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lifelessstub: around ?03:52
=== stub had his sound off :-/
stublifeless: pong04:44
lifelesshow do I log into the produciton launchpad now ?04:45
lifelessto to imports04:45
lifelessto do.04:45
stubI haven't the foggiest04:50
lifelessstub: so, how do I change a database into unicode on the fly ?05:21
stubYou don't as far as I know05:21
stubYou dump it, drop it, create it and restore it05:21
lifelessI'm about to head home and so on.. if you see stevea/sabdfl, can you ping them for me... ?09:18
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stubSteveA: Robert Collins (lifeless): I'm about to head home and so on.. if you see stevea/sabdfl, can you ping them for me... ?10:37
stublifeless was not able to log into the production launchpad to do imports10:38
=== ddaa grumbles
ddaaI'm about to ask some pretty stupid launchpad/imports questions on the mailing list, unless somebody can help me.10:43
ddaaHere are my issues:10:43
ddaaI want to setup a test environment for imports on my workstation.10:44
ddaaI am able to import info files. But launchpad do not show up in the "do not use" product where the infoImporter put them (I checked there were indeed imported SourceSource objects for this product).10:46
SteveAif I'm to help, I need some more background information10:46
SteveAI have never used the "importer" parts of launchpad10:46
ddaaAlso, the rocketfuel launchpad keeps asking for user/pass, and I have no idea where that info is stored.10:47
SteveAi should also point out that it is 1C outside, and the heating folks havent turned on the heating here yet10:47
SteveAso I am dressed for outside10:47
SteveAuser/pass is stored in the database10:47
ddaaSteveA: afaik, nobody except lifeless and I (who wrote it back in London) ever used that shit. I actually had to unbreak it for the Product refactorings before it would run.10:48
SteveAso, I can help with getting the auth stuff working10:49
SteveAyou need to be using an email address / password combination that is in the database10:49
ddaaThe big picture is "get a test environment for imports". Lifeless seems to thinks that's not a problem, but I never managed to get there...10:49
=== ddaa sights
SteveAor sighs even10:50
ddaaOkay, lemme put the stuff up and dig into the database schema to figure out what you mean.10:50
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=== SteveA goes outside to walk around a bit and get warmer, and pick up a non-expired bank card from the bank.
mdzspiv: ping?11:00
mdzspiv: please follow up on #1922 when you're around11:04
ddaaSteveA: Okay, I found emails and (hashed) passwords in sampledata/current.sql. Does getting a test loging involves running john to crack the passwords? I guess there is probably a saner way...11:12
=== ddaa hands the cluebat arounde
ddaa* "around."11:13
Kinnisonstub: ping?11:18
stubKinnison: pong11:19
Kinnisonstub: I've just pqm-merged a new patch into schema/pending11:19
stubddaa: look for createuser.py, somewhere in rosetta11:19
Kinnisonany chance that along with any of the lucille ones still pending from the list could be applied soon?11:19
stubta. yup - back on that in 10mins11:20
Kinnisonstub: fantastic11:20
ddaastub: processing |^H/^H-^H11:20
ddaaOkay... the createuser.py, createproject.py and createproduct.py scripts all look bitrotted: they refer to RosettaPerson instead of Person. Also I think they belong in some generic launchpad directory (maybe lib/canonical/launchpad/scripts) instead of lib/canonical/rosetta/scripts.11:29
ddaaDo you think it would make sense to fix and move those?11:29
stubYup. I don't know if anyone is already doing that or not.11:35
=== ddaa wonder how people create their test launchpads...
