sabdflddaa: phew, i was worried about our weenie buildbot12:06
sabdflseemed almost... french12:06
=== sabdfl ducks and runs for cover
sabdflmuch happier with a manly pyarch12:06
lifelessa manly man12:08
lifelessspiv: so, its a larger job than you thought?12:12
spivlifeless: A little..  I misunderstood lalo's work a little.12:13
lifelesslalos work will be useful for me, FWICT.12:14
lifelessauto-commits bad for taxi, v. bad.12:14
spivYeah, I'm basing this off his stuff.12:14
spivIt's a good start, it just doesn't go far enough :)12:15
spivI'm close to having the threads-happy code written and factored somewhat nicely, but I need to test it a bit before I make you my guinea pig for it ;)12:15
lifelesssniff sniff, fart, sniff sniff fart12:16
spivlifeless: commentary on my work, or diary of you morning?  Or would I rather not know? ;)12:17
lifelessbeing a guinea pig.12:17
lifelessyou ever observed one of those beasties ?12:17
spivNot really.12:19
lifelesswell then. 12:20
spivOh, I see.12:21
=== BradB celebrates a pqm failure
BradBdrinks all around!12:35
lifelessddaa: where are you at now with stuff ?12:39
ddaaStill not run buildbot again with the fixed PYTHONPATH12:41
ddaabeen fixing my arch-submit-merge, checking the test suite failure, got phoned twice by gfriend...12:42
=== Kinnison prods gently at an almost working gina
Kinnisonjust gotta get distroarchreleases hacked in and I can do a "gold" import of a katie snapshot12:46
=== Kinnison gets all excited
cprovKinnison: is gina working on new DB  ?12:47
ddaalifeless: anything in particular you want to tell me. I'm going to bed soon.12:51
Kinnisoncprov: She will be12:53
=== Kinnison is feeding her some good distroarchrelease crack
lifelessddaa: I need you to run with the fixed python path and tell me it works.12:54
Kinnisoncprov: is this dump only i386?12:54
lifelessthen, you are set to start checking off imports tomorrow, and I can relax a little.12:54
ddaalifeless: sent you the message just after starting the import run...12:55
ddaawaiting for it to complete12:55
Kinnisoncprov: aah no; I see; gina only does one arch at a time12:55
lifelessohohoh, bad file descriptor again.12:55
ddaalifeless: 12:55
ddaanot my descriptor! :-P12:55
lifelessimportdtest@chinstrap:~$ PYTHONPATH=~/buildbot/launchpad/lib:~/buildbot/launchpad/lib/canonical/sourcerer/util python12:56
lifelessPython 2.3.4 (#2, Jun 21 2004, 11:11:53) 12:56
lifeless[GCC 3.3.4 (Debian)]  on linux212:56
lifelessType "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.12:56
lifeless>>> import twisted12:56
lifeless>>> import arch12:56
lifeless>>> print arch._tla.spawn12:56
lifelessthat is so not the right spawning strategy.12:56
lifeless<arch._tla.PyArchSpawningStrategy object at 0x4043754c>12:56
Kinnisoncprov: if I can get her importing overnight then I'll commit the changes tomorrow12:56
=== ddaa checks for the pqm ack
lifelessit acked12:57
ddaacheck for my archive if in doubt12:57
ddaapqm has not yet sent the reply...12:57
lifelesspatch-49 in rocketfuel.12:57
ddaaNow it should be DelayedGuessedSpawningStrategy12:57
lifelessoh, silly me.12:58
lifelesshad missed a star-merge.12:58
cprovKinnison: I can't create the new DB on zhongshan, so I can't run them. have you modified gina or is it working fine ?01:01
lifelesselmo: around ?01:01
elmolifeless: yeah01:04
lifelessany luck on that basic->certificate conversion ?01:05
cprovelmo: hi dude, can you grant me perms to createlang on zhongshan ?01:05
elmocprov: meh01:06
Kinnisoncprov: I had a lot of modifications to gina01:06
elmolifeless: I'm ready - I asked Steve when I could convert rosetta, didn't get a response..01:06
Kinnisoncprov: I just commented out the plpython stuff from the makefile01:06
lifelesselmo: now.01:06
elmolifeless: rosetta?01:06
elmoor macquarie?01:06
lifeless(its launchpad, not rosetta)01:06
lifelessyeah, macquarie.01:06
elmonono, rosetta the machine01:07
lifelessI'm blocked - can't do any conversions - till this happens.01:07
lifelesselmo: I don't know about rosetta - I don't use it.01:07
lifelessrosetta the machine I mean01:07
elmocprov: I hgave you createuser too - if that doesn't work, shout.. or do what kinnison did01:08
Kinnisonelmo: Can you close that psql so I can re-build my db? postgres won't let me createdb while someone is using template101:09
cprovelmo: now works :)01:09
cprovelmo: tks01:10
Kinnisoncprov: if you want to play; take a copy of gina from my ~ on zhongshan01:10
Kinnisoncprov: although my gina does expect a librarian too and I'd appreciate you not putting stuff into the librarian I have running just now :-)01:10
elmoKinnison: done01:10
elmolifeless: ok one sec01:10
=== Kinnison ruffles elmo. Thanks dude.
