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sivangjdub : I have tried to modify gnome-system-tools package, if I dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot it without modifications, no prob. it makes a new deb.04:33
sivangjdub : however, if I change anything inside /src  or /backends  it gets upset telling that intltool is outdated.04:34
sivangjdub : I've been trying to add some code to it to enable me to do xml output dump outs to see what's going on the interfaces xml db, see #222104:39
jdubwhat are you changing?04:49
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sivangjdub : I tried to you xml_doc_dump (or something similar) to profile_save_interfaces.04:52
sivangjdub : I also enabled debugging mode for the backend,04:53
sivangjdub : so it won't trash my system's iface file and allow me to see errors.04:53
sivangjdub : there was a debug flag commented on network-conf.in , I used it04:53
sivangjdub : I'm headed to bed (4:45 am my time :) you can leave here comments if you have any idea ;) I'd appriciate it.04:55
sivangjdub : better, on the bugtrail04:57
sivangnight all04:59
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fabbionemdz: ping06:10
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fabbioneanybody around?06:31
mdzfabbione: here07:03
fabbionemdz: cupsys is up07:03
fabbionei am working on emacs2107:03
fabbionemdz: is the patch for emacs final?07:03
mdzfabbione: upstream accepted it07:13
mdzon the mailing list, RMS said to commit it, so I think that is good enough :-)07:13
fabbionewtf is wrong with dpatch07:15
fabbionemdz: emacs is ready07:26
fabbioneok to upload?07:26
fabbioneheck.. you gave me the patch ;)07:28
fabbionegoody we are down again to 1307:29
fabbionelater :-)07:29
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dokoreview wanted: patch for #2216 attached to the bug report.09:24
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Mithrandirmdz: nvidia; approval wanted.10:25
mdzMithrandir: has someone looked over it?10:25
mdzand have you done the regression test on the i386 packages that we discussed?10:25
Mithrandirmdz: fabbione thinks the nvidia part of it looks good; I've done a debdiff on i386, but I don't have any i386 with ubuntu at home10:26
mdzdebdiff should be sufficient10:26
Mithrandir(debdiff on the binary packages, that is)10:26
mdzif you would unpack it and checksum all the files, too, I wouldn't be opposed to that :-)10:26
mdzthat debian/rules seemed a bit clumsy10:27
mdz(the original one)10:27
mdzdid you clean it up, or add an amd64-specific mess? :-)10:27
Mithrandirsomewhere in between -- I abstracted stuff a little, but I don't want to possibly destabilize the package this close to release.10:27
MithrandirI can unpack the packages and checksum, sure.10:28
Mithrandirhttp://err.no/patches/linux-restricted-modules- is the diff10:29
Mithrandirmdz: if you could look at it, test it on i386 and do whatever other magic you want to do, it would be most appreciated; I'll checksum it on i386.  If that matches, is it ok to upload?10:34
=== Mithrandir wanders off for breakfast and will look at the answer when he comes back
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ccsay, glibc has been "updated" to allow the time within gnome to be updated fixing gnome bug #19197 - can that make it before release?11:13
cchttps://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=133481 is the bug thats fixed in Fedora, but still around in Ubuntu (just tested)11:14
danielsmdz: ^^ looks like a reasonably non-intrusive patch to me11:18
ccdaniels: it is, and makes the UI more usable11:19
ccalso, how comfortable are ya'all if i link to RH bugzilla stuff in Ubuntu bugzilla?11:19
danielscc: as in, 'check out this Ubuntu bug', or intimate BZ linking?11:20
ccdaniels: no as in I'll file an RFE or bugreport in Ubuntu, link to a RH bz entry where the "fix" is, and hope ya'all integrate it :)11:21
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danielscc: ah, right, sure :)11:24
danielscc: we don't really have RFEs, just bugs11:25
danielspick the right severity, that's all you need11:25
ccdaniels: yeah, just checking in case ya'all get annoyed or not. thanks.11:25
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danielscc: that'd be great, thanks :)11:28
danielsthom: dude, you need to set up a Planet for Planet developers11:37
danielsthom: planet.planetplanet.org11:37
=== daniels is setting up a Planet for everyvoteforjohnhowardgodkillsakitten.org.
