WW_When I run matlab, I get the following message repeated about 15 times:12:00
WW_Font specified in font.properties not found [-*-standard symbols l-medium-r-normal--*-%d-*-*-p-*-adobe-fontspecific] 12:00
WW_...but matlab still runs OK.  I haven't seen this message in other distros.12:00
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Tzalidarpunkass: that didn't work12:01
Tzalidaraw, nevermind12:01
Tzalidarill struggle with it some other time12:01
Tzalidari need to gett some sleep12:01
Tzalidargood night everybody!12:01
WW_Does that message (about font not found) suggest anything to anyone?12:01
punkassto bad... later12:01
punkassWW_, sorry never seen it12:02
TrevanWhen trying to run a ./configure, I get "configure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check" ... what did I break THIS time? :)12:02
spivWW_: that %d looks suspicious.12:03
=== neptho [~shawn@24-180-40-71.rno-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ferry [~Ferry@cust.15.118.adsl.cistron.nl] has joined #ubuntu
spivReplacing that with a *, I can find that font on my system.12:03
punkassTrevan: do u have the c++ complier installed?12:03
spivWW_: it sounds like a bug in Matlab to me.12:04
WW_spiv: Where do you find it? (Sorry, I don't know much about how fonts work.)12:04
WW_spiv: Could be a matlab bug, but I haven't had this problem in RH or Libranet.12:04
spivBut I've no idea why you only see it on ubuntu.12:04
spivWW_: xfontsel12:04
=== nuge [~nuge@d206-116-114-69.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
nepthoCan anyone recommend information for one unfamiliar with both the Debian packaging system, and a few years shy on trying to make custom modules work?  I'm trying to build ndiswrapper and wap_supplicant, but without knowing which tree matches the specific kernel installed (since it invaribly gives me a loading probllem), this machine's non-functional until I can get it back on the network.12:04
TrevanPunkass:  I don't know what the package would be called. If it's cpp, it appears to be flagged as installed in synaptic.12:05
punkassgcc maybe?12:05
punkassor g++ i cant remember12:05
spivneptho: apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`12:05
spivOr linux-source-... if you really need to.12:05
nepthospiv: It's a bit hard to do when I have no network.  ;)  Do you know how easy it might be to copy the standard tree to a cdrom to copy across?12:06
spivneptho: what hardware are you trying to build drivers for?12:06
Trevanpunkass: Thank you, I'll install that (and dependencies) and see what breaks next. :)12:06
nepthospiv: Crappy ACX111 based card, and I need WPA, so that leaves ndiswrapper.  :/12:06
spivneptho: Sure, just grab it out of the apt repo directly via http.12:06
nepthoHow can I point apt to the CD?  /etc/apt/sources  deb file://...here's where I get lost12:06
punkassTrevan: good luck :)12:07
spivneptho: grab the deb by hand from http://archive.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-source-
nepthothe ndiswrapper built against linux-image- is both old and broken with my card, so even if I could switch to WEP, it wouldn't work.  :(12:07
spivneptho: and you can use dpkg -i xxxx.deb to install it.12:07
nepthospiv: Then how do I install it?  apt-get doesn't seem to like localized paths.12:08
TrevanMmm, didn't change the result of running ./configure12:08
=== menator [~menator@ip68-110-5-103.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
spiv(oh, and you should probably build your kernel with the 'kernel-package' package)12:08
nepthoYou'll have to pardon my ignorance.  I was Slackware for years, went to Gentoo, and entirely missed anything Debian. ;)12:08
nepthokernel... package package.  Right.  :)12:08
spiv<spiv> neptho: and you can use dpkg -i xxxx.deb to install it.12:08
punkassTrevan: what are u trying to install?12:08
nepthodpkg -i.  Gracias12:09
Trevangst-plugins-0.8.4 from their site.  All love for ubuntu aside, I'm not re-ripping my jukebox to ogg.  :)12:09
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
spivneptho: kernel-package will install a readme in /usr/share/doc/kernel-package/README.gz, read it with zless to find out how to use it.12:09
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=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-49.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
TrevanMMm, sorry, that'd be the gstreamer plugins from gstreamer's site.12:10
joemTrevan, I'm sure you can find a gstreamer-lame deb somewhere12:10
nepthoRight.  That'll do.  How would I easily mask my system not to follow linux-image-x86 for updates if I manage to get it to actually build?12:10
Trevanjoem: I'm dealing mostly with m4a's, unfortunately.12:10
joemwell, then that plugin :)12:10
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=== fragg [~luis@148.red-212-97-190.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu
TrevanI'll do some additional rooting around, but all I found earlier were some RPMs which correlated to the .6 era of gstreamer, which I don't believe would work.12:12
spivneptho: remove the linux-image-2.6-686 package (which is a meta-package for grabbing the latest 2.6 kernel)12:12
joemheh, specially because gstreamer didn't do m4a12:13
spivneptho: It should leave your actual linux-image- package intacct.12:13
TrevanWell, apparently someone thought they could make it happen, heh.  Odds are it was a clusterf.12:13
nepthospiv: That makes sense.  Thanks.  :)12:13
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
nepthoOne more quick oddity... I have my NForce 2 based motherboard running a fairly stock kernel.  Last time I tried to update to -686, and I lost USB, despite using linux-image... is there any erratta I can find for this?  (This other machine, sigh, only has USB devices attached)12:14
pepsiwhat bios?12:15
pepsican you set the bios to recognize the usb keyboard as ps2?12:15
pepsimy keyboard didnt work otherwise12:16
nepthoYes.  I have it set to recognize the keyboard pre-boot, and it works in BIOS.  It works fine with most kernels, however the most recent linux-image-686 tag (two days ago?) killed the modules for USB12:17
nepthoso, I was stuck sshing in remote and rebooting it back to an elder release.12:17
nepthoFor the most part, I have to admit that Ubuntu's been one of the most painless distributions I've dealt with.  ;)12:18
pepsiusb keyboards work on my mobo as well, but there's an option to present the keyboard as ps2 to the os12:18
pepsiin the bios i mean the keyboard work12:18
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menatorfinally got eclipse working. Seems the library problem was related to the amd64 arch I was previously using.12:18
=== tuppa [~tuppa@christie.corvu.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
pepsiwhats eclipse12:20
nepthoOh, this is jjust an NF7 with a fairly recent bios.  It doesn't offer a 'act as PS/2' option.12:21
Zero-Git's a Java IDE12:21
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-114.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjbtw, is it just me, or do apps not show up on the Application menu when installed with synaptic?12:27
=== tvon is now known as tvon|movie
joemrobertj, depends on the app12:28
robertjjoem: gnome-mud and gphoto seem to not show up12:28
joemthey probably don't follow the menu spec then12:29
pepsineptho, in IntegratedPeripherals/OnChip PCI Devics/USB Controller12:30
=== amerine [Mark@] has joined #ubuntu
pepsiif you have an nf7 it should be the same12:31
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=== blocke [~blocke@pool-129-44-113-136.pghk.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
nepthopepsi: Hrrm.  I will take a look.  Thanks.12:38
=== mardi [~mardi@0x50c78433.arcnxx16.adsl.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
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=== mardinos [~mardi@0x50c78433.arcnxx16.adsl.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
robertjgtkam shows up12:41
pepsihas anybody used vmware?12:41
robertjIs there a way to make gphoto detected devices show in nautilus?12:41
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blockepepsi: daily, but not on ubuntu12:44
sertmannanyone here familiar with the xfree implementation in ubuntu, xfree just keeps boothing in 640x480 no matter what i do...12:46
=== eroadcap [~eddie@67-23-61-143.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
sertmannbut it working fine in debian on 1024x768 so i know it possible12:47
sertmannsorry about the english there ;)12:47
mardinosI happen to have the exact same prob sertmann.. Ati card?12:47
sertmannnope nvidia12:48
tckis there a command to list all available commands in linux?12:48
sertmanngot the glx drivers working and everything... but resoltion just doesn't work right12:48
pepsihit tab a few times12:48
sertmannglad to know im not the only one with the problem, i was starting to feel stupid :)12:49
tckpepsi, thx12:49
mardinosokay. my glxgears are only running 300fps :(12:49
=== Trevan [~random@ip68-227-218-14.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
sertmannmardinos: 1444.200 FPS :)12:52
sertmanndoesn't help much in a 640x480 res though....12:52
Ferry57227 frames in 5.0 seconds = 11445.400 FPS12:52
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-81-107.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinhas anyone use tomboy?12:53
blockeI have12:54
sertmannFerry: blah can't help I only have an old GeForce4 MX420 :p12:54
sertmannanyways, now that we're 2 people with the same problem here, are anyone here familar with XFree?12:55
=== linux_mafia [~max@202-0-43-128.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinblocke, do you find it at all useful or more trouble than its worth?12:55
blockeI've started using it at work, it has reduced the stack of post it notes by my keyboard, I'm not too fond of it assuming words with special use of caps are wiki links but I can live with that12:56
defendguini was thinking it might be useful for school but im not too sure12:56
defendguini guess lots of my notes dont have associations with other notes12:58
=== Trevan signs.
TrevanSigh, even.  This source just refuses to admit g++ is installed.12:59
blockedefendguin: I'm using it more of a long term storage of post-it note sized notes with storage01:04
=== flamtripl3t [~g_dub@d207-6-52-80.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguini suppose it might work better if i was using it at the beginning of the semester01:06
jazzkaI used to have in my aplications menu (gentoo) a programming aplications submenu with different tools01:07
=== warty [~warty@natsp-53-netra20.ice.co.cr] has joined #ubuntu
jazzkathis doesn't appear with ubuntu01:07
=== Phr0stByte [~phr0stbyt@ip24-250-124-175.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
jazzkahow can I add it?01:07
jazzkaor add the whole programming menu?01:08
defendguinjazzka, install something like glade or bluefish01:08
defendguinor xemacs01:08
jazzkadefendguin, and then it will automatically appear on the menu?01:08
=== Trevan [~random@ip68-227-218-14.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
sertmannhmmm ok, are there a Xorg packages for ubuntu?01:09
=== FireRabbit [~FireRabbi@firerabbit.user] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
defendguinblocke, did tomboy get added to your gnome menu?01:09
sertmanni think i recall seing them during install01:09
Miichaelcan you switch from ubuntu into debian via apt-get dist-upgrade?01:09
TrevanOK.  g++ is installed.  The correct kernel headers appear to be installed.  I'm still getting a sanity check on this ./configure.  Any ideas?01:10
sertmannMiichael: are you feeling lucky? ;-)01:10
blockedefendguin: no, the upstream never created the needed files, the tomboy 0.2.0 cvs changelog mentions them adding the needed applications file and adding proper gnome-session  support01:10
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
Miichaelno. curious01:10
jazzkawhen I run "apt-get update" like root, I get:01:11
defendguinblocke, good enough01:11
jazzkaDes:6 http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/restricted Release [85B] 01:11
jazzkaErr http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/main Sources01:11
jazzka  416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable01:11
jazzka97% [Waiting for headers] 01:11
jazzkaand it never gets 100%01:11
defendguini wonder where it would be added in the menu? Accessories?01:12
Phr0stByteDoes anyone know how to edit the menus?01:13
defendguinPhr0stByte, applications:///01:13
jazzkaPhr0stByte, with right click mouse button01:13
=== rapha_al1 [~rapha@dsl-082-083-150-193.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
asdf_46Dang, I was hoping resedit would do the menus.01:13
Phr0stBytejazzka: that lets you take out, but not add01:14
defendguinPhr0stByte, applications:///01:14
=== Alfoo [~alfoo@pool-68-162-63-211.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
jazzkaPhr0stByte, click on Applications menu, then inside a category, right click01:14
Phr0stBytedefenguin: thanx01:15
jazzkait will appear a menu01:15
Phr0stBytedefenguin: thats what I needed01:15
linux_mafiain the gnome-system-monitor there are a whole heap of unnamed processes, anyone know what they are?01:16
tsengare they threads of other processes?01:17
merriamlinux_mafia: what does ps auxwwwf say about them?01:20
defendguinwww.imendio.com is down?01:21
jdublinux_mafia: they're kernel threads01:21
jdublinux_mafia: annoying little bug in g-s-m atm :)01:21
TrevanAnyone qualified to diagnose a sanity check problem when trying to run a ./configure?  It isn't clear to me what I should be looking for in the resulting config.log.01:23
merriamnot many inclined to do that, i expect01:24
defendguini must say that it is annoying that i have to install myspell-en-gb inorder to install the ubuntu-desktop package01:25
defendguini noticed that it negativly effects ooo01:26
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=== Paleon [~paleon@] has joined #ubuntu
mardinosSertmann: Well ive got better resoulution going01:27
PaleonI'm looking for some help with totem movie player and DVDs.  Playback is very choppy.01:27
sertmannmardinos: cool01:29
sertmanncan't go to dcc01:29
=== ironwolf [~lamont@c-24-6-251-226.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== limaunion [~limaunion@172-166-114-200.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #ubuntu
Phr0stBytePaleon: MPlayer! ;)01:31
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["M'envaig"]
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
defendguini cant believe imendio.com is down01:37
cardadorhello. i have a problem with my mouse wheel. the wheel-up button behaves like the 2nd button. can anyone help me?01:38
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
Phr0stBytecardador: what kinda mouse is it?01:39
cardadorthe wheel down behaves properly, but not the up01:40
Phr0stBytecardador: do you know how to edit your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file?01:40
cardadoryes i know01:40
cardadori have the zaxismapping line01:40
Phr0stBytecardador: pm me and paste me your mouse section01:41
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limaunionhello, does anyone know how can I get a complete list of all the packages available in the 'universe' ?01:45
=== majorfunk [no_name_16@sid-2136.sid.rice.edu] has joined #ubuntu
smoI'm not sure if it's the prettiest way, but "grep ^Package: /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_warty_universe_binary-i386_Packages"   works for me01:47
limaunionsmo: thanks, will try now...01:48
smobeware the name of the file itself will differ if you use a mirror, but it should make enough sense that you can figure out what you're looking for01:48
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
Phr0stBytecardador: how is it?01:50
limaunionok, I'm new to apt, I'm browsing with 'less' that file, cool.01:50
neighborleeKamion, where do I suggest a rescue mode for next installment ( or is it already in the works)....01:52
=== JakeandBake [~jake@pcp02391380pcs.nftmyr01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
JakeandBakei was wondering if anyone could spare a few minutes to help me with a rather interesting issue?01:53
=== sertmann [~sertmann@] has joined #ubuntu
=== majorfunk is now known as majorfunk_
sertmannehm, is there an alternate XFree configuration file, other than /etc/X11/XFConfig-4.... i've just torn the whole damn file apart, giving guesed values for hsync and vrefresh, and nothing changed, it didn't even refuse to load x :/01:56
defendguinmmmm smooth cobalt is nice01:56
neighborleeJakeandBake, in irc you just start yakin and if someone knows they'll chime in ;)01:57
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=== justdave [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu
jvichey folks... is the ubuntu theme avaliable for download somewhere? I would like to try it here, but haven't found it anywhere...01:58
limaunionjvic: you'll find some wallpapers but not a theme, AFAIK unless you run ubutu01:59
jviclimaunion: but why not? I mean... it's free software...01:59
=== majorfunk_ is now known as majorfunk
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=== Red_Menace [~Red_Menac@] has joined #ubuntu
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blockejvic: the theme is stored in the ubuntu-artwork package, search around for the dpkg source file somewhere on an ubuntu mirror02:01
=== neptho [~shawn@24-180-40-71.rno-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
nepthoYaay.  It works.  Kind of.02:02
limaunionjvic: sure, somewhere it's but why not try running a clean install, your won't regret02:02
majorfunkCan help me figure out why I can't install a boot loader from the Ubuntu installation CD02:02
majorfunkCan anyone I meant to say02:02
nepthoWhat's the safest way to keep from having acx_pci loaded?  It won't work with my NIC, and I need to use ndiswrapper.  Right now, I've put a pre-up rmmod acx_pci in my /etc/network/interfaces - but there has to be a better way.02:02
nepthomajorfunk: Neither grub NOR lilo work?02:03
majorfunknope when I try grub it says installation failed and lilo gives a segmentation fault02:03
nepthoHrrm.  Are you overclocking at all?  What's your disk setting in BIOS?  Is it LBA?02:03
=== DeepSpaceAnt [~nitinshan@lsanca1-ar41-4-61-130-127.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
majorfunkno overclocking and the disk setting is LBA02:04
nepthoLook at it in fdisk/cfdisk/whatever that editor is that's built in. Make sure that the CHS match02:05
=== DeepSpaceAnt [~nitinshan@lsanca1-ar41-4-61-130-127.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
nepthoWith the 4.10 release, Grub gave me quite a bit of pain and still complains, but it works after putting it in /dev/hdx1 where hdx is where I installed it.  I installed GAG as my primary bootloader (gag.sf.net), and added the linux ext2/3 partition to chain to.02:06
jviclimaunion: i will... actually i tried a couple of weeks ago, but had no success because apparently there's some problem with my partition layout and ubuntu want to erase my entire hard drive.. so i'll do it later, when i do some backup of my data and correct my partitions02:06
nepthoThere's no easy way to tell modprobe "Do not load this, ever!"?02:07
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-82-50.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
housetierdelete the module :)02:09
=== adapt [~adapt@c-67-163-101-205.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
nepthoI want a better fix, supposing I update and forget to kill it.  :)02:09
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-224.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
limaunionjvic: ok! hurry up :)02:10
limaunionneptho: there's a blacklist file used by 'hotplug', but I don't know very well the relation between modprobe and hotplug yet, maybe you can blacklist the modules..02:12
Se7hmy X doesn't start auto. anymore02:12
Se7hwhats wrong?02:12
amerinewhat do you guys think of this http://shweet.bendug.org/~mark/wallpaper-2.jpg 02:13
pepsiwhat happens?02:13
nepthopepsi: I checked, and I did still have my USB devices as 'BIOS' in BIOS, by the way.. It's still just that recent kernel that kills the keyboard.02:14
JakeandBakeamerine: i like everything except the use of the waterfall...maybe a splitting atom would better illustrate an extreme opening and contrast "universe?"02:14
amerinei wasnt sure what to place there02:15
housetieruse the same font for "ubuntu" and "open..."02:15
=== Red_Menace [~Miranda@] has joined #ubuntu
limaunionamerine: I like it but maybe instead of the waterfall you can put there the ubuntu 'circle'02:16
amerinethey are the same font, just used the same effect as the lines 02:16
amerinelimaunion: great idea02:16
housetieramerine, the n and u look very diffent02:17
=== jharrison [~jharrison@] has joined #ubuntu
amerinelet me check real quick02:18
amerinei thought they were the same02:18
amerinei stand corrected02:19
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
=== uxi9000 [~tom@68-235-182-70.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== JakeandBake [~jake@pcp02391380pcs.nftmyr01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== JStrike [~JStrike@cpt-dial-196-30-179-230.mweb.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
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JStriketseng : Are you the mono packager for Ubuntu?02:39
=== blocke [~blocke@pool-129-44-113-136.pghk.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
tckwhats a quick way of restarting the inetd ?02:41
=== EpheMeroN [~EpheMeroN@ca-ontario-cuda3a-g-47.anhmca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
tckgot it02:43
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tsengJStrike: not officially02:43
JStriketseng : I know :-)02:44
tckwhats gconfd-2 , it recently started running as a process?02:44
tsengJStrike: then yes I guess.02:45
grapeheya, i'm not sure if there is a problem with my install disk or not, but has anyone had any problems with installing ubuntu on a thinkpad 600e? I keep getting a kernel panic.02:45
JStriketseng : What I wanted to know is if you would consider expanding your repo so that it is similar to MDE (or was until a couple of days ago). I am considering change to Ubuntu from SuSE, but the mono support is quite important to me02:45
defendguinJStrike, we have mono support02:45
JStriketseng : Basically adding inotify kernels, Beagle, iFolder02:46
defendguinthey have an apt repository for mono apps02:46
JStrikedefendguin : I know02:46
=== GOwin [~Miranda@] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikedefendguin : I know :-)02:46
=== theantix [~ryan@80.185.novustelecom.net] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushifolder rocks02:47
=== icey [~icey@icey.org] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikewhiprush : yep. But the delay with NLD is killing me. The lack of a suse gnome is terrible and there is nothing like fedora's community. So Ubuntu is looking good right now02:49
whiprushthere's ULB gnome for suse.02:49
grapehehe but it is for suse - that's the problem ;-)02:50
whiprushI'm sure once it's all usable that someone will package that stuff for ubuntu02:50
JStrikewhiprush: I am running ULD right now. It is the worst version of gnome I have ever used02:50
JStrikeIt combines gnome 2.4 , 2.6 and 2.8 stuff02:51
defendguinULB? ULD?02:51
JStrikeDoesn't come with g-v-m and all the file associations have dissapeared02:51
whiprushnld should be interesting.02:51
whiprushsuse's past gnome support was just so horrible02:52
=== elmaya is now known as notoy
JStrikewhiprush : Nah. But the next version should be fantastic. Beagle etc will be there02:52
=== whiprush nods
=== asdf_46 [~john@1Cust53.tnt2.den4.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
JStriketseng : So how about it? Any chance of inotify kernels, beagle and ifolder?02:54
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
asdf_46Does any one have any good ideas on how to get a ping pong ball out of a subwofer?02:54
asdf_46logitech z-68002:54
JakeandBakevacuum cleaner with flexible hose ?02:54
asdf_46Tried that a little. I think I need a more flexible hose.02:55
asdf_46There is kinda a wierd gooseneck thing on the vent.02:55
whiprushJStrike: have you gotten ifolder to work reliably?02:57
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikewhiprush : I had it working quite well a while ago.02:59
whiprushhmm, well that's good to hear. I've never got it working just quite right.02:59
amerinelater everyone03:00
nepthoThanks for the pointers, folks.  See you later!03:01
=== goatboy [~tim@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
=== neptho [~shawn@24-180-40-71.rno-cres.charterpipeline.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== jayeola [~jayeola@dsl-80-42-125-19.access.uk.tiscali.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== pepsi [~pepsi@dsl081-225-034.chi1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
GOwinhello everyone. is it possible to re-partition my harddrive with ubuntu and windows installed without losing any data?03:05
pepsiprobably not id say03:06
=== ironwolf [~lamont@c-24-6-251-226.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
JakeandBakeyes it is...03:07
JakeandBakeback everything up to CDs ;-)03:07
JakeandBakein theory, you could resize the partition...but i never trust that because there is always the risk of data loss....or at the very least, you can't resize it to its fullest potential because of file fragmentation03:08
JakeandBakeif you wanted to try, read about partition magic and the like03:08
JakeandBakesome distros come with a built in resizing tool...but i don't think ubuntu has one03:09
=== idaho45 [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
GOwini see.03:15
JakeandBakewhat is it that you don't want to lose from windows?03:16
GOwini can always reinstall ubuntu. you see, i've tried other distros before and that left my harddisk with partitions recommended by other distros. i wanted to combine several smaller partions.03:17
GOwini got lots of data in my ntfs partitions.03:17
JakeandBakehow many GB?03:17
pepsiif you leave the partition you want to keep alone it should be fine03:17
pepsibut you could delete a few consecutive partitions and replace them with a single one or whatever03:18
bur[n] eranyone know if and how you can install ubuntu from the LiveCD?03:18
pepsiburn it and boot from it03:18
GOwini'm confused with the partitioning tool that came with the ubuntu CD. i can't seem to resize or combine the partions that i had03:18
goatboybur[n] er: you can't.03:19
JakeandBakei agree, the partitioning tool and basically the entire install process for ubuntu is kind of confusing...or atleast not very user friendly03:20
pepsiyou can always drop into another terminal and use fdisk from there no?03:20
GOwinand the default recommended partions are the swap and the /?03:20
JakeandBakeso you'd have NTFS (which you can't write to from ubuntu without recompiling the kernel) and then / and then swap03:21
JakeandBakei liked ubuntu so much that i completely made the switch from windows, and moved all of my data over to ext3 partitions03:21
=== Tux234 [~tux@] has joined #ubuntu
pepsiJakeandBake, you know if NTFS write support is safe? ive thought about using it03:22
JakeandBakeall 160 GB of it03:22
=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
Tux234Um I gotta problem03:22
pepsiyeah, i trashed my windows partition, but i still use windows through vmware03:22
pepsiits a necessary evil03:22
JakeandBakeonly if you game....03:22
JakeandBakei don't play any games any more....03:23
JakeandBakeso i don't have any need at all03:23
pepsii do embedded programming03:23
JakeandBakei see03:23
JakeandBakespecial need...03:23
Tux234I started Firefox today and I didn't any icons it was weird03:23
Tux234I removed it and reinstalled it and got the same problem03:23
JakeandBakei take it firefox worked fine before?03:23
