lamont         <default>splash/ubuntu-splash.png</default>12:00
lamontwhich is the nekid ppl, so it's just as well that it's b0rke12:02
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont decides that he needs to bag at least his 4:30, but will need to run out for a few minutes nearer 7:00 local
mdzjdub: what's the status of the gold artwork packages for the CD?12:05
=== alextreme [~alex@am.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubmdz: uploaded12:05
jdubbeing tested atm12:05
lamontjdub: it's clearly showing gnome-splash.png12:07
lamontany chance that it just doesn't like the symlink?12:07
jdubthat'd be livecd specific12:08
alextremei'm sure it is. annoying issue, especially as it did work in earlier builds12:13
lamontjdub: what should we be using in place of the globe shot for bootsplash?12:14
jdubsabdfl/jane/i chose circle of friends background last week12:15
jdubsabdfl: your call on changing that one :)12:15
lamontcurrently have http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~lamont/background.png12:15
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=== chrisa|duncecap is now known as chrisa
sabdflok guys, which image should we use for livecd boot splash?12:18
sabdflmy vote is the new gdm login (Human)12:18
sabdflwithout the login12:18
sabdflwould look good with the orange / yello progress bar12:19
alextremeindeed, would be a nice choice12:19
lamontalextreme: is that also 15-index?12:19
alextremeno, thats the 16bit 1024x768 jpg12:19
alextremeubuntulinux.org had it on the frontpage last time i checked12:20
lamontalextreme: I mean that we need12:20
lamontthe package currently has a very small .png12:20
alextremewhich one? the gfxboot theme?12:21
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-218.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdfli have the image, can convert it12:23
sabdflsave as 1024x768 png?12:23
sabdflanything special in the save?12:24
chrisaCan the d-i version on the ubuntu discs install the base system without requiring the user use the partitioner (ie: I mount / to /target manually) ?12:24
alextremelamont: afaik that isn't even used12:24
jdubsabdfl: mmm, bright :)12:24
lamontalextreme: then where does it get that image?12:24
sabdflwant me to tone it down a shade?12:25
alextremelamont: from ubuntu-artwork12:25
alextremelamont: and the miniroot gets it from the bootsplash udeb package12:25
lamontalextreme: ah, cool.12:26
=== lamont gets his archive current and builds another home-edition
sabdflalextreme: it needs the ubuntu log layered over the top12:27
sabdflwill send you a version directly, or should it go to lamont?12:27
sabdfljust save as png, or do i need to do something special?12:27
=== lamont will be building
lamontjust need to know where to put it...12:27
alextremesabdfl: bootsplash only uses jpg afaik12:28
alextremeand indeed, lamont has more use of it12:28
Kamionchrisa: not sure, in theory it might be possible to mount /target etc. by hand but I've never tried it12:29
Kamionchrisa: feel free to try it, but you may run into a few issues12:30
chrisaKamion: I just recall d-i having a way to skip the partitioner, however I can't recall how12:31
Kamionchrisa: d-i might have had that a long time ago, but not recently12:31
Kamionchrisa: you'll have to hack something to persuade main-menu to stop trying to run the partitioner due to udeb dependencies12:31
lamontfile background.png 12:31
lamontbackground.png: JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.0112:31
lamontyou tell me....12:31
Kamionchrisa: is running the partitioner actively harmful?12:32
chrisaKamion: What seems to be a bug in parted is keeping it from seeing partitions on my main drive12:32
mjg59Kamion: Bleah, I utterly failed to be organised enough to sort out getting that laptop off you today12:32
Kamioncan you run the partitioner and do nothing in it?12:32
mjg59When's good for you?12:32
chrisafdisk can see the partitions, booting to debian and trying parted there has the same trouble12:32
Kamionmjg59: I'm still up, about to go out briefly anyway, if you're still up then I can come over12:33
chrisaKamion: It will then complain no root is specified12:33
Kamionchrisa: true, that just occurred to me too12:33
KamionI'd attempt to hack /var/lib/dpkg/status but this is an expert option :)12:33
alextremelamont: i guess that kind of .png would work too :)12:33
mjg59Kamion: Ok, I guess that works - are you driving? If not, it seems a bit far to go out of your way12:33
Kamiondriving, yes12:34
Kamionabout to go see if Tesco's still open12:34
mjg59Ah, ok :)12:35
mjg59If that's not a problem, then that'd be cool12:36
mjg59I'm at 6 Petworth Street12:36
mjg59Don't suppose you have a spare piece of cat 5, too? :)12:36
Kamionthink so, yes12:36
KamionI forgot to do the install, do you need a CD?12:37
mjg59Urgh. yes, if possible - I lent mine to someone and haven't got it back12:37
dokomdz, jdub: mvo just pointed out to me, that two ISDN related packages would be really nice to have on the CD ... pppdcapiplugin and isdnactivecards. I know, very late.12:37
sabdflso png or jpg?12:38
Mitarioyay! is it tomorrow already?12:38
=== Mitario fades back into the background again
sabdfllamont: png would be better quality, can it handle either?12:38
jdubdoko: i don't want to change anything like that at this stage, even additions to the cd12:38
lamontsabdfl: really no idea12:38
lamontas it sits, the old globe-centered thing was 28KB of jpg12:40
lamontin a file named background.png12:40
lamontI could sure try png first12:40
sabdflwill send you both12:40
mvo_jdub: I certainly understand that. the problem for people using isdn is, that they won't be able to connect to the internet without those two packages. but I'm also very nervous about a change like this12:42
lamontsabdfl: if you sent them, I didn't see them...12:42
sabdfljust coming up now12:43
=== elmo_ [~james@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubmvo_: wish we'd known earlier, there are a bunch of things like that on the cd12:43
mvo_jdub: ok12:43
lamontand liveCD is pretty much ENOSPC....12:43
lamontreally really at risk to add anything else12:43
lamontalextreme: mdz poke you about sound?12:44
Kamionat some point we have to declare "out of time"12:44
sabdfllamont: should be there now12:44
alextremelamont: about alsa probing?12:45
sabdflmvo_: do those packages affect anything in the install?12:45
lamontI think so12:45
sabdflcan't touch the installer12:45
Kamionthose two packages are not in warty currently12:46
mvo_yes, they are universe12:46
alextremelamont: didn't you get my jabber msg last night? I uploaded a new version of morphix-base-conf with reversed loading, but wasn't sure if it worked12:47
sabdfllamont: they arrive?12:47
sabdfl100kb jpg, 280kb png12:47
lamontsabdfl: can you toss them somewhere wget'able/scp able12:48
Kamionmvo_: as I understand it, elmo is currently travelling, which means we'd need to push the CD builds *way* back in order to add new packages from universe.12:48
Kamion(since they need to be moved into a different component)12:48
sabdfllamont: scp chinstrap.warthogs.hbd.com:~mark/livecdsplash.* .12:49
sabdflelmo's here12:49
mvo_Kamion: ok12:50
lamontgreylisting delayed the mail on fiordland12:50
dokojdub: trying to set my background: the application "gnome-background-properties" did unexpectedly terminate.12:50
seb128doko: 12:54
seb128 ubuntu-artwork (0.2.14-1) warty; urgency=low12:54
seb128 .12:54
seb128   * Avoid tweaking idiotic background crasher with wallpapers.xml12:54
seb128doko: you probably want this12:54
=== gma [~graham@capella.plus.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubyeah, it gives you the love12:55
dokofind it on chinstrap as well?12:55
lamontjdub: another ubuntu-artwork??? sigh12:56
chrisa'idiotic background crasher' ?12:56
lamontsource uploaded?12:56
jdubthe wallpaper xml tweaked a bug in the background capplet code12:56
jdubmaking it crash12:56
jdublamont: yeah12:56
lamontbut less than 26 minutes ago,eh?12:56
=== lamont conceives of a plan to snatch the binaries once they build
mdzlamont: ETA for ubuntu-artwork 0.2.14-1?01:01
lamontbuild starts in about 2 minutes, in archive at :3301:02
lamontalthough elmo could slamdunk cron.daily anytime after about :10 and it should be there..01:02
azeemmako: thanks01:03
mdzelmo: slamdunk?01:07
lamontthe truly impatient will find the .deb at http://people.u.o/~lamont/ubuntu-artwork_0.2.14-1_all.deb01:07
lamontelmo was driving across england earlier, has he arrived?01:07
lamontdupload done, should be accepted in 30 se01:09
lamontthen it could be slamdunked01:09
mdzlamont: <sabdfl> elmo's here01:09
lamontah, well. the01:10
=== gma [~graham@capella.plus.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdfllamont: should be done in about 3 minutes01:15
lamontalextreme: /tmp/modules-rev.pcimap No such file01:16
lamontalextreme: that's with 0.5-18 morphix-base-conf01:17
sabdfllamont, Kamion: artwork should be visible now01:18
alextremelamont: doh, yet another shameless bug. wait a sec01:18
lamont"carrousel begins..."01:19
alextremelamont: available for now on m.org/incoming, will be synced soon. literally a one-char fix01:21
mdzKamion: that countrychooser weirdness didn't happen to me before01:22
mdzthis is on a recent daily01:22
jdubsabdfl: i'm going to leave pretty descriptions for the calendar packages up to you01:23
jdubsabdfl: need a one-liner and one-paragrapher for ubuntu-calendar01:23
jdubsabdfl: and something generic we can use for ubuntu-calendar-<month>01:24
Kamionmdz: fairly certain nothing's changed there though ...01:24
Kamionmdz: oh, there was the "/etc/environmment" fix, I guess01:24
Kamionthat fixed a different bug01:25
Kamionbut in any case I don't see that it would have affected this01:25
=== elmo_ [~james@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Kamion starts another CD build
=== thom goes to bed
=== lamont screams, bangs head against wall
mdzKamion,jdub,sabdfl: is this the one?01:29
Kamionmdz: depends whether you think the en_US thing's a showstopper01:30
mdzKamion: depends on whether it happens with the new CD build :-)01:30
Kamionmy question is more why it didn't happen before01:30
mdzI am clueless on that point01:31
mdzI didn't even notice it when I tested the CD01:31
mdzbecause I didn't run perl from the command line until now01:31
KamionI don't think it'll break anything, just generate warnings01:32
=== Ferry [~Ferry@cust.15.118.adsl.cistron.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionen_US is lucky to be close enough to C for most things that you tend not to notice locale problems01:32
KamionI don't even know why LANGUAGE is set at all, to be honest01:32
mdzneither do I01:33
mdzI don't think it was previously01:33
Kamionif it turns out to be a showstopper I'm half-inclined to delete it, but the possible consequences are numerous and hard to test01:33
Kamionat least in base-config01:33
mdzmaybe gdm mangles it01:33
Kamionit could be that base-config used to mangle it01:33
Kamionit has been set for a long time01:33
Kamionanyway, I'm going over to mjg59's, back soon01:34
sabdflmdz: let's tread very carefully at this point ;-)01:39
mdzsabdfl: hmm?01:39
sabdflchanges on the night of release01:39
sabdflwhat's this new one about?01:39
sabdfli haven't seen it01:40
=== ddaa [~ddaa@nemesis.xlii.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzI don't suggest that we change it even if it is an installer bug01:41
mdzI just ended up with some broken stuff in /etc/environment for locale settings01:41
mdzthe worst of it is ~5 lines of spew from perl every time it's invoked01:42
mdzwhich means ~50 lines of spew from an apt run01:42
sabdflevery apt run?01:42
sabdflfor all users?01:42
mdzperl: warning: Setting locale failed.01:42
mdzperl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:01:42
mdz        LANGUAGE = "en_GB:en_US:en",01:42
mdz        LC_ALL = (unset),01:42
mdz        LC_COLLATE = "C",01:42
mdz        LANG = "en_US.UTF-8"01:42
mdz    are supported and installed on your system.01:42
mdzperl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").01:42
mdzonly ones where a maintainer script uses perl01:42
mdzwhich is, well, most of them01:42
mdzI'm not going to panic unless it's still this way after a fresh install01:42
sabdflif it is, let's delay release long enough to have a good nights sleep on it01:43
jdubmdz: seems like it is01:43
jdubfresh install from last night01:43
jdubmight be wrong01:43
mdzsee, this is what happens when I take the weekend off :-P01:44
jdubcan do another install01:44
mdzjdub: what's in yours?01:44
jdubjdub@ubuntu:~ $ cat /etc/environment LANGUAGE="en_AU:en_GB:en_US:en"01:44
chrisaIt'll be amazing if this ubuntu system boots01:46
=== chrisa did so much hacking around in the installer
jdubmdz: not getting any spew01:47
sabdflchrisa: any interesting mods?01:47
mdzjdub: perhaps because you have en_AU01:47
mdzjdub: while I do not have en_GB01:47
mdzjdub: what's in /etc/locale.gen?01:47
jdubjdub@ubuntu:~ $ cat /etc/locale.gen01:48
jduben_AU ISO-8859-101:48
=== lamont isolates the bootsplash issue, deals with it.
mdzI think this is probably caused by the fix for #219501:49
lamontsabdfl: btw, 16-bit colors, /me converted01:49
lamontjdub: would me running in 16-bit space explain the gnome-splash picking the wrong one?01:50
=== mjg59 obtains the craptop
mjg59It's so crap it can't even scale 640x480 to 1024x768 without making a huge mess01:51
lamontthat's not the C3 pos, is it?01:51
jdublamont: no01:52
mjg59If I can get ACPI working on this, we are obviously destined to win01:52
lamontjdub: well, hope springs eternal and all that.. :-(01:52
mjg59Ooh, it's got a nipples install01:52
chrisasabdfl: Just a bunch of hacks so I could get around the partitioner01:53
lamontnew and improved builds running (home and DC), with hopefully correct art, and maybe even sound01:54
sabdflmjg59: think of it as a challenge more than a gift :-)01:55
sabdfllamont: to jpg, or png?01:55
lamont1024x768, 16-bit jpeg only01:57
Kamionmdz: the safest fix I can think of is to prepend LANG to LANGUAGE01:57
Mitarioi love hacky mockup coding01:57
sabdflok, how's it look?01:57
mjg59That's interesting01:57
lamontlooked good on the machine where I changed it.  We'll see what the laptop says.01:58
mjg59I hadn't previously noticed that the craptop had two sets of volume keys01:58
Kamionmjg59: realised I forgot to set a useful password for you, but I assume you booted recovery and got on with life01:58
lamontbtw, when I'm scrounging surplus stores looking for a G3 or later, what kind of price should I be expecting?01:58
mjg59Kamion: Yeah, sorted01:59
Kamionmdz: I have LANG=en_US and LANGUAGE=en_GB:en_US:en, but perl doesn't warn02:00
Kamioninstall not finished yet02:01
Kamionmdz: I note that you have LANG=en_US.UTF-802:01
Kamionmdz: did you definitely generate that locale?02:02
sabdfllamont: can you put the converted image up somewhere?02:03
=== sabdfl paraphrases kamion: "i assumed you wouldn't let the small matter of security hold you back"
Kamionwhen did I say that? :)02:04
mdzKamion: yeah, I just noticed the same thing02:05
mdzit's a false alarm02:05
mdzI copied in a shell init file that set en_US.UTF-802:05
mdzKamion: phew02:05
=== Kamion breathes a sigh of relief
Kamionit's so rare to be able to put something down to mdz pilot error that I just didn't think of it at first :-)02:06
mdzKamion: I assume the candidate is /current/ now?02:06
sabdflmdz: you and your utf-802:06
=== mdz hangs his head in shame
Kamionmdz: yes02:07
mdzok, downloading it02:07
mdzwill test all around02:07
sabdflok, so release schedule tomorrow02:07
Kamionnote to world, actually going to bed this release02:07
Kamion(I know it's not traditional)02:07
mdzwell, we missed 0000 UTC. what's our second choice? :-)02:08
lamontKamion: always a first time, eh>?02:08
sabdflKamion: please do, take a friend :-)02:08
sabdflmdz, what's the earliest we can do tomorrow?02:08
mdzlamont: live CD status?02:08
=== sabdfl wonders if mjg59 is looking at kamion in horror right now
mdzdo we have a live CD release candidate?02:08
lamonteta 8 minutes to a testing image02:09
lamontat some point, well need to push the liveCD RC to little etc., which is beyond my scope...02:11
Kamionmdz: if I'm crashed, '/srv/cdimage.no-name-yet.com/bin/cron.daily' should be sufficient to build a CD, no need for DATE_SUFFIX hacking like before.02:11
mdzKamion: ok, I'll likely stay up until you're awake02:11
Kamionmdz: feel free to phone me if need be, it may wake me up :)02:12
alextremelamont: i have access to little, if Kamion is busy02:12
lamontso does mdz, etc.02:12
KamionI'd like to be quite careful about where the live CD RC goes on little02:12
Kamiona little extra scripting work may be required02:13
Kamion(although hopefully not)02:13
mjg59sabdfl: He's gone away again, thankfully...02:14
alextremei'll leave it to you then02:14
Kamionsabdfl: are we calling the images in releases.ubuntu.com "warty-final-install-i386.iso", or what?02:14
Kamionmjg59: I love you too02:14
sabdflKamion: or warty-release?02:14
Kamionsabdfl: fine by me02:14
mjg59Kamion: If that were true, you wouldn't have given me this laptop02:14
mdzfinal is fine with me02:14
mdzas is release02:15
mdzI'm easy02:15
sabdflrelease then02:15
sabdflgot to :-)02:15
Kamionelmo_: warty's not easy, she just has negotiable virtue02:15
sabdflmjg59: alas, those bits got censored02:15
mdzso shall we test the candidates, then sleep on it and release in the morning?02:16
sabdflnight all, see you in the morning02:16
mdzor go out while you guys sleep? :-P02:16
sabdflyou test now, we'll test in the morning02:16
lamontI like the release before they wake up idea...02:16
Kamiondefinitely not allowed to release warty while I'm asleep :)02:16
sabdflKamion: do you ever?02:17
=== lamont has wondered if sabdfl really sleeps
Kamion(if nothing else, publish-release is still a bit on the untested side)02:17
sabdflone eye open02:17
jdubwget http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~jdub/ubuntu-calendar_4.10_all.deb http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~jdub/ubuntu-calendar-october_4.10_all.deb02:17
jdubsabdfl: you wear a borg headset too? :)02:17
sabdfljdub: resistance is... fun, really02:17
Kamionelmo_: will you have a chance to process jigit? mdz approved it for Supported02:18
mdzI'd liek to nail down a time now02:18
mdzso that I can arrange to be awake02:18
sabdfl1200 UTC has a nice ring to it02:19
sabdflmirrors should be synced if they are doing it every 6 hours02:19
=== mdz chokes
elmo_Kamion: hmmm, process it how?02:19
sabdflerm, sorry02:19
mdzelmo_: NEW, I presume02:19
sabdflwhat UTC is 8am LA time?02:20
elmo_Rejected: Unknown distribution `unstable'.02:20
=== lamont gently takes whatever the hell is grabbing udebs and shoots it in the head.
