(cprov/#launchpad) sabdfl: /home/cprov/lp_dump-sffmproject.sql.gz12:01
kikosabdfl, we're all afrai^Wexcited, too.12:02
(sabdfl/#launchpad) i just had someone asking me about it 12:03
(cprov/#launchpad) sabdfl: I'm requesting some extra fields like SF "Last Releases" or FM "branches" to Morgan 12:03
(cprov/#launchpad) sabdfl: then we can have more details to add product and its series/releases, as real release date, version, developers notes, etc12:04
(cprov/#launchpad) sabdfl: some projects as ACPI has almost perfect information, but others are lost cause the names involved doesn't make much sense12:07
BradBkiko: now that you're an OS X user, you can optimize tla/arch!12:07
=== cprov can imagine how fast should be use TLA in OS X via SSH from Brazil !!
jblackbradb: Heh. You've already got me looking at the problem tomorrow. 12:09
jblackWould you rather me look tonight? 12:09
BradBjblack: you can, if you want12:09
BradBthere's some good resources on developer.apple.com12:09
BradBi'll set you up an account12:10
kikoI'm crying tears of blood as we speak12:11
=== jblack wonders if osx is doing something as silly as synchronous writes
BradBit does zero-filling...no idea of ext3 does that12:12
BradBi can't imagine that being the bottleneck though12:12
jblackbradb: Want me to email you my ssh key? 12:13
kikobash-2.05a$ grep -ri open_memstream *12:17
kikopython/tag.cc:   FILE *F = open_memstream (&bp, &size);12:17
kikowtf is open_memstream.12:17
=== kiko shakes fist at python-apt person
(carlos/#launchpad) kiko: I was playing with python-apt some weeks ago.... and dude, it sucks!!12:19
(carlos/#launchpad) :-P12:19
kikothat is SUCH an understatement12:20
kikoit sucks more than the niagara falls12:20
(carlos/#launchpad) kiko: it does not have any documentation + it relies too much on real file objects 12:22
(cprov/#launchpad) kiko: what can you expect from C++ code ? apt, dselect, etc sucks as much as you can imagine :)12:30
BradBjblack, kiko: i'm killing you temporarily now12:31
kikopkgSourceList::~pkgSourceList [in-charge] ()12:32
jblackI'm out. tell me when I can get back in12:32
kikocarlos, dude, what does that undefined symbol mean?12:32
(carlos/#launchpad) kiko: no idea, perhaps it's a function that creates a pseudo file in memory, like a StringIO, ask Matt, I think he know it better, I was playing with it, not looking at the source code :-D12:34
kikosome threading problem12:44
kikofriggin OS X12:44
(sabdfl/#launchpad) what's a good way to get a python script to time itself?12:46
(sabdfl/#launchpad) import time()12:47
(sabdfl/#launchpad) erm 12:47
(sabdfl/#launchpad) import time12:47
(sabdfl/#launchpad) time.xxx?12:47
kiko   Return the CPU time or real time since the start of the process or since12:47
kiko    the first call to clock(). 12:47
kikoso you can place one clock() at the end, or calls around the critical region you want to test.12:48
kikoassuming you want to time something.12:48
kikoBradB, sabdfl: so where do I file a bug on apt-pkg not running on OS X?12:55
kikoit hangs.12:55
(sabdfl/#launchpad) kiko: is apt-pkg a python package in warty?12:57
kikolet's find out.12:57
(sabdfl/#launchpad) there's a python-apt12:57
kikoyes, that's it.12:57
(sabdfl/#launchpad) if that's got the code you want, file it in thw ubuntu bugzilla using python-apt as a component and assign to mdz12:57
(sabdfl/#launchpad) i just spoke with him, he's very relaxed :-)12:57
kikoI should join #canonical, but xchat hates me.12:58
(dilys/#launchpad) Merge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: New layout on Sourcepackage Page and Nicole improves (patch-620)01:13
kikoBradB, can you please create an account on bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org?01:28
BradBi just created bradb@bbnet.ca01:31
=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
kiko-fudbug filed, fud reloadage!01:35
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(dilys/#launchpad) Merge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: doap tests (patch-621)03:36
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jblackSo, anybody else interested in the OS X problems with arch ?04:08
kiko-fudI'm in fud-mode04:08
kiko-fudbut I'm interested04:08
jblackI'm still diving into it, but it looks like the problem is in the revision libraries.04:08
jblackI don't know what, as of yet.04:09
jblackFirst off, OS X is slow. really slow. Timings tell me that its *1/6* the speed of a linux system.04:09
jblackBut there's something really weird going on in revision libraries.04:09
=== BradB|away is interested, in a phobic kind of way
jblackbradb: How deep into swap are you? 04:18
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BradBjblack: top?04:20