pepsithere is an opensource toolchain for the chips i use, but it sucks03:23
Tux234And the menus are all corrupted lookin03:24
JakeandBakeif you open firefox from a command prompt, do you see any errors?03:24
Tux234one sec03:24
=== ultrafunk [~pd@eth779.vic.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Rob_ [~chatzilla@203-79-116-157.cable.paradise.net.nz] has joined #UBUNTU
Tux234Any suggestions?03:26
JakeandBakeif you run firefox as root do you have the same problem?03:26
Tux234one sec03:26
GOwinpepsi, is ubuntu your day to day distro?03:26
=== haggai_ [~halls@pD9EA6967.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== utta [~brandon@h00045ae006a2.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
JakeandBaketux, you might try doing a complete removal, then installing it again instead of just a reinstall03:27
=== stone__ [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
JakeandBakegive me a minute while i consult a friend who broke firefox as well...03:28
Tux234I just tried that same problem03:28
pepsiseems that firefox is easy to break03:28
Tux234I guess so :(03:29
=== malaria444 [~malaria44@pD955ED87.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
JakeandBakei don't know how he broke it....he just started using the full mozilla browser and i asked why and he said firefox was broken...i left it at that...so i don't know if it was a similar issue03:29
pepsii was going crazy with alerts saying i was leaving a secure site.. and the checkbox to keep the alerts coming was already unchecked03:29
GOwini also need the egroupware packages from debian. i've found a possible repository but i can't seem to download the stuff. how do i do it?03:29
Tux234Know any browsers that are as fast as Firefox03:29
Tux234I don't really like mozilla03:30
JakeandBakeyou can add repositories to synaptic by clicking settings->repositories->etc.03:30
Se7hi forgot where i can config. my X loginscreen03:30
JakeandBakelynx :-)03:30
Se7hwhere is that?03:30
Tux234Thats just text only though right?03:31
pepsiSysconfig/Login Screen Setup?03:31
=== staticactivity [staticacti@adsl-209-30-82-133.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hpepsi i guess....03:31
GOwini tried it but it fails03:31
GOwinwhat's deb? what's deb-src?03:32
Rob_Hi All, both Fedora C3T3 and Warty RC are out in the next few days, I'm currenlty an FC2 user.... Why do you think I should do Warty of Fedora C3T3????03:32
=== malaria444 [~malaria44@pD955ED87.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu []
Tux234WARTY!! ;)03:32
pepsiid say we're biased towards ubuntu03:32
SamBozothe .deb vs  .rpm  would be enuff for me to switch03:32
JakeandBakerob, you should use ubuntu because synaptic is way better than trying to work with rpms03:32
=== majorfunk [no_name_16@sid-2136.sid.rice.edu] has left #ubuntu []
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-112-104.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Se7haaahh...so i dont have the "login screen setup" at sysconfig03:33
Se7hwhats the console command for it?03:34
JakeandBakeGowin: deb is a package repository for prebuilt packages, deb-src is a package repository for source code packages03:34
asdf_46JakeandBake, I got it out, just needed a bigger hose on the vaccume. :)03:34
GOwinjakeandblake. which one should i use then?03:34
JakeandBakei added them all03:34
JakeandBakeand i subtracted the CD, i hate cd swapping03:34
Se7hanyone ?03:34
Rob_pepsi: I am after you bias... I want to be convinced to go the Ubuntu root03:34
JStrikeJakeandBake : You can use synaptic on fedora!!!03:35
Tux234Se7H gdmconfig03:35
Tux234I think ;)03:35
Rob_I use Yum on Fedora and it is fairly painless03:35
crimsunRob_: the best suggestion i can give is simply to try the preview release03:35
Se7hTux234 wel...its not03:36
=== jmknsd is now known as JAK
Rob_crimsun: Is it a live CD?03:36
crimsunRob_: there is also a live cd available03:36
Se7hTux234 -bash: gdmsetup: command not found03:36
Tux234Oh oh gdmlogin duh!:-P03:36
Se7halso wrong03:37
=== JAK is now known as jmknsd
JStrikeRob_ : They are trolling about apt, rpm, Synaptic, etc. There is not much difference between fedora and Ubuntu. But Ubuntu looks slightly better03:37
Tux234Oh boy "m havin bad luck today03:37
GOwini'm trying to get the egroupwar packages from here: http://ftp.hk.debian.org/debian/pool/main/e/egroupware/03:37
Se7hso i see Tux234 ;P03:37
GOwinhow do i poirt synaptics to that url?03:37
Tux234ok try gdmgreeter03:38
Tux234GEESE!! :)03:38
Tux234Get any errors when you do it03:38
Se7hcommand not found03:38
Se7hjust that03:38
SamBozoas root?03:39
Se7heven if it wasn't03:39
Se7hit would say that i had to have super user permissions03:39
Se7hor so03:39
Tux234OH man I'm dumb today 03:39
Tux234Oh nvrmnd03:39
Se7hits not on the "root"03:40
Tux234do you have gdm installed?03:40
Se7hit should be on gnomes menu03:40
SamBozouser might not have the command available <g> so command not found03:40
Se7hSamBozo naaa03:40
Se7hTux234 le' me check03:41
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-211.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hdam bitx didn't installed this time03:41
Tux234I see03:42
Se7hdunno why03:42
Se7hbut this time03:42
Se7hseveral stuff from gnome haven't been installed by default03:42
Tux234that is weird03:42
Se7hthings like...03:43
Se7hweather report applet 03:43
Se7hfor ie03:43
Se7hnothing important...but still wierd03:44
Tux234Strange :-/03:44
Tux234well guess you'll just have to apt-get gdm then03:44
=== kljlkj [kljlkj@] has joined #ubuntu
Se7halready installed03:44
Tux234gdm is already installed?03:45
Se7hi've just instaalled it03:45
kljlkjhello all, i installed ubuntu on my 2nd partition but later removed the partition using windowsxp, now when i bootup GRUB stucks and reports Error 17...i can't even bootup xp anymore..whats the best way to fix this so i can go back to xp?03:45
Tux234lol :)03:46
Tux234Do't mess with me like that man :)03:46
Tux234I about tore my hair out ;)03:46
Se7hy ?03:46
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW_
Tux234I thought that it already installed why you were tryin all those commands03:47
goatboykljlkj: boot from the windows install cd; start the system restore; run 'fixmbr'.03:47
goatboy(I think)03:47
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Se7h<Se7h> aaah...03:48
Se7h<Se7h> dam bitx didn't installed this time03:48
kljlkjgoatboy:thank you03:48
bur[n] eranyone know a lot about juk?03:48
Se7hso...i've installed it right away03:48
Tux234lol I'm just crazy today ;)03:48
Se7hwe all have days like that03:48
bur[n] erand gstreamer usage within juk specifically03:48
=== alakdan [~alakdan@] has joined #ubuntu
=== SurcouF_ [~surcouf@rbordet.net4.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hok, just one more thing03:49
Tux234Oh boy here we go ;)03:49
Se7hhow can i configure the sound codec03:49
Se7hor whatever is it called03:49
Tux234alsaconf i think03:49
Tux234sudo alsaconf03:50
Se7h" and going, and going03:50
Tux234command not found??03:50
Tux234oh boy :)03:50
Tux234Ok sudo apt-get install alsa then03:51
crimsunsudo apt-get install alsa-utils03:51
crimsunsudo alsaconf03:51
Se7hAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture (utilities)03:52
Tux234Oops forgot about that thx crimson03:52
Se7hits already installed03:52
crimsundid you run sudo alsaconf?03:52
Se7hcrimsun yup03:52
crimsun`which alsaconf'03:52
Se7hbefore that03:53
Se7hmy "problem" is03:53
Se7hthe current "codec" only plays sound from one application at a time03:53
crimsunuse dmix.03:54
=== SurcouF_ is now known as SurcouF
Se7hlast ubuntu installation i remember i've choosen one that played all sound requests from sys03:54
=== MrUnsocial [~none@ip68-106-230-2.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hprobably it was realy dmix03:56
Se7hbut i've headed to a GUI to configure that03:56
Se7hit wasn't on the menus03:56
Se7hi had to run it from the terminal03:56
MrUnsocialhaving some problems with the live cd ... after the progress bar goes all the way across screen goes out and pc is locked up ... I'm trying to get into linux and away from windows, still a noob at linux03:57
Tux234Lets see...03:57
Tux234Han on a sec03:57
Se7hi've got the name of it03:58
Tux234ok thx03:58
Se7hwell then03:58
Tux234Do you know what your sound card is?03:59
Se7hthat GUI shows up all possible "codecs"03:59
Se7hTux234 C-Media (OnBoard)04:00
Se7hwhat for?04:00
Tux234ok one sec04:00
Tux234I'm tryin to figure out waht codec it uses04:00
=== _brandx_ [~brandx_@] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hdon't bother with that04:01
Se7hi just need the command to access that GUI04:01
Se7h:\ can't remember what it was...04:01
Tux234OH :)04:02
Tux234one sec then04:02
Tux234 Geese I can think stright04:02
MrUnsocialhardware I'm trying to test it on is: amd athlon xp 3000+, 1gb pc2700, 52x cdrom, msi kt3 ultra R v2, ati 8500, no sound,nic or hdd ... any clue as to what's wrong ?04:02
=== Phr0stByte [~phr0stbyt@ip24-250-124-175.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
goatboySe7h: you're probably thinking of gstreamer-properties.04:03
Se7hMrUnsocial i think its on the cpu and mBoard....its broken and u should send me that hardware and buy new one ;P04:03
=== psg [~passg1@] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hgoatboy that's it04:03
Tux234Man My mind went blank04:03
Se7hthanks dude04:03
=== violajack [~michelle@roc-69-201-84-72.rochester.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Tux234Oh great goatboy gets all the glory :)04:04
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ycros [~Ycros@c211-30-14-115.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
MrUnsocialmy cpu and mobo work fine with winxp ... just trying to try out ubuntu04:06
Se7hinput set on esd04:06
Se7houtput on oss04:06
jazzkaif I install manually java sdk, wich environment variables should I modify to get all working?04:06
Se7hshould i change output to esd to ?04:06
Tux234Try it04:06
Tux234If not change input to OSS04:06
Se7hall set04:07
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d6-175.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tux234hehe congrats04:07
Se7haa..much better now04:08
Se7hok, last thing to do is freeing my 200gb04:08
Se7h(i only have 1gb to move)04:08
Se7h40gb on the windows partition04:09
Tux234I wish i had that much :)04:09
Se7hand 160gb on my IcyBox (external hdd)04:09
JakeandBakestorage space is overrated04:09
JakeandBakei have 360 GB04:09
JakeandBakei could get by just fine with 200 :-P04:09
Se7hwell, i mean04:09
Se7hthe external hdd04:09
Se7hactualy is no external hdd04:09
Tux234I can barely survive 60 :(04:10
Se7hits one normal IDE 04:10
Se7hinserted in one box04:10
Se7hplugged into USBO2.004:10
Tux234Well looks like you know your way around wiring hehe :)04:11
Se7ha little04:11
Tux234Hopefully I'll have enough $ to build my own PC next week04:11
Se7hbut this one i've get it builted04:12
Tux234I'm Gettin two 120's and puttin them in a RAID 004:12
=== hello [~urmom@HSE-Toronto-ppp313753.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Tux234thx :)04:12
Tux234I can't wait04:12
Tux23460 too 240 is a BIG difference04:13
=== zer0t|plasmo [GAT-X105@102.c.011.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Tux234hehe ;)04:13
Se7h<- Chieftec with amdXP 1800+, mBoard Asus, 512MB DDR266, 208gb04:14
Se7hand with one mod on the air cooling04:14
tsengguys, this is getting pretty OT04:14
Se7hot ?04:14
zer0t|plasmohot o.o04:14
Se7hsorry about that04:14
jdubi suggest #my-disk-is-bigger-than-your-disk04:15
Se7hjdub lol04:15
Se7hor a simple pvt04:15
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-213-254.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hi can i mount 2 partitions for one dir ?04:17
=== violajack [~michelle@roc-69-201-84-72.rochester.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
Se7hseth@devil ~ $ sudo umount /mnt/win304:19
Se7humount: /mnt/win3: device is busy04:19
MrUnsocialwhich would be the best nic to use with ubuntu live cd of these three, generic with realtec 8139D chip, linksys lne100tx or a dlink dl10038D ?04:19
Se7hcant figure out what is it busy with04:19
=== jsanti [~jsanti@] has joined #ubuntu
=== MepisBelle [~Old@adsl-68-122-6-135.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
MrUnsocialanyone ? ... should all of them work fine np ?04:22
Se7hcant help u on that04:22
=== backdoc [~backdoc@] has joined #ubuntu
MrUnsocialdont have any of those nic's ?04:22
Se7hi've never used that liveCD04:23
Se7hforget it04:24
Se7hwhats the nic ?04:24
jazzkaany help installing mplayer+codecs on ubuntu or debian?04:24
SamBozo8139 worked fine here04:24
MrUnsocialsaid it's almost exactly like regular install ... just use slightly different systems for auto-detection04:25
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hjazzka use totem-xine04:25
MrUnsocialk ... will try it then04:25
jazzkaSe7h, nice solution ;)04:25
Se7hits a easier one04:25
Se7htotem-gstream sukx04:25
=== backdoc [~backdoc@] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete]
JStrikeOk. There seem to be a lot of people complaining about multimedia. Why dont the developers just push the newer gstreamer and someone else can have ffmpeg on a separate server?04:26
jazzkawell totem actually cant play wmv files04:26
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hjazzka mine plays04:26
jazzkaSe7h, how is it possible?04:27
JStrikeSe7h : gstreamer is very good.  You just had an old version04:27
Se7hwell...actualy one wmv i have here, it didn't gave me the sound04:27
Se7hJStrike old or not04:27
Se7hubuntu its recenet04:27
Se7hits supposed to be with one04:27
Se7hxine does the work fine04:28
mdzJStrike: the latest gstreamer is already in04:28
JStrikeWith playbin?04:28
mdzit still doesn't seem to work particularly well for me with video04:28
Se7hmdz me neither04:28
JStrikeAnd you had ffmpeg?04:28
Se7hso i've removed it04:28
Se7hand installed xine04:28
JStrikeI think the new ffmpeg was only released yesterday04:29
jazzkawhat can I install/add to view wmv files on totem?04:30
JStrikeThe pre-release is actually what you want04:30
JStrikejazzka : You will need w32codec and xine and totem-xine. Or just install a gst-ffmpeg(I think it supports wmv, although I could be wrong)04:32
Se7hjazzka totem-xine does it04:32
jazzkajust tell me the name of the package :)04:32
JStrikeif it is wmv 9, nothing plays it that I have found04:32
Se7hjazzka totem-xine04:33
jazzkawell, I've using mplayer until now, and I could play ANY multimedia file type04:33
JStrikeThen there we go. Install ffmpeg04:36
JStrikeAnd how on earth did you manage to play wmv 9, with DRM?04:36
tckwhats a good tool to play DVD's with ubuntu ?04:37
tckwill have a look at it04:38
Se7hor totem04:38
Se7hlol ;P04:38
tckwell i find it just freezes04:38
jazzkawhat about integration between mozilla or firefox and those players?04:38
tcktotem at the mo' does04:38
Se7h<tck> totem at the mo' does04:39
Se7h<tck> *n't04:39
Se7hwitch totem ?04:39
Se7hgstream ?04:39
tckum.. Totem Movie Player under multimedia 04:40
Se7hyeah i know04:40
Se7hbut....there r two of them04:40
Se7htotem-gstream and totem-xine04:40
tckso gstream is on by default?04:41
tckwell that don't play mt 'taxi driver' dvd :P04:41
Se7hit doesn't support much04:41
Se7hbut about dvd's04:41
Se7hcant tell04:41
Se7hnever played one on gstream04:42
jazzkamultimedia on linux is quite difficult :(04:42
Se7hle' me check if the xine does it04:42
crimsundifficult? depends on the hardware. :)04:42
JStrikeubuntu cant distribute ffmpeg with totem-gstreamer for legal reasons. Just download it04:42
JakeandBakeI would really like to see an "illegal" distro out there that makes something because it works....screw copywrong04:43
JStrikeXine will need libdvdplay, libdvdread and libdvdnav04:43
Se7htck same here, DVD can't be played on totem then04:43
pepsiis she hot?04:43
crimsunheh, that distro will last about two months04:43
Se7h<JStrike> Xine will need libdvdplay, libdvdread and libdvdnav04:44
tckJStrike, where does one get  ffmpeg 04:44
SamBozowhen I went to install totem-xine it removed totem-gstreamer04:44
|trey|crimsun: what distro are you refering to?04:45
|trey|SamBozo: yes, its supposed to...04:45
tckxine aint in the universe mirros :/04:45
crimsun|trey|: < JakeandBake> I would really like to see an "illegal" distro out there that makes something because it works....screw copywrong04:45
Se7htck totem-xine04:45
JStriketck : Not sure. I dont run Ubuntu yet04:46
tckah :)04:46
JStrikeBut ask somebody and I am sure they can make debs out of http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/src/gst-ffmpeg/pre/04:47
|trey|crimsun: hah... yes, that wouldn't get too far... enless it was a purely community based distro... if the main source for software can't be found, they have no one to sue, so how would the stop it?04:47
jdubJStrike: they already exist in debian04:47
jazzkaany package for debian with codecs?04:47
=== kaplanfx [~kaplanfx@c-67-170-193-18.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hJStrike "alien"04:47
jdubjazzka: w32codecs in marillat's repo04:47
JStrikejdub : The pre-release?04:47
=== nuge [~nuge@d206-116-114-69.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubjazzka: it's noted on the faq04:47
jdubor on the list archives04:47
|trey|jdub: you should talk to Christian about getting on board  :)   he maintains a lot of GNOME stuff also, so would fit right in  :)04:48
Qo-noSjazzka: # Marillat's repository for acidrip, acroread, acroread-debian-files, acroread-plugin, avidemux, etc04:48
Qo-noSdeb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main04:48
Se7hTotem could not play 'dvd:/'.04:49
pepsidoes anybody here use vmware? how can i avoid having to run the configure script after every boot?04:49
Se7hThe movie could not be read.04:49
Se7hstill can't play it04:49
WW_jazzka: See the bottom of this web page: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats04:49
|trey|pepsi: have it loaded during boot?04:49
calc|trey|: eh i thought christian threw a fit and stopped maintaining any of gnome04:50
|trey|pepsi: add the script to /etc/init.d and run update-rc.d04:50
|trey|pepsi: don't message me, you don't know me, it is impolite04:50
jdub|trey|: marillat? he doesn't maintain any gnome stuff anymore04:50
jdub|trey|: he, um, probably wouldn't fit in too weel04:50
|trey|jdub: ahh... ok, nm  :)04:51
jazzkai've go to go now04:51
Se7humount: /mnt/win1: device is busy04:51
Se7humount: /mnt/win1: device is busy04:51
Se7hcan't figure it out04:51
crimsunlsof|grep /mnt/win104:51
Se7hhwat is it busy with04:51
Se7hdidn't return a thing04:52
|trey|Se7h: stupid question, check pwd and make sure you are not in that dir when you are typing...04:53
crimsunare you _in_ /mnt/win1 ?04:53
|trey|crimsun: snap  ;)04:53
Se7hthats the thing04:53
Se7him not in it04:53
|trey|Se7h: have a safety pin handy?04:53
Se7hor using any of the files...i guess04:54
|trey|Se7h: no, you are using files... or you umounted as the wrong user  :/04:54
Se7hlets see..04:55
|trey|Se7h: you didn't know you can manually open a CD player with a safety pin? there is a little whole on the front   :)04:55
|trey|pepsi: STOP BEING ANNOYING!04:55
pepsifuck off04:55
|trey|--- Received a CTCP VERSION from pepsi04:55
Se7hround 1, fight04:55
Se7h|trey| ah that...04:55
Se7hbut its a hdd04:55
Se7hnot a cd04:55
tckfight fight!04:56
calc"/ctcp foo annoy" works better04:57
housetier/ignore *!*@* ctcp works best04:57
tckjust set ur irc_hide_version set to: 104:58
|trey|housetier: happen to know that is Xchat-enese?04:59
|trey|tck: ugh, thats irssi... not using it here currently...04:59
crimsunthere's a menu option to hide versions in x-chat04:59
tckxchat actually :)04:59
=== Tux234 [~tux@] has left #ubuntu []
Se7hxchat powa ;P04:59
pepsiits under the server menu :P04:59
Se7him stuck04:59
Se7hthe device is busy05:00
Se7hand dunno why05:00
housetier|trey|, it is xchat-enese, see /help ignore for more details05:00
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-112-100.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|housetier: here... copy and paste = _everyone_ ignored  :(05:00
housetierfor whitelisting: /ignore <whoever> ctcp unig05:01
housetieror use the appropriate window05:01
tckor simple get trin0005:01
=== |trey| coughs
Se7hcant i force it to umount the device?05:02
housetierumount -f05:03
housetiermight not work always though05:03
defendguinhmmm not getting any sound when i try to play a cd on my laptop05:03
Se7hoh good05:04
Se7humount2: Device or resource busy05:04
Se7humount: /dev/hda1: not mounted05:04
Se7humount: /mnt/win1: Illegal seek05:04
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-68-92-227-78.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
tckSe7h, Error occured : movie could not be read05:04
|trey|Se7h: two choices, leave it mounted, or restart  :(05:04
tcki heard music from the pre-intro intro05:04
crimsunpre-intro intro?05:05
housetierseems to be unmounted now...05:05
Se7hhousetier but it is05:05
|trey|crimsun: when gdm starts, same sound as gnome starting.05:05
Se7hi can access the files05:05
tckcrimsun, theres a little 6-7 sec trailer that introduces the producer (with a little bit of music)05:05
tckbefore the copyright > menu etc..05:05
Se7hgues i'll restart this05:05
crimsun|trey|: ah.05:06
tcknow it plays the first 7 secs intro, then stops with the same error05:06
tckhow annoying05:06
|trey|tck: at least its narrowed down pretty well... sys sound works, gnome sound (for that user) does not.05:07
|trey|just have to ask yourself why  :)05:07
tckim gonna try 'wargames' 05:07
|trey|tck: trying wargames = make everyone who cares go look to find out how wargames accesses sound  :/05:08
=== t35t0r [~t35t0r@cookeville-24-158-166-127.midtn.chartertn.net] has joined #ubuntu
tckdamn, it can't read this DVD either05:09
=== t35t0r [~t35t0r@cookeville-24-158-166-127.midtn.chartertn.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
|trey|tck: *coughmplayerisgodcough*05:09
|trey|Not really though, except in your case, it should be  :/05:10
=== tck heads off to synaptic
|trey|tck: already added marillats sources?05:10
tckno, 05:11
|trey|tck: then you need to make a detour to apt-get.org05:11
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-82-50.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
tcknothing showing for marillats05:13
Se7hdid msn just blew ?05:13
|trey|tck: search for "mplayer-nogui" and add the one that states "marillat" and "nerim" to your sources.list05:13
tckah cool05:13
=== damaxx [~damaxx@S0106000c4134d382.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
SamBozowhere and what codex do I need to add to totem-xine ?05:14
hornbeckw32codecs libdvdcss205:14
|trey|SamBozo: do what I just told tck, cept you're looking for w32codecs05:15
|trey|tck: don't message me05:15
tckit was a robot05:15
SamBozolet em read up05:15
|trey|tck: didn't even look at it, you want the one that states "sid" as its distrib05:15
tseng /topic next person to ask about dvd, mplayer, etc will burn05:16
crimsunhay where can i get mono packages?05:16
=== MrUnsocial [~none@ip68-106-230-2.ph.ph.cox.net] has left #ubuntu []
|trey|tseng: it really really really really really should be in a faq someplace by now?05:16
|trey|and I think my point should count for more due to actually typing those "really" 's instead of cheating  ;)05:17
tckso should a gnome tool for mounting crypto filesystems :(05:17
tsengits in the wiki05:17
=== MepisBelle [~Old@adsl-68-122-6-135.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== linux_mafia [~max@202-0-44-243.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|tck: the filesystem type has nothing to do with gnome... gnome just looks at the filesystem in its current state, and any remote filesystems it has access to, and displays them to the user in a logical mannor...05:19
tsenganyone can edit the pages.05:19
hornbeckwhat needs to be added?05:19
hornbeckI will put it up real quick05:19
defendguincan anyone guess why i dont hear any sound when i try to play a CD?05:19
tck|trey| : just automation is a handy feature, such as say drakloop for mdk05:19
tsenghornbeck: well, people are still constantly asking about multimedia support05:19
|trey|hornbeck: faq guy?  :)05:20
tsenghornbeck: i couldve sworn there was something pretty comprehensive already05:20
hornbecktseng: there is05:20
hornbeckwe have been adding stuff constantly for multimedia05:20
=== tseng nods.
hornbeckpeople just need to look better :)05:21
tsengthere isnt a link from the faq in the topic to the one in the wiki05:21
|trey|tck: umm, ubuntu is working on automation via python (why do you think there are about 30-40 python packages?)05:21
tsenghornbeck: perhaps there should be a single faq?05:21
|trey|tck: Ubuntu just needs to develop some front ends, it will take time...05:21
=== svenl_ [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-6-166.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
tsenghornbeck: or at least a link.05:21
WW_I added "How do a play a DVD?" quite a while ago, and it appears to have both migrated and morphed into the bottom of: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats05:22
hornbecktseng: I don't have anything to do with the faq on the website05:22
WW_I think it has become a little more confusing in the process.05:22
GOwinirunning webmin on ubuntu. what's the admin's username?05:22
|trey|GOwin: root, root is deactivated, webmin is not supported... noticing a pattern?05:23
hornbecktseng: on the wiki there is a link to the site faq05:23
=== |trey| hates Webmin, worst interface for Network administration ever... GUI's are supposed to make things easier, not complicate matters...
tsengmdz: do you have a thought on a link from http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/ to the nice faq on the wiki? or possibly merging them in the future.05:24
mdztseng: read the top of the wiki page; the wiki content is periodically flushed to the website05:24
hornbeckmdz: there is still info on the wiki that has been there for awhile and never been moved05:24
hornbeckis a link not possable?05:25
tckwho maintains the ubuntu FAQ05:25
mdzI am not sure whether a link is possible; the www.ubuntulinux.org FAQ is generated from the various FAQ entries, it's not a static page05:26
=== SamBozo [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== |trey| hmm's just so he can fit in better "hmmmm"
defendguingod damn i cant seem to get the cd volume up05:27
Se7hmke2fs -j on the fly;P05:27
mdzhornbeck: the one which was not moved for a long time was because the instructions were (And still are) changing05:27
mdzthe question itself should probably move into the www FAQ and link back to the wiki for the details05:27
defendguinas soon as i close the volume control the CD volume says mute again which leads me to believe that the volume is never changed in the first place05:28
|trey|defendguin: turn it up via both tabs in Applications > Multimedia > Volume Control05:28
|trey|defendguin: + make sure neither are muted05:28
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-211.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== |trey| thinks GNOME somehow needs to be smarter about whats playing... if only one type of media is being played, only it should be controlled via "master" volume (thus volume applet would always work as expected)
hornbeckmdz: the mono faq is still on the wiki05:30
hornbeckthe site just says coming next release05:30
|trey|Havoc has been bitching a lot about that a lot lately  :/05:30
mdzhornbeck: that one is temporary until the packages move into the archive proper05:30
mdzwhich they were supposed to have done some time ago, if I'm not mistaken05:31
tsengyeah im kinda confused whats going on05:31
mdztseng: are you just waiting for someone to upload the packages?05:31
cleemdz: you guys still on for a release on the 13th?05:31
mdzclee: yes05:31
cleemdz: sweet.05:31
tsengmdz: i think so, im very unclear on the process05:31
=== clee can't wait for his CDs to be delivered.