Kamionelmo_: bugger02:20
mdzsabdfl: 8+7=1502:20
mdzI can do 1200 UTC as well; it just means taking an early sleep02:20
sabdflwork for you?02:20
sabdflok, 15:00 UTC02:21
sabdflmdz: can you keep a phone handy? only elmo, kamion or me will call02:21
sabdfljust in case02:21
Kamionelmo_: 1.14-1ubuntu1 uploaded02:21
sabdflotherwise, see you around 1400 UTC to get ready02:22
=== mdz tapes the phone to his ear and crawls into bed
Mithrandirsleep tight02:22
mjg59Mm. Monkeypop.02:22
sabdflnight all, for good this time02:22
sabdflwell, for a few hours good02:22
lamontthis time with the correct artwork02:22
jdubsabdfl: were you going to call?02:23
lamontthat's a bug I'm gonna have to hurt02:23
sabdfljdub: calendar worked first time02:23
elmo_SKIP (too new)02:23
elmo_Rejected: jigit_1.14-1ubuntu1.dsc refers to jigit_1.14.orig.tar.gz, but I can't find it in the queue or in the pool.02:23
sabdfljdub: yes, was tkaing the phone to bed02:23
KamionI suck02:23
sabdfldon't even think about it02:23
sabdflpants ON!02:23
Kamionor dpkg-genchanges sucks, not sure which02:23
=== jdub goes to look for his pants
elmo_it doesn't think 1ubuntu1 == 102:23
elmo_which is fair enough, kind of02:23
=== Kamion uploads again with -sa this time
azeemonly if ubuntu != 0 :)02:24
mdzlamont: URL for live CD candidate?02:24
Kamionexcept that it's already in the uploadqueue02:24
lamontmdz: give me 25 minutes02:24
lamont&*_%+^*( udeb fetcher doesn't fetch the newest version of a package if multiple versions exist.02:25
lamonthence bad artwork02:25
mdzlamont: 8 minutes, 25 minutes...we'll be here all night!02:25
elmo_Kamion: just upload the orig.tar.gz? 02:25
elmo_or I can forcibly reject it, if you want02:25
lamontmdz: saved you the time to download and burn it before you screamed, at least...02:25
Kamionelmo_: it's not in the .changes ...02:25
Kamiondoes that matter02:26
mdzKamion: I can upload it if you want to sleep02:26
doogieelmo works on ubuntu, or elmo is commenting on a ubuntu upload into debian?02:26
elmo_kamion: katie's Special and can  handle that02:26
Kamionmdz: it's ok, doing other things02:26
=== lamont wanders off for a few minutes
Kamionelmo_: uploaded, I think02:26
mdzKamion: accepted02:29
Kamionelmo_: thanks02:29
=== markoni [marko_tasi@P1-216-20000.dialup.ns.ac.yu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128time to sleep, 'night02:31
mdznight, seb02:41
mjg59This laptop is fucked :)02:42
Kamionmjg59: good, isn't it?02:43
Kamionok, now I'm stumbling around the room walking into things, this is bad02:45
Kamion(muscles sore from karate yesterday, it's not all tiredness :-))02:45
=== lamont plans to make it to his karate class thursday.
lamontmaybe even jujutsu tomorrow night02:45
=== Kosai [cjb@islay.ra.phy.cam.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontmdz: http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~lamont/testing/LiveCD/20041020-01/warty-live-i386-20041020-01.iso02:49
=== lamont must run to a FD meeting, bbiab.... mdz: feel free to hit my cell and tell me to come back to the office anytime...
lamontwill try to bail after an hour or so, but dunno what'll happen.02:50
mdzamd64 and powerpc installs successful02:51
chrisalamont: Did you do the mplayer build/upload?02:51
=== chrisa watches it exit with "Illegal Instruction" on any media file with both mplayer and gmplayer
lamontchrisa: i386, or elsewhere?02:52
lamontchrisa: OTOH, before the upload, it was FTBFS02:52
lamontsomething to worry about after I get back.02:53
lamontchrisa: my only change was to add xmms-dev to the build-deps, so that it would quit bitching about not finding libxmms.so.102:53
lamontanyway, back in a bit.02:53
mdzlamont: downloading now02:54
chrisalamont: I'm going to see what happens when I build it locally02:54
lamontchrisa: thanks02:55
lamontpatches welcome.02:55
lamontprobably for tonight only, if mdz forgives us.02:55
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-18-194.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
chrisalamont: It works when I build / install the package myself (just an fyi)02:58
mdzyeah, breaks for me too02:59
chrisamplayer's error says it's related to not being built for the correct cpu type, my guess would be the CFLAGS are a bit too specific for a i386 package03:00
mdzlooks like it's built for p403:00
chrisaI'm running on an athlon xp03:01
mdzlamont: live CD is fucked03:02
mdznever mind, booted it in the USB drive, that never works03:02
mdzchrisa: likewise03:02
mdzCPUflags:  MMX: 1 MMX2: 1 3DNow: 0 3DNow2: 0 SSE: 1 SSE2: 003:02
mdzCompiled for x86 CPU with extensions: MMX MMX2 SSE SSE203:02
mdzit's probably trying to use SSE203:03
jdubmdz: what's our policy for universe fixes and syncs going to be post-final?03:07
mdzjdub: for stuff which doesn't build or work, I think we can be fairly liberal03:09
mdzfor stuff which does build and work, i think our policy should be fairly similar to main03:10
mdzjdub: have you tested the candidates?03:10
jdubcan't download until off-peak :|03:11
jdubuploaded calendar packages03:11
mdzjdub: presumably those are NEW?03:14
mdzelmo just went to sleep03:14
mjg59I've tracked this machine down03:25
mjg59It's an ECS G32003:25
mdzthe progress meter on the live CD is...weird03:37
mdzthe grub one03:38
mdzthe bootsplash looks nice, though03:38
mdzjdub: gnome splash on the live CD seems to be the default gnome one03:39
mdzthat's expected?03:40
jdubwell, known03:40
jdubcan you do this:03:40
jdubgrep -A 4 splash_image /etc/gconf/schemas/gnome-session.schemas03:41
jdubi don't think lamont answered that earlier03:41
mdzOct 19 14:56:40 <jdub>  what does 'grep -A 3 splash_image /etc/gconf/schemas/gnome-session.schemas' say on the livecd?03:42
mdzOct 19 15:00:38 <lamont>                 <default>splash/ubuntu-splash.png</default>03:42
mdzOct 19 15:02:20 <lamont>        which is the nekid ppl, so it's just as well that it's b0rke03:42
mdzI checked it in the running system, and it's the same03:43
jdubsee, that oughta work :)03:43
mdzthe file is present, a symlink to ubuntu-logo-508x340.png03:43
jdubunless there's some gconf b0rk on the cd03:43
jdubmdz: type this:gconftool-2 --get /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image03:44
mdzshould gconftool-2 -g /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image show somethinG?03:44
mdzjust tried that, it comes up blank03:44
mdzgconftool-2 -g /schemas/... gives the value, though03:44
jdubthere's our problem03:44
mdzgreat. how do we fix it?03:46
jdubwill probably have to boot the livecd to nut it out03:46
jdubhow about03:46
jdubls /tmp/gconf-* ?03:46
jdubls /tmp/gconfd-* ?03:46
mdzjdub: /tmp/gconfd-warty contains one subdir, 'lock'03:47
mdzwhich itself contains one regular file, 'ior'03:47
jdubrwx user only, etc?03:48
mdzwhich has 609 bytes of text data in it03:48
mdzwarty@ubuntu:~/.gconf/apps/gnome-session/options $ cat ~/.gconf/apps/gnome-session/options/%gconf.xml03:50
mdz<?xml version="1.0"?>03:50
mdz        <entry name="splash_image" mtime="1098236337" type="string">03:50
mdz                <stringvalue></stringvalue>03:50
mdz        </entry>03:50
mdzhmm, no .xsession-errors03:51
mdzah, it goes to the console03:52
mdzhmm, interesting03:52
mdz** (gnome-session:4487): WARNING **: Failed to load image from '/usr/share/pixmaps/': Image file '/usr/share/pixmaps' contains no data03:52
jdubthat's the root for the splash03:53
jdubso it's got a zero length string, and tried to load it03:53
jdub(which i~ s kinda bong)03:53
jdubbut the big issue is gconf not correctly pulling from the schemas03:54
jdub$ grep -v ^# /etc/gconf/2/path03:54
jameshjdub: possibly because the user gconf database sets it to an empty string?03:54
jamesh(based on what mdz pasted)03:54
jdubjamesh: that's why gnome-session is borked, but we're trying to work out why the user database is borked03:55
jdubthe gnome-session thing is a result of that03:55
jameshdoes this user gconf database get unpacked from the live CD?03:56
jdubstrongly doubt it03:57
jdubit's made in the overlay03:57
jameshyeah.  the mtime is from about 15 minutes ago.03:58
=== sivang [~sg@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== hornbeck [~hornbeck@adsl-69-153-250-222.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsum, are there screenshots of the new Human anywhere? i'm having serious trouble getting my laptop online04:11
jdubhrm, don't think so04:12
jdubnot the final one04:12
tsengdaniels: i can get you one in a few minutes04:12
tsengdoing my daily update04:12
mdzjdub: bingo04:13
mdz./rc.m/S06setsplash:# Sets the gnome splash screen using gconftool-2 for the user04:13
mdz./rc.m/S06setsplash:    su -c 'gconftool-2 --type=string --set /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image  "$FILE"' - $USER04:13
mdz# Sets the gnome splash screen using gconftool-2 for the user04:14
mdz# $USER comes from our include.sh04:14
mdz. /morphix/include.sh04:14
mdzif [ -e "$FILE" ] ; then04:14
mdz        su -c 'gconftool-2 --type=string --set /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image  "$FILE"' - $USER04:14
mdzI think it needs an s@/usr/share/pixmaps/@@04:14
jdubthat should work04:15
jdubthat's really crack though04:15
mdzthe fact that it's messing with gconf at boot as part of the morphix stuff seems key04:16
jameshit should be in the defaults gconf database04:16
jameshif it is meant to be a default04:16
mdzjamesh: it is04:16
mdzthis is morphix crack04:16
jdubthat is serious crack04:17
tsengdaniels: the gtk/metacity looks the same04:17
jdubwhat if you kill that?04:17
tsengdaniels: what am i looking for?04:17
danielstseng: i dunno.  i think i have the problem solved anyway tho -- thanks :)04:17
mdzjdub: I don't know how to do that04:17
mdzI guess I could mount the base module and burn a new CD04:17
=== tseng goes back to openbox
mdzI'll try a failsafe boot04:18
danielscan someone with access to kernel sources please tell me if the string '#define AC97_GPIO_LINE2_OH      0x0400  /* Off Hook Line2 */' appears in include/sound/ac97_codec.h?04:24
kylemdaniels, kyle@anduril:~/repos/parisc-linux/include/sound% grep "#define AC97_GPIO_LINE2_OH      0x0400" ac97_codec.h 04:25
kylem#define AC97_GPIO_LINE2_OH      0x0400  /* Off Hook Line2 */04:25
mdzjdub: confirmed04:29
mdzjdub: if I check early (before that script runs), gconftool-2 gives the correct value04:30
jdubthat is so much bong :)04:30
mdzit's correct after that script runs, too04:30
mdzah, no it isn't04:31
mdzit's correct as root04:31
mdzafter that script runs, ~warty/.gconf has the empty value04:32
mdzso we should just kill it04:32
mdzlamont: back?04:32
danielslifeless: oh man04:39
danielslifeless: xorg will make your hoverbook happier04:39
danielsand less hovery.04:39
tsengDynamicClocks in da house04:40
danielsoption dynamicclocks will make the gpu core not run flat-tack all the time.  that's about 70% less hovery!04:40
danielstseng: in da hizzle04:40
tsengi am xorg's bitch04:40
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Mitariodamn, had a loooooong night of hacking, going to bed, cya all tomorrow04:51
Mitariogood luck with the release!04:51
fabbionemorning guys04:59
fabbione2.6.9 is out05:06
doogiewill ubuntu include that?05:07
=== doogie runs
fabbionehey doogie 05:07
kylem2.6.9 is out, and 300 patches have gone in since. fun.05:07
fabbioneubuntu yes.. warty no :P05:07
tsengya 2.6.9-bk3 already, wtf05:08
fabbionehmm probably a bogus release05:08
fabbionei unsubbed from lkml a while ago05:09
tsengi read lkml.org05:09
doogieno, just lots of patches sitting in mm that weren't slated for 2.6.905:09
tsengwhen i need something.05:09
doogieI've been subscribed for a few weeks05:09
kylemsome people had interesting compiler errors with 2.6.9 on x86.05:09
fabbionedoogie: i unsubbed just for lack of time to read it properly05:09
doogiebeen running Ingo Molnar's voluntary-preempt patches(U1-U6)05:10
doogiefabbione: don't read debian lists.05:10
jdubtseng: 05:10
fabbionedoogie: i dont :-)05:10
jdub  libgtksourceview-cil: Depends: libgtksourceview-common (>= 1.0.1-3) but 1.0.1-2 is to be installed05:10
lifelessdaniels: wow.05:10
lifelessI'm keen already :(05:10
fabbionedoogie: i only read debian-x :P05:10
lifelessbah. fingers broken05:10
tsengjdub: =/05:10
jdubtseng: tberman mentioned it05:10
tsengjdub: i mustve edited that and forgotten about it05:10
jdubdo you know what the depends was for?05:11
jdubi can do a quick upload05:11
tsengseemed to be nothing in particular05:11
tsengeverything built against -205:11
jdubmmm, this is a runtime depends though05:11
tsengperhaps look at the changelog for -3 ?05:11
jdubdepends rather than build-depends05:12
tsengis it hardcoded, or from dh_netlibs05:12
tsengyeah i understand, just begging the question or something05:12
jdubDepends: ${net:Depends}, libgtksourceview-common (>= 1.0.1-3)05:12
tsengwhats the -3 changelog?05:13
tsengor better.. can I get the changelog quickly w/o grabbing the source?05:13
jdubgtksourceview (1.0.1-3) unstable; urgency=low05:14
jdub  * Language specification files backported from CVS.05:14
jdub    - Updated: ada.lang, perl.lang05:14
jdub    - New: css.lang, fortran.lang, haskell.lang, javascript.lang, lua.lang,05:14
jdub      pascal.lang, ruby.lang, texinfo.lang and vbnet.lang05:14
jdub    (closes: #255668)05:14
jdub  * Documentation now symlinked under /usr/share/doc/libgtk2.0-doc.05:14
jdub    (closes: #261119)05:14
jdubdoesn't seem runtime-critical to me05:14
jdubjust happy-happy-we-have lang files05:14
jdubok, i'll do a quick upload05:15
tsengyou rock.05:15
=== tberman [~Todd@tberman.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tbermantseng: why is MD not in universe?05:19
tsengoh noes05:19
tbermanjdub sent me05:19
tbermanblame him05:19
tsengtberman: its being worked on05:19
tsengas we speak05:19
tbermanawesome :)05:19
tbermananything i can do to help05:19
tsengwell just some circular build deps holding up05:20
tsengyes monodoc + gtk-sharp pkgs05:20
tbermanah :)05:21
tbermanyeah, i know that one well :)05:21
tbermanim hoping to find a day or two to solve that one05:21
tbermanbut there is little upstream (and i mean miguel) traction.05:21
tsenghah he closed my bug05:21
tsengwontfix or so05:21
tseng(mono vs pure nptl)05:22
tbermanabout splitting it?05:22
tbermanyeah, that was him being a dick05:22
tbermanthats being worked on though05:22
tsengoh good05:22
tsengthe other minor problem jdub just hit was something small i overlooked05:22
tsengi never really intended my stuff to go into ubuntu05:22
mdzlamont: ping05:23
tbermantseng: that thing about gtksourceview-common being too old?05:23
tbermannod, i saw that earlier today05:23
tsengi guess you caught it actually :)05:23
tbermantrying to install MD on my bosses box :)05:23
tsengwell its getting close05:23
tsengthat and monodoc vs gtk-sharp and things will hopefully be on their way05:24
jdubtseng: never intended? bah :)05:24
tsengunless warty/universe is going to freeze up05:24
tsengjdub: i did it for myself really05:24
jdubthat's how everything is done ;)05:24
tsengill know better next time.05:25
jdubtseng, tberman: uploaded.05:29
tbermanjdub: you rock05:30
tbermanid love to be able to email my boss tmw and say 'refresh synaptic and search for monodevelop'05:30
tsengwell the build host still needs kicked on monodoc05:31
tsenglamont i think is going to look at that if he gets a few minutes05:32
tbermantseng: cant you just split gtk-sharp-docs into its own package?05:32
tbermantseng: actually, you dont really need to05:32
tsenghm i suppose05:32
tbermantseng: monodoc the tarball ships with gtk# docs05:32
jdubit still wouldn't build, though05:32
tbermantseng: and gtk# doesn't make docs on its own05:32
tsengjdub: oh?05:32
jdub(splitting a docs package out, the entire source won't build so you won't get any binary packages)05:33
tbermanyou dont need to split it out though05:33
tbermanit doesnt get built by default05:34
tbermandocs/ isnt even in subdirs05:35
fabbionemdz: are the images that Kamion published the same as the daily ones?05:49
fabbionethey should be... but you may never know :)05:49
mdzfabbione: yes06:01
lamonttseng: checking06:08
lamontmdz/jdub: so what do I change where?06:09
lamontbtw, sound works for me on the latest LiveCD06:09
mdzlamont: S06setsplash should disappear06:09
lamontmdz: why do I not find that surprising at all.. :-(06:10
lamont This version is specific for Warty the Warthog, and contains06:14
lamont an init script for setting the Gnome splashscreen using gconftool06:14
lamontI guess that can go from control too,eh?06:15
jdubmdz: sleep time?06:16
mdzjdub: no, to setsplash06:16
tsengit is sleep time for me06:17
=== lamont pushes the big green button
lamonttseng: before you go..06:18
lamontwhat's wrong with monodoc?06:18
tsengit wants gtk-sharp06:19
tsengand gtk-sharp wants monodoc06:19
tsengso you'll likely have to install one from me06:19
lamonton which architecture?06:19
tsengany afaik06:19
lamonti386 thinks they're current, I believe.06:20
=== tseng looks at todays
tsengelmo_: Couldn't find package libgtk-cil06:21
tsengapt-get failed.06:21
tsengsorry, irssi complete there06:21
lamonttseng: that's with apt-get install what?06:23
tsengthats from the build log..06:23
tsengof monodoc.06:24
lamontoh. you're looking at the build logs.06:24
lamontum, well...06:24
lamontmonodoc's is missing06:24
lamontlibgtk-cil is installable on i38606:24
lamontand pulls in 46 other packages06:25
lamontabove and beyond a build-essential chroot, that is.06:25
lamontnormal system it'd be lots less.06:25
tsengyeah its only a couple here06:26
lamontdebconf is one of the 46, for example.06:26
=== tseng nods.
