robertjheya all12:00
=== imka [~imka@chello080109076233.14.15.vie.surfer.at] has left #ubuntu []
aardvarkubuntu could work on Powerbook ?12:00
=== peacemaker885 [~rey@adsl-63-207-173-73.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
robertjare there any packages to grab to allow gphoto2 access via nautilus12:00
Kamionaardvark: sure12:01
tweakumm i have somewhat of a problem with my ubuntu12:01
pedro_gtweak: you lose X after you log in - then it comes back up?12:01
=== dannya [~konversat@81-178-244-212.dsl.pipex.com] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
tweakit did then it worked12:02
=== dolson is now known as dols|afk
pedro_gnot sure what you mean by that - take me through the steps.  you boot up and get the login screen?12:02
=== _brandx_ [~brandx_@] has joined #ubuntu
=== tvon [~tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
tweaki log in then it say ubuntu and hits the computer icon the stops for awhile12:03
=== DougInKY [~kdskinner@12-202-220-55.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== \z is now known as Gman
tweakat the bottom of ubuntu i think the splash sreen12:03
aardvarkanyone know how far till the 1.0 release ?12:04
pedro_ghow long?12:04
aardvarkwell warty is preview release12:04
tweakthen it freezes12:04
aardvarkthus yes, how long12:04
jdubaardvark: 4.10 will be out on the 20th (see the release schedule on the wiki)12:05
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-211-141.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
tweakdo you have a idea what is messing12:05
aardvarkjdub: thank you12:05
pedro_gdoes it totally freeze or just for a few minutes?12:06
tweakfew minutes12:06
tweakwhen it usally went right in12:07
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
pedro_gwhat changed from before?12:08
pedro_gsettings anything?12:08
tweaka failure coming up when it starts up12:08
smoAnybody running dual-head with nvidia twinview?12:08
tweaksomething with the resolution12:08
pedro_gdid you change monitors? 12:09
smoI've just noticed that windows disappear from the Window List if they're on the second screen, and trying to work out if that's recent, or if I'm just slow12:09
pedro_gtweak: wonder if there would be some clues in the X logs?  (think it's /var/log/XFree86.log)12:11
tweaki was told to go to nano /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 and find where the resolution where and change 24 to the res i want12:11
tweakadn pedro that is no on the log12:12
mjrI'm running dual-head with xinerama, and yes, window lists seem to be screen-spesific, like I want them12:12
saw27hi all. Anyone an expert on APM/ACPI?12:13
tweakand if i hit cltrl+alt+F1 then hit ctrl+alt+F7 to come back in it blures out the hole screen12:14
pedro_gdid you 'tweak' the XF86Config-4 file?12:15
aardvarkdoes Linux have the capability to support prebinding like in Mac OS X12:15
tweakthe resolution psrt yes12:15
pedro_gwhat did you change?12:15
tweaktoke out 2 resolution on 2412:16
tweakbut they are put back in12:16
=== xim [~simonp@Toronto-HSE-ppp3971051.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
pedro_ghmmm wonder if there is a type in your config file - but i doubt X would start at all if there was...12:17
mjraardvark, ah, that; I think so, the KDE folk were makinga fuss about something that sounded approximately the same to me, but I didn't go in depth into it12:17
aardvarka prelinker that links dynamically linked libraries to an exectuable 12:17
=== SteveA [~steve@adsl-213-190-44-43.takas.lt] has joined #ubuntu
tweaki haev not a clue that is why i am asking you guys12:17
pedro_gwhen the screen goes blurry can you press ctrl-alt-(keypad+) and ctrl-alt-(keypad-) and have it come back OK?12:17
aardvarkmjr: in certain circumstances it is cool12:18
Kamionaardvark: a.k.a. 'prelink'?12:18
tweakdont know did try12:18
aardvarkKamion: yes 12:18
Kamionaardvark: note that we build all our packages with a linker option that makes prelink generally not particularly faster12:18
tweakit came back after an minute12:18
pedro_gcan you try it now?12:18
tvonlinux-sources package: does it come pre-configured as the 'normal' ubunutu kernel?12:18
Kamiontvon: yes12:18
Kamionif you mean linux-source-
tweakumm it is still blured12:18
pedro_gsorry tweak you stumped me12:19
tweakya but you are the only one helping12:19
pedro_gbut i'm not help :)12:19
tweakand i dont know anything with linux12:19
tweakcan anyone help or not12:20
pedro_gyou ought to try reconfiguring X through the dpkg command 12:20
tweaki would not know how to do that12:20
pedro_gthat will rewrite you file - at least you'll know it's not something simple that's causing the problem12:20
Kamiondpkg-reconfigure rather than dpkg12:21
tweaktype that in then12:21
Kamion(despite the name, dpkg-reconfigure is not part of the dpkg suite of programs, but part of debconf)12:21
pedro_g sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8612:21
pedro_gis that right?12:21
tweakwhat do i need to type12:21
pedro_ggoatboy suggested that earlier12:21
tweakso i should try that one pedro?12:22
pedro_gdo you know the details of your video card and monitor?12:22
tweakumm my vid card yes i believe minitor no12:23
tweakold and shitty that is all12:23
tweakvideo card is ATI 9200 64 mbg12:23
=== swoon [~joshua@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
swoonhrmm I just installed through synaptics a um mailcheck app wonder where it could be12:24
pedro_gwell you can try it - before you do make a copy of your XF86Config-4 file12:24
tweakwhat do you want me to try again12:24
=== tuppa [~tuppa@christie.corvu.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
pedro_gif X doesn't work just put back you copy your old file and restart X12:24
tweakso what do you want me to do12:25
=== free [~free@81-208-74-187.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
pedro_gfirst make a backup of XF86Config-412:25
pedro_gthen sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8612:25
tweakand i do that how12:25
pedro_gcp /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 ./12:25
=== til [~til@217-162-31-36.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu
tweaktweak:/home/tweak# cp /etc/X11/XfConfig-412:26
tweakcp: missing destination file12:26
tweakTry `cp --help' for more information.12:26
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-156.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
tweakthat is what it said12:27
pedro_gremember the file that you used nano to edit?12:27
=== calc [~ccheney@cdm-208-180-235-130.cnro.cox-internet.com] has joined #ubuntu
pedro_gcp that file to you home directory12:28
=== krischan [~krischan@p5090BEC1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== krischan [~krischan@p5090BEC1.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
tweakby typing cp /etc/X11/XFConfig-4, right12:28
=== aPoX [apox@packets.ca] has joined #Ubuntu
phosphorgreentweak: cp [source]  [target] 12:29
tweaki typed in tweak:/home/tweak# cp /etc/X11/XfConfig-412:30
tweakcp: missing destination file12:30
tweakTry `cp --help' for more information.12:30
swoonwhat packages do I need to install for basic compiling?12:30
phosphorgreentweak: read my last statement12:31
pedro_gtweak: don't think you have the file name correct there 12:31
tweakya i know i change it then it said the same12:31
pedro_gtweak : oh ic -   cp  /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 ./12:31
phosphorgreenswoon: usually gcc and g++ plus all libs required for what you are compiling, eg libstdc++, gtk++, etc, etc. Depends on what you are compiling12:31
pedro_gtweak: you have to give it a place to go 12:31
pedro_g./ is the local directory12:32
swoonok thank you phosphorgreen12:32
phosphorgreentweak:or even cp  /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 .12:32
tweakcp: cannot stat `/etc/X11/XFConfig-4': No such file or directory12:32
tweakthat is what it said12:33
swoonphosphorgreen, Im guessing for g++, I want g++-3.4,   instead of g++, or g++-3.3 ?12:33
phosphorgreen^^ means the file doesnt exist12:33
phosphorgreenI believe the file is called XF86Config-4, not XFConfig-412:33
tvonyes, its the former12:34
phosphorgreen3.4 or 3.3, the choice is yours swoon12:34
tweakya i forgot that12:34
=== jacob [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
tweakok i did that12:34
=== SmokingFire [~FireFly@ashanti.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== tck_ [~tck@206-15-133-157.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== HenrikOxUK [~Miranda@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
tweakit is copied12:35
jazzkaany tool to automatically set 'bloq num' on ??12:35
pedro_gtweak:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86   12:36
pedro_gtweak: follow the steps and choose the resolution you want12:36
swoonhrmmm wonder if the archive.ubuntu.com is down...12:37
tweakati card is fglrx12:37
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=== aardvark [~aardvark@outbound.gettyimages.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tacoma [~fhqwhgads@006097bf523c.click-network.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tvon|x31 [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
swooncan anyone confirm that archive.ubuntu is not down?12:40
aardvarkKamion: so am I able to recompile an ubuntu package / app and make use of prelinking ?12:40
tvon|x31archive.ubuntu.com is not coming up12:42
Kamionaardvark: er, that would be pointless12:42
aardvarkkinda if yes12:42
=== nasdaq4088 [sdfsd@tkp-ip-nas-1-p92.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionaardvark: what I meant was that the linker option we uses already gets you most of the benefits of prelinking without the sheer complication and difficulty of management of prelink itself12:42
aardvarkbut I should be able to do this ?12:42
tacomaswoon: archive.utuntu.com is unreachable for me12:43
aardvarkok 12:43
tvon|x31Doesnt ubuntu already use some speedup technique that makes prelinking basically ineffective or insignificant?12:43
Kamionyou can use prelink if you want without recompiling, but said linker option means there's little point12:43
aardvarkthats a good question12:43
=== [rapha] [~rapha@c-134-100-34.s.dial.de.ignite.net] has joined #ubuntu
swoonbummer ok thanks tacoma12:43
[rapha] topic12:43
Kamiontvon|x31: yes, and that's what I've been trying to tell aardvark :)12:43
[rapha] Say, are the Ubuntu servers online?12:43
Kamion-O1 to ld, or -Wl,-O1 to gcc12:43
nasdaq4088can ubuntu download files from the internet at a faster rate?12:43
tvon|x31aardvark: there was a thread on...mhm... either desktop-devel or debian-desktop or debian-gtk-gnome or some related list about this recently12:43
[rapha] Lol, no12:44
tvon|x31or maybe it was the ubuntu list12:44
Kamionnasdaq4088: I'm afraid our time machine technology has not yet been developed12:44
[rapha] I can't do apt-get update nor get to www.ubuntulinux.org12:44
tweakhey how many kb are in amgb12:44
nasdaq4088time machine12:44
Kamionyes, our datacentre's link appears to be down ...12:44
[rapha] My friend (also in Germany) has problems, too.12:44
aardvarkKamion: thks for your patience12:44
nasdaq4088like einstein's relativity theory: time travel into the future12:44
aardvark:) 12:44
nasdaq4088that sounds exciting!12:44
=== pedro_g [~pete@pool-151-196-113-109.balt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
tvon|x31tweak: http://www.egret.net/kb__mb.htm12:45
[rapha] Kamion: is there any mirror?12:45
Kamion[rapha] : yes, although I, er, can't check the mirror list right now :)12:45
=== splinta [~splinta@dialin-168-214.tor.primus.ca] has joined #ubuntu
[rapha] Lol okay :)12:45
=== tvon|x31 thinks warty release notes should claim time travel abilities
KamionI should keep a local copy, really12:45
Kamionah, google to the rescue12:45
Kamion[rapha] : google for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive and ask it for the cached copy12:46
tvon|x31there is also 'unit' I think, which will do such conversions12:46
nasdaq4088light travels at 300,000km per hour, ubuntu at 301,000km!12:46
[rapha] Thanks Kamion :)12:46
tvon|x31nasdaq4088: hah12:46
nasdaq4088300,000km per second sorry12:46
nasdaq4088the next ubuntu version:12:47
[rapha] Kamion: and you wouldn't happen to know the addresses of those extra repositories? The unofficial ones, I mean?12:47
nasdaq4088ubuntu: lightning!12:47
Kamionactually googling for http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/Archive gets a slightly newer list12:47
Kamion[rapha] : which ones?12:48
aardvarkis ubuntu down ?12:48
Kamionaardvark: yes, our datacentre's link appears to be down12:48
aardvarkcannot reach ubuntulinux.org12:48
whiprushaardvark: I just tried it, can't connect12:48
[rapha] Kamion: the MP3 stuff, mono, ...12:48
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Kamion] : FAQ: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/ | Wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ | Lists: http://lists.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ | Just Works: http://spamusement.com/view.php?id=81 | Ubuntu servers temporarily down, more news as it happens
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Kamion] : FAQ: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/ | Wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ | Lists: http://lists.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ | Just Works: http://spamusement.com/view.php?id=81 | Ubuntu servers temporarily unreachable, more news as it happens
tvon|x31monkeypop is nifty12:49
Kamion(slightly more accurate, I'm assuming they haven't all spontaneously crashed)12:49
[rapha] Kamion: the Google Cache page doesn't load here...12:49
calcso is ubuntu still releasing on Wed?12:49
aardvarkKamion: who supports the ubuntu datacenter ?12:49
Kamionaardvark: we have two admins, one of whom is reasonably local12:49
tacomaopen question: when the next release of ubuntu is released will we be able to do a apt-get upgrade?12:49
Kamioncalc: release candidate Wednesday, release next Wednesday12:49
=== Zero-G [~sjs298@sjshome.ict.ic.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Kamiontacoma: sure12:49
Kamionboth admins are in the same country, actually I believe both are in London at the moment anyway12:49
calcKamion: ok12:49
aardvarkKamion: do you know which products they use for service management/monitoring ?12:50
phosphorgreentacoma: i know that you can seamlessly upgrade from warty to hoary so i assume so, i think that you can12:50
[rapha] Kamion: Hedgy Hedgehog? On WEDNESDAY already???12:50
Kamion[rapha] : uh, no :)12:50
phosphorgreeni believe that hoarys release is April 5th12:50
Kamion[rapha] : Warty Warthog (and BTW it's Hoary not Hedgy)12:50
aardvarksomebody has to work on the product naming12:50
[rapha] Okay :)12:50
tvon|x31not whorey12:50
[rapha] Sorry12:50
aardvarkits almost obscene12:50
calchoary is a bit like woody12:50
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nasdaq4088what will happen when ubuntu is released?12:50
tvon|x31dirtly little hedgehog12:50
tvon|x31nasdaq4088: the universe will pop out of existance12:50
Kamionnasdaq4088: we get *even more people* installing it than we already have12:51
tacomaspeaking of naming, I just started the stdlug12:51
tacoma"Stadium District LUG" (Tacoma, WA)12:51
tweakok i finsih the question on the sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8612:51
tweakwhat do i do next12:51
Kamionaardvark: varies by machine I believe, I don't know all the details12:51
aardvarkKamion: hmmm12:51
nasdaq4088i can't wait for the release12:51
phosphorgreenany1 know how to write a cd *without* being root in warty?12:52
aardvarkwho handles package management on the ubuntu project ? is it per team ?12:52
tweakpedro_g :  i finished the question what next12:53
phosphorgreenwhat are you trying to do tweak?12:53
tweaksudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 i finish the questions what do i do next12:53
aardvarkwho are the package maintainers ?12:53
phosphorgreentweak: so, you've reconfigured the x server, what more do you want to do?12:54
whiprushubuntu.com back up for me12:54
Kamionaardvark: pretty much all of us depending on speciality12:54
[rapha] Working mirror: http://carroll.cac.psu.edu/pub/linux/distributions/ubuntu/ubuntu/12:54
tweakmake it so it does not blure12:54
=== phosphorgreen ubuntulinux.com back up too
aardvarkubuntu up!12:54
tweakadn starts up normally12:54
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Kamion] : FAQ: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/ | Wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ | Lists: http://lists.ubuntu.com/ | Bugs: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ | Just Works: http://spamusement.com/view.php?id=81
tck_ubuntulinux.org site down for me12:54
phosphorgreentck_: purge ur cache12:55
tck_oh wait , it just came back up12:55
tck_just a little slow :))12:55
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
tck_pretty good response time , whos looking after them servers :P12:55
pedro_gtweak: sorry - after reconfiguring X you'll need to log out and in again12:56
tweakok i will12:56
aardvarkKamion: who is the project lead ? who directs overall vision / direction ?12:56
Kamionaardvark: Mark Shuttleworth is The Boss; Matt Zimmerman is the Ubuntu CTO and Jeff Waugh the release manager12:57
nasdaq4088what is ubuntu's major goals?12:57
phosphorgreenis Ubuntu a UK setup? The domain is UK registered12:57
aardvarkKamion: how do you fit into the pic ?12:57
nasdaq4088to act as a user os12:58
Kamionwe expect intermittent server downtime for another few hours; don't panic12:58
jdubnasdaq4088: when the website comes up, check it out12:58
nasdaq4088or for businesses?12:58
tck_jersey i think12:58
jdubnasdaq4088: bith12:58
Kamionphosphorgreen: international, about six of us live in the UK12:58
=== phosphorgreen is in Scotland
[rapha] Kamion: btw, my girlfriend got Ubuntu yesterday (she's only seen Win XP before and it's her first own computer) and she loves it.12:58
azeemaardvark: are you Bernd Wachter?12:58
nasdaq4088but better than debian + other linux clones12:58
jdubphosphorgreen: the company is based in the isle of man, the employees in 12 different countries12:58
=== tck_ is in dublin :)
aardvarkazeem: no dude12:58
Kamionaardvark: I'm the installer team leader (er, not to mention the installer team member :-)) and general dogsbody12:58
=== SamBozo [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushoh dude, I hope this usb-storage support for cameras makes it in at the last second.12:58
whiprushneed it so badly. :p12:58
azeemaardvark: ah, sorry. I know another aardvark by that name :)12:58
nasdaq4088mark shuttleworth developed the security features of part of the internet12:59
aardvarkazeem: no prob!12:59
jdubwhiprush: it's going in12:59
azeemaardvark: and he used to be in charge of setting up the web-forums12:59
nasdaq4088does ubuntu have some enhanced security features?12:59
phosphorgreenyeah my camera (an old Fuji 2200Zoom) isn't supported under Ubutnu which i found odd. I have to manually mount12:59
whiprushphosphorgreen: does it show up as a normal usb drive basically?12:59
=== SamBozo [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== punkass [~punkass@S01060040f47277e5.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== splinta [~splinta@dialin-168-214.tor.primus.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
phosphorgreenyes whiprush01:00
whiprushso like mine, usb-storage probably01:00
whiprushjdub: man, almost got an x300 this week.01:01
phosphorgreenI see that Mark ShuttleWorth is quite the venture capitalist, does he hope to make money from Ubutnu?01:01
whiprushprobably gonna splurge for an ibm x40 though.01:01
aardvarkphosphorgreen: philanthropic adventure I think01:02
nasdaq4088i will surely use ubuntu01:02
aardvarkaardvark: Mark pours alot back into the community, kudos to him01:02
nasdaq4088anything that saves users money is worth it01:03
nasdaq4088microsoft solutions are expensive01:03
jazzkaany tool to automatically set 'bloq num' on ??01:04
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
jdubphosphorgreen: yes, canonical (the company sponsoring it) is a for-profit company.01:05
MyKq3can some one help me with bittornado ? i have installed it but when i try to run torrent files nothing happens as if the program is not installed01:05
whiprushit just replaces the stock bittorent01:05
Kamionphosphorgreen: http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/sounder/2004-September/001194.html01:05
whiprushjust run "btdownloadcurses blah.torrent" or whatever01:05
nasdaq4088i've been using open source products for many years01:05
aardvarkas many of my colleagues would say: OpenSores!01:06
aardvark:P 01:06
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["M'envaig"]
MyKq3whiprush,  what do u mean to replace the stock bittorrent ... i have tryef to reinstalled it and have tryed to install bittorrent instad ( no help there)01:07
phosphorgreenjdub: wouldn't that have some inclination that ubutnu may go commerical like redhat someday? I know that the website says strictly no (today), but so did redhat back in 1997.01:07
aardvarkwe have finally got some penguin boxes into the datacenter!01:07
cardadorMyKq3: install azureus, its far better01:07
Kamionphosphorgreen: there are ways to make money that don't involve charging for the distribution01:08
MyKq3cardador,  aptget azureu ?01:08
whiprushMyKq3: if you install bittornado it replaces your existing bittorrent executables, it's like a drop in replacement01:08
Kamionphosphorgreen: and Red Hat, in fairness, do still have a totally free-of-charge distribution01:08
cardadorMyKq3: nope, go to azureus site and download it01:08
phosphorgreenanybody any idea how to install java into mozilla firefox?01:08
nasdaq4088what is lacking is an os with major security features - I was hoping mr. shuttleworth would make sure ubuntu has the highest possible security features ...01:08
swoonhow do I log out of X to console?01:09
phosphorgreennasdaq4088: I see that SELinux will be encorporated into Hoary (like RedHat)01:09
whiprushnasdaq4088: selinux is on the list for the next release.01:09
nasdaq4088mydoom , sasser etc. have opened doors to major problems in the it world01:09
[rapha] nasdaq4088: Ubuntu has no services running per default, and root is disabled.01:09
MyKq3whiprush,  well i have done that ... no help there...01:09
aardvarknasdaq4088: yes but what are you looking for ?01:09
nasdaq4088since mydoom etc. i've become really afraid of where virusses are going01:09
cardadorswoon: ctrl + alt + f101:09
phosphorgreenswoon: press Ctrl+Alt+F1. Log in and type /etc/rc2.d/S99gdm stop01:09
swoonthank you01:10
nasdaq4088windows is one of the least secure operating systems01:10
MyKq3swoon,  CTRL+ALT_DEL01:10
phosphorgreenswoon: oh and u need to be root to do that, so sudo it01:10
aardvarknasdaq4088: but with good firewalling and regular patch management this preventable01:10
cardadorMyKq3: that just restarts x01:10
=== ploum [~ploum@19-42.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionphosphorgreen: it's on the to-do list to investigate for Hoary, I don't think we've committed to it yet01:10
nasdaq4088but you need patches and patches and downloads from mcafee etc. all the time01:10
swoongotchyah thanks :)01:10
Kamionhence the question mark after it on the wiki01:10
nasdaq4088that's why i'm switching to ubuntu01:11
aardvarknasdaq4088: yes if it's Windows01:11
nasdaq4088type os01:11
aardvarknasdaq4088: right on!01:11
whiprushMyKq3: hmm, dunno then, I just install bittornado and use it, I don't even install bittorrent01:11
=== WX [~chris@h-68-166-219-29.snvacaid.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
nasdaq4088thesedays, virusses use the following routes to infect:01:11
nasdaq4088scans ports01:11
=== rapha_alt [~rapha@dsl-213-023-049-017.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
nasdaq4088infects files in kazaa's shared folders01:12
phosphorgreenKamion: do u mean Java for Mozilla or SELinux?01:12
nasdaq4088uses selfreplicating emails01:12
aardvarknasdaq4088: be more optimistic man!01:12
Kamionphosphorgreen: the latter01:12
nasdaq4088even irc ads01:12
=== dayson [~dayson@cs666942-86.satx.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
phosphorgreengood, coz I'd kinda think that Java for Firefox is kinda important ;)01:13
phosphorgreenany1 any idea how it's installed ?01:13
MyKq3whiprush, the problem is that i have but it does not work  :\ ... 01:13
=== Juz_moi [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
whiprushwhat does it do?01:13
aardvarkanyone know of a tool to profile an executable ?01:13
whiprushsit there?01:13
phosphorgreeni remember having all sorts marlarkey copying it to global .mozilla folders for systemwide use last time i tried it01:13
phosphorgreenjust for it to screw up when i upgraded versions01:14
cardadorphosphorgreen: i installed java, then cd /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins, ln -s /path_to_java_plugin01:14
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-133.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
daysonHey I have a quick question about setting root options can someone help me out?01:17
=== someone04040 [~someone04@ca-ontario-cuda3a-g-47.anhmca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== EpheMeroN [~EpheMeroN@ca-ontario-cuda3a-g-47.anhmca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Zero-Gwhy don't you ask and we'll see01:19
=== danieltrocoli [~daniel@201009081053.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
daysonwell I'm pretty new to linux and when I installed I dont remember setting a root password but when I went to use apt-get I need root and I dont have the password01:20
tcksudo passwd root01:20
Kamiontck: that sets the root password, which may not be necessary01:21
Zero-Gor just "sudo apt-get" and type your own password01:21
azeemdayson: you do not need a root password, your regular user accouns is sudo-enabled01:21
WW1dayson: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/faqfolder_view  (Support question #1)01:21
Kamionas of today, the installer tells you about this on the first screen after you reboot01:21
tckwell sudo every command doesnt work01:21
Kamiontck: why not?01:21
azeemtck: why not?01:21
danieltrocolihelp me! my usb wi-fi do not want to work on ubuntu. i have a prism2.x usb device but i cannot get it to come 'up'01:21
tcku need to be root for some measures01:21
aardvarkazeem: is that configured by default ?01:22
azeemaardvark: sudo? yes01:22
LathiatKamion: yay :)01:22
Kamiontck: um, no ...01:22
Kamiontck: a command invoked via sudo *is* running as root01:22
Zero-Gtck: sudo bash - woohoo you have a root shell01:22
=== deebee [HydraIRC@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamion(but don't do that)01:22
=== azeem wonders why people in here are so quick to give advice on how to re-enable the root account, when using sudo is so much better
Kamionto my knowledge, the only thing that's different about running inside sudo is that the sudo package itself will warn you if you try to remove sudo in that case :-)01:23
=== deebee is now known as d-b
=== ploum_ [~ploum@19-19.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
Kamione.g. 'sudo apt-get remove sudo'01:23
calcZero-G: sudo su - is better (i think)01:24
aardvarkazeem: I meant is it configured to enable usage by user accoounts out of the box ?01:24
tckZero-G : u could edit /etc/resolv.conf, then break out into a shell :sh ;)01:24
azeemaardvark: yes01:24
azeemaardvark: well, for the initial user, anyway01:24
daysonokay I understand the sudo apt-get command but if I do sudo passwd root will that set my password for root or will it enable root?01:24
aardvarkazeem: is that not a security risk01:25
aardvarktypically that is a discretionary issue 01:25
tvon|x31only thing I havent been able to do with sudo is echo stuff to stuff under /sys01:25
azeemaardvark: ubuntu has no services listening on the network by default01:25
tvon|x31or both..not sure01:25
aardvarkazeem: aaah01:25
azeemaardvark: it's the same in Mac OS X, AFAIK01:25
=== dewey [~dewey@c-67-168-51-181.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tckdayson, set passwd for root01:25
aardvarkazeem: yes01:25
danieltrocoliany one can help me, please! my ubuntu is behind a weird wired connection through a XP box and my prism2.x wi-fi is not working over ubuntu01:26
Lathiattvon|x31:if you want to do that put it in quotes01:26
calcdanieltrocoli: i am not certain that there are drivers in ubuntu for prism 1/2/2.5 devices01:26
Kamiontvon|x31: sudo sh -c '...'01:26
Kamioncalc: there are01:26
=== HenrikOxUK [~Miranda@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
deweyok everything seems to work except for my printer.  I added my Epson sylus 860 color printer but nothing prints?01:26
Lathiattvon|x31: cus otherwise the redirect works as you not root01:26
calcKamion: what are the ones for 2.6 called now?01:26
Lathiatcus your shell parses it01:26
tvon|x31Lathiat: thanks01:26
calcall i could find even in debian was for 2.401:26
Kamioncalc: can't recall offhand, sorry01:26
danieltrocolicalc, the dmesg recognizes the prism2.x stuff01:27
Lathiatdanieltrocoli: if you type iwconfig can you see it listed?01:27
