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kikoBradB, is __dict__ available on an SQLO?12:58
BradBnope, because if the interface12:59
BradBi wrote SQLObjectEditView though12:59
BradBso, it does this:12:59
BradB                class Snapshot(object):12:59
BradB                    pass12:59
BradB                content_before_modification = Snapshot()12:59
BradB                for name in self.schema.names():12:59
BradB                    setattr(12:59
BradB                        content_before_modification,12:59
BradB                        name, getattr(content, name))12:59
BradBlater, i have:01:00
BradB                    notify(SQLObjectModifiedEvent(01:00
BradB                        content, content_before_modification, self.fieldNames))01:00
BradBit can probably use some improvement, but then, so can everything else. it works for now.01:01
BradBthe tricky part (where i stopped earlier, and will resume tomorrow) is to output foo.bar in a useful way...knowing that it might be a "displayable" value, or an id for a vocab, or even an sqlobject.01:01
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kikoIndeed, because the Snapshot isn't an SQLO.04:26
=== BradB|out is now known as BradB
BradBkiko: that doesn't affect anything though04:38
BradBit's got the values04:38
BradB(and, of course, the snapshot can't be an sqlobject)04:38
kikoBradB, well, it affects the fact that following references doesn't unpersist them magically :)04:41
BradBnope. a snapshot of foo.person is still that ref to Person04:42
kikoyou're actually handling that as well?04:43
BradBthere's nothing special to do04:44
BradBfoo.person is a Person, so when i assign that to something else (e.g. to the snapshot object), i've still got a person04:44
kikoI see. SQLO takes care of that for you when you so getattr(content, name).04:44
kikoyes, I'm thinking at a lower level.04:44
kikoso how's canada BradB?04:45
BradBi'm kickin it in the plateau in montreal; it's great04:46
kikowinter's closing in huh?04:46
kikowe just bought a dual xeon server for the office, it toasts04:46
BradByeah, winter's coming on. i'm ready for it.04:46
kikothe case weighs approximately a ton04:46
kikoyou bought a blanket? 04:47
BradBbuilt a better igloo04:47
kikoyou would be amazed at how hot this office is today man.04:47
kikothen again, http://www.newswise.com/articles/view/507802/04:47
BradBso maybe sweat shops are the One True Way04:49
kikoyou mean literal sweat shops. that's us. :)04:49
BradBi went shopping for a thinkpad the other day...turns out the place i went (future shop) doesn't even sell em, ugh.04:50
kikooh, so you didn't get one?04:50
kikodid jblack find anything surprising about HFS+?04:50
BradBnope, not yet, i'll find a place on the weekend04:50
BradBnope, hfs+ sucks04:50
BradBufs would be better. i'd like to hold onto os x, but i'm almost ready to give it up.04:50
BradBi either buy a new powerbook, or a buy a new not-powerbook04:51
BradBon a new pb g4, i'd put panther and UFS04:51
kikoand UFS is nice?04:53
BradBit's supposed to be much, much faster than HFS+04:53
BradBi could live with it being a bit slower than ext3, but only so much...04:53
kikohave you considered running LNX on that thing?04:54
BradBthe only thing i'd do to this machine is put more ram in it. i'm waiting till i get new hardware to be installing any new os, whether it's os x or linux.04:54
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=== sabdfl has been reading the zope3 docs for the first time
sabdflevents. very cool.11:58
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: changes on Nicole still not working on mawson (patch-676)02:45
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SteveABradB: full moinmoin is now in zwiki 03:49
SteveAI'll produce another snapshot in a bit.03:49
BradBSteveA: i think sabdfl was going to get the zwiki guys to take care of installing it, but i could be wrong03:49
sabdflhi guys03:50
BradBhi :)03:50
sabdflBradB: didn't want to distract you from malone so i thought roche could do it03:51
sabdflbut if it's really quick, then let's do it amongst ourselves03:51
sabdfltwo things: need to restrict the wiki folder to just wiki pages03:51
sabdfland need to prevent the wiki pages from showing up in the navbar on the left03:51
sabdflinside the wiki, we'll just use wiki navigation03:51
sabdflBradB: how does the locking mechanism work? nominated people only can edit those pages?03:53
BradBokay, so basically all this involves is installing zwiki, and blowing away and readding /wiki?03:53
sabdflno, can leave the existing /wiki03:53
sabdflwe'll just move the stuff they have created there to better locations03:53
sabdfllimit /wiki/ to wiki pages only03:54
BradBsabdfl: with locking, only managers can unlock/edit the pages03:54
sabdflok, and who sets the list of managers?03:54
BradBmaybe roche was doing that before03:54