ddaaI only find bitrotten tools on my path...11:36
=== ddaa is fixing
ddaaduh... the tla experience on launchpad could massively benefit from partial inventory support...11:38
ddaa611 source files, 5235 versions-controlled files...11:40
ddaaThe difference is patchlogs and explicit ids.11:41
lifelessddaa: re test environment - are the info files in the same database ?11:42
lifelessselect count(*) from sourcesource; for instance.11:42
lifelessSteveA: yes, I know its in the database11:43
lifelessbut there is this whole sync apache + launchpad11:43
lifelessI'm not sure what approach is desired, and I'm not inclined to randomly poke things in production.11:43
lifelesswhat I'd like is to be told 'Rob, use this password + username for editing sourcesource jobs'11:44
lifelessuntil then, I'm kinda up-creek-without-paddle with regard to doing imports.11:45
ddaalifeless: yessir, it's all in launchpad_test11:46
lifelessso if you go to /doap/projects/do-not-use-info-imports/unassigned/+sources/ what do you see ?11:47
ddaa"   A system error occurred."11:48
=== SteveA returns
lifelessprefix the path with cd ~/botslave 11:49
lifelessPYTHONPATH=~/buildbot/launchpad/lib:~/buildbot/launchpad/lib/canonical/sourcerer/util twistd -f buildbot.tap11:49
lifelessoh bah11:49
lifelessprefix it with that, will give you the traceback11:50
lifelessyou may ned to run make enable-debugging or something first11:50
SteveAlifeless: you want a username and password to use that authenticates you with launchpad?11:50
lifelessand lets me edit all the existing sync jobs.11:51
lifelessand finally, that apache will let through.11:51
=== ddaa awes as emacs automagically points the line that raised the exception in the python source as launchpad drops into pdb
SteveAI think ken manheimer wrote that11:52
SteveACan you move the apache in question to using certificates?11:53
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lifelessI'm happy for that to be done, have no access to do so11:55
ddaaInteresting, it raises when trying to get the 'Debug' skin... let's try w/o the debug skin thing...11:55
ddaa(the difference is that I'm using port 8089, I just realised how it was meant to be used)11:56
SteveAlifeless: what domain name and port do you use to access launchpad for imports?11:56
lifelessok, logging out now...11:57
ddaaThe error from: doap/projects/do-not-use-info-imports/unassigned/+sources/11:59
ddaa  File "/home/david/home/devel/canonical/dists/launchpad/lib/canonical/launchpad/database/sourcesource.py", line 196, in __getitem__11:59
ddaa    return ss[0] 11:59
ddaa  File "/home/david/home/devel/canonical/dists/launchpad/lib/sqlobject/main.py", line 1238, in __getitem__11:59
ddaa    return list(self.clone(start=start, end=start+1))[0] 11:59
ddaaIndexError: list index out of range11:59
SteveAspiv: ping12:00
ddaaHowever I do not get into postmortem, looks like it happens in some thread...12:00
SteveAspiv owns the DOAP and FOAF stuff12:00
stubKinnison: Did you settle on a name for the distroqueue table?12:00
=== SteveA misread that as distrotheque
ddaa+1 cute and fun12:00
Kinnisonstub: I don't have a preference either way. I'm happy with DistroQueue or DistroReleaseQueue. A row in the table refers to a DistroRelease but actions are taken on the aggregation of all the rows referring to DistroReleases in the same Distribution12:01
SteveAddaa: that error says to me that the code is assuming that there is a result row.  Yet, there are no results.12:01
ddaaSteveA: I guessed that... I somehow expect people who are actually doing what I'm trying to do would have experience with my problem... I am almost certainly doing something wrong.12:02
SteveAdo you have suitable stuff in your database?12:02
ddaaFor some value of suitable... There are sourcesource entries for "unassigned"...12:03
=== ddaa looks at the code
sabdflddaa: if you create a launchpad_test db on your dev box at home12:03
ddaasabdfl: yes12:03
sabdflby going to launchpad/database/schema and typing make run12:03
Kinnisonsabdfl: Did you ever reach a decision on whether DistroQueue or DistroReleaseQueue was preferable?12:04
=== SteveA feels the room start to heat up
sabdflthen you'll be able to login to the test system with user foo.bar@canonical.com and passwd test12:04
SteveAlifeless: I've mailed admins and cced you, to ask for apache auth to be changed to certificate based auth for what you're doing12:04
SteveAlifeless: now, we just need to ping elmo or thom to move this up the queue of sysadmin tasks12:05
ddaasabdfl: works, thanks.12:05
sabdflthe plan as i understood it was to use a client cert for vpn, then user/pass for launchpad auth12:06
