /usr/src01:27
swoonis that all I need?01:27
swoonI need the kernel source rirght?01:28
swoonjsubl2: ?01:29
cogdefendguin, i was racing you, but mine looks like an advertisment for karaeoke.01:29
goatboyswoon: no, you don't.01:30
goatboyswoon: just the headers.01:30
=== jazzorist [~jazzorist@BSN-77-85-151.dsl.siol.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinmine is a little red ball with some circles around it01:30
swoongoatboy: well when I try to use the installer to compile with only the headers I get this error: unable to find the kernel source tree for the current running kernel01:30
merriamevilmegaman: how is it connected?  just ata to the motherboard?01:31
cogmine was a ball on a stick with some half circles.01:31
mdzswoon: make sure you have the same version installed as your kernel01:31
=== xTina_ [~xTina@pD9054AD5.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinmaybe instead of circles i could use crescent circles01:31
goatboywait, you installed headers for linux-headers- and you're running
mdzswoon: ah, you already said you didn't01:31
mdzswoon: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`01:31
swoongoatboy I tried that01:32
mdzswoon: you could also wait until monday, when Mithrandir has said he will make this work out of the box01:32
swoonmdz, then I dont have X until monday01:33
swoonhang on01:33
mdzswoon: if you want to do it the hard way, I gave you the command you need to run01:33
=== swoon_ [~chatzilla@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
swoon_yah mdz, goatboy, with apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -f` I get: Couldnt find package linux-headers-
mdzswoon_: apt-get install linux-amd64-generic to get the latest kernel01:35
mdzswoon_: then reboot01:35
mdzswoon_: then try again01:35
mdzthe kernel you're running no longer exists; it's old01:35
swoon_ok let me try, I have disconnect here real quick01:36
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=== mg [~matt@spc1-leed3-6-0-cust144.seac.broadband.ntl.com] has left #ubuntu []
defendguincog, punkass_  my crappy artwork http://www.cs.uno.edu/~jsunseri/ScreenShots/pyfi.png01:41
defendguinit could be a lot better  but thats what i seem to be going after01:42
=== booger [~booger@res-24-241-118-197.spa.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
boogerI got k3b up and running but now it burns, pauses, then burns which makes creating a cd take too long01:45
boogerAnyone else running into this?01:45
cogdefendguin, punkass_ my crappy artwork http://graeme.is-a-geek.org/wifi.png01:46
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=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
=== cog thinks he has to start using colour.
defendguincolor is good01:47
boogerI had the same problem in Gentoo01:47
defendguinbooger, never had that problem01:47
boogerwhat fixed it was I had to diable a chipset within kernel 2.601:47
hazmathow does one source compile a package and its depedencies with apt?01:47
housetierhazmat, apt-get --help :D01:48
=== sil^ [~aquarius@82-37-93-92.cable.ubr04.dudl.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
mdzhazmat: google apt howto01:48
boogerI believe it was a generic ide driver was enabled by default01:48
sil^Is there a working net install for Ubuntu? 01:48
mdzbooger: add the specific chipset module to /etc/modules ahead of ide-generic01:49
mdzsil^: yes01:49
=== toyo_school [~greg@000e8362107d.click-network.com] has joined #ubuntu
toyo_schoolhello all01:49
boogerdamn, good idea mdz01:49
boogerI'll try it01:49
sil^mdz: Cool (I was worried I'd have to back-construct one from d-i.) Kamion mentioned it today, but I'm not having a lot of luck finding it: where should I be looking?01:50
=== nico [~nico@ASte-Genev-Bois-151-1-9-27.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== nico is now known as NoStress
hazmatmdz, its not clear from the howto (thanks for the tip) if i'm installing a suite of software from source (no debs for my platform) if i have to manually build each one in order of deps.. ie. if apt-get build-dep  is intelligent enough to apt-get -b source of the dependencies and install them01:53
evilmegamancan I install ubuntu with the live cd?01:53
hazmatone way to find out i guess01:53
boogermdz, I was going to mock compile my kernel but theres nothing in /usr/src??01:53
mdzsil^: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/01:53
boogerI need a list of all modules, I have a via chipset01:53
boogerI can't remember the exact mod name01:54
mdzhazmat: you'll need to do them one at a time01:54
mdzbooger: via82cxxx01:54
slartimdz: why is there a /usr/src/rpm in warty?01:54
mdzslarti: LSB01:54
=== neuro|laptop [neuro@] has joined #ubuntu
slartimdz: ?01:54
mdzslarti: http://www.google.com/search?q=lsb01:55
evilmegamancan I install ubuntu from the live cd?01:55
mdzevilmegaman: no, not as such01:55
mdzI never cease to be flattered by the high expectations placed on such a young distribution :-)01:56
evilmegamanWhy won't warty work with my cdrom drive but freebsd fedora and gentoo do?01:56
=== t35t0r [~t35t0r@cookeville-24-158-166-127.midtn.chartertn.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
NoStressi've just try ubuntu, but it didn't detect 1 of my 2 netcard, so i add the module manualy and config it with ifconfig, but...01:56
evilmegamanoh knoppix works too01:57
NoStressi've an error while loading the networkconfig tool01:57
evilmegamanbut mandrake gets the same problem01:57
NoStressit can't load my config and close01:57
NoStresshow can i fix the config ?01:58
mdzevilmegaman: impossible to say without a description of the problem01:58
=== GOwin [~Miranda@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzNoStress: if it is a PCI card, please file a bug saying which module you loaded and providing the output of "lspci" and "lspci -n" and we'll arrange for it to be autodetected01:58
evilmegamanI get an error saying no cdrom drive found or similar to that when in the install cd01:59
mdzevilmegaman: are you sure the CD was burned without errors?01:59
evilmegamanI think so..02:00
evilmegamanhow would I check?02:00
NoStressmdz: i'll do it, can you help me on fixing the config of the ubuntu netconf tool?02:00
=== pr0c [~pr0c@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzNoStress: I can't, sorry02:01
cogdefendguin, punkass_ more more more crappy artwork http://graeme.is-a-geek.org/pyfi.png02:01
=== lamont [~lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu
cogmethinks this is a good theme for the whole thing though.02:02
cogit needs a better python, but the mind control rays are the best.02:02
defendguinare you smoking crack?02:03
cogwhat! it's brilliant!02:03
GOwinhas anyone tried egroupware on ubuntu?02:04
cogfirst i was all, lets make a wifi python! and then once i got the crescents around it... it was just a matter of time untill it started controlling peoples minds.02:04
=== phlaegel [~phlaegel@S0106000d88033723.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguincog, the language that it was coded in shouldnt matter02:05
defendguinhold on ill brb something wrong with xchat02:05
=== merriam [~merriam@] has joined #ubuntu
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-222-42-204.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguini used the wifi scanner and i found another network that im on02:07
defendguinmust be nextdoor02:07
sil^mdz: cheers for the pointer to the net install stuff.02:08
=== Phr0stByte [~phr0stbyt@ip24-250-124-175.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
defendguinat least i think it isnt my network02:09
defendguin:( nope i guess not02:10
defendguini wonder why my router would be broadcasting 2 different essids02:12
cogon the idea of the mind-control python.. the thing is called pyfi. after all.02:12
cogbut i concede the point. 02:12
cogits better to have it represent what it does rather than how it does it.02:12
cogits not going to stop me from drawing these suckers now that i'm on a roll though.02:13
Phr0stBytecog: you got a drawing tablet?02:14
defendguinit has to be something that will look good even when it is small02:14
=== gabe__ [~gabe@static24-72-62-185.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== merriam [~merriam@] has joined #ubuntu
=== theantix [~ryan@80.198.novustelecom.net] has joined #ubuntu
cogPhr0stByte, nope, got a mouse.02:16
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-20-190.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
cogdefendguin, you and your stinking rUles! i want icons that only look good underwater!02:17
AndyFitzsomeone mentioned icons ?02:17
AndyFitzi sensed it02:17
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
cogwificons actually.02:18
cogand/or pycons02:18
Phr0stBytecog: damn - I got a Wacom drawing tablet that I have been dying to get working...02:18
Phr0stBytecog: no success for over a month02:18
defendguinAndyFitz, nothing too interesting02:18
defendguinjust drawing icons for pyfi02:18
cogsacrafice chickens not yourself, there's no point if you're not there to enjoy it.02:18
AndyFitz:) just convenient timing to enter chat02:19
defendguinAndyFitz, my attempts http://www.cs.uno.edu/~jsunseri/ScreenShots/pyfi.png  02:19
LinuxJoneswhat's pyfi ?02:19
AndyFitzbig props for using SVG defendguin :)02:20
defendguinAndyFitz, you know i only use svg02:21
defendguinLinuxJones, a little wireless config tool punkass made02:21
AndyFitzand you're a better person for it defendguin :) http://andy.fitzsimon.com.au/inkscape.png    http://andy.fitzsimon.com.au/aboutwip.svg02:22
AndyFitzbeen mucking about with ideas for the inkscape .40 about screen02:22
cogholy shi02:22
cogthat's ummm awesome.02:22
defendguinblah blah blah anyone can do that02:23
AndyFitzblanko de negro  - when colours are too good for you02:23
cogwhatever defendguin, i like it.02:25
Phr0stByteAny1 here have a Wacom drawing tablet?02:25
AndyFitzi have a 17" intuous  with a canvass mouse and no pen... i lost it at my old workplace02:26
Phr0stByteAndyFitz: I have a Graphire3 (USB) I cant get working....02:27
Phr0stByte(in LInux)02:27
AndyFitzi havent used my tablet since using my pen 2 years ago. I never set it up it on linux02:28
Phr0stByteAndyFitz: If you can help me, I'll get you the pen from work02:28
AndyFitzdamn straight damn02:28
AndyFitzmsg jimmac on irc.freenode ;)02:28
AndyFitzhe uses his tablet with the gimp02:30
AndyFitzthis tutorial will help alot02:31
AndyFitzits for Suse but i dont think it mentions anything suse specific02:32
AndyFitzhowever there are other tutorial links at the bottom for setting up your graphire02:32
=== Decayer [~daniel@200-204-182-53.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
AndyFitzhttp://gug.sunsite.dk/tutorials/ayoros1/ - would be good02:33
AndyFitzits short and sweet02:34
AndyFitzoh but its 2.4 kernel related :-/02:34
=== cujosuperfly [~cfleck@adsl-68-251-155-30.dsl.ipltin.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
slartii'm building a kernel... what's the difference between fakeroot and sudo?02:39
=== nnutter [~Nathan@tri0839.urh.uiuc.edu] has joined #ubuntu
cujosuperflyare mouse gestures installed by default?02:42
cujosuperflywith firefox02:42
=== AndyFitz has never used fakeroot
AndyFitzcujosuperfly: nope02:42
jdubslarti: using sudo (to root) means you're actually building it as root, fakeroot means you're not.02:43
jdubslarti: fakeroot is waaaay preferable.02:43
tsengfakeroot rocks.02:43
cujosuperflyhmm.  i just installed ubuntu the other day and whenever i'm using firefox i get some weird behavior when i move my pointer.  i have a laptop, so maybe its a touchpad thing.  02:44
jdubcujosuperfly: that'd be due to the synaptic touchpad defaults02:44
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-112-131.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== swoon_ [~chatzilla@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
cujosuperflymy guess is that somehow tapping the touchpad is mapped to the "3rd" mouse button02:44
cujosuperflyjdub - how can i change that02:44
jdubwhat happens if you type in 'synclient -l'?02:44
swoon_mdz still there?02:45
slartijdub: why is fakeroot preferable?02:45
nugedoes fakeroot work for you guys when doing a make-kpkg?02:45
cujosuperfly"Can't access shared memory area. SHMConfig disabled?"02:45
jdubslarti: because it means you're not building stuff as root (which is dangerous)02:45
jdubcujosuperfly: ahr02:46
jdubcujosuperfly: ok, so, in your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file02:46
jdubunder the inputdevice section for your touchpad02:46
jdubadd the following line:02:46
jdub        Option          "SHMConfig"             "true"02:46
slartijdub: dangerous in what way?  is it only dangerous during the build process or does it somehow (?) make the program being built more dangerous?02:46
jdubslarti: during the build process -> it could do anything02:47
jdubie. someone could put rm -rf /dev in their makefile02:47
jdubor worse02:47
=== flamesrock [~flamesroc@d199-126-188-62.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
cujosuperflyi'm guessing i need to restart x now02:48
=== cujosuperfly [~cfleck@adsl-68-251-155-30.dsl.ipltin.ameritech.net] has left #ubuntu []
slartijdub: yeah, i see what you mean.  i don't yet understand how fakeroot gets around this, but i can figure that out later.  i'm building a kernel for a newly installed ubuntu system, so i'm not worried about losing anything.02:49
swoon_damn it Im trying to install this damn nvidia driver I get this error: The kernel header file '/lib/modules/' does not exist. the most likley reason for this is that the kernel source path '/lib/modules/2.blah-generic/build' is incorrect... help please?02:49
slartiswoon_: when do you get that error?02:50
swoon_slarti when the installer tries to compile the driver...02:51
=== cujosuperfly [~cfleck@adsl-68-251-155-30.dsl.ipltin.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubslarti: because a) you're building as a user, not root and b) fakeroot tricks everything running underneath it that root-requiring operations have succeeded02:52
cujosuperflyok jdub, synclient -l gives me stuff.  what am i looking for?02:52
jdubswoon_: why aren't you installing the pre-built version?02:52
jdubcujosuperfly: well, i'm not sure which behaviour is biting you, but you can play with all of those now02:52
tsengLathiat: any luck with dashboard?02:52
swoon_jdub: because there isnt one supposidly for the amd 6402:52
jdubi do this in my session:02:53
jdubsynclient TapButton1=0 TapButton2=0 TapButton3=0 UpDownScrolling=0 02:53
jdubalthough i still get stupid back-button behaviour -> gotta figure that out02:53
jsubl2so who in here as a amd6402:53
swoon_obviously someone does (me) ubuntu does make an amd64 version of its distro...02:53
=== blumax__ [~blumax@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesjdub, why are there no default document templates with Gnome 2.8 ??02:56
cogLinuxJones, you should make a good set of 'em an propose 'em.02:58
coglike, lets see, what do we need... html... css... perl script... bash script... resume!... fax cover letter... 02:59
jdubLinuxJones: the templates are all left up to the user02:59
cogletter of appology for running over dog.02:59
jdubLinuxJones: if we preseed them, it will become about as useless as windows' New menu item02:59
jdubLinuxJones: so, no defaults, no templates provided by packages, etc.03:00
LinuxJonesjbub,  ahh03:01
cogi think there should be at least one to show people where to put 'em.03:01
jdubideally, apps will have 'save as template' functions which will plop stuff into ~/Templates03:02
=== jgeorgeson [~jgeorgeso@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== cog backs down, jdub is good.
jgeorgesonhas anyone noticed static when listening to internet stations in rhythmbox? i don't hear any when listening to the same streams in xmms03:03
=== wasabi__ [~wasabi@c-67-164-136-215.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushbooyah, new utopia ipod love is great.03:06
jdubyo whiprush03:06
=== GOwin [~Miranda@] has left #ubuntu []
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-112-131.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== myk [~myk@sclab-25-433.sclab.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu
mykis anyone here using swsusp2 ?03:08
=== evilmegaman [~evi@c-67-181-38-6.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-20-190.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
evilmegamanstill having cd drive problems... no possible fix? is there some sort of driver floppy?03:09
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-20-190.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-20-190.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi__So like, does Ubuntu autodetect hardware and stuff properly?03:10
mykwasabi__: i haven't had any problems with it03:11
jgeorgesonwasabi__, it got all of mine (dell inspiron 2600) no problem03:11
AndersAAit's far from perfect but I haven't had any problems03:11
evilmegamanme had problem03:11
=== Phr0stByte [~phr0stbyt@ip24-250-124-175.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
evilmegamanIt couldn't detect my cd drive. same with mandrake. but not any other distro03:12
evilmegamanthat I have tried03:12
AndersAAvery weird... scsi or something?03:12
jgeorgesonevilmegaman, is it an lg?03:12
evilmegamanI dunno03:13
evilmegamanIt's a DW-U18A03:13
evilmegamanBut it should work03:13
jgeorgesonthere was an LG that had a bad firmware, such that some distributions (specifically mandrake, i think 10) wold break it03:14
Phr0stBytejgeorgeson: that was fixed a long time ago03:15
jgeorgesonPhr0stByte, yeah, just a thought03:15
=== grue_ [~grue@justins.dsl.visi.com] has joined #ubuntu
jgeorgesonhelp what?03:20
grue_I've not been on IRC for a long time03:20
=== jgeorgeson helps gah
grue_thought there was some user settings before I actually started talking to people03:20
=== tuppa [~tuppa@christie.corvu.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== djempak [~cory@adsl-68-252-95-31.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
AndersAAany way to background execute /etc/init.d/networking?03:24
AndersAAI have wireless network (almost always out of range) and normal networking on my laptop, which I happen to reboot quite often, cuz the battery is broke ;)03:25
=== haggai_ [~halls@pD9563AFB.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
jgeorgesonAndersAA, what do you mean by background networking?03:29
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-213-254.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
AndersAAjgeorgeson: background execution of the script, so you dont need to wait for the dhcp to login.03:29
jgeorgesonAndersAA, look at /etc/network/interfaces. if you take "auto" out of each one they won't try to get a lease. You can also undo the setting with Computer->System Configuration->Networking in gnome03:30
AndersAAyeah... I suppose I could make it on login or something, setup sudo to allow execution without a password of that command03:31
cogoy, punkass_ defendguin i made more. czech 'em out. i only like the top one.03:31
jgeorgesonAndersAA, I miss the RH option to allow users to bring interfaces up or down03:31
AndersAAsimple enough to do with sudo, but it'd be nice to have a gui tool for it03:32
AndersAAmaybe the wireless monitor could do that...03:32
AndersAAhmm, I could just move stuff around to get gdm to load before networking I suppose03:32
jgeorgesonAndersAA, the applet doesn't at the moment, that I know of. But you can bring interfaces up/down with the config tool I mentioned03:32
swoon_screw, can anyone help me, I cant get into X because when I do log in the screen gets all messed up  can see something there but its all lined up... Im pretty sure that in the past all I did was install the new nvidia driver but... I havent been able to do that successfully using ubuntu amd64... \03:32
cogoy, cog! um url = http://graeme.is-a-geek.org/pyfi2.png03:33
jgeorgesonAndersAA, there is that.  have both interfaces set to not come up on boot. plugging in the pcmcia wifi nic brings it up without me doing anything03:33
AndersAAjgeorgeson: ... of course, that'd work great, it'll auto detect that as a "cable been plugged in" and auto run dhcp03:33
=== tjk [~ted@x84-206-217-dhcp.reshalls.umn.edu] has joined #ubuntu
jgeorgesonAndersAA, yeah. the built in ethernet nic doesn't do that, though. i have to bring it up manually03:34
=== sri waves
AndersAAor plug the cable in and out03:35
sriso.. I'm installing ubuntu in a corporate network03:35
sriand I'm having some trouble03:35
AndersAAmost of the time that wont be in on my box anyway03:35
sri1) I think there should be an option to use an http proxy during install.03:35
sri2) I think ypbind is broken03:35
jgeorgesonAndersAA, plugging the cable in/out doesn't register for me on the built-in nic, does it work for you?03:35
srianybody have any issues with ypbind?03:36
whiprushsri: you get your ubuntu problems fixed I take it?03:36
AndersAAjgeorgeson: dunno, I'll test in a sec03:36
AndersAAifplugd will detect that on most boxes I've tried it on though03:36
AndersAA(depending on network card module)03:36
jgeorgesonAndersAA, neat, I'll have to lok at that package03:37
sriwhiprush: yeah..trying to install this ubuntu at owrk.03:37
sriwhiprush: but I don't think it'll work well in a corp network03:37
=== sri has to do acrapload of changes
sriand if NIS doesn't work I'm screwed completely03:37
whiprushI have nis at work03:37
whiprushworks for me.03:37
=== sri has to change the psasword file and everything too
=== evilmegaman [~evi@c-67-181-38-6.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
sridunno whats going wtih min ethen03:37
sriypbind -debug -broadcast gives me a response from  a server but it just sets there saying "pinging all servers"03:38
AndersAAargh, wont work on my wireless device, I need it to run wpa_supplicant first :/03:38
srialso, since you have no root account, apt-get needs a user, that I don't hav ein my corporate passwd file03:38
whiprushmy coworker is really nis smart. I'll find you tomorrow and link you up.03:38
sriwhiprush: well, I think it's tihs particular version of ypbind..03:38
sriwhiprush: since it works fine on my debian box03:39
whiprushoh I see03:39
jgeorgesonAndersAA, I'm not familiar with it, but /etc/network has some framework for pre-ifup scripts03:39
sriwhiprush: so I think it's ubuntu's ypbind thats broken in particular03:39
whiprushyou could always replace it with the debian version. (disclaimer attached)03:39
swoon_screw, can anyone help me, I cant get into X because when I do log in the screen gets all messed up  can see something there but its all lined up... Im pretty sure that in the past all I did was install the new nvidia driver but... I havent been able to do that successfully using ubuntu amd64... \   anyone??03:39
AndersAAyeah I noticed03:39
sriit will probably require a crapload of hacking to get ubuntu to fit into my network.03:39
sriwhiprush: yeah, thas what I'm thinking..03:40
jdubsri: can you write up a list of issues and post to ubuntu-users?03:40
srijdub: sure, I will need to subscribe03:40
jdubthat's a big commitment03:40
srijdub: heh03:40
jdubyou can send it to me if you don't want to bother ;)03:40
=== Ohmer [Homer@ip216-239-84-65.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushomg I have a feel good ubuntu/gnome story for the day.03:41
srijdub: yeah, being on arch mailing list already puts me over my damn mail quota in two days :/03:41
AndersAAaww crap, /me 's afk, walking the dog at 3:41am, I gotta start setting alarms or something :p03:41
=== nnutter [~Nathan@tri0839.urh.uiuc.edu] has left #ubuntu []
AndersAAthanks for your help jgeorgeson :)03:41
jgeorgesonAndersAA, sure, good luck03:42
whiprushok, so I started my new job as a network admin at a local uni. A senior prof guy comes down and wants to spend money specifically on a linux lab due to faculty and student demand(!).03:42
whiprushso he asks me to think aloud. What we should use, etc. etc.03:42
whiprushSo I mention Ubuntu and whatnot, throw out NX as an option03:42
whiprushturns out he's from South Africa.03:43
whiprushso I explain the whole thing03:43
whiprushbooyah, 90 new GNOME desktops in the spring.03:43
whiprushbeat that sri.03:43
jdubhaha :-)03:43
jdub"mark shuttleworth?! SIGN ME UP!"03:44
whiprush+ 90 sun thin clients from CDE to JDS.03:44
jkgI have one word for people lacking the mail quota to read ubuntu-users: gmail. :)03:44
whiprushI'm no extramedura, but it works.03:44
=== t35t0r [~t35t0r@cookeville-24-158-166-127.midtn.chartertn.net] has joined #ubuntu
sriobviously I cannot compete :)03:44
=== t35t0r [~t35t0r@cookeville-24-158-166-127.midtn.chartertn.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== blumax__ [~blumax@] has joined #ubuntu
cleejkg: heh. yes. have you noticed that half of the ubuntu users list is subscribed from gmail?03:45
cleemyself included03:45
=== jdub has been watching those stats :)
jdubit's not half03:46
jdubbut there are quite a few :)03:46
LinuxJonesnight all !!03:46
=== justdave [~justdave@] has joined #ubuntu
cleejdub: heh. so have you been following the network-profile-switching stuff that spawned from daniels' "Lessons from XP" message?03:47
jdubclee: (about 20% on -users are gmail)03:49
jdubwe're almost certainly going for NetworkManager for hoary03:49
cleejdub: really? wow, I would've thought it to be more...03:49
cleeWe're going to ship NetworkManager in FC303:50
cleebut it's not going to be enabled by default03:50
jdubdidn't think so ;)03:50
=== oseb [~oseb@] has joined #ubuntu
jsubl2so.. somebody have a gmail invite for me03:50
cleethere are still a few bugs to work out, trust me03:50
=== paxetil [~paxetil@adsl-b4-98-229.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
cleejdub: do you know if anybody has any packages of it for warty though?03:50
whiprushjsubl2: msg me your name and address03:50
paxetilubuntu uses .deb packages ?03:51
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
jkgpaxetil: yep03:51
paxetiland apt-get ?03:51
jgeorgesonwhat does NetworkManager add?03:52
jkgyeah. and synaptic, apparently, though I've not tried it yet.03:52
cleejgeorgeson: profiles for network settings03:53
cleejgeorgeson: easy to switch03:53
=== burner_ [~burner@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
cleejgeorgeson: and it's all sexified with the latest DBUS tech03:53
burner_how do you guys recommend setting samba shares?03:53
jdubclee: thom is working on some03:53
cleejdub: yeah, but I don't see a link to a repository. :)03:53
burner_is there a gui that I can do this with?  I tried to right click share, but there's no share option03:53
jkgnetwork profiles as in for (say) a laptop that you regularly move between multiple networks or something? that sounds nifty.03:53
jdubclee: working, as in not-finished :)03:53
cleejdub: how about that epittance stuff from dobey? :)03:54
jdubclee: i am, um, waiting to see what alex produces. ahem.03:54
jgeorgesonclee, how does the profile support differ from what's currently supported?03:54
cleejdub: heh.03:54
whiprushburner_: there's no real easy way to publish shares like that yet.03:54
cleejgeorgeson: ... how do you currently switch SSID's in warty?03:54
burner_yet?  gnome 2.10?  or just sometime03:54
jdubjgeorgeson: it's largely automated, utopia-ised, user policy based, etc.03:54
cleejgeorgeson: or switch from wifi to wired?03:54
burner_i'm thinking I'll just have to do smbpasswd and edit smb.conf03:55
jgeorgesonclee, usually command line (ifdown; ifup; iwconfig, etc)03:56
whiprushburner_: dunno.03:56
burner_cool... just curious03:56
whiprushthere was a zeroconf one I tried the otherday. epittance, but I couldn't get it to work.03:56
cleejgeorgeson: This will allow you to configure each "place" graphically, and switch between them easily with a single dropdown03:56
jgeorgesonburner_, there is a tool called swat, you use your web browser03:56
cleejgeorgeson: One of my coworkers is working on it. :)03:56
jgeorgesonclee, cool03:57
burner_no, i can edit it... it's ok... just curious if there was a nautilus integration03:57
burner_i can always use konqueror too ;)03:57
cleeburner_: heh.03:57
jgeorgesonburner_, would be nice. but even browsing smb shares with nautilus, i've never seen an app that can open files directly03:57
burner_supposedly gnomevfs integration will be had in beep-media-player which should allow playing over smb shares without mounting03:58
burner_you can always mount the share... then go from there03:58
=== burner_ is now known as bur[n] er
=== uxi9000 [~tom@68-235-182-70.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== burner_ [~burner@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== burner_ is now known as bur[n] er
uxi9000simply question i have.  I increase the size of the panel to HUMONGOUS and cant find the button to resize/move it?  04:00
=== MGS [Potato@pool-141-156-220-106.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-20-190.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
MGShi all04:01
=== muldy [~muldy@c-217-70-66-220.bragatel.pt] has joined #ubuntu
bur[n] erhi04:01
muldythe distro is very good :)04:01
bur[n] erbye04:02
MGShehe im about to install ubuntu for the first time (my first linux install also)04:02
whiprushMGS: excellent.04:02
bur[n] erMGS, it's pretty easy as far as linux goes04:02
jkgdammit, I wish ubuntu had been around when I did my first linux install :)04:02
MGSi have one question though04:02
MGSwhen i install my internet04:02
MGSis it any harder then with windows04:03
bur[n] erooh.... pppoe... bleh04:03
=== whiprush can't answer. my netgear does pppoe for me
MGSits verizon dsl04:03
MGSi was thinking of hooking up my router04:03
bur[n] erdon't you have an external modem?04:03
=== jkg lives in one of these backward countries where they talk PPPoA for DSL. and also where it's 3am. nightall.