Lathiat(as root, so sudo iw...)01:27
danieltrocoliLathiat, just a min...01:27
Kamioncalc: normal prism stuff is supported by the orinoco driver I thought, and we have prism2_usb for the rest01:28
Lathiatif so to set it up just go into the System Preferences -> Network and set it up01:28
danieltrocoliLathiat, wlan0 no wireless extensions01:28
Lathiatdewey: parallel or usb?01:28
Lathiatdanieltrocoli: what abouteth001:28
Lathiatdanieltrocoli: iirc those drivers bring up two interfaces, wlan0 and eth0 (or eth1 or whatever)01:29
Lathiatanyone know off hand if WinCE is co-operative multitasking?01:29
=== aitrus [~foo@] has joined #ubuntu
aitrusholy updates batman!01:29
danieltrocoliiwconfig says eth0 no wireless extensions01:29
deweyLathiat: para01:29
aardvarkhow compatible are regular Debian packages with Ubuntu ?01:29
aardvarkwatch should I not do ?01:30
deweyLathiat: I tried printing test page and from mozilla01:30
aardvarkspecially the "test" stuff ?01:30
deweynothing ahppened.01:30
danieltrocoliLathiat, throgh Network stuff it do not show wireless devices01:30
calcKamion: oh ok01:31
Lathiatdanieltrocoli: odd i have no idea then perhaps you could trey google to see if anyone else has had similar problems or anything01:31
Lathiatdewey: check your kmodules list for partport_pc (lsmod|grep parport)01:31
aardvarkcompatibility issues ?01:32
aardvarkhow compatible are regular Debian packages with Ubuntu ?01:32
deweyLathiat: I will do that tonite01:32
Lathiataardvark: well in general they work fine but putting packages from debian main in is a bad idea cus youll hit version problems etc01:32
Lathiataardvark: however external archives with programs buiilt etc should work fine01:33
Lathiataardvark: and if you want main or contrib/non-free add the ubuntu universe and multiverse lines to your apt sources, it has most of it01:33
aardvarkLathiat: thks01:33
aardvarkgentlemen and ladies I bid you adieu!01:34
=== aardvark [~aardvark@outbound.gettyimages.com] has left #ubuntu []
Lathiat*bang* do you think you could turn it on... COME MINI ME!01:35
=== SmokingFire [~FireFly@ashanti.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
tcki seem to be having problems with my openssl, 01:38
tckhave the latest ver. 0.97d01:39
tckits installed, but when programs are calling it, they seem to give an error01:39
tckfor ex., if i use nessus , connecting to the daemon - gives an ssl error01:40
WW1Is "multiverse" explained on the ubuntu web site or on the wiki?  I could swear I saw something about it once, but now I can't find it.01:41
KamionWW1: it's very new, not well-documented yet01:44
=== Kamion -> bed
=== point [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
WW1Kamion: OK, thanks.  I found some information about it in "Ubuntu Traffic #5"01:48
=== swim [~joshua@216-161-149-125.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
swimman I wish something could be done about 64 bit ndiswrapper01:48
aitrusif i already have a /dev/sda (my sata drive), would a usb key just take the next available scsi device (in this case, /dev/sdb)?01:54
aitrusi don't see it even getting detected in the logs... =(01:55
=== codeane [~warty@203-59-213-44.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== dayson [~dayson@cs666942-86.satx.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
daysonback again guys I have another question01:56
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
daysonI'm trying to download winex using firefox and its set by default to save everything to my desktop, I've downloaded something like 4 things and nothing is on my desktop01:57
daysoncan anyone tell me whats wrong or where my files are?01:58
aitrusdayson: i would change that location to somewhere like /home/username/temp or something like that01:58
aitrusin firefox: edit->preferences->downloads01:59
daysonhow can I get something like a home directory on my desktop?01:59
=== JakeandBake [~jake@pcp02391380pcs.nftmyr01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
aitrusdayson: /home/username/Desktop is your desktop if you want it there02:00
daysonthis distro is a lot different from the rest I've atempted to learn02:00
daysonokay let me look02:00
tckaitrus : did u get ur usb key set up?02:00
tcki've been having problems02:01
aitrustck: no.  no one responded and i'm still googling02:01
tcki think there was one or two known issues regarding usb02:01
tckwhats dmesg say when u put it in02:01
tckwhat else is there besides sda ?02:02
aitruswhat do you mean?02:02
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
aitrushmm... there we go02:03
tckwell is there any other sd [b-d]  appearing02:03
aitrustck: apparently it doesn't work if i use the front panel usb02:03
tckahh , and it works at the back02:03
tckshit i might try that too :)02:03
aitrustck: but if i use the usb-hub on my keyboard (which is plugged into the back) it works02:04
tcknope - don't work02:05
tcki checked to see if it works under mdk 10 and it does, so it's not the usb key02:05
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-82-50.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
aitrustck: there is an issue in kernel that is fixed by a patch02:06
aitruscheck out if that is your key02:06
tcki upgraded already from to
=== sepheebear [~sepheebea@24-193-86-118.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
WXoh so there is a usb keyboard problem/02:13
daysonokay I went to the download thing and it says there are all there but I dont see them I think there might be a setting that hides stuff on your desktop maybe?02:14
daysonnever mind I'm a retard I figured it out02:15
daysonnext question though02:16
daysonI have these tarz files now what do I do with them?02:16
crimsunuse file-roller :)02:16
crimsunor you can use the command-line, tar xfz foo.tar.gz02:16
daysonwhats that? I'm not sure I even have anything called that02:16
joemdayson, where did the files come from?02:18
daysonsome website02:19
daysonI'm trying to find winex02:19
joemunless you pay for it, the only way to try it is though cvs02:19
=== normnmiles [~joseph@c-24-15-102-247.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
daysonwhats cvs?02:20
joemand that doesn't have all of the features that the release versions do02:20
joemread their site02:20
daysonsorry I'm new to linux so I'm going to ask a lot of dumb questions02:20
daysonhttp://cvs.linux.hr/   that the site you're talking about?02:21
=== Moosey [~Moosey@ip-210-54-148-98.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
joemwas talking about their site actaully02:22
bob2if you don't know what cvs is, building winex is going to be very very painful02:22
bob2you can buy it for just $5/month, tho02:23
joemshould have any information on winex that you need02:23
=== Moosey [~Moosey@ip-210-54-148-98.orcon.net.nz] has left #ubuntu []
daysonis wine the same as winex?02:24
bob2winex is a proprietary fork that includes support for directx02:24
daysoncould I use wine to run something like steam?02:24
daysonI'm going to guess no02:24
|trey|For some reason, my sound is no longer working... checked everything I would usually suspect, and everything seems to be fine (checking modules, mixer etc)... anyone able to give further assistance?02:24
bob2dayson: probably not02:25
bob2dayson: appdb.codeweavers.com02:25
|trey|Stopped working after my last reboot... had about 50 something updates that day... also, gnome-panel is frequently saying "panel is already loaded" when I log in...02:26
daysonokay if I want to download a version of wine do I dl a debian vs?02:28
bob2isn't wine in universe?02:28
robertjare there ubuntu mono packages anywhere?02:29
robertjthe universe ones seem uninstallable02:29
bob2robertj: yes, look on the wiki02:29
=== neuro_ [~neuro@neuro.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== chevwI [~Klinzhai@bb220-255-25-149.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
bob2robertj: http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~mako/ubuntu-traffic/u20040924_05.html#402:30
=== Gman [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== eroadcap [~eddie@67-23-61-143.chvlva.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== jazzka [~jazzka@138.Red-80-59-206.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
jazzkaif a package is in stable and testing, how apt chooses?02:34
jazzkadoes the order matter in sources.list?02:34
|trey|Ahh, ubuntu-traffic should be accessable from the top bar on the main page... thats some info I have wanted from Ubuntu  :)02:35
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
swimhrmm trying to add a printer that is connected to a router, and I to that router... went to add a printer, tried selecting local printer, then thought I could enter the ip address, ah I probably need to set up the port first right? how would I do that?02:36
=== mlh [~mlh@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
swimcan anyone tell me how to add a port (printer ip address) please?02:39
=== fhqwhgads [~fhqwhgads@006097bf523c.click-network.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== fhqwhgads is now known as tacoma
aitrusswim: is the printer connected via some network device (like a jetdirect interface)?02:40
swimaitrus, the printer has a built in nic, and is connected from that to a router... and my computer to that router02:41
aitruswhat kind of printer?02:41
aitrusi'm assuming your printer uses IPP or a JetDirect box (internally)02:41
=== Phr0stByte [~phr0stbyt@ip24-250-124-175.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
swimits a brother 4in1 mfc 3280 cn02:42
=== klontj [klontj@host-69-48-13-179.roc.choiceone.net] has joined #ubuntu
aitruswell, yes, that interface has to be setup to allow connections02:44
bob2jazzka: it chooses the one with the highest version02:44
swimaitrus, I can use it with a windows machine... so the printer itself is setup02:44
bob2jazzka: if two have the same version it picks the one fro mthe first source in the sources.list02:44
aitrusassuming it is setup, you can add an IPP printer (if that's what it uses, and probably does) with the printer config/network printer02:44
bob2jazzka: but you shouldn't be using stable or testing with ubuntu02:44
aitrusswim: does it use IPP or SMB in windows?02:45
swimaitrus, I just told windows to use the ip address that the printer gave itself...02:45
swimnot sure02:45
aitrusthere's no magical "just use this ip address" box, so somewhere along the line you had to say either ipp or smb02:46
aitrusyou can find out by going into window, right-clicking on the printer, and going to properties02:46
swimaitrus, sorry I didnt tell it either... ok just a sec02:46
aitrusthen check out the connection stuff (might be under ports)02:46
swimhrmm protocol is lpr...02:48
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
swimStandard tcp/ip port...02:48
aitrusdoes it say what port?02:49
aitrusi don't have a windows box, so i can't debug it... bug you can easily figure out which one just by trying... there's only 402:50
jazzkabob2, I'm using ubuntu's main and universe, and debian-marillat02:50
swimyes it just says port IP_192.168.2.402:50
=== Chriffer [~nargojojo@pcp01379838pcs.levtwn01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
aitrusi meant network port, not printer port... but that's okay, i don't know which windows is using02:51
tacomaswim: when you get it working, don't forget to change the default paper size from A4 to letter(if you are in the US)02:55
=== cfactor [~johnkim@callosum.BIC.berkeley.edu] has joined #ubuntu
swimIm using windows xp02:55
aitrusswim: i meant i don't know which of the network printing protocols windows is using for your particular printer02:56
=== klontj [klontj@host-69-48-13-179.roc.choiceone.net] has left #ubuntu []
swimaitrus, can I somehow try whaterver is available?02:57
jazzkado you have file /dev/mixer ?02:57
jazzkaI dont! and mplayer needs it!02:57
bob2no it doesn't02:57
bob2mplayer -ao alsa your_pirated_movie.avi02:58
jazzkabob2, -ao is for alsa output?02:58
aitrusswim: sure, just use the printer setup gui and fill in as much info as you can... just select networked-printer and go for it02:59
cfactorI would've guessed audio output.02:59
bob2read the manpage, -ao lets you specify an audio output plugin, in this case "alsa".02:59
bob2cfactor: right.02:59
swimwhats the Xf86 config file called?02:59
swimoh got it02:59
swimoh does anyone know how to turn of virtual memory?03:00
cfactorin windows or linux?03:00
bob2you don't.03:01
bob2just leave it.03:01
swimI dont really use windows, just setting something up for someone03:01
swimhow come?03:01
bob2why do you want to disable it?03:01
cfactoryou should listen to bob2, but if you want, just do "swapoff /dev/whatever"03:01
cfactoror with 2.6 kernel, you can recompile with the option off.03:01
swimmy comp-sci teacher told me that leaving virtual mem seriously slows down performance... unless he meant only for windows...03:02
bob2your CS teacher was talking about windows or wrong.03:03
cfactorthat's ancient history.  os'es have gotten smarter.03:03
=== SteveA [~steve@adsl-213-190-44-43.takas.lt] has joined #ubuntu
Phr0stByteswim: Actually, XP wont run well without it03:03
cfactoroops.  so guys, how different is ubuntu from debian as far as config file structures go?  same?03:04
bob2swim: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/swap.html03:04
swimoh ok, how odd that he felt the need to say that then, he has struken me to be quite on the ball...03:05
bob2cfactor: the same.03:05
cfactoris this a high school teacher?03:05
swimok thank you bob203:05
cfactormy high school cs teacher knew the traditional stuff well, but he didn't really keep up to date with the trends.03:06
cfactor(which is why I had to learn COBOL - in 90's.)03:07
Phr0stBytecfactor: Me too!03:07
bob2cfactor: but think, if ever you get sucked into a time vortex and get dropped in 1978...you're totally employable!03:07
Phr0stBytecfactor: and CICS03:07
cfactorwhat I should've done was brush up on it in 1999.03:08
cfactorPhr0stByte : I think you got me beat.  I never even heard of CICS.03:11
Phr0stByteIts the stuff bank terninals are programed with - before touch screen ATMs03:12
cfactorso for guys who went to ubuntu from debian, what were your reasons?03:12
=== Phr0stByte switched from Mandrake
maswancfactor: debugging the installer03:13
=== aitrus [~foo@] has joined #ubuntu
maswan(well, the first one I _tried_ to switch on wouldn't install, and the reason for wanting to switch there was proper security updates for amd64)03:14
cfactorubuntu doesn't "force" gnome on you, does it?03:14
bob2cfactor: correct03:14
bob2but it is the default, and KDE is not in "supported".03:14
cfactormaswan : yeah, I'm currently using deb unstable, and would appreciate faster security updates.03:14
cfactorbob2: PekWM all the way for me.03:15
Phr0stBytecfactor: you misspelled grace03:15
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-133.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== goatboy [~tim@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
cfactorgrace?  urlP?03:16
Phr0stBytecfactor: "force" should have been "grace"03:16
cfactoroh, I thought you were referring to my pekwm remark.03:16
=== goatboy_ [~tim@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
cfactorThe only gui stuff I use are firefox and gaim, so most wms are overkill for me.03:17
aitrusokay, i just ran "apt-get upgrade" and it downgraded my version of FireFox to 0.9.303:18
Phr0stByteaitrus: no it didnt03:18
Phr0stByteaitrus: You were using a pre release before03:18
aitrusPhr0stByte: what in the world happened then?03:19
bob2erm, it may have03:19
bob2we're going with 0.9.3 because 0.10 had some really annoying bugs03:19
neuro_RTFUML :)03:19
aitrusthe UML?03:19
neuro_Users Mailing List03:20
bob2I'd never wish UML on anyway.03:20
aitrusis there a trimmed down version of the UML?  =)03:20
aitrusor is the UML not for "discussion"?03:20
aitruscause i don't want a bunch of requests and stuff in my mailbox03:20
aitrusi just want the skinny from the people in charge  =)03:21
bob2there's ubuntu traffic03:21
neuro_which isn't real time03:21
bob2but it only comes out weekly03:21
neuro_there's the lists on gmane tho03:21
cfactordamn, bad habit...03:22
aitrusis it okay to comment out the cdrom source in my apt sources once i get everything installed?03:22
aitrusit's an old version anyway03:22
aitrusi did that, and then got the firefox downgrade and wondered if i fubar'd something03:23
bob2hah, jeffitis is infesting the ubuntu world03:23
bob2the downgrade was a special case and will only happen rarely03:23
danielsbob2: one of my friends is saying 'rad'03:23
bob2be worried it if turns to k-rad.03:24
aitrusis there any cross-posting between ubuntu-announce and ubuntu-security-announce?03:24
bob2based on how debian works, I doubt it03:24
cfactorhow big is the ubuntu package list compared to debian?  My main worry is the lack of packages.03:25
bob2cfactor: supported is ~1500, universe is nearly everything else from sid03:25
robertjand what is there is rather good03:25
bob2some stuff is missing from universe because it had buidl problems or whatever...if someone fixes them, they can be added too03:26
cfactorsounds good.  I've learned from XandrOS that mixing deb packages from different distros is just bad voodoo.03:26
=== haggai_ [~halls@pD9EA5BF3.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2yeah, the aim of universe is that you don't have to03:27
smo"apt-cache stats" reports 13628 "Normal Packages" on mine (main+restricted+universe), compared to 14274 on my sarge box.  looks like you shouldn't miss much03:28
cfactorare the kernel installation the same when compiling custom kernels?  (make-kpkg?)03:28
bob2cfactor: yes.03:28
bob2cfactor: note that the ubuntu kernel sources support far far far far more hardware than kernel.org ones03:28
cfactorOkay, then here's the hard question.  Anyone here running ubuntu on a transmeta cpu?03:29
swimaitrus, so what would a URI be?03:29
tacomaI've only had to go outside ubuntu for my webcam(spca5xx), ATI AIW(gatos), and xawtv03:29
swimaitrus, or for that matter, what would a SBM number or whatever look like?03:30
cfactordebian's XFree86 deb package has a transmeta specific bug that forces me to reboot every day or two.03:30
bob2it's a bug in the cpu, not in X03:31
aitrusswim: i can't help you if you don't know what your printer uses, sorry.  from what you have told me, your printer is not using SMB.  so it's either IPP or LPR03:31
cfactormaybe.  I don't know the exact nature of it.  But I've been told some combination of XFree compile option fixes it.03:31
aitrusswim: if there is some sort of config interface for your printer (like a web interface) that would help [you]  a lot03:32
swimaitrus, ok so if it were LPR what number or name... would I be looking for?03:33
cfactorand I never had the problem until I put debian on it.03:33
tacomaswimL my HP Jetdirect has a telnet config menu, maybe your printer does to03:35
swimgotta run thanks aitrus, Ill bb tomorrow03:35
tacomaswim: try telnet <ip-address>03:35
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-213-254.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== dustym [~dustym@cavok2226.august.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jgeorgeson [~jgeorgeso@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
jgeorgesonis there no more standalone mime-type configuring program? it's just properties/"open with" on a file of the type you want to modify?03:43
jgeorgesoni've never seen this channel so quiet03:44
joemjgeorgeson, yea03:44
jgeorgesonjoem, yea to my opening question? or yea it's quiet?03:45
joemyea there is no more standalone capplet03:46
aitrusweeeeeee!  having 2 kernels installed and trying to use nvidia breaks stuff... =)03:46
aitrusapparently i forgot to remove my old kernel after upgrading...03:47
jgeorgesonjoem, thx03:47
=== jgeorgeson [~jgeorgeso@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== GOwin [~Miranda@] has joined #ubuntu
joemaitrus, that shouldn't matter03:47
cfactornvidia needs to be recompiled after you boot with the new kernel.03:47
aitrusjoem: it did.  nvidia was installed for the kernel, but not the -3 one03:48
aitruscfactor: you don't have to compile it, it's a package03:48
GOwinby default, can ubuntu read files from XP shared folders?03:48
cfactorsorry, I'm in the habit of make-kpkg.03:49
tck have u samba set up?03:49
joemaitrus, that doesn't mean you can't have multiple versions03:49
joemjust need to have the nvidia module in the modules dir for each kernel 03:49
=== hartbrkr [~hartbrkr@S0106000ae65fbb95.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
aitrusjoem: i just didn't install the version for it after updating03:49
GOwintck, i'm not sure. i don't think so.03:49
tckGOwin by default its in ubuntu03:49
joemwhich means re running the nvidia package after a kernel upgrade03:49
tckgo to Computer > Networking etc..03:50
aitrustook me a second to realize that.  =)03:50
tckshould be in /etc/samba03:50
Se7hi have my 200gb back03:50
Se7hhello everyone03:50
tckGOwin, man samba03:50
aitrusi assumed that doing an apt-get upgrade woudl upgrade the kernel and blow away the old one, hence updating modules... i was wrong. =)03:50
GOwinwell, i can see the windows pcs in the network, but i can't seem to get in my shared windows folder.03:50
cfactorIt's safer to keep the older kernel around in case the new one won't boot.03:51
hartbrkrI'm trying to run ubuntu in vmware with winxp as the host system. it runs, but when I try to install vmware tools, it says the "The directory of kernel headers (version 2.6.0-test7) does not match your running kernel version (version .. I checked the package manager and it said the kernel headers package was up to date .. anyone know why I'm having this problem? I found the kernel headers in /usr/include/linux i think..03:51
tckGOwin, go to file and connect to share etc..03:51
tckplay around with it a bit :)03:51
aitruscfactor: that's true when you make your own... however, i woudl say that minor updates to the default kernel shouldn't be a problem.  if they are, you have bigger problems than that.03:52
=== don-o_ [~donp@] has joined #ubuntu
aitruscfactor: but that's just me03:52
don-o_whats the name of the gnu c++ package?03:52
joembetter safe then sorry03:53
bob2don-o_: g++03:53
bob2but just install build-essential03:53
smohartbrkr: You want the kernel headers that match your specific kernel, not just the most recent.  so you'll need to install linux-headers-
don-o_bob2 interesting. but it wasnt to build gcc/g++ 3.3 and i've got gcc 3.403:54
hartbrkrsmo: where do i get those kernel headers? can I use that synaptic program to get them?03:55
bob2don-o_: ubuntu's default compiler is gcc 3.303:55
smohartbrkr: it should beable to.  Hit search on the toolbar, and look for linux-headers03:55
GOwintck, i've been playing with it since yesterday with no success. :(03:56
bob2on i386 and ppc at least03:56
=== omlet [mariusz@arbuz.info] has joined #ubuntu
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don-o_where is it that I can add a command to start a program when I login?04:03
hartbrkrsmo: the vmware-tools installer says i have kernel version, and in synaptic, there's only .. would that work ok? there's no -2-386 headers04:04
GOwinwhat's the difference between "mark for removal" and "mark for complete removal" from synaptics?04:04
smohartbrkr: you'll probably want linux-image- to match then.  sounds like the kernel's been upgraded since, and hasn't been upgraded on your machine04:05
aitruscomplete removal removes old config stuff as well04:05
hartbrkrsmo: so in synaptic i can just install linux-headers- and install linux-image- and that's all I'll have to do? or would I have to mess around with GRUB to get the kernel working?04:06
smohartbrkr: grub should be taken care of as part of the package installation .. you'll most likely just need to reboot04:07
hartbrkrcool, i'll give it a shot .. thanks 04:07
tckhartbrkr, nope, but there is an update to grub as well, no harm in getting it ; then reboot04:08
cfactorgo bittorrent, go!  good to see a linux distro that has an official torrent for cd images.04:09
=== point [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
tckcfactor, whats the name ?04:11
tckum.. lol.. i thought he was refering to a bittorrent clien04:12
tckmy bad04:12
bob2ubuntu includes bt clients, too04:12
tckyeah thats what i was wondering04:12
tckknow any off hand ?04:13
joemthe stock client and bittornado are in universe04:13
tckcool :)04:13
tckwhats the name of that popular java one04:13
tckazereus ?04:13
tckyeah thats it 04:13
bob2it requires non-free java, sadly04:13
joemthere is no advantage to using it afaik04:14
neuro_itym azureus04:14
neuro_tis very nice04:14
tckim trying to find the ubuntu wallpapers stuck up on kde-look.org04:14
joemwhats it do that other clients don't?04:14
tckjoem, just supposed to be slick 04:14
tacomaI really like azureus, it gives you very fine control04:14
neuro_tis very configurable and easy to use04:14
bob2use tens of megabytes of ram and all your cpu04:14
aitrusbittornado replaces bittorrent? (package wise)04:15
joemwhat does it do that bittornado doesn't?04:15
neuro_bob2: so does firefox - what's new?04:15
tacomabut I've never used bittornado04:15
bob2neuro_: with webpages, you care how they look.  downloading torrents are just small graphs that move over until they say 100%.04:15
neuro_bob2: strange how it hasn't chewed cpu on my machine then04:15
tacomaazureus lets you prioritize torents, both when downloading and uploading04:16
neuro_using loads of ram i can understand, as it may be tasked to track hundreds if not thousands of active connections04:16
hartbrkrtck: I didn't see any update for grub .. is it in synaptic?04:16
tacomaazureus lets you adjust settings on when to starve other peers04:16
tckapt-get install grub04:16
joembittornado does all of that04:17
=== WW1 [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
Se7hone question a bit OT04:19
Se7hdoes reiserFS works fine on 2.8 kernel ?04:19
joemdunno, there is no 2.8 kernel04:20
joemworks the same as reiser on other kernels04:20
joemwhich isn't really a positive comment..04:21
bob2ubuntu does not include reiser4 support, if that's what you're asking.04:21
Se7hok a simpler Q04:21
Se7hbob2 no ?04:22
joemno distros include reiser4 support afaik04:22
bob2it's still pre-pre-alpha04:22
aitrusbob2: i think Yoper does if you can call that a distro  =)04:23
Se7hgentoo does to04:23
bob2I should go find out wtf yopper is04:23
joemgentoo doesn't04:23
aitrusbob2: don't bother04:23
bob2people keep going on and on about it 04:23
aitrusi don't like it04:23
Se7hjoem oh it does04:23
Se7hits on the manual04:24
Se7hgo read it04:24
aitrusto me, it seems like a distro that tried to take a bunch of good stuff from other distros, but failed04:24
tacomaI use Reiser on my gentoo media server04:24
joemSe7h, it contains ebuilds for -mm that have reiser4 options, but none of the devs will support it04:24
tacomaI have used it to good effect04:24
aitrusbut i guess that's an opinion for a different channel... =)04:24
joembut you can feel free to ask in #gentoo about that04:24
=== pedro_g [~pete@pool-151-196-113-109.balt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
pedro_gi'd like to configure service etc. is there a standard way to do that other than tweaking the rc.d directories?04:27
=== don-o_ [~donp@] has left #ubuntu []
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-28.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
pedro_gi'm a refuge from fedora - there was a cute little gui they had (service conf)04:29
=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
pedro_glisted everything that was available and a little blurb about what it was for.04:30
cfactorupdate-rc.d is sorta like chkconfig in the redhat world.04:30
pedro_gthnx - i'll give it a look04:30
=== SteveA [~steve@adsl-213-190-44-43.takas.lt] has joined #ubuntu
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=== oteiador [~oteiador@201009180152.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== miratug [~miratug@] has joined #ubuntu
GOwinhow do i re-configure openoffice to read wordperfect files?04:36
GOwinhow do i become root in my box? i thought the first account i make in ubuntu is root.04:45
GOwini need to change some file permissions04:45
cfactorshouldn't it have asked you for root password in the beginning, or is it like OSX where you have to enable it manually?04:47
=== Oolong [~swan@70-56-249-212.cdrr.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
cfactorIf you don't know the password, just boot in single user mode and change the password.04:48
joemthe user account you create has full sudo privs04:49
GOwincan i do the file permissions changing using a GUI? im new to linux04:50
joemif you have permissions to change the file04:50
GOwini did setup the box for my experimentatino.04:51
joemyou can change perms from the properties menu in nautilus04:51
=== linux_mafia [~max@202-0-44-243.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
GOwini have already tried the nautilus menu. it has a message saying that "you are not the owner, syou can't change these permissions.". it says file owner is root04:52
bob2GOwin: what file are you trying to change the permissions of?04:53