pitti_jdub: here?11:40
jdubpitti: pong11:41
mdzdaniels: I don't see a patch there..the description in RH bugzilla sounds fairly straightforward, but to be honest, I think that touching glibc right now, for a feature, would be in very bad taste12:17
sabdflanybody able to help with a question on python packages?12:19
Mithrandirsabdfl: shoot.12:19
danielsmdz: s/patch/change/12:19
danielsmdz: fair enough12:19
sabdfli have a directory call vocabulary12:19
sabdflinside that an __init__.py12:19
sabdflwhich imports * from two other files, call them foo and bar12:20
sabdflnow, in another file, i want to import * from foo but I don't want to trigger the import of bar12:20
sabdflbecause of circular imports12:20
sabdflbut when I do: vocabilary.foo12:20
mdzwasn't this just discussed on the launchpad list?12:21
sabdflcould be12:21
sabdflwhen i do from vocablary.foo import * it seems to import bar as well12:21
mdzfoo imports bar?12:22
sabdflfoo and bar are independent12:24
sabdflit's the __init__.py that binds them together12:25
mdzand when you import vocabulary.foo, it evaluates __init__.py?12:25
sabdflappears to12:26
sabdfl>>> import canonical.launchpad.database12:26
sabdfl> /usr/lib/python2.3/pdb.py(992)set_trace()->None12:26
sabdfl-> Pdb().set_trace()12:26
sabdfl(Pdb) bt12:26
sabdfl  <stdin>(1)?()12:26
sabdfl  /home/mark/projects/ubuntu/launchpad/lib/canonical/launchpad/database/__init__.py(4)?()12:26
sabdfl-> from canonical.launchpad.database.person import *12:26
sabdfl  /home/mark/projects/ubuntu/launchpad/lib/canonical/launchpad/database/person.py(14)?()12:26
Mithrandirsabdfl: having __init__.py being __all__ = ['foo', 'bar' ] 12:26
sabdfl-> from canonical.launchpad.interfaces.person import IPerson, IPersonSet,  \12:26
sabdfl  /home/mark/projects/ubuntu/launchpad/lib/canonical/launchpad/interfaces/__init__.py(13)?()12:27
sabdfl-> from canonical.launchpad.interfaces.bug import *12:27
sabdfl  /home/mark/projects/ubuntu/launchpad/lib/canonical/launchpad/interfaces/bug.py(12)?()12:27
sabdfl-> from canonical.launchpad.vocabulary.dbschema import *12:27
sabdfl  /home/mark/projects/ubuntu/launchpad/lib/canonical/launchpad/vocabulary/__init__.py(2)?()12:27
sabdfl-> import pdb; pdb.set_trace()12:27
sabdfl> /usr/lib/python2.3/pdb.py(992)set_trace()->None12:27
sabdfl-> Pdb().set_trace()12:27
sabdflMithrandir: but I want to populate the __init__.py namespace with the contents of both foo and bar12:27
sabdfli want to refer to these things as canonical.launchpad.vocabulary.XYZ12:28
sabdflwhenre XYZ could be in foo or bar12:28
mdzthis would seem to only be a problem because foo and bar are under 'vocabulary'; could they not be in an adjacent module rather than in the same one?12:28
sabdflthat's why i have "from canonical.launchpad.vocabulary.foo import *" in __init__.py12:29
sabdflhmm... could be12:29
sabdfli could maybe create a vocabulary.py which imported them from adjacent files12:30
mdzyes, or that12:30
sabdfldoes every directory in the module tree need to have an __init__.py?12:31
sabdfllet me play with that idea12:32
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mdzhmm, actually they do need a __init__.py if they have .py files in them, rather than extension modules and the like12:36
mdzbut it can be empty12:36
sabdfljust ran into that problem :-)12:37
sabdflthanks mdz, Mithrandir12:37
mdzI was still technically correct, since the top-level directory doesn't need a __init__.py :-)12:38
sabdflwell, then you were correct both times, slightly differently12:39
mdzI get the feeling that I should be asleep12:40
sabdflnight mdz12:57
hazmatbtw. i pointed out an important bug in sqlos txn integration the other day, svn should be updated.01:00
hazmattxn aborts could lead to data corruption on subsequent commits01:00
Mithrandirmdz: the checksums don't line up, but that seems to be due to timestamps for .a files and hardcoding of paths in kernel objects.01:53
dokomdz: still there? what about the template translations for the installer packages?02:09
Mithrandirdoko: 12:40 < mdz> night02:10
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danielsKeybuk: hey ho03:58
Keybukhungover :(03:58
danielsf1 party? or did you also hold a massive post-.au-election wake?03:58
Keybukneither.  went out last night with an old school friend03:59
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lamontbob2: optional:uncompiled isn't a state...06:15
lamontbut I'm checking06:15
lamontuniverse/net/kismet_2004.04.R1-1.1: Installed [optional:uncompiled] 06:16
lamontthat'd be 'Installed'...06:16
lamontFilename: pool/universe/k/kismet/kismet_2004.04.R1-1.1_i386.deb06:16
lamontSize: 95382606:16
lamontor which arch are you asking about?06:17
bob2sorry, didn't even think to check if it was built on another arch06:17
lamontsnacc is ftbfs on powerpc.  and kismet is dep-wait on that06:18
lamontpoke me tomorrow and I'll see what I can do about that...06:18
=== lamont must leave now, before blood is shed.
bob2sure, thanks a lot06:18
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lamontbob2: interestingly, snacc is now ftbfs on i386 as well..11:26
thomnice, the firefox no scroll wheel crappiness has been confirmed and may even get worked on soon11:48
thommdz: just snagged the last security patch, getting ready to upload11:52
thom(for firefox, i mean)11:54

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