mdzthom: the feedback on the 0.9.3 downgrade has been 100% positive, let's get it into warty straight away12:48
seb128mdz: hey12:49
seb128mdz: what about the new gst/totem packages and eagle-usb ?12:49
jdubmdz: oof :)12:51
mdzjdub: oof indeed12:51
seb128jdub: hey :)12:51
thommdz: sat in the upload queue, although i think katie is sulking12:51
seb128jdub: same question :p12:51
mdzseb128: I thought I had upgraded to your new gst/totem, but I seem to have the same version as in warty12:51
mdzseb128: could you give me the sources.list entry again please?12:52
mdzthom: hmm. anyone roused elmo?12:52
thommdz: the last security fix was a one liner to a javascript file, which was a nice surprise12:52
mdzthom: how very un-mozilla of them12:52
thommdz: just pinged him on jabber, will text in a second12:52
seb128mdz: deb http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~seb128/gstreamer/  /12:52
thommdz: indeed - the bug talks of suggestions of monster changes, and then someone goes "why not change remove from true to false" and that's what they did 12:53
mdzseb128: it is hard to say whether it is any better than the previous version; it still doesn't seem to play any video streams for me :-/12:53
mdzseb128: is there any video encoding that it is known to play properly?12:53
seb128theora ?12:54
mdzmizar:[/space/video/misc]  totem http://mirror.fluendo.com:8800/12:54
mdzzsh: segmentation fault  totem http://mirror.fluendo.com:8800/12:54
mdz(after saying it could not play for unknown reasons)12:55
mdzI had a theora stream which I tested with the previous version12:56
mdzthe A/V sync was way off and the video choppy12:56
mdzah, it was the RMS thing, I'll retry that12:56
seb128"totem http://mirror.fluendo.com:8800/" works here ...12:57
mdzii  totem-gstreamer     0.99.17-0ubuntu1    A simple media player for the Gnome desktop based on g12:57
mdzii  libgstreamer0.8-0   0.8.7-1             Core GStreamer libraries, plugins, and utilities12:57
Mithrandirmdz: I've read through the binary diff and it seems the only things changed are timestamps and compiled-in paths (from the build directory)12:58
seb128mdz: yeah, current versions ...12:58
Mithrandirmdz: so if I could get permission to upload, I'd be very glad.12:58
mdzhmm, it is playing now12:58
mdzsecond try12:58
mdzMithrandir: OK12:58
elmo_I _really_ think #1854 needs bumped to RC12:58
mdzseb128: does gstreamer default to esd output on new installs?12:58
elmo_it's what's killing katie on jackass12:59
mdzseb128: mine seemed to be set for OSS, but I may have opened gstreamer-properties at some point12:59
seb128mdz: I've not changed the patches12:59
elmo_"don't use SMP kernels" isn't really a very good answer12:59
Mithrandirelmo_: what kind of box is jackass?12:59
elmo_Mithrandir: how do you mean ?01:00
mdzseb128: it still segfaults when I exit totem01:00
Mithrandirelmo_: cpu type?01:00
Mithrandir(and number)01:00
mdzelmo_: well, after Mithrandir you're the first person to be able to reproduce it, so by all means...01:00
elmo_1 3.2Ghz Xeon HT01:00
jdubseb128: i support upgrading gst as a natural bugfix release from gnome01:00
elmo_but I also saw it on apt-extracttemplates on one of the 3.06GHz Dual Xeon boxes01:00
jdub(ie. 2.8 desktop packages)01:00
jduband then totem on top of that is not a huge worry01:01
mdzseb128: anyway, it doesn't seem to be any more broken than the previous version01:01
Mithrandirmdz: I think it's triggered by HT somehow, and HT isn't that common.01:01
mdzit still doesn't play theora streams or anything else for me01:01
seb128mdz: according to upstream a lot of bugs have been fixed01:01
seb128ok to push it ?01:01
mdzI can get about 2-3 frames from it and then it never draws a new frame01:01
seb128we don't have a lot to loose, totem-gstreamer didn't work fine in all cases01:02
Mithrandirmdz: I'm going to try to reproduce it on a friend's FC box, in an ubuntu chroot, if so, we should find out whether it's the kernel or glibc (or possibly still unknown)01:02
elmo_Mithrandir: ?? it's ridiculously common in servers01:02
mdzseb128: I agree01:02
mdzelmo_: you're probably the only one on staff running Ubuntu on that grade of server at the moment01:03
seb128ok thanks01:03
Mithrandirelmo_: I think we have a small market share when it comes to workstations, but our server market share is probably ~0% on servers.01:03
Mithrandiruhm s/on servers//01:03
Mithrandirsince people are a lot more likely to jump on the "new shiny distro" wagon for workstations and home boxes than for servers.01:04
elmo_Mithrandir: dude, we can't ship a product where gzip doesn't fricking work on any modern server and expect to be taken seriously01:04
seb128mdz: and about eagle-usb ? Sorry to ask again, but some french guys would be happy to get the change, and I don't think that eagle-adsl is used a lot, should not problematic neither ...01:04
Mithrandirelmo_: no, we can't, I'm just trying to guess why nobody but us two have stumbled across it so far.01:04
mdzseb128: ok, so currently we have neither eagle-adsl nor eagle-usb in warty, they are alternatives to each other, and you propose that we add eagle-usb to supported?01:05
MithrandirI think it's a timing issue somewhere, since the only way to reproduce it is to run apt-extracttemplates a bunch of times.01:05
Mithrandirand strace makes the timing slightly off, so the problem then disappears.01:05
mdzMithrandir: nothing else with a gzip pipeline triggers the problem?01:05
Mithrandirmdz: not that I've seen01:06
seb128mdz: hum, let me checked, but one should be in the shipped seed01:06
mdzelmo_: if you can put me in a position where I can debug it, I'll have a go01:06
mdzseb128: neither one seems to be in main01:06
mdzseb128: I thought we had discussed this before and agreed on it01:06
Mithrandirmdz: I can give you root on the box if you want, no problems. :)01:06
mdzMithrandir: ok01:07
mdzMithrandir: shall I send you an ssh key?01:07
seb128mdz: ok, eagle-usb-utils is in the shipseed01:07
seb128mdz: I've pinged you 2 times, but never go a "ok" ... you asked for details and we didn't get a conclusion01:08
Mithrandirmdz: just sent you a mail with host name and password; hope you have your key nearby.01:08
seb128mdz: BTW the module in the kernel package is the -usb one and the package is in the seed, so I'll upload it if you're ok01:09
mdzseb128: ok, my apologies01:09
seb128no problem01:09
mdzseb128: is eagle-usb-utils sufficient?01:09
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-68-92-227-78.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdz122004-09-24 00:38:11852MattZimmermanadd eagle-usb-utils01:09
mdzseb128: so we did agree and I added it to the seed01:10
seb128there is a -data too01:10
mdzif we need the -data, that is fine with me01:10
seb128ok thanks01:10
seb128mdz: perhaps we agreed but I missed the agreement :) BTW that's ok now, thanks01:11
elmo_that's just fucking typical.  I reboot 19 machines when I'm physically there and they all come back fine. I reboot one machine when I'm 200 miles away and it dies01:14
mdzMithrandir: yeah, I am at home.  logged in now01:14
mdzMithrandir: so what's the easiest way to reproduce it?01:14
mdzelmo_: no iLO goodness?01:15
Mithrandirmdz: cd /var/cache/apt/archives 01:15
Mithrandirthen run apt-extracttemplates apache2-mpm-worker_2.0.50-12ubuntu3_i386.deb01:15
Mithrandirlike ten times.01:15
mdzI just did apt-extracttemplates *.deb and it hung right away01:15
elmo_mdz: no, not for this machine01:15
mdzfucking gdb01:17
Mithrandirmdz: have fun. :)01:17
mdzelmo_: there's a much simpler workaround than "don't use SMP"; just disable TLS/NPTLS/whatever01:19
elmo_mdz: blah, well, a little late for that now01:19
Mithrandir"disable NPTL" isn't an option in many cases either, though.01:20
mdzonly if you're running a billion threads01:20
Mithrandirmdz: that's just my workstation, so feel free to hack away on it, but please don't kill /home, fyi.01:20
Mithrandirlamont: care to adjust PaS for linux-restricted-modules?  There's a version I'm uploading now with amd64 support.01:27
mdz(gdb) bt01:27
mdz#0  0x40108721 in pthread_setcanceltype () from /lib/tls/libc.so.601:27
mdzgdb is so fucking useless with tls01:27
mdzMithrandir: nice bandwidth :-)01:28
Mithrandirmdz: university network, so 100Mbit straight to the box.01:29
Mithrandirwould have been nice with gbit, but it doesn't really matter.01:29
dokomdz: what about #2204 and #2216 for warty?01:43
mdzdoko: 2204 is a one-liner, right?  OK with me01:44
mdzdoko: regarding 2216, could you explain the problem a bit?01:44
dokomdz: 2204: yes. 2216: a file is deleted during the build. the patch makes sure that this file exists at all times and the python modules gets built.01:46
mdzdoko: I don't understand the original problem, though. if this file is important, why is it disappearing?01:47
dokoif I understand it correctly:   * debian/rules: Added a workaround for python/libxslt-py.c file to recover01:49
doko    its original state after build (to avoid pollution of svn and diff file).01:49
dokobut that fails, if you build the package twice.01:50
doko(changelog from 1.1.6-1)01:50
mdzso the file is modified during the build, and the packagaing was trying to restore it?01:52
dokoexactly, and misses the fact that it's remove by make realclean01:53
mdzdoko: ok, thanks, I understand.  OK to upload01:53
mdzMithrandir: I have a workaround for apt-extracttemplates at least01:53
mdzdid elmo say if he saw it anywhere other than in apt-extracttemplates?01:54
mdzI don't think katie uses that01:54
mdzit's seeming like a glibc bug01:54
Mithrandirmdz: ok, what would it be?01:54
mdzMithrandir: apt-inst's extracttar does this funny thing where it sends a signal to gzip right when it's supposed to be exiting, to make sure it's gone01:55
mdzMithrandir: if I turn that off, it never hangs01:55
=== justdave [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomargh, it's 1am02:07
=== thom goes to bed
dokough, jackass is down?02:07
thomelmo is en route currently02:07
dokofrom where?02:07
thomfrom his house to the data center02:07
dokothis are a few miles ... :-(02:08
thomat this time of night, it's easier for him to drive than for me to try and get there *sigh*02:09
dokoshit happens.02:09
dokogood night!02:10
danielsthom: all you need is acpi_sleep=s3_bios for x40 suspend02:15
danielsthom: mind if I package your /etc/acpi as acpi-support-x40 or something?02:15
=== Mithrandir goes to bed
danielsthom: (after cleaning it up a bit)02:18
thomno, not at all02:18
lamontMithrandir: PaS is an elmo thing.02:19
danielsthom: rad, thanks02:20
danielsthom: my 'X40 on Ubuntu' page will consist of: 'First, boot with linux acpi_sleep=s3_bios when you install.  Secondly, when you're done, add in this APT source, and install acpi-support-x40.'02:20
thomheh, nod02:22
mjg59Teh x40 is teh rock02:24
danielsmjg59: that it is02:24
danielsindeed, it is love02:25
thomdaniels: those scripts are originally mjg59's, and gpl'd (i'm sure i'll be corrected shortwith if my memory is broken :) )02:26
mdzthom: #1357 and friends should be trivial to fix now, yes?02:26
thommdz: the language packs are just gonna need to be updated to accept our warped version numbers, yeah02:27
thomi'm intending to do that first thing tomorrow02:27
mjg59One of the Novell people at the expo told me something interesting02:30
mjg59NLD will ship with KDE in Europe and Gnome in the US, allegedly02:30
thommjg59: *boggle*02:30
thomthey really think the divide is that strong?02:31
mjg59Seemingly so02:32
danielshave you guys also experienced a random system beep?02:32
mjg59But also, I think all their EU support staff are originally SuSE02:32
danielsi'm getting one, and Googling shows it also happens under XP, but if you remove a device called 'Beep' from Device Manager (?!?), it all goes away02:32
danielsmjg59: dude, that's total bong02:33
danielsmjg59: so there will be SuSE, KDE NLD and GNOME NLD?02:33
mjg59daniels: Using wireless?02:33
mjg59And ifplugd?02:33
danielsmjg59: yes, and maybe02:34
danielsmjg59: does ifplugd run as a daemon?02:34
danielsmjg59: ok. it's not running, but I've muted everything anyway.02:34
mjg59If so, it's probably the firmware resets on the wireless card02:34
danielsnope, not even installed02:34
danielsbasically, it sounds like there's a hard disk write, then a system beep02:35
mjg59Check whether it correlates to those anyway02:35
mjg59Oh, are you /sure/ it's a beep?02:35
mjg59The drive makes an odd chirp noise when it parks02:35
danielsit's a beep-like sound, but it does sound a little different02:35
danielscan I make the drive shut the fuck up?02:35
mjg59Mine doesn't seem to do it now02:35
mjg59I've no idea what changed02:35
thomNetworkManager is hardcore crackadelia, by the way02:36
danielsthom: duh02:36
mjg59NetworkManager was a mess of race when I tried it02:36
danielsmjg59: which kernel are you running?02:36
mjg59+random patches02:36
thomit's now a mess of race, with broken dbus permissions02:37
mjg59It's irritating - Netapplet is the wrong solution, but it works02:37
danielsmjg59: are you running laptop-mode?02:37
danielsthom: urgh02:37
mjg59NetworkManager is the right solution, but implemented in an over-complex way02:37
mjg59daniels: Yeah02:37
mjg59Only on battery, though02:37
thomnetworkmanager will eventually get there, but may need a rethink and tears to get there02:37
danielsmjg59: right02:38
danielsmjg59: any clue as to which patches you're running?02:38
danielsyes, it definitely sounds like the drive parking02:38
mjg59daniels: ACPI + random stuff of my own to debug ACPI stuff02:39
mjg59Shouldn't be anything special02:39
thomthe packages almost work, but there really needs to be a way to add NetworkManagerInfo to the user's gnome session :/02:39
mjg59Playing with the hdparm accoustic management stuff might help02:39
danielsyeah, I just set it to 192 on a semi-whim02:41
=== daniels waits for it to spin down.
