kikoall quite in the land of pret.01:13
kikosabdfl, house empty once again?01:13
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cprovelmo_: ping02:19
cprovelmo_: does changes@db.warthogs.hbd.com works now ?02:22
elmo_should do?02:22
cprovelmo_: I regenerated my ssh key and and I trying to send it there without success ..02:23
carloselmo_: do you have already data about the bandwidth requirements to be an ubuntu mirror?02:23
elmo_carlos: no02:24
elmo_SSH Auth Keys           : ssh-dss AAAAB3Nz..Ag/B2w== cprov@rebecca02:25
elmo_cprov: that's the key right?02:25
cprovelmo_: yes, looks like my one02:26
cprovcprov: but I didn't receive the email with the results, is it normal ?02:27
cprovelmo_: as the same as is happining with PQM 02:27
cprovelmo_: can you see any strange relation amoung this things ?02:27
elmo_meh, I'll be up in a sec02:28
cprovelmo_: ok02:28
=== carlos is downgrading his SID server into warty. Don't do it in home!!!
elmo_cprov: nothing in postfix logs for 'cprov' or 'async', so please ask lifeless ...02:45
cprovelmo_: ok, thank you for your help02:58
justdavePQM rejects email if your envelope from address doesn't resolve03:39
justdavelearned that the hard way setting up my laptop the last time.03:40
justdavegotta make sure /etc/mailname is a domain that exists03:40
!lilo:*! For those of you who are interested in the US presidential debates: #debates and #debatesdiscuss .... thanks.04:04
!lilo:*! oops, #debates and #debatediscuss04:05
sabdfllifeless: around?08:56
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lifelesssabdfl: sortof12:32
lifelesswassup ?12:32
=== BradB hacks up a unit test for SQLMethod, which may be a cool way to 1. vastly speed up database operations by attaching bare SQL to methods and 2. allow you to specify a class name that can act as the SelectResults for the results this thing returns (so that, as long as you define an __iter__, the behaviour of the results returned is limited only by your imagination.)
sabdfllifeless: i had a bad pqm experience last night12:33
sabdflmy merge sent pqm into an infinite loop12:33
lifelessyou hadn't mirrored ? 12:33
sabdflnot the usual one, a new one12:33
sabdfli'd mirrored all right12:33
sabdflplease could you check its logs to see what happened12:33
sabdfland I'm about to do anoter pqm message, let's see if it blows up in the same way12:34
lifelessyou got james to kill it ?12:34
sabdfllifeless: yes12:37
sabdflit ran about 10 times before we just killed it12:37
lifelessok I've found the failed patch12:37
sabdflok, new one is on the wire12:37
lifelessrequest that is..12:37
lifelesssimulating it now.12:37
sabdflsimulated it fine on my laptop last night12:39
lifelesssimulating it on chinstrap :)12:39
lifelesswhich still has occasional random segfaults and weirdness.12:39
lifelessI think its the same bug - the one in my tla branch that I haven't tracked down yet.12:47
=== lifeless raises the priority on that even higher.
sabdfl20 minutes and still no sign of success / failure. lifeless, is it spinning?12:55
lifelesssabdfl: not afaict01:00
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lifelessI just tested it there on chinstrap and it worked for me01:02
lifelessits building the config again though, which is not a good thing01:03
elmo_lifeless: any chance you can quiesce buildbot on chinstrap at some point in the next 8 hours or so, so I can reboot chinstrap?01:04
lifelesselmo_: when coreutils finishes, sure.01:04
lifelessI'll put it in offline mode now01:04
elmo_lifeless: excellent, thanks01:04
lifelessactually, its quiet now.01:04
lifeless16680 patches in coreutils01:05
lifeless :)01:05
lifelessthat'll be kicking it off monday morning on galapagos01:05
elmo_oh, galapagos too, pls, if it's running01:06
lifelesselmo_: macquarie too ?01:07
elmo_lifeless: yeah - tho that isn't running persisent jobs like chinstrap is it?01:07
sabdfllifeless: pqm situation?01:07
lifelesssabdfl: watching it01:07
lifelesselmo_: yes macquarie + galapagos run jobs all the time, automatically.01:08
lifelessI'm taking them both offline now, as they happened to be idle.01:08
lifelesslet me know when I can restart them,01:08
lifelesselmo_: done01:09
lifelesssabdfl: you should have had email,01:10
lifelessit finished its run, and it didn't abort or hang01:10
lifelesssabdfl: ah, my bad.01:11
lifelessI'll correct the error you got01:11
sabdflyowser, never seen that before01:11
