GotD0tis there a way to install firefox PR the proper way instead all in one folder?12:00
=== SporcusPorcus thinks he meant guy
SporcusPorcusthen again12:00
SporcusPorcusyou never know12:00
lrnnop i ment gay :P12:00
SporcusPorcusdamn subconcience12:00
=== ToTo [~ToTo@] has joined #ubuntu
SporcusPorcusdamn spelling12:00
=== ygnome__ is now known as ygnome
lrnygnome - why not gnome ?12:01
SporcusPorcuscause it sucks he eh12:02
lrnits not12:02
thursdaywhy does gnome suck?12:02
hornbeckit doesn't12:02
SporcusPorcusbecause a gnome stole my cupcakes12:02
lrni liked fluxbox but can`t install hebrew there so12:02
thursdayi like gnome...12:02
thursdaystop it hacker12:03
thursdaylol jk12:03
ygnomeygnome: it's a question12:03
ygnomegnome is the answer...12:04
skarSporcusPorcus: at "http://gaim.sourceforge.net/documentation.php", i see only faq, keyboard shortcuts, status icons, Internationalization Statistics , Getting a backtrace, Protocols, API docs, perl scripting howto. i don't see any of these related to seeing messages addressed to me alone here12:04
skarSporcusPorcus: am i missing something here?12:04
SporcusPorcusskar: ask google12:04
skar SporcusPorcus: ok12:05
bern`how can i go about getting my PCMCIA Orinoco gold b card working?12:06
bern`i have an internal G card but it's broadcom and isn't supported under 64bit yet12:07
lrnhow i check my gtk version 12:07
=== ToTo [~ToTo@] has joined #ubuntu
SporcusPorcusyou know all these questions12:07
SporcusPorcuscould be answered by reading12:07
SporcusPorcususe google12:07
thursdaylrn, dpkg -l | grep libgtk12:08
skarSporcusPorcus: guess google got it, well this line should be highlighted skar12:08
lrnseems like 2.4.1012:08
thursdaythat's what i have too12:08
SporcusPorcusskar: use a real irc client like irssi or god forbid xchat12:09
letheusAm i the only who experienced trouble with recieving mails in Evolution?12:09
hypn0_or chatzilla12:09
SporcusPorcusi said real irc12:09
stvnor that funny MSchat thign with faces12:09
eruinubuntu uses xfree86?12:09
hypn0_xchat does even do graphical smileys :-P12:09
thursdayxchat will do for me till the gnome folk release the gnome irc client12:09
skarSporcusPorcus: gr8, it notifies correctly now, thanx very much, now one less app for irc and im12:10
hypn0_*doesnt 12:10
tvoneruin: yes12:10
stvneruin: yes, at least warty does12:10
tvonfor the moment12:10
eruintvon: whens the switch to xorg planned?12:10
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== vegai [vegai@as2-1.ranta-alpi.verkkoasunto.com] has joined #ubuntu
tvonI think xorg is slated for hoary12:10
skarSporcusPorcus: gaim's got a separate plug in for notifying me, the OSS goodness :)12:10
eruinyou have an idea of when it'll start showing up in unstable trees?12:10
tvonmaybe by then Composite will be useful :)12:10
=== vegai [vegai@as2-1.ranta-alpi.verkkoasunto.com] has joined #ubuntu
tvoneruin: no idea, I'm not even sure when real Hoary hacking will commence12:11
thursday# cat /etc/debian_version12:11
thursdayshouldnt that say the ubuntu release name? :(12:11
tvonthough Hoary is going to rock.  I think inotify is going to get in, along iwth NetworkManager and some other goodies12:11
vegaihas anyone solved the problem of yucky fonts with large TFT monitors?12:11
thursdayvegai, yucky?12:11
mdzthursday: no, unfortunately some tools rely on it.  we'll fix them in the future, but for now, it's easiest to leave it there12:11
vegaiI've read font-deuglification HOWTO (and seems that ubuntu implements its fixes)12:11
tvonthursday: well the file *is* called debian_version and not ubuntu_version :)12:11
Kamionthursday: no, that's in /etc/lsb-release12:11
=== letheus [~s7s@port915.ds1-he.adsl.cybercity.dk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== stvn has learned an important lesson today *never* install to 2.6.8-3 kernels if one is from debian and the other from ubuntu, it confuses the computer
vegaithursday: fonts are uglier than in a competing OS12:12
thursdaywhoa i didnt know about lsb-release12:12
=== skar is now known as skar_away
eruinthursday: umm, well, I thought ubuntu was supposed to be compatible with debian repos, thus that needed. also implies that xorg won't be in ubuntu until sarge is stable and xorg is starting to flow inside debian unstable?12:12
mdzthere is no 2.6.8-3 in Ubuntu12:12
thursdayvegain, define ugly?12:12
vegaithursday: oh, that's a tough one :/12:12
stvnmdz: sorry, i meant ;)12:12
joolzthursday: dubbelplus unbautiful12:12
mdzthursday: and the corresponding lsb_release tool to parse it12:12
vegaiit's subjective, of course12:12
mdzstvn: likewise, Debian has no :-)12:13
=== SporcusPorcus [~Romanus@pool-151-198-118-56.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
mdzdebian decided to call them 2.6.8, and just apply the .1 patch12:13
thursdayvegai, if your problem is just  that you want nicer foonts like from microsoft you can just copy those fonts to ~/.fonts12:13
vegaithursday: I installed msttcorefonts and I tried those too12:13
=== RogueDopple [~Rogue@pool-151-198-118-56.nwrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== skar_away [~sk@] has left #ubuntu []
thursdayvegai, and they look bad?12:13
vegaithey are bit better12:13
vegaiI wish I could put my finger on the problem12:14
thursdayi use microsoft fonts on my system and they look identical to the ones on my winxp system12:14
eruinthe actual xp fonts are better than the ones in msttcorefonts12:14
stvnmdz: heh, well ok never install two 2.6.8 kernels, grub/ubuntu got confused and used the wrong modules giving a horrid error and it refuses to mount /var which is very annoying/not workable12:14
thursdaybut then again i set fonts to monochrome12:14
joolzi have trouble playing wav's in rhythmbox... doesn't work. is that a (c) issue or is my pc broken?12:14
=== xyz359 [~xyz359@241643hfc46.tampabay.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
vegaiyeah, I guess I could try that12:14
Eno_maybe you dont like the antialiasing?12:14
vegaior maybe the DPI setting is wrong12:14
thursdayyeah i don't like the aa so much either... i would sudgest you try the monochrome setting12:15
thursdayi've never touched the dpi setting12:15
vegaiI would've imagined that a TFT screen looks better with subpixel smoothing12:15
Eno_(oh my, monochrome is disgusting :))12:15
joolzmonochrome? what are you guys on? mainframe? as/400? :)12:16
=== phoen1x [~rob@adsl-213-249-237-130.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #ubuntu
thursdayi use Lucida Sans Unicode at size 8 on monochrome and it's easy on the eyes12:16
vegaithey mean the Gnome font rendering setting "Monochrome"12:16
vegaiwhich means "without anti-alias"12:16
joolzoh.. ok12:16
phoen1xhi all just installed ubuntu, my first ever distro :-)12:16
thursdaycongrats phoen1x !12:16
joolzphoen1x: join the club :)12:17
GotD0tdoes anybody know how to set it so when you boot up num lock is turned on12:17
phoen1xthanks :) now if only i can figure why there is no sound heh12:17
GotD0tsound from what?12:17
joolzGotD0t: from his speakers? maybe12:17
cardadoranyone know how to turn off pc speaker?12:17
=== m00se [~moose@chd171.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
GotD0ti mean... from what app?12:18
thursdayvegai, do you have windows xp? i would suggest you install the fonts from an xp system rather than the fonts on source forge12:18
phoen1xwell, the soundcard seems to have been detected, i know the speakers work, but no sound from audio cd or ogg file12:18
phoen1xfrom xmms or the bundled player12:18
vegaino, 2k12:18
GotD0tare you using a PCI sound card?12:18
joolzi have the opposite. can anyone confirm if rhythmbox will or won't play wav's? plz?12:18
phoen1xyes GotD0t - pci12:18
GotD0tbecause when i installed all the apps were pointing to the one on my mobo12:18
stvnphoen1x: checked if the volume was up, and not muted? (two different things)12:18
GotD0tand not my audigy12:18
thursdayis your volume on? check with alsamixer12:19
GotD0tthe one on the mobo works... just doesnt have speakers attached so alas no sound12:19
vegaiand sometimes alsa gives weird names for channels12:19
phoen1xnot an audigy - ancient standard thing12:19
GotD0tdoes your mobo have built in sound?12:19
m00seanyone reported problems with setting up grub during install?12:19
=== michel_v` [~tofu@menilmontant-2-81-57-190-84.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
michel_v`hi again12:19
phoen1xno built in sound on mobo12:19
vegaithe Font-deuglification HOWTO recommends to set the DPI to 100. I wonder if that's a good idea?12:20
michel_v`what's the most recent version of kernel-headers?12:20
bern`anyone managed to get a mobilty radeon 9600 working under ubuntu ?12:20
stvnm00se: yes, mainly about not playing nice with other OSs12:20
GotD0tdefine working12:20
michel_v`at the moment I can't find kernel-headers-
thursdayvegai, does it say where to make that setting change?12:20
phoen1xstvn - how does one check if muted? the vol is on max12:20
michel_v`would it do if I install kernel headers for a previous kernel version?12:20
joolzok, i'll try again. I can play wav files with aplay, but somehow rhythmbox won't. Am i missing some plugin? What do i do wrong???12:20
vegaithursday: when starting X12:20
GotD0tbern: define working...12:20
stvnphoen1x: did you check with alsamixer, it has MM on top of the bars if muted12:20
bern`GotD0t: 3d rendering :/12:21
vegaiI wonder if I could tell gdm to do that12:21
Eno_michel_v`: try searching for linux-headers instead12:21
m00sestvn, for me it froze at 50% and i had to kill grub-install to continue12:21
Eno_michel_v`: linux-headers-
bern`GotD0t:  well reasnable 3d rendering, i have screensavers that are 3d that can only go 4.5fps :P12:21
stvnm00se: did you check bugzilla?12:21
michel_v`Eno_: actually I'm not the one searching. :) modules-assistant is12:21
phoen1xstvn: OK how do i find alsamixer? :)12:21
bern`GotD0t: i don't plan on playing games on my laptop but i would be nice to get it functional12:22
GotD0tbern: well you're going to need to install the accelerated drivers... i assume you havent changed the drivers?12:22
stvnphoen1x: open up a terminal window and type alsamixer12:22
vegaiglxgears is fun with HW-rendering and a TFT with 25ms refresh :D12:22
vegaiyou can hardly see the gears12:22
phoen1xah, thanks :0 brb :)12:22
m00sestvn, not yet, i'm configuring my desktop ATM12:22
Eno_michel_v`: what is it?12:22
bern`GotD0t: nope not a bit12:22
joolzhmmm, i'm not alone http://mail.gnome.org/archives/rhythmbox-devel/2004-August/msg00053.html12:22
GotD0tbern: you said mobility 9600?12:23
phoen1xaha! several of the lines have MM on the top12:23
bern`GotD0t: yeah12:23
michel_v`Eno_: it's an app that's supposed to handle pretty much all module installation related work12:23
stvnphoen1x: the important ones are Master and PCM12:23
michel_v`Eno_: as in you type modules-assistant ndiswrapper and it will apt-get install it, dpkg blahblah etc12:23
=== ogra [~ogra@p508EB5DE.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
michel_v`Eno_: and in the end you get the module installed and ready to modprobe12:23
joolzso, should i install xmms?12:24
stvnjoolz: nope, install beep-media-player12:24
Eno_michel_v`: ah, i see... is it not in the ubuntu repository or something? i can't find it12:24
ograhi all12:24
GotD0tbern: one second12:24
phoen1xstvn: hmmm master and pcm both up high - master M 3d contr line and mic are all MM12:24
michel_v`by the way, I'm unfamiliar with debian-based systems, should I install linux-686 or linux-image-686?12:24
stvnphoen1x: that's ok12:25
michel_v`Eno_: it's not there. try whiprush's blog, I think he's the one who blogged about it12:25
GotD0tbern: this should have what oyu need http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto?action=highlight&value=ATI12:25
Kamionmichel_v`: familiarity probably wouldn't help you there; you probably want linux-686, which depends on both linux-image-686 and the matching linux-restricted-modules-* package12:25
ogramichel_v: linux-686 is fine, keeps you uptodate ;-)12:25
stvnphoen1x: does lsmod | grep snd give you anything?12:25
michel_v`Kamion: thanks for the clarification12:25
Kamionmichel_v`: (exception would be if you object to binary-only firmware)12:25
joolzstvn: very funny. just installed it and still rhythmbox won't play wav's12:26
michel_v`isn't there a way to say I don't need nvidia stuff?12:26
m00sestvn, my bug is already reported #130112:26
bern`GotD0t: thanks12:26
stvnjoolz: check if beep-media-player can play them12:27
ogramichel_v: ask nvidia to provide specs, so there'll be a linux driver12:27
joolzstvn: ok, i'll try12:27
phoen1xstvn: am i looking for anything specific ?12:27
vegaiah, I got it. One can define the physical size of the monitor in XF86Config, which enables X to calculate the DPI right12:27
vegailet's see if that helps12:27
michel_v`ogra: what I mean is is there a way to make linux-restricted-modules not depend on nvidia stuff, since I don't have any nvidia hardware on this laptop12:27
WWjoolz: Read the first page of the Rhythmbox manual (Help->Contents->Section 1).12:27
stvnphoen1x: it should list the modules related to your soundcard, the first one on the list is enough, if you can paste it here12:28
joolzstvn: yes it can. and so can aplay (as it could before)12:28
joolzbut what could be wrong with rhytmbox?12:28
phoen1xhere you go -> snd_ens1371            23012  312:28
michel_v`ok, started apt getting linux-686 -- if I'm lucky it'll be installed in an hour12:28
michel_v`(slooooooooooow hdd)12:28
stvnphoen1x: so it's a soundblaster, right?12:29
phoen1xstvn: yes12:29
michel_v`joolz: the thing that could be wrong would be a gstreamer plugin12:29
stvnphoen1x: stupid question, but did you check if the speakers are connected properly ;)12:29
joolzmichel_v`: tx, i'll check12:29
phoen1xstvn: hehe 1st thing i thought of :) have tried in all of the sockets etc12:30
eruinanyone know what the command for taking a screenshot in gnome 2.8 is?12:30
=== xyz359 [~xyz359@241643hfc46.tampabay.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
michel_v`eruin: gnome-panel-screenshot12:30
WWjoolz: Maybe the manual is out of date, but it only says MP3, FLAC, and OGG.  Nothing about .wav.12:30
cardadoreruin: computer -> take screenshot12:30
michel_v`eruin: gnome-panel-screenshot --window, if you want to shoot only the active app12:30
michel_v`eruin: or your print screen key, it should already be handled by gnome :)12:31
michel_v`eruin: and alt or shift + printscreen for the active winddow12:31
eruinmichel_v: cheers! :D12:31
=== guptan [~Raj@we12647.emirates.net.ae] has joined #ubuntu
ogramichel_v: this nvidia dependency is the price for widespread hardware support in ubuntu....we'll have to live with both :)12:32
eruinmichel_v: trying to use the tool in xfce too12:32
=== m00se [~moose@chd171.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
stvnphoen1x: hm12:32
phoen1xstvn: yup thats what i thought ;)12:32
thursdaymichel_v`, gnome-panel-screenshot12:32
lrnI don`t have irclib12:32
lrni want to add it12:32
lrnany one ?12:32
xskoulaxis there any difference in marillat totem-xine and totem-xine from the universe repository?12:32
=== Dekkard [~doofus@adsl-68-73-5-226.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
stvnphoen1x: what app do you use to play the songs?12:33
=== keknehv [~keknehv@c-67-172-140-150.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
joolzmichel_v`: nope, just installed all of gsteamer and it won't work12:34
keknehvHi all12:34
keknehvI'm having problems with my X server12:34
joolzdrag & drop a wav file on rhythmbox just refuses to drop :-\12:34
phoen1xstvn: i have tried xmms and the standard Music Player in gnome (And CD Player)12:34
keknehvI start booting up ubuntu, and it gets to "loading Gnome something manager"12:34
keknehvAnd then I get a black screen12:34
stvnphoen1x: does xmms play the song, eg do you see it playing?12:35
michel_v`keknehv: probably a bad graphic card driver12:35
phoen1xstvn: yes everything seems fine and dandy, except the silence :)12:35
michel_v`keknehv: which graphic card is it?12:35
=== Dekkard [~rightone@adsl-68-73-5-226.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
phoen1xstvn: all of the apps appear to function great, just no sound12:35
michel_v`brb, rebooting to linux-686 :)12:36
=== Blues-Man good blues night
stvnphoen1x: hm, the card is recognised, the drivers loaded, the app can contact the sound server and play, the most obvious problem is hardware, either the card is broken, or the connection is wrong, or the speakers are not turned12:36
stvnphoen1x: thinking of other problems though12:36
lrnI don`t have irclib12:36
lrni want to add it12:36
lrnany one ?12:36
stvnphoen1x: you did a clean ubuntu install, right?12:37
phoen1xstvn: thanks for your thoughts, am thinking it may well be the card, havent used it for eons12:37
phoen1xstvn: yup clean install12:37
cardadorlrn: what is irclib? try to search a debian package12:38
stvnphoen1x: try if the card works on other OSs/distros or try another card12:38
phoen1xstvn: good plan - will slap it in my WinXP (shudder) box asap and try it out12:38
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-039-032.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ReporterX [~ReporterX@10001085998.0000004196.acesso.oni.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== eclipsex [~eclipsex@dranco.resnet.mtu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
ReporterXhello all!12:39
phoen1xmust say, loving the linux experience so far, even with the sharp learnign curve12:39
ReporterXwhat do i need to mount a ntfs partition ?12:39
stvnphoen1x: the hardest part is getting it installed, you succeeded there, everything else is much simpler12:39
phoen1xstvn: was completely painless tbh12:40
stvnphoen1x: I put it on the computers of my housemates, and other than some minor glitches and slightly weird experience, they found it quite ok, saved them a lot of hassle with virusses etc12:40
ReporterXor... how do i mount a ntfs partition ?12:40
limaunionReporterX: sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hd? /mnt/ 12:41
phoen1xstvn: aye - thinking of dual booting my main PC12:41
keknehvSorry michel... I was away for a sec... it's a pci NvidiaMX, but when I attempt to install that driver in recovery mode, it messes up12:41
=== [Phaedrus] [Phaedrus@] has joined #ubuntu
stvnReporterX: but writing to a ntfs partition is not very stable/secure12:41
ReporterXlimaunion: thanks...12:42
keknehvSo you should have a smallish fat32 partition, write?12:42
stvnphoen1x: be careful, you might end up like me, with the win XP partition removed because I needed more space ;)12:42
=== trevor_ [~trevor@ppp-66-139-36-44.dialup.tulsok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograstvn: good step ;)12:42
phoen1xstvn: hehe if i can live without the games I have on XP, I will happily do so :)12:43
limaunionReporterX: check your 'man mount' page for further details...12:43
[Phaedrus] what better way to make a total transition to the Linux world stvn :)12:43
ReporterXstvn: i just want to read some deb packages....12:43
stvnogra: actually I replaced winXP by ubuntu, now I need to remove the debian instalation which is there as well ;)12:43
keknehvBut how can you live without quake3? :P12:43
stvnReporterX: oh ok, no worries12:43
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-81-80.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
thursdaykeknehv, by using half-life 2 or doom3 :)12:43
phoen1xhow can i live without EQ2 beta you mean :p12:43
keknehvthose run on linux?12:44
ReporterXthis my first debian based distribution... i used to rpm based distributions...12:44
thursdayor better yet... enemy-territory! but thats built on quake 312:44
cardadorkeknehv: doom3 runs natively12:44
thursdaykeknehv, id jsut released a linux port12:44
[Phaedrus] I am more familiar with gentoo. Is there anyone here who has switched over from gentoo?12:44
keknehvunfortunately, my video card is crap :P12:44
thursday[Phaedrus] , i still use gentoo on my server12:44
phoen1xcardador: impressive - will have to take a look at that12:44
thursdayubuntu on my laptop12:44
=== guptan [~Raj@we12647.emirates.net.ae] has joined #ubuntu
[Phaedrus] thursday, would you say ubuntu is a better option over gentoo?12:45
thursdayit depends for what12:45
thursdayi think ubuntu is better for the desktop12:45
keknehvSo my X server won't start... but the livecd runs a-ok12:45
keknehvWHAT'S WRONG?12:45
[Phaedrus] let's say desktop, development and better hardware support would be a starter's list12:45
thursdaybut there is no way i would replace my server os with ubuntu12:45
ograthursday: why ?12:45
jordithursday: why is that?12:45
ReporterXi need to setup my usb wireless device (with atmel chipset).... i have the deb package with the firmware... can some give some tips how to install my wireless devices ?12:46
scotthubuntu releases to often12:46
thursday[Phaedrus] , if you don't want to spend enormous amounts of time configuring and building software yes i would say ubuntu is the better choice12:46
[Phaedrus] thanks thursday. I'll give it a try12:46
Kamionscotth: warty'll be supported for 18 months, though, so you don't have to be on the 6-month upgrade treadmill12:46
thursdayogra, jordi... because i love use flags for building software on a server12:46
scotthatleast thats why we are going to ubuntu on the desktop and keeping debian on our servers... debian will tend to be more stable while ubuntu has the newer software12:46
scotthKamion, its not ubuntu's fault... its more of a political issue... administration will be constantly pushing us to the newest version12:47
thursdaywoody is my 2nd choice for server os12:47
Kamionscotth: yeah, fair enough12:47
phoen1xcan't get over how well this runs on a p2 500 (half gig ram helps im sure)12:48
ograthursday: i wouldn't even allow a gcc on my servers, only if it's really needed ;)12:48
scotthI think both debian and ubuntu can coexist because of differing focus... also the fact that we have sparc servers and ubuntu doesn't support sparc12:48
=== rancoras [~Rancoras@adsl-69-149-37-54.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionscotth: certainly what I'm hoping from the point of view of "it'd be really bad if Ubuntu killed Debian"12:48
stvnphoen1x: that helps, I run it on a 400MHz with 400MB ram and on a 1GHz with 64MB ram, the latter is so much slower12:48
ograscotth: someone wanted to start a port some weeks ago on the mailing list12:49
scotthKamion, I think ubuntu will make debian healthier12:49
keknehvI'm running ubuntu on a 700MHz with 192MB ram... it's so-so (I guess)12:49
=== dc|off [~sidnei@adsl-216-61-158-25.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
phoen1xstvn: glad i have the extra then - sorely tempted to put it on the maoin machine - athlonxp 1.8 with a gig of ram, should fly12:49
scotthogra, thats cool maybe Ill look at the archives12:49
keknehvhow can I edit my x-free86 to load an nvidia driver, such as nv?12:50
keknehvx-free86 config, that is12:50
=== michel_v` [~tofu@menilmontant-2-81-57-190-84.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
michel_v`hello again12:50
ograscotth: dunno if it was -users or -devel, look at both12:50
michel_v`which package should I install for gcc?12:50
cardadorkeknehv: sudo gedit /etc/X11/XF86config-412:50
michel_v`in order to build kernel modules12:50
ogramichel_v: buiold-essential12:50
keknehvIn command line?12:50
stvnkeknehv: sudo nano /etc/X11/XF86Config-412:50
cardadorkeknehv: yes12:50
ogramichel_v: oops, build12:50
keknehvthanks, I'll go try that...12:51
=== letheus [~s7s@port915.ds1-he.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
michel_v`wheee, thanks12:52
=== ToTo is now known as ToTo-Away
Kamionscotth: again, what I'm hoping :-)12:52
letheusIs Pine available for Ubuntu?12:53
LinuxJonesletheus, doesn't look like it12:54
rancorasyup, I don't see it either12:54
ograletheus: did you say mutt ? *g*12:54
stvnis there a script/applet that can alert me when a certain computer goes offline/online?12:54
letheusogra, ?12:55
WWletheus: "mutt" is another mail client.12:55
WWletheus: No luck with Evolution?12:55
keknehvThis is interesting... my X86 config file is EMPTY!12:56
=== JohnRobert [~john@pcp03060781pcs.poltch01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== phil__ [~phil@host81-152-65-98.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
keknehvIs there some command I should run to auto-configure it?12:56
ograletheus: some people say they're the same12:56
letheusWW, Well...i can send mails, but not receive.12:56
LinuxJonesstvn,  you can add a bash script on all your comps to report when it is shutting down. I don't know if that is what you mean ?12:57
letheusogra, ok12:57
cardadorkeknehv: thats strange12:57
keknehvAnd I went to exactly that file (I think)12:57
cardadorkeknehv: what did you write?12:57
guptanhow do I make nautilus to remember window size of nautilus browser?12:57
cardadorkeknehv: i mean, for editing 12:57
=== Bliksem [~user@host217-43-93-30.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
cardadorkeknehv: sudo edit /etc/bla bla12:58
=== JohnRobert [~john@pcp03060781pcs.poltch01.tn.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
stvnLinuxJones: hm, that's an idea, was more thinking along the lines of a script that alerts me when a computer comes online/goes offline, but I can let them tell me as well12:58
keknehvI ran the install (hooked up to internet), rebooted (still hooked up), it asked me if I wanted to install extra packages, I did...12:58
WWletheus: You can try different mail clients (many people really like Mozilla Thunderbird), but if it is a configuration problem, you might end up with the same problem with all of them.12:58
Bliksemanyone know what this is about "MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected" it appears during boot, but ubunut carries on anyway, so im not worried, just wondering12:58
keknehvIt tried to boot, said "GNOME display manager not running" and went to a black screen12:58
keknehvI used sudo nano, vi, emacs, you name it12:58
LinuxJonesstvn,  is this a server running a particular service or just a reandom desktop machine ?12:59
LinuxJoneserr random12:59
stvnLinuxJones: random desktop machines12:59
=== phoen1x [~rob@adsl-213-249-237-130.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #ubuntu
rwabelI've a little problem with my sound. I only have sound as root, but my username is in the audio group. does anyone know where the problem could be?12:59
keknehvScratch that...12:59
stvnkeknehv: you followed the steps on the wiki?01:00
keknehvI found the file :D01:00
LinuxJonesstvn,  how many :D01:00
keknehvWhat steps?01:00
letheusWW, ok :)01:00
=== letheus [~s7s@port915.ds1-he.adsl.cybercity.dk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
stvnLinuxJones: 401:00
phoen1xok - just managed to make my first newb error - ctrl-alt-f1 - couldnt get back to gnome so had to restart :)01:00
stvnphoen1x: alt-f7 would have brought you back01:00
cardadorphoen1x: ctrl alt f2 i guess01:00
ographoen1x: ctrl-alt-f7 ;)01:00
=== mirak_ [~mirak@adsl-68-252-133-5.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
cardadoror that :)01:01
keknehvstvn? where's the wiki page?01:01
GotD0twhats the easiest way to convert MP3's to wavs?01:01
phoen1xctrl-alt-f7 - etched on my memory, thanks :)01:01
keknehvconvert to ogg01:01
GotD0tno... because my car doesnt recognize oggs01:01
GotD0talthough that would be quite cool01:01
stvnkeknehv: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/HardwareSupport_2fComponents_2fVideoCards01:01
=== stvn thinks a bot would be good afterall, if not just to give wiki URLS
GotD0tthats a pretty good idea01:01
LinuxJonesstvn,  You could add a bash script to notify your workstation when it enters runlevel 0 suppose. It's a good idea actually :D01:02
xyz359Quick question: Is there a way to bring old GNOME menu items to GNOME2?01:02
stvnGotD0t: no point in converting mp3 to ogg, you only lose quality01:02
=== bern [~bern@hc652777e.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
keknehvOk... brb...01:02
phoen1xstvn: whilst rebooting i did notice something - whilst booting and the messages are flashing up the screen - 2 errors came up - both to do with PCI and hotplug?01:02
stvnphoen1x: no problem01:02
stvnphoen1x: still haven't figured out what causes them, but haven't met anyone who had problems with it01:03
phoen1xlol oki dokie01:03
ograstvn: they tell you you got no pci-hotplug cards in your pc01:03
=== saneones [~saneones@S010600e029839d80.vs.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
stvnogra: ah, thanks01:04
phoen1xstvn: found another card, so going to try it - do i simply swap and boot - it will autodetect?01:04
stvnphoen1x: it should do that yes01:04
GotD0tphoen1x: yea... i have the same thing... dont have any problems01:04
phoen1xtriffic - brb folks :)01:04
stvnLinuxJones: now I need to figure out a nice way to handle those alerts01:04
umarmunganyone here plays et? do i have to install gtk-1.x to install it? i rather avoid that since i dont use any gtk-1.x app :/01:04
=== ApesMa [~jejones@dsl-client-209-234-74-23.networkiowa.com] has joined #ubuntu
stvnLinuxJones: I already got nice launchers on my bar to those computers, would be nice if it somehow would show at the launcher if the computer is online or not 01:05
stvnumarmung: you don't have to IIRC01:05
GotD0twhats the easiest way to convert MP3's to wavs?01:05
WWGotD0t: Maybe sox?01:06
stvnumarmung: it's running on my housemates computer with ubuntu01:06
GotD0tww: thanks01:06
LinuxJonesstvn,  maybe I will write a small python app to monitor computer activity on a small network. (I am looking for a project that might actually be usefull) :P01:06
GotD0tww: where can i get it?01:06
umarmungstvn, but did you install gtk-1.x? i get: error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file01:06
=== asubedi [~asubedi@pcp04534808pcs.oakrdg01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
stvnLinuxJones: I'd be interested to help testing, not much of a programmer myself, can just decipher existing programs/scripts to alter them if needed but that's the limit of my knowledge01:06
umarmungstvn, i know, you dont need it for playing, but the installer IMHO uses gtk-1.x01:07
WWGotD0t: sox is in Ubuntu's universe component. 01:07
ApesMaGotD0t: sudo apt-get install sox01:07
ApesMa(just did it myself)01:07
WWGotD0t: ^^^^01:07
GotD0tWW: i just did an apt-cache search sox returned no results01:08
LinuxJonesstvn, I want to write a small client/server app using Python. This might be a good project :)01:08
ApesMaGotD0t: http://sox.sourceforge.net/ says that sox needs an optional library to deal with MP3; dunno if the apt-get brings that in, too.01:08
GotD0tWW: then i tried apt-get install sox and it says there is no installation candidate01:08
WWGotD0t: You need to enable universe.01:08
GotD0tWW: how?01:08
WWGotD0t: There's a howto on the ubunut web site.01:09
stvnumarmung: hm, don't really remember been a while, but why not install the gtk lib and then remove it again?01:09
GotD0tdid they change the color sceme on the ubuntu site?01:09
=== jake123 [~jake@D-128-208-46-219.dhcp4.washington.edu] has joined #ubuntu
ograGotD0t: nope01:10
=== letheus [~s7s@port915.ds1-he.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
umarmungstvn, ok, but i hoped that wasn't need :/01:10
=== z1 [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Jisao [~Jisao@1meg-mtl-adsl219.securenet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== z1 [~jose@] has left #ubuntu []
jacobAnyone know why why GEdit won't syntax hightlight Lua script? Is GEdit using gtksourceview?01:13
umarmungjacob, yes gedit uses gtksourceview01:14
umarmungstvn, thx, installed gtk-1.x and now et works fine :)01:14
stvnLinuxJones: if you're busy trying anyway; I got an extra request, if the computer is up, the monitor app can be used to ssh into that box ;)01:15
stvnumarmung: good01:15
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-84-29.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
umarmungjacob, i just checked, there is no lua.lang file; are you sure gtksourceview support lua?01:16
jacobumarmung, nope, im not sure, although I've found someone whois working on it.01:16
=== phoen1x [~rob@adsl-213-249-237-130.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #ubuntu
letheusI?m having trouble installing new themes in XMMS. I?ve got the folders with the new skins on my desktop and try to copy them to the /XMMS/Skins folder like this:  "sudo cp ~/Desktop/*newskin* ~/.xmms/skins -r. Everything should be fine, but when i look in the XMMS skin-folder, nothing has been copied there. Am i typing a wrong command in the terminal?01:17
umarmungjacob, then help him :) there arent that many syntaxes supported right now...01:17