mjg59128 is the only one that's likely to do anything02:46
danielsyeah, tried that too02:48
tsengthom: patching the default session might be a start03:15
jdubyo mjg59 03:48
mdzI think we've found a paleobug in gzip04:17
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mdz] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 12 RC bugs to go
fabbionemorning guys05:23
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:fabbione] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 13 RC bugs to go
chrisa13 RC till warty?05:30
lamontRejected: libglib2.0-udeb_2.4.7-0ubuntu1_x86_64.udeb: architecture part of filename (x86_64) does not match package architecture in the udeb (amd64).05:30
=== lamont giggles
fabbionechrisa: bug in discover1-data05:31
fabbioneand thunderbird keeps crashing on me..05:33
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mdz] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 12 RC bugs to go
mdz(downgraded a NEEDINFO bug which had been waiting for too long)05:36
mdzlooked like it was fixed, but the submitter would not confirm05:36
hornbeckmdz: do you guys want the user manual's in yelp to be Ubuntu specific for Hoary?  If so I will start working on them if noone is05:37
mdzhornbeck: an updated user manual would be delightful05:37
hornbeckok, I did not want to start without knowing it was needed05:38
hornbeckI am on it05:38
fabbionemdz: can i remove Build-Dep:  libstdc++5-3.3-dev ?06:14
fabbioneaccording to debian any pkg providing libstdc++-dev is build-essential06:14
fabbionebah we can wait after warty06:17
fabbionedaniels: you around?06:21
=== fabbione feels very lonely
fabbionemdz: are you still around?06:30
jdubhornbeck: ROCK!06:33
fabbioneah jdub!06:34
fabbionejdub: i have a "design" problem here06:35
fabbionejdub: 2205, 2106, 1690 06:36
fabbionejdub: basically the problems are:06:36
mdzfabbione: here06:36
fabbionepeople that installs using an american/english language they get wrongly an US keyboard in X06:36
fabbione+ there is a 50% 50% chance to get the keyboard model wrong on ppc06:36
fabbionenow there is no easy solution for warty to any of these problems06:37
fabbionemy suggestion is:06:37
fabbioneif LAYOUT=us we ask to confirm the layout. For us people is one enter06:37
fabbioneand for ppc users we need to ask to confirm the keyboard model06:37
fabbioneall the other cases will NOT see the questions06:38
fabbionethat's the best we can do atm06:38
fabbionemdz: i also reviewed again Kostantinos code06:38
fabbioneand he keeps going for the LANG way that we know isn't complete06:38
fabbioneor working in all cases06:38
fabbionewhat do you want me to do?06:39
mdzfabbione: can we use the answer to the keymap question in d-i?06:39
fabbionemdz: no. we don't have the mappings 06:39
mdzit is quite late to be making these changes06:39
fabbionemdz: + that question has been reintroduced not too long ago06:39
jdubhrm, makes me a little queasy06:39
fabbionemdz: asking for me is setting a variable06:40
fabbioneit's not like i need to reimplement the code06:40
fabbioneif [ $LAYOUT=us ] ; then PRIORITY=high; fi06:40
fabbione2 lines like that06:40
mdzand that would ask the usual X keymap question?06:41
mdzwhich is two screens and text entry?06:41
fabbionemdz: that will ask only for the layout06:41
fabbioneone question06:41
mdzusers do not generally know how to answer that question06:41
mdzwell debconf displays it as one screen of text and then a prompt for the keymap name06:41
mdzbut more importantly, the user doesn't know the answer06:41
fabbionemdz: it's one screen only06:42
fabbionethe message is hidden with priority low06:42
mdzah, so that is actually a separate question06:43
mdzso the user would see "Please select your keyboard layout" and a text entry box06:43
fabbionewhen you get the 3 questions in a raw is because you are either reconfiguring or installing debian06:43
mdzthat is extremely unfriendly06:43
fabbionewell i can reenable messages if that's required06:44
mdzI think it's a problem either way06:44
fabbionebut i think that as it is now is going to me the root of my headackes until hoary will have the "nice selector"06:44
mdzif it is not yet right for warty, I think it is time to say "oops" and let it go06:46
mdzwe cannot make things worse for cases where it currently works06:46
fabbioneah nevermind06:50
fabbioneit's missing one thing06:50
fabbionemdz, jdub: that's the changelog for the next X upload06:51
fabbioneit should also fix 1089 but only for common layout as Denis specified06:52
fabbioneso it's not a complete fix06:52
fabbionechangelog is pedantic06:52
fabbionebut the changes are minimal and tested06:52
danielsfabbione: sup?06:53
hornbeckjdub: thanks I will try to have some good docs in place06:53
fabbionedaniels: check above url06:54
danielsfabbione: checking now06:55
danielslooks good to me06:56
=== x4m [~max@50-65.244.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubhornbeck: if you make any changes that would be appropriate for upstream, perhaps we should split those out and send them up07:00
hornbeckjdub: Do you want all of the manuals in yelp to be Ubuntu specific?07:01
hornbeckor just updated to the releases07:01
hornbeckI am thinking of adding a Ubuntu tab under the "Help Contents/Categories" for strictly Ubuntu docs 07:05
jdubhornbeck: ideally, they should be well integrated07:06
jdubhornbeck: but upstream need to provide a way for that to be done easily07:06
jdubatm it's very hard07:06
hornbeckjdub: I noticed that the user guide shipping with Warty is for Gnome-2.607:07
hornbeckis noone working on it anymore?07:07
=== Skif [~emschwar@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubhornbeck: it hasn't had a lot of love for this release07:07
jdubhornbeck: the man to speak to for status is shaunm07:07
hornbeckjdub: I was working with him, but he kinda flaked out alot07:08
hornbeckover worked I guess07:08
jdubhe's been busy07:08
hornbeckyeah, I would have been flaking to07:08
hornbeckI will touch base with him07:08
jdubunfortunately, that's an area that needs work (upstream + vendor documentation)07:09
hornbeckI just sent him a email about helping with the Gnome User Guide07:11
hornbeckif I can get it updated enough maybe it will help Ubuntu and Gnome07:11
=== Skif [~emschwar@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubhornbeck: you're a legend, thank you :-)07:17
hornbeckjdub: in cvs it looks like there is 2.8 docs07:18
hornbeckahhh, it is maintained by the Sun GNOME Doc team07:19
jdubexcept not07:24
jdubbecause they can't keep up ;)07:24
hornbeckI guess that is where I come in 07:24
fabbionemdz: i added the warty bug info to the changelog.07:41
fabbionejdub: same for you07:41
=== eniac [~jonas@cable-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jduboh man09:48
jdubthis is really scary09:48
jdubi've started typing: sudo apt-get source ...09:48
MithrandirI did that too the other day.09:49
Mithrandirscary, yes.09:49
fabbioneto fix: 219609:51
fabbioneanybody can review the "deep" changes? ;)09:52
Mithrandirlooks good to me. :P09:52
fabbionejdub: ???09:53
Mithrandirfabbione: I think this falls into the "trivial" category.09:54
fabbioneMithrandir: i know :-))))09:54
fabbionei am just teasing jdub09:54
fabbionesince nobody still approved my Xfree86 changes 09:54
fabbioneon the otherside nobody here smokes enough crack for that09:54
Mithrandirfabbione: could you look at http://raw.no/patches/nvidia-settings_1.0-4.amd64.diff and tell me if it looks sane to you?09:55
=== jdub spanks fabbione
Mithrandirjdub: or you, possibly.09:55
Mithrandirthis is almost like old times, sponsorwhining on IRC :D09:56
fabbioneMithrandir: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-customized-programs.html#s11.8.709:57
fabbioneneeds to be changed09:57
fabbioneto /usr/include/X11/foobarbazcrap09:57
Mithrandirthat makefile is imake-generated.09:58
fabbioneimake sucks, didn't you know that?09:58
fabbionebut i was talking about debian/rules09:59
Mithrandirtell nvidia, not me. :)09:59
=== suheimi [~suheimi@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandiroh, in rules09:59
fabbioneif you want to simplify that10:00
fabbioneyou can build-deps on xutils10:00
fabbioneand use xmkmf10:00
fabbionethat will generate the Makefile from the Imakefile on the fly10:00
fabbioneotherwise you can use imake (still from xutils)10:00
fabbioneimake -I/usr/X11R6/lib/config/ 10:00
fabbioneor something like that10:01
fabbione       The xmkmf command is the normal way to create a Makefile from an Imake-10:01
fabbione       file shipped with third-party software.10:01
Mithrandiris running imake when building the preferred solution?10:01
fabbioneno idea of what nvidia-setting does10:02
fabbionebut i can see you are adding Makefiles10:02
fabbionethe best way is to create them10:02
fabbioneso that when imake/xmkmf will change10:02
Mithrandirok, then I'll do that instead.10:02
fabbioneit will be enough to reupload/rebuild the package10:02
fabbioneother than recreating all the Imakefiles10:02
=== fabbione can't wait to see how many packages will FTBFS with X.org
suheimiquestions: it is said that python is integrated in ubuntu. How integrated is it?10:07
Mithrandirfabbione: so you're happier with http://raw.no/patches/nvidia-settings_1.0-4.amd64.2.diff ?10:08
mdzsuheimi: a rich python environment is provided by default, and a greater degree of integration is coming in future releases10:09
jdubahr, mdz10:09
jdubmdz: you happy with this patch for openldap2?10:09
mdzhmm, didn't we talk about this already?10:09
jdubyes, just making sure10:09
jdubas i'm about to upload10:10
suheimiis it going tobe like java and jds linux?10:10
fabbioneMithrandir: yes.. just check if it compiles at it should :-)))10:10
jdubsuheimi: WAAAAAAAAY more integrated10:10
fabbioneMithrandir: but it looks much simpler than shipping a 200K Makefile10:10
Mithrandirfabbione: "hey, it compiles!  Ship it!"10:10
mdzjdub: I assume there is a very good reason to do this for Warty?10:10
Mithrandirfabbione: seems to build fine here, and it builds the .a, which it didn't do before.10:11
jdubmdz: making evolution-exchange useful for people who are using it in a real environment :-)10:11
suheimijdub: can u explain ?10:11
Mithrandirmdz: http://raw.no/patches/nvidia-settings_1.0-4.amd64.2.diff -- happiness?10:11
=== fabbione fucking ROCKS on Imakefile
jdubsuheimi: we're planning on deep python scriptability for as much as we can throughout the OS10:11
mdzMithrandir: hmmm10:12
mdzMithrandir: presumably it includes an i386 binary which we currently use?10:12
Mithrandirmdz: correct.10:12
mdzMithrandir: and now we are building it from source instead, even on i386?10:12