cprovKinnison: ok01:11
KinnisonWell; I'm leaving gina importing against the new DB and I'm off to bed. If all goes well I'll commit the changes tomorrow morning01:12
KinnisonAnd if it went *really well* then I'll be starting to extract archives from the db again tomorrow :-)01:12
=== Kinnison bounces
cprovKinnison: anyway I intend to run gina and nicole today to have a full DB tomorrow01:12
Kinnisong'night all01:12
ddaalifeless: test inconclusive... same weird exceptions in enforceTargetNewOrCleanAndUpdated01:15
ddaathen I have some issues setting up the sandboxing right01:15
lifelessddaa: thats strange, I put that in as a 'it should never happen but lets be thorough' check.01:15
ddaaThat's prolly a problem with my revlib.01:16
ddaaaalib get revlib entries01:16
ddaathus the attempts to sandboxing01:16
ddaawill continue to go down that road tomorrow01:16
lifelesswell, if I may suggest - shortest path - disable your rev lib.01:16
lifelessif that fixes is, so that it then works, then start sandboxing.01:17
ddaaThat's not shortest path. I need the revlib for my actual VCS needs.01:17
lifelessaalib is known bad, it has default branches.01:17
lifelessanything in arch.ubuntu.com is known good.01:17
ddaaGreat. I'll test a few of them to become confident that my setup is right, and then I'll bodly go when no buildbot has gone before.01:18
lifelessddaa: it is shortest path - it eliminates a variable, and doing an a52dec test run is fast - about 10 minutes.01:18
ddaaa52dec breaks, you remember?01:18
lifelesswhen that works, then reenable the revlib, and try sanboxed.01:18
lifelesshow does it break ? (in what manner)01:19
Kinnisonnight all01:19
Kinnison(really this time)01:19
ddaaIn any case I have to go bed now.01:19
lifelessok, night ddaa01:19
lifelessbah, chinstrap is still 7001:19
lifeless% idle.01:19
=== lifeless starts another job
ddaalifeless: it breaks on the cvs version detection.01:21
ddaaI showed you the backtrace yesterday.01:22
lifelessddaa: oh thats right. 01:22
lifelessdid you breakpoint the cvs version call and see what it was tring to do ?01:22
ddaaI did not.01:22
lifelessor equally, add a logger.* message.01:22
lifelessok. go to bed, see you tomorrow01:22
sabdflcprov: excellent, looking forward to seeing the results of the run01:23
sabdfli am finishing up the product release and product series stuff now01:23
sabdflthen i'd like to update nicole so that for each project it finds, it create the ProductSeries for each branch, then populates it with ProductReleases01:24
ddaaG'night warthogs, guinea pigs, suidae of all sorts01:24
sabdflnight ddaa01:24
=== lifeless fights the urge to start optimising tla using python
=== ddaa seconds lifeless from his bed
=== lifeless says through a loudspeaker horn 'put the laptop down and enter dreams with your eyes closed'
cprovsabdfl: sorry, I was afk for while, yes gina is running on zhongshan !01:30
cprovsabdfl: I will work on you request for ProductSeries til tomorrow01:32
sabdflcprov: ok, tomorrow is fine01:34
sabdflshould be easy for you to create them now01:34
sabdfland by tomorrow afternoon, productrelease should be done too01:34
cprovsabdfl: of course, add comments on bug #2088 if you need more something  01:36
=== cprov says good night
elmolifeless: sent you a client cert - please tell me if it works for you01:53
lifelesselmo: erm:01:59
lifeless<#part type="application/octet-stream" filename="~/ubuntu/ssl/ca/launchpad.p12" disposition=attachment description="launchpad client cert">01:59
lifelessthat all I got01:59
sabdfllifeless: you should save it locally, import it into your browser01:59
lifelesssabdfl: I know that, but I don't seem to /have/ it02:00
=== BradB is now known as BradB|away
lifelesselmo: yea, every way I try, I only end up with those 7 lines02:02
elmoah, heh02:07
elmoI'm being stupid02:07
elmolifeless: resent properly02:07
lifeless:] 02:08
sabdflelmo: to me too please if it's a different one02:09
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #launchpad []
lifelessSteveA: around ?02:12
lifelessspiv: around ?02:17
spivlifeless: Yeah.02:17
=== lifeless trolls for a lunchpadder
lifelessI need a launchpad account on the production launchpad02:18
lifelessmy 'person' already exists.02:18
spivlifeless: Ah, hmm.02:18
spivgimme a sec, I'll see if you have a pw set.02:18
lifelessor should anyway, for the creation of the sourcesources.02:18
spivYou don't.02:19
spivHmm, I think there's a "reset my password" thing you can use?02:19
lifelessspiv: does it have an email address for me ?(I'm asking you as I haven't studied the guts of this..)02:20
lifelessif so, which email addy02:21
spivIt has robertc@robertcollins.net02:21
lifelesslets see if htis works02:21
lifelessI'm IN BABY02:24
spivExcellent :)02:24
lifelessso, hows taxi-unbreakme-coming along ?02:24
spivlifeless: So, how can I test my changes to taxi?02:24
spivHeh :)02:25
lifelesswell, you can setup a whole test environment...02:25
=== BradB [~bradb@modemcable165.196-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
lifelessor just commit them and I'll cherry pick em into chinstrap and test02:25
lifelesscommit but not merge I mean02:25
spivThis will be entertaining...02:25
=== BradB is now known as BradB|away
lifelesscoool, computerbank are selling pc's with ubuntu on them.02:26
=== spiv mirrors his changes
lifelesswhat projects do I need to update ?02:28
spivYou'll need sqlobject--test--0.6 if you're not already using it.02:28
spivI also have changes to launchpad, configs--buildbot-lifelesslap, and and buildbot02:29
=== spiv is still mirroring
lifelesswhat changed in configs--buidlbot-lifelesslap ?02:30
spivOne line :)02:30
lifeless ... ?02:30
spivandrew.bennetts@canonical.com/configs--buildbot--0--patch-1 is the change you need.02:32
spivSorry, two lines, but one of them is an import.02:32
lifelesslets start with lunchbox02:33
spivlaunchpad changes are in my launchpad--zopeless-transactions--002:34
spivwhich is still mirroring...02:34
spiv(and cau(and causing me lag)02:34
spivMirroring done.02:35
spivMy buildbot (i.e. taxi) changes are in my buildbot--devel--002:42
lifelessare there sqlobject changes?02:47
lifelessok, in my buildbot, I don't initialise the db in processDB02:49
lifelesslets try this sucker out02:50
lifelessI've started a test job, takes about 10 to import it02:51
lifelessok, you missed an import in taxi03:00
lifelessat the top - can't import arch.database no more03:00
lifelessand database.connect is still called.03:01
lifelessas well as database.commit03:01
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=== SteveA goes to the pov offices to work (too cold at home)
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #launchpad []
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
=== justdave_ [~justdave@] has joined #launchpad
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=== limi [~limi@212.80-202-72.nextgentel.com] has joined #launchpad
limimorning, all10:09
=== SteveA_ [~steve@office.pov.lt] has joined #launchpad
=== SteveA_ is now known as SteveA
sabdflhi limi10:22
sabdflrc today!10:22
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #launchpad
limihow is Lithuania this morning, Steve? below zero yet? :)10:39
limimorning, Kinnison10:39
SteveA2 degrees above freezing, with a clear sunny sky10:47
=== limi wonders why he keeps getting conflicts with arch when he hasn't touched a single file in the repository since yesterday evening
limisame templates as the ones supposedly fixed yesterday:10:57
limilib/canonical/launchpad/templates/bugsystems-index.pt   x_Mark_Shuttleworth_<mark.shuttleworth@canonical.com>_Mon_Oct__4_21:56:28_2004_8303.010:57
Kinnisonsabdfl: Looks like the gina import last night completed without throwing any exceptions. I'm looking at the sample data now11:09
sabdflKinnison: excellent, thanks to cprov i think11:09
Kinnisonsabdfl: oh? Was he prodding my copy of gina then? I admit I was very tired last night and possibly wasn't paying enough attention11:10
sabdflKinnison: no, just referring to the initial code11:11
Kinnisonsabdfl: aah yes; cprov (and kiko?) did a fantastic job there11:11
=== Kinnison ruffles spiv too; for the librarian has successfully stored 16GB across 35718 files :-)
sabdflspiv: good work!11:12
sabdfllimi: i don't think it works well when you send me files that you have changes but mot perged through PQM11:13
sabdflnot merged11:13
sabdflmot perged indeed11:13
=== Kinnison hands sabdfl new fingers.