lifelessand you never should01:11
lifelessok resubmit the merge please.01:12
lifelessI'll hang around for it to finish.01:12
elmo_lifeless: galapagos is back up01:32
elmo_lifeless: btw, arch-pqm.log is full of whining about the lockfile - dunno if that's normal or not01:33
sabdfllifeless: still no result01:38
lifelesselmo_: its normal, just means that a run took more than one minute.01:40
lifelesssabdfl: its failing on the commit.01:49
lifelessI'm correcting it now01:49
sabdflwhats the error caused by?01:50
lifelessThese explicit ids have no corresponding file:01:53
lifelessI think.01:53
lifelessyes, definately.01:54
lifelessyou've hit a bug that has (IIRC) been corrected in the release james was working on before toms 'new process'.01:55
lifelessin your launchpad, run tla delete for each of those files.01:55
lifelessthe commit, and submit the merge again.01:55
lifelessI'll add a TODO to have pqm more clearly tell you about this.01:55
lifelessok, bug added against me for that.01:57
elmo_can you guys shout when you're done and I'll "quickly" reboot chinstrap01:59
sabdfllifeless: ok, pqm incoming02:02
lifelesslet me know when yoiu get a result, so I can go home :)02:05
sabdfllifeless: still no result02:11
sabdfllifeless: STILL not result02:21
sabdfllifeless: any sign of life?02:24
lifelesssorry, had laptop closed here02:32
lifelessno further assertions raised, digging now02:33
sabdflso did it fail?02:34
lifelessI've done it by hand02:36
lifelessthe lock file was held from the run I'd aborted.02:37
lifelessadding another todo to detect stale locks02:37
lifelessok, you should be fine now.02:38
lifelessI'm off home.. gnight all.02:39
sabdflnight lifeless02:52
sabdfldoes that mean it completed successfully?02:52
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kikohey there03:14
kikowhere are there sandwich sprinters03:14
elmo_on their way home03:16
kikoand the datacenter?03:16
elmo_hmm, was going okay until I hit a "/dev/hahasucker has gone 210 days without being checked, check forced"03:18
kikohow long has it been?03:22
kikosince it's started running I mean.03:22
kikothe fsck?03:24
elmo_oh, dunno, 20 minutes or so now, I think03:27
kikojesus. 03:29
kikohow was this week, then? any interesting news?03:29
ddaaduh... looks like the infoImporter was broken by the launchpad reorganisations...04:31
ddaaWhere is the the sql-object-ish thing for SoyuzProduct now?04:38
ddaaHave to do something like "query = SoyuzProduct.select(SoyuzProduct.q.name == 'unassigned')"04:38
sabdflddaa: user Product05:02
sabdfluse Product, sorry05:02
=== ddaa greps "class Product"
ddaaSorry if I'm asking silly question, I'm completely behind in soyuz evolutions...05:04
ddaaor canonical.database.product.Product?05:06
kikoall sqlobjects should come from database05:07
ddaaOkay. But I got the impression that database classes should only be used as back-ends by very specific classes.05:08
ddaaBack in London, it was something along the lines of database--mapper--domain--restOfTheWorld05:09
ddaaAnd I did not find the domain objects again, yet I found some mappers, in the same module which previously contained the SoyuzProduct class used by infoImporter.05:10
ddaaSo I'm wondering, what are the Mapper class for?05:10
=== ddaa greps for ProductMapper
sabdflthere were multiple independent implementations of Product05:11
sabdflthey should all have been merged to Product now05:11
sabdflif thatdoesn't do what you need, please let me know and I'll find and merge in old code05:12
sabdflfrom the above code, looks like Product will work perfectly05:12
sabdflfrom canonical.launchpad.database import Product05:12
sabdflquery = Product....05:13
ddaaYeah. But it does not mean the above code was Right, the info importer stuff was one-off code written not to last but to answere a quick need... But that also means it's only needed for testing now, so there is no point in making non-trivial cleanups...05:14
ddaaso, c.l.d.Product it will be.05:14
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ddaaDuh... now imported products do not show up in launchpad...06:43
=== ddaa checks the db
ddaaMh actually that's the sourcesource for project "unassigned"06:45
ddaaYeah, the database contains a bunch of sourcesource for the project "unassigned", but none show up in http://localhost:8085/doap/projects/do-not-use-info-imports/unassigned06:51
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