Mithrandirand somehow, that links on amd64, but blows up when running.10:12
Mithrandirit's a gpl-ed library from nvidia10:12
Mithrandirthey ship it as a binary because they think it's easier for people.10:12
mdzMithrandir: but we have no idea whether it actually works when built from source on Ubuntu?10:13
suheimijdub: you mean, the bash will be in python ?10:13
Mithrandirmdz: it works on amd64, at least.10:13
mdzMithrandir: please get someone to test it on i38610:13
Mithrandirmdz: ok.10:13
fabbioneMithrandir: put up the .diff.gz10:13
fabbionei can test on i38610:13
mdzfor all we know, it may never have been built with our gcc etc.10:13
fabbioneand the dsc10:13
fabbionemdz: i can test it10:14
jdubsuheimi: heh, no :-)10:14
fabbioneno panic!10:14
fabbioneNOBODY PANIC!10:14
jdubsuheimi: like, scripting openoffice and stuff like that10:14
Mithrandirfabbione: thanks -- http://raw.no/tmp/nvidia-settings_1.0-4.dsc and http://raw.no/tmp/nvidia-settings_1.0-4.diff.gz10:14
suheimiok, like vbscript then.10:14
mdzMithrandir: did you see my notes on #1854?10:15
mdzI think it may be a gzip paleobug10:15
Mithrandirmdz: yeah, it might be.10:15
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirbut I think it's also a libc/kernel bug -- you shouldn't end up with deadlocks like that.10:15
mdzif the situation is as I think it is, glibc and kernel are correct and gzip is buggy10:16
mdza signal can arrive at any time, even inside a critical section10:16
mdzas to why no one else seems to have encountered this bug, I have no idea10:18
mdzat least Debian users should see it10:18
MithrandirI think it's a race condition in glibc when two signals arrive closely together, but you seem to be correct.10:18
mdzit seems that the only requirement is a 2.6 SMP kernel10:18
Mithrandirpossibly with HT.10:19
mdzhmm, didn't elmo experience it on a non-HT xeon?10:19
Mithrandirhmm, I have a dual celeron here.. I should be able to reproduce on it.10:19
Mithrandirnot AIUI.10:19
mdzplease do try10:19
MithrandirI need to build a box around the mobo, though10:20
fabbioneMithrandir: it works fine here.10:20
Mithrandirfabbione: goodness.10:21
fabbionebut i think the package should be 3ubuntu1 ?10:21
fabbioneand not 410:21
Mithrandirfabbione: yeah, of course, mea culpa.10:21
=== suheimi [~suheimi@] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
fabbioneno problem ;)10:21
=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirmdz: as it works on i386 as well, permission to upload?10:21
rburtonis ubuntu-base a required package, or is it just used to bring in the default install?10:21
Mithrandirrburton: no, but it can be used for keeping up with the ubuntu-base task.10:22
Mithrandirif the task changes.10:22
rburtonit wants to remove my mta (as it changed postfix)10:22
mdzMithrandir: OK10:22
rburtonso i'll remove it10:22
mdzfeel free10:22
mdzKamion: awake?10:25
=== Mithrandir wanders off
=== theantix [~ryan@80.185.novustelecom.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzfabbione, daniels: #2239 doesn't seem RC; is there some justification?10:42
fabbionemdz: yes. if the hardware of that guy is ok, either discover1-data is broken or discover1 making X failing to work10:44
fabbionediscover1-data seems to be ok10:44
mdzX not working on a particular piece of hardware is not usually an RC bug10:45
fabbionebut something else can be badly broken10:45
fabbionemdz: i know that.. that's not the problem. X works on that machine, but the generated configuration is bad10:45
fabbionemdz: not getting the proper driver is much worst than running @60Hz or something10:45
=== plovs_work [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzI understand that10:45
fabbioneok X i up10:46
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:fabbione] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 11 RC bugs to go
mdzis anyone able to reproduce #1254?10:56
mdzthere are several possible solutions, but since none of us can test, it is difficult10:56
mdzseems to hit many Dell laptop users10:56
rburtoni take it i'd need to recompile the kernel to get the sysrq key working?10:57
mdzrburton: that, or wait for Herbert's next upload, where it'll be enabled10:57
mdz(assuming you're on i386)10:57
mdzit's already enabled on powerpc and amd6410:57
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-033-153.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
rburtonyeah, i am. i'll wait10:58
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-27-71.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsmdz: i suspect 1254 is people choking on the apic pipe11:11
danielsor whatever11:11
mdzdaniels: noapic doesn't help those folks11:12
mdzread the comments11:12
danielsmdz: yeah, just finished reading them, and it's the BIOS being arse :\11:13
danielsjdub: kaping11:13
danielsjdub: (there were some X changes pending for Warty -- can you remember what they were?)11:15
fabbionememtest86+ (1.15-2ubuntu2) warty; urgency=low11:25
fabbione  * Fix bashishm in debian/make-memtest86+-boot-floppy.11:25
fabbione    (Closes: #2121/#275233)11:25
fabbione  * Add make-memtest86+-boot-floppy man page. (See #263708)11:25
fabbionetrivial changes11:25
fabbioneany objections?11:26
=== fabbione listens to the sound of silence
mdzfabbione: seems harmless enough11:30
mdzthere are plenty of bigger bugs, though11:30
fabbionemdz: i am going trough "orphaned" bugs11:43
fabbioneall the one assigned to nobody11:43
fabbionefood time11:44
Mithrandirmdz: mind if I kill off your gzip processes?11:45
mdzMithrandir: not at all11:45
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-115-244.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirgnome-cups-manager doesn't like cupsys to be upgraded underneath it.11:53
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangmdz : could you please take a look at #2221 and tell me if it's major? (I've catagorized it minor)11:58
sivangmdz : minor = normal11:59
mdzsivang: normal is appropriate11:59
mdzI don't really expect network-admin to cope with the loopback interface being deleted out of /etc/network/interfaces12:00
mdzbut it seems to try12:00
sivangmdz : Ok. It's not that I deleted the spcific interface line, I erased the entire file just to see what will happen to a user that he's config would disappear.12:01
sivangmdz : It's currently unable to create interfaces file correctly from scratch.12:01
mdzsivang: that is true of most of the configuration files on the system :-)12:01
sivangmdz : I see :-) Shame I lost about 1 day (of which I should have rested while ill) to debug the little thingy off...Well, guess this is hoary material then? :-)12:02
sivangmdz : it also appeared that this happens on debian sid also..This should have raised a red light to me :-)12:03
sivangmdz : anyways, could you fill me up on what you and hornbeck agreed regarding yelp? I've got little lagged..12:06
mdzthat was jdub12:06
sivangmdz : oh ok, I'll ping him then.12:07
sivangjdub : ping?12:08
danielslifeless: how long do you think it will take to release the KDE arch archive? :)12:11
jdubdaniels: haha12:13
jdubsivang: nothing about yelp12:13
mdzjdub: I think he means about the user manual12:16
sivangjdub : he also mailed me about that you and him agreed on some thing etc..12:17
sivangjdub ; regarding what should go into yelp I think12:17
jdubhornbeck is going to work on updating bits from the 2.8 version and integrate ubuntu information12:17
jdubsivang: note that this has nothing to do with yelp (it's just the viewer)12:17
sivangjdub : Yes. (I might have needed to repharase my inquiry) He's going to work on gnome 2.8 manual and update it to fit Ubutnu quirks?12:18
fabbione2251 <- doh.. this is becuase we disabled browsing, didn't we?12:20
mdzfabbione: yes, that is a feature12:20
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionemdz: invalid?12:21
mdzfabbione: enhancement12:21
mdzwe do want to have automatic discovery of printers12:21
mdzbut we will need to find a way to do it without opening a port continuously forever12:21
mdzthe implementation is broken12:22
sivangjdub : also, what would be that last date to sumbit docs to get on the release? the 17th 0:-) ?12:22
mdzKeybuk: could I trouble you for a second opinion on #1854?12:23
mdzKeybuk: hypothesis: it is simply evil to exit() or free() in a signal handler12:24
KeybukI don't think you can free in a signal handler12:24
Keybukthat's one of the forbidden actions12:24
Keybuk(the signal might happen inside malloc)12:24
mdzlikewise for exit()12:25
Keybukyeah, I tend to agree12:25
mdzbecause it flushes streams, and the signal might arrive while one is locked12:25
mdzI have no idea why no one else has encountered this, however12:25
mdzwhich is the only reason I doubt12:25
mdzI mean, this is _gzip_12:25
mdzsomething that gets piped and signalled and context-switched all day long on a wide variety of hardware12:26
Keybukhave FreeBSD not fixed this?  their system is very sensitive to malloc/free-in-signal issues12:26
Keybukyeah, but how often does SIGINT really get thrown?12:26
Mithrandirmdz: I'm going to try reproducing it this evening.12:26
Mithrandir(on said celeron system)12:26
mdzKeybuk: it calls the same handler for SIGPIPE12:27
mdzand SIGTERM and SIGHUP12:27
Keybuksignal handlers should generally just set a flag which the main loop picks up; anything else is a bit dodgy :-/12:28
mdz_exit() and abort() should both be safe12:28
mdzaccording to POSIX12:28
Keybukyes, that sounds right12:28
mdzMithrandir: I attached a patch12:30
KeybukI'd just call _exit() rather than do_exit() ... the kernel will free the memory quite adequately when it collapses the process12:30
sivangmdz : you have any ideas as to how make Ubuntu in (maybe _this_ specific?) Dell Inspiron 8200 - it's barely usable when firefox and startup take _so_ long.12:31
mdzKeybuk: that's exactly the patch I just attached to the bug12:31
sivangmdz : also, disk access seem to take _ages_.12:31
mdzsivang: I have no idea, make sure DMA is enabled on the hard drive, ask in #ubuntu12:32
lifelessdaniels: not long if I get a tarball. the anoncvs servers seem to have a badly configured conection limit detector12:34
mjg59Oh dear. 1061 unread in ubuntu-users12:34
mdzMithrandir: emailed you a gzip .deb to test12:37
mdzbah, I'm just going to upload it12:38
mdzit's only gzip, right? :-P12:38
mdzcould someone take care of forwarding the patch upstream?  I need to sleep12:39
=== mdz falls over
sivangmdz : it's a matter of attaching the file and mail it to the upstream developer(s) ?12:42
danielsmdz: this is the mdz of legend? sleeping?12:43
=== daniels falls over also.