jacobumarmung, you wouldn't happen to know if its possible to install local .lang files in your $HOME-dir? I'd like to try this beta .lang-file out01:17
stvnphoen1x: solved?01:17
phoen1xstvn: nope - exactly the same01:17
stvnphoen1x: damn01:17
phoen1xstvn: aye :/01:18
umarmungjacob, drop it in /usr/share/gtksourceview-1.0/language-specs, restart gedit and cross fingers :p01:18
phoen1xstvn: have tried xmms and totem - no sound01:18
=== stony [~stony@ip68-109-69-188.oc.oc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
jacobumarmung, well thats the thing, I don't wanna mess with the root filesystem... me pedantic01:18
GotD0tphoen1x right click on xmms and click on preferences01:18
stvnphoen1x: so it's either in the hardware after the card, or it is indeed a software problem01:18
umarmungjacob, if you can upload .lang + .lua i will try, but i dont know what you might mess up01:19
stvnchecked if the cable/speakers/etc work on another setup?01:19
=== stony is now known as stonyuk
GotD0tphoen1x if alsa is listed as the output plugin then click configure01:19
GotD0tthen make sure it has the right audio device listed... if not find it01:19
phoen1xOSS is the output atm01:19
jacobumarmung, nah, don't bother, I'll just test it, thanks01:19
phoen1xstvn: yup they are known to work01:20
LinuxJonesstvn, I am thinking that the admin should also be able to see what each user is doing. Maybe with exporting X via and encrypted tunnel to the Administrators/Parent's desktop.01:20
stonyukIs there a meta-package that will let me download most of the development tools required? I'm trying to compile libxine and I don't have any of the Xfree86-devel stuff and I can't find the right package.01:20
stvnLinuxJones: there's this nifty remote desktop app, that could be used I guess01:20
stvnLinuxJones: although I prefer ssh, since most of the time I don't care that much, just need to update01:21
meffstonyuk: build-essential iirc01:21
WWstonyuk: ... and maybe libx11-dev01:21
stonyukmeff: That gets the compiler and a few libs, but very very little else01:22
stonyukww: Ah, thx :-)01:22
phoen1xGotD0t: I have 4 options for device - std PCM and 3 PCI ones01:22
=== rcc [~rcc@] has joined #ubuntu
GotD0tphoen1x: try the pci ones01:23
meffstonyuk: i just run ./configure see which lib it needs, then apt-cache search nameoflib -dev01:23
=== imagineit [~emiller@pcp09256741pcs.olathe01.ks.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
phoen1xgotD0t: should it later on the fly, or should i restart xmms each tim i change it?01:24
=== Dethread [~Dethread@24-205-231-52.slo-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
stonyukmeff: It wasn't too clear about the package name - had me looking for XFree86-devel01:24
stvnphoen1x: should do it on the fly01:24
GotD0tphoen1x: as long as you're not currently trying to play a song it should work on the fly01:24
letheus"sudo cp ~/Desktop/XMMStheme ~/.xmms/skins -r"  Could someone tell what is wrong with this command?01:24
phoen1x.......and we have noiuse (Robert Palmer to be precise) - THANKS :-)))))))01:25
=== twinsoul [~jordivbl@159.Red-80-32-104.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
stonyukIs Totem playing DVDs for most ppl? I've not been able to get it to work on FC3 or Ubuntu.01:25
Dethreadletheus, cp -r from to01:25
=== michel_v` [~tofu@menilmontant-2-81-57-190-84.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
stonyuklethus: The -r should be at the beginning01:25
michel_v`hello again01:25
GotD0tphoen1x: what OS did you switch from?01:25
stvnGotD0t: still it's weird ubuntu on a clean install /should/ work, the card is recognised alright, the modules are loaded, alsa is properly unmuted so I don't get it01:25
michel_v`got ndiswrapper installed with modules-assistant \o/01:25
letheusOK! Thanks :)01:25
ograstonyuk: why not: sudo apt-get build-dep libxine101:25
phoen1xgotD0t: from XP/win2k01:25
LinuxJonesstonyuk, >> http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RestrictedFormats01:26
michel_v`ok, question: how does one uninstall OpenOffice.org without uninstalling ubuntu-desktop?01:26
GotD0tstvn: XMMS was pointing to the wrong hardware device...01:26
GotD0tstvn: thats all that was wrong01:26
michel_v`if I uninstall ubuntu-desktop this way, would that uninstall packages that were depended on by ubuntu-desktop too?01:26
GotD0tstvn: took me a while to figure that out for me01:26
stvnGotD0t: dunno, none of the apps were working01:26
Dekkardman my fonts are nasty...01:26
ogramichel_v: no01:27
stonyukLinuxJones: I read that, but it didn't help. Totem doesn't play the disc, it just opens the contents of the DVD and shows me all the files.01:27
GotD0tstvn: well he says its working01:27
michel_v`ogra: so, I can uninstall ubuntu-desktop with no problem?01:27
phoen1xstvn: looks like we have both learned something :)01:27
phoen1xaye - that did the trick01:27
ogramichel_v: it's just for getting things _in_01:27
stvnphoen1x: indeed01:27
phoen1xstvn: impressed by ogg quality too01:27
stvnphoen1x: wbut you did say cd-player didn't work either, right?01:28
stvnGotD0t: heh missed that bit of good news ;)01:28
GotD0tstvn: yea... it took me like half an hour of getting help from people in the channel, who were all helping me configure alsa, when xmms was outputing to my mobo sound01:28
michel_v`oh by the way01:28
GotD0tinstead of my audigy01:28
stvnstonyuk: you did install the decss library?01:29
LinuxJonesstonyuk, install gxine or mplayer01:29
WWstonyuk: The same thing started happening to me a few days ago.01:29
phoen1xstvn: yup - very odd - it cant be that the other players use xmms, as xmms is not part of the distro, but added later?01:29
letheusHmmm...dosen?t seem to work01:29
michel_v`it really would be better to run dpkg --configure -a, instead of aptitude, when the second part of the install got cut off (power failure, other causes)01:29
GotD0tstvn: well its safe to assume if xmms works after changing the audio device then they're all doing the same thing01:29
stvnphoen1x: indeed, that's why i didn't think of xmms being wrongly configured, do the other apps work now as well?01:29
michel_v`in aptitude, the user (me) didn't know what to do01:29
WWstonyuk: Try using the command totem-xine dvd:///01:29
stonyukGot libdvdcss etc. I will try gxine, but I heard it is even more ugly than xine :-)01:30
phoen1xstvn: 2 secs, will check01:30
stvnGotD0t: true01:30
LinuxJonesstonyuk, lol01:30
GotD0tstvn: well it might be something as defined by ubuntu itself... pointing all apps to the same device01:30
michel_v`with dpkg --configure -a, the installation of ubuntu-desktop resumed01:30
michel_v`and I only had to reboot01:30
michel_v`had I had to use aptitude, I would have spent the night :P01:30
stonyukww: I don't have a totem-xine - just a totem-video-thumbnailer01:30
GotD0tstvn: as i just switched to linux this week i dont know for sure, but thinkin all apps look to the OS for the correct device seems like a safe assumption01:31
WWstonyuk: Oh.  You are trying to play a DVD?01:31
phoen1xstvn: all working now aye01:31
GotD0tphoen1x: thats interesting01:31
stonyukww: Yes01:31
ograWW: totem is ok01:32
phoen1xgotD0t: it looks like that could be the case - change 1 app and it changes the default for all apps of the same output type?01:32
LinuxJonesIs there a major Microsoft worm out there right now or something, my network connection is slow as molasses :(01:32
GotD0tphoen1x: i guess xmms must have changed the settings in the OS...01:32
WWstonyuk: I didn't figure out why mine stopped working, but I found that both vlc and ogle worked.01:32
stvnLinuxJones: yeah it's called auto-update ;) - but seriously don't know01:32
stonyukww: Thx, I'd not heard of them01:32
=== xskoulax [~chris@] has joined #ubuntu
stvnphoen1x: it could be, would be rather nifty01:33
xskoulaxlamont: 01:33
xskoulaxyou around01:33
GotD0tso phoen1x, how you liking not using windows? and what made you decide to make the switch01:33
ograWW: totem-xine is just the layer below, the binary is still called totem01:33
letheusHmmm...i tried with the '-r' at the beginning like this: "sudo cp -r ~/Desktop/XMMStheme ~/.xmms/skins" But it still wont copy.01:33
stvnletheus: no need for sudo while copying01:34
GotD0tletheus: why dont you try through the GUI?01:34
WWogra: Right.  The command I gave earlier should have been totem dvd:/// (I think that is the right arg)01:34
ograWW: yep :)01:34
letheusGotD0t, i can?t01:35
stonyukww: I just get a could not play dvd:/// message01:35
GotD0tlethus: what happens when you try?01:35
phoen1xgotD0t: i tried redhat about a year ago, wasnt keen - and i am pig sick of windows :) hapened to be looking through the overclockers.co.uk forums and they mentioned this distro - i loved the idea and philosophy so thought i would try01:35
phoen1xgotD0t: and i love it01:35
stonyukWhoops totem /dev/dvd just freezes Totem :-)01:36
GotD0tphoen1x: me too... mine was being fed up with rediculous crashes01:36
=== TheMuso [~luke@dsl-202-173-132-131.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
stvnGotD0t: try running debian experimental for a challenge, that gives you odd crashes, failing boots etc ;)01:37
crimsunexperimental hasn't burned me yet.01:37
letheusGotD0t, It says: "You do not have permissions to write to this folder"01:37
phoen1xGotD0t: yup, me too - i am intreagued by stories of servers being up for days/weeks/months without restart - my xp serverbox (this box) needed to be restarted weekly at least01:37
phoen1xstvn: thats exactly what i want to get away from :)01:38
GotD0tphoen1x: like a few months ago my kid sister sent like 20 print jobs to the network printer (which is in my room) and considering it was 8 am on a sunday i was still sleeping i jumped outta bed and unpluged the printer. well as far as i can figure the core printer files got corrupted. which made my comp crash when ANY printer was connected to the computer01:38
WWstonyuk: I just tried totem dvd:/// again, and it worked.  01:38
stvncrimsun: it's more stable ATM with sarge being prepared, but a year ago it was much more 'fun' after a month of constant hassle I gave up and went back to safe unstable01:38
letheusGotD0t, Is there an easier way to install them?01:38
ographoen1x: ogra@aleph:~$ uptime01:38
xskoulaxanyone had problems with hard lockups on the vaio fxa53, or whilst using a dlink dwl-g65001:38
ographoen1x:  01:38:16 up 332 days, 11:23,  1 user,  load average: 0.12, 0.06, 0.0101:38
crimsunstvn: haven't noticed anything odd in the past year ;-)01:39
stvnphoen1x: the trick is to not want the software that is just a day old ;)01:39
ographoen1x: ;)01:39
GotD0tphoen1x: and i had to reinstall windows cuz of that01:39
stonyukww: Show off :-)01:39
phoen1xogra: :o01:39
phoen1xogra: nice going01:39
crimsun0.12? fairly low load avg. :-)01:39
phoen1xstvn: hehe aye i guess that helps01:39
ograit's a webserver01:39
stvncrimsun: heh, might have been my configuration or my lack of attention, but nautilus broke a few times on me01:39
WWstonyuk:  Do you have the package totem-xine installed?01:39
=== stepcut [~user@] has joined #ubuntu
=== SuperLag [~colbyirc@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== DaNewB [~DaNewB@modemcable075.26-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_any pdf viewers in repositories???01:40
=== bolivar [~bolivar@host-193-246-220-24.midco.net] has joined #ubuntu
stonyukww: How do i tell?01:40
xyz359mirak_, probably.01:40
stvnogra: with an ups/stable power supply01:40
GotD0tmirak_ there should be one preinstalled with ubuntu01:40
stvnogra: my home server only goes down on power failures01:40
mirak_gotdot, i need a browser plug-in01:40
SuperLagWhat package do I need to get for Macromedia Flash?01:40
ograstvn: housed server, my provider cares, i pay ;)01:40
GotD0tsuperlag that should be through your browser01:40
=== deprecated is away: A lurking we will go... Oh a lurking we will go...
stvnogra: ah ok01:41
phoen1xogra: rob@purple:~ $ uptime01:41
phoen1x 00:41:02 up 32 min,  2 users,  load average: 3.25, 2.82, 1.7101:41
phoen1x :p01:41
WWstonyuk: There is probably a faster way, but you can crank up Synaptic and look. (The CLI gurus can stop snickering now :)01:41
=== [Phaedrus] [Phaedrus@] has joined #ubuntu
stonyukSynaptic doesn't show it at all01:41
=== deprecated is away: A lurking we will go... Oh a lurking we will go...
GotD0tsuperlag: i would just go to macromedia and it should have the proper one for your browser/os01:42
[Phaedrus] has anybody here keeping track on Chandler, the new email client which is supposedly an alternative for Outlook?01:42
GotD0tjoshua@ubuntu:~ $ uptime01:42
GotD0t 19:41:29 up 2 days, 54 min,  3 users,  load average: 0.01, 0.11, 0.2201:42
GotD0tuhh, 3 users.. thats odd01:42
phoen1xGotD0t: what does the load average mean?01:42
letheusstvn, If i do the commando without SUDO, it says: "cannot create regular file `/home/******/.skins/maXMMS/pledit.txt': Permission denied"01:42
WWstonyuk and SuperLag: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats01:42
stvnhm my webserver is only up 120 days01:42
stvnletheus: check your permissions on .xmms since as a user you should be able to write there01:43
=== voyaman [~voyaman@] has joined #ubuntu
GotD0tlethus: is xmms running?01:43
GotD0tlethus: it might restrict access when its running01:43
stvnletheus: chmown -R user:user .xmms  might help (replace user by your name obviously)01:43
ograstvn: mine would have above 600 days, if the ups i pay for hadn't failed last year01:43
stvnletheus: make that sudo chown01:43
stvnogra: heh01:44
GotD0tlethus: if it is running i would try closing it01:44
=== raphael [~raph@rberbain.net1.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== stone [~stone@c-67-167-111-186.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== vaiux [~patrick@wsip-68-15-145-38.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
voyamanwhy we should use ubuntu?01:45
=== user__ [~user@203-206-17-28.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
WWvoyaman: Because without an operating system, it's hard to get the computer to do anything.01:45
GotD0tlethus: can you use winamp skins on xmms?01:45
stvnogra: I noticed the other day that I had debian installed for at least 4 years on my workstation without reinstalling, during that time i went from potato to woody to experimental/alioth, replace almost all the hardware, might upgrade debian to ubuntu just to keep that install time ;)01:45
letheusGotD0t, dunno01:46
GotD0tletheus: did you try copying the skin w/o xmms running?01:46
WWTime to go. Good night, good luck, good grief...01:46
ograstvn: *g*01:46
voyamanWW, yeah, but ubuntu have some problem with my laptop01:47
stvnnight WW01:47
=== WW [~wweckesse@67-138-158-137.dsl1.nor.ny.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu []
ogravoyaman: tell us about it01:47
voyamancan somebody help me?01:47
letheusGotD0t, You mean, if i tried to copy the skin while xmms whas running? Why?01:48
phoen1xvoyaman: these guys are really helpful - try them out :)01:48
voyamanwhen i start my laptop, recieve that message, pciehp can't load01:48
stvnogra: on a second thought the computer is going to be replaced soon by a faster and will live out its days as fileserver, debian would be just fine for that, so i might just keep debian there01:48
ogravoyaman: no prob01:48
=== vaiux [~patrick@wsip-68-15-145-38.hr.hr.cox.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
xskoulaxGotD0t: i'm almost certain that the older winamp 2 skins work, think winamp3 skins work, but i'm pretty sure winamp 5 skins do not work01:48
xskoulaxits been a while since i used xmms though01:48
ogravoyaman: we all got this message, nothing to worry 01:49
voyamanogra ?01:49
mirak_how to enable the multiverse??01:49
stvnvoyaman: the error is not harmful01:49
GotD0tletheus: i was asking if you were trying to copy it WHILE it was running... it might be that you cant copy the skin with xmms open01:49
[Phaedrus] Is there a way to make Evolution to work, yet not have GNOME as your window manager?01:49
letheusGotD0t, No, it is not running01:49
=== swim [~joshua@65-100-98-105.tcsn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograstvn: keeps you from forgetting how to handle debian01:49
swimdoes anyone know what package has MySQL-shared, and MyODBC ?01:50
GotD0tletheus: whats the error you get when moving the file through the terminal?01:50
stvn[Phaedrus] : yeah, just start another window manager/DE and start evolution01:50
=== ReporterX [~ReporterX@10001085998.0000004196.acesso.oni.pt] has joined #ubuntu
ogravoyaman: it tells you you have no pci hotplug cards/ports in your laptop01:50
stvnogra: indeed, but I'm surrounded by debian servers anyway01:50
ReporterXhi all!01:50
ReporterXhow do install a .deb package ? 01:51
crimsunReporterX: sudo dpkg -i foo.deb01:51
letheusGotD0t, I get no error!01:51
ogravoyaman: which is ok on a laptop01:51
GotD0tletheus: then what happens?01:51
stvnReporterX: with synaptic or aptitude, or dpkg -i package.deb01:51
[Phaedrus] stvn: that probably would require the GNOME dependencies to be installed, right?01:51
stvnReporterX: the last one is only for single packages which are not in a repository01:52
stvn[Phaedrus] : some of them yes01:52
ReporterXtx crimsun & stvn01:52
GotD0tswim: what ya need?01:52
[Phaedrus] thanks stvn01:52
swimGotD0t trying to find out what package has MySQL-shared, and MyODBC ?01:53
ograswim: apt-cache search myodbc01:53
ograswim: libmyodbc - the MySQL ODBC driver01:53
voyamanhow can i enable/disable services of startup?01:54
=== telemaco [~telemaco@] has joined #ubuntu
voyamanespecially hotplug01:54
stvnright i'm off to bed as well, night all01:54
voyamandisable to run hotplug01:54
letheusGotD0t, Well, i type: "sudo cp ~/Desktop/xmmsSkin ~/.xmms/skins" And it goes back to "letheus@user:~ $". So i guess everything is as it should be.01:54
ogravoyaman: you'll loose a lot of HW support doing this01:54
bernwhere can i go for documentation on setting up my orinoco gold card under warty ?01:54
GotD0tletheus: ok... and its not showing up in xmms?01:55
swimogra, ohkay i had found that, what about the MySQL-shared ?01:55
ogravoyaman: cares for usb ....etc01:55
letheusGotD0t, excacly01:55
GotD0tletheus: hmm01:55
stvnletheus / GotD0t check permissions01:55
GotD0tletheus: did you try the xmms website?01:55
letheusGotD0t, for help?01:55
=== voyaman [~voyaman@] has left #ubuntu []
GotD0tletheus do ls on the skins dir01:55
ograswim: does this mean the shared lib ?01:56
whiprushbern: the orinoco should just work out of the box. slap it in.01:56
mirak_ok...now how to enable the multiverse?01:56
ograbern: mine does01:56
swimogra yes sorry it does01:56
bernwhiprush: i tried01:57
ograswim: try yourself: apt-cache search libmysql01:57
bernwhiprush: it's not even detecting a PCMCIA  card being added01:57
bernwhiprush: could that be the problem?01:58
whiprushwhoa, weird.01:58
whiprushusually you just slap it in and it works.01:58
bernwhiprush: shoul di have to add it to the wireless card in the network configuration?01:58
GotD0tletheus: was was the ls output?01:58
whiprushdo a "sudo lsmod" and see if the right modules loaded01:58
letheusGotD0t, In here?01:59
whiprushorinoco_cs is what you're looking for01:59
ograwhiprush: no need for sudo here ;)01:59
=== merhojt [~merhojt@h67n2fls35o989.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
GotD0tletheus: go into a terminal and do ls /whereever_skins_are01:59
GotD0tand tell me the output01:59
mirak_multiverse...anyone?...please, with sugar on top01:59
bernwhiprush: well it has orinoco and orinoco_cs listed02:00
letheusGotD0t, Well, what do u want to know? theres alot of files in there02:00
bernwhiprush: should i just try unplugging the ethernet cable and giving the card a try?02:00
whiprushis there an entry for it in /etc/network/interfaces?02:00
GotD0tletheus: well just check if the file you were putting htere is there02:00
whiprushI usually unplug the ethernet, then slap the card in02:00
whiprushsometimes you have to "dhclient eth1" or whatever 02:01
whiprushdon't remember, I don't have that laptop anymore.02:01
=== michel_v` [~tofu@menilmontant-2-81-57-190-84.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
michel_v`hello again02:01
whiprushgotta go though, good luck bern 02:01
=== KeyserSoze [unbound@pound.ifndef.com] has joined #ubuntu
michel_v`is there a way besides .profile to make my user use an UTF8 version of the locale?02:02
letheusGotD0t, it?s not (sorry, i?m a bit tired)02:02
GotD0tletheus: whats the skins dir?02:03
ograbern: michel: /etc/environment but you'll nedd the utf-8 locales installed02:03
ograoops sorry02:03
=== bluefoxicy [~bluefox@pcp485126pcs.whtmrs01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograbern: try ifconfig, look if there is a eth0 and a eth102:04
michel_v`it's weird that Gnome still lacks a GUI to set the user's locale02:05
michel_v`besides GDM02:05
letheusGotD0t, I have to go to bed now before i pass out :) Thank you for helpin me. And sorry for wasting your time :-)02:05
=== letheus [~s7s@port915.ds1-he.adsl.cybercity.dk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
michel_v`ogra: what's the package name to get utf8 locales again?02:07
michel_v`I thought there was something like 'utf8-locales' under debian?02:08
=== GotD0t is now known as GotD0t-away
=== neuro|laptop [~neuro@neuro.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== glens [~glens@203-173-28-216.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== bern [~bern@hc652777e.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
bernblah, can anyone try to help me get my Orinoco Classic gold card setup02:12
=== goochtoe [~knoppix@c-67-181-38-6.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ozan [~Ozan@dsl81-214-43517.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
goochtoeHi I am trying to do a knoppix installation and am at the chrooting part but can't do it because I get /bin/bash no such file or directory02:15
LinuxJonesgoochtoe, this is #ubuntu ;)02:16
goochtoeI know02:16
goochtoeI am doing an ubuntu installation through knoppix02:16
LinuxJonesgoochtoe, someone might be able to help tho02:16
goochtoeLike the faq02:17
LinuxJonesgoochtoe, oh cool 02:17
goochtoeI think there must be a step I missed02:17
goochtoeBecause I get that error02:17
=== ogra_ [~ogra@pD95F8B15.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
StarScreamerm is there a ppc install doc for ubuntu?02:18
=== oferw555 [~ofer@DSL217-132-46-92.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
bernCan anyone help me get my Orinoco Classic Gold card working?02:19
ogra_bern: whats the output of ifconfig in a terminal ?02:20
LinuxJonesbern, I wish I could but I am too loaded atm :)02:20
bernLinuxJones: no problem02:22
bernogra_:  one second02:22
Bohhhis it possible to install ubuntu from something different than a livecd?02:22
StarScreamn/m found em :)02:22
ogra_Bohhh: you shouldn't install from a live cd02:23
Bohhhogra, ?02:23
Bohhhogra, from what?02:23
DaNewBBohhh: u should install from the install C02:23
ogra_Bohhh: there is a installer cd02:23
bernogra_: an eth0 connection, and lo connection, and a sit0 connection02:23
ogra_bern: but the orinoco modules were loaded ?02:23
DaNewBBohhh: CD*02:24
Bohhhogra_, well, ok, i assumed that the installer cd is a livecd itself02:24
ogra_Bohhh: no, they're different02:24
GotD0t-awaywhat does everyone use for RSS feeds?02:24
ogra_GtoD: liferea02:24
bernogra_: no i'm plugged in ATM but the PCMCIA card has no activity leds light up when i plug it in02:24
Bohhhok, can i install ubuntu from something different than the installer cd, since i don't have a cd burner?02:25
bernogra_: i did an lsmod and it had orinoco and orinoco_cs listed in it02:25
=== jsc [~jsc@h-67-101-232-206.lsanca54.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== GotD0t-away is now known as GotD0t
GotD0tno cd burner?02:25
ogra_bern: look at: tail /var/log/messages just after inserting02:27
=== Ferry [~Ferry@cust.15.118.adsl.cistron.nl] has joined #ubuntu
bernogra_: ok02:28
DaNewBBohhh: I think there is a way to update from Debian.. if u are on Debian02:28
ogra_bern: or better, run dmesg02:28
bernDisabled Privacy Extensions on device 000001001dd20000(sit0)02:30
bernorinoco_lock() called with hw_unavailable (dev=000001001058f800)02:30
bernorinoco_lock() called with hw_unavailable (dev=000001001058f800)02:30
bernorinoco_lock() called with hw_unavailable (dev=000001001058f800)02:30
bernorinoco.c 0.13e (David Gibson <hermes@gibson.dropbear.id.au> and others)02:30
bernorinoco_cs.c 0.13e (David Gibson <hermes@gibson.dropbear.id.au> and others)02:30
bernthat's what it looks like it's saying for the orinoco card02:30
bernthere could be more though02:30
ogra_bern: strange....02:31
=== n3wt [~n3wt@CPE000c6e580552-CM001225447f1e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== xcasex [~robert@h151.hn.student.liu.se] has joined #ubuntu
xcasextseng; is there a guide somewhere on deb repositories or can i just use the deb-srcs for mono and rebuild them on the ibook and send them your way?02:34
=== flash` [~baham@ip68-10-234-26.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
bernogra_: any ideas?02:35
ogra_bern: is it a dell laptop ?02:36
bernogra_:  no it's an emachines 6805 amd6402:36
ogra_bern: wow02:37
bernogra_: the onboard wireless G card is broadcom and isn't supported under 64bit yet02:37
=== azuzak [~azuzak@201009180241.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
bernogra_: but the orinoco card should work02:37
Se7hi got a problem here02:37
Se7hchecking for GLIB - version >= 2.0.0... no02:37
ogra_bern: what does "lsmod|grep hermes" say02:38
bernogra_: one sec.02:38
n3wtoooh fancy schmancy02:39
Se7hi got clib 2.4.702:40
bernhermes                  8576  2 orinoco_cs,orinoco02:40
Se7hand he's telling me that i dont02:40
bernogra_: hermes                  8576  2 orinoco_cs,orinoco02:41
ogra_bern: everything there, shoud work....have you tried to boot with cable plugged out and orinoco plugged in yet ?02:42
=== telemaco [~telemaco@] has left #ubuntu []
bernogra_: nope, i'll try that now02:43
bernogra_: brb02:44
ogra_bern: no other ideas, sorry02:44
=== Gman [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== vircuser [vircuser@ip-97-193.sn1.eutelia.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== vircuser [vircuser@ip-97-193.sn1.eutelia.it] has left #ubuntu []
=== AlexLibman [~AlexLibma@ool-4354a662.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jg__ [~jg@h005018015b26.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== doleyb [~doleyb@209-150-58-13.c3-0.wob-ubr2.sbo-wob.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== bern [~bern@hc652777e.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
bernogra_: well i tried that and it didn't work02:52
=== nrubsig__ is now known as nrubsig
bernogra_: i have a feeling the PCMIA slot may not be working02:52
ogra_bern: so someone with more knowledge will be needed....02:53
=== AlexLibman [~AlexLibma@ool-4354a662.dyn.optonline.net] has left #ubuntu []
bernogra_:  well thanks anyways02:54
tsengxcasex: they should be in warty/universe now02:56
tsengxcasex: mxpxpod build muine for ppc, i already have it just need uploaded02:56
tsengxcasex: as far as a guide, google debian new maint02:57
xcasexwicked :)02:58
=== u_d [~u_d@36.a.002.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== n3wt_ [~n3wt@CPE000c6e580552-CM001225447f1e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hwhen will Gaim ve at the repository? does anyone knows ?03:00
=== lumpfish [~steve@ip142177065110.mpoweredpc.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_Se7h: what's the advantage over ?03:01
Se7hsome fixed bugs...but the repository only as
Se7his it not ?03:02
=== n3wt_ [~n3wt@CPE000c6e580552-CM001225447f1e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ubuntugeek [~ubuntugee@] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_Se7h: dunno, the package name says 1.0.0 no minor number03:03
Se7hbut if u config ur gaim to warn u at a new version03:04
Se7hit'll popup an info about
Se7hnot its
=== KeyserSoze [unbound@pound.ifndef.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== KeyserSoze [unbound@pound.ifndef.com] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hmy problem with gaim is03:07
Se7hjust the simple fact i cant send or receive anything03:07
Se7hthat it'll kill itself03:07
Se7hdunno why03:07
ogra_Se7h: did you migrate your config from an older version ? my gaim works fine since weeks03:08
=== marooned [~gsmaclean@c-24-8-2-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hi had the gaim version that came with the cd i guess03:08
ogra_Se7h: which cd ?03:08
Se7hor i getted it from repository03:08
Se7hcant remember03:08
Se7hand it worked fine03:08
Se7hfrom the moment i upgraded it to the current repository version03:09
Se7hnever worked again03:09
Se7hubuntu CD03:09
ogra_Se7h: i meant  preview or final03:10
ogra_Se7h: final came out on 20th03:11
Se7hfinal what ?03:11
Se7hubuntu cd?03:11
Se7hor gaim ?03:11
ogra_Se7h: see the topic 03:11
ogra_Se7h: ubuntu03:11
ogra_Se7h: so you were supposed to do a dist upgrade to get your system to the final version03:12
=== vircuser [vircuser@ip-97-193.sn1.eutelia.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Se7h] : FAQ: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/ || Wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ || Lists: http://lists.ubuntu.com/ || Bugs: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ || warty is out: now ur talking about it...
Se7hhow do i do that ?03:13
Se7hapart from downloading the cd of course03:13
ogra_Se7h: see: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/WartyWarthog/UpgradeNotes03:13
vircuserhi everybody...03:13
=== Pizbit looks.
ogra_you are03:13
PizbitOr you're03:13
Se7hur = your03:14
Se7hu'r = you are03:14
PizbitBut the sentence doesn't make sense with your03:14
Se7hdepends on the sentence03:14
Pizbit*shrug* I hate the use of "txt" speak.03:15
ogra_Se7h: probably a lib is not up to date which causes gaim to break....else i'd suspect your config, so move it to a backup and try starting gaim03:15
PizbitI install gaim yesterday and uses a .gaim from 1.0.2 and it worked fine.03:16
Pizbitinstalled even03:16
=== Jisao [~Jisao@1meg-mtl-adsl219.securenet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== zenwhen_ [1001@host-216-78-112-118.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== MarcN [~marc@dsl.wildcat.mv.com] has joined #ubuntu
Se7hogra_ one more thing03:18
Se7hu got 3 sections there03:18
Se7hAll Upgrades03:18
Se7hWartyWarthog Pre-Releases03:18
Se7hgues i'll start from "all upgrades right?03:19
=== vircuser [vircuser@ip-97-193.sn1.eutelia.it] has left #ubuntu []
ogra_Se7h: yep and if you're using a scanner also Warty-Pre 03:19
berni'm trying to get ubuntu setup on my desktop but i get an error saying no screens found03:20
Se7hscanner ?03:20
Se7hscanner device?03:20
bernis the an xserver configure tool i should use03:20
ogra_Se7h: yep, you'll need the user in the scanner group03:20
=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== trickie [~trickie@203-217-52-92.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_Se7h: a device that produces electrons from printed paper ;)03:21
ogra_bern: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8603:22
bernogra_: thanks03:22
=== tom_cat [~tom_cat@] has joined #ubuntu
MarcNfyi: warty installs just find on a Compaq Armada M700.03:24
Se7hlolol ogra_03:24
Se7hi get the point03:24
ogra_Se7h: just looked at the wiki, dont forget: sudo apt-get update before anything else03:25
tom_catMarcN: tell me about your Compaq Armada M70003:25
ogra_Se7h: it's missing in the wiki03:25
MarcNtom_cat, what do you want to know?03:25
tom_catCPU, RAM ... !03:25
Se7hnot this month03:26
Se7hi have my03:26
Se7hand my limit is 4gb03:26
=== lumpfish [~steve@ip142177065110.mpoweredpc.net] has left #ubuntu []
ogra_Se7h: :(  i go a flatrate :)03:26
MarcNtom_cat, 700Mhz, 128M memory, into a 3G partition and 512M swap03:26
=== Pizbit blinks.
PizbitThat . should be a , :)03:27
Se7hogra_ u go ?03:27
tom_catMarcN: thanks03:27
MarcNtom_cat, orinoco pcmcia card, ati video I think.03:27
ogra_Se7h: indeed i _got_03:27
Se7hPizbit no, that would be 4,3mb03:27
Se7hand thats not the point03:27
Se7hlucky u03:27
Se7hi got 4 int03:28
=== haggai_ [~halls@pD9EA754B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitSe7h: Erm, you can't hace 4,3mb03:28
Se7hand 40 nac03:28
Se7hPizbit "." separates groups03:28
Se7h"," is for decimal03:28
PizbitNot in english:)03:28
Se7hwell, but it is03:29
ogra_in europe :)03:29
PizbitShocking, even the americans have it right, and they're the ones who've butchered english the most and still use imperial measuring heh03:30
Se7hwell but im not american03:30
Se7hits a europe convention03:31
ogra_yep, americans are strange, driving on the right side but using the wrong measuring03:31
=== ogra_ ducks
=== Pizbit chuckles.