smoit's a shame there's not more integration between sudo & nautilus04:53
GOwinthe ./phpldapadmin/config.php04:53
bob2GOwin: why are you doing that?04:54
GOwindo i have to do a sudo thing first?04:54
GOwini'm installing egroupware. it needs to access that file.04:54
cfactorOkay, I'm gonna go home and install Ubuntu.  Thanks guys!04:56
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-81-107.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinpunkass_ you around?04:57
GOwinhello? so, how do i change file permissions?04:59
GOwincommand line?04:59
defendguinor you can right click on a file in nautilus05:00
pedro_gdoes ubuntu have gnome system tools?  http://www.gnome.org/projects/gst/screenshots/runlevel.jpg05:00
joemman chmod should have everything you need05:00
=== JakeandBake [~jake@pcp02391380pcs.nftmyr01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
joempedro_g, the runlevels tool isn't supported on ubuntu or upstream05:00
joembut it has users, time, network05:01
GOwintried the nautilus. it say's it's owned by root.05:01
pedro_gdarn - i'm going to have to stop being so lazy05:01
pedro_ggowin if root owns the file root has to change the permisions05:01
joemheh, yes you are05:01
pedro_gnautilus only has your permissions05:02
pedro_gsudo chmod ....05:02
pedro_gor install the groupware as root - not sure what's approriate from a security perspective05:02
=== t35t0r [~t35t0r@cookeville-24-158-166-127.midtn.chartertn.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== matthew [~matthew@adsl-64-162-56-154.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiaGOwin, enable the root account, install, disable it again, easy05:05
GOwinsorry for having the lame questions. i'm very new to linux.05:06
joemusually with those phpadmin config files, I think you are suposed to change the perms, write the config, then change them back05:07
joemthe config files shouldn't be writable except when you need to change something05:07
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
GOwinlinux_mafia. how do i enable root account?05:10
linux_mafiaGOwin, http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RootSudo05:13
=== jgeorgeson [~jgeorgeso@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
jgeorgesonI put some extra variables and path elements in/etc/profile, and even after a full reboot they are not part of my environment (bash login shell)05:14
bob2sure it's a login shell?05:14
=== theantix [~ryan@80.185.novustelecom.net] has joined #ubuntu
jgeorgesonwhen I login from gdm, shouldn't that be a login shell, so that variables in /etc/profile will be available to the whole session?05:15
=== RAruler [nobody@S01060020781633f3.hn.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
RArulerI'm having some serious issues trying to get a module to load automatically, I've got "alias char-major-61 lirc_gpio" in /etc/modutils/lirc, I've run update-modules, but when I reboot lirc_gpio isn't in lsmod, and dmesg doesn't have anything05:16
RArulermodprobe lirc_gpio works though05:18
GOwinis it possible to browse files in nautilis while sudo'd as root?05:18
jgeorgesonso ... what should I be using then?05:18
bob2RAruler: just put the module name in /etc/modules05:19
linux_mafiajgeorgeson, one user or multiple?05:19
bob2jgeorgeson: /etc/environment maybe?05:19
jgeorgesonlinux_mafia, preferrably something global, although it doesn't really matter05:19
jgeorgesonGOwin, sudo nautilus --no-desktop --browser05:20
linux_mafiajgeorgeson, well edits to ~/.bashrc work for a single user05:20
RArulerbob2: trying that now, I think that'll work05:20
bob2RAruler: it's the way to get modules loaded at boot05:21
=== svenl [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-20-32.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
RArulerbob2: it worked!05:22
RArulerbob2: thanks05:22
bob2you're welcome.05:22
=== jgeorgeson [~jgeorgeso@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
GOwinthanks jgeorgeson. i'd say that GUIs are really helpful for newbies like me.05:23
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
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hazmatwohoo! i'm not sure what changed, but something in the last day, just doubled my battery life.05:37
hazmatdoh spoke too soon05:38
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
=== dayson [~dayson@cs666942-86.satx.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
daysonhey can I use debian respositories on Ubuntu apt-get?05:42
crimsunit's generally discouraged05:42
daysonso no05:43
crimsunUbuntu has 'universe', which is Sid packages recompiled for Ubuntu05:43
crimsunthere are notable exceptions05:43
daysonI cant find crap on apt-get right now05:43
crimsunfor instance, Christian Marillat's mplayer repository05:43
daysonI want to install cedege but I cant cause it wont recognize the libpng3 file that I installed05:44
crimsuncedega, you mean?05:44
linux_mafiacrimsun, many of christians packages are in multiverse05:44
=== leetleboy [~bobby@66-108-50-59.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
RAruleris there a particular good way to force installing a package, i'm trying to install mythtv, but it wants a different non-ubuntu version of libqt3mt05:44
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-88-23.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
daysoncrimsun, so what should I do? I like this distro but I cant install anything and I want to be able to play steam but I cant if winex wont work05:46
crimsunlinux_mafia: i haven't checked myself, but i'll take your word for it :)05:46
MepisBellelinux_mafia: Boooo!05:47
=== mike_douglas [~mike@S010600023f20f9d2.vw.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsundayson: are you trying to compile cedega, or are you trying to install the deb?05:47
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-88-23.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_mafiaMepisBelle, lurker05:47
=== kaplanfx [~kaplanfx@c-67-170-193-18.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mike_douglasis the ubuntu kernel getting inotify any time soon?05:47
MepisBellelinux_mafia: Traitor05:47
crimsunmike_douglas: probably not05:47
linux_mafiaMepisBelle, what?05:47
crimsun(though it's not my call)05:47
MepisBellelinux_mafia: lol05:48
leetleboyhas anyone gotten ubuntu to work on an old-world mac?05:48
linux_mafialeetleboy, is a yosemite g3 old-world?05:50
leetleboyi think so.05:52
leetleboyif you're using bootx it is05:52
daysoncrimsun, install the deb05:54
fabbionemorning guys05:54
crimsunmoin fabbione 05:55
crimsundayson: and which packages is it hitching on?05:55
daysonwhich I think I have05:55
crimsundpkg -l libpng3|grep ^ii05:56
daysonthat did nothing05:56
crimsunso it's not installed05:56
daysonI havedayson@Dayson ~ $ dpkg -l libpng3-dev|grep ^ii05:57
daysonii  libpng3-dev      PNG library - development, compatibility pac05:57
daysonthats the one I installed libpng3-dev05:57
crimsunthat's the old version05:57
daysonno fair05:57
=== leetleboy [~bobby@66-108-50-59.nyc.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
daysonwell I tried sudo apt-get install libpng3 and I get some crap about how its there05:58
=== aitrus [~foo@67-50-97-21.dsl1.chi.il.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-88-23.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsuni was looking at something else06:00
daysonits okay06:00
crimsunlibpng12-0 and libpng3 are the correct ones06:00
crimsunthey should both be
daysonit says I have those or something like that06:00
crimsunwhat version of cedega are you trying to install?06:00
daysondayson@Dayson ~ $ dpkg -l libpng12-0|grep ^ii06:00
daysonii  libpng12-0      PNG library - runtime06:00
crimsunii  cedega         4.0.1-1        TransGaming Technologies' Windows game compa06:01
crimsunis what I have.06:01
=== iainm [~iain@c211-28-245-186.eburwd5.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== RAruler [nobody@S01060020781633f3.hn.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu []
crimsunsudo dpkg -i cedega_4.0.1-1_i386.deb06:02
crimsuncould you paste the output to pastebin.com please?06:02
defendguinwhere are you getting the cedega deb from?06:03
daysondpkg: error processing cedega_4.0.1-1_i386.deb (--install):06:03
dayson cannot access archive: No such file or directory06:03
daysonErrors were encountered while processing:06:03
dayson cedega_4.0.1-1_i386.deb06:03
bob2defendguin: transgaming sells it06:03
crimsundayson: you need the correct path to the .deb06:03
defendguinbob2, my computer sucks so much i cant play any good games06:03
=== soleblaze [~soleblaze@c-24-8-38-168.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinnothing graphical anyway06:04
daysonoops I knew that06:04
soleblazeI accadentally deleted my top gnome panel.. how do I get it back without having to redo all the applets?06:04
daysondayson@Dayson ~/Desktop $ sudo dpkg -i cedega_4.0.1-1_i386.deb06:05
daysonSelecting previously deselected package cedega.06:05
dayson(Reading database ... 61436 files and directories currently installed.)06:05
daysonUnpacking cedega (from cedega_4.0.1-1_i386.deb) ...06:05
daysondpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of cedega:06:05
dayson cedega depends on libpng3; however:06:05
dayson  Package libpng3 is not installed.06:05
daysondpkg: error processing cedega (--install):06:05
dayson dependency problems - leaving unconfigured06:05
daysonErrors were encountered while processing:06:05
dayson cedega06:05
bob2dayson: install libpng3.06:05
daysonthats what my problem is I tried that06:05
=== MepisBelle [~Old@adsl-68-122-6-135.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2and what error did that give?06:05
crimsundayson: well, you have -dev installed.06:05
daysondayson@Dayson ~/Desktop $ sudo apt-get install libpng306:06
daysonReading Package Lists... Done06:06
daysonBuilding Dependency Tree... Done06:06
daysonPackage libpng3 is not available, but is referred to by another package.06:06
daysonThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or06:06
daysonis only available from another source06:06
daysonE: Package libpng3 has no installation candidate06:06
_brandx_just seen this over at slashdot in the linux section: http://www.ubuntuforums.org06:06
bob2dayson: fix your sources.list to include universe06:06
daysonbob2: how do I do that?06:06
daysonBrandx: can you give me a link?06:07
bob2dayson: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SynapticHowto?action=highlight&value=universe06:07
=== phin_ [~phin@pcp01982168pcs.strl301.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
phin_how do i reconfigure apt to ask me more questions when i apt-get something, and what would be the pacakge i would want to reconfigure after that to setup how x fonts server works?  06:08
bob2sudo dpkg-reconfigure debconf06:09
bob2"how x fonts server works"?06:09
defendguinis is possible to do a click install of a deb?06:09
defendguinwhat do you open it with?06:09
bob2"click install"?06:09
phin_bob: when you first install the xserver under debian, it ask you how you want fonts handled06:09
bob2phin_: you mean defoma?06:10
phin_i dont want them antialiased, so i need to get back to that config06:10
phin_i guess06:10
defendguinbob2, yeah click om it and it installs06:10
bob2you can't with .debs.06:10
bob2phin_: no06:10
defendguinbob2, :(06:10
bob2phin_: use the gnome font control thing06:10
bob2defendguin: use synaptic06:10
phin_i dont have gnome install06:10
phin_i did a custom install06:11
phin_this pc is to slow for gnome :P06:11
defendguinbob2, synaptic is bulky fo just installing06:11
=== Pete-Gas [~Pete@dhcp-tria-1-155-225.rowan.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Pete-Gashas anyone setup ubuntu to work with ldap authentication?06:11
defendguinmaybe i can "open with ..." dpkg -i and check the open in terminal06:11
phin_ok brb06:12
defendguinno i guess not06:12
mike_douglashttp://ubuntuforums.org/screenshot/Screenshot.png - anyone know where to get that wallpaper?06:13
daysonBob2: okay I think I added the universe thingy06:14
defendguinmike_douglas, nice let me know if you find out06:15
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-94.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== SteveA [~steve@adsl-213-190-44-43.takas.lt] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-88-221.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinmike_douglas, i i drew that globe06:17
defendguindamn gpl06:17
joemthat image is from the livecd06:20
joemits the bootsplash iirc06:20
bob2the GPl doesn't apply to the original authoer.06:21
defendguini wasnt the original author someone else drew edit an i think i remember adding the brown edges around the continents06:22
joemmike_douglas, http://www.alextreme.org/warthog/06:22
joemin the ubuntu-artwork tarball06:22
joemthat image is there, ubuntu.jpg06:23
mike_douglasjoem: thanks06:24
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD95E6457.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguini have the ubuntu-artwork package why dont i have that background?06:26
=== Pariente [~Pariente@Dynamic-IP-cr20011846181.cable.net.co] has joined #ubuntu
joemit is a different package06:26
joemthat is the package from one of the live cds06:26
tvon|x31its from the old ubuntu artwork I think06:27
Parientehi u all06:27
tvon|x31it was in the pre-pre-release stuff06:27
defendguinlol ok06:27
defendguinfile-roller can open up debs now cant it?06:27
bob2defendguin: why don't you just use dpkg?06:27
=== _brandx_ [~brandx_@] has joined #ubuntu
daysonomg lol I got it to work I think06:29
=== ultrafunk [~pd@eth779.vic.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
daysonokay i have the libpng3 installed and i did the sudo dpkg -1 cedega thing and it just said setting up and then quit06:31
phlaegelanybody burned an audio disc with k3b in ubuntu yet?06:31
defendguinbob2, i didnt want to install i just wanted that one file06:33
defendguinfile-roller works nice for that06:33
Parientepeople y just installed ubuntu in my PC but the internet doesn't work.....  I've tryed with newwor-admin... but nothing, can any one help me????06:33
defendguinwhy does ubuntu just have no grub splash screen?06:33
jdubwe don't even bother showing grub, why have a splash screen?06:34
=== mike_douglas [~mike@S010600023f20f9d2.vw.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
daysonbob2: any idea?06:35
defendguinjdub, i noticed06:35
bob2dayson: for what?06:36
=== hartbrkr [~hartbrkr@S0106000ae65fbb95.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
daysonokay i have the libpng3 installed and i did the sudo dpkg -1 cedega thing and it just said setting up and then quit06:36
bob2"then quit"?06:36
defendguinplease take no offense to this but ubuntu has the ugliest boot process i have ever seen06:36
bob2did it print an error?06:36
bob2then it finished ok.06:37
daysonbut I cant find it anywhere on my computer06:37
=== chevwI is now known as Qo-noS
bob2dayson: dpkg -L cedega|grp bin06:37
bob2er, grep, not grp.06:37
joemlooks the same as any other non bootsplash boot process06:37
Parientepeople y just installed ubuntu in my PC but the internet doesn't work.....  I've tryed with newwor-admin... but nothing, can any one help me????06:37
joemso it can't be the ugliest, just tied with others maybe :)06:37
=== tiagobugarin [~tiagobuga@201009059151.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
daysonokay so its there06:38
daysonhow do I use it?06:38
jdubdefendguin: wait until hoary.06:38
bob2dayson: you bought winex and it didn't come with any instructions?06:38
=== cfactor [~johnkim@callosum.BIC.berkeley.edu] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Pariente: you need to explain more what isn't working.06:39
bob2Pariente: like, how are you connected to the internet?  what have you setup so far?06:39
cfactorOkay, why does a "base" install need more than 500 MB of /var?06:39
=== tiagobugarin [~tiagobuga@201009059151.user.veloxzone.com.br] has left #ubuntu []
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2cfactor: packages?06:39
=== tiagobugarin [~tiagobuga@201009059151.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== Wsquared is now known as WW_
danielscfactor: it copies over the debs to /var/cache/apt/archives before they are installed, so you don't need the CD in the second stage06:39
cfactorhow big is the base install after it's been installed?06:40
danielsapprox. 1.2GB06:40
daysonthanks bob2 I think I got it now06:40
daysonNight guys06:40
Parientebob2: i hook to internet with a ethernet.... but ubuntu is not listennig to the eth0, how can i make it work06:40
Parienteeverithing else work great06:41
bob2Pariente: it should get an IP via DHCP?06:41
cfactorno way to trim it down during the install stage?  I see a lot of packages I'd never use.06:41
bob2base isn't 1.2GB, desktop is06:41
WW_Has anybody tried Computer -> Desktop Preferences -> Themes lately? Shouldn't double-clicking a theme load up that theme?06:41
cfactorOh, okay.06:41
bob2use expert mode.06:41
Parientebob2: yes i configured it like that with network-admin but it still won't work.06:42
ParienteIP via DHCP06:42
bob2Pariente: does ubuntu detect your NIC?06:42
defendguinjdub, i like ubuntu so much i think it will be worth the wait06:42
cleeWW_: if you have upgraded your gtk packages after you started your GNOME session, I've found that theme switching doesn't seem to work06:42
=== DougInKY [~doug@12-202-220-55.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
WW_clee: I see.  Logout/login should fix it?06:44
cleeWW_: yep06:44
Parientesorry don't know, the thing it that when it was first installed the internet work ok (last night) but after rebooting this afternoon it stopt working 06:44
WW_clee: OK, thanks.06:44
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=== helix [~helix@helix.user] has joined #ubuntu
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jdubkilling gnome-settings-daemon should do it06:45
bob2Pariente: does "dmesg | grep eth" print anything out?06:46
Parientei'm kind of new in linux... sorry06:47
=== guaiacum [~manu@natsp-53-netra20.ice.co.cr] has joined #ubuntu
DougInKYIs this an open chat?06:49
bob2anyone can talk, yes06:49
bob2Pariente: run that command from a shell06:49
FLeiXiuSsudo it would give a more accurate answer06:49
DougInKYIs it safe to force Ubuntu to upgrade Firefox to V1 pr?06:50
Parientebut i have to reboot, in the moment i'n using a live06:50
bob2FLeiXiuS: no, you don't need sudo06:50
bob2Pariente: run it from the livecd06:50
FLeiXiuSbob2, In some cases..for instance mine :-(06:50
bob2FLeiXiuS: you don't need sudo to run dmesg on ubuntu06:50
FLeiXiuSbut then again my permissions are a bit screwy06:50
DougInKYWhat happened Bob?06:50
bob2DougInKY: ?06:51
FLeiXiuSbob2, Oh I wasn't doubting it, I know..I'm just saying06:51
DougInKYSorry I thought you were answering me.06:51
bob2DougInKY: thom explained on the user list what the deal with firefox was.06:51
DougInKYK, will go look. TY06:52
Parienteas a su???06:52
helixPariente: no06:52
Parienteeth0: Davicom DM9102 at pci01:0d.0, 00:08:a1:46:6e:36, irq 11.06:52
=== dslmabon [~dslmabon@adsl-63-207-239-232.dsl.chic01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
dslmabonhow do i get mp3 encoding as an option in Sound Juicer in Ubuntu?06:53
fabbionehey helix 06:53
helixhey :)06:53
fabbionewhat's up? ;)06:53
helixI just wanted to stop by and check out the... scenery06:54
=== DougInKY [~doug@12-202-220-55.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
fabbioneit's nice to see you around06:54
Parienteit says: eth0: Davicom DM9102 at pci01:0d.0, 00:08:a1:46:6e:36, irq 11.06:55
Parientenow what???06:56
cleecan anyone explain why I'm seeing this from cdrecord?06:59
cleecdrecord: Warning: controller returns wrong size for CD capabilities page.06:59
cleeI see that message, and cdrecord picks the scsi2_cd driver instead of the mmc_cdr driver for my drive07:00
cleewhich makes cdrecording fail completely07:00
danielsdriver=mmc_cdr doesn't help any?07:00
cleetried that.07:00
cleeDevice seems to be: Generic CD-ROM.07:00
cleecdrecord: Warning: controller returns wrong size for CD capabilities page.07:00
cleecdrecord: Sorry, no CD/DVD-Recorder or unsupported CD/DVD-Recorder found on this target.07:00
cleeUsing generic SCSI-2       CD-ROM driver (scsi2_cd).07:00
cleeif I change to force it to use mmc_cdr, I get...07:01
cleecdrecord: Warning: controller returns wrong size for CD capabilities page.07:01
cleecdrecord: WARNING: Trying to use other driver on known device.07:01
cleecdrecord: Cannot attach driver for CD/DVD-Recorder.07:01
clee(I just burned a CD on this drive the other night, so unless someone swapped out my hardware while I wasn't looking, I'm fairly certain that cdrecord is mistaken.)07:02
kaplanfxclee: did you burn it on another install?07:02
kaplanfxbecuase burning is broken in kernel 2.6.807:03
kaplanfxwhich is the default in ubuntu right no iirc07:03
cleekaplanfx: yeah, I did it with a 2.6.7 kernel IIRC07:03
joemI have burned cds with 2.807:03
cleekaplanfx: the weird thing is that I can burn CD-Rs just fine from my laptop, also running ubuntu07:03
kaplanfxit will not detect your burner as cd-r capable07:03
kaplanfxjoem: cd-rw?07:03
joemhaven't tried cd-rw07:04
joemdon't know if I have any laying around07:04
kaplanfxwell cd burning is definately broken07:04
cleemy laptop works fine with and its DVD-ROM/CD-R drive07:05
joemI don't know about rw, but like I said, I have burned cds fine here with 2.6.807:05
Parientebob2: now what can i do???07:06
joemso cd burning isn't broken..I'm sure there would have been many more reports, as ubuntu ships with 2.6.807:06
kaplanfx The very important GET CONFIGURATION MMC command is rejected by the kernel for reasons I cannot see and writing commands like MODE SELECT also fail (K3b cannot detect CD writers without it) even when the device is opened O_RDWR07:06
kaplanfxnah it is most certainly broken07:07
kaplanfxI have heard many times07:07
kaplanfxit did not work for me07:07
=== tvon [~tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
kaplanfxbut when I upgraded to 2.6.9-rc3 it worked fine07:07
joemgood thing nobody told my cd writer then07:07
cleekaplanfx: where did you read that message about GET CONFIGURATION MMC?07:07
=== jgeorgeson [~jgeorgeso@user-0ccstr2.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
tvonAnyone know what the Amazon product is that is used on the userlinux plone site?07:08
kaplanfxclee: k3b.org07:08
kaplanfxclee: there is stuff on the kernel mailing list too07:08
jgeorgesoni'm trying to use apollon, and it is butt ugly. i installed kcontrol but the Index pane (the list of options to configure) is empty ... any suggestions?07:08
joemah ok, so burning cds still works with root perms07:12
cleenot here it doesn't07:13
danielsubuntu distributes a patched, and iirc one of the fixes is to fix burning07:14
kaplanfxjoem: didn't work at all for me07:15
cleedaniels: hmmm. wonder if there's an updated patch for it then.07:15
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phlaegelburning works ok for me in nautilus, but k3b doesn't detect my burners unless I run it through sudo. any fix for that?07:33
kaplanfxphlaegel: go into the k3b setup, and let k3b run cdrecord suid07:41
phlaegeldoesn't help. I set cdrecord and cdrdao suid manually, but it makes no difference. and k3bsetup wouldn't run through sudo.07:41
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@69-162-252-7.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
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defendguinhttp://www.cs.uno.edu/~jsunseri/ScreenShots/Screenshot.png   is this a bug of the trashcan applet or a bug of the picture?07:55
smeggylooks like the panel is just large and has cut off the can pic07:56
defendguinit doesnt matter what size the panel is still the same07:56
smeggysounds like a badly made icon then07:56
smeggybecause the icon scales a few intervals07:56
smeggyso if the panel is at a certain size, some of the icon is cutoff sometimes07:57
defendguini think the applet is scaling it improperly07:58
=== thursday [~thursday@cpe-24-24-245-18.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
joemthat doesn't look like the default icon, so its probably the icon in the theme you are using07:58
thursdaywhat's the fastest way to install a compiler and it's toolchain? i forgot :)07:58
joemthe default trash icon scales ok here at that size07:58
defendguinjoem, the applet should work with more than 1 icon theme07:58
joemdefendguin, but if the icon from the other theme doesn't scale well, it isn't the applets fault07:58
defendguinjoem, i also have the same problem with the gorilla trash icon07:59
defendguinjoem, i think it has something to do with trashcans with lids on them07:59
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defendguini guess ill write sikkes a letter08:00
defendguinhmmm seb is here sometimes08:01
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tiagobugarinwhat can i do to have my serial mouse detected by ubuntu?08:04
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tiagobugarinwhat can i do to have my serial mouse detected by ubuntu?08:06
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tiagobugarinany one know how to make a serial mouse be detected by ubuntu?08:07
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smeggychange the mouse setting in /etc/X11/XF86Config to point to the tty your mouse is on08:09
tiagobugarinbut how can i discover what that tty is?08:10
=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-1.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunis it the only serial device you have?08:10
smeggyIs the mouse connected to the smaller 9 pin serial socket or the bigger one?08:10
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tiagobugarini think it is connected to the 9 pin... my keyboard is also a serial08:11
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smeggytry /dev/ttyS008:16
smeggyif that doesnt work just increment and try again08:16
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tiagobugarinsmeggy: WORKING!!!! thanks man!!!08:18
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smeggynp mate08:18
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dkconstantneed a hand accessing /dev/hda.  won't lemme reset the permissions and all of my music is on that HD.08:19
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dkconstantanyone have a clue?  one they'd care to share?08:20
crimsundkconstant: come again? please describe your configuration more explicitly.08:21
dkconstantdual boot system.  /dev/hda is win xp pro.  /dev/hdb is fresh install of ubuntu 4.108:21
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dkconstantand the filemanager won't let me access /hda either under my normal name (michael) or under root.08:22
smeggyhave you mounted it?08:22
dkconstanter, lemme try.08:22
smeggyor are you trying to access the block device08:22
crimsunand what filesystem is it running?08:23
dkconstantit's running NTFS.08:23
smeggyare you in fact mounting it?08:23
crimsunwhat smeggy said.08:23
dkconstanter, can't quite figure out how.08:23
dkconstant"mount: can't find /dev/hda in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab"08:24
smeggydkconstant, if you goto the computer menu and click disks.. does it show there?08:24
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dkconstantnegative, smeggy.08:24
smeggywhat was the command you used to try and mount it just then?08:24
dkconstant"mount /dev/hda"08:25
crimsuncan't do that08:25
smeggyyou need to give it a mount point08:25
crimsun(need an actual partition ;-)08:25
dkconstantokie dokie.08:25
smeggyto mkdir /mnt/ntfs or something08:25
dkconstantaaaand...  how do i do that?08:25
smeggy(pick a name other than ntfs if you want)08:25
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dkconstantok.  lemme give it a shot.08:25
smeggythen try mount /dev/hdax /mnt/ntfs -t ntfs08:26
smeggythen cd to /mnt/ntfs if it mounted08:26
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crimsunbe sure to replace the 'x' in /dev/hdax with the partition #08:26
dkconstant"could not be loaded.  you don't have permission to access."08:26
smeggyDid you prefix the command with sudo?08:27
dkconstanti'm running the terminal as root.  a no-no, i know.08:27
smeggyAh thats fine.08:27
smeggyCan you paste the exact error? or was that the exact error?08:28
dkconstantuh huh.  "hrm."08:28
smeggyAnd also show me the command you just tried in full...08:28
dkconstantlemme git it another go.08:28
dkconstantok, just tried it again.  08:29
dkconstantroot@wintermute:/ # mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/ntfs -t ntfs08:29
dkconstantmount: /dev/hda1 already mounted or /mnt/ntfs busy08:29
dkconstantmount: according to mtab, /dev/hda1 is already mounted on /mnt/ntfs08:29
smeggyits mounted08:29
smeggydo cd /mnt/ntfs08:29
smeggythen ls08:29
smeggyand see if your stuff is there.08:30
dkconstantoh. DUH.  08:30
dkconstantyeah, i mounted it and then tried to cd to /dev/hda.08:30
dkconstantlike a 'tard.08:30
TerminXis there any way to stop smbmount from being having suid unset every time the package is upgraded?08:30
smeggySo it worked?08:30
=== dkconstant bows and kisses several pairs of feet.