sivangmdz also deserves to sleep once in a 3rd night ;-)12:43
Mithrandirmdz: I'm going to test it this evening.12:44
=== fabbione places gzip on hold
Mithrandirmdz: and you have root on the workstation -- it's not like you couldn't just install it and test yourself. :P12:47
=== elmo_ [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbione2252 looks like a missing reautoconfig --everything --r3g3r4t3 --4ut0t00l501:02
rburtonthat bug ruined my plans for this morning :)01:03
fabbionerburton: rebuilding it seems to fix the problem01:04
fabbionerwxr-xr-x root/root         0 2004-10-11 13:03:18 ./usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/01:04
fabbione-rw-r--r-- root/root     39227 2004-10-11 13:03:15 ./usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/libxslt.py01:04
fabbione-rw-r--r-- root/root     53388 2004-10-11 13:03:18 ./usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/libxsltmod.so01:04
fabbione-rw-r--r-- root/root      1021 2004-10-11 13:03:15 ./usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/libxsltmod.la01:04
fabbione-rw-r--r-- root/root     67712 2004-10-11 13:03:18 ./usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/libxsltmod.a01:04
rburtonyay, files01:04
rburtoncan you mail me that deb?  for some reason i can't get it from packages.debian.org :(01:05
fabbionebut i wonder why it didn't build properly in the first place01:05
fabbionerburton: let em put it on the web01:05
danielswe need the build log01:05
danielsprobably failed a config test, just non-fatally01:05
danielsso it didn't build half of it01:05
danielsmost configure scripts don't actually error out when they need to01:06
fabbionerburton: people.u.o/~fabbione/01:06
rburtonfabbione: cheers01:06
rburtonit doesn't build-dep on libxslt1-dev01:07
seb128missing a build-dep on python apparently01:07
fabbioneno it can't builde-dep on libxslt1-dev01:08
fabbioneok i am on it01:08
seb128python-dev used to dep on python01:08
Kamionmdz: hello01:09
Kamionmdz: oh, damn, you went to sleep01:09
fabbioneseb128: afaik python is installed on all the buildd01:09
elmo_fabbione: it shouldn't be01:10
seb128fabbione: look on the log, python: no in the ./configure01:10
thomfabbione: doubt it, you need to depend explicitly01:10
seb128just add the build-dep on python01:10
danielsfabbione: chroots, dude01:10
fabbioneelmo_: lamont installed it a long time ago... but anyway not a big deal01:10
fabbionedaniels: i am testing in a chroot dude..01:11
fabbionethom: as per elmo01:11
fabbioneseb128: thanks :-)01:11
elmo_fabbione: then lamont needs a beating01:11
fabbioneelmo_: if he removed it.. i dunno..01:11
elmo_jdub: is this sync request for main?01:11
fabbionei remember he installed it in the beginning to let a bunch of stuff to build01:12
fabbionebuilding in a fresh chroot works fine01:14
fabbioneand it creates the stuff01:14
fabbioneok yeah01:16
jdubelmo_: which one?01:18
elmo_jdub: the mono one01:18
jdubelmo_: they're all in universe01:18
danielsjdub: permission to upload g-v-m with the gthumb bugfix discussed?01:20
jdubdaniels: oh, ok.01:21
fabbionethere.. fixed01:21
jdubdaniels: kinda hoping azeem would have a chance to respond ;)01:21
Mithrandirelmo_: did you see mdz tracked down the apt problem?01:21
seb128jdub: any idea of why bugzilla.gnome.org is down ?01:21
elmo_Mithrandir: yeah, he phoned me about it while I was on the way down01:21
danielsjdub: heh01:21
Mithrandirelmo_: ok01:22
danielsjdub: i can test it locally if you like01:22
jdubseb128: might be some server probs atm01:22
sabdfljdub: if I do the image in black and white, is it possible to turn the white into transparency?01:26
sabdfli don't know the gimp that well01:26
eniacand it's hard getting to know the gimp to01:29
sabdflthe design company work to very specific instructions and frankly haven't a clue about transparency01:30
eniacdoes ubunto work with a design company ?01:30
sabdflelmo_: can we saturate 600 mbit/s with the current server setup?01:30
sabdfland is plone setup properly for cacheing now?01:31
sabdflis the reverse proxy setup for cacheing rather?01:31
sabdflbecause we're going to get /.'d 01:31
fabbionehey sabdfl 01:31
sabdfleniac: yes, but not very fruitfully thus far01:31
sabdfljdub: go ahead on gnome-default icons01:31
eniacsabdfl: why not depend on the community ?01:31
thomi'll take another run through the site and check everything is caching properly01:31
sabdflhay fabbione01:31
sabdflthom: thanks01:32
thomlast i checked, it was just broken settings on a bunch of the pages01:32
sabdflalso, the more mirrors we have wednesday the better, of course01:32
sabdflwhat settings on the pages?01:32
jdubsabdfl: that's a pita to do *really* well.01:32
jdubsabdfl: tends to be easier to do it from the start with transparency in mind01:33
jdubsabdfl: happy to explain it to them in photoshop terms :)01:33
sabdfljdub: you don't want to go there. very high latency link01:33
sabdfli think we have to go with the single colour option for warty01:33
sabdflwe can do better for hoary01:33
sabdflseems like chocolate was the preferred one from responses thus far01:33
jdubyou mean single colour background + watermark?01:33
sabdfljdub: single basic shade01:34
sabdflwill put the glow in01:34
sabdflthen get the design company to add the figures01:34
jdubi'll whip a couple up tonight01:34
sabdfldefault desktop will be colour + glow + ubuntu01:34
sabdfllike in the chocolate image01:34
sabdflthere will also be a plain one (colour plus glow) with no logo and no image01:34
sabdfland then the calendar image will have colour, glow and one image01:35
jdubthe glow without logo is really easy01:35
jduband not a problem for different scales01:35
jdubbut if you add the logo, making it work nicely across resolutions is a bit harder01:35
sabdfljdub: erm, try doing the gradient on 1600x1200 with cubic interpolation, threshold at zero and max depth set to 6 on the adaptive supersampling01:36
jdubalthough, if you're happy with 4:3 images and stretching for other ratios for warty, that's cool01:36
sabdflit... takes a while01:36
sabdfljdub: good point, all of the above should be available in 4:3 and 16:901:36
jdubwe can't auto switch for the right ratio though01:36
jdubi'd lean towards making ratio-independent images01:37
jdub(which means you can't bleed, or it'll look like crap)01:38
danielsfabbione: 27597301:38
thomfabbione: dude, inventing new words now? (randomically)01:40
Mithrandirthom: it's just itaglish. :)01:40
fabbionedaniels: saw that... no clue01:40
fabbionethom: tsk :-P01:41
fabbionethom: you should know by now ;)01:41
thomand aaargh, not *another* X upload01:42
fabbionedaniels: probably related to the fact that -8 is missing the us_intl layout?01:42
fabbionedaniels: while we have it?01:42
fabbionethom: there will be more.. be sure about that01:42
Kamionjdub: am I OK to upload d-i translation updates in general?01:42
Kamiondoko: why is #1232 assigned to you rather than me? I'd've looked at it earlier if it had been assigned to me :)01:43
danielsfabbione: everyone should just use us layout anyway01:43
fabbionedaniels: whatever kid ;)01:43
fabbionelet see what Denis answers to it01:44
danielshe seems to have a grip on XKB01:44
danielshe can have it01:44
danielsjdub: oh, that's right -- the -br patch01:51
danielsjdub: so you've implemented all you need in gdm?01:51
jdubdaniels: yeah, somehow it was lost along the way01:51
jdubdaniels: i can send you a colour code later01:51
danielsjdub: 'kay01:52
thomsabdfl: sigh, they've still not fixed all the expires02:05
azeemif I enable remote gdm, I get a Debian swirl as greeter :)02:13
azeemjdub: well, I could extract the change from the unstable g-v-m package I guess, if you want it to be consistent and it's not uploaded yet02:15
jdubcould've told me before i did the last bugfix ;)02:15
jdubthanks ;-)02:15
azeemI was having lunch02:15
jdubazeem: looks like daniels is on the job02:15
danielsyeah, I'm taking care of it02:16
danielsjust fixing up some dbus stuff first02:16
azeemokie then02:16
hornbeckjdub: is there anyway for the gnome 2.8 docs to make it into Warty?02:16
jdubhornbeck: oh! i thought that was part of what you were doing?02:17
hornbeckwell it can be02:17
jdubjust a matter of a package upgrade ;)02:17
hornbeckmost of the 2.8 docs are already there, in cvs02:17
hornbeckjdub: my main goal is super clean, easy to understand docs for Hoary02:18
danielsbloody brownouts.02:18
jdubhornbeck: seems like we might get quite a bit of help with that02:18
hornbeckjdub: that would be nice02:19
hornbeckhow would you like me to submit docs to you?02:20
jdubi think we have to discuss that a bit among the documentation team when we get it rolling02:21
jdubi think docbook is an easy assumption, however02:21
hornbeckjdub: Do you want me to package it? Tell you where its at?02:22
jdubdo you grok autofoo?02:23
hornbeckcause the 2.8 docs are there, and I think they are ready to roll02:23
hornbeckno, I don't but can learn02:23
jdubperhaps we should start by looking at the gnome user docs cvs module02:25
jdubi'm not sure if that has xml2po loving yet02:25
jdubusing gnome-doc-tools02:25
Keybukthen what do you do with the po?02:25
jdubbut i think the combination of docbook, xml2po (in gnome-doc-utils) and regular translation tools will be the best bet02:25
Keybukor is it the fo I mean?02:25
jdubKeybuk: translate as you would any other po files02:26
Keybukah, you're talking about something else02:26
hornbeckI think if we keep with the docbook style that is already there it would be best bet02:26
Keybukthe problem I always had with XML Docbook was that you could do the XML -> FO -> nothing02:26
Keybukso you couldn't actually produce printables from it02:26
jdubhornbeck: yeah02:27
danielsfabbione: 275973 is not our problem, yay02:27
jdubKeybuk: oh right, yeah02:27
rburtonKeybuk: fop works for me02:27
jdubrburton: shush, javur boy!02:27
Keybukrburton: non-free02:28
rburtonKeybuk: good point -- i've not tried it with gcj, though the fop maintainer did say he would try shortly02:28
Keybukrburton: I tried, and never got it to compile02:28
jdubi bet you don't do fop processing on javacards02:28
danielsheh yeah02:28
danielsfop is, um, interesting02:29
danielssince you can process it with java02:29
danielsand, um, java02:29
rburtonby works i mean "doesn't crash"02:29
rburtonanother definition is "better than passiveTeX02:29
hornbeckjdub: What day do you need the final docs by?02:32
jdubhornbeck: none specified so far. let's make it the 18th.02:33
hornbeckok, I will keep in touch with you on progress02:33
hornbeckhave to go work now02:33
jdubhave fun ;)02:34
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-250.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionquick review of http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~cjwatson/debian-installer-utils.diff?02:44
Kamionbeen meaning to do that for a while for completeness, we made a similar change to debootstrap a while back02:44
fabbioneKamion: seems ok to me02:45
fabbionedaniels: 275973 - user error02:46
=== fabbione goes offline for a little while
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
plovs_workin case the wiki-admin is here, the wiki seems messed up (css can not be found?)02:54
danielsfabbione: yeah, as I said :)03:03
danielsplovs_work: works fine for me03:04
=== sivang [~sivan@CBL217-132-114-40.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu-devel
plovs_workdaniels, not for me, with a downgraded firefox 9.3 and a new profile?? did you refresh?03:06
danielsplovs_work: i'm still back on 1.0, but yes, I refreshed, then tried with Mozilla03:06
danielsplovs_work: try restarting your browser03:06
plovs_workdaniels, I'll try it on windows down the hallway :) brb03:07
danielsplovs_work: (or it could be something in between -- I thought Planet Debian was busted, 'till I realised planet.debian.org/nudebian.css was getting caught by .*nude.* on my upstream proxy at the time)03:07
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-4-162.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsKamion: it also blocked fuckedcompany.com, among others03:13
danielsstupid fascist proxy03:13
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-250.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== seb128__ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-8-104.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomyikes, i now have a catalan firefox03:21
plovs_workdaniels, maybe this should be on #ubuntu but here the wiki does *not* work on firefox-linux-9.3, firefox-windows-1.0pre/9.3 but it *does* work in IE :(03:26
thomund auf deutsche03:27
danielswow ... people actually hack on utah-glx03:28
thomwow, italian looks crazy03:41
=== thom avslutt mozilla
KamionSwedish? Norwegian?03:52
plovs_workdaniels, http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/ *does* work so it really is something at http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org03:53
thomtesting firefox in languages you can't even guess at is fun03:56
=== Kamion looks at cdimage with some puzzlement
Kamiontwo cron.daily runs in succession are hung at exactly the same place03:58
Kamionin *gzip*03:58
Kamionthom: could I have strace on little, please?03:58
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsKamion: i blame mdz03:58
Kamiondaniels: gzip is version 1.3.5-9 on little, before mdz's change03:59
Kamiondoes sound like #185404:00
thomKamion: done04:01
thomwant the new version of gzip just in case?04:01
Kamionboth stuck in read()04:02
Kamionthom: yes please04:02
danielsKamion: hm04:03
Kamionthom: strange that it's only shown up since 2004101004:03
Kamionthom: oh, little got its kernel upgraded yesterday, didn't it?04:03
pittijdub: can you please approve #2208 and #2209?04:04
Kamionbuilt from linux-source-
=== Kamion kills off the previous two runs and starts a new one
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-115-112.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionsomebody wanna tell Herbert that his latest kernel package fails to build?04:17
sivangKamion : hmm, is it a risky thing to do ? :)04:17
=== Sledge [~steve@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionsivang: no, but I'm busy :)04:21
sivangKamion : you have his bug# ?04:22
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
SledgeKamion: you available to talk about jigdo-related goodness?04:32
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-115-112.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionSledge: sure04:34
Sledgesorry to keep you waiting around for a few days04:35
Sledgekind of stuck in hospital etc...04:35
Kamionyeah, sure :-/ did it go OK in the end?04:36
Sledgedad's still ill, but stable for now04:36
Kamiongood luck ...04:36
Sledgethey've let him home for a while04:36
Sledgeso, what kind of snapshot layout are you looking for?04:37
Kamionone snapshot per CD build for all arches04:37
Kamionnot much bothered about the exact layout but we might as well just snapshot the whole archive, I think04:37
Kamionhm, no04:37
Kamionsnapshot the union of all files used in all three CDs04:37
Sledgeso something like /snapshot/date/<stuff>04:38
Kamionor possibly date.suffix04:38
Kamionlike in http://cdimage.ubuntulinux.org/daily/04:39
Kamionthe cdimage build scripts need to own the version numbers there rather than having mkjigsnap guess them itself04:39
SledgeI'm thinking that you would set up sym links to specific dates for hoetcary/warty/04:39
Kamionor maybe just create a new hardlink tree, since they're notionally cheap04:40
Sledgeyup, could do04:40
Kamionalthough I guess that would screw the jigdo files already generated04:40
Sledgeyou could just hand-edit the config file to fix that04:41
Kamionyeah, though I'd rather not make the process of making a release more complicated than it needs to be04:41
Sledgeso, easiest way is to call mjs with a date option for each arch04:41
Kamionwe tend to be in a hurry :)04:41
Kamionso the question is how to get that across the command-limited ssh trigger04:41
Sledgeand simply overlay the snapshot trees on each other04:41
Sledgehow limited is the trigger?04:42
Kamionyou don't get arguments when you're using ssh command=04:42
Kamionit's all or nothing04:43
Sledgeyou sure?04:43
Sledgeit works for me...04:43
Sledgeoh, hang on04:43
SledgeI get you04:43
Sledgethe way I get around it for tasks here is to run a limited shell for the user rather than use "command="04:45
KamionI'm thinking of putting a trigger.conf file somewhere with a very simple format that the script can use to figure out what to do with mkjigsnap04:45
Sledgethat'll be _tricky_04:45
Kamionor maybe that's not necessary04:45
Kamionwhat I think needs to happen is that the trigger needs to go through daily/ and make sure there's a matching snapshot for the latest one04:46
Sledgeor pass the args to the trigger script on stdin rather than as args04:46
Kamionoccasionally I run the trigger manually when a daily has *not* just been generated04:46
Kamionoh, that would work too, yes04:47
Sledgesimple perl/sh wrapper to read in options then pass them straight through to mjs04:47
Kamionso 'echo snapshot 20041011.1 | sync-auckland'04:47
Sledgeyup, something lik04:47
Kamionrather not have them be generic options, I suspect elmo would prefer maximum restriction04:47
Sledgebut that bit should be easy enough to work out04:48
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Sledgethe backend on auckland can parse input and drop anything it doesn't like04:48
Sledgebut I'll leave that bit to you... :-)04:49
Kamionso, let's assume that's trivial; it seems to just be that piece plus making mkjigsnap able to do all three arches at once04:49
Sledgesimplest thing is a tweaked mjs with a -d <datestring> option04:49
Sledgeand of course you don't need to pass all three at once04:50
Sledgesimply run it three times and have it write in the same dir04:50
Sledgeso you scp the jigdo and template files into place, then run sync-auckland04:50
Kamionhm, does that work? ok04:50
Sledgeit will do a "for file in *.jigdo; do mjs <stuff> ; done"04:51
SledgeI'll hack on mjs right now for the date and overlay change04:51
Sledgeanything else you'd like?04:51
Kamionthanks, that sounds sufficient to me04:53
Kamionmail it to me and I'll pass it straight on to admins@ with a usage note04:53
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-3-95.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== T-Bone [~varenet@T-Bone.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sivang brb. switching laptop AC points.