sabdflddaa: i think the Debug skin is broken at the moment, it works for me on some launchpad components, sporadically12:06
=== SteveA is fixing the debug skin today
ddaathe post-mortem on port 8085 is even better. When the bt is available it drops into the debugger12:07
sabdflKinnison: i can well imagine that a large derivative might have people taking separate decisions on different releases12:07
SteveAsabdfl: want to do a phone call this afternoon?12:08
sabdflSteveA: yes please12:08
sabdflfolks i did a lot of moving and renaming and reordering over the weekend12:09
sabdflmalone and doap are working on my latest code12:09
sabdflsoyuz and rosetta are broken12:09
ddaa(hm.. postmortem is on 8089...)12:10
Kinnisonsabdfl: That's at the web-app level I think; I'm only talking about the automated processing through the queue as NEW etc need human intervention anyway and can be separated out on a DistroRelease basis if that's what's wanted. As I said; I can see arguments either way on the naming of the table so unless you do I'll suggest to stub to run with what I posted to the list.12:10
sabdflplease go with distroreleasequeue12:11
Kinnisonstub: got that?12:11
sabdflddaa: stevea will update the skins code today, so we have the server listening on three ports12:11
stubAlready going with that. I'm learning to channel Mark (at least on sensible decisions ;) )12:12
Kinnisonstub: Fantastic12:12
sabdflone gives you normal behaviour, one gives postmortem-debugger, one gives debug skin with tracebacks12:12
sabdflstub: will be sure to refer to you when i'm unclear on my own opinions :-)12:12
ddaaWriting up my experience as I go. I'll update the ImportProcess page eventually.12:13
sabdfldaf in NYC yet?12:13
KinnisonI thought his flight was last night; so I'd assume he's asleep now12:13
sabdflcool. lucky boy12:13
SteveAlifeless: does pqm run 'make check' on merges to the 'launchpad' category, and merge only if the exit code is 0 ?12:14
=== SteveA 's plans for the day include: fix debugging, check in first pagetests, review some code and mail review to launchpad list.
=== ddaa is out for a couple of hours, some lunch and gym
lifelessddaa: btw got deadlocks in the new code12:36
lifelessSteveA: yes it does12:37
lifelessok, packing up to go home12:37
sabdflstub: did you use my updated, commented version of the infestation table proposal?12:39
stubFrom pending? Yep12:40
sabdflok, thanks12:42
carlossabdfl: where should be moved the Schema and Label class? (at this moment they are inside dlalo.py)12:47
sabdflcarlos:  canonical/launchpad/database/schema.py12:48
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sabdflthat can hold both of them12:48
sabdflas well as supporting classes like "SchemaSet" if they exist12:48
carlosit exists as Schemas, but I will rename it.12:49
ddaalifeless: I'd need more info about the deadlocks. The only one I identified can not actually occur since the sync-queue size in unlimited (well, should be).12:51
=== carlos goes out for a while
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Kinnisonsabdfl: Would it be reasonable to add to SourcepackagePublishing a datepublished column like PackagePublishing has? Also then; is it reasonable to dual-task that column based on the state column. (To provide a time-to-delete type value for packages PendingRemoval from the release?01:45
sabdflKinnison: rather add two columns, datecreated and scheduleddeletiondate01:46
sabdflfield, even01:46
Kinnisonsabdfl: 'created' is a bit of a difficult column to fill01:46
sabdflKinnison: am still trying to find the crack in my reorg01:47
Kinnisonsabdfl: entries are created in the table pending publication01:47
sabdflright.... datepublished01:47
Kinnisonsabdfl: okay, so I'll add 'scheduleddeletiondate' to packagepublishing and the two columns to sourcepackagepublishing01:47
Kinnisonsabdfl: I'm going to start a Lucille/ subsection of the wiki if that's okay? (wiki.canonical.com naturally)01:48
=== Kinnison -> lunch, brb
=== BradB is now known as BradB|out
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Kinnisoncan I get some sanity checking on https://wiki.canonical.com/Lucille_2fPublishingNotes if anyone has a moment?03:11
KinnisonWhose is the librarian?03:25
ddaaKinnison: I know how that feels :-)03:28
ddaaquick look at it, but I do not know what it is about...03:29
KinnisonAah; I know what it's about03:29
=== Kinnison just committed a fix to make it work
KinnisonI was just wondering who wrote it so I could ask if they have any pending changes for it before I launch a pqm assault03:29
ddaaduh, the sources suddenly appeared in launchpad...03:31
=== ddaa tries to reproduce the problem...