PizbitPah, the left side of the road is the correct side:)\03:32
=== SamBozo [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
JisaoHi SamBozo 03:33
Se7hPizbit we're getting OT03:33
PizbitSe7h: Just a tad eh?:)03:33
tom_catMarcN: how does ubuntu run on Armada M700 ? Fast or slowly or very slowly ?03:33
ogra_Pizbit: depends where your steering wheel is i guess :)03:33
Pizbitogra_: In the car I don't have.03:33
PizbitSorry, couldn't resist being facetious.03:34
MarcNtom_cat, not as fast as some other systems I have, but just fine for websurfing, chatting, etc03:34
MarcNProbably would want more memory before more cpus03:34
tom_catMarcN: OK !03:34
=== tiagobugarin [~tiago@201009062016.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
MarcNtom_cat, getting an m700 is probably pretty cheap at this point03:36
=== zenwhen_ [1001@host-216-78-112-118.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
tiagobugarinanyone knows how to do a 'dd' with the udev system over ubuntu?03:37
=== zenwhen_ [1001@host-216-78-112-118.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
tiagobugarinanyone knows how to do a 'dd' with the udev system over ubuntu?03:38
ogra_tiagobugarin: could you explain this a bit more ?03:39
xskoulaxis the marillat repo dead, or is it just me having problems?03:40
tsengxskoulax: he is building again sid, not warty03:41
=== Nonphasis [~ville@a81-197-192-150.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
tsengso things depend on newer libs03:41
ogra_take the testing repo03:41
tiagobugarinogra_: there is no fd0 at ubuntu. if you put a floppy and double click the floppy icon it uses udev kernel module to identify the floppy and mount at the fstab defined place. at kernel 2.6 there is no floppy block device03:41
=== haggai_ is now known as haggai
xskoulaxkool thx03:41
ogra_tiagobugarin: on my ubunt tere is one.....(havent used my floppy yet....)03:43
mirak_how to enable the multivers.......i just need the url....i guess its a url03:43
Skifmirak_: copy the entries for universe and then s/universe/multivers/03:43
Skifs/universe/multiverse/ even03:43
=== dew [gds@cpc3-rdng1-4-0-cust157.winn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Eno_oh, does multiverse include everything in universe?03:44
tiagobugarinogra_: there is fd in mine, but not fd003:44
SkifEno_: no, it's non-free stuff that's not in universe03:44
Eno_ah - k03:44
mirak_skif, where do i at that?.....just at the end?....do i need to delete anything?03:44
goochtoeI am still trying to install ubuntu through knoppix03:45
Skifmirak_: no, sorry, I meant that you copy the entries for universe, and then replace 'universe' in the copied entries with 'multiverse'03:45
ogra_tiagobugarin: grep fd /var/log/dmesg03:45
goochtoeAnd need to chroot but I get /bin/bash no such file or directory03:45
mirak_skif, that is all.....just swap multiverse for universe?03:45
ogra_tiagobugarin: should tell: Floppy drive(s): fd0 is 1.44M03:45
Skifmirak_: right, but make sure you do that on the copies... you still want to keep your universe entries03:45
=== izaac [~serd@] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_skif, right.........thnx so much03:46
tiagobugarinogra_: sorry, do not understand your last msg...03:46
xskoulaxso if the marillat repo has moved on to sid where can i get libdvdcss and w32codecs from?03:46
ogra_tiagobugarin: if you run: grep fd /var/log/dmesg in a terminal, you should get the output: Floppy drive(s): fd0 is 1.44M03:47
=== uman [~uman@220-245-55-54-qld.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_what is marillat??03:47
ogra_mirak_: the mplayer repository03:48
izaacand multimedia codecs too03:48
mirak_ogra, ooo....how to enable that??03:48
ogra_tiagobugarin: hotplug should care for this on boot03:48
tiagobugarinogra_: this command results nothing03:48
ogra_mirak_: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RestrictedFormats03:48
xskoulaxi followed the wiki to enable that, but it seems to be dead03:49
tiagobugarinogra_: i will try hotplug again03:49
xskoulaxtseng said that he is building on sid again not or warty 03:49
ogra_tiagobugarin: looks like something with hotplug is wrong, is your system up to date ?03:49
=== uman [~uman@220-245-55-54-qld.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
tiagobugarinogra_: yes, it is...03:50
tiagobugarinogra_: i will redo an apt-get update03:50
=== samuelc [~samuelc@] has joined #ubuntu
goochtoecan anyone help me?03:51
goochtoewhy can't I chroot?03:51
ogra_tiagobugarin: and a dist-upgrade ;)03:51
ogra_goochtoe: you'll need at least a basic environment to chroot in03:52
bernwhat kernel source should i get for a new install of ubuntu03:53
mirak_ogra, thnx...i was looking for that stuff.......helped do much....and now i wont be clogging up the channel, thnx :)03:53
goochtoeHow do I do that?03:53
bernizaac: it's not listed in the apt-get though03:54
bernizaac:  should i just go dl it off the internet03:54
ogra_bern: why recompile ? 03:54
bernogra_: well i'm trying to get my desktop setup with ubuntu and the Dlink card doesn't work03:54
tiagobugarinogra_: apt-get update and dist-upgrade just resulted in libpng updates03:54
bernogra_: there's drivers on the dlink disk but they need to be compiled03:55
tiagobugarinogra_: and it is not retriving some sources...03:55
bernogra_: my desktop doesn't have gcc or internet access so i'm gonna compile on my laptop and put the file on my desktop03:55
bernogra_: or try to at least03:55
ogra_bern: so you'll need the kernel headers and build-essential03:55
goochtoeogra_, How do I get a working environment? I followed all the steps so far in the guide03:56
=== Poyayan [~poyayan@adsl-065-007-128-026.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_bern: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r` build-essential03:57
ogra_goochtoe: which one ?03:57
goochtoethe knoppix install guide03:57
ogra_goochtoe: got a link ?03:58
=== toothpick [toothpick@pcp08888263pcs.plsntv01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #Ubuntu
Poyayanhey the smtp, rpcbind, ipp, and unknown services that start on ubuntu by default, what is each needed by?03:59
Poyayanif I disable them what will stop working exactly?03:59
ogra_tiagobugarin: so try running a: sudo modprobe floppy to get the module working at least04:00
bernogra_: if i send you the output it gives me when i try to make all for the driver could you take a look at it04:00
tiagobugarinogra_: YEAH!!! now i have a floppy drive!! THANKS man!!04:01
goochtoeSMTP is usually a service that has something to do with mail I believe. probably a mail server04:01
jdubPoyayan: note that none of them are listening on the external interface04:01
Poyayanyeah for fetchmail I thought but I disabled that rebooted and it was still there04:01
jdubPoyayan: we have a 'no listening by default' policy04:01
jdubsmtp == postfix (localhost only)04:01
Poyayanah ok04:01
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-47-209.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
jdubrpcbind == portmap (localhost only)04:02
Poyayanso what's the unknown service?04:02
jdubipp == cups (localhost only)04:02
jdubunknown == i don't know until you tell me the port04:02
=== saCUL [~andy@dsl-220-235-10-35.wa.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_tiagobugarin: you can make it permanent if you add floppy to /etc/modules04:02
jdub$ sudo netstat -pan | grep 98504:03
jdubthat'd be dhclient04:03
Poyayanah ok04:03
goochtoeogra_, What should I do?04:03
jdubno it wouldn't04:03
ogra_bern: send it by mail: hostmaster@grawert.net04:03
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_goochtoe: still reading04:03
goochtoeoh ok04:03
jdubPoyayan: what does that return04:03
tiagobugarinogra_: shure i will!!!04:03
jdubsudo netstat -pan | grep :98504:03
jdub^ more useful04:03
tiagobugaringotta go!04:03
bernogra_: 04:04
goochtoeThanks ogra_, I will be back soon but as soon as you get an answer just say so :)04:04
Poyayantcp        0      0 *               LISTEN     4201/famd04:04
ogra_goochtoe: i'll do.... havent lookde at the knoppix install before, interesting....04:04
PoyayanI completely forgot about netstat04:05
jdubfamd provides file change notification04:05
=== dml [~dml@ppp226-199.lns1.bne1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
saCULis there a way to execute a shell script just after boot up?04:05
=== Poyayan kicks himself
=== idaho45 [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
Poyayanthanks jdub04:05
mirak_umm guys.........why dont i have sound???04:05
mirak_i upgraded today........no more sound....sounds like a downgrade to me04:06
=== saCUL rattles mirak's kernel
Poyayanthis is the first distro recently that has spent longer than 5 hours on my laptop, well apart from slackware that is04:06
mirak_sacul, can ya help04:06
saCULmirak I can make suggestions based on more information04:07
mirak_sacul, hmm wanna pm?04:07
mirak_private message04:07
saCULyeah ok04:07
Poyayananyway back to my fooling with the system04:08
LinuxJonesmirak_, run gstreamer-properties and test alsa or oss to see which (if any are working )04:08
Poyayanoh yeah what does everyone use for their terminal fonts?  I'm trying to find one that's good04:09
=== dom [~dom@d2-38.rt-bras.doth.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_linuxjones, i dont believe either are04:11
LinuxJonesmirak_, what soundcard do you have ?04:12
ogra_goochtoe: the knoppix install howto is pretty dizzy, but i'd try different variations: /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash or, what i normally do if chrooting: cd /mnt/ubuntu && chroot .04:13
mirak_linuxjones, via.........onboard04:13
LinuxJonesmirak_, was it working previously ?04:13
mirak_linuxjones, yes.....till about an hour ago...04:14
mirak_linuxjones, maybe 204:14
LinuxJonesmirak_, double check your mixer settings04:14
mirak_linuxjones, volume up...pcm up04:15
=== flash` [~baham@ip68-10-234-26.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_mirak_: mute ??04:15
LinuxJonesmirak_, master is up and neither is muted ?04:16
toothpickCan someone recommend a good off lease purchase company in US for a laptop?04:16
mirak_linuxjones, no mutes.........oss or asla mixer04:16
=== Chris__ [~saneones@S010600e029839d80.vs.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bern [~bern@hc652777e.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
bernogra_: sorry bout that, closed Xchat by accident, i'm sending an email now04:17
ogra_bern: k04:17
LinuxJonesmirak_, have you tried removing the sound card module & re-loading or re-booting to see if it clears the problem ?04:18
GotD0tquestion... does anybody know how to set up 5.1 channel sound?04:18
=== doleyb [~doleyb@209-150-58-13.c3-0.wob-ubr2.sbo-wob.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
mirak_linuxjones, if i know how to do that04:19
mirak_linuxjones, i shall log out04:19
LinuxJonesmirak_ shutdown -r now in console04:20
mirak_what does that do??04:20
Chris__Quick question...  looking at the screenshot gallery at osdir I notice one of the steps in the install is choosing resolutions you want to use.  I don't get that when I install, though, and now I'm stuck at 800x600..04:20
LinuxJonesit reboots your comp "shutdown -r now" that is04:20
mirak_ill brb04:20
=== saCUL wonders if mirak's speaker connection has been pulled out - nah surely not ...
GotD0twhere are you trying to get the sound through04:21
saCULLinuxJones, do you know how to automatically launch a shell script in debian?04:22
=== Chris__ [~saneones@S010600e029839d80.vs.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
meffooo the first ubuntu security advisory.. *reads* lol04:22
GotD0tmirak_ what app are you using?04:22
LinuxJonessaCUL, ya04:22
mdzChris__: it only asks that question if it fails to probe your hardware04:22
saCULGotD0t, he is rebooting04:22
saCULLinuxJones, spill :-)04:23
LinuxJonessaCUL, add it to /etc/init.d and make it executable 04:23
Chris__Ah.  Is there any way to get to 1024x768?  I've used that resolution with the same hardware under FC2, so it's not going to make the monitor explode or anything.  :-)04:23
bernogra_: what's your email again?04:23
saCULLinuxJones, coolio04:23
Eno_/etc/init.d/skeleton is a good starting point, just copy it04:23
ogra_bern: hostmaster@grawert.net04:23
LinuxJonessaCUL, then update-rc.d <script name> defaults04:23
=== mirak [~mirak@adsl-68-252-133-5.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
saCULEno_, hey thx for the tip04:24
miraklinuxjones, still nothing04:24
GotD0tmirak: what app are you using?04:24
mirakgotdot, i get no sound at all04:24
ogra_Chris__: run: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xerver-xfree86 in a console04:25
mirakgotdot, no system, no dvd, no wav, no mp304:25
GotD0tmirak: do you have xmms installed?04:25
mirakgotdot, they all "PLAY" just no sound04:25
meffis there anything like evo1's summary page for evo2?04:25
mirakgotdot, yes i do have xmms04:25
=== keefer_ [~keefer@pcp02266690pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
GotD0tmirak: go into the xmms preferences and where it says output plugin click configure04:25
LinuxJonesmirak_ , are you sure you didn't mess with anything /04:26
ogra_Chris__: take all default answers and just adjust the resolution if you come to this04:26
GotD0tmirak: then make sure the audio device is the right one04:26
miraklinuxjones, just synaptic04:26
LinuxJonesmirak_ , heh04:26
miraklinuxjones, and the restricted stuff on the wikki, dvd and  flash04:26
LinuxJonesmirak_ , you didn't remove anything important related to sound did you :)04:26
mirakgotdot, where is that?...xmms is so small04:27
GotD0tmirak: right click04:27
GotD0tthen options then preferences04:27
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
miraklinuxjones, i didnt remove anything....unless synaptic auto did it, and i missed it04:27
=== jps [~jps@user-0cetu9t.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
jpshi all04:28
LinuxJonesmirak_ , right now I am too bombed to help mself...heh04:28
bernogra_: ok mail sent04:28
Chris__Hmmm... it doesn't seem to want to let me past keyboard options... what would I type there?04:28
GotD0tmirak: did you get into the preferences window?04:28
jpsi absolutely must have kde pim 3.3.x on my ubuntu box. is it possible?04:28
mirakgotdot, i only have one sound device....it is via...xmms shows via04:28
=== flash` [~baham@ip68-10-234-26.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
GotD0tmirak thats interesting... do you have a pci soundcard?04:29
goochtoewhy would the install cd not work? It gets a cd rom drive not recognized thing when detecting hardware04:29
mirakgotdot, nope...onboard04:29
ogra_bern: you don't want to compile .....04:29
GotD0tmirak: then im assuming you have a via keyboard04:30
ogra_bern: you want to do a: sudo modprobe sk98lin in a terminal ;))04:30
Se7hi need help on j2re (again)04:30
meffDoes spam filtering in evolution2 need spamassassin?04:30
mirakgotdot, i was gonna say.......but no...my mobo is ecs04:30
ogra_bern: should already be in the defailt kernel image04:30
GotD0tmirak: hmm...04:30
jpsmirak: he means via chipset, ets is a manufacturer04:31
GotD0tthanks jps04:31
mirakgotdot, jps, yes via chipset04:31
mirakjps, doesnt via make mobo's??04:31
jpsmirak: not that i know of...they very well may but they are known for their chipsets04:31
mirakjps, yes.04:32
mirakjps, i mean...i agree04:32
bernogra_: so i can just modprobe that directory?04:32
GotD0tmirak: which output plugin is selected04:32
ogra_bern: nope, the modules from /lib/modules/
mirakgotdot, output plugin???04:32
jpscan anyone here help me access the debian testing repository (is it possible?) in order to install kde 3.3.x? or is there a better way?04:33
GotD0tmirak: yea... its in the preferences menu04:33
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp246-156.lns2.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbitjps: In synaptic enable the universe repository04:33
mirakgotdot, preferences for what???04:33
jpsPizbit: I have, it showed kde 3.2.x04:33
bernok i modprobed and got it to pull up and ifconfig04:34
bernogra_: but i can't get it to pull and ip address04:34
GotD0tmirak: the xmms preferences04:34
bernogra_: just has an inet6 address04:35
mirakgotbot, oh...oss04:35
jpsPizbit: do you know of a way to access debian testing packages? is it possible?04:35
GotD0tmirak: try switching to alsa04:35
mirakgotdot, give me a sec04:35
meffDoes spam filtering in evolution2 need spamassassin?04:35
=== Fwiffo [~user@jep.dhcp.kampsax.dtu.dk] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_bern: fine, so the module works.....04:35
=== florianr [~ubantu@p508573A1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
bernogra_: yes indeed but i'm on the same router with my laptop as my desktop04:36
bernogra_: but my desktop won't pull an address04:36
mirakgotdot, i changed to asla......still nothing04:36
=== saCUL [~andy@dsl-220-235-26-216.wa.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
jpsmeff: give me a second and i'll find out...define 'need' though04:36
Pizbitjps: You could just add in the sources.list deb line for the sid repositories, however that could break things04:36
GotD0tgo to the configure menu for alsa04:36
bernogra_: and should i put modprobe sk98lin in my modules directory?04:36
PizbitMore so than using universe.04:36
=== Chris__ [~saneones@S010600e029839d80.vs.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
mirakgotdot, kk04:37
ogra_bern: Computer->System Tools->Network .... set the card to dhcp 04:37
meffjps: like, to process spam.. i've marked over 100 spam so far and its still letting every one slip through it seems.04:37
GotD0tmirak: then check the audio device04:37
florianrHello To all! Is there a tool to configure the soundsystem? I have no sound on my laptop ...04:37
jpsPizbit: I want nothing broken and want the more stable testing, not sid...why did you say it could break things?04:37
GotD0tflorianr: working on that with mirak04:37
mirakgotdot, tis set to default04:37
ogra_bern: if it isn't loaded at boottime put the line: sk98lin in /etc/modules04:37
GotD0tmirak: is there another device in there?04:37
mirakgotdot, 2 of htem04:38
GotD0tmirak: try the second one04:38
Pizbitjps: Because of the dependencies, it's possible it brings in something that break something else, what's so special about 3.3?:)04:38
mirakgotdot, HW:0,0 and HW: 0,104:38
mirakgotsot, both are via04:38
GotD0tmirak: try em both04:38
mirakgotdot, kk04:38
Chris__ogra_: I went through the configuration, but it showed 1024x768 already enabled (/etc/X11/XFree86-4 indicates the same).  Yet, I still can't get the display set to that resolution.04:39
jpsPizbit: it has much much better integration with our suse linux openexchange server (SLOX) than 3.204:39
mirakgotdot, nothing04:39
mirakgotdot, should i just reinstall?04:40
GotD0tmirak: i dunno04:40
PizbitAren't we using esd though?04:40
PizbitNot  straight alsa?04:40
GotD0tmirak: thats interesting... did you try playing something in xmms?04:40
miraki have nothing to play in xmms04:40
GotD0tnot even wav's?04:40
mirakgotdot, will a cd play there?04:40
GotD0tmirak: should04:41
mirakgotdot, let me try it04:41
Pizbitmirak: cds go through an internal cable in your computer, it doesn't actually require sound to work with your OS04:41
florianrGotDot: I could find the sound chip in gnomes device manager, but it is listed as unknown device. By the way it is a AC'97 device04:41
ogra_Chris__: don't you have 1024x786 in the resolution tool (Computer->System Tools->Screen Resolution (guessed, it's german here))04:42
mirakpizbit, i dont have that cable hooked  up.............cd isnt gonna work is it04:42
xskoulaxmirak what about trying with some internet radio like digitally imported?04:42
Pizbitmirak: Ahh k04:42
Chris__ogra_: Nope.04:42
mirakxskoulax, i will now04:42
mirakI THINK WE NEED TO FILE a bug about via AC'97 devices.....i have a problem......florianr has a problem...what do you think gotdot, ?04:43
xskoulaxno problems here04:43
xskoulaxjust worked out of boc04:43
mirakxskoulax, so did mine....till i upgraded a few hours ago04:44
GotD0tmirak: interesting04:44
PizbitLikewise here, well, once I'd done pci=noacpi or whatever it was.04:44
bernogra_: ok, i figured out why i was getting an ifconfig04:44
bernogra_: i had tried to add it before but it didn't work04:44
florianrmirak: Do you have a notebook? Centrino?04:44
mirakpizbit, maybe i need to do that?04:44
bernogra_: so i removed it, did a modprobe, and tried ifconfig and all i get is lo04:44
Pizbitmirak: Probably not if it worked before04:44
mirakflorianr, desktop....amd04:44
Pizbitmirak: In my case the sound repeated the same 2 seconds without the boot option04:45
miraki did a music stream....no sound04:45
=== Fwiffo [~user@jep.dhcp.kampsax.dtu.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== flash` [~baham@ip68-10-234-26.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_Chris__: sounds like your display isn't detected correctly.....the HorizSync and VertRefresh seem wrong, there is a tool to check these values, but i don't remember the name04:46
GotD0tmirak: ive got no clue what to do04:46
mirakgotdot, i do.....reinstall04:46
mirakgotdot, thnx for trying though04:46
ogra_bern: look in /etc/network/interfaces for eth004:46
Pizbitogra_: I find that unreliable, it's much easier to go to the manufactorers' site and look at the specs.04:47
florianrLet me ask again ... is there a tool to configure the soundsystem? 04:47
Chris__ogra_: That's the weid thing... all of the information is dead on accurate.04:47
flash`hey guys04:47
ogra_Pitz: you're right04:47
flash`I have like a white point on my desktop.. 04:47
miraknite..guys.......reinstall in the morning...thnx for the help04:47
flash`if I change wallpaper, restart x or restart pc nothing changes04:47
GotD0tmirak: good luck04:47
bernogra_:  no eth004:48
saCULflorianr, gstreamer-properties04:48
bernogra_: i'm gonna grab a bite to eat really quick i'll be back and i can try some more in a little04:49
bernogra_: thanks for your help so far04:49
ogra_bern 5'33 be 5n bed then, 5t's 5a0 here ;04:49
ogra_oops numlock04:49
ogra_bern: i meant: i'll be in bed soon, it's 5am here ;)04:50
=== ccox [~ccox@ip68-104-151-198.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
florianrgstream-properties seems to be a tool to select the sound system used by gnome, I can't find the possibilitiy to choose the soundchip ...04:50
ccoxhey whats up04:50
=== tuo2 [~foo@adsl-36-114.swiftdsl.com.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
ogra_Chris__: ctrl-alt-numlock_+ perhaps ?04:51
ccoxhey does anyone have the description for the multiverse in the ubuntu repository?04:51
Chris__Well, that was good for zooming my display, but didn't help with the resolution issue.  Thankfully, the same thing with - got me back  :-)04:51
TheMusoflorianr: You only choose the sound driver to use. Either ALSA, OSS, or Esound, which should be the default.04:52
ogra_Chris__: you can actually loop through :)04:52
Chris__ah... noted for future reference04:53
Chris__I wish I could offer more positive feedback.  It seems like there's no reason it's behaving this way.04:53
mirakgotdot, i just noticed something playing around right quick04:53
florianrTheMuso: Yes I understand that. But how is the driver configured to worktogether with my AC'97?04:53
mirakgotdot, if i turn up the "microphone" volume in volume control...i get static04:54
ogra_Chris__: if 1024 is in the Modelines in you XF86Config but not in the resolution tool thats really weird04:54
meff*sigh* .. ubuntuforums converted to vbulletin.. way to go on the spirit of ubuntu.. ah well.04:54
GotD0tmirak: thats interesting04:54
Chris__"Weird" is a word I'm willing to use for this.04:55
mirakgotdot, tell me about it04:56
ogra_Chris__: if you are sure the monitor values are actually correct, you should file a bug report04:56
Chris__Interesting I also have 720x400 listed in the config file, but that one doesn't show up either.04:56
ogra_Chris__: probably this one: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=240804:57
jpsmeff: you still wondering about the spamassassin thing? sorry i was on the phone for a while but i checked the gentoo ebuild (that's when i come from) and it appears that spamassassin is not a dependency at all, neither runtime nor build time05:00
Chris__I may pass on filing a bug report, as Bugzilla drives me nuts  05:00
meffjps: ok thanks05:00
ogra_GotD0t: reminds me of C:\> i think i saw it once on a pc....05:01
=== hazmat [~hazmat@c-24-15-10-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_Chris__: got a llyama ?05:02
jpsPizbit: excuse the late followup.. "jps: You could just add in the sources.list deb line for the sid repositories". where can i find this information?05:02
GotD0togra_: what does?05:03
=== Andres [~andres@110-45-246-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_GotD0t: your \05:03
Chris__ogra_: Nope.  It's an old integrated Rage Pro card.  I think it's 4 or 6MB or so.05:04
GotD0togra_: it was an accident05:04
=== Andres [~andres@110-45-246-201.adsl.terra.cl] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
ogra_Chris__: llyama is the monitor company the bugreport i pointed to is about05:04
Pizbitjps: Here's a cutdown version of my debian sources.list to look at. For more servers debian.org is the place to go http://www.pastebin.com/11280705:05
miraklinuxjones, you here?05:05
Chris__Ah... no.  It's an IBM C50.  15" CRT05:05
jpsPizbit: thanks05:05
ogra_GotD0t: but still reminded me on bad times ;)05:05
=== imagineit [~emiller@pcp09256741pcs.olathe01.ks.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_Chris__: if you don't like bugzilla youll probably like to send a mail with your prob to ubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com to nail this one down with a X developer05:08
=== imagineit [~emiller@pcp09256741pcs.olathe01.ks.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
LinuxJonesmirak, sort of :)05:09
Chris__ogra_: Thank you for your help05:09
LinuxJonesmirak, I am bombed righ now !!05:11
=== oddabe19 [~oddabe19@pcp01471558pcs.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_youre always welcome....and i'll go to bed now..... sun starts to rise here....night all :)05:11
=== soleblaze [~soleblaze@c-24-8-38-168.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
soleblazehave a question about the init system.. since there's both a S20module-init-tools@ and a S20modutils@ in /etc/rcS.d  how does it know which one to use?05:11
=== aaronwaite [~aaronwait@pcp09041910pcs.rocsth01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
oddabe19soleblaze, it just does05:12
=== oddabe19 is a smartass
soleblazeyeahh i can see that one05:12
=== jimmy_dean [~jhodapp@dhcp024-208-197-018.indy.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
aaronwaitehey folks. i've been having trouble with bug #1585 which might be related to the smp kernel. you can pretty much have as many kernels installed as you want right? you'll just get an entry for each in grub?05:13
=== KentutMerah [~platypus@] has joined #ubuntu
KentutMerahanyone here run zope-2.7 ?05:14
aaronwaitei have a p4 2.8Ghz w/HT. i was thinking of trying the non-SMP to see if the problem persists.05:14
=== cc [~byte@byte.fedora] has joined #ubuntu
ccon PPC, where does warty enable sysctl calls for mouse button emulation?05:15
=== joe_ [~joe@c68.113.225.199.stp.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== joe_ is now known as FXRS
FXRSHello wondering if someone could give me a hand.05:17
aaronwaitecc: are you talking about something lower level than the XF86Conf-4 file?05:17
FXRSI'm trying to mount my windows partition on this pc and not exactly how to do that.05:18
=== xskoulax claps
aaronwaiteFXRS: how is your win partition formatted and what have you tried?05:18
FXRSTried adding a line in the fstab05:19
ccaaronwaite: yes /etc/sysctl.conf to be exact05:19
=== ShadowHawk [~scott@d160-154-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has joined #ubuntu
miraklinuxjones, good luck with that....btw was it you that helped get my ati working ???05:19
ShadowHawkDoes Ubuntu install dictionary files based on what language you select at install time yet?  Because somehow I didn't have package wamerican installed 05:19
xskoulaxFXRS: you have made a directory to mount too right?05:19
aaronwaitecc: not sure then. i have a PPC if you need anything tested.05:20
miraklinuxjones, we commented out a line05:20
FXRSunder <computer> <disks> I see "c"05:20
ccaaronwaite: ditto, i'll just wait for the devels to answer me then. or might actually start another installation and poke it...05:20
FXRSwhich I did do a /mkdir /c05:20
FXRS/dev/hda1       /c vfat user,noauto 0 005:20
FXRSThats the line I added in fstab05:20
xskoulaxopen a root terminal and try looking at the mount there05:21
aaronwaiteFXRS: you may want to try mounting it manually before you add it to fstab.05:21
FXRSso remove from fstab and then "mount /c" ?05:21
GotD0tby adding noauto you make it so when you do mount -a it doesnt get mounted... you have to explicitly mount it05:21
LinuxJonesmirak, I can't remember 05:21
xskoulaxmight be a permissions issue cause i had that with a ntfs mount, until i changed the rights on the mount folder05:22
aaronwaitemount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /c05:22
aaronwaiteoops. you'll need to do that as root or sudo.05:22
GotD0twhat OS was using that fat32 partition?05:23
FXRSmount: mount point /c does not exist05:23
FXRS ?05:23
GotD0tdid you create /c?05:23
bob2you don't need to change the rights on the mount folder05:23
bob2you need to set the umask mount option05:23
FXRSI thought I did. lol05:23
GotD0tthat would do it05:23
=== soleblaze [~soleblaze@c-24-8-38-168.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
FXRSNow before with other distros I would go into /mnt and make it. Can I just open a term and make it anywhere?05:24
=== svenl_ [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-4-92.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
FXRSsudo though too right?05:24
aaronwaiteif you made the "c" under mnt, you'd need /mnt/c05:24
=== Phr0stByte [~phr0stbyt@ip24-250-124-175.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
FXRSOk. This is a little different than other distros I've used.05:25
FXRSUnless its a gnome 2.8 thing.05:25
Phr0stByteIs Gimp 2.0 not showing the filters for any one else?05:25
ShadowHawkOk, I installed package wamerican, and restarted OpenOffice, but can't find any spellchecking that works (it's not in the language tools dialogue either.)  However, gaim spellchecking works fine.05:25
aaronwaitePhr0stByte: mine shows the filters.05:25
FXRSaaronwaite, ok I'm in, but I don't have any access.05:25
GotD0tyou mounted it but you cant access it?05:26
Phr0stByteaaronwaite: Mine's broken!!!05:26
FXRSI don't have the permissions.05:26
GotD0tok. through fstab you have to set umask=00005:26
aaronwaiteFXRS: i'll let someone else help with permissions. i always fudge those up too. :)05:26
FXRSUmm I think I just made a big boo boo. lmao05:26
GotD0twhat did you do?05:27
FXRSI wanted the whole windows parition.05:27
GotD0tand you did?05:27
aaronwaitePhr0stByte: have you added or removed any Gimp related packages?05:27
FXRSI only had the c drive from what I seen. So I did rm -rf /c05:27
bob2ShadowHawk: I'm almost certain OO doesn't use that dictionary05:27
GotD0twell you have to mount both partitions separately05:27
GotD0t(in separate folders)05:28
bob2ShadowHawk: myspell-en-us - English (US) dictionary for myspell05:28
ShadowHawkbob2: Well what dictionary can I get it to use?  Ubuntu doesn't seem to ship with one05:28
FXRSI didn't by chance wipe my c drive off from the window partition did I?05:28
bob2ShadowHawk: found with (apt-cache search openoffice american)05:28
GotD0tdo ls /c05:28
bob2you did rm -r /c? you lost all that data you had mounted then.05:28
ShadowHawkbob2: Ahh, thanks.  Maybe I should file a bug report suggesting it get included by default (if you pick American English as your language at install time) ?05:29
bob2ShadowHawk: it should, yeah, a bug report might be a good reminder for hoary05:29
Phr0stByteaaronwaite: Checking...05:29
aaronwaitelet's try my question again. :) you can have multiple kernels installed and choose between them at boot in grub, right?05:29
bob2aaronwaite: yes.05:30
FXRShang on I gotta check something I'll brb05:30
=== rancoras [~Rancoras@adsl-69-149-37-54.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2aaronwaite: but in practice, you almost always just use the latest ubuntu one, so you don't need to05:30
aaronwaitePhr0stByte: ok. i'll stay until i'm sure i can't help anymore. :)05:30
mirakaaronwaite....check aim05:31
aaronwaitebob2: i'm having system lockup issues that have a bug filed for it. it suggests smp might be the problem. 05:31
bob2aaronwaite: ah, you can just install the non-smp kernel and pick it at boot, yeah05:31
aaronwaitebob2: cool. thanks! 05:32
=== dvanhoose [~david@] has joined #Ubuntu
Phr0stByteaaronwaite: I see the scripts in the directory they belong...05:32
Phr0stByteaaronwaite: But Gimp dont see them...05:33
=== dvanhoose [~david@] has left #Ubuntu ["Kopete]
aaronwaitePhr0stByte: let me launch mine and see what i can find.05:34
aaronwaitePhr0stByte: are you talking about things like effects, distortion, blur, lighting, etc?05:36
=== dvanhoos [~david@] has joined #Ubuntu
=== hk-alfa [hk@] has left #ubuntu []
Phr0stByteaaronwaite: Yep05:37
=== dvanhoos [~david@] has left #Ubuntu ["Kopete]
aaronwaitePhr0stByte: wow. that's weird. unfortunately (or fortunately), it's always just worked for me, so i'm not sure where you'd troubleshoot. sorry. 05:38
=== anavrin [~sjc@ppp190-147.lns1.bne1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== FX|Laptop [~joe@c68.113.225.199.stp.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Phr0stByteaaronwaite: I just started dev on my game after a long break, fired it up to do some graphic work, and surprise!05:40
GotD0tdoes anybody have any experience getting a gmail feed through liferea?05:40
FX|LaptopHey this is FXRS on my laptop. I was getting help with my windows parition on my gaming machine.05:40
FX|LaptopGuess what. The /c drive went bye-bye. lmao05:40
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-122-199.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
GotD0tyou're kidding05:40
GotD0twhat did you do?05:40
FX|LaptopOh well I wanted to clean it up anyways.05:40
bob2GotD0t: he deleted it all.05:41
brettcarhey :P05:41
FX|LaptopWell I was still mounted to the /c drive when I did the ol' rm -rf05:41
bob2FX|Laptop: don't ever run "rm -r" unless you know *exactly* what you're doing.05:41
aaronwaitePhr0stByte: yeah. that's too weird. i'd make sure the devs hear about it. 05:41
FX|Laptopbob2, Well now thats a lesson learned. :D05:41
anavrinCan someone explain what the multiverse repository is all about? Not sure wether to add it or not05:41
GotD0tfx kinda comes under the heading of throwing the baby out with the bathwater05:41
FX|LaptopGood thing I had my gaming stuff backed up.05:41
Phr0stByteaaronwaite: nah - I brobably borked it mixing Debian packages in05:42
GotD0tbrett why are you not on aim?05:42
Phr0stByteaaronwaite: just gotta untangle it05:42
bob2anavrin: non-free software05:42
FX|LaptopGotD0t, to be honest I find it kind of humorous05:42
brettcarGotD0t: Not sure.05:42
brettcarGotD0t: Just don't have it running05:42
GotD0tbrettcar: well obviously...05:42
mirakany devs around????05:43
brettcarAnyone configured X for dual-head on PPC?05:43
bob2mirak: for?05:43
miraksound isue since final upgrade05:43
mirakcan i pm you?05:43
=== jps [~jps@user-0cetu9t.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu []
bob2mirak: just ask in the channel05:44
FX|LaptopWell thanks guys. Now I know a little more about how to mount the windows partition and WHAT not to do. :D05:44
GotD0thaha fx05:44
GotD0tyea... you only make that kinda mistake once05:44
mirakwell, i dont have sound since i upgraded to final release05:44
FX|Laptoptalk to you all later.05:44
=== FX|Laptop [~joe@c68.113.225.199.stp.wi.charter.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
bob2mirak: is the module loaded?05:44
mirakgotdot and i checked alot o' stuff...........still broken05:44
mirakbob2, i think so....i am newb.....could you tell me how to check?05:45
bob2mirak: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp05:46
bob2does that make noise/05:46
mirakbob2, cat: write error: Invalid argument05:46
bob2that sort of card do you have?05:47
bob2are you running an ubuntu kernel?05:47
mirakbob2, via onboard, yes i am05:47
=== hornbeck is now known as hornbeck|shower
bob2mirak: does "lsmod | grep snd" print anything out?05:47
mirakbob2, all i did was update to final, then do the stuff on the restricted wiki05:48
mirakbob2, yes it does print05:48
bob2what does it print?05:48
miraktoo big to paste here05:48
TerminX"ur?" wow, what illiterate moron had access to the topic?05:49
xskoulaxlol @ TerminX05:51
TerminXsay, what's the gdm theme and gnome splash look like now?05:52
TerminXis it safe for me to reinstall the ubuntu-artwork package?05:52
GotD0ti wouldn't know05:52
=== Tenniru [~Tenniru@pool-141-156-219-36.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
brettcarActually I hope we have more human-oriented art05:52
TenniruAh, it works...05:52
TenniruI need help with Ubuntu. 05:52
TerminXbrettcar: just not art like what was there a week ago05:52
brettcarRight I agree05:52
GotD0tbrettcar is just hoping for some full nudes05:53
brettcarBut you don't see enough people on computers05:53
TheMusoTerminX: Yes it is safe to install the final release of Ubuntu.05:53
TenniruUm... when it installed, it asked for a username and password.05:53
=== brettcar snickers
TenniruBut no root. And I can't get into root.05:53
TerminXTheMuso: what?  I'm not installing any distros05:53
brettcarTenniru: sudo command05:53
brettcarTenniru: sudo -s05:53
TenniruThe root password is not the password I gave the installer.05:53
brettcarTenniru: There is no root password. It is sudo access only.05:53
TenniruThank you.05:53
TenniruI'm saved.05:54
=== brettcar saves.
