pittiGood night everybody12:53
danielsmdz: not drink six beers at once? BRILLIANT!01:35
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sivanghow do I install debugging symbols for gnome 01:47
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-057-058.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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chrisaAny netinst isos for the rc?03:22
mjg59Why the christ have we picked up Dick Morrel?03:37
danielsdude, be thankful.03:38
jdubyeah, ugh03:38
danielstry on the following names: dan jacobson, john hendrickson03:38
mjg59He's anti-GPL and he's a cock03:39
mjg59Dan Jacobson is mad but harmless in comparison03:39
danielsmorrell is an idiot, yes03:40
mjg59http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&c2coff=1&safe=off&threadm=slrn9nkfpp.g4a.mjg59%40vavatch.jesus.cam.ac.uk&rnum=1&prev=/groups%3Fq%3Dmorrell%2Bgarrett%2Blinux%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26c2coff%3D1%26safe%3Doff%26selm%3Dslrn9nkfpp.g4a.mjg59%2540vavatch.jesus.cam.ac.uk%26rnum%3D1 - that was it03:41
mjg59Fucking URLs. Hrngh.03:41
=== kylem [~kyle@CPE0030ab0b413b-CM023469906297.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59Maybe I should IRC less when drunk.03:47
daniels(fwiw, he took offence when I asked him to remain on-topic, and spent that 14 minutes ranting about who he was and why I couldn't afford to piss him off.  i just asked him to remain on-topic a couple of times, and directed him towards #offtopic.)03:49
jdubZindar: ah, erik :)04:01
mjg59daniels: To be honest, I'm inclined to think life would be easier without him04:03
=== jdub calls the cops.
mjg59dickmorrel is not signal04:06
mjg59BE SIGNAL04:06
jdubBE THE SIGNAL!04:06
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mjg59] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | Happy Ubuntu Artwork week! | 7 (count 'em) major bugs | please test http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/testing/warty-live-20041018-16.iso | BE THE SIGNAL
mjg59I feel this is important.04:07
=== vorlon is a left turn signal.
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-68-92-227-78.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
hornbeckman, seven cars04:12
danielselmo: can you please let me know how many packages build-depend on: xlibs, xlibs-dev, xlibs-static-pic04:29
fabbionemorning guys05:02
fabbionedaniels: why do we need to know? ;)05:03
fabbionedaniels: in one way or another even the kernel build-dep on them :P05:03
danielsfabbione: well, when we get the xorg stuff in, i'd like to start busting up build-deps05:10
danielsi'd be happy for xlibs/xlibs-dev to not exist05:10
fabbionedaniels: i think we can create a meta package for it05:11
fabbionethat was my idea at least05:11
fabbionefor the beginning it would be acceptable05:11
fabbioneand give people a few weeks to do the transition05:12
fabbionei want to kill Xfree86 in one shot05:12
fabbioneno double packages 05:12
danielsyeah, dude, I already have a set of metapackages :)05:13
fabbioneno you have nothing :P05:14
danielsi bootstrapped xlibs (with full debian packaging) on to my laptop yesterday05:14
danielsii  libx11-6                       6.2.1+cvs.200408040713-0ubuntu X Window System protocol client library05:14
danielsonly took about two hours -- some stuff is still a little broken due to the fact /usr/lib/X11 is no longer a symlink05:14
danielsbut yeah, it's all good otherwise05:14
fabbioneok new X seems to be all good05:17
fabbionedaniels: but did you bootstrap each lib onm theirown?05:18
fabbioneor just xc/lib in one shot?05:18
danielsfabbione: each on their own05:18
danielsfabbione: started with x-common, then just ran check/build/install through all the packages05:19
fabbionesimilar to the approach i used...05:19
fabbionesounds like at least05:19
danielsanyway, end result is that everything's all good, except for xterm05:20
danielsit's probably the app-defaults link that's broken05:20
fabbionedaniels: i started drafting a plan for the 2 weeks05:21
fabbionewe have 2 fronts that we need to fight05:21
fabbioneone is the xresprobe/autoconfig stuff05:21
jdub1. Who will order the pizza?05:21
jdub2. Will Daniel be allowed to sleep inside the house?05:21
fabbioneone is beating upstream with a cluebat and kill it into the many deb packages05:21
danielsjdub: (hotel)05:21
danielsfabbione: dude, you missed the confcall on Friday05:22
danielsfabbione: despite almost sending me to sleep, I got useful stuff done on it05:22
fabbionejdub: no my house isn't a house yet... it's a building site05:22
danielsfabbione: i got 'big big vendor merge' on the agenda for x11r705:22
fabbionedaniels: i don't care to talk with X.org "prime donne"05:22
danielsheh, most of them aren't prima donnas05:23
fabbionedaniels: (first women)05:23
danielsthey just like to argue semantics for a long time05:23
danielsbut that aside, it was very useful, and yeah, so if we start collecting all our patches, making notes on them and stuff, we can empty our debian/patches into upstream05:23
jdubpouring patches on the fire :)05:24
danielsanyway, I have to run out the door now05:24
danielsactually, ten minutes ago05:24
danielsbut nevermind05:24
danielsi'll talk to you about this later05:24
danielsunless you really want to call me ;)05:24
fabbionedaniels: no no.. i will have to suffer your ugly face for 2 weeks here :P05:25
fabbionei don't really need to talk to you too ;)05:25
fabbionemdz, jdub: i am ready to upload X05:33
fabbioneand linux-restricted modules to fix the nvidia-glx error06:01
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=== fabbione waits for katie
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fabbioneX and linux-restricted modules are up07:08
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danielsfabbione: heh!07:55
fabbionedaniels: ?07:55
danielsfabbione: your talking-to-me remark07:56
danielsfabbione: just had to go into the travel agent here and finalise my tickets07:56
danielsabout to head back home07:56
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pittiGood morning everybody! So quiet today here...10:17
pittiKeybuk: I have a small packaging problem: hal 0.2.98 shipped a conffile, but hal 0.4 does not ship it any more; unfortunately dpkg does not delete the conffile on package upgrade, even if it is unmodified10:25
pittiKeybuk: is there a recommended way to remove it in the maintainer scripts?10:25
Keybukdpkg should delete the conf file ?10:26
Keybukunless it was never registered with dpkg10:26
pittiWhy not, if it's unmodified?10:26
pittino, the old deb ships it and it was in debian/conffiles10:26
pittiSince I don't want to change dpkg, is there a "best practice" how to handle this?10:27
pittiKeybuk: I thought about providing a md5sum list and delete the file in the preinst if one md5sum matches10:27
pittiKeybuk: similar to ucf10:27
KeybukI mean that dpkg *should* delete the conffile, so why isn't it?10:27
pittioh, I don't know10:27
pittiI tried that out yesterday, with a modified conffile and an unmodified10:28
Keybukcan you throw me both packages10:28