hazmatmdz, what sort of desktop apps are being worked on? ..05:31
mdztseng: there's a lot going on, but I seem to recall discussing this with jdub and there being agreement that the packages should go in05:32
mdzjdub: confirm?05:32
calcclee: infiltrating redhat with ubuntu cd's?05:32
hazmati saw some reference to a new package management app05:32
cleecalc: :)05:32
jdubmdz: yes, absolutely05:32
tsengmdz: he mentioned it again a few days ago05:32
mdztseng: ok, let's take care of that RFN05:32
hazmatjust curious what other sorts of things are in the works, cause i'd like to do some coding as well, and would rather avoid duplicate efforts.05:32
tsengsince we last talked about it i fixed a bug in my monodevelop package05:32
tsengthere is one more i could fix right quick05:32
jdubhazmat: we're not really directly working on desktop apps05:32
tsengthe rest should be ok.. all from sid05:32
=== Clint [~asdfasf@user-12hdtek.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubhazmat: best to leap in with gnome :)05:33
tckIn config editor, under /apps/nautilus/desktop : theres an option for "Documents icon visible on desktop"05:33
hazmatokay, i was thinking a service management applet for managing symlinks for runlevels.05:33
hornbeckjdub: do you want the user manual in yelp to be made Ubuntu specific?05:33
tckit doesn't seem to appear when clicked!05:33
hazmater. not applet .. app05:33
mdzjdub,tseng: so, everything at http://www.getsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs ?05:33
mdzjdub,tseng: is any of that not in universe yet (previous version)?05:33
=== Phr0stByte [~phr0stbyt@ip24-250-124-175.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
tsengmdz: mono, maybe gtk-sharp are in but old05:34
mdztseng: I don't see a mono source package in that dir05:34
tsengi got it from sid05:34
jdubtseng: what about tomboy/monodevelop?05:34
mdzok, I need a complete list of (source package, version) and where to find them05:34
tsengi only uploaded source that i changed05:34
mdzand I will get them uploaded tonight05:34
tsengwhich was tomboy ( me/jdub packaged it ) and i edited monodevelop05:35
jdubtseng: perhaps we should get tomboy into sid05:35
jdubtseng: bug azeem about it :-)05:35
tsengjdub: ok, i think my (our) pkg is solid now05:35
tsengits been on the waiting list for awhile @ debian05:35
tsengrequested by robot10105:36
=== jdub goes for lunch
tsengazeem: up for adding tomboy pkg to debian proper?05:36
hazmatdo the mono packages include binfmt tweaks for direct execution of .exe ? 05:36
tsenghazmat: yes.05:36
tsengits the same as in sid05:36
=== theDragon [~1@HSE-Ottawa-ppp242018.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== theDragon [~1@HSE-Ottawa-ppp242018.sympatico.ca] has left #ubuntu []
jdubtseng: if azeem isn't up for it, seb128 might be, or someone else in #gnome-debian05:37
mdztseng: so far I have monodevelop_0.5.1-3 and tomboy_0.1.2-2 from your repository05:38
tsengmdz: ok05:38
mdztseng: please confirm which packages are needed from sid, and which versions you tested with05:38
tseng mono, mono-assemblies-arch, monodoc, gecko-sharp, gtksourceview-sharp, libgdiplus, gtk-sharp05:39
tsengmono* 1.0.105:40
tsenggecko-sharp, gtksourceview-sharp 0.505:40
tsengmuine 0.6.305:40
tsengthere is a bug upstream in monodevelop that i have a fix for, I have not added yet05:40
tcki've been having a problem with my usb-key, it hasn't been working, i have updated to, having been told about a usb error issue - but to no avail05:41
tckany ideas?05:41
mdzgecko-sharp 0.5 is already in universe05:42
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-81-107.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== O5612z41 [~2DCube@] has joined #ubuntu
Phr0stBytetck: I am using the same kernel and have no probs here05:43
tckreally, hmm and it just automatically detected ur key?05:44
mdzlikewise for muine 0.6.305:44
tckwhere did it mount /media ?05:44
Phr0stBytetck: Yes - I have a Lexar JumpDrive05:44
tckhaving checked dmesg, usb 2-1: new full speed USB device using address 6 : is the only thing i get05:45
Phr0stBytetck: on /sda105:45
tckcan i ask, when u un-mount it05:45
tckis sda1 still under /dev05:46
tckor does it disappear ?05:46
=== MepisBelle [~Old@adsl-68-122-6-135.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinwhere is the boot log kept?05:47
tckdefendguin : /var/log/boot ?05:47
=== DamageControl [~1@HSE-Ottawa-ppp242018.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== O5612z41 [~2DCube@] has joined #ubuntu
Phr0stBytetck: it does dissapear05:48
defendguintck nope05:48
tckok, good i thought there was a permanent scsi link05:48
ultrafunktck: have you tried booting your machine without ACPI turned on?05:48
=== DaNewB [~DaNewB@modemcable075.26-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
tckultrafunk, no i dont think so05:49
=== O5612z41 [~2DCube@] has left #ubuntu []
Phr0stBytetck: I did recompile this kernel though, trying to get my Wacom drawing tablet working05:49
tckisnt that a battery feature?05:49
Phr0stBytetck: (Wich never has worked)05:49
=== GOwin [~Miranda@] has left #ubuntu []
ultrafunktck: you might want to try booting with "acpi=off" as a kernel argument05:50
Phr0stByteultrafunk: why?05:51
Phr0stByteultrafunk: why would that affect USB?05:51
tckhow does battery affect the usb ?05:51
=== DaNewB [~DaNewB@modemcable075.26-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
ultrafunktck: ACPI does a lot more than just control a battery, btw -- but it does have trouble on some older, or more broken machines05:51
tckhow does one enforce that option on a kernel boot05:51
pepsiacpi seems to break everything for me05:51
ultrafunkPhr0stByte: i've seen at least two machines where running ACPI broke usb-storage, but APM was fine05:52
DamageControlI got a question. Its a dumb one since I bet a lot of people ask it05:52
Phr0stByteultrafunk: strange05:52
ultrafunkPhr0stByte: my thoughts exactly.05:52
Phr0stByteultrafunk: though, I have seen it freeze systems also05:53
DamageControlI cannot set my res higher than 800x60005:53
Se7hmaaannn i got scared now05:53
Se7hthought i had lost all my documents05:54
Se7hmy heart stopped05:54
tckDamageControl, try : dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8605:54
pepsiSe7h, that means you need to backup more often ;)05:54
ultrafunktck: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrequentlyAskedQuestions?action=highlight&value=acpi (see question 5)05:54
tckultrafunk, thx05:54
Se7hpepsi thats exactly what i've done...but i formated the other partitions and suddenly my backyp one didn't mount05:55
tckright, wish me luck05:55
tckmake or brake time :))05:56
ultrafunkPhr0stByte: the new ACPI code seems a lot more troublesome on boxes that support *both* APM and ACPI05:56
DamageControlsays that the dpkg-reconfigure command does not exist05:56
diemananyone have a recent (post-warty-preview) ubuntu install want to tell me what filesystems are listed under the cdrom line in fstab?05:56
Phr0stByteultrafunk: Yeah - With Mandrake, I had to turn it off05:56
Se7h/dev/hdd        /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 ro,user,noauto  0       005:58
Se7h/dev/hdb        /media/cdrom1   udf,iso9660 ro,user,noauto  0       005:58
diemanSe7h: ok, so its just me05:58
diemanthanks :005:58
Phr0stBytedieman: /dev/hdc        /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 ro,user,noauto  0       005:58
Phr0stByte/dev/hdd        /media/cdrom1   udf,iso9660 ro,user,noauto  0       005:58
diemanthe 'old' ones didn't have udf in there05:58
diemandidn't want to file a bug if it no longer exists05:58
diemanmy dvd-ram drive was not-happy05:58
Se7hlolol ;P05:58
dieman/dev/hdc on /media/cdrom0 type udf05:58
diemanim busy doing monthly home backups05:59
=== DamageControl [~1@HSE-Ottawa-ppp242018.sympatico.ca] has left #ubuntu []
diemanit mounts the sucker ro06:00
diemantheres a bug :006:00
Se7hisn't it suppose to ?06:01
Se7hcdrom = ro06:01
diemandvd-ram is rw06:01
diemanits a block device :)06:02
Se7hbut thats no eason06:02
diemanits really nice.06:02
Se7hi think06:02
Se7hdvd-ram ?06:02
diemanI don't think theres any harm in requesting rw there.06:02
diemanit will use ro if the media doesn't support it06:02
Phr0stBytedieman: is ro in fstab for the device?06:02
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-25.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
diemanyeah, im going to change it to rw06:02
Se7hthere u go06:03
Phr0stByteThat should work06:03
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-81-107.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== omlet [mariusz@arbuz.info] has joined #ubuntu
=== alakdan [~alakdan@] has joined #ubuntu
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=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
WW_About getting Java... The RestrictedFormats page on the wiki suggests getting blackdown debs from http://ftp.tux.org/pub/java/debian (but doesn't actually say what debs to get).  The ubuntu FAQ gives this link: http://wiki.osuosl.org/display/DEV/Java+on+Debian, but it also suggests http://z42.de/debian/.  This sight appears to be old, however.06:10
WW_...so what is really the recommended way?06:11
=== deebee [~deebee@] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleeodd...my CD didn't automount nor did the icon come up on my desktop..have I somehow disabled this feature ? ;-) ( or is this a bug in a updated package/file)06:12
=== kaplanfx [~kaplanfx@c-67-170-193-18.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tckneighborlee, go to Applications > System Tools > Config Editor | then to Apps > Nautilus > Desktop06:14
tcku can choose what icons to show etc..06:14
neighborleewas this changed in a subsequent update ?06:14
neighborleeI know for sure my CD's automounted  right after install06:14
tckby default its off06:14
neighborleeafter I installed ubuntu I had working automounting CD's06:15
tckim just talking about the icons, it should auto-mount06:15
neighborleeits not06:15
neighborleeoh wait I know whats wrong LOL06:15
neighborleeI forgot I added another CDROM drive thus I must update fstab ..ugh06:15
tsengmdz: need anything else before I sleep?06:16
=== neighborlee slaps himself
neighborleetseng, sorry for that :(06:17
=== mazza [1000@] has joined #ubuntu
mazzageez. huge room.06:22
mazzaok. I hope to find people here to help me :o/06:23
=== q2_ [~q2@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
mazzai'm considering moving to ubuntu. where can i find information about installed packages?06:24
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d6-175.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== wongy [~simon@] has joined #ubuntu
=== pepsi [~pepsi@dsl081-225-034.chi1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== thom_ [~thom@pcp04145094pcs.plmthm01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mazzamore specifically. i'd like to know if ubuntu comes with X.org or XFree?06:27
phlaegelxorg next release06:27
tckthe next release will have X.org apparently06:27
mazzai'm willing to change from slackware to debian.06:27
=== dewey [~dewey@c-67-168-51-181.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
deebeeSame here.06:28
mazzabut debian seems to be too burocratic.06:28
tckhas anyone used X.org - whats it like06:28
deebeeI'm planning to move to Ubuntu06:28
=== q2_ is now known as q2
mazzaubuntu sounds more dynamik to me.06:28
=== hiweed [~hiweed@] has joined #ubuntu
crimsuntck: outwardly precisely the same as XFree86 w/ a few noticeable exceptions in new features.06:28
phlaegelxorg isn't really very different yet. some nice changes in 6.8, but nothing really uses any new features yet.06:28
=== neptho [~shawn@24-180-40-71.rno-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
mazzadeebee : same reason?06:28
=== alakdan [~alakdan@] has joined #ubuntu
tcktransparency is a big thing for it ?06:29
deebeemazza, No. I'm just more loyal to GNOME than Slackware06:29
nepthoI have a rather odd query regarding the generic esd/gnome configuration.  Way back in neverland when I was using arts under KDE, It would allow passthrough so one program wouldn't have an exclusive lock on the audio device.  Is this possible with esd?06:29
neighborleeis anyone else having trouble installing ut2k4 ?...I can't get first CD to unmount LOL06:29
mazzaphlaegel : it's more about new licensing then new techs.06:29
phlaegeltck: transparency is part of the compositing extension, which makes all kinds of nice graphical touches possible.06:29
phlaegelmazza: yep06:29
phlaegeldebian xfree is heavily patched though.06:30
Se7hi got a ghost partition here06:30
mazzadeebee : i was looking for a better package control, slackware is too weak.06:31
crimsundpkg-based distros are great06:31
Se7h/dev/hda6              20G   18G  2.1G  90% /mnt/backup06:31
Se7h <-df -h06:31
crimsun(imo of course)06:31
phlaegelmazza: doesn't get a whole lot better than apt06:31
Se7h/dev/hda5        14330043    55295792    20482875   83  Linux06:31
Se7hseth@devil ~ $06:31
mazzadeebee : Conectiva Linux has ported apt to RPM, it's a good option.06:31
mazzadeebee : and also yast from suse is a very good tool.06:31
Se7hwtf ?06:31
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
crimsun(i prefer yum on rpm-based ones)06:31
thom_apt is the best06:31
q2it is06:32
deebeemazza, I've never tried others packages other than RPM and Slack's06:32
phlaegelyum drives me nuts.06:32
mazzaphlaegel : do you mean comparing .tgz with .deb?06:32
thom_r there any lists of all the ubuntu apt package lists ne where?06:32
=== Skif [~emschwar@] has joined #ubuntu
mazzadeebee : even using RPM in slack, IMO it's a weak package management.06:33
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-81-107.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
phlaegelmazza: just in terms of managing packages, apt works very very well. I haven't used slack for any amount of time.06:33
Skifwhat component should I file a RFP under?06:33
Skifin ubuntu bugzilla, that is06:34
jdubthom_: in the wiki06:34
deebeeI haven't had any complains regarding Slack's packaging. It really is just the GNOME issue.06:34
mazzaphlaegel : i'm tired of look for dependencies by my self.06:34
mazzaphlaegel : i want a tool to do this for me.06:34
mazzaphlaegel : and IMO apt is the best tool to do this.06:34
phlaegelso install ubuntu already ;-)06:34
mazzadeebee : .tgz works very well. I just want more.06:35
=== wongy [~simon@] has joined #ubuntu
tckthom_ : http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ ?06:35
mazzaphlaegel : i'm still studying. 06:35
mazzaI'll also take a look at Gentoo.06:35
mazzaA friend of mine told me is a good distro.06:35
phlaegelgentoo is fun for a while. I ran it for about a year and a half.06:36
Se7hwhu the hell a partition shows up on "df -h" and its not on fdisk table ?06:36
Se7hwhi the hell a partition shows up on "df -h" and its not on fdisk table ?06:36
=== bborkk [~bborkk@SENIOR-FOUR-TEN.MIT.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
mdztseng: still here?06:36
kaplanfxSe7h: is it tmpfs?06:36
tsengmdz: yes06:36
kaplanfxwhut is it?06:36
bborkkpunkass: Yo.06:36
mazzadoes gentoo has a package managm. that verifies dependencies?06:36
SkifUm, anybody?  Looking for an ubuntu component to file an rfp against, or should I do that another way?06:37
joemmazza, ask in #gentoo maybe :)06:37
deebeemazza, Yeah. It does.06:37
kaplanfxlook in your fstab06:37
bborkkpunkass: Looked through your pyfi code and tried it out.06:37
nepthoYeah, but gentoo is not the easiest distribution to configure.06:37
neighborleehas no one installed ut2k4 ?06:37
kaplanfxthat is odd though06:37
thom_getoo has something very good for packages its like bsd ports sytem06:37
kaplanfxif it exists fdisk should know about it06:37
mazzajoem : duh. 06:37
punkassand how'd it go?06:37
Se7hkaplanfx indeed....06:37
kaplanfxSe7h: how big is it?  is it writeable?06:37
Se7hfstab does its work06:37
mazzajoem : of course, should have though about it before :o)06:37
bborkkpunkass: It kind of worked on my machine, but kind of didn't also.06:37
thom_called emerge i think06:37
Se7hdf -h shows it06:37
punkassbborkk: in what way?06:37
kaplanfxSe7h: cat /etc/fstab06:38
bborkkpunkass: I'm not much of a *nix programmer, so reading though your code was a great learning experience, BTW.06:38
Se7h/dev/hda6              20G   18G  2.1G  90% /mnt/backup06:38
nepthoemerge is easy to contend with, but the frist tiem a new user puts ARCH="~86" and blows away everything that works... and ties to revert by removing it... ello reinstall.  :)06:38
kaplanfxSe7h: thats the partition?06:38
bborkkpunkass: The application just hung a lot of the time.06:38
Se7h/dev/hda5        14330043    55295792    20482875   83  Linux06:38
Se7hseth@devil ~ $ sudo mount /dev/hda606:38
punkassgood stuff.06:38
Se7hkaplanfx yes06:38
punkassyeah..its cuz i have to learn how to seperate the I/O from the GUI06:38
bborkkpunkass: I had to remove my wireless module (ipw2200) and reload it to get things going again.06:39
=== mazza [1000@] has left #ubuntu []
punkassdid u edit the ndiswrapper part?06:39
kaplanfxhmm, I wonder do logical drives typically get display when printing the partition table in fdisk?06:39
kaplanfxI assume its a yes06:39
Se7hkaplanfx hda6 isn't shown on fdisk -l06:39
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
punkassbborkk: i forgot i left that in there...hard coded06:39
bborkkpunkass: The output to the terminal in which I started the app (using gksudo) had funny output also... only the first half of the line would print.06:39
Se7hkaplanfx sure they do06:39
kaplanfxyeah hrm06:40
Se7hhda5 its logical 06:40
kaplanfxI only have primary partitions06:40
bborkkpunkass: Ahhh.... I was wondering why that was there... I didn't think it was needed for every card.06:40
=== ushooz [~ushooz@adsl-68-94-205-155.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
kaplanfxyep, only 1-4 should be primary06:40
Se7hcant figure it out06:40
Se7hthis is very odd06:40
kaplanfxSe7h: oh I know what it is06:40
=== JStrike [~JStrike@cpt-dial-196-30-179-230.mweb.co.za] has left #ubuntu []
punkassbborkk: you could add your ipw2000 module there so it loads it if its not already06:40
ushoozanybody know where to place system boot commands. ie rc.local in other distros06:40
Se7hwhat ?06:40
kaplanfxis that like a dell or something06:40
Se7huh ?06:41
kaplanfxer from some big manufacturer06:41
bborkkpunkass: As promised, I made plenty of comments regarding the code.06:41
punkassglad to hear it06:41
Se7hkaplanfx no no, the table just displayed minutes ago06:41
kaplanfxsome of them ghost the initial install to a partition06:41
deebeeUbuntu runs on Macs06:41
Se7hthats the oddest thing06:41
punkassdo u just launch it from a laucher? using gksudo?06:41
bborkkpunkass: Might have even found a bug.  Either that, or I didn't understand well enough what you were trying to do.06:42
kaplanfxthen they hide it from the partition table06:42
kaplanfxSe7h: can you mount it?06:42
Se7h/dev/hda6              20G   18G  2.1G  90% /mnt/backup06:42
kaplanfxSe7h: mount it and do an ls /mnt/backup06:42
Se7hi've showned u before06:42
punkassbborkk: more than likely u did :)06:42
kaplanfxsee if it has some windows cabs files and stuff06:42
bborkkpunkass: I started it using the gksudo command found in the comments from the command line.06:42
Se7hwindows cabs?06:42
Se7hwell...its a windows partitiion in fact06:43
=== WW_ [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
kaplanfxSe7h: did you buy the system from a manufacturer?06:43
punkassbborkk: yeah but u can use that in a laucher not just in the command line06:43
kaplanfxfat32 or ntfs?06:43
bborkkpunkass: Like I said, I'm not much of a *nix programmer, let alone a GNOME programmer... what's a launcher? :)06:43
=== neptho [~shawn@24-180-40-71.rno-cres.charterpipeline.net] has left #ubuntu []
kaplanfxthere is a /mnt/backup/windows dir yes?06:43
defendguinwhere are the ubuntu boot logs kept?06:43
bborkkpunkass: Little thingy in the panel?06:43
Se7hbut thats nothing to do with it06:43
punkassbborkk: gnomes name for a shortcut06:43
bborkkpunkass: Otherwise known as LTP06:43
Se7hthe table just showed minutes ago06:44
kaplanfxdefendguin: seeing as its based on debian I doubt it logs boot by default06:44
kaplanfxbut try /var/log/boot06:44
Se7hforget it06:44
punkassyeah right click > add to panel > Custom Launcher06:44
Se7hnot important though06:44
kaplanfxSe7h: yeah I think its one of those ghosted drives, its a pristine install06:44
punkassbborkk: lol LTP06:44
defendguinkaplanfx, i turned on the boot logger06:44
kaplanfxSe7h: well you may want to try and recover it06:44
Se7hkaplanfx no need06:45
bborkkpunkass: Gotcha.06:45
kaplanfxdefendguin: less /var/log/boot06:45
kaplanfxdefendguin: you may need to be root06:45
Se7hi just wanted to format it06:45
defendguinthat doesnt exis06:45
punkassbborkk: or u can add one to the desktop instead if u like06:45
kaplanfxdefendguin: hrm06:45
thom_i wish ubuntu had more packages in its apt-get like deb06:45
Se7hbut without showing at the table on fdisk its kinda dificult06:45
kaplanfxwell I duuno, I don't use ubuntu, but debian unstable puts it there06:45
punkassbborkk: what was the bug u found?06:45
kaplanfxSe7h: you may have to use dos fdisk06:45
=== Micksa [~mslade@203-217-18-166.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
bborkkpunkass: So, the one maybe-bug I found... (hang on a sec, let me find it)...06:46
kaplanfxSe7h: windows and its ilk like doing non-standard things to confound us06:46
=== Amroc [Amroc@c-67-162-148-18.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
deebeeAnyone know if Ubuntu will run on a PowerMac G3?06:46
Se7hbut i've never seen this happend06:46
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
jdubdeebee: if it's newworld, most likely06:47
deebeeOops PowerBook G3.06:47
Amroclamont, meep!06:47
Amroci have the distro d/l'd and i burned it to a cd to transfer...now where do i go to actually install it?06:47
bborkkpunkass: Okay, in scan_for_wifi... (do you have the code in front of you?)06:48
Amrocthe winzip file under install?06:48
punkassone sec06:48
jdubAmroc: reboot, surely?06:48
Amroci am not using live06:49
Amroci want to do a full install06:49
jdubAmroc: you boot with the cd in the drive06:49
punkassbborkk: ok fire away06:49
tcka reboot will do it06:49
thom_umm noob question here, does ubuntu come with a c compiler? b/c i cant seem 2 find 106:50
Amrocto do a full install of the thing not live cd?06:50
Amroci shall try rebooting, with it in... 06:50
thom_cant find06:50
bborkkpunkass: In the section where you deal with the stdout of iwlist, there's an if-else statement in which the variable 'couple' is assigned a value of either True or False.06:51
punkassi believe Amroc is up for an adventure ;)06:51
ushoozthom_ it does not in the default install06:51
ushoozthom_, you have to use apt-get or synaptic to add all the needed item06:52
tckthom_ apt-get install gcc will prompt for the cd06:52
thom_nice thnx doing it now06:52
bborkkpunkass: If couple is True, then essid is undefined.06:52
bborkkpunkass: The next 'if couple' statement uses the 'essid' variable.06:53
punkassbborkk: ah yes...i see it06:53
bborkkpunkass: Bug or cleverness?06:54
bborkkpunkass: Also, what happens if there are no networks to be found?06:55
=== tck likes the gnome music player
punkasswell i am sure its an over sight on my part... and if no networks found the dropdown is empty06:55
=== deebee is now known as d-b
=== Amroc [Amroc@c-67-162-148-18.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Amrocit cant find my net work card06:57
bborkkpunkass: I have a load of other lesser comments about code style and whatnot, but none of them is has to do with the functionality of the code itself.06:57
bborkkpunkass: Let me try to run it again with the ndis change.06:57
Amroci have a wireless card in my lap top, its a net gear card06:57
thom_'nother n00b question... how bout a c++ compiler? whats the apt package name for a good 1?06:57
punkassbborkk: well i are welcome to mail me them if u like06:58
Amroci may just bug lamont on wed...06:58
=== notoy is now known as elmaya
thom_nm found g++06:59
=== x4m [~max@50-65.244.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
tckAmroc, theres an option to bring up the eth0 or whatever u have it installed as it books 06:59
Amrocwhy cant it find my card? i thought that was a live cd only bug?06:59
Amroci think i will just have lamont do another house call :)07:00
tckgo to computer > system config > networking07:00
tcksee if u can do it that way07:00
Amroci gtg for today guys, thanks for the help agian07:00
Amrocthe place im having trouble is in the installation part07:00
Amrocwhen it tries to find the net work stuff it says i dont have any07:01
thom_man i am having trouble installing 'firestarter' from source ne 1 here been able 2 do it?07:03
thom_its a firewall program07:04
thom_it works in deb07:04
ushoozhave not used that one in awhile07:04
sufehmiI have problem with sound (Ubuntu isn't able to find my soundcard) but I don't know where to start the troubleshooting process. have looked on various Ubuntu docs, no joy. Can anyone give me some hints ?07:04
thom_something about libgnome-2.0 missing....07:05
=== WX [~chris@h-68-166-219-29.snvacaid.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
WXhi... what's the estimated release date?07:05
ushoozthom_, if you add universe to your apt-get source list it is available as a binary from there07:06
hornbeckWX: the 13th I think is still the release07:06
thom_thnx how do i do that i am a n00b07:06
WXok thanks hornbeck07:07
elmayaany1 running alias wavefront on ubuntu?07:07
WXis there a guide to using ubuntu as a server?07:07
ushoozthom_, for simplicity sake for me and you... :) the docs for adding universe is on the ubuntu website :)07:07
WXor is it not yet recommended?07:07
thom_thnx man07:07
ushoozsufehmi, that can be tricky 07:07
ushoozsufehmi, are you certain you soundcard is supported by the default alsa drivers in kernel 2.6? That is the first step07:08
jdubWX: there's no 'guide', but it's much the same as running debian07:08
elmayafor a server install debian sarge07:08
WXthanks jdub07:08
WXi currently run gentoo on my servers07:09
jdubelmaya: um, not that i've heard07:09
jdubelmaya: (note that sarge doesn't have security updates)07:09
WXand it likes to screw with nicely running software more often than not07:09
elmayawell then woody07:09
sufehmiushooz: thanks for the hint, I've got an AIDA boot CD, I guess I'll restart with it to find out the soundcard in this machine07:09
ushoozsufehmi, that will be a good start to narrowing it down07:09
ushoozget as much info you can about the soundcard as possible07:10
sufehmiushooz: thx again, I'll restart to find out now 07:10
linux_mafiaWX, if you type "custom" (no quotes) on install, you can install a minimal set of packages, no X etc, then go from there, same as a base debian install, if you are familiar with that07:10
WXok thanks linux_mafia07:10
ushoozugh, already past midnight... :( gotta work tomorrow... sleep time. 07:11
linux_mafiaWX, no probs07:11
jdublinux_mafia: same as base BUT WITH LESS(1)07:11
linux_mafiajdub, LESS(1)?07:11
=== bborkk [~bborkk@SENIOR-FOUR-TEN.MIT.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinalsactl: set_control:966: Cannot write control '2:0:0:CD Playback Switch:0' : Invalid argument07:12
bborkkpunkass: Huh, I guess I need to remember to bring up my network connection after messing with it.  :)07:12
defendguini get this when i boot up any i dont have any volume when i try to play a cd07:12
defendguinany ideas07:12
thom_ushooz u rock!07:12
thom_u helped me soo much07:13
punkassbborkk: so its working?07:13
bborkkpunkass: Anyway, I was trying to say that it now connects okay, but it's hard to say it disconnects or just hangs.07:13
=== Skif [~emschwar@] has joined #ubuntu
punkassbborkk: yeah there not a lot of user feedback07:13
bborkkpunkass: It might just be that the status bar isn't updated to say it's been disconnected.07:13
jdublinux_mafia: the less command :)07:14
punkassbborkk: yeah..there is nothing there for that yet07:14
bborkkpunkass: Nonetheless, I think it's a great start.07:14
bborkkpunkass: Sure beats the current Ubuntu network admin tool.07:14
punkassbborkk: thanks.. like i say i hope to convert it to an applet07:14
punkassbut for now it gets the job done ;)07:15
elmayai got this when running gstreamer, Gconf/system/gstreamer/default/audiosink key. Check is its set correctly07:16
elmayahow can i fix it?07:16
bborkkpunkass: Let me know if you want a partner.  I'd mostly be useful on the user interface side of things, but I'd like to learn about Linux network programming as well.  Either way, I'll send you the comments I have.  Let me know where to put them.07:16
punkassbborkk: well you are more than welcome to hack away at the code i have there...and for the user interface just install glade and you can manipulate that to07:19
q2can anyone help me with this DCOP-Server problem?07:23
bborkkpunkass: How's Glade to work with?07:25
punkasspretty easy07:25
punkasstho i only know the basics07:25
=== pepsi [~pepsi@dsl081-225-034.chi1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkassi have to figure out how to use the new combo boxes tho..the ones i am useing now are depricated07:25
crimsunelmaya: use gconf-editor07:26
bborkkWhat's the GUI toolkit of choice for Ubuntu?07:26
crimsunelmaya: you need to set the output sink to alsasink07:26
punkassi would assume gtk07:26
q2"There was an error setting up inter-process communications for KDE.  The message returned was: Could not read network connections list.  /home/q2/.DCOPserver_ubuntu__0     Please check that the 'dcopserver' program is running!"07:26
q2thats what it says when i open konqueror07:26
punkassglade just creates an xml GUI file that pygtk/python can use07:26
pepsiyay, i got vmware to work on reboot without reconfiguring it07:26
punkassand is easily updatable becuase it is seperate from the code07:27
bborkkIs glade a WYSIWYG?07:27
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-132.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
bborkkDie Visual Basic, die.07:27
punkassbut thats all it is..just creates the gui xml file07:28
q2any help for me?07:28
punkasswell thats not totally true...it can create c and c++ callback07:28
bborkkWhat do you mean?07:29
punkassq2: sorry not sure..07:29
punkassit will create a c or c++ file with eg. 'onclick' events writin in it07:29
bborkkq2: Bummer.  Don't like GNOME?07:29
bborkkAs opposed to letting Python handle them?07:30
q2not really, i just wanted to use konquoror, im using open box right now07:30
punkassbut i am using pygtk so i dont need those files just the xml one07:30
punkassdic = {    if u look there that is where its loading the event handling from the glade file07:31
punkass(almost at the bottom of the file)07:31
bborkkOh, right.07:31
bborkkWas glade originally meant for use with Perl, or is it just a generic GUI generator?07:32
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
punkassi believe it was originally designed to be simple way for c or c++ programes to create a gui and keep it seperate from the code07:34
bborkkWhat about wxPython... anyone using that for Ubuntu development?07:34
punkassnot sure07:34
=== RuffianSoldier [RuffianSol@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
punkassbborkk: lots of good comments thanks..amazing what u miss when u are typing away ;)07:37
bborkkpunkass: I know the feeling.07:37
=== hoosfoos [~hoosfoos@d15-254.rb2.lax.centurytel.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
bborkkpunkass: Is there a general way to find out which module is needed to control a wifi card?07:39
Lathiat_bborkk: is it pcmcia?07:39
punkassi guess u could do a lspci and look for nic cards07:39
Lathiat_not if its pcmcia07:39
punkassdoh! very true07:40
=== q2 [~q2@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiat_punkass: :)07:40
=== Lathiat_ pokes bborkk
q2Sorry, but i gotta "Spam" this real quick07:40
=== deprecated is away: A lurking we will go... Oh a lurking we will go...