tsengso, has monodoc failed to build since this log?06:26
tbermantseng: why does gtk-sharp want monodoc?06:26
lamontlibgtk-cil is installable on powerpc as well.06:27
tbermantseng: i still dont understand that.06:27
tsengtberman: ask the debian packagers I guess06:27
lamonttseng: monodoc has successfully built since that log.06:27
tbermantseng: fuck the debian packagers06:27
tsenglamont: ahhh, wonderful06:27
tbermantseng: they are fucking useless.06:27
tbermantseng: gtk-sharp doesnt need monodoc.06:27
tsengtberman: well i mostly followed their shit06:27
tbermantseng: the monodoc tarball installs gtk-sharp docs for you06:27
lamonttseng: problem is that I do the bootstrapping in the magical distribution of "warty.lj", which never logs.06:27
tsengtberman: ok06:27
tsengtberman: hey, since you know mono, and you arent lame, maybe you can help me do things right next time06:28
tsenglamont: ah, sorry for the runaround then06:28
lamontI should really push the logs from the last round of bootstrapping, but I'm counting on that infrastructure really being there soon...06:28
tsenglamont: i only know what shows up in the log06:28
tbermantseng: you seem to do most things pretty damn well :)06:28
tsengthats why im famous!06:29
tbermantseng: and yes, im willing to help06:29
lamonttseng: to make matters even more fun, arch: all-only packages aren't even in ~lamont/buildLogs/Lists/* unless they're out of date06:29
lamontbut that's understandable if you dig deep enough..  But it's pretty smelly there.06:29
tsengonce you guys are done hauling ass to get warty out, mayhap I can learn your processes better and be less of a burden06:30
lamonttseng: my sequence is to see what's in the archive, then (when it's not there), go look for buildd status (buildLogs/Lists/warty.all.${ARCH}), then worry about what's in the log06:31
lamonttseng: the whole current buildLogs infrastructure is a hack thrown together to eliminate the old process.  That was "ask lamont", and very annoying all around.06:31
lamontbecause I'm not here 24x706:31
danielstseng: not a burden at all -- thanks for the mono packages :)06:31
lamonttseng: and getting the team to leave me alone leaves room to check on other packages.  No real issue at all.06:32
jdubtseng: we're working on making the infrastructure/process easier to handle too ;)06:32
lamontjdub: certainly.06:32
jdubso we'll meet in the middle soon enough ;)06:32
lamontdo not confuse the current buildLogs mess with anything that we think is good.06:32
mdzlamont: new live CD image?06:33
tsengso if muine is listed in Lists/warty.all.i38606:33
lamont+copy time06:33
tsengits completed?06:33
lamontwell, if it's listed there and marked 'Installed', then yes06:33
lamontif it's not there, and it's arch: all (only), then that's normal, and means it's there.06:34
mdzlamont: 41 minutes from now, or :41?06:34
lamontif it's not there, and has arch-specific components, then we excluded it from that architecture for some reason.06:34
lamontstarted at :18, takes ~23 min to build, == :4106:34
lamontthen I have to copy it over to rookery06:34
lamonthome edition takes about 32 minutes06:35
lamontbut it rsync's to the machine with the burner at ~60 Mbits/sec06:35
mdzhas anyone else received random and unexpected messages from syslog on logged-in terminals?06:35
danielsmdz: ... no06:35
mdzhas happened to be several times in warty06:35
mdzon my laptop06:36
mdzMessage from syslogd@localhost at Tue Oct 19 21:35:06 2004 ...06:36
mdzlocalhost kernel: sr0: scsi3-mmc drive: 62x/62x writer dvd-ram cd/rw xa/form2 cdda tray06:36
mdznot a very important message06:36
kylemdaniels, if this breaks my sid install, i'll install ubuntu. ;-)06:36
lamontbtw, fun fire training tonight... stuck a cadet in a trunk, and burried another firefighter in a car's remains.  fun extrication06:36
=== mdz silently hopes that kylem's sid install breaks
kylemdaniels, hopefully i pinned everything properly, so that won't happen. :)06:37
=== daniels looks at the output of 'dict silence', then back at mdz.
kylemmdz, 8)06:37
=== mdz invites daniels to listen and see if he can hear mdz
=== kylem wonders when cds are supposed to ship, he's running a linux tutorial in 2 or 3 weeks.
jdubkylem: 'not in time'06:38
danielsmdz: actually, I can't, because I didn't manage to get that off thom's PowerBook because it got stolen, and you have the original :P06:38
kylemjdub, fair enough, just means i need to burn them, that's in the budget though. :)06:38
lamontmdz: 20041020-0506:39
mdzlamont: URL?06:40
lamontnight tseng06:42
mdzETA 40 minutes06:46
lamonteta 5+burntime06:46
lamontof course, you're testing the real one.. :-)06:47
lamontthis should fix the gnome splash, I gather?06:47
lamontoh - sound muted.. where/how do we fix that, I wonder?06:47
fabbionelamont: is that the last LiveCD to test?06:48
lamontfabbione: well, unless we rip a new one for the muted audio, it's the last one, I hope... Certainly the latest06:48
mdzlamont: yes, that should fix the gnome splash06:48
mdzlamont: what about the funny grub progress meter?06:48
lamontmdz: I've decided it looks cute.06:49
fabbionelamont: downloading now06:49
lamontmdz: I think that if the white line came in further, we'd have full width.  NFC about the blue stuff though06:50
fabbionemdz: iso and netinstall from daily on i386 are GO06:50
fabbionegetting the LiveCD now06:50
mdzlamont: but you do see the same thing?06:50
mdzfabbione: thanks06:50
lamontmdz: effectively appears as 3 bars (the 3'rd one being all brown and therefore invisible), and bar 2 having a fatter blue center than bar 106:51
fabbioneETA for Live 50 minutes + burning06:51
mdzlamont: you have the same muting problem?06:51
mdzlamont: yes, that's the same thing I se in the progress meter06:51
lamontbut once unmuted, sound is there06:51
mdzlamont: I assumed it wasn't getting unmuted due to my sound devices being detected in the wrong order06:51
lamontthat's what the screen looks like for me.06:52
lamontwhere did your set audio to 70% script wind up?06:53
mdzlamont: /etc/init.d/alsa-base start06:53
lamontand I imagine that runs at some point...06:54
mdzlamont: it does in the installed system06:54
mdzmorphix doesn't exactly use the stock boot process06:54
mdzlamont: try running it and see if it works06:54
lamontactually, will run it post boot this next go round06:54
mdzand if so, arrange for morphix to run it06:54
lamontS06setsound :-)06:54
lamontsetvolume, even06:55
lamontmdz: the other thing someone pointed out today was that the liveCD notices swap partitions and uses them. This could be detrimental to suspend-to-swap...06:56
mdzlamont: same for crash dumps and the like06:56
mdzas far as I'm concerned, swap partitions are fair game06:56
lamontyeah - everyone else seems to think they are... :)06:57
=== aj [aj-irc@azure.humbug.org.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== fabbione did
fabbionewell not that i had anything in there.06:57
fabbioneit was just a thought06:57
lamontfrom the personal bitch-fest side of things... if you exit your session with multiple firefox windows open (one process though), then the next login will launch N separate firefox processes, N-1 of which bitch about profiles06:58
mdzthis download is taking forever07:00
mdzeveryone stop apt-getting for a while, we're trying to download CD images over here :-P07:00
=== kylem scratches his head. mplayer-custom is sigill-ing on me. :\
lamontoh, hrm.mplayer.07:00
=== lamont tries something.
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091afd.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
__danielgoooood morning!07:01
mdzmplayer-custom isn't supposed to be autobuilt07:01
mdzthat's for custom builds07:01
lamontGOOD SPLASH07:03
mdzlamont: there's a 'marillat' flag in debian/rules to do what you want for autobuilding07:03
mdzbut probably we just want to fix it to build a regular i386 binary with runtime CPU detection07:04
mdzthat'd be best07:04
lamontmdz: oh. we built it for the buildd hardware, didn't we...07:04
mdzlamont: correct07:04
danielsthe hwole mplayer packaging is total bong07:04
kylemheh, that explains a lot. :)07:05
lamontmdz: /etc/init.d/alsa start07:05
mdzlamont: /etc/init.d/alsa-base start07:05
lamontain't got one of those.07:06
lamontalsa             alsa-autoconfig  07:07
lamontis what we have07:07
lamonthrm.. alt-f2 during boot might be a bit too bright..07:09
lamontbtw, running /etc/init.d/alsa start says 'restoring mixer settings'...  is that right>?07:09
lamontand alsa-base delivers /etc/init.d/alsa...07:10
__daniellamont, yes, for me too07:11
mdzlamont: you're right, it's alsa07:12
lamontmdz: permission to fix mplayer tomorrow when I'm awake?07:12
mdzlamont: anyway, does it work?07:12
lamontso, back to the top of the hill we go.07:13
mdzlamont: mplayer is a non-issue until after the release07:13
mdzlamont: so running that script did not unmute it for you?07:14
mdzor it did?07:14
lamontrunning the script unmuts07:15
lamontcups, dbus, hal, adduser.  after cups before the rest work for alsa?07:15
mdzlamont: alsa can run anytime after hardware detection, I assume07:18
mdzwhich I think happens before any of that07:18
lamontI dropped it in where S06setsplash lived.07:19
lamontanything else to put in this round?07:19
mdzlamont: nothing to be done about the grub meter?07:22
mdzcan't we just make it a solid color?07:22
=== lamont will mess with it some
lamontbut it's my easter egg. :-)07:22
lamontyeah, yeah, doesn't fit. lying.07:23
=== mako [~mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont does some reading
lamontmdz: verbose mode is too low-contrast/bright... thinking it may want to be the default background, instead of the shiny-bright one.07:34
mdzlamont: a black background would be nice for verbose mode07:35
mdzbut this is not a warty kind of item unless it's completely trivial07:35
lamontextremely trivial...07:35
lamontdeliver a black jpg instead of the same jpg twice07:35
lamontmdz: want to keep the logo in dark grey?07:38
lamontno.verbose == black.07:38
=== sivang [~sg@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontmdz: I rather expect that it's using the color indexs in some interestnig way that I don't understand...07:45
lamontI could certainly try swapping back in the morphix grub screen arrows and see what that does...07:45
sivanglamont : got now iso ?07:46
mdzlamont: just let me know when to start downloading again07:46
mdzI am running out of time before I need to sleep07:46
fabbionelamont: burning the live now07:47
sivanglamont : the one on #ubuntu's topic is the correct one?07:48
=== AndyFitz [~andy@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontsivang: no07:50
lamontgo to the newest 2004* directory and that's the current one07:51
sivangyou didn't symlink from /current?07:52
=== AndyFitz [~andy@] has left #ubuntu-devel []
sivangrsync runs there at least? :) (given my iso only differs on the artwork)07:53
lamontrsync is useless07:58
lamont650MB turns into ~630MB07:58
lamontwell, that might not be so true anymore, but generally the compressed blobs just trash everything07:58
doogiegot a bittorrent for the isos?  I am willing to setup an rsync+bittorrent seeder, if needed07:59
lamontdoogie: no bt for the iterim livecds08:00
doogiethat's fine.  but for the final?08:00
lamontwill definitely have one08:00
danielsthere will be a torrent for the final, just like all our other isos.08:00
danielswhen it's done08:01
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-063-065.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionelamont: the but menus has all kind of options on the LiveCD08:07
fabbionelamont: too bad that it still shows morphix here and there08:07
mdzdoogie: 1500 UTC tomorrow08:08
mdzlamont: there are -06 and -07 directories, but no iso in -0708:08
mdzlamont: should I be downloading -06 or waiting for -07?08:08
lamont07 isn't there08:09
lamontI was too slow uploading -06.. :-(08:09
lamont07 will be a while08:09
mdzlamont: what's going to be in -07?08:10
lamontyour ^*&)^+ grub screen08:10
=== fab-live [~warty@port49.ds1-van.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzlamont: if that isn't trivial, skip it08:12
mdzit's cosmetic08:12
lamontyeah, but it's not really hard.08:12
fab-livelamont: it looks ok here08:13
lamontmdz: and verbose background==black08:13
fab-livesound is not muted08:13
fab-livelet me test on the laptop too08:13
=== lamont burns a quick-n-dirty test CD
amug'morning *08:23
fabbionelamont: LiveCd is good on lappy too. including sound08:23
fabbionehey amu!08:23
bob2mjg59: did you see the post about ibm-acpi on lkml?08:24
lamontmdz: so would you like a pair of blue bars, or a blue one and a black one. :(08:28
=== lamont switches back to the pair-of-blues
amulamont: 20-06 is the latest one ? 08:31
lamontamu: for about the next 23 minutes or so...08:31
lamontmdz: only change between 06 and 07 will be the verbose bootsplash08:32
amulamont: all right, i'll take 06 and test it on 4 different maschines. ( i810 ) included.   08:35
lamontamu: cool08:35
amulamont: some of my users reported, on a i810 X is not as it should :(  08:37
fabbionelamont: i never saw this double bars08:38
fabbionelamont: where are they supposed to be located?08:38
lamontduring grub, if you don't hit any keys - you get 5 seconds to see them.08:38
lamontit's the countdown bar for the autoboot08:38
=== vorlon reads 'autobot' as he switches windows, frowns, and comes back for a second look.