pittiyou already have hal 0.2.9810:28
Keybukyeah, but I need to uninstall/reinstall a bit so it's good to have the .deb standing by without having to hunt for it :p10:28
pittiI send you a link to hal-0.4 when it's ready10:28
pittiokay, I put the old deb to the same place10:29
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pittiKeybuk: the stuff is at http://www.piware.de/hal/10:40
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiKeybuk: for upgrading to hal 0.4.0 you need libhal-storage0 deb10:40
pittiKeybuk: the conffile in question is /etc/hal/device.d/fstab-update.hal10:41
pittiKeybuk: the old hal installs it as example file, but I want to get rid of it (we have pmount)10:41
Keybukahh, lftp, how we love thee ... mget *.deb :p10:41
Keybukso I install the single 0.2.98 deb, and upgrade by installing the others?10:42
jdubforgot how loud my ibook was10:42
Keybukjdub: bong!10:42
=== jdub is doing a ppc install
pittiKeybuk: yes, but you need only libhal-storage10:42
pittiKeybuk: not all the other debs10:42
pittiKeybuk: the problem is that above conffile is not shipped by hal 0.4.0 any more, so it should disappear10:43
Keybukok, well in 0.2.98 it's in the package and listed as a conffile10:43
pittiand I guess you did not modify it10:43
Keybukjust waiting for the ol' chroot to finish updating10:44
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHi carlos10:46
pittiI finally managed to take a look at your application yesterday evening :-)10:46
carlospitti: hi10:46
carlospitti: I saw it :-), btw, the TODO was not a mark that says.. From here is not done it was just for that question10:47
pitticarlos: I know10:47
pitticarlos: but the other stuff was okay10:47
carlosI have the other practical questions, I will try to send you all remaining things soon10:48
carlospitti: thanks10:48
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pittiHi mvo_!11:10
mvo_hi pitti 11:11
mvo_hi to all others11:11
seb128hello mvo_ 11:12
mvo_hi seb128 11:13
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-050-108.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukseb128: is it me, or is gnome-terminal 2.8 a little late? :p11:22
seb128ah ah11:23
seb128just a bit late :)11:23
Keybukand 2.8.1 just after it11:23
Keybukpitti: (best Mal voice) well now, ain't that just an oddness11:24
KeybukD000002: fork/exec /var/lib/dpkg/info/hal.postinst (dpkg: error processing hal (--install):11:31
Keybuk subprocess post-installation script killed by signal (Segmentation fault), core dumped11:31
KeybukErrors were encountered while processing:11:31
Keybuk hal11:31
pittiKeybuk: just back from lunch - argh, what's that?11:34
Keybukoh, just another wonderful example of dpkg's amazing bug-free-ness11:34
pittiKeybuk: odd, it works fine here; but this can hardly be a bug in the hal deb, can't it?11:35
Keybukpitti: try installing with: dpkg -D7777 -i ... :)11:35
=== pitti tries that and still looks at a loooooong scrolling
pittiD000020: deferred_configure `/etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal.conf' (= `/etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal.conf') useredited=-1 distedited=-1 what=211:36
pittiD000002: fork/exec /var/lib/dpkg/info/hal.postinst ( )11:36
pitti * Restarting system message bus...11:36
pitti * Stopping Hardware abstraction layer...                                                                                                                                     [ ok ] 11:36
pitti * Starting Hardware abstraction layer...                                11:36
pittiworks for me11:37
=== rburton [~ross@82-44-126-41.cable.ubr03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvo_hi rburton 11:38
rburtonhi mvo_11:38
rburtonso i hear xfs in recent 2.6 kernels is broken11:38
Keybukrburton: works ok for me11:39
rburtoni'll probably ubuntufy my home desktop this week11:39
rburtonsee if it passes the GirlFriend test11:39
pittirburton: you mean the new images?11:40
pittirburton: failed miserably for me11:40
rburtoni mean i heard reports of data corruption11:41
pittirburton: my gf: "Ugh, what's that?" and after seeing the splash "hey, this gets worse..."11:41
rburtonoh i see11:41
rburtoni told her about the images, she said she so11:41
pittiis your gf able to do data corruption?11:41
rburtonwell, now you mention that11:41
rburtonthings do just break around her11:41
pittiah, so she is the ideal beta tester?11:42
pittiI've got such a friend as well. Up to now he managed to break every Linux distro I gave him; he is totally frustrated by "this linux shit"11:43
Keybukpitti: I suspect this is just another example of dpkg going strange when debug is on11:45
Keybuklots of little memory leaks, and double-frees, and stuff11:45
pittiKeybuk: can you at least reproduce the problem without debugging?11:45
pittiKeybuk: i. e. the conffile is still present?11:46
Keybukyup, got an update log now11:46
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jdubrburton: your GF doesn't like it? what does vicky think?11:58
rburtonjdub: gf/wife/whatever ;)11:59
jdubno way dude, i heard that slip!11:59
=== rburton has been caught out
rburtonmust... destory... evidence12:00
=== rburton sends Kill-O-Zap missiles to sydney
=== lifeless puts out the mosquito net
pittirburton: don't forget to send them to the host which stores the irc logs :-)12:05
KeybukD000200: oldconffsetflags `/etc/hal/device.d/fstab-update.hal' namenode 0x827d97c flags 412:08
Keybukbleh, well it knows it's only in the old package and now in the new12:08
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=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdflmdz: around?12:20
danielssabdfl: 'morning12:21
sabdflhey daniels12:21
danielsrburton: if you don't have it already, you must get dj platurn -- 'so this is de la heaven'. mix cd if just de la songs and samples.  sensational.12:21
danielssabdfl: so, community council is in ... three and a half hours, yeah?12:22
danielssabdfl: (missed one meeting because someone said UTC when they said Europe/London)12:22
sabdflcommunity council is tuesdays, 1600 UTC12:22
danielswell, the artwork meeting12:23
sabdflthis next one is a general community meeting, in 90 minutes12:23
Keybukthough this tuesday is tech-board12:23
sabdflanybody have an ipw2100 handy for testing?12:23
rburtoncan anyone sit in on the meetings?12:23
rburtondaniels: oh, cool12:24
Keybukreminds me, must beat up Jeff to make an .ics of HoaryReleaseSchedule when it's final12:24
Keybukrburton: sure.12:24
danielssabdfl: ah right12:24
daniels... ninety minutes? fair cop12:24
fabbionedaniels: debian/patches/004_*12:25
fabbionedaniels: how much do we need out of it?12:25
danielsfabbione: last I checked, all of it12:26
fabbione-          MANDEFS = AppLoadDefs FileManDefs LibManDefs MiscManDefs DriverManDefs ProjectManDefs $(XORGMANDEFS) $(VENDORMANDEFS)12:26
fabbione+          MANDEFS = AppLoadDefs ManDefs SyscallManDefs LibManDefs DriverManDefs FileManDefs GameManDefs MiscManDefs AdmManDefs ProjectManDefs $(XOR12:26
fabbionethis is the only line that doesn't really "merge"12:26