=== TerminX doesn't get how "being" ended up in his sentence but oh well
smeggydkconstant, you could add it to /etc/fstab if you wanted it to automount every boot.08:31
dkconstantalrighty.  that'll probably be my next step.08:31
dkconstantmy last linux experience was mandrake.08:31
dkconstanti'm used to having my hand held a bit more than this.08:31
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smeggyPretty straightforward.08:31
smeggyJust open /etc/fstab, its fairly obvious.08:32
smeggyessentially, you'll need an entry like:08:32
smeggythis: /dev/hda1    /mnt/ntfs  ntfs defaults 0 108:32
dkconstanti was just puzzling that bit out.08:32
dkconstantare those columns tab-seperated?08:33
smeggyAs long as ther is some whitespace it doesn't matter.08:33
dkconstantoh, groovy.  danke shoen.08:33
dkconstantand since i did all that as root, how do i give myself permissions (vis suid, i suppose) to access /mnt/ntfs via my user account?08:35
smeggyafter the default bit in fstab08:35
smeggyadd ,user08:35
smeggyno space08:36
smeggyno wait thats wrong sorry08:36
smeggynot 100% sure how actually08:36
smeggyNice hostname btw ;)08:37
dkconstantand the nautilus text editor won't let me edit fstab, even after being launced from a root terminal.08:37
crimsundkconstant: need to use a umask parameter08:37
dkconstanti was wondering how many people had read neuromancer...08:38
dkconstantsmeggy, danke.08:38
smeggySame as my laptop :)08:38
dkconstantcrimsun, don't know what that means.  sorry.08:38
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smeggydkconstant, just use the command line editor "pico" less hassle.08:39
crimsundkconstant: need a umask option; the man page for mount(8) will shed some light.08:39
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attitudeMorning room08:40
attitudesmeggy: where you from08:40
attitudeit is 2:40 here08:40
smeggyaustralia ;)08:40
attitudeahh that will do it08:40
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dkconstantcorpus christi, texas, here.08:40
attitudedkconstant: Got to love texas08:41
attitudeGA here08:41
dkconstantattitude: you don't HAVE to, but if you don't at least PRETEND to, we'll make you leave.08:41
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attitudeThis distro is really taking off08:42
attitudeGood to see08:43
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cfactoris there an X.org package?08:44
tiagobugarinwhere i can add/remove what is loaded during the startup process?08:44
crimsuncfactor: there will be test ones in a few months08:44
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attitudetiagobugarin: I think you use update-rc for that08:48
attitudenot 100% sure08:48
attitudeI am coming from the gentoo world so i am still learning08:48
cfactorupdate-rc.d is right.08:49
attitudecfactor: thanks for the correction08:49
tiagobugarinhummm but i need to know what exactly i have loading to be able to remove, where can i get this list? any one know?08:51
=== SuperLag [~colbyirc@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
cfactorif you just want to remove, you can just check the rcX.d directory.08:53
sikkhcfactor messing (rm) there by hand is ok?08:54
=== savs [~savs@tmppnd02.ugent.be] has joined #ubuntu
cfactoras long as you don't remove anything from init.d, it should be okay.08:55
sikkhupdate-rc.d is not the most userfriendly tool...08:55
cfactorthey're all just symlinks08:55
sikkhI know08:55
cfactorno, no it's not.08:55
sikkhI wanted just o use rm on some symlinks ;)08:55
cfactorupdate-rc.d will recreate the symlinks if you want to enable it.08:56
sikkhI want to have some daemons installed but not running constantly08:56
sikkhright, thx08:56
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cfactorI'm personally a fan of chkconfig.08:56
sikkhyah, my desktop distro is mandrake so I know chkconfig, pretty usefull tool08:56
attitudenever used that tool08:58
attitudecan we install it on ubuntu or any debian based distro?08:58
sikkhI guess it should be portable enough08:58
cfactorunless the init scripts have the correct format, chkconfig won't work.08:58
sikkhit just reads some metadata from init.d scripts08:59
tiagobugarinit is trying some ACPI stuff before "Starting Ubuntu" appear... how can i remove this?09:01
iainmany ideas on when I can expect http://bugzilla.ximian.com/showattachment.cgi?attach_id=12442 (attached to http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=67895) to show up in Ubuntu's evo package?09:01
sikkhtiagobugarin try "quiet" kernel option09:01
tiagobugarinmodifying grub's menu.lst?309:02
pawsis there an ubuntu repository with mpd?09:03
sikkhtiagobugarin yup09:03
sikkhif you use grub for booting of course ;)09:03
tiagobugarin:) i do!09:04
sikkhme too! :)09:04
tiagobugarinbtw, any one know where i can get some good splash for grub?09:05
attitudetiagobugarin: make on with gimp 09:05
pawshas anyone installed mpd on ubuntu?09:06
attitudepaws: what is mpd09:06
crimsunpaws: mpd?09:06
crimsunas in mpi?09:06
pawsmusic player daemon, its a really hot mp3 player09:06
pawsits independent of X so you can leave it up between x sessions09:06
tiagobugarinsikkh: it is already 'quiet'ed :( any other idea?09:07
cfactortiagobugarin: you want to disable acpi or just make it quiet?09:07
attitudepaws: it is in debian so there is a deb for it. you might just have to add the correct source but I do not know what that is09:07
tiagobugarincfactor: disable!09:08
pawsis it OK to add a debian repository to sources.apt?09:08
cfactortiagobugarin: I think it's acpi=off09:08
tiagobugarincfactor: gotta try that now!09:08
cfactorcheck the bootprompt howto.  it should be in there.09:09
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iainmpaws, have you checked in universe?09:09
blithmm, why was firefox downgraded to 0.9.3?? :|09:09
cfactorbob2 said there were some weird quirks.09:09
crimsunblit: pr is too unstable09:09
sikkhtiagobugarin imo best way would be just to remove apci messages, but you'd have to modify kernel source ;)09:10
pawsiainm: yeah, its not there09:10
cfactorsikkh: acpi=off argument will effectively disable all acpi features.09:11
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cfactorcan't remember if apm takes over with the argument, though.09:12
sikkhcfactor yup but I prefer to have acpi on09:12
tiagobugarincfactor: unfortunatly it do not gone away... still there....09:12
sikkhjust grep for printk() in acpi code, and comment that out ;)09:13
sikkhsed should do it09:13
tiagobugarini have to disable acpi because the cpu ubuntu is installed is a very old P1 133MHz with 64mb ram09:14
tiagobugarinsikkh: what????09:14
sikkhif it's old box apm will suffice09:14
pawsiainm: is it OK to add the debian repository to sources.apt?09:15
maswanKamion: damn, I'm sorry, how can I tag that bug unreproducable by the submitter?09:15
cfactorI don't have a browser installed yet, and I'm doing apt-get install xfree86 right now.  but check the bootprompt howto if you haven't.09:16
iainmpaws, probably not. You're likely to find that many debian packages get installed in preference to ubuntu packages, so you'd have no idea what's going on.09:16
sikkhbtw cfactor, are you by any chance ubuntu dev?09:16
cfactorno, I'm installing ubuntu for the first time tonight.09:17
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iainmyou probably want to grab the source packages for mpd from debian and rebuild them for ubuntu.09:17
sikkhI'm still pondering to switch mandrake to ubunto on my desktop, mainly becose I'm a big fan of debian09:18
attitudeiainm: Is there a place I can read about how to do that09:18
Treenakssikkh: it's called ubuntu09:18
cfactorsikkh: so you haven't tried out ubuntu yet?09:19
iainmattitude, sorry, I just learned a bit about that stuff through experimentation.09:19
attitudeiainm: I do not even know how to get started experimenting09:20
pawsiainm: sucks that its manual but what can you do...how do you get the debian package?09:20
iainmbasically, you need to grab the original tarball, then get the debianification patch and the description file from a debian mirror, extract the original tarball, patch it with the debianification package, and use fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage09:20
pawsattitude: i'm in the same boat, but i'm willing to mess around with it09:20
iainmthere may be an easier way, I don't know.09:20
iainmyou could also try just downloading the .deb from a debian mirror and installing it, I suppose.09:21
iainmI don't know how broken or otherwise that would be.09:21
pawshow do you get only one .deb file from a mirror?09:21
cfactorapt-get has a --download-only option.09:22
pawscfactor: thanks09:22
iainmThere are some links at the bottom of http://packages.debian.org/unstable/sound/mpd09:22
iainmor near the bottom.09:22
tiagobugarinpl, thanks for the help... now i am going to sleep a little09:25
tiagobugaringood time for you all folks!09:25
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|trey|cfactor: that isn't what he wanted... --download-only still downloads all deps...09:26
|trey|cfactor: just doesn't install anything.09:26
cfactoroh, in that case, yeah, you'll have to crawl the web.  my apologies.09:26
attitudehow do you isntall a deb from the command line09:26
pawsprobably a stupid question...but how do you get inside a .deb file?09:27
cfactorman dpkg09:27
crimsun"get inside?"09:27
crimsun``dpkg-deb -c foo.deb|pager'' is what I use09:27
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sikkhcfactor I need some good desktop sofftware and would like to avoid using debian unstable so ubuntu looks like a good choice ;)09:28
sikkhtoo bad they don't support fully KDE09:28
sikkhI'm all for debain on server though09:28
pawsa .deb file has binaries and where to put them, etc. right?09:28
crimsunpaws: that's correct, as you'll see from the output of dpkg-deb -c09:29
sikkhlike .rpm but better :)09:29
[Maze] hello , I am trying to install ubuntu on a dell inspiron 8000, I boot from cd image and the install freezes up09:29
cfactorsikkh: there's a deb source that ports all testing/unstable to stable.09:29
[Maze] i have tried using noapic, which did not help09:29
|trey|cfactor: backports.debian.net09:29
|trey|Actually, I think I'm thinking of Mentors there...09:30
|trey|backports.org is what I meant  :)09:30
attitudesikkh: looks like it will install with one dep that needs to be met but you can apt-get it. 09:31
sikkhcfactor backports.org09:31
attitudeI can not test how it works since I am at work and do not have a debian or ubuntu box here09:31
sikkhattitude yah I plan just to use apt, no reinstallation09:31
cfactorsikkh: I'm trying out ubuntu for the security updates.09:31
sikkhyah that's why I'm "locked" with debian stable on server ;)09:32
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attitudewell guys I am out of here09:33
attitudetalk to you later09:33
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Kamionmaswan: hm, which one?09:55
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Treenaksis the http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/WartyWarthog_2fReleaseSchedule still accurate?09:56
=== lobo_nz_ is now known as lobo_nz
danielsTreenaks: i believe so, yes09:57
Treenaksdaniels: cool09:57
=== lobo_nz is now known as lobo_nz_
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pawsyay, it took some finagling but i got mpd installed with the .deb package09:59
pawsit even shows up in synaptic for some reason10:00
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sabdflhi guys, is there an ms-access equivalent in openoffice? or a link to postgres from openoffice?10:00
Treenakspaws: finagling? like Finagle's law?10:01
|trey|sabdfl: there are tools to work with ms access files... not sure if OpenOffice can work with them though... would be Calc or Math if it does...10:02
pawstreenaks: haha yes, its a very manual setup but its working now10:02
=== m0nt0 [~monto@adsl-ull-233-152.44-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
eniacsabdfl: equivalent no, use postgres with oo yes10:03
pawsjust have to get a client for mpd now10:03
sabdfleniac: what's the name of the connector to access postgres from oo?10:03
eniacsabdfl: don't know, I don't work that way 10:03
maswanKamion: keyboard layout selection. I just updated the bug. Oh, well. What module do you want installer kernel bug in?10:04
sabdflk thx10:04
eniacsabdfl: google10:04
|trey|http://mdbtools.sourceforge.net/ is the tools I refer to.10:04
Kamionmaswan: debian-installer by default, more specific if you know10:04
|trey|sabdfl: ^10:05
maswanKamion: mptfusion scsi write errors on amd64, failing to write stuff to disk10:05
Kamionmaswan: sounds more like the real kernel to me, so 'linux'10:05
maswanKamion: ACK10:06
|trey|Kamion: seems you would be best to ask this... if normal debian kernels work for me, I can get rid of linux-restricted-modules without risk correct?10:06
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Kamion|trey|: should imagine so, yeah10:10
|trey|Kamion: cool, thanks  :)10:10
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plovs_workare other people having problems with the wiki as well? http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/ looks funny10:11
tvonmissing css file...warthogs.css seems to be unavailable10:13
iainmthe stylesheet's gone awol, I imagine.10:13
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llpamiesWhere can I find a mono repos for ubuntu.  I tryied tseng, but It have dependecies broken, like binfmt-support package.10:16
iainmllpamies, you need to enable universe as well.10:17
plovs_worktvon, iainm, works on IE, though...10:17
plovs_workhow to use evolution as data-source in ooo?10:17
llpamiesiainm, thanks10:18
KamionI keep thinking we should pull binfmt-support into warty10:18
Kamionbut I'm hopelessly biased :)10:18
plovs_workKamion, most people probably use universe anyway10:18
Kamionplovs_work: that's not an argument for what we should or should not pull into warty :)10:18
Kamionplovs_work: universe remains unsupported10:19
plovs_workKamion, we will complain anyway if it doesn't work :) ,but the more packages in warty the happier we are10:19
=== mteira [~mteira@228.Red-81-34-167.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
mteiraI see that gstreamer has been updated. Is totem-gstreamer usable, now?10:21
=== silbs [~jane@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
mteiraor should I stay with totem-xine.10:21
plovs_workanybody using ooo and evolution?10:22
tvonplovs_work: you probably have an old cache of the CSS around (for it to work in IE)...thats my theory anyways10:22
plovs_worktvon, you might be right, the proxy probably caches it10:23
=== MacPlusG3 [~stewart@c211-28-166-127.eburwd2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mteiraI have a lot of problems with usb devices.10:31
mteiraJust now, I'm not able to do:10:31
mteiracat /proc/bus/usb/devices10:31
mteiraIt locks.10:31
mteiraAny idea?10:31
danielsmteira: what do you have plugged in?10:31
mteiradaniels: Only an scanner.10:31
mteiradaniels: But yesterday I also had a usb laser printer.10:31
danielsdoes it work if you unplug the scanner?10:32
mteiradaniels: Let's try10:32
danielsyou may well have to reboot10:32
mteiraIt locks.10:32
mteiradaniels: OK.10:32
mteiradaniels: I'll try after the update.10:32
mteiradaniels: I have problems also with dhal and friends.10:32
mteiradaniels: Device manager says it's not able to get the device list.10:33
danielsyou might need to reboot10:33
mteiradaniels: But dhal is started.10:33
Treenaksmteira: it's probably also blocking on something..10:33
mteiraOK. I'll reboot in a while and then try again.10:33
mteiraIt's 2 minutes to finish. I see there's a new dhal version.10:34
danielsI think it's a kernel issue; I was seeing it with
mteiraIt's strange. With my other computer I have not a problem of this kind.10:34
mteiraIt's a laptop Pentium III based, but with this one, k7 based, a lot of problems.10:35
mteiraAt least, I got my nvidia to work.10:35
danielshave you got linux-image- installed, or -k7?10:35
mteiradaniels: -k710:35
mteiradaniels: Well, I  have both ones, but I'm using -k7.10:35
mteiraA question, is posible using samba to share a printer?10:36
mteiraI have some windows rebels on my lan.10:36
mteiraAnd the only printer is plugged to this computer. So, it would be great to share it in some way10:37
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TMLAre you guys interested in screenshots of the installer that don't display correctly?10:38
=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
rburtonfabbione: my super broke in the latest X upgrade! :(10:39
rburton(key, that is)10:39
Treenaksrburton: emacs-user! :)10:39
rburtonTreenaks: well, yes, but i use it in gnome. emacs uses meta10:40
KamionTML: sure10:40
seb128rburton: you should use alt instead of meta, meta keeps broking apparently :)10:42
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mteiraAfter reboot, I'm able to cat /proc/ubs/usb/devices 10:43
Treenaksmteira: even when you plug in stuff?10:43
=== longsleep|out is now known as longsleep
mteiraI have two devices.10:43
mteiraThe usb bus itself and a USB Hub.10:43
TMLKamion: The strange thing is that the latest debian installer beta works just fine on the same hardware, and so did much older versions of d-i10:44
mteiraI thought that this USB Hub was transparent.10:44
mteiraTreenaks: Now, I'm going to switch on the scanner.10:44
Treenaksmteira: hubs are never transparent10:44
mteiraThe scanner is plugged through the hub.10:44
KamionTML: let's see the screenshot and then it may be possible to see what's wrong10:44
=== xTina [~xTina@laptop-dynip220.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== liran [liran@] has joined #Ubuntu
mteiraNow, I have three devices.10:45
TMLKamion: I'm uploading them right now. My camera isn't so speedy at that.10:45
mteiraAnd in syslog it says10:45
mteirausb.agent[4060] : libusbscanner: loaded succesfully10:46
mteiraI also can see the scanner in the device manager.10:46
=== inklingx [~inklingx@u212-239-167-156.adsl.pi.be] has joined #ubuntu
mteiraBut now, when I start xsane, it uses my tv card as scanning device. Isn't it weird?10:46
mteiraHow can I use my scanner?10:47
=== chatman_ [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
mteiraHumm, I see that I'm not on the scanner group10:47
mteiraAnd the /proc/bus/usb/003 is root:scanner10:47
mteiraI'm going to add my user to the scanner group, but, shouldn't it be that way?10:48
mteiraNow, I'm able to choose the device.10:49
rburtonmteira: probably should file a bug10:49
=== tof_- [~tof@blueice2n1.uk.ibm.com] has joined #ubuntu
mteirarburton: OK.10:49
mteirausb 1-1.4: bulk timeout on ep2in10:50
mteiraAnd the scanner stopped working suddenly10:50
tvon|x31scp -r lafcadio:Desktop/Development/pk-20041008-instance ~/Desktop/Development/10:50
mteiraxsane have blocked hard.10:52
mteiraI'm not able to kill it.10:52
mteiraWell, let's start again.10:52
TMLKamion: ubuntu.joeysmith.com10:52
liranweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can`t wait untill tommorow10:52
liranUbuntu goes FINAL !10:52
Kamionliran: final's 20th10:53
Kamionliran: tomorrow is release candidate10:53
liran20/11 ?10:53
mteiraAnd now, /proc/bus/usb/devices locks alos10:53
mteiraAnd now, /proc/bus/usb/devices locks also10:53
KamionTML: what language?10:53
mteiraAnd device manager don't work10:53
TMLKamion: English10:54
mteiraPerhaps I need to tune xsane configuration for this scanner.10:54
Kamionlooks like you're not getting a framebuffer console10:54
TMLKamion: Tried disabling the framebuffer, same error10:54
TMLoh. Heh. :)10:54
Kamionno, it looks like you want the framebuffer *on*, not off. :)10:54
KamionTML: what does /proc/fb look like?10:54
TMLRight. I typed that before/as I read.10:54
TML0 VGA16 VGA10:55
Kamionthat *should* be OK ...10:55
Kamionis the fbcon module loaded?10:55
Kamionhow strange - I'd need to see /var/log/debian-installer/* after the installation's complete, I guess10:56
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-039-015.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== topyli [~juha@ktlpc219.edu.helsinki.fi] has joined #ubuntu
TMLok...I have to figure out if the installer is segfaulting because of faulty h/w, or something else.10:57
TMLThen I'll upload the logs.10:57
iainmdoes anybody want me to do some poking around for https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2203 ?10:57
iainmit made installing really annoying :)10:57
=== DXT [~michael@] has joined #ubuntu
liranKamion i want an app like kazaa so i can download mp3 and fast,there is something for ubuntu ?10:59
Kamionliran: I'm not a desktop guy, sorry10:59
liranand another thing,i cant see movies,when i start them with totem i can see only black screen11:00
mteiraNow, I tried to boot with the scanner switched on , and it hanged.11:00
mteiraon the usb.rc phase.11:00
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionliran: try totem-xine, there are instructions on the wiki11:00
=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
mteiraI pressed ctrl-c and the boot sequence continued, but now, I'm on the same problems (locks on /proc/bus/usb/devices and no Device Manager)11:01
mteiraAnybody has some idea?11:01
mteiraPerhaps the hub is causing the trouble. 11:02
DXTwhat does OSUOSL mean?11:02
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
DXTim reading this java wiki..11:03
maswanOregon State University Open Source Laboratory11:03
DXTi see..11:04
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DXTi cant get java to run: http://wiki.osuosl.org/display/DEV/Java+on+Debian step 15 - bash: java: command not found11:10
=== mcsmilerg is now known as mcsmilerg_
liranKamion ?11:11
liranwhere in the wiki |?11:11
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-82-50.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== llpamies [~llpamies@] has joined #ubuntu
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DXTure asking me?11:13
llpamiesI'm using tseng repository for mono, and I have installed the pakcages mono and monodevelop.  But when I run monodevelop, it give me: WARNING **: Could not find assembly System, ...11:13
Treenaksliran: RestrictedFormats11:13
Kamionliran: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats11:14
llpamiesI've installed  mono-assemblies-base and arch11:15
=== fredix [~fred@ALyon-151-1-19-102.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-214-167.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
sivangis there a way I can synchronize my Ubuntu watch to show UTC instead of my local time?11:18
=== TML blinks
TML"18. To totally reset the environment variables, you need to reboot"11:18
Kamionwhere's that?11:18
TMLOn DXT's link11:18
mteiraIs possible to use Ubuntu to share a printer using samba?11:19
TMLmteira: Sure11:19
mteiraTML: The hard way or the easy way? Is there any graphical app?11:19
williemteira: I cant get ubuntu to boot if I haqve _any_ usb devices attached - hangs at the hotplug section -- is this similar to  your prob?11:20
KamionTML: it's a wiki; somebody should probably edit it to say that you need to log out and back in, at most (and probably just to start a new shell)11:20
mteirawillie: Yes.11:20
mteirawillie: But, after disconnecting a hub I was using, every device seems to work.11:20
TMLKamion: Yeah. I just found it strange advice.11:20
williebut it would continue to boot if you ctrl-C at the point?11:20
mteirawillie: Yes.11:21
mteirawillie: But the usb stuff doesn't work.11:21
liranTreenaks and Kamion it worked11:21
willieI could live with that to get started but my network cartd wont worrk either - on board via-rhine11:22
mteirawillie: With the hub switched on, I was not able to print.11:22
Treenakswillie: via-rhine drive works fine for me11:22
Treenakswillie: driver11:22
willieall the correct modules seem loaded11:22
mteirawillie: But the printer was not plugged via the hub.11:22
Treenakswillie: maybe you're having interrupt problems? (try booting with pci=noacpi)11:22
williethanks Treenaks - I'll give that a try11:23
williethis SuSE9.1 works OK with all the same hardware though11:23
Treenakswillie: different kernel version11:24
williestill --- worth a shot --- back later :-)11:24
willieTreenaks: yes thats a good point11:24
mteiraPerhaps this is not the place for this question, but...11:25
DXTok i'll reboot11:25
mteirais there any way to share an scanner?11:25
mteiraIn a lan network, I mean.11:25
Treenaksmteira: yes, sane is supposed to be able to do that11:26
mteiraTreenaks: Interesting.11:26
mteiraTreenaks: I'll look for more information on sane's site11:26
mteiraTreenaks: Thanks.11:26
lirani have stupid question...11:35
liranI want to install windows on my linux11:35
lirancan i do that?11:35
lirani need windows for fifa 2005 :)11:35
liranany one?11:36
lirani really need it11:37
TMLliran: Windows and Linux are both operating systems.11:38
lirani know11:39
=== mariochi [~mariochi@] has joined #ubuntu
liranso i cant?11:39
mariochiplease is posible see the original menu debian in ubuntu??? sorry my english is not goo11:40
inklingxliran: take a look at http://www.transgaming.com/11:41
Kamionyou can't install one operating system on another11:41
Kamionit is possible to emulate Windows under Linux, to some limited degree11:41
Kamionor to run a complete PC emulator, although that may be too slow for gaming11:41
Lathiatmariochi: could you try and explain what you needed more clearly?11:42
lirani have wine,cedega and crossover office11:42
liranim not sure it will work over there11:42
Kamionliran: you may find it easier just to dual-boot between Windows and Linux11:42
liranthats what i want to do11:42
lirani just don`t know how11:42
mariochii need the icons for example amsn, koepte in the menu ubuntu but no see the icons in the menu ubuntu. in other distribution is posible see the menu original debian11:43
=== Randomize [~adam@ip68-227-218-14.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamioninstall both in separate partitions on the disk; if you install Ubuntu second, it'll detect Windows and automatically set up the bootloader for you11:43
liranKamion im sorry to say this,but i really dont know how,can u guide me?11:44
KamionI'm afraid I'm very busy with our upcoming release right now, but there is plenty of documentation on dual-booting on the web that you should be able to find with Google11:46
=== monto [~monto@adsl-ull-233-152.44-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
montohi everybosy11:56
montoi'm installing ubuntu linux, upgrading from a debian11:56
montocan anyone paste me in pvt his source.list please?11:56
RandomizeDoes anyone know whether or not the gst-inspect / gst-register commands are in the core packages for gstreamer?11:57