=== yyc747 [~agraupe@S0106000c41ae18ad.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
MGSi do04:04
bur[n] erthen no big deal :)04:04
=== gabe__ [~gabe@static24-72-62-185.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
bur[n] era router is always good for security04:04
yyc747does ubuntu use lilo or grub by default?  also, if it doesn't use grub by default, how much extra work is involved in setting it up?04:04
MGSgrub? lilo?04:05
MGSsorry im a noob04:05
bur[n] ergrub is good stuff04:05
yyc747grub is much better imo04:05
yyc747I think there is even a dos version now04:05
yyc747my friend used it to boot a knoppix iso before he was ready to take the linux plunge04:06
tjkis there any easy way of "upgrading" from debian, or do I have to go with the "wipe everything" approach?04:06
MGSi used phlak (i guess that was my first linux experience)04:06
MGSwhich is based off knoppix04:06
uxi9000where do i config panel properties, ive accidentally made the thing too damn big04:06
=== dablitz [~da@CPE0050fcd769bd-CM013529902486.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
yyc747so, yeah, I'm giving ubuntu a shot.  the only thing I don't like so far is the use of xfree86, but that will be changed in the next release04:07
MGSi have no idea what xfree86 is, but okay04:07
uxi9000hey yyc747 what are you getting from x.org that you like is it the shit??04:07
whiprushuxi9000: does right clicking on the panel show the menu?04:07
bur[n] erxorg isn't in debian yet... they're waiting to see if it'll be monolithic or modular04:07
yyc747xfree86 (and it's new, better fork, xorg) is what allows graphics to be displayed essentially04:08
uxi9000whiprush, it only gives me the icon properties...04:08
yyc747uxi9000: I like the license and the faster pace of development.  plus, at this point, even if xfree86 were technically superior, i would switch because all of the developers have jumped ship to x.org04:08
whiprushhmmm, maybe you have a launcher on that spot or something04:08
jgeorgesonuxi9000, don't click on an icon04:08
uxi9000is there a cli command to bring up the config04:08
whiprushuxi9000: right click on an empty spot on the panel04:09
dablitzhow do i fix "MP-BIOS BUG: 8254 timer not connected to IO_APIC04:09
uxi9000thats the problem its so big there doesnt seem to be an empty spot...04:09
whiprushlaunch gconf editor.04:10
dablitzI am trying to setup my laptop, and i get this error first04:10
whiprushthe go to apps, panel, profiles.04:10
yyc747so far, my favorite distro is gentoo (and I don't think that will change) but I'm looking for something that is a bit easier and faster for times when I don't want all of the advanced config gentoo has to offer04:10
goatboyuxi9000: click on an applet and hit ctrl-f1004:10
yyc747I'm looking for a happy medium between knoppix and pure debian, preferrably with the documentation of gentoo04:11
yyc747and so far I like what I see04:11
MGSis there any way to setup a login screen on ubuntu?04:11
MGSi dont have it installed04:11
MGSim just wondering04:11
joemit uses gdm by default04:11
tjka login screen04:11
MGSoooh okay04:11
whiprushhey goatboy you have the new totem-gstreamer stuff handy?04:12
yyc747btw, does ubuntu need a net connection to set up a basic system (I mean like X+browser+office)?04:12
goatboywhiprush: nope, haven't tried it yet.04:12
bur[n] eryyc747no04:12
whiprushanyone try it yet?04:12
bur[n] eryyc747, no rather04:12
yyc747bur[n] er: that means I can get my friend to install it on his laptop at school04:13
yyc747he's looking for the next step from knoppix (which, surprisingly, he has had since yesterday)04:13
yyc747and I'm trying to steer him away from slack, because I know nothing about it04:14
bur[n] erslack has shitty package management is the only downside04:14
yyc747bur[n] er: why do you think my favorite distros are debian (-based) and gentoo04:15
jgeorgesonbur[n] er, sack has package management?04:15
yyc747bur[n] er: I need package management04:15
bur[n] erme too... it's why i switched from slack way back when to debian04:15
yyc747bur[n] er: good package management04:15
yyc747bur[n] er: or, at the very least, something that can easily remove packages I don't like04:16
=== steveod [~stephen@69-162-32-99.stcgpa.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
uxi9000ok got gconf open where do i find the panel option in there.  04:16
uxi9000this looks a lot like the registry...04:16
bur[n] erjust wish i knew how to make .debs04:16
yyc747btw, are there many themes for gnome included?  the screens I've seen look ugly imo04:16
bur[n] erit's not an easy thing to do when you're not compiling from source... when it's just python scripts04:17
yyc747bur[n] er: hmm... I've never really looked at how to do that04:17
bur[n] eryyc747, there's a few04:17
Chrifferyyc747, I think its the normal gnome themes + the color scheme ubuntu uses04:17
whiprushuxi9000: clicking on the panel and hitting ctrl-f10 didn't bring the menu up?04:17
yyc747bur[n] er: because I'm starting to like KDE more and more04:17
joembur[n] er, http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/04:18
joemread up :)04:18
whiprushyyc747: there's a package, gnome-theme-extras with some more themes04:18
yyc747whiprush: sounds good04:18
yyc747whiprush: color schemes also?04:18
yyc747(in KDE the two are separate)04:18
whiprushdon't know what you mean by color schemes04:18
whiprushoh oh04:18
uxi9000hey whiprush that did it.  big thanks.  I was not doing all 3 at once.  Are you whiprush from ars??04:18
whiprushno, don't think so.04:18
dablitzhow do i fix "MP-BIOS BUG: 8254 timer not connected to IO_APIC"04:18
bur[n] erjoem, i've gone through them... i can make .debs when I have to compile a program... hen I just have to make a dpkg entry and put some scripts in a certain location... i'm lost04:18
whiprushuxi9000: heh, goatboy mentioned it a page up. And yes.,04:18
tjkI take it there isn't any easy way of upgrading from debian to ubuntu?04:19
goatboyyyc747: in GNOME color schemes are a part of GTK+ themes.04:20
yyc747I like the versioning scheme... it's shorter than the 2004XXXX type, and more precise than the gentoo 2004.X04:20
yyc747goatboy: k.  I'll experiment with it04:20
=== ljlane [~ljlane@snowman.net] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushtjk: you can, but it's unsupported. ymmv. you get to keep both pieces if it breaks. etc. etc.04:20
yyc747goatboy: is there a theme reminiscant of OS X?04:20
yyc747goatboy: I don't mind that04:20
joemanybody have a good guide for setting up an initrd with chroot04:20
tjkwhiprush, is there a doc on it someplace?04:20
goatboyyyc747: not included in gnome-themes-extras, I don't think.04:21
goatboyyyc747: but there are plenty of them out there.04:21
whiprushtjk: you just snag the /etc/apt/sources.list from ubuntu and then apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade.04:21
whiprushbut don't go reporting odd bugs and whatnot. :)04:21
yyc747goatboy: whether or not I can apt-get themes doesn't really concern me04:21
=== phin [~phin@pcp01982168pcs.strl301.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
phinhow do i edit the debian menu?04:22
phinand have it keep the changes04:22
jgeorgesonwhiprush: isn't ubuntu based off of testing? if so, someone with an unstable install would probably be really 'irritated' by downgrading packages04:22
tjkaha, 'ubuntu sources.list' actually came up with something helpful on google...04:22
whiprushsnapshot of sid from a while back from what I've read.04:23
whiprushtjk: I've got one, sec.04:23
phinyo whip04:23
whiprushwotcha phin04:23
phinhey you know how to make perm changes to the debian menu?04:23
defendguini wish someone would build a netapplet that worked in gnome 2.8 :(04:23
defendguindoes anyone else have problems with irc.gimp.net04:23
defendguinmaybe it would be nice for some applications so support "Make this a Template ..."04:23
defendguinmy homemade ubuntu stickers suck04:23
defendguinwhiprush, i have had no luck with my ipod and ubuntu :(04:23
defendguinjdub, do you think you guys could get some decent ubuntu gear at cafepress?04:23
phini wanna change the way a few things load up, but everytime i do it just overwrites04:23
defendguincog, link04:23
defendguincog, eeeek04:23
defendguincant you make anything with decent colors?04:23
=== defendguin kicks cog
whiprushtjk: http://www.arslinux.com/~jorge/sources.list04:24
defendguinjdub, do you guys know how many ubuntu installs using the popularity contest thing that was installed?04:24
defendguini have 6 i need to get rid of04:24
tjkda, that's the one i found on google :)04:24
whiprushtjk: don't blame me if your porn gets deleted or something. :D04:24
tjkthat's okay. My collection is small04:24
jdubdefendguin: nup04:24
whiprushdefendguin: did it mount?04:24
jdubdefendguin: we're going to have t-shirts and so on, not cafepress stuff though.04:24
dablitzi could really use some help04:25
=== sn0wman [~dan@resnet215-008.resnet.wmich.edu] has joined #ubuntu
jdubjgeorgeson: ubuntu is a branch of sid04:25
jdubjgeorgeson: frozen a while back, so some parts of testing may be newer04:25
whiprushdablitz: just ask04:25
Se7hmajor updates today i see04:25
dablitzhow do i fix "MP-BIOS BUG: 8254 timer not connected to IO_APIC"04:25
jdubdablitz: you get a new motherboard :)04:25
jdubdablitz: it shouldn't affect you04:25
Se7hgnome updates also04:26
dablitzyes, actually this is a new compaq 2800+ laptop04:26
=== ranman [~ranman@] has joined #ubuntu
jdubdablitz: it's nothing you can actually fix04:26
dablitzand ontop of that, i can only seem to keep net for about 4 or 5 minutes, and it freezez04:26
=== socomm [~jde@adsl-69-105-168-87.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushI demand Ubuntu gag humor tshirts.04:27
jgeorgesondablitz, have you looked at this? http://linux.derkeiler.com/Mailing-Lists/Kernel/2004-03/1467.html04:27
dablitzi will04:27
whiprush"mdz, do you even freaking sleep? yeesh." and so forth.04:27
whiprush"multiverse stole my GPL."04:27
socomm"Ubuntu ate my hampster."04:28
=== atomsk [~parentj@modemcable241.236-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
dablitzhow about not being able to resolv archive.ubuntu.com04:30
atomskoops sorry :)04:31
jgeorgesondablitz, just that host? or not being able to resolve in general?04:31
dablitzin general, anything04:31
jgeorgesondablitz, check /etc/resolv.conf04:31
phinsweet, my, now former, windows using freind just sat at this laptop and was like "I WANT THIS!"04:31
dablitznameserver> just my router04:32
atomsknice...since when Gnome pops up a folder window when you plug a usb mass storage device?04:32
jgeorgesonif it doesn't have a dns server on it then that's the problem. you using dhcp or static ip?04:33
phinya gnome is the shit04:33
phinis great i mean04:33
phini wish i could run the full desktop on this machine04:33
phini just run the panel04:33
=== {Q} [RuffianSol@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
{Q}hey all04:34
{Q}you all know me, i am q2, and RuffianSoldier04:34
phini cant wait to get this wireless04:35
phinthis usb to ethernet sucks04:35
phineverytime i move it it locks my system for some reason04:36
phinok i have an fstab question.  if i put in a share, and its not available, it will just ignore it, correct?04:36
socommphin, maybe your eth0 card comes loose when you move the cable.04:36
phinwell if it wiggles it locks x04:37
phinif im not in x it spits out usb errors04:37
phinon the console04:37
socommphin, yeah probably comes loose. That happend once when my audio card came loose.04:37
phinya its not a big deal04:37
phinthis connection is temp04:37
phinmy wireless is enroute now :)04:37
phingot a wireless g router and wireles b card for 71 on ebay04:38
=== LeeColleton [~lc@dsl231-061-247.sea1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
phinits a wap11 version 3 so its linux ready :)04:38
=== jgeorgeson [~jgeorgeso@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== {Q} [~RuffianSo@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== eldados [~REXI@203-213-16-154-qld.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
eldadosany 1 knows if the new amd64 daily fixes the problem with x and nvidia 6800?04:44
=== Francis [Homer@ip216-239-84-65.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== joem [~joem@c-67-173-77-82.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Jaramin [~b@Toronto-HSE-ppp3747061.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Jaraminanyone here knows how to capture the output of the entire boot process?04:48
=== dablitz [~da@CPE0050fcd769bd-CM013529902486.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
LeeColletonJaramin: you'll find it in /var/log/messages04:48
LeeColletonNote that this is continuious, even through a restart04:49
ixdmesg | less04:49
=== ix [~ix@subimage.com] has left #ubuntu ["brb"]
dablitzwhat can i put in my /etc/resolf.conf besides "nameserver"04:49
phinother name servers04:49
phinlike i put in the ones for all the servers i do hosting at04:49
phinso when i put a domain over it works right away for me04:49
dablitzphin like my isp's primay and secondary dns?04:50
JaraminLeeColleton: really? thanks! I'm rather new at linux, but in other distros there used to be a console windows running in the background that you could access with the F keys.04:50
phinwell, more then likely your local dns server already uses em04:50
phinbut yes you could if you want04:50
=== uxi9000 [~tom@68-235-182-70.chvlva.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
phinanyway.  anyone know how to make perminent changes to the default menu?04:51
ranmando you mean to add applications to it, and they stay even though you have uninstalled the application?04:53
socommJaramin, run `dmesg | less'04:54
ranmantry putting "applications:" into the nautilus location bar, there you can edit the menu...04:55
phinranman: i dont run nautilus04:55
phini run fluxbox04:55
phinthere is a default debian menu04:55
=== {Q} [~RuffianSo@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
phinthat auto updates my fluxbox menu04:56
moyogohi, how do i quickly create a share with samba04:56
socommphin, you gotta edit your config files.04:56
socommphin, actually hold on.04:56
phini was gonna say04:56
phinthats pretty, um...  04:56
socommTry that.04:57
socommphin, That should do it for you.04:58
phinthats not it04:58
phinsee, there is a default debian menu04:58
phinthat intergrates automaticly with the fluxbox menu04:58
phinso if i make changes to the flux menu, it just regenerates back over it04:59
socommphin, so if you change it that will write over it?04:59
phini'll search good, figured i'd ask here first ;)04:59
phinyes sirr04:59
socommActually it should be placed somewhere in /etc or /usr/share05:00
phinya ive looked05:00
phinno luck05:00
phinthere is a core debian menu05:00
socommfluxbox will search there first, before searching in your home dir.05:00
phinthat is the master05:00
phinand what this program does05:00
phinis it runs a program called update-menus05:00
phinor something05:00
phineverytime you install something05:00
phinthis in return generates a new fluxbox menu05:00
phinso its all nice and up to date05:01
phinnow thats great and all, i like it05:01
phinbut i need some control over it :)05:01
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-20-190.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
atomsksay I'm in a terminal...any way to open a Gnome folder window in the current folder?05:01
ranmanphin: sorry for the late response... lag... blah... You will find your answer in /var/lib/menu. This is the place that Debian builds the menu from.. plenty of examples..05:01
hazmati'm trying to install the mono packages from http://www.getsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs, i'm on a different architecture though and want to build from source, but apt refuses to download the source from that repo.. any ideas why?05:01
hazmatit always goes to the ones in universe05:01
tsengbecause i didnt upload sources for most of the packages?05:02
socommphin, use the 'locate' command to find the global config.05:02
tsengsince i didnt change them from debian unstable05:02
phinthere isnt a menu05:02
phinbut there is a menu-xdg05:02
phinin /var/lib05:02
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-112-131.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== joem [~joem@c-67-173-77-82.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
socommphin, try backing that up something like 'mv menu-xdg menu-xdg.bak'05:02
hazmattseng, but there are sources for some of them05:02
tsengwhat are you talking about05:03
tsengthere are not.05:03
hazmatoh.. i just assumed the files without i386 in them were source05:03
hazmati'm a debian newb05:03
tsengi only have sources for tomboy and monodevelop05:03
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-112-131.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
phinok so after i change, what do i do to update?05:04
hazmattseng, so to make packages, you added debian unstable to your sources, did apt-get source for all of the packages, and built and installed each one in the proper depedency order?05:05
tsengbut you need mono installed from binary first05:05
tsengor to bootstrap it in chroot05:05
=== dablitz [~da@CPE0040f418b9dc-CM013529902486.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
yyc747night everyone... I'll probably do my ubuntu install tomorrow05:05
dablitzhow do i renew my ip address with ubuntu05:05
eldadosany 1 knows if the new amd64 daily fixes the problem with x and nvidia 6800?05:06
yyc747just out of curiosity, I think I'll ask an ubuntu question in #debian and see what happens.  The knoppix question I asked this morning produced entertaining results05:06
tsengdont be a troll.05:07
ranmanphin: update-menus runs from /var/lib/menu and puts the menu in /var/lib/$DM/debian....05:07
ranmanif you edit the menu at /var/lib/$DM/debian then it will be overwritten every time that update-menus is run...05:07
tsengyyc747: yes.05:07
ranmanif you add another file to /var/lib/menu then run update menus as root, or user..05:07
yyc747yes, I suppose that was a troll05:07
hazmattseng, lost me there, why would you need mono installed to get the mono packages to compile.. its just c source. ?05:07
yyc747but it really does reflect my feelings05:07
eldadosyyc747, if you really want to have fun, ask it in gentoo...05:07
tsenghazmat: ...05:07
cleehazmat: no, because mono is written in C#05:07
dablitzhow do i renew my ip address with ubuntu05:07
yyc747I've asked lots of non-gentoo questions in gentoo05:07
cleehazmat: so it's a chicken-and-egg problem.05:07
phinahh ok ranman :) thanks ima give it a try05:07
yyc747it usually gives me no problem05:08
=== eldados love gentoo
yyc747and it's not even related05:08
yyc747tseng: I'm hoping that the ubuntu community will be slightly less rabid05:08
tsenghazmat: you need a mono compiler to build mono05:08
eldadosdablitz: are you on dhcp? you will need to restart the service, I think...05:09
hazmattseng, i still don't see why, you can build mono from source on other platforms without mono installed..05:09
yyc747tseng: btw, I'm a big supporter of gentoo so watch what you say (just kidding, I hate all people who are rabidly distro-centric)05:09
hazmattseng, sure alot of is written in c# ..05:09
hazmatbut i never had the issue on say.. gentoo.. i'll take a look05:09
tsenghazmat: ok, since you are the expert.05:09
tsenghazmat: go have at it05:09
tsengmono-mcs depends on mono-assemblies05:09
dablitzand that would be /etc/init.d/dhcp stop?05:09
tsengwhich depends on mono-mcs05:10
hazmattseng, sorry didn't mean to be rude.05:10
=== eldados [~REXI@203-213-16-154-qld.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
hazmattseng, so what i'm thinking is install mono in /opt/mono add it the path, build the packages 05:10
hazmatisntall mono from source that is05:10
yyc747tseng: dependancy hell!05:10
tsengi installed mono from sid to start05:10
tsengthere is a guide to bootstrap the packages05:10
phinranman: ok i ran update-menus as root, and it changed the thing i made BACK to what it was before :-\05:11
tsengbut its alot more work05:11
phinthis was something i edited in /var/lib/menu-xdg/applications/menu-xdg/05:11
calcphin: /var/lib/menu-xdg is generated data05:13
=== mojo_ [~mojo@220-244-212-78-vic.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mojo_hi all ppl!05:14
calcphin: iow changing anything in there will get erased on update-menu run05:14
phinwhere do i change things?05:14
calcyou can make changes for a user in their ~/.local dir05:14
mojo_I welcome all developers SSH to my box to fix bugs (ie Bug #1552)05:14
mojo_just tell me if u want!05:14
=== jgeorgeson [~jgeorgeso@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
phincalc, well i wanna make em global05:15
phinbut thats not TOO important05:15
phinwhere do i make the changes at?05:15
jgeorgesonhow do i tell ubuntu that the hardware clock is not set to gmt?05:15
phin~/.menu/ ?05:15
calcyou can probably override them by overriding them at the .menu stage in /etc/menu (iirc that is where to put them)05:15
mojo_jgeogre? wat u mean?05:15
ranmanphin: that is the wrong place.05:16
calc~/.menu would be per user as well05:16
mojo_yes, hey all ppl, there is a question raised for discussion!05:17
jgeorgesonmojo_, the right time zone is listed (CDT), but the clock is 5 hours slow, which leads me to believe it is treating the hardware clock as GMT and subtracting 5 hours from it05:17
mojo_"Should we adopt Yast?"05:17
LeeColletonjgeorgeson: Computer > System Configuration > Time and Date05:17
mojo_Yast has been open-sourced, so y not we use it for Ubuntu?05:17
calcyast isn't even open source is it?05:17
mojo_yes, it has05:17
LeeColletonjgeorgeson: set it to sync your clock with an internet server05:18
phinstill not working05:18
mojo_Novell has GPL Yast recently05:18
mojo_using Yast would make Ubuntu easier to admin and install --> head to enterprise market for Ubuntu05:18
jgeorgesonLeeColleton, why can't it be told that the hardware clock isn't set to GMT? every other distro i have used has this option somewhere (during install usually)05:19
calcwhy not just help finish g-s-t05:19
jdubmojo_: that one's easy... "NO!" :-)05:19
jgeorgesonmojo_, lots of people think Yast is horrid05:19
ranmanphin: ~/.menu is the local place to make new menu template files, and global for all users is at /var/lib/menu05:19
ranmanfollow the example of the other files at /var/lib/menu05:20
mojo_if u've used SuSE b4, it beat RedHat, Mandrake very far05:20
phini made a change to one of thouse05:20
calcranman: er there is no /var/lib/menu, it appears /etc/menu is the global location05:20
Jaramini'm going nuts doing sudo all the time... is it safe to add myself to the root group (safe as in: will it cause ownership problems to files)05:20
mojo_the weak point of GNOME is poor and discrete config tool05:20
phinand it changed it back when i did update-menus05:20
mojo_Yast is the solution for it05:21
jgeorgesonmojo_, i disagree. i think monolithic admin tools like yast and drakconf are terrible. i think RH has the best admin tools05:21
jdubmojo_: the problem is that yast is very heavily suse based, would require a huge amount of effort to port (you're welcome to start), and is not regarded as 'optimal'05:21
calcmojo_: but does yast have a clean design for frontend/backend, etc?05:21
calcotherwise just extending g-s-t would be much easier05:21
tsengyast is also very suse specific05:22
mojo_calc: yes, Yast got X, GNOME and Qt backend - very nice - I will spend more time on the Yast port project - need to collect more geeks05:22
jgeorgesonmojo_, they have a dedicated tool for each task which, and the tools don't require any special massaging to edit the config files by hand, like yast does05:22
LeeColletonjgeorgeson: there's probably a better way to do this, but you can edit the file '/etc/default/rcS' to set UTC=no05:22
phinno luck still :(05:22
calcmojo_: that is frontend, the backend is how you rewrite the tools to work with different dists, etc05:22
mojo_jgeorgreson: I understand u, but for some newcommer, Linux is hell-hard, with me, I dun even need Yast, but pls think about end-users not geek-users05:23
tsengyou'll sound more convincing if you use proper english.05:23
dablitzsit0: unkown hardware address type 776 help05:23
=== grue_ [~grue@justins.dsl.visi.com] has joined #ubuntu
jgeorgesonmojo_, i think rh's config tools are very user-friendly. and what i saw of g-s-t previously they are going to be just as friendly05:23
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=== Wsquared is now known as WW_
grue_Hello, I have a real question this time05:24
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
grue_Is there a way to change file/folder permissions from the Gnome fle browser?  Or can that only be done from a root terminal?05:25
joemgrue_, right click properties05:25
mojo_what's the name of the program on MS Windows Nt, 2k, and XP where u import some windows that are separate config programs?05:25
joemyou can only change what you have perms to do05:25
jgeorgesongrue_, if you have permission to change permissions on a file without a root terminal, you can do it in nautilus too05:26
=== mil_ [~mil@ool-18be26f5.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== svenl_ [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-22-238.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
grue_nautilus is what I meant.  Is there a way for my normal user to get those permissions?05:26
jgeorgesonmojo_, no idea05:26
AndyFitzgrue_,  alot of the time I load nautilus --browser as root from terminal and set permissions05:27
mojo_change topic05:27
grue_is that a command line erm, command:  "nautilus --browser"05:27
joemeasier to just set them from the command line..05:28
grue_OK, I was hoping there was an easier way to get write access to all these config files...05:28
joemgrue_, oh dead05:28
joemer dear05:29
joemuse sudo05:29
joemdon't change the perms on all of the config files05:29
AndyFitzum kinda ...its just an option when loading nautilus05:29
grue_How do I do that from nautilus?05:29
LeeColletongrue_: the idea behind restricting those permissions is that ordinary users WON'T go mucking about with them05:29
AndyFitzsudo -s; nautilus --browser05:29
grue_I have been changing them back, I'm not a total TOTAL noob05:29
ranmancalc: phin: oops, I was wrong about the location... "/usr/lib/menu" take a look at the package menu.. "dpkg -L menu"05:29
LeeColletongrue_: which permissions do you want to change, and why?05:29
joemuh, so just use sudo to edit them05:29
joemrather then changing the perms05:30
joemediting them and then changing back05:30
jgeorgesongrue_, sudo vi file05:30
joemew vi05:30
dablitzok here is my question. my system just stop the network, almost as if it looses its conncetion completely05:30
dablitzhow do i fix that05:30
=== MepisBelle [~Old@adsl-68-122-6-135.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
LeeColleton'sudo <favorite-text-editor> file'05:30
calcranman: /usr/lib/menu isn't the dir that the admin normally modifies, its the dist install location05:30
calc/etc/menu overrides that afaik05:31
calc/etc/menu/README says to do that anyway ;)05:31
jgeorgesondablitz, kind of a vague problem. maybe you have a poorl supported nic. maybe you have a bad cable. if it's wifi, maybe you have a weak signal, perhaps a bad antenna05:31
jgeorgesonjoem, what's the editor of the beast?05:31
dablitzok my laptop has both wifi and eth0, wth0 is an 8139too05:32
joemvim :)05:32
grue_I can handle vi05:32
ranmancalc: I agree, he was looking for "permenant"05:32
jgeorgesondablitz, i assume you're only trying to use one at a time. what is wth0?05:33
dablitzeth0 sorry05:33
dablitzi only want to use eth0 right now, but it stops at random times05:34
jgeorgesonlook for notes about that driver on google?05:34
jgeorgesonis that a realtek driver?05:34
phinsweet i got it05:35
jgeorgesonhm, i had thought realtek's were well supported. is it really a realtek, or is it just a compatbile chip using the driver?05:36
dablitzfrom the specs from compacq its a realtek05:36
Jaraminin the same line of thought as grue_, I don't think doing sudo all the time ia a good answer, it's tedious. I'm learning linux, I want to be able to fiddle with things easily. Coming from the windows world, I'm used to have all permissions on my machine...05:37
grue_integrated with motherboard?05:37
Jaraminso, is there a way to grant priviliges to a user so that he can edit any files he sees in nautilus?05:37
jgeorgesonJaramin, run `sudo -s` and you will have a root shell05:38
=== replicant [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jgeorgesonJaramin, and there's a root shell menu option: Applications->System Tools->Root Terminal05:38
Jaraminjgeorgson: I know, but I don't want to run just a shell, in fact I want to avoid it :P I want that, from the moment I log in, I can edit any config file I see in nautilus by double clicking on it's icon.05:39
=== jgeorgeson [~jgeorgeso@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== _brandx_ [~brandx_@] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushJaramin: don't think in windows. ;)05:40
whiprushafter you set up what you want you'll never need elevated priviledges05:40
grue_Jaramin, reset the root password and then login as root.  Don't do that after you've got stuff more figured out.05:41
grue_what whiprush said05:41
=== replicant [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
grue_whiprush do you post on Ars?05:41
Jaraminwhiprush: well, I do want to "think in windows", as it's natural for me, and since I'm leraning linux, I want to muck aroubd with stuff a lot, and if I break my system, well, boohoo, that's the way I'll learn :)05:42
whiprushgrue_: yep05:42
LeeColletonJaramin: running day to day as root is a bad idea.  You have been warned.05:42
grue_I'm usually SopWATh on there05:42
whiprushJaramin: yeah, that's like the first step though, heh.05:42
phlaegelwindows-(un)think won't help you in linux.05:42
dablitz"NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit timed out" "eth0: link up, 100Mbps, full-duplex, lpa 0x45E1"05:43
dablitzwhat does this mean05:43
LeeColletonJaramin: keep vital data backed up off-system, preferably on a seperate partition, too05:43
phlaegelso is the network window slow for everyone else? I mean taking a few seconds to fill the window and become useful.05:43
grue_oh yeah!05:43
Jaramingrue_: argh, but my preferences are already all done for the current user... I thought adding myself to the root group would do the trick...05:44
grue_I reinstalled Samba 3 times before that stopped "magically"05:44
joemwhat is with peoples need to have root privs on everything05:44
grue_Jaramin, I know less than these other guys05:44
_brandx_There is no element present to handle the stream's mime type audio/mpeg. I get this in rhythmbox when trying to play the preset radio stations.. any ideas?05:44
phlaegelit would be nice if it could put in items as they are available, not stall the whole window for one slow thing.05:44
whiprushJaramin: heh, this might kind sound of lame. But after I got used to the linux way, I started running my windows stuff the same way.05:44
whiprushie. no priviledges.05:45
JaraminLeeColletonL: is running as root under linux any worse than running as an admin on windows? if the answer is no, then that's fine with me :)05:45
joemrunning as admin on an infected windows machine, no :)05:45
grue_Thats the secure and correct way to do things.  If you have ZERO linux experience do stuff as root, mess it up and then fix it05:45
joemJaramin, your user has sudo privs05:45
joemwhat more do you need05:45
whiprushgrue_: cool cool, we have an ubuntu feedback thread going on right now, please leave some feedback if you can.05:46
phinubuntu ROOLZ!05:46
grue_I don't really feel qualified to complain about anyting, I will mention the help I'm getting here though05:47
phlaegelanybody try running cvs tomboy on ubuntu with tseng's mono packages?05:47
joemwhats in cvs tomboy?05:47
grue_what's cvs tomboy?05:47
phlaegeltomboy is http://www.beatniksoftware.com/tomboy/index.html05:47
joemtomboy from cvs sources :)05:47
Jaraminjoem: ease of use, that's what I need. the ability to make a user do everything root can, without issuing any commands. I'm all for GUI, sorry if that's disturbing for you guys :P05:48
whiprushphlaegel: I'm bored, lemme try it.05:48
phlaegelwon't compile for me05:48
joemJaramin, then just have the files open with gksudo gedit if you feel that way05:48
joemif that is possible, something like that is possible05:49
joemcould just add a 1 line nautilus script if not05:49
LeeColletonJaramin: the great thing about owning a computer is you can do whatever you want to with it.  If running the system as root makes sense to you, by all means; learn your lessons the hard way.  It won't, however, become a feature of Ubuntu (which has the root account disabled by default).05:50
grue_OK, so tomboy is a notetaking application that runs with mono???05:50
phlaegelit's like a personal wiki05:50
phlaegelwith some cool stuff planned05:50
joemphlaegel, what is in cvs that isn't in the release that makes it worth using05:50
Jaraminjoem: yeah, well that's waht I did with the shortcut to nautilus, but that effectively *makes* me root, so when I trash stuff, it goes into root's trash, not mine... see where I'm going?05:50
grue_cool, how does one get Mono running?05:50
joemJaramin, no it doesn't05:50
joemwhy would you trash config files anyways05:51
defendguingrue_, good idea would be to get a repository with mono apps in it05:51
whiprushphlaegel: all works for me, fresh from cvs05:51
phlaegeljoem: I'd like to try and contribute back. Hard to do if it won't build.05:51
grue_how do I get a different repository?05:51
joemphlaegel, what does the compile fail on?05:51
phlaegelwhiprush: hm05:51
phlaegelusing tseng's mono source?05:51
grue_I uncommented the universe lines for that synaptic thing05:52
joemgrue_, read the faq on the wiki05:52
joemhas a section about mono05:52
phlaegelit complains that it's missing Mono.Posix, which makes no sense, since that's part of mono.05:52
joemat the bottom05:52
whiprushdeb http://www.getsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs/ ./05:52
whiprushyou want to add that to your sources.list grue_ 05:52
WW_Could someone give me a brief summary of the difference between "Mark for Removal" and "Mark for Complete Removal" in Synaptic? 05:52
joemphlaegel, you have all of the mono dev packages installed?05:53
whiprushWW_: complete removal removes the config files also05:53
whiprushlike a purge05:53
grue_whiprush, which sources.list do I add it to?05:53
whiprush /etc/apt/sources.list05:53
grue_I did a file search and theres a bunch of them05:53
whiprushthen apt-get update05:53
phlaegeljoem: as far as I can tell, unless it's named something I haven't though to search on.05:53
JaraminLeeColleton: I don't want it to be feature :P Being a small business admin, I certainly do understand the user/root model and it's purpose (keeping the admin sane, lol). It's just that I thought that it was possible to create or grant privileges to a particular user so that he would becone some sort of second root05:54
joemJaramin, that is what sudo is05:54
joemhaving root privs but not running as root05:54
whiprushgrue_: after you apt-get update, then mono and everything in that repo will be available to you.05:55
joemif you plan on running gnome and net apps as root, better expect lots of trouble05:55
LeeColletonJaramin: you can run 'sudo visudo' to give additional users root-level access05:56
=== q2 [~q2@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
q2hey all05:57
Jaraminjoem: it does, try it. I have changed my nautilus shortcut by adding gksudo. with that, I can open a nautilus window that will allow me to edit files right on the spot by double cliking. but, let's say I change folder from that window, and go delete some log files. well they end up in root's trash.05:57
joemyou don't run nautilus as root05:57
joemyou open the files with gksudo05:58
JaraminLeeColleton: ah, now that sounds interesting!05:58
joemso you right click on a config file, and run a nautilus script that opens gedit or whatever with gksudo05:58
joemthen you can edit the file and save it, no problem05:58
whiprushI see what you need Jaramin 05:59
whiprushyou need "Run As" on the desktop05:59
grue_whiprush: do I need that "./" at the end of the line?  It's giving me a 40405:59
whiprushgrue_: lemme try05:59
whiprushdeb http://www.getsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs/ ./06:00
whiprushthat's what I have and it works06:00
phlaegelsame here06:00
=== phin [~phin@pcp01982168pcs.strl301.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushphlaegel: so what error were you getting?06:00
grue_doh, I miss-typed it06:00
LeeColletonJaramin: sudo can be extensively configured, allowing certain users access to certain commands.  This is beyond the needs of most personal computer systems, which probably have one owner/administrator and maybe a few casual users.06:01
=== eric [~eric@pool-70-16-84-35.alt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== eric is now known as ionrock
JaraminLeeColleton: hmm, does sudo visudo just allows other user to use sudo?06:02
=== grue_ is now known as sopwath
whiprushyou can add any user to the sudoers group06:02
ionrockhello all, does anyone have any experience with recompiling the kernel on a laptop?06:03
whiprushso, like, at work, for example ....06:03
=== ionrock means for a laptop...
