joemhey, if you want to get help, you need to know how to get it right?12:00
ThreeDayMonkjdub: I hate freedom12:00
=== socomm [~jde@adsl-69-104-67-49.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ThreeDayMonk grabs Windows XP CD and bows before the idol of Gates
chowellshmmm, first time I've used GNOME 2. The laptop battery apple is quite good, I really need to make klaptopdaemon suck less :(12:04
mirak_klaptopdaemon??????..................that is a kde thing?????12:05
maswanjdub: GOOD MORNING, HU-MAN12:06
=== Mithrandir hands maswan a beer.
mirak_mithrandir, where is mine???12:07
=== maswan hands the beer off to Hands, owing him a beer already :)
=== mirak_ :(
Mithrandirmirak_: are you in a beer-compatible time zone?12:07
socommbeer == `teh' suck12:07
mirak_eastern time12:07
Annakde on knoppix was my first introduction to linux... Otherwise I'll probably still use windows12:07
Mithrandirmirak_: still a bit early, isn't it?12:08
socommAnna: n00b12:08
mirak_like 6 ish12:08
=== maswan goes to check if breakfast is done yet
mirak_anna, kde wash pushing me back to windows...............12:08
Annayes, I'm a newbie..12:08
=== unitd [~daniel@ca-arcdca-cuda1-c1d-71.arcdca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_just stating that noobs like kde.......the newb that i am hetes it12:09
socommSo, you're annoying :^P12:09
unitdhullo room12:09
Mithrandirmaswan: your timezone is just wrong. :)12:09
maswanMithrandir: yes. :)12:09
Riddellmirak_: maybe they like KDE because it's better12:09
leonelmi laptop has  384 mb ram  and  only recognizes   256  same with Ubuntu and Debian SID  with  kernel 2.4 on sid recognizes 384   any ideas  ?12:10
AnnaProbably, that depends on my opponents personality structure12:10
Mithrandirmirak_: some newbies like gnome just as well.12:10
socommAnna: opponents?12:10
mirak_riddell, hmmmmmmmmmmm..........maybe........maybe not.........not for me to decide12:10
unitdi'm having problems mounting my hdds12:10
unitdis UBUNTU spose to automnt stuff for me12:10
AnnaWell I'm German so I may have tied the wrong meaning to opponants12:11
=== max_ [~maxdeo@c-24-5-248-109.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_unitd, i only have 1 HDD...cant help ya12:11
unitdits not detecting my other partitions on the same hdd 12:11
Bliksemany easy way to get a bootsplash in ubuntu, or will it mean recompiling the kernel?12:12
ThreeDayMonkunitd: what format?12:12
=== gsa [gsa@host75.200-117-212.telecom.net.ar] has left #ubuntu []
AnnaBut being a newbie sure sucks. 12:12
unitdonly ubuntu partition shows up mounted at bootup12:12
mirak_mithrandir, that is tru......i am a newb, i hate kde and love gnome..........but maybe that is just remnant of my osX beta test days12:12
socommAnna: give it time.12:12
jedixtoyowheelin, finished?12:12
Bliksemgnome > KDE imo12:12
ThreeDayMonkunitd: yes; what format are the other partitions?  ext2?  ext3?  ntfs?12:12
baHamcan I play wmv's on linux ?? ;_;12:12
unitderm ntfs and ext312:12
chowellsoh great, a desktop environment war12:12
socommbaHam: you can play wmv with mplayer.12:12
unitdgo gnome12:13
baHamwhat about xmms12:13
ThreeDayMonkunitd: edit fstab12:13
ThreeDayMonkfirst, you need to know which partition is which, though12:13
socommbaHam: No, xmms only plays audio files.12:13
toyowheelin97% jedix12:13
baHamI mean wma12:13
baHamsorry :|12:13
unitdpm monK?12:13
AnnaAnyway, I'm glad I made the switch. Linux and me were destined for each other. 12:13
Bliksembaham vlc can afaik12:13
baHamI am so dumb12:13
mirak_toyowheelin, what are you grabbin'????12:13
ThreeDayMonkunitd: go ahead12:13
baHamcan I play wav's on xmms ?12:14
socommbaHam: yes xmms should be able to play your wav files.12:14
toyowheelindoom3 demo12:14
afonitin what location can you set the audio that is to be used.  I have a soundboard on the motherboard, and a soundblaster card, I think they are getting confused, where can I go in a disable one?12:14
mirak_ahhhh........dont think my machine can handle that12:14
AnnaI wonder what could be done to attract more women to using Linux. The gender balance is like 98:2?12:15
socommbaHam: I don't mean any disrespect but try figuring things out before you ask other people for help.12:15
=== plangent [~plangent@user-0ce2kdq.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
baHamsocomm, you're right12:15
Bliksemanna, women dont use windows nm linux :P12:15
socommAnna: how about more attractive men?12:15
baHamsocomm, marijuana is very bad :|12:15
=== jsc [~jsc@h-67-101-232-206.lsanca54.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== LeeColleton [~lc@dsl231-061-247.sea1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
toyowheelinmirak_, nether can mine with this video card12:15
mirak_toyowheelin, why, what you got????.......i have ati radeon 7000/ve12:16
Bliksemwoman + computer = endgame *most* of the time12:16
AnnaI was more thinking towards applications... Like something calculating fertile days or something. 12:16
SmokingFireYes barbie gimp12:17
SmokingFirea barbie and ken theme12:17
toyowheelinati 9800pro12:17
mirak_toyowheeling, that should handle it12:17
AnnaYou're evil12:17
Annaall of you12:17
SmokingFireI think there are just more men in early adopters.12:18
socommAnna: if the new themes doesn't attract women, I don't know what will.12:18
toyowheelinyeah it should if they got off their ass and made 64 bit linux drivers12:18
mirak_what did i do12:18
AnnaNEW THEMES?12:18
mirak_toyowheelin, ahhh.............64 bit12:18
mirak_anna, the ever so contoversial have nude ppl12:18
toyowheelinmirak_, it dont work too well when the computer only dose software rendering12:18
SmokingFireFrom the women in my family, I understand for the computers are just tools.12:18
tvonnew theme looks like an United Colors of Bennaton advertisement12:19
jdubtvon: (see the wiki, that was kinda the idea)12:19
Bliksemtbh, I feel comfortable giving ubuntu to women for doing normal day to day tasks, no need to worry about firewalls, viruses, spayware etc12:19
mirak_toyowheelin, yeah that is very true, but i must say that my vid cards runs pretty well under ubuntu, diddnt work at all in yoper12:19
SmokingFireSo I think the elite Windose, M$ will not work.12:19
LeeColletonhow do I turn off screen blanking?  I have the the Xscreensaver set to "disable" but the screen goes black after 15 minutes (IBM X30 Laptop)12:19
socommMala she's a developer for open.bsdcow.net12:19
toyowheelinthats good 12:19
socommVery attractive woman.12:19
Annawow, cute. (I'm not lesbian)12:20
toyowheelinmirak_, you get 3d acceleration?12:20
socommI think shes hangs out in #asm or something.12:20
socommShe's israeli.12:20
SmokingFireLeeColleton: its not a bios option for battery saving?12:20
Bliksemany way, bootsplash in ubunut? any easy way to geto one? or do i have to recompile?12:20
Annalol, ubunut12:20
jdubBliksem: that would require patching the kernel and a recompile.12:20
jdubBliksem: we'll have something far better than bootsplash for hoary.12:21
mirak_toyowheeling, i dont know where to check to see for sure, but it seems as if i do, know where i could check???12:21
toyowheelinjedix, its done d/l12:21
SmokingFirehow about a progress bar when booting12:21
socommBliksem: you mean bootsplash as in umm grub?12:21
toyowheelinumm...i have a xchat script that tells me12:22
jdubSmokingFire: that's what bootsplash is12:22
AnnaBliksem are you Dutch?12:22
LeeColletonSmokingFire: yeah, that's it.  thanks12:22
toyowheelinother than that no I dont12:22
Bliksemnope, but i know dutch and understand it :D12:22
mirak_toyowheelin, so what do i do??????12:22
Bliksemim south african12:22
SmokingFirejdub: oooh, thought it was pretty image in grub12:22
Bliksemso i know afrikaans12:22
Anna(Bliksem flits is Dutch for lightning)12:22
AnnaAh I see12:22
Bliksemsame in afrikaans12:22
AnnaSpreek jij dan ook Afrikaans neem ik aan?12:23
SmokingFiremirak_: she is asking him for his phone number12:23
Bliksemjammer ek kan nie verstaan :S12:23
joolzBliksem, vooral blijven oefenen :)12:23
mirak_smokingfire, hmmmm..........i guess12:23
AnnaOh "ek" is ik12:24
socommBliksem: Anna  take it to a private.12:24
SmokingFireBliksem anwsered that he has a partner12:24
toyowheelinjedix, what problem were you having with doom312:24
Bliksemyou all havent a clue ;)12:24
jedixtoyowheelin, installing it failed.12:24
joolzsommigen van ons wel, Bliksem ;)12:24
toyowheelinwhat error?12:24
jedixcould not find glib-2.0 in (text cut out)12:25
mirak_anyone know how to tell if i have 3d support12:25
SmokingFiremirak_: yes but I will not tell12:25
Bliksemons moet engels praat <---- we should speak english in public12:25
jedixI tracked it  down to the tmp dir it makes on install12:25
Annaactually I was trying to speak Afrikaans, the Germanic dialect spoken in South Africa. I speak Dutch as I live in Holland.12:25
SmokingFiremirak_: nvdia or ati12:25
jedixit has a 2.1 glib but not a 2.0..12:25
mirak_smokingfire, :( :( pretty plz?12:25
toyowheelinhumm... mine has an error too12:25
mirak_smokingfire, ati12:25
jedixcopying it over doesn't work because it makes 2.1 specific calls.12:25
SmokingFireooh I have nvidia12:25
mirak_ohh.......its not the same way??12:26
mirak_is there like a cdmark app or something for linux??12:26
toyowheelinwell that sucks12:26
SmokingFirefor me its just case of search synaptic for nvidia and then look in the description for the command I must issue after install and then log off or reboot.12:26
AnnaWhich reminds me of the tedious language switches in Open Office. Us who speak more than one language and use several during the course of the day have to go into Tools, Options, Languages12:28
AnnaFor a spell check12:28
SmokingFiremirak_: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto12:28
mirak_oh man...........binary12:29
AnnaIt would be nice if that was hooked to the keyboard indicator12:29
SmokingFirelike in window 2k12:29
chowellsis there any way to get a list of all the available wireless networks (e.g. ssid)? I want to write a tiny script to automatically connect to the right network depending on if I'm at home or in uni12:29
=== Livewire- [~s@cpc1-with2-6-0-cust126.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
toyowheelinok well im out of here12:29
=== toyowheelin [~greg@c-67-160-51-63.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Livewire-is there a partition manager in Ubuntu? and how do i see my hardware config in general (with a GUI)?12:30
SmokingFiremirak_: don't forget to install the prober version of linux-restricted modules12:30
mirak_smokingfire, im not about to attempt that..........give me a few more weeks12:30
SmokingFireLivewire-: hardware config --> computer --> system config --device manager12:31
SmokingFiremirak_: its just a deb package, really easy12:31
mirak_smokingfire, hmmmm......but im still afraid to edit src.list12:31
mirak_im gonna try it......wish me luck12:33
SmokingFirewell just make a backup in home or something or email it to your self.12:33
Annamirak, you're further than me then, I don't even know what scr.list is.12:33
SmokingFireit doesn't excist its sources.list12:33
=== cblack [~foo@c-24-3-179-45.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Bliksemwouldnt worry nothing too complicated with sources.list12:33
mirak_smokingfire, short hand, you know what i meant12:33
SmokingFireok, but she may have gotten confused by it.12:33
AnnaMy pussy is twitching.12:34
=== David-_ [~david@cpc1-with2-6-0-cust126.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_smokingfire, then i apologize, my fault12:34
Annacat I mean12:34
Bliksemthanks anna12:34
mirak_i think theey have pills for that12:34
=== ricochet [~ricochet@adsl-69-107-77-231.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Annano, she is dreaming on my lap12:36
Bliksemslaap lekker :)12:36
David-_where is the hardware setup?12:36
mirak_smokingfire, im sorry, dont hit me......how do i edit the source.list???12:36
SmokingFirefirst create a backup12:36
Bliksemsudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list12:36
mirak_ok.......thnx both of you12:36
SmokingFireok do the sudo and then before changing anything do as save as in /home12:36
__danielusing gedit on configfiles feels like editing them in winword :-)12:36
__danielbut it's alright :-)12:37
SmokingFirewell vim learning curve is very high12:38
Bliksemheh... wait till you have to use vim, first time i thought it was endgame12:38
David-_hmm theres no hardware setup menu12:38
__danielBliksem, i can tell you: i directly called a friend and was happy he told me about esc :wq  :-)12:38
Bliksemlol, it took me forever to work out how to exit, never mind saving changes12:39
SmokingFireit took me ages to :save <file>!12:39
BliksemSmokingFire easy once you know12:39
Bliksembut im a newbie12:39
SmokingFirebut I had no choice as x wouldn't start12:39
SmokingFireI'm a noob too but no choice12:39
David-_where can i see my hardware?12:40
mirak_smokingfire, the lins that it calls for arent there..do i just add them????12:40
BliksemI also had to use it, x wouldn start either for me...12:40
SmokingFireWhen I used ms-dos they had applications that had simple keyboard driven menu's. Anyone remember qbasic?12:40
Bliksemmirak_ what is it you're doing again?12:42
SmokingFireSo having a vim with menu's should be possible12:42
SmokingFiredrops the learning curve12:42
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
socommSmokingFire: why would you need menus?12:42
DespairSmokingFire: if you don't know vim, use nano12:42
socommSmokingFire: you want menus, try emacs.12:42
ricochetdoes the ubuntu Qt package have mysql enabled?12:42
Bliksemso n00bs know what to do12:42
David-_is there a hardware setup area?12:42
David-_i really cant find one12:42
socommBliksem: you gotta knock the snot of the n00bs sooner or later.12:42
SmokingFireDespair: you must first know they  exists..12:42
mirak_bliksem, http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto12:43
=== andril [~andril@adsl-3-168-48.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
David-_and its certainly not in Computer > Sys Conf12:43
SmokingFireDavid-_: Computer System Config -- Device manager12:43
David-_there is no Device Manager button12:43
SmokingFiresorry its not HW setup, just viewer12:43
David-_ya thats what im after12:43
David-_and i cant see that button12:44
SmokingFiredavid do in console: sudo hal-device-manager12:44
mirak_david-_, it is the first item12:44
=== sii [~simius@tranquillity.sii.se] has joined #ubuntu
David-_no, my first button is Login Screen Setup12:44
Bliksemmirak, in your sources list there should be something that says #uncomment the following two lines.....12:44
Bliksemremove the hashes at the begining of the lines following that12:44
SmokingFireDavid-_: something wrong with installation then. 12:45
Bliksemthen save and exit12:45
mirak_yes, but the lines that it calls for are in the source.list............so i was aking if i should just add them12:45
David-_i upgraded from Preview to RC via Synaptic12:45
David-_that must of monged it12:45
SmokingFireDavid-_: What version of ubuntu are you using and if older then some weeks please use synaptic to upgrade your system12:45
Bliksem"add them" ? they are there, just commented out12:45
Bliksemuncomment them, i.e. remove the hashes12:46
mirak_bliksem, they arent there to uncomment12:46
socommmirak_: remove the pound (#) sign12:46
mirak_i will post my source.list12:46
socommmirak_: post it on #flodd12:47
Bliksemadd them then, but sureley they must be there12:47
SmokingFireweird that some on some desktops ubuntu screws up. Maybe they life under a high voltage powerline12:47
mirak_deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 4.10 _Warty Warthog_ - Preview i386 Binary-1 (20041013)] / unstable main restricted 12:48
mirak_deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty main restricted 12:48
mirak_deb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty main restricted 12:48
mirak_## Uncomment the following two lines to add software from the 'universe'12:48
mirak_## repository.12:48
mirak_## N.B. software from this repository is ENTIRELY UNSUPPORTED by the Ubuntu12:48
mirak_## team, and may not be under a free licence. Please satisfy yourself as to12:48
mirak_## your rights to use the software. Also, please note that software in12:48
mirak_## universe WILL NOT receive any review or updates from the Ubuntu security12:48
mirak_## team.12:48
mirak_deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty universe  12:48
mirak_deb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty universe 12:48
mirak_deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty-security main restricted 12:48
mirak_deb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty-security main restricted 12:48
mirak_see they arent there12:48
=== IT [~EM@bonnett.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFireso what do you want to do?12:48
SmokingFiremirak_: 12:48
mirak_smokingfire, yes????12:49
=== Mirno is away: dodo
socommmirak_: it is rude to post anything over three lines in public channles.12:49
Bliksemmirak add: deb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty main restricted universe12:49
mirak_socomm, sorry.............12:49
Bliksemand add: deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty main restricted universe12:49
mirak_bliksem, that is what i was asking......do i just add the12:49
socommmirak_: if you wanna post stuff like that use #flood12:49
ricochetIm trying to run a mythtv frontend on my system, does libqt3 not have mysql support??12:49
Bliksemyes add them, doesn matter where in the list, i would put them at the bottom12:50
socommricochet: huh, join #qt12:50
mirak_socomm, i apologize12:50
Bliksemsave, and exit12:50
socommmirak_: it's all right but some channels will boot you if you do something like that12:50
mirak_bliksem, done12:50
Bliksemthen sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx12:50
=== christb2 [~christb2@218-101-49-97.cable.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
Bliksemthen sudo nvidia-glx-config enable12:50
mirak_socomm, ok.thnx for looking out12:51
Dekkardrythmbox... how cute12:51
SmokingFiremirak_: no, you have ati right?12:52
AnnaWhat annoys people about newbies?12:53
maswanI don't know really, but some people are really annoying picking on newbies.12:53
Dekkardyou mean what about newbies annoys people..?12:53
Dekkardonly one thing12:53
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-74.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dekkardand it is easily cured with this one truism...12:54
Dekkard"Google is your friend"12:54
socommAsking questions without doing sufficient research.12:54
AnnaI see12:54
Annaconsumer attitude..12:54
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091ac0.pool.terralink.de] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
Dekkardeveryone should be required ot run something like slack.. or straight debian for a year.. to see how really nice this distro is12:55
maswanPeople acting clue-resistant is the issue, not relative experience, IMO.12:55
=== Dekkard needs to buy frequent clues
AnnaInteresting term, clue resistant12:56
Dekkardthere is a website that has a text file.. if you look under Simply Linux.. it has the information in it to solve most probs i see..12:56
socommAnna: IRC/BBS/UseNet/Mailing List should be your last resort.12:56
SmokingFiremost humans hate/dislike reading, prefer to get information in a one to one way, e.g. irc channels.12:57
Bliksemdont go to neowin, full of idiots12:58
Dekkardi like reading the good faqs..usually there is enough there to cut and paste your way through things12:58
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
socommWhenever I do ask for help, I try to pay back somehow. For instance helping other people with their own problems.12:58
AnnaThis is a socialization issue. A lot of people simply have never gone out and done things for themselves.12:59
SmokingFireFor example the title of this channel holds anwsers to 90% of the questions12:59
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010487831pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaWell personally (and I did not ask that question with me in mind) I do search for documentation.01:00
Bliksemwhat do you mean anna? "alot of people have simply never gone and done things for themselves" ?01:00
baHamAnna, what is the problem01:00
SmokingFireThats why I think a bot in this channel would be great. For example a question about nvidia or apt. Just type bot nvidia and it will spit out the links on the homepage.01:00
socommSmokingFire: bots suck.01:01
AnnaWell people are never using their brain: everything is pre-digested in one way or the other, be it education, religion, social behavior from TV...01:01
=== jedix [~jedix@CPE0050bf9eb1bb-CM014090213885.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFirebasically learn to think to ask not to repeat.01:02
AnnaThe only time people learn to do things on their own is when they hit university.01:02
=== merhojt__ [~jimmy@h34n2c1o885.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaIn good universities...01:02
baHamAnna, where are you from01:02
SmokingFirewell must pre-uni education doesn't require thinking. Just learn stuff of head.01:02
AnnaI'm German born living in Holland01:02
SmokingFireHolland a new european country?01:03
socommI never attended University, booohooo.01:03
socomm*sob sob*01:03
AnnaHuh? No, Holland is one of the first ones...01:03
AnnaMe neither socomm01:03
SmokingFiresocomm: I noticed that most uni's at least for programming just use books that you can buy from amazon01:03
baHamAnna, also bist du eine deutsche frau :D 01:04
mirak_smokingfire, that is true01:04
SmokingFireAnna: I meant that Holland are just two provinces. Like saying I'm from Bayern to a foreigner01:04
baHamAnna, kann ich mit dir im pvt reden ?01:04
SmokingFireooh ooh cyber01:05
=== SmokingFire reads german
AnnaNein, im Moment nicht01:05
AnnaActually Holland has more than two provinces01:05
SmokingFireHolland does not01:06
AnnaOh, I see where you're coming from01:06
socommHolland isn't that the place with the wooden shoes?01:06
SmokingFireThere is South Holland and North Holland and there is the country the netherlands01:06
orutherfurdhi, this may be more a gnome question, but I tried to share my desktop so I could use access from another question, but can't connect from another computer -- any ideas?01:06
=== parax [~parax@84-122-244-22.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaHolland is also used in place of The Netherlands01:06
=== ToTo [~ToTo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== dieman_ [~dieman@3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097.org] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFirewell just saying you are factually wrong but I'm being a nitpicker.01:07
AnnaSomething like that;-)01:07
paraxwhich is the preferred format for a patch file? I'm creating one wich adds new files, with diff -urN (comparing two directories, package.orig and package); is that correct?01:08
SmokingFireBut its like english and british01:08
socommorutherfurd: vnc?01:08
socommorutherfurd: ssh maybe?01:08
AnnaSort of01:08
paraxor better I must create the patch inside the package directory, so it can be applied from source root?01:08
orutherfurdsocomm, yes -- tried to connect from my windows box -> ubuntu box, using tightvnc viewer. got connection refused.01:08
SmokingFireIf you are from northern ireland and you say are english you are factually wrong but British is right.01:08
socommorutherfurd: you may need to open up some ports01:09
Bliksembah the people in NI do my head in01:09
danielsSmokingFire: i can whole-heartedly recommend never attempting to call anyone from Northern Ireland, English01:09
SmokingFireorutherfurd: linux has build in kernel to not connect to any windows, if you persist it will unleash some nasty viri01:10
=== ygnome [~michael@] has joined #ubuntu
Bliksemthe people in NI support england, scotland, britain, UK and IRELAND - when it suits them01:10
orutherfurdsocomm, ok, thanks01:10
=== christb2 [~christb2@218-101-49-97.cable.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFireWell the other provnices of the netherlands are just toys of the provinces holland01:11
danielsBliksem: there's no universal theme -- there are people who support it being a part of England, peoplewho support it being a part of Ireland, and never the 'twain shall meet01:11
=== stianh [~stian@c5100AA20.inet.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFireSupport being part of England or Brittan?01:11
danielsBliksem: google for "bloody friday" etc, there have been numerous bloody battles, and religion also plays a key part in this.01:11
=== lobo_nz [~lobo_nz@222-152-45-128.adsl.ihug.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
danielsSmokingFire: (the UK, if you want to get precise)01:12
SmokingFirewell its confusing01:12
Annabut back to my earlier observation: People attracted to Linux are usually people who *do* like to do and think for themselves, like gifted people who share such behavior. So this would create the conflict of average IQ people with consumerist attitude and gifted developers / experienced Linuxers who just can't understand why these newbies seem incapable of making the simplest connections.01:12
danielsbut, I digress.  this is all deeply offtopic, and I'd come debate it with you in #offtopic, but I have things to do.  if you need more information, Google truly is your fruend.01:12
SmokingFireYou don't say Great Britian anymore?01:12
BliksemI know all about it, I moved here from south africa and cant get over the *general* stupidity of the people here (NI)01:12
jedixnot so great i guess01:13
SmokingFireAnna: I would call them early adaptors.01:13
socommAnna: buzzz wrong.01:13
ygnomeAnna: that doesn't work for me :)01:13
SmokingFireearly adapters would use a not 100% working application01:13
ygnomeAnna: if these low IQ types are coming, how are they attracted to linux if they are not 'gifted'...01:14
FLeiXiuSI think we need to make an ubuntu commercial...01:14
BliksemI agree with you Anna most of the way with that arguement01:14
SmokingFireSome guy made a nice graph in which early adaptors and people who just use it because its on the pc.01:14
socommI have low IQ, and am not gifted.01:14
FLeiXiuSIQ has nothing to do with the usability of linux01:15
Bliksemsocom what made you use linux?01:15
AnnaWell that's not mutually exclusive... average IQ people may just express different motivations of being attracted to linux..01:15
SmokingFirewell if you use kde you might have an iq porblem01:15
=== IT is now known as colinisation
ygnomesocomm: ah but you are, there just isn't a measure for your giftedness yet!01:15
mirak_i think maybe not IQ level but maybe common sense level01:15
FLeiXiuSmirak_, definately.01:16
ygnomeAnna: but your dissertation above seems to imply it.01:16
Bliksempeople who use linux i think dont want to be spoon fed, they want to think "outside the box"01:16
swb1943Mirak: Sense isnt very common01:16
SmokingFirejust being well informed about the possibilities and being interesting in something new01:16
FLeiXiuSLinux isn't about how smart you are, but how willing you are to go about finding answers01:17
AnnaBlixem: Your negative experience may also have to do with culture shock. I remember how I just couldn't believe how traumatic moving to a country next door could be. The Netherlands is a deeply perplexing country 01:17
Bliksemwas about to say free thinking, same sorta idea01:17
mirak_i find that after i learn how to do something in linux im just like, "oh, it makes sence that, that is was i was supposed to do", in other words, i dont find myself asking  "WHY" to often01:17
Bliksemoh I am still suffering culture shock... I cant believe alot of things here01:17
SmokingFireThe only smart linux people are the kernel/gnu/gnome and kde coders01:18
FLeiXiuSSmokingFire, developers > all :-)01:18
ygnomeSmokingFire: no, they are the GODS of linux. We are the smart people :)01:18
BliksemSmokingFire users too01:18
=== ricochet [~ricochet@c-67-180-227-54.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Riddellnone of gnu, gnome or kde are linux01:19
FLeiXiuSwe are all very smart people, but the people I envy most are those who develope the world in which I reside in01:19
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-74.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFireFLeiXiuS: your parents?01:19
FLeiXiuSSmokingFire, the penguin 01:20
baHamanybody using skype ? I wanna try something..01:20
Bliksemenvy, that not a deadly sin?01:20
Bliksemone of the 701:20
SmokingFireGOD is dead01:20
FLeiXiuSSmokingFire, I didn't mean to relate to my parents lol01:20
ygnomeSmokingFire: don't go there. it's not worth it.01:21
=== jimmy_dean [Jim@dhcp024-208-200-006.indy.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFireFLeiXiuS: I know but you were getting to philosophical on me.01:21
socommphilosophy sucks.01:21
jimmy_deanis it not possible to create a swap partition via the ubuntu manual partition program?01:21
FLeiXiuSSmokingFire, Think in geeky terms, parents would come after the computer :-)01:21
Bliksemhow good is firestarter as a firewall, or iptables for that matter?01:21
jdubjimmy_dean: yeah01:21
=== idaho45 [1000@] has joined #ubuntu
AnnaWithout going too deep into the subject: If you don't manage to get to grip with the place within two years, it's probably not for you. I say this from own experience. I could never fully acclimatize here, and went too deep unfortunately so now I can't just hop out. And even if I could, which place is truly better?01:22
jimmy_deanjdub: any reason why you cannot?01:22
jdubjimmy_dean: you change the usage of the partition01:22
jdubyou can01:22
ushoozBliksem, firestarter is a good start01:22
AnnaI use firestarter01:22
SmokingFireFLeiXiuS: my parent had to sell my first computer because I would not do anything else. Still hate them for that.01:22
jimmy_deanjdub ok, I found it...thanks!01:22
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
socommFirestarter is all right. I just use the script at startpu though.01:22
ygnomeSmokingFire: this parent has truly thought of doing just that...01:23
FLeiXiuSSmokingFire, I know the feeling, I was banned from my pc, set a time limit for my usage.01:23
BliksemAnna Im not happy here, but i wont go back to SA, I will find somewhere else01:23
jimmy_deanjdub: should the /boot partition be mounted as ro ?01:23
jimmy_deanjdub: I'm used to Gentoo, that's what it does01:23
AnnaBliksem: Like which place you have in mind?01:23
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, I'd set the fstab options to defaults01:24
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, ok01:24
SmokingFireygnome, FLeiXiuS but then I got my first real jop and it was related to computers and I earned more then my farther in his 40 year work experience managed to get. Never ever heard from them since.01:24
BliksemI dont know, I just know I dot want to live here (uk)01:24
ygnomeSmokingFire: lol01:24
Annasocomm: I haven't configured firestarter properly yet, I'm using it with an open root terminal I push to the second desktop surface...01:24
FLeiXiuSSmokingFire, lol usually how it goes..01:25
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-74.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
ygnomeSmokingFire: well, I hope my kid does that, his dad spends more time than him tho :)01:25
FLeiXiuSSmokingFire, I used to run a small time webhosting company which expanded greatly where I would recieve a ton of tax mail from several states01:25
AnnaOh you're in the UK? I thought you were in the Netherlands, lol01:25
FLeiXiuSMy parents then said i was going to far ahead of others01:25
AnnaYeah, UK is insanely overpriced, I mean gosh, those rents... like Western Holland01:26
BliksemAnna, ye uk...01:26
FLeiXiuSSmokingFire, this was at the age of 1401:26
SmokingFireYeah and now my mother is like, did you read your computer books. Could you fix the computer of my friend and more01:26
FLeiXiuSSmokingFire, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you actually?01:27
SmokingFireBut she would be damned capitalist. Each time I help someone with their pc, she says ask money for it.01:27
SmokingFireFLeiXiuS: now I'm 2701:27
FLeiXiuSSmokingFire, I have several years to catch up :-P01:27
SmokingFireIt was when I was 14 and the pc I had was a 186xt01:27
AnnaI also wouldn't know which country is next. Spain perhaps. At least sun.01:28
AnnaAnd a new language (yum)01:28
Bliksemwhy are you moving?01:28
AnnaI'm unhappy in the Netherlands01:28
BliksemI think australia... dont know i could stick the accent though :/01:28
cardadorAnna: for sun, try portugal :)01:28
FLeiXiuSSmokingFire, Im 16.  But with the knowledge I hold, im sure I could manufacture something good in the future..01:28
SmokingFireanna learn a latin language and you will basically understand more of the lang of europe. Like the latin has had over english01:29
AnnaI actually heard nice things about Portugal01:29
FLeiXiuSBliksem,  don't go to australia, they're internet is slower then hell01:29
SmokingFireFLeiXiuS: yup, and i'm envious as at my time there was no such thing as internet, only library. If I had the internet at your age.01:29
cardadorAnna: what exactly, apart from football?01:29
AnnaUgh. Australia is so far off.01:29
Bliksemheh... try Telkom in south frica for slow01:29
SmokingFireAnna: but the kangaroos01:30
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, how do you utlize a logical partition with this partition program?  I can't figure out how to make a logical partition and then create sub partitions within it01:30
FLeiXiuSSmokingFire, if i remember as far back as I can the only thing i can remember is the old mac's which were all text based.  We had the internet but it was hard to navigate01:30
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, because I have already filled up my 4 primary partitions01:30
SmokingFireFLeiXiuS: I you really like computers and want to study it, I recommend digital electronics, it will have computers and much more. Better then pure computer science01:31
Bliksemjimmy_dean what app are you using?01:31
AnnaCardador: I'm deeply disappointed with this society. 01:31
SmokingFireAnna: why?01:31
jimmy_deanBliksem, the manual partition editor in the ubuntu installer01:31
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, is Ubuntu already installed?01:31
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, nope, installing it right now01:31
Bliksemhmm, took me a while to work my way round with it01:31
cardadorAnna: dont expect better in portugal...01:31
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, and you can't select a hard drive, then unformatted space01:32
SmokingFireAnna: what kind of society are you looking for?01:32
AnnaOh why. That is difficult to wrap into a line. But it just comes down to that I and Holland simply don't match. 01:32
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, wait, what?  I don't get your last statement01:32
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, whats your precise problem?01:32
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, ok, so I create /boot, swap, / as my first 3 primary partitions01:33
Bliksemhmm im in kinda the same predicament, here everything revolves around football and getting drunk01:33
AnnaThat is also difficult to answer Smoking Fire01:33
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, and I have more partitions to setup, but obviously I only have one more primary partition to use01:33
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, I need an extended partition01:33
SmokingFireBut do you want more open culture or more private?01:33
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, the extended partition was created automatically for me01:34
SmokingFireBliksem: Basically it also depends on your friends01:34
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, I'd locate you primary hd, then select the unformatted space and create a partition within it.  01:34
Bliksemyes, I have found some friends i can relate to01:34
SmokingFireBliksem: used go to a place where nerds hang out and the topics will be very different.01:34
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, that's what I'm doing01:34
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, i'm trying to think back to the installer..01:34
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, then what other information do you need01:35
Bliksembut also the society, the lyrics that are found enjoyable in music, are vulgar01:35
Bliksemthe way men think about women in general01:35
SmokingFireBliksem: pop culture01:35
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, I need to create /boot, swap, /, /var, /usr, /home, /tmp01:35
Bliksemits not what I was brought up with01:35
SmokingFireBliksem: just tune to another radio station like sky radio01:35
AnnaBliksem are you female?01:35
=== DanC_lap [~connolly@64-126-89-30-dhcp-kc.everestkc.net] has joined #ubuntu
Bliksemrofl no01:36
AnnaOh ok01:36
Bliksemnot gay either, if thats your next question :P01:36
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, do you understand what I'm trying to do now?01:36
SmokingFireYou can't deny people the choice if they like hearing dirty lyrics or getting drunk or whatever. Just find another circle of friends01:36
DanC_lapany clues on how to add a user? I added one with useradd or whatever from the CLI, but then I had to edit /etc/sudoers and add the new user to the audio group. and sound still isn't working for that user.01:36
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, here http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Partition/partition-4.html  read this, that explains where to put the partitions and what options to give them01:36
Bliksembut that is almost the entire culture, I find sanity in christians - yet im athiest01:37
Bliksemi just dont fit in01:37
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, I understand that...I'm just confused how to do that with the partition editor on the Ubuntu installer01:37
SmokingFireBliksem: ho, there are plenty of christians, just goto a church01:37
AnnaNo, I wasn't suggesting you're gay. I thought you may be female given your remark on how men treat women...01:37
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, I create this many partitions all the time in Gentoo01:37
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, oh alright, let me pop in the installer 1 sec01:37
AnnaBesides, being gay is totally ok01:37
SmokingFireooh misread sorry Bliksem01:37
Annaat least with me01:38
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, ok, thanks01:38
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, sorry for the mis-comprehension01:38
jimmy_deanthat's no problem01:38
BliksemI dont care what people are, as long as they're happy...01:38
DanC_lapany suggestions on where to look for docs on addings users?01:38
=== davidcg [~davidcg@190.Red-80-25-1.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Annathat's a nice statement, I like it01:38
ushoozI don't care what people are as long as they do not try to push it on me01:38
SmokingFireWhen I was at school, I had two groups of people I hanged out, the drunk football lovers (to stereo type) and the geeks but I was neither because I loved both.01:39
ushoozsexual preference or religion maters not to me. Just do not try to convert me or hit on me01:39
FLeiXiuSushooz, exactly.01:39
ygnomejimmy_dean: I used to do that too, but it's not really as impotant now that we have single disk installs on big volumes.01:39
SmokingFireushooz: want to change religion and after why can cyber?01:39
SmokingFirewhy -we01:40
jimmy_deanygnome, yes, I'd agree except that I'm creating a home file server with this Ubuntu install01:40
SmokingFirelaugh its a joke01:40
ushoozI will pass SmokingFire :)01:40
DanC_lapbtw... score one for ubuntu... the 802.11 PCI card I just bought worked the 1st time. (ath0)01:40
ygnomejimmy_dean: I create home file servers with a /boot and a / all the time.01:41
ushoozlast think I need to get working on my x86 laptop is suspend on lid close01:41
DanC_lapDWL-G520. $30 after rebate. http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=15026101:41
FLeiXiuSygnome, but u have more controll over manually installed partitions, jimmy_dean 1 more second its loading up now01:42
AnnaActually, homosexuality nor heterosexuality exist, since the difference between gender are insufficient to establish different sections of humans. The premise of humans is female that's why men have nipples and milk ducts. And the prostate is actually a retarded womb. The Y chromosome is not a Y chromosome either, it's really just an X with a missing leg.01:42
jimmy_deanygnome, yeah, ever try adminstering lots of Linux servers before?  All of these partitions saved me many times before.01:42
DanC_lapand where is synaptic? I don't see it in the menus01:42
ygnomeFLeiXiuS: you do have more control, but the advantages are not worth the effort IMO01:43
ygnomejimmy_dean: I have about 20 or so, the ones that give the most grief are the old ones with lots of defined partitions.01:43
FLeiXiuSygnome, i have little or no effort involved..its quite easy if u picture it01:43
SmokingFireAnna: I read the the clitoris is actually a penis01:43
AnnaThat's correct01:43
jduboff topic stuff elsewhere please01:43
AnnaWell, the penis is actually an enlarged clitoris01:44
FLeiXiuSAnna, is this really neccessary?01:44
ygnomejdub: us? k.01:44
FLeiXiuSok jimmy_dean which screen are you at?01:44
=== noda [~noda@modemcable009.99-37-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
danielsthere's a channel called #offtopic which anyone is welcome to use for random conversations01:44
AnnaI don't understand the criticism. 01:44
AnnaAh, I see.01:44
AnnaOff topic01:44
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, I am at the screen where I can select free space to create partitions on01:44
FLeiXiuSAnna, this is linux, not exploring sexuality 10101:45
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FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, alright do you see IDE master (or wherever you installing too)01:46
Bliksemeh, nothing interesting in #offtopic01:46
DanC_lapclues on synaptic? or adding users?01:46
=== SmokingFire joins offtopic
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, ok, under that topic what do you see?01:46
=== tux [~tux@213-202-165-82.bas503.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, do you see unpartitioned free space, or do you seee partitions01:47
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, I see my 80 GB drive, and the first 3 partitions that I created (all primary) and then free space01:47
SmokingFireSo Anna if you want to vent /join #offtopic01:47
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, alright, so you already have your partitions created?  Do you need to label them now?01:47
AnnaIs there anyone there? 01:47
jimmy_deanI labelled them01:48
Bliksema few01:48
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, alright, i would only set the /boot as primary and the rest logical01:48
=== tester_mesher [~yz@] has joined #ubuntu
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, really, interesting...even the swap?01:48
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, also giving /boot booting privledges01:48
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, why not fill up the first 3 as primary and then a logical drive?01:48
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, the swap you can format to a swap partition01:48
FLeiXiuSnavigate down to your swap space01:49
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, push enter01:49
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, I'm there01:49
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, under Usage Method, select swap area01:49
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, yep, did that already01:49
FLeiXiuSalright then done01:50
FLeiXiuSdoes your /boot partitio nhave a lightening bolt next to it?01:50
=== psi [~psi@c-077c71d5.016-81-6c756c1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== jedix [~jedix@CPE0050bf9eb1bb-CM014090213885.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, yes it does01:50
FLeiXiuSalright, do you have a format chosen for it?01:50
FLeiXiuSformat == fs*01:50
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, yeah, ext301:51
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, have you thought about using reiserfs ?01:51
FLeiXiuSvery fast fs01:51
=== psi_ [~psi@c-077c71d5.016-81-6c756c1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, I use those for every other partition01:51
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, boot doesn't need to be fast, just reliable...and ext3 is very reliable01:51
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, alright, you sould like you pretty much have it up and running 01:52
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, yes :-P, i was just making sure!01:52
=== psi__ [~psi@c-077c71d5.016-81-6c756c1.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, how do I create all of the rest of my partitions?01:52
FLeiXiuSwhich mount points have u created?01:52
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, do I want to create a logical partition that fills up the rest of the free space and then create all of the rest of the partitions under it, right?01:52
=== psi__ is now known as psi
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, /boot, swap and /01:53
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean,  I would do that yes01:53
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, yeah, but I don't see how to create partitions within the logical partition01:53
FLeiXiuSyou create the logical partitions seperate01:53
FLeiXiuSand then an extended partition will be placed around them01:53
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, oh really, where will that show up at?01:53
FLeiXiuSyou won't see it, but when you boot and you fdisk -l you will notice it01:54
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, so I can't do the rest of the partitions from the installer?01:55
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, yes you can, just continue to install the partitions seperately01:55
FLeiXiuSinstead of creating 1 huge logical, you would create small seperate ones for each mount point01:55
FLeiXiuSIE: 1 logical for /usr another logical for /home and etc...01:55
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, oh!01:56
jimmy_deanI see what you mean now01:56
jimmy_deanthis is different than Gentoo slightly01:56
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, slightly but I like both methods :-)  this one is easier for the user..if they haven't a clue what they are doing01:56
FLeiXiuSfor those who are experienced were a bit more confused ;-P01:56
tvonAnyone have a bttv card?01:57
tvonI'm looking for btaudio success stories01:57
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, yeah, that is very true :)01:57
SmokingFiretvon thats like a tv card? I had a pinnacle a long time ago.01:57
=== raphael [~raph@rberbain.net1.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, thanks for your help01:58
SmokingFiretvon: it used to work on mandrake fine, however I wish they included a decoder so I could was the pay channels.01:58
FLeiXiuSjimmy_dean, sorry for the confusion :-P i was puzzled with words also lol01:58
tvonSmokingFire: yeah, tv tuner.  Trying to get sound to work with it via alsa01:59
jimmy_deanFLeiXiuS, np at all02:00
=== DanC_ub [~boys@64-126-89-30-dhcp-kc.everestkc.net] has joined #ubuntu
FLeiXiuS:-), have fun with ubuntu 02:02
FLeiXiuSIts very nice, check out the forums also02:02
SmokingFireDo the ubuntu people feel responsible for the subject we talk about on this channel? I mean if I posted a link to crack windows or windows warez what is their policy?02:03
=== DanC_ub found synaptic under Computer, thanks to a forum post
tvonI would think not02:03
=== DanC_ub discovers the device manager too... nifty...