GotD0tbrettcar: was NWS?05:54
GotD0twhat is*05:54
brettcarPM me :P05:54
=== andya [~andya@d207-81-80-22.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
TerminXthere's something NWS?  I want to see05:55
=== andya [~andya@d207-81-80-22.bchsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu []
brettcarnot Not work safe :P05:55
TerminXnever mind then05:55
brettcarcompletely unrelated sorry :P05:55
eclipsex... how do i burn a cd?05:55
eclipsexi need an iso :/05:55
meffa lighter05:55
TerminXmeff: blowtorch man05:55
GotD0tor a match05:55
eclipsexhow do i burn an iso onto a cd05:56
LinuxJonesnight all05:56
TerminXone time my burner spit out a bunch of coasters so I got the blowtorch and made this weird modern art out of them05:56
GotD0twell you can take a blowtorch with a very fine point and a stencil05:56
meffeclipsex: with nautilus, or cmdline cdrecord/cdrdao, or install k3b from universe.05:56
TerminXI always liked gcombust for burning05:57
TerminXtoo bad it's still gtk105:57
=== andres_ [~ag@buic010-e1101-dhcp109.bu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
brettcarMy life is meaningless05:57
brettcarMy entire purpose has been replaced by a robot now.05:57
=== andres_ [~ag@buic010-e1101-dhcp109.bu.edu] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== max_ [~maxdeo@c-24-5-248-109.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jacobIs aptitude updating the "smart" or "default" way of upgrading (compared to synaptics) ?05:58
TerminXthe "smart" way would be to just use apt05:59
brettcarjacob: They all use slightly different methods05:59
berncan anyone help me getting my D-Link DGE-530T working on my desktop and my wireless on my laptop :P05:59
max_I have a Dell Latitude and the sound does not work, any hints05:59
TerminXmax_: see if the sound is muted in alsamixer? ;p06:00
brettcarjacob: But the "smart" method synaptic uses would be equiv. to: aptitude dist-upgrade06:00
=== a2g [~ag@buic010-e1101-dhcp109.bu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
TerminXbrettcar: you mean apt-get dist-upgrade06:00
brettcarTerminX: No I mean aptitude dist-upgrade06:00
TerminXuh, synaptic and aptitude are both front ends for apt06:01
max_not muted, I get an error no mixer elemnt/or devices found when I open the volume control06:01
brettcarTerminX: Nope06:01
a2ghi everyone, has anyone had any luck building gnome cvs head using jhbuild? I've been trying all day but I can't get libxklavier to build....06:01
brettcarTerminX: They share libapt06:01
brettcarTerminX: But neither accesses apt, the program suite, itself.06:01
TerminXoh I see06:01
TerminXthat doesn't make the smart upgrade button in synaptic have anything to do with aptitude06:01
brettcarTerminX: And aptitude/synaptic/apt-get all use slightly different upgrade methods... aptitude will be nicer with recommendations than apt-get for example06:02
TerminXwhat are the differences?06:02
brettcarTerminX: I already dispelled the rumor that they were equivalents but the dist-upgrade is closest to synaptic's smart.06:02
berncan anyone help me getting my NIC card working on my desktop06:02
GotD0twow bern, having a bunch of hardware trouble today06:03
bernGotD0t: oh yes06:03
bernGotD0t: amd is great for linux :P06:03
bob2a2g: erm, has anything actually changed in the month since 2.8 came out?06:03
bernGotD0t: i'm mostly having trouble getting the network stuff setup06:03
=== florianr [~ubantu@p508573A1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #ubuntu []
TerminXThe following packages are unused and will be REMOVED:06:03
TerminX  gpdf gtetrinet libfam-dev06:03
TerminXwhat gives aptitude that idea?06:04
izaaca k3b like app for gnome?06:04
bob2TerminX: if you want them, select them06:04
bernGotD0t: i can't get a wireless orinoco card working on my laptop and can't get the nic working on my desktop06:04
TerminXwhat does it mean by unused though06:04
TerminXI haven't used aptitude06:04
bob2TerminX: because they were originally installed only because something else Depended on them06:04
brettcarTerminX: No packages you have installed (or are being uninstalled) have dependences on those packages06:04
GotD0tbern, well maybe because its orinoco06:04
GotD0tbern, never heard of that06:04
max_Terminx: not muted, I get an error no mixer elemnt/or devices found when I open the volume control06:04
brettcarTerminX: It doesn't take into account your psychological dependencies for tetrinet ;)06:05
bernGotD0t: orinoco is natively supported by ubuntu and most other linux distros06:05
TerminXmax_: what sound card?  did the modules load?06:05
bernGotD0t: it uses the prism chipset06:05
TerminXbrettcar: well, I don't use gtetrinet06:05
TerminXbut I use gpdf ;] 06:05
GotD0tbern, i still dont know what it is06:05
a2gbob2: I'm not doing it for new features as much as I am for getting started in helping out/developing for the gnome project06:05
brettcarTerminX: Install gpdf explicitly then06:05
brettcarTerminX: And it'll stop bothering you06:05
=== atariboy [~atari@] has joined #ubuntu
izaacx-cdroast can burn DVDs?06:06
=== bluefoxicy [~bluefox@pcp485126pcs.whtmrs01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
max_Terminx: I think 82801 CA?CAM AC'97 Audio controller06:08
TerminXis it supported by ALSA?06:08
=== McManus [~McManus@cs7011344-115.austin.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
TerminXmax_: and what does lspci say06:10
max_Terminx: have no idea... my PC is a DEll C840 Latitude the sound card is Crystal06:11
crimsunmax_: use snd-intel8x0, but first disable the modem and the printer port in BIOS06:12
max_Terminx: lspci says : 82801CA/CAM AC'97 Audio06:12
TerminXcrimsun: is the laptop he has older?  I googled and saw references to RH 7.3 ;)06:12
=== dukeku [dukeku@c-24-21-168-125.client.comcast.net] has joined #Ubuntu
crimsunshould be a Pentium M 1.6 GHz06:13
crimsunso it's not _that_ old :-)06:13
=== TerminX wonders why people are installing such abysmally old distros then
crimsunI'm sure that model has been out a while06:14
dukekuhi crimsun :)06:14
=== hornbeck|shower is now known as hornbeck
crimsunbut it's not ancient like this P2/30006:14
crimsunlo ducas06:14
TerminXP2.. 300.. ;_;06:14
=== KeithWeisshar [KeithWeiss@pool-141-153-184-86.mad.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunand the P2/200 isn't ancient like the microsparc at my apt that I'm using as a doorstop06:14
dukekucrimsun: how would you check to see if fglrx is working? :o i'm trying to help someone get their ati drivers working and i have no idea how to tell if it's loaded or not06:15
GotD0ti have an old wireles router that last time i checked didnt work06:15
GotD0twhat should i do with it06:15
GotD0t(speaking of doorstops)06:15
Pizbitdukeku: lsmod and look for it, or try glxgear06:16
PizbitEr, glxinfo perhaps06:16
dukekuPizbit: heh, i had him try glxgears06:16
xskoulaxcrimsun: you don't want your doorstop to be blazing fast though ;)06:16
crimsundukeku: glxinfo's output is marginally more useful than glxglears06:17
dukekuyes :)06:17
KeithWeissharhow many software packages are available between debian and ubuntu06:17
dukekui was trying to remember what the command was06:17
dukekuglxgears popped into my mind for some reason06:17
crimsunKeithWeisshar: Ubuntu with universe is nearly 1370006:18
crimsunKeithWeisshar: marginally more with multiverse instead of universe06:19
KeithWeissharshould i use debian or ubuntu06:19
KeithWeissharthey both use debian packages06:19
dukekuwhich of course means they're the same06:19
KeithWeissharhow many debian users switched to ubunto06:20
PizbitKeithWeisshar: How new are you to linux?:)06:20
KeithWeissharnot used linux06:20
crimsunKeithWeisshar: it really depends on your intent. If you want a nice, current GNOME 2.8-based Debian-based distro, then the choice is obviously Ubuntu Warty.06:20
PizbitDefinately Ubuntu then06:20
xskoulaxi'll 2nd Pizbit on that06:20
KeithWeissharwhat about kde06:20
PizbitKeithWeisshar: Sod kde :)06:20
xskoulaxwhat about kde ;)06:20
KeithWeissharwhy does ubuntu use gnome instead of kde06:21
=== xskoulax seems to be of one mind with Pizbit
mdzKeithWeisshar: I believe that's answered in the FAQ06:21
=== Pizbit chuckles.
crimsunKeithWeisshar: KDE is installable via universe, but it has not been integrated as smoothly as gnome has.06:21
mdzGNOME is a better fit for Ubuntu06:21
xskoulaxKeithWeisshar: gnome is cleaner imho, you can still use kde applications if you wish06:22
dukekuwhere is the driver info in glxinfo? o_O06:22
dukekurenderer? :/06:22
crimsunor vendor06:22
dukekuOpenGL vendor string: Mesa project: www.mesa3d.org06:22
dukekuOpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect06:22
dukekuOpenGL version string: 1.3 Mesa 4.0.406:22
dukekuthat's what he's getting06:22
Pizbitserver glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation :)06:22
KeithWeissharwhat country is the shipit cd for?06:22
crimsuni don't think his fgl libs are installed correctly :/06:23
xskoulaxworldwide baby06:23
crimsundukeku: did you send him to #ati?06:23
dukekucrimsun: he followed the binary driver how-to :/06:23
xskoulaxubuntu rox06:23
PizbitOk here's a question, are there any good alarom programs in ubuntu thay you're aware of?06:23
=== Tenniru [~Tenniru@pool-141-156-219-36.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
TenniruI'm back again...06:25
TenniruI only have one button due to the whole "I have an iBook" thing...06:25
TenniruI can't empty the trash.06:25
xskoulaxmmmmmm iBook06:25
crimsunPizbit: ...does Evolution have one?06:25
dukekui wish mine would go to sleep :(06:25
GotD0tthat would never have occured to me06:26
KeithWeissharwhich is faster, kde or gnome06:26
dukekuwell, wake up:)06:26
GotD0tthe whole one mouse button on macs06:26
TenniruWhat do I do?06:26
Pizbitcrimsun: I detest evolution06:26
xskoulaxi find gnome quicker running06:26
dukekuTenniru: hit F1206:26
TenniruI'm not going to just put a two-button mouse on my USB port...06:26
crimsunKeithWeisshar: that probably depends on the theme you use, what programs you run, etc.06:26
xskoulaxits a little lighter on resources i think06:26
dukekuTenniru: so use F12 for right click!06:26
TenniruI have sucessfully EJECTED MY CD DRIVE.06:26
=== smo [~soneil@] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitTenniru: Yay?06:26
dukekuuse the function key06:26
dukekuit's to the left of control06:27
dukekuhold that, press eject06:27
dukekuno problem, i had trouble figuring that out as well :)06:27
dukekunot working? :O06:27
TenniruIt works.06:27
crimsunPizbit: how about xcal or the alarm plugin for XMMS?06:27
dukekuexcellent, then06:27
Pizbitcrimsun: I use the alarm plugin for xmms currently06:28
PizbitIt's the only reason why I have that POS install.06:28
=== Tenniru [~Tenniru@pool-141-156-219-36.res.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
crimsunhonestly, I use my mobile phone's alarm clock06:28
KeithWeissharwhat's the difference between ubuntu and the original debian?06:28
crimsunit's the only thing annoying enough to rouse me06:28
dukekuKeithWeisshar: plenty of things06:28
PizbitI need different times for different days, and I need it to be able to be loud while starting quiet:)06:28
dukekucrimsun: nothing wakes me :(06:28
dukekusomething may wake me up once06:29
dukekubut on the second day i'll sleep right through it06:29
=== xskoulax is willing to accept apple laptops with the defective right mouse button *evil grin*
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-68-232.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
GotD0ti have an old fashioned quartz alarm clock sitting on my desk06:29
KeithWeissharwhere is the final version of the livecd06:30
dukekui have one of those06:30
dukekuit woke me up once :)06:30
KeithWeissharwill there be a separate live and install cd for ubuntu06:30
PizbitKeithWeisshar: That's how it already is.06:30
crimsunthere is a separate live cd06:30
GotD0twhats cool is it looks like one of those OLD clocks round with a base and two bells on top... cept insead of hands and stuff its got an LCD06:30
GotD0tand the bells are non functioning...06:31
=== Tenniru [~Tenniru@pool-141-156-219-36.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
TenniruOkay, I just installed the OS an hour ago and I'm still clueless. So...06:32
=== wobbler [wayne@] has joined #ubuntu
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=== Pizbit has this nasty feeling he's breaking his system.
crimsunKeithWeisshar: both the live and the install isos are here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/warty/06:33
PizbitAhh well, it's mostly kde crap:)06:33
KeithWeissharshould i download the install cd06:36
dukekushould you?06:36
KeithWeissharshould i download both install and live06:36
KeithWeissharis the live cd installable06:36
McManusWhat exactly is the multiverse repository?06:36
KeithWeissharwhy does the filename of the live cd still include rc2 instead of release06:37
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KeithWeissharis the live cd still release candidate 206:37
bernI am having trouble with my orinoco wireless card.  I have it working and it is definately interfacing with my AP.. I can monitor packets on the network, and I can pull an IP from the DHCP using dhclient; however, I cannot ping the router, and I cannot access the internet.  DHCP does provide me with DNS servers, but for some reason I still cannot ping anything.. anybody have any ideas?06:38
bernand if I run iwevent, I dont get any output ever...?06:39
KeithWeissharwhere can i download the shipit cd label?06:39
xskoulaxKeithWeisshar: my understanding is that the livecd dosn't have an install option06:39
xskoulaxKeithWeisshar: if you use http://shipit.ubuntu.com they will ship both the live cd and install cd to you, in a cdwallet i beleive06:41
xskoulaxnot sure i get what you mean by downloading a label06:41
GotD0the wants the image so he can print out on special paper to put on top the cd he burned06:41
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GotD0tto make it look professional06:42
xskoulaxcouldn't tell you then06:42
GotD0tinstead of just using a permanent marker06:42
GotD0twith ubuntu 4.10 written on it06:42
adamhey guys, my card supports TV Out, but I never have ever tried to use it before in linux, how would I activate it?06:42
xskoulaxpermanent marker p4wns06:43
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rancorasadam: what card is it?06:44
KeithWeissharhow much does it actually cost to ship the cd06:44
xskoulaxit costs you nothing06:44
xskoulaxi don't know what it costs ubuntu/canonical06:45
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adamATI Radeon Mobility M7 750006:46
rancorasnot familiar with ATI cards, did you already google?06:47
adami don't even know where to start to even to see if Ubuntu found it and set it up06:48
adamif i connect it, how do i turn the TV on?06:48
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GotD0tusually tvs have a thing called a power button06:48
GotD0ti mean, most modern ones do06:48
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rancorasI would start on ATI's site, looking at any documentation you can find about the linux drivers they provide06:50
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adamits a laptop, they don't suppor their mobility line06:52
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rancorasthen that's probably your answer...tvout is usually enabled by the manufacturer drivers06:54
droogzi was woundering if any 1 could help me i got ati 9700 and i read and did all this http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto and i still cant get 3d support06:54
rancorasat least with nvidia it is06:54
adamdroogz: getting any error06:55
adamok...  lol bye06:55
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droogzsorry 06:57
adamdroogz: getting any error06:57
adamlol was waiting to see id u'd come back heh06:57
droogzi dumped the term want the txt06:57
droogzno i got no errors at all06:58
droogzfollowed the examples just like there said06:59
adamcan u post the file on a website?06:59
adamand what does this file contain?06:59
droogzjust txt06:59
adamWhat file?06:59
droogzits my glxinfo07:00
droogzi pasted it to a text07:00
adamthats not necessary.07:00
rancoraswhat fps u getting?07:00
droogzi get 200-400 fps in glxgears07:00
droogzand i cant get direct render07:00
adami'm getting about 1000? is that good?07:01
droogzi get 4 fps in tux racer07:01
rancorasbetter than droogz :P07:01
droogzive tried over 10 distros to get ati drivers to work07:01
adamdroogz: look /var/log/XFree86.0.log and see if there are any lines that say (EE)07:01
droogz(EE) fglrx(0): [agp]  unable to acquire AGP, error "xf86_ENOMEM"07:03
droogz(EE) fglrx(0): cannot init AGP07:03
droogzwould that be my problem07:03
adamyea, thats your problem...07:03
adamdo "lsmod | grep agp07:03
adamsee if agpgart is listed... (unles the ATI 9700 doesn't use that?) i use the 7500 and it uses agpgart07:03
dukekuhi droogz /o\07:03
droogznvidia_agp              7676  107:04
droogzagpgart                33640  1 nvidia_agp07:04
droogzi caved in dukeku07:04
adamdroogz: what video card?07:04
droogzati 9700 aiw pro07:04
rancorasis that a nforce chipset on yer mobo?07:04
dukekumy main monitor is death07:04
droogznforce 107:04
adamtype in lsmod | grep ati07:04
adamtype in lsmod | grep radeon07:05
adamok, try modprobe radeon07:05
droogzFATAL: Error inserting radeon (/lib/modules/ Operation not permitted07:06
adamsudo modprobe radeon07:06
droogzjust put pass07:06
droogzand that was done07:06
adamtry doing lsmod | grep radeon07:07
adamthats good that nothing came back, that means it loaded07:07
droogzradeon                129252  007:07
droogzthats what i figured07:07
adamok, try restarting X and see if it works.07:07
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rancorashey adam, radeon is the one that comes with X isn't it?07:09
rancorasI don't think it's 3d accelerated07:09
adamrancoras: well, i'm using that one on my 7500, but i don't know if its the binary driver.07:09
adamthat is true...07:09
adami am able to get 1000+ FPS in glxgears07:09
rancorasfglrx is the 3d one07:09
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adamso then it won't work...07:10
adamwe loaded the wrong driver.07:10
rancorasprolly not....but we'll see07:10
adamhow do we find out what the binary driver name would be?07:10
rancorasshould be fglrx07:10
adamwell, let see if he comes back07:10
rancorasif he followed that howto to the letter like he said07:10
adamwhats the link to that howto?07:11
rancorasit should already be in his /etc/modules07:11
adamassume nothing hehe07:11
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adamotherwise u won't beable to find out the problem07:11
Poyayanhey when starting up ubuntu (before X) I get about 4 "FATAL" errors due to it trying to load some modules should I just remove those modules from the modules.conf or something?07:11
rancorasPoyayan: what modules?07:12
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Poyayanum I'll be right back gotta reboot to find out07:12
droogzi get that too07:13
droogzwhat he said07:13
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rancorasI ask you too....what modules?07:13
droogzi get that same erros07:13
adamwhen u start?07:13
adami'm confused... heh07:13
droogzwhen i boot07:13
burnboyi don't know if this would be some kind of odd ubuntu problem but do you have timeout problems with connecting remotely via SSH?07:13
adamwe're talking about 2 different things now..07:14
adama boot error and your (EE) error07:14
droogzive been trying to get ati driver to work with linux for 2 years now07:14
adamdroogz: what is going on now?07:15
droogzi like unbuntu allot07:15
droogzjust 2d07:15
droogzno 3d07:15
rancoraslsmod | grep fglrx07:15
adamtype in lsmod | grep fglrx07:15
rancorasbeat ya :P07:15
adamoh well...07:15
droogzfglrx                 214820  007:15
rancoraswell, it's loaded07:16
adamhe did follow correctly.07:16
adamwhat aws that (EE) error u got?07:16
droogzback to log i go07:16
droogzwhere was it07:16
rancorasI wonder if the nvidia agpgart and the card aren't playin nice nice07:17
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adamdroogz: AMD procesor?07:18
=== Poyayan [~poyayan@adsl-065-007-128-026.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Poyayanok back07:18
droogz(EE) fglrx(0): [agp]  unable to acquire AGP, error "xf86_ENOMEM"07:18
droogz(EE) fglrx(0): cannot init AGP07:18
droogzits trying to load my shit as pci07:18
adamthats normal07:18
rancorasadam: with an nforce chipset, it's gotta be amd07:18
droogzamd 220007:19
Poyayananyway I got errors on pci/hotplug/shpchp.ko and pciehp.ko  and I got one with char/hw_random.ko07:19
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adamPoyayan: display bug07:19
droogzPoyayan i have that too07:19
adamignore it, i get it too07:19
sabmocis it just me, or is there no ftp client???07:19
Poyayaninfact the errors for the hotplug ones occur twice07:19
adamsabmoc: no, i use gFTP07:19
Poyayansabmoc ftp and lftp are installed by default07:19
rancorasgftp should be in the internet menu07:19
Poyayanbut get gftp with apt-get07:20
droogzall my drivers are install right and everything07:20
droogzjust gota figure out y i get the ee07:20
droogz(EE) fglrx(0): [agp]  unable to acquire AGP, error "xf86_ENOMEM"07:20
droogz(EE) fglrx(0): cannot init AGP07:20
sabmocthx :)07:20
adamtype in dmsg and tell me if it says anything about agpgart07:21
droogzor am i rong and i should just give up on linux forever07:21
ukaszhow to setup sylpheed to use my postfix for sending email?07:21
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droogzDmsg: command not found07:21
droogzi tried lower case too07:22
adamlowerccase d07:22
adammy bad... it "dmesg" no quotes.07:22
sabmocdroogz, just give up forever :D07:23
droogzagpgart: Maximum main memory to use for agp memory: 690M07:23
droogzagpgart: Detected nVidia nForce1 chipset07:23
droogzagpgart: Bridge device is in AGP v1/v2 mode07:23
droogzagpgart: AGP aperture is 128M @ 0xf000000007:23
droogzPower management callback for AGP chipset installed07:23
droogz[fglrx]  AGP detected, AgpState   = 0x00000000 (hardware caps of chipset)07:23
droogz[fglrx:firegl_unlock]  *ERROR* Process 4439 using kernel context 007:23
droogzthis is stupid07:23
adamwhat is that last line?07:24
adamthats weird... firegl?07:24
rancorasit's right07:24
rancorasthat's what the fgl in fglrx stands for07:24
droogz(WW) fglrx(0): ***********************************************07:24
droogz(WW) fglrx(0): * DRI initialization failed!                  *07:24
droogz(WW) fglrx(0): * (maybe driver kernel module missing or bad) *07:24
droogz(WW) fglrx(0): * 2D acceleraton available (MMIO)             *07:24
droogz(WW) fglrx(0): * no 3D acceleration available                *07:24
droogz(WW) fglrx(0): ********************************************* *07:24
droogzim about to shoot some 107:24
adamdroogz: 1sec07:25
=== xskoulax ducks
adamthere's a lot of documentation about this out there.07:25
adamis looks like a common error07:25
droogzi know07:25
droogzi thought i would get flamed on for askign about it07:25
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sabmocdroogz, violence begets violence, you should go read some tao te ching or someshit and calm down :)07:25
adamdroogz: check your XF86config-4 and see if UseInternalAGPGART was set07:25
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sabmoccomputers are here to torture us and make us miserable, just like wives07:26
=== IRCMonkey____ [~chatzilla@98.subnet255.astinet.telkom.net.id] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocbut somehow we love them07:26
Poyayanhow do we tell it not to load some modules with hotplug on?07:27
droogzi dont even see that in there07:28
adamyou're screwed actually cause its initializing before u start linux.07:28
rancorasput em in the blacklist file  /etc/hotplug I think07:28
droogzSection "Device"07:28
droogzIdentifier"ATI Technologies, Inc. Radeon 9700 Pro (R300 ND)"07:28
bob2Poyayan: /etc/hotplug/blacklist07:28
Poyayanah ok07:28
Poyayanand how do I tell it not to keep trying to see if my partition is ext3 when its reiserfs?07:29
rancorasI guess he gave up :?07:29
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droogzi need to stop doing that 07:29
droogzdamn it07:29
droogzgo to close a pm and i close irc gg07:30
adamdroogz: if you copy and paste your error in google, there are a LOT of results..07:30
=== attitude [~kswain@fw.icallinc.com] has joined #ubuntu
rancorasthere's a bunch of google hits for fglrx dri initialization failed droogz07:30
droogzive tried it all07:30
adamlol beat ya ;-)07:30
attitudeWhat do i apt-get to get the kernel sources and header files?07:30
droogzstayed up 3 days on slackware07:30
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rancorasattitude: substitute the word linux for the word kernel07:31
=== linux_galore [~linux_gal@092.a.001lg.syd.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
attituderancoras: thanks07:31
attitudebob2: thanks07:31
adamattitude:  http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/compile-kernel-module07:32
rancorasbob2: any idea why the devs did that?  that seems to bethe number 1 question07:32
bob2but you almost certainly don't need to compile it...07:32
IRCMonkey____nvidia install need kernel-source, how do i find kernel-source? sorry, newbie07:32
bob2rancoras: rename it?  I dunno...07:32
bob2IRCMonkey____: no it doesn't07:32
Poyayanok time to go see what errors are still left07:32
bob2IRCMonkey____: wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto07:32
attitudeadam: thanks07:32
adamdoes anyone ever read documentation?07:32
bob2adam: chill, dude.07:33
adamits just funny07:33
burnboyit's also funny that people still resort to saying RTFM.07:33
bob2hah, indeed.07:33
adamyea... well i usually don't07:33
rancorassome people would just rather ask than search an answer on their own07:34
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burnboyit's shit like RTFM that have killed the spirit of human communication...buuuuuut that's neither here nor there...i mean i'm pretty sure the disciples (not that i'm religious, just an example) didn't tell each other to RTFM.07:34
rancorasmy son is exactly like that07:34
IRCMonkey____do i need online to apt-get install nvidia-glx? i have already nvidia with sh extention.. 07:34
xskoulaxrancoras: isn't asking a form of search?07:35
bob2IRCMonkey____: please read the instructions I pointed you at.07:35
rancorasIRCMonkey____: ya, u gotta be online07:35
rancorasxskoulax: u got me there07:35
bob2it really would be better for everyone if people at least skimmed the FAQ before asking here07:35
rancorasthat's why there's a FAQ after all07:35
bob2IRC support doesn't scale very well compared to a good documentation set.07:35
xskoulaxbut look at it this way if ppl didn't ask those questions they would no longer belong on a FAQ ;)07:36
rancorasxskoulax: what are you readin?  some zen shit?07:36
bob2"zen and the art of procrastinating on irc"07:37
xskoulaxreading, are you kidding me i'm like your son i'd ask ;)07:37
droogzi might not be back07:37
droogzmight have broke it07:37
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droogzwish me luck on this reboot07:37
=== xskoulax luck
Krypt0nsometimes its helpful to talk to someone about stuff07:38
=== linux_galore o0 ( the art of TUX )
Krypt0ni usually google as much as possible, but theres occasions where asking someone about their experience helps 1000 times more07:38
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burnboyis nfs listed in /proc/filesystems?07:39
burnboy*supposed to be*07:39
xskoulaxa problem i have quite a bit is that i don't even know what question to ask i just know so and so is not acting like i would expect "broke"07:40
rancorassweet, java and azureus are workin now :D07:42
bob2burnboy: did you load the nfs module?07:42
rancorasthis machine is coming together nicely07:43
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bob2xskoulax: no one can help with a question like that.  you need to say what thing you thinkg is broken, what you think it should be doing, and what it actualy is.  and everything you did to get it that way.07:43
rancorastryin to decide now whether or not to pollute this very nice gnome with a kde app....K3B is a hard burning app to beat07:44
xskoulaxbob2 i know thats where places like this channel really come into their own07:44
bob2xskoulax: yeah, but you need to form your question so that people can help you more easily.07:44
bob2xskoulax: it is highly annoying when someone comes in and says "my sound is broken!", etc.07:45
Lathiatrancoras: It's good, but for most purposes nautilus cd burning stuff is fine (excepting audio cds)07:45
=== tux2furious [~tux2furio@] has joined #ubuntu
tux2furiouswhat is the cd burning software in ubuntu?07:45
rancorasLathiat: yup, I do more of those and vcd than anything....I guess I could get by with the cli apps....but a gui is much nicer to work with07:45
Lathiatrancoras: ahh ok, in that case, yeh07:46
attitudethanks for the help07:46
rancorasgnome needs a K3B ----bad07:47
Lathiatrancoras: ones being worked on, coaster or something i think its called, no idea what it supports?07:48
xskoulaxtux2furious: you can burn with nautalus07:48
=== Poyayan [~poyayan@adsl-065-007-128-026.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
xskoulaxthat might be for data only, not sure07:49
rancorastux2furious: nautilus will do basic data discs and isos07:49
Lathiatit does isos and basic data file disks07:50
xskoulaxwhat do you need to burn tux2furious07:50
tux2furiousubuntu is clean07:50
tux2furiousbut maybe too clean07:50
tux2furiousflash, java, codec, etc not there07:50
tux2furiouscan't play dvd mp307:50
xskoulaxwell they have restrictive licences07:51
wm_eddietux2furious: AFAIK only Gentoo has that kind of stuff.07:51
tux2furiousit's basically not out of the box07:51
rancorasthere's some nice FAQs for that stuff on www.ubuntuforums.org07:51
=== droogz [~droogz@atlnga1-ar4-4-47-008-108.atlnga1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
xskoulaxno but debians apt-get which ubuntu features makes getting stuff very easy07:51
droogzstill cant get it to work07:51
droogzi was reading stuff07:51
droogzdidnt break it07:51
xskoulaxwb droogz07:51
rancorasw00t no breakage07:52
=== Mr_Smiley [~smiley@CPE-144-136-187-57.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
droogzim about to downgrade to my geforce 440007:52
droogzbecause ati is the devil07:52
xskoulaxif it works isn't it an upgrade?07:52
Poyayanhow do you get it to just use reiser strait away instead of trying ext3 and giving a VFS error?07:52
droogzhey Poyayan07:53
rancorasdroogz: at least your 3D will work07:53
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-190-38.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
droogzdo ydo you have 3d support07:53
droogzthen dont worie about that 07:54
=== myfology [~matthew@user-0c93otr.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
droogzgo play games07:54
sabmocok, totem wont play mpeg's.. thats a weird default behavior07:54
droogzi cant07:54
=== aPoX [apox@apox.csh.rit.edu] has joined #Ubuntu
myfologyhello all07:54
Poyayanati isn't the best in supporting linux shamefully07:54
PoyayanI've gotten it to work on slackware but to be honest I'm new to the whole dep thing so I can't really help you much07:55
droogzi installed everything right07:55
droogzi got it on slackware07:55
droogzbut games still had bad fps07:55
droogzbut it siad i had 3d support07:55
Poyayanyeah but I've gotten pretty bad frame rates with UT2004 even though UT2003 worked fine07:56
tux2furiouswm_eddie, mepis, knoppix has all those stuff07:56
rancorasdroogz: I still think it's the nvidia chipset and the radeon not liking each other07:56
PoyayanI wonder if it's the new drivers07:56
tux2furioussomething wrong here... seems lag07:56
=== kevin [~kevin@adsl-67-125-89-182.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
droogzi think windows is GOD07:56
sabmochow do i get mpeg to work?07:56
=== Tenniru [~Tenniru@pool-141-156-219-36.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
droogzdoes linux need codecs07:57
wm_eddietux2furious: check out this sources.list http://www.arslinux.com/~jorge/sources.list07:57
TenniruOnce again, I need help. 07:57
rancorassabmoc: did you try totem-xine?07:57
TenniruThose four other desktops I can switch to...07:57
TenniruThe thing that lets me switch between them has disappeared.07:57
PoyayanI think windows is better for gaming and will be until ATI and nvidia are forced to actually write good drivers for linux07:57
sabmocrancoras, i tried playing it in totem if thats what you mean, yes07:57
Poyayanthey both kinda half ass it but ati more so07:57
wm_eddieTenniru: right click on the panel and select add to panel...07:57
rancorassabmoc: totem-gstreamer or totem-xine07:58
TenniruAh. There it is.07:58
rancorasTenniru: it's called the pager BTW07:59
droogzati needs to take the dicks out there asses and make some good drivers for linux07:59
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wm_eddieNvidia and ATI need to make GPL drivers is what they need to do...07:59
wm_eddiedamn them and their proprietary bull...07:59
myfologyhave you tried mplayer?08:00
sabmocrancoras, totem-gstreamer is installed and i guess thats what i was using, but i noticed libxine wasnt installed, so i installed that but still mpeg's wont work.08:00
=== tuppa [~tuppa@c211-30-47-209.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Poyayanwell that's not going to happen wm_eddie08:01
Poyayanat least not anytime soon ...08:01
=== psyklops [~psyklops@] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocwm_eddie, actually it could happen, but not by nvidia or ati08:01
PoyayanI wish they would08:01
rancorassabmoc: just for giggles, try uninstalling totem-gstreamer and installing totem-xine from universe08:01
wm_eddieThey can but they are being stupid about it.08:01
myfologysabmoc, I d/l mplayer and and compiled from source08:01
myfologyworks great08:01
rancorassabmoc: mplayer is good too08:01
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=== Poyayan [~poyayan@adsl-065-007-128-026.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
wm_eddiethey have a small group of at most 8 people working over time, just to create the POS drivers they have out now.08:02
Poyayanwrong window to close the tab in08:02
rancorassabmoc: there's a good howto on www.ubuntuforums.org for mplayer08:02
wm_eddieIf it was GPL, they'd have Hundreds.08:02
sabmocrancoras, when i search the datebase in synaptic there is no totem-xine08:02
myfologyI'm pretty much a nub to linux, so I went to the forum and followed inst.  http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94&highlight=mplayer08:02
rancorassabmoc: do you have universe enabled?08:02
sabmocno idea, what is that?08:02
droogz(EE) fglrx(0): [agp]  unable to acquire AGP, error "xf86_ENOMEM"08:03
droogz(EE) fglrx(0): cannot init AGP08:03
droogz(II) fglrx(0): [drm]  removed 1 reserved context for kernel08:03
droogz(II) fglrx(0): [drm]  unmapping 8192 bytes of SAREA 0xf0ac8000 at 0x4023300008:03
droogz(WW) fglrx(0): ***********************************************08:03
droogz(WW) fglrx(0): * DRI initialization failed!                  *08:03
droogz(WW) fglrx(0): * (maybe driver kernel module missing or bad) *08:03
droogz(WW) fglrx(0): * 2D acceleraton available (MMIO)             *08:03