q2for some help07:40
q2q2@ubuntu:~ $ dcopserver07:40
q2/usr/bin/X11/iceauth:  timeout in locking authority file /home/q2/.ICEauthority07:40
q2ICE Connection rejected!07:40
q2DCOPClient::attachInternal. Attach failed Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed07:40
q2ICE Connection rejected!07:40
punkassLathiat: how do u scan pcmcia cards?07:40
q2DCOPClient::attachInternal. Attach failed Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed07:40
q2DCOPServer self-test failed.07:40
q2iceauth:  timeout in locking authority file /home/q2/.ICEauthority07:40
Lathiat_punkass: cardctl status07:40
bborkkLathiat_: 07:40
Lathiat_punkass: but if a driver is in your kernel for it, it should load when you plug the card in07:40
Lathiat_bborkk: cardctl info rather 07:40
Lathiat_punkass: if not then you probably dont have a driver for it and need one of the out-of-tree wifi drivers07:41
punkassLathiat_: i just have a little wifi app i am working on and was trying to figure out the best way to determine if the module was loaded for the card07:42
bborkkLathiat_: I know which module I personally need, but how would a script find out which module is needed in general.07:42
punkassand what module is needed07:42
Lathiat_punkass: probably best to talk to libiw07:42
Lathiat_since itl tell you if a wireless card is insertedand all about it07:42
punkassah ok, but then there is the the pci/onboard lan that doesnt rely on that07:43
Lathiat_punkass: so you want to handle all network devices?07:43
punkassactually i should say that for sure :)07:43
punkasssorry i meant onboard wifi07:44
Lathiat_oh right07:44
Lathiat_if *any* wireles card is present07:44
Lathiat_it will come up in libiw07:44
Lathiat_pci, pcmcia, usb  or otherwise07:44
punkassah ok cool, thanks07:44
=== Lathiat_ calms down
=== Lathiat_ is now known as Lathiat
bborkkIs that in the libiw-dev package?07:45
q2please go to channel #spam and help me someone07:45
Lathiatbborkk: yeh the interface would be07:45
Lathiatq2: You'd probably be better finding help in a kde channel... most of the ubuntu guys are gnomies07:45
bborkkLathiat: Thanks.07:45
fabbionecalm down guys07:45
q2i wne tot KDE channel07:45
Lathiatq2: pardon?07:45
q2they are not among the liveing07:46
bborkkI always suspected as much!07:46
LathiatWell thats a shame, theres probably more than one have you tried other networks? Or perhaps one of the mailing lists for kde..07:46
=== Lathiat grins at bborkk
bborkkWatch your back mates, there's undead among us.07:47
=== Lathiat glances around cautiously
punkassbborkk: lots of interesting stuff here: http://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Jean_Tourrilhes/Linux/Tools.html#links07:49
punkasstho lots of the projects look kinda dead07:50
bborkkpunkass: Indeed, on both accounts.07:50
q2whats the command to see the proccesses in the console07:51
punkassps auz07:51
punkassps aux07:51
punkass(the second one)07:51
punkassor top to is realtime action of processes07:51
punkassis = see07:51
bborkkI'm losing you... breaker, breaker.07:52
Lathiatbborkk: heh 07:52
bborkkpunkass: Can't parse that last message.07:53
bborkkAh.  Nevermind.  Didn't see qt's question.07:54
punkasscool: AirSnort is a wireless LAN (WLAN) tool which recovers encryption keys07:54
bborkkBut hey, it's always good to be reminded of what processes I have running.  :)07:55
bborkkBy recover, you mean accidentally find?07:55
punkasshaha yeah i guess so07:55
punkassAirSnort requires approximately 5-10 million encrypted packets to be gathered. Once enough packets have been gathered, AirSnort can guess the encryption password in under a second.07:56
bborkkI love encryption.07:56
bborkkHow long would it take to gather that many packets?  Let's see...07:57
bborkkFigure 1ms per packet.  That's 1000 seconds.  That's about 16 minutes.07:58
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-132.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
bborkkOops, that's only a million packets.07:58
punkassso u are lookin at a good hour or so07:58
bborkkSo, that's about 3 hours tops.07:58
Lathiatit takes alot longer than that07:59
=== micX [~michael@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatoften a good week or two of high traffic07:59
Lathiatit needs like a million weak packets07:59
bborkkThat's assuming constant packets, which doesn't happen really.07:59
d-bDoes Ubuntu autodetect Net connections?07:59
Lathiaton a standard network ti could take weeks07:59
jmhodgeshey, is there a deb repo with squeak or some such smalltalk environment?07:59
Lathiator more07:59
Lathiatjmhodges: try www.apt-get.org07:59
pepsiit will try dhcp07:59
punkassso why do they say WEP is so flawed07:59
bborkkd-b: Welcome to the conversation. :)07:59
Lathiatpunkass: because on a busy network itl only take a couple weeks07:59
bborkkBecause it's not strong encryption.07:59
jmhodgesLathiat: bah, hehe, yes.. i even forgot that firefox had that search engine "built in"08:00
Lathiatpunkass: can be less than a week if its busy busy but usually its a few08:00
Lathiatjmhodges: :)08:00
punkassbborkk: i know its weak encryption, but for it to take a week on a busy connection, that doesnt see that bad..especially for home users08:00
bborkkIn fact, none of the standard crypto used today is strong crypto.08:00
=== josh [~josh@adsl-69-110-50-191.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
joshhey guys, what'a the best way to get mono on ubuntu for ppc?08:01
punkassWPA is quite a bit stronger isnt it?08:01
bborkkpunkass: Unless you are running a business or managing all your assets over a wireless connection.08:01
joshi want to try tomboy08:01
punkassbborkk: true enough...u need a rotating wep key ;)08:02
bborkkThere is stronger encryption, but AFAIK, none of today's encryption meets the (okay, one of the) mathematical definition(s) of strong encryption.08:02
pepsijosh, synapitc, no?08:02
joshpepsi, i need mono and can't get it to install, i'm new to debian so it could be me08:03
punkassi am undecided on mono.08:03
pepsiwhat is it for?08:03
TerminXhmm, why was firefox 1.0PR pulled from ubuntu?08:03
bborkkpepsi: synaptic is the GUI front-end for apt, Debian's package manager.08:03
crimsunjosh: just the faq, someone may have compiled ppc binaries08:03
bborkkTerminX: When did this happen?08:03
crimsunTerminX: it hasn't been08:04
TerminX mozilla-firefox (0.99+1.0PR.1-0ubuntu1 => 0.99+1.0PR.1+revertedto0.9.3-0ubuntu1)08:04
TerminXapt wants to upgrade to that version08:04
joshwell synaptic lists packages, but i can't get one of them to install (unstable)08:04
joshthnx crimsun08:04
joshepends: mono-assemblies-base-0.96 but it is not installable08:05
joshis what i get08:05
bborkkjosh: try apt-get -t unstable install foo08:05
joshthanks bborkk08:05
joshbroken pacakges :-(08:06
punkassdoesnt mono bring in the world of dlls etc?08:07
joshi'm really not sure to be honest...haven't done .net that much08:07
bborkkSpeaking of which, totem doesn't seem to want to play any movies, even .mpg.  Anyone else have this problem.08:08
punkassbborkk: u have totem-xine?08:09
joshit doesn't like me dvds at all anymore08:09
joshI do punkass08:09
punkassjosh: u have libdvdcss?08:09
joshprob not punkass08:10
punkassthat'll do it08:10
joshhow do i get that?08:11
bborkkpunkass: I'm in the middle of apt-get install totem-xine...08:11
punkassthat should fix it for ya08:11
=== tck_ [~tck@206-15-133-241.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkassby default its totem-gstreamer08:11
bborkkpunkass: It wants to remove totem-gstreamer08:11
punkassyeah thats fine08:11
bborkkWhat's the point of gstreamer then?08:11
punkassright now totem-xine supports more codecs08:12
punkassgstreamer will, just not yet :)08:12
theantixgstreamer-totem works great for free codecs08:12
pepsii need dmix to do software mixing right?08:12
pepsifor sound08:12
punkassprobably just need to add a .asoundrc file to your ~ dir08:12
punkasspepsi: u refering to playing two sounds at once. or createing sounds (audacity)08:13
pepsipunkass add it to do what?08:13
pepsipunkass two sounds at once08:13
punkassi alwasy have to add that file to tell alsa to use dmix08:14
punkassone sec08:14
pepsibut i have to install dmix first no?08:14
punkassi dont believe so08:14
punkassi think its already part of alsa08:14
punkasswell i never did anyways :)08:15
pepsioh ok08:15
punkassif u look in flood i will paste the contents of my file08:15
pepsii found a readme08:15
punkassi always use the one at the bottom of that page08:15
punkassits always worked good 08:16
=== eniac [~jonas@cable-] has joined #ubuntu
punkasstheantix: do u know if totem-gstreamer works with the w32codecs?08:17
theantixif there is a way, I don't know of it08:17
theantixI find totem-xine to be completely adequate for all my playback needs except for divx avis with .sub subtitles (mlayer) and .ram files (realplayer)08:19
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
punkassyeah and the new realplayer is pretty slick08:19
d-bThere's Real Player for Linux? That I didn't know08:20
theantixpunkass, I don't know if you can get the w32codecs to wrk with it though, haven't tried or looked into it at all08:20
theantixd-b, real.com/linux 08:20
punkassyeah i was just curious..i have totem-xine installed already..never thought to try the w32codecs with gstreamer08:21
theantixd-b, it's gtk2 based and surprisingly slick08:21
punkassespecially compared to the old version...ewww08:21
theantixyeah, very true08:21
theantixplus it didn't hijack my system like the older one did08:21
d-bGreat. GTK all the way!08:22
theantixd-b, I have to admit that I'm with you on that one :-)08:23
theantixI can't wait for coaster to be finished, then I can finally use exclusively gtk2 apps08:24
d-bOH MY GOD! It is Slick.08:25
theantixsometimes totem-xine doesn't work for me on the first try and I have to restart the app, not sure why that is... but otherwise it is brilliant08:26
d-bCome to think of it. This was made by Real. And they prodocued something slick again!?08:26
theantixd-b, oh that, heh08:26
punkasstheantix: is there a new version of coaster coming out?08:27
=== pepsi [~pepsi@dsl081-225-034.chi1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
eniacpunkass: probably08:27
pepsithat script works, but only for rhythmbox.. i assume because rhythmbox knows about alsa08:28
theantixpunkass, I'm just going on what I've read on p.g.o08:28
punkassgaim should use it too08:28
eniacyou know what I find strange is that ubuntu chooses python and not mono 08:28
punkassi am undecided about mono still08:29
theantixeniac, mark shuttleworth has been a python booster for a while now -- I'm not saying that is the only reason but I'm sure it was an influence08:29
tck_rhythmbox r0x08:29
pepsiwhats it for?08:29
punkassnot sure why...maybe its the dll thing08:29
pepsi.net stuff?08:29
pepsiwhy would you want that? :P08:29
theantix[insert flamewar here] 08:29
d-b.NET is pretty nice. Except... .DLL as standard library extensions suck08:30
=== tck_ is now known as tck
punkasswell c# is an official standard language now (i think)08:30
pepsibut what did ubuntu choose not to use mono for?08:30
d-bpepsi: Maybe they'll include it next time.08:31
punkassas theantix said:  "mark shuttleworth has been a python booster for a while now"08:31
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD95E6814.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
theantixkeep in mind, I'm not trying to put words in anyone's mouth here08:31
punkasswhatever man u said it!!  ;)08:32
theantixI actually like python a lot myself, so I don't need to imagine conspiratorial reasons to standarize on it :-)08:33
d-bHmm. Sabagay... Python's kinda sexy08:33
punkassi used python a bit awhile ago..and it kinda made me crazy..but i started again and i am startin to like it08:34
Lathiatpunkass: i love python :)08:34
Lathiattho, when perl6 arrives, i might be sold... the syntax is still a bit icky sometimes but it has some uber cool stuff08:34
punkassLathiat: i think it was the indenting thing...always errors cuz of indents ;)08:34
theantixLathiat,  #@@%@[0] _$  ?  ;-)08:34
eniacperl just more populair because it's older08:34
bborkkLathiat: Okay, here we go... such as?08:35
d-bMy mind is too primitive to learn perl.08:35
punkasstheantix: have u tried compiling coaster?08:36
theantixLathiat, not trying to pick on you, just being silly.  :-)  perl is a great tool for a lot of tasks08:36
Lathiatbborkk: it has all these evil cool things like08:36
theantixpunkass, no I've not tried08:36
Lathiatvariables that are anything but something08:36
Lathiatlike an integer variable that is anything but the number 608:36
bborkkThat's pretty cool.  What happens if you assign 6 to it?08:36
punkasswhat blows my mind is the amount of programming/scripting languages out there08:36
Lathiatwhich makes comparisons nice and simple and stuff and umm08:36
Lathiatbborkk: it fails08:37
Lathiatbborkk: like trying to assign an integer to a string08:37
Lathiattheres abunch fo other things i cant remember right now08:37
Lathiatits all in this talk08:37
Lathiatinteresting to listen to08:37
=== Lathiat finds the url
=== opi^work [~emil@ar2.tpnets.com] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatpepsi: brainfucks another good one08:38
bborkkpepsi: That's my kind of language.08:39
d-bBrainFuck? The name says it all.08:39
Lathiatbborkk: heh08:39
pepsiwhitespace suggests printing out whitespace programs08:39
Lathiatits similar to whtiespace08:39
Lathiatpepsi: :)08:39
Lathiatits remarkably readable08:39
Lathiattakes absolutely no effort08:39
opi^worksee fromage also :)08:40
Lathiatnever heard of that one08:40
opi^workgoogle for it08:40
opi^workI've been using it at Amiga :)08:41
d-bWhite Space!? WTH is this08:41
opi^work(Brainfuck is made by longtime Amiga developer)08:41
Lathiatcant find anything...08:41
Lathiatopi^work: you work at amiga?08:41
opi^worktoo bad Aminet's down08:41
opi^workLathiat: at Amiga? Like, Amiga Inc?08:41
opi^workLathiat: or with Amiga?08:41
opi^workLathiat: both no08:42
Lathiatright so how do you use it at amiga then? :)08:42
opi^workLathiat: http://pegasosppc.com that's my platform :P08:42
=== pepsi [~pepsi@dsl081-225-034.chi1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
opi^workLathiat: there's no Amiga now, so I don't care mutch :P08:43
Lathiatopi^work: heh08:43
eniacbit offtopic, but it seems my only clock is set wrong (computer clock) is there a place on the net where you can find your time in your timezone :s08:44
opi^worklamont: ftp://de.aminet.net/pub/aminet/dev/lang/fromage.lha08:44
Lathiateniac: If you run ntpdate08:44
punkassthats northamerica08:44
opi^workLathiat: http://ftp.uni-paderborn.de/aminet/aminet/dev/lang/fromage.readme08:44
Lathiateniac: itl set yoru computer clock to an internet timeserver08:44
Lathiateniac: based on your systems timezone setting (which should be right)08:44
=== dreamer [~dreamer@linode.thedominion.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== mmorriso [~mmorriso@220-253-25-158.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== hello [~urmom@HSE-Toronto-ppp313753.sympatico.ca] has left #ubuntu []
joolzanyone know if it's possible to make (some) gdesklets non-sticky?08:53
joolzas it is now they show up on all desktops. That's OK for my clock, but not really for my RSS feeds :)08:53
Lathiatno idea08:53
bborkkpunkass: I'm heading out.  Let me know how things go with pyfi and I'll do likewise.08:58
punkassbborkk: will do...taker easy08:58
punkassa little python app i made for connecting/scanning for wireless networks09:00
punkassuses pygtk and glade09:00
theantixcoo, what's the link?09:00
=== crash_ [~NNSCRIPT@h87n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatpunkass: wanna throw it my way09:01
punkassits pretty rough code..(my first attempt and pygtk etc) so no laughing :)09:01
punkassbut it works09:01
=== Lathiat gears his best laugh
theantixpunkass, s'ok, I'm fairly new to pygtk myself09:01
=== Smeven [~Smeven@kaam0.misawa.attmil.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu
punkasshas to be run as root, and you will have to edit the top of the py file 09:02
pepsiwhy does it take so long to click links?09:02
pepsiits faster to copy and paste it09:02
SmevenI am having a problem.....09:02
SmevenI am writing some software on ubuntu09:03
Smevenand it is using libgnomeui09:03
theantixpunkass, it depends on ndiswrapper?09:03
punkassoh and one other thing,  you should comment this out: os.system( 'modprobe ndiswrapper' )09:03
theantixah :-)09:03
punkassthats was just for me09:03
punkassforgot i left it in there09:03
Smeventhe package doesnt compile on ubuntu but compiles on gentoo09:03
punkassthis is still version 0.01 ;)09:03
TreenaksSmeven: isn't libgnomeui a gnome 1.x thing?09:03
LathiatTreenaks: no09:04
SmevenTreenaks: no....09:04
=== jacob [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatSmeven: Whats the compile error09:04
Smeven /usr/lib/libatk-1.0.so: undefined reference to `g_return_if_fail_warning'09:04
theantixwell, I can't comment if it works or not, because my "iwlist eth1 scanning" is broken on Ubuntu for some reason09:04
Smevenand libatk and libglib are both linked in09:04
LathiatSmeven: Err thats a bit odd09:05
Lathiattheantix: Are you using orinoco?09:05
Smevenand the package works gentoo09:05
punkasswhats the difference between 'scanning' and 'scan'09:05
Lathiattheantix: You want the patched drivers that have scanning support09:05
Lathiatpunkass: nothing afaik09:05
Lathiattheantix: (if its orinoco)09:05
LathiatSmeven: hmm09:06
theantixLathiat, yeah I am -- where do I get those?09:06
SmevenLathiat: exactly :)09:06
Lathiattheantix: can you churn your own kernel?09:06
Lathiative been meaning to toast up a ubuntu image with the patched orinoco drivers adn swsusp09:06
Lathiatmayeb i could do it now and throw it your way?09:06
theantixI can, but I'm using Ubuntu because I don't want to for my home system09:06
Lathiatcan you hang around a bit?09:07
SmevenI would put ubuntu on my tower but it doesnt really work well with raid09:07
theantixLathiat, yeah I'll be around09:07
tckhas anyone ever got the newer proxim orinoco cards (prism chipset) working with linux?09:07
Lathiattck: Have you tried it and got an error something about the MAC address not being read properly?09:07
tcki just heard the HERMES works, haven't even tried it, peeps said no patch for it :/09:08
=== Lathiat shrugs i just remember some card i tried a while back not working
punkasstheantix: i have found an api someone wrote in 2001 for wireless tools...would be nicer to use i think...instead of parsing stdout/err msgs09:08
Lathiatnever go tit to work so it wouldnt be much help anywy :)09:08
Lathiatpunkass: thats what i was talking about earlier :)09:09
Lathiat libiw09:09
SmevenLathiat: any ideas?09:09
punkassoh is libiw the api?09:09
LathiatSmeven: umm can you paste the all of the errors in private?09:09
Lathiatpunkass: ya09:09
punkassdoh..lol ok thanks09:09
SmevenLathiat: that is the only error :)09:09
Lathiatmight need to make a python wrapper tho09:09
LathiatSmeven: hrm09:09
Lathiatcan you paste the surroudnign compile line etc09:09
=== suheimi [~suheimi@] has joined #ubuntu
SmevenLathiat: what channel?09:10
LathiatSmeven: privmsg09:11
suheimihelp me09:14
suheimianybody ?09:14
punkassask the question.09:15
jdubsuheimi: ask your question09:15
suheimioh, ok. I am using ubuntu (newbie). I lost my panel ie my application panel disappear. Anybody know?09:16
mmorrisotype gnome-panel in console?09:16
suheimithat's it ?09:16
mmorrisotry it, does it work?09:17
suheimiwell, I'm in suse right now; i'll shutdown and go back. Thanks09:17
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
mmorrisono worries09:17
pepsii dont want to go to work tomorrow :(09:18
=== tof-- [~tof@blueice4n1.uk.ibm.com] has joined #ubuntu
pepsiwork is bad09:18
punkassholiday here,...no work for me :)09:18
mmorrisobut work brings money, and money is goooooood09:18
pepsibut is it good enough to work for?09:19
pepsithat is the question09:19
theantixpunkass, you a canuck?09:21
punkassding ding eh.09:21
theantixsame here :-)09:21
punkassright on..where abouts?09:21
=== suheimi [~suheimi@] has joined #ubuntu
theantixVancouver, best place to be ;-)09:22
mmorrisosuheimi: did it work?09:22
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3b99.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
punkassexcept for vancouver island :)09:22
suheimihi, I'm now in ubuntu. No, cmd gnome-panel doesn't work.09:23
theantixsuheimi, what do you mean by your application panel?09:23
suheimimaster menu when you bootup on upper left corner.09:23
suheimitaskbar in windows09:24
Treenakssuheimi: try to start gnome-panel from a terminal09:24
theantixI thought so :-)  right click on the panel, and choose add09:24
Treenakssuheimi: open a terminal!09:24
suheimii did09:24
mmorrisohe's already tried gnome-panel09:24
Treenakssuheimi: then type gnome-panel, you should get a panel09:24
punkassit just sounds like he is missing his menu from the panel09:24
suheimii did type gnome-panel in a terminal: command not found09:25
theantixsuheimi, do you have your clock still in the upper right?09:25
mmorrisomaybe "sudo gnome-panel"09:25
Lathiatsounds like its a little broken09:25
Lathiatmmorriso: No09:25
Treenaksmmorriso: never do that!09:25
Lathiatmmorriso: bad idea09:25
Treenakssuheimi: did you remove any packages?09:25
=== MacPlusG3 [~stewart@c211-28-166-127.eburwd2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Treenakssuheimi: try typing "sudo aptitude install ~tubuntu-desktop09:26
Treenakswithout the "09:26
suheimisudo gnome-panel: command not found. I did'nt remove any packages; except for 38609:26
Treenakssuheimi: sudo aptitude install ~tubuntu-desktop09:26
Treenakssuheimi: if gnome-panel is not found, there's something very wrong with your system09:27
tckssh you'll scare him09:27
MyKq3hello . for the last day i have tryed to install JVM on my mashine, to do that i have used this refarence http://wiki.osuosl.org/display/DEV/Java+on+Debian but after i have tested it on this site i sow that i does not work ( http://java.com/en/download/help/testvm.jsp ) .  I must say that i have  done this rafarence with J2SDK1.4_5. So what i have tryed was to unpack the bin pack and to link the plugin into the ~/.mozilla/plugin dir. and i09:27
MyKq3t didn't work as well...  now i must say that i m not a computer frick i don't need the java peck to update/upgrade itself i only need it to post my HW. do u have any idea how can i check y the JVM does not work for me ...09:27
theantixTreenaks, I think he knows that09:27
topylisuheimi: try to install (or reinstall) gnome-panel and gnome-panel-data09:27
Treenakstopyli: ~tubuntu-desktop does that09:27
topylior ubuntu-desktop of course09:28
tckapt-get gnome-panel09:28
tcktheres a newer one available since def. install09:28
=== ToTo [~ToTo@] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunMyKq3: ls -l ~/.mozilla/plugin09:28
crimsunMyKq3: let's go to #flood09:28
MyKq3crimsun,  i m sorry i didn't meant to flood09:29
topylisuheimi: ubuntu-desktop is probably better than just the panel since you should get a working desktop then, no matter what's missing at the moment09:29
topylilike Treenaks says09:30
suheimiyes, might be. but I'm a windows user trying to live 100% in linux09:31
Treenakssuheimi: do you have a terminal open?09:31
Treenakssuheimi: did you install ubuntu-desktop with aptitude?09:31
suheimii install using a cd, then apt-get. Everything was alright then i don't know what happen, i lost it.09:32
suheimii did upgrade 386->68609:33
Treenaksthat should not break anything09:33
=== empop [~kevin@dhcp065-024-094-061.columbus.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksbut anyway, aptitude install ~tubuntu-desktop should fix it09:33
suheimii install thunderbird, k3b too09:33
cleehm. is it a known bug that cd burning doesn't seem to work?09:33
d-bWhat's k3b?09:33
=== savs [~savs@tmppnd02.ugent.be] has joined #ubuntu
mmorrisokde cd burner09:33
Lathiatd-b: A kde cb burning app09:34
suheimibtw, thunderbird is old09:34
d-bHmm. We GNOME people need something like that too09:34
crimsunnautilus has one09:34
crimsunthere's gcombust09:34
crimsun(as well)09:34
punkasswell i looks like coaster has some potential09:34
punkassi = it09:35
mmorrisodo they burn dvd's and dvd ISO as well?09:35
Smevenpunkass: when i get time i am goinig to make a gnome frontend to transcode for copying dvd to dvd09:35
punkassif nautilus had audio support it would be near perfect09:36
TreenaksSmeven: uh..09:36
TreenaksSmeven: gstreamer can do that09:36
SmevenTreenaks: ?09:36
SmevenTreenaks: dvd9 to dvd5?09:36
TreenaksSmeven: don't know about that, but it can do dvd -> ogg theora+vorbis09:37
Smevenit can requantize and all?09:37
Treenaksso it should be possible09:37
SmevenTreenaks: i want to requantize the dvd, just dvd to dvd copy09:37
punkassSmeven: as in perfect backup?09:37
Smevenpunkass: basically09:37
punkasscool, that be nice...i have to switch to windows right now and use dvdshrink09:38
LathiatSmeven: If its a movie DVD it proabbly wont work unless you have a dual layer burner09:38
Lathiatpunkass: ah yeh heh09:38
Lathiatdvdshrink is the shit09:38
punkassyeah its pretty slick09:38
Lathiatbut i dont use windows so 09:38
SmevenLathiat: that is why you have to requatize the dvd09:38
Lathiatused it before tho09:38
SmevenLathiat: that is where transcode comes in handy09:38
punkassmaybe dvdshrink under wine :)09:38
mmorrisowhat does requantizing involve?09:39
Smevenif you have a dvd that is 7gigs and you want it on a 4.7 gig disc09:39
Smevenrequantizing the dvd will make it fit on that 4.7 gig dvd09:39
mmorrisoyeah i know, but how does it work? what does it remove?09:39
mmorrisoah ok09:40
Smevenbut it is not noticable09:40
Smevenalso, you can remove subtitles, extras, menus, and additional languages to save on quality09:40
Smevenas soon as i drop out a new release of what i am working on now09:41
SmevenI may start toying around with libcoaster/libburn and transcode09:41
Smevenpossibly even gstreamer09:41
punkasswell something like that sure would be nice09:42
Smeveni will see if gstreamer can handle requantizing a dvd09:42
mmorrisoman requantizing is a cool word09:42
Treenaksmmorriso: so cool you could say it all day?09:42
mmorrisoi'm thinking of unnoticable ways to work it into everyday conversation even as i type09:43
Smeventhis thing finally compiles :)\09:43
=== suheimi [~suheimi@] has joined #ubuntu
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksSmeven: what did you do? requantize the enums?09:46
Treenaksmmorriso: beat you to it :P09:46
suheimithanks guys, my panel Applications-COmputer is back. apptitude install ~tubuntu desktop works very well09:46
mmorrisolol damnn u09:46
Lathiatsuheimi: :)09:46
Treenakssuheimi: weird that it was gone..09:46
Treenakssuheimi: but good luck with it now :)09:46
Lathiatwhats the cvs flag to get a branch09:47
Lathiati forget :)09:47
suheimii remember, i did uninstall evolution.09:47
Lathiatand i remember i can never figure it out from the man page everytime i need it :)09:47
topylisuheimi: gnome does rock even more when it's not broken :)09:47
Treenakssuheimi: it might be that the panel depends on some stuff in evolution, don't know09:47
Smevengnome sucks09:47
Treenakssuheimi: if you use apt-get remove, it'll tell you what it's going to remove09:47
topyliSmeven: gnome sucks less09:48
Smevengnome sucks sukoshi09:48
=== Robe [Robe@das.geizhals.buero.ist.geiler.at] has joined #ubuntu
Treenakssuheimi: so you can avoid removing stuff you don't want removed09:49
topylii thought less is "more", not "sukoshi"09:49
Smevensukoshi = little09:50
suheimii've one more question: when boot up i've an error msg "usb usb4:string descriptor 0 read error: -19". What is it -- i don't have 4 usb, i've only 3 usb09:50
Robewhom should I contact to get a new server added to the list of mirrors?09:51
Smevenanotawah nihongoga wakatimassen09:51
Smevensomething like that09:51
punkassRobe: im totally sure but i would imagine jdub could point u in the right direction09:51
punkassnot totally sure*09:51
mmorrisoRobe: not sure, I was thinking the same thing, I noticed mirror.pacific.net.au is up but isn't listed either09:52
jdubRobe: you can mail me -> jeff.waugh@canonical.com09:52
jdubmmorriso: oh?09:52
Robejdub: roger that09:52
jdubreformed: ping09:52
jdubreformed: tell me about your mirror! :)09:52
suheimii've one more question: when boot up i've an error msg "usb usb4:string descriptor 0 read error: -19". What is it -- i don't have 4 usb, i've only 3 usb09:52
Smevenwhat is a good ide for gnome09:52
Lathiatooh mirror.pacific is up?09:52
Lathiatfree traffic fro me yay09:52
Treenaksis the release schedule on the wiki still accurate?09:53
mmorrisojdub: yeah I noticed it today, good knews for us aussies09:53
punkassfor my little python app, i am just using glade and gedit09:53
LathiatSmeven: for what, C? C++? C#? Python?09:53
=== adsb-work [~adsb-work@avco79.avcosystems.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatSmeven: you could try anjuta09:54
punkasswell glade works for C quite well for creating a gui09:54
SmevenLathiat: eh, anjuta doesnt handle more than one target, ie. multiple binaries or libs09:54
LathiatSmeven: too bad then :)09:54
Lathiatpatch it :)09:55
Lathiati just use vim09:55
Lathiatand autotools09:55
|trey|Lathiat: I thought about being a mirror... not a big enough hd though  :(    I'm on the pacific, Cable... decent connection, but not enough room  :/09:55
LathiatSmeven: actually themultiple target thing would just be an autoconf setup thing09:55
Smeveni just use jed and autotools09:55
Lathiatnot anjuta as such09:55
suheimiGuys, another bootup error: "VFS:Can't  find ext3/ext2 filesystem on dev hda4." My filesystem is ReiserFS09:55
SmevenLathiat: but in the project toolbar it only should src09:55
Lathiat|trey|: Usually mirrors want to be on like 10-100mbit decent links09:55
=== d-b [~deebee@] has left #ubuntu ["bye"]
punkassSmeven: what abou eclipse09:55
Lathiatpunkass: isnt that for java?09:56
Smevenpunkass: i just looked for it with apt-cache search but it didnt show09:56
punkasswith plugins its for anything09:56
punkassbut its main focus is java09:56
Lathiatah ok09:56
punkassSmeven: no u have to download it from there site09:56
Smevenjed works for now09:56
punkassits just a binary u have to run no make/make install etc09:57
Smevenits alright09:57
Smevenjed is cool :)09:57
|trey|Lathiat: umm, nic is fast enough  :/09:57
=== darksatanic [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|No public dn and need more space... 09:58
punkasshmm cool: Eclipse can now run on the .NET platform by using the mono class libraries for .NET, and the IKVM java virtual machine for .NET.09:58
|trey|43 meg repo (says "expect double"), my current hd is 40... have one more accessable though  :/09:59
Smevenwhen is ubuntu going to be able to build raids for / in the installer?09:59
LathiatSmeven: dunno why they dont do that since the debian one does *shrug*10:00
SmevenLathiat: my tower is beggan for ubuntu10:00
|trey|Smeven: can't just do hardware raid?10:00
LathiatSmeven: it has raid support on boot etc10:00
Smevennot the way im doing it10:00
Lathiatso dunno why the installer doesnt *shrug*10:00
|trey|Smeven: you mean beggin? else you lost me  :(10:01
punkassThe CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) Project is working towards providing a fully functional C and C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Eclipse platform. 10:01
|trey|begging, its a tool... can't talk  ;)10:01
|trey|maybe you're begging it to run Ubuntu?  ;)10:01
Treenakspunkass: another platform? what's wrong with cross-platform languages like Python and/or Perl10:03
Smeven|trey|: i like gentoo, but i am sick of compiling shit10:03
=== d-b [~deebee@] has joined #ubuntu
Smeven|trey|: even on my amd athlon dual 2800 mp system10:03
|trey|Smeven: so you don't like Gentoo?10:03
punkassTreenaks: nothing, Smeven was just asking about C IDEs10:03
Treenakspunkass: vim + automake + autoconf + libtool + make 8-)10:03
Treenakspunkass: + cvs/svn10:03
Smeven|trey|: and that is even with 3x7200 rpm raid config10:04
|trey|Smeven: try for a week on a 933... tell me how much you get done  ;)10:04
Smeven|trey|: 52 minutes to install gentoo on my tower :)10:04
punkassTreenaks: yes i like vim too10:04
|trey|Smeven: so raid 5?  bypass software raid... less for you to learn with each new OS anyways... just need to learn on new BIOS's  :/10:04
Smeven|trey|: raid 010:05
punkassi tried to install gentoo a couple o times...lets just say i am not using it.10:05
=== SteveA [~steve@adsl-213-190-44-43.takas.lt] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatpunkass: heh same10:05
|trey|Smeven: then why 3 disks?10:05
Smeven|trey|: faster10:05
jacobShouldn't there be a desktop entry for nvidia-settings ?10:05