joemionrock, same as doing it on any other machine06:03
whiprushyou can have three admins in the group for a file server or whatever.06:03
=== Lord_Shadow [~Lord_Shad@ip68-98-58-176.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushbut, they all use their own passwords to get super user privs.06:03
whiprushso, when you fire admin #3, you just remove him from the group06:04
whiprushinstead of the old way06:04
whiprush"hey everyone, new root password!"06:04
ionrockjoem, the reason I ask is b/c I did it the other day and it wouldn't load b/c it couldn't find an initrd image. I think it is used to make sure the pcmcia bus starts up06:04
phlaegelwhiprush: complains that Mono.Posix can't be found, but the dll is there06:04
joemionrock, if you are using ubuntu, try running update grub06:04
joemer update-grub06:05
whiprushyou sure you don't have some old compiled version in /usr/local?06:05
ionrockI needed to try and get my suspend working so I am messing with the kernel to get it going but I am thinking I need to make a initrd image06:05
ionrockjoem, I did that before but to no avail06:05
phlaegelwhiprush: version of what?06:05
joemdid you try to just reinstall the kernel image package06:05
phlaegells /usr/local/06:05
joemit should put the initrd in /boot06:05
phlaegel/usr/local is empty. the only mono installing is from tseng06:06
=== yusufg [~yusufg@210-177-227-130.outblaze.com] has left #ubuntu []
LeeColletonJaramin: visudo is just a vi session that locks the file /etc/sudoers 06:06
ionrockjoem, since I couldn't include the suspend to disk stuff it wouldn't really do me much good ;)06:06
whiprushhave you installed monodevelop or some other gtk# app? maybe your missing some dep.06:06
phlaegelwhiprush: I just realized mono.posix isn't the first error... it's the line before it. still not sure why.06:06
phinlearning vim is fun06:06
whiprushphlaegel: pastebin the whole thing06:07
Jaraminwhiprush: the computer will only be used by me, it's my home computer. The "run as" an idea, but still tedious... is it possible *at all* in linux for a user different than root, from the moment they log on, to be able to access any file as root would through the GUI? that's what I want to know.06:07
sopwathThanks for the help everyone, I really appreciate it.06:07
joemJaramin, no, not without using sudo06:07
phlaegelwhiprush: http://pastebin.com/10832006:08
joemyou won't be the only person using the box if you start to run net apps as root either06:08
ionrockJaramin, you could add your user to the root group... but I am thinking that is not a good idea06:08
whiprushJaramin: I swear to you man, after you install, you'll need root access like, 5% of the time. Really.06:08
Jaraminjoem: *deception*06:09
=== ionrock nods to whiprush
joemJaramin, not quite06:09
phini wouldnt do it06:09
phinjust install sudo06:09
LeeColletonJaramin: yes, but that totally defeats the "as needed" approach to system access.  the sudo utility goes a long way to bridge this gap between usablility and security.06:09
phinthen all you have todo is hit sudo to do something as root06:09
Jaraminwhiprush: not really, I'll be changing config files dayly, trying stuff, testing stuff...06:10
phlaegelJaramin: it seems like you should just try using things for a while as it comes. the things your asking for are either bad ideas or would just not work well.06:10
phinyou will regret running 100% as root06:10
phinwhen you remove something accidently06:10
phinthat you dont want to06:10
LeeColletonby the way, "sudo -s" opens a shell session with root access06:10
whiprushJaramin: you can do 90% of that as a user.06:10
whiprushI swear, I do it every day06:10
phini enabled my root account on ubuntu, but that was just from using it as habit06:10
phini havent actually used it once in the last week or so06:10
phlaegeljust open a root shell, or better, a normal shell, sudo vi blah, and leave it open while you work on it.06:10
phinjust so used to sudo06:10
phinplus ive added sudo to a few servers i like it so much :)06:11
whiprushphlaegel: k, asking people smarter than me, sec.06:11
ionrockI can't even apt-cache without sudo just b/c I so used to "sudo apt-get..."06:11
phini dont even think my system resembles anything of a ubuntu install anymore06:13
phinits totally changed06:13
LeeColletonWhy oh why does apt-get invariably get an error when accessing archive.ubuntu.com for the first time?  The error is gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file06:13
=== replicant [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ionrockI was getting that b/c I didn't comment out the standard non-universe lines in my sources.list06:14
whiprushphlaegel: yeah something is up because I'm building stuff right after your line 7. all the way down, yours is skipping something.06:14
whiprushlibgconf-cil installed?06:14
phlaegelthat's because that's not the first run of make06:14
whiprushNo, I deleted and started over06:15
whiprushlemme double check06:15
phlaegelno, it's not my first run of make.06:15
phinthink removing dbus would be a bad idea?06:16
phinis it needed06:16
defendguinanyone have a gaim-vv for ubuntu?06:16
phlaegelwhiprush: http://pastebin.com/10832106:16
phlaegelthat's after make clea06:16
phinwhip, example of what exactly is using it?06:16
joemphin, hal06:16
phinah ok06:17
phini wonder if i really need hal06:17
phlaegelyes you do. stop.06:17
LeeColletondefendguin: is gaim-vv the encryption capable version?06:17
phini mean i know its part of ubuntu06:17
phinbut like i said06:17
phlaegelstart removing that stuff, you're removing all the cool stuff ubuntu does now and will do.06:17
joemgaim-encryption is a seperate package06:17
phinthis system isnt even ubuntu anymore06:17
phlaegelwhiprush: that second paste look more like your build?06:18
whiprushyeah, up until about the errors06:18
whiprushhow about I send you my package list and you diff it06:18
LeeColletonphlaegel: I'm trying to build tomboy but ./configure is complaining that I don't have package 'gdk-2.0'06:19
defendguinLeeColleton, voice and video06:19
joemLeeColleton, libgtk-dev06:20
whiprushphlaegel: http://www.arslinux.com/~jorge/gentoo.txt06:20
LeeColletonjoem: is there an ubuntu package of gaim-encryption?06:20
joemLeeColleton, not that I know of06:20
LeeColletonjoem: I get 'Note, selecting libgtk1.2-dev instead of libgtk-dev' and that it's already installed06:20
joemnot 1.206:20
LeeColletonjoem: right, what?06:21
joemer libgtk2.0-dev06:21
phlaegelwhiprush: dumb debian question... where's the package list? :-)06:21
fabbionemorning guys06:21
whiprushapt-get -uf install06:21
LeeColletonjoem: sorted.  thanks06:21
whiprush              `cat packagelist.txt`06:21
=== Jaramin [~b@Toronto-HSE-ppp3747061.sympatico.ca] has left #ubuntu []
whiprushoops, you get the idea06:22
whiprushoh, you mean of your currently installe dstuff?06:22
phlaegelsame list you did06:22
whiprushdpkg --get-selections | grep '[[:space:] ] install$' | awk '{print $1}'06:22
phlaegelsee, I would've had to know that06:22
whiprush> whatever.txt06:22
phinoh sweet06:23
ionrockwhoa, you can do apt-cache --help and get the syspkg or something like that to list what you have06:23
phinthanks whip :)06:23
whiprushphin: ok, here's the ninja part.06:23
whiprushyou export that as a .txt06:23
ionrockapt-cache pkgnames06:23
whiprushthen, when you install on another machine06:23
phinright i get it06:23
phinthats cool06:23
whiprushreimport that package list06:23
=== mooj [~mooj@d206-116-252-234.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
moojok i got a problem06:24
phinthats definitly fresh06:24
moojwhenever i try to compile something06:24
phini just made an exportdeblist script :P06:24
whiprushcopy over a /home on a usb drive and you're good to go.06:24
mooji get a "configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH" error06:24
mooji cant compile everything06:24
moojer anything06:24
whiprushdo you have gcc installed?06:25
phlaegelinstall build-essential ?06:25
whiprushfabbione: morning 06:25
phlaegelwhiprush: you have a couple hundred packages installed that I don't :-)06:26
LeeColletonphlaegel: sorry, another tomboy ./configure snag;  No package 'gtk-sharp' found.  apt-cache doesn't show it06:26
=== replicant [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
joemLeeColleton, are you using tsengs mono repo?06:26
phlaegeltry libgtk-cil06:27
moojthanks guys06:28
mooji needed build essential06:28
phlaegelinterestingly, I have no gdk packages installed at all, but older tomboy cvs *did* build.06:28
moojthat should be a default installed package06:28
moojif there are any ubuntu devs in the room06:29
joemmooj, lots of people don't need them06:29
mooji dont see how06:29
phlaegelnot really, the majority of ubuntu's target audience does not need dev tools06:29
LeeColletonjoem: I'm not sure, so.. probably not.  I have a slew of mono packages installed from somewhere.06:29
moojwell to compile source06:29
joemubuntu provides a binary desktop06:29
moojthere are so many packages that arent in apt06:29
moojor rpm06:29
phlaegelaverage people do not compile source. they've never even heard of it.06:29
joemaverage users are fine with what is offered06:29
joemif you are compiling stuff from source, you move into the should know what you are doing group06:30
WW_Does an average user need vim?06:30
phlaegelaverage is the wrong word. I think 'most' is the right word.06:30
moojwith linux being the way it is presently, c dev tools are a must, i'm using gcc right now to compile webcam support for gaim06:30
moojthis is something a normal user would use06:30
phlaegelWW_: no, but it's a valuable system tool that is far more likely to be needed than a compiler.06:30
joemWW_, need to have some sort of cli editor incase something goes wrong and you need to trouble shoot06:30
moojyeah you need a console text editor06:31
ionrockI remember when I made the effor to go from "average" to "power" and it was nice to have a little success at first06:31
moojwhat would you do if you screwed you x conf06:31
phlaegelmooj: a normal user would never think "hm, in order to use my webcam, I'll have to find the source and compile a driver"06:31
ionrockI compile bluefish and it was pretty thrilling ;)06:31
WW_How many editors are installed by default? (Just curious.)06:31
moojbut linux being the way it is currently06:31
moojyou need to have them there06:31
joemI haven't had to compile anything yet06:31
phlaegelno you don't. and you don't progress by doing things the way you've always done them.06:32
whiprushguys, there's like 13,000 packages available via universe.06:32
joemaccept gaim once to get the headers..06:32
whiprushthat's like ... all of them06:32
moojunless ubuntu has a team of people going out there and finding every lib they can and compiling them and adding them to apt06:32
LeeColletonwhiprush: gaim-encryption isn't in there ;-)06:32
moojyou need gcc06:32
joemLeeColleton, I bet if you look around you could find a deb for it06:32
phlaegelI think the only thing I've compiled on ubuntu so far is tomboy, just because I want to see if I can contribute. not an average user kind of thing.06:32
defendguinthere are a lot of projects that arnt there06:32
whiprushLeeColleton: heh, there is a .deb, but not in debian either.06:33
defendguini think gnomefiles.org should start buidling debs and rpms of every package06:33
LeeColletonjoem: yes, one that I had to forceably install and it caused all sorts of error messages every time I ran apt-get06:33
phlaegel<average user> encryption? I just want to talk to my friends!!!!106:33
phlaegels/to/2/g ;-)06:33
LeeColletonphlaegel: I agree that state of mind pervades many computer users, but it's one that can and should change.06:34
Treenaksphlaegel: just show them ethereal output from when they're chatting06:34
phlaegelno, it shouldn't. people want to *use* computers, not *manage* them.06:34
Treenaksphlaegel: "I can read what you're saying"06:34
moojto help move linux along06:34
phlaegel<average user> so? I don't have anything to hide06:34
joembest sort of encryption, c u l806:35
mooji think sourceforge and freshmeat should require their project to product packages06:35
moojeither rpm or apt06:35
Treenaksphlaegel: Ah, so you don't lock the door when you go to the toilet?06:35
joemmooj, why, because they feel like wasting the extra disk space06:35
phlaegelheh... I didn't say it was my arguement...06:35
ranmanmooj: Is there a patch for gaim that is from the gaim-vv that you know of?06:35
joemranman, no06:35
Treenaksphlaegel: I know, it's just that for every 'common user' statement there's a counterargument06:35
defendguinranman, you just have to get gaim-vv06:35
Treenaksphlaegel: "Would you write this on a postcard?" is a nice one ;)06:36
phlaegeltrue, and the average users don't care. I've tried.06:36
defendguinand i havent seen a deb for it yet06:36
phlaegelok, most average users. some get it with good explanations.06:36
moojranman: gaim-vv.sourceforge.net/download.html06:36
Treenaksphlaegel: but I agree, it should be as automatic as possible06:36
joemwouldn't write it on a postcard, but wouldn't go out of my way incase some random person happens to be waiting with a packet scanner running either06:37
joemtakes a lot of work to spy on some random persons boring conversation06:37
phlaegelTreenaks: which is why I like ubuntu so much so far. they seem to be on the same wavelength as me. :-)06:37
Treenaksphlaegel: same here :)06:37
WW_I am updating hal (using Synaptic), and now it says that /etc/dbus-1/event.d/hal has been modified "by you or by a script"06:37
joemWW_, means the the new package contains a different config file then what is already there06:38
joemyou probably want to update it, as most users wouldn't change that file for any reason06:38
WW_I don't think I ever modified it.06:38
ranmanmooj: yes, I have gaim-vv at /usr/local & gaim at /usr... Just annoying to switch back and forth..06:38
joemranman, why do you need to switch back and forth06:38
joemcan't you just use wv?06:38
ranmanmaybe I will make my own patch.06:38
WW_joem: So "Install the package maintainer's version" is probably the correct choice?06:39
whiprushphlaegel: so your tomboy working now?06:39
ranmanmaybe I did not compile correctly, gaim-vv has no sound and icons (chatbuddy icons)..06:39
phlaegelstill digging06:39
joemWW_, yea06:39
joemranman, it should have what ever gaim had at the point of the fork06:40
joemI know it had sound :)06:40
Treenaksjoem: isn't gaim-vv feending the changes back into the main gaim tree?06:40
ranmanhmmm, recheck my compile options.. It is annoying to not have sound and minimized window..06:40
joemTreenaks, only the features they want06:40
Treenaksjoem: don't they want webcam support?06:41
joemI don't think they want a (from what I hear) buggy video patch06:41
ranmanTreenaks: I think that they are waiting for the ability to send your webcam..06:41
ranmanayttc has both, and using the same library.. But it is ugly as hell..06:42
LeeColletonso which gtk-sharp package do I need to compile tomboy?06:42
phlaegeldidn't libgtk-cil work?06:43
LeeColletonedd: Couldn't find package libgtk-cil06:43
LeeColletonedd: oops, nevermind06:43
whiprushphlaegel: you try building ifolder recently perchance?06:44
WW_That was weird.  Why would an upgrade (in Synaptic) start a couple file browsers?06:44
phlaegelhaven't tried it yet06:44
phlaegelwhiprush: does it even work yet? ;-)06:44
whiprushI have it sort of working06:45
WW_...one in /home, and one in /06:45
LeeColletonwhere is the libgtk-cil package?06:45
=== linux_mafia [~max@202-0-43-128.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
phlaegelWW_: it's because of the hal upgrade/restart, afaik06:45
whiprushI'm positive it's a pebkac error though. At that ohiolinux thing the novell guy was using it, and NLD releases this month. So if it's not working then I must have messed something up.06:45
phlaegelLeeColleton: I got it from the tseng's source along with the other mono stuff06:46
whiprushproblem is, I haven't run into anyone that has gotten it working yet06:46
LeeColletonphlaegel: got it06:46
phlaegelseems like ifolder could be really handy if it got integrated nicely into gnome (or other environments/filers)06:46
WW_phlaegel: Is it _supposed_ to do that?  Or is it a bug?06:46
linux_mafiawhiprush, what you trying to get working?06:46
whiprushphlaegel: it has nautilus integration06:46
moojgdk isnt in apt?06:46
whiprushlinux_mafia: ifolder06:46
linux_mafiaoh, ok06:47
phlaegelWW_: probably a minor bug. when hal restarts, gnome-volume-manager notices a bunch of new devices and opens them...06:47
phlaegelwhiprush: is it *good* nautilus integration?06:47
whiprushyou right click on the folder06:47
whiprushclick share06:47
whiprushadd users06:47
moojgdk isnt in apt?06:47
whiprushdone and done06:47
LeeColletonphlaegel: now it's complaining there is no gnome-sharp package.. what would this be called?  libgnome-something-or-other?06:47
phlaegelwhat about connecting to shares started by someone else?06:48
whiprushdunno, it's hard to follow06:48
moojgnome sharp is in a seperate repository06:48
phlaegelLeeColleton: probably libgnome-cil06:48
whiprushthey don't update a changelong in cvs. you have to scan every single commit06:48
phlaegeloh, that's handy06:48
LeeColletonphlaegel: so it is.  Is there a list of these packages somewhere?06:49
phlaegelsearch for cil in synaptic06:49
phlaegelcil == Common Language Infrastructure (aka the core of .net)06:49
=== yuri [~yuri@] has joined #ubuntu
yuriI have NEC DVD+RW connected to my ubuntu pc through firewire but I dont see an icon for it like I see for usb devices. what is wrong?06:51
LeeColletonphlaegel: I got tomboy compiled.  Thanks for your help!06:52
yuri(sorry, I am not sure if this is the right channel for this kind of post)06:53
phinis hal pretty cpu intensive?06:53
phlaegelnp. now help me. ;-)06:53
phinlike, is it constantly scanning?06:53
whiprushI think it works on interrupts06:53
whiprushbut I don't know anything about anything06:53
phlaegelphin: I think it just updates based on hotplug events06:53
whiprushso I have no idea06:53
phinthats what i figured06:53
phini got this laptop running pretty speedy :)06:53
phlaegelor probably the new kernel events stuff06:53
whiprushyuri: do you know if your kernel detects the drive?06:54
phin100% custom gtk and flux themes as well :)06:54
whiprushie check /var/log/syslog and see if it mentions the drive?06:54
phlaegelwhiprush: I can't find any packages that you have that make a difference... I'm going to post on the tomboy mailing list.06:54
yurihow can I find out about that?06:54
whiprushyuri: do this06:55
phlaegelthanks for trying :-)06:55
yuriok. let me check06:55
linux_mafiawhiprush, did you install ifolder from cvs or alien the rpms? i couldnt see src files, but i am half blind :)06:55
whiprushopen up a terminal. then do 'tail -f /var/log/syslog'06:55
whiprushthen plug in the drive06:55
whiprushif it detects it, it should spit out a bunch of stuff06:55
whiprushlinux_mafia: both.06:56
whiprushI don't think they do source tarballs06:56
whiprushthey have a cvs though06:56
whiprushhttp://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/cvs/cvspage.php/ifolder/ <--- cvs intructions06:56
linux_mafiawhiprush, nah im looking at the site, couldnt see tars, but just thought id check with you06:56
linux_mafiawhiprush, did aliened rpms work ?06:57
yuriwhitprush: yes, it does!06:57
whiprushdepends on the build linux_mafia. Usually they do06:57
whiprushas in work I mean "a gui launches and stuff."06:58
whiprushI haven't gotten it to sync with another machine though06:58
linux_mafiawhiprush, ok, been meaning to check out ifolder for a while06:58
whiprushyuri: can you /msg me what it says please? 06:58
whiprushjust cut and paste06:58
whiprushlinux_mafia: I can't get it working in windows either. :-/06:59
whiprushand that's just a .exe.06:59
calcclee: what is the proper way to upgrade fc3 since up2date doesn't work right? yum or something like that?07:00
linux_mafiawhiprush, bummer07:00
cleecalc: yeah. yum update.07:00
cleecalc: but you should really be using ubuntu anyway. Yum sucks.07:00
linux_mafiawhiprush, they fixed it so it only works with suse enterprise server, heh07:00
calci think i will reinstall fc3 before leaving tomorrow since i still haven't heard of a rebuild of pure64 d-i07:01
=== whiprush whois's ...
calcclee: hmm maybe i'll stick with ubuntu then :)07:01
whiprushheh, I chris lee.07:01
calconly issue currently having is i have to run the dbg build07:01
calcsince xserver-xfree86 loader is broken on amd64 for it07:01
=== Micksa [~mslade@203-217-18-166.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
cleewhiprush: ?07:02
yuriOct  8 00:59:02 localhost kernel: ieee1394: Reconnected to SBP-2 device07:02
yuriOct  8 00:59:02 localhost kernel: ieee1394: Node 0-00:1023: Max speed [S400]  - Max payload [1024] 07:02
yuriOct  8 00:59:02 localhost kernel: ieee1394: Node suspended: ID:BUS[0-01:1023]   GUID[0030e00750000061] 07:02
yuriOct  8 00:59:02 localhost udev[8286] : removing device node '/dev/sr0'07:02
yuriOct  8 00:59:16 localhost kernel: ieee1394: Node resumed: ID:BUS[0-01:1023]   GUID[0030e00750000061] 07:02
yuriOct  8 00:59:16 localhost kernel: ieee1394: Node changed: 0-01:1023 -> 0-02:102307:02
yuriOct  8 00:59:16 localhost kernel: ieee1394: unsolicited response packet received - no tlabel match07:02
yuriOct  8 00:59:17 localhost kernel: ieee1394: sbp2: Error reconnecting to SBP-2 device - reconnect timed-out07:02
yuriOct  8 00:59:38 localhost kernel: ieee1394: sbp2: Error logging into SBP-2 device - login timed-out07:02
yuriOct  8 00:59:38 localhost kernel: ieee1394: sbp2: Failed to reconnect to sbp2 device!07:02
whiprushnext time, /msg me that07:02
yurisorry, how do I do that...07:02
cleewhiprush: what was the whole "I chris lee" comment about?07:02
whiprushclee: I didn't know who you were, heh.07:02
calcwhiprush: yep two chris' talking to each other :)07:03
whiprushthe "I" was a typo07:03
joemclee, he wants to be you07:03
joemlike everybody else07:03
cleewhiprush: Do you recognize me now? :)07:03
cleejoem: Well, duh, dude.07:03
whiprushyuri: next time, do /msg whiprush hey dude07:03
whiprushthen paste07:03
phlaegelouch. dd'ing a cd to a file makes fam take 30% cpu, and nautilus 40%.07:03
whiprushclee: I, for one, welcome our new freedesktop.org overlords.07:03
yuriOct  8 00:59:02 localhost kernel: ieee1394: Reconnected to SBP-2 device07:03
yuriOct  8 00:59:02 localhost kernel: ieee1394: Node 0-00:1023: Max speed [S400]  - Max payload [1024] 07:03
yuriOct  8 00:59:02 localhost kernel: ieee1394: Node suspended: ID:BUS[0-01:1023]   GUID[0030e00750000061] 07:03
yuriOct  8 00:59:02 localhost udev[8286] : removing device node '/dev/sr0'07:03
yuriOct  8 00:59:16 localhost kernel: ieee1394: Node resumed: ID:BUS[0-01:1023]   GUID[0030e00750000061] 07:03
yuriOct  8 00:59:16 localhost kernel: ieee1394: Node changed: 0-01:1023 -> 0-02:102307:03
cleewhiprush: :)07:03
yuriOct  8 00:59:16 localhost kernel: ieee1394: unsolicited response packet received - no tlabel match07:03
yuriOct  8 00:59:17 localhost kernel: ieee1394: sbp2: Error reconnecting to SBP-2 device - reconnect timed-out07:04
yuriOct  8 00:59:38 localhost kernel: ieee1394: sbp2: Error logging into SBP-2 device - login timed-out07:04
yuriOct  8 00:59:38 localhost kernel: ieee1394: sbp2: Failed to reconnect to sbp2 device!07:04
yurilike that?07:04
whiprushomg yuri, I kill you.07:04
joemirc is the new pastebin07:04
joemdidn't you hear07:04
yuriI guess I got to go to an FAQ first...07:04
cleeorange is the new pink! LOL OMG WTF BBQ07:04
LeeColletonyuri: please be sensitive to people on low-speed connections and not paste loads of text07:04
whiprushomfg rololo07:04
calci'm surprised he didn't flood himself off07:05
cleeyuri: dude, it's considered *very* rude to do that07:05
cleedoesn't xchat rate limit anyway? :(07:05
whiprushomg ccheney also.07:05
ranmanFor the IRC noobies... "/msg $lusername $message"..07:05
whiprushdamn this channel an it's star power.07:05
cleewhiprush: Yep.07:05
Treenakshey, a new flag in bugzilla07:06
LeeColletontomboy takes a crap when I try to run it once it's been installed <http://pastebin.com/108324>07:07
LeeColletondo I have to do something silly and give users write access to the executable?07:08
phlaegelyou need to run configure like this before compiling: ./configure --prefix=/usr/local07:08
joemit looks like it is in /usr/local07:08
phlaegelI just build stuff like that into ~/local07:09
whiprushhmm, I just ran autogen.sh and didn't have to do any of that fancy stuff phlaegel 07:09
=== RuffianSoldier [RuffianSol@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
phlaegelwhere's you install it?07:09
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
phlaegeljoem: er, right. hm07:09
joemLeeColleton, don't run tomboy.exe07:09
joemrun the wrapper in /usr/local/bin07:09
samuraianyone know why there was no debian sub-menu included in ubuntu, like there is under regular debian/gnome?07:09
phlaegeljust run tomboy07:09
=== dewey [~dewey@c-67-168-51-181.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
LeeColletonjoem: that's what I did.  /usr/local/bin/tomboy07:10
joemsamurai, cause it isn't debian :)07:10
phlaegelwhiprush: where'd you install tomboy to?07:11
samurairight right... ok then, why aren't there menu entries to deal with the 1000 programs that aren't debian that don't show up?07:11
hazmatsamurai, because its trying to be sensible07:11
joemand because the applications don't use the freedesktop menu spec07:11
joemso they loose out07:11
whiprushphlaegel: /usr/local/bin/tomboy07:11
whiprushby default07:11
phlaegeloh, so that's the default.07:11
phlaegeldidn't realize that. 07:12
ranmanLeeColleton: isn't there a package for tomboy in apt?07:12
joemdefault is wherever the configure script sets it07:12
phlaegelI just automatically put stuff I build into ~/local07:12
whiprushman dude07:12
phlaegeljoem: right, but not all apps set it to /usr/local07:12
=== MinorProfit [~MinorProf@happy.staker.org] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushI think gentoo damaged you more than I realized. :p07:12
ranmanI just added it in my update..07:12
joemNo manual entry for dude07:12
LeeColletonranman: ha ha ha.  no07:12
phlaegelwhiprush: gfy07:12
LeeColletonoh.  yes there is07:12
=== LeeColleton sheepishly goes away
samuraioh just curious it seems that regardless of the compatibility with the freedesktop menuing specicifcation that it is limiting to not include then in some type of menu07:13
phlaegelno silly root permissions to install to ~/local. (that's something I've only been doing since switching back to debian, btw. on gentoo I'd just make my own ebuild)07:13
whiprushclee/calc: so what brings you gents here? working with canonical or what?07:13
joemsamurai, what doesn't it include in the menu that is important?07:14
ranmanI miss my debian menu... Where is the freedesktop compatibility?07:14
cleewhiprush: ha. no. I work for Red Hat, dude.07:14
defendguinwoo hoo redhat07:14
cleewhiprush: I have to keep an eye on our competition so that we can crush them easier. ;)07:14
whiprushclee: yeah I know ...07:14
joemranman, applications use .desktop files that are used for placing menu entrys and now mime types07:14
whiprushhappy community and all that. :p07:14
ranmanThe only integration tha I have seen of the menu is kde control center in the root of my menu.. confusing first time click..07:14
samuraiwell, important to one isn't necessarily important to another joem... for instance including mahjong isn't important for someone that doesn't play it, yet scribus could be really important if you want to do desktop publishing type stuff07:15
joemwrite the scribus author and tell him about the standards07:15
cleewhiprush: I'm kidding. daniels is a good friend of mine and works for Canonical. And I love Debian distros.07:15
cleewhiprush: I run all RHEL and Fedora Core at work07:16
joemit is easy for packages to add a .desktop file, probably just need to be made aware of it07:16
cleeand all ubuntu at home :)07:16
whiprushclee: yeah I know. No need to explain to me. I dig your guy's work.07:16
samuraiok i'm confused, what does the standards have to do with it.... doesn't being included in the menu just invoke the program... how does it differ from running from the commandline?07:16
=== FUF [fuf@ithilien.starshadow.com] has joined #ubuntu
cleewhiprush: I hate RPM. :) - but I really love the stuff that we at RH do for the community at large, so I have no qualms about working there07:17
whiprushclee: got to check out walters' presentation on selinux at last weekends ohio linuxfest.07:17
whiprushsome damn fine work going on there.07:17
phlaegelI want fedora's auth config tool on ubuntu :-)07:17
cleewhiprush: heh. yeah, walters rules. :)07:17
joemsamurai, if they want it to be included in the menu, they need to install a .desktop file to /usr/share/applications07:17
calcclee: after reading the rpm guide rpm doesn't seem so bad, just different vs deb ;)07:17
whiprushI don't hate rpm.07:17
joemthat was the problem wasn't it, that there was no menu entry for it?07:17
cleecalc: meh. it's not that RPM as a package format is bad, it's just that it seems like most of the packages suck.07:17
calcclee: yea07:18
whiprushpeople just compare rpm to apt, which is dumb. We'd be just as broken if we were installing .debs by hand all day07:18
phlaegelI don't think I've had a good yum experience yet.07:18
samuraijoem: so then the menus are basically autogenerated based on the file in the /usr/share/applications directory?07:18
cleewhiprush: well, part of the problem is that there isn't nearly as nice of a separation with RPM as there is with the dpkg utils07:18
=== whiprush nods
joemsamurai, yes07:18
calcwhiprush: well rpm the format does have some limitations and doesn't have someone backing it like eg deb == debian (with debian policy) etc07:18
cleeRPM is much more monolithic - One Command to Rule Them All07:18
joemlook at a .desktop file in that dir for an example07:18
samuraihow does debian deal with this under there implementation of gnome?07:18
linux_mafiaand what of apt4rpm? you guys thinks thats good?07:19
joemthey might add those files to packages that don't have them07:19
whiprushyeah, but 90% of people whining about RPM is some dude downloading from Joe's Cool RPMs for some wrong version and wondering why it's broken07:19
joemhave never used debian07:19
whiprushfc should abstract rpm from the user more.07:19
=== joem hates joe cool
cleewhiprush: totally.07:19
calcsamurai: the menu itself isn't generated but the items in subsections are07:19
whiprush"dude, just use yum/whatever."07:19
samuraijoem: to bad.... oh well07:19
calcer that didn't come out quite right07:19
samuraicalc: is there documentation on this somewhere?07:19
linux_mafiaalways thought it was odd that connectiva was the first to make an apt/rpm package07:20
calcthe sections in the menu are hardcoded really but they state which categories go in each07:20
whiprushlinux_mafia: apt4rpm works great07:20
calcsamurai: freedesktop.org07:20
calcsamurai: the xdg, desktop, menu specs07:20
whiprushbut the problem with FC as a distro has nothing to do with rpm or apt.07:20
samuraithanks joem07:20
whiprushthe problem is dozens of repos stepping on each other07:20
calcsamurai: btw i wrote menu-xdg (which is what kde uses in debian)07:20
calcand aiui there are still some bugs in there somewhere, need to look into it07:21
linux_mafiawhiprush, i agree, and i hate there are multiple versions of apt itself07:21
whiprushinstead of one base repo that everyone builds off of, you've got 15 guys packaging totem.07:21
whiprushand they all conflict.07:21
calcmaybe during one of the hack sessions at gnome summit ;)07:21
samuraiI guess I find the current scheme makes it really difficult for the user to change or tweak menus07:21
ranmandamn lag...07:21
whiprushand 0 guys packaging the one thing you need.07:21
samuraicalc: thats cool....07:21
whiprushlinux_mafia: right07:21
joemsamurai, menus or the items in the menu?07:21
calcsamurai: its possible to change by the user, but i think one of the issues is that my code is slightly buggy07:21
linux_mafiawhiprush, and that the bloody apts install there own source list07:21
whiprushthe worse07:21
calci think i hardcoded something somewhere that shouldn't have been07:21
samurainot sure what the difference is joem?07:21
defendguinwhiprush, i agree totally07:21
whiprushthat dude replaces stuff that should never be replaced07:21
whiprushwhat the heck is up with that07:22
calcone of the kde dev's posted about it a while back07:22
joemadding a new catagory or adding an app under a catagory 07:22
samuraidefinitely the items in a menu07:22
joemgnome menu you can just right click add item07:22
linux_mafiai use dag and that was it, he seems to do a pretty good job07:22
cleedag is a fucking good packager.07:22
=== calc thinks the menu structure needs rethinking and better layout so both kde and gnome can use it
linux_mafiaclee, amen07:22
=== clee is kind of surprised we haven't hired him yet.