ushoozSmokingFire, it is would be frowned on02:04
mirak_quick question.i have a radeon 7000/ve and the best frmae rat i can get under glxgears is 135...is that bad or good????02:04
ushoozthat is bad mirak_02:04
mirak_ushooz. bad overall.or bad for my card????02:04
SmokingFiremirak_: how do you get the framerate?02:04
ushoozbad overall02:04
mirak_smokingfire, launch glxgears from terminal02:05
ushoozI get close to 1000 on a cheap laptop Nvidia card02:05
SmokingFiremirak_: I did but see no frame rate02:05
mirak_ushooz, how is that for my card... uhh gigabyte ati radoen 7000 65mb02:05
SmokingFiremirak_: I see its 447.200 FPS02:05
mirak_smokingfire, it is in the terminal window02:05
mirak_00 looks like 135.6 is my max02:06
SmokingFiremirak_: thats on a gf 4 mx 64MB (el cheapo)02:06
Se7hglxgears ?02:06
SmokingFiremirak_: yup02:06
SmokingFiregf 4 mx is a 40 dollar graph card02:06
=== joh_ [~joh@166.80-203-18.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
joh_is Mplayer available in any of the repositorys ?02:07
mirak_my card was 35.but it is ati02:07
Se7h28349 frames in 5.0 seconds = 5669.800 FPS02:08
SmokingFireSe7h: what card?02:08
ushoozjoh_, yes02:08
baHamanybody using a creative nx pro webcam?02:08
Se7hfg4 44002:08
SmokingFirethats an mx?02:08
sparkxi got 1116 FPS on an ibook, if that gives you an idea.02:08
mirak_se7h, i get 135.600 in 5.0 sec........how many fps is that???02:08
SmokingFireSe7h: I have mx and also 440 or 460 or something02:09
Se7hmirak_ glxgears02:09
ushooz27 fps02:09
SmokingFireooh ok02:09
SmokingFireI get this 2236 frames in 5.0 seconds = 447.200 FPS02:09
baHamI have an 5200 GX02:09
davidcgfor a game 3 or 4 yo 3D at 640x480 yo need almost 300-400 FPS02:10
baHam7492 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1498.400 FPS02:10
baHam9395 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1879.000 FPS02:10
mirak_ooh...nevermind...it is 135.6 fps02:10
davidcgfor a tuxracer 20002:10
baHamso few fps ?02:10
Se7hbaHam minimize glxgears02:10
baHamSe7h, why do I have so few fps ?02:10
joh_ushooz: Then I`ll take another look :) thansk02:10
baHam31626 frames in 5.0 seconds = 6325.200 FPS02:10
baHamI get only 70 fps on counter-strike on linux02:11
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-44-56.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== ThreeDayMonk doesn't understand why everyone gets so interested in refresh rates when a 60Hz TFT can only display 60fps, and a CRT no more than 90
baHamon windows I get 100 :|02:11
baHamor better..02:11
baHamI got.. I dont have no windows anymore02:11
Se7hremove vert sync02:11
baHamSe7h, yea but from WHERE02:11
SmokingFireThreeDayMonk: like using a PIV HT for internet and email02:11
baHamthat's the question02:12
=== spikeb [~spikeb@c68.117.110.47.hay.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
ThreeDayMonkSmokingFire: what's a PIV HT?02:12
ThreeDayMonkohh, never mind :-002:12
SmokingFireThreeDayMonk: Pentium 4 with hyper threading02:12
spikebpentium four with hyperthreading02:12
ThreeDayMonkyeah got it02:12
ThreeDayMonkmind you, you need about that to run windows XP or KDE 3.3 smoothly :-)02:12
spikebi have a duron 1ghz :)02:13
ThreeDayMonkspikeb: duron 80002:13
SmokingFirenormal day to day usage you don't use its power but it's nice to have if you have the budget for highload cases02:13
spikebThreeDayMonk :)02:13
ThreeDayMonkI'm receiving P4 2.4GHz soon :-)02:13
spikebwhen i upgrade, it'll be to an amd64 proc02:14
ThreeDayMonkcan't wait to get rid of these piece of junk box with the worst hardware ever02:14
SmokingFirewhen I upgrade I hope it will be either a dual core or dual processor hopefully both.02:14
Se7hbaHam http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.aspx?catid=31&threadid=1407663&enterthread=y02:15
ThreeDayMonkif I were paying for it, I'd go for something dual, but I'm getting the P4 free :-D02:15
spikebi'll probably upgrade in the spring - i got this setup for free.02:15
mirak_hehe. my next purchase i a downgrade. 400mghz lappy02:16
mirak_is a*02:16
ThreeDayMonkdon't talk to me about laptops :-)02:16
spikebyeah i need a laptop since mine died02:16
ThreeDayMonkI have an iBook - it's taken over three weeks to get it repaired02:17
spikebbut i'll never save that much heh02:17
=== Phr0stByte [~phr0stbyt@ip24-250-124-175.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
Phr0stBytegood idea02:17
mirak_spikeb, you can get 1 like the one i mentioned from retrobox.xom02:17
=== dols|afk is now known as dolson
ThreeDayMonkApple screwed up the repair three times already: not dispatching twice, then, when they did repair it, they *downgraded* it "by accident"02:17
mirak_threedaymonk, id be pissed02:17
SmokingFireI need a tablet pc with wireless networking02:18
mirak_they better send you back a powerbook02:18
ThreeDayMonkmirak_: I am; can't you tell?  ;-)02:18
ThreeDayMonkif only02:18
mirak_threedaymonk, lol02:18
=== Phr0stByte was just rear-ended by a Linoln Navigator... =(
ThreeDayMonkI went to a conference last week - had to take a P133 :-/02:18
=== ThreeDayMonk googles Lincoln Navigator
mirak_phrostbyte, REALLY???02:19
mirak_threedaymonk, that suchs??02:19
mirak_phrostbyte, how bad??02:19
Phr0stBytemy Corolla wasnt big before, but now its half the size02:19
ThreeDayMonkouch - those are big02:19
mirak_phrostbyte, ummm, you ok????02:19
Phr0stByteyeah - by some mirracle02:20
spikebthats pretty nice02:20
SmokingFirePhr0stByte: maybe next car should be a humvee?02:20
=== mkyc-ubuntu [bcecau@d211-31-99-190.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_phrostbyte, corolla 0 navigator 102:20
dolsonPhr0stByte: how's that Linux game you're working on coming?02:20
dolsonI hear it's gonna be real cool02:20
mirak_oo...ooo....whats it about???02:21
dolsonoh, I meant /msg02:21
Phr0stBytedolson: How you know about that?02:21
spikebmirak_ thanks for the site.02:21
dolsonPhr0stByte: a friend told me...02:21
mirak_spikeb, lol...wha site did i send you too???02:21
dolsonPhr0stByte: his name is X10 and he's in your computer room02:21
dolsonhe tells me some scary things sometimes02:22
Phr0stByteIts on hold right now - for a short while.02:22
=== formnull [~robert@antarctica.roberthelmer.com] has joined #ubuntu
dolsonhasn't it been on hold for like a year?02:22
mirak_spikeb, oh yeah...retrobox.com....you find anything02:22
Phr0stBytejust gotta take care of some real-time life things...02:22
Phr0stByteLike getting a new car...02:22
dolsonLINUX IS REAL LIFE!02:22
mirak_phrostbyte, haHA02:23
=== spikeb bookmarks it
mirak_HhHhHh....umm, why is lowercase h bigger than upper case H???02:23
dolsonPhr0stByte: it's ok, I haven't been working on my game lately either02:24
mirak_spikeb, fineanything?02:24
dolsonbeen trying to start my online store up02:24
spikebmirak_ yes, lots of laptops right within my price range.02:24
mirak_spikeb, :)02:24
spikebnice ones too, 400-750mhz 02:25
spikebnot bad at all02:25
Phr0stBytedolson: I have finished setting up my dev environment though, so work will continue shortly - say by next weekend02:25
mirak_spikeb, be sure to read up, they dont even test the batteries....nor do they warantee the batts. at all02:25
=== ntl [~nathanl@user-0vvd937.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== idaho45 [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
spikebnowhere else that i can get decent prices on laptops do the batteries either02:26
Phr0stBytedolson: I just set up all the SDL stuff02:26
mirak_spikeb, yeah.....but i was just letting you know02:26
spikebthanks :)02:26
ThreeDayMonk" If you order a Laptop with 300MHz CPU, 128MB RAM and a 4GB Hard drive, you can order Windows XP Home for $109.00 Installed!" - for masochists02:26
SmokingFirePhr0stByte: what do you use for dev?02:26
=== oteiador [~oteiador@201009180216.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
dolsonPhr0stByte: cool... I don't even know if Anjuta still works on my system or if I have it installed even, lol02:26
Phr0stBytedolson: Anjuta works fine in Ubuntu02:27
dolsonPhr0stByte: no doubt. I just don't know if I have it configured anymore or not02:27
SmokingFireI have anjuntu installed, just need python plugin02:27
dolsonit's been a long time02:27
Phr0stBytedolson: I just now realized who you are - duh....02:27
dolsonPhr0stByte: LOL02:27
dolsonyou serious??!?02:28
dolsonman, that accident really rattled you02:28
Phr0stByteI guess02:28
dolsonyou were just talking to me on MSN like 3 seconds before I came back from afk02:28
mirak_phrostbyte, anything happen to the navigator02:28
Phr0stBytemirik_ the front bumper was dinged a little....02:29
SmokingFireWhat about me, we went to school together!02:29
spikebdo the kernel source packages have the .config used by the ubuntu kernels?02:29
dolsonPhr0stByte: so when you asked me how I knew about your game that you're making, you were *serious* ??? that's the funniest thing ever02:29
mirak_phrostbyte, i figured that....nothing a car wash wont fix02:29
=== Phr0stByte thinks me lisence plate # is imprinted on it too
=== SmokingFire license plate is commented out.
Phr0stByteSmokingFire: we whent to school together?02:30
=== colinisation [~EM@bonnett.gotadsl.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Phr0stByteSmokingFire: UCLA?02:31
SmokingFireYeah know, we met. I was at the toilet you entered and looked at me.02:31
jdubspikeb: the kernel binary packages have the .config :)02:31
mirak_smokingfire, WTF02:31
=== MepisBelle [~Old@adsl-68-122-6-135.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Phr0stByteSmokingFire: I musta been freaked out by the things you were puttin up your @ss02:31
SmokingFireNo, I got my uni degree on the net. I got this mail about buying your degree02:31
andrilhello all02:31
danielsguys ...02:32
=== dragon546 [~thomas@82-43-190-154.cable.ubr07.newm.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
andrilyes sir02:32
mirak_any good channels for a newb to hang out in to further his knowledge of linux???02:32
crimsunmirak_: #linpeople, #linuxhelp02:32
SmokingFireSo now I'm Phd in physics math and many other subs02:32
crimsunmirak_: and there are the links from ubuntu's web page02:32
mirak_ctimsun, thnx...you are always such a help02:33
crimsunmirak_: you'll find www.tldp.org helpful02:33
dragon546just installed ubuntu and I downloaded some artwork but when I goto computer desktop preferences I cannot find the logon manager02:33
dragon546running warty02:33
spikebim still debating on whether to use ubuntu or sarge, myself.02:33
mirak_dragon546, its under system config02:34
crimsunspikeb: the selling point for me would be security updates for ubuntu.02:34
andrilhey guys - I have a quick question "how can I access the root account?02:34
SmokingFireandril: faq02:34
jdubandril: see the faq on the website :)02:34
Phr0stBytedragon546: Its in Computer > Sys. Config.02:34
crimsunspikeb: not to mention that as a desktop platform, ubuntu is arguably easier to configure02:34
andrilBTW - I am working on a BlueCurve theme for Ubuntu02:34
dragon546cool thanks02:34
ThreeDayMonksudo su in a console02:34
dragon546I got it  :D02:35
SmokingFirejust needs a graphical daemons manager02:35
tvonsudo -s02:35
mirak_dragon546, Sweet!!02:35
spikebcrimsun i'm fine in either, so i'm just pondering02:35
crimsunspikeb: sure thing.02:35
spikebthere's a bluecurve theme in universe - wonderland02:35
andrilwow do you have a link?02:36
ThreeDayMonkhey, what happened to vi on my system?02:36
Phr0stBytedolson: You solved your pixel movement prob, I hear.02:36
dolsonPhr0stByte: lol, yes.02:36
spikebim trying to find one02:36
crimsunThreeDayMonk: `which vi`02:36
andrilI am talking GTK,Metacity, & Icons - if it's out there ... then I am too late02:36
ThreeDayMonkcrimsun: that's the point!02:36
ThreeDayMonkit's gone...02:37
spikebhere's the URL to the package about page - http://packages.debian.org/unstable/x11/gtk2-engines-wonderland02:37
Phr0stBytedolson: GetBlitTicks?02:37
dolsonwhat's that?02:37
spikebandril that is only the gtk2 theme though. the icon theme and gtk1 theme arent packaged yet02:38
Phr0stBytedolson: Maybe thats not it exactly.... some SDL timing mech02:38
ThreeDayMonkhuh... broken symlink02:38
dolsonI had to google that formula for drawing a line between two points, then I figured it out02:38
Phr0stBytedolson: So you found the formula?02:39
andrilspikeb: ahhh good one - how can I open *.deb files02:39
ygnomeandreu: alien02:39
spikebalien is for converting packages.02:40
jdubandril: dpkg-deb02:40
Skifar x :)02:40
=== MyKq3 [~MyKq3@] has joined #ubuntu
andrilkinda new to Linux but familiar with X1102:40
ygnomespikeb: sure, you can make a tar.gz out of it, and untar it from there.02:41
theantixanyone have a suggestion for a good simple multiplayer game for linux?  Gnocatan seems to be very buggy, looking for other options.02:41
theantixpreferrably something in Ubuntu main or universe02:42
dragon546is there a package for gyach-e with pyvoice on ubuntu or debian02:42
dolsontheantix: freeciv02:42
ygnometheantix: xpilot02:42
theantixcool, thanks :-)02:43
spikebi suppose it comes down to security updates, or more packages.02:43
=== spikeb ponders more heh
=== Despair [~Despair@69-169-250-171.lndnnh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Phr0stBytedolson: You on Ubuntu now?02:46
Phr0stBytedolson: Ah - its SDLGetTicks02:50
Phr0stBytedolson: (closer anyway)02:50
=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Nonphasisx kbbuib02:50
=== thursday [~fab@cpe-66-27-218-242.socal.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_good media player that will play divx...avi...wmv....most filetypes...for ubuntu of course02:51
thursdayhow to i stop ubuntu from changing my hardware clock02:51
=== dragon546 [~thomas@82-43-190-154.cable.ubr07.newm.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
spikebmirak_ totem-xine02:51
spikebit's in the universe repository though.02:52
mirak_spikeb, that is fine...i have it enabled02:52
spikebafter you install totem-xine, download the win302:52
Phr0stBytedolson: getTicks02:52
Phr0stByte    * return number of ticks (1000 per sec) since initialization of the SDL library02:52
Despairor just go with xine-ui, it's a bit more mature (but metacity doesn't seem to like it's menus)02:52
crimsunthursday: i believe that's answered in the faq02:52
=== tard [Julian@] has joined #ubuntu
=== tard is now known as rublind
spikebeither way is fine02:53
crimsunthursday: question #18 at the bottom of this page: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/FrequentlyAskedQuestions02:53
Phr0stBytemirak_: MPlayer all the way02:53
spikebdont forget to get teh win32codecs too02:53
mirak_spikeb, should i be wearry of the things in the universe, or are they just as good as things on the reg??02:53
spikebmirak_ be careful.02:53
mirak_spikeb, why is that????.......dependancies?02:54
crimsunwith that said, stuff in universe is generally quite high-quality02:54
thursdaycrimsun, thank you02:54
spikebmirak_ universe isn't very well tested, so stuff could be borken.02:54
crimsunit's just that the ubuntu devs don't have enough time to check each and every package in universe02:54
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-44-56.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_spikeb, crimsun, ahh ok02:54
mirak_is universe an ubuntu thing....or is it more of a debian thing??02:55
crimsunit's a ubuntu term, but it's based on debian packages02:56
crimsunit's like a subset of debian sid's pool02:56
spikebisn't it a snapshot of debian unstable from the same time the rest of the system was forked?02:56
mirak_crimsun, i know that it is debian, but is it an ubuntu server..or debian server02:56
crimsunmirak_: the packages are on ubuntu servers.02:57
mirak_crimsun, thank you02:57
baHamu b u n t u p w n s02:57
mirak_crimsun, just not fully tested by ubuntu yet....correct?02:57
sertmannehm, no loop device in dev for mounting iso's, how do i deal with that?02:58
rublindAre there any ubuntu dev's in here? (right now)02:58
mirak_crimsun, is that why it is turned off by default, to keep the noobs away??02:58
aitrussertmann: modprobe loop02:58
aitrussertmann: sudo modprobe loop02:58
crimsunmirak_: essentially. There are far too many packages in universe to test them all in time for a release.02:58
crimsunrublind: yes.02:58
sertmannhe aitrus, not that new to linux :)02:58
mirak_crimsun, i see02:59
=== BravoCharlie [~christb1@218-101-49-97.cable.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunrublind: the ubuntu devs are in this channel and in #ubuntu-devel02:59
sertmannaitrus: worked, cheers mate02:59
SmokingFirerublind: you seem to have a lot of issues02:59
rublindNoodles, just the same one. ^_^03:00
=== andril_ [~andril@adsl-3-140-104.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFirejust wondering if you not trying to run ubuntu on you own home baked motherboard and cpu03:00
rublindSmokingFire: I really want my sound card to work.03:00
rublindNo. :P03:00
SmokingFirerublind: sound is so overated, think of the deaf.03:01
crimsunwhich sound card?03:01
mirak_rublind, an external soundcard???....pci soundcard??03:01
crimsunand if it's general, we'll help you in #alsa03:01
rublindCreative Labs Audigy03:01
mirak_rublind, maybe try on a gnome channel03:01
rublindUh, where should I go? Someone tell me.03:01
mirak_rublind, maybe try on a gnome channel03:01
rublind#gnome ?03:01
SmokingFirewrite a letter to your congress men,03:01
mirak_oh.....not sure....try it03:01
Despairrublind: #alsa is probably good, for sound setup stuff.03:02
baHamyo man03:02
SmokingFireyo woman03:02
baHamyo trans03:02
baHamany italians in here?03:02
mirak_not I03:02
SmokingFireyo hermaphrodite 03:02
baHamwhere are you from mirak_  ?03:02
baHamSmokingFire, that'd be better :)03:03
mirak_baham, usa....why??03:03
baHammirak_, just for conversation03:03
SmokingFireI eat pizzas does that count03:03
SmokingFiremama mia03:03
mirak_baham, ahh....ok........just south of detroit, Michigan..........about 10 mins03:03
mkyc-ubuntuquestion : when trying to setup servers for ntp i get a message that NTP support is not running.  Any ideas ?03:03
SmokingFiremkyc-ubuntu: install the ntp-simple package from synaptic03:04
mkyc-ubuntuta SmokingFire03:04
DespairWhee, transplanted the sawfish menu stuff from debian and it just works.03:05
SmokingFireI never used debian but I hear alot of it on ubuntu irc and mail list, wonder how different it is.03:06
spikebis mplayer in the ubuntu repos?03:06
mkyc-ubuntuanyone else get errors for restricted in apt ?03:06
SmokingFiremkyc-ubuntu: could not stat errors?03:06
mkyc-ubuntufailed to fetch errors03:07
=== stianh [~stian@c5100AA20.inet.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_spikeb, no03:07
andril_does any one have a C-Media audio card?03:07
SmokingFiremkyc-ubuntu: I haven't 03:07
spikebwhat is the difference between multiverse and universe?03:07
mkyc-ubuntulike this : Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/source/Sources.gz  Sub-process gzip returned an error code (103:07
SmokingFiremultiverse is anything even non free03:07
Despairmplayer is in *verse somewhere03:08
crimsunmkyc-ubuntu: it happens often and seems to be hit-n-miss03:08
SmokingFireuniverse is Open source licesense apps only i think03:08
ThreeDayMonkI run a QT app in Ubuntu under Gnome; it looks ugly.  I have KDE installed; how can a theme be applied to the QT app?03:08
crimsunmkyc-ubuntu: the exact issue hasn't been found yet.03:08
=== lamont [~lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu
mkyc-ubuntuso nothing to worry about crimsun ?03:08
spikebmplayer is in multiverse03:08
mkyc-ubuntueverything seems to upgrade and work normally for me03:08
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-80-247.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunmkyc-ubuntu: no, it's not critical03:08
ThreeDayMonkI tried running kde-config, but nothing happened03:08
=== rublind [~rublind@] has joined #ubuntu
dragon546hi does anyone run skype on here03:09
ThreeDayMonkdragon546: yes03:09
ThreeDayMonkjust trying to make it look nicer03:10
dragon546I downloaded it and tarred it03:10
ThreeDayMonkwhich one?03:10
dragon546but I cannot get it to start03:10
stianhin the untarred dir03:10
=== deprecated [~deprecate@c-24-17-122-162.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ThreeDayMonkand if you install kde, it will absorb the icon into the tray03:11
ThreeDayMonkotherwise, it floats in a one-icon window03:11
stianhworks in gnome aswell03:11
dragon546just need to find a yahoo voice chat client under linux03:12
=== sii [~simius@tranquillity.sii.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== BravoCharlie [~christb1@218-101-49-97.cable.paradise.net.nz] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
stianhdragon546 -> http://www.phonegaim<.com/03:13
stianhhaven't tried it though03:14
=== stereo_ [~stereo@pD95268E4.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
dragon546hey stianh you used gyach-e with py!voice03:14
=== attitude [~ken@user-69-1-43-106.knology.net] has joined #ubuntu
attitudehas there been a change to the univirse sources?03:16
mirak_is skype hard to configure????03:19
mirak_do i want dynamic or static binary???03:19
ThreeDayMonkmirak_: I got dynamic03:19
ThreeDayMonkworks fine here03:19
stianhthere is really no configuration, you just set up an account and off you go03:20
chowellsyou need static if you don't already have Qt installed03:20
ThreeDayMonkso install QT 03:20
ThreeDayMonkif you want skype not to look atrocious, you have to install KDE and run kcontrol to set up themes, colours, fonts, etc.03:21
=== carney1979 [~david@d-65-175-251-206.metrocast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_threedaymonk, id rather stay away from KDE. thnx though03:21
ThreeDayMonkhehe - wait till you see skype in raw QT :-)03:22
crimsuni like skype03:22
stianhskype nice03:22
crimsunbut yeah, that bare interface is horrid03:22
ushoozskype use QT03:22
dragon546hmmm gyach-e requires me to be root03:22
ThreeDayMonkall I need to do now is to get my headset working...03:22
dragon546but thats disabled right03:22
crimsuni shouldn't complain too much; i still use alsaplayer with its bare gtk1 interface :)03:22
=== aent [~aent@fl-boca-cuda1-c8b-a-75.atlsfl.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== aent [~aent@fl-boca-cuda1-c8b-a-75.atlsfl.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
chowellserm, KDE =! Qt03:23
mirak_dragon546, sudo to root03:23
bur[n] erspeaking of kde, when is 3.3 going to be in universe?  next 6 month release?03:23
jdubbur[n] er: yes03:24
bur[n] eror is universe updated more frequently than each release03:24
ThreeDayMonkchowells: no, but it comes with all the tools to make QT nice03:24
bur[n] ernot what i wanted to hear, but thanks jdub ;)03:24
bur[n] erit's tough to upgrade debian kde pakcages and ubuntu gnome packages seperately03:24
chowellsThreeDayMonk: I assume you're referring to loading KDE styles in Qt apps03:24
mirak_is it possible to apt-get from another distro's server, assuming they use apt-get???03:25
dragon546hi would this program work ubuntu http://phpaint.sourceforge.net/pyvoicechat/install.php03:25
ThreeDayMonkif there's another way, I'm interested to hear it, of course!03:25
bur[n] ermirak_: sure03:25
jdubmirak_: strongly discouraged03:25
mirak_oh...i was just curiouse on how things work03:25
bur[n] eroops... maybe i should be quiet ;)03:25
mirak_not gonna do it03:25
jdubit's totally doable, but not healthy :)03:26
carney1979 /msg nickserv link carney1979 carney197903:26
=== overflow [~overflow@] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_i dont plan on it...............would just like to know, maybe when i know a bit more ill try it.....but no time soon03:26
overflowhi everyone03:26
mirak_hi hi03:26
chowellsThreeDayMonk: heh. well a kstyle is just a .so so I guess you just need that .so and to run qtconfig to change the style, but I don't know :)03:26
mirak_ubuntu suppots .rpm's????03:27
jdubnot really03:27
jdubalien is included for LSB rpms03:27
=== haggai [~halls@pD9EA6B0F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubbut installing RPMs from other distros is worse than .debs from other distros03:28
jdublinux standard base03:28
mirak_so if i have a choice betewwen rpm and tar.gz take the tar???03:28
chowellstar.gz will probably be source code that you need to compile03:28
mirak_unless it is a ubuntu rpm?03:29
dragon546hmmm Sound device is not defined when I start skype03:29
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-74.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
overflowi got some prob with my ubunto i've instaled know but i dont know what the password of the su 03:29
overflowcan anyone help me ?03:29
baHamjust put in your normal user password03:29
mirak_overflow, its sudo, and its the same pass as your user name03:29
SmokingFireyep, we can03:29
baHamI did another thing03:30
overflowwhat thing ?03:30
SmokingFireHowever its a dollar a question03:30
baHamI opened a root terminal 03:30
baHamand did03:30
baHamset a password03:30
=== chowells notes that one of his favourite commands is 'sudo su' :)
baHamso if I do su03:30
baHami just put the pass03:30
SmokingFirewhy not sudo -s?03:30
baHamand go03:30
overflowbut i cant opne a root terminal because im in text mode 03:31
mirak_why is that?03:31
SmokingFireon other lin distros mine would be su --03:31
SmokingFireoverflow: just do sudo -s03:31
overflowmirak_:  because of the grafic card03:31
mirak_overflow, bummer03:31
SmokingFiresudu -s will be like root03:31
=== toyowheelin [~greg@c-67-160-51-63.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
overflowSmokingFire:  doesn't exist some other thing ?03:32
overflowonly sudo ?03:32
mirak_ubuntu uses sudo03:32
=== dragon546 [~thomas@82-43-190-154.cable.ubr07.newm.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
SmokingFireoverflow: "sudo -s" will be enough really03:32
mirak_i was lookinf for su also03:32
SmokingFiremirak_: open a console and type "sudo -s"03:33
=== xzgv [~unknown@] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_smokingfire, how would i un-sudo -s   just close the terminal??03:33
toyowheelinI couldnt handle not having a root account so I just enabled the root account03:33
chowellsexit or ctrl+d03:33
SmokingFireI don't know yet how to log off a root03:34
=== chowells laughs
spikebif you type exit it gets rid of the root shell03:34
ushoozmirak_, type exit03:34
mirak_you know that you can open a root terminal03:34
mirak_so you dont sudo in03:34
mirak_just eveter you pass03:34
toyowheelinI do it normal03:35
=== ancker [~ancker@ancker.user] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFireI like sudo, root smells03:35
mirak_toyowheelin, but you activated the root account03:35
toyowheelinhehe yeah03:35
spikebi love sudo03:35
mirak_smokingfire, im diggin; the suo as well03:35
SmokingFiresudo is funny and intelligent, root just does what people say.03:35
toyowheelinthats why I like root03:35
=== SmokingFire is feeling a gnu poetry moment coming up.