=== jordi [~jordi@fanelli.sindominio.net] has joined #ubuntu
punkassim suprised on the speed increase with more disk on raid510:06
|trey|Smeven: so /boot is on regular disk, and everything else on raid or what?10:06
mmorrisopunkass: Have you tried Vida Linux? It would never work for me but you might wanna try it out if you want Gentoo10:06
|trey|mirroring is kinda useless with odd numbers...10:06
punkassno i am quite happy with ubuntu thanks :)10:07
=== l0gistic_ [~c30722c3@ns.lost-in-cyberspace.net] has joined #ubuntu
Smeven|trey|: /boot /dev/hda110:07
theantixjacob, I had no idea nvidia-settings existed -- thanks!10:07
Smeven|trey|: swap hda2 10:07
Smeven|trey|: wee10:07
|trey|ahh, I forgot about that... bah10:07
Smeven|trey|: swap hda2 hdc1 hde110:07
Treenakstheantix: shouldn't nvidia cards just use DDC like any other card?10:07
Smeven|trey|: / hda3 hdc2 hd210:08
|trey|Smeven: makes a little more sense... just confused me  :)10:08
punkassi want an app the will allow me to shut of my second monitor(without restarting X) so i can play unreal10:08
Treenakspunkass: aka "The Power Button"10:08
jacobtheantix, it does. And perhaps one simply has to "rebuild" the menues, at least there exists an /usr/lib/menu/nvidia-settings file10:08
Smeven|trey|: it runs nicely10:08
Smevencompiles fast10:08
|trey|Ok... so you can't set that up with your BIOS?10:08
Smevenbut i am just sick of compiling10:09
jacobDunno how to rebuild the menues though...10:09
Smeven|trey|: dont want to10:09
Mithrandirjacob: that's for the debian menu system, which ubuntu isn't using.10:09
|trey|Smeven: why? then you don't have to keep doing it through all installs....10:09
punkassTreenaks: nah unreal works good on linux..but with dual monitors it runs dead center10:09
Smeven|trey|: plus the way i have it setup, it wont work10:09
Smeven|trey|: no i dont10:09
jacobMithrandir, ah ok10:09
Treenakspunkass: then report that to the people who made it..10:09
Mithrandirjacob: it should probably be added, though.10:09
theantixTreenaks, I'm not sure what you mean, but it's handy for changing some video settings I don't know how to change otherwise10:09
Smeven|trey|: all i have to do is keep /etc/raidtab and the raid stays10:09
|trey|Smeven: eh... my bad  :/10:10
=== Ferry [~Ferry@cust.15.118.adsl.cistron.nl] has joined #ubuntu
punkasshow does it go to: XFree8, Epic, or Nvidia10:11
punkasswell its sleep time for me....nite all10:12
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-81-107.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsundefendguin: sound working?10:12
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-207.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguininfact my system totaly stopped working10:13
=== silbs [~jane@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinwell when i booted and i logged into gnome about 2 seconds after gnome finished loading X would lock up10:14
defendguinthen i have trouble booting back10:14
defendguinbecause the boot would hang at different points10:15
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguindoes a p2 366 mhz processor qualify as a 686?10:15
crimsuna p2 does, yes.10:16
defendguincrap i was hoping that would explain something10:16
Lathiatdefendguin: whats the problem10:16
Lathiatoh i just read it10:17
LathiatSounds like a RAM or CPU overheatingissue or similar10:17
defendguinwell for a while now not every boot but some boots the boot would hang 10:17
=== liran [~liran@] has joined #Ubuntu
defendguinnot sure but i suppose its possible10:18
liranIm getting some errors when i do apt-get install culmus10:18
Smevendefendguin: i got that code to finally compile10:18
defendguinmost of the time when it would start up the acpi deamon10:18
liranhttp://pastebin.com/109226 plz help me10:19
Smeveni am gonna do some serious coding when i get back from the exchange and commisary and i will send you an update to test :)10:19
defendguinill be here for another 2 hours10:19
=== oscar_ [~oscar@dynamic-46-119.chl.chalmers.se] has joined #ubuntu
Smevenit is only 172010:19
Smevenso i will be up for a while 10:19
defendguin0320 here10:20
=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinLathiat, if it were over heating then how would i be able to boot up again after 10 tires10:21
=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
Lathiatdefendguin: possibly not that then, probably a ram issue then perhaps10:22
Lathiattried memtest86?10:22
Lathiati think the debain cds have it on them10:22
TreenaksLathiat: it's in the ubuntu install as well10:22
defendguinLathiat, i suppose i could try that10:23
liranI want to install Sim icq on my ubuntu10:24
liranhow can i do that?10:24
defendguinit works perfectly normal most of the time10:24
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinwell not most but half the time10:24
Treenaksliran: sim icq?10:24
Treenaksliran: you can use GAIM to connect to ICQ10:25
liranBut i want sim10:25
liranfor free sms messages10:25
defendguini never heard of sim10:25
liranthere is debian packages10:26
liran deb http://debian.thermoman.de sid sim10:26
lirani don`t know how to use that10:26
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
theantixliran, do you have the universe repository installed?10:26
theantixliran, if you have enabled universe you can install "sim" in synaptic or with apt-get10:28
=== enabl [~enabl@host81-156-250-38.range81-156.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
liranhow ?10:30
lirantheantix how ?10:30
theantixliran, follow the instructions in the FAQ: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/howto/helpcenterhowto.2004-09-30.535934980110:31
theantixthen in Synaptic you can search for "sim" and install it10:31
=== free [~free@81-208-74-187.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== iainm [~iain@c211-28-245-186.eburwd5.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
lirantheantix thanks10:34
lirannow i got new problem10:34
liranI cant see movies,i see them as black screen10:34
=== nawty [~root@] has joined #ubuntu
liranin totem10:35
=== nawty [~root@] has left #ubuntu []
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
theantixliran, try what you find here: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RestrictedFormats10:37
=== savs [~savs@tmppnd02.ugent.be] has joined #ubuntu
azeemtseng: here now, did you find a sponsor?10:42
=== ik5pvx [~Bus_Error@paperino.noc.seabone.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== plovs_work [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
=== staticactivity [staticacti@adsl-209-30-82-133.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
staticactivityhi, i'm dual booting between ubuntu and win but whenever i boot to win, the system time goes ahead by 5 hours :(10:48
=== Robe [Robe@das.geizhals.buero.ist.geiler.at] has left #ubuntu []
SteveAubuntu wants the system clock to be in UTC.  Windows tends to want it to be in whatever timezone you're in.10:50
=== llpamies [~llpamies@] has joined #ubuntu
llpamiesI everybody !10:50
llpamiesWhere can I find a good mono repository for ubuntu ?10:51
staticactivity<SteveA> So how do I fix this10:51
SteveAI didn't say that ;-)10:51
Lathiatllpamies: deb http://www.getsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs/ ./10:51
crimsunllpamies: faq10:52
llpamiessrisum: sorry10:52
Lathiatyou know hes sorry when he mangles your nickname :P10:52
SteveAstaticactivity: ubuntu on my system syncs with a time server when it boots10:52
SteveAon the rare times I boot into windows, I don't really care about the clock10:52
staticactivity<SteveA> o.k, I'll try syncing with my school's time server10:53
=== baietas [~baietas@CPE00095b6cf17d-CM000f9f7d5d12.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
SteveAsorry, I can't suggest anything better than making all your OSes use time servers.10:53
baietasis there a reason why my firefox was downgraded when i upgraded my system?10:53
topylistaticactivity: set ubuntu to be in local time as well. not sure how to do that after installation though. tzconfig or something?10:53
staticactivity<topyli> ok, i'll try that, thanks10:54
topylitzsetup probably10:54
theantixbaietas, I think it has to do with this: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=167610:56
=== polok [~polok@1Cust58.tnt2.wollongong.au.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
d-bThe Ubuntu team will send you Ubuntu CD's at no charge, for you to install and share. We will cover the cost of shipping the CDs to you as well.10:57
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-033-153.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
d-bAm I reading this right?10:57
baietasthats amazing :)11:01
=== liran [~liran@] has joined #ubuntu
liranwhat is the command to take a print screen on xfce4 ?11:01
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-27-71.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksliran: xwd11:01
Treenaksliran: (man xwd)11:01
jdubGOOD MORNING SEB128!11:02
=== j^ [~j@] has joined #ubuntu
j^is there a chance that python-pygame will make it into main at some point?11:04
=== longsleep|out is now known as longsleep
=== DaNewB [~DaNewB@modemcable075.26-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== baluba [~Antonio@213-140-6-112.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== tof-- [~tof@blueice3n1.uk.ibm.com] has joined #ubuntu
balubai've this sensation ubuntu first installed Firefox PR1 and then reverted to 0.93. and pkg description seems to confirm that: 0.99+1.0PR.1+revertedto0.9.3-0ubuntu1 - www-browser11:11
=== ranman [~ranman@218-167-3-127.dynamic.hinet.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandir1.0PR.1 wasn't stable.11:12
balubaok thanks. just wanted to be sure11:12
topyli"which firefox are you running?" "it's the 0.99+1.0PR.1+revertedto0.9.3-0" ;-)11:15
balubaan horrible mutant11:18
Treenakscall Professor Xavier!11:19
balubathis reminds me of http://www.livejournal.com/users/xtat/122140.html11:21
=== froh [foobar@234.80-202-117.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
topylievil meteorologist, hmm?11:26
=== l0gistic [~c30722c3@ns.lost-in-cyberspace.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== plangent [~plangent@] has joined #ubuntu
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3b99.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
=== free [~free@81-208-74-187.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bitserf [~ljb@222-152-64-187.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
bitserfhi, i'm having trouble getting PATA DMA going on an intel i875 chipset that also has SATA11:41
Mithrandirbitserf: booting off SATA?11:42
bitserfide-disk & piix are loaded, what else needs loading?11:42
Mithrandirknown bug, add the chipset modules to /etc/modules11:42
MithrandirI don't know the module names, sorry :/11:43
bitserfahh, so loading them after boot won't work? (piix is the chipset module)11:43
Mithrandiris ide-generic loaded?11:43
Mithrandirlist piix, ide-disk, ide-generic in /etc/modules, probably in that order -- ide-generic needs to be loaded last.11:44
bitserfaha. thanks :)11:44
=== sertmann [~sertmann@] has joined #ubuntu
joolzon my $OTHER_DISTRO i do an `apt-get update && apt-get upgrade` every night11:46
joolzautomatically, it's just a workstation11:47
joolzso i don't nee d to test everything11:47
joolzIs this a good idea to use in ubuntu too?11:47
Mithrandirjoolz: it will probably work fine for ubuntu as well, yes.11:47
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-115-244.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
joolzMithrandir: yes, i guess. I guess i'll cron it nightly... The updates are a fast moving target :)11:48
Mithrandirjoolz: warty is releasing very soon, though, and after that, you'll just get security fixes.11:49
Mithrandir(unless you go for hoary, but I think that'll be a bit bumpy in the beginning. :)11:49
joolzMithrandir: tx. will a reinstall be needed to go from warty to hoary, or wil apt do the trick?11:51
Mithrandirapt should work fine.11:51
joolzgreat, that's good news. I'm running 2 pc's + a notebook on U now, but if we switch the whole company (it that ever happens), this would save a lot of work.11:52
sertmannhmmm mplayer packages..... not anywhere to be found, why?11:52
Mithrandirsertmann: patent issues -- there are some links on the wiki.11:53
=== Smeven [~Smeven@kaam0.misawa.attmil.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu
sertmannok, so it's just a matter of using marilat i guess, but are those debian packages working with debian?11:53
sertmannubuntu even11:54
=== Smeven [~Smeven@kaam0.misawa.attmil.ne.jp] has left #ubuntu []
=== bitserf [~ljb@222-152-64-187.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirthey should, but, as usual -- no guarantees.11:54
Mithrandirbitserf: did it work?11:54
bitserfmithrandir: thanks, that did the trick. before that, my IDE drive could do all of 2mb/sec :)11:54
Mithrandirbitserf: cool. :)11:55
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
bitserfas well as chow my cpu something funny. now it does 55mb/sec with low cpu :)11:55
Mithrandirnice to hear.11:55
sertmannyeah, fair enough, anyone tried them out?11:57
joolzDuh. My cron dires have .placeholder files in them. 11:57
joolz# This file is a simple placeholder to keep dpkg from removing this directory11:57
iainmwhat does "unsupported" mean in the context of ubuntu's universe repo? Does it just mean "we won't help you with this package", or does it mean "if you install this package we don't want anything to do with you"11:57
joolzimo a very bad idea11:57
iainmI suspect it's the former, but I'd like to be sure :)11:57
joolzis this something new? Debian stable doesn't have it11:58
Mithrandiriainm: "if this breaks, you get to keep both parts".11:58
=== Lathiat grins at Mi
LathiatMithrandir rather11:58
Lathiatwhats in the multiverse stuff11:58
iainmMithrandir, for individual packages or for the entire system after installing such packages?11:58
Mithrandiriainm: it means we just provide updates on a best-effort-basis and that we might remove stuff from universe without telling anybody.  It only applies to the universe packages themselves.11:59
MithrandirLathiat: non-free and contrib from Debian, basically.11:59
tuo2Mithrandir: Once Warty has frozen, is it only security bugs that will be fixed? or latent functionality bugs as well...12:00
=== tuo2 looks confused
iainmMithrandir, thanks for the information.12:00
=== oseb [~oseb@] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirtuo2: I think we have more or less the same policy as debian when it comes to updating stable releases -- security + fixes for totally broken packages.12:01
tuo2so, backports for *really nasty* bugs, but no new functionality.12:02
tuo2good good12:02
=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-1.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
Mithrandirwe shouldn't have any really nasty bugs in warty, though, as they should have been found and weeded out before release.12:02
iainminteresting - python-mode not installed by default. That surprises me.12:03
tuo2Mithrandir: but should != will12:03
micXMithrandir, I have lousy disk performance too, this is what lsmod says: 12:03
micXMithrandir, ide_core              125272  4 ide_cd,ide_generic,via82cxxx,ide_disk12:03
micXMithrandir, can u help?12:03
MithrandirmicX: are you using SATA?12:03
=== cardador [~jose@srt1.dq.fct.unl.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== baietas [~baietas@CPE00095b6cf17d-CM000f9f7d5d12.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
micXMithrandir, PATA12:03
micXMithrandir, Timing buffered disk reads:   36 MB in 10.25 seconds =   3.51 MB/sec12:04
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
HcEenabled DMA?12:05
micXHcE,  UDMA modes: udma0 udma1 udma2 udma3 udma4 *udma512:05
MithrandirHcE: that should be done automatically by the via driver.12:05
HcEMithrandir: again you use should ;)12:06
micXsystem runs dog-like :(12:06
HcEcould be a bad disk and DMA dissabled12:06
MithrandirmicX: you can try putting via82cxxx in /etc/modules and see if it helps.12:06
=== liran [~liran@] has joined #ubuntu
MithrandirHcE: I try not to seem certain when I'm not. :)12:06
MithrandirmicX: if that works, we have a bug we should track down.12:06
liranI want a good sharing files app like kazaa,but not emule or amule12:07
Treenaksliran: gtk-gnutella12:07
liranapt-get install gtk-gnutella12:08
HcEdcqui-qt perhaps?12:08
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
micXMithrandir, # lsmod|grep via82cxxx12:08
micXvia82cxxx              13084  112:08
micXide_core              125272  4 ide_cd,ide_generic,via82cxxx,ide_disk12:08
Treenaksliran: why don't you just try before you ask?12:09
MithrandirmicX: load order is important.12:09
micXMithrandir, so if it's in /etc/modules it will load earlier?12:09
MithrandirmicX: yes; try and report back. :)12:09
micXMithrandir, ok, I've edited it into /etc/modules. bbiab12:10
=== micX [~michael@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
joolzweird... i have no /dev/hda12:10
joolzhm, it's hdb. Is this normal?12:11
darkersatanicIf it's the primary slave drive, it'll be /dev/hdb12:11
HcEjoolz: yes, if it's primary slave12:11
joolzhm, my other harddisk broke and it was replaced by the manifacturer. Apparently they put it in slave12:12
joolzwill this affect performance?12:12
HcEjoolz: just a jumper thingy, no performance issues12:12
joolz(being slave, not master that is)12:12
joolzHcE: ok, tx12:13
HcEjust remember to set it right with your bootloader and so on :)12:13
HcEbut since you've booted up, I'll guess everything is ok12:13
joolzHcE: :) yeah, i guess12:14
HcEjoolz: you can always "test" with hdparm -tT /dev/hdb12:15
joolzyes, i'm doing that right now12:15
joolzto see if i can speed up things some more12:15
joolzhmm, hdparm -X34 -d1 -u1 /dev/hdb slows me down12:16
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=== DaNewB [~DaNewB@modemcable075.26-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
joolzseems like the default settings are good12:17
joolzi'm only making things slower :)12:17
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== TongMaestro [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== oseb [~oseb@] has joined #ubuntu
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== micX [~michael@] has joined #ubuntu
micXMithrandir, it seems a bit better, but:12:18
micXMithrandir,  Timing buffered disk reads:    2 MB in  4.63 seconds = 442.30 kB/sec12:18
Mithrandirerr, that seems wrong.12:19
Mithrandirtry once more. :)12:19
Mithrandirmake sure to wait until your system has settled down after booting,12:19
=== stojanos [~stojanos@host81-133-201-144.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
micXMithrandir, ok, here goes...12:20
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
micXTiming buffer-cache reads:   404 MB in  2.01 seconds = 201.43 MB/sec12:21
micXTiming buffered disk reads:    2 MB in  4.63 seconds = 442.30 kB/sec12:21
stojanosCan someone help me with building initrd image? I have compiled and installed kernel but there is no initrd image in boot directory for new kernel. 12:22
MithrandirmicX: that's _really_ weird.12:22
micXhow would I tell that the disk is hosed? It's not new12:22
HcEmicX: run badblocks on it?12:23
micXModel=ST340016A, FwRev=3.75, SerialNo=3HS36F7Z12:23
HcESeagate disk?12:24
HcEI have the same disk in 80GB version12:25
HcEbut on a Intel chipset12:25
micXHcE, does it work better than this?12:26
HcEmicX: think I get around 30-40MB/sec reading12:26
HcEdon't have that machine booted now, so can't check12:26
HcEyou don't have any errors in dmesg?12:27
micXwell, if the driver reports dma, hdparm reports dma, but the disk runs like crap... is it trashed?12:27
=== thisfred [~thisfred@a213-84-57-72.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
HcEmicX: you should se some I/O errors or DMA timouts12:28
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
micXHcE, if badblocks comes back with a list of numbers like 231964 231965 does that mean they are bad?12:30
HcEmicX: I really don't remember, been so long since last time I ran badblocks12:31
=== smeggy [~smeggy2@dsl-203-113-241-78.TAS.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
smeggyhmm.. why did my firefox just get downgraded12:31
HcEI usually pipe to a file, and see over the file afterwards12:31
Lathiatsmeggy: someoen else mentioned that12:31
Lathiatmaybe it was rolled back from a bug or soethign12:31
=== bluewheel [~bluewheel@adsl-139-77.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
smeggyheh.. not complaining.. theres hardly any difference... just wondering?12:31
micXHcE, but any output from badblocks is BAD?12:32
HcEit should say12:32
HcEtry run with -v for verbosity12:33
=== MoisesC [~moisesc@9.Red-213-96-165.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== krischan [~krischan@p50909A08.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Iorek [~san@11-106.240.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
IorekMSN/Gaim doesn't connect! I blame Ubuntu! Even though Trillian and Kopete don't connect either on completely different OSes...12:38
cefmethinks either MSN is stuffed, or they've changed the protocol once again12:39
fabbionecef: i tend to think they did it right this night12:39
NoodlesIt's stuffed.12:39
fabbionei can't connect either12:40
Lathiathey cef12:40
Lathiatcef: nah its fscked12:40
cefheya Lathiat 12:40
=== Lathiat kicks his crappy mic/speakers in his laptop
Lathiattrying to voip someone doesnt work very well12:40
cefdaniels: so whaddya think? think we could give away 5000 ubuntu cd's at the swapmeets?12:40
Lathiatknew i should havebrought my headset this morning12:40
Lathiatcef: what good would that do? maybe livecds would be usefull?12:40
Iorek*nods sagely* kicking crappy speakers upgrades them12:41
=== _LinSpider_ [~LinSpider@u81-11-139-83.adsl.scarlet.be] has joined #ubuntu
danielscef: don't see why not :)12:41
Lathiati doubt mum and dad are going to blow away their computer :P12:41
cefLathiat: cos we can? and yeah live cd's as well if we can get 'em12:41
Lathiatcef: ordering on the cd order thing?12:41
Lathiati ordered 50 i thought that was extreme :P12:41
HcElive CDs are nice, instant repair on Wintendo machines ;)12:41
IorekLathiat it's just a factor hundred...12:42
Lathiata nice gnome based live cd finally :)12:42
Lathiatgnoppix wasnt so good12:42
Iorekwhich makes it, what, extreme to the max?12:42
cefHcE: heh.. I was also thinking it'd be great to give a few copies to the hardware tester guys12:42
=== stojanos [~stojanos@host81-133-201-144.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
cefI've got a new Dual Opteron at work.. so I'm tempted to try ubuntu on it *grin*12:42
IorekI just wish it came with some decent burning app, or that rhythbox didn't suck so much :)12:43
Iorekotherwise suse would have been long gone already12:43
=== trip_out [~trip_out@81-86-232-212.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatIorek: what did you want to burn?12:44
Iorekaudio cd12:45
Lathiatdont think that support is in rhythmbox atm is it?12:45
Iorekit could be, but the interface is horrible, unless I'm missing something12:45
IorekI probably am12:45
Iorekit happens a lot12:45
Lathiati don think it does 12:45
Lathiatnot in the build12:45
Lathiatits in cvs i think12:45
=== trip_out [~trip_out@81-86-232-212.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-54-50.mirnd2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Iorekmhhh, I happily tinkered two OSes into oblivion already, so I'm a bit more careful now12:46
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== joh_ [~joh@166.80-203-18.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== free is now known as freefk
Iorek ubuntu won't be in warty, right? That's hoary?12:48
LathiatWarty is a version of ubuntu12:48
IorekI know12:48
MithrandirIorek: ubuntu is the distribution, warty is one release, hoary is the next one.12:48
IorekI know :P12:48
LathiatUbuntu is the name of the distribution, warty is the release name current, hoary is the current oen12:48
Lathiat*next one12:48
IorekI know :P12:48
LathiatIorek: well what you said made no sense, read it :P12:48
Lathiator is english your second language?12:48
IorekI know :P12:48
Iorekyes :)12:48
Iorekwhat I MEANT12:48
Iorekwas "kde won't be etc etc"12:49
=== nate [~nate@202-0-37-248.cable.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatoh not in warty now12:49
Mithrandirkde won't be in warty, no.12:49
Lathiatfuture support is planned, not sure about hoary12:49
Mithrandirit's in universe.12:49
Iorekand the mistake has nothing to do with English as my second language, just me being an airhead12:49
LathiatIorek: :)12:49
Iorekyeah, but I'm afraid of universe12:49
Iorekit's too big12:49
Iorektoo scary12:49
natespeaking of scary, I just did an update and it's downloading 75 megs12:50
MithrandirIorek: what about multiverse, then? ;)12:50
Lathiatnate: yeh the archive moves fast12:50
Iorek*wets pants*12:50
LathiatMithrandir: whats in multiverse anyway....12:50
natewhen does multiverse come online?12:50
MithrandirLathiat: non-free + contrib from debian12:51
natethat package is not dead which can eternal lie unmaintained12:51
LathiatMithrandir: is it dangerous to add? :)12:51
IorekI love gnome, I just think some KDE apps are definitely better than their gnome counterparts :/12:51
Lathiatlike is it gonna remove my xfree86 or something :)12:51
LathiatIorek: yeh ive only come accross 1but that happens12:52
Lathiatim sure some gnome apps are more polished than some kde ones12:52
IorekK3B en juk come to mind12:52
=== nate dreams of a world where both desktops share a single component framework
MithrandirLathiat: it's not dangerous to add, no, packages therein have no guarantees, like universe.12:52
LathiatMithrandir: yeh of course, i know :)12:52
Iorekbut your disk drive may start cussing at you12:52
Iorekuse at own risk12:52
nateI just added the Flash plugin from contrib. Was that universe or multiverse?12:53
nateI thought it was universe12:53
Iorekk3b is obvious...but juk handles tags better, and plays ALL my mp3s, not just "most of them"...12:53
natedoes multiverse have extra contrib sections?12:54
Iorek http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/main mozilla-firefox 0.99+1.0PR.1+revertedto0.9.3-0ubuntu112:54
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
Ioreknate yes, that's probably happening with you too :P12:55
Mithrandir1.0PR1 was too unstable, so we're downgrading.12:56
natereally? Wow12:56
nateunstable how?12:56
Mithrandircrashed. :)12:56
=== Deft [~psh103@skeleton.ecs.soton.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
IorekI noticed that it did crash a lot12:56
Iorekin suse too12:56
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-040-023.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
nateI don't think it's crashed once on me so far12:57
Iorekalways happened when clicking a link12:57
natemine still identifies as 1.0 PR1, but I notice the title bar isn't yellow on https12:57
Iorekit's in disguise :)12:58
Iorekusurping and pretending12:58
nateIt has the lock icon in the URL bar though12:59
Iorekit's some sort of 0.9.3/1.0PR slash fanfic halfbreed!12:59
natewhat truly terrifies me is I'm sure somewhere on the Net there is indeed a group dedicated to Mozilla slashfic01:00
Mithrandirnate: I did so not need to get that image inside my head.01:00
=== qzio [~qzio@c-ea0f72d5.04-234-76786a1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== oseb [~oseb@] has joined #ubuntu
IorekFirefox/Thunderbird slashfic01:01
Iorek"his tail slowly stroked her more...intimate feathers"01:01
nateWhen Sunbird is done, it'll be a triangle. 01:02
IorekSunbird? :)01:02
darkersatanicAnd quite nice it seems to be, too.01:03
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-103.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Iorekmine identifies as 0.9.3 now01:03
nateI liked my shiny toys01:04
linux_mafiawhats slashfic?01:04
linux_mafiaslash fiction?01:05
Iorekit's the place where Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy duddenly realise they want eachother01:05
linux_mafiawhat like eroticized popular literature?01:05
linux_mafiaonly of the gay variety? or hetero too?01:06
nateit's the seamy underbelly of pulp fandom, yes01:06
Iorekmore like badly written gay butchering of popular literature, but yes :)01:06
Iorekit TENDS to be gay though01:06
Iorekand written by women01:06
IorekI find this intriguing01:06
danielsdudes, offtopic!01:06
danielsplease use #offtopic01:06
Ioreker :P01:06
linux_mafiagetting carried away01:06
Iorekback to ubuntu/debian slashfic!01:07
Iorekis not talking at all better than talking about slashfic? :)01:08
Iorekyou're probably right :P01:10
natehmm, another hour remaining on my update01:11
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== freefk is now known as free
=== topyli [~juha@ktlpc219.edu.helsinki.fi] has joined #ubuntu
hypn0i've always used rpm distros, is the only difference to debian based distros the packages and installation :-/01:17
Treenakshypn0: mostly..01:17
Treenakshypn0: there's apt-get of course..01:17
Treenaksand a packaging policy so packages always work well together01:18
hypn0i had that in fedora too01:18
Ioreksort of. From own experience, apt-get seems to work a whole lot better01:18
Treenaksand no weird /etc/sysconfig/* stuff to override your /etc/ config changes01:19
hypn0i tried the live cd, the only thing i was a bit unsure about was dash shell, i understand why they used it, but i liked bash :-)01:20
=== Noce [~noceconsu@woodstock-52-219.woodstock.clarkson.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Nocehello people01:21
=== PerfDave [user42415@sparky.ox.compsoc.net] has joined #ubuntu
hypn0i think it was dash :-/01:22
Kamionneighborlee: no need to suggest a rescue mode, we're already aware that it's needed01:23
plovs_workanybody having bookmark problems after downgrading firefox?01:24
SteveAplovs_work: I've had numerous problems with *grading firefox, fixed by shutting it down, removing the file XUL.mfasl from my profile directory, and then restarting.01:29
=== phosphorgreen [~ajross@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ex-Cyber [nobody@rdu162-230-005.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_worksteveA I'll give it a try01:36
=== DXT [~michael@] has joined #ubuntu
DXTi followed this: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto for my R9800P, i restared and when i try to set a resolution i get this error:01:39
DXTThe X server does not support the XRandR extension. Runtime resolution changes to the display size are not available01:39
danielsthat's because the ATI binary driver doesn't support on-the-fly resolution changes01:39
DXTyou see, 1600x1200 is not too healthy for me :|01:39
DXTso how do i change it?01:40
plovs_workSteveA, that worked! nice! why did it work? what is XUL.mfasl?01:40
danielsedit /etc/X11/XF86Config-401:40
DXTbe more specific01:40
DXTwhat to change there?01:40
DXTplus tuxracer looks like it's on drugs but that's another issue :P01:41
SteveAplovs_work: XUL.mfasl is a bunch of cached "compiled" XUL.  It makes the application start-up faster.01:41
SteveAplovs_work: but, if it is inconsistent with what the XUL should be, it causes problems.01:42
DXTso how do i change the resolution ? :\01:42
plovs_workSteveA, thanks01:42
SteveAI think the "cached XUL" feature has been turned off for the latest ubuntu builds01:42
SteveAit is just too flaky01:43
Iorektuxracer ALWAYS looks like that...:P01:43
DXTis there an APTable java runtime enviroment package?01:43
plovs_workSteveA, it should remove the file on a first run after an update anyway01:43
DXTmy eyes hurt 1600x1200 aaaaaaaah -.-01:44
TreenaksDXT: did you read the faq?01:44
DXTure talking about the resolution thing?01:45
TreenaksDXT: that, and java01:45
DXTi'll check it out..01:45
DXTi found a faq.. but i dont think that's what u meant01:49
DXTcan you gimme a link?01:49
=== Bol [~verk@62-3-245-222.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
DXTohh topic :)01:50
=== dewey [~dewey@c-67-168-51-181.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
DXTno its the same thing01:51
DXTnothing about drivers or java01:51
=== Micksa [~mslade@203-217-18-166.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
deweygood day mates01:51
deweyI am coming to you from my new ubuntu install :)01:52
=== LathiatEBP [~ca150a22@sweep.bur.st] has joined #ubuntu
Iorekcongrats ;)01:54
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== zv0dka [~none@aulas-i-p2.fe.up.pt] has joined #ubuntu
zv0dkahellos. my cd-rom driver isnt recognize when i try to install ubuntu.. it's an lg gcc-4481b. anyone knows where can i find the driver?02:06
=== NDread [~Jesus_Sav@mailgate.crizon.com] has joined #ubuntu