mariochiany people speak spanish, is my english is not good11:57
=== crash| [~daniel@h110n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
TMLmonto: /topic11:57
montothanks, sorry11:57
RandomizeNevermind, found 'em.  Syntax, as usual, is > me.11:59
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
sivangdeb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty main restricted universe12:00
sivangdeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty-security main restricted12:00
sivangdeb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu warty-security main restricted12:00
sivangthis was meant to go private to monto12:00
sivangonly the first line went up12:01
sivangmy aplogize everyone.12:01
=== monto is going to upgrade, see ya later!..... hope
=== gyaresu [~gyaresu@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
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ik5pvxa colleague is asking for an easy (read.. for dummies) editor for html... any ideas ?12:15
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
TMLik5pvx: quanta?12:17
=== gyaresu is now known as gyaresu_
TMLBluefish, maybe?12:18
smeggyOr Screem?12:18
=== gyaresu_ is now known as gyaresu
ik5pvxuhm, trying bluefish to see how it looks like... quanta requires kde and I don't want to find myself helping him with kde too ;)12:19
RandomizeDoes anyone know if I can associate libfaad with gstreamer for m4a/aac playback?  Or do I need to dig out and compile faad from the gst-plugins source?12:19
RandomizeI mean, versus just using a canned binary from outside of ubuntu.12:20
=== beezly [~andy@monkey.beezly.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== xTina [~xTina@laptop-dynip220.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de] has joined #ubuntu
ik5pvxbluefish seems suitable for this gui12:22
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Kamionsmeggy: please don't do that12:27
=== smeggy signon (())
=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
smeggymy bouncer went psycho12:28
=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
smeggyaccident :/12:28
Kamionbest to turn off everything that might send automatic messages to channels even if things go wrong, though12:28
smeggyYeah. Sorry :)12:28
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mteiraGreat, I've got saned working and now I can scan from all my network machines.12:54
=== tck [~tck@206-15-133-149.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp139-87.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> sendak.freenode.net
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plovs_workhow do I make an ubuntu package from a debian-unstable package?12:58
=== TerminX [~terminx@terminx.envision7.com] has joined #ubuntu
iainmtck, are you sure about that answer?12:58
RandomizeWhat's wrong with this syntax? 'PATH="$PATH:/usr/bin"'12:58
plovs_workalien is rpm-deb etc, i mean rebuild from dsc or something12:59
mteiraRandomize: The single quotes?12:59
iainmRandomize, do you need to export it?12:59
RandomizeThose were for the benefit of IRC, not in the .bashrc12:59
RandomizeIainm, there's an export PATH line after that, yes.12:59
mteiraRandomize: Nothing wrong, then01:00
TMLplovs_work: I can't think of any reason you couldn't just dpkg -i foo.deb01:00
RandomizeMy ./configures keep saying I don't have a valid compiler despite that being in my bashrc.01:00
Zindarplovs_work: put debian unstable deb-src in your sources.list file01:00
TMLplovs_work: Of course, you'll have to satisfy all the deps01:00
Zindarplovs_work, then go "apt-get source blaha"01:00
plovs_workRandomize, export PATH="/home/plovs/bin:$PATH"01:00
Zindarplovs_work, then cd blaha; fakeroot debian/rules binary01:00
mteiraRandomize: Take a look at your config.log01:00
mteiraRandomize: You will see the exact error, perhaps it's configure.log, not sure.01:00
plovs_workZindar, ok01:01
TMLZindar: "apt-get -b source blah" is nice, too.01:01
ZindarTML: ahh.. forgott about that one01:01
KamionRandomize: /usr/bin will be in $PATH by default anyway01:01
Zindaryeah.. try that01:01
KamionRandomize: it's more likely you simply don't have a compiler installed01:02
Randomizegcc-3.4 is installed.01:02
RandomizeHence my confusion. :)01:02
Kamionlibc6-dev too?01:02
TMLRandomize: You need to check config.log to see what, specifically, it says is broken about your compiler01:02
Zindar"apt-get install build-dep package" ?01:02
RandomizeTML:  It can't FIND the compiler. :)01:03
iainmRandomize, do you have a gcc binary in your path, or only gcc-3.401:03
TMLRandomize: Are you sure?01:03
KamionI'd go for gcc, not gcc-3.401:03
plovs_workRandomize, did you install build-essential?01:03
iainmor has somebody else already asked that?01:03
TMLRandomize: Sometimes, configure is mistaken.01:03
Kamionthat being the package that provides the gcc symlink01:03
Kamionif you really MUST have gcc-3.4 for some reason (unlikely), then CC=gcc-3.401:04
RandomizeKamion, thank you.  build-essential is not installed.01:04
RandomizeWell, I'm just trying to work out from what ubuntu appears to give me by default, wasn't fixated on 3.4.01:04
KamionUbuntu is compiled with gcc-3.3, but of course we don't install a compiler by default at all01:05
KamionWarty is, anyway.01:05
TMLI always found that odd...no compiler by default.01:05
RandomizeThis is a mix of user-ignorance (on my part) and lack of sleep, bear with me. :)01:05
KamionTML: was extensively flam^Wdiscussed before the preview release :-)01:06
TMLKamion: I imagine so.01:06
RandomizeThe sad thing is I was getting further than this yesterday on a prior install, but I'm so whack-brained from all the changes I've done that it's hard to recall what I might have done differently last time.01:07
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plovs_workKamion, for what it's worth i think it is a good default, if you want it it is an apt-get away01:19
Kamionit happens that I was on the other side of the argument, but I can live with it01:19
plovs_workKamion, :)01:20
RandomizeHey, at least it keeps the noobs like me in the sandbox a little while longer. :)01:21
plovs_workKamion, it will be in warty?01:21
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_workRandomize, you'll be out of it before you know it :)01:21
RandomizeOh, trust me, I am.  See those houses on fire over there?  Please don't tell them it was me.  All I did was click the "OK" button, I swear. :)01:22
plovs_workRandomize, the power of linux...01:22
RandomizeDrat, I thought this was GEOS.01:22
mteiraI'm starting to get mad with this printer.01:23
plovs_workRandomize, you remember GEOS?01:23
mteiraHave you configured a ubuntu to print on a smb printer, that's served by another ubuntu?01:23
mteiraI was able to print from a windows client.01:24
RandomizeI had the ... "pleasure" ... of dealing with it while working as a contractor at AOL, of all places. :)01:24
mteiraBut I'm not able to make it with a Ubuntu client.01:24
Kamionplovs_work: "it"?01:24
=== tom_cat [~tom_cat@] has joined #ubuntu
plovs_workKamion, gcc and friends in the default "it", i meant, man, don't you do telepathy *at all*? 01:26
=== israel [~israel@65.Red-81-32-203.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionplovs_work: not by default01:28
RandomizeOK, (hopefully) my last question for the time being.  I've just run a ./configure on my gst-plugins source, and I have a truckload of of plugins under the "*** Plug-ins that will not be built" category.  Is it possible to cherry-pick one of those and compile JUST the one?01:30
Kamionif ./configure --help offers an option for it ...01:30
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-73.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
mteiraAre the printers used by the gnome-cups-manager the same ones in /etc/cups/printers.conf ?01:32
RandomizeYah, that's the part that I'm trying to wrap my head around.  There's an optional --disable-faad paramter, which would suggest to me that it should be getting compiled by default, since they provided an opposing switch.01:33
plovs_workKamion, ok thanks01:34
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
KamionRandomize: you may need to install some optional -dev packages (libfaad-dev? something like that)01:35
RandomizeHold on, I may just be misinterpreting some feedback from the ./configure. :)01:35
=== polok_ [~polok@1Cust107.tnt2.wollongong.au.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
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tiagobugarinhello world!01:51
mteiraWell, after sniffing the SMB dialog.01:52
mteiraI've seen that the user and password I've set in the printer configuration is not being used.01:52
mteiracups is requesting a session for an anonymous user.01:52
mteiraIt seems that the printers.conf file is not read properly01:53
=== psi [~psi@c-ac7e71d5.028-127-6c756c1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
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lupus_ist the apt-get in ubuntu a vanilla one?02:13
lupus_or a patched one?02:13
Kamionlupus_: vanilla02:13
=== jacob [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
williemteira: guess what - just rebooted into SuSE after giving up in frustration with ubuntu on a couple of the probs you are seeing -- usb not working -- despite trying pci=noacpi    and frustration at printing/cups02:16
willieIt seems once I get gnome to run iit wont let me do anything that runs as root02:17
lupus_Kamion, https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2281 don't you think this is a bug?02:17
Treenakswillie: it will, it just asks for YOUR password (using sudo) not the ROOT password02:17
williecant get a root terminal -- though a std shell then su + pwd is OK02:17
lupus_I think it was handled correctly in the past02:17
Treenakswillie: and it's better to solve bugs than to whine about them.. so where are the bug reports about your not being able to use USB?02:18
willieTreenaks: bit of a noob -- Im trying to get morew background so I can submit a coherent bug report02:18
Treenakswillie: dmesg output (or /var/log/kern.log) would help I think02:19
=== leonel [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
tsengwillie: if you read the faq you'd know about root02:19
williecertainly --if I could print it or send it :-(02:19
=== crash| [~daniel@h110n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
Treenakswillie: you can copy /var/log/kern.log to another location and edit out the irrelevant parts02:19
williethe cups prob is not ubuntus fault -- I'll admiot that02:20
Treenakswillie: you can do dmesg > somegile so you have a file with the output from dmesg -- which you can submit to bugzilla02:20
Treenakssomefile even02:20
=== Henrik [~Miranda@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== Bliksem [~user@host217-43-93-30.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
williegood point   OK time for a coffee and a reboot  -- thanks for the pointers guys02:21
Bliksemhi guys02:21
Bliksemany pointers on getting 5.1 sound going with my audigy2?02:21
TreenaksBliksem: digital or analog?02:22
TreenaksBliksem: look in the mixer02:22
TreenaksBliksem: (you have the mixer thingy on your panel? right-click-> open volume control)02:22
=== stianh [~stian@c5100AA20.inet.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksBliksem: then select Center and LFE channels02:23
Bliksemyeah, looked in there before, having another look now02:23
TreenaksBliksem: and increase their volume, and remove the 'mute' flag.02:23
TreenaksBliksem: then run a program that outputs 5.1 sound..02:23
Bliksemcheers, done that...02:26
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
Bliksemxmms supports 5.2 output?02:26
Treenaksnot that I know..02:27
TreenaksI think only DVD apps etc. support it...02:27
Treenaksso have a look at wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats02:27
Bliksemthanks Treenaks02:31
Bliksemchanged the output river in xmms02:31
Bliksemand now have 5.102:31
=== jacob [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
siretartBliksem: what output driver do you use for 5.1?02:32
BliksemIm now using ALSA02:32
jacobAnyone know if theres a gstreamer plugin for handling the "msmpeg" video format ?02:33
=== jlg [~jlouis@parmentier-3-82-67-29-10.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Bliksemwent to configure, chose my audigy in the hardware list, and chose master for mixer device02:33
jlghello to ell from z new comer02:33
jlgsorry hello to all from a newcomer02:34
=== pdamoc [~pdamoc@] has joined #ubuntu
=== tom_cat [~tomcat@] has joined #ubuntu
Bliksemhow easy is it to configure an entire linux network?02:37
Bliksemi mean install software over the entire network at once?02:37
pdamocis there a way to install wxpython automaticaly?02:38
pdamocare there unofficial repositories?02:38
alakdanpdamoc, if you have root access to all of them I would guess its just a script away (to install configure an entire linux network)02:40
alakdanpdamoc,  deb http://ftp.cs.umn.edu/pub/ubuntu warty main restricted universe02:41
alakdanfor /etc/apt/sources.list02:41
alakdanand I guess it would be pretty easy for you to do it on python ;) 02:42
jlgsingle and stupid question from a newby 02:45
jlgUbuntu installed but no icon or link on the desktop screen02:45
jlg1) how to add link on gnome for appears links to home, hard drives, carbage etc...02:45
jlg2) add new list in menus (despite new installs nothing in the gnome menu???)02:45
jlgsorry thank you02:45
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
tsengjlg: garbage is on the panel, the others are in Computer menu02:45
=== fredix [~fred@ALyon-151-1-13-114.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
tsengif you feel like you really need ugly icons on your desktop you can use gconf-editor to enable options in apps/nautilus/desktop02:46
=== crash| [~daniel@h110n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
jlgtseng : thk U I know but how to make it appears on the desktop02:47
=== Baumi [~Baumi@z0703.wist.uni-linz.ac.at] has joined #ubuntu
tsengi just told you02:47
jlgok tseng: u are too fast really02:48
=== malte` [~malteo@host116-99.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== omlet [mariusz@arbuz.info] has joined #ubuntu
pdamocjlg: drag and drop from nautilus holding Ctrl+Shift to create links on the desktop02:50
=== crash|_ [~daniel@h110n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== llpamies [~llpamies@] has joined #ubuntu
=== zenwhen [1001@host-66-20-101-153.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
llpamiesI've problems with mono !  (I use the tseng repository)02:54
llpamiesanybosy use it ?02:54
jlgmy desktop refuse all links ? even with ctrl or straight (?( I do not understand) even on menu list new install add no link in the panel. fresh install from yesterday is it a bug ? 02:54
llpamiesanyody use it ?02:54
iainmllpamies, have you enabled the universe repository?02:55
iainmtseng's repo depends on some stuff from it.02:55
llpamiesiainm: yes, the problem is that:02:55
llpamiesI have two systems identically02:56
llpamiesone in a laptop and other in my desktop02:56
=== ploum [~ploum@21-116.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
llpamiesbut in my desktop when i use any mono program : Could not find assembly System,02:56
llpamiesand in my laptop it works fine02:56
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-051-057.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
iainmwell, obviously you don't have two systems identically :)02:57
llpamiesin /usr/lib/mono my desktop have 1.0 and gac,  and my laptop 1.0 2.0 gac .... and more   (the mono packages are the same verisons in all systems)02:57
iainmboth of these are installed by apt with the *current* stuff from tseng's repo?02:57
jacobNice, the new GStreamer packages have fixed ESound usage!02:58
llpamiesiainm, yes all installed from the same repos and with apt-get02:58
iainmand is everything current on both systems?02:58
llpamiesI dist-upgraded both 2 hours ago02:58
llpamiesand have the same sources.list XD02:59
lupus_I find it anoying that it depends on mozilla02:59
lupus_can't it depend on firefox?02:59
lupus_the mono packages02:59
llpamieslupus_:  no02:59
llpamiesbecause firbird don't conatins the develop tools02:59
=== [Bas] [~Bas@tuxmachine.xs4all.nl] has joined #Ubuntu
lupus_and there is no mozilla-dev :)03:00
llpamiesfor use Gecko#03:00
iainmllpamies, does dpkg -s mono-assemblies-base give you the same version number on both systems?03:00
lupus_so mozilla itself is not used03:00
llpamiesiainm:  yes are the same version 1.0.1-103:01
=== crash|_ [~daniel@h110n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
Bliksemany one know any alternatives to FAI ?03:01
lupus_llpamies, you are maintainer of the mono packages?03:02
llpamieslupus_ no !  I'm a simple user03:02
lupus_k :p03:02
iainmrun this command: dpkg-deb -c /var/cache/apt/archives/mono-assemblies-base_1.0.1-1_all.deb  | cut -d . -f 2- | cut -d " " -f 103:03
lupus_I'm learning to make deb packages :)03:03
iainmthat gives you a list of the files installed by the archived mono-assemblies-base package on the machine.03:03
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
iainmllpamies: on the desktop, does it list files in both /usr/share/dotnet/mono/2.0/ and /usr/share/dotnet/mono/1.0/?03:04
lupus_http://freax.be/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu%204.10 I'm making a guide with some stuff 03:04
llpamiesiainm: the files are diferent03:05
llpamiesin my laptop (where mono runs fine) I have a lot of symlinks03:05
llpamiesand in my desktop doesn't03:05
=== melf [mervasti@kruuna.helsinki.fi] has joined #ubuntu
iainmI suspect you can work out how to resolve that problem yourself. Is that correct?03:06
llpamiessample: 03:06
llpamies  dektop /usr/lib/mono03:06
llpamies  laptop /usr/lib/mono -> ../share/dotnet/mono 03:06
=== [rapha] [~rapha@A8416.a.pppool.de] has joined #ubuntu
iainmthat package should be creating that symlink. If it hasn't, try reinstalling it.03:07
=== iainm suspects that you accidentally clobbered the symlink
=== jlg [~jlouis@parmentier-3-82-67-29-10.fbx.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== Keyb [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jlg [~jlouis@parmentier-3-82-67-29-10.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
pdamocIs there a guide to how can someone create ubuntu packages?03:11
=== jlg [~jlouis@parmentier-3-82-67-29-10.fbx.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu []
llpamiesiainm: I solved this.03:12
llpamiesI remove /usr/lib/mono03:12
llpamiesand create a link  /usr/lib/mono -> ../share/dotnet/mono03:12
llpamiesand works03:13
llpamiesthanks for all03:13
lupus_pdamoc, see debian packages03:13
pdamoclupus_: what I need are some guidlines... something specific to ubuntu maybe...03:17
bob2pdamoc: www.debian.org/devel/, new maintainer's guide03:18
bob2and read policy03:18
=== LoLoROS [~manuel@93.Red-217-125-132.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== No` [~No`@d80-170-213-247.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== amu [amu@bofh.debian.net] has joined #ubuntu
tiagobugarinany one knows where the results of a 'dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86' go?03:28
malte`how can i share a directory with samba? i installed the samba package... and??03:28
bob2it writes /etc/X11/XF86Config-403:28
=== crash| [~daniel@h110n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
tiagobugarinunfortunatly it did not to me. (i runned with sudo prefix03:29
Treenakstiagobugarin: then you edited it by hand first?03:29
bob2have you modified that foile by hand before?03:29
tiagobugarinTreenaks: yes03:29
bob2then read the comments in that file03:30
tiagobugarinshould i rename the file?03:30
tiagobugarinand repeat the dpkg... ?03:30
bob223:30 < bob2> then read the comments in that file03:31
Kamionthe comments at the top explain in precise detail what to do03:31
tiagobugarini'll read it...03:33
=== Juz_moi [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Henrik [~Miranda@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
=== SamBozo [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== muelling [~trillian@p508406DF.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
muellingHello there!03:44
=== stone_ [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
muellingI have one small question. What is the ubuntu-base package? Do i really need it?03:46
=== eniac [~jonas@cable-] has joined #ubuntu
saw27Is the source tree inside linux-source- slightly different to that used to build linux-image- (If I take the .config from the latter, put it in the source tree insider the former, and run 'make menuconfig' without changing any options, a few .config entries appear/disappear)03:47
saw27muelling: yes, almost certainly. It contains basic utilities which the system scripts will need even if you don't directly use them.03:48
muellingOk. My Problem is, tah when i want to remove ALSA (becaus i just dont have any SOundcard) it will also remove the ubuntu-base. How can i change this?03:49
muellingAhh.. damn keyboard.. :-)03:49
Treenaksmuelling: don't remove alsa03:51
=== free is now known as freefk
Treenaksmuelling: it's not hurting you, is it?03:52
muellingI just want to build a System where only is installed that is really needed. Im a littlle perfectionist you know :-)03:53
Kamionubuntu-base is just a metapackage; you can remove it safely03:53
TreenaksKamion: but it might break upgrades -- right?03:54
Kamiondepends what you mean by "break"03:54
Kamionyou might not get new base packages installed, come hoary03:54
Kamionbut you can probably deal with that03:54
housetiermuelling, for a minimalistic linux try this: http://b00t.webstep.net/03:54
=== faaip [~faaip@] has joined #ubuntu
KamionI would imagine that we'll be release-noting that sort of addition anyway03:54
=== JavaUser [~JavaUser@D576EBB8.kabel.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
JavaUserhi everyone03:55
JavaUserim a winxp user and after reading some info on ubuntu i decided to give it a try03:55
TreenaksJavaUser: and?03:56
JavaUseri installed it on my slave hd, i chose the complete wipe option03:56
muellingb00tlinux is interesting but not what i need. Ubuntu really is doing the job and i just want to remove some s03:56
JavaUserand the grub on my primary disk with winxp03:56
JavaUserbut the grub loader gives me an error03:56
muellingpackages i dont need. I think ill just test what happens. :-)03:56
JavaUserwinxp doesnt start03:56
TreenaksJavaUser: what is the error message?03:57
JavaUserand ubuntu doesnt finish his install03:57
JavaUsererror 2103:57
=== SamBozo [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
JavaUserim on a knoppix cd now trying to find a solution 03:57
TreenaksJavaUser: is your second disk detected by the BIOS correctly?03:58
JavaUserdoes anyone have any ideas?03:58
TreenaksJavaUser: do you have your linux disk mounted ?03:58
Treenaks(ubuntu disk)03:58
JavaUserim totally new to linux so youll have to explain what mounting is, sorry03:59
TreenaksJavaUser: it's making a disk available to the system, so you can see what's on it03:59
JavaUseras i said, my main os is winxp on my master disk03:59
TreenaksJavaUser: if you open a terminal window and type "mount" yuo can see it03:59
JavaUseri wiped my slave during ubuntu install03:59
TreenaksJavaUser: that's OK03:59
JavaUserthe ubuntu install cant finish03:59
TreenaksJavaUser: it gets to the "Reboot" stage right?04:00
TreenaksJavaUser: it'll finish once we fix grub04:00
KamionJavaUser: might be worth installing afresh but creating a small /boot partition at the start of the disk04:00
Kamionthere's a bug about that04:00
JavaUseris there a way to fix grub from knoppix?04:01
JavaUseri see here i can access both drives perfectly from knoppix04:01
Kamionif it's what I think it is it's a BIOS limitation; you do need to reinstall with a small /boot04:01
muellingI'll just say bye then. Thanks for your help! Have a nice day folks!04:02
=== muelling [~trillian@p508406DF.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #ubuntu []
JavaUserok kamion. could you guide me through it?04:02
=== LinSpider [~LinSpider@u212-239-158-61.adsl.scarlet.be] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionalthough error 21 means "selected disk does not exist", which may be different04:02
JavaUserim terribly sorry to come in here like a total idiot, but im pretty scared of lossing all my data04:03
TreenaksJavaUser: you should really check your BIOS, and see if your disk is detected correctly there.04:03
JavaUserill be back shortly, thank you for your help04:04
KamionI'm afraid I don't have time for detailed guidance at the moment; the installation manual is http://archive.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/installer-i386/current/doc/manual/en/04:04
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
=== ud [~ud@customer-148-233-165-155.uninet-ide.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
=== crash|_ [~daniel@h110n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
=== pdamoc [~pdamoc@] has left #ubuntu []
LinSpiderJust bought a 200 GIG HD and an USB external case, but I can not read/write from/to it. any suggestions ?04:08
=== highvoltage [~jonathan@dumbledore.hbd.com] has joined #ubuntu
LinSpidercould it be that the new HD isn't formatted yet ?04:09
LinSpideror someting it that area ?04:09
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-100.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mxpxpod [~forbesbd@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu
LinSpiderreally, nobody ??04:12
=== No` [~No`@d80-170-213-247.cust.tele2.fr] has left #ubuntu []
eniacyou know it would be really easy if they added a link to this page where to find this debootstrap http://archive.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/installer-i386/current/doc/manual/en/apcs03.html04:13
=== mc76 [~mcaamano@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamioneniac: there's already a link there04:15
Kamionit's the first link on the page apart from the headers04:16
eniackinda in a strange place, but thanks04:16
Kamionin general, if you have a problem with the manual, please file a bug.04:16
eniacwhat's the difference between udeb and the debootstrap without udeb04:17
Kamiondebs are for use in real systems; udebs are for use in the installer.04:17
Kamionif you're installing from a non-Debian/Ubuntu system, you don't want either; you want the source.04:17
polok_time for bed04:19
=== topyli [~juha@ktlpc219.edu.helsinki.fi] has left #ubuntu []
=== PandU [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== cardador [~jose@srt1.dq.fct.unl.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== justdave_ [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sludge [~kaya@dsl81-214-43601.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