BradBmaybe there's a group set up so that it's easy to do through the plone ui, but i haven't looked03:54
=== BradB goes looking
SteveAsimon took out the previous moinmoin support, and ported the parsing directly from moinmoin itself03:55
sabdfli suspect lulu knows03:55
SteveAisn't it wonderful when lots of open source projects are written in python03:55
sabdfllet's help the world get more wonder :-)03:56
SteveAlulu was setting up managers using the plone UI for that03:56
BradBsabdfl: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/prefs_group_members?groupname=managers03:57
ddaaHow can I have a look at the production launchpad?03:58
ddaaI want to know which sourcesources are still in the "do-not-sync" product.03:58
ddaahttps://macquarie.warthogs.hbd.com/ gives me a 40303:59
sabdflBradB: cool, thanks. when people edit a page on the web site that is not locked, do we get notified?04:05
sabdflor can we see a list of pages that have been edited like that?04:05
BradBthere's no notification happening, and there's no plone way of seeing a list of recently edited pages that i'm aware of (the collective is always having new products added though; it's possible there's something there that does something like that, but i'd have to dig around a bit)04:07
=== BradB wants to use repozo to backup Data.fs...isn't sure if it's trustable though
sabdflSteveA: semantics?04:08
BradBSteveA: is repozo.py -B -f Data.fs going to backup the Data.fs nicely?04:08
sabdflfoo = IAnInterface(bar, None)04:08
sabdflwill that give an object adapted to IAnInterface, or none if it could not find the relevant adapter?04:08
SteveAadapt bar to IAnInterface.  If the adaption is not possible (bar does not provide IAnInterface, and is not adaptable to it), then return None.04:09
SteveAassign result to foo, of course04:09
SteveAyes, basically what you said04:09
SteveABradB: um... I always have to check on the zodb wiki pages.  let me find them for you...04:09
sabdfl"is not adaptable"04:09
sabdflis that calculated on the basis of interfaces that bar implements()?04:10
BradBSteveA: i can see the docs in the file itself, i'm just not sure if i can trust that it'll work. :)04:10
SteveAI've backed up and restored following the instructions there, on the ubuntulinux and canonical sites04:10
SteveAwhen gentoo went down when we were in london04:10
BradBok, thanks, i'll read and go for it then04:11
SteveAoh, there are some filestorage/zodb fsref errors early in the storage. removed with a pack.  not serious.04:11
SteveAnot caused by the power outage.04:11
BradBnice crontab entries:04:15
BradB# Zope has memory leaks ...04:15
BradB3 */2 * * * /home/zope/instances/ubuntu/bin/zopectl restart > /dev/null 2>&104:15
BradB10 4 * * * /home/zope/instances/canonical/bin/zopectl restart > /dev/null 2>&104:15
=== BradB shudders
sabdflBradB: i think elmo found that the zope instance was growing uncontrollably04:16
BradBthe new wiki's installed04:21
sabdflthe wiki she is not working04:27
sabdflBradB: ^04:28
BradBit will again now04:28
BradBi broke it temporarily to add the restrict method, but it didn't do what i expected, so i've removed it temporarily04:28
=== sabdfl is really starting to like zope3
BradBthere, restricting works04:33
sabdflBradB: superstar, thanks04:33
sabdflthe existing non-wiki content can be moved out?04:33
BradBheh. last thing, i'll fix the navtree04:33
BradBit can be moved, sure04:34
BradBfiltering should work fine in the navtree now04:38
BradBi notice members can't add wiki pages though04:39
BradBsabdfl: maybe that's how you guys want the perms though, i'm not sure. it's definitely configured to only allow managers to add wiki pages presently.04:42
sabdfldefinitely want members to be able to create wiki pages04:42
BradBsabdfl: and delete pages?04:44
BradBor rename?04:44
sabdflBradB: hmm.... maybe just managers for that04:44
sabdflrename, yes, it's gacefully handled i think04:44
sabdflnot sure if rename to an existing name is caught well04:44
BradBit is04:45
sabdflthen yes, let members rename pages too04:46
BradBsabdfl: should be go to go now04:49
sabdflnavbar's still showing all the contents of /wiki/04:50
sabdflshould just show "Wiki" with nothing beneath that04:50
sabdflforces the navigation inside the wiki to be wikinav only04:50
BradBoh, i just config'd it to not show wiki pages04:51
sabdflhmm... maybe it just shows when you are logged in05:01
BradBthose folders'll show to anyone, because they're published05:05
BradBbasically, the list of meta types to not list in the navtree is a site-wide configuration05:05
BradBso, i said site-wide to not show wiki pages in the navtree05:05
sabdflbradb: ok05:05
sabdflit's looking pretty slick now, what do you think?05:06
BradBbut since those folders are published, users still see them. can we make those folders under /wiki simply "visible"?05:06
BradBseems pretty cool05:06