droogz(WW) fglrx(0): * no 3D acceleration available                *08:03
droogz(WW) fglrx(0): ********************************************* *08:03
=== NiteRider [~Niterider@Ottawa-HSE-ppp4017816.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== paulproteus [~paulprote@h-67-102-97-191.mclnva23.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
droogz^ my problem08:03
droogzbig head ach08:03
droogzno way to fix08:03
rancorassabmoc: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=17908:03
=== ctalkep [~ctalkep@] has joined #ubuntu
ctalkephi there08:04
sabmocrancoras, ok, before i do that, what is universe?08:04
ctalkepi'm looking for daf08:04
ctalkepreading this?08:04
rancorassabmoc: a repository of unsupported apps from the debian repositories08:05
myfologygo to your synaptic package manager and click on your repositories08:05
bob2ctalkep: daf's not here at the moment08:05
myfologyand check universe to get from them.08:05
ctalkepwhen will he be back?08:05
ctalkepany idea?08:05
bob2ctalkep: no idea.08:06
ctalkepok, bob2. thanks08:06
myfologyopen synaptic,  click settings, click repositories.. then scroll down to the unchecked univers sources, and check it.08:06
myfologythen hit reload, and you'll have access to alot more stuff.08:06
NiteRideri have a quickie08:08
droogzraise your hands if i should give up08:08
NiteRideri'm tryin to install the .bin file for realplayer 1008:08
sabmocrancoras, ok, uninstalling totem-gstreamer also wants to uninstall ubuntu-desktop. That sounds bad.08:08
bob2sabmoc: no, it's not bad08:08
Poyayanyeah I did it08:09
myfologyshould be just a update to desktop08:09
NiteRiderwhen it ask about the symbolic links, what should i put there08:09
Poyayanit doesn't do anything bad08:09
Poyayanubuntu-desktop isn't the actual desktop if you are scared of losing it08:09
paulproteussabmoc: That package is called a "meta-package".  It's like a label that says, "The full regular ubuntu desktop is installed'.08:09
NiteRiderubuntu desktop is this months theme08:09
=== joolz [~joolz@kiar.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocyeah i just read that, ok no prob08:09
Poyayanit's just a meta-package that has a group of packages08:09
rancorasNiteRider: no, that's ubuntu calendar08:10
Poyayanso you select the meta-package all packages in the group are installed08:10
NiteRider?..really..ok...sorry i read wrong then08:10
=== sabmoc buckles up
NiteRiderno i apologize....i remember now...you are correct...i had an alzheimers moment there08:11
sabmocdo i have to restart the desktop or anything?08:11
rancorasnow install totem-xine08:11
bob2sabmoc: no08:11
NiteRiderabout realplayer 10.....plus i gather i can't install mplayer on ubuntu08:12
bob2NiteRider: you can instakll whatever you want08:12
Poyayanyou can08:12
rancorasNiteRider: yeah, mplayer works well08:12
Poyayanit's just not supported08:12
Poyayanaka they won't guarantee patches or updates08:12
bob2NiteRider: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats08:12
sabmocyay :)08:12
NiteRidernope..i tried mplayer (to really get the plugin) it says...i can't08:12
sabmocthx ppl08:13
bob2NiteRider: no, you mean to say that ubuntu doesn't support mplayer, which is true08:13
rancorassabmoc: did it work?08:13
bob2NiteRider: you can certainly install it, if you tell apt where to get it from.  read  that wiki page.08:13
sabmocrancoras, yep08:13
myfologyfollow this link, to see ow to do it.. it's in the forums.. you actually compile from sources  http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94&highlight=mplayer08:13
rancorasgreat, your welcome08:13
Poyayanahh it's bob2 thanks for helping me yesterday08:13
myfologytrust me it works fine.. easy to follow insructions.08:14
sabmocrancoras, i had to uninstall libxine1 and uninstall totem-xine, but then i reinstalled them both and it worked find08:14
bob2ew, forums08:14
bob2Poyayan: you'rewelcome.08:14
rancorasNiteRider: there's even destructions on how to install the plugin08:14
rancorassabmoc: good deal08:14
wm_eddiedestructions... hehe.08:14
Poyayanoh how do I not load the ext modules?08:15
droogzhey i think i found how to fix ati+nforce+2.6.x kernal08:15
droogz It easy to remove this Oops.08:15
droogzTry edit firegl_public.c, find function _ke_amd_adv_spec_cache_feature .... In this function, comment all what is in her body and write only one line: "return 0". This is safe, because this function is used only on kernel <
droogzThan recompile driver fglrx.08:15
droogzThis helps me boot in GUI with 3Dacceleration on kernel 2.6, no Oops no errors.08:15
droogzI hope, that I help you.08:15
goatboymyfology: you don't have to compile it, it's packaged in multiverse.08:15
Poyayanthey just sit there and do nothing all day08:15
rancorasdroogz: so do it and let up know08:15
bob2Poyayan: you can't08:15
bob2Poyayan: but it doesn't matter.08:15
bob2myfology: read the wiki.08:15
myfologyis that different from the universe repository?08:15
Poyayanah ok08:15
bob2droogz: can you put that in the wiki?08:15
bob2myfology: yes, it's for non-free stuff08:16
rancorasmyfology: yes, it's non-free stuff08:16
droogzi have no idea what its telling me because im a noob08:16
NiteRiderthanks everyone...catcha all soon08:16
droogzbut that guy fixed the error with that 08:16
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-190-38.bchsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Poyayanmy partition is in reiser so when I load up it first tries to use ext3 and gives a VFS error is there any way to prevent that?08:16
bob2Poyayan: but then it mounts it fine?08:17
rancorasdroogz: link me that....I wanna read it08:17
Poyayanjust shows an error which doesn't mean anything but ...08:17
Poyayanif you want the exact error then I can reboot and write it down08:18
rancorasdroogz: you'll need the source to the fglrx driver, edit that file with what he tells you and recompile the driver08:19
rancorasdroogz: or first, do a search on your system for that file08:20
bob2you can't get the driver source, you can only get the wrapper source08:20
droogzcan some 1 hook me up08:20
rancoraswe can't do it for you08:20
droogzy not08:20
dukekurun sudo updatedb08:20
dukekuand then locate filename08:20
rancorasconsider it a learning experience08:21
droogza very bad 108:21
rancorasit's only what you make of it08:21
=== Poyayan [~poyayan@adsl-065-007-128-026.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2it's only a problem if you want to use the binary-only drivers08:21
droogzits a 2 year long bad experience08:21
bob2feel free to complain to ATI about their poor support08:22
rancorasand I can't do it for you because I run nvidia and fglrx might break my working 3D08:22
droogzwell ill be back in 20 min or so im going to put in my geforce 440008:22
bob2droogz: you can ask that the patch be added to the firegl paclages so you don't need to do it yourself08:23
Poyayanyou know I get much faster frame rates when I don't remove the GLcore and dri lines from my XF86Config-4 file08:23
rancorasbob2: should that still go in the wiki?  without testing it?08:23
=== RuffianSoldier [~jane@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
TenniruI'm messed up again. I can't find the minimized windows!08:25
rancorasTenniru: same process as before but add the task list this time08:27
TenniruI'm a real newbie. I was using MacOS X a few hours ago.08:27
rancorasTenniru: just outta curiosity why are u losing your panel applets?08:27
TenniruStill do on my G4, but the old iBook is too slow to do anything but BSD or UNIX.08:27
TenniruI have no idea.08:27
TenniruI was changing themes...08:27
droogzok now ill be back in 2008:28
droogzi spilt a pop08:28
TenniruUh... by UNIX I meant Linux. OS X is just BSD with a few layers on it...08:29
TenniruAnd too bloated for an old G3.08:29
TenniruUh... task manager. Can't find it.08:30
bob2how old a g3?08:30
TenniruIt was there! But I changed themes, and...08:30
TenniruG3 500mhz, 192 mb RAM.08:31
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD95E617F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tennirumid-2001 iBook.08:31
bob2Tenniru: right click on your pannel.  choose "add to panel". click "window list". click "add"08:31
bob2er, tons of people run os X on mid-2001 hardware...08:31
TenniruOh. I already did that.08:31
TenniruYeah, they do, but with more RAM.08:31
TenniruWhich I don't really have the money to pay for.08:32
=== ReX_ [~mario@] has joined #ubuntu
rancorasbob2: you think that file firegl_public.c comes with the binary fglrx driver?08:32
TenniruI already use the Window List.08:32
TenniruI just remember, upon minimization, a windows-esque thing on a taskbar.08:32
=== twitchgame [~rowan@CPE00045ad6ca68-CM014110203223.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Tenniru: erm, so what is your question?08:33
twitchgamehmm. shouldn't ubuntu boot into gdm/gnome/etc ...?08:33
TenniruHow do I get that thing back.08:33
bob2rancoras: I'd assume so...nvidia ships a very thin source layer so their binary blobs can be used by more than a single kernel release.08:33
rancorastwitchgame: yes, it should08:33
bob2Tenniru: the window list?08:33
=== duke|ib [~dukeku@c-24-21-168-125.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
TenniruI know, but a while back when I installed it I minimized and got a windows-esque taskbar thing. It's gone now.08:34
TenniruI have to select it through the Window List menu.08:34
twitchgamerancoras: i just installed it and .. well .. it doesn't seem like any gnome stuff is installed at all.08:34
duke|ibyay for ppc08:34
bob2Tenniru: that applet is called "window selector".08:35
rancorastwitchgame: what happens on bootup?  just a command line interface?08:35
twitchgamerancoras: yeah08:35
Tenniru4 GPRs good! 14 GPRs better!08:35
TenniruWindow selector. Thanks.08:35
rancorastwitchgame: any errors saying that X can't start?08:35
twitchgameX starts if i just do "X" .. there's no startx script...08:36
TenniruJust some thing I heard referring to PPC.08:36
bob2twitchgame: yes there is.08:36
twitchgamenot on my system08:36
bob2oh, gpr = general-purpose-register.08:36
TenniruQuoting George Orwell and General Purpose Registers... yeah.08:36
twitchgamemaybe i just need to run the install again08:36
bob2twitchgame: did you do a clean install?08:38
twitchgamebob2: yup08:38
twitchgamejust ran it through with defaults08:38
bob2then I can't imagine how you don't have it...08:38
bob2does gdm start up?08:38
twitchgamebob2: no, just command line08:38
twitchgamei'll try reinstalling and pay more attention to it08:39
bob2um, that's very weird.08:39
twitchgamek well ... lemme run this through again08:40
rancorasvery odd08:42
rancorasI guess I need to play in the sandbox a while on the wiki....my entry looks like crap   heh08:44
rancorasah heck, too much for my tired head....maybe later08:48
burnboyanyone have any experience with nfs?08:48
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intersiderealThis is the quietest IRC I've ever been in09:04
ficusplanetYeah, #ubuntu is normally really active, but it seems everyone is off celebrating the new release this weekend or something.09:05
LathiatAnyone know alinux program thatl take a bunch of images and lay them out nicely on a number of pages?09:05
burnboyyeah i'm celebrating by being SSHed into my box from work...at 2 A.M.09:06
Lathiat(its for print, so not like a webpage)09:06
Lathiatim gonna get a big fat package from ubuntu with cds heh09:06
intersiderealwell I just finished installing ubuntu09:06
intersiderealI'm digging it so far09:06
cefme, I'm eating toast and making a chocolate & honey milkshake09:06
Lathiathaha cef09:07
burnboyat the computer? what a feat09:07
ficusplanetLathiat, It's in Universe, so it should be easy to install09:07
Lathiatficusplanet: ah ok09:07
Lathiatficusplanet: but i dont want it like pritned straight out, need it like to insert into a desktop publishing document09:07
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Lathiatits basically photos of a class at school, need for the school yearbook09:07
cefLathiat: I was tempted to order 5000 cd's.. but in the end I decided for less09:08
ficusplanetAh, maybe you could use GNOME Photo Printer to print to postscript and work from there.09:08
Lathiatcef: im getting 100 x86, 20 ppc and 20 x86-6409:08
Lathiatficusplanet: thatd work09:08
Lathiatficusplanet: thanks09:08
Lathiatcef: think i should get more?09:08
Lathiatgonna give a pile out at our next lug meetings and stuff09:08
cefLathiat: heh09:09
hazmat20 ppc.. that would be interesting09:09
ficusplanetLathiat, Yeah, looking at GNOME Photo Printer now there are options to print to PDF or PostScript.09:09
Lathiatthe next problem will be making it CMYK09:09
cefleast I've figured out a way to get the dual opteron to install properly now.. *sigh*09:09
Lathiatcef: heh09:10
Lathiatcef: how many 'd you order?09:10
cefLathiat: not enough.. about 150 I think09:10
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dasmiTomorrow I switch to Ubuntu.09:12
cefLathiat: been thinking about t-shirts all day.. it's weird.. I've got all these ideas for ubuntu t-shirts floating around in my head09:13
dasmiAre there shirts yet/09:13
cefnot afaik09:13
Lathiatcef: mm if you make up some logos ill press some 09:13
dasmiYou know what, Blackened is a crappy client. I'll be right back with irssi09:13
cefsomething I think may need to be rectified09:13
Lathiatheh sdf.lonestar.org09:13
Lathiathavent seen that for a while09:13
Lathiatsurprised it still exists09:14
=== Fwiffo [~user@jep.dhcp.kampsax.dtu.dk] has joined #ubuntu
cefLathiat: using the usual ubuntu logo is easy enuff.. but stuff to go around it (text mainly).. all sorts of ideas floating in my head09:14
=== dasmi_log [~dasmi@MZ19186.resnet.ucsb.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== dasmi_log is now known as dasmi
cefLathiat: just committing some of them to a text editor *grin*09:14
dasmibetter. much better.09:14
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> sendak.freenode.net
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dasmiSo, no shirts yet?09:14
intersiderealhey I was was curious if anyone could tell me how to set up a root password09:15
intersiderealI feel I missed somthing in the install09:15
intersiderealnevermind sorry I asked before looking around09:15
cefintersidereal: there is no root passowrd.. use 'sudo'09:15
dasmiI'm not convinced I like that yet.09:16
Lathiati do09:16
Lathiati love it09:16
ficusplanetI love it, too.  In combonation with GNOME keyring it means that I only have one password to remember in day-to-day use.09:16
dasmiBetter be a secure password then.09:16
Mr_Smileywhat is GNOME keyring?09:17
TreenaksMr_Smiley: it's a program that remembers your passwords for you,and you only have to remember one password (the one that unlocks the keyring)09:18
Mr_Smileyah ok 09:18
ficusplanetPassword management system built into GNOME.  So, for instace, when connecting to an FTP or SSH server with nautilus, I use my keyring password to unlock the share instead of remembering all the individual passwords.09:18
intersiderealcef: thanks I figured it out09:20
burnboyps...i've managed to skip using sudo altogether09:20
=== drobitaille [~daniel@d154-5-113-192.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
burnboyi su..not that it's disabled..but what are the benefits of sudo, really?09:20
ajyou can give people limited root access09:21
burnboyeh..not really beneficial when it's a single user machine i guess09:21
Lathiatburnboy: theres a numebr of benefits, firstof you only have to type the root password in once every so often, second it reduces the vulerablility of someone remotely brute forcing passwords because they need to know your username and your password and get a shell to run sudo, among other things09:22
Lathiatits also used alot for just like gksudo <admin util> from the menus09:23
burnboyi dunno..it just seemed like an extra methodology that i'd have to learn :)09:23
=== SuperLag [~colbyirc@CPE-69-76-188-71.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
burnboyi have root login disabled and only certain IPs can SSH in..i guess that's fairly secure09:24
=== l3eg0olas [legolas@216-164-62-154.c3-0.161-ubr3.lnh-161.md.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
ajburnboy: you can use it to give programs limited root access too, if you've sandboxed them. sandboxing can be good on a single user machine09:25
l3eg0olashow do I install ubuntu on a laptop with no CDROM and no floppy drive? Can I do a USB key boot??09:25
Lathiatburnboy: you can also let it only give you access to certain programs, like i have sudo set to not require a passwor dto run /usr/bin/hibernate to suspend my laptop09:26
Lathiatbut needs a password for everything else09:26
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burnboysee i think i may have screwed it up from the beginning..i didn't know anything about sudo and i was SU'ing in and i thought to myself "it never asked me to set a root password" so now i SUed using my user account password..got in and passwd'ed to a new one...would that screw things up or am i imagining?09:28
Lathiatburnboy: well you can set a root password and use that, thats fine09:28
Lathiatno idea how you did it without sudo tho09:28
burnboymaybe i should be worrie d:)09:29
burnboyyeah that was when the article first came out on Ubuntu..i installed the next day and i've had it since09:29
=== bern [~bern@hc65277ea.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
bernhey all09:29
burnboyarticle on slasdot that is09:29
burnboythink it could have been a bug?09:30
bernanyone know of some good themes?09:30
Lathiatthink im gonna hack up gnome-photo-printer to let you specify the sizes, heh09:31
burnboythemes for what?09:31
l3eg0olasCan I boot ubuntu thru a USB key?09:31
=== Zindar [~bagfors@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatl3eg0olas: Probably if you mess around and have a network to install off09:31
intersiderealbern: I like RelunaBluetiful With suede Icons09:32
l3eg0olaslathiat: how do u do that?09:32
l3eg0olasit is a 1GB USB, so I can have the whole ISO on it...09:33
bernintersidereal: where's the best place to get themes for ubuntu09:33
Lathiatnah you need special usb boot magic, i dunno if ubuntu have distrubuted one09:33
Lathiati dont think they do09:33
bernintersidereal: what GUI does ubuntu use i know it's KDE09:33
=== chimaera [~chi@p50914F2F.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
bernintersidereal: i forgot what it used09:33
Lathiatlike i said, if you mess around..09:33
Lathiatif you read up how to make a bootable usb disk09:33
ficusplanetbern, GNOME09:33
Lathiator look on the ftp mirrors, there might be something there09:34
Lathiatficusplanet: knwo of anything else like gnome-photo-printer?09:34
Lathiatficusplanet: otherwise ill have to hack at it, cus i need to specify the photo size :)09:34
intersiderealbern: try gnomelook.org or gnome.art.org09:34
=== Skif [~emschwar@] has joined #ubuntu
ficusplanetLathiat, Not really.  The F-Spot guys are getting a lot done recently though; maybe you could check out the F-Spot CVS.09:34
=== drewbian [~drewbian@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatis f-spot mono or C?09:35
Lathiathehe col09:35
Lathiatany idea where the cvsroot is offhand?09:35
Lathiatgnome, freedesktop, sf?09:35
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bernany interesting programs i should play around with for ubuntu?09:44
bernnow that i have it i want to play around with it but have nothing today since i got my wifi card working :P09:44
chimaerathe installer/hardeware detection stalls at 91% when loading sd-mod for my sata disk. i have a mixed system (1x sata / 1xpata). the controller is ich509:44
Mr_Smileychimaera, to get my cdrom detected properly (pata) i had to change my sata options in bios to enhanced mode09:46
Mr_Smileydunno if that helps09:46
=== ukasz [~ukasz@CLIENT-gimn-aleks-26.lodz.dialog.net.pl] has joined #ubuntu
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=== Skif chases down the dependency chain from hell to install HTML::Mason :-\
chimaeraMr_Smiley: it sould be set u properly for debian with 2.6.7 is running ;)09:47
bernhow do you make a directory in the command line?09:48
Zindarberm: mkdir blaha09:48
chimaeraMr_Smiley: which install-kerner is warty using anyway?09:48
chimaeradrrr those tiny subnotebokk keys are driving me nuts..09:49
Mr_Smileychimaera, i guess its 2.6.8?09:50
=== wobbler [wayne@] has joined #ubuntu
chimaeramhh. my debian box is running 2.6.7-ck6. 09:51
Mr_Smileywell i had trouble with debain and ubuntu installer not detecting my cdrom drive09:52
=== marooned [~gsmaclean@c-24-8-2-12.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mr_Smileybut changing it to enhanced mode fixed it for me :S09:52
Mr_Smileydunno why09:52
Mr_Smileybut it works09:52
chimaeraatm, i'm running auto. anyhow, i check enhanced mode..09:52
Mr_Smileytry it09:53
bernanyone know where i can find the umicon theme and the gant icon set09:55
chimaeraMr_Smiley: nope same as before (iirc, i had problems with enhanced mode anyway). what is your exact disk/cdrom setup?09:56
Mr_Smileychimaera, damn :(09:56
Mr_Smileyi have two pata cdroms09:56
Mr_Smileyand a sata hdd09:56
chimaerai have 1x sta hdd @ sata1 / primary ide is empty / 2nd ide has 1x hdd as master and cdrom as slave09:57
Mr_Smileyah ok09:57
Mr_Smileyi have my cdroms in primary ide09:57
Mr_Smileyand hdd is on sata09:57
chimaerai had quite some trouble to get the two hdds working together. that'S why i have the primary empty and disabled.09:58
Mr_Smileyyeah it is a strange combination ;)09:58
berngrr can't find the damn theme09:58
=== radion [nt0us4@abi62.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
chimaeraso i dig through the ubuntu installer options, maybe i can find something useful there..10:00
Mr_Smileyyeah maybe10:00
ashuWhere do i find live CD for ubuntu?10:00
Lathiatficusplanet: cheers, ihacked up gnome-photo-printer :)10:01
Lathiatmight submit a patch10:01
bernwhat's a good weather display-type program10:02
ficusplanetLathiat, Excellent.10:02
Lathiatbern: theres a toolbar applet for it10:02
Lathiatficusplanet: for nwo i just changed the size on one of the presets, i might make a patch to make the gui a bit nicer and let you set the size and send it off :)10:02
Lathiatthe programs surprisingly simple10:02
Lathiatneeds some HIG love among other things10:02
ficusplanetLathiat, Yeah, I'm sure the maintainer would appreciate some help.  It could be a really handy little app.10:04
bernhow do i restart X?10:04
bernwithout killing all programs10:04
Mr_Smileychimaera, any luck?10:04
=== Hakan [~darkStar@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatficusplanet: yeh its really cute10:06
Lathiathes done the hard work 10:06
=== Lathiat puts it on his todo list to
Lathiatim at a battle10:06
Lathiatlooking at getting a new laptop, pondering getting an iBook :)10:06
=== bern [~bern@hc65277ea.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
bernguess that's not how you do it :P10:06
Lathiatno power management in linux apparently10:06
Lathiatbern: You can't do that, btw10:07
bernok thanks :P10:07
Lathiatbern: if you restart X it kills all its apps10:07
Lathiatif you want to keep a console ap prunning10:07
Lathiatyou can use "screen"10:07
ficusplanetLathiat, I've heard that just waking from sleep is not supported with iBooks10:07
Lathiatficusplanet: yeh10:08
=== Olivier_54 [~olivier@dyn-83-154-93-67.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== polok [~polok@1Cust247.tnt2.wollongong.au.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Hakan [~darkStar@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
polokhow does configure the locales package to add a locale to their computer?10:10
=== kaput [~kaput@YahooBB219046020030.bbtec.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== JohanH [~johan@as9-2-6.b.bonet.se] has joined #ubuntu
kaputHrmm...Anybody having problems with the new PCMCIA deb? I had to downgrade to release 6 to get it working again.10:12
Lathiatpolok: dpkg-reconfigure locale or something10:13
Lathiatpolok: dpkg --get-selectiosn|grep -i locale, might find the package10:13
linux_galoreisnt there a program that simulates the sleep/awake thing with laptops.. I know turbolinux has it10:13
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatlinux_galore: "simulates"?10:13
Lathiatwouldnt be much good if it simulated it10:13
Lathiatyou mean like software suspend?10:13
Lathiatwhich doesnt work on powerpc, works well on my x86 laptop tho :)10:14
linux_galoreit stores an image of the ram on the hardisk and uses that to reboot10:14
Lathiatsoftware suspend10:14
Lathiatnot supported under pp10:14
Lathiat(i.e. macs)10:14
linux_galoreyeah but the program as I see it should work on any platform its just an image file10:14
linux_galorecant see why they cant take a snapshot of an iMACs running processes in the ram stack10:15
Lathiatlinux_galore: umm10:16
Lathiati could explain it10:16
Lathiatsee each architecure works differently10:16
Pizbit'cause it's damned hard?10:16
Lathiatso like blatting crap over ram etc10:16
Lathiatjumping aroudn instructions10:16
Lathiatits slightly different10:16
Lathiatso while it could work on PPC10:16
Lathiatit just doesnt, yet10:16
linux_galoreLathiat: so the conecpts fine just needs porting with hardware variations but thats not done yet10:17
Lathiatsuspend-to-ramis faster tho10:17
Lathiatbe nice if it worked10:17
linux_galoreyeah Apple laptops make great Linux machine10:17
=== McManus [~McManus@cs7011344-115.austin.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatlinux_galore: yeh well theres two issues10:18
Lathiat1) the airport express isnt supported and 2) suspend-to-ram doesnt work10:18
Lathiatif those too worked itd be great10:18
Lathiati can use a usb wifi to get around the wireless10:18
Lathiatsuspend-to-ram is sucky, as software suspend doesnt work10:18
Lathiatbenh was around at one point should have a chat to him10:18
linux_galoredidnt someone just recently reverse engineer the airport10:18
polokLathiat: thanks :)10:18
Lathiatlinux_galore: err airport extreme10:18
polokI tried locale, it was locales10:18
Lathiatno express10:18
Lathiatis what i meant10:19
Lathiatpolok: :)10:19
Lathiati.e. the 802.11g wifi card in apple laptops10:19
=== ctalkep [~ctalkep@] has joined #ubuntu
McManusAm I supposed to install a new kernel the "proper" Debian way? (ala http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch-kernel.en.html#s-kernel-debian)10:20
=== Manny [~chris@pD9E97B6F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bern [~bern@hc65277ea.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatMcManus: its good to, the ubunut wiki has howtos for it10:20
McManushrm, I seem to have missed them, then...  linkage?10:20
linux_galorehmm create a driver api layer for apple drivers heh heh10:20
ctalkepis daf back ?10:20
Lathiatlinux_galore: heh10:20
McManus(the FAQs are great, but i didn't see anything about kernels...)10:20
LathiatMcManus: its not in the faq stuff, its in the wiki10:21
linux_galorethey did it for some Windows drivers10:21
Lathiatlinux_galore: heh yeh10:21
=== psyklops [~psyklops@] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoreeasier often to hack the api than the driver10:21
McManushttp://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/KernelBuildpackageHowto  <== this?10:21
LathiatMcManus: yeh theres another related one too10:22
chimaeraMr_Smiley: ok, i used expert and disabled all modules except those for my ide-comtroller..10:22
smoI'm sure I missed some details there .. does that mean I could expect wireless to work on a new ibook any time soonish ?10:22
Mr_Smileychimaera, and? :)10:22
Lathiatsmo: no10:22
Lathiatsmo: linux_galore is just blatting ideas around, which are great in theory but need to be implemented :)10:23
McManusyeah, I think I found it in the link...  thanks!10:23
Lathiatmaybe i should become an elite kernel hacker10:23
smoIf he feels like implementing any, I'm saving for an iBook atm ;o)10:23
linux_galoresmo do what I do use a wrt45g-s wifi/router with my laptop10:23
=== bern [~bern@hc65277ea.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Kamion] : FAQ: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/ || Wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ || Lists: http://lists.ubuntu.com/ || Bugs: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ || warty is out
=== oik [~amorris@m164-mp1.cvx1-a.man.dial.ntli.net] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatsmo: ditto10:24
Kamion(the text-speak was making my BRAIN HURT)10:24
chimaeraMr_Smiley: still working my way through the installer, but it seems ok. also noticed, that the kernel oopses when loading the usb-modules.. you know, i have i reason for not using anything > 2.6.7 on my debian box ;)10:24
Mr_Smileychimaera, hehe :)10:24
Mr_Smileywell good luck :P10:24
Lathiatchimaera: heh10:24
linux_galorecool thing about a Linksys wrt54g.. not only does it mean you dont have to worry about wifi with any system but it runs Linux and you can do some unreal firmware hacks10:25
=== Tzigane [~mike@adsl-131-218.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatlinux_galore: heh yeh10:25
Mr_Smileylinux_galore, yeah i have one its awesome ;)10:25
Lathiatits cool10:26
TziganeHi guys =)10:26
smolinux_galore: I was actually looking at that earlier .. I'm looking for something with similar capabilities, that I can hook a "real disk" up to.  it's a shame none of their usb print-servers seem to easily hackable10:26
Lathiatwe run frottle and quagga (bgp) on a few10:26
Lathiatfrottle is a token-ring type thing for wlan, to eliminate hidden node issues10:26
Lathiator well, make them managable10:26
TziganeI'm using an Inspiron 8600... Has anyone else with this machine experienced immedate system crashes when closing the lid?10:26
LathiatTzigane: check out www.tuxmobil.org10:26
Lathiatprobably an acpi bug10:26
Lathiattheres various acpi patches i se floating around10:27
TziganeThat's what I thought, but then I started with acpi=off10:27
linux_galoreMr_Smiley: I actually carry mine all over the place and I have a 12v batter pack.. I met a buddy on a train and we were swapping  loads of files on the move...he didnt have wifi so he could just plug straight in through one of the eth ports10:27
Lathiatlinux_galore: haha thats evil10:27
linux_galorewho needs p2p when you have a wrt54g with a battery pack heh heh10:27
linux_galoreIve given a few people images of ubuntu of my laptop via the router on the move10:28
=== svenl_ is now known as svenl
=== kaput [~kaput@YahooBB219046020030.bbtec.net] has joined #ubuntu
oikHi all - was wondering if anyone can cast some light on this error message: "Bad Header Line", when trying to apt-get install something?10:30
=== ploum [~ploum@159-196.241.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoreIm getting wireless internet next so I should be able to setup a mobile wireless node on the move for meetings10:30
oikalmost certainly due to the network going down during an install10:30
oik...of something else, previously10:30
linux_galoreoik: did you try  google.com/linux and enter that error10:31
Lathiatoik: try apt-get update first10:31
oiklinux_galore: yup10:31
oikAFAICT there is something wrong with the headers...10:31
Lathiatoik: ...10:32
oikso I deleted them (/var/lib/apt/lists, right?)10:32
oikand then did apt-get update, and it got them all again10:32
Lathiatand then?10:32
oikbut the error remains10:32
Lathiatcan you paste the context10:33
Lathiatto me in private10:33
oikhow do I do that :-)10:33
Mr_Smileylinux_galore, hehehehehe10:33
Lathiatoik: like copy all the stuff aroudn it, and paste it to me in a private window (/query lathiaT)10:33
=== SmokingFire [~FireFly@ashanti.xs4all.nl] has left #ubuntu []
=== codeane [~codeane@203-59-152-61.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoreoik: what were you apt getting10:33
oikhang on...10:34
=== vincent [~vincent@bonnefoy-3-82-224-105-22.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
chimaeraMr_Smiley: ok, the trick is to never load ata-piix..10:35
kaputwith ubuntu, my opengl performance is half that with every other distro i've used. anybody have any ideas? (i852)10:36
oikwas installing mythtv from multiverse10:36
oikbut the error is for libmyth and mysql-client10:36
=== ditCh [ditch@drunk.ditch.be] has joined #ubuntu
oikbut if I apt-get mysql-client by itself it seems to work10:37
Lathiatdo that then :)10:37
linux_galoreyeah sounds like a script conflict maybe there is a version variation10:37
=== ToTo-Away is now known as ToTo
linux_galorehmm beer10:38
linux_galoresomeone told me there was a fus over images used with ubuntu being pornographic.. I looked for ages and didnt find anything on my image...now Im like "Ive been ripped off" were my pr0n images lol10:39
Lathiatmmmm beer10:39
kaputlathiat: are there any known performance issues with xfree on ubuntu?10:39
Lathiatkaput: should be fine, unless you need some binary drivers like nvidia etc (which are included anyway)10:40
oikI think the so-called porn images are great10:40
Lathiati dont10:40
Lathiatpeople go "wtf" everytime they see my screen10:40
PizbitChange it then:L)10:40
Lathiatthat requries effort10:41
Lathiati changed my background10:41
linux_galorewhat porn images I didnt find any...and if those or pr0n sheesh you guys should see more billboards10:41
Kamionor, er, upgrade :-)10:41
kaputlathiat: nope. i'm running an intel i852gm on my toshiba notebook. i ran gentoo on it for about 18 months and decided to try ubuntu.10:41
Kamionlinux_galore: the discussion is basically over, because we made the images no longer default10:41
kaputlathiat: i love it, but opengl seems to be running at about 50%10:41
linux_galoreKamion: sounds like the americans have invaded10:42
Lathiatkaput: there could be a number of reasons, are you on battery? maybe your cpu frequency was scaled10:42
LathiatKamion: you did?10:42
Kamionlinux_galore: not really, only a fraction of the negative opinions were from Americans.10:42
KamionLathiat: yes, for the final release10:42
kaputlathiat: hrmm...hadn't though about that. i hadn't done anything with it yet. what's ubuntu using? speedfreq?10:42
Lathiatlook in /proc/acpi10:42
Lathiatmy laptops laggingggg10:43
Lathiatgo the 266mhz10:43
Lathiatpure powaaaaaa10:44
linux_galorefeeel the Powah of a 486SX10:44
Lathiati used to have a 486 up ill 200010:44
Lathiatthen got a 200mhz10:44
Lathiatgot a 1.8ghz in 2001,2002 or something10:44
Lathiatthen back down to 1ghz10:44
linux_galoreI had a P1 133 till about 2 years ago10:44
=== Pizbit feels the slightly more evident "powaaaaaa" with his 1.5ghz
Lathiatand now my 266 laptop, my desktops 1ghz10:44
Lathiati never use my desktop tho10:44
linux_galorenow Im a dial cpu man10:45
PizbitWhy's that?10:45
Lathiatwhats what?10:45
Lathiatwhys what, rather10:45
LathiatPizbit: 10:45
kaputlathiat: hrm. seems to have defaulted to 1200 mhz. (it's a 2200 p4.) it looks like ubuntu uses cpufreq. i'll try bumping it up.10:45
PizbitLathiat: Why use the slow laptop over the much faster desktop?10:45
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@ppp-82-84-140-79.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatPizbit: because im hardly ever at home10:45
Lathiatand its more convenient to use my laptop when i am at home10:45
Lathiatcus its got all my stuff onit10:46
linux_galoreIve noticed laptop prices have crashed10:46
=== Pizbit nods.