fabbioneshould i just pristine copy it from xfree86?12:26
danielswhat's -, what's +?12:27
fabbionedaniels: that's what it is in 004_12:28
fabbionexorg has a different default MANDEFS 12:28
danielsxfree86, or xorg?12:28
danielsah ok12:28
fabbione3 way diff :-)12:29
fabbionedaniels: i am going to grab some food12:33
danielswhen you get back, let me know what we're starting with in xorg and where we need to go12:39
thomdaniels: acpi-support doesn't do suspend/resume, so...12:43
thomoh, and acpi-support-x40 needs to rmmod ipw2?00 before suspend12:44
danielsthom: oh, right.  point.12:45
danielsthom: and, uhm, that bong was apparently fixed in 2.6.812:45
daniels(centrino wireless)12:45
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=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-3-44.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomdaniels: well, i have to have it with the kernel12:48
thomotherwise i need to powercycle my machine everytime it comes out of suspend12:48
thomand 1940 is pbbuttonsd foo12:49
thomnot acpi-support12:49
seb128_hello thom 12:52
thomheyhey seb12:53
plovs_workI am writing a kernel-howto for the wiki, is grub default or should i mention lilo as well?12:55
thomgrub default12:56
plovs_workthom, ok12:56
danielsthom: bongtastic.  you should've got an nm.12:57
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=== calc [~ccheney@cdm-208-180-235-130.cnro.cox-internet.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdflpitti: pen drive is still failing to automount :-/01:02
pittisabdfl: but it worked for the version you downloaded manually? odd, this is the very version I uploaded recently01:02
sabdflstrange, but true01:02
sabdflhoary problem :-)01:03
pittisabdfl: does it work sometimes and sometimes not?01:03
=== sabdfl tests again
sabdflnot yet01:04
sabdflusb 4-4: new high speed USB device using address 401:04
sabdflscsi2 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices01:04
sabdfl  Vendor:           Model: Pen Drive 2.0     Rev: 1.1301:04
sabdfl  Type:   Direct-Access                      ANSI SCSI revision: 0201:04
sabdflSCSI device sda: 253952 512-byte hdwr sectors (130 MB)01:04
sabdflsda: Write Protect is off01:04
sabdflsda: Mode Sense: 03 00 00 0001:04
sabdflsda: assuming drive cache: write through01:04
sabdfl /dev/scsi/host2/bus0/target0/lun0: p101:04
sabdflAttached scsi removable disk sda at scsi2, channel 0, id 0, lun 001:04
sabdflUSB Mass Storage device found at 401:04
sabdflbut it doesn't show up under /media/01:04
pittisabdfl: looks good01:04
pittisabdfl: can you please do 'lshal > lshal.txt' and send me the result?01:05
sabdflpitti: martin.pitt@can...?01:05
pittisabdfl: yes01:06
sabdflon its way01:06
sabdfllet me know if it didn't work i was experimenting with piping straight to mutt01:06
pittisabdfl: got it01:08
pittisabdfl: hmm, /dev/sda* is not contained in the lshal01:08
sabdflgreat, thanks01:08
sabdflwhy not?01:08
pittisabdfl: don't know, that's the bug, I suppose01:08
sabdflwhere could i look or check?01:09
pittisabdfl: if you have a minute?01:09
pittiplease do sudo killall hald01:09
danielssabdfl: you can also pass -a to attach stuff01:09
pittisabdfl: then remove the pendrive01:09
danielssabdfl: e.g. mutt -s foo -a ~/tmp/bar baz@quux.org01:09
pittisabdfl: sudo hald --verbose=yes --daemon=no --drop-privileges01:10
sabdfldaniels: yes, i was trying to bypass the file and pipe it straight to mutt, thusly:01:10
pittisabdfl: if the log flood stops, press enter a few times (to generate some empty lines)01:10
sabdfllshal | mutt -s "foo bar" email@sfsdf.com01:10
danielssabdfl: ah, cool :)01:10
pittisabdfl: then plug in the beast and watch what happens01:11
=== fabbione [~fabbione@port49.ds1-van.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittisabdfl: I'd be interested in the cut& paste of the debug stuff after the plugin01:11
sabdflALL of it?01:11
sabdfland it just popped up.01:11
pittisabdfl: what, the device got mounted?01:12
sabdflmounted and the window popped up correctly01:13
pittisabdfl: re ALL: only the stuff after plugging in the device (that's the reason for the empty lines)01:13
pittisabdfl: so, a heisenbug?01:13
sabdflmaybe i hadn't rebooted since the update?01:13
pittisabdfl: might be01:13
pittisabdfl: since when your session runs?01:13
sabdfllet me reboot now and see if it's really working properly01:13
sabdflhow do i tell?01:13
pittiuptime shows the time since last reboot01:14
pittilast|head shows the recent logins01:14
=== sivang back
=== azeem_ is now known as azeem
sivangsabdfl : the data center has PowerEdge machines?01:37
thomsivang: yeah01:37
sabdflsivang: i think we have a bit of everything in there now01:37
thomi have working NetworkManager foo01:37
sabdflthom: cool, what was the trick?01:37
thomapart from the fact they try to use the ESSID as a key and haven't dealt with the fact that essids can have spaces in01:38
thomsabdfl: writing most of the debian backend over the weekend :-)01:38
sabdflmost excellent01:39
sivangthom : what else is there? :) Is it PowerEdge 2800 (glancing on it ad dell's )01:39
thomwhich was entertaining since i was at my parents and they don't have wireless01:39
danielsthom: awesome! nice one01:39
thomsivang: poweredge, hp dl380s, ibm x345 and bigger01:39
danielsand g5 xserves01:39
sivangthom : wow01:40
thomand some hp itaniums at some point, i guess01:40
danielsdoes level3 know about the itaniums?01:40
sivangthom : these are also Xeon based? or are they RISCiy ? :)01:40
danielsthey'll need to double their air conditioning capacity01:41
sivangall of them are buildds ? I reckon the g5 is for building PPC stuff right?01:41
thomdaniels: compared to the xserves they're probably trivial01:41
danielsthom: really?01:42
thomsivang: the three g5s, 3 dual opterons, and 6 dual xeons are buildds01:42
thomthree of the itaniums will be too01:42
danielsthom: i was under the impression they were space heaters, and the desktop g5s i've seen have run quite cool01:42
thomdaniels: the xserves don't have fan/thermal support yet01:42
thomthey run at full whack all the time01:42
danielsthom: oh dear.01:43
danielsdoes this explain your need to evacuate the house during testing?01:43
=== plovs_work [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsgood god.01:43
Kamionhm, I thought thermal support did exist now01:44
sivangwhat's used for web serving and archive ?01:44
thomKamion: maybe, but it's certainly not on the buildds yet01:44
elmothe PEs are 2650's01:44
thomhey elmo01:45
danielselmo: 'morning01:45
elmohey thom, daniels01:46
=== Mithrandir [~tfheen@vawad.err.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmodaniels: Itanium's really aren't that bad01:49
sivangthom : you were fixing the network-admin crash stuff?01:49
thomsivang: no01:50
pittisivang: does it _still_ crash?01:50
pittisivang: this shouldn't happen any more with the latest gnome-system-tools01:50
danielshm, I think we need some g5 xserves at trinity01:50
thomsivang: http://people.redhat.com/dcbw/NetworkManager/index.html01:50