KinnisonThis morning I will be mostly merging my local changes from zhongshan into a working tree to commit to rf11:14
limisabdfl: well, arch is not giving me much joy this morning (see mail to the list) but I am splitting things up and creating the files offline here - so you should be able to just drop them in your tree and commit11:15
Kinnisonlimi: Arch does seem to hate you :-(11:15
limihard when I can't run launchpad to verify my changes, though :(11:15
limiKinnison: it's reciprocal if that's any comfort :] 11:16
Kinnisonlimi: *g*11:16
limiarchzoom doesn't have something like the "download tarball" feature of ViewCVS?11:17
limistub: you awake?11:29
limican I send you a static HTML file and we can discuss the mapping I need for the shorthand form in the portlets?11:30
stublimi: sur11:31
limistub: should be there now11:34
stubJust my initial impression :-)11:37
limiwell, wrong style sheet ;)11:37
limiit's the only way you can pack so much information into that little space11:38
stubYer - doesn't make me like it any better ;)11:38
limibut sometimes functionality wins over elegance ;)11:39
stubSo you want a TLA for distribution, and abbreviations for severities etc.11:39
limiit's a bit ugly to do it with tal:conditions, I think11:39
stubYour just pushing the ugly somewhere you can't see ;)11:40
limi'tis my destiny!11:40
limibut a method shortPriority() or something would be nice11:41
stubBut they are colour coded as well - or do you want tal:content="structure bug/priority" to output <span class="critical-priority" title="Critital priority with gratuitous unicode character to annoy mozilla">C</span>11:42
limiany functional comments, btw? does it work with the dotted underlines and hovering descriptions?11:42
limiMozilla is broken ;)11:42
limitheir engine can't handle multiline tooltips11:42
limiage-old bug11:42
stubMmm... unfortunately it is are primary browser target, no? Or is this a way of 'encouraging' a fix? :-)11:43
limiyes and no - it's functional this way (just not optimal), and serves as a reminder for Mozilla, yes ;)11:44
limithe bug has 160 comments in bugzilla11:44
limithey are now quarreling about what to do with chinese unicode mappings or something11:44
limiand there is a patch attached that fixes the 99% issue, but nobody has applied it11:45
limitypical Mozilla community process :] 11:45
stubget Thom to apply it to Ubuntu's firefox release :-)11:45
limiif you have the normal getPriority() return "Critical", I do something like tal:attributes="class string:priority${getPriority}"11:46
stubFunctionally, I would think the colour coding would work better if the background colour was changed rather than the text colour. Might look spastic though since we have multiple colour coded columns.11:46
=== justdave_ [~dave@] has joined #launchpad
limiyes, I'm looking at that - this is not the final version in any sense, design-wise11:46
limijust need to get the functionality and classes in11:46
limiand I will experiment with colors afterwards11:47
limi(I agree on background being better)11:47
SteveAstub: we can put something in the /lp:whatever tal namesapce, if that will help11:47
=== justdave_ is now known as justdave
stubI'm actually wondering if perhaps we should have a seperate page template for each priority or status11:47
limisounds like overkill to me11:47
stublimi: It would mean the portlet template just does <td tal:content="bug/priority/condensed" />, which calls the 'condensed' view, which could do things like use an icon instead of a letter or change the descriptive text (currently hard coded in the .py file. You are right in that it might be overkill though.11:49
stubSteveA: yer. called 'abbreviation' or something.11:50
SteveAotherwise, don't have one template for each, but define one class, and have a method for each11:50
limiit makes it hard to track where to change things if it's too decomposed11:50
SteveAnote that you'd probably need to use "structure" in the tal11:50
limiif I can have getPriorityShorthand() and getSeverityShorthand() and getDistroShorthand(), I would be happy :)11:51
stublimi: fairy 'nuff11:51
limiwe can refactor if it makes sense later11:51
limipremature optimization etc ;)11:51
stublimi: It would be tal:content="whatever/distro/shorthand"11:51
stubAnd I've forgotten the syntax for the priorities etc. ;)11:52
limiok, ping me when you have settled on the syntax, and I will implement the display offline here (since my arch broke again)11:55
stubIt could be worse - you could be a windows developer trying to use Arch ;)11:56
limiI was ;)11:56
limithe reason (or excuse, depending on how you look at it) why I got a PB was arch11:57
SteveAinstall ubuntu on it ;-)11:58
stubSteveA: The dbschema.py stuff will need to grow 'shorthand'. Are we going to squeeze that into the parse-it-all-from-the-docstring approach ('''Minor (m)\n\nBlah blah blah''')11:58
=== spiv has internet again
limiSteveA: yes, but I tend to like having an internet connection too ;)12:00
=== limi will install Ubuntu on it after visiting Mark next week
SteveAstub: like this?12:00
SteveA    MINOR = Item(4, '''12:00
SteveA        Minor Severity (m)12:00
SteveA        This bug does not warrant an upload just to fix it, but 12:00
SteveA        should if possible be fixed when next the maintainer does an12:00
SteveA        upload. For example, it might be a typo in a document.12:00
SteveA        ''')12:00
stubThat is what I was thinking. I was just wondering if it is getting a little - erm - obtuse?12:01
SteveAIt reads to me a bit like a dictionary or glossary definition12:01
SteveAwhich is kind of what it is12:01
SteveAdoesn't look to bad to me12:02
stublimi: Are class attributes case sensitive?12:02
SteveAwhat other things than "abbreviation" need to be added?12:02
limistub: yes, they are.12:02
limibut I can change the class names if we need that12:02
stubok - sl <span tal:attributes="string:priority-${bug/priority/shorthand" tal:content="bug/priority/shorthand"/> is fine, given we have priority 'M' and priority 'm'12:03
stubSteveA: I think that is all, unless we want a 'tooltip' to use instead of the description12:04
limithe class name should use the real name, not the shortname12:04
stublimi: The real name has spaces in it12:04
limi:] 12:04
limi"Normal Priority"?12:04
limithat makes very little sense12:05
stubCritical Severity, Normal Severity, Wishlist12:05
limibah, that sucks :] 12:05
limino chance of changing that?12:05
stubHey - I'm not the UI guy :-)12:05
SteveAwhat about the name in the class: MINOR, WISHLIST etc.12:06