pittiMithrandir: have you got a minute for an easy peer review?05:07
rburtonseb128: new SJ if you want it -- fixes HAL build and the memory leaks.05:10
rburtonshould mean you can remove your patches05:10
seb128rburton: oh, nice :)05:10
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:thom] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 15 RC bugs to go
rburtonseb128: and i'll have a new c-l-a tonight probably which fixes the no sources bug, and a nasty crasher05:26
seb128cool :)05:27
seb128rburton: BTW, nice changelog entry for sj :p05:27
carlosseb128: do you have "my" gstreamer packages to test? :-P05:27
rburtonseb128: :)05:27
seb128carlos: ?05:28
carlosseb128: the test packages for the new gstreamer, you said you will add them to be tested and evaluated before asking for inclusion in Warty...05:28
carlosor did I misunderstood it?05:28
seb128carlos: I've mailed ubuntu-devel with the url to the packages 4 days ago and uploaded them in warty today05:29
=== carlos needs to subscribe to ubuntu-devel...
seb128and I've given the url on #ubuntu too ... perhaps you need to hang here ? :p05:30
fabbionei have been fighting all day to keep RC bugs down to 1105:31
fabbioneas soon as i leave and come back it jumps up to 1505:31
carlosseb128: :-P05:31
fabbionethom: ping05:31
pitticarlos: Hi! Any news regarding your updated kernel patch for hfs+ ?05:41
carlospitti: I did a new patch05:42
pitticarlos: I saw it05:42
carlospitti: it's working except for the 99 magic behaviour05:42
carlosbecause I don't see a way to invalidate the cached inode05:42
pitticarlos: I saw that too, I think it is right for Linux to skip that05:42
carlospitti: at this moment, it should work05:42
pitticarlos: IMHO it's just not the "Linux way" to have such a mess^Wmagic05:42
carlosexcept for that feature05:43
carlospitti: but it's the way that filesystem works05:43
carloswell, it's not completely true05:43
carlosbecause I suspect that the 99 "magic" is done at system leve instead of the HFS+ driver05:44
Mithrandirpitti: pong05:44
pitticarlos: to be honest, I'm not unhappy that it doesn't work :-)05:44
KamionI only briefly saw that 99 stuff in scrollback, but it sounds really really evil05:45
pittiMithrandir: oh, hi! I would like to upload pmount with #2208 and #2209. Trivial patch, but the rules require a review. Do you have a minute for that?05:45
carlospitti: I did also a change that will ignore the uid and gid arguments if the owner in the filesystem is root (not sure if that should be removed, but that's how it works in MacOSX)05:45
Kamiona near-future release of base-passwd is going to make group 99 be 'users'05:45
Mithrandirpitti: sure, url?05:45
pittiMithrandir: patch is attached to #220805:45
carlospitti: I mean, all files that have an owner != 0 will use the uid argument, if the owner is root, it will be always root05:46
pittiMithrandir: https://bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org/attachment.cgi?id=42105:46
Kamionhow exactly are you proposing to use gid 99?05:46
pitticarlos: but wasn't the complete point of your patch to fix exactly that?05:46
pitticarlos: or are the files on the iPod usually owned by 99?05:46
carlospitti: no, the iPod filesystem has as owner for the files an uid != 005:47
carlospitti: no, at this moment uid = 100005:47
pitticarlos: hmm, then it's odd that it didn't work before.. this seems to be the easiest case05:47
carlosbut the .Trashes folder and the .journal and other system files05:47
pitticarlos: BTW, the apple standard user also has uid=1000?05:47
Mithrandirpitti: apart from the fact that I think creation of /media belongs in base-files, it looks good to me.05:48
pittiMithrandir: I know, and it is in fact done in base-files05:48
carlospitti: I think I did not changed since last iPod "reinstall" so yes, seems like Apple uses uid=1000 by default05:48
pittiMithrandir: but this was requested for upgrades from woody05:48
Mithrandirpitti: why not add a versioned dep rather, then?05:48
pittiMithrandir: ?05:49
pittiMithrandir: to what and for what?05:49
Mithrandirpitti: doesn't base-files create the directory if it doesn't exist (on upgrades)?05:49
carlosMithrandir: no, it never creates it if it's not a new installation05:50
Mithrandiroh, ok.05:50
pittiMithrandir: hmm, I'm not sure any more. Could be that I mixed up b-files with b-config05:50
carlosMithrandir: (talking about Debian), not sure if we changed it with Ubuntu05:50
Mithrandircarlos: sounds like a bug to me.05:50
Mithrandirbut, if it doesn't, it doesn't, so.. patch looks fine to me.05:50
carlosMithrandir: it was done that way to prevent it to be created with every update if the sysadmin removes it by hand05:51
carlosthere was a discussion about it in Debian some months ago05:51
pittiMithrandir: I looked in base-file's postinst: media is created only on fresh installations05:51
pitticarlos, Mithrandir: hmm, then pmount would reintroduce this05:52
pittiMithrandir: I could change the patch to only create /media if $2 == ""05:52
pittiMithrandir: then we would have the same effect, but pmount would not work if the admin removes /media05:52
Kamionyou could easily do it only on upgrades from less than the version that first creates /media05:52
Kamiondpkg --compare-versions, trivial05:52
Mithrandirpitti: I don't think so; having the system break horribly if you mess around with system directories is fine, IMHO.05:53
pittiKamion: okay, that sounds reasonable05:53
Kamionif dpkg --compare-versions "$2" lt-nl whatever-version-you-introduce-it-in; then mkdir -m 0755 -p /media; fi05:53
pittiKamion: but that reduces the "always override an admin's decision" to "only once override an admin's decision".05:54
carlosBase-files will not create the directories for /media, /opt and /srv on 05:54
carlosupgrades and according to the FAQ this is desirable behavior. As an 05:54
carlosalternative, please provide a script which creates these files or provide 05:54
carlosinstructions on creating them with proper ownership, permissions, etc.05:54
carlosfrom #275416 (Debian BTS)05:54
pittiSo can we regard this as a concensus? Attempt to create /media only once?05:55
carlospitti: for me, warty should have always /media 05:56
thomfabbione: pong05:56
carlospitti: in Debian it's not needed because we don't have (yet) pmount05:56
MithrandirKamion: 2256 looks like a d-i bug to me.05:57
Kamionif pmount must have /media, you could just ship /media in pmount.deb05:57
pitticarlos: well, the Golden Rule...05:57
carlosif a sysadmin removes it, pmount will be broken05:57
Kamionpitti: dude, the golden rule still doesn't allow admins to remove /usr :-)05:57
pittiKamion: but if it already exists? As a symlink? Then package installation would fail, not?05:57
Mithrandirpitti: no, it would work.05:57
Kamionno it wouldn't, dpkg fails in that case05:58
Mithrandirif it exists as a file, things will blow up.05:58
pittiMithrandir: that's why I wanted to do that in the postinst05:58
Kamiondpkg does not allow overwriting a directory with a symlink or vice versa05:58
pitti(which is very sane :-) )05:58
Mithrandirpitti: just ship the directory in the deb.05:58
Kamionhm, let me check that05:58
pittiMithrandir: see above, what if it already exists?05:58
Mithrandirpitti: dpkg handles that nicely.05:59
Mithrandirpitti: if the admin has stuck a /media file on his system, well, then it will break.  likewise if he puts a file as /usr/share/doc or a number of other things.05:59
Kamionhowever we should be able to operate if /media is a symlink to a directory06:00
pittiBy now I have:06:00
pitti        if dpkg --compare-versions "$2" lt-nl 0.1-5;06:00
pitti            [ -e /media ]  || mkdir /media06:00
pitti        fi06:00
Mithrandiryes, and dpkg handles that fine.06:00
pittiMithrandir: what does dpkg do in this case? Silently not install the directory? Or fail?06:00
Kamionhm, I think you're right06:01
Mithrandirnot install the directory.06:01
pittiokay, I try that out.06:01
MithrandirKamion: I've run systems where /var has been a symlink to /usr/var or similar.06:01
Kamion        if ( mkdir(i->Name, i->Mode & ~S_IFMT) != 0 ) {06:01
Kamion                if ( errno == EEXIST ) {06:01
Kamion                        struct stat s;06:01
Kamion                        if ( stat(i->Name, &s) != 0 || !(s.st_mode & S_IFDIR) )06:01
Kamion                                return IOError(i);06:01
Kamionbut stat() will give S_IFDIR so that's fine06:01
Mithrandirit confuses maintainers regularly, when they try replacing a symlink with a directory.06:02
Mithrandirand it doesn't work.06:02
Kamionin that case shipping /media in pmount.deb is exactly the right thing to do06:02
MithrandirKamion: but, wrt 2256, I think putting localhost first on the line in /etc/hosts is broken.06:03
pittiMithrandir, Kamion: I just tried it with /media in the deb, works fine06:03
pittiMithrandir, Kamion: thanks a lot!06:03
KamionMithrandir: possibly, kinda scared to change netcfg at this point though!06:04
Kamionparticularly given I don't really know offhand what to change ...06:04
Kamionyou're welcome to look though :)06:04
MithrandirKamion: understandable.06:04
thomfabbione: poke06:07
pittiMithrandir: gosh, the directory is present in <pkgdir>/debian/pmount/, but the created .deb does not contain it. Do you happen to know about any debhelper magic which deletes such directories?06:10
Kamionyou're sure you're using DH_COMPAT >= 2?06:11
Kamion(or debian/compat)06:11
pittiKamion: yes06:11
Mithrandirhmm.. dpkg doesn't drop empty dirs, does it?06:11
pittiKamion: debian/compat is 406:11
Kamionnever has IME06:11
Kamiontry DH_VERBOSE=106:11
danielsi don't believe it does/has06:11
pittiI didn't bother to look into the deb, I just looked into the package dir below debian06:11
Mithrandirpitti: I can't duplicate it, by putting a mkdir call in debian/rules06:13
KamionMithrandir: linux-restricted-modules failed to build, in case you hadn't noticed06:15
pittiMithrandir: odd. Well, I will try some other methods. BTW, the package which does not include it is on www.piware.de/pmount/06:15
MithrandirKamion: argh06:15
Mithrandirmdz is going to kill me06:15
=== Mithrandir blinks a bunch of times.