danielsthe server room (which has quite a few machines) was in a broom closet.  during summer, you'd just pick which services were needed (no labs at lincoln square, so there goes its nfs and pxe servers ...)01:50
sivangpitti : lemme check that now01:51
Mithrandirdaniels: the opterons doesn't run too hot either.01:51
sivangpitti : shoot me up the bug#01:53
sivangthom : thanks. So that's the name for the little thingy on the panel..01:54
thomthat and the bitching huge daemon underneath it, too01:54
pittisivang: you already helped me to reproduce it, don't remember any more?01:54
pittisivang: #217701:54
sivangpitti : ah no :)01:55
=== sivang needs a shorterm memory fix
danielssivang: at that price, I'll take two01:55
pittisivang: boot memtest-human01:55
sivangI'm afraid it's gonna heat up too much :)01:55
sivangwith memtest01:56
pittiwell, you can't do anything for a few hours :-)01:56
sivangthom : how do I add it to my panel? I have to apt-get install network-manager first?01:57
thomi'll need to set up the apt repo first01:58
thomand it's still very flaky right now01:58
sivangpitti : yes, I won't be able to..unless memtest be rewritten to support time sharing :)01:58
sivangthom : well, just tell me where to get the .deb file, and no, I don't mind teashing my system in favor of testing some bleeding edge. (I know I might bleed heh)01:59
thomsivang: when i have it working right, i will02:00
sivangthom : thanks.02:01
sivangpitti : when I run network-admin from console, and I have already enabled my root account - trying to delete an interface just make it reappear the next time I fire up network-admin02:02
pittisivang: can you please file a bug?02:02
pittilamont: bark02:06
=== pitti enjoys making and listening to animal noises :-)
pittilamont: Good morning!02:10
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamonthrm.. so how many times to we repeat '7' when counting the bugs, I wonder....02:22
mjg59Latest ibm-acpi lets you make LEDs flash02:22
danielsthe atheros does the LED stuff on its own02:23
danielsactually, all my LEDs work just fine with the stock kernel02:23
Keybukdaniels: you can soft-control it if you like02:24
Keybukand it has a flash-on-traffic mode as well02:24
mjg59daniels: It seems like the wireless LED isn't under software control02:24
mjg59You need to wave lines on the mini-PCI slot02:24
mjg59But I can make my power light flash02:25
Keybuk"hardware control" and "atheros" being somewhat a contradiction in terms02:25
=== T-Bone [~varenet@T-Bone.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsmjg59: oooer02:28
danielsKeybuk: heh02:28
danielsKeybuk: yeah, mine's in flash-on-traffic as per default02:29
Keybukthat just irritated me on the HP, the LED's a bright blue one and it really catches your eye :p02:29
danielsthere's a solution to that ...02:30
Keybuktap-tap-tap*OOH TRAFFIC*tap-tap*OOH TRAFFIC* etc.02:32
rburtonKeybuk: masking tape02:32
rburtonKeybuk: or better yet, someone here has a blue led fetish and will buy it from you if you can get it out02:33
danielsmy green LED is very unintrusive02:33
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneHaveLib64 Yes or No for x86_64 ?02:36
fabbioneMithrandir: ^^02:37
danielsbecause there is on /lib6402:37
fabbionecan you see comments on debian/patches/600_amd64_support.diff02:37
danielsAMD64 is not a "bi-width" architecture in Debian at present; instead it is02:38
danielsa pure 64-bit environment, so do not define "HaveLib64" as "YES".02:38
fabbionedaniels: there is also that AMD64/x86_64 renaming that i am not completely sure about02:38
daniels*just opened it up then, and it seems to agree with what I think)02:38
danielsyeah, that's pretty bong, but I think upstream's right02:38
fabbioneupstream has AMD6402:38
danielsi'll defer to mithrandir on this one02:39
Mithrandirwhat does HaveLib64 mean?02:40
fabbione# if defined (AMD64Architecture) || defined (s390xArchitecture) || defined (Ppc64Architecture)02:40
Mithrandirwe have a /lib64, but it's a symlink to /lib02:40
fabbioneMithrandir: it means: stick the lib in /usr/lib64 02:40
fabbioneinstead of /usr/lib02:40
fabbioneso it's NO02:41
fabbionethanks :-)02:41
Mithrandiryeah, you should never reference lib64 (except if you're ld)02:41
fabbionei guess that will be the same for PPC6402:41
fabbionethe only one that requires YES is s39002:41
fabbioneso we are all happy :-)02:41
fabbionethis night i will dream about dbs-edit-patch :-)02:43
fabbionedaniels: not too bad.. already 1500 lines of patches just for xc/config/ 02:43
fabbionewe only miss 298500 lines to check :P02:44
danielsall of the stolen from HEAD stuff is slightly lower-priority02:45
Mithrandirfabbione: so you will love me when I start whining about multiarch?02:47
fabbioneMithrandir: oh yes.. 02:48
fabbionei can give you all the a**l love you want :P02:48
fabbioneMithrandir: otherwise you can start whining about it in februrary02:51
fabbioneyou will have almost 16 days of X all for yourself :)02:51
mjg59Mm. Multiarch.02:54
Mithrandirfabbione: I need to talk to matt about it, I think we want it for ubuntu, but else, it goes in my free time, which there's not too much of atm. :/02:55
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=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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sivangpitti : is it ok for network-admin to ask my _root_ password when executed from terminal as the regular user?03:25
pittiit should be _your_ password03:25
sivangpitti : I have enabled the root account03:25
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-3-44.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittisivang: hmm, but still it uses gksudo...03:26
sivangpitti : yes but it asks for my root password for some strange reason.03:27
pittiwhat did you enter exactly?03:27
Keybukno, that's right -- network-admin asks for *root*'s password03:27
Keybukall of g-s-t do03:27
=== pitti is confused
sivangpitti : Well, I fired up a gnome-termina.03:28
Keybukwe get around that by putting "gksudo" into the launcher so they think they're being run as root, so don't ask for a password03:28
Keybuksivang: sudo network-admin03:28
pittiObjection, if I start network-admin from the Menu, it asks me for _my_ password03:28
Keybukor just use the launcher03:28
sivangpitti : yes, because it uses gksudo03:28
Keybukpitti: yes, because the *launcher* contains "gksudo"03:28
pittibut I saw the gksudo integrated into the C source somewhere...03:29
Keybuknot in g-s-t03:29
Keybukthat was gnome-cups-manager, wasn't it?03:29
pittiI hacked in so many programs, I probably mixed that up03:29
pitticould very well be03:29
pittiwell, but I think this is not a critical bug03:29
pittisivang: still, can you please file it in bz? it should be fixed for Hoary, should be relatively easy03:30
sivangyes I assume so, but I can't reproduce it anymore..03:32
pittisivang: I can03:32
sivangpitti : I mean for the part where it doesn't delete the interface you try to delete.03:33
sivangpitti : not for the missing gksudo thingy03:33
pittiah, that one03:33