sludgehello everyone! just installed ubuntu, can i ask a few questions?04:26
sludgei'm new to apt-get package system, is there any place else where i can write to update mozilla firefox?04:27
sludgeor for example i try apt-get install xmms and it comes up with nothing04:27
psixmms is probably in the universe repository04:28
psiwhich you need to enable in /etc/apt/sources.list04:28
sludgei tried apt-get update, and it's doing something here04:28
cardadorsludge: just use synaptic to keep your system up to date04:29
cardadorsludge: synaptic is an apt-get frontend04:29
sludgealrighty then04:30
sludgegive me a few minutes :)04:30
=== Bliksem [~user@host217-43-93-30.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Bliksemhow do i set up dc++ with ubuntu?04:31
eniacI'm again in trouble debootstrap complains it can find /usr/lib/debootstrap/functions which is normal, since there's no such file, also on the page it says /usr/sbin/debootstrap, but I don't have that ...04:32
Kamionset DEBOOTSTRAP_DIR if you haven't installed debootstrap but are trying to run it out of the source directory04:33
eniacI did04:33
Kamionbet you didn't :)04:33
Kamionmaybe you forgot to export it04:33
sludgealright, how about samba? it says support for samba is not installed04:34
eniacKamion: I did run it from the source dir but didn't set the var :)04:34
cardadorsludge: apt-get update is the same as clicking "reload" in synaptic04:34
eniacKamion: E: No such script: /mnt/ubuntu/debootstrap-0.2.39ubuntu21/scripts/sarge04:34
Kamionthere is no scripts directory in the source tarball04:35
eniacidd, 04:35
Kamionperhaps you should install the package properly04:35
Kamione.g. 'make install'04:35
eniacKamion: impossible !04:36
eniacI haven't got dpkg04:36
Kamionyou have the source, don't you?04:36
Kamionits Makefile has an install target04:36
=== crash| [~daniel@h110n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
sludgecardador: it's cool, but i can't work samba?04:38
eniacok the manual needs to be updated sarge doesn't exist anymore04:39
eniachoary or warty04:39
Kamionwhere does it say that?04:40
Kamionhang on, I'll check, I thought I'd branded most of it04:40
Kamionnever mind, I'll look myself04:40
Kamioneniac: fixed, thanks04:40
=== celluloidsid [~celluloid@ipn36372-f70946.cidr.lightship.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== faaip [~faaip@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
cardadorsludge: cant work samba?04:42
eniacKamion: the realse file for sarge is still failing ...04:42
Kamionyou're still trying sarge?04:42
cardadorsludge: what do you mean?04:42
tiagobugarinany one knows how to change the locale from the terminal?04:42
eniacKamion: you never said I needed to try something else04:42
Kamioneniac: you said it yourself, so I didn't think I needed to :-P04:43
malte`tiagobugarin: export LANG=yourlang04:43
eniacKamion: but I don't know what to choose warty or hoary04:43
Kamioneniac: hoary doesn't really exist yet. warty.04:43
sludgecardador: computer/system conf./network, on general tab, windows networks, it says install samba support?04:43
tiagobugarinmalte`: this will work on next reboot?04:44
sludgeAND evolution is not starting after i fill in the initial configuration screen!04:45
sludgethis is getting out of hand :) 04:45
Kamioneniac: note that that appendix is still incomplete, it doesn't e.g. describe how to set up a full Ubuntu desktop04:45
tiagobugarinmy keyboard is abnt2, not us-intl... where i can change this for terminal?04:47
=== ema [~ema@adsl-ull-76-134.44-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
cardadorsludge: go to synaptic, search "samba" and install it04:47
mteiraHas anybody got a samba printer working on ubuntu?04:48
sludgegood news, it started, bad news, it's downloading.. 04:48
sludgei tried mplayer and wine and they couldnt be found04:48
=== MepisBelle [~Old@adsl-68-122-6-135.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
malte`tiagobugarin: just append it to ~/.bashrc04:49
=== tritium [rimbert@ee213-dhcp-3.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== cas [~cas@e105169.upc-e.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
sludgeis there a way to install it directly from cd?04:50
sludgei mean, it takes a while for it to download you know04:51
sludgei dont have a good connection here04:51
cassludge, i just did install it from cd04:51
eniacKamion: E: no /usr/lib/debootstrap/devices.tar.gz. cannot create devices how bad is this ?04:51
sludgeyep, but after update it wanted to download04:51
casjust say no if it ask if it must download the packages from internet04:52
tiagobugarinmalte`: don't have a way to do this to all users and newers... i mean, if it came from the bootup script that configures this stuff it will be system wide and things will just work!04:52
casDid anyone in here updated his/her evolution from 1.4 to 2.0? i can't seem to find out how this works04:52
Kamioneniac: you didn't run 'fakeroot make'04:52
eniacKamion: the manual doesn't tell you to do04:53
Kamioneniac: 15:16 < Kamion> in general, if you have a problem with the manual, please file a bug.04:53
Kamionas it happens I'm working on that chapter at the moment04:53
eniacKamion: I give up,! if the manual expects you to do things that aren't metiond to make it work then I don't see the point in the manual04:54
Kamioneniac: BTW the manual doesn't talk about installing from source at all04:54
Kamioneniac: perhaps you should follow the directions it gives?04:54
Kamion $ ar -xf debootstrap_0.X.X_arch.deb04:54
Kamion $ cd /04:54
Kamion $ zcat &#60; /full-path-to-work/work/data.tar.gz | tar xv04:54
eniacKamion: I did that04:54
sabdflelmo: could you thom me the private key for 01.pem please?04:54
sludgealright, i've deselected web adresses, now it did install from cd04:54
sabdfloops, ww04:54
eniacbut enough of this I'm out gonne go after some cd's to make it work04:54
malte`tiagobugarin: you're right... dunno, i got it automagically configured at installation04:54
danielssabdfl: you want him to send it to a list of ~30 people? :)04:54
sabdfldaniels: later :-)04:55
Kamioneniac: if you'd done that then you'd have /usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/ and /usr/sbin/debootstrap; you said earlier that you didn't, though04:55
Kamion15:17 < Kamion> if you're installing from a non-Debian/Ubuntu system, you don't want either; you want the source.04:55
Kamionthat was probably misinformation, though, sorry04:55
eniacbut then I did it because you pointed that out for me ..04:55
eniacand still ...04:55
Kamionyes, I apologise for suggesting installing from source04:56
eniacI hope I can find a place that lets me buy one cd :)04:56
eniacKamion: today :)04:56
=== alakdan [~alakdan@] has joined #ubuntu
tiagobugarinmalte`: i found a script (/etc/bash.bashrc) that i think is where things go.. but now i realize that my locale is ok. my problem is only with incorrect keyboard layout04:57
=== freefk is now known as free
Kamioneniac: also note that the manual has only very recently been adapted from Debian to Ubuntu, and you're one of the first people to try it out for real04:58
=== knewt [~jmb@p213.54.112.156.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu
Kamioneniac: imagine trying Ubuntu four months ago :)04:59
sludgethank you all!04:59
sludgesee ya :(04:59
knewtis it ok to remove ubuntu-base from the system?04:59
eniacKamion: no I won't :p04:59
danielsknewt: yes05:00
cardadortiagobugarin: i have the same problem05:00
tiagobugarincardador: did you find any information yet?05:01
knewtdaniels: ta. i want to swap from postfix to exim, and of course ubuntu-base depends on postfix ;)05:01
mteiraCould anybody help me with my printer problems?05:02
=== knewt [~jmb@p213.54.112.156.tisdip.tiscali.de] has left #ubuntu []
cardadortiagobugarin: no not yes05:03
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Bliksemhow do i get the sources for my kernel?05:08
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srihey, has anybody packaged gstreamer-ffmpeg?05:08
=== sri should ask on #gstreamer
[rapha] Hmm05:10
[rapha] Is Totem showing a blue screen a known issue?05:10
jamesh[rapha] : it is a bug in the X server.05:10
casis it possible to install mplayer?05:11
jamesh[rapha] : if you close some apps using lots of X server memory, you should be able to see the video05:11
casor can it only be done by compiling it from source?05:11
joemcas, check the wiki05:12
Bliksemtrying to install nvidia driver here, and its wantiong kernel sources05:12
Bliksemapt-get doesnt find the sources for my kernel :/05:13
Bliksemi assume i need to edit my sources list05:13
Bliksemwhat/how should i edit it?05:13
srihello jamesh, having a pleasant night?05:13
jameshsri: yeah.05:13
sriBliksem: get the restricted modules package.05:13
sriBliksem: I believe nvidia driver is in there.05:13
Bliksemrestricted modules?05:14
sridoes anybody know if gstreamer's ffmpeg work that Ronald has been doing is packaged?05:14
sriapt-cache search restricted05:14
srishould show up05:14
alakdanhi just wondering how to update/upgrade mozilla-firefox by just using apt-get05:14
Zombwhere are there Mono packages for Ubuntu?05:14
sriapt-get update;apt-get install mozilla-firefox05:14
mteiraUnable to get printer status (client-error-forbidden)!05:14
alakdansri, thanks05:15
mteiraWhat about this error trying to print on a remote ippl server (ubuntu) ?05:15
sriZomb: deb http://www.getsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs/ ./05:16
sriZomb: it's unsupported, but it works for me.05:16
sriZomb: stick thatin your sources.list in /etc/apt05:16
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Zombsri: are they just recompiled from Debian Sid?05:17
swoonwhen is ubuntu final due?05:17
sriZomb: I'm not certain.. :/05:17
Kamionswoon: 20th October05:17
sriZomb: you could ask Tseng05:17
sritseng: are your mono sources recompiled from sid or are they true ubuntu packages?05:17
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swoonneat Kamion thx05:18
srithe final is supposed to have xorg?05:18
=== sri wants composite lovin
Kamionsri: nope, that's for Hoary05:18
sriah, thats end of the year I think..05:18
KamionApril 200505:18
Kamionyou won't be seeing major changes between now and Warty final05:18
sriplenty of time for the xorg folks to get it right :)05:18
sriKamion: that makes sense.05:19
Kamionwell, that's release; we'll want it in Hoary development well before then of course05:19
srixorg isn't quite stable with composite stuff..05:19
jameshsri: Warty XFree86 is quite different from pristine XF86 4.305:19
sriwhen wwill Hoary devel come out..05:19
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srijamesh: so I hear, although I have not yet read what the differneces are.05:19
Kamionshortly after Warty is released05:19
sriKamion: cool.05:20
=== sri is enjoying ubuntu at work.
=== sri is probably teh only ubuntu here. (or maybe the only debian too)
jameshsri: look at the size of the .diff.gz file in http://ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/x/xfree86/05:20
srimy only issue and this is with debian overall, I can't seem to get my damn automounter working...05:20
srier let me quantify that statement, I can't get automounter + nis working05:21
tiagobugarincardador: i have found in gentoo forum that in rc.conf need to have 'KEYMAP="br-abnt2"' (in my case abnt2 is the correct) but i couldn't find it in ubuntu05:21
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Zombsri: I looked trough them, seem to be recompiled Sid packages05:23
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carlosseb128: is it normal that the Computer folder has "Network" icon inside? I thought it was removed so only local volumes will be there05:25
seb128hum, I thought too05:26
cardadortiagobugarin: nice. im from portugal so your br would be pt for me05:26
seb128carlos: jamesh did the changes, no sure if that's a bug or if the icon has not been moved ...05:27
carlosjamesh: ?05:27
tiagobugarincardador: the only problem is that i do not know where to do this in ubuntu05:27
sriZomb: k05:28
|trey|seb128: noticed you fixed the mp3 id tag/rhythmbox issue, thank you  :)05:28
seb128np :)05:28
srihi seb128 05:28
seb128hey sri ;)05:28
tiagobugarincardador: look this: http://www.comlinux.com.br/docs/foca/ch-cfg.html05:29
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jameshseb128/carlos: I didn't add it back.  It might have been reenabled if patch to remove it and the patch to move the connected server icons had been merged05:32
jameshthe bug fix I did for the connected servers patch didn't include anything for removing the network icon.05:32
carlosjamesh: should I file a bug about it?05:33
jameshcarlos: probably.05:33
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seb128carlos: please assign it directly to jamesh 05:34
seb128and cc me05:34
tiagobugarincardador: just typed 'kbdconfig' witch is a wrapper for 'dpkg-reconfigure console-common'... testing now05:35
tiagobugarincardador: working... 05:35
|trey|Is Herbert Xu working with Ubuntu now?05:36
|trey|Seen him on bugzilla a few times, just wondering....05:37
carlos|trey|: he's working on our kernel05:37
|trey|carlos: so he's an employee, or just helping out?05:37
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=== |trey| thinks carlos and jamesh are new devels too maybe?
carlosI think he's working with something like a bounty, but not sure05:38
PandUwhere can i find anx unrar program for amd-6405:38
pittiPandU: install rar and unrar from multiverse05:39
|trey|PandU: not in Universe?05:39
carlos|trey|: I'm not working directly on Ubuntu but other Canonical projects05:39
|trey|carlos: oh, like what?  :)05:39
PandUdo i have to add a res to sources05:39
|trey|carlos: don't see anything else but Ubuntu on the site  :(05:39
carlos|trey|: You should be killed if I tell you it :-P05:39
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carlos|trey|: mainly, l10n tools05:40
|trey|PandU: nah, just stick the word "multiverse" at the end of the first line that looks like a URL  :)05:40
PandUa multiverse resp.05:40
carlosnot yet released05:40
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PandUin where05:40
|trey|carlos: cool  :)  something for Ubuntu down the road though I presume?  :)05:40
|trey|PandU: /etc/apt/sources.list05:40
carlos|trey|: yes05:40
|trey|carlos: cool  :)05:41
PandUI am using synaptic so do i have to remove universe and replace it with multivers05:42
PandUin this url http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/05:42
|trey|carlos: I only speak English, but internationalization is very important  :)05:42
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|trey|PandU: no, just add multiverse at the end05:43
carlos|trey|: true05:43
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PandUCan you please past that line of your sources.list05:44
imkahow can i check myself if a port is open? not in my firewall app. there is supposed to be a way to connect to a port through a browser or telnet05:45
|trey|PandU: deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty main universe multiverse05:45
|trey|but I removed restricted cuz i don't need it  :/05:45
PandUI have added what u said and waiting for update thanks05:45
|trey|PandU: you're welcome  :)05:45
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PandUOne more question though, by adding multiverse what am i actually doing a mix 32 / 64 bit sys?05:46
|trey|PandU: its just another grouping of packages, just like main and universe...05:47
|trey|PandU: you are still working from the correct port, so it should remain purely 64bit afaik05:48
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swoonI wonder is there anyway to check that my system is reaping the 64bit benifits from using ubuntu x86_64 and a system with an athlon 64 ?05:50
imkahow can i connect to an own listen port? i wanna connect to port 6346 through a browser or telnet?05:51
|trey|imka: localhost:634605:51
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swoona "network" requires more than one pc correct? if you have one pc wirelessly connected to a router, then a printer connected to that router, that is not considered a network is it?05:53
|trey|swoon: not that I'm aware of... but your packages should mention x86_64 in their names... this signifies they were compiled for that arch...05:53
=== goatboy [~tim@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|swoon: a network is more then one node... a printer counts as a node.05:53
swoon|trey| yes they do05:53
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swoonhrmm ok, at work, I setup a setup like I mentioned above, (the bosses copmuter uses win xp) I didnt think I really made a network, I just added a printer and a scanner that connected via a port that was the printer/scanners ip address...05:55
|trey|swoon: afaict you're looking for an app to give you visual feedback of this though, afaik, thats not possible05:55
imkais any1 using a gnutella client?05:56
|trey|swoon: scanners also count as nodes05:56
|trey|swoon: anything accessable via a connection of some kind is a node... iPod's, everything.05:57
swoon|trey| I understood that, but what I did did that consist of making a network? or does building a network consist of making some centralized software 05:57
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swoonand then connecting the nodes to the software05:57
|trey|swoon: a network is basically an ideal that you should be able to be lazy, a network is meant to aid in laziness.05:57
|trey|swoon: I shouldn't have to walk to a scanner to scan something, I shouldn't have to go to a printer other then to pick up what was printed... this is what a network is  :)05:58
|trey|swoon: In an ideal world, I should have a secretary to go get it too... thus utter laziness on my part  :)05:59
swoon|trey| so does it sound like I built a "network" ? I just connected a sanner/printer/fax machine to a wifi router, and then a laptop wirelessly to the router, and added them as devices in windows...05:59
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swoonhmm was easier than I thought05:59
swoonstupidly easy05:59
|trey|swoon: the larger scale the network is, the tougher to configure... thats a small network, but still a network.06:00
swoonoh I bet06:00
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB2DA2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|LDAP makes large scale networks relatively easy too  :)06:00
swoonwell good, I just wanted to make sure that I was doing what I was supposed to :)06:00
|trey|When it decides to work well at least  :)06:00
swoonwell Im yet to get the printer/scanner added to my linux laptop though...06:01
|trey|cups for the printer... sane for the scanner... google for directions  :)06:01
swoonhmm ok06:02
swoonhow do I know if the windows machine is currently using cups or something else?06:04
|trey|Its using something else enless you told it to use CUPS.. it can use CUPS though...06:04
|trey|(Something else = IPP)06:04
swoon|trey| do I need to tell it to use CUPS?06:05
|trey|Very simular to IPP, I think CUPS even supports IPP devices06:05
imkais any1 using a gnutella client? gtk-gnutella?06:05
=== mteira [~mteira@228.Red-81-34-167.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|swoon: or LPR, yes06:05
|trey|CUPS can emulate LPR06:05
mteiraMy computer doesn't start with my usb scanner attached.06:05
swoonhrmmm ok06:05
mteiraIs this problem known?06:06
mteiraIt hungs while executing usb.rc06:06
petemcmy laptop wont boot with an ipod plgged in06:06
mteiraThe last thing I see on the screen is:06:06
mteira* Running usb.rc...06:06
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|trey|petemc: ipod's are expensive  :(06:06
|trey|mteira: just for shits and giggles, reboot with the scanner plugged in... and hit "ctrl+c" when it starts to stall06:07
mteira|trey|: That worked this morning.06:07
mteira|trey|: But not now.06:07
mteira|trey|: Perhaps the last kernel upgrade06:08
|trey|mteira: perhaps, I'm not the person to talk to about such things though  :(06:08
mteira|trey|: It seems that there's nobody to talk about usb and printing problems, anyway06:08
mteiraI'm a little desperate.06:08
mteiraI've spend all the morning trying to print on a remote ubuntu-managed printer06:09
mteiraNow, after disconnecting all the usb devices, the system starts06:09
|trey|mteira: my boxes don't reboot enough to mind such problems....06:09
|trey|mteira: file a bug @ bugzilla.ubuntu.com06:10
mteira|trey|: Well, I could live with that, if plugging the devices after reboot worked fine.06:10
[rapha] Does somebody here use GnomeMeeting as it comes with Ubuntu?06:10
[rapha] Because I'm having problems connecting to ils.seconix.com06:10
|trey|[rapha] : no use for it here  :(06:10
[rapha] How so, trey?06:10
|trey|[rapha] : no one I know uses the protocol  :/06:11
[rapha] Oh.06:11
|trey|[rapha] : doesn't support yahoo or msn protocols...06:11
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blockehas anyone figured out yet why gtk 1.2 apps don't seem to respect .gtkrc at all?06:11
[rapha] Well, I'm investigating using PhoneGAIM for SIP phoning right now06:11
mteiraAnd again, this f***ing lock on cat /proc/bus/usb/devices06:11
|trey|(the video confrencing protocols those messaging protocols use)06:12
[rapha] The great thing about SIP is that it works together with the old landline phones06:12
|trey|mteira: sudo.06:12
|trey|[rapha] : still does me no good  :/06:12
mteira|trey|: What do you mean?06:12
|trey|[rapha] : and video over a phone line would bring a lot of lag  :/06:12
mteira|trey|: Using sudo to cat the file?06:12
highvoltagehi everyone. where can I take a look at the ubuntu bug list?06:13
|trey|mteira: you get the lock because you don't have root permissions... sudo -s THEN do whatever you were trying to do...06:13
mteira|trey|: No way. You could expect a "permission denied" using the regular user, but not a lock. This is a kernel lock on a system call. I hate it.06:13
mteira|trey|: I disagree06:13
|trey|highvoltage: bugzilla.ubuntu.org06:13
highvoltagetrey: thanks06:14
mteira|trey|: I've also tried with root user, the lock is here again.06:14
[rapha] trey: Erm, no. I'm talking about using the internet to phone with friends who do not yet have an internet phone. And that for very cheap prices.06:14
highvoltagehmm... doesn't work06:14
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zepoi can't get inside my ttys, my screen becomes all black,someone can help me!?06:14
|trey|mteira: no really... its due to not being root.... look at Fedora's "Stateless Linux" movements and help out if you want that changed...06:14
highvoltagenevermind, found it in the meeting room06:14
highvoltageit ends with .com, not .org06:15
|trey|mteira: a user can't access devices or system configuration... this is acceptable to everyone but you and redhat...06:15
mteira|trey|: But i'm getting the lock either using sudo.06:15
mteira|trey|: Anyway, what sense has this behaviour.06:15
mteira|trey|: that 'cat' process is locked forever. I cannot kill it.06:16
=== pv [~pv@jt11-57-1.tky.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu
mteira|trey|: I think it's a bug.06:16
|trey|mteira: funny... it let me view the file  :/06:16
mteira|trey|: It happens only on some lock situation06:17
spivmteira: it's an aspect of unix since the beginning of time that you can't kill a process blocked in the D state. :)06:17
mteiraspiv: The problem is that process locked.06:17
mteiraspiv: And not the fact of not being able to kill it.06:17
|trey|mteira: umm, you were locked out... process stopped when it told you you didn't have permissions.06:18
mteira|trey|: It told me nothing. :)06:18
|trey|mteira: ctrl+c then  :/06:18
spivSorry, I've come in in the middle of this discussion.  What process, and what do you mean by "locked"? :)06:18
mteiraspiv: cat06:18
mteiraspiv: I'm not able to ctrl-c it, neither kill -9 as root it.06:18
|trey|spiv: he was denied cat /proc/bus/usb/devices .....06:19
spivRight.  Because it's stuck in the D state, I'll bet.06:19
mteiraYes, it's on D state06:19
|trey|spiv: D = dead or what06:19
mteiraBut that's because something weird happens with the usb support.06:19
mteiraOn normal situation, you're able to cat that file.06:19
mteiraBTW that's not a file, it's an special kernel file.06:20
spivmteira: Right.  It shouldn't hang... it sounds like there's a bug in the usb support for your hardware.06:20
mteiraspiv: sure.06:20
mteiraspiv: I'm getting mad with it.06:20
mteiraIt's an AMD 756 or something so.06:21
|trey|spiv: no really, what is the D state?06:21
darkersatanicThe D state is where the task is waiting for the kernel to do something, such as read from a device or write to one.06:21
darkersatanicTasks should spend small amounts of time in D state.06:22
darkersatanicThey can't be interrupted in D state, and if they end up getting stuck in it, you can't kill them.06:22
mteiraD == uninterruptible sleep06:22
mteiraIt's a lock.06:22
|trey|darkersatanic: thank you  :)06:23
mteiraAnd it's not a very strange hardware.06:23
=== |trey| learned something today :)
=== |trey| goes to watch TV as to ensure he learns no more 8)
mteira|trey|: :))06:24
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lordaj76j'ai voulu tester un glxgears06:27
lordaj76j'ai tout plant 06:27
|trey|lordaj76: tu parle anglais?06:27
lordaj76|trey|, dsol je me suis plant de channel06:28
|trey|lordaj76: http://babelfish.altavista.com/06:29
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|trey|Vous pouvez employer qu'emplacement pour essayer et communiquer des probl?mes06:30
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giuSerpehi all06:34
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
giuSerpecan I use my ltmodem in my ubuntu-box?06:35
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-7-49.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== housetier is now known as _1haender
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highvoltagehi. where does the ubuntu channels get logged?06:39
=== lordaj76 [~lordaj76@ARouen-106-1-4-207.w217-128.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
azeemhighvoltage: usually, meeting minutes get posted to one of the mailing lists along with an IRC log.06:40
=== tvon|x31 [~tvon@hc-65-220-53-186.BELIEVEWIRELESS.NET] has joined #ubuntu
azeemI don't know whether logs of the ubuntu chans are generally available on the net06:40
=== will [~william@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
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=== C2H5OH [~etanol@129.Red-80-36-215.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