ddaaPreviously the sourcesource imported from info files did not show up in doap...03:33
ddaaNow it does, for no apparent reason.03:33
ddaaLooks like one has to start launchpad _after_ running infoImporter...03:40
ddaaMerely refreshing the page is not enough, launchpad must me restarted if it's already running.03:41
ddaaWhat's the trick to log in into launchad so I stop getting "zope.security.interfaces.Unauthorized" exceptions?03:46
ddaaI'm asking for the trick to get the place to enter that information...03:46
KinnisonOh right03:47
Kinnisonnot a clue03:47
=== ddaa bumps the frustration counter once more
ddaaThat stuff breaks for every single step I take... it's getting annoying.03:48
ddaaMhh... apparently I'm logged in a Foo Bar already, that's what shows in +addsources page, although it does not show in unassigned page... maybe that part of the reason why the sources suddenly appeared too...03:51
ddaahaha... the infoImporter sets the sourcesource.owner to lifeless... that's probably what breaks... It might work better with Foo Bar...03:53
BradBsabdfl: Did you add a note somewhere on the Wiki about how to propose db changes? If not, I'll do so now, and add it under Developer Resources on https://wiki.canonical.com/Launchpad_2fDevelopmentEnvironment.04:02
BradBsabdfl: The goal is to collect everything I (for i in launchpad_developers) need to know about Doing The Right Thing while doing Launchpad development.04:03
BradBIn one easy-to-find place.04:03
ddaaMaking progresses... I get a different error now...04:06
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ddaaspiv: ping...04:10
=== ddaa looks for a paddle on eBay
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=== lalo back home
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Kinnisonhey cprov 04:27
Kinnisoncprov: is gina in launchpad yet?04:27
kikohey Kinnison04:27
BradBThe Makefile to create and init the launchpad_test DB seems to be broken. When I 'sudo -u postgres make', I get: createlang: language installation failed: ERROR:  could not access file "$libdir/plpython": No such file or directory, but I don't see anything on launchpad@ that tells me to expect that breakage. Anyone else seeing that problem? (I last star-merged about an hour and a half ago.)04:28
kikoBradB, could it be you don't have plpython installed into your pgsql?04:29
cprovKinnison: hi, yes I hope :), lib/canonical/launchpad/scripts04:30
BradBThat looks like the problem, yes. :) The thing is, this was working fine before though.04:30
Kinnisoncprov: Cool. I've fixed the librarian so that it works. I'd like to consider getting gina to upload files into it so we can start testing it04:30
BradBSo someone seems to have added that dependency, for reasons of which I'm not entirely clear.04:30
KinnisonBradB: stub is writing complex validation functions in plpython04:31
cprovKinnison: fine, you should run gina in zhongshan or another good machine from DC, ask elmo_ 04:31
Kinnisoncprov: *nod* Elmo was going to be setting up a machine for me04:31
kikoKinnison, he's trying to scare us off from launchpad by adding incomprehensible DB spachetti04:31
Kinnisonelmo_: how long will it be before I can have a machine to build a db on?04:32
Kinnisonkiko: hehe04:32
=== Kinnison is glad of his plpgsql experience now
BradBIt'd have been nice to know about this dep being added, and for what reason (i.e. on launchpad@.) :)04:32
kikoBradB, yeah, actually, the makefile could just test and complain about it for you, how does that sound?04:33
BradBIt'd be more useful for it to do that, yeah.04:33
=== BradB goes off to install plpython
cprovKinnison: btw, how to reactive rev-lib support on ARCH ? I've removed my .{arch}/=revision-library days ago :)04:34
cprovKinnison: just recreate it will solve ?04:34
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kikoit's LEILO!04:36
Kinnisoncprov: I think so04:37
cprovKinnison: tks04:38
=== lalo pokes kiko
kikohow's it moving lalo04:41
lalonot terribly excitingly :-)04:42
ddaacprov: just register the revlib again04:53
ddaathe revlib options are stored inside the revlib.04:53