SteveAthose won't contain spaces or dashes12:06
SteveAso can be used as css classes12:06
limiah, so you have that too12:06
limithat's fine12:06
SteveAif you don't, access to them can be arranged by a little programming12:06
limiI will try to repress my hatred for UPPERCASE ;)12:06
SteveAyeah, as item.name12:07
sabdfllimi: can i use the following syntax for a stylesheet that is locally accessible?12:07
stubIt will survive l10n too, if we ever go non english12:07
limiI still don't see why you want the state name to be "Normal Severity" instead of "Normal"12:07
sabdfl<style ...>@import file(filname.css);</style>12:07
limisabdfl: yes12:08
limithat's what we do in the LP templates12:08
limiso I can work even if LP is not running ,)12:08
stublimi: It doesn't, and I don't care either way. I suspect that it is actually your call unless Mark wants to use his executive veto power12:08
limisabdfl: any objections to changing the state name to "Normal" instead of "Normal Severity"?12:09
sabdfllimi: none, go ahead12:09
sabdfli think this is in dbschema.py12:09
limistub: can you do that while you're in there anyway, seeing as I can't commit at the moment?12:10
sabdfllimi: @import file() is not working12:10
limisabdfl:     <style type="text/css" media="screen">12:10
limi    @import url(plone.css);12:10
limimake sure it is in <head>12:10
stubSteveA: Did you want to to the dbschema.py stuff for limi or shall I?12:10
limiand that the CSS is in the same dir as the template12:11
limisabdfl: sorry, my fault - didn't see that you said file()12:11
limiit's url()12:11
SteveAstub: what exactly needs doing?  Adding the abbreviation syntax, changing some other titles to remove "severity" from them?12:11
sabdfleven for a file in the same dir as the html?12:11
limiyes, CSS has no concept of file() afaik12:12
limiit's all URLs, baby12:12
stubSteveA: Yes, Yes, making sure we have access to the item's name, and giving access through tal12:12
limiSteveA: I need getSeverity() (returns: "Normal") and getSeverityShorthand() (returns: "N")12:13
limiand getSeverityDescription() or similar for the tooltips12:13
SteveAstub: if you file a bug on me, perhaps containing some tales that presents a bug that you want to see, I'll do it today. 12:15
dilysNew bug 2101 for Launchpad/Launchpad: abbreviations and tal: access to dbschema.py classes12:27
stubAbbreviations for distributions - is there a web interface for creating or editing a distribution, or can I happily add a column to the database without breaking anything?12:34
stubLimi's mock up needs a compressed distribution name (so 'Deb' instead of Debian, 'Ubu' instead of Ubuntu)12:36
sabdflHmm... no thanks12:37
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #launchpad []
limiwell, there's no way you can cram "Red Hat Linux" into that portlet12:37
=== limi isn't sure we should have this info in a portlet anyway, but...
limimight be useful in secondary views12:39
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
spiv"RHL" ;)12:40
spivOr "RHAT", their stock ticker symbol ;)12:40
limiwith accompanying stock value :P12:41
limi"adjusted for linux distro inflation"12:41
stubsabdfl: If you missed that, Limi cannot cram "Red Hat Linux" into the portlet he is working on12:42
sabdfldistro.name should be redhat12:45
sabdfldistro.name should follow the same rules as every other Table.name12:45
sabdflit's a url component, mostly, sounds perfect for what limi is doing12:45
sabdfllimi: how do I add a portlet to the left and right of a page?12:46
sabdflalso, how do I get the WHOLE page to adopt the background colour, not just the part which has text on it?12:46
sabdflhard to explain... but I'm seeing white at the bottom of my page12:46
limiyou fill the portlet slots, look at how it is done on the existing bug templates12:46
limisabdfl: body should be a solid color - do you have an example URL?12:47
limisabdfl: btw, I need something shorter than distro.name if the portlet is going to work - "redhat"/"Ubuntu" is too big, unless you want to go with icons or similar instead12:48
limiI'm still not clear on the context in which these portlets should be shown - I assume the main bug page should have all this info in the body text area?12:50
limi(where we have more space)12:50
limiare we going to show these portlets in other parts of Malone, in Rosetta etc, is that the idea?12:51
sabdfllimi: what about using two lines per entry in the portlet?12:57
sabdfllimi: yes, if i understand you correctly12:57
limisabdfl: I tried two lines, but it takes up quite a lot of space, so it's not ideal if you want to conserve space12:58
limiI'll give it another shot12:58
sabdfllimi: this is for an offline page12:58
sabdflhave done <body class="section-index_html"> but that did not help12:59
sabdflotherwise, am using the ploneCOlumns, plone and ploneCustom.css links as per the web site pages12:59
sabdflbut the bottom of the page (below all the text) is still white12:59
SteveAlimi: iirc, dashes are not allowed in css classes.  Is that right?12:59
limiunderscores are not allowed01:00
limidashes are01:00
SteveAoh, right.  01:00
limi(but they work)01:00
sabdflso why is it "section-index_html"?01:00
SteveAwhat an irritating spec.01:00
limibecause Zope sucks01:00
SteveAlooks like a zope2-ism01:00
limiit is01:00
sabdflis there a better body class to use?01:01
limijust use no body class01:01
SteveAin zope2, the index page is usually named "index_html" because using dots in the names of things used to be problematic01:01
limisabdfl: hard for me to troubleshoot it without seeing the page - can you send me a copy?01:02
sabdfllimi: willdo01:02
limigreat, thanks01:02
sabdfllimi: coming soon to info@plonesolutions?01:02
sabdfllimi: sent01:03
sabdflthis needs to get out there in 20 minutes :-)01:03
limiok, I'll have a look right away01:03
sabdfllimi: any idea?01:06
limino mail yet01:06
limitry limi@plone.org in case the company spam filter took it out? (did you have any body text, or just an attachment?)01:07
sabdfljust an attachment01:09
limiok, chances are it didn't make it through, then - use my personal address limi@plone.org01:10
limisorry about that01:10
sabdflno problem, seems like a reasonable filter01:10
limiwe get insane amounts of spam, and spamassassin is a bit overly eager at times ;)01:10
limithere we go, thanks01:11
sabdflis there a good way to increase the size of all the text on the pag?01:11
limip { font-size: value }01:14
limivalue being 12px or 1em or 110% or what you prefer01:14
sabdflfor the whole document?01:14
limithat will touch the paragraph text01:14