whiprushI suppose debian is a total opposite of that, you get one nice, cohesive repo, but 15 guys arguing over how to do it right, so you end up waiting anyway.07:23
cleewhiprush: heheheheh. exactly.07:23
whiprushwhich is probably why we're all here.07:23
linux_mafiawhiprush, precisely07:23
cleewhiprush: which is why Canonical is nice. :)07:23
samuraijoem: true... I guess I just like to get into an editor where I visualize the whole thing a little better, 07:23
cleeyou get 30+ guys all going "THIS IS HOW WE ARE GOING TO FUCKING DO IT" and then they fucking do it07:23
whiprushyeah word.07:23
samuraikinda retro I know joe07:23
calcwhiprush: and a couple people who notoriously drag their feet *cough*07:23
joemsamurai, ah, like an openbox type xml file?07:23
whiprushman clee, I just fired up my fedora box.07:24
samuraiyes exactly joem07:24
whiprush10 dudes packaging rhythymbox, 8 are a version behind.07:24
joemclee, put that description on the wiki front page07:24
joemits a good one07:24
whiprushgood game!07:24
joemsamurai, I like those menus as well07:24
cleejoem: heh.07:24
cleejoem: probably a little too vulgar for "front page" material :)07:24
whiprushcalc: yeah, but it's hard to fault the big D though.07:24
joemmaybe at the bottom of the page then07:24
calcsomeone should just fork fedora and make it open like debian ;)07:25
samuraijoem: gives the more savy user another dimension for menu manipultation07:25
cleewhiprush: meh. I would kind of trust walters' packages of rb, personally...07:25
calcthen package everything for it07:25
calcclee: hehe, yea :)07:25
whiprush2 months ago I thought I'd be a debian user my entire life. Then ubuntu whipped me into shape.07:25
linux_mafiai used debian for 4+ years, then fedora for a couple of months, felt like some spit and polish, just when i was about to go back to debian, bam! ubuntu comes out, best of both worlds07:25
whiprushwell, I guess I'm still a debian user in a way.07:25
punkassdefendguin: u are still here :)07:25
whiprushclee: walters rules. He's all quiet and reserved.07:25
cleewhiprush: heh. until you introduce him to your mom.07:25
whiprushI snagged harshy and I was like "dude, you need to sacrifice your ipod to walters so I can get my support."07:26
whiprushhe did not like this.07:26
calcclee: colin "stifler" walters? ;)07:26
whiprushyeah though, that selinux stuff was pimp. great stuff.07:26
whiprushlinux_mafia: heh I was the same way.07:27
cleewalters has this awesome obsession with MILFs07:27
cleewell, I dunno if it's really MILFs or just moms of coworkers07:27
cleebut he's very fond of saying "Your mama" in response to pretty much anything07:27
defendguinpunkass ya07:28
whiprushlinux_mafia: I have this theory with fedora and debian. Fedora gets me 80% there in 30 minutes. Debian gets me 100% there in 3 days.07:28
punkassi just wished i found ubuntu..before installing a pile of other distros...would have saved me lots o time07:28
joem"dude where is tagging support" "uh, I left it at your moms last night"07:28
whiprushubuntu get's me 90% there in an hour. 07:28
cleejoem: heh. exactly.07:28
cleejoem: or another conversation, where walters and clarkbw were arguing about something07:28
cleeand then: <walters> clarkbw, you'd better shut up before I give you a little brother or sister07:29
punkassgot a peek at those icons..pretty nice...i think was think of something with more detail tho07:29
punkassnot sure :) guess ill know when i see it07:29
calcclee: heh he seemed to always be quiet when he was a DD ;)07:29
cleecalc: I think we're bringing him out of his shell.07:29
calcbe afraid very afraid ;)07:30
whiprushyou're both so very bad peoples.07:30
cleeoh, wait07:30
cleeit wasn't "shut up"07:30
clee01:43 -!- clee changed the topic of #devel to: 22:42 <walters> clarkbw: you better watch out, or i'm going to give you a little brother or sister.07:31
=== Walza [~wal@] has joined #ubuntu
cleegod, I love IRC logs07:31
whiprushphlaegel: tomboy working yet?07:31
phlaegelnope. just sending to the ml07:31
whiprushI feel the need to lash out about that retarded icon it's using07:31
phlaegelI like it. tintin rules.07:32
phlaegelrelevance shmelavance07:32
calcclee: internal redhat irc channel?07:32
whiprushmy notification area is looking all windows lately07:32
cleecalc: heh. yeah.07:32
phlaegelwhiprush: it's going to become an applet at some point.07:32
whiprusheveryone says that07:32
=== omlet_ [mariusz@arbuz.info] has joined #ubuntu
joemit should, it doesn't meet the notification spec07:33
whiprushclee: so wotcha work on for the hat? X?07:33
defendguinpunkass i like the one with the circles and i fixed it a bit but it can still use more work07:33
=== WW_ [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
punkassdefendguin: cool07:34
whiprushjoem: funny how nothing in my notification area ever meets that spec.07:34
defendguinpunkass more detail doesnt always come out when you are making icons07:34
whiprushwell, epiphany does it right07:34
defendguinbecause they get shrunk07:34
punkassvery true07:34
Walzaim wondering if anyone could help me07:34
whiprushWalza: just ask07:34
Walzai have 2 cards that alsa picks up07:35
Walzaone card is a bt878 tv card07:35
joemwhiprush, blam does :)07:35
phlaegelWalza: same thing here. just a sec, got a fix for you here.07:35
Walzaand one is ac97 sound card07:35
joemI don't know of anything else that does, but the spec is new07:35
Walzaphlaegel: thanks mate07:36
whiprushjoem: well, you get my idea. It's becoming a wasteland of apps or something.07:36
=== Jaramin [~b@Toronto-HSE-ppp3747061.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
joemmost people will probably ignore the spec because the best feature of the notify area is that is is cross desktop platform07:36
whiprushyes. :(07:36
phlaegelWalza: just to make sure, the bt card is detected as card 0, killing your sound, right?07:36
Walzaand yeah /dev/audio /dev/dsp get assigned to the tv card - gnomes doesnt like it07:36
Walzaphlaegel: yeap thats it07:37
crimsunindex=1 for the bttv card07:37
crimsunindex=0 for the other07:37
phlaegelWalza: put http://crapbox.org/asoundrc in your home dir as .asoundrc07:37
phlaegelthat's what I use07:38
LeeColletonwhy is it that tomboy will run once and then not a second time?  If I rm -rf .tomboy I can get one run out of it but the second run comes up blank07:38
=== ElRaton [~lerat@tofu.eu.org] has joined #ubuntu
Walzacan i have it global in /etc/asound.conf?07:38
whiprushok, I must be an idiot, but someone explain to me why tomboy is better than say, the existing postit applet?07:38
phlaegelWalza: probably07:38
joemwhiprush, it works kind of like a wiki07:38
ranmanWalza: You are using vfl2?07:38
joemyou can have links to other notes07:38
phlaegelwhiprush: because it's a personal wiki07:38
Jaraminwhiprush: I've taken a closer look to the linux permission system, and understand a bit more the orientation of your previous answers ;)07:38
whiprushJaramin: excellent.07:39
ranmanoops v4l207:39
Walzaranman: what ever comes in the stock 2.6 kernel 07:39
whiprushJaramin: windows is the same way also. Learn about fast user switching. Same idea.07:39
phlaegelwhiprush: I never found the sticky notes applet useful, but I'm using tomboy constantly.07:39
=== deprecated is back (gone 23:39:08)
Walzaranman: i think your right07:39
whiprushphlaegel: ok, I'll give it a go then07:39
joemtomboy will be really nice when it gets evo integration07:39
phlaegeland bullets07:39
whiprushJaramin: don't think of it as a cage. Think of it as a seatbelt.07:40
joemI would use it more often07:40
joembut my life is boring, so I don't have to note things down07:40
defendguinpunkass if you are here tomoorrow i will show you an improved one07:40
defendguinjust remind me07:40
joemtake a nap with a link to getting up07:40
ranmanic.. hmm, I have not used the 2.6 kernel in my box at home that has the tv card.. My tv card is plugged into the tv audio of my soundcard and all bttv wil go into /dev/v4l/07:40
whiprushphlaegel: I've spent my life trying to get away from wikis.07:40
punkassok will do07:40
whiprushand now this is good?07:40
LeeColletonyes, but the postit applet runs every time I click on it.  Tomboy only runs once.  The second time I get a big fat NOTHING07:40
phlaegelit's a faster, simpler wiki07:40
LeeColleton(until I rm -rf .tomboy , as mentioned)07:40
whiprushphlaegel: WhatDoYouMean?07:41
phlaegelI mean, if you don't like, don't use, of course, but you'd be wrong. ;-)07:41
Walzaphlaegel: have you entered it as a bug in the bugzilla?07:41
phlaegelWalza: nope07:41
joemwhiprush, http://www.beatniksoftware.com/tomboy/07:41
joemthe screen shot is a good example07:41
Jaraminwhiprush: so I'll ask for something that would probably be more fitting, though I'm not sure it's easily feasible... let's say I'm in a folder in nautilus. I want to delete a file, but need to be root to do so. I don't want to use the command line (even if I can). Would it be possible to add some sort of "delete as root" button or context menu entry?07:41
whiprushyeah I'm playing with it now07:41
joemJaramin, yes07:41
phlaegelJaramin: yes. you want a nautilus script.07:41
joema simple one line nautilus script that does gksudo rm file or something07:42
Jaraminyay! now I'm talking the same language as you I guess :P07:42
clee... isn't it smarter for Nautilus just to prompt for a password if it detects that it doesn't have sufficient permissions to delete something?07:42
Walzaphlaegel: yeah been tossing up the idea of entering it - but its not really a bug07:42
joemclee, shh07:42
phlaegelclee: that would be smarter, definitely07:42
whiprushwhat are you deleting?07:42
whiprushand why?07:42
Walzaranman: yeah it works right out of the box with the 2.6 kernel07:43
defendguinwhy is gaim-encryption not in ubuntu or universe?07:43
phlaegelWalza: it would be an enhancement, I guess, or a minor bug. It would be nice to have it not make a tv card the default alsa device07:43
cleedefendguin: because g-e is crack07:43
whiprushit's not in debian either07:43
Jaraminwhiprush: log files. I'm using ipac-ng and I need to delete log files.07:43
jdubdefendguin: remember we froze in around june...07:43
defendguindoesnt relly offer protection?07:43
phlaegelWalza: if you don't want to enter it, let me know and I will.07:44
Walzaphlaegel thanks for your help matey muchy apperated07:44
Walzanext time i see bob2 in person ill hassle him about it hehehe07:44
phlaegelyou can do that *and* enter it in bugzilla so it doesn't get lost :-)07:45
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushJaramin: admin function. For that you'll need to sudo to. The "right way" is to set it up so it rotates properly, do you don't need to delete by hand.07:45
Jaraminwhiprush: I guess it would be harder to really integrate it as clee said, but how about a just some sort of "delete as root" context entry, is it something I could make myslef?07:45
ranmanI went to ifolder site after the discussion here, and seems that Novell is porting everything linux to netware.. Why not just go linux?07:45
phlaegelJaramin: yep. nautilus scripts.07:45
Walzaok ok you win hehe07:45
joemJaramin, with a nautilus script yea. 07:46
whiprushranman: they are.07:46
cleeJaramin: oh, of course it'd be harder to do it the way I suggested... but I think that in this case, it'd be "The Right Way"07:46
phlaegelcan't remember the script dir though...07:46
ranmanI know that they bought the linux stuff, just seems that all the ifolder projects are linux ports to netware..07:46
Jaraminjoem: cool, got any place to get me started?07:46
joemclee, stop spreading your dirty anti-gnome propagandha07:46
LeeColletonIt is seriously useless to have to forceably remove .tomboy and lose all my notes everytime I startup my system.  Could this be caused by installing, then uninstalling tomboy from source and then installing the tomboy package?07:46
Jaraminclee: I guess so, but I need a quick and dirty solution now07:47
joemJaramin, hmm yea just a sec07:47
linux_mafiai hate tintin07:47
whiprushranman: the old versions of ifolder were netware products. most of their pages are out of date07:47
phlaegelJaramin: try creating a script in ~/.nautilus/scripts and see if it appears on the context menu.07:47
whiprushranman: ie. they mention 2.x or whatever07:47
phlaegeltintin rules07:47
whiprushLeeColleton: no idea how to help you. :(07:47
linux_mafiacaptain haddock was the shit07:48
whiprushranman: they're a large company, my local salesman didn't even know about ifolder.07:48
whiprushtakes time, etc.07:48
whiprushI was like "hey, can someone answer some questions about ifolder?"07:48
whiprushhe was like "yeah, we plan to OSS it soon!"07:49
whiprushthey GPLed it in May.07:49
calcranman: NLD comes out RSN, maybe end of this month even07:50
whiprushyeah that's what they told me too07:50
whiprushend of the month07:50
calcjoem: clee has to keep it up at the gnome summit for comic relief ;)07:50
jdubthey can't compete with the ubuntu juggernaut ;)07:51
calcjoem: he does gnome at work and kde at home, heh :)07:51
cleecalc: yep.07:51
joemI know07:51
cleejdub: I hope you guys *crush* Novell07:51
Jaraminphlaegel: no, it doesn't show up (actually, there isn't a scripts folder there, I had to create one)07:52
cleejdub: We need a *decent* competitor, y'know? ;)07:52
joemJaramin, it needs to be an executable to show up07:52
=== calc is trying to get a job at novell so don't crush them to hard just yet ;)
phlaegelJaramin: hm. the docs for this are so out of date. the folder is probably somewhere else now...07:53
joemscript should just be something like gksudo rm $@07:53
joemJaramin, .gnome2/nautilus-scripts07:53
phlaegeltry ~/.gnome/nautilus-scripts07:53
whiprushclee: your proprietary linux will fall to the mighty open solaris empire.07:53
cleewhiprush: heh.07:54
calcsolaris is about dead what with jonathan's lovely IP patent stuff ;)07:54
ajcalc: (you'd rather they get crushed after you get a job there?)07:54
calcaj: no that if they don't hire me they can get crushed ;)07:54
justdavewhat package do I need to install to get autoconf.h?07:55
justdavegot that already, and it's not there07:56
=== deprecated is away: A lurking we will go... Oh a lurking we will go...
justdaveok, packages.debian.org says it's part of the kernel source07:56
justdavewhich I also have already07:57
Jaraminjoem: yep, that's the right path07:57
calcautoconf.h should be in linux-kernel-headers under /usr/include/linux/autoconf.h07:57
calcunless it is a different one07:57
joemthat is where its at07:57
whiprushwoo, going to buy more cancer sticks. bbl. clee/calc, pleasure meeting you gentlemen, fan of your work, as always.07:58
LeeColletonwhiprush: no cancer, don't07:58
cleewhiprush: later on07:58
whiprushjdub: I think you're ok also. :p07:58
cleewhiprush: don't smoke'em all at once07:58
calcwhiprush: you run ars technica linux section?07:59
crimsunthat's him.07:59
calcthats cool :)07:59
=== jdub spanks whiprush for not giving it up yet.
phlaegeljdub: that will only encourage him.07:59
whiprushdude you gotta EARN that play.08:00
joemhmm, how does gksudo work08:00
joem gksudo rm test.txt seems like it should do the job08:00
phlaegelit's probably meant for gui apps08:01
joemI don't see why it can't do that08:02
jdubjoem: gksudo swallows the tty08:02
=== atu13439 [~amit@cpe-24-165-89-110.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubso you can't do those things08:02
joemwhat would be the best way to go about asking for password in a nautilus script then08:02
joemzenity and pass the output to sudo?08:03
atu13439hey guys is it just me or is there something wrong with Disc Utility and warty-powerpc.iso in Mac OS X08:04
cleeso is there a vncviewer that doesn't *suck* like the default one?08:05
cleevino-server reports that it can do protocol version 3.708:05
cleevncviewer here only seems to do 3.308:06
cleeand it's fucking *laggy* on 100MBit which is unacceptable08:06
ranmanjoem: jdub: run "gksu touch me" You should find a file in your home directory with root permissions..08:07
atu13439any ubuntu on powerpc users here that can help...08:08
ranmangksu is a wrapper for sudo..08:08
joemsudo or su?08:08
joemit asks for root password08:08
=== plangent [~plangent@] has joined #ubuntu
deweysudo asks for your password.08:08
Jaraminjoem: googling stuff for scripts, found interesting stuff, script has to handle selction of multiple files with spaces in the file names...08:08
joemyea gksu requires root access08:10
ranmanI think that this rootless environment needs more thought..08:13
justdaveatu13439: Disk Utility is broken08:13
justdaveatu13439: the iso works fine in Toast08:14
ranmanGood idea to keep the noobs for messing up their computers.. (maybe).. But it seems less friendly..08:14
joemhow so?08:15
linux_mafiawhere can i get tomboy packages? i'm sure someone mentioned it earlier08:15
phlaegelit's in tseng's mono repo08:15
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-20-190.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
linux_mafiaphlaegel, thought so, cheers08:16
ranmanI am using a mutated debian unstable -> ubuntu and not experiencing the problems that others are having, but how are the people using synaptic?08:17
atu13439justdave: thanks for the reply...i dont have toast...can i use hdiutil from command line08:17
ranmanMine gets launched by gksu, and seems that others cannot use gksu due to rootless behavior..08:18
justdavehdiutil crashes, too.  (Disk Utility is just a GUI wrapper on hdiutil anyway)08:18
atu13439you're right...any other way i can work around this08:18
justdaveI'm told cdrecord from fink works08:18
justdaveI haven't managed to make it work personally (it seems to require a SCSI CD burner, and mine's IDE)08:19
atu13439yeah i've got an ide burner as well...08:19
atu13439hmmm maybe i can use xcdroast08:19
joemscsi emulation08:20
=== bestadvocate [~bestadvoc@] has joined #ubuntu
bestadvocatehello everyone08:21
LeeColletontseng: I can run tomboy once then I have to delete ~/.tomboy before I can run it again.  Have you encountered this problem?  I'm using the version packaged in your repository.08:23
joemhes asleep08:24
whiprushphlaegel: still awake?08:24
whiprushyou happen to be running the totem packages seb posted to the list earlier?08:25
phlaegelhaven't tried them yet08:25
phlaegelI use mplayer most of the time08:25
whiprushfell like helping me confirm a bug?08:25
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-20-190.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiaLeeColleton, i'm just dl'ing tomboy now, i'll tell you if i have the same problem, then you can know if it's a problem specific to you08:26
whiprushdeb http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~seb128/gstreamer/ ./08:26
whiprushthen install totem-gstreamer.08:26
phlaegelLeeColleton: I never had that problem when I ran tseng's tomboy package08:26
phlaegelwhiprush: ew, gstreamer ;-)08:26
AndyFitzoh ym ,  the TripleJ beat the drum winners went all out http://www.struthbeatthedrum.8m.net/photo.html  - amazing    . still ,  I liked the time someone projected the logo onto the sydney 200 opening ceremony roof08:26
whiprushfullscreen a video, and tell me if you see the minimized controls like normal fullscreen mode.08:27
whiprushI get nothing.08:27
AndyFitzTripleJ is a national radio station here in AU08:27
linux_mafiaAndyFitz, do they use ubuntu?08:27
AndyFitzyeah 3 times a day08:27
linux_mafiaAndyFitz, wtf08:27
AndyFitzlol just joking linux_mafia.  i doubt the ABC use ubuntu. 08:28
LeeColletonphlaegel: I'm thinking it's somehow vaugely related to my installation and removal of tomboy from source, followed by this buggy packaged installation08:28
joemthe package isn't buggy08:29
linux_mafiai reckon, tseng is the head of voltron08:29
=== GOwin [~Miranda@] has joined #ubuntu
=== laydros [~Laydros@] has joined #ubuntu
phlaegelwhiprush: that totem doesnt' seem to want to play anything08:30
whiprushyou need to find an mpeg or something08:30
whiprushnot an avi or wmv or mov08:31
GOwinhello. i'm new into linux and ubuntu. i've just succesfully installed ubuntu on a desktop and am now trying to looking for the egroupware via the synaptic package manager. i can't seem to find it. 08:31
phlaegelah, of course... gstreamer08:31
phlaegelthere's a reason totem-xine was one of the first things I installed on ubuntu08:31
AndyFitzGOwin: you mean opengroupware ?08:31
whiprushphlaegel: right, except the gstreamer stuff is being worked on now.08:32
GOwinnope. i mean, egroupware. from www.egroupware.org08:32
GOwinit's a fork of phpgroupware08:32
whiprushphlaegel: that means you get to help fix it. :p08:32
=== liran [~liran@] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushGOwin: it doesn't appear to be part of ubuntu at the moment.08:33
liranwhat the command to reconfig stuff ?08:33
phlaegelhaven't found a file it'll play yet08:33
lirandpkg something08:33
=== q2 [~q2@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushdpkg-reconfigure <package>08:33
ranmanGOwin: egroupware is not there... It is in Deb unstable though, if you are adventurous..08:34
GOwini was told before that i can try to get it from debian packages. im not sure how to do it.08:34
liranany one?08:34
whiprushphlaegel: you get a black screen right?08:34
GOwinranman. i can afford to be adventoruos right now.08:34
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-20-190.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
GOwinhow do i got about it? :)08:34
liranwhat the command to reconfig stuff ?08:34
whiprushliran: dpkg-reconfigure <package>08:34
phlaegeljust audio, or some file freeze the player08:34
whiprushfullscreen it anyway.08:35
phlaegelfullscreen or normal size08:35
phlaegeland no fullscreen controls08:35
whiprushdo you see the "Exit fullscreen" button or the minicontrols?08:35
=== tomcat_ [~tomcat@] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksoh great... I updated my ubuntu this morning, and now I get the login sound _twice_.. once before login, once after08:39
calcmaybe it wants to make certain you realize you logged in08:40
punkass\join #css08:40
Treenakscalc: uh, the login sounds plays before I've even typed my login name :)08:41
Treenakscalc: want to wade through X internals btw?08:41
Treenakshttp://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1842                                 08:41
punkassTreenaks...i dont even get a login sound :(08:42
LeeColletonaha!  I have to have a notification area open for the TinTin head.  That's why tomboy was freaking out.08:42
joemLeeColleton, file a bug on it08:42
joemit should give you some sort of warning08:43
calcTreenaks: don't know about x internals, sorry08:43
=== tomcat_ is now known as tomcat_busy
calcTreenaks: that bug report appears to be fairly detailed though08:44
GOwinuh oh. ubuntu just crashed. i'm going to reboot now. what should i check what i get back on?08:44
LeeColletonjoem: where?08:45
TreenaksGOwin: crashed?08:45
=== SepheeBear [~SepheeBea@24-193-86-118.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksGOwin: what did you do to make it crash? and what part crashed?08:47
=== polok [~polok@1Cust11.tnt2.wollongong.au.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@p508317B6.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
joemdunno, if there is a bugzilla component, mailing list, author addredd..08:54
GOwintreenaks. the screensaver just activated and i left it like that and then it crashed08:54
TreenaksGOwin: so it might be 3d-related.. do you have an nvidia or ati card?08:55
joemLeeColleton, there is also a component on gnome bugzilla08:55
ranmanGOwin: Was it a GL screensaver?08:56
liranhow do i open bz2 files ?08:56
GOwinnope. it's just a run of the mill savage4 card08:56
linux_mafialiran, tar jxf <file> or bzip2 -d <file>08:57
TreenaksGOwin: maybe it was just slow?08:57
liranhow do i install .bin files?08:59
liranor open them08:59
Treenaksliran: where did you get it?08:59
liranfrom java,its java for linux08:59
Treenaksliran: don't use the bin file08:59
liranwhy  not?09:00
liranand what shell i use then?09:00
Treenaksliran: you should use packages09:00
liransudo apt-get install java09:00
GOwintreenaks. the whole system crashed. i had to reboot09:00
Treenaksliran: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/helpcenterfaq.2004-09-16.3469703387/view?searchterm=java09:00
=== tomcat_busy [~tomcat@] has left #ubuntu []
TreenaksGOwin: that's really weird.09:01
=== jacob [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksGOwin: are you sure it crashed (and not just X -- it might've been possible to access it over the network)09:01
ranmanGOwin: what is the vendor id for the card? YOu can get the info from lspci..09:02
=== mil_ [~mil@ool-18be26f5.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ferry [~Ferry@cust.15.118.adsl.cistron.nl] has joined #ubuntu
liranTreenaks: i can`t get it worked09:05
Treenaksliran: did you read the FAQ page09:05
jacobIs there a package list availiable for what comes on the 4.10 CD ?09:08
Treenaksliran: it has instructions and a link09:09
=== monkey- [user4@port-219-88-128-35.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
GOwinranman told me that it could've been due to a GL screensaver. i'm using savage4 card.09:15
GOwini've changed the screensaver now.09:15
monkey-hey people, for some reason cdrecord does not work on ubuntu with my cdwriter, I try "cdrecord -scanbus" as root and I get this "cdrecord: No such file or directory. Cannot open '/dev/pg*'. Cannot open SCSI driver." Any clues? 09:15
calcuse the atapi mode, forgot how09:16
monkey-ok, i will look it up09:16
Treenaksmonkey-: it'll work with your CD writer.. nautilus uses cdrecord too09:20
ranmanis that the ide-scsi driver?09:20
=== Jaramin [~b@Toronto-HSE-ppp3747061.sympatico.ca] has left #ubuntu []
Treenaksranman: no, it's a special dev= command line option for cdrecord09:21
calcranman: ide-scsi is no longer used09:21
ranmanic.. I did not know, I switched to scsi some time ago..09:22
monkey-I am not sure, I have used my cdwriter about 2 times in the last year, but that was under a 2.4 kernel09:22
calcits only on 2.6 though iirc09:24
crimsundev=/dev/hdXX if you use a static /dev on 2.609:24
monkey-ok, cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom -scanbus detects on the DVD part of my cdwriter09:24
liranTreenaks there is a package for gtk.2.4.* ?09:25
liranI really needs it09:25
crimsunubuntu already uses gtk 2.409:25
Treenaksliran: yes, that's already installed.. part of gnome09:25
liranhow do i check if it is?09:26
lirani mean the verrsion i got09:26
crimsundpkg -l libgtk2\*|grep ^ii09:26
liran dpkg -l libgtk2\*|grep ^ii09:26
liranii  libgtk2.0-0    2.4.10-1ubuntu The GTK+ graphical user interface library09:26
liranii  libgtk2.0-bin  2.4.10-1ubuntu The programs for the GTK+ graphical user int09:26
liranii  libgtk2.0-comm 2.4.10-1ubuntu Common files for the GTK+ graphical user in09:26
crimsunsee? 2.4.1009:28
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-004-119.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== monkey- [user4@port-219-88-128-35.orcon.net.nz] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== bborkk [~lifton@209-6-102-26.c3-0.smr-ubr1.sbo-smr.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
calcgrr the gtk gettingstarted guide is out of date09:38
calcanyone happen to know what gtk_window_show changed to?09:39
bborkkI just installed Warty and would like to upgrade the kernel from to  I've downloaded the source, compiled the new kernel and installed it all without a problem.  However, booting into the new kernel results in: "Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)".  Google seems to think I didn't compile the correct modules into the kernel, but I can't figure out which ones I would nee09:40
bborkkd.  Any ideas?09:40
phlaegelyou shouldn't need to compile a kernel09:40
crimsunbborkk: mkinitrd? :)09:40
bborkkphlaegel: that would be nice.09:40
phlaegeljust install the linux-i386 (or linux-k7 or linux-amd64, as appropriate) and it will keep you up to date09:41
crimsun-13 is the most current iirc09:41
bborkkphlaegel: you mean the package?  sudo apt-get install linux-i386?09:41
calcah gtk_widget_show_all09:41
calci guess that is the equivalent anyway09:42
bborkkphlaegel: well, at least now i know how to compile and install a kernel, even if incorrectly.  :)09:42
phlaegeldoesn't hurt to know :-)09:42
bborkkphlaegel: the linux-i386 package wasn't found.09:43
plangentIs there an issue with the ppc .iso in OSX.3?09:44
crimsunshould work fine if you burn w/ toast09:44
crimsunfrom reports09:44
phlaegelbborkk: maybe linux-38609:44
phlaegellinux-686 if it's a pentium409:45
bborkkphlaegel: how about a pentium M (newest intel laptop chipset)?09:45
joemanything above a pentium2 afaik09:46
crimsunlinux-686 should work09:46
bborkkthanks all.  i'll see how it goes.09:46
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
bborkkcrimsun, phlaegel: I assume I have to restart to see the change in kernel?09:48
crimsunbborkk: yes09:48
bborkkback in a bit, then.  thanks again.  i'll let you know how it goes.09:48
=== cprov [~cprov@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== bborkk [~bborkk@h000393137a66.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
bborkkokay, that worked... i'm now running instead of 09:56
bborkkthanks for the help!09:56
bborkkwhat's the difference between the -386 and -686 kernels? 09:57
bborkkthe reason i wanted to update was so i could get my laptop to sleep properly09:57
bborkkbut, it doesn't seem to have worked.09:58
jdubbborkk: 686 is built for newer cpus - same source, different binary09:58
jdub(mostly the same source)09:58
bborkkjdub: good to know... so it's just optimization issues?09:58
bborkkjdub: what about the revision numbers?  does -3-686 correspond to -3-386?09:59
jdubbborkk: yes09:59
jdubbborkk: the 3 indicates abi change version10:00
Lathiattseng: cool, see http://lathiat.bur.st/ i've got my patch to monodevelop, a binary and dbus cvs built with c# bindings (beagle needs dbus cvs so i did that instead of the release)10:00
Lathiattseng: actually, maybe the beagle release wont need a cvs dbus version :)10:00
Lathiatthe cvs version does anyway10:00
bborkkjdub: hmm, so if the bug i'm dealing with was fixed in, then I should be using the -386 version?10:00
phlaegeljdub: do you know if there's been any discussion about improving performance in the network window in nautilus? ie. If a connection can be shown immediately, do it, don't stall the whole window to wait for slower ones. I find the delay opening that window really annoying.10:02
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu
phlaegelbborkk: 686 is fine, all the versions are at -1310:02
=== Alby [~alexi91@jeannedarc-3-82-67-86-187.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
bborkkphlaegel: uname -a returns Linux mono-pole #1 Thu Oct 7 14:27:15 BST 2004 i686 GNU/Linux10:03
phlaegelbborkk: search in synaptic (or apt-cache) for linux-image. see what versions show up10:04
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-20-190.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
bborkkphlaegel: apt-cache show linux-image?10:04
AlbyHi, can i use a bootdisk to start ubuntu installation cause my laptop doesn't support boot from CD?10:04
jdubbborkk: that'd be the latest version10:05
jdubbborkk: most likely10:05
phlaegelapt-cache search linux-image10:05
jdubbborkk: if 'dpkg -l linux-image-'10:05
jdubbborkk: shows that you have version, you have the latest version10:06
bborkkjdub: huh, i guess i have the latest version then.  very confusing.  :)10:06
=== ilRunico [~diego@] has joined #ubuntu
phlaegelbborkk: I think it's a little clearer if you look in synaptic10:07
=== ilRunico [~diego@] has left #ubuntu []
bborkkphlaegel: yep, it is clearer.  i've never used synaptic before.10:09
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bowes [~bowes@blk-215-69-91.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
bborkkthanks again... sleep beckons.  back on the horse tomorrow.10:12
=== alakdan [~alakdan@] has joined #ubuntu
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-27-191.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== giuSerpe [~cicoria@host59-241.pool80105.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== silbs [~jane@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
GOwinhi. i'm trying to get the egroupware package for debian from here. http://ftp.hk.debian.org/debian/pool/main/e/egroupware/10:22
GOwinhow do i use synaptic to do this? im new into linux and ubuntu10:23
LathiatWell youd need to add the debian source for that mirror10:25
Lathiathowever that, generally, is a bad idea10:25
Lathiatit might work, but it might break things10:25
=== giuSerpe [~cicoria@host59-241.pool80105.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu ["www.giuserpe.it"]
GOwinmy objective for setting up the ubuntu in my computer is to get egroupware installed on it10:26
Treenakshm.. my laptop has associated with my AP, it asks for an IP every hour, but ping gives 'host unreachable' on both ipv4 and ipv610:27
=== polok_ [~polok@1Cust75.tnt3.wollongong.au.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksand I'm not near it to check it10:27
LathiatTreenaks: If you had access to the dhcp server you could check the leases?10:28
LathiatGOwin: what is egroupware exactly?10:28
=== Lathiat has a look
TreenaksLathiat: that's what I meant by "it asks for an IP".. it gets a lease10:28
LathiatTreenaks: No its not, because I meant, look at the DHCP server leases because it probably managed to expire its lease and get a different address than the one your trying to ping?10:29
GOwinlathiat, it's a colloboration application10:29
Lathiatthat said if the ipv6 doesnt ping, since the autoconfed addresses are static you probably broke it somehow :)10:29
TreenaksLathiat: it gets an IP. I know my DHCP logs :)10:29