chowellswhat the hell is the point in having a root account? surely you don't log in as root to read e-mail, and even 'sudo su' gives you the same effect as having logged in as root, but with less hassle03:36
mirak_well, im out.....talk to you all later03:36
SmokingFirec u03:36
mirak_chowells, i see your point, and now i am out03:36
jduband it's a lot closer to how the linux security system will work in future03:36
jdub(via selinux and so on)03:37
toyowheelinchowells, because I didnt want to have the same shitty password that I made for my "normal" user to be able to break stuff03:37
toyowheelinI have a complex root password and a not so complex user pass03:38
SmokingFirehowever gnome needs the dialog system of apple. 03:38
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
spikebgnome = rock.03:38
overflowhey thanks people i've used sudo and then configured the passwd 03:39
overflowthanks 03:39
SmokingFireI just had that problem, running some task on the background, popped up an error, however I was browsing/surfing and clicking and accidentally clicked on that dialog ok, close or cancel button, couldn't see to fast.03:39
jduboverflow: worth trying just sudo for a while03:39
toyowheelinlol overflow sudo su03:40
=== richnrockvillem1 [~schinnell@pcp09409049pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
overflowubunto rox03:40
SmokingFireon apple, so I read, error messages stay on the background <--- is much better.03:40
spikeb<--------- gnome all the way03:41
spikebmy preferred desktop. even over windows or osx03:41
SmokingFiregnome but learning from others is still ok03:41
toyowheelinI want KDE 3.303:41
=== richnrockvillem1 [~schinnell@pcp09409049pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
overflowone more thing im know in text mode because i cant start the X03:43
jdubRiddell: around?03:43
SmokingFireWhats the point of displaying an error in a system were the user will be certainly multitasking and has a high change of clicking on that message without knowing it or understanding (thinking its related to current application)03:43
overflowi cant iniciate the GDM03:43
overflowgrafical problem 03:43
crimsunoverflow: what graphics card are you using?03:44
SmokingFireBut then its also a programmers fault. I know on windows you have several kinds of dialog windows. Two being system-modal and application modal. System is like what happened to me a dialog of a totally unrelated program popping up in firefox. 03:44
crimsunoverflow: radeon 9200, i presume?03:45
SmokingFireapplication-modal just stops any input of that application but doesn't bother the other applications.03:45
spikebi have a radeon 9200, works fine out of the box03:45
overflowyeah crimsun 03:45
crimsunoverflow: do you plan to do any 3d work?03:46
crimsunspikeb: would you walk overflow through it please?03:46
spikebdri has hw accell support for the 920003:46
toyowheelinI have a 9800 but its worthless under linux :|03:46
spikebcrimsun mine worked out of the box - no configuring neccessary03:46
SmokingFireAny thought from ubuntu on "improving" gnome?03:46
spikebtoyowheelin you can install ATI drivers for that03:46
toyowheelinno 3d acceleration03:47
overflowcrimsun:  i want to enter to gnome 03:47
spikebtoyowheelin ATI's proprietary drivers have full 3d support03:47
jdubSmokingFire: there is work already going on upstream to improve that03:47
SmokingFireFor example nautilus should have a firefox like toolbar configuration option.03:47
toyowheelinnot for 64bit03:47
spikebnot for 64bit.03:47
spikebSmokingFire nautilus should look more like OSX's finder, and less like netscape 4.703:47
spikebin browser mode.03:48
=== compubomb [house@compubomb.user] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFirein browser mode, I want to add as many toolbar buttons as I freaking like. Browser mode should be the pseudonym for advanced mode.03:49
spikebi would settle for no locationbar (it's not needed) and smaller/better buttons :)03:49
SmokingFireeventually with extensions if it looks like konqueror its my problem not gnome's03:49
=== sii [~simius@tranquillity.sii.se] has joined #ubuntu
spikebuse firefox to browse your filesystem ;)03:50
overflowhow can i tell to X to use a ati driver ?03:51
overflowmaybe that works to iniciate X03:51
overflowlike "ati"03:51
overflowhow can i do it ?03:51
SmokingFireIts just that sometimes I need an advanced file manager and don't want a separate tool that only runs once a half year.03:51
spikebSmokingFire people like you and i seem to be kind of rare though, so we'd have to learn to program before nautilus would get any of these features03:52
SmokingFirelooks like it spikeb03:52
SmokingFireIf I could I would do it right now.03:53
spikebme too :)03:53
spikebany of you who are actually ON an ubuntu box know which repo gstreamer-ffmpeg is in?03:54
SmokingFireShould be like firefox, basis is ok but easy to install and configure extensions that can be disabled at any time.03:54
spikebi agree03:54
toyowheelinoverflow, what are you tring to do03:54
overflowto start my X03:54
xzgvis it feasible to install ubuntu, uninstall gnome2.8 and just use icewm? using a PII here.03:54
spikebSmokingFire in fact, spatial mode should be like that too. nautilus itself needs a concept of extensions03:54
toyowheelinstart x03:55
jdubspikeb: not in the repo03:55
toyowheelinjust a thought03:55
SmokingFirespikeb: Well I don't want the confuse the one mouse button enough, two mouse buttons makes me go into coma, class of users is03:56
Despairxzgv: if you really want to, sure.03:56
spikebSmokingFire lol03:56
overflowtoyowheelin:  he wont startx03:56
overflowgive a fatal erro 03:56
xzgvDespair: yup, gnome is too heavy for my processor (266)03:57
SmokingFireSo spatial is like easy mode, borwser mode, like the universe repository03:57
Despairxzgv: I've used gnome on a 166MHz 6x86MX. It's not that heavy. :)03:57
spikebin fact, im going to futz around, once i decide what im installing, and see if i can configure browser mode to use smaller buttons and no locationbar03:58
Despair(now, mem or disk footprint may be more of an issue, depending on your work habits)03:58
SmokingFirespikeb: deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main seems to have stuff, that makes ubuntu dev's frown.03:58
toyowheelinoverflow, you must be root to startx I think03:58
xzgvDespair: i installed gnome2.6 and changed the wm within gnome from metacity to fluxbox and was still dragging ass03:58
spikebSmokingFire yup03:58
=== dragon546 [~thomas@82-43-190-154.cable.ubr07.newm.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
spikebSmokingFire what i did on another install is install totem-xine from universe - that worked.03:59
SmokingFireyup for me too03:59
SmokingFirebut with the win32codecs03:59
dragon546hi again04:00
SmokingFireDon't understand why apple and real don't like linux people using their (binary) codecs04:00
spikebideally, i'd like to get the win32codecs working with gstreamer04:00
spikebdoesnt appear to be a way to do so though04:00
dolsonI hate Excel04:00
SmokingFireBut I love Excell04:00
spikebi like openoffice.org :)04:00
jdubspikeb: use totem-xine04:00
spikebjdub that's the plan04:01
=== jimmy_dean [Jim@dhcp024-208-200-006.indy.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== xzgv [~unknown@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
dragon546anyone had the sound device not defined when they start skype04:01
SmokingFirejdub: we know but we want w32codecs to work with gstreamer04:01
spikebi dont like using things from universe though04:01
dolsonI hate all spreadsheets04:01
dolsonthey must die04:01
dolsonbecause I can't make them do what I want04:02
spikebi find them handy04:02
dolsonbecause I guess I'm too advanced for them04:02
overflowtoyowheelin:  nop i can startx has normal user04:02
SmokingFireYeah and presentation programs!! and frontpage like apps04:02
=== zenwhen_ [1001@host-216-78-112-138.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
overflowbut i got a grafical prob 04:02
dolsonI'm trying to do this... I have a workbook with 3 sheets in it. on sheet1, I have data in rows 5:505. I need to copy the data from all of those rows that have the word NULL in columnA to sheet2, and all the data that has something other than NULL or nothing in columnA to sheet3... is this even posible in Excel/Calc?04:02
=== zenwhen_ is now known as zenwhen
spikebthat explains why i like spreadsheets - that went right over my head04:03
SmokingFiredolson: sounds like vba question to me04:03
dolsonVBA??? hell no man04:03
dolsonVBA is for suckers04:03
SmokingFireI have done similair but basically copied and pasted code from the net04:03
=== miked593 [~miked593@ip68-6-239-231.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
dolsonwill VBA code work in Calc?04:04
SmokingFiredolson: normally I would try to write the task in pseudo code.04:04
SmokingFiredolson: thought you were talking about ms excell.04:04
miked593if i apt-get update then apt-get dist-upgrade does that bring me from the preview release to the release candidate and will it work for further releases?04:04
=== wobbler [wayne@] has joined #ubuntu
toyowheelinoverflow, go edit /etc/X11/XF86Config-404:05
spikebmiked593 yes and yes04:05
=== georgia [~georgia@Georgia.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
=== daniels [daniel@fooishbar.org] has joined #ubuntu
dolsonSmokingFire: I am, but only because I'm at work right now04:05
toyowheelinoverflow, you can set it up how ever you want there04:05
dolsonI don't have Windows or Excel at home04:05
toyowheelindolson, get open office04:05
SmokingFiresO basically 5::505 if NULL then paste sheet 304:06
overflowtoyowheelin:  im on that file but i dont know whats the part to change to "ati"04:06
overflowdo you know ?04:06
toyowheelinjust a sec04:06
dolsontoyowheelin:  I have it but I can't install it here04:06
dolsonSmokingFire: yeah, if the data in any rows from 5 thru 505 in columnA is "NULL" then paste it into sheet2, and if it's not "NULL" or empty, paste into sheet304:07
toyowheelindolson, oh04:07
toyowheelinoverflow, I have mine set to radeon04:07
SmokingFireso if then else04:07
toyowheelinSection "Device"04:07
toyowheelin        Identifier      "ATI Technologies, Inc. Radeon 9800 Pro (R350 NH)"04:07
toyowheelin        Driver          "radeon"04:07
toyowheelin        BusID           "PCI:1:0:0"04:07
overflowyeah yeah its on section device04:08
ushooztoyowheelin, you need to run flgrxconfig04:08
spikebtoyowheelin so basically you're stuck with 2d until ATI gets around to updating their driver04:08
spikebthat sucks04:08
SmokingFiredolson: should look in vba channel and save time04:08
ushooztoyowheelin, install the binary kernel modules04:08
dolsonI DON'T USE VBA04:08
toyowheelinushooz, I cant04:08
SmokingFiredolson: why not?04:08
ushooztoyowheelin, why not?04:09
dolsonI use OpenOffice.org at home04:09
toyowheelinamd64 dont like them04:09
dolsonand last I heard it didn't support VBA?04:09
=== wobbler [wayne@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
spikebOO.o has it's own scripting language iirc04:09
ushoozyou are stuck then with use XFree drivers04:09
SmokingFireSo, you program, that means you only do  C and not Java?04:09
ushoozenjoy 2D land04:09
leonelmi laptop has  384 mb ram  and  only recognizes   256  same with Ubuntu and Debian SID  with  kernel 2.4 on sid recognizes 384   any ideas  ?04:09
=== miked593 [~miked593@ip68-6-239-231.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
dolsonI program in C/C++ and PHP, mainly. I've dealt a little bit with Java and what does that have to do with a spreadsheet?04:10
miked593i just rebooted after apt-get dist-upgrade and i saw the nekkid ppl how do i get rid of that im scared04:10
SmokingFiredolson: Hey, I did once a VBA excell script that checked if the value in a column was deposit or retrieve, if any add it to total income or expenses. And I forgot already how to do it, so no worries about the vba virus.04:11
jimmy_deanhow do you start/stop services (and add them to do so automatically) in ubuntu?04:12
SmokingFiredolson: meaning just be openminded, your personal feelings about ms products should not influence your productivity.04:12
dolsonSmokingFire: I own an Xbox...04:13
dolsonSmokingFire: I don't hate MS04:13
=== MojoPete [~pete@pool-141-157-10-5.balt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
dolsonSmokingFire: but I can't use VBA in Linux can I??04:13
spikebspeaking of xbox, fable is ass.04:13
jdubdolson: no, not directly04:13
SmokingFiredolson: I thought it was an one off task04:13
dolsonSmokingFire: no, if it was, I'd do it in Access04:13
jdubdolson: OOo has an equivalent, but it's not compatible (yet)04:13
Despairjimmy_dean: `/etc/init.d/foo stop`04:14
dolsonjdub: that's cool, but I just don't know how to actually accomplish what I'm trying to do04:14
=== alka_trash [~homer@c-67-166-91-212.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Despairjimmy_dean: I'd suggest using sysv-rc-conf to enable/disable standard ones.04:14
alka_trashhello ubuntu room04:15
alka_trashI'm currently using ubuntu and it's pretty good04:16
SmokingFiredolson: well then just export as cvs and import in perl or php and do your stuff04:16
alka_trashis there user contrib repository around these parts?04:16
=== SmokingFire doesn't know how to export a multi sheet excell document, but to sound interesting said it anyway
ushoozalka_trash, I can pm some repos 04:18
dolsonSmokingFire: that's the thing... we're doing this already, but the sheets to import are the ones we're ... ah forget it, I lost interest04:18
alka_trashushooz: pm?04:18
ushoozpersonal message04:18
alka_trashreally 04:18
dolsonI'm just gonna write a form to add to a SQL table and then they can export it04:18
defendguinim trying to play an avi file but i get no picture only audio04:19
alka_trashushooz: I need a one build for wma but I don't want to isntall the lib to make it ,  my ubuntu build is nice and clean04:19
Lathiatdefendguin: Are you using totem and is the picture blue?04:19
defendguinWARNING **: don't know how to handle video/x-divx, divxversion=(int)404:20
alka_trashdefendguin: you need to download the mplayer codecs04:20
defendguini am using totem but its an all black screen04:20
Lathiatdefendguin: ah what alka_trash said then04:20
alka_trashI had to download the codecs and extract them in /usr/lib/win32 ( I think that's it)04:21
=== rublind [~rublind@] has joined #ubuntu
ushoozthat is correct alka_trash04:21
defendguinalka_trash, you can get them via apt?04:21
rublindCan someone please help me fix my sound?04:21
spikebdont you need to be using totem-xine to use the codecs?04:22
defendguinthey have a w32 codec package04:22
alka_trashspikeb: your right ooops04:22
spikebaside from that...04:22
rublindGah, okay this isn't worth the hassle, I might as well give up on ubuntu linux.04:23
ushoozrublind, what is wrong with your sound?04:24
alka_trashrublind: ?04:24
defendguinalka_trash, yeah i have all the codecs in /usr/lib/win3204:24
rublindIt isn't exactly working.04:24
ushoozno sound at all?04:24
rublindI have a PCI sound card, and I cannot get it to work.04:24
rublindNo sound at all.04:24
baHamamu italians in HERE?04:24
=== Dougall [~Bah@] has joined #ubuntu
ushoozwhat make of sound card?04:24
rublindI went into volume control, and unmuted everything04:24
rublindCreative Labs Audigy04:24
Dougallevenin all.04:25
alka_trashdefendguin: does it work now04:25
ushoozthat should work. I have one myself04:25
defendguinno i have always had them there04:25
rublindDid you do any special configuration?04:25
Despairushooz: not if it's the 4th device and everything is trying to use 1st.04:25
rublindI installed ubuntu yesterday.04:25
alka_trashhow about other video files04:25
rublindYeah, it's the fourth device.04:25
rublindHow do I move it to the first.04:25
Despairit's a hotplug/alsa issue.04:25
alka_trashdefendguin: how about other videos04:25
ushooznope, it works fine04:25
rublindI went there, they weren't being nice.04:25
rublindMaybe you guys know what to do?04:26
defendguinalka_trash, i trust the avi file04:26
defendguini have played other videos though04:26
defendguinalka_trash, the avi file was of the jon stewart interview on crossfire that was torrented on /.04:27
spikebbbl, installing ubuntu04:27
=== socomm [~jde@adsl-68-123-205-149.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
rublindSo, have we given up on my issue?04:27
Despairrublind: sort of. You'll probably need to remove the kernel modules for all sound stuff, then blacklist the kernel modules for your various sound cards, then manually load them in the order you want them to appear. when you figure out the order, you'll need to make them load in a script during bootup in that order.04:27
rublindBecause then I'll go to some other distro.04:27
ushoozrublind, sounds like Despair says it is a Alsa issue with the slot your soundcard resides in04:27
ushoozthere ya go04:28
Despairushooz: not just slot. hotplug can load them in different orders depending on hotplug version and startup timing. it can be very exciting04:28
ushoozhe knows more than me about the issue that is for sure :)04:28
=== Ninjas-Rezatm [~ninja@cpe-24-143-142-199.cable.alamedanet.net] has joined #ubuntu
Ninjas-Rezatmsound stopped working after dist-upgrade?04:30
=== socomm boot to the head
Ninjas-Rezatmanyone have any ideas how04:31
=== drobitaille [~daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== alka_trash [~homer@c-67-166-91-212.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== rublind [~rublind@] has joined #ubuntu
rublindNo dice.04:44
rublindI'll find you tomorrow Despair, thanks again for your help.04:45
Despairrublind: any change in where it's putting things?04:45
rublindNo, same order (I think)04:45
rublindAll I know is that my soundcard is last.04:45
Despairhmm, would have expected that to at least bump it up to third. bleah.04:45
rublindGuess not.04:46
=== DanC_lap [~connolly@64-126-89-30-dhcp-kc.everestkc.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ninjas-Rezatm [~ninja@cpe-24-143-142-199.cable.alamedanet.net] has joined #ubuntu
Ninjas-Rezatmcan anyone tell me a few things to check when my sound stops working04:48
Ninjas-Rezatmbesides the speaker plug and volume04:48
Despairif you have multiple sound devices, make sure they didn't swap position.04:49
Despairhotplug can be fun with that.04:49
mirak_go to computer-system config-device manager...check the device04:49
rublindHah, I'm not the only one with this problem.04:50
mirak_rublind, STILL!!??!!04:50
rublindYes, still.04:50
mirak_no sound at all, or just not working like you want?04:51
rublindNo sound at all.04:51
Despairmirak_: trying to output sound on a card that isn't connected to anything, I'm betting.04:51
socommrublind: what's the problem?04:52
Despairintel8x0 may be fine under windows, but they rather suck in linux, particularly with Id games.04:52
mirak_well dont tell me, im not having the problem04:52
rublindsocom, Despair know's better than I do.04:52
socommDespair: no audio device?04:52
Despairsocomm: hotplug fun, basically. it's loading sn_intel8x0 first, when it should load snd_emu10k1 first.04:52
=== ob [sdafsa@adsl-67-66-230-158.dsl.tulsok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
socommDespair: why not compile them into the kernel?04:53
ushoozDespair, tell me about it :)04:53
socommDespair: or rmmod and insmod by hand.04:53
ushoozintel8x0 stinks in linux 04:53
oballow me to extoll on the virtues of abiword, and the pagan evil that is OOo.04:53
=== Dethread|sleep [~Dethread@24-205-231-52.slo-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
Despairsocomm: because then you have zero control over load order.04:54
socommabiword is made by some unsavorie characters.04:54
objust my kind of guys.04:54
ushoozReal Player/ Helix player is not usable for me due to the intel sound card04:54
socommushooz: you could always buy a new audio card.04:55
=== aitrus [~foouser@67-50-97-21.dsl1.chi.il.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatDespair: if you add the module to /etc/modules itl get loaded before hotplug stuff04:55
Despairsocomm: funny thing, gnome-settings-daemon was preventing me from unloading snd_intel8x0.04:55
ushoozthis is a laptop04:55
DespairLathiat: /etc/hotplug/blacklist is nice for that, too.04:55
obi thought we established a long time ago that buying hardware to support the OS (read: Mac) was a niche market at best.04:55
obwelcome to 1991.04:55
socommob: you should try to get good hardware from the get go.04:56
LathiatDespair: indeed04:56
ushoozmy laptop is well supported overall04:56
rublindMaybe do both?04:56
ushoozsoundcard is weakest link04:56
oband when 90% of the country (i just pulled that number out of my ass) gets their PC from an OEM, then what?04:56
ushoozand soundcard works for the most part04:56
rublindI blacklisted the intel thing, but that didn't work, so maybe add the one I need to modules?04:56
oblecture them about the joys of building your own system?04:56
socommob: no lecture them about being smart consumers.04:56
obthat's ludicrous.04:57
mjg59Uh. What are you people actually trying to achieve?04:57
socommob: you should do some homework when buying a big ticket item anyway.04:57
obmjg59: i'm drunk and fiesty.04:57
rublindmjg59 a working sound card.04:57
mjg59ob: I'm drunker and more arrogant04:57
socommmjg59: trying to get an audio card going.04:57
obmjg59: _|_04:57
rublindMaybe I should just have linux shock me electrically when it needs my attention, at least that'd work. >_<04:58
mjg59There is no way to define a correct order for loading soundcards without user input04:58
mjg59hotplug will /tend/ to load drivers for on-board hardware before stuff in PCI slots, but this is not always true04:58
mjg59Arguably hotplug's behaviour here is less than ideal, but still04:58
LathiatIt probably tends to do that because onboard hardware tends to be first up on the pci bus list04:58
mjg59Lathiat: Exactly04:58
obhotplug is the eternal nemesis of onboard video w/ a PCI card in the slot.04:59
mjg59ob: Well, that too04:59
Despairmjg59: if it could be made to load offboard first, that'd probably do what new users expect more of the time. But it'd get even weirder in combo with hotplugging sound devices.04:59
=== ob makes a mental note to pry the SiS chip off his mobo.
socommDon't you love it when a neighbor aligns his/her stereo right next to your bedroom.04:59
rublindDo we have any suggestions for me yet?04:59
obrublind: problem?05:00
Despairrublind: add `snd_emu10k1` to /etc/modules05:00
rublindIt's what everyone is discussing.05:00
mjg59Despair: Yeah. What you really want is for everything to go through esd and for there to be an easy way to configure which interface esd uses05:00
mjg59(This is technically not what you want because you never want to use esd ever, but the alternatives are even worse so you're stuck with it)05:00
=== dfaecling [~dsmith@] has joined #ubuntu
Despairmjg59: no, what I want is for esound to have never have existed.05:00
ushoozmjg59, then you kick companies such as Real/Helix who unload ESD libs and use OSS in their latest players05:00
obi'm too lazy to hack XOrg into ubuntu, so i can't be sure, but does it fix the choppy window resize crap?05:00
jdubesound is necessary05:01
mjg59ushooz: Yeah, they're up against the wall first05:01
Despairmjg59: jackd and dmix are better.05:01
obalso: the annoying tendency of gnome to load menus before the icons load.05:01
jdubpolypaudio will replace it05:01
rublindOkay, should I reboot now?05:01
mjg59Despair: And overengineered05:01
mjg59esd is the least worst solution05:01
socommob: X.org is XFree86 4.3.005:01
mjg59They're all shit05:01
mjg59All of them05:01
mjg59socomm: Uh, dude, no05:01
jdubmjg59: 'cept for polypaudio :)05:01
obsocomm: liar.05:01
rublindWhere in /etc/modules should I put snd_em10k1 ? Top or bottom?05:01
mjg59socomm: X.org is XFree86 4.4.0rc2+everythingusefuladdedsince+more05:01
dfaeclingCan anyone help me? I have problems with my keyboard - it just stops working in terminal windows often.05:01
baHamhey I can hear only 1 program that is using sound ..if i use xmms i cant hear ubuntu sounds.. what to do ?05:01
Despairmjg59: s/least// :)05:02
mjg59rublind: Order is broadly irrelevent05:02
rublindShould I reboot now?05:02
mjg59baHam: Configure everything to use esound - if you go into xmms, go to preferences and choose the esound or esd output plugin, things should be better05:02
jdubbaHam: configure xmms to use esd output05:02
Despairrublind: just `rmmod snd_intel8x0;rmmod snd_emu10k1`05:02
obwait ubuntu doesn't come with xmms.05:03
obwhy are people going out of their way to install it?  it's crap.05:03
socommDespair: `rmmod snd_intel8x0 && rmmod snd_emu10k1' would be better.05:03
rublindERROR: Module snd_intel8x0 is in use05:03
rublindERROR: Module snd_emu10k1 is in use05:03
mjg59ob: Again, most of the alternatives are differently worse05:03
obi <3 rhythmbox/juK/amaroK05:03
mjg59beep-media-player leaks memory like it's made of tissue05:03
Despairrublind: ick, need to kill whatever is using it. probably gnome-settings.05:03
baHamesound doesnt work05:04
rublindOkay, how?05:04
mjg59baHam: In what way?05:04
socommbaHam: esound == esd05:04
baHamthe popup comes out 05:04
baHamand says it is not properly configured05:04
ushoozI have no issues with esd or arts05:04
=== Can0Beans [~fart@pool-68-162-168-236.pitt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
mjg59baHam: If you go to desktop preferences/sound, is sound server startup enabled?05:06
obtruly, i have the more dire problem: i can't get sound in tuxracer.05:06
obbloody /dev/sequencer not found.05:06
mjg59ob: Oh, joy05:06
ushoozI get that ob :)05:06
mjg59/dev/sequencer has been pretty much useless for years05:06
baHamyea it is enabled but... I runned esd from terminal and now works :>05:07
rublindEasier to just reboot?05:07
mjg59It's odd that it'd give that error. It uses mods for music, last time I checked05:07
mjg59rublind: Try killall esd before that05:07
obit only happens when you download the extras, apparently.05:07
ushoozwith the BinkPlayer05:07
rublindStill in use05:07
baHamhow to run esd on startup ?05:07
mjg59I really need an ubuntu machine so I can actually test this stuff05:07
rublindMaybe :P05:07
mjg59baHam: Hrm. It /ought/ to be started on login if that's checked.05:07
obi'm debating burning fc3 test 3.05:08
obit's been a long time since i sailed on the good ship redhat.05:08
rublindI accidently removed the speaker from the top panel, how do I put it back?05:08
baHammjg59, it doesnt.. where to add programs to be started on reboot ?05:08
mjg59rublind: right-click/add to panel select mixer applet05:08
Can0Beansob, do you know when fc3 is supposed to be released?05:08
mjg59baHam: You don't want to start it on reboot, because it's a session-specific application05:09
Dekkardany ex slackers in here?05:09
obit's probably at fedoranews.org05:09
ushoozDekkard, I use Slack05:09
obyeah, i dropped slack after 9.05:09
mjg59If you want it started when you log in, add it under session properties/startup applications05:09
obi'm debating going back and using dropline.05:09
baHammjg59, I want to start "esd" on reboot 05:09
ushoozDropline is nice05:09
obsince patrick dropped support.05:09
Dekkardnew dropline...05:09
ushoozob, I was about to say that05:09
Dekkardwhe i did the last dropline update it borked me05:09
obi'm more of a kde fanboy.05:09
mjg59baHam: Really, you don't05:09
ushoozI am still on 2.6 Dropline05:09
mjg59baHam: The problem is that esd has to run as the user that's currently logged in05:10
ushoozob: no SuSE for you?05:10
baHamit doesnt work if not..05:10
mjg59baHam: And you can't do that if it's started on reboot05:10
baHamso i need to add it05:10
baHamin sessions05:10
baHamstartup programs ?05:10
obheh.  suse 9.x can't find my PS/2 kb.05:10
obfucking germans.05:10
mjg59baHam: Yeah, that's the easiest. But if you have start sound server selected and it doesn't start, you should file a bug05:10
ushoozthat is odd05:10
mjg59That really should result in it starting05:10
ushoozit is one of the better hardware support distro for my hardware. Laptop and Desktop05:11
mjg59debian-installer currently breaks on the debian project leader's laptop05:11
mjg59I find this hilariously funny05:11
obyeah i keep meaning to try it again.05:11
rublindIt doesn't go back to the place next to the bar.05:11
oband fiddle around with putting a dongle on my usb mouse.05:11
mjg59(And not because I had to spend two hours with him trying to get the damn thing to work, oh no)05:11
obdoes 9.1 personal have KOffice?05:11
obi don't swing the OOo way.05:11
Lathiatmjg59: haha05:11
ushoozI bought Pro05:11
obpro just has compilers and so forth.05:12
baHammjg59, I want to run it as root05:12
mjg59baHam: It won't work if it's run as root05:12
mjg59baHam: It uses user-level authentication05:12
baHammjg59, it works ONLY if i run it on root05:12
mjg59baHam: That's very, very odd. Please file a bug - that's not how it should behave05:12
ushoozob: has more software as a whole05:12
ushoozob: Personal does not come with Gnome05:12
obyeah i don't really care for gnome.05:13
obunless it's done exceptionally well.05:13
ushoozPersonal sounds fine for you then05:13
mjg59A Novell person at Linuxexpo.uk told me that NLD would ship with KDE as default in Europe05:13
obvis: dropline or ubuntu.05:13
mjg59Which seems weird, but still05:13
ushoozgrab personal then hook up via Yast to get the rest05:13
=== MoneyMan [~sean@wbar24.tmp1-] has joined #ubuntu
Can0BeansSuse 9.2 is shipping soon05:13
obif it can find my keyboard, that is.05:13
mjg59The one piece of my software that's in the NLD menus by defaults has been compiled with the wrong options and so doesn't have my name in the about box :(05:13
jdubmjg59: wack05:14
jdubmjg59: dasher?05:14
=== Wsquared [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== baHam [~baham@ip68-10-234-26.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Wsquaredlamont: ?05:15
mjg59jdub: Yeah05:15
mjg59They've compiled it without GNOME library support05:15
jdubtypical ;)05:15
mjg59How am I supposed to impress booth babes if they've removed my name from the code?05:16
Lathiatmjg59: heh05:16
=== rublind [~rublind@] has joined #ubuntu
rublindOkay, this thing just isn't working.05:16
baHammjg59, you se..05:17
baHammjg59, now ubuntu sounds work but gaim doesnt work with xmms on..05:17
mjg59baHam: Uhm. It's possible gaim is doing the wrong thing.05:17
jdubhave you restarted gaim?05:17
=== alka_trash [~homer@c-67-166-91-212.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Dethread|sleep is now known as Dethread
=== Phr0stByte just wrote my first python script - "Hello Python World". Please hold your applause...