Lathiatgetting a new laptop for christmas10:46
Lathiatnot sure what to get yet10:46
ajmitch_my laptop seems a little underpowered for me to use all the time10:46
linux_galorewhat I would pay for a decent second hand unit two years ago I can now get a new laptop for10:46
oikall laptops seem underpowered to me10:46
oikeven the fast ones10:47
Pizbitoik: I agree10:47
ajmitch_I might repartition it & put ubuntu on it some day10:47
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatyou can get 3ghz p4 laptops10:47
Lathiatburn your nuts off and last about half an hour on the battery tho i assume10:47
PizbitMy friend's, well, sure it's running windowsXP, but damn is it slow for 1ghz or whatever it is.10:47
linux_galoreoik: AMD64 laptops from what Ive been told by the owners are damn fast10:47
PizbitSometimes it takes 5-10 seconds just to show the desktop:)10:47
LathiatPizbit: thats probably becuase its running winxp10:47
Lathiatdefinately cus its runninga bloated XP10:47
oikYeah, maybe next year...10:47
=== sbarrat [sbarrat@172.Red-217-127-188.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatmy 266 running winxp shows the desktop in a blink10:47
oikbut it's the slow disk that makes all the difference10:48
Lathiatnot that i have XP on it10:48
ajmitch_installing ubuntu on this old laptop can't be any slower than it is at the moment (in qemu)10:48
Lathiatbut whenit did10:48
kaputhrmm. does someone know a good gtk userspace cpu throttling app. i think the gnome applet is just a monitor10:48
PizbitHis music *skips* :)10:48
linux_galoreyou can get a AMD64 laptop now for US$1,10010:48
Lathiatkaput: thought the gnome applet changed it10:48
Lathiatlinux_galore: noticed that10:48
cenerentolajust one thing does anyone knows what's the best acpi-thing for a toshiba satellite m30-15410:48
linux_galoreLathiat: yep10:48
bernman i'm having no luck finding/installing themes tonight10:48
Lathiatcenerentola: acpi thing?10:48
cenerentolalinux_galore: where10:48
Lathiatbern: install gnome-themes-extras10:48
Lathiatbern: and industrial is a good theme, all the rest suck10:48
cenerentolalathiat: kernel module10:48
kaputlathiat. i'm thinking it's just a monitor, not for making frequency changes.10:49
linux_galorecenerentola: not from del for starters you just need to look in the PC parts magazines10:49
Lathiatkaput: have you tried it?10:49
Lathiatcenerentola: theres only one "acpi"10:49
kaputi looked at it earlier. i'll check again10:49
Lathiattheres various bits and peices of it tho10:49
Lathiatcenerentola: what are you trying to do?10:49
cenerentolalathiath:using fn-key under my toshiba10:50
Lathiatcenerentola: try www.tuxmobil.org10:50
linux_galoreIve seen about 4 different laptop brands around AU$2k10:50
Lathiatlinux_galore: alot suck10:50
Lathiatthe dell inspiron 510m seems nice10:50
Lathiatthey seem to have withdrewn the 14" version tho10:50
Lathiatwhcih sucks10:50
oiklathiat: That's what I have10:51
oikThe CPU is very fast10:51
Lathiatoik: linux work well on it?10:51
linux_galoreLathiat: Del use cheap taiwan contractors no different than the cheap ones your knocking10:51
oikbut the disk sucks10:51
kaputlathiat: *ahh.* ubuntu seems to default to dynamic frequencies.10:51
oiklathat: no idea - i use windows on it. My desktop runs linux10:51
Lathiatlinux_galore: theres a big difference between the 1150 etc and the 510m, and everyone ive talked to says their good10:51
Lathiatoik: ah ok10:51
oikI didn't want to go through the pain...#10:52
Lathiatlinux_galore: the 1150s etc are bricks and suck10:52
Lathiatbut theyre cheap10:52
Lathiatoik: apparently everything works on them10:52
Lathiatoik: even the modem10:52
Lathiatoik: only quirk is the external monitor port needs a userspace program to turn it on10:52
oikI might try dual booting then10:52
linux_galoreLathiat: I use a Taiwan no brand model for the last 17 months works fine no problems all the hardware works too10:52
Lathiatand only clones doesnt span10:52
oiklathiat: where did you find this info?10:52
Lathiatoik: tuxmobil.org10:52
Lathiatsaid that sites name about 5 times this arvo :)10:53
linux_galoreLathiat: the suplier will even supply it minux windows10:53
Lathiatlinux_galore: is it light, thin, centrino and cheap?10:53
oikI did think about dual booting, but this was a few months ago when all the problems with kernel 2.6 destroying the windows partition table was going on10:53
Lathiatand does all the hardware work in windows?10:53
cenerentolalathiat: if i do "modprobe toshiba_acpi"10:53
Lathiatoik: haha10:53
Lathiatoik: i never heard about that stuff10:54
Lathiatnever affected me10:54
cenerentolalathiat: and it doesnt say anything... it's all right ?10:54
linux_galoreLathiat: no its a P4 1.8Ghz DVD/CD-RW combo 256mb ram 15" LCD10:54
Lathiatcenerentola: no idea, google.com/linux ....10:54
Lathiatlinux_galore: yeh see i want a more mobile / battery life thing10:54
Lathiatbut yeh10:54
=== paulproteus has an iBook G4, which has superb battery life
kaputlathiat: sorry to keep bothering you. seems everybody wants your help. ;) when testing the card, even after the cpu jumps to full speed, i continue to get half the performance i was under other distros. just wondering if anybody had heard anything.10:54
oikLathiat: I think it was fedora core 2 - destroyed existing windows partition table10:54
bob2paulproteus: but useless suspsned and wireless10:55
=== bob2 glares at his ibook
linux_galoreI dont use the battery much 30 min is more than enough for me10:55
Lathiatkaput: no idea sorry10:55
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
deFryskRe :)10:55
paulproteusbob2: Yeah, I know.  It's really the wireless that kills me.10:55
Lathiatbob2: do you run linux on your ibook?10:55
bob2Lathiat: of course.10:55
Lathiatbob2: ibook g?10:55
linux_galorealthough the laptop I use will work fine for 2 hours10:55
Lathiatbob2: *g410:55
bob2paulproteus: yeah, my sucky little usb thing doesn't like most access points...including the one in my house :/10:55
Lathiatany issues other than suspend-to-ram and wireless?10:55
bob2Lathiat: yes.10:55
kaputlathiat: hehe...well, thanks anyway. i'll have to look around some more. 10:56
Lathiatbob2: care to detail, pondering buying one 10:56
linux_galoreanyone tried running Linux on one of those ASUS 17" laptops10:56
bob2Lathiat: other than those two things it's good...10:56
Lathiatbob2: ah ok, hmm, any progress on either of those that you know of?10:56
Lathiatsuspend-to-ram cant be too hard to fix if someone with the right know how hacks at it10:57
PizbitLathiat: And time:)10:57
LathiatPizbit: time?10:57
bob2Lathiat: it's impossible to fix until ATI documents the card properly10:57
PizbitYes, they need time to do the work10:57
linux_galorecould alway put a bounty up for suspend-to-ram for iMac laptops10:57
Lathiatbob2: oh its the video card problem?10:57
bob2linux_galore: there's no point, the problem is missing docs10:57
Lathiatcant restore state on the video card or something?10:58
Lathiatbob2: stuff can be reverse engineered10:58
bob2can't power it down correctly, I think10:58
paulproteusI'd be willing to put up money toward a bounty on wireless or suspend, too.10:58
bob2Lathiat: um, and what hardware have tyou reverse engineered?10:58
Lathiati was pondering10:58
bob2it's very non-trivial10:58
Lathiatbob2: nothing youd care about, but i was sayign it can be done, not saying that it was easy10:58
PizbitHrm, methinks I'm gonna be waiting a while http://img69.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img69&image=copying-to-player-244MiB.png10:58
bob2the airport extreme has a linux driver for mips-only, it could be reverse engineered10:59
Lathiatwhats that for, the wrt54g stuff?10:59
linux_galorebob2: I cant see Apple uses a one of chipset optioned for suspend_to_ram10:59
=== gma [~graham@capella.plus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatbob2: binary only i assume?10:59
=== gma is now known as graham
Lathiatlinux_galore: The problem is, for the video card, we don't know how to instruct it to turn itself off.11:00
Lathiatas far as i understand it anyway11:00
bob2Lathiat: yes.11:00
bob2linux_galore: apple knows how to suspend it, we do not.11:00
=== jc-denton [~jc@zux173-061.adsl.green.ch] has joined #ubuntu
bob2wireless and suspend work great udner mac os11:00
linux_galoreLathiat: if the card has a socked you can reverse engineer it with a logger11:01
Lathiatlinux_galore: yes but its very non trivial11:01
=== rwabel [~rwabel@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatthere are probably easier ways than that on macosx11:01
Lathiatgiven the kernel is open source11:01
Lathiatyou can probably sniff the pci in kernel or something11:01
Lathiatbut still, its far from trivial11:01
bob2no it's not11:01
Lathiatbob2: what isnt?11:01
linux_galoreDarwin kernel is open source bet Apple has made the driver binary only11:02
Lathiatlinux_galore: i know that11:02
bob2Lathiat: apple didn't make the driver11:02
Lathiatbut i was saying you could *probably* sniff stuff at the pci level in the kernel (assuming that part is open source)11:02
bob2linux_galore: ^11:02
linux_galorethere are some excellent de-compilers now out 11:02
bob2what is the point of that, anyway?11:03
bob2we have a linux driver for mips, reverse engineer that11:03
Lathiatdude, people who know alot more than any of us have looked at this i assure you :P11:03
bob2it'll be a bazillion times easier11:03
Lathiatit would be11:03
Lathiattho for suspend-to-ram, not as11:03
Lathiatbut wireless is the big killer11:03
linux_galoreput it this way if it has a bus you can log what its sending11:03
bob2linux_galore: of course, but imagiune how hard it is to take ten megabits of data per second and figure out whate each bit does11:04
Lathiati was trying to figure out how to say that, that works well :)11:04
linux_galorebob2: you can isolate the noise from what is actually the off signal process by just repeating the off cycle11:05
bob2linux_galore: have you done this before?11:05
=== Lathiat laughs
linux_galorebob2: as in hacked IO channels  yes11:05
=== micampe [~micampe@host164-238.pool81114.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Lathiat: benh said a couple of months ago that there was hope for suspend in the next six months11:05
Lathiatbob2: ooh funk11:05
bob2linux_galore: for a PCI device?11:05
Lathiati met him at lca, seems like a cool guy11:05
paulproteusbob2: That's awesome to hear.11:06
linux_galorebob2: no I havent done PCI but Ive done far harder stuff than PCI11:06
micampebob2, cool first time I come here and the first thing I read is something I wanted to know :)11:06
Lathiatlinux_galore: ooc, what have you done?11:06
Lathiatsoudns like youve done some interesting stuff?11:06
linux_galoreLathiat: mainly communications between wires devices  ie PABX protocols for voice mail11:07
jc-dentonhow does ubuntu differ from debian (its not in the faq..)11:07
Tziganejc-denton: More love =)11:07
bob2jc-denton: 6 month releases. sane default gnome-based desktop. people paid to work on it.11:08
paulproteusMore like fewer people doing the loving, Tzigane ;)11:08
jc-dentonno i mean technically11:08
Tziganepaulproteus: Good point =)11:08
linux_galoredoesnt have KDE lol11:08
Lathiatjc-denton: well yes, it has newer versiosn of stuff11:08
jc-dentonis it just an entry in /etc/apt/sources.list or what exactly11:08
Lathiatlinux_galore: it does just not by default11:08
jc-dentonpeople are paid to work on it?11:09
Lathiatjc-denton: umm, you cant really do that (well, you can, but its a lot of messing around) - the base system is different11:09
bob2jc-denton: upgrading from Debian is not supported.11:09
Lathiatjc-denton: yes, a company is developing it11:09
=== psyklops is now known as psyklops-sleep
linux_galoreLathiat: I had to install the QT stuff for Scribus11:09
ctalkepwould anyone help me with a ntfs partition issue?11:09
Lathiatlinux_galore: apt found it all for me :)11:10
bob2ctalkep: just ask your question.11:10
Lathiatlinux_galore: hrmm if you us scribus, maybe you can tell em an easy way to take 200 photos and lay them out with the filename underneath for printing (so needs to goto CMYK etc, tho the conversion can be done later)11:10
linux_galoreLathiat: when is ubuntu going to drop XFree8611:10
Lathiatbasically 200 people, and needs their name underneath11:10
ctalkepi ran the installer by default so it would not find my dvd. then i ran it with the noapis option11:11
ctalkepit did work this way11:11
Lathiatlinux_galore: i beleive x.org will be used in the next release (hoary)11:11
jc-dentonso its totally different then debian, exepted that it uses apt and the deb installer?11:11
bob2ctalkep: noapic?11:11
paulproteuslinux_galore: Next release, right.11:11
paulproteusjc-denton: Not quite.11:11
Lathiatctalkep: no, the installer is based on the debian sarge installer11:11
jc-dentonis there a life cd so i can try that/11:11
linux_galoreLathiat: what ver of Scribus are you using the new versions handle images allot better11:11
ctalkepyet it does not see my win partitions11:11
paulproteusThis is covered somewhere, 'cause I've read it.  Let me see...11:11
bob2jc-denton: no, it's based on sid from june, with gnome2.8 added.11:11
Lathiatjc-denton: there is a live cd11:11
ctalkeptwo of which are ntfs11:11
paulproteusjc-denton: See #ubuntu-devel for most recent live CD URL.11:11
bob2ctalkep: "does not see"? the installer doesn't?11:11
ctalkephow do i fix that?11:11
linux_galoreLathiat: I downloaded scribus and compiled it11:12
bob2ctalkep: are you talking about the installer or not?11:12
jc-dentonso its as stable as sid?11:12
ctalkepthe installedubuntu 11:12
linux_galoreLathiat: apt-get version was too old11:12
ctalkepthe installermust have seen it 11:12
bob2jc-denton: yes, a company is releasing random crap11:12
ctalkepfor it added the win boot partition to the grub11:12
bob2jc-denton: no, the point of it is that it's sid, stabilised every six months11:12
cenerentolaif i want to make a launch-link on the desktop what kind of command should i use to launch.. say /usr/bin/lotfsex11:12
bob2jc-denton: it's intended to be as stable as debian stable but released far more often11:12
ctalkepyet now i cannot access them from ubuntu11:13
Lathiatlinux_galore: ah ok11:13
bob2ctalkep: so what is your problem? that you can't boot windows or that you can't mount windows drives?11:13
Lathiatlinux_galore: whats the cvs root for scribus11:13
paulproteusctalkep: He can't, and wants to, mount.11:13
ctalkepi boot win just fine11:13
linux_galoreScribus 1.2 features new print previewer which has the ability to render CMYK separations on screen,11:14
ctalkepi just need to access my win partitions from inside ubuntu11:14
bob2ctalkep: so the problem is you can't mount them?11:14
bob2ctalkep: ok11:14
bob2ctalkep: please  try to ask a whole question on one line, ti's very hard to follow it if you spread them over 500011:14
ctalkepno fstab entry either11:14
Pizbitmount -t ntfs -o ro /dev/hda1 /mnt/place ?11:14
ctalkepok, sorry11:14
linux_galoreLathiat: I just downloaded 1.2 from the home page11:14
jc-dentonbob2, ah cool11:14
bob2ctalkep: does this work "mount -t ntfs /dev/whatever /mnt"?11:14
jc-dentoni'll check out the live cd11:15
Lathiatlinux_galore: ah ok11:15
linux_galoreLathiat: difference between 1.2 and 1.x is chalk and cheese11:15
=== Mr_Smiley [~smiley@CPE-144-136-187-57.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
ctalkepit is actually sdb something. i have 2 sata drives, switched to enhanced mode 11:16
bob2ctalkep: ok.11:17
linux_galoreLathiat: scribus now has a commercial news paper using there program11:17
Lathiatlinux_galore: sorry whats chalk and cheese mean?11:17
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatlike they are very different?11:17
Lathiatlinux_galore: funky11:17
linux_galoreLathiat: like comparing  cats and dogs   goats and sheep   chalk and cheese11:17
Lathiatthought so11:17
=== Lathiat gets it
=== Lathiat apt-get build-deps scribus
=== Lathiat bugs build-dep
Lathiat*hugs :P11:18
Lathiatugh slow laptop11:18
linux_galoretook me about 20 min on a dual P3 933 to compile scribus11:19
linux_galoreall the libs etc too11:19
=== nreid [~nreid@host-212-158-195-50.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiati hate qt 11:20
Lathiatcus g++ is slow :)11:20
Lathiatif for no other reason :)11:20
=== Hmmmmm_ [~sukrit@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Hmmmmm_ [~sukrit@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Hmmmmm_ [~sukrit@] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoreI went to the chemist a few weeks ago and saw the computer the chemist was running has a suse linux desktop... funny were Linux pops up at times11:21
paulproteusWhat country are you in, linux_galore?11:22
Lathiatheh cute11:22
linux_galoreI love not far from jdub11:22
=== rafiu [~rafiu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== stevedeo [~steve@static24-72-62-185.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoreactually i will see jdub next week11:23
paulproteusOkay, off to bed for me now.11:23
bob2linux_galore: where you at debsig last month?11:23
linux_galoreno 11:23
bob2ah, thought I might have met you11:23
linux_galoreI should goto debsig though just Im busy when its on11:24
bob2ah, fair enough11:24
Lathiatlinux_galore: you in sydney?11:24
Lathiatahyou are11:24
Lathiatim in perth11:24
=== rafiu [~rafiu@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Lathiatyou been to any of the lcas?11:24
Mr_Smileyhey people from aus are here? :O11:24
Lathiati was an organiser in 200311:24
Lathiatwent last year11:24
LathiatMr_Smiley: heh yes :)11:24
Lathiatwhere you from?11:25
Mr_Smileyi'm from adelaide :)11:25
Lathiati was there in january for lca200411:25
Lathiatran the ipv6 miniconf 11:25
Mr_Smileyah ok11:25
linux_galoreLathiat: I dont travel much Im a white coat in a lab guy 11:25
Mr_Smileyi know a friend who went there11:25
=== ozan [~Ozan@dsl81-214-42682.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatlinux_galore: ah11:26
LathiatMr_Smiley: who? 11:26
Lathiatmight know who it is11:26
=== bob2 [rob@] has left #ubuntu []
=== bob2 [rob@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatis he <18?11:26
Lathiatmight be the james i know11:26
bob2ozan: hi there!11:26
linux_galoreI need to get of my ass and do more work with computer bank and travel a bit11:27
Lathiatheh computer bank11:27
Lathiatwhat kinda computers do you guys hand out11:27
Lathiatthe similar org over here mostly has 133-200 stuff11:27
Lathiattrying to get all 200+ now11:27
linux_galoreComputer Bank get old computers clean them test them and put linux on them and install them in poor communities11:27
Lathiatlinux_galore: i know what it does, i meant what specs to they get over there11:28
Lathiatwe get pretty shithouse crap over here11:28
ozanhi, i want to install mplayer and i found a howto in ubuntu's web page, that it says me to install it from "deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat unstable main" i tried it but occoured error like "The following packages have unmet dependencies" bla bla... can i try and use the stable and testing of debian too?11:28
ozanhi bob211:28
linux_galoreLathiat: PII PIII machines up to 600mhz11:28
Lathiatozan: try testing11:28
Lathiatlinux_galore: ooh thats good11:28
Lathiatwe get all like ~200s or less :(11:29
ozanok ty11:29
linux_galoreLathiat: computer bank are now selling complete systems to raise cash even have a 19" monitor if you want11:29
linux_galoreLathiat: only thing Im after is a second hand PIII laptop so i can do some lectures11:30
=== Dethread [~Dethread@24-205-231-52.slo-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galorepeople keep asking me to do some Linux lectures11:31
linux_galorebut everything I have Linux on weighs a tonne11:31
rwabellithiat: just a short question, why should one use the testing for mplayer?11:31
Lathiatim only 16 and ive already done about 6-8 talks at various lugs and conferencesheh11:31
Lathiatrwabel: just use what works11:32
linux_galoreLathiat: they want me to talk about gimp because one of my hobbies is recovering old damages pictures for people with gimp11:32
rwabellathiat: aren't there problems when mixing testing with unstable?11:32
Lathiatlinux_galore: cute11:32
Lathiatrwabel: not in this case11:32
=== Seveas [seveas@213-73-236-154.cable.quicknet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== lrandall [~lrandall@rrdg-ip-nas-1-p181.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoreLathiat: Ive got some really good examples too looks like some have been attacked by jack the slasher11:33
rwabellathiat: sorry I'm kinda new, is that only the case for the ubuntu repository?11:33
linux_galoreIm amazed how good gimp is at recovering images with a steady hand11:33
linux_galorehmm wonder is I have a before and after on hand11:34
ajmitch_Lathiat: yes, I remember your ipv6 talks at LCA this year11:35
=== golan [~trevize@173.Red-217-125-143.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2ozan: where were the instructions telling you to use unstable?11:36
=== PandU [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== polok_ [~polok@1Cust178.tnt3.wollongong.au.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatajmitch_: ahh you went to it? cool :)11:38
rwabelthere is also a mplayer version in multiverse. which should one take?11:39
Lathiatno idea11:39
ajmitch_Lathiat: yeah, I missed the python & ipv6 talk though11:39
Lathiatajmitch_: ahok11:39
Lathiatpython and ipv6 talk was my better one11:39
Lathiatdunno why, felt more polished presenting it11:39
Lathiatconsidering i finished the slides just before i rocked up to it :p11:40
ajmitch_is it on the dvd?11:40
Lathiatthe slides are11:40
Lathiatthey didnt record the miniconfs *again* *grrrrrrrrrrrr*11:40
Lathiatand my video recordings got deleted11:40
ajmitch_that's a shame11:40
Lathiati dont think theres gona be an ipv6 miniconf next year11:41
ozanby the way, i installed from testing and now works.. 11:41
Lathiatthe committee has expressed aprehensions since its not "linux related"11:41
Lathiatozan: col11:41
ajmitch_too many other miniconfs competing for time?11:41
Lathiatajmitch_: ^11:41
mjrhmm, Xnest seems to happily open up a default window of 3/4 of the virtual screen area, happily oblivious to Xinerama setups11:41
Lathiatmjr: heh11:41
bob2ozan: I've fixed that page11:41
mjr...which is an issue for gdmflexiserver as well, as it goes for the default11:42
Lathiatajmitch_: www.sixlabs.org/talks/11:42
ozanoh ok. thanks11:42
Lathiative got the slides there11:42
Lathiatalong with the rest of my talks11:42
=== samuelc [~samuelc@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Lathiat: is it linux-related?11:42
Lathiatbob2: it is, because most of my content has been related to linux and ipv611:42
Lathiati explained it to the committee11:43
Lathiattheir "getting back to me closer to the closing date" or something11:43
ajmitch_I don't know if I'll make it to canberra for the next one11:43
Lathiatalso if its allowed i doubt ill get any funding11:43
Lathiatadelaide paid for me last year11:43
Lathiatbut i might be able to afford to go this year11:43
Lathiati submitted two papers to the actual conference11:44
Lathiatdoubt theyll get through tho11:44
ajmitch_it falls a week before my uni break next year11:44
Lathiatid skip the week of uni for it11:44
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu
ajmitch_not when I'm working there as well as studying11:44
Lathiatfinishing my last year of high schol this year11:44
=== ph [~ph@pD9E6BC64.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiati guess11:45
ajmitch_although it probably wouldn't be hard to get the week off11:45
=== stvn [~steven@] has joined #ubuntu
ajmitch_you'll be at uni next year then?11:46
Lathiatajmitch_: hopefullly11:47
=== jacob [~jacob@h146n1fls23o1061.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
cefLathiat, at uni? god help us all!11:47
Lathiatcef: heh11:48
=== hvm [~hvm@d8149.upc-d.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== erikveen [~erik@h74181.upc-h.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== PandU [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
cenerentolawhat's up if the cpp fails a sanity check during a .configure?11:57
=== u_d [~u_d@87.b.002.ham.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
PizbitDepends what it is I guess?11:58
bob2cenerentola: install build-essential11:58
cenerentolaand what should it do?11:59
cenerentolathey're the gdesklets11:59
mjrthere, bug report filed11:59
bob2cenerentola: install build-essential.  also, gdesklets is in universe.11:59
cenerentolabob2: yeah but they're quite old12:00
cenerentolabob2: what build-essential does?12:00
cenerentolabob2: install build-essential doesnt work12:01
cenerentolabob2: it says too few arguments12:01
bob2cenerentola: do you know how to install packages in ubuntu?12:01
michel_vcenerentola: sudo apt-get install build-essential12:01
michel_vthis has no reason not to work12:01
cenerentolabob2: what do you mean?12:02
cenerentolabob2: ive got sources12:02
bob2cenerentola: have you ever used linux before?12:02
stvncenerentola: the nice things abount ubuntu is that you don't need sources to install paclages12:02
=== ElRaton [~lerat@tofu.eu.org] has joined #ubuntu
bob2cenerentola: so you know what a package is?12:02
cenerentolabob2: yes12:02
bob2cenerentola: and how have you installed packages in ubuntu before?12:03
cenerentolasynaptic or apt-get12:03
cenerentolawell but i cant install a package that doesnt exist..12:03
bob2ok, use one of them to install the build-essential package12:03
=== joem [~joem@c-67-173-77-82.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2build-essential does exist.12:03
cenerentolai just thought that "install build-essentials" was a command12:03
cenerentolanow i got it12:03
cenerentolabiggest mistake ever made...12:04
stvncenerentola: nah that sudo rm -rf /12:04
cenerentolastvn: ahahaha12:05
cenerentolastvn: youre smart12:05
Lathiatstvn: haha12:05
cenerentolastvn: and funny12:05
cenerentolaok as apology you're all invited for a porcino mushroom-based dinner here in borgotaro12:06
stvncenerentola: it wasn't me but a teacher at the uni explaining the risks about unix commands, he showed us rm -rf / and accidently hit the enter key ;) (though he was not root only his own data was lost12:06
PizbitI once did rm -rf ~ while I still had two HDs mounted in it.12:07
PizbitHit ctrl+c but not before losing 15GB hehe12:07
Lathiative fone that before but12:07
Lathiatrunning into a proc file system12:08
cenerentolai did chmod -r ugoa=rwx12:08
Lathiati was scared itd follow the symlinks12:08
Lathiatit didnt thank god :)12:08
PizbitLathiat: So you tacked on -i and had to hit y<enter> shitloads?:)12:08
Lathiatgiven /proc/$PID/root points to / ofen :)12:08
LathiatPizbit: heh12:08
=== Dethread is now known as Dethread|sleep
PizbitI had meant to rm -rf ~, just not while there were the hds in there.12:09
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
cenerentolachecking for gnome-python-2.0 >= 2.0.0 pygtk-2.0 >= 2.0.0... Package gobject-2.0  was not found in the pkg-config search path.12:10
cenerentolabut ive installed gob212:10
=== matlads [~matlads@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatcenerentola: install gnome-devel12:11
cenerentolathx... but how can you know that?12:11
LathiatBecause I know everything :)12:11
cenerentolaother than that?12:11
bob2by not being a newbie12:12
Lathiatother than what?12:12
bob2you pick up things like that by using and watching other people12:12
bob2and now you know it, too12:12
cenerentolabob2: right12:12
LathiatPretty much I have a lot of experience with linux, debian, ubuntu etc -- from learnign from people, messing around, so ic an figure most thigns out...12:12
PizbitYou learn how to make educated guesses.12:12
cenerentolalathiat: how many yrs?12:12
Lathiatcenerentola: since march 200112:12
Lathiatim nealry 17 now12:12
cenerentolawhen i was 17 internet was just a mirage here12:13
micampei can barely remember when I was nearly 17 :-p12:13
=== Pizbit was 17 5 months ago
cenerentolawell in london last summer i spotted a kid that was "war walking" around...12:14
cenerentolahed to be about 1712:14
Lathiative done that12:14
Lathiatdid that at lca2004 as well 12:14
Lathiatscriptplugin.TPlo' \12:14
Lathiatdepmode=gcc3 /bin/sh ../../../admin/depcomp \12:14
Lathiat/bin/sh ../../../libtool --mode=compile --tag=CXX g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../../.. -I/usr/include/freetype2 -I/usr/include/qt3 -I/usr/X11R6/include -I../../../scribus -I/usr/include/python2.3 -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT  -D_REENTRANT  -O2 -fno-exceptions -fno-check-new  -c -o scriptplugin.lo `test -f 'scriptplugin.cpp' || echo './'`scriptplugin.cpp12:14
Lathiatg++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../../.. -I/usr/include/freetype2 -I/usr/include/qt3 -I/usr/X11R6/include -I../../../scribus -I/usr/include/python2.3 -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -D_REENTRANT -O2 -fno-exceptions -fno-check-new -c scriptplugin.cpp -MT scriptplugin.lo -MF .deps/scriptplugin.TPlo -MD -MP  -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/scriptplugin.o12:14
PizbitLathiat: WTF is with the spam?12:14
Lathiataccidentally hit both my mouse buttons :P12:15
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatfingers slid off the bottom of my touchpad :P12:15
cenerentolawell i had no poss to have a notebook at that age12:15
opimorning Ubuntu follower :)12:15
cenerentolahail to you12:16
Lathiatme warwalking :)12:16
cenerentolais that a toshiba?12:17
=== Micksa [~mslade@203-217-18-166.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
opiI wish my Toshiba was able to run Ubuntu ;)12:17
cenerentolaive one12:17
sjoerdtoshiba satallite from the looks of it12:17
Lathiatran debian and xfce4 on that12:17
PizbitHeh, old and chunky:)12:17
Lathiatsjoerd: satellite pro12:17
Lathiattheyre quite a nice laptop12:17
Lathiatfairly lightish12:17
Lathiatand cool12:17
Lathiatesp with the fan on12:17
cenerentolaits sth like 220cs...12:17
Lathiatjust, p166mhz :)12:17
Lathiatcenerentola: somethign like that12:17
opiToshiba are my fav. laptops :)12:17
Lathiati forget the model12:17
=== PandU [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiati have a 266 gateway solo now12:18
sjoerdLathiat: my old latop is a 320 CDT :) (same casing, 233mhz)12:18
Lathiat192mbs ram helps12:18
Lathiatsjoerd: ahh mine was a CDT12:18
cenerentolaand... what about the OS?12:18
Lathiatdebian, xfce412:18
Lathiati run ubuntu+gnome2 on my p26612:18
cenerentolayou CAN RUN IT?12:18
Lathiatit runs ubuntu fine12:19
Lathiatim using it right now12:19
cenerentolawell mine has 16 mb 12:19
Lathiatits not the fastest thing in the world but its perfectly usable12:19
Lathiatcenerentola: see the 192mb helps alot...12:19
PizbitBut yeah, the big thing is the ram really12:19
cenerentolawell so you could read the model under the screen12:19
Lathiatcenerentola: dont have that anymore12:19
Lathiatlike i said, got a gateway solo now12:20
Lathiator you want the model of the gateway?12:20
Lathiatits 9200 or 2300 i forget which12:20
cenerentolawell.. do you know where can i find ram?12:21
=== Tzigane [~mike@adsl-131-218.swiftdsl.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
=== zenwhen [1001@host-216-78-112-118.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Bluewheel [~grant@adsl-139-77.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== tom-cat [~tom-cat@] has joined #ubuntu
Bluewheelany ppc users in here ? wanting to know if there is a version of java (ibm i think) that will work for java 2 and swing12:25
Bluewheeland any expirences in using it ? 12:26
=== kent [~kent@h125n1fls24o825.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatbob2 uses an ibook12:27
Lathiatcenerentola: for those things? ebay maybe?12:27
=== ctalkep [~ctalkep@] has joined #ubuntu
ctalkepdid daf return?12:29
Lathiatwel hes inthe channel havent seen him talking12:30
ctalkepok, tahnks12:30
cenerentolappl im pasting12:30
cenerentolaewmh_wrap.c: In function `init_ewmh':12:30
cenerentolaewmh_wrap.c:796: error: syntax error before '*' token12:30
cenerentolaewmh_wrap.c:798: error: `PyObject' undeclared (first use in this function)12:30
cenerentolaewmh_wrap.c:798: error: `m' undeclared (first use in this function)12:30
cenerentolaewmh_wrap.c:798: error: `d' undeclared (first use in this function)12:30
cenerentolaewmh_wrap.c:800: error: `SWIG_globals' undeclared (first use in this function)12:30
cenerentolamake[2] : *** [ewmh_wrap.lo]  Error 112:30
cenerentolamake[2] : Leaving directory `/home/cenerentola/downloads/gDesklets-0.30/utils'12:30
cenerentolamake[1] : *** [all-recursive]  Error 112:30
cenerentolamake[1] : Leaving directory `/home/cenerentola/downloads/gDesklets-0.30'12:30
cenerentolamake: *** [all]  Error 212:30
PizbitBloody hell12:31
PizbitSomeone put www.pastebin.com into the topic eh?:)12:31
ctalkepi managed to add my ntfs partitions to the fstab and they are mounted ok, but i can access them as root only? how do i fix that?12:31
=== pitti [~martin@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatctalkep: add uid=1000 to the options12:33
LathiatPizbit: heh12:33
LathiatPizbit: at least mine was an accident :P12:33
PizbitLathiat: Yeah, but there are others.12:34
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Lathiat] : FAQ: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/ || Wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ || Lists: http://lists.ubuntu.com/ || Bugs: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ || warty is out || Please don't paste in the channel, use http://www.pastebin.com/
ctalkepwhich options?12:34
ctalkepin the fstab or to the user?12:35
PizbitNow we'll only be aflicted with those who don't read the topic heh12:35
Lathiatctalkep: in fstab12:36
ctalkepok, thanks12:37
=== babgond [~Administr@AStrasbourg-251-1-26-134.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== babgond is now known as babFr
cenerentolasomeone cal help 12:38
cenerentola..can help12:38
micampecenerentola, you probably need python-dev12:39
micampeewmh_wrap.c:13:20: Python.h: No such file or directory 12:39
=== ElRaton is away: NWN
babFrI'ld install ubuntu 4.10 but i am a error12:40
bob2ElRaton: please turn that off12:40
cenerentolabut why the configure didnt say anything12:40
bob2ctalkep: it's probably a lot easier to just email him...12:40
babFrthe isntall stop when i test ACPI12:41
PizbitbabFr: Tried disableing it?12:41
ctalkepbob2, i did:)12:41
babFrumhmuh how to make? Pizbit 12:42
ctalkepLathiat, says line ... is bad, that is where i added uid=10012:42
PizbitbabFr: On the boot line put in pci=noacpi12:42
babFri have a newb's12:42
ctalkepuid=1000 i mean12:42
=== matlads [~matlads@] has joined #ubuntu
Pizbitctalkep: Did you put it right besides the bit that says "defaults" or whatever?12:42
babFroki thx i rebot for testing ;) Pizbit 12:43
ctalkepPizbit, yes, it says ro, uid=100012:43
PizbitNo space12:43
ctalkepPizbit, tried with space, same thing12:44
Pizbit_no_ space12:44
=== childe [childe@] has joined #ubuntu
ctalkepPizbit, tried both, same result12:44
ctalkepPizbit, ups, working now12:45
ctalkepPizbit, sorry for the bother12:45
ctalkepand how do i change the resolution of my console?12:46
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=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-7-115.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
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cenerentolabut should i write "gksudo make" and "gksudo make install"12:55
cenerentolalathiat: ive made make install but i cant find the install directory12:56
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=== bas [~bas@dslam34-235-58-62.adsl.zonnet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
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=== asimon [~andreas@p508AEA1A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
cenerentolahow can i make nautilus not to open a window everytime i change directory01:02
rjekHow do you make Nautilus provide a treeview without having to run it by command line yourself?01:03
=== Gmail [~shimon@gnu-debian.user] has joined #ubuntu
GmailTreenaks: here?01:03
=== rjek wonders if ROX is packaged for Ubuntu.