limiany reason why this is XML, btw?01:15
sabdflno idea01:15
limiit's not valid XML, which may cause problems in some browsers01:15
limiis Firefox where you are seeing it?01:15
sabdflthis came in from some community guys01:16
limiok, let me clean it up01:16
sabdfli have some text changes, will send it now01:16
limiwhere is this thing going to end up?01:17
limion the CD?01:17
sabdfldefault home page after install01:18
limiI see01:18
limigive me a few minutes, and I will clean it01:18
sabdfli want to add two portlets, left and right, i think that will make the page look neater01:18
sabdflwill send you the txt for the portlets01:19
sabdflit's not essential, it's optional, based on what you think looks best01:19
limithis page has no portlet structures right now, so I think I would rather go with some extra margins to make it look nice01:20
limiif time is an issue :] 01:20
SteveAare usage messages supposed to go out on stderr or stdout ?01:23
limisabdfl: should be in your inbox with some style changes (bigger font, margins, justified text)01:26
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
limisabdfl: did you get my new version?01:33
sabdfllimi: looks great01:33
limisabdfl: should be in your inbox with some style changes (bigger font, margins, justified text)01:33
sabdflhow can i indent the bullets a little more?01:33
limineed the portlets still?01:33
sabdflno, i think it's fine01:33
limijust add style="margin-left: 1em;" on the ul tag01:33
limilet me test a value01:33
limi    <ul style="margin-left: 3em;">01:35
limichange the two lists to that, sabdfl01:35
sabdfldone. let's SHIP IT!01:36
limineed anything right now, or can I do lunch? :)01:36
sabdfllunch, thanks limi01:37
limisee you in a bit01:37
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #launchpad
=== limi is now known as limi|lunch
=== BradB|away is now known as BradB
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
ddaaharg, there's a missing patchlog in launchpad again!02:51
Kinnisonanother one?02:51
ddaamhhh... log for-merge does not barf...02:52
Kinnisonlaunchpad has been missing patch 422 for ages02:53
Kinnisonbut tla missing --skip-present doesn't list it02:53
ddaajust been doing a round of tree updating and sanity checking02:53
ddaayou remember the reason?02:53
KinnisonSomeone committed something manic and bad so lifeless hard-reverted it or something02:53
=== ddaa hates these patchlogs which screw up the output of "tla missing"....
ddaaI still 02:54
=== limi|lunch is now known as limi
ddaaIt's bad to remove patchlogs on permanent basis... gotta annoy lifeless about that.02:55
=== BradB goes about building a comprehensive functional doctest suite for Malone
ddaaWho's the guy in charge of unbreaking taxi.py?03:34
limiis Malone running on chinstrap or another server at the moment? I would like to test some stuff, but arch has broken my local instance03:38
limiSteveA: do you know?03:39
ddaa"arch has broken my local instance"... If it's broken, just revert to a known-good revision.03:39
limiwon't work, sorry03:40
limiall I did was to star-merge this morning03:40
limiand it broke lots of files I haven't touched03:40
limisee my mail to the launchpad list03:40
limiI'm tired of dicking around with arch03:40
limidaf: you here?03:42
daflimi: pong!03:43
limidaf: is launchpad running anywhere I can reach it?03:43
limiaha, so it runs the whole thing, not just Rosetta03:44
dafalthough we're supposed to be referring to it by https://mawson.ubuntu.com/ these days03:44
dafno problem03:44
dafyeah, rosetta was the name of the machine, which was confusing, so we changed it03:44
limidaf: if I send you some files, could you commit them for me?03:45
limifixed the CSS references to plone.org etcv03:45
limidaf: what was the temporary user again? foo.bar@canonical.com? passwd?03:46
=== BradB is thinking that moving lp development to svn would save a lot of time and money, considering it probably costs about 8-12 man hours a day just dicking around with making it work as smoothly as svn/cvs
=== ddaa checks for the usual
ddaafyi: undo does not work because spiv has changed the tagging-methog marks conflicts file as unrecognized.03:47
ddaatla inventory -u | xargs rm03:47
ddaato get rid of them, effectively saying "I've taken care of, or do not care about, the conflict files".03:47
limiI see why arch is needed for the Grand Scheme, I can't see why it's needed for day-to-day development03:47
=== debonzi [~debonzi@] has joined #launchpad
=== BradB emails the list about that
carloslimi: password test03:51
limi"A system error occured."03:52
limisabdfl: should we include bug status (New/Open/Closed) in the portlets, or is that implicit? The old code has it, but the new spec you gave me does not.03:55
limi(ie: does it only show up if it's in "Open" status?)03:56
ddaalimi: what's interesting is that when I merge your latest public (patch-38) revision with rf (patch-586) i have no problem.04:10
ddaaHowever you did not tell what revision you were using in your email, so I cannot 04:10
limiit's when I star-merge I get the problem04:10
ddaasay more than worksforme.04:10
limiit worked last night before I left, and the first thing I did today was star-merge - so it can't have changed locally04:11
ddaaI understand that. Star-merge with rf from a clean tree of your patch-38 revision works okay here.04:11
ddaaSo please mirror your archive if you want me to look at it.04:12
ddaaYou can also tell me to get lost.04:12
SteveAdaf: we must stop using the machine name "rosetta.warthogs.hbd.com" and use the new name (which I can't remember, and is not yet listed in MachineOverview)04:13
SteveAoh, mawson04:14
=== SteveA sees irc log
=== SteveA edits https://wiki.canonical.com/MachineOverview
SteveAdaf: can you make dilys subscribe to all wiki pages, and announce changes here?04:17
dafelmo hasn't changed the actual machine name yet, only the DNS04:17
dafI think perhaps dilys would get very noisy if she watched the wiki too04:18
SteveA"machine name" has many meanings.04:20
SteveAthe most useful one to everyone except the admins is "the name we should call the machine when discussing it or pointing people to it"04:20
dafof course04:20
SteveAAlso, for the "people<-->potemplate" list, would you like to use the zodb for that rather than use the RDB?04:20
carlosSteveA: those are personal preferences like the language a person can translate into04:22
carlossorry, not personal preferences but "system" ones, not temporal information that could be removed04:22
carloshmm, daf: I'm confused... shouldn't it be pofile instead of potemplate?04:23