=== calc_ [~ccheney@cdm-208-180-235-130.cnro.cox-internet.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sivang notes he might have clicked the "cancel" button instead of "ok". it works ok now. Appoligies sent to network-admin
pittiBug report: n-a does not apply my changes if I click the Cancel button :-P03:35
sivangpitti : you have and idea why that code has so _few_ remarks? I mean, HACKING tells you about the connection between the frontend and backend, but that's about it :)03:37
sivangremarks = comments03:37
pittimaybe the fundamental programmer paradigma:03:38
pitti"It was hard to write, it should be hard to read"03:38
=== pitti has to relogin to test a new shiny g-v-m
Keybukactually, bug-report n-a doesn't follow GNOME HIG03:39
=== thom has an "oh shit" moment with NM
Keybukthom: hrm?03:39
thomKeybuk: it stores network details in gconf03:39
thomwith the essid as the key03:39
thomessids can have spaces03:39
Keybukindeed they can03:40
thomgconf keys can't03:40
sivangthom : I hope your relationship with it won't go where you had already gone with mozilla ;)03:40
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukthey can have any utf-8 or non-NULL $charset character too03:40
mjg59essids can?03:40
KeybukI suspect they can have \0 in them as well, theoretically03:41
danielsmjg59: yes03:41
mjg59Are they defined as utf-8, then?03:41
Keybukbut a lot of code (including iwlib) kinda assumes they don't03:41
thommjg59: my essid is "Bitch Whore"03:41
sivangKeybuk : is there anything they *can't* have?03:41
Keybukmjg59: up to 32-octets specified as octets plus length03:41
mjg59thom: Oh, sure, spaces are good :)03:41
thom(don't ask why, hysterical raisins)03:41
mjg59thom: Have a second gconf key that defines the location of any spaces03:41
Keybuksivang: well, there seems to be a general assumption that \0 is bad03:42
Keybukmjg59: aren't gconf keys ASCII only?03:42
=== sivang preferred to stay away when thom and mozilla had their fights here. It wasn't a pretty sight :)
Keybuk"Cyber Caf" is a valid ESSID03:42
mjg59Keybuk: Shit, I hope not03:42
mjg59I'm fairly sure you can store utf-803:42
Keybukmjg59: sure, in the *value* ... but what about the key?03:43
mjg59Well, you /can/ store utf-8, because dasher does it. Whether or not it's valid is a separate issue, I guess :)03:43
sivangKeybuk : well, you should allocate space before hand and make sure you know the length I guess instead of realying on someone putting \0 to end a buffer.03:43
mjg59Oh, I see what you mean03:43
danielsthom: heh03:43
Keybuksivang: yeah, the actual packet is length + octets03:43
danielshow about if you had essid0/wep0, essid1/wep1, or whatever, i nseparate keys03:44
sivangKeybuk : oh, I overlooked that when you mentioned that few lines ago03:44
daniels(kconfig is worse in this regard: your key can't have = in it)03:44
thomthe gconf manual says: "Characters in a path should be alphanumeric or underscore"03:46
thombut doesn't appear to define charset03:47
Keybukheh, assume ASCII :)03:47
thomaaargh, IEEE web pages use blink03:52
thomor a blinking jpeg03:52
=== AndyFit1 [~andy@] has left #ubuntu-devel []
danielsthom: !!03:53
=== sivang going down to switch router's power source.
=== Ferry [~Ferry@cust.15.118.adsl.cistron.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== amu [~amu@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59Much development in acpi-land this week04:20
mjg59If I produce kernels this evening, can people test them?04:20
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=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-3-44.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> kornbluth.freenode.net
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thommjg59: yep04:28
thommjg59: include inotify as well, for much beagle love? :-)04:29
danielsdoes anyone here use nvidia on amd64?04:29
=== daniels pokes thom in the eye.
thomfuck no04:30
Keybukinotify rocks04:31
thomKeybuk: yeah. dbus hates me right now though, otherwise i'd be basking in the glow of my indexed home directory04:31
jdubmjg59: you adding that crackrock DSDT-on-initrd patch?04:31
bob2_this thomboy thing looks cool04:32
bob2_I actually get to have thom sort and index all my notes?04:32
tsenghah thomboy.04:32
thomtomboy is ++good04:32
thombob2_: i'll give you a guided tour too04:33
Keybukrofl @ thomboy04:33
thom... "and these are your porn links, and this is your suckful laptop ... "04:33
thom"and this here is the url to buy the X40 you know you want"04:33
bob2_don't tempt me, it was bad enough when a friend told me I could get 10% off04:34
jdubwe should totally have the X40 on our 'book list' on the website04:36
jdub"this is what the developers use"04:36
jdub"support monoculture!"04:36
danielsthom: that's what Jim wanted me for04:36
bob2_especially now I see it supports suspend-to-ram04:36
bob2_which00:05 < bob2_> hm, apache segfaults when I hit a php page04:36
bob2_00:05 < elmo> bob2: it's trying to tell you something - take the hint ;-)04:36
daniels'someone I know is using the nVidia driver on AMD64 on Ubuntu and it's arse'04:36
bob2_and has a fucking proper middle mouse button04:36
danielsthom: dude, the tour would totally kick arse04:37
seb128jdub,mdz: I need an approval for #1221 #2357 and #2477 ...04:37
bob2_so I don't have to use a key on my keyboard tha I hit randomly04:37
danielsthom: 'thom, what directory am I looking at?'04:37
bob2_"thom, what's the name of the building in this picture?"04:37
thomdaniels: oh lovely04:38
thomdaniels: i think Mithrandir has one04:39
danielsMithrandir: you win!  any luck with the pos binary driver?04:39
bob2_Mithrandir: btw, your p150 works as usb-storage, right?04:40
=== sivang [~sg@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirbob2_: yes.05:06
danielsMithrandir: have you used the nvidia driver at all?05:06
Mithrandirdaniels: worked when I tested it, yes.05:07
Mithrandiron an amd64 system05:07
Mithrandirwith a tnt2 ultra card05:07
danielsno mysterious segfaults?05:07
Mithrandirnone I saw, no, but I really just used it enough to get the package working.05:08
bob2_Mithrandir: hm, how happy are you with it?05:08
bob2_I'm looking at cameras, but I know jack about them05:08
Mithrandirbob2_: unlike most other digital cameras, it feels like a real camera, speed-wise.05:08
bob2_and the p150 seems to be getting quite good reviews05:08
Mithrandirit's a bit too hard on the image enhancement/noise reduction part, which means you lose some details, but I'm willing to live with that.05:09
bob2_when do you notice the loss of detail? 800x600 on a crt or 1600x1200 and a magnifying glass?05:10
=== Keyb [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirjust a sec, I'll pull some pics off the camera05:12
bob2_ah, thanks05:14
Mithrandirbob2_: http://raw.no/tmp/dsc00071.jpg ~3.2MB, max resolution.05:17
MithrandirI can go outside and take some pictures of trees and leaves, you'll probably see it better there.05:17
bob2_hmm, I see05:19
bob2_is that a bloody x40?05:19
Mithrandirno, r32.05:19
bob2_ah, good ;)05:20
bob2_the keys seems to have a bluish tinge05:20
Mithrandirthey're well-worn so they reflect a bit of light.05:20