LathiatTreenaks: oh i get it now :)10:29
TreenaksOct  8 10:23:43 messy dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for from 00:04:e2:a5:d9:88 via eth110:29
Lathiatdepends hwo you read what you first wrote :)10:30
TreenaksOct  8 10:23:43 messy dhcpd: DHCPACK on to 00:04:e2:a5:d9:88 via eth110:30
Lathiatfirewall? :)10:30
TreenaksLathiat: I didn't change anything.. I just rebooted the laptop remotely.. then it worked for a while, until I logged out10:30
=== pere [~pere@cD90890BB.sdsl.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatahh thats just murphys law then10:31
TreenaksLathiat: 8)10:31
Lathiatmaybe you "logged out" with reboot? :)10:31
TreenaksLathiat: even then, it should work by now.. it's been an hour10:31
TreenaksLathiat: more even10:31
pereWhat packages do I have to install to be able to play mpg-movies10:32
=== MoisesC [~moisesc@9.Red-213-96-165.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Baumi [Baumi@z0703.wist.uni-linz.ac.at] has joined #ubuntu
pereisnt that possible?10:36
Treenaksit is possible10:37
Treenakslook for marillat in the FAQ10:37
Treenaksphin: divx as well10:37
joolzi have a newbie problem with /etc/X11/XF86Config-4. I have set the resolution to 1280x1024, but X doesn't seem to pick it up10:38
joolzdo I need to set this somewhere else too?10:39
phinya i know10:39
phini was gonna give him the deb for marillat10:39
phinbut you beat me to it10:39
Lathiatjoolz: A number of things can affect that10:39
Treenaksphin: I type faster than my shadow 8)10:39
Lathiatjoolz: Do you know for certain your videocard/monitor supports that resolution?10:40
=== liran [liran@] has joined #ubuntu
joolzLathiat: yes, i come from fc2 on the same machine, and it worked there10:40
joolzjust switched yesterday :)10:40
liranmy linux fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10:40
Lathiatdo you have your old config?10:40
Lathiatliran: Bad way to get help, good way is to state your problem as specifically as possible and with some politeness :)10:41
joolzthat's an xorg one... ubuntu has xfree8610:41
Lathiatjoolz: That wont matter10:41
joolzcan I just copy it over?10:41
Lathiatjoolz: Umm are you an experiencedish user or new to linux?10:41
Lathiati think the formats are different10:41
TreenaksLathiat: it might be that the xorg driver is newer10:41
Lathiatjoolz: thought so10:41
LathiatTreenaks: possible10:41
fabbionejoolz: which video card?10:41
Lathiatjoolz: what video card do you have?10:41
Lathiatbeat ya fabbione :P10:41
joolzsec, i'll have a look10:42
fabbione<Lathiat> Treenaks: possible10:42
fabbione<fabbione> joolz: which video card?10:42
fabbione<Lathiat> joolz: what video card do you have?10:42
=== GOwin [~Miranda@] has left #ubuntu []
fabbionethat's what appeared on my screen ;)10:42
=== Zindar [~bagfors@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatbah, lag :P10:42
fabbione [Lag  0]  [O/0 N/187 I/0 V/0 F/0]                                    [U:A:S:b:h] 10:42
fabbionetsk :P10:42
Lathiatfabbione: yeh but like yours came out like justa fter mine10:42
joolzIntel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Device (says the config file)10:42
Lathiatirc + connection lag would probablyu be about ~4-500ms10:42
fabbionejoolz: lspci10:42
joolzfabbione: ?10:43
fabbionejoolz: show me the output of lspci10:43
lirani change the splash screen and it gave me error about session logout :(10:43
liranim in fialsafe now10:43
liranplease help me to restore my old conf's10:43
liranplease mates10:43
liranany one ???10:43
joolzfabbione: 0000:00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corp. 82865G Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02)10:43
fabbioneliran: start explaining one thing at a time10:43
Lathiatliran: So if you try to logn normally, what happens?10:44
fabbioneliran: what was before, what you did and what do you expect10:44
fabbionejoolz: ok.. can you put your XF86Config-4 somewhere i can look at it?10:44
Lathiatfabbione: probbaly a horiz/vert sync issue?10:45
calcmay be an issue of enough ram allocated or something10:45
Lathiator ram10:45
calc865G is a shared mem video10:45
Lathiatagpgart not loaded perhaps?10:45
calcLathiat: that could probably do it10:45
Lathiataltho i dont think they work at all without that, ic ant remember10:45
punkassfabbione: any word on 64bit glx package?10:45
fabbioneLathiat: yes. that's why i want to check10:46
calcLathiat: yea probably not10:46
fabbionepunkass: hoary10:46
Lathiatfabbione: cool10:46
fabbioneand needs to be done by someone with an amd6410:46
=== calc has plenty of those
Treenaksfabbione: put one on your amazon wish list 8)10:46
calcbut don't know much about x10:47
fabbionepunkass: the HowTo on the mailinglist/wiki is the best at the moment, specially considering the need of that script to fix the lib stuff10:47
punkassfabbione: cool thanks10:47
pereTreenaks: Thanks for pointing me to the FAQ. However I have another question that probably is too basic for including into the FAQ: How do I add debian-marillat repository to my Ubuntu sources.list. Can I do that in Synaptic?10:47
fabbionepere: yes you can 10:47
Treenakspere: I think so, you can also do "sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list" in a shell10:47
joolzfabbione: i'll try matching xfree conf with the old xorg. If that doesn't work, i'll be back here. Thanks so far!10:47
fabbionepere: and it should be included in the faq10:47
fabbionejoolz: i might know where the problem is.10:48
fabbionejoolz: do you want to show me the config?10:48
joolzsure, where do i put it?10:48
fabbionejoolz: dunno.. somewhere on the web? email?10:48
fabbionejoolz: whatever you prefer..10:48
fabbionejoolz: mail fabbione@canonical.com10:48
joolzfabbione: ok, just a sec10:48
perefabbions: I find the menu entry, but have now idea what the url should be... 10:49
ik5pvxdeb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main10:49
ik5pvxI'm not sure "unstable" is right for use with warty10:50
ik5pvxworks for me (TM)10:50
Lathiative read conflicting bits10:50
fabbioneik5pvx: yeah that is ok10:50
Lathiatsomewhere i read said ubuntu was merged of sarge10:50
Lathiatsomewhere else said sid10:50
fabbioneLathiat: ubuntu is a snapshot of Sid10:50
ik5pvxfineprint says it will format your hard disc, fry your graphic card, burn the laser of your cdrom and cause male sterility10:51
Lathiati read something about using debian packages that said it was frozen at the same time as sarge and so they might work but no guarantees *shrug* i know the truth now :)10:51
joolzwhoa! mozilla-firefox segfaults on me10:51
joolzwhen trying to send an email to fabbione with squirrelmail10:51
Treenaksjoolz: did you install java?10:51
joolzTreenaks: no idea, I did a default install. Sec, i'll have a look10:52
Treenaksjoolz: default install = no java10:52
joolzTreenaks: ok, no java then10:52
fabbionedoes squirrel use javascript?10:52
ik5pvxanyone expert on "suspend to ..." features ?10:52
joolzyes, and java is enabled in prefs10:52
Lathiatit probably does10:52
joolzi'll disable it10:52
fabbionejoolz: it's a know bug. thom is working on it10:53
fabbioneik5pvx: thom is your bitch ;)10:53
fabbioneor mjg59 ?10:53
fabbionei can never remember :)10:53
Lathiati love swsusp210:53
joolzfabbione: any workaround available?10:53
ik5pvxwell, I'll try to summarize the 2 problems I have10:53
Lathiatcouldnt live without it10:53
fabbionejoolz: not yet. they are working on it10:53
joolzfabbione: ok, thanks10:53
Lathiatknowing a swsusp2 hacker IRL helps to get it going nicely :)10:53
ik5pvxfirst is that acpid intercepts power button, so pressing powerbutton to awake the laptop does awake and immediatly shutdown it10:54
ik5pvxeasily fixed by adding an exit 0 in /etc/acpid/pwrbtn.sh or something like that10:54
=== tof-- [~tof@blueice2n1.uk.ibm.com] has joined #ubuntu
ik5pvxsecond problem is that I can't get suspend to disk to work. there is no /sys/power/disk file10:54
joolzfabbione: i have a workaround. Seems that when in firefox java is enabled, and there is no java, this happens. I disabled java in firefox and now it doesnt segfault10:55
ik5pvxI suspect my laptop is to old to suspend to disk10:55
fabbionejoolz: ok...10:55
ik5pvxLathiat, what's "IRL" ?10:55
stubipw2200 is curerntly spinning on my box - what should I run to submit a bug report? sudo strace -p 666 is telling me I'm not permitted.10:56
joolzfabbione: mail is underway10:57
joolzon the way10:57
=== joolz dutch :)
fabbionejoolz: ehehe ok10:57
Treenaksfabbione: I finally did the new core backtrace this morning...10:57
spivstub: Yeah, you can't strace kernel threads :(10:57
joolzgreat to see there's such an active ubuntu society10:58
Treenaksjoolz: hey, jij ook al? :)10:58
joolzTreenaks: yep, ik ookm al :)10:58
joolzTreenaks: nou ja, nederlands... Maastricht :)10:58
fabbioneTreenaks: i saw it.. just replied to it ;)10:58
joolzand now back to english :)10:58
Treenaksjoolz: Reservebelg ;)10:58
joolzTreenaks: lol10:58
fabbionejoolz: why are you forcing the modeline?10:59
Lathiatik5pvx: in real life10:59
joolzfabbione: just a try to see if that helped11:00
fabbionejoolz: also.. your HorizSync is wrong11:00
ik5pvxLathiat, do you have it working on ubuntu ?11:00
joolzfabbione: what should it be?11:00
Lathiatik5pvx: it will do as soon as i recompile my kernel11:01
Lathiatik5pvx: its not so much a ubuntu issue as it is a kernel issue11:01
Lathiati ahd it going on debian fine so i assume itl work on ubuntu fine11:01
fabbionejoolz: it should be 30-6511:01
Lathiatfabbione: ooc, (if its quickly explainable) what does horizsync mean11:01
joolzfabbione: ok, i'll adjust it. But will this solve the resolution issue?11:02
=== sivang [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionejoolz: it should..11:02
fabbioneLathiat: ???11:02
ik5pvxLathiat, ok, let us know. Hopefully it is easily done without too many changes, I'd really like the laptop to be as much "stock ubuntu" as possible 11:02
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-136-192.mirnd2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
joolzfabbione: ok, thanks a lot! Be right back11:02
fabbionejoolz: and remove the modeline!11:02
Lathiatfabbione: like i was just curious if you knew, technically, what horizontal sync was...11:03
fabbioneor comment it11:03
=== ross [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneLathiat: eh i will try in a few words11:03
Lathiatik5pvx: its jus a kernel patch and ascript, ill see if i can patch the stock ubuntu kernel with it and make a package of the script and ill put it up on http://lathiat.bur.st/11:03
fabbioneLathiat: basically there is like a "pen" drawing on the monitor11:03
fabbioneLathiat: the pen needs to move from top left corner to bottom right corner11:04
fabbioneLathiat: imagine the pen as the size of one pixel11:04
fabbioneLathiat: the pen needs to move fast 11:04
fabbionethe HorizSync specify how fast the pen needs to move from left to right11:04
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatheh 1280 * 1024 * 60 :P11:04
Lathiatfabbione: ah right11:04
Lathiatso thsi restricts the resolution cus if its too high and the horizsync is too low then it cant draw fast enough to hit the refresh rate?11:05
TreenaksLathiat: 60? I'd try 75 at least (unless you like headaches..)11:05
fabbionethe most common and known bit is the VertRefresh11:05
LathiatTreenaks: well yeh 75-80+ these days11:05
fabbionesince it's the "commercial" one11:05
fabbioneLathiat: or too low.. yes11:05
ik5pvxthere's a nice explanation of all the screen timings somewhere in the X docs, let me see if I can find it again11:05
joemdamn, I still have 6011:06
fabbioneLathiat: this is not a real "technical" explanation11:06
fabbionebut you get the idea11:06
Lathiatfabbione: yeh its ok i get the general idea which is all i wanted :)11:06
=== fabbione needs to go
joolzfabbione: it's solved! Thanks!!11:09
Lathiatfor hes a jolly good fellow..11:10
Lathiatbored :)11:10
Albycan i start installation from a debian system cause my laptop does not support cd rom boot11:10
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== cardador [~jose@srt1.dq.fct.unl.pt] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatAlby: *thinks*11:12
LathiatAlby: you could do a network install, do you have other computer as your network?11:13
Lathiatrunning an install from debian etc would work just be a bit messier and more hacky11:13
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB26DE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
Albytried from flopyy but did not succedd11:13
AlbyMy laptop only offers hdd and fdd11:14
pereThanks for the help with installing mplayer, everyone. However Im getting an error trying to play mpeg-movies: "alsa-control: mixer attach dev/mixer error: No such file or directory". Any ideas11:14
jordipere: try to see if your mplayer is using alsa directly.11:15
LathiatAlby: hrm problem with floppy is you need to cd to continue the install11:16
Lathiatbecuase it has to get the rest of the packages from somewhere11:16
perein mplayer.conf I see ao=alsa11:16
LathiatAlby: will you be able to get direct internet access?11:17
LathiatAlby: perhaps a floppy started network install might work11:17
AlbyNope not from this laptop :/11:17
AlbyDebian boot disks won't do?11:17
perejordi: is that OK?11:17
Lathiatwell only if you want to install debian :P11:18
Lathiathwo where you planning on getting the packages 11:18
Lathiatoff another aprtition on your hard drive?11:18
AlbyI want to install base only11:18
LathiatYes but you need a lot of packages to do that11:20
Lathiatwhich are far mroe that will fit on a few floppys :)11:20
AlbyI do have a cd rom on it11:20
AlbyBurnt latest iso11:20
LathiatWell then why cant you just install off that....11:22
Lathiatim sorry11:22
Lathiati completely mis understood yoru problem11:22
Lathiati thought you said you didnt have a cdrom drive11:22
Albycan't boot from it :)11:22
Lathiatnot that you just cant boot from it :)11:22
AlbyNo no ;)11:22
LathiatWhats the problem with the floppy boot?11:22
Albyu mean smart boot manager?11:23
AlbyI didn't find any suitable floppy img11:23
LathiatOh, letme find one for you11:23
Lathiatim sure there is one11:23
Albygoogled ti though11:23
Lathiatthe other solution is that thing11:24
Lathiatit might be called smart boot manager11:24
Lathiatthat will boot a cdrom11:24
=== topyli [~juha@ktlpc219.edu.helsinki.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatthats worked for me in this situation before11:24
Lathiathave you tried it?11:24
AlbyCd-rom does noit appear on menu11:26
Lathiathrm thats odd11:26
Albysmb.bin is present on ubuntu iso11:26
Lathiatmaybe its one of those realy old cdrom drives11:26
Alby95 =/11:26
Lathiatthat tho in a laptop i wouldn thave thought so11:27
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
=== sivang [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu
Albydebina install worked on it11:27
Albyi mean after floppy boot11:28
Lathiati thought they would have made a floppy image11:28
Lathiatthey havent :)11:28
AlbyIs there a place to make a plea!!! :)11:29
Lathiatheh ask on the users mailing list, someone might havea way of getting around your problem11:30
Lathiatits odd your thing doesnt work in SBM11:30
Lathiatdidntthink they made "soundcard cdroms" in laptops11:30
Albythx neway ;)11:30
pereIm getting "alsa-control: mixer attach dev/mixer error: No such file or directory" in gmplayer. Mplayer works fine from command lineAny ideas11:33
Lathiati assume because theres no / there11:34
Lathiatbug in the package perhaps?11:34
pereLathiat: Running gmplayer from commandline, I get these errors:11:36
perealsa-space: xrun of at least 27.025 msecs. resetting stream11:36
pereALSA lib control.c:654:(snd_ctl_open_noupdate) Invalid CTL /dev/mixer 72%11:36
perealsa-control: mixer attach /dev/mixer error: No such file or directory11:36
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-039-004.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Lathiat boggles, i didnt think alsa used /dev/mixer, thought that was oss
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Spiritz [~Spiritz@] has joined #ubuntu
Spiritzdoes hubuntu supports well intel 2200 wifi chipset?11:39
LathiatSpiritz: A driver exists, its probably not in the default kernel 11:40
Lathiatunsure how stable it is its an experimental driver11:40
Spiritzok thank you11:41
SpiritzIf you owned a centrino laptop, what distrubition would you choose?11:42
Lathiatubuntu :)11:42
LathiatI'm getting an intel 2200 centrino laptop in a couple months11:42
=== Baumi [~Baumi@z0703.wist.uni-linz.ac.at] has joined #ubuntu
=== izmaelis [~izmaelis@lizingas.ub.lt] has joined #ubuntu
SpiritzOk then I'm gonna try it too :)11:43
SpiritzI tried mdk 10.1 which, according to mdk, was the most laptop friendly distrib, but the SpeedStep for the centrino would not work, nor the ipw2200 driver built in the kernel11:44
spivSpiritz: Yes, it's in the default kernel.11:44
SpiritzYeah but the ipw2200 driver in the kernel is out of date. It's only 0.7 and doesn't support wep encryption properly :-11:44
spivSpiritz: It Just Works on my gf's laptop.11:44
Spiritzusing MDK 10.1 and ipw2200 driver?11:45
spivUsing ubuntu.11:45
Spiritzoh ok awesome, I can't wait to get it then11:45
spivI think ubuntu has the 0.8 driver, I might be wrong, though.11:45
SpiritzIs speedstep working properly?11:46
spivSeems to be.11:46
spivMy centrino laptop runs a lot slower when I don't have AC power ;)11:46
SpiritzSounds good11:46
Spiritzdo you know if it supports ReiserFS partionning?11:47
=== omlet_ is now known as omlet
=== Iorek [~san@135.96-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
spivI think so, but I don't use it11:47
LathiatSpiritz: I would suggest using ext311:47
LathiatBecause ive lost too many partitions to resier11:48
Lathiatext3 has *never* failed me11:48
SpiritzHave you been using latest ReiserFs version ? They say it's stable now and really faster than ext3 partitions11:48
LathiatNot for a bit but im scarred for life with resier :)11:49
rossreiser4 is still in testing, right?11:49
SpiritzNo not anymore11:49
SpiritzIt's included as stable in Mdk 10.1 community and Yoper for instance11:49
spivIt's very much still in testing...11:49
spivIt's not in the mainline kernel for a reason.11:49
SpiritzI think if mdk inculuded Reisfer it means that it's close/already ready to be used11:50
rossred hat included gcc "2.96"11:50
spivLast I ead, it still hadn't been tested on an arch but i386.11:50
joemew reiser411:50
LathiatSpiritz: thats an entirely false asumption11:50
LathiatSpiritz: It might work for you, if it does, good11:51
joemread this(really long) thread and know why most distros won't add reiser4 support11:51
Spiritzyes.. but anyway, I'll follow your advices and stick with ext311:51
=== spreda [~bill@cust-203-87-54-059.nsw.chariot.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
SpiritzI guess you know more than me11:52
LathiatSpiritz: I mean if you want to thats fine I'm just saying in my experience ext3 is pretty safe and resier has lost me too much stuff11:52
LathiatBut you know, you could say the same about linux vs windows and stuff11:52
joemit has ugly bugs from a security and compatibility standpoint11:52
LathiatI was just recommending especially if your a newer user, if something goes bung it'l probably be much harder for you to sort out11:53
Lathiatjoem: did you read any of that lovely 1000+ message thread on resier recently?11:53
Lathiator is that part of it? :P11:53
Lathiathans gets defensive quickly :)11:53
joemLathiat, I followed it when it started11:53
joemafter a while I got the point..lots of it is just arguing11:53
=== AndyFitz [~andy@203-173-20-190.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
Lathiatjoem: i just looked aroudn for posts by hans resier and read aroudn them for amusementvalue11:54
joembut if you spend 10 minutes starting from the begining, you get whats going on11:54
ik5pvxI can foresee reiserfs ending the same way as devfs... a good idea done bad...11:55
joemI don't know if you can call it a good idea when it goes bad from the start11:56
joemunless you use a very general form of idea11:56
joemlike "lets make a cool file system"11:56
ik5pvxwell at least it looked like a good idea when the whole thing started. At the time ext3 wasn't as stable as now11:57
Iorekwhat *I* understand from all that is absolutely nothing11:57
Iorekeverybody could be right as far as I'm concerned :P11:57
Spiritzsipv : what's your/your gf laptop brand and model?11:57
=== ggi [~ggi@host81-129-64-172.range81-129.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatI'm looking at getting a 1024x768 14.1" Dell Inspiron 510m with DVD Burner, 1GB RAM, 60GB HDD, 2200 wireless -- anyone got any comments on dells/inspiron/510m? (just curious)12:00
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-112-131.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
petemcyes, inspirons are big ugly laptops12:01
Lathiatthe *ms seem to be fairly small12:01
Lathiatthe nonms are12:01
Lathiatlike the Inspiron 115012:01
Lathiatthats chunky chunky12:01
petemci use a latitude d400, everything works12:02
petemcbut im getting a powerbook :)12:02
Lathiatyeh even the modem works i read12:02
Lathiatscary :)12:02
Lathiatthough the monitor out port needs a bit of software and only does span atm12:02
Lathiatshame, i really want clone12:02
Lathiatotherwise everything else works12:02
LathiatYeh but that only does clone doesnt it?12:03
Lathiatreally want span damnit12:03
Lathiatit seems like the perfect laptop otherwise12:03
petemci think the d600 has a better graphics card, with 2 heads12:03
Lathiatyeh but its also probably out of my price range12:04
Lathiatabove specced dell is $2200 AUD12:04
Lathiatthats already pushing it :)12:04
Lathiatignoring the ram, im getting that aftermarket12:04
cefLathiat: that's not a bad price for what's in it12:04
Lathiatcef: yeh12:04
Lathiatits a 1.6GHz centrino too12:04
Lathiatand hi stuart :)12:04
Lathiatit might go up to 2500 with the dvdburner12:05
cefLathiat: and since I'm in the market for a lappy at about that price.. I'd be interested in how yours goes.. *grin*12:05
Lathiatseems to be a fre upgrade offer online atm12:05
Lathiatcef: haha it looks like a really nice laptop, read some stuff off tuxmobile and *everything* works fine :)12:05
Lathiatwhich is great12:05
cefLathiat: cool.. what video chipset in that?12:05
LathiatIntel i810 based i 12:05
Lathiat"Intel Extreme 3" i think12:05
Lathiatjust checking12:06
Lathiatthing im using now12:06
LathiatP266, 192MB RAM12:06
LathiatHOT and CHUNKY :P12:06
Lathiat6gb hdd12:06
petemcif i upgrade the bios on my latitude, x stops working12:06
Lathiatpetemc: Are you using that video bios hack?12:06
cefahh ok.. cool.. just don't really like the idea of the ATI binary drivers if I'm going to use 'em12:06
Lathiatpetemc: i dont think you need that iwth the upgraded bios and maybe thats why its breaking?12:07
Lathiatcef: well its not ati so :)12:07
petemci did try turning it off12:07
petemcno go12:07
Lathiatooc, how does the windows driver handle that resolution?12:07
Lathiatdoes it make a similar hack? :)12:07
cefLathiat: yeah.. nvidia I can handle.. I generally don't do 3d, so a lack thereof occasionly is fine by me.. and the nvidia 2d drivers are pretty stable and fairly fast12:07
petemcnot sure what windows does, i do dual boot but rarely bother with windows now12:08
Lathiati cant use windows these days12:08
sivangcould anybody tell how would I list files in a package by it's package name after it's installed, rather having the .deb file and dpkg -l on it?12:08
petemc -L12:08
Lathiatim addicted to gnome :)12:08
Lathiatand linux12:08
cefI have to.. but only at work..12:08
ik5pvxdpkg -L packagename12:08
Lathiati couldnt stand to use it as my personal machine is really what im getting at but yeh12:09
cefand even then, it's mainly for mail and the like (no, not outlook thank goodness)12:09
Lathiatcome on beagle12:09
Lathiatcompile damnit12:09
sivangpetemc : Using apt-cache ?12:09
petemcsivang: dpkg12:09
cefLathiat: heh12:09
=== Chakal [ircap751@110-170-114-200.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #ubuntu
sivangdpkg -L _pacakge_name no file?12:09
petemcsivang: if you want to list the files in packages that arent installed, use apt-file12:09
Lathiatnext step is to make ubuntu packages, thats going to be fun12:09
Lathiathavent made any debian packages for a while12:10
Lathiatit seems to have changed a bit12:10
cefhrm, I gotta find some decent alcohol to send to some tech people in Adelaide12:10
KamionLathiat: not really12:10
KamionLathiat: some people use newer techniques, but the old ones still work12:10
Lathiatwell yeh the newer techniques part i guess12:10
Lathiatjsut looking at some of the stuff daniels maintains12:10
Lathiatdbus and the likes12:10
Lathiatman i keep finding the random packages i want to use12:11
Lathiatand daniels mainains too many of them :)12:11
cefLathiat: heh it's a worry isn't it?12:11
sivangpetemc : I want to list the files on an _installed_ pacakge, not a pkg file.12:11
Lathiatcef: indeed12:11
petemcsivang: so use dpkg -L12:11
joolzanybody know how I can alter mime-types without using the GUI? Which file do i edit?12:11
Lathiatjoolz: why did you badly break something? :)12:11
sivangpetemc : k, thanks12:11
cefhrm.. bugger it.. I'll just ring kellermiester in SA and get them to send the 'node tech people some booze.. *grin*12:12
joolzLathiat: no :)12:12
Iorekupdated everything and now Ubuntu SINGS at me at the logon screen!12:12
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-039-105.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatmy desktop (old gnome 2.6 cvs build) is buggered sftp and links randomly stop working12:12
Ioreksings better than XP does,but it's still singing12:12
Lathiatin fact debian on my laptop started doing that to12:12
joolzLathiat: i want to create application/x-zope-edit12:12
Lathiatcef: what i really want to know is what battery life it gets12:13
Iorekwho makes those tunes anyway :P12:13
Lathiatubuntu sings at the login screen?12:13
Lathiati didnt know that12:13
cefLathiat: very good question12:13
Lathiatjoolz: no idea12:13
ik5pvxIorek, new stuff added today, can be disabled via computer -> system configuration -> login screen setup12:13
Lathiatcef: i read 2.5 under windows somewhere12:13
Iorekah ;)12:13
Iorekthanks :P12:13
Lathiatim gonna get the extra cell battery12:13
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatplus you can put a battery in the cdrom bay12:13
Lathiatthatd rock for conferences12:13
Lathiatmodular battery is only ~150 too12:13
cefLathiat: nice.. or plane trips12:13
Lathiatconferences = plan trip + the conference :)12:14
Lathiatitd rock for me at school to12:14
Lathiatbut that wont matter after another few weeks :)12:14
Lathiatfinally can get back into hacking some OS stuff12:14
Lathiathoping to get my calendar patchinto evo 12:14
Lathiatbe nice if i got thebounty for it too12:14
Lathiatdefinately be able to get a ncie dell laptop then :)12:14
cefLathiat: though for a long plane trip, you want a battery pad like Keith had12:14
Lathiatcef: yeh i saw those there cool12:15
Lathiatjamesh had one for his compaq 70012:15
Iorekik5pvx: though it's actually rather nice12:15
Lathiatwonder where you can get them tailered to your laptop voltage12:15
ik5pvxIorek, yes, if you listen to it only once :p12:15
Iorekthat's probably the truth :P12:15
Lathiatcef: dell.com.au lies, you click on the customize & buy of the 510m and the price jumps from 1899 to 2007.50 :P12:16
Lathiathmm maybe that includes gst and the other one didnt12:16
petemcthey add in support12:16
cefLathiat: you order the voltage and plug type when you buy 'em apparently.. Keith was getting 10+ hrs out of his with the thinkpad (I THINK it was a thinkpad)12:16
Lathiatcef: thats sweet, any idea how much?12:16
Lathiatcef: so.. 14.1" @ 1024x768 or 15" @ 1400x105012:16
Lathiatpass on the 15" @ 1024x76812:16
Lathiatthinking the 14 would be nicer, a bit more mobile12:17
sivanghow do I blacklist a module?12:17
Lathiatrock if they made a 12" version :)12:17
cefLathiat: Keith was saying something like $170.. not sure if that was US or AU tho12:17
Lathiatsivang: /etc/hotplug/blacklist12:17
Lathiatcef: mm thatd be nice if it was au12:17
Lathiatstill only 240 AUD12:17
Lathiatwhich is pretty good12:18
Lathiatwoo beagle finished compiling12:18
Lathiatcef: also $300 for a 3 year warranty if you want one12:19
Lathiatmight be a good idea12:19
Lathiatonly 1 year limited by default12:19
cefLathiat: nice.. I'll definitely have a look-see12:21
Lathiatcef: 14.1" @ 1024x768, 1.60GHz-M, 256MB, 60GB Drive, DVD Burner, 53Whr Upgraded Battery, $2088.9012:21
cefok, outta here ppl.. off to dinner12:21
TreenaksLathiat: US$ ?12:21
Lathiatgonna get 512mb sodim after market, much cheaper off a friend12:21
LathiatTreenaks: AU$12:21
cefpretty sweet.. tho I don't think I'd care about the dvd burner..12:21
Lathiatcef: well its a free ugprade atm12:22
Lathiatcef: its +250 normally i think12:22
TreenaksLathiat: ah ok.. because I saw a nice wide-screen one with ipw2200 for EUR 2000...12:22
LathiatTreenaks: heh12:22
Lathiati wouldnt want widescreen tho12:22
Lathiati want a small laptop12:22
Lathiatcef: catcha :)12:22
TreenaksLathiat: (that's all I need, ipw2200, wide-screen and not too bulky)12:22
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-27-191.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
SpiritzIf you want a real laptop, one you'll fall in love with, get a IBM12:23
Lathiati need a keybaord shortcut to bring up a run dialog12:23
=== edward [~edward@hades.robster.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatSpiritz: yeh but they start at like 2800 for a decent one12:23
Lathiatplus i think theyre ugly12:23
Lathiatthe dells look sexy12:23
Lathiatbut they seem like very nice machines12:24
cefLathiat: what model dell was that again?12:24
Lathiatthe X40 and such12:24
Lathiatcef: 510m12:24
Lathiatcef: its under the small busines section12:24
Lathiatnot the home bit12:24
Lathiaton dell.com.au12:24
TreenaksSpiritz: do they have wide-screen (WXSGA) ones?12:24
SpiritzYou can get good prices on ibm if you're a student or pretend to be a student12:24
SpiritzNo, no wide screen12:24
TreenaksSpiritz: not even in the T-series?12:24
Spiritzbut 15" with 1400:1050 or 1600x****12:24
LathiatSpiritz: im a student, so how much AUD would a similar specced laptop as the above dell be?12:24
SpiritzI paid mine 1800  for a 1,7 centrio, wifi BG (intel ipw2200), 60 gb, dvdreder (no burner)12:25
Spiritzawesome screen 1400x105012:25
cefLathiat: inspiron or lattitude?12:25
Lathiat1800 us or au?12:25
Lathiatcef: inspiron12:25
Spiritz1800 euros12:25
Spiritzso us12:25
Lathiatinspiron 510m12:25
Spiritz3 years warranty J+212:25
=== mir [~mir@h251n2c1o1003.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatsee thats $3000 AUD :)12:26
SpiritzI gotta go, my cours ust finished12:26
Lathiat2000 AUd is pushing it for me :)12:26
SpiritzYou should read ibm reviews, they're some awesome12:26
=== polok_ is now known as polok
Lathiati like the dells :)12:26
Lathiati know the ibms are good12:26
Lathiatlots of peoplehave said good things12:26
SpiritzDells laptop looks cheap12:27
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp139-87.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiat(that i know personally, trust their reviews :)12:27
SpiritzIbm are unbreakables12:27
sivanghmmm.. I still have dell problems.12:27
mirI am concidering to try out ubuntu linux, i have one question before i will try it12:27
LathiatSpiritz: i like its look :)12:27
Lathiatmir: sure12:27
Lathiatsivang: dell problems/12:27
sivangmir : go ahead12:27
Spiritzbye bye12:27
LathiatSpiritz: catcha12:27
mirhow is the upgrade to new versions handled?, is it debian easy (apt-get dist-upgrade or alike) or is it FC, MDK hard?12:27
sivangyes, I have upgraded cleanly to the latest, I have it running with XFS, but Ubuntu is slow to unusable on the machine.12:27
Treenaksmir: debian-easy12:28
Iorekit's debian...12:28
sivangmir : everything you know about debian for upgrades - applies here.12:28
IorekTreenaks actually I've been wondering, will be able to update to 4.10 the 28th with apt?12:28
mirI know it is based on debian, but is it as easy to keep up to date?.. just apt-get dist-upgrade?12:28
mirNice.. then I will definetly try it out12:29
sivangmir : actually, as this is a bit more user orient, it should be even easier.12:29
sivangmir : if you are used to using debian unstable, you might recall how sometimes the system break.12:30
mirsivang: hehe.. yepp I have some nightmare experiances with unstable.. 12:30
Lathiati guess ive been lucky12:30
mirhope ubuntu is abit more stable dough..12:30
Lathiati run unstable on my server and desktop and laptop an dhave NEVER had a problem :)12:31
Lathiatim running ubuntu on my laptop now12:31
mirI normally run Debian testing12:31
sivangmir : which is understandable, as it's a "still in development". However I feel that extra care is taken here to make things less rocky,12:31
Lathiathavent upgraded my desktoip cus i hardly ever use it and its at home without a net connection12:31
sivangmir : and if it does happen - you'll be sure it will be fixed swiftly.12:31
cefLathiat: hrm.. $2224 for the setup I'm after.. (15" SXGA with 53Wh batt & extra modular battey)12:31
Iorekso, upgrading to a newer version of Ubunto...possible with apt?12:32
MithrandirIorek: ubuntu; yes.12:32
cefanyway, outta here.. ppl waiting on me for dinner12:32
IorekUbuntU of course12:32
IorekI always want to spell Ubuntu Ooboontoo :/12:32
Lathiatcef: yeh not bad eh12:32
Lathiatcef: if you get it now fre dvd burner :)12:32
Lathiatdamnit beagle backend crashes dashboard12:33
IorekMithrandir thanks :)12:33
sivanganyway, I have a BAD performance problem on the dell inspiron 8200. Anybody have a clue?12:33