Treenakszv0dka: what kind of CD-ROM is it?02:06
Treenakszv0dka: SCSI or IDE or USB or firewire or something else?02:06
Treenakszv0dka: that should work02:06
LathiatEBPhmm thats the second time ive heard that in as many days02:06
NDreadIs there *any* way I can get xorg on ubuntu?02:06
Treenakswithout special drivers02:06
TreenaksNDread: wait a few months, basically02:07
zv0dkaTreenaks.. but it doesnt :(02:07
zv0dkaand i can't find the drivers anywhere..02:07
NDreadTreenaks: Ok :(02:07
Treenakszv0dka: is it set up correctly in hardware?02:07
Treenakszv0dka: (master/slave etc)02:07
zv0dkaTreenaks.. yes. it works on debian, fedora, xp..02:07
NDreadnice to see gnome 2.8 got into ubuntu before it did on gentoo02:07
=== PerfDave [user42415@sparky.ox.compsoc.net] has left #ubuntu []
zv0dkaLathiatEBP.. at the first time, how was the problem solved? :)02:08
LathiatEBPzv0dka: it wasnt :)02:08
=== kujin [~kujin@] has joined #ubuntu
zv0dkathat's nice.. *not*02:09
=== punkass_ [~punkass@] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatEBPzv0dka: What is the problem exactly, it fails to recogsnise the cd drive or the actual cdrom itself (of ubuntu)02:09
zv0dkaLathiatEBP.. i start the computer from the ubuntu cdrom, then it checks the hardware, an then ask me for cdrom drivers02:10
LathiatEBPi suppose its possibly you have some crazy weird ide chipset02:10
LathiatEBPis it raid or anythig?02:10
zv0dkanops. 02:10
LathiatEBPtho if it works on fedora it should be fine02:10
LathiatEBPswitch to the console (alt+f2) and type "dmesg|grep hd"02:10
LathiatEBPpaste that in privmsg02:11
danielsNDread: what do you need from xorg?02:11
zv0dkahave to reboot :p02:11
=== stone__ [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
NDreaddaniels: better support for my sis gfx chipset02:12
danielsNDread: we've actually backported the entire sis driver from thomas winischofer02:12
LathiatEBPsomeoen else might have to help that v0dka dude i gtg :)02:12
LathiatEBPlaters :)02:12
NDreaddaniels: I didnt see any sis_dri.so02:13
danielsah, I'm not sure we build SiS DRI, but it's still highly experimental, even in X.Org02:13
NDreadits been experimental for a long time now. 02:13
danielsdoesn't make it any less expiermental ;)02:13
NDreadoh well, might as well get dri from sf.net and compile it myself again02:14
Treenaksdaniels: did fabbione tell/ask you about reporting ubuntu #1842 upstream?02:14
danielsTreenaks: thanks for the tip, i'll put it in our bz upstream02:16
Treenaksdaniels: thanks02:17
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=== phil_ [~phil@host81-152-65-3.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
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baietascan anyone point me to a quick cdwriting setup guide?02:33
=== mvo [~egon@suprimo-250.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu
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Treenaksdeprecated: re 1842, would valgrind output help?02:41
Treenaksdaniels: 02:41
=== phosphorgreen [~ajross@] has left #ubuntu []
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
tsengazeem: no, havent bugged many peoply.02:52
=== xTina [~xTina@laptop-dynip220.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de] has joined #ubuntu
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SamBozowhere can I find a listing of the hot keys for window size manipulation in gnome?03:01
danielsTreenaks: could do, yeah03:03
Treenaksdaniels: OK, then I'll do that tonigh :)03:03
=== sivang [~sivan@CBL217-132-114-40.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
bob2SamBozo: computer -> desktop preferences -> keybindings03:05
=== goatboy_ [~tim@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-4-162.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
SamBozotnx bob2   it was the alt F7 to resize down I was looking for .. I rememberd it but can't find that section in the help file03:10
SamBozomake that F8  <g>03:10
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-250.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== Suzan [~Suzan@p50847791.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== _LinSpider_ [~LinSpider@u81-11-139-83.adsl.scarlet.be] has joined #ubuntu
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=== seb128__ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-8-104.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
azeemtseng: have you talked to robster about tomboy? He has filed an ITP (#272264) some time ago03:21
smeggyso anyone know why firefox got downgraded?03:23
tsengazeem: no, but i have noticed that03:23
bob2smeggy: bugginess03:24
tsengoh, robster is right here03:24
smeggybob2, ah.03:24
bob2smeggy: for example, clicking on a javascript new window link would crash it for a bunch of people03:24
smeggyI see! :)03:25
smeggyI wasn't complaining, just wondering :)03:25
bob2heh, just explaning :)03:25
bob2it's a shame, 0.10 had some nifty features03:25
smeggythanks :)03:25
=== phosphorgreen [~ajross@] has joined #ubuntu
phosphorgreenhello every103:26
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-54-50.mirnd2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== ud_ [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
phosphorgreenany1 any idea on how ide-scsi is set up in ubuntu or more generally, how to get cd burning working. I want to burn audio tracks from MP3 which I could do fine on my last box03:27
plovs_worktseng, will you update tomboy? 0.2 builds cleanly03:27
smeggyI don't think you need to use the ide-scsi thing anymore... I may be wrong though.03:27
tsengplovs_work: er, 0.2?03:28
phosphorgreenthats good, but how does cdwriting work these days then?03:28
plovs_workphosphorgreen,smeggy, no ide-scsi anymore for 2.6 kernels03:28
tsengplovs_work: i still see 0.1.203:28
smeggyplovs_work, thought so.03:28
plovs_worktseng, it is in http://www.beatniksoftware.com/tomboy/releases/ (they did not yet update the frontpage)03:29
phosphorgreenthe module still exists in the system tho03:29
tsengplovs_work: i already pushed 0.1.2 to jdub/mdz for universe03:29
tsengplovs_work: but i can update it in my tree for giggles03:30
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_worktseng, that would be nice, I follow your tree, still03:30
plovs_worktseng, any plans on ifolder?03:31
tsengplovs_work: not atm03:31
=== coenix [~coenix@0x503e9b94.odnxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== pupilzeng [pupilzeng@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2phosphorgreen: you don't need or want ide-scsi03:39
tsengplovs_work: try that out03:40
=== richnrockvillemd [~schinnell@pcp09409049pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== pupilzeng [pupilzeng@] has joined #ubuntu
iainmtseng, it seems to have produced an Applications->Accessories->Tomboy Notes menu item that is not functional.03:45
iainmrunning tomboy --start-here in a terminal tells me "Tomboy remote control disabled."03:46
anders_will the release install-cd be able to shrink ntfs patitions?03:46
tsengiainm: yep03:46
mirI get: Error trying to open /dev/hda exclusively (Permission denied) When I try to burn with cdrecord, why does it want exclusive access to hda??... I use the same commands etc in debian and it works gr803:46
tsengiainm: i can fix that for you right quick03:47
=== jacob [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
mirAnyone who can help me with my cdrecord issue?03:48
tsengiainm: try again03:49
iainmincidentally, the first time I typed "Ubuntu" in a tomboy note it said I had misspelled it.03:49
tsenghm, wait i guess it cleans out my tree =/03:49
tsengthat wont fix it.03:50
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW_
anders_ntfstools -> ntfsresize in warty final install cd?03:50
anders_Not easy to convince people to remove their win partition to try linux03:51
jacobIs it possible to see the changelog for a newer package in aptitude, before installing it ?03:51
iainmyeah, it's till doing the same thing.03:51
=== limaunion [~limaunion@172-166-114-200.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #ubuntu
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== silbs [silbs@host217-44-166-168.range217-44.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2jacob: install apt-listchanges03:54
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB3AB2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
bob2mir: are you sure hda is your cd rom drive?03:55
jacobbob2, thanks, looks good03:56
=== polok [~polok@1Cust58.tnt2.wollongong.au.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== dalderman [~dan@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
daldermanhi guys and gals03:58
daldermananyone tries loading a self signed ssl CA cert into evo?03:58
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
daldermanIt's not working but I don't seem to get any error03:58
daldermanthe same cert loaded fine into epiphany03:58
mirbob2: hda is not my CDRW drive03:59
=== Decayer [~daniel@] has joined #ubuntu
mirbob2: And I don't know why it wants access to hda03:59
bob2mir: patse the exact command line you're trying to use03:59
mirbob2: I spesify ATPI:0,1,0 witch is cdrw04:00
bob2no, that's wrong04:00
bob2dev=/dev/hdc or whatever your cd drive is04:00
mirbob2: even when I am not running ide-scsi?.. This command works perfectly in debian: cdrecord blank=fast dev=ATAPI:0,1,004:01
mirBut In ubuntu I get error04:01
bob2just use the device node04:01
bob2it's the recommended way to do it in 2.604:01
bob2by everyone except joerg04:01
mirbob2: Wow, it worked.. lol04:02
mirbob2: Thanks.. I thougt ATAPI:x,x,x was the way in 2.6.04:02
mirOk thanks alot, its working now :-)04:03
danielsdo not listen to mr. schilling.04:03
Treenaksbob2: does Joerg have a rationale for this?04:03
danielsTreenaks: no04:04
danielsTreenaks: other than that it's not SCSI04:04
danielsand doesn't try to bolt SCSI on to something that's clearly not SCSI04:04
Treenaksah.. bone-headedness04:05
bob2he seems to dislike linux and ide04:05
bob2a lot04:05
limaunionquick question, is it posible to run two 'apt-get installs' simultaneouly ? 04:11
Kamionlimaunion: no04:11
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-115-112.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionlimaunion: they each take a lock, so if you try then you should get an error04:12
=== guptan [~Raj@we12783.emirates.net.ae] has joined #ubuntu
limaunionKamion: ok, never tried.04:12
richnrockvillemdI would like to have the sound working. It is a sound blaster 16 isa pnp. any ideas where I should look?  (be gentile with me as I am a idiot on Ubuntu..04:13
=== harryv [harry@25cl.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== anders_ [~anders@cD9088A1D.sdsl.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== sertmann [~sertmann@] has joined #ubuntu
=== topyli [~juha@ktlpc219.edu.helsinki.fi] has left #ubuntu []
=== cprov [~cprov@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp139-87.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== _brandx_ [~brandx_@] has joined #ubuntu
vrlnare the the security problems fixed in the recently downgraded firefox (it was 0.10, now it's 0.93 again)?04:30
Kamionvrln: yes04:30
Kamion mozilla-firefox (0.99+1.0PR.1+revertedto0.9.3-0ubuntu1) warty; urgency=low04:30
Kamion .04:30
Kamion   * Revert to 0.9.3-6 + branding changes04:30
Kamion   * Version so as to be greater than 0.99+1.0PR.1-0ubuntu104:30
Kamion   * Port Ubuntu branding changes to 0.9.304:30
Kamion   * Patch to fix upstream bug #259708, the 1.0PR security problem.04:30
vrlnok, thanks :)04:30
jacobHow do I get the changelog for a package04:31
azeemdo you have a no-epochs-policy, or was this a matter of 'the version is too long anyway, so adding 'reverted.foo' to it does not matter04:31
=== bdale [~bdale@rover.gag.com] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksjacob: look in /usr/share/doc/<package>/changelog.Debian.gz04:32
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-115-112.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
MyKq3y some programs on Gnome don't use the general applied theme ?04:34
MyKq3e.g. amule04:34
azeemthey are broken, probably04:34
=== MepisBelle [~Old@adsl-68-122-6-135.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@host81-7-60-84.surfport24.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
jacobMyKq3, perhaps they are using gtk1.2...04:35
azeemMyKq3: amule seems to be a GTK-1.2 program, not a GNOME2 one04:35
=== Tzalidar [~Tzalidar@c-e0aae253.1041-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== maximaus [~max@user-37kacq2.dialup.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
MyKq3can i fix this ?04:35
Kamionazeem: adding an epoch would have made it gratuitously difficult for people to "upgrade" back to Debian04:35
azeemoh, right04:36
Kamionazeem: we use "ubuntu" suffixes on version numbers rather than pretending we own the whole namespace for pretty much the same reason04:36
azeemthat part I know of (being used to +hurd.1)04:36
Tzalidarcan i upgrade between releases by doing "apt-get dist-upgrade"?04:36
jacobHow does the updating of ubuntu really work practically? Should I update/upgrade in Aptitude once a day or so, and that way be able to stay updated to the current version of Ubuntu forever ?04:38
jacobOr do I ever have to download a new ISO and burn/isntall it ?04:39
phosphorgreenany1 any idea why k3b would see my cdrw drive as root, but not as my usual user?04:39
phosphorgreenk3b sees the drive, just thinks its a cdrom not a cdrw04:40
Tzalidarjacob, since ubuntu uses apt, all you need to do is update it either via synaptic or by"apt-get update && apt-get upgrade"04:40
jacobphosphorgreen, I believe its because some restrictions in the recent 2.6 kernels04:40
Tzalidarphosphorgreen: as jacob said :)04:40
phosphorgreenjacob: any way around it? I'd rather not log in as root every time i want to cdrw04:41
phosphorgreenespecially as there are other users that want to use cdrw04:41
jacobTzalidar, ok, so you always follow the main ubuntu repository? I come from Fedora Core, which has specific repos for the different version, thats why I'm asking04:41
=== l0gistic [~c30722c3@ns.lost-in-cyberspace.net] has left #ubuntu []
jacobphosphorgreen, mail the k3b devs and tell them to fix it, thats the best answer I can give04:41
jacobphosphorgreen, but they probably alredy know 8)04:42
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
phosphorgreenthankx jacob: is there any other good cdrw software out there then?04:43
jacobphosphorgreen, k3b is the best cdburning software there is, I dont know of any Gnome app that can burn CD/DVD ISO:s...04:44
phosphorgreeni've tried gcombust and gtoaster but they dont seem to work either, i didnt have all these issues with my last setup04:45
phosphorgreenit seems to be because cdrecord -scanbus wont work, because there is no ide-scsi any more04:45
jacobphosphorgreen, "cdrecord -scanbus" as root wont work ?04:46
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
phosphorgreenjacob: nope : cdrecord: No such file or directory. Cannot open '/dev/pg*'. Cannot open SCSI driver.04:50
jacobphosphorgreen, hmm, I actually have the same problems04:51
phosphorgreenk3b must send it something correct to get it to write under root tho04:51
=== Qo-noS [~Klinzhai@bb220-255-27-47.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
=== nobse [tretkowski@ridcully.inittab.de] has joined #ubuntu
nobseAnyone knows why mozilla-firefox was downgraded from 0.10.1 to 0.9.3?04:53
tsengbecause 0.10.1 was buggy to the man04:53
=== baluba [~Antonio@213-140-6-112.fastres.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
nobsetseng: Hmm, runs very well here.04:53
tsengexcept for randomly crashing04:53
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-3-95.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Phr0stByte [~phr0stbyt@ip24-250-124-175.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
limaunionnobse: I agree with you, runs well.05:01
limauniontseng: no crashes05:02
Phr0stByteAnyone here have a Wacom USM device working in Ubuntu?05:03
Phr0stByte(drawing tablet)05:03
=== Smeven [~Smeven@kaam0.misawa.attmil.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu
Smevengdm is messed up on my system05:05
Smevenand i cant seem to get it to work05:05
pittiSmeven: any details?05:06
=== Phr0stByte takes that as a "no"
Smevenwhen gdm is supposed to start05:06
Smevenit gives me a dialog (curses) that says there seems to already be a display on :0 and it asks if i would like to start another05:06
Smevenso i drop back to the term05:06
Smevenkill X and gdm05:06
Smevenand then try running gdm again05:07
Smevensame thing05:07
SmevenI also tried apt-get install gdm --reinstall05:07
=== chacho [~chacho@docs18-222.menta.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== free is now known as freefk
Smevenit has been this way for over a week now05:07
=== WW_ [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
SmevenThe only thing i can think that may have caused this, is an upgrade05:09
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW_
azeemanybody know a good blackdown.org java mirror for ubuntu? The one mentioned in the wiki/RestrictedModules returns 404 here05:12
siretartazeem: try java-package from multiverse05:12
=== Smeven [~Smeven@kaam0.misawa.attmil.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu
Smevenno such luck05:12
Smevengdm is still broken05:12
phosphorgreenhow many people here had cd writing 'just work' out of the box with ubuntu?05:13
=== Kamion raises hand
=== superted as well
phosphorgreenKamion: what sorta setup do u have? Are you sure you dont need to be root to burn05:14
=== Smeven [~Smeven@kaam0.misawa.attmil.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu
Smeveni have tried everything i can think of05:15
Smevenanyone have any ideas on the previous mentioned gdm problem?05:15
Phr0stBytephosphorgreen: mine works fine too05:15
Phr0stBytephosphorgreen: use Nautilus burning for most things05:16
Kamionphosphorgreen: whatever writer's in a powerbook05:16
Phr0stBytephosphorgreen: I have a HP300c05:17
Phr0stBytephosphorgreen: I have a DVD/CD combo05:18
=== nobse [tretkowski@ridcully.inittab.de] has left #ubuntu []
Kamionphosphorgreen: if it doesn't work for you, file a bug rather than asking for whom it does work. :-)05:18
phosphorgreenPhr0stByte: do u have to b root to write to it05:18
phosphorgreenhow does 1 file a bug?05:18
Phr0stBytephosphorgreen: Not at all05:18
=== tvon [~tvon@h-66-167-145-100.mclnva23.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
phosphorgreenPhr0stByte: what kernel is ur machine running?05:19
phosphorgreeni read in linux-kernel announce that from 2.8 onwards you need to be root to burn to ide cdrws05:20
phosphorgreeni mean 2.6.805:20
phosphorgreensame here Phr0stByte05:20
Phr0stBytephosphorgreen: I think that has been patched, as I can write without using "sudo"05:21
=== eniac [~jonas@cable-] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionwe patched that in Ubuntu kernels, yes05:21
eniachey, is it possible to install ubuntu from a floppy disk ?05:21
KamionI believe it's patched in Debian kernels too05:21
Kamioneniac: no, sorry05:21
eniacKamion: and from an other distro 05:21
Kamionyes, use debootstrap to install the base system05:22
eniacKamion: I have no idea what debootstrap is, could you give me a hint05:22
Kamioneniac: http://archive.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/installer-i386/current/doc/manual/en/apcs03.html, although the documentation is very raw05:23
Phr0stBytephosphorgreen: First I would check /etc/ftab - then if that looks OK - try burning from the cl. See what that tells you.05:23
Kamionin particular that documentation doesn't yet describe how to install the desktop05:23
eniacKamion: thanks, I'll give it a try and I can always come here to ask if I'm in trouble I guess.05:23
=== mxpxpod [~forbesbd@eth13.com-link.com] has joined #ubuntu
eniacKamion: aaah , that's what I need a desktop05:24
eniacI'll just go out and buy some cd's then :-)05:24
Maydayhow nice, in my fan isnt working :(05:24
eniachoped there was a way without moving my but 05:24
=== sertmann [~sertmann@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamioneniac: 'aptitude install "~tubuntu-desktop"' after doing what that documentation says, should do the trick05:25
sertmanndoes the default ubuntu kernel come with bootsplash? or has anyone succesfully tainted the kernel with it?05:26
Kamionno, it does not come with bootsplash05:26
Smevennot a bad idea though05:26
Kamionwe tried that briefly and it broke the installer, so we reverted it and will be doing something better for hoary05:26
=== georgie [~geo@host-83-146-8-82.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
sertmannah ok, i was just wondering...05:26
phosphorgreencan someone with a working cdrw setup do me an lsmod and grep for the sg module, mines doesn't appear to have loaded05:27
sertmannbut it was only the installer it broke?05:27
=== Phr0stByte cant wait for Hoary!
Kamionbut yes, believe so05:27
sertmannsorry :=05:27
SmevenIf it only broke the installer....why not make a post-install option?05:27
Smevenjust a thought :P05:28
Kamionbecause we don't want that divergence, and we will be doing something better for hoary.05:28
Smevenwhat is hoary?05:28
Smevenexcept for the ex05:28
sertmannnext release05:28
Kamionthe release after warty05:28
Smevenis there any docs on for what is to come with hoary?05:28
Kamionit's not as simple as an "option", it requires a totally different kernel build05:28
=== Phr0stByte likes to change his graphics all the time
SmevenKamion: i understand05:29
Smeveni have set it up many times05:29
=== morganc [~morganc@wblv-226-222.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
Smevenmore pain than its worth if you ask me05:29
sertmannmeh, ill go play with it, and see if i can get it working....05:29
Smeveni dont like patching my kernels unless it is for something "useful"05:29
sertmannSmewen: im a sucker for things like that, can't help it :)05:29
Phr0stByteSmeven: you dont need to patch your kernel to change your boot-splash05:30
sertmannPhr0stByte: no?05:30
KamionPhr0stByte: you need to patch the kernel to enable it *at all*05:31
Kamionhence http://wiki.ubuntu.com/WartyWarthog_2fusplash05:31
Phr0stByteKamian: sorry - thought they were talking og the Gnome splash05:32
=== stojanos [~stojanos@host81-133-201-144.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
SmevenPhr0stByte: i know....05:33
=== fredrik_567 [~fredrik@c-3b4f70d5.05-43-756d6512.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== stone_ [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
stojanosafter compiling the kernel using original /boot/config.xxx file I am missing 16 modules. Is config file in boot directory wrong or I am missing something else?05:34
Kamiondid you use the same kernel source?05:35
stojanosno I used updated one from ubuntu05:35
=== JohanH [~johan@as9-2-6.b.bonet.se] has joined #ubuntu
stojanosShould I use one from CD (if there is source package on CD)?05:37
sertmannyeah, was just trying to get one from apt, none available?05:38
Smeveni am tired05:38
Smeveni swear05:38
Smeveni just want to stomp libtool into little pieces05:38
Kamionit's available, linux-source-
Kamionnot on the CD though05:38
=== murosai [nolife@dsl-hkigw3ddd.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
sertmannah, just to used to the ways of debian then :)05:39
stojanosYes I used this one but this is updated several times. This is now
stojanosI don't knwo enough about mkinitrd. What I have done is just mkintird -o /boot/image.xxxx xxxx vere xxxx is kernel version. Is this a reason why I am missing some modules05:44
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== perdix [~perdix@] has joined #ubuntu
=== xTina [~xTina@laptop-dynip220.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== phosphorgreen [~ajross@] has left #ubuntu []
=== savs [~savs@tmppnd02.ugent.be] has joined #ubuntu
jazzkawhat exactly do I need to add to sources.list to get the debian-marillat packages?05:49
=== Gerrath [~Gerrath@cad5.lifecor.com] has joined #ubuntu
melfWhen I run warty instller, i can't detect my CD-ROM drive. It just says that "No common CD-ROM" drive was detected". I find that a bit funny because as i installed sarge, i encountered no problems at all :/05:49
=== spiritz [~spiritz@] has joined #ubuntu
georgiejazzka--># Marillat's repository for acidrip, acroread, acroread-debian-files, acroread-plugin, avidemux, etc05:51
georgiedeb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main05:51
spiritzI would like to install kde 3.3 on my fresh ubuntu distrib. I noticed there was no KDE 3.3 in synpatic, is there a place to get it for ubuntu ? should I use the debian packages?05:52
jazzkageorgie, thanks!05:52
=== stojanos [~stojanos@host81-133-201-144.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
georgieno probs. i always forgot (on debian) so i keep it somewhere sane05:52
georgie..and it came in handy for ubu :)05:52
sertmanndoes someone know a id3v2 tagger for gtk that's not easytag?05:54
Smevendoes anyone know why it smells like ass out my window05:55
=== Lion [~richard@adsl-160-71.cytanet.com.cy] has joined #ubuntu
Smevenit smells like wretched ass05:56
=== tritium [~rimbert@12-203-252-127.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
jacobI don't get any kind of video output in Totem... :(05:56
bur[n] ersertmann: you dont' like easytab?05:56
Smevensome japanese guy is probably poppin a squat outside the window05:56
bur[n] ertag rather?05:56
sertmannbur[n] er: i can't get it to cooperate with my danish charecters, it just removes them05:56
=== randomnick [~randomnic@a213-22-23-220.netcabo.pt] has joined #ubuntu
Smevensertmann: you could always write your own05:57
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== tritium [~rimbert@12-203-252-127.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Lion is now known as LionH
sertmannSmeven: i could, but i don't know any programming what so ever, and i don't really have the time to learn ;)05:57
=== trip_out [~trip_out@81-86-232-212.dsl.pipex.com] has left #ubuntu []
spiritzisn't any kind of linuxconf tool under ubuntu so I can set my keyboard layout properly?05:58
=== zepo [~zepo@host76-161.pool8249.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
bur[n] eraww... sertmann there's something called hh... canasta... no cann*** i forgoet05:58
bur[n] erlinuxconf?  you a redhat/fc guy?05:59
sertmanna ha....05:59
spiritzyes Im from redhat, I just installed ubuntu05:59
Smevensertmann: i dont think it would be 'too' hard :)06:00
spiritzhow do ubuntu people set their keyboard layout ?06:00
d-bIsn't it in X conf?06:00
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["M'envaig"]
spiritzwhat's x conf? xfree-config ?06:00
sertmannSmeven: well with the time it took me to learn vbasp i think it would, for me :)06:01
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionthere's something in Desktop Configuration to set the keyboard layout06:02
spiritzok just found it, thx06:02
=== freefk is now known as free
thisfredbur[n] er: cantus?06:04
=== harryv [harry@25cl.org] has left #ubuntu []
Smevencantus isnt bad06:06
spiritzwhere is the kernel source located in ubuntu? I'm trying to make my wifi card module, but it returns to me make: *** /lib/modules/ No such file or directory.  Stop.06:07
spiritzmake: *** [modules]  Error 206:07
spiritz. Any Clue?06:07
Kamioninstall linux-headers-*06:08
spiritzthanks 06:08
=== afonit_ [~afonit@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamion(whichever one matches your linux-image-*)06:08
melfanyone? I have LG cdrw drive and warty doesn't know how to detect it when i choose the option to mount and detect :/06:08
=== p0int [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
=== herzi [~herzi@c172180.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu
herzidoes anyone here use ubuntu and the xfs file system and is having some fs-related problems?06:10
=== JohanH [~johan@as9-2-6.b.bonet.se] has joined #ubuntu
afonit_anyone have a good link on how to mount a network drive?06:10
=== herzi is ravong randomly IO-errors from the disk, and a friend of herzi too (common factor: both switched to ubuntu before)
bur[n] erthisfred: that's the one!!!  cantus!06:11
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d11-20.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== PandU [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3b99.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== jisao [~jisao@1meg-mtl-adsl219.securenet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== WW_ [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
Smevenif i can only remember06:16
Smeventhere was some way to load id3 tags with hex06:17
jisaoI have difficulties with the cf keyboard with Ubuntu06:17
jisaoI have tried to reconfigure xserver-xfree86 as explained on the ubuntulinux site...06:18
=== lpp [~liran@] has joined #ubuntu
jisaogot the keyboard to work, but still have error messages.  What should be my next step?06:19
lppI want to install java for my ubuntu that will work also on mozilla06:19
lppcan any one help me in this?06:20
=== uxi9000 [~tom@68-235-182-70.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
uxi9000hello, just ran upgrade and lost the cool ubuntu sounds. anybody know where they went??06:21
thisfredlpp: if you have a java that works, you can symlink to it from your mozilla-plugins directory...06:22
lppi have java06:22
thisfredlpp: in your java directory06:22
lppI don`t know where is it06:23
thisfredthere's a directory called (looking this up)06:23
=== NewComer [~NewComer@] has joined #ubuntu
=== gnomy [~cale@pD9E4831C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
gnomyhi all06:24
thisfredlpp: there's a directory plugin in you jre directory right?06:26
thisfredin there, find the path for your particular browser & platform06:26
gnomyi have the problem that i hear sounds but when i try playing an audio cd its not working06:28
gnomycan somebody help me?06:28
thisfredwhere mozilla is probably sth like ns6*06:28
thisfredlpp: then go to usr/lib/mozilla06:29
thisfredlpp: and type sudo ln -s /path/to/your/libjavaplugin_oji.so06:30
thisfredlpp: that should be it06:30
lppi done it06:30
lpphow to check ?06:30
thisfredsun has a check page I think06:30
=== perdix [~perdix@] has joined #ubuntu
thisfredlpp: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.jsp06:32
thisfredno problem06:33
lppbut go.icq.com isn`t working06:33
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
lppsaid i need java-vm06:33
thisfredmay need older or newer vm than you have? I'm not an expert on java by any means...06:34
lppi have another question mate06:34
lppI want to install sim icq06:34
lppthere is debian's binary's06:35
lppDebian unstable:06:35
lppdeb http://debian.thermoman.de sid sim06:35
lpphow i use it?06:35
thisfredI think you could try just adding that line to your /etc/apt/sources.list but that *may* screw your ubuntu up royally, as debian and ubuntu sources are not the same. Mostly works for me though, but if it doesn't you're pretty much on your own, so it's your gamble ;)06:37
thisfredI am also very much an ubuntu newbie, so someone wiser & older please correct me if I'm full of it...06:38
topylilpp: the sim packager doesn't seem very confident about the packages. They06:38
topyli're chroot compiled and untested.06:38
=== point [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
lppso i can`t use sim icq?06:39
=== qzio [~qzio@c-ea0f72d5.04-234-76786a1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has left #ubuntu []
=== krischan [~krischan@p5090BEC1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
topylilpp: sure, if it works :)06:39
=== pebkac [~tinyirc@NC10224-XP.osu-okmulgee.edu] has joined #ubuntu
lpphow i can try?06:39
pebkaccan anyone tell me if there's any difference between today's daily and the "release" of warty?06:39
topylilpp: get the binary, install and run06:40
=== chevwI [~Klinzhai@bb220-255-35-213.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
topylilpp: which part is problematic?06:40
=== chevwI is now known as Qo-noS
=== Olivier_54 [~olivier@dyn-83-154-139-72.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #ubuntu
lppwell i dont want to risk my system,but i need icq client so i can send SMS,on icq the service is for free06:42
NewComerlpp: last time i checked it was free in a couple of countries06:42
thisfredlpp: also, I don't know in which context you need this, but have you looked at Gaim? I think it does ICQ in addition to most other IM protocols, and I know it works on Ubuntu06:43
topylilpp: doesn't gaim work with the sms support? have you tried?06:43
lppi did06:43
lppno sms over there06:43
=== jkg never got ICQ's SMS stuff to work, in the UK at least.