ddaaI assume you are not using any of the multiple revlib voodoo which I do not know how it works and which is documented nowhere I am aware of :-)04:54
cprovddaa: yep, I' ve done it, thanks 04:56
cprovddaa: but I' m still waiting the star-merge started 40 minutes ago :(04:57
ddaaSounds like you should have a local mirror.04:57
ddaaHa... star-merge w/o a greedy revlib hurts sometimes.04:57
cprovddaa: exactly !!04:58
ddaaBut then there should be some cachedrevs along the history...04:58
ddaaif you feel like finding abentley and helping him write regression tests for the backbuilder, I'm sure that would be appreciated.04:59
cprovddaa: sorry, I didn' t undestand what you mean ? "him" who ?05:00
ddaaThe sane arch devel Canonical could not hire...05:01
cprovddaa: aaeron ? ohh yes ... :)05:01
cprovddaa: I've never seen him here,  I think, just the patches on commit@..05:02
ddaaHe's not on the staff.05:03
ddaaso he's got no business being here. You can find him on #arch.05:04
cprovddaa: ok, I' ll look for him.05:04
=== BradB kicks Jaguar yet again for having a version of tar for which there's no option to exclude files.
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laloyou guys?05:15
carloslalo: hey05:15
lalohello carlos :-)05:16
carloslalo: how is going?05:21
lalonot too bad :-)05:22
laloforgot how much I *hate* looking for job05:22
kikoyou should think of that *before* quitting your last one <wink>05:23
lalogood advice05:23
BradBspiv: Can you sanity check my changes to https://wiki.canonical.com/SQLObjectGuide?05:32
BradBI'm still a bit worried that we keep using dbName everywhere, and wonder why some people seem to get errors when that param isn't specified (particularly with the column name is identical to the property name...of course there are some namings of FK's and such for which we need to pass dbName explicitly, but 95% of the time shouldn't need to.)05:34
BradBs,with the,when the,05:34
dafI think specifying the dbName was a matter of "explicit is better than implicit"05:39
dafI don't know of any errors accounted by not having it, though05:40
BradBsabdfl claims he had errors due to it05:40
BradBExplicit is better than implicit, but when the API is documented, at some point too much explictness becomes just another place to introduce a bug in one's code.05:41
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kikoexplicitness also makes the channel non-pg-13 safe06:05
dafmako and I are having some net connection trouble06:14
dafwe might be offline for a while06:14
=== lalo [~lalo@] has left #launchpad []
SteveAdaf: are you running the tests?06:19
sabdflKinnison: lucille page on the wiki would be excellent06:21
Kinnisonsabdfl: I've started punting notes onto the wiki already06:22
sabdflKinnison: spiv ownz the librarian06:22
Kinnisonsabdfl: they're a little braindumpish currently06:22
Kinnisonsabdfl: But comments on the Lucille/PublishingNotes page would be nice06:22
sabdflBradB: note about db update process on wiki would be excellent06:23
carlossabdfl: Could I move Language, SpokenIn and Country objects into database/language.py?06:24
sabdflabsolutely agree that we want the wiki to consolidate the launchpad knowledge06:25
=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
SteveAdarn... there are changes that I know I made with daf on Friday that aren't in RF.06:31
sabdflbradb: agree that having to specify the name in both places is unnecesary, but is has been faiing if i didn't06:32
sabdflcarlos: maybe put country in its own file, language and spokenin in a language.py file06:32
cprovBradB: I' ve got the same problem with DB make, let's ask elmo ...06:40
BradBcprov: The dep on plpython is clear, it's just that the annoyance caused by the unexpected intro of that has already cost me a good hour trying to get pgsql recompiled with plpython support.06:42
cprovBradB: :0 !!06:44
BradBI'll be updating the Wiki today to mention this dep too. :)06:45
sabdflBradB: i have a language installation thing in the db makefile that was breaking for me, so i commented it out06:45
sabdfli committed that change, maybe it's needed elsewhere06:45