Lathiatsivang: details....12:33
=== mkyc-ubuntu [bcecau@d211-31-99-190.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mirsivang: Sounds good, I am downloading it right now..12:35
mirsivang: How is the hardware support?.. is it more automatic than debian?12:35
Mithrandirmir: yes.12:36
Mithrandirmir: or, roughly at the same level as you get with sarge, I'd say.12:36
mirMithrandir: But its still alot of manual job in sarge.. L12:37
Kamiondepends very much on the device12:37
Mithrandirmir: oh?  It usually works out of the box for me, at least.12:37
Iorekonly thing I had to take care of was nvidia12:37
Iorekotherwise, everything worked fine12:37
mirMithrandir: Yes it detects most of my hw, but it does not configure it in a way a normal desktop user wants it.. Its ok for me, but I have some friends who like debian, execpt for this problem, they are Windowers.. So it will help them if the the the distro is more desktop friendly... and thats what ubuntu is as far as I have understood.12:39
IorekAH, I remember something. Was trying out sound juicer, but when I checked mp3 instead of ogg, it says I don't have the encoder12:40
Mithrandirmir: the X configuration is improved a fair bit.12:40
Iorekso how do I get this? :)12:40
mirActually I would too like an easier desktop than debian as long as it is based on debian and is compatible.. So I will install it as fast as it is downloaded to try it out12:40
MithrandirIorek: use ogg, it has better quality and is free. :)12:40
mirOn the server there is nothing like debian :-)12:41
IorekMithrandir: I will, but I'd like to have the choice :)12:41
sivangmir : You might be in for a nice surprise ;)12:41
=== yuran [~anon@line134-238.adsl.actcom.co.il] has joined #ubuntu
mirsivang: Hope in a positive way then :-)12:42
Ioreka negative nice surprise? ;)12:43
sivangmir : I hope it also for you, although don't hold my word against me if something goes bad ;-) , k? 12:43
sivangmir : after all it's "NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND FOR ANY SPECIFIC PURPOSE"... :-)12:43
sivangmir : as with most open source software, and somehow they tend to be much better than the _other_other_ white os meat..:-)12:44
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
sivangand = however12:44
=== CortoMaltese [~corto@host116-99.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
CortoMaltesei'd like to try ubuntu... should i use the PR ISO or the daily one?12:46
Iorek*scratches head* if during installation you download all the newest packages, is there a difference?12:47
CortoMalteseyou're right12:47
CortoMaltesebut that's 200 MB of packaged12:47
CortoMaltesebut that's 200 MB of packages12:47
carlosyes, sometimes there is a difference12:48
carlosabout installer fixes and things like that12:48
Iorekah :)12:48
CortoMalteselet's hope daily shots aren't buggier than the first PR :)12:49
CortoMalteseanyway... wow, great distro12:50
CortoMaltesemy homemate is using it12:50
CortoMalteseand i think i'll probably erase my 2 years gentoo to try Ubuntu12:50
fabbioneTreenaks: you around?12:51
IorekI WANTED to use gentoo...but I don't think I will now...this is much too good...12:51
CortoMaltesei'm spreading the word about Ubuntu in my university12:53
CortoMaltesewe're 4 already :D12:54
mjrI recommended it in our university-local linux group12:54
housetierindeed ubuntu is a Good Thing (tm) to have12:54
mjr(newsgroup, that is)12:54
=== monkeyc-unb [bcecau@d211-31-99-190.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
IorekI'm still at the point where I have to explain what linux is :/12:55
Iorekgot my stepdaughter to use Suse, she told that to one of her teachers at school..."Linux? ah yes, but that's GREY, isn't it? It's all GREY."12:56
Iorekand she's using SUSE...sometimes I wonder why the colours don't blind her12:56
Iorekshe seems to like it that way ;)12:56
Iorekso no, I'm not converting people to Ubuntu just yet :p12:57
CortoMalteseanyway i think it should fit to a complete newbie12:58
Iorekit doesn't have BreakOut > daughter wouldn't want it12:58
Ioreksometimes it's as simple as that ;)12:58
zenwhenI would have converted if it werent for the issues in this thread: http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=50009562&f=96509133&m=60800956663112:59
Iorekcertainly the start of that thread is interesting anough...01:01
=== haggai [~halls@pD9EA6C78.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== moekski__ [moekski@dyn-83-157-219-151.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #ubuntu
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=== lonewolff [~andy@lonewolff.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== nanotech [~hypershyf@kaam0.yokota.attmil.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu
lonewolffafternoon all, i wonder if anyone can help me, i cant print from ubuntu01:11
Treenaksfabbione: yes01:12
=== Myshkin [~~@1mm-66-186-87-167.vianet.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== espyrian [~espyrian@adsl-170.cust203-87-19.sa.chariot.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneTreenaks: are you in front of your computer with the silicon card?01:26
=== Myshkin [~Miranda@1mm-66-186-87-167.vianet.ca] has joined #ubuntu
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Treenaksfabbione: no, it decided to lose network connectivity too (unrelated reason)01:30
fabbioneTreenaks: ack01:30
Treenaksoh wait01:30
Treenaksit does have network01:30
Treenaks(it didn't have network 3 hours ago)01:30
fabbionewell i need you to reproduce the crash, so i guess you can't do it from remote01:31
Treenaksuh maybe01:31
=== Mirno cherche un putain de codeur qui sait coder pour PDA, (genre fair une jolie GUI + afficher des graphiques)
fabbioneTreenaks: do you have console framebuffer enabled?01:32
Treenaksfabbione: uh.. is it enabled by default?01:32
fabbioneTreenaks: or UseFBdev "yes" or something?01:32
TreenaksI can remotely reproduce the crash using chvt btw..01:33
fabbioneTreenaks: it shouldn't01:33
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneTreenaks: ah cool01:33
Treenaksfabbione: I don't have UseFBdev in my X config (I answered 'no' to the debconf question about framebuffers)01:33
=== linux_mafia [linux_mafi@tnt1-121.quicksilver.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
tsengLathiat: afaik it just needs the dbus-sharp binding to be built01:33
fabbioneTreenaks: i need you to gdb again and set a breakpoint on fbBlt01:34
tsengLathiat: also the patch is wrong, I figured out the proper way01:34
fabbioneTreenaks: but i don't know how long time it will take to debug01:34
linux_mafiatseng - all members of voltron are here 01:34
fabbioneTreenaks: you will have to go into that function step by step for "N" amount of times01:34
tsenglinux_mafia: ok.01:34
fabbioneTreenaks: where N is a totally unknown value for me01:35
linux_mafiatseng - never mind ;)01:35
Treenaksfabbione: and you want to know the moment it crashes?01:35
fabbioneTreenaks: i need to see what causes the crash01:35
Treenaksfabbione: OK, I'll see what I can do01:36
fabbioneit's the only function called before both the crashes01:36
fabbioneTreenaks: it's a pain the butt to test it01:36
fabbionebut if you can reproduce it in one go using chvt01:36
fabbionethan it will be relatively simple01:36
=== SamBozo [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksfabbione: invoke-rc.d gdm start; chvt 1 <wait for aplay to show up (playing the 'you may now login' sound)>, chvt 7 -> boom01:37
fabbioneTreenaks: ok.. i just don't know how many times that function is called01:38
fabbionethat means that you might have to go trough it several times before it crashes01:38
=== svenl_ is now known as svenl
fabbioneand the funny thing is that i am not even sure why it's called01:39
=== nickjunk [~ghfir@pD95124C8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneconsidering that it's only inside the fb driver for X01:39
Treenaksfabbione: strange..01:39
Treenaksfabbione: my X log says this:01:41
Treenaks(==) Silicon Motion(0): DPI set to (75, 75)01:41
Treenaks(II) Loading sub module "fb"01:41
Treenaks(II) LoadModule: "fb"01:41
Treenaks(II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/libfb.a01:41
Treenaks(why is DPI 75,75? that's wrong.. should figure that out separately)01:41
fabbioneTreenaks: yes please.. one thing at a time :-)01:41
Treenaksfabbione: but anyway.. module "fb" is loaded by siliconmotion01:42
=== smeggy [~smeggy2@dsl-203-113-241-78.TAS.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneTreenaks: ok..01:43
fabbionei am trying to figure out who is calling fbBlt01:43
TreenaksI think01:43
fabbionei am up to the XAA layer now01:43
TreenaksNoAccel doesn't make a difference..01:43
TreenaksI tried01:43
fabbionenahh i am trying to understand what calls fbBtl going trough the stack of 200000 layers01:44
=== idaho45 [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
fabbione       Option "ShadowFB" "boolean"01:47
fabbioneTreenaks: did you try that option?01:47
Treenaksfabbione: not yet, but I have a crash line number for you01:49
Treenaks272     in fbblt.c01:49
Treenaks(using step)01:49
fabbioneooooooohhhh key01:50
fabbione                    FbDoLeftMaskByteMergeRop (dst, bits, startbyte, startmask);01:50
fabbioneexit gdb01:51
Treenaksshould I have done 'next' instead of 'step' ?01:51
fabbioneand set a break point to that funciont01:51
fabbioneotherwise gimme access and i will do it myself ;)01:51
Treenaksfabbione: I know how it works :)01:52
Treenaksrinse, repeat until you hit a call to libc :)01:52
fabbionethan you can help me just doing:01:53
fabbioneapt-get source xfree86 01:53
fabbionecd xfree86-<tab>01:53
fabbionefakeroot make -f debian/rules setup01:53
fabbionecd build-tree/xc01:53
=== Ex-Cyber [nobody@rdu162-230-005.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneand send me a patch when you have done ;)01:53
fabbioneor send me that damn card01:54
Treenaksfabbione: it's a laptop :)01:54
fabbioneor gimme your bank account number.. i can send you 10 Euros for an ATI or something :P01:54
Treenaksfabbione: but anyway -- FbDoLeftMaskByteMergeRop seems to be a macro or something.. there's no function by that name01:54
fabbione#define FbDoLeftMaskByteMergeRop(dst, src, lb, l) { \01:55
fabbione    FbBits  __xor = ((src) & _ca2) ^ _cx2; \01:55
fabbione    FbDoLeftMaskByteRRop(dst,lb,l,((src) & _ca1) ^ _cx1,__xor); \01:55
fabbioneyeah it's a macro01:55
fabbione#define FbDoMaskRRop(dst, and, xor, mask) \01:56
fabbione    (((dst) & ((and) | ~(mask))) ^ (xor & mask))01:56
fabbioneand it ends here01:56
=== bender [~fnid@81-26-232-162.brf-vulkanen.se] has joined #ubuntu
fabbione(after 5 bunches all over the code)01:56
Treenakswhich is just bit magic01:56
=== gorpin [~gorpin@BSN-250-17-13.dsl.siol.net] has joined #ubuntu
benderhi! i have a rought time making gdm using XDMCP. event tho it's checked in the gdm configuration, i can't connect to the box with it.01:58
fabbioneTreenaks: i am double checking.. just to be sure i didn't miss anything01:59
Treenaksfabbione: I'm getting the source02:00
=== dutch [~dutch@rdu26-224-072.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-27-114.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneTreenaks: at which depth is the frambuffer initialized?02:01
fabbione16 bits?02:01
Treenaksfabbione: X frame buffer?02:01
fabbionewhat is the depth of the screen?02:01
Treenaksfabbione: uh.. I run X at 24 bits, but the crash is reproducable at 16 bits as well02:01
fabbione24 or 16 bits?02:01
fabbioneat 24 bits it should be calling fbblt2402:02
Treenaksshall I try at 8?02:02
fabbioneand not fbblt02:02
Treenaksfabbione: maybe fbblt24 is an a macro as well?02:02
fabbionecould be02:02
Treenaksargh, need build-deps as well02:03
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneTreenaks: no if you want only the source02:04
Treenaksfabbione: it needs at least dbs and build-essential to unpack I guess02:06
fabbioneotherwise you can do it manually02:06
fabbioneuntar the thing02:06
Treenaksit's already running..02:06
Treenaksyay for uncapped ADSL :)02:07
Treenakswait a minute.. kernel module vesafb is loaded..02:08
TreenaksI'll unload that..02:08
=== fabbione smells so much of burning crap around
=== damienp [Damien@] has joined #Ubuntu
Treenaksfabbione: still crashes02:10
=== lypanov [~alex@fw1.lunatech.com] has joined #ubuntu
lypanovanyone know how to compile qt using programs on ubuntu?02:11
lypanove.g, kde :)02:11
fabbionelypanov: it's enough to enable universe archive in /etc/apt/sources.list02:12
jdublypanov: you can install kde from universe02:12
fabbioneTreenaks: ok :(02:12
lypanovwant to compile...02:12
jdublypanov: you might want to check out jriddell's repository02:13
jdublypanov: might be mentioned on the wiki, definitely mentioned on the mailing list02:13
lypanovstill... need to compile02:13
lypanovso no repo is really gonna help02:13
Riddellsomeone called?02:13
jdublook at that02:13
jdubit's the man :)02:13
lypanovwhy on earth didn't gaim complete Riddell...02:13
=== lypanov larts gaim
lypanovRiddell: you happen to know the ./configure line to get kde to actually see my qt install?02:14
Riddelllypanov: no, it's always just worked for me, where is your qt install?02:14
=== lypanov larts himself :)
jdub"not installed" ;)02:15
lypanovThe following NEW packages will be installed:02:15
lypanov  libqt3-mt-dev02:15
lypanovThe following packages will be REMOVED:02:15
lypanov  libqt3-dev02:15
=== lypanov grumbles
RiddellI should make a KDE page on the wiki02:16
lypanovi hate the devel seperation in debian/ubuntu its wasted me crap loads of time02:16
lypanovRiddell: that would rock :)02:16
=== lypanov removes all the --with-qt-blah=blah stuff from his command line
Treenaksfabbione: doesn't upstream have any clue (the bug is still present in xorg..)02:16
lypanovupstream never has a clue :)02:17
jdubRiddell: probably best to start off on UniverseProposals02:17
lypanovyay. compile bitch compile02:17
lypanovthx Riddell / jdub / fabbione02:17
Riddelllypanov: all distributions separate devel and non devel for libraries, saves disk space02:18
=== lypanov is a gentoo / slackware lover :P
lypanovstill i'd love an option "-imadevel" that would just *always* install the -dev versions02:19
=== fredix [~fred@parmentier-6-82-225-62-172.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
housetierI thought that's what gentoo was created for02:19
=== anders [~anders@cD9088A1D.sdsl.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== goatboy [~tim@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
lypanovhousetier: shame that i just don't have the cpu power to run it anymore02:21
CortoMalteselypanov: that's why i'm moving to ubuntu from gentoo too :(02:22
lypanovCortoMaltese: sucks :(02:22
lypanovubuntu is *just* good enough though02:22
lypanovso nm02:23
CortoMalteseare you already using it?02:23
fabbioneTreenaks: the fb stuff in xorg is older than the one we have now02:23
fabbioneTreenaks: and there are a few changes on the siliconmotion driver to use different XAA extensions02:24
fabbioneTreenaks: updating the driver itself is not enough02:24
fabbioneTreenaks: you need to greb the xaa stuff and the fb stuff too to be sure 100%02:24
Treenaksfabbione: I tried by compiling xorg from source02:24
Treenaksfabbione: all of it02:24
fabbioneTreenaks: and did you run xorg or only took the driver?02:24
TreenaksI ran all of xorg02:25
fabbionethan there is nothing i can check.. we will have to open a bug upstream02:25
fabbionefor your testing i understood that you only used the driver02:25
fabbioneanyway i am off for the weekend02:27
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-27-114.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneTreenaks: thanks a lot for your tests02:27
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneTreenaks: whatever you figure out just add it to the bug02:27
fabbionemonday i will push the bug upstream02:27
=== Francis is now known as Homer|away
fabbioneor bug daniels to do so ;)02:27
Treenaksfabbione: OK :)02:28
Treenaksfabbione: have a nice weekend02:28
fabbionethanks you too02:28
fabbionei might pass by once in a while ;)02:28
=== ioslipstream [~ioslipstr@CPE-69-23-100-208.new.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
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=== jacob [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
jacobIs upgrading from the Warty pre-release to the real version supported/supposed to work flawlessly ?02:45
=== cujosuperfly [~cfleck@adsl-68-251-155-30.dsl.ipltin.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== pooh_ [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu
cujosuperflyjdub - remember me?  i was having problems with the touchpad02:47
Treenaksjacob: just keep upgrading daily..02:47
Kamionjacob: yes02:47
jacobTreenaks, Kamion, great, ill install it then right away02:48
cujosuperflyi just removed the synaptic entry from the the XFConfig file.  I dont know yet if there are any major disadvantages, but firefox is usable now02:48
=== kelvin [~markus@as4-4-6.t.lk.bonet.se] has joined #ubuntu
Iorekright away? I thought it was out the 28th02:49
jordiIorek: there are tests cd's02:49
Iorekoh, those :)02:51
Iorekwell, I update weekly02:51
=== damienp [Damien@] has left #Ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Baumihi, is the LIRC module included in ubuntu?02:51
=== igo1 [~igor@83-65-63-36.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #ubuntu
mirHow is Ubuntu compared to Mepis ?..02:54
mirAnyone knows?02:54
cujosuperflymir - just basically?02:54
Baumii tryed mepis today.. it didnt start ;-)02:55
mirYepp.. I know that Mepis is KDE and Ubuntu is GNOME (by default).. Thats why I want to try Ubuntu I like gnome, are there other differences.. on a general level02:55
cujosuperflymepis is kde-happy and last i checked, cost money.  i played with it about say 6 months ago, and it wasn't too shabby.02:56
igo1does anyone know how to get write privileges on a ntfs partition? i think my fstab is okay02:56
Iorekyou need extra soft for that02:57
igo1which soft?02:57
mircujosuperfly: Hmm.. I Think it is free... or they have a free version ?.. The reviews about it are very good, execpt for that it is KDE and I just cant stand KDE02:58
Iorekno idea, but a quick search on linuxquestions.org should give you soem answers :)02:58
=== afonit [~afonit@] has joined #ubuntu
jacobIs there a package list of what is on the cd ?03:01
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mirnomir,   are you the owner of that nick ?03:01
mirMirno: Yes03:02
Mirnomir,   'k03:02
mirMirno: Its our family name03:02
Mirnomir,   My name is Mironov ..03:02
Mirnomir,   mdr03:02
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mirnomir,  I used to use that nick, but somebody registered it ;( hh03:03
Mirnomir,   bah, nevermind03:03
mirMirno: I have been using it for at least hmm.. 10 years?03:03
MirnoI used it a long time ago.03:04
Mirnofew years, not 10 03:04
=== lypanov likes "mdr"
mir:-).. I registered it for maybee 2 years ago in this net03:04
IorekMirno,: ah, Dutch mumbo Jumbo ;)03:04
cujosuperflyanyone have problems installing tetex-doc and/or tetex-extra?  synaptic can't find them03:04
Mirnolypanov,   it means Mort De Rire in french, litterally dead of fun ....03:04
mirOki. I have downloaded Ubuntu, and burned so I am going to reboot now, and install it.. wish be luck... see u later03:05
Mirnogood luck03:05
cujosuperflyi stand corrected on the mepis thing.  they have free versions.  last time i was there i just noticed the pay ones.03:05
Iorekbut it's KDE03:05
afonitcujosuperfly:  go into your synaptic preferences and check the other repositories, then youw ill see it03:05
cujosuperflyafonit  - they are all checked except for the cdrom one.  i dont have the cd with me03:06
yyc747is ubuntu free-software-only?03:07
lypanovMirno: "death from laughing" right?03:07
Mirnolypanov,   yep03:08
yyc747how much of a pain is it to set up non-free? (option in installer, uncommenting lines, or what)?03:08
lypanovit always makes me grin :)03:08
Mirnolypanov,   hehe03:08
lypanovand i don't even speak french :P03:08
lypanovthose must be the words i know :P03:08
Iorekit beats "rolling over the floor laughing"03:08
IorekI mean, imagine that03:08
lypanovbut rotflmao is funny :)03:09
Iorekhas anybody ever in the history of man rolled over the floor laughing?03:09
Mirnolypanov,   bah English speaking people usuallyu don't even bother speaking other languages than there's ... 03:09
Iorekklopt :p03:09
lypanovja zeker wel03:09
Mirnolypanov,   Ny y po rouski toje ?03:09
lypanovcomo estas?03:09
Treenakslypanov: Help! Nog iemand die Nederlands spreekt :P03:09
lypanovnyet or whatever it is03:09
lypanovMirno: i'm half dutch half english03:10
=== magnon [~magnon@] has joined #ubuntu
lypanovTreenaks: hehe. mooi zo :P03:10
Iorekal mijn vragen in het Engels en blijkt heel het kanaal Nederlandstalig03:10
Iorekkom da tegen03:10
afonitif anyone in here uses inkscape, do you know how to insert a bullet?03:10
Mirnoptdr = would be more like Farting of Laughting ...03:10
lypanovMirno: lol03:10
=== kez [~kez@host-84-9-88-19.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
MirnoPt De Rire03:10
Iorek"het" account doesn't seem right03:10
kezhi :)03:11
TreenaksIorek: translating "account" as "rekening" is not entirely correct either03:11
lypanovIorek: kspreek nederlands maar 3 jaartjes dus voeg ik tje na gewoon alles dan is alles gewoon een hetje :P03:11
Mirnowell Pter de rire would be Farting of Laughting .. but Pt de rire would be more like .. uh .. stone (or whatsoever you call it when ya had drugs or beeing drunk) of laughting03:11
=== igo1 [~igor@83-65-63-36.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has left #ubuntu []
=== Juz_moi [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
lypanovIorek: kheb ut van mn 13 jaar oud nichtje geleerd :P03:12
Iorekgoeie leraar precies ;)03:12
lypanov'eeeel goede eigenlijk ben best blij ermeej :>03:12
Iorekmaar "ut" is wel iets typisch 13-jarig meisje ja...:P03:13
=== polok [~polok@1Cust84.tnt2.wollongong.au.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksIorek: ermeej ook :)03:13
lypanovegt ook tog? :P03:13
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kelvinanybody out there using wifi?03:13
kelvinmy wireless was working fine until last night03:13
lypanovkvind ut wel vet dat ik zo makkelijk net als een 13 jarig meisje kan doen hihi03:13
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== lypanov giechelt ff
kelvinwhen I did an apt-get upgrade03:13
=== lypanov gives up
Ioreklypanov: yeah, alle pedofielen van heel het internet achter uw gat :P03:14
lypanovkut dan kap ik ermeej :P03:14
Iorekghaaa! You suddenly aged at least ten years!03:14
Treenakskelvin: yes, it works fine for me.. what kind of wifi card do you have?03:14
kelvinan smc 11g-card03:14
plovs_worklypanov, misschien moeten we dit kanaal #ubuntu-nl noemen?03:14
kelvinTreenaks, it was working fine03:14
Treenakskelvin: that works for me...03:14
lypanovpourquoi non?03:15
kelvinwhen was the last time you did an apt-get upgrade?03:15
Iorekbtw, seems like an mp3 encoder isn't installed...at least sound juicer tells me so03:15
lypanovIorek: OGGGGG :P03:15
lypanovIorek: else lame is 133703:15
Treenaksok.. #ubuntu-nl exists03:15
Iorekogg kan wel beter zijn03:15
kelvinTreenaks, are you using the same card?03:15
Ioreken lame zit nie in ubuntu repo03:16
Iorekenfin...ogg it is :P03:16
Treenakskelvin: yes, SMC 11G card03:16
Treenakskelvin: pcmcia03:16
lypanovohja geen lame snie leuk he03:16
kelvinTreenaks, me too03:16
=== fridge [~fridge@dsl-203-33-161-152.NSW.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
kelvinTreenaks, when was the last time you did an apt-get upgrade?03:16
Treenakskelvin: this morning03:16
=== lypanov ponders getting a new pcmcia card
Treenakskelvin: but I have some trouble connecting to my wifi laptop now yes03:17
fridgehi, can anyone give me the right dev= line for a IDE burner for cdrecord? I can't seem to get it right03:17
Treenaksit worked for a while03:17
Treenaksfridge: dev=/dev/hdwhatever (where whatever is the name of your CD-burner)03:17
plovs_workfridge, /dev/hdc /dev/hdd, look into /etc/fstab03:17
kelvindoesn't cdrecord auto-scan for burners?03:18
fridgeI was trying all sorts of stuff with ATAPI:03:18
=== font_ [~font@177.Red-217-126-40.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_workkelvin, ide-scsi , not 2.6 ide stuff03:19
=== Kamion [~cjwatson@host81-153-126-219.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
fridgeTreenaks, plovs_work thanks03:20
fridgeI think I've done it 3 different ways now03:22
fridgein debian it started with the IDE-SCSI module03:22
fridgethen started using ATAPI: prefix03:22
fridgenow its direct to the block device03:22
=== stianh [~stian@c5100AA20.inet.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
stianhUbuntu is nice :D03:22
=== nbrown [~nbrown@h0030bdca9317.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
stianhThumbs up :)03:22
plovs_workfridge, waiting to get rid of cdrecord03:23
Iorekactually, does something like K3b for Gnome exist?03:24
kelvinIorek: nothing good... :-)03:25
Iorekheh, thought so03:25
=== madduck [~madduck@madduck.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
kelvinso far, nautilus-cd-burner has worked incredibly well for me03:25
deFrysknothing like nautilus for iso-burning though03:25
deFryskkelvin, agree03:26
plovs_workIorek, xcdroast, but not as good03:26
kelvinxcdroast has the worst UI in the universe03:26
kelvinhate it. 03:26
plovs_workdeFrysk, you can burn an iso from nautilus, or that is not what you meant?03:26
deFryskplovs_work, yup03:26
=== ploum [~ploum@19-127.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksplovs_work: you can burn ISOs but also make CDs with files03:26
=== jdub loves n-c-b :-)
kelvinapparently, rhythmbox cvs can burn audio cd's03:27
Treenaksall n-c-b needs is audio CD burning capabilities03:27
kelvinby using n-c-b as a backend03:27
Treenaks(using gstreamer to convert everything of course)03:27
Iorekjust trying to figure out HOW you'd burn cds with nautilus cd burner :P03:27
Treenaksand video CD/DVD support03:27
deFryskgnome2.10 wil be great 03:27
=== jovian [~jovian@c-24-118-74-107.mn.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskwith cool new stuff03:27
TreenaksIorek: check out the Places menu03:27
=== afonit [~afonit@] has joined #ubuntu
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pittiIorek: insert a blank cd, or right-click on an ISO and select "burn"03:28
kelvinTreenaks, is your wifi working or not?  :-)03:28
plovs_workjust but overburning to on in config editor03:28
kelvinI'm on wired atm03:28
pittiIorek: or select it from Places, yes03:28
jovianhow can I install a package from the harddrive?03:28
plovs_workif the cd is too big03:28
Treenakskelvin: uh it seems to be doing weird stuff now, but it worked before03:28
pittijovian: dpkg -i foo.deb03:28
deFryskdpkg -i <file>03:28
jovianthanks pitti and deFrysk03:28
stianhI like Ubuntu so much right now, that I am thinking of putting it on my laptop, does anyone have any experience with Ubuntu on laptops?03:29
AndersAAstianh: works great on my laptop03:29
Treenaksstianh: I do, works great03:30
pantzhi ubuntu-ers - i just updated with synaptic and it installed a new version of 'hal' - but with a slip of my finger i said no to accepting the new config file03:30
AndersAAdetected all my hardware fine too03:30
kelvinstianh, I run it on my laptop right now03:30
plovs_workdeFrysk, what will be new in 2.10?03:30
stianhAndersAA, Treenaks: cool :=)03:30
pantzi reinstalled hal to try to get the option of accepting the new config file but it didn't prompt me on reinstall03:30
Kamionpantz: the new one should be in /etc/wherever.dpkg-new03:30
pantzany ideas on how i can use the new one03:30
pantzKamion: thanks03:30
stianhstill, I'll keep it running on my desktop for a few days before I put it on my laptop :)03:30
Iorekgrm so much for drag n drop...nautilus would be so much easier if there was a twin window option somewhere :P03:31
TreenaksIorek: twin window option?03:31
Iorekcommander style03:31
Iorek(that sounded cool)03:31
TreenaksIorek: oh of course..03:31
Treenaksmetacity needs focus work first..03:32
IorekI want nautilus to improve, COMMANDER STYLE!03:32
TreenaksIorek: 8)03:32
rossLord_Shadow: use gnome-commander03:32
Iorekit's not in the ubuntu repo, and getting it in universe requires a shitload of packages to be changed03:32
pantzKamion: any idea how to restart hal? 03:33
=== fredix [~fred@moncey-2-82-67-23-104.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
carlosKamion: do we have a cd check option with the installer?03:34
Kamionpantz: /etc/init.d/hal restart or similar, I guess03:34
jdubnup not anymore03:35
jdubyou just restart d-bus03:35
Kamioncarlos: yes, either (boot in expert mode, or go back to the main menu), then 'check CD-ROM integrity'03:35
pantzKamion: just found it - yeah it was d-bus03:35
pantznames were close :/   NOT03:35
carlosKamion: a user says that the installer fails always installing a package, so I'm thinking on redirect to the CDROM check dialog03:36
carlosKamion: thanks03:36
Kamioncarlos: yes, likely a duff CD03:36
=== anders [~anders@cD9088A1D.sdsl.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
font_hi all, what to do if i find a specific manpage is not up to date?03:38
Kamionfile a bug03:38
=== Zindar [~bagfors@] has joined #ubuntu
ploumIs there an easy way to convert a Debian into Ubuntu without reinstalling all ?03:41
seb128you can pin warty > 1000 and dist-upgrade03:41
seb128but that's not == a fresh install03:42
rosspersonally i recommend a fresh install03:42
rossmuch nicer03:42
seb128me too03:42
rossonly takes 20 minutes03:42
ploumwell, I think I will do this for my mother03:42
ploumsimply keeping her "/home" (on another partition)03:42
ploumBut she have a wireless cards no supported under Linux (and I've bought a Linuxant wrapper)03:43
joolzi have a notebook (asus a2500) which now dual boots fc2 and win2k. Should I expect any problems when I remove fc2 and install ubuntu instead?03:46
Treenaksjoolz: o03:46
joolzTreenaks: that's the right answer :) Thanks03:46
Iorekjoolz yes. Your notebook will mysteriously steal small but valuable objects03:46
Iorek*nods sagely*03:47
joolzIorek: bummer. OK, that's it, no ubuntu then :)03:47
IorekOTHER people's valuable objects03:47
Iorekit's an extra reason03:47
Iorekwe're all getting rich very fast lately03:48
joolzIIRC there were grub issues when dual booting with win2k. So ubuntu doesn't have these?03:48
Ioreknot to my knowledge. Maybe someone else knows?03:49
=== stratus [~stratus@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jono [~jono@82-37-194-90.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
jonohi all03:50
|trey|joolz: yes, its an upstream bug for grub... appears to be fixed though... I don't use Winblows, so I couldn't tell you for sure...03:51
=== x4m [~max@153-218.243.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== font_ [~font@177.Red-217-126-40.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
|trey|Just out of curiosity, who is doing the Ubuntu artwork?03:53
|trey|(namely the icons etc)03:53
joolz|trey|: maybe I'll give it a go this weekend on the notebook. I'll let you guys know how it went.03:54
|trey|joolz: sounds good... if you have problems, make sure to file bugs about it...03:55
=== junknick [~ghfir@p50861DF2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ploum [~ploum@21-2.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
ploumf*** connection !!03:57
=== Treenaks blames the Belgians
ploumSorry, I don't know if you've seen my previous messages and if you have replied03:57
IorekI resent that!03:58
ploumI was talking alone for a while (my ISP change my IP every 20minutes and the modem is not aware that the IP has changed)03:58
=== Alby [~alexi91@jeannedarc-3-82-67-86-187.fbx.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu []
joolzTreenaks: Belgium: the Canada of Europe :)04:01
=== topyli [~juha@ktlpc219.edu.helsinki.fi] has left #ubuntu []
=== aitrus [~foo@] has joined #ubuntu
Iorekklein beetje kleiner...:)04:03
ploumYes, belgian jokes are very popular..04:03
ploumbecause even non-belgian undestand it04:03
joolzploum: I don't get it (maarja, k ben dan ook maar een nederlandse limburger :)04:04
=== togs [~chris@] has joined #ubuntu
togsare people answering questions today? :)04:06
Kamionthat depends on the question. :)04:06
togsheh, I guess so04:06
joolztogs: if someone answered that with "no", it would mean "yes", no?04:06
ploumjoolz, we zijn misschien klein, maar we hebben drie taalen en dat is een beetje moielijk voor mij ;)04:07
togsjust that the pretty login screen won't come up any more, i just updated Ubuntu, and I have to type startx to get GNOME up04:07
togsjoolz, I don't understand04:07
joolzploum: inderdaad. Ik hier maar een paar, PHP, plpgsql en bash-script :)04:07
togsif you mean that I would've asked anyway, well, you'd be wrong :)04:08
=== Mithrandir [~tfheen@vawad.err.no] has joined #ubuntu
ploumjoolz, php and bash script zijn niet officieel taalen in belgie :-)   (maar een dag misschien, ik hope zo ;) )04:08
joolzploum: :)04:09
joolztogs: you asked "are questions being answered?". That's a question, so if an answer came (regardless what it was) the answer would be yes.04:10
=== joolz hates to explain jokes :)
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
togsah, I gotcha04:10
Iorek*gniffel :P04:10
=== Wsquared is now known as WW_
ploumThat's the story of the advocate with a panel saying : "I answer two questions for 1000$, you can ask whatever you want"04:11
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
=== phil_ [~phil@host81-152-65-149.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
ploumAnd the guy talk to the advocate and ask : "do you really answer any questions for 1000$ ?"04:11