pittiMithrandir: don't bother. It's actually a bug in midnight commander, it just does not display the media directory, but it's there06:18
pittiMithrandir: sorry about the fuss! I'm going to fetch my brown paperbag now...06:18
Mithrandirpitti: oh, ok.06:18
MithrandirI SUCK06:21
MithrandirI'm going to make some food, then fix the restricted modules06:22
danielscould someone please review http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/dbus/ ? fixes the problem whereby dbus-monitor segfaulted.  a lot. (probably need some dbus experience here)06:27
danielslikewise g-v-m at http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/g-v-m/06:32
daniels(the g-v-m stuff should enable proper gthumb support for cameras which do usb mass storage instead of proprietary protocols, and seems to work fine here)06:32
daniels(dbus wfm also)06:32
pittidaniels: oh, I also attached an interdiff to #1292 for the same problem06:33
pittidaniels: do you have an interdiff?06:33
MithrandirI suck so badly I don't have words for it.06:33
danielspitti: interdiff is up now06:34
pittidaniels: this is Sjoerd's patch, AFAICS06:35
danielspitti: oh, didn't see your interdiff in the bug06:35
danielspitti: yeah, sjoerd's patch plus unbreaking the @#($ clean target06:35
pittidaniels: I moved the wrapper into /usr/lib/g-v-m and called gthumb with 'exec'. What do you think?06:35
pittidaniels: ah, fixing the clean target is a good idea06:35
pittidaniels: we should merge this06:35
danielspitti: um, the wrapper should be /usr/share/g-v-m06:35
danielspitti: give me a sec06:35
pittidaniels: oh, right06:35
sjoerddaniels,pitti: patch for me somewhere :) ?06:36
pittidaniels: BTW, if the patch already deletes gmo files, it could as well delete them all06:36
pittisjoerd: we are using your patch for g-v-m and gthumb, but slightly modified it06:38
pittidaniels: your interdiff does not contain the gmo deletion06:38
danielspitti: new interdiff/sources up06:38
danielspitti: the deletion is done in debian/rules06:38
danielspitti: be sure to look at ubuntu3-to-ubuntu4, not ubuntu2-to-ubuntu306:39
pittidaniels: ah, I looked at the wrong file06:40
pittidaniels: why do you install the wrapper as 644? It should be executable, or not?06:40
sjoerdpitti: improvements are always welcome 06:40
pittidaniels: can you attach the updated interdiff to #1292, for mdz's approval?06:41
danielspitti: sure06:41
danielspitti: er, right, my bad06:41
Mithrandircould somebody look at and test http://err.no/patches/linux-restricted-modules-2.6,8.1.3-2.diff ?06:42
danielspitti: good catch, thanks06:42
pittidaniels: now it looks fine to me06:43
danielspitti: thanks06:47
pittidaniels: well, let's call it "peer review" instead of "redundant work" :-))06:47
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielspitti: sorry, I had no idea you were working on it06:48
danielspitti: i scrounged around on the BZ, but couldn't find anything06:49
pittidaniels: dame for me :-)06:49
pittidaniels: same, of course06:49
danielscan people please test cameras in g-v-m with http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/g-v-m/ ?06:49
danielsusb mass storage cameras should now work fine06:49
pittidaniels: I tested with my gphoto camera and MS, both work fine06:49
danielspitti: well, I'm off to bed, it's 0252 here and in making the last source package I mistyped my GPG password about 5 times06:49
danielspitti: cool06:49
pittidaniels: BTW, did you get two dialog boxes, too?06:50
pittidaniels: for a gphoto cam?06:50
danielspitti: er, just the one06:50
danielsi'll have to debug it in the morning, though06:51
sjoerdSjrd Simons ? :)06:51
danielsis it sjoerd rather than sjrd?06:51
danielsoh yeah06:51
danielsgod, now I'm getting you mixed up with jrg schilling06:51
danielssjoerd: sorry about that :\06:51
sjoerdpitti: you get one from gvm itself and one from gphoto (search the cam)06:51
MithrandirKamion: could you look at http://err.no/patches/linux-restricted-modules-2.6,8.1.3-2.diff , please?06:52
thomoh man, mortal insult06:52
KamionMithrandir: looked at it a moment ago, seemed fine to me, don't have time to do a test build though :-/06:52
sjoerddaniels: hopefully only in name, not in image 06:52
danielssorry, updated sources up06:52
pittisjoerd: I got the "would you like to import the photos" with OK and Cancel twice06:52
MithrandirKamion: ok :/06:52
danielsthom: you know it's really time to go to bed when ...06:52
pittisjoerd: I suppose this is a hal bug since the camera creates two nodes06:52
danielssjoerd: updated sources up -- sorry again about that06:53
Kamioncan anyone review the patch in https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=993, please?06:53
Kamion(grub-installer menu/timeout stuff for dual-booters)06:53
sjoerdpitti: maybe a hal-hotplug-map bug..06:54
sjoerddaniels: np06:54
pittisjoerd: I suppose06:54
pittisjoerd: I have a camera node and a PTP node06:55
pittisjoerd: I suppose hal regards both as a camera06:55
sjoerdpitti: check the info.category props if any06:55
thomKamion: looks reasonable to me06:56
danielsKamion: the only note would be that if that was called outside of d-i, it would break on /target != /06:56
danielsKamion: other than that, looks good to me.06:56
Kamionsure, but grub-installer never will be06:56
pittiKamion: the sed's look a bit scary and the second one could be made a bit easier with \+ instead of *, but otherwise it looks as if it does what it should06:56
MithrandirKamion: the busybox sed supports [:space:] ?06:56
danielsKamion: oh, grub-installer, not grub.  phat.06:56
Kamionpitti: according to regex(7) \+ does not exist06:56
KamionMithrandir: yep - tested and everything06:56
Mithrandirthen it looks good to me.06:57
pittiKamion: oh, it's a GNU extention06:57
danielsKamion: if busybox sed supports -i, that might be more elegant, but meh06:57
Kamionpitti: ah, it does seem to work in GNU sed06:57
Kamiondunno about busybox, didn't try06:57
Kamiondoes seem to work in busybox, oh well06:57
Mithrandir. o O ( busybox perl )06:58
thomdamn, the subversion test suite takes forever06:58
Kamiondaniels: apparently not06:58
pittiKamion: BTW, it does not allow spaces in front of the keywords, but I suppose this cannot happen since the installer uses a file from scratch, right?06:58
Kamionpitti: right, it's called update-grub immediately beforehand06:58
Mithrandirthom: care to look at http://err.no/patches/linux-restricted-modules-2.6,8.1.3-2.diff , then, since you're idling anyhow? :)06:58
Kamiondaniels: (unfortunately)06:58
danielsKamion: much of a muchness, I'm used to the < foo > foo.ish && mv foo{.ish,} notation anyhoo06:59
=== daniels really sleeps.
Kamionyeah, it was stolen from immediately above in that script anyway :)06:59
thomMithrandir: dumbass :-) looks reasonable07:00
Mithrandirthom: can you test it as well, to make sure I haven't fucked up?  I'd _hate_ to have two brown bag releases after each other. :)07:00
thomgeez, i spose07:01
sjoerdtime to eat07:02
thomMithrandir: it'll have to wait till after the svn test suite, since i'm in x86 mode currently07:03
Mithrandirthat's fine. :)07:03
=== thom -> amd64
=== pitti_ [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== nasdaq4088 [sdfsd@tkp-ip-nas-1-p92.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thom25 minutes for a full install. pretty good07:34
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomMithrandir: well, that built07:38
Mithrandirthom: can you try to build on an i386 as well?07:39
thomthat means rebooting again, you git :-)07:42
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirthom: I'll buy you beer07:48
sabdflmdz: so... in the "big changes at the last minute to mission critical software" dapartment...07:50
sabdfli just learned that there is such a thing as PL?Python for POstGres07:51
sabdflthom: nice duck on the epoch there, well done :-)07:51
=== sivang notes he thinks postres is wonderful. he likes it much better than MySQL
thomsivang: poor deluded fool :-)07:53
pittithom: hey, PostgreSQL _is_ nice!07:54
pittilet's start a flamewar (or better not...)07:54
Kamionsabdfl: current daily should be worth testing for ipw2[12] 00 support in the installer07:54
sabdflkamion: will o07:55
sabdflright o, will do, pick one07:55
Kamiondoesn't seem to work with my acx card, but I think that's a driver issue rather than broken firmware support07:55
=== vuntz [~vuntz@fennas.vuntz.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionthe firmware does get loaded according to syslog, but then it can't actually talk to anything - shrug, it's a cheapo card07:55
sabdflok.... command to detach from a screen session?07:56
KamionC-a d07:56
sabdflwhile it comes down... do we have an rsync module that is just the warty / hoary release / preview cd's, install and live, as discussed?07:57
Kamionnot yet, I'm still due to talk with elmo about implementing that07:57
Kamionbefore Wednesday ...07:57
sabdflwell, tomorrow, for mirrors that can respond quickly07:58
Kamionok, noted07:58
Kamionright, the acx card doesn't work in an installed system either, so not a d-i bug; good07:59
sivangthom : quite deluded (I caught up this virus that doesn't let go) yeah :) however one cannot not notice the license differences between the two ;-)07:59
thomsabdfl: see my email to you/lu about expires?08:00
pittisivang: is your only concern about my/postgresql license stuff?08:00
sivangpitti : ofcourse not :)08:00
sabdflthom not yet... catching up08:00
=== Mithrandir grumbles and downloads an iso
thomsivang: frankly, i prefer a db that cares about upgradability to a nicely licensed one *shrug*08:01
=== sabdfl relishes the new quickfile extension that has finally been written a year after he issued the bounty
thomsabdfl: gosh, quick turnaround... d'you fancy issuing a "please make firefox less buggy" bounty? :p08:02
sabdflthom: i considered asking the mozilla guys to get off their asses on the RC bugs we had, given the other support i've given them08:02
azeemeasy. ln -s /usr/bin/epiphany /usr/bin/mozilla-firefox :)08:02
sabdflbut the list looked too long, and there were probably more lurking in there08:02
Mithrandirthom: you're happy with the package?08:03
sabdflazeem: agreed, if epiph had the same feature set i'd back a native app any day08:03
thomMithrandir: yes, it seems fine (I can't actually test any of the contents)08:03
thomsabdfl: yeah, it's unfortunate in the extreme that bug list seems to be growing as they near 1.0 :(08:04
sabdflthom: inevitable with a psych milestone like 1.0, everyone wants their favourite patch to land08:04
Mithrandirthom: ok, I'll build and upload, then.  Thanks for testing.08:06
thomMithrandir: care to look at https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2259#c2 by way of a swap? :-)08:14
Mithrandirthom: the patch from http://svn.collab.net/viewcvs/svn/branches/1.0.x/subversion/libsvn_subr/cmdline.c?rev=11018&r1=8524&r2=11018 seems like happiness to me.08:19
=== Mithrandir goes to the shop
=== Kamion looks for review of https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2268
Kamionthe patch is large due to *.po updates; the actual text under review is right at the end08:28
Kamionthom: did you mean to close #2259 too?08:39
Mithrandirelmo_: could you please adjust PaS for linux-restricted-modules-  It should be built on amd64 as well08:48
=== Keybuk [~scott@syndicate.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_Mithrandir: as I told you the other day, it's not in p-0a-s08:56
elmo_Mithrandir: and you broke the i386 build08:56
elmo_Rejected: nvidia-glx_1.0.6111-1ubuntu5_i386.deb: old version (1.0.6111-1ubuntu5) in warty >= new version (1.0.6111-1ubuntu5) tar08:56
elmo_geted at warty.08:56
elmo_etc. 08:56
Mithrandirelmo_: I didn't see that.08:58
elmo_you wouldn't - it wasn't the sourceful upload08:59
Mithrandirand, that was what mdz talked about. aaargh.08:59
elmo_yeah, even herbert himself gets bitten by that bug08:59
MithrandirI'm beginning to hate that package.  A lot.09:00
mdzsabdfl: Python procedures in postgresql sounds very cool09:01
mdzMithrandir: I had already tested that gzip change on your workstation09:03
mdzit does fix the bug09:03
Mithrandirmdz: ok, I'm installing a dual celeron now to see if I can reproduce it there.09:03
Mithrandirhttp://raw.no/patches/linux-restricted-modules- <-- somebody please review?09:03
mdzfabbione ph33rz my gzip patch09:04
mdzMithrandir: looks good09:05
mdzMithrandir: that's what I did after I broke it09:05
mdzMithrandir: and what Herbert did after he broke it09:05
mdzbut it would be nice if someone would fix it permanently :-)09:06
Mithrandirhow to fix it permanantly?  Store the version number in a file somewhere?09:06
mdzsomething like that, to allow for an error if you forget to update the other one09:06
mdzbut don't let that delay your quick fix09:06
mdzpitti: your interdiff in #2208 looks good09:07
dokokamion: #1232 please feel free to reassign it to you, I just synced the translations from unstable and waited for some feedback.09:07
elmo_gst-plugins0.8 FTBFS on amd6409:07
mdzseb128: ^^^09:08
Mithrandirmdz: ok, thanks, uploaded.09:08
seb128mdz: ok09:08
seb128I'll have a look09:08
mdzelmo_: have you been brave enough to put the gzip fix on emperor?09:08
elmo_mdz: emperor?09:08
elmo_you mean jackass?09:08
Mithrandirmdz: we could take the revision number from l-r-m, s/-/./ and use that after ubuntu in the nvidia-glx version number09:09
Kamionmdz: thom installed the gzip fix on little, it fixed the hangs that reliably scuppered the 20041010 and 20041011 CD builds09:09
elmo_Rejected: libglib2.0-udeb_2.4.7-0ubuntu1_x86_64.udeb: architecture part of filename (x86_64) does not match package architecture09:09
elmo_ in the udeb (amd64).09:09
pittimdz: great, can I regard this as approval?09:09
Mithrandirwould give us 1.0.6111-1ubuntu2.