Lathiatcenits under file manager preferences01:03
Lathiatcenerentola: 01:04
cenerentolawhat's exactly01:04
cenerentolathe tag01:04
PizbitWhat's the video source used for the screensavers?01:04
GmailTreenaks: i am sorry for leaving that /exec -o command you told me to do for while i was away who wound know how much flood you got01:04
cenerentolalathiat: got it thanks01:04
Gmailok guys gnome when starting just now gave me an error, something to do with my hostname and /etc/hosts01:05
=== eyoeth [~eyoeth@c-7146e353.437-1-64736c12.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gmail: why did you manually edit /etc/hosts to begin with?01:06
Gmailbob2: i did as they told me here01:06
Lathiatwhat did they tell you to do01:06
bob2Gmail: no you didn't01:06
bob2Gmail: why did you edit it at all?01:06
bob2if you installed ubuntu, you don't need to touch it.01:06
Gmailthey told me to change my /etc/hosts file and ADD the folling: localhost.localdomain01:07
Gmailand i did on the same line01:07
bob2not what.01:07
micampejust curious, ar you a Canonical man, bob2?01:08
Gmailbob2: i installed using expert (because a package wound always crash the installer/my cd drive... in other word i burn to cd to fast and it croupted)01:09
PizbitYeaaa.. Installing off a bad cd, always worth some fun for the whole family.01:09
bob2Gmail: and expert didn't give you a /etc/hosts?01:09
bob2Gmail: are you sure the CD was burnt ok?01:09
Gmailbob2: i think it was Treenaks which was helping me to try and get gnome to start for the first time01:09
Gmailbob2: the cd md5sum is diffrent to the iso image01:10
PizbitGmail: Why didn't you just burn the cd again? It's not like they cost much01:10
bob2micampe: yes01:10
bob2Gmail: then that is a very serious problem.01:10
bob2Gmail: did you try burning it again and reinstalling?01:10
GmailPizbit: they cost $1 each (unless you get them off ebay) and it was the last one i have here01:10
Gmailbob2: i dont have another cd01:11
bob2Gmail: blank cds do not cost $1 each01:11
PizbitThey're like <50cents here in NZ01:11
Gmailbob2: they do from the closest store open here01:11
bob2Gmail: dude, why didn't you mention this the other night?01:11
Gmail(the gas station) and they are 12x 650MB cds01:11
bob2installiong off a corrupt cd is guaranteed to not work.01:11
Gmailbob2: why? it is working now01:12
bob2Gmail: no it's not, your /etc/hosts is broken01:12
Gmailand bob2 that why i did a basic install and installed the rest off the internet01:12
bob2Gmail: is this the cd you installed off that gave you a gnome that wouldn't start?01:12
=== Terk [~christiaa@dslam204-11-172-82.dyndsl.zonnet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailbob2: the cd wound crash my cd drive each time it wound get to a persific package01:13
Gmailthat why i did a BASIC/minamem install and install the rest (besides irssi) off the internet01:14
TerkMen, I really like ubuntu! It's the first linux distro I instantly love!01:14
ctalkepany idea how i get to set my tty resolution? it is like 640x480 now, and i would like it to be more like 1024x768?01:14
GmailTerk: not everyone else here is male but THANK G-D I AM!01:14
Gmailctalkep: grub or lilo?01:15
Lathiatctalkep: pass vga=318 to your kernel boot options for 1024x768 @ 24m colours, in grub add it to teh "nonaltoptions" line in /boot/grub/menu.lst01:15
ajmitch_Pizbit: you can get dvds for less than $1 now in places01:15
Gmailyou want to add that to the faq01:15
Lathiatmake sure you dont uncomment it like it says01:15
Gmailajmitch_: off ebay you can get 50 dvds for $20 or so01:15
ctalkepLathiat, how do i pass it to the kernel boot options?01:15
Lathiatif you want any other mode, you can read Documentation/fb/vesafb.txt in the kernel01:16
bob2Gmail:       blerg.ertius.org        localhost       blerg01:16
Lathiatctalkep: i told you :)01:16
bob2Gmail: make your /etc/hosts look like that01:16
ajmitch_Gmail: I'm talking $NZ :)01:16
ctalkepoh, i thought those were 2 separate things to do:)01:16
Gmailbob2: i will /exec -o cat /etc/hosts for ya01:16
Gmail127.0.0.1 ubuntu shimon.ubuntu01:16
bob2Gmail: and in future, please, please, please mention critical things like "the cd I'm installing from is corrupt" when complaining about things not working.01:16
TerkGmail: I wonder, because your name is gmail, who do I subscribe myself to gmail?? I'd really like to check it out01:17
bob2Gmail: no, I don't care what your hosts file looks like01:17
Lathiathe told you want to do01:17
Lathiatjust do it01:17
bob2Gmail: just make yours look like mine01:17
Lathiathe told you what to change it to, change it to that and your problem will go away01:17
bob2Terk: gmail isa kid, he has nothing to do with google.01:17
Terk... bummer01:17
Terkanybody else some info :P01:17
Gmaili got some stuff to do with google01:17
=== Lathiat laughs
Lathiatyou use it to search? :P01:18
=== Pizbit wonders how many New Zealanders there are in here.
Gmailmy uculs friends dogs old owner is the boss of google01:18
LathiatPizbit: count the sheep01:18
Lathiatsorry, bad joke :P01:18
ajmitch_Pizbit: a few, perhaps01:18
PizbitLathiat: What's the polite way to say FOAD?:)01:18
bob2Pizbit: about a 5th as many as there are aussies ;-)01:18
=== Ex-Cyber [nobody@rdu162-230-005.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatPizbit: umm, FOAD? :)01:18
PizbitLathiat: F Off And Die *grin*01:18
Gmailok i fund a new i think blank cd01:19
Lathiatfuck off and die is the pilote way for all i care :)01:19
bob2Gmail: burn it at a lower speed and make sure you check the md5sum *immediately*01:19
Terkgmail: ((md5sum) that's something you must check with every download)01:19
Gmailhow do i do a md5sum of a cd again i am VERY sleepy01:20
GmailTerk: the iso image md5sum is correct01:20
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@host81-7-56-240.surfport24.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
LathiatTerk: its just burnt to cd its not01:20
LathiatGmail: cat /dev/hdc | m5sum should do it01:20
TerkWow... that was fast01:20
Lathiati think01:20
Lathiatmaybe dd if=/dev/hdc | md5sum01:20
GmailTerk: i d/led it a few days ago01:21
Terkaha, ok :D01:21
Gmaili got 512/128 wireless fro exetel via the unwired network01:21
=== jvs [~jvs@L1346P05.dipool.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
TerkAre there any dutch people??01:21
Terk(just wondering)01:22
jvshey guys01:22
PizbitThey all died two years ago01:22
bob2Terk: I hear there's some of them in the netherlands ;-)01:22
sjoerdTerk: ja01:22
=== jayeola [~jayeola@dsl-80-42-115-191.access.uk.tiscali.com] has joined #ubuntu
jvsjust tried to install it on my notebook, a toshiba m30x01:22
jayeolahi guys. is there a deafult http server that comes with ubuntu?01:22
Terk(Sjoerd) uiteraard hollands01:22
bob2jayeola: apache2.01:22
jvsbut I cannot get far, it stops when after detecting the cpu01:22
jayeolaor daemon as i belive that these linux ppl call them?01:23
PizbitHeh, ya know I once had this thing with a knoppix cd.01:23
jayeolathanks bob2 <looking for man page>01:23
PizbitEvery time I booted off it it'd say "Error, only one cpu found!" :)01:23
Terk(Sjoerd) Zijn er al nederlandse website mbt ubuntu??01:23
Gmailcdparanoia -scanbus doesnt work01:23
jvsnah, sometimes just the screen goes blank, but the system does not freeze01:24
Gmailit just give me the usage thing01:24
jvssince I can reboot using ctrl-alt-del01:24
sjoerdTerk: nederlands, not hollands01:24
Gmailjvs: you restart x by ctrl+alt+backspace01:24
sjoerdTerk: geen id01:24
TerkOops... sorry stupid mistake01:25
Gmailjvs: not ctrl+alt+del01:25
LathiatGmail: thats a bad idea01:25
jvsx? x isnt even started01:25
LathiatGmail: causes all your applications to lose their work01:25
GmailLathiat: what?01:25
LathiatGmail: you should log out first01:25
jvsI cant even install it01:25
jvsit stops after detecting the cpu, booting from warty iso01:25
jayeolaum, how come i can't seem t run the command 'updatedb' even as root?01:26
GmailLathiat: he said that he can restart by ctrl+alt+del and i correct howto reset01:26
jayeolacan i paste the one-liner error message?01:26
TerkHow can I burn an iso from gnome (so not from a terminal)??01:26
bob2jayeola: yes.01:26
bob2Gmail: are you running a 2.6 kernel at the moment?01:26
jayeolaupdatedb: could not open database: /var/lib/slocate/slocate.db: No such file or directory01:26
LathiatGmail: ctrl+alt+del reboots your computer, thats what he was talking about01:26
Gmailbob2: yes01:26
jvswell, Ill get another machine and try again01:26
GmailLathiat: only in tty*01:26
GmailLathiat: not in console and he is talking about x01:27
bob2Terk: right-click on it in nautilus and select "Write to dicsc"01:27
jayeolaso glad that ubuntu ships with irssi!!01:27
bob2Gmail: don't use scanbus then01:27
TerkThanks! (That simple??)01:27
=== septeracore [~septeraco@p54815AFC.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2jayeola: do you get that error if you run it again?01:27
Gmailwhy bob2 2.6 is auto?01:27
jayeolabob2: uh-huh01:27
bob2Gmail: no, say dev=/dev/hdc or whatever your disk is01:28
bob2er, drive, not disk01:28
jayeolabob2: treid sudo updatedb, and sudo su-; updatedb01:28
Gmailusing cdp... or cdre...01:28
bob2jayeola: hm...if you "sudo touch /var/lib/slocate/slocate.db", does it run ok?01:28
bob2Gmail: cdrecord.01:28
bob2jayeola: does "locate" work right now?01:28
jayeolayeah, funny enough i've tried it now and it's ok01:29
=== McNux [~matt@host156-27.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== BeTa [~beta@2001:7a8:6d43:1:230:1bff:feb1:defa] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailjayeola: reinstall updatedb maybe because it even work from my courupted ubuntu (never burn at 40x)01:29
bob2jayeola: if it only happened once, then I'd assume it was a warning that it was creating that file.  you said it happened twice, tho, so I'm not sure what's up01:29
PizbitGmail: I used to burn at 40x all the time:) Get better quality cds;)01:30
jayeolabob2: touch /var/lib/slocate/slocate.db seemed to work, no error messages01:30
bob2jayeola: hm, that's odd.01:30
jayeolaGmail: i only burn speed=401:30
PizbitNow I'm not sure if my burner is working anymore since it wont burn anything under debian sarge/sid or ubuntu01:30
ajmitch_it's annoying when the only blank cds you have are 4x cdrws..01:30
bob2jayeola: I vaguely remember getting that warning the first time I used it, but not the later ones01:30
GmailPizbit: cd are SHIT and only support 42x01:30
PizbitEr, you mean yours?01:30
=== Elias [~elias@L0531P19.dipool.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
=== umarmung [~holger@pD9542D15.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pizbit has burnt stacks at 48x fine:)
jayeolai know that speed=4 is s-l-o-w but it awlays works first time01:31
jayeolathanks guys, updatedb worked ok!01:31
Pizbitjayeola: Not thinking of dvds are ya? :)01:31
GmailPizbit: the cd i got are 42x my dad has 50 52x off ebay coming tomz for $10 including S&H01:31
jayeolaso much linux, so little time01:31
LathiatPizbit: know he means cds01:31
Eliaswho is able to change my name on wiki.ubuntu.com ?01:32
PizbitLathiat: Yeah, but there's always(er, usually) one smartass who pretends to think dvd:)01:32
Gmailbob2: what cdre... comand do i use?01:32
Gmailor should i use open x with fail safe terminal?01:32
jayeolai don't really want a dvd burner right now. prolly wait till ipods are cheaper and buy one of those01:32
Zindarwhy ipod and not iriver...?01:32
Zindaririver is better01:33
bob2Gmail: how did you burn the last CD?01:33
bob2Elias: you want to change your login name?01:33
Gmaila cdre... comand you gave me i think if not it was the helpful Treenaks 01:33
jayeolaZindar: can u mount iriver filesystem?01:33
Eliasfrom Elias Holzer to EliasHolzer ;)01:33
Zindarjayeola: yeah.. ubuntu does it automatically when it's plugged in01:34
Gmailbob2: can you add to the faq an howto change your console rez?01:34
bob2Elias: if you want a new one, just make a new account.01:34
jayeolaZindar: so can u put whatever files u like on te iriver?01:34
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@host81-7-56-240.surfport24.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gmail: I don't know how to do that, I just use X.01:34
Zindarjayeola: yes.. it's a usb mass storage device.. put whatever you like on it01:34
Eliasisn't it possible to change my name?01:34
bob2Gmail: cdrecord dev=/dev/hdc speed=4 warty.iso01:34
jayeolaElias: even movies and stuff?01:34
bob2Elias: I don't think so. you can ask on the ubuntu-users list, I guess.01:35
Zindarjayeola: and it can do ogg-files.. which rocks01:35
Eliasok, thx01:35
bob2Gmail: where /dev/hdc is the device file for your cd burner.01:35
=== drewbian [~drewbian@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
jayeolaZindar: what are the advantages of ogg when compared to mp3?01:35
Gmailbob2: so many people ask the same question someone need to add it and i cant spell01:35
jayeolaso glad that ubuntu ships with irssi!!01:35
TerkOgg is open source so better01:35
Zindarjayeola: free, opensource,  better quality, smaller files01:35
=== ctalkep [~ctalkep@] has joined #ubuntu
Lathiatnot so much open source as its "free"01:36
michel_vOgg is also not a problem when it comes to patent issues01:36
Lathiatits also a better codec in genereal01:36
jayeolalooking for man page of apache, ...01:36
Gmailbob2: what is speed 4? 4x 0_0?01:36
Zindarjayeola: only downside is shorter battery time on the iriver01:36
michel_vOgg is NOT a codec01:36
michel_vit's a container01:36
bob2Gmail: yes, 4.01:36
bob2vorbis is the codec.01:36
Zindaralright.. ogg vorbis01:36
Gmailok so i can change it to 28?01:36
TerkI remember a comparison between ogg and mp3.... if only i could remember the url....01:36
bob2Gmail: no01:36
ctalkepLathiat, i must be stupid or smth, is it 'nonaltoption=vga=318' or what?01:36
=== ditCh [ditch@drunk.ditch.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== Lathiat checks
bob2Gmail: just do 4 or 8, please? apparently your burner has problemss, a lower speed makes it less likely you'll make another useless disk.01:37
ZindarTerk: if you find it, show me01:37
Gmailbob2: why my cd support 42X and my cd burner supports 52X01:37
TerkI will01:37
Gmailbob2: i have a CRAP cds01:37
=== Terk is searching
jayeolaok, this weekend i'm trying out ubuntu. so far so good. need to write a new website from scratch. so where's the httpd/server?01:37
LathiatGmail: dude, its obvious there are problems with your burner as it buggered the cd up last time, so do it at a lower CD which means the odds of your CRAP cds being crap are less01:37
Gmailjayeola: apache01:38
Lathiatctalkep: look in the file01:38
Lathiatctalkep: about halfway down thee will be a line like01:38
Lathiat# nonaltoption=quiet splash....01:38
Lathiatadd " vga=318" to the end of that01:38
Lathiat(without the "s)01:38
GmailLathiat: how long will a 4x cd take to burn?01:38
LathiatGmail: 20minutes i think01:38
Gmailmore than 10min01:38
bob2Gmail: exactly, use 4 or 8.01:38
ctalkepLathiat, thanks, will do so01:38
bob2jayeola: ubuntu doesn't run any network services by default01:38
Lathiatjust wait 20 minutes for the sake of not wasting the cd01:38
michel_vGmail: 75 minutes divided by 401:38
Gmailor 12?01:38
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@host81-7-56-240.surfport24.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
bob2jayeola: if you want apache, install it.01:39
michel_vGmail: in the case of a full disc, that is01:39
LathiatGmail: just use 801:39
bob2Gmail: for fuck's sake, use 8.01:39
Gmaili know michel_v 01:39
jayeolathanks bob2 !01:39
bob2you've wasted dozens of person-hours in here01:39
bob2you can wait 15 minutes for a cd to burn01:39
Gmailok ok ok ok ok ok ok01:39
bob2yes, you can.01:39
Lathiatdude youve wasted like 15 minutes talking about what speed to do01:39
michel_vI guarantee you can01:39
Lathiatif you ahd of started it it would have been finished by now01:39
Gmailbecause for d-i to check my 20GB swap it take 30min01:39
jayeolaGmail: i always burn 4=speed01:39
Lathiatctalkep: # nonaltoptions=quiet splash resume2=swap:/dev/hda5 vga=31801:39
Lathiatctalkep: obviously you dont want the resume2 one, just add vga=318 to the end01:40
Gmailjayeola: your burner or cd only support 4x01:40
jayeolaand i always use cdrecord, can check the media -before- u burn01:40
LathiatGmail: whats got absolutely nothing to do with cd burning (the swap stuff)01:40
=== monteiro [~monteiro@] has joined #ubuntu
jayeolaGmail: i now have a faster burner, but i'm used to 4, also it always works01:40
ctalkepLathiat, 10x01:40
Lathiatctalkep: hrm?01:41
TerkZindar: If you google you can find A LOT of comparison related documents... and they all end with ogg being the greatest/best/nicest encoder.... So it's obvious I guess... :-D01:41
bob2jayeola: the "apache2" package sould pull in everything you need.01:41
ctalkepLathiat, 10x=thanks:)01:41
Lathiatctalkep: ahh, nps :)01:41
GmailLathiat: i want to goto sleep and dont have time01:41
Lathiathope it works01:41
LathiatGmail: so do it tomorrow01:41
jayeolaGmail: cdrecord --scanbus; cdrecord dev=x,x,x --dummy /path/to/image/file01:42
Gmailok i got an error in cdrecord01:42
michel_vhmm, quick question01:42
=== BeTa [~beta@2001:7a8:6d43:1:230:1bff:feb1:defa] has joined #ubuntu
michel_vcan I just install a minimal ubuntu and then proceed to apt-get install ubuntu-desktop from a chroot?01:42
Gmailjayeola: bob2 said in 2.6 you dont do cdp... -scanbus01:42
Gmailjayeola: and when i did it, it did work01:42
bob2you don't, you give the ide device name.01:42
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@host81-7-56-240.surfport24.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
bob2michel_v: yes.01:43
Gmailbob2: i did01:43
Terkmichel_v: Just use Debian if that's what you want 01:43
bob2michel_v: debootstrap should Just Work if you point it at an ubuntu mirrors.01:43
ajmitch_Gmail: not just because ide-scsi is deprecated, but also because cdparanoia isn't used to burn cds01:43
bob2michel_v: people.debian.org/~walters/chroot.html01:43
=== ditCh [ditch@drunk.ditch.be] has joined #ubuntu
michel_vTerk: why thanks for the unhelpful commentary01:43
=== ajmitch_ swears quietly at the hostap drivers
jayeolaquick poll: if u use a laptop, what's the size of your hdd?01:43
jayeola<--- 10gb01:43
Lathiatjayeola: 6GB01:43
Lathiatbut its an old lapotp01:43
Lathiatill be getting a 60GB in my new laptop01:43
jayeolamine too01:43
ajmitch_upgraded from 601:43
michel_vTerk: I just wanted to not waste time waiting for ubuntu-desktop to install, while I could instead be using my current desktop to do other stuff01:44
Terkhaha... Sorry wasn't very nice indeed... What I meant was... Why not use Debian instead? (So it's a question)01:44
jayeolaajmitch_: 40??!!???01:44
bob260GB in my ibook.01:44
ajmitch_jayeola: yeah, I needed a bit of space01:44
Gmailmy swap is only 20GB and that only 1% of my hdds01:44
Lathiatmm ibook *tosses up over getting an ibook*01:44
Lathiatthe 12" is nice01:44
Lathiatwtf youd never use 20GB of swap01:44
jayeolai wonder if i should buy a new 40gb hdd for a lappy.....01:44
Lathiatand you ahve 2TB of storage gmail?01:44
Gmaili got one 160GB a 80GB and a 20GB01:44
TerkMax 1024*768 resolution (ibook)01:44
jayeolaGmail: liar! gtfoh01:45
=== Keybuk [scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailplus a few hunred hdd on the network01:45
bob2Gmail: you really don't need 20GB of swap.01:45
bob2if you're in that deep, your system will be unusable.01:45
Gmailjayeola: the harddrive on my FTTB network will equl 2TB + 20 Gmail accounts01:46
Gmailbob2: i know but heh01:46
Gmailwtf should i do?01:46
Lathiatoh right you are using that crap01:46
=== bao_crazy [~bao_crazy@marcadet-5-82-225-5-132.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== enrico_ [~enrico@ppp-82-84-140-79.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
Gmaili never used my swap before01:46
Terk20 Gig of swap space is useless...01:46
=== enrico_ is now known as cenerentola
jayeolawell swap some space with me ;/01:46
Gmaili have 700MB of ram (stupid on board gfx)01:47
Keybukheh, the old "recommendation" was twice your memory01:47
Gmailhola cenerentola 01:47
cenerentolai've got another prob01:47
=== Treenaks [martijn@cl-539.ams-01.nl.sixxs.net] has joined #ubuntu
jayeolaum, there ain't a man page for aapche201:47
=== bao_crazy [~bao_crazy@marcadet-5-82-225-5-132.fbx.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete]
Gmailcenerentola: so do i but heh01:47
bob2jayeola: I have one for it01:47
bob2cenerentola: just ask your question01:47
=== LinuxJones [~LJ@blk-222-206-208.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
jayeolaman -k apache = nothing01:47
LathiatAnyone know in the gimp how to add to a region selection01:48
Lathiatusing the continuis region selection01:48
Gmailjayeola: use apche201:48
cenerentolait says "** (gnome-session:4790): WARNING **: Unable to read ICE auhority file..."01:48
Gmailjayeola: use apache201:48
bob2cenerentola: what are you trying to do as root?01:48
stvnLathiat: press ctlr or shift or alt, I always forget, but the pointer will show a + to indicate adding01:48
bob2jayeola: it's in the apache2-common package01:48
cenerentola": /home/cenerentola/.ICEauthority01:48
jayeolaGmail: that's what i installed01:48
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@host81-7-56-240.surfport24.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailcenerentola: your lucky you can even open gnome i am stuck in the console or fialsafe console01:49
cenerentolano it's the log on screen01:49
=== ema [~ema@adsl-46-231.38-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== GeBo [~gert@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailjayeola: use man -k apache201:49
bob2jayeola: install the apache2 package.01:49
jayeola<-- sudo apt-get install apache201:49
bob2Gmail: that won't help.01:49
jayeola-->>  sudo apt-get install apache-common??01:49
Gmailor jayeola use man -k httpd01:49
bob2jayeola: what does "dpkg -l |grep '^ii.*apache2.*' | wc -l print out?01:50
bob2jayeola: no, all the apache2 packages Depend on it already01:50
Gmailjayeola: try all stupid mane that apache is called01:50
cenerentolahey pl help01:50
Treenakscenerentola: remove that file and you can login again01:50
jayeolajust three lines of something01:50
=== cardador [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailjayeola: apache need other file to work fully apt-get install apcahe01:50
Treenakscenerentola: you started some X program as root, that's the problem (don't do that.. use sudo)01:51
bob2Gmail: please stop, you're just confusing the issue.01:51
bob2jayeola: you're sure "apt-get install apache2" worked fine?01:51
GmailTreenaks: wb01:51
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Treenaksmore Dutch people! ;)01:51
stvnde sukkels ;)01:51
Treenaksstvn: nouja zeg01:51
GmailTreenaks: sorry for leaving that /exec -o comand you told me to do in the pm and go away for a day01:52
=== sjoerd [~sjoerd@fire.ipv6.luon.net] has joined #ubuntu
GmailTreenaks && stvn: #ubuntu-de01:52
cenerentolaTreenaks: thx but tell me what command should i use to launch, say /usr/bin/streamtuner, from a launch-link01:52
stvnTreenaks: it's beautiful weather they should be outside instead of inside behind the computer :P01:52
Treenakscenerentola: streamtuner? what's that?01:52
stvnGmail: dutch, not german!!01:52
ajmitch_there, finally got wireless modules installed01:53
jayeolabob2: Setting up apache2-mpm-worker (2.0.50-12ubuntu4) 01:53
Treenaksstvn: beautiful weather? rain! ;)01:53
TerkTreenaks: i'm dutch01:53
Gmailde is dutch isnt it?????????01:53
stvnTreenaks: It stopped here now01:53
sjoerdGmail: de is german, dutch is -nl01:53
stvnGmail: nope, it's deutschland aka germany01:53
=== cristian [~cristian@ppp-203-202.26-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailwhat ever01:53
jayeolai am looking in the apache2 dir now....01:53
bob2jayeola: dpkg -L aapache2-common |grep man01:54
cenerentolatreenanks: i'll tell you later... so if not streamtuner /usr/bin/k3b: what command should i use?01:54
Gmailok so back to the howto burn a iso to cd when having an error? or should i apt-get install k3b 01:54
Terkstvn, sjoerd, Treenaks, /me... dutch people... ! :-P01:54
jayeolabob2: Package `aapache2-common' is not installed01:54
Gmailforget the apt-get install k3b i have no bw left01:55
jayeolaGmail: man cdrecord. even -i- can do it01:55
Gmail*in peak time01:55
Gmailjayeola: i have the right command01:55
cenerentolatreenaks: gksudo /usr/bin/k3b...is it allrught?01:55
bob2jayeola: apache2-common01:55
bob2Gmail: dude.01:55
bob2Gmail: why do you keep ignoring the solutions people give you?01:56
bob2I gave you the EXACT command line to run 10 minutes ago.01:56
bob2and now you're still complaining about the exact same problem.01:56
Gmailit says: illegal write mode for this driver01:56
Gmailbob2: and i used it01:56
cenerentolai dont remember01:56
kentAm I the only one having trouble changing the icon theme in Ubuntu? Nothing happens when i try to change to another theme. All i get is the Gnome default.01:56
bob2Gmail: what does "uname -r" print out?01:56
Gmailbob2: and it cdp... is using the wrong write modde01:56
bob2kent: have you upgraded since the last time you logged in?01:57
jayeolasorry bob2 - apache2-common is already the newest version01:57
bob2Gmail: "cdp"?01:57
Terkkent: When installing a new icon package the best you can do is open up your icon dir and extract the package there (not from the theme gui)01:57
bob2jayeola: then you have the man page "apache2".01:57
bob2Gmail: "cdpa"?01:57
bob2Gmail: I don't understand all the abberviations you use, can you just use normal english please?01:57
Gmaili dont know howto speel package name propply01:57
stvnbob2: I think he means cdparanoia01:57
jayeolaresult! thanks bob-eroony!01:57
kentbob, well, the problem is there even if i reboot. I upgraded some day ago, but the problem has been there ever since the first time i installed ubutuntu.01:58
Gmailstvn: yes01:58
ajmitch_Gmail: cdparanoia is not a cd burning program01:58
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@ppp-82-84-140-79.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
TreenaksGmail: just type the complete name?01:58
kentTerk, I haven't installed a new theme. Its the icon themes that comes with ubuntu.01:58
Terk... ok ... weir01:58
GmailTreenaks: i dont know hwotto speel it01:58
bob2Gmail: why are you using cdparanoia at all?01:58
Gmaili am using cdrecord01:59
TreenaksGmail: so? apt-cache search for it, copy/paste it01:59
Gmailbut i told you the error01:59
bob2kent: that is odd...you might like to ask on ubuntu-users so jdub can fix it ;-)01:59
TreenaksGmail: then why do you say cdparanoia?01:59
bob2Gmail: lsmod | grep ide-scsi01:59
bob2Gmail: what does that print out?01:59
GmailTreenaks: to hard to remeber the name01:59
Gmailcan i /exec -o?01:59
TerkStrange thing is that yesterday I had the same problem with all theme settings but a simple X-restart solved the problem for me...01:59
jdubkent: killall gnome-settings-daemon01:59
bob2Gmail: no01:59
jayeolaGmail: it might help if you joined #flood02:00
Gmailin pm?02:00
jayeolathen you could paste as much as u liked02:00
kentjdub, Will do that in just a minute.02:00
Gmailjayeola: #flood is emty02:00
bob2Terk: yeah, there's a weird bug where theme changes don't work for upgraded packages until you log out aand back in again02:00
Gmailopps i was in #lod02:00
bob2Gmail: it will be one line of output02:00
Gmailopps i was in #flod02:00
TerkBob2: Thanks for the info02:00
jayeola<keeps mought shut>02:00
TerkIndeed very weird02:00
Treenakswhat about http://rafb.net/paste/ ?02:01
Gmailbob2 i am /exec -o in #flood02:01
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
GmailTreenaks: i am not using lynx02:01
bob2Gmail: it's about 15 characters of output02:01
ajmitch_aha, jdub is here02:01
Gmailor firefox in failsafe terminal02:01
TreenaksGmail: I didn't tell you to02:01
jayeola<keeps mouth shut>02:01
=== jayeola confused the issue
cenerentolabob2: what's the difference between gksudo and sudo02:02
Gmailbob2: then why cant i /exec -o here it????02:02
TreenaksGmail: and PLEASE PLEASE type full sentences on one line02:02
Lathiatcenerentola: gksudo uses a gui to input the password, sudodoes it on the command line02:02