rublindI can't get xmms to compile.05:18
rublindBut that's not as important as getting my sound to work first.05:18
jdubwhy are you compiling it?!05:18
baHamWHY are you compiling -_-05:19
rublindErr, not compile05:19
baHamapt-get install xmms05:19
baHamapt-get install mikmod 05:19
baHamapt-get install libmikmod05:19
baHamand you're done :)05:19
mjg59baHam: Or just use synaptic, as God intended when he put it on the install CD :)05:19
rublindOkay, now fix my sound :P05:19
Dethreadsynaptic does the same thing anyway05:20
=== rexiboy [~wrxboy@203-217-83-120.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
rublindE: Couldn't find package mikmod05:20
DespairbaHam: libdumb is far nicer than libmikmod, anyways. >:)05:20
=== Wsquared is now known as WW_
Dethreadrublind: which repository are you using?05:21
baHammy bud sees the mp3 files of an ntfs partition as user, but he cant play em..05:21
SmokingFirePhr0stByte: now do hello world in unicode using gettext05:21
rublindWhat do you mean repository? And how would I find out?05:21
Dethreadeither look at /etc/apt/sources.list or in synaptic Settings -> Repositories05:22
=== svenl_ [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-4-16.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== dolson is now known as dols|afk
rublindIs there a different repository that I should have? (or get?)05:24
rublind... which one?05:24
DethreadI assume you have the "main restricted" one selected05:24
Dethreadmikmod is in "main restricted universe"05:24
rublindI don't know..05:24
rublindI have what ubuntu installed.05:24
Dethreadhold on, I'll take a screenshot for you05:25
WW_rublind: I recommend reading this: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/components/document_view05:25
=== fragment [~jack@ip76.qdsl.openaccess.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-89-109.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
WW_rublind: ...and then take a look at this: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/howto/helpcenterhowto.2004-09-30.535934980105:27
Dethreadrublind: http://img73.exs.cx/img73/6854/screen.png05:28
rublindThose are what I should have?05:29
WW_lamont: ping?05:29
rexiboycan someone tell me how to use bittorrent? installed but how to start?05:29
Dethreadwell, in that setting you can install mikmod :)05:29
Dethreadrexiboy, which bittorrent client?05:29
rublindI have pretty much that setting...05:29
Dethreadrublind, note the "universe"05:30
rexiboyDethread, yes, trying to d/l a file05:30
Dethreadrexiboy, which bittorrent client?05:30
lamontWW_: yo05:30
WW_lamont: Wow, you're still here!05:30
rexiboythe one in synaptic05:31
Ninjas-Rezatmwhats mikmod?05:31
WW_lamont: I finally got the live cd ISO downloaded, and I'm trying it out on a Dell C800 laptop.05:31
rexiboyDethread, is there another one?05:31
DanCHad such a good time with ubuntu today that I had to write about it a bit. http://www.advogato.org/person/connolly/diary.html?start=1505:31
Dethreadrexiboy, hold on...I need to check which one that is05:31
rublind Homepage: http://bitconjurer.org/BitTorrent/05:32
fragmentanyone using winbind for authentication?05:32
baHammjg59, still doesnt work05:32
=== DanC [~connolly@DanC.active.supporter.pdpc] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
WW_lamont: I have the warty-live-20041015-20.iso05:32
Dethreadrublind, I have found that Azureus is a much more comfortable to use bittorrent client05:32
rublindYeah, I use that on my Windows machine.05:33
Dethreadrublind, check it out at http://azureus.sourceforge.net05:33
=== lamont is about to generate a new and improved liveCD
WW_lamont: The default boot apparently didn't configure X correctly.05:33
Dethreadrublind, cool...just use it in linux also05:33
rublindAre there are other repositories?05:33
rublindI shall. ^_^05:33
zenwhenhow do you start the ssh daemon in ubuntu05:33
rublindI download the .jar, right?05:33
rexiboyrublind, how do i start it?05:34
rublindOkay, how do I run it?05:34
Dethreaderm, sorry roxiboy....I was talking to rublind when I meant you05:34
Dethreadrexiboy, you need java installed05:34
Dekkardyeah..doesnt azureus use java?05:34
rexiboyDethread, through synaptic?05:34
=== jayeola [~jayeola@dsl-80-42-75-167.access.uk.tiscali.com] has joined #ubuntu
rexiboyI wonder if it's going to work on 64?05:35
DethreadDekkard, yes05:35
jedixwhat's that?05:35
rublindHow do you premanentaly modify the $PATH ?05:35
=== spikeb [~spikeb@c68.117.110.47.hay.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Dekkardyou need to edit /etc/profile i believe05:35
crimsunrublind: system-wide or for your user?05:35
rexiboyDethread, which one?05:35
rublindI'm the only user.05:35
jayeolarublind: edit .bashrc05:35
Dethreadrexiboy, which one what?05:36
rublindWhich is where?05:36
=== Dekkard shuts up
Dethreadrublind, in your home directory05:36
rublindOkay, I'm bad with Bash scripting.05:36
rublindDo I just add a line somewhere?05:36
jayeolaor /etc/profile05:36
Ninjas-RezatmMy Sound is also not working, should I install mikmod and libmikmod?05:37
rublindjayeola, what do I add to .bashrc ?05:37
rexiboyDethread, do i do it through synaptic? because i got heaps of files with java... none 1.4.205:37
Dethreadrublind: PATH=$PATH:newstufftoadd05:37
rublindOkay, thank you.05:37
Dethreadrexiboy, you need to download it from sun's website05:37
jayeolai add this line.... PATH=$PATH:/sbin/:usr/sbin05:37
Dethreadrexiboy, it's a little tricky to install though05:37
rexiboyDethread, any tips?05:38
jayeolarublind: and you can also add aliases, very handy05:38
Dethreadrexiboy, there was a good tutorial somewhere....hold on05:38
crimsuni'll write up something and put it on the wiki tonight regarding jre/jdk05:38
=== Dekkard installed j2sdk yesterday...
rublindHow do I do that?05:38
crimsunbut yeah, there're a few how-tos05:38
=== spikeb just installed it
=== james [~james@wbar5.lax1-] has joined #ubuntu
jayeolaok guys, i've installed ubuntu. had trouble adding a new user (errors), skipped to next stage05:39
Dekkardmy irc client uses java..so i kinda needed to05:39
jayeolanow i don't seem to have any users, p/words that work ....05:39
Dethreadrexiboy, look at this one. http://martinfowler.com/bliki/DebianJava.html05:39
rexiboyDethread, cool thanks05:39
jayeolarublind: example alias rm='rm iv'05:40
rublindWhich does?05:40
WW_lamont: I was able to get X by choosing the framebuffer option.  It only gives me 1024x768, but this laptop should have 1400x1050.05:40
jayeolameans that is u remove a file, bash will always ask you for confirmation05:40
rublindrm iv asks for confirmation?05:40
rublindOkay, cool.05:41
jamesi installed ubuntu a few days ago, and i am noticing some weird problems..  first problem: all web browsers crash when i try to access ebay.com05:41
WW_lamont: Also, tapping on the touchpad doesn't work--it should act like a mouse click.05:41
rublindI edited /etc/profiles and I did sudo bash /etc/profiles05:41
PandUwhat program to install in order to see cpu temp ubuntu amd6405:41
rublindBut it didn't change the path05:41
rublind(no s, sorry)05:41
jayeolaah, rublind 'source /etc/profiles' 05:41
rublindOh, okay.05:42
jayeolaor whatever file u edited05:42
rublindThere, thanks.05:42
rublindDethread how do I run Azureus?05:42
jayeolarublind: join the channel #flood and i'll paste some of my aliases05:42
Dethreadrublind, got java installed?05:42
Dethreadok, there's a "How To" on the azureus website05:43
rublindjayeola, wouldn't it be easier to /msg me?05:43
rublindOh, oikay.05:43
jamesnext problem, when i click on the computer menu, and then click on home, desktop, disks, etc, it takes like 5 minutes for it to open.  i am assuming that this is a nautilus problem05:43
zenwhenhow do you start the ssh daemon in ubuntu05:43
jedix/etc/init.d/sshd start05:44
WW_zenwhen: You have to install openssh-server05:44
jedixapt-get install sshd05:44
=== tom_cat [~tom_cat@] has joined #ubuntu
PandUCan someone help me setting up a motherboard CPU temp applet. MB Asus K8V abuntu amd6405:45
WW_zenwhen: apt-get install openssh-server, or use Synaptic05:46
jameshas anyone had problems with nautilus hanging when trying to open a new window?05:46
Dethreadjames: does the system hang when you access the drive via the terminal?05:47
jamesDethread: no, abd its not a specific drive.  even does it when i try to open my home folder05:48
Dethreadjames, weird...I haven't heard of any such problems with Nautilus... sorry05:49
=== jimmy_dean [~jhodapp@dhcp024-208-200-006.indy.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jimmy_deanWhat package do I want to install to get a kernel source suitable for installing the official nvidia graphics card drivers?  I'm running the latest ubuntu stable kernel (
jayeolahow do i deal with a forgotten p/word/05:50
=== Se7h back
=== Zindar [~bagfors@] has joined #ubuntu
WW_jimmy_dean: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto05:51
PandUPlease help me setting lm-sensor for Asus K8V ubuntu amd6405:51
jimmy_deanthanks WW_05:51
rublindSo, sound thing we fix tomorrow?05:53
=== rublind_ [~rublind@] has joined #ubuntu
=== rublind_ is now known as rublind
WW_jimmy_dean: No problem.  By the way, the top of that page (about adding multiverse) can be ignored if you are just adding the graphics drivers.  They are in the restricted component.05:55
jimmy_deanWW_, ok05:56
=== Ninjas-Rezatm [~ninja@cpe-24-143-142-199.cable.alamedanet.net] has left #ubuntu []
tvon_Wireless just went to hell on my laptop out of the blue06:01
tvon_Now I have to, like...work near stuff06:02
tvon_on top of that the Yankees are winning06:03
tvon_someone hold me06:03
=== wobbler [wayne@] has joined #ubuntu
ushoozmy wireless dropped early for no reason as well06:05
ushoozjust had to ifdown and ifup eth106:06
ushoozit was odd06:06
tvon_Yeah, its not getting a lease now though06:06
ushoozlooks like your Sox are done again :(06:06
tvon_Little wifi light on the router deosnt even blink, which I think it does whenever it get a ping06:06
ushoozI was chearing for em06:06
tvon_Yeah, Sox are dead06:06
=== rublind [~rublind@] has joined #ubuntu
tvon_stupid team06:07
tvon_breeds alchoholics06:07
rublindWhy is it that I have to keep doing source .bashrc to get java added to my path?06:07
=== punkass_ [~punkass@] has joined #ubuntu
ushoozhow did you install java?06:07
rublindWith their thing.06:07
rublindTheir installer.06:07
ushoozyou need to put the path in profile06:08
rublindI did.06:08
rublindMaybe it's 'cause I didn't restart?06:08
ushoozsource profile06:09
rublindI did that06:10
=== dewey [~dewey@c-67-168-51-181.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ushoozdid you close your term06:10
ushoozand then open a new one06:10
tvon_ah..rebooted and wifi is fine06:10
rublindI might have.06:10
ushoozit will stay in the path for that term session06:11
rublindOkay, well when I reboot, will I have to do it every time?06:11
aitrusrublind: in gnome-terminal, try Edit->Current Profile->Title and Command->Run command as login shell06:11
aitrusthen open a new terminal06:11
deweyok I installed RealPlayer and Realrekord and realrekord is looking for realplay and realplayer wants to be opened with bin-sh realplay from realrekord?06:12
ushoozhey, learned something there. That is cool06:12
deweybut realplay opens with realplay8 from a term?06:12
=== wobbler [wayne@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
SmokingFirewhy didn't you install helixplayer?06:14
SmokingFirein contrast with realplayer06:14
deweySmokingFire: where is that at?06:15
tvon_IMO, Helix player isnt really worth installing as it supports less than just about any player out there, RealPlayer supports Real at least06:15
deweyis it universal?06:15
=== augxwww [~augxwww@pcp04093777pcs.andrsn01.tn.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
SmokingFiretvon_: thought helix supported real06:17
jayeolatvon_: are u using a wireless card?06:17
hazmathi tvon_06:17
tvon_hazmat: howdy06:17
tvon_SmokingFire: helix does not support real, only real supports real06:18
tvon_jayeola: yeah, I have it working again though06:18
jayeolaok tvon_ have u tried monitor mode?06:18
tvon_jayeola: mhm....dont' think so06:19
jayeolaheh "keeping it real"06:19
=== spikeb hugs lighthouseblue
=== rushibhai [~chatzilla@pool-68-163-198-220.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
rushibhaiHi all06:26
Dethreadhello rushibhai06:27
baHamhello :)06:27
rushibhaiquick question, i've already been through the FAQ, so don't beat me up :)06:27
rushibhaihas anyone had success moving to ubuntu from debian sid in the same way as in the FAQ for woody?06:27
rushibhaianything i should watch out for?06:28
crimsunrushibhai: it's much more complicated06:28
crimsuni'm still in the process of doing it06:28
rushibhaicrimsun: :) 06:28
crimsunand it's complicated by the fact that i still apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade daily using sid as the highest priority among sid, experimental, and ubuntu06:28
rushibhaicrimsun: i don't mind moving completely to ubuntu.06:29
crimsunit can be done if you pin ubuntu at highest priority06:29
crimsunyou'll need to brush up on apt-pinning (man 5 apt_preferences)06:29
rushibhaicrimsun: i'm thinking of just following the woody instructions.. ;)06:29
crimsunit's a bit more difficult because sid generally has newer packages than ubuntu06:30
crimsunso you'll have to force apt to downgrade to the ubuntu versions06:30
rushibhaihumm. how about if i pin and downgrade to sarge and then go to ubuntu?06:30
rushibhaii've been from sid to sarge once without too much bloodshed :)06:31
crimsunthat's one more step than necessary06:31
rushibhaiyeah :)06:31
crimsunall you really need to do is configure /etc/apt/preferences, add the ubuntu lines to /etc/apt/sources.list, update and dist-upgrade06:32
crimsunthe priorities in /etc/apt/preferences will be the trickiest part06:32
crimsunyou could use 990 or 991.06:32
crimsun(for the ubuntu lines)06:32
rushibhaiwhat numbers would you suggest for sid and sarge (and experimental) in that case?06:33
crimsuni keep experimental at 9906:33
crimsunsec, lemme more it06:33
rushibhairight now i have sid at 990, and sarge at 500, experimental at 100.06:34
crimsunk, i keep sid at 900, experimental at 99, select ubuntu packages (mostly linux-*) at 90106:35
rushibhaisounds simple enough.. let me give it a try..06:35
crimsunto go completely to ubuntu, i'd just erase all the extra linux-* ones I use for ubuntu and leave one pinned to 99106:35
=== djempak [~cory@adsl-68-255-249-127.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
rushibhaiand what about /etc/apt/apt.conf?06:37
bronsonCan anyone tell me why I don't see /dev/cdrom or /dev/hdc in /dev?  I'm using udev.06:38
bronsonOr, perhaps a better question, what's the Ubuntu way of mounting a cdrom?  :)06:38
Despairbronson: look in /media06:38
bronsonDespair: /media exists, but it's empty.06:38
Despairbronson: hm. is ide-cd & cdrom loaded?06:38
crimsunrushibhai: i don't have anything extra there.06:38
bronsonDespair: kernel modules?06:39
Despairbronson: yeah06:39
bronsonI've got ide_generic and ide_disk, but not cd.06:39
rushibhaicrimsun: okay! i'm putting the deb lines in sources.list and see what happens06:39
=== bronson installs some modules...
crimsunrushibhai: the only thing that may trip you up is the menus06:40
rushibhaicrimsun: so what does the Pin release a=... line look like for you?06:40
crimsunrushibhai: Ubuntu's menus are much more sane than Debian's imo; and because I have KDE apps there too, and some of my GNOME packages are from experimental, the menus are placed differently and offer a different selection from what Ubuntu's does06:41
bronsonDespair: Yeah!  That fixed it.  Thanks!06:41
rushibhaidon't care much. all i care about is my gnome-term :)06:41
bronsonErm...  Should I add those two modules to /etc/modules?06:41
bronsonI'm wondering why they're not loaded automatically...06:42
crimsunrushibhai: which line? For ubuntu related ones, it's Pin: release a=warty06:42
lamontWW_: what kind of video card /monitor do you have?06:42
rushibhairight. that's what i want. thanks.06:42
=== tvon [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
WW_lamont: It's a Dell laptop, C800.  I don't know more than that off the top of my head, but I can crank it up again and poke around.06:43
WW_lamont: By the way, I also tried Knoppix 3.6 with the 2.6 kernel option, and gave the options screen=1400x1050 depth=24, and it worked.06:44
rushibhaicrimson: apt-get update'ing :)06:44
WW_lamont: But with kernel 2.6, Knoppix also didn't handle touchpad taps.06:45
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-89-109.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== chuck [~chuck@CPE-65-27-85-42.mn.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== chuck is now known as Chucho
lamontWW_: please grab http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/testing/warty-live-20041017-05.iso, and if it still does it (I expect it will), please file a bug with the details of what it did, as well as the output of lspci -vvv06:46
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-89-109.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
lamontanybody with decent bandwidth wanna grab that iso and tell me if it works?06:47
rushibhaicrimson: looks like there's a whole lot of gnome related stuff being upgraded06:47
rushibhaicrimson: 160 upgraded, 6 newly installed, 8 to remove and 0 not upgraded06:47
lamont"works": boots, and gives some reasonable level of functionalness06:47
rushibhaicrimson: does that sound about right?06:47
lamontrushibhai: relative to what?06:47
=== flamtripl3t [~gdub@d207-81-86-42.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
lamontrelative to the RC, I'd expect less.  Relative to sounder 9, sounds about right06:48
rushibhailamont: trying to move from debian SID to ubuntu..06:48
=== tvon is now known as tvon|x31
lamontrushibhai: known to be fraught with peril06:48
=== tvon_ is now known as tvon
rushibhailamont: rofl.06:48
lamontfrom sid, circa june 28 to warty stands a much better chance of working.06:48
rushibhailamont: the night is still young. and its sunday06:48
lamontsince that's the date that warty froze the sid versions06:48
lamontto really really really switch to warty, you need to pin priorities for warty to > 1000, which will then downgrade several pacakges06:49
rushibhailamont: humm. my sid is up-to-date as of now.06:49
=== linux_mafia [~max@202-0-44-243.adsl.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
lamontthat is unfortunate.06:49
rushibhailamont: humm.06:49
lamontwoody-to-warty is expected to "just work" (tm).  even semi-recent sarge/sid to warty is actually a mixture of upgrade and downgrade06:50
rushibhailamont: is it safe to leave the newer sid packages in place and goo to warty?06:50
lamontwhich is to say, you probably want a current backup before you do it...06:50
lamonttotally unsupported, but may work06:50
lamontnote that some of the newer packages probably want a gnome 2.6 abi, while warty provides 2.806:50
rushibhailamont: yep, data is safe. might toast the install thought..06:51
=== sean_ [~sean@wbar24.tmp1-] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mr_Smiley [~smiley@] has joined #ubuntu
lamontwhen I tried dragging my daughter's computer from semi-new sid to warty back around sounder 7, I wound up booting the hard way (from the install CD with care), and pushing their data off of the machine before I flatlined it.06:51
WW_lamont: ETA 07:35:10   "decent bandwidth" -- not here!06:51
=== Ninjas-Rezatm [~ninja@cpe-24-143-142-199.cable.alamedanet.net] has joined #ubuntu
rushibhaisorry to hear that..06:52
=== Ninjas-Rezatm [~ninja@cpe-24-143-142-199.cable.alamedanet.net] has left #ubuntu []
rushibhaii think i should be able to escape that fate..06:52
lamontWW_: There's a reason I cloned the CD creation environment here for testing.. :-)06:52
Mr_Smileyhmm something isn't right i just installed ubuntu and for some reason everything is working correctly :S06:52
WW_Mr_Smiley: Yeah, now what will you do with all your time?  :-)06:53
Mr_Smileyi know06:53
lamontrushibhai: it should be doable, but you're on your own.  (some ninja-DD hackery might be needed, but it's all just bits, right?)06:53
rushibhainever installed debian before? :)06:53
SmokingFirewhen you a format in linux does it a complete format or a quick format?06:53
Mr_Smileyi cant think of anything to do now06:53
rushibhailamont: we'll find out.06:53
rushibhailamont: with warty pin at 1001, apt-get -t warty -s dist-upgrade06:54
lamontMr_Smiley: pick some favorite package from universe that isn't built yet, and produce a patch for it, if you're really bored... :-)06:54
baHamproblem: I cant talk and hear people on teamspeak and contemporarely hear to mp3's on xmms.. what to do ?06:54
=== mkyc-ubuntu [bcecau@d211-31-99-190.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
rushibhailamont: says 160 upgraded, 6 newly installed, 8 to remove and 0 not upgraded06:54
=== Ninjas-Rezatm [~ninja@cpe-24-143-142-199.cable.alamedanet.net] has joined #ubuntu
baHamrushibhai, what does the dist-upgrade do ?06:54
Mr_Smileylamont, haha06:54
Ninjas-Rezatmcan anyone offer me suggestions06:54
baHamrushibhai, I mean, on ubuntu06:54
lamontrushibhai: not much different, eh>06:54
Ninjas-Rezatmmy sound stop working after shut down06:54
rushibhailooks like the moment of truth has arrived. farewell, my brothers!06:54
Ninjas-Rezatmand reboot06:54
SmokingFirebaHam: erase and install openbeoss06:55
=== lamont goes to kick mono and friends around a bit, maybe get them into universe.
baHamSmokingFire, ?06:55
WW_lamont: I like the menu setup in the Live CD, but will it have more options?  Will there be an expert option that gives a boot: prompt?06:55
zenwhenhow do you add the universe repository to synaptic?06:55
=== sean_ [~sean@wbar24.tmp1-] has joined #ubuntu
rushibhaiBravely pressing y..06:55
SmokingFireI thought you had problems of thinks working out of the box, wait that Mr_Smiley06:55
rushibhaidownloading.. downloading..06:55
baHamrushibhai, tell me, what does the dist-upgrade do ? upgrades packages ?06:55
SmokingFirebaHam: install gstreamer08-mad06:56
baHamwhat's that , SmokingFire  ?06:56
SmokingFirempeg audio layer three -->mp306:56
WW_zenwhen: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/howto/helpcenterhowto.2004-09-30.535934980106:56
lamontWW_: at this point, if it's not a release critical bug, it won't be in warty06:56
Ninjas-RezatmMy device manager is not in my ubuntu menu... can anyone tell me the coommand?06:56
rushibhaibaham: dunno. thats the way to upgrade packages while being smart about dependencies etc.06:56
rushibhaibaham: don't know the exact algorithms..06:57
baHamwhat the gstreamer do ?06:57
SmokingFirebaHam: its the directx of linux, well very remoted06:58
rushibhaiLAMONT, CRIMSON, thanks much for the help. hopefully I'll see you guys if I live through this.. :)06:58
baHamwhat does directx have in common with SOUND ?06:58
SmokingFirebaHam: directsound06:58
baHamSmokingFire, so, after installing, what to do ?06:58
SmokingFirebaHam: it will allow you to play mp3's06:58
SmokingFirebaHam: but its need perhaps a reboot.06:59
baHamI already can play mp3's06:59
SmokingFirebaHam: thought you had mp3 problem, sorry06:59
baHambut i cant play mp3's and in the same time maybe talk on teamspeak and hear people talking06:59
SmokingFireaah, fullduplex06:59
SmokingFireplaying and recording sound at the same time07:00
baHamthe problem is07:00
baHamplaying sound 07:00
baHamwith more programs07:00
baHamin the same time07:00
SmokingFireshould be esd problem then, I think, as ubuntu uses esd,07:01
=== chris_ [~chatzilla@209-181-235-206.mpls.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFirebaHam: but can you for example listen to mp3 streams from the net and still soundfeed back from gnome works?07:02
SmokingFirehi, chris_07:02
baHamfrom gnome works07:03
baHambut other programs like gaim or teamspeak or cs dont07:03
chris_I have two questions about ubuntu.  First one is why don't my fonts look as good as on Fedora Core.  I have a Radeon 9200.07:03
SmokingFireok, as thats basically the most i do, so can't say if your problem is isolated or a bug,07:03
SmokingFirechris_: perhaps computer-->desktop -->font would help07:04
baHamhelp me smoking :|07:04
=== bdale [~bdale@rover.gag.com] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFirebaHam: can't imagine how07:04
baHamme either ;_;07:05
=== Ninjas-Rezatm [~ninja@cpe-24-143-142-199.cable.alamedanet.net] has left #ubuntu []
chris_I have tried everything setting in there.  Doesn't even come close.  XF86Config -4 is pretty similar to the xorg.conf in FC207:05
hazmatbaHam, esd is capable of mixing sounds.. at least it works fine for me, with multiple apps playing sound.07:05
baHamhazmat, doesnt for me..07:05
baHamI mean, gaim doesnt07:06
hazmatbaHam, if you've done alot of updating.. rebooting might help...07:06
baHamand others dont neither07:06
baHamhazmat, I rebooted already ;_;07:07
=== jcarnie [~jcarnie@adsl-24-92.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
compubombwhat do you guy's think of ubuntu as a server distro ?..07:08
SmokingFirebaHam:  you have the enable sound daemon option enabled?07:09
SmokingFirecompubomb: wouldn't care, personally I would use bsd07:10
baHamyeah SmokingFire 07:11
hazmatcompubomb, the canonical folks use it on there servers07:11
baHamit is enabled07:11
hazmatits debian, but i would just use debian straight, if i wanted a debian based server distro.07:11
baHamcompubomb, If I'd have a server I'd use ubuntu07:11
hazmatmost of ubuntu's value add is on the desktop07:11
SmokingFirelinux is getting populair and so the exploits, bsd is more pure, especially openbsd.07:12
DethreadI use Ubuntu for my laptop, that's where it shines :)07:12
=== cianid3 [~cianid3@89-31.201-68.swfla.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
hazmatalthough personally i use gentoo on all my servers... so take with a grain of salt/shot of whiskey ;-)07:12
cianid3hey guys07:12
Dethreadhey cianid307:12
SmokingFirewelcom cianid307:12
cianid3damn i can't get via drivers on kernel07:13
=== mikib [~mikib@c211-28-105-127.eburwd4.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
cianid3gives me07:13
cianid3via82cxxx: Unknown symbol cleanup_module07:13
hazmatSmokingFire, bah.. the majority of apps/daemons the same.07:13
hazmatie. same xploits, same problems07:13
SmokingFirehazmat: well anyway openbsd (which is a distro, so a secure and tight lin distro would also do) looks interesting.07:14
SmokingFirecianid3: can't help no via experience07:15
mikibhello all humans07:15
SmokingFirecianid3: did you look for via&lin faq?07:15
SmokingFiremikib: hi, android nr 1707:16
cianid3smokingfire: nope07:16
cianid3where is that located at07:16
SmokingFireat google.com07:16
SmokingFiregoogle is new and complete portal, has about anything you type in the search box.07:17
cianid3i try to force the module load and i get 07:17
cianid3FATAL: Error inserting via82cxxx (/lib/modules/ Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)07:17
SmokingFirecianid3: If you can't find it, then try on the mailing list, I have seen posts about via mini-itx boards. MAke sure your subject is descriptive of problem.07:18
SepheeBeari think Ubntu uses the alsa driver "snd_via82xx " instead of that older one07:18
cianid3everything works fine except dma07:18
cianid3won't let me turn it on07:18
SmokingFirecianid3: I'm lin noob so that message means as much if it where written in Chinese.07:19
cianid3which led me to checking to make sure the via chipset modules was installed07:19
SepheeBeari'd say check that your alsa stuff is in order07:19
cianid3alsa stuff?07:19
cianid3alsa stuff works perfect07:19
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-89-109.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFireso what about esd or alsa? Which does ubuntu actually use?07:20
=== WW_ [~wweckesse@67-138-146-101.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-89-109.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mr_Smileywhy doesnt totem play video files07:23
=== miked593 [~miked593@ip68-6-239-231.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
cianid3totem is garbage07:25
cianid3mr_smiley use mplayer07:25
=== lamont-live [~warty@rover3.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu
chris_Anyone have suggestions for getting WEP working on a wireless card.  Any tricks?07:25
miked593i trashed xf86config-4 when i tried to install fglrx for my 9200se, im in X but i dont have direct rendering, i ran fglrxconfig and it still didnt give me direct rendering what should i do07:26
ZindarI find totem-xine, xine and mplayer to be about as good at playing video07:26
Zindartotem-gstreamer can't play lot's of things though07:26
cianid3mplayer is the best movie player07:27
cianid3hands down07:27
Zindarcianid3, why? 07:27
cianid3because it plays any video type i throw at it07:27
Zindarcianid3, I agree it's good but I haven't seen anything that doesn't play in xine07:27
Zindarcianid3, so does xine07:27
cianid3even xine struggles to play certain videos07:27
Zindaroh yeah... I haven't seen that!07:27
cianid3<cianid3> even xine struggles to play certain videos07:27
cianid3<Zindar> cianid3, so does xine07:27
Dethread[22:27]  <cianid3> because it plays any video type i throw at it07:28
Zindarjust make sure you have the w32codec package and everything I've tried to play just plays07:28
Dethread[22:27]  <Zindar> cianid3, so does xine07:28
ZindarI agree with Dethread :)07:28
cianid3xine has some problems playing some mpegs i have07:28
Zindarwell.. glad you find something that works...07:29
cianid3and some wmv's don't have sound07:29
=== mario [~mario@] has joined #ubuntu
Zindarok.. I've never seen that.. like I said.. xine works gr8 for me.... but... I have mplayer installed just incase ...07:29
Mr_Smileyi like totem interface better than mplayer07:29
miked593i messed up my xf86config-4, how do i get back the default one ubuntu gave me, i had direct rendering for my 9200se with that one07:30
compubombwhat dir do you add stuff to in order for it to start up when you boot.. in slackware i believe it was rc.local ..07:30
cianid3you switched form slackware to ubuntu????07:31
compubombcianid3: kinda07:31
compubombi've used debian.. but normally use apt-get07:31
=== alka_trash [~homer@c-67-166-91-212.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
ushoozcompubomb, I just created a file in /etc/init.d called local made it chmod +x then put a symlink in /etc/rc5.d to the init file07:37
ushoozI created07:37
=== nate [~nate@202-0-37-248.cable.paradise.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-111-145.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
=== akurashy [~akurashy@] has joined #ubuntu
=== rublind [~rublind@adsl-68-123-205-182.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
akurashycan anyone help me, im having problem with the sound on ubuntu07:39
compubombushooz: they have a utility called sysvconfig07:39
akurashyis not working >_<07:39
compubombapt-get install sysvconfig07:39
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
compubombjust put a symlink in /etc/init.d/07:39
compubombthen run sysvconfig07:39
compubomband enable the service07:39
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
ushoozbeing lazy and not running apt07:40
ushoozdoing it by hand. :)07:40
=== maximaus [~max@user-37kac5m.dialup.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
rublindushooz any more sound buff's come by you?07:43
=== GOwin [~Miranda@] has joined #ubuntu
GOwinhello. is it possible to use xfe instead of nautilus in gnome?07:45
ushoozrublind, nope :(07:45
LathiatGOwin: xfce?07:46
GOwinlathiat, so i change my DE?07:46
=== zenwhen_ [1001@host-216-78-81-133.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatGOwin: I mean is what you want xfce?07:48
=== mindwarp [~mindwarp@cpe-069-133-089-168.twmi.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-89-109.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
GOwinnope. just x file explorer07:49
=== xskoulax [~skoula@] has joined #ubuntu
GOwingot the package from unstable.. it's working now. :)07:51
rublindWhere is that?07:52
LathiatGOwin: ah right07:55
=== rublind [~rublind@adsl-68-123-205-182.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
xskoulaxhi, ubuntu is using xfree correct?07:57
natehey neat07:58
nateI finally figured out how to make the workspace switcher work for me07:59
natenameable workspaces rock07:59
xskoulaxnice is there anything i should know to install ati drivers for a 9500 proo07:59
mindwarpI just installed drivers on a 9800 pro08:00
mindwarpwas a huge pain compared to nvidia drivers08:00
mindwarpbut definately doable08:00
mikibtoo complicated for me for now, going to go, bye08:00
=== akurashy [~akurashy@] has left #ubuntu ["WHEEEEE]
mindwarpxskoulax - just make sure under the driver section in your XF86Config you put:  Option "UseInternalAGPGART" "no"08:01
mindwarpand change the driver from radeon/ati to fglrx08:01
xskoulaxmindwarp, how long did it take you?08:01
xskoulaxok koo08:01
mindwarpit look me about 20 minutes doing research etc08:01
mindwarpnothing a little google couldn't fix08:01
xskoulaxnot bad08:01
xskoulaxyou know how they handle dual head setups cause i'm running on a 15" lcd right now but i have a 17" crt attached too08:02
xskoulaxwould be nice to have a spanned desktop at times or the option to have a workspace slaved to a desktop08:02
mindwarpI think there are some more options to add under the driver section08:03
xskoulaxslaved to a monitor even08:03
xskoulaxok thx08:03
mindwarpthey have a generator that makes a XF86config, but I don't like using it since I like ubuntu's default config and am too lazy to merge the two08:03
mindwarpbut if you use fglrx-config then it will make a new one, and let you pick dual head etc08:03
mindwarpmake sure you know your monitor's refresh rates etc08:03
=== baHam is now known as baHam\off
xskoulaxnice i might have to have a play with that tomorrow for now i guess i better get back to helping my brother with his paper, thanks for your help!08:05
Dethreadanyone know where I can download the old Ubuntu gnome login theme? the new one with the "naked" people is...well...I don't like it. and I don't know how to go back to the old version08:06
DespairEek. 64bit quakeforge in ubuntu is getting 1/3 the framerate of 32bit in debian. I was hoping for a small gain.08:07
mindwarpI can never get on quakeforge.net08:07
mindwarpnothing pisses me off more than a broken website08:07
Despairmindwarp: our hosting died.08:07
mindwarpBut ubuntu's site is broken too, I even filed a bug report with no luck08:08
mindwarpwhat good is a search function under the help section that doesn't even work08:08
mindwarpDespair - I recently setup a lan in my basement explicitly for quake 1 with 12 computers, and it just seems impossible to find any information on quake1 besides quakeworld.nu08:09
mindwarpeven fuhquake's site keeps going down08:09
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-133.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
DespairI'm just puzzled why I'm getting half the framerate with glxgears (inconsequential benchmark, but wasn't a good sign). finally fix QF's one 32bitism and one bit of gcc-3.4 insanity, and discover it's not just limited to glxgears...08:11
mindwarpwhich kind of card is it?08:13
Despairmindwarp: qf's irc is still up, oftc.net #quakeforge08:13
DespairGF6800GT (yes, I have a card with stable GL, and am starting to poke at new features in qf again >:)08:14
mindwarpDespair - thanks for the info08:14
ushoozDespair, nice card08:19
ushoozDespair, I gave up on my 9700 Pro and using ATI drivers08:19
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== compubomb [house@compubomb.user] has left #ubuntu []
ushoozGL locks up all the time with that card in Linux :(08:20
Despairushooz: I only have a new card because the fan died on my 8500LE. So I quite understand about ATI...08:20
ushoozI have a Nvidia in this laptop and it is solid and I have used Geforce 2 MX cards in past boxes and they all worked fine in Linux... So my next card will be an Nvidia. Mistake getting that ATI08:21
GOwinwhere do i find the postgres logs?08:21
DespairGOwin: usually logs are in /var/log08:22
GOwinhm ... isn't postgres installed by default?08:24
joolzgdesklets are nice but they tend to show up in the wrong place or be sticky to a screen location where I don't want them to be... Is this a known issue? Can I set it somewhere?08:24
GOwini can't find the logs08:24
Despairushooz: my favorite part about fglrx was the HEDGEHOGS OF DOOM that regularly appeared in programs using VBOs. ;)08:25
joolzGOwin, try /var/log/postgresql\08:26
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-117-152.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
joolzwithout the \08:26
joolzif that doesn't work look in the configfiles for the location08:26
joolzor do a sudo locate postgresql.log08:27
=== Dethread [~Dethread@24-205-231-52.slo-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
xskoulaxis there a keyboard shortcut for switching workspaces? or a way to set them up?08:32
=== amroc [~amroc@c-67-162-148-18.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
amrocok lets see how long i am able to stay on this time08:32
joolzxskoulax, control alt left or roght. and you can set the up with computer, desktop prefs, keyboard shortcuts08:35
=== xskoulax bows down to the greatness that is joolz
xskoulaxthanks been wondering about that for quite a while08:36
=== xskoulax can't imagine why i didn't look at the keyboard shortcuts before
=== joolz would normally first look for an rc file :)
=== GOwin [~Miranda@] has left #ubuntu []
joolzi come from fvwm08:39
joolzwhich makes me wonder, if i want to create a keyboard shortcut for an *action* that is not in the list, how do i do that?08:40
xskoulaxmostly a windows user here, used kde for a while on a suse install switched to dropline gnome on slack liked gnome since08:40
ushoozjoolz there is a keyboad shortcut app under Desktop Prefs08:41
joolzxskoulax, if you want to tweak it a lot and make it exactly like you want it to, you should really try fvwm08:41
joolzbut then you will miss a lot of integration between apps :(08:41
xskoulaxi was thinking about checking out openbox at somepoint judging from the screens i've seen on gentoos forums that might be a nice option08:42
joolzushooz, yes i know. How do i bind control-alt-p to the command 'gnome-terminal -e slrn'?08:42
joolzthat's what i meant: you can bind keys to some predefined actions, nut (maybe) not to user defined actions08:43
joolzmost near is 'show the panel run application, but that's sooo slow'08:44
=== netguy [~netguy@] has joined #ubuntu
ushoozjoolz, that is a good point08:47
=== sii [~simius@tranquillity.sii.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== Danno [~user64244@user-1334.l4.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
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ushoozpoking around GConf-editor... reminds me of Windows Registry08:51
joolzushooz, yes, that's my main concenr about gnome... (for me) it's a bit obscure what happens underneath.08:52
=== joolz prefers rcfiles :)
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Zindarjoolz: you can do that change in gconf08:53
defendguini need unrar for ubuntu i dont see unrar in apt though08:54
Zindarjoolz: here is what I have08:55
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Zindargconftool --get /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_108:55
ushoozjoolz, here is the key /apps/gnome_settings_daemon/keybindings08:55
Zindargconftool --get /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/command_108:55
Zindarohh.. seams like you can do it in two different ways?08:56
ushoozlooks that way08:56
ushoozat the Gnome level or the Windows Manager level08:56
ushoozgood stuff to know08:57
joolzZindar, thanks, i'll have a look. But right away there's this gnome obscuroty again :)09:00
joolzgconftool --get /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/command_1 is hardly vim gnome.rc09:00
joolzand man gconftool doesn' exist09:00
Zindarjoolz, thank god it's not09:01
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bvchiya all09:03
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bvcanyone else's rhythmbox not saving imported songs/folders/playlist???09:04
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defendguinhmmm gedit is crashing09:12
defendguinit wont start up09:12
attitudeI keep getting Err http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/restricted Sources09:12
attitude  Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1)09:12
attitudewhen I apt-get update09:13
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attitudeHow can i fix this09:13
bronson_Can anyone tell me how to listen to streaming audio in Ubuntu?09:14
bronson_When I click on a link on somafm.com, I get "Totem doesn't have a plug-in to handle this"09:14
attitudeI open my streaming with xmms or rythem box09:15
bronson_attitude: is your xmms automatic, or do you need to open the .pls files manually?09:16
attitudebronson_: automatic I just chose it when asked what I wanted to open with 09:16
attitudebronson_: are these mp3 streams you are trying to open?09:17
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SmokingFirebronson_: I could tell you the solution09:19
bronson_attitude: good question.09:19
bronson_Turns out it wasn't mp3.09:20
bronson_MP3s streams work fine.09:20
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bronson_SmokingFire: what's the solution?09:20
=== SmokingFire damn thought a had another bribe for open source virgin.