Mithrandirthe keyboard really is a bit bluish in this light.05:20
Mithrandirbut give me five minutes and I'll find you some trees. :)05:21
bob2_heh, I'm just not sure where I should look for loss of detail :)05:21
Mithrandirhttp://raw.no/tmp/dsc00076.jpg ; you'll see it a bit if you look at the leaves.05:25
Mithrandirbut again, it's not really a big deal; the camera is the same size as the ixus and is just as good quality-wise and a whole lot faster.05:26
MithrandirI recommend it a lot05:26
bob2_hm, that's not too bad05:29
Kamionelmo: if you want to kill daily-installer-*, now's a good time05:32
elmokill on the buildds, or ?05:34
sivangMithrandir : hey I saw my nick on the photo :)05:35
sivangMithrandir : do you have any photos of youerself?05:35
bob2_Mithrandir: thanks for that, now I'll have to go play with one and then justify the purchase :)05:35
Mithrandirsivang: http://planet.debian.org/heads/tollef.png is the one I have on planet debian05:37
Keybukheh, that was from Mlaga iirc.05:39
=== x4m [~max@7-220.243.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandiryeah, I think so.  it was you who made it, I think?05:40
=== lucas_ [~lucas@ca-grenoble-2-76.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== rabidbt [~rabidbt@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionedaniels: do you have any hard feeling for ProjectManSuffix?06:00
sivangpitti : are you familiar with dnsmasq ?06:02
sivangopos his not here , anybody else knows what I'm talking about?06:03
pittisivang: no idea06:12
sivangpitti : It's a nice small DNS hack which provides basic DHCP services to an internal LAN, as well as DNS caching.06:17
sivangpitti : but only some of my machines on the internal lan can be accessed using their hostname..I couldn't find a way to make those who aren't to be recognized besides their IP address.06:18
lamontMithrandir: did the patch for warty#2495 ever get pushed up to debian?06:26
Mithrandirevidently not; I don't remember if I did or not.06:27
pittimdz: Morning :-)06:33
pittimdz: you missed the funny flame^Wdiscussion06:33
mdzI know, I couldn't spare the sleep06:34
mdzreading it now06:34
pittimdz: well, I don't think you missed sth truly critical :-)06:34
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seb128mdz: hello06:53
mdzseb128: hi06:53
seb128mdz: need some approvals: #1221 #2357 and #247706:54
=== x4m [~max@7-220.243.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzseb128: annotated the bugs06:56
lucas_I'm trying to install Ubuntu from a old Preview CD. During the "load installer components from CD-ROM part", I get the following error in the 4th console :06:57
lucas_"anna" process says "grep: /cdrom/dists/stable/Release : Not a directory06:57
lucas_is this problem known ?06:58
mdzlucas_: this is not a support channel, /join #ubuntu06:59
seb128mdz: are we supposed to get a gnome2-user-guide modified for warty before the release ? IIRC some guys were working on it. If not I would like to upload 2.8.1 (we have 2.8.0) which add the documentation about desktop sharing with vino07:01
mdzseb128: please go ahead with 2.8.1; we can always change it07:02
=== x4m [~max@7-220.243.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangseb128 : I am working on it07:11
sivangseb128 : I have trouble reviewing it with yelp,07:12
seb128sivang: how long before getting it ready to upload ?07:12
sivangseb128 : lemme estimate07:12
sivangseb128 : thought : we could always provide an update after release, right?07:12
sabdfljdub: around still?07:14
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomsabdfl: he went to bed ages ago07:14
seb128sivang: more useful before the release :)07:15
mjg59Any volunteers for acpi testing?07:16
mjg59I need someone with a machine that currently works, and someone with one that doesn't07:16
Keybuktesting what, in particular?07:17
thommjg59: my x40 is available07:17
=== Keybuk is happy to slaughter his laptop at your expense :)
thomon the understanding that it's available to me again afterwards ;-)07:17
Keybukthom: dude, it's an X40 ... you are available to *it*, not the other way around07:18
mjg59Keybuk: People have found a couple of reasons for resume not working 07:18
thomKeybuk: chuckle07:18
Keybuksure, I'll have a test07:19
sivangseb128 : with yelp crashing on me here and then :) and well, taking in consideration I've got about 70% more to go , I'd say about 4-5 hours..:(07:19
seb128sivang: ok, no problem07:20
Keybukseb128: fix rhythmbox *puppy dog eyes*07:20
mjg59Might fix the HP weirdness07:20
Keybukthe HP weirdness is just weird :-/07:20
mdzpitti: here?07:21
pittimdz: yes07:21
mdzpitti: looking at #149907:21
sivangseb128 : thanks07:21
mdzpitti: I understand the simple change of the hal property name07:21
pittimdz: :-/ Sometimes I hate my timing07:21
mdzpitti: but why the hal_device_get_property_string -> strcmp?07:21
pittimdz: I think the change itself is not the problem07:21
=== shlomil [~shlomi@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59Keybuk: The two issues here are:07:21
pittimdz: it's not a simple yes/no boolean, but the string can have various values07:22
mjg591) The wakeup address being stored as a virutal address rather than a physical one07:22
mdzah, I see07:22
mdzso not only the name, but the semantics changed07:22
mjg592) The GDT not being addressable from real mode07:22
sivangseb128 : you know anyway to make yelp like, "refresh" the xml page it's looking at?07:22
Keybukthose both sound likely candidates07:22
sivang(instead of killing it and starting it with the updated versino)07:22
pittimdz: I think the patch itself is uncritical, but the new feature has not been tested07:22
pittimdz: it works fine for me, but if 100 other people use it, it might reveal serious problems07:23
mdzpitti: ok, understood07:23
seb128sivang: no07:23
mdzI thought from your comments that it was only a name change07:23
pittimdz: e. g. Debian package has another patch that disables mounting at startup if the user disabled automounting at all07:23
pittimdz: it's a change like filesystem=true to usage="filesystem"07:24
pittimdz: people who really want it can still get it from my unofficial repo...07:24
=== sivang taking a mental note to tell shaunm to add a "refresh" button
mjg59Keybuk: thom: Can you grab http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/tmp/acpikernel ?07:26
mjg59It's just a kernel, no modules07:26
Keybukboot with init=/bin/sh ?07:26
mjg59Then boot it from grub with init=/bin/bash and mount proc, then echo -n 3 >/proc/acpi/sleep07:27
mjg59thom: You'll want acpi_sleep=s3_bios, too07:27
Keybukdoes that include the radeon wakeup patch, btw?07:27
Keybukvgapost, or whatever it does07:28
mjg59We'll worry about that later07:28
thomright, rebooting07:30
sivangseb128 : send you the bt07:31
sivangseb128 : for yelp :)07:31
lamontcould some bandwidth-possessing person please grab http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/testing/LiveCD/current/warty.iso and tell me if it boots?07:32
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:lamont] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | Happy Ubuntu Artwork week! | 7 (count 'em) major bugs