TreenaksGmail: don't break them halfway02:02
GmailTreenaks: it an habit02:02
kentjdub, it kind of works now. The icons in nautilus changed. But shouldn't the icons in the menu also change? That is, the program and Computer menu on the panel?02:02
TreenaksGmail: break the habit :)02:02
Gmaili hitt enter ever now and then02:03
Terkkent: that depends on the icon set...02:03
bob2Gmail: just type it in02:03
cenerentolalathiat: thx... moreover why when i run gdeskelts... the process is alive but it doesnt show any welcome message02:03
Gmailand i think you of the rest of what i want to say after it said02:03
jdubkent: some of those won't change until you killall gnome-panel02:03
Gmailbob2: what??02:03
bob2Gmail: and as Treenaks says, it would be nice if you could use full sentences to make yourself easier to understand...it saves the whole back and forth thing02:03
Lathiatcenerentola: yeh read the gdesklets howto02:03
=== evilstoy [HydraIRC@cmung3732.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailok i am /exec -o here or #flood 02:03
Lathiatcenerentola: on the site02:03
Lathiatcenerentola: it doesnt have a gui to config it02:03
Lathiator somethimg, i forget02:04
Lathiati read the site, figured it out02:04
cenerentolaok.. thx02:04
Lathiatit doesnt actually open any windows02:04
bob2Gmail: #flood02:04
jayeolathanks bob2 , apache running smoothly!02:04
=== inklingx [~inklingx@u212-239-167-206.adsl.pi.be] has joined #ubuntu
bob2jayeola: yay, cool02:05
bob2jayeola: what was the problem in the end?02:05
jayeolawould it be a good idea for Gmail to open a log to record this help?02:05
Terkcenerentola: just use gdesklets #.display02:05
jayeolabob2: um, but thanks anyways02:05
Gmailbob2: i am doing it in #flood but nothing shows02:06
bob2Gmail: ok.  how about "lsmod | grep ide-cd"?02:06
SeveasOkay what goes wrong here: EVERY program on my ubuntu box hangs after a while, includeing evolution, mozilla, nautilus....02:06
Gmailok irssi gave me an error02:06
TerkSeveas: Clean install ???02:06
bob2Seveas: "hangs"?02:06
Gmailsaying termintated with return code 102:06
Seveashangs, as in: no response02:07
GmailSeveas: hostname problem02:07
Seveasand yes, clean install02:07
bob2Gmail: just run both those commands in a terminal02:07
bob2Seveas: clean /home?02:07
LathiatSeveas: has this happened before on any other distro or windows or anything?02:07
Seveasclean /home02:07
Seveasno Lathiat02:07
SeveasGmail: what do you mean?02:07
Lathiatand youve had other things working, and its just now youveinstalled ubuntu thats happening?02:07
TerkSeveas: Any strange non-standard hardware??02:07
GmailSeveas: it must likely a hostnames problem02:08
bob2Gmail: why do you think that?02:08
Terkgmail: Why??02:08
SeveasLathiat: it was working fine on ubuntu, but since yesterday things hang: openoffice and nautilus dont even start02:08
GmailSeveas: have you mess with any or the fulling commands: base-cofig or hostname ?02:08
SeveasGmail i couldn't imagine why actually02:08
Seveasno Gmail02:08
GmailTerk && bob2: I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM ON DIAL UP02:09
Gmaili hate caps lock02:09
Terkgmail: OKE...02:09
=== Gmail stabs caps lock
Seveasanybodt an idea what went wrong?02:09
TerkSeveas: What was the last thing that you did before it "broke" 02:10
Seveasjust working with it02:10
=== crash_ [~crash@h57n3fls301o1039.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gmail: you had everything starting up great, then hanging after a couple of hours?02:10
Seveasmainly using a terminal to ssh to the university and reading mail in evolution02:10
Seveasand trying to get my wireless working02:11
ajmitch_Lathiat: btw trying to open your ipv6 & python presentation in OOo asks me for a password :)02:11
Lathiatajmitch_: errr02:11
TerkAnd that works already now??02:11
Lathiati recall someone mentioning that02:11
Gmailbob2: when i had dail up using manbrake each time i got disconnect x dies with in a few clicks02:11
Seveaswireless works02:11
Seveasndiswrapper + wpa_supplicant02:11
ajmitch_Lathiat: I'm guessing that the python stuff is just a thin wrapper around the C sockets api02:12
Lathiatajmitch_: more or less02:12
TerkYou are using ubuntu now?? (because your chat program does not hang)02:12
SeveasGmail: my x does not die, just some applications randomly hang02:12
ajmitch_Lathiat: alright, no need for me to read it then02:12
Seveasxterm does not die either02:12
Lathiatajmitch_: :)02:12
SeveasTerk: this is another machine, but the ubuntu box still is running02:12
GmailSeveas: so you dont have manbrake02:12
=== play [~gilles@lns-vlq-31-nce-82-253-163-227.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== wmealing_-_ [~summer@203-217-80-139.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailso only some app die02:12
Lathiatajmitch_: it also covers doign things "the right way02:13
ajmitch_Lathiat: my work at uni consists of helping teach that stuff in the 400-level course :)02:13
Seveasif you mean mandrake: no02:13
Lathiatajmitch_: heh cool02:13
Gmailin manbrake even there kernel wound die in a few min.02:13
Lathiatajmitch_: covers using getaddrinfo etc, not the dodgy ways 02:13
TerkYou already run evolution (per example) from the command line with debugging?? (if that's possible)02:13
jayeolaGmail: remember opening a log to record the help that u get02:13
Lathiatmy C talk does al that stuff to02:13
Lathiatand linux is braindead02:13
Seveasubuntu is the first linux distro that actually would install on that machine (it's a laptop)02:13
Lathiati really need to fix the resolution stuff in the kernel one da02:13
ajmitch_yeah, I just read through that one02:13
Lathiatgetnameinfo etc work properly on bsds02:14
ajmitch_kernel, or glibc?02:14
GmailSeveas: ubuntu doesnt make the mistake that manbrake does that why some app hang02:14
Lathiaton linux it gives you ipv4-in-ipv6 addys02:14
Lathiatajmitch_: thats a good question, i *think* its the kernel02:14
=== wmealing_-_ [~summer@203-217-80-139.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
Lathiatcus i beleive it wrked in usagi at one point02:14
Gmailbtw Seveas are you using dial up? or a dynamic hostname?02:14
TerkSeveas: With that in mind (the first distro on your laptop) I do think it's a hardware problem02:14
Seveasbut explain this then Gmail: why does openoggice *always* hang at its splash screen?02:14
Gmailor are you with aol?02:14
ajmitch_it wouldn't surprise me if it was the kernel, I know of other things where it doesn't do it right02:15
SeveasGmail i have cable internet02:15
Lathiatajmitch_: cus :: is fugly and it annoys me :)02:15
GmailSeveas: dynamic hostname and/or ip02:15
SeveasTerk i do not think so since it did work fine02:15
SeveasGmail: nat to, so essentialy static02:15
Terkthat's true... I forgot...02:15
GmailSeveas: so you use a proxy?02:16
ajmitch_Lathiat: yep02:16
GmailSeveas: or you hostname changes02:16
Lathiatajmitch_: bsd does it right, why cant we damnit :)02:16
SeveasGmail: a router02:16
Lathiatajmitch_: it might be a glibc issue tho02:16
Lathiatajmitch_: il look into it post-exams02:16
Seveasso no real hostname for the machine02:16
Lathiati hope its kernel, purely so i can get a kernel patch into mainstream :P02:16
Seveasjust 'raptor' which i what i entered when installing02:16
jayeolarouters rock02:16
=== SamBozo [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
GmailSeveas: an router from aol?02:17
=== Douwd [daniel@wilderness.concepts.nl] has left #ubuntu []
ajmitch_Lathiat: yeah, I'm procrastinating for exams at the moment02:17
SeveasGmail: router from cable internet02:17
Seveasi am not in the US :)02:17
Gmailanything from aol will kill your computer02:17
Lathiatajmitch_: heh02:17
jayeolaanother poll: what text based browser do u like?02:17
Lathiatajmitch_: im finishing high school this year, you uni or?02:17
jayeola<-- lynx02:17
bob2jayeola: links.02:17
GmailSeveas: nor am i but we have "australia off line" here02:17
bob2I still don't why they chose such similar names for them02:18
GmailLOL aol sell computer02:18
=== kmfdr [~kmfdrn@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Gmail emangen how broken the aolcom is
TerkSeveas: It could be an ACPI error...02:19
GmailTerk: but if he was with aol IT *MUST* BE a problem coased by aol02:19
SeveasTerk: that is possible since acpi is not working correctly02:19
jayeolai didn't know that any linux users used aol02:19
Seveasbut how can that affect openoffice or mozilla?02:19
bob2Gmail: please stop it02:19
bob2Gmail: you're not helping02:20
Gmailjayeola: /who *aol*02:20
LathiatGmail: dude im sorry, this needs to be said, you are a nuisance, your helping with thing syou have no idea about, your making nuisance comments and not following peoples advice when they try to help you, if your not goign to smarten up can you please leave because yoru annoying the rest of us.02:20
jayeolaanyways Gmail get back to your problem. interested to see how it turns our02:20
GeBoSeveas: And what if you disable ACPI in your BIOS?02:20
GeBoI personally always disable ACPI, because it gives me too much errors too often02:21
Gmailjayeola: i was using aol for 30 min as a trail because i didnt have money to get dial up AND I *HATED* it02:21
TerkSeveas: Well, does the fan off your laptop spins constantly?? If not, it could be when running "heavy" programs the fan wants to spin and that might cause an errorr...02:21
Terkoff = of02:21
Seveasfan does not spin constantly but often02:22
TerkOk, so that works fine... 02:22
TerkYou can start your box without ACPI...02:22
jayeolaGmail: get back to your problem....02:22
Seveaso wait, it was aspi that worked fine but hotplug was not working, my mistake02:22
=== hypn0 [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailjayeola: ok02:23
TerkSo a hotplug problem?02:23
GeBoaspi is for cd-roms...02:23
=== Manny [~chris@pD9E97B6F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasacpi i meant02:23
monteiroi've compiled the kernel 2.6.9 from kernel.org and i wanted to install nvidia driver, the .run says that the kernel path is wrong :(02:23
Seveashotplug modules are not loaded when booting02:23
stvnSeveas: that's not a problem, the shchp and the other one don't do any harm02:24
TerkDo you get an error message or they just wont load02:24
Gmailcdrecord: no write mode spesfide.02:24
Gmailbut with correct speeling02:24
SeveasTerk: error message but according to the ubuntu mailinglist they van be ignored02:24
TerkSeveas: I assume you've already checked all logs??02:24
LinuxJonesmonteiro, did you add a "linux" link in /usr/src/ pointing to your kernel source ?02:24
GeBomonteiro: you mean kernel-source path02:24
Seveasyes Terk02:24
Gmailso should i add the tag/flag/... -iso? bob2 02:25
TerkNothing weird there?02:25
Seveasfor instance: openoffice.org hangs when exetuting getstyle-gnome02:25
=== Juz_moi [~user@ip68-107-182-31.lu.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasno weirdness at all02:25
TerkDamn... strange strange strange problem02:25
Gmailmy driver doesnt support toa and it tried toa as i didnt spesfi02:26
GeBoSeveas: maybe stupid suggestion... Can't you just reinstall?02:26
LathiatSeveas: tried running memtest86/02:26
Lathiattho i doubt its that02:26
TerkGeBo : LOL02:26
Lathiatgiven its programs stalling not the whole machine02:26
Lathiatbut worth a check02:26
SeveasGeBo i do not want to02:26
SeveasLathiat memory is ok02:27
Seveasby the way: windows on the same machine is working fine02:27
TerkSeveas:For how long did your PC run without problems??02:27
stvnSeveas: if a program stalls you still have controll of the box, eg switch to other programs?02:27
SeveasTerk: i don't know since i did not try openoffice since a few days02:28
GeBoSeveas: did I understand correctly that problems started after you implemented wireless?02:28
Seveasbut all other programs (e.g. mozilla) worked fine until a few days ago02:28
Seveasstvn: yes, it is always a single program02:28
TerkIt was one of the things he did last02:28
Terk(the wireless implementation)02:28
SeveasGeBo: yes, but it also happens with all interfaces ifdown'ed02:29
Terk... 02:29
Terkkeeps on getting weirder and weirder02:29
Gmailso in the cdrecord command can or should i add -iso to stop have the problem?02:29
stvnSeveas: do you have some kind of flexible cpu speed?02:29
Seveasstvn|: it is a P4 2ghz and i don't know if it can do that :)02:29
stvnit could be that the thread get upset at cpu-speed changes02:29
Terkhmmmm good point02:30
GeBoBut then again, it did work until recently02:30
TerkI know there's a frequency applet available in gnome02:30
TerkGeBo: true02:30
Gmailis bob2 or jayeola here?02:30
stvnSeveas: did you install new kernel/modules?02:30
Gmail!seen bob2 02:31
Seveasstvn: no02:31
stvnTerk: yeah it indicated that I had a 1034GHz proc, so it's slightly b0rked ;)02:31
Terkor it's scaling02:31
GeBoSeveas: or an apt-get upgrade?02:31
Gmailhmm no dpkg here02:31
Terkyour frequency02:31
GeBo(Or the synaptic equivalent02:31
SeveasGeBo: last apt-get update/upgrade was 2 days ago02:31
GeBoand problems started before?02:32
Gmailor a cheap scam edited version of winblows to show a 2GHz p402:32
Seveasi actually hoped apt-get upgrade would solve them :)02:32
TerkStupid remark: Did you rebooted your PC withing all these days, or is it still running from the first start?02:32
=== oferw555 [~ofer@DSL217-132-35-230.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
GmailSeveas: apt-get dist-upgrade02:32
SeveasGmail: done that too02:33
GeBogmail: good point02:33
monteiroLinuxJones : yes i've created a linux in /usr/src02:33
SeveasTerk: it is a laptop, so it is not always on :)02:33
stvnSeveas: centrino?02:33
Terk(mines always on)02:33
Terk2 Ghz centrino?02:33
TerkI doubt it02:33
monteiroGeBo : yes i mean --kernel-source-path , i've tested that but nothing he compiles the kernel module02:33
Gmailso when bob2 comes back or jayeola someone pm me02:33
Seveasstvn, no normal P402:33
stvnTerk: point02:33
LinuxJonesmonteiro, try installing the nvidia drivers again02:33
Lathiati thought centirno only went up to 1.7 so far02:34
GmailTerk: no such thing02:34
GeBomonteiro: and you left the source on the disk?02:34
Gmailas a 2GHz centrino02:34
Terkgmail: i know...02:34
=== bluefoxicy [~bluefox@pcp485126pcs.whtmrs01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailand i here there are no drivers for centrino from #linux but does it use the 686 protocol?02:35
stvnI do think it'll have variable cpu speeds, but I believe linux can cope, so tm ....02:35
GeBomonteiro: if so, there is a switch you can add (don't know exactly what the right syntax is...)02:35
monteiroGebo : i see in the log that he compiles the module in temp directorues02:35
stvnhm dus02:35
GmailTerk: there is actully a few that happen to come from a overclocking02:35
=== mctavish [~dcahill@] has joined #ubuntu
monteiroGeBo : switch (x) { case 1: instruction; } ?02:35
=== SmokesWater [~FireFly@ashanti.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
TerkSeveas: If don't know what's wrong.... sorry02:36
GeBomonteiro: sorry, don't understand...02:36
stvnSeveas: searched in google already? might be a kernel/thread thing02:36
TerkSeveas: Maybe you could try to contact one of the ubuntu developers??02:36
treyh0what packages do i need to be able to play an unencrypted dvd?02:36
GeBomonteiro: something like: run NVIDIA(bla bla bla) --kernel-source-path=...02:37
Seveasaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhh: i may have found it :)02:37
stvntreyh0: check the wiki on restricted formats02:37
TerkPlease tell!02:37
stvnSeveas: what ?02:37
=== ElRaton is back (gone 01:58:24)
Seveaswell, the reason for some at least02:37
LinuxJonestreyh0, >> http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RestrictedFormats02:37
Seveasinterface lo is down....02:37
treyh0unencrypted dvd (not requiring dvdcss) is restricted?02:37
monteiroGeBo : ahhh, but that, i've already done, and compiles the kernel but ... then nothing02:37
Seveasand if i bring it up, things get to work again02:37
mjrtreyh0, patent stuff02:37
Terksounds reasonable02:38
LinuxJonestreyh0, sorry then you only need mpeg2 support02:38
mjr"non encrypted DVDs should play, however be aware that mpeg2 is somewhat patent encumbered and is not shipped on the CDs (though is in 'main')"02:38
Terkubuntu is cool02:38
stvnit is02:38
ajmitch_Seveas: lots of things tend to break without lo :)02:38
GeBomjr: I have the same 'problem'02:38
GeBowhat package do I need?02:39
LinuxJonesGeBo, install libmpeg2-4 02:39
=== mir [~mir@h25n9c1o1003.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
stvnajmitch_: if they would just say no lo it would have saved us a lot of trouble ;)02:40
Seveasyes indeed02:40
Seveasbut they simply hang...02:40
Seveasoh no..02:40
Seveasevolution hangs again..02:40
Seveaswith lo up...02:40
TerkWell... then there's nothing to chat about either02:40
Seveasany other ideas..?02:41
Terkevolution hangs ??? wtf02:41
TerkBuy another laptop?02:41
stvnSeveas: tries running it from a terminal to see if it produces any interesting warnings?02:41
=== codeane [~mark@203-59-152-61.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
GeBoLinuxJones: Totem cannot play DVD02:42
Terk(stvn: you're from holland , do you know if there's a dutch ubuntu community website)02:43
GeBoeven after install libmpeg4-202:43
Seveascamel-warning: flags: unSYNC02:43
TreenaksTerk: where?02:43
TerkGeBo: it does when you install totem-xine02:43
TreenaksTerk: oh wait.. if :)02:43
treyh0gebo: have to install totem-xine, but then it's really slow02:43
Seveasit hangs when i view the certificates02:43
Terkand all wincodecs02:43
stvnTerk: haven't seen it yet02:43
treyh0even with DMA turned on02:43
TerkTreenaks: haha02:43
stvnTerk: but then again, didn't look for it either, i'm quite happy with english02:43
Seveasmore exactly: when i try to IMPORT certificates...02:43
Terkstvn: bummer02:43
LinuxJonesGeBo, I don't think totem is very good atm. Try installing mplayer or gxine02:44
stvnTerk: nothing stops you from starting one ;)02:44
Seveasand i get a Gtk-CRITICAL error02:44
GeBoTerk: I'm from Holland too02:44
Seveasdamned stupid evo02:44
Terkterk: that was one of the reasons for asking02:44
SeveasGeBo me too02:44
Terkstvn: that was one of the reasons for asking02:44
=== ctalkep [~ctalkep@] has joined #ubuntu
GeBoLinuxJones: already installed xine-gui02:45
=== codeane [~mark@203-59-152-61.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
TerkSo: stvn, GeBo, seveas, treenaks, me are all from holland!02:45
ctalkepLathiat, vga=318 did not work....tried every possible way02:45
LinuxJonesGeBo, install the win32 codecs 02:45
Lathiatctalkep: hrm02:45
Seveaswe should make a dutch community website, or a dutch ubuntu mailinglist :)02:45
stvnTerk: I think the ubuntu folk won't mind if you sugest to them that you want to start a dutch ubuntu site/community02:45
TerkHehe yes, we should02:46
GeBoLinuxJones: in Xine I get the message: Error reading NAV packet02:46
Lathiatctalkep: well thats supposed to be 1024x768@16M colors02:46
ctalkepwhen booting it only reports the other options, last of which is quiety splash, and that is02:46
TerkThe problem is... i don't have much free time02:46
Lathiatctalkep: oh sorry ou hjave to run update-grub as root02:46
Lathiat*you have02:46
Lathiatlaggy connection sory02:46
ctalkepLathiat, got that, will try it now02:47
Lathiatalso try vga=0x318 if that doesnt work, but im pretty sure vga=318 works in grub02:47
stvnubuntulinux.nl is free02:47
GeBoLinuxJones: I think I go and install mplayer, which I've always used in other distro's02:47
TerkI know, just checked :-P02:47
stvnTerk: me neither, just enough to help a bit here, but that's about it02:47
jayeolame too. i quite like mplayer and xmms02:47
Seveasstvn, Terk, GeBo, join #ubuntu-nl :)02:47
GeBoI also like Rhytmhox02:47
LinuxJonesGeBo, mplayer is very nice02:48
=== PandU [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ericsp [~ericsp@c529d1f9b.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu
ericsphello there02:50
ericspanyone here to help me out with a few qusetions?02:50
=== ctalkep [~ctalkep@] has joined #ubuntu
ctalkepLathiat, something went wrong, now it is a blank screen all the way to the graphical login02:51
ctalkepthis is weird02:52
Lathiatctalkep: haha hrm02:52
Lathiatill paste the tabel to you in private02:52
jayeolaheh just installed xmms02:52
ericspI would like to synchronize my time with a time server. I think that this is going via ntp, which is installed according to synaptic. But when I try to use this option, it says that NTP support is not running. How can I enable synchronisation?02:53
=== micampe [~micampe@host164-238.pool81114.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu ["*click*"]
=== jsc [~jsc@h-67-101-232-206.lsanca54.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== __daniel [~daniel@td9091c55.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu
Terkericsp: I see some ntp syncing when booting so i guess ubuntu already syncs its time02:54
=== ElRaton [~lerat@tofu.eu.org] has joined #ubuntu
ericspIn my time/date settings, this option is not checked, and I cannot check it. So I guess on my system it is not turned on automatically.02:55
Terkhmmm... 02:55
=== Terk takes a look at his time settings
Terkhmmm same over here02:56
ploumAnyone know how to install IE with wine under Ubuntu ? (so I could avoid a dual boot )02:57
treyh0no mplayer on ppc for ubuntu though :/02:57
ericspTerk, I am used to fedore, and in there you had a 'services' option, where you could start things like that. Does something like that exist in ubuntu?02:58
=== ctalkep [~ctalkep@] has joined #ubuntu
ctalkepLathiat, 0x318 works:)02:58
=== lml [~lml@] has joined #ubuntu
Treenakscanonical people: is there a need/way to register02:58
=== Treenaks kicks is ENTER key
Terkericsp: No, i haven't found it yet maybe someone else knows how to do it?02:59
Keybukericsp: on Ubuntu installed software is started02:59
Treenakscanonical people: is there a need/way to register a support channel for another language?02:59
ctalkepLathiat, if you are not too sick of me already, may i ask another silly question?02:59
ericspKeybuk, so ntp should be started automatically, if installed?03:00
Lathiatctalkep: haha if you must03:00
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
umarmungericsp, try running 'sudo /etc/init.d/ntpdate start' from a terminal03:00
ericspumarmung, that synchronized my clock03:01
ctalkepLathiat, how come everytime i login as a user/non-root/ my desktop resolution is 1024x768 although i have set it to be 1280x102403:01
Keybukericsp: yes.03:01
ctalkepLathiat, it is kind of stupid setting it all over again03:01
Lathiatctalkep: so it works as root just not as non-root user?03:02
ctalkepLathiat, yes03:02
ericspso do I have to add this line to some file in order to perform this action every startup?03:02
ctalkepLathiat, my root account remembers everything03:02
Lathiatctalkep: thats *odd*03:02
Lathiatctalkep: cus the resoloutions already set03:03
Lathiatwhen you login with gdm03:03
ctalkepLathiat, oh 03:03
Keybukericsp: no, ntpdate to sync your clock is done at startup and ntp is started to keep your clock in sync03:03
ctalkepLathiat, ok, but why i cannot set my window controls,  i mean the icons, you know, "back" "up" and stuff? again it is ok within the rot account, and here they just would not work03:04
=== Terk [~christiaa@dslam204-11-172-82.dyndsl.zonnet.nl] has left #ubuntu []
ericspkeybuk, ok thanks, so the option in the Time and Date Settings is obsolate?03:05
=== |jvs| [~jvs@L1340P17.dipool.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
|jvs|hey again03:05
Lathiatctalkep: Not sure what your trying to get at sorry03:05
|jvs|how long should it take to install the extra packages from the 4.10 iso?03:05
jacobHow do I list packages which are installed, but not availiable from any of the repos ?03:06
jacobIn commandline that is. I know how to view them in aptitude03:06
ctalkepLathiat, the file browser in gnome has this toolbar, icons and stuff, and it just will not show within the non-root account03:06
=== philips_ [~philips@cable-216-143-59-22.mtv.al.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
ctalkepas well as the desktop icons-i can't find where to turn them on03:07
=== dew [gds@cpc3-rdng1-4-0-cust157.winn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== pisuke [~luis@84-120-72-121.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
|jvs|umm...it's not normal that it takes longer than 20 minutes to install the extra package, is it?03:08
ericspok, thanks for the answers03:08
=== thomerz [~thomerz@N596P020.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
=== leonel [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
=== thomerz [~thomerz@N596P020.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has left #ubuntu []
=== BlackFenix [~Miranda@200-102-169-048.paemt7011.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
|jvs|freeze again03:12
|jvs|damn buggy installer *grr03:12
Gmailok anyone know howto use cdrecord?03:13
=== iz [~iz@] has joined #ubuntu
BlackFenix|jvs| installer of ubuntu don't work ?03:14
Gmaili am getting the error my cd drive doesnt support toa and i want to change that write mode03:14
Gmailhow do i?03:14
|jvs|it freezes all the time03:14
=== samuelc [~amulday@] has joined #ubuntu
|jvs|now it does, when trying to install the extra packages03:14
|jvs|can I avoid this somehow?03:14
PizbitSelect the minimal install03:15
PizbitHit F2 I think when the cd first boots03:15
|jvs|hmm, truwe03:15
|jvs|didn't think of that03:15
Gmailno one know howto use cdrecord03:16
=== lml [~lml@] has left #ubuntu []
Gmailshess the world these days03:16
=== BlackFenix [~Miranda@200-102-169-048.paemt7011.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has left #ubuntu []
=== GeBo [~gert@] has left #ubuntu ["Bezig]
|jvs|thank you, Ill try03:16
=== Gmail goes crazy
=== |jvs| [~jvs@L1340P17.dipool.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
ctalkephow do i get my desktop to display icons?  like home, browser, etc?03:17
TreenaksGmail: please stop flooding03:17
Gmailbut stupid old profile really stuffed the fscking panels03:18
Lathiatctalkep: use gconf editor03:18
Lathiatctalkep: /apps/nautilus, in there somewhere03:18
GmailTreenaks: okay :(03:18
|jvs|trying again03:19
|jvs|if it freezes again I'll go with the min. install03:19
ctalkepLathiat, i tried that, but could not find such an option:(...guess i'm stupid /or it is just my kde background/03:21
Treenaksctalkep: apps/nautilus/desktop ?03:21
|jvs|installing extra packages...03:21
=== |jvs| holds his breath
ctalkepTreenaks, it would neve occur to me that nautilus has to do smth with the desktop..:(03:22
Lathiatctalkep: its in there, ill find it for you in a tick03:22
ctalkepLathiat, found it!03:22
Treenaksctalkep: you could've done a search for "desktop"03:22
ctalkepLathiat, with a "hint" from Treenaks:)03:22
ctalkepTreenaks, search where? the files? I did "locate" but it gave so many results...03:23
ctalkepTreenaks, oh, there is a find option in the gconf...i am embarassed:(03:24
=== jvs_ [~jvs@L1355P05.dipool.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
=== ajame [~ajame@] has joined #ubuntu
jayeolaGmail: wassup?03:26
Gmailjayeola: ok my burner doesnt seem to be able to use the writing mode toa03:27
Gmaili dont know if it cound before in 2.403:27
Gmailgnome is also VERY slow03:27
=== robertj [~robertj@66-188-77-153.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
robertjheya all, I've got a qeuestion03:28
=== robertj_ [~robertj@] has joined #ubuntu
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@ppp-82-84-140-79.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
robertjis unrar available in a deb?03:28
=== toothpick [toothpick@pcp08888263pcs.plsntv01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
toothpickIf only I could get thinkwave educator running with linux =(03:28
Gmailrobertj: try apt-cache search unrar03:28
cenerentolalathiat: can you suggest a p2p client?03:28
Gmailand if you get no resolts get it from debian03:29
cenerentolaall: i've got some modprobe probs at boot time03:29
Lathiatcenerentola: for file sharing?03:29
robertjGmail: apt-get install unrar says its referenced but not available03:29
cenerentolalathiat: why?03:29
Zindarfor unrar.. check the wiki03:29
Zindarit's in there03