SmokingFirebronson_: install the gstreamer08-mad package.09:21
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attitudeCan anyone help me with an apt-get problem09:21
attitudeor send me there sources.list file from /etc/apt09:21
Dethreadwhat's the problem09:21
SmokingFireI heard you problem should be temp, next time you use it it should work09:21
jason__does anybody know when x.org 6.8 and XFCE 4.2 will be added to debian09:22
FLeiXiuSx.org ew09:22
SmokingFiredebian? this is ubuntu09:22
attitudewhen I run apt-get update i get SSub-process gzip returned an error code (1)09:22
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bronson_I can't wait for x.org.  My savage issues will just disappear.09:23
SmokingFireattitude: did you close synaptic and relaunch it?09:23
FLeiXiuSlol, XF86 will always live on :-D09:23
attitudeI do not use symaptic I just run it from command line09:23
Dethreadattitude, which repositories?09:23
joolzFLeiXiuS, xorg is xfree fork09:24
SmokingFireattitude: some dude in here told it was something that happens and normally goes away.09:24
attitudebeen going on about a week09:24
SmokingFirejoolz: isn't xfree86 the real fork?09:24
Dethreadattitude, http://img73.exs.cx/img73/6854/screen.png  <--- that's the sources I use09:24
attitudeDethread: I have them all uncommented09:24
Dethreadthat's probably your problem09:24
Dethreadthey're conflicting each other09:24
joolzSmokingFire, afaik xfree86 is the original. Then they did some weird things with their licensing and x.org was forked.09:25
jason__The Y window system will be the best though when it matures09:25
jason__then we just need some good desktops for it09:25
bronson_jason__: like ggi and all the others before it?09:25
joolzit is generally assumed that the main distro's will go to xorg. fedora has already done so09:25
bronson_Revolutionary windowing systems are a dime a dozen...09:25
SmokingFirejoolz: I thought x.org was based on the original x with, yes, xfree86 additions.09:25
jg__joolz: and SuSE, and ....09:26
joolzSmokingFire, no, i don't think so. Hang on, i'll google a bit09:26
attitudeDethread: I made mine look like yours and still have the problem09:26
jg__SmokingFire: we based our code on XFree86 before the license nonesense...09:26
jg__since have added lots of nice stuff...09:26
jg__(including translucency, etc...)09:27
jason__nah bronson_ the Y server will own09:27
defendguini guess gedit is not crashing for everyone09:27
SmokingFiremakes me think about that fork that one of dev's of xfree86 did about a year ago, never heard about it again.09:27
Dethreadattitude, do "apt-get clean"09:27
Dethreadand then try again09:28
calcjoolz: pretty much everyone have converted to xorg already, debian is just slow due to it being in "freeze"09:28
calceternal freeze, heh ;)09:28
jason__maybe x.org will be good enough and it would to painful for most distros to switch to Y-windows so it could die but it looks awsome09:28
attitudeDethread: that worked09:28
Dethreadno problem09:28
calcerm x.org isn't going to die09:29
SmokingFireDelaware seems a popular US place for paper companies09:29
bronson_jason__: it'll take many years before it makes sense to ask that question...09:29
bronson_Don't get me wrong, 2/3 of X is vestigial cruft.09:30
bronson_I'd like to see it disappear.  But the effort required is absolutely insane.09:30
SmokingFireBut thats like the modern kernel09:30
calcbronson_: X is getting modularized as xlibs already has been09:30
bronson_SmokingFire: definitely.09:30
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SmokingFiremodern kernel has many stuff, as long as it only loads stuff on demand, I don't mind.09:31
bronson_calc: sure, but you still need to support outdated stuff like xresources.09:31
SmokingFirebut load on demand!09:31
calchmm i seem to not be seeing a lot of the drivers in debrix09:32
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jason__the linux kernel will die in a couple years anyway when we all go multi-core anyway because microkernels are more efficient so that will bring rapid change to the current state of open source software09:32
jason__HURD will replace linux and bsd09:33
crimsunand duke nukem forever will be played by 100x more gamers than counterstrike.09:33
=== Lathiat laughs
jason__come on09:33
calcjason__: er sure whatever09:34
jason__it would be stupid to run a macrokernel across many cores09:34
jason__bloat 09:34
jg__ah, the trolls are out tonight....09:34
calcjason__: how does that differ substantially from linux running on thousand plus cpu systems now09:34
jason__like Windows :)09:34
SmokingFirejason__: microkernels are not more effiecent09:34
jason__says who?09:34
SmokingFiresays many people09:35
jason__im not a troll I love linux09:35
calcanyone here familiar with the debrix work?09:35
jason__and OSS09:35
SmokingFirehow will you deal with latency?09:35
calcjg__: any ideas? ;)09:35
jg__about what?09:35
SmokingFireEven Beos which used to be a somewhat microkernel noticed that running networking in kernel space is much much faster.09:35
calcjg__: the drivers appear to be missing on debrix, didn't know if you ever dealt with it09:35
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calca few of the drivers have been split into separate categories (in tla) but not sure where the rest went and daniels seems afk09:36
jg__calc: was working on 6.8; about to get back to the modularization...09:36
SmokingFirewhy the heck do you think that MS has a part of ISS (internet server) running in their kernel?09:36
calcjg__: i joined x.org this past week and am volunteering to help with it :)09:36
jg__SmokingFire: the processor runs at the same speed in kernel mode as user mode...09:37
calcjg__: i think clee is as well, but not certain09:37
SmokingFiremicrokernels will be always 20% slower09:37
jason__latency in current microkernel projects is due to sloppy code09:37
SmokingFirejg_ task switching has very high penalty on x86 cpu09:37
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SmokingFirejason__: sloppy?09:38
jg__SmokingFire: X doesn't task switch much...09:38
=== calc would like to believe jg knows a bit about X ;)
=== SmokingFire recommends jason__to joind #osdev
jg__calc: I do ;-)09:38
jason__argue with the wiki09:39
SmokingFirejg_ but memory management and IO and many other tasks do.09:39
dukekui use gnu/hurd09:39
jg__Discussing X is pretty orthogonal to microkernels.09:39
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calcjg__: i know, its funny how other people are you telling you about it though ;) hehe09:39
natemmm, hurd09:39
jg__calc: just because they don't know who I am... ;-)09:40
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jg__calc: I suppose we should warn them, so they don't feel embarrassed....09:40
SmokingFireBasically as I understand it modern OS design says the microkernels are fine on paper but in reality they are not.09:40
calcperhaps its the extra _'s on your nick that confuse them ;)09:40
jason__but they will be better in the future as we find a better way to combine microkernels wrapped in a macrokernel09:41
SmokingFiremacrokernel would be a HAL?09:41
SmokingFireIf so windows NT already has that.09:41
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dukekuand we all know windows nt is the king of operating systems!@$09:42
joolznono, that's windows xp!09:42
SmokingFireWell its not bad, but then the windows 95 people got their hands on it.09:42
SmokingFiretechnically, windows nt is a very good OS.09:42
jason__XP isnt bad especially with SP2 but it isnt perfectly stable yet09:43
SmokingFireIts just the usermode additions and running every user as root that sucks.09:43
jason__and M$'s approach is terrible09:43
SmokingFirebut the nt kernel is pretty good09:44
calclinux has a HAL too :)09:44
jason__although I'm glad they are improving sercurity09:44
calcits part of project utopia ;)09:44
jason__but I doubt I will ever use windows again09:44
dukekui think we all know the real question is "do you pine for the dats of minix-1.1"?09:44
jason__I have been Windows free 100 percent for almost a week09:44
jason__it took me years09:44
jason__and I have finally broke the habbit09:44
joolzwhich reminds me... is there a repository with quake 1?09:44
joolzfor ubuntu that is09:45
SmokingFireblaming windows IE problems on the OS like blaming linux kernel for gnome/kde problems.09:45
jason__there is for Quake 209:45
jason__but that is all I have seen09:45
joolznice. is it in universe?09:45
=== joolz tries
SmokingFireI'm talking about a real HAL, meaning like a macrokernel on which the kernel runs, Win NT was designed for portability like .NET09:46
SmokingFireMS decides not to but they have the choice if a next gen cpu comes out thats not from intel.09:47
jason__Do you think they will go PowerPC?09:47
=== Ferry [~Ferry@cust.15.118.adsl.cistron.nl] has joined #ubuntu
jason__with the Xbox2 being PowerPC and all09:47
MithrandirSmokingFire: well, there's simply no way a new cpu which isn't instruction-compatible with x86 will gain a significant market share.09:47
SmokingFireThey could if they wanted, but would it be worth the investment?09:47
calcjason__: they did, and dropped it years ago09:47
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SmokingFireMithrandir: but its a way to blackmail intel.09:48
jason__you mean the 2000 PowerPC beta?09:48
calcnt has been on at least, alpha, i386, ia64, mips, powerpc, x6409:48
MithrandirSmokingFire: not really, no.09:48
Mithrandircalc: and sparc.09:48
calcMithrandir: forgot about it09:48
Zindarthey had alpha i386, powerpc and mips versions you could buy back in nt3.x09:48
Zindarwill xbox2 be powerpc?09:49
SmokingFireMithrandir: it keeps their options open, to refuse anything from intel.09:49
calcZindar: rumored to be yes09:49
Zindarhaha... cool :)09:49
jason__the Dev kits are G5s09:49
jason__it isnt a rumor09:49
jason__they just don't know the exact specs yet09:49
jason__most speculate around a dual-core 3-4 GHz G509:50
dukekuthey will run bsd09:50
dukekuit's dying just like risc09:50
jason__M$ run bsd?09:50
SmokingFireespecially with .net if everyone would be using it like they use MFC on previous situations, then MS could run anywhere with 90% off the applications.09:50
SmokingFireMS has nothing against BSD, just hates GPL'ed linux09:51
jason__what about LGPL isn't it less restrictive?09:52
SmokingFireDon't know but they are a commerical company that wants to take all freebies and sell as their own.09:52
jason__Like Apple or anybody else ;)09:53
jason__maybe even IBM if BlueOS is ever released or even shown to the public09:53
SmokingFireyup, got shareholders to keep happy.09:53
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jason__but the corporations will die someday09:53
jason__and their closed source stuff will go with it09:54
SmokingFireall do, one time or another, but many spring up to get their places.09:54
jason__I can bet the GPL will be around in 200 years09:54
jason__M$ wont09:54
SmokingFireI read once that most companies live only for 30 years.09:54
SmokingFireEventually, they can't adapt to the market and die or get taken over.09:55
bronson_The telling statistic is, "what old code still exists today?"09:55
jason__That makes sense, 30 years is a generation09:55
bronson_Proprietary stuff has all died out.09:55
bronson_The open stuff we're using now.  :)09:55
=== SmokingFire thinks about mp3
SmokingFireif they would just use ogg or something09:56
jason__I wish OGG was more popular09:56
dukekuogg is a container :/09:56
jason__the compression ratios are insane09:56
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bronson_jason__: you can't beat entropy.09:57
SmokingFireand then the video codec that BBC is developing and open source world would be better.09:57
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu
bronson_In fair comparisons, ogg and mp3 are pretty similar as far as bit rates.09:57
bronson_ogg does a lot better on synthetic/electronic sounds.09:57
SmokingFirewhat about flac?09:58
bronson_SmokingFire: beats the snot out of them of course.09:58
SmokingFireI'm thinking of encoding my cd collection and want to know what codec to use. 09:58
bronson_Because it's even heavier than 320 kbit.09:58
crimsuni use flac for classical09:58
bronson_If space is no issue, then FLAC no question.09:58
jason__if not use OGG Vorbis09:58
SmokingFirewell I have only about 40GB for audio09:58
SmokingFireabout 200 CD's09:59
bronson_Then it's more... subjective.09:59
jason__use OGG09:59
SmokingFirebut must are singles09:59
bronson_I find that 192 kbit is good for me.09:59
dukekuogg is a container, dammit09:59
SmokingFiredukeku: what do you mean?09:59
opiit's ogg vobis09:59
dukekuSmokingFire: ogg isn't a format09:59
opilike GNU/Linux ;)10:00
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dukekuopi: it's vorbis inside of an ogg container10:00
bronson_128 kbit is way too low... 160 is sometimes ok.10:00
SmokingFireogg is the format and vorbis the encoding?10:00
dukekuogg is the container10:00
bronson_For my ears and audio equipment anyway.10:00
jason__theora is a video codec that runs in OGG10:00
jason__dont be so technical dukeku10:00
jason__we know ogg is a container10:00
bronson_dukeku: container, file format...  what's the difference?10:01
SmokingFireBut I think fraunhofer mp3 encoder is much better then most like lame, do you hear the difference?10:01
jason__128-160 OGG Vorbis is good10:01
=== u_d [~u_d@87.b.002.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
jason__it is VBR10:01
bronson_jason__: 128 vorbis is way too low.10:01
dukekubronson: think of a movie - .avi extension, xvid as the codec10:01
calcogg is like avi10:01
DethreadI like lame, 190 vbr best10:01
dukekuavi is the container for the xvid movie and whatever audio10:01
SmokingFirejason__: good is not enough for me. I want good dynamics that mp3 seems to be missing.10:01
calcyou can put anything in avi, including just audio10:01
dukekujason__: i hope you're not encoding with a set bitrate10:02
calcsame with ogg (more or less)10:02
dukekucalc: yeah.10:02
jason__I encode with LAME VBR hq settings10:02
dukekuvorbis lame?10:02
bronson_SmokingFire: just FLAC it all.  Wish I had.10:02
SmokingFirebut lets say that I don't want to save space but use vorbis, what settings would be the best?10:03
bronson_Then when you buy an MP3 player, just write a script and let it run for a week...10:03
dukekuSmokingFire: you don't want to save space? use flac :P10:03
SmokingFireIsn't flac like zipping the wavefile?10:03
dukekuuh, no10:03
bronson_SmokingFire: 192 is usually ok.10:03
jason__it is lossless10:03
dukekuit's somewhat like a parity file, iirc10:03
SmokingFiredukeku: no, I have limited space but its very big space but also very many cd's10:04
SmokingFirebut zipping a wave is also lossless.10:04
bronson_Try zipping a wav, then FLACing it.  Big, big difference.10:04
dukekuif you're concerned about space, use ogg -q6, it's a nice balance between size and quality10:04
bronson_FLAC is optimized for audio.10:04
dukekuif you're not concerned, use flac10:04
dukekuand use -q8 if you have the time to spend encoding10:04
joolzanyone know what's the easiest way to let 2 pc's see eachothers HD via a swithc? I try nfs but i get "mount: RPC: Remote system error - Connection refused"10:05
bronson_I mean, zipping it VS. flacing it, of course.  :)10:05
jason__what do you use to rip duke?  Grip?10:05
calcFLAC will get you about 30-40% savings on a disc, so a 74min cd would be about 550MB10:05
SmokingFireWell I will test it, I would prefer flac but then maybe I have no choice but normally I would rip at 320 for MP3 and 256 for AAC.10:05
dukekujason__: plenty of things10:05
dukekui rip into flac, though10:06
jason__You can hear a difference between 220Kb/s Mp3 and 320Kb/s Smoking?10:06
joolzboth pc's are ubuntu, so no firewall, and they cn ping each other10:06
dukekui don't use mp3, period10:06
SmokingFirejason__: yes on my headphones not on speakers.10:06
bronson_calc: Usually I get better than 50% with flac.10:06
dukekuit takes too long to encode, takes too much space, and doesn't have the greatest quality10:07
calcbronson_: hmm last time i used it only did about 33%10:07
bronson_Probably just the music each of us listens to...10:07
dukekucalc: it really depends on the music you're converting and what -q you're using10:07
jason__yeah just use FLAC and if don't have enough space for everything either add some more hdd space in or only rip your favorites10:07
calcdukeku: flac not oggenc10:08
=== oseb [~oseb@] has joined #ubuntu
dukekucalc: i'm talking about flac :)10:08
SmokingFirewell I don't mind taking a long time encoding as long as it interruptible and background process10:08
calcon flac i always set it to the most cpu intensive mode10:08
jason__FLAC works on most newer players too10:08
dukekuas do i10:08
calcdukeku: hmm i thought it used a different flag, but it has been a while since i used it10:08
dukekucalc: unless i'm insane, i'm fairly sure it uses -qx as well10:09
dukekubut it just represents the level of encoding, or however they put it10:09
calcdukeku: appears to just use -#10:09
dukekuyeah, i'm insane10:09
dukekumy bad.10:09
bronson_Is there any way to decode streaming aac on Linux?10:09
bronson_It appears that faad will only do files.10:10
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFireAs long as I can reboot my pc and it picks up where it left, then I'm happy, if its doesn't, it should10:10
dukekuwhen ripping classical with the most cpu-intensive flag, i'll get about 0.2-3x of the original size10:10
calci think i was doing mostly rock type albums, which only got ~ 33% reduction in size10:11
dukekuyeah, those don't have a terribly large reduction10:11
SmokingFirewell thats rock for you10:11
bronson_I bet Boston compresses really well, but Metallica doesn't...?10:11
bronson_Just a guess.  :)10:11
SmokingFireyou know the digital song format called MOD?10:12
SmokingFireits like midi I think10:12
dukekui've seen it in the past10:12
bronson_SmokingFire: there's a bunch of mod/tracker formats.10:12
bronson_It was all the fad 5 years ago.10:12
bronson_They all sound like junk though!10:12
SmokingFireWell an ideal encoder should recognize an instrument and just play the notes of it, instead of sampling the whole song.10:13
bronson_SmokingFire: except that each strike of the drum has a different nuance.10:13
bronson_mod won't capture that.10:13
bronson_Mod makes all music sound like 80s synth pop.10:14
SmokingFirewell, add effects to the sample of the drums. more cpu intensive but space saving.10:14
bronson_SmokingFire: like replacing windowing systems, there are many fallen projects that have tried to do exactly that...10:14
SmokingFireI didn't think it would be possible in real life, I mean how will an encoder that this particular sound freq is a drum and that a guitar.10:15
ygnomeis there somewhere to report an installation failure?10:16
bronson_Right.  That would be waay harder than OCR or speech recognition.10:16
Treenaksbronson_: unless you made the songs that way from the very beginning10:16
SmokingFireCR seems the simplest from the list10:16
SmokingFireTreenaks: well house music would be suited.10:17
SmokingFireCR - OCR10:17
bronson_Treenaks: granted.10:17
SmokingFirebut then you would be just using mod's wouldn't you10:18
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=== Pandemonium [~Pandemoni@220-253-25-158.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFiremodern day house was due to the grace of mod/trackers. Hate or love it.10:18
SmokingFireygnome: bugzilla?10:19
bronson_SmokingFire: not sure I agree...10:19
bronson_More like due to the grace of Roland drum machines.  :)10:20
SmokingFirewell mod/trackers where a poor mans drum machine10:20
=== staticactivity [~staticact@adsl-209-30-82-91.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
bronson_Modern day house arists aren't poor men...10:21
SmokingFirethey are when they start10:21
calca drum machine isn't that expensive on ebay ;)10:21
SmokingFirewell this is before the internet10:22
bronson_That's interesting.  I wonder how many of them got their start making pirate mods...10:22
bronson_Kind of like those of us who got started phreaking, then found assembly language to be way more interesting.10:22
SmokingFirebut the better house muscians tended to use that apple program qbase or something.10:22
calcphreaking was already obsolete by the time i found out about it ;)10:23
calci guess i'm not old enough, must really have been for people now over 4010:23
SmokingFirebut mod's where also used in games!10:23
bronson_I managed to catch the very tail end of it.  I'm only 32.10:23
calcprobably doesn't hurt that my city was one of the first to get digital switches10:24
bronson_But the authorities were definitely closing in...10:24
SmokingFireI'm 27 and owned an amiga 1200 thats how I got into the scene10:24
SmokingFiredid some mod's my self in octamed, the amiga program for trackers.10:25
jason__My first PC was a P1 13310:26
jason__but I am only 1810:26
calcmine was atari 40010:26
SmokingFiremy first would be an apple that my farther owned, don't remember what it was but it had no gui.10:26
ygnomeSmokingFire: the webpage says setup a wiki page about it, but I can't see any others. Is there a place or not?10:26
SmokingFireygnome: your looking for bugzilla?10:27
ZindarSmokingFire, apple II probably10:27
bronson_ygnome: FWIW, when my Ubuntu install failed I managed to bootstrap from Knoppix.10:28
bronson_I wrote a page about that on the wiki.10:28
jason__How many people actually own the wooden Apple I's?10:28
ygnomebronson: link?10:28
SmokingFireZindar: this was in the early 80's. I remember a game I loved playing on it was about a helicopter saving humans (however this was non graphical like nibbles)10:29
bronson_Wiki -> Documentation.10:29
ygnomeSmokingFire: I'm looking for the best place to describe an install failure.10:29
SmokingFireygnome: tps://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ thats what I think10:29
ygnomebronson: k. I'll have a look.10:29
bronson_ygnome: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/InstallFromKnoppixHowto10:30
ygnomeSmokingFire: ok, but I'll probably give up on it, bugzilla aint my favorite...10:30
=== bronson_ agrees 100% with ygnome on that one.
SmokingFireIs there some indix for wiki, there are many articles I didn't know existed.10:31
ygnomeSmokingFire: has ubuntu got a reportbug like debian?10:31
SmokingFireygnome: never used deb, but ubuntu as far as I know hasn't10:32
SmokingFireygnome: you could always mail it to the mailinglist10:32
ZindarSmokingFire, applications -> system tools -> bug report tool10:33
Zindarygnome sorry10:33
ygnomeSmokingFire: ok, I'll take a look at what I can do.10:33
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFirewiki needs some google like interface. Search would be ubuntu site search, directory would be wiki index based and groups would be the mailing lists10:33
tvon|x31bug report tool just opens up firefox10:33
ygnomeZindar: thanks. I can't get there because install fails10:33
Zindarygnome, that's just bugzilla.ubuntulinux.org10:34
ygnomeI suppose firefox could be considered a bug report tool amoungst other things...10:34
Zindaryou can go there anyway10:34
SmokingFirebut I agree bugzilla interface is not very userfriendly.10:35
ygnomeZindar: yup. I'll give it a go, just taking some patience improving medication.10:35
SmokingFireis x.org better at mice's then xfree?10:36
=== u_d [~u_d@87.b.002.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFireI want to configure my mouse buttons like I can my multimedia keyboard.10:37
=== attitude [~DarkNite@user-69-1-43-106.knology.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Micksa_ [~mslade@203-217-18-166.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
bronson_SmokingFire: not afaik but I of course defer to jg__ on this one.10:40
=== ygnome grumbles at bugzilla. Give me my password!