dafour translation process is template-oriented04:24
dafi.e. you translate a template04:24
carlosbut if we are adding a unique key for person,potemplate....04:24
carloswhat's the utility?04:24
dafthey are unique together, not separately04:25
=== kiko [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
carlosoh, right04:25
carlosdaf: I don't see the utility :-)04:26
carlosI don't see it useful04:26
dafoh, right04:26
dafit's like a To Do list04:26
daf"My Templates"04:27
dafwe can use it for notifications as well04:27
carlosok, then it's not what I was thinking on, but yes, makes sense04:27
dafgood :)04:28
limiddaa: I appreciate your help, but right now I would prefer to just work, and not fix arch :)04:28
=== lifeless [~robertc@dsl-] has joined #launchpad
ddaahey lifeless05:05
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #launchpad
kikoBradB, about sourcepackageformat, the only issue is that your change precludes changing packaging formats mid-race. ;)05:34
BradBdoes that happen?05:37
kikoI"m not sure that's a practical issue as long as sabdfl signs it off consciously.05:37
kikoI don't think it should, except if it's rpm3->rpm4 for instance.05:37
sabdflno, that would be a new sourcepackage then i think05:37
sabdflspformat is "deb" vs "rpm"05:38
sabdfli don't think it will be version-specific05:38
sabdflassumption its something the latest "deb" or "rpm" tools can process05:38
sabdflif you switch from rpm to deb, well then that's a new sourcepackage :-)05:38
kikoagreed, sounds sane.05:39
limisabdfl: sent you today's changes in a zip, if you would like to review and commit05:39
sabdfllimi: thanks05:39
sabdflSteveA: i just edited a page, and it hasn't shown up06:00
sabdfli guess the workflow is working :-)06:01
sabdflhow do i publish it?06:01
sabdflit says it's state is published06:01
SteveAsabdfl: ubuntulinux site?  no clue.  I didn't work on the workflow parts, just the authentication/launchpad integration.  BradB?06:01
sabdflBradB: how do i publish a changed page now?06:02
limiit should be published if the state is Published06:02
BradBsabdfl: Which page?06:02
sabdfli'm using jane's account06:02
limiunless somebody has changed that :] 06:02
sabdflload even06:02
limiit might be cached too06:02
BradBI see the "Set up an Ubuntu mirror" page06:03
BradBAnd, of course, the folder called "download"06:03
BradBas an anon user06:03
kikoBradB, style guide rocks!06:03
sabdflthis is weird06:04
BradBkiko: :)06:04
BradBsabdfl: What if you clear your cache?06:04
sabdflnow try this:06:04
sabdfli see different pages06:04
limisabdfl: looks like Apache cache06:05
limithose pages are the exact same, technically06:05
BradBeeek, scary06:05
limiif elmo turned on full-page caching, this would be the effect06:06
limiI assume it has a sensible time-out 06:06
limiso either purge the cache manually or wait a bit and see?06:06
BradBit seems to have expired now06:07
limithey are still different here06:08
spivSame for me.06:08
sabdflstill different06:08
spiv(i.e. the pages are the same for me :)06:08
limiin any case, it's not on the Plone level06:08
limiit's something in front of it06:09
BradBwhen i cleared my browser cache, they became the same page06:10
limiBradB: both have tree download sites?06:11
limithey are different here, in all the browsers I run06:11
sabdflBradB: they should have only one download site06:12
BradByeah, they do...now it's back to http://www.ubuntulinux.org/download/index_html/ making it look as though i'm logged in as jane06:13
BradB(i went first to https link, then typed that URL above again, and see the jane thing again)06:14
=== BradB is now known as BradB|lunch
=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
=== limi is now known as limi|dinner
limi|dinnersee y'all later06:48
=== limi|dinner [~limi@212.80-202-72.nextgentel.com] has left #launchpad []
sabdflbradb: hmm... that must be because I was logged in as jane when i edited it, and so that must have been cached07:38
=== BradB|lunch is now known as BradB
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #launchpad
=== kiko-fud is now known as kiko
BradBIf arch says this:08:10
BradBarch_commit: unable to acquire revision lock (could not rename file.)08:10
BradB    tree: /Users/bradb/launchpad/lp08:10
BradB    revision: brad.bollenbach@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0--patch-3608:10
BradBisn't brad.bollenbach@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0--patch-36 the one i'm supposed to unlock?08:11
BradBwhen i try:08:11
BradBtla lock-revision --unlock brad.bollenbach@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0--patch-3608:11
BradBi get:08:11
BradBlock-revision: error unlocking revision brad.bollenbach@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0--patch-36 -- lock not held08:11
daftry -b instead of -u08:12
BradBthat didn't give any error, so maybe it worked08:13
=== BradB updates the wiki to say that
carlosBradB: but the -b option should only be used if the --unlock one fails08:19
dilysBug 2075 resolved: Rearrange all FIXME to new  suggested XXX layout08:32
=== mdz_ [~mdz@69-167-148-207.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #launchpad
Kinnisonddaa: ping?08:49
Kinnisonoh; never mind08:49
=== Kinnison worked it out :-)
Kinnisontla was just takes ages to do something; but it was 'cos I had hidden the gpg verifications I thought it had gone to sleep or something08:50
dafSteveA: around?09:04
=== ddaa wonders he should put "helped Kinnison with tla" on his activity report ;-)
Kinnisonddaa: If you want; I won't snitch :-)09:05
sabdflhow's it looking at the lunchpad?09:17
KinnisonWell, now that I have my shiny new Ubuntu desktop; I'm going back to looking at generating an spanky-new pool/dists tree from the database I built last night :-)09:21
SteveAdaf: am now09:23
dafSteveA: ah, good!09:23
dafSteveA: what news on the ftesting.zcml front?09:23
SteveApage tests are looking pretty sweet09:23
SteveAI've just returned from the gym09:24
SteveAI still need to track down the inconsistency with ftesting.zcml that you noted, but I want to get a bunch of page tests running pre-checkin first09:24
SteveAand also get the changes to dbobject done for stub and limi09:24
dafdid you make the changes you wanted?09:24
SteveAyes.  I rewrote your shell script in python, and made it do various things to enforce some standard policies09:25
dafsounds good09:25
dafdo the changes require any changes to the documentation?09:25
dafwill you do them or shall I?09:26
SteveAyour docs read very well09:26
dafthank you09:26