ploum"Yes, and now what's your second question ?"04:12
=== punkass__ [~punkass@] has joined #ubuntu
=== StoneTable [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
togsheh :)04:12
Iorekobvious :)04:13
togsI'm gonna try a full reboot. wish me luck :P04:13
=== togs [~chris@] has joined #ubuntu
WW_Whenever I boot, I get kernel messages (errors?) about hw_random.  Can I get rid of these somehow?04:16
togsyeah, that fixed it, sorry for asking a pointless question04:16
togsguess I shoulda tried a full reboot first :)04:17
=== togs bonks self on head
=== Iorek [~san@135.96-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has left #ubuntu []
WW_Is hw_random a kernel module?  Could I just put it in the blacklist?04:18
TreenaksWW_: why would you do that?04:18
WW_Because I get errors whenever I boot, saying it failed.04:19
joolzWW_: same here, don't know what it is04:19
=== lypanov just noticed a bug in apt-get :)
lypanovapt-get install kdelibs4-dev04:20
lypanovkdelibs-dev even04:20
lypanovdidn't work04:20
lypanovi had to run it twice :)04:20
joolzbtw, I have 1gb ram, I read somewhere that U supports only 800mb (something like that). I'm running the default kernel now... Will that cause any problems?04:20
togsi get an error about some PCMIA socket not working, using yenta instead or something like that, when i boot, it doesn't seem to hurt it though :)04:20
WW_togs: I get that too.04:21
WW_joolz: You can access the full gig by using the -686 kernel instead of -386.04:22
togsWW_, does it worry your install at all? I don't even know what it is :)04:22
joolzWW_: ok, tx04:22
Treenakstogs: it's just n informational message04:22
Ex-Cyberjoolz: my memory's a bit fuzzy on this but I think the normal kernel cap is 960MB and it'll work fine but you won't be able to use the full 1GB04:22
Treenaksyenta is the better driver anyway 8)04:22
togsis there a way to view a logof the startup messages?04:22
WW_togs: I think there were some ubuntu devs talking ubuntu trying to run pcmcia stuff on a desktop.  I thought that eventually the yenta stuff would get fixed, but not yet.04:23
togsmeh, i dunno04:24
joolzsudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6-686 wants to install lilo ???04:25
togsas long as the updates don't bust anything, i'm happy :)04:25
WW_togs: I just reread what I wrote.  That wasn't too clear!  My understanding is that ubuntu tries to load PCMCIA modules on ANY computer, even if it is a desktop.04:25
WW_i.e. even if it is not a laptop.04:26
togsWW_, you're talking to the novice of novices, so as long as someone knows what's going on, i'm fine with that :)04:26
togsah, so PCMCIA is laptop only stuff?04:28
WW_togs: Right.04:28
togsoky 04:28
jacobWhy does the MD5SUMS differ for the diff. download locations ?04:29
WW_togs: My understanding (also at the novice level) is that it is a bug, but a harmless one.  Really, if your computer is not a laptop, ubuntu shouldn't even try to install the PCMCIA stuff.04:29
togsWW_, I suppose this is what comes of using a preview install :)04:29
WW_togs:  Right.  It's more fun this way :-)04:30
togson that note, when Ubuntu offcially comes out, we won't have to install it agin, we can just update?04:30
WW_togs: That's what I was told.04:31
Tomcat_What does uname -a print at the moment?04:31
joolzthis is a preview?? Woaw, just like using windows again :)04:31
togsheh, i've had this installed for about a week or so, haven't used XP since then :)04:32
joolzLinux joolz #1 Mon Sep 27 10:50:47 UTC 2004 i686 GNU/Linux04:32
=== joolz doing the kernel 686 upgrade right now
=== Lathiat_ [~lathiat@sweep.bur.st] has joined #ubuntu
joolzstrange that apt wants to install lilo and sources too04:33
joolzok, now the reboot (brb)04:34
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
ploummy friend has just installed Ubuntu on his Laptop. All is fine except he has no sound (no /dev/dsp ).  Is it a know bug ? (a Dell Laptop)04:34
maswanMithrandir: around? I got another amd64 bug now04:35
WW_Ah, I found a similar complaint about hw_random in bugzilla #1552: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=155204:35
maswanMithrandir: grub: "selected item cannot fit into memory" or something like that.04:35
maswanMithrandir: (I tried on one of the dl145s instead of ravel)04:36
Mithrandirmaswan: hm, using the preview or a daily?04:36
maswanMithrandir: preview04:36
Mithrandirmaswan: known issue; use a daily04:36
maswanMithrandir: Ok.04:36
Mithrandir(it's the 2GB grub limit)04:36
=== mxpxpod [~forbesbd@eth13.com-link.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== joolz back
=== maswan only mirrors the releases though
Mithrandirmaswan: if it's not fixed in the dailies, file a bug, assign it to me and whine loudly. :)04:37
WW_Are there supposed to be symlinks in / to initrd and vmlinuz files that are in /boot?04:37
=== maswan downloads the current daily then
=== maswan sighs a bit about it not being a netinst :)
=== n2linux [~matt@cs6625177-145.austin.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
maswanMithrandir: btw, I just got a cd/dvd burner in my workstation at work, so now I won't have to crawl down to a collegues machine in another office. ;)04:40
Mithrandirmaswan: nice. :)  I'm considering getting a DVD dual-layer, external USB+firewire recorder thingy..04:41
=== maswan mumbles something about 1M/s means several minutes for a single iso
Mithrandironly is plextor doesn't ship the one I want yet, they only have an internal PATA (or possibly SATA) version.04:41
ploumwhat's the source list of Ubuntu ? (I want to try to add Ubuntu stuff on my Debian)04:41
WW_Sorry, I don't know how the boot process works.  Is it normal to have symlinks in the root directory / to the files initrd.img, initrd.img.old, vmlinuz, mvlinuz.old that are in /boot?04:41
Mithrandirploum: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main04:42
Mithrandirploum: but you're very much on your own doing something like that.04:42
WW_I thought all that stuff stayed in /boot04:42
ploumthx Mithrandir 04:44
=== xTina [~xTina@pD9054AD5.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
maswanah, nevermind, it was my own stupidity that limited bandwidth04:46
=== LinSpider [~LinSpider@u81-11-139-83.adsl.scarlet.be] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirmaswan ;)04:46
=== G-LiTe [~g-lite@ip503dc86f.speed.planet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
maswanstupid microscopic standard max tcp window size04:47
Mithrandirit's fixed in 2.6.8, isn't it?04:48
=== hiro [~hiro@c-67-161-146-48.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
hiroHey guys04:50
=== tomcat1 [~tomcat@] has joined #ubuntu
hiroTrying to install PHP on PPC platform04:50
hiroAre there no packages for this? I always get 404 not found04:50
Mithrandirrun apt-get update first?04:51
hirolemme try04:51
togsheh, the music for frozen bubble is good04:51
hiroright, that fixed it (silly me)04:52
hirothanks. Mithrandir04:52
maswanMithrandir: dunno, haven't checked that. I run default woody 686 kernel on my workstation.04:53
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== netdur [~chatzilla@adsl-250-28-192-81.adsl.iam.net.ma] has joined #ubuntu
netdurhow do I install ppp? (in order to use adsl modem, I use redhat9 now)04:54
maswanMithrandir: is there an easy option for "no, don't copy all packages to the hd"?04:58
maswanMithrandir: at the end of the first install section?04:58
=== maswan heads down for another install attempt
Mithrandirmaswan: there's some debconf param when booting, I don't remember.05:00
polokoff to bed05:00
=== tomcat1 downloading daily built iso of 8 Oct to try :-)
=== tomcat1 love the ubuntu linux since preview version
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== WW_ [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
netdurhow to install ppp?05:11
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-87-250.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
rossnetdur: it should be installed already i think, but "sudo apt-get install ppp" or use synaptic05:12
netdurit's already installed here, and I need to install ppp to use my modem! i'm online from red hat 905:13
defendguinwhen i booted up just now i noticed something in the boot sequesnce i havent seen before.  it said laptop_mode.  is this new?05:13
netdurI mean, it's NOT already05:13
netdursorry for my english05:13
lypanovgotta run05:13
lypanovciao all05:13
togsso you need a seperate ppp package?05:13
=== lypanov [~alex@fw1.lunatech.com] has left #ubuntu []
netduryep, I think I need to find it online, download then dpkg -i05:14
netdurI don't know where is it... for ubuntu I mean05:14
rossnetdur: no, it's on the ubuntu CD05:14
netdurhow do I install from cd?05:15
netdurapt-get install ppp?05:15
togsso you should be able to use synaptic? i think05:15
netdurok, let me reboot... I will tell you if I could install05:16
netdurbye and thanks05:16
=== _brandx_ [~brandx_@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Iorek [~san@135.96-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
maswanMithrandir: Ok, that worked. I guess the graphical stuff is more rewarding if you have a mouse though. :)05:22
=== ElRaton [~lerat@tofu.eu.org] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirmaswan: use "custom" at the start of the installer to go custom. :P05:23
=== mxpxpod [~forbesbd@eth13.com-link.com] has joined #ubuntu
maswanMithrandir: I'm a bit miffed about getting the wrong keyboard mappings though, but that install won't live long enough for me to care really. :)05:24
Mithrandirmaswan: it should be correct, I'd think..05:24
maswanMithrandir: I chose english language but location Sweden... it appears that the logic assumes language = keyboard?05:25
Mithrandiryeah, possibly.05:25
=== maswan suggests a question if language doesn't match location: english/swedish/other
Mithrandirmaswan: file a wishlist bug?05:26
Mithrandirmaswan: or prod Kamion until he fixes it. :P05:26
=== G-LiTe [~g-lite@ip503dc86f.speed.planet.nl] has left #ubuntu ["*Poof*"]
=== paxetil [~paxetil@adsl-b4-98-229.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== maswan looks and tries to become friends with bugzilla, something that failed miserably last time he tried (the gnome bugzilla though)
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-70.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirmaswan: we have mr. Bugzilla on board, though. :)05:28
maswanMithrandir: how about a bts-compatible email interface? :)05:29
Mithrandirmaswan: we'll hopefully get an email interface at some point, but Not Ready Yet :/05:30
=== evilstoy [HydraIRC@cmung3629.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmaswan: current versions of the installer ask for the keymap05:32
Kamionmaswan: the preview didn't05:32
maswanKamion: I just installed today's current amd64 cdimage and didn't get a question, just for language and location.05:33
Kamionmaswan: definitely /daily/current/?05:33
Kamionmaswan: that's a bug then, please send /var/log/syslog from the installer05:33
maswanKamion: the apt cdrom source said 2004-10-08 (in some date format)05:34
Kamionmaswan: /var/log/debian-installer/syslog if you've already got the system running05:34
maswan# deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 4.10 _Warty Warthog_ - Preview amd64 Binary-1 (20041008)] / unstable main restricted05:34
maswanto be exact05:34
maswanKamion: where do you want it? an http source right now?05:35
=== phil_ [~phil@host81-152-65-149.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
maswanKamion: or in a mail/bug somewhere?05:36
Kamionmaswan: attached to a new bug would be ideal05:36
maswanKamion: ok05:37
=== mir [~mir@h251n2c1o1003.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
mirI have just installed Ubuntu Linux, updated it with the latest patches etc... most things did go well.. howevery, videoplayback is not working.. I either get a black screen in totem, and with the voice working, or a error msg depending on what type of media file, the error is probably related to the codec not being installed, thats ok... but the blackscreen thing is not.. Anyone got an idea?05:43
=== takatumi [nach@] has joined #ubuntu
mirNo one here?05:44
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
miroki.. I'll return later then05:44
=== Wsquared is now known as WW_
=== jono [~jono@82-37-194-90.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Iorekmir: try installing the codecs05:45
maswanKamion: there you go, enjoy!05:46
rossmir: install totem-xine and try that05:46
Iorekah yes, and that too ;)05:47
Iorektotem-xine and w32codecs05:47
maswanMithrandir: is there any difference in kernel for amd64 on the daily/current and the preview? That is, is there any point of me trying it on ravel?05:47
=== _brandx_ [~brandx_@] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirmaswan: I don't know, actually.05:47
mirthere is no package totem-xine in the ubuntu rep05:48
mirseems it was, but is taken away05:48
=== jono [~jono@82-37-194-90.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
mirAm I suposed to install it from somewhere else ?... Im asking just to make sure, and do things ubuntu way :-)05:50
maswanMithrandir: aren't you supposed to know? :)05:50
=== tomcat1 [~tomcat@] has left #ubuntu []
=== LinuxJones [~LJ@blk-222-206-208.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirmaswan: I'm not the one doing kernels, but I don't _think_ there has been any kernel update.05:51
LinuxJoneshi everyone !!05:52
=== miratug [~miratug@] has joined #ubuntu
WW_mir: On my system, totem-xine is from the universe component.  If you don't know how to access the universe component, follow the first three steps here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SynapticHowto05:53
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
maswanMithrandir: well, that's enough for today anyway. perhaps next week. :)05:53
WW_mir: Then hit Update05:54
WW_mir: Oops, I mean hit Reload (not Update)05:54
=== anders [~anders@cD9088A1D.sdsl.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionmaswan: the kernel's been updated somewhat since the preview, yes; see the warty-changes list05:56
=== Erunamo [~Erunamo@61-123.dhcp.cs.uta.fi] has joined #ubuntu
mirWW_: Supose i should have read the docs first. I just assumed that Ubuntu added all the repositiries they had automatically (the official ones)..05:57
=== nickjunk [~ghfir@p50861DF2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
andersanybody has some ubuntu-grubsplash pictures?05:58
WW_mir: Take a look here to learn more about ubuntu components: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/components/document_view05:58
Iorekthey do, but tinkering with universe can be dangerous05:58
nickjunkdamn i hate reconnects right after i asked something05:59
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirWW_: Oki.. I see why it was not enabled default.. does w32codecs exist in universe? or should i get it from mrillats?06:01
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
WW_mir: w32codecs is not carried by ubuntu; you can get it from marillat.06:02
IorekAnders: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/UbuntuArtwork06:02
=== ggi [~ggi@ggi.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
Iorekat th ebottom06:02
LinuxJoneshave a nice weekend everyone06:03
ggiIs anyone else experiencing cracking and popping with Rhythmbox?06:03
=== njs12345 [~njs@dsl-217-155-201-142.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
WW_ggi: Not here.06:07
=== avar [~Huld@Aevar-Arnfjord-Bjarmason.wikipedia] has joined #ubuntu
sriI'm having some strnageness06:10
srilooks like my ypbind is not working because it can't talk to portmapper06:10
sriand I think portmapper is not working because doesn't ping06:11
ggiWW_: It's not too severe on most tracks, but it is very noticeable on some. I get it to a lesser extent with ogg123, but not at all with Muine.06:11
mirI have been running Ubuntu for about 1 hrs.. So far I like it.. I have not tested mouch yet, but it seems ok..06:11
Iorekmir: videos playing now?06:12
mirIorek: Yepp.. Some small flicks in totem, but thats totem.. i will change to another player06:13
WW_ggi: FWIW, all my files are .ogg.06:14
mirAnd its sound output is not correct.. only my headset is making sound.. not speakers.. but thats small fixable things06:14
sriis there some ipchains set up for ubuntu?06:14
Keybukipchains is ancient, dude; iptables has been the tool for two+ kernel versions now06:15
srioops, yeah, thats what I meant.06:15
=== junknick [~ghfir@pD9FF8DF8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sri was looking at old google stuff
sriiptables --list shows nothing so..something else06:16
mirsri: The internet is full of expired linux stuff.. check the dates on the docs.. and witch version of the kernel they are speaking of06:16
sriyesssss..it works.06:17
srinis works..woohoo06:17
afonithey, do you guys know where there is a good trouble shooting guide for evolution, novell's website is not that helpfull06:17
Kamionsri: we don't actually firewall anything by default because we don't open any listening ports by default06:18
_brandx_anyone know what gstreamer plugin is needed to watch asf files?06:18
kelvin_brandx_, sounds like a job for ffmpeg06:19
WW_afonit: Let me know if you find one :-)  I've gotten Evolution help from the generous folks here.06:22
=== j^ [~j@] has joined #ubuntu
j^just tried installing ubuntu on an ibm x40, the only external usb cdrom drive i have will not boot :/06:23
j^what now?06:24
=== irc [~rodden@cpc1-cwma1-6-0-cust169.swan.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
afonitww_: ya seems pretty scarce, just hard to find any info on it06:24
=== dewey_ [~dewey@c-67-168-51-181.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
dewey_good day mates06:25
dewey_ok I just booted the live-cd and it did not find a screen so it did not work.06:25
dewey_now I tried a knoppix live cd and it worked.06:26
WW_afonit: You can also find an evolution mailing list at lists.ximian.com06:26
afonitWW_:  thanks I am going to look into that now so I can search it06:27
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
sriKamion: okay06:31
sristrangely, I rebooted and I'm still having problems talking to portmapper06:31
dewey_so will I have problems installing ubuntu from the i386.iso with not finding a screen?06:31
whiprushphlaegel: around?06:31
=== dark_star [~ds@bsi-uu.bentley.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Tritoch|L [~tritoch@ka45c.hig.no] has joined #ubuntu
Kamiondewey_: well, the live CD does differ from the install CD in a number of ways; you may have better luck with the install CD06:34
sriI forget, how do you renable the root account?06:35
=== WW_ [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== flamtripl3t [~g_dub@S0106002078d4e12e.no.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionsri: 'sudo passwd root'06:35
sriKamion: thank you.06:37
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|sri: sudo (-s) actually grows on you though, give it a shot  :)06:44
|trey|Simular in style to OS X, so you know its been thought out  :)06:44
Iorek3y3 4m r00t!06:45
Iorekor something equally leet06:45
Iorekwhile my three tear old is humming the Emperor's march in the background *grin*06:45
|trey|year* ?06:45
IorekI can't type to save my life06:46
|trey|I can... except the keys run from my fingers sometimes  :(06:46
Iorekif someone put me behind a keyboard and said "type three random sentences and you'll live" I'd be dead before the third second06:46
|trey|Iorek: that made little to no sense  :(06:47
=== |trey| gave synaptics a chance today too, pretty nice tool :)
=== netgrabber [Mr_Netto@host246-60.pool8248.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Iorekwhich proves my point, actually ;)06:48
netgrabberis the amd64 ubuntu a pure64 distri?06:48
netgrabberor is it 32/64bit?06:49
Treenaksnetgrabber: afaik it's as 64bit as possible06:49
Treenaksnetgrabber: (don't call it pure64, that's almost tru64, which is something else ;))06:49
Iorekfeh. 64bits is for pussies. I want 512 bits06:49
netgrabberI had problems using the pure64 port... flash doesn't run etc.06:49
Treenaksnetgrabber: that's because macromedia hasn't ported flash to 64-bit linux yet06:50
Iorek<-- tech talk from someone who's a noob :P06:50
Treenaksnetgrabber: and they won't release enough specs for a nice, working free alternative to be written06:50
TreenaksIorek: 512? pfeh, 64kbit!06:50
Iorekat least!06:50
netgrabberTreenaks, yes I know that. but how does ubuntu handle this at the 64bit port?06:51
|trey|Iorek: How you liking life with Linux so far?  :)06:51
Iorektrey liked Suse much better than XP, and Ubuntu much better than Ubuntu06:51
=== takatumi [nach@] has left #ubuntu []
Treenaksnetgrabber: I think mixing 32- and 64-bit binaries is not allowed (hence, the 32-bit flash does not work in 64-bit zilla)06:51
Iorekand although I'm a noob here, the whole village considers me Nerd of the Nerds06:52
|trey|netgrabber: I don't think AMD64 processors has 32 bit emulation? I thought only Opteron and G5 did?06:52
IorekI actually use a TERMINAL. *GASP*06:52
|trey| and Ubuntu much better than Ubuntu  <-- you don't mean that  ;)06:52
jordidaniels: oooh dude06:52
netgrabberbbl i habe to reboot ;)06:52
IorekUbuntu much better than Suse06:53
|trey|Iorek: the goal of Ubuntu, and desktop distro's in general, is to not make you need to use the terminal *shrug*06:53
yyc747Iorek: I would say you mistyped... it is hard to like ubuntu more than itself06:53
Iorekyes yes I did :P06:53
yyc747yeah, I'm trying to install ubuntu... it's working well so far06:53
yyc747how is the community (read as "will you be stoned for suggesting ubuntu's not the best?")06:54
=== arle [~arlequin@r200-40-82-186.adsl.anteldata.net.uy] has joined #ubuntu
Iorektrey I don't know, nautilus vitches every file I want to ftp with it...so that's command line...06:54
|trey|Iorek: I am coming from Debian, I figure things should be done via GUI only though, else afaict it should be considered a bug...06:54
arleHello, Ubuntuses! ;-)06:54
Iorekwhat the hell was I trying to type there???06:54
=== axe9 [~axe9@] has joined #ubuntu
arleI am looking for the modconf tool in order to load  my sound module..06:54
yyc747having before worked with gentoo and debian, I'm am worried about joining a third overzealous community06:54
=== Gwaihir [~Gwaihir@ppp-193-101.25-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu
axe9Quick question, what program do I use to burn CDs?06:55
PerfDaveyyc747: I've been lurking here for a few days to ascertain that. #ubuntu certainly seems to be fairly polite, but also wanders offtopic a bit too much for my liking.06:55
arleaxe9 k3b06:55
|trey|yyc747: yes, yes you will be stoned for saying Ubuntu's not the best... only because its just hard to find better  :/06:55
Iorektrey yep, but ftp is command line, which works fine, and actually, in general I do everything that nautilus does in a terminal :)06:55
=== Francis [Homer@ip216-239-84-65.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Iorek: GNOME VFS supports FTP, and there is GFTP also...06:55
yyc747you can't blame people for wandering off topic...06:56
axe9GFTP is good06:56
PerfDaveyyc747: Not really, but when it gets in the way of people having problems and those problems being solved, it gets annoying.06:56
axe9How do I run k3b? 06:56
IorekI don't like Nautilus in general...could be much much much better....06:56
goatboy|trey|: opeteron:amd64::athlon:i68606:56
Iorekaxe you don't :)06:56
yyc747|trey|: well, if that's the case, I will be happy.  I like gentoo/portage... I think there should be a project that will allow portage to create deb packages, since portage is an awesome tool for compile-time configuration06:57
|trey|axe9: you install it... activate universe... note its unsupported.06:57
Iorekno, it's true :P06:57
axe9I need to burn some CDs for my sistem06:57
axe9universe is already activated06:57
goatboy|trey|: and any amd64 can run 64bit and 32bin apps side by side.06:57
Iorekaxe: in that case fire up synaptic, activate synaptic, and install it :)06:57
yyc747axe9: I've only ever used mkisofs and cdrecord, so it can be done just by command line06:57
|trey|yyc747: apt-get -b source pkg isn't far off imo... it works  :/06:57
=== de_wizze [~vc@AC9118C0.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
Iorekactivate universe06:58
Iorekmy brain is mush06:58
Iorekdon't listen to me06:58
IorekI'm not on drugs, incidentally06:58
yyc747|trey|: can one specify the equivilant of use flags?06:58
|trey|yyc747: There is a Gentoo developer working for Ubuntu... so he knows how to optimize...06:58
|trey|yyc747: debian/rules06:58
=== tm [~tots@netblock-66-159-251-96.dslextreme.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ggi [~ggi@host81-157-245-99.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
axe9I really need to go to the library and get some books on linux so I can stop bothering you guys06:59
Iorekor apt-get06:59
yyc747axe9: I think I might write a very simple frontend to cdrecord/mkisofs with either gtk or ncurses06:59
yyc747axe9: it wouldn't be too hard, I wonder why it hasn't been done06:59
tmis there something wrong with the vim-common package?06:59
|trey|axe9: google is all the information you need  :/07:00
|trey|tm: its fine here...07:00
=== _Hiro_ [~hiro@36-112.a2f.dsl.net4all.net] has joined #ubuntu
yyc747|trey|, axe9: I have the Linux Pocket Guide... it is quicker than google, and covers the basics of a wide range of linux commands07:00
tmWhen I try to install it, it spits out a whole bunch of errors and my system becomes completely unusable.  Every command gives me an "input/output error"07:01
Iorekkewl, gftp IS nice07:01
axe9That would prolly be good...07:01
=== Jeedee [~jeedee@Toronto-HSE-ppp3768074.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
_Hiro_I had xfs corruption and now muine nor tomboy works. I reinstalled every mono package but that doesn't help. Anybody any suggestions?07:01
|trey|axe9: ideally, support channels would be used only to clear up things, not to tell you how to do things..07:01
=== ggi [~ggi@host81-157-245-99.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Ioreknow all I need is gnome-commander, something like k3b and a deb for the fasttrack plugin of gidt :P07:01
_Hiro_can I reinstall every supposedly installed package in some fashion?07:01
|trey|yyc747: man -k something_you_want_to_do07:01
JeedeeIs it going to be worth it to re-install ubuntu when the final 4.10 arrive or most of the change will be updated by synaptic?07:02
yyc747|trey|: I have never heard of the -k option, and doing "man man" would make the universe implode07:02
|trey|_Hiro_: yes... select all packages, and mark them for reinstallation...07:02
mjrJeedee, not worth the reinstall, synaptic should do everything07:02
|trey|yyc747: umm, no it wouldn't...07:02
tmoh wait.  it's not just vim-common07:02
tmit's dpkg:07:02
|trey|yyc747: man -k = man search for keywords07:03
Jeedeemjr: thank you :) I wasnt sure if I should wait until the 14 or simply install and update by synaptic07:03
arleany tool similar to Debian's modconf?07:03
_Hiro_oh I forgot about synaptic for that :D07:03
_Hiro_I was trying to do it with apt-get07:03
tmdpkg: error processing acpid_1.0.3-19ubuntu12_i386.deb (--install):07:03
tm unable to create `./usr/share/doc/acpid/examples/ac.gz': Unknown error 99007:03
=== de_wizze [~vc@AC9118C0.ipt.aol.com] has left #ubuntu []
yyc747yeah, how hard is to upgrade from version to version?  will it just be a case of apt-get/synaptic, or will it be an option in the installer a la fedora, or will it require a complete reinstall?07:04
Iorekapt-get dist-upgrade07:05
Kamiontm: sounds like your filesystem and/or your disk are hosed; it's not anything to do with vim-common or dpkg in particular07:05
|trey|yyc747: you substitute "warty" for "hoary" and "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade"07:05
tmKamion: yeah07:05
Ioreksomeone has been creative with names at least07:05
maswanKamion: thanks, I'll see if I get time to check that on ravel, hopefully noone will be using it for anything important when I get time.07:06
yyc747|trey|: I thought apt-get update only got the new package list.  what command actually installs the updates, and what file would I change hoary to warty in?07:07
yyc747oh, btw, what is the general policy here on comparing ubuntu to debian?07:07
crimsunyyc747: apt-get upgrade; /etc/apt/sources.list07:07
Iorekyyc747: ubuntu rocks debian's poppycocks07:08
crimsunubuntu's target audience is more focused than debian's07:08
Iorekto paraphrase sinfest07:08
=== Livewire [~s@cpc1-with2-6-0-cust126.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== FRLinux [~FRLinux@triskell.frlinux.net] has joined #ubuntu
Iorekactually, no idea, never used Debian07:09
=== tom_cat [~tom_cat@] has joined #ubuntu
FRLinuxubuntu rocks :)07:10
Livewirehi, ive got my Network going in M$ .. now i need to get it going in Ubuntu.. I dont know what to put in the DNS field - there seems to be no auto mode07:10
|trey|yyc747: grr... apt-get update gets a new list, apt-get install installs individual packages, apt-get dist-upgrade upgrades everything, even through major changes...07:10
RiddellLivewire: is it using DHCP?07:10
LivewireRiddell: Yeah07:11
LivewireRiddell: the pc is straight into a router07:11
Iorekand it isn't online? :)07:11
RiddellLivewire: sudo apt-get install resolvconf  should fix it07:11
arleHi, I have a Intel Corp. |82801DB AC'97 Audio controller07:11
arlemodule: i81007:11
|trey|Riddell: you're overlooking the usefulness of sudo -s07:11
tom_catFRLinux:  yeah, Ubuntu rocks !07:11
arleBut I doesn't get loaded at boot time07:11
arlelsmod shows me a lot of sound modules07:12
crimsunarle: so you'd use snd-intel8x007:12
|trey|arle: thats normal...07:12
axe9I downloaded the k3d stuff07:12
arleBut I don't know hot to make my Ubunutu play wave or mp3 files07:12
FRLinuxtom_cat, been a Debian user and admin for about 4 years now, it just cannot get any simpler :)07:12
axe9and installed07:12
|trey|axe9: umm, ok cool, its not supported07:12
=== GOwin [~Miranda@] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunarle: what sort of hardware is this? dell laptop by any chance?07:12
axe9Why was I told to get it O_o07:12
arlecrmsun: No. Desktop: HP/Compaq Evo07:13
crimsunarle: ok07:13
|trey|axe9: I answered your question of how to get it... Ubuntu servers ship it, but they don't support it.07:13
crimsunarle: |lsmod|grep intel8x007:13
punkass__Livewire: you can usually use your routers ip too for dns07:13
crimsunarle: without the leading '|'07:13
=== nickjunk [~ghfir@pD9FF8DF8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
arlelet me see07:13
axe9Well, that still leaves me in need of a CD burning applicaiton07:13
Livewireah thanks punkass07:13
arleI can play a wave in XMMS but no sound from the speakers :(07:14
crimsunarle: did you unmute the mixer channels?07:14
|trey|axe9: gcombust or k3b do an ok job, although k3b drug along a lot of libs  :/07:14
arlecrimsum: Yeah, of course07:14
axe9You just told me k3d wasn't supported..............................07:14
arleI only get system beep sounds07:15
axe9I need to get gcmbust07:15
=== |trey| just uses cdrecord dev=/dev/hdc --speed=24 --data some.iso
=== nasdaq4088 [sdfsd@tkp-ip-nas-1-p20.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
mjraxe9, try gtoaster; gcombust is old gtk1 stuff07:15
arlecrimsum: lsmod|grep intel8x0 shows me 7 lines07:15
arleI don't wanna flow them here :-\07:15
crimsunarle: ok, good.07:15
|trey|or --audio some.mp3 another.mp307:15
Iorekaxe: it isn't, you can install it, but the chances that things will go wrong are bigger07:16
=== longsleep is now known as longsleep|out
Iorekaxe9: plus, k3b is a KDE application so you'll need those libs too07:16
irc hey guys is there another source I need to add to get the fglrx-driver?07:16
|trey|Iorek: I just told him that07:16
|trey|irc: welcome to the /nick command07:16
|trey|use it07:16
=== irc is now known as g5maniac
Iorektrey yes, he didn't seem to understand :P07:17
punkass__i always run alsamixer  to make sure volumes are up and unmuted07:17
arlecrimsum: and then.....?07:17
g5maniacis that better?07:17
|trey|g5maniac: :)07:17
|trey|g5maniac: yes, thank you  :)07:17
g5maniacwell you know07:17
crimsunarle: check the output of `dmesg' for any ALSA-related warnings/errors07:17
axe9gtoaster isn't on the list07:18
|trey|g5maniac: the driver should be within restricted, although I am not 100% sure... I think "apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-<uname -r>" or simular...07:18
g5maniac ok, I will have a throw at that - cheers07:19
arleXMMS is using libOSS for output07:19
=== intrin [~fasdfa@c66.188.173.60.stc.mn.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|crimsun: resticted modules package name is....?07:19
=== intrin [~fasdfa@c66.188.173.60.stc.mn.charter.com] has left #ubuntu []
arledmesg | grep alsa07:19
crimsun|trey|: er?07:19
|trey|crimsun: eh.. nm07:20
punkass__arle: set xmms to use Alsa07:20
=== somebod1 [~andrei@217-159-189-138-dsl.kvm.estpak.ee] has joined #ubuntu
=== socomm [~jde@adsl-68-125-218-216.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkass__i believe u can run:  gstreamer-properties   to set that output to alsa too07:21
|trey|xmms is ugly, they should upgrade to gtk2 one day  :/07:21
arlepunkass_: XMMS hangs down :(07:21
axe9there it is07:21
crimsun|trey|: beep-media-player07:21
arle|trey|: Yeah!07:21
socommcrimsun, or rhythmbox07:22
crimsun|trey|: xmms is being rewritten to use gtk2 as well.07:22
|trey|crimsun: yes... but thats buggy too...07:22
vrlnbeep-media-player uses much more resources... I get 30% cpu usage by just scrolling the playlist07:22
=== |trey| just uses Rhythmbox...