Mithrandirugly, but should work.09:10
mdzpitti: yes09:10
Mithrandiror ubuntu+restricted+
mdzelmo_: lamont mentioned the same thing09:10
mdzelmo_: where did it come from?09:10
elmo_mdz: dunno - other amd64 udebs have been built since without such fucked filenames09:11
elmo_hmm, on a different host tho09:11
Mithrandirbug in libglib?09:12
amuguess the problem comes from uname : Linux amu.debian.net 2.6.8-3-amd64-k8 #1 Mon Aug 30 01:09:23 CEST 2004 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:13
mdzKamion: thanks for taking care of #993, one FAQ down09:14
mdzbut surely we've built libglib before09:14
mdzamu: hey, welcome09:14
amumdz: *hi*09:15
seb128for the udeb problem:09:16
seb128has been made by JHM09:16
elmo_udebname=libglib$(apiver)-udeb_$(debversion)_$(shell dpkg-architecture -qDEB_BUILD_GNU_CPU).udeb09:16
elmo_why on earth does DEB_BUILD_ARCH return 'i386' on hurd anyway?  that's so not the "Debian architecture of the build machine"09:21
sabdflKamion: didn't work with the ipw2200 test laptop :-(09:23
=== Mithrandir thinks this mobo will soon be angry.
sabdflthis with the latest daily09:23
elmo_azeem: ?09:23
Mithrandirthis is fun, grub is broken on this system.09:23
Mithrandirhangs on "GRUB loading, please wait"09:24
amuelmo_: http://lists.debian.org/deity/1999/06/msg00041.html 09:24
elmo_amu: whiuch is why 275419 doesn't make any sense09:26
Mithrandirheh, seems like the hpt366 controller fucks with grub.09:27
mdzelmo_: jackass, whatever09:27
mdzelmo_: I don't suppose you had a reliable way to reproduce it on that machine?09:28
mdzif you haven't upgraded it already, it might be worthwhile to try to apt-extracttemplates test09:28
mdzand then upgrade it and verify the fix09:28
MithrandirKamion: wantabug? :)09:28
elmo_mdz: it's running UP now, so the issue's latent09:28
elmo_and I'm so not rebooting that box again :-P09:29
amuelmo_: sorry I just read with one eye and till reading the mail, finally i thing problem comes from dpkg *ducks* 09:29
mdzelmo_: what went wrong with it last night?09:30
elmo_mdz: our kernel breaks if you add just 'nosmp' to the command line - it needs 'nosmp noapic'09:30
mdzelmo_: but a UP kernel boots fine without noapic?09:31
mdzamu: where can I download the ubuntu/gnoppix iso?09:32
azeemelmo_: yeah?09:32
elmo_mdz: I suspect so, but dunno for sure - I didn't want to experiment at the time (4am and all) - I'll do so next time I'm there on a less critical machine, and file a bug if so09:32
elmo_azeem: what's dpkg-architecture -qDEB_BUILD_ARCH return on hurd-i386 for you? 09:33
azeemhmm, one sec09:33
pittisjoerd: still here?09:34
sjoerdpitti: somewhat yes09:34
mdzKamion: I thought base-config already did mention sudo09:34
pittisjoerd: I'm just at debugging the double camera dialog bug09:35
amumdz: ;) http://www.gnoppix.org/pages/downloads/index.html Telefonica is probably the best connected  09:35
azeem21:33 < jbailey> azeem: hurd-i38609:35
azeemelmo_: ^--09:35
pittisjoerd: I have two devices: the camera itself (with info.capabilities = camera and camera.libgphoto2_support = 1) and an "USB PTP Interface" with just the camera capability.09:35
elmo_azeem: thanks09:36
pittisjoerd: what do you think: shall hal be fixed to report just one device as camera?09:36
amubtw. hi azeem 09:36
elmo_gar, I misread the bug - it's fine, we just need the same fix in our glib2.009:36
pittisjoerd: or shall we fix g-v-m to additionally check for camera.libgphoto2_support or camera.access_method?09:36
azeemelmo_: any other questions, otherwise I could summon jbailey09:36
elmo_azeem: nah, that's cool thanks09:36
sjoerdpitti: can you put lshal of that somewhere ?09:36
mdzKamion: I think the text can be a bit less scary09:36
seb128elmo_: I'll fix it09:37
elmo_seb128: cool09:37
azeemamu: hey. noel just said you'll be in Frankfurt/LWE. I'll probably drop by as well :)09:37
=== Mithrandir reboots his system with a shiny new smp kernel.
pittisjoerd: http://www.piware.de/lshal.cam09:37
sjoerdpitti: who is setting the camera only capability btw.. the hotplug map callouts always sets both 09:37
pittisjoerd: I know, and in fact both nodes are valid to have a camera capability09:38
pittisjoerd: because this camera can be used with the traditional gphoto access, and also with the newer PTP interface09:38
sjoerdpitti: one node is PtP the other is proprietary something ?09:39
sabdflmdz: which scary text?09:39
pittisjoerd: yes, historically every camera had its own access method, but the PTP is a common standard now09:40
mdzsabdfl: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/attachment.cgi?id=42709:40
sjoerdpitti: i've got a cam which can do multiple modes too (ptp and mass storage), but you need to choose one 09:41
pittisjoerd: I'm currently not sure whether this is a hal or a g-v-m bug09:42
Mithrandirmdz: fwiw, can't reproduce the problem on dual celeron 466.09:42
sjoerdpitti: the second udi is the parent of the first.. so apperently capabilities go down to the children09:43
Mithrandir(sorry, dual 433)09:43
pittisjoerd: my inclination is currently to fix that in g-v-m and choose the preferred interface there09:43
pittisjoerd: both work; I can either cancel the first message box and accept the second, or the other way round09:44
pittisjoerd: however, in the long run we should prefer the PTP protocol09:44
Mithrandirmdz: so, even though it's a bug in gzip, I also think it exposes a timing issue with HT, but I guess we should let it just be closed with the new gzip.09:45
pittisjoerd: maybe hal shouldn't attach a camera capability for both a parent and a child node... This is so arbitrary...09:45
amuazeem: unfortunatley not, the government put me on jail :) too many guys go to lwe so i can make some nice days with hot ........ supportcalls :)  09:45
sjoerdpitti: i find it strange that the hotplug map callout has put the stuff on the parent, not on the child09:45
sjoerdpitti: also not the info.bus prop on both devices09:45
mdzMithrandir: Herbert's comment on the bug is informative09:46
sjoerdpitti: i'm watching ST for a while, i'll have a real look afterwards :)09:46
pittisjoerd: oh, have fun!09:46
Mithrandirmdz: yeah, but I somehow think it should have been exposed on this system as well.09:46
Mithrandiranyhow, I need sleep.09:47
pittisjoerd: both nodes have identical product and vendor ids, so both are recognized by hal's hotplug_map09:47
mdzMithrandir: night09:47
sjoerdpitti: maybe we need to fix hotplug_map to only set it on the node with info.bus == usb09:49
sjoerdpitti: need to test with my own cam to see how that behaves09:49
pittisjoerd: I just noticed that we don't need to prefer a volume anyway, because gthumb will choose09:50
pittisjoerd: I would prefer not to set camera if the parent already has a camera capability09:51
pittisjoerd: this seems more robust than selection by bus09:51
lamontelmo_: nvidia-glx was what you were mentioning just a bit back, yes?09:52
=== lamont is finally reading email.
sjoerdpitti: i'll have a good look in 45 min. :) but that capability i'm currently guessing the capability on the parent is wrong09:52
=== pips [~philipp_s@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittisjoerd: okay, I won't disturb you any further. ST^Weducation is important :-)09:53
sjoerdpitti: :)09:53
mdzcan someone peer-review https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/attachment.cgi?id=428&action=edit09:53
mdzor rather, https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/attachment.cgi?id=42809:54
lamonthrm...  OO.o build-depends a universe package.09:55
dokomdz: #2256, is the changed nsswitch.conf a better default?09:57
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-211-78.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontmdz: gzip patch looks sane to me.09:59
=== nasdaq4088 [sdfsd@tkp-ip-nas-1-p92.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mdz] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 14 RC bugs to go
elmo_lamont: yes10:09
mdzdoko: why did you upgrade 2256 after I downgraded it?10:09
dokomdz: did I upgrade it? not by intent10:12
mdzdoko: must have been a mid-air collision10:13
dokoanyway, what about the suggested solution?10:14
mdzdoko: not for warty10:15
sabdflKamion: it didn't detect my ipw2200 card10:16
sabdflbut if i switch to vc3 and modprobe ipw220010:17
sabdflthen go back and rerun network hardware detection10:17
sabdflit works10:17
sabdfldo you need lspci details?10:17
sjoerdpitti: weird i only get the capability on the parent 10:21
pittisjoerd: so the child doesn't have vendor and product id?10:21
sjoerdpitti: it does.. but it's not hotplug_map that's setting the stuff on the child..10:22
sjoerdpitti: on your system thatis10:22
pittisjoerd: not?10:23
pittisjoerd: oh, I thought it was because the child and parent have identical vendor and product ids10:23
=== lamont only sees 13 RC bugs.