sabdflthose folder really should not be there at all05:06
sabdfli gave the doc team some directions to start playing with it05:06
sabdfland they created that content05:06
sabdfli thought i'd cut and pasted the one folder to somewhere else05:06
BradBif it's only going to be wiki pages under /wiki, then this problem will magically go away once those folders are moved to better locations.05:06
sabdfli guess the deleted pages one needs to stay there, but doens't have to be published05:07
BradBit isn't currently (I'm assuming, because i don't see it while looking at the page unauth'd)05:07
sabdflsilly me :-)05:08
sabdfland the other folders are just cache hangovers, will be gone in an hour or two05:08
sabdflok, i'm going to un-publish the wiki entry too, now we know it's working, so the doc team can continue to work quietly till we announce the switch05:08
BradByou're seeing the other folders because you're a manager05:09
BradBthere's a site-wide setting that says "let managers see hidden content"05:09
BradBi don't see anything but those two prev mentioned folders when logged in as b.b@c.c05:09
sabdfli've retracted the wiki content05:11
sabdflso now we just have to get the old wiki content across and send out the announcement05:11
sabdflthanks bradb05:11
BradBno prob05:11
BradBn/m, everything should be good05:27
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sabdflstevea: ping06:06
SteveAneed a hand moving wiki content?06:07
=== SteveA pongs sabdfl by name
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: canonical.arch.infoUpdater bugfix and increased verbosity (patch-677)06:08
sabdflstevea: may have found a blocker on that front06:08
=== SteveA listens
sabdflpages like /ReleaseSchedule06:08
sabdflin moin, these are nested06:09
sabdflso we have WartyWarthog/ReleaseSchedule06:09
sabdfland HoaryHedgehog/ReleaseSchedule06:09
sabdflwhat's the zwiki equivalent?06:09
sabdflcan the zwiki span folders?06:09
sabdflcan a folder be a wiki page?06:09
sabdflsort of06:09
sabdfleverything was going swimmingly till that point though, Moin tables *no problem* :-)06:10
SteveAthey're not really nested, though, in moin06:10
SteveAit is just using the name with an artificial / in it06:10
sabdflno, it's that bastard _2ef thing06:10
SteveAin zwiki, you usually just catenate things:  WartyWarthogReleaseSchedule06:11
SteveAthere is no particular magic nesting06:11
SteveAI'll just check about subfolders06:11
SteveAcan't see a way to do subfolders without making a new ZWiki (with its own namespace) inside that subfolder06:13
SteveAif it really is a separate wiki namespace, then that's the thing to do06:13
SteveAotherwise, we can use WikiBadges to organise things into subtopics06:14
SteveAfor example, have WartyWarthogRelated in each page that is to do with warty06:14
sabdflfrom a search point of view it's probably fine to do it in separate wikis06:14
SteveAand so, that becomes a place where all warty-related things are linked from and too06:14
SteveAyeah -- site search will pick it all up06:14
SteveABut, a standard wiki name link won't work06:15
sabdflexcept in the local namespace06:15
SteveAshouldn't be a hard feature to add, though, to make it work06:15
SteveAyeah -- I mean between nested wikis06:15
sabdflwould it require traversal hints in the name? ../HoaryHedgehog/ReleaseSchedule?06:15
SteveAnot sure what to do about the page that is the root of the nested wiki06:16
sabdflFrontPage as ever06:16
SteveAif that is WartyWarthog, then is that in the containing wiki, or the nested wiki?06:16
SteveAyou can't have a page called WartyWarthog and a wiki folder called WartyWarthog06:16
sabdfland renaming could get fun06:16
=== sabdfl thinks
SteveAyou'd do the link as a standard "external" link, or as an inter-wiki link06:17
sabdflmaybe we should just concatenate and be done with it06:17
SteveAyeah -- probably best to keep it simple to start with06:17
SteveAif warty / hoary grows its own stuff such that it would make sense to split it off, we can do that at that time06:17
SteveAmaybe with help of a couple of bounties to make it work better06:17
=== SteveA looks up interwiki links
SteveAI meant "remote wiki links"06:18
carlossabdfl: did we lost any chance to get ubuntu.org?06:18
sabdflcarlos: i think so06:19
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/buildbot--devel--0: comments and better waterfall status (patch-62)06:20
ddaasabdfl: have you made a decision on the location of the arch sprint just before the conf?06:20
sabdflddaa: london06:20
sabdflunless we can come to your house!06:20
=== ddaa ponders
ddaaThere are two double beds available, but I'm uncertain that I would get the clearance from the landlord :-)06:21
sabdflstevea: think we can do something semi-automatic on the migration?06:21
sabdflor should we just brute force it tomorrow?06:22
sabdflor get lulu to brute-force it Monday?06:22