lamontmdz: mplayer isn't on the livecd. :-)08:40
fabbionelamont: ah ok08:40
lamontfabbione: you know, while your monitor is syncing08:40
mdzlamont: er, of course it isn't?08:40
lamontmdz: sorry - was tongue-in-cheek complaint08:40
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontit's getting late, you see....08:41
mdzlamont: download ready?08:41
lamontmdz: btw, 2482 has a proposed patch08:44
mdzok, I need to get to bed08:55
mdzsend a followup to ubuntu-devel with the live CD status08:55
lamontimage pushing now08:55
lamontwill send email08:55
lamontfabbione: wanna process check -07?08:55
__danielgood night mdz08:55
lamontfabbione: things to check on -07 are (1) boots, (2) if you hit alt-f2 (and kill the bootsplash), do you get a black background, or does the splash remain there to be annoying08:56
fabbionelamont: sure....s test case.08:57
fabbionemdz: night08:57
fabbionelamont: downloading now08:58
lamontfabbione: eta?  need to sleep soon..08:58
fabbionelamont: 1 hour download+burning08:58
fabbionelamont: brb08:58
lamontright.  that means I'll send the email to ubuntu-devel@ and you can followup to it, eh?08:58
fabbionelamont: yes.. can you stay around only a few minutes more?08:59
lamontcertainly - it'll take at least that long to compose the email08:59
lamontbesides, I want to boot the home edition before I sleep08:59
sivanghome edition?09:01
sivangxp ??? ;)09:02
fabbionesivang: yes...09:02
fabbioneand there is also Xp and server edition ;)09:02
lamontsivang: built at my house09:02
lamontthe data center version is canonical, of course.09:03
sivanglamont : oh you made builts from in your house? But you can teach people to use the restart and then choose it from grub09:03
lamontsivang: I don't have bandwidth to be transferring huge iso's about..  this way was easier...09:04
lamontalthough it does require careful cloning of changes, but that's not so bad.09:04
sivanglamont : isee09:04
sivanglamont : well, anyways I'm also downloading it now09:04
lamontsivang: hence the "process check" on my CD builds.09:05
lamontmy download time, even if I yank all the stops out is >6-7 hours.09:06
sivanglamont : boy. well, my current ETA = 1:3009:06
sivangI hope that helps09:06
lamontsivang: if I don't pull the stops out, I get to fetch it at <40kbits/sec.09:06
amusivang: hh:mm ? 09:06
sivangamu : hh:mm09:06
lamont== just short of 48 hours.09:06
sivanglamont : yes. What's the maximum throughput of your cloude at home?09:07
lamontin the house, 100Mbits for the most part09:07
lamontto the house? ~300kbits/sec, but anything over 56kbps counts towards a monthly quota09:07
bob2lamont: well post-warty and post-sleep , could I bug you for a bit to help me bootstrap ghc6 on ppc?09:07
lamontbob2: np09:08
bob2cool, thanks.09:08
sivanglamont : I've got 750Kbits. No monthly quota, however that comes back at me in the form of very and I mean, very bad service...:-)09:09
lamontbob2: here's the trick: deb http://snapshot.debian.net/archive/2004/06/28/debian unstable main09:09
lamontbob2: I've declared the end of bootstrapping already, or I'd toss it in.09:10
bob2lamont: build it in an ubuntu chroot using some dependencies from snapshot, then rebuild with the new ubuntu package?09:10
lamontbob2: add that deb line to sources.list, build in the warty chroot.  use those debs + warty only to build it again09:11
lamontremember to apt-get clean in the middle, of course09:11
bob2lamont: right, makes sense.09:11
bob2heh, right09:11
lamontmuch easier to bootstrap warty than it is to bootstrap a completely new architecture...09:11
bob2heh, I bet.09:12
bob2can something I build go into universe at some point, or at least let you easily rebuild it on the buildd's?09:12
lamontnew architecture requires that you actually understand what you're doing... 09:12
lamontif you have a clean archive, or can point me at one (and the right order of things to build to break the circular dep-wait-chain-of-dispair), then it's easy to get the builds done.09:13
lamontbut binaries in the archive all come from the buildds09:14
bob2ah, fair enough09:14
lamontalthough I must admit that sometimes the man behind the curtain helps the buildds out a bit..09:14
lamontsince it's build A, use A to build B, throw away A, upload B09:15
lamontwhere A and B are the same package, etc.09:15
lamontand the buildd's not so good at throwing things away....09:15
=== ik5pvx [~Bus_Error@paperino.noc.seabone.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionelamont: argh!!! one of my friends that installed ubuntu reported that mplayer in multiverse can't play WOAD! If you want we can send you the movie as test case.09:18
ik5pvxyeah, we need more pr0n-capable codecs :)09:18
lamontfabbione: known borkage09:19
fabbionelamont: do you want WOAD to test?09:19
lamontfabbione: the error yesterday was that mplayer wasn't installed in the archive (FTBFS).  Now it's just built for P409:20
lamontnah - know what the problem is...09:20
lamontif you're running on the buildd, it works09:20
lamontthat is, intel Xeon09:21
fabbionegot it09:22
=== lamont pounds nails through the home edition
ik5pvxok, I go back to work, keep on the nice work, it's good to have everything in a single place instead of relying on external archives09:22
lamontfabbione: there's a build target in the makefile to make the detection runtime instead of build time.09:23
fabbioneyes i remember that09:23
=== lamont forgot to freshen the home Packages.gz before he built the iso.
lamontnot an issue with the datacenter edition09:24
fabbioneETA 40 minutes here09:24
fabbionesomeone is sucking my bw09:24
=== ik5pvx [~Bus_Error@paperino.noc.seabone.net] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Permission]
=== lamont makes it back, he thinks.
lamontfabbione: eta still about 25 minutes, yes?09:37
=== lamont hangs out
bob2fabbione: how much bandwidth do you have now?09:42
fabbionebob2: 2Mb but half of it is used by something else09:43
bob2ah, ok09:43
bob2it's weird hwo different countries have different dsl speed's09:43
=== lamont plays chicken with the upstream router going down for maintenance sometime >15 minutes from now.
bob2I'd have assumed it was some fundamental thing about the coper or something09:43
jameshbob2: Telstra's hardware seems to be limited at 1.5Mb09:44
fabbionebob2: adsl is a standard09:44
fabbionebob2: it's your ISP that makes the difference09:44
jameshthe equipment iiNet is installing will allow higher speeds09:44
bob2jamesh: yeah, I hear agile is planning to put their own 8mbit's dlsams in09:44
fabbione(and the distance between your router and the first central)09:44
bob2fabbione: hm, like here, it's always 256/64, 512/128 or 1.5/256, but in the US you can get 640 or 768 downstream.09:45
bob2regardless of ISP09:45
jameshbob2: I know you can get symetric 2Mb in the CBD in perth09:45
fabbionebob2: US sucks...09:45
fabbionebob2: i can get 8Mb/1Mb adsl here in 10 minutes09:46
bob2fabbione: bastard :)09:46
fabbionebob2: it's enough i go to the web page and do 2/3 clicks09:46
bob2fabbione: for $50/month more I can go to 1.5, but it takes until the next billing period09:47
fabbionebob2: how much do you have and do you pay now?09:47
bob2fabbione: 512/128, $au100/month09:48
bob2that's the upper end of prices, tho09:48
lamontfabbione: when you boot, watch the S.. script invocations go by, and see if it bitches about S06alsa...09:48
fabbionebob2: how much is the $au compared to Eu or Usd?09:49
fabbionelamont: i will09:49
bob2fabbione: hm...maybe $7309:50
jameshbob2: iiNet is about half that.09:50
fabbionebob2: that's hell of a lot of money09:50
bob2jamesh: for 512/128 no bandwidth caps?09:50
fabbionei pay less than that for 2Mb/512 + static ip09:51
bob2jamesh: with a static ip?09:51
bob2perversely, dsl is cheaper in WA, too09:51
jameshbob2: it doesn't have a static IP.09:52
jameshbob2: it is for 12GB a month, and they limit the bandwidth for the rest of the month if you go over.09:52
fabbionehere is 100% unlimited09:52
fabbioneyou only pay the connection/bw09:52
fabbionethat's it09:52
jameshbob2: it is $70/month for unlimited09:52
bob2hm, best I found here was tpg for $8009:53
lamontmaintenence deferrred to friday AM09:53
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneciao enrico 09:55
enricofabbione: ciao!09:55
=== lamont twiddles thumbs
=== Ferry [~Ferry@cust.15.118.adsl.cistron.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionelamont: 2 minutes to complete the dw10:09
sabdflmorning all10:09
lamontmorning mark10:09
lamontabout to followup to mdz's mail on CD images10:09
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:sabdfl] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | Happy Ubuntu Artwork week! | 13 (count 'em) major bugs | BE THE SIGNAL | Warty release is TODAY
fabbionelamont: burning now10:12
fabbionehey Mark10:12
sivang30m to complete download...10:14
sivangenrico  : morning10:14
lamontbe the first on your block10:15
enricosivang: morning!10:15
lamontfabbione: what speed CD's you using?10:19
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneStarting to write CD/DVD at speed 10 in real TAO mode for single session.10:19
elmo_jdub: please seed-ize the calendar stuff10:19
fabbionethese are RW10:19
sivangmorning pitti 10:19
pittiHi sivang10:20
fabbionelamont: finalizing now10:20
pittiJust finished reinstalling my workstation with current ISO10:20
pittiThumbs up! :-)10:20
sivangpitti : you mean , with the warty *release* :)10:21
pittisivang: it isn't out yet !?10:22
pittisivang: I mean today's daily, but it should be very close (if not equal) to the release10:22
sivangpitti : that's what I meant :)10:22
lamontsivang: yeah, but you still can't call it "release" until it _is_10:23
sivanglamont : true10:23
fabbionelamont: 1) 07 boots 2) the blu bars are there 3) while booting swithing to f2 and back removes the bootsplash and let me see all the boot messages 10:24
fabbione4) there is still the message S06 can't find alsa10:24
lamontfabbione: but does sound work?10:24
fabbioneit was from line 6 in morphix<something>10:24
fabbionechecking in a sec10:24
=== lamont knows the message
fabbionelamont: i can see that all the modules are loaded and the mixer reports the correct card. I don't have any speakers to check 100%10:26
fabbioneand the mixer is NOT muted10:26
lamontand gnome splash was the right one, yes?10:27
fabbionehmm i didn't check that10:27
fabbionehold on10:27
=== lamont sends his mail. I think it's bedtime
thomlamont: cheap pcmcia wifi card10:29
thomwhat would you recommend?10:30
lamontaironet cards are nice, but 802.11b only10:30
lamontand not particularly cheap10:30
lamontnetgear seems to be pretty good10:30
lamontdunno.  all mine are aironet, atm10:30
fabbionelamont: no people.. looks ok10:30
fabbioneaironet rocks10:31
lamontfabbione: and it's the ubuntu logo screen, not the gnome 2.8 footprint screen10:31
fabbionei need to go and get the basestation one of the next days10:31
lamontlast call before bedtime10:31
fabbionelamont: the gnome splash screen i am talking about10:31
fabbionethe one that shows all the nice icons while gnome starts10:31
lamontok then.10:32
fabbionedesktop background is ok too10:32
lamontprobably nack in about 3-4 hours. :(10:32
sivang20 minutes to go...10:35
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-5-230.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionhave people been testing 20041020, or 20041020.1?10:48
KamionI forgot to turn off the cron job10:49
Kamionfor now I've just set the current symlink to point to 2004102010:50
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-156.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangKamion : Will download after I finish downlodig the live one10:52
fabbione534108 -rw-r--r--  1 root root 548175872 Oct 20 01:35 warty-install-i386.iso10:53
fabbioneKamion: i tested this one. both cd and netinstall10:53
fabbioneboth are go10:53
fabbionedo you want me resync and test the others?10:54
pittiKamion: I tested this as well, thumb up10:54
pittiHi mvo_!10:56
jdubelmo: ahr10:56
mvo_hi pitti, hi everyone10:58
Kamionfabbione: that looks like the right one, leave it11:01
Kamionthe existence of a later image was unintentional11:01
sabdflKamion: what are rsync locations for both final and live cd?11:02
fabbioneKamion: ok11:02
Kamionsabdfl: releases.ubuntu.com::releases/warty/11:03
Kamionsabdfl: not there yet11:03
sivangKamion : use the "current" symlink , rsync should work?11:03
=== ph [~ph@pD9E10E1E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionsivang: yes11:03
sabdflKamion: thanks11:03
sivangKamion : current = daily that is11:03
Kamionsivang: yes11:03
sabdfl"current" isn't in releases though, is it?11:03
sivangKamion : k, thanks11:03
sabdflthat's cdimage?11:03
Kamionsabdfl: if people want to grab it early, cdimage.ubuntu.com::cdimage/daily/20041020/11:04
sabdflKamion: ah, that's what i was really looking for :-)11:04
Kamionsabdfl: live CD is http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~lamont/testing/LiveCD/20041020-07/warty-live-i386-20041020-07.iso; not much point in rsyncing that11:04
sabdfloh, true11:04
fabbioneat which time do we release today?11:05
fabbione14:00 UTC?11:05
Kamionsabdfl: (if we do have to change from 20041020, rsyncing the differences will be cheap)11:05
sabdflfabbione: 15:00 UTC11:06
fabbionei have the time to upload X.org11:06
=== fabbione hides
fabbionejust kidding ;)11:06
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== justdave [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangKamion : has the syntax for rsync changed? I sed to just rsync://[path]  without using double semicolons to seperate server and path.11:10
sivangKamion : it won't work the old way now11:10
amu-06 looks nice 11:11
justdaveinstalled on the ibook without a hitch.  haven't noticed any problems.11:12
justdaveinstalling on the G4 now11:13
Kamionsivang: either should work; but don't ask me, ask the rsync man page :)11:13
amu-07: 24.58K/s  ETA 4:06:3711:13
=== Kamion sets off an i386 install and goes back to sleep for a bit; didn't quite get my quota
justdaveG4 install done, no problems there either except for the boot issue we already knew about. (bug 1379)11:18
justdavehad to reboot 3 or 4 times to get into stage 2 of the install11:19
justdavebut it eventually worked11:19
sivangnew daily : 1:30m to finish11:20
jdubi'm at debsign11:20
sivangjdub : that is going to be like the preview release? :)11:23
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangjdub : and the lcd so everybody there see what's going on here at release time? :)11:23
justdavehmm, interesting.  installed the smp kernel and rebooted, and now the usb keyboard doesn't work.11:24
sivangjustdave : your on HT Machine?11:24
justdavemouse (which is plugged into the keyboard) works fine11:24
justdavesivang, the dual g4, yeah11:25
sivangjustdave : ah, I thought you were on i686 HT machine so I thought of testing that myself here, but could be ppc specific ?11:25
justdavejust rebooted again, this time the keyboard works.11:27
justdavehopefully just a fluke.  (I have had that happen with this keyboard before, on other machines, too)11:28
=== AndyFitz [~andy@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivanglamont : here?11:31
sivanghmm, live cd doesn't boot for me on the dell11:31
sivangjdub : looking at the lug's activities makes me wanna live in sydney :)11:32
jdubSLUG rocks11:32
sivangjdub : man, I must pay a decent visit to au someday , and on the checklist be there.11:33
tuo2jdub: doh11:34
bob2debsig is slug distilled.11:34
tuo2I wish I was at debsig11:34
jdubbob2: yeah, the poo floats to the top11:34
bob2jdub: aren't you at debsig now?11:35
jdubam right now11:35
sivangpreparing for release?11:35
bob2sounds like the talk was very interesting then ;-)11:35
jdubkinda eating dinner and drinking beer11:35
jduband matthew palmer is doing a talk about maintaining debian packages in arch11:35
jdubwe haven't even implanted a chip yet11:36
bob2the best part of debsig is the food and beer11:37
=== plovs_ [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomand the more beer11:39
thomdon't forget that11:39
bob2ah yes11:45
=== bob2 wishes he was there, with yet more beer
mjg59Mm. Beer.11:45
tuo2I also wish I was at debsig11:46
tuo2but cold + rain + day off work for being sick = no beer for jordan11:47
tuo2jdub: is d there?11:48
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-156.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thommjg59: it is australian beer, sadly11:51
tuo2jdub: matth.11:51
thom"beer", rather11:51
=== Kamion contemplates beer, but the sun isn't over the yard-arm yet
Kamionbit early11:53
sabdflbob2: what's the right way to change an arch-tag to a an external file id?11:55
bob2thom: yeah, it's refrigerated and everything!11:56
thomKamion: sun over yard arm at 15:01 UTC? ;-)11:57
bob2sabdfl: you can't, sadly.  you have to remove the tagline, add an explicit and take the add/delete.11:57
Kamionthom: ayup11:57
=== Kamion contemplates a quick Tesco trip beforehand
sabdflbob2: thanks. standard for all launchpad development is NOT to use arch-tag, 'k?11:57
bob2sabdfl: ah, ok, I'll bear that in mind.11:58
=== sabdfl speaking not to bob2 specifically
jdubbob2: *cough* ;)12:02
=== jdub would mention that to a certain person now, but he has enough on his plate given the current talk...