C2H5OHhello all06:44
afonitc2h50h: hello06:47
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-100.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
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highvoltageC2H50H: Hello06:49
highvoltageC2H50H: nice name06:50
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=== amerine [~mark@e-66-117-83-2.empnet.net] has joined #ubuntu
amerinemorning folks06:51
willso is eveyone updating on the old synaptic?06:52
highvoltageguys, what's the easiest way to create y own ubuntu mirror?06:53
highvoltageoops.. gtg...  I'll ask on the lists.. goodbye06:54
C2H5OHI only have one question I didn't find in the faq: does ubuntu come with prelink ?06:55
C2H5OHI guess not06:56
KamionC2H5OH: no, we use a linker option which gets you most of the benefits of prelink without the management pain06:56
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
C2H5OHKamion: mmmm, interesting, where can I find information about that option?06:57
Kamionit's -O1, look it up in the ld documentation06:57
C2H5OHok, thanks a lot :-*06:57
C2H5OHKamion:  by the way, is "capital o", right?06:59
C2H5OHlike the gcc -Ox options06:59
C2H5OHis not in the man page07:00
C2H5OHprobably in the info manual07:00
Kamion-O is in the man page, but it doesn't go into detail07:00
=== Zero-G [~sjs298@sjshome.ict.ic.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
C2H5OHI found it ^_^07:00
KamionC2H5OH: try http://mail.gnome.org/archives/desktop-devel-list/2004-September/msg00377.html07:01
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jonohi all07:01
jonohow can I map the windows key on my keyboard to something useful?07:02
C2H5OHKamion:  that seems like the global optimizator, doesn't it ?07:02
Kamionwhat's one of those?07:03
C2H5OHyou know, global executable optimizations07:03
C2H5OHont compile-time07:03
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Kamionthat sounds like a very handwavy term :-)07:04
Kamionit's a linker optimisation.07:04
C2H5OHthat's right07:04
C2H5OHbut I'd have never guessed GNU ld supported that07:04
Kamionso it's build-time; not compile-time as such07:04
C2H5OHgood lord07:04
C2H5OHso much CPU power lost07:04
willhi is there a gnome equivelant of 'task manager'07:05
goatboywill: Applications -> System Tools -> System Monitor07:05
willand command line? is there one for that too07:06
afonitWill:  also with goatboy's comment, on the top right, you can split it inot 'my processes/active processes/all process' very handy07:06
goatboywill: top would be the closest, I guess.07:07
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afonitanyone know where there is a tip's and tricks website for ubuntu?07:10
afonitsort of like how fedora has the 'unnoficial faq' website of how to get odd things going07:11
KamionUbuntu's a bit new for that07:11
KamionI'm sure something will grow up in time07:11
afonitk, thanks, I do like it so far though07:11
afonitalso, someone started an unofficial forum already07:11
trukuloafonit, no, but you have mail lists07:12
afonittrukulo: ty07:12
=== Henrik [~Miranda@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
trukuloumm: Searching for splash image... none found, skipping...07:16
=== imka [~imka@chello080109076233.14.15.vie.surfer.at] has left #ubuntu []
trukulowhere is splash image?07:16
supertedsearch for the entry in GConf07:16
=== zenwhen_ [1001@host-66-20-101-175.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
trukulogconf? it's kernel related07:17
=== PandU [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
trukulonot gnome nor gdm07:17
=== zenwhen_ [1001@host-66-20-101-175.bgk.bellsouth.net] has left #ubuntu ["http://zenhardwhere.com"]
azeemtrukulo: depends on which splash image you're talking about :)07:17
trukulokernel splash image07:17
Kamiongrub, I imagine07:17
trukuloKamion, yes07:18
KamionI believe we took that out since the video mode switch had some unwanted side-effects07:18
spivOh, hmm.07:18
spivI uGrr, lag.07:18
trukuloKamion, but kernel is with splash image enabled07:18
=== olivier__ is now known as Olivier_54
trukuloit's not important, i only want to know if ubuntu has splash image or not07:19
trukuloif not, doesn't matter07:19
Kamion18:18 < Kamion> I believe we took that out since the video mode switch had some unwanted side-effects07:19
KamionI think that's fairly clear?07:19
=== ElRaton [~lerat@tofu.eu.org] has joined #ubuntu
trukuloKamion, yes, but it's compiled on kernel, only that07:20
Kamionno, the message you cited was from update-grub, not the kernel07:20
trukuloKamion, ah, ok, thanks07:21
Kamionwe don't have bootsplash in the kernel yet either07:21
trukulomy fault07:21
=== PandU [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
justdaveheads-up for anyone using bugzilla at the moment, it's getting a refresh, it'll be down for about 10 seconds sometime in the next minute or so.  If you get any errors just wait 10 seconds and hit reload.07:23
justdaveok, all done, should be up07:23
[rapha] Kamion: why don't you use RHGB?07:25
=== guptan [~Raj@we11177.emirates.net.ae] has joined #ubuntu
Kamion[rapha] : we don't use any bootsplash because we tried and it broke the installer.07:27
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-7-49.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Kamion[rapha] : and besides it is WAY TOO LATE for warty :-)07:27
[rapha] Kamion: What does the installer have to do with the operating system _after_ it is installed?07:28
Kamion[rapha] : same kernel07:28
[rapha] Kamion: Oh. Then I must believe that you don't know RHGB?07:29
Kamionquite possibly07:29
Kamionplease let's not have this discussion now, I have a release to work on07:29
[rapha] (I'm kind of insisting about this because I've received some complaints from "normal" users)07:29
[rapha] Okay07:29
Kamionit is too late for warty. we will have something similar for hoary.07:29
=== inklingx [~inklingx@u212-239-167-156.adsl.pi.be] has joined #ubuntu
[rapha] I'll just tell you that RHGB is what Fedora uses and works by starting the XServer as early as possible.07:30
[rapha] And I don't want it for Warty.07:30
justdave[rapha] : it'll be in the next release...  watch for people to talk about it and grab a daily image from hoary as soon as they start posting them with that included07:30
[rapha] (Already hacked the bootscripts to only show "Please stand by while the computer is booting..." for my users07:30
[rapha] )07:30
[rapha] justdave: Cool :)07:31
=== [rapha] would rather know why GnomeMeeting doesn't connect to ils.seconix.com properly
Kamion[rapha] : have you tried RHGB in Warty and found it to work?07:31
[rapha] Kamion: Not yet, but I can if it would help you.07:32
Kamion[rapha] : and have you found it to work on powerpc and amd64?07:32
KamionI notice that RHGB ships Xvesa07:32
[rapha] Well, my _guess_ would be that if PPC and AMD64 can run an X server, it'll work.07:32
Kamionso it sounds a bit architecture-specific07:32
Kamionour plan was to use the framebuffer instead07:33
[rapha] That's something I always found confusing about RHGB: why doesn't it just use the normal X configuration.07:33
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
[rapha] Hmm. Using the framebuffer, you'd rule out me for example.07:33
[rapha] It's not working here for some reason, don't know why.07:33
trukuloumm, http://www.ubuntuforums.org/07:34
trukulounofficial forums about ubuntu, curios07:34
=== andril [~andril@adsl-3-130-191.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
andrilhello all07:34
andrilcan some one assist me with some sound issues?07:35
Kamion[rapha] : using X rules out a fair few of our users, as the bugs against X will testify07:36
Kamion[rapha] : presumably the installer also does not display correctly for you07:36
[rapha] Kamion: but isn't Ubuntu a desktop-centric distribution? How will it work without X?07:36
Kamion[rapha] : it sometimes requires manual configuration07:37
[rapha] Kamion: The text mode installer displays just fine.07:37
Kamion[rapha] : the "text mode" installer uses the framebuffer07:37
[rapha] Kamion: And if these users require manual configuration for X, where's the difference in doing it at install time?07:37
Kamionthat's done after the first reboot; I'd want bootsplash to kick in at the first reboot to make sure the boot process works properly07:38
[rapha] Kamion: But it's not displaying pictures. For example, the isolinux picture isn't showing up here.07:38
tvon|x31I dont care for rhgb because it takes too long to actually start up during the boot process07:38
[rapha] (Neither on any other LCD screen I tried Ubuntu on)07:38
Kamion[rapha] : the isolinux picture does not use the Linux framebuffer07:38
Kamion[rapha] : since it is displayed before Linux starts07:38
[rapha] Hmm07:39
[rapha] My fault, sorry07:39
Kamionisolinux breaking is an entirely separate and probably much harder problem07:39
Kamionin practice the framebuffer works out of the box with no configuration for virtually all our users07:39
=== Zero-G [~sjs298@sjshome.ict.ic.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionand it allows you to start bootsplash before mounting /usr, for example07:39
[rapha] In that case I haven't said anything.07:40
=== njs12345 [NicholasSk@dsl-217-155-201-142.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionusing a framebuffer, you can display a splash image right out of the initrd07:40
tsengKamion: kdrive (and I believe X) can run a (slow) X server on top of linux framebuffer07:40
tsengthat might be useful for an installer.07:40
Kamiongtk/linuxfb or gtk/directfb is simpler and faster07:41
C2H5OHwhich version of Xfce4 does ubuntu have?07:42
C2H5OH(I mean the current Release)07:42
C2H5OHthanks :-)07:43
C2H5OHsame as Debian Sid07:44
C2H5OHbut I guess Gnome now loads almost as quick07:44
C2H5OHdoesn't it ?07:44
[rapha] Kamion: do you know the bug number of the Totem-showing-only-a-blue-screen-bug?07:45
=== [rapha] can't find it
[rapha] C2H5OH: 2.8 _is_ a good deal faster than previous versions, and _very_ usable.07:45
Kamion[rapha] : sorry, no07:45
tseng[rapha] : how about searching for all open totem bugs and look for the relevant description07:45
C2H5OH[rapha] : I'm sure of that, I just was wondering if its load time got closer to xfce4's07:46
=== ToTo [~ToTo@] has joined #ubuntu
C2H5OH[rapha] : by the way, do the gnome apps start to use bonobo at last?07:47
[rapha] Good idea tseng07:48
[rapha] C2H5OH: I don't even know what Bonobo does :)07:48
C2H5OHBonobo is the component framework, based on CORBA Gnome is supposed to use07:48
[rapha] So... things would become more integrated by using it?07:49
C2H5OHif I'm not mistaken07:49
=== shanev [~shanev@cad5.lifecor.com] has joined #ubuntu
njs12345[rapha] : it allows things like using a text editor widget in other apps07:49
C2H5OHbonobo is the Gnome approach, and kparts is the KDE approach07:49
[rapha] Oh okay07:49
[rapha] Hmm07:50
Keybukbonobo is kinda deprecated07:50
njs12345I think perhaps GNOME is moving to D-BUS07:50
C2H5OHKeybuk: I've read that is not very usable anyway07:50
Keybukoh, it's quite usable07:50
C2H5OHI meant from the developer point of view07:50
njs12345yeah, it is07:50
Keybukso do I, the API is ok07:50
njs12345the C bindings are kind of awkward, but the Python bindings are really awesome07:51
C2H5OHthen, why there were so few apps bonobo-activated ?07:51
KeybukC2H5OH: because it was the wrong thing07:51
=== [rapha] is still thrilled by being able to pop in a DVD and *ZABOOM* it starts playing
njs12345and it's virtually impossible to write something like a component system without it being unwieldy in C07:51
tvon|x31bonobo is pretty complicated07:51
C2H5OHI can imagine07:52
Keybukgeneral RPC and message-passing is what d-bus is for now07:52
C2H5OHI read that as well07:52
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-236-7.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
C2H5OHblueZ is using d-bus too07:53
njs12345I've only ever used it in a pretty simply (I used the Rhythmbox interface), but I never found it that complicated07:53
=== minghua [~minghua@danube.mems.rice.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Keybukthe main use of bonobo in GNOME is Panel applets07:53
C2H5OHonly ?07:54
[rapha] Setting up planner (0.11-5) ...07:54
[rapha] /var/lib/dpkg/info/planner.postinst: line 28: scrollkeeper-update: command not found07:54
[rapha] ??07:54
=== bborkk [~bborkk@TANG-ONE-O-TWENTY-SEVEN.MIT.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
[rapha] I've installed any package that had "scrollkeeper" in its name. Where is it in then?07:55
Kamionscrollkeeper-update is in scrollkeeper ...07:55
bborkkAnyone know how to find the current version of a module?07:55
Kamionyou didn't experience weird errors during base-config or something, did you?07:55
bborkkIn particular, I want to know if I have the newest version of ipw2200.07:55
C2H5OHgotta eat something, thanks for your help folks :-)07:55
C2H5OHgood luck for this project ;-)07:56
Kamionbborkk: does 'modinfo ipw2200' tell you?07:56
|trey|Keybuk: how come applets don't use dbus too? then they could surely drop bonobo?07:56
eniacstrange to see lame encode a 40.8MB wav file to 1.8MB mp3 and an other 25.5MB wave file to 3MB mp307:56
=== |trey| has heard many bad things about bonobo from people like the galeon folks...
bborkkThanks, I didn't know about modinfo.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have the info I'm looking for.07:57
|trey|eniac: you're sure the quality wasn't different?07:57
Keybuk|trey|: it didn't exist when libpanel-applet was written07:57
eniac|trey|: same cd 07:57
njs12345eniac, the size of an mp3 depends on a lot more than the length of the clip ;)07:57
bborkkKamion: Thanks, I didn't know about modinfo.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have the info I'm looking for.07:57
tvon|x31eniac: does seem strage, though its very possible given how mp3 encoding works07:57
|trey|Keybuk: plans to port that to dbus?07:57
eniacI know , just was suprised :)07:58
|trey|eniac: thats not what I asked...07:58
Keybuk|trey|: see d-d-l, working out exactly what to do with the panel is ongoing at the moment07:58
bborkkKamion: gotta run, back later.  thanks.07:58
eniac|trey|: then I didn't understand what you wanted to know07:58
njs12345I use flac so I wouldn't know ;)07:58
[rapha] Kamion: no...07:58
tvon|x31eniac: bitrate07:58
TreenaksDoes anyone here have a Prism54 wifi card?07:58
Treenaks(except for me, that is)07:58
|trey|eniac: bitrate is the same?07:58
[rapha] Kamion: but scrollkeeper is installed...07:58
Kamion[rapha] : look for /usr/bin/scrollkeeper-update.*?07:59
|trey|tvon|x31: I was getting there  :)07:59
tvon|x31|trey|: :-D07:59
|trey|Keybuk: debian devel list?07:59
eniacI have no idea how I should find out that07:59
[rapha] Kamion: There's only /usr/bin/scrollkeeper-uninstall07:59
tvon|x31what command did you use to encode it?07:59
|trey|eniac: most mp3 players will report such things...07:59
[rapha] Ah07:59
[rapha] wait07:59
tvon|x31though if you don't know then its probably the same or both ar vbr07:59
eniac|trey|: xmms doesn't for wav 07:59
tvon|x31bitrate is in the mp308:00
Keybuk|trey|: GNOME desktop-devel-list08:00
|trey|eniac: its mp3 though...08:00
|trey|Keybuk: ahh, that was my next guess  :)08:00
[rapha] Keybuk: there's a couple of scrollkeeper-*, but no -update.08:00
eniacok, finally yes the same bitrate 08:00
Kamion[rapha] : "dpkg-divert --list '*scrollkeeper*'"?08:00
[rapha] Kamion: returns without ouput.08:00
|trey|eniac: ahh... that is wierd.08:01
Kamion[rapha] : very broken, scrollkeeper ships lots of binaries beyond scrollkeeper-uninstall08:01
Kamion[rapha] : I'd be inclined to reinstall scrollkeeper08:01
[rapha] Kamion: <[rapha] > Keybuk: there's a couple of scrollkeeper-*, but no -update.08:01
Kamion[rapha] : yes, I saw that08:02
[rapha] Okay08:02
=== [rapha] will mark it for reinstallation
TreenaksShould I report the fact that my prism54 card can't find my AP on channel 13 (which is a "Europe Only" channel)? iwlist eth0 channels does have channel 13...08:02
[rapha] Will take some time though.08:02
=== enabl [~bane@host81-156-250-38.range81-156.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Treenaks: I would guess yes, although its unlikely it will be fixed for warty.08:03
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaks|trey|: the second part I had guessed 08:03
=== Henrik [~Miranda@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Treenaks: they are apparently concentrating on us/english for warty, then enabling better localization later.08:03
=== mc76 [~mcaamano@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== evilstoy [HydraIRC@cmung4046.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
[rapha] Treenaks: hearing you speak about WLAN, do you have experience setting up Linux with an AP that is using WEP?08:03
Treenaks[rapha] : I'm using WEP right now08:04
[rapha] Treenaks: How did you get it to work?08:04
Kamion|trey|: uh08:04
[Maze] anyone around?08:04
Kamion|trey|: not many of the developers are actually American, you know :)08:04
=== zepo [~zepo@host92-167.pool8250.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Kamion: I know, but thats what I was told in here...08:04
Kamion|trey|: by whom?08:05
[rapha] Treenaks: I tried for a whole day on my gf's laptop. Without WEP it'll work, with WEP it won't -- regardless of whether I'm trying 64Bit or 128Bit, set the key manually or let it be generated... the card will always not get a DHCP response from the router.08:05
Kamion|trey|: we haven't finished our localisation infrastructure, but we are making a best effort, and stuff about wireless card APs is independent of all that08:05
[rapha] (Problem is her father insists on enabling WEP)08:05
[Maze] having problems gettingubuntu to see my pcmcia, 802.11b msft mn-520 card, and thoughts08:05
|trey|Kamion: not sure... check logs about OOo needing user to install dictionary... was a week or more ago...08:05
[Maze] any thoughts rather08:06
Treenaks[rapha] : how do you specify the key? as a string of hexadecimal characters, or as a word?08:06
=== sivang [~sivang@CBL217-132-236-7.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Kamion: It might even have been you that said it, I believe you were at least taking part in the discussion...08:06
=== RomanK [~roman@pD95E78AE.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamion|trey|: I most certainly wouldn't have said "concentrating on US English", considering that I'm a British English speaker08:07
RomanKDid i miss something or did the ubuntu-setup missed to ask me for the root-password?08:07
[rapha] Treenaks: I tried both. Neither worked. But tell me the right way to do it, maybe I missed a detail...08:07
KamionRomanK: correct; use sudo to gain root privileges08:07
Treenaks[rapha] : I use the hex method08:07
RomanKKamion: Hm...08:07
KamionRomanK: the root account is disabled. There's stuff on the web site about this.08:07
[rapha] I see08:07
Treenaks[rapha] : there are 2 ways: the network applet, and /etc/network/interfaces hand-hacking08:07
[rapha] Treenaks: and do you use the HEX key as provided by the router?08:07
|trey|RomanK: sudo -s = root terminal ... sudo for single tasks...08:08
[rapha] Treenaks: I did it all by hand with iwconfig...08:08
zepomy video player can't reproduce any file video?!08:08
|trey|RomanK: for security reasons  :)08:08
[rapha] (After having tried the network applet, which didn't work as well.)08:08
Kamionmore for ease-of-installation reasons08:08
|trey|RomanK: Apple does it, so you know its been thought out... sudo passwd root to set one though...08:08
Treenaks[rapha] : iwconfig eth0 key hexhexhexhexhex (only the hex digits, nothing else)08:08
[rapha] Treenaks: Or can you enter the HEX key directly in the network applet's entry field? Didn't try that...08:08
Treenaks[rapha] : that works for me08:08
RomanKhm... sudo suid-root for everyone... for security-reasons? uh...08:08
Treenaks[rapha] : you can do that oo08:09
[rapha] Hmm08:09
|trey|RomanK: be aware however that GUI configuration tools still use gksudo08:09
[rapha] Okay08:09
[rapha] Hmm08:09
[rapha] Will try that.08:09
[Maze] would the boot option  nolapic prevent a  pcmcia wificard not to be recognized?08:09
[rapha] Treenaks: and how long should this hex key be with 128Bit encryption?08:09
KamionRomanK: no, sudo isn't enabled for everyone, only for the initially-created user08:09
Treenaksrapha_alt: 128 bits ;)08:09
[rapha] How many characters, that is.08:09
[Maze] isnt a 128bit key 26 chars08:09
RomanKhm... reminds me somehow on windows xp :(08:10
Treenaks26 characters :)08:10
|trey|RomanK: should remind you more of OS X...08:10
[Maze] anyone any thoghts on my wifi carD?08:10
|trey|RomanK: basically same as "run as user" on XP though...08:10
[rapha] Hmm08:10
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@host81-7-62-137.surfport24.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|RomanK: only if you select "Administrator" as the user though...08:11
RomanKgreat... and if i start applications which are intend to run as root, it asks me for a password... if you do it, do it right, please08:12
|trey|RomanK: type users password...08:13
[rapha] RomanK: What's wrong with that?08:13
KamionRomanK: it asks for *your* password.08:13
|trey|You authenticate via /etc/sudoers not the system itself...08:13
[rapha] Kamion: just out of curiosity, how does this work "under the hood"? Taking the the user's password for root, that is.08:13
RomanKhm... i could bet it asked me for "root's password"... but let's see again...08:14
Kamion[rapha] : we don't set the user's password as root's password; we configure sudo08:14
=== Zero-G [~sjs298@sjshome.ict.ic.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Kamion[rapha] : see /usr/lib/base-config/menu/passwd08:14
|trey|[rapha] : it asks /etc/sudoers if that user has permission to use sudo, if it does, it authenticates the user via /etc/passwd and if ok'ed, the user is given a root environment...08:15
=== geek_punk [~zodman@] has joined #ubuntu
=== [rapha] looks
[rapha] Aah cool08:15
|trey|Root is never used though... proven by the fact that /root never gets .gnome files etc...08:16
Treenaksthat's 2 bugs in 5 minutes.. is that a record? :)08:17
|trey|hmm, I take the last part back... thats wierd, shouldn't be that way  :/08:17
RomanKKamion: you mentioned i can read about this sudo-stuff on the webpage... i can't find anything about it, can you help me out?08:17
|trey|Treenaks: nope, I filed like 3 in 1 minute..08:17
=== coenix [~coenix@0x503e9b94.odnxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== [rapha] will only start posting bugs when this bugger is fully updated
KamionRomanK: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/root08:18
Treenaks|trey|: shit :)08:19
RomanKKamion: thanks08:19
|trey|[rapha] : I have a script update each night  :/08:19
|trey|And e-mail me changelogs via apt-listchanges  8)08:19
[rapha] trey: And I'm on 56k :-/08:20
|trey|[rapha] : I would rather have no internet then 56k08:20
|trey|56k is entirely too frustrating...08:20
[rapha] Heheh08:20
|trey|I pay only 3 dollars more for cable  :/08:20
[rapha] As soon as you've found a provider that keeps sending you those 5k/sec _without_ interruption, it is bearable08:21
[rapha] I've already ordered DSL (will cost me 18?/month), but those r****** don't get my order done.08:21
|trey|[rapha] : I average about 550kb/s down from ubuntu servers... about the same from Debian mirrors08:22
[rapha] Wow08:22
[rapha] So what speed is your cable connection rated at?08:22
|trey|Seen it get up to a meg... but thats rare...08:22
[rapha] 3MBit?08:22
|trey|supposedly garenteed 5mbit down08:23
superted*has got 4mbit*08:23
|trey|recently upped from 308:23
[rapha] Wow08:23
[rapha] All I'll get with DSL will be 1MBit. But that's okay.08:23
=== Henrik [~Miranda@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
[rapha] Better than 56kBit in any case.08:24
RomanKHm... something seems to be caching my password...08:24
|trey|[rapha] : they say my connection is 15x faster then DSL garenteed.08:24
RomanKonce i entered my password in gnome (for sudo-ed synaptic) i'm not asked anymore...08:24
|trey|RomanK: for 15 mins, correct08:24
RomanKthat's comfortable... but not really secure... if i get evil software running on my user-account it could effect the whole system...08:24
|trey|RomanK: man sudo for any questions you might have08:25
[rapha] trey: What country are you in?08:25
|trey|[rapha] : US08:25
[rapha] Ah okay08:25
|trey|[rapha] : how come?08:25
[rapha] Well, I'm in Germany and DSL can go pretty fast here, but then it's also more expensive.08:25
[rapha] How come what?08:25
RomanK|trey|: thanks... i'm really excited what you can do with sudo... i barely used it until now...08:26
hypn0[rapha] : rnt they introducing a new monthly tax too :-)08:26
[rapha] Wow, those unofficial Ubuntu forums are pretty cool08:26
|trey|RomanK: its nothing to be excited about imo.... but I have learned to live with it.... mainly using sudo -s08:26
=== merriam [~merriam@62-3-249-217.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|[rapha] : forums on the site will undoubtedly be better...08:27
[rapha] hypn0: "rnt"?08:27
RomanKHm... can sudo also authenticate using pam instead of plain /etc/passwd?08:27
hypn0arent :-P08:27
KamionRomanK: 'timestamp_timeout=0' in /etc/sudoers if you want it to always prompt08:27
TreenaksRomanK: it does..08:27
TreenaksRomanK: cat /etc/pam.d/sudo08:27
[rapha] Ah08:27
[rapha] Yes, they are. But it won't come before 2008 or so.08:27
[rapha] By that time I'll prolly have moved to another country ;)08:28
|trey|RomanK: shadow uses pam... passwd is just text... you can imagine how secure that was back in the day...08:28
=== free [~free@81-208-74-187.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|Can be configured to use MD5, Pam, and something else I can't remember...08:29
|trey|(Shadow can)08:29
Treenaks|trey|: pam can use anything you like.. if you want to write a PAM module that prints out the username/password and lets a monkey decide, you can do that08:29
=== nimc [~nim@cable-129-130.inter.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
[rapha] Btw, who has designed the Ubuntu theme/logo/icons?08:35
=== SigP229 [~Sig@pool-138-88-14-72.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
SigP229anyone know why the Ubuntu archives have firefox "reverted" to 0.9.3?08:43
SigP229and if this "reverted" version is still vulnerable to exploits recently patched in firefox 1.10.1?08:43
[rapha] Does somebody here have Quake 2?08:44
=== Tux234 [~tux@] has joined #ubuntu
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Tux234Does anybody know where I can find a good direct connect gui08:45