thisfrednever mind then 06:43
pebkacanyone here know if there's any difference between today's daily and the release of warty?06:43
Kamionpebkac: there is no release of warty yet06:44
Kamionyes, some things will still change06:44
pebkacokay, fine.  the "release" of warty.  the 9/27 release06:44
topylilpp: you can try to add the sim repository to your sources.list and just install it with apt06:44
pebkacpreview, if you will06:44
topylilpp: then pray :)06:44
Kamionpebkac: plenty; look at the warty-changes list for full details06:44
pebkacwill do06:44
lpptopyli heh im too afraid to fuck up my system :)06:44
pebkaci just wanted to say also what a pleasure it is to use ubuntu.  i normally hate gnome06:44
pebkacubuntu makes it so... transparent.  i do not even notice that i'm using gnome.06:45
=== tom_cat [~tom_cat@] has joined #ubuntu
lppdoes ubuntu still beta?06:45
Kamion20040927 was not the preview either, BTW ... preview was 20040915, Sounder CD 9 was 2004092706:45
Kamioner, 2004092906:45
Kamionlpp: yes, release candidate on Wednesday06:45
lppand i must download the iso again and burn it and install it?06:46
Kamionyou can upgrade06:46
lppto the final release?06:46
pebkackamion: you are with ubuntu?06:46
Kamionpebkac: yep06:46
pebkacubuntu uses apt-get, lpp.  it is very easy to upgrade.06:46
topylilpp: yes, and to the next one, and next one :)06:46
topylino reinstalls06:46
jkgoh, while I think of it - what's the Right Way(tm) to install a JRE on Ubuntu?06:46
lppKamion how ? apt-get upgrade06:46
pebkackamion: if i wish to donate server, who do i contact?  preferably someone finnish?  my english is not so good.06:46
pebkaci have .edu rackmount06:47
Kamionlpp: 'man apt-get' for details, or use synaptic06:47
topylilpp: use synaptic while you learn to use apt06:47
lppok i will :)06:47
lpplast question topyli !06:47
lppI want to add new sources to my apt list Ubuntu sources only06:48
lppyou got some ?06:48
Kamionpebkac: I think the only needs we have at the moment are for more mirrors; see http://www.ubuntulinux.org/download/mirror06:48
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionpebkac: I'm the guy who does all the CD builds, hence why I'm picky about versions :-)06:49
topylilpp: no, but debian sources seem to work :)06:49
pebkacahh, yes okay.06:49
lppi won`t do that06:49
pebkaci think maybe i can mirror.  i will see what's on the server later.06:50
=== point [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
spiritzis there anyone here that could help me with my wifi card? I can't get it to work. iT'S AN IPW2200.06:50
lppyou know why topyli ?06:50
lppcuz i tested already06:50
lppand my ubuntu fucked up06:50
topylilpp: i can guess06:50
lppi had to reinstall it06:50
NewComerKamion: so there will be a first RC on Wednesday?06:50
Treenaksspiritz: yes, we can help you06:50
KamionNewComer: yes06:50
Treenaksspiritz: what part does not work?06:50
topylilpp: ubuntu universe is basically debian anyway, it has almost everything.06:50
supertedit has imortant stuff06:51
NewComerthen, gonna wait.. won't install the preview06:51
gnomyis somewhere a list of changes since the preview and rc106:51
=== joolz_ [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
lpptopyli i think its a new bug06:51
topylilpp: i just grabbed java and some multimedia packages, then commented out the repositories06:51
lppi did apt-get install apollon06:51
lppso apt installed kde also06:51
lppand gIFT06:51
lppi did reboot06:51
lppand bamn no linux 06:51
pebkacno linux or no graphical login?06:52
spiritzI got the ipw2200 driver from the ipw2200, I installed it with "make", then I downloaded the firmware, copy the files to the hotplug dir... I loaded the module, everything seems to be ok, I set the /etc/network/interface.... Then I think I'm done, thus I type ifup eth1, but it doesn't work, I got no answer to my dhcpdiscover... 06:52
pebkacbecause you have to swap out GDM for KDM.06:52
pebkacthere is a command and i forgot it.06:52
topylilpp: apollon seems to be there on the ubuntu servers... did you use that one or a third party package?06:52
topylianyway it shouldn't break the whole system06:53
lppi just did apt-get install apollon06:53
spiritzI dont know what else to do :(06:53
pebkaci am running sneakernet.  my poor pc at home is disconnect at the moment, so i am apt'ing with cds!06:53
pebkaci should get an award for dedication.  or stupidity.  maybe both?06:53
Treenaksspiritz: you don't have to do that06:53
Treenaksspiritz: the IPW2200 driver is included in the Ubuntu stock kernels06:54
lpptopyli you got msn ?06:54
gnomyon booting ubuntu i get the following error message "modprobe: FATAL: Error inserting pciehp /lib/modules/ Operation not permitted" is that normal????06:54
topylilpp: yes06:54
Kamiongnomy: don't think it's anything to worry about06:54
spiritzTreenaks, oh!! How do I go back?06:54
Treenaksspiritz: did you make install?06:54
pebkacdoes the daily of ubuntu include rcconf?06:54
pebkacor do i need to download it?06:54
Treenakspebkac: man update-rc.d06:55
Kamionrcconf is not in warty, only in universe06:55
pebkaci know, but update-rc.d is so very... clunky.06:55
pebkacnot friendly at all, like the rest of ubuntu06:55
spiritzTreenaks, with the ipw2200 driver ? no I just typed "make"06:55
Treenakspebkac: you shouldn't need to use it anyway06:55
Treenaksspiritz: ok, then it's easy :) just remove the directory06:55
pebkaci do not need half the services that load, and i have a P3 933.06:55
pebkacnot much overhead for 22 services.06:55
Treenaksspiritz: and if you have an ipw2200, the driver should have loaded automatically06:56
Kamionpebkac: we'll hopefully have a GNOMEish thing for hoary06:56
Treenaksspiritz: (you can check with dmesg)06:56
spiritzTreenaks, ok, I removed the dir, let me check dmesg06:56
pebkacthat would be nice.  vidalinux uses some GTK front end for services, you might like it.06:56
pebkacvery simple, elegant.06:56
spiritzdo I need to do rmmod ipw2200? since I typed modprob ipw220006:56
Treenaksspiritz: uh.. so you DID do make install ?06:57
Treenaks(modules got installed?)06:57
topylipebkac: it may be one of the gnome-system-tools they left out of 2.806:57
spiritzwell, indeed all I typed was make then modprob :)06:57
spiritzI guess I did the instlalation06:57
Treenaksspiritz: only if you 'make install' you install..06:57
spiritzok then I did not install :)06:58
Treenaksand the driver should've loaded automatically06:58
Treenakson boot06:58
=== michaelj is now known as mikej
spiritzI dont know which version ubuntu of ipw2200 use, but dmesg shows that ipw2200 v0.11 detected my wifi card (0.11 is the one I also tried to install)06:58
=== perdix [~perdix@] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksspiritz: 0.11 is in ubuntu06:59
=== mikej is now known as michaelj
pebkacthere was a very nice article somewhere on getting nvidia to work with ubuntu.07:00
pebkacbut i have lost it.07:00
lppwhat is the command to install .deb files ?07:00
Treenakspebkac: it's on the wiki07:00
pebkacdpkg -i 07:00
pebkactreenaks: very good, thank you.07:00
spiritzbut I still dont know why my wifi isn't working07:01
spiritzis the fact that iwlist eth1 scan shows results means my wifi card is able to connect and working with no doubt?07:01
Treenakshey, the wiki is broken07:01
Treenaksor at least, the style07:02
pebkacoh darn.07:02
pebkaci cannot apt-get, no network access.07:02
pebkachow will i get these files?07:02
Treenakspebkac: CD07:02
pebkacah yes, good idea.  now if i may not be so annoying... where do i get them?07:03
spiritzI dont see anything about wifi in the page u gave me07:03
=== lordaj76 [~lordaj76@ARouen-106-1-5-68.w80-11.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksspiritz: that's about nvidia07:03
Treenaksspiritz: the wifi driver works just like any other network driver07:03
spiritzok gotcha07:04
spiritzI'll read it07:04
pebkacah that will work, yes?07:04
spiritzthanks for u help07:04
Treenakspebkac: No07:04
Treenakspebkac: look on archive.ubuntu.com07:04
Treenakspebkac: pool07:05
=== tom_cat [~tom_cat@] has left #ubuntu []
Treenakspebkac: then restricted07:05
pebkacah... n?07:06
pebkacoh i need all those07:06
spiritzIf I want to get KDE 3.3 on my UBUNTU box, is there a place to find kde package for ubuntu, or should I get them from debian?07:07
=== theweb [~willy@7-59.241.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionspiritz: universe, see the web site for details07:08
spiritzok, thx07:08
=== pitti_ [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
spiritzare you sure it's on univers?07:09
pebkacah so i just copy the restricted folder to cd?07:09
pebkacand apt-get install ...07:09
spiritzBecause I enabled the universe in synpatic, but I see no kde 3.307:09
topylispiritz: seems like universe has 3.1.207:10
=== imka [~imka@chello080109076233.14.15.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu
spiritzyeah something like that07:11
spiritzBut the latest kde version is 3.3... 3.1.2 is old07:11
topylispiritz: kdelibs seems to be 3.307:11
spiritzAre you sure? mine is 3.2.307:12
spiritzand I just refreshed my sources07:12
neighborleeKamion, by chance did you message me earlier..I can't tell as the log doesn't far enough and I seemed to have been disconnected on top of that ...;-=)07:13
=== theweb [~willy@7-59.241.81.adsl.skynet.be] has left #ubuntu ["Bezig]
topylispiritz: the 3.3 libs may have come with k3b when i took it from unstable07:13
spiritzdo u think it's gonna hurt anything if I install the debian packages?07:14
=== Seealot [~netoryggi@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionneighborlee: yes, I said that we do know that a rescue mode is desirable07:15
Seealothi all07:15
=== darksatanic [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
topylispiritz: if you install something like all of kde, things may break07:15
neighborleeKamion, oh ok 07:15
lpplicq supports SMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!07:15
=== Kamion rations lpp's supply of exclamation marks to one
neighborleeKamion, I wont bother with a bug report/whatever then...thank you07:15
topylilpp: you seem happy07:15
Seealotgot a question...just installed ubuntu and well, followed instructions on howto install the xvid, divx addons but well....i seem to be having a bad day with that07:15
Seealotanybody that can help out?07:16
=== ema [~ema@adsl-ull-225-135.44-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
Seealotcan anybody help me out with the totem player in here?07:18
=== t35t0r [~t35t0r@cookeville-24-158-166-127.midtn.chartertn.net] has joined #ubuntu
topyliheh. "the msn server will be shut down for 1 minute for maintenance". reboot time?07:21
=== q2 [~q2@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Decayer [~daniel@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
neighborleeSeealot, whats up..07:25
=== UziMonkey [~uzi@24-48-241-224.agstme.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
UziMonkeyAnyone have any idea why, after installing KDE, my vim executable would be gone?07:26
UziMonkeythe vim package didn't get uninstalled, but vim isn't anywhere in my path anymore07:27
=== haggai_ is now known as haggai
=== michaelj [~mike@spc2-with1-4-0-cust102.bagu.broadband.ntl.com] has left #ubuntu []
neighborleeanyone else seeing games installed via synaptic not show up on the game menu..for example i've installed 'ace of penguins' yet im not seeing 'taipei, golf, mastermind , merlin for example show up ....?07:28
=== phosphorgreen [~ajross@] has joined #ubuntu
=== nasdaq4088 [sdfsd@tkp-ip-nas-1-p92.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
theantixneighborlee, yes -- the Debian menu items don't should up in the Ubuntu menu07:30
topylineighborlee: i've had to add all non-default apps to the menu by hand :(07:30
UziMonkeyGnome should have the debian menu on it then..07:31
theantixUziMonkey, ick no!07:31
topylii'd like to have a separate debian menu07:31
=== zepo [~zepo@host76-161.pool8249.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleetheantix, well...I presume this is a 'feature' idea of ubuntu and not established gnome protocol...thus should I file bug report expresssing my opinion on what should happen or is there a more appropriate forum for this to occur in07:32
neighborleetopyli, I think all games should go under 'games' by if its an issue with ubuntu developers I say just put them under : applications > games > MoreGames > blah blah blah07:32
theantixneighborlee,  I'm not sure if you could call it a bug or not if the packages are in universe and unsupported07:33
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleetheantix, yeah I have no problem with that at all..i'm just not sure where to file such reports or suggestions07:33
theantixneighborlee, I think it would require a decent amount of effort to fix the problem correctly, but I'm glad the Ubuntu developers didn't put in an ugly Debian menu like UserLinux, others07:33
neighborleetheantix, agreed07:34
nasdaq4088superman dies07:34
=== atomsk [~parentj@modemcable241.236-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleenasdaq4088, but is not forgotten ;-)....he lives on in our ideas and dreams and hope for a better tomorrow07:34
=== sertmann [~sertmann@] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleenasdaq4088, I too felt the loss but I believe,,therefore I can hope and see a bright tomorrow07:34
atomskwhat does one use to record analog tv input from a tv tuner under linux?07:35
UziMonkeytheantix: but for gui-oriented people who use the universe packages, it would be ideal..  maybe an option to show it or not then07:35
=== sertmann [~sertmann@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
azeemwhen I try to run 'make-jpkg jdk-1_5_0-linux-i586.bin', I get 'No matching plugin was found.'07:35
azeemanybody know about that?07:36
neighborleetheantix, I agree with monkey...linux is approaching an apex of ideas and uses...we should strive for easy of use if we are to ever break through the windows barrier...to whatever end that takes us we should maintain an open mind07:36
=== imka [~imka@chello080109076233.14.15.vie.surfer.at] has left #ubuntu []
theantixUziMonkey, neighborlee, well I'm not an Ubuntu dev so I'm just giving my $0.0207:36
neighborleeconsidering that gnome2.8 has no easy way to 'edit gnome menu' I think we desperately need an alternative <wink>07:37
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleetheantix, well...where do we 'post' our suggestions then <wink>07:37
neighborleethe wiki ?07:37
neighborleenm got it07:38
Kamion(the mailing list)07:38
neighborleeKamion, so you'd suggest both then..wiki & ML's07:38
topylineighborlee: the menu is very easy to edit. right click and edit away :)07:38
neighborleetopyli, but you can't "add' items07:38
KamionI'd recommend the mailing list, *not* the wiki, for still-under-discussion things like this07:38
topylineighborlee: sure you can. choose "entire menu" -> "add new"07:39
=== phosphorgreen [~ajross@] has joined #ubuntu
phosphorgreenHi everyone07:39
zepohi...i can i get to the tty...alt+ctrl+F1 - F6 , doesn't work07:40
neighborleetopyli, yes I know of that...actually I meant say if you wanted to add a new menu entry altogether07:40
neighborleephosphorgreen, hi07:40
topylineighborlee: i don't understand. that's how i've added about a dozen items...07:40
phosphorgreenI have just issued Bug 2265 at bugzilla.ubuntu.com due to Nautilus not seeing a blank cd. If anyone here has similar problems let me know, or post a followup to bugzilla07:40
neighborleetopyli, nm its not a biggie07:41
topyliright click an item that's already there, choose "entire menu", choose "add new". also in nautilus go to applications:/// and edit away :)07:42
=== trip_out [~trip_out@81-86-232-212.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
theantixphosphorgreen, can you check if gnome-volume-manager and dbus are still running?07:43
neighborleetopyli, I"ve tried that and i'm aware of 'entire menu'..I mean adding a 'new' menu...also about applications:///..doesn't work i've tried it but it doesn't add things once i'm done...07:43
topylioh, new menu07:43
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@host81-7-61-39.surfport24.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
phosphorgreen 4716 ?        Ss     0:00 gnome-volume-manager --sm-client-id default5dbus-daemon-1 --fork --print-pid 8 --print-address 6 --session07:48
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleetopyli, nm about applications:/// adding..I know it didn't work before but its fine now..maybe it was fixed or I was dreaming..either way its fine albeit thats more of a bandaid for the issue of the games not showing up after being added via synaptic ( now I must hunt and peck to find them ..not fun)07:48
phosphorgreentheantix: both are running yep07:48
theantixphosphorgreen: okay we've ruled out the easy/obvious then, I can't help you much sorry07:48
topylineighborlee: yep. well the ace of penguins executables all start with ace_ so they're easy to find :)07:49
=== felixdz [~felixdz@c3eea6e63.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu
zepowhich is the command to get in tty...? tnx07:51
azeemah, java-package needs updating, #27587007:51
neighborleetopyli, no doubt...thats one out of dozens I installed that I now must hunt via synaptic to find and locate the binary <G>...wont kill me ..I expect 'rough edges' at this juncture and I hope the devs are open minded to change especially as relates to ease of use ( I presume they are)07:51
jisaoDo you have an Ubuntu channel for French?07:51
=== coenix [~coenix@0x503e9b94.odnxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
lppdamn can`t wait for the 13/10 :p07:52
lppubuntu go FINAL!07:52
Kamionfinal's on the 20th07:53
gnomyhmm to run k3bsetup u need root priviliges. when i try entering my user password, which should be the password for sudo it tells me that the pw is wrong07:53
gnomyso what is the correct pw??07:53
gnomyme can wait to07:53
theantixgnomy: you can set it with "sudo passwd"07:54
gnomyah thanks07:54
Treenaksbut you don't need to set it, because there's sudo07:54
topyliwhoa! 50M of updates today :)07:54
gnomyand what should i enter in the password field07:54
gnomyhes not accepting my passworsd07:54
=== vuntz [~vuntz@fennas.vuntz.net] has joined #ubuntu
topylignomy: since k3b is from universe, you might actually need a root password07:56
supertedthere is no root password07:57
topylisuperted: there is one once you set one :)07:57
Seealotneighborlee having problems07:57
=== OChaos [~Organized@user130x253.esgvrop.k12.ca.us] has joined #ubuntu
=== point [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
azeemdoes anybody know a website with java I could test my jdk1.5 with?08:01
=== sleep1999 [~foo@sw169-208-175.adsl.seed.net.tw] has joined #ubuntu
jacobIs there anything I have to do, to be able to access my friends (on WinXP) shared files? I can't read them, permission denied08:01
theantixazeem: it's in the FAQ, check http://ubuntulinux.org08:02
Seealotgot a question...just installed ubuntu and well, followed instructions on howto install the xvid, divx addons but it dosnt quite compute...can anybody help me please08:03
theantixSeealot: what step you having problems with, specifically?08:04
azeemtheantix: I only see tips on how to get it installed there, not a site where I could test it08:04
theantixazeem: sorry I misread you -- not sure of a site that requires jdk1.508:04
azeemtheantix: nm, got it08:05
Seealottheantic well... the apt-get stuff08:06
Seealottried following the instructions in the wiki but got error08:07
Seealottheantix I mean08:07
Seealotsorry about that08:07
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3b99.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
theantixSeealot: can you be more specific?  I promise I can help if you give me something to work with :-)  Perhaps an error message, or a description of what you are trying to do that isn't working08:08
Seealottheantix yes sure...give me a sec08:08
Seealottheantix went to this webpage http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats08:08
Seealotand well tryed to add the dvd/css and that didn't work08:09
Seealotdidn't get the w32codecs08:09
theantixSeealot: are you using apt-get, aptitude, or synaptic?08:09
Seealotthen i found a webpage that told me it was enough to write apt-get update totem-xine but that didn't work either08:10
Seealottried all of the above theantix08:10
SeealotI know there is something simple that I have to do, but well...never used debian before so I don't know what i'm missing08:10
theantixokay, well in your sources.list, you need a line like "deb http://debian.tu-bs.de/mplayer/ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main"08:11
Seealotcouldn't get totem-xine via apt-get install either08:11
Seealotin sourcelist ... do you mean in aptitude or synaptic?08:11
theantixoh!  you also need to have the line that contains "universe" uncommented (remove the "#" at the start of the line that contains universe)08:11
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3b99.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
theantixSeealot: edit /etc/apt/sourcles.list with your favourite text editor08:12
Seealotok give me a sec theantix08:12
theantixexcept spell sources.list correctly :-)08:12
Seealotok...its open...what now08:13
=== coenix [~coenix@0x503e9b94.odnxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu
Seealottheantix do I take out the two ##08:14
theantixSeealot: do you have the line I posted above in there?08:14
neighborleewhom is responsible for whats in the TOPIC ? ;-)08:14
=== imka [~imka@chello080109076233.14.15.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu
Seealottheantix ## Uncomment the following two lines to add software from the 'universe'08:14
Seealot## repository.08:14
Seealot## N.B. software from this repository is ENTIRELY UNSUPPORTED by the Ubuntu08:14
Seealotdid you mean that??08:14
imkaare there good games other than frozen bubble in the repo?08:14
=== longsleep is now known as longsleep|out
theantixSeealot: the two lines following that, yes08:15
Seealotdamm...it doesn't want to remove...give me a second08:15
theantixSeealot: you'll have to do that as sudo/root, sorry I should have specified that08:16
Seealotwhat editors are there in the terminal08:16
Seealotsorry...found my fav, pico08:16
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
jazzkawhich packages should I apt-get to play wmv files?08:17
Seealottheantix that is done08:17
Seealotwhat now08:17
jazzkamplayer, and ...?08:17
theantixSeealot: now do you have any lines in there with the word "marillat" ?08:17
neighborleejazzka, I think its called: moz-plugger08:18
Seealotwhere should i see those lines?08:18
jazzkaneighborlee, you can play wmv files with ubuntu?08:18
neighborleejazzka, I think its called: mozplugger < that..no hyphen08:18
=== devilz [~devilz@p5080B220.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
neighborleejazzka, yes08:19
theantixSeealot: in your sources.list  -- okay, add a new line that consists entirely of  "deb http://debian.tu-bs.de/mplayer/ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main" 08:19
jazzkaneighborlee, have installed any codec?08:19
neighborleejazzka, as I say you just need mozplugger faik..although I"ve never tried to play a wmv so I really am not sure how well it works08:20
=== beezly [~andy@monkey.beezly.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Seealottheantix done08:21
=== RedMenace [~scott@CPE00110905957f-CM014210002082.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Seealotand what then?08:21
theantixSeealot: now you should be able to install totem-xine and w32codecs from apt-get or synaptic, whichever you prefer08:22
RedMenaceOk, I used the Synaptic package manager to do a Smartupdate, and I ended up with Firefox 0.93again.  When I look at my version in the package manager, it says "0.99+1.0PR+revertedto0.93-0ubuntu1"08:22
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
theantixRedMenace: it seems that they have reverted because of how buggy 1.0PR is08:23
RedMenaceok, as long as it's not something weird happening with me08:23
Seealottheantix what should I write in the terminal to use apt-get to install the totem xine and etc?08:24
=== mteira [~mteira@228.Red-81-34-167.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
RedMenaceOne thing I've noticed is you can't install flash player for your browser on AMD64 systems08:24
theantixSeealot: "sudo apt-get install totem-xine w32codecs"08:24
Seealotgot lots of errors08:25
mteiraWeird things happen on my box.08:25
theantixSeealot: sorry, do an "sudo apt-get update" first08:25
mteiraxsane is detecting my TV card as a scanning device. My scanner is not detected at all.08:25
Seealottheantix...this is what comes root@ooc:/home/netoryggi # sudo apt-get install totem-xine w32codecs08:26
SeealotReading Package Lists... Done08:26
SeealotBuilding Dependency Tree... Done08:26
SeealotPackage totem-xine is not available, but is referred to by another package.08:26
SeealotThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or08:26
Seealotis only available from another source08:26
SeealotW: Couldn't stat source package list http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/universe Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_warty_universe_binary-i386_Packages) - stat (2 No such file or directory)08:26
SeealotW: Couldn't stat source package list http://debian.tu-bs.de unstable/main Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/debian.tu-bs.de_mplayer_ftp.netrim.net_debian-marillat_dists_unstable_main_binary-i386_Packages) - stat (2 No such file or directory)08:26
SeealotW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems08:26
SeealotE: Package totem-xine has no installation candidate08:26
Seealotroot@ooc:/home/netoryggi #08:26
Seealotroot@ooc:/home/netoryggi # sudo apt-get update totem-xine w32codecs08:26
SeealotE: The update command takes no arguments08:26
RedMenaceWhat is the difference between the universe, contrib, restricted and regular sections in the Synaptic package manager?08:26
mteiraglxinfo is coredumping for my nvidia GeForce 25608:26
mteiraAnd I'm not able to use my USB laser printer.08:27
theantixSeealot: just run "sudo apt-get update" with no arguments, then do "sudo apt-get install totem-xine w32codecs"08:27
mteiraI had much more luck with my laptop.08:27
Treenaksmteira: what's with the usb laserprinter? any messages?08:28
mteiraIs there any reason why there's not unrar on Ubuntu?08:28
mteiraTreenaks: Yes.08:28
mteirausb 1-2.4: new full speed USB device using address 408:28
mteiradrivers/usb/class/usblp.c: usblp0: USB Bidirectional printer dev 2 if 0 alt 0 proto 2 vid 0x04E8 pid 0x323A08:28
mteirausbcore: registered new driver usblp08:28
mteiradrivers/usb/class/usblp.c: v0.13: USB Printer Device Class driver08:28
Treenaksthat looks right..08:28
=== Hmmmmm_ [~sukrit@] has joined #ubuntu
mteiraBut the setup is not finding any printer.08:29
Treenaksmteira: which program/setup are you using08:29
mteiraI tried using First USB Printer and so on, but the test page never hits the printer08:29
mteiraTreenaks, Humm.08:29
mteiraTreenaks, The gnome one. Don't know it's name.08:29
Treenaksmteira: ok, that's the right one afaik08:29
=== eniac [~jonas@cable-] has joined #ubuntu
mteiraTreenaks, Computer -> System Setup -> Printing08:29
Treenaksbut I don't really know about the ubuntu printing stuff..08:29
mteiraTreenaks, I tried with the cups web iterface but it's disabled.08:29
Treenaksmteira: it's not disabled, it's just that you don't have the root pw08:30
mteiraTreenaks, Thanks, anyway.+08:30
Treenaksmteira: there must be someone on this channel who can help you fix printing08:30
=== dols|afk is now known as dolson
mteiraTreenaks, Well, in fact...08:30
mteiraTreenaks: I'm just upgrading now.08:30
mteiraTreenaks: It will be half an hour, at least.08:31
dolsonis it worth it to install ubuntu on a real old system? like a Pentium 166 with 32MB of RAM?08:31
Treenaksdolson: 200MHz + 64M is pretty slow already.. but you can always try08:31
Treenaksooh! bug!08:31
dolsonWin 95 runs ok on it, but that's about it. I don't feel like mucking about with just WMs though. currently I have debian on it but no GUI08:32
RedMenaceWhich repositories should I be using for the Synaptic package manager?  There's a whole bunch of Sections, but I don't know what they mean08:32
TreenaksRedMenace: just the ubuntu ones I guess..08:33
RedMenaceThere's two for a distribution called warty-security ... I know I'm using Warty.  And there's two for section main restricted universe.  Not sure what the universe part refers to in this context.08:34
=== mxpxpod [~forbesbd@eth13.com-link.com] has joined #ubuntu
RedMenaceFound the info I was looking for, if anyone is interested, describing main, restricted and universe in the Synaptic package manager: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/components08:37
Kamionmain, restricted, and warty-security together make a sensible default; just main and warty-security if you don't like the idea of binary-only firmware.08:38
=== omluce [~contact@dup-200-66-182-47.prodigy.net.mx] has joined #ubuntu
=== dark_star [~ds@bsi-uu.bentley.com] has joined #ubuntu
RedMenaceSo is warty-security all security updates?  Seems like a silly question, but it has warty-security listed as a distro08:41
omluceis any ubuntu developer in the house?08:42
jazzkawhich command shows what a package will need?08:43
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-153.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
RedMenaceI really liked the monitor configuration stuff that was included in SUSE 9.1   You could adjust your gamma, and your colour and all that kind of crap.  Is there anything like that available for Ubuntu?08:43
mteiraWhat do I need to do in order to have glx support for my nvidia card?08:44
mteiraI installed nvidia-glx.08:44
mteiraBut it doesn't work.08:44
mteiraglxinfo coredumps.08:44
mteiraDo I need to load manually a kernel module or something so?08:44
goatboy_mteira: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto08:45
mteiragoatboy_: Thanks!08:45
=== ke4ozd [~Danny@] has joined #ubuntu
jacobAnyone know how "apt-listchanges" is used ?08:47
jacobIt's man page is a little too hard-to-understand for me...08:48
ke4ozdis there something wrong with the live-cd just release...won't complete booting on my main box have had prob 50 diff distros runing fine on it in testing...??08:48
ke4ozdanyone running the just released live-cd OK on their box....?08:50
ke4ozdMean got it to boot ok ?08:50
=== tof_ [~tof@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Keybuk [~scott@syndicate.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
jazzkaalsa error: /dev/mixer doesnt exist08:52
jazzkawhat can I do?08:52
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d5-98.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW_
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-81-107.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
mdzjacob: apt-get install apt-listchanges09:00
mdzjacob: dpkg-reconfigure apt-listchanges09:00
tof_ setting 32-bit IO_support flag to 109:02
tof_ setting using_dma to 1 (on)09:02
tof_ HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not permitted09:02
tof_any idea i can't enable udma09:02
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
=== baHam [~baham@ip68-10-234-26.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
baHamhi :)09:05
baHamdoes anybody have the ubuntu xorg .debs ?09:05
=== enabl [~enabl@host81-156-250-38.range81-156.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== omluce [~contact@dup-200-66-182-47.prodigy.net.mx] has left #ubuntu []
=== Manny [~chris@pD9E96660.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
topyliok, msn is down09:08
joemthere are no ubuntu xorg debs, official anyways09:08
RedMenaceAnyone have the ATI linux drivers working on AMD64?09:09
RedMenacenot sure if it's possible09:10
Seealottheantix done that and it seems to work...but one tiny error09:10
Seealottheantix W: Couldn't stat source package list http://debian.tu-bs.de unstable/main Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/debian.tu-bs.de_mplayer_ftp.netrim.net_debian-marillat_dists_unstable_main_binary-i386_Packages) - stat (2 No such file or directory)09:11
SeealotW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems09:11
Seealotany ideas regarding this?09:11
=== andrewski [~andrewski@pool-141-151-3-62.phil.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
dolsonwelcome andrewski 09:11
RedMenaceSeealot: I get that same error09:11
RedMenaceSeealot: By any chance, you know what the error was wth the ATI drivers?09:12
andrewskiquick question: does ubuntu support booting from a floppy when you can't boot directly to the CD (like e.g. mandrake)?09:13
SeealotRedMenace I have ATI 7000 64MB PCI09:14
baHamqualcuno su windows mi manda sto file  stdole32.tlb  plz ? E' un file di sistema, cercatelo su Search09:15
gnomyredmenace i only have a normal p4 no 64bit architectur but the ati driver is running09:16
=== israel [~israel@29.Red-83-39-115.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