SmokingFirebronson_: well I don' t want personal support on it, just that gnome or x or what ever component support multi button mice.10:41
Dethreadhm, is http://www.ubuntufaq.org working for anyone?10:41
bronson_SmokingFire: X supports multibutton mice natively.10:41
SmokingFireDethread: not for me10:41
SmokingFirebronson meaning more then three10:42
attitudeNope getting php errors10:42
bronson_Problem is, no software takes advantage of it.10:42
ygnomenot for me either.10:42
bronson_I know.  I used to have a 7-button mouse.10:42
=== tolle [~tolle@h81172194136.kund.kommunicera.umea.se] has joined #ubuntu
Dethreadhm, ok thanks10:42
bronson_X saw all the buttons fine but damned if I could make anything over 5 useful.10:42
bronson_(4&5 are the mouse wheel)10:42
SmokingFirebronson on win2k fresh install my back and foreward buttons work in explorer, IE and firefox without install any drivers.10:43
jason__they use the MS Explorer drivers10:43
SmokingFirecould be but its a logitech connected on ps/210:43
jason__is it an MX500,510,700,900,or 1000?10:43
jason__nope it has to do with your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 10:44
SmokingFirereally, I thought it was impossible,10:44
jason__nope I have the same mouse10:45
tollebronson I got a 310mx, however i do not need more then 3 buttons and a wheel, so i havnt configured it yet.10:45
SmokingFirex.org faq just said it supported three buttons10:45
attitudeSmokingFire: You can google, there are tons of people using those in linux with all buttons. I seen one guy had some bound to 3ddesktop so he could get the cube10:45
=== RQ [~rq@] has joined #ubuntu
tollebronson_: I have done it before, and theres even a nice howto on gentoos forums.10:45
bronson_tolle: to get the extra buttons to do what?10:46
attitudetolle: I for got about that one10:46
jason__for some reason you cant get back and forward buttons working in Konqueror but you can in Firefox or any other browser10:46
SmokingFireattitude: I have seen one but it required a kernel extension, I think that's to much for just some extra buttons.10:46
RQwhere do i get this theme? :) http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/login.png10:46
attitudeSmokingFire: no kernel hack just a conf file edit10:46
tollebronson_ you pick, you can bind basicly anything to them.10:46
ygnomeSmokingFire: ubuntu wiki index: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/TitleIndex10:46
tvon|x31RQ: ubuntu-artwork package10:46
bronson_RQ: apt-get update10:46
SmokingFireI mean everytime I push a button on the mouse the kernel should get an interupt message. now hook that unique interupt to an action.10:47
jason__Section "InputDevice"10:47
jason__        Identifier      "Configured Mouse"10:47
jason__        Driver          "mouse"10:47
jason__        Option          "CorePointer"10:47
jason__        Option          "Device"                "/dev/input/mice"10:47
jason__        Option          "Protocol"              "ImPS/2"10:47
jason__        Option          "Emulate3Buttons"       "true"10:47
jason__        Option          "ZAxisMapping"          "4 5"10:47
jason__ Options   "Buttons" "7"EndSection10:47
RQtvon|x31, bronson, what's the deb line? 10:47
attitudeSmokingFire: I think x takes it not the kernel10:47
jason__opps that last thing is suppose to be option10:47
DethreadRQ, after doing apt-get update, do apt-get install ubuntu-artwork10:47
bronson_tolle: OK, gestures.10:47
RQDethread, i'm a regular_debian user10:47
bronson_I wanted to set up gestures to use button 6.10:47
RQso i need a line in sources.list10:47
RQ;] 10:47
bronson_I struggled for like a week and shot off a few emails before giving up.10:48
DethreadRQ, use the ubuntu universe source10:48
bronson_Then I tried to configure them as forward/back buttons.10:48
bronson_Then I gave up.10:48
tollebronson_: thats easier.10:48
bronson_tolle: what, forward/back?10:49
jason__here this will help10:49
=== joem [~joem@c-67-173-77-82.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jason__If you follow that it should work for you10:49
jason__it did for me10:49
tollebronson_: yeah10:49
SmokingFirethanks ygnome10:49
RQDethread, what is the sources.list line for ubuntu universe source?10:49
tollebronson_: check out imwheel10:50
SmokingFirethanks jason__10:50
attitudejason__: amazing what you can find when you google10:50
jason__n/p glad to help10:50
bronson_imwheel was the source of most of my problems.10:50
bronson_it would work in 1 app but break 3 others.10:50
ZindarRQ: should already be in source.lists... you just need to uncomment it (universe that it)10:50
bronson_I couldn't get a configuration that worked everywhere.10:50
SmokingFireattitude: if you like me are a pre google generation, you would think google is a world wonder like the pyramids.10:50
DethreadRQ, deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty main restricted universe10:51
tolleyou can make different rules for different apps10:51
RQDethread, thanks ;)10:51
RQZindar, no it doesn't come with debian10:51
jason__where didnt it work10:51
DethreadRQ, and then also deb-src sameasabove10:51
jason__it should in Firefox10:51
RQthanks :)10:51
tollebronson_: use the gentoo forums, they have loads off stuff about that.10:51
attitudeSmokingFire: I am 28 and I love google10:51
=== monteiro [~monteiro@] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFiredid you have internet before google?10:51
bronson_tolle: yeah, I used to run gentoo.  I think I've seen some of that.10:51
attitudeSmokingFire: old man compared to most now10:51
tolleIm 19, and Im also a fan of google.10:52
Dethreadwho isn't...10:52
attitudeSmokingFire: I have had the internet for 10 years10:52
SmokingFirewhen I started portals and altavista where the things.10:52
jason__I hear when you get old you get more hair on your ass as you lose it on your head is this true?10:52
attitudeI started on BBS10:52
bronson_Browsing around, it appears nothing's changed.10:52
SmokingFirejason__: thats true10:53
attitudejason__: lol I must not be old10:53
jason__attitude do you use Viagra or Cialis yet?10:53
attitudejason__: :P10:53
bronson_That glarung page just maps buttons 4&5 to type ^X and ^V.10:53
bronson_That's useless.10:53
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
attitudejason__: not had a problem yet10:53
SmokingFirejason__: we use pictures of you naked mother.10:53
jason__my mom has nude pics?10:53
SmokingFireshe does10:54
SmokingFiregoogle for jason__ mother nude xxx pics10:54
bronson_Nope, 2 years later it appears to me that nothing's changed...10:54
=== KonvIRC_ [~konversat@80-28-163-161.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #ubuntu
bronson_Extra mouse buttons on Linux are useless.10:54
=== KonvIRC_ is now known as andrey
bronson_Unless you count launching apps or simulating keyboard presses as useful...10:55
attitudebronson_: for the most part they do not do much on most os10:55
bronson_I think it's going to take Gnome/KDE integration to fix this.10:55
attitudeos x does uses them pretty good but other then that nothing10:55
=== RQ [~rq@] has left #ubuntu []
SmokingFirebronson I want it to work like configing the keyboard short cuts.10:55
tolleI prefer to have the thumb button work as the third button.10:55
=== ploum [~ploum@169-225.242.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
tolleMore buttons are only usable in games..10:56
bronson_SmokingFire: well, that's reasonably easy.  See the page that (jason__?) posted earlier.10:56
attitudeanyone got anytips for setting up a war room?10:56
jason__use the universe apt repository to get imwheel10:57
SmokingFireI like my back and forward mouse buttons, that work on windows but then they are not really important. But I got three more mouse buttons that I could configure for anything like opening /home or start an application.10:57
SmokingFirebronson thought you were complaining10:57
bronson_Gentlemen, you can't fight in here.  This is the war room!10:57
SmokingFirejason__: what is imwheel?10:58
jason__it is used for handling extra buttons10:58
bronson_SmokingFire: it's either an observation on the lack of mouse support or a complaint... not sure which.10:58
=== Skif [~emschwar@] has joined #ubuntu
SmokingFirebronson you mean out of the box?10:59
bronson_No, I mean at all.10:59
jason__it does work10:59
attitudeI have somthing that I have been thinking about. Why is vim vim.org in ubuntu10:59
jason__it took me a couple tries10:59
SmokingFirebut as you said that the page that jason__ mentioned ( i bookmarked it) would solve the problem.10:59
bronson_Extra mouse buttons are not integrated into Gnome or KDE the way they should be.10:59
tvon|x31oh weird11:00
SmokingFirelike openoffice.org or .NET11:00
SmokingFireooh, you are talking about DE support11:00
bronson_I just want forward and back to wokr.11:00
bronson_Or horizontal scroll.11:00
SmokingFirewith the tilt wheel11:00
bronson_Or somthing more useful than simulating keypresses...11:00
jason__xmod in conjuction with imwheel does that11:01
SmokingFirehow come win200 is able to support it? I mean its almost 6 years old.11:01
jason__just follow the guid11:01
=== solsTiCe [~chatzilla@d80-170-89-195.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
attitudeI have somthing that I have been thinking about. Why is vim vim.org in ubuntu11:02
jason__why not?11:02
bronson_Multiple mouse buttons in Metacity: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10877511:02
SmokingFireI just want to understand why new devices are able to modify windows behaviour but not GNome nor KDE.11:02
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD9518434.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
jason__because windows has built in support for back and foward buttons because M$ makes mice that have that function and the drivers are built it11:03
jason__the explorer drivers are compatible with the Logitech MX mice11:04
bronson_Yeah, because X supports it, it should be pretty easy.11:04
bronson_It's just that nobody's written the code yet.11:04
bronson_(for Gnome/KDE/etc)11:04
jason__infact the Logitech drivers themselves are crappy if you ever used them in windows11:04
jason__most people just use the MS Explorer drivers11:05
jason__I wish I could get the extra buttons on my Logitech Elite to work with X and a window manager11:05
bronson_That's funny.11:06
jason__there would be feat11:06
=== Zindar has scroll up&down and left&right working... with a touchpad though...
bronson_afaict, nobody's even filed a bug against the lack of multipl emouse button support in Gnome.11:06
SmokingFirebut firefox on windows also recognize the mouse buttons11:06
Zindarbut gnome supports it just fine11:06
Zindarand firefox...11:06
bronson_Zindar: horizontal?11:06
ZindarI can go back with scroll-left... forward with scroll-right11:06
attitudeSmokingFire: that is because it does not matter about the app just the window manager11:06
Zindarbronson_: works fine11:06
jason__I have been telling him this11:07
solsTiCeafter fixinf the postfix bug of /etc/aliases.db not created , i read my mail as root (after a sudo -s) with mail. It saved my mail in /home/solstice/mbox. but indead there is non mbox folder in my home ! Is it normal that $HOME is still /home/solstice when i sudo -s ??11:07
SmokingFirebut you mean that firefox windows hooks into mouse driver11:07
bronson_jason__: you didn't see my reply above?11:07
ZindarsolsTiCe, yeah.. you want "sudo su - "11:07
bronson_jason__: all that guy does is map the extra buttons to ^X ^V.  useless imo.11:08
SmokingFirejason__: I bookmarked it 11:08
jason__did you restart your x server11:08
bronson_solsTiCe: yes.11:08
bronson_sorry, sudo, not su.11:08
SmokingFirewho me?11:08
bronson_if you were using su, you'd have to say "su -"11:08
solsTiCeZindar: yep don't think of that. because it is written all around to use sudo -s in the wiki ... . I don't know sudo well ...11:09
jason__Bronson you can get them to work with Firefox though11:09
jason__for back and forward11:09
ZindarsolsTiCe, I know.. sudo -s is good for doing some things.. but since $HOME isn't changed it's kinda dangerous11:09
=== SmokingFire wonders how ff on windows does it
solsTiCeI lost my email ... yes sudo su - is better !11:09
bronson_jason__: That's good to hear.  I'll try again when I have some time.11:10
SmokingFireHey what about this question11:10
SmokingFireHi, I'm linux noob that got ubuntu from a friend, when can I play my games on ubuntu?11:11
jason__which games?11:11
bronson_solsTiCe: you just need to open a login shell so you start with a clean env.  "su -" does this.  I don't see any easy way to get sudo to do it though...11:11
joemuh, his games..11:11
SmokingFireI want to play duke nuke'm forever11:11
solsTiCeZindar: with sudo su - i got a login shell and a got my pred prompt to remember me i am root !11:11
bronson_solsTiCe: er, what does sudo get you in that case...?11:12
jason__we then you'll have to wait forever then I'm afraid11:12
jason__as that game will never come out11:12
ZindarsolsTiCe, exactly11:12
SmokingFireHow about the sims?11:12
jason__Cedega will run the Sims11:12
solsTiCebronson_: what ? which case ?11:12
SmokingFireWhy can't I play it on ubuntu11:12
jason__Cedega is a windows DirectX Wine front-end11:13
bronson_solsTiCe: why not just "su -"?11:13
jason__and plays all the popular windows games11:13
SmokingFireDirectX, wine? <--- pretending to be total noob11:13
solsTiCebronson_: because un ubuntu root as no apsswd. i use su - in my other distro. yes11:13
calcthere is also a linux version of the sims, not sure if its still available though11:13
jason__but games like the unreal games and quake games and doom games run natively in Linux11:13
=== EpheMeroN [~EpheMeroN@ca-ontario-cuda3a-g-47.anhmca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
jason__calc: it just used Wine it wasn't native11:13
jason__it was availible from mandrakesoft11:14
calcjason__: ah ok11:14
SmokingFirebut I don't like violent games, I like command and conquer (lol)11:14
jason__C&C Generals runs in Cedega11:14
jason__and all the Blizzard games too11:14
jason__I play WarCraft III in it on Battle.net11:15
SmokingFireThat is very nice, where do I get this cedega?11:15
jason__well it isnt free but www.transgaming.com11:15
SmokingFireI downloaded a warez version of openoffice.org last week, however I'm having problems with it, where do I get free support, remember its warez.11:17
solsTiCeSmokingFire: what is the point of having a warez version of openoffice.org while you can have for free ?11:18
=== shlomil is now known as shlomil-away
SmokingFireI'm thinking of starting a binary newsgroup for openoffice warez11:18
joemSmokingFire, #offtopic can offer support11:18
joemcheck in there11:18
jason__OpenOffice comes with Ubuntu11:18
bronson_D00D, I just got a 0-day Firefox browser!!!11:18
bronson_Want to trade?11:18
SmokingFireubuntu ships with warez?11:18
=== JStrike [~JStrike@cpt-dial-196-30-178-77.mweb.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
jason__err n/m11:19
=== ElBast [~drew@] has joined #ubuntu
jason__Openoffice is fre11:19
JStrikejdub : Do you handle any of the admin stuff?11:19
bronson_OK, time for bed.11:19
bronson_Goodnight all.11:19
jason__me too11:19
SmokingFirebronson what do want, I got abiword, requires serial11:19
jason__yeah man emacs need a crack and keygen for me too11:20
jason__and vim11:20
SmokingFireyeah then I found liked ubuntu shipped with all this cracked software.11:21
bronson_Yeah.  gaim doesn't even require a dongle!11:21
jason__it is such a piracy haven11:21
SmokingFiremust be russian or chinese11:21
jason__OMG somebody is uploading GAIM on my dumbsite11:21
jason__maybe I'll need a crack for it 11:22
SmokingFireI found this site its www.gnuwarez.org got all the latest stuff.11:22
JStrikeAre all the Ubuntu'ers asleep?11:22
jason__yeah Linux is just a front for piracy11:23
jason__it is just a conspiracy11:23
=== PandU [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
JStrikexskoulax : Is that in reply to me?11:23
SmokingFirehe is into it JStrike11:23
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has left #ubuntu []
jason__time for sleep11:23
SmokingFireopenoffice warez11:23
jason__Ill send you my Mplayer warez11:24
JStrikexskoulax : Do you handle any of the admin stuff?11:24
jason__when I get up11:24
xskoulaxfirst day on the chan11:24
SmokingFirewww.gnu.org has many warez11:24
xskoulaxfirst day really using ubuntu, gets my vote so far though11:24
attitudeGot postfix to use maildir 11:24
JStrikexskoulax :Any idea who does the Ubuntu/Canonical admin 11:24
attitudenow I feel better11:24
=== wasted is now known as superted
SmokingFireI'm mark shuttleworth!11:25
SmokingFireno I'm really batman11:25
JStrikeSmokingFire : No your're not11:25
ajhrm, does ubuntu support the G4 ibooks and airport extreme and so forth?11:25
SmokingFireairport is just wifi right?11:26
xskoulaxi don't beleive any linux has drivers for the airport extreme11:26
xskoulaxits a broadcom device and they won't make drivers or release specs11:26
ajgah, sleep/suspend doesn't work on the new iBooks either??11:26
xskoulaxlast i heard anyways, try #gentoo-ppc for more info11:27
ajairport = 802.11b; airport extreme = 802.11g11:27
SmokingFirethought it was just relabeled 10 mbs wifi11:27
xskoulaxthe ppl seem to have an idea when it comes to the apples11:27
JStrikexskoulax : Could you tell me who would be able to check to see if my cd's have shipped yet? I have been waiting a couple of weeks now11:27
xskoulaxJStrike, i'm just a user11:27
xskoulaxi havn't an idea11:27
ajxskoulax: tnx11:28
JStrikexskoulax : Why did you reply when I asked who was on the Ubuntu team?11:28
JStrikejdub, sabdfl : Who does the admin stuff for Ubuntu/Canonical?11:28
xskoulaxu asked me about admin stuff, i said no11:29
SmokingFireJStrike: mailing list seems to get dev's replies 11:29
xskoulaxi missed the 2nd time of asking11:29
ZindarJStrike, no cd's has been shipped yet... the release hasn't happened yet11:29
xskoulaxsrry i can't help11:29
ZindarJStrike, wait til the release on wednessday.. after that they will ship them11:29
maskieJStrike, the cd will only ship after the final has been released around the 20th oct11:29
JStrikeZindar : Are the cd's only for the .0 release? 11:29
ZindarJStrike, yes11:30
enablhow do i set dma on for my dvd/rw drives?11:30
Zindarenabl, hdparm -d1 /dev/blaha11:30
JStrikeArgh....So this means a couple of more weeks of waiting11:30
SmokingFirewill the people who ordered get a nice package with the cd's like printed cd's and cd covers?11:30
Zindarenabl, then edit /etc/hdparm.conf11:31
Zindarno idea11:31
enablthat gives a HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not permitted error 11:31
SmokingFiresudo <command>11:31
Zindarenabl, run it with "sudo " before11:31
enablyeah i did11:32
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has joined #ubuntu
=== xskoulax ducks out to get on with the paper he's supposed to be doing
Zindarstrange..  hardware/driver that doesn't support dma?11:32
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091ab2.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu
enablits all new stuff, its a shame as the cpu usage is crazy as it is11:33
=== JStrike [~JStrike@cpt-dial-196-30-178-77.mweb.co.za] has left #ubuntu []
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== CHS [~CHS@geekhost.info] has joined #ubuntu
=== Manny [~chris@p548731C1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== shlomil [~shlomi@] has joined #ubuntu
PandUcan anybody suggest a news reader better than Liferea for ubuntu11:50
PandUThats a news feed reader11:51
=== sii [~simius@tranquillity.sii.se] has joined #ubuntu
solsTiCePandU: well better than liferea is hard to find 11:51
=== raphael [~raph@rberbain.net1.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu
PandUI am having a problem with debianplanet feed with Liferea11:52
PandUI am using thsi link http://www.debianplanet.org/module.php?mod=node&op=feed11:53
=== draz [~draz@wbar9.chi1-4-11-083-142.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== draz [~draz@wbar9.chi1-4-11-083-142.dsl-verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== jpvcx [~jpvcx@h190178.upc-h.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== jonah [~jonah@i5387446D.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== teto [~teto@r200-125-4-86-dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy] has joined #ubuntu
ZindarPandU, I use blam12:01
Zindarit's good12:01
=== u_d [~u_d@87.b.002.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== Snubbel [~thomas@pD9E20FEA.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
joolzPandU, i just tried the feed in liferea, it's fine12:02
__danielPandU, i tried blam, straw and liferea, but i came back to liferea again :-)12:02
=== Hmmmmm_ [~sukrit@] has joined #ubuntu
PandUjoolz, Are you using ubuntu amd6412:04
PandUmay be its the amd64 version of Liferea12:05
=== Arvind-NL [~Arvind@ip503d4396.speed.planet.nl] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== sepheebear [~sepheebea@24-193-86-118.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has left #ubuntu []
=== malte` [~malteo@host116-99.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
joolzPandU, no intel 68612:05
=== evilstoy [HydraIRC@cmung3789.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
joolzPandU, have you tried starting it from a terminal, see if there's any error messages. Checked logs?12:06
arturazhey, how i should be able to play video files with totem?12:07
arturazeven marillats w32codecs doesn't work12:07
PandUjoolz, What do you mean the program is working for other feeds just this one is always giving error12:07
=== SepheeBear [~SepheeBea@24-193-86-118.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
joolzit was working for other feeds before. Now i added your link and it's just fine12:08
joolzso the feed seems to be ok, must be a client side issue then12:08
arturaz** (totem:6024): WARNING **: don't know how to handle video/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)1, systemstream=(boolean)false12:09
joolzarturaz, better get mplayer12:09
__danielarturaz, do u use totem-gstreamer?12:10
__danieltotem-xine worked better for me12:10
=== __daniel is now known as daniel_shower
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arturazdaniel_shower, me too :)12:13
iceman_hi there12:13
arturazgstreamer is too unstable12:13
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malte`i cannot get aptitude to remove a package's dependencies when i remove it, why'12:19
Lathiatmalte`: Because those dependencies might be used by somethign else, aptitude has no way of knowing12:20
malte`i read that aptitude can find unused ones12:20
malte`and remove them12:20
malte`i tried installing (for example) xsidplay, that installs a lib too12:20
Lathiatextreme example: falconseye is a graphical shell over nethack, if you install falconseye itl install nethack, if you remove falconseye how does it know if you still want to use nethack itself?12:20
malte`but that lib is unused from the rest of the system12:21
Lathiatmalte`: theres an option for that i think, but be careful and remove stuff with discreation12:21
Lathiatyou need to install deborphan12:21
Lathiatfor it to work12:21
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Hmmmmm_guys do we get wharty tomorrow?12:35
=== dand [~dand@] has joined #ubuntu
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ZindarHmmmm, wednesday I belive12:49
Zindarhe left12:49
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iceman_does ubuntu comes up with an hdparm configuration ?12:52
Zindariceman_, what do you mean?12:52
Zindariceman_, you can set hdparm conf using /etc/hdparm.conf12:52
iceman_I am using a debian unstable on the other hd12:52
iceman_and ubuntu is faster than sid to open programs, etc12:52
iceman_so I think about some conf of hdparm optimized by ubuntu12:53
joolziceman_, i think so too. I played a little with hdpram. On my fedora it fastened things up *a lot*12:53
joolzon ubuntu it only slowed down12:53
joolzso it seems the default (wherever they are :) are fine12:54
joolzsomething else, i get this message at boot: localhost kernel: PnPBIOS: You may need to reboot with the "nobiospnp" option to operate stably12:54
iceman_yes, in fact the default conf for hdparm (hdparm.conf) is the same of the hdparm of debian12:54
=== SamBozo [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
joolzso i changed menu.lst: kernel          /boot/vmlinuz- root=/dev/hda2 ro quiet splash nobiospnp12:55
joolzbut it didn't help12:55
joolzI have this on two machines, so little chance that the BIOSsen are corrupt12:56
=== u_d [~u_d@186.b.001.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
joolzAnyone know a workarounf for this nobiospnp issue?12:56
iceman_uhm dunno12:57
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lotharioI get the following line in dmesg, can someone help me understand what it means?01:02
lotharioDevice 'i823650' does not have a release() function, it is broken and must be fixed.01:03
=== jeanlouis [~jeanlouis@ANice-106-1-10-109.w81-49.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
jeanlouissomeone know where I can set my PATH 01:05
jeanlouisIn my .bash_profile01:05
jeanlouisit doesn't work01:05
=== sii [~simius@tranquillity.sii.se] has joined #ubuntu
jeanlouisI need to do source .bash_profile01:06
ceflooked in .bashrc ?01:06
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joolzanyone familiar with spamassassin? Mine false-positives good email on account of an "AWL: Auto-whitelist adjustment"01:20
Treenaksjoolz: make it learn..01:20
joolzyes, i'm doing that, but only --spam. Maybe i should do --ham too01:20
joolzweird though... it was runnign ok on my previous system. I copied the lot over to ubuntu and now it does this.01:21
joolzWell... whole lotta leraning to do :)01:22
=== Mirno [~MirSPCM@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
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lupexHi. I need to recompile my kernel to support special hardware. uname reports that I am using (I haven't recompiled the kernel, so it should be the stock ubuntu kernel), but I wasn't able to find a matching package with synaptic. Where do I find the original kernel sources (and configuration) used to compile my stock ubuntu kernel?01:30
tolleits called linux-sources01:30
tolleor something like that.01:30
=== Mirno is away: bon app
lupextolle, thanks. Found it.01:31
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Chedichare the ShipIt CD really 100% free of charge?01:39
sivangChedich : yes01:39
sivangChedich : Please note also the clarification about the _amounts_ of cds 01:39
sivanghey daniels, whassup?01:40
joolzwoops, I found out what's the problem with spamassassin. A few days ago i mailed myself some recipe files from another account. That's now poisoned01:40
joolzwill rm -rf ~/.spamassassin give me a 100% clean start with SA?01:41
=== sii [~simius@tranquillity.sii.se] has joined #ubuntu
danielssivang: not much01:43
sivangdaniels : I really liked your web spot btw, with photos etc :)01:44
=== enabl [~enabl@host81-156-250-38.range81-156.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
danielssivang: which one?01:44
CHSdaniels: so you are the guy who is responsible that ubuntu rocks on my X40? thanks :-)01:45
ploummy install on a old laptop01:46
danielsCHS: it's not my fault -- the acpi support is flawless and mjg59 originally did the scripts01:46
mvdrhello mr ploum/lio01:46
=== samuelc [~samuelc@] has joined #ubuntu
tolleIs there any package in the base ubuntu package tree that contains the unrar command?01:47
ploumhello mvdr , on se connait ?01:47
CHSdaniels: btw: are there plans for supsend to disk? 01:47
mjg59daniels: Rock01:47
mjg59CHS: In Hoary01:47
danielsCHS: hoary will have it, probably swsusp01:48
mjg592.6.9 makes it massively more stable than 2.6.8, but it's too late for Warty01:48
danielsCHS: but it only uses ~5% for every 8h in suspend-to-RAM01:48
danielsCHS: so not much point01:48
danielsmjg59: um, I've not had any problems with the acpi.sf.net patch (default Warty kernel)01:48
mjg59daniels: For suspend-to-disk01:48
mjg59The acpi code doesn't actually touch it01:48
danielsah, bong01:49
CHSdaniels: suspend-to-RAM is everything i need but suspend-to-DISK just would be cool :)01:49
=== malte` [~malteo@host116-99.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
mjg59swsusp has got fast recently, too01:49
sivangdaniels : there's a one with photos of you on some trip, and some debian conference :)01:49
mjg59suspend-to-RAM is getting to the point where there's only a few problems, and there's only one of them that we don't understand in the slightest01:49
sivangdaniels : actually, I'd love to have this link again - I lost my bookmarks since then.01:49
danielssivang: http://fooishbar.org/gallery/ ?01:49
sivangdaniels : exactly!01:50
danielssivang: (all the photos of trees were from when I got bored and decided to see how long my camera battery could last -- I think the answer was about 500 photos)01:50
mjg59daniels: Oh, yeah, I was supposed to tell you what was needed from CVS dbus for Beagle...01:50
CHSmjg59: ath0 has no problem with suspend?01:50
danielsmjg59: if you wanted a backport, yeah ;)01:50
danielsCHS: not at all01:51
sivangdaniels : boy, she's an enregizer bunny :)01:51
danielsCHS: i don't bother removing ath_pci, and it works fine01:51
danielssivang: heh01:51
mjg59daniels: The BusDriver.cs stuff in the mono directory01:51
danielsmjg59: ok, I'll check it out01:51
sivangdaniels : I see you have the same taste like mines in Logitech :-))01:51
mjg59daniels: Basically, everything trow has added since the end of August01:51
mjg59And enable the mono build01:52
CHSdaniels: are the WPA/WEP keys restored after the remmod ath_pci?01:52
mjg59There's a patch from edd in the bts that entirely fails to apply now, but does the right thing anyway01:52
sivangdaniels : I also have a desktop iTouch system, reciever handles both kbd abd mouse.01:52
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malte`my amule doesn't connect! it says something about zlib01:58
danielsmjg59: 'k01:59
danielsCHS: i'm not sure, sorry01:59
Bilbogood morning all01:59
danielsi don't have any wep networks02:00
CHSdaniels: that would be quite usefull...02:00
=== ploum_ [~ploum@123-207.241.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
sivangdaniels : http://www.everyvoteforjohnhowardgodkillsakitten.org/ <---- ?? ;-)02:02
danielssivang: heh02:02
=== Mirno is back (gone 00:35:46)
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richnrockvillemd? When I start Ubuntu, I see some lines that says there are errors, what file is this listing in?  and how exactly do I take a look at it to be able to cut and paste from it to put it in a message?  thanks02:28
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> kornbluth.freenode.net
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joolzrichnrockvillemd, most of it is written in logs in /var/log (messages, syslog etc.)02:30
joolzyou may want to grep them for a faster result02:30
richnrockvillemd? grep?02:30
richnrockvillemdbe gentile with me..02:30
joolzrichnrockvillemd, start a terminal, type man grep02:30
joolzrichnrockvillemd, sure :)02:31
MacPlusG3richnrockvillemd: or just open /var/log/syslog with a text editor02:31
MacPlusG3richnrockvillemd: and use the search functio02:31
=== joolz assumes MacPlusG3 is a mac user ;-)
=== growler [~dl@dsl-203-113-211-196.QLD.netspace.net.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== giorsat [~samba@host88-86.pool8288.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
giorsathelp please. I installed the rc version on a sis pc and it hangs at first boot starting hotplug system. in grub I added the noapic nolapic pci=noacpi and even nopcmcia option but nothing seems to work. I want to make it work. I have mdk101 and it goes so why not ubuntu?02:34
giorsattoc toc.. anybody listening? please ... I'm stucked and don't' know what to do02:36
Treenaksit might be you need02:37
Treenaksas well02:37
giorsatis it not the same pci=noacpi and acpi=off02:37
=== crash| [~crash_@h114n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
giorsatwhy the hotplug hangs? any idea?02:39
=== giorsat [~samba@host88-86.pool8288.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu []
Treenakspci=noacpi only stops the PCI layer from using ACPI, acpi=off disables all of ACPI02:40
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LinuxJonesgood morining !!02:41
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Bierin1hi there, are there anyone who knows if it's possible to get a non-english (eg. danish) locale installed on Warty??03:02
=== oOpepinOo [~yann@lns-vlq-39f-81-56-131-220.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesBierin1, did you try dpkg-reconfigure locales ?03:04
Bierin1no, I kind of new to the debian package management03:05
=== GeosB [Teamnord@0x503e3d0e.kd4nxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
Bierin1but you think i would work?03:06
joolzBierin1, i did it q few days ago and it works nicely03:06
Bierin1great... thanks03:06
=== maliks [~maliks@] has joined #ubuntu
=== CraHan [~CraHan@192-103.244.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
maliksjust installed UBUNTU and it rocks but have hit a small speed breaker03:08
CraHandoes anyone play quake2 in ubuntu?03:08
maliksand want some help guys03:09
CraHanI have this weird problem with quake2 sdl and doom sdl that makes my mouse behave erratically03:09
=== fs [fs@lowpingbastards.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
maliksCan't able to get my sound working on Ubuntu. I think its Gnome Specific reason03:09
CraHanas soon as I touch the mouse it makes me look up03:09
CraHanand I can't do diddly squat03:09
maliksHey! Some Help please03:09
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-133.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
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LinuxJonesmaliks, do you know if you have the correct module loaded for your soundcard ?03:11
=== moyote [~moyote@c1-1e205.neo.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
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=== lucas_ [~lucas@ca-grenoble-2-18.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJoneshi lucas_03:20
=== ploum [~ploum@125-210.242.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
lucas_hi ploum03:22
ploumhi lucas_ 03:22
ploumdid I already post my test of Ubuntu on a very old presario here ?03:22
lucas_I don't want to take a position in the debate about the default theme. But are there any plans to ship with a package (not installed by default) that would replace the "sexy" theme by something less problematic in some environments ?03:23
lucas_ploum: what is "old" for you ?03:23
=== harfooz [~clint@nb-209-213-26-025.backroads.net] has joined #ubuntu
lucas_I'm planning to install Ubuntu on my laptop - a Dell Latitude CPi with a P200 and 128MB RAM03:24