sabdflhmm... i see it's come back06:46
BradByeah, stub's writing complex validation stuff in python; that's what it's needed for06:46
sabdflit's failing to Make for me06:47
sabdfldo i need to install another language module from apt?06:47
=== cprov is now known as cprov_lunch
BradBsabdfl: You need plpython support compiled into postgresql.06:47
BradBI've finally got mine going.06:47
sabdflis it not compiled into the warty postgres?06:47
Kinnisonsabdfl: I intend to visit my parents once Warty is released to install it on their computer. As such, I'll be working a Friday and Monday from their house in wales (they have ADSL) will that be okay? [Fri 22nd, Mon 25th, Oct] 06:49
sabdflKinnison: no problem06:49
sabdflmusical chairs06:49
sabdfldf wales -> nyc06:49
Kinnisonsabdfl: Aye06:49
sabdflkinnison cambridge -> wales06:50
Kinnisonsabdfl: I'm being bugged by my father to give him a date when I'll convert him from Windows :-)06:50
sabdflno date could be soon enouhg :-)06:50
=== Kinnison looks forward to getting his parents onto Warty.
KinnisonMy mother hates computers but has to use them; my father is an old-school geek and just wants things to stop breaking.06:51
BradBThe Makefile is also checking incorrectly for the existence of the database. This has to do with the way that wc prints its output (which is indented, and has one space on the end.)06:52
BradBsabdfl: presumably it would be useful if I fixed product release infestations (at the least, a vocab that has moved has broken the interface) and implemented source package release infestations today, correct?07:08
=== BradB is now known as BradB|lunch
sabdflBradB|lunch: i have one of them working last night07:11
=== BradB|lunch is now known as BradB
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
BradBsabdfl: Something's broken about it now (probably because ProductRelease was moved out of site), so I'll fix it now.07:49
sabdflok. sorry about that. we really need those page tests!07:49
dilysBug 2096 resolved: Schema class needed by Person class but it's not in place07:50
BradBsabdfl: I'd do one for the infestation stuff right now, but I don't think SteveA or daf have documented it on the wiki, so that I can remind myself of what they told us Friday night. :)07:51
sabdflyeah, my memory of friday night is "cool!" but no idea how to implement07:52
BradBI remember having to start and connect to a proxy, but I need details. ;)07:53
sabdfli think tonight i'm going to try to get productrelease and productseries smacked07:54
sabdflthen i need to turn my attention to the RC for a few days07:54
sabdflthen you'll have me back for the weekend07:54
SteveAI'll be checking in some page tests before the end of tonight08:12
SteveAand writing some docs08:12
dafI have written some docs08:13
dafI am waiting for PQM to do its thing before I send them to the list08:13
SteveAdaf: please send me the docs, not the list, at first.  I'm going to be changing a couple of things.08:14
dafhmm, ok08:14
dafI've made a couple of changes which are in the PQM queue08:14
SteveAdaf: I noticed that some of the changes we made on Friday weren't in RF08:16
SteveAlike the new names for the skin interfaces 08:16
dafthose are also in this merge08:16
dafhmm, seems like a temporary problem with mail on this end08:17
=== cprov_lunch is now known as cprov
SteveAI find it strange that the .css files are under canonical/launchpad/templates08:30
BradBsabdfl: Oh, I'll add a note to the Wiki on how to structure ZCML files too.08:43
=== kiko-fud is now known as kiko
BradBsabdfl: In fixing this ProductRelease vocab lookup bug, caused by not including productrelease.zcml, I'm getting config conflicts with stuff in lib/canonical/malone/sql.zcml. Just to be sure then, *all* ZCML should live under lib/canonical/launchpad/zcml/ then?08:50
SteveAall ZCML that is to do with content and its views08:50
SteveAthat is, if you have a Product sqlobject class, it is descirbed by IProduct, and configured with product.zcml08:51
SteveAbut, do not move the other zcml that glues the rest of launchpad together08:51