Tux234I tried that but it won't let me be active as a user08:45
HcEeither set you port above 1023 or run with sudo08:46
Tux234Plus I don't think it is able to connect to windows supported hubs08:46
Tux234I can get in but when I try to get  files all I get is a blank screen08:46
HcEnever had any problems with it08:46
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SigP229anyone know which repository i'd have to add to sources.list in order to get Firefox 1.10.1?08:48
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=== longsleep is now known as longsleep|out
TMLYou mean 0.10.1?08:51
phlaegelyou can just download whatever version you want from mozilla.org and run it in your home dir.08:51
HcE0.10.1 has a securtiy issue AFAIK08:52
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SigP229phlaegel: i'd like to install it once for a multi user machine08:52
=== phin|work [~phin@] has joined #ubuntu
phin|workkick ass!08:53
SigP229HcE: but it's been patched08:53
phin|workthis wifi card worked right hwen i plugged it in08:53
phin|workjust had to put in the ssid and the wep08:53
phlaegelthen put it in /usr/local08:53
lupus_anyone experience with making deb packages?08:54
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SigP229i'll try /usr/local like you suggest, hopefully desktop integration won't be broken?08:56
[Maze] phin08:58
phlaegeloh, I'm sure it will be :-)08:58
SigP229eh, thought so08:59
phlaegelwithout a package, you'd have to make it all work manually.08:59
SigP229i don't feel that industrious at the moment09:00
SigP229i'll probably just wait until the package is put up09:00
theantixlupus_: what do you need to know?09:00
phlaegelSigP229: 1.0 isn't that far off, I'm sure issues will get resolved around then.09:01
[rapha] Hmm09:02
SigP229phlaegel: sounds like a good idea to me09:02
SigP229thanks all09:02
phin|workcan i use 128bit encryption with web under ubuntu?09:02
lupus_theantix, where do I put with what options ./connfigure should be ran (--disable-alsa for example)09:02
[rapha] phin|work: Ask Treenaks, he's doing it.09:02
lupus_in the debian/scripts of the package09:02
Treenaksphin|work: set the key in the network tool...09:03
phin|workok im gonna try it again09:03
Treenaksphin|work: the hex code key (the one made of 26 numbers and letters a-f)09:03
theantixlupus_: you should be able to do taht in debian/rules09:03
theantixlupus_: I assume you already have a debian/rules right right?09:04
lupus_looks like this09:05
lupus_CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS)" ./configure --host=$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE) --build=$(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE) --prefix=/usr --mandir=\$${prefix}/share/man --infodir=\$${prefix}/share/info09:06
lupus_I should add it here?09:06
theantixyeah, perfect :-)09:08
[rapha] brb09:08
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lupus_theantix, 09:09
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
lupus_what I was wondering is09:09
lupus_I have a package that can be build with or without gnome-vfs support09:09
lupus_do I need to make 2 packages09:10
MyKq3some one knows how can i put the trash bin on my desktop /09:10
lupus_if I want one with and one without09:10
=== efb [~efb@200165219200.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
theantixlupus_:  if you want each option and they can only be done by compiling, I'm pretty sure that is the only way09:10
lupus_so I should compile a gnome specific and a gtk only package then :)09:11
theantixyes, I think that is true if you can only set the options at compile time09:11
lupus_bleh :)09:12
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=== chucho [~chuck@fw-dtc.cs.umn.edu] has joined #ubuntu
ficusplanetAre you guys going to try and get all these great updates to Totem/Gstreamer into the final release of Warty?09:13
theantixMyKq3: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/helpcenterfaq.2004-09-16.139379521209:14
spivficusplanet: http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2004-October/000416.html09:16
ficusplanetAwesome.  Thanks.09:17
spivYou're welcome :)09:17
=== port7 [~bob@dsl-212-23-23-232.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
MyKq3theantix,  thanks09:19
theantixno problem :-)09:19
lupus_dpkg-source: building drivel using existing drivel_1.2.1.orig.tar.gz09:21
lupus_gunzip: stdin: not in gzip format09:21
lupus_dpkg-source: failure: gzip gave error exit status 109:21
=== darkling [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
lupus_does that look familiar to anyone?09:21
=== Tux234 [~tux@] has joined #ubuntu
carloslupus_: how did you got the tar.gz file?09:22
Tux234Hey I've noticed the rhythmbox doesn't play music from a windows partition09:22
Tux234I keep getting can't pause file and can't write to file errors09:23
lupus_      dh_make -e your.maintainer@address -f ../gentoo-0.9.12.tar.gz09:25
lupus_something like that09:25
=== lml [~lml@] has joined #ubuntu
carloslupus_: then, no idea, sorry09:26
theantixI am pondering moving my production server from Debian woody to Ubuntu warty after the final release... 09:26
carlostheantix: I did it already, from Debian SID to Ubuntu Warty09:27
=== _brandx_ [~brandx_@] has joined #ubuntu
theantixcarlos: a production server running sid?  you're braver (?) than I.09:27
=== lml [~lml@] has left #ubuntu []
carlostheantix: I just need lots of things unavailable in Woody09:28
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
theantixcarlos: ubuntu must be an answer to a dream for you then :-)09:28
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
carlostheantix: that's it :-D09:30
theantixmy only concern is that I am using packages not supported in ubuntu main, so if there are security problems it won't automatically upgrade me09:31
lupus_carlos, It is bz2 09:33
lupus_but has the gz extension09:33
lupus_I don't get it09:33
carloslupus_: :-O09:33
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FLeiXiuSgz2.gz ?09:34
carlostheantix: yes, that could be a problem, but I'm used to SID so I don't have a problem recompiling packages from SID if it's needed09:34
theantixcarlos: yeah it's not that hard, I know :-)09:34
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sirhalsteadDoes anyone have tips on how to enable ldap address books in evolution?09:43
TreenaksPlaying 1999/Beth Orton/Central Reservation/05 Beth Orton - Pass In Time.ogg.09:43
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Treenakswrong channel09:43
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aardvarkSpace Time Continuum - 2 Pro 109:47
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longsleepanyone can tell my why my apt seems to download/reinistall linux-* packages on any upgrade?09:50
=== coenix [~coenix@0x503e9b94.odnxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Kamionlongsleep: because Herbert's been uploading kernels about once a day? :)09:51
=== Randomize [~adam@ip68-227-218-14.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
longsleepKamion, really? i never looked in detail at the version number and now noticed a small -16 ;)09:53
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psiis there an easy way to switch to oss sound drivers?09:57
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geosBHi is there danish user on this channel?10:04
kankaliusHello everyone! 10:04
=== cfactor [~johnkim@callosum.BIC.Berkeley.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
kankaliusCan i ask another newbie question? :-)10:05
kankaliusWhen i compile a new application from its source and it installs itself, how can i remove this app completely if i dont need it anymore? 10:07
kankaliusThanks :-)10:07
Kamiondepends very much on how it installed itself; in general, you can't if it didn't build a package10:08
cfactorIf it has an uninstall script, use it, if not, check the install log and remove it by hand.10:08
topyliyou keep the source dir and run 'make uninstall' from the build dir10:08
KosaiKamion: What about make uninstall?10:08
Kamionif you didn't type 'sudo make install', then it's probably still entirely within the source directory tree10:08
Kamion'make uninstall' is far from universal10:08
KamionI'd venture to say "rare"10:08
topylior you build a package like a sane person :)10:08
KosaiKamion: Is autoconf rare?10:09
kankaliusok. Where can i find the install log? Is this inside the source-dir?10:09
kankaliusAnd how can i build a package?10:09
topylikankalius: easiest is to use checkinstall i guess10:10
KamionKosai: uninstall would be automake, not autoconf10:10
KosaiOh.  Um.  Yes.  :)10:10
Kamionsome of my packages do seem to have uninstall10:10
Kamionbut I doubt it's ever tested10:10
kankaliusso i just have to test if make uninstall works :-)10:11
KosaiI think automake does provide an uninstall target by default, but I imagine you're right that it's rarely used/tested.10:11
topyliis checkinstall in ubuntu? it seems so but i don't remember where it came from :)10:11
danielsthe other thing to note is that, even if something is automate, if people have hand-written their own install target, to do custom installs, they're unlikely to have written a matching uninstall target10:12
kankaliusHow can i make sure to be able to remove an app, especialy how can i make a removable package?10:13
topylikankalius: checkinstall10:13
RandomizeI'm at my wits end.  Has anyone here compiled a gstreamer plugin for faad before?  I can't figure out what gst-plugins needs to include faad in what it builds.10:13
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kankaliusOk. Thanks i will try this out. :-)10:14
kankaliusI'm still new to linux, but "Linux in a Nutshell" is just on its way to my postbox :-) 10:15
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lupus_apt-get install nvidia* 10:16
=== tvon [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hhow do i see if nfs is running ?10:16
lupus_for nvidia drivers?10:16
lupus_or will it not work with this kernel10:16
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kankaliusI must say, that ubuntu is by far the best/easiest distribution i came across. I tride most of those big ones (gentoo, SuSE, RedHat, etc).10:16
topylikankalius: well, this is a proper debian distro, not some redhat or whatnot :)10:17
kankaliusI hope getting away from M$ very soon ;-)10:17
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kankaliusDoes anyone know when the "real" final from Warty will come out?10:21
azeemkankalius: there's a schedule on the wiki10:22
KosaiThere's a schedule.. right.10:22
topylitomorrow, according to the release schedule :)10:22
KosaiNo, tomorrow is the release candidate.10:22
cfactorSe7h: rpcinfo -p and search for nfs.10:22
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-110-51.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
KosaiAccording to the schedule.  Release is.. 20th, or something.10:22
topylimust have been thinking about the freeze then10:23
spivtopyli: The freezing started ages ago :)10:23
KosaiWell, it's a release candidate -- if all goes well, it will be the "real" final.10:24
spivtopyli: Tomorrow is the release candidate.10:24
topylijust checked. i'm all wrong :)10:24
topylii'm pretty sure there's something in my calendar for tomorrow. perhaps i should check that too =)10:24
kankaliusi just checked this site too. I hope there will be no problems. :-)10:25
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-110-51.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
topyliwell, it seems to be going all right, my system isn't too broken :)10:27
=== darkling [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
geosBcan  unbunto install step 1 on  danish and then the last on english 10:29
wm_eddieOK, I'm installing Ubuntu on my desktop now.10:30
wm_eddieI can't wait for 4.1010:30
geosBwhy update the unbunto 50 -80 MB evry day10:30
wm_eddieAnybody know if it supports nvidia's ethernet?10:30
=== port7 [~bob@dsl-212-23-23-232.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Kamion"Ubuntu", not unbunto10:31
port7yeah ubuntu10:31
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-112-154.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-81-107.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
KamiongeosB: probably because we've been uploading like mad to fix bugs :)10:31
=== albireo [~albireo@lns-vlq-5-82-64-209-6.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
geosB:-) 10:32
kankaliushmmm.... I hope this wont get so big like those daily Microsoft WinUpdates? *just a joke* :-))10:32
=== albireo [~albireo@lns-vlq-5-82-64-209-6.adsl.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
spivwm_eddie: Yeah, the "forcedeth" driver is included.10:32
geosBWhys is there not jave on ubuntu on install10:32
wm_eddiespiv: Thanks10:32
=== sii [~simius@tranquillity.sii.se] has joined #ubuntu
wm_eddieI'm going to install now, As long as I have internet I can do anything!10:32
sabdflgeosB: if you meant java, it is not free10:33
Kamionwm_eddie: you may have to modprobe it by hand, if you're unlucky10:33
=== olivier__ [~olivier@dyn-83-155-74-20.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #ubuntu
geosBKnoppix install java and madroaken to10:33
geosBsorry my bad english 10:34
topyligeosB: mandrake has no java in its free version. i doubt knoppix can bundle it either10:34
kankaliusI think java will be no problem to install by hand, am i right?10:35
kankaliusWhen you look at WinXP: there you havt to do this too :-)10:35
geosBI new on Linux and all is not essy10:35
topyliget it from sun and follow the instructions. or find debian packages10:35
topylijava i mean10:36
geosBI use OS2 nomail10:36
topylios2? cool10:36
geosBand GEOS10:36
defendguinim very disappointed at one aspect of ubuntu. i constantly get a hang during the boot process and always at acpid start.  no error output just hangs10:37
kankaliusOs2 is very cool. Just tried the eCom Station some days ago. :-)10:37
defendguinim not even sure i can file a good bug report because of the lack or an error message10:37
danielsdefendguin: then you've found a bug10:37
geosBi use eComstartion 1.210:37
spivdefendguin: file a bug, and people who know how to debug these things will help you turn on the necessary debugging or whatever is needed to diagnose and fix teh problem.10:38
geosBeComstation have a to high price10:38
defendguinok ill file one :)10:38
KamiongeosB: there's a "freeknoppix" project, which should be a clue :)10:38
spivdefendguin: I'm slowly homing in on an acpi bug using that method atm :)10:39
defendguinspiv, what bug?10:39
spivIt sounds different to yours :)10:40
defendguinmost of the time that is where it will stall at acpid start up but it has hung at other places10:40
topyligeosB: mmmm. eComstation. i think you'll still find linux a bit more modern :)10:40
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=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu
geosBubunto use Gnome  and that verry good 10:41
azeemdid anybody observe that .doc files are not registered for Ooo by default?10:42
seb128they are10:42
RiddellgeosB: gnome smells, but some people seem to like the smell :)10:43
topyliRiddell: yeah well, i personally know people like that :)10:44
defendguinseb128, you hack on the trashcan applet?10:44
=== mwh_ [~mwh@port10.ds1-arve.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== guptan [~guptan@we11177.emirates.net.ae] has joined #ubuntu
seb128defendguin: I made some patches, why ?10:45
geosBok then i like the smells and not the KDE10:45
defendguinseb128, it doesnt render some trashcans properly10:45
defendguinlike the one from the gorilla icon set 10:45
=== free [~free@81-208-74-187.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
seb128what's the problem ?10:47
defendguinone second10:47
=== olivier__ is now known as Olivier_54
geosBis thre a way to get the irc server  to tell who conect from *.net ore *.org10:48
geosBto ger a fast info about user drom denmark ore se10:49
KamiongeosB: /whois10:49
mwh_geosB: davs10:49
geosBdavs Mwh_10:51
raphaOh boy10:51
=== psyklops [~psyklops@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
raphaLife is hard10:51
defendguinseb128, http://www.cs.uno.edu/~jsunseri/ScreenShots/Screenshot.png  see how it messes up the trashcan?10:52
seb128oh ok10:52
seb128this problem has been reported10:52
seb128the theme is bugged10:53
defendguinseb128, even on the default gnome trash icon it cuts a little bit off the top and bottom10:53
RandomizeDoes anyone have experience with getting gst-plugins to build one of the plugins it doesn't do by default? (Example:  faad, divx, etc?)  It's unclear to me what it needs in place to build one of those.  I'm getting really bummed out, since this is my last roadblock to switching.10:53
Se7hI'm trying to mount the /usr/ports from bsd on ubuntu10:54
Se7hbut with no success10:54
seb128defendguin: the icon is supposed to be a square with a fixed size10:55
=== sivang [~sivang@HFA62-0-172-101.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinseb128, there should be some way to make sure the icons fit properly11:00
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@neuro.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinwe fix every single icon theme to make sure it works properly with the trashcan applet but we can do some checking to make sure the applet can work with different shaped icons11:02
=== Se7h reboot brb
defendguins/we/we can't11:02
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== geosB [~geosB@0x503e3d0e.kd4nxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== darkling [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
seb128defendguin: have you an idea on how to do this ?11:05
seb128defendguin: changing the ratio is not good, dropping a part of the picture neither11:06
defendguinmost icon formats contain their original height and width?11:06
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
seb128that's not the problem11:07
seb128the gorilla one is 50x6011:07
defendguinwell for svg based icons like gorilla it should be easy just scale it11:07
seb128instead of 48x4811:07
seb128that's not a square11:07
=== geosB [~geosB@0x503e3d0e.kd4nxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
seb128you can't scale it11:07
seb128you change the ratio11:07
seb128that's ugly11:07
seb128worst than dropping a part11:08
pvthat probably won't rule out scaling with a fixed aspect ratio11:08
defendguinmaybe the applet should just have its own icons?11:08
lupus_has someone the nvidia drivers installed through apt-get11:08
seb128maybe the theme should have a square icon11:08
defendguininclude several popular trash icons11:08
defendguintrashcans are not square objects11:09
SamBozois there a run from cd version of ubuntu?11:09
azeemSamBozo: yes, there is a livecd11:09
SamBozourl please 11:09
SamBozowant to gemo it at lug meet tonight11:09
seb128defendguin: icons should be square or you have problems11:09
wm_eddieYay it works perfectly!11:10
=== khronic [~khronic@adsl-63-195-133-34.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
wm_eddieexcept I have no trash applet, but that's prbably since I'm using an existing account11:10
SamBozoah got it .. azeem   thanks11:11
=== Gman [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== mcroydon [~mcroydon@pcp05133460pcs.elkrdg01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
topyliwm_eddie: well, you probably don't have the beautiful ubuntu default settings then :)11:12
=== mcroydon is now known as Netminder
wm_eddietopyli: Yeah, but I can work around that.11:13
defendguinseb128, there must be a better solution11:14
seb128let me know if you find it :)11:14
SamBozohumm little slow may not get it done in next 2 hrs .. oh well11:14
=== trip_out [~trip_out@81-86-232-212.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
RandomizeHas anyone seen a faad2-devel deb in their wandering around the net?11:16
defendguinseb128, explain to me why it HAS to be a square?11:18
seb128because if that's not that breaks all the alignments11:19
defendguinwhat allignments?11:20
=== manager [~manager@adsl-norte02-1-183.vianw.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== zaxis [~parax@84-122-244-22.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
seb128defendguin: put several icons in a grid, change the size of one and look on the grid :)11:21
wm_eddieMan, I forgot how I installed mono on Ubuntu...11:21
zaxisI'm trying to use nautilus-cd-burner to write a CD, but it doesn't work11:22
defendguinseb128, there is only one icon in the trashcan applet at a time11:22
zaxisnautilus thinks that the CD is on the recorder is not a writable CD11:22
seb128defendguin: the icon is the theme one, that's not only used for the applet11:22
zaxisI chmod +s cdrecord, but that didn't help11:23
zaxisany idea?11:23
managerhmmm ... are there no eclipse debs for ubuntu ?11:23
wm_eddiemanager: is there Java?11:24
defendguinseb128, i must be missing something because it just dont see why it has to be a square11:25
zaxiscan anybody help me with nautilus cd burning?11:25
=== haggai_ is now known as haggai
seb128defendguin: look on the trash applet and tell me how do you fix the icon if that's not a square11:25
defendguintake the icon and scale it down till height is 2 pixels less than the height of the panel11:26
defendguini dont see why it matters what the width of the icon is11:26
wm_eddieWait, I know Ubuntu can use mono, I have it on my laptop...11:27
manageryou can use mono with tseng sources11:27
managerme thinks11:27
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-82-50.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
seb128defendguin: the icons is 50x6011:28
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
seb128either you lost 12 pixels in the verticale direction (current case)11:30
=== MepisBelle [~Old@adsl-68-122-6-135.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
zaxiswhat do you use to burn CDs?11:31
seb128either you change that for to get it in the panel and the icon looks really small because you've shrinked it for a big part11:31
defendguinseb128, i persoanlly would rather a slightly small but proportional trash icon than on that is cut off11:32
seb128just try, the result is not good11:33
seb128the only good way is to have a square icon11:33
=== andi84 [~cale@pD9E48C26.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
seb128I don't get the problem with making square icons11:33
=== darkling [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
seb128most of the themes have 48x48 icons and that's fine11:33
khroniczaxis, i've yet to try my burner under ubuntu..under redhat I used cdrecord (command line)11:34
zaxiskhronic, ok, I can use the command line... but I'm really interested in a graphical frontend11:35
khronicnot familiar with nautilus..but most GUIs for burning are just front ends for cdrecord11:36
andi84i think my scsi modul is not loaded correctly, because none of my usb ports is working and my cd burner is not recognized as such, i can only read cds with it but don burn some11:36
andi84can somebody help me?11:36
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3b99.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
zaxiskhronic, yes, I know... but I need a GUI because some of the computer users couldn't burn CDs without it... you know ;)11:39
RandomizeWewt, gst-launch will play my AAC files now.  Here's the next bold step for mankind ... how do I get Rhythymbox to use 'em? :)11:39
defendguinok seb128 i changed the size if the gorilla trash icons. their document size was 40x4811:39
defendguinnow they are 48x4811:40
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010487831pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #Ubuntu
mdzzaxis: use the CD writing functionality in Nautilus11:40
khroniczaxis, point is..use command line to debug/get it to work..then use said knowledge to fix the front end :)11:41
zaxismdz, as I said at first, my problem is that I get an error by using nautilus-cd-burner ;)11:41
zaxismdz,  nautilus thinks that the CD is on the recorder is not a writable CD11:41
zaxisI chmod +s cdrecord, but that didn't help11:41
mdzdon't do that11:41
defendguinseb128, could we pad icons to make them square11:41
defendguinhmm ill brb11:42
zaxismdz, ok, I'll do -s cdrecord again, but... then, which is the problem?11:43
mdzzaxis: sounds like a hal problem11:43
mdzor perhaps the drive cannot report this information accurately11:43
=== entel [~inmortal@] has joined #ubuntu
zaxismdz, the drive is a PIONEER DVD-RW 106 unit11:44
entelalguem daqui fala portugus?11:44
zaxismdz, and today I update hal, dbus and some other packages from the ubuntu repository11:44
mdzzaxis: it works for me11:45
zaxismdz, what can I do then, appart of reporting to bugzilla? any simple test that I could do?11:45
mdzzaxis: report a bug with the output from lshal while you have a blank CD inserted11:46
entelwhere is ubuntu linux?11:46
mdzentel: here11:46
entelsorry I donot speak english :)11:46
mdzentel: ubuntu is a global community project with developers in many countries11:46
entelahh.. I understand..11:47
mdzsorry I do not speak portuguese :-)11:47
wm_eddieAnd as for the nvidia driver...11:47
enteldo not worry :)11:47
entelthank you11:48
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-81-107.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinso is that a possible solution? padding icons?11:49
mdzwm_eddie: if that's a question, the answer is 'yes"11:49
zaxismdz, ok, thx11:49
zaxisI'm going to renew my session11:50
wm_eddiemdz: yes as in?11:50
wm_eddieIs it in Universe?11:50
mdzwm_eddie: it is installed by default11:50
mdzwould I lie to you?11:50
wm_eddie1695 frames in 5.0 seconds = 339.000 FPS11:51
mdzwm_eddie: installed != enabled11:51
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=== SmokingFire [~FireFly@ashanti.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
defendguinseb128, is that possible?11:53
seb128that's not the problem, the picture will still be higher than large11:54
seb128and the result small11:54
seb128in the middle of the padding11:54
SmokingFirequestion: from Gnome's hig guide point of view. What do you think of when hovering the mouse over the menu's Applications and Computer that the menu's should highlight up?11:54
=== ToTo is now known as ToTo-Away
wm_eddieSmokingFire: It's sometimes a good idea.11:55
wm_eddieSmokingFire: But I don't know what the Gnome HIG has to say about that.11:56
wm_eddieIn my opinion it's pretty usefull, It helps finding the cursor, and shows the borders of buttons.11:56
wm_eddieSo in terms of accessability I think it's a plus.11:57
carlospitti: does the ibook's microphone work for you ?11:57

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