thomsabdfl: any plans for the evening, seeing as elmo is around as well?12:02
jdubthom: pipka sends hugs12:03
thomjdub: send them back threefold!12:03
jdubi'm not sure she'll survive12:03
jdubbut i'll take the risk12:03
bob2jdub: haha12:03
bob2jdub: I was, as always, impartial12:03
sabdflthom: hrmrmrmmm... how about a small release celebration?12:03
jdubmalibu and cokes all around!12:03
thomsabdfl: this seems like a reasonable move :-)12:04
sabdfllike 8 hours sleep to celebrate? <duck>12:04
sabdflok, come around this evening, we'll find a place to celebrate12:04
thom80, more like (g(12:04
jdubgetting to know significant others again12:05
sabdflhappy to host some london debian guys as well if you want to put out an announcement12:05
jdubthe joy of getting to know each other all over again after every release12:05
sabdfllike, anything up to 20 would be fine for beers and dinner12:05
sivangsabdfl : you're in england now?12:05
sabdfldon't push it and suggest refrigeration though, this is london, not sidney12:05
thomsabdfl: rock, will talk to folks. thanks! :-)12:06
thomsabdfl: heh :-)12:06
sabdflsivang: yes12:06
KamionI'll stay up in Cambridge I think, what jdub said about significant other :)12:07
Kamionamd64 success, i386+German+jfs-/ success12:08
sivangis there a release time that had been set up (UTC) ?12:08
Kamion(oh, +archive-copier/copy=false12:08
sabdflKamion: thom is going to drink all of your beer :-)12:08
mjg59You manage to release on the one night that I'm already double booked12:08
Kamionsabdfl: I'll be drinking my own, no worries :)12:08
pittippc/G4/German success12:09
=== amu [~amu@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubhey amu12:09
amuhuhu jdub 12:10
tuo2beer+= refridgeration;12:10
=== thom wishes idly that everyone just used static html
Kamionsivang: details?12:13
sivangKamion : trying to boot "Ubuntu" target get ne at "initrd (cd)/boot/miniroot.gz"12:15
sivangKamion : and then that's it, it loops back to the text mode grub menu, positioned at the "Ubuntu" target again12:16
sivangthis would leep as long as I try, no other target I tried would help.12:16
sabdflmjg59: bring your friends12:18
sabdflKamion: was the outcome of your merge discussion with mdz a decision to merge hard now then small updates?12:20
jdubsabdfl: did you mail about the artwork decision?12:21
sabdfljdub: nope, wanted the packages in first. they all set? pkg descriptions etc?12:22
jdubsabdfl: they're all uploaded and done12:22
=== martink [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59sabdfl: Awkward. It involves a large set of undergraduates, and it's going to be hard enough to get them across Cambridge.12:23
sabdflmjg59: large set of sober undergraduates?12:24
=== sg [~sg@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59With luck, not when we're done with them12:25
pittisabdfl: the new artwork on today's CD is nice; gdm screen is better than the preview one12:25
jdubbright and happy!12:25
=== |trey| [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== aes [~andrew@as583.emma.cam.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomsabdfl: if i tell people to be at or around south ken at 19:30 or so, does that work for you?12:35
sabdflthom: perfect12:36
sabdflis the transcript of monday's comunity meeting available online?12:39
thomi can make logs available if they're not in the usual place12:40
thomi think mako was planning to write up12:40
=== Sledge [~steve@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomhey Sledge 12:42
Sledgehey thom12:44
Sledgeanyone seen kinnison about?12:44
sabdflthom, if there's a usual place that's available online, just give me the url please12:45
sabdfli think mako will include a summary in Traffic12:45
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-7-112.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdflthom: otherwise, yes, please publish it and let me have the url so i can include it in my mail12:46
Kamionsabdfl: yes, that's what I took out of it12:50
KamionSledge: he's in my front room; can I deliver a message?12:51
sabdflKamion: thanks12:51
SledgeKamion: cool, yes12:51
=== sivang [~sg@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangah network went down again12:52
sivangback now12:52
thomsabdfl: http://people.ubuntu.com/~thom/ubuntu-artwork-meeting.log12:53
sabdflthom: thanks muchly12:54
sladenanyone know why the  ubuntu  text on the GDM login is black rather than corporate dark blue?01:03
danielsjdub: would malibu and coke all round be a release punishment?01:06
danielsjdub: 'what do you mean, no mad phat startup for warty?!? i sentence you to malibu and coke.'01:07
aesI haven't had malibu and coke01:10
aesbut tia maria and coke is nice01:10
aesso I can conceivable see it making sense01:10
thombut, ewww, malibu01:11
sabdflsladen: i authorised a bit of rule-breaking there01:12
sladensabdfl: *nod*01:12
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== elmo_ [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== AndyFitz [~andy@] has left #ubuntu-devel []
tuo2mmm... tia maria.01:13
=== tuo2 makes a tia and milk
pittisjoerd: here?01:16
sjoerdpitti: yes, but not for long01:16
pittisjoerd: I currently don't like the g-v-m approach of calling mount/pmount/umount/pumount01:17
pittisjoerd: I would rather like to have g-v-m use the gnome-vfs functions01:17
pittisjoerd: this way only gvfs needs to be patched for pmoutn01:17
sjoerdpitti: agreed01:17
pittisjoerd: and I could leave g-v-m alone01:17
pittisjoerd: would you adopt this?01:17
pittisjoerd: it should even adopted upstream, I guess01:17
sjoerdpitti: if it doesn't have regressions wrt our current way, ofcourse01:18
pittisjoerd: then I will prepare a patch, test it in Ubuntu and send it to you01:18
sjoerdpitti: cool01:19
sjoerdpitti: send it to pkg-utopia-devel so that's actually used :)01:19
pittisjoerd: oh, nice idea01:19
=== sjoerd gotto go to follow a class now
=== pitti adds these lists to his mutt config
pittisjoerd: have fun!01:19
=== thom subs to pkg-utopia-devel too
pittithom: BTW, still remember the hal-pumount-after-ripping-out problem?01:25
=== mvo_ [~egon@suprimo-156.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
__danielhai mvo_01:25
pittithom: we still have this ugly pmount patch which drops uid verification01:25
pittithom: I'd like to get rid of that01:25
thompitti: still not sure how01:26
thompitti: i'd love to get rid of it, also01:27
=== giard [~jonathan@pool-151-199-117-149.roa.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittithom: the problem was that g-v-m can't determine the device path for a removed hal id, right?01:27
pittithom: because hal already delted the db entry01:27
thomso g-v-m would have to keep a cache of what it's mounted, and the hal id01:27
pittithom: I discussed that with sjoerd, hal should not be changed to remember the data after removal01:27
pittithom: yes; g-v-m currently manages a list of mounted devices (or, rather hal ids)01:28
pittithom: this could be changed into a mapping hal id -> device01:28
pittithom: and we were done01:28
thomright, that sounds good01:28
pittithom: I recently had to introduce this moutn list to keep track of mounts01:28
pittithom: so we can as well do it completely right01:29
=== jamesh [~james@203-59-18-194.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittithom: the only problem is that this won't work any more if the user rips out a device after he logged out01:29
pittithom: my favourite solution would still be to have the kernel automatically unmount a device lazily, but that's more difficult to push upstream01:29
thompitti: yeah, that would be the best solution, but as you say, it's tricky to get in01:31
thombut yes, your approach with g-v-m sounds good to me01:32
jameshpitti: until we have inotify, many devices won't lazy unmount anyway ...01:32
pittithom: I don't really see a reason why it should _not_ be done in the kernel01:32
pittithom: do you?01:32
pittijamesh: why not?01:32
pittijamesh: this works fine currently01:32
thompitti: I can't think of one01:32
jameshpitti: if there is a trash dir, Nautilus will have a dnotify watch on the drive even if no windows are open.01:33
pittijamesh: but still umount -l should work?01:33
jameshpitti: no.01:33
jamesha lazy unmount will wait til all open files are closed01:34
jameshand the dnotify watch is an open file01:34
pittijamesh: huh? why not? I've never seen a lazy unmount fail01:34
=== AndyFitz [~andy@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jameshpitti: by not work, I mean the unmount won't complete01:34
pittijamesh: well, the /proc/mounts entry should be gone in all cases, but of course the device is still accessed01:35
jameshthe "umount -l" call will return, but the kernel won't actually unmount the device til all open files are closed01:35
pittijamesh: I think I just misunderstood you01:35
pittiyes, right01:35
jameshit isn't safe to remove the drive til the unmount has really completed, right?01:36
pittiumount -l just prevents opening new files on it01:36
pittiso new processes don't see the mount any more01:36
pittibut existing file descriptors remain vallid01:36
jameshbut fam/nautilus will still have an open file handle01:36
jameshsince they were watching the .Trash-username directory on that volume01:37
pittifor the .Trash?01:37
pittiah,y es01:37
pittibut still some thingy should unmount -l the device after a removal01:37
pittithis does not solve the data corruption, but keeps the mtab clean01:38
pittithat's our actual problem01:38
pitti(for now)01:38
jameshwith inotify, you don't actually have to open a file descriptor on the volume01:38
pittioh, that sounds promising01:38
jameshso watching for changes on the volume doesn't prevent the volume from being unmounted01:38
pittiso inotify is kernel based, and dnotify is userspace?01:38
jameshboth are kernel interfaces01:38
=== pitti did not deal with inotify up to now
pittiah, but dnotify requires to open a file01:39
pitti"i" like inode?01:39
jameshwith dnotify, you open the directory and run a special fcntl() on it.  Then the kernel sends a SIGIO signal whenever any of the directories you are watching change01:39
pittiah, and it is required to keep the dir open?01:40
jameshwith inotify, you open a device (/dev/inotify, I think), send some ioctl()'s to say what you want to watch, then read events from the device01:40
pittisounds much nicer01:40
pittithanks for the explanation!01:40
jameshyes.  dnotify requires you to keep open all the directories you want to watch01:40
=== pitti looks forward to the future
pittijamesh: do you now whether 2.6.9 already has it?01:41
jameshso the file descriptor limit is also the maximum number of directories you can watch with dnotify.01:41
mjg59pitti: 2.6.9 doesn't have it01:41
__danieljamesh, i guess you'll have some other file descriptors around, already :-)01:42
pittibut it is planned for the near future?01:42
mjg592.6.10 stands a good chance01:42
jameshpitti: http://tech9.net/rml/log/2004092201.html <- some details on inotify from Rob Love.01:42
pittiah, this guy again :-)01:42
jameshpitti: the other nice thing is that Gamin (Daniel Veillard's FAM replacement) already supports inotify.01:44
jameshpitti: since it is ABI compatible with FAM, it should be trivial to switch over.01:45
pittiI already heard jdub talk about gamin01:45
thom(gamin's in universe already)01:45
pittireadymade bed, as it seems :-)01:45
bob2novell is funding some very interesting devlopement01:45
thombob2: gamin is RHAT, but yes :-)01:46
jameshRumor is that the "d" in "dnotify" does not stand for "directory" but for "suck." -- rml01:46
bob2well, they're doing nice interlocking stuff then :)01:46
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=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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fabbionedaniels: ping02:24
giardjust curious, has there been any talk of adding adm8211 (and a couple other of the wireless chipsets) to the ubuntu kernel to up the out-of-the-boxness for laptop users?02:24
danielsfabbione: pong02:24
fabbionedaniels: who develop the savage driver?02:25
danielsfabbione: thomas winischofer02:25
fabbionedaniels: is it done within X.org or outside?02:25
danielsit's done within xorg now, iir02:25
fabbionedaniels: mind to check?02:25
danielsgoogle for 'twini savage' tho02:25
fabbionedaniels: *sighs*02:25
danielsfabbione: sure, when I've stopped saturating my line with fd.o CVS ;)02:25
danielsfabbione: ?02:26
fabbionedaniels: i am portforwarding patches...02:26
fabbionei am at a level that i edit the patches directly without even reading the code02:26
fabbionei only need to know which is the lastest version of that driver :-)02:26
danielsheh :) yeah, editing patches by hand is crack02:27
=== Kosai [cjb@islay.ra.phy.cam.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== T-Bone [~varenet@T-Bone.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
T-BoneKamion: ping?02:41
sabdfllamont: still up?02:41
sabdflamu: around?02:41
KamionT-Bone: yep?02:42
T-BoneKamion: i'm willing to setup some box for you, let's see what you need? ;)02:42
Kamioncan we do it tomorrow? :)02:43
Kamiontoday's warty release day02:43
T-Bonesure ;)02:43
T-Boneah yes, of course02:43
T-Bonejust let me know if remote (network + netconsole) access to an IA64 server 2way is ok?02:43
T-Boneit'll be setup with debian sarge, unless you want something else, and you'll be free to screw it anyway you like02:44
Kamionthat sounds fine02:44
Kamionthanks :-)02:44
T-BoneKamion: ok, i'll prepare that and we'll polish the setup tomorrow ;)02:44
fabbioneT-Bone: i might need access too :(02:49
fabbionebut not until warty is built there02:49
T-Bonefabbione: ok we'll check that out tomorrow02:49
fabbioneT-Bone: take the time you need.02:49
fabbioneI have no rush atm02:50
fabbionewe are talking about X ;)02:50
fabbioneso there is time02:50
T-Bonei'll try to fix the stage1 package trouble in the meantime, and get the second stage builder up and running02:50
=== T-Bone goes in the basement to setup the box, bbiab
=== Kinnison [~dsilvers@haddenham.pepperfish.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
amusabdfl: yap03:00
sabdflhave some livecd feedback03:00
sabdflno desktop image at all, just the X stipple03:00
sabdflgnome panel starts ok03:00
sabdflbut nautilus seems to be stuck03:00
amuI guess a slower laptop ? right ? 03:01
=== lamont is awake
lamontwell, sort of03:01
amulamont: wb 03:01
amusabdfl: could you say somewhat more about the system?03:05
lamontsabdfl: how much RAM in that system?03:09
seb128any message by running "nautilus" from a gnome-terminal ?03:11
pittijamesh: do you know any reason why gnome-vfs allows to unmount a device, but not to mount it?03:13
pittijamesh: I want to modify g-v-m to use the gvfs interface, instead of being patched for pmount03:14
Kamionanyone here running an Ubuntu cdimage mirror?03:14
fabbionedaniels: did you see my message before about the hotel?03:14
=== justdave [~dave@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont gets email from alex explaining how to get the firmware into the build
danielsfabbione: yeah03:17
lamontmdz awake?03:18
=== x4m [~max@29-234.240.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdflamu, lamont, about 512MB03:28
sabdflthe draft announcement text is at http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/WartyWarthog_2fFinalReleaseAnnouncement03:29
sabdflplease cast an eye over it for obvious issues03:29
sabdflit will go out in plaintext so ignore the wiki formatting glitches03:29
amusabdfl: cpu ? 03:29
amutesting now 07 03:31
sabdflamu: recent, it's a new toshiba test laptop, morphix was working fine03:31
sabdflKamion: will need that list of url's in about 1003:33
Kamionsabdfl: see #canonical03:33
amusabdfl: those toshiba satellite's ?03:34
T-BoneKamion: ok the box is ready, awaiting for your details tomorrow ;) I'm gonna stop bugging you till then ;)03:35
pittienrico: thanks a lot for signing my key :-)03:40
enricopitti: no problem... sorry for being so so late03:42
enricopitti: (I finally got weasel's new script to work)03:42
pittienrico: there's a fancy script for such things?03:42
pittienrico: nice03:42
enricopitti: check pgp-tools.alioth.debian.org03:43
pittienrico: great, thanks03:43
enricopitti: there's a couple of gotchas for getting it to work, though03:43
sabdflamu: yes, think so03:44
lamontwho was it that was getting 20 minut download times?03:46
amusabdfl: cool, TOSHIBA is hard to support it. My friends one, will not boot a liveCD doent matter if it knoppix,gnoppix,morphix, it fails all time. "HP" should be the choose *ducks*  03:48
pittiseb128: do you happen to know why $PATH exports in .bashrc are simply ignored in gnome terminal / xterm?03:49
sabdflamu: previous warty live cd's worked fine03:49
sabdflwell, at least the desktop image showed03:49
amusabdfl: what happen ( output ) if he/she start it from a term ?   03:50
seb128pitti: they are not here ..03:50
=== elmo_ [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: hmm, I'm lost with this. My .bashrc contains "export PATH=/home/martin/bin:$PATH"03:51
pittiseb128: but still, after "source ~/.bashrc" the PATH is unmodified03:51
pittiseb128: this does not happen on text consoles or e. g. fvwm, so I thought this was a gnome bug^feature03:51
pittiseb128: there are some relevant posts on u-users, too03:52
seb128I'll have a look03:52
pittiso at least I'm not the only one03:52
seb128but here I've an "export PATH=$PATH:/usr/games" in ~/.bashrc03:52
seb128and the PATH is right in my gnome-terminals03:53
pittiseb128: hum, /usr/games is already in by default03:53
seb128pitti: let me test on my fresh install03:53
pittiseb128: can you try to add /home/seb/bin?03:53
pittiseb128: this box is a fresh install from this morning03:53
sabdflamu: it just sits and does nothing at the terminal03:54
pittiseb128: maybe it somehow filters out paths to private home dirs03:54
seb128pitti: works03:54
pittiseb128: not here; this drives me crazy...03:54
pittiseb128: thanks anyway for testing03:54
seb128pitti: it works on my main box, just trying on my test box03:55
seb1281 sec03:55
seb128works fine03:55
seb128that's an ~1h fresh install03:55
=== pitti bites in the table
pittijust tried that on my ~1.5 hour freshly installed iBook, same result :-(03:55