harfoozhi all. The FAQ has instructions to install totem-xine to get totem to play DVDs but when I apt-get install totem-xine it can't be found. What is the correction I need?03:24
LinuxJonesharfooz, did you apt-get update ?03:25
ploumlucas_, frimouvy.org/wiki/CompaqPresario03:25
ploumhttp://frimouvy.org/wiki/CompaqPresario , sorry03:25
harfoozand added via synaptic the repo that was on the FAQ to get the other controversial packages.03:26
harfoozI had no trouble installing the win32 codecs or libdvdcss203:26
harfoozjust totem-xine03:26
plouma K6-300 with 96 Mo of ram03:26
LinuxJonesharfooz, apt-cache search totem doesn't find totem-xine ?03:26
harfooztotem-gstreamer - A simple media player for the Gnome desktop based on gstreamer03:26
harfoozthat's the only thing I get back from that command.03:27
harfoozand I read on the forums there is some conflict between totem-xine and totem-gstreamer.03:27
=== perdix [~perdix@] has joined #ubuntu
harfoozmy repos are the defaults with the exception of the added repo from the FAQ.03:28
joolzcdrecord doesn't understand my ide cdrom anymore: "No such file or directory. Cannot open '/dev/pg*'. Cannot open SCSI driver."03:29
joolzis this normal? the drive is ok, that's not the problem03:29
lucas_ploum: cool. I'd recommend disabling nautilus03:30
lucas_it's a CPU/mem hog on such configs03:30
LinuxJonesharfooz, you need the repo with these sections >> main restricted universe. Click Refresh and search again.03:30
ploumlucas_, it's for my mother and my father03:31
ploumthey prefer slower but the same as the other PC03:31
harfoozhow do I do that from Synaptic, is there a URL for a howto?03:31
harfoozjust change the secions to main universe?03:32
=== crash| [~crash_@h114n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
harfoozah -- found it!03:32
LinuxJonesharfooz, Settings >> Repositories >> make sure the 4th line has a checkbox03:32
LinuxJonesharfooz, click "OK" then click "Reload"03:33
harfoozfound them. 03:34
harfoozfor the ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ repo, should I put testing or unstable in the distribution section (I found both on two different sections of the forums).03:35
harfooznow this is telling me that totem-gstreamer and ubuntu-desktop is going to be removed. What are the implications and conflicts that I will experience? (Heck I just want to be able to watch a DVD :-))03:37
SepheeBearits ok those 2 are just metapackages its alright to go ahead03:37
=== crash___ [~crash_@h114n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
harfoozwhat is a metapackage?03:38
SepheeBearafaik its kinda like a container for a bunch of packages, not really a package in and of itself03:40
SepheeBearthere should be somebody whose an expert on here that could explain it better than that03:41
LathiatA metapackage is a blank package that just depends on some other packages to install them03:41
SepheeBearyeah what  he said :-)03:42
harfooznow I have totem-xine installed,but still can't play the movie. I have the dvd in the player, and then I start totem. I click on Play disk and nautilus opens, so I browse to the drive where the disk is, and totem can't open the files.03:42
Lathiatharfooz: are you trying to play a dvd?03:42
Lathiatyou need to install the dvd encryption stuff03:42
harfoozalready installed libdvdcss2 -- is there something else?03:42
Lathiatah in that case maybe the xine stuff doesnt pick that up03:43
Lathiattried mplayer?03:43
harfooznot yet 03:43
arturazconfigure:26763: checking Gnome2 compile flags03:44
arturazconfigure:26768: result: Gnome not found, building without it.03:44
arturazhmm, i've installeb libgnome2-dev03:44
SepheeBearcheck for '/dev/dvd' that it exists and is readable by you, that's what screwed me up for a while03:44
seb128arturaz: what are you trying to build ?03:44
seb128and what's the configure error ?03:44
arturaznone, it just doesn't grab my gnome2 libs03:44
arturaz-dev packages03:44
arturazmaybe i need libgnome-desktop-dev03:45
LathiatSepheeBear: oh yeh change the dvd device03:45
=== ermina [~ermina@] has joined #ubuntu
erminaHELP ME!!!!03:46
erminaI lost my ubuntu03:46
Lathiatermina: Start by stating your problem clearly with as much information as possible03:46
Lathiatarturaz: apt-get install gnome-devel03:46
SepheeBearwhere'd it go?03:46
erminait said that kernel panic, VFS can not read03:46
erminawhat should I do ??03:46
=== pooh_ [~pooh@] has joined #ubuntu
=== pooh_ is now known as sivang
erminaI have SuSE in partition hda1, Ubuntu in hda203:47
=== chris_ [~chatzilla@209-181-235-206.mpls.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
SepheeBeari'd check my hardware, i've never had a kernel panic in any linny that wasnt due to some pfunky hardware03:48
erminaI change from grub menu of SuSE that I want to change my default boot to ubuntu03:48
erminathan it happen03:48
erminaany body can help me please ????03:48
SepheeBearcan you still boot suse?03:48
erminayess. im now with suse03:49
Lathiatermina: check the boot settings make sure the root device and initrd is set03:49
ploum tomboy: Dpend: libpango1.0-0 (>= 1.6.0b) mais 1.6.0-1 devra tre install03:53
ploumcannot install tomboy03:53
Lathiatworks for me03:53
speelhas any one in here switched from win to ubuntu03:54
=== ermina_ [~ermina@] has joined #ubuntu
ermina_I've fine tune my ubuntu for several days before I decided to make ubuntu as my default boot03:55
ermina_but when I change the default boot, I can not boot to ubuntu now03:55
ploum1.6.0-1 is after 1.6.0b, no ?03:55
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== ploum_ [~ploum@20-196.241.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
SepheeBearcould be your grub conf, if you can still boot ubuntu otherwise03:56
=== brettcar [~brettcar@segvio.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== ermina_ [~ermina@] has joined #ubuntu
ermina_disconnected again04:04
=== trip_out [~trip_out@81-86-89-147.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
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harfoozback again, folks. I have enabled the universe repos in synaptic, installed totem-xine, libdvdcss2 and when I open totem, ask it to Play disc, all I get is Nautilus.04:29
harfoozwhen I browse to the dvd, totem can't play anything there.04:29
harfoozwhat am I missing to get totem to play a commercial dvd?04:29
Lathiatall i can say is try mplayer04:30
harfoozis it synaptic dl'able? or must it be compiled from source?04:30
Lathiatits probably in the same archive that you got libdvdcss2 from04:31
harfoozok -- installing it now.04:32
harfoozit just seems so odd that the gnome dvd player, totem, won't work with ubuntu's gnome.04:32
Lathiatit probably will you probably just have some weird issue04:32
Lathiatit works fien for me04:32
deFryskinstall totem-xine and it will work fine04:33
harfoozalready did install totem-xine and totem's still not playing.04:33
=== trip_out [~trip_out@81-86-89-147.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
lamontaj: G5, G4, and colorful G3's are supported04:34
harfoozhmmm player's not playing it either.04:34
harfoozlet me check the link.04:34
lamontaj: no clue on airports, but if there's a distributable binary blob, we probably support it (either via main or restricted)04:34
trip_outhi there - I'm trying to set up my soundcard, yet can't find out how to switch the default alsa card04:34
LinuxJonestrip_out,  you have more than 1 soundcard installed ?04:35
=== tester99 [~yz@] has joined #ubuntu
sparkxi was told on the message board that apple hasn't released info for the airport, so no one has written a driver.04:35
SepheeBearharfooz: check that /dev/dvd is pointing to the correct /dev/hdx device and has the right perms04:36
trip_outLinuxJones: yep - I have an onboard which is active, and another in my PCI04:36
SepheeBearjust seems like a device config problem at this point04:36
trip_outI want the PCI one wswitched on04:36
LinuxJonestrip_out,  you can diable the onboard sound in bios04:36
=== harfooz is now known as harfooz_away
trip_outI know - but isn't there a config file that points gstreamer to whatever card I want?04:37
LinuxJonestrip_out,  I don't know off of the top of my head.04:38
trip_outideally I want to be able to switch between the two you see04:38
trip_outnmind - I'll keep looking04:38
trip_outthnx anyhoo04:38
=== gotd0t [~gotd0t@] has joined #ubuntu
SepheeBeardoesnt gstreamer alsasink or osssink to dump the sound to? i think the config of the card would be done with either alsa or oss config04:39
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
gotd0ti need some help with my 9700 pro, i tried installing fglrx and the control panel, but i cannot access it after rebooting04:40
trip_outyeah I have it to alsasink - IIRC its set per user by .asoundrc or something04:40
LinuxJonesSepheeBear, alsaconfig is not available with Ubuntu unless you compile from source04:41
gotd0ti am trying to set up my monitors so its not a duplicate image on both screens04:42
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bspherehey, whats the advantages of ubuntu over debian ?04:51
sparkxnaked splash screens?04:52
gotd0ti guess04:52
bsphereand for real ?04:52
sparkxi think that out of the box it is a kinder gentler experience for a newer user04:52
bsphereand for a 3 years debian user ?04:53
sparkxfor a poweruser, you are going to sett it up how you want anyway. so i don't know that there would really be that great of a difference for you.04:53
sparkxbut i could be wrong.04:53
bsphereok, thx04:53
=== georgia [~georgia@Georgia.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
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=== deSelby [~yfir@dsl-129-17.aei.ca] has joined #ubuntu
gotd0ti could use some help setting up ubuntu to work with both my monitors04:56
=== Manny [~chris@pD9E95F4A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== sean_ [~sean@wbar24.tmp1-] has joined #ubuntu
georgiagotd0t: i dont know anything about multiple screens, so i'll not be much help04:57
gotd0tok, thanks04:57
=== kelvin [~markus@as4-4-6.t.lk.bonet.se] has joined #ubuntu
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Despairfigured out why I was getting 1/3 the GL performance in Ubuntu. agpgart compiled into kernel, was preventing nvidia's builtin agp from working, and the reason why didn't occur to me since it wasn't in lsmod. Heh.05:03
mrjivehi *05:04
LinuxJonesDespair, agpgart has 1/3 the performance of nvidia agp ?05:04
kelvinI'm having some trouble with my wifi-card lately... anyone else?05:05
DespairLinuxJones: no, nvidia's is maybe 1% faster, the difference is it's more stable on my motherboard. So I'll have to compile a kernel myself, or root around in kernel docs and disable the inkernel agp.05:05
kelvinit was working fine until I did an apt-get upgrade about a week ago05:05
DespairLinuxJones: the problem is, I had nvidia set to only use nvidia's agp, so it fell back to PCI paths. And that is 1/3 slower. :)05:06
=== deSelby [~yfir@dsl-129-17.aei.ca] has left #ubuntu []
LinuxJonesDespair, ya I have a KT400 agp slot on my board and it sucks bad. Maybe I will recompile and try nvagp ;)05:06
DespairActually, I can't say for sure it's more stable in 64bit, I've only compared stability in 32bit debian on an NForce 3 250-based motherboard.05:07
DespairToo many variables changed to make any guarantees on that comparison.05:07
LinuxJonesDespair, how do you like the Nforce...everything is working ok ?05:07
DespairIt's terrible with a 2.4 kernel, due to lack of support for the builtin nic and numerous other problems.05:07
DespairIn recent 2.6, it's great.05:08
Despairthe onboard sound sucks, but any of the intel 8x0-compat codecs have that problem.05:08
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesDespair, cool. i was thinking about upgrading and was considering Nforce05:08
=== yfir [~yfir@dsl-129-17.aei.ca] has joined #ubuntu
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mirak_linuxjones, despair, my via chipset seems to be working o as well05:24
georgiaanyone know how to type the hash / pound symbol on a uk layout apple pro keybaord under ubuntu?05:25
georgiaaha found it, gotta use the right hand option key, must be alt gr or equivalent05:33
ChuchoCan anyone tell me what prog to use to burn an ISO within ubuntu?05:33
Riddellgeorgia: do you mean the hash symbol or the pound symbol?05:35
RiddellChucho: whichever you want, nautilus I think has some burning capabilities, k3b is the most functional05:35
ChuchoRiddell:  I've just always used cdrecord previously, but it seems ubuntu doesn05:36
ChuchoRiddell: set up scsi emulation 05:36
RiddellChucho: this is Linux 2.6, you don't need scsi emulation05:36
ChuchoRiddell: I am starting to see that after readnig up a bit05:36
RiddellChucho: so you have to play the game of working out the new address for cdrecord to record to05:37
=== JohanH [~johan@as9-2-6.b.bonet.se] has joined #ubuntu
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sean_Why is it when I install something for synaptic then try to run it it tells me it cant find the file when I know I just installed it05:46
sean_Im sure Im doing something wrong...05:46
LinuxJonessean_, what application ?05:47
sean_for instance I just installed 3d chess using synaptic but it says it cant find it when I go to run application05:48
sean_says specified location is invalid05:48
LinuxJonessean_, hit Alt + F2 then type <application name> or look under >Applications >> Games05:48
sean_its under neither05:49
sean_for instance I would just type 3dchess correct?05:49
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@neuro.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonessean_, 3Dc05:50
sean_gah now how did you know that?05:50
georgiaRiddell: to you n me the hash symbol, but afaik americans call it pound05:51
LinuxJonessean_, I installed it heh. alt+F2 has autocompletion by hitting the 3 it automatically filled in the rest of the name05:51
sean_lol cool thanks alot man05:52
=== blueboy [~blueboy@149.Red-217-126-76.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
sean_another question05:52
LinuxJonessean_, ;)05:52
sean_How do I go about enabling cookies?05:52
mirak_in firefox?05:52
LinuxJonessean_, in Mozilla-fiefox ?05:52
mirak_default is enabled05:53
mirak_what version firefox do you have???05:53
LinuxJonessean_, Edit>>Prefentences>>Security05:53
mirak_what he said....05:53
LinuxJonesmy typing skills are horriffic :(05:53
sean_hehe thats cool05:53
mirak_linuxjones, i have that problem latly as well05:53
mirak_see ^^05:54
=== jacob [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesmirak_, I have only been keyboarding for 10 years you would think that I would get better @ it, but no I seem to be getting worse :D05:54
mirak_linuxjones, should have been "ive had that problem latly as well"05:54
mirak_linuxjones, hahaha, yeah, i still find myself staring at the keyboard, its funny, i type all day at work05:55
jacobWhats the best way to get Mono running on my Ubuntu-machine?05:55
mirak_ jacob, i do not know what mono is......enlighten me??05:56
jacobmirak_, .NET-runtime env. for Linux05:56
mirak_jacob, thnx05:57
LinuxJonesjacob, >> http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/FrequentlyAskedQuestions see # 405:57
mirak_is the a way to make either of the gnome toolbars autohide?????, top or the bottom??, prefferably the bottom05:57
Despairmirak_: right click on them and select autohide in preferences05:58
mirak_despair, thnx...ill give it a shot05:58
LinuxJonesmirak_, right click toolbar and select properties, then check autohide05:59
mirak_despair, thnx, it works exactly how i wanted it too05:59
mirak_linuxjones, thnx to you too05:59
=== darksatanic [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_last time i tried that the task bar was full, thats prob why it didnt work06:00
jacobLinuxJones, that repo isnt complete, its missing libicu among other things it seems, so some packages are left in a broken state06:00
LinuxJonesjacob, libicu28 is avaialb e in universe repo 06:01
mirak_linuxjones, hhahaha06:02
LinuxJonesis there an auto-spellchecker for Xchat heh06:02
mirak_would bae nice06:03
mirak_gaim may have 1............it does for aim client06:03
sean_Hey guys whats a good P2P application?06:03
=== sii [~simius@tranquillity.sii.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== point [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
sean_Im trying to use gnutella but it says it thinks Im firewalled which Im not....06:04
LinuxJonessean_, I like apollon but it's a kde app06:04
mirak_linuxjones, is there any p2p in the universe???06:05
LinuxJonesmirak_, ya 06:05
mirak_linuxjones, what is it?06:06
sean_I dont understand why it thinks Im firewalled06:06
LinuxJonesmirak_, apollon & amule & giftoxic 06:07
mirak_linuxjones, in your opinion, wich is best???06:07
sean_Whats a good one for Gnome Jones since Gnutella isnt going to work06:07
mirak_linuxjones, for movies and tunes???06:07
LinuxJonesmirak_, yes you can connect to the kazaa network using giftd and fasttrack (not available in universe)06:08
sean_Im gonna try amule06:09
mirak_linuxjones, but of the 3 you mentioned, wich is preferable??06:09
LinuxJonesmirak_, I like apollon06:09
mirak_linxjones, i have never...ever used kazaa....i hate it06:09
=== jpvcx [~jpvcx@j132024.upc-j.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_linuxjones, appolon it is,..........i trust you06:10
LinuxJonesmirak_, ya it sucks but what can you do06:10
joh_mirak_: how can you hate something you havent tried?06:10
sean_good point joh06:10
sean_Kazaa used to be decent06:10
mirak_joh_, ive seen it around, what i meant to say is that i have never personally installed it, and have spent countless hours fixing problems it causes on other windows box's06:11
sean_Its not the Kazaa that causes problems06:12
joh_mirak_: I understand :) The only p2p app I can tolerate is bittorrent06:12
sean_Its the spyware the comes with kazaa that causes the problems06:12
sean_I cant get bittorrent to work...06:12
sean_I get a funky error06:12
mirak_sean_, what client?06:12
joh_I use it at the command line, btdownloadcurses <file>06:13
joh_works like a charm06:13
LinuxJonesjoh_, but leeches annoy me to no end06:13
sean_lol leeches....06:14
sean_Im gonna try Apollon Jones06:15
joh_I havent used p2p that much after discovering allofmp3.com06:15
mirak_sean_ you need your cd in the drive, for dependencies06:16
joh_I can afford $10 for a GB of ogg vorbis :)06:16
LinuxJonessean you may have some messign around to get it running06:16
=== hubs [~hubs@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesjoh_, easynews is the bomb. 06:16
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@lns-th2-4f-81-56-180-71.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesjoh_, it's like 10 bucks for 6 gigs and it is all catagorized as well06:17
=== cianid3 [~cianid3@89-31.201-68.swfla.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
joh_hmm, I have heard about it before, but I have never tried it 06:18
joh_thats like 2-3 years ago :)06:18
LinuxJonesjoh_, once bittorrent became popular I let my subscription expire06:19
mirak_i am new to bittorrent, i seed all of my downloads......does that make me NOT a leecher???06:20
=== gotd0t [~gotd0t@] has joined #ubuntu
gotd0ti need some help mounting my NTFS drives...06:20
LinuxJonesmirak_, yes good man :)06:20
hubsgotd0t, maybe I can help06:20
mirak_linuxjones, whatever client i installed has a super-seed option, i use that06:21
gotd0tmy friend was helping me, but we cant seem to get it working06:21
hubsgotd0t, you know that you can only mount it read only06:21
gotd0ti know06:21
gotd0ti just want to be able to access my music06:21
hubshow did you try mounting it ?06:22
mirak_linuxjones, why would seeding not be a default, doesnt it make it better for everyone????06:22
gotd0theh, not quite sure really06:22
LinuxJonesmirak_, once the file has been downloaded you become a see but people cancel out once their download is finished and don't let anybody else download from their comp06:22
sivanggotd0t : /dev/hda1       /mnt/fat32      ntfs ro,user,auto,umask=027  0 006:22
sivanggotd0t : replace hda1 with your drive device entry06:23
sivanggotd0t : you should also "mkdir /mnt/fat32" or "mkdir /mnt/ntfs" for that matte :)06:23
sivanggotd0t : you might want to prefix each command with "sudo" if you are the only user on the machine06:24
mirak_ahh....i see, i dont check on mine often, i just put them on a diff desktop, and let them roll for a while, they were up for about 9 hours after dl finished06:24
sivanggotd0t : and the entry for the /etc/fstab file which manages mounts systemwide06:24
=== kujin [~kujin@82-133-109-120.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
sivanggotd0t : do make sure you make a backup copy of the original fstab file06:24
sivanggotd0t : before making any changes.06:24
LinuxJonesmirak_, ya that is a good to help out with some extra bandwidth06:25
hubsor mounting from a terminal using sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt06:25
sivangyes, that also :)06:25
=== jsc [~jsc@h-67-101-232-206.lsanca54.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_linuxjones, ok....no problem, only time i can really see that i would need the bandwith for myself is gaming, unless its slowing me down way too much, for web browsing06:26
mirak_linuxjones, but even then i dont need to drop them all06:26
LinuxJonesmirak_, same here :P06:27
mirak_linuxjones, ok.....just wanted to make sure i am diong things properly06:27
gotd0tmount /mnt/ntfs106:28
gotd0tthen i get06:28
gotd0tmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hda2,06:28
gotd0t       or too many mounted file systems06:28
hubsgotd0t, did you specify the file system type using -t ntfs ?06:28
=== david_ [~david@cpc1-with2-6-0-cust126.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
david_is there a partition tool in Ubuntu?06:30
david_terminal stuff?06:30
david_no gui?06:30
cianid3david_: type fdisk -l06:30
cianid3that will list all of your partitions06:30
cianid3why do you need gui06:31
cianid3cfdisk is close to a gui06:31
cianid3it's menu driven06:31
gotd0tok, thanks guys... i think i got it working06:32
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
=== usual [~csmall@alb-69-200-186-129.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
david_ok i need to mount 2 partitions06:34
=== SuperLag [~colbyirc@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
david_M$ ones06:34
hubswhich filesystem ?06:35
david_Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System06:35
david_/dev/sda1               1        5099    40957686    7  HPFS/NTFS06:35
david_/dev/sda2   *        5100       14825    78124095   83  Linux06:35
david_/dev/sda3           24260       24321      498015    f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)06:35
david_/dev/sda5           24260       24321      497983+  82  Linux swap06:35
david_sda1 and sda306:35
hubsterminal or fstab ?06:35
david_whatevers easier06:36
hubsterminal *g06:36
usualhow can I get sound? I keep getting told that I can't access the device. I have a sblive and the install detected my tvcard as a mixer as well as some other things....06:36
hubssudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt/xxxx06:36
usualI want to remove these other detected mixers06:38
david_david@ubuntu:~ $ sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows06:38
david_mount: mount point /mnt/windows does not exist06:38
usualTriTech id 306:38
david_i need a windows folder right?06:38
LinuxJonesusual, do you have the correct module loaded for your soundcard ?06:38
usualBrooktree bt87806:38
usualLinuxJones, yes, it see's it06:38
=== poin_t [~point@] has joined #ubuntu
usualLinuxJones, but it see's those others as well06:38
LinuxJonesusual, is it's name snd-emu10k1 ?06:38
hubsdid you create the directory /mnt/windows before ?06:38
usuallike lets say I open alsamixer06:39
hubsuse mkdir /mnt/windows06:39
usualit defaults tot he bt87x06:39
david_david@ubuntu:~ $ cd /mnt/06:39
david_david@ubuntu:/mnt $ mkdir windows06:39
david_mkdir: cannot create directory `windows': Permission denied06:39
usualnot the sblive06:39
usualsudo mkdir /mnt/win06:39
david_i dont have permission to mount it?06:40
usualLinuxJones, let me explain a little better06:40
david_ive made the dir06:40
LinuxJonesfor a sblive you need snd-emu10k106:40
LinuxJonesusual, you have more than 1 soundcard ?06:40
david_ah ive mounted Windows, but cannot read it06:40
=== sii [~simius@tranquillity.sii.se] has joined #ubuntu
usualLinuxJones, no the onboard is disabled and the install detected the TV tuner card as a mixer as well06:40
david_i need to change the permissions somehow06:41
=== BbR [~BbR@ALyon-209-1-19-140.w81-50.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
jpvcxdavid_ http://linux-ntfs.sourceforge.net/info/ntfs.html#4.1006:42
LinuxJonesusual, argh you may have to look to google for help. 06:42
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
usualsee what it detected06:43
usualit seems to think that the bt87 is my sound card06:43
Despairit does sound. looks like you probably need to add the module for the card you want to load first to /etc/modules06:44
hubsjpvcx, hey useful page :-)06:44
usualno no06:45
usualit loaded it06:45
usualsee it's in the mixer06:45
Despairusual: yes, but it loaded it first.06:45
LinuxJonesusual, you can try adding oss to the /etc/hotplug//blacklist.d/alsa-base file and re-start. That will prevent any oss modules from being loaded for your soundcard  boot time.06:45
Despairusual: and many badly written apps tend to be annoying to make work on any but the first card06:45
hubsdavid, when mounting with sudo you have to ensure that the mountpoint can be read by the "normal" user06:45
Despairusual: so it's more convenient if you add `snd_emu10k1` to /etc/modules so it shows up as the first card.06:45
Despair(or emu10k2, whatever :)06:46
david_hubs thats my problem06:46
joolzi just installed the ssh daemon. What should i do to start it at system startup?06:46
david_hubs i dont know how to solve it06:46
LinuxJonesjoolz, update-rc.d <service> defaults 06:47
joolzLinuxJones, ah. great, thanks!06:47
hubsdavid, how can I talk directly with you ?06:48
LinuxJonesjoolz, ;)06:48
joolzhm that's strange. it says: "System startup links for /etc/init.d/ssh already exist.". But ps aux | grep ssh gives me no running daemon06:49
=== krischan [~krischan@p5090B4A8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesjoolz, you can /etc/init.d/<service> start stop or restart 06:50
joolzLinuxJones, yes I know. I just rebooted the whole system to make sure that it would load automagically, and it didn't06:51
=== joolz used to the redhat approach of system services :)
LinuxJonesjoolz, is it ssh or sshd for the service name . Look in /etc/init.d/06:52
joolzjust plain ssh06:52
joolzno "d"06:52
=== Fwiffo [~user@jep.dhcp.kampsax.dtu.dk] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesjoolz, can you start the service manually ?06:54
joolzLinuxJones, good idea! I can't apparently i made a typo in the config file06:55
=== joolz fixing
=== smeggy [~smeggy2@dsl-203-113-245-201.TAS.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_i have a 2.5gig hgg laying around i would like to use to install firefox prl and a few other apps onto, just incase i break this install, i still have that stuff............is this possible, and if so...is it tuff???06:57
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
joolzwell duh!06:57
mirak_joolz, is that to me??06:58
|trey|mirak_: umm, apt-get -d install <the_app> > put that .deb onto the disk.06:58
joolzLinuxJones, the "yes"'s and "no"'s in the configfile are case sensitive. Never say "Yes", but 'yes'06:58
joolzLinuxJones, no, to myself :)06:58
|trey|mirak_: -d = download only.06:58
LinuxJonesjoolz, :D06:58
joolzit's fixed now, tx06:58
krischana question: is it possible to upgrade my Ubuntu Preview Release to the new Release Candidate without having to install everything from scratch?06:58
mirak_|trey|, thnx.......06:59
|trey|krischan: yes... apt-get update && apt-get upgrade.06:59
LinuxJoneskrischan, yes apt-get update && apt-get upgrade06:59
david_krischan i did that but lost my Device Viewer in system06:59
mirak_|trey|, but when i  -d.....where will it download too???06:59
david_i then reinstalled with the new cd06:59
|trey|LinuxJones: SNAP, I WIN  :)06:59
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091ab2.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|mirak_: /var/cache/apt/archive06:59
LinuxJones|trey|, your typing skills far exceed mine :P06:59
mirak_|trey|, im still dont quite get the file system06:59
mirak_|trey|, thnx06:59
|trey|LinuxJones: 8)07:00
mirak_linuxjones, i think me and you both need to re-take a typing class07:01
LinuxJonesmirak_, I know 07:01
krischan|trey| & LinuxJones: So I didn't need to download the new Ubuntu image actually?07:01
|trey|krischan: nope  :)07:01
krischandavid_: Have other user reported the same problem?07:01
LinuxJoneskrischan, nope 07:02
|trey|krischan: just gotta restart everything that got changed  :)07:02
mirak_krischan, the way i understand things, and apt-get upgrade will hadle that07:02
|trey|The joys of apt  :)07:02
krischan|trey|: I see! ;) 07:02
krischanWell then, I'll try ... could I yield the same result Synaptic, since I am so comfortable with that application?07:03
david_does Ubuntu write to NTFS ? 07:03
david_i hope the answer is no07:03
david_i just ran CHMOD .. whatever that does07:04
|trey|david_: its "experimental" in the kernel...07:04
mirak_krischan, my understanding is that synaptic is essentialy the same as apt-get........so yes07:04
david_i might of messed up my windows stuff07:04
|trey|david_: changes mode... permissions...07:04
mirak_krischan, just mark all upgraded, when the time comes07:04
mirak_krischan, just mark all upgrades*, when the time comes07:05
david_it was cycling through the entire contents of the partition07:05
|trey|david_: perhaps the worst possible command to issue to a NTFS partition  ;)07:05
david_your joking?07:05
david_oh ****07:05
krischanmirak_: Sounds reasonable enough.07:05
david_i'll reboot and see whats happened07:05
|trey|The file permissions are VERY different... would fuck a lot of shit up if you're not lucky  :/07:05
mirak_krischan, im a newb, this is my second distro, about a month linux experience, but i am 99% sure i am correct, just be sure to double check before youa ctually do it, but that is how i always handle it, and i havne broke anything yet07:06
krischanmirak_: Since I am not that experienced with Linux myself yet, your reassurings are comforting me. :)07:08
|trey|krischan: and the best part... if he were wrong, people would be all over him  ;)07:09
=== Nap_ [~francois@lns-th2-15-82-64-229-35.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Nap_hello all07:09
mirak_krischan, :)07:09
mirak_|trey|, i am sure you are right07:09
LinuxJoneshi Nap07:09
Nap_how can I install kde ? just install the 'kde' package from universe ?07:09
krischan|trey|: Certainly I'd have to run apt-get with sudo, haven't I?07:09
|trey|Nap_: yes07:09
krischanhi Nap_07:09
Nap_cool :)07:09
Nap_thank you07:09
mirak_krischan, yes07:10
|trey|krischan: synaptic runs with gksudo... sudo -s = root shell... thats all I use  :/07:10
krischanThanks, mirak_07:10
mirak_krischan, np07:10
=== bromley [~bromley@xpress12494.htc.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_linuxjones, will apollon get added to the gnome menu after a restart or re-log07:11
mirak_linuxjones, or should i just launch from terminal?07:11
=== bestadvocate [~bestadvoc@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesmirak_, it's a kde app so I would assume so07:11
mirak_linuxjones, so that is a no to the gnome menu?07:12
=== milkman638 [~chatzilla@sid-2012.sid.rice.edu] has joined #ubuntu
milkman638how do I play m4a (aac) files using rhythmbox07:13
LinuxJonesmirak_, I am not running it atm so I can't say for sure07:13
mirak_linuxjones, can i ask why you prefer KDE over GNOME????07:13
bestadvocatemilkman638: have you figured out mp3s with it?07:13
LinuxJonesmirak_, I don't I am running Gnome07:14
milkman638yes mp3s work fine07:14
LinuxJonesmirak_, there are a few apps like k3b that I really like though07:14
mirak_linuxjones, oh....sorry07:14
milkman638but I have m4a files from itunes I don't want to convert them to mp307:14
=== paulproteus [~paulprote@] has joined #ubuntu
=== harfooz_away is now known as harfooz
bestadvocatemilkman638: how did you do it, I have been only able to get xmms to work07:14
paulproteusHello all.  I just gave my brother and a friend at school Ubuntu.  I thought I'd stop by :)07:15
=== Seveas [seveas@213-73-236-154.cable.quicknet.nl] has left #ubuntu []
milkman638besstadvocate: what version of rhythmbox are you using07:15
mirak_pailproteus, are you using it????07:15
bestadvocatewell i just installed the latest rc1, and havent changed the default07:15
paulproteusmirak_: Not yet.  I'm running Debian Sarge right now.07:15
paulproteusI think I'll install it on my iBook and keep Sarge on my desktop.07:16
mirak_pailproteus, ahh......ok07:16
=== mirak_ googles debian sarge
paulproteusI might also teach a mini-course (taught by students for students) at JHU over our three-week intersession to convert Windows users from Windows to Ubuntu and GNU/Linux as a whole.07:16
milkman638besstadvocate: did you install it with gstreamer support or with xine support07:16
paulproteusDebian is the Linux distribution that Ubuntu is based on, mirak_.  debian.org :)07:17
bestadvocatemilkman638: I think the default is gstreamer, can you change it?07:17
=== sii [~simius@tranquillity.sii.se] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_pailproteus, i was a windows user, ubuntu made the switch realy easy....and i am aware that ubunutu is debian based, but i was wondering about the "SARGE" part, i usually only hear "DEBIAN"07:18
mirak_oh...i get it.....sarge is just the release name.......like a version number07:18
bestadvocatemirak_: Sarge is the release, like Fedora 1, or Fedora 2 or Windows 95 or Windows 9807:19
=== paulproteus nods
Despairmirak_: debian's release names come from characters in pixar movies. (sarge, potato, etc)07:19
milkman638besstadvocate: yes, when you're installing it use './configure --with-player=xine'07:19
mirak_bestadvocate, despair, i see i see07:19
bestadvocatemirak_: what you said07:19
mirak_bestadvocate, :)07:19
milkman638besstadvocate: that will configure the makefile with xine support07:19
=== tof__ [~tof@lns-vlq-39f-81-56-136-242.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
tof__hi all07:19
bestadvocatemilkman638: I've been using synaptic, at what step should i do this typing ./confi......07:20
tof__i'm trying to configure xprint for mozilla 07:21
tof__my printer is installed but not in mozilla07:21
=== baHam\off is now known as baHam
mirak_tof__, i am sorry, i dont use printers07:22