RedMenacethanks.  I think it would require some mucking to work with AMD6409:16
=== israel [~israel@29.Red-83-39-115.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
RedMenaceHow do I mount a drive to be read-only in my fstab file?09:17
=== baHam [~baham@ip68-10-234-26.hr.hr.cox.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== aladdin [~chatzilla@AMontsouris-152-1-19-169.w82-123.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
andrewskiRedMenace: in flags, try 'ro'.09:18
gnomyhow can i mount or better create an encrypted partition09:18
gnomyand than mount it to the filesystem09:18
=== albireo [~albireo@lns-vlq-5-82-64-209-157.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
WW_Seealot: This is a shot in the dark, but that error message says ... ftp.netrim.net ...  It looks like it is has something to do with Marillat's repository, but that is at ftp.nerim.net.09:19
=== albireo [~albireo@lns-vlq-5-82-64-209-157.adsl.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
gnomyis that possible with ubuntu?09:20
aladdinit is possible to add Marlin to package ?09:22
SeealotWW tried to change that but it doesn't work.09:23
=== stojanos [~stojanos@host81-133-201-144.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
Seealotman .. this is the only thing that I can find wrong with ubuntu09:23
Seealotanybody... any way to get xvid or divx to work on ubuntu09:23
Seealotplease :-)09:23
andrewskiSeealot: your problem is with xvid or divx?09:23
Seealotandrewski no it's with totem - it doesn't play any xvid or divx encoded movie09:25
andrewskiSeealot: well, i'd check out totem's website, maybe ask on their mailing lists.09:25
joemSeealot, what backend for totem?09:26
aladdinmarlin is using gstreamer09:26
Seealotandrewski sorry...been all over the web searching but seems like there is no support whatever09:27
andrewskiSeealot: did you ask on their mailing list?  i only say this because the problem is not with ubuntu.09:27
andrewski*not with ubuntu directly09:27
=== GeosB [~chatzilla@0x503e3d0e.kd4nxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
joemSeealot, again, what backend for totem? you probably just don't have things configured right09:28
SeealotI know andrewski but I thought someone would have been in my shoes right?09:28
stojanosIs there madwifi package for ubuntu? I can see that ubuntu is shipped with precompiled modules (ath_pci, ath_hal, wlan). What is the best way to compile it again (I need to compile kernel again).09:28
andrewskiSeealot: maybe, but apparently not. :)09:28
Seealotjoem how do I see the backend??09:28
=== asdf_ [~asdf@host81-157-169-139.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
joemare you using totem-gstreamer or totem-xine09:28
=== beezly [~andy@monkey.beezly.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== andy_ [~andy@monkey.beezly.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["M'envaig"]
asdf_is anyone else having a problem with ALT-K not working in the latest firefox build?09:29
asdf_Ctrl-K i mean09:29
asdf_it should be placing the cursor in the search box09:29
Seealotjoem totem-xine as of this moment... but it's freezes09:29
=== beezly [~andy@monkey.beezly.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu
asdf_also how come whenever i boot into windows my clock has gone back an hour?09:30
Seealotit's working thanks to THEANTIX :-)09:30
SeealotTHEANTIX you are a genious09:30
Seealotit was the univere thing you told me09:30
Seealotgenius :-) yes thanks asdf_ :-)09:31
jacobAnyone know if incorrect X modules loaded on a comp. with NVidia card will cause Totem to display nothing?09:31
asdf_do you use firefox Seealot09:31
joemSeealot, you should check out the wiki when having problems09:31
asdf_jacob if you mean the blue screen thats a bug with totem09:31
SeealotYes asdf_ I use firefox09:32
Seealotjoem . i did try the wiki and lot's of webpages09:32
asdf_Seealot, have you upgraded your packages recently09:32
asdf_i need someone to test a bug09:32
jacobasdf_, nope, I mean I don't get anything at all. But I haven't disabled "dri" and the other module the dcs suggested, X works fine though, and so does glxgears09:32
asdf_with the latest build09:32
jacobasdf_, the blue screen I experienced on Fedora Core, so thats not it09:33
=== perdix [~perdix@] has joined #ubuntu
=== andrewski [~andrewski@pool-141-151-3-62.phil.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
RedMenaceIs there a java plugin for firefox so I can play the yahoo games?09:33
asdf_i think its probably a codec thing09:33
stojanosRedMenace, download j2se binaries from sun (java.sun.com) and edit you mozilla plugin directory09:34
RedMenaceok, thanks09:34
=== dolson is now known as dols|afk
jacobAnyone know of a public OggTheora clip I can use to test if Totem is ok?09:36
=== howard [~howatd@p50861E18.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
asdf_there are those aKademy lecture videos09:36
howardhi, in which paket is the libtermcap.so ??09:36
asdf_and i know of a stream that uses theora09:36
jacobasdf_, Fluendos?09:37
jacobyeah, will try that one09:37
RedMenacestojanos: should I get the rpm or the self extracting binary?09:37
=== evilstoy [HydraIRC@cmung3702.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
asdf_to save you looking for the address09:37
=== Manny [~chris@pD9E96660.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
asdf_ergh this firefox bug is really annoying09:38
jacobasdf_, thanks09:38
jacobah crap, I get internal gstreamer problems when I try that... somethings not right here...09:39
=== mariochi [~mariochi@] has joined #ubuntu
asdf_well there are the aKademy videos if you dont mind dling 100meg+ files09:39
asdf_oh wait some of them are around 3009:40
jacobarent those the audio only?09:41
howardplease help with the libtermcap.so problem, i have to go to bed :(09:41
asdf_nope theyre video as well09:41
asdf_howard, search on packages.debian.org09:42
=== pips [~philipp_s@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jovian [~jovian@c-24-118-74-107.mn.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
jovianhello does/did nayone here have a hard time trying to compile nvidia drivers 09:43
Mithrandirjovian: why are you trying to compile them?09:43
asdf_yeah there are binaries available in universal i think09:43
Mithrandirin restricted.09:43
jovianapt-get install wouldn't work either09:43
Mithrandirjovian: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto09:44
=== omlet [mariusz@arbuz.info] has joined #ubuntu
jovianthanks Mithrandir09:44
howardthx, its strange, i had a differnt ubuntu install where that tool worked but now it wont, i found this termcap-compat09:45
=== WW_ [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
howardi didnt installed it the last time09:45
RedMenacedoes alien use the same parameters as rpm?   say, if I'm installing something in rpm and use 'rpm -iv something.rpm' I'd use 'alien -iv something.rpm'?09:46
housetieryou'd use alien to make a .deb which you install with dpkg -i09:46
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
RedMenaceinteresting ...09:47
=== stojanos [~stojanos@host81-133-201-144.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
topyliRedMenace: you can also use 'alien -i foo.rpm'. it will convert and install09:48
RedMenaceok, thanks09:49
jacobaha! Seems like Totem doesnt like having ESound as the selected GStreaer Audio Sink.09:49
=== jovian [~jovian@c-24-118-74-107.mn.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
asdf_heh linux sound support is a complete mess09:49
jovianworks thanks Mithrandir09:50
asdf_oss / alsa / esound / blah blah..09:50
RedMenacehmmm, getting a lot of errors using alien to try to install this rpm09:50
=== crash [~crash_@h110n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
housetierRedMenace, what did you do?09:50
asdf_cant you just compile from source?09:50
asdf_rpm sucks09:51
topyliRedMenace: well, it's an rpm :)09:51
=== LinAsH [~jbg@] has joined #ubuntu
howardcant install the termcap package, depends on an old libc5 version09:52
RedMenaceI'm not really great with linux09:52
=== LinAsH [~jbg@] has joined #ubuntu
housetierRedMenace, we all were beginners once. now what exactly did you do?09:53
=== evildrdan [danielmcgu@pool-141-157-91-4.balt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== LinAsH [~jbg@] has joined #ubuntu
asdf_if you wanna use linux then youre gonna have to compile something from source eventually09:54
asdf_nows a good time if the only alternative is messing about with alien/rpms09:54
RedMenaceI downloaded the rpm.  Tried using alien -i foo.rpm09:54
asdf_what program is it?09:55
RedMenacethe java development kit09:55
asdf_you dont need an rpm for that09:55
RedMenacegot a lot of errors like this ... dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: format of libjava_crw_demo.so not recognized09:56
asdf_download the .tar.gz off java.sun.com09:56
RedMenacealso gcc command not found, which is odd09:56
asdf_and follow the instructions09:56
asdf_its j2sdk-1_4_2_05-linux-i586.bin or something09:56
asdf_its like a shell script with the .tar.gz encapsulated in it09:57
asdf_i think if you're root and just run sh j2sdk-1_4_2_05-linux-i586.bin it should do most of the hard work for you09:57
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-211-78.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
RedMenacedo I want gcc 3.4 or 3.3?09:57
housetierRedMenace, as I told you: you use alien to convert packages to .deb, then you use dpkg to install them09:57
asdf_erm im not sure it makes much difference09:57
asdf_so 3.4 i guess09:57
housetierRedMenace, try to read "alien --help" :)09:58
asdf_dont bother with rpm and alien09:58
asdf_its too much like banging your head against a brick wall09:58
RedMenaceI tried to use alien to convert it, but I got a crapload of errors09:58
asdf_follow my instructions09:58
=== rapha_ [~rapha@Af97c.a.pppool.de] has joined #ubuntu
housetierRedMenace, listen to asdf_ 09:59
rapha_Hi all!09:59
RedMenaceyah, I'm just downloading gcc now09:59
asdf_you dont need gcc to do it09:59
rapha_I need wvdial and libwvstreams to go online with my ubuntu box; can somebody tell me the URLs to manually download the .deb's?09:59
RedMenaceoh, ok09:59
jacobWhich one of PCM and Volume are you _not_ supposed to max, in order to get non-disted sound? (sorry, a bit offtopic I know)09:59
asdf_if alien gave you an error about gcc then that just shows how messed up alien is09:59
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
topylialien is there just to fake lsb compliance :)10:00
asdf_rapha_, sec10:00
joolzi installed U in dutch, don't really like it and want to go back to us english10:00
joolzso i'm running dpkg-configure locale10:00
=== duane [~duane@fire.nettek.net] has joined #ubuntu
joolzbut what's the default language?10:01
joolzen_US.ISO-8859-1 ?10:01
=== nasdaq4088 [sdfsd@tkp-ip-nas-1-p92.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
asdf_i cant find libwvstreams10:02
smojoolz: It should ask you as the second question.  First, it'll ask you which locales you want to generate .. then which should be the system default10:02
=== rapha___ [~rapha@Af994.a.pppool.de] has joined #ubuntu
duaneHi folks, brand new install here, just tryint to get some things working... anyone have any pointers on where I might troubleshoot sound? I have not messed with linux & sound in a long time, and I know things have changed.10:02
asdf_it should set it all up for you?10:03
=== rapha____ [~rapha@Af976.a.pppool.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== rapha____ is now known as [rapha]
[rapha] Damnit.10:03
[rapha] Did somebody answer me already? I'm sorry for the disconnect...10:04
duanewell I'm guessing ubuntu has not found my audio device? the mixer applet shows no sound channels10:04
asdf_try running alsactl10:04
asdf_if that cant find it then it gets a bit more complicated10:04
asdf_rapha_: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/w/wvdial/wvdial_1.54.0-1ubuntu1_i386.deb10:04
asdf_i couldnt find libwvstreams10:04
asdf_maybe its included in that package?10:05
joolzsmo: ok... but what is the default system default? :)10:05
[rapha] Thanks asdf_. For Slackware it is not, but maybe for Debian; I'll just try.10:06
duanealsactl dosent seem to know about any cards10:06
[rapha] Btw, this is a bug: wvdial should be included with Ubuntu since it is used by GNOME's network-admin.10:07
asdf_youll have to look to see if theres a third party driver for it then i guess10:07
duanelet me go hunting for some info about this little guy's sound cards.10:07
=== duane is now known as duane_afk
howardanyone has a compliled version of ccxstream?10:08
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010487831pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jordi [~jordi@115.Red-213-96-69.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
smojoolz: I believe C and en_US.ISO08859-1 are one in the same10:09
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== pebkac [sdafsa@adsl-68-91-13-9.dsl.tulsok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
jazzkais ubuntu preconfigured to acces a shared folder of windows computer?10:10
=== duane_afk is now known as duane
pebkacdoes anyone know why the 9/27 release of ubuntu would detect my nvidia card fine, and the latest daily crashes on x every time, saying SIS: no device blah blah [0,0] ?10:10
pebkaceven when i run xf86config it still crashes.10:11
pebkacyes, i have onboard video disabled in the bios, and an nvidia card in pci.10:11
pebkacmepis 2004 had this same problem.10:12
FLeiXiuSpebkac, have you tried running the X -configure10:12
FLeiXiuSThat would be some what related..10:12
FLeiXiuSX -configure would re-configure it for you10:12
pebkachrm, okay.10:12
pebkaclemme go try10:12
FLeiXiuSWhat sort of errors are you receiving?10:13
=== RedMenace [~scott@CPE00110905957f-CM014210002082.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu []
pebkacwhat the hell?10:14
pebkacSIS(1): cannot read V_BIOS10:14
pebkacand it's trying to load the glide module?  i don't have a 3dfx card.10:14
FLeiXiuSV_BIOS shouldn't be a problem just yet10:15
FLeiXiuSSo you ran `X -configure`10:15
goatboy_'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86' is the ubuntu way.10:16
pebkacgod, all sorts of errors.10:16
FLeiXiuSgoatboy_, my method would work precisely also10:16
pebkacno mouse found, blank screens, crashes.10:16
pebkacthis is why the rest of the world uses xorg. :/10:16
FLeiXiuSpebkac, edit the /ect/X11/XF86Config-410:16
azeemgoatboy_: no, just works[tm]  is the ubuntu way, dpkg-reconfigure is the Debian way =)10:17
FLeiXiuSI believe the input for common mice would be, /dev/input/mice10:17
pebkacubuntu was "just working".  just not this recent release.  fuck, and i don't have network access on that pc.10:17
=== jacob [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== swim [~joshua@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
swimhi, w10:19
swimwhere are those rpms x86_64 nvidia 06111 driver? there were two I used that worked10:20
swim(needed to install both...10:20
=== ioslipstream [~ioslipstr@CPE-69-23-100-208.new.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
swimgoatboy_, do you rememeber where those packages with the x86_64 nvidia drivers are?10:21
goatboy_swim: the debs are in restricted now.10:22
jazzkahow can I use samba in ubuntu? is it installed by default?10:22
swimgoatboy_, what does that mean?10:22
FLeiXiuSHmm, don't they have them on Nvidia?10:22
goatboy_see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto10:22
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
swimgoatboy_, I have restricted as a repository in my synaptics repository list...10:23
swimgoatboy_, the packages being in restricted does that mean I cannot get them?10:24
pebkacpwahaha, fixed it.10:24
pebkacgood old dpkg-reconfigure10:24
goatboy_swim: install linux-restricted-modules-amd64-k8 and nvidia-glx10:24
=== linux_mafia [~max@202-0-44-243.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
swimgoatboy_,  will that work for x86_64 ?  10:25
goatboy_swim: yep.10:25
FLeiXiuSjazzka, Samba is already installed..10:25
jazzkaFLeiXiuS, how can I access a win 98 shared folder?10:25
jazzkaI'm new on samba10:26
pebkacdeltree * /y10:26
pebkacshould work.10:26
pebkacoh.  access it from linux10:26
=== smo [~soneil@] has joined #ubuntu
ioslipstreamwho is filling metallikop's mind with gtkpod==crap rumours?10:27
joemheh, rumors?10:28
=== dark_star is now known as dark_star_away
tckis there a ubuntu .deb for mysql ?10:28
FLeiXiuSpebkac, deltree eh?10:29
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
FLeiXiuStck, build from src, its a lousy 5 minutes of your life you can spare10:29
ioslipstreamjoem: yep, rumours10:29
FLeiXiuSPlus its fun :-)10:29
pebkachoo boy.  the xfree in the 11 OCT daily of ubuntu hates disabled onboard video.10:30
ioslipstreamfor lack of anything even remotely close in functionality, i don't see how you can go wrong with gtkpod10:30
tckFleiXius, yeah but takes ages downloading on 56 k :P10:30
ioslipstreamerrr, wrong channel, please disregard all previous comments =p10:31
goatboy_tck: mysql-server and -client are in main.10:31
=== duane [~duane@fire.nettek.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
tckgoatboy_, nice10:32
=== ElRaton [~lerat@tofu.eu.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== Anna [~lulu@dslam251-92-166-62.adsl.zonnet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== inklingx [~inklingx@u212-239-167-179.adsl.pi.be] has joined #ubuntu
jazzkaubuntu has samba embeded with nautilus?10:37
AnnaHello, it's me again, your super moronic newbie!10:38
=== rapha_ [~rapha@Af980.a.pppool.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== ssba [~ssba@pcp01447211pcs.carlsl01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
rapha_Hi again10:38
rapha_I know how the library wvdial needs is called now.10:39
ssbaalready registered, eh10:39
=== xTina [~xTina@pD95E7AA3.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaFirst the good news. I was able to install three different dictionaries of the languages I most frequently use with openoffice10:39
rapha_Would somebody have me the URL for manually downloading "libwvstreams3-base"?10:39
AnnaThe bad news is that I'm about to cave in on Opera (the browser) and thinking to install it10:40
ssbais there any place online that has a current package list for ubuntu?10:40
AnnaI really miss Opera (snif)10:40
AnnaAre there others who have already installed Opera and know if it works?10:41
rapha_Because it doesn't seem to be on archive.ubuntu.org...10:42
Anna203 people in room?10:42
rapha_Aaah okay forget it. It's called wvstreams, without lib.10:43
=== tof_ [~tof@lns-vlq-39f-81-56-136-242.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaI would help you if I could...10:43
Annabut I'm new to this10:43
rapha_Anna: Not happy with Firefox?10:44
=== JulHer [~julio@244.Red-217-125-14.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaWell, I chose "block images from this server" and now half my websites don't work anymore10:44
rapha_Well, then that probably is a very oftenly used server :)10:45
AnnaAnd the menu firefox tells my where I can change this doesn't exist10:45
AnnaYeah, I guess! Yahoo, Ebay all don't display images anymore10:45
=== swim [~joshua@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
rapha_Anna: Do you already have a lot of bookmarks and settings made in Firefox?10:46
AnnaNo, not that many...10:46
swimgoatboy_, I installed, all nvidia stuff as you said, but I dont think it is being used/worked... no nvidia splash at X start...10:46
rapha_Then you can just delete them. Press "Alt-F2", and in the upcoming dialog enter: "rm -rf ~/.mozilla", then try again.10:46
Annaok I'll try right now10:47
goatboy_swim: run `sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86`; make sure the driver is set to 'nvidia', not 'nv'.10:47
=== darkling [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaOh wow, it worked10:49
AnnaWhere do you learn such commands?10:49
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaI wanna get into this stuff too (after I get the very basics <cough cough>)10:50
swimah thank you goatboy_ that seemed right, btw I set my screen to 1280x960 at 85refresh rate... (im using a laptop) would 85 refresh be right?10:50
rapha_Anna: Well, for the one I just told you, just open a terminal (you'll find such a thing in the Applications menu) and say "ls /bin10:50
rapha_Anna: Well, for the one I just told you, just open a terminal (you'll find such a thing in the Applications menu) and say "ls /bin".10:50
=== DXT [mike85@] has joined #ubuntu
=== duane [~duane@fire.nettek.net] has joined #ubuntu
rapha_That will give you a list of the most basic of such commands. When you're interested in one of them, just say "man name-of-program-here", e.g., "man rm" and read how it works.10:51
rapha_I'll be right back; have to change computers10:51
DXThi, i installed the binary ati drivers, and now i want to switch resolutions (cant do it on-the-fly using the gui), how do i do it?10:52
AnnaGreen unreadable text in that terminal now10:52
=== HenrikOxUK [~Miranda@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
duanehmm... what does "blacklisted" mean in realtion to a module/driver during boot?10:53
=== richnrockvillemd [~schinnell@pcp09409049pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== HenrikOxUK [~Miranda@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
sivangduane : that means that module is not going to be loaded when identifyed by hotplug10:54
AnnaAh, I understand10:55
=== Tzalidar [~Tzalidar@c-e0aae253.1041-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
sivangduane : hotplug is a hardware detection system we use on Ubuntu, together with a modified (to fit more hardware) discover.10:55
sivangduane : discover is also a system likewise.10:55
duanehrrm.. my audio driver modules are loaded (showing in lsmod), but volume control says there are no sound channels... just tryint to fogure out my lack of sound10:56
duaneits module snd_intel8x0 which others have had sucess with on debian using this laptop (dell inspiron 600m)10:58
=== olivier__ [~olivier@dyn-83-155-49-135.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== swim [~joshua@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
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swimgoatboy_: sorry to bug you, couldnt startx after I changed from nv to nvidia, and selected 1280x960 at 85 refresh... maybe it cant handle 85 refresh?... how can I change it if you think thats what I should do.11:01
ljlaneWhat username and password are used for the CUPS web interface in ubuntu?11:01
swimor does anyone know where I change my monitors refresh rate/ resolution?11:03
=== MikeJS [~mike@pc-24-151-112-174.newt1.ct.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
goatboy_swim: did you `modprobe nvidia`?11:04
AnnaIf rapha comes back, can someone say thanks from me please, I have to go. Thanks11:04
_brandx_swim: Computer > System Configuration > Screen Resolution11:04
swimgoatboy_: oh no I didnt11:04
ljlaneoh, I see, gnome-cups-manager is preferred11:04
swim_brandx_: I meant not in X11:04
=== Anna [~lulu@dslam251-92-166-62.adsl.zonnet.nl] has left #ubuntu []
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3b99.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
swimgoatboy_: what is the file that I add that to for loading at boot?11:05
goatboy_ /etc/modules11:05
swimgreat thanks goatboy_ that worked great :)11:06
=== tck_ [~tck@206-15-133-43.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
swimthanks Ill brb11:07
=== [rapha] [~rapha@A8426.a.pppool.de] has joined #ubuntu
richnrockvillemd? I want to engage windows and it tells me that I don't have SMB  installed. What do I have to do to install SMB?  thanks from a complete newbie who barely knows how to get to a terminal prompt..11:08
[rapha] Finally! A real computer again, if only on 56k.11:08
=== deejoe_etrumeus [~deejoe@dsl.79.205.networkiowa.com] has joined #ubuntu
FLeiXiuSrichnrockvillemd, have you installed samba?11:08
FLeiXiuSsudo apt-get install samba11:09
=== mxpxpod [~forbesbd@eth13.com-link.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== invitro [~invitro@h112n2fls32o879.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
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invitroHi, I just installed Ubuntu Linux and it doesn't boot into X. How can I change this? inittab?11:09
richnrockvillemdI don't think I have installed samba. I guess I have to type at the terminal prompt sudo apt-get install samba?11:10
=== deleric [~deleric@ip503db23f.speed.planet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== darkling [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has left #ubuntu ["It's]
=== swoon [~joshua@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
swoonis there anyway to list only adventure games for example in synaptic?11:18
=== richnrockvillemd [~schinnell@pcp09409049pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
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=== imka [~imka@chello080109076233.14.15.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu
imkadoes any1 play armagetron?11:21
imkahow do i set my keyboard?11:21
vrlnI'm trying to compile fluxbox-cvs in ubuntu, but the configure script is asking for x window system libraries and headers. Any ideas which packages I need to get? (yes, I've tried searching with apt-cache, but it's of little use since I get hundreds of results)11:22
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010487831pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
smovrln: Most likely xlibs-dev11:22
vrlnthanks, it worked :)11:24
=== shama [~fredrick@c-c2f371d5.437-1-64736c14.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
swoonis there anyway to list only adventure games for example in synaptic?11:27
shamahi! i'm trying to find rar and unrar in the repositories. event though i use the universal respostory, i cant find the packages. anyone that can confirm if theyre there so i know if ive done som configuration error?11:28
=== dols|afk is now known as dolson
=== pixelmonkey [~morganth@] has joined #ubuntu
smoshama: 'rar' should be in multiverse .. it won't be in main nor universe as it's non-free 11:30
shamaany other app that would get the work done?11:31
smonot that I know of, unfortunately11:32
shamaok. ive also tried to make unrar from source. first ive installed gcc-3.3, but it doesnt work as g++. any ideas why?11:33
=== DXT is now known as DXT|away
smoI believe g++-3.3 is a separate package11:33
shamaah, thanks11:34
DXT|awayhow can i change the working resolution without that gui app? (installed ati drivers and im stuck on 1600x1200)11:34
=== Netminder [~mcroydon@pcp05133460pcs.elkrdg01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== aardvark [~aardvark@outbound.gettyimages.com] has joined #ubuntu
aardvarkI have a FS question11:35
imkaDXT edit /etc/X11/XF86Config-411:36
=== stevedeo [~steve@static24-72-62-185.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== pedro_g [~pete@pool-151-196-113-109.balt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
aardvarkwould Reiser be a more robust solution than Ext3 ?11:37
spivaardvark: depends on who you ask; most people would say "no", I think.11:39
spivBut it might also depend on what you want it to be a solution *for* :)11:39
=== leech [~leech@] has joined #ubuntu
aardvarkwell thats just the point, a discussion based on fact is needed11:39
spivi.e. neither of them is a robust solution for solving world hunger ;)11:39
aardvarksure, but thats not the issue at hand11:40
spivRight, but what is? :)11:40
spivAre you just talking about "average" FS use, or some specific workload/configuration?11:40
=== \z [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tweak [~tweak@207-224-196-189.slkc.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
spiv(Not that I'm qualified to answer, but I suspect it matters)11:40
tweakhey i have a question on a problem i just got.11:41
aardvarka high availabilty database server11:41
tweakif someone can help me11:41
aardvarktweak: we could try11:42
spivaardvark: I'm no expert, but two points spring to my mind:11:43
tweakwhen i boot in it is fine untell i hit the splash screen then it slows way down11:43
jdubaardvark: for a database server, the file system essentially doesn't matter11:43
aardvarkspiv: please proceed11:43
DXT|away[23:36]  <imka> DXT edit /etc/X11/XF86Config-411:43
tweakand that just happen today11:43
DXT|awaywhat exacly11:43
jdubaardvark: meanwhile, reiserfs is not regarded as 'more robust' than ext3 anyway :)11:43
=== DXT|away is now known as DXT
spivaardvark: ext3 is probably run by many more people, so I strongly suspect it's more heavily tested... especially in DB environments where people are likely to be conservative in their technology choices.11:44
tweakthen when i hit ctrl+alt+F111:44
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
tweakthe hit the buttons to come back in it is blured11:44
goatboy_DXT: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86; you can select resolutions there.11:44
tweakwhat should i set it to11:44
aardvarkjdub: it appears to be so in terms of being a fast journalling FS11:44
spivaardvark: Also, ext3 has a feature where it can journal data as well as metadata, which reiser (I belive) doesn't have.  It hurts performance a lot, though...11:44
DXTthanks i shall try that11:44
jdubaardvark: not really.11:45
DXTjust need to write it down when i boot into linux :X11:45
Kamionaardvark: fast != robust11:45
aardvarkjdup: according to benchmarks it appears so11:45
=== tritium [~Tritium@12-203-252-127.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
aardvarkKamion: yes11:45
=== dannya [~konversat@81-178-244-212.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
aardvarkthat I know, I am looking for a good all round performer11:46
Kamionaardvark: for databases it's often not incredibly relevant what the underlying filesystem is; take Oracle which just does raw disk access - most databases try to avoid depending on the filesystem too much11:46
tweakcan some help me or not11:46
jdubaardvark: reiserfs is good for "lots of small, junk files" situations, such as if you're running a big squid install11:46
aardvarkKamion: yes Oracle I know does, however I am looking at a PostgreSQL implementation that would feature heavy row insertions and deletes11:47
DXTbig squid?11:47
tweakCan someone please help11:47
linux_mafiaDXT, squid cache server11:48
aardvarkKamion: ORACLE is major $$$11:48
jdubaardvark: *every* database server routes around the filesystem as much as it can11:48
DXTk :)11:48
jdubaardvark: any situation where you have massive great big files managed by another process indicates that the filesystem is not an interesting factor :)11:48
tsengtweak: the idea is, you just ask your question, and hope someone knows the answer. no use asking to ask, or constantly repeating yourself11:49
linux_mafiaso just out of curiosity, you think SUSE made reiser the default, just because hans reiser is a fellow german? ;)11:49
aardvarkjdub: but rememember the time it takes the FS to deal with each read/write will still directly affect the eventual throughput11:49
Kamionaardvark: Oracle was just an obvious example, and as jdub says11:50
tsengsuse has a reiser hacker on staff11:50
Kamionit's not exactly unknown for SuSE to go for fairly locally-developed technologies anyway, and fairly understandable ...11:51
aardvarkguys I am not trying to argue it's just I have read publisged benchamarks on Reiser4 and it seems impressive11:51
aardvarkpublished 11:51
diemanmore bleeding edge hw11:51
diemanKamion: ive got another lspci to send you11:51
=== punkass [~punkass@S01060040f47277e5.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
diemanthe installer i used, I think it might have been a daily from last week, didn't load ata_piix...11:51
linux_mafianamesys does not reccomend it for use with anything important/critical 11:52
vrlnanyone managed to get fluxbox-cvs working on ubuntu? It compiles and installs fine but fonts aren't being rendered at all11:53
aardvarkanother question11:54
=== t35t0r [~t35t0r@cookeville-24-158-166-127.midtn.chartertn.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
aardvarkwhat is the release cycle for ubuntu ?11:54
=== regex_racoon [~back_east@wndsnynas01-pool0-a73.wndsny.tds.net] has joined #ubuntu
aardvarkevery 3, 6 months or when its ready ?11:55
smoaardvark: 6 months, to closely match Gnome's11:55
tritiumjdub can you put the evolution-exchange .deb packages jbailey built for standard debian in your repository?  it keeps failing to get into incoming11:55
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamiondieman: mmmkay11:55
diemani'll bug it in a few11:55
aardvarkyet another question11:56
aardvarkhow does one get involved helping out the project ?11:56
imkaaardvark there's info on the website11:57
jdubtritium: jbailey has been uploading my packages11:57
jdubtritium: #g-d instead :)11:57
aardvarkimka: thks11:57

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