kiko-fudProcesses:  69 total, 5 running, 64 sleeping... 180 threads            22:22:2804:22
kiko-fudLoad Avg:  6.75, 3.72, 3.00     CPU usage:  70.7% user, 29.3% sys, 0.0% idle04:22
kiko-fudSharedLibs: num =  128, resident = 21.1M code, 1.36M data, 5.25M LinkEdit04:22
kiko-fudMemRegions: num = 5644, resident = 90.4M + 5.59M private, 71.6M shared04:22
kiko-fudPhysMem:  54.7M wired,  131M active, 63.2M inactive,  249M used, 6.79M free04:22
kiko-fudVM: 2.41G + 76.8M   570775(22) pageins, 555211(434) pageouts         04:22
kiko-fudloadavg 7? on a desktop?!04:22
jblackHeh. this is a low end system.04:23
jblacktop takes 10% of the cpu04:24
jblack  858 top         10.1%  0:23.02   1    15    18   348K   288K   444K  13.6M04:26
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sabdflhi SteveA_03:17
sabdfltests seem nicely organised03:17
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SteveA_I'm about to go to a cafe (where it is warmer than at home) and make authenticated pagetests work.04:06
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sabdflSteveA_: this actually works!04:12
sabdflyou just need to be a bit careful04:12
sabdflcheck the pagetests i checked in last night, many of them are authenticated04:13
BradBSteveA_: sabdfl had simple auth-using page tests working, as did I (except that Connection: closed problem, which apparently sabdfl didn't experience.) If, however, the specific example I gave in the bug report doesn't fail for you guys, I'd be a worried.04:13
sabdfloh, ok, haven't read that bug report04:13
sabdflwill keep going till I hit it04:13
sabdflBradB: morning :-)04:13
BradBhi :)04:13
sabdflget ssh up and running?04:13
SteveA_I'd like to make the page tests do auth more obivously, so that you can read the test and see what's going on04:18
SteveA_right now, we have:   ... Authorization: Basic Zm9vLmJhckBjYW5vbmljYWwuY29tOnRlc3Q=04:18
SteveA_I want to replace that with simply: Launchpad-authorized-user: mark@canonical.com04:19
BradBdoes basic auth have an expiry time?04:19
SteveA_you'll still use normal auth in the browser04:19
SteveA_but, the tests will come out clearer04:19
sabdflBradB: btw i needed to tweak one of your tests04:20
sabdflthe malone homepage one04:20
BradBchanging data?04:20
sabdflit was pretty much looking for a dump of the whole page04:20
sabdfli tweaked it to do this:04:20
sabdfl  >>> print http(r"""04:21
sabdfl  ... GET /malone HTTP/1.104:21
sabdfl  ... Cookie: wstyle=04:21
sabdfl  ... """)04:21
sabdfl  HTTP/1.1 200 Ok04:21
sabdfl  ...04:21
sabdfl  Content-Type: text/html;charset=utf-804:21
sabdfl  ...04:21
sabdfl      <h1>Welcome to Malone!</h1>04:21
sabdfl  ...04:21
sabdflso much, much shorter04:21
sabdflbasically just tests you got a 200 Ok and a h1 header that looks right04:21
sabdflthis way, we can mess around with the page content without it affecting the tests04:21
sabdfli've tried to do all my tests this way, it will reduce the number of false failures04:22
BradBit's a fine line to walk :)04:22
sabdflwell, we can create tests that look for more specific features of a page04:22
sabdflbut right now we mainly want to ascertain whether or not a change breaks tests altogether04:22
sabdflbreaks pages, rather04:23
sabdflso later we can test that, for example, given a virtual host x you get something on the page like x04:23
sabdfland given a virtual host y you get something different04:23
sabdflbut right now we don't have that distinction04:23
sabdflso just knowing the page rendered 200 OK is a huge help04:24
BradBi guess we'll find out over the next little while if that's enough coverage. :)04:24
BradBSteveA_: do you have a few minutes now to verify whether the bug report for auth'd page tests fails for you? i may not be around later to clarify if it somehow manages to not fail for you.04:26
SteveA_which bug number?04:31
SteveA_BradB: I get at assertion error at step 904:36
BradBouch, that's another bug i reported04:37
SteveA_  File "/stuff/code/Launchpad/launchpad/sourcecode/zope/src/zope/app/tests/dochttp.py", line 97, in dochttp04:37
SteveA_    assert (request and response) or not (request or response)04:37
SteveA_I can certainly look into bug 211504:38
SteveA_until i've fixed that, I can't look into 211404:38
SteveA_thanks -- the bug report of 2114 is very clear and easy to follow04:39
(dilys/#launchpad) Merge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: great WordWord renaming (patch-622)04:41
sabdfldilys: you rock04:42
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!dmwaters:*! Hi all! I need to do some quick rehubbing, this won't take long.08:21
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