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:lamont] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | Happy Ubuntu Artwork week! | 7 (count 'em) major bugs | BE THE SIGNAL
lamontwhatever that means. :-)07:32
sivanglamont : downloading...07:33
=== Mithrandir notes people.u.c is slow
lamontthanks.  If it boots, I want to ask #ubuntu to test it, etc.07:33
sivanglamont : ofcourse07:34
lamontthis is more of a process check to make sure I didn't screwup07:34
thommjg59: it suspended ok07:34
MithrandirETA ~30 minutes07:34
mjg59thom: And resumed?07:34
sivanglamont : no prob07:34
=== lamont has been testing the home edition, you see... :-)
sivangah, Mithrandir is way ahead of me07:34
sivangi'm at eta 1:5307:34
thommjg59: blank screen when it came out of suspend (ie, the suspend light went off, nothing else changed)07:35
=== lamont decides that he may need to see about taking a class the local JC, after checking what kind of bandwidth that would give him. :-)
mjg59thom: Was it alive?07:35
thommjg59: appeared to be07:36
mjg59thom: Had you passed acpi_sleep=s3_bios?07:37
thomoh, arse07:37
=== thom reboots again
mjg59Ok, sounds like it works07:37
mjg59Keybuk: Ping?07:37
lamontsivang/Mithrandir: when it appears hung, you have to give it a minute or 3... :-)  gnome startup isn't fast reading from a compressed disk image on cdrom07:37
pittimdz: permission to upload #2496?07:38
mdzpitti: yes07:38
thommjg59: works fine with acpi_sleep=s3_bio07:40
seb128sivang: turn gail off for the crasher07:40
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:pitti] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | Happy Ubuntu Artwork week! | 13 (count 'em) major bugs | BE THE SIGNAL
mjg59thom: Rock07:41
mjg59Now, where's Scott gone?07:41
mjg59I need someone with utterly broken ACPI resume...07:41
mdzlamont: please name the live CD .isos something more descriptive than "warty.iso"07:42
lamontyou want a date, or just 'warty-live.iso'07:42
Kamionlamont: they'll be warty-live-i386.iso in the final published CD images07:43
Kamionor warty-final-live-i386.iso, depending07:44
Kamionmdz: OK to upload this to debian-installer?07:44
Kamion  * Manual changes:07:44
Kamion    - Refer to 'Ubuntu 4.10 "Warty Warthog"' rather than just 'Ubuntu 4.10'.07:44
Kamion    - howto/installation-howto.xml: Ubuntu branding. Fix up for Ubuntu07:44
Kamion      installer modifications.07:44
Kamion    - install-methods/official-cdrom.xml: Link to releases.ubuntulinux.org.07:44
Kamion  * Install Ubuntu splash image, so that pxeboot.tar.gz now has the correct07:44
Kamion    image too (closes: Ubuntu #2343).07:44
mdzKamion: yes07:44
sivangseb128 : how do I turn it off?07:44
Kamiongood-oh, should hopefully be the last for Warty07:44
KamionI'm trusting nobody has any urgent initrd-udeb changes ...07:45
mjg59Anyone else with fucked ACPI able to test something?07:45
lamontmdz: renamed to warty-live-i386.iso07:45
Keybukmjg59: back.07:46
=== Keybuk mutters something about XFS filesystem support <g>
Keybukso after I got a mini root on /boot ... :p  no, didn't seem to work07:47
mjg59Identical failure to before?07:47
Keybuknot quite07:47
KeybukI think the keyboard came back for a few seconds07:47
mjg59Hmm. Interesting.07:48
mjg59Can you give it a go with acpi_sleep=s3_bios and acpi_sleep=s3_mode ?07:48
mjg59One at a time to start with, and finally both together07:48
sivangseb128 : it only happens when I enable "assitive technologies "07:49
sivangseb128 : I tuned it off globally07:49
mdzlamont: ETA 20m07:53
Keybukmjg59: I'm assuming that 'echo 3 > /proc/acpi/sleep' doesn't return until the machine is awake?07:56
mjg59Keybuk: Correct07:56
mjg59Unless the sleep fails07:57
Keybukok, I have a little shell script that does that, and immediately after writes a file and calls sync a few times07:57
Keybukthe sleep works fine, it's resume that's unwilly07:57
Keybukuh, unwilling07:57
mjg59Yeah. It's almost certainly the suspend code that's broken, though.07:57
mjg59Hmm. So no significant difference between that code and previous attempts?07:58
lamontmdz: thoughts on 2482?08:00
mdzlamont: investigate and fix if necessary08:01
lamontwas just reading the changelog... looks like sync'ing would be risky08:01
Keybukmjg59: just testing every combination of things I can think of08:06
mjg59Keybuk: Ok08:07
Keybuk(and pausing in between because you don't have thermal zone support in that kernel, so my laptop sulks a little :p)08:07
Keybuknope, doesn't look like any combination of options produces an "I'm awake" in the log08:17
mjg59Right. And this is the same behaviour as older kernels?08:18
=== lucas_ [~lucas@ca-grenoble-2-76.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu-devel []
mjg59Tracking this down is likely to involve a moderate amount of pain.08:19
mjg59Keybuk: Next step is probably putting beep statements into various parts of the wakeup code08:22
Keybukbeep & sleep ? :p08:22
Keybukand count how many beeps I hear?08:22
KeybukI'll give it a go08:22
mjg59Pavel's got an x86 assembly beep implementation on acpi-devel at the moment08:23
Keybukthough that'll involve finding the wakeup code and beep code08:23
mjg59I'll head home and then start stuffing stuff into a kernel08:23
Keybukok, cool08:23
mjg59Back soon08:23
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=== AndyFit1 [~andy@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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lamontmdz: CD status?08:32
mdzlamont: burning08:33
mdzyay, it's labeled Ubuntu08:34
lamontmdz: Yeah, that's a simple post-install of /usr/bin/make-iso :(08:36
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-110-145.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzlamont: sound comes up muted08:42
mdzbut GNOME starts and I'm logged in08:42
lamontinteresting - sound isn't muted for me...08:42
lamont(home edition)08:42
lamontif you unmute it, does it work?08:42
mdznetwork came up08:43
mdzfirefox works08:43
mdzdoesn't seem to work even after unmuting08:44
mdzmodules are loaded08:44
=== AndyFit1 [~andy@] has left #ubuntu-devel []
mdzah, I think the sound devices are coming up in reverse order08:45
mdzcompared to real Warty08:45
mdzmy sound device is /dev/dsp1 now08:46
=== alextreme [~alex@am.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128mdz: #214108:48
mdzseb128: go ahead08:50
lamontalsa sound is what we want?08:50
lamont(because that's what I get...)08:50
mdzalextreme: how does the loading of ALSA modules work in morphix?08:52
mdzapparently, it's different from what we do with hotplug08:52
alextrememdz: uses modules.dep and a bunch of sed & awk, is a modified version of a script in alsa afaik08:55
mdzit happens to load the drivers in reverse order from hotplug on my laptop08:55
mdzso my modem gets /dev/dsp rather than the useful sound device08:55
=== thom waves goodbye to NetworkManager again
alextremeheh, we've been working on a new one now we've moved to 2.6, makes things a lot easier08:56
=== lamont goes to lunch so that he can think straight later.