BradBIOW, to solve this conflict, the stuff from lib/canonical/malone/sql.zcml should be merged into this productrelease.zcml.08:53
=== BradB adds a README to lib/canonical/launchpad/zcml/
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jblackhi. What's up? 08:57
SteveAI think I want to do an undo-replay kind of thing08:58
SteveAI have been hacking on various code in my treee08:58
SteveAand now I'd like to sync with RF before tidying up my code wrt latest RF and commiting it08:58
jblackeasily done.08:58
SteveAthat is, I'd like to commit a new sync with RF before committing my changes08:58
jblacktla undo;  do the star merge stuff, commit; tla redo08:58
SteveAwhat will tla undo do to files I have not yet tla added ?08:59
jblackIt should handle them fine, but double check to make sure.08:59
jblackTheres an alternative if your nervous.09:00
jblackDo another get in another dir, star-merge there and commit.09:00
jblackthen, go back to your old work tree, and tla replay09:00
SteveAhmm... when I do a tree-lint, I get this:09:00
SteveAThese files would be source but lack inventory ids (`tla add' or a tagline perhaps?):09:00
jblackOk. Then undo doesn't handle new files right.09:01
jblackDo the alternative way.09:01
SteveAI haven't undone yet09:01
SteveAI haven't done anything yet09:01
SteveAthat's just sitting there now09:01
jblackthen tla add them.09:01
dafSteveA: the CSS files didn't use to be there09:01
dafSteveA: they used to be in lp/styles, I think09:01
SteveAjblack: oh, I know what that is09:02
SteveAjblack: ok, I'll try the undo -> star-merge -> redo09:02
jblacktla add the new files before you undo though.09:02
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #launchpad
carlosdinner time, see you later09:22
KinnisonDinner sounds like an excellent plan09:25
=== cprov wonders if there is any news about current DB make crash on missed psql plpython support ...
BradBcprov: Yeah, same as before, ya gotta recompile postgres. :)09:34
BradB./configure --with-python ...09:35
=== debonzi [~debonzi@] has joined #launchpad
BradBcprov: Are you also noticing that the db exists check is incorrect and will claim that DB exists even if it doesn't, and then fails later saying the db doesn't exist?09:37
cprovBradB: yep, this failure I know :) but recompile Postgresql looks very bad im my point of view :(09:39
BradByep, it was very bad from my point of view too :/09:40
cprovBradB: is there a way to exclude the plpython support from our code ?09:40
BradBI think in that case you'd want to just comment out the relevant bits of the Makefile09:41
BradBlines 25-2909:41
cprovBradB: can you briefly explain why do we need plpython ? and what is expectable by just comment the makefile lines ?09:43
BradBFrom what others have told me, it's because stub is writing some complex validation stuff in the DB and wants to do so in Python.09:44
BradBThis may cause breakage when the DB tries to fire off some constraint that is a python function that doesn't exist. I'm not sure, it hasn't yet happened to me.09:45
cprovBradB: I'll follow you by now ... let's see what happens ... better than do nothing :), thank you for your explanantion09:46
SteveAthanks jblack, the undo-redo thing worked just fine09:50
sabdflcan the python language be a module? I see several pg language packages in aptitude, but not a python one09:54
sabdflseems that we should have this for warty so our dev team does not each end up recompiling postgres09:55
Kinnisonsabdfl: I have a warty box and it works fine for me09:58
Kinnisonsabdfl: I just had to increase my personal postgres privs09:58
Kinnisonwell; it creates the language okay; I guess I don't know if it's working or not09:58
Kinnisonand the following is in the postgresql package: /usr/lib/postgresql/lib/plpython.so10:00
kikowow, SteveA, nice work man!10:02
kikoKinnison, yes, it's just a matter of giving privs to the user to create languages in the DB.10:03
sabdflKinnison: ah, maybe it's just a privileges thing10:03
BradBTo see if you have plpython support, look in `pg_config --pkglibdir`10:04
sabdflsudo -u postgres createlang -d launchpad_test plpythonu10:04
sabdflworked just fine10:04