sjoerdpitti: if hotplug_map sets camera it also sets camera.access_method and camera.libgphoto2_support10:23
pittisjoerd: ah, you are right10:25
pittisjoerd: that would mean that hal can now detect cameras on its own?10:25
pittisjoerd: ah, I think I know what's going on:10:25
pittisjoerd: previous ubuntu versions added some fdi files for the A70 (I have that) and some other cameras which also add some attributes10:26
sjoerdah.. so the capability comes from the fdi file10:26
pittisjoerd: so I guess I just have to delete the fdi files; they are obsolete anyway10:27
sjoerdpitti: yeah that will fix it.. I'm now trying to find out why it's on the parent and not on the child10:28
sjoerdpitti: but that doesn't matter for g-v-m10:28
pittisjoerd: right10:29
pittisjoerd: nice that the solution is so trivial... :-)10:29
sjoerdhmm it seems that hotplug_map only does devices on bus usb_device10:29
sabdflmdz: attachment#427 looks good to me10:32
sjoerdpitti: bah the hotplug maps don't have the info to choose one interface..10:33
pittisjoerd: exactly, they only rely on product/vendor id presence10:34
sjoerdpitti: so we can't easily improve it, but removing the fdi's will help :)10:34
pittisjoerd: that's why I thought that the error was there10:34
sjoerdpitti: for the right fix you probably have to call libgphoto itself to probe.. but as g-v-m doesn't provide the device to gthumb anyway this works..10:36
sjoerdsuck when having multiple ptp cams attached though10:36
pittisjoerd: why, each one should have its own device10:36
sjoerdpitti: you but gthumb will scan and find both, while it should just open the one you just plugged in10:36
pittisjoerd: ah, right10:37
pittisjoerd: so in the future, gthumb should get an (optional) parameter which device to scan10:37
sjoerdpitti: the future is in the libgphoto dbus service, so things will change anyway10:38
sjoerdi've got the same problem with sound-juicer though10:39
mdzsabdfl: I thought the bit about damaging your system was unnecessary; every single user is shown this message, even those who don't know what a command line is10:40
sabdflah, ok, agreed10:40
sabdflis this on an existing prompt, btw, or a new one?10:41
sjoerdpitti: btw i was wondering how ubuntu handles cdrw on which you want to burn something new ?10:41
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mdz] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 13 RC bugs to go
pittisjoerd: the ubuntu version of n-c-b unmounts the cd before burning10:41
sabdfleither way, we are still going to get a lot of questions, because the 3l33t users who go for root immediately won't read anything we put on the screen during install :-)10:41
sjoerdpitti: ah nice ;)10:42
mdzsabdfl: this is an appended paragraph to an existing dialog10:42
mdzKamion: where do we stand on the kernel metapackages at install time?  that's very important for the release10:42
pittisjoerd: want the patch?10:43
sjoerdpitti: did you send pci_pre_process_check_null.patch hal patch upstream ? it was the only one that wasn't in CVS yet10:43
pittisjoerd: actually I sent all patches to David10:44
pittisjoerd: he ack'ed most of them to me, but this patch came in a separate mail10:44
pittisjoerd: so maybe he forgot about it10:44
sjoerdpitti: could be, i noticed it yesterday when i was integrating ubuntu's hal changes10:44
pittisjoerd: oh, did you? Thanks10:45
pittisjoerd: it's a pain to apply the ubuntu changes to new upstream/debian versions10:45
sjoerdpitti: guess you need to remind him :)10:45
pittisjoerd: will do10:45
pittisjoerd: I will ask him to remove the remaining camera fdi file as well10:46
mdzpitti: patch for #1292 looks good10:46
sjoerdpitti: ross maintains n-c-b, so maybe he would like the patch 10:46
pittimdz: okay; daniels grabbed the bug in the meantime, so I'm not sure whether I shall upload it10:46
mdzpitti: have you tested it very thoroughly and to your satisfaction?10:47
mdzI am not entirely certain that it should go into warty10:47
pittimdz: well, I tested it with the two devices that I have, and daniels tested with his'10:47
pittimdz: so far it worked well and the patch looks straightforward10:48
pittimdz: it is not elegant though (this required modification of g-v-m)10:48
pittisjoerd: my new hal package works fine!10:48
mdzpitti: did anyone test for regressions with non-usbstorage cameras?10:48
pittimdz: I have a gphoto camera, works fine10:49
pittimdz: daniels, too10:49
sjoerdpitti: hehe, good thing i didn't put your fdi's in the debian packages :)10:50
pittimdz: in fact the very same camera now works even better with the new hal package in #2264. Even easier patch :-)10:51
pittisjoerd: right :-) But there's still one camera fdi in upstream10:51
sivangpitti : finally my USB Key works. thanks :-) (just retested)10:51
pittisivang: finally some good news. thanks :-)10:52
sjoerdpitti: that has <match key="info.bus" string="usb_device">10:52
sjoerdpitti: so that will work10:52
sivangpitti : I had tested almost every time you published a patch, is is now working consitently :)10:52
pittisjoerd: okay, but it is not really required any more anyway10:52
sjoerdpitti: true10:53
pittisivang: nice to hear that two times before a release deadline :-)10:53
pittimdz: patch for #2264 just reverts some supplemental fdi files that were introduced with an earlier warty version. Can I upload this?10:54
sivangpitti : my _pleasure_10:54
=== pips [~philipp_s@] has left #ubuntu-devel []
sjoerdpitti: http://luon.net/~sjoerd/hal/hal-0.2.98/ contains the latest debian hal packages (which is still stuck in NEW :( )10:58
mdzpitti: I'm making my way through my warty-bugs mailbox; just saw that one11:01
pittisjoerd: just looked at the changelog, nice :-)11:02
pittisjoerd: do you consider to add the "run as user" option as well? (With default file)11:03
pittisjoerd: with default off for Debian, of course11:03
sjoerdpitti: i knew i forgot something :)11:03
Kamionsabdfl: yes please, send 'lspci' and 'lspci -n' output and I'll make it work11:04
pittisjoerd: BTW, I made another change to the hal package which could interest you11:04
Kamionmdz: ok, happy to drop the "use this with caution" sentence; is it OK apart from that?11:04
pittisjoerd: somehow the hal daemon isn't stopped if the package is upgraded, so the old process continues to run11:04
sjoerdpitti: that should be fixed in the debian package too11:05
pittisjoerd: I fixed this by stopping hald already in the preinst (which seems to work fine)11:05
Kamionmdz: base-installer's on my list for tomorrow, honest :)11:05
sjoerdpitti: the debian package stops dbus in preinst now11:05
sabdflKamion: on its way11:06
pitti    # already stop hald before upgrading the package; this fails in the postinst11:06
pitti    start-stop-daemon --quiet --stop --oknodo --exec /usr/sbin/hald11:06
pittiOops, sorry, this should all go to sjoerd...11:06
mdzKamion: yes, sudo text is fine with me with that change11:06
mdzKamion: at this point, I'd be more than happy to add a super-magic-uuid-token to the description of the linux-foo packages for base-installer's sake11:07
mdzKamion: and fix it better for Hoary11:07
sivangmdz : I'm starting work on the GNOME 2.8 manual for Ubuntu, I'm concerned about copyrights - which can I drop, which to change etc?11:08
sivangmdz : it's copyrighted Sun Microsystems.11:09
pittisjoerd: did you fix the partition detection in Debian?11:10
sjoerdpitti: debian/patches/fs_probing.patch11:10
Kamionmdz: why don't I just grep for the ones we know are ours for warty?11:11
Kamioni.e. big hardcoded list11:11
sjoerdpitti: upgrades volume_id to the cvs version, which contains somewhat more fixes then just part. detection11:11
Kamionsivang: you need to have a very careful basis for your argument before dropping any copyright notices11:11
pittisjoerd: yeah, I saw these patches11:11
Kamionsivang: if you want to drop a copyright notice, you must be sure that you've removed everything significant written by that copyright holder11:11
pittisjoerd: otherwise I did not find anything, apart from the default file both packages are relatively close11:12
sjoerdpitti: when the pkg-utopia project on alioth, i'll put the hal and g-v-m packages in svn. Should make cooperating easier11:12
sivangKamion : I see then. Keep sun's copyright notice, add our own?11:12
Kamionsivang: that would be normal practice11:13
sivangKamion : or "Portion Copyright Ubuntu Linux" ?11:13
sivangKamion : Portion(s)11:13
Kamion"Copyright (c) 2004 Canonical Ltd." is what I've been adding11:13
Kamion(or equivalent)11:13
sivangKamion : ok, thanks!11:13
Kamionsince you don't work for Canonical, perhaps "Copyright (c) 2004 Sivan Green" would be more appropriate11:13
mdzKamion: that's fine with me11:13
mdzKamion: but when I suggested that the last time, you sounded less than enthusiastic :-)11:14
Kamionyou shouldn't say copyright some other organization unless you have an employment contract with them specifying copyright ownership, or you've filled out copyright assignment papers11:14
Kamionmdz: I am less than enthusiastic, but what works wins right now11:14
mdzover 100 live CD downloads in the past 24 hours11:15
mdzvia bittorrent alone11:15
sivangKamion : however , if this document needs to be defendent at court, I think canonical copyright is better.11:15
mdzKamion: agreed11:16
sivangKmaion : I've read on the GNOME devels guidelines that regarding to Ximian11:16
Kamionsivang: unless you have a contract, Canonical has no right to defend it in court *anyway*.11:16
Kamionsivang: use your own name.11:16
sivangKamion : Oh11:16
Kamion(since we're not the copyright holder unless you legally assign the copyright to us)11:16
sivangAnd me stating the copyright to canonical doesn't suffice as such?11:17
Kamion(which I imagine you could do if you wanted, but it's bureaucracy, and I don't think we're requiring it of Ubuntu contributors in general)11:17
Kamionsee the GNU project's copyright assignment procedures11:17
Kamionthey're a bit more involved than that11:17
sivanghmm, Well I'll assume that having sun on the copyright notice is fair enough by now, at least for warty :)11:18
sivang(assuming their microsoft agreement won't fiddle with those parts :-)11:19
hazmatis there a page with bounties for ubuntu or canonical?11:21
pittihazmat: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/WartyWarthog_2fBounties11:22
hazmatugh.. the wiki ui has turned all the actions links into a flat list.11:24
hazmatpitti, thanks11:24
sivanghazmat : I noticed that also, but only for specific parts. strange ha?11:25
Kamionsivang: if Sun have contributed legitimately to the documentation, and it's under a free licence, that's fine ...11:25
hazmatits does it for me on every page.11:25
sjoerdpitti: you should add some bounties for hal stuff :)11:26
pittisjoerd: one for fixing all potential SIGSEGVs would be nice :-)11:27
dokokamion: will you care about #1232, or should I prefer packages for the 4 updated translations?11:27
Kamiondoko: was planning to do it tomorrow, although I don't mind if you do it either before then11:28
Kamiondoko: I'm doing a base-installer change anyway, so maybe it would be easier for locking purposes at this point if I took care of it11:29
Kamionmdz: are d-i translation changes in general OK?11:29
mdzKamion: absolutely11:30
dokoso, I can go ahead and merge the 2MB patch to the installer packages mentioned?11:30
mdzas long as it only touches .po files, sure11:31
dokook, when is the last day for .po updates? I want to ask for updates for the translations, which still need to be done, on the users list.11:32
jdubpitti: still need 2208 and 2209 checked?11:33
pittijdub: no, I already uploaded it. Thanks anyway!11:33
pittijdub: good morning, BTW! :-)11:33
Kamiondoko: tomorrow11:33
mdzdoko: we can be quite flexible with translation updates; ask Kamion when he would need them in order to do the final CD build11:33
Kamionmdz: patch in #2136, untested yet11:34
Kamionoh, tomorrow for release candidate11:34
Kamionif mdz and jdub are happy with updates between RC and release, anything up to next Monday11:34
Kamionany later than that starts to get very risky11:34
Kamionas opposed to merely quite risky :)11:34
mdzKamion: patch looks perfect, fire away11:35
lamontKamion: s/very/extremely/; s/quite/very/11:35
mdzI'm happy with translation updates between RC and release11:35
Kamionlamont: :-011:35
lamontKamion: are there any univers packages on the CD, btw?11:35
Kamionlamont: should certainly hope not :-011:35
lamontjust double checking my assumptions.11:36
dokook, I'll send an email to the users list asking for updated translations and trying to get most of it done tomorrow (those which are merged from Debian).11:36
Kamionlamont: the cdimage build process does not even rsync universe or multiverse, just to make sure11:38
lamontKamion: awesome11:38
mdzKamion: regarding #2276, shall we add the package to the germinate workarounds section for now?11:40
lamontmdz: note that it's only a build-dep, not a dep.11:41
Kamionmdz: is dpkg-dev not already in a seed?11:41
lamontdpkg-dev is too new.11:41
Kamiontoo new?11:42
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mdz] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | 12 RC bugs to go
lamontii  dpkg-dev       1.10.22ubuntu2 Package building tools for Debian11:42
mdzthom: ping?11:42
Kamiongrief, no, apparently dpkg-dev is only pulled in via debhelper etc.11:42
lamontand the d-w says dpkg-dev (<<1.10)11:42
Kamionlamont: oh, duh, I see11:42
mdzthat's one of those awful hacks to try to support building on woody with different build-deps11:42
Kamionand germinate doesn't do << deps? how broken11:43
lamontused to be it didn't...11:43
Kamionmdz: if you meant libaltlinuxhyph-dev, hell yeah11:43
mdzKamion: I did, ok, will do11:43
KamionI don't see any version-checking code, indeed11:44
Kamionprobably doesn't understand >= etc. either11:44

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