alextremehow're wartys RC bugs hanging in?08:59
=== lucas_ [~lucas@ca-grenoble-2-76.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mjg59 wonders where keybuk buggered off to
thommjg59: i think you broke him09:27
mdzalextreme: no RC bugs remain09:30
mdzdid the new X make it onto the daily CD?09:37
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-225.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
alextremenot sure exactly if it made mine, CDT is... -6?09:47
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzno, CDT is -509:52
mdzbut why CDT?09:52
mdzlamont: the CD you pointed me to seems to work well09:56
elmowhy does postfix not log to it's own logfile?09:57
=== mdz points at lamont
elmolamont: why does postfix not log to it's own logfile?10:00
elmothanks mdz ;-P10:00
alextremewas looking at warty-changes to figure out when the new X entered the archive10:09
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amutesting/LiveCD/current is the correct folder ? 10:21
mjg59Keybuk: Got another kernel for you10:21
mjg59Keybuk: http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/tmp/acpikernel10:22
mjg59Should produce a continuous tone on resume. If so, we start a binary search. If not, things are very fucked.10:22
Keybukokie dokie10:23
Keybuktry with/without acpi_sleep=* ?10:23
mjg59Without for now10:24
Keybukno beeping10:31
mjg59None at all?10:32
mjg59Oh dear10:32
Keybukisn't there any earlier in the wakeup you can put that then? :)10:33
mjg59Not trivially...10:33
mjg59That's right at the start of wakeup_start10:33
Keybukyeah, it's always felt like that whatever code the kernel has to wake up isn't getting run10:35
mjg59So there's something wrong in the suspend code10:36
Keybukit's like the kernel suspends it ok, but doesn't put the right address in the right place or something to be woken up -- the hardware comes up by there's no kernel waiting for it10:36
mjg59It's an nc4010, right?10:36
=== aes [~andrew@as583.emma.cam.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59And the speaker is switched on?10:38
KeybukI assume so; I assume you compiled in pcspkr or whatever10:38
mjg59No, but it's writing directly to the chip10:39
Keybukshould be fine then10:39
Keybukgrub can make it beep, anyway10:39
lamontalextreme: CST is -6, CDT is -510:40
lamontelmo: because Wietse didn't want to reinvent syslog when there was already a nice facility there.10:40
lamontmdz: OK.  I'll ask for testers on #ubuntu then10:40
elmolamont: meh, that's lame10:45
=== Lovechild [~dnielsen@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
alextremelamont: k, thanks :)10:56
mjg59Argh. We're getting the entire Smoothwall development team?11:00
mdzlamont: syslog is not "nice" :-)11:01
lamontmdz: well, yeah11:03
lamontso why did we not hit the gzip futex bug until recently?11:03
=== lamont_r [~lamont@rover3.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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plovsany of the documentation people awake?11:06
mdzlamont: what's the latest mplayer story, now that xvidcore was synched?11:11
mdzlamont: I guess that relatively few folks are using futexes on SMP systems with apt; it seems to be difficult to trigger11:12
lamontunknown/mplayer_1:1.0-pre5-0.4: Dep-Wait by buildd+macaroni [-:uncompiled] 11:12
lamont  Dependencies: libavcodec1-dev11:12
lamontffmpeg delivers libavcodec2-dev, but it's ftbfs11:15
lamonti386/dsputil_mmx.c: In function `h263_h_loop_filter_mmx':11:15
lamonti386/dsputil_mmx.c:634: error: can't find a register in class `INDEX_REGS' while reloading `asm'11:15
=== sivang [~sg@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontmdz: in other words, we're still short a build-dep or 611:17
mdzlamont: are you overriding its optimization flags?11:18
lamontmdz: we force optimization to 0..3, you can't say -O6, or you get -O3.11:18
lamontthat's all on that front.11:18
lamontbut we do force the architecture level...11:18
=== lamont rolls sbcl back to the top of the hill again
lamontor rather, ffmpeg, eh>11:19
lamontbuild running11:21
amulamont: morphix grubsplash, booting takes hours ;)  gnomepanel is working, sound same problems like before11:31
lamontamu: which image are you booting?11:33
amutesting/LiveCD/current  11:33
amu 688748544 2004-10-18 19:28 warty-live-i386.iso11:34
lamontamu: process issue resolved. thanks11:35
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amui didn't took the time, guess I waited for 5min. ;) 11:36
sivangjdub : around ?11:36
sivangseb128 : ping11:38
amulamont: bootspash looks empty, you should write something nice "Take your Ubunto to everywhere" *ducks*  11:38
sivangseb128 : going through the manual, I see we don't have "Browse Folder" option on the default nautilus layout11:38
seb128sivang: ?11:39
lamontalextreme: thoughts on the sound-isms?11:39
lamontamu: all the splashes are just me throwing something in.  Not to be confused with any kind of blessed artwork.11:39
sivangseb128 : the manual describes how to use the "open each fodler in a new window" nautilus window11:39
sivangseb128 : and choos "File"->"Browse Folder" to make it show in the file browser (it'11:40
sivangseb128 : mode of nautilus. But we don't have this on the default layout..DO you know if it's something that was chagned in Ubuntu compared to upstream 2.8 ?11:40
amuhmm alsa, there was a cannot cp file errormessi while starting 11:40
seb128sivang: I've it here11:40
seb128can you make a screenshot of a window with the file menu open ?11:41
sivangseb128 : yes11:41
alextremelamont: what soundisms?11:41
amulamont: cp /etc/devfs/conf.d/Alsa no such file or dir 11:41
lamontalextreme: devices getting found in the (apparently) reverse order, leading to the sound system running on the modem, and not the sound card.11:42
lamontthat is /dev/dsp pointing to the wrong device, because the two "sound cards" were found in the reverse order.11:42
alextremeahh, what matt said earlier. i'll take a peek, shouldn't be hard to reverse11:43
lamontyeah - that11:43
lamontwith luck, that's the whole sound issue11:43
mdzlamont: how did ffmpeg go the second time around?11:44
mdzit has lots of inline assembly, so it tends to be sensitive to optimisation11:44
amualextreme: btw. hi 11:44
lamontmdz: uploaded11:45
alextremeamu: gday :)11:45
lamontmdz: but that doesn't fix the problem, you know.11:46
mdzlamont: oh?11:46
lamontffmpeg delivers libavcodec___2___11:46
lamontand mplayer b-d's libavcodec1-dev11:46
mdzbuild-depends: libavcodec2-dev11:48
mdzplease request a sync11:48
lamontfrom that url?11:48
elmois what I've been using?11:50
=== lamont points elmo at mdz.
lamontbut I bet elmo has a good site for it.11:51
lamontesp if it has 1.0-pre5-0.6 :-)11:51
sivangthis is also what I am using11:51
elmooh, never mind it's one of the stupid, "I have two versions in the Sources file" victims11:52
mdzelmo: that's a mirror of the same stuff11:52
elmoI didn't sync in case it had actual changes11:52
mdzwhich google found first11:52
lamontmdz: btw, doing a blind bootstrap attempt on everything currently dep-waiting, just to be thurough and tie up a buildd for a while.11:53
=== lamont looks for something to throw at doko
lamontOT: hppa is now 30.5 hours into building the latest gcc-3.411:55
dokolamont: wrong channel ;)11:55
dokoshould I start another one, maybe I get it finished earlier ...11:56
lamontdoko: well, yes. hence the "OT"11:57
lamontactually, I killed the 8 runaway processes from a previous build11:57
lamontunless you want to claim lt-gij or SyncTest.exe11:57
dokosmp kernel?11:58
lamontonce it gets more than 12% of the CPU, it should build faster.11:58
lamontUP kernel11:58
dokostrange, I've seen this with smp kernel only.11:58

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