SteveAperhaps I can check in the system, we can discuss the changes from your docs, and you can revise your docs and send them?09:26
SteveAthat way, while you're working on the docs, I can work on the dbschema changes09:26
daflet's do that09:26
sabdflSteveA: there's a steveb!09:31
BradBSteveA: Is there a more friendly way to run the functional doctests than: bradb@ozone:~/launchpad/lp$ PYTHONPATH=~bradb/launchpad/lp/lib python lib/canonical/ftests/test_pages.py?09:32
SteveAwhen I used to work at lancaster university, we had a good proportion of the alphabet of steves working in various IT roles09:32
SteveABradB: yes, and I'll be checking it in RSN09:33
SteveAthere's a better way of creating them too09:33
=== BradB continues putting a functional doctest straightjacket on Malone
SteveAkeep going brad!  You can easily move the tests across to the new place when I've merged to RF09:33
SteveAI'm also going to turn them on pre-checkin09:33
=== SteveA gets back to code
BradBdaf, SteveA: the docs should probably include a policy for how much "function" to test in one functional doctest :)09:36
dafit doesn't, but it probably should09:39
dafI'd advocate a minimum09:39
dafexcept in situations where it only makes sense to test pages in a sequence09:39
SteveAwe can handle sequences09:41
SteveAthere's a very simple dependency system that I'll be checking in09:41
SteveAsaying "you must run these tests before this one"09:41
BradBSteveA: Did you guys stumble onto sorting out whether the ftests will use a DB called launchpad_test, or a DB called launchpad_unittest?09:44
BradBftesting.zcml says the latter in my working dir, at the moment.09:45
=== mdz_ is now known as mdz
SteveAOne idea Mark and I discussed, but didn't decide either way: the page tests will use a launchpad_pagetest DB.  It will start off with minimal content.  The page tests themselves can be run to add to it.09:47
SteveAlater page tests depend on earlier ones, so you can have the test to create a bunch of stuff run before the test to browse it, for example.09:47
SteveAWhat do you think?09:47
BradBThe fewer the DB's we have to worry about, the better, IMHO. :)09:47
SteveAso, that's a +1 ?09:48
SteveAoh, okay09:48
SteveAso, you want to use the launchpad_test db for page tests?09:48
sabdfli don't think we want yet another db09:48
SteveAthe thing is that the page tests will need to alter the data in the database.09:49
SteveAthat's intrinsic to what they do09:49
sabdflwe also don't want launchpad_test buggered up every time the page tests run09:49
sabdfli do think there should be a unittest db that is recreated when the tests are run09:49
BradBthe DB should be initialized twice, I think09:49
BradBonce for UT's, once for FT's (the latter being executed in sequence so that they get the data they expect; this is okay, since these tests are meant to test taking a walkthrough of the system anyway.)09:50
SteveAnow I'm getting confused...  let's clarify the language:09:51
SteveAPage tests: PTs.  these are ones created by clicking in the browser, and writing a .txt file09:51
SteveAFunctional tests: FTs.  these are code that uses the whole launchpad set-up in "functional testing" mode, right down to a database, and right up to being able to render pages, or to test code that accesses the database and does stuff.09:52
SteveAUnit tests: UTs.  code that tests particular classes or functions or groups of methods.  The only UT code that requires a database is tests of code that directly accesses the database.09:53
SteveAPTs will be executed in a well-defined sequence09:54
SteveAwe should have a well-known state of a database before the first PT runs09:54
BradBPT's are just FT's. I'm not sure it's useful to fray that into another term.09:55
SteveAFTs run in a well-defined sequence provided you run all of them in one go.  This is often inconvenient, especially when you're using FTs while developing functionality.09:55
SteveABradB: I agree that technically speaking PTs are FTs.  But, I think it is very useful to distinguish them.09:55
SteveASo, there's a problem with setting up the database just once before running any FTs -- when writing a FT you should be careful to undo whatever you did, if it will make a difference to other tests.09:56
BradBOkay, maybe one should take the same care then with PT's though.09:57
SteveAno need09:57
SteveAthe PTs have a notion of dependency09:57
SteveAyou're explicitly depending on other PTs09:57
BradBI'm just hoping to avoid introducing new terms, that's all. :)09:58
SteveAanyhow, for now, I'll make it so that the database is dropped and re-created before running PTs09:58
SteveAwe can work out a more refined way later09:58
BradBHTTP recorders rule; the fact that current the bug-index page is broken in Malone is only a further testament to the value that will be added to the system, well, right now. :)10:00
BradBdaf, SteveA: do the docs give an example of how to actually document a FDT too?10:23
sabdfl    # return the bugtracker10:32
sabdfl    return bugtracker10:32
sabdflum, that's probably overdoing it, self10:32
BradBSteveA: Have you seen errors like: IOError: [Errno 2]  No such file or directory: 'page-test-helper.XMY3jL/watch0001.response' after ^C'ing?10:35
dafthat happens when no data was recorded for a response10:36
BradBYah, but that's the bug. :)10:36
dafare you sure you're running Launchpad10:36
BradBHm, looking at the other window though i now see 2004-10-13T16:33:15 ERROR SiteError http://localhost:9000/favicon.ico.10:36
dafthat might be it then10:37
=== BradB tries restarting
dafI don't think TCPWatch deals with errors very well10:37
BradBdaf: Is it also normal that you might have to very slightly tweak the captured output so that the test passes? E.g. I'm getting a failure like this, right after ^C'ing and running a test for the bug index of Malone (just part of the failure output coming up):10:40
BradBDifferences (unified diff with -expected +actual):10:40
BradB    @@ -246,5 +246,5 @@10:40
BradB             </tr>10:40
BradB             <tr onclick="window.location='sourcepackageassignments/2/+edit'">10:40
BradB    -          <td>mozilla-firefox-dummy</td>10:40
BradB    +       <td>mozilla-firefox-dummy</td>10:40
BradBI'm going ahead and hand-editing it10:43
BradBcaution, meet wind10:44
dafthat's unexpected to me10:44
BradBit looks to have been recorded incorrectly10:45
dafby tcpwatch?10:45
dafor is it being mangled by the doctest converter?10:45
BradBI'm confused.10:52
BradBIt was definitely converted incorrectly10:52
BradBbut then, even when i fix it to look the way it was actually recorded, it still fails on that line, as the "actual" isn't the same10:53