seb128I've just added a "export PATH=$PATH:/tmp" on the bottom of ~/.bashrc03:56
pittiseb128: nice idea; it indeed works if I add it at the _bottom_ (it was the very first line before)03:57
=== pitti slaps himself on the head
seb128some something in the file overwrite it03:57
pittiI just saw that I source /etc/profile if I'm under X03:57
pittibecause it is not read by default for some strange reason03:57
seb128ok, that's it so :p03:58
pittifor bothering you03:58
amulamont: you run a changelog ? 03:59
lamontsabdfl: btw, liveCD didn't get any of LiveSeed either: doesn't fit04:02
lamontamu: Guess I should really start one, eh?04:02
lamontlast night's changelog is found in #ubuntu-devel :-(04:03
amusabdfl: strace could be your friend 04:04
amulamont: yes, please start a changelog 04:04
Kamionamu: do you run the source.rfc822.org mirror?04:05
amuKamion: nope, lolo run it, but we have a closed relationship04:07
Kamionhow much notice does he need to grab release CD images?04:08
amuthe cron runs once a day, if something goes wrong, a phonecall04:09
amuor icq :)04:10
Kamionwe're going to be publishing images at some point soon (hour or two), it would be nice if at least one mirror could start grabbing them when they're published and have them available by the time the announcement goes out04:10
Kamionsorry for the short notice04:10
lamontany bandwidth-possessing folks who can get < 30 minute liveCD download?04:11
lamont< 45?04:11
Kamionnot a hope :(04:11
thomhttp://noraisin.net/~jan/generators/ubuntu/ubuntu-release.php ; thanks to thaytan and jaq04:12
tsenghah, Sleazy Salamander04:13
amuKamion: no prob, you can point to him, he really like it, if the server has something to do. letme know asap 04:13
Kinnison"Pseudosquamate Prude"04:13
Kinnisonthat rocks04:13
amulamont: now 2:30 :(  04:13
thomand they happily got it right for 1 2 and 304:13
Kamionthough not 404:14
elmo_init.d pretty == ugly on serial04:17
elmo_like, ueber ugly04:17
Riddelllamont: probably could04:18
lamontRiddell: http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~lamont/testing/LiveCD/20041020-14/warty-live-i386-20041020-14.iso04:20
lamontfor extra credit, do you happen to have a wireless card that requires non-free firmware?04:20
=== Kinnison does
Kamionelmo_: doesn't /lib/lsb/init-functions know how to deal with $TERM?04:20
Kinnisonbut it'll take me > 1h20 to download that :-(04:20
amulamont: yap 04:20
Riddelllamont: I have a cisco wavelan04:21
Riddelllamont: presumably you want me to burn and test once downloaded?04:21
elmo_[ ok ] pping periodic command scheduler...04:21
elmo_[ ok ] pping internet superserver...04:21
elmo_Kamion: guess not :)04:21
lamontthings I need to know and when: (1) ASAP, does 20041020-14 boot, or did it process-b0rk04:21
lamont(2) does the firmware work in it?04:22
=== Kamion belatedly tests warty-install-powerpc
KinnisonETA 1:38:0004:22
amuKamion: lolo said no prob, you're welcome to make some traffic04:22
lamontRiddell: yes, burn and boot04:23
lamontbest download time I could manage would be around 6 hours.04:23
=== lamont plans to look into taking a class at the local community college next quarter so as to get better bandwidth. :-)
Riddellwill have to restart download on the CD burning machine in that case, it was already 1/3rd downloaded04:24
lamontamu: http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~lamont/testing/LiveCD/changelog04:29
=== lamont wanders off for a few minutes
=== T-Bone pings mako
makoT-Bone: yeah04:30
=== Kamion panics briefly at yaboot failing, then remembers that it doesn't support /boot on JFS
Kamionmust make sure we import the partman-time warning about that for hoary04:35
=== Kinnison starts to worry that he won't have downloaded the livecd before he has to leave
makomdz: greetings04:39
seb128hello mdz 04:40
Kamionmdz: happy to publish as final so mirrors can get at it?04:40
mdzKamion: install CD, yes04:41
=== Kamion is still testing powerpc, will finish that test run first
mdzwhat's the live CD situation?04:41
jameshpitti: still around?04:41
Kamionapparently we publish "something" today and release for real on Monday04:41
pittijamesh: yes04:41
=== sivang [~sg@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionpowerpc in archive-copier04:42
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jameshpitti: about your gnome-vfs/g-v-m question, gnome-vfs can be used to mount a drive, provided that there is an entry in /etc/fstab with the "user" option.04:42
jameshpitti: it doesn't have a way to represent an unmounted volume without an entry in /etc/fstab04:42
pittijamesh: which I don't have...04:42
pittijamesh: I already tried with ..._get_connected_drives()04:43
pittijamesh: but it doesn't work04:43
pittijamesh: I think for this to work, gvfs needs to be compiled with hal support04:43
jameshpitti: in gnome-vfs, a GnomeVFSDrive _is_ an entry in the fstab file04:43
mdzlamont: how did the testing go on the live CD?04:44
pittijamesh: I would construct a GnomeVFSDrive structure manually, but the interesting parts are private04:44
pittijamesh: actually I just need a public interface to gnome_vfs_volume_mount04:44
pittijamesh: so no chance?04:44
lamontmdz: fabbione had booted it before I went to bed, and seemd good to him.04:44
jameshpitti: probably not.04:44
lamonthaving said that...04:44
lamontit doesn't have the firmware in it04:44
pittijamesh: I find it a bad design to patch both gvfs and g-v-m to use pmount04:44
lamontand I f*&& the alsa startup link04:45
jameshpitti: however, there isn't as much reason to prefer gnome_vfs_volume_mount() over directly calling pmount04:45
pittijamesh: but thanks! I guess we have to live with that for a while...04:45
pittijamesh: oh, there was04:45
lamontso some sound (at least) will still be muted - got reports that it was working now, so didn't think about that until this AM either.04:45
jameshpitti: none of the issues with dnotify that affect umount() apply here04:45
pittijamesh: we could leave g-v-m alone and sync it to Debian04:45
lamont20041020-14 has firmware, still no alsa fix04:45
pittijamesh: and g-v-m would be mount program agnostic04:45
sivanglamont : have you had good reports for booting the live cd on dell inspirons?04:46
lamontand that's being grabbed by Riddell for process check04:46
lamontsivang: only your "no good" report04:46
sivanglamont : ok, then maybe it's something wrong with the download :(04:46
lamontI've had some images that were unhappy, where reburning helped.04:46
jameshpitti: I don't know whether it is recommended to enable HAL support in gnome-vfs yet.04:46
lamont(and btw, if the CD-R says 8X, you shouldn't burn at 32x :-( )04:46
pittijamesh: me neither, I think I just leave it as it is by now04:47
amulamont: thx 04:47
pittijamesh: was the counterpart to gnome_vfs_volume_unmount just forgotten, isn't it there on purpose?04:47
pittijamesh: s/,/, or/04:48
jameshpitti: a GnomeVFSVolume is a mounted volume04:48
jameshpitti: so it is already mounted :)04:48
=== pitti dreams about GnomeVFSVolume* gnome_vfs_volume_mount( const char* device_node )
jamesha GnomeVFSDrive represents something that can be mounted, so there is a gnome_vfs_drive_mount()04:48
=== lamont adds md5sums to the directorues
jameshideally, we should be getting a GnomeVFSDrive for USB sticks, etc04:49
=== pitti changes his dream to GnomeVFSDrive* gnome_vfs_drive_mount( const char* device_node )
pittiby now I already needa GVFsDrive to mount a GVFSDrive, which is kind of pointless for my needs :-)04:49
mdzmako: do we have a release announcement prepared?04:49
pittijamesh: okay, thanks anyway!04:50
lamontmdz: scrollback about 85 minutes in #c04:51
thommdz: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/WartyWarthog_2fFinalReleaseAnnouncement04:51
mdzlamont: what's wrong with the alsa stuff?04:51
lamont morphix/rc.m/../init.d/alsa != /etc/init.d/alsa04:52
lamontbrain fart04:52
lamontand reported as good, so I didn't notice it04:52
mdzthat weird indentation is unintentional, right?04:52
lamontthe extra space?04:53
makomdz: should be04:53
lamontwas gonna type a leading slash...04:53
pittiI've got to go, guys; happy release party!04:53
makomdz: i'd like to work on that a little bit when you're done with it04:53
mdzlamont: no, in the release announcement04:53
makomdz: yeah, i'm sure04:53
mdzmako: I'm only looking; feel free04:53
lamontyeah - indentation is kinda funny04:54
makoi think the first line/paragraph is a little engimatic for a message with very wide distribution04:54
sabdflmdz: which weird indentation? the wiki rendering is strange, check the plaintext rendering04:54
lamontand the penultimate word should be 'in', not 'at'.04:54
mdzyes, it's written with plaintext formatting04:55
sivangmako : it basically sums it up isn't it?04:55
sabdflmdz: livecd situation is... flaky, bad bugs on test laptops here, but still go for rc afaics04:55
mdzlamont: is the fix for the alsa thing trivial?04:55
Riddelllamont: it didn't boot for me04:55
Riddelllamont: don't know if that's due to a bad burn or not04:55
lamontmdz: trivial04:56
mdzlamont: building a new image with that?04:56
Riddelllamont: it gets as far as "Linux-bzImage setup=xxx size=xxx" and that's all it does04:56
lamontmdz: home edition just built, testing.04:56
lamontthen dc edition04:56
mdzRiddell: sounds like a burn problem04:56
sabdflmako: are you editing the release announcement?04:56
sabdflmdz: are you happy with the release announcement?04:57
mdzsabdfl: can you give me a quick diff vs. the RC announcement?04:57
mdzit looks mostly the same04:57
sabdflelmo_: you too?04:57
makosabdfl: yeah, i am04:57
sabdflmdz: not easily04:57
mdzsabdfl: I would s/FAST/fast/04:57
elmo_one sec04:58
Kamionok, powerpc's far enough into second stage that I think I'm happy with it, will publish over the next few minutes04:58
sabdflmako: it's telling me that you are still editing04:59
elmo_yeah, looks ok to me04:59
elmo_but agree with de-capitalization of mdz's04:59
sabdflmako: please don't make any substantial changes at this stage05:00
makosabdfl: right, i'm just doing small th ings05:00
makosabdfl: but... in the first bullet.. there's more space devoted to non-free drivers than to the freeness of the distribution. it sounds kind of wishywashy.. i'd like to rewrite that05:01
=== x4m [~max@204.152-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091afd.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzsabdfl: will we have some means to test a representative of the batch of pressed CDs before they go out?05:04
mdzit would be rather awful if they had some sort of defect05:05
sabdflmdz: good point. silbs? ^^05:05
Kamionsabdfl: I can come down to London and collect one of each to test05:05
sabdflKamion: figure we can fedex a few to cambridge from Holland05:06
sabdflKamion: ready to go?05:07
sabdflelmo_: ready to go?05:08
sabdflmdz: ready to go?05:08
sabdflmako: ready to go?05:08
mdzinstall CD only, right?05:08
sabdflmako: ?05:08
makoone thing05:09
makosabdfl: did you change any links?05:09
Kamionsabdfl: brief delay on publishing here, one sec05:09
makosabdfl: in the announcement text?05:09
=== sabdfl scrambles to ctrl x the release announcement from his editor to reply...
sabdflmako: no05:09
Kamiongoing as fast as I can05:09
makoi will quickly test the links then while Kamion is waiting05:09
makothey all work05:10
=== mako gives the go sign
elmo_you guys know release.u.c is still showing RC, right? ;)05:11
makooh wait05:11
makothe download page is inaccurate05:11
Kamionelmo_: 16:09 < Kamion> sabdfl: brief delay on publishing here, one sec05:11
mako"Download Ubuntu 4.10 "The Warty Warthog" Release Candidate"05:11
KamionI'm working on it, stuff's running05:11
makoprobably shouldn't say RC05:11
Kamionbut I was delayed due to my development laptop being engaged in testing the release image :P05:12
makowho is going to do this before we all collide on this 05:12
sabdfli've edited the page05:12
sabdflthom: could you nudge apache so it refreshes it's cache?05:13
elmo_does it need de-cached?05:13
sabdflfor the web site?05:13
makook. but release.u.c should be fixed05:13
elmo_mako: kamion's working on that05:13
elmo_see above05:13
makoright right05:13
Kamionwhat live CD should be in there?05:14
mdzKamion: I think none yet05:14
sabdflctrl x again05:14
lamontI'm most comfortable with 20041020-0705:14
KamionI currently have 20041020-0705:14
sabdflmdz: we definitely need a candidate there05:14
lamontbut would like to drop 20041020-16 in once it gets downloaded and booted at least once05:14
sabdflas long as it's -test- or -release-candidate-05:15
Kamionsabdfl: -rc-05:15
Kamioncan do -rc2- etc. as needed05:15
lamontyeah - definitely not release yet.05:15
mdzthe only live CD I've personally tested is -0505:15
Kamiongah, md5sum on ISOs SO SLOW05:15
lamontKamion: md5sum.txt is in my directories now05:15
lamont-16 won't be there until about :32, btw05:16
lamontsound happier now though05:16
sabdflin this crowd?05:17
=== thom checks sabdfl's sanity. sorry, failed
Kamionelmo_: might've been an idea to change Description: in dists/warty/Release05:18
elmo_can I do that now?05:18
elmo_will take 5 mins05:19
elmo_we so need a friging release check list05:19
Kamionwon't affect CDs anyway, too late to rebuild them05:19
mdzperhaps best to leave the archive in sync with the CDs05:19
sabdflelmo_: was just typing one on the wiki for hoary :-)05:19
Kamionsyncing to mirnyy now05:20
elmo_aww, dude, it sucks05:20
elmo_it's not even "Release candidate", it's "Preview!05:20
Kamionelmo_: sorry, only noticed it when I glanced at the .jigdo :(05:20
elmo_Kamion: not your fault, my respons05:20
KamionI don't think it matters if the CD's Description: is different05:21
Kamionreleases.u.c synced, PLEASE SANITY-CHECK05:21
elmo_mdz: also, shall I untouchable it05:21
elmo_mdz: or are you still planning to change universe post-release?05:21
mdzI don't see Description: in the Release files that apt downloaded?05:21
Kamionmdz: dists/warty/Release, not dists/warty/main/binary-i386/Release ...05:22
mdzelmo_: I think we'll probably mess with universe post-release, but it would be very nice to have the safeguard for main+restricted05:22
mdzelmo_: if it's not possible to do them separately, let's untouchable the whole thing for now; it's reversible, right?05:22
elmo_ok I'll untouchable it, and figure out how to de-untouchable universe later05:22
lamontmdz: I'd just as soon freeze universe as well05:22
mdzlamont: is mplayer still completely borked?05:23
lamont"warty's out, see hoary"05:23
lamontnot if you're on a Xeon :-(05:23
mdzmplayer is basically the entire use case for multiverse05:23
mdzand it doesn't work05:23
Kamionwould appreciate somebody making sure that the .torrents work05:23
lamontwould be nice to bounce on multiverse for a few days05:23
elmo_I need to restart our torrent clients05:23
sivangI guess now wouldn't be to report trouble with installing using Adaptec SCSI 7899 adapter..:)05:24
mdzsabdfl, lamont: silbs pointed out in email that celestia is still referenced in the UI despite having been removed. can we get henrik or whomever to fix that?05:24
lamontmdz: he was on that distro05:24
thomchecking the torrent stuff05:24
mdzyes, but I didn't see a reply and have no idea what timezone he is in05:24
lamonthas .uk addr, but..05:25
thommdz: he's in oxford05:25
thomso UTC+105:25
sabdflshould i prepare a /. port so long?05:25
sivangKamion : try download from release. ?05:25
mdzsabdfl: yes05:26
mdzunless you want to leave it to someone else05:26
Kamionsivang: sure, .torrents might not work yet though05:26
mdzwould be nice to have one without typos, spelling errors, etc.05:26
sabdflsorry, disconnected for a while05:26
sabdflmdz: yes, live cd needs tweaks to that ui05:27
sabdflsilbs can sync with henrik05:27
sabdflthe Release description, mdz, happy to go out with that as is?05:27
mdzsabdfl: I'm happy to call it a wart05:27
mdzunless you want to delay for another round of CD testing05:27
sabdflkamion, elmo_, mako, can we go?05:27
mdzdoes any tool actually display that description?05:28
mdzI thought it was more or less unused anyway05:28
elmo_can someone verrify the otrrents are working first?05:28
sabdflneed a firm go from each of you05:28
mdzelmo_: thom is on it05:28
thomthe seeders are still processing the new isos05:28
sabdflthom: eta?05:29
elmo_my two victim clients seem happier now05:29
lamontKamion: were'd the liveCD iso get put?  or waiting for -16?05:30
Kamionlamont: on releases.u.c, warty-rc-live-i386.iso05:30
sabdfli'm happy for the announcement to go out without the rc live cd in place if you want to hold for -1605:30
lamontoh. not cdimage.u.c05:30
Kamion| error(s): [16:30:27]  rejected by tracker - Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker.                                                                                                     |05:30
mdzKamion: which torrent?05:30
Kamionlamont: it's there too somewhere, can't remember where now05:30
Kamionmdz: http://releases.ubuntu.com/warty/warty-release-install-i386.iso.torrent05:31
makosabdfl: yes05:31
lamontno torrent for livecd rc that I see...05:31
mdz[08:31:17]  Problem connecting to tracker - HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable05:31
KamionI'll do that now05:31
mdznow getting rejected05:33
Kamionshould be a live torrent now05:33
thommdz: tell you why, has the releases.u.c script changed on mirnny?05:33
lamont[09:33:45]  rejected by tracker - Requested download is not authori05:33
mdzthom: there's a releases.u.c script on mirnny?05:33
thomor rather, Kamion needs to trigger auckland as well as mirnny05:34
Kamioner, I do05:34
thomfor releases05:34
Kamiontrigger () {05:34
Kamion        ssh -i "$SECRET/auckland" archvsync@"$1" sleep 105:34
Kamiontrigger auckland05:34
Kamiontrigger mirnyy.ubuntu.com05:34
thomwell, there are only rc-install in the appropriate directory05:34
thom /srv/ftp.root/releases/warty on auckland05:35
thomtriggered manually, checking05:35
KamionI'm triggering it as best I know how05:35
Kamionif I need to do something else you need to tell me what :)05:35
Kamionthat user?05:35
thomsorry. archvsync user, script is called releasessync05:36
sivangtonnret not authorizing me to downlod05:36
Kamionthom: I don't have any control over the script that's run, it's command-limited05:36
thomKamion: ah05:36