sabdflbut the make still fails because it does it as my local users10:04
kikoyou need to grant to your user specific privs10:04
sabdflmaybe it should TEST if you have Python installed, and if not fail telling you to install it yourself as described above10:04
kikosabdfl, yes, exactly my suggestion to bradb a while back10:05
sabdflkiko: the sudo command does it as postgres superuser10:05
sabdflhas anyone mailed stub?10:05
sabdflor modified the makefile?10:05
BradBI'll mail stub.10:07
dafhmm, looks like PQM is wedged again10:07
sabdflthanks bradb10:08
sabdflok, tonight i plan on finishing of productseries and productrelease10:09
sabdflwon't have librarian integration (i.o.w. it won't actually let you upload the release)10:09
sabdflbut i think i know who might be best suited to fix that10:09
sabdflspiv: when i'm done tonight, you become the king-of-doap, ok?10:09
spivsabdfl: Ok.10:11
daffor some reason, I now have an image of spiv as a drugs baron10:11
dafSteveA: looks like a merge from you broke PQM10:14
daf(elmo has fixed it now)10:14
Kinnisonsabdfl: alter user sabdfl with createdb createuser | sudo -u postgres psql template110:16
Kinnisonsabdfl: then it should work10:16
Kinnison(assuming I got the alter-user syntax right)10:16
sabdflKinnison: thanks10:18
dafKinnison: don't you mean: echo 'alter ...10:18
Kinnisondaf: yeah yeah10:19
BradBThis new ZCML layout is making configuration so much simpler.10:19
Kinnisonit's 21:20 and I've just had dinner. My stomach has all the blood right now10:19
sabdflKinnison: spot on10:19
dafwhere did you put the food then?10:19
sabdflBradB: you're welcome :-)10:20
Kinnisondaf: On my left nipple; clearly10:20
BradBsabdfl: heh, thanks :)10:20
SteveAdaf: oh darn... forgot to mirror *again*10:20
dafSteveA: that's so not cool10:20
SteveAdaf: lifeless said he'd fix it like a week ago10:21
dafSteveA: is there any reason for you not to use a script which does the mirror before sending the merge request?10:22
SteveAoh well... I'll merge, test, commit, mirror and submit10:22
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #launchpad
BradBSteveA: You make arch sound so easy. :P10:25
SteveAit'll be the latest dance in nightclubs10:26
SteveAdo the tla merge10:26
=== daf does the tla merge
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #launchpad
dafit's just a commit to the left10:29
dafand then a mirror to right10:29
dafput your hands on your archive10:30
sabdflput your hands on your hips10:30
dafand star-merge your knees in tight10:30
sabdflkiss your code good nigh-igh-igh-ight10:30
dafmmm, arch filk10:30
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #launchpad
sabdflspiv: before assuming the mantle of doap-king, could i ask you to act as dealer?10:39
sabdflneed you to add support for the extra fields to add/edit forms that are not currently there10:39
sabdflin addition, the sourceforgeproject and freshmeatproject fields10:39
sabdflso that we can fully describe these suckers when we go live10:40
sabdfldon't worry about the sourceforge scraping api, just gather the project name10:40
dafSteveA: you called the debug skin "DebugLayer", but the other class names end in Skin10:41
dafSteveA: which is canonical?10:41
sabdfli think a skin is made up of layers10:42
SteveAthey should all be "Layer"10:42
SteveAand the module should be layers.py really10:42
dafshall I make the change?10:42
SteveAthere isn't such a distinction between skins and layers10:42
SteveAyes please10:42
SteveAin fact, there is no difference at all10:43
SteveAit is just a hang-over from the way plone / cmf works, which this was modeled on originally10:43
SteveAI'll change the "newskin" attribute of suburl to be "newlayer" too10:43
SteveAbut not tonight10:43
dafSteveA: shall I do that too?10:49
dafSteveA: it doesn't seem difficult10:49
SteveAif you like10:50
=== SteveA -> bed
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #launchpad
dafsee you tomorrow10:50
sabdflnight SteveA10:50
BradBPresumably bugpackagerelease.zcml can also include the container configurations?11:17

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