sabdflerm, that would be cute-force it06:22
SteveAwe can probably do some things to make it easier.  maybe produce a web page with direct links to all the raw pages on the moin wiki06:23
SteveAthat way, lulu can click on each link, and there's the stuff ready for pasting into a new page on zwiki06:23
SteveAfor example06:24
SteveAHere's a list of all pages in the moin wiki   http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TitleIndex?action=titleindex06:25
SteveAbut, a lot of those are to do with the wiki itself :-(06:26
sabdflyes, raw mode rocks06:27
sabdflcould we nudge moin a little06:27
sabdflto put a button at the top of the page06:27
SteveAthere is a link at the top of the page06:28
sabdflthat posts a form with the right voodoo over to site-edit?06:28
sabdfland pre-populate the form with the right stuff06:28
sabdflso lulu just clicks on that button and BOOM is in site-edit with the wiki page ready06:28
=== sabdfl is very good at sneaky plans, it's a useful character flaw
SteveAI guess that's possible.  I haven't looked at the moin code.06:29
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SteveAI wonder whether a bookmarklet could do it06:30
sabdflbut the form contents and url would be predictable?06:30
SteveAbit of javascript you can put into a bookmark to extend your browser in interesting ways06:30
sabdfli'd rather use a more limited tool set06:31
sabdflwe know python, moin and zope pretty well06:31
SteveAthis is a one-off.  and, I think there might be a bookmarklet that does almost what we need already.06:32
SteveAI'll take a browse through http://www.bookmarklets.com/tools/categor.html06:32
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mdzredhat has a shortcut from the top07:31
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=== BradB just bought another powerbook; doubled my hardware specs, w00t
BradBpanther rocks da boat08:50
jblackSteveA: Hey, you there? 09:01
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jblackany zope guys around? 11:38
SteveAhey j11:42
jblackHiya stevea.11:42
jblackI'm trying to do z3rc2. ./configure reports an optimum python, but I get an include error11:42
SteveAdo you use jabber?11:43
jblackNo sir.11:43
SteveAan include error is interesting11:43
SteveApaste here?  http://paste.husk.org/11:44
SteveAoh, that's an ImportError11:46
SteveAnot an include error11:46
SteveAyou haven't installed python-dev11:46
SteveAso, you don't have distutils11:46
jblackSo I haven't.11:46
SteveAI keep making the case that distutils should be part of the default python install11:46
SteveAbut, sabdfl and mdz (I think) think otherwise11:46
jblackdistutils is in python-dev, I take it? 11:46
SteveAit is part of the standard library11:46
SteveAI'm philosophically opposed to splitting the standard library11:47
SteveAotherwise, it isn't "standard" any more11:47
SteveAanyhow, enough trolling11:47
mdzSteveA: I'm not sure about sabdfl, but that is not my position11:47
spivSteveA: There's an ubuntu bug about it...11:47
SteveAmdz: ok, sorry I misrepresented11:47
mdzSteveA: it's here in black and white: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=164011:47
spivmdz: Beat me to it :)11:48
jblackThere we go! :) 11:48
spivWe had a user on #ubuntu today caught by this problem, too.11:49
spivSo, I'm looking forward to it being fixed in hoary :)11:49
SteveAjblack: if you feel it is appropriate, maybe add that you've been caught out by the odd error11:53
SteveAto the bug report11:53
jblackHey... Silly thought?11:53
jblackWould it be appropriate to add a check/warning to configure to check for python-dev? 11:54
SteveAbecause distutils is in the standard library11:55
SteveAit is a broken python installation that doesn't have all of the standard library11:55
SteveAin order to get the full python installation on ubuntu, you need python and python-dev11:56
SteveAbut, this is not made clear11:56
SteveAso, you were mislead into thinking you had a standard python installed11:56
SteveAwhen in fact you had a non-standard subset11:56
jblackAhhh, because ubuntu didn't install it.11:58
SteveAright.  "partial python" is in desktop or base or whatever11:59
=== jblack wonders if ubuntu sends the wrong message by not having a full development environment.
mdzFWIW, if this issue had been raised a couple of months earlier, it's quite likely that it would have been changed for the Warty release12:00
SteveAI raised it a while ago12:00
SteveAcan't remember exactly when12:00
mdzwith me?12:00
SteveAno, with mark12:00
SteveAmaybe I should have gone on the list too12:00
jblackI moaned lightly about gcc on canonical.12:00
mdzthe first I heard about it was that bug report, which was about midway between preview and final12:00
mdznot the time to make that kind of change12:00
jblackactually, #warthogs12:00

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