thomthat'd do it05:36
Kamionthom: make the default archvsync on auckland call releasessync05:36
thomarchvsync or cdsync?05:37
thomuh, cdimagesync i guess05:37
lamontsigh.  2 new RC bugs05:38
lamontneither of which is obviously NOTWARTY05:38
makosabdfl: where are you sending the announcement?05:39
elmo_Cur: nan bits/sec05:39
sabdflmako: i will just send to ubuntu-users and -devel as soon as we go05:39
thomstill rsync05:39
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== silbs [~sbsm0084@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_phear our bw.  or our 32 bit counters.  one of the two05:39
makosabdfl: ok, want me to resend to -announce?05:39
lamontelmo_: LOL05:40
sabdflalso, am going to ask everyone to post to slashdot05:40
makosabdfl: that's really the correct place05:40
sabdflmako: good point. can i do that one too?05:40
makosabdfl: yeah, it's moderated but i think i can find it my heart to approve the message :)05:40
sabdflmako: would you handle the external communities?05:40
=== Kamion wonders if /. will be impressed by being article-bombed, or just killfile us
sabdflmako: you gem05:40
makosabdfl: yeah.. i'll send it down the line to places i know of05:40
=== T-Bone fears the /. effect ;)
makocan coordinate with people on IRC05:40
Riddelllamont: live CD mostly works in failsafe mode for me, I suspect burn problems05:41
mdzelmo_: how high can we burst now (bandwidth, not counters :-P)05:41
Kamionamu: can you ping lolo to kick off a mirror of releases.ubuntu.com, pleasE?05:41
Kamioner, "please"05:41
elmo_mdz: yeah, gig05:41
mdznot that we'll have any clue how much we're actually using :-)05:42
mdzI always meant to write a cricket module which polled the local interface counters05:42
mdzrather than using SNMP05:42
thomdear god our disk io sucks05:42
mdzI think they're larger now05:42
Kamionthom: even just copying ISOs around on little is tedious05:42
mdzwe should be able to count up to about 109mbit/sec with 32-bit counters and 5-minute polling, I think05:43
fabbioneKamion: do you know who had the insane idea to add the -live cd to the daily build?05:43
mdzelmo_: it would be a good idea to set up a second cricket target with faster polling05:43
mdz1 minute would let us count up to ~500mbit05:43
Kamionfabbione: me, it was a temporary hack to make the publish-release script not hate me05:43
sabdflmdz: hosting provider has external counters05:44
fabbioneKamion: ok :(05:44
mdzsabdfl: ah05:44
mdzsabdfl: do they publish pretty graphs for us?05:44
Kamionfabbione: sorry if it caused problems; I suggest you just mirror warty-install-* and MD5SUMS05:44
lamont20041020-16 is available for those who want sound to work05:44
sabdflpasswd protected, yes05:44
fabbioneKamion: no need to be sorry.. it was just killing my pr0n download :PPP05:44
sabdflthose who can, haul on -16 so we can decide if it's rc material sooner rather than later05:44
mdzlamont: downloading05:45
elmo_no, we will, iptraf works05:45
elmo_I've got it running on snares05:45
Kamionfabbione: I've removed it from there now05:45
fabbioneKamion: thanks mate05:45
elmo_so the wrong time to unplug the switch05:45
elmo_sabdfl: dude, they're on crack05:45
sabdfllamont: is it in the same location as previous? people.u.c?05:45
lamontsabdfl: yeah05:45
elmo_they're the counters that reckoned we were doing half of what we were actually doing05:45
lamonthttp://people.ubuntulinux.org/~lamont/testing/LiveCD is the root05:46
fabbionelamont: is the same one as this morning?05:46
lamontcurrent is the rc bits, not the latest05:46
lamontfabbione: that one is less than 5 minutes old05:46
fabbionelamont: ok. downloading now05:46
lamontthe RC on releases.u.c is from 0750 BST this AM05:47
fabbionelamont: specific checks to do? audio was working on me this morning both laptop & workstation05:48
mdzelmo_: if those are the counters they use for billing, that's a FEATURE05:48
sabdflmdz: agreed :-)05:48
thomok, we should be good for torrent love05:49
elmo_see, linux reckons we're doing 200Mb/s right now05:50
mdzi386 torrent works for me05:50
sabdfltorrents, GO05:50
Kamionlive torrent doesn't work05:50
mdzyeah, trying that, nothing yet05:50
lamont"connecting to peers"05:51
mdzthom: live cd torrent?05:51
lamontare we short a seed?05:51
sabdfltorrents, STOP05:51
elmo_AVANTE.. AVANTE... ARRET... ARRET..05:51
thomlive cd torrent looks fine05:52
thomworking for me05:52
Kamionah, it's working now05:52
Kamionsabdfl: I'm signed off05:52
mdzworking for me now as well05:52
mdztesting amd64 and powerpc torrents05:53
fabbionelamont: ETA 55minutes for LiveCD05:53
amuKamion: ^k05:53
=== lamont-live [~warty@rover3.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionamu: thanks05:53
mdznothing yet05:53
mdzlamont: ETA 26 minutes for -1605:53
mdzlamont: assuming there isn't a -17 yet05:54
lamontnothing here for live torrent05:54
lamontmdz: no -17 planned05:54
mdzall torrents working for me05:54
sabdflall torrents go05:54
Kamionamd64 and powerpc torrents work for me05:54
sabdflKamion: all iso's go?05:54
mdzI'm signed off05:54
amulamont: -7 is well done, guess for most people it will work well05:54
thomgrah, my uber cheap pair of ide software raid 1 server kicks the tar out of auckland for bt image checking05:54
elmo_sabdfl: standing by with the fire extinguisher05:54
elmo_(i.e. AVANTE!)  err, or go05:54
mdzKamion: did you verify the md5sums of the published images against what I posted to ubuntu-devel for paranoia's sake? :-)05:55
Kamionmdz: I verified them against the daily; let me check05:55
elmo_thom: dude, your ide SW RAID 1 isn't doing 60Mb/s of other stuff :P05:55
amulamont: my usb-stick mounts not automatic *duck* 05:55
makosabdfl: yes05:55
lamontamu: is it when you boot an installed warty?05:55
amulamont: livecd 05:55
Kamionmdz: check05:56
lamontamu: yes.  But does the usb stick automount if you're running the non-live warty?05:56
amulamont: yes05:56
=== lamont blames startup scripts
sabdflRELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT: Ubuntu 4.10 "The Warty Warthog Release" is DONE!05:58
sabdflRead the full announcement at http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/WartyWarthog_2fFinalReleaseAnnouncement?action=raw05:58
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mdz] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | Happy Ubuntu Artwork week! | 13 (count 'em) major bugs | BE THE SIGNAL | Warty release is DONE
sabdfland well done mdz05:58
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:mdz] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion on #ubuntu | Happy Warty Day! | 13 (count 'em) major bugs | BE THE SIGNAL | Warty release is DONE
=== mdz does the warthogs dance
=== fabbione joins mdz
tsengis warty/universe closed for business?05:59
T-Bonecla clap clap05:59
thomelmo_: you've forgotten the second line of that05:59
Mitariocongrats you guys!06:01
sabdfltseng: yes, security updates only, hoary will be open shortly and we're looking for volunteers to steer the universe component06:01
tsengsabdfl: ok, cheers06:01
thomsabdfl: can we bounty a BT server that DOESN'T SUCK for hoary? :-)06:01
lamontmdz: gonna change /topic in #ubuntu as well?06:02
tsengsabdfl: id like to help make mono a first class citizen this time around06:03
mdz256 people in #ubuntu!06:03
sabdfltseng: that's awesome!06:03
sabdflmdz: and climbing :-)06:03
tsengyou've got a ways to go to beat the Big 206:04
tseng#gentoo and #debian both > 800 :)06:04
carlostseng: we are new, let us more time...06:04
mdztseng: give us time; we only just released 5 minutes ago :-)06:05
Kamionwith the current population of #ubuntu I can still just about follow it sometimes06:05
Kamionwouldn't want it to be #debian-sized, I'd collapse under the weight :)06:06
elmo_#ubuntu size channels and up are just utter time sinks06:07
=== Kamion goes off for a bit to ferry people to shops; got my mobile phone with me if needed
sabdflKamion: well done on the installer06:12
=== lamont takes a short break, with plans to come back and beat mplayer about the head just to torture elmo/mdz et al.
fabbionemdz: did Joey put the DSA out purpose 1 hour after our release?06:15
fabbioneout + on06:16
mdzfabbione: maybe :-)06:16
fabbionemdz: ok.. i have the packages ready...06:16
fabbioneshould we wait tomorrow?06:16
mdzfabbione: I think so, yes06:19
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzthom: is it possible to clean up the torrent status page without resetting the statistics?06:22
makomdz: how many people in #redhat06:22
makoi can't figure out how to count that in irssi06:23
amuKamion: sorry can't reach lolo now. I try it in 15min. calls ;)    06:23
mdzmako: /who #redhat06:23
mdzmako: I count 48? #fedora might be a better comparison06:23
thommdz: nope06:24
mdzthom: at least the latest stuff sorts nicely to the bottom06:25
thomby happy accident, yeah06:25
=== azeem [~mbanck@socks-out.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomoh, joy and rapture06:28
thomthat mozilla bug looks joyous06:28
sabdfltry Applications -> About Ubuntu06:36
sabdflshould be the on-disk thing06:36
=== sivang [~sg@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionemdz: ok let's look at it tomorrow06:38
mdzthom,elmo_: downloads from releases.u.c are timing out06:40
sivangcongrets for the release!06:40
elmo_I've upped the number of children06:42
elmo_is it better now?06:42
fabbionelamont: burning live now06:42
lamontfabbione: thanks06:43
fabbionelamont: after that.. a fast test and i am off06:45
fabbioneit's the 3rd day in a raw 5am -> 7pm06:45
mdzlamont: I have -16 booted now06:46
mdzlooks the same as the last one to me06:46
mdz(my sound devices are still detected in the wrong order)06:46
mdzotherwise, fine06:46
thomjust hit lwn06:47
fabbioneelmo_: what is the status for warty-security?06:47
elmo_oh, right06:47
fabbioneelmo_: i have a <whatever_name_we_want_for_our_sec_annoounce> to do06:48
fabbioneelmo_: i guess target is warty-security. is there anything else that i need to do other than upload the usual way?06:48
elmo_fabbione: don't upload it just yet, unless it's public06:49
fabbioneit is alread06:49
fabbioneDSA was out 20 minutes ago06:49
elmo_well, don't upload it anyway06:49
fabbionei am not to :-)06:49
fabbionethat's why i am asking ;)06:49
elmo_I'm working on it06:49
elmo_[mdz: ]  did we get a final say on who's going to be doing/approving these uploads?06:50
mdzelmo_: I'll approve them06:50
lamontmdz et al: do we want our mplayer source to always build a runtime-detected CPU?06:50
elmo_mdz: just  you?06:50
mdzelmo_: just me for now, I don't want this to hold anything up06:50
elmo_it's not holding anything up, I just need to know06:51
lamontthat is, if joe user downloads source and says dpkg-buildpackage, I think he's stuck with getting the same build as we get unless he changes something.06:51
mdzlamont: yes we do06:52
mdzthe same gcc flags we normally build with, and enabling the hand-optimized stuff at runtime06:52
mdzelmo_: regarding the timeouts, my download seemed to get going as soon as you did that06:54
fabbioneelmo_, mdz: ok.. i will wait for you two to decide.06:54
mdzelmo_: starts immediately on further attempts as well06:54
mdzso, yes, seems to have helped06:54
elmo_yeah, sorry, I forgot to fix it's apache like we fixed aucklands06:56
thomelmo_: was that mirnyy?06:57
lamonttest build running, then I'll see how it runs on my athlon06:57
lamontk7 anyway06:57
lamontmust run for a bit06:57
fabbionelamont: booting now06:57
elmo_thom: yeah06:58
elmo_lamont: please don't do any more universe uploads06:58
lamontfabbione: and note which background you get.06:58
thomwonder why no-one complained about it on RC06:58
elmo_until I have a chance to do per-component suite mapping06:58
lamontelmo_: no uploads planned until mdz forces me to.06:58
lamontjdub awake yet?06:59
elmo_I know how to wake him up..06:59
elmo_jdub: QUICK, sabdfl snuck the nekkid people back in while you were sleeping!06:59
doogieooh, magic powers06:59
doogie*back in*?06:59
mdzdoogie: cf. ubuntu-users archives07:00
fabbioneROTFL at LKML-announce07:00
thomoh, the one pager problem is because the images for the bullet points are on the net. thought jdub had that in had (he told me about the problem)07:00
=== live_from_dk [~warty@port49.ds1-van.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdflfabbione: link?07:01
live_from_dksabdfl: i got it via email07:01
live_from_dkjust a sec07:01
live_from_dklamont: background seems ok to me07:01
live_from_dkas this morning07:01
doogieI'm actually *on* l-k.  what announce?07:01
fabbionedoogie: To: linux-kernel-announce@vger07:02
fabbioneSubject: Oh yeah07:02
fabbioneGOD IS A PIG!07:02
fabbione(don't tell me this gets through hehe)07:02
fabbioneTo unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel-announce" in07:02
fabbionethe body of a message to majordomo@vger.kernel.org07:02
fabbioneMore majordomo info at  http://vger.kernel.org/majordomo-info.html07:02
doogieI can guess the address.  more interested in the content.07:02
doogieoh, waste of irc bw07:02
fabbionesabdfl: people are on full crack :-)07:02
live_from_dklamont: sound is ok here07:03
live_from_dklamont: anything else you want me to test?07:03
thomsabdfl: hrm, /. claims that the newest article is available to subscribers07:04
thomsabdfl: is it us? :-)07:04
elmo_people subscribe to slashdot?07:05
thomthat'd be a no07:06
sabdflthom: dunno07:06
thomelmo_: apparently so07:06
sabdflhow do i find out?07:06
sabdfli'd a subscriber07:06
thomsabdfl: log in, and it'll say "the next article is blah blah blah07:06
thomand you should be able to see it07:06
thom(guessing, i've never subbed to /.)07:07
sabdfldon't see it07:08
thomyeah, it's already posted07:08
thomand it's not us07:08
live_from_dklamont: i am off for today..07:09
fabbionecya tomorrow guys07:09
fabbioneciao :-)07:09
fabbionehave fun in Uk07:10
fabbioneand drink a beer for me too07:10
thomonly "a"07:10
fabbionethom: yeah...07:10
T-Bonethat's mean ;)07:10
=== T-Bone ducks!
fabbionea (couple of liters of) beer ;)07:10
T-Boneelmo_: nice ;)07:11
sabdflit says pending on my sub to /.07:11
thommirnyy's up to 120 concurrent requests07:11
doogieis the iso released?07:11
doogiegot a bt?07:11
elmo_mirnyy's doing the vast bulk of that too07:12
elmo_like 90%07:12
doogieI can attach a 350kB/s(all I am willing to give to it) client07:12
doogieI don't see a torrent link on the site07:13
thomdoogie: http://releases.ubuntu.com/4.10/warty-release-install-i386.iso.torrent07:13
thommy personal server is sustaining 1.3MB/s on torrent uploads 07:14
thomdoogie: ta07:14
=== doogie fetches it first with wget at 440kB/s
=== mako just submitted this to /. other should do the same
mdzdoogie: the download page links to the directory, which has .torrents in it07:16
thommako: sample text?07:16
doogiemdz: still, it'd be nice to advertise it07:16
doogieI'm going to stop the wget after a bit, and let bt do the rest07:16
makothom: here what i put:07:18
mdzelmo_: 245? nice07:18
makoUbuntu 4.10 Released07:18
mdzrelatively little torrent activity07:18
mako<p><a href="http://www.ubuntulinux.org">Ubuntu</a> has just <a href="http://lwn.net/Articles/107267/">announced the release of Ubuntu 4.10</a>. For those that missed the preview, Ubuntu is the new Debian-based release backed by Mark Shuttleworth and put together by a number of folks from Debian, GNOME, and other communities. They are also still offering to ship CDs to interested folks free of charge.</p>07:18
makochange as you feel is necessary07:19
mdzpeople are still downloading old CD images07:19
makohighlight you think is important and let the editors sort it07:19
makomdz: huh?07:19
mdzmako: according to the torrent tracker07:19
makomdz: probably people just left them on07:20
doogieok, got 100M, starting bt07:20
mdzmako: the 'downloading' column indicates there are still incomplete downloads in progress07:20
makomdz: seems possible/reasonable07:21
makopeople probably left them on07:22
mdzwhere's the slashdot love?07:23
makomore better different submissions to /. :)07:23
elmo_if we don't get /. this time, it's officialy a conspiracy07:24
makoi understanding not posting a an RC07:25
makofor a new distro07:25
makobut this is the real deal baby07:25
mdzagreed :-)07:25
sabdfli wonder if the 4.10 won't throw them off?07:26
sabdfl"jjust a point release"07:26
mdzsabdfl: the release announcement is fairly explicit07:26
mdzThe warm-hearted Warthogs of the Warty Team are proud to present the very first release of Ubuntu!07:26
sabdfljeez, the rc was much more explici07:27
makosabdfl: but it was an RC07:30
makosabdfl: and if they read it, they knew we had a release coming the next week :)07:30
amusounds difficult submitt something on /. .... years ago it was much more easier. 07:31
Kamionelmo_: joeyh was looking for you, did he manage to get in touch?07:37
=== thom -> south kensington
=== braindmg [~guillem@braindmg.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_wow, mirnyy doing a lot out of cache07:40
sabdflwoot! accepted on /.07:41
elmo_judging by the hd lights anyway07:41
thom242 concurrent requests on mirnyy07:41
carlosslashdot effect, here we goo!!!!!07:42
Mitariowait for #ubuntu to flow over ;)07:42
makowait. it's on /.?07:42
makoi'm not seeing it07:43
carlosme neither...07:43
sabdflmy submission has switched from "pending" to "accepted"07:43
makoit's not on the front page07:44
mdznot yet07:44
=== mako shrug
makoshit sandwdich burning :)07:44
mjg59It's on the front page now07:46
Mitarionot here ?07:47
makonot for me07:47
thomit's in the linux section, not hit the front page for me07:47
mjg59Ah - I have all sections switched on07:48
Mitariodo we have a cool buritto like bot that can show me when <nick> was last seen? :)07:49
carloswho wants to be the first post?07:49
carlosMitario: /msg nickserv help07:49
=== mdz reloads furiously
mdzit's not even on the front page yet, and already has wildly inaccurate comments07:51
thomuh, might want to change the screenshot on the www. site07:51
makoor just remove them07:52
mdzat least the "controversial" artwork is getting some press :-)07:52
elmo_FRONT PAGE US YOU #%"^"07:53
=== lamont heads to town, lunch, and bandwidth
carlosdudes, who wants to know about NEC when we have the ubuntu release?07:55
=== carlos wants ubuntu announcement in front page now!