axe9Ok, I used synaptic, and got gtoaster07:22
|trey|although the bad tag's in Ubuntu's packages are annoying...07:22
axe9To run, I...07:22
crimsuni tend to use players that support replaygain tags, so xmms/bmp/muine07:22
|trey|It was my favorate thing about Rhythmbox... it told me the title of songs in streams, not right now though  :(07:22
vrln5% with xmms, and it looks the same if your using a skin07:23
=== whatzzz-upppp [~fm@] has joined #ubuntu
socommxmms does have an EQ, which I find very useful.07:23
whatzzz-upppphello there07:23
|trey|socomm: I never use it... then I can turn up bass on my speakers already...07:23
somebod1hello people. I am ubuntu newbie, i have trouble with ubuntu installation, all installs fine, PC reboots, but Xserver crashes, failed to start. Sorry if i say something wrong, i don know english well07:23
axe9do I type gtoaster in the terminal?07:23
defendguinhmmmm i think ubuntu has a little problem with power management on laptops07:23
whatzzz-uppppuau so many people for such a young distro07:24
=== sanitario [~sanitario@c-e526e353.740-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
socomm|trey|, you can import winamps eq's to use with xmms07:24
crimsunsomebod1: what video chipset do you have?07:24
whatzzz-uppppthis distro , can become a killing distro07:24
punkass__defendguin: i agree07:25
crimsunwhatzzz-upppp: s/young/one based on Debian that actually works/g07:25
somebod1ati radeon 32 sdr, monitor viewsonic P95F+07:25
defendguini had my laptop idle for a while and it went into standby but now that i am back using it it keeps shutting down the harddrive07:25
=== ik5pvx [bofh@host27-52.pool62211.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinand then running it back up again07:25
crimsunsomebod1: so that's PCI?07:25
|trey|somebod1: What does  /var/log/XFree86.0.log say was the error?07:25
somebod1x server want to start but monitor shows me message frequency over range07:25
defendguinnot to mention the fact that it cant run on ac power anymore07:25
whatzzz-uppppcrimsun: well it is not true that it just works07:25
|trey|socomm: I hate Winamp.07:25
=== mc76 [~mcaamano@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mc76 [~mcaamano@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
|trey|I hate everything about its interface...07:26
=== tm [~tots@netblock-66-159-251-96.dslextreme.com] has left #ubuntu []
whatzzz-uppppcrimsun: i have problems with wvdial as it is not configured and being on dial up i can't do anything about it07:26
defendguinpunkass__, hows it going?07:26
punkass__in windows i run winamp...in just a small mini mode07:26
|trey|Only tool simular I will use is Zinf, only because it has a good playlist manager...07:26
punkass__defendguin: pretty good07:26
|trey|I use ZINF on windows...07:26
crimsunall i need is a curses interface for rhythmbox, and i'll be set :)07:27
|trey|Zinf is not Freeamp07:27
Treenaks|trey|: argh07:27
|trey|Treenaks: ?07:27
Treenaks|trey|: X is not Y names..07:27
socommI don't have windows.07:28
=== jacob [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Treenaks: haha, but they weren't allowed to use Freeamp, Winamp (AOL) sued them  :(07:28
whatzzz-upppp i saw that the current iso has wvdial and gaim. so I feel that the next release it will be great and it will really work. no more problems on us on dial up07:28
defendguinhmm the AC power thing maybe just be the fact that i no longer have power in this room apparently a circut breaker flipped07:28
punkass__defendguin: lol07:28
jacobThe 1280x960 resolution doesnt appear when reconfiguring xserver-xfree86. It did show up during installation of the Ubuntu preview ISO, any solutions ?07:29
whatzzz-uppppjacob: change the XFconfig-4 or use Gnome display manager07:29
|trey|Treenaks: very simular to why Gnu is not Unix  :)07:29
Treenaks|trey|: still it sucks ;)07:29
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: umm, thats not what you mean.07:30
axe9Why do I have to open the disks folder, and then click eject to open either of my CD drives?07:30
defendguinbut the problem with the harddrive turning off and on is definatly a ubuntu problem07:30
|trey|jacob: change /etc/X11/default-display-manager to state "exec /usr/bin/gdm"07:31
whatzzz-upppp|trey|: yes u are right07:31
defendguinanyone know how to get a laptop out of standby mode?07:31
|trey|defendguin: I've heard of it on other distro's too, so I wouldn't be so sure...07:31
Treenaksdefendguin: press the standby button again?07:31
=== somebod1 [~andrei@217-159-189-138-dsl.kvm.estpak.ee] has left #ubuntu []
whatzzz-upppp|trey|: have u installed a current ubuntu iso?07:32
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: yes...07:32
=== guerby_ [~guerby@d213-103-27-144.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinTreenaks, i never put it in standby manually to begin with07:32
|trey|I wouldn't be in #ubuntu if I didn't have Ubuntu installed  :/07:32
whatzzz-upppp|trey|: does the wvdial works out of box?07:32
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: diap-up works, yes...07:33
|trey|not that I have it...07:33
=== albireo [~albireo@lns-vlq-5-82-64-250-116.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Dial up sucks  :(07:33
|trey|as does DSL even  :(07:33
whatzzz-upppp|trey|: great. can u post me a list of required files to download for wvdial in ubuntu. i am not in ubuntu so i don't know what other files to get apart of wvdial?07:33
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: umm, it will work out of the box  :/07:34
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: pppconfig07:34
|trey|or pppoeconf07:34
|trey|depending on how high I am07:35
|trey|ppp = dial up, pppoe = dsl07:35
|trey|Point to Point Protocol (Over Ethernet)07:36
whatzzz-upppp|trey|: well, i want to install wvdial, but no luck as it requires me a package after another. well i know ppp. :) can i get a connection in internet without wvdial in ubuntu?07:36
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: yes07:37
whatzzz-uppppwith pppconfig?07:37
Treenaksdefendguin: then press the power button once07:37
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: umm, actually... wvdial is installed by default...07:37
=== albireo [~albireo@lns-vlq-5-82-64-250-116.adsl.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
whatzzz-uppppno it is not at the default release07:38
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: its installed here, and I certainly didn't install it manually...07:38
=== smo [~soneil@] has joined #ubuntu
whatzzz-upppp|trey|: am i blind? i am checking the ubuntu cd now!07:39
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: guess so07:39
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: put that cd in the drive...07:39
=== polo [~polo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== bborkk [~bborkk@TANG-ELEVEN-EIGHTY-ONE.MIT.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Did "somebod1" ever tell me the error from X's logs?07:41
polohey fellows, great job on Ubuntu. I think it is the best distro I have ever used. 07:42
=== SurcouF_ [~surcouf@rbordet.net4.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu
whatzzz-upppp|trey|: thanks God I am not blind07:43
whatzzz-upppp|trey|: there is no wvdial on the cd07:43
whatzzz-upppp|trey|: i can give you the package list, but that is not important as i want to install it on my computer07:44
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: bet you $450974386573767569547 there is.07:44
whatzzz-upppp|trey|: LOL07:44
bborkkDoes anyone have information about getting sleep and/or suspend working on a T42p?  The Hardware Support page indicates there is no problem, but I can't get it to work.  I already upgraded the kernel to  Any ideas?07:44
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: what about this don't you understand? I installed Ubuntu about 2 hours ago... can remember everything I have installed myself... wvdial is installed.07:45
|trey|I didn't install wvdial, I have no use for it.07:46
|trey|Only conclusion being it was installed when I installed Ubuntu.07:46
Kamionwhatzzz-upppp: wvdial may not have been on your CD; it was a recent addition07:46
Kamion|trey|: lighten up, he's probably got the preview CD, which indeed did not have wvdial07:47
axe9Can I use CD ripped to convert mp3s to CDA?07:47
whatzzz-uppppKamion: thanks man07:47
|trey|Kamion: I have the preview CD, burned the day Ubuntu was announced...07:47
whatzzz-uppppKamion: u r right i have the preview cd. is there any other release?07:47
|trey|Kamion: granted I don't get the packages from the CD though...07:47
Kamionwhatzzz-upppp: Sounder CD 9 was the last milestone release; search the ubuntu-users mailing list for the URL.07:48
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: during installer... select "download packages from internet" and say yes07:48
=== swim [~joshua@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
swimeh llo07:49
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
whatzzz-upppp|trey|: i don't want to make this wvdial a big thing man, but how can i donwload a package if i don't configure the modem and establish a connection ?07:49
|trey|Installer doesn't configure?07:50
=== michaelj [~mike@spc2-with1-4-0-cust102.bagu.broadband.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
whatzzz-upppp|trey|: it didn't in my computer07:50
|trey|That sucks  :/07:50
Kamionwe turned that off07:50
whatzzz-uppppKamion: is Sounder cd 9 more stable than the preview?07:51
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: presumably... has some bug fixes etc...07:51
Kamionwhatzzz-upppp: should be at least as good07:51
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: Sounder = devel snapshot.07:52
|trey|The preview release was a snapshot also.07:52
Kamion(but a manually vetted development snapshot)07:52
whatzzz-uppppoh cool. No other distro has suprised me as much as ubuntu. Any ubuntu control center in the future or just gnome control center?07:52
|trey|Kamion: yes... the stuff devel's play with is just asking for trouble  ;)07:53
|trey|whatzzz-upppp: hopefully more tools for gnome-system-tools07:53
Iorekodd. xmms doesn't want to run07:55
|trey|Although thats newly merged in 2.8, been around for a while though... some ok tooks07:55
|trey|Iorek: XMMS sucks, use Rhythmbox07:55
=== Fwiffo [~user@] has joined #ubuntu
Iorekyeah but rhythmbox botches half of my mp3's tags, and misjudges the other half's length07:55
=== |trey| wonders if Ubuntu foresees swapping out Totem for HelixPlayer like the other major distro's are doing?
|trey|(Red Hat/Fedora and SUSE are both defualting to HelixPlayer now)07:56
IorekSuse uses Kafeine...that's Xine I believe07:56
|trey|Iorek: umm, 9.2 doesn't07:57
|trey|Not by default...07:57
Iorek9.2 isn't out yet :P07:57
Iorekso it doesn't count :P07:57
socommRed Hat ~= Fedora07:57
|trey|Iorek: might as well be...07:57
sriwoo..it's comin together baby..yeeha07:57
=== yohan [yohan@S010600c049aa819e.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkass__defendguin: u got that newer icon?07:58
|trey|socomm: umm, hence not being seperated by an "and"...07:58
Iorekif xmms was anything like winamp 5 I'd use it :)07:58
Iorekplaylist handling!07:58
=== |trey| thinks it makes sense to go along with what everyone else is doing, means less work for you :)
socomm|trey|, could you give other examples. Other than RH/FC?07:59
|trey|If everyone works on the same things, it gets done faster  :)07:59
Iorekbut all those apps have had problems with importing large playlists07:59
|trey|socomm: Novell and Red Hat signed a deal with Real to include HelixPlayer as the default Video player in their products.07:59
=== tritium [rimbert@ee213-dhcp-3.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu
socommIsn't winamp 5 sucky?07:59
|trey|socomm: no one cares about Winamp08:00
Ioreknot in my experience08:00
IorekI do :P08:00
socomm|trey|, Iorek does, apparenlty.08:00
Iorekyes, yes I do :)08:00
|trey|socomm: so take it to #winamplovers08:00
socomm|trey|, try to keep up. K thnx bye.08:00
|trey|Its OT...08:00
=== zepo [~zepo@host17-109.pool8250.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Ioreksorry, but in my not very humble opinion, no linux app even comes close08:00
|trey|Iorek: Zinf and Rhythmbox08:01
|trey|Both a lot better08:01
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu
Ioreknah, just tried Zinf, it imported the tags of the first 500 mp3s, and then all the other 2500 were blank08:01
Ioreknot very useful08:01
|trey|Winamp 5 = AOL trying to imitate Zinf.08:01
=== anders [~anders@cD9088A1D.sdsl.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
Iorekat least it imported the files right ;)08:02
andersthe grub background at http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/UbuntuArtwork doesn't work08:02
|trey|Iorek: Rhythmbox is designed for that kinda volume of audio files...08:02
Iorektrey it crashed like 20 times before all the files were imported :)08:03
andersto many colors, grub displays max 14 colors I think08:03
Iorekanders ummm...it's an image. How can it not work?08:03
|trey|Rhythmbox's View >> Small Display is nice.08:03
socommYikes, zinf is the uglies piece of crap I've seen so far.08:05
andersit's a 24 bit rgb xpm.gz, grub need 14 color indexed xpm.gz08:05
socommIorek, maybe GNOME doesn't support that file format.08:05
swimhow do I log out of x ? staying in console only? init 2 isnt it?08:05
|trey|swim: no... 08:06
|trey|swim: /etc/init.d/gdm stop08:06
Iorekdon't know WHAT I did, but suddenly Zinf works...08:06
|trey|swim: on Debian, 2-5 are the same...08:07
=== Livewire [~s@cpc1-with2-6-0-cust126.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== rm [~satan@nepi-ip-nas-1-p175.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Rhythmbox > Zinf > Winamp > XMMS08:08
LivewireOk got my Ubuntu online... Did a "Smart Update" and downloaded loads of updates... but i think its just changed core software.. where can i get XMMS?08:08
IorekWinamp > iTunes > juk > Rhythmbox ;)08:08
|trey|Rhythmbox ~= iTunes (and -will- have support for iTunes)08:08
|trey|Iorek: Juk doesn't even support pls. Useless08:09
=== enki [~pfox@rdu26-27-082.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Livewiredoes Rhythmbox have FLAC support built in?08:09
|trey|via gstreamer08:09
enkihey i really hate to be a drag...but is there any talk of having, in a future release, a meta-package that installs all of the developer tools?08:09
|trey|enki: apt-get install build-essentials08:09
enkiwell ok thats neat08:10
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-87-250.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
enkibut something from the synaptic package manager08:10
|trey|enki: yes... yes it is...08:10
enkior is it in there?08:10
Kamionit is08:10
|trey|enki: its there08:10
enkiwell...far frickin out!08:10
Kamionjust installs gcc, libc6-dev, package development tools08:10
vrlnLivewire: sudo apt-get install xmms08:10
defendguinsometimes when i try to boot it just hangs during boot :(08:10
Kamionnot all *-dev packages because that would be nuts. :)08:10
|trey|enki: auto-apt is usefull also  (auto-apt search libsomething.so is a useful usage for instance)08:10
|trey|vrln: XMMS should not be recommended.08:11
enkiguess i shouldntve avoided debian all these years, heh08:11
enkialways more of a slackware/gentoo type myself08:12
|trey|enki: Debian user of 3 years  :)08:12
|trey|enki: both = you have too much time on your hands...08:12
enkiyes. far too much...08:12
|trey|enki: look for more constuctive ways to use it now... like actually learning to use software...08:13
|trey|Pointless spending it all configuring and installing... you learn nothing from that...08:13
enkihmm. perhaps.08:13
socommenki, debians is all right.08:13
enkiof course, i see my time learning some manners was well spent, though.08:13
=== stianh [~stian@c5100AA20.inet.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Typing emerge somepkg doesn't make you smart... it just means you are a gluton for punishment...08:14
enkiwell, thank you for your sermon trey08:14
|trey|enki: debconf is your new bestest friend  :)08:14
enkiim sorry i havent read all the manuals, i apologize.08:14
enkifor offending you.08:14
enkiim sorry, for asking questions when i dont have all the answers08:14
|trey|enki: I am not attacking you, don't take it as such.08:15
vrln|trey|: I don't see anything wrong with xmms, it's light, works well and looks good :/ I've tried almost all *nix media players xmms is still my favourite by far08:15
vrlnand besides, I wasn't recommending it, he asked where he could get it08:15
|trey|vrln: looks good is an opinion, not a fact08:15
IorekI CLOSED zinf and it's still playing :P08:15
enkijust a stern talkingt-to?08:16
|trey|To me, it looks amature08:16
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Skinned interfaces take away from desktop cohesiveness08:17
vrlnit's a question of opinion of course, it's good that there are many different players so there's a choice08:17
|trey|+rhythmbox uses gstreamer... which is rather nice  :)08:17
socommenki, don't mind |trey| s/he is on some holier than thou trip.08:18
stianhis it possible to contribute packages, and if so how? is there a faq on this?08:18
enkihmm. well, fair nuff.08:18
|trey|stianh: you have to be a maintainer to contribute packages.08:18
|trey|socomm: hah... no... just recommending the better technology.08:19
mirWhat is the best way to install realplayer in Ubuntu ?08:19
Kamiontry not to slag off the competition too much, though; it just pisses people off, and we can learn things from them08:19
|trey|stianh: the site gives you information about how to take part....08:19
socommMir, http://www.real.com/player/?src=realplayer08:20
|trey|socomm: they don't offer a .dev08:20
socommDownload reaplyer and runthe script.08:20
|trey|not recommended to go that route08:21
|trey|mir: google for "helixplayer .deb"08:21
|trey|or "realplayer .deb", has more codecs of course...08:21
|trey|Harder to manage if you don't use a .deb08:22
stianh|trey| found info now, just needed to look a little harder :)08:22
|trey|stianh: :)08:23
|trey|Plus a .deb will be modified to fit the Debian FS stucture...08:23
tom_cathello, how to add new fonts in Ubuntu ?08:24
|trey|tom_cat: put them in /usr/share/fonts08:24
=== tom_cat run fc-cache but nothing happened
tom_cat|trey|: and then ? what to do next ?08:26
|trey|tom_cat: should just work  :/08:26
=== Francis is now known as Ohmer
=== kmaster [~kmaster@hsdbsk64-110-226-221.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #ubuntu
tom_cat|trey|:  really ? thanks !08:27
=== cog [~cog@] has joined #ubuntu
rmUbuntu - Another distro name in my language( first one was impi linux) but not in my language08:28
|trey|tom_cat: the joys of defoma (DEbian FOnt MAnager)08:28
=== swim [~joshua@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
swimhi, Im trying to install nvidia x86_64 driver (from nvidia.com) it needs to compile it, and when it tries, it says it wasnt able to find the kernel source tree... help?08:30
|trey|swim: apt-get install linux-headers-<uname -r>08:31
swimok thank you |trey| 08:31
siretarthi. does the ubuntu installer support installaing on crypted filesystems?08:32
=== kez [~kez@host-84-9-88-19.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
nasdaq4088zulu linux08:33
swimhmm |trey|  it returned: couldnt find package linux-headers-
=== Astinus [~astinus@astinus.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW_
Kamionsiretart: sorry, not yet08:34
Kamionsiretart: it's apparently a goal in Debian for partman, may happen eventually08:34
MGSwheeee burning ubuntu to a disc08:34
TreenaksKamion: that'd be cool on my new VIA chip :) it has on-die AES08:34
AstinusAnyone tell me about Ubuntu and Reiser v4 support please?  Currently implemented, planned or what?08:35
|trey|swim: I'm not on amd64... synaptic tells you the packages though... Development08:35
KamionAstinus: not in our kernels yet08:35
socommAstinus, implemented as far as I know.08:35
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Treenakssocomm: that's reiser308:35
AstinusTwo people with different answers! HELP!08:35
socommStand corrected.08:35
|trey|Astinus: implemented support, have fun with it...08:35
WW_Is it normal for there to be symlinks in / to the files initrd.img, initrd.img.old, vmlinuz and vmlinuz.old in /boot?08:35
AstinusOkay, so there's support and we just need the correct tools through apt?08:36
socommAstinus, kamion is correct.08:36
AstinusWhat about trey?08:36
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Kamion|trey|: reiserfs is, reiser4 isn't.08:36
siretartKamion: i'm considering ubuntu as main os for my laptop, but definitly want to install on a crypto os. i think this could be an important feature to many laptop users. is this already discussed or even an release goal for hoary?08:36
|trey|Kamion: I thought 2.6.8 has reiser4?08:36
EYi am trying to install ubuntu on my amd64 with sata08:36
AstinusKamion: Any ideas on a date when we might get reiserv4 support in the kernel?08:36
Treenakssiretart: you can do it "afterwards"08:36
EYit correctly loads the sata_nv driver, but does not give me any partition to configure08:37
Kamionsiretart: don't think it's been discussed particularly, probably has to happen in Debian TBH08:37
socommAstinus, you can always compile your kernel.08:37
EYany ideas?08:37
Kamion|trey|: well, I don't see a reiser4 module08:37
MGSw00t, loading up linux now08:37
Treenakssiretart: it should be quite easy to do actually, if you know the debian installer internals08:37
KamionAstinus: not really my field, don't know for sure08:38
|trey|MGS: we don't need running commentary, we've seen it before  :)08:38
MGShehe sorry08:38
socommHehe 'w00t'08:38
MGSim just excited08:38
Kamionit'd be relatively trivial to add to partman once it's in the kernel08:38
EYanyone seen my problem?08:38
vrln|trey|: thanks for mentioning zinf btw, I had never heard of it... looks promising, compiling it right now08:38
AstinusKamion: Not many distributions have support, just wondered when the elite ubuntu might add it ;)08:38
MGScuz this is my first real linux install08:38
|trey|vrln: :)08:38
AstinusKamion: Never hurts to beat the rush.08:38
siretartTreenaks: how would you do that?08:38
=== fragg [~luis@148.red-212-97-190.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu
Treenakssiretart: uh08:38
KamionAstinus: with a six-monthly release cycle it's relatively easy to beat a lot of rushes. :)08:38
Treenakssiretart: which tools to you need to set up a dmcrypt device?08:39
=== Kamion tries out acx NIC support, just for kicks
|trey|Kamion: wassa?08:39
MGSits installing, but it stopped. is that normal?08:39
AstinusOooh, other question:  any idea if Ubuntu will ever get SKAS3 included to the default kernel?08:39
EYanyone knows how to install ubuntu on an amd64 with a sata drive?08:39
siretartTreenaks: well, actually i have not been looking at cryptotools yet, but hoped ubuntu would do that for me ;)08:40
|trey|MGS: define "stopped"... it it "stops" for too long, thats bad  ;)08:40
Treenakssiretart: it is possible.. using the devicemanager setup tools and an alternative console (I think...)08:40
MGSits been sitting there08:40
MGSfor a while08:40
Kamion|trey|: used in cheap Texas Instruments network cards and others; requires firmware08:40
Treenakssiretart: you shuold at least use a separate partition08:40
MGSit says ACPI: Subsystem revision 2004032608:40
goatboyEY: it just worked for me.08:40
MGSand under that08:40
MGSa blinking cursor08:40
MGSand its not movie08:40
EYgoatboy, what cipset have you got sata?08:40
|trey|MGS: arg... acpi=off08:40
EYah, ok, i've got an nvidia s308:41
KamionEY: should just work, if it doesn't please send me 'lspci' and 'lspci -n' output from a working system (if you don't have a working system, send 'cut -f1,2 /proc/bus/pci/devices' from the installer)08:41
Treenakssiretart: basically, it's possible but Hard08:41
socommMGS, how old are you?08:41
siretartTreenaks: well, for crypto root you would need a prepared initrd, which could display a nice ubuntu branded password prompt and so ;)08:41
KamionEY: make sure you're using a current daily, not the preview08:41
WW_Anybody know... ?  (see my