milkman638besstadvocate:  well in that case, I'm not actually sure, synaptic will install the package using all defaults, if you want to change something, you'd either have to download the rhythmbox tarball or you could download the package but not install it and do so manually07:22
milkman638besstadvocate:  actually not sure I mean07:23
bestadvocatemilkman638: thanks, do you know where synaptic downloads the files too?07:23
tollebestadvocate: why would you want xine support in rhythmbox instead of gstreamer support?07:24
milkman638besstadvocate:  I have no idea, but since your07:24
milkman638besstadvocate:  I have no idea, but since you're using synaptic...07:24
tollebestadvocate: do you have "universe" in your sources.list ?07:24
tollebestadvocate: its called gstreamer-mad07:24
LinuxJonesbestadvocate, install gstreamer0.8-mad  from universe07:24
milkman638besstadvocate:  make sure you download all the gstreamer files07:24
milkman638besstadvocate:  yes what he said07:25
bestadvocatethanks everyone, I will try that07:25
tolleermms, it seems to be "Pimp my ride weekend" every weekend or so.07:27
=== Hoodster [~ahood@adsl-9-160-107.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
tolleWould be realy cool if they made more episodes of it.07:27
=== An-tonio [~An-tonio@128.red-217-217-158.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu
milkman638LinuxJones: is there a gstreamer package for aac, m4a, faac, or faad support07:27
HoodsterHi all. I have been reviewing the liveCD. I have had some problems with it (searching file system, device manager not working) and wondered if these problems have been resolved in the version that is installed onto harddisk.07:29
LinuxJonesmilkman638, I am sure there is somewhere let me have a look07:29
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
=== sg [~steve@82-68-41-245.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesmilkman638, >> http://www.audiocoding.com/modules/wiki/?page=view/Software+Audio+Players+for+Linux%2FBSD may be of some help to you.07:30
bestadvocateHoodster: I think that the device managers for the live cds are diffrant than the Install cds, but I am a newb dont take my word for it.07:31
milkman638LinuxJones: thanks07:31
Hoodsterbestadvocate: Thanks for the reply.07:31
sganybody know if (old) airport on a powerbook works in ubuntu?07:32
mirak_sg, clamshell???07:32
=== eNiNjA [~eninja@] has joined #ubuntu
=== llpamies [~llpamies@] has joined #ubuntu
sgmirak_: sorry my definition of old, is a g4 titanium 07:32
mirak_sg, err...powerbook not ibook.black powerbook07:32
llpamiesWhere can I found a good frontend for GDB ?07:32
mirak_sg, lol.it should07:33
sgmirak_: ie it's not a extreme card :-)07:33
mirak_sg, lol.it should07:33
mirak_sg, if not out of the box...im sure there is a way07:33
mirak_sg, has to be07:33
mirak_sg, no anyone with a black powerbook for sale?07:34
sgmirak_, not off-hand - you collecting!07:34
mirak_sg, specs not important.as long as it works. and will run ubuntu07:34
mirak_sg, i want a lappy for a learning box, something im not worried about breaking, the install that is, fo i am a newb to linux07:35
mirak_sg, and i really like the black PB's07:35
sgmirak_: ebay is your friend ;-)07:35
mirak_sg, yeah07:35
mirak_sg, but ill prob just get a lappy from retrobox.com07:36
bestadvocatebevis: hu hu hu hu mirak_ said get a lappy hu hu hu hu07:36
mirak_bestadvocate, lol.......those were the days07:37
mirak_bestadvocate, wanna go couch fishin'?????07:37
bestadvocate:] 07:37
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-68-92-227-78.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
An-toniois there anybody that has played with sid sources into ubuntu ?07:38
hornbeckwhy would you want to?07:38
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
An-toniobecause is there some software in sid that isn't in universe07:39
hornbeckhave you tried multiverse?07:39
An-toniowath ?07:39
An-toniowhat  :)07:39
mirak_yeah...what is multiverse?07:40
An-tonioi have to reviw doc, don't know multiuniverse07:40
hornbeckdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ warty multiverse07:40
bestadvocateIm with them07:40
hypn0whats the point of all these *verses, why not just one07:40
An-tonioand... what is multiverse ?07:40
mirak_hornbeck, is it advisable for a newb to use the multiverse??????07:40
hornbeckhmmm, don't know07:40
hornbecklet me see07:40
mirak_hornbeck, or is universe enough for me?07:41
=== fragment [~jack@ip76.qdsl.openaccess.org] has joined #ubuntu
hornbeckLet's says it contains debian packages that require a check with laws07:42
hornbeckof your country07:42
hornbeckthat is from a email07:42
fragmentSo with the downgrade of Firefox, anyone know if there's a Live Bookmarks plugin to get that functionality back?07:42
mirak_hornbeck, oh....thats it.............im not worried then07:42
hornbeckfragment: I am not aware of one07:43
mirak_fragment, you can always upgrade07:43
bestadvocatei dono, check out the plugin database silly :] 07:43
=== lrn [~liran@lrn.user] has joined #Ubuntu
mirak_?silly? haha07:43
An-toniohornbeck, isn't like sid...07:44
hornbeckwhat package are you looking for An-tonio07:44
An-toniofor example mono07:44
An-tonioi know is there a repository07:44
hornbeckdeb http://www.getsweaaa.com/~tseng/ubuntu/debs ./07:44
An-toniowith mono for ubuntu07:44
hornbeckthere is the mono07:45
hornbeckmixing sid is bad idea07:45
=== Bentley [~bentley@S01060080c8135e6a.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
hornbeckcould throw conflicts and give bad results07:45
mirak_hornbeck, what is sid????07:45
An-toniobut it isn't the las version07:45
=== silbs [silbs@host217-44-166-212.range217-44.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
jpvcxmirak_ debian sid07:45
hornbeckmirak: sid is unstable debian07:45
An-toniothe same with other software07:45
hornbeckAn-tonio: that repos. has more up to date mono than debian sid07:46
sganyone know any good howtos for debian/ubuntu and wlan/powerbook?07:46
bestadvocatemirak_: sid is up to the seccond stuff07:46
Bentleycan someone tell me how to make the lid button on my laptop only turn off the display and not try to sleep the computer (which locks it up)?07:46
aitrusBentley: have you checked your BIOS for a setting?07:46
hornbeckAn-tonio: the sid and Ubuntu mono packages are both 1.0.107:47
mirak_bentley, yeah, im pretty sure it is a bios setting07:47
hornbeckmono is 1.0.2 right now07:47
=== hornbeck thinks
Bentleyaitrus: yes, it's not there.  There is a lidbutton even in /etc/acpi .. but changing the contents of this text file doesn't seem to affect anything07:47
An-tonioin sid is 1.0.2...07:48
=== froh [foobar@234.80-202-117.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
An-toniommmm, why not ubuntu use sid repository ? and play with apt preferences ?07:48
hornbeckAn-tonio: you need those fixes that bad?07:48
=== Livewire- [~s@cpc1-with2-6-0-cust126.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
An-toniohornbeck, there isn't only mono07:49
An-toniopackages in universe in warty07:49
bestadvocateAn-tonio: i think Ubuntu is attempting to achieve a semblence of stability07:49
An-tonioare from sid in... july ??07:49
hornbeckAn-tonio: the version's in warty are from the freeze right now07:49
hornbeckafter warty is released it will catch back up if you go to Hoary testing07:49
An-toniohornbeck, yes, i know main and restricted must be stable07:50
An-toniobut universe hasn't support07:50
An-tonioso... why they must freeze ?07:50
hornbeckAn-tonio: they still want universe to be somewhat stable07:50
An-tonioubunte has patch and test all packages in universe ?07:50
hornbeckalso if universe requires a more up to date package that is in main, it would not work07:50
aitrusBentley: is your "lid-button" actually getting detected by ACPI?07:51
aitrusBentley: maybe it is seen as somethign else07:51
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-5-45.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
HoodsterIs it possible to install ubuntu onto a harddisk that has another distro that uses lilo?07:51
aitrusBentley: (like a second power button... =)07:51
An-toniohornbeck, maybe07:51
An-toniothis could be a problem07:52
hornbeckAn-tonio: not a maybe, it could be dependency hell07:52
Bentleyaitrus - I think it is (it's in /proc)07:52
Bentleyi'm going to reboot and check my bios settings again07:52
bestadvocateHoodster: I would think so, your going to get problems though07:53
__danielHoodster, you only have one MBR07:53
hornbeckwell I am out07:53
hornbecklater guys/gals07:53
=== tolle [~tolle@h81172194136.kund.kommunicera.umea.se] has joined #ubuntu
Hoodsterbestadvocate: _daniel. Thanks. Yeah, I am concerned about incompatibility07:53
bestadvocateHoodster: i would bet big money this is not supported method of installation07:55
__danielyou can have multiple distributions, OSes on one or several disks, but you only have one boot loader07:55
__danielso you got to configure it the way, you can choose out of all of them07:55
bestadvocatewell you can have a bootloader start another bootloader07:56
Hoodsterbestadvocate: That is interesting07:56
=== chuch1 [~chucho@] has joined #ubuntu
=== xcasex [~robert@h151.hn.student.liu.se] has joined #ubuntu
bestadvocatehave one of them installed on the first sector of your say hda3 and the MBR boots it07:57
HoodsterWill ubuntu try to overwrite the lilo bootloader with grub?07:57
xcasexso, ehrm, what's the name of the pcm module on ubuntuppc?07:57
bestadvocateyes if you tell it to install on the MBR07:57
=== dukeku [dukeku@c-24-21-168-125.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["let]
bestadvocatebut not if you tell it to install on the first sector of the harddrive07:57
=== chuch1 [~chucho@] has left #ubuntu []
bestadvocatexcasex: i dont know sry07:58
HoodsterIs there any chance the first sector is not free to write to?07:58
bestadvocatewell if you already have a distrobution on that partition of your harddrive.07:59
bestadvocatei would think its filled07:59
HoodsterI get it. On the first sector of the new empty partition, this is what is free to write to.07:59
bestadvocateyes, it can be done other ways though08:00
bestadvocatedo a more /etc/lilo.conf 08:00
HoodsterThus, lilo will load first, but is it easy to edit the lilo so that it gives the option to load grub?08:00
bestadvocateyou just tell lilo to boot /dev/hda308:01
bestadvocateyour going to want to read some help files on it08:01
lrnthere are packages at ubuntu that arn`t free ?08:01
bestadvocatenope not really: you can add them after you install08:01
bestadvocateoh but there is nvidia drivers08:02
=== dols|afk is now known as dolson
Hoodsterbestadvocate: This is great stuff. I will read more on how to do this before I attempt.08:02
lrnbestadvocate what u mean ?08:02
bestadvocatethey try to hold themselves to the Debian standard08:03
fragmentany problems with universe?08:03
=== PandU [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
fragmenti.e. anything I should know about before installing packages from universe?08:03
bestadvocatelrn: ubuntu does not even come with mp3 playback by default08:04
fragment(better to build from source, for instance?)08:04
lrnso for that i have to pay ?08:04
bestadvocatelrn: nothing08:04
lrnI can`t understand u mate08:04
bestadvocatelrn: i wasnt shure if you ment free=as in freedom or free=as in free beer08:05
lrnfree non money08:05
lrnthat's what i mean08:05
fragmentlrn: nope, but it's patent-encumbered, so you *can* download & install MP3 utilities, but it's not encouraged.08:05
HoodsterI don't think you pay for nvidia drivers. They are just closed source.08:05
Kamionlrn: no, there are no such packages in Ubuntu08:05
bestadvocatelrn: you should read the homepage for unbuntu08:05
lrni did08:05
lrni love ubuntu :p08:05
fragmentlrn: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats08:05
lrncant wait for 20/1008:05
bestadvocatelrn: they go on and on about their dedication for keeping it free as in free beer08:05
Kamion... and as in speech08:06
Kamionthat's why we have the main/restricted/etc. separation08:06
bestadvocatebut nvidia isnt compatable with the GNU i believe08:06
fragmentIt is.  There's a WIKI page for that, too.08:06
Kamionif you mean GPL-compatible, that's a stronger criterion than what virtually everybody considers "free"08:06
Kamioneven GNU08:07
HoodsterCall me stupid, but I can't help but ask. The 'free as in free beer' refers to that people are free to make beer?08:07
Kamionyou wouldn't talk about the freedom of beer; when you say "free beer", you're always referring to the price08:07
crimsunHoodster: http://www.fsf.org/philosophy/free-sw.html08:07
bestadvocateHoodster: i think it means free as in when you go to a party you might get a beer handed to you08:07
Kamionbestadvocate: not really08:08
Kamionit simply means "free as in the sense you'd be talking about if you said 'free beer'"08:08
Kamionas opposed to "free speech", which English speakers would typically understand to refer to freedom08:08
fragmentIf I'm giving away free beer, what do you expect from me?08:08
fragmentIf I'm exercising my free speech, what do you expect from me?08:09
=== bestadvocate bashes head against wall
Hoodstercrimson: Thanks. That link says "..., not as in "free beer"".08:09
HoodsterThe important bit is the word "not" that comes before "free beer".08:09
=== Ninjas-Rezatm [~ninja@cpe-24-143-142-199.cable.alamedanet.net] has joined #ubuntu
Ninjas-Rezatmgood morning08:10
Ninjas-Rezatmanyone up for giving me a bit of help with SOUND?08:10
jpvcxgood evening :o08:10
Ninjas-Rezatmi just woke up and all i want to do today is get sound working08:10
Ninjas-Rezatmfor the Honorable cause of Frozen Throne08:10
Ninjas-Rezatmit was working fine and stopped after a reboot08:11
fragmentunfortunately, my sound "just worked" and I'm not very familiar with Ubuntu's sound subsystem (ALSA, right?)08:11
DespairNinjas-Rezatm: checked mixer settings?08:11
bestadvocateme too sry08:11
Despair(alsamixer, or the volume control on the gnome panel)08:12
Ninjas-Rezatmmine "just worked" too, but not permanently08:12
Ninjas-Rezatmhow do you guys prefix your messages with nicknames?08:12
Ninjas-RezatmI'm sorry for being a total newb but despair was right08:13
KamionNinjas-Rezatm: that's your IRC client08:13
fragmenttab-completion in x-chat08:13
Ninjas-Rezatmit was the mixer08:13
fragmentnin[tab] 08:13
Ninjas-Rezatmfragment: thanks08:13
fragmentNinjas-Rezatm: Or I suppose ninj[tab] 08:13
KamionNinjas-Rezatm: unless you mean the way I'm putting "Ninjas-Rezatm:" in front; either use tab-completion in a good IRC client, or just type it08:13
Ninjas-RezatmKamion: sup08:14
fragmentHoodster: sound check? ;)08:14
Ninjas-Rezatmwho would have known that PCM needed to be turned up in the mixer?08:14
DespairNinjas-Rezatm: to store the settings, you can do `sudo alsactl store`08:14
Hoodsterfragment: hehe, no trying the [tab]  completion. I haven't figured it out in xchat.08:14
Ninjas-RezatmDespair: you are the pimp08:15
DespairNinjas-Rezatm: alsa defaults to zeroed mixers, because they can't predict setup for a lot of the hardware they support, and some users object violently to blown speakers and other damage. ;)08:15
Ninjas-Rezatmi am using GAIM, I hope that's "cool"08:15
Ninjas-Rezatmthat's cool08:15
=== eaon [~mememe@chello213047096087.6.12.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu
=== fragment hasn't tried GAIM in IRC yet.
fragmentGood Yahoo Messenger support, though.08:16
hypn0chatzilla is better for IRC08:17
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
bestadvocategstreamer mad i already installed but Rythmbox wont play mp3s!08:18
fragmentI used to use chatzilla all the time, but I'm into minimal modification of ubuntu lately.08:18
baHambestadvocate, sudo apt-get install xmms libmikmod mikmod08:18
fragmentI add the Citrix client and Java and that's it, though I think I'm going to have to modify my CUPS config to allow my wife to print from her iBook.08:18
fragmentHaven't really gone looking to see if I can do it from the UI yet.08:19
HoodsterWhen will ubuntu 4.10 RC be final?08:19
bestadvocateI'm using xmms baHam, thanks, I have just been trying to get rythembox to work08:19
bestadvocatebecause its a nicer interface08:19
fragmentRetraining myself to use synaptic instead of apt-get, too.  Trying to get to the point where I can walk friends & family through just about anything.08:19
baHambestadvocate, just get the ubuntu skin :)08:19
baHambestadvocate, http://img71.exs.cx/img71/3006/Screenshot13.jpg08:20
baHambestadvocate, my screenshot.. look down under.. there is the skin i am talkin about08:20
baHambestadvocate, see.. ? You can also use Winamp skins on Xmms ;)08:21
HoodsterI found it at the ubuntu wiki. Looks like October 20th for 4.10 final.08:21
=== colin_ [~colin@alb-69-200-186-129.nycap.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
colin_I figured it out08:21
=== colin_ is now known as usual
HoodsterThanks to all for providing information. This IRC channel is really helpful. Cya!08:22
usualubuntu doesn't play mp3's by default08:22
=== enabl [~enabl@host81-156-250-38.range81-156.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
bestadvocatethats a nice setup dude, but xmms still lacks those nice easy playlist features that rythmbox has built in08:22
=== badger [~badger@ip68-102-249-200.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
usualthats why i couldn't play mp3's08:23
usualbut i still had sound08:23
bestadvocatexmms is a good program when i want to play my entire library though :]  08:24
jpvcxi prefer beep media player08:24
jpvcxbeep media player08:25
jpvcxxmms + gtk2 interface08:25
bestadvocatewhat is the beep media player08:25
=== bronson_ [~bronson@node-40240852.sjc.onnet.us.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
krischanafter I executed "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade", do I have something else to?08:25
crimsunbestadvocate: it's a fork of XMMS, partially rewritten for 0.9.7rc to use Gtk208:26
=== Dethread [~Dethread@24-205-231-52.slo-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
bestadvocateis it in the Ubuntu "universe"08:27
baHamcrimsun, downloading the tar.gz..08:28
kenthas any one gotten gdesklet working in ubuntu? I installed it with synaptic recently, but nothing happens when i start it. If i run it from gnome-terminal i see no errors, :(08:28
baHamkent, me08:28
tvon|x31you need to add a desklet08:28
tvon|x31I suspect08:28
baHamkent, first install the desklet then run gdesklets deskletname.display08:28
jpvcxbestadvocate:yes but its somewhat old08:28
bestadvocatethank you jpvcx08:29
fragmentWhat are desklets?08:29
kentbaHam, deskletname.display is a program/script to run from terminal, or?08:29
baHamyea.. you get them from gdesklets.gnomedesktop.org08:29
Dethreadanyone know where to get the "old" login theme? I don't really like the new one (after doing apt-get upgradew) with the "naked" people, but I can't get rid of it08:30
bestadvocateso what caused the fork between xmms and beep?, ususally suck is frowned upon08:30
bestadvocate*such not suck08:30
joolzDethread: computer, system config, login screen setup08:31
baHamDethread, just go to GDM configuration and change it08:31
Dethreadthe old one is not there anymore though08:31
Dethreadit got replaced08:31
baHamDethread, do ya mean the splash screen or the gdm ?08:31
=== sto [~sto@224.Red-80-59-203.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jbroome [~jbroome@dargo.trilug.org] has joined #ubuntu
Dethreadwell, the splash screen where you log in, AND the little window where it says "starting services..." ( is that the gdm?)08:32
joolzi think he means that the human theme has been updated to include the fitness pepsi people08:32
joolzthe old human theme is gone08:32
Dethreadgone....forever? :(08:32
=== joolz no idea
baHamchecking how to run the C++ preprocessor... /lib/cpp08:33
baHamconfigure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check08:33
baHamSee `config.log' for more details.08:33
baHamI have cpp ;_;08:33
jpvcxjoolz:neh you can download it from the net08:33
bestadvocatejpvcx: interesting 08:33
joolzjpvcx: here's your chance to make Dethread a happy Dethread :) Have you got a link?08:34
Dethreadyes, that'd be great....because I've been looking for a long time, and all I find is the new theme08:34
baHamchecking how to run the C++ preprocessor... /lib/cpp08:36
baHamconfigure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check08:36
baHamSee `config.log' for more details.08:36
Dethreadjoolz: ah, I think I found it....just checked the iso I used to install ubuntu :)08:37
jpvcxfound it: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=1699308:37
joolzjpvcx: thanks!08:37
Dethreadwow, thanks jpvcx08:37
martinkbaHam: are libc6-dev and linux-kernel-headers installed. I seem to remember that this error message was misleading quite often.08:38
baHammartink, ???08:39
martinkbaHam: install libc6-dev if you haven't already08:39
baHamhave em08:39
=== Raane [~raane@] has joined #ubuntu
martinkbaHam: okay, so it has a different unintuitive solution...08:39
Raanei would like to burn some audio cd's08:39
baHammartink, have em already08:39
Raaneand not convert it myself08:39
baHamyep ;_;08:39
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== merriam [~merriam@81-6-223-123.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== ob [sdafsa@ppp-66-139-42-16.dsl.tulsok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
obanyone know how to keep abiword from defaulting back to UK English?08:42
oband half of ubuntu.  i can't find a regional setting anywhere.08:42
Ninjas-Rezatmjust got done playing warcraft08:43
Ninjas-Rezatmit works too well08:43
Ninjas-Rezatmyou can't even tell that it's not Windows08:43
=== jpursell [~jpursell@red.engin.umich.edu] has joined #ubuntu
badgerNinjas-Rezatm, so it kept locking up?08:43
jpvcxNinjas-Rezatm:does battle-net work?08:44
joolzjpvcx: the old theme works nicely. Hope it will not give any troubles, it has exactly the same name as the new one, and both are visible in the list08:46
joolzo well, if it stops someday i allways have runlevel 3 left :)08:46
jpvcxi haven't had any problems with the old theme...yet ^_^08:47
=== Dethread [~Dethread@24-205-231-52.slo-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
bestadvocatei want to get warcraft08:48
bestadvocatecant wait i bought some linux games there getting shiped to me :] 08:48
joolzbestadvocate: nice :) I hope soomeday there will be quake 1 debs. q2 is nice and all, but not really the real thing imo08:49
bestadvocateI still have Civ call to power from back in the day when i bought Corel Linux (my first install)08:49
=== Dethread is now known as Dethread_
obso about ubuntu annoying tendency to assume i'm a UK english speaker...08:51
obwhere do i fix that?08:51
obbecause i don't mine spelling analyze with an 's', but my co-workers might.08:52
bestadvocateI would just speak UK english and talk about colours 08:52
Kamioninstall with US English? :)08:52
obi *did*08:52
Kamionwhat does 'locale' say?08:52
=== Juz_moi [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
obabiword, dia, and a few others keep resetting to UK.08:52
Kamionsounds more likely to be a lack of US English translation in those programs08:53
Ninjas-Rezatmbadger: it works fine08:53
=== ob punches gnome-office in the groin.
Ninjas-Rezatmjpvcx: yes, battle net works, even 4v4 just fine08:53
Kamionit's not uncommon for the English text for programs to be written in either British or American English depending on the author08:53
FLeiXiuSthe connection was refused08:53
FLeiXiuSis the site down>08:53
obwhen gecko becomes a kpart for konqueror, i'm going to kde.08:54
FLeiXiuSwhoops, wrong channel :-P08:54
bestadvocatewooohooo! i got rythmbox to work!08:54
bestadvocateok ob thats great08:56
bestadvocatei dont like kde any more (easyer to make gnome look at act the way minimalistic way i like it08:56
bestadvocateI really am not a fan of the gnome or kde browsers as is though :] 08:57
lrnI want to install to my gnome an addon like torsmo 08:57
lrni want something good :)08:58
bestadvocatewahts that ?08:58
bestadvocatewhat is torsmo08:58
lrnits placed in the desktop and show's u the system info,file sysyem cpu usage etc..08:58
jpvcxlike system monitor?08:59
ThreeDayMonkI have two sound problems.  Although sound is working, the gnome panel applet doesn't work any more (it used to).08:59
lrnjpvcx no08:59
ThreeDayMonkI installed KDE - is it likely to be connected?08:59
=== evilstoy [HydraIRC@cmung4233.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
=== JohanH [~johan@as9-2-6.b.bonet.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== rublind [~rublind@adsl-68-123-205-182.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
lrnits show's u the on the desktop background the system info08:59
bestadvocateanyone have a better OGG ripper than the default Ubuntu one, one with quality control?09:00
=== cianid3 [~cianid3@89-31.201-68.swfla.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
lrnbestadvocate and jpvcx look09:01
Treenaksbestadvocate: it's planned for sound juicer..09:01
lrnright side down...09:01
Treenaksbestadvocate: there's a "Coming soon" thing in there09:01
jpvcxlrn:aah looks cool09:01
lrnnot my pc09:01
lrnbut i want it09:01
=== cbaoth [foobar@0x50c53f3c.arcnxx15.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
bestadvocateTreenaks: I would use it if they had it, but 6 meg songs is rediculous, i need a replacement09:02
bestadvocatelrn: was your goal to make me salvate because you succeded09:03
cbaothI'm having some problems installing ubuntu on my powermac G4. The keyboard doesn't work once the kernel is loaded... is there a work around? Regular debian-installer doesn't work either FWIW.09:03
lrnbestadvocate i did`nt09:03
jpvcxlrn:http://torsmo.sourceforge.net/ thats the offical website right?09:04
bestadvocateso anyone know a good quality control ogg ripper that I can get untill sound juicer improves?09:04
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
=== jsc [~jsc@h-67-101-232-206.lsanca54.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
bestadvocateits quiet in here09:09
LinuxJonesbestadvocate, grip is very good09:10
bestadvocateis that in univers?09:10
=== mirak_ [~mirak@adsl-68-252-71-169.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
bestadvocatecool I'll try it09:10
mirak_i just broke my install, well a bit ago, i just reinstalled09:11
LinuxJonesbestadvocate, it's been a while since I used it :)09:11
=== krischan [~krischan@p5090B4A8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
bestadvocate:/ well hopefully its got more features than sound juicer09:12
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
Skifhrm... soundjuicer doesn't seem to be fetching cddb information for my CDs... is there a setting somewhere I should be checking to make this happen?09:18
bestadvocateno its a problem i have had too09:18
Skifoh, drat09:18
bestadvocatemy workaround is to just start the cd player09:18
SkifI normally use abcde, but it's choking on some japanese cd players09:19
bestadvocateand then copy the song titles by hand09:19
SkifI wonder if that'll work with i18n09:19
ThreeDayMonkis anyone using a usb audio device?09:19
bestadvocateim rather upset with sound juicer myself right now, i think its included with Ubuntu just because its so minimalistic09:20
SkifThe only reason I'm even trying it is that abcde is completely deleting all japanese characters in the song titles, and that's less than ideal when that's all there is. :)09:20
=== bestadvocate waits patiently for features and reads a little about C programing
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-045-120.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== JoePenguin [debian@] has joined #ubuntu
FLeiXiuSLots of people browsing the forums today09:25
bestadvocatereally 09:25
=== Chucho [~chuck@CPE-65-27-85-42.mn.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
bestadvocateUbunut is number 5 on the 1 month distrowatch ranking!09:26
bestadvocatejust passed up knoppix09:26
jpvcx22 people, maybe i should register ;)09:27
=== shlomil [~shlomi@] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_and that is up from 31 from 6 moths ago09:27
=== will [~william@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
willokay, if i want to compile a new kernel for ubuntu, can i use the debian HOW-TO as a guide?09:28
=== Raane [~raane@] has left #ubuntu []
bestadvocatei would think so, but the people at ubuntu provide a bunch of kernals so you really dont have too09:29
willbestadvocate: where do i find these?09:29
bestadvocatedo you use synaptic?09:30
willah, good starting point! its just i need to tweak the HDD drive in my pc, as its causing problems09:30
JoePenguini kept seeing ubuntu on the web and finally had to look into it09:33
mirak_joepenguin, its good stuff09:33
=== Dethread_ is now known as Dethread
JoePenguini'm using vanilla debian now, but i've been a little dissatisfied lately. I'm looking for something with a little more polish.09:34
wm_eddieUbuntu has plenty of polish09:34
JoePenguinbut debian-based would be good :)09:34
JoePenguini'll give it a try, i think09:35
wm_eddieJoePenguin: But the official release should be on the 20th.09:35
bestadvocateWatch out for that crazy splash screen!09:35
JoePenguinoh. i'll wait a few days then09:35
jbroomeit'll eat your BRANE!09:35
Dethreadthe splash screen is....weird09:35
wm_eddieI could do without the splash screen...09:35
cbaothNo point in waiting, you can just dist-upgrade to the release packages.09:35
jbroomethe splash screen is ... pointy09:35
JoePenguinis that when booting, or installing?09:35
wm_eddieSince I use my laptop in class, I need something worksafe...09:35
jbroomeit's not goatse.  it's fine09:36
bestadvocatelol jbroome09:36
JoePenguinsounds like something i would want to turn off09:36
cbaothupgrade, not distupgrade. ;_,09:36
JoePenguini like to see all my boot messages without a splash screen, or at least of the option.l09:36
=== CraHan [~CraHan@192-103.244.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
KamionJoePenguin: we don't have bootsplash (yet)09:36
CraHanok so I'm running ubuntu :)09:37
mirak_joepenguin, go to ubuntu.org, the picture on the right is the splash screen they are trippin about09:37
CraHanbut (obviously)09:37
wm_eddieJoePenguin: They are talking about Gnome' splash screen.09:37
CraHanwhen inserting a cdrom, gnome doesn't mount it and show a cdrom icon on the desktop09:37
=== BeanDip [~BeanDip@cs666833-135.austin.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
JoePenguinwow... i went to ubuntu.org and firefox crashed09:37
CraHanI can automount usb CF cards either09:37
Dethreadthat's not good09:37
=== smeggy [~smeggy2@dsl-203-113-244-249.TAS.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_crahan, it does for me09:37
BeanDipHi everybody, I'm BeanDip09:37
CraHanmirak_: yeah it obviously should 09:37
mirak_crahan, ill test it right now09:37
sganyone know any good howtos for debian/ubuntu and wlan/powerbook?09:37
BeanDipI am a new Ubuntu convert09:38
BeanDipand a linux vet09:38
JoePenguinBeanDip: your name reminds me that i'm getting hungry09:38
SkifActually, you want ubuntulinux.org09:38
Skifubuntu.org is a very different site09:38
mirak_crahan, sorry, im a newb, i didnt kow that it should, i thought it was a ubuntu tweak09:38
bestadvocatelol joepenguin, you should report to firefoxes bugzilla09:38
CraHanmirak_: but someone telling me: "it works for me" doesn't really help me :), I know it works for others since I'm observing it as a problem09:38
BeanDipjust wanted to stop in and say thanks to the folks developing ubuntu09:38
wm_eddieJoePenguin: I just went to ubuntu.org and my firefox didn't crash :)09:38
JoePenguinoh ok. the splash screen is the one with those three half-naked people?09:39
Dethreadhttp://www.ubuntufaq.org is still down :(09:39
jbroomeyou know I just booted ubuntu and the splash screen wrecked my car, killed my cat, and impregnated my girlfriend.  It truely is the devil.09:39
JoePenguinand the login prompt in the middle. it looks like they are inviting you in to an orgy or something :P09:39
BeanDipI only have 1 problem with ubuntu and that is exactly what JoePenguin just mentioned09:39
Treenaksjbroome: ah so THAT's why the default theme is called "Human"09:39
mirak_beandip, so change it09:40
Dethreadyes...which is why I went back to the older human theme09:40
BeanDipWTF is up with that queer-ass theme this month?09:40
wm_eddieBeanDip: It's not queer...09:40
BeanDipmirak_: I did, but it took me by suprise and had my co-workers laughing at my laptop09:40
wm_eddiequite the opposite I assure you!09:40
mirak_beandip, hahahaha09:40
sgit's a cool theme09:40
bestadvocatewell the girls are hot09:40
sgbit more sexy than a fat penguin ;-)09:40
bestadvocatenothing is more sexy than a fat penguin!09:41
BeanDipit's rate as not queer if the girls were showing as much skin as baldy09:41
=== sg laughs
=== bestadvocate is outraged
DethreadI liked that picture of "sabrina" they used to have on the wiki page :)09:41
Dethreadgood thing I saved it before they took it off :)09:41
wm_eddieDethread: hehe09:41
mirak_who is sabrina???09:41
wm_eddiemirak_: You missed it.09:41
JoePenguinwasn't that a tv show?09:41
mirak_wm_eddie, :(09:42
Dethreadnot that sabrina09:42
BeanDipJoePenguin: It was an Archie comics character turned into an even more lame TV show09:42
BeanDipI just installed ubuntu on my laptop and it seems some changes were made to the repositories since my desktop installation.  I now cannot install mplayer due to missing libraries.  Also I cannot install Kino or transcode for DVD and media authoring due to similar reasons09:43
BeanDipis this a known problem?09:43
=== xcasex [~robert@h151.hn.student.liu.se] has joined #ubuntu
bestadvocatei have no idea how you even managed to get mplayer installed the first tiem09:44
jpvcxBeandip:what repositorie are you using for mplayer?09:45
=== sivang [~sg@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sii [~simius@tranquillity.sii.se] has joined #ubuntu
BeanDipdeb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main09:46
bestadvocateI reccomend this backround with the human theme :)  http://users.mercyhurst.edu/rmoreh59/www/pics/Debian-3-1.png09:46
jpvcxchange it to testing09:46
BeanDipbestadvocate: it just worked fine on the 15 systems I set up for clients09:46
Livewire-does/will Ubuntu have Enlightenment09:47
jpvcxso it should be deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ testing main09:47
BeanDipLivewire-: it does09:47
bestadvocateLivewire-: no09:47
wm_eddieLivewire-: Ubuntu only officially supports Gnome.09:47
BeanDipnone of the e17 based apps exist in the repositories, but all of E16 is there09:47
bestadvocateLivewire-: gnome is the only one suppoerted09:47
Livewire-Why do i see KDE base in Universe?09:48
BeanDipyou have to add the universal sources though09:48
Livewire-i dont like KDE btw09:48
Livewire-but theres bits of it floating about09:48
wm_eddieLivewire-: What's in Universe isn't supported.09:48
BeanDipLivewire-: then don't use kde09:48
KamionLivewire-: universe =