=== amu setup his buildsys and generate a global quality assurance checklist
silbscarlos: they heard you. Front page07:57
carlossilbs: :-D07:58
mdzperhaps a few hundred more submissions would help07:58
mdzI don't see it07:58
carlosme neither...07:58
silbswait, no I don't either. And colin's comment disappeared. Perhaps it's the champagne...07:58
amuklick on the Slashdot Linux link on the left, there is it 07:59
mdzcolin's comment is there08:00
carlossilbs: Colin's and Scott's posts are only visible if you select the answer to the first comment08:00
silbsmy bad. I must have been on linux not front page.08:01
=== x4m [~max@187.190-201-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
amuhttp://lwn.net/Articles/107267/ 08:03
makoperhaps if more people submit it, it will be promoted to the front08:05
makoedd said he would get someting for oreilly08:05
makoi'll email a few more folks i know08:05
=== AndyFitz [~andy@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-111-33.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mxpxpod [~forbesbd@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mxpxpodquestion: if gcc 3.3 is the default, why does libgtkmm-2.4-dev install gcc-3.4?08:32
__danieloh: http://www.infodrom.org/~joey/log/?20041020184308:33
mdzmxpxpod: it doesn't08:33
mxpxpodmdz: it does on ppc08:34
Kamionit's entirely possible and reasonable for a package to want a non-default gcc08:34
Kamionare you sure you don't mean gcc-3.4-base, though?08:35
mdzit would be rather odd for it to depend on gcc at all08:35
Kamionin any case, libgtkmm-2.4-dev is in universe ...08:35
mxpxpodwhen I do apt-get install libgtkmm-2.4-dev, it installs cpp-3.4, g++-3.4, and gcc-3.408:36
Kamionit's likely to be easier to find out what depends on it using a package management frontend a little more sophisticated than apt-get08:37
mdzseems to be specific to powerpc08:37
Kamiondselect would tell you; I assume aptitude will too08:37
mdzit's due to libstdc++6-dev Depends: g++-3.408:38
mxpxpodoh, nice08:38
mdzand something in that chain depends on libstdc++-dev, which is provided by libstdc++6-dev08:38
Kamionstill, universe :)08:38
KamionI'm guessing 3.4 will become the default by hoary, if not that then by grumpy08:38
mxpxpodc++ stuff is universe?08:38
Kamionno, but libgtkmm-2.4-dev is08:39
Kamionthere's libstdc++5-dev08:39
__danielunfortunately libxml++-2.*-dev isnt :-(08:39
mxpxpodKamion: so, is it a problem with libgtkmm-2.4-dev depending on libstdc++6-dev?08:41
mdzno, it doesn't08:41
mdzsomething else does08:41
mdzit looks like a problem of some package depending on a pure virtual package with no concrete alternative08:41
doogieI've sent 800MB thru bt08:41
mdzapt happens to choose libstdc++6-dev rather than 5-dev08:41
mdzwhich is perfectly legitimate08:42
mdzdoogie: 4.4GB here08:42
doogieseeding now, of course08:42
=== plovs_ [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mxpxpodmdz: ok, I installed libstdc++5-dev and removed all the 3.4 stuff and libstdc++6, and libgtkmm-2.4-dev works fine08:44
=== inklingx [~inklingx@u212-239-167-156.adsl.pi.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdflguys i think i screwed up the /. submission by selecting Linux as the section08:45
sabdfli've emailed timothy (who accepted the story) and asked him to consider it for the main page08:45
mdzsabdfl: add this to the release checklist? :-)08:45
sabdflmdz: yup :-)08:46
sabdflthought i was being helpful by Alex tells me he did the same thing for Plone 2.0 and it also went into a section08:46
silbsRelease checklist: 1. No naked people. 2. Slashdot main page or nothing at all.08:47
=== AndyFitz [~andy@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Kamion -> pub, bye all
mdzKamion: enjoy08:49
=== jk [~jochem@jkossen.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdz"I had never tried Debian before because the packages were too slow"?08:58
=== lucas_ [~lucas@ca-grenoble-2-34.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
vorlonmdz: gentoo user? :)09:15
mxpxpodI've asked this before, but why does ubuntu use pbbuttonsd instead of pmud?09:19
lucas_sbody familiar with X and mouse problems ? I have a regression regarding my touchpad, which worked out of the box with debian unstable and doesn't work (I can't use it to "click", I have to use the buttons) with ubuntu09:34
vorlonlucas_: installed the synaptic driver?  I think I noticed that this wasn't installed for me by default by Ubuntu.09:40
__danielmxpxpod, i didnt even hear of both before09:40
lucas_vorlon: I didn't need it09:41
lucas_actually, I just tested with an old knoppix, and it still doesn't work. Maybe my touchpad is broken ...09:41
mxpxpod__daniel: the problem I have is that I let gnome do volume up/down, mute, and brightness up/down, but when pbbuttonsd does them, it messes with gnome09:44
chrisamxpxpod: Probably because pbbuttonsd works a hell of a lot better09:44
mxpxpod__daniel: and I don't know of a way to tell pbbuttonsd to leave those things alone09:44
chrisaEspecially with things like gtkbbuttonsd09:44
__danielmxpxpod, oh :-(09:44
=== lamont_r [~lamont@mesaradio41.customer.frii.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mxpxpodchrisa: bah, gtkpbbuttons's themes suck09:47
sabdflresponse from /. is that they can't sanely switch a story from the linux to main sections, but i'm sure there will be more coverage in due course! they said they've been accused of bias towards us already because of all the coverage :-)09:47
chrisamxpxpod: Then don't use it. Either way, I have the same laptop as you and everything works flawlessly with pbbuttonsd09:47
makofair enough i suppose09:47
makoi'm sure /. is accused of a lot of things :)09:48
__danielbye... see you later09:49
mxpxpodchrisa: is there a way to get pbbuttonsd to step the volume up more than one on a volume up/down keypress?09:50
doogie/. always was insane09:57
lucas_does ubuntu do sthing out of ordinary with the mouse ? for example, use something like gpm ? my touchpad doesn't work with ubuntu, while it worked with debian. I'd like to try something before reinstalling debian just to check if my touchpad is actually broken ...09:57
amuwb lamont09:59
lamont_rhi amu09:59
mdzlucas_: -> #ubuntu09:59
=== lamont_r fetches a new WinFOSS for the live CD, while watching his poor bt download get ~50KB/sec
mdzvorlon: the synaptics driver has been installed by default in ubuntu for some time10:00
lamont_rdamn college kids taking all the bandwidth... :-)10:00
vorlonmdz: ok, I suppose the fact that I installed the preview has something to do with it. :)10:01
azeemcongrats, dudes10:01
mdzvorlon: I think that even predates preview10:03
mdzvorlon: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/WartyWarthog_2fDesktopSeed?action=recall&date=109204658910:04
amulamont_r: tested it on a ibm r40, Dell Optiplex GX270, Noname maschine with nvi, noname with ati and a virtual pc ...    10:05
lamont_rer, 16?10:06
vorlonmdz: ok, we'll chalk it up to delirium then.10:06
amu7  10:06
=== mdz scrapes his fingernails on the chalkboard
amua common problem was, the Xfree detection, Dell with nv it works, Dell with intel 82865 only 640*480, Dell with nv OK, IBM R40 with Radeon M7 7500 ( vesa ) noname with X800 pro ( vesa )  virtual pc S3 ( vesa ), sound works, all have problems with my usb stick, device is detected but not mounted, bootsplash still need a please hold the line and press ESC for detailed bootmessages 10:10
amudesktop itself need some icons like Mail,Browser and a link to the FAQ .... homedir needs some dirs like Documents/Picture/Music ....  10:12
lamont_ramu: I think the desktop and homedir are consistant with what's on the installed system, hence won't change10:13
lamont_rseb128: jdub: or am I smoking crack?10:13
mdzamu: the focus right now is on stability and functionality10:13
mdzamu: we are not adding any new features to the live CD for Warty10:13
lamont_rand it's not RC, like mdz said.10:14
lamont_rmdz: would better X detection be considered enhancement or RC, I wonder?10:14
lamont_rsince it's throwaway work for hoary, I expect10:14
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzlamont_r: bug, but not RC10:14
mdzthe live CD seems to fall back to vesa pretty reliably10:15
amumdz: x autodetection is a small problem, vesa works, not good as it should  10:15
mdzI don't particularly care if it's accelerated or not10:15
lamont_ramu: could you file a bug (sev=normal) wrt autodetection?10:15
mdzplease don't10:15
mdzthis will all be obsoleted when we unify the hardware detection10:15
lamont_rmdz: was thinking of steming the flow of user bug reports by having one there already.10:16
lamont_rbut then, users don't read.10:16
amutest with many hardware today, the cd itself is functional, should i dl the latest for a final test ?  10:17
lamont_rstill need to generate one more with WinFOSS 0.410:17
lamont_rwhich is downloading now to my laptop, while I kill time at the coffee shop downloading the release i386 iso10:17
lamont_rjdub prolly not awake yet, eh?10:18
amulamont_r: got too much problems building on amd64 in the chroot, i'm moving now to i386 pure, which is also faster ;) 10:19
=== amu googles about winfoss
lamont_ramu: no surprise there10:19
amuexefile on the computer, that look strange ;)10:20
=== lamont_r mourns the death of his USB pen drive
lucas_arg my touchpad is not broken. This is good news for me and bad news for the ubuntu devel who will help me debug this ;-)10:28
amutouchpad on the ibm R40 is also not working *ducks* 10:30
lucas_amu: can you define not working ?10:30
lucas_not working at all ?10:30
=== lamont_r would like to issue warty-rc2-live-i386.iso somewhere around 0500 UTC, with WinFOSS 0.4, and (hopefully) a new grub screen.
lucas_or you just can't click ?10:30
amumy does not move 10:30
amumy=mouse 10:30
lamont_rmdz: I don't think there's really anything else to put in it...10:30
amulucas_: .... -7 live-CD 10:31
amu33 matches for winfoss :)  10:33
lamont_ramu: www.theopencd.net10:35
=== mxpxpod [~forbesbd@mxpxpod.user] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
amugot it, nice idea10:40
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091afd.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== amu finally found a fax today ;)
amudammed, gpg should be global accepted ;) 10:49
=== x4m [~max@152.223-201-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamont_rwow - someone quit hogging bandwidth. :-)11:00
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-111-33.uudial.uunet.co.za] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
amulamont_r: wondershaper is your best friend   11:03
lamont_ramu: sharing coffee shop's bandwidth with the rest of the patrons... No control over shaping11:04
lamont_rinteresting that either I'm on the tail end of the torrent, or something... 76Kdown, 10Kup11:05
=== TMIegel [~hans@iD4CC1E07.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
TMIegeli can't boot the LiveCD with my USB-CDRom11:05
TMIegelhave tried all the boot-options in the menu, but it can't find the morphix-filesystem afterwards11:06
=== gma [~graham@capella.plus.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
amuTMIegel: boot in general works ? which point system stops booting ?   11:12
=== nictuku [~yves@nictuku.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
nictukuHi! How can I tell if it's ok for you guys if I register a ubuntu.* domain for a community.11:12
=== shorty [~shorty@pD9E65DD5.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Ng [~Ng@fairukipa.tenshu.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Ngis it at all possible to get a newer gksudo into Ubuntu?11:15
Ngunless I'm being dumb the currently included version can't pass arguments to the command it executes11:15
Ngbut the newer versions in debian do seem to offer that11:15
TMIegelamu: booting works, i get to the menu, then then it loads some scsi-modules but then it can'T access the cdrom11:16
lamont_rNg: debian versions should sync into hoary when it opens11:16
lamont_rBut warty is, well, like, _done_.11:16
amuTMIegel: did you tried with bootparameter noscsi ? 11:16
TMIegelit tries /dev/hd?[1-9] [0-9] 11:16
gmaI work for a company that is keen to convert quite a few of our standard PC users from win2k to Linux. we were just about to deploy UserLinux, but after two days with a Ubuntu box our IT people were sold on it. we'll be deploying the first boxes shortly, and are very impressed by what you've put together. so thanks very much.11:16
Nglamont_r: ok. what's the policy for updates to released versions? security only?11:17
TMIegelno, i will11:17
lamont_rNg: that's on the wiki, but basically security or critical data corruption type issues11:17
amuTMIegel: ok11:17
lamont_rwe get paid to do them for main/restricted, universe is merely subject to those policies for community uploads.11:17
lamont_ror something like that11:18
Nglamont_r: great, thanks :)11:18
TMIegelamu: no, doesn't work either. i have also tried usbboot=on11:18
nictukuI dont mean to bother, but has my question about domain registration got in? this epic client is strange. hehe11:19
=== AndyFitz [~andy@] has left #ubuntu-devel []
amuTMIegel: what happen, if you boot with noscsi ? 11:19
=== trondaso [~trondaso@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
TMIegelamu: then it doesn't load the scsi modules, but same problem. it only detects the harddisk, but not the usb-cdrom11:20
lamont_rnictuku: second11:20
amuTMIegel: you usb-cdrom use the default usb-modules ? usb-uhci and usb-starage ?  11:22
TMIegelamu: after enabling dma for hda it gives: "Warning: unable to find base module!"11:22
lamont_rnictuku: biggest issue is that the folks who would know the answer to that question are predominantly in .uk, where it's 2220 on a release night...11:22
amuTMIegel: ah, try "nodma" 11:23
TMIegelamu: i think so. the gentoo-minimal-install-cd 2004.2 works finde11:23
amuTMIegel: probably a bug .....  11:23
amuTMIegel: together noscsi nodma 11:24
TMIegelamu: no, no go. same warning (and it doesn't detect hda then...)11:26
amulamont_r: pls note, bug: booting with usb-cdrom 11:27
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091b81.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
amulamont_r: probably same with firewire   11:28
nictukudo you personally believe it's ok to register that, lamont?11:28
amuI've a idea how to fix it, but how i can test ... missing hardware 11:29
=== lamont_r has no opinion
nictukuthanks :)11:29
lamont_ramu: same issue here11:29
=== trondaso [~trondaso@] has left #ubuntu-devel []
amuTMIegel: you're fine for a personal betatest ? 11:29
lamont_rnictuku: I really dunno what the opinion would/should be, hence I'll limit myself to pointing in the direction of a definitive answer.11:29
TMIegelamu: sure11:30
nictukuThat is very fine lamont, I thank you for that. Sorry if I sounded unpolite. 11:32
TMIegelok, knoppix (latest) works fine: after enabling dma for hda it states "Accessing KNOPPIX CDROM at /dev/scd0 ..."11:33
amuTMIegel: I guess the order ( loading the usb modules ) is important/wrong on the liveCD 11:34
TMIegeli have startet dl'ing the install cd and give that a try...11:35
lamont_rnictuku: not at all.  I just _need_ to not be giving anything like a definitive answer, or even opinion on that topic.11:35
nictukuI understand. I shall wait! =] 11:36
amuTMIegel: ^k, letme know if it works there  11:37
lamont_ramu: I have a USB cdrom, but I don't think the laptopwill boot from USB...11:37
amulamont_r: and your desktop ? 11:37
lamont_ralmost certain it has the same issue.11:39
lamont_rOTOH, there might be another machine that would...11:39
amulamont_r: newer bioses, detect the usb-device only if it's plugged in. After you plugged in intu a slot, you see the option on your bios. Without a connected device no option  11:39
nictukuwhere can I find ubuntu's logo usage policy? couldn't find in the wiki.11:40
nictukuhhmm /legal11:42
amuhttp://www.pro-linux.de/news/2004/7409.html 11:42
mdznictuku: I believe jdub was writing it up11:43
Ngis it bad form (or even possible) to mark bugs as duplicates in bugzilla? should I leave a comment saying it's a duplicate? email the assignee? :)11:44
NgI suppose that question really is "does anyone mind if I triage some bugs?" :)11:44
TMIegelamu: i'll go to bed know, i will try the install cd tomorrow, will you be here then?11:49
TMIegeli will see, god night everyone...11:53
__danielbye TMIegel11:54
__danielTMIegel, schlaf gut :-)11:54
amuTMIegel: yap11:54

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