dafis it something to do with tabs?10:54
BradBew, ouch, yeah, i had just seen that now10:55
BradBbecause it was telling me they STILL didn't match, even though they appeared identiccal10:56
=== BradB goes to fix bug-index
SteveAwhat's the deal with tabs?10:57
dafI think they confuse the page testing machinery10:58
dafeither when they're converted from TCPWatch logs to doctests or when the comparison is being made, or both10:58
daf(this is judging from what BradB said)10:58
SteveAThere's an option NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE11:04
SteveAwe can turn that on, as it would probably help11:04
dafI'm surprised it's happening11:05
dafseems like a bug to me11:05
SteveAwell, I'll turn on NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE for now11:05
SteveAbut, I'll make a note that the bug exists11:05
BradBthe program seems pretty sketchy about when it feels like actually working too (as opposed to, say, dying with that IOError similar to the above)11:06
BradBeven when there aren't exceptions i can see in the console where zope's running11:07
SteveAmaybe it is because you're on a mac?11:07
SteveAI haven't seen such errors11:07
BradBnot sure yet. anyway, i'm checking in these first three for malone, since they take the first step of making sure you can get to the point of actually seeing a bug report's page.11:09
SteveAI've just submitted my merge to pqm11:09
SteveAand I mirrored first ;-)11:09
BradBwhat do your changes do that would conflict with mine?11:09
SteveAprobably nothing11:10
spivSteveA: You can even mirror a bit after, it spends a bit of time doing a build-config of vanilla rocketfuel before it looks at your archive ;)11:10
SteveAcool... mirror racing11:10
spivSteveA: I've taken advantage of that once or twice ;)11:10
Kinnisonelmo: ping?11:13
BradBSteveA: On what date will our pqm merge requests fails if one or more tests fail?11:16
BradBs/fails if/fail if/11:17
SteveAif my merge goes through, then from about 5 minutes time, merge requests will fail if any pagetests fail.11:18
SteveAjust pagetests for now11:18
BradBmm, good start11:19
dafSteveA: I think having (at least some of) the unit tests added to that would be a good goal11:20
SteveAwe'll have all unit tests passing, mandatorily, but not right now11:21
BradBSteveA: will a failure message include the test failure output in the email?11:21
SteveAas I just found out ;-)11:21
SteveAaw crap11:22
SteveAlooks like the pqm user can't do stuff to the launchpad_test database11:22
SteveAelmo: ping?11:22
SteveAok, I'm going to disable the testing on merge stuff until I can get an admin to look at why it isn't working11:26
BradBquick, before my merge request goes through! :P11:27
SteveAhi elmo11:28
Kinnisonelmo: zhongshan has a couple of gzips and an apt-listtemplates stuck on it. are they reamnants of anything important?11:28
SteveAif the pqm user on chinstrap tried to admin the postgres database launchpad_test, would it give an error?11:28
BradBcool, mine went through11:28
elmoKinnison: no11:28
elmoSteveA: probably yes11:28
SteveABradB: arse, I'll have to merge again :-)11:28
SteveAelmo: can this be arranged?11:29
elmorequiring postgres super user privs is really rather crackful - do we have to do this?11:29
SteveAit needs to be able to createdb that database11:30
SteveAat least, with the way things are currently set up in launchpad for testing11:30
SteveAotherwise, we can't do full tests on merging11:31
elmoit can createdb11:31
SteveAI have a script that works locally11:31
elmoand always has been able to - the point is, you guys have changed it so it now needs createuser privs either11:31
elmowhich is the postgres version of superuser11:32
elmorequiring that in a testsuite strikes me as fundamentally broken11:32
SteveAbut, it fails with exit code 512 when I run it as using pqm on chinstrap11:32
SteveAwhere do we do that?11:33
SteveAthe script drops the database11:34
SteveAand creates the database11:34
SteveAand shovels stuff into it11:34
elmogar.  steve.  it has createdb privs.  it has since the pqm user existed.  the testsuite has changed recently so that more than createdb privs is required.11:34
elmotestsuite, schema, sample-data, whatever.  I don't know exactly what changed11:35
BradBthe language thing11:35
BradBit needs to be a superuser because of that now11:36
sabdflthat makefile should really just test if it's installed11:36
sabdflthen it can be done once by someone, and never again11:36
sabdflor does dropdb destroy that?11:36
BradBsince createlang takes a db arg, it probably does destroy it11:38
elmotemplate1=# alter user pqm with createuser;11:42
elmoALTER USER11:42
BradBusing plpython isn't worth it11:43
KinnisonTheoretically if you did the createlang in template1 then the createdb would inherit the language automatically. (Unless I'm misreading these docs horribly)11:43
elmobut, for the record, I still think it shouldn't need it.. ideally it shouldn't even need createdb - it's going to make it impossible to sanely have the testsuite interact with any unrelated or production database that happens to be on the same box11:43
BradBplpython shouldn't be used.11:43
BradBstub's made it a dependency so that he can write about 10 lines of validation code in python :)11:44
cprovsabdfl: I've finished a dump with gina+nicole working on main and restricted packages on zhongshan 11:44
cprovsabdfl: zhongshan:/home/cprov/lp_dump-gina+nicole-mr.sql.gz 11:45
kikoit's *raining*11:46
SteveAreally shouldn't use these cute names for software where there's "dumping" involved.11:46
Kinnisoncprov: cor; excellent.11:46
cprovsabdfl: the only problem is the missed "shortdesc" field on productseries table11:46
cprovsabdfl: and broken productreleases ...11:47
cprovKinnison: and you any news on lucille ?11:47
Kinnisoncprov: Currently hacking on a quick-and-dirty way to dump the db as a pool11:48
Kinnisoncprov: I should have it going tomorrow morning :-)11:49
sabdflcprov: hmm... i think i have a pending sql update for the shortdesc issue11:52
sabdfland am working on productreleases tonight11:52
cprovKinnison: nice ... dump as pool should interest me too11:52
cprovsabdfl: should I wait for you ? otherwise I will run nicole again tonight, inserting productsreleases too11:53
sabdflcprov: is your code all committed?11:54
SteveAelmo: I think I might have hung pqm -- some kind of database deadlock11:54
cprovsabdfl: not yet 11:58
sabdflok, go ahead